Game 41 Atlanta Hawks vs Brooklyn Nets: Fresh off His Linsanity Starting Role, Jeremy Lin Faces Brooklyn Nets

Jeremy Lin was given a chance to start in the 40th game of the season and he aced the important game by finishing with 20 points, 9 assists, 4 rebounds, 4 turnovers in 35 minutes of play accompanied by sizzling 8-10 shooting.

To underline the importance of Linsanity game in a starting role, the NBA decided to release Full Game Recap youtube video with both Jeremy Lin and Kahwi Leonard as the marquee players from both teams.

The Atlanta Hawks and the broadcasting crew did a wonderful job to showcase Jeremy Lin, including a 2012 buzzer-beater Linsanity shot at the Toronto Raptors home floor. Atlanta Hawks were in the discussion with Phoenix Suns regarding Jeremy Lin in a potential trade that did not materialize so it is not surprising that the Hawks would feature Jeremy Lin after a recent rumor that Toronto Raptors had exploratory talk with the Hawks regarding Jeremy Lin.

The February 7 trade deadline is coming soon so it won’t be surprising if Atlanta Hawks decides to showcase Jeremy Lin in a starting role for more games in order to get the best trade offer of the veteran Point Guard.

After playing 35 minutes above his season average of 19 minutes, Jeremy Lin and the Hawks will face a tall order to play the surging Brooklyn Nets on the second straight night. It will not be an easy game but Jeremy Lin can produce well in his starting role with more time to establish his rhythm to direct the offense together with Trae Young. Having both of them on the floor helped each other to create plays for the team as evident in the Hawks vs Raptors game. Trae Young finished with 19 points, 4 assists, 5 rebounds in 30 minutes of play.


  1. huerter listed as probable.

    as dorothy put it: “linderella” will have to be back (to the bench) from the ball.

    (actually the post was):

    “Tomorrow Linderella will be put back to his old place on the team…”

  2. I actually watch the game last night on NBA stream for the first time in 2 years, and the play time doesn’t really matter as I don’t mind JL rests on back to back games. And wish all the fan here happy 2019 and great health to all – that’s important. Let’s wish Lin all the best!

  3. Do your best JLin! Stay healthy! Go JLin!

  4. Sigh, but as long as Lin is healthy, I am fine

  5. Reposting what @David Kim shared regarding interest in Jeremy Lin is picking up around the league per Keith Smith (Yahoo Sports NBA).

    Neither Jlin and his fans have any control where Atlanta might trade him. Let’s hope and pray it provides the best situation for him to be healthy and be productive for his next contract in the 2019 offseason. IMHO, 20-25mpg playing for a playoff contender would be ideal.

  6. The CHA season, after JLIN led the Cavs game due to Kemba “injury”, Kemba did not miss another game and only after playoff losses did we find Kemba was playing on a bad knee.

    Too risky for ATL to allow JLIN to continue to START, the fans might ask too many questions.

  7. They are starting to love JLIN in Atlanta, unfortunately for them JLIN is moving on; below from ATL sports.

    HAWKSJeremy Lin stars in Hawks loss to the Raptors
    “The star of the night was Jeremy Lin. In his first start of the season, Lin put up 20 points on an efficient 8-10 from the field and dished out nine assists. This continues a trend of quality play from a player that was literally given to the Hawks by the Brooklyn Nets.
    Coming into Tuesday’s game, Lin was averaging 20.5 points, 6.6 assists, 4.6 rebounds and 1.5 steals on 49% shooting and 38.5% from three-point range per 36 minutes. Those are comparable and even better than some of the highest paid point guards in the league. He won’t be viewed like that on the trade market, and rightfully so, but it becomes more and more likely each day that the Hawks will be able to trade him in for a first-round pick.

    Not a bad investment by Travis Schlenk.

    Again, that is if the Hawks feel comfortable dealing Lin. He’s been a true professional in the backup role behind rookie point guard Trae Young, who added 20 points on 8-20 from the field on Tuesday, and the Hawks may feel they have put enough pressure on Young in his first year.

    Either way, Lin has quietly become one of the best additions of this past offseason, and there few players more enjoyable to root for.”

  8. it looks like ALL the HARD work Lin put in working with his shooting coach doc is finally paying off (38)% from 3 and 50% FG. HE has been incredibly efficient.

  9. While Tae Young was allowed to take 20 shots, Lin took 10. Lin scored only one point less than Collins, the top scorer of the team in 11 tries.

    Sport is about fair competition. NBA basketball is not a sport. It is about showing casing and star making. However Lin easily gave 10 dimes in his first start of the season. Jeremy Lin played more like Steve Nash than Young but he virtually tells us how much he was shackled in Atlanta.

  10. Lin was frequently given his playtime with bench players. Even Bembry took the ball away from him and played inefficiently.

  11. wrong, it’s more like Iin is healthy and playing major minutes. unless you are his lover/gf/wife.. then all you care about him is healthy and care less about him playing which is not good either.

  12. Former Warriors’ guard Pat McCaw is signing with Toronto …

  13. whothehellishe

  14. Looks like GSW requested NBA to investigate the Cavs’ role in helping McCaw to escape from Restricted Free Agency (RFA) situation with GSW.

    GSW offered $5.2M for 2 year RFA that McCaw+dad doesn’t like. Then Cavs ‘helped’ to offer $6M/2-year that GSW couldn’t match then Cavs waived McCaw after 3 games (only paying ~$186K for 3 games) so McCaw can sign with another team. A very suspicious move by the Cavs to help McCaw escape the RFA from GSW.

    McCaw is just a gamble by the Raptors. His PER36 in 2017-18 season with GSW is only 8pts/3rebs/3asts

  15. McCaw is a wing and not a PG, very cheap too $800k

  16. He is a SG.

  17. “@JLin7 arrives at Barclays Center for G41. 📷#ATLHawks”

  18. Hope all JLIN did after the game and all day today was EAT and SLEEP and EAT and SLEEP to be fresh for tonight

  19. And hope the NY media will stop being parasites at Lin’s expense. One thing bringing back Linsanity and happy times at MSG. Another thing to keep bringing up what happened with Nets trade. Enough.

  20. Peirce made fun of the Linsanity hype in the first game back in NYC this season and then went on to play JLIN only 12 minutes.

    So for JLIN’s playing time sake it hurts, but really I don’t care – Hawks gonna do what their FO wants and JLIN will be off this team soon.

  21. Raptors still have one more roster spot open. McCaw is listed as SG. Can McCaw play as PG?

    What is impact on all the speculations of Lin going to Toronto? Who knows. Could be over. Or the door is still open.

  22. Like many of GSW’s supporting players that GSW has allowed to leave, McCaw didn’t have great stats. But I remember he contributed to critical plays in that championship run for the Warriors.

    I think Bob Myers is making a mistake, like ALL the NBA teams. They all just pay for, and care about the Big 3, or the Core 4, or WHATEVER.

    Aside from Iguodala and Livingston, GSW have never tried hard to retain anyone else. Even if they helped with winning. They just keep churning over their bench, plugging players in and out. Hope GSW won’t regret it this year. It’s a team sport. (Even Curry alluded to having to gel with new guys.)

  23. Just entertainment. Soon to make more money off gambling. There’s NOTHING there about sports or fair competition.

    When Lin retires, not watching. Mildly fun with some teams like Nets last year. And GSW in the playoffs. But, if no Lin in the League, NOT worth the time.

  24. That’s a good point. 1 more roster spot.

    I don’t see McCaw as a PG. If the concern is the lack of playmaker due to Kyle Lowry’s chronic back issue, it won’t be solved by McCaw. He’s not a 3pt shooter either with career average of 29.5 three-point shooting %

    I think TOR still looks for a playmaker (e.g. JLin/Calderon/Barea/Jeff Teague/Devin Harris). So far, JLin has aced the audition for 2 games in front of Toronto Raptors 🙂

    2-game AVE: 23 points/5.5 assists/2.5 rebounds/0.5 steal with an unbelievable 83% shooting including 67% 3FG

  25. I still find it nauseating that Nets fans on Nets Daily were so ANTI-Lin. The hate, instead of sympathy, for a player who was on their own team. From a diverse borough in a diverse city. I have been surprised that Atlanta, a city in the south, would be more welcoming to Lin.

    I HATE referring to racism too often. But this tweet from a Lin fan says it all:

  26. LOL. “pretty well”, “decent asset”, “nothing amazing”. The guy couldn’t quite spit out full kudos to Lin.

    “Neither Jlin and his fans have any control where Atlanta might trade him. Let’s hope and pray it provides the best situation for him to be healthy and be productive for his next contract in the 2019 offseason.”

    Agree with your sentiments!

  27. Happy and healthy 2019 to ALL, for sure! Welcome to the forum!

    Hey, yeah, we finally get Lin back!

  28. I think Jlin made his point with his stats prior to the TOR game and backed up the stats by playing against the TOR 1st string and almost beat them. He has nothing left to prove. He should claim a “bad back” and stay home. Forget BKLN. BTW I remember you made mention a while ago that the BKLN fans are not good fans. Didn’t know that. Another good reason not to be in NY.

  29. another post which might be good idea to delete?

  30. BKLN is nothing compared to NYC, their stadium is always empty and dead.

  31. @JLin7 #StatOfTheDay #BestStatsAgainstOpponent
    Jeremy Lin has performed his best against @Raptors this season in several categories (PointsPerGame, FG%, 3FG% with min 2 games)
    ➡️23 points
    ➡️5.5 assists
    ➡️2.5 rebounds
    ➡️0.5 steal
    ➡️unbelievable 83% shooting, 67% 3FG 🔥🏀
    Note: The 2nd best opponent he has performed is Charlotte Hornets with 15.5 points/3 assists/2 rebounds with 67% shooting, 50% 3FG

  32. You are right. These days, NBA seems less about specific positions and more about skills. “Play-maker”, “Ball-Handler”, “Shot-maker”, “Floor-spacer”.

    JLin would do wonders for Toronto. Less sure if Toronto would do wonders for Lin.

    But, as a fan, I’m just following along. I keep repeating myself. Just want Lin to be healthy and play winning basketball. WHEREVER THAT MAY BE.

  33. Heurter (and probably Trae) learned quickly never to be out of a game if there’s even a remote possibilty JLIN plays

  34. How many times have we seen SG playing PG while relegating Lin to standing in the corner SG? Bremby anyone? I’m will to bet this move may be to prevent Lin from overshadowing the designated stars if they do trade for him. Just like every team, use SG as PG and move Lin to SG without the ball.

    To be honest there are much better destinations like Magics but who knows.

  35. Game starting! But, of course, now I gotta run.

    See you all later. GO LIN!

