Game 43 Milwaukee Bucks vs Atlanta Hawk: Jeremy Lin is Probable

Jeremy Lin status for the game is probable (right bicep contusion)


  1. GSW is the NBA champion without any first draft pick. Why would any team want to tank for the first pick?

    Teams with top picks are the Sun, the Timberwolves, the Pelicans, the 76ers etc. They are not going to win any championship in the foreseeable future. The Lakers has had lots of top picks. They are still far from winning all to get a championship in NBA.

  2. Fair enough

  3. Who will be more vsluable, Trae Young or Kevin Hureter?

  4. Player Efficiency Ratio (PER)

    John Collins 21.83
    Miles Plumlee 18.96
    Jeremy Lin 17.29
    Kent Bazemore 14.67
    Alex Len 14.46
    DeWayne Dedmon 14.19

    Omari Spellman 12.96
    Alex Poythress 12.85
    Trae Young 12.82
    Taurean Prince 11.86
    Vince Carter 10.93
    DeAndre’ Bembry 10.32
    Kevin Huerter 9.34
    Justin Anderson 8.65
    Tyler Dorsey 7.90
    Daniel Hamilton 7.52

  5. just a casual glance at the break in yer ratings tells one all one needs to know. all the top guys (basically) veterans. all the bottom guys youngsters. (plus one way too oldster in carter).

    but the youngsters get the minutes in the name of “development”. the sad truth is very few if any of them will ever “develop”.

  6. wow thats alot

  7. take it

  8. Really? Lilliard and McCullum have such big minutes on that team. Do you think Lin gets expanded minutes. I know they aren’t tanking but sometimes Atlanta doesn’t seem like it is.

    I personally don’t like the west coast because the games are later. But, I can adjust.

  9. May worth it by upgrading to their pg depth and eventually solidify their playoff seeding and getting the home court advantage (top 4 seed). In the meantime, they also cut about $4m cap space and saving a lot of luxury tax money (1 for 1 swap works in trade machine). they also get rid of Turner’s next year’s $18m salary and cap space. There are a lot of luxury tax money involved. They also hold Lin’s birds right if they choose to re-sign him although I think Lin will try to look for a starting spot first.

    Lin will take Turner’s minutes averaging about 25 minute per game as of today. Stotts is an offensive coach and knows Lin well during the battles against the Rockets. Should benefit Lin’s offensive game and hopefully leads to a multi year contract for Lin by performing well in the playoffs.

    May be Turner + first for Lin + a second. Win/Win.

  10. I saw probable for Prince on the Emory healthcare tweet.

  11. If it is 25 minutes a game that’s fine. That’s good minutes for Lin this season.

  12. They are staggering Lillard and CJ so that CJ plays back up pg when Lillard rests but don’t think he is really a pg. more a sg with a pg body shooting .337 3p this season with 2.6 assists ( quite a surprise ) per game averaging 34 mins.

    They need a floor general for their 2nd unit who can defend and shoot a respectable 3p. Lin fits the bill perfectly. I could see Lin will close out games more and at times playing a 3 guards alignment against a small ball line up.

  13. Great info in both posts. Thank you.

  14. ok. you present a (rare) plausible justification for a theoretic trade.. and seem to know a lot about the intricacies of contract technicalities.

    explain to me (and to the larger audience) if you will: why is an “expiring contract” a good thing? (for the team acquiring one)

    one sideways note: last five games lin is averaging about 25 minutes in atl.

  15. 1. flexibility of the team’s cap space especially for a luxury tax team if they can trade a multi year contract player for an expiring contract, so called salary dump.

    2. improve the team’s roster to compete while maintaining cap flexibility even if that said player doesn’t do well as expected. no harm done.

    I ain’t no nothing about contracts or nba or anything. Im just a Lin fan who wants the best of Lin. Whatever he decides to do, just continue to support him until he retires. So sometimes comments are biased.


  16. i chose Huerter than Trae for his size and his consistent shooting percentage. Like his aggressiveness , but on the down side, he needs to know when to attack and when to pass the ball. sometimes he is just like Bembry who in an instant becomes the blackHole during games. TY will be an expendable player come next year for his inability to live up to hawks hype.

  17. Agree. Last game Huerter did well, mainly because he made his shots and didn’t force too many. But bad Huerter forces shots and turns the ball over when he tries to facilitate.

    I think Trae’s issues are defense and shot selection. He’s almost elite at ball handling and passing but his TO rate is getting high. But he still is a rookie.

  18. Welcome back!

    long time no see…cheers

  19. thanks. been lurking all the time. just to lazy to post. haha.

  20. Dont forget to VOTE

  21. Go Lin go!

  22. Voted

  23. Taurean is back….im not religious by any means…but if he is up there….god help us all

  24. is our boy playing?

  25. Available to play.

  26. Lin in

  27. nice defense lin

  28. Lin quickly draws an offensive foul.

  29. Great to hear the cheers for Jeremy Lin entering the game. Makes an instant impact on defense.

  30. Lin and Trae much better together so far.

  31. Len 0 for 4 with that series, lol.

  32. prince throwing bench out of sync

  33. Huerter has to be careful here not to over-handle the ball. The Bucks are longer than the 76ers.

  34. Lin’s 3 is still off 🙁 , hope it will come back soon

  35. Lin 3 0 out of 3…

  36. Lin off on his 3s

  37. early afternoon games… not his forte 🙁

  38. his threes have been off for a while

  39. keep shooing it though

  40. Lin out

  41. Milwaukee always give lin issues. especially when three not going in

  42. I think the bruise to Lin’s arm may be hurting his shot. But his shooting touch hasn’t been the same since coming back from the back injury.

  43. Lin in

  44. Collins and Lin chemistry issue there.

  45. yes unfortunately, Lin’s tendency to play great unappreciated D (taking charges) will impact his shooting. idk if his team can devise a way to take less charges because he’ll need to rely more on his scoring/shooting the older he gets

  46. Lin with an off game

  47. He’s playing fine.

  48. Not dribbling with confidence, IMO.

  49. The Bucks length is definitely a problem to get easy score around the rim

  50. Beautiful assist off the drive to Len there.

  51. Good Lin’s assist to Len for the dunk

  52. bucks defends is really good

  53. yup i’d rather Lin rested this game.

  54. The Bucks announcers are talking about the Linsanity impact for 2-3 minutes now. Impressed it has been 9 seasons for JLin

  55. Lin out

  56. this will be a gutsy game for lin. bucks make nothing easy

  57. hope they give Lin some PnR to get him going. Hawks need Lin to have any chance in this game

  58. He really needs not to miss games. Play his normal minutes and hope he gets into a rhythm.

  59. you forgot they are tanking…

  60. Trae’s handle is good. He’s able to get to places on the courts well due to it. IMO, that makes him a promising PG.

  61. Also, isn’t he playing with a right bicep contusion?

  62. we’ll see Trae is playing pretty well right now. Lin always has problems against the bucks it seems like.

  63. Yes. It seems to be affecting his shooting and his dribble some.

  64. true, but sometimes LP got this development tank mode going when he doesn’t mind good quality wins for development.

    they can always have losing streak at the end of the season for full-tanking

  65. Good point. Looks like they are trying to be competitive now. They weren’t trying to lose the last game and they didn’t.

  66. Defense…who are they going to hide him against?

  67. i feel like this game is a good set up if Lin gets traded. bucks probably has the best defense in the nba. they dont take days off.

  68. LOL because Steve Novak is one of the Bucks announcers

  69. Steve Novak is a Bucks announcer now and talking about Linsanity days during the game. Knew Lin’s entire career history and said “He was great because he would pass the ball to me”

  70. lol .. Good buddies talk up each other!
    Novak remembers he got good contact because of Lin

  71. Good buddies since D-League support each other 🙂 I miss Lin-Novak connection

  72. Lol.

    Novak remains Lin’s friend after Knicks. I remember he joined Lin in Asia for basketball camps.

  73. JLin got Giannis on offensive charge at the end of the 1st quarter

  74. please end up with 10pts atleast Lin cmon! he is only shooting 3s and that never works out well.

  75. Great connection. Don’t know if Lin has played with as good a 3 point gunner since.

  76. Great defense from Lin!

    But it always makes this fan cringe when Lin “sacrifices” his body to create a charging foul.

  77. He shot a layup and a short jumper, 2 3s and a last second airball 3.

  78. Bembry smh

  79. Trae playing well. Lin needs to be good when he comes in or we’ll see the end of him this game.

  80. Perhaps Prince coming off the bench is a disruption – don’t know just joined game

  81. Jlin laying low. Fourth quarter Linsanity coming up

  82. He’s played with Trae. At first, they did fine together. LP is playing Lin more with Trae. Lin drew two offensive fouls and made some nice passes to Len. He’s just not shot it well.

