G42 LAL @ PHX Game Thread

This is the important game before Byron will talk about the possible change of lineup after 10-11 games.

How will Jeremy play tonight?

Let’s keep hoping, cheering and praying for JLinΒ to give his best no matter what the results will be!

Let’s leave it all out on the floor, Jeremy! No holding back! 😎

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  1. Woohoo!
    Have fun, psalm!

  2. thanks! But I need to do some craft adding typo to the check LOL

    Pray that Jeremy will play well today!

  3. another big game for the splash brothers. they put up 54 on wolverine/beard the other nite and have 40 tonite with a quarter and a third left in a blow out of denver.

    some guy who puts up a lot of interesting stats on another board notes that the warriors margin of victory is in the top ten of all time. and every team that has been in the top ten mov has gone to the finals and the only won that didn’t win was against another top ten team with a better margin.

    ive liked g.s. since preseason and i really think s.b. working together in fiba really was the start of increased success this year.

  4. they are amazing but i would take top defensive team vs a top offensive team any day.

  5. Pray for his team mates too. If they cant make any of Jeremys passes then its going to look kind of ugly. #getassists #nobucketsnowin

  6. atlanta the defensive team from the low scoring east (best) and gs the offensive team from the high scoring west (best).

    but of course neither team is one dimensional; g.s. actually only gives up 3 more points per game than atl (atl gives the fewest points of any team in nba)–while atl is the second highest scoring team in the east.

  7. if the lakers continue to run their non-existent offense of bring the ball up throw it to a. nick young coming around the curl on the side or b. jordan hill at the top of the key and then no more passes it will be ugly regardless of who is playing.

    7 assists for lakers in their last game right? 30 for hawks today.

  8. eh heh, anyone here like to make bets lol? good post.

  9. I am nervous for Lin since I don’t know what traps BS has there for Lin. Am I going nuts?

  10. Yes, just calm down…. LOL just kidding…..but really, he will be fine

  11. I used to think Lin will be fine eventually, but after what BS has done to Lin over and over and over again, I just don’t know what to think now.

  12. He is fine now…I think…

  13. maybe this is “reverse linginitis”–ask who is it? i dont know whoever gave the causes and symptoms of the affliction.

  14. Lol. Keep Calm and Jeremy Lin πŸ˜‰

  15. Yes if I win ^^

  16. @psalm234:disqus Enjoy the game. Hope that JLin will play well in this game for you and everyone who goes to the game. Hope he will get a win for all JLin who supports him no matter what:-)

  17. JLin has been smiling despite all the bs that BS had done for him….this kinda reminds me of his msg. in his fb page…wanna share it w/ u -might help w/ ur nervousness..hehe

  18. Believe JLin will play much better this game after getting more familiar with the teammates that he is going to play again tonight.

  19. I think so too.

  20. Not nuts, ’cause there’ve been plenty of traps. But Jeremy’s still smiling in spite of his obvious frustration, so he’s persistently turning toward the light and if he can, well my challenge is to do the same. I embarrass myself sometimes, ’cause he’s the one actually living the situation and handling it with amazing grace, while I’m getting all wound up and I’m only watching from my comfortable place in the far sidelines πŸ™‚

  21. the difference between mchale and bs; mchale used to throw lin under the bus after the game: bs throws lin under the bus before the game.

  22. lol……sigh……

  23. News organizations usually send out beautiful ladies to interview Lin.

  24. Standing Ovation for NYK’s 6th win…..oh my…LAL really is a good team…

  25. they really won? OMG, that’s funny. so they did kept the square trend alive!


  26. ha ha … against what team was that 6th win?

  27. NOP? I did not pay attention

  28. I came from a week long vacation. I guess I missed a lot. I pray JLin will just go for it today.

    Go JLin!

  29. Pau Gasol along is killing Bulls defense…haha…

  30. interesting that Young said Lin helped him out recently, by dragging him to chapel , lol

  31. without holiday or davis.

  32. “Take me to church” (on repeat)

  33. Ok….w/o Holiday, good. W/O DAVIS, VERY BAD.

  34. bulls defense is not very good this year. actually bulls are not very good lately. rose is really fragile. and “inconsistent”.

    i still think it stems from when dunleavy went out; not that dunleavy was any good but it thru off the rotation.

    since then butlers not been as good. being shifted about.

    brooks actually often outplays rose as d. harris did tonite r. rondo.

  35. I think in general, if your big is not good at help D, your team is gonna suck in D……regardless of how good your perimeter players’ D are..But that is just my opinion. Most coaches from 1st grade to NBA will tell you that Defense starts with your PG…which I find very…..illogical.

  36. The shooting slump

  37. that’s why Young break out of it.

    Nah, Young really like to crash into other people’s interview…..

  38. He will, since you are there!

  39. I dont think it means individually, but setting the tone, asking your players to move and switch. PG sees this better than other positions.

  40. Now we know, who was the culprit! LOL…just kidding, welcome back. Yeah Jeremy will have a good game today

  41. Bayless is really under rated.

  42. For some might be too young to know, guess who was the president signed execute power to declare MLK the national holiday?

  43. I’m sure Nash doesn’t want to mentor PG’s in Scott’s antiquated system:


  44. Ha ha … Thanks Mak πŸ™‚

  45. If the trend continues the Knicks won’t win more than 9 games LOL (9-81 is impossible). They need to finish 8-74 to be the worst team of all time, so 2-38 the rest of the way to break the record.

  46. Where is @psalm234:disqus ?!

  47. i read it as scott was “stressed” about giving nash space.

  48. check out James McAdoo, Bob’s son and former potential first draft. Telling how great it is that Lin is here at this moment. A lot to be thankful for. McAdoo lit up 13 mins for Warriors today, just trying him out. Wish I saw it, wondering if Livingston fed him. Doesn’t look like it, given low A on 2nd unit.

  49. THat does not make sense. PG is in the front…most players are BEHIND him…..

  50. go to 7 and 49 then 8 and 64 to keep the square streak alive (highly possible) and then close out with a string of 10 loses and we have a loser (winner)!

  51. So many players force themselves to go into that triple threat stance off a catch. Really a waste of opportunity…Kobe and Young are 2 examples.

  52. the two guys lin will be required to turn the ball over to for the rest of the possession once he crosses midcourt.

  53. Since they are looked at as Floor General, it only make sense that they see and direct the floor

  54. On the offensive end yes. On the d end……it is PF and C’s job to BROADCAST

  55. I think LIn should change a few things as a Laker. 1. move off ball more, not try to be open for a catch and shoot and cut more. 2. start changing speeds more and look for his shot more, even if he can pass it sometimes to someone else especially because he needs to start getting foul shots more 3. on defense, be very careful not to over help, especially tonight with the good shooting Phoenix PGs. Another thing is not make unnecessary fouls on help trying to steal balls from big men.

  56. when did shooting in the nba get so bad? routinely both teams combined miss between 90 and 100 shots a game.

    the chicago bulls 2nite starting lineup 15 for 53 so far. 15 made 38 missed.

  57. Where’s Joyce?

  58. Jeremy just signed his own Big Check for the Jlin Foundation LOL

  59. LOL…….I thought Q&A is after the game?

  60. Why Joyce?

  61. More accurately, BS throws Lin under the bus before and after the game.

  62. Think pictures of them will be posted here? hehe..

  63. Where am I?

  64. May depend on which guard BS wants him to mentor πŸ˜›

  65. great! Pic please!

  66. Enjoy her input

  67. Oh no….you are awake..

  68. Jeremy pic while signing

  69. Where is KHuang?

  70. Just before shootaround πŸ˜€

  71. Even Clarkson has Nash’s phone number… Not Scott? LOL!

  72. So you must be in that LAL official’s pic somewhere

  73. Tell us more …

  74. I’m here… if it can help? xD

  75. Wut? Just hanging with Jeremiah for 1 hr before he came out . He looks good and focused

  76. So no Q&A?

  77. haha!

  78. PF and C are seen as the main defender but not a the director of defense.

  79. WHich does not make sense. THose are the 2 players who most likely can see the whole half court.

  80. Don’t worry I have a gut feeling Lin is going to have a nice game (unless that was my ulcer)

  81. Is the answer in your name? πŸ˜‰

  82. PG are expected to be more intelligent and has a better court vision and game study πŸ™‚

  83. BS: Hey rook, tell Nash that I am still fine giving him space.
    Clarkson: Why don’t you tell him yourself?

  84. LOL….oh well…..good luck with that..

  85. Wow! Today is last day to vote for Lin in ASG. By tweet, FB & http://www.nba.com/allstar/

  86. Can’t believe the answer is from a lovely lady from French. LOL.

  87. Did he not take the check and you still have it?

  88. George Washington.

  89. can’t believe nobody answered that.

  90. Whatever you do don’t ever try to be a comedian.

  91. Whatever happens this season or in future seasons, JLin has already won. He is in the record books. He is an international star. No amount of hate can shake his faith. I enjoy seeing every game he plays no matter how badly the coaches misuse him.

    … But he better score 30/20/10 =P

  92. Lin looks very sharp in shootaround. Made 8-9 before 1st miss. Maybe missed 3-4 out of 20

  93. I have been staring at this reply for the last few minutes trying to think of an appropriate way to answer it, but troll as I am, I am rendered speechless by your kindness πŸ˜›

  94. After last game, I’m not even sure I should was, 3 minutes until game time…

  95. LOL, good for you Michael.

  96. lol

  97. That would be a Linsanity game if that happens!

  98. Lin practicing pull up 3s and FTs now

  99. thanks…keep it coming! πŸ™‚

  100. is he starting? why is he getting interviewed

  101. Yes, Kobe, Price out. JLin and Ellington starting backcourt

  102. thanks. didn’t know price still out.

  103. That was a good block by Ed…. how in the world was that a foul?!?!?

    OH WAIT… home court advantage

  104. So annoying and confusing Len sounds like Lin ><" Can they just call him Alex?

  105. Announcers should use JLin instead of Lin

  106. I agree JLin sounds so much better!

  107. Ikr I sent myself up for derision lol. If I was with Michael he would have known tho. xD

  108. 333333 for Lin.

  109. 333333333333333

  110. Yes! lin 3!

  111. Off dribble 3 pointer, keep shooting those off dribble shots Lin!

  112. 36% behind 3 point line? I want it to be 50%! πŸ™‚

  113. lol

  114. Oh yea I tick all the time

  115. OLin GoGoGo

  116. Davis got to get better with FT.

  117. Lets go!!!!!

  118. Lins playing aggressively 4 the 1st half..

  119. That Jeremy circus shot! Burn Dragic,burn!

  120. nice…JLin again…go Jeremy!!!

  121. wow chemistry looks good

  122. wow…early 3s from LAL!

  123. Amazing how the Lakers can score more with a quicker pace (set by JLin)

  124. LOL Johnson had all the time to take that 2nd 3 point attempt!!

  125. Seems Lin is doing pretty good so far……Go Go Go

  126. I like how the Lakers are playing now…

  127. Lin not getting foul calls this game cause PHX refs are bias, just gotta make shots instead of looking for fouls.

  128. Yes gonna be a good Lin tonight

  129. So fun to watch the faster play and passing the ball.

  130. layup and a 3? Nice πŸ˜€

  131. Lets hope Kobe and Price continues to stay out of all the games for rest of the season!

  132. Pretty much most of the games

  133. Lin need to keep the PFoul at check

  134. oh no… foul trouble

  135. foul calls refs are such wow

  136. Bs calls by refs on Lin. Now he has to sit with 2 fouls.

  137. Ugh.. fouls….

  138. OMG…JLin was getting going but now out before 5 minutes for Clarkson!! See BS will always using the bench player to eat up Lin’s minutes!

