Game 40 Atlanta Hawks vs Toronto Raptors: Another Audition Chance for Jeremy Lin Among Trade Rumors

After a strong play (15 points in just 16 minutes to go along with 5 assists, 1 rebound, and 1 turnover) to win against the Miami Heat at home, Jeremy Lin posted an Instagram message about the need to press on toward the heavanward prize (Philippians 3:4) with #icrecreamfloatgame hashtag as a reference to multiple floater jumpshots that he hit in the game.


I press on toward the goal to win the prize for which God has called me heavenward in Christ Jesus. Philippians 3:14 🙏🏼 #ATL #greatteamdub#icecreamfloatgame 🍦

Another Audition Chance for Jeremy Lin Among Trade Rumors

Among the recent rumor of the Raptors considering to trade for Lin, JJ Barea, or Jeff Teague as playmakers to help Kyle Lowry who experiences back injury issues, this game would provide one more chance to offer the Raptors another look of what Jeremy Lin can bring to their team.

In the November 21 game against the Raptors, Jeremy Lin has aced his first audition with a Linsanity-like game by scoring 26 Pts, 4 out of 5 Threes, with 11-13 shooting in 25 minutes. Another strong game would certainly make an impression for the Raptors if they feel the need to trade for a playmaker before the February 7 trade deadline.


  1. FIRST !!! 🙂

  2. Raptors could go all the way if they add Lin to there line up. Desperate times call for desperate measures for Masai. They need to win now because kawhi may not stay when his contract expires. There best chance is now. GSW is in trouble and no guarantee they’ll repeat. If Toronto doesn’t seize the moment, they may never get a better chance at the title. It’s a title that can change the franchise.

    With Lin and Kawhi, they have two defensive studs that can score and make plays. Working in tandem, they’ll destroy any challengers with depth and speed that’s unmatched. They’ll limit opponents scoring while efficiently score with all their tools.

    Will they see that scenario? GMs are like sheep’s that wants to follow the pack. Few have the foresight like the GSWs did. I’m dreaming in colour but not placing too much hopes on it.

  3. @JLin7: God is more interested in changing your mind than changing your circumstances.

    True. But more often than not, once your perspective changes, the circumstances change too.

    Maybe one or two trades prospects fall off. But you never know what is ahead. Still one month to go, anything can happen.

  4. My wild guess is Hawks told Lin, we like to keep you for the whole season. I agree bizness can change next day, but I am convinced in general Hawks like to keep Lin.

  5. If ATL kept Jlin for the whole season and allowed him to walk away getting nothing in return, why would they do this? Is Jlin, or anybody, worth $12.5M to act as a tutor?

  6. Raptors and entire NBA think low of Lin.

    Only Lin fans know how good Lin is.

  7. It must be pointed out that Kyle Lowry is fully back from his injury and Fred VanVleet is the undisputed back-up PG who they’re paying $9M per year..While he’s not been great, he’s done well enough as a back-up.

    The reason I’m bringing this up is to remind people that Toronto doesn’t need Lin…Lin would only be a safety net in case one of their PG were to suffer in injury…Do we really want Lin on a team simply to be a 3rd PG that will only be fully utilize if one of Lowry or VanVleet gets injured.

  8. Both Lowrey and VanVleet have had dry spells this season. Lowrey has more than made up for it with his passing and making his teammates better. His assists have gone up quite a bit this season due to no longer having a bad coach misusing their players. VanVleet hasn’t shown any real ability to make a difference as a backup except in scoring when he’s on.

    The fact that VanVleet has failed to make a difference while Lowrey was out shows how desperately they need a secondary QB on the team. Lowrey has won many games without Kawhi and not the other way around. There is a real weakness on the Raptors that needs to be plugged. Lin may not get the minutes in the beginning but once he gets a chance, he’ll earn his way to supplant VanVleet. Unlike other teams, Raptor’s need to win NOW!

  9. From the Raptors’ perspective, I think your point about Lowry and VanVleet is true during the regular season. But, come playoff time, even with Kawhi, just the two of them probably won’t be enough. Lin will make a HUGE difference.

    TBH, I’m not really a proponent of any particular team. But agree with you that Atlanta is not giving a NOW healthy Lin enough minutes.

    IDEALLY, would like to see if Lin has a chance to start and really make a difference somewhere.

  10. Hawks will still gain cap-space next year!

    As usual, all depends on what Lin wants to do. If Lin really wants out, he can try to negotiate a buy-out too. The caveat being he has to make sure there is another team waiting in the wings to pick him up.

  11. The Toronto Raptors released Lorenzo Brown on Monday afternoon, clearing a second roster spot. What could this mean for Toronto’s future acquisitions?

    If the plan is to convert Boucher to a standard NBA contract, don’t expect anything prior to January 14th or 15th. If Toronto plans on bringing in a veteran, they might use the entire two weeks. Either way, don’t expect an immediate decision.

    Lorenzo Brown was a fine Toronto Raptor, but a new roster spot opens an exciting wide-range of possibilities.

  12. As I mentioned, I really don’t have a preference.

    Given what you said about Toronto needing Lin. And what you said about “GSW is in trouble”.

    In your opinion, would you think that Lin would be closer to getting a ring, if maybe GSW could use his help instead? Cause Livingston and Quinn Cook have their moments, but they are just not impactful enough this year so far.

  13. Yeah, we’ve been chattering about that. Thanks for the info. Sounds like you’re a Raptors fan?

    Wizards also just released a guard and cleared roster space.

  14. I am not a raptors fan just a long time Lin fan.
    I just want lin to get trade to a team where he can succeed.

  15. While Fred VanVleet is an excellent second-unit point guard, especially with fellow combo guard Delon Wright next to him, moving VanVleet into the starting five has been trouble. The offense isn’t as dynamic — Lowry is one of the league’s best pick-and-roll guards — and Wright is forced to take on too much ball handling with the second unit.

  16. We all use the word “fan” very loosely. And I do agree that there are varying degrees of “fandom”.

    But when people spend HOURS on twitter and blog sites all over the Internet to discuss a specific player, I would hope that they are more than just casual, self-serving, fans. I would hope that they are more along the lines of being “supporters”. By MY definition, supporters are there, being positive, through thick and thin, through ups and downs. Not just when Lin is playing well and providing entertainment. Maybe even more than just Lin the basketball player.

    About the All-Star voting for Lin.

    Look, the truth is, it’s rigged. It doesn’t matter how many times Lin fans vote, it only counts for 50%. So, there will be NO WAY for Lin to be selected anyway. The NBA made sure of that. Despite being hypocrites about fans voting for their favorite player.

    However, consider this. As “fans”, we have absolutely no influence on which team Lin plays for. We have no impact on how coaches use him. We have no control over what announcers and analysts say. We can send videos of the flagrant fouls and the NBA will STILL ignore it. We can tweet and post endlessly and it won’t make a difference.

    The only INDIRECT way to show support for Lin is to buy tickets and watch his games on whichever team. NOT always easy to do.

    Or we can buy Lin jerseys and Lin gear. More DIRECT, but frankly, can get expensive, given how often Lin has changed teams. LOL.

    THE EASIEST WAY TO SHOW SUPPORT FOR LIN IS TO VOTE FOR HIM FOR ALL-STARS. It’s soooo easy. It doesn’t cost anything. It’s DIRECTLY attributed to Lin. The NBA can’t hide it, it’s publicized. (Although there were rumors that they tried to nullify votes a few years ago.) Forget the haters who will mock him. Who cares? Don’t buy into the haters and think that Lin has to “deserve” it. They never need much of an excuse to put him down anyway.

    So, JUST DO IT! (Sorry, wrong sponsor..haha..) SHOW THE NBA THAT LIN IS STILL RELEVANT.


