G42 LAL @ PHX PreGame Thread+Poll

Let’s move on to the next game vs Phx on 1/19

With 2 days rest, lets’ hope Lin recharge from the B2B game and plan on how to perform well.

Haters will wait for him to stumble again but if we know Lin, he’s always ready to bounce back strong to silence doubters


Guess JLin's stats


  1. YES

  2. LOL We need a renewal!

  3. Second!

  4. LOL Claim the second from you:-)

  5. Well pass my bed time. Hope not to see much gloom and doom but have a better news in this new thread when I wake up:-)

  6. OK…I’m the third……

  7. Something like BS got fired?

  8. U ask too much

  9. TWC or those LAL media should ALWAYS UNCONDITIONALLY make KB the player of the game/week/month/season or even player of the century, even if he did NOT play.

    Otherwise, whenever Lin was declared player of the game/week, then in the next game(s), BS will definitely reduce Lin’s PT, so that he won’t outshine KB too much <– it's becoming a pattern.

  10. finally! 🙂

  11. I bet Lin also want it lol

  12. Jlin just disregard all the garbage around you….stay healthy for your true fans and your next team.

  13. I’m gonna give Lin either a 18 or 20pt game with Sun. Watch out guys

  14. that would be sweet. But for some reason, I like Lin to stayon at LAL. The only change I want is a coach who is not “soft”

  15. Young on Lin… What do you guys think?


  16. As I said previously, Lin and Young are all good

  17. “It’s a tough system for him and playing with a hard-nosed coach and hard-nosed player,” said Lakers forward Nick Young, referring to Bryant. “But Jeremy is going to be all right.”

  18. Is this the whole statement from Young?

  19. then pass to lin more you hipocrite

  20. What Young said just like I thought…

  21. thats something i’m pretty such Lin is working on. NYoung had always been pass less kinda player and thats how he had survived in NBA. ALl of the sudden to ask him to change not gonna happen soon. But the longer they play together, I wont be surprised if it happens

  22. kinda

  23. I dont think they will be playing for much longer
    maybe Lin should consider stop being so nice
    if Lin was hoggin the ball like swaggy does
    he would be a much better scorer than this mediocre 6th man
    20+pts/game with like 3 assistis in 25 minutes

  24. The key here is, he should learn to balance, on him getting the shots and playmaking for his team to get their shot. Its a balancing act

  25. This is not about passing ball to Lin it’s about why Lin had such difficult time in Lakers all bc Kobe & Scott. I did see Young pass the ball to Lin not a lot but consider he never did before… OK.

  26. Young is not the big problem Kobe & Scott … I am glad Young said so in public.

  27. Kobe Scott treating Lin like [email protected]
    teammates see it
    see how badly lin was ignored last night?

  28. he is the least
    jordan hill ellington johnson show no respect
    boozer too busy looking for his shots kelly doesnt pass to lin tarik black thinks hes the shyt now and disses lin all the time
    yah its more than just kobe and scott they are the ones who made this all happen
    Lin needs to stop being too nice

  29. I know but it could also bc they were afraid of Kobe… they didn’t dare to set the screen for Lin or pass the ball to him… The big problem it’s KOBE. Scott just did the most dirty job for Kobe.

  30. he was doing fine the scott told him not to shoot not his fault
    the previous games he had a nice balance

  31. kobe wudnt just tell teammates to ignore lin they just see how they treated lin so they thought they cud too

  32. I agree Lin should not be too nice but the problem it’s he himself couldn’t do it all if no one was going to follow his instruction at all. So it’s all back to Kobe & Scott. Of course these Lakers teammates sucks.

  33. agianst the celtics Lin was mad
    and teammates all catered to him
    Lin needs to be scary so they cant do shyt to him

  34. BS not considering Lin tough enough, I think is due to different percepts of being “tough” in Western and Eastern cultures. Lin is tough in a sense that he is patient, never gives up and doesn’t lash out. However, that is not the toughness that is displayed by athletes on TV or movies. I mean, I see what BS is saying, but I think BS should have said it differently.

    Why is BS suddenly openly lashing out against his own player? Weird coach.

  35. To tell the truth, no need to care what BS said bc it’s all BS. If Kobe didn’t say yes on Lin BS would not dare to say yes on Lin either. So BS would use any excuse to bench or whatever on Lin. smh!

  36. I do not think BS meant it at all. He was just finding something to say…

  37. I don’t think Lin meant it at all. Lin just trying to find something to say . . . I don’t even think Stu actually harbors any ill feeling against Lin. He actually likes Lin but is towing the company line.

  38. Will Lin be traded before deadline?

  39. Actually, no need to care whether Lin stays in NBA or not because it’s all BS anyway.

  40. I actually don’t care that much because whichever team he goes, things will be the same. Actually, the Southern CA environment is good for him. Imagine Lin getting treated like this in cold Wisconsin. At least, he can go to a nice Chitpotle after a lousy game. Refs will be the same, NBA players will be the same group, with the same attitude; and the coaches and the fans will always not be happy with Lin’s BB game. The ultimate bad ending will be if Lin goes back to Knicks and then plays really badly in NY.

  41. I think so too…in general

  42. Portland is my choice….good landing spot

  43. So I hear Lin and Byron went at it during press conference? any one know what was said?

  44. I actually don’t care if Lin announces his retirement after this season. It is not that he is not good enough for NBA, it is NBA is not good enough for him to stay. No matter how much one loves the game, if everything is biased against you and set up to fail you, then it is time to find something else better in life. Let the corrupted stay corrupted.

  45. No, BS criticized Lin to the reporter right before the game. Then after the game, reporter followed up BS comments and asked Lin’s thoguhts.

  46. what he say?

  47. In some sense, I agree with you. After one more year, if nothing changes, I think he can do better things with his education. He is actually in a rare position where he can make more money and garner more success off court than on court, not short term but in long term.

  48. Before the game, BS said Lin is not great, he is ok and not terrible. He also said Lin is not tough, not sure is soft or not, but Price is tougher than Lin period.
    Post-game interview, Lin said he thinks himself is tough and BS can have his opinion. Everyone has different way of playing something like that. It was in previous thread.

  49. meh kind of weak

  50. Ironically, I saw more teamwork from the Lakers last night trying to sabotage Lin’s game rather than actually trying to… you know… win the game.

    The fact that the team as a whole only had 7 assists showed this is certainly not a Lin lead team out there last night. The first unit ignored Lin like he didn’t exist at times, the second unit lost their leader and resorted back to playing unorganized iso-ball.

    All in all, it was a game to forget. I used to feel that Lin will excel once Kobe shuts it down for the season but I am not so sure about that now. Playing limited minutes with the second unit might be the best scenario for Lin right now because at least he can be a leader for the second unit instead of being ignored constantly by the first unit.

  51. Glad I am not alone. Last time I asked whether Lin would rather have a desk job than being treated miserably at NBA I was scolded. I think he does not regret he plays for NBA, but if the mistreatment continues, I will support him changes discipline.

  52. Why would anyone scold you is a mystery to me. Tell them to frock off. You are just expressing your opinion in a respectful manner.

  53. It’s like faulting a baseball player for not having enough “intangibles”. A guy can bat .330 with 30 HR and 100+ RBI but nah he’s not worth his contract because he didn’t do the “little things” like getting his uniform dirty with useless diving around for balls on defense (which usually resulted in more bases for the opponents because diving takes you out of the play LOL).

  54. You know, I see this takes in place at work place all the time. It is like the movie “Hunger Game”. People try to survive by taking the “right” side.

  55. My concern is once the coach says something like this, there is no chance that any teammates will want to follow Lin or respect him. Basically, siding with Lin on Lakers is a losing proposition. Lin is going to be an odd man out.

  56. Totally agree. My concerns too.

  57. Ha, ha, we agree too much. 🙂 Can’t believe how irresponsibly BS acted. You just don’t do that as a coach, even if BS really hated Lin. I don’t see how FO can keep both BS and Lin in this circumstances.

  58. Yes, and we saw the preliminary result in last night’s game. If the management did not reel BS in soon, it’s going to be very ugly.

  59. I enjoy observing Lin’s NBA saga because it’s like watching a reality show without fake setting. Like a social experiment in NBA setting.

  60. Have to agree with you on this one too, lol, except my heartaches when i see Lin being abused all the time. I guess because Lin always reminds me of my own kids. This is why i really hope China Kobe fans should stand up and boycot Kobe, LAL and NBA to show that if they want Asia money, they can not disrespect Asians.

  61. What BS is doing seems very contrary to Kupchak’s style and philosophy.

  62. you cant let anyone scold you even if you did something wrong
    you have to scold them back

  63. test

  64. I am very militant in this aspect in that I think any Asian or Asian-American who supports Kobe or Lakers is kinda dumb. No financial support for Lakers at all from me.

  65. HaHaHa, no. I have more important things in life. I have never followed not to mention posted on a sports forum in my life until Lin. I used to wonder why people communicate on line with strangers, lol

  66. Test

  67. man they are not
    kobe goes to china every year hes not dissing asians
    hes just dissing jeremy lin as a bball player
    as he said before if ur a push over ill step over u
    which lin was and kobe did

  68. becuz we are lonely lol

  69. he already is

  70. Byron’s racist rant

  71. I saw Lin isolated by his starter teammates last night, very similar to the situation he had in Rox with the starters. Players are not fools, they know what the coach really means to do.

  72. I wonder why there isn’t such an outcry or boycott from China.
    Recently fans took a photo with Lin wearing #24 shirts lol.

  73. What Kobe did to Lin is more than step over. All the bs from BS I bet if not originated from Kobe has Kobe’s blessings. The only reason Kobe did not criticize Lin is because he tries to maintain his China popularity. That is why I think China fans should show Kobe they can not be easily fooled by Kobe’s fake act.

  74. lol, I see.

  75. Hill’s number was called, then Young’s. Haha….well….that’s coach’s call. It is not like Hill will help Lin if Lin break the play call anyway. Given how many ISO plays Lin had last game. I would say he already tried…

  76. Is there a scheduled practice today?

  77. failed

  78. Naahhh, come on. How badly can Mr. Lin play in NYC? The Poor KNicks are below tanking mode. Most BBall aficioinados whom I know admit now that Lin should never had been forced out. We all remeber Linsanity though, that was surely a majorNY Knick occurance!!

    New Yorkers won’t forget and are Gratefull for LInsanity. He would need a coach like MDA,though, but that’s water under the bridge.

  79. When you depend on your big to shoot long range shots aND abandoning ball movement, you tank for sure even he made 10 of 14.

  80. Well, if the big is a proven jumper…then…maybe not….But it was Hill…..

  81. Next time we get a chance to vote on who the camera should follow during the game (is it TNT?) we should vote Kobe so everyone sees how horrible he is!

  82. why? Lin still love the game, and I don’t think he should give up what he loves to do to some people who don’t trust him.

    He just need to go to a winning team, where people are still trying to win.

  83. NYC return would be welcomed….I’ll get the banners

  84. Retire he turns 27….still lots of NBA life left….is it easy but he is playing the game he loves. We can’t forget that

  85. 2 days only to vote for Lin in ASG by tweet, FB & http://www.nba.com/allstar/

  86. Shame on you being call yourself a lin fan.

  87. Does this remind you of “piggy” in Lord of the Flies

  88. Dont really believe a team pays him decent money just for the purpose to set him up to fail. There are certain individuals who doesnt want him to be successul thats for sure.

    NOt giving up yet.

  89. I will welcome too…

  90. All I can say is that when Jeremy stops playing, I will stop watching NBA. He was the reason that brought me back watching the games. When he is done, I am done with the NBA bs.

  91. shame on you
    real fans are fair
    you are just a crazy fan

  92. Next game without Price but with Kobe right?

  93. maybe chinese fans are Lin fans to begin with just like how AA’s hated Yao Ming because of his success

  94. arent**

  95. Eric PincusVerified account
    Ronnie Price (elbow) is listed as “doubtful” by the Lakers for Monday but then so is Kobe Bryant – Lakers don’t practice today BTW

  96. Me too.

  97. Can’t believe Byron Scott was once again bashing on his own player last night before the game. What kind of a decent human being, especially being the coach that he is bash on his own player. So frustrating.

  98. It almost doesn’t matter at this point. BS, Kobe, and Price are like three in one, on in three.

    On a more serious note, we simply don’t know yet. A lot can change between now and Monday.

  99. It makes sense that they don’t practice today because they already practiced in Utah last night. Too bad it was a televised and described as a “game” which was very deceiving on the Lakers part.

  100. Yes you right. At this point I just wanna see more Lin tank or not.

  101. When are they gonna tell us the problem of Kobe Bryant (?). They can’t say (rest) anymore lol

  102. At this point, I agree with you.. I will always support Lin and most certainly his basketball career. I may be impatient but I feel very sad to see Lin at this stage of his life for years and years no end. Wish he can just be happy and play the game he loves.

  103. So Jazz didn’t work, by box score going to Hill and Nick, so maybe BSc will try something else who knows. Let me see, did he hear the story about Cinderella? Good ol’ childhood.

  104. Yep, I only saw but boxsc and it’s obvious. So to give these guys hurting for stats some relieve, still lost. Now onto something else.

  105. yes, billions of good ppl to hang with.

  106. This! West misunderstands East. Need to delve just a little deeper. Ironic, the harder we try to look, the softer we really get. ying yang. “… for my power is made perfect in weakness” and other ways of looking at this like the silent marlboro man gone past.

  107. I hate to say this but I imma agree with khung that when price comes back from injury, lin will be a dnp-cd for clarkson.

    Afterall, it may not be a bad thing for lin to rest his body for his next team.

  108. Clarkson is a SG, young, athletic. These are features someone is allergic to.

  109. Kobe will probably play couple games before the AS and play in the AS then call it a season. Repeat the same BS next season.

  110. Yes, the math goes something like this:

    $15m/mins played x 60m/hr = an hourly wage that makes me smile for Jlin (and all of us underdogs who strive).

    41 games out of 82 = half

    So, it’s 1056m x 2 = 2112 mins projected. Then projected season pay rate is $426,136.36 per hour on the court. Check my math out too, I’m rushing it.

    Now we think of JLin with all this happy kids, and based on his values, I trust that most of that will go to where JLin and those kids want to go for the good. Let’s keep feeding that machine! in some way.