  36. Good, no pressure for JLin to play lots of minutes in the back end of B2B game.

  37. Nah, it’s all from Fortius! They removed all his bad habits and Lin relearned all his muscle memory! Nash wouldn’t have been MVP without Fortius’ innovative rehab.

  38. Sarah Kustock and Ian Eagle just said “Jeremy Lin was so fast and Spry last night playing against Raptors”

  39. Lin not starting, not watching until he’s traded. Willing to bet he’s not getting much minutes like always.

  40. They watched?

  41. It’s their job – Highlights, just like JLIN fans

  42. Dedmon THREE blocks on Joe Harris

  43. How do they know Lin was fast if just watching from the highlights? They had a closed up version of the highlights? LOL

  44. Bad pass Dinwiddie

  45. Lin in

  46. 2 FT

  47. Hamilton, JLIN, Trae, Len and Collins wierd lineup

  48. Trae getting huge minutes tonight

  49. ATL actually playing decent defense tonight

  50. 2 FT

  51. If we can get Jarrett Allen in foul trouble that will be big, he is their rim protector

  52. Bad call, Carroll hooked Vince

  53. Nice! It makes 24-13 for ATL
    4pts for Lin

  54. JLIN putting all sorts of pressure on the Nets P&R defense

  55. good Linsider knowledge

  56. JLIN steal and draws another foul

  57. Steal number 501!

  58. Brooklyn looked like GSW last game

    this game Brooklyn looks like the Lebronless Cavs

  59. Hehehehe Nets are 16 points behind LOL

  60. Lin out

  61. Lol Lin with 6FTs and 0-3? Wow what’s going on? did refs get the memo to up his value for the Hawks?

  62. Excellent stint by Lin. Got to the line for 6 points and nice playmaking and D.

  63. Falling a part a bit since JLIN sat down

  64. Awful close of the quarter for ATL

  65. The longer TOR waits the more the price will go up. Pull the trigger TOR

  66. Trae makes the first 3 and as usual then starts chucking and forgetting about the man he is supposed to guard

  67. Ed Davis and Jarrett both can handle John Collins, not many bigs can deal with Collins

  68. Lin in

  69. Pierce gonna play Trae 40 mins ha

    Trae firing bricks from way out

  70. what happened to Carter?

  71. hit in the face

  72. Welcome Steven! Happy New Year

  73. Trae Young? more like Trae Trash

  74. thanks

  75. Collins only has a height advantage he’s so scrawny, any legit big would push him over. Collins is not someone you’d want at the PF spot more like as SF.

  76. No Collins is for real, his numbers andthe eye test prove Collins is legit

  77. Hamilton is a G-Leaguer – why does Pierce insist on playing him with JLIN’s unit

  78. Nobody looking for JLIN at all, jLIN just trying to help out everyone on the Hawks

  79. Lin was fouled

  80. JLIN wide open on every play

  81. 22222222

  82. I believe you, hah

  83. 🙂

  84. Lin shots of tonight eh

  85. 22222222

  86. Lin out

  87. sigh! he was just getting hot

  88. I’m reading the play by play. How’s Jeremy looking?

  89. Nets are closing in

  90. As always the Big question will be how many minutes JLIN gets in 2nd half, feel like Pierce may want to win this game and thus JLIN will see playing time … of course dependent again on how badly/well Trae plays

    Too many minutes of JLIN with weak players who also hog shots and also too many wasted minutes alongside Trae

  91. Lin’s not having a good shooting night, but he played well minus the 1 turnover / deflection. Hopefully Lin’s shot starts falling in 2nd half.

  92. Just tuned in. Per, Lin has played 12 minutes in the 1st half.

    By his average PT (18) with Hawks, he could have between 4-8 minutes remaining in this game.

  93. I feel that Pierce will play JLIN in the Q4 tonight – he will have to if he is serious about wanting to beat the Nets

  94. Huerter and Bembry exceptionally weak on offense tonight, not a big surprise especially with Huerter having a bad back

  95. Considering how much energy he expended in the game last night, he’s doing fine. His 2 made field goals were tough shots. But he’s made all of his FTs and got to the line.

  96. How many minutes did Lin and Trae play together? I think Lin needs more touches with Trae. Trae has to look for Lin.

  97. yeah, LP is not good at sensing a player in rhythm.

  98. We know Bembry is a Pierce favorite, out of Pierces own mouth; but man is he bad tonight and last night aprat from some hustle costs us more points than he generates (like many Hawks) …

    … complete goose-egg 1st half, but STARTS and gets huges minutes, gives me visions of Pat Beverly carrying water for Harden or that PJ guy for the Hornets

  99. Awful turnover Trae

  100. 18 seconds and Hawks TO lllol

  101. Trae building a brick house tonight – shoot 20 shots tonight again

  102. JLIN please save us from this horror show

  103. trae shook

  104. Well, there goes the lead. Time for Lin to come back and settle things down.

  105. Lin in

  106. JLIN in very very early for Q3 as things go

  107. And no Tre alongside jlin

  108. huerter sucks man

  109. Huerter is such garbage hes better off hurt for the team

  110. Damn, Lin’s shot is still off. Missed a wide open 3.

  111. 222222222

  112. Got a good layup.

  113. 222222222222

  114. Shot fell in!

  115. Lin’s shooting a ton now. Good to see, even if his 3s aren’t falling in.

  116. Trae with Lin now.

  117. Trae in, Lin still in

  118. That was a good try with pull-up 3

  119. Yeah, off by just a bit.

  120. Just unlucky, in and out

  121. In and out by Lin.

  122. Geez, Vince is got hit in the head twice tonight.

  123. Lin is playing well. Just ice cold.

  124. Lin with 3 rebounds.

  125. Lin out

  126. He’s just gobbling up rebounds .. awesome to watch

  127. Yeah, as long as he doesn’t try to jump over big men for the rebound and injure himself landing like he did against the Heat. :p

  128. Lin’s last 2 shots just a bit flat in trajectory .. both in and out.
    Great aggressiveness

  129. yeah, Lin can be stubborn 🙂

  130. Lin helped settle things down and get the lead back, but now that he’s out, Hawks lose the lead.

  131. lose the lead as soon as JLin steps out…like clockwork.

  132. I don’t agree with taking him out. Let Lin and Trae together more. LP too in love with Bembry.

  133. I’m getting of tired of Lin not finishing quarters. When the opposing team is in the limit, that’s the time to have Lin in, not take him out.

  134. Both teams shot poorly from 3s
    ATL 15% vs BKN 26%

  135. Lin has 14 pts, right?

  136. Another bad 3rd Q from Hawks.

  137. A good coach who wants to win will put Lin in to draw fouls.
    But this tanking business is confusing. Not sure if it’s intentional or not

  138. yes

  139. JLin with 14 points and the highest +9 in ATL team

    Next highest is +1 (Vince, Len)

  140. Lin in

  141. Lin starts the 4th Q.

  142. Another missed 3. *sigh*

  143. missed another open 3…

  144. ice cold

  145. Lin playing bad right now.

  146. Replay showed Napier hit Lin’s left forearm before stripping the ball. Of course it gets missed and no foul call for Lin.

  147. Wow, these refs are terrible.

  148. Lin gonna get subbed.

  149. what happened Lin with the ref?

  150. Lin 4/15 damn he cant play good against the nets for some reason

  151. Cold night for Lin, 4-15? Ouch. On positive note, Lin taking 15 shots is what we’ve been waiting for. Hawks really going all out for this showcase.

  152. Lin is just off tonight. Another missed open mid-range jumpshot.

  153. wow Lin is missing everything…

  154. Fatigue.

  155. Lin cant be missing all these open shots if he wants to play down the stretch….ugh this game is over

  156. Tired legs for sure.

  157. bad excuse. he was literally at the basket and didn’t even come close. oh well he had 14pts but really bad game

  158. Good game Lin got his double figures

  159. Lin needs a rest. Shot is off and he doesn’t have the juice not to get to where he wants with the speed he wants. He tried, took 15 shots which is a lot for Lin.

  160. Fatigue. He played 34.5 minutes last night.

  161. Lin Out

  162. rightfully so he was bad to be honest.

  163. It’s ok. 14 points is good and he tried. Ball isn’t going to fall for you some nights.

  164. Back to back, it’s a miracle he’s even getting any minutes after Linderella night.

  165. Still not an excuse. He missed like 7 shots in a row and had 2 TO’s in less than 3 Min. Collins looks active he played yesterday aswell.

  166. well this game is over..time to watch some good basketball.

  167. Played so much last night, I’m surprised he was allowed to play and shoot so much after being benched again.

  168. Im happy he shot it though. 14pts is above his average and thats good!

  169. It’s not just Lin who’s having a bad shooting night, most of the Hawks are. They’ve run out of gas on this back to back game, especially against one of the best teams and almost beat them last night.

    34% FG, 16% 3P shooting as a team is just terrible. Only Collins has a decent shooting percentage tonight.

  170. It’s a reason. Not an excuse. He’s rehabbing. I’ve been saying this all season. He’s not in the type of physical conditioning to play big minutes and come back the next game and have his energy. It’s just not there yet and may not be for weeks or months.

  171. Collins is used to heavier minutes and not coming back from a patellar rupture injury.

  172. Exactly. That was an intense game yesterday. Hawks started shown, but fatigue is showing in the 2nd half.

  173. Wish he took more shots last night though

  174. Lin in

  175. Another Lin turnover.

  176. careless TO

  177. 22222222

  178. Lin blew past D’Lo.

  179. Lin running on fumes, but it was nice to see the hesitation steps and the crafty lefty finish.

  180. Collins is like the energizer bunny. Dude’s got a motor backing up his motor.

  181. Dang, Lin’s reverse layup looked good but rolled back out. Lots of in and outs tonight.

  182. I guess the high intensity game yesterday did take some toll for Hawks…not only Lin but pretty much everyone, except JC.

    But its good see Lin takes shots and trying to play thru it

  183. no shame tired. took 18 shots thats what i want

  184. Is if a championship contender is gonna give ya open looks….he ain’t a chucker

  185. Your trolling is snooze worthy

  186. Yeah, just bad luck on many of the shots. He’ll rest. He’ll be fine for the next game.

    Now, notice Lin took a bunch of shots and LP seemed fine with them although he missed them. Also, is LP beginning to see Lin as a closer?

  187. he isn’t missing “everything”….way to be reactive

  188. What’s JC eating? He really didn’t show the fatigue the rest of the team did.

  189. more shots than Trae? Lin has green light?