  139. Clarkson is in

  140. Foul trouble there..

  141. PHX refs hate Lin, never give him foul calls! So annoying when Lin has to play against them!!

  142. Just getting warm-up, then sitting him.. πŸ™

  143. I tune in and Lin goes out.. I must be bad luck 😐

  144. foul trouble has to come out

  145. foul trouble

  146. Should keep track of Lins foul count before posting this kind of stuff there buddy.

  147. Yet Clarkson gets foul called for him.

  148. Yes, I’m not sure either was a foul but he has to be more careful about fouling.

  149. I just tuned in too.

  150. so with kobe and price out, LAL should have so young legs other than boozer.

  151. Is Young hurt or doghouse? Usually he’s first off the bench.

  152. Let’s go Q2! Lin get back in there and keep your fouls down.

  153. Of course he doesn’t look Asian.

  154. He’s here

  155. I wonder if Khuang is in attendance..

  156. Refs call weirdly…m….but seems like at least it is balanced…not like just one way …

  157. Psalm said he and Jeremiah might meet up with KHuang before or after the game I think.

  158. with gerald green and young in you have the two primo bench chuckers in the league; only non starters to pump up a shot every two minutes.

  159. Oh word? I didn’t know all were from the same area.

  160. any good link to watch the game? thanks

  161. Kelly can really shot his 3!

  162. Jeremiah flew to Phoenix just to watch this game.

  163. Dang! Dedication right there!

  164. How? Working, no game for me πŸ™

  165. One of the worst transition D I have ever seen

  166. IT just cruised by Black for the easy layup.

  167. quick mf

  168. Nothing….just sometimes I thought it should be called and it was not called, vice versa

  169. black didn’t realize how fast thomas is

  170. ic, thx

  171. Lets hope JLin doesn’t go cold when he comes back in. I hope he’s starting 2nd quarter!

  172. Out of topic, but based on commercials during NBA timeout it seems like US has a very liquid market for everything, from buying cars to mobile plans. I like it, and frankly I’m a bit jealous.

  173. He turned too late

  174. thank you

  175. from where?

  176. what do you mean liquid ?

  177. Thanks Mak

  178. Just hate Isiah Thomas.

  179. I doubt he’ll be in. BSc seems consistent on letting 2nd unit start the 2nd qtr

  180. At least LAL kept it close neck to neck Q1

  181. For example, you can lease a car there. In the Philippines, we can’t really lease a car. You guys have flexibility in purchasing a car.

  182. Waiting for @psalm234:disqus reporting now

  183. What Coach BS goes with Clarkson for the last shot???? If he made it Lin would be sitting on the bench longer in the 2nd Qtr.

  184. Lakers would’ve lead more if refs didn’t cheat by giving fouls to Lin!

  185. He is a good shooter as well

  186. Why it’s not Young?

  187. 1st quarter lin report; 3rd most minutes, most shots taken! (for those complaining lin doesn’t shoot enfu) 2nd most points, 0 turnovers (for those complaining about turnovers).

  188. LOL

  189. Thanks, my feed was a bit behind.

  190. U forgot the PFs…

  191. phantoms

  192. that’s consumer addiction that hurts our country … good and bad with that.

  193. What Bledsoe did to Lin is what Lin should be ALLOWED to do to any PGs out there

  194. Perhaps a little too much easy lending…

  195. lol i googled it. us dollar is the most liquid in the world. cool stuff.

  196. Doubt it. He’ll probably be brought in at the 6 minute mark, maybe a little earlier if Clarkson gets in trouble.

  197. It won’t be if Lin doesn’t come back in soon for 2nd quarter!!

  198. I’m not sure.

  199. clarkson a bit reckless

  200. Easy lending can be a blessing or a curse

  201. guessing BS is waiting for bledsoe to coming back b4 lin gets back?

  202. We want Lin. Get Lin in!!!!

  203. Hes into the game now.. πŸ™‚

  204. Current lineup would be more competitive If Jeremy’s running on point

  205. That’s his inexperience … need Lin!

  206. but that would mean u want lin w/ the 2nd unit.

  207. 8 offensive rebounds by Lakers. The reason this game is close

  208. Or JLin could play more minutes =)

  209. i think as long as he’s not in foul trouble, he should get 30 min today

  210. Many starters get to play with 2nd unit except Lin for whatever hidden agenda BS has!

  211. Even for food US has a really liquid market.

  212. Lin back in

  213. Finally Lin back in!!

  214. 2nd unit is way better than the starters on both ends of the floor.

  215. wow with the bench?!

  216. Could have been Lin and Kobe on that backcourt list, but noooooooo


  218. Bad possession. No movement

  219. Reggie Miller. Bev and harden are number one on the back court scoring list

  220. Clueless dinosaur from illegal defense era.

  221. nice pass!

  222. ugh!

  223. wow

  224. You just insulted dinosaurs.

  225. Back to back assists πŸ™‚

  226. What a pass!!!

  227. Well it’s mostly Harden on that scoring load. He was saying Pat better be thankful to be on that list, but likes his defense.

  228. Jeremy comes in… LAL has largest lead.

  229. A bit high of a pass

  230. Hes acting as a facilitator of the team once hes back 2 the floor.

  231. Alley oop fail….darn it

  232. Those were nice assists to Hill though, just don’t force feed his teammates!

  233. He has to stop those one-handed passes.

  234. Jeremy looking relaxed

  235. guess he was turned the wrong way? he should’ve been ready for it.

  236. Get me 8 points

  237. why?

  238. Reminder: Starting today league pass is free for a week.

  239. he ws actually laughing at bev being on that list saying he should by harden dinner and carry his laundry

  240. But it looks kool!

  241. He missed timed….did not get the lift

  242. 16/7 is possible

  243. 10-12 points before 2nd half would be better!

  244. 20 pts 8 assts

  245. Lin has to watch the over help or going for rebounding positioning. He left IT open and he can drain those 3s.

  246. Seriously my expectations need to be better lol

  247. Looking at his defensive stats the only category he is below average in is 3 pt defense.

  248. I hate when Lin tries to help others and left his guy alone.

  249. Because they are not as accurate and the passing motion is slower giving the defense more time to react.

  250. Hill needs Price to settle his game down.

  251. Johnson was just walking to rotate…WTH

  252. Oh man Hill 3 fouls. Maybe some Boozer, Davis, Lin action?!

  253. lins playing pg real well

  254. WTH Hill…..please hold the ball better…

  255. hill has 4 tov

  256. Not true…

  257. Hill only had 2 fouls right?

  258. davis not finishing at the basket tonite. thought suns don’t have strong inside defense.

  259. len-sanity!

  260. Please take out Hill for Boozer

  261. really depends what you mean. I mean if it’s a diving sidearm pass to the open man, you do it and it’s slower sure.

  262. hehe, psalm with his kids cheering Lin on … what a nice night for this site so far. Lin, just keep those fouls down for 4th quarter!

  263. Put that the bench in the paint!!! like a road block!

  264. other than hills t.o.s lakers playing much different game; no one taking too many shots all players playing scoring. multiple passes often before a shot. who are these guys? (dont know if they can keep it up)

  265. Those crunch wrap sliders look bomb. Gonna stop by Taco Bell during halftime

  266. Almost a steal… darn.

  267. Damn it Hill. Fix those butterfingers

  268. Davis, please WAKE up!

  269. Hill is out of control with his TOs and PFs.

  270. ball movement is great today

  271. OMG JLin hasn’t taken a shot since he came in!!

  272. davis a little off today

  273. playing pg

  274. Must be following orders again

  275. he should have height advantage though over thomas

  276. I hope Jeremy will give those rubber bracelets he’s using to Psalm’s boys.

  277. wow… come on refs.

  278. PGs are allowed to shoot.

  279. he sold it well

  280. Ugh 3 fouls!!!

  281. Bias refs!

  282. exactly zero call for lin then that flop

  283. of course

  284. Lin gets no calls.

  285. Haha ok….refs…

  286. he doesn’t

  287. Lin should’ve taken some 3s when he was in! Didn’t take any shot attempts!!

  288. I guess Lin has to show the arm more, like Harden..to force the issue

  289. JLin gets smashed under the basket and no foul call. Then bumps Bledsoe and is called for his 3rd foul.

  290. i don’t get what the refs have on lin

  291. or even post against thomas

  292. So JLin vs BS/teammates/refs. Seems like a fair fight

  293. wave the arms.

  294. are they ever going to give Jeremy a foul?

  295. Jeremy must have a chatty rep or something

  296. Makes no sense

  297. For some reason, IT reminds me of a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle.

  298. idk

  299. LOL!

  300. A real coach would argue the non-call

    How many of these have we seen this season!

  301. Close game, don’t blow this one BS.

  302. Westbrook turtle at that

  303. With Westbrook and Wes lol

  304. game started to get a little hill centered in the last couple minutes but other than that best “team” basketball ive seen lakers play. more passing everyone contributing.

    phantom fouls on lin could affect p.t. in second half tho. still on balance it seems resting both price and kobe seems a good idea.

    the substitution patterns made much more sense this game than usual.

  305. laker and lin playing really well but the refs have ruin this game a bit for me. issue also slow pace style benefit defenders

  306. Minutes are even jeremy to get 28-30

  307. given foul trouble thats good

  308. It’s kinda bad. I like Donatello hahaha

  309. Need to knock out east coast bias but 16/7 hope….marathon training commences…stay positive folks

  310. tnt announcers making fun of TNT showing LAL games

  311. what can we do to show the absolute bias that the nba refs have against jeremy? i counted 2 fouls on him while going to the basket and he got nothing. He only has to breathe on any other player and he gets called for the foul. I don’t want to play the race card here but jeremy is definitely getting screwed on fouls as well as stolen stats.

  312. Michaelangelo ?

  313. Refs ruining game.

  314. As long as he’s not Donatello, I’m good hahaha

  315. Pace way too slow without Kobe

  316. lol true also knicks games

  317. they are saying especially without kobe. But the game is better w/o kobe

  318. Lin is playing good defense in this game, the refs ruining it by fouling him out.

  319. also a fast pace offense would help lin get calls. this slow style makes it hard. why phx gets the calls while lin not but soft calls on lin while he gets called on for the slightest calls

  320. The coach wants to leave a gap in the team so that Kobe can be plugged in at any time.

  321. well not to them

  322. In 2nd half he really needs to come in looking to score!

  323. Lin should hire Nathan Gottlieb as his marketing rep or something. The guy is Lin’s biggest fan.

  324. They need better movement, they still crowd the paint and jeremy can’t drive. When he does drive, no one is free under the basket for alley oops nor are there 3 point shooters in the corner for dishing out. Also the screens they set are garbage.

  325. true….at times, Lin blows by so fast…its hard to catch the foul as well. Extended arm would help

  326. I like what he said & he used to be a NYK beat writer.

  327. Maybe him and Joyce Ward as his marketing rep.

  328. transition points is one of jeremy’s key strengths, some people are too slow. You can see lin always looking around for someone to throw it to but everyone is behind him.

  329. if he doesnt score 12+ tn he will literally solidify hiimself as a back up

  330. I would do a lot better than the people they have now…LOL

  331. Yeah, I know. For example, you could have got Charmin to pay him some money to appear on their internet commercial. Soft like Charm-Lin.

  332. people told me pace too slow.scots system seem to prefer slow. the bench can go fast but not the starters

  333. I know this is how Byron wants you to play just pass the ball let others get it done
    but you gotta have some pride in your game

  334. Trouble is Lakers not a good defensive team so Lin needed for defense. He can’t rest on defense like Harden and avoid getting fouls.

  335. lin owning scotts system right now

  336. What is about Scott talking about line up changes. Has F/O given him so direction? scott asking Nash to come out and help train the PG’s. What is up?

  337. foul’d again, no call what is this!!!

  338. What the heck… no foul? this is beyond ridiculous.

  339. yes! score.

  340. go Lin… coming in aggressive!

  341. A foul now? Wow…. finally one

  342. why so much help defense lin damn

  343. so thats what it takes to get a foul… smh

  344. F the refs!!! That hard foul was because they kept not calling fouls for Lin!!! That was so obvious if they still didn’t call that I’d would’ve gone crap shxt!!

