G41 LAL @ UTA PreGame Thread+Poll

The Great Tanking Race + Kobe Retirement Show

So let’s call the previous game what it was. “Kobe vs LeBron” Show for perhaps the last time before Kobe retires.

Kobe played well with 19pts/17asts/6rebs/3TO with good 50% shooting (7-14) and Cavs underwhelming defense.

It’s becoming undeniable that Lakers becomesΒ the Kobe traveling show and losing is a welcomed outcome for tanking purpose. More LA Media is calling out for a full tanking season by losing more games to keep Top 5 draft picks.

It’s imperative for Lin fans to adjust the expectations that both factors will point to Lin’s reduced minutes since JLin is about team and winning. Perhaps that’s why Lin’s minutes are dwindling because his playing style and goal conflicts with Kobe’s personal goals and Lakers wish not to win games.

Let’s hope Lin keep’s his high efficiency in his 14-15 min and he will attract attention for contenders knowing Lin will help them for playoff run.Β Lakers is no longer “cheer-worthy” as normal basketball teams who want to win so basketball fans would need to adjust our expectations since winning is not the team goal.

This Utah game is probably no different since whoever loses will be leading in the Great Tanking Race. Lakers (12-28) vs Jazz (13-26)

If Kobe doesn’t play, let’s hope by a fluke that Lin is allowed to lead Lakers to post 20+min with great stats. Wins are probably not the desired outcome by BScott when Kobe’s absent.


Guess JLin's stats


  1. B2B tonight, no Kobe, yeah!

  2. [email protected] = Barron 2 Bryant?

  3. Lakers have a very limited W quota during the tank journey, and BS would like to reserve them all for “the baby” lest he has a tantrum.

  4. It might be more fun if they’re driving Tank together with Kobe at the cannon =)
    The Great Tanking Race has certainly begun.

  5. “The Great Tanking Race + Kobe Retirement Show”

    OK. That’s exactly the state of affairs at the Los Angels Lakers, Psalm.
    We shall await patiently (Not) for the end to this latest JLin episode :}

  6. Thank you! Now, this “Dumb and ….Dumber” photo is a grand work of art πŸ˜‰

  7. He sent this to Robin Lundberg, Serena Winters and others. I don’t think they or most people would understand why Stu is in there TBH. This may backfire and possibly alienate others further from Lin fans.

  8. I feel sorry for these actors because they were merely playing the roles of made up fictional characters. However, they are now being compared to the unexplainable dumbness of real human beings in Stu and BS, which must be hard to swallow LOL.

  9. Cavs played a slow tempo game which benefited Lakers 1st unit, one of the factors Kobe played well last night. Plus Caves D was only mediocre.

  10. as usual…. where is my Linsanity option?

  11. you know.. you may enter ‘Linsanity!!!” yourself under Other category, right? πŸ˜€
    Inspire Brent more these days haha..

  12. The Cav’s D was not just mediocre. It was downright horrible and that’s why they have lost 6 straight before facing the Lakers. Even Lebron was not playing much defense. They really played like a team trying to get their coach fired.

  13. Exactly! No need to get too upset if we understand the underlying politics
    Just hope for Lin to be efficient and increase his FA value!
    Gotta stay positive πŸ˜€

  14. Ya! Cav played as bad as Lakers in D… don’t know it’s bc Princeton system or coach’s problem? Both teams are not good in D. No wonder Cav it’s not in good shape just like Lakers.

  15. True. I believe Lin will win this time. I never like Kobe before & never will for sure.

  16. yes.. it’s a weird situation in LakerLand

  17. Oh….I did not realize this is a B2B…..haha no Kobe is good, but it is irrlevent to Lin’s minutes at this point

  18. Judging by the actions of the Lakers’ beat writers and reporters, they also know what is going on right now and that is why no one asked why Lin played so few minutes. After all, they still need to tow the company line or else they will lose access to the team lol.

  19. Yes, Scott would rather get blown out than let Lin play >15 minutes. Even garbage time he wouldn’t let Lin play more.

  20. That’s why I vote “25% Linsanity!! 12pts/4asts” =)

    BScott would still want to lose games in Kobe’s absence so Lin’s min will be at most 20.
    Too many then, Lakers might “accidentally” win!

    It’s so weird to talk Tanking basketball

  21. no I did not know that…. so I can edit the option myself?

  22. you can enter new entries
    Just like I did with “25% Linsanity!! 12pts/4asts”

    But spammers will be blocked from future Poll πŸ˜€ hehe

  23. exactly! They probably feel bad about Lin but can’t do anything.
    They’re just waiting for Chronos like us and enjoying the Weird-and-Wonderful Show, I guess lol

  24. so… I check on other then I do what now?

  25. They know… no worries

  26. Lin’s playing time has been reduced by the great LA coach each passing game. Will he get less than 15min tonight even though Kobe not there?

  27. I think it is still around 14-16

  28. off topic…. I am busting the myth …Asians don’t or can’t have beard.

  29. I hoep he will score 28 pts and 9 asts tonight. 15 min will be a bit tight…

  30. Did KB actually make the trip? BS is gonna say “Oh, KB feels great still. He’s going to give what fans want and play today.”

  31. Basically impossible…LOL

  32. No…he does not travel I think…if he is not playing

  33. don’t worry Jlin won’t be here next year anyway.