  190. More adrenaline

  191. Lin is the only guy with +2. everyone was a negative

  192. Proud of him. He tried. Even though his shot didn’t fall, he just kept trying. Yes, he was kind of running on fumes as the 2nd half went longer and had heavy legs, but he kept trying.

    Like I said earlier, I don’t care that it was the Nets. It was the 2nd night of a back to back where he played 35 minutes, and he scored 16 and had a few nice assists and steals. As usual, some of his TOs happened when he was fouled and weren’t called.

  193. He’s always had the green light to score. It’s just Lin has been hearing for years to shoot less and playmake more. LP seems to like his PGs to shoot.

  194. Kudos for the excellent, well thought comments sws94. Your posts are a great example of rationality,..something some posters here lack.

  195. Its very rare to see JL take that many shots, even when he has perfect game (like yesterday), I think partially it might be mental thingy, where where he is playing against his previous team, logically any player would want to prove his worth and their decision was wrong…Lin Balls!

  196. Lin might have been the only perimeter player who competed on both ends tonight

  197. That plus he always wants to play as a team, hence wants to ensure everyone is involved and contributes.

    I dont think coach limits his shots

  198. He sometimes takes 18-20 shots. But usually in double overtime!

    Well, we’ll see if he shoots more. Not 18 shots but more than usual. Maybe that’s what LP wants.

  199. what’s the excuse for the young bembry?

  200. It is nice to complement one poster,
    but it is not rational to criticize/attack other posters.

  201. 2nd game of BTB games? 😉 Nah. Just kidding.

  202. I totally get what it’s like, when I eat a 12 inch pizza back to back, I can’t really eat as fast the next meal.

  203. Is this top 5 in # of shots taken by lin?

  204. lol

  205. Me either. I guess we have to remember LP is a rookie coach.

  206. Then you should go for the third….forth is even sweeter! 🙂

  207. did Trae ever had more shot attempts than points ?

  208. The only player of the Hawks with a positive ± rating

  209. Speed of Lin highlights …

  210. yeah it shouldn’t be use as a justification for the inefficiency on a game though it might be a factor. Missing shot tend to come when one is bothered by a certain thing like eagerness, revenge, anger, resentments and all negative vibes and some more other factors that hinders one clear mind (not that JLIN has thought of these things). Maybe Jlin thought of playing his best counter to his thoughtprocess of playing to have fun, thats why the careless shots that tricked out. But just the same, it can be called OFF NIGHT for sure, but an off night with 14 or 16 points ca be taken with a grain of salt too.

  211. I think the whole team is tired.. BUT why they sux need the end? but they so good in the beginning?

  212. dam so quiet.

  213. Silver Linings to this Game
    1) Every now and again we need Hawks FO to see that even the miracle man JLIN is human – thus allowing Hawks to not demand an exorbitant Trade price for JLIN

    2) Pierce knows who he has to play if he really desires a win – this game proves he calls JLIN’s number

    3) Even when JLIN is off his best, he is still better than any other Point Player on the team

  214. I don’t know if you’ve ever been tired in your life but …

    …. stamina (i.e. energy) is like a can of paint, when you keep painting there is no more paint left at the end …

    … and ATL used up a lot of that can of paint last night in TOR and wasn’t enough paint left in the can for a whole game tonight.

  215. probably a dozen times only

  216. The first Qtr is fantastic. A back to back road game is tough to play at high level.

  217. Immature

  218. It’s not a big deal since it’s a schedule loss. A back to back game after the Hawks battled the Raptors in a physical game.

    Very uncharacteristic for JLin to take 15 shots when his first few shots did not go in but it’s good to see his aggressiveness. It’s better to try than overpassing when his teammates are also tired. The fact that it was against his former team, the Nets, might have given him extra motivation.

    Thankfully, there are 2 days of rest before the next game against Philadelphia 76ers.

  219. It’s intriguing to see LP gave Lin more PT when his shots did not go down. Perhaps it’s his way to reward Lin for being aggressive, even if the shots don’t fall.

    Believe it or not, Lin is the only one with positive +/- at +2

  220. oh no lin not efficient… it happens. especially on back to backs. on to the next.

  221. @HawksOnFSSE
    Jeremy Lin takes a philosophical approach to his shots. He bases his performance on the quality of the shot more so than whether or not it falls.

  222. Nice tribute by the Nets for their 3rd most leading scorer, Vince Carter.

  223. Post-Game Research:

    “I think as coaches you also say, ‘That’s great, don’t shoot those shots.’ But then when you get in the playoffs, those are the shots you get because the defenses are so locked in, and you know how everyone
    plays, that those are the shots that come available, those 18-foot mid-range jump shots. And that’s when you gotta make them. And if you haven’t taken them all year long and then you’re in the playoffs and you
    gotta make them, how’s that going to work?”

  224. yo. live in the present. WHY da fuc you bringing up 2014 sht. I thought it was recent and then I read it and it’s goran dragic on the suns? what? and I’m like fk this crp because I saw it’s 2014.

    Man you have to live in the present. why bring up the past. What does this have to do with tonight. you make no sense.

  225. Just like recent Bucks game where Hawks got totally annihilated, this game seemed like Lin and rest of Hawks were instructed to attack the rim no matter what (modern probability based basketball), instead of doing what Popovich is doing this season and taking what defenses are willingly conceding, at least at start of game, if they keep running into a brick wall, taking highly contested shots, or getting stripped of ball on drives for easy transition for other team.

  226. “I think as coaches you also say, ‘That’s great, don’t shoot those shots.’ But then when you get in the playoffs, those are the shots you get because the defenses are so locked in, and you know how everyone plays, that those are the shots that come available, those 18-foot mid-range jump shots.

    If you haven’t taken them all year long and then you’re in the playoffs and you gotta make them, how’s that going to work?”

    Full Article: [ / ]

    ➡️ ( )


  227. Just like recent Bucks game where Hawks got totally annihilated, this game seemed like JLin and rest of Hawks were instructed to attack the rim no matter what (modern probability based basketball), instead of doing what Popovich is doing this season and taking what defenses are willingly conceding, at least at start of game, if they keep running into a brick wall / taking highly contested shots / getting stripped of ball on drives for easy transition for other team. If team can’t make those open midrange shots, they are still going to lose vs. really good teams no matter what, but at least it won’t be such an utterly predictable slaughter.

    ➡️ ( )


    “What do you think of when you hear the name Joe Harris?

    You might think of that white guy who used to be on LeBron’s team. Maybe you’ve caught the Nets once or twice this year and seen him make some three-pointers. Here’s how you should think of him now:

    The guy who takes nearly twice as high a percentage of his own shots within three feet of the hoop as D’Angelo Russell.

    Russell takes only 13.7 percent of his shots within three feet of the hoop. He does not attack the basket and he avoids contact like the plague, and there’s not a good reason why.” ( )

  228. he seemed fine with them because he is tanking! lol

  229. Yes, schedule loss. I had NO expectations. Even when the Hawks were up 20, I was not surprised they eventually lost. Sorry to say I had no faith…:-)

    The ONLY surprise was that Lin played 28 minutes and took 18 shots.

    The game vs 76ers is on Friday, the 11th. So, only one day’s rest?

    After that, next week, will be 3 games in 7 days. But against Bucks, OKC, and Celtics. Tough opponents.

  230. After playing 34 min last night, on the second night of a B2B, on the road, after averaging less than 20 minutes all season, LP decides to play Lin 28 minutes? Tonight of all nights? Not exactly putting Lin in a position to succeed.

    I have probably been defending Pierce more than most. But I did not like the timing of this move.

    Having said that, it was a schedule loss. NBA put certain match-ups on certain days (see Christmas games). Wouldn’t put it past the NBA to deliberately schedule it this way.

    There were TEN games tonight. All NINE road teams lost, four were on second night of B2Bs.

    The only home team that lost, and NOT on B2B, were Rockets losing to the Bucks. Consolation prize for me! Haha.

  231. It would support the “showcasing” theory some have. But, I think it was too many minutes for Lin. I did not want him to exceed 20, not by much anyway. 28 minutes is starter’s minutes. And, IMO, he looked labored and fatigued tonight in the 2nd half, like he had to work harder to do what he usually does.

  232. Good stuff pre-ex. Jlin seems to do as SAS does in this article and take what the defense gives. Lot of mid range shots which are not popular because they are not as flashy as hard drives or long range TY bombs. Jlin takes more floaters and midrange mixed in with attacking the basket resukting in high offensive efficiency. Pop is a smart coach and JLin a smart player. This is just good BB. If true what was posted earlier that ATL were to relentlessly attack hoop then that could take some of the unpredictability of also shooting mid range. Makes a lot of sense. If true this also points to bad coaching by LP. I don’t know why Pop seems so disinterested in JLin when JLin plays Pop’s style of BB and JLin seems to go off on SAS every time JLin plays them.

  233. Good to see him still confident! Keep taking those shots when you can Lin! Klay Thompson was in a slump too, but got out of it.

    He’s right, of course. Some good open shots, some were in-and-out. A couple of no-call fouls. Nice blow-by against Russell. Nice fade-away against Dinwiddie. Another one over JAllen.

    Pretty assists. But, also, “missed” assists.

    Nets defense was bad. Hawks had lots of open shots. They just couldn’t make them. Either that, or Kenny was just letting the Hawks have those shots, knowing they would be tired from B2B. Hate to give any credit to the Nets, but they did tighten the defense in second half.

    I thought he was more upset about the loss vs Toronto.

  234. I think Nets adjusted well on Second half…gotta give credit 🙂

    And coming in from a game last nite didnt help as well, especially after a hard grinding game.

  235. Still somewhat conflicted about the Nets. Liked some of those guys. Even though RHJ and LeVert didn’t play tonight.
    A few times caught myself clicking on Nets out of habit, instead of on the Hawks! LOL.

  236. Psycho-analyzing too much?

    Haven’t seen any clips of Lin interacting with ex-teammates lately. Postgame, he seemed to walk off the courts very quickly recently. Did not see him greet Brook Lopez after Bucks, or walk over to meet Nets bench tonight?

    Maybe because of the new workout regimen of weights immediately after games?

  237. It’s the direction the entire NBA is going. Between Morey analytics pushing only 3’s, layups, or FTs. And Curry and Thompson splash bros. All the teams are buying in and being copy-cats. All the fans are buying in.

    And this thing about positionless BBall. Bigs shooting 3’s, instead of being inside to get rebounds. Everybody handling the ball. Players having less defined “roles”. I don’t know. Some things I like, most things I don’t.

    Spacing the floor so that smaller guards theoretically can go charging into the middle. Wouldn’t be surprised that contributes to more injuries to guards.