  345. JLin has to get mugged to get a foul call.

  346. i hope lin didn’t get hurt damn

  347. You know the reps always do he makeup fouls when they caught.LOL

  348. Thank you Ed for waking up… good dunk!

  349. Good AST by lin

  350. another blown assist…

  351. LOL Hate Bledsoe Nice Flop with him on the floor but no call!!

  352. I hope he gets fined…LOL

  353. didnt realize this guy started the stream back again…He had stopped some time back. Thx

  354. I still remember how he pushed Lin on purpose last game after the foul!! Hate PHX refs and their players who are jealous of LiN!!

  355. no more TO, pls

  356. hill is just soooo bad.

    not boxing on oreb. maybe 3 goes on O and then no D. Prob 5 to 7 pts there.

  357. what was that?

  358. OMG What was that? Lin should just taken a shot!!

  359. What just happened there?!?!?!

  360. All because Lin kept passing instead of just taking a shot! Ugh!!

  361. yea split second choice

  362. chaos lol it happens

  363. Lin needs to shoot some of these shots. Defense gonna take away these passing lanes.


  365. he would have if the refs were actually fair in giving fouls.

  366. davis is a little off today its ok

  367. yeah davis blew a lot of shots today from lin. He would have at least 3 more assists if they didn’t blow it.

  368. I swear, Nathan knows how to make Lin look good. The man is auditioning for a job from Lin.

  369. Lin hasn’t played with lin in a while, so I will give him a break

  370. Lin needs to take some more shots…PHX quick hands causing some TOs when Lin should just shoot it

  371. Lin 2 Lin?

  372. phantom foul on lin again

  373. on Hill

  374. On Hill

  375. Suns has started to push it…LAL need to buck up on X and O

  376. NICE!

  377. beautiful lay up!

  378. nice layup…Go Lin

  379. This is called No Touch Foul

  380. That’s the hesitation dribbling move I am talking about. Freezing your man and then speeding up.

  381. nice announcers phx …

  382. lol…

  383. oh. that’s good then

  384. Young is in

  385. refs………

  386. Haha… official PLAYS for the Suns!

  387. Except for Miller who thinks Patrick Beverley is a good defender.

  388. lol literally all day

  389. That’s why I hate PHX their refs are such cheaters!!

  390. more than 5 players on the floor!

  391. just carzy. why was ref standing there so close to the play

  392. did lin just get called for a foul again?

  393. And did you see now refs not only swallowing whistles and blowing against Lin, but now they obstruct Lin. Wow …

  394. True… but this one is physically on the play… wow…

  395. Lin will go down in NBA history as the guy who introduced the “no-touch foul” into the league.

  396. pls no

  397. Did you see that ? The ref blocked Lin to cause the TO!

  398. If so, that was a dumb foul.

  399. Are the refs assigned with teams? I thought they are random assigned for different teams/games?

  400. Making history wherever he goes… lol

  401. hahaha….this is probably the 2nd time I saw things like that for past 20yrs

  402. Yep… disgusting is an understatement.

  403. should stop the play and let Lakers has the ball…. oh… the refs are playing for the Sun… I almost forgot

  404. Lin looks like himself in this game. How many assists does he have?

  405. No….

  406. No that was Black, pheew!

  407. 6 assists.

  408. What a weird game. But Lin, keep fighting. We are with you.

  409. so was that lin’s TO?

  410. 5 blown

  411. 6, could have been 9 if they didn’t keep fumbling his passes

  412. My very first time !!!!!

  413. Lin Out Clarkson is in

  414. Thanks. Maybe he’ll get 10 tonight. I hope so. If he doesn’t foul out with phantom fouls.

  415. 23 minutes for lin

  416. Lin better get mad and start shooting!! I’d be mad if Lakers lose!!

  417. Clarson needs to abuse IT with his speed.

  418. i think lin should be back w/ 7 minutes left. unless clarkson do really bad

  419. I don’t think he needs to shoot this game. I like how he is playing. He’s running the offense and well.

  420. Game over. It’s against a team like Phoenix whose players actually move around and set screens for their PGs, you can tell Lakers lacks talent. Probably the same thing against Houston and GSW.

  421. IT just got lucky he’s got some nice bigs.

  422. Somehow every time I saw a rotation leak….Wes has something to do with it

  423. He needs to get going if they’re going to get over the lost points!

  424. that ref isnt just a hater but just incompetent.

  425. bench defense is sketchy today

  426. damn this is not good.

  427. Clarkson is not ready……so…make it simple for him..just PnR all day

  428. Q3 too many TOs….lost the lead

  429. he isn’t at all

  430. BS don’t know PnR!

  431. If he does it with assists and steals, that’s good too. He’s been setting up his team mates and that’s what Byron wants to see. He’s redeeming himself for the last game. He’s driven to the hole a few times and had some nice finishes but he’s mostly been setting up the offense well.

  432. This offense is really easy to defend … nor something. Just not a very interesting set of choices.

  433. They are literally HOME refs!!

  434. unless Lin goes crazy and shoots the lights out. unlikely though.

  435. Where’s Joyce?

  436. THere is a chance…..Lin won play because of garbage time

  437. wow isiah is really good, respect.

  438. Lin better bring it on in 4th quarter! Want to watch the PHX’s players lose even with refs cheating for them!!

  439. bench defense was soft putty

  440. team w/o lin is so bad

  441. Come on Mr. 4th quarter… be clutch!

  442. Q4 is gonna be a catch-up game, else Suns are going to blow out LAL

  443. Expecting Jeremy a strong 4qt. The 2nd unit without him is not playing well.

  444. Phoenix’ PGs can match him and turn it on to 2nd level.

  445. He needs to come back at the start of 4th quarter! They are only down 10 points, can still come back!

  446. the officiating against lin continues to be disgusting

  447. Here I am….LOL Had to step away for a minute to get my bearings. I love lin to death, but he needs to see the setup coming with Scott sometimes and beat him at his game. Lin is playing wells tonight and I am glad that he is back on track

  448. i think BS will stick to his plan and let 2nd start the 4th.

  449. It is going beyond biased.

  450. Phoenix’ PGs can easily turn it on to 2nd gear. Lakers can’t keep up with them. They can go at a faster level for 30 more minutes by rotating their PGs and run Lakers into ground. No chance.

  451. Johnson had 4 TO yet play the most minutes!! SMH Where’s Ryan Kelly?!

  452. I do not think it will happen

  453. he could have said…”once lin leaves the game”.

  454. Hill with 5

  455. Clarkson’s inexperience is showing…getting burned.

  456. Scott with Inf

  457. BS is so dumb, Ryan Kelly was 3-4 from the field yet he insist on playing Johnson!!

  458. hill is worse his misses and to always ended in a fast break

  459. The Lakers bench actually suck without Lin.smh

  460. BS always find way to lose

  461. Bc no Kobe, Johnson instead… smh!

  462. Great u rb

  463. Kelly should have been in

  464. Doesn’t help that Clarkson is lost.

  465. Ya! Really bad.

  466. BS is really too old…..every teams know if you deny their 1st option…they are doomed

  467. there are no offensive options on this team 1st or 2nd unit. Kobe being on the floor is an illusion.
    Clarkson so green.

  468. its so obvious that when lin pushes in transition, the team actually does well. but BS is ‘resting’ him.

  469. yer head must be on a swivel by now.

  470. Are we competing for TurnOvers todays?! sigh

  471. boozer working hard to get Phx in bonus.

  472. Boozer thinking “Lin looks kinda different.”

  473. atleast he worked hard to get the rebound as well πŸ™‚

  474. Yup…Clarkson’s the guy to spark the 4th Q…smh

  475. No PG out there…

  476. 10pt game

  477. Scott doesn’t have a clue. I actually think he might be worried about his job, because kobe is kind of giving every indication that he is tired and wants to retire while he is still at the top of his game.

  478. clarkson a sg. his defense is bad as well

  479. When Clarkson is in this game he shoots all of Swaggys shots.

  480. come on Black…you can do better

  481. Ya! Nothing for Young… smh!

  482. yeah. he’s ok.

  483. If I hear BS say “We missed Ronnie this game”, I am going to kill (figuratively) him.

  484. he is hungry for not getting minutes..so expected

  485. OK, enough…. Bring back Jeremy!

  486. LOL calm down,,,,

  487. Whether first or second unit, no one other than Lin is the engine that makes it go.

  488. Just don’t listen to post game!

  489. Since you are an attorney I am sure you can defend yourself.

  490. Lakers starters, as much as they don’t want to admit it,needs Jeremy in the lineup every game.

  491. Byron trying to make that point

  492. Ya! BS just don’t know adjustment at all…smh!

  493. kill him with your kindness? lol

  494. I added “figuratively” to protect myself just in case BS’ attorney is looking at this site.

  495. If we lose its because Price isn’t in there. If price is in there and we lose it is because Lin played soft. You can’t win.

  496. Clarkson needs to calm down.

  497. Exactly. look at the at the starters all of them have point son the board. With kobe, they would have not had point son the board.

  498. really bad defensive rebounds. lucky they didn’t score

  499. What is clarkson doing? Think it’s D-League or practice just playing so undisciplined.

  500. I just want Jeremy to score 8 more points.

  501. unfortunately he is not given oil to go

  502. From your mouth to God’s ear regarding Kobe retiring early.

  503. Phoenix just playing a practice game, really. Just a warm up game.

  504. Game over. Garbage time.

  505. he is too green…oh well Green got the shot as well

  506. so scott says before game that they expect lin to do more… how is it possible to do more sitting on the pine?

  507. lakers bench looks horrible today.

  508. BS, may be now to send Jeremy back? may be…????

  509. lol BS should have put the starters back in at 930

  510. He ha 10 points , right?

  511. They are in tank mode. It doesn’t matter. They don’t want to win without Price or Kobe in the game.

  512. bench has to be better nick giving zero help

  513. I do will not get the marketing rep job from Lin. He’s too confrontational.

  514. Wonder what changed πŸ˜›

  515. ….Scott should pul 2nd unit with Lin for the last chance.

  516. OMG Clarkson is a train wreck put Lin back in after this time out!!

  517. ok. Lin and the starters should be w/ 7+ minutes left. Lin should get his 30 minutes and be the scapegoat for the loss

  518. I think it’s safe to tank now and let Lin play.

  519. Lakers’ depth chart for back court AND front court is as.. um.. deep as water in a dog’s water bowl.

  520. With Lin, the game would have been closer, but really, Phoenix just playing around with Lakers until the 4th.

  521. This is on Byron… tank commander

  522. I’m tellin’ ya…don’t listen to BS post-game. He’ll find a way to say he expected more.

  523. i sware bench had a lot better defense idk what happen

  524. Not really…but Suns can definitely win the 4Q tho

  525. Without Kobe there, BS does not care about a win

  526. Lakers down 5 when Lin left the game, six minutes with Clarkson now down by 17.

    Anyone still not convinced Lakers are tanking?

  527. True the talent disparity is too great.

  528. Starters without Lin is horrible.
    Bench without Lin is horrible too.
    Let Lin play at least 35mins.

  529. They are garbage since Lin out…

  530. No, really. Lakers lack depth and talent.

  531. why is my TV still on?

  532. Scott just can’t have Jeremy play more than 30 minutes.

  533. Lin is IN

  534. ok

  535. Lin needs to pad stats.

  536. stick to the plan…lol he is just plain bad coach

  537. Poster named @stephentam:disqus you remind me of Jessica Stam, a Canadian model

  538. ..like with a bad telenovela…it’s called “hate watching” πŸ™‚

  539. what a genius Byron is

  540. Putting LIn into game meaningless at this point. From team’s point of view, that is.

  541. lol…as I said earlier, it seems a TO competition, way too many

  542. BS figured the L has been secured, pats Clarkson for job well done.

  543. lin in but nick the brick is also. not much to see here

  544. i actually praised the minutes management in the first half. in the second half; to me and i had no opinion before: its clear to me that bs is tanking.

    he waited till the game got entirely out of hand to make substitutions. clarkson clearly out of his league–looked like a h.s. kid out there.

    joyce would say: smh.

