G44 LAL @ SAS Game Thread

How many minutes will Byron give Jeremy in Kobe’s absence?

Will it be 15, 20, 25 min? Noone knows so we’ll have to watch and see.

Let’s keep hoping, cheering and praying for JLin to give his best no matter what the results will be!

Go JLin!  😎

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  1. First

  2. Postings in Clutchfans – Harden to score 81 on 25th Jan. hmmmm we shall see. Guess every team thinks Lakers is an easy “meat” to slaughter.

  3. Ok I’m so gonna watch this game and the one of sunday vs rox 😉

  4. you’ve watched every game this year don’t lie lol

  5. He is the PG and SG, even DH12’s field goal attempts are under his control. I hope he takes 30 shots, then DH12 will be pissed and let Lin do whatever under the basket.

  6. It is a Lakers Home. Hope refs don’t make those ugly call.

  7. Ah.. if Lin can create a spark of Linsanity today followed by a full explosion on Sunday, that would be perfect! LOL

  8. Hope is on BS’s leash.

  9. a dream come true but scott won’t allow it

  10. That is my Prayer … Please God.

  11. Who wants to bet Sut lantz is going to bring up the fact lin got stolen twice in a row last game

  12. Linsanity not gonna start until Feb. Playing at NY on Feb 1st.

    Linsanity 2.0.

  13. Tough game for you, lin vs parker.

  14. I just enjoy twice more 😉

  15. doubt it but could happen

  16. It just did.

  17. What?????

  18. One way to stop Linsanity. Not play Lin.


  19. oh lol wow

  20. LOL Awesome new lineup!

  21. Greedy girl

  22. scott has insulted lin all year

  23. Now what is the reason Clarkson starting over Lin? Tough, Defense, or XXXX?

    Well, no need. Everybody knows.

  24. New lineup means new starters?

  25. davis back with lin

  26. Hahaha good catch. I missed some or fall asleep tbh. But I’m particularly ready for those!!! 8)

  27. given if lin is the back up

  28. Maybe with Price.

  29. yea the hey no injury for him let them tank

  30. Might as well bring in Acie Law and Brian Scalabrini.

  31. Looks like the tank mode is in full force. dont take it personally guys.

  32. To lose of course

  33. Problem is Lin and others are in contract year and need to show some stats for new team. hard to do not playing much.

  34. What? Can’t believe this?!

  35. you wouldnt start sacre if you were trying to win in any and all situations

  36. exactly

  37. i can tank mode

  38. lin is a wild card and has proven to be quite formidabble against tank plans, scott and front office had to put a lid on him

  39. zero chances lin returns

  40. Lol I confess

  41. You should not destroy people’s NBA career but benching them and giving them inconsistent minutes.

  42. Gosh

  43. boozer like scare starting above me really lin just like w/e ill leave then

  44. the plan all year for starters to be into a huge hole but make it entertaining enough for the second unit to try real hard to come back only to lose because hole was too big. makes it look like the lakers are competing but in fact want to lose.

  45. BS is running a circus, it seems.

  46. hey look the don’t even want to showcase him or see what he has so its very unlikely

  47. this year was the kobe show now thats over it full tank mode

  48. well lakers front office hope lin gets no offers and can swoop him up for vet min. its a win win for them

  49. Lmao seriously we gonna have fun tonight xD

  50. Sacre starts. Amazing.

  51. BS just endorsed to the world that he is the most s……. Coach and there is nothing in his brains.

  52. they know exactly what lin offers, and its not worth 10 million if he averages 16 and 8 and lose their 2nd round pick.

  53. Maybe Lakers FO will try hard to trade Lin now that they are in apparently tanking mode.

  54. i think management said tank

  55. Who starts from the bench as PG?

  56. That’s why the Lin’s tweet the other day.

  57. Lin I hope… mmh

  58. If Lakers in tanking mode, I doubt it.

  59. They are tanking anyway. Then just make him DNP CD… no need to play 5 min. XD

  60. why should lin play if the goal is to lose

  61. How is that possible when he talks Price up so much? This is a total dumb move by Byron. Let Clarkson play more, don’t start him.

  62. trade lin

  63. All teams in the league may just swap their bench with the starters when playing against the Lakers? I mean it is an insult for opposing starters to play against Lakers new lineup “starters”.

  64. what happen to price is tough stuff. trusting scott is like trusting a mental patient

  65. Spurs going to embarrass that lineup. Full tank mode.

  66. why ask questions to answers you already know…. tank

  67. Just DNP – Tanking

    Rest and gear for next year.

  68. yea

  69. idk why play this year anymore and risk injury

  70. Exactly.

  71. “Please don’t tell the coach that my son is also half asian” Mrs. Clarkson

  72. his next contract is in jeopardy

  73. Lin is good with 2nd unit. Not price. Whatever let’s see and have a good laugh of that 1st lineup…

  74. anytime you wonder why? why does byron? why does the lakers? why do they? tank…

  75. 1/2 > 1

  76. I pray a contending team will trade for him.

  77. Still risky

  78. All right, 0>1/2>1


  79. nothing he does will change the free agency options. teams that want him will give him a shot other won’t

  80. Something is seriously wrong with Scott. He’s incompetent.

  81. BS’s Lin-preservation program is in full swing. PTL.

  82. You see Price not playing, after all that Byron said about him? I see Lin barely playing and maybe not at all tonight.

  83. tbh honest this choice today is well for the lakers especially since they don’t see lin as the future understandable. tank play the rookie. lin leaves laker get zero in offseason.

  84. No, he said his not worried with his next contract .

  85. lol

  86. Price? LIN DNP CD

  87. Agree. Only Lin fans won’t like this one. This is the tank line up. I just wanna know if they will play Lin more for trade bait.

  88. Lol

  89. GM and coaches knows what Lin brings

  90. Let’s vote and see how many min JLin is going to get!! JLin = DNP – CD.

  91. I’m confused. The head of the snake is now on the bench? And Jeremy is third string? Is this what Jeanie meant we should wait patiently for?

  92. DNP – Tanking

  93. The joy in coaching is bringing a group of players together to combine their strengths into a mighty force to win. Scott does not attempt this? Does he even like coaching?

  94. Excuse me. Is it real? Lin, Boozer, Young Davis, none of them starting???

  95. Spurs is the only reason i watch nba other than jlin…

  96. Is Price playing ?

  97. I think Lakers new lineup it’s not only in full tank mood but also sort of wants to see these 3rd level players who’s never on court that long to show case for their next contract w Lakers.

  98. I think that they might be show casing this group for possible trade. Lakers don’t have any assets to bargain with another team, let’s see if we can sell them in a trade. just some thoughts. Remember Feb 20 is right around the corner.

  99. BS is BS

  100. I think maybe Lin will not play…?


  101. I wonder if BS got a memo to play the young guys. He couldn’t stomach Lin starting so he put Clarkson there. But he may have to play him. This may not be DNP CD yet.

  102. kobe enforced the tanking.

  103. Yes

  104. Could they not be showcased as bench players with extended minutes?

  105. Jlin has a bizarre career man!

  106. I give up already. Just waiting for Jlin FA

  107. I don’t know if there’s any logic here. I think Byron is let me just try some new combo of guys and play Lin the least amount of minutes I can.

  108. After this game, I’m with you.

  109. I am going to watch comedy unfold for LAL! LOL!
    Spurs might put the good one against Lin, Young, Boozer, Davis? And where is Wesley Johnson, not starting?

    Wow, this is new Lakers lineup: Clarkson, Ellington, Kelly, Hill and Sacre!

  110. Yes, it’s official.

  111. Sacre is probably what??

  112. Perhaps the ethnicity of the fathers side holds higher significance?

  113. JLin should be in soap opera career in the teams that he is with:-)

  114. How come no Lin or Young? Maybe they will not even play at all?!


  115. And if Price starts from bench, then the message from BS is Lin is just a 3rd stringer!

  116. The Lakers have taken TANKING to a new level. Forget about aiming to keep the top-5 pick, they are swinging for the fence (No.1 Pick LOL). Look out Phil and New York, the Lakers are coming to get you to surrender your worst record in the league. As for Lin? DNP – Rest for TANKING

  117. Seriously fun to see what BBall IQ from BS tonight!

  118. BS needs an huge kick in the seat of his pants.

  119. Reality show!

  120. Is there an accepted text shorthand for LOL so hard that I’m crying!

  121. its a lotto so it isn’t guaranteed also who knows what these draft picks will become

  122. Lincredible 🙁

  123. Has anyone seen anything similar before? Just wierd… dont they care about fans?

  124. I feel sorry for the fans who bought the ticket to see the game now…smh!

  125. Have to sign off, my heart just burns with rage …. Need to do something else. Ciao…

  126. Yes they might also strike out while swinging for the HR. But their odds are good for at least a top-3 pick with the worst record in the league. This is truly embarrassing for the Lakers organization. Guess Phil’s full tank in New York really inspired them to try to tank even harder than the Knicks LOL.

  127. Watch a comedy show:-) Let’s see how Pop responds to this lineup!!!!

  128. That’s right!!!

  129. Now I understand. When Kobe plays, Lin has to come off the bench. When Kobe is so injured that he cannot play for the rest of the season, Lin goes to the end of the bench. Lakers are a class organization.

  130. Are this year’s draft prospects even any good?

  131. It’s playing @SA right?

  132. i heard they where 5 really good players who knows really

  133. Ya!

  134. The LA media should be screaming bloody murder. This is FUBAR.

  135. I know this lineup is bogus, I am just trying to stay in the positive:)

  136. LOL .. they don’t even pretend anymore.
    The Tank is Strong!

  137. Keep calm.:) going by the number of comments here …probably you’d have guessed… Spurs to BO LAL and JLin may not be too involve in this one.

  138. This is why so many educated fans stop watching NBA and its beloved cancers:
    NBA cancer rule number 1. If a cancer plays then no player in his team should outplay him;
    NBA cancer rule number 2. If a cancer doesn’t play then any one potentially better than him should be benched as well.

  139. lol come on kobe gets hurt and a rookie starts lol

  140. Look at how Kevin Ding explained the lineup. Even more funny!

  141. I think this pretty much proves Lakers are not showcasing Lin. So, he won’t be traded. I think Lakers want to lower his value as much as possible so they can make a low-ball offer kind of like what Knicks wanted to do a few years ago. I guess Lin will do whatever he needs to do. But, I am going to be extremely disappointed if he resigns with Lakers under these conditions, especially with BS as coach. Not sure if I will follow his games anymore then.

  142. This was retweeted by the _Lakers_ if you can believe it. Lin can’t be harbouring any illusions now.


  143. Please tell us how can we be patience ms Buss?

  144. Yep, that s what I think too. I don’t think lin will sign with the Lakers. I think he will have better offers from contending teams.

  145. I really hope so. Otherwise, I don’t think I can stomach it.

  146. please don’t go….watch BS getting sh.t all over his face ….

  147. gratz Lakers, u managed to do wut Houston couldn’t do, Lin to 3rd string! Finally exposed.

  148. I don’t know wth is going on with this la tankers. What i know is i won’t spend my precious time on watching this [email protected], better for my health.

  149. JC’s brother?

  150. here’s a nice picture to go along with it


  151. Maybe players with trade value are being held back for an impending trade?

  152. They are tanking

  153. BS applying Sun Tzu Art of War…if you are confused…confuse your opponents as well…

  154. Not going to worry that JLin won’t get any offer from other teams. Too many teams respect his game more than KB. It’s a matter which teams will make offer. JLin is too good for BS to damage his value. He can dim a little but not much. Don’t want JLin stay in Lakers if BS and KB are still in the team. Take any other offer than Lakers. Agree that Lakers won’t trade him this season. This is just BS’ way of belittling JLin to defiant from F/O. Hope and pray F/O has the gut to fire him soon.

  155. Kobe drove DH12 out of town, now he is driving Lin out of town. Buss’ children are weak, LAL will be struggling like Knicks for many many years.

  156. That’s what I saw… I guess Lin & Young maybe will not even play tonight.

  157. wes bench as wel

  158. I don’t think Lin will resign with the Lakers.
    Based on history, he’s about loyalty and wants to achieve his All-Star goals.

