G43 LAL @ NOP PreGame Thread+Poll

After a great game of double-double by Jeremy in PHX, let’s hope it continues with more chemistry with his teammates.

Despite the defensive shortcomings by the bigs which will be the Achilles heel or secret weapon of tanking (whichever one we want to see it), let’s hope JLin continues to thrive in his facilitator role with flirting with more double-double. 12pts/7asts average would look quite good in a Byron system that doesn’t feature his strength for the Free Agency.

Let’s also hope JLin is also charged by our Thank You card and show of support by hundreds of Lin fans in Phoenix Q&A.

Who knows if Jeremy likes to use the Thank You card for his sandwich tray from now on?  😆


Guess JLin's stats


  1. Hehehe Linsanity!

  2. Yensanity!

  3. 3rd

  4. here’s lakershowlife’s jacob rudes game grades take on what you (psalm) call

    “a great game of double-double by Jeremy in PHX”

    according to him:

    “With another chance to distance himself from Ronnie Price and make his case as the starting point guard, Jeremy Lin was indecisive too much and failed to make a statement that he should remain the starter.”

    so once again seeing the same thing: do we see thru the eyes of a believer or a disbeliever?

  5. Bc the game vs Rox it’s most likely to loss, he doesn’t want to loss to D12 in home game.

  6. He does not even know what he is talking about I think…lol

  7. confused: doesn’t or does???

  8. Does not..

  9. Thanks:-)

  10. I guess he gave BS a A+

  11. These people are still waiting for the “messiah” to deliver the LAL out of the rut

  12. For God’s sake, do we care about the opinion of a journalism student at Indiana University?

    Maybe we should start our own grades for each game and each player and back with more detail and robust analysis.

  13. There’s no plan and never was. Kobe is in a stage of his own until he faces reality, OLD. It’s a disgrace for what the Lakers and Kobe’s puppet BS to do whatever whenever he wants.

    Stop pushing people too far Kobe.

  14. He’s missing so many games that there really isn’t any point anymore. He can’t be “preserved” like a mummy. Next year, he’ll be another year older again. If he can’t play much now, just retire Kobe. It’s over.

  15. Indiana University school of journalism definitely has a very low admission standards. ..any hack off the street can qualify…. hehe

  16. Ya! I think for these intern always like to pick Lin up bc I know someone from NYU last year.. he also wrote about Lin in BR.. He told me w Lin’s topic he finally got more viewer for his article…

  17. LOL .. it’s Ronnie Price who has submit the # of double-double to compete with Jeremy as the starting PG

    That’s called making a statement without any baseless logic. At what basis was Ronnie Price deemed to deserve a starting PG in the NBA? JLin won hands down on offensive stats. And stats proved JLin is even better defensively in lowering Opp FG%, not just some baseless “looking tough” bias :]

    Maybe we do need a detailed breakdown of stats of how much better Lin over Price in offense & defense?
    IMO People know already, just some haters insist of following BScott’s biases.

  18. To most GMs/Coaches, they know the implication of Price starting over Lin, which is not for basketball reason.

  19. I love the game but hate the NBA. It’s a disgrace organization which is no less than Hollywood. Instead of allowing a fair competition like any other sport, it promotes its’ own. If you’re lucky enough or had high profile agent you’re protected.

    Thanks for Lin who unfortunately still has to prove to many today that he’s belong in the NBA, otherwise I would rather watch rerun I love Lucy than those full of crab fake, manufactured superstars most of the time got bailed by the bias refs.

  20. people believe that Jeremy should be in NBA but on the bench that is what I resent.I guess that is an improvement

  21. I’m not a computer geek and I don’t even have facebook or twitter. Somebody needs to take the leading step to send to the NBA every bad call or no call against Lin. He can’t speak up because of the $25,000 minimum fine. That’s a lot of money for his charity. Please!

  22. Thank you for your honesty, perhaps you haven’t seen enough pgs around the league except the media telling you so about the top 5 only. So 30 teams he’s easily a starter for at least 20 of them.

  23. Michael Dunlap @DunlapSports (from Phoenix)
    NBA Director, Features Editor @Fansided. Founder and Editor-in-Chief @HoopsHabit. NBA Writer. PBWA Member. Proud father and husband. #NBA #NFL #MLB #NHL #WWE

  24. Like this picture more than Lakers one… cut off Johnson…LOL!

  25. No Dwight vs Kobe. That’s SOFT!

  26. Good to know not all media people diss JLin.

  27. He is a fan of Lin… Good one!!!

  28. Good to know. JLin needs all the good and kind ones:-)

  29. I am wondering if NBA takes complains of bad ref. How does it work if any?

  30. Break a leg, Byron!

  31. LOL Slipper JLin again @NO

  32. Sunny day, Lin seems happy too.

  33. http://www.nba.com/email_us/contact_us.html

    You may send an email to nba.com, choose the “officiating in the nba” using the pull-down menu.

  34. I can’t sleep guys… 🙁 Too bad no Lin tonight… Gonna watch the Spurs then… or hey I still didn’t hear the last pvf long video 🙂

  35. Wonder if the whole team is at Emeri’ls in New Orleans?


  36. Business took over the game.

    Lin is good, he just had to deal with horrible worst coaches Scott and McHale…

  37. Depending on which group Ellington belongs to: young and single vs old and married according to JLin’s interview couple days ago:-)

  38. I believe that as long as Tim Duncan plays for the Spurs, they will always be a winning team.
    I have the same confidence that as long as Kobe plays for the Lakers, they will always be a losing team.

  39. or you can say, if Lin > 30 mins, win!

  40. Not while Kobe > 30 mins.

  41. so Lin never got > 30 mins with Kobe, right?

  42. Kobe and Lin shouldn’t play together after all. I just don’t want to see them on the court at the same time.

  43. Kobe is 1 step away to retirement. Duncan is immortal lol

  44. Shoot Lin is not a skin one xD

  45. Can you hear it??

  46. LOL I’m glad he wasn’t:-)

  47. Yes thanks!! 🙂 I’m more gonna listen to it lol

  48. Yep, I think it’s that way these days. Just gotta get more time for Lin now, 25 mins off bench, 35 mins starter.

  49. sweet dream Sophie…. may you count many Jlins jumping over your bed… hehe

  50. I have a feeling he doesn’t prefer playing topless during practice. Pick-up games maybe. I’m glad 🙂

  51. Go shopping with slippers @[email protected]

  52. Got the answer here. JLin is with the young and single group:-)

  53. How powerful is Lin’s fans? If we can compile a list of bad calls against Lin with videos as proof and signed with every fan and have a lawyer send it to Adam Silver to advocate for a officials evaluation system, would it be more effective than sending thru this email that does nothing other than getting the “We carefully evaluated the evidences and found the officiating is correct” answer?

  54. I’m thinking he should be in other team LOL

  55. Thank you 🙂 Good idea I have to try this too lol

  56. He’s with the the group thta plays with him well, thank God. Just look at the options. This lineup works both in the dinner table and basketball court (slide Clarkson as SG)

  57. Who was the guy with hands shown only?

  58. Probably and he prefers wearing long sleeves too.

  59. Maybe Sacre??? Guess from the color tone of the hands:-)

  60. LOL I know most young ladies will prefer that. I’m just “too” old:-)

  61. any Lin fan here is a lawyer?.. let’s start with that then go from there… good idea though BobbyH.

  62. where are the Laker Girls… why aren’t they cheering? hehe.

  63. Isn’t that swaggy?

  64. Kelly just got married over summer and Ellington has a fiance.

    What kind of restaurant is this that Lin is eating out the paper box.

  65. Style 8°)

  66. That ‘s like his left over togo. Dinner ovèr

  67. Opps. My def of young and single blew apart:-) Maybe old only belongs to KB and Boozer:-)

  68. It’s never too old to see a good body……hahaha

  69. Modest man 🙂

  70. Lin is doing a Q&A on his FB page right now…

    “Jeremy Lin 林書豪
    Soooo…im chillin in the hotel room in New Orleans! Q&A Time…todays emphasis is on the funny questions ‪#‎currentmood‬”

  71. FAIR – Fact Assessment for Improved Referees

    My thought about advocating a fair referee evaluation system.

    All comments are welcome. If we can brain storm and piece together some thoughts and have a lawyer or sport agent or someone influential (anyone knows Lakers minority owner Patrick Soon-Shiong?) to send it to Adam Silver with the evidence of bad calls (not just against Lin, as many as possible), then see if we can make a difference.

    If we can have NBA Player Union support, that would even great. Wondering who is the rep/counselor of the union.

    It is a long shot, but it is a start. Just hate to see these biased calls.

  72. Brilliant! I took a little look at it. Our boy is in fine form.

  73. lots of funny replied by JLin. I hope someone making a summary.

  74. Q: Anna or Elsa ???
    A: Olaf

    LOL. I wonder if he knows about OLIN.

  75. facebook to slow. too many people..

  76. oh no..

    @JLin7 Lol!!! pic.twitter.com/mmmfL5yquX— Penny Lee (@penny10654) January 21, 2015

  77. I want to delete this post. lol.

  78. This Ya girl is either brain dead or crazy.

  79. Enjoy 🙂

    Soooo…im chillin in the hotel room in New Orleans! Q&A Time…todays emphasis is on the funny questions ‪#‎currentmood‬

    Q: which brother do you like to dunk on most?

    A: my older brother because he used to block me ALL the time growing up

    Q: : Does Boozer scream things out in public like he does in games?

    A: yup. he screams #holdat whenever wherever

    Q: what’s your second favorite cupcake flavor on a tuesday?

    A: cupcakes are whackkkk. its all about cookies#cookiemonster

    Q: Have you had any other instances of being mistaken for a trainer instead of a player like in NY?

    A: in washington dc they wouldnt let me walk through the arena until someone came and validated that i was a lakers player…smh

    Q: Will u come back to nyc?

    A: yes, on Feb 1 …. see you at the game

    Q: Do you consider your butt large? #JumboBootyJeremy

    A: my trainer once told me I have a ghetto booty#JumboBootyJeremy

    Q: When will u plan to come back to Taiwan?

    A: this summer!

    Q: Jeremy! Please say hi? Simple question!