  545. He just needs to enjoy the garbage minutes.

  546. lets go with 3, guys…we are going to close the gap

  547. they’re just trading baskets

  548. anybody knows why they do the close encounter tone when thomas scores?

  549. 3 more asts…DD

  550. Scott doesn’t have a plan and he is not a coach. lol

  551. Young is ruining Jeremy’s chances.

  552. Jeremy calm.

  553. Sometimes I wonder if the miss assist are intentional.

  554. Time for Lin to get some clutch 3s!!

  555. lol…I dont think so

  556. Lakers need to be leading by at least 15 point with 5 minutes remaining in ANY game to feel safe about winning the game.

  557. my soul feels dirty after watching lakers games

  558. πŸ™‚

  559. this is the best lin has looked in scotts system.

  560. Why did it take BS this long to have the best lineup in?!!

  561. we are not taking enough shots, these last 2 games

  562. that’s deep… lol

  563. Maybe the Lakers hired him because he has a thick enough skin to tank and let the bad-coach criticism roll right off.

  564. thats the style. also tov lead to less shots

  565. As long as Kobe is not retired, coach will keep it slow without PNR.

  566. Assist #8

  567. Don’t look around – just shoot!

  568. need 2 more AST for lin!

  569. 1 more AST!!!!!

  570. #9

  571. oh no…

  572. Oh man, feel bad for Black. Doesn’t look good.

  573. Crap! Black going down!!

  574. wow lakers curse is real

  575. OM!!!!!!!!!!!!

  576. Didn’t he just say he was looking to make more steals…GO Lin!

  577. wow..

  578. Yeah, I heard that. But he said some nice things about Lin I like.!

  579. seem like it

  580. He worked so hard.

  581. what happen??

  582. Or just bad trainers and coaching?! Lakers need to fire their trainers cause obvious they aren’t doing their job properly causing all these injuries!

  583. Torn something I bet.

  584. Landed on Swaggy’s foot?

  585. poor guy…

  586. I do not know why Lin passed that shot..but it worked…Young made it

  587. clarkson has 1 assist. bench i.e young was missing a pg

  588. I want lin to give his next assist to Davis. So that they both get a double-double.

  589. haha. got his assist. so all is good.

  590. oh no…not again…

  591. Instead of JHill, Davis should be in

  592. OMG Hill in instead of Davis?!

  593. I hope Tarik’s sprain won’t be too bad.

  594. Come on! Kelly!

  595. another TO

  596. Hill and them butter fingas

  597. double double!!!!

  598. 10!

  599. YES!!!!

  600. NYoung is hot on 3s

  601. Double double!

  602. that 3 was clutch

  603. 10th AST

  604. JLin double double! Thank You Young!!

  605. Would be nice for lin to start scoring now!

  606. Lin calmly bringing LAL back. BSc timed it just right to lose.

  607. Thanks you Lin πŸ™‚

  608. should be down 7. with 4:05 to go

  609. Ok I’m good with that double-double.

  610. NOw Lin needs to make his only 3s to for 18 points and it’s good!

  611. and here comes Johnson again

  612. we would love to see that πŸ™‚

  613. Bledsoe loved by the refs tonight.

  614. BS the tank general, Wes the tank colonel.

  615. Was he the one that Lin gave a deathstare to for pushing him?

  616. oh my…shot have made that 3…Wes

  617. …and that probably explains Johnson in again…safeguard the loss.

  618. missed it!

  619. wanna double double with cheese.

  620. That looked like more than just a sprained ankle; that’s my feeling.

  621. Jeremy HAS to make that shot. Open 10-footer. C’mon.

  622. darn..another TO

  623. Lakers media not talking about Jeremy’s double double… smh

  624. DD with loss doesn’t matter too much

  625. Phoenix just playing around with Lakers.

  626. I like how Jeremy is calming down Nick.

  627. game over…might as well rack up the TOs…lol

  628. Young needs to be taken out.

  629. but he is the only one shooting

  630. this is comedy

  631. What a pathetic front court.

  632. Team Turn Over Problem!
    BS, it is YOUR problem, you better fix it and not blaming on individuals on the team.

  633. most of these players have no heart

  634. BS: If only we had Price.

  635. OMG that was a meltdown after Black went down!! Why was Hill in over Davis?!!

  636. Agree 100%!

  637. yea. especially when SUns playing small

  638. good question.

  639. Hill’s defense is worse than Harden ! Has he ever gotten any blocks ?

  640. Oh well, at least we know, that Jeremy player Superb with good assist and double digit…Good Double-double game for him. Added with 3 great STEAL!

    LAL lost because of TOs and not enough shots taken. And they slowed down on 3s after Q1. It was Young and Lin who brought the game back in on Q4.

  641. and such a selfish player

  642. lol wut about Johnson?

  643. Highlight of the Game: Lin calming Young down with the bear hug and brushing his hair LOL!! Someone gotta make a gif out of that!!

  644. Bryon shoudl be fired. He left Clarkson in for too long in the 4th quarter and let the game get out of hand. Too many turnovers, bad shots, poor defense by Clarkson…

  645. Really? hahaha

  646. all those phantom fouls and lack of real fouls on lin cost them too. The refs helped with the loss. defensive break down in the 4th quarter.

  647. yep, swaggy losing his cool trying to play ISO game, Booz arguing with Lin on the jump ball positioning further confusing swaggy / Hill, …

    I think BSc as someone noted should have call TO and put Lin back in for Clarkson with 9.5 mins. That was all the difference.

  648. comeon the guy only had 17min, the least for the lineup. But I do agree BScott need to fired, like yesterday!

  649. But he is doing a great tank job……..trying different ways to lose

  650. If only Jeremy would show some frustration.

  651. Can’t forget the GREAT defense either

  652. were you watching the game?

  653. Like JLin said he plays better went calm. He showed frustration at the cheating refs though!

  654. Lin gets only 15 mins when he plays well. he should have put in Lin 3 mins earlier in the 4th.

  655. It is all Lin’s fault!!!!!!! jk….can’t help

  656. HE WAS LIVID(as he should be) when the refs were calling bs fouls on him!

  657. thanks for the reminder…added

  658. i actually agree with nodomo on this one. clarkson should have been pulled out earlier after the first couple of TO and bad shots

  659. Yes, but he was efficient, net -12 points in six minutes between 3Q and 4Q.

  660. scotts system has a lot of pgs. issue is when all the other pg except for the natural pg turn it over. lso nick young isn’t a finisher. showed today

  661. Exactly what bryon is thinking. Lin didn’t do enough while he was on the bench.

  662. #TrollHard

  663. Clarkson is Laker’s next hope and it’s ok to let him learn experience. I dont care about the loss since your coach’s name is BS.

  664. he does have the highest minutes. so must be true.

  665. BS does not think Jeremy any good… he would love to bench Lin with any excuse…
    Tonight: “The Ref blocked your shot!, You sit!”

  666. Should have given lin the ball more than swaggy, would have been more ball movement.

  667. If the coach wanted to win, he would have switched the 1st and 2nd unit. Instead, he inserts Lin into the slow 1st unit to show Kobe that his position is always there.

  668. i think they do that cuz they guarding nick tight even w/o the ball. easier for him to have the ball to start.

  669. isiah was happy to see clarkson. lin closed him out except for those heat check 3 point shots

  670. that would have brought LAL way more wins! we had been saying that all along

  671. he does and why bother. He calmly brought the team back by feeding Swaggy for what, 3-3s? very nice.

  672. If lin had better picks and if jordan hill didn’t just stand in his one spot, there would be a lot more running to the basket

  673. Byron’s legacy as a showtime Laker no longer exists. A man with no self-respect.

    He will forever be remembered as a loser

  674. Wish Lin took more shots this game for more than 10 pts =/

  675. as i said before lin after a game looking lost in scotts system looked like he had played in scoots system for years

  676. if bledsoe wasn’t so loved by the refs, lin would have performed better than him.

  677. Look at the 2nd unit, they quickly became worse than the opposing 2nd unit when Lin was not facilitating them.

  678. Swaggy – black hole
    Wes – black hole
    Hill – black hole
    Boozer – black hole
    Clarkson – black hole
    Kobe – black hole
    Jeremy – get the $&/! out of LA

  679. Home court refs for Bledsoe and Isiah Thomas!

  680. goran 11/15 and thomas 9/12. they were shooting lite out.

  681. davis had a hard time converting today; lin could have had 13 assists.

  682. They have the reputation. What disgusted here is how they do not call a few for Lin

  683. not today they played well. just to much tov

  684. Byron with his brilliant offensive system designed to slow everybody down so a part-time near-pensioner can come play. I’ve NEVER been on a team where anyone got time off from practice. If you don’t practice, you sit. And on and on. just saying this could have been a win if the team was coached.

  685. yeah…the least…they could have called the obvious ones, sigh!

  686. It is hard to escape from a black hole….will be even harder to do so from lots of black holes…lol

  687. Yep

  688. I didn’t know this was matching … good job! Double Double!

  689. Brandon Jennings 7pts 1-10 5assts 3TO 1steal in 30mins today.
    Jeff Teague 10pts 4-15 7assts 3TO in 30mins
    Lin 10pts 4-9 10assts 3TO 3steals in 31mins

  690. My last knock on LAL bigs – they really bailed BSc out. Had Hill not brain-locked so many plays near the end, it would have been crystal clear that BSc left Clarkson in about 2.5-3.5 mins too long. Now BSc can throw everyone except Lin under the bus. Watch him try …

  691. I really believe that Clarkson will be traded. They are not really high on him. If they were they would have featured him more after Randle went down

  692. he can always say lin is soft.

  693. When Jeremy plays over 30 mins, they win. What happened tonight? Well, to be honest, they were playing a system designed in holding pattern for an aged pensioner, so it wasn’t an NBA contending setup.

    Mitch, can you do something about this?

  694. lin should have gotten at least 4 free throws if they officiated fairly.

  695. Hill isnt coming back next year and nobody will want him
    ed coming back
    Lin better leave

  696. maybe but what will they get. he is very raw as a player. too raw

  697. And I’m glad else he’d have a broken hip from Bledsoe’s NFL end-zone hit.

  698. Trade? His salary it’s very low like 400,000 something? I guess probably will not sign him again.

  699. i doubt it maybe d league

  700. Hill’s defense is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo soft.

  701. LAL is on track….

  702. He was a mess and BSc was even worse for not managing his PT right. Jumping around, not thinking, throwing up shots from behind the backboard … sheesh.

  703. I’m very pleased with Lin tonight. No big deal about the TOs, they weren’t bad ones like the last game. He was calm, facilitated well with 10 dimes., played his game but enough of Byron’s to please him, played solid D even though the refs were calling ticky tack fouls on him and he only got one foul called on a drive and should have had 3.

  704. That and-one on Bledsoe (foul on Hill) was just embarrassing. Nothing touched Bloesoe on that play except the ball and the surrounding air. The later body check by refs on Lin was just the icing on the cake LOL.

  705. 10-3 lol what tovs

  706. you were watching! good report.

  707. I don’t think so, he’s just a raw player now with athleticism.

  708. He did not get the chance to develop. He is already lucky that he is on the same team with Lin. otherwise he will get even lesser minutes

  709. I checked Lin is about 3:1 TOV/A

  710. hmmm good stat

  711. Nick Young made some good plays tonight and you really can’t fault him for wanting to shoot when he got hot in the 4th quarter.

  712. I don’t know. I will see what Scott has to say. If he starts saying positive things about lin, the that is bc the F/O has intervened. If not then he is still in downward spiral so that they will have an excuse to fire him. I have been a Lakers fan for many years and I can tell you that this is the worst blight on this organization that they have ever had. They have the blight of not having the best players at times, but they have always had the coaches not go against the players to make the organization look bad. Scott has done damage to the image of the Lakers organization because he felt entitled because he has won a couple of championship rings. He has proven himself to be an inept coach and totally clueless to today’s basketball game. I don’t know what the F/O will do, but I hope it will be soon.