  17. Lin looks like he fits right in there in Toronto. LOL. Just trolling you guys…..:-)

  18. I imagine Lin’s trade to Hawks was a salary dump. Plus at that time they did take the risk that Lin will never come back as a solid NBA player. So in their business plan, they didn’t expect any return form this trade.
    Based on how LP uses Lin in the latest 3 games, I think LP just figured out how to use Lin help this team more effectively. It looks bad to fans like us, but it looked good to the organization. I think 12.5m is really cheap for them to get this result.


  20. Well said! Agree fully!


    I wish every Lin fan casts a vote for him every time I voted for him.
    Show Lin our support and appreciation for his pioneering journey in NBA.

  21. a tall fan! 🙂

    Edit: A tall fan who knows where NBA players shop. 🙂

  22. The guy must like to combine shopping with autograph hunting. Here he is with Lonzo Ball.

  23. Agree. And I think it will be really IMPORTANT for the playoffs.

    I think the concern is that when Lowry is healthy, how many minutes will Lin get. And if Lin plays next to Lowry, how much will Lin have to play off-the-ball? Vs being able to handle the ball, and control tempo, and initiate plays in transition. All the stuff that Lin is good at. Will Nick Nurse be able to find a balance for the two of them?

    Unless they make Lin the back-up or 6th man? And move VanVleet down?

  24. Haha. Great find!

  25. LOL.

  26. High Five! “pat ourselves on the back”!

  27. as you yourself i beleive said:
    “its lin against the nba”.

    every time lin is further devalued at each step along the way by the team he’s with his fans clamor to find some place they imagine he will be treated better.

    clue: look at history he never has been. its been a strait line descent pretty much in direct expansion of the quantity and quality of the “best player not getting to play” scenario.

    people were outraged that lin was let go by nets; not me i knew he would be the 4th string point guard there.

    look at shabazz napier; thats the role lin would have had if he stayed there.

    atlanta is a team with only 2 point guards one of which is almost without question the worst or second worst rookie point guard in the league and yet lin is getting the fewest minutes of his career.

    if they wont play him there: where will they play him? certainly not toronto where they already have 3 points guards ahead of him as well–lowry, van vleet (who’s actually quite good) and deion wright.

    toronto is the most dominant team in the league with the players they have now. they just completed beating the other contenders, milwaukee and ….whoever. and have the leagues best record.

    yes toronto would be a nice place and a nice organization for lin but unless some of the existing backcourt backlog were sent out in bringing lin his time to play there would be nil.

    is there any place lin could get more minutes than what he’s getting now?

    judging by the history of “abl’s” (anybody but lin) and scanning the league as it is only in an extreme of injuries to others (as in new york as to a large extent in charlotte as well) would that possibility emerge.

    the only place i can see any possiblity right now is detroit where reggie jackson has been one of the worst veterans in the league this year and ish smith his backup is injured.

    but all this is speculation. from the hawks perspective i dont see any reason to get rid of lin and lin clearly is not the kind of guy to demand to go somewhere else.

    and how does that ever really work out for anyone other than lebron or …well lebron.

    nuff said.

    except for “only lin fans know how good lin is”

  28. More from Simu Liu in Toronto interview. Talking about how much Lin inspired him. Will be hosting tonight’s Asian Heritage meet-and-greet too. Wow.

  29. Plus, I think I can see where both Trae Young and Bembry have improved. How much is due to Lin “mentorship”, or showing them how it’s done on the court. Who knows. But Lin’s character must have had some impact.

  30. Any team that goes to the effort of of wanting to trade for JLIN has a plan for how they want to use JLIN, and presumably JLIN and his agent will have some idea of the plan … that immediately makes any team better than remaining on the Hawks.

    Of course we hope JLIN has a number of contenders interested in him though.

  31. A new ATL pundit wants to do the right thing and Trade JLIN — usually at this time on a new team, the most hardcore anti-JLIN fans begin to have second thoughts after they see what JLIN can do for their team — so it is with Hawks fans now who don’t want to see JLIN traded — so it’s nice to see a counter argument that states it’s both for the best for JLIN and Hawks to trade him NOW.
    Atlanta Hawks Should Be Attempting to Trade Jeremy Lin
    “Draft pick compensation seems like the most likely avenue for a potential Lin trade, though dealing him with a bad contract like Miles Plumlee could be an option…it is time to move on from the veteran and give him a chance to win elsewhere…”

  32. I just got that from a article. The writer mentioned about trade lin to raptors.

  33. NO DOUBT that Lin NEVER got a fair shake. Or ever started on an even playing field. Or got the proper support from an organization. Or the respect from the NBA. If he couldn’t even get it from the Nets, it sure looks hopeless.

    But, gotta stay positive! Keep posting Lin’s great stats! CAN’T GIVE UP HOPE YET. LIN HASN’T.

  34. What is the result to be so proud of by ATL FO?
    – ATL is the 5th worst team in NBA
    – ATL could go on another 10 game losing streak and I would not be surprised
    – Anybody not-named JLIN could have helped ATL to this same result and been cheaper, the 12.5M was for cap space relief
    – ATL is a tanking team

  35. Okay, thanks.

  36. I simply don’t think the raptors should even trade for Lin while giving up assets for a third PG who has an expiring contract….it just makes no sense if you ask me. ..There are at least 3-4 team contending for the playoff who would have much more pressing need for Lin than Toronto.

    My guess is Toronto package for Lin would be very low which won’t do it for the Hawks and I’ll be fine with it since I suspect Lin’s minute with Toronto will not be much more than he’s currently receiving with the Hawks.

  37. Lin converting them into believers? Well, if they’d rather tank for future, than enjoy fun basketball for now, then it makes sense for them.

    We just want to see a healthy Lin play winning basketball.

  38. Trae Young is still the elf made of Iron — would have been nice for JLIN to be the main point guard for a Raptors game, but at this point, I’d settle for any game.

    Batum and Kemba were veterans that knew taking a game off against tough teams was a decent idea, but I guess Trae Young is too much of a rookie or has learned to do whatever it takes to play every game so JLIN can’t outshine you.

  39. oh? 1 and 2 are the result of tanking, so that is a success due to 4, don’t you agree? If you think any 12.5 M play can achieve what Lin did to those young players, I have to say we have completely different opinions on Lin’s game in general. We are completely seeing different things out of Lin. I would say something completely in the opposite, any top paid player ($50) in the NBA today cannot do anything close to what Lin did to those young players. Most of them will damage those young player’s careers.

  40. There is zero evidence that JLIN has had ANY affect on the ATL young players, in fact when asked about mentoring Trae, JLIN said, “I will learn from him”, for all we know Trae, Heurters, Collins learned everything from Vince, Coaches etc… and nothing from JLIN

  41. Be nice. 🙂 Or the main point guard against the Nets.

    Seriously, Kemba took one game off and Lin leads Hornets to win over the LeBron-Irving-Love-Cavs. Batum takes 2 games off from playoffs and Lin helps them win over the Heat.

    Unfortunately, NBA politics over-ride all. I would tend to blame Hawks front office more than Trae.

  42. Does anyone know what TOR can realistically offer ATL for Jlin? And is there any room for them to offer something for Dedmon too?

  43. TOR started VanVleet the other night with Lowery so they had two short guys at PG and SG, Not sure of the reason why. Add another ball handler like Jlin to the mix and you have 3 PG’s/combo guards that you can rotate. But not sure what that might gain.

