Game 42 Atlanta Hawks vs Philadelphia 76ers: Portland Blazers Willing to Give 1st Round Pick for Jeremy Lin Per Source; Pelicans and 76ers Have Linterest

Portland Blazers joined the string of teams with trade interest in JLin, willing to part with 1st round pick that Atlanta wants per source (SportingNews). The Pelicans and Philadelphia 76ers have also inquired about Lin although it is unknown if they are willing to give a first-round pick like the Blazers. There is possibility that Jeremy Lin might play more minutes in tonight’s game against the 76ers similar to how Jeremy Lin was showcased for 35 minutes against the Toronto Raptors.

Portland, too, would be willing to part with its first-rounder to add depth to a roster that badly needs help in the backcourt and on the wing. The Trail Blazers could be a player for Ross or Simmons, too. But sources tell SN that they have expressed interest in another player expected to be made available for a first-round pick: Atlanta point guard Jeremy Lin.

When the Hawks traded for Lin last summer, the hope was that he could be a veteran presence for the first part of the season for young point guard Trae Young, then could be swapped for a rebuilding asset to help the woebegone Hawks’ future. A first-rounder would do the trick.

The Pelicans and Sixers have also inquired about Lin (11.0 points in 19.3 minutes per game this season), and the Hawks may be able to create some bidding for his services ahead of the deadline. It’ll still be tough to wrestle one of those first-rounders away, but this time around, there are at least more on the market.


  1. Could be another showcase. Hope not, don’t need it. In any case I think it will be interesting to see how LP treats Jlin after TOR then the strange BKLN game minutes.

  2. I only watch the game when JL starts 😛
    All the best!

  3. So Portland Blazers join the string of teams with trade interest in JLin, willing to part with 1st round pick that Atlanta wants per source

  4. wow lins value is a fist ound pick….goood ….gooood

  5. Is he starting today?

  6. Per Sporting News, The Pelicans and Philadelphia 76ers have also inquired about Lin although it is unknown if they are willing to give a first-round pick like the Blazers.

    IMO there is possibility that Jeremy Lin might play more minutes in tonight’s game against the 76ers similar to how Jeremy Lin was showcased for 35 minutes against the Toronto Raptors.

  7. no announcement yet

  8. Another good article about JLin by our friend, Howard Megdal
    Also a great quote by JLin that he’s taking one-day at a time, whatever’s in front of him (traded as PG/combo guard or stay in ATL).

    Whatever Comes Next, Jeremy Lin Is Ready For It
    “You know, nine years in, and so I’m going to give you a very stock answer, but it’s very true like, you control what you can control,” Lin said. “And I’ve been in every type of situation. I’ve been cut, I’ve been traded, I’ve been signed to great situations and gotten hurt, so really, it’s one day at a time, whatever’s in front of me. I mean, there’s no point in thinking about it, or worrying about it to be honest.”

  9. A reporter actually asked JLin about the rumor of being traded to the Raptors 😀

  10. It’s fun watching JLin answered if he’s being traded to the Raptors 😅

  11. If ATL was an actual NBA team who valued :

    a) Wins above other goals such as tanking, development of rookies
    b) Matchup of the best option against the opponents lineup

    Then this would not be such an absurd post, by the Hawks blog head writer

    You have a PG that is literally better in every category (including passing) AND not to mention 4 inches taller able to matchup with nearly any tall SG/PG than the guy they are trying to shoehorn into handling the opponent’s tall lineup… tanking teams have no shame.

  12. finally wont miss a lin game this week

  13. Great!

  14. maybe i should miss it given how he has played lmao

  15. dont wanna jinx his recent good stretch

  16. Lin in

  17. No, sorry

  18. Lin now in

  19. 2222222

  20. Lin and 1!

  21. +1

  22. So, where you guys want lin be traded to?
    Raptors, sixers, magic, blazers, pelicans or ??

  23. Nice little lefty layup

  24. They are showing off Lin

    Lin came in and scored right away, according to Lin’s interview, LP decides every possession when he plays

  25. Pelicans. Don’t care for Sixers or Blazers.

  26. Anywhere on a contender

    Then we are set for final destination — after playoffs

  27. I just added pelicans.. lol

  28. Careful Lin. Like the activity but not a great pass. TO.

  29. OK.

  30. 2222222222222

  31. niiiiiiice

  32. Looks like Nets Lin now.

  33. this is the most i’ve ever seen lin use his wide array of moves he has in his arsenal in a season.

  34. Nice and aggressive.

  35. his core strength seems better and better

  36. LIN-LEN p&r breeds good things very often

  37. Good to see. He’s handling the ball now more. Looks more like Nets Lin.

  38. Good to see Vince back to his normal smiling self.

  39. That was a deliberate elbow right into JLIN’s chest

  40. Lin solid D on Butler.

  41. McConnell perhaps hearing the trade rumor interst in JLIN – trying to make a statement tonight

  42. I hope JLIN told Bembry, “just use your brain and do what I tell you to do”

  43. Drawing dem 3-point fouls. 🙂

  44. 3 FT

  45. Is he the back-up PG?

  46. Smart play Lin

  47. Yes he is, for now lol

  48. Great 1st Q for Lin minus the 2 turnovers.

  49. Brilliant play by Lin to pull up for 3 the second defender’s hand hooked his arm.
    Drained 3 sweet FTs!

  50. Too many TOs, but playing well.

  51. Pull him out Coach, he has 2 turnovers

  52. Never mind that Trae plays with 8 turnovers lol, or 10

  53. I think JLin gets the green light tonight to showcase his skills in front of potential bidder, 76ers 🙂

  54. how much point do lin have?

  55. Yeah, he’s been looking to score right off the bat. Hopefully Lin keeps up this aggressive play.

  56. 7 pt

  57. Lol

  58. 8 pts! Had 3pt FTs and made them!

  59. Trae steps in turns JLIN into the defensive specialist and stand in the corner on offense specialist

  60. Trae is hurting JLIN’s plus/minus

  61. Hawks can’t score right now.

  62. hell no he might have 2 but he is scoring and defending.

