G41 LAL @ UTA Game Thread

Without Kobe, will Byron let Jeremy play more min? If it makes Kobe look bad by winning, expect Byron to reduce his minutes.

Keep smiling and play your best, JLin! There is light at the end of the tunnel!

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  1. Good news!

  2. Awesomeness!

    Go Linsanity!!!!!

  3. Jeremy will beat the TANK.

  4. after watching Lakers, I don’t want to get my hope up then be deflated later. lol

  5. signing in to vote for Linsanity!


  7. I knoww hehe.. I knew Lin will bring it but I knew Byron will suppress it.
    Argghh =)

  8. But Lakers want to tank. What a quandary. If they lose to Utah they will be sure to get into the bottom 5.

  9. Wow! I’m watching the game for sure tonight!

  10. Watch this block by Lin in the Rocket’s March 17, 2014 game against the Jazz. In fact, the block was against Trey Burke, who might be starting tonight.

    See : https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=6KhmzOHPGco#t=185

  11. Price was rubbing his elbow throughout the game last night. Now it’s clear that the injury was bothering him.

  12. No kobe Lin Starts

  13. 2 blocks.

  14. How did he get injured?

  15. I think he’s injured the whole season that why he can’t shoot much. Poor guy….

  16. Hope Price’s out for the season
    when ur old, elbow injuries aint a joke
    god always has a plan right?
    plz gift Jeremiah Lin, your devoted son another chance to prove his worth on his contract year
    do the right thing god

  17. I like Garcia ..

  18. Hope Kobe can out of season ASAP.

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  20. Maybe JLin knew Price, Kobe out earlier when he quoted that bible passage. If you look more widely at the passage more in context:


    Therefore, in order to keep me from becoming conceited, I was given a thorn in my flesh, a messenger of Satan, to torment me. 8 Three times I pleaded with the Lord to take it away from me. 9 But he said to me, “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.” Therefore I will boast all the more gladly about my weaknesses, so that Christ’s power may rest on me. 10 That is why, for Christ’s sake, I delightin weaknesses, in insults, in hardships, in persecutions, in difficulties. For when I am weak, then I am strong.

    We should call Byron Scott “the thorn”

  21. if bs is the thorn then who is kobe…or who mite be satan in your scenario? (other than satan).

  22. LOL .. it reminds me of Nets ex-GM Rod Thorn!

  23. Well, he can’t shoot in the past 9 years anyway 🙂

  24. Awesome Rick

  25. he will soon i can see dat

  26. Can I pray for no BS tonight as well?

  27. long term injury then.

  28. that would be hitting the trifecta

  29. since college? haha

  30. You mean you want icing on the cake…AND eat it too? But of course! LOL

  31. Simply ignore that BS and play JLIN brand of bball.

  32. Iane Baez has one of the most hilarious GIF in Twitter-verse LOL


  33. Yes, BScott out, and Mark Madsen takes his place.

  34. Ok from now on “The Thorn” what about the Sith…lol

  35. You know Lin will listen to the coach…..

  36. i wish…lol

  37. @MoominFloren is right. I’ve spoken with colleagues from Utah who’ve been following, and they said Price was never good since college.

  38. It’s already a miracle to have both KB and Price out on the same night…

  39. maybe JLin will start from now on since it more than 20 games with price. NOT….

  40. No disrespect to iane, but I still rank Rikki M higher.

  41. Don’t get too high too early…
    No price no kobe, but there will be always somebody as long as BS wants~

  42. If it happens then I’m gonna go out, buy an ice cream cake, and then eat it. LOL

  43. I’m greedy…..

  44. what about McFlurry..

  45. ya, probably someone has to remind him it’s already 40 games over and LAL has not even half of the Win they got last season.

  46. What do we have for Jeremy?
    Ed Davis, Jordan Hill, Wayne Johnson & that crucial ?
    This ? is the problem.
    Byron is looking forward to be blown out by the Jazz on this back to back game. This is why he puts Jeremy in. He thinks Jeremy is cooked!

    Don’t be too happy too early. Looking forward to being double teamed the whole night! Who is going to set picks for Jeremy?

  47. well hes’ never been able to shoot in the pros. 37% roughly this year and career. same. he’s just as bad as ever just for reasons which dont need to be gone into at this time he is (for only the second time in his quintesential scrub career getting minutes.

    no change in results.

  48. Rikki M GIF is also hilarious and full-of-imagination!

  49. oh i just had an oreo mcflurry.

  50. This same Utah team blew out Chicago by 20 points on Jan 7.
    What do we have to expect playing Utah tonight?

    The best option for Jeremy is still Ellington.
    Go Linsane, Jeremy!

  51. Awesome news!!! Clap! Clap! Go JLin!!!!!

  52. Where is Rikki M? Haven’t seen Rikki for a long long long time.

  53. chicago is not playing well. even rose finally had a big game and they still lost to washington.

  54. Ha.

  55. Nets looks really awful now. Wonder why some fans want JLin to go there.

  56. a lot of JLin fans got depressed and stop following him..

  57. Wow! This is good one.

  58. Good shooting form!
    Jeremy has picked up his shooting this season.
    The Birdman bounced off him; Jeremy is pretty strong for a guard.

  59. there are so many nba teams in disarray. its a time of change. many forces at work old not yet dead and new not yet fully born.

  60. No wonder they want to get rid of DM, Johnson…

  61. I hope Hill and Ellington’s shot is on tonight. Hate it when JLin keep passing to Hill and Young and they keep missing and wasting the shot. Ellington as been sitting out the last few games, he will be motivated to do well and prove he shouldn’t be sitting out games. Hope we see some Lin / Davis PnR and Davis stays out of foul trouble but now they have Black to back up.

  62. I hope Hill and Ellington’s shot is on tonight. Hate it when JLin keep passing to Hill and Young and they keep missing and wasting the shot. Ellington as been sitting out the last few games, he’ll be motivated to do well and prove he shouldn’t be sitting out games. Hope we see some Lin / Davis PnR and Davis stays out of foul trouble but now they have Black to back up.

  63. I don’t think he ever makes his way here yet.
    Maybe someday to say hi to old friends =)

  64. Yep sad. Guess they are more disappointed at NBA as a whole. Am furious with how JLin is being treated by his own teams and NBA. Hard to root for JLin but still believe Linsanity 2 will happen no matter what.

  65. Hope and pray so:-)

  66. 49% for jan 47% on 3’s

  67. But the defense of Chicago is still intact. They still have Gasol & Jimmy Butler (PER of 21+), Joakim Noah and Taj Gibson!

  68. hopefully Hill set decent screen and Davis/Black would roll well.
    Lin/Boozer would be nice. Not sure Swaggy can find his shots yet

  69. Then, how did he getta stay in NBA for so long?

  70. They don’t have draft choices. Lin will be their starting PG for years.

  71. has a lot of meaning behind the “Ha”

  72. Even though KB and RP aren’t playing this game, I’m still skeptical on BS will play JLin more and use him right. He will want JLin to pass and do nothing else. Somehow I feel like BS will play Clarkson more if JLin doesn’t come out “hot” and/or appeal to his eyes. This is how much I have faith with BS.

  73. lin keeps passing to young because scott keeps stopping him bringing the ball up and orders him to pass to young and young comes around the corner and gets the ball and shoots and misses….and most recently just in case lin was considering taking his fans advice and ignoring coaches orders and not passing to young: they have young bring the ball up court himself.

    and we all know that once the ball is in youngs hands a fga is not far away.

  74. practice player. been around a long time dont have to teach him everything; naively i thought thats why the lakers got him. turns out there was more afoot.

  75. we’ve seen that before..

  76. Maybe he would be out for Liningitis ?

  77. He’s stuck at the old turf.

  78. LAL Away record is better than Home. playing without KB on courtside makes a lot of difference…all the guys will play team bball.

  79. If Alibaba’s Ma Yun buys the team, I wouldn’t mind Lin going there and conquer New York again. A slap in Dolan’s face is never bad.

  80. Haha! I like the idea but Ma Yun didn’t show any interest in NBA at all… LOL!

  81. have to remind myself many times melody but God is bigger than scott Kobe or anybody else. His will be done he knows what is best.

  82. When Lin is backup, he gets subbed in at no earlier than the 3 min mark in the 1st quarter. As a starter, guess when he will be subbed out? I am guessing 5 min mark.

  83. but butler has been dropping lately; ever since dunleavy went out and they starting shifting things around. dunleavy was not a good player but they had a stable rotation once he went down and they shifted butler to 3 instead of 2 since then he’s not really regained his momentum even back at 2.

    and rose (despite) that one big game (which again didn’t matter they still lost) has been not good all year. still highly suspect as to is he able to ever play at a elite level again

    in their four loses in last five games they have given up an AVG of 106 pts a game.

    prior to that there had been only about 6 games all season when they gave up more than 106 pts.

  84. can you explain the symptoms and causes?

  85. I think he’s busy with philanthropy work.

  86. He is still there??

  87. I really do hope someone from Asia can buy Nets..

  88. Kobe is such a chicken. He keeps telling the media if the F/O wants to shut him down after All-Star game, that he will do it. He says he wants to play (yeah right, kobe). Kobe is tired and his game preparation is getting harder and harder for him to maintain. He wants too look good when he plays because Kobe has been reading all of the bad press about him. Old age is upon and he is struggling with his game. He has too much pride to sit on his own, so he kjust have the F/O make the decision for him so that he can tell the fans that he had no choice, because it was a management decision.LOL

  89. lol

  90. Reasons:
    1. NY
    2. NY
    3. NY
    It is where Linsanity belongs to.

  91. I remember seeing him there fairly recently.

  92. Hey Jordan Farmar’s available. Maybe the Lakers can sign him to save their season. LOL

  93. first out..last in..

  94. I know and understand but as long as BS is still in Lakers. His heart is like Phoroah’s heart is hardened. Let’s put it simply, God has a lot more patience with sinners than me:-)

  95. Good call.

    Lin joining the Nets would SAVE THE FRANCHISE.

    Good players – and quite a few petulant superstars too – would want to join the Nets if they installed Lin as a properly used point guard.

  96. That sums it up well.

  97. I’d feel better about the Nets if Lionel Hollins were gone.

    No more 80s retread illegal defense coaches.

  98. PER means NOTHING.

    It’s a bogus stat which is completely made up.

    There is no way Kobe Bryant can sport a PER of over 20 this season.

  99. Ok. Haven’t been back there for at least couple months or more now. Last check was so awful that I just left without reading more than the page that I was in.

  100. Hmmmm..

    Byron said he is considering changing lineup for reasons beyond injuries. Said he would reevaluate after 15-20 games after first switch— Mark Medina (@MarkG_Medina) January 17, 2015

  101. Same percentages as Jimmer Fredette last year, only Lin has less coaching and more minutes and more defense played against him.

    I wrote that Lin could be a Ray Allen level shooter if he repaired his jump shot. He HAS – and now it’s RAY AL-LIN!

  102. I’m watching the game tonight!! Time to have another great game for Jlin. 😉

  103. Lol season would be done already.

  104. Not sure if blaiyan’s highlights was posted but here it is.
    I actually haven’t had time to watch it

  105. Davis or Black at center would be ok since they hang around the post, Hill and Boozer can play pf since they like to shoot from the elbow and stretch the spacing. Ellington is starting so probably Wes will be playing in the starting line up also.

  106. Thanks he played really good for 15mn. Smh

  107. won’t be pice

  108. scott has been delusional for to long to believe all of a sudden he found sanity

  109. He’s gonna put Black and Clarkson in. The reason other than injury is the tank.

  110. That’s my take on KB. He won’t bow out on his own. Last game was his “high” for this season. He should be able to bow out now with whatever dignity he still has but…. Anyway, I give up on BS and KB and just want JLin to play for God, have fun, improve games, stay healthy until it’s time for him to shine again.

  111. there are already rumors to that effect. actually getting farmar would be a good move, cause he is one of the few players in the league whose numbers this season would define him as actually worse than price and therefore a good backup point guard. (to price)

  112. Good game from Lin even he only played such short min.

  113. a lot more will get depressed 2nite if both kobe and price are out and bs still continues lins amazing declining minutes.

