G43 LAL @ NOP Game Thread

Kobe is back playing his PG role while Price might be back.

So Lin might only play 15-20 min as Kobe also will try to get 33 min to break another record to be #4 in minutes played.

Let’s keep hoping, cheering and praying for JLin to give his best no matter what the results will be!

Let’s leave it all out on the floor, Jeremy! No holding back to stat-pad! 😎

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  1. First?

  2. LOL Second! Play well with whatever min that you are given for.

  3. The spotlight has just been turned off for the game LAL vs Knicks, will Kobe stay on the stage ?

  4. Who knows how his sick mind work.

  5. Saw a tweet that said ABC will air lakers vs OKC instead.

  6. Let’s Go J … !

    Efficient 12-16pt 15-22min game, get some calls, smile a bit, and who cares if LAL wins because it’s in the hands of Kobe and Swaggy, who eat up all the possessions.

  7. This is actually great. It underlines that Kobe decides when he plays, and who his caddy has to be even if caddy is hurt. Golfing into retirement …

  8. They’re off the same time and on the same time. Coincident? I don’t think so.

  9. To pre-sooth … let us expect this to be a great D game for Jeremy, and whatever happens for J on offense, it is going to have a high random effect simply because Jeremy is instructed to ‘get everyone going’. Hey, if they paid me $15m, I’d just go with the orders and plan for June.

  10. Kobe is alone in an island like he always has been throughout his whole career. What else is new LOL?

  11. What are the vertical numbers stand for?

  12. Don’t know. LOL

  13. I think it’s win share?

  14. As if he had power over whom to sign, lol

  15. Not sure about Mitch cares for your opinion but we know who you hate BS.

  16. Yes, it’s win share. Check http://www.basketball-reference.com/ for the exact number of win shares.

  17. I hope they get blown out 20 points again in the first quarter.

  18. if the team doesnt have many wins, there are not many Win Shares to distribute to individual players, esp role players.

  19. LOL After watching JLin being dissed in the past 2.5 years, we all are experts in knowing the tricks:-)

  20. none will go

  21. He sounds like he is really in charge for FA? Don’t think so.

  22. It’s BS trying to deflect attentions away from the awful coaching and record he is having right now. Does BS think free agents want to come to the Lakers to play with Kobe and Ronnie as well as to be “coached” by you? Probably NOT.

  23. actually dont forget hill. when kobes not playing hill is who the ball goes to with the first unit.

  24. never go without your caddy.

  25. which game was that when the “starters” had that horrible first quarter started like 0 for 10 or something an maybe didn’t score any points? i remember it was terrible.

  26. It was 18-0.

  27. delete

  28. The Lakers and Pelicans are in Will Ferrell’s movie:

  29. super tank bowl 2nite: philly and knicks.

  30. Maybe attract some D-Leaguers. BS just a Kobe-mouthpiece. No big deal.

  31. See Will Farrell at Lakers game, must be a lake fan. “If your not first (to tank), you’re last!”

  32. A matter of which team tanks will Class

  33. > “Byron Scott said he and Mitch Kupchak have already discussed potential free agents.”

    I assume that the “he” is referring to Kobe? lol

  34. Asik playing tonight, he worked well with Lin. Who would be the all-star team of former and current players to play with Lin if Lin could make a team with himself as pg and the rest of the team with guys he has or is playing with?

  35. tie score. no one wants to win. maybe they hope if they keep it tied long enuf they will award a loss to both.

  36. Ya history in the making…nice!

  37. C – Tyson Chandler
    PF – David Lee
    SF – Novak
    SG – Curry
    PG – Lin

    This would be the all-offense team (you did say all-star) LOL

  38. This team will go deep in playoffs.

  39. yeah baby, keep that ball out of Hill’s hands giving his last game performance.

  40. reminder free league pass trial through Jan 25 (also added to main post above)


  41. Oh…just being rusty…BS will cover their azz

  42. all-defense team:
    C – Tyson Chandler
    PF – Asik
    SF – Parsons (2012-13 version 🙂
    SG – Shumpert
    PG – Lin

  43. thanks but not interested with the way NBA screwed Jeremy Lin with all these biased calls.

  44. KB will go all out to win this one…which he thinks is winnable…just to show that the team can’t do without him…:(

  45. But you would be screwing the NBA for free by sucking up their bandwidth. =) They don’t even take your credit card # and automatically enroll you after the trial.

  46. Hope for the best. The more he plays harder, the quicker chronos will come. I’m all good.

  47. still riding that tie; exactly same amount of points by each team in first quarter exactly same amount of points by each team in second quarter.

  48. NBA has been losing educated audience for years. I didn’t know why until I saw Lin being marginalized to give the spotlight for some stat padders.

  49. Watch the movie Idiocracy, and you’ll understand. 🙂

  50. All that’s ok … don’t like him but he can aspire too.

  51. lin double double referenced video highlited on pregame. access.

  52. TWC?

  53. Quite sure Lin is on the top of BS’ blacklist.

  54. Have to mute again, Stu is unbearable.

  55. Jeremy Lin behind-the-back pass to Ed Davis during the December 7, 2014 game against the Pelicans.

  56. price stats 000000000000000000000000000000000

  57. Go Pelicans!!! 7-11 (Pelicans) @5:39

  58. 15 minutes for lin beware

  59. Just logged in in…didnt realize that Price and Kobe would be playing!

  60. yeah you beat me to that; the perfect stat line show why the price is right.

  61. That’s why not many are watching including me. Just reading the stat:-)

  62. BS intends to set up Lin for failures. Once Lin emerges successful, BS will replace him. He would never put Ronnie in the odd situation against Utah, the scheduled loss.
    Lin’s evolution continues despite the coach.

  63. Looks like NOP is pushing really hard on Q1 itself

  64. there defense is subpar

  65. Great job bs, out of to, 24 sec violation

  66. lol price gets a lot of calls man

  67. Lin is IN

  68. JLin is in @3:34 and KB is still in 13 vs 17 (Pelicans)

  69. ronnie got a stat!

  70. Time for Kobe to sit!

  71. Lin in, Kobe stop passing

  72. Kobe will sit after the timeout.

  73. He is the head of the snake afterall

  74. That’s the way it is…

  75. lol a foul call lin never gets

  76. Will begin to watch after break:-)

  77. Who really cares about a player’s 500th or 1500th game? Somebody is actually interested in this kind of stat?

  78. close lay up

  79. sweet 3!…Go LIN!!!

  80. this place is dead today

  81. kobe killed this site

  82. Nice 3 for JLin!

  83. Boozer needs to do the screening job since he s strong.

  84. sadly….guess many are frustrated, with the bad treatment, when we initially had high hoped in LAL

  85. lins taking his shots

  86. Lets go Q2…good game for Jeremy!

  87. hope black return quick

  88. Remember you reporters!…It was Lin who brought the lead to Lakers!

  89. Lin is focused!!! good, made 2-2 FTs

  90. Good steal, and finally got a call!

  91. Lin has 7pts in 5min

  92. Hahah! Way to go JLin!

  93. yep score

  94. lin orchestrating great scoring great and great defense

  95. What happened to the last possession b4 the break?

  96. too many points for you this evening. You must be benched

  97. Stu such a disgrace

  98. Lin is aggressive in this game. He has to watch the overhelping, he’s leaving his man open for 3s.

  99. Who dares to steal Kobe’s spotlight ?

  100. I’m listening to the Pelican’s feed. Forget Stu.

  101. lol a lot of blown assist but watch scott say he didn’t get people involved enough

  102. yep

  103. which one? after Lin’s shot? Then it was Boozer’s TO

  104. Mitch pls trade Lin.

  105. lin 2 steals

  106. Have no choice

  107. no, right before the break.

  108. Me too , but the announce r us boring

  109. We could take this game, is Scott leave Lin in for Q2

  110. He won’t. Byron Scott is getting paid to tank.

  111. stop we saw this movie before

  112. such bias. Changed to Pelican feed.

  113. lol….just hoping for a different ending

  114. People don’t get how important Lin attack the basket, he can draw 2 3 defenders w him

  115. Finally found a New Orleans feed. Just in time for some Jeremy-Ed Davis connection

  116. 2 assist woooooo

  117. Lin playing A- game. Playing well right now. Not over helping, letting other Lakers teammates get all the fouls. Let Price foul but limit his own fouls.

  118. Good

  119. Alley OOP!!!!

  120. what we call complete

  121. Jeremy keeps linning

  122. Jeremy Lin with a huge impact out there. There is no reason Ronnie Price should be starting, especially with an injury.

  123. Ya! But probably that’s it for Lin in 1st half.

  124. Bc Kobe.

  125. comeon…dont put any thoughts into BScott

  126. Go OLinsane!

  127. He dreaming price is fisher

  128. It’s timeout so….Lin played 9 min…

  129. Thick and thin . We’re here JLIN.

  130. Another STEAL!!!!

  131. 3 steals..

  132. BS: Lin was too aggressive tonight he needs to tune it down a bit you know, he’ll get there some day, he’s young. Maybe playing together with Price he will learn something

  133. That’s some nice message there

  134. Playing very well.

  135. After BS’ TWC interview, I believe Kobe doent like Lin at all.

  136. wow scott rides lin and success

  137. lin: first in points, assists, steals, for lakers

  138. nick young great play! Asik laziness… saw that plenty of times with the Rockets.

  139. Asik, butt assists KB.

  140. Lin block?

  141. i hope another dd night for Lin

  142. its weird recently it seems like scott coaches to win in the first half then to tank in the second half. like hes seeing what could be but then ok we need to lose more than win.

  143. Ya! He did.

  144. Shoot lin

  145. oops TO

  146. BS travel call. GTFO

  147. well close

  148. Playing with Kobe not good for Jeremy… but what can you do?

  149. yeah

  150. Lots of be calls on lin

  151. Lin drew a charge, but, no call !

  152. lin can play with kobe although he is better without

  153. almost every guard does that move off a fake. refs just call it selectively.

  154. Yes… the problem is Kobe. I rather Lin go back to bench and play with second unit and get the DD tonight

  155. lin with 12 first haif minutes good….keep it up.

  156. Ronnie! Ronnie! Ronnie!

  157. lin with the most minutes off the bench

  158. Let Ronnie plays with Kobe … haha

  159. Off topic – that Louisiana barbecue shrimp looks delish!

  160. The starters come back in, the lead will be gone soon!

  161. Yup. That’s BS

  162. exactly. to be fair its too fast to see in real life

  163. Yup. BS needs to stand up to refs. BS real soft as a coach. Pop would be all over the refs.

  164. No show on LA feed

  165. Oh I’m in NO feed.

  166. louisiana food is really good.

  167. That was a very hard and noticable foul, how could they not see that…

  168. Lin with 3 steals. Good defensive effort.

  169. Invisible Asian player. Gives a new meaning to Invisible Man by Ralph Ellison. Except this time, the invisible man is Yellow.

  170. NY and JL brought he team back 4pt deficit to 6 pt lead

  171. On in n out here.

  172. kobe doesn’t even put his hands up to defend…

  173. But but he’s soft. Lol

  174. Lin got 3 steals in 10min!?

  175. Can’t wait for bs post game saying lin soft

  176. is price kobe’s puppet lol. he seems to do nothing but stand where kobe tells him

  177. Ok the lead is down to 1 in 5 min. Great job starters! So predictable!

  178. and starters quickly correct that tanking mistake

  179. Lin had a nice first half. Hope he comes out aggressive and active in the 2nd half. I liked that he was driving to the hole.

  180. Haha…the “Starters”! Glad Jeremy is playing with the bench unit!

  181. wait wait wait 5 minutes nope more like 3

  182. And price is the head

  183. they are worse then you think

  184. I think Lin might get more mins today.

  185. Lin has 7 pts. Bench has 22 pts.

  186. wow you must be able to see the future.

  187. price is definitely not better than lin to be a starter, but any PG on the current lakers is going to be marginalized by Kobe. Ronnie’s doing his best at defense and being kobe’s puppet. In some ways, it’s better thay Lin goes to bench because he will get to play at least some mins without kobe. The coach is inadvertently helping Lin in this aspect, with his will to sabotage Lin at every opportunity possible.

  188. Another 7 will be good enough

  189. Depends if Kobe allows it… BS will follow whatever kobe instructs him to do

  190. BS shut his eyes when Lin is tough.

  191. yep

  192. Makes it so much more obvious how good JLin is

  193. Indeed! the “2nd Unit” stands out!

  194. As usual, all starters in the net negative, while all bench net positive.

  195. lol

  196. Lin out, Kobe throwing the ball to nowhere and then Hill
    air balls. Further Lakers went down from a 6 point advantage to one.

  197. Lin can be one of their top scores, it’s a real shame the coach doesn’t want him to succeed.

  198. Efficient

  199. yeah he sacrificed his body for a non-call charge though which sucks.

  200. “Player of the Half” I will take it.

  201. Jeremy is a really poor tanker.

  202. “come on jeremy, we’re trying to tank here.”

  203. Thanks! They are just so boringly predictable.

  204. Didn’t Lin also blocked Asik at the rim?

  205. I really hope i’m wrong, but i’m afraid that the coach is going to have a talk with Jeremy about getting his team involved and stop looking for his own shots.

  206. …and the tanking saga continues.

  207. Yeah… but on the other hand he only had three shots in the first half but he was efficient

  208. No worry, Kobe is a great anchor.

  209. He has the highest number of assists so far.

  210. BS may count his foul shots as part of his quarterly allotment.

  211. Very likely!

  212. Looks like a mix of Peewee Herman and Sheldon Cooper.

  213. its weird lately it seems like at the beginning of the game bs coaches to like see what they could do if they were playing to win but then after awhile switches to tank mode in his substitution patterns and other choices.

  214. how scary my niece would be terrified. lol a skinny chucky

  215. and points and steals and blocks (tied)

  216. Bench points 22 LAL vs. 12 NO

  217. It’s just an early facade.

  218. so its not so obvious? like for awhile we play to win but when it counts we play to lose.