  34. Don’t really care about Stu because I shut him up when I watch and watch this site for conversation about the game. I hope Lin will sign with another team next season.

  35. As long as Lin is not the one close to finalizing his extension to stay in LA to be further marginalized (and further ridiculed by Stu) I think we are all good lol.

  36. Indeed… but … that is the right condition (impossible) for Linsanity to break out… it is….ABOUT TIME!!!
    Go Lin Go!!!

  37. nothing is impossible for Linsanity.

  38. Don’t have a problem w/ Bill.

    Stu is just from the Cheek Hearn days and will get his extension. Didn’t have a problem w/ him before, but man, he sure is a Lin hater.

  39. Even the gamblers in Vegas know the lakers are tanking favoring the Jazz by -7 pts (Jazz are on a 3 game losing streak). This Jazz/ laker game is pivotal in securing the 5th seed pick because the Lakers are directly competing with the Jazz for this position.

  40. So we are going to see a game where both team are trying to lose? LOL

  41. I want to Jlin go off and win this game in ohhh about 9 minutes… hehe

  42. BS wife will bet against Jazz and asks BS to have long leash of Lin. Just kidding.

  43. Guess Ellington might get some play time then.

  44. He will start…so….a ton of it

  45. Its no coincidence when lin pretty much took over the game and won vs the Magic ( who are also directly competing for that bottom five) that lakers front office made sure that wont happen again.

  46. But if he does play, how can one be either starter or DNP-CD

  47. remembers Jlin scored 7 pts in about 13 seconds before…. so no problem getting 40 pts in about 5 minutes or so…. hehe

  48. Well…..that’s martian algebra I think…

  49. Can’t afford to give out more free tacos LOL.

  50. Didn’t watch KB’s postgame, but he’s all smile in the postgame image. So it’s kinda sad that he really don’t care much about winning anymore. He’s just happy to get his stats.

  51. Lakers know exactly what kind of player they have with Lin, but how
    does it help Lakers at all to pump his stats up when he is unrestricted
    this summer. Lakers have 3 priorities:

    1. Keep 5 draft pick (lose with style)
    2. Keep Kobe healthy, (farewell tour for the fans)
    3. Retain any players such as davis, tarik, lin for cheap if possible (separate the lin-davis pick and roll)

  52. how about making the player you want to keep happy… especially if he is unrestricted.

  53. Lol, OK. Still, I dunno…

    Sometimes when I read these comments, they can be a bit too Lin-centric at times, and I think we sometimes forget that other people don’t know all the history and nuances that we do. Then we just come off looking like crazy, emotional people to them. And that doesn’t help our cause IMHO. Sharing it amongst ourselves is one thing, but when you’re sending it to media where a bunch more people will see it, I think it will come back to bite us in the butt.

  54. 3. EJECT Lin, not retain him.

    The Lakers are shopping for a max contract point guard like Rajon Rondo or Goran Dragic.

  55. I bust the myth too.

    I haven’t grown my beard out, but I could easily do so if I wanted to.

  56. Players’ problem with Cavs D, not coach.

    David Blatt is an excellent coach who would be Coach of the Year if he had Lin even without Lebron.

    The problem is that Kyrie Irving and Kevin Love are atrocious defenders, and that’s why Lin could score so effortlessly against them.

  57. This is one of the very few games where Kobe Bryant didn’t feel as if Jeremy Lin totally outplayed him.

  58. I sincerely hope the LA Losers find their max player and Jeremy will sign with another team next season.

  59. Now he knows limiting Lin to under 15 min will keep Lin out of his way

  60. So lets say hypothetically the Lakers are Pro- Lin and Lin averages 20-8. Basically they would win 30 some games with this roster, Lose their pick and now lin and davis now have big multi year contracts thrown at them from opposing teams. Lakers need to retain as much max space as possible for the slight chance they could get Love, Durant or other max players. Then back fill the team with whoever is still available.

  61. Or send Lin over to New Jersey for Deron Williams.

    While Coach Lionel Hollins would probably hate Lin, it’s still better than the inevitable DNP CD that Scott will do to Lin soon.

  62. If Lin averaged 20-8 on a pro-Lin agenda from the start of the season, they’d have won about 50 games no matter how poorly Kobe Bryant played.

  63. Then it will be up to Jeremy to determine next season if he wants to sign the new contract with whichever team that wants him. I hope perhaps a small market team will be better and a roster of no name players will be even better.

  64. I won’t doubt this for a second. Sadly these LA Losers are not I hoped for

  65. there’s an empty box underneath that you can type. Perhaps it’s not clearly shown in your browser?

  66. I don’t think Lin will get a contract offer.

  67. I will not be surprise to see Jlin playing time will be in the seconds… not minutes…. and will not be surprise to see Jlin pull a a Tmac of 13 pts in 30seconds and win the game

  68. Tracy McGrady in his utter prime could not deliver the staggering results in low minutes and low touches that Lin routinely delivers every night.

  69. Even Goran Dragic who had his best season last year averaging 20-8 couldnt get the suns to 50 wins. LIn is surrounded by a much worst team and the west is much stronger this year. Besides what does 50 teams get you? almost nothing. The Lakers need the pick and need to be sure they dont spend 10 million on Lin, its probably up to Mitch to sweet talk Lin into saying the Vet Min is good enough for you and we will give you playing time next year.