    A: Hi!

    Q: Do you like turtles?

    A: leonardo from TNMT and squirt from finding nemo are my favorites

    Q: #2 sport after basketball?

    A: not to be stereotypical or anything … but ping pong lol

    Q: Do you have ugly feet like most basketball players? Haha

    A: im convinced i could be a foot model in my life after basketball

    Q: Would you rather miss a buzzer beater or miss a open layup?

    A: id rather miss the open layup because if its really that open, ill just get the rebound and score 2 points. and i dont lose a game lol

    Q: Do you and Jordan Clarkson have an Asian connection?

    A: absolutely…gotta watch our pregame handshake

    Q: Did you ever try Nick Youngs pants?

    A: no but i wear tight spandex leggings for every game. theyre pretty much the same thing

    Q: If you were a Bible character, who would you want to be?

    A: I would be Samson and see how much I could bench press

    Q: Why is Parsons so attracted to you?

    A: he got that azn fever

    Q: Do you shave your armpits?

    A: nope. i have super hairy armpits but the hair is naturally beige like my skin color so you have a hard time seeing it…lol

    Q: What was your reaction to your appearance on Shaqtin’ A Fool? lol

    A: Shaqtin a Fool is like my favorite thing…so when I saw myself on there I was excited. But I didnt actually think what I did was that embarrassing or funny so it was a little anti-climactic

    Q: would you eat someone’s poo for a billion dollars?

    A: no. never. ever. ever. doesnt matter how much money you give me

    Q: Joseph has a pair of COOL Kobe9,do u have one,too?

    A: #threestripes

    Q: Would you and swaggy p ever consider doing a sketch on a parody of like rush hour? That would be just comedic gold!

    A: oohh good idea. maybe we’ll try something like that in the offseason…its tough during the season to find time to film comedic videos

    Q: Better food..Houston or LA?

    A: is that even a question?!?!? what city is In n Out burger in?

    Q: what’s the longest you’ve ever spent taking a dump?

    A: great question haha. one time I got salmonella poisoning and i kid you not, i was on the toilet for like 5 hours a day…one of my worst experiences ever

    Q: Favorite milk tea joint in SoCal?

    A: milk tea doesnt really go with my in-season diet, but when i do get milk tea, i love passion fruit pearl milk tea

    Q: What’s your favorite hairstyle?

    A: my own hairstyle…which is currently an out-of-control mini afro that needs to be trimmed immediately

    Q: favorite food in NOLA?

    A: cajun crawfish…they also have this bomb froyo place that I always go to that I dont know the name of ha

    Q: how do you feel about pokemon

    A: gotta catch em all! no excuses.

    Q: Rice or noodles?

    A: noodles all dayyyy

    Q: What Disney Role you would like to play ?

    A: emile from ratatouille

    Q: Lion King or Aladdin?

    A: Lion King. I got a joke too. Why did Simbas dad die? Because he didnt “mu-fasta”

    Q: Anna or Elsa ???

    A: Olaf

    Q: Who is the best shooter in your team, you, R.Kelly, Swaggy, Wayne ?

    A: a tie between ed davis and tarik black

    Q: What is your favorite Hillsong Song ?

    A: Cornerstone

    Q: Naruto or Sasuke?

    A: easy … Naruto #MyNinjaWay

    Q: Allen Lu So if I’m on a 10 game losing streak of Dota 2, should I keep playing or just give up? Who should I play to best win? Nature’s Prophet or Tidehunter?

    A: you should give up dota 2 and just be my personal human courier in real life hahaha. for those of you who think im mean, this is my cousin. we about to play dota 2 right now!!

    Q: What is your favorite thing to get at Chipotle?

    A: double chicken quesadilla ya digggg

    Q: What do u want to name this face? Linald Duck smile?

    A: I want to name this the “im not sure what im doing but i hope i never make that face again” face

    Q: How would you respond to allegations that this is indeed your best selfie?

    A: its up there. id say its a top 3 selfie of all time. my dimples are killin it in this selfie

    Q: Can you sing?

    A: yup. i once had a solo in a christmas story musical when i was a kid lol

    Q: do you ever fart on court and pretend it was your shoes?

    A: im more a fan of the “silent but deadly” tactic and then i run to somewhere else on the court

    Q: Favorite cheese?

    A: truffle or gouda!!

    Q: do u like BIG HERO 6 movie?who is your Baymax?

    A: I LOVE this movie. My Baymax is my older brother. Always there when I need him the most

    THANKS everyone hahahah that was fun. Gonna go play Dota 2 and get some rest!! Gnight everybody!

  80. JLin with the Spurs, drool. The possibilities! I suppose a man can dream =)

  81. Lol… Even hes stunned by this funny pic..

  82. Oh man, time for Linsanity in DOTA haha. He should also do a Q&A there

  83. Nice!
    I drew him a nice OLIN picture on the Thank You card LOL
    Good thing he likes Olaf then

  84. wow, that was pretty shocking dark sense of humor =O

  85. Nice touch 🙂

  86. wow. thanks..

  87. very true.. that’s why it’s surprising for a quite well-known writer to instigate things w/o research so it must be for troll-clicks

  88. Very dark indeed… Make it go away, psalm. Make it go away!

  89. Isnt olaf a dude?

  90. Wow! Thanks for great job!

  91. That’s not a bad idea. I’m thinking about effectiveness.

    Another idea is to use the social media effectively with viral videos like Harden’s “Defensive Juggernaut” that exposed Harden’s lack of D until it impacted his All-Star voting.

    Someone needs to create a similar viral video with 4-5min compilation of blatant non-calls on Jeremy Lin.
    Call it “Jeremy Lin: You (Color-)Blind, Refs?”. It might just go viral LOL

  92. The Q of armpit hair!!?? blushhh.. lol. Some gals doubt abt this b4..

  93. let’s see if enough people flag it 5x if they can’t stand having the weird Jeremy picture stare back at them :]
    It should automatically go away

  94. lol

  95. Q: If someone dared you to listen to one song and only one song for a whole week, which one would it be and why?
    A: Friday by rebecca black

  96. Nice ShaqTin’ A Fool episode featuring Harden, Kobe, Gasol plus Javale McGee’s kiss LOL

  97. Thanks! I thought I got em all 🙂

  98. Nice find!

  99. LOL I like Black Mamba move the best.

  100. LOL Didn’t find it. It was found by JLin Taiwan fans. I just copied it here:-) Did wonder about handshake @Lakers. At least got answer from that.

  101. So lin getting interviews with the NPR (National Public Radio) quite impressive. This radio station talks a lot about politics and controversial issues in the Us and abroad

  102. LOL Just that I missed it and after reading yours went to FB and see what was going on:-)

  103. No lah. It was a good fun!!! This person is good in getting lots of JLin pics from vids/clips done. I posted many of them here:-)

  104. Really!!! WOW! Thanks for the info.

  105. Yup, but really I’m not surprised that he is getting interviewed by NPR… with his Harvard degree and all. Not sure if it is just me but he always sound so much more articulate in his radio interviews.

  106. No idea what he was looking 4? lol..

  107. so I guess it’s a spoof of a famous drama series in China.
    They should’ve put the pic side-by-side so it’s not shocking.. argh, Hope it won’t be hater’s ammunition


  108. Well he gave the FBI some good tips on handshake ideas…LOL

  109. And check out Nick Young’s face (mark 0:37) saying, “Whaaaat ,,,?” lol

  110. Is he the only player in the league getting interview? If so, thats another compliment n affirmation of his role.. 🙂

  111. Really? I’ll go check it again.. lol

  112. Can’t believe this? He maybe will replace PB?!

    Rockets Signs LA Tenorio: The First Ever Filipino to Join the NBA


    With a career record of 11.29 ppg and 4.38 apg, that is better than the current PG Rockets starter Patrick Beverly, there is a big chance that Tenorio would start instead of Beverly.

    Tenorio attracts Evola’s attention during the 2014 Fiba World Cup with his speed, ability to penetrate the lane, precision passing and relentless on-ball defense. Tenorio did not play a single game during the NBA Pre-season but expected to join the Texas team on the its 3rd game against the Lakers at the Staples Center on January 25, 2015.

    LA Lakers versus Houston Rockets will be televised nationally through ESPN and NBA.TV and features most relentless and old rivals in Dwight Howard (former Laker), James Harden, Kobe Bryant, and Jeremy Lin (former Rocket).

    Fans can expect a full showdown between point guards LA Tenorio and his predecessor on the opposite team, Jeremy Lin. LA Tenorio is expected to improve his production against bigger but slower defenders inside NBA.

  113. After listening to NPR, i think the only player they interviewed might have been Kurt Warner( he was also an athlete that was very outspoken about his Christian faith)

  114. I can believe it.When Lin left, the Rockets Asian fan base turned on them right along with a lot the Asian business overseas. I suspect that Yao Ming and his partners have woken up and are very leary in dealing with the Rockets

  115. Lin def looks much sexier than her.. *blink*.. 🙂

  116. Oops I missed it. Let me check again:-)

  117. Rox started to say something like PB is not a starter from last summer after Lin left… Rox tried so hard to get Asia market. Don’t know anything about this guy. Anyone knows?

  118. This might be funny overseas, but not in US sports. So that poster needs to think twice about posting a photo like that about lin. Even Lin was not too happy about that photo. American humor and Asian humor are total opposites. What might be funny in Asia, is totally offensive in the US…..just sayin…

  119. Should look at the face of BS. He didn’t dare to laugh.

  120. Bev tried to get the support last summer when he went to Taiwan, they didn’t bite. According to clutch fans these days Bev is a backup PG on his way totally being a scrub that needs to be traded.LOL

  121. What? No wonder I watched few min of their games sometimes.. that three dumb commentators didn’t high on PB anymore… Wow! They really changed so quickly…LOL!

  122. PFV voice is so soothing. I use his videos to sleep if I can’t sleep at night.

  123. Wonder whether Philipinos will support R with Tenorio in the team now??? Please give insights posters from Philipines. Thanks!