    He can’t do so playing 15-20min as a backup PG for the Lakers.
    Knowing him, he’d sign somewhere else just so he can prove his game vs Byron and the Lakers!

  159. I want to watch this game to see how Spurs slaughters BS. Can’t find any better to see the reality show.

  160. maybe

  161. BS expecting a loss against the Spurs, so might as well throw in a tank lineup…

  162. no worries, I can’t see Lin resign with Byron/Kobe after his worst treatment in the NBA

  163. I don’t think he will resign with Lakers either. It’s simply nonsense no matter how you look at it. Hence, I’d be extremely disappointed in Lin if he does. But, I really don’t think that will be the case.

  164. If Lin with bench Lin may finally get to play with Davis.

  165. BS’s Gambit: If this lineup did not turnout well…it’s expected…but..if by the stroke of luck…BS can become an overnight genius..

  166. if

  167. This is not about tanking or not

  168. The more accurate explanation is that BS/KB can’t risk a win against Spurs without KB on the floor.

  169. at this point boozer lin should rest like kobe

  170. me too. I’d be shocked and disappointed if he resigns with LA.
    It’s just not in his nature, I think. He turned down more endorsement money in NY

  171. what did lin do to this guy

  172. I have a feeling Lin will get even less minutes now, ironically.

  173. if any at all

  174. Yeah. Since Kobe is officially done, BS doesn’t even need to pretend to win anymore. So, no need for Lin who only plays to win.

  175. Kobe afraid lin will still the spotlight from him. He has to preserve kobe’s legacy. LOL

  176. At least they can pretend they are fighting? That’s an insult to the opponent, loyal fans and the ones who pay for watching..smh

  177. at this point 3 month preserve till offseason.

  178. Lin knows what’s up. He is not worried..You go lin

  179. I think Lin might as well go take a vacation with Nash.

  180. 3 months

  181. lol why not

  182. He all figured it out back before new year. He is all good!

  183. Jeremy scared him with his Harvard degree AND high basketball IQ, now BS insecure.

  184. leave laker and never return

  185. SunTzu?? I doubt BS has any idea on this. A Chinese dish? hahaha

  186. He’s not worried. So we shouldn’t be worried either. Go JLIN

  187. I bet Hill is going to look pretty bad without anyone to feed him.

  188. Really? ya…must admit he isn’t that bright…

  189. He’s fine. That’s our boy for you all.

  190. clarkson isn’t a pg

  191. Run as fast as you can and never look back. Lin’s fast break away from Lakers.

  192. I pray Lin may still have some fun and joy tonight. May he end the day with a smile during this crazy situation.

  193. LOL Lin doesn’t even bother to try to get in the team huddle
    “Go Tank!”

  194. Starting from scratch be great if they release him

  195. I think so….food dropped all over the place…mess up his face too!

  196. LOL, Robert Sacre is the starting C !

  197. yep but w/e 3 month

  198. Clarkson and Kelly were DNP the last game…and now BS is going to give them starter minutes???

  199. well

  200. whichever of Price and Lin might not break the Tank, will play more tonight!

  201. tank

  202. Isn’t Hill the Center? Sacre probably playing PF

  203. Could someone put Kobe and BS pushing behing the tank ?

  204. Tank

  205. You know you are taking, when Barkley can’t name anyone on your starting line up.

  206. OK, it’s still an insult to Spurs’ starters.

  207. After kobe, bs days are number

  208. this will be embarrassing spurs spare them please

  209. This is a tank starting lineup

  210. Maybe that’s BS’s idiotic strategy – you get to start after a DNP. Ellington also started games after he was DNP.

  211. idk

  212. I CALLED IT.

    Racist Byron Scott has accelerated Lin’s march toward DNP CD.

    I wrote a few weeks ago that Scott was trying to develop Clarkson and Ellington into suitable replacements for Lin.

    With Price on the bench, Price will get ALL the PG minutes.

    I doubt Lin plays tonight.

  213. No Spurs go for it!!! lol

  214. Just saw pop shake hand with bs saying thanks for benching lin.

  215. Oh well

  216. he failed kobe which was his main job. so if he still got his job who knows

  217. do you think BS is indirectly insulting Spurs by fielding this starting lineup?

  218. That means Lin starts next game.

  219. Yeah, season ticket holders please demand a refund !

  220. rest till free agents

  221. Byron ain’t part of the rebuild….just the hack coach while praying for the lottery

  222. If Lin doesn’t play, I hope the Lakers get absolutely crushed.

    I’d place a curse on the Lakers, but I don’t need to.

    The Lakers have CURSED THEMSELVES.

  223. No need for hoping.

  224. Yep, he is definitely not a part of the rebuild for this team

  225. Here the Laker are featuring Lin’s Hollywood Nights jersey…smh

  226. I like this guy’s comment.

    Timothy Spencer
    Lin is a highly talented player and these sports analysts in this article are WAY off base passing judgement on Lin who was benched for a perennial 3ppg player (Price) and given less minutes than that scrub.

    Folks, I don’t know what is going on between the NBA and sports media, but let’s be real here. Jeremy Lin is WAY better than he’s being treated and I haven’t read ANYONE on the internet trying to make the argument that Ronnie Price should get 28mins a game to Lin’s 18mins a game that has been the recent distribution.

    These “sports analysts” in this article call Lin inconsistent. Well, let’s look at the following facts:

    1. Lin’s minutes are inconsistent.
    2. Lin was benched in favor of a player who arguably isn’t even NBA caliber and wouldn’t start on ANY NBA team. (How does that happen when Lin is actually a capable starter at point guard?)
    3. The Lakers (both in coaching scheme and players’ play execution) aren’t setting ANY screens for Lin so that he can generate scoring….and we all know Lin CAN SCORE.

    The Lakers are obviously marginalizing Lin and if I didn’t know any better, the Lakers coaches and teammates seem keen on ruining Lin’s career. You simply can’t look good as a point guard if your ‘team’ doesn’t want you on the court playing for them, regardless of WHO you are.

    Lin has the talent, but the league and the Lakers seem to not want an Asian ‘star’ player. For what ever reason you want to insert. The facts speak for themselves and the media in this article ought to be ashamed of themselves for not watching the games and not mentioning the amount of minutes and lack of team support in the offense that Lin is afforded.
    Yesterday at 5:34pm
    Liked 32 people

  227. 2 years of bad than Madsen becomes the young coach with the young team

  228. Hope lin dnp cd

  229. Go Spurs!!! Go go go!

  230. The Lakers are so looking forward to getting Lebron, Love, Gasol, and Rondo to go with Kobe next season.

    They’re just trying to clear the decks of temps like Lin so that they can hire max contract players at every position.

    I can’t wait for the Lakers to try because the ensuing failure will be BLOODY HILARIOUS.

  231. 7-0 Good job Spurs!

  232. 9-0!!!

  233. Never been so much fun supporting the opposing team….

  234. The only idiots trying to make the case that Price is better than Lin are the race hate trolls on jeremylin.net that insist that Lin is worse than their boy Ronnie Price.

  235. Lol if that’s the plan that ain’t happening…

  236. Tank working as planned

  237. Spurs, KILL THEM.

    Then when Price comes in, kill Price too.

  238. None of those players are coming to play with Kobe. The Lakers know this. They are meting Kobe have has own little fantasy. LOL

  239. every time Spurs score I will upvote you

  240. BS is spreading BS all over LAL, almost like a brand killing.

  241. Clarkson can’t guide Parker at all.

  242. Clippers own LA and will for awhile

  243. This Laker fans need to get their hands out of the sand and demand that scott be fired.

  244. Could it be that Clarson is a Spurs hometown boy to showcase him? Sunday game we should see.

  245. Where was this comment? I’m going to like it.

  246. Parker scored over Clarkson again.

  247. If Steve Blake can get a deal so can Lin

  248. The Lakers are clearing their salary decks of unwanted winners like Lin.

    They’re so convinced that Lebron and other max free agents are DYING to get to the Lakers.

    The plan is for the great Byron Scott to coach those max free agents to Showtime!!!!

  249. Parker scores again

  250. spurs are toying

  251. Blake AIN’T ASIAN.

  252. Wheres jlin

  253. Lin OWNS CLIPPERS and has for quite a while!!!

  254. bench or at the box sweet lol why not

  255. BS called TO….that’s new…

  256. Buss children are soft, no match against a Microsoft founder.

  257. You’ve been right man….but I’m hoping he will be seen as a backup for a contending team

  258. Scroll down for the drama.

  259. Lin to clippers….I’m in

  260. LOL Fun to watch. It’s like an adult toys with little child.

  261. Have feeling pop won’t need to play his staters long

  262. Spurs don’t mind playing against a D-league team for an easy win.

  263. Hill and Sacre…Exposed!!

  264. BS could write his own…………..Art of Tank – The Ultimate Tanker

  265. In less than one brutal quarter against the overmatched Jordan Clarkson, Tony Parker has matched his entire scoring output in an entire game against Lin!!!

  266. Leonard scores

  267. What caused the jlin hate? Beyond race????? Thoughts

  268. He won’t go there.

    Lin has BEAT UP CHRIS PAUL so badly that Paul actually respects Lin now!

  269. this is a toy for spurs

  270. And the Spurs got whipped last night

  271. Religion too dont forget ivy league

  272. Nothing BUT race.

  273. LOL Leonard +1

  274. exactly

  275. Clarkson can score OK but he looks like a shooting guard.

  276. Not true, jealousy is also always there. BS never got the same amount of attention Jeremy did, not even during Showtime Lakers era.

  277. Gets scored on easily too, plus the Lakers are GETTING KILLED.

  278. lol no lin

  279. price in

  280. Ok price in

  281. That’s because he IS a shooting guard. Don’t know what the deal is with the PG label, as he’s got ZERO court vision and rarely passes.

  282. Lakers wants to trade Lin.

  283. Race/religion/ivy and fanbase I think…..cause it’s not his play….at his worst he is a top tier backup

  284. well this is the start of Jlin dnp-cd… what bs!!!!

  285. No, Lakers want to WAIVE Lin.

  286. JLin will be DNP tonight.

  287. well avoid this blow out

  288. That’s even better, right.

  289. Was it unexpected?


    Somebody shoot the messenger (Joeteam, bash me NOW).

  291. He needs to pipe up man…..make it uncomfortable

  292. either or

  293. Love your brutal honesty. LOL

  294. Jealousy can be race based too.

  295. Any nice person here knows how to see the game on line? I guess Lin would be DNP-CD tonight. ??

  296. This is total BS…

  297. I have to say… it has got to be jlins race… no one else would be so abused this way

  298. What a steal Spirs from NY’s hands. Lakers is very good in this game (being very sarcastic here)

  299. OK , turn off your PC. Or whatever

  300. If Lin is DNP tonight, I will find your original post and tweet it for all the world to see :]
    “@JLin7 DNP – Reason Asian!”

  301. Jeremy make it uncomfortable for the lakers….your smart make it about more than your play

  302. I don’t always like it.

    Believe me, I’m not smugly strutting around like a Lin hate troll.

    I feel TERRIBLE for Lin because he’s the Lakers’ best player and it’s HIS TEAM no matter what anybody says or does.

  303. Why dont they?

  304. laker have become unwatchable or has alwy been worse today

  305. … you are right …

  306. Boozer playing

  307. about time …. the world need to be aware of this injustice!!!

  308. If Lin doesn’t play.
    Can we root for Jordan then ?
    He is part Asian and he shares the same initials as Jesus Christ

  309. Lakers FO memo to the rest of NBA teams:

    As of tonight, we will DNP -CD Lin. You all know how good he is. We will accommodate your request by keeping him healthy. Please contact Mitch if you are interested,

  310. Not after Lin was the BEST PLAYER last game and all the games before that!!!

  311. can you tank this obviously

  312. We should all do that!

  313. Lin is listed in the lineup just above Randle, Bryant, and Nash. Maybe Lin should simply join this group, and the heck with it. Just get paid. Lakers and coach want to totally tank anyways. So disgusting.

  314. I cannot root for Clarkson.

    I root against anybody who undeservedly starts over superior players.