  111. From what I saw Clarkson isn’t a creator or distributor. When he had the ball he’d either shoot or drive. Kind of like Swaggy but with driving. Would be better as a SG.

  112. LOL,you need to cut off those calculation. Im too old for that.

  113. But..but BS may not be able to tell who is who other than price.

  114. No problem, just go with the flow of mathematical sense + experience and all is well founded. I’m just saying DNP-CD doesn’t matter, and given the crazy coaching, even if tanking, it might be better for Lin to pull an Asik or just let low minutes ride in the form of Mohammed Ali”s Rope a Dope.

  115. Might be a bad thing if it did happen. This makes Lin look bad.

  116. Probably because Jim buss is responsible for the coaching decisions. And he has struck out the times now.

  117. How bad would it be more than playing 30 mins with 6 pts, 3 assists, 3 turnovers and be the scapegoat while your teammates showed no respect whatsoever?

  118. China has limited access to FB and no twitter access. Chinese fans are busy chasing idols and branded stuff and they are not interested in politics.

  119. Clarkson does need some burn. He looked lost last night, like a rookie quarterback.

  120. Well let’s not make price a bad guy. He is just a pawn.

  121. Well said!

  122. Do you think there is a provision in contracts with Asian sponsors and Lakers stating that Lin must play more than let’s say 12 minutes per game for 20 games average, or something like that?

  123. Nathan a true Lin fan.

  124. Lin is truly a saint. I don’t know how he has the patience to put up with ask this crp. And why does he always have to answer questions? Do all the bench players get interviewed after every game?

  125. Truly, I am getting annoyed with Lin patiently answering these questions. He should just tell them to go ask BS. He should win the MPPOY Award. Most Patient Player Of The Year.

  126. I wonder how much lower the home court ticket price has gotten to ?

  127. All I know is most Lakers fans were thumbing their smart phones instead of watching games which were not very interesting. I have to say Lakers Girls were more interesting than the game itself. I was happy to get the heck out of Staples Center.

  128. What are you talking about? At least Lin gets a chance to play. Even with limited minutes, Lin had a few good games. Don’t you remember any of that? Lol. You don’t get any of those opportunities in DNP. That’s the worst thing that can happen to Lin, and it gives an ugly image.

  129. I do love his patience, and I don’t care if he doesn’t talk back in interviews as long as he talks back on the court. Actions speak louder. I’m disappointed when he lets the team take the ball out of his hand. He is the best, smartest player on the court and is their best option. Accept that responsibility and take the offense over for the win.

  130. Not talking back. You can be respectful in the way you decline to answer so many questions.

  131. “Imagine if he played 30 minutes?????”
    Well, we all know now it doesn’t make a diff if your team mates iso you.

  132. http://forums.lakersground.net/viewtopic.php?p=6114255#6114255

    a nice one if you are interested in pure basketball sets.

  133. You know the saddest part is Kobe still thinks the paying fans were there just to watch him. He felt so obligated to play for them. Pathetic.

  134. Is it just me? The statement doesn’t make sense.

  135. why cant this guy just stop dissing people who criticize lin when hes not playing well

  136. My friend, try rephrasing your question. “Why are these people standing up for JLin even when he is apparently not playing well?”

  137. If Lin did not play well and all the other surrounding things were the same, sure, it is Lin to blame. BB is a team sports. When you are a PG and all your teammates tried to freeze you out and loose the game plus your coach playing mental game before hand and wish you to look bad during the game, then you are not to be blamed. Your teammates and coach are to be blamed for being political. This is not sportsmanship.

  138. We know Lin, if he did bad, he would be the first one to admit and blame himself.

  139. We should’ve said, Imagine if he played 30 minutes with his regular teammates on 2nd unit!

  140. Lin needs to gain some iso moves, who knows whether he’d continue to have unfair coaches, selfish teammates, etc. The only way he can continue to succeed is up his ability to score on his own! Yesterday was the last game for me, after 1st half I gave up.

  141. he cant let that happen
    he cant let teammates freeze him out

  142. he doesnt always have to admit
    most of the time it aint his fault
    but he blames it on himself making it easy for every one to blame him

  143. How not so, please enlighten me? If his teammates were ordered or hinted by his coach and team leader.

  144. celtics game
    lin was mad
    he made everyone cater to him

  145. i think lin will bounce back next game, he always does, he will find a way. it’s not the first time his teamates freeze him out anyway. i hope lin stay positive and believe in himself. we should too.

  146. And thats what your doing right now

  147. NO! nobody catered to him! He got his and than was benched!

  148. Let’s hope so. I just feel sad the guy probably lost all the trust to people. He is still so young but has been facing politics way beyond his age.

  149. Brilliant, nice to see good analysis without the blame game. Fiendishoc at LG is one of my favorite posters. Very fair and knowledgeable.

  150. yeah, but he’s tough, i think he will be alright, true gold will shine no matter what.

  151. Not a worry at all. JLin is tough and resilient. He is able to overcome another bump of his NBA journey. He will have the last laugh of all these people who diss him. This is just a small potato in term of what he has overcome to where he is today.

  152. indeed, I like him a lot too.

  153. He stop doing that this season, which is good.

  154. and he got benched.

  155. Where are you in the past few weeks??? I didn’t hear any word from JLin to take blame on himself except from you. Please go to listen to JLin interviews before making this kind of comment.

  156. Dorothy, by 26, most as. Am. Males have faced this many times if they are leaders. Lin is just another abd we share with him as he does us.

  157. Bcuz He is either solidz, dan Cohen, or gooddayla or a combo or another identity. Notice the sentence and post structure, esp when refuted.

  158. Good on Lin or not? Don’t like TWC that much …

  159. Have you ever led a competitive team to a win from behind?

  160. Good that you’ve called him out! Frankly speaking, I knew all this while he is trolling. crafty guy hiding behind multiple identity. but with so many MOD prowling this site he wouldn’t dare to stick out his tail…

  161. Who is this SouthBayAJ?

  162. What I worry is not kobe/price/mm, it could the whole NBA as whole have an agenda against jlin

  163. You said it better than me…

  164. Byron is treading on thin ice !
    By saying Ronnie and Kobe are naturally tough and Lin is who he is, and cannot be tough overnight (just paraphrasing), he has got some unspoken agenda and is crossing the line. This is suggesting that he has got no intention of working Lin into his team. Kudos to Lin to speak up against BS. You don’t have to look like them to be “tough”. Byron, be careful what comes out of your low IQ mouth. Your Liningitis is getting worse, and it has no cure.

  165. Have you ever played a team sports before? How can you play well if your team mates icing you intentionally?

  166. Even Spike Lee can’t take it anymore…


  167. This is why I suggested that BS crossed the line. Lin does not have to look like them to be tough.

  168. I would like to post this to add to this comment:
    Byron is treading on thin ice !
    By saying Ronnie and Kobe are naturally tough and Lin is who he is, and cannot be tough overnight (just paraphrasing), he has got some unspoken agenda and is crossing the line. This is suggesting that he has got no intention of working Lin into his team. Kudos to Lin to speak up against BS. You don’t have to look like them to be “tough”. Byron, be careful what comes out of your low IQ mouth. Your Liningitis is getting worse, and it has no cure.

  169. And, Lin to get 12min.

  170. yes i have
    i never had to deal with that cuz we dont ice each other out

  171. nope but lin has so hes better than them so he can let them treat him like that
    youre argument is irrelevant here

  172. im just replying to the person above
    please go read before you reply

  173. so? he got his pts thats all that matters
    he can play like ronnie and get minutes then what?
    5pts in 30 mins?
    id take 15pts in 20mins

  174. good for him

  175. they got out of his way gave him the ball jordan came out and set screen for him
    and he got benched, so?
    he got his, if byron wants to bench him go ahead teams losing anyways
    only proves how good lin is

  176. im not admitting anything

  177. “ordered” i dont think so

  178. and thats not intentional they just think lin wanst getting it done and they thought they can push him over

  179. Then you should able to tell how easy to freeze someone and affect his/her performance.

    Don’t forget yesterday Lin was playing 1 vs 14 in the game….

  180. Only in politics and corporate had I thought that are full of shenanigans and dirty tricks. But I am totally wrong.

    NBA is a place that winning is not the first goal, at least to some teams such as Lakers, Knicks, 76ers. (prop to Rox – at least they try to win). It is place of a pool of forces trying to co-exist and trying to outplay and dominate others in this confined matrix. Profits, power, money, fame, MVP chants, are the most seek ingredients in this pond. Few are interested in so called “TEAM”. It is all “I”, too many I.s, owners, GMs, players, coaches, writers, refs and even some fans that idolize the manufactured fake superstars. ONLY I that makes sense. (Enter Kobe, Harden and Melo and the list can go on).

    All-star votes can be manipulated. Ref calls can be aligned with hidden agenda. Schedules can be arranged to ignore players health to accommodate for TV rating. Everything can be scarified to cater to a so called “superstar”. Everything is insignificant compared to personal propaganda. Those non-superstars are nobody that a person with power can undermine, undevelope, backstab and throw under in the name of tank. NBA is an insult to the true meaning of basketball, a great sport that advocates team, not I.

    That I don’t know until I began to follow Lin.

    BS is inept. But he is not stupid. We underestimated him. He is the real head of Nagini, the pet snake of Who Must Not Be Named. Last night we experienced his another gimmick: A coach can and will make any player looked bad. Just look at how the other starters acted like stones on the court ignoring Lin’s calling. Just watch how the stupid Princeton offense (that runs only 1/4 and stop) loop and loop and often ended in TOs. Just see how obvious that 1st unit was not fighting to win, but battling to ice out Lin. And BS could resolve to this prank to make Lin looked bad, in the name of his and his boss’s animosity towards Lin and scarified team’s win. Pathetic and low. How low can BS go further? We will have to see.

    Yet, our Harry Potter will prevail. Our OLin will play free. Why? Lin already won. Because the mere fact that Lin plays in this sicken NBA already make those haters and doubters lose. The hate will root deeper, the doubt will grow broader and the diss will run louder. But Lin doesn’t care. He is above all these. He just plays his game – a game that is fun with team-ball. There will be frustration, there will be down time, yet relentless and resilience are Lin’s nicknames.

    A decent man that cares about true basketball understands what Lin faces. A man that with goodwill and kind heart will respect Lin. Just look at how those reporters phrasing their questions. They know Lin’s situation because Lin is the last man standing if measured by toughness. Nobody in this world, past, present or future experienced or will experience what Lin had experienced. And Lin is still here and he will be here.

    Just be patient my friends, as Lin is. This is a chess play between Harry Potter and Who Must Not Be Named. The snake made the move. Now it is Lin’s turn.

  181. I am not sure. No coach is so dumb to say what he said about a player to a reporter without knowing the consequences. Maybe we are all wrong and BS has Mitch blessing to diss Lin so that LAL is not under pressure to sign Lin for next contract. We never know. We know BS tries to hold onto his HC job, but we don’t know the mistreatment he gave Lin is due to he sees what both FO and Kobe like or just Kobe.

  182. Lol…the Rockets starters are being severely abused by the ws bench

  183. It’s celebration time again… the wicked rockets are being beaten from here to eternity… yeah!

  184. it is
    for that the whole team was on the same page except ed davis
    the jazz knew it so they left lin wide open
    i see it
    but my point is Lin is is better than any of them he has more fame more fans more influence and everything
    he can easily overpower these guys if he wants to
    heck he can even do that with his play hes that much better than these guys he can yell at them punch them if he feels like it
    but he chooses to be nice

  185. Just watched 4Q GSW vs Rox, Wow! Kerr is really good coach. Curry & Thompson were great! So happy GSW won. I think they have good chance to win the title this year.

  186. Dude dude dude.. don’t pull me in and make me comment and don’t start a war when I don’t need to and don’t assume.. notice the first 3 letters of that letter because that’s what those people do. I haven’t been commenting at all even in jlin.net because I have other businesses to take care of and jlin is just an iota of what is important to me. I went on all sites to just read news and this site happens to have more tweets of what’s happening to lin because they are expose to the general public so i can see retweets. I don’t comment much now on both sites because on both sites, the comments are getting ridiculus and I, out of the blue will go on jeremylin.net, and say cr-p to relieve stress because that site is pure freedom of the speech..it’s about random stuff. In fact, I can tell you right now, it’s boring to watch lin because he is not in charge..and PO offense is way too predictable. My business partners even said that and he is an avid bball fan.

    And no I DO NOT have to post under another identity because I can tell you, even though someone banned me here, I can still get in easily (like right now). In fact, I posted something previous to prove that point. If I’m a real troll like what you ass_ume that I am (my lawyer told me that.. people who assume are that), you will keep seeing my name or some computerized comment keep popping up and this site will be so busy deleting comments constantly because I know how alter ip addresses..or I can easily rlogin to some of my other rental apts who have different ip addresses and post from there. Just because some people express their frustration on lin doesn’t mean that they aren’t legit lin fans. Do you have kids? If you do and if you are asian, you will know how asian parents berate them. I’m half asian and I even know that because my mom was like a tiger mom.

    So like dorothy said, ” If Lin did not play well and all the other surrounding things were the same, sure, it is Lin to blame…. When you are a PG and all your teammates tried to freeze you out and loose the game plus your coach playing mental game before hand and wish you to look bad during the game, then it’s not lin fault.” But again. we are spectators. We do not know if teammates ARE really freezing him out or because they haven’t practice or played together for a while everyone don’t know how to work together. Again, lin is not very fun to watch right now because he is in not in charge because of the coach.

    Linsanity did not start with lin. It starts with the coach…MDA who quickly adapted to believe in him when others fail. If you have a coach who doesn’t believe that lin is starting material, you do not have linsanity 2.0. period. Linsanity is fun to watch. In fact, how a coach believes in you will make or break your career.. look at pbev who is really not that good as oppose to cassipi, whom I think has talent. It’s all on the coach, PERIOD. kapich? smh.

  187. I don’t think a disciplined team will allow anyone except the guards to bring up the ball, except you are an All star.

    That’s why I think the team was encouraged to do that, or I would say, they would not be punished for that.

    I understand why they played in this way. See how Young was benched after asking Kobe to take the back seat, Ellington’s DNP, Boozer’s playing time and of course Lin himself……they are just the role players who want to survive in this Kobe’s team and this league. It’s the COACH to take this blame, not Lin.