  83. So Spellman got the start over Alex Len – this game is a designed loss perhaps; ATL has enough wins in the past couple weeks – need to revive the tank

  84. Only if LP allows it, plus Lin is still hurt

  85. Has JLIN looked hurt? Like he’s playing hurt?

  86. Nah, Spellman has been playing great in G-league, called back up to play.

  87. He does not look hurt, but his shots and dribbling look off

  88. Lin in

  89. 22222

  90. Yes!

  91. OOOH, Lin strong finish left handed layup over Giannis!

  92. Another great defensive play by Lin. tied up the driving guard (Bledsoe?).

  93. I swear Giannis gets the most ticky fouls i have ever seen. The new Harden

  94. Thank goodness Pierce isn’t forcing JLIN with Trae in 2nd half – sure it’s not really because it works better

  95. prince…

  96. Prince not up to game speed

  97. Lin already out?

  98. Lin out

  99. Lin pulled after a few minutes.. talking to Pierce. Like “what the H…”

  100. Long talk with LP after coming out. Don’t know what that was about.

  101. eh i was expecting him to go out..Trae will play a lot this game. Now i can go play Red dead redemption instead lol.

  102. on the court for less than 3 minutes … after he finally scored 2 🙁

  103. JLIN with 3 minutes – perhaps he did not run the play Pierce called because there was no turnover or anything that was obvious

  104. I would not be surprised

    Trae and Huerter have all the freedom to anything they want, but not the Asian guy

  105. I’m gonna go out on a limb – but I would imagine Trae has never been pulled out for “not running a Pierce called play” and freelancing

  106. LP pulled Lin because he didn’t take that last shot, but dumped to Collins for the miss. From what I saw.

  107. Trae has been playing pretty well though. Lin has not been very good this game.

  108. Collins is one of the guys that get unlimited shots – JLIN is not

  109. JLIN hasn’t scored much but that doesn’t mean that JLIN is not very good this game

  110. Lin in

  111. Who knows, really. Maybe that’s why. But I thought that dump to Collins was a good play. Lin could have also shot it.

  112. Trae still in

    Wasted minutes for Lin

  113. he’s been good on defense but way too passive on offense.

  114. oh passive, meaning he passes to teammates

  115. Where is the ball movement? Coach? The Hawks are better when they’re moving the ball.

  116. When naturally selfish PG’s like Trae make a couple, then that is when bad things happen and the ISO-shows begin

  117. im not going to excuse Lins play because i am a fan of him.

  118. I’d say he’s not passive on offense. But, I’d like to se him out of that corner when he’s playing with Trae. Go to the ball more. He did that in the first stint.

  119. Trae LOL

  120. JLIN passes to teammates on purpose, after 8 seasons we better get used to it

  121. 1 FT tech

  122. he’s not contributing to the offense. Am i wrong? the guy literally had a floater close to the basket and passed it to Collins for a TO instead.

  123. Lin is either defending only or being the “corner stone” when on the court with Young.

  124. All day long to look at that – perhaps had too much time

  125. Trae’s 3 is really broken. Wide-open shot but hit the rim.
    His confidence is shot

  126. Well thats his problem then. Stop overpassing and create

  127. Trae has hero-balled 5 of the last 7? plays

  128. Bucks aren’t concerned with Trae’s 3’s. That’s why they leave him open. Not a threat in this game.

  129. Not liking JLin playing as SG next to Trae.
    He barely gets any pass other than to reset the half-court offense.

  130. Was it a TO or Collins missed the shot?

  131. he needs a new team it’s as simple as that. Team that lets him handle the ball. wether it’s coming off the bench or starting.

  132. He was creating by getting so deep into the paint. No?

  133. he is 1-6 3pts 2 TO and 3 assists. He is hesistating on his decisions he got pulled in 3Q because he elected to Pass it to collins and he turned it over instead of just shooting it himself.

  134. Lin’s assignment: to act on the defense end so Young could score

    In other words: Be a good babysitter

  135. 222

  136. That’s what I want to see Lin do more. Shoot that midrange.

  137. Whole season fans have wanted JLIN and Trae playing together, and all season long I knew any significnat minutes would show that JLIN and Trae would NOT work for JLIN

  138. That shot Lin just made THATS creating. if you penetrate into the paint and just end up passing it up to a congested lane or just picking up the ball what was the whole point?

    Lin at his best keeps the dribble alive and creates havoc.

  139. Nice fadeaway jumper by Lin after winning the jumpball

  140. Len fouls out.

  141. That time Lin did not go to the corner. Got the assist.

  142. Giannis is a great player but he averages way too many FT for ticky fouls…Lebron gets pummeled on plays and gets no calls. it’s ridiculous the rigged calls some stars get.

  143. Nice Lin’s 4th assist to Spellman’s 3

  144. 1 FT Tech

  145. yeah, the burden as the veteran PG *sigh*

  146. When I see Brook Lopez I see hope — got traded from BKN spent his time in LAL purgatory, now a critical part of a good team in MIL

    Same would happen to JLIN we hope

  147. true, at least to run some PnR plays to score, rather than ‘stabilizing/energizing’ others

  148. except Brook is not Asian

  149. lol

  150. I have a feeling LP realized that play Trae and Lin together makes Trae stats much better


  151. Good to see Lin and another Hawk run to help a fallen Trae

  152. Brook is a big who is valued more in the league

  153. lol, Pierce holding his head after Trae’s man goes right around him to the rim (through others as well)

  154. It’s mostly because Baze is out; but also it would help free up Trae and Lin to playmake.
    Mostly Trae, though

  155. Possibility, when he started doing this his quote was that he saw many fans wanting Trae and JLIN on SOCIAL MEDIA, lol

  156. I don’t blame Lopez for being upset. Bad calls against him forcing Lopez into a substandard game.

  157. Lin distracts opposing defenders on one end and
    defends ferociously on the other end of the court.

  158. YOung with 11 FT attemps wow.

  159. yes, LP saw lots of comments in social media lol

  160. getting “superstar” whistles already?! Lol

  161. eh home cooking.

  162. 11 rebounds is also impressive. He played quite well today except for 3s (and D)

  163. Lin and Trae should never share the floor together to be honest. Everybody who complained about Walker Lin duo are eating their words right. Lin got more than enough chances to create in charlotte.

  164. Not really, Trae is doing the same thing Walker and Harden did, play zero defense, ice out Lin and force shots. Lin was only allowed to play as PG with the bench. With Hawks they are tanking and Lin will be gone before trade deadline.

  165. It is OK, Lin will be out of this crxp coach and team to a team who will use him correctly

    SMH, using Lin only to make their “star” look better

  166. JLIN actually got to touch the ball plenty as SG with Kemba as PG

  167. yup i dont know what games they were watching.

  168. I remember many times were Lin had to stand in the corner iced out with Walker purposely passing to the opposite side. Then there’s Walker taking 30 shots for his 30 points.

    Both situations are horrible either way.

  169. Yup off game for Lin…never misses those layups…smh

  170. Lin out

    How many times he touched the ball?

  171. riiiight thats why Walker was crazy happy and firing Lin on to keep shooting and making plays when he had great games right?

  172. not much but wasnt his game today

  173. For Pierce and Trae it’s worth it; because Trae saves every bit of energy for his Offense and expends no energy on defense of tough opposing offensive players – because JLIN uses up his energy doing that, and since JLIN gets no offensive touches it really doesn’t matter to Pierce

  174. Aaah the life of a player who doesn’t know his Role on a tanking team….Lin is cursed in that regard.

  175. Not allowed to score or do much just pass the ball and wait in the corner every play.

  176. He’s very much allowed to score.

  177. he missed an open layup got subbed right after. he is off

  178. Lin in

  179. Well hopefully My lakers get a W.

  180. Lets gets us some now JLIN

  181. I know, he dares only treat an Asian this way

    ANY other NBA player would fierce against it SMH

  182. Taking 9 shots compared to Trae’s 19 shot attempts is not off. Without any plays or chances after half court there’s no way Lin was going to play well.

  183. Bembry, “here, does anyone want my basketball, you can have it…”

  184. Score Lin it’s garbage time lol

  185. Any player would just sit and force a trade.

  186. Yeah, but so is Bembry who is the 6th man on the Hawks.

  187. That was a nice possession. Bembry with a smart cut.

  188. he had chances to score and didn’t convert. He was off on his shots. He missed an open layup he is not having a good game.

  189. I guess LP is allowing Lin in garbage time to statpad.
    Hopefully he get to 10 pts

  190. get 4 more to 10 pts!

  191. JLIN nice deflection- perhaps foul but sved a dunk

  192. Lin looks like he’s looking to get Dorsey and others points.

  193. 1 FT of 2

  194. Lin should mold his game Like Lou williams. His mentality is all wrong for a player coming off the bench. He has more skills than any other guy he is playing with on the bench unit he should look to score more than anyone else.