  124. Ok, how come Scott didn’t know that Kobe would not show up for practice today. According to Scott they are best buds and they text each other everyday. Also, how come Scott doesn’t know if Kobe will play tomorrow night. Did Scott not say that he was the coach and he would make the decision on whether he plays. Seems to me that Kobe is not doing a lot of talking to Scott these days. Kobe even said that the management had talked to him about shutting down, but Scott tells the media that kobe is not shutting down. It seems that kobe, F/O on same page, but not Scott. something that makes you go hmmmm. just sayin

  125. This reminded me during last game. Reggie Miller said PB should start picking up Harden’s dry cleaning for being shown on that list of best scoring back court duo….LOL I feel the league actually has way less respect to PB than HOU had hoped.

  126. Ha….good pts.

  127. Rockets seem to be very desperate. Also last year there was some sort of scandal with some of the Filipino sponsors involving NBA players

  128. But Rox have lots of PGs already.. Why need one more? So they need to cut someone then? I guess they just tried to get someone to replace PB then maybe really will trade him.

  129. Lin interview on handshakes

  130. Hoax! Check the disclaimer at the bottom of the site

  131. To me, Scott looks like he is in full panic mode. Scott is a controller and a manipulator. He doesn’t know exactly what is going with the F/O anymore. They have left him out of the loop completely, so whatt comes out of his mouth a lot of times is a guessing game. Mitch/F/O are not confrontational people, they will do their work behind the scenes….and the plot thickens…Also I thought it was very timely that Scott’s ex-wife is suing him for more money, and it made people give pause on his motivation as Laker’s coach. Something is brewing..and the plot thickens..LOL

  132. This made me think the meet he had with Mitch a month ago was Mitch expressing something “unpleasant”

  133. I realized it was an old article! Lol man it would be nice to see a full blooded Filipino play in the NBA.

  134. OMG, I didn’t know about this is old article? Ya! Where is he now? LOL! I will del it.

  135. Exactly. Scott had the gift of gab, but Mitch is not buying it. Scott has sullied this organization with some of his stupid statements about players on the team. These players have agents and I am sure they have let the F/o know that they don’t appreciate the remarks that Scott has made about certain players on the team without facts,just based upon his own personal feelings without evidence. I think F/O slammed dunked and he is trying to tread water now. Kobe has gone silent, and let’s face it, kobe/Mitch’s relationship have the stronger bond, not Scott.Kobe will say all of the right things, but Kobe has his own agenda behind the scenes.

  136. Do you believe Kobe will really retired after this season end?!

  137. I believe “Kobe has his own agenda behind the scenes.” too.

  138. No, Lin. You must practice, and not play video games, Lin. #ohwaitnvmlakersaretanking

  139. From

    “2. Jeremy Lin: I don’t necessarily think Lin has gotten the fairest shake in L.A. He’s clearly a better player than Ronnie Price, but lost his starting job for a quarter of the season and is one of the few players who is consistently negatively called out by his head coach. Even when he’s played well, he’s not always closed games and there has been more than one occasion where you have to wonder if the coach simply doesn’t like him (the latest being where Scott intimated he thought Jeremy was soft). When it comes right down to it, Lin should have been starting since day one and likely should have been even more encouraged than he was — and I mean this via actual X’s and O’s and not just talk — to take control of the offense by running more pick and rolls and pushing the pace as much as possible. He is a good player — better than he’s shown, I think — but he has clearly not been given much of the royal jelly that could, potentially, bring out the best in him.

    In saying all that, when evaluating Lin’s potential trade value, two things go against him. The first is his contract. Lin’s cap figure is $8.3 million, but he is actually being paid almost $15 million this season. That salary quirk is how the Rockets were able to pry him loose from the Knicks in free agency and is also a reason why the Rockets had to sweeten their offer to the Lakers with a first round pick in the trade that sent him to Los Angeles this past July. It’s what will also complicate any trade because any team that trades for him will need to be ready to fork over heftier pay checks than his cap hit would imply. For a team like the Lakers (who print money) that’s not a problem. But if you’re a team who doesn’t swim in profits, that might be an issue.

    Second, Lin plays the deepest position in the league and isn’t going to be a better option than the starting point guards a lot of teams already have. This will be especially true when you’re talking about a contending team. So, when you trade for Lin, the odds are you are trading for a backup. In theory, this is fine — he’d be a damn good back up for a lot of teams. But when combining what his salary is with what role he’s likely to play that changes the equation. If you’re a contending team, do you trade a real asset for the right to pay a back up point guard — even a potentially really good one — $7 million over the second half of the season?”

  140. LOL

  141. I truly believe that Kobe is all about his image preservation in this league. I also truly believe that Kobe has been offered some pretty lucrative deals that have gotten his attention.

  142. According to Wikipedia, he’s still playing in PBA.

  143. If the article was true, I bet they definetly would. I know I would. Gotta root for our fellow pinoy!

  144. Didn’t follow R since JLin was traded. Only heard of it when someone mentioned here or something showed up in Twitter. Only glimpsed it but not interested to find out. Thanks for all these info.

    Now I remembered. Few NBA including Tyson Chandler, JH went to Philipines for games and wasn’t allowed to play there in summer 2014. Was that the one you referred it??

  145. So, you will watch R games then.

  146. I like what he said about Lin on ” He’s clearly a better player than Ronnie Price, but lost his starting job for a quarter of the season and is one of the few players who is consistently negatively called out by his head coach. Even when he’s played well, ”

    ” He is a good player — better than he’s shown, I think — but he has clearly not been given much of the royal jelly that could, potentially, bring out the best in him.”

    Really can’t agree more….

  147. Thanks! Didn’t see this until now:-) Thanks for letting us know.

  148. Too bad Scott and Kobe disagree…

  149. I don’t think Lakers tried to trade Lin bc if they did then Scott would not call Lin out so negative comments….. It did not make sense if they wanted to sell him.

  150. THe pitch should be, “Need Assets?, Get Lin, your 3rd stringer can be a starter one day! Guaranteed!”

  151. They did it on purpose to trash him but I really believe Lin will win this battle for sure.

  152. No doubt

  153. He will win the war.

  154. I don’t think Kobe disagrees, but it more of what Kobe wants. His importance of himself is waning very thin,once the realty check comes in with facts.

  155. Getting more peculiar with KB and BS this day. Wonder about it myself:-) Thanks for bringing this out.

  156. Yes that is what I meant, I should rephrase…lol

  157. Rockets games? If this was a true article, and that Filipino player played, yeah. I’m Filipino myself and to see this happen is awesome! I’m very sure other Filipinos would feel the same way. But too bad it’s a hoax. Still waiting for a full pinoy to join the NBA…

  158. Lol man you tricked everybody! Not me though

  159. Just ran into this one: http://www.twcsportsnet.com/videos/2015/01/18/coach-goes-one-on-one-with-byron-scott

    Coach BS answered a few questions, among them he said: Ronnie Price is the head of the snake, the best defensive player in the team the best who understands Byron’s offense schemes, with very high basketball IQ,
    the closest thing to the Black Mamma
    Hahah, BS’ love toward Price is really off the charts.

  160. Less than 4 wks to ASG, will major announcement make after that??? Intruging!

  161. I would root for him but not the Rockets..

  162. Hopefully sooner than later.

  163. When did he do this? Today?

  164. He does this everyday….

  165. He is hilarious!!! how can anyone hate on him.

  166. I really think BS just use Price as excuse to bench Lin just like Rox use PB… So weird? What BS did exactly like Mc from Rox?! Copycat?!

  167. LOL, good one.

  168. smh! I never want to see his face or listen to what he said… really hate him so much.

  169. Jan. 18

  170. I highly recommend, the look on his face whenever he mentioned Ronnie’s name is, Priceless.

  171. WTH looks good tho….hahahaha

  172. I think no one really cares or believe what he said… bc I didn’t see any tweet or report on this dumb talk at all.

  173. maybe Kobe Paras, if he gets drafted..

  174. he’s got great ideas and its hilarious

  175. Yes, that’s the best summary I’ve heard about Lin’s usage in LA so far.
    Lin is like Cinderella living with hateful step-sisters and the wicked step-mother.
    No PnR for a PnR player to showcase his true Lincredible potential.

    It’s unknown who will be the fairy in the Free Agency season LOL

  176. good thoughts. Perhaps Kobe always keeps BScott in the dark to let him know who’s the boss.
    Or Kobe’s body is just not cooperating day-by-day and starts to malfunction?

  177. whaaaat? .. okayyy then =}
    if that floats your boat, but brrrr…haha..

  178. Hopefully, Kobe Paras will be the first Filipino to play in NBA, he has the potential to be one.

  179. Stephen Curry’s Mom fines him for Turnovers. $100 for 3TOs
    What if Mama Lin does the same w @JLin7? LOL


  180. @psalm234:disqus Mama Lin has already been called tiger mom. You really don’t want to add the oil into fire:-) LOL Must admit the same idea did come to my thought when I first saw the post:-)

  181. ah.. she can’t let SCurry’s mom out-TigerMom her LOL
    we have Mom Pride at stake here :p

  182. Was anybody here able to join Jeremy’s FB Q&A earlier?

  183. This should be a study case for a clinical psychologist to study how BS, Mchale, Keith Smart and ALL the college recruiters and coaches for how “selective attention” has blinded these so called ” basketball experts” from not see reality from fantasy.

    To get a better sense of this phenomena, please google Utube on selective attention. There is one with a group of students passing the basketball back and forth between them. Do the test and see if you can notice something amazing.

  184. 1:20 seconds well worth my time – I thank you acbc. Food for thought …

  185. Not sure. I only learned it long after it was over:-(

  186. There .. I tweeted to two Lin Bros =)
    Hopefully they get to tell their mom to tease JLin.
    Knowing him, he might take it up for challenge!