  188. Neither good nor bad….it is just a fact that Scott ignores..a coach who kept giving the ball to Hill

  189. Lin to the Bucks?

    Bucks’ guard Marshall tears ACL, done for season
    POSTED: Jan 17, 2015 11:57 PM ET

  190. I liked his step back Jump….he hits it at a higher rate than I would think

  191. WTH…not mocking on him….but Marshall is not really a fast guard….really bad luck

  192. Jeremylin.net seems so toxic. Who is the moderator there?

  193. The list is on the right on their home page I think…

  194. If Hill thinks he’s a PG and starts dribbling around again I hope Lin chews him out.

  195. Hill is more valuable than Lin is……

  196. it is
    Lin gets no respect no doubt about that
    but when kobes out
    ur the man
    show them whos the boss
    if coach benched u, then so be it
    but lin can outpower BS if he wants to
    Lin can be a very powerful man

  197. Pic of JLin still waiting for those foul calls.


  198. OK Folks, lets not go against each other here. Trolling is fine as long no one breaks the rules…its that simple. If you suspect someone posting here has ill intention, then just report to the mods, we will keep an eye on the poster(s). Cheers

  199. As long as Lin has friends family and God he will always be okay. We all have to answer to someone eventually. He needs to keep the course.

  200. He is…….

  201. problem is..there are mods here who abuses their powers because they can’t take the heat or handle the truth in debates.

  202. Good that he did not really always blame on himself. And when he talked about the bad games he had, it’s not really blaming on oneself, but taking responsibility for one’s own act/mistakes/faults. That to me is very man up act of lin to be willing to admit his faults. In fact, it’s a man up act of anybody who is willing to stand up and admit one’s own mistake, instead of escaping it. You know not many people are willing to/ can do that. He blame on himself does not make it easy for people to blame him, if these people actually watched the game and know it’s not his faults.

  203. He has good court vision and passing skills…a pure traditional point gurad…that’s all.

  204. I think so as well, as I mentioned way below, beginning of this thread

  205. He is just too un athletic at NBA level of a PG. I am not doubting his skill at all…I think he is slower than Nash….

  206. A coach who is stuck in dinosaur age philosophy, unfortunately

  207. The more dysfunctional you are as an organization, the worst it gets. It has nothing to do with JLin. Being treated bad is just a symptom. It catches up to the best of us. It is a matter of time. For the Lakers , it has already caught up.

  208. Hahaha
    Until he grows out white/gray hair?!!

  209. lol…i remember this picture! way back…

  210. in fact they had created a story line, and if i remember correct, by the time he age, only then NYK realizes the gem Lin is, and call him back to play for nicks, and he takes them to championship…something like that

  211. you are asking the wrong place. You should ask there.

  212. If we are not Lin fans….just general LAL fans. I think maybe half of us will think LAL is on the right track, the stars will come, the championship will follow

  213. when Dolan gets old and someone better than him takes over, then maybe this dream of many will come true! Hope don’t need to wait that long until lin gets that old with gray hair…lol

  214. LOL….at least we can be almost sure that the successor will be better than Dolan. It is just to hard to be worse

  215. I like the idea. Will the F/O yield to the pressure from the tank unit and its coach ?

  216. Slower than a 40-year old Nash

  217. I would say they are like the Knicks in 2013.

  218. Something to think about. The Rockets appear to be an organization the works more toward statistics – Morey. For the Lakers it seems more of an emotional thing or subjective. With regards to Jeremy it seems like a personal thing where ever he goes.

  219. accident happens….just a simple tweak to norm movement is enough to cause major injury

  220. I watched the 2nd half of Atl Vs Chi. Hawks are a great team. They have great ball movements and hardly any iso plays on the offense end. The defense rotation is also amazing. When they double team someone, you don’t feel anyone is left wide open. This is one of the teams I will be rooting for in the playoff.

    I wonder how LAL beat them early in the season. Oh yes, Jeremy had double double on that game.

  221. ANd I think skill-wise…he is not even remotely at the same level either. But it is unfair to ask a PG who posses Nash’s skill level anyway

  222. Yeah…this really sucks…

  223. quote “I wonder how LAL beat them early in the season” = because Jeremy had double double on that game”

    pretty obvious 🙂

  224. FWIW, CHI is fading tho…this is all relative..

  225. Like him. although he was another Lin “replacement” at some pt

  226. If Lin retired from the NBA and to play in the CBA, would he command the largest contract ever given to a foreigner?

  227. This will be the Lakers when Lin is gone:
    @BleacherReport’s Tweet: https://twitter.com/BleacherReport/status/556599392057036800?s=09

    Actually not that they’re much better now.

  228. we are human too, we err at times. One can contact another mod to sort things out

  229. They still have a 6’6 PG and another PG right? Even I want Lin learn under JKidd, it seems not much chance…

  230. Well, Bulls are not great but not terrible either.

  231. I think Hawks will be #1 in the Eastern C. Ya! Lakers sure do like that… too bad, not going to happen. smh!

  232. Rox are also going to follow Knicks’ footprints.

  233. Wizards right behind them..so could go either way

  234. I dont think so, they will be a good team. The only thing stopping them from being great is coaching philosophy, similar to LAL, where they rely too much on a single player and iso moves

  235. COuld be…hard to say

  236. 1st lesson…how to spill soda on the court to fake a time out….

  237. Number 17 looks very tough here!
    I believed he is not only physically tough, going through physical “fights” like this very often, but also very mentally tough going through so many ups and downs, and still able to maintain calm and integrity personality. Don’t get how some people called such a man like this is timid or soft. But like Lin said, each has his own opinions of what is tough.

  238. hahahaha

  239. its part of the skill as well

  240. “It is just hard to be worse”
    Mmm….sometimes, it can be WORST. Lol. Just when we thought Houston is worse, but then we found out LA might be the worst…
    But if LA indeed turning out the worst, then I think GOOD will come out soon. Because, it just so hard to be worse than worst. Heehee~~~am playing with the words here.

  241. I do not think HOU is better tho. I still think LA is better.

  242. Maybe someone can make a comparing list. (^_^)of who is worse or better. I think when he was rocket, at least his minutes didnt get cut too much than he is with the lakers, and better number stats? But then in LA, fans are generally better, and medias are generally fair, which is a very important big plus?.
    I am also withold on this. Hope something turn out VERY good( like BS got fire) in LA than current situation. 😀

  243. The worst about HOU is that their media can spin their agenda whatever they want. Lin had to swallow everything, since speaking up means nothing. LA is completely different, the coach and Kobe got more doubts than Lin has. Yes Lin got less minutes, but he is more free to talk and his coach just sounded dumber every time he opens his mouth…At the same time, Lin has figured out everything that was thrown at him. I think LA is better.

  244. I think the same! At least, in LA he will get some fairness from the media, fans. While in Houston, it’s both. Lol. Coach and the media/fans going together.

  245. ok, I finally finished the Big Check to be given to JLin on 1/19 for JLinFoundation Fundraising.
    I evened out the amount so it would show a total of $3600. I’ll get a big printout tomorrow.

    Credit to @IsabeliJane17 and 311 for the logo and banner. I will list the credit on the Thank You card with all the donor names (which I’ll work tomorrow). I want to show how many fans supported him from different countries in the world so that’s why the world theme.

    Thank you for everyone for the big support to contribute to JLin’s Foundation!
    You should be proud to provide your support in the tough time where he needs it the most!

    That’s what true friends and true fans do. Pick them up when they need it the most =)

  246. A horrible moderator for a fan site.

  247. Yes please. Something is bound to happen and it has to be good!!!

  248. We will see. If it is linear, it is not worthy a prediction.

  249. BS is just trying to find a scapegoat for his unprecedented pathetic losing season. Again the reality is he will be the only one answering to his record. I bet he couldn’t win 14 games in the rest of this season. The won-loss record would be 26-55.

  250. Good job!! let’s hope it goes perfectly and you get to interview Lin with some hard questions…jk

  251. Awesome!

  252. Just checked out that site for first time and the first thing i see is “Jeremy Lin is Lousy” goodness!! Closed out that forum immediately..

  253. Los Angeles Lakers All-Access Event 2015

    Take a tour with Lakers Nation at this year’s 11th annual Lakers
    All-Access event. From a tour of the Lakers locker room to Lakers
    president Jeanie Buss’ promise to the fans.

  254. its kinda odd, the Mod there created such a title. Never seen that in the past

  255. This is great Psalm! Very well done! Hope you have a great time when you meet Jeremy. Give our best regards to our main man.

  256. When the line up is Lin Davis and Hill..with 2 shooters. Even if Lin is running PnR with Davis. THe big who is guarding Hill can simply stay down low to clog the lane if Hill is above the FT line. So painful to see…who designed it? I believe if Hill reviewed the film, he will keep doing that because by doing so, the ball will be forced back to him so he can chuck it. WTH?

  257. They totally ignored Jeremy.

  258. Good, so Lin is not in their plan

  259. Who were they? Lakers Nation or Jeanie Buss?

  260. hopefully he will do well in the game so he’ll be in a good mood to chat during Q&A.
    Yes, of course I will let him know that his fans always root for him! =)

  261. Take Hill out put Black in.

  262. So are you gonna get a giant-sized check and present it him during halftime? That’s how it’s going to happen… right? Right? LOL.

  263. Hope you have fun and Jeremy has a breakout performance. If he doesn’t… well, that just means you didn’t cheer hard enough and we should blame you. Got it? 😛

  264. They need a C or PF who can really shoot, like LMA. Black can not make it better in this situation.

  265. well, the plan is to give it after the game during Q&A.
    Let’s hope and pray he’ll do very well in the game =)

  266. it means you didn’t pray hard enough LOL .. haha.. we gotta share the blame

  267. This is Lakers Nation video. They had 3 videos of Jeremy/Young/Ellington interaction few days ago but didn’t mention anything about Jeremy here. Little odd.

  268. Oh! Lakers Nation always like this.. sometimes it’s high on Lin but more time it’s low on him.. sort of like they have two different group or what?

  269. That hurts, psalm… that hurts (pointing at my heart). LOL.

  270. No wonder this team can’t get any FA to come to LA to play with Kobe.

  271. I noticed that too but they didn’t even mention his name!

  272. Plus I don’t care about what Lakers nations said or do … I am more concern about Jeanie Buss…

  273. Before Lin comes to LA and play for the Lakers, these same teammates have already had a horrible losing record. The lesson is never go on board a sinking ship like the Lakers.

  274. Lakers’ Jeremy Lin is running out of time to make a good impression
    -LA Times

    “I’m not saying that [Lin] is soft or anything like that. But Ronnie Price is a tough kid. Period. He’s always been that way. I don’t think you can make Ronnie anything other than what he is. And I think the same with Jeremy.”

    I don’t think he’s been great. I don’t think he’s been terrible either,” Scott said diplomatically. “He’s had his moments, but he still has to continue to get to that point where he is playing much more consistent basketball. And that’s on both ends of the floor.”

    Why Scott keep saying bad things about Lin in public? May be Scott knows Lin is not Lakers future plan.

  275. Well, someone made this video did it on purpose I believe. Then don’t click for the video.

  276. How disappointing. I’m just confused now.

  277. Or maybe Scott knows himself is not LAL future plan unless Kobe is happy? LOL

  278. Lots of Lin’s fans trash about this already… from Ido, Nathan, and so on…

  279. Don’t click for this video no mention Lin at all……

  280. no worries.. we all gotta cheer and pray hard. Scream harder at the TV to join us =)

  281. I already do scream at the TV… just gotta work harder on the praying part 🙂

  282. Perhaps Boozer then, Davis inside.

  283. You need a better HDTV so your scream (prayer) will pass thru without being distorted…

  284. He is tough. Tougher than anyone in the NBA. He WILL get through this!!!!!

  285. Will be thinner defensively, but I guess this lineup is better. Actually a better designed play will be better…which we know it is not gonna happen

  286. He loves attention. SO MUCH that he can’t handle anyone else take his spotlight.

  287. He is telling the F/O to get rid of Lin. It seems it is getting harder and harder for the coach to make Kobe look like the best player of the team, or maybe just a serviceable player. It helps to keep his job for this and next season if any better player is shown the door of LAL.

  288. Yes… but it was hard to see Clarkson try to do some layups.. and fail :/ Price can’t do it either. Only Jeremy!!!

  289. Sorry, I’m new to basketball.. what is this F/O people speak of? :/

  290. front office…the management

  291. Thanks! Still learning lol

  292. Thank you Psalm and everyone who gave supports! Sure Lin will be happy for what we have done!

    If allowed, please ask if he know this site or not. Sometimes I think maybe he is one of the posters here Hehe

  293. You’re very welcome @psalm234:disqus!

  294. I submitted the question already 🙂 Maybe I’ll ask in person
    and.. yeah, I don’t think he’s one of the posters here..
    He better spend his time practicing his 3s lol

  295. ..and yes I agree on this, “That’s what true friends and true fans do. Pick them up when they need it the most =)”. You don’t kick people in the gut when they’re already down. When you do that, it means you’re a coward to attack the person when he’s back up.

    I’m proud to say we have 97% good people here – not the “fair weather” kind and analytical.

  296. When people use phrase such as I’m not saying… but.. they usually mean the exact opposite. Just come out and admit all your biases already. We know you think Lin is soft and Price is the best thing since Kobe Bryant LOL.

    Moreover, please stop talking about both ends of the floor like you can coach offense or defense. Your offensive scheme consists of using Jordan Hill like Dirk Nowizki and ISO-Kobe whereas your defensive scheme consists of… NOTHING. You are the worst coach in the NBA and please just stop talking so that you might have a better chance at hanging onto your current job.

  297. Exactly

  298. 4k or OLED

  299. or 4K OLED….

  300. If Kobe/Scott win the fight against the F/O, it is actually better for Lin: Lin will be freed from this tank sooner. I doubt any winner can stand the air of a tank any longer. If their plan comes true, I guess they could get Love for next season, Kobe could become a share owner, Scott could stay and extend his contract, and a new dynasty is born, rivaling Knicks.

  301. Curbed 3D 4K OLED?

  302. 4K is so yesteryear…LG already with 8K at CES earlier this month. LOL

  303. That then is the point. You don’t know what it means to try and therefore, your perceptions and opinions don’t include an understanding of what it takes and what limitations you have in that situation. My question is relevant.