  713. Yes he was good a double double despite too many refballs.

  714. Correction:
    2:1 A/TOV per 36.
    Ronnie is 3.1:1, but he has no offense so not trying.

  715. Waiting for Lin highlights as well as game reports from Psalm, Jeremiah & Khuang πŸ™‚

  716. I think Lin had a Good year so far. Most of the bad stuff out of his control.

  717. If they did call the obvious ones instead of automatically giving him a TO, lin would drive to the basket like harden and draw fouls like he did during linsanity. It’s not worth it for him to drive now, he gets pummeled and TO.

  718. mini highlight πŸ™‚

  719. He had a slight shooting slump…other than that, yes!

  720. Thanks !!

  721. Me too I believe he has damaged LAL. I don’t know LAL history, but blaming players and upholding Price (beyond what McHale did for Bev) and then knocking players before games … that’s not coaching and he should take his money and watch TV and complain to his friends.

  722. He made some great shots when Lin was feeding him. Without Lin, he was the same, sort of freelancing and 2nd Unit gave up ground.

  723. Jeremy’s post game interview

  724. Booz at a key time just before Lin came back in. Hill later with about 3 bad O plays and about the same bad D.

  725. Game was on TNT and Lin did well. Good…..another successful audition

  726. topless interview again

  727. Ya! PG job audition. Too bad they lose the game… smh!

  728. Enough black holes evenly spaced around him and he might just be able to stay where he is…kinda like a metal ball surrounded by 4 magnets. lol
    Although we should add that he can’t move.

  729. Boozer is always bad on D. His value is completely build on his offense. so..

  730. Hehe.

  731. they rarely rarely talked about lin. he’s invisible to reggie miller.

  732. yep, like the announcers said, he should not try to dribble in transition.

  733. Just because you said that I’m watching pronto! πŸ™‚

  734. No one wants to talk about Lakers. THey talk about Kobe. So…I will take it

  735. Three assists is a lot for Nick Young though LOL. Anyways, it’s hard to break his old habit and Nick Young is a shooting guard in every sense. He just wants to shoot.

    I think the problem with the 2nd unit is the lack of a floor general to calm things down. Clarkson has long ways to go before he can become a serviceable PG. Right now he is just a SG playing PG. Lin probably needs to play close to 40 minutes for the Lakers to have a chance to win tonight.

  736. They really complimented Lin well I think in his 2nd stint tonight.

  737. don’t watch the end.

  738. I thought so too.

  739. Hehe.

  740. I knew it …

  741. sometimes his O is good. but his D is one of the worst out there.

  742. I think they will sign him not Davis now.

  743. You told me not to watch the end… I had to watch it. lol.

  744. The announcers talked about him and liked his game tonight. I’m not sure about the guys in the booth, I didn’t listen to them after the game.

  745. You’re right, taking Lin to 35 mins tonight would have done it. At some point, Clarkson gets out of this experience range and starts to lose confidence and then panics (that shot from behind the back board wow he’s not Paul Pierce).

  746. @Psalm234 is there some where….he has to photobomb that pic!

  747. i wasn’t an NBA fan before Lin, but I am sure that it’s not the norm for coaches to knock on their players right before a game. That has got to be the first.

  748. I DO NOT like the black hole metaphor here.

  749. Where is psalm? πŸ™‚

  750. What, the push and shove D?

  751. That’s a basic tenet of team play – you keep it in the Locker Room.

  752. Private session with Lin?!

  753. I love how the reporters always ask lin the hard questions and he gives the intelligent answers

  754. Hope that sprain just hurt more than the damage. You never know with ankles … so complex a joint.

  755. Lin has fans everywhere

  756. Well, they’re definitely not getting em from Scott, Young, Hill, Wes…. you get the idea. lol

  757. swaggy talks a lot of crap when he has a good game. Lucky he’s got such an easygoing personality.

  758. Glad to see this. If he is covered tighter and knocks those down, then he has the Lillard, Curry arrow in his quiver. Need to see this a LOT more.

  759. WOW Cant wait for the reports!

  760. I can’t believe I actually watched that just to see what you guys were talking about….sigh.

  761. he always waits for lin to lose the assist and then shoots but shoots it immediately with kobe’s passes.

  762. not really he just joking. he does theater he plays good or not

  763. Better than Stu going on and on about Jeremy’s miniscule mistakes.

  764. Clearly this is all JoeTeam’s fault.

  765. It was my Vulcan Mind Meld force … Calling IJ7 now.

  766. thats very true!

  767. i don’t mind instigating a bit … we get the cheerleaders. Speaking of that, when is Kenoshi coming here?

  768. Lakers had 8 more turnovers, 4 less blocks, 7 less steals, 5 less 3 pointers with 9 less field goals. Lin did well with a double double even with so many blown assists. He also had 3 steals. This game was close into the early third quarter then Suns pulled away
    and never looked back. Phoenix’s announcers piled on the complements after Lin make a nice layup and said he should do more of that. Wish he did instead of spoon feeding Young per BS’s instructions. Further BS should have Lin enter the fourth quarter earlier. Every time Isaiah makes a three pointer I wanted to smack him – that little guy is too good. Anyway on to the next game.

  769. Yep, his interview said it all. He’s officially under instruction to feed everyone to get this team to gel. That after BSc does nothing and Kobe comes by from time to time to lose games.

  770. This young Lakers team (without old Price and Kobe LOL) played a competitive game tonight against a Western conference playoffs contending team in the Phoenix Suns. I guess this team was what Mitch envisioned (minus Randle and plus Black) during the off-season because no one really expected Kobe to come back after so many injuries or BS to find his lost son in Price.

    Hopefully tonight’s game is a step in the right direction and Lin can gradually gain control of the team over the old overrated “superstar” who should have retired already. Good bounce back game by Lin after being frozen like Olin in the Utah game lol.

  771. JoeTeam the Linstigator πŸ˜›

  772. that’s really nice of JLin to speak to the crowd after the game!

  773. the young talent is there definitely . have to develop and add to it

  774. I’ll take if if I can get his autograph some day …

  775. still dissing lin indirectly what a douche

  776. not really. wasn’t lin at all

  777. I posted the same thing on twitter. All the Lakers need is add a few more pieces and new Head Coach, and I think they can become an up and contending team in 2 years, giving the players time to play with each other and build chemistry

  778. you sure?

  779. Lin only had 3 TO s in this game.

  780. without lin -3 tov -10 assist

  781. Hill had 6, Wes 4, other guys are bigger problem here.

  782. Yeah, they need better offensive schemes. A lot of times they run the same play where lin passes it off, tries to screen someone but he’s not very good at it lol.

  783. Why are they sitting so far? lol

  784. OK, why is Scott all of sudden wanting Nash to mentor his PG’s…This is bizarre

  785. wrong, bigger crowd when he was with Rox, and hold a Q&A after GSW game. lol, that’s his hometown, so should not count.

  786. Please take note of this interview and spread the word – Lin cannot get his shot in because he’s under instruction as said here to spoon feed all the kids on the team. You could see it perfectly clearly when he nursed I think 3-3s out of Swaggy and almost brought the team back within 5 from over 15 down or so. The bigs collapsed in the end.


  787. This the kind of stuff that the NBA eats up. Lin ain’t going nowhere.

  788. has the most minutes for the lakers with foul trouble

  789. The offensive scheme is as if Kobe were playing. Coach won’t change it until Kobe retires.

  790. Yep, I was there Asian Heritage night. Looked like the whole corner was filled up to the boxes, But this pic looks close, not wide enough to tell.

  791. Crazy Lin fans. duh. LOL.

  792. Take any pics?

  793. yeah i agree, it’s all about the way you say it.

  794. stop trolling Frank.

  795. Turnovers wasn’t the only problem. Phoenix had 32 raining three
    pointer attempts vs. Lakers’ 17. And BS don’t want 3 pointers.

  796. He needs one for Clarkson, Price is too old but I liked his humility, and anyway, Lin would have some fun. Maybe Swaggy can learn some tricks so when he freelances, he has great bailouts.

  797. Whatever Scott says seems to have negative tone towards Lin
    maybe its just me

  798. how is this trolling?
    are you mentally challenged?

  799. LOL, it feels like he’s been reducing the shoves recently, but i recall a time when it he’s had back to back pushes and then he gives a confused look to the ref.

  800. when he says take care of the ball better
    sounds like a diss to lin cuz he handles the ball

  801. I guess maybe Kobe is out soon. That’s why he started to talk about Nash again…? I think Lin is coming back to starting lineup soon.

  802. not really his system has a lot of balls handlers

  803. Both are horrible teammates to Lin

  804. Please edit the foul language.

  805. Knowing BS, he doesnt seem to blame johnson swaggy and ellington a lot

  806. How so?

  807. Lin highlights

  808. im sorry but the d-word is foul language?
    isnt that a bit too far?
    I sense some double standards here

  809. The coach is going to change the system away from the slow one designed for Kobe, with him retiring.

  810. Yep straight up flop.LOL

  811. So should the refs.

  812. When a Mod says, “please edit…” its only polite to oblige, rather than being defensive about it.

  813. I see the highest Blk is one from Davis, which tells you how porous LAL’s paint defense is.

  814. Douche is in the Merriam-Webster dictionary.
    β€œa liquid that a woman squirts into her vagina to wash it;
    also : an object used to squirt such a liquid into the vagina”

  815. don’t matter — ronnie is one tough shoe-thrower

  816. You go Lin. Lin is Boss

  817. Ronnie is tough, Period – Byron Scott.

  818. Yep .. but not of the post-event. Hit refresh to see Lin’s Wu Shu warmup.

  819. Wasn’t that 2 weeks ago lol?

  820. That is a good stretch πŸ™‚

  821. like, get away from Byron as soon as you can

  822. What’s the event in Phoenix that Jeremy has to meet up fans post game?

  823. Nice to read.

  824. IT with not 5 St, but more like 3 gifts.

  825. Scott is so dumb, that he doesn’t realize that lin/nash actually have a friendship and that they actually talk very frequently. This is just one more thing for Scott to realize that he doesn’t have a plan to develop the rookie players…smh

  826. Whistle: Indirect trolling.

  827. Nash should take over as HC. Have Lin runs MDA system, it would be so much fun to watch.

  828. OK..Picture time! πŸ™‚

  829. PFV Short:

  830. that would be sweet!

  831. More…

  832. Thanks!

  833. Hire Nash and fire Scott; that will be sweeter.

  834. Did he miss?

  835. He doth protest too much – it’s bad acting. I can hear the whine and smirk, it’s a repeated pattern.

  836. I see Nash is working hard for his millions from the golf course by texting to Clarkson. Could you teach swimming by texting as well?

  837. Postive, but stretched ligaments don’t show up in X-rays. Ah well, too bad.

  838. totally…thats what I meant

  839. Wow, that was fast!

  840. More more…

  841. he’s normally up within 30 mins with the short, and longer one is late night if you stay up for it.

  842. That’s all for now πŸ™

  843. Best news of the day

  844. So Lin was not allowed to guard Bledsoe….Nice refs~

  845. Lin played with a chest contusion – soft.
    Ronnie out with a sore elbow – tough.

  846. he hurt his elbow? that was a hard crash

  847. maybe why he took few shots after.

  848. What chest contusion?

  849. I like to see the word ‘FIRE’!

  850. The 1st playoff with HOU

  851. My iPad keep dropping out on his long YouTube videos, need to convert to mp3s.

  852. I think Ronnie might be out for reasons other than sore elbow because it happened right after 20 games for the new lineup was up. BS was hinting at another lineup change recently and it could be a case of the front office forcing BS to start Lin again after BS’s curious experiment predictably failed. All speculations on my part with no facts to back them up though LOL.