    My theory about why the Spurs never tried to get Lin (that we know about). We all know how Popovich hates press conferences and answering questions. Lin comes with a LOT of publicity and media scrutiny. Heck, maybe Popovich has even heard about the “crazy delusional” Lin fans. IMO, he just doesn’t want to have to deal with any of that. I guess he wasn’t desperate enough.

    Although Spurs had a lot of international players. I would have thought Parker and Ginobili would have foreign media following them around. So, who knows……

  238. Yeah, we were discussing this earlier in the thread.

    After signing McCaw, Raptors still has one more open roster spot. (Only 14, can have 15.)
    We think that McCaw is more of SG, not as much as a playmaking PG, which we think Raptors still need. So, still a possibility.

    But, who knows…

  239. I’m sure that’s part of his regiment now to take care of his body. Many of them know that they need to flush out the lactic acids from their system immediately so that they’d recover faster.

  240. Please see comment/response below…..

  241. There was a post-game interview with Fox where he specifically addressed that post-games were better for weights workout because he was already loose.
    I will try to find and post. ICYMI.

  242. For the record, I like Bembry. He and Lin seem to have good connection, talks to Lin a lot on the bench, gives Lin props, unasked. Had a career SCORING night vs Bucks, and a good game vs Miami. So, he has improved.

    But. Despite the fact that Bembry plays hard at DEFENSE, and very good at making steals, it seems like he always gives it right back on the OFFENSIVE end. Whether it’s unable to finish at the rim, or missing FTs (he’s shooting 61%, for a Guard/Fwd, that’s bad). Bad shot selection.Or turnovers at the worst times. Often changing the momentum of the game.

    It’s funny because most players are accused of being able to score, but giving it all back on the defensive side.

    Tonight is probably an unfair example. No one except Collins had a great game. The Hawks all had a turnover problem, including JLin. And tonight Bembry actually had zero turnovers. But, 29 minutes with ZERO points? 0 for 5 (the 6th miss was end-of-shotclock heave). And missed FTs.

    Seems like he’s done this in a few games. LP and the coaches need to work with Bembry more. It’s relevant because he plays with Lin a lot.

  243. bembry being in a control mode is a good teammates, but when in a black hole, he is a disruption in a game and he seems to always turn this on most of the time. he can be coached and he can change if he wanted it to happen.

  244. Cavs may have to pay dearly for this.

  245. I like him too. If Lin as a veteran can have many off nights, so are those young players. I think Bembry is the one who learned from Lin the most among other teammates. He is way more disciplined than months earlier. I don’t think LP can help this team much. But LP found his secrete source in LIn.
    Lin helped this team a lot, more than what we can see. He really sets the tone for the whole team except Young (not Young’s fault). I do give LP’s credit that he started to discipline Young recently. I do think LP is a Lin believer now and Lin literally is his in-game assistant coach. Of course this doesn’t mean Lin will have his minutes, but I did see he is giving longer leash to Lin, shorter leash to Young even before the Raptor game.

  246. For Lin, it’s a good test on his body. I am very glad to see Lin’s body is still in a pretty good form even he has fatigue. Also Lin was trying pretty hard in those two games. He even sometimes forcing some plays. I do think Lin wants to get out of Hawks and gain trade interest. Feel sorry for Lin, he is very likely not going anywhere this season 😛 Glad he looks healthy, I don’t see any back issue through my own lens which is very encouraging.

  247. If we see heavy minutes and increased FGA from Lin for the next few games, it will be sign that ATL is showcasing Lin for trade.

    Last night is a bad night (in turns of FG%) for Lin but I like his FGA, keep shooting. Just that he won’t do that unless LP gives him a green light.

    Even in a bad night, you can see that most talent NBA player with lots of FGA can score 20+.

  248. I believe an MD blogger on the other site commented:

    “Lin’s season has been amazing. I still can’t believe he’s playing and moving this well after a patellar tendon rupture. As a PG in the NBA this is unheard of. His doctors and Fortius will be writing case studies to publish in JAMA and NEJM for years.”

    FYI: JAMA is The Journal of the American Medical Association and NEJM is the New England Journal of Medicine.

  249. Soooo proud of our Lin and praise God

  250. just hope it’s all good ..don’t jinx it. lol
    it’s all good and nice.
    maybe the chinese food he eats too? =) But again.. just hope it’s all good continuously

  251. All young players aspired to be a difference maker, not many can. No matter how ESPN and the likes try to slander Lin, he IS a difference maker. Lin is someone that can take a bad team and carry them to victory. Had they given the ball to Lin to close the game, we could’ve had a déjà vu of “Lin for the win!”

    The problem however isn’t Bembry, it’s the coach. Great coaches have a way of giving out enough rope to keep players within their capabilities while leaving some room to grow. That’s the trick though, LP let’s out too much rope instead and players wind up hanging themselves.

    Coach Lin makes his teammates play within their sweet spots by putting them into situations to succeed. The worst thing to do is to give youngsters with limited skills no guidance or limiters. The old saying that athletes need to get out of their own way means don’t try, just do. The role of coaching is to create steps instead of presenting a mountain to climb. Players like Bembry and Trae need a stairway to the top.

  252. totally! very true…those in medical field, would definitely say its a miracle!

    Its all due to Fortius and Lin’s total dedication and will power

  253. It is. I do have to say we’re not out of the woods yet. The test is to see if he can get through the whole season and play at this level. But it’s looking promising right now.

  254. IMO, Lin hasn’t had a green light to score on a regular basis since MDA enabled him. It’s not by accident that Linsanity only happens when extraordinary situations lets the genie out of the bottle. When coaches and teams needed wins more than propping up fake stars, Lin has Delivered more often than not.

    Such was the case as Lin starting against the Raptors. The Linsanity moment was enabled because it suited their needs. The flip side is the inconvenient truth is why hasn’t Lin started after a strong November? Instead we have a coach bent on making sure Trae outplays Lin while tanking.

    LIN IS THE POINT GUARD THAT THEY HOPE TRAE WILL BECOME NOW! Yet every team and coach has made sure Lin played down to the limits of what’s suitable for them.

    In art and music, the notes and rendering strokes tells only half the story. It’s the silence and pauses in music that sets up the piece. It’s the negative spaces in a painting that hints and frames the truth. What’s stated my the media isn’t what Lin’s about, the truth of Lin’s career isn’t in the highlights; the truth is in the subtitles of how he makes his teammates better whenever he’s allowed to be at his best.

  255. Hard to see that TOR would want to take on a young, inexperienced player who is not really a PG but a SG, just because he is cheap. Not when they are making a playoff/championship run and not when, as far as we know, does not address TOR needs, that of someone who can push the pace, shoot 3’s. Especially the pushing the pace part. That seems to be inherent to certain types of players and might take time to train someone to learn how to make it part of their play pattern. But stranger things have happened.

  256. Just like DNP-CD, I think it was coach’s decision to try something he has not done all year and play Jlin heavy minutes B2B. Why? Who knows but it didn’t work. Since ATL is tanking he can do what he wants and if they lose, he will not draw much fire except from us fans who are paying attention. Also, there was reference from someone on this board that ATL was in full attack the rim mode, which if accurate, while Jlin does attacking as part of his play he mixes it up to play what the defense gives him like mid range jumpers and floater. Again, it would be nice to know what the coach’s instructions are the team for that night’s game plan.

  257. SAME HERE.

  258. worst thing is to get traded to a contender and then get hurt again. it’s like fk..who else will take a chance on you.. it’s also saying nets and hawks are geniuses…which you don’t wnat.

  259. Lots not to like about the current NBA trends you mentioned. Maybe I am too old to change, and maybe SAS is too but I doubt it. Players having lesser defined roles means to have them do things maybe they can’t do so well as compared to playing to a player’s strengths. Also diminishes the best way for Jlin to play, as a pure PG who runs the team on the floor. May be that is why he is trying to be a combo guard. Never liked constant floor spacing because it takes the role of big post up guys out of the game (and out of the league, see Al Jefferson et al). Wonder how Kareem would have fared under this new basketball. B. Lopez was lucky to be able to become a capable 3 pt shooter but I still can’t see being 7″ 25″ away from the basket. What is the advantage? While playing for a smart BB mind like Pop would be nice SAS is getting old and Join does not need to play out his career with a bunch of guys fading out of the league. The NBA is using rule changes to shape the game for the entertainment of the broad category of “fans” and not for BB aficionados. So the new BB is exciting but mediocre in terms of the pure spirt of the game, just like tanking is the antithesis of sports in general.

  260. Good article in here about Kyle Lowry’s struggle with TOR and how he had to fight through them. Another good reason to have Jlin on board. If having an off night can play Jlin more minutes, use VanVleet as backup and not lose a step

  261. Jlin can get hurt playing for ATL as easily as playing for a championship. Step on a foot, turn the knee or ankle and it’s over. Has nothing to do with degree of effort. We can see from the vids that Jlin is just as aggressive as ever and he is falling, being pushed and hacked as much as ever. Of course it is prudent to be cautious but if you play with fear instead of caution that that too can lead to injury. It is up to Jlin to know what his body can do and I think he does. I don’t want to see him waste his talent on a tanking team. If ATL was trying to play winning BB as I have advocated and he were hurt I would not consider his time in ATL a waste but a benefit because it would be better IMO than trying to rehab in BKLN and fight for time behind DLo and Din

  262. of course ATL is better, you have that upgraded health team there better than brooklyns.

  263. but then again might be because of the atl health team that help him continue to be agrrressive and monitor him.. with other teams, they might not give a dam so he might have a slight more chance of getting hurt

  264. Jay Chou supports Lin for NBA All Star game (This Entertainment super star has 3 millions following on Instagram)

    jaychou (IG) I voted for the NBA players I want to see my bro @jlin7 play @nbaallstar game 2019 💪🏼💪🏼

  265. Finally took Lin how long to change his mentality about taking 15+ shots? About time!

  266. Exactly..You can’t predict injuries, so it’s silly to believe the only way to keep Lin healthy is to stay in Atlanta.

    Lin became known as an injury-prone player when he signed with the Nets,a team who was already limiting his minutes based on medical staff recommendation. So I don’t buy the staying in ATL as a good idea simply because of health.

    As I’ve already stated, Lin simply does not have to luxury to take it
    easy for the entire year because he’s 30 and he needs to start thinking
    about his next contract…The older he gets, the more he’s going to
    have to do as for statistics because your status drops as you get older in this league.

    You have to prove to the league that you can play very well as u get older or
    else, people just going to assume you’re just the 10ppg/3 assist that we see with ATL, whether you get 18mpg or 25mpg.