  114. Wear his jersey! Maybe tonight we’ll get OLin-sanity! YEah :]

  115. Yes jersey&beers haha 🙂

  116. Did it confirm Lin will start? Maybe the tweet implies Clarkson. Whatever he says, I won’t believe a thing.

  117. yes, make it Happy OLin-sanity! lol

  118. agh, last day for group donation? i’m such a procrastinator

  119. Maybe they will build up Lin to showcase him for the February 19 trade deadline?

  120. Didn’t he get waived by Clippers because he is injury prone?

  121. > injury prone

    perfect for the Lakers then

  122. Ya! Lin will start…

  123. could be

  124. Don’t think so more like try to show nice to sign him to me.

  125. Because in lin we trust?

  126. Teams know what lin can do. No something else is going behind the scenes. Kobe so willing to shut it down if management wants him too. No something is up, and I don’t think it’s a lin trade.

  127. I got Sophie to come over via Twitter. Don’t want to poach in public lest I draw the pests over too. Perhaps we can PM Rikki M somehow.

  128. You can do it in no time:-)

  129. Agree. Seriously doubt that FO will trade JLin away as they need JLin and his fans to keep Lakers afloat. Wish JLin is traded but doubt it’s going to happen.

  130. Me too. Not trade.

  131. I hear ya. I couldn’t last more than 10 minutes there, before getting uncivilized response with obscenity. It’s amazing the things the mods there allow, the whole place just smells rotten with profanity and racial slurs.

    It’s really sad because I met some of the best Lin fans there (many of whom are now here), and at the same time I’m grateful that psalm and co. had the foresight to create this sanctuary and maintain our sanity.

  132. Yeah , and here goes Scott saying he will looking a changing line ups. No kobe will sit down after the All-Star game that is what’s happening and to keep the fans in the seat they will use Lin.

  133. Ya! If they wanted to trade him, they would showcase him like they did to Hill… not let him played less than 20 min per game w 15M price tag.

  134. question about the donation form:
    1. If we use alias for first and last name, is that what is printed for the tax receipt? I saw that they’ll put the name in the Recent Donation list, but I want to use my username, not Anonymous.

    2. Where is the Recent Donation list?

  135. Received a surprised Christmas present from my niece last night when I refused to receive JLin’s Lakers jersey. I’ve got Linsanity T-shirt:-)

  136. Feel the same way. Saw Lin was on their magazine cover…

  137. But if their nice to him and let him play they will start wining games and lose their top 5 draft pick. Hmm, what a predicament.

  138. Kobe still will play some games so no need to worry… LOL!

  139. Think about, what PG are they trading for, Rondo BTW he is on the bench in Dallas with an Achilles injury, don’t think so.

  140. Rondo injuries again?

  141. Eh, I’m sure it’s fine to use alias. I can always show IRS the credit card statement to match anyways.

  142. I see the coach is giving lots of excuses for KB and Price when they are not shooting well….such a loving coach.

    edited: should I use “step father” instead of coach.

  143. Heh Worthy said Lin he would be the leading scorer tonight

  144. maybe it’s okay. Remember, send directly to JLinFoundation, not JLinPortal
    since Paypal charges some exorbitant fee!

  145. Everybody is on to their game now. Scott is such a inept coach, he couldn’t make it look lie a real tank job. His own agenda clearly got in the way. Playing his favorite players with no obvious skill as a starter. That was the first clue. Then that cartoon video from bleacher report that went world wide starring Kobe in Let’s Tank” It was hilarious. They media is really clowning Kobe .LOL

  146. after you donate directly to jeremylinfoundation.org you’ll get the receipt.
    Just forward to me ([email protected]) then I’ll add username to the list.
    You may use real name on the card if you prefer.

  147. If there was ever a game for Linsanity to show up this is the one

  148. Yep. Raymond Felton was the starting PG…LOL

  149. Omg…..Hahahahaha….not laugh at the injury……just…….on man…..

  150. What? Rondo? w Achilles injury? Wow! I didn’t know that…

  151. If so no one will sign w Rondo this summer.

  152. Good choice!

  153. Yeah, that is the cover that you can buy at every game. Jeannie Buss is in charge of the marketing of all Laker products.

  154. That is like a monthly mag?

  155. Haha, much better. Anyone want to buy my jersey? Good thing I didn’t buy league pass or travel to a game. Would want my money back.

  156. oh, Thank God!!!!
    Hallelujah LOL

    Some of us will watch in person :]

  157. Lol…….some of us has some personal agenda….lol

  158. Ronnies arm must be damn near amputation levels if Byrons choosing not to play him

  159. yeah, like real money+driving+pulling-kids-from-school early+other real life hassles involved =)
    No Price-sanity for me, sir!

  160. eh hehe, this is Byron’s way to change Lin to starter and not have to admit ANYTHING!

  161. Scott is one loon. He acts like he is really in charge. yeah right.Mitch must be back at work because hit seems that he has reeled in Kobe with the statement that if the management wants to shut me down I will comply because I understand their position.

  162. I want you to have a Ton of Fun! for all that effort.

  163. Exactly, especially since Kobe will shut down after All-Star game.

  164. News alert: bone broth break though is helping Kobe play tonight. Oh dear, had to have a chuckle.

  165. Fans on BS: he is just bad. Not a little bad, but just plain bad, or horrible even.

  166. Freedom days coming up fast. Just want Mr Lin to be healthy rest of this season, this record doesn’t matter. FA, new team (as LAL too if new coach, teammate attitudes), what next? More thorns in his side to keep him from being conceited, and then … wife and kids lol.

  167. chokes my craw, this unwelcome visitor to my browser page.

  168. More than happy to:
    1) whenever he sees Lin, his spirit got crushed, thus his bones would dry up. (Prov. 17:22)
    2) whenever he sees Lin analyzing the game in Linterviews, he would feel so inferior, his hatred erupts inside, causing big headache.
    3) whenever Lin dunks, his eyeball roll back with disgust, causing his vision blurred.
    4) whenever Lin’s teammates embraced Lin, causing him to wonder why the players don’t hug him, causing him to vomit when he goes home.
    5) (please add to this un-curable disease…)

  169. Lin signing Kobe’s jerseys hahaha

  170. Please don’t sign the 24 jersey. SHEESH.

  171. U beat me by split second

  172. No comments 🙂

  173. that’s gonna make the signature worthless hehe.

  174. I hate this coach.

  175. Just cut arounder it, and throw the rest away.

  176. What’s up with that ?

  177. LOL …Olin stealing his signatures too!

  178. Kobe pwned! by Lin.

  179. thanks, Bro! 🙂

  180. _ _ _ _ you, BS. (Insert own expletive)

  181. You know what, we can all agree that 90% of the carp that comes out of Scott’s mouth makes us realize that when he opens his mouth all doubt is removed from everybody mind is that is just a straight up loon

  182. Agree. Glad for this website any day. @psalm234:disqus and posters keep me sane:-)

  183. Can’t help it but bring my kitty out~~~

  184. BS definitely got Liningitis. (See its definition below:
    1) whenever he sees Lin, his spirit got crushed, thus his bones would dry up. (Prov. 17:22)
    2) whenever he sees Lin analyzing the game in Linterviews, he would feel so inferior, his hatred erupts inside, causing big headache.
    3) whenever Lin dunks, his eyeballs roll back with disgust, causing his vision blurred.
    4) whenever Lin’s teammates embraced Lin, causing him to wonder why the players don’t hug him, causing him to vomit when he goes home.
    5) (please add to this un-curable disease…)

  185. Hahaha

  186. God is good 🙂

  187. Lin to take the carp, place it in the pond, and meditate.

  188. Hopefully this will begin the JLin trade.

  189. I know… Besides Kobe, no one he likes… all negative comments… smh!

  190. LOL good one!!

  191. He DOESN’T think, period.

  192. I know. I was really happy with my first JLin’s shirt. Too small for me to wear though.

  193. Can’t believe sign KB’s jersey.

  194. Smart guy. Stick with what you know (which is not basketball), and stay out of the NBA swamp.

  195. Not true, he loves Price…and his bagels.

  196. Byron Scott on Ronnie Price: “I don’t think he’s been great… he’s been exceptional! I don’t know where the Lakers would be this year without him.”

  197. The guy even disses Nick Young, there’s no limitation for him. Only cares about his beloved scrub Price and haggard Kobe LOL.

  198. It’s not the bagels, but the head of the snake!

  199. Sign on the name or number Lin. lol

  200. BS is changing his rhetoric, I think FO sent some sort of clear message and the tides are turning. Joyce may be right in that Mitch is back.

  201. Seriously, these people who hand over #24 for lin to sign it, what are they thinking?

  202. He just said lin was just an ok player

  203. LOL See…this is how you guys help keep me sane 🙂

  204. Oh wow. Just wow, so revolutionary from BS

  205. exactly, why collect this stuff if you destroy it’s value. Take off your other shirt and wear the 24 before you get the autograph.

  206. That’s as positive as it gets

  207. Lin asked in a earlier event…..”who is number 24?.

  208. Actually, it’s kind of flattering. After spending real cash on Kobe jersey, they’re thinking scr*w Kobe, I’m getting a Lin autograph!

  209. Of course after all the shackles you put on him.

  210. BS, it’s never BS’s fault. SMH

  211. No class. Unless they really cut it out.

  212. How about “It’s entirely my fault” coach? The one who preached defense since preseason but nothing comes out, and openly admitted he did not study opponent before the match.

  213. Don’t underestmate how difficult that must’ve been for BS. He may have had to clench his teeth just to sputter that out.

  214. lol

  215. They know true value.

  216. “What’s intended for evil, God intends for good.”

  217. Boy Scouts tonight, no game for me. You guys/gals hold the fort down and go Linsane! My hope? Lin controls the team well and they play beautifully. 7 ppl in double digits, a gentle win, some good team interviews, and we move onto next game without Kobe and Ronnie.

  218. Hahaha. But still it kinda makes you look silly and lin silly too for signing it. They should do like what Joeteam said,

  219. A: the playoffs.

  220. Lin should write 17 over it

  221. Not “entirely” Lin’s fault?

    Lin’s been playing LOCKDOWN DEFENSE.

    Nobody can get past Lin 1-on-1, including Lebron James who had multiple cracks at it last game but failed to get past Linfender.

    Lin gets screened because the Lakers don’t practice modern day defense that runs opponents off the 3 point line and thus prevents picks from even taking place.

  222. Oh common, how can you miss that? But we’re here keep you up to date as possible.

  223. Exactly. I say if you have Twitter , you should twitt your idea to them. Great suggestion.

  224. Based on his judgments so far, in particular on Lin, I could
    say now Bryon has the analytical ability of a dead tree stump. “It’s entirely not
    his fault” on coaching, was born that way.

  225. Even better than pissing on the hydrant. Kobe would fume and light up in envy green! LOL

  226. Playground! Or school backyard. Haha

  227. No, SIGN IT!

    That way the fan will remember Lin every time he sees his Kobe jersey – just like Kobe does!!!

  228. will tank commander allow that to happen?

  229. True. True. Hahaha
    And thinking, Jesus, these fans turn on me so quick!

  230. Unless BS benches Lin for 9 minutes stretches which was what he did when Lin was starter while giving the scrub 22 minutes!!

  231. Well, he has to back track. The head of the snake has been eaten up alive by every darn PG out there.

  232. Stoopid coach.

    He’s ANGRY that Lin’s defied his DNP CD projections.

    I have never seen a coach hate a producing player this much, not even when Charles Oakley and Tim Floyd constantly criticized each other in the press. Even PJ Carlesimo who was choked by Sprewell never hated on Sprewell as much as Scott hates Lin.

    Scott is blistering mad that Lin has PLAYED GREAT in the few minutes Lin has gotten.

    If that Lin hate troll and Price lover Metalogic7 from the other forjm was an NBA coach, he’d sound and act just like Byron Scott.

  233. Liningitis.

    I LIKE IT.

  234. Prayer request makes me nervous. Means there’s a lot on his mind. Hope he plays free. C’mon Jeremy!

  235. KHuang pulling a Byron and changing DNP-CD rhetorics… 😉

  236. LMAO, and Kobe wanted Lakers to sign him!!! Imagine what a laughing stock Lakers would’ve been!!! Ahahahaha! Too bad for Cuban, lost his better bench players for nothing!

  237. Lin being marginalized, but we still here having fun. Remember when this site was just the mods?

  238. DNP CD has been put on hold this game.

    Credit goes to Price and Kobe for going down.

  239. Just to be clear, Rondo has a bruised achilles heel. They don’t know when he will play

  240. Yep it seems so..and the plot thickens

  241. Wow, I have never seen any coach not try to prop up his own players. With a coach like this, who needs an enemy? The worst I have seen any coach say something negative of his own player is something like “He is trying to adapt.” or “He is not playing up to his capability”. BS is basically saying Lin is a mediocre player. Wait to go instilling confidence in your own players!