  853. Jordan led the team with twice as many TOs as Lin in less minutes.

  854. LA will get into playoff if that happens!

  855. And the plot thicken….

  856. It’s a long season and you need both!

  857. Oh it’s definitely a New Year! πŸ™‚ Gong Xi Fa Cai!

  858. And it was a serious contusion according to a doctor but haters keep calling Lin soft. The doctor’s comment (not the official Rocket’s doctor) was on the website somewhere.

  859. hmmm it always thickens…but never seem to thin

  860. Jordan Hill had 6 TOs!

  861. Until we got the lottery pick!

  862. yep, that what I do convert longs to mp3 and listen while working it’s better than NPR some games.

  863. Lin — — Better game from Lin as he orchestrated the offense with the ball in his hands a little more. This led to a team-high 10 assists. He also did a good job making sure Nick got the ball when he was on fire in the fourth quarter.

    On how Scott wants him to run the offense: β€œHe wants me to get everyone involved and get them set up and get everyone going in way that’s their strength,” Lin said. He said the trick for him is finding a balance with the screen-roll and mentioned trying to get some early offense opportunities in that and finding a balance with everything else.

    Defensively, the Lakers had their hands full with a trio of Suns guards. Some foul trouble for Lin in the first half but he didn’t pick up another foul the rest of the way.

    The Stats: He scored 10 points on 4-9 shooting (1-2 from three, 1-2 from the line) to go with 3 boards, 10 assists, 3 steals, 3 turnovers and 3 fouls in 31 minutes. He was a -4.

    The Action: He got tapped on a layup at the front of the rim. He sank a quick-fire three off the early offense screen. He found Davis in the lane on a lob for FTs. He attacked from the wing strong and scored the layup. He was blocked trying to score on a quick counter strike after a made basket. He hit Hill running the floor for the dunk. He found him on the two-man game for the 21-footer. Off mark on a lob to Davis who was left open. He pounded the dribble too much, then attacked and was blocked. He then picked up his third foul with 31 seconds left in the half and had to sit.

    Second Half: He probed baseline, kept his dribble alive and found Hill under the hoop for the And-1. He looked obviously fouled on a pass with no call, layup the other way. He scored a layup when Davis scooped up a loose ball and hit him in transition. He attacked the paint strong and came down hard in a pile for FTs, he made one. He found Davis pop free at the elbow he was able to attack for a dunk. He pushed out the break and hit Ellington for FTs. He missed a sideline three. He pushed up the break and threw a bad pass that Hill couldn’t finish (looked like a sure layup before that). We got it back and this time Lin’s bad pass was picked off. He attacked to his left off the screen and scored the layup. He lost his man and gave up a three. Great job pushing up the break and finding a hot Young for the And-1 three. He missed a big step-back jumper with over 2 minutes left.

    From LG – DB

  864. I guess so, that seems to be the goal.

  865. Seems like unfair whistles in every game. So what else is new with Asians and other minorities? Just need to do better and work harder/smarter. Life isn’t fair but those 15 millions eased a lot of mistreatments.

  866. Right next to Jeremy!

  867. Close up πŸ™‚

  868. That is a lot of people:)

  869. What an honor! πŸ™‚

  870. thanks and double tank…opps thanks for the banana

  871. Where is Lin’s hover hand?

  872. Nice!!!!

  873. psalm234 is a woman? πŸ˜‰

  874. There you go.. psalm

  875. πŸ˜›

  876. um… no comment. LOL

  877. The giant check certainly helped him get a seat right next to Jeremy πŸ™‚

  878. I hope you guys understand that Jennie Buss is responsible for all the marketing and media interviews for players that come out of LA, especially when they are on the road. Lin getting all of the interviews and the media attention when Kobe is not there is not coincidence. Lin having a media event after the game tonight is not happen stance

  879. GSW Asian Heritage night was about 2.5x that, but it’s the Bay Area home town … good stuff.

  880. are you saying they are seriously thinking shutting Kobe down? Lin even got a pre-game interview today.

  881. No wonder Kobe would not show up until tomorrow… LOL!

  882. Glad to read this. So, every sit game, let’s have a party!

  883. yeah, but still surprised there were so many people. To be fair, that was the first game Lin came back after Linsanity, thus lots of people going.

  884. The only person sitting “right next to Jeremy” is a woman. Just some space and a giant check on the other side. =p

  885. Lin really need to throw some shoes to be tough.

  886. Tonight’s Highlights:

    1. calm Jeremy taking the team back from 19pts per PFV to about 5.
    2. calm Jeremy stroking that 3 behind the screen. A little more challenge and it would have been a Curry or Lillard standard.
    3. Jeremy NOT being hurt by Bledsoe’s end-zone hit
    4. Jeremy getting praise on 2nd half stint 1 from announcers
    5. double double and strong stats all around
    6. clearly a possible win had Byron cut Clarkson’s gig by 3 mins
    7. psalm’s picture with your check! good job !

  887. Yes, fair is fair. First back in the Bay so you are right. Phx the faithful, Lin shall rise from the ashes he he. not really ashes.

  888. My theory is that Kobe did his little drama bit about , if I can’t get what I want then I won’t play. I think the F/O called him on it this time, that is why his narrative is that I will do what ever the F/O wants me to do.

  889. I love the guy doing the selfie – it’s the modern day I was there but not present …

  890. Haha, it seems like he was a little shy though. Definitely could have sat closer to him instead of leaning over. =)

  891. Still waiting for Psalm for his review. It is 12:07 here.

  892. probably couple of them…lol

  893. ok, I guess my good friend the photographer blew the Incognito Mode LOL
    BTW, it was a great time of Q&A between JLin and the fans. I’ve got some videos, hopefully I can upload it

    But let me give the brief update of the check presentation. I told him how he had so many fans around the world who love and supported him. And we wanted to support him to show our love and appreciation by donating to his Jeremy Lin Foundation. I told him his fans from around the world like Italy, Taiwan, Singapore, Philippines, Hong Kong, Australia love him very much and can’t stop talking about him every single day =) ..


  894. up vote 1000x 1st….will read later…lol

  895. Great!
    Please submit your homework now πŸ˜‰

  896. Wow that’s made my day!

  897. somehow I like your 6th sense, pretty sharp. πŸ™‚

  898. YES!

  899. That’s awesome @psalm234:disqus,

  900. The reason, I say this is that Scott has seemed to temper his comments about lin. Lin played the most of the starters tonight,. it just seems strange to me that Ronnie Price is out with an elbow injury. Not buying it. I think this is time to evaluate his starting lineup with lin, when Kobe is shut down after the Alls-Star game.I think if this team had the right coach and enough time to gel, this team will look the team OKC team 5 years ago,young, but in contention.

  901. Joyce indeed, has a good insights

  902. no, it’s too big. But I gave him the smaller Thank You card after the game with the donor list πŸ˜€ Mission Accomplished!

  903. ah, I just saw it.. yeah but I was hidden behind 1 tall guy hehe

  904. It wasn’t a win but Jeremy played well playing the PG.
    Thank you for sharing, psalm!
    So glad to be part of something so meaningful.

  905. thank you =)
    it definitely was an awesome and meaningful moment to let him know he’s got tons of fans support around the world who banded together to support his foundation! Thanks for the generous hearts of everyone who made it happen. He’s got the list of your names now =D

    Dead-tired now but excited. We’ll do it again next year, YEAH!

  906. I hope what you’re saying is true and that Scott and FO are making the move to shut Kobe down for good!

  907. BTW Jeremy looked skinny and tall from a distance but I stood next to him and he was really tall and his arms were like trees!

    Thought you, @awarde:disqus and other fan girls would like to know how big his protective arms can be for you when you stand next to him in the future =D

  908. BTW, I’ll post the picture of the Thank You card tomorrow

  909. Wow. Thank you.

  910. yw. just for you and others, Bro =)
    He def. felt the love & support from his fans!

  911. Hehehe. This is a great image to have right before bed. Now I can sleep πŸ™‚

  912. Thanks for sharing. Went to cook and eat dinner while all these unfolded. So proud of JLin today. Thank you for representing us to bring our message to him. Really thank you for doing this so that all of us could join in.

  913. LOL.. yes, share your dreams with us tomorrow

  914. come on… thats private πŸ˜›

  915. Yeah and more people will join in for the great cause and effort!

  916. Yes, definitely worth repeating!

  917. The check totally photobombed πŸ™‚

  918. Yup.

  919. Nah Lin needs to get in a fight and make a scene like Swaggy to be considered tough. That’s a joke by the way.

  920. OMG thanks goodness! Really rather see Davis, Black, and Boozer then Hill on the floor!

  921. He was surrouned w/luv n overwhelming passion fm the fans. Althou the team lost, its still worth 2 see his big smile n let him feel the warm fm fans.
    Thx 4 the pics n write-up. Cant wait 4 the vid n missing parts of tidbits. πŸ™‚

  922. Perhaps you should start a new thread or add to the fundraising sticky post.

  923. LOL, I love it:)

  924. Lin needs to understand when he does his post game videos without hi shirt, i can say I speak for most women: we are saying d**m he is kind of geeky and smart and he has body, we love that sh*t. we are so over the dumb athletes with a body and not much else. Had to go there with my shallowness, but I thought it needed to be said.LOL

  925. Well said girl!

  926. LOL Maybe I’m too old to appreciate his shirtless as such:-)

  927. I don’t know how old you are,but I will always appreciate a man with all the muscles in the right place…just sayin…LOL

  928. I gotta say, that I am so sick of kobe and his agenda. Take it the house and retire already…smh

  929. You’ve read my mind..hahahaha

  930. We all are but some fans still want him to play and not BS. I feel that KB should retire now and BS should leave/be fired so that Lakers can rebuild. With KB is lingering with BS, Lakers is going no where. It will be extremely silly for Lakers to hand on KB until end of his contract. The damage will be too great and will take years to rebuild. If KB and BS stay even after this season with current toxic environment, I really want JLin to take any offer but Lakers.

  931. I was thinking that since Stuart Scott passed that perhaps ESPN has approached Kobe to do what Scott did by adding hi own brand to ESPN reporting and that is why Kobe is willing to do what the F/O wants to do.just some thoughts

  932. His arms ARE huge! Bursting out of those sleeves. Funny how I never noticed it until Psalm mentioned it.

  933. LOL I’m almost twice older than JLin:-) I don’t know how to appreciate any man with all muscles even in the right place:-) Guess if I’m his age or younger, I’m still more appreciative of his spiritual attributes than physical:-)

  934. I laughed because it’s so true.

  935. Great job, man. Great job! Happy for you and all the people who were able to go to the Q&A! πŸ™‚

  936. He had 1 or 2 blocks once in a blue moon. Hill’s a center that doesn’t like working under the basket! He really needs to get traded!

  937. Usually no pre-game interview for key players.

  938. Why do I feel like every time BS plays Hill too long that they lose? Why didn’t he play the 4th quarter lineup for most of the game? It’s so obvious that the Lin, Young, Kelly, Black,and Ellington should be the starting lineup!

  939. Psalm that’s you with the card! Awesome!!

  940. LOL, people have short memory! there were better game then this!

  941. This needs to be retweet multiple times!

  942. what about psalm with a shirt?

  943. It did. At least I did:-)

  944. the foundation is being laid. lakers site writers are now suggesting both kobe and price be shut down. so that clarkson can “learn on the job”. since the season is a tank anyway.

    and of course there’s the “rumors” of kobe being “great” for a commentator role. but….i dont think that plot has thickened yet.

    it was interesting on broadcast last nite at some point they listed all the “young” lakers players (27 and under) and their contract status, NOT DID NOT INCLUDE LIN!

  945. If I’m not mistaken this is his 3rd Double-Double for the season

  946. He could give you that consistently , if he was allowed to play atleast 30-32 min

  947. during the game i noted when it was starting to get too “hill centered”. not good. and of course time management in second half (as is usually the case) seems to be in full tank mode.

    still for the first half got a feel for what could be.

    i still dont like young on first unit tho. would go add davis subtract young from yours.

    retire kobe. waive price. (cause as long as price is there hes #1; kobe and price are kind of a pair, lakers site writers are already suggesting shutting down both kobe and price 2 make time to “develop” clarkson: and assuming the season a tank.)