  219. That’s ok. JLin knows very well and learns how to play.

  220. its funny lin cant play with this new pg kobe who dominates the ball but so cant any pg. to random i say come please leave mavs. so lin can swap with you.

  221. Good game so far.

  222. when lin is on

  223. I know what you mean, even if your autocorrect is messing with you. Rondo is so Random lol

  224. Has kobe been talking to the players on court like lin does?

  225. I’m glad Price came back to be Kobe’s caddy. Otherwise Lin would have been.

  226. He was serious when he recently said he wanted to up his steals ’cause IT’S HAPPENING. Love it.

  227. Look at how empty NO stadium is.

  228. 3 St

  229. all year. all year autocorrect = anthony davis

  230. Only when he sees a crime!

  231. Kobe has made it so that Ronnie price hasn’t’ even taken a single shot. He’s being marginalized as well.

  232. OMG, that is funny…LOL

  233. Ronnie now prefers to play with Jeremy than with Kobe.

  234. I think everyone does except kobe and BS.

  235. ronnie has the perfect stat line marred by 2 free throws on a phantom foul call he got.

  236. That’s OK, BS is a big bagel fan.

  237. Starters all negative where bench all positive.

  238. Bring in Lin and sit Kobe down!!!!

  239. wow kobe just runs into traffic and passes to no one.

  240. Old age Kobe at it again

  241. Stuff, whose the turnover, name pls?

  242. 15/6

  243. Cause he picks up his ball and has no where to go. Oh come on Stool make that remark on Kobe.

  244. Jeremy sits sooooooo long

  245. problem is kobe is on the court

  246. Still no Lin yet? shi%

  247. Too hot, needs longer time to cool off.

  248. wait till kobe leaves the court

  249. Whole 4th quarter….maybe yes?

  250. lin will start to get 10 mins..then dnps lol. bs dying to use any excuse to justify it.

  251. hopefully if kobe sits the whole 4th lol

  252. who knows

  253. he will get like 4-5 mins tops!

  254. Well my Knicks beat the mighty 76ers

  255. 4 TO and no commentator mentioned about it nor calling him the turn over king. If it was Jeremy…

  256. Byron:” I don’t want the asian guy to take our job”

  257. Kobe is hurt maybe

  258. Still Ronnie

  259. Phew that would be a relieve to BScott

  260. see even when kobe sits, he needs to let Ronnie stay on a bit longer to show jeremy how much he despises him.

  261. Ok maybe bad joke lol

  262. Bryon is really showing his poor coaching by not bringing in Lin. TO by price now.

  263. thought it would be 7-49 for the next win, now it is 7-36

  264. Hahaha

  265. oh oh

  266. Ok

  267. Praises

  268. Ball Movement

  269. … and two pts!

  270. ellington playing well today.

  271. Lin is IN

  272. Stu called last fast break by Lin was bad idea then they scored on 3

  273. extremely poor coaching indeed

  274. wow! could feel the Energy from the bench….the Psalm234’s Effect…

  275. Ack! ball slipped from J’s hands!

  276. Tanking. Also Jeremy did way too well in the first half. Gotta nip that in the bud. Not poor coaching. Deliberate.

  277. Talk about instant impact from subs!

  278. happens

  279. damn if he only could have kept it alive. no TO and a steal!

  280. sit on bench too long

  281. Bench will win the game if allowed

  282. just mute. nothing worth watching when lin isnt playing let alone listening to these dumb broadcasters

  283. Stu attacks Lin again

  284. ball slipped..still good idea of being aggressive.

  285. thats what happens when the coach sits their best player for that long! Its on BScott

  286. mute

  287. stop telling me i don’t watch lakers so please

  288. selective hearing…..

  289. lakers broadcast

  290. Wanted to try to prove Price with the bench would be as good as Lin. Failed.

  291. When Lin has a mistake, he always comes back stronger… I expect a great 4q finish … if BS allows

  292. exactly like the plague avoid at all cost

  293. Don’t torture yourself. “Take the pledge”…MUTE

  294. he is done

  295. Knowing haters help me understand them more when dealing with them

  296. Tie this KB to the bench….I hope

  297. exactly

  298. Here we go Lin fans. Time for Lin to play his way with this 2nd unit. Come on!!!!

  299. Big time fail

  300. I’m trying not to be happy about injury.

  301. looks like he will play

  302. How is that 4 pts play when Lin stole it in the first place

  303. All bench still + and all starters negative

  304. Nice defence Lin!!!!!

  305. Sacre.. man he’s so open and still misses.

  306. to be fair he hasn’t played in a while

  307. missed it!

  308. rusty rusty….anw he was never good in shooting

  309. scare cant guard davis

  310. ok. time for some JLin layups….stop the chucking…

  311. lin at least get double digits tonight

  312. Anthony Davis is just..wow…

  313. and no Boom Boom Black. … just Sacre

  314. yep

  315. he is good!

  316. bench has cooled off lin. has to re rev the engine

  317. Who’s guarding him. He was left wide open at the three point line.

  318. sacre

  319. is NOP going to sit A.Davis? he is really good.

  320. Pels announcer said LIn should have shot there.

  321. LAL needs to get the ball out of his hand. He’s their best player and got the hot hands.

  322. ok 1 more min..the starters are coming in…

  323. 10 points please

  324. BS wants Lin to get everyone going. not him.

  325. Davis is in…Lets go jeremy

  326. Looks like that will be a stretch.

  327. Thats it….looks like Lin would not be in longer

  328. Did Scott tell Lin to stop shooting and driving and pass instead?

  329. This pace is horrible

  330. I have a feeling that is the case.

  331. Not looking good. Lin still just 7pts. Not gonna get the job done with that!

  332. That Nick young shot

  333. I don’t think he is allowed to shoot.

  334. Young should be yanked for that shot

  335. lol i was like don’t shoot don’t shoot oh no he shot

  336. yeah this is not good. i may call it quits for the night.

  337. What happened? I thought Lin has a good first half…

  338. its crazy

  339. Imagine jeremy taking that shot my lord

  340. Nick young is cancer.

  341. Whole bench is playing like garbage.

  342. The problem is the Laker coach

  343. lin is still good. bad plays drawn up by BS

  344. before the 3rd quarter rest still a very good game for him. its everyone else

  345. Another loss in the bag!

  346. I can’t believe Nick Young takes those shots in a pro game lol

  347. by design

  348. Thanks all

  349. First half nyoung does not shoot much

  350. you forgot to use the reverse jinx

  351. Kobe is coming back in ..I bet he is

  352. im assuming lin has reached 20 mins…time to be benched?

  353. Mostly with AD in there, there is no driving option. Sacre blew a few key plays. Swaggy missing. Weezy not passing to Lin on one breakaway where he drew 2 and Lin trailing.

  354. Lin was WIDE open !!!!!

  355. lol price

  356. its over lin out

  357. today the inconsistency was that BS let the 2nd unit back in too late in the 3rd qtr to get the rhythm back.

  358. yeah pretty much, they sat the bench too long.

  359. game over with Lin out

  360. quota over

  361. Price? Come on Byron.

  362. ok. lin and game over. He had only one really chance IIRC … pull up jumper but he was a little off balance in getting the separation.

  363. pretty much

  364. This is 100% on BS. Even with the Rockets, when Lin had it going, he would get to stick to it and allowed to constantly score. If he comes out scoring on the Lakers, BS tells him to basically stop

  365. so lin zero rewards for defense

  366. we could take an early break then

  367. Game over

  368. Lol it’s not about defense

  369. stop wishing. we’ve already known bs hates lin…i’m just happy lin did well in his time. 4 steals. eff the lakers

  370. well

  371. So Anthony Davis is resting becuz LAL starters are back. No need for him anymore.

  372. Hill … game thrower …

  373. It this a joke? Kobe plays with one arm?

  374. kobe playing with 1 hand

  375. Jeremy that next deal while cheaper will bring you on court happiness

  376. Do the Lakers practice defense or watch tape? SAME PLAY by the Pelicans and their just standing around.

  377. lakers gave up down by 12 with 3 left really

  378. really

  379. tank

  380. On court theory is put into practice in sleep

  381. anthony davis is such a beast..imagine lin having asik and davis screening for him…15 mins on the pelicans would be more enjoyable and his stats would be better than they are with the lakers

  382. In full effect

  383. lol, that 3 could take on LAL 5!

  384. Nope

  385. Bad chemistry with Asik, we saw that already. I’d rather have Lin with the Davis brothers (Ed and Anthony).

  386. why bother putting kobe in if he’s injured and can’t do anythign with his right hand & arm???

  387. Hill n boozer are so useless for bigs. Non stop long range shoot ing

  388. Scott is more conscious on the minutes given rather than how the game is player…smh

  389. pure stupidity to have him playing at this stage of the game.

  390. Just happy to some glimpse of Linsanity, you can’t take that away from Jeremy, it is embedded in his blood.

  391. Asik sets one of the best screen

  392. how many KB has? He needs 33 minutes to pass somebody for minutes play, right?

  393. bench at least fought the starters gave up down by 12 with 3 left

  394. Next is Spurs!…lol cant even imagine how the game is gonna be

  395. BS, Kore or nick young is enough reason to get out of la

  396. Roadkill if BS wouldn’t let Jeremy take over the point

  397. yea. they not bringing 2nd unit in earlier in the 3rd when they did really well in the 1st half is really good indication that they cannot afford to have the 2nd unit come in and save the game.

  398. You meant BS

  399. Yes

  400. Scott is scaring me. He’s malicious now. He was incompetent before. What a terrible move by Byron.

  401. might be ok if KB is actually injured now.

  402. Really hate BS why he didn’t want Lin to take the shot in 2nd half… pass to Young but he just couldn’t make it. smh!

  403. Scott/Kobe are the culprits. Get rid of them and bring somebody like George Karl, this team would flourish

  404. yeah…i guess its been awhile since we lost by 20-30 points

  405. bc he’s tough! lol

  406. Asik is not a great catcher of Lin’s passes

  407. I am satisfied with the result…KB or no KB…no diff

  408. 4 shots attempts. I guess that’s Kobe effect channeled thru BS.

  409. announcers said they could have pulled Kobe 4 mins earlier because of his shoulder injury … 30 mins. He’ll have to play again I’m afraid.

  410. yeah, atleast Lin gets good screen to make his shot

  411. Lin should have just finished the game. I thought maybe, just maybe, that was Scott’s play for bringing him in so late in the 3rd. Yes, the bench didn’t get it going but still, Kobe was injured, Price was useless, might as well have Lin finish the game and re-find his rhythm.

  412. he is saving it for home court…glam…

  413. the lakers reaching that point of give up. i saw it today. last year late there was teams that fought tough earlier in the year yet later on we blew them out. lakers could head there.

  414. as long as your team has a BS.

  415. Same crap different day as usual

  416. yeh, 4 steals stands out. Lin got better and better in each game.

  417. can not do that, he wants to tank, if let Lin play his game, they would win.

  418. 30min 14pts, 4TO

  419. You’re right. They don’t have the fight they did last year. They’re resigned to losing. Coming close but still losing after giving up a run in the 3rd or 4th quarter.

  420. only -2 (still not too bad…could have been positive) good game for JLin…

  421. as for lin. this is the situation. 21 minutes at the most even if he out plays ronnie by a mile

  422. kobe …

  423. ya..hard to beat that…

  424. Scott wasn’t trying to win this game. Besides Scott sacred of Kobe.Lakers are in full tank mode

  425. I hope lin when he gets in does his thing and get out before he is pulled

  426. not if he really hurt his shoulder now

  427. Just looked at Lin’s face at the end of the game when he low-five the players on the court.

    “Whatever, 3 more months, I am leaving this pit stronger.”

  428. more like a time-keeper than a coach…

  429. Neither, they talk about it mostly.

  430. yep. cant do anything about it.

  431. Not worried about lin. kobe has shown his true self to the world and perhaps lin is in LA to expose kobe, because longs as scott is coach and kobe on the team, no FA will sign with them. Reality check time for the Lakers

  432. wish lin took more shots but maybe BS won’t allow him to “jeremy, we are trying to lose the game here.”

  433. If putting kobe back in and keeping him in with 1 min in the game doesn’t show every laker fan that scott needs to be fired I don’t know what will.

  434. What is he trying to do exactly? Destroy Kobe’s health, show how ineffective Price is as a player, play guys who aren’t producing like Wes Johnson, not playing Kelly for no apparent reason? He is a rhythm buster, Lin had a great rhythm coming into this game from the last one and in the 4th he would have found his rhythm had Byron left him in to play.

  435. If Kobe retires, FA might come to lead the team. BS fired, but Lin stay? I hope he won’t b/c FO is clearly not going to start Lin even if he stays.

  436. Isn’t it 96-80? Anyway, I guess I didn’t miss much.

  437. good job Mod:

    To Frank:

    stop it, I read your attacks on lin at the other site take it somewhere else.

  438. Sounds like Kobe and BS are due for one of those then. =)

  439. That is called desperate stat padding.

  440. LAL Starters 34 PTS

    NOP Starters 72 PTS

    LAL Bench 34 PTS
    NOP Bench 24 PTS

  441. FO allowed BS dissed Lin all the time, they are as guilty.

  442. At this point, i don’t think lin cares whether he starts. He just wants to go someplace to play his game preferably to a contending team and let his game speak for itself

  443. Starting or not, it is determined by the size of the new contract.

  444. What happened? I just came back home. Saw twitter TL after the end of 3Q. All LA related acount were talking about Lin’s tov which made them lost the lead. I was like WTH has happened?

  445. So the bench played evenly with the starters…LOL At least LA bench outplayed NO bench

  446. Again, good job Mod for deleting Frank’s racist FOB reference directed at me. Good job!

  447. Simple, Bench was sat way too long in Q3 for producing amazing results on Q2

  448. Lin was kept on bench until 1’22” left, too cold by then.

  449. M…..so Scott….

  450. LOL I guess he needs that station bike again

  451. doesnt look right, could you double check?