  195. Great steal by Lin off the inbound, Hawk’s possession

  196. That last JLIN 3 attempt looked like a tired or hurt shot – he missed it by pretty much

  197. I thought he was fouled that’s why the ball hit the rim.

  198. Lin tried the 3 but fell short hitting the rim. Not his day today.

    7pts/5asts/2rebs/1stl with 2-10 shooting.
    In hindsight, he should’ve rested his contused biceps not to hurt his shooting %

  199. Lin has team-high assist stat: 5 !!

  200. Absolutely. I hate to say this but Lin chooses to stand in the corner. Team after team he does when other facilitators are on the floor or if someone else brings up the ball when he’s PG. Maybe he has the instructions from McHale burned into his head but it’s tiresome to hear that Lin is being made to stand in the corner. If he does it over multiple teams, it’s his choice.

  201. I think he has to play all available games to show he can play 60 plus games this season. I think he’ll make it up with a 9-11 game in the future.

  202. I hope lin doesnt try too hard to get charges. It’s somtimes risky.

  203. that’s a good point ..
    Any interested teams can see that he can still contribute with 5assists, excellent D, steals even with an off shooting day

  204. me, too. But that’s his nature and philosophy to play so I guess it will be hard for his trainer to advise him.

    I’m just thinking Nash 50/40/90 excellent shooting stats might be made possible because he didn’t play tough defense throughout the season

  205. If thats the case then it’s just dumb to pair Lin with a ball dominant player. Thats on the coaches. Lin thrives with the ball in his hands and making plays.

    Lin would love to play with Lonzo Ball. Lonzo is an elite defender who loves to move the ball. Coaches need to adjust.

  206. I’d tell him to get out of the corner, move off-ball. Play 2-facilitator basketball, not Lin just being a spectator in the corner.

  207. Lin should look to score more. Look at lou willams the guy comes in with 1 thing in mind score, I’ve seen Lin go on scoring explosion long enough for me to know he can be just that kind of a player. Look at the philly game. He wont on a scoring run and just stopped shooting and creating. Lin isn’t doing anybody a favour if he is passive. But he cant do it on this team. Because he isn’t here for that.

    When your talent isn’t good enough it’s upon you to make things happen. Far too many times i see Lin defer to lesser players. He is the best player on the floor when is on and far too unselfish that it becomes a bad thing. It’s overpassing. should create everytime he gets the chance.

    Look at bembry evreybody on the hawks reddit hates that guy because he sucks. But he takes chances he shoots when he has the chance and creates when he has the chance. But he sucks. Lin is good but is far too passive and wants all of the team to get going. What he doesn’t realise is he needs to get himself going.

  208. I don’t totally agree that Lin can’t score on this team. In fact, I’m in disagreement with most of the board about this coach and situation being so bad. Lin has had scoring breakouts and I’ve seen the team go to him and trust him and encourage him to playmake and score. Also the coach. I don’t think the coach minds at all if Lin takes a bunch of shots and holds on to the ball to playmake. When he’s in with Trae, bring the ball up sometimes, take shots, go to the ball. Get out of the corner.

    But I think something else. Lin is still a player coming back from missing a year. The energy isn’t always going to be there. Lin is a medium energy, not high energy player, this season. He’s playing at a noticeably slower pace that the Hornets Lin and slower than the Nets Lin. I’ve watched basketball for decades. And I think unlike others here, I’m familiar with rehabbing players. They’re up and down for months, most if not all of the season after the injury. And that’s where Lin is. He’ll look amazing at times and not so wonderful at other times.

  209. I worded it wrong. Lin can score on this team but thats not his or the teams main focus. Young core is the only thing that matters.

    I agree with what you are saying. I love the Pace Lin is playing with. But it’s the indecisions i dont like. He penetrates and it’s like he cant make up his mind wether he should pass or score. Then you have those games where it just clicks for him he knows what he wants to do and where he wants to go. Against the raptors he was reading and reacting it was beautiful. It’s there for him he just needs to stop thinking about everybody else and take what is given to him. other than that i agree he will be up and down. But i’d rather him take 10+ shots and still making plays rather than him taking 6-7 shots and stand in the corner taking charges at the defensive end.

  210. I think that’s just Lin. We’ve seen this to some degree on all teams he’s played with and maybe a minimum with the Nets because he put himself in charge of he team. When he thinks some other player is the main player, he hesitates. That’s just what I’ve observed. I think this plus his body is still healing and getting back to NBA speed this season amplifies it some.

    Lin has confidence against some teams like the Raptors and less with teams like the Bucks. That’s another part of it.

    But overall, I think fans have to get out of the “he’s not allowed” narrative and watch for patterns when Lin doesn’t go to the corner and truly asserts himself and does. He’s nobody’s puppet and LP is not the puppeteer (or whatever coach to scapegoat). That’s a fallacy. (Not saying you’ve said that but that is a repeated narrative here) I’ve been trying to figure out his triggers for years and still haven’t.

  211. More like you’ve been dying to say it. No professional athlete in their right mind would choose to stand in the corner and not help out a team on offence. Why do you always choose to blame Lin with no clue what the coach’s instructions are?

  212. I thinks it’s pretty easy to figure out Lin. He plays at his best when he is the main facilitator. He cant play all that good with a ball dominant scoring guard. The only way Lin plays really well with another PG is if it’s a passing PG like a Ricky Rubio or Lonzo ball. Lin is great of the catch i think thats one of his best attributes. Lots of times that happened with Kemba. But other than that If lin comes in with the 2nd unit he need to be the main facilitator. and to be honest i cant properly rate Lin on this team because of the situation and the talent that he plays with. There are legit maybe 3 guys worth keeping on that roster. Trae Huerter and Collins. Maybe Len and somebody else..but the talent gap is far to wide between the 1st unit and the 2nd unit.

    I believe Lin will get more touches and assert himself more if he goes to a team that badly needs playmakers. On this ATL it’s everybody gets to create even if they are not good at it.

  213. It’s an observation. Team after team if Lin stands in the corner, and not all the time, but more than seems necessary. That’s either a habit or some type of choice because he’s the common denominator.

    Did you miss all of the praise I had for Lin in 3 separate posts? If I don’t have any clue of the coach’s instructions neither does anyone else. So if I’m wrong about them, so is everyone else. Because no one knows what they are.

  214. I agree that Lin doesn’t play with a good bench. When he gets to play with Collins that’s a relief.

    I think LP wants to get shots off before the opposing defense sets. But you can’t always do that. And there are a lot of guys trying to create shots and there are too many cooks in the kitchen. But they amazingly aren’t playing that terribly against a lot of good teams.

    The thing with going to another team is, what happens if he again has to play with ball-dominant players? If so, at some point, Lin has to aggressively and consistently go to the ball. He has no other choice.

    I think, going forward, Lin probably will find himself in situations where he’s not the main focus of the offense but may be the facilitator at times. If Lin has to play in both situations, he can’t disappear for stretches in the corner when the ball goes through other players. When they need an outlet, Lin needs to go aggressively to them. And he does sometimes. And sometimes not. And I don’t know why.

  215. If Lin gets traded to lets say Pelicans. He would be the main facilitator on that bench unit. Might even be in there with Jrue at SG and Lin at PG. Payton has been good but he isn’t an offensive minded PG. I just hope he gets traded to a PO team. Because he can do the same things there that he does here but atleast he’d get to play in the post season. My whole gripe with this season when it comes to lin is where he is playing.

    Bench role on a team that isn’t going anywhere for a while. He should be focusing on Playoffs with any team intrested in him. I do hope he goes to pelicans i think he would be a great fit there.

  216. I have mixed feelings about a playoff team.

    I always wanted Lin to go to the playoffs, not the Nets. But he did fine with the Nets and I came to like Brook Lopez and many of the Nets players.

    But, I’m still going with what I’ve seen with most players not playing a year due to a major injury and coming back the next season. I can’t think of any doing that well in the playoffs. But, I didn’t think Lin would be playing at this level, even with a few tough games here and there. Lin’s mostly been great, if not scoring, then in other ways it takes to win.

    But playoff intensity this season with Lin scares me some. Now playing for the playoffs might be interesting. I just hope his repaired body, and his Fortius training to use his body differently, can elevate itself to play at the very physical level of the playoffs and games leading up to the playoffs.

    I do want to see Lin on contenders starting from next season. I’m not into him taking a borderline team to the playoffs. I’d rather have contenders and top players close to his age on the team as well, or players in their primes, 27-30 years old as top players.

  217. There might be a risk Lin may not do well come playoffs. but i think his competetive spirit is high enough to elevate himself come playoffs even though his body isn’t fully recoverd. Im into the mindset if Lin has a chance to play with quality players it would make life much easier for him when it comes to creating and scoring. Pelicans have Randle,AD,Jrue,Payton,Mritoic etc they have quality players. They need a PG off the bench to be able to create and maybe evenatually play in crunch time. but im not getting my hopes up.