  948. are there health dangers from too much “smh”? is this a form of “reverse linginitis”?

  949. Great accomplishment !!! so glad it brought big smile to Jlin’s face & to us as well:))))

  950. Welcome PFV, nice to see you here!

  951. Thanks my dear…Go Mel!!!

  952. Interestingly his usage was only 18%!

  953. Phantom call on Lin.


  954. Some good games that jeremy had this season, that I had posted on PFV youtube

    Hi Paul, thanks for the video as usual :).

    To me there were couple other games where JL did better
    1) Nov 18th against Hawks. JL started and played together with Kobe and performed superbly and LAL won the game
    2) Oct 31st against CLippers. Superb backcourt game by Kobe/Lin
    3) Dec 12 against Spurs. JL had 30min but did not start, LAL won the game

    There are many more. I think the key is, as long as he gets 30mins he plays well in majority of the games.

    just my take πŸ™‚

  955. Next year? Let’s do it again on his birthday!

  956. It isn’t on the season and how will you do it? Who knows where he will be on his birthday?? Can be either Taiwan, China or US depending on his Summer schedule:-)

  957. Just see how confident and smooth it was. He can be deadly from 3 if there is a system that utilizes his strength.

  958. Thats a good suggestion!

  959. Referees need glasses. Get Bigger glasses!!
    Remember one of JLin’s vid – How to Get Into Harvard? You need glasses.

  960. Wow! just wow! πŸ™‚

  961. Awesome!

  962. ? Are you saying Lin was not part of their discussion of young lakers? As in he’s not in their plans? Or as in he’s automatically included?

  963. Is that KHuang next to you taking a selfie with you and Jeremy? Oops, sorry Brent! This is the question for Psalm! LOL!

  964. psalm, when you have the chance, could you please give us some insights into the game. It was a weird game, at least to me. Some biased ref calls all around, TOs. What I am more interested is how Lin interacted with his teammates and of course BS.


  965. Agree, listening to the long video now on the Suns game.

  966. Dont disturb his sleep now…I presuming he is preparing his thesis now, with atleast 5 pages!

  967. I bet he is sleepless after meeting Lin in person. JK. Quality is better when not rushed. ;-D

  968. I hope there were some BB related Qs. Now, Psalm will never criticize Lin’s BB game now that he sat next to Lin.

  969. Not sure of this had been posted…

    Exclusive Interview with Lakers Jeremy Lin, Nick Young, and Jordan Hill

  970. Several times.

  971. lol…thanks… I must have been sleeping

  972. I must say that you guys here at JLin portal have done a really fine job in supportng Jeremy Lin!! Congratulations! It is always a pleasure to visit this site; may it remain vigilant towards its detractors. At least here, I can feel ‘not alone’. Thank you.

  973. OK…hoping this had not been posted yet? πŸ™‚
    -Basketball Nation – 8:13min

  974. no lin highlights?

  975. Not sure if this had been posted?

  976. 20150119 Lakers vs Suns Jeremy Lin TNT Overtime Player Cam

  977. Thanks. We didn’t even vote for this one…LOL!

  978. Thanks Psalm.

  979. Haha, I know what you mean except it’s the reverse for me. My wife always reminds me whenever we fight that I chose a strong willed woman with a mind of her own instead of a meek and submissive one. That usually shuts me up good. She was a very good athlete from a rival school that I always had my eyes on. I forsaken many other advances to chase after her and she never lets me forget it. 30+ years later, she still keeps me on my toes with her sharp wits and powerful personality.

  980. FYI, January or early spring generally is a tough time for most people financially. It may be best to wait till early spring after Christmas bills are paid and tax season is done with donations already allotted for the end of previous year.

  981. At this time a year ago, D’Antoni had 16-26 record without Kobe comparing to BS’s 12-30 today.

  982. Lin’s number one problem might not be just his coach but also the NBA refs.

  983. yes, excellent thoughts.
    Next time, we should do the drive in Nov-Dec timeframe to qualify for the tax season. We’re a bit late to come up with the idea but we’ll learn from the experience =)

  984. Thanks again for all the love and support.
    It’s a bit tiring and stressful process but I don’t mind doing it for great supportive Lin fans & great cause =)

  985. Thank you, Paul =) It was a great time for people all-around.
    I’m sure it made a lasting positive impact to the families attending the Q&A since Jeremy was very encouraging for families to help pursue the kids’ dreams.
    Still a great inspiring young man helping many people with his stories and just simply being humble.

  986. =) I know you would enjoy it very much LOL

  987. yes, I should copy it there later. thanks

  988. btw, I just donated something for this site, hope everyone else follows. Thanks again for the wonderful gesture of delivering my support & love to JLIN.

  989. You’re welcome. I know it would help uplift everyone’s spirit and those who contributed to the great cause =)
    I’ll tell you more about it later

  990. that’s mean.. no need to picky on pricey..
    rather have lin on the bench when kobe is the 1st unit.. and have him starter if kobe is out and pricy is out. if pricey is not out.. pricey might freeze out lin.

  991. yes, but so is ed davis..but there is no eddavis.net

  992. I need to find time to write down thoughts after watching how the game unfolded and how he interacted with coaches.
    But my #1 impression is this…

    Lin can never score 20-25+pts/5asts with Byron Scott’s approval since that’s not his role for him. It’s more like 10pts/10asts or 12pts/8asts as a non-scoring facilitator (but Lakers would still be losing, of course). Basically he wants Lin and Ronnie Price to play a role, not wanting to utilize Lin’s scoring strength but just play his system of favoring big men inside to create. No PnR whatsoever was quite maddening to watch. This is why Byron would never be a good coach since he doesn’t tailor a role to a player’s strength and his system is so outdated.

    Byron wants him to set up his teammates first, repeatedly going into the big men (even Hill was not bringing it last night).
    Often times, Lin would look at the coaches’ direction to see what plays to set up and he’s going to choose which teammates to set up, not to score himself. Plus Byron’s system is pretty bad and outdated w/o PnR and noone cutting to the basket/moving w/o the ball so Lin can’t find them easily for easy points. Throw in the bad defense (who caused the loss after the mini-run) and lack of desire to rebound, this is pretty much why Byron’s system is perfect for tanking.
    It’s like bringing 80s dull knife to the gun-fight with 3-ball and fast-breaks.

    The good thing is I’m growing more confident that Lin would never sign up to play in the FA under Byron’s perfect Tanking system. Oh yeah, the refs were pretty bad with the calls. Laker fans (30%-40%) in the building were quite vocal in booing the home-cooked calls last night. Everyone can see they allowed Suns hard fouls w/o calls.

  993. yes .. I believe Lin would need more acting class ala Harden to trigger the refs’mind to blow a whistle.
    But last night ref calls was pretty bad all around against the Lakers.

  994. What made you think so about this? ” The good thing is I’m growing more confident that Lin would never sign up to play in the FA under Byron’s perfect Tanking system.”

  995. Perhaps maybe BS does all the talking but in reality is he does not know PnR offense? He complained that Lin needs to set up the offense for his teammates faster but not allowing fast speed and most of the time Lin has to wait for Hill to get into position to feed him the ball.

  996. mostly because he was able to drain all those practice shots with ease but he often looked toward the coaches bench to run plays to facilitate first. I got a feeling he feels underutilized but he’s being a good soldier to play the facilitator role that Byron wants.

    There was a time towards the end of the game when they’re down 15+pts and 4-5 coaches talked for a long-time on court during TO. They looked confused on what to do to come back in the game. They talked to a group of players but Jeremy was not the main part in the group, possibly more to the side. There was 1-2 times when assistant coaches talked to Jeremy in length after a good stretch in the game (I got all pics) so that’s great to see. But I never got the sense that Byron talked in length to Lin about the main plan.

    idk, it could be gut feeling. But no PnR which is Lin’s bread-and-butter and he’s playing the facilitator part more like a role player led me to believe Lin can do more. I really don’t think Lin will sign up to play for BScott willingly. It’s simply a bad system not utilizing PG to score, just to facilitate. Perhaps perfect for RPrice but not Jeremy.
    Just my 2cents

  997. My friend said in some games they saw that white hair AS coach? (don’t know his name..?) always walked to Lin on bench & talked to him..

    BTW, did Lin do any handshake before the game? Did you see anyone more close to him?

  998. perhaps. I think Byron wants his big man to create offense like how Princeton system works but Princeton requires big passing men to feed the guards if they’re covered. The 2nd part just doesn’t happen enough. Lin just never gets the ball back on the perimeter.

    So Byron’s Princeton system is broken since the big men don’t pass enough or they can’t pass. Boozer is the only one who can do it but no big men did enough.

    But again, the main problem is defense that derailed the mini-run.

  999. yes, you should see the hand-shake in the TNT PlayerCam youtube video below.

    Yes, the white-hair coach and another assistant coach also talked in length with Lin on strategy.
    I have pics later.

  1000. Oh! Never Scott always that white hair AS coach.. Good. Do you think Lin seemed to be happy or not in Lakers now?

  1001. I thought they called it on Hill on this one?

  1002. I think he’s happy with his teammates to be good influence to them (as his prayer-request emails said and how Nick Young confirmed Lin has been helping him lately, went to chapel LOL) but not his BB role.

  1003. Young to Chapel? That’s good.. It works. Young is shooting better now… LOL!

  1004. thank you, @Marie Simon πŸ™‚
    Greatly appreciate it. It helps to cover some of the printing cost LOL so you actually helped sponsor the check or the Thank You card hehe..

  1005. not sure if he’s joking about that part but the part of Lin helping him was genuine :]

  1006. I believe so… confident in shooting again… πŸ™‚

  1007. Thank you for the kind words, @gasparthe2:disqus
    Many generous people here and at Twitter who are not regular posters have made it possible so it’s definitely a collective effort. Good to see that we are able to help uplift Lin’s spirit and show we appreciated all that he does! :]
    So you’re not ‘Home Alone’ lol ..

  1008. Neither Lin nor Hill touched him enough to make the foul call, refs were clearly biased!

  1009. I’m getting a little tired of the Real GM mods. They have like 5 mods all with the same opinion of Lin and they are always taking little jabs at him. I said my bit there but I may stop going there. I thought at least the Houston Real GM mods were a little fairer. It would be nice to see an Laker mod at Real GM be more supportive of Lin and those that challenge the Lin is nothing but a backup narrative they have going there. I find Lakersground much more easy to deal with.

  1010. yup, I always like DancingBarry’s unbiased review and ratings at LG
    I’ve never been to Lakers Real GM yet

  1011. I don’t believe BS not liking pnr, he had done it well for CP3, Kidd etc. I think he doesn’t want to do it now because Kobe is watching from his back.

  1012. There’s a real anti-Lin bias there. I don’t think they are very good mods at all.

  1013. So what do you make of scott wishing Nash to come in and mentor the PG especially Clarkson?

  1014. LG pretty good, although I never go there as its purpose is for Lakers in general. They know Lakers suck, so they don’t really blame Lin.

  1015. Don’t want Price? They want Clarkson to be backup for next season?

  1016. That BS thinks Clarkson not ready to play.

  1017. It is ok, some posters discovered this link earlier and some watch it later. It is no harm done if you or someone posted this link more than once. I rather see this than someone attacking Lin!

  1018. He “s not. The game gets away to easy for him.

  1019. Your great report is so helpful and encouraging. You’d think watching on TV would be good enough, but it’s just not the same as being there. You just have a wider view and feel of the whole of the game dynamic – not only the court but the interactions on the bench, among the coaches, the arena energy. When direct experience by a knowledgeable fan makes it so clear how outdated and inadequate Scott’s approach is, then it’s equally clear how obvious this also is to Jeremy. As KHuang always points out, Jeremy has got the fundamentals in spades. He’s not confused about what’s happening and I now have even greater trust that he knows what is possible in these tremendous limitations and is pushing those limits wherever he can. Thanks for this excellent account and terrific analysis!