  452. Best producer today was BScott

  453. what are they talking about, lin only played 20 mins, why don’t they say it’s kobe’s TO, or nick young’s 3-11 or price’s 2 points in 30mins that cost them the game.

  454. 1 TO decided the game? Wow, how many TOs Kobe had? Others?

    What LA account you read/listened?

  455. LAL Starters: 46 PTS

  456. It wasn’t Lin.

    1. he had not interior play due to AD
    2. Swaggy out of control chucking. Even took one or 2 in for AD block
    3. Sacre a nightmare on D on AD, and bricked a perfect wide open midrange assist by Lin
    4. one careless IIRC TOV and one pull-up with off balance separation that bricked. But maybe he had contact on the pull-up I dunno.

    A combo … nothing working right when AD turned it up. Really, there wasn’t even room for Asik to play that 3rd quarter.

  457. I agree.

  458. thanks

  459. What’re you talking about?

  460. Why you love this site so much?

  461. i think you shouldn’t call names. mod’s doing a good job.

  462. What r u accusing mods for???

  463. Should I say…as you wish? LOL

  464. Is this their actual game plan: play 1st half to win and then play 2nd half to tank?

  465. Please ban this guy, he’s trolling. The other site allows it because there are worst postings there.

  466. Go away Frank before you really get banned. You are upset because nobody wants to listen to your bs rants. So now your feelings are hurt and now you want to throw shade. If you truly feel that way about this site, go..nobody is keeping you here.

  467. All my posts got deleted
    I wasnt even trolling

  468. lol, he never coached to begin with

  469. The difference is this is a Lin fan site, not a team site, therefore, we can praise Lin whatever we like.

  470. Probably, and Kobe will be the hero in the end…LOL

  471. yes you were and are.

  472. bench SAT too long TO produce

  473. made the LOSE*

  474. Now this starts to make sense? LOL

  475. lol emotinonal LOF

  476. for being fan boys

  477. good for you thats how they ran u out of CFs

  478. Mod, please ban this Troll. There is enough track record.

  479. why not? do you wanna be hater boy?

  480. If they were planning on winning this game, scott would have played lin more minutes. This is a tank job. Lin just needs to keep bringing his game until his time is up.

  481. That’s exactly how I think. BS seems to do better in first half if second unit with JLin played well. Second half is always sabotaged game by his sub. My guess the intentionality on tanking.

  482. your post is deleted…maybe you will leave….

  483. Enough.

  484. Just think of something better to say will help. I was not around so I do not know what have you said.

  485. very poor rhetorical construct given you have no credibility whatsoever. whiney, really.

  486. Just scroll down …

  487. Frank, you must be too bored in you life so you need to hop around the two fan sites and stir things up.

  488. 50% FG%….4STLs…not bad to me…

  489. Just a bad team with a old player from the glory years….it’s hard for franchises to cut the cord. For Jeremy it’s all about improving his game playing in this archaic half court system

  490. Ok I have banned Frank….

  491. Thank you.

  492. nice job

  493. No idea what happened but if it’s for the greater good,no questions from me

  494. I have also deleted all of his posts from tonight

  495. Guy had such a non-troll name….who doesn’t know a Frank

  496. Most of the stat was from first half. JLin wasn’t pg on second half and mostly isos from NY.

  497. Garbage should go to the garbage can, not here.

  498. Kobe continues to reference that he has played with a torn labrum, and says he not too worried about the injury. #Lakers— Bob Garcia IV (@bgarcia90) January 22, 2015

  499. Still better than the NO bench

  500. Does anyone know why Kelly is DNP this game??

  501. My impression is he is a kid.

  502. Because he can help LAL win. I thought you know…LOL

  503. b/c Lin said he is Lin’s best friend , lol

  504. Kobe nodded when asked if he hurt his shoulder on the dunk.— janis carr (@janiscarr) January 22, 2015

  505. Kobe and Price back means I won’t be watching any games again. Soon, Lin will be out. Glad I had to work and be tempted to watch this crappy game.

  506. Good! Didn’t read all his posts but the last few. Very disturbing fan.

  507. Well first it was Eillngton some games back and now it’s Kelly. BS is just setting the pattern so that he can do it to Lin, too. I really think that’s what he’s doing.

  508. what now..??

  509. wow old age

  510. I was thinking about their third quarter problem for a while, and now I think it is due to in the first half, the opponent team don’t really know how they play, so they were okay. Then during half time, the opponent team adjusted, but Scott can’t do that, then in 3rd Q, what used to work in the 1st half don’t work any more, and the opponent team adjusted and play better.

  511. Then it was even better

  512. Put it simply…Scott does not stick with what was working

  513. More like first half see if the bench can set up the possible win for KOBE. If it’s close or Lakers ahead, then it’s all about making KOBE the hero; what ever the cost. Of course this inevitably leads to a lost, or “deliberate” tanking. Cough, cough!

  514. cough Dwight cough RT @BaxterHolmes: Kobe downplayed sore right shoulder: “I averaged 40 a whole month on a torn labrum."— Mamba's Achilles (@CountTheRings) January 22, 2015

  515. the only problem is they don’t have enough PG to not play Lin

  516. Jlin is playing too well for bs to try to dnp him

  517. I feel sorry for Kobe…

  518. Let’s just move on…..Not really necessary

  519. I don’t

  520. Should also delete all his posts in this entire Jlinportal site! He used the f word abreviation and contaminated so many threads!

  521. What an egomaniac. Somebody needs to save him from himself….LOL

  522. Kobe Bryant will undergo an MRI Thursday on his "sore right shoulder" http://t.co/DGuKh3LiDx pic.twitter.com/pMKJY2Qa6B— Silver Screen & Roll (@LakersSBN) January 22, 2015

  523. That sounds good but BS doesn’t put in the same formula at all. If JLin played well in first half, JLin saw less time in 3rd qtr. He was sub in @1:22 left and was out @4:52 in 4th qtr. JLin was in @3:34 in 1st qtr and out @3:12 2nd qtr.

  524. you mean he gets injured playing basics?

  525. Lin outscored Kobe in the first half, and I just knew he was going to receive some BS from BS in the 2nd half, which was the reason why the bench unit didn’t get to play until 1-2 minutes left in the 3rd.

  526. kobe should rest for the remainder of this season.

  527. KEVIN [email protected]
    3m3 minutes ago
    “We make a lot of it, but the reality is I’m doing some pretty
    phenomenal things in 30 minutes. My body’s not THAT f—-d up.”

    ****What R you talking about? Kobe’s doing his phenomenal things there, lol

  528. Are they trying to stage an injury so he can retire w/o negative press? maybe not…just saying…

  529. asg? that’s all he left rest are ashes …

  530. Might be. Welcome to Hollywood, what’s your dream…LOL

  531. remainder of his career…

  532. the homeric hero …

  533. you can call this…”torn labrumgate”

  534. pls, i don’t wanna see him talking on my tv

  535. baby steps… lol

  536. LOL Look at how KB’s talk!!!!

  537. 1000% agreed! Can’t stand to even see this. Super arrogant!

  538. Kobe just wants to shut down and cross his fingers lakers land a big fish over the summmer…good for jeremy to get more minutes and points (optimist)

  539. LOL You might change your mind as KB will be out soon:-)

  540. LOL that’s my guess as well…..very soon Davis will be the next once Black returns idk

  541. Seems the reputation of the Lakers bench has gone around the league. Opposing teams are now playing their starters against them.

  542. …. and a good contract with another team next year…. yay!

  543. LOL!

  544. Seems like it!

  545. I thought Kup actually wanted Karl as HC but hired BS due to Kobe.

  546. Byron Scott is clueless. Asst coach had to tell him to take Kobe out. https://t.co/fkjHR3PNFb— JLinNation (@jlinnation) January 22, 2015

  547. Seems like stage injury to me too!

  548. With no hope for playoffs, Lakers are doing their best to rebuild for the future…..and winning works against their goal. So what is the point of following them the rest of the season for a good game? Right, there is no point!

  549. interesting, today’s ESPN LA radio, couple of them were talking about LA should try to get Lin back next season, John Ireland said that during the game, him and Micheal Thompson were talking that they liked Lin, and hope he could come back next season, and maybe LA will not pay him that expensive, they would not pay him 15M, but it would be nice for Lin to stay.

    Then LA postgame just now, A. Martinez just said that the team should run Lin lose, and change a little bit so that they could play into Lin’s strength a little bit. And was talking about Lin next season should really request the team at least let him run the offense, otherwise he should not sign here in LA, and look for other teams that he could run his game…….

    Also, recent games, post game radio show has got couple of fan call in talking about they should play Lin more, and they liked Lin, and should let him play his game. Really nice to hear…..

    LA still love Lin…..

  550. wow so close to breaking the minutes record…. kobe will play the next game to break the record even if his arm actually falls off…. haha

  551. It’s not a bad thing to have an old player, it’s a very bad thing if the old player has his teammates to perform worse than him.

  552. they do?

  553. His shoulder just told him you can no longer shoulder this team. Shut down, bro.
    Tattoo or not, this should is no longer tough, it is soft.

  554. LOL! One hand Kobe and one hand Price will win the game for sure!

  555. So the days of Beverley shutting Curry down are over, yes?— Jim Park (@SheridanBlog) January 22, 2015

  556. No sickening smiling face?

  557. It’s good to know that.

  558. Today the first half, John Ireland say a lot of good stuff about Lin. Praise him push the pace…. He was okay, but usually not as generous in praising Lin though. But anyway, I liked his play-by-play call way better than TV.

  559. because lin is not there to cover his but

  560. What story is Kobe trying to weave? That he’s tough until the end but in reality a wimp about losing his legacy/reputation?

  561. I wrote a poem about Ronnie “the head of the snake” Price to mock BS’s blind love towards him. Lin played well tonight considering how handcuffed he was on the court. Anyways, here is the poem for some laughs:

    Ronnie Price is now awake
    To become the head of the snake
    His defense is contagious
    That makes BS religious
    The opponent drove right by him
    Without the need of a screen
    It seemed like a piece of cake
    Because he is the head of the snake

    Ronnie Price is left wide open
    A brick waiting to happen
    But he knows BS’s offense
    Which is totally nonsense
    Price just dished out an assist
    Now BS treated Lin as if he did not exist
    Keep playing Price is not a mistake
    Because he is the head of the snake

  562. exactly..lol

  563. Lin is a good player who listens to his coach on every move.
    That’s how he gets to play 15min. If he played Linball, DNP.

  564. Lin/D12 have similar experiences with the Lakers when it come to Kobe. Mitch/FO liked Howard, Kobe didn’t. when Kobe was injured D12 got them into the playoffs. Miitch/F/O put up Billboards around LA for D12 not to leave. Kobe crashed the pitch for Howard to stay. Nash was invited. Kobe came in and was very nasty, and D12 decided to go with Houston. I think we have the same situation with lin. I think the F/O likes lin and they know they have watched lin play and they know that lin can get them back to the Show Time Lakers, we have seen a glimpse of that. BTW I am very familiar with people like Scott. As my mom use to say,”t’s hard to act big, when little is an albatross around your neck”, that is Scott in a nutshell.

  565. I guess they’re shutting down Kobe and realizing Jeremy is the only one that can bring in the Ws and sell tickets.

  566. Wow, so the narrative is changing…and the plot thickens

  567. Kobe’s play is just becoming more and more embarassing as the season progresses. There were at least 2-3 Kobe TOs tonight where he just threw bad passes or plays, and didn’t run back on defense afterwards and was lucky to cherry pick for easy points on the next play since he didn’t run back on D.

  568. turning on scott

  569. if only kobe could see that the game is not about losing all the time …

  570. 14pts with 14 shots, 2 assists with 4 TO, phenomenal!

  571. The passes and TOs were not that phenomenal. Neither was the left handed airball shot.

  572. how so?

  573. Agreed. I read that DH12 questioned LAL why he was scapegoated by the LA media for the losses he didn’t play due to an injury, and KB jumped in to give DH12 a lesson on winning a championship.

  574. But I hope Lin will have better choices rather than stay in LA oppressed by BS and Kobe. Horrible.

  575. Will Ferrell with the half court shot attempt: pic.twitter.com/eQHCNLpzAT— Got 'Em Coach (@GotEm_Coach) January 22, 2015

  576. would your mom say Kobe, price, or BSc’s poor coaching is the albatross?

  577. To summarize: D12 thinks Kobe nasty is worse than a $30M loss.

  578. That’s what I thought.. Lin right now just like Howard 2 years ago… FO likes Lin but Kobe doesn’t want Lin to shine on or off court in LA. What Kobe did to Lin just like what he did to D12. I believe Mitch & Buss family all know about it. smh!

  579. If Jeremy can provide beatbox, I will rap to this 😛

  580. Correct answer: Brian Scalabrine.

  581. No she would say that Kobe has abandonment issues, Scott is a flim flam man, and that Price is just trying to feed his family

  582. Think of recruiting himself after next season ?

  583. he’s embarrassing himself. kind of pathetic. if i was his fan i would be sad.

  584. Don’t take advice from the Mamba on how to avoid snake bites.

  585. Why?
    Kobe: Coz noone wants to come until I’m gone!

  586. I agree with the last part for sure … his interview got my admiration. He’s no Bev … more like a ToneyD in how he plays it, only nothing of his relationship with Lin so far. Yeah. prob just more arms-length than TD. On first 2, we can add other things all day, your mom and me ha ha.

  587. nice to hear that thanks

  588. Tell us more about what she said. That is far better than what we are doing here.

  589. Good luck. It’s clear nobody wants to play with Kobe.

  590. Did I mention that your mom’s awesome? ‘Coz she’s awesome! 🙂

  591. first half then because you know 4th Q will be sabotaged.