    Lin on a contender would be gold. Raptors would be gold for him aswell. Thats a team with an established Identity and nurse looks like a good coach aswell.

  218. Pels would be the team I’d be happy to see a trade. I’m not sure about some of the others looking at Lin.

    Raptors may not need Lin. I think Lin would excel in Toronto but Fred Van Vleet isn’t bad at all for them.

  219. Speed of Lin highlights …

  220. Agreed. FVV is good problem with him is his size. It’s really those 2 teams really Lin could be a really nice addition to. If he goes to portland it’s over i think because Lillard plays a whole lot.

  221. I wish someone in JLin’s team can persuade him to take less charges.
    In this case, he should listen to Kobe Bryant who learned from MJ and Magic not to take one.

    Lakers star Kobe Bryant says he doesn’t take charges, and he’s got a reason for it.

    Based on his own analysis of NBA greats from Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen to Magic Johnson and Larry Bird, Bryant believes there’s too much of a health risk to get run over by an opponent and go crashing to the floor repeatedly.

    ”I learned from my predecessors, man,” Bryant said Tuesday. ”Pippen had a (messed) up back taking charges. Bird had a (messed) up back taking charges.

    ”I said, ‘I’m not taking charges.’ I figured that (stuff) out at an early age.”

    The five-time NBA champion says no one ever presented the theory to him that he could prolong his career if he didn’t try to draw offensive fouls against his opponents. It was just his own observations.

    ”I’ve seen them take charges and lay there with a messed-up back. I’ve seen Michael not take one … charge and he’s healthy his whole career, and the same thing with Magic,” Bryant said.

    ”I might not be the smartest guy in the room but I can figure that (stuff) out.”

  222. Jeremy is so dam stubborn. He already has back problem. All it take is falling back on somebody’s knee. These games are meaningless. Save your body from neural damage and spinal damage. Somebody go tell his mom/pop to stop it.

  223. ???

  224. been saying that all along. Tell his mom

  225. Anyone that has ever played sports know that the first thing they ever did and continues to practice is how to score. No athlete ever practices to stand in the corner. Every grain of their being is about building the skills needed to be impactful on offence. It’s in the DNA of anyone that has played sports at any level. I would bet that Lin is on court every day practicing to score at least 60% of the time he spends in the gym. If you don’t believe it, then you have no understanding of how and why Lin has been in the league for 8 years while high drafts have come and gone.


    (Yep, Jlin’s lucky it was just a bruised bicep injury here; I was thinking cracked rib (I think Jimmy Butler was listed as bruised rib today, too, though I think he played game).

  227. OMG, Lin please stop taking charges

    Hawks not worth you sacrifice for them

  228. Someone needs to tweet this to JLin.

  229. Doubt that’s within his control. Lin only took 15-18 shots during the last 2 showcase games now it back to the same old pass the ball and stay in corner role.

  230. Doesn’t change the antics Walker like every other Pg did to ice Lin out. Walker always passed to the opposite side of Lin and never looked for his open shots then went on to chuck 30 shots per game. Walker is fake just like the rest of them.

  231. You do realize that the scoring was due to planned showcase right? After that Lin was put back in the same role with no plays what so ever. No doubt Lin can take 15-18 shots but it has to be allowed by his coach with orders from gm.

  232. Been like that for Harden, Walker, and now Trae, every team uses the same playbook to hype up their chosen star’s stats.

  233. post to lin’s Twitter

  234. Lin’ 3pt shooting has been really bad recently.
    It affected his penetration.

  235. The more he missed, the more mins he would get from LP.

  236. I just tweeted @JLin7 Kobe’s quote on why he doesn’t take charges after learning from MJ+Magic and concern from his fans. Hopefully someone from his team can take it into consideration to give him counsel.

  237. Lin to Mavs?!

    Jeremy Lin

    The Atlanta Hawks are going nowhere and likely do not even want to win any games the rest of the way. After all, they are a rebuilding team that kind of blew it in last year’s draft by trading Luka Doncic to the Mavs for Trae Young.

    That means the Hawks will need to hit it big in this summer’s draft to expedite the rebuilding process.

    In order to do that, it would probably behoove them to trade any veterans who are actually having good seasons. Like Lin, for example.

    Lin is having arguably the best season of his career, averaging 10.9 points, 3.5 assists and 2.4 rebounds over 19.4 minutes per game while shooting 48.8 percent from the floor, 36.1 percent from three-point range and 83.6 percent from the free-throw line.

    Not only would he replace Barea, but he would be a rather significant upgrade, and he comes off the books at the end of this season.

    If the Mavs are truly trying to make the playoffs, Lin seems like a natural fit.

  238. Mavs doesn’t have anything to give for Lin.

  239. Hope he listens to us fans as his nba career is on the line as well as his health. One more injury and he’s out of the league. His dream as well as our dream to see him play nba playoff to championship will forever vanish with one more serious injury.

  240. I don’t think Lin will like it,

    Remember they were supposed to sign Lin, then the DeAndre Jordan saga and Mavs backed off?

  241. “to stop Zaza”?! Interesting…

    All-Star vote process meant to stop Zaza may stop Wade again

  242. Individual skills and team Xs and Ox are two different things. Players practice various skills, sure. However, going to the corner is called “spacing the floor” and that’s standard basketball. It’s that way in many sets. When someone brings up the ball, a player or two usually goes to a corner to start a set.

    A stationary player is the result of a player not moving off-ball. This is a team, not an individual player, consideration. Off-ball movement has to do with cuts and players reading defensive sets. A “stagnant” offense can be due to lack of player movement as well as one player dominating the ball and not sharing it, or not looking for open players or finding them when they’re open.

    Players develop habits, some are good and some are bad. I think Lin mostly does excellent things on the floor. But as Derek Jeter of the Yankees said when he was hitting .425 in his last 7 games “I’m swinging the bat alright, but there’s always room for improvement.”

    My philosophy is every player works on improvement. They watch tape to do so. And Lin has shown wonderful improvement. There are areas on offense and defense where he will continue to improve throughout his career.

  243. When you say Lin chooses to stand in the corner, you are then attacking his mentality.

    It’s not habit or X’s and O’s. If an athlete is choosing to stand in the corner, it means he shouldn’t even bother practicing to shoot or do all the right things to improve his posture and mechanical sequence to improve his consistency. Why bother?…if all you want to do is just stand in the corner. This type of mental state is completely against all the things he says or practices for.


  244. the idea that lin (or for that matter any player not with annointed superstar status) “chooses” to stand in the corner (or for that matter do anything else) is laughable.

    lin’s position most of the time in his post-linsanity career has been: go stand in the corner.

    on this team in particular it is blatantly noticeable that lin is constantly looking over to (or being called over to) the sideline to be given instructions.

    he can no more break those instructions than any employee can refuse his bosses orders.

    the difference between when lin and trae are on the court together and when lin is on the court by himself is: with trae he goes immediately to stand in the corner. without trae he first brings the ball across the time line; immediately passes it off to someone and then goes and stands in the corner.

    yet there have been times; and its obvious when those times occur when lin is given the green light to actually do something with the ball. when he is, when he does he usually dominates for a brief period while permitted.

    it is again transparently obvious when those times happen. why? i dont know. they are usually short lived.

    lin got really beat up in the philly game. it seemed more than usual that the the philly players were out to take him out. (i have my own theory as to why).

    the only overall really weak game lin has had lately was last nites and i think its entirely probable the damage he took in the philly game was a factor.

    the hawks only have one game in the next five days i beleive. anyway a light sked immediately ahead so hopefully he will be able to have some time to heal and be ready for the next round of whatever he is allowed to do.

    it should be noted that despite the incredible restrictions put on his play and despite poor shooting recently he is on the season tho dropping off somewhat lately still putting up numbers comparable to the 30 some games with knicks and the 30 some games with the nets (first year).

    (and getting acknowledged not just by lin fans but in the more general press and fan community for that).

  245. I find it funny, NBA has stopped Lin from being an ALL-star for YEARS, but dare not to rig Zaza’s votes???

    Oh, I got it, Zaza is a white and from a country near Europe while Lin is a 2nd class citizen who is an US BORN Asian.

    NBA, hypocrite much?

  246. No, I don’t attack Lin’s mentality and you need to calm down when I make points. Make it about the points, not personal.

    I have a different philosophy about Lin than you do. Mine is empower yourself and that means excelling. People who have a skill hone their skill and look for areas that can be improved. And they constantly thrive to improve what they can.

    Coaches do not make Lin take charges. Lin chooses to do so. No one else on the Hawks takes charges as much as Lin. Ilyasova on the opposing team chooses to take charges. He’s known for that. On the Linsanity Knicks Jefferies chose to take charges.

    It is about Xs and Os. Do you watch other PGs and teams play regularly? Do you listen to analysis of former and current players and coaches about Xs and Os and ball movement and read and react defenses. Do you wonder why Lin had so many points off of cuts with the Hornets and Nets and gets so few with the Hawks? Some of this is on coaching, some of this is individual tendencies in given situations on the player.