  315. Jeremy Lin DNP-BS Decision

  316. Cavs did this to get Lebron

  317. I think we can do it RIGHT NOW

  318. DNP CD: ASIAN

  319. He’s not good enough for me to root for him

  320. Yup, not watching a single more minute of the Lakers.

    Hopefully Jeremy lands in a much more desirable spot next season so I can enjoy watching him play again.

  321. The Lakers might get away with obviously tanking at away games but what will it be like at Staples? Honest question.

  322. Yup

  323. Obviously, difficult to root for when it’s NOT merit-based.

  324. My BFF Je Ballew from this site reminded me of something:


    A small solace to me, but solace nonetheless.

  325. Hahaha 28-12 with Joseph knocked down 3

  326. then we are also guilty of being race bias

  327. the la tankers new lineup displayed 2nite by tank commander scott. tanks for the memories.

  328. Okc good landing spot in offseason….Jackson will cost too much….feel like Westbrook and Durant will embrace Jeremy’s game

  329. Like this season I hope

  330. And I thought Ding is respectable.

  331. Maybe I should watch it……give me a big laugh to start on my sunny Saturday

  332. One good thing, don’t have to listen to Stu and Bill trashing Lin

  333. All about that draft pick

  334. 3 months

  335. Lin being PUNISHED for KOBE’s INJURY!

  336. final score will be 124 to 60 spurs

  337. I am afraid to download anything that could bring crap into my computer. Do you have to download Media Player?

  338. With $15 Mill

  339. Nope all about not to allowed linsani ty

  340. lol looks like it every game

  341. Price with a huge mistake – shot the ball with 6 secs left in 1Q and plenty of time on shot clock, he missed, and gave Spurs a chance for last shot. If that was Jeremy, BS would have lit into him…

  342. To honor KHuang’s foresight, here’s the tweet
    Please VOTE by Retweet or Favorite


  343. Hopefully in 3 games.

    Just WAIVE Lin and get the Asian guy out of that toxic racism pit.

  344. I hope so. If your employer/manager doesn’t value you, it’s time to leave.

  345. Other Spurs players know Lin is good but intentionaly benched! Lakers dont want Linsanity repeating! I hope Lin comes out and play well to showcase himself!

  346. No, he’s being punished for outplaying Kobe, stealing the spotlight, being an Asian….

  347. To me, I don’t need to root for the other opponents any more as I won’t waste my life watching Lakers.

  348. What? Price is IN? LIN is 3rd string? Byron Scott should be tomatoed.

    Turning off this cra#, and watch OKC vs Atlanta (3Q 66-62) — until the Warriors vs Kings game at 7:30.

  349. LP (31-15)

  350. Just watch it for fun. See how Spurs toys with Lakers.

  351. Can the Spurs just hand JLin a Jersey and come over to their bench now?

  352. 35 vs 15 Go Spurs!!!

  353. I am rooting for the spurs to win 180 to 50 this game

  354. YUP YUP YUP

  355. LOL Spurs thanks BS for not playing JLin!

  356. Spurs play such beautiful basketball. Team ball with passes…

  357. okie city dokie

  358. What? Price is IN? LIN is 3rd string? Byron Scott should be tomatoed.

    Turning off this cra#, and watch real BB via OKC vs Atlanta (3Q 64-66) — until the Warriors vs Kings game at 7:30.

  359. lets go spurs…make it 200 to 55.

  360. LOL

  361. Don’t want to say this, but, KHuang was right on, long ago. an eventual DNP-CD. wow. Take a deep breath.

  362. I go for 140-60. Don’t play Lin, give him a DNP.

  363. lol now the racist refs are helping the lakers look better than they actually are.

  364. Play without Jeremy, Byron…. you’ll get a well-deserved blow-out

  365. So Lin will play garbage time? lol which basically starts now?

  366. Is this DNP BS’s own decision or FO directed it? If it is latter, that would mean a trade is coming.

  367. cannot believe this is unfolding in front of our eyes.

  368. Spurs, KILL KILL KILL!!!

  369. no

  370. If that’s the case, I hope Lin refuse to play. No matter the fine would be. Just send a message.

  371. Hahahaha 38-20! Go Spurs and slaughter Lakers!

  372. I can’t take a deep breath.

    I’m TOO ANGRY at being right.

  373. Jlin will decline to go in the game now… since it is already garbage time

  374. Wonder what’s going on through Jeremy’s mind now.

  375. Great call Khuang. I had my doubts it would happen but I was wrong and you are right. 🙁

  376. Is Lin getting traded and that’s why he is not playing?

  377. Spurs trying to DOUBLE the Lakers score!

    I have no doubt that the Spurs are giggling that Lin isn’t playing.

  378. lkers will lose every game from now on.

  379. So we won’t get to see Jeremy play tonight? Future games?

  380. scott just dislike him

  381. No idea. I have media player in my laptop.

  382. Done for the season if he remains a Laker.

  383. So this is the way to honor Kobe, I guess.

  384. I’m SORRY that I was right.

    Nobody is unhappier than I am.

    I saw it coming MONTHS AGO, but it happened sooner than I had thought. I figured post trading deadline.

  385. Nope, never ever dowload anything, they are as bad and poisonous as Byron Scott!

  386. khuang is a freaking genius. called it way back. i never doubt khuang!

  387. this is Jlin response to bs if he put him in the game now…

  388. at this rate, i’d rather have lin be dnpd than be a scapegoat and misteated by bs. let them lose..let lin rest and just collect his $

  389. Lin, please text Nash to play golf & soccer. You have 3 months free time to enjoy your life

  390. Like all the anti Lin garbage the Lakers have done, Kobe still gets no respite from getting PUNKED by Lin.

    It would be a true honor to Kobe of the Lakers were winning this game without the Asian guy, but instead the Linless Lakers are DYING!

    Poor Kobe. He’s all busted up AND he cannot even escape the CURSE of Jeremy Lin!!

  391. Agreed. Better pull an Asik than play with hands tied and stats ruined.

  392. This makes me wonder….maybe Lin did speak up…

  393. Don’t just play golf and soccer and shoot fun videos with Nash.

    Pick his brain and max out his hoopz skills!

  394. Just hope he got pissed and call his agent to demand a trade if FO doesn’t move already.

  395. Yes JLin is DNP-CD in this game.

  396. yep. following orders from bs didn’t get him any pt

  397. Clarkson back in

  398. AARGH, I hate being right!!!

  399. 3rd string PGs ACTUALLY PLAY.

    Lin is a NO STRINGER.

    Lin is no longer part of this despicable Lakers team.

  400. we saw this a while ago so

  401. Can Lin refuse to play as 3nd String PG?

  402. Is Tarik Black injured, and that’s why Lin is listed between Black and Randle? I’m watching OKC vs Hawks — exciting game, but checked Bryson’s box score.

  403. It makes NO DIFFERENCE.

    Scott has EJECTED LIN from the Lakers.

  404. or go on vaca. start looking of new teams now

  405. Tarik Black badly injured, cannot play.

    Julius Randle would get into games before Lin does.

  406. Hope Lin can stay confident with the DNP-CD. He needs to have that mentality when he was riding the bench in NY before Linsanity – the mentality that he’s going to come in when he gets a chance and prove everyone wrong AGAIN.

  407. BS is sick and disgusting! Might be KB’s instruction!

  408. Guess Lin unintentionally out-smarted LAL’s coach. That lowIQ BS just can’t stomach it. Poor BS. pity on him.

  409. I meant legally.

  410. Spoke up a while ago….strong minded kid after Houston

  411. I KNOW that Lin is remaining confident.

    His UTTER DOMINATION in 2015 indicates that he’s a properly prideful player who beats off all race based hate and plays his game.

    Lin is a GREAT PLAYER with GREAT PLAYER MENTALITY. And I’m right about this too, just like I’m unhappily right about DNP CD Asian!

  412. I don’t think it’s just one thing. Probably many thing he has said over time. So, BS was probably itching for this day and now he doesn’t need to pretend anymore.

  413. i think lin’s ok now, he couldn’t possibly still care about BS’s bs.

  414. Wonder if Jeremy will grant a postgame interview – or if FO will let him.

  415. This game shows lakers BS kobe doesnt
    want Lin to stay lakers next season.
    who will stay when they get treated like this?

  416. spurs really not trying hard

  417. Totally different situation now and Lin is different too. He will be fine.

  418. Start naming realistic destinations folks…

  419. I can’t believe that you could be right about DNP-CD… You proved me wrong again! LOL

  420. I wish they would though and put 100 over them to make LAL the laughing stock of all NBA.

  421. That’s very interesting. That will hint if FO is behind this.

  422. Lin was promoting Wang’s new album…guess BS is not happy with the…songs in the album.

  423. Me neither, but good call. Credit where credit is due.

  424. Toying with the LA Lozers…

  425. Look how easily clarkson scores

  426. Watch.

    The Spurs will CLAMP DOWN on the Lakers after the halftime, especially the rookie who they’ve never faced before.

  427. Boston? As they just said they will take salary dump?

  428. Wait until HALFTIME.

    It’ll be OVER for Clarkson once the Spurs return to the court.

    This is the NBA where great teams like the Spurs intentionally allow rookies like Clarkson to go off before CLAMPING DOWN on them.

    When Lin was in Linsanity, teams tried to clamp down on him but got ROASTED EVEN WORSE.

  429. really outrageous, but i believe lin knows BS/FO well by now, he won’t be affected emotionally by this nonsense.

  430. JLin might be traded after all. I thought otherwise before this game.

  431. I take pride to say that Byron Scott’s Lin-preservation Program is in full swing. HA.

  432. I certainly hope so.

  433. It should be Lin/Clarkson/Price. Clarkson can score at least. Clarkson is definitely an up-tempo player.

  434. just watch.

    I’m a Spurs fan and this is what they do.

  435. No more Lakers lineup. No need anymore.

  436. Deleted

  437. Still blows to see this happen….doesn’t help him….been a real pro and got this in return

  438. You’re our nba prophet here now. I believe you.

  439. Lin can refuse to play, but he’d be suspended by the Lakers.

    I expect the Lakers to try to suspend Lin in order to get back some of the $15 million, and that’s where Lin and his agents will FIGHT BACK.

  440. I have an emotional rollercoaster right now AND ALL I GET IS THIS? JEREMY NOT PLAYING? WHAT IN THE WORLD IS THIS?

  441. I can’t believe no more basketball. It was fun watching while Lin was on the court. If it continues like this, I will need to go back to reading. It was so much fun…. Hope Lin gets traded. He played better this year and gets the bench.

  442. lol this game is a joke

  443. Anyone have a good movie to recommend?

  444. Spurs toying with the Lakers. Manu doing whatever he feels like right now.

  445. The Asian in the dog house

  446. Ginobili is just as physically incapable as Bryant is.

    He’s able to toy with these terrible Lakers when Lin’s not on the court.

  447. Into the wood, LOL!

  448. only reason I think maybe LAL is in talk to trade Lin. Can’t afford to have Lin get injured.

  449. he also know his limits also a lot better off ball shooter and passer

  450. Most positive comment so far….thanks

  451. hahaha yes

  452. That’s what LG thinks too. But you’ll just never know with BS.

  453. No, I think Lakers are moving to WAIVE Lin.

    They want him out of the NBA entirely. They don’t want him to be playing minutes for another team.

  454. scott just dislike him

  455. Haha and Price still has ZERO points.

  456. Boyhood, probably will win the Academy Award for best picture.

  457. what about this then.
    Byron Scott is a God send to keep Lin’s minutes down so he doesn’t get injured.
    Too much?

  458. LG is WRONG as usual.

    NBA traders don’t artificially reduce their trading chips by punishing them for playing well.

  459. That could be the truth. Lin is too good to be a third stringer. Makes no sense to me to say Lin is a third stringer because he’s Asian.

  460. Maybe that’s why Lin was doing his lip sink video and looks so happy.

  461. Lin and his agents must preemptively say to FO that he has no intent to resign with Lakers. They need to know that he’ll walk and sign with another team at vet minimum to show them that he means business.