    Let’s retweet it to get the bros attention


  187. LOL You are quick!! Good on you!

  188. I always thought missing FT is the one to impose a fine. 🙂

  189. I think MDA is the best coach and Byron is the worst coach in NBA right now.

  190. Yes, if we make a 4-5 minute video of the multiple hard foul no-calls , slaps and claw hands and chops to Jeremy’s face and head, trips, holds, elbows, illegal moving screens, the Houston commentators laughing while saying they’ve never seen anyone else in the NBA get hit in the head as much as Jeremy … I would promise to send copies to all the major sponsors of the NBA. Can someone help me compile this? Just show the each instance in 10 seconds . 4 minutes = 240 seconds / 10 seconds is only 24 sample plays. Surely there is enough of these blatant instances of a double standard used against Jeremy this season alone. Or can pull some of the choice ones from previous seasons too. Call it ” I Used To Believe NBA Was Not Racist Until I Saw These Blatant Non-Calls on Jeremy Lin.” Just need someone to compile the most violent and blatant ones then post it … I will do the rest. We should speak to this blatant use of a double standard and hatefulness against JLIN and the negative image and narrative that is being portrayed of Asian people. Any takers?

  191. Hate this. This is just stupid…Hope that lady is gonna delete it.

  192. (copy of post from above)

    Yes, if we make a 4-5 minute video of the multiple hard foul no-calls , slaps and claw hands and chops to Jeremy’s face and head, trips, holds, elbows, illegal moving screens, the Houston commentators laughing while saying they’ve never seen anyone else in the NBA get hit in the head as much as Jeremy … I would promise to send copies to all the major sponsors of the NBA. Can someone help me compile this? Just show the each instance in 10 seconds . 4 minutes = 240 seconds / 10 seconds is only 24 sample plays. Surely there is enough of these blatant instances of a double standard used against Jeremy this season alone. Or can pull some of the choice ones from previous seasons too. Call it ” I Used To Believe NBA Was Not Racist Until I Saw These Blatant Non-Calls on Jeremy Lin.” Just need someone to compile the most violent and blatant ones then post it … I will do the rest. We should speak to this blatant use of a double standard and hatefulness against JLIN and the negative image and narrative that is being portrayed of Asian people. Any takers?

  193. i would support him but not the rockets. yeah kobe paras!

  194. Thanks for someone bringing up……..I always pay extra attention when Lin shoot FT……now I know I’m not the only weird fan LOL

  195. ?.

  196. Recent posts do not show. Hmm

  197. I think that when BS is bashing Lin, part of it venting his own frustration from Kobe/FO cold shoulder, and also his stress from dealing with his ex. But what he fails to understand is, the more BS he pulls, the more karma will bite him in the rear.

  198. I wish I had twitter. Somebody should tweet Jeannie Buss that her coach is the laughing stock of the NBA. Seriously, even LG is like WHHHHAAATTTTTT?!!!

  199. BS has a bright future as a comedian. Ronnie Price is not even close to the White Mamba, much less the Black one. This statement may also have had the effect of further extending Kobe’s silent treatment towards BS. As much as I despise Kobe, Price never was, nor is, or ever will be anywhere near what Kobe once was. Not within ten miles. It is insulting to Kobe.

  200. Like Yascar said, ppl plase tweet this to Jeanie Buss and let her know how crazy her coach is, Lin fans are not the crazy ones.

  201. This means Price will stay as a starter as long as BS is the coach.

  202. Please explain. Didn’t see any post that need to be approved.

  203. Hit refresh / F5.

  204. Does anyone know for sure whether Mitch’s back?

  205. as matter of a fact, I think, all these years, we had not seen him shirtless during practice.

  206. you might be right

  207. Body is reserved for the (future) wife 😉

  208. its more comfortable :0)

  209. Oh yeah, heard about him! Hope he makes it in as well!

  210. cool, thanks fir sharing

  211. Here is the link:

  212. Felt his power is diminishing? Price got waived once Kobe retire?

  213. there goes their friendship!…lol

  214. ??

  215. too late for that now..way too many half naked interviews ;;)

  216. This is a great idea, using social media. Now the most difficult part, how to start?

    We need someone to gather all the videos with any angles that we can find. One man could not do it alone. We need to organize it. Psalm, can you make this a project on this site and ask for volunteers to find firms/games? Once we know how many persons will be involved, we can divide and conquer for finding the videos. Then we can compile the videos with some video experts here.

  217. I heard from Melody that Jeremy Only Lin Garden in Taiwan plans to make more short vid to dispute false narratives. They also want to collaborate with us to combine with stats so I’m waiting to hear from them. They do have talented people in video editing.

    when they do, I’ll ask others to help with ideas and stats. I will keep you posted. It’ll be great to collaborate

  218. Great ideas. As I replied to Bobby, Jeremy Only Lin Garden in Taiwan plans to make more short vid to dispute false narratives. They have good people in video editing so I’m waiting to hear from them so we can collaborate in video + stats. It’ll be good

  219. That would be great.

  220. So when are we seeing that Headline?

  221. Soon, after ASG I hope.

  222. good idea and great collaboration. The thing is there are so many games, so reviewing each game, gonna take some time. Are talking just 2015 or further back?

  223. I really hope so.

  224. Great find! Really good that someone knowledgeable from @forumbluegold speak the truth.
    This way some ignorant reporters would have to consider their stand before taking BScott’s biased statement at face value

  225. yes, it will be great, not sure yet
    The secret will be making it egregious enough to convince people that Lin got more bad calls than others. Otherwise, people will dismiss it that refs are always that way

  226. now thats gonna be tough

  227. Sooner the better 🙂

  228. With the quality coaching and touches and teammates Curry gets, he should be fined $300 and not $100 for every single turnover.

  229. He needs to get to a team that is role driven…like Spurs. He especially needs to watch closely how Danny Green evolved. I do not like his game but I wish he can succeed….

  230. One time a camera accidentaly pointed on Lin in the locker room when he just came out from shower and was changing, he was topless and he has a very nice V-shape body from shoulder to waist, but on the court he wears some protective vest and looking straighter from the shoulder down, LOL!

  231. That was the worst singer! He must be kidding!!!

  232. JLin garners respect for sticking around for Q&A at Phoenix because not all NBA players are willing to patiently give their time to answer similar Fans questions that must have been asked over and over again.

    He exemplifies the “Give, and you will receive” proverb. In giving his time and always showing humility around fans, he receives a lot more new fans in return. Someone who watched his 1st basketball game ever said he’s spoiled with high expectations of watching a good game & going to a Q&A with a player :]

    Note: I will try to upload the Q&A video today

  233. Yes, I also think Wes is given too much responsibility and freedom to shoot.
    He can provide great defense and shoot 3s but looks inconsistent in creating his own shots. He should slash to the basket more ala Parsons/Fields to receive lobs from Lin but Byron probably scrapped that like that

  234. Lin and teammates going to morning shootaround


  235. Looks like Kobe is playing.

  236. He was scheduled to follow the team on road trip. Starting is not confirmed. Lets see

  237. Swaggy recruiting Goran probably is a further confirmation that Lin is a 1-yr rental.
    Or just Swaggy being Swaggy.

    But nevertheless, I suspect he and Jeremy might’ve talked about it so he had no problem saying it.


  238. It’s not really who is signing with the Lakers, it’s who is the coach.

  239. Oh well!

  240. Your out of control shooting is very attractive to their decision.

  241. Can’t believe this? Or they really just want Lin to be backup? Or they want Lin & Dragic to be like GSW’s Curry & Thompson? Don’t know what’s going on? But I am not happy about this news…

  242. So this is where our tax money go?

  243. Great. Let’s do this. For Jeremy, for next generation of AA’s breaking into mainstream sports and culture, for any under-represented good people having such ugly double-standard applied to them here in America, and for ourselves ! Is it possible we can get the video done in next week or so?

  244. Yeah, doesn’t look good for Lin to stay with Lakers.

  245. So only one playoffs team out of the top 4 in Bulls.

    Looking from the bottom of the standing, Knicks is currently 1st, Lakers 4th, and Celtics 5th LOL. I guess tanking and raking in huge profit is not mutually exclusive.

  246. Nick might think Dragic is a SG (they just played the Suns with Dragic at SG) so I wouldn’t read too much into it. In fact I think Dragic is a SG because he always looks to shoot first and pass second.

  247. Ya! Lakers maybe want to have the backcourt like Sun… Since Kobe is going to retire soon.

  248. I would not put too much into Swaggy P says because it was Lin who Goran was talking to on the court. Also doesn’t really change much for lin because the Lakers have always wanted him as a backup anyway. It will be up to lin if he stays or goes.Besides why not Kobe recruiting them instead if Swaggy P.I have a feeling Young just shooting his mouth off

  249. I think it’s a technique to lower expectations for the PG contract, similar to what suns did to hire a 3rd PG to lower the risk/expectation of Gagic.

  250. It’s actually only this season that he plays more off-the-ball as an SG and he doesn’t like it. He aspires to play PG just like Nash mentored him to be. Last season he played PG before Isaiah Thomas arrived

  251. I agree Young just tried to be someone important … Bc I didn’t see MM write the article about what Young said…? Plus that’s Kobe’s job not Young.

  252. What do you mean you think “he and Jeremy might’ve talked about it”? It’s still disrespectful no matter which way you slice it. Indicates to me that players think Lin is a back-up or will not be with Lakers next year.

  253. we can say .. they can afford to tank =)
    Sell tickets now, win later!

  254. Agree that Lakers want Lin as a back-up, so it doesn’t really change Lin’s situation too much. I guess Lin has to decide whether he wants to stay with Lakers as a back-up or try to become a starter with another team, if there is such a team.

    Lin should recruit JR Smith, so we can see Nick and JR have a shoot-out.

  255. I really think Lakers just want Lin as a back-up, pay him low money, make sponsor revenues and have Lin as a back-up to motivate 2nd Unit.

  256. Dragic is not good in D either…? Well no matter who comes to Lakers if Kobe is still on the team then no one can play well.

  257. So true, Nick Young’s mouth made him more famous than his basketball.

  258. He reminds me a lot about Patrick Beverley last year.

  259. Ya! The big mouth attitude…

  260. I’m thinking they talked Lin’s a FA next year and there’s little chance they’ll keep him (as a starter) or he’ll stay as a backup to Kobe the PG.

    I watched they got closer from the tunnel interview on how Nick was crediting Lin for helping him through the slump and making him going to the chapel.