  63. Vote of confidence though in JLIN’s defense gettting assigned to cover All-Star, Butler

  64. Lin’s not even touching the ball. Collins is forcing his shots and should’ve passed it out more.

  65. I think John forced a few shots and the 76ers are playing well off of misses. The Hawks need to run different plays, move the ball around more.

  66. 8pts

  67. Lin getting more minutes with starters but it’s wasted with him standing in the corner never touching he ball. If Hawks wants to showcase him they need to let Lin take turn leading as PG even when Trae’s in.

  68. give the ball to lin. team forcing alot

  69. Forced iso shot by selfish teammates especially rookies. Meanwhile Lin is iced out whenever he’s not PG.

  70. Lin out

  71. ATL offensive flow just stalled.
    This Trae/Lin backcourt is not working well now. Trae needs to share the ball with Lin to initiate plays

  72. Good, not getting passed the ball anyway.

  73. The evidence shows that Trae and JLIN might benefit Trae a bit or a wash, but it’s hurt JLIN’s stats this season, rather see them not play together because the only important this is STATs until the trade

  74. lin needs to be the first or second to initiate the plays.. not stand in the dam houston corner.

  75. Lin need to be near the top of the key next to TY not Bremby and Collins. Those two just force shots moment they get the ball.

  76. An objective reading has shown this to be the case anytime JLIN and Trae together this season

  77. It looked bad tonight. Once Trae came back in the offense stalled.

  78. I agree, the spacing the floor in the corner is not working.

  79. for 7 minutes – 8 points! Highly efficient as usual!

  80. Totally agree!

  81. Trae running into any NBA player no matter how big or small, and it always looks like Trae got foulded he is so small

  82. Dedmon’s hitting his 3s.

  83. He got 28 MPG against the Nets, though. Definitely getting more minutes and looking to score more in those minutes

  84. What is Bembry doing?

  85. Doing what Bembry does

  86. That TJ McConnell play, wow Trae has one assigment on the only guy he could possibly guard on 76rs and he lost track of him smh

  87. What’s wrong with Dedmon?

  88. unsure. seem like bumped knees but he is reacting like its worse

  89. He’s ok, he’s back in.

  90. Lin in

  91. Redick is still quick.

  92. about time! only 2:45 remaining in 2Q

  93. Lin-Len combo finally back in. They should’ve came in 3 minutes ago.

  94. That was a foul

  95. Agree

  96. How many times have we seen this? Enough, call the fouls.

  97. Almost feel like Bembry is getting a bit more disciplined occasionally with JLIN’s unit – two plays I thought he was going to take it to the rack and he passed it off

  98. JLIN in and good things happen for ATL

  99. 1 FT

  100. Should’ve been more than 1 free throw. Chandler purposely rammed into Lin before the inbound.

  101. My heart always races whenever Lin hits the deck…

  102. Well let’s see how badly Pierce wants to beat his previous team

  103. nba website has lin with 9 but i only remember 8 points

  104. 1 ft at the end

  105. 9 with the last FT made

  106. It was a tech, right? I thought he would then have 2 FTs.

  107. Lin keeps getting purposely tripped eve since the new rule that you must be in shooting motion for FTs. That blatant push to the ground afterwards was uncalled for.

  108. he made 2 layups which is 4 and had the 3 shot ft. then the 1 ft. equals to 8

  109. Yeah, it was a T.

  110. 1FT after being pushed to the ground not sure what re that is. Lin was also tripped before that.

  111. was there another one still equals to 8

  112. shows Lin has 5 FT’s in total for the 1st half

  113. Lin already had 8 pts before th FT shot. 3 pts FTs made it 8 pts long ago.

  114. 1 ft is missing from the plays

  115. I agree, 2 2x, 3 FT, 1 FT total 8

  116. theres 1 ft missing. was there a tech? i dont remember that. 2 shots is 4 pts. 3 ft shot is 7 and the last second foul ft is 8 pts..

  117. Lin is asking to get hurt again with those dam move.
    He is so stubborn.

  118. yea…well free point lmao. ill take it. i bet theyll fix it though

  119. 1 FT was from technical

  120. really?

  121. what move?

  122. driving in to traffic. just shoot the ball. pump fake then shoot. don’t allow defender to even have a chance to hurt you.

  123. it shows it on play by play. although i dont remember it

  124. lin fell but it wasnt bad. he kinda exaggerated the contact. connell had good position.

  125. 3 for the fouled TP shot, 1 for the early and-1, and 1 for the foul at the end of the 2Q.

  126. yea i see it. dont remember it but i see it on play by play

  127. we are lucky reddick brick 3 -4 wide open threes

  128. agreed

  129. Why Trae likes to wast possession like that?

  130. I really want him to get back to using the midrange more. He’s tripping a lot and that could end up with a serious injury.

  131. thats whta Trae does

  132. with about 5 of those type of illegal foul per game, he’s bound to get hurt. just a matter of time.

  133. McConnell can’t guard Huerter at all

  134. Oh, my goodness, Trae, please

  135. McConnells bricks making Trae look not horrible

  136. reddick

  137. Saw Heurter pass to an open Trae for a 3 instead of forcing a shot.

  138. Lin in

  139. Young and Lin together is cancerous

  140. I think it wasn’t deliberate

  141. Noooooooooooo

  142. Hope Lin is ok

  143. ??

  144. He’s ok. But he has to take it easy with taking charges. Butler is built like a tank.

  145. Lin took a charge and was on the floor visibly hurt. He’s ok.

  146. Hit on the elbow

  147. With Young on the court, Lin is used for his defense agility only.
    No possession or offense attempts.

  148. man, my heart dropped watching Lin writhing on the floor.
    Glad he’s okay

  149. it’s dump to take those charges. should only do that in final playoff games.

  150. Trae had JLIN open on 2 plays and refused to pass to JLIN

  151. Lin was wide open Vince you suck.

  152. Get Lin of this damn team. It’s ridiculous how the keep pairing Trae with Lin.

  153. So Lin gets fouled and they call it traveling.

  154. hope lin gets more plays called for him

  155. these minutes with trea are worthless

  156. Lin out

  157. jeremy jeremy is only good for taking charges for the team. His teammates are all avoiding him. Trae was reluctant to pass him the ball with that last play.