  44. Rumor site says Washington needs PG, I think they need everything except SG lol.
    Not an ideal situation, but playing time can help Lin show case his skill for a long term contract in the future

  45. Totally agree. 15-18 minutes for TOR is way better than 25 with ATL. No contest. Plus, given that there are games left in the regular season by the time the playoffs roll around Jlin will have had a chance for TOR to compare him to Vanvleet. Like the above article referenced Vanvleet does not naturally force the pace of play and Jlin does in a natural manner. Jlin is also 6’3″ and offer the mismatch when playing short PG’s (like TY lol) and can offer post ups on occasion. He could do the same with Kemba if TOR were to play them in the playoffs

  46. Actually, not to be overly negative, but I think it’s worse than that.

    The NBA is about advanced analytics. I think the NBA KNOWS HOW GOOD LIN IS. They just refuse to let him get the chance.

    But, I’m ever hopeful. As long as Lin continues to play, no matter which team, will continue to watch and support. Heck, I watched the Nets all last year even without Lin. Thought it’s his team to lead and that he would be back. 🙁

  47. Lin should be an all-star because he’s one of the best players in the NBA. Don’t worry about being bullied by ppl who say that people only vote for him because he Asian, or he’s popular, or any other hater excuse. Besides, conflict can be a good thing in that it brings tough issues to the forefront, and get people to talk about fairness and racism in the NBA. Otherwise these things are just silent and forgotten.

    The debate about all-star voting just goes on and on. The importance of the the game, whether fans should even be allowed to vote, and many other things are heavily criticized in many ways. However, there’s no concern about putting the spotlight on Lin because we already know Lin’s the real deal, so no matter what the haters say to diminish Lin’s allstar votes, Lin will only stand to gain more Lin fans as oppose to Lin haters if he stands to make it.

    Just don’t overthink the “sanctity” of what it means to be an all-star. The game itself doesn’t mean anything, everyone has the right to create their own test for deciding who gets to be in it. But the best way to think about it is this: “What kind of basketball do you want to watch?” Because ultimately, NBA is a money-making venture, and you are the customer. That’s the real life, practical effect of voting, and in my view the practical side outweighs whatever the theoretical philosophy of the legitimacy of the “all-star game” would bring to our personal lives. Keep it simple. What do you want to watch?

  48. Here’s 1 trade scenario based on an article. Interesting scenario to also bring back Vinsanity to the Raptors 🙂

    Lin, in the last year of his contract, is getting paid $13.768 million for the year. The Raptors could offer up C.J. Miles, Greg Monroe and a 2nd round pick and make a play to obtain Jeremy Lin. The Raptors might even want to expand this deal and bring back one-time Raptor superstar Vince Carter who also toils for the Atlanta Hawks.

  49. If we ignore that Lin is on this team but isn’t getting minutes. Or that Lin and VC have helped them win at least 3 games.

    Just looking at the Hawks. They are failing at total tank. But doing pretty good with developmental tank. Pierce is starting rookies and G-league guys and 2-way players.

    Given that, the Hawks have won 12 games. When Lin was out with the hamstring. EVEN WITH LOPEZ, and other vets, the Nets didn’t win 12 games UNTIL MARCH. By that measure, LP isn’t doing badly.

  50. GREAT TAKE from another added perspective!

    Especially agree with:
    “Don’t worry about being bullied by ppl who say that people only vote for him because he Asian, or he’s popular, or any other hater excuse.”

    “Just don’t overthink the “sanctity” of what it means to be an all-star.”

    Hope you will also get a chance to read the post I made below….

  51. Yeah, let’s see what develops.

    Didn’t hear about Knicks to Rockets, or Rockets to Lakers, or to Hornets, or to Nets.

    All of Lin’s moves have been surprises to me.

  52. Thanks Psalm. If I could write better and knew how trades could work I would have said the same things as this writer. From the 4 trades offered here, I think the best by far is Jlin to TOR. The main drawback is cost, as he is the most expensive, but if you want quality you have to pay a little more. I don’t know though if those players are people ATL would want. He checks all the boxes for TOR’s needs and does not ace out Vanvleet. This author shows how the 3 PG’s would work. I believe that if Jlin were to go to TOR he could help out a lot with…3 pt shooting. The article says TOR takes a lot (33/game) but not a good percentage. I think Jlin is very good at 3 pointers as his % shows, he just has not had a chance to take a lot. I like that the article mentions that Jlin could start on occasion with Vanvleet to back up. This can allow Lowery to rest and also insurance against more severe back injury. This trade is great for Jlin and TOR. ATL might have to have a little heart here for Jlin or maybe TOR has to take on Plumlee and his contract. On the other hand, if TOR really wants Jlin he could ask for a buyout knowing TOR wants him. Well found Psalm. Pull the trigger TOR/ATL. Set my man free!

  53. Well, is it good or bad? LOL

  54. Case of showing off the traded piece to the potential team???!!!!:-)

  55. Make is happen. I can not stand Hawks & LP crxp any more

  56. Well, Trae is also starting, so Lin will be standing at the corner as usual


  57. That’s my hope and prayer:-)

  58. This why I posted my comments. Lin may arrive as insurance and may indeed get low minutes to begin with. But the Raptors can only have Kawhi for a short stint…unless something drastic happens. If they can somehow win it all, There’s a better chance Kawhi may stay and build on a winning franchise with him as the face. THIS IS A TEAM THAT NEEDS TO WIN AT ALL COSTS NOW! This means Lin has a chance to shine and shine big. There’s no politics or future to build. There’s only about winning in Toronto.

    It’s a long shots for sure but if Lin can help win it all, the Asian fans in Toronto will support him and just may make him a champion. I’ve followed the Raptors for a long time and hated Casey. It’s now a team witheveryone involved. Their second unit is deep and with Lin in charge, they will beat any bench out there….they will force the strayers back on very quickly with little rest. Over a long series, Lin will make the starters jobs so much easier. That’s how GSW on against LeBron for their first ring.

  59. I take the good part: JLin is the starter for the first time in this lousy Hawks:-)

  60. I agree JLin is the best compared to Devin Harris, Jose Calderon, and JJ Barea although he’s the most expensive option. Raptors would need to pay more to get the best backup PG with starting-PG quality like Lin.

    Let’s hope for the best that the Raptors GM Bobby Webster realize the lack of playmakers in the team and secure JLin’s services. A potential Eastern Conference Finalist would be huge to showcase JLin in the playoff for next year’s contract!

  61. Uh-oh, breaking out into a sweat.

  62. That is AWESOME!

    Perhaps the Hawks want Lin to score 26pts again like Nov 11 game so Raptors will be sweetening the offer in a potential trade 🙂 Let’s go, LINSANITY!

  63. Shocking — perhaps there is some truth to TOR interest in JLIN and thus showcase

  64. Where he can shoot 3’s. OK with this if the plan is to allow Jlin to shoot. We and they already know Jlin can play the point.

  65. curb yer enthusiasm; the hawks are starting lin because they have no other choice with huerter out as well as bazemore. doesn’t anyone read the injury reports. smh.

  66. They could literally start ANYONE other than JLIN and they have the entire season — JLIN only bench player who has never started

  67. Unleash your enthusiasm. Jlin is the only ATL player who has not started this year. They could have started Daniels, and they already have

  68. Whoa, what’s going on here?

  69. JLIN Live Audition for his new team Toronto Raptors? … don’t want to get expectations up — but GO JLIN in First START of the season — have a great one tonight!!

  70. well, the Hawks have been known to start any other players in case of injuries but Lin prior to this game .. so there is something here 🙂

    I guess we’ll know if the Hawks is serious in showcasing Lin by giving 25+min to JLin

  71. hahaha No idea! The only good thing is we can speculate for no end of what’s going on:-)

  72. If it’s true that Raptors had exploratory JLin talk with the Hawks on Jan 4, it would make sense that the Hawks want to showcase Lin in this game.

    But the true measure will be if the Hawks give 25+min to JLin tonight. Let’s wait and see!

  73. That’s so true! That’s why I dislike Hawks so much! Didn’t even bother to watch games except highlights periodically!