    I say watch both. It’s not just about coaches or players, it’s tendencies. And maybe take a detached analytical view. You have great analysis sometimes, but sometimes detachment is required.

  247. I don’t really agree with you and there’s no way we can prove our points because none of us are in the locker room or have the team’s Xs and Os or know the different calls for Trae vs. Lin. It’s not about standing in the corner, it’s more how much does Lin plays from the corner. Lin actually barks out a lot of instructions from the corner and it’s not only on the Hawks that he’s done that. That’s my main argument. If this was limited to the Hawks, you’d both have a stronger argument IMO. But this has happened over several systems in several teams and several coaches. How can it be the coaches all the time when Lin is the common denominator?

    It’s not laughable. What’s going on is Lin has several things he’ll do instinctively. Like part of his defense is drawing offensive fouls. That’s what he does. I’d argue that Lin chooses to play the game a certain way and part of that offensively is from the corner and not handling the ball. Several times I see during the course of the game he’ll point to a player looking to pass the ball and he does this from the corner or wing. Trae will go to the ball. That’s a difference in playing style. Lin calls for the ball when he’s open sometimes and doesn’t get it. But that’s something else. Lin does facilitate off-ball from the corner and he’s done that on several teams. Watch for that.

    I think LP wants Lin to shoot more and playmake more and play at a faster pace. Almost every post-game comment he’s made points to that.

  248. The notion that Pierce wants JLIN to shoot more, playmake more, play at a faster pace — as a rule is false —

    1) JLIN is brilliant at creating shots for himself, so that means JLIN is actively disregarding Coach’s orders 95% of plays because he doesn’t even look for his own shot or take open shots, illogical at best.
    2) Take the veracity of a tanking coach’s comments with a grain of salt — imperative since his objective is not winning basketball
    3) JLIN himself has said he has been grateful a) for (finally) getting plays called for him, b) for extended minutes to get rhythm — these are JLIN’s COMPLAINTS (in his own speak)

    Additionally, this idea that On the one hand, JLIN is too “passive” so the coach is “correct” to pull him out; on the other hand JLIN is correct to stand-in-the-corner for the team — is not an argument that makes any sense.

  249. Can not agree more.

    For people blaming Lin too passive, they do not really know LIN!!!

  250. Well I see this not as a black & white issue. First, just like in Judo, good charge takers need to know how to take contact and fall correctly (and put on an acting show); Second, there have been other players who have had long careers and been know for their charge taking hustle.

    So sometimes taking a charge really energizes a team and disrupts opponents momentum and if JLIN could perhaps tone down the riskier charges by huge guys but not completely remove it from the game, and work on his correct fall technique that would be better.

    These are the best charge takers of 2017-18
    Kemba Walker 9y
    Marcus Smart 4y
    Jerami Grant 4y
    Ersan Ilyasova 9y
    Demarcus Cousins 9y
    Kyle Lowry 13y
    Marreese Speights 10y
    Marcin Gortat 13y

  251. I think some other folks should give opinions and analysis of this. Supporting one side is one thing, but counterpoint is very good for any debate. I’ve given mine. I hope others give counterpoint to common notions expressed here as well.

    At any rate, thanks for your post.

  252. Hope so.

  253. During the course of a game, fans tend to get frustrated. Sometimes with coaches, sometimes with other players, sometimes even with Lin. Those saying Lin is passive are just wanting Lin to assert himself more, not pass up shots, not pass as much, etc. It’s not in any way a putdown of Lin.

    Everyone here supports him.

    I’m grateful he’s playing and he’s playing well above my expectations for a rehabbing player. If he gets traded, and there is strong buzz that he very well may be, I thank the Hawks for a mostly positive experience with them. Especially the announcers. I thought ‘Nique would be painful to listen to and would put Lin down. I was wrong. He’s been supportive of Lin even if he gets a few details wrong. As have the other Hawks announcers. And I’m glad he got to play with Vince, a very classy veteran.

  254. I’m not sure why you still think Lin doesn’t have to stand in the corner and could demand the ball from Trae whenever he pleases or force the ball into his hands.

    Lin has to stand in the corner to spread the floor…He doesn’t get to not be in the corner…He’s allow to cut to the basket once the play is developing but standing in the corner is not some option that Lin chooses to do..He Has to do it because it’s what’s required from the wing on the weak side.

    It’s up to LP to make sure Lin doesn’t stand on the corner too often…Get him involved into more play-action PnR with Trae Young, just like Clifford did it with Kemba/Lin

  255. Geez, how long he stays in the corner is what I’m talking about. Watch other players, PGs and SGs, and check out how long they space the floor vs. Lin by standing in a corner. And this talk of “Lin in the corner” has been part of discussions for Lin with the Nets, Hornets and Rockets and probably the Lakers.

    To say LP controls every aspect of Lin’s playing to me disempowers Lin. I’d rather think Lin tends to bark out instructions from the corner than say his every single move is dictated by every coach he has had. That makes Lin look very weak. Lin isn’t that weak. He may make some decisions that I don’t understand or even agree with, but he’s a leader out there and he barks out orders. I’ve heard him do so in enough live games that I think I have a clear perspective on it.

  256. I’m not sure “not taking charge” is the right thing to do since it enhance Lin’s winning ability..Those charges can be momentum changers so it’s a plus for him.

    But I do understand your fear…He just needs to protect himself better when taking the charges and find a way to do it to protect himself.

  257. I also noticed that whenever Lin shoots poorly, LP tend to add into his minutes..That’s very weird.

  258. And to add, didn’t Lin grab the clipboard from McHale and draw out plays for the team when his was with Houston? Didn’t Lin have a long discussion with Atkinson on the sidelines where Atkinson argued with Lin at first then started nodding his head in agreement? Didn’t Atkinson say Lin was stubborn and had his own ideas about plays? Why do you guys insist that Lin is so beholden to every coach that he sticks in the corner like a good soldier?

    I know Lin tends to look over his shoulder but that doesn’t mean that Lin’s every move is dictated by the coach. It may be set plays and understanding in possessions but some plays then are broken and then you have to read and react. And why does Lin sometimes not play from the corner, Trae or no Trae, and yet other times he does? That’s a tough one to figure out because I haven’t found any discernible pattern for this.

  259. He played 34 minutes with the Raptors and went 8 for 10. That’s great shooting and the most minutes he’s had all season. The next game he shot poorly and took 18 shots.

    I think LP likes or doesn’t like the quality of shots his PGs take or create. When Trae takes bad shots he gets pulled sometimes.

  260. For those that think Jlin’s health is best served by staying in tanking ATL I disagree. I don’t watch the games but I do watch the clips and since they are focused on Jlin get to see a lot. Jlin is still aggressive, still gets knocked down (a lot), still takes the charge. He has just as much chance to get hurt here as pretty much anyplace else except maybe a team that wants him to grind out 30-35 minutes/game. I don’t think that is good for this year. He needs to go to a team with respected vets who won’t take crap from the refs and thug players. Someone like Draymond Green.

  261. if you don’t take charges you shouldn’t be in charge.

  262. so okc is next huh.. uhoh

  263. How about Doncic for Jlin:)

  264. The Mavs is currently 13th in the tough Western Conference.
    IMO I doubt they will try very hard to reach the playoff in Doncic’s rookie year. But if they do, it’ll be interesting to see who they will pursue to replace the injured JJ Barea’s replacement

  265. Jeremy Lin (low back soreness) is probable.

    Here’s hoping JLin rests his back until he’s 100% ready to shoot well. The Hawks probably will be careful with him as we’re 3 weeks away from Feb 7 trade deadline.
    And hopefully @JLin7 gets to read what Kobe said about not taking charges because Pippen and Bird ended up with (messed up) back.

  266. Cant do that. How about Dirk for Lin, veteran for veteran

  267. Thank you, Psalm, for voicing the concern of many fans here.

    Lin must be careful about taking numerous charges at the expense of his long-term health.


    Here’s an example of unequal treatment of Lin by the Refs. There are different variations of illegal “hand checking”, but the the type Lin faces night in and night out is the worst type. It really should be called “body checking” because the the defender is essentially running into Lin and putting all his weight into his forearm. It’s hard to see the real impact as a spectator, but it’s easy to feel it as a player because you’re forced to resist tremendous amount of force.

    Look at the foot positoning of the two players. Lin already beat his defender and he should’ve been free to get into the driving lane freely and create for his team, like any other star would. However, because the refs never call it for Lin and teams learn what they can get away with using scouting reports and video, so they know they can bodycheck Lin without any repercussions and that can prevent Lin from doing his true damage. Here, Lin has to stay focused on the play, use all his strength to maintain balance, protect the basketball, and as he drives he uses his non-dribbling arm to at least attempt to swat the bodychecking arm away. Visually it looks like the defender is keeping up with Lin, but actually the only reason why he’s at his hips is because of the bodycheck. On this particular play, Lin manages to fight through it and score anyways with the and-1; however, it’s not realistic for any player to do so most of the time – if you go too fast, you’ll lose control, if you go to slow, you’re continually fouled until you lose the ball or you’re knocked down, tripped, etc.