    So that made me think maybe he’s close enough to Lin to think Lin won’t get mad if he’s recruiting. Or maybe he wasn’t thinking, and just showing Swaggy persona of saying anything funny. Hard to tell but yeah, not looking good for Lin either way :[

  261. I think its swaggy being swaggy – he bashes Kobe all the time without getting repercussions. Because of his lovable and aloof personality, he can get away with murder 🙂

  262. So BS think the black mamba is as bad as Price now

  263. If they had Dragic as a starter, Lin would be lucky to max out at 15 minutes.

  264. I can see him approaching Barkley’s level.
    Noone takes him seriously but he can say the most outrageous things (i.e. “Kobe is a little off”). It’s quite impressive skill, really!

  265. Wow, first Kobe’s body was shutting down.
    Now his eyes start doing so. Poor guy can’t see all the reporters anymore! =)

  266. “his mind and ego is big’

  267. The more I think, the more I realize that Lin did a great job last game against Suns.

    Just think about it from PG perspective, Lin had to fight with 3 PGs: Bledsoe, Dragic and Thomas, though not at the same time. But these 3 just take turns running offense and attacking with ref’s help. Lakers only has Lin to do the PG job. And he delivered double-double, given the biased ref calls and limited 30 minutes and the game cut closed to 5 points.

    And he only played with starters the 2nd time in months. Suns PGs have been playing together for how long? Just think about this intangibles.

    There is a saying in eastern and western, it goes like this: You throw a warrior in a fighting pit and let him die, but in turns he will surface becoming stronger and stronger. That’s how I view Lin’s situation now. And BTW, Lakers is a pit all right.

  268. One of the best way to stop Jeremy to have another double double game is to have Kobe run the point. That way BS doesn’t have a hard time throwing him under the bus.

  269. BS is buying time.

  270. And we are off with more of Scott’s lies

  271. Yep

  272. So it is after ASG. Another excuse to mask his inept.

  273. What is that mean “10-15 games away from feeling “right.” ? After feeling right then what’s next?

  274. true, BScott probably had a hard time convincing people that Jeremy was to slow to deliver the ball in the last game when he had a double-double!

    Now Kobe’s going to try to have 20asts!
    It’s kind of predictable how things go with Kobe-centric Lakers

  275. feeling “right” to shut down for the season?

  276. not quite sure. I’m not a video expert so I will wait until JOL Garden club contacts us

  277. Mom Curry will be happy =)
    Hope you got some breather from the taxing schedule, KHuang

  278. He has mastered the art of BS’ing at such a young age. He should run for the President of USA.

  279. Mark MedinaVerified account
    Lakers’ Kobe Bryant to play against New Orleans http://bit.ly/1BeNHlf

  280. I need to change my vote for Jlin’s stats tonight to 6/3.

  281. This is much worse than last year in Houston for Jeremy and it’s sad. Lin used to have big men like Asik and/or Howard for screening and PnR. Their offense was open and spaced out so Lin can drive to the rim for layup. If not he still can pass it back out to Parsons or Harden for open 3.

    This season started with a horrible coach and BS who does everything the opposite of today high speed and ball movement basketball. Has BS ever watched how great top teams like GS, Spur, Atlanta play? I am so tired of watching Lin walking slowly to pass half court awaiting for his teammates to run pass him, then took another 5 sec for Hill to get in his position. By that time their defense was already set and expecting exactly what the Lakers would do next. SMH.

  282. Damage control. He crossed the political correctness on rule #1, always praise league super star.

  283. It’s not reassuring to hear a senior corporate executive talk like this …


  284. Kobe hates ESPN so it’ll be interesting if ESPN-LA continues to say what other LA media is afraid of speaking

  285. the scary part is he might just win!

  286. agreed, I just googled it and she was terrible, but cute though.

  287. Yes, please start if Kobe plays.

  288. expected god has return

  289. in 12 min I might add

    PER36, that’s 18p/9a!
    Not too shabby!

  290. yea exactly lin young play great together

  291. Me too. I want Price to start then lose big tonight. smh!

  292. Yeah the local espn behaves differently due to the relationship they need to get access with team.

  293. very true

  294. As we all expected but WOW….can’t tell you how [email protected]#^ BS is.

  295. Young maybe but Lin probably only will get 15 min w Kobe is playing tonight.

  296. I just want him to pad his stats, that’s all I care from this team.

  297. we will see

  298. Exactly. If Kobe plays PG might as well have Price standing around to watch.

  299. Lin plays 15 to 20 min max tonight.

  300. His arrogance is appalling.

  301. Haha kinda like Brent is also quite impressive this way as well. The big difference of course is that I always take him seriously. Lol

  302. Doubt it. It’s similar to what happened back with Knicks, A’mire tried to recruit Nash when Lin was expecting a starting PG contract.

  303. Young didn’t get the message right? He didn’t want Dragic but Rondo. Good then send Lin to Mav.

  304. Rondo/Lin Trade! Make it happen!
    Nice Rondo’s falling stock that Kobe shouldn’t read anytime soon

    Rajon Rondo: He’s always been a volatile fantasy player whose importance came down to format, and despite seeing his FGA jump from 9.1 to 12.5 after getting traded from a depleted Boston team to a loaded Dallas squad, it’s actually hurt his fantasy value, as the FG% hit has been bigger, and the point guard has also shot an insane 23.5 percent from the free throw line since joining the Mavericks. Rondo has combined that with grabbing fewer rpg and dishing out his fewest apg (8.1) since the 2007/08 season with his new team. He’s been the No. 288 most valuable fantasy player over the past two weeks.


  305. I would break open a champagne bottle if it happens before Feb trade deadline!

  306. I think so… bc w Kobe is back tonight… don’t believe he will get any good stats tonight. smh!

  307. That’s true love.

  308. Kobe really tried his best to make Lin will not have any chance to stay in Lakers… even Kobe will be out soon. smh! God has his perfect plan… will see who win to the end.

  309. Romeo-Juliet style!

  310. This is the closest alternative Price you can get, in terms of %.

  311. So this $()B lied to us about his breakfast meeting in Boston.

  312. Not surprise at all. Kobe didn’t want to play w Lin… I believe Price will play even just few min… smh!

  313. I think the 38 points he dropped on Kobe in NY was not in the past yet.

  314. lol if random leave mavs lin goes to mavs lol no loss

  315. I believe he’s the one who told the reporter to take the picture bc otherwise why ESPN reporter would know where they had their breakfast?!

  316. lol mavs not mars….autocorrect

  317. Either way this guy respects no one, not even a bit.

  318. Rondo has too many injuries, the latest is Achilles heel.
    Mavs might just agree with the trade. But I don’t think Mitch will bite unless Kobe has his way (hopefully)

  319. So who is romeo? Juliet? Lol

  320. He did all the news most on the road games… smh! I guess Lin will only have few min on court tonight.

  321. Lakers FO would be ridiculous to let kobe control them in retirement.

  322. Kobe and Rondo together will be the worst back court ever, neither has full 2 legs.

  323. ha let it happen

  324. I think KB is bluffing, trying to get a good retirement package.

  325. I think it would be poetic justice if Lin ends up in the Mavs with Raymond Felton as his backup PG.

    Add the reunion with Parsons and Tyson, what’s not to like?

    But trade is probably unlikely at this point.
    IMO Kupchak knows not to touch oft-injured Rondo

  326. Rondo might come but not because of Kobe who’s getting older not younger.

  327. No wonder his body is breaking down…


  328. good thought. By threatening he might force his way to get expensive Rondo which is worse for the salary cap

  329. Rondo doesn’t seem to fit in Dallas at all.

  330. I think Mike Trudell is trying to tell us Kobe will play 33 min tonight to break another record


  331. So Lin’s min = 48 – 33 = 15 tonight!

  332. true…even Carlisle’s spin agrees with that fact

    “We like Rondo a lot,” Carlisle said. “He’s working extremely hard, he’s a different kind of player than we’d had. But he’s got a presence and a resourcefulness at both ends of the court, which is really unique. And he’s helped out a lot so far, and we just see it getting better as time goes on.”


  333. More like 13 because BS likes to insert Price about one minute before Kobe entered the game to make it not so obvious that Price is the designated “point guard” (read as shooting guard who can’t shoot) for Kobe.

  334. That’s because senior corp execs have lawyers who tell them not to make statements that can be seen as legal admissions. Wonder what they think of admitting to fans who are also paying …

  335. Lakers is the $No.1 NBA team according to Forbes. They can afford whatever….
    Maybe Lin stays in LAL and be an assistant coach to Madson and coach KB and RR, ha, just playing fantasy BB.

  336. sigh:( Jeremy will be playing less tonight, no point of watching the game.

  337. LOL. Seriously just stop it Kobe. You want to play as PG now because you can no longer score like you used to and now you want Rondo to compete ball hogging with you? You are like linsanity minus Lin, insanity lol.

  338. Ya! Exactly… I hope they lose big tonight. smh!

  339. Well apparently he doesn’t want to diss Lin directly, so do it backhand by asking for a “star” he knows full well can’t and won’t come to LA. And BTW, even if by some weird miracle Romdo did come to the Lakers, who better than a “star” who won’t play much because of injuries so no one for Kobe to fight for the spotlight with, and at the same time no blame to himself like there would be for sidelining a functioning good PG. A win all around in his mind.

  340. This sounds to me that they don’t like him…LOL! I watched some of their games.. Rondo couldn’t help that much & I really doubt why Cuban wants to pay him max contract for not really big help?!

  341. Interesting insight of how Mark Cuban envisioned Rondo to be a Jason Kidd replacement to recreate the 2011 championship team.

    This Cuban line (“Like J-Kidd, he knows how to win and raises his game when others can’t,”) poses a good question on how JLin is currently seen in the NBA in this situation.

    NBA Insider: Mark Cuban Makes All-Too-Rare Admission in Rebuilding Mavericks

    “Just his vision, it’s very Jason Kidd-like,” Dirk Nowitzki told Bleacher Report, comparing his new point guard to his old one.

    It’s not a perfect analogy, of course. Kidd was one of the greatest point guards of his era, indeed of all time. But there are key similarities. Both Kidd and Rondo are creative, pass-first guards who especially thrive in the open court, throwing passes few others can conceive. Both are great rebounders for their position. Both arrived in Dallas with broken jump shots but with a nose for defense.