  304. Tiger fan….

  305. GSW over Rox by 25, 12 pts Harden on 30 mins, 4 for 15. Always fun news out there.

  306. Liningitis.

  307. Always thought Harden a stat padder.

  308. The Rockets are designed to let Harden shine and Harden often delivered if the refs gifted him with numerous free throws or his outside shots fell. Tonight neither of these two things happened so Harden was exposed for who he truly is, a ref-assisted manufactured “superstar”.

    On the other hand, the “defensive stopper” failed to stop Curry again tonight. Guess the league is finding out quickly how undeserving the “defensive stopper” is for the All-NBA second defensive team LOL.

  309. GSW are pretty amazing – that team is enjoying every each relationship and it shows in the smiles and results. Lucky Kerr, really.

  310. It happened in Knicks, it happened in Rockets and now it is happening in Lakers. The coach belittling Lin by saying he is not defensive, not tough, hence Lin needs to be benched. Nobody wants to credit Lin on his playmaking skills and only “misses” it when the so called defensive tough replacement PG are not able to deliver when the cornerstone Melo and Harden are shut down.

  311. maybe stress from his divorce proceeding. No prenup so that wife get half. lol

  312. wow … seems like you’ve been here all along lol.

  313. The relationship with players in the team takes time which unfortunately Lin does not have the luxury to build on due to the repeated “journeys” with different teams thus far.

  314. I think most coaches will be very successful with a powerful roster like the Warriors. Kerr really wasn’t that impressive as the GM of the Suns but he surely hit the jackpot by leaving the Knicks hanging until the Warriors fired Mark Jackson to jump ship. Very sneaky move by Kerr there lol.

  315. @psalm234:disqus You know what we want. Pics and long report….

  316. I’m just so angry now hearing what this BS of a coach are saying about my man JLin. I’ve been pretty patient with this imbecile since he first showed signs of marginalising Lin but no more. I wish him all the worst in the future coming and may God punishes him accordingly. May his career burns to the ground and be exiled from the NBA for eternity.

  317. Looks like Scott intends on driving out Jeremy. Is this an open war with Jeremy?

  318. Sometimes we just need to give credit where its due 🙂

  319. which part?

  320. Lets not wish any ill on another person. Karma would do its cause

  321. Understand your frustrations. We all are. Please refrain from wishing ill on anyone. It seems bleak now. I do believe God has brought JLin thus far and He won’t abandon him and leave him to dry in the sick NBA org. God will take care of JLin. No doubt about it.

  322. In my school days and working days I have met certain “political” people. Specifically these people immediately suck up and get cozy with whoever is at the top of the pyramid. In school, this meant getting close to the seniors. But it was comical how these people would appear lost after the seniors graduate. They never excelled on their own merit and could not stand on their own.

    In the working world, power structures last longer but the same thing happens too. But when the powerful patron retires or loses power the entourage is thrown into disarray.

    Scott reminds me exactly of these type of people. Superstars with contracts which cannot be repudiated are naturally at the top of the pyramid. Scott only knows one way to keep his job which is to suck up to the head honcho Kobe.

    Kobe deserves to be criticized for his selfishness but Scott who is supposed to watching out for the whole team is even more blameworthy.

  323. So who is the tough player? The one tat cannot play every game and cannot practice with his team? Is that the tough player that Scott talks about. Jeremy has to play both ends of the court but Price doesn’t?

  324. Lin’s agent needs to give Mitch a call and put him on blast for that kind of treatment. But I am sure Lin would not sign off on having his agent go to F.O.

  325. The comments to the media

  326. KUDOS to all of you moderators for creating this new site for us on and off lurkers to visit….just wanted to find out about JLin’s status and clicked on d usual JLin. net site and was shocked with all the neg. postings and fighting-even the moderator’s headline.was negative –SMH….so opposite with what u have–JLIN fundraising for his foundation –hats off to all of u…..looks like JLin should be hanging out with Pope Francis- just want to share HIS msg…”Live simply. Love and give out of your own poverty” Pope’s message to the youth

  327. Psalm, no Taiwan and Singapore on the check?

  328. wow, I missed it! Thanks, I’ll go ahead and add it

  329. Welcome @ViNuyork:disqus Hope to see you posting more 🙂

  330. BS latest comment on Lin being soft is so upsetting. Lin is all about toughness. Does soft keep playing division 1 basketball when no one gives him a scholarship? Does soft play when undrafted? Does soft go linsanity over everyone and break record when his nba career is weeks away from ending? Does soft get his team into the playoffs three years in a row as there pg? Does soft keep producing when everyone says you can’t?


    Soft is a word used in desperation by haters when all the evidence points to how good a player is. They did it to Dirk, LeBron, and Gasol, now they are untouchable stars. Lin hurry up and win a championship so you could shut these haters up.

  331. Mitch said he hope Lin finds a home in LA. I believe Mitch does like Lin, which is why he is in L.A.. But Jim buss screwed it up again with choosing the coach. Lin will leave because of BS. Howard and Gasol left under dantoni. If Jim buss just leave and Phil Jackson was hired then Lakers would not be in this mess.

  332. Just wondering. Some of you are saying that FO and BS looks at Lin differently. Has there been any recent comments from FO? FO’s support for Lin was early in the season, but I don’t believe I have heard anything since.

  333. wow, amazing, am so glad to be part of this big Jeremy Lin family !!! Hope to see vid of you with JLin, good luck and can’t wait for Jlin’s big smile :))

  334. Got both. Will upload later. Thx!

  335. don’t see this posted before:


    Pls check out comment from SouthBayAJ <– sounds a lot like from one of us

  336. Who is this guy? One of us here?

  337. Eastern and Western way of thinking different. Also, African-American way of thinking tough differs. He can think whatever. I know Lin is tough kid. I rather trust Lin with an important mission, knowing he will give all he got. If anything, Lin too tough on himself; that’s the problem. He should be easy on himself like Nick Young the fool and just play his game and ignore everyone.

  338. the way I see it, If FO allow this to happened then then they are guilty as BS is.

  339. Mod at JL site is a Lin fan also. He’s human. The difference is this is a Lin Support Forum, whereas the JL site is a Lin fan site. Small but significant difference. Both have their purposes.

  340. The game against Jazz reminds me of several games:

    1. The first 5 games in the season when Lin struggled. He never practiced with starters. He was confused what role he should be playing. Low scores, few shot attempts. Got Iced out, standing in the corner watching Kobe bricked.

    2. The games that Kobe were not playing but with Price starting. 1st unit, though not performing well compared to 2nd unit, at least ball flowed with everybody moving and cutting.

    Compared with #1, the Jazz game showed that Lin knows his role even though BS kept forcing him to feed Hill/Young. But Lin found several chances to shoot with balls fall onto him unexpectedly. He made 10 shot attempts !! Especially the last 3 that could cut down the lead from 6 to 3. Just looked at BS’s face when Lin shot that one. See the difference? Lin knew and learned and got better in this stupid offense system. I could tell Lin’s defense tactic changed in a way to save energy. In games #1, Lin all in with energy on D. But not this game. (But I still think he helped D too much ;-D ).

    Compared with #2, this is more interesting and telling. I understand that Jazz game is a B2B. But 1st unit just stood there, reluctant to move and cut, ignoring Lin’s calls. After the ball left Lin’s hand, the ball never came back to Lin. In games #2 with Price starting, ball movement was there obviously. Why the difference? The same stupid offense scheme with only one variation, Lin starting instead of Price. Why? Something was behind the scene. This reminds me another game: the Stop Linsanity game, the Knicks vs Heat that Lin had the first taste of dirty play, orchestrated by Melo/Lebron.

    Lin chooses to play NBA. That’s what he faces and will face. Politics above basketball. I over Team. This is an environment that he couldn’t control but to do his best. It is just that we are Lin’s fans that all these dirty little things got exposed in some subtle revealing signs. Not just Lin, I believe most NBA non-superstar players face these shenanigans to some degree. Just keep moving forward.

  341. Last day to vote for Lin in ASG by tweet, FB & http://www.nba.com/allstar/

  342. I don’t blame BS for sucking up to Kobe because even the FO does that. They already knew or should have known that BS sucks up to Kobe. FO decided to throw away seasons until Kobe leaves. That is what they decided, so that’s that.

  343. Kerr doing a better job than Mark Jackson. I say this even though I don’t like Kerr.

  344. I’m not quite clear about the following, can anyone tell me? Thx.
    is it that as long as LAL is not able to get into playoff, then they don’t need to give the Suns the draft picks?
    or do they have to be at the bottom of WC to keep them?

  345. My understanding is that if the draft turns out to be a top 5, then Lakers keep the pick.

  346. I am not sure if that site is a Lin fan site or not, but we try to be more positive here….welcome…

  347. From what I understand the trade they made with the Suns is a top 5 protected draft pick, so if the Lakers finish poorly enough that they are in the top 5 pick they get to keep the pick. If they finish well enough that they don’t get a top 5 pick then the pick goes to the Suns. If they get to keep that top 5 pick then the Suns get their pick for the following year instead (don’t remember details of that 2016 pick, whether protected and by how much).

  348. I think it is pretty much it that with BS being the coach there won’t be any Linsanity again. I hope Jeremy will be signed by another team that really needs him.

  349. Opposite i think, if the LAL finished bottom 5 this season, the pick is LAL’s to keep

  350. yes … I think the point most people missed is that the suns will get the pick eventually…if not this year it will be some years down the road

  351. No hope for NY until 2020.

  352. There are too many snake symbolisms around Jeremy these days. If you believe what Jeremy believes, you will know that snakes/serpents aren’t the best things for him to be around.
    Hopefully even though he is bitten by the snake, he will (with God’s help) crush the head with his heels.

  353. That is what I meant. The draft is top 5 guaranteed when your record is bottom 5 of the league. Or something like that.

  354. Around the last 1/3 of the program is Lin, about his hand shake with team mates..

  355. Yes…I misread your comment…lol

  356. Someone mentioned this in comments from an anti-Lin article:

    “What do you make of Derrick Rose game vs Utah on 1/7, 30 min, 3/15,
    7pts, 2AST, 3TOS. Bulls lost by 20pts, not b2b, home game. Can somebody
    write 20 articles about this bad performance?”

  357. oh well…..let’s just forget abt them

  358. Leave this to Mike Bresahan’s article…

  359. Due to the way the lottery is structured, they have to finish in the bottom 2 to be guaranteed to keep it. The first 3 picks are decided by lottery balls and all the teams that missed playoffs are eligible. After that everything is decided by team standings.

  360. Lovethat soneone

  361. 🙂 me too I think Kerr got a free pass but then again, so far how many coaches do I like? Probably MDA and I guess Pop. Gotta learn more who coaches well.

  362. Not just Lin’s fans see the obvious that BS is BS. More comments there are basically calling out BS and sympathetic to Lin, including the one quoted by Ido below.

  363. good one, Lin on the phone low key fun. Is there a LinFan badge or handshake ?

  364. I’m not a Linsanity fan. I’m a Lin Fan.
    Jeremy brought me in to the NBA because of his faith, his energy, his love of the game
    It’s because of this I watch Lin play.
    This is a team sport and some things are beyond his control
    It’s his nature to admit to himself when he plays poorly
    This is what makes him outstanding , he doesn’t pout and refuse interviews
    He doesn’t blame others outwardly for his performance
    He works harder to improve.
    I rather watch his journey and enjoy his accomishments and share the sorrows of defeat.
    Why can’t we just watch rather than judge what he can or can’t be?
    I am a fan of Linspiration.

  365. Glad to hear this from a real lin fan in a lin fan forum, unlike others.

  366. I see

  367. BS will say Rose is a tough guy just keep on playing hard…

  368. PPL being a fan for many reasons…welcome.

  369. Expert of playing both ways!
    You got skill!

  370. Exactly. I guess BS’ lens have more reflective response to color in terms of toughness.

  371. lol

  372. 我还是改了吧。一时忍不住。hahaha

  373. Have to agree with you.

  374. Indeed! I have close friends of different colour … have family members married to different races… and beautiful children from mixed races… why in this day and age we still have to see this happening in major sport in North America? Very frustrated and upsetting…

  375. his limitations? please hes the only asian in the league and his parents are from asia
    he can be limitless if he wants to
    but his teammates well..

  376. What?! Let’s repeat what you are saying for the record: Lin can be limitless because he’s Asian in the NBA, huh? It’s obvious race baiting, esp as you bring his parents’ ancestry into it. Can he fly too? This thread you have is very common throughout. It’s not so subtle, but yes it’s indirect in how you are inciting.

  377. Mod’s, please continue vigilance on the race baiting here, especially as this is a positive site for Lin and his good example in responses to ups and downs so all the kids on this site can learn. These days, kids don’t have as many good role models given everyone is faced into cell phones and typing into forums. We are all masters of our own fake universe, so why amplify antisocial behaviors given there are so few places now for young ppl to learn social interplay? I mean, it all goes to having good families, loved ones in the future, right? I’m for real connection through tech, not amplifying the ISO game.

    Maknusia as mod said below that trolling is ok as long as we follow the rules. What??? I mean, there is a joke about Brent and others trolling, but that is in good jest sort of the ironic anti-troll kidding around. But where is it ok to foster negative attacks (direct or indirect) on Lin and his fans? (I like you btw, Mak).

    Nothing else, let’s Go Lin!

  378. If kobe travels, he’s going to require FGAs. Then go back to giving Lin his efficient 20 mins, best 2nd unit on the NBA.

  379. Looks like JLin practicing in starter jersey. Hopefully gets to work on some PnR with Davis. Although Scott seems to have forbidden any Lin/Davis PnR.

  380. I disagree, it’s not ok to troll here. Ppl kid around about Brent and others trolling, but that reference is a joke and all about encouraging ppl to post constructively.

  381. https://twitter.com/MarkG_Medina/status/556830914844430337

    Jeremy Lin may start at point guard only if Price’s injury persists. Although Price has only averaged 5.5 points on 36.1 percent shooting, 3.8 assists and 1.2 turnovers, Scott has praised Price’s defense and hustle. Meanwhile, Lin has averaged 10.6 points on 43.5 percent shooting, 4.4 assists and 2.8 turnovers per game. Lin failed to provide a compelling case to move back to the starting lineup, posting six points on 3-of-10 shooting, three assists and three turnovers in Friday’s loss in Utah.

    “I’m not too worried about that,” Lin said about starting. “The thought will occur here or there. I’m definitely human. But it just gets back to keeping the script the same every single night with what do I do, what is my approach and how do I play.”