    As whether it’s a showcase, we will find out soon but it’s fun to speculate:-)

  74. Also, if LP run several PnR plays for JLin to get him going, we’ll know something is up

  75. yeah, I need to get ready to watch this game lol

  76. @JLin7 G40 pregame practice at Scotiabank Arena. 🎥ccyaa: purely buckets!

  77. My sense is this is Travis Schlenk’s directive and there is something going on between the front offices of TOR and ATL.

    Because I can’t imagine what reason Pierce would have to start JLIN tonight very short lineup, should be interesting to see who Pierce puts up at PG vs Van Vleet, perhaps Dorsey? or keeps JLIN or Trae in against TOR bench?

  78. I think the key may be 3 pt shots. Article said TOR takes a lot, 33 p/g with poor %. Jlin is excellent 3 pt shooter. They already know his abilities as a PG. If Jlin can take 6-7 3 pointers and make 3 or 4….. So for this game it is OK if TY plays PG and Jlin migrates to the corner

  79. If lin gets trade to Raptors, there is a big chance they will go to not only deep in the playoffs but also championship game which is one of the Lin’s dream. Who knows they might win the championship. LOL

  80. Jlin has to know something is going on so there will be lots of pressure to perform and Jlin usually rises to the occasion

  81. He better lose yourself in the game, the moment
    He own it, he better never let it go
    He only get one shot, do not miss his chance to blow
    This opportunity comes once in a lifetime….or until the other players get healthy again =P

  82. His palms are sweaty, knees weak, arms are heavy
    There’s vomit on his sweater already, mom’s spaghetti

  83. Just found out thta JLIN will probably be guarding Van Vleet – that shouldn’t be too tough for JLIN if he doesnt’ have to help on Lowry much
    Bembry will have a handful covering Kawhi
    and Trae as always will have issues with someone like Lowry

  84. We know JLIN can play SG but I hope they allow him to man the point tonight and really show how effective he is at PG in front of TOR fans, coaches and front office.

    JLIN hasn’t officially played SG position in ATL but perhaps 15-20 mins? the entire season alongside Trae; and despite what some fans wish to see, those minutes were unspectacular for the Hawks with mostly JLIN playing a lot of defense and standing in the corner on offense.

  85. HOLY SUSHI !!!!!

    In honor of Asian Heritage Night?

  86. Yeah, now I gotta run and shuffle some things around. Hope he will be getting minutes too!

  87. No way — JLIN has Kawhi as the assigment?

  88. A fair amount of JLIN in the corner on offense

    ATL’s defense and in particular Trae’s defense is aways a problem, JLIN can’t be everywhere at once for them.

  89. Lin out

  90. I don’t even think i saw Lin touch the ball.

  91. Lin first one out…

  92. problem is he struggles to play off the ball

  93. At least JLIN got 1 assist

  94. Sorry, the way LP has Lin play, they are not showing off Lin to TOR

    Sorry to say that

  95. its better lin and trey dont share the floor at the same time. Lin is better being the main facilitator and struggles to play off the ball a bit.

  96. Bembry is a black hole.

  97. especially struggles when he plays off the ball and then never gets the ball

  98. Lin in

  99. he doesn’t really get himself in position tho, like a natural 2 such as klay thompson or jj redick

  100. 22222222

  101. really?

  102. Lin with some real good defense on Kawhi. Then a TO lol good bad

  103. Trae out and JLIN gets the lead – nothing new JLIN always does that

  104. are you doubting me? LOL

  105. when trae was in, the team seemed out of control.

  106. as i said, lin was taken out to stagger his and trey’s minutes.. no secret here.

  107. Lin does a lot of little things that don’t necessarily show up on the stat sheet

  108. JLIN’s alwys in position when playign SG but they never look for him

  109. i respectfully disagree.. he had one good year where he played well off the ball, which was in charlotte

  110. Stays in corner too long. Sometimes. Then he doesn’t and gets going. It’s like he picks a time to move and get the ball more. Maybe he just thought others have it going and if they get tied up, I’m spacing the floor.

  111. He did. Made Kawhi miss and really work for the shot.

  112. They looked for him at times; at times they did NOT

    JLIN does what it takes to be in place to spread the floor or whatever the coaches strategy is he executes

  113. 22222222

  114. thats a nice floater

  115. Lin is doing well. Somehow ‘Nique just gave him 2 more inches, said he’s 6 foot 5.

  116. I never doubt you lol, you are 2 minutes ahead of me on my feed haha

  117. he may seem 6’5 to be able to guard such tall players

  118. Next to Trae JLIN looks that tall

  119. 2 FT

  120. Holy smokes Lin started today?!

  121. yep

  122. 3 set screens in a row for jlin.. looks like he is being showcased tonight

  123. JLIN drawing fouls on TOR left and right

  124. So much to speculate! Just for Asian heritage day or showcase for Toronto 🙂 welp either way it’s nice!

  125. yep, the more the merrier

  126. 22222222222222222222

  127. LIN ON FIRE!

  128. first quarter??? or second half?

  129. dude that running floater!

  130. Raptors better get their assets ready :p

  131. He’s much more aggressive tonight.

  132. Wow, Lin is cookin’. What a great 1st Q, besides that 1 turnover. The floater is so sweet and smooth tonight.

  133. JLIN’s Live Audition in front of the new team

  134. yup 2 straight games nice too see!

  135. Job interview is going well?

  136. 3333333333333

  137. what is up with lin agains the raptors haha

  138. LIN!

  139. 3!!!!!

  140. ON FIRE!

  141. looks like a loooooong 2 lol

  142. Dorsey not getting anymore play after that foul lol

  143. That was a looooong 2, not a 3 🙁

  144. Let’s hope he keeps it up. Usually does against the Raptors.

  145. i think pierce’s offense would suit lin if he just used lin as his main guy. instead he is just using lin just enough to showcase him while also trying to tank at the same time

  146. Lin = Raptors killer

  147. damn looked like a 3

  148. Is Lin starting? Wow? What a FO move.

  149. low BB IQ foul he make

  150. interestingly enough!

  151. Lin was the only Hawk that was able to defend Kawhi and prevent him from scoring.

  152. does anyone else want lin to go to houston?

  153. Especially Raptors right? 🙂 If Lin does go to TOR I hope it can turn into a long term deal! Lin x Kawhi unstoppable! Both amazing defensive players! It would be a dream, no more lazy stat padding fake stars at least for half a season. Not too fond of Lowry though.

  154. No

  155. mike d’antoni.

  156. The strongest no possible.

  157. Harden, Morey, Rockets fans, Rockets media.

  158. they got Austin Rivers

  159. Heck no!

  160. Is TOR HC a smart one?

  161. Mike isn’t throwing his job away for Lin, not with Chris Paul there.

  162. Wow, perfect 4-4 FG for JLin in the 1st quarter. 10 pts!

    Let the LIN bidding begin! LOL

  163. he wouldn’t start for toronto tho

  164. lets hope he doesn’t sit the whole 2nd quarter..

  165. 30pts please 😀 (I’m greedy)

  166. cp3 is always hurt

  167. collins… i like how he plays.

  168. Let’s gooo! 😀
    25+pts/10asts will be okay too!

  169. We never know….

  170. “Starters” playing extra hard tonighht cause Lin started and they are playing against the 2nd unit.

  171. Should depend on how Trae’s unit does

  172. Bambi should not be allowed to dribble

  173. Lin needs to come back in. Momentum shifting back to Raptors again.

  174. Dont forget thouse vicious Rockets fans

  175. Probably not — this year, but who knows about next season depending on what happens to Lowry

  176. LMAO, Trae getting the Lin ice treatment with Bremby as PG haha!

  177. win or lose doesn’t matter.. what matters is lin putting up solid numbers

  178. true, but if kawhi and lowry both bounce, there is no point in lin sticking around.