  70. ok… thanks… will look for it next time

  71. Librafree
    @JLin7 with lil fan at Staples Center. Lin’s papa and sister-in-law photobomb. LOL (credit chrisduran_ IG)

  72. Hey mod, why hold my last post? A half season of stats and eye confirm it as fact. I have posted over a 1000 post without a thumbs-down I would appreciate an explanation.



  73. agreed… Jlin will probably do better… 28 pts in 45 seconds… hehe

  74. Mostly likely by the software and not by the mod

  75. Lin is MUCH BETTER than Dragic.

    Better athlete, better scorer, better defender, better team player, better EVERYTHING.

    Lin would’ve gotten the weak Rockets in 2012 to 50 wins had James Harden not ruined the season with his hogging and poor defense, and Dragic had a stronger Phx team in 2012 than Lin had with the Rockets. That’s because Dragic is actually a selfish player who looks out for his own stats and is only average in his talent and game impact.

    Dragic is NOT an impact player who can change a team’s record. Lin IS.

  76. I shall nick name Jlin as “Bazooka17” the anti tank weapon.

  77. More like 2 team scores, a forced turnover leading to a one man fast break skywalking layup, a rebound, and an assist.

  78. I tried to vote 28pt and 9 Asts tonight but the system did not take it. Anyway that’s what I think Jeremy will deliver tonight if not more

  79. DIsqus randomly does that…we have no control

  80. you should just vote for Linsanity… that would save you all the trouble… hehe

  81. I just checked and it happens to have ‘Ko Brick” which is in the restricted words list to deter name-calling (Rule 7 violation). I can release it and please just rephrase.

    It might sound too strict but it’s there to prevent eventual name-calling among posters, which had happened in the past

  82. Did you write something nice about Jeremy? Stu must be snooping around and somehow figured it out how to withhold it…

  83. stu is not that bright… didn’t you see the dumb and dumber tweet?

  84. Usually when he’s posting scripture he feeling dissed.


  85. Yes… go Linsane!!! REally really need that.

    I was so upset last night and can’t even come over here…

  86. you can change “Ko Brick” to Ko Acme… hehe

  87. You are right… he really xxxx. Can’t spell it out but you get it.

  88. So if we accept the idea Lin is better than Dragic and Dragic is currently getting paid 7.5 million dollars a year then Lin is worth at least 8 million if not more then, which is exactly what the Lakers dont want to spend if they want to keep their cap space open for two max players since Kobe is on the books for 20 million already. From the front office perspective its much better to keep the pick, possibily retain lin for cheap by keeping the lid on his stats. As opposed to let him get his stats, lose your pick and have to pay him a big chunk of the cap which then limits your max player signings coming this summer.

  89. … here it comes… Linsanity is coming… sh…. I’ll be quiet….

  90. the lakers are dreaming if they think they can keep Jlin for cheap.

  91. Acme is Looney-Tunes funny :]
    Kobe hardly qualifies in that category
    It might be insulting to Acme factory lol

  92. or better yet… just quote Seinfeld…. and use “ko ko” the monkey…. hehe

  93. Are you so confident in the fact that at least one of the other 29 GMs know his stats and situation and will give him an offer?

  94. Being Asian is a death sentence to Lin’s value.

    I don’t think he’ll even get a minimum contract.

    If Lin were being utilized the way a player of his ability ought to be, he’d be a max contract superstar like a Lebron or Durant.

  95. I cannot imagine that… too painful perhaps.

    I really, really, hope you are wrong this time. I can’t imagine Jeremy playing in Europe or in China next season.

  96. Hope you guys are right.
    No Price , No Kobe .
    The perfect storm.

  97. My translation: “I might be in the weak position of being marginalized but I choose to trust in God’s divine power to show God’s grace (to forgive & love the unlovables). That way God gets the credit to get me through this rough patch and when things finally turn around”

    Swag Translation: “God, give me grace not to go berserk giving what these unlovables deserve! BTW Where is @Grace when you need her?” =)

    Disclaimer: By no means this is exact mind-reading of JLin’s thoughts :]

  98. Yes because other GM are not blind nor delusional… bias maybe… but all of them?… if that is the case then I rather see Jlin go play for Eric Muysselment in the Dleague to show off his skills that he still possesses then go sign with another NBA team afterward

  99. No Price?

  100. The problem is the few GMs who do like Lin may not have enough cap space or dont have the roster spots, etc which leaves the Lakers to assure Lin pick him up for cheap and assure him of his playing once they secure their cap space and draft pick.

  101. That’s one-awesome name!

  102. Actually the logical thing for Lakers to do now is to play JLin as many minutes as possible for the rest of the season.

    #1: What’s the Lakers’ goal for the rest of season? To lose as many games as possible to keep the top 5 pick.

    #2: Jeremy is a really bad player according to BS, Kobe and Stu etc..

    So, the solution should be playing JLin as much as possible for the rest of the season. He will lead the Lakers into the bottom of ranking because he is so bad.

    After all, he is collecting $15M from Lakers this year. They received a first round pick when they traded him from Rockets. They can make him earn another 1st rounder as well.

    By doing so, everybody is happy.

    Stu can mock him for every single mistake he makes for another 3 months.

    We Jeremy fans get to see him play his style of basketball.

    Lakers keep the pick they want so much. JLin gets to sign with another team this off season.