  382. Hate for Lin will always be there
    Some people are very narrow minded
    no matter how well Lin plays they will always say Lin is a bum
    so who cares what they have to say?
    their words dont mean shyt
    not even worth our time
    let them continue to be stupid and jealous of Lin

  383. Don’t be surprised if Clarkson starts or Hill as PG.

  384. yep coming off 2 major injuries
    sits out games because he wants to be able to attend his sons graduations in the future
    sits out a season cuz he feels hes not ready yet
    yep thats reaaaal tough

  385. Joking is fine….But even by joking, rules apply.

  386. Lin Swaggy Kelly Boozer and Davis would be deadly
    Ellington is too full of himself he wont be back next year
    Hill cant have double duble every night bur nobody will want him
    johnson is a bust a failure
    Tarik Black thinks hes the man now but hes not
    Jordan Clarkson, keep working on your game you can be a good scorer some day
    Sacre best cheer leader in the league
    Nash come back
    Kobe dont come back

  387. More from Nathan Gottlieb
    “BS is doing everything in his power to force Lin out of playing his game. Price is perfect PG for BS: not creative, thrilled to have a job.
    So Price worships BS. Follows his orders to a T. Because Price has always been 2d or 3d string guard, who barely belongs in league.
    Not hating on Price. Glad for the guy to get this chance to prolong a career that was probably over a couple years ago. Feels indebted to BS”

  388. Why? If he didn’t want to play then don’t show up…

  389. BS cannot relate to players who don’t look like him. You still don’t get it.

  390. To make sure BS keeps marginalising JLin I’d say…

  391. I think so… everything has to be under his control.. smh!

  392. Just in case BS got fired and he can take over right on spot.

  393. Yes, ok. I cringe when y’all joke around about trolling because it takes great contextual wisdom to discriminate. Anyway, up to you guys/ladies.

  394. I think the other pick is top 3 protected or something.

  395. This is just a random thought but I kind of think JLin is a bit like Jon Snow from GOT…. Being marginalised all his life but kept fighting through all the obstacles thrown at him.

  396. Yeap. You have to play by the rules of each site. Do as Romans do, when you are in Rome.

  397. Why is this fake MJ’s tweets posted here? If he is the real MJ, I would understand.

  398. Or just no pg to start with

  399. Ha, ha. I like Spike Lee little more now.

  400. I am not sure if he is trying to impressionate MJ or not tho.

  401. soft

  402. thanx….skim thru most of d comments here and there’s no bickering n fighting 🙂

  403. thanx- well, sometimes.. gonna visit this site from now on…

  404. This site was all good until a couple weeks ago! As more and more those toxic posters similar to Jeremylin.net.
    condemning Lin not playing this way or that way, said he is stupid etc. and wanted Lin to yell at his coach and teamates.
    If Jeremy Lin acted so low like they wanted, yelling his coach or teamates, he defintely was out of the NBA long time ago. Jeremy Lin has so many fans around the world today and is still here in NBA is because he is who he is!!! He is the role model Jeremy Lin!

  405. Exactly and totally agree with you!

  406. Often when we lose all hope and think this is the end, remember God and pray, it’s just a bend not the end.

  407. Worth re-posting in 10x larger print:)

  408. Thanks to @Dorothy, I added both Taiwan and Singapore to the country list on the check. Disqus didn’t allow me to update the picture but it has been corrected properly.

  409. Bye Kobe

  410. Just a question to you Psalm, do you know why we could not see who upvoted our comments anymore? We only can see one name and 5 others (but who?)
    We used to be able to see who upvoted us but not anymore?

  411. been here once in awhile only on reading updated tweets and published news instead wasting time commenting much on both site because comments and thoughts on both sites are all getting ridiculus..just like bleacher reports.. I’m crude, sarcastic, a devils advocate and try to be as unbias as I can and that’s how I am but most sites cannot handle me except for jeremylin.net. I defend lin on bleacher reports and I get on slaught by haters. I criticize lin because of his bonehead play here or open a different perspective against an extremist lin supporter and I get ban (supposedly). jeremylin.net was free to roam. Oh and btw, like I said before, I did predict lin to not have this good of a game..because like said before, it’s b2b. look at the stats this year and you know and his stats plummet on the 2nd b2b games. I forgot if that’s the same for the rockets. but only time he did well with b2b games from my recollection is during linsanity era with the knicks.

  412. Disqus allows anonymous users to upvote. Theses are people wo disqus accounts

  413. I know, used to be each upvoter’s name and guest votes total were shown, but now only the first voter’s name you can see, couldnt see all others. Let say there are 16 uptvotes, only one name and all others are “others”. Every comment’s upvotes is this way now, it is not possible, it has been at least a few days already, pls check your upvotes especially 26 upvotes, you can see one name and not others, i dont think 25 are outsiders without account, right? Please confirm. Thank you in advance!

  414. Is this why Swaggy P has been in a shooting slump? Maybe sleeping on the couch causing back problems?

    Nick Young is in some trouble and we’re not talking about his basketball game. The Los Angeles Lakers shooting guard was allegedly forced to sleep on the couch last night after the photo above surfaced on the web. The picture, which may or may not be innocent, shows the ball player and a young lady getting into his car—the same car that girlfriend Iggy Azalea purchased for Christmas for him as a gift. Whether or not this whole ordeal is the reason for Swaggy P’s poor performance in last night’s game against the Cavaliers—he shot 4 for 13 from the field—is uncertain. Hopefully he gets on Iggy’s good side sooner rather than later.


  415. I still can see all upvoters..

  416. JMO, this site IS still a good site

  417. JJ it’s just a couple of ppl, and that’s why it’s important to post positively with good ideas and facts. I mean, life will give each of us setbacks anyway.

    The think I disdain the most is the post that fakes Lin positive, but sneaks in there an attack on Lin, Lin fans, or Asians, or underdogs. It’s here as you say.

    Let’s all call it out and post something good too.

  418. Lenard just stripped someone again. Parker’s pass was deflected by JAZZ front court players. Just Like what happened to Lin’s pass. Funny

  419. I wonder how much of BS’ disdain towards “creative PGing” has to do with his relationship with Magic…

    Which also brings back the question: is Steve Nash really unable to play, or just caught BS antics and Kobe’s narcissism early on, and said “Scr*w this I’m outta here…”

  420. Some say it’s because of >30 mins, not b2b. Also, he’s been known to have great 2nd games. Somebody has to do a data regression on bigger sample size for me to believe that b2b knock narrative.

    Also, as you can easily see in the games, Lin is getting gassed out playing real D while Kobe, Harden, Hill, etc all those team mates are walking around. So anyway, post away and no need to play any one devil’s advocate role.

    It’s very much ok to express love and support – sometimes it’s more powerful.

  421. The looks like some C I A h i t S quad….for some reason……

  422. What/who is their target?

  423. TMZportal.com lol. He’d better get it together on the court anyway.

  424. injustice … I hear this beat whenever these tall NBA players stroll to their games in sunglasses and shades.

  425. still on the plane and might stay there forever…JK

  426. exactly … I visit the other site to upvote oldies who do not come here, and sure enough, the host titled most recent post as “Jeremy was lousy”. Um … I guess so lol. With all due respect, that just encourages the attacks from all sides. I understand ppl’s frustrations, but really, as someone posted below, it’s the thrill of victory and agony of defeat that sports brings, and it’s important and part of sports to rather the agonies.

    “… agony of de feet …”

    This the grandfather of TV Sports:

  427. I think he’s not any one of them. That seems clear to me.

  428. This doesn’t seem quite appropriate post for this site, gossiping about one’s personal life.

  429. I think it’s somewhat related in that this may explain Nick’s lousy shooting performance. It is related to Lin because Nick is Lin’s teammate. If not, not relevant.

  430. Jazz >>> LAL Byron’s Game Plan
    SAS >>> Jazz Now at half
    SAS > LAL by 2 12/12

    Well see again by 23rd how this rotates around. Maybe it’s all random this year for LAL, which the speaks to ups and downs for Lin as part of being on this team.

    Hope BSc is watching games and tape ….

  431. It seems to happen on and off

  432. The only game tapes BS watches are Kobe highlights, NOTHING else.

  433. Point taken…I dont like you!…kiddin kiddin, I like you as well 🙂

    I said, trolling is fine as long its not negative or breakin any rules here. So it depends, how one had define what is a troll, I guess.

  434. Ok Brent, pls do me a favor and check this out for me. Scroll up to the top where Psalm has 64 votes, i cannot see any voter’s name or what so ever, including myself voted and i couldnt see my name either. Can you see your name if you voted there (64 votes). This happened for 4 days now, eg. 13 people gave me upvotes, i can only see one of the voter’s name and “12 others” , this 12 others has no name at all. is your’s the same?

  435. I can see voters from PC but not from mobile.

  436. They would probably miss their target.

  437. well youre the mod u make rules here lol
    but this is kind of fun ahah getting to know whats surrounding lin

  438. This is funny, i used ipad and iphone and PC and i can see the names that upvote me all the time! Only few days ago i couldnt see the names anymore. Not even my own name when i upvoted someone. Used to be shown all the upvoters names and the number of guests upvotes. Not anymore!

  439. Really? But it has beed 4 days now that i couldnt even see my own name when i upvote you, all i see is the number increases.

  440. I see 20+ with names…in that post

  441. I don’t think this story is relevant to Young’s shooting slump. If there is anything Lin taught us, it’s that basketball players play great after sleeping on the couch. =P

  442. But i see nothing at all, just the numbers, it is funny! Any advise?

  443. Maybe Disqus is rolling out something different…..we should wait and see. Seems like nothing we can do to change it anyway

  444. I think Nash is crying wolf. The back issue is a great excuse. What is seen on MRI is not always proportional with symptoms like say an injured knee or ankle. Also with a bad back he could walk around and do daily activities, you can’t walk around or pick things up with a fake foot or hand injury. I also have not heard any news Nash is in a hurry to come back. After training camp with BS, Nash probably felt I’m too old for this s?t!

  445. Thanks Brent! It is kind of annoying!

  446. Thanks for checking out!

  447. LOL best chyt ever

  448. Interesting… Lin & Kelly…? http://www.chinatimes.com/realtimenews/20150119002007-260403

    湖人隊在本賽季表現不佳,林書豪和布萊恩(Kobe Bryant)的關係也總是處在「微妙」狀態,兩人間的互動也總是成為賽後關注點之一。被問到到私下會不會和布萊恩交流互動,林書豪簡單的表示,最近都談公事(籃球)比較多。



    球場上的互動是這樣,那麼私底下呢?林書豪表示自己還沒有成家,比較常和年輕球員混在一起,和自己最要好的朋友是凱利(Ryan Kelly),他們常常一起去吃飯,布萊恩比較少一起同行。林書豪也說,以往會和布萊恩會聊聊在哈佛的事,但現在比賽較頻繁,所大部分的時間都在講籃球。


  449. Regarding the controversial BS comment on Lin being soft / not tough, it’s clear that BS is running out of rhetoric to bash Lin. First it was D, but then Price’s D is so bad that even without objective metrics the casual can tell the absurdity of it. D has been often used as a way to criticize Lin because there’s no quick and concise metric for it that the average fan could understand, unlike point-per-game. But now that BS D rhetoric in favor of Price has failed, he moves on to the next unmeasurable trait: toughness. There’s no way to measure toughness, as it is more of subjective impression rather than a quantifiable metric.

    Bottom line? BS simply cannot find a way to bash Lin in terms of stats, in which Lin excels at every category over Price except for Steals. So BS is only left with vague and ambiguous fluff such as perceived toughness.

  450. I always thought Kelly is Parsons no. 2……Confirmed 🙂

  451. Sometimes maybe you haven’t signed in. That’s why it considered as guests. Happened to me when I used my mobile all the times.

  452. just read it . thanks..

  453. WOW Good insight on what is going on Lakers.

  454. LOL Should call out Parker then! Parker is “SOFT” according to BS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  455. Good insight. I may as well confess I lurk at Lakersground to get a view of what Lakers fans think of Lin. To be honest, Scott saying this has made Lakers fans more wary of him and if not exactly supportive of Lin, then at least they acknowledge that he is in a very tough spot. Most people believe Scott is a terrible coach and the “head of the snake” jokes there are often harsher than they are here.

  456. WOW That’s a very good interview. Even more insight. Sad that couldn’t see the interview itself except the words. JLin will go to NY during ASG even when he isn’t in the game itself. He will go to see his bro.

  457. Well spoken. There are many disgusting postings on http://www.jeremylin.net/ from Linsanity fans.

  458. 腾讯体育1月19日美国洛杉矶讯(首席记者 段冉/文)腾讯北美演播室自从建成以来,邀请到包括詹姆斯在内的多位NBA球星的造访。近日演播室又迎来一位人气颇高的球星,就是湖人的林书豪(微博)。













































  459. Ryan Kelly is his best friend in the team, according to the interview.

  460. Ooo~~~~nick young is in trouble!
    The last pic looks like he is taking picture with fan.

  461. Nick is in trouble!

  462. Thanks. Lin will go to NY for ASG?! Don’t forget to vote. Today it’s last day to vote.

  463. Yes I have been faithfully voted him since it started:-) Glad that it’s last day as I forgot to do it one day and had to stay up late night to vote for 2 weeks so that I wouldn’t miss a day:-)

  464. This is a very good interview….thanks!

  465. Context. I don’t see anything spicy from the pics. Maybe just trying to stirring things up from the reporters.

  466. I did google translate, even then I sense those were good questions

  467. Someone please tell me what this says.

  468. If kobe not attending practice with them that often because he’s old, then guess that mean he needs to retire then. it’s not really a qualify reason for Kobe not to attends practice with them. if you are a leader of the team, you gonna show up no matter what. You don’t have to run and jump like madness during practice. You can be there to see how the rest of the team plays, so you know better when you play with them on the courts in real games or be there to give them advices during the practice.(since he has more experience than the young guys) I think he just doesn’t want to and doesn’t really care about the rest of the team. Retire, Kobe.

  469. I am sort of surprised to hear he will go to NYK for ASG?! Bc last year he didn’t even show up for the game. Maybe they asked him to go…?! LOL! I always hope he can go back to NYK.