  179. anybody with Bembry will be in a great disappointment because he’s uncontrollable..always comes back doing the wrong choices!

  180. Lin in

  181. it did look like a 3 pointer…

  182. 1 A!

  183. Nice assist to Bembry for 3.

  184. I dont’ even care what Pierce does the rest of the game with the rotations; JLIN has proven enough to TOR coaches and FO what he can do in Q1 already…

    If pierce wants to play Trae the rest of the evening; or go full tank mode we still got a great evening from JLIN already

  185. Selfish player, never pass out to the 3 point shooters, iso plays and TOs, another wannabe PG

  186. Raptors Announcers talking up Lin all night somethings brewing.

  187. This is the real starting 5.

  188. wow good pass from TY to collins

  189. Seem like both Raptors and Hawks praise JLin all night long thus far:-) That’s the good news for JLin fans!

  190. Charge!

  191. Lin is so good at drawing those charging fouls.

  192. Just wonder: Does NBA have charge stat?

  193. Raptors can’t keep up the insane pace that the Hawks are playing at.

  194. Hawks have a very good lineup with Lin, Trae, and Collins due to the two ball handlers. Too bad they are obviously icing Lin out. Trae and Collins keep playing their two man or lob game. Lin only got a shot off by getting a rebound and bringing the ball up. It’s exactly why he needs an off dribble 3 and extended range.

  195. If TOR offers JLIN the start, then there is every reason to stick around — don’t care who they replace their stars with JLIN will make it work.

    Starting jobs post-injury won’t be easy to come by

  196. By the way, they took away Lin’s 3-pointer for some reason.

  197. The points that we get with JLIN and Trae on the floor are lost by lack of defense, that is actually irrespective of whteher JLIN plays with Trae or not in most cases

  198. Now they’re hyping up Trae’s assists lol, Not going to save his starting spot next season.

  199. Wait what?!

  200. Foot on the line, it was a 2

  201. damn wide open 3 by len missed.

  202. Van Vleet tripping Lin. Probably doesn’t want Lin taking his job.

  203. damn blown layup by bembry that would have been 2 assists..

  204. Bembry has to convert that.

  205. So many blown assists for Lin because his teammates can’t make buckets.

  206. JLIN knows there is something going on – he really wanted to block that shot and got faked out of his shoes, that is effort but normally he would have stayed down that far of a close

  207. Lin needs to shoot again. His teammates are ice cold.

  208. Bembry only fits to play for the bench.

  209. no foul on Lin?

  210. FT?

  211. 3 ft please

  212. LOL Raps frustrated with Lin.

  213. Yes, draws a Tech too

  214. Yes. VanVleet plays good defense. Making Lin work some.

  215. 1 FT out of 3…

  216. Rare for Lin to miss 2 free throws back to back.

  217. nice assist

  218. Lin looking real quick this game.

  219. lin still looks like he doesn’t fully trust his body when he drives

  220. You don’t see the same thing I see; JLIN is processing lots of info when he plays – not going to go hard every time

  221. Lin looks extra buff and ripped today.

  222. Lin looked gassed by end of 2nd quarter, not used to all those minutes. Should’ve made those FTs.

  223. Unlike Trae lin plays tough D too

  224. His veins are showing, must’ve worked extra hard previously for this day. 🙂 planned showcase

  225. And he should have shot 100% FG% but guess you can’t have everything

  226. he’s more cerebral this year to make his playing time longer..Lin play because he TRUST himself that he can play whatever is needed at the moment..just like his halftime interview, he play whatever position he’s been given !

  227. Lin was gassed, but played through it.

  228. That female ref always gives lin the benefit of the doubt…. my favorite ref lol

  229. What!? Lin’s FIRST starting assignment with the Hawks.

    And I missed the first half? SMH.

  230. trade rumors can make or break one player, he’s probably prepping himself because Lin might be at his doorstep..

  231. He’s not back yet. It’s going to take 6-8 more weeks before he truly trusts his body IMO. Makes sense, He had a devastating injury. He’s amazing for someone who has had such a horrifying injury.

  232. being controlled, he’s a player you can depend, but out of control, he’s a black hole for every team

  233. Lin needs to go Linsanity mode in 2nd half. What a statement it would make to the rest of the league if he could lead the Hawks to a huge upset against the massive favorite Raptors in Lin’s first start of the year.

  234. agreed. on the bright side it has forced him to use more shots in his arsenal like his floater for example.

  235. Absolutely. It’s making him a better player.

  236. Only if LP allows him…

  237. Yeah. He may have to against Kawhi and Lowry. But Kawhi is a monster. If Lin can get 25 plus in a winning effort, fantastic!

  238. Maybe. But he is a good defensive player. Kawhi and Van Vleet on Lin makes Lin work harder. And Lowry is a solid defender too.

  239. He was allowed to start for the first time. Would make sense to let Lin keep playing big minutes the rest of the game.

    Lin did get gassed at the end of the 2nd Q though. So Pierce has to manage Lin’s minutes better.

  240. So if JLIN is not completely back yet; guess when he gets back completely he’ll be shooting 95%, scoring 25 points per HALF, triple doubles every night. lol

    JLIN 100% healthy and choosing to do what he deems best for the team at every moment he plays

  241. Not necessarily, If LP feels he already showed off Lin, he could tighten the leash

    also, remember Lin is NOT allowed to outshine Trae?

  242. Nobody can guard Kawhi, even though Lin was able to on that 1 play where they switched Kawhi onto Lin.

    You can only hope to contain Kawhi and hope he doesn’t light on fire.

  243. This is what I like about Atlanta. They truly like Jeremy’s game and give him a lot of credit for it. Houston was the opposite, they just criticized him over and over. Especially Clyde. Whether it is Stinger or Nique or Rathbun, they really acknowledge Lin’s game. And Lin was the halftime interview too.

  244. player should be a good defender too to be an asset with any team.

  245. You have been paying attention all season – completely agree that is a possiblity

  246. He may not be able to go more than 12 more minutes. That would be 30 minutes. And there’s a game tomorrow night. LP may have played him too many minutes in the first half. But the team needed him.

  247. First start of the season, lol

    ONly started him because Schlenk exploring a deal with TOR

  248. Fox Sports is very fair. Or at least as fair as they’re allowed to be. They recognize Lin’s greatness and aren’t afraid to constantly point it out and praise Lin non-stop when Lin plays well.

  249. Exactly. But Kawhi, Van Vleet and Lowry guarding Lin is a lot of different looks for Lin. All are good defenders. At the same time Lin has to deal with guarding one of them. It does help that Brembry guards Kawhi most of the game.

  250. Less than 1 month left with this Atlanta team, tonight puts another large leap in thta direction

  251. Lin in

  252. Bembry smh

  253. Bembry is playing very good D, but he’s turning the ball over way too much.

  254. Problem was Bembry. Bembry play within yourself. Play D and take the shot when it is there. Let Trae or Lin facilitate.

  255. Bad Bembry pass through traffic got stolen

  256. Dumbry is dumb

  257. LP doesn’t guide this man with discipline thats why he doesn’t learn.

  258. Definitely bad Bembry starting the 3Q.

  259. exactly, 2 PGs on court but Bembry had a brain freeze so LP wants to talk during timeout

  260. So much better when Lin starts. No waiting for him to come in. I do think Lin, Bembry and Trae makes for too few touches for Lin.

  261. he really wanted to be the PG of the team

  262. Everyone’s purposely icing out Lin ridiculous. Yet Lin willingly passes to his teammates all the time.

  263. I don’t understand why Pierce keeps letting Bembry play point, when it’s been proven since November that Bembry should handle the ball as little as possible.

  264. really?