  592. I am not even mad at Price. He’s just the product of a bizarro situation created by BS and Kobe.

  593. Jeannie Buss is an astute business woman. She has been learning from her father ever since she was 18 years old. Jim Buss taught her the business. She knows what sells in Hollywood.I suspect that she wants to package Lin/Young and sell them to the fans to buy tickets long after Kobe is gone. Lin/Young have natural chemistry. If you notice the game in the Sun’s, it was lin/young down the stretch. fans want to see more of that. Jeannie figures if she packages lin/young the right way that fans will get a accustomed their chemsitry

  594. PB basically just holding Curry and kept getting called…

  595. Why Kobe wanted to say Rondo so openly bc he wants to push Lin out of Lakers. The rest no name bc he didn’t want anyone to come. smh!

  596. Amazing how quickly JLin can score. We always can see the glimmers of Linsanity waiting to burst out. Not even all the BS that BS piles on can shut down that shine!

  597. My mom always taught us that, don’t believe so much what comes out of people’s mouths. She always told us who you are, is what you do, and what you do is what you truly believe. That is a standard that I have used when dealing with my employees, and friends.

  598. Well said.

  599. Here is the reality. .KOBE is the real head of the snake. BS is clinging to Kobe like his life dependent on it. No Kobe, no job so he will do everything in his power to keep Kobe happy / engaged. Kobe doesn’t want Lin therefore Scott does not want Lin. Kobe does not want to share spotlight with Lin – he is benched for a vastly inferior player. To justify what he did Scott has to talk up Price like he is the next Michael Jordan and call JLIN weak… Its like BS and Kobe are the same person which Swaggy alluded to.

  600. warriors 62 vs Ruckets 42..

  601. No name calling, no name calling…:P

  602. Thanks:) My mom was the best and way ahead of her times. I admired her that she never compromised on the truth.

  603. changed . sorry..

  604. kobe said its scott who is resting him he can go every game. kobe doesn’t relies his limits

  605. Ho Ho. Glad that I did not see any of his comments. ^_^.

  606. Kobe, your nose is growing.

  607. I like her kindness on Price, shows her gentle heart in addition to her keen intellect.

  608. You don’t hear they compliment his elite defense any more now that Lin left.

  609. Scott doesn’t realize that Kobe is only loyal to himself. Kobe is has such a huge ego that deep down inside he blames Scott for him not playing well and looking bad in front of the press

  610. Yes but Rondo knew better from D12, Nash and all others who avoid Kobe like the plague.

  611. isnt that elite?

  612. Elite blowout target.

  613. Nice poem ready to be rapped by @disqus_3ojL2FVU9I:disqus!

    I would also throw in a chorus:

    “Throw the shoes!
    Throw the shoes!
    All the time
    We can rhyme
    BScott has warned
    Kobe is my son
    Price is another son
    Together we are one!
    Shoeless Mamba All the Time!”

    What a love story indeed of Mamba extended family =)

  614. The other night Reggie Miller said Bev should be picking up Harden’s dry cleaning and so on. lol.

  615. Doesn’t matter – Kobe got him the $17M contract. He owes his job to Kobe. Byron needs the money because of divorce.

  616. looks like OKC and Wiz has it going today

  617. Rush Hour with the original stars there for the half-time crowd! Corp boxes full, bobble heads a-plenty … that’s LA Go!

  618. It never started, right?

  619. I still stand behind my prediction from last summer that Rox is heading where Knicks is now, even though even some Lin fans don’t agree.

  620. you know, thats name calling as well

  621. Rondo wants max contract so any place can give him the max contract or the most money that will be his team for the future. I don’t think it’s Lakers. Kobe wants Rondo bc he only wants someone just pass the ball to him… w Lin who is on the way to his peak… Kobe can’t take the heat from Lin… specially he is getting old & not good now.

  622. Psalm, will you be my backup singer? lol

  623. Yeah, but Lakers care more about their image. They will pay Scott ,fire him and bring in another coach

  624. Exactly. But Kobe has got fewer and fewer choices now.

  625. sure.. I just need to slither in the back and lip-sync, right? lol

  626. Not as long as Kobe is here. Kobe wants Scott, who wouldn’t if you were him. That will only happen after Kobe retires. Kobe is still the golden goose and keeps the Lakers relevant

  627. No post game interview from Jeremy tonight?

  628. Ah, yes I see. More infighting please, that’s how you get good guys to rise.

  629. There you go Brent, PFV calls out the reason for the collapse … Starters let NOP get hot and with 2nd unit in late, Lin in with 2 mins, the could not stop the run. I hadn’t watched the runup, only saw Lin was in at 2 mins and tuned in do I didn’t get the context.

  630. yes, I really think Byron truly endangers Price’s health since he’ll overcompensate by trying to hard on court and injure himself to prove his worth. All in the name of appeasing Kobe

  631. Ever wonder why all the lakers jumpshots are always contested? The shooters like Wes, Ellington, Nick, never use a screen properly. They run 5 feet from from the screener and allow the defender to catch them. This is basic basketball technique. Shame on Bryon for a horrible coaching job.

  632. Byron probably think that is the good thing to do because kobe does it all the time..

  633. Lets ease back on the snake references… haha.

  634. I suspect that Kobe sees the writing on the wall and he is looking out for himself. I wouldn’t be surprised if this MRI showed something more serious that will give him an out clause.

  635. You’re right, because when you shoot a contested shot over 2 defenders and make it, it’s a highlight reel play.

  636. It’s OK w this lousy game no need to talk about it. Today the most important issue is Kobe maybe injury again… I think Lin will not want to talk about it either.

  637. Exactly, and now it is self preservation mode for Kobe.

  638. I am not mad at Price either, he is not an attention seeking fake friend like Beverley. This poem is really about BS’s ridiculous rotation and the meme on “head of the snake” LOL.

  639. Remember in the beginning of the season there was rumor that BS wanted another PG, but FO would not get another PG. At that time we all thought BS wanted to have another PG to replace Price. After BS commented about Price that Price is the best defender on the team and is closest to Kobe on Jan 18, I think actually BS wanted another PG for Lin.

  640. TWC on bench play

  641. Will Kobe retire? I don’t think so.

    Just looked at his behavior in the game. He wants spotlight. He wants attentions. He wants to be the hero. He wants to show how tough he is.

    Hlaf time, Lin 7 points lead Lakers across the board. The rest having 5 points, including Kobe. I bet Kobe demanded BS to shutdown Lin and BS told Lin to facilitate in 2nd Half. Kobe doesn’t want Linsanltiy stole his show.

    Then 4Q, he should had just rest on the bench with the shoulder injury. Instead, he wanted to play with one arm. Just showing how tough he is.

    Kobe wants more. He will use this injury as excuse for past poor performance and rest for the remaining season after ASG and start over next season to see if he can get an extension, if not from Lakers.

    BS? He will be gone after the season collecting 12M doing his job catering Kobe and accidentally getting Lakers the tanking pick.

    What’s for Lin? Just leave this pit.

  642. What did he say?

  643. You are right about Kobe’s attitude on retirement now.. Look at what he said tonight about his game… ” pretty phenomenal ” can tell. He is going to stay even after ASG.

  644. It is interesting that @TTNN:disqus posted that Mychal Thompson and John Ireland were saying that they hope lin stays in La of course with contract of 15 million dollars. These to hated lin big time…and the plot thickens

  645. him an out or LAL? I don’t know the sports legal default.

  646. I don’t think he wants to play with Charmin boys, now that he has achieved what he wanted, MJ record, ASG.

  647. thanks for the update!
    good to know knowledgeable media and fans can see what Lin brings but is currently handcuffed by BScott/Kobe regime

    But yeah, if the regime stays, Lin shouldn’t stay put =}

  648. It is so obvious that whenever in the games Kobe played, the ball stopped. No energy, no smile, no laughing. The only person laughing is Kobe.

  649. I suspect that it was Kobe pride talking as usual and also playing to the press. I suspect the Mitch F/O office has lined out how they will proceed in FA, and Kobe not happy, so he takes his drama to the press.

  650. But today Scott said after 10-15 games.. Kobe will be right?! I think he didn’t want to shut down after ASG.

  651. eh, hehe, only with Harden guarding … Bogut playing PG throws to a backcutting KT for wide open layup. Just before that, Harden with the through-legs useless move airballs a 3 trying to get it over KT. GSW up 25.

  652. Of course, he said Rondo on purpose bc he wants Lin out of Lakers… smh!

  653. Since when BS has any credit? We shall see.

  654. Let’s hope FO intervene and force Kobe to retire. But even so, I am not that high on FO unless BS is fired.

  655. ah.. refreshing to see a normal Laker fan venting about BScott’s clear ineptitude.
    Just need 99 more every day sent to @JeanieBuss

  656. warriors highest lead is 30

  657. I think they can see Lin’s improved plays and aggressiveness being repressed by BScott.
    The tide will be turning soon.
    Very proud of Lin! :]

  658. Did Bev. shut Curry down? checking on box score Curry hasn’t score 2nd half.

  659. I think LAL will beat that in Spurs game

  660. HIghlights from jay

  661. have you guys heard of this news?


  662. Harden shot more free throws (14) than the whole Warriors team combined (12) to account for 12 out of his 21 points. It’s hard to take NBA seriously when they are manufacturing fake stars like this.

  663. Can you translate please?

  664. they are going to KT. KT on Harden now you know. But yes, Curry missed a couple he normally makes. Now D12 out, Bogut out and DLee in. Looks like Harden is picking up some volume scoring doing his normal penetrate to get foul (with Bogut and D12 out of there).

  665. dated back to last week, nobody cared.

  666. well, i just saw it today in local newspaper saying Lin and this lady (an underwear model in china) are now dating. i am not sure if it is true or not.

  667. I’m especially surprised that A Martinez said it too. He is the biggest Jeremy hater of them all.

  668. I highly doubt it. I don’t know this model, but it does not sound fit to Lin’s family. Chances are this model trying to use Lin’s fame to get attention.

  669. ok. 2015 BBall schedule: watch JLin stints, post some here positive of course. Then watch bball in GSW. That’s it. Last year, it was some of GSW, a lot of SAS.

  670. BS is committing physical preservation of Lin.

  671. 湖人球星XXX被爆同內地索模YYY撻著

    Whenever you see this kind of headline with words 被爆, it is 100% false.

  672. my feelings too. that is why i ask u guys if there is any news from other sources

  673. lol, same feeling here

  674. he’s preserving his next KOBE in JLin!!!LOL

  675. You can’t have headline such as “Lin found playing Dota 2 with his cousin instead of practicing” so the reporters need to make something up to get some ratings LOL.

  676. but he denied it because he said look at his family name, and you will know he’s not a hater????

  677. did someone in Hollywood send a big cc memo around town?

  678. What kind of Chinese is this? Can’t make any sense of what that is saying.

  679. Curry is trolling HOU right now….LOL

  680. maybe its the definition by BS of the “Tail of the snake” STATS in defense?LOL

  681. Cab driver: "Kobe needs to give it up. Putting too much pressure on himself. He know it. Don't want to give up the crowd."— Mark Medina (@MarkG_Medina) January 22, 2015

  682. some beautiful passing this game, Curry to DGreen too.

  683. I think they are getting ready to jump the kobeship as he begins to shut down, and get on a speeding train. So who’s the next one that brings in the most fans? Yep, they’re careful not to be left holding an empty bag.

  684. I think it is pure stupidity to keep Curry in the game tho…

  685. how do you post here a tweet???can’t do it!!!!LOL

  686. Basketball God in disguise.

  687. smart Cabbie

  688. I think there is an option in twitter to get an embed code.

  689. “defense mechanism”!!!

  690. True, weird they are up so much and no 2nd unit for KT or Curry. Not smart for the run ahead, this team has it all, even 2nd unit v good. Go McAdoo!

  691. Just click on the timestamp of the tweet (i.e. “10:36PM – 21 Jan 2015”)
    It will open that individual tweet and gives us a http link.
    Then copy&paste the link here. Voila!

  692. Right click on the time stamp of the tweet and copy link then paste it here. Or click on the tweet and copy the tweet’s link and paste.

  693. You explain it way better than me 🙂

  694. noted 😛

  695. thanks pal!

  696. awesome tweet by Mark Medina!
    He’s giving voices to regular people of what they think of Kobe destroying his own legend

  697. Who is this cabbie? lol

  698. Yes saw it for few days now. Hoax!!

  699. About as true as Michael Jackson faking his own death and been found smoking pot with Bob Marley…

  700. LMAO

  701. I got your Linstruction too :]

  702. Haha. how embarrassing.

  703. The Lakers had built up a lead in the first half, Jeremy Lin pushing the second unit on both ends and Nick Young stealing an inbounds for an And-1 to give the Lakers a 9-point lead. As Scott subbed them out, the Pelicans then went on a 10-2 run to close the half – from LG by DB

    Lin — — Very active defensively with steals and some great challenges, as well. He had a great first half (should have played longer), and orchestrated the offense well with a mix of attacks and moving the ball through the system. But he disappeared somewhat in that second half. Scott said the team needed to attack the rim more, they definitely started going a bit sideways like they do. It’s a broken record at this point, but Lin should have had more minutes than Price in this one. He also needed to impose his game on the Pelicans in that fourth and that didn’t happen. Got to win those first 5 minutes of that quarter.

    The Stats: He scored 7 points on 2-4 shooting (1-1 from three, 2-2 from the line) to go with 3 assists, 4 steals, 1 block, 3 turnovers and 1 foul in 21 minutes. He was a -2.

    The Action: He ball watched and gave up a layup. He got tapped on a layup. He attacked and set up Boozer for FTs a few seconds later. His man went under a screen so he drained the three (a two-for-one possession). He scooped up a loose ball, pushed it out and drew FTs, he made both. He deflected a pass, got it back and pushed it out for a layup on the next possession. Finally a well-executed, two-man game with Davis for the lob score (more, please). He knocked away an inbounds pass to get a stop. He was called for a travel, shuffling his feet on a drive (Scott immediately calling for Price). He had 7 points, 3 steals and 2 assists.

    Second Half: He found Ellington for three. He grabbed a bad pass, pushed it out one-on-one and he was stripped, layup the other way, ouch. He forced his man into a brick on a drive. He attacked the paint and missed a pull-up off one foot. His pass to Davis under the hoop was picked off.