    No one can say Lakers are tanking, because they are playing the $15M dollar man day in and day out not some life time 3rd string point guard who likes to shoot outside of the basket.

    If Lakers are not doing the logical thing here, there has to be some other hidden agenda. I would hate to speculate what that might be.

  103. you know lins feeling the pain of his marginalization when he busts out the bible quotes

  104. Oh I can see it now. .. lakers waived Bazooka 17 to claim Jordan farmar. … get it done mitch…. do your job!

  105. Something wrong?! Looks like today Lin probably only will play few min again?

  106. Kobe/BScott knows #Bazooka17 Anti-Tank (coined by @disqus_pHXjEBmmCo:disqus) can produce the unexpected wins if given more show time. Plus Linsanity is crimping Kobe Retirement Show-style since Lakers fans are cheering wildly for more!

    So that explains Lin’s reduced minutes. If Lin gets hot and might make Kobe look bad (by winning w/o him or LA fans adoring Lin), he’ll get benched.
    That’s what I think it’s really happening.

  107. yup, he always relies on Bible quotes when he’s feeling down to gain strength since HOU days

  108. So must be bad right now… smh!

  109. frustrated, I would say.

  110. Not 100% sure.
    Price has sore elbow.
    Just hoping . Will see at game time

  111. It doesn’t matter bc w or w/o him if Scott didn’t allow Lin to play well then … saw Lin’s new tweet don’t think it’s good for him.

  112. This man is going to places where the soul wants to go.

  113. He posted that pretty early on in Rox. This is a powerful message.

  114. can you translate?

  115. He posted this before in Rox? What happened after that?

  116. Translation: I will become

  117. Rondo?

  118. psalm, this verse also includes before it about vanity, conceit, and so the message is greater if one reads the entire piece. That is, when a man is vain, God sense him/her a thorn in his/her side, a messenger of Satan, to remind him/her. And therefore, my power is made perfect in weakness.

    Isn’t that just the thing? When we are on top, something is there to show us there we are human, and when we know that, we are powerful. We can see more, and we can make ourselves stronger. For, grace is sufficient to get past where we’ve failed.

    This message is sort of all about New Testament. Just sayin’ no really preaching. Just what I picked up over the years, this verse is so meaningful to the human existence.

  119. um …

  120. he did 3 on what, 30 seconds before so he’s trying.

  121. You are exactly right. Because deep down they know JLin is a great play. They are so afraid that he will make fools out of them.

  122. true, even ‘aging’ can be good thorns to remind us we’re not gods with unlimited power and time.

    What we can do is to help pray so whatever good things to happen will happen very soon :]
    In the seemingly helpless situation of dwindling minutes devised by self-serving egos, will Divine Lin-tervention happen soon? That’s what I’m looking forward to seeing next.

  123. You are right. Ppl have a hard time crystalizing the truth when they are in a cruise ship. One has to be in a life boat.

  124. Did anybody notice yesterday that while on the bench, JLin being the great teammate that he is, saw swaggy down and depressed with a towel on his face. Probably from crying due to his poor shooting. JLin got up from the right side and asked his teammate next to swaggy to get up so he could sit next to swaggy and give him words of encouragement. Video later showed Swaggy laughing after JLin talked to him. JLin genuinely cares about his teammates and their well being. He is supportive and that’s why they all love him back. I just don’t know if they would do the same thing when JLin goes through his shooting slumps.

  125. Yes, let’s see. Lin has had another 15 min night this season and all is within band of 95% confidence (for it not to be statistically significant, small sample size).

  126. Look at the stats and don’t worry about the minutes. Even that is unclear. 15 mins here, 15 mins before not a big deal. It’s Lin’s health, his journey that counts. There is a kid with illness he’s supporting that is more important than tonight’s game, and that’s what this sports hero is concerned with. He’s already transcended Kobe and the antics at LAL, by his smiles. That’s quite powerful and might move us forward too.

  127. see below and there is no need to translate. Just write down 1 Cor 12:7 and onward until you feel you have it all. Then fold it up and put it in your wallet for a week. You will understand and live more powerfully made perfect in weakness. This is possibly very much Chinese philosophy from the Dao to Sun Tze. LMK now it goes if you do.

  128. He got more powerful. Then the next set came in and he got to be a better surfer and so on.

  129. So it’s good?

  130. what, that he posted it before or the verse or LAL situation?

  131. rondo had became a little water pistol and sit out a game when he hurt his little pinkeeeee…. so no rondo is not anywhere near Bazooka17 level of greatness.

  132. That’s one western way to look at it.

  133. Lakers are trying to win as much as possible.

    Lin is considered by Scott
    to be the main problem player that prevents the team from winning.

  134. I think he posts verses when he wants to comfort the fans, and I think he keeps it to himself in prayer when he’s upset. I dunno …

  135. LA situation for him…

  136. I would propose we can create a diagram showing possible scenarios of Kobe/Bscott logic to help all Lin/Lakers fans easily understand what’s going on.