    Raptors need s backup PG bad because they’ve been losing without Derozen. Lin will push Raptors into eastern conference final easily.

  462. You are watching it now, the art of tanking.

  463. for whatever reasons …JLin packing his bags and get outta LAL is good.

  464. yes please waive Jlin!!!!

  465. Simply a BETTER PLAYER.

    Alain, I know you are a Kobe fan. I respect that.

    Please understand that when I bash Kobe repeatedly, I’m not coming at you at all. You like Kobe for the right reasons and I won’t bash you for them.

  466. lol…the spurs don’t dare to look at the gift horse in the mouth…. their announcers didn’t even mention Jlin once.

  467. Aren’t you even gonna ask why, Kevin Ding?

  468. Lin! I feel so bad for you. I am sorry there is nothing I can help you right now. But I will give you an advice.

  469. Was Lin’s name mentioned at all during the first half? Even the half time show Lin’s name is not to be mentioned.

  470. he didn’t play

  471. It is NOT A DISGRACE for Lin to be ejected by this evil racist Scott.

  472. That would be the BEST result! DNP to avoid INJURY before trade.

  473. That prediction of mine will likely come true too – and this time, I hope it happens SOON.

  474. How confident is Laker’s FO for trading Lin that they DCP-CD Lin right after Kobe’s done for the season.

    Maybe they were already in talk with some teams already. It is like as quick as flipping the page.

  475. true but they did mourned kobe though… and he didn’t plkay either.

  476. Just fake an injury and sit out rest of season.

  477. Kevin Ding is slower than KH on this one….

  478. Sick and disguting BS coach!
    Lin is just too good, smart and talented, athletic and strong and classy, they are jeolous and couldnt swollow all these!

  479. It’s different bc Kobe maybe out for the season not Lin…

  480. OMG khuang.. can’t believe it.. you are like so right when you say he is trying to get lin to dnp.. Never thought that would happen because you just don’t dnp a 15 million dollar player unless injured. wt??

  481. so kobe can’t play, lin can’t too. just plain ridiculous.

  482. Could FO be having talks with Boston right now who made it known that they are willing to take salary dump?

  483. I keep saying it:

    NOT trading Lin.

    WAIVING Lin.

    The Lakers are trying to depress Lin’s value so that nobody wants him.

    It’s a cruel race based tactic that is ALREADY BACKFIRING.

  484. NO.

    Boston is trying to shed salary, not add it.

  485. Bravo!!!

  486. Worthy and Antoine not saying anything about Lin. So Lin must be traded. They are probably sick that this is the kind of game they have to announce every game

  487. Wait! If waived no one could pick him up?

  488. I got the feeling that TWC couldn’t talk about why Lin was not on court…?!

  489. I respect your opinions, KHuang. I know you are calm. But could you be calmer? ;-D

  490. like I said… they are not looking the gift horse in the mouth.

  491. Lakers getting blown out by 20 pts at halftime. Announcers are being strangely positive about it all, talking about Clarkson doing a good job. No one is mentioning the poor play that led to a 20 point deficit…

  492. If waived he can sign with anyone.

  493. Weren’t they calling up GMs around nba saying they will take salary dump? There was a tweet to that effect yesterday, I think.

  494. Scott is trying to gift wrap a consolation prize to Kobe Bryant’s injury.

    See, Scott knows that Kobe was pissed that Lin kept outplaying him. So Scott decided to send a “gift”
    to Kobe to make Kobe happy that his nemesis Lin isn’t a Laker anymore.

    However, the curse of Lin is causing the Lakers to be shockingly bad in such a way that Bryant cannot feel consolation at watching his Lakers DIE LINBARRASINGLY!

  495. The phase of developing young players began tonight. Those who are not in the future plan will be phased out gradually. Lin is the first to go.

  496. and he gets the full $15 million in addition.

  497. Boston regularly does STRANGE STUNTS to gauge NBA trade interest.

    If they take Lin, they’ll want at least a 1st round draft pick.

    Never go by what teams say. Go by what they DO – and Boston is dumping salary to get draft picks.

  498. Ya Bill and Stu have said nothing negative about any Laker player. So much different than when Lin plays.

  499. Announcers are simply relieved that the Asian guy isn’t playing.

  500. Jeremy is 5th on the team in PPG, 2nd in assist, 3rd in steals. Makes no sense that he is benched.

  501. Makes excellent tanking sense.

  502. I say that this denigration of Lin’s value started in Houston. Sure it’ll ‘backfire’; where ever Lin goes, his Grace shall follow.

  503. I’ll bet that this is the same Josh Slater that Daryl Morey used as a “better” statistical player than Lin when Morey wrote that Feb 2012 HATE ARTICLE about Lin.

  504. Watching the Lakers tank is like watching the WWE. People pay to watch and The players give a good show but the ending is rigged


  506. that’s really twisted, don’t they want their team to be winning, what’s so bad about linsanity for the lakers. the FO is out of their mind playing along with them. anyway, i still believe lin will be able to join another team, hopefully not every team is as sick as the lakers.

  507. It seems too coincidental that lakers losing so badl and jlin not playing…

  508. No.

    If tanking were the case, then guys like Hill who are outscoring Lin would be benched too.

  509. What Silver Screen &Roll did is just plain low and unnecessary. They want to mock Lin fans that’s fine, but Jeremy has played for the Lakers all season. He deserves no ridicule at this or any other point of his time with the Lakers.

  510. If Lin do not play garbage time, I guess it is simply Mitch on the phone right now. If Lin does play the garbage time…then……m….

  511. Boston is the one dumping salary and not taking salary dumps?

  512. Bs is a @$!#. Show me one play that Clarkson has to walk the ball and feed to boozer or hill in the post? None

  513. You and all of us here know that Lin has CARRIED the Lakers this season.

    He’s been their best performer. Of course the Lakers stink without their best player.

  514. bs is a known liar…. [email protected]#!# BS!!!!!!!!!!!

  515. You maybe correct that Kobe was behind this, but I think you are wrong on Laker not trading LIn, there are teams in playoff that knows Lin’s value and wants him.

  516. What was that crazy show in the beginning where jlin was featured? What was thaf about?

  517. Lin decline to play?

  518. Yes.

    That’s what the Rajon Rondo trade was all about: clearing the salary of a nonperforming expensive overrated player.

  519. Not really

  520. I’m NOT WRONG.


  521. Job obligation? Legal?

  522. Dnp-asian?

  523. Both..

  524. Cited stress incurred stomach pain that he can’t play?

  525. lol the spurs are toying with the lakers….bs must have made some kind of promise to pop to take it easy on the lakers

  526. What if he does?

  527. Contractual

  528. I predict Jeremy will be a Celtic.

  529. Wonder is BS is fighting with FO and making his statement by benching Lin. Hope so fire BS.

  530. I like how cool Popovich looks like from the sidelines. He’s like, “yeah I’ma just chill….”

  531. Byrom Scott and Kobe are angry that an Asian guy Linsanitized them and other African American players.

    Those two fools believe that the NBA is not for Asians and have been hellbent on proving that Linsanity was fake.

    Unfortunately, Lin put up some STELLAR PERFORMANCES against them.

    I wrote that Scott would learn that the only way to stop Lin is to DNP CD Lin. He learned indeed from Linstructor, just as I said Scott would!

  532. Spurs played last night too

  533. It did not start in Houston.

    It started the instant Carmelo Anthony got angry that an Asian guy was stealing his spotlight.

  534. Not really.

    None of us Lin fans should be calm when Lin is DNP CD ASIAN!!’

  535. But remember beginning of the season, he was praised and all that… what happened?

  536. Phil Jackson used to clip his nails on the sideline.

  537. Lossing money? and build a image of a selfish player? etc

  538. Karma will haunt LAL if they are so cruel towards Lin!

  539. At Lin preseason press conference did Mitch say I hope you (Lin) finds a home here? Or did he say I hope to find you a home?

  540. Today’s beatdown is JUST THE BEGINNING.

  541. Defensive too.

  542. Well, Lin won’t do that. He will just play.

  543. I hop Jlin get traded to the hawks… who just won 15 straight

  544. I guess the only way to make Jeremy look bad was to take him out of the game. Mission accomplished BS! You did it. You figured out how to tank the team and Jeremy at the same time!

  545. he read this site and lin.net

  546. No.

    Byron Scott is trying to prove to the FO that the Lakers play so much better without the Asian guy.

    The FO obeys Scott unquestioningly.

  547. He said this ain’t your home.

  548. They may be trying to pry away from LAL the first round draft pick that came with Jeremy, too. But I don’t think LAL will give it up.

  549. No. Risk too high lin disrupts the chemistry. He would then be blamed. Chemistry could be a tenuous thing.

  550. He is not that diligent.

  551. I said Hill would be bad without Lin feeding him:


  552. He didn’t make lin lok bad. He made himself look bad with the tank full on board.

  553. Wasn’t Boozer waived by Chicago?

  554. Byron Scott learned the hard way that Lin is such an EXPLOSIVE PLAYER that he can easily score 7 points in less than 5 minutes like he did last game.

    Scott learned that letting Lin stroll onto the court for even minimal time results in BURSTS OF LINSANITY!!!

  555. Indeed

  556. The Lakers are getting it done. They are really done.

  557. yeh, just to a eastern team with a striking distance for playoff spot. Boston? Heat?

  558. Not really. Jeremy is a consummate team player, he’ll make their chemistry better.

  559. or Clippers, so he can stay in CA? or Sacramento?

  560. Wow… really crazy that on 2015 racism against asians is so acceptable… imagine if martial arts were a popular team sports and someone of another race was exiled like jlin… people would be going crazy…

  561. Well, I guess need to find other entertainment. I also believe that Jeremy needs a hobby during the benching season. I think he should be able to knit or something. Make some Jeremy line scarves or something. More constructive than video games. Maybe go play golf with Nash as someone here suggested.

  562. I feel bad about Jeremy. I’m holding back tears. I know how it feels to be rejected. I know how it feels to be given hope that some people like or believe in you, but then they actually don’t.I know how it feels knowing that you can contribute a lot, but not given the chance. Excuse me while I go get a hanky.

  563. You know… it would suit that demon Kobe to think that way: SCoTT: “Don’t worry Masta Kobe, watch me sit that Lin fella for you, papi”.

  564. OK. turned off the game. for them not mentioning Lin’s name at all is just strange. Even if he’s DNP, you would think the conversation would come up. Something is definitely up.

  565. exactly

  566. Be strong, guys, Jeremy’s good days are still ahead, be optimistic!

  567. Come on, you should feel happy that Jeremy is out of this bad situation. He will be traded shortly, mark my word.

  568. Not gonna feel bad for him yet. I really believe he’s getting traded. If he’s to be waived like KHuang is saying, why no mention of his name at all.

  569. Praying for him!

  570. OR, Bs is convincing FO this is the only way to get to the top 5.

  571. Wish i could give u a shoulder… how about a virtual one?

  572. Not too many of us are really down I think? Not really a surprise….

  573. Save those tears when JLin gets traded this weekend. Tears of joy!!!

  574. If DNP was going to happen, Lin should have just gone rogue and got his stats in prior games instead of running plays for BS…


  576. I feel bad for how Jeremy is feeling right now while seated at the bench or in the locker room.

  577. Time to move on and wait to see what will happen to lin next year. May have to take on a new student to coach to pass the time.

    Lin will be great at anything if given a fair chance. It may be time for him to ramp up his legacy by taking his game to China. Help develop a new generation of Asian players and win an Olympic medal, while spreading his ministry.

  578. That’s nice. Thanks.

  579. I feel for you. I hope you get through whatever it is you’re going through. Jeremy will be fine.

  580. Im still optimistic he’s involved in a trade!
    Yes yes yes, a new team please.

  581. didn’t he say lin dressed too formally? maybe he wasn’t really care about the signing that’s why the treatment now. well, anyway, LA’s fans are still miles better than houston’s, hopefully lin signs with a good team next season. leave all these bs teams behind.

  582. Don’t see JLin on the bench any more

  583. BS can do anything. Not a surprise. It is just the timing and the speed of phasing out.

  584. He’s stronger than you think, to have faith he has to be strong, although I am an atheist I applaud his faith.

  585. Yeah, well, There 😀 …. sure with Carmelo and J.r Smith too.

  586. maybe waived at the half time ????