  704. I think so too. LOL!

  705. Actually Houston is trolling Houston.

    For the first time this season, I got a long hard look at them.

    Houston is terrible in the backcourt. They’re completely overmatched, especially Bev who is a wreck out there.

    Golden State isn’t playing all that well, but Houston’s been so bad that Golden State is hardly exerting itself to win.

    The Rockets miss Lin far more than they know.

  706. The embed code ads a bunch of extra garbage text. Judy the link is cleaner. Trouble is if they delete the tweet then it disappears so if it’s something that might get deleted it’s good to paste the plain text too.

  707. No underwear model needs a Jeremy Lin to get MY attention!

  708. I don’t see anything wrong with Kobe. His arm fell off, we’ll just snap it back on. That’s all.

  709. Curry feasted on Bev.

    He doesn’t need to exert himself to walk over one of the NBA’s worst defenders in Bev.

  710. Well he just said he wasn’t seeing anyone with his interview with Nick Young and Wayne Ellington 🙂

  711. DB saw right through BScott’s transparent Kobe tank =}

    There’s simply no BB reason Price should get more min than Lin.
    All normal people can see that with 2pts/2asts in 26 min

    Ahhh, it’s just weird to cheer for a team who needs to lose at all cost.

  712. Yes, Scott was trying to DNP CD Lin back then just like he is now.

  713. GSW plays so well now, I think they maybe have the chance to get the ring this year.

  714. Not only that, JLin also said the same in the Chinese interview. This news came out about the same time. It’s hoax!

  715. It’s more than just the screeners.

    Opposing defenses are dismantling the Lakers offenses in ways that the Lakers coaches cannot comprehend.

    Lin is fully aware and is doing as much as he can. But there’s a set limit as to how much Lin can do when the outdated 80s coaching is this bad.

  716. yeah, that’s about right.
    The rest of NBA nods in agreement!

  717. What if BS is not to tank? He just wanted to win his/Kobe way but couldn’t?

  718. It is remain to be seen….

  719. 2nd half

  720. Second half “He also needed to impose his game on the Pelicans in that fourth and
    that didn’t happen. Got to win those first 5 minutes of that quarter.”

  721. Look that banana smile. It is genuinely happy… to tank.

  722. maybe Asik? =D

  723. Even I never like Kerr but I really have to say he’s a good coach. Do his homework well.

  724. I see. Thanks!

  725. Psalm, you are NAME CALLING.

  726. Another fan is sick of KB. Believe he is a doc. Yes checked his profile. He is a physician–sports doc.

  727. ooops…should I ban @psalm234:disqus

  728. hopefully 1st round playoff exit for the next 2-3 years before they realize it

  729. He is a good coach

  730. That is BS inwardly. Sirs, mission accomplished again!

  731. Its not good when a Doc gets Sick of something

  732. LOL Ban @psalm234:disqus 🙂

  733. Pfft.

    McHale should sub HIMSELF out.

    He didn’t run Golden State off the 3 point line when Golden State was bombing. Then he played bad isoball. His strategies stunk and his summer ejection of his best player in Lin was the biggest fail of this night.

    Houston is getting what they deserved for ejecting the only guy that could’ve held them together against Golden State.

  734. McHale/BScott – DNP-FD

  735. ok…let me wait for the upvotes to decide

  736. Rockets play BAD DEFENSE.

    They run around with fake intensity, but they’re being yo yoed around like a cat chasing a feather toy.

  737. Did this cabbie give a press conference in his cab or something? LOL

  738. yep … meanwhile, Corey Brewer is getting some nice stats off the bench cleaning up this mess. In a bit, Kerr will have to put back the starting unit just for a minute or 2.

  739. Kobe needs to realize he lives in the “what have you done lately generation”. They don’t care about his 5 championship rings. The majority of the ticket holders for the lakers have been ticket holders for more than 20 years. Present day taker fans can’t afford the ticket holders prices, so they just pick and choose the games they want to attend. I can almost bet that 3/4th s of the posters who post on social media cannot afford the Lakers tickets, so they piggyback off whatever drama that has the loudest voice. Majority of the ticket holders don’t even show up for the game. What I do see attending the games are the 20’s-30’s year olds. This is the generation that comes to games to be entertained. Lin entertains, My take is that Kobe struggling to find ways to remain relevant in this league

  740. So many cabbie links tonight. You know, in every town I visit on biz … I always ask the cabbies.

  741. hahahahaha you are too kind!

  742. It’s just that one cabbie and he’s getting a lot of retweets. well deserved 🙂

  743. Believe they are all in the same cabbie. Someone asked MM and he confirmed it.

  744. We should march on to his house with pitchforks and torches.

  745. Kobe really should just retire in high end.. now it’s the time for him to do it. But from what he said tonight I guess we still need to wait a little bit longer … smh!

  746. At least Lakers arena is have people show up the game. Look at how many NO’s place was in tonight’s game. Not even half was filled.

  747. Depending on MRI. Evil part of me would like it to be more serious that he discloses.

  748. I guess everyone knows how bad Lakers game is right now & they don’t want to waste money & time for the game.

  749. mmmh What was going on??

  750. Ya! But I don’t think what’s the worst it’s his body.. his mind needs help more than his body bc he is still not ready to let go yet… need time.

  751. wait, which part?
    I thought BScott said all that?
    Kobe is his son. Mamba is his nickname.
    Shoeless Mamba? I thought I’m being careful in only using what they themselves said.

    I will revise if any sounds like name-calling

  752. it seems that he had been having the pain for sometime now

  753. Well, KB is still in denial and probably anger. Unless his body totally breaks down like career ending injury, he isn’t going anywhere.

  754. Ya! Too bad…

  755. Yep but it did effect him more this game and had to leave without finishing the game. That said it all.

  756. Yikes. They need to fire Byron.

  757. I know but part of me is still saying something can happen between now and end of season. Wish it is sooner than later so that everyone can move forward but … Patience isn’t my best virtue. Good to learn now:-)

  758. LOL Just teasing u. Don’t see it as name calling at all. Just want to pull your legs here:-)

  759. we were trying to give you a DNP

  760. well, his body is just not keeping up…but he is stubborn…sigh

  761. I don’t know what really happened to Kobe’s body but if he’s really that bad why Scott still played him long min?! Just don’t make sense to me at all if BS knows how bad Kobe’s body is….?!

  762. Once upon a time, Lin was a Rox and facilitating, they blew out Golden State with
    almost a record breaking score difference. Then Harden took over the
    driver seat….

  763. Ya! Last season Rox beat GSW three times but not this year… So happy to see GSW beat Rox twice in one week. Wow!

  764. BTW, Harden is more & more like Kobe now. Look at the rest of starters score… Even D12 looks like a role player now?! smh!

  765. Kobe knew they weren’t going to win. Mr. Drama Queen had to leave the court like he did. He needed a reason to explain why he is sucking so much.

  766. Just like Carmelo and we all know how he and the Knicks have done after JLin left. Give Harden and the Rocks another year to nose dive.

  767. If I was Kobe I would never retire until they have to drag me off. THEY PAY HIM MILLIONS TO PLAY BASKETBALL!! Who would not try to stay as long as they can?

  768. Houston is all about making Harden appear as a MVP candidate to prove how good a GM Morey is. Howard thought he was getting away from Kobe by leaving LA but he ended up with a much younger Kobe in Harden LOL. At least Kobe would retire before Howard but there is no way Harden would retire before Howard.

  769. Harden controls how many points Dh12 can make in each game.

  770. good question but that line has become blurry.
    BScott definitely wants to win with Kobe but choosing Kobe now is almost the same with tanking because he just doesn’t have it anymore

  771. “The common denominator for all undrafted players who achieve success is mental toughness,” said NBA agent Roger Montgomery, who has represented undrafted free agents such as Jeremy Lin, Maurice Evans and Stephen Graham (all of whom played in the NBA). “They need to be a dog. They need to be mentally tough and not be persuaded by what anybody thinks or says [about them]. Jeremy had that, Mo had that, Stephen had that, and I helped all three make it to the show.”


    Nice article..

  772. Mission accomplished then LOL

  773. Great analogy. Felt that way when Atlanta played rockets too.

  774. That’s what I thought… Kobe is old now but Harden is only 25!!! OMG, w the style he plays he probably will not get injury soon.

  775. That’s exactly what Kobe wants… so he & BS tried everything they can to push Lin out of Lakers. If no one comes then Lakers have to sign him again.

  776. Maybe it was that Forbes article that listed lakers worth over 2 billion. Jeannie now figuring they better keep the Asian market for business.

  777. I personally dont think they are tanking, but the way Scott plays the team, it leads to tanking, hence FO keeps quiet, maybe?

  778. I wonder what would happen if Jeremy said something like that.

  779. LAL vs NOP, how they matched up

  780. The lowest of course.

  781. The whole team runs around him to make him look good. That’s crazy stuff.
    I won’t pay a dime to watch a game like this.
    That’s not real basketball.
    It’s trash!
    YMCA basketball is better than this.

  782. I feel devastated about the team with Kobe playing.

  783. The problem is more than his shoulder. It’s his brain; trying to be competitive at 36 after his injury against Father Nature but still pretending he’s tough. If you couldn’t dunk, don’t try it. After making such play, he becomes Charmin and keeps on pretending.
    Take the cab driver’s advice to go fishing rather than taking up space in the poor Laker team with the devastated Laker fans.

  784. Holding tight on the number 4th spot in the lottery.

  785. Lin really improves on his game, his shooting and playmaking. Once he reaches the level of gamechanging, he would be pulled out. We’re tanking, Jeremy!

  786. Tanking Commander at work.

  787. Could be against the Spurs but not enough to win.

  788. Only after they have dug a big hole; too big to get out! Then the bench can play whatever.

  789. Byron has tried his best to ice out Jeremy.
    If all had failed, Jeremy would have to sit on the bench.

  790. Once Kobe retires, the Lakers then goes to the playoff immediately. That will give lots of drama about Kobe the competitor.

  791. Tanking couldn’t be entertaining.

  792. Scott would lose even if he tried to win — he’s that BAD lol

  793. Lin is the only successful one he’s drunk

  794. They still let Howard have enough touches it’s not bad harde is way better than kobe in terms of ball hogging and chucking

  795. Ethan Strauss
    You don’t win MVP unless your team matters. And the Rockets are teetering on the brink of not mattering


  796. Yeah, well, the only problem with this silly tweet is that it isn’t remotely Byron’s plan. Kobe determines his own minutes, based on his compulsion for the limelight and limited only by his pain-tolerance level. Byron is just his mini-me, to be used to deflect blame from his own irrational decisions.

  797. I think people do care about 5 championships…but everything has it’s inescapable limits. Even the “what have you done lately” folks enjoy having a hero to be generous with…for a reasonable amount of time. But Kobe has pushed way past the limits. He’s dragging his own image into the mud, so generosity has worn thin for all but the most fanatic. 20-30-somethings can be entertained and inspired by a gracious and heroic exit, but that is not what we’re getting. Kobe could remain plenty relevant if he knew how to double-clutch and downshift for the turn he’s gotta make…everyone loves a skillful operator. But he doesn’t know how to do that, so there you go.

  798. I’ve been predicting this Rockets demise ever since they ditched Lin.

    Their record has been padded mainly against bad and injured teams.

    But tonight, they faced a full strength Golden State that had Andrew Bogut. Predictably, the Rockets were overmatched.

    I’ve been writing all season long that the Rockets have the NBA’s least athletic and least defensive backcourt. Without Lin, the deep holes dug by the starters’ poor play is not remedied.

    Lin was the Rockets’ best player. His absence is sorely missed especially against good teams.

  799. Draymond Green is right.

    Golden State really didn’t play all that well tonight.

    It’s just that the Rockets beat themselves badly with their outdated 80s weak defense and poor isolations.

  800. i missed this game. looks like i didnt miss much

  801. Picture time!!!

  802. why is this guy’s tweets still posted? he’s a jerk with nothing to say

  803. What?!! you thought thats all!

  804. Dont worry…there is more!!!

  805. More?!

  806. Not enough?!…Pushing your luck here!

  807. Lin had 7 pts in 5 mins, during the 1st half

  808. Let the Rockets try to get Dragic or whoever.

    It still will result in a FAIL because the Rockets and their outdated 80s scheme is easily defeated in today’s modern day NBA.

  809. The 12 min of JLin played in first half was really wonderful to watch.

  810. Wish Lin did that when Bledsoe purposely pushed him after the foul!

  811. Thanks for posting this. It is a good article, and very timely in the light of Byron Scott’s criticism about Lin being allegedly not tough. If anything, as the article explains, the journey for an undrafted player liked Lin demands even more mental and physical toughness than those like Harden or John Wall who are basically gifted their star status, even though they are by no means any better than Lin. This kind of toughness is why I think Lin can take a lot more than what Scott is dishing out this season, he is just so strong up there. Put Harden or some other manufactured star through what Scott is putting Lin through, and I’m sure he will be pouting and loudly demanding a trade. Even the mild mannered Asik did that last year, albeit in his quiet way. Scott’s words will come back to bite him.

  812. Just watched highlights Looks like Lin played well with the limited minutes the 2nd unit always got when Kobe wants to be the hero with the “fake starters”! Glad his teammates were making more shots today. with 20 minutes it would’ve been nice if Lin shot a few more shots for a better stat line.

  813. The entire game was very physical….Curry snapped from that last nod

  814. not good when you wish some sports athlete else injury.. karma is a b—h. wouldn’t want that on yo favorite player no.

  815. true

  816. @awarde:disqus Will George Karl’s style of coaching be good to JLin??? Sorry I have no idea about him at all.

  817. Yep. When Lin played with the Rox,Karl thought lin was the engine for the team. Also another fact is Karl/Mitch were college room mates and they are very good friends. I think Mitch actually wanted Karl as the coach, but my guess is that Karl didn’t want to coach Kobe.

  818. JLin played great in the first half. Couldn’t do much in second half as he wasn’t the playmaker and lots of isos. It was definitely on BS and starters to lose the game.