  158. JLIN was fouled but Simmons so tall he could body JLIN and get away with it

  159. he didn’t take any shots at all.

  160. he almost hurt himself with that play.

  161. Less than 1 month

    We will all be freed

  162. If Lin keeps taking charges and driving through defender looking to push/hack him, he gonna be injure real soon. Somebody need to put some sense into him.

  163. this is painful. and jeremy is not helping himself by sacrificing himself….pisses me off

  164. yeah… tell his mom

  165. yup, agreed

    Lin needs to protect himself

  166. Normally, prior to showcasing JLIN for Trade I would have predictd that JLIN doesn’t see any time in Q4, we shall see, if ATL maintains lead then we may not see JLIN

  167. Philly is not a good team without Embiid.

  168. no plays for lin at all.

  169. Reviewing the JLIN charge, it looks like he got hit in the solar plexus so it is extremely painful but it just is pain and nknocks the wind out of you ; no lasting damage

  170. solar plexus lol

  171. Sixers playing with Four guards on the floor lol

  172. Clearly Hawks are not “showcasing” Lin for 76ers in Philly.

    Lin has played only 14 minutes so far with 7:30 remaining in 4Q.

  173. Trae is such a defensive liability, not only is he small and can’t guard anyone, he doesn’t put the effort in. Always sliding out of the way on D instead of taking a charge like Lin

  174. Trae is missed a bunch, but of course kept shooting now has taken 12 shots but made a few in a row, we may not see JLIN in Q4

  175. He hit the floor too many times for his 14 minuntes in this game.

  176. Worst defender in the NBA (he has the stats to prove it)

  177. If the 76ers can take a 5 pt + lead we might see JLIN, otherwise his night is probably done

  178. Lin in

  179. Anderson, not a good foul

  180. As usual, if Young plays decently offensively, we will not see Lin back in the 4Q.

    I will begin to resent Hawks… if Lin gets benched in the 4Q AGAIN.

  181. JLIN drawing fouls

  182. 2 more points plzz

  183. Simmons lol

  184. I actually think he is quite smart

  185. Let’s go on a run JLIN!

  186. Please do NOT put Trae back in just yet Pierce! JLIN needs 1 more point

  187. Wow, letting Lin close this game out…?

  188. So right now Huerter has the “go”. He’s initiated the last 3 plays.

  189. dumb defense by lin

  190. He may come out the game after this timeout. We’ll see.

  191. i doubt it

  192. agree

  193. LP called TO — to put Young in for the “glory”? 118-119 with 1:37 remaining.

  194. Pierce wants to win this game, letting Lin finish. Too bad Lin isn’t the first, second, or third option.

  195. Boom Huerter going crazy

  196. Huerter is on fire this game. Dang!

  197. Great double team on Butler from Lin and Bembry. Butler coughed the ball up.

  198. He is definetly putting Trae in now…Game winner!

  199. great defense by lin

  200. Lin makes up for his bad defensive player. Huerter is bailing the Hawks out. Plays are all going through Huerter.

  201. LP called TO — to put Young in for the “glory”? 121-121 with :25 remaining.

  202. if lin wasn’t passive with the raptors.. it would’ve go through him too.. shoot the ball

  203. JLIN has played geat defense the whole night, he hasn’t participated mucbn in the offense so that is the only thing thta he’s called to contribute tonight

  204. wow Lin still in lol

  205. LP is treating Bembry as a PG

  206. I think because LP wants to win his old team

  207. Collins and huerter clutch as hell lol

  208. Clutch fade away mid-range jumper by Collins. WOW

  209. Perfect execution by the Hawks on that play. Collins made the short jumper.

  210. I couldn’t help clapping for Collins for the last shot!

  211. Defense, experience.

  212. Lin is leading his team. He’s shouting out orders at the bench.

  213. stabilizer needs to take charges for the team but can’t touch the ball

  214. Lin wants them to play hard D to seal the deal.

  215. Trae and Lin out

  216. can’t let LIn take the glory

  217. Stupid stupid foul by Anderson. Why is he even out there?

  218. BUtler misses a FT!

  219. OMG Butler choked!

  220. Sigh! Young for the “glory”!

  221. Wow, Hawks win!

  222. Looool sixers suck without embiid my god

  223. wow

  224. So close. Almost went to OT, but good win. Wish Lin would’ve got more playtime and shots, but he helped the Hawks beat the favorite Sixers in the end.

  225. seriously you believe that

  226. that ending was interesting.

  227. no it was a tie if they got it in.

  228. Lin with geat defense

  229. Have to take Lin out after he had a great defensive trap and caused a turnover…smh.

  230. heuter may end up being hawks best player in 2-3 years. parsons type player. frustrating isos sometime though

  231. So did LP have Lin finish the game for defense? Because Huerter’s number was called for most plays. Collins with the last bucket.

  232. he’s there to take charges only can’t touch the ball

  233. that unit was playing great defense and Lin has a calming effect out there.

  234. He put his biggest defenders in at the end of the game. Nothing against Lin. He did not bring Trae in.

  235. jeremy’s second half 0 points

  236. He had Lin finish the game and the game was close. Relax.

  237. yeah.. to me.. trae is just not big enough. and not fast enough.

  238. only had one play ran for him

  239. Agree.

  240. agreed

  241. Normal role in LP’s offense for Lin when the starters are healthy. Feed the starters even when playing with 2nd unit.

  242. Good win, tremendous defense all night by JLIN and apart from very early on – he faciliated and let the “hot hand” Huerter run the show.

    Awesome overall in that JLIN matched his 50% FG% and thta is the most important part for JLIN.

    JLIN closed the game, thta is ONLY because JLIN is being showcased for TRADE — COMING!

  243. Hawks review after Nets game….Lin, you took to many shots. Go back to distributing for starters.

  244. Lin needs to get out of this team

  245. Glad Lin’s Hawks beat the 76ers, because he “closed” the game in 4Q!

    Alright. He played the final 6:25 in 4Q EXCEPT the last 9.5 seconds. “Interesting” rotation by coach LP.