    Already, whenever I go on reddit, I usually see other team fan claiming that Lin 10ppg/3 assist is only good as “decent bench PG production”, but these guys aren’t aware Lin is only playing below 20mpg…Even when you tell them that, they still refuses to accept Lin could easily be a 15/5 guy unless Lin were to do it.

    This is why I want Lin to leave..His window is closing fast as he gets old and I just don’t think he can rest….Hopefully he can be traded to a team willing to give him 25+ minutes so he can show people he can be a starting PG.

  267. You’re too old, never liked how bigs were stereotyped to only play inside and rebound, boring, skillless basketball. Current style is turning bball more like soccer/football. Having two ball handlers makes it that mich more difficult to defend.

  268. You’re grossly over-rating ATL medical staff…..They have nothing to do with Lin being healthy…Lin did all the work and rehab in Vancouver with the Portuis guys…Credit them.

    The Hawks has/had a lot of people injured this year, so I don’t buy this idea that their medical staff is so much greater than everybody else.

  269. For those wanting to show support for Jeremy through All Star voting, today and tomorrow are ‘2 for 1’ days …

  270. While it’s true Lin can get hurt playing for Hawks as easily as for any other team, this can be applied equally to just walking to and from the bathroom. The reason why seat belts, helmets, crumple zones and airbags are used for all cars, including F1s is to try to mitigate unforeseen incidents. If you forego such safety measures, your likelihood of fatal injuries increases exponentially. Exposing Lin now to a situation where he faces demands beyond what his body is ready for is also potentially damaging to his long term health and career.

    I sympathize with all Lin fans that are ready for Lin to play to his potential. TBH, I’d rather side on the side of caution so that we can see Lin around for years to come.


    “Since March 23, the Spurs and the Celtics, led by two of the league’s best head coaches, mixed in 2-3 zone defense for an extended stretch over a total of five separate games. During all five instances, the opponent was stalled out, at least for some time.”

    ➡️ ( )



    [original source of chart: ]

  272. Yes, it is the silence and pauses in music that set up the piece. But this Atlanta part of Lin’s career is a subset and the particular biases of this coach. This coach likes activity, maybe that’s why he likes Bembry. I don’t think this coach sees the pauses and spaces of the art of basketball.

    I don’t see any evidence that Lin never had the green light to shoot with LP. He got longer stints when he was most active in terms of scoring vs. non-scoring. So, where’s the basis that he did not have a green light?

  273. I agree. I think that’s Lin’s way of playing. That doesn’t mean that this particular coach doesn’t go for a scoring Lin. From my observations, he likes an active PG that scores by taking good shots. He doesn’t like when Trae takes bad ones, I’ve noticed that. But he also doesn’t like when Lin has an available shot he doesn’t take.

  274. Lin’s minutes weren’t ramped up. And I don’t like that. It’s suddenly bang, start a game and come off the bench with starter’s minutes.

    We’ll see if these heavy minutes continue on Friday and beyond. If so, that would favor Lin being showcased. The other alternative is pressure from somewhere to play Lin more. But the first possibility makes more sense to me right now.

  275. Jlin knows his body better than we or a trainer does. Whether to play for a contending team is his decision and I have no doubt he would. If not he could just do a private tank on that team. He could tank on ATL but it doesn’t seem he does so. He tries to play hard for his team. I don’t think he plays any less hard for ATL than he would for a contender. As far as pressure, he has a whole lot of pressure in ATL playing limited minutes for a tanking team to make his next contract. He has to play very hard because of these limited minutes. It would be nice to have Jlin answer the question if he would rather stay and go easy (if he is in fact doing that) for the rest of the year or go to a contender. We are just fans and speculators here but when I look at the question of whether it is best for him to stay in ATL or go to a contender he will do what is best for him and I think he plays. To take it to an extreme, he could have sat out the whole year rather than risk further injury and just work out. I think TOR is the best place for Jlin because a. he doesn’t have to play big minutes b. TOR is competing for a championship c. TOR has the stars to protect him from other players abuse and ref abuse. I personally do not want Jlin to put himself in more danger of injury but he is in a tricky spot and whatever he does is fraught with risk including playing for tanking ATL. Choice is his. As a fan I will enjoy either way because once (if) he leaves ATL then I won’t have the fun of poking ATL and the NBA in the eye with their ridiculous tanking process. If he goes to a contender then he will be charged up and we will get to see the next chapter of Linsanity. I can’t lose!

  276. Also, Jlin has proven to be quite a strategist, and whatever he is doing and will do is for a purpose. His signing with CHA and getting the big contract with BKLN was masterful. Bad luck with the injuries. Whatever happens next I believe will be part of his plan, or he will plan around the event whether staying in ATL or with another team. He has little or no choice in this. If he were traded to another team I believe he is smart enough to say to them I can’t play 30 heavy minutes

  277. Agree. We can all see that Jlin carries himself differently now and plays smarter not putting himself into as many dangerous situations while still being impactful. That had to do with his Fortius work IMO and his dedication to rehab

  278. It’s not Lin’s decision to play for a contending team or not this season. If Lin gets traded he goes where he’s sent.

    And why rush Lin this season? I don’t get it. Last season was horrible, no Lin playing and us really not knowing how Lin would look when he played on the NBA level again. And he was not even cleared to play 5 on 5 until days before the season started.

    It’s not imperative this year that Lin plays on a contender. Next year, I think it would be highly desired. But look at how Lin played last night in the 2nd half. Remember the minutes he ate up in Charlotte playing big minutes, sometimes back to back and his energy? This is not what Lin had last night. Lin looks amazing this year considering his injury, no doubt. But he is not putting in big minutes in intense games as a key contributor the team is looking to. That’s a hold different demand on the body. And Lin has played about 38 games or so. Halfway to 82 is 41. So he’s about halfway in the season. There’s a cumulative effect the hits and such will take on his body and he and his trainers need to assess that going into later in the season.

    Atlanta is the place Lin is now and the advantage is this team doesn’t have the coaching and personnel to get to the playoffs. So we don’t have a situation where Lin’s health is secondary to winning. To me the worse situation would be that.

  279. I don’t understand the coaching decision to play Jlin heavy after TOR. The showcase was over, point proven. I don’t think he played more minutes against BKLN because it was his former team because when they first played BKLN Jlin had limited minutes. If there were a case to be made to protect Jlin from further injury this would have been it: 15-18 minutes would have been enough. Strange

  280. The showcase would not be for Toronto specifically. They don’t need a showcase that one game and would look over many games at Lin like any other team would do. FWIW, he’s already had a strong game against them and they probably expected another one two nights ago.

    To be really frank, I think a lot of us have gotten too hung up on trade and trade to any particular team. Absolutely a trade may happen that puts Lin in a better situation. But, some of what is going on may not be for the purpose of trading Lin. There are other possibilities. So, we need to stay open to all possibilities and not get hung up on just a few, IMO.

  281. ATL trying to up his value who knows what they’re thinking. Lin got lots of green light so I’m not complaining! Lin shot 18 shots so proud of him! This is what it takes to be a star not 8 shots bs!

  282. It really didn’t make any sense to play Lin 28mpg against Nets, specially after a back to back. Not only that, LP put him back in to finish the final 4 minutes and I was kind of shock by that.

    So I do believe there’s something going on. No way would LP all of a sudden starts playing Lin 25+ minutes when he always made sure Lin was under or around 20 minutes before that…I think this has to do with trading deadline coming up and some team aren’t convinced of giving up draft assets for Lin.


    “He started Wednesday’s game in place of the injured Kyle Lowry and, over the course of his 31 minutes, probably wasn’t enjoying himself at all. He went 1-of-12 from the field through the first three quarters. He’d missed all six three-pointers he’d attempted. But his fourth quarter was a doozy.”

  284. i would suggest to Lin fans to stop micro managing his health. talking about his minutes and whats right or not. im sure lin has to doctors monitoring that for him. if he couldn’t do 28 minutes, he wouldnt. If lin played 1 minute a game the risk of injury would still be there. just trust the doctors and play free of mind. worrying about it can bring it to existence. just what i think.

  285. That’s what fans do by definition! They theorize, argue among themselves, sometime insult one another, etc. It’s entertainment! 😉

    On a related note, with all these talks about trade, does anyone here really know what Lin thinks? What if Lin does not want to be traded at all? 🤔

  286. I’m not sure if anyone asked Lin about potential trade recently. If they did, he’ll probably give some generic answer.

    Regardless of the trade, it’s interesting to note that Joe Lin, his brother, posted “Cmonnn Coach!!! Do you see what I see?” while highlighting the boxscore of JLin posted 20pts/9asts/4rebs in 35 min against the Raptors.

    Like many Lin fans think, Joe thinks JLin deserves more playing time in Atlanta. When he was given enough time, he can produce.

  287. what lin want doesnt matter in the instance. its what hawks want

  288. But it was a labored 6-8 minutes of the 28.

    I think the most important thing about this season is health and games played. The more minutes he plays and especially if he’s fatigued, the more risk he takes in just being too tired to play in a way that minimizes the chances for his getting injured (remembering and using the techniques he’s learned in Fortius).

  289. thats fair. im just saying he has to o through it at some point. i work out and yes the first time you increase work load youll be tired. this increases chances of inury but thats the only way you build up endurance

  290. Does anyone have ESPN+? The ESPN site in the NBA section has JLin’s picture for their Feb 7th Trade Deadline Guide.

  291. So fans can theorize and debate on what Hawks want to their heart contents, right? It’s entertainment!

  292. somebody pay it lmao

  293. GM Schlenk was asked in a new theAthletic article:
    1 if he expected JLin to put up shooting numbers that are up there with some of the best in his career.
    2 what he looks for getting closer to Feb 7 trade deadline
    3 if he’s able to discuss the interest on several players on expiring deals (answer is NO)

    When you made the trade with Brooklyn for Jeremy (Lin), he was coming back from two serious injuries. He started the season slowly. When you took him, were you expecting him to be putting up shooting numbers that are up there some of the best in his career?

    We had Jeremy in Golden State. We signed him to his first contract when I was out there. I knew the kind of person Jeremy was. I had many conversations with Brooklyn about where he was at physically. We felt pretty confident that he was going to be able to get back physically. We knew he was going to take some time because he hadn’t played for a few years, but we felt confident that he was going to be able to play. Again, knowing that it had been two years, we knew it was going to be rusty and wasn’t going to be great in the beginning. But the biggest reason why we did the trade was because we wanted to make sure that we had a quality veteran in the locker room who was going to be able to help Trae. Jeremy, with the whole Linsanity thing and dealing with the pressure from the media, fit that bill to a tee. He’s not the same player he was, but as we’ve seen over the last month, he’s still a very effective player. He used to be a little more athletic than what he is now, but you can tell that he’s put in a lot of time working on his shot because he’s turned into a really good outside shooter. His body has gotten a lot stronger over the years. I’m extremely happy with Jeremy.