  587. Maybe he’s packing now …..i hope it’s for the trade

  588. Hes there

  589. Even Philly coach and players are not trying to tank, but BS has no sense of subtlety and obviously goes to tank after Kobe goes down. This is the same man who I watch win three championships. Tragic to see a championship caliber competitor like BS become a shadow of himself. Who ripped this mans heart out and where did they put it. BS is coaching like the walking dead.

  590. I hope Lin doesn’t play at all

  591. Or traded tonight to a contending team. !!! ha

  592. He’s still human. I don’t count out his human side.Of course faith is the only thing he-BOTH of us-have right now.

  593. Thanks. Pray for Jeremy more please.

  594. ok, wishful thinking.

  595. He’s still on the bench. Maybe a restroom break?

  596. I hope BS has a really bad dream tonight, that is Lin chasing him into a black hole and never come back!

  597. can lin where a suit to the game

  598. Yeah, save the mileage for winning a ring in another team!

  599. Was on Spurs bench working out details? 😉

  600. I like to see Jlin get up from the bench and go straight to the locker room…. to pack for his new team

  601. They know Hill is not the driving force of the team. He’s incapable of carrying the team, so they let him be.

  602. I’m disgusted. I really dislike Byron Scott now.

  603. Omg price handling the ball. Sorry just so funny.

  604. Why did lakers take him in the first place?

  605. Walk to Spurs’ locker room? That will make sense and save a lot of trouble.

  606. so have LA announcers said anything? if they know something, they will not say.
    if they dont know anything, they would at least comment about lin’s absence.

  607. I’d like to see lin ride his bike at games again.

  608. for clarkson is this really experience losing by 20 with zero real defense. this isn’t serious defense he is facing. but what ever

  609. Well said robin!l

  610. I am ok with that lol

  611. Jerome is wrong. Lin takes some of the fewest shots of any PG.

  612. Then why does Clarkson get the green light to score first.

  613. F/O liked him. But Kobe succeeded again in pushing out a competitor as he had done to DH12.

  614. Hopefully getting fitted for a Spurs jersey.

  615. is anybody listening to Spurs announcer side? are they saying anything?

  616. damn sucks…i really wanted to see lin play at msg vs knicks…smh

  617. Hey, Missy… OUr man Lin has only just begun. Gotta Luv him.

  618. nope … not a word

  619. I pity any Lin fan who bought tickets for this game

  620. really? I would guess LAL announcers, but even Spurs?

  621. scott did

  622. What is lakers facts?

  623. Or NBA League Pass.

  624. Screw you Stool.

  625. They should give every Asian that went to see Lin a refund.

  626. i wanted to see lin play vs Nets

  627. Is Lin at the bench? If he isn’t its usually a sign that he’s been traded. Remember Waiters earlier in the season. My feed as usual is slow. Just asking.

  628. NDA until trade is finalized? 😉

  629. didnt

  630. do you think lin will just sit and wait or force a trade or buyout?

  631. Announcers finally mentioned Lin is on the bench tonight. Camera then panned over to LIn on the bench

  632. No more leag 4 me…

  633. LAL announcers?

  634. I think he is sitting there

  635. May be FO already told him something, lets see if he tweets something unusual tonight. May be something good happening!

  636. And Stool disses Lin.

  637. yep

  638. I do. and the game got black-out in Austin. My LP value just went down to zero.

  639. what does he say?

  640. who cares at this point

  641. …then Jeremy gets traded to the Spurs, and you’ll eat crow. LOL

  642. LAL announcers. Bill seemed a bit perplexed, mentioned Lin averages 10 PPG and had 20 minutes the other night. Stu said it’s hard for the 3rd guard to get minutes and with Clarkson starting, Lin is odd man out.

  643. I think I will watch spur and Atlanta games.

  644. I think Lin is going to have the best +/- tonight on his team.

  645. lol

  646. LOL. That’s the spirit.

  647. Will Lakers trade Lin before trade deadline or just let him walk away next summer?

  648. for once i hope lin asks for a buyout or trade. it’s clear the team is tanking..he doesn’t fit or is wanted..

  649. What is Price doing to be in the game?

  650. Is that true ESPNLA said that Lin refused to play?

  651. I am officially hate the whole lakers organization starting with bs the liar!!!!

  652. If he gets traded, it will be easier for me to have a little bit of respect for the Lakers Organization and BS.

  653. Hope GOD indeeds brings out something positive and hopeful after all this to his faithful follower like Jeremy Lin.

  654. i mean, i do understand letting clarkson play if they are just tanking but just let lin go then.

  655. I hope the DNP finally pisses Lin off enough that he will not return to play for the Lakers…

  656. Who said that from ESPN LA? I saw Lin on the bench looks OK to me.

  657. Asik was right all along.

  658. OK. then i’m totally confused. was hoping was a trade and they got the gag order

  659. Then i will buy! No first i will check to see how he is treated… i had a wierd feelin that lakers was not was as good as it seemed… thats why i didnt buy a jersey and why i will never buy one

  660. no buyout. at least get the pay he deserves for all these nonsense.

  661. at least now lin will only have to wait half a season or till all-star break…he will finally be the chooser agaiin

  662. Ha, on jeremylin.net.

  663. I have faith He will

  664. bc it could indicate what is going on. they may know something

  665. Yeah, the Buss children didn’t realize BS was real.

  666. If Lin plays in garbage time I may lose it!

  667. This is a teaching moment to our children. Even if you are good at what you do, life isn’t fair.

  668. lol wow spurs at a toy store

  669. why not, get paid to watch NBA games unfortunately, it’s lakers games he has to watch though.

  670. Wow at rate we will have to despise every team… knicks rox lakers…lol

  671. Scott should play in garbage time.

  672. Nice one ronnie price… byron scotts responsible

  673. if that’s the case, i hope he doesnt even shoot..just pass lol

  674. Price with 0 pts, just had the ball stolen on the inbound and Mills converted a 3. BS calls a timeout…how does this type of performance deserve playing time over Lin??

  675. The let the Losers come back a bit and now running all over them again

  676. laker will lose 15 straight. knicks vs lakers is a toss up

  677. What are you talking about. This whole game is garbage time.

  678. A Snake play…


  680. It will suck because he will get 1 or 2 minutes and his PPG will drop

  681. anyone feel like me? im sort of happy in a sickening way. it’s like the feeling of knowing bs hates lin, and finally confirming it once and for all. it’s like…yes, show your true colors..i’m happy. lin can finally see the truth if he hasn’t before. just focus his energy on the off-season and improving his overall game. he can finally be just a paid “spectator” watching the lakers crumble and laughing from afar

  682. Someone needs to ask the obvious question in the locker room. Why is Ronnie playing ahead of Lin? Ronnie with 2 pts last game and 0 pts this game

  683. YES! F***C ‘EM UP SPURS! Show the league wut a dispicable organization the Lakers are!

  684. Man……Ginobolli really looks old now…

  685. Byron’s star PG Price: 15 min 0 pts. Worthless

  686. Just got time to the game. KHuang! I HATE YOU!!!!!!!!

  687. Maybe BS was thinking about a different animal and snake came out of his mouth.

  688. You hate him with love 😛

  689. At this rate, 45 game losing streak not out of the question.

  690. He is playing because he is the head of the snake. It just so happens to be a headless snake.

  691. Father time is real man

  692. Hey, just found out, Lin always plays well against Spurs. Remember? No tanks ? Tank you, bro.

  693. Crazy how little play this jeremy treatment gets

  694. At least it is almost over.

  695. I feel so bad for Lin fans who went to watch the game today…

  696. Yeah, they paid money to support the lakers organization.

  697. Price is trying hard to score, now 0-4, and he don’t even bother to defend, walking on the other side of the court.

  698. Please refund my league pass!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  699. while earning 14 million lol i feel sorry as well

  700. BS officially most elite tanker in the league. Will definitely get more offers by other tanking NBA teams in the future.

  701. I will burn my Tankers Lin jersey once he’s freed!

  702. Price is a pawn too….they are all pawns….all about Kobe passing MJ and throwing Shade at Jeremy for actually wanting to win

  703. wow..interesting.. minutes…. VERY well balanced.. averaging 22 mins PER player.. EXCEPT lin. = zero.

  704. Why wait?

  705. Sell it on eBay and donate it to JLIN Foundation.

  706. Well at least some casual fans are realizing we’re not crazy after all. Everyone can see the bias now.

  707. Byron Scott, the inventor of stopwatch coaching.

  708. He feels ashamed being used by a tanking team.

  709. I bet you any dollar amount that one question that BS in postgame will be asked is:
    “Why was Jeremy on the bench tonight”.
    Wanna go for double jeapordy.

  710. Good idea

  711. watch byron play lin in super-garbage time just to insult him

  712. Depressing is suing for libel and defamation.

  713. cuz he’s TANKING!!!!

  714. Lin will play to honor his obligation. And most of the media will all favor Lin.

  715. Why does Scott stand up looking tense. Is he afraid they may accidentally win?

  716. SAS starters aren’t coming back.

  717. Lol

  718. I was thinking goat.

  719. hope lin goes to the spurs

  720. He’s trying to rehearse his lines what to say to the media postgame.

  721. Did Khuang say that Ronnie Price is going to play tonight after Byron Scott announce Clarkson will be starter?

  722. I think he needs to use the rest room and can’t leave.

  723. lol, pretending he is the coach

  724. i am incredulous. this is just so sad.

  725. spurs have played 4 centers and 3 pgs. pop plays the best players

  726. He has been standing up for the whole time in my memory. Very defensive look!

  727. His look……my heart is breaking…..

  728. See when you finally play the way BS wants you to, you get the bench. So rewarding.

  729. I know, same here. I really want to punch BS and LAL FO in the face.

  730. JLin asked for a rest night? Is this true?

  731. It would be interesting to see what BS say about Lin if at all. If nothing, trade is coming.

  732. He’s said lin will have dnp cd long ago

  733. he’s constipated…

  734. If he asked for a rest, it would be DNP – Coach’s Decision. So far his stat sheets are on, waiting to be filled.

  735. Why are the Spurs being kind to LAL? They haven’t even scored 100. Can you imagine that?

  736. no, it was a joke by the announcer

  737. B2B and take it easy.

  738. B2B, players old, Pop doesn’t work his players more than necessary.

  739. they dont overplay their players to chase empty stats. unlike some ppl

  740. Who said earlier that Lin would have the best plus minus. That was gold

  741. Oh…I just realized Spurs was on a B2B…No wonder players like Diaw and Manu looked so slow

  742. I think I’m gonna cry. Our boy!!!!

  743. What does BS want to prove? Clearly, without Lin there, the Lakers sucks even with Kobe playing. Tonight is another example. Lakers, please trade Lin instead of sitting him please/

  744. I did! Do I get the same prize as Khuang?

  745. He is above this.

  746. Yeah I noticed that too. Lin seems to be in a good mood. He must know something. He normally just rushes to the locker room when he isn’t happy. Stayed and congratulated his teammates giving high fives.

  747. It might be his last time to do that.

  748. A player w/gr8 class.. Always~~~

  749. It’s okay Lakers can tank without him. He’s now officially paid for not playing lol

  750. I wonder is Lin gonna ever play again? VS Rox sunday?

  751. No way that is true.

  752. Ugh. What is happening?

  753. Don’t know what this JLin’s hater will do. Most likely he will DNP JLin again until FO gives in to trade JLin or BS is fired. Believe this is BS dares FO to fire him.

  754. Maybe BS talked to Lin saying we are tanking. Lin refuse to tank any games so he’s DNP-CD

  755. I guess it’s an honor to be DNP-CD in a tanking team.

  756. Tank you.

  757. lol good point

  758. like that a lot…

  759. what? so he wasn’t watching the LAL developing the young players?

  760. Constipated with BS FROMBOTH ENDS.

  761. I think they sure talked to him before the game… He looked OK to me just a little bit bored sometimes… I believe today’s about show case from Clarkson & Price.