    In comparison, a good example of how most people are defended can be seen in this video of Trae Young. . Unlike what defenders do to Lin, they don’t bodycheck him before Trae makes his move, and once he is in the driving lane, he is pretty much untouched. At worst he might feel a soft hand to the back or hip, but no weight to slow him down or resist against.

    I just hope this explanation helps show the fans what Lin’s been facing against for his entire career. I don’t like that he takes so many charges, but if I was Lin, I’d be thinking charges are one the few things that Refs actually give me, and maybe I can get some respect this over time… even if it’s unlikely. Also, if Lin seems passive at times, I usually look at the Refs in combination of the circumstances, which includes the coaching. Lloyd sometimes let’s him play his game, sometime he doesn’t. It’s not one way or another, but it’s a factor that plays out not too differently than what we’ve seen before. As an organization, the Hawks made a huge gamble by giving up Doncic, who’s really popular right now and might even be an allstar this year as a rookie, for Trae, and there’s a lot of people right now that are thinking throwing Doncic away is the worst move an organization has ever made.

  269. That’s not veteran trade, that’s a retiree for a veteran 🙂
    Dirk is 40, JLin is only 30

  270. you’re welcome. Kobe might not be very likeable but he’s a smart player with great observational skill.

    JLin shared in the past that Kobe gave him some tips even after he signed with the Hornets so hopefully he will consider Kobe’s philosophy on not taking charges or at least reduce the frequency. He’s got many back issues already so it’s definitely a serious concern.

  271. Thanks for the analysis. This greatly help us understands why Lin suddenly “lost” control of the ball or fall in a weird way, resulting in TOs.

  272. good point on health vs other team issue. JLIN will be JLIn wherever he maybe found and even with the hawk team, he’s been doing what hed been doing the past years (though with little tweaking) but others hoping that hawk is a good team for Lin, it is because Lin will not be better off anywhere BUT better off EVERYWhere. Just in different situation but Jeremy STRIVEs and he became more stronger as years pass

  273. i know JLIN plays the right way be it with the coach orders standing up on the corner guy or lead and focal point in offense. He takes it within himself to be extra careful on all his actions because he knew he can influence other by his example. Whatever Jlin’s doing while playing comes with this influnce and I consider aggressiveness (in a sports action mode) because he plays within the boundaries on what he can do and what HE CANNOT.

  274. but maybe, Lin needs to LEARN how to take those charges with limiting effects on his body (just like in self defense, where we are instructed to approach an attack and learn how to minimize if not totally erase an impact of such blows, kinda?)

  275. Speaking of unfair treatment, remember how Yuta had that Linsanity like game winner for that preseason game? Guess hos many minutes he gets whe available? 0mins. The most he’s had was 3mins garbage time. This is how racist the league is. Memphis keeps losing while racking up injuries and still refuse to play their two way contracts. They deserved the loss to Rockets tonight! All they need to do is start Yuta at the SG spot be a 2nd ball handler and they’d have a chance of winning.

    Also Conley is total trash, there are so many guys with big contracts who do not deserve to start nor help play make.

  276. The one advantage I see when JLIN has soreness but is Probable is that — he can sit out of Pierce’s meaningless (for JLIN) practices and scrimmages and just rest up for the real games, without extra wear & tear when not in games.

    Staying ont he Probable list seems like a sound strategy.

  277. Superbowl of Brick Shooters, Russell Westbrook vs. Trae Young – Wall Street Journal
    This is hilarious, even the WSJ, takes a shot at Trae’s shooting in an article about the worst high-volume 3 point shooters in the NBA. Westbrook currently lowest with Trae not far behind.

  278. Wont’ get a chance from pre-season performances, JLIN had plenty of them.

    Caught in the JLIN chicken & egg scenario – he needs to prove himself in real NBA games but doesn’t get the opportunity.

    On top of that JBB is no MDA, even if there are enough “accumulating injuries” he won’t necessarily get any playing time.

  279. It’s the gm and coach..
    I think after say another 10 years, it will change…because the gm and coaches will be replaced by millenials who aren’t as racist sometimes.

  280. Exactly, JBB only showcased Yuta for that one preseason game cause the GM asked him and it was obviously only for Japan promotion. Sure Yuta’s positive and he’s happy with the few mins he recieves while playing more in g league. But once g league is over and he’s still getting nothing that’s when things get tough.

    Lin I can under since he’s only 6’3” but when you have a KD-like Yuta at 6’9” able to handle the ball, make 3s, mid range, dunk, and block shots with top10 college defense, still undrafted, with 0-3mins the blatant racism just makes my blood boil.

  281. what kind of logic is that

  282. but why for a tanking team?

  283. @HoopsProvider
    Never forget Linsanity… One of the best breakout performances.

  284. This is indeed a very challenging year for JLin. He is between a very hard rock and hard place trying to play for a contract and rehab from a very serious injury. ATL has been good for the rehab part but he also has to plan for a future. A future at this stage of his life is not a $5 M mid-level exception. He wants a shot at a starting job and while that warrants more than a mid-level pay I am sure salary is secondary. I’m sure he has plenty of money. Time and health (age) is running out. I hope to get the hard part out of the way and win a championship with TOR this year. Next year will take care of itself.

  285. Yes, breakout, lighting up the sports world. Yet, that team wouldn’t make him an offer, and then reneged on matching another team’s offer sheet.

    How often does a breakout star then gets de-valued as a fluke, as opposed to getting the support and development to be a true superstar?

    But Lin perseveres and continues to overcome adversity, and rises to the occasion whenever the chance is there. EIGHT YEARS IN – 8 more years, let’s go get it JLIN!

  286. NBA GMs are NOT to be trusted. Nonetheless, all the interviews I have seen of Travis Schlenk, he has been remarkably candid with specifics about players, more so than other GMs. He has never lied about his motives to acquire Lin.

    Rathbun interviewed Schlenk the other night about the development of the young core. TS about Trae Young: “remind TY to continue defensive effort, that was the knock on him in college….defensive intensity…not just the first effort….continue to be distributor”. Meaning DON’T become volume shooter chucking up misses?

    Didn’t sugar-coat it. (Granted he also said he’s not worried about TY’s shooting, already improving….)

  287. Watanabe got 3 mins “garbage time” today. GM and coach not on same page? GM gave the 2-way to Watanabe. Up to coach to play him.

    Bickerstaff was in Houston with McHale. Don’t remember him being particularly supportive of Lin.

    If Grizzlies part ways with Parsons, YW may still get a chance.

  288. As we have seen with the FLAGRANT FOULS too, it is beyond EGREGIOUS how Lin is mauled and pushed and tripped and held and hacked with little or no penalty. Usually, it’s only when he’s driving hard to the basket that he will get a few of the OBVIOUS calls.

    And when he finally gets some deserved calls like in the playoffs vs Miami, Dwyane Wade whines to the NBA about Lin getting too many calls. LOL.

    I’ve endlessly ranted about the NBA officiating being a sham. The obvious superstar calls and hypocritical double-standards and inconsistencies are ridiculous. This is actually a league-wide problem. The year that GSW lost to the Cavs, Steph Curry was beaten up pretty bad with the Cavs getting away with a lot of physical stuff on him.

    Giannis went to the line NINETEEN times in this game. Harden got to the line EIGHTEEN times tonight. I didn’t even notice that Trae Young also had THIRTEEN fouls shots in this game.

    No one else came close. Yeah, right. The games are so physical, how is it that NO ONE ELSE GOT FOULED?

    Such a joke. Meanwhile, Lin had 4 shots (2 were from technicals).

  289. Psalm, it’s great that you tweeted Lin! Hope Lin will pay attention! Nothing is more important than having a long and healthy career!

  290. Agreed. I’m not advocating that Lin should play so many minutes that he gets fatigued, which CAN lead to injury.

    However, look at what happened with the Nets. With a supposed “top-notch” performance team, and limited minutes, and coming off the bench when coming back from injury, what did that get for Lin? The hamstrings still happened. Look at RHJ’s recurring groin injury, which started last season!

    Freak injuries happen any time. Look at Caris LeVert, young and healthy, still got hurt.

  291. Here’s the latest on the Mavs and Pistons and Dennis Smith Jr. This rumor is by the guy who put out the rumor that the Nets were shopping Lin to OKC. He was wrong about OKC, but not wrong about Sean Marks shopping LIn.

  292. Reggie Jackson or Picks for Dennis Smith Jr.? That’s the rumor…..

  293. Apparently, it is very difficult to understand. Even when Lin’s own words describe what happens and belie all these supposed experts.