  265. He’d have to do it on his own cause all teammates are selfish, jealous and not passing to him except Len.

  266. LOL Fox Sports loves Linsanity and reliving it.

  267. And yet JLIN has a great plus/minus and has kept the Hawks in the game

  268. this is a clear showcase 🙂

    Who prepared that clip of Linsanity buzzer beater in Toronto in 2012? lol

  269. Another assist for Lin.

  270. They did the same thing last game vs. Raptors though. They just love Linsanity.

  271. 2222

  272. Asian heritage and showcase night.

  273. 2!

  274. It is Asian heritage

  275. Nice steal and pass by Bembry to Lin.

  276. Amazing Lin drive and spin layup finish!

  277. 1 FT

  278. About time selfish Bem passed!

  279. 1 FT

  280. Lowry and Raps are so frustrated with Lin. Thanks Lowry for that extra free throw. :p

  281. that was a nice shot by TY

  282. Bembry always looks for Lin.

  283. Raptors keeps insulting to the female ref smh. Get used to it cause female refs are less bias.

  284. damn that floater is on point today from TY

  285. lowry making defensive plays.

  286. Why is Lin starting? Inquiring mind wants to know. 🙂

    – showcased for trade?
    – starts for someone injured?
    – or …?

  287. Asian heritage promo and showcase. Nothing to do with injury.

  288. Huerter is hurt. If he wasn’t, Lin wouldn’t have started.

  289. 222222222222222222222

  290. 2!

  291. Nice pass from Trae to Lin.

  292. Lin is already up to 22 minutes.

  293. nice steal from hamilton

  294. He’s playing very well this game.

  295. Lin out

  296. Trae is chucking too much. Needs to reign himself in.

  297. LP was in Lins face yelling at him
    what a bad caoch

  298. learning by watching Lin plays

  299. Lin 16pts/6asts/3rebs so far in 26 minutes.
    On track for a double-double

    A clear showcasing to the Raptors and he’s acing it!

  300. Lin in

  301. Bembry is so careless with the ball.

  302. Hamilton stay in your lane jesus what a skrub

  303. Pierce is riding Lin like D’Antoni this game. Crazy minutes.

  304. The launch angle of his shot is all wrong for his size at that distance.A small tweak would make it so much easier for him to make those shots as long as he gets in the reps

  305. Let’s set the record straight, Heurter out might be a proximate excuse that JLIN got the start but – Heurter hasn’t been a full year starter and Pierce could have started Dorsey, Hamilton, Anderson, Len or any body else who have ALREADY started this season …

    … the JLIN START was ordered by Schelnk imo

  306. Lin played 22 minutes already – hope he does not over-exert himself!

  307. hamilton is getting the black hole attitude of bembry

  308. Yeah but I’m getting worried because there is a game tomorrow night. Lin’s not used to these types of minutes this season.

  309. He does a lot unfortunately. He has a lot of good moves but he needs to look to his teammates more.

  310. And you have to think about tomorrow. There’s a game tomorrow.

  311. This TOR HC does not give me the feeling that he is smart…

  312. Let JLIN worry about tomorrow, just enjoy his show

  313. Lin gave too much interior help on D, leaving Lowry wide open. Lucky that Lowry missed that shot.

  314. damn who are these skrubs

  315. Lin out

  316. Hamilton out rightfully

  317. Ham and Anderson

  318. Turned on game at half.
    Most players can score but give up more on defensive end. Bembry plays good defense with steals and deflections but gives up more on Offensive end.
    LOL. Then he just dunked.

  319. Vince! :O

  320. bembry is the pg? lol

  321. awful possesion

  322. try is now having the issues that haunts Lin before, picking the ball when in a bind

  323. I missed first half. Was he bad?
    He was very unselfish last game. Also fed JLin today. And actually JUST NOW OVER-passed, too unselfish…..

  324. Did Lin even shoot in the 3rd Q?

  325. Let’s say he’s a “ball-handler”….

  326. Why did they take away Lin’s 1 3PM on NBA app? He made the 3 didn’t he?

  327. yah pushed Lowry to the 5th row and made a layup

  328. indecisive you may say, and tries too much just like bembry..but just like bemb, defends well

  329. And another lay up assisted by Trae. Plus a TF

  330. Wow, crazy layup by Trae. Gotta be careful he doesn’t get injured.

  331. Yeah, I’m being a greedy fan.
    Was hoping Lin gets these stats tomorrow night. Was hoping to see Lin stick it to the Nets.
    Well, MOST IMPORTANT, please stay healthy JLIN!

  332. lin standing getting ready to check in

  333. No jumpshots cause teammates are icing him out only layups.

  334. Trae can NOT be injured. We want Lin out of this tanking team

  335. thats a Lin move learned by him..LOL

  336. Trae and starters are desperate to showup Lin who started, many risky plays.

  337. would have been crazy if vince made that 3

  338. Lin in

  339. Lin back in!

  340. He already took 15 shots, the most on the team. Meanwhile Collins only got 8 shots.

  341. They are tanking it doesn’t matter.

  342. Okay, gotcha.

  343. I think VanVleet may be worried too. Defending Lin hard. LOL.

  344. Not sure why they’re going to Dedmon so much. Go to Collins! Thought he was the future!

  345. No, if Trae is injured, they may not trade Lin, so Trae has to stay healthy lol

  346. At least it wasn’t an awful 3rd Q, only down by 3.

  347. Dedmon is pretty weak inside. Lin handling pressure well. But Toronto is doing well at making him give up the ball.

  348. Maybe he is auditioning for TOR too and trying to bogart Jlin. The dog

  349. Fox Sports crew pumping up Lin AGAIN.

  350. No one on the Hawks knows how to pass back out for a wide open 3.

  351. LOL, music to my ears

  352. damn.. nice pass

  353. Dedmon may be auditioning too

  354. nice lob

  355. Beautiful

  356. Wow Raptors arena is sold out tonight wow.

  357. Even more reasons to get Lin 🙂

    TOR has huge Asian population

  358. Lin got tripped and no call.

  359. Conspiracy theory. Hawks have a back-to-back, on the road. Yet the whole team has to hang around for Lin’s meet-and-greet. Probably not voluntarily by the Hawks.
    I think the NBA sent Hawks a memo. LOL.

  360. lin was fouled no call.

  361. It would be nice,….if Hawks could pull a win here!

  362. Obvious trip there not to call it.

  363. 2222222222222222

  364. What?! Lin got tripped?! No foul?!

  365. Oh yeah, forgot Dedmon is also trade-bait.

  366. That reverse layup is sick.

  367. TOR GM gave Hawks a memo

  368. Vintage sick reverse by Lin.

  369. 3 for john collins !

  370. SIGH. Just glad he’s not hurt.

  371. Another assist! Up to 8 now.

  372. 22222222222222222222222222222

  373. Linsanity mode switch has been flipped!

  374. your feed is fast!

  375. HAHAHAHA!!!! Good one!

  376. Aim for double double JLin!

  377. beautiful pass

  378. Who’s Kevin Huerter

  379. IMO Lin’s the best player on the floor tonight, and Toronto’s playing pretty well. Definitely worthy of some more all-star votes

  380. 9a!

  381. 9 assists!

  382. 29 minutes! Lin needs a breather!

  383. fast break to john collins!

  384. Touchdown.

  385. hehehe

    I have LP and watch on TV

  386. Yaaaaay! Linsanity!

  387. Kevin Huerter can stay hurt

  388. Just one more assist!

  389. one must wonder why Lin isn’t playing as a starter after this game.

  390. Toronto Lin fans getting their money’s worth!!!

  391. They always do.

  392. “delicious delightfulness” – oh boy!