    Can you imagine BS saying “I don’t think MY WIFE has been great. I think she’s been OK. But I don’t think she’s been TERRIBLE, either.” No wonder his wife is divorcing him.

  242. No, Scott like Tarik Black and Wes Johnson and Ed Davis.

    Carlos Boozer is not a guy that Scott likes, but Scott will at least play Boozer.

  243. My starting line up with Lin:Booze/Ellington/Davis/Black

  244. Price got his arm wrenched when he was playing his customary lazy Beverley style defense and got tangled up in a pick.

  245. Sounds like nursery rhymes…I don’t think he’s been great, I think he’s been OK. But I don’t think he’s been terrible, BS!!!

  246. Defected product, Cuban should sue those Celtics. Lol

  247. Ha ha I thank you for giving me the reprieve. Sounds like Price is out for the Phx game too, so go with psalm’s kids!

  248. Tipoff in a few minutes.

  249. That is why Cuban was smart, he didn’t panic and sign him to a big contract. Cuban just wanted to see how he meshed with the rest of the players

  250. maybe not, but some days you have to let the cream rise.

  251. waiting for JLin Post Game Rebuttal

    edited: with a Smile 🙂

  252. expected this from scott

  253. Hmmm…….I don’t feel the change yet….

  254. somebody give me the reply link lol. Maybe I can watch box scores on my mobile.

  255. I am concerned too. It makes me believe things are not going well even though he is handling them ok.

  256. did rando sign long term to dallas?

  257. No~it never just the mods. It’s always mods and other posters. ^_^

  258. I agree, we will have to wait and see,but I will always have hope that things will change

  259. No.

  260. Celtics actually got the better end of the Rondo deal!

    My man Jae Crowder is now the Boston starting SF because of his extreme intelligence (comparable to Lin but doesn’t have Lin’s athletic gifts) and rugged toughness (also tough like Lin).

    I proclaimed in Summer 2012 on the other forum that Jae Crowder was one of the best rookies coming in. He has actually exceeded my expectations because I viewed him as a low minute utility player who’d play 10 years, not as a starting NBA small forward averaging double figure points!

  261. they may let him go

  262. Can you imagine BS saying “I don’t think MY WIFE has been great. I think she’s been OK. But I don’t think she’s been TERRIBLE, either.” No wonder his wife is divorcing him.

  263. in the beginning it was like 75% mods.

  264. NO WORRIES.

    Lin derives his strength from prayer.

    He tends to pray before big games. It settles him, focuses him, and helps block out the negativity.

  265. LOL Like it “the plot thickens”

  266. funny

  267. Cool.

    JE Ballew and I are going together, like we typically do. He knows more about the modern NBA than I do and is a real expert.

  268. All of that remain to be seen, anything can happen til the end of the season.

  269. he lost all his credibility so nothing he says means anything any more

  270. WOW KHuang get this right:-)

  271. With a guy like that in the Revolutionary Army, America would never have won against the British. What a sense of covering his teammate’s back.

  272. Thanks for a good laugh before game web.

  273. What I am not happy about is which coach ditches his starter in public right before the game?

  274. I don’t see any change in rhetoric.

    Byron Scott hates Lin more than ever, especially because Lin has being playing like a league MVP in the few minutes he gets!

  275. But he still can make the public laugh.

  276. What a bizarre press conference / interview. Who would be asking questions like this?


  277. Forget before the game. You never should do this as a coach. No matter what, you are on the same team. I could never fight for a commander like this. There is a reason why soldiers would have died for General Patton. BS is a disgrace of a human being, not just as a coach. It speaks a volume for NBA that a person like BS could have gotten a HC job. I could never imagine coach Woodson saying this about his own player.

  278. some one has to take the stage~~hehe. Glad them come this far.

  279. Let Scott twist and shout.

    Let Scott know what it’s like to be LINBARRASED.

  280. Lin throwing a wrench in BS’ tanking plans tonight! Linsanity, baby!

  281. got news for you bs ronnie price is no “kid”.

  282. i meant byron scott lol

  283. Yeah yeah yeah, and Price also makes some mean bagels.

  284. Good question actually, they want BS to say those are injured comparing to Lin.

  285. who cares
    they lost all ther credibility
    nothing they say means shyt

  286. 31 is old for a kid

  287. Dad sending off his kid with a pat on the back. Price is done, lol.

  288. lol

  289. and has never tripped over the half court line yet bringing the ball up to hand it to kobe. wow. (actually i think it was stu that pointed that out).

  290. ill watch the laker feed hope it goes well

  291. So…Lin’s gonna tank the tank? LOL

  292. No I’m not.

    Byron Scott STILL wants to DNP CD Lin, but he is being forced to play Lin anyway because the Lakers don’t have anybody left after Price to dribble the ball upcourt without losing it.

  293. Exactly. BS has no decency.

  294. really, you guys are buds? Cool. Go Lin!

  295. Lin is going to place a landmine under that tank!

  296. Byron can say whatever the heck he wants but Lin has been great #truth

  297. Scott is just ring to justify why he played Ronnie Price over lin for his own agenda. The more he talks the more he digs himself into a hole.

  298. Have a feeling Stu will soft down attacking Lin.

  299. He now saying Lin is not tough. Wow.

  300. wow with this quotes i mean im familiar with coaches throwing a player under the bus after the game but i dont think ive ever heard anyone backhandedly doing so before the game.

  301. truth

  302. Shut up BS !

  303. Lin is the MOST VICIOUS postgame interviewer I’ve ever seen.

    What makes Lin so biting is that he’s trying NOT to antagonize anybody on his team but it comes out that way anyway!

    It’s like when Kobe Bryant screamed and cursed at Lin for not taking that late foul because Scott ordered Lin not to. When asked about it, Lin didn’t even flinch because he said he didn’t notice Bryant!!! Lin basically said that he IGNORED Bryant and Lin didn’t even realize he just BLEW OFF KOBE!!!

  304. so the people around BS must be all be feeling Lin ‘s been terrible!

  305. see Novak.

  306. Because he has not finalized his contract with TCW. Bill McDonald has, but not him.:LOL

  307. Why does he mention Westbrook? Wasn’t Jeremy already coming off bench when Lakers played Thunder.

  308. Why did you talk about Price, when the question is asking about Lin?

  309. I don’t.

    This is a racial issue, and RACE TRUMPS EVERYTHING.

  310. Why those BS comments on Lin are amazing….I’ve never heard anything like that on a player….tough love???? I mean that can only be the explanation because the Front Office wouldn’t want to alienate their whole Asian community

  311. Not tough love. No love.

  312. exactly. I think he is forced to start Lin and trying to deter Lin having a good game.

  313. It’s amazing

  314. He did Nick Young the same way. He said if Nick came in early to practice and put up some shots and sart taking it seriously then perhaps he would hit some shots.LOL

  315. Lin playing turrible, as if he’s trying to justify what BS has said.

  316. I don’t think bs can admit he is wrong. Pride cometh before a fall.

  317. Scott needs to pay off the ex-wife before she produces some incriminating tapes on him..LOL

  318. Oops somehow it vomits again. Didn’t mean to insert it again.

  319. such a stupid turnover

  320. what is he doing?

  321. Playing very hesitant. Not fully committed on his attacks.

  322. its maddening watching lin sometimes.

  323. “Deleted” 🙂

  324. Is it because BS is afraid Lin may take off tonight but he has to start Lin, so he is playing some mental game on Lin to deter Lin have a good game????

  325. I think BS is so angry that he cannot play his beloved sons in this game, must be the reason why he keep dissing Lin.
    His tank job is gonna ruined tonight

  326. only bruise heel…. kobe played with torn achiles heel…rondo is soft like charmin…hahahaha

  327. 2 turnovers. Got stripped once for easy basket the other way. Jumped with nowhere to go and threw it to a Jazz player for easy basket the other way.

  328. He will get it together

  329. That’s another hateful stupid post by Byron Scott.

    Lin’s out there throwing his body around, taking illegal hits, going through full coaching punishment in practice, shutting down league MVPs like Lebron, bringing the team back game after game, standing up to everyone and winning just about everybody over, and playing every game.

    While Price sits out injured and beaten with a wrenched elbow that he himself caused by defending a pick weakly and getting tangled up with a big man, this stupid coach has the gall to criticize the toughest player in the NBA?

    Racist Byron Scott is lucky he doesn’t post on our site here. People like me would TAKE HIM DOWN and send him cowering back to the practice gym.

  330. If he starts to handle the ball like that, his teammates are not going to pass to him.

  331. And Yes my Jlin to dallas campaign is back on!!! Yehaaa!!!

  332. This like new teammates.

  333. lin has 2 bad TOs as a start and his teams mate don’t trust him with the ball after that.

  334. I was thinking about the difference between kobe and Jeremy. One plaus for himself while the other plays for God. One that cares for God’s glory while the other cares for his own glory. I am hoping that people see the contrast. Who do you want to choose? I think it is more than just basketball in my mind.

  335. Good call, webattorney.

    Would you rather represent Scott or his wife in divorce litigation (I don’t know if divorce is your field?)

  336. In Lin’s defense, spacing is terrible due to players on the floor.

  337. It’s still basketball

  338. yes yes yes.

  339. No excuses play well jeremy

  340. In BB, I rather Lin plays for himself. I don’t get what exactly it means to play for God on BB court.

  341. Word

  342. Even Hill brought the ball up and refused to pass it to JLin. What a heck!

  343. an offense that gives hill the most shots in the unit. smh

  344. To me, it doesn’t matter.

    As long as Lin PRODUCES out there, that’s the main thing.

  345. You know what I mean, right? I mean BB is just BB. It’s like saying I play Monopoly for God.

  346. Basketball is men’s game. I am not an expert, but I don’t think it means much to God.

  347. The more hill touches the ball…the worse the ball movement will be.

  348. Looks like Hill and teammates are icing Lin out! Lin was wide open but Hill didn’t pass to him!

  349. Hill is not Shaq come on with the feeds

  350. Thank you for asking. 🙂

  351. lin is not even making himself available for the pass out to reset sometimes.

  352. Exactly the whole God and basketball performance thing is a little too much…play well on the court

  353. Hill playing PG? LOL

  354. I get that he lives for God off BB court, but on BB court, it’s just a game.

  355. It was, but sign of success

  356. I know …some of us here are hoping BS rid of the “starters” but leave JLin in the game with the bench..

  357. Lin needs to step it up and figure it out

  358. Jeremy playing like this is playing into the backup narrative

  359. Lakers starters so sloppy!!

  360. Lin playing with people that he hasn’t played with in MONTHS.

    Lin is essentially a brand new starter with guys that are totally unfamiliar with his game.

  361. OK the real Lakers are coming in now…

  362. OMG these selfish teammates are suck at passing!

  363. Great point

  364. This starter lineup is build for Kobe…

  365. But Khuang you still need to play your game

  366. These “starters” have been relying on KB too much that they panic without KB

  367. So, Lin must start chucking shots and stop passing to Hill.

  368. hill has no concept of dishing out for 3 pts. again on byron

  369. Lin out already?

  370. What the Lin taken out?!!

  371. wtf! they throw away the ball 3 times in a row! the 1st team is so bad!

  372. Yes

  373. Clarkson so soon? Jeeze never see JLin in so soon.

  374. Clarkson deserves a chance with the way Lin has been turning over. I want to see what Clarkson can do.

  375. that is the reason why the bench outplay the starters

  376. He will have to play either way

  377. Jeremy will come back stronger… give him a chance to get use with the “starters”

  378. hows lin doing?

  379. Lin won’t be able to play well with starters since he hasn’t for months! And Scott benches him when the real starters (bench) are in!! So intent on making Lin look bad!!

  380. HOW?

    These starters have no idea how to play with Lin.

    They’ve never spent time together on the court!!!

  381. jazz at least know to kick out for 3.

    lakers are just re tard ed

  382. I am not going to argue with the rotation this time; there was a reason for it.

  383. Lin better figure it out…smh

  384. fundamentally the starters (minus Davis) sucks!

  385. He wants Jeremy to become a ballhog chucker in a five-man sport.

  386. Got to put up shots man

  387. A trap game and Lin smells it

  388. can’t really blame byron for starting lin. come on

  389. Actually, I won’t go that far.

    The only way for Lin and the starters to acclimate themselves to each other is to GET IN GAMES AND PLAY.