  294. EXACTLY! That is Lloyd Pierce’s system. Pace and space. If the defenders are there, whoever is NOT bringing the ball up, all run to the corners. Then pick-and-roll two man game. Or drive and dish.

    Unfortunately, in this system, anyone can bring the ball up. And a lot of times, it’s Trae Young with the heavy usage.

  295. Four of them very very smoothly executed assists!

  296. Here’s an article about NBA buyouts. Doesn’t sound all that great. Few players find success that way, and few end up re-signing with the same teams after the season.

    Also, Peachtree Hoops wmcgee_va mentioned something about buyout not possible because Hawks already did it for Melo. Couldn’t find corroborating links.


    Unfortunately for Lin/Hawks fans, only covers tomorrow’s OKC game and the Celtics game on Saturday the 19th.

  298. NBA star Jeremy Lin @JLin7 about the smartphone app HomeCourt

  299. ICYMI – JLin doing good again, fighting bullying and racism.

    I know it’s a worthwhile cause. But I didn’t understand why they gave away Harden shoes, but not Lin shoes. LOL.–sneaker-artist-kickstradomis-to-fight-bullying–racism-on-the-basketball-court-300776716.html

  300. JLin hanging out and doing Escape Room with his buddies Aaron Mollett and DAVID NURSE again.

    Hey UNCLE NICK JLin could use a change of scenery………hmmmm….:-)

  301. He doesn’t need black coaches.

  302. The best sequel of Linsanity is the exposure of Melo being a fake star, a toxic player for team basketball. Finally Carmelo Anthony becomes absolutely worthless in NBA.

  303. What? You are being greedy. Ok fine.
    Dirk for Lin+Vince Carter. How about that?LOL

  304. Trade Rumors…Nearing Dateline..

    Portland Train Blazers

    According to recent reports by Sean Deveney of Sporting News, the Portland Trail Blazers are interested in acquiring point guard Jeremy Lin.

    According to Deveney, the Blazers could be players for Jeremy Lin. The Atlanta Hawks are out of the playoff race and own a record of 13-29. The team is rebuilding around their promising young prospects Trae Young, John Collins, and Taurean Waller-Prince. Lin is a nine-year veteran on an expiring contract, so it does not make sense for Atlanta to keep him on their roster.

    The Hawks will certainly shop Lin around the league, and the Blazers make perfect sense as a landing spot. They could use an additional playmaker off the bench, and Lin could be a nice complement to the sharpshooting Seth Curry.

    Lin is currently averaging 11 points in only 19.3 minutes. He is shooting 48.7% from the field and 36.1% from three.

    The Hawks will certainly have several teams interested in Lin, and Deveney mentions that a first-round pick will get the deal done. However, it is not smart for the Blazers to give up a first rounder for a backup point guard on an expiring contract. If they are unloading the salary of Evan Turner or Meyers Leonard in the process, then it is a whole different discussion, and Lin’s large salary may steer a potential deal down this path. Otherwise, the Blazers would be smart to offer a second round pick.

  305. Charitable Jeremy Lin to hand over US$168,000 pay cheque to non-profit organisation

    For third season in a row, NBA star will donate large sum to Seattle-based non-profit One Day’s Wages
    This year it is January 26 when the Atlanta Hawks visit the Portland Trailblazers

    For the third season running, NBA basketballer Jeremy Lin is donating one game’s wages to charity. The Atlanta Hawks star will hand over the US$168,000 (HK$1.3 million) he would pocket for the team’s January 26 game against the Portland Trailblazers to Seattle-based One Day’s Wages (ODW), an international non-profit that fights extreme global poverty.

    Lin has supported the charity since 2016 when he spent the off-season visiting Thailand to see their work with founder Eugene Cho.

    The former New York Knicks and Brooklyn Nets guard has donated US$478,243 to ODW’s attempts to fight child poverty and human-trafficking.

    This season he has also committed to donating US$100 for every assist he makes for the Hawks.

    In 36 games so far he has made 128 assists.

    The 30-year-old set up his own Jeremy Lin Foundation in 2013 and hosts an annual charity basketball game and auction in China.

    “We’ve done it two years in a row. And this past year we had, I believe, 18 million people watching online,” Lin told Freakonomics Radio last year

  306. More Trade Rumors…76ers?! Yes…hmmm and then No?!!!

    In addition to the defensive boost in the backcourt, Lin can fit in several different lineups. He’s had success playing with other point guards in recent seasons — D’Angelo Russell with the Nets, Trae Young with the Hawks — so pairing him with Ben Simmons shouldn’t pose an issue.

    Shooting 36.1 percent on 2.6 three-point attempts per game, Lin is hovering around the league average and could feasibly see more open looks in Philadelphia’s star-driven offense. He’s only getting 19.3 minutes per game with Atlanta, averaging 11.0 points. He could expect similar, if not more playing time with the Sixers.

    The main challenge in trading for Lin is salary. With $12.5 million on the books this season, the Sixers would need to send back considerable salary in return. The most obvious path toward completing such a trade is Wilson Chandler, but the Sixers shouldn’t give up his defensive versatility.

    One potential solution would be shipping Markelle Fultz to Atlanta, but the Sixers don’t seem inclined to give up on the former No. 1 pick yet. Fultz’s upside outweighs Lin’s half-season value, so the Sixers would be wise to avoid such a deal unless the Hawks send other valuable assets in return.

    With J.J. Redick (who the Sixers should absolutely keep) and Amir Johnson having veto powers, the list of potential salary filler gets even shorter for Philadelphia. Mike Muscala can’t get traded back to Atlanta. Unless it’s Chandler and draft capital (either a late first-round pick or multiple second-round picks), the Sixers will struggle to negotiate the details of a Lin trade.

    Another potential option, of course, is to wait for the buyout market. If the Hawks can’t get Lin’s salary off the books, he’s probably hitting free agency. Given the reported interest, however, the Sixers shouldn’t count on Lin getting to that point.

  307. And then a No?!!! hmmm

    Despite report, Sixers have not inquired about Hawks guard Jeremy Lin, per team source

  308. Pelicans?!!!

    A good target for Dell Demps would be Atlanta backup point guard Jeremy Lin, who excelled in Mike D’Antoni’s offense with the New York Knicks. Lin might be able to add similar scoring punch to the Pels second unit for D’Antoni disciple Alvin Gentry.

    In addition, Lin adds another respected three-point shooter which would help open the floor up for Anthony Davis and Jrue Holiday.

    New Orleans could roll out an interesting lineup of Davis, Mirotic, Moore, Holiday, and Lin. Such a lineup could be devastating offensively while still holding it’s own on the defensive end.

    The Pelicans front office might be able to acquire Lin in exchange for Wesley Johnson, Tim Frazier, Ian Clark and a second round pick. The dream scenario would be to dump Pelicans small forward Solomon Hill for Lin, but I don’t see a reason Atlanta would do that when there are expiring options on the Pels roster that would net them a similar return in terms of picks. Lin’s contract expires at the end of the season and is a near perfect salary match for Pelicans forward Solomon Hill, although Hill’s contract include an additional year of guaranteed money.

  309. David Nurse was JLin’s shooting coach prior to joining the Hornets, and his shot was mostly already there then, too.

    Issue was that poor creators like Kemba, Jeremy Lamb, and Frank Kaminsky were loading his shot, instead of a more accomplished passer like Nick Batum:

    ➡️ ( / )


  310. David Nurse was already JLin’s shooting coach prior to his season with the Hornets, and his shot was mostly already there then.

    Issue was that asked to catch and shoot off passes from poor creators like Kemba, Jeremy Lamb, and Frank Kaminsky, instead of a more accomplished passer / deliberately purposeful half court field general like [Kawhi, or even Kyle Lowry] Nic Batum:

    ➡️ * ( / )



    * [stats also seem to indicate that perhaps Lin should be Hawks primary ball handler, and Trae off ball catch and shoot when they are on court together]

  311. Schroeder returns to Atlanta. I’m reading on Hawks boards that he’ll be boo’d.

    Lin, don’t take charges. Especially with a sore back.

  312. I’ve been noticing the illegal hand checks on Lin all season. I don’t remember one time it being called. The refs really are terrible. The refs have been giving Lin charges this season, but he hasn’t always gotten them (they’d call blocking on him).

    As for Doncic, I guess the Hawks really wanted to replace Schroeder. Or their read was completely off.

  313. Lin’s own words? Lin has said a lot. Lin, in an off-season said he’ll make his case to coach’s that don’t play him appropriately.

    This idea that Lin saying “coach let me go” means Lin was shackled is one I don’t agree with. And I don’t claim to be any expert. But I do have observations based on watching a lot of basketball for four decades, seeing Lin since Linsanity as well as observing discussions on this board since it started.