  819. Did he ever be Lakers coach before? Probably not by the sound of it. Is he the one who coached Nash?

  820. My take on kobe’s recruiting for Rondo: Kobe is playing to the press mostly. He pulls Rondo’s name out of the hat, when clearly there are younger and better PG’s out there. Then they asked him if there were others and he said yeah. I don’t believe that because Kobe/Mitch knows that after watching kobe treat lin the way he did, nobody is coming to the Lakers. My experience with Mitch/F/O/Kobe is that they will indulge kobe up to a point. I think all of the things that are coming out of Kobe’s mouth is his pride talking. I am sure he has talked to Mitch about FA, and it is obvious to me that Kobe/Mitch don’t agree, so Kobe making his pitch to the press. just some thoughts.

  821. No, he was the coach for The Nuggets. When he was coaching the Nuggets they were a top seed in the west. He was fired from their because he and the owner didn’t agree on salary. He and the owner also had some bad blood between them. Karl would be an excellent rebuild coach for the Lakers.

  822. I noticed that lin played the most minutes of the bench players….and the plot thickens

  823. What I’ve seen since JLin was traded to Lakers, slightly over 7 months, I don’t believe nor trust the words that came out from BS and KB anymore. They lost my respect for months now. Just wish the saga of KB and BS will end sooner than later. Having said that I’m proud of JLin to overcome the hurdle and play well now.

  824. Glad to hear but it only happens if KB isn’t with Lakers anymore. Can’t rebuild with KB is still with the team.

  825. 100% upvote

  826. JLin played really really great in first half. That’s why he stayed 12 min in first half. It was like a better Linsanity game to me. I was bumped up at the time. Sad to see BS was back to his old trick and the game got away in second half as a result.

  827. Dallas is a way better situation than Lakers. Owner will spend. Superstar is unselfish. Lots of pieces that have won.

  828. The thing with that statement, nobody is buying Scott’s bull anymore. The more he talks, the more he digs a whole for himself

  829. That is why Rondo is not coming to LA. I can see Cuban going after Lin to boost his bench. I can then also see lin playing well enough to take over starting role in Dallas. I think it will be the Lakers in dilemma in FA, not lin.

  830. Yep. You can see more and more people are making a joke on BS for his “crazy” narratives. No body buys into his narratives anymore.

  831. Did BS say Lin was inconsistent last night?

  832. Now that JLin has turned a corner and found his “comfort” in playing BS’ crazy system, he will receive many good offers this time. As Nathan pointed out to me, since JLin was a free agent after this season as compared to restrictive agent 3 years ago, more teams would make offers. What a comfort to learn this. Then JLin can make a good choice.

  833. Not sure. NO desire to listen. It was posted down in this thread. You can go to listen and report to us:-) He definitely did say so in his most recent interview (2 days ago).

  834. Thanks…wonder why does NBA stat and B-R stat differs.

  835. We have warriors in KHuang and Kwok Wai Lai fighting the trolls at the other site.

    Got to admire their courage and efforts keeping those trolls at bay. Salute!

  836. I think so on ” I am sure he has talked to Mitch about FA, and it is obvious to me that Kobe/Mitch don’t agree, so Kobe making his pitch to the press.” I believe the PG candidate Lakers wants it’s Lin that’s why Kobe’s not happy & said to media about Rondo…

  837. Ya! That’s why Mac Gasol is front runner now.

  838. I think they want to keep Lin, not at the starting spot, but as a backup at this point. I do believe that Mitch likes lin and they know that nobody is coming to the team while Kobe is still there, because he won’t let it happen. Look at Steve Nash, one of the premiere PG’s in the league, and kobe took the ball out of his hand. So kobe is just playing to the media.

  839. After know ESPN LA talked about wanted to keep Lin I think that’s what FO wants…. I believe Lin is the big threat to Kobe that’s why he & BS tried everything they could to push Lin out of Lakers. Lin played the less min in the team but put out the best points… I don’t think Lakers wants Rondo. Even Mav is not as high as before about Rondo.

  840. this has been the pattern in recent games; scott’s substitution patterns and the method of play being instructed look ok even good in the first half or the early portion of the game and the game is competitive; but then at some point later (usually around the half way point) the team (under bs instructions presumably as well as substitution patterns, timeout choices, etc) reverts back to choices that lead to a big loss.

    this has convinced me that the tank is clearly in but in a weird way; its like ok we’ll see what weve got here, how we could play (so it doesn’t look so obvious perhaps)–but then if we’re doing well; will go back to making the right choices for losing.

    its like they’re just jerking the audience around. like a pre-scripted wwe where we let the fans see something to get excited about but then make sure we revert to losing ways to go for the ping-pong balls.

    knicks/six’s had a ping pong ball bowl last nite and tho for a long time it looked like they were going for a tie in hopes both would be awarded a loss i think eventually anthony’s vanity got the best of him and he (unlike kobe still having something left in the “tank” to avoid “tanking) produced a failed tanking test to the more experienced at tanking sixers.

  841. Thank you.

    There is no reason why a Jeremy Lim fan site should be overrun by hateful trolls.

    STAND UP to the trolls, Lin fans. Stand up for YOURSELVES.

  842. That’s only if Cuban wants Lin, which I don’t think Cuban does.

    Cuban’s secret statisticians would tell him that Lin’s far more effective than people realize, but Cuban would not want Lin because of “intangibles”.

  843. Why wouldn’t cuban want lin?smh

  844. You know I find it very funny that even the so called die-hard kobe fans giving him the side eye for wanting Rondo. They are saying no to Rondo…LOL

  845. Yes and no.

    George Karl is Mr Intensity. He demands that his players go all out 100% of the time. That’s because although Karl has mostly adjusted to the modern game, he’s still a fast break coach at heart.

    The problem is that his teams do two things consistently: struggle in the halfcourt and get injured. Every time a Karl team takes the court, they try to play speedball by using hard running and fast passing to create motion. However this is the NBA where sometimes the best play is to throw the ball to a single guy and play slowdown iso basketball.

    I’m concerned that Lin would get INJURED under Karl or would play for a depleted team that has its big men knocked out by injury.

  846. They differ because “advanced stats” are ARTIFICIALLY INVENTED stats that use arbitrary made up coefficients to recalculate box score stats based on fake opinion.

    I completely disregard “advanced stats”, even when they are in Lin’s favor.

    You know advanced stats are LYING when Kobe Bryant somehow has a 17.4 PER (above average) despite playing terribly every game. PER is one of the fakest stat measures I’ve ever seen, and I believe that it is a completely made up number based on how off it is from on court perfomance.

  847. I’m HAPPY that Nick Young wants Dragic and that Bryant wants Rondo.

    Jeremy Lin needs to play on a team that doesn’t play this insane outdated 80s basketball. GET HIM OUTTA THERE.

  848. That’s only because Price was SO BAD.

    If Price tossed in a few assists in the first half, Scott would have reduced Lin’s minutes to under 14.

    Lin’s minutes are solely dependent on Ronnie Price, not Lin’s own skill level.

  849. Neither one is coming to the Lakers, besides Young was just running his mouth, he has no say in who comes to the Lakers. F/O looks at Young as entertaining and fun with no opinion.

  850. So…… how did the all-world defensive juggernaut best ever beverly do last night?

  851. Because Cuban wants All Star point guards with name recognition.

    Cuban courted Deron Williams heavily, though Cuban has to be relieved that the broken down Williams is not Dallas’s max contract burden.

  852. I don’t buy what coachs say anymore. It could just be lip service. BS also said that he was a Lin fan before and look how things turn out.

  853. Can’t agree more…

  854. I disagree. Price played his usually bad self. The bench players had about the same amount of minutes. Price got his regular two points

  855. Stats is nothing more than number. And its how one draws the story (perspective) out of it.

    What I was wondering was the formula used by both of this group

  856. The only person Beverley stopped was HIMSELF.

  857. But Price was also hobbled and banged up out there.

    Byron Scott is trying to find a backup for Price, and Clarkson is just not ready.

    Scott would prefer to play Price over 35 minutes at Lin’s expense, but Price cannot physically handle it.

  858. They talking bad about Beverly now. They are saying that he just a backup PG. Also it seems that D12 has fallen out of favor with the fans in Houston. My take D12 has his sights for someplace else. Remember he has a clause in contract to opt out in 2016.

  859. Tell me something I don’t know. My take Kobe pushing hard for Rondo to come tells me that Mitch/F/O and Kobe in a disagreement about FA. Kobe is playing to the media right now. This is the same thing he did to D12. Lakers know how bad kobe is, but this time kobe is on his last hurrah and he doesn’t have a lot of pull as he once did in F/O, because they know that Kobe is the albatross around their neck for FA. I wander Kobe’s MRI on his shoulder is going to show.

  860. Nice to see die hard JLin fans supporting Jeremy after each game.
    The other site are filled with bandwagon fans and “know it all /I told you so”
    fans who only come whenever Lin has an exceptionally good or bad game.
    Have a g’day all

  861. He was juggernauted by Steph Curry.

  862. No.

  863. Ya! Kobe tried to do the same to Lin just like what he did to D12 but I think this time FO will not buy it.

  864. Whats the point of calling as a Fan or Fan site, when we dont support him. Objective criticism is fine, but we should not be mocking our own player.

    Do drop by often! 🙂

  865. I regretted to click on…garbage.

  866. Ya! Looked at box score… D12 is not corner stone anymore… Harden is more like younger vision of Kobe.

  867. If so don’t click on this article.

  868. As for PER, it sides volume shooting, hence Kobe has slightly good PER.

    But PER alone should not be used to judge efficiency of player, there are other attributes to the matrix as well, in evaluating a player

  869. Warriors? They are simply trolls. How can you think their behavior supports a positive approach?

    Lin’s play stands on its own. It doesn’t improve just because you scream “racist” in all caps at a lot of people.

  870. Any news on Kobe injury?

  871. FYI I’m in the process of editing/compressing JLin Q&A video so hopefully I can upload it soon.
    I will create a new post later along with the pics.
    I might have to add it in batches when time allows

  872. Way to go, TROLL.

    You are just angry that Lin fans are standing up for themselves.

    Let’s you and me continue fighting on the other forum. I will unload on your trolling in a way that I am not permitted to here.

  873. I really like what BS did yesterday by sending Kobe back on the floor. This is the only chance he might shut himself down for good. More minutes for Kobe please.

  874. I mostly read the comments. I rather talk basketball. I called up the Jared Greenberg and Rick Fox radio BB show last week to suggest that Kobe retire or be a bench player and I think Rick didn’t really care for my comments

  875. not yet. Only that he’ll have MRI today

    It’s interesting to see the current narrative being filmed for his documentary:
    – Kobe the tough warrior continued to play with one arm, never giving up
    – Kobe before MRI vouched to play with possible torn labrum because he’s a warrior to the end

    Does anyone else also feel Kobe’s actions are unfolding like predictable movie scripts?

  876. To all you guys and gals who think the Lakers’ commentators are somehow becoming more positive with Lin and are signaling that FO wants to keep him – here is absolute proof that this aen’t going to happen. These are the most connected insiders. Shelbourne is on ESPN radio.


  877. It’s interesting to see the current narrative being filmed for his documentary:
    – Kobe the tough warrior continued to play with one arm, never giving up
    – Kobe before MRI vouched to play with possible torn labrum because he’s a warrior to the end

    Does anyone else also feel Kobe’s actions are unfolding like predictable movie scripts to create a mythical Kobe in his documentary?

  878. When is this? Yesterday?

  879. http://www.nba.com/2015/news/01/08/2015-third-all-star-game-voting-returns/index.html?ls=iref:nbahpt13a

    Western Conference

    1. Stephen Curry (GS) 958,014
    2. Kobe Bryant (LAL) 862,568
    3. James Harden (Hou) 690,843
    4. Chris Paul (LAC) 401,945
    5. Damian Lillard (Por) 210,794
    6. Klay Thompson (GS) 170,827
    7. Rajon Rondo (Dal) 165,427
    8. Russell Westbrook (OKC) 159,264
    9. Jeremy Lin (LAL) 148,763
    10. Tony Parker (SA) 75,325

  880. These STOOPID reporters don’t know squat about what Lin has done this season under very trying racial circumstances.

    They do tell the truth about the Lakers regarding Lin strictly as a backup rental.

    The only thing ownership hasn’t done that surprised me is picking up yet one more cheap point guard to replace Lin with. Then again, they’ve TRIED AND FAILED with guys like Pooh Jeter who spurned the Lakers’ minimum wage nonguaranteed offers for the security and playing time offered in China!

    Lin was a GONER the instant he was traded to the Lakers. He was nothing more than a toxic contract to them that was packaged with the 1st and 2nd round draft picks that the Lakers wanted.

  881. So Kobe is voted into ASG and I hope he plays so that he can finally retire and give way to young LALA players.

    I have the hunch that after ASG, Jeremy will have a totally different team to play on. Fingers crossed and praying.

  882. OK..lets start a clean sheet here, and stop calling calling each other @disqus_SyuAk23JI7:disqus as Trolls. If a poster finds a post crossing the rules here, do highlight to the mods here.


  883. I think I’m bit late. Just read an interview of BS by Miller. What BS said is really cracked me up…..on Priceless Price “Tough as nails, very high basketball IQ, hate losing, and probably as competitive as anybody we have.” How come nobody find this gem in the past 9 years???? Papa will give you the time to shine. I can image how proud BS looked when he said these words. A clown.

    This description is absolutely correct if replacing the name Price into Lin.

  884. Don’t bite the bait and create “trolling” clicks there. Just not worth your time.

  885. The really disturbing thing about what you said is that it seems SOOOO logical that most people would agree.

    THIS IS THE PATHETIC WORLD WE LIVE IN! We are agreeing with an ego maniac that his selfishness is okay. It’s such a sad statement about the value system we live in today.