    We’re obviously under a month away from the trade deadline. I’m sure you’re not going to get into specifics, but if the time comes where an offer is presented your way, are you mainly looking for assets for this upcoming draft or ones in the future?

    We’re looking for future assets. We already have five picks in this draft and more than likely, two firsts and three seconds. Any of the deals we do will be future assets or a deal that maybe will increase our (cap) flexibility moving forward. We’re still on the same trajectory. We’re certainly listening to a lot of stuff, but we’re not going to do a bad deal or do a deal that will hamper our objectives.

    You have several players who are on expiring deals. You mentioned that you’re listening. Are you able to discuss what the interest has been on your roster?

    I can’t get into that. I’m sorry.

  294. Your’e preaching to the choir here. I’d love to see Lin given more playing time, or better yet, the key to run the floor. Linsanity will happen! From what I’ve seen so far, it looks like Lin is ready and well capable of playing more consistent and meaningful minutes. But realistically, Lin’s role is a backup and, as a result, his playing time will be limited. Sigh!

  295. Thanks for sharing. Nice article.

  296. Basically this confirms that JLIN will be traded, no doubt about it.
    “We’re looking for future assets. ” – Schlenk

    Schlenk said they won’t do a bad deal, well if you do NOT trade JLIN by the deadline, by definition you have done a bad deal, because you walk away with nothing.

    Trade is Around the Corner folks

  297. So have we confirmed that #lintronginca is Joe Lin’s twitter account? or does it have direct access to Joe Lin? because it appears Joe has a different account

  298. no, @linstronginca is a Lin fan account. The screenshot accidentally cut off joe_linstagram IG Story. Here is the original (complete) picture with Joe’s IG account on the top

  299. I prefer ramped up. Problem is that knee injury was serious. And the effects of playing on something like that is cumulative. They’re still learning about where Lin is in his rehab for the type of injury he had. So, endurance yes, but there’s also post-injury monitoring. IMO, this whole season is post-injury monitoring.

  300. Oh I see, thanks

  301. I couldn’t agree more – JLIN will do what he thinks he can handle, he’s gained a lot of wisdom about his own body, he’s had to … to survive in the NBA to this point

  302. Good words about Lin. Of course he can’t talk about potential trades.

  303. The trade around the corner may be for Dedmon or Bazemore. He didn’t tip his hat about what trades he’s considering and this is pretty standard GM speak.

  304. He strained his hamstring two times as a Net in one season that severely limited games played. He than had the unfortunate patellar injury the following season. This season he hurt his ankle going up for a rebound and has had his usual back injury that flairs up a few times in the season.

    Wisdom can take you so far. You need trainers, a good solid regiment, and really, luck.

  305. yes, I’m sure it’s frustrating for JLin, his fans, and his brother to see so limited minutes when we know what JLin is capable to put up big numbers when given enough minutes.

    My thinking is if @Joe_linstagram was so pumped up to tell the Coach to see what happens immediately after Lin posted 20pts/9asts/4 reb in 35 min, I’m sure the discussion of limited minutes came up quite frequently in their previous conversation 😀

    Maybe something along the line of:
    Joe: “Bro, when will your Coach give you more minutes as the best player in the Hawks?”
    Jeremy: “Can’t say yet. My role is a veteran PG helping the big bad Tanklanta!”

    (100% purely speculative! LOL)

  306. I’m reminded of resistance from many JLIN fandom during CHA season, when I consistently advocated very early that JLIN would decline his players option in favor of signing a STARTING job on his own team …

    … when I say Trade is Around the Corner — let me make it very clear, my conviction is the JLIN trade

  307. Anything can happen, but we know less than JLIN about his own body, let him handle the “concern”

  308. More trade speculation this time from NBC Sports/Yahoo:
    It’s going to be a slow trade deadline, but here are seven names to watch
    Jeremy Lin (Atlanta Hawks). A quality backup point guard — 11 points a game, shooting 37 percent from three, a PER of 17.5 — who was brought in both to mentor Trae Young and to be a trade asset at the deadline. He makes $13.8 million but it is an expiring contract. Finding the right deal will not be easy but a lot of teams could use what he brings offensively off the bench down the stretch and into the playoffs. Expect to hear a lot of Lin rumors.
    The other 6 names in this article are: Otto Porter, Terrence Ross, Ariza, Bazemore, Vucevic, JR Smith

  309. He does not think high of the current Lin at all. Period.

    “Jeremy, with the whole Linsanity thing and dealing with the pressure from the media, fit that bill to a tee. He’s not the same player he was, but as we’ve seen over the last month, he’s still a very effective player. ”

  310. Yeah, I didn’t like that line either. I thought he wanted value for Lin. Downgrading his abilities to the press is counter-productive. But then again, he gave up Doncic for Young, so …

  311. I try to see it from the context including the next sentence that he clarified.

    He’s trying to say Lin is not the same player that he was athletic-sense (jumping, dunking like Linsanity in 2012), but over the years his outside shooting and body strength are better.

    “1 He’s not the same player he was, but as we’ve seen over the last month, he’s still a very effective player.
    2 He used to be a little more athletic than what he is now, but you can tell that he’s put in a lot of time working on his shot because he’s turned into a really good outside shooter. His body has gotten a lot stronger over the years. I’m extremely happy with Jeremy.”

    My guess is he’s trying to market Jeremy by saying, “Yes, he might not be as athletic compared to his younger self in 2012 or while recovering from recent injury, but his body strength and outside shooting can compensate it”

  312. Interesting article on 5 trade options for JLin

    “5 best trade options for Hawks talent Jeremy Lin” 🤔
    5 @MiamiHEAT
    4 @trailblazers
    3 @PelicansNBA
    2 @warriors
    1 @sixers

  313. that’s a terrible list if you want Lin to get as many minutes as possible.

    my list where Lin could get the most minutes and help get the team to the playoff.

    1. Magics
    2. Wizards
    3. Pistons
    4. Heat
    5. Jazz

  314. The second set of results from the All Star voting has been released. Jeremy is still in 8th place, with about 200,000 votes. So, his fans are sticking with him.

    In 2015-16, when he was in Charlotte, his FINAL vote total was 195,920 (from the basketball-reference website).

  315. Hmmm, no TOR. But GSW. They could use him. They have little bench “pop”. TOR and GSW are two places where Jlin could play strategic minutes, not high volume and win a championship. I am shifting my wish list slightly from going to a contender to winning a championship and TOR and GSW fit the bill the best IMO. Second best is NOLA. Some good players and a beast in Davis plus a big need for PG like Jlin could do well in playoffs though not win a championship. Jrue don’t want to play PG so it is open till Payton comes back.

  316. I like the Jazz because it could be a future home and a place to do well.

  317. All those things aside, and because ATL has never tried it except the recent TOR game, Jlin is no different from Linsanity in the one aspect that is his most valuable trait: the ability to make his teammates better. In that respect he is exactly the same player he was and has been. ATL would not know because they are tanking

  318. They’re different types of teammates. When you get Hardens and Kobes, that disrupts teamball some and Lin’s ability to make guys better. Here, Bembry, Huerter, sometimes Bazemore, Hamilton and Anderson, definitely Prince disrupt it. Guys don’t set great screens or cut much. It’s a bigger project with these players and under this system than with other teams. I don’t think it’s because of Atlanta’s tanking, I think it is the system that encourage trying to get off shots and going one-on-one. I think if players were encouraged to cut more and try not to facilitate themselves so much, there would be no difference in Lin making players better here than anywhere else. Though, honestly, I don’t think his passing is quite as crisp as it could be. I think it’s getting better and will be crisper later in the season.

  319. Schlenk’s answering reporter’s questions with a pretty honest observation. I think it doesn’t mean much. I also would remind fans here that almost every season Lin has played there has been similar rumors of Lin being traded mid-season. Hasn’t happened once. I’m not saying it won’t happen. Not at all. It very much may. But lots of people have their hopes up and have convinced themselves it will, and it may not. Others are just discussing it. I have mixed feelings and only want a trade if it is to a definitely better situation. Not even a parallel situation.

  320. I think it takes a team. Never leave it up to an athlete. They’ll always try to play, even Lin. Look how easily he takes charges. I doubt that’s great for his body.

  321. Payton is not only back but he’s done well enough to the point where I don’t think they’d trade for Lin anymore.

    Winning championship playing 12-15 minute is not really worthwhile in my opinion but there’s a chance one of these big title contender could indeed trade for Lin…and they are more likely to give up their first round pick since it will be very low pick.

  322. Lin is impressive enough just playing this well. Who cares about some forum somewhere? I don’t. Any FO or GM with half a brain knows that a player that has had Lin’s injury is not going to have his usual minutes. They’re looking for how he plays when he plays and that he can play almost every game. It’s impressive that he plays back to back.

    Please don’t take for granted that Lin is doing what he’s doing. His great games are gravy. Most FOs and GMs probably expected Lin not to do as well as he is doing. His numbers are great this season. They’re absolutely fine. Where’s Robeson now? How’s Hayward doing? Is he not struggling some?

    At this point of the season, all Lin has played is 38 games. That’s it. That’s a long way from 60-65 or whatever minimum games they’d like Lin to play. When Lin goes into next season he’ll be 31. But, he’ll have had the whatever amount of games played with Atlanta and whatever team he may go to for this season that comes after 2 years of injury. That’s how Lin is seen in the NBA. As a player who has to get past injury-prone. What you are talking about is post getting past that point. And he hasn’t done it yet.

  323. I thought the same thing reading it..There were some words that were unnecessary…It almost felt like he was trying hard to not over-value Lin for the sake of Trae Young but he still need to talk-up Lin to get a decent asset for him.

  324. That’s very interesting about his brother posting this….That probably gives us a window on what Lin may think…I’m pretty sure Lin wants to play more minutes but is being professional about it.

  325. Pretty sure Lin wants more minutes..What NBA player wants to play well under 20 minute per game…Everybody wants to start and play as much as possible.

  326. He’s likely also talking to the Atlanta fans as well. There’s little doubt to anyone who is fair minded that Lin has surpassed Trae by miles. He can’t just pass the last few games of as an anomaly when Lin has well surpassed all expectations. Lin has shown that this present team could win if they just stop tanking and start Lin.

    IMO this is the same double speak we heard from Charlotte about why they had to let Lin go.

  327. were supposed to be talking about JLIN trade and anything the FO says need to be taken with a grain of salt as to Jeremy’s well being. I don’t care whether any player on the team is going to be traded when Schelnk speaks except Jeremy’s, and i also am looking for on the subtle phrase that will link to Lin as a trade asset.