  762. I thank everyone for keeping me company blogging. I am sure we had more fun making fun of BS than the laker fans watching the game. Even when Jeremy is on the bench, it can be more fun than watching them play.

  763. Hear hear. Lakers fans are stuck for a looooooooooong time.

  764. =)

    im still stunned at what is happening, whatever that is.

  765. Lol. Magic is subtle.

  766. Lakers is for real too, starting tonight.

  767. Tanking ought to be penalized not rewarded

  768. I read some speculations from other sites, here is one that is interesting (sorry no link): KB is done for the season; F/O may have talked to Lin on signing up as a backup PG during the summer, and promised to let him play freely during the rest of the season. Let me say it for Lin, NO !

  769. Of course, in his mind Lakers w/o Kobe it’s garbage… he will not watch the game.

  770. Scott: “Give Ronnie a look, I know what Jeremy can do”

    He doesn’t know what Ronnie can do? We all know what Ronnie can do, how long has he been in the league. He’s a career 3rd PG.

  771. either the lakers reporters are totally afraid to stir the pot to even approach the org about this, or they already have and dont want to announce a trade before it is a official and completed. id go either way on this one.

  772. He was…free…on the bench

  773. what

  774. What a reservoir of good will Scott has for Ronnie Price.



  776. Yeah, being punished for it.

  777. Don’t you see enough after several 0 point games and many single digit point games?!!

  778. cuz we are 40 games into the season and hes not sure what ronnie price can do with all his minutes so far. lol. im not even going to try to get my head around that nonsense

  779. How many looks do you need ? LOL

  780. pit thicken…. Oops, I meant Plot.

  781. its happening. new ronnie price is here.


  782. no don’t play him

  783. I am not sure what BScott is good at besides using tanking to mask his failure.

  784. just trade him

  785. this

  786. Ronnie has certainly proven he can do …. not much!

  787. I would be sad if it was Clarkson ended up being traded..

  788. Can it be any more disgusting than that?

  789. Nah he is staying…young and cheap with upside

  790. Next game BS: “Didn’t I tell you, I’m not going to play him again.”

  791. i think Lin will get trade.

  792. @#$%!^&%

  793. I do not see the upside…but indeed young..

  794. other it lin but i just think scott dislike him

  795. 0 TOs for Lin, Byron is happy.

  796. Yeh, I know.

  797. Good athleticism.

  798. NBA should have look PAST athleticism a long long time ago…

  799. BS does not know anything. He still does not know Price can play 3rd string PG.

  800. Lol. Will there be any takers?

  801. if we take that at face value, it means ‘i already know lin isn’t very good’

  802. Yes sir…..

  803. To all Christian Lin fans – let’s pray for him tonight. Never underestimate the power of prayer. He needs it more than ever. The devil tries his best to crucify his followers – which our boy is one of. Pray that he will be in a better scenario and bring more glory to God and inspire more kids that it pays to live a Godly life (God Willing). Best scenario would be waived – It would save Lakers money if they plan is not to play him per NBA provisions below.

    “Released/waived players with guaranteed contracts continue to be included in their former team’s payroll. Players whose contracts are guaranteed are included in team salary in the amount they made while they were with the team. Players on non-guaranteed “summer contracts” are not included in team salary unless they make the regular season roster.

    If another team signs a released player who had a guaranteed contract (as long as the player has cleared waivers), the player’s original team is allowed to reduce the amount of money they still owe the player (and lower their team payroll) by the right of set-off. This is true if the player signs with any professional team—it does not even have to be an NBA team. The amount the original team gets to set off is limited to one-half the difference between the player’s new salary and a pro-rated share of the minimum salary for a one-year veteran (if the player is a rookie, then the rookie minimum is used instead).”

  804. This is worse than saying Lin is no good he really couldnt find him any minutes

  805. I think he meant it
    which is even worse than guaranteeing Lin would forever be a 3rd string under him
    because if Lin plays here and there like 5-10mins its not good for him
    back to GSW days

  806. Please trade JLin to a playoff bound team NOW. I’m done watching this team. I can’t believe I wasted my precious sleep staying up to watch Lakers game and subject my family to lack-of-sleep crankiness the past few months.

  807. Oh this reminds me “I like Jeremy, I really do” …….

  808. Like he didn’t know kobe’s status after NO game.

  809. What does all that mean?

  810. byron knows what ‘lin can do’ and therefore plays him only 20 minutes when he does play. he has already decided what kind of player lin is, and nothing will change his mind. that is the very definition of prejudice.

  811. Yes sir~

  812. Sound like little kid to me

  813. He can still brag.

  814. even a rookie starts over lin. yeah right.

  815. They save money Probably several mllion by waiving Lin if he gets picked up (after waiver wires clear).

  816. Sound like he is about “me me me”

  817. lin should just fly kick him in the face, just kidding.

  818. U just nailed it.. no team spirit, unlike Lin..

  819. So this is what he’s been rehearsing for postgame.

  820. Green me.

  821. he’s just starting because “anyone but lin agenda”.

  822. How in the world did this guy get any coaching gig? I can coach better than this for 1/8 of the money he is getting.

  823. sounds like the brainless hunk who likes to attract our attention at the gym. smh

  824. Like he wasn’t looking the past 20 games? Please…

  825. hes very young, basically a kid. /shrugs

  826. You know how low IQ this BS coach ! He is the stupidest coach of the year!

  827. So if Lin got waived and got another offer, said 3M, Lakers got 1M from cap space (3M-1M) and Lin got 8M + 3M?

  828. freely.. as in no need to play but getting paid?

  829. Brainless hunks are like stale bread to me.I don’t like them.

  830. isn’t the lakers a classy organization? i don’t feel they are any different to BS treating lin like this, no respect. disgusting,

  831. Well, hello KHuang. I admit I was wrong. Bsc dnpcd’d Lin. Hmm… something good is in the wind. Always good when bad logic is taken to a conclusion (bsc’s).

  832. cuz he knows he would lose his cool

  833. dont was yalls time with this uneducated soul Lin fans~~~

  834. Something like that. Even though Lin makes less – the drop in his marketability value will probably less, especially if Rockets or Spurs pick him up.

  835. He deserves NOT to speak to the media. He doesn’t owe them anything.

  836. So not right. I pray that the author of this article realizes someday what he said. You reap what you sow.

  837. What does he have to say when he did not play

  838. Make less? I thought 15M is guaranteed?

  839. if youguys want to see more idiotic responses, look for the tweets he sent back to me lol

  840. It’s striking the lack of goodwill toward Lin. The beat writers are all tweeting this now. …


  841. After DNP, Lin went DNI

  842. Oblivious guy …

  843. Hahaha….

  844. well, maybe that’s what BS wants, he’s too jealous lin can talk like a real coach when he can only spew out bs after bs.

  845. oh its bill oram

  846. Everybody’s fed up!

  847. Based on the language above – not so guaranteed.

  848. Ha ha I feel for your family.

  849. That is so not right. Praying for Jeremy. They not just kick him when he is down, they run the car over him a few times.

  850. those asians, they are sneaky like that

  851. Not sure how those Jeremy fans who have bought Jeremy’s Lakers jersey feel…i’m glad i didn’t give the lakers a single dime. disgusting org!!!

  852. lol. who else?

  853. Why interview a player who DNP

  854. Guess BS’s answer to tank without Kobe “Tank General” Bryant is to play without their anti-tank leader in Lin. Now looking back, Lin was sent to the bench shortly after saying that he still believed the Lakers could make the playoffs. It’s an unfortunate situation for Lin who only wants to win.

    Obviously it would be naive to say that race did not play a role in BS’s actions towards Lin. Nevertheless, it’s not like the Lakers care too much about revenues from Asians after being the most profitable team again. I guess we can only hope Lin to stay positive throughout this circus.

  855. I don’t know what he could have said about the game since he didn’t play. But reporters just want gossips ^^

  856. This (bleep) deserves a high five… in the face… with a metal glove..

  857. Will he get paid if he’s fired? If he resigns, he might be able to bargain his contract.

  858. Look, i seriously believe that Jeremy’s dnp-coach’d decision is effectively kobe’s decision.

  859. I really wonder what the reason was. Trade? Tank strategy? Injury? And lastly racism? It really makes no sense to me to DNP Lin like that. He is clearly better than everyone on that team. I’m looking forward to the answers.

  860. What does Bill expect? What would Bill do if he was Jeremy?

  861. it’s an absurd world. i now live in khuang’s world. crazy thought.

  862. chances lin leaves over 5000

  863. OK Byron like you said you got another look at Ronnie tonight. He scored 0 pts. Last game he scored 2 pts. Your next move???

  864. striking contrast between Bill Oram’s tweet below and more factual tweet from Holmes. Using words like “hasty” and “sneaked” is subjective and damning.

  865. Get him back as starter.

  866. Pathetic… Smh

  867. some people should just tweet this classless reporter a F word. what do you want him to say? what do you mean sneaked out?

  868. idc don’t play lin on this tank team. trade him. release him waive him

  869. Don’t RT for BO.

  870. Clarkson back to the bench? Ha

  871. Next game Price gonna score -2 pts lol

  872. LOL @disqus_SyuAk23JI7:disqus be like….wth did I do?

  873. That is so clever. Score for the other team!

  874. LOL!!! That’s very nice to see, especially tonight.

  875. I can’t believe I declined a nice hitea invites to a 6star hotel just to watch Jeremy DBP-coach’s decision.

  876. Conflict of interest. Winning vs tanking Lakers. Blatant favoritism and racism on BS’s part. What else can you say?

  877. See the reply by Lin on Twitter? “I was there…No one else had questions for me”

  878. @LakersNation @BaxterHolmes i was there and spoke to a reporter. no one else had questions for me— Jeremy Lin (@JLin7) January 24, 2015

  879. JLin wanted so much to play in all 82 this season. Now BS denied him this chance.

  880. Haha. Jeremy pointing out reporters’ incompetence.

  881. Good for you Jeremy!!!! Speak!!!!!

  882. Do you think he should stay and talk? Mr. Baxter.

  883. Let’s not get worked up by this sorry excuse of a human being. He purposely chose those words to get controversies and it’s better to treat him like he did not exist rather than retweet for him.

  884. Jeremy LinVerified account‏@JLin7

    @LakersNation @BaxterHolmes i got you guys though! Lmk if you guys have any questions tmrw after practice…must have missed you guys!!


  885. Price has ALREADY been doing far worse than -2 every game.

  886. Technically he did when he lost the ball and Spurs scored

  887. JLin not letting anybody write the narrative.

  888. Ya, wth did I do??!

  889. oh sh……

  890. It was even 3pts by Mills

  891. He gonna make an Asik lol

  892. Lol, that could be it. Lin always put in the effort. His efforts could potentially ruin project tank!

  893. Yea or send him to me I’ll take better care of him ^^

  894. what is Lmk?

  895. Let me know.

  896. And no report of that reporter?

  897. In Scott’s mind, that is not the real Ronnie price. He has yet to show what he can Really do

  898. Hello Joeteam.

    I have faced this same DNP CD dynamic in my own life, TOO MANY TIMES.

    My whole life was a DNP CD Asian until I got older and meaner and punchier.

  899. lol thirsty

  900. I LOVE JEREMY!!!

  901. RACISM.


    How many times do I have to keep stating that?

  902. Praying for him!

  903. Maybe it’s from Spurs not Lakers.

  904. -3

  905. he one up’d it

  906. A little too presumptuous, aren’t you?

  907. WHAT A LIAR!!!

    Lin is DONE for the season.

  908. A coach abusing his power: single-handedly destroyed KB, by allowing KB to chase MJ’s record without considering the reality of an aging body, single-handedly destroy JLin by publically humiliating him (Just because JLin is obviously much much smarter than the coach) , publically stating JLin has no impact on the team when it is just the opposite.
    I have never heard of such a Bond-headed “coach” that acts so un-coach-like.

  909. He’s just starting because it’s a tanking team.

  910. lin probably left early but was pissed they tried to paint him as disgruntle after the dnp

  911. After 40 games he had seen nothing yet from RP. So who he wants to bs.

  912. even if he is lol politics lin is good at it

  913. lol please

  914. Tank you, full of BS.

  915. i won’t listen to any of his nonsense.