  246. You are probably RIGHT about “showcase”! I hope you are right.

  247. He was impressive tonight.

  248. I am RIGHT, I wouldn’t lie to you haha

  249. haha

  250. No. It was Huerter who was featured. Play after play after play went to Huerter. Not Bembry or Collins or anyone else until the last bucket. But Huerter’s number was called for a few consecutive buckets.

  251. Lin is the only one taking charges because he’s the only one intelligent enough to read offenses to anticipate their play calling and drive to the rim to take the charge.

  252. Coach Lin (?); 10 seconds left in the 4th …

  253. In less than 1 month now – we all will be on a new team with JLIN

  254. Down the stretch, but look at the distribution of shot attempts. All the starters were in double digits.

  255. Yes, he was talking to Bembry a lot and Anderson when he went to the bench.

  256. He closed it.

  257. While Lin didn’t have a great game, I’m a bit happy Sixers may stick with McConnell based on tonight game since McConnell played well and Lin was simply not able to shoot because of the play-calling.

    McConnell is a decent back up and he’s good enough to play 15 minute come playoff time for Philly..15 minute is simply not enough for Lin if he’s traded there….

  258. That’s good basketball. If all starters and maybe one or two players off the bench are in double figures, the ball was distributed well. PGs did their job. Lin almost had 10 points, just one short. And if fouls were called properly for him, he would have had 13 or so points.

  259. and I dont like Butler

    so, it is all good

  260. 76’s won’t trade for Lin, they don’t need another PG. They need another center.

  261. I saw that. He’s definitely one of the leaders.

  262. Good because I heard they called the Hawks about Lin’s availability.

    Tonight’s game should finish any talk of Lin in Philly…I like McConnel too although I think Lin is better but he’s good enough for their back-up position.

  263. Agreee. I don’t like Butler at all.

  264. JLIN shot 50% FG%, played great defense on their best player Butler, drew fouls

    And helped get the win – the offense was not allowed to go through him tonight – that’s not his fault

  265. McConnell played 33 minutes (16 pts) and Lin 20 minutes (9 pts), per,

    If Lin was allowed the same PT, he would’ve scored more, much more.

  266. For Lin to play behind Reddick would be a shame. Curry sure, but Reddick…nope!

  267. It wasn’t so much about Lin’s minute being too low, it was simply the fact that plays weren’t being called for him…but some of it had to do with Huerta having a great game and Bremby also did well enough…LP called a lot of plays for them when Lin was in the game.

  268. Not disagreeing, Lin played within LP’s system and coaching decision for this game, with great D!

  269. Lin is not in the coach’s grand “development” plan… sigh.

    We know Lin will make the best of any playtime given with his super efficiency. We also know he relish team win even more than his own stats.

  270. low-key would love a buy-out for Lin because I really don’t like the teams Lin is rumored to be traded to..All these teams won’t be playing Lin too many minutes come playoff time

    Blazers, Sixers, Raptors, and even Pelicans is no longer good for Lin because Payton is fully back and has played well but Pelican is better for Lin as for minutes than Raptors/Sixers/Blazers.

  271. We saw tonight, a clear example of the 20 minutes, JLIN played about 7mins when he was on the floor with Trae, JLIN did nothing apart from DEFENSE on his man and stand in the corner on OFFENSE — those 7 mins with Trae, nobody passed to JLIN, they didn’t allow JLIN to bring up the ball, JLIN was the decoy that 76ers knew was a “decoy”.

    As I’ve said all season of the few minutes that JLIN and Trae had played together, it doesn’t work and those are wasted minutes for JLIN — rather see him sit and swap even half those minutes into minutes where he at least has a chance to participate

  272. If they go to the trouble of trading for JLIN, they will play him

  273. Had a feeling Lin wasn’t going to get many minutes against the Sixers tonight. Glad I tuned out at the right time. A lot safer to just watch highlights until Lin gets traded.

  274. Speed of Lin highlights ….

  275. JLin has been used as a decoy since the Rockets to prop up the other guard’s stats, from Harden to Walker, to Trae Young. List goes on.

  276. Lin is the PG on the court at :09.5, 4Q when

    “the shot that sealed the deal” was taken.

  277. In the post-game interview, Brett Brown was asked about the trouble with Pick-and-Roll at the end of the game with Huerter. He praised Jeremy, “Mike was in it, Ben was in it ..Jeremy has always been good in that environment. And that cat-and-mouse thing:
    – the big comes up, and they get behind you.
    -The big stay back, and you can get to the rim
    … It’s hard! It’s the NBA, you guard the middle Pick-N-Roll and we were poor tonight *shaking his head*

  278. I understand how you feel… but it is more fun watching the whole game even having to multi-task.

  279. You know, it doesn’t work that way. Lin is there to facilitate, play defense, and if the defense dictates it, score. Huerter was hot. Why not go to and through Huerter? He played that way all night.

    A better way to see things, IMO, is instead of coach is not doing such and such for Lin, why not look at the team and think coach is riding the hot hand and the most confident looking player. Huerter looked good all game. And he made huge shots and plays. He was in a rhythm. Coach also didn’t go to most other players late in the game either. In the first half, Lin had a good amount of shots. Also, was Lin that aggressive for coach to want to run plays for him in the second half? Who seemed most aggressive? Huerter, IMO.

    Lin was essential in the win through defense and coach stayed with him to finish a close game.

  280. It has always been the OPPOSING coach who understands and appreciates Lin’s skill and value on the court!

  281. Of course not. Lin is an established veteran player.

    Coach did go to Lin to finish. That’s a good thing, right?

  282. All FOs and coaches know what Lin can do. That’s why I don’t agree that he needs to be “showcased” If someone wants to pick Lin up via trade, they have the info they need. They don’t need to watch him now, they’ve seen highlights of him all season.

    Good for LP for beating his old team. And he went with Lin to finish to do so.

  283. All Heurter lack is bulk and play time as PG. Honestly at this rate they should just demote Trae and have Heurter lead as the main ball handler.