  390. No I’m smarter than you think….take it to the rim play your game

  391. He will Joyce

  392. In short he wants Jeremy to play like Kobe and Harden.

  393. only way is to play with the bench…no way out.

  394. Lin will figure it out.

  395. Yeah okay.

  396. Again you don’t understand the point…he is an aggressive pg no? So be aggressive. I play and coach the game and see jeremys game with open eyes so he shouldn’t be hesitating

  397. Although it is true he hasn’t played with them much, at some point, he also needs to step up. It should be obvious to him that there is no one to lead Lakers in today’s starting line up. Yet, he didn’t even have a shot attempt in first 8 minutes.

  398. when your job is to ‘facilitate’ with ballhog blackhole teammates, there is not much to do except to chuck.

  399. yea give time to figure it out

  400. I’ve seen enough of Clarkson to know he’s not a point guard. He just doesn’t have the court vision. He reminds me of Shumpert.

  401. WTH BS doing? Lin should play 35 min tonight.

  402. O-kaaaaay.

  403. OF COURSE he will.

    The starters are FROZEN SOLID from months of being shut out by Bryant and Price.

    Lin will work with them, talk to them, encourage them to cut and move for their shots. They’ll come around.

  404. ok, they are 12-28 for a reason.

  405. Time to not do his job and facilitate himself. He is going to get benched when Kobe and Price are back anyway.

  406. should have done that during practice ….not during game time..

  407. Lin always starts slow to get his teammates going.

  408. if lin cant show up this game, there is no one to blame but himself

  409. nah weve all seen this coming no biggie

  410. what practice

  411. team….

  412. Lin please double digits tn
    ur teammates are no good

  413. Oh well I tried you always hammer me if I go a tad critical

  414. Okaaaay.

  415. exactly…no practice

  416. U win …. I’m done lol

  417. O-kayy…

  418. How can BS be a coach?

  419. Stop.

    You’re acting crazy.

    There are 4 other starters who have not played a NBA regulation game with Lin in MONTHS. And those guys have been FROZEN because Kobe Bryant and Ronnie Price have stunk up the game with their bad selfish defenseless play.

    Do you really expect them to suddenly start cutting and defending and scoring just because Lin is with them for once?

    Besides, haven’t you noticed that the Lakers are not down 18-0 like they have been lately?

    One guy cannot unfreeze four beaten down guys in a single quarter!

  420. No need to blame himself. It just a game and playing for a coach who hates you is not that easy. Try the best!

  421. coach decision….i guess

  422. But how about the first 20 games they had played? It still counts right? I will say they are sort of icing him…

  423. WRONG.

    This is an actual GAME.

    Lin and those guys are feeling each other out.

  424. Just need to be snaky … full of vernom…

  425. 12-14 please….could easily happen. Utah is not a juggernaut

  426. Now I know why I don’t have million dollars.

  427. Is lin still on the bench?

  428. Yes sister.

  429. What is the score?

  430. same here… same…

    Those are special species… talk like a human … but…

  431. Lin just needs to look to score right now, that when he’s doubled his teammates will open up!!

  432. 28-27 jazz

  433. Starters stink of kobe

  434. and so is Utah, I guess.

  435. nice cut by clarkson. boozer actually passed it

  436. Voldemort?

  437. Exactly.

  438. Humbly disagree…

  439. Haha… thanks for the reminder! That’s it!!!

  440. Joyce you’re still at work?

  441. He really said that about price?

  442. oh that female ref is doing this game.

  443. Guys and Gals clarkson being agressive hurts our heroes minutes…..some of you best me up asking Jeremy to be agressive but with Price out we all know BS is looking for Clarkson to step up and throw mins his way

  444. yes

  445. Clarkson! Good Job!

  446. Lin has to come out hot. He gets so little opportunity and such a short leash he can’t waste time trying to get teammates going.

  447. We post the score when we can. timeout now. 30-29 Jazz

  448. Clarkson made that play because he got the outlet quickly from Boozer. Hill takes forever OR never passes to Lin.

  449. I think one thing Lin should be doing that he wasn’t in there is pushing the ball down the court fast. He hasn’t been doing that enough this year. Clarkson just did that and it winded up being a nice lob to Black.

  450. The “starters” are slow…

  451. If hill is willing to give the ball to lin…then yes

  452. Ugh, bench actually runs. Starters do not.

  453. 1st unit plays slow this is expected

  454. you got the point

  455. remember the time hill decided to bring the ball up himself? lol
    dont expect an outlet to lin

  456. But when Lin attacks and looks to score Scout tells him to be a facilitator pg and pass

  457. a quick 3 from top of the key would be nice

  458. Then encourage Ellington, Davis and Wes to move faster. Only slow guy is Hill.

  459. Lin better come out blazing and stop the nonsense.

  460. Lin never allowed to play with 2nd unit when he’s starter!!

  461. Clarkson bad pass turnover and a steal … it happens… good recovery!

  462. yep yep

  463. Rather him have points than not man…increases his value…why listen to scott anymore

  464. A team plays like this, it is on the coach.

  465. If he doesn’t I’m turning off the stream, BS is intent on making Lin look bad. When it’s obvious he’s more familiar with 2nd unit!!

  466. bad pass by clarkson, but the problem is the offense has no plan B if the first option pass isnt available. its so laughably pathetic.

  467. Stop with the clarkson play by play..smh

  468. hey Coach…need JLin in to calm the bench…

  469. Come on Joyce, he is playing well and I like him, haha

  470. jazz execution is not bad at all, but shots not going down is all.

  471. Let’s go

  472. I don’t care. this is a lin fan site

  473. Finally.

  474. This reminds me the time when Lin had to played against 14 (5 opponents, 4 teammates, 3 refs & 2 coaches) in Houston…..

  475. Jeremy’s good teammate

  476. He better do something to redeem himself

  477. NBA refs, who are you?

  478. That wasn’t a foul?

  479. refs like what going on this year

  480. yeah, yeah, lin needs to step us his game tonight

  481. Lin not getting foul calls.

  482. Lin b2b no call

  483. danm racist refs…Jlin got fouled twice … no call

  484. lin getting hammered

  485. that female ref is always awful. ALWAYS

  486. Hahahahaha this is so ugly to watch

  487. Well he went agressive and the refs ate the whistle

  488. Not only does B.S. get Liningitis, but I’ve heard Kobe gets Linfluenza. Everytime he looks at Lin he begins to ache all over and rest in bed. When Lin’s points equal or exceeds his, he gives a full heave. We all witnessed it after the Hornet game. Lin’s picture the same size as Kobe’s kept Kobe hurling until now.

  489. Not much a team play so far. Not sure how they practice team play. None

  490. How was that not a foul??

  491. black female the white one the other day was nice

  492. Because he is Lin..

  493. i didnt know there was a white female ref

  494. I would have preferred that he started hot. But, at least I think he will get plenty of minutes and chances in 2nd half today, which is when he usually does better.

  495. Hahahaa it’s easily turning from black to white to black again…

  496. Lin needs to watch out, many are very anti Christian, ask Tim Tebow. Again, who are you NBA refs?

  497. oh no there is the black female ref…

  498. Lin needs to find another way to score. Lin should always have a plan B for these crooked refs

  499. i cant believe no calls

  500. yep

  501. not a single word about Lin’s no call……. makes no sense

  502. black females always jealous of sucessful asian ball player

  503. Lin is not getting any calls, he needs a few mid range Js and a couple 3s to get it going.

  504. they need to replace that ref with joyce

  505. exactly. what he needs to do. Lin should always pal for this .

  506. Lol

  507. it just requires an abduction and some mistaken identity comedy. lin fans, make it happen!

  508. Valerie something…IIRC.

  509. That doesn’t even begin to make sense. There weren’t even that many Asian basketball players to be jealous of, not to mention “successful”.

  510. her again

  511. lol lin foul wow

  512. the BF ref strike again… smh

  513. LOL. Touch foul on Hayward but Lin got hammered but no call for him.

  514. The biased female ref Violet Palmer is doing her dirty job again!

  515. You know what if they had a rule that for every bad call the refs made they would have to pay $500.00 dollars, i bet you would have a lot of fair calls..LOL

  516. Violet Palmer smh

  517. ultimate injustice

  518. The Lakers are standing around. It’s going to be a long night

  519. Lol that dosen’t seem to be stoping them.

  520. shouldve shot that one

  521. lin needs to figure out another way to score if this is the game they are playing. Lin needs to figure out that refs are not going to give him calls, so he needs to out think them

  522. funny …the ref in NBA are well protected….I still prefer the rules in soccer…2 linesmen and a ref + goal-line video

  523. Do the starters really suck that bad? Always a – on the +/- even with Lin there.

  524. beyond redemption….for the starters

  525. ed davis controlled the block so it would go to lin. nice

  526. Yes. But the Jazz is bad too

  527. Why is Wesley Johnson trying to be a PG?

  528. I will be back later. lin has no chemistry with this first unit.

  529. Why is Wayne Ellington trying to be a PG?

  530. Stupid Johnson should have passed to Jeremy. Rather turn it over

  531. It’s ugly

  532. this team is one pass before the shot

  533. Teammates just takes the shot the moment Lin passes to them!! Not playing like a team at all! Everyone playing for themselves! Lin needs to worry about his own points!!

  534. Scott’s orders. so that Kobe will keep his spot.

  535. i prefer lin with the bench guys. the starters annoy me

  536. Scott has to move hill away from the basket to win this…

  537. and Lin still wont shoot

  538. lollllllllllllll

  539. Experts here, are the Lakers playing iso most of the time? I don’t see any PnR etc… Help!

  540. Has to move Wes as well

  541. he should be talking 10 shots by now lol

  542. i think that was ellignton

  543. did anyone hear Stu or the other Stoodge say ” Lin gets to come in” when Lin checked back in …… since when did a starter coming back in become a favor….the ridiculousness is contagious

  544. Scott called it…hill is the 1st option after kobe

  545. He took a jumper but missed. Only 3 shot attempts. Teammates also not passing the ball back to him when he’s open!!

  546. Lin got a memo NO SHOOTING tonight

  547. Jazz announcer also dissed Lin say he got his 15 minutes of fame!

  548. Jeremy is in no man’s land, and that lesbxx ref adds salt to the wound!!

  549. It is very strange that violet palmer is so inconsistent with calls… jlin touches someone andnits a foul… he gets hammered and no call… lets write to nba

  550. clarkson’s skill profile works fine in everyone-getting-his.

  551. That’s a trip Matt Harpring. Gobert’s leg was stuck out.

  552. Exactly… two bad teams

  553. Playing with starters WHOM HE HAS 0 -1 CHEMISTRY + that black ref = THIS GAME.

  554. I hope lin wakes up soon..smh I hope he doesn’t give up.

  555. Jordan Hill is happy that Jeremy starts with him.

  556. hes obviiously angry. you see him barking stuff at teammates to get to certain spots or whatever

  557. What was Lin doing with that last shot, dribble in place for several seconds then just passed to Hill?!

  558. Only if Lin passes him the ball. Hill never passes back.

  559. Yep. Lin passed to him more than anyone passed to Hill like past 3 games.

  560. but in their eyes…JLin is nothing but a bench player…

  561. so dumb

  562. indeed

  563. It’s obvious to me BS told the team to play PG anytime they wish despite Jeremy is the starting PG.

  564. running the game clock lol. it was the last 25 seconds

  565. BS’s call.

  566. I hope Lin’s fine after being trip, looked like he was in pain. Gotta wake up!!

  567. Scott doesnt want Lin shine. He wants Lin to pass Hill.

  568. Well, he just hasn’t found his rhythm. He needs a strong second half because the first half wasn’t very good.

  569. Hesitated too much (like he has been for whole night) so he didn’t have a good rhythm to shoot. He had to pass.

  570. Lin with the ROnnie price stat line.. looks like he might be starting in the future

  571. thats the offense. serious. its to pass to the big, and then go set a useless screen.

  572. thats the offense . which he rrly pass back. zero pnr all iso.

  573. I was sooo excited for this game… its worse than usual!

  574. Lin what are you doing like just when he gets a chance to play meaningful mins
    he just has to mess up
    this has been the case for 3 years now
    I dont why he keeps messing up chances

  575. That’s it I guess… ugly night…

  576. becos the bench had humiliated the starters for too long..

  577. Even if Lin starts, he is still on a short leash.

  578. Eh, hello.. BS it’s obvious your directive is this:
    to Price: Shoot more for this team.
    to Jeremy: Set up your team mates. That’s all.