  393. Tank

  394. Yah we don’t really care about the raps
    We like Lin more

  395. LINSANITY in the building!!!

    20pts/9asts/4 rebs in 29min so far
    88-86 with 8:20 to go

  396. Come on – TANK rolling!
    Maybe starter on another team!

  397. Lin’s going to be over 30 minutes. Playing wonderfully. Really, really well.

  398. satisfied with howLin plays today!!!!

  399. TO

  400. Cause Trae is the franchise…

  401. Great play by Kawhi.

  402. against the top team in the East, he is auditioning for other teams.

  403. Hope he’s not getting tired.
    Sometimes, turnovers are due to fatigue.

  404. Geez, if Kawhi wasn’t in this game, Raptors would be getting destroyed by Hawks.

  405. Should’ve gone for the drive at that range.

  406. That was a foul

  407. 2 turnovers from Lin.

  408. lin was fouled again!

  409. Think Lin may be getting tired. Forcing a bit.

  410. Kawhi is great at getting into the passing lanes. He probably saw that play unfold before it even happened.

  411. Lin out

  412. Lin out, rather a shorter leash

  413. Yeah that’s why Trae is back in. Lin was in for too long.

  414. 2TOs for Lin? Not good, look to shoot.

  415. No. Not at all. Lin made 2 TOs and was getting tired. Plus, he’s near 30 minutes tonight and there’s a game tomorrow.

  416. 30 minutes PT tonight (so far), Lin can use a breather.

  417. win or lose, im ok because LP gave Lin fair share of the chance to win today!

  418. Maybe last 3 minutes to close game?

  419. It’s only a showcase, Trae and Collins are still the starters.

  420. 3 TO already, but 2 were fouled SMH

  421. reserved if the game is close at the dying nminutes

  422. Good layup by Trae.

  423. YES!

  424. Come on Trae, finish the game and lets get this Win!

  425. Yes, at this point, STAYING HEALTHY MORE IMPORTANT! Rest is GOOD!

  426. TY holding the front, will give hawk good chance of winning till Lin comeback

  427. Great game from Lin tonight mega proud!

  428. Rather short spurts of minutes still. Hope he closes.

  429. lol, Trae makes 8 turnovers and never gets pulled out, and btw Trae never gets tired like the energizer bunny

    Let JLIN be the judge ow whether or not he’s tired

    Pierce has a plan (ordered by Schenlk and he’s follwing the plan

  430. Yes, soooooooo proud to be his fan

  431. Should’ve drove more, Raptors has no shot blocker. Ibaka isnt the same anymore.

  432. Paying big minutes shows he is strong and healthy

  433. but i like the WIN too, with Lin on it, LOL!

  434. trae not playing hard defense thats why

  435. It’s not just the minutes, it’s also the pace. Hawks play at an insane pace, the highest in the NBA.

  436. He can rest tomorrow since he will be packing for TOR!

  437. Just what TOR wants, someone to push the pace like Lowry

  438. Trae also plays zero defense, Lin waste a lot of energy on defense.

  439. This is the first game I REALLY want the Hawks to win.

  440. He needed to shoot some 3’s

  441. Wow, Dorsey hit at 3.

  442. I’m okay with Lin sitting out the rest of the game. Already got the stats

  443. Looked like a 2, but also a foul.

  444. same here, LOL

  445. Not a waste to a team looking to win a championship (TOR not ATL)

  446. Lin should come back in.

  447. Haha. Stop! Want Lin healthy!

  448. Has 31 minutes and there is a game tomorrow. I wouldn’t extend him any further. Normally, I would if not for the game tomorrow.

  449. OK replay showed 3.

  450. Why they need Dedmon too

  451. Against the healthy best team in the East vs Kawhi and Lowry’s team. Let’s get this WIN.

  452. not yet…in 1.3 minutes if teh game is so close

  453. Hope this goes OT and Lin comes back.

  454. I have to disagree but only based on the game tomorrow, not on the game situation. I agree about the game situation.

  455. Lin in

  456. Trae missed a shot. Looks tired. Maybe Lin should come in 🙂

  457. im in for a win ..LIn +1.5 minutes more

  458. Lin took off his warmer, he’s coming back in! 😀

  459. Lin back in.

  460. Lin In

  461. Come on Lin seal the win!

  462. Look at the stat: JLin is 8/10 and TY is 8/18! WOW!

  463. Dang, Lin is getting beat up this game.

  464. See what I mean! Don’t care – just stay healthy!

  465. Shows he is healthy. If he plays with TOR I bet anything his teammates will defend him

  466. All these trips are going to hurt Lin w the?

  467. Nah they wont

  468. Toronto FAN!

  469. foul was the right call

  470. DEFENSE!

  471. Dedmon looked pass Lin and passed to Trae instead. SMH

  472. Give the ball to Lin!

  473. Right, Dedmon should have been the one to take that shot! Smacks forehead!

  474. a lot of not giving the ball to Lin out there right now

  475. Why is Bembry handling the ball?

  476. Dedmon is selfish, should’ve made the extra pass to Lin for a 3.

  477. Because?

  478. Been like that all night! Yet Lin still passes to his teammates. They feel the pressure and are jealous.

  479. Dedmon is 0 for 4 at the 3. Why take that shot, even if open?

  480. no he was wide open that time

  481. only needed 2 pts

  482. Selfish, he also refused to pass to Lin who had his hands out. Honestly don’t get why Lin doesn’t do the same to his so called teammates. Let them see how it feels like to be iced out especially Trae.

  483. Why give it to Lin to inbound? He usually never inbounds the ball. It should’ve gone to a taller player.

  484. Just a bad shot selection needing only 2pts for a 3 pt lead.

  485. plays not made up for Lin by LP

  486. Bad play called by LP. No one was moving, telegraphed play.

  487. nice try but ball was deflected for Bembry

  488. Lin was lucky to come back in should’ve taken some shots instead of passing at all.

  489. Of course Bembry gives the ball up. *sigh*

  490. Once again, Bembery’s TO

  491. Haha. LP trying to win, Probably yelling at Lin for giving up the ball.

  492. Why would you try to dribble against KAwhi unless your name is Durant or Lebron?


  493. Ln for the win????LOL!

  494. Come on Lin why pass? It was your time to take the game winning shot! =.= Lin would’ve sealed the win with a transition 3 or mid range!

  495. Raptors know, defended Lin well, had to give up the ball.

  496. Yeah, they’re playing good defense on Lin

  497. He’s got to take that midrange.

  498. We need to see: “Lin for the win!”

  499. Stupid LP

  500. Lin had his chance and blew it so mad.

  501. Nope. They gave it to Trae. Stupid loss.

  502. LOSS on LP..LP smiling because he want to win but a LOSS is ok too!! win win situation

  503. Ok, TOR HC passed my eye test, he is at least not stupid

    Since when did we care if Hawks win or lose?

  505. That was a blown loss. Turnover city. Stupid decisions and bad plays.

  506. Oh my….still satisfied with Lin’s game…that was a showcase…and thanks to Heritage Nite.

    I guess, Hawks did put in good effort overall…could have snatched it… is what it is…still a Good Game…Go Lin…Hope we see more of Lin in future games

  507. Lin had the chance to seal it when he got the pass to bring the ball up, why didn’t he take the shot?! He would’ve been the game hero.

  508. Did you not see Ibaka was in front of him on that possession?

  509. 26 TO’s. Bembry has 7 TO’s – team high.

  510. too many non-call fouls on lin

  511. he’s not the coach…i can take the loss because Lin played well under such condition

  512. JLIN is already the game hero; JLIN won a spot on his next team – that is heroic

  513. Won’t have to wait long. Tomorrow night at Nets.
    Hope Lin has enough left for tomorrow.

  514. Not with the loss, Collins became player of the game. And Kawhi is the Hero for Raptors.

  515. At least 3 that I saw.

  516. it was a planned loss with a bad end game specified plays

  517. Ibaka isn’t the same shot blocker anymore. Lin had lots of space for a transition 3 or mid range 2!

    Who cares if Hawks lost. The game wouldn’t have been as close as it was without Lin!