  916. From his quick response to the tweets, it’s clear that Jeremy does read his media.
    So I wonder if he was thinking about what his fans are gonna say about his DNP as he was on the bench.
    Probably something like: I probably have to duck and lay low while the bullets fly. Better be careful what I say.

  917. Good answer from Jeremy. Take the high ground.

  918. Your 1st line already got me tearing up, IJ.

    Godspeed Jeremy.

  919. Lin PUNKING the hateful racist reporter Bill Oram about “sneaking” out of interviews.

    Good to see the hated Asian guy standing up to the evil racist American media.

  920. As if we believe you are able to do something else besides tanking.

  921. thanks!

  922. Took sometime to unfollow all LAL related accounts. Will just focus on Lin and Lin fans’

  923. Hmm, BS is either a liar or a comedian. Maybe he is a little bit of both lol.

  924. Byron Scott LYING LYING LYING about “possibly playing Lin again”.

    Lin is DONE for the season.

  925. Good reminder, gonna do the same right now.

  926. lol still technically he was there lol lin is smart.

  927. That is a person with character and integrity ! Lin, the true Witness.

  928. for his good he better be tnking lol or he may be the biggest buffoon ever

  929. i think he ignored bill orgm on purpose, haha.

  930. Has anyone posted a highlights video yet (of Lin sitting on the bench and cheering on the team)?

    I had this game on DVR, and kept on fast forwarding / skipping forward expecting Lin to come in. 30 seconds later, the game was over.

  931. Never thought I’d ever root for the Rockets again but if BScott plans to DNP JLin again I hope the Rockets mop Staples Center with the Lakers Sunday.

  932. Nobody should be surprised that the American media is INVENTING LIES about Lin.

    The American media HATES Asians and will cheat and lie to make Asians look bad.

  933. Yep that’s what I do, my feed is almost full of jlin anyway 😉

  934. Lin is competing with Sacre for the best bench cheerleader

  935. scare starting soo

  936. LOL….2 years later, I learn to just focus on good things..

  937. sooo

  938. No more credit and every word spit of the mouth of BS is lies!

  939. You see things we couldn’t. You’re an nba prophet.

  940. Why talk to a guy who DNP

  941. I think so too

  942. Translation: I’m pissed but at least I’m filthy rich and great at basketball!

    Oh, and my team stinks without me!

  943. It’s gotten to the point of bible verses

    Last time that happened he got traded heh

  944. LOL jersey gate and now the DNP-BS gate?

  945. Ok quoting Bible verses means he is going thru tough times

  946. He’s comical.

  947. His second rebellion will be when he joins his next team, gets playing time, and becomes an All-Star and leads the team to a championship

  948. Byron-speak is like Japanese Algebra to me.

  949. Lamentations of Jeremy.

  950. MM defending JLin even just a little? Well well…

  951. This is why the America will always have social ills…people are just myopic and those who can help make a change however small aren’t doing the right thing.

  952. Don’t get what’s going on w this team?

  953. 12 of the 17 mil is guaranteed i believe…

  954. is that his first time seem like it they are making a big deal about it

  955. So….we do we cheer for…HOU or LAL without Lin? LOL

  956. Rebellion? Trying to start something. He didn’t play. The only open rebelling is the media trying to start something.

  957. lol ha

  958. Lakers access now promoting Clarkson like he has just won a game single handedly

  959. BScott freaking out because his meal ticket just shoulder injury and done for season, maybe career and while Ex-wife lawyering up to get a piece of his $17mil contract with the Lakers.

  960. I was watching OKC vs ATL while checking if Jeremy was allowed to play…cheering for ATL!!

  961. he is they’re rookie expected

  962. Key word is “might” which means in B’S vocabulary [email protected]

  963. Great translation. How about – God is with me and I know it.

  964. He’s shameless.

  965. He did ok today. Wait till he faces the big boys though. SAS were toying with them, I’ve never seen a team looking so bored on the court.

  966. He should use more verses then.

  967. Question: what is the FO going to respond with this stupidity from BS?

  968. Trade?

  969. first world problems lol

  970. idk he broke kobe. if they allow that idk

  971. Problem nonetheless… lol

  972. Opponent didn’t pay attention to him, he also cooled his teammates badly.

  973. Certainly better than Price.

  974. it goes to ten overtimes and everyone passes out due to exhaustion

  975. Good point. We all get what we deserve.

  976. Not about him, it’s about who the Lakers are. They failed on price now they use clarkson

  977. And Lin get 40 pts in 5 mins…

  978. i have to think there are a bunch of playoff team could really use lin. likely laker wont want to take a player in return

  979. Clarkson did OK when San Antonio LET HIM do whatever so that they could study his game.

    Once they adjusted at halftime, they SHUT HIM DOWN.

  980. Nailed it.

  981. He’s shamelessly living off Jeremy.

  982. Jeremy Lin 林書豪
    7 mins ·
    Lamentations 3:22-23 — The steadfast love of the Lord never ceases; his mercies never come to an end; they are new every morning; great is your faithfulness!

  983. I’d say it depends on what Kobe wants to happen to BS. Which in turn depends on what Vanessa wants to happen to BScott. Therefore, if Vanessa blames BScott for Kobe’s injury then BScott will be gone.

  984. Don’t expect anything brave and dramatic. The Buss’ children are afraid of Kobe and his tools such as BS.

  985. He started hot, 4-6 for 8 pts in 1st half. Then Spurs locked down on him and he went 1-3 in the 2nd half only 3 pts. In my books, he was a non-factor in the 2nd half.

  986. Lin tweeted to fight back at media. 3 tweets in a span of 20 minutes. Lin is indeed pissed.

  987. He also got LIT UP by Tony Parker in 3 quarters.

    Lin has shut down Parker repeatedly in the past.

  988. God gives Jeremy BBall IQ, the brains, humility. By God’s grace Jeremy will prevail.

  989. I’m not sure why the Lakers media and BS thinks Clarkson did so well. Yes he started hot 4-6 with 8 pts. But then Spurs locked down and he went 1-3 and only 3 pts in the 2nd half. In my books, he was a non-factor in the 2nd half.

  990. Good.

    Let the hated Asian guy FIRE BACK against the hateful racist American media.

    He’s the only Asian guy in a position to do so. GOOD FOR HIM.

  991. They do not even need a scouting report to shut him down….can do in game…

  992. anyone but lin agenda.

  993. Simple.

    Clarkson is the NONASIAN GUY that took Lin’s spot.

    He could’ve gone 0 for everything like Ronnie Price routinely does and the Lakers media would proclaim him better than than Lin.

  994. Is FO behind this? Or it is just BS?

  995. That’s the way it is… no need to surprised… w Price it’s the same. smh!

  996. We should encourage more noise on this Jlin dnp so that more knows the racism and stupidity of a brainless coach.

  997. Fo now has bigger problem w kobe

  998. BOTH.

    Franchise owner is very media conscious, and she BLAMES LIN for the barrage of race based criticism fired at the Lakers.

    Byron Scott is just a dirty lying troll racist who hates Asians like Lin.

  999. Isn’t it funny? Not the owner / FO to make a basketball decision, it’s up to a player’s wife. Pathetic

  1000. I think Clarkson did well in practice so Byron started him. His team one the 3 on 3 contest. Maybe he didn’t like how Lin looked in that practice. I don’t think this is the FO, Byron wanted to sit Lin so he sat him.

  1001. So BS just took advantage of it in an away game.

  1002. Problem solved 🙂

  1003. Awww here’s a virtual shoulder for you…

  1004. Both. They’re left and right hand of kobe.

  1005. Life gonna be better without those irrelevant accounts you’ll see lol

  1006. What Linfuriates me even more is that Scott said that he’s not closed to playing Jeremy Lin again.

    That’s an UTTER LIE because Scott is DONE WITH LIN.

    Scott’s just trying to make it seem that Lin isn’t trying hard or playing good enough to win his position back.

    Lin’s Laker season is over.

  1007. At least he scored. He didn’t make that many mistakes. He pushed the tempo and seemed confident. It’s a heck of a lot better than looking at Price that doesn’t score and is over-rated on defense.

  1008. FO supports everything that the “championship coach Scott” does.

  1009. well, technically Clarkson is part Filipino…

  1010. Was Scott wanting another look at Price to see if he could get 4 steals in a game like Jeremy did the last game? Or 9 steals in 3 games?

  1011. it’s been tough since day 1.

  1012. rebelion begins

  1013. The states won’t lie. So this DNP gate is not for basketball reason. It is either Tanking or Race or Trade or 2 of them or all.

  1014. Then she deserves it.

  1015. To US HERE Clarkson is part Filipino, to the racist American media Clarkson is NOT ASIAN.

  1016. Yes but doesn’t look it so passes the “eye test”!

  1017. MISTAKES???

    A point guard is not passing and is getting lit up and we’re pretending that he’s NOT MAKING MISTAKES???

    C’mon, let’s not OVERINFLATE Clarkson’s very limited game here!!!!

  1018. If the FO demanded it, Scott would have no choice but to PLAY LIN.

  1019. BS wants to take a look to see if Price is fit for playing baseball.

  1020. We rnt blind. Lin is a typical DNP-CD.. BS is such a hypocrite.

  1021. now on ESPN LA, they are talking about Lin


  1023. Or let’s kick the Asian guy out of NBA…

  1024. I’m sure that they’re CRITICIZING LIN like crazy.

    stupid racist American media.

  1025. What are they saying?

  1026. Then it is RACE

  1027. I am done following any of them…thanks in advance for your transcription.

  1028. That’s what I have been saying all along.

  1029. they kind of said the way the coach talking about Lin, shown that Scott really don’t like Lin. ….

    And saying that during Linsanity, it was really fun. Melo liked him at the beginning, and after he found out that people love Lin more than him, then things changed.


    Lin said that he waited to be interviewed and that nobody interviewed him.

    Lin is a TRUE PRO. He does his job and watches his money.

  1031. So basically they said BS don’t like Lin b/c Lin is smarter than BS.

  1032. they were hoping Lin is the person that could light up LA, but does not looks like it now.

    If the coach like Lin, he would not say things like “I know what Lin can do”, it sounds like Scott is saying that he knows and don’t really care.

  1033. OverLINflate!

  1034. So they blame Lin too…m…ok

  1035. So MORE HATE being piled on Lin by the racist American media.

    Now everybody here understands why I constantly throw around the RACISM word!!!

  1036. Exactly… his name is clarkson

  1037. Lin keeps on trying to work from the bottom up again and to rebuild. The problem today is that everyone is so cut throat. They don’t like competitors. They want to destroy the competition rather than work together to get better. Lin can’t win. Needs a team like San Antonio with adults and not a bunch of juveniles.

  1038. We don’t need to worry about Jeremy, his back is covered. The concern should be for those trying to destroy him. He made $ 180 K for watching the Lakers get analiated and can’t be blamed for the massacre. Seems like he did fine to me. “

  1039. Yup, I was right again.

    Like I said, I HATE BEING RIGHT.

  1040. they are joking that Lin will need to call his professor in Harvard up and say maybe he will need to go back to the graduate school……

    I think a while ago, they were talking about Lin is different from other NBA players, those players see basketball as their life, as if they are not playing Bball, they really could not do other things. But Lin is not, he is Harvard graduate, if he is not playing NBA, he could do other things……

  1041. voice of reason!!!


    very Christian of you, my friend!

  1042. thanks, I think we really need to ask the question if BScott bias can be racially based.
    It has gotten to the point that personal bias can sabotage one’s career.

  1043. Oh, Just let you know, I HATE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!

  1044. Hou bcuz kobe is worse than harden in imo.

  1045. The clock ticks . . .

  1046. also stayed healthy after another game claps claps claps

  1047. I think this might be the real reason. Kobe also doesn’t like the fact that Lin is smarter than him

  1048. I feel the same way. Bc I just saw some of his pictures on bench he looked fine to me but just bored.

  1049. DNP does have this benefit….healthy ALL SEASON!!

  1050. Sometimes I wish JLIN would give these reporters an interview like this “I don’t like you” LOL:


  1051. It hasn’t “gotten” to that point, it’s ALWAYS BEEN that way.

    Lin is an ABERRATION, the only Asian American male entertainer ever to have captured the national consciousness despite crushing racism.