  470. Me too. Vote few times per day..:)

  471. OT but does anyone know of a link where I can watch the full Knicks vs Jazz (2nd game of Linsanity) with English announcers?

    JLination has one but its with Chinese announcers. Would really appreciate it

  472. cool … maybe change to say facilitating conversation lol.

  473. censored to remove the yelling and bricklaying …

  474. You guys make me feel guilty. I forgot to vote couples of days…….. got to compensate them by stealing my husband’s phone to vote Lol

  475. hahahaha. Wish I have that luxury. If I have ones, I would do more.

  476. Main reason is JLin wants to see his bro plays in college.

  477. You know yesterday, he passed me his phone and reminded me to vote…..

  478. Yep It’s time for KB to retire. He really becomes a cancer in Lakers.

  479. The first paragraph just basically
    asked if he has any interactions with Kobe off the court, and he said most of the stuff they talked just basketball related.
    The second part just basically asked about their on court interactions, and he said, every game there will be someone getting hurt, and during the practice games, they have many different players playing, and Kobe didn’t really attend that much practice with them, because he is old, so they can only learn how to play and gel with him in real games. And about playing with the “boss”Kobe, lin said he didn’t have any pressure. He knows what to do, he know his role.
    The third paragraph just basically asked his thought on Kobe taking too many shots and he said if his shots went in, then he should continue to shoots more, if not, then he will need to pass more. But Kobe has a lot of experience in the league, he knows how to play. We have competitive minds and we do hope to win games.
    The fourth paragraph just basically asked their off court interactions. He said he is single, no wife, no kids, therefore he usually hang out with the young guys and his best buddy is ryan kelly. They eat a lot together. Bryant didn’t hang out that much together. He used to talked about things happened at Harvard with Kobe, but now it’s more of basketball because of tense game schedule.
    Lin’s performance was not very consistent, and there are rumors about trading. Just yesterday, rumor came out about coach Scott thinks lin played soft. He replied, he always play very tough, and aggressive either on defense or offense.
    Ok. That much I can do for you, not perfect but close. ( ̄▽ ̄)

  480. highlight (http://www.youtube.com/watch?NR=1&feature=fvwp&v=Mm-UHAWPpxo)
    I had a full game link, but the vid has been deleted.

  481. Thank you!

  482. Kelly recently joined in the pre-game handshake 🙂

  483. No problem! ^_^

  484. I miss the days where Jeremy’s highlights were 10 minutes minimum…

  485. thank you! :3
    So Jeremy and Ryan eh? KELLIN it is!

  486. Thanks, for those of us who are bananas and or non Asian lin fans, it’s nice that people are more willing to make this site more inclusive to fans from all over the world.

  487. Or Jelly… they’d be JelLin 🙂

  488. Np np. Blush.
    i tried. (^_^)

  489. Kellin, when saying it kinda close to killin…hehehe

  490. When I try to type kelly, my auto correct automatically type jelly for me. Lol.

  491. The rare time where auto correct is actually correct 🙂

  492. thanks … of note is statement of no pressure and knowing what he has to do on the court. Yep, his fans harp on him to be selfish and score, but really, he’s got a job to do and he knows what it is and there is no pressure. Interesting, really, it goes from that to “fans” calling him passive, weak, soft, etc. upholding the ‘narrative’. I for one reject the negatives in all that. The positive is that he’s being paid well to do a job, he’s doing it, and feels no pressure. No wonder why he’s smiling. And lest we go there – his own management team and he have an idea where that leads, so I’ll leave it up to them in the know.

  493. I think so & I hope he can retire ASAP otherwise no one will come….

  494. the new set of waves will come in still just a few more minutes, days.

  495. I’ve had a book by Phil Jackson called “the Last Season, a team in seach of its soul”. I finally started reading it to get a better understanding of KOBE. Page 24 Phil alluded to how young players are too lazy and too selfish to learn a difficult system like the triangle. “My answer to their complaint is simple; championships are secured by team, not individual, performance. Michael Jordan, as superb as he was, did not win a ring until he and his teammates discovered how to excel consistently within the parameters of the system.”

    “Unfortunately, bringing players to this level of team awareness remains a very challenging assignment in today’s me-first NBA. Many feel pressure by families, friends, girlfriends, and agents to concentrate on individual achievement, the surest path to “max out”, to land the big money contract that will enrich everyone in their privileged circle. Anything or anyone that stands in the way of that potential windfall is perceived as an impediment. The question becomes; is there enough value for me to notch an assist instead of a basket? Sadly, the answer too often is no. An acrobatic dunk will make it onto SPORTSCNETER. a simple, unspectacular bounce pass in the rhythm of the offence will not. System basketball has been replaced by players who wants to be the system.”

  496. Should listen to the interview that I posted above this. It brought more insights on this matter. JLin said that the players (he) had to listen to BS and KB. My hutch is JLin is being diplomatic here. Basically KB is still the “BOSS” in the game of how to play even though he doesn’t practice with him. He has little choice on how to play “his” game.

  497. That last paragraph describes players like Kobe, Melo and Harden to the dot.

  498. He should sign Lin in the off season, although it may not be good for Lin.

  499. Pretty much!

  500. You never know. Life is always fluid and maybe it will come around back to its birth.

  501. Did a little bit of transcript on the interview. JLin’s: Not much pressure playing with KB; control what I can control. When I’m healthy, I can play with the best that I can. Learned a lot because different players have injured; played with different players. Literally means “baptism by fire.” KB can’t practice much because he is old; only can play with him in games.

    Really not much pressure to play with KB because I play for God. I don’t care much of what others think of me or how I should play. The most important is I need to know how to play and how to run set of plays.

  502. @JLin7 seriously autographs his Chinese name"林書豪" on Lakers No.17 jersey. pic.twitter.com/x89b41og0D— Librafree (@Librafree) January 19, 2015

  503. Atlanta and spurs have my respect even more now.

  504. @GuyNamedLance true it was crazy we pulled up to the lakers practice facility and the first person we saw is swaggy p pic.twitter.com/Jtjm5P66Ba— Rateb Qatami (@Rateb24) January 19, 2015

  505. Ed Davis got pissed because I leaned in his car smh pic.twitter.com/PNRuAXPHUN— Abdullah Alqatami (@alqatami92) January 18, 2015

  506. Ah, yes, he’s let go of his own wants.

  507. I did signed in or else i would not be able to reply Psalm234 or Brent
    Yen and posting at the same time. Thanks.

  508. http://t.co/zdOySuwJXK the video of us and SWAGGY p babyyy— Abdullah Alqatami (@alqatami92) January 18, 2015

  509. This is why the problem is so deep rooted. There are few teams willing to espouse such such long term thinking and almost counter culture attitude; and it is counter to what is the business model from Stern and cronies. They believe so much in selling the sizzle that the health of the league suffers except for one or two players from each team while everyone else is stepped on. It’s a systemic problem that comes right from the league head office. This is why you have corrupt officials protecking star players and scrubs gets no calls.

    Spurs and Atlanta, maybe Raptors are teams that value team play above individual accolades. Their team culture comes from strong leadership from top to bottom. Hope lin finds himself on one of these types of teams.

  510. pic.twitter.com/xzHxhjFBuv— Rateb Qatami (@Rateb24) January 18, 2015

  511. Brian Scott was such a douchebag. Yo @Lakers , get a new coach.— Ahmed A (@apad23) January 18, 2015

  512. pic.twitter.com/yOnoOAemez— Rateb Qatami (@Rateb24) January 18, 2015

  513. @GuyNamedLance byron Scott was an asshole he drove off when me and my cousins called him haha— Rateb Qatami (@Rateb24) January 19, 2015

  514. Ppl, please don’t ever say Lin would not want us to vote him for All Star. when the reporter said Lin’s votes are twice Parkers’ and he is only several thousands votes short from Westbrook and 10-20 thousands votes short from Lillard, then asked whether Lin has faith his votes will surpass theirs? Lin said of course he wants to have more votes than them and said he appreciates his fans very much to vote for him even though he is not better than them. He said his fans are very nice to him, he has very high popularity, therefore he really thank his fans.



  515. Like I said for a long time… this is about popularity contest why some of the fans said if we vote for him then he will get more hate or whatever the reason..?! smh! This year too many Lin’s fans didn’t show up to vote for him that’s not good for him. Please vote if you can… hope it’s not too late now.

  516. I know. I don’t understand why people would even think Lin did not want us to vote for him. It is human natural want to be liked and let others know you are well liked. Lin is no exception. True that other players may get jealous at him, but those players are competitors to him anyway. By having high votes, it shows owners and FO that he has huge fan base which is super important especially under current circumstance. Do you think BS dare to treat Lin this way during Linsanity if he were the coach??? Come on, people step on you only when you are nobody. SMH

  517. OK, so that’s the blue tongue game. There was such magic, such electricity in the air and Lin was so confident. The Giants players were there and he didn’t disappoint.

  518. I totally agree why Lin didn’t want to get more vote?! I really hope he can at least move up to #8 or even #7?! I guess the vote it’s end now.

  519. The irony is, those teams that eschew the team system for a star-oriented shortcut generally end up taking an even longer route to success, IF they ever do. I mean, just LOOK at Melo and those Knicks! Harden is going down that same route.

  520. Nah, BS considers the foul-mouth yelling to be part of the highlights, while bricklaying is part of lowlights and wouldn’t have been included in the first place. 🙂

  521. Thanks for the information. I’m usually too exhausted after work and playing with my girls to navigate and circumvent hater comments at other forums. Appreciate your sharing on the perspective of other Lakers fans on BS antics.

  522. Exactly, just like Phil said; a system needs time to install. There are no short cuts to team building. Chemistry between players must be organically grown and that takes time and effort. Houston will never win anything becasue Morey keeps messing with the team believing in adding pieces. No matter how great the individual players are, they can only go so far.

  523. ok, I’m finally gonna vote thanks for convincing me. Good point, the ladder thing.

  524. FYI
    I just discovered spam users managed to register and create spam Forum topics.
    I apologize for the inconvenience if you see 9-10 emails from JLinPortal in your inbox.
    I disabled the Archived Forum which we rarely use for the time being and installed more Anti-Spam registrations.

    Thank you for your understanding.

  525. The question is how we thing Lin can play given the right environment. Right coach and team mates. I BELIEVE he can be a top 5 PG..So I vote based on this BELIEF:)

  526. good point. Today, Danny Green was playing terribly until 4th. I had to do something, and saw that his efficiency for 20 mins was monster because of the fourth. That team shares it’s numbers. I think it starts with Duncan taking less so the team can have better talent. They’ve gathered, a few players and managers, to make sure they game the system to win games. GSW so far has that team chemistry and it will be nice to see how it goes this and years to come. An example of that is Livingston coming off the bench and last game, for 15 mins, producing zero points. But I watch him play, and he’s valued and gets Holiday set up pretty well. The team wins gloriously, and nobody is calling for anybody to get more or roll heads. LAL – in trying to force it to Kobe, you get weird things like Price, SwaggyP doing Kobe style and still jacking up shots in a slum, etc etc.

  527. FYI one late JLin Fan donated a late $500 so I made one exception to add a typo to the printed Big Check.
    So the total would now be $3600 + $500 = $4100

  528. Wow made it on time!

  529. WOW That is even more awesome! Good job everyone! Thanks @psalm234:disqus and those who make this possible! Best tangible support we can give it to JLin besides praying and ASG voting.

  530. I want that winking penguin with pink bow and scarf!

  531. Coach Miller, you asked for it! Fans want Jeremy. That’s all.

  532. this team lol. Hollywood knows how to put on a show better than this …

  533. How to donate? From Singapore

  534. Even I don’t like Miller but let’s vote for Lin in this poll.

  535. Nice car.Would look nicer if I’m seated at the front passenger seat.

  536. Just me shaking @JLin7 hand earlier today, no big deal pic.twitter.com/VfRMQuSQKc— Adam Rahman (@TheSmallRahman) January 19, 2015

  537. The sad thing is the league & the majority of owners put Money the very first. Win or not, they still make money by creating a so-called hero, manufacturing someone with charisma / strong character (Fear the Beard!) See how heroic movies are so popular nowadays.

    Doesn’t matter how many times Kobe threw a brick during the crunch time, fans will always remember the only time he brought them the glory….

    If you want to watch a pure basketball, wait until 2016 Rio Olympic……

  538. “One late JLin fan donated…” may give the wrong idea, perhaps better phrased “One JLin fan donated at the last moment…” 🙂

  539. Or watch NCAA basketball in the meanwhile. 🙂

  540. Oh yes!

  541. There is no reason not to vote lin imo….

  542. What is toughness? Scott probably doesn’t even know what he even means by it; in fact he probably can’t even define it to create a metric from which we can measure.

    As a tennis coach, I define the 6 athletic skills needed to be a world class athlete. There are 3 sets of physical skills. In tennis 1/ would be stroke production or the ability to hit the ball with all the strokes with pace, depth, spin and placement. In basketball, these would be the ability to shoot, dribble and body manipulation. All the other physical and mental skills are basically the same. The other 2 physical skills is quickness, speed and footwork (add vertical jump for basketball). The last physical skill is endurance and fitness.

    The 3 mental skill sets are, 1/ strategy and tactics; 2/ mental toughness and endurance; 3/ heart.

    When you look at all elite athletics, it will mostly come down to how each player or team manages these 6 variables the best within the parameters of the sport being played.

    So within these 6 sets of skills, we can finally create a metric to define toughness. The mental toughness to withstand pressure while maintaining fine twitch skills like shooting and dribbling is quantifiable. Lin has proven over and over again that he is the best closer in tight forth quarter situations. As for physical endurance and fitness, lin has been more fit and tougher than most of the other starters on the Lakers by a mile. As for the 3 mental skills, Lin is light years ahead of any of the Lakers.

    The point is tha Scott’s comment about Lin’s lack of toughness is baseless becasue he doesn’t actually understand the metrics of a complete athletic performance.

  543. thanks.. you can tell my mind was quite frazzled lol

  544. Word…..thanks

  545. it just does not make sense to me that why fans wont vote for him..