    This is why Lin fights a battle far more important than just basketball. Greed and selfishness in this narcissistic world we live in has warped our social contract to believe that what I think is what really matters; and everyone else is wrong or in my way. Lin keeps fighting for a different way of living. He believes that “the rising tide raises all ships”, that we don’t need to step on others to get ahead.

    Kobe’s selfishness shouldn’t be condoned. He has far more money than he could ever spend in a lifetime but he wants more in spite the fact that he is destroying his team and his own legacy.

  886. Indeed, There’s very much nothing to learn about Kobe in his doc beside self promoting greatness.

  887. LOL

  888. Yeah Linsanity is still missed by many…
    Belos is the article on the new recruit

  889. Ridiculous. Those guys just spoke out their own opinions, nothing more nothing less.

  890. Businesses were great during Linsanity, they all miss it and so do we.

  891. What I see this is half of these three admits that Lin might not even want to stay. Which is true and also they admit that Lin is looking for opportunities to start somewhere else, somehow I don’t see why none of them admit that Lin could not play for Scott who don’t really utilize Lin anyway.

    This really means nothing as people with eyes could all see that if Kobe is playing next season and with the same coach, Lin most likely will not stay here. Lin is a free agent and Lakers has no leverage here.

  892. Ya! Just like talk show…LOL! If it’s Kevin Ding then I believe more…

  893. They have a lot of opinions about JLin. When it comes to KB, they have to quote a taxi driver. ( See those tweets from the earlier posts here)

  894. Actually, I feel like it’s very much worth my time.

    When somebody attacks me, I FIRE BACK with PLEASURE.

    That’s how I sleep easy and hold no grudges.

    What trolls don’t realize is that if they changed their behavior and started acting like normal respectable people, I’d be the first person to embrace them.

  895. Administration, feel free to moderate my above post too.

    Unlike trolls, I try hard to abide by your rules. I’m a guest here and am not trying to cause you trouble.

  896. Warriors bench almost threw the game away last night to the Rockets. Kerr had to put Curry and Thompson back in in garbage time to seal the win. Wonder if Warriors may want to shore up bench to make playoff run. Owner regretted letting Lin go. His son played with Lin in high school.

  897. What does a stat padder try hard to do? Padding stats and marginalizing teammates’ stats.

  898. All 3 agreed that it is unlikely Kobe to retire before contract expiry, if that is so There will not be any ambitious FA signing with LAkers including JLin. Decision further compounded by BS coaching “skills” .

  899. Curr is a Lin hater.

  900. Instead of man up and speak up their own opinion about Kobe, they cowardly used a taxi driver’s comment whose btw I agreed.

  901. 6 hours ago.

  902. I thought three more minutes, KB would had broken another record (PT) ??

  903. Anyone that has half a brain can remember how NASH was made into a SG becuase of KOBE; D12 and Gasol all ran away as fast as possible because of KOBE. Lin is the easiest guy to get along with in the league and KOBE can’t even do that! Rondo nor any other Free agents will come to LA while KOBE is still in charge.

  904. What? I thought he is good friend of Lin?

  905. Yes, that’ll be the best scenario if Kobe shuts down after ASG and Lin is allowed to play.

    But Kobe will be itching to come back if he sees LA crowd starts to chant Linsanity and MVP.
    The New Orleans cabbie had a great read on Kobe afraid of losing the crowd adoration.

    Kobe’s addiction to crowd worship is definitely the real problem.

  906. With KB’s slouching right arm, he is signaling that he can no longer SHOULDER this team. ??

  907. A winning aspiring team needs all players to be skillful including the bench players.

  908. Good writing by Greg at Sportige as usual

    Los Angeles Lakers – Kobe Bryant is Irrelevant, Jeremy Lin Being Toyed With

    One bad offensive stretch from the Lakers in the fourth quarter cost them the game. It took them almost four minutes to score a single point while the Pelicans opened up a nine point lead, and when the points started coming, it was a bit too late. Taking out Jeremy Lin seemed to be the answer for Byron Scott, who doesn’t like seeing Lin on the floor late in the game over the last two weeks. Introducing Kobe Bryant to the game didn’t change anything, as the Pelicans kept drifting away out of reach.

    Lin played 21 minutes, with the Lakers losing by two during his minutes. Obviously, not every aspect of the +/- has something to do with the player himself, but Byron Scott doesn’t change. Lin gets punished when things don’t go well, regardless of how he was individually in that span and whether or not his abilities (take a guess: he can) can help the Lakers maybe win the game or make things closer. Instead, Ronnie Price, in all his two-point glory, continues to play more minutes than him despite being a vastly inferior player.

    As a team, playing badly works for the Lakers. The organization needs a reset. It also needs to sever its ties with Kobe Bryant, but that’s not happening. Meanwhile, good players like Lin (but not him alone) get turned into role players just because it fits this losing strategy. Or maybe it’s just a personal issue for Scott with Lin, not liking him from the start. It sucks to have this bad of a coach hurting your career, but Lin needs to do a bit more with the poor cards he has been dealt. He has no choice.

  909. You are all good mate, I’m just saying not to call each other trolls, the same goes to Monking

  910. Yes …Good point!
    Markazi and Shelbourne recognized Lin wants to start and it will be somewhere else.
    They knew Kobe will still rule the Lakers next season and he doesn’t like Lin starting next to him.
    They indirectly acknowledged Lin should start over Price but Kobe won’t let it happen.

  911. LOL literally yes!

  912. Did Lin’s biceps and upper body grow bigger as the season went on?
    He seemed more bulked up than in the early season.
    Just curious if he can change his training regimen during the season


  913. Lin would not fit in with the Warriors.

    He plays too rugged a style for that jump shooting team.

    Golden State’s big men clog the lane and set high picks for jump shots. That’s because Curry and Thompson cannot athletically attack the rim off the dribble.

    Lin would find himself unable to drive because of all the Warriors bodies clogging the lane and midrange. He’d have to reinvent himself as a pure shooter, but that would take shots away from
    Thompson and Curry.

  914. On another note, someone posted updates on Joseph Lin a couple of weeks ago. Baby Lin has been tearing it up as of late, averaging like 23 points in the last few games. He currently leads his (small, division 3) conference in assists with 6.8/game and is 6th in scoring at 15.5 (and would be even higher up were it not for a slow start). It looks like he grew a couple of inches to 6-1, and I noticed that he takes the most shots on his team every game (about 20 shots/game recently) haha. Perhaps he can start his professional basketball career in Europe…

  915. That’s true about GSW being a jumpshooting team with Curry/Thompson backcourt, which will be a problem come playoff time with tighter defense.

    But they actually have Iguodala (Iggy) playing a similar role to slash-drive w/o creating for others as much. Lin would be more versatile to give any shooters good look in regular season or playoff.

    But yeah, Kerr probably won’t use Lin much so I don’t like Lin in being GSW.
    Lin needs a coach who really sees his true values like Carlisle, Karl, MDA.

  916. I wonder what is his wingspan

  917. ah, maybe someday we will really have “Super Lintendo Bros” backcourt in the NBA!

  918. I do think Lin can get more minutes in GSW than he could in LAL tho. It just the treatment will not be fair still.

  919. here is the Hamilton player profile but no mention of wingspan.
    The problem is his weight is only listed at 151.
    He has to be a shooter at Thompson/Allen/Korver level to have any chance in the NBA, I think. Plus a 3-4 inches growth spurt


  920. If he can create, then it will be a completely different story. Weight is not an issue, since most NBA rookies were underweight.

  921. Let’s hope so.
    I wonder if he’ll get a second look being a Lin brother.

  922. I wonder if he is even interested in NBA at all…lol especially after he saw what happened to his bro

  923. he’s got to be after knowing how many Lin fans here are ready to root for him LOL

  924. Haha oh yay…if he really gets the chance I guess we can change the site to be JLinPortalX2

  925. true, coz GSW like HOU wanted to win.
    But for once I’d like to root for Lin without complaining about his coach LOL

  926. haha well the last time that happened…..it lasted only a month…

  927. What a glorious month that was… sigh…

  928. so far it’s either Lin got benched or the coach (MDA) got fired LOL

    No wonder coaches decide to bench Lin instead haha..

  929. hey.. it’s still JLin so it works :]

  930. I’m curious about that too

  931. I think she meant Kerr the coach.

  932. lefty….shooter

  933. No rest for the team BS? They’re on the road you $#@% coach.

  934. Thanks. He looks like Lin… If they both can be on the same team that will be great. They can help each other no need to worry about no one set the screen ….

  935. Did Steve Nash see something that the rest of us didn’t? Yes declaring the season over without even play one game in the regular season? Even worse last year he’s still hanging around with the team (Kobe was not) but this year he really stays away. Like Joyce always said “the plot is thicken”.

  936. Kevin Ding is brave to declare Kobe’s aging body betrayed him last night.
    Hope he doesn’t get bitten by the Mamba

    “Kobe Bryant Finding That Indomitable Will Is No Match for Harsh Reality of Aging”

    Bryant saw a mountain he wanted to climb in those final five minutes, yet he wasn’t going to break anyone’s arm to scale it. When he tried for a few steps, he couldn’t keep his footing, then set off to find the long way around.

    It was defeat in more ways than one.

    Such is the plight of the aging superstar—competing with his former self and forever losing.


  937. lol, yes, Steve Kerr is a Lin hater

  938. notice….he dribble with right hand but shoots with left…ambidextrious?

  939. The style he played just like Lin… maybe he will tryout NBA soon. If not he can go to China first… he will be hot in China for sure.

  940. Aww…..the knicks still miss Jlin… I bet Jimmy dolan probably missed him the most…hahaha

  941. I am curious what the the racist filthy animals over kkklutchfans says about their precious “wolverine” now.?… remember Psalm234… I get 6 minutes…hehe

  942. yup.. 6, ehm 4 ehm 2 min before this post self-destructs! hehe

  943. The plot sickens.

  944. What is going on here? LoL.

  945. Looking at the Basketball Reference defensive ratings from each of the games, I notice JLin tends to be one of the better defenders while (surprise surprise) Price tends to be one of the worse. Numbers don’t lie.

    But BS just trusts his instincts. Price just looks “better” with those hard to measure terms like toughness and intensity. BS should really get his eyes checked.

  946. he got one-time deal to modify post within 6 min ..or poof! :>

  947. Father time. Undefeated.

  948. Can you spare me a couple more minutes. ..my phone is slow thanksor editing…t

  949. Mark Medina ‏@MarkG_Medina 3m3 minutes ago
    Byron said he’s skeptical there’s any scenario Kobe will play tomorrow. But will wait until MRI results

    Los Angeles Lakers ‏@Lakers 3m3 minutes ago
    Byron on Tarik Black: “Did some work today very gingerly like.” Called him 50/50 but if his condition is the same as today he won’t play.
    **Da*n, I wish Black be able to play tomorrow.

  950. I did give 2 min grace period before POOF!
    Remember the 3 strikes rule before going to the 1st penalty box so… be careful, my friend =]

  951. The irony is Kobe’s shoulder is shutting down.
    So we’re waiting for the dialogue between Kobe and his shoulder now

  952. Wow, is this guy serious?

  953. lol

  954. He is just kidding. I doubt he knows anything WTG 3 weeks. But he said Kobe died 5 months ago.

  955. Like this?

  956. I tried to edit but my phone acted crazy…..only if you give me a few few more minutes…. my edit was awsome as well…oh well

  957. Even machine has its’ own time limit.

  958. One down one more to go but this one has to be fired.

  959. In order for that shoulder to function well, it needs his teammates to cooperatively shoot less and lower percentage for two seasons.

  960. We all know Ronnie does look black, similar to them all.

  961. Seems more than norm on Tweets about KB. Do they not think he’ll be back anymore?


  962. I could see Scott eavesdropping.

  963. This is a comment from the article of”Lakers should trade for reggie jackson”
    I like this guy’s comment even though I think Lin has more upside.

    Tom Gardner

    Jackson and Lin are nearly identical. They’ve both played about 250 games and have mostly come off the bench. Each have put up 20ppg stats when playing without Melo, Harden, Kobe, Durant and Westbrook. Lin has averaged 27 minutes per game, Jackson 21. On a per-36-minute basis, Lin is 15.5 ppg, 6.7 apg, 3.5 RPGs, 1.7 spg. Jackson is 15.5/5.5/5.1/1.2. Lin shoots much better: 44% overall, 35% from three! Jackson is 43%, 29%. Both are OK on defense, Lin gets more steals, Jackson more rebounds. Lin is the better passer. Both are good penetrators.

    People who say Lin is “soft” don’t understand that this guy has put up with racial slurs every time he has taken the court in college and the pros. You try that some time. The guy is tough to the bone.

  964. Preparing a statement/press conference?

  965. LOL

  966. I agree with you’re comment about lin being very tough mentally for handling the racial slurs he’s faced.

    What I don’t agree with is comparing another bench player to Lin by stats. On the surface Tom Gardner may seem to be comparing equal assets but in fact he leaves out a significant aspect of Lin’s intangibles that can’t be measured by stats and that is LIN’S ability to make his teammates better. Lin has proven on every team he’s played on that he can positively affect his teammates into playing far above their own capabilities. Even on the Lakers, he has positively brought out the play of everyone that allows him to help them find their own strengths while lin magically hides their weaknesses.

    Articles like these seem to be saying positive things but in fact they are marginalizing lin by comparing him to bench players. This is what Keith Smart did with AC Law, Mchale with Beverley and Scott with Price. They all choose a journeyman to play above Lin in order to meaginalize Lin.

  967. Kobe can rest for the season and be stronger and better for next year.

    So will BS say the season is over and play Clarkson more than Lin to prepare for next season?

  968. Now there’s more proof of how bad a coach scott is for laker fans and kobe fans. We should be unified in firing scott at minimum.

  969. Come back next year and do this whole charade over again? For Lakers fans I hope not.

  970. also much older

  971. Kobe would rather retire.

  972. Oh no, that means if Kobe can’t play in the ASG then Harden might end up starting. SMH

  973. Could be

  974. I’d rather see Klay Thompson but suspect NBA want’s to build up Harden. If Steve Kerr is coaching does he get to decide who starts as an alternate if Kobe out?