  579. halfway into the season, and the offense is still like 2nd grade.

  580. as i said scott dislike lins style.this slow haif court style with the ball out of his hand is not lins style.

  581. The infamous 1/4 Princeton O.

  582. Not going finish the game, if Lin does well I’ll just watch highlights. Starters don’t trust Lin nor respect him.

  583. The “Starters” are Kobe’s men…they will not dare to back stab him in Utah…

  584. i think its esp funny when a big walks by lin on the top and doesnt even set a screen before heading to his spot. its such a rigid ‘system’

  585. Yup. But What if kobe or Nick had the ball, Scott will let them shoot.

  586. Sounds like playing with lin is too much work for the starters.

  587. Does anyone think he looks slow?

  588. this is partially on Lin
    he isnt getting it done
    he keeps deferring
    needs to show some character
    like he did against the celtics
    now hes just being timid

  589. Seems ok to me

  590. the offense is slow also bad spacing

  591. Deferring or trying to set up teammates?

  592. I think because the “starters” not moving much (and they are slow) that is hard for Lin to organize meaningful attacks

  593. although Kobe is not physically present but his spirit is there….the starters are afraid to offend the king of chucks

  594. An elite PG should be able to play in any system, whether it’s run and gun or slow, half court, off ball system..

  595. If his teammates wont play, at least shoot!

  596. I think Lin relaxed as the game went on. Needs to shoot a little more and run the offense, also ask for screens early in the offense.

  597. Worthy just said “Clarkson found him” on the Lin’s assist to Davis, LOL

  598. They seem to like to stand around, get the ball and shoot…

  599. true lin isn’t there yet

  600. Gray Payton didn’t play well when he was a Lakers

  601. I hate to say it, that is why lin will never be a starter on an NBA team. He has to have the guts to tell the starting unit I am the starting PG and the offense runs through me. He doesn’t have hat umf to say it, whether the coaches backs him up or not. Lin should have figured out that the starters on this team were loyal to kobe, so he should have come with a different game scheme. Don’t just play into their hands..smh

  602. if only he has the trust and support of coach and team mates, remember, Jeremy Lin is all alone in NBA.

  603. Add Steve Nash to that list

  604. I think he’s going slowly.

  605. thats not scotts system

  606. you gotta be on the court with 4 fellows walking around to understand how difficult to get things moving…

  607. No offense, but easier said than done. Everyone has to buy in first, which I don’t think there is anyone in the start unit.

  608. He’s not there yet but he’s better than he played in the half. I don’t know if he put too much pressure on himself or he just isn’t inspired or what. At any rate, PLV’s observations are correct imo.

  609. Youre right, Lin is too nice by playing what the coach wanted. He needs to takeover too which I hope in the sec half.

  610. Agree with you but on the other hand it is almost tied at half so Lakers has a chance to win this one even though it is a ugly game so far

  611. someone pls tell me when the game starts. i cant listen to those TCW commentators.

  612. I don’t think that’s true bc offenses revolve around elite pgs.

  613. I guess Lin figured it out.. haha

  614. Test

  615. I’m not sure the players don’t trust him. I think it’s all on Lin to run the offense. Call for picks, speed things up, cut more, etc.

  616. No it’s not. Lin played with the rockets. he should know how better to handle these situations. The first unit is nothing but scrubs, why play into their hands. lin needs to get his own rebounds and get his shots, like he ha done in past games.

  617. True, but Lin needs to take his own advice and play with a sense of urgency. His next contract depends on it. He will get a job for sure. But, he will have a better control over his destiny if he can show he plays well in any system so he will be in demand.

  618. he doesnt even box out or clear area for himself for rebounds much anymore.

  619. What about them?

  620. It’s tough when the starters and coach did not want to win this game without Kobe…

  621. Can’t be nice on the court….kobe while an egomaniac is right with the mark your territory comments and jeremy lost that while in Houston…I think he is lost as a basketball player right now

  622. Jeremy always sux on B2Bs

  623. Lin seems not himself today. Something is bothering him.

  624. I tuned out.

  625. hope lin gets a better second and settle down

  626. not last year

  627. He had more attempts/ast/pts coming off the bench compared to today

  628. its not their coverage of lin per se, that show is simply terrible. unwatchable

  629. chemistry

  630. Test verified

  631. That is why , I don’t get about him sometimes. Perhaps in the 3rd quarter he will figure it out and wake up..smh

  632. lakers today look like the cavs yesterday

  633. cavs

  634. Don’t worry. I seen Lin have terrible 1st half then look good the 2nd half

  635. Relax everyone. Lin has had a bad half before. He will pick things up.

  636. Seems he is playing on his own. His teammates not really in tune. Hope he turns around in the 2nd half.

  637. Ya! Lin don’t have chemistry w starters… & they all took the shots by themselves that’s why Lin couldn’t get the AS.

  638. I am disappointed so far, but I do think he will be much better in 2nd half.

  639. Lin only plated 15 minutes in the last game, no excuse. he needs to get his head out of his butt and bring it in the 2nd half.,

  640. Houston is a fast paced team, LA isn’t…Lin excels in fast paced games.

  641. Jeremy can play we know this but he is lost on what to do on the court….I don’t know if he physically can do it but he needs a good couple of secretariat minutes right now

  642. He always has b2b game because of abusive practice.

  643. BS: You need to facilitate today as starting PG. Run it slow.
    Lin: But Kobe is not playing.
    BS: So is Price. To be a head of snake, you need to follow the script.
    Lin: But but but …
    BS: Not but. This is not your team even if Kobe is not here.

  644. i think lin got rattled after getting bad calls or not getting deserved calls several times in a row

  645. My sister your going in tonight but I feel you the kid frustrates the heck out of me on the court

  646. Jeremy has his prayer request email sent out this morning and I dropped everything to watch the game so as to give him support!!!

    Godspeed Jeremy!

  647. Well lin needs to figure it out. He has played with some of the best ball hogs in the business, he needs to box out and get his own rebounds and get his points and stop trying to play team ball with this scrub starter unit. H infuriates me when he does that.smh

  648. Wes Johson stop playing point

  649. More likely LIN was told to play a certain way before the game or else. Please, how many of us would dare to say to our bosses you’re killing the business, I’m going to do it my way whether you like it or not. You’d be fired the very next day! It’s all politics. LIN may be the starter tonight but it would not be beyond imagination that BS has already told LIN to feed the other starters and not to take too many shots.

  650. “Many opinions and voices are out there..” -EXACTLY!!! ESSATAMENTE!!!

  651. to match Price’s zero points?

  652. True. He might show up in 4th.

  653. Violet Palmer is not straight – with Jeremy Lin.

  654. he is playing as he was in houston standing in the corner

  655. He is Mr 4th quarter. Not Mr 1st quarter. Haha.

  656. I don’t care whether Hill makes the shot or not. I am so sick of watching him stand on top of key and shooting jumpers.

  657. Wake the f up Lin

  658. Different directives are very OBVIOUS when watching him as a starter vs watching him play second unit.

  659. Who knows he doesn’t look comfortable

  660. But still with the talent he has, he could do more

  661. Really Jeremy? Just fkin shoot.

  662. Here it comes…. go Lin go

  663. youll be sick for a while. thats byrons offense

  664. Yes pls

  665. Yes finally scores

  666. Hurray!!!

  667. nice run to the basket, thats what I meant

  668. Jeremy, did you sleep last night? I forgive you if you thought about me the whole night!!! ^.^

  669. Secretariat

  670. Yeah didn’t really watch these days. Forgot how unbearable it is.

  671. Aggressive!!! Like it

  672. Sorry it was not you,,, it was Byron kept Jeremy thinking all night long

  673. when you get the starting opportunity, you need to show case.

  674. Not enough for the aggressive-demanding crowd.

  675. Now if I’m coaching let him play 3rd and 4th with this energy

  676. Good job! Keep yelling and Lin keep scoring.. we need it… 😉

  677. Nope not tonight

  678. Woooo!!! Yes

  679. Yeah Lin! Take that shot! Nobody else wants to shoot.

  680. nice turn around and the shot/!!!

  681. More minutes please

  682. Finally a jumper!

  683. YESSSS

  684. Still this Jeremy playing now will not be enough for the aggressive-demanding crowd..

  685. I have to agree with Stu, Lin stood too far from his man. Result wide open 3.

  686. what was that nonesense stu was sayng? after the made s hot

  687. looks like, with all our yelling, he just woke up’!!!!

  688. Too much help D.

  689. happened twice.

  690. About time to bench Lin….

  691. Please… you should mold Jeremy into your kind of aggressive player.

  692. Can you blame us? We are hungry for Lin action after all the benching.

  693. lakers are sloppy but very good defense

  694. 14 shots for Jordan hill lol

  695. It is a trade off. But I guess it all depends on what the opponent O gives.

  696. Please.. I’d rather take it the way he does.

  697. BS’s offensive system = fail.

  698. Jordan HIll is showcased for a trade.

  699. No I want to see the player we know he is…and deep down you want to see that player night in and night out

  700. Lakers have poor interior defense, they have to play off the 3 pt line more.

  701. since when did jlinportal become so angry lol

  702. A loop of repeating feeding to Hill, in this case.

  703. Jordan Hill: I’m a 2pt specialist!!

  704. Wasn’t he rumored to be garnering interest from some other team?

  705. Lucky, Jazz is soo bad.

  706. No one will take this super LAZY centre who always stand 15ft away from the rim

  707. Not sure but most likely he’ll be traded by 19 Feb.

  708. O-kaaay…

  709. That’s a good point. That could be what BS told Lin to keep feeding Hill.

  710. Still no call

  711. somebody is abusing her power to with hold my posts?

  712. Yeah, why all the negativity?

  713. No problem. Normally, I would agree. But, I’m antsy because I don’t remember a game where Kobe and Price were both out. So, I feel like it’s a golden opportunity.

  714. Pls don’t remind BS for that

  715. No call, even Jazz commentator said that

  716. What withheld post?

  717. more posters from the other site have come over 🙂

  718. Stu, getting low and lower.

  719. its amazing

  720. they are another “tanking” team

  721. No negativity, but for m, just frustration at lin sometimes.

  722. Hill is a goner for sure….cavs wanted hill not sure what happened

  723. Not you but my post reply to you is still awaiting approval by JLinPortal. I know who does it though!!!

  724. what did he say?

  725. need to practice shooting FT (Davis)

  726. some very shameless ones hide under other ids…smh

  727. Oh boy there you go again

  728. refresh

  729. I don’t see one pending from you on the “waiting to be approved” list though.

  730. Only 6 assists for the Lakers…ISO ball ugly

  731. Hill is u just so bad.

  732. Lol

  733. That’s the BS system???

  734. Showcase game gone wrong…can’t blame him he wants out

  735. This is what happened when Kobe is not on the court, everyone trying to score while he is gone.

  736. Really horrible

  737. Wayne Ellington going under screens on Hayward and getting Rodney Hood motivated. Not a great night for him…

  738. already approved by now. she’s giving me “warning”…smh

  739. This game is too slow and too old for today bb

  740. Wow Westbrook

  741. What?

  742. By not shooting, maybe Jeremy has hurt the team in some way?

  743. everything about this game i hate the spacing, the play calling, and the refs. this is the most annoying game i have ever seen

  744. thats it for me. too boring to watch this, even with lin in

  745. i do
    but lin needs to yell at them

  746. same thing when ur teammates are this bad

  747. 17 15 17

  748. We all know his name but what is wow?

  749. Stats 17 points 15 reb 17 assists

  750. I don’t care…smh

  751. So funny….

  752. Wow

  753. Shots aren’t there no spacing….he needs a stretch 4 and pnr center

  754. I think Lin pushed the ball only once all night.

  755. What?

  756. Even clarkson gets the call…m…..interesting

  757. Tanking in action… or no action tanking… I don’t know any more

  758. I know I’m sorry just got caught up

  759. wow utah least have energy

  760. Does Boozer know how to dunk?

  761. I still ave faith that lin doesn’t want to lose and he will pull it out

  762. Now we know why Hill can find minutes under DAntoni, he stands a lone outside the paint stationary.

  763. Mr. 4th quarter coming up!

  764. i know

  765. He is pretty aggressive….just not on the same page with team mates..

  766. Agree… and waiting for him to come back and turn it around. He needs his teammates to attach too and that will be difficult tonight

  767. this team is so bad its nit eveb funny

  768. Only if BS trusts him

  769. That three by jazz. LAL was not guarding at all..wth

  770. he only knows how to push

  771. I don’t think he has his perimeter shot tonight. He’ll need to get inside and shoot short jump shots. Problem is, Utah is now hitting their 3s and the game is getting away.