    Who plays from the corner as much as Lin on the Hawks? What is Lin’s usage vs. other PGs? What factors are involved? What is Lin’s off-ball movement like compared to other PGs in the league? When he plays SG what is his off-ball movement like compared to other PGs? How much does he pass and how long does he hold the ball compared to other SGs? What other games have you watched to compare Lin’s usage and off-ball movement of other PGs to make a case for Lin’s usage?

    I’m not going with Portal narratives, I’m going with trying to figure out things based on more or less empirical observations and considerations.

  314. Then what happens? When someone runs to the corner, what happens? Does Bembry, Trae or Huerter spend much time in the corner or do they try to get the ball and create?

    I’m looking at the game as what happens after the initial pass. Or when a play is reset, when the options are taken away. How much does Lin assert himself into the play vs. direct traffic from somewhere on the court. I argue that Lin has a tendency in ALL systems to sometimes direct traffic off-ball vs. going to the ball. He switches this up. I do NOT think this is always coach-directed. I think it has to do with defense and situations and how he’s reading things.

    I do not believe that coach has to run anything for a 9-year veteran at this point in this game. And I mean this after the initial play or on resets. Lin has enough experience to force the action. If he’s successful, coach is not going to tell him to stop. Which has happened numerous times this season in this system.

  315. Too bad after tonight game, Hawks will actually have 3 days off which means we only get to see 1 free Hawks game on NBA League pass.

  316. Lin is doubtful with flu-like symptoms. Prince has flu-like symptoms but is probable.

  317. I just realized David Nurse is the nephew of Toronto Raptors head coach Nick Nurse 🙂

    You wonder if conversation comes up on how the Raptors system might or might not fit JLin’s skillset.

  318. So far, I only heard the Blazers as the team to be willing to give up 1st round pick that the Hawks really want to trade for JLin. If true, it shows how much they really value JLin.

    It will be interesting to see if the Hawks try to leverage the offer against other teams to drive up the bidding with 3 weeks left before the Feb 7 trade deadline.

  319. Wow, so Sacramento Kings is the latest team to join Blazers, Pelicans, 76ers in exploratory trade interest.

    A lot of teams can certainly use @JLin7 skillset for playoff push 👍🔥🏀

  320. Stealing ADavis’ shoe and getting a tech? That definitely sounds like a Bev’s shenanigan.

  321. More from Marc Steins reporting Atlanta Hawks made Lin, Dedmon, Bazemore available in advance of Feb 7 trade deadline.

    Looks like the Hawks want to see all interested teams to send their best offer and start a bidding war. Savvy ATL Front Office 👍

  322. lol lin flu like symptoms. and ton of trade rumors lmao yea ok.

  323. Look like there may be hope, crossing fingers and hope Yuta Watanabe gets called up!

  324. Lol flu…right…

  325. lin wasnt coughing at all lmao

  326. Lin could start next to fox a]o come of the bench and play alot next to him. our old buddy iman shumpart starts at the 2 right now. he is all defense

  327. hawks seem to want this move. first trade thats gottten big names to report. plus the odd flu like symptoms. i think its close

  328. They do have a lot of guards that can be traded for Lin and certainly could use JL to fight for the playoff in super crazy competitive Western Confernce.

  329. Lin may be traded today

  330. or next month

  331. i think it will happen soon. those big name guys never say what there saying unless its pretty close

  332. yea flu like symptoms lmao

  333. Doubtful? Wow that’s a new word…

  334. oh dam

  335. LOL

  336. I have been waiting for this…… Fingers cross!!!

  337. All these interests for Lin, don’t think had this many offers even during off season. Stay healthy Lin, you will be paid soon!

  338. if he makes it and plays it big in the playoffs then yes

  339. If Jlin were traded to SAC then it may be because of not only his playing efficiency but the veteran leadership position he could have very quickly. Yes I know Shumpert is there already but he does not lead a team like very few can and JLin is one of those leaders. Not getting too far ahead but I can also see JLin staying with SAC after this season depending on things go. SAC has cap space to pay him decently but JLin won’t be a starter, not with Fox there already. But he could be a vital cog for the whole team going forward. I can see him buying into that. Plus he is home on the west coast where he belongs and with minority (racial ownership for whatever that might be worth) it at least might alleviate the claims of racism. I like the coach too. It would be fun especially if they got out of the first round in the tough west. Be nice if Dedmon went with him to toughen the center position. While my first choice would still be TOR because of the chance to win a championship and the protection he would get from their stars, I would approve this trade.

  340. Buddy Hield starts at SG and he’s very good.

  341. Lin out tonight. Maybe out of Atlanta too.

  342. Please disregard my comment about the minority ownership. It has nothing to do with anything

  343. If ATL had selected Luka Doncic with their pick they might have had a hard time tanking this year. Luckily for Luka he did not go to ATL.

  344. i never really get why they chose trakel trakel trakel who is made out of clay.
    Don’t size matter in the nba.

  345. so doesn’t seem like everyone , the sac fans, are on board with the sacky trade that they get lin. They say if they get bazemore with lin then ok.. else doesn’t make sense because they have many guards already and they have fox and then have yogiberra. hmm.

  346. SAC do have a lot of guards. Fox and Bogs are very good. But Yogi and Shump are not JLin who can carry the load w/o drop off when they are out. Fans don’t have to make the decision and have the luxury of evaluating after the fact. From what I have read of trade speculation SAC might have a good trade offer of expiring contracts and with cap space do not have to match salaries.

  347. Unfortunately these are not offers to JLin but to ATL

  348. As I’ve maintained from the beginning, ANY playoff bound team is the initial goal – so that JLIN will have a prominent platform to show what he can do (even from the bench ala CHA Hornets) to a very wide NBA audience.

    Exposure in Sacramento and then if SAC wants to make a new contract offer to compete with the other teams who will also make JLIN offers is the end-season-goal — of course a new starting PG job would be the jackpot.

  349. Rumor also is SAC would might send Ferrell to ATL – so maintain same number of PG’s as where they start.

  350. Well let’s not jump the gun — “it may or may not happen, we don’t speculate on trades, recall that the Brooklyn to Atlanta trade was unforeseen”.

  351. Unfortunately we learned our lesson with Joe Tsai in BKN that it had very little to do with anything

  352. You love to start up with people, don’t you?

    This is a concrete action and I wrote maybe. I didn’t go trade is coming based on nothing. this is based on the action of Atlanta suddenly giving Lin flu symptoms and taking him out of the game.

    This is an info post. I’m going to slow down posting here or stop for awhile.

  353. They wanted Curry 2.0 and Thompson 2.0 and was blinded by their ambitions… Young and Heurter will not be the Splash brothers

  354. Ok

  355. Still offering pieces for Lin shows his value! Celtics offered entire bench for Irving trade!

  356. Their guards are 6-3 or shorter, I think.

  357. Lin is only 6’3”

  358. JLIN is 6’3″ in barefeet, most other players list in shoes, and Trae is 6’2″ in stiletto high heels …
    … not kidding, Trae in barefeet is lucky to be 5′ 11 3/4″ on a low pressure atmosphere day

  359. From CBS sports,

    The Atlanta Hawks are reportedly getting ready for a fire sale of their own.
    As we near the NBA trade deadline on February 7, the Hawks are making several of their veterans available on the trade block. According to Marc Stein of The New York Times, Atlanta’s Jeremy Lin, Dewayne Dedmon and Kent Bazemore will be available.
    “The Hawks are known to have made the veteran point guard Lin, big man Dewayne Dedmon and swingman Kent Bazemore available in advance of the Feb. 7 trade deadline in search of more draft picks.”
    And while it’s unclear at this point how much interest Dedmon and Bazemore will draw, Lin is already attracting attention from the Sacramento Kings, according to Stein.
    “Sacramento is among the teams that have expressed exploratory trade interest in Hawks guard Jeremy Lin, according to league sources.”

  360. Chris Vivlamore: Updates on Hawks injury report: John Collins (left ankle sprain) is available. Taurean Prince (flu-like symptoms) is available. Dewayne Dedmon (left ankle sprain) is out. Jeremy Lin (flu-like symptoms) is out.

    maybe it was posted earlier here but thats the first confirmed “out” for lin for tonite ive seen.

  361. thus the reason to be playing a lot recently

  362. zam I’m 6 feet.. then I will probably feel short compare to these players.

  363. Looks like Hawks done with show off Lin

    probably will hear a trade soon

    but who knows, if Hawks get greedy, we may not hear it for a while

  364. TOR game was enough

  365. new thread.
    Game 44 OKC Thunder vs Atlanta Hawks: Jeremy Lin is Doubtful, Sacramento Kings Explores Trade for JLin

    It might take some time for the Hawks to get all trade offers from all interested NBA teams related to Lin, Dedmon, Bazemore so trade might not happen quickly. It’s still 3 weeks before the Feb 7 trade deadline

  366. lol!!!

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