  546. U can still donate directly to JLinfundation……it just too late for psalm to add ur name on that thank card for Monday’s game I think

  547. #TB Lin took a selfie with fan. pic.twitter.com/Tznyl6DfIN— infinity88 (@linfinity88) January 19, 2015

  548. Thanks.
    Tell this to Byron Scott.
    I don’t think the Lakers are playing to win. They’re actually tanking and Jeremy Lin is the one who takes the fall.
    Look at the the record of the worst teams in NBA and you’ll agree with me that Byron does not intend to win in Utah:
    Teams won loss Total games
    New York 5 36 41
    Minnesota 7 32 39
    Philadelphia 8 32 40
    LA Lakers 12 29 41
    Utah 14 27 41
    Orlando 15 29 44
    Boston 13 25 38

    If Lakers won the last game, Lakers would be tied with Utah with (13-28 41) at the 4th worst record in NBA.

  549. Just voted. Result is: JLin is 82.76%, Young 12.64; Johnson 2.3%; Boozer 1.15% and Kelly 1%.

  550. In contrast, here is another statement from Phil Jackson:

    “I think anybody confusing a system with a reason for success is making a huge mistake. Systems don’t win games. Players do. All you try to do in any system you incorporate is put players in their areas of strength and try to hide and minimize their weaknesses.”

    What Byron Scott has been doing is to expose and maximize the weaknesses of his players. The result is a 12-29 won-loss record.

  551. I still feel that NBA is doing the cheating. Somehow the oversea IP ones don’t count.

  552. Indeed it’s:-)

  553. It’s quite blatantly obvious, Lin’s current vote count doesn’t even cover the Lin fans in half a small province in China…or half a state in the U.S.

    If all of Lin’s votes really counted, even Curry would be voted out of 1st place in WC backcourt, and the league just can’t have that happen.

  554. Byron will — against Lin

  555. If the Lakers won last game, then they’d be pushed to the fifth place from the top, and won’t be able to afford another victory in their tanking scheme, even when Kobe comes back. As previously stated, the Lakers have very limited W quota, and they must be won by Kobe heroball. Linsanity must be avoided at all costs to prevent Phoenix from taking their draft this summer.

  556. I know. Very disgusting but what’s new when it comes to JLin. The only thing I can do is doing my very best to support him despite of all these.

  557. JLin recent interview in Chinese Mandarin:

  558. Just takes away what Lin needs and put him in odd situations. If that’s not enough, start to diss him before the game even starts.

  559. Jason Kidd will go to playoff 2nd year in a roll. He’s way much better than Byron Scott.

  560. Latest

  561. I have always felt it is rigged, then we especially should vote because whoever rigged ti will know how popular Lin is even though he hides the truth it to public, but I am sure his inside small circle decision makers know it which is also very important.

  562. Los Angeles Lakers – Jeremy Lin Can Benefit From Kobe Bryant Shutting Down – Greg

    This season has been a disappointment so far for Jeremy Lin. Not just his fluctuating ability, which is partially his fault as well, but once again falling into a situation with a coach that doesn’t believe in him and playing next to a shooting guard that isn’t as good as he thinks he is.

    Lin and Bryant don’t co-exist. Bryant wants the ball in his hand, and Lin needs it there too. This is the Los Angeles Lakers organization we’re talking about, so it’s not surprising to see the one getting the more touches and more credit. Byron Scott at some point decided on benching Jeremy Lin, and has no plan of promoting him unless Bryant is shut down or resting. The start against the Utah Jazz showed Lin isn’t exactly benefiting from being ignored by the coach.

    How is he ignored? Because Lin is the only one losing minutes if he doesn’t play well in his backcourt. Ronnie Price gets minutes although he’s overall an awful player – or at least not on the NBA starting and significant backup caliber. Kobe Bryant? Untouchable. Lin? He can have good, excellent games in which he’s the main factor in a victory followed by getting only 16 minutes off the bench despite once again being the best player in those minutes.

    So is it surprising to see him lacking confidence and looking confused with what his role is even when he does get the start? I’m not sure Scott knows what he wants to do, let alone actually what to do, with this team. Are the Lakers tanking? Are they trying to get better? Are they looking for a trade to improve their cap situation even more heading into next season? Nothing is clear. There is just one constant: Kobe Bryant is here for one more season in which he’ll remain the highest paid player in the NBA.

    I despise tanking, and I hate the idea of a player fans pay tickets to see, regardless of how actually good he is, and that the franchise is paying $24 million a season for his services, gets shut down. It’ll be the second consecutive season it happens. Why not do it now if the Lakers are so worried about his health? They’re not going to make the playoffs, and Bryant’s basketball on most nights isn’t actually helping his team win games.

    Is it bad or good that Bryant doesn’t play? As long as Bryant refuses to change, it’s actually beneficial to have him off the court. Bryant has had games with the right balance of passing and shooting, but those are quite rare. The thing about Bryant is that he’s not getting better. Think he’s not giving the Lakers their money’s worth this season? Just wait until he tries to be the Bryant of 2000′s when he’s a year older. Maybe then he’ll change. Jeremy Lin will probably be long gone by then.

    In the meantime… It’s once again Lin in the hands of a coach who prefers giving others confidence, credit and minutes. We’ve said it at least a dozen times this season: Lin often needs to make more of the opportunities he gets. Be more confident and even selfish. But he’s made of substance. The team comes first, no matter how little part of this team regards him. He has half a season to do well enough to put himself in a good position heading into free agency. It might be out of character for him, but considering where the Lakers are right now, that should be his top priority.

  563. Very nice interview. At the end, the reporter encouraged Chinese fans to vote for Lin by giving out 3 Lin signed shirt. Does anyone know how can they know who voted for Lin since they are not NBA? And when was the interview conducted? Isn’t it a little too late?

  564. Let’s go Jlin! !! Have a great game tonight!!!


    Players take more PEDs and are being exploited financially by greedy coaches and schools.

  566. Perhaps the best way to measure the toughness metric is someone like Wesley Johnson in each of the 6 skill sets. 1/ shooting, dribbling and body manipulation would be above average maybe 6-7 out of 10. 2/ speed, quickness, power, footwork and verticals would be 8-9 as this was the reason he was drafted so highly. 3/ fitness and endurance. Maybe 7.

    Where Wesley fails miserably is all the mental skills of 4/ strategy and tactics, 5/ mental toughness and endurance and 6/ heart. All of these metrics create huge mental blocks of doubt that negates much of his physical abilities to bring out the best of his performances or potentials. Wesley Johnson lacks the mental toughness to handle the stresses of big stage performances. I’d give him a 2-3 at most.

    Swaggy would get a 5!

  567. hi Alex, like Brent said it’s past the deadline to combine it in the Thank You card for this year’s fundraising but you can always send Paypal payment to JeremyLinFoundation.org
    They would certainly appreciate it!

  568. BTW….NBA league pass is offering free trail for all games until Jan 25th. Just FYI

  569. lol

  570. I like the nickname for BS. LOL

  571. Good one. Lin probably refuse to shoot and kill.

  572. Actually donated it on 12/30/14, but didn’t know about the group donation project. Thank you, Psalm!

  573. Please translate

  574. Something involve “shxt”

  575. I don’t think it’s a contrasting statement, but more of a wider view of “system”. A system is an idea. It needs bodies in order to become a reality…so yes, systems in the abstract don’t win games, players do. But when you use the word system in the way I think he means, then it becomes the way of organizing those players to best accomplish a goal. If you ignore the game plan in order to shine yourself, then the goal is in jeopardy. Equally, if you fail to put your bodies in their positions of strength, then they cannot implement any system well and the goal is in jeopardy. And if you stick to your idea of system too rigidly and do not adapt the plan to the bodies you have or to the opponent you face, then the goal is in jeopardy. Byron Scott does not seem competent to manage any of these variables…and the result is none of the goals are working well. Kobe looks bad, the players all look bad, the franchise looks bad, and even tanking is not ensured.

  576. The first Chinese character means shxt and the second means in an embarrassing situation. So combining both characters together means shxtting in an embarrassing situation? LOL

  577. those 2 characters pronounce in Chinese sounds like S-Cott.

  578. And that is the funniest part…:P well it is name calling tho….

  579. Naming calling rule only applied in English, right? ;-D

  580. Only on this site at least…I think…LOL

  581. That’s the best part, naming calling with rhyme.

  582. some fans are probably feel discouraged because fans voted very hard last year, but the result was really odd. they probably don’t count the votes from asia.

  583. Agree, and like I said below, we should still vote so that the NBA inner circle knows how popular Lin is and those people are the ones hold power in NBA.

  584. Thank you for your support!

  585. Nice breakdown. Lin best revenge would be to make sure the Lakers win.

  586. Interesting Q&A with Dragic by Media (to gauge his Lakers FA interest?)

    Typical politically-correct response about playing with Kobe but what’s interesting was how much he learned by playing against Nash in practice & how he learned to eat healthy (now his wife cooks healthy for him)

    Note: I think Lin can learn from Dragic about having a supporting wife to cook healthy food for him LOL


    You mentioned Steve Nash. What did you learn from him when you were playing behind him?

    Dragic: “It was a privilege and I was really excited to come to Phoenix to learn from him. It’s really tough to say. Every practice, I was guarding him. Every day I learned something. When I play pick and roll, I use that short dribble when I curl around. He taught me a lot about eating healthy and being professional and how to be patient.”

    What foods did he tell you to eat?

    Dragic: “That’s a funny thing. I was sitting next to Steve on the plane and I was always watching him with what he was doing. He was always on a salad, chicken or rice and that’s it. I’m like how does this guy eat?”

    Is that what you eat?

    Dragic: “I try. But I love to eat everything. Before I was eating burgers and all the bad foods. When you’re young, your metabolism allows you to eat whatever you want. But when I started talking to Steve, he was 36 or 37, he told me if I wanted to play as long that I would have to start eating healthy. It’s hard. But I started off slowly. Now my wife is cooking for me, all the healthy foods.”

    What do you make of what Steve’s been going through with his injuries the past three years?

    Dragic: “It’s very tough. I know what kind of person he is. He’s a warrior and one of the best guys ever. When he went to L.A., I think everyone expected that he would be the real Steve Nash. But unfortunately with all the injuries he had, he couldn’t show the people in L.A. that. They already know what he can do, but of course it wasn’t with them. That’s the hardest part for any athlete, including Steve. You want to play. But you can’t because your body doesn’t allow you to anymore.

    Have you talked with him recently?

    Dragic: “Of course. He’s been good. We talked a month or a half ago. He’s relaxing and doing his stuff. He’s finding different things than basketball. That’s a good thing to do. After your career, you need to know what you’re going to do.”

    What do you think of the criticism he’s getting this year that he hasn’t been around the Lakers? Even though he’s been injured, there was hope he’d be around at least to mentor the other point guards.

    Dragic: “That’s really tough to comment on. I’m not there and don’t know the situation. The only thing I can say is the Steve that I know, he was always here with the team. The team was first and he was second. It’s really tough to say something, though, because I don’t know the situation.”

  587. thanks for the explanation.
    So Gary is sending a hidden message about Scott? LOL

    Not condoning that but it’s quite creative artistic liberty by the cartoonist hehe

  588. Seems like Phil is being hypocritical with the Knicks. His triangle was a poor fit with his roster.

  589. Mark MedinaVerified account
    Byron said Kobe will sit tonight


  590. Let’s hope Jeremy brings it tonight.

    Mark MedinaVerified account
    Ronnie Price is out tonight. Jeremy Lin will start again tonight


  591. Don’t know what kind of trick BS is going to pull though. I do not trust him at all.

  592. Yes, I think many Lin fans are getting weary of whether we’ll ever see Linsanity again.

  593. I thought he said he will sign w Knicks few weeks ago?!

  594. Amin ElhassanVerified account
    The Jeremy Lin – Nick Young comedy hour is in full effect at Laker shootaround….Jordan Hill crashing

  595. Mark MedinaVerified account
    Byron is considering whether to wait either before or after this week’s trip to make lineup changes. But wants to see how they look vs. PHX

  596. for those saying we wants insanity again. why do you keep falling for this tarpaulin always bounce back. cciiiiiiiilllllllllllll lol 😛

  597. In any sports, I give the highest rating to players 1) who can create his own shots, 2) create for his teammates and 3) score from assists, like Messi, Suarez, even Ronaldo etc. Therefore, I give a lower rating to Costa or Rooney type of players. Rooney is very good at scoring off others’ passes to him and creating for others, but he has a non-existent ability to create shots for himself. Therefore, I would never, NEVER put Rooney ahead of those guys who can excel in all three areas. Duncan can do all three. Same thing with Bird, MJ and Magic. Klay is beginning to do all three; that’s why the game is opening up for him. Curry is great because he can do all three well. Lillard is picking up in creating for others category.

    Under the above criteria, how do you see Lin?

  598. What does this mean? He will not change vs. PHX?

  599. Ronnie is going to come out during 3rd quarter with one arm in bandages and lead Lakers to an emotional victory.

  600. Psalm, can you add “Korea” to the list of the countries who made the donation to J Lin Foundation? I feel compelled (obligated) to add “Korea” to represent all Korean fans of Lin. Maybe I should put Mongolia also since Koreans descended from Mongols and something else.

  601. BS is in the process of making change team starters, a sign of Kobe to be shutdown many games or this remaining season. .

  602. Stop feeding hill the ball so too often. He’s not an elite center like Shaq, Howard or Duncan….

  603. I don’t think Lin has choices if BS asks him to do so. BS and Kobe call every play. SMH

  604. Set up Kelly more.

  605. Exactly BS.

  606. That’s good intention that you have, @webattorney:disqus. Unfortunately, the check and Thank You card have been printed.
    Maybe next year then? I can add Korea in the donation list but it’s too late for the Big check

  607. Good! The more Lin smiles, the better he plays!

  608. Shucks, I wanted to let him know that there are some Korean fans also. Oh well, maybe I will attend a paid charity luncheon with him.

  609. He doesn’t know what they’ll look like? BS cluelessness or pretending?

  610. I want the Enter The Dragon look.

  611. Believe the interview took place on the 19th.

  612. Don’t forget to specify which Korea. Rodman: north. Jeremy: South. LOL.

  613. yay, he gets to start with a ball-hogger & self-designated PG

  614. I would name McHale – Mai- Hei-Er, (Sell Black son in Chinese.) Someone please translate it in to Chinese character. (BTW, how do you type in in Chinese anyway??)

  615. Exactly, a system as Phil said has the ability to enhance the indidual strengths of the roster. This is why I keep saying that the triangle is not necessarily bad for Lin IF the coaching staff chooses to enhance and bring out and maximize his particular skill set.

