G41 LAL @ UTA PreGame Thread+Poll

The Great Tanking Race + Kobe Retirement Show

So let’s call the previous game what it was. “Kobe vs LeBron” Show for perhaps the last time before Kobe retires.

Kobe played well with 19pts/17asts/6rebs/3TO with good 50% shooting (7-14) and Cavs underwhelming defense.

It’s becoming undeniable that Lakers becomes the Kobe traveling show and losing is a welcomed outcome for tanking purpose. More LA Media is calling out for a full tanking season by losing more games to keep Top 5 draft picks.

It’s imperative for Lin fans to adjust the expectations that both factors will point to Lin’s reduced minutes since JLin is about team and winning. Perhaps that’s why Lin’s minutes are dwindling because his playing style and goal conflicts with Kobe’s personal goals and Lakers wish not to win games.

Let’s hope Lin keep’s his high efficiency in his 14-15 min and he will attract attention for contenders knowing Lin will help them for playoff run. Lakers is no longer “cheer-worthy” as normal basketball teams who want to win so basketball fans would need to adjust our expectations since winning is not the team goal.

This Utah game is probably no different since whoever loses will be leading in the Great Tanking Race. Lakers (12-28) vs Jazz (13-26)

If Kobe doesn’t play, let’s hope by a fluke that Lin is allowed to lead Lakers to post 20+min with great stats. Wins are probably not the desired outcome by BScott when Kobe’s absent.


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