  284. Lin will help his team make up a winning play when it counts but his teams never appreciate it.

  285. The real question for Lin was…will he recover from the MAJOR injury and play at the level he’s played before. He’s exceeding EVERYONE’s expectations.

  286. Exactly.

  287. hawks needed lin on the court at the end of the game cuz Trae would have taken it one on one vs butler for the loss

  288. No, LP doesn’t need to showcase Lin. The question is should you be happy about it? Lol, lin is beings used like all Asians have been forever…to do the dirty work while lousy performers get the free pass to claim the glory. I find it egregious that there are Lin fans happy with this status quo.

  289. “Always all-out effort on both sides. @JLin7 draws a 😱charge again! #stayhealthy”

  290. Ouch, JJ Barea tore his Achilles tendon. Let’s keep hoping and praying for JLin’s health. It’s still #1 priority this season no matter what jerseys he’s wearing.

  291. Don’t know why Lin only get 200,648 votes. There must be something wrong.

  292. Nothing is wrong

    NBA decides how many votes they want to give to Lin.

    It has been rigged every year.

  293. JLin’s reaction to Jimmy Butler’s missed FT is epic

    “Jeremy Lin’s reaction = everybody who had Atlanta to beat Philly at 4-1 odds tonight when Jimmy Butler missed this free throw after making his previous 12 ft attempts…

    Hawks win 123-121.”

  294. jlin7 (IG) Step by step we making progress! Big 👐🏼 on the road! @kevin_huerter killlllin tonight and @jcollins20_ with the cold blooded game winner!
    #ATL #caligold

  295. Lin would score 16 with just 20 min if he was allowed to take shots the defence gives him. Even if Lin had 33 min but is only allowed 4 shots, he can’t score much. Lol. LP taking the old M&M playbook out to make Lin do the dirty work on D to cover for Trae. Does Lin even need to cross the centre line? If he’s just standing in the corner and no one even passes to him, does the defence even worry about him?

  296. “We tried to double-team Lin with about seven minutes left, and he stillfound ways to score,” 76ers coach Brett Brown said. “We tried multiple people on him and tried to get length on him with Jerami Grant. We tried to blitz him and searched to try to find ways to defend him, but we struggled all night.”

  297. So True!

  298. Just thought of one thing:

    Hawks GM in his interview said one of the reasons they traded for Lin to mentor Trae because Lin had Linsanity and can help Trae deal with that kind of pressure.

    Well, now Trae does have tremendous pressure, not from being a star but from underperformed.

    Look at how Luka just did last night. LOL

  299. Gold -> golden State. ..

  300. Rotations for the Hawks

    Mins_Left _____Descriptions_________________ (Scores of Hawks – 76ers)
    12:00 John Collins enters the game for Jeremy Lin 89 – 88
    12:00 DeAndre’ Bembry enters the game for Vince Carter 89 – 88
    (Young, DeAndre’ Bembry, John Collins, Kevin Huerter, Alex Len)

    08:22‌ Dewayne Dedmon enters the game for Alex Len 101 – 98
    (Young, DeAndre’ Bembry, John Collins, Kevin Huerter, Dewayne Dedmon)

    6:25 Jeremy Lin enters the game for Trae Young 108 – 103
    6:25 Justin Anderson enters the game for John Collins 108 – 103
    6:25 Vince Carter enters the game for DeAndre’ Bembry 108 – 103
    (JLin, Justin Anderson, Vince Carter, Kevin Huerter, Dewayne Dedmon)

    5:34 John Collins enters the game for Justin Anderson 108 – 108
    5:34 DeAndre’ Bembry enters the game for Vince Carter 108 – 108
    (JLin, DeAndre’ Bembry, John Collins, Kevin Huerter, DeWayne Dedmon)

    9.5 Justin Anderson enters the game for Jeremy Lin 123 – 121
    (Justin Anderson, DeAndre’ Bembry, Kevin Huerter, John Collins, DeWayne Dedmon)

    Lin + Anderson + Carter < 108 – 108 in 49 secs)
    LP put Bembry and Collins back with 5:34 left (The key rotation to win the game)
    Lin + Bembry + Collins finished the game 123-121

  301. Don’t tell me the article is afew years old. You living in the past.. I’m not even going to click on the link

  302. The cavs

  303. The hesitation move of Kevin Huerter is so much like Jeremy Lin that I almost think he were Lin tonight.

  304. Huerter was superb. He played like a champ.

    The reason why Lin didn’t “go off” last night in the 4th is because he didn’t have to. He properly recognized Huerter was playing great, got him the ball in the best situation and that was a big reason why the Hawks won.

    If Huerter plays within himself when he’s not going well and confidently when he gets going well, he’s going to be an excellent player.

  305. Here’s the thing. Lin is a team player. Fans want to always see Lin go off and have stats every game. So they tend to get angry and blame others when Lin isn’t featured. A team player, like Lin, recognized this was Huerter’s night and had no problem doing what it took to get him the ball. It’s not anything wrong with LP’s game plan and Lin not getting plays called for him. It came down to going with the hot hand. That’s basketball 101. Hawks won precisely because Lin empowered Huerter.

  306. Bittersweet milestone: JLIN just played his 37th game for ATL, that is 1 more than he played for
    NETS (36), NYK (35)

    Brooklyn will forever be the lost opportunity but at least JLIN has proven he is back and better than ever…

    Three Jeremy Lin to Miami Heat Trade Ideas

  307. I’ve suggested that Lin is very much like Kawhi awhile ago. They are difference makers that not only score but also help their teammates exceed their own potentials.

    What Kawhi has done for the Raptors goes far beyond just his defence and scoring ability. He does the same thing Lin does in that they both provide a mental foundation of positive energy. They inspire the minds and hearts of the people around them much like how an elite coach can do. Kawhi has had many days off in between great performances and sat while others continue to excel. We used to say that about Lin and how he’d raises the level of the players around him and will only see his effects only after he leaves the team. Such was the case as with Charlotte and the Knicks as well as the multiple players who has garnered pay raise with help from Lin.