  328. I think any contact will Never be good with the body thats why he has to learn how to accept those contacts with limited effect and they are trying to learn it as a player. The good thing is, Jeremy’s taking charges means he knew he can take it and he knew now how to accept those coming from an injury..i saw how Jeremy tried to take those charges and most of it has little contact effect but pleanty of acting, not that he is flopping but he always goes with the coming body so as not to absorved the impact, thus making little touch but enough to let the ref make a decisive calls..mytake only

  329. on a recent interview with coach LP, he did mentioned some facts about him getting a push from the social media about Jlin’s minutes but he deflect it by saying in due time (or with the same thought) and laughed about it as if saying he receives pressures not only inside but from the outside as well regarding JLIN palying with the team

  330. well we can see those wishes on some fans who wants lower minutes for Jeremy as i read it here…

  331. Anyone see this link? Some trade analysis for Lin. Most makes sense. It surprise me the first and second one and the teams we hope for only one on there.

  332. You like to predict. It doesn’t mean anything to me. Sorry. Trades are hard to predict. who predicted Lin going to the Hawks from the Nets? Nobody.

  333. or they aren’t sure, Jlin can handle longer minutes because LP is trying to limit JLIN’s minutes even everybody knew he’s needed on certain games, thats why the showcase on those last 2 games held

  334. yeah, last game was a clear GREEN light as Jeremy acknowledge on his interview that he doesn’t mind those shots because he saw it as quality shot..

  335. Thanks, but, yes, Psalm already posted below, with much discussion.

    I won’t read/click on ESPN, not even Woj. Only check out Woj twitter.

    This isn’t ESPN, so to me, it’s just entertaining reading. The writer says “realistic”. But he doesn’t get into what the Hawks would want from those teams, and what those teams would offer. Only that teams may need Lin. Well, DUH, any team that isn’t playing well would need Lin. Come on, Lin is a difference-maker! (But, I’m not biased….LOL.)

    These bloggers are speculating just like the rest of us here. I don’t think they have any more expertise, or insider knowledge.

  336. JUST VOTED again!!!

  337. Sorry. No. ESPN has a history of being anti-Lin. I never click on ESPN if I can help it. Get sports news from twitter and official sites, like the official NBA site.

    No way I’m paying them anything.

  338. makes sense. Warriors lost their backup point guard. now they can upgrade that position with Lin

  339. Thanks very much. I didn’t vote in past years but this time around I am. Jeremy seems to be genuinely appreciative of fans taking the time to show their support.

  340. “Golden State is absolutely starving for bench production, as Andre Iguodala and Shaun Livingston are just not quite what they once were and Alfonzo McKinnie is not exactly reliable. Lin would provide the Dubs with a dependable scorer off the bench and someone who can handle point guard duties and play off the ball.”

    Funny that I proposed the possibility of Lin going to GSW (going home) because Iguodala and Livingston have NOT been contributing nearly enough. Not that I feel strongly about it. But it was a thought for fun.

    I worry about GSW winning it all again. Not because I care so much about GSW. But because they are the only team that could prevent the Rockets from winning. HaHa.

    This guy is speculating just like the rest of us.

  341. This article was a bit more substantive. At least with some analysis of salaries and contracts.

    It’s really too bad that all these stories carry the Lin-backup-point-guard narrative. Lin just doesn’t get enough respect. The excuse this time is because of his injury.

    What was the excuse BEFORE he got injured? No wonder Lin grabbed the opportunity to be the starter with the Nets.

  342. Our friend, Robin Lundberg, a big JLin supporter discusses the 76ers can use some Linsanity.
    His co-host mentioned GS Warriors, Portland Blazers can use Jeremy Lin

  343. It appears that JLin’s strong plays gained a lot of talk this week to bolster the depth of playoff teams. No doubt the Linsanity game against the Raptors helped a lot.

    The good thing is the media noticed a lot of interest in JLin. But the Hawks can still choose to keep Lin if there is no good offer. An article mentioned a minimum of late 1st round draft pick

  344. Yes, that’s why they play the game. At least that’s why Lin wants to play.

    Assuming full health, of course.

  345. There are Lin fans who want Lin to go to a playoff to get a lot of PT (e.g. Magic), or perhaps limited time as backup PG (e.g. Raptors, GSW, Pelicans) due to concern with reinjuring knee before getting a good contract in 2019 offseason.

    Both are valid concern, for Lin’s career and health but unfortunately we are not privileged to hear what JLin really wants to choose if he has any say.

    Regardless I’m not concerned, I believe JLin knows how to play in different circumstances. His plays around the rim have changed for the better with less contact. He will adjust to different situation knowing the #1 priority is to stay healthy at least until he gets a new contract

  346. It was strange. If Lin got hurt from over-use, then where would the Hawks be? They would get nothing.

    Seeing Lin seems to be healthy, it’s not that I’m against Lin starting to get more minutes. It was the timing of it. On the second night of B2B, after heavy minutes for the first time the night before.

    Very strange.

  347. Who is 76ers starting PG?

  348. Voted!

  349. That’s what friends are for. (3 million followers, with Lin’s own 1.6M, but Lin still only got about 200,000 votes? Hmmmm….wonder how many votes got disqualified again.)

  350. Their PG depth chart is Ben Simmons (can’t shoot, good driver), TJ McConnel (quite good), and Markelle Fultz (broken shooting form that they try to trade)

    But the SG depth is worse with JJ Redick as the starter and 3 unknown guys backing him

    76ers can play JLin at backup PG/SG next to TJ McConnel but so far there are no source indicating 76ers have called Atlanta. Only Raptors, Magic, and perhaps Pelicans have started trade conversation according to sources.

  351. Thanks for posting this reminder!

    It’s so great – Words directly from JLin. “Grateful” and “Perspective”. But nothing about settling…..:-)

    Yes, I wrote this loooong essay about how JLin deserves to be nominated.

    @Vintage did too.

  352. GSW and 76ers have my vote

  353. Yes, for the rest of this season, the Hawks hold the cards.

    But I’m also wondering if they may give Lin the respect of getting his thoughts on any trade destinations or future plans. It’s been known to happen, although usually only with “superstars”.

  354. I think the Hawks might consider Lin’s desire knowing how appreciative they have been with his veteran leadership. Never complaining, and helping young players

    But yeah, we never know. NBA is a business after all. We have to be ready for anything.

  355. As much as I hate the Nets and Sean Marks and Joe Tsai. Lost in everything about Fortius, I have to give credit and thanks to the Doctor that performed the original surgery on Lin. His good work started Lin on the road to recovery. Luckily, Riley J. Williams MD was the Nets team doctor. He tweeted about the successful surgery.

    Yes. JLin’s successful recovery is quite an endorsement for Fortius. And Lin has been vocal about giving credit to the trainers from there. And to Josh Fan.

    Of course, Lin’s own perseverance and dedication completes the circle.

  356. Just voted for Lin.

  357. Agree, I always assumed that’s what coaches are for. Especially young players, that you want to encourage developing good habits. And especially in a team sport.

    It’s also why I was so angered by how the Rockets and McHale treated Lin. Lin was essentially a half-year rookie coming out of the Knicks. The only videos I remember seeing of Lin and Rockets coaches was Chris Finch just getting rebounds for Lin in the gym. Not exactly “development”.

    Lin’s improvements due to Lin’s own initiatives. Remember Kenny Atkinson working out with Lin in California that summer, post Knicks?

    I said as much. “LP and the coaches need to work with Bembry more.”

  358. Chef Lin and Secret “sauce” too…..:-)

    Wonder if Young is “coachable”. Not everyone is, or can be….

  359. “Players having lesser defined roles means to have them do things maybe they can’t do so well as compared to playing to a player’s strengths. Also diminishes the best way for Jlin to play, as a pure PG who runs the team on the floor.”

    “Lopez was lucky to be able to become a capable 3 pt shooter but I still can’t see being 7″ 25″ away from the basket. What is the advantage?”

    Hey Ace! NICELY PUT! My thoughts exactly.

    Don’t know what the “perfect” system is. Just that I think teams are overly obsessed with playing just one way. And not every team has the talent to play that way.


  360. Ah, young Padawan, maybe you’re TOO YOUNG…..and if you say old, meaning WISER AND MORE MATURE, then I will take it as a sign of respect. LOL.

    Seriously though. It wasn’t that long ago. Look at the Linsanity Knicks team. Lin as the floor general PG. Shumpert as the defensive SG. Fields as the athletic shooter SG/SF. Chandler as the center, rim protector rebounder. Jeffries, as a defender and rebounder. Steve Novak, ran to his spots and let Lin find him. Stoudemire was a PF with the power-inside game, and the mid-range sharpshooter. He didn’t shoot 3’s much. IMO, that’s why it’s also easier to build chemistry.

    EVERYBODY KNEW THEIR ROLES AND DID THEIR JOBS. (Well, except for Melo.) There was a balance of different talents and the players all played to their strengths. Not trying to do things they’re not capable of.

    To me, it’s just as boring when anyone is allowed to dribble the ball downcourt and then turn it over. It is just as boring with all five players chucking 3’s every chance they get.

    You may not like it but the old-time bigs were NOT SKILL-LESS. Guys like Olajuwon and Yao Ming and Al Jefferson had plenty of beautiful foot-work inside the paint. Lots of skills! Rebounding also requires talent. That’s why guys like Tyson Chandler and Ed Davis are so good at it. But not everyone is.

    If you like the new style of basketball, then can’t complain next time Hawks players don’t pass to Lin to orchestrate. Can’t complain if Lin doesn’t get the ball back. Can’t complain the other players are selfish and ignoring Lin, because they’re not. They are ALLOWED and encouraged to handle the ball. Even if that’s not their strength or their talent. That’s why you get guys like Batum being overvalued.

    Example. The Valentine’s Day game vs Toronto. What if Tyson Chandler was
    hanging out at the 3 point line instead of being under the basket and tapping the rebound back out to Shumpert, and then Shumpert just hoisted it up again? Instead
    of passing back to Lin, because Lin is the PG?

    There would NOT have been “BANG! LIN FOR THE WIN!”.

  361. But ROBIN! The fit issue is a big concern! Right now the 76ers can’t even figure out how Simmons, Embiid, and Butler would fit together. Let alone the rest of the roster!

    As Lin fans, we’re more worried about fit, on ANY team, from Lin’s perspective. How would Lin benefit, more than how the teams would benefit.

    Because, as I always believe. Lin would be a difference-maker for ANY team.

  362. OT – Sean Kilpatrick will be joining Rick Pitino in Greece. He had hoped to stay in the NBA. But at least this way, he can stay in basketball for now.