    The system is subservient to the team’s strengths and weaknesses; NOT LIKE THE WAY SCOTT AND MCHALE TRIES TO MAKE PLAYERS FIT INTO THEIR OWN IDEAS OF HOW THEIR SYSTEM SHOULD BE. Typically, bad coaches with no creativity will use the “system” to justify and hide their ineptitude.

  616. Note KIM Jong Un is NBA fan, so Korea for both Korea is more accurate. 🙂

  617. To Bluebell, off-topic: If a student has unweighted GPA of around 3.8 (taking Honors classes from an academically tough high school) and around 2050 to 2,100, is that good enough to get into UC Irvine in a non-Engineering major? I am asking you because I remember you said you attend UC Irvine, correct?

  618. If they watched tape of the Utah game i expect alot more motion in their offense tonite. Those early TOs by lin were him trying to create something out of nothing driving the lane with 3 defenders.

  619. And one of the defender has 7’9″ wingspan….ball was deflected so many times..

  620. Is that student Asian? I am just kidding….:P

  621. Yeap, I know what you mean. Asian-American kid from Southern CA, where being an Asian-American student with good GPA and high SAT score is not unique.

  622. webA I just had a talk with a friend from Newport Beach who said that over 2000 is better for Irvine but didn’t talk about GPA.

  623. Are you K? Nice to know.

  624. You mean for UC Irvine? Only thing going for my kid is he’s not going to major in Engineering. I know a kid who got 2350 and near 4.0 GPA unweighted but couldn’t get into UCLA or Berkeley engineering school. Plain crazy. There are too many Asian-American students with those same stats trying to get into engineering majors. I am SO glad that my kid sucks in engineering. I sucked in engineering also even though I got 800 in Math SAT.

  625. Just out of curiosity…couple of re-tweets about Byron Scott posted below with “A-hole” and “D-bag”. Um..have we softened our mod standards?

  626. thanks for the tip! when did the free trial start?

  627. Today’s the last day for All-Star voting: http://allstarballot.nba.com
    It’d be great to see Lin “make the cut” (meaning top 10 Western Conf guards so that he’s listed in the final ballot totals) as a show of support from the fans.

  628. Either today or tomorrow. I just saw an email so I spread the words….lol

  629. Yeap.

  630. I thought for Berkeley & UCLA engineering school the average GPA it’s 4.3? My friend’s sister didn’t get in to Both school w 4.3 GPA & SAT 2,330 for Business major.. She didn’t even get USC either but she got into Cornell instead. CA it’s hard now bc lots of students from China & India want to come to CA. UCLA had more than 100,000 applied last year not sure about this year.

  631. I was busy today….are there a lot?

  632. That’s weighted. High schools calculate very differently. Wow, 4.3 weighted GPA is close to 4.0 unweighted GPA. That’s crazy. Yes, I believe it’s easier to get into Ivy League school than get into UCLA or Berkley for CA residents.

  633. Well said. Also great job CapHuang-ing it! 🙂

  634. Max Grade for AP courses goes to 5 I think? Kind of messed up the GPA system IMO

  635. Agree with you about creating under pressure. Lin does have one thing few others have: he knows the game flow, score, and what he needs to do to ignite the team. First on D, just watch him create the stop. Then on counters or O replies. He’s clearly tracking the clock, game flow, and what the TEAM needs to do. Hence, very important to have him in during crunch time.

    Lin creates for himself AND for others, under pressure. His D is amazing, if you don’t go by press, because he is always taking risks that generally work out, and getting better each half year.

    The only 2 things I’d say would get him assuredly to ASG and HoFame would be:

    1. Deciding to get his own within context of game flow and get it, if not just to put all the differing opinions downs so he can have more leadership. You don’t need to have the coach’s blessing to win the game. I think this is working it out with his culture, faith, and a sports psych. That is, when to stop being the Last Shall be First and just take the boyz to the promised land. I don’t think it’s meekness or passivity … it’s raised in him and he needs a switch he can call upon instead of needing coach go-ahead or some go ahead that tells him inside – ok, I’ve fed the masses, so now I can eat. At certain times, you just have to eat so ppl will stay calm.

    2. Just a few go-to moves to always get space and the ball in the bucket, to gain his own momentum. Ppl here have said it: more floaters to get above bigs instead of contact, a great pull-up behind an imperfect screen (Steph or Lillard style), a 2handed dunk, more spin moves who knows …

  636. Some high schools count both Honors and AP courses as 5.0 GPA. In my kid’s high school a valedictorian gets around 4.25 every year. They don’t count most Honors classes in 5.0 scale, just AP courses count as 5.0.

  637. Are you just rating their offensive capability? In soccer, the defense and offense role are mainly split so they can concentrate on one aspect. I don’t think the same way in BB. Curry and Klay are doing really well on their offensive skill set. But how do they rate on their defense?

    To me it seems that Jeremy has to do both because the expectations from everyone seems to be that he has to do both. I don’t really see that same expectations for curry or Klay. They can concentrate on offense mainly.

    So, if we take away that Jeremy has to work so darn hard on BOTH ends of the court, and he only concentrated on offense, then I certainly think he can be just as good as Curry and Klay. I think he would be able to create his own shots as well as for others. In reality if you do one, it opens up the other and you take what the defense gives you. And Jeremy is near elite in reading the defense and making the right play to score.. Either by him or by his teammates….

  638. 3 FOLD NEWS
    Had fun w/ @Lakers @JLin7 w/ @MisterCBooz @NickSwagyPYoung #jordanhill crashing it lol!!! Interview up shortly!


  639. I want to remember Malcolm X.

  640. I cringe when Hill starts to dribble. Frequently turns into a TO.

  641. Not getting my hopes up for JLin. Disappointed too many times.

  642. Tell me about it…

  643. They are a couple of pages down by now…all re-tweets posted by Bolero from Rateb Qatami and Abdullah Alqatami. Apparently friends/relatives who visited the training facility and grabbed pix as guys were driving out. Not our tone or language in the ones about Scott. No bad language in the one about Ed Davis not pleased about one of them leaning on his car…but again doesn’t bring anything positive or bball related to the table.

  644. That is about what I had and I got in easily but these days good grades and SAT is not good enough. Extracurricular activities are a must.

  645. Never mind, you answered above.

  646. OK, I thought UC campuses just went by on GPA and SAT? Are you an engineer?

  647. Like two. Tweets from Twitter people posted by bolero. Think Bolero posted it not aware it’s not that appropriate with the language. And thought it’s ok since it’s not like directly post here from our own posters. But good that Lajane bring up the concern, so posters can be aware next time.

  648. Nope. But I did get in as a Bio major but ended up graduating as Art History major…

  649. Yes, if J got some relief from the bigs, like Bogut gives, then he would be able to crank up the O. In soccer, though, even some D players have that O mindset. Roberto Carlos, and Sergio Ramos in his younger World Cups. I remember Sol Campbell really initiating great offense too in the mid 00s WCs. That is very tiring lol.

  650. Bio major is tough to get in because it’s pre-med and UC Irvine has pretty good med prog. What a change in your major! Hope you got a job in Art History major. I even went to the dinky small Irvine museum.

  651. Such a good post to change the conversation here to the positive.

  652. Ah, that is cool. You get to eat well!

  653. watch his D, you will not be disappointed.

  654. Sooo both Ronnie and Kobe are off this game. Lin should be well rested and this game is on national TV. Lin gets another chance to prove himself with this starting line up without Kobe taking the ball, and Ronnie starting taking most of the PG minutes. I really hope he takes over and makes the best of this once in a while opportunity. I say he needs to have a really strong start so BS won’t have a case in putting Lin on the bench right away.. Should be a real interesting game… I wish I can watch -_-

    *edit what am I talking about of course I can watch! Just not live. #dvrftw

  655. Really off topic…but this really fries me. I went to UCLA back in the old days when it was still what its original purpose intended it to be – inexpensive, quality PUBLIC education provided by taxpayers for the benefit of the state’s citizens and economy. The fees were around $150 per SEMESTER and you bought your own books. The colleges seem now to be run as for-profit businesses and are either driving our kids into ruinous debt or out of the running altogether in favor of whoever from wherever can pay through the nose. It is a very sad commentary on our current attitude towards education, which is the bedrock of a civil, productive culture.

  656. Never give up Rick, the best is yet to come.

  657. I think my friend’s son wants Business, so dunno about Eng at Irvine. It was Irvine we talked about, tho.

  658. You’ll be in Phoenix? Do you live there or traveling? Hope you have a great time. Wish I can be there.

  659. I wish I worked in a museum… very competitive field, even volunteers have to be on a waiting list.

  660. Exactly…I heard the same GPA you can get into Berkeley 10 years ago but not now… smh! Can’t believe this…

  661. Brokering and selling arts pieces seemed fun. I even saw a movie called Cutie and the Boxer.

  662. There has been a shift to increase out of state numbers as it gives higher tuition. It’s a sad trend what is happening to UC … they need to work on D (cost management – it’s like govt spending expanding every year).

  663. Yeah, I know. I realize that my getting into an Ivy League with 3.0 GPA was a fluke.

  664. That’s shameful, given that the reason why UC was established is for CA resident students.

  665. I agree, especially given that UC universities were established for the purpose of offering quality education to CA residents. Oh well, at least my kid can get into UC Riverside. That I am sure because he definitely falls in top 9% CA students. I heard they send all top 9% students to UC Riverside campus, which is in the middle of nowhere.

  666. Yes, same happened to our State so I wonder if there is ever a way to reform public spending that works toward a good goal for society.

  667. I know… that’s why my friend’s sister didn’t stay in CA.. she couldn’t get into her dream school in UC so went to East Coast. Terrible. We paid such high tax but… smh!

  668. I know. Being a CA resident is actually detrimental to getting into CA schools. What travesty.

  669. In her case, it’s. In fact, she got rejected by USC too.

  670. USC is a private school, so I don’t understand. That’s double crazy.

  671. Bc CA is popular place for China & India students to come… UC or any private schools in CA are all welcome them…

  672. I guess I am. Yes. So let’s forget defense for now.

  673. I can’t believe it’s entirely a cost issue. I think they spend the money on big research facilities and star academics that bring corporate partnerships that generate revenue on the products and ideas they develop. Money and prestige. They have become profit corporations disguised as public institutions.

  674. Asian-Americans are getting killed by Asians? Ha, ha. At least, Ivy League has money so they don’t care so much about money issues.

  675. Shameful.

  676. Too bad, it’s. They like China…:)

  677. Bio to Art History — a drastic change!
    Never impressed with Ayala and his fruit flies lol

  678. Many rich Chinese students at community colleges in CA driving BMWs or Benz.

  679. Ya! $$$ is the key.

  680. My kid took AP Art History. Turned out for him the easiest course among his classes, and he got 5.0.

  681. For people who wants to watch the game live, game time has been changed to 10pm eastern instead of 10:30.

  682. My friend’s guess.. maybe bc her sister used PSAT final list that could reduce some tuition so USC didn’t like her..?! $$$$

  683. Bio was what my parents wanted…

  684. They should establish another UCLA campus just for the rich Chinese and charge $1 Million dollars for each student. 🙂

  685. It wasn’t that long along when the RACIST UC Regents tried to restrict the number of admissions of Asian-Americans. I understand the courts rejected that, but I’m sure it still occurs in practice

  686. I am sure there is a quota. And that is basically the way “uniqueness” in the admissions system works. Under the same system, you would have 5 Asian-American NBA players.

  687. History in general was easy for me. But Art history was really fun 🙂

  688. Starry, starry Night. Reading Van Gogh’s biography made me realize what a tough life he had. Theo, his brother. Did you know he had an older brother’s grave in front of his house with the same name “Vincent Van Gogh”? So every time he passed by the grave, he saw his own name on the gravestone.

  689. CA spends about $60,000/ year on prison inmates, while the cost of attending “public” schools continue to increase. Somethings not right

  690. Why? Sure?

  691. Checked with NBA game time

  692. We need to ship prisoners to Mars.

  693. I hope he will have a good game too. But it will be irrelevant to whether he starts or not…

  694. Then Martians will declare war on Earth and crush us. They have enough problems of their own

  695. basketball the atlanta way: nobody taking more than 15 shots, 30 assists on 37 made baskets, force opponents in 18 turnovers, hold opponents under 35% shooting, no identifiable “star”. and another relatively easy win this time over a hot detroit team.

  696. why? dont know but sure? yep.

  697. atlanta seem to copy san antonio quick. last year was atlanta like this?

  698. Before joining Atlanta, Budenholzer spent 18 seasons with the San Antonio Spurs, …under head coach Gregg Popovich.

    well last year was his first year. so yeah pretty quick but …a long time picking it up.

  699. ohh wow. lin needs a former spurs coach.

  700. PHX Game Thread is open early today! One less things to do for me later =)

    This is the important game before Byron will talk about the possible change of lineup after 10-11 games.
    How will Jeremy play tonight?

    Let’s keep hoping, cheering and praying for JLin to give his best no matter what the results will be!
    Let’s leave it all out on the floor, Jeremy! No holding back

  701. No, don’t have your hope up. BS has been dissing Lin all the time, handwriting is on the wall. Don’t want to be disappointed. Things maybe worse.

  702. Yes, the Hawks was like this last year. The only reason their record was not so high was because Horford was injured. Toronto, Atlanta, and DC all are improving from their strong playoffs showing from last year. I wish someone in the Lakers org would take notice.

  703. Ok, back to positive! How can we do something today that is good for tomorrow? Trying …

  704. Hi fellow UCI alumnus! Former Anteater here too! 🙂

  705. Not sure the office of licensing is that effective. All you have to do is not how many good companies come out of Stanford vs UC system, and you know it’s not working, this private/public partnership. Really, I don’t see good revs happening for UC except to increase tuition, and definitely families are choosing schools where kids are guaranteed 2 things: scholarships and to get out in 4 years. It could be the difference of $100k for a family if a kid is stuck on 5 yr track or 6 vs 4.

  706. I did get my BS in BS (Bio Sci). 🙂

    I hate BS (Byron).

  707. I once saw this in a men’s room near the Comp Sci building:
    Lim (GPA -> 0) Bio Sci = Comp Sci.

    True story.

  708. Spurs are the model every other team is trying to copy, except a few stuck with cancers. And Pop is also becoming an idol every young coach looks up to.

  709. Zot zot! So lame…. lol.

  710. thanks

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