    Goal: Make Kobe look good

    1. If Kobe doesn’t play well
    a. and Lin plays well, reduce Lin’s min
    -> “LAL can’t win w/o Kobe”, i.e. BOS game
    b. and Lin doesn’t play well, give Lin more min up to 20+
    -> “Kobe is still a better PG than Lin”

    2. If Kobe plays well,
    a. and Lin plays well, reduce Lin’s min and play others not playing well (Price/Young)
    -> “Kobe almost pulls the win but the supporting Charmin Crew sucks”, i.e. Cavs game
    b. and Lin doesn’t play well, give Lin more min up to 20+
    -> “Evidence Kobe is the key to LA wins, others are Charmin soft esp. lesser PG Lin”

    Price playing well would be added bonus to justify Scott’s wrong perspective he’s better than Lin.

    This can be further revised for simplicity and clarify with catchy acronyms

  137. I like your reverse csycology posts … hehe

  138. Cavs game is Scenario 2A (“Kobe almost pulls the win but the supporting Charmin Crew sucks”)

  139. That’s up to him and his God to assess. Me, I’m just saying I get that verse and I know I can learn more from it. Just sharing, that’s all.

  140. Thanks, I didn’t see that but saw the tweet that Lin was sitting next to Swaggy.
    It will eventually pay off. The teammates knew Lin genuinely cares for them as friends and is a good leader.
    Lin is already winning in Real-Life!

    Kobe is always living in paranoia thinking who will stab his back when he’s no longer playing because he does that to people all the time. It’s only a matter of time.

  141. correct… that is what karma is all about

  142. Only one scenario:

    Reduce Lin to a DNP CD over time because simply shutting him down right now would require an explanation to the Lakers front office.

    Scott is trying to gradually reduce Lin’s minutes so that he can say “Hey, look at how the Asian guy is playing worse and worse. I HAVE to kick him out of the NBA.

    The problem for Scott is that the Asian guy is holding his gross production solid despite the reducing minutes! So Scott can’t just outright DNP CD a performing player like Lin.

    Also, Ronnie Price keeps getting injured or in foul trouble. When that happens, Lin steps in and plays like an MVP unfairly chained to the bench. That prevents Scott from benching Lin further.

    Scott WILL achieve his quest of DNP CDing Lin very soon, but the fallout that Scott will incur on himself will be no small measure of redemption for his racist actions.

  143. How about including another scenario like below:
    3. If Kobe does not play (like tonight),
    a. and Price can play (physically able and not in foul trouble)
    -> Lin would simply receive low minutes. I don’t know what the narrative would be in this case. The Lakers would most likely lose so they need Kobe to win?
    b. and Price can’t physically play or in foul trouble
    -> Lin went into Linsanity mode and BS is extremely annoyed and unhappy, because the Lakers are winning WITHOUT Kobe!

  144. No wonder Kobe was all cuddly with Young.

    See, Kobe doesn’t care about Nick Young and wants to see Young fail. But Kobe cares about Lin taking the hero role away from Bryant. So Kobe acts all FAKE SUPPORTIVE to Young simply to try to be “better” than Lin!

    It doesn’t matter what fake support Bryant does because the support Lin shows is the REAL DEAL and players like Young know that.

    When Kobe goes to sleep at night, he will be tormented by the fact that Lin BEAT HIM YET AGAIN!!!

  145. I like Scenario3B “AccidentalLinsanity + Enraged BScott” LOL

  146. BScott might be replacing Price with Jordan Farmar if he kept shooting 3-airball like last night!
    I think DNP CD might create a backlash since media would be in an uproar. So Kobe/BS camp would try to avoid that.

    But Lin 12-15min would be the final goal to stamp Lin as “mediocre backup PG&marketing tool” when he’s just not given minutes. This is more dangerous than DNP-CD!

  147. Whoa, are you writing the story of Christ with Lin on the cross? If it’s a metaphor, then maybe that’s not blasphemy lol smile a bit.

    All is ok. Lin will not DNP-CD and as I said before and will continue to say against your choice of words … I’ll be the first to post that you are right if it happens. But, it will not come to pass so please stop with this DNP-CD until you are proven right. Right now, the game mins stats are not supporting your stance. We are well within the avg of 20 mins/game + confidence intervals, just short of the 30 games required for it to be statistically significant.

  148. Let me simplify this flow chart:

    If Game starts -> reduce Lins mins.
    Tank Success

  149. I usually against ppl to tell Lin just shoot more regardless….But if the minute dropped to 12 minutes….I would wish he find a way to have his pts plus asst larger than 12, whic requires more shootings..

  150. 12-15 minutes will be ample of time for Bazooka17 to go wild and blow the tank to pieces… just watch and enjoy the show

  151. He has used that mode to product in the last 2.5 mins of half or 3rd Q, so I have confidence he can do it only he has to choose to do so.

    Also on that point, have you noticed how seasoned Lin has gotten in clock management as the closes out a quarter? It’s so steady now you can feel it like a tropical breeze on your face.

  152. Lin’s at the 12-15 minute mark, but he’s OVERPRODUCING and making Scott look terrible.

    The racist American media would love to see Lin DNP CD, but elements of the Lakers front office would voice significant objections from a sheerly basketball standpoint. That’s why Scott has to gradually diminish Lin’s contributions to the point where there’s little difference between Lin playing low minutes and DNP CD, though Scott is finding Lin far more tenacious than Scott had anticipated.

    If Jordan Farmar comes to the Lakers, he’ll be handed Lin’s minutes while Ronnie Price continues to start.

    Scott and Kobe have been enraged that an Asian guy outplayed them both in 2012, and they thought Lin was just going to shrivel up as a scrub. Instead, Lin’s playing like an MVP and Scott and Kobe are freaking out trying to stop LINVP.