  363. Extended postgame interview after Nets game. With Tencent Sports.

    The first part, already posted from Fox SSE, about Lin being happy with the quality of shots he took.

    Lin side-steps the question about how “mentoring” Trae Young is going. More than once, Lin has kind of denied that he works with TY in any kind of formal way as mentor and student.


    Good to know that Lin is still being careful and taking precautions with his knee!

  364. @disqus_zDgJ5zJRLn:disqus : Found the interview where Lin talks about doing weights after games. Don’t know if he does it on the road too, or only at home. I’m guessing only at home, can’t hold up the team leaving when you are away.

    As it turns out. Also significant part

  365. If he keeps this up.. I think ppl will respect him a lot more as a high high quality reserve/bench player with 20 minutes than as a starter. For lin being chinese, undrafted and from harvard, other people expects him to play like westbrook if he is a permanent starter. But when they sorta label him as a very high quality important bench player like manu ginobi, they seem to respect him more because it’s up to their expectation.

    This is true, unless he continues to show he can run a squad IN PLAYOFFS.. everyone watches play offs.

  366. How bad this Atlanta team is? This team only has 2 active players with PER > 15.0, the passing mark; John Collins and Jeremy Lin.
    only 2 active players with RPM > 0; John Collins, DeWayne Dedmon

  367. Haha, thanks for the link. Loved the comment about how LP “…kinda let me go”, lol. To actually go out of his way to say this means he’s been NOT “let go” for awhile. It boggles my mind that some fans can’t see this and complain about Lin deferring like a chump. That annoys me soooo much.

  368. Linthezone, I share the same sentiment like you. You sound like you miss part of the JL’s basketball game. Are you out of the US? It would be something if Jeremy Lin gets traded to Washington, DC!

  369. Examining the rotations before, the coach hasn’t been that kind to him. Lin as he is, he will never bad mouth his coach but choose to praise him whatever possible.

  370. exactly. I also gets annoyed when people think Lin always had free reign to do his thing when it was always clear he did not have that type of free reign to shoot or do what he please.

    I believe he’s been given a bit more leash simply because some team have been calling for his availability.

  371. I’m more worried about playing time and still can’t understand how can some Lin fan advocate for those team with huge stars…You don’t want Lin backing up a backcourt of Ben Simmons, Butler and Redick…It only means less minutes for Lin.

    I don’t mind Lin coming off the bench, but for moder-line starters…Guys who probably won’t be playing 30-35 minutes come playoff time…Simmons, Butler, Reddick will all play huge minutes and the only way Lin crosses 20 minutes is if he’s on Linsanity-mode right from the start and we can’t bank on this for Lin to get his minutes.

  372. Absolutely, trade interest in JLIN is giving him more leeway and playing time, it’s not due to anything JLIN has done or not done; nor is it because Pierce independently had a change of heart about JLIN’s leash

  373. I noticed exactly what JLIN noted, that his shots looked good – they were almost ALL small misses and open looks – shots he normally makes and they are shots he should take when oppty presents.

  374. As I’ve noted often, there is NO evidence that JLIN and Trae have any sort of “mentor” relationship, at no time has JLIN ever emphasized role in Trae’s development. Apart from the occasional pep talk from Vince, Trae’s mentor is Pierce, Pierce and Pierce.

  375. Whatever Comes Next, Jeremy Lin Is Ready For It – Howard Megdal
    “I feel like when you play a lot more minutes you get more rhythm, you can read the game a little bit more,” Lin said Wednesday night in Brooklyn, prior to Atlanta’s game against the Nets. “You get more opportunities. I’m going out there every night trying to do my best, and some nights it is what it is, but I think it’s just the flow or the rhythm… Maybe the way it works in terms of just having the ball constantly, feeling it, touching it. I don’t know, but I just try to do my best in whatever role I get, I’m handed. I’ve been fortunate to have some big breakout games in my time…”

    …”You know, nine years in, and so I’m going to give you a very stock answer, but it’s very true like, you control what you can control,” Lin said.

  376. I don’t know of a perfect system, making players fit a mold. Some will some won’t, some can some can’t. But a good coach will take the pieces and make them work. The article about Coach Pop and what he is doing, making the mid range shots work in a world that wants points at the rim and long 3 pointers is an example of good coaching. Another one I like I LA Clippers. They did not cave. They lost their 3 “star” in Paul, Griffin and Jordan and are fun to watch. I actually watched a full game of theirs and it was basketball beauty.

  377. Alex Len’s having best statistics of his career, (not unusual as JLIN has assisted to that affect on so many teammates)
    The underutilized Lin-Len combo would be as devastating as JLIN-Ed Davis were Pierce to give them more consistent time together. Len also a possible trade target wouldn’t mind seeing a package deal for them.

    . “Jeremy Lin and I usually sit on the plane together and next to each other in the locker room, so we have a great relationship.” – Alex Len

  378. Finally some insight from the horse’s mouth that give an idea of how much the coach’s instructions affect the flow and effectiveness of Jlin’s game….a lot! LP not doing Jlin any favors except occasionally.

  379. Great find. Thank you!

  380. All we need to do is look at Colin Kapenick and how he’s been blackballed out of the NFL. Same could almost be said of MDA until he was rescued from the trash heap by his former Phoenix GM as an assistant for Sixers.

    Lin’s had to toe the line and keep his head down in order to stay in the NBA. It’s a league that’s run like a monopoly of old rich guys. Owners like James Dolan already hates Lin. If he starts going rogue against coaches, it will just ad fuel to the fire and give them excuses to not sign him to any contracts.

  381. Great post!
    Lin is a smart man, pioneer and survivor. “Lin’s had to toe the line and keep his head down in order to stay in the NBA.” Similarly, we would be careful not to criticize our bosses publicly no matter how unhappy we are in their employ.

  382. Good to see Coach Lloyd donated to One Wages charitable foundation that JLin is working with.
    JLin appreciated his coach.

    Let’s not be too hard on LP 🙂 He’s very much like Clifford, maybe a little better since he gave more time for JLin to roll (even when Trae was playing well) than Cliffy did to Lin over Kemba.

  383. I see this as about matchups and a coach looking at a situation where one player exploits a hole in the defense. Sometimes plays will go to one player in a sequence over and over. There have been times coach calls plays for Collins, or Bazemore, or Huerter, or Len, whoever he feels has a matchup advantage. In a situation with no rim protector and no resistance in packing the paint against Lin, coach sees an area to exploit. If Lin saw the hole and got to it easily, of course coach says let’s keep featuring Lin on offense. IMO, that doesn’t translate to Lin is always limited and has to depend on coach for everything.

    The complaints about “deferring” has to do with when Lin seems not to want to make plays and is relatively inactive in the offense. And it’s also when Lin does something differently in one stint vs. another for no apparent reason. And the operative word is “apparent.” Because, maybe there is a reason that those complaining about Lin deferring are unaware of.

  384. Good guy. Rookie coach who plays his favorites: Bembry, Trae, Huerter.

  385. Lin is a card you play when needed. That’s how LP and Cliff saw him. Except, Cliff had more base minutes and a bigger role. Bad thing about this is a player as to be injured or faltering for Lin to get significant time.

    IMO, it’s a waste of what Lin brings. It also goes against Lin being a rhythm player that stats show produces more with a big role and regular minutes. If I were coach, I would start as a PG, then have him play with another PG (after being healthy this season) and play more as a SG. Alternate time as PG and SG (he’s more aggressive to score as an SG from what I’ve observed). He’d play against the strongest units on the other team. Average about 28 minutes but he’d play 30 plus when needed. He can always just let the others do well and take over when necessary, that part the coaches don’t have wrong. But restricting his time on court is where they do IMO.

  386. Omission of whatever criticisms Jlin may have about LP speaks volumes. When Jlin says he appreciates LP letting him loose in that game it says to me also that the rest of the time he is on some kind of leash. Tanking clouds all rational judgement in sports.

  387. Agree. I don’t seen the positive influence Jlin might have on TY, not like at BKLN with those players including Din. Dlo obviously is in his own world.

  388. The original 7-11 JLin and Brook Lopez is better 🙂 but oh well

  389. Jimmy Butler seems to bring bad locker presence wherever he goes (Chicago, Minnesota, Philly). That might not be a good fit for JLin to be there but we shall see.

    I don’t see any source leaking 76ers interest in JLin so I’m not worried yet 🙂

  390. Nets was JLin’s chance to prove he can lead a team as a starting PG to the playoff in 3 years but unfortunately injuries got in the way.

    So the perceived NBA expectation for JLin is him being back as a high-leel backup PG who can be a starting-level PG if he’s healthy.

    JLin just needs to stay healthy and seize a chance if he’s a traded to a playoff-caliber team. Yes, playoff is very important showcase time.

  391. Of course best and most versatile star teammate Lin ever had!

  392. Here’s the critical difference between LP and Cliff.

    Cliff wanted to WIN every single game, thus Cliff ALWAYS played JLIN more or less a reliable number of minutes, we NEVER saw JLIN provide quotes like what he’s had to say recently to the media, e.g. “a) I feel like when you play a lot more minutes you get more rhythm…; b) I appreciate Coach kinda letting me go” — this is as much complaining as you’ll ever get out of JLIN about his role.

    LP especially until just the last 3wks cared about a full-on developmental TANK, wins were an afterthought. Thus the predicament is much different than with CHA.

  393. Out of 40 games there may have been 2-3 where LP saw a need to “keep featuring JLIN on offense”, and they’ve all been recent as Trade discussion has ramped; you’re not watching the same games if you see more than those instances.

    JLIN gets pulled out for Trae irrespective of how JLIN plays IF TRAE is not awful — that rule is rarely if ever broken by LP

  394. I also thought these quotes were clearly “complaining about his minute” quotes but Lin was doing it in a very clever and professional way.

    Lin fully understands his position in ATL and will go along with it with an eye toward being traded. I doubt he wants to stay there the whole year backing-up Trae who is due to improve.

    I do feel ATL was better for him than staying with the Brooklyn Nets as the third guard, eventhough Lin wanted to stay..Competition would had been too hard, so I’m glad he got to spend the first half rehabbing in ATL but now, it’s time to go and start playing for his career and new contract.

  395. Pre-Game Research: The Byron Scott Gambit Re-visited


  396. Lol it’s called being honest he was 5/18 if thats trolling i dont know what tot tell you.

  397. I am here in the US! It’s just that these East Coast games with the earlier starts conflict with either work or family time. So I usually catch up on the games later at night.

    LOL – if Lin gets traded to the Wizards, sounds like it would mean lots of fun games for GUM!!!!

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