    Cuban said he wasn’t necessarily trying to replicate Kidd, or the 2011 Mavericks roster, when he acquired Rondo, but he did cite one significant similarity—“Like J-Kidd, he knows how to win and raises his game when others can’t,” Cuban said.

    As it happens, the Mavericks’ statistical models actually suggested they shouldn’t make the deal.

    “But numbers,” Cuban added, “don’t track intangibles.”

  342. I don’t like math…

  343. You know…this has been in the back of my mind for a long time. Now that you put it out there, Kobe is just neurotic enough that I really do think those 38 points made him crazy and he’s been plotting revenge ever since. Wonder how it felt to him to put his arms around Jeremy for those early bromance photo ops. A thrill of secret evil manipulation? Urk…I feel slimed to have ever been happy about those images.

  344. Look if Kobe wants his assist numbers up and Lin start with Kobe, Kobe will probably pass to Lin in 1st half. No starters can score as well as Lin. In the 4th, Its Swaggy feeding time but if Lin can get 10 pts in 1st half I am happy – assuming Price is not playing so probably 10/4 line.

    Projected stats for “Head of the Snake” -if he starts – 0/0/0 and 38 minutes of playing time with a good pat in the back from Papa BS.

  345. yeah, at least we adjust our expectation now.
    We’ll just have to stay patient and hope Jeremy is productive number-wise in his 13-15min.

    I believe the healthy ones will be left standing at the end of season!

  346. read the article above. I think Cuban thought he’s like JKidd but I think he’s finding out he’s wrong now

  347. reminds us too much to Morey indeed

  348. I don’t want to know who drinks the poison first LOL

  349. And that Japanese algebra guy.

  350. I think he’s just dissing Lin. He’s got a fine retirement pkg…and by the way, the guy has so much money that a retirement pkg is not one of his big needs. Keeping his name on top is way more important to him, and looking for more ways to bring down the guy who famously dropped 38 points on him is apparently high on his to-do list.

  351. Either way they both end up with the poison. Lol.

  352. His career in MSG has been great. He once scored 61 points there until…..Linsanity. LOL

  353. In fact, I hope Price plays tonight bc if Lin starts then they lose the game… Lin will be the target to take the blame for everything.

  354. If I were Jeremy, I would help out loud to recruit Rondo to the Lakers and of course a trade using Lin will be OK too ,,, haha

  355. Rondo is not good shooter or D… Oh! I guess I am probably wrong bc I always thought Lin will stay in Lakers…. but maybe Lin will go to either Mav or Knicks? That’s why he is so relax now?

  356. Interesting comments from Joe Alexander, the former Bucks lottery pick, about the NBA culture perceives of clean-cut players as soft.

    “I got the tattoo because I was sick of people telling me to shoot three-pointers and I was sick of people telling me to not put the ball on the floor or attack the rim, because that’s my game,” Alexander said. “In college, I was a bruiser and it was understood I was going to knock people around, and that I was super-athletic and super-skilled. But in the pros, it’s a different culture. It’s assumed, no matter how many times we hit people, that clean-cut players are soft – and I was so sick of that. I want my image to reflect who I am as a basketball player.”


  357. This LA is full of dramas, Kobe/Byron with their wisecrack minds & delusions is beyond annoying. Their subtle way of dissing Lin is unfathomable. I can only pray that Jlin will be out the door come Feb.

  358. Lin did all of the wrong move in NBA…? LOL! He is different from most of the NBA players for sure.

  359. So Lin’s gonna put all his favorite bible verses on his arms and body

  360. When Koby keep bsting about recruiting Rondo, Swaggy probably says I can recruit too!

  361. They’re more of selfish and hijack the franchise. BS and Bryant should be the people in charge to unite the team against others instead of among themselves.

  362. Haha! Ya! He needs that… LOL!

  363. That’s why I follow him

  364. idk but perhaps he stops thinking about it, just play his best with 2nd unit.

    my gut feeling is he knows it’s hard to play with Kobe due to his insecurity so he’s not sweating it. I really don’t think JLin should stay in LA as long as Kobe is there with the evil influence. But he’ll make his best decision for his career.

  365. That’s his next video to be shot this summer. He ordered many boxes of magic markers already…

  366. LOL, it might be too obvious to Kobe so he might be suspicious hehe.. Lin just needs to be stealthy and looks a little sad until it happens!

  367. That 61 points iswhat KOBE scored ,so that is definitely remembered because it was one of the few all-time high player scores, but that MSG record is ever so slightly shadowed by the other famous MSG drama, which was Lin’s high score against him. Lin messed with the purity of his MSG domination. Unforgivable.

    I tried looking up any stat on who might have scored the highest number of points against Kobe in a game, but couldn’t find anything. Is it possible that Lin was one of the top high scorers against him?

  368. Mama Lin ordered many spatulas. Jeremy will get a beating.lol.

  369. I agree Kobe’s just dissing Lin on purpose. Young was telling the truth. This is tough system for Lin due to BS & Kobe..smh! But he said Lin will be all right so maybe Lin really got some other teams contact him? Can’t wait for season to end.

  370. No wonder I heard he is looking for secret hiding places in the LA area… sh! …

  371. Very interesting comment. Geez I must be naive…it never crossed my mind they’d think like that.

  372. From the past few games, we know Kobe only had 1 assist to Lin early in the game so.. Price would be the 1st option until he can no longer shoot 3s.

    Kobe not passing to Lin is definitely intentional as some form of punishment, whatever the cause might be, ya’ know

  373. LOL .. temporary tats!

  374. Joe Alexander played for an outdated 80s coach in Scott Skiles in Milwaukee.

    Most 80s coaches think that a guy has to act like a bully to be good. That’s because the 80s illegal defense game was all about mismatches. But the modern game and its zone trapping has taken away the individual matchup advantages enjoyed by 80s players.

    While Joe Alexander was only an average athlete by NBA standards, he certainly was not soft. He was a hard nosed player and an athlete with real skills. In the D League which is much more physical than the tissue soft NBA, Alexander has put up big numbers.

    80s coaches always have a demented view of who can play and who can’t. That’s why my main hope for Lin is that he gets on a team next season that doesn’t have an outdated 80s coach making stupid judgments about Lin based solely on Lin’s race and not his game.

  375. So he took a gamble on those intangibles…can’t fault him for that. But the injury-prone thing makes it especially dicey. Lin possesses all those qualities and I think would have been a better gamble.

  376. With Young and Kobe saying they are recruiting other PGs, how is that different from Jerseygate?? The outright disrespect makes me mad.

  377. Lakers #1 at $2.6B, Clips at $1.6B, Ballmer overpaid by a large margin.

  378. That kind of fake macho thinking is so prevalent in the NBA.

    Years ago, the Suns drafted Robin Lopez because of his HAIRCUT. The Suns thought they were getting Anderson Varejao even though Lopez is not the offensive threat that Varejao is. Lopez was a total bust in Phx and got several front office people fired before mercifully moving on.

  379. LOL!!! so true…

  380. It actually makes me HAPPY.

    I’d rather Lin not be in the NBA at all than be subjected next season to the constant racism from Byron Scott and criminal stupidity from Bryant and silly Kobe worship from Young.

    Lin is too good a player to be wasted on the Lakers.

  381. What psalm said below, plus why not relax. Being freaked out and angry does nothing to help. He’s already staying as aggressive as he can in this yanked-around situation. It’s very hard to develop that kind of emotional discipline and resilience. That skill will benefit him for the rest of his whole life. Maybe he’s mastered it enough that he can stay on an even keel even if he doesn’t know where he’ll be next.

  382. There is NOTHING the Asian guy can do to convince people that he deserves to be in the NBA.

    Stupid racists are too messed up in the head to accept that an Asian guy can compete athletically in any sport.

  383. What Cuban will learn is that there are NEGATIVE intangibles too – many of which the wildly overrated Rondo are bringing to the Mavs!

  384. OK swap lin and rondo

  385. 2016 TV deal factored in by the investment bankers 🙂

  386. true, it could be the wrong image issue again where Lin is seen as too-nice as an NBA player. I really hope Lin will choose carefully in the FA season of which FO and coaches will believe in him, maybe 2-yr contract

  387. Cuban does not know enough about basketball to want Lin.

  388. I want JLin to succeed and shine. Only when he is successful will the public pay attention to everything he stands for including the double standard he has to go through.

  389. true.. he’s just finding out now, I think

  390. It is an one year rental anyway. Cuban can sign Lin next year and years to come.

  391. Actually, the American public will NEVER accept an Asian American star in entertainment.

    Lin is Public Enemy #1 right now in ALL of American pro sports.

  392. This is the tattoo-ed Joe now

    He then got an arm-length tattoo, just like Andersen’s, which consisted of three things that symbolize him most: a basketball (to represent his love and passion for the game), wings (for his incredible athleticism and hops) and a skeleton (to exhibit his inner-demons that battle his clean-cut image).

  393. all the more we need to rally people to support him…

  394. Cuban will not sign Lin.

  395. What they should really be doing is shopping for a coach. LOL, don’t we look at the expiration date before we buy?

  396. His haircut!!! OMG. Y’know,I can actually believe that, because so much of the world (sadly) does run on the fantasy of appearances. But still…OMG

  397. Santa Monica “mountains” doesn’t look like the SF Peninsula. Lin being a Japanese gangsta … oh well. Time to go buy fake tattoos for the kids.

  398. nice, get a Sharpie so it’s cheaper :]

  399. Rose: One basketball question. I’m doing a profile of Jeremy Lin. What do you think of Jeremy Lin?

    Cuban: The Mavs were the first team to sign him as a free agent, and we loved him. He’s a kid that was fearless. He was obviously smart having got into Harvard. He was a lot more athletic than people expected. We really looked at him as a potential as another Steve Nash. We wanted to sign for summer league, wanted to sign him to a contract for the Mavs, but he wanted to go play close to home and he grew up in the Bay Area so he went to sign with the Golden State Warriors and the rest is history.

    Rose: Can he be another Steve Nash?

    Cuban: Yeah, he absolutely can. He’s that good. He’s got that type of talent. But, part of what made Steve Nash great, when Nash went from the Mavericks to the Suns and became MVP, it was a system that he just excelled at. So, Jeremy has got to play in the right environment with the right players and he can be a star.