  153. Probably ask BS for the starting spot back after the 20th game and got rejected.

    “Any more peeps from you and you are going down to 10 minutes” -BS

  154. Lets assume his minutes will stuck at 12 minutes from now on…I think 7.8p /2.5a / 1r is a realistic target for him….which is actually a very good stat if he can average that. His clock management was never the problem to begin with. He just started with a different style which Scott hates. I bet MDA would not have any problem with that…

  155. I do not read verses….so…I will pass…lol

  156. Your 20 mpg is for the whole season?

  157. Think of it as classic philosophy. But yeah, I understand. I just happen to know that one from when my father passed away.

  158. NO.

    I won’t stop with the DNP CD talk unless Administration orders me to.

    Lin’s minutes have been decreasing just like I observed, actually FASTER than I thought. The decreasing minutes support MY argument, not yours.

    I’m not trying to write Lin’s future. I am a NOBODY and my opinion doesn’t count. But I’ve been in Lin’s shoes as the highly performing racially hated guy in entertainment MANY TIMES and I see the pattern as clear as when I saw it in my previous race failed jobs.

    I’m not a Christian, so I don’t have any fear of writing that I’d have WARNED Christ long before his arrest that there were secular and religious forces conspiring against him to bring about his demise. In a sense, that’s what I’m doing here too.

  159. I think Bazooka 17 average will be 12.5p/3ast/2rb/1.5 blks/.01tov in about 11minutes

  160. If he plays this minutes in ONE stint…not two

  161. you are correct sir!

  162. Yes, I think he can do 7 pts, but the 3 pt nights are gonna hurt on social media lol.

    On clock management, you are probably right. I’m just noticing with 35 sec left, I feel so confident when he has the ball as opposed to Price or Kobe. I get a sense he senses there is a score or win coming, likely 2 possessions and 2 scores. Then he does it and I think … ah, yes. That’s winning bball.

  163. Trust me, Scott will not replace Price with Farmar no matter how poorly Price plays.

    Farmar would replace Lin, not Price.

    If Jordan Farmar comes to the Lakers, that accelerates Lin’s DNP CD.

  164. Here is a more formal interpretation of the passage from the English theologian Matthew Poole (1624 – 1679)

    “And he said unto me, My grace is sufficient for thee” — Paul prayed, and God answered, not in specie, (doing the very thing for him which he asked), but in valore, giving him what was every whit as valuable. His answer was: My grace
    (my love and favour, not that which the apostle had already received, but which God was resolved further to show him, strengthening and supporting him under his trials, as also comforting and refreshing him) shall be enough for thee, to uphold thee under the present trial which is so burdensome to thee.

    “For my strength is made perfect in weakness” — for my Divine power, in upholding and supporting my people, is never so glorious as when they are under weaknesses in themselves. When they are sensible of the greatest impotency in themselves, then I delight most to exert and put forth my power in them and for them, my power then is most evident and conspicuous, and will be best acknowledged by my people.

    See : http://biblehub.com/commentaries/2_corinthians/12-9.htm

  165. Kobe is old school, like Scott. Some teams will go for 2 for 1 even if there is only 35 secs…

  166. if farmar comes that means Jlin is waived…. jmho

  167. Sorry to hear that

  168. 2015-01-15 Cavs vs Lakers Jeremy Lin TNT Overtime Player Cam

  169. Simple and to-the-point!

  170. So,,,,Rivers>Farmar>Lin? LOL

  171. I just feel sorry for people like Amir Ido and Sophie who went out and bought Jlin laker jersey.

  172. Graph his minutes and you will see there is no trend. Just a step function to 20 mins avg from 2nd unit role, and a scatter plot. I’m just joking about the cross metaphor, and I know you are cautioning everyone.

    The pattern of unjust diminishing you are writing about is clear to me too; it’s just that you don’t need to talk about DNP-CD every day when it’s not really happening in the numbers. It’s just a bad situation, and why not focus on getting out of it here instead of going into the rat hole? I mean, does it look like to you Lin is going into each game thinking rat-hole, or ready to do his best?

  173. Well, if they like it….nothing to feel sorry about tho…

  174. No, … it was about 30.5 std dev 4.5 as starter, less then 30 data points. As 2nd unit, about 20 now std 3.5 a few games ago. Now over 20 games and a few more and we’ll be statistically significant. 2 15 min games, so well within band of no significance if you allow for small sample size. Certainly calling 12mpg is outside 2sigma but not 3sigma for confidence interval, but not DNP-CD. There has to be another fundamental decision. Until then, it’s 20 or 12. Or 26 some nights.

  175. So they did cover Lin… Ya!

  176. nice that confirmed my translation of : Bazooka17 will blow the tanking to pieces!

  177. that means they have to spent more money next year for different jersey. But yes if they can afford and like it… then more power to them.