    What we’ve witnessed recently is how Lin can score and lead the bottom feeder team like the Hawks by scoring when given a chance. What we saw last night was the huge defensive presence that Lin has, on every that Clifford knows well and have made mention of. Lin in every way is as impactful as Kawhi….except for the one fact that no one wants Lin to be their star.

    When you see the two important assets of offence and defence combined in a player like Lin and Kawhi, it’s then we realize how Lin’s career has been high Jack by an establishment that doesn’t want him to shine. It’s how M&M systematically tore down Lin’s game to make him stand in the corner on offence while working his butt off on defence. It’s just not right! As Lin fans we should never be happy with just accepting LP giving Lin playtime to help others shine.

  308. Some posters believe JLIN won’t be traded using JLIN to ATL trade as an example of unpredictable events.

    It’s a false equivalency in that :
    a) mid-season trades of veteran expirings are commonplace
    b) JLIN subject of abundant continued rumors, (I might add in CHA, JLIN also subject of new team rumors)
    c) myriad of reasons a team in ATL’s stage of development has to further eventual goals & GM’s own words about trading vets

    All this is significantly different from BKN, where an opted-in final season, Tsai ownership, plus assurances from BKN (we now know JLIN was lied to by Marks) he was not a trade target.

    Trade is Coming

  309. that’s the difference between Lin and Trae. And Huerter and Trae. Lin was going off in the Toronto game but Trae elected to hero ball the last possession instead of passing for a better shot. Huerter also passed the ball off when he was covered on the last shot and gave Collins a better shot to win the game.

  310. the more you play with someone , the more you will slowly copy his move subconsciously

  311. Folks, it’s futile to try to get folks that don’t love you to love you. The ones that love you or at least appreciate and see what you do are willing and want to. Others don’t and won’t.

    Being black I will say it is futile to try to get validation from a body that will never give it to you. You don’t need their validation. Act for a higher cause and not selfishly and your supporters shouldn’t have selfish motivations either. But, ultimately, you’re responsible for your own actions and for those that are able to support or come to support you, you’ve made your mark.

  312. Basketball is not supposed to be some political, subjective, moral, ethical endeavor …
    … on the contrary Basketball has the ability to be completely merit based, we have metrics that indicate FG%,PER,RPM etc…etc… so were the NBA to Want be a true color-blind meritocracy, it could easily become so — this is where JLIN fans frustration resides (at least for me)…

    … therein lies the difference between the NBA (sports) and other life endeavors.

    If a black person has the same qualifications as any other, then they should be considered for the job, candidacy, role, position.
    JLIN has BETTER qualifications than most, and for much of his career has been subjugated to the back of the bus… that is my position and that of most of JLIN’s fans.

  313. It’s arguable that Collins’ game winner was a “better shot”, in fact that’s one of the toughest shots in the game (turnaround, fall away 15 ftr for a big man) from a percentage standpoint.

    … but unlike Trae’s contest with Kawhi, Collins’ shot had no chance to be blocked thus better decision than Trae’s

    regardless, you make the shot and you’re a hero; miss and nobody would have been surprised considering the difficulty of that shot.

  314. Everyone should “shine” on a team. That’s one of the best things about Lin’s game. He’s interested in making his teammates better. Some games he’ll need to carry the team with assists or scoring, other nights with defense, other nights with hustle plays, other nights with key timely plays. No one way to skin a cat. If it all contributes to being competitive, even on a team that doesn’t win much, what’s the objective? To learn to play the right way. Team ball. In this situation he’s planting seeds to a young team. It’s all he can do. He has a big chance for a different situation if he gets traded (he does or doesn’t depending on the situation he finds himself in if traded) or next season where he chooses where to sign and play among the available options.

  315. Let’s think about “making his teammates better”, the next time we feel the urge to state “why is JLIN just passing the ball to teammates every chance and not looking to be aggressive” …

    … of course there are other reasons for JLIN’s passivity but if a person needs to use the “make teammates great again” for their own personal justification, that is good enough.

  316. I’m talking about an overall philosophy of play, not minutiae of moments in a game. The overriding aim of Lin’s game is team ball when properly executed.

  317. so is passing the ball to teammates rather than looking to aggressively make plays a good or bad thing?

  318. Everything a team-oriented player does is with the intention of doing what the situation calls for. If he or she reads the game situation well, they execute what it calls for. No player is perfect but the intention for team ball is what Lin is about, IMO.

  319. I think Lin in a very much less than ideal situation is executing his philosophy. That’s the theme of the post.

  320. ok … just a bit confused because sometimes its, “lack of aggression equals less play time by Pierce” and then this … “make teammates better” stuff

  321. My comments have nothing to do with the in-game comments people make or perceive. It’s an overall philosophy and style that Lin is bringing to teams he plays for.

  322. Well there’s philosophy and then presumably JLIN is trying to execute the philosophy on the court, right?

  323. On the court, in practice, in film sessions, etc.

  324. Lin had his only chance in Brooklyn but god blew that up in his hamstrings and knee.

  325. I’m not talking about that. Lin’s legacy in the NBA is one of the few players that doesn’t buy into the selfish play for stats and all-star accolades purpose of the current NBA philosophy. Basketball is a 5 on 5 game where players provide screens for each other, help each other on defense, and do stuff that there is no stat for.

    Whether Lin has 12 minutes or 40 in a game, he’s going to play with a sense of team. The times we see Lin shoot and score more it is exploiting defenses. And he still finds teammates when he’s shooting and scoring. But look at him defensively. That’s where his team play really shows.

  326. Another thing I consider is chemistry and it’s something I’m observing with Lin on the Hawks.

    Instant chemistry is rare. What happened with the Linsanity Knicks was so rare. Lin had instant chemistry with just about all the team members. Part of that was D’Antoni’s Xs and Os, and part was just a kind of perfect storm. Lin also had instant chemistry with Ed Davis on the Lakers. But Lin had to work at it on the Rockets and had big challenges as well as on the Hornets that came later in the season. On the Nets, it was good with Lopez, Kilpatrick, RHJ, Harris and a few other players. But it took a bit of time to establish in KA’s system.