  772. obviously, as a starter with the highest minutes, he should have taken more shots, probably he was lost on how to start?

  773. who cares if lakers win… except that jlin started…

  774. Has Boozer and Nick young done anything tonight. I haven’t a peep from them?

  775. Losing teams shouldn’t be running the Princeton offense…in fact in the last 15 years the only team that did it well was Cwebb and the Kings

  776. Jazz seems to be making a push to lead…they were neck to neck last Q

  777. I don’t think Lakers starters just standing around is Princeton offense. LOL

  778. Hill is a fker so are elington and big nose johnson they never pass to lin

  779. BS is so bad as coaching. No adjustment.

  780. I sometimes question it too but they claim that’s the offense

  781. So lin needs to get his own rebounds and score

  782. Would you like a pushing foul from Boozer? He’s about due for one.

  783. yes, I only see them standing around …

  784. what have they been doing from the bench?

  785. Rudy Gobert and Derrick Favors are in the way.

  786. Tired of seeing Lin feeding Hill or going alone and I mean alone.

  787. Must be Byron’s version of the Princeton Offense?

  788. only one 3pt attempt for LAL, and 21 from Jazz???? BS’s order???

  789. I hope lin just gets his points

  790. The female ref is just so awful.

  791. Violet Palmer is one of the ref…. hmmm.

  792. Dantoni for his faults understood playing slow hurts the less talented team…playing fast puts defenses on their heels…doesn’t work in the playoffs but better than this

  793. So much iso

  794. You done on the other site?

  795. He really can do it hes talented ebuf

  796. Haven’t been there in ages. I’m very comfy here.

  797. Lin get your points..smh

  798. Nick young is considerable slower going left

  799. Ryan Kelly with some empty minutes…needs to play with jeremy to knock em down

  800. Following BS’s system is following dead.

  801. really? don’t think so.

  802. ???

  803. lol

  804. Jazz are smart enough to take the open 3s that the Lakers give them. But the Lakers rather shoot tough ISOs than take 3s. Is this Byron Scott’s plan or are all the Lakers dumb?

  805. What was the point of running and conditioning when your offense is 5 mph, BS?

  806. she just kobe’d me.

  807. What is lin doing?

  808. Glued

  809. What game are you watching? Lin’s not playing righ t now.

  810. She is working.

  811. OK. that is why I was asking/ I am at work..

  812. Expecting to come back real soon to finish the game now. Break now.

  813. warming the bench..

  814. i almost bought one but thought i’d see what happened… glad i never did!

  815. LOL, now that makes sense!

  816. nothing much… sigh

  817. At least Young is doing his job and providing scoring punch tonight. Hopefully, Lin can come in and close it out.

  818. still? what do you do?

  819. BS is not the sharpest knife in the drawer

  820. Novak is injured? He doesn’t get PT on the Jazz today.

  821. notice scott like the bench playing fast and starters playing slow

  822. is he coming back? smh

  823. Other coach would put Lin in right now to play with the 2nd unit to win it. Not Byron.

  824. Makes no sense to play lin with the starters

  825. Probably around 5 min left.

  826. Clarkson energetic but still raw

  827. Jeremy is about to come in

  828. Ok I’m feeling optimistic

  829. hope you gut is right…

  830. He’s not sharp at all, hence not a knife of any kind. Don’t know which kind of tool he is.

  831. ROFL I knew Clarkson was going to take it himself once he saw Lin waiting at the side line.

  832. hehe…same here…waited all night for this five minutes

  833. Joyce, it’s your fault too bc you’re not watching.

  834. Lin is back in.

  835. come on jeremy!!

  836. Let’s hope @Michael is sleeping…

  837. When Lin was in houston, he played well against Jazz. Scott offense system is so awful a lot worse than Mchale’s.

  838. Lin gotta shine now!!!

  839. Why is Ryan Kelly in. They need Tarik Black’s inside game.

  840. It’s BS coahcing

  841. All about swaggy

  842. Wow, Nick Young getting enough fouls to make up for whole team.

  843. lets not wake him up

  844. he is wide awake.

  845. Young just died on a screen

  846. r.i.p..

  847. what a boring game… why do we watch this crep?

  848. Just leave. It’s okay.

  849. what is lin doing? that is all I care about?

  850. Im watching cle vs lac

  851. Still passing the rock to others…

  852. is he at least getting assists?

  853. so close…

  854. Good shot by him. Nobody else can shoot 3s.

  855. Hockey assist, maybe.

  856. wth is lin doing smh

  857. Too bad…

  858. tech by young ended this game

  859. Oh well :-/ game over

  860. Has no confidence on that jumper and bigs are sagging back to cut off his drives. He needs to shoot confidently because nobody else on the Lakers is doing anything.

  861. got traped no one came to the ball should of shot it straight from the pass

  862. A washer game. Shake it off and move on,

  863. Oh well. They wouldn’t have been in the game tonight without Young anyway.

  864. Well let it tank ^^’

  865. Hoped lin would just pull up a three there

  866. OLin!

  867. Yeah man

  868. Lin feed to Hill, Lin feed to Young, Lin feed to Boozer…….

  869. This was JLin’s rare chance to break out. He used to do it in Houston with Harden out. Now I don’t know anymore

  870. Too much uncertainty in his moves for all night, except briefly in 3rd quarter.

  871. That’s a very good 3pt shot, Jeremy, just keep shooting!!

  872. Lin starving…

  873. I thought of this.

    I hope next season Jeremy can find that mojo back.

  874. what was his problem tonight?

  875. 4pts it is

  876. He’s on a lame duck contract with other guys looking out for themselves only. A losing team with no team ball is a bad combo for Lin.

  877. finally! score!

  878. I think he forgot how. He needs a team who trusts him so he can build up his rhythm again.

  879. make that 6 🙂

  880. 6pt it is..lol

  881. this game has a feeling of the year just crap

  882. Jump shot not there but he got his shots….just a continuum of a hard very hard season

  883. waste of my life watching basketball played this badly

  884. I’m not surprised. This is a relatively decent game for Lin because it is back to back. Lin usually stinks in backs to backs, even in houston.

  885. That did NOT feel like 11 FGA. =/

  886. Hahaha…now blame games begin

  887. Would getting released be a good thing?

  888. the early non-calls took lin out of rhythm. add that in with a very poor offensive scheme, makes it extra hard for lin. took tough shots, blah, just blah.

  889. we look like the cavs with out three all stars . all iso

  890. he is not himself today, thats obvious…so whatever reason, i will give him a pass for tonite’s game. He had all the oppotunity to show case himself that he is being marginalized in the bench and could do more as a starter.

  891. i dont understand why the lakers don’t run any pnr. it’s always the same pass it to jordan hill, then screen for nick or ellington.. or watch hill go to work.

  892. can we fast forward to the offseason.

  893. System….just like the Knicks why run the triangle

  894. the starters play slow it isn’t there style

  895. Yes.

  896. passing it inside to jordan hill is a lost even when he scores. he isnt good enough to force double teams..and he will make some, but start to miss..and even when he makes it slows the offense and throws the team off sync. he isn’t duncan

  897. should be 10

  898. I Thought of that but he played only 15 minutes yesterday. He shouldn’t be tired.

  899. hes been mistreated by refs since day one
    no biggie old lin still got it goin but he cant anymore

  900. Just not a good game for him. If Lin could get to play more without Kobe, he’d do fine. But, it was a spot start, his shot wasn’t falling, he didn’t get calls, he didn’t really find a groove in assists either. I don’t know if it can work with the Lakers. At least with Houston when Harden didn’t start Lin played well. It really hasn’t been the case too much with the Lakers when Kobe hasn’t started. Almost to the ASB and Lin hasn’t had one game over 21 points. That’s not Lin.

  901. Showcase

  902. yes looks good on ur resume when it says u got fired from ur previous job right?

  903. Because BS coach doesn’t want PNRs.

  904. shot a long 3 at the end… hurt his %

  905. lakers have no offensive rhythm. at least with houston, they had harden and dwight howard or even parsons who could stretch the floor..no 3point shooters…jhill isnt dwight

  906. Seemed like all the starters thought they could be PG and making turnovers all over.

  907. 7 assists for lakers

  908. Scott doesn’t believe in PNR

  909. definitely not…he had only 3 AST

  910. its pro basketball
    aint nobody got time for u to figure it out
    u either got it or u dont
    Lin was put on the spot in NY and he made it
    now he aint got it no more

  911. no wonder we lost

  912. Houston system good for Jeremy’s game…politics ruined that potential good thing

  913. Guess we are all humans after all. ^_^ it’s inevitable sometimes. Just remember not to call each other names, or say offensive words. Keep calm and carry on like the old proverb said.

  914. it more the iso heavy style that keeps lin scoring so low. he plays 23 mpg off the bench when he does play his style with the starters it isn’t his style.

  915. Simple, BS only uses a system that Kobe prefers, even if Kobe is not on the floor ! BS wants to deliver a message to Kobe that his position is intact.

  916. Great. I can hear the narrative already. Lakers offense doesn’t flow with facilitators Kobe and Price out.

  917. BS scheme is to setup JHilll & Nick Young for ISOs. No ball movement, no pic n roll, everyone standing still. Lin will not be effective in that offense.

  918. Is this a record?

  919. still a team high…

  920. U know what I mean…josh smith got released and has played well….can’t predict these things

  921. Doesn’t matter Lin starts or not or whether Kobe plays. BS just doesn’t allow him to play his game. It’s all elbow or iso all game long. I really have enough and just look forward to next season. Hope Lin signs with a contending team even as a backup.

  922. No 3pts, No fast breaks, No PNR
    What he wants to do in offense? LOL

  923. Yep….I bet BS is excited to see that

  924. Ya, BScott post game interview going to blame loss on missing Price and Kobe.

  925. lol, because playing the NBA is like a regular job right?

  926. So Young is the PG now?

  927. Head of snake and mamba… I hate snakes

  928. To think 16/7 seemed legit 2 months ago….now he is fighting ronnie price…

  929. idk its just not a style fit for lin staying with the lakers with or with out lin doesn’t fit. not with scotts system. price fits his system better although when lin was able to find rhythm he looked ok but style capped from potential

  930. You mean people who born on the year of snakes? Or snakes as animal in general? (^∇^)

  931. the style fits ronnie lin looks like another player in this style especially with out kobe in there.

  932. Lin did not even say hi to his buddy Steve Novak.

  933. at least kobe ret better spacing

  934. Because lazy starters never run & cut. It’s difficult to play with Groot

  935. Maybe lin is tanking too…

  936. Time to have snake soup tonight!

  937. how do you have spacing issues haif the season gone.

  938. And it should because lin fell for the ‘okie doke ” with scott. he need to wise p and play smarter. he more intelligent. All Lin id was play into their hands…smh

  939. Still better than price! Even with just 6 pts. Still, he should starts over price!

  940. zero spacing

  941. Current Lakers will always have spacing issues. It doesn’t matter how much time passes. They don’t have shooters and no one cuts. So… yeah.

  942. all snakes.

  943. hey snakes are beautiful as well

  944. Good for you! Snakes soup are good. But I never dare to eat it. You know how some chinese like it.

  945. We see that, but the average fan is not going to see that, so it really is null and void at this point.

  946. But the coach tell other starters not ….

  947. True, but you do need coach’s support for that.

  948. Wake them from Kobe’s spell.

  949. sorry FF is not working

  950. lin should had a breakout game tonight, What i up with him? More reinforcement that he is backup PG in this league. I am the biggest supporter of lin, but he needs to realize that this is not a level playing field when it comes to him/ He needs to find way to beat the system. So lin needs to don’t let his guard down for these snakes. There is a verse in the Bible that stays that the children of the dark are more wiser that God’s children of the light. Lin needs to figure it out. Not mad at lin but just very disappointed. These are lessons that he learned when he played with the Rocketts. He needs to play his game.

  951. please . how does hill get 14 shots.