    Cuban! Trade Rondo for Lin + one 1st round pick if you still believe Lin as another Steve Nash.

  400. I like your question, it could be a great hidden record by Lin.

  401. The mavs will catch a new disease called rondomonia.. they all soon will be on their basketball death beds…hehe

  402. I am begging you Mr. Cuban.

  403. You have been educating us on this topic for quite a while now and it just fascinates me. I think you are so spot on, and it’s such an illuminating story of how persistent habit and culture are. We like to think that things can change easily, but it doesn’t seem to work that way very often. Like you say, it’s been 20 years since the illegal defense was abandoned, yet the mindset still clings on.

    Though, I have to say you have been so persuasive that I really do think it carves some significant space into your other argument that racism is the sole reason for Lin’s ill-treatment. As you pointed out, coaches aggressively clinging to the old and outdated didn’t do Jimmy Jackson any good either, and he’s a black guy. There’s a surprising amount of anger and vindictiveness that gets tangled up in situations where people don’t want to or can’t adapt to changing times.

  404. Do it before Rondo is out for the remained season.

  405. excellent point,
    People are simply resistant to change (until something revolutionary happens)

    Example: Spurs won the ring with team-ball is huge (even Kobe made 1 good comment on team-ball) but it will require 2-3 more rings until teams adopt team-ball everywhere

  406. Yes please make it happen O mighty black mamba. … you will be my hero….Jlin to the Mavs Yes!!!..

  407. I think many teams play team ball. Spurs are more than JUST playing team ball. They played it to the perfection…

  408. LOL. BTW, what the heck was that, d’ya think. Is there some kind of candy he was sucking on, or some kind of energy lozenge? Blue dye #1 in a soda or sports drink? Some company lost out on a marketing opportunity 🙂

  409. it was Gatorade, I believe :]
    Not sure why Lin didn’t make it a signature ‘tattoo’ tongue..

    Just like MJ wagging his tongue, Lin can start a trend of new color for every game. It will be a new form of Lin-timidation!

  410. lol…plus it’s a changeable medium 🙂

  411. This article is a few years old. A lot has changed since, hopefully, Cuban hasn’t changed his mind.

  412. How do players know which FA the FO is interested in? Do they just go recruiting all FA? Is it allowed for the FO to tell them who their interested in? Wouldn’t that be tampering?

  413. Hahaha…a new twist on the famous Maori warrior “Haka”

  414. This is interesting and probably true. Lin is clean cut and an asian. Everything going against him but he still made it.

  415. Young just tried to get more attention & I doubt he has the power to do it. As for Kobe, he acted like a King in this team as usual. smh!

  416. yeah, Spurs perfection is beautiful to see indeed!

    I do hope this will be a standard of all NBA teams to measure up as the Diva-ball (Kobe in Lakers, Melo in Knicks, even LeBron/Love/Kyrie in Cavs) is floundering all over the NBA

  417. Haha….it is too hard to play at Spurs’ level. For example, in a late game scenario, given you are not as great as Spurs. Will you trust your stars to make simple plays or trust your whole team to pass ball around? Both way have their pro and cons….

  418. AD helps his team win, KB helps his team tank.

  419. Good question. Maybe it’s purely for dissing…

  420. Do you think Mike Bresnahan really knew something..? http://www.hoopsrumors.com/2015/01/pacific-rivers-boozer.html

    The Lakers probably won’t be re-signing offseason acquisitions Jeremy Lin and Carlos Boozer when both enter free agency this summer, according to Mike Bresnahan of the Los Angeles Times.

  421. I really don’t expect Lin to be w/ next year. That’s why I was and still am confused by some of you guys saying FO is still high on Lin.

  422. ifso good riddance. hope random goes to lakers so lin goes to mavs

  423. So today news is Nick Young will recruit Dragic and Kobe will continue to recruit Rondo. These two are so alike about one thing, being an @$%H()L3.

  424. I used to … but not now.

  425. rando will add zero to the lakers

  426. I hope Rondo comes… LOL!

  427. relax the over reaction. he will have his options

  428. me too then lin go to mavs. if dragic goes to mavs lin goes to phenix. again lin has option. a lot of fast pace offenses out there

  429. I am not worry about him bc he looks too good now.. I mean he didn’t seem to worry about his contract year even w poor stats or short playing time… bc of these so I believe he is all right just like what Young said…

  430. lin will get 4-6 mill a year. relax

  431. exacly a lot of options out there

  432. 4 years only if not w Lakers.

  433. Me too. Lakers is just thinking of Lin as 1-yr rental or if Kobe goes down so they can sell tix. If Kobe likes him, he can stay as a rebuilding piece.

    Now we know Kobe hates Lin so Lin should NEVER resign with Lakers next year.
    He can come back in 2-3 years if Kobe is not there but definitely not next year (if Kobe doesn’t retire)

  434. if i was him id do a 2 year deal because the pay will go up in to years so 8 mill will be average for pg soon.

  435. true, I have the same thought.
    2 yr deal with him playing PG will definitely get him good numbers to pursue long-term contract in 2017

  436. I’m sure he’ll land somewhere. I’m just saying LAL might not be that place.

  437. One person’s opinion about the future of something then it becomes a rumor by someone else. smh. Remember Markazi ESPN LA already retracted his comment about Kobe yesterday, that’s how little to nothing about their “expert” opinions were.

  438. just the way Lakers like it!
    It’s still so weird to root for teams who need to lose

  439. yea. lin is a highly intelligent man so i don’t worry

  440. but Lin needs that special coach that will give him that chance to excel. Good options aren’t that many.

  441. Until the Lakers are shopping to trade Lin then I’m convinced 100% they won’t resign him next season. For now you have a better guess of who’ll win the super bowl.

  442. Very interesting article…fascinating POV of D League, of owners, of image and perception, and choices on how to best stay in the game. Thanks for posting.

  443. IMO. For Lin to actually secure a long term contract, he has to prove he can play slow. Or I should say he has to debunk the myth of him not able to play slow.

  444. Nothing new here. WOJ tweeted similar rumor months back when KB began to feel his spotlight could be taken by Lin.

  445. Lin will…

  446. I don’t expect anything less than Lin will not be resigned from Mike Bresnahan, Lin’s #1 hater in the LA Media. I’ll take it with a grain of salt.

  447. Exactly. I will believe nothing he says

  448. Get the contract first… worry about that later then…:)

  449. He will leave that I give you 80%.

  450. Forbes may be giving a discount since Austin Rivers is part of the package now. LOL.

  451. He is unlikely to stay I agree…I was saying Lin will win the super bowl…LOL

  452. But I do not think Lin hates LAL tho. I just think there will be some team offer him better…

  453. It should be what’s the biggest chance to score, right?
    If it’s ISO by stars, then it’s okay in the last 2-3 min.
    If starts don’t bring it then use them as decoy to other teammates

    MJ to Pippen or Kerr were certainly the most successful examples.
    I remember when Bulls won the record 71 games, that was MJ and the whole team playing team-ball without true center. The good old days! =D

  454. very true which he did last game

  455. superbowl basketball lol funny

  456. SuperBow-Lin!
    Why not? LOL

  457. Exactly…so when I am not religious….I find Lin always had some situations thrown at him which gave him chance to prove a particular part of his game. Like shootings…..has to play fast etc…

  458. lin will way the option like a regular person lets not forget. he is not in a tough situation. he has a ton of talent. he has a ton of money also last and most important is he has a huge fan base. last time a check basketball is business so …..relax

  459. Lin loves LA and California. It’s home for him. Too bad MDA bolted a year early. Life is about timing, right place at the right time. Lin hasn’t had much luck since 2012. If Kobe and Scott are back next year, pretty good chance Lin won’t be back. But if Kobe retired and Lakers want to retain Lin, it will be a tough choice for Lin to play under Scott.

  460. No way he’s staying after getting treated like that by BS and Kobe. When it’s all said and done, Lin can make a sequel to his Linsanity movie with all the trials and tribulation he went through in his NBA career. I have never witnessed a starter caliber player gets jerked around and threw under the bus as much as Lin did.

  461. and volume chucking.

  462. and the funny thing is Byron dissing Lin for playing too slow in a double-double game LOL
    He ran out of things to criticize Lin

  463. its weird i am not religious but thing do always at the end of the day sway his way. all the down are only lessons that have improved him as a player. lol atleast thats how i see it. the bigger obstacle you face the greater you can be. depending if you over come them. which i know lin can

  464. I wonder when will skin color being used by Byron….JK…

  465. I had a thought to send him @nbastats showing Lin has better defense than Price.
    But a hater will always hate

  466. where was this.

  467. Byron: “I wish Lin would LOOK more like Price on-court!”
    Reporter: “You mean to make his points disappear?” LOL

  468. also lin isn’t used to playing so so it isn’t natural. so it could be too slow

  469. Never said he’ll stay, only argue that the Lakers are already decided not to resign him.

  470. No need to bc w hater no matter what infor you sent to him or said… they’ll not agree w you. smh!

  471. Does anyone remember what happened last time after Lin had a great game without Kobe ?
    Yes, he was frozen in the next game.
    Now that Lin had a double double against a good western team Suns, is it a coincidence that we suddently see the following ?
    1. Kobe will play a game not at home !
    2. Kobe will recruit some PG.
    3. Swag will recruit some PG.
    4. Somebody release a rumor that Lin won’t stay.

    No. It is almost a reflex that there will be a lot of negative rumors/criticism against Lin after he has a good game. It is not hard to guess where they are from (hint: who made DH12 a scapegoat of the losses when he was in LAL?).

  472. The only thing Lin could physically do with low probability is to make shots with higher rate when playing with Kobe.

  473. Yeah, don’t waste your time with that loser. He hates the truth because it contradicts his lies. Best thing to do is don’t give him clicks.

  474. Perhaps a new record for highest points per minute tonight? I wonder if Jeremy could get more than 15 min playing time tonight. On the other hand I rather he sits if they want him to just pass the ball to Kobe and go standing at the corner.