    Lin now has worked at having sometimes good chemistry with Bembry. Bembry is a player that likes to both facilitate and create his own shot. IMO, he needs work at both. But I think he’s learned to play offense better with Lin and especially defense. Len and Lin have some chemistry. He has a bit with Dedmon, Huerter, and Collins. Sometimes with Vince Carter as well. I think if Lin stays with Atlanta an upside is further chemistry, more lobs to particular players, better defensive helping and cooperation and such. One of the big disadvantages of Lin’s career is not playing under the same system and with core players for years. But it’s also an advantage to be able to play in any system.

    But system is key in basketball. It’s not all about Lin. It’s the coach, what he feels about a player and the differences he stresses in plays for one player vs. another, how the players are treated in dealing with the many broken plays there are in possessions, what the coach stresses for each position, and featuring different players per matchups. So I don’t watch just Lin in games. I try to look at the opposing team and what the PG and the other players are working against and throughout the game what adjustments are made. That’s really what basketball is. Constant adjustments made or not as well as Xs and Os on defense with player chemistry.

    Chemistry becomes a crucial part of success when it is developed. Part of GSW’s success over the years and struggles this year IMO. Part of adjustments made to trades and off-season changes in personnel.

    This is not me saying I want Lin to stay in Atlanta or not. This is about basketball and aspects of successful basketball as it applies to Lin.

  327. JLIN flourishes :
    1. with teammates (if work ethic, desire to learn/improve) on EVERY team – that will NEVER change
    2. under ANY system – big low post, P&R, motion offense – some suit him better but he can do it ALL
    3. under ANY coach who wants a PG to run coach’s system, not a hot dogger – JLIN is a coach’s Player

    so you see, JLIN builds chemistry with fans, teammates and coaches – he is an equal opportunity chemistry builder … but JLIN knows what ATL is all about, if anything JLIN has avoided building ATL relationships and been less outgoing but more selective in who he elects to build chemistry with – this will revert to norm on the NEXT contract TEAM because that again will be a team he CHOOSES to go to.

  328. Agree! Can’t wait to read Lin’s autobiography one day in the future. Insights into the “systems” he had been part of.

  329. Yeah, his autobiography will be awesome and surely inspiring.

  330. exactly, especially if one player is keen in seeing whats effective and whats is slowly seeing right now why JLIN is very much effective and they like to do the same by trying to learn what he;s been doing and what he’s not…

  331. agree although i just watch the higlight of the game..i know Jlin take charge when the game is on the line, but give and feed players whose hot and don’t mind others to shine if it will result on a possible win. A win is a win in jeremy’s mind whether he was the one who shot the winning basket or not!

  332. A contested 2 is better than a contested 3 specially with the length of John Collins.

  333. Two-way players are a rare breed in today’s NBA game

  334. “Brave of Lin; quick healer too”

  335. Jeremy is one tough guy, not afraid to mix it up with Jimmy Butler.
    This one does look like a massage 🙂

    @KLChouinard “since there were no butler/lin fouls in the boxscore, i’m just going to assume that jeremy owes jimmy 20 bucks for this massage”

  336. Lin didn’t owe Butler a penny for such bad service.

  337. The Hawks dominated the boards.

  338. thru their first 29 games the hawks were 6-23 (20%)
    thru their last 13 games the hawks are 7-6 (54%)

    thru the first 25 games lin played 16 mpg (rounded up)
    thru the last 13 games lin played 22 mpg (rounded up)

    thru the first 29 games lin ave. 8.5 ppg
    thru the last 13 games lin ave. 11.5 ppg

    note: you can see there is virtually no change in lins production vis a vie his minutes
    what there is a difference in is the winning % of the team vis a vie his minutes
    (of course not assuming causal here only correlative).

    the first part of the note attempting to dissuade against the argument on the one hand that lin is a “rhythm player” and can’t do well in limited court time. and on the other that lin is only effective and efficient because of limited court time and that if given more court time he would not be as effective and efficient.

    a personal opinion: tho their is great clamor for lin to be traded somewhere by the trade deadline, i do not see anywhere lin could go that he would be guaranteed or even likely to get minutes comparable to what he has been getting here in atlanta for the last 13 games.

  339. Wow.

  340. Lin is probable for tomorrow with a bruised right bicep. Probably happened on the Butler charge he drew.

  341. some nba player seems to mistaken the game as BasketBRAWL because they get away with it by caring a brand called “SUPERSTAR”..and thats not good for the league and players who only wants good basketball games..but whose stopping?, no one it seem.

  342. Looks like that ref had a pretty good angle on the mugging

  343. Mavs have announced that J.J. Barea has ruptured achilles tendon …

  344. Yeah, shows why 76’ers better pick up another center if they have playoff aspirations, not another PG.

  345. Does anyone have Links for Hawk’s replay vs 76’ers?

  346. Hawks win! Late to the party here – LOL.

    Good TEAM win for the Hawks. Of course, in a close game, there were a couple of heros at the end. But EVERYBODY contributed crucial plays. Especially Lin on the defensive end. That double-team pressure with Bembry on Butler for the turnover gave Hawks the chance!

    The starters played a lot of minutes. Only Lin had most from bench, and at only 20 mins. Good to see LP played Lin to close the game.

    Not so sure about the actual possessions at the end. There wasn’t much ball movement. Just give the ball to Huerter. Granted, Huerter was on fire all night, and made the semi-open 3 to tie. And the fade-away jumper at end of shotclock by Collins? Tough shot! Good thing it went in!

    As usual, wish Lin had more minutes and more plays run for him. But, as usual, we know Lin is not the focus. As such, Lin had a great game. BIG difference on the defensive end.

    Was scary when he took the Butler charge. We know now that it’s a less serious contusion and that he is still listed as probable. Hopefully it means a very temporary minor injury. Take it easy next two games JLin. Then there will be 3 good days off to rest.

  347. True. No Embiid helped!

  348. UGH! Unnecessary contact! Was trying to figure out when this happened.

    At first, it’s so bad and so incomprehensible that I thought it was photoshopped. Sadly, no. Lin being mauled as always. What else is new?

    Having said that, knowing Lin didn’t get hurt from here. Must admit it was funny!