  178. I prepared 2 questions for JLin Q&A after 1/19 Suns game which will be pre-selected.

    I have 2 good questions related to his Christian faith and upcoming Free Agency in Summer 2015:

    1. Recently, you tweeted this 2 Cor 12:9a verse after 2 games when your playing time decreased despite playing very well. Can you explain what this verse mean to you in the current situation?
    @JLin7 2 Corinthians 12:9a — But he said to me, β€œMy grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.”
    11:36 AM – 16 Jan 2015

    2. In this upcoming Summer 2015 you will be in Free Agency where you will seek to play for multiple teams.
    What are Top 3 important criteria & decision-making process that you will use to decide which team/coach/system would be the best fit for you? And will you consider Phoenix Suns? πŸ˜€

    Perhaps I can submit 1 or 2 more question from any suggestions?
    You can ask him anything you want, basketball, faith, favorite pizza topping, etc
    People may vote to help decide what’s best. The deadline is tonight
    There’s no guarantee that he will choose these questions to answer.

  179. I like to know if he read this forum and if so what does he think of the fan comments

  180. It comes to pass. Only it came in youth. My father’s father died when he was 9 and he had to take the village watch as eldest male. He taught everyone well.

  181. What do you mean? I thought that’s the smart move?

  182. The did in the first half when he was on the court

  183. No Kobe?

  184. They showed kobe then Jeremy and for some reason Young.

  185. So who was on the most? Kobe?

  186. In this montage, look at the picture of Lin and Scott. Scott seems quite tense. He still has one arm folded across his chest. It’s nice that Lin seems better able to take things in stride.


  187. Yes.

  188. Today is the LAST Day! And we have HIT $3000! Just like JLin’s 3000 Career Points =)
    I’m sure it will bring a smile to his face on 1/19.
    Give yourself some big Backpats, JLin Fans. You DID it!

    For those who would like to donate to JLin Foundation to make positive impact as JLinPortal members, please follow the instruction in this thread:


    So far we have a total of $3000 – 4% to 5% Paypal fee (from 36 people and counting. Thanks!). Please email me at [email protected] to let me know how you like your name displayed in post & card. By default, I’ll use initials of First LastName plus State/Country unless you specify in Paypal Donation Note.

    The deadline is January 16 so I can send the Paypal donation and present a card with our member names to Jeremy on Jan 19 (after Phoenix Suns game).

    THANK YOU! This way, Jeremy will know that we as a group support and make positive contribution to a cause that he believes in πŸ˜€

    Note: It’s preferable that you donate directly to JLinFoundation (see instruction) to get US Tax deduction (if you qualify) and email me the receipt. See the post for details

  189. Exactly $3000? Amazing!

  190. He was on court most of the time so… plus Kobe said he will be out of this season soon. Even don’t like him but I can understand TNT wanted to focus on him.

  191. Today is the last push for fundraising to surpass JLin’s career points.
    Hope he knows his fans love and support him much!


  192. I posted a Relax Friends message and it went into Mod I think dunno why.

    Anyway, relax everyone. 15 min games or 2 pt games … it happens to all sports heroes and each of us. Stay the course, step up your game elsewhere, and a new wave of highs will come in. On our own, we can amplify the negatives enough, but if we amplify it with others, there is no way to come back or even appreciate it when it comes back.

    That’s what I learned about this site, psalm’s and other organizer’s vision which we all have too. Just, they did something hard about it, and we are blessed. We might as well bless everyone by trying to be creative, to amplify the good or support the good.

    Work toward the positive, and who cares about the ppl saying we are blinded. For, they do not have the capacity to have faith and make it so. It’s 100% ok to know the risks and not to amplify it when not appropriate. Positive does beget positive. Lin will have another Monster game soon, with good minutes and great press!

  193. Hopefully by 1/19 it matches or surpass his career ave pts! haha..

  194. Well said!
    We can choose to dwell on the negatives in our mind until it paralyzes us.
    Or we can focus on the positives to look forward to next big games.

    1 Positive: Byron is scratching his head non-stop. He can’t figure out how Lin keeps producing only with 15-16min!
    Soon he might need Lin’s help to save his job.

  195. Thank you, psalm, for arranging all this!

  196. I just donated 100 fyi.

  197. IDK…sometimes they just hold the ball…..for best outcome, than play defense…

  198. Thanks. I sent an email asking if you can donate directly to JLinFoundation after I refunded it.

    Greedy Paypal charges fee + it will help lessen my administration work
    I still have tons to do to prepare for the Thank You card & big giant (symbolic) check :]
    Thanks much!

  199. if only I can use your help with making the Thank You card hehe..

  200. Jeremy is very politically correct when it comes to basketball situations, so I don’t think he’ll answer either questions (as long as he’s officially still a Laker), since answering the questions would cause the media to jump on his answers (which would be controversial if he answered them honestly).

    Instead, I’d ask different (safer) versions of your questions (that are less threatening, but still the same question – so JLin might answer them):

    1. Recently, you tweeted a verse from the bible (Corinthians 12:9) – what does this verse mean to you both in your personal life and along your basketball journey?

    2. With your free agency in the upcoming offseason, what do you think some factors will be that will help aide you in your decision?

  201. Ok will do… After I pick up my kids from school.

  202. Yes!!! 15 min of Lin Lin Lin… keep Linning…

  203. I posted on this site this morning and the post was rejected by a moderator. I questioned the reason and was told the name I used for a player was not acceptable. I was told that I could re-post with modifications if I wished. So here I will try again.