  952. Kind of hard when Coach BS tells the team don’t give it to Lin.

  953. Hey stop the blame

  954. Oops….
    I generally dislike the animal-snakes. But then there are also other animals I dislike like rats, roach, fly…etc

  955. system is like foundation to a house. your not doing thing your not suppose to do

  956. My cousin, a girl, found snakes cute. She’s weird to me…no matter how beautiful, they just scare me.

  957. i dont think that was counted

  958. lin has to wait 3 months

  959. Good.

  960. Wonder worthy was watching the game. smh

  961. Not really like it, it taste like chicken though. Just because I hate snakes so much now, I’m gonna eat them all LOL

  962. Worthy, tell your showtime buddy about it.

  963. When you have a coach who doesn’t want to win, just wants to screw you to show he is right, you got what we saw today. But even that can’t stop Lin from shining for too long.

  964. Its been 3 years he hasnt changed a bit
    regressed if anything
    hes stubborn in that way hes determined to make sure all his teammates are happy
    something is fundamentally wrong there he wont change hes stubborn
    he will always let people walk all over him and hes fine with it and he thinks thats what god wants him to do
    taking the preach of god too literally cost him a what cudve been a wonderful career
    asian pastors can go very extreme sometimes
    Lin definitely got influenced by those extremeists

  965. Good. no more snakes 🙂

  966. There will always be some haters and doubters, but the truth is plain and other coaches, players, and actual bball fans know that between tanking and poor coaching Jeremy’s talents are handcuffed. Nobody is going to give credit to the MIA “facilitators”.

  967. Worthy was right, that Lin needed to take charge because it was obvious that scott didn’t have a clue. Sorry lin not ready to have a starting PG in this league, He needs to establish authority because he is the better player on the floor and he needs to get the under control to follow his lead. Lin is not there yet.

  968. U know Joyce he hits 2 more shots it’s different vibe we are feeling…to me he just looked lost on the court

  969. Excuse me Maknusia, would you mind to change your profile pic? No snake no Mamba please

  970. yea one game after playing 15 minutes

  971. Not sure why you still follow him?

  972. chemistry is non verbal if it don’t fit it don’t fit

  973. cuz hes asian and im asian
    and he aint a scrub like all the other asians namely not yao ming who have ever played in the league

  974. At least Scott didn’t through Lin under the bus in his interview. Reporters bring up his turnovers and defense but Bryon says its on everyone and not just Lin.

  975. Joyce, I’m with you. I really wanted him to do well. But something about the last minute tweet and prayer request just signaled that something was wrong. I don’t know what and I guess we might never know. But I trust that Jeremy will find his way… whatever that may be.

  976. He took on foolish task of trying to get starters going. First half I can understand, but continuing that in 2nd half? Not a good idea.

  977. i ask did lin force the knicks to follow his lead no. he didn’t have to. chemistry just work. like the cars yesterday. if it don’t work it just doesn’t work

  978. I agree he needs to be in charge more but his teammates didn’t really work w him (1st unit) too bad, his shooting was not falling tonight..not a good game for him indeed.

  979. Probably because Scott is happy with how Lin played tonight.

  980. Snake 很补 and expensive! Especially those 野生One…my mom said I don’t know good things when I refused to eat it. It is indeed taste like regular meat as they said, but, still I am only dare to drink the soup.

  981. defense. his defense was good

  982. I will be offline until the next game because I am so frustrated with lin right now He needs to figure out away to get control of the team when they are chaotic. Scott is not going to help him because Sott doesn’t know what to do. Lin needs to let his natural leader instincts lead him..smh

  983. Are we talking about Price?

  984. Do you think Lin had a chance to hear the comment? I don’t know the exact timing when BS said it.

  985. No screen for Lin, No PNR, Coach keep telling Lin to set up for others
    If Tony Parker or Goragic is in same situation like Lin, will they play better than Lin? I don’t think so.

  986. What did he say? I missed most of the game.

  987. NOPE =).

  988. they would show some resistance and get what they want

  989. I follow him not just because he’s Asian, but because of his attitude towards team basketball and his personalities as a role model and not just selfishly paddinng his stats.

    He has a bad game which I saw that he had tried his best to be a team player first but apparently failed this time.

  990. its a different system

  991. The whole team sucks… everyone tried to be ISO ISO & more ISO… no wonder they couldn’t win.

  992. “get guys the ball” isn’t THAT THE ONLY THING he was LOOKING TO DO most of the time???

  993. What did he say?

  994. Well, when he takes charge the Coach benches him. When he doesnt takes charge, then it is his fault? We can’t have it both ways. We either let him take charge and trust him or we don’t. The mix message thing from the coach would confuse anyone including the fans.

  995. Well said. BS deliberately set Lin up for the failure. He didn’t even empower Lin as the PG. I noticed that several times some guys just brought the ball up themselves and ignored Lin.

  996. If Lin replaces Tony Parker in Spurs with training camp, he will average 18 pts 7 assts.

  997. Good for you

  998. Something like Lin has not been great, but OK. Not terrible either.

  999. I believe everyone can follow Lin for the things they admire of him
    We may not agree on those things but doesnt mean some of us arent qualfied to follow Lin because we dont value Lin the same way

  1000. oh, that… what a horrible coach.

  1001. His team mates don’t work for him…period. He’s alone there. At least he took his shots. It was a bad night for him, I too am saddene.d

  1002. I follow him because he’s handsome, because he’s all over the news on the cover of Daily News, because Linsanity make basketball so fun to watch, because he’s asian as well. But basketball don’t seem fun to watch these days now…sigh

  1003. The coach is going to bench him anyway. The problem with lin is that he should have no fear in doing the right thing. That is what our Christian faith teaches us.

  1004. Respectfully disagree. Dont think it’s like that.

  1005. he also said as a PG, a lot is on Lin.

  1006. We have to obey our leaders. I don’t think Lin intentionally did poorly tonight. Some of it might be because of his orders.

  1007. I have never said you can not follow him and of course every one has the right to do so and you also have the right to unfollow him as well.

    But calling him regressed because of his stubbornness is a stretch for him imo but then again you have your right to ignore me.

  1008. change to snake?

  1009. The coach sucks. It’s obvious when you don’t see any thing other than iso and the ball was shot when it left Lin’s hands.

  1010. If Lin doesn’t follow orders, he gets zero playing time. It is that simple. It is hard to follow the blind but if that is what he is paid to do then so be it. I feel that this is tank mode.

  1011. I do
    you have the right to unfollow him and ignore me as well
    but his having regresses die to his stubborness is just my humble opinion
    which i will not back down from because thats what I believe
    despite all that l will still support Lin because hes asian and hes talented
    somedday he will shine again again you dont have to agree with me on this either
    good talk

  1012. this is the foundation. there is no other way. unless scot fired

  1013. well i guess i went a little extreme there didnt i? 🙂

  1014. true, but a PG should not be compared to the team, thats worse, unless its Kobe

  1015. by next scott is here lin should return. this is a philosophical debate. lin want lol needs fast scott wants slow.

  1016. I follow him because of Linsaity in NYC: and because he’s asian; and becuase he such a principled fellow. He also can be an excellent point guard (quite often).

  1017. This is the first game in 2015 which Lin didn’t play well. He tried to get his teammates going, whether it’s on coach order or not, Lin will always feed the team first. Lin did try hard to play the right basketball, I can’t blame him at all.

    Let’s move on!

  1018. Good, not too sad and not blaming himself, keep the cool and move on.

  1019. Just look at the shot attempt, Lakers 65, Jazz 85.

    See the difference? Slow vs moderate fast. How can you win a game if you have 20 fewer chances?

    TO: Lakers 19, Jazz 12

  1020. The focus of this year is to glorify Kobe. That is it. Millions of people idolize him so they follow the money. Lin isn’t on their radar. Kobe likes being a God and most people like to follow him. He isn’t interested in doing the right thing… That is why previous coaches had such a hard time with him. He is always right.

  1021. I know.. just trying to be positive… and failed 🙁

  1022. Guess you are. Might need to pause and think twice before we post sometimes.

  1023. doesn’t fit lin at all

  1024. That’s the spirit.

  1025. agreed!

  1026. yess

  1027. At least he is defending himself.

  1028. He is pretty spot on with that statement.

  1029. Exactly. Too bad even some Lin fans couldn’t see it. Lin simply was not empowered enough tonight to play a PG, and worse, he probably was tied up to serve some ISO plays to lose so that Kobe and Price look better. Just look at the ASTs no more than 10 for the whole team, it was just some disgusting BS coaching !

  1030. Oh yes Byron Scott, Ronnie Price’s tough. He looks like he has tough skin…. LITERALLY. Really tough skin that can be made to a great hide for a sleek Louis Vuitton bag. I’m 100% sure you mean that.

  1031. Lin shoudl have added “I watch the film, I think I play tough D and try to make plays.”

  1032. Your opion is not humble at all.

  1033. I feel like we have the wrong team for this coach. Last year we had the wrong coach for their team. We need the right team with the right coach. This is just a repeat.

  1034. 7 assists for the whole team is horrible. That means they are just playing ISO chuck up contested shots

  1035. Looking at some of those turnovers, should Hill be dribbling the ball?

  1036. SPOT ON AGAIN!

  1037. We know, BS wasn’t giving him any power to play the PG, just look at the horrible ASTs for the whole team. Wake up guys, it’s the BS coaching which wanted the team to lose to make Kobe look better.

  1038. The team just doesn’t care. It isn’t a JLin issue and the coach knows it. If everything is going to Kobe, who cares how you play when the focus is tanking. You just want to get yours. It is simple.

  1039. Here you go. Love this.

  1040. I was gonna say something similar, but you articulated it pretty well =).

  1041. EXACTLY

  1042. Or Lin eating or killing snake ? Kobe is such a liar, so fake at the beginning of the season…..

  1043. yea i wasn’t calling lin soft btw did you here lin is softer the ronnie. yep again not calling lin of- signed scotty

  1044. It’s on the BS coaching. I didn’t see any thing other than iso, just disgusting.

  1045. I see! The only difference here is you do not think he’s handsome like I do(hahahaha,which is very understanding (≧∇≦) other than that, we are completely in the same boat!

  1046. Good to see that he is not giving in

  1047. The reporters want to keep on giving these subliminal messages to Byron about Ronnie. Yes, we know…. Why bother.

  1048. LV overrated. I like channel better. Hehehehe~~

  1049. politely debunking the coach

  1050. LOL, everyone offline now to chill?

  1051. You know, nowadays it is more fun to read post game tweets than the game itself. How ironic.

  1052. Good night from NY.

  1053. It was disgusting BS coaching if you watched the game, worse than McHale’s Iso.

  1054. Nathan Gottlieb @zukovka

    Nobody moves, nobody cuts, nobody sets screens. Lin forces shots to try and make something happen and looks like crap.

  1055. Goodnite, I’m from NY too, but now can’t sleep for all the non sense against Lin, haha.

  1056. Even a pickup game will have more than 7 ASTs. I told you it took the BS coaching to get 7 ASTs and a loss in order to justify Kobe’s Charmin statement.

  1057. Can’t agree more…smh!

  1058. Knew all along BS wanted to throw this game from the onset. He is proving to the FO that JLin can’t lead…he is not great neither terrible…just ordinary..

  1059. Hey…its Kobe’s team…who dares to win without KB..else backlash in LA

  1060. Next to be DNP-CD

  1061. W Kobe, they couldn’t win either.

  1062. you are all good, since you recognize it. We all loose it at times

  1063. The starters plus coach were prepared to throw this game.

  1064. lol why?

  1065. for speaking like Lin!

  1066. Just saying…out of frustration i guess

  1067. persecution?

  1068. May not be a bad idea. It’s painful to watch the way he was asked to play.

  1069. LOL Gave up watching the game after JLin was taking out in first qtr. Frustrated to see how JLin was treated by the starters. Tried to watch off and on but still it was very slow motion and nonexcited. When it’s so hot and humid here in Brisbane, I just couldn’t bother to watch game that will put me to sleep.

  1070. I still cant believe thats Kobe. I think there is more to it…i know i know…I may be naive 🙁

  1071. Wow…standing up against the bs coach..#RespectJLin

  1072. I’m very disappointed in how many posters are saying things like Lin’s just not a starter or isn’t taking charge. First off, LIN is given an assignment to execute OR ELSE. Let’s be real, none of us would be able to in real life go against our bosses and say to them screw you, I’m right, I’m going to do it my way. Not when this boss has been reducing your PT the last few games already. BS has shown that he has absolute control over lin’s PT, so what’s he to do? Go rogue and get to sit on the bench and not even get any PT? It’s a fine line he has to toe. I’m sure that BS has told LIN to pass like Price and run his offence just like Price, or else.