  1052. exactly. ll i saw was stat pading for 60 minutes. zero defense cause spurs thought while looking at the laker = lol really?.

  1053. lol WB. brilliant

  1054. and can repeat it with such a straight face

  1055. That is why you need a real coach (instead of a player’s coach) to align every player’s interest with winning.

  1056. What a DIRTY RACE JOKE by a bunch of foul American racist journalists.

    They want the Asian guy out so bad, they’re now trying to undercut his pro basketball prospects.

  1057. Sometimes I do too.

  1058. sure is. Just like Jeremy’s mom said, whenever Lin got a good game, coaches or scout always think the opponent did not have a good game, they will never admit Lin was playing good.

    Same here, whenever Lin got burned in defence, they would never admit the opponent has good offense, but blame on Lin’s defense, as they would think that is because Lin is not strong to stop them. However, when Price was facing them, the default would be Price tried hard, and if he could not defend, it is because the offense is better, but was never question Price’s defense. That’s all build on top of the bias that Lin has weak defense…..

    And then think about it, that is from racially opinion

  1059. you are the only one called it out, and I was never thought it will actually happen! God, I really really HATE you!

  1060. or maybe a reporter from taiwan. reporters from taiwan usually only care about lin.

  1061. noticed he couldn’t hold his smile at the end of the clip..;P

  1062. LOL. BS is messing with the wrong guy. He DNP’s Jeremy and Jeremy is trending.
    I hope the Tsunami sweeps BS away, and he makes an imprint on a concrete wall (without getting real life physically hurt I mean).

  1063. We definitely need to be outspoken in the social media and twitter with the race card.
    It has gotten to be ridiculous.

    It needs to be about merit. We can simply ask the blunt question of why the player with highest TS% in 2015 did not get played? What’s the reason? Personal Bias or Racism?

  1064. But there’s no Kobe. If Lakers DNP Lin and somehow beat the Rockets that would be bad. Better if Lakers DNP Lin the Rockets blow them out and crowds boo the Lakers on their home court.

  1065. I don’t like that BS is smart enough to know that Lin is smarter than him

  1066. Watching the warriors. Klay Thomson is having the game of his life, 37 pts in a quarter. 50pts overall and 4th hasn’t started yet. and 11 3 pointers. ^^’

  1067. I stopped watching the NBA years ago…never liked the punk kid Bryant when he came on the scene and only watched a few championship games since. Basketball is a team sport. Jeremy is a great team player, but he doesn’t fit the NBA mold. Race and Ivy leaguer, but by far and much worst is that he is an outspoken Christian. Three strikes against him. But he keeps coming, and they can’t seem to shake him off. I was shocked that he was made 3rd string tonight and angry that the media played dumb/silent like he doesn’t exist. If there was no Lin, I wouldn’t be here writing this or spending time watching the NBA especially LA Lakers. If no Lin, I would never have known who Beverly or Price were; are you kidding me.
    No matter what comes of this season, he will come out smelling like a ROSE because he takes the high road.

    “If the world hates you, you know that it hated Me before it hated you. If you were of the world, the world would love its own. Yet because you are not of the world, but I chose you out of the world, therefore the world hates you.” John 15:18-19

  1068. Was there any great player be treated with DNP -CD by a coach like Lin?

  1069. NO, NEVER!!!

    My NBA memory goes back FAR, as most people know.

  1070. Tebow?

  1071. please tebow sucks

  1072. I don’t know what to call this… benchlight?

  1073. I’m not a Tebow fan and Tebow didn’t have a legacy, but he did win games and got hosed by the FO/coaching staff.

  1074. Lin looked fine to me. A tough kid.

  1075. He deserves to start in the ASG. Harden who? lol

  1076. I enjoy it but at the same time I feel bad about it.

  1077. Linlights 🙂

  1078. Yep. Relax & kind of “no big deal”….

  1079. he still sucks but i will say its do a player who won that much not get another shot. but if pats coach say you cant throw then you cant. lin has played for crappy coaches for a while now

  1080. omg.. SATAN in a coat…what an evil look….

  1081. He just collected something like $200K for DOING NOTHING!

  1082. He deserves a paid vacation. Nothing or no one can destroy his life.

  1083. Well, I will root for a Lin-less LAL when Kobe is no longer with the organization. Harden is just a ball hog … he doesn’t come out in public with all this drama.

  1084. I think Lin is at peace with whatever BS do to him, collecting his $15M, avoid injury and be healthy for his next team. I hope a trade is coming, though…

  1085. Or a WAIVE.

    Lakers should just CUT LIN.

  1086. COLD.

    Passive aggressive, more aggressive than passive.

    Lin just said that he has NO RESPECT for Byron Scott!!!

  1087. Whatever it is….buyout, waive, trade, just get the h3ll out of there…..

  1088. Hardon got another 17 FTA today to add to his already league leading FTA LOL. Guess Harden would be the most qualified to start in the AFG (all-flopping game).

  1089. So what should we do? Is it time to pull the RACE CARD in twitterverse?

    Ask the hard question why did Jeremy Lin with 2nd highest TS% in 2015 (56.2%) get DNP-Coach Decision
    while Ronnie Price did with 2nd lowest TS% (37.5%)?

    Is it #RACISM or #TANKING?
    Would that be a good question?


  1090. Respective sarcasm.I love it.

  1091. So that’s from a Taiwanese reporter?
    I like how he mentioned D’Antoni, someone you respect……certainly not BS

  1092. given that byron was hired as the anti-dantoni, thats a pretty direct attack. haha

  1093. It is being pulled all over the place already…

  1094. stool lance. smh

  1095. I have heard the statement, “his reputation precedes him. :). Just check YouTube.

  1096. Good then. We should keep applying the pressure everyday!

  1097. Deserves an endless retweet.

  1098. BS is embarrassing and not some people you respect.

  1099. Mainstream Americans TRASH ANYBODY who mention the race card, especially Asians.

    Anybody who defends Lin is trashed as a “crazy Lin fan racist” by mainstream America.

    The race card doesn’t scare me one iota.

    I’ve learned that when I throw the race card around in racial issues, ENEMIES BACK OFF because they smirk at me calling them out accurately!!!

  1100. 2 possible outcomes, Lin will be traded or Byron will get fired.

  1101. Is Sam Huang the reporter who interviewed Jlin?

  1102. Don’t go there, we’ll never win

  1103. 3 possible outcomes.

    Lin will be WAIVED.

  1104. I think Lin will leave as a free agent and BS will get fired sometime after that, by the end of next season.

  1105. Exactly.

  1106. NO.

    It’s not about winning.


  1107. Play the Race Card for this is the Truth.

  1108. is this real

  1109. Where’s Lin’s mobile phone???

    He should be texting, tweeting, posting on this forum!

  1110. so the FO going to keep quiet. or make an explanation.

  1111. I would watch tebow again in a heartbeat, every game was exciting, especially the ends

  1112. The sooner the better.

  1113. FO doesn’t care at all about Lin.

    Lin’s just a temporary player, and an unwanted one too.

  1114. lin is not going to get waived. They Lakers will try for a trade or something, but mu gut is telling me something different

  1115. that will make the lakers look worse.

  1116. indeed they will. theyve been quiet so far. what happened tonight is not much different than before, only in degree. still the same BS

  1117. Doesn’t matter.

    Lin’s actions and words POINT TO THIS.

  1118. Why prolong the sufferings, either trade Lin or fire B’S, asap.

  1119. Remember when BS insinuated that Lin was soft, and Lin pushed back saying everyone has their own opinion but he is NOT soft, that reply probably pissed BS off and put Lin in the doghouse.

  1120. I hope the Asian sponsors that fork out their money learn their lesson and put an exit clause on Jeremy be demoted to back up player.

    $200m to make the Lakers No1(toppled NYK Knicks) on Forbes list isn’t small money, Maxxis and East West Bank ($??) should know better by now. smh

  1121. Why wouldn’t Lin be waived?

    The Lakers are DONE WITH HIM and they’re trying to get more playing time for Price and Clarkson and the other guards.

    Lin is a 6’3 Asian thorn in the Lakers side.

  1122. Great verse.

  1123. I won’t miss listening to Stu’s voice. That’s for sure.

  1124. I love how the Laker media has turned it’s focus on Klay Thompson all of a sudden.LOL

  1125. Good then.

    Lin’s way tougher and better than Byron Scott ever was as a person or player.

  1126. We need more tweets like John Fish, the FO cannot be so stupid as BS.

  1127. They’re just thrilled that the Asian guy is no longer relevant to the Lakers.

  1128. Well that might be true but if BS was man enough he should be able to take the little poke that Jeremy had. I don’t understand how a coach can criticize a particular player so much and get away with it and when a player says stop, he keeps going? What a bully.

  1129. I’m not disagreeing with it. But, that’s our point of view. I just don’t think it is what Lakers are thinking.

  1130. Ugh…why do you have to be right, KHuang?

    This is the rock bottom, no, the bottom has fallen out. The Mariana Trench. The ironic thing is the victim is getting the blame and the perps are getting away with murder. The homicide of a NBA career. Well, it’s not going to work. You can’t bury Lin. He will be free in a couple of months and he will be back.

  1131. Tebow was definitely mistreated. Now he came into the league with college championship(s) and the Heisman! No slouch! He wasn’t pretty to watch, but when given the chance he took a mediocre team into the second round of the playoffs, but he was too Christian for this world, and was ridden out of the NFL. Note the one thing these two have in common…boldness about their faith in Jesus Christ!

  1132. Yeah, the Asian community needs to stop funding these reams who disrespect them. They need to put their foot down. AS a na African American, they way lin has been treated ,our community would have put a stop to this long ago. Also the Asian kobe fans in China, need to get a clue and realize that they are just using them.

  1133. You won’t go anywhere if you don’t start somewhere.

  1134. Embarrassing moments in life -> When you realized BS is your “coach” and you can do nothing about it LOL.

  1135. I just saw that from Taiwan’s fan but I asked her where did she get this statement? Have not heard from her yet?

  1136. I think he’s just a fan. Might just be paraphrasing actually.

  1137. so whats the FO thinking…first its about kobe..than..BS..now Lin…I think the FO buying time..for what….?

  1138. No. I think they are embarrass and don’t know what to say. They will just focus on other things. They know that it is not right, but they are powerless to o anything.

  1139. Wow! Finally more people saw how bad BS to Lin now… smh!

  1140. The reason I was right is because I as a proud and defiant race hated Asian American male have FACED THIS DYNAMIC REPEATEDLY throughout my life.

    I’m much older than Lin and have watched the NBA longer than he’s been alive, so you can imagine how much racial conflict of this sort I have endured.

    When this all started the instant Scott was hired, I was ON IT because I saw the racial warning signs from the start. They were not only clear, they were predictable.

    I have battled racism all my life. I know EXACTLY how racists think and behave. I always impress them when I call them out correctly – they ALWAYS back off in real life with a smirk on their faces when I aggressively go after them.

  1141. McAdoo very clean pick, the roll and Livinston passed for a Mc Dunk! Haven’t seen anyone do such a clean PnR on LAL. McAdoo only on a 10 day contract. Just a little lost on D, don’t blame him. I get to see them Tues!

  1142. Yes I asked the same. No reply.

  1143. That sandwich looks familiar… hmmm. lol

  1144. Freedom of press is surely dead.

    Bunch of cowards now

  1145. Look the Lakers are still all about the money. You can say what you want., but I will just take the wait and see what happens. I am a half full person, and that is what I chose to be. You do you, and I will do me.enuf said. That is the end of this conversation

  1146. that would be true for a media market like new york in which few have access to the team so its a free for all competition.
    but LA is still insular and access is still prized.

  1147. fired?

  1148. I think the $15 Mil contract is too much for any team to want to trade for him. Even the $8 Mil hit to the salary cap is too much. They wouldn’t want to give up assets or picks. JLin should just enjoy the beach with Nash and collect his $15 Mil.