    BREAkING WEATHER ALERT: A perfect storm has hit the West Coast in the LA area and may disrupt a major project of the construction of the world’s largest Tank. This is an unusual tank because it is being constructed of bricks.
    A reporter checked with architect, BSmart, and was assured that he had everything under control. He stated that his plan was perfect. He informed the reported that he planned to complete the project on time in mid April
    He was asked about his key personnel and he said his chief mason was Koko Bee with 17 years experience in the brick laying trade. His apprentice mason, named Saggy, was rapidly learning the tricks of the trade from Koko. He also stated he had an elite guard that was priceless protecting the project. He said the rest of his staff were nondescript except and American born Asian trying to sabotage it. The reporter asked the man’s name and he said I can’t remember because I hardly see him on the job, but he is despicable. He said the rest of his crew are just around receiving there paycheck and are of no value. Bsmart assured the reporter everything was good because he had support of his mason and the ownership.
    The reporter asked to be kept upto date as the projcet nears completion

  204. Hahaha… I think they are about to complete this Tank Project ahead of schedule.

  205. If those people understand that middle easterners are Asian too they would never said such things.

  206. OK! For tonight, all I want is Lin Lin Lin… Lin it all the way!
    Go Jeremy Go!

  207. Haha ko ko the bee instead of the monkey…very creative

  208. Amazing how he just jump from DNP-CD to starter lol.

  209. What if the legendary brick trader Koko decides to take early vacation from March? Will Bsmart have another candidate suitable for the job to combat the American born Asian trying to sabotage it? LOL

  210. NBA is a bigger pool than you think. Lin will get a decent contract next year from teams without much draft choices but desperately want to upgrade the back court.

  211. Epic story, @Je Ballew:disqus!
    Love your creativity!

    It can be titled “The tale of BSmart with Koko Bee’s Largest Tank: OLin-surrection!

  212. The more I read lin”s tweet, I think it was for his fans & not for him.lin knows how angry his fans are & the bible verse was about letting his fans k now, that might be a rough road now, but I can handle it and I am alright. He is saying he can endure what is happening and don’t worry about him

  213. Like your title

  214. Haha! That’s just like my friend said… “Even I am in weak or bad position now but everything will be OK..” I believe there are lots of power struggle now & I think Lin will win this one for sure.

  215. Christians do think alike, you and Lin.

  216. White elephant(s) in the room:
    1. This season is not about Lakers winning games it’s about fulfilling story narrative of building a shrine to legacy of Kobe.
    2. Lakers FO and BS tanking to get top draft pick.
    3. Current 2nd Squad has better chemistry (ranked 2nd or 3rd best bench in the NBA) than the current starters.
    4. Sad that development of skills and of careers of younger players are being sacrificed in order establish the story narrative (#1 above)
    5. Loss of integrity by Ownership, FO, and Coach BS — calling this the sport of basketball and expecting the fans to believe them.
    6. Jeremy Lin acts with total class, inner strength, and is inspirational how he deals with suffering thru this ordeal.
    7. As his fans we should continue to encourage JLIN and let him know that we see what he is going through.
    8. JLIN is super efficient, a game changer, creates chemistry with teammates (ED, Booz, Black, NY, Ellington,)… he’s a winner.
    9. Double standard applied to JLIN by referees in games… no calls when he is fouled and phantom calls against him

  217. I wouldn’t be surprised at all if his message was for the fans. I was struck by how relaxed and matter-of-fact he appeared during his post-game interview last night. He spoke with the balance and insight of a GOOD coach. When he talked about the game with the Jazz he even mentioned the effects of the change in altitude on player stamina. Lin might be quite dissatisfied with his situation but he seems to be taking things in stride.

  218. I like your story too :]
    Maybe you can create a satire mini-Series which I’ll put in Sticky Post haha…

  219. ok, I submitted it. Excellent question, let’s hope he decides to answer it :]

  220. Careful on scratching Byron – you get bleeding scabs ok sorta gross but good to know.

  221. Well. Yep, stop is possible and you risk the transition D if your first shot clanks out unexpectedly. I wouldn’t think LAL have any confidence in the 2fer or 1fer except that if Kobe takes it, there are NO consequences so it’s easy to be chicken and lost. Only Lin has the ballzy and he’s only not taking them because he’s threatened with bench. For sure SwaggyP has the go ahead and he will not do it – he will look for Kobe at the end.

  222. UTA Game Thread is now open!

    Without Kobe, will Byron let Jeremy play more min?
    If it makes Kobe look bad by winning, expect Byron to reduce his minutes.

    Keep smiling and play your best, JLin! There is light at the end of the tunnel!


  223. LAL is different…they do not seem like to win the game at all LOL

  224. Hey…I am taking the kids out to eat….problem be back late.can I just keep the donation thru paypal…sorry

  225. it’s okay, I trust you. Just send the receipt by tomorrow morning πŸ™‚

  226. ha ha … too right funnily.

  227. Psalm 234 I am in Phx thru Monday the 19th spending some time with Khuang. Send me a text at 5053500592 if you like. Thx.

  228. that’s great news, @Je Ballew. I emailed KHuang about meeting at half-time. Let’s talk some more for Monday.

    I’ll put your post in pending for your number’s privacy

  229. To those who think Lin is being nice and will never speak up.

    Jeremy Lin: "In terms of my career, the only thing that's really been consistent is the amount of inconsistency that I've had in my life."— Baxter Holmes (@BaxterHolmes) January 26, 2015

  230. @BaxterHolmes I've also hear LAL fans say based on Byron Scott's body language, he has no idea how to coach.— Spurs Diva (@SpursDiva7) January 26, 2015

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