  1020. No one touched him, bias referee! May be they just breath on his skin! LOL!

  1021. yes, way too many mistakes last night ..
    But he doesn’t get consistent minutes either.

    Plus he spent too much time on court last night despite Lin’s foul-trouble.
    BScott should call a quick TO and Lin should’ve been coming in early

    Not sure what the play for Nash to come in. Probably to get more Nash’s support of his coaching by agreeing to tutor younger PGs.

  1022. Well we could send him a video instead of physical card. Psalm can put some credits or something at the end.

  1023. that could very well be true since PnR tailors to Lin’s strength and putting the ball in his hands which conflicts with the main narrative of Kobe as the PG and sole hero.

    Then it’s definitely more reasons for Lin not to resign with LA if it’s an intentional act to remove PnR to cater to Kobe and downplay Lin’s strength/popularity

  1024. Or, perhaps the F/O hinting that he is not the coach they want to use to rebuild the team.

  1025. <3 Gottlieb. I saw him calling out Bill Oram on twitter haha.

  1026. They did… but still it is a no call.

  1027. You’re 100% correct. I was able to constantly look at Lin’s interaction with teammates/coaches after good/bad plays and got more appreciation of what his role during a huddle/bench/on-court. TV is just focused on following the ball so we lose all this dynamics.

    Lin is constantly a leader on court, giving encouragement to teammates, whispering strategy, directing teammates what to do during TO in late-game situation. I can tell his teammates appreciate his leadership to want to make them better. Nick Young had testified in the interview. Lin hugging Nick Young not to get a tech was great to see. Those two are pretty close right now =) It’s real-life friendship and leadership that matter the most indeed.

    Lakers might not be winning but Lin’s winning characters continue to be full on display and winning his teammates’ respect and appreciation. Jeremy is simply Linning in what matters in life. Great job by the young man indeed to continue to stay true to his faith and good characters!

  1028. Good job representing. It must have taken a lot of effort to organize this. I got a bit misty-eyed reading the part where Lin clutching the card. I hope this gives him strength when he is feeling down.

  1029. I don’t see Hill touching him either. They called that on Hill?

  1030. I don’t think any PG would excel in BS system. Most PGs not named Kobe would end up cussing at BS, unless you are like Price who is grateful for any chance to play. It seems like BS is blaming Lin for all the things that other players cannot do. I am telling you even Magic couldn’t get Lakers to playoff. One thing Magic would and could do is to kick out Kobe and BS and make the team gel. Lin doesn’t have the resume to do that.

  1031. lol ask nick young and the bench. young really didn’t play good until lin came back.

  1032. I think the refs were wearing “Vegas Gambling Odds” glasses LOL

  1033. Yes. He wants Nash to support his coaching and share the responsibility of tanking as well. Nash had already told him no by not contacting him anymore.

  1034. Boy did Bledsoe give him a hard foul…even the Suns announcers were wincing on that one “..that’s all hardwood!” Jeremy limped a bit and was clearly in pain. Threw him off on the first of the two FTs. Could have affected his shooting for a bit – though he did get into double figures woot woot. Also nice to see his good relationship with Nick, including calming him down after the technical he got. Won’t keep Nick from chucking like Kobe, but good chemistry is better than bad πŸ™‚

  1035. Psalm, let us know when you post the video of Q & A.

  1036. @psalm234:disqus…how was the chemistry of Ed Davis/Wayne Ellington and Jeremy off court?


  1037. Recall that Lin said in public in the beginning of this season he preferred Rox offense, which sounded very frustrating to me for him to say that.

  1038. I have a very hard time understanding the rating symbols though. He should really use 1 thru 10 point rating system.

  1039. I hope Lakers sign Price to a max contract

  1040. Only several issues left this season for me that are interesting: 1) Will Kobe retire or stay one more year; and 2) Will Lin stay with Lakers? 3) Will BS stay? Other things, I know pretty much.

  1041. only if BS’ salary can be used for it.

  1042. So that’s why Kobe maybe will play then? Even NYK beat them last night so if Kobe plays this game then he is more likely to get the win than vs Sun.

  1043. I don’t think he wants to use numbers, he’d rather go with the expressions in the emoticons.

  1044. can’t be…too young to have all that bball history. Wonder if he’s lurking there somewhere in the crowd.

  1045. I am more interested in how much FO really wants Lin

  1046. I think Kobe will stay until his contract is up but maybe not full season. Lin will stay so is BS at least until Kobe is out.

  1047. πŸ™‚

  1048. That, you will almost never know. Now, if they offer Lin 10 Mill per year contract, then you will know.

  1049. But it is more interesting to know…..lol

  1050. Gotta make what you want to know knowable based on clear and simple actions. But we will know if FO really wants Lin if they offer him good money.

  1051. Lin’s not the only frustrated PG:

    Derrick Rose expressed frustration after the Chicago Bulls suffered their sixth loss in eight games.

    “Everybody has to be on the same page,” Rose said. “Until then, we’re going to continue to get our ass kicked.”

    Rose was asked who was not on the same page.

    “It’s just the whole team,” he said.

    The Bulls aren’t playing with the same type of intensity they have typically shown under Tom Thibodeau.

    “I think communication is huge,” Rose said. “We’re quiet when we’re out there, and it’s leading to them getting easy baskets. We got to give a better effort. It seems like we’re not even competing, and it’s f—ing irritating.”

  1052. That is what I am waiting for….All about the contract

  1053. I guess $5 Mill per year and no guarantee he will start.

  1054. That is why it is hard not to like Jeremy Lin, right?

  1055. That female reporter from ESPN said last year… it’s like 3 years 25M.

  1056. Was that from the Bledsoe smash? The commentators thought he might have landed on this tailbone. Whatever…he sure takes a beating and doesn’t go down. Must be in really great health for his body to handle these insults so well!

  1057. I hope so..

  1058. BTW, Is KHuang smiling behind you with black shirt and reverse black cap?

  1059. Maybe 6 Mill, but hopefully he will get a long term stability too.

  1060. It does hurt like crazy! Had enough of those in my dance career that I actually can’t watch those replay moments. Pain memory eek eek eek! Hope the ligaments weren’t yanked too bad…for a shorter recovery.

  1061. Did you get a chance to ask Jeremy not to resign with the Lakers?

  1062. AS voting has ended…Does that mean Kobe will not play much from now on?

  1063. I think Lin should get pay more than 5M bc his marketing value can add up more than Young… I really think he will get a good contract from Lakers bc if they want to put him for marketing… Plus Lin looks really relax to me in his contract year.

  1064. Top priority for LAL seems to be signing 2 MAX players..at least one in this summer. So….whatever remains……I hope Lin gets a lot of it…that is assuming Lin stays.

  1065. LOL! It is hard to tell from photo, may be he is full of wrinkles when get nearer!

  1066. Boozer is suffering on his triceps injury. I hope that means he will push less…..

  1067. We’ve had some good threads on this topic in the recent past. Lot of opinion that whatever baloney Scott might say, he’s too much of a control freak to want Nash around and that he’s been encouraged to stay away. Lots of political agendas in the Lakers org – Jeannie vs. bro vs. Kobe vs. Scott vs. managing fan constituencies. Nash is an additional unwanted influence in this tangled web. So any advice and counsel he gives to whoever is going to be quiet and mostly out of sight.

  1068. no =) Unfortunately KHuang couldn’t make it because he had to help someone out

  1069. Do they just ban Lin fans like CF did?

  1070. I wish it were only dumbness, ’cause that could possibly be educated. I think it’s deliberate. He doesn’t want anybody else’s fingers in the pie.

  1071. LOL … the situation wouldn’t allow us to ask tough questions due to many LA PR people. @Jeremiah had a similar question but wisely withheld it.

    My mission was to deliver the Thank You card to Jeremy safely.
    Dangerous questions would’ve endangered that mission hehe..

  1072. Starting Clarkson? JK……….at least they made the group right this time…lol

  1073. I don’t think Lin would want to stay if Scott and/or Kobe stay. The Knicks have limited cap room and star players have not shown interest in going to NY. what are the chances Lin returns to N.Y.?

  1074. Or maybe w/o Kobe they will start Lin/Young/Davis.

  1075. He’s not. Just pure hypocritical PR while in Nash’s old territory. Not gonna dis the guy whose pic is still plastered in the arena.

  1076. Don’t hold your breath yet.

  1077. Loved the short and sweet bromance moment with Dragic at the start. He’s got friends πŸ˜€

  1078. Asking how is it working with kobe. LOL

  1079. good point, maybe the goal was making ASG % (has he been AS every year? dunno, just a thought)

  1080. I really don’t think he wants Nash around at all. I think those are empty PR words. He’s a control freak who doesn’t want another respected expert adding his two cents to this already dysfunctional and tangled mess.

  1081. One time a camera accidentaly pointed on Lin in the locker room when he just came out from shower and was changing, he has a very nice V-shape body from shoulder to waist, but on the court he wears some protective vest and looking straighter from the shoulder down.
    You know how to appreciate V shape body compared to straight down from shoulder or belly bigger than any part of the body, right? LOL!

  1082. Yeah LOL…and they have a laugh about it!

  1083. I feel bad for his teammates like a bad relationship but refuse to end so they can move on.

  1084. So our all caps curmudgeon is really a Good Samaritan! Why is that not a surprise πŸ™‚ But sorry to miss his eyeball commentary.

  1085. Hah…can you imagine how surprising and frustrating for HIM to find himself saying that!

  1086. An angry uncle?

  1087. Are they trying to set up the mood that Clarkson starting over Lin by sending this out?

  1088. the call was on Hill, luckily, but still imagined.

  1089. What is this all about? Clarkson played so bad last night… smh! Hate this team.

  1090. balance in life!

  1091. Psalm said KHuang didnt go to the game.:)

  1092. great vision that came true!

  1093. Quite good b/w Ed and Jeremy, I think. After a blown play, I saw Jeremy encouraged Ed and talked how Jeremy wanted things should be (I think) or just discussed it. I didn’t see much with Ellington but I could’ve missed it

  1094. why not they need some more ‘moves’ to continue the losing streak.

  1095. They talked quite a few times before the tip off. Seems like they are friends though.

  1096. BTW, Ed Davis is a good humble guy.
    At the tunnel I wished him the best for the game and he responded “Thank you, I appreciate it” and he looked like he meant it.

    Tarik Black was also good in patiently signing many stuff. A bit more intimidating.
    Sacre only signed one side of the tunnel but I don’t blame him coz he’s not getting much PT with Tarik’s emergence.

  1097. ok, I’ll try to find time in the evening then need some editing, etc.

  1098. Anybody who watched clarkson play yesterday you would know that hes not ready for the start, the game was practically blown wide open when he was on the court in the third.

  1099. Maybe just kidding around about McHale.

  1100. nice to read about the crowd response to refs. Something has to change, vid don’t lie. That Lin/Hill phantom foul called on Hill was easy to spot by any casual observer.

  1101. well, with BS anything can happen. No one thought Price in any way is better than Lin, but BS can make up stories. Nothing BS does make sense. So, if that happens, I would not be surprised.

  1102. Tank vs starter vs bench

  1103. at 35 sec, I thought that was a screen but really, E.D. did nothing and IT was screened by Mk Morris. No wonder we don’t see this more often.

  1104. BS is never concerned when it comes to KB.


  1105. If you value our friendship, I’d suggest you do it now… lol, jk. I can’t wait!

  1106. Lin should’ve dribbled thru. He was already past the basket. Easy block by Clarkson. Not much lift to jump back towards the basket to protect the ball.

  1107. See Kobe will play but just didn’t want to do it w teammates.. I guess Kobe still didn’t want Lin to start… so if Price can’t play tomorrow then maybe they really will use Clarkson.. that’s why they keep promoting him today…? smh!

  1108. They always post crap like this. I notice no pictures came after that because lin started turn it up and of course you won’t see that

  1109. They didn’t say who won the 3on3s then.


  1110. Where’s Lin?