  349. Right!

  350. LOL.

  351. Lin did not ONLY have a chance in Brooklyn.

    He was SUPPOSED to get that chance in Houston too. The owner wanted him there. But that chance was also taken away from him. And it wasn’t due to injury!

  352. One of your best posts!!!!! Well said!!!!!

    So many judge Lin as if they have ever played in an NBA game. Or ever walked in his shoes as a pioneering Asian-American player in a league where he’s not simply a minority. HE IS THE ONLY ONE! For those who insist that Lin be treated as if he started on the same level playing field are just CLUELESS.

  353. most informative stuff. Great read. Thnx.

  354. AGREE with 99% of what you said. Until the last sentence.

    It’s not that I am “happy” with Lin’s role. It’s that because of such a serious injury at this stage of his career, this was the unfortunate circumstance that Lin was in by being dumped by the Nets. I really can’t say that I am mad at the Hawks SO FAR. I think they have treated Lin well. GIVEN THAT LIN OBVIOUSLY ISN’T PART OF THEIR FUTURE.

    We can surmise that Lin isn’t happy or satisfied with his minutes or his role. But, as Lin stated, he can just control what he can control.

    For me, it isn’t so much “accepting” as it is that I have faith that Lin will figure it out and do what’s best for his career.

  355. Bittersweet for sure. But also cause for celebration. Yes, Lin is still going strong.

    Can’t say that the writer presented a convincing case for the Hawks making the trade though.

  356. Yeah, haha. Hint to be with Warriors?

  357. Underscores how often Lin calmly sinks those end-of-game free-throws. Again, underrated CLUTCH gene.

    What’s with these guys who can’t make them, especially to close out games? Is it really that hard?

    Clippers lost to Hawks, Griffin missed FTs.
    Timberwolves lost to Hawks, Wiggins & Towns missed FTs.
    Heck, LeBron missed FTs. But Lakers won only because the Hawks couldn’t rebound.
    Butler missed FTs again, but Hawks still couldn’t come up with the rebound. Lucky that 76ers missed the tip-in.

  358. We know Lin won’t get in. But we’re not going to give up. We’ll keep voting.

  359. Do you follow Butler? He rarely misses clutch shots.

    I really dislike Butler’s character and attitude and think he’s a horrible teammate but he’s very clutch. The Hawks got lucky. It’s uncharacteristic for Butler to choke.

  360. I remember that Lakers-76ers game. Great plays between Lin and Davis all game long. A beautiful pass out of a double-team.

    You know, all these coaches who compliment Lin and give him kudos and talk about how they have to game-plan for him. Yet, NONE of them has shown any willingness, or any power, to try and campaign to get Lin on their teams. (At least, none that we know of. Except for Kenny Atkinson.)

  361. I know it’s always good to hear. I appreciate when coaches speak well of Lin.

    YET. All these coaches who compliment Lin and give him kudos and talk about how they have to game-plan for him. Yet, NONE of them has shown any willingness, or any power, to try and campaign to get Lin on their teams. (At least, none that we know of. Except for Kenny Atkinson.)

  362. Hate to see anyone injured. Especially such a severe injury.


  363. The 76ers are not really that good. Even with Butler, Simmons, and Embiid, who are considered superstars, but like all the superstars, also have their flaws. They are currently the 4th seed, but in such a WEAK EC.

    Quick trivia. Of their 27 wins, 21 are all from teams currently at 500 or under. Only 6 wins, with 2 vs Clippers, 2 vs Utah, 1 vs Toronto, and 1 vs Indiana.

    Of their 16 losses, 8 have also been to teams at 500 or under.

    IMO, what I have seen of TJ McConnell, undrafted, he plays hard, plays defense, has helped the 76ers. Is he a difference maker like Lin would be? Probably not, but I think his contributions are underrated.

    Similar to Ish Smith’s importance to the Pistons. (Smith is out with injury at the moment.)

  364. Kevin Chouinard just wrote a long article about Lloyd Pierce on the Hawks official site.

    Many quotes from Lin about how LP was helpful to him at GSW. It also reminds us that Stephen Silas was also there at the beginning at GSW. Remembering that Lin had contacted Silas, and talked to him about Clifford and the Hornets, before signing there.

    Also, remember earlier in the season, when Lin was shown playing 5v5 as the only player with all the coaches? Apparently, that’s how LP rolls.

    What was an interesting common thread of most of the other players quoted were also undrafted guys, or G-League guys, like Ish Smith, Danny Green. Isaiah Canaan, Robert Covington.

    ADD Kenny Atkinson post Knicks. It’s always gratifying to know that LIn did get some guidance and good training early in this career. And surprising, to learn something new about Lin’s relationships with his past coaches.

  365. Wonderful partnership between Lin and PF Changs to fight bullying and racism.

    Although one could argue that PF Changs is hardly a stereotype buster. And, jeez, partnering with Lin but giving away Harden shoes? Come onnnnnn…..

    Just kidding. It’s obviously a good cause.

  366. What? Another Sunday afternoon 3:30 EST start?

  367. Reminder to keep voting Lin for All-Stars. Everyday until Jan 21.

  368. The Sixers disproves that acquiring pieces through hook or through krook will make you a champion. The Morey and offsprings that has been the architects of this type of Machiavellian tanking fail because they don’t understand the team concepts that builds cohesion and “all for one” mentally that’s needed to win. What Morey and Hinkie has spawned is a cancer on the game. They believe and makes players, fans and media believe that individual players make the team. This attitude permeates throughout club houses and beyond. Players now looking out for themselves to climb the corporate ladder step over one another to get ahead. Stars complain when they don’t get touches.

    LP and Hawks are copying that same tanking mentality but are blind to the team first Linsanity powers that Jeremy provides. Knicks were a bunch of dysfunctional stars until Lin came along. The Nets were losers until Lin came back to play the last 6 weeks of 2016-17 for the Nets and made them respectable (while still not 100%). Guys like Trae and Me-lo serves as examples of a dysfunction in the athletic process of being the best you can be. Now it’s not about how good you are, it’s about how good others think you are. It’s a false narrative that skinks up the entire game.

  369. Prince is probable to play today.

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