  475. No, I will… hahaha

  476. These two… smh! Looks like Kobe will continue to play long min.


  477. Unlikely….will just lose in regular….period

  478. Hope so. Now I don’t think Kobe wants to cut short for the season…. smh!

  479. Kobe is a piece of work. He is looking like a spoiled child right now. He knows that if lin is unleashed that it would be Show Time Lakers, something kobe hasn’t been able to do in recent years because it has been the Kobe show. Hr is probably mad that the team performed well against a contending team without him.lin also had them playing Team ball, then to cap that off,lin had 30-40 % of Suns in his favor.psalm24 said it was a lot of laker fans there(probably because of lin) and there seem to be a huge fan turnout for the Q&A, so yes kobe ego is bruised .then jeanie buss is pleading to the fans to give them time. This is Kobe last hurrah and he knows it.what an egomaniac. smh

  480. Team wise, it is irreverent what Kobe does from this pt…

  481. It reminds me what Harden did after Lin had a good game in Rox, he would insist to play 40 mins with one good leg just to make sure the ball won’t be in Lin’s hands.

  482. Let’s see how Kobe will play tonight…lol

  483. Exactly. So I don’t believe Lin will have good playing time today. Kobe wants to prove he can win by himself.

  484. Somebody on twitter posted that Kobe’s his Achilles on his other leg is sore.

  485. Really? For sure or just rumor?

  486. Kobe has said it himself in post game interviews that both Achilles are sore.

  487. Actually, this background could be mistaken for the section west of I280 between San Mateo and SF. I think Lin would get a tat if his Mom approved. 🙂

  488. So he maybe injury again? Oh!…

  489. I didn’t see the tweet but paul Villereal commented on it in his last video

  490. Is it like an excuses b4 the game just in case?

  491. BS is full of it. Just shut him down already.

    Byron said Kobe is probably still 10-15 games away from being “right.” That’s 10-15 games on minute limit, with rest in between.— Bill Oram (@billoram) January 21, 2015

  492. See how NY likes Lin…

  493. lol crazy

  494. Why not just play a player who can be “right” every game without rest?

  495. The Lakers’ world revolve around Kobe (or so he thinks).

  496. wow.. If Kobe plays with sore Achilles, it really shows how much he fears losing the spotlight to Lin.

    I guess we can take consolation that Lin’s plays (double-double) worries Kobe so much that he’s willing to endanger his health not to make Lin look good!

  497. the idea if he rest he will be back to old kobe is idiocy. then what remove minute limit lol. if lets say i break a leg then i get a cast for 8 months then 8 months later i take it off then i am back to normal or i am to quote right. but if i limit minutes rest often and can never remove those limits and rest with out getting worst then its just the new reality. there is no right. unless scott will go back to no minutes limit or rest. then lol i will laugh and just wait.

  498. lol omg what horror

  499. That’s dumb move by ESPN. Kobe, Fisher and P Jackson reunited and of course Linsanity back in the Garden.

  500. not really boring game. likes play worse against bad teams

  501. It was in one of the interviews that KB did. He was his own words that he feared of his other achilles. I didn’t listen the interview nor read the article. Believe it could be with Kevin Ding or… It was probably about a week old now. The interview could be done either right before and after the last game he played. I remember I saw the tweet with article or vid attached. I just didn’t bother to read anything about him.

  502. Both teams are still sold out their home games.

  503. She may upgrade them to frying pans.

  504. So everything they’ve been practicing all thrown out the window as Kobe returns.

  505. YEP!!!

  506. Unbelievable.

  507. He is worry… so I believe today he will at least get a double double himself. smh!

  508. Kobe must be super-nervous about Lin’s double-double that he’s risking his sore Achilles to play.
    I can imagine him wanting to be the top guy every 4-5 games until end of season so there won’t be any chances that Lin-led team will show Lakers play better without Kobe.

    Kobe is driven by #FearOfLinsanityOutbreak at this point of his career, afraid of being irrelevant and a has-been in the NBA.

    His worst nightmare will be to shutdown after the ASG only to watch Linsanity breaking out in LA!

  509. Because that actually makes sense.

  510. He knows a good game here and there can sustain his legacy. Media will do the rest for him

  511. “Lin is still soft” Said BS.

  512. What’s new in Kobe ball??!! The first game that they played when JLin was the starter with both KB and RP out, the starters played as KB was in. Only last game they were able to play more like a team and JLin did well. So, KB returned. What’s new?? We witness too many repetitions of how maniac KB and BS is to “protect” his team from JLin.

  513. yea still spare other people of the horror

  514. No, shows that nobody cares to see kobe or melo. Now if lin had been featured more with the Lakers, then i think they would have shown it

  515. yup, he’s now gambling with overexerting his body and surgically repaired Achilles.
    It’s a tense moment for him now

  516. If so no wonder so many news or rumors said he could be retired after this season?

  517. Like the last time he scored 18 point in 29 min, next game BS played Lin 19 min.

  518. Well the only way I see how this maniac KB will stop is chronos takes KB out for good. Otherwise, he will compete with JLin to “win” who is the brightest star in Lakers. It’s all in his sick mind. Sad to see “old” can let go of their past glory. He acts like a middle age man who goes for young girl to prove he is still young and handsome.

  519. I didn’t think of that. Kobe and Melo hah? You’re right. No one cares.

  520. Unable to see the content, anything interesting there?

  521. Let me selfishly promotes Taiwan a little bit…LOL

  522. Right, wasting time of practising without Kobe. I bet players are also frustrated.

  523. Yes he will overcompensate his other achilles and will rather damage it to lose being a “star.”

  524. Price to start

  525. Of course everyone is except KB, BS and RP.

  526. If he’s available, via the writers.
    Price is Kobe’s guy, cant’ argue here.

  527. Yep I will celebrate if JLin will play more than 15 min in this game. Having said that I still want JLin to do well with his limited min. Everyone who has eyes will see how efficient and improve have become in this season.

  528. You should know it once Kobe is confirmed to play.

  529. Holiday out, Evans starting, good opportunity today.

  530. Yep and hope for a huge loss.

  531. I think so bc today’s Kobe show… Lin will get 15 min only.

  532. Price is a game-decision.

  533. Ya! That’s why Kobe pick today’s game. More chance to win…

  534. Surprise if he won’t play.

  535. I don’t think Kobe will let Linsanity happen in LA. BS will do the job for him …..

  536. Love Taiwan…Shilin night market, Eslite bookstore, Yangmingshan, Jiufan, Danshui and Din Tai Fung (it just tastes better in TPE)

  537. cool stuff

  538. I think he will even only few min.. Lin will not start w Kobe.

  539. RP won’t need to do much except passing the ball to KB anyway. Of course he can play.

  540. Ya! Just run half court then pass the ball to Kobe…?! That’s good enough. In fact, I want Price to play bc if anything wrong they can’t blame Lin. smh!

  541. Hope so, he can be Kobe’s ball caddie

  542. Heh heh hits LAL pocketbook? and if so, would it help showtime I am hoping bad grammar as an art.

  543. NOP Game Thread is now open


    Kobe is back playing his PG role while Price might be back.

    So Lin might only play 15-20 min as Kobe also will try to get 33 min to break another record to be #4 in minutes played.

    Let’s keep hoping, cheering and praying for JLin to give his best no matter what the results will be!

    Let’s leave it all out on the floor, Jeremy! No holding back to stat-pad! 😎

  544. It does look like that, very green. But I reasoned if he’s having fun like this, maybe it’s in LA rather than past summer. Santa Monica mountains are beautiful too, but yeah v dry and smoggy many days.

  545. lol …!

  546. JLin still get blamed no matter what. BS just loves to throw JLin under the bus no matter what. He is much much much worse than KM.

  547. to underline that, see how badly Danny Green did last night, as well as Joseph, and then note how Paddy Mills and others step up. It’s like they have to share and take turns. See how that is done too now on GSW … Livingston, Holiday, and they had McAdoo show up all trading efficiency. It should never be about the stars! There will be stars always, for the rare if-not-we-fail days. But a team wins a championship, and a team system wins a dynasty.

  548. Perhaps Lin should be a coach determining who and when the players get to play in a game, controlling their PT, HAHA. (That is if Lin has any interest in doing so. He would turn the table and insert a lot more influence in NBA than getting dissed around. A leader needs to lead and direct. Leap to a higher level where you don’t have to look like them.) Ha.

  549. in this case, he went for the “older man” in Price who can’t compete with his beauty LOL

  550. I love Taiwan! Great food great people! People are so nice when I need help, showing me way when I get lost, recommending some great place to eat etc.

    One time when I tried to buy some passion fruits from a peddler somewhere near Taichung, I just needed a few but the old lady got me a big bag of it. Then I thought it’s fine as it didn’t cost much and I like it anyway….At the time I paid, the lady refused to take my money and spoke a bunch of Taiwanese that I didn”t understand at all. I was thinking maybe I misheard the price and then I paid her more. Again, I was refused. I tried to talk to her but she continued to speak Taiwanese loudly…..I thought she was angry at me though I had no idea why. People nearby then came over and laughed. I felt like I was an idiot at that moment…..People explained to me that the lady liked me and intended to give me fruit for free. Since I did not realise it and insisted to pay, she was indeed mad at me. Once I accepted it, she smiled again.

    It was a funny experience. Have visited Taiwan many times, so far every Taiwanese I met is super nice & helpful. Thanks for the video!

  551. my reply is waiting approval….can check?

  552. Just as well though, because for sure BS would do everything possible to make Jeremy look bad in front of that audience.

  553. Sweet idea, but hard to do when you got to wrestle the ball away from your iso teammates first.

  554. Nick Young is all over the map. So much for the palsy joking around with Jeremy. He is a cute untrained puppy, but underneath the cuteness he’s another one who horns in on the show whenever Jeremy is being interviewed or gets any attention. And underneath the banter I’ll bet you anything he didn’t like it so much when he was making fun of Jeremy’s answers about what he studied at Harvard and Jeremy replied that somebody could give Swaggy the Cliff Notes later, and then also joked that he heard you could pay to have somebody do your homework at (Swaggy’s) USC. Nick might be the kind that can dish it out, but can’t take it himself. Hence the turn of the knife.

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