  975. Booo… I rather see Kobe than Harden.

  976. LOL so true

  977. dr.b‏@drbrucehirsch
    How does this idiot of a trainer let kobe play…..malpractice. any lawyers out there


  978. I can live with that. It’s just 1 game.

    I’m more concerned with what Byron will do with Lin in Kobe’s absence.

    1. Continue to marginalize to tank?
    2. Listen to Kupchak to play more min to see if Lakers should retain Lin next year?

  979. I hope so but Harden received more votes.

  980. The good Dr says he’s done.

    @ShowTime_32 @LakerFacts done curtis…hes done…can cause permanent damage..wasnt good this year…its over …no number 6— dr.b (@drbrucehirsch) January 22, 2015

  981. Kobe bad shoulder, Ronnie bad elbow, BS just a bad coach. Shoulder and elbow could be fixed but …

  982. If somehow Tim Duncan get another rings in this or next yr. I guess Kobe’s legacy will be hurt more…

  983. dr.b‏@drbrucehirsch
    @dragon_wingz @Lakers not impressive staff..nash was never going to play..kobe weakened his cuff taking stupud fade aways..then dunk….


  984. deleted duplicate

  985. That is really too bad. I’m still rehabbing my rotator cuff, taking forever. Hope Kobe gets well soon and set Lin free during the mean time.

  986. Lin had more votes than Harden and got passed over when Harden was appointed to take Kobe’s slot before.

  987. It would be an exclamation point for sure.

    I guess the Big Fundamental is correct in never jumping/dunking high anymore to save his body. He could really play 2-3 more years again.

  988. It appears that KOBE has been injured for some time and took to resting as a way to try to repair the damaged rotator cuff.

    This is a common injury that tennis players have whenever a player has bad form in the serve reaching up to hit the ball at the highest point of arm extension. Kobe’s age and lack of vertical separation probably forced him into trying to reach higher with his arm extension to shoot over defenders.

    Aging athletes who don’t adjust to their body’s changing capabilities will often make bad body alignment adjustments to compensate for having lost a step.

  989. With this latest injury setback, Kobe and Vanessa Bryant reached this moment. Is it time to walk away? pic.twitter.com/tVMMj7ZsiL— Yannis Koutroupis (@YannisNBA) January 22, 2015

  990. Also how he played without going to the “Dark side”

  991. Same with Volleyball players…..

  992. This could be a huge turning point to determine Lin’s fate as a Laker.

    Assuming Kobe is out for the season:
    1. Will Kupchak ask Byron to give Lin more min to find out if
    a. Lin’s a big part of rebuilding next year or
    b. increase his trade value before Feb deadline?
    2. Will Byron simply reshuffle the bench and starters in terms of PT?
    3. Will tanking play a factor in not letting Lin-led team to win?

    Either way, things might be looking up a little bit for Jeremy and his fans.

  993. “America runs on Duncan.”

  994. I think it's time. http://t.co/i47Et2g4Hs— Chris Rock (@chrisrock) January 22, 2015

  995. It is an overall bad snake.

  996. maybe 4

  997. I AM SO SORRY. ??

  998. Yes, tough as a ninja.

  999. you mean 4th scenario of status quo?
    maybe, if Byron still loves Price too much.

  1000. Since we are on this…heard of Chinese “snake oil” treatment for injuries. Arthritis, joint pains, chronic pains, acute pains….

  1001. always respect Chris Rock for speaking out to defend Lin’s $25M contract in 2012

    “If linn [sic] were a 23 old black kid who came straight from high school and had tat on his neck that said thug life and happened to score 38 points on the lakers I don’t think anyone would question his contract,” Rock wrote on Twitter on Wednesday; Lin is the first American-born player of Chinese or Taiwainese descent in NBA history


  1002. My wish is that Byron Scott fired for his ineptitude and destroying Kobe, Mark Madsen takes his place as interim coach. With Scott gone Nash comes back to mentor Lin and Linsanity 2.0 LA edition breaks out.

  1003. I think for this season. It will be simply be Ellington and Kelly sharing Kobe’s minutes while Lin still play about 18 mins a game

  1004. hm, true.. I haven’t considered BScott getting fired immediately as the fallout.
    This would be even better scenario!

  1005. I hope LA Media would apply pressure to blame Byron for destroying Kobe’s body as Rick said. Then oust him!

  1006. I certainly hope so. Scott is almost like a scam artist to LAL imo…

  1007. Click to show some respect.

  1008. Mike BresnahanVerified account
    The latest on Kobe’s rotator cuff: A full tear likely means season-ending surgery. If it’s partial, he could still play, but with pain.


  1009. yes, Phoenix Suns medical team has the same concept of ensuring balance on the body alignment so that’s why they’ve been so successful to revive the career of NBA veterans (i.e. Grant Hill, Nash, Shaq, etc.)

    I guess other NBA teams don’t emphasize it as much including Lakers with Nash and Kobe

  1010. Still can play….oh…Scott loves tough guys…

  1011. Kobe’s % is already in the D-league level this season before this shoulder injury.

  1012. We all wish BS gets fired, but I think he was brought in to please Kobe and to tank, not to win.

  1013. soon he’ll start 5 “tough” hospital patients!
    amazing how he’s allowed to ruin players bodies.

    LA Media should be questioning his decision to allow Kobe to come back and play the game. Plus those heavy mins

  1014. LOL photobombing?

  1015. Good summary of the situation by @Gadgetomi


  1016. Haha, nah. That happened a few years ago. Chris Rock was sitting court side and trying to have a convo or say hi to Kobe, but Kobe was too into the game he completely ignores Chris making him look silly on TV. Lol! Pretty sure you can catch it on YouTube.

  1017. Especially when this is a player worth 48mils for 2 yrs we are talking about…

  1018. MDA didn’t have any good PG he could’ve used. BS got Price. BS already stick his neck out for the guy. He’s not gonna back down now.

  1019. It was just crazy how BS left KB in the game when you clearly see KB couldn’t use his right arm.

  1020. ah… thanks. Now I know the history of the bad blood :]
    Funny stuff indeed!

  1021. If Kobe retires that’s one less reason to have BScott. If he’s lost the locker room and alienated all the other players not named Price or Kobe hopefully he’s through. Like if players they want to keep say they won’t return to play with BScott maybe he’s out.

  1022. so I guess the best chance is if Byron’s scared of losing his job or he has to be fired for Lin to have any chance

  1023. The problem is, the Lakers want to loose in order to retain the top 5 pick. So, BS won’t be fired.

  1024. Yea. He’s been jump on the grenade for LAL. He’s just playing the good soldier for the FO. He’s not going anywhere soon.

  1025. Dr. Robert KlapperVerified account
    KOBE. Torn Rotator Cuff! No Matter the size of the tear this is NOT like a torn Labrum in treatment! Surgery to Repair it is Key in Recovery

  1026. Can a top 5 pick likely give them a player better than Lin, that is the decision the FO has to make right now.

  1027. Guess she has plans for that $25 Mil for next year:


  1028. Give up what? You Vanessa, money or NBA?

  1029. BTW if anyone knows a good video editing free/shareware in Windows, please let me know.
    I’m having trouble trying to edit/prepare Q&A video.
    Tried 2-3 programs but kept freezing up on me or added watermark. Thanks!

  1030. The shoulder.

  1031. KEVIN DINGVerified account
    Video of @Stephen__Nelson and me analyzing how Kobe’s injury hurts now and in the future: http://bleacherreport.com/articles/2339297-ding-will-kobe-bryants-latest-injury-ruin-the-lakers-chances-in-free-agency

  1032. Does she know the mouse trap intends to break the neck not the head?

  1033. I found the choice of picture is rather odd.

    Did she imply Kobe’s rotator cuff got torn like a mice trying to get the carrot from the mouse trap? I would have picked a picture of Mamba or something to encourage Kobe. Hmmm..

  1034. Free agents miss the opportunity to play with Kobe, what a loss !

  1035. exactly, I just wondered about the choice of picture by Vanessa

  1036. I doubt she’s ever used a mouse trap. Probably doesn’t know how they work. Staff does that.

  1037. I think it would help rather than hurt the Lakers ability to attract FAs. Free agents are more likely to come now since they won’t have to share the ball with an aging Kobe. It will be their team with a fresh start.

  1038. right on, lol

  1039. really dislike the lakers and some of their fans now, they don’t even allow lin to play to his strength, give him enough play time, or address the ill treatment of that BS coach, and they are now talking like he’s nothing, trying to get other pgs to replace him in the FA. what’s wrong with these people? given the same playtime and system those star pgs enjoy, lin would do even better than them.

  1040. To tell her husband to go to dead trap.

  1041. You know the narrative, that everyone wants to play with kobe, which every player and their agents and all of the NBA know it’s a lie.LOL

  1042. What programs have you tried? Maybe you can take a look at the programs listed here http://www.videohelp.com/tools/sections/video-editors-h264-avc

  1043. Don’t think so. You have to spend one whole year to babysit an old superstar for his last ring.

  1044. Lightworks. Never used it. LifeHacker mentioned it few years back. But look like there still is a free version.


  1045. I’m talking about Kobe retired and gone fishing for good.

  1046. Sadly, this might be the case.

  1047. Tough news for Kobe, the mileage over 19 years has caught up to him. Scott’s usage of him didn’t help either.

    I would have been excited for Lin’s opportunity, but Scott has already made up his mind that he’s not going to use Lin’s skillset. We’ve already seen the games when Kobe was off.

    Scott thinks he’s “old school”, which he thinks is a good thing. Which it is sometimes, but in Scott’s case, he’s just antiquated. He’s still using a World Book Encyclopedia when the rest of the league is using the internet. Look at the top 2 teams, Warriors and Hawks, they play Spurs-style team basketball, excelling on both ends of the floor.

    Anyways, I hope I’m wrong, but I don’t think things will change much for Lin without Kobe out even the rest of the year. I just hope he stays injury-free and puts up good % stats.

  1048. She knows what she’s doing. Gravy train is coming to a stop, time to get off and ride the next train.

  1049. So now Lin will play pass 20 min mark?

  1050. With Price still playing and Lin is like the 9th guy off the bench, why would his number get better with Kobe out. Lin is never subbed out for Kobe anyways.

  1051. Head of the snake? Lol

  1052. I admire their efforts.

    However, on this site, no need to fight trolls. They just disappear.

  1053. Why do you think they lie about it? Just to fill up space?

  1054. Who is going to facilitate most of the time? He might as well try to use Lin as an SG and play with Price sometimes.

  1055. What was the purpose of kobe on the court last night, shooting with one arm.He loked so dumb. The game was lost and it wasn’t to a championship game. Lakers fans taling about how kobe was tough and how LBJ got a cramp in his leg and he couldn’t take it. .smh

  1056. awesome, this looks promising. I’ll give it a try. Thanks!

  1057. Unless Scott playing and building up Price is just a ploy to cater to Kobe. Anybody can see Price isn’t fit to be a starting PG. With no Kobe there is no offense to the starters. With no more Kobe there wouldn’t be a reason for the Price false narrative.

  1058. too many bad ones. Thanks. I’ll try Lightworks first that JW suggested

  1059. But when Kobe wasn’t playing, they put Ellington in his place. I don’t see that changing.

  1060. just for his documentary purpose IMO

    I’m waiting patiently for the fallout now. Who’s gonna be the scapegoat now?

  1061. Placeholder for Kobe. Anticipating Kobe coming back he wouldn’t reshuffle whole lineup for one or two games.

  1062. At least Lin isn’t injured. Knock on wood.

  1063. Imagine Kobe was able to win the game. It would’ve been legendary. He would be the true GOAT.

  1064. dr.b‏@drbrucehirsch
    @thesuitedmonk88 @DrRobertKlapper he should never play pro basketball again…….never will if he listens to intelligent advice..


  1065. Health is #1 priority for sure.
    Last man standing wins.

    He’s been nicely preserved with #9 min usage of the Lakers

  1066. Lakers need to go ahead force Kobe to retire. The man is done. He has had a spectacular career. Its time to ride into the sunset and while he is at it, he can take Byron Scott with him.

  1067. found this interesting info photo.

  1068. His tiger wife twitted “never give up”. smh.

  1069. I think this is a problem for kobe. Kobe wants to be and show everyone he is “tough” and so he can never be the one to take himself out of the game less he be perceived as “weak.” Someone whether it be scott or FO needs/needed to stop him but no one did and since kobe won’t stop himself unless he is really injured, he has become his own worst enemy. Scott just says since kobe says he can play I’m going to play him and Scott did it. The blame will fall squarely on scott no matter what.

  1070. Poor Lakers, giving big contracts to two aging stars (Nash & Kobe) of the past instead of star of the future (Lin).

  1071. But Kobe was the main facilitator in the 1st unit. I think Lin will get extended minutes now. Maybe not right away, but he’ll have to.

  1072. LakersPulse.NET
    Now is the time for Scott to give the keys to the offense to Jeremy Lin.


  1073. So the media won’t go bonkers. Example…Dwight Howard. The man played injured for the Lakers but received most of the criticism for their rough season

  1074. don’t you mean Jordan Hill?


  1075. Now looking back to why Nash decided to retire for medical reason. Most likely BS was telling Nash that he is going to start Price as his pg considering Nash health and Nash just said “screw it, I’m done”.

    That could also be the reason why Nash never return his call.

    right? RIGHT?

  1076. speaking of adding more pain to injury.

  1077. LOL
    he’s tweeting where the clicks may go :]

  1078. KB should retire now. LAL don’t necessarily need him to tank, they still have BS.

  1079. thats not happening

  1080. I doubt it. I think Nash just wanted to move on and not be bothered with any Lakers business (except getting the paycheck).

  1081. BS thinks Price is the next closest thing to the mamba to help the team tank.

  1082. I believe it.

  1083. Translation -> It’s hard when Lakers lost the Tank Commander.

    But it’s good thing Byron believes in Price!