    The real problem is that the offensive game plan that Scott has in place is so dumb that it is bound to fail, just as how Kobe and Price keeps failing. Put it another way, this team is like an old school football team running 3 downs to move the chains. It will not work anymore. In the old days, a quarterback just snapped the ball and handed it to a running back, just like Price is doing bring the ball to Kobe. Modern American football is ALL about short pick passes that moves the chain with a variety of screens and runs to keep the defence from blitzing the defence. Modern day quarterbacks are chess kings of the pieces under his command. Scott is running an old style offence built for ISO midrange shots that used to work just like the old days when pounding the ball with a strong running game used to work. LIN’s real talent is in utilizing ALL of his players including the wide receivers, tight ends, slot backs. If Scott has told LIN that all he wants LIN to do is to hand off the balls to his running backs then LIN can’t ever be successful in running an offence becasue the scheme sucks!

    7 assist, the low 3 points attempts and the low offensive possessions all point to a total failure of the coaching. Asking LIN to defy his boss and risk not playing again is just too much to ask of anyone and totally unfair.

  1073. Lin was asked to play like scrub and Worthy tells him to take charge, are you kidding? If LA wants to tank and glorify Kobe, so be it, why do it at the expense of other players, specifically Lin?

  1074. Cats out of the bag…too obvious

  1075. I think a man has to do what a man has to do…some day…

  1076. I missed the entire 4th Q…sensed this going to happen

  1077. As I said it before, some posters are just fans of linsanity, not fans of lin. And worst yet, some of them are not even watching how the games was played and making comments based on how many points he had scored or how many assists he had made.


  1078. Lin doesn’t care and he shouldn’t. Ronnie is a starter?

  1079. I agree with you if Jeremy is a rookie, but as a veteran and to be a leader one need to be assertive and aggressive in your moves. I’m pretty sure, in our work experience many who had climbed the leader had gone against their bosses or mgmt to be where they are now.

  1080. 7 assist = coaching failure = BS’ agenda.

  1081. Well, he can’t say BS system is trash. Got to pick a scapegoat.

  1082. Just be tactful when defying orders…may not turn out the way we want…esp there is no support from higher authorities..JLin just doing his job…blame is on BS

  1083. It’s very easy to say when your not the one whose job is on the line. Do you really think coaches like a player who doesn’t follow orders? Would you have the guts yourself to go against your own bass and risk being fired? A career in the NBA ISNT ended by LIN not showing his talents. He has done that already. It will however be ended if he goes too far and makes a bad name for himself as a selfish player who thinks he knows better than his coaches. Linsnaity happened by divine Karma of convergence of chance. If LIN isn’t on any roster with out a job, that chance would NVER HAPPEN AGAIN.

    Only fools fight a battle they can’t win. The war is won by attrition of will.

  1084. You should know who Lin is and why we follow him.

  1085. word…..so I stayed quiet until the next thread…lol

  1086. Took him so long to figure it out

  1087. I’m not blaming Jeremy, My blame from the beginning is on Bscott, to where LAL is. My comment is just about being and being portrait as a leader one has to take it on himself, at times, especially when you are pressed against the wall.

  1088. Hope he is turning the corner soon. Just frustrating.

  1089. LOL

  1090. The problem is he is NOT the appointed leader in this team.

  1091. its good that people are recognizing how bad BScott coaching philosophy is

  1092. We all want JLin to do well but bb is 5 persons game. If 4 of them basically frozed you out most of the time, you couldn’t do much. JLin wasn’t superman that could force people to play teamball. If the starters and BS had the mind of playing teamball and not isos all game long, this game could be won.

    Another thing the starters are still Kobeball in mind. They are very very slow. Without Kobe, they still walked up to the court instead of running. So so so slow like Kobe was still in the game. It wasn’t JLin game at all.

  1093. Leaders are not only appointed but those who cease the moment of opportunity as well…just saying 🙂

  1094. fair statement

  1095. Agree. A leader needs followers but no starters want to be a follower. They all want to be a leader and don’t see JLin as the leader. What can u do??? Kill the starters/BS?

  1096. You have to have the right enviornment to cease the moment?
    天時,地利, 人和, 缺一不可?

  1097. It’s a loaded deck LIN is playing against. He fights his own caoch, his own teammates, the refs, the media and his own fans. It’s enough to make you go crazy. LIN however is above all that garbage. He isn’t playing against the bball game, he is playing against a way of life. The selfish players, GMs, coaches, scouts, college recruits and coaches all are protecting their turfs to make sure to wipe away the “fluke” of linsanity. They want so desperately to remove it from history that they all complicitly have lied to each other about it back and forth to make each other believe it.

    Yeah, Lins too nice a guy, but someone has to be the first to say enough is enough. LIN just happens to be strong enough to accept the responsibility to say “. You don’t have to step on others to get ahead “.

  1098. We know Ido has unfollowed Serena Winters on twitter. So may not get a response from him.

  1099. I like to think of the after effect in New York to fall upon LAL after chasing Lin out….I shouldn’t be thinking of evil. #confession

  1100. Thanks for bringing this obvious to many posters here. Just reading some of the posts below make my blood raise higher than BS and starters now:-)

  1101. CP3 just stuck in the paint and did a pivot move..lol

  1102. Its very subjective, so I’m gonna let it go 🙂 peace

  1103. What did Worthy say? I don’t think Lin played that well tonight so if Worthy said he could have done more, I’m sure Lin would agree with him.

  1104. “天时,地利,人和”
    Sound Like linsanity era. The time is there, the environment is there, and the support is there. ^ _ ^

  1105. Triple up votes from me for all your posts today.

  1106. Don’t worry Ido will show up soon.

  1107. We were happy when Lin was to start this game, but did not anticipate that BS has ISO game plan for this match. How short lived was the happiness, well that’s life and it is tough to stay positive as a Lin fan.

  1108. What would Stu say about this? lol

  1109. even on a bad shooting night, he is trying for a triple-double

  1110. Can’t wait

  1111. Unm, linsanity wont be wiped away. It will be forever remembered at least for my livetime.

    Many have concerns about the amount of his next contract if he doesnt provide good stats but ignored that if he fights against his coaches and the team management and be well known in the league,, he may not even has a chance to get a contract at all. They completely disregard that lin is not yet considered a star in the nba and can force his way like melo.

  1112. Well said.

  1113. I anticipated somewhat. I wanted to see what BS was going to pull so that JLin couldn’t outshine KB and made him a fool. He did it right and many people blamed JLin for this stunt. They bought into the bs of BS.

  1114. what a night for KIrving – 12-18 shooting with 37pts

  1115. And he was wide open for so many occasions…lol

  1116. I know! I was about to name names. Quite a few frequent posters should pack up and move back to the other site.

  1117. Well said. You guys have got to realize how easy it is for a coach to screw any player if he doesn’t want to win. And the BS coach is one.

  1118. Not that bad……lol….just move on….

  1119. Please don’t suggest that…I want to stay…just vending …

  1120. Thank you, I missed the game and got creamed in fantasy do now I know it’s bsc

  1121. Yes, a lot of ” Jeremy you got to do this. Jeremy Lin you got to do that” today. Seriously

  1122. If a team has only 7 assists, it is the game plan that is the issue. Hopefully people take note of it. Previously there were several postings predicting a loss for this game as Lakers mission is to tank, so why should BS be upset or is he pretending to be upset? If tanking is true, guess similar results as today should be our expectation. What a crappy thought.

  1123. Too bad some of Lin’s shots were not ideal…..harder to make. Let hope he can knock down some more next game! Out of the curl….Hill never handoff to Lin. He ALWAYS give it to Kobe. at least 10 possessions were broken because of this.

  1124. That’s why I say he’s where the soul wants to go.

  1125. vending? lol I want some Snickers…

  1126. Forget about the game & posts. I’m enjoying my lunch at Moomin cafe 🙂

    You will feel better when you know it’s only 89 days left to free Lin!

  1127. You see LAL is competing with Jazz to get the bottom spot

  1128. Ya take a break..:) the frustration vending machine..

  1129. mmmm. my favorite chocolate bar when i want to vent lol

  1130. Seems like a lot of gangsters came to this board and suddenly this board is not a good place to be anymore!

  1131. There is obviously a fight between BS/KB and the F/O. I guess the F/O likes Lin
    and wants to shut down Kobe, but BS is fighting back to screw Lin
    since he doesn’t want to win when Kobe isn’t on the floor.

  1132. This is always a good place to me

  1133. Toughness is so overrated in basketball. We’re not talking about boxing of MMA here! Being tough will not help you make more shots or defend better lol. You know Price is really horrible compared to Lin when BS needs to resort to use “toughness” to give Price the edge. Well, it is simply BS spewing BS again (pun intended lol).

    As for the game itself, Lin got shafted by the refs AGAIN. It’s really a joke how the refs can just cheat him like tonight without facing any repercussions. The repeated no calls resulted in either turnovers or missed shots which really hurt Lin’s stats. That and-one “foul” on Hayward just left me shaking my head because I don’t think Lin even touched him. It’s already tough enough for Lin to go against his stone-age coach, all these biased refereeing just made it even more difficult for Lin to excel. It’s good to see that Lin is really not backing down from all the random criticisms BS threw his way. Only roughly four months to go before Lin can become a free agent to leave this mess!

  1134. what gangsters?

  1135. How can he seize the leadership role when the other on team don’t recognize it as well. Jeremy is a leader on his OWN. He doesn’t have the followers though.

  1136. I think toughness is important, however, I do not see how Ronnie is any tougher than Lin is?

  1137. Not you, dont worry!

  1138. No prob of “vending.” Shooting the anger on the right person is the key:-)

  1139. It is even excuse for Kobe to get away from his selfish play. Just look at how he treated DH12.

  1140. i dont think so….its pretty much same all posters…we are human too, so at times the frustration gets a little overboard 🙂

  1141. Ya! Lin’s D is not as bad as people said… & Scott just copy exactly what HOU did to Lin in Lakers again. smh!

  1142. Some pictures….with nice smiles…should cool our day!

  1143. Kobe to D12 is not new to him… after 19 years in NBA, Kobe sure knows how to fight for it.

  1144. Thanks..venting…not vending…just bad England…oh…English..

  1145. More pictures

  1146. Yes, we are all frustrated/disappointed that JLin isn’t to cash out this opportunity but knowing BS, as long as there is BS in Lakers, forget it. It isn’t going to happen. That’s why for a long while now I want KB to retire and BS to be fired. Both of them need to leave for Lakers to be a remotely a team again. If they stay, I want JLin to be out as simple as that. Don’t believe JLin will flourish under KB and BS. They may have different agendas but have the same poison toward JLin.

  1147. True. It was obvious Hill doesn’t want to pass to Lin.

  1148. more coming 🙂

  1149. not enough?!!!

  1150. Jeremy is the only one hustling…

  1151. Because he is Lin…lol Anyway I never like Hill for he kept bashing D’Antoni publicly not give him more playing time and allow him to take those long jumpers while he admitted having drinking problems then. He’s a selfish player who only cares about his stats IMO.

  1152. Kobe was good at using the media to do some damage to the teammate he felt competitive. He doesn’t have to say a negative word and often pretends to be a friend.

  1153. I don’t see how Ronnie is any tougher than Lin, either. But BS’s definition of “toughness” is certainly a lot different than ours. How can we measure toughness? Is there an objective way to measure it? I just find the word “toughness” often used to justify irrational decisions such as starting Price over Lin because “toughness” is not measurable.

  1154. lol, the way Wes looked…darn, how am I going to run with that speed!

  1155. Hill even brought the ball up in one possession and another one he would rather have the turnover than passing it to the open JLin just in the first few minutes in the game. These weren’t even the only twos. When I saw it, I knew JLin would have a hard time to do anything. He wouldn’t do well when starters didn’t respect him at all.

  1156. Ya! He is good to use media to spread the infor out… right now his best partner it’s BS bc Kobe didn’t need to do or say anything bad about Lin or any teammates. BS will do the dirty job for him.

  1157. Hill is not even moving… I think he is still trying to figure out what just happened. lol.

  1158. I suspect some of those are gamblers, not really Lin fans!

  1159. no point wasting my energy for something that i cant do…lol

  1160. Never enough… more!

  1161. I just noticed Stu and Bill in the background (second pic)… should crop them out 🙂

  1162. Exactly. Before he left LA, DH12 asked the F/O why there were a lot of negative articles blaming him for losses he was too injured to even play. It is not hard to take an educated guess about the motivation/sources of these articles, to take the blame from the real cancer of these losses.

  1163. LOL. I wasn’t worried but thank you.