  519. Your not gonna get what you want to see for JLIN on this Hawks team, the sooner you realize that the better

  520. Right, he probably would if they ran consecutive plays for him. If it’s just one chance, then not much you can really do

  521. SMH.

  522. doesn’t matter, what matter is we know he played well and the best hawk player on tonites game

  523. I don’t care but it was time for Lin to show he’s a closure. He should’ve at least attempted a shot!

  524. you said so…if not for lins minutes, hawk team was nowhere to find

  525. I give up.

  526. Bembry 7 TOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO please pass him the ball so he can make it 8

  527. Bembry trying to be mini MJ

  528. I don’t care for the win but I’m disappointed Lin didn’t even attempt the shot when he had the chance! There was zero reason to pass to Collins. All these mistreatment has broken him and made his passing at end of games a bad habit. Stars go for the winning shot like he did during Linsanity against the Raptors.

  529. Again Rathbun and Nique are singing Lin’s praises. Said, early on, Lin set the tone.

  530. Bembry should only be on a tanking team

  531. black hole player of the universe, LOL!

  532. And that’s what Rathbun and Dominique are saying now.

  533. I had a flashback when Lin was at the top of the key.
    Alas, not to be…..but it’s okay. WE HAVE LIN BACK!

  534. why lower the playoff chances of the team that you are going to join? :p

  535. we know he’s a closure if permitted to be one..chill!

  536. Good one! LOL.

  537. I’ll watch tape when I get home but did Nurse put Kawhi on Lin? Pop did that in one game when Lin destroyed the Spurs.

  538. Lin was solid. Very solid. Lots of minutes and he’s probably tired and sore with all of the hits and trips he took. Without Lin playing those minutes, this game isn’t close. Hawk’s announcers are still singing his praises. Main ball handler was key, so they noticed not only Lin’s scoring, but his playmaking. And they mentioned his D too.

  539. Seriously Trae looked off Lin’s direction the last 3 minutes of the game.

  540. That non-call at the end on Lin did the Hawks in.

  541. Yea that’s true… Ok smart play by Lin then.

  542. Just a bit. Lin was guarded tight though. Lin had a really solid game.

  543. it can be the reason why the planets were arrange that way for the raptors on tonite game!

  544. A win would’ve been nice but I’m so glad JLin brought his A+ game tonight!

    20pts/9asts/4rebs in 35 min with 8-10 sharp shooting.
    A++ for his Raptors Audition!

  545. Ok ok Lin didn’t take the game winning shot so Raptors his future team can make playoffs ok. Fine.

  546. LOL!

  547. Yeah, coulda shoulda…oh welps!

  548. Can’t blame me for being disappointed for Lin not even taking a game winning shot but he probably figured why bother? Help his future team get a win and let the Hawks rot.

  549. as always, an after the game regimen for player is to nurse the bruises of the war they encountered…part of the game always. Just stay healthy and fix things that needed to be fix and stay with the regiment trainers are giving him.

  550. Lol, advanced tanking by Trae.

  551. 🙂

  552. Lol. If Lin was showcased tonight for the Raptors, he ACEd the audition! 🙂

  553. he is….clink clink..hawk!

  554. That’s the positive spirit 🙂

    Win-Win … Lin helps his current team to tank, while helping his potential future team to be #1 seed LOL

  555. No your eyes were not playing tricks on you Hamilton was a disaster for Hawks with a -18 plus/minus in 15 minutes of play, by far and away the worst …
    … a G-leaguer who usually gets as many minutes as JLIN and many cases more

  556. I can’t say enough how good it is to have LIN BACK!

  557. all in the name of Development!

  558. And the scary-good thing is he’s not 100% yet as far as stamina and not being the main PG! Better things to come 🙂

  559. Back as starter yes, well at least for one game. If only Lin can start for games until he’s traded. Showcasing time.

  560. LP said “they have 3 PG in TY, LIN and…guess who…Bembry”..LOL!

  561. His Lin’s stamina was seriously lacking, he needs to learn to lay off on defense and save energy for offense. Not used to those long minutes at all.

  562. SMH.
    The 3rd PG after LP’s heart has a team-high 7 turnovers tonight.

  563. Yes, he did look a bit tired at the half-time interview with Fox.
    But he needed the minutes to build up the stamina too. Good to see he got the chance!

  564. Bremby is his favorite, anyone else loved seeing Trae in Lin’s spot tonight watching Bremby iso and waste a possession? If it were up to LP he’d bench Trae for Bremby.

  565. Education for TY on the last play of the game said ok for growth even in winning is not the important thing right now, but TY to learn.

  566. Learn how to lose sure.

  567. commentator said TY needs to know when to play especially if you see whose guarding him..

  568. No, LP, no. Crazy how coaches fall in love with some players. Cliff was like this with Batum.

  569. Highlights from FreeDawkins …

  570. While waiting for SpeedOfLin, here is FreeDawkins 4 min highlights for now

  571. Wish he played the Raptors a lot more. But he’s also solid against the Spurs, Hornets and some other teams like Boston.


  573. I think he was tired in the last stint. 34 minutes are a lot when you’re only playing around 16-21 per night. Crazy thing is, there’s a game tomorrow agains the Nets. I hope Lin has it tomorrow night too. But I don’t think I want to see him play any more than 20 minutes.

  574. Trae and the Hawks feel it is Trae’s Right to do that …

    … take the final critical shots straight into the teeth of any opponent regardless of how many times he gets his shot stuffed by the guys 12 inches taller than him that he drives into

  575. Development and more development !

  576. LOL. And from a Hawks fan…..

  577. Great mind thinks alike 🙂

    [3:00] Announcer: “You think the phone is going to ring in Atlanta for that guy?” [impressed]

  578. man its a tough question asked on collins on his take on TY last second play! political answer of course..

  579. Yep I guess Hawks fan also got fed up like JLin fans!

  580. And I think there was time left on the clock?

  581. he’s a PG in the eyes of his coach LP…LOL!

  582. Yes, the pass wasn’t as crisp and quick… at least, that’s my take…

  583. Don’t care about TY, like all fake stars and selfish teammates they iced out Lin tonight. After Lin shot well in first half no one passed or set screens for him except Len. It’s exactly this reason that I don’t want Lin to pass so much. Do to others what they do to you.

  584. FOR SURE!

  585. hawk fans looking for an answer in a question of an advance tanking???

  586. Man, tomorrow is the back-to-back game vs Brooklyn Nets!
    Hope JLin gets his ginseng and gets some rest after playing 35 minutes tonight

  587. hope he gets more minutes to play for his rhythm so he can execute better

  588. lin?

  589. Dedmon was ice cold and an extra pass to Lin would’ve been a better 3 point shot. Dedmon was very selfish tonight, passed to Trae instead of Lin who had his hands out for the ball. Forced contested shots at the rim instead of passing out for Lin to take a 3.

  590. and look at how batum’s doing

  591. Yeah, I posted earlier I was hoping tonight’s stats would be for tomorrow night instead.
    But, I’m gonna be greedy. As long as Lin stays healthy, why “instead”, I should hope for “IN ADDITION TO”, and “CONTINUATION OF”.

  592. but lin wasn’t open anyways..and maybe it’s lp’s call.

  593. lin should’ve shot that midrange instead of passing to Bembry anyways. I think that was the mistake and I trhink that was what lp was telling him.

  594. well, to enjoy also means to win..
    lin == win

  595. I agree, raptors were really defending him tightly.

  596. I know.. like he said.. he should just play his game like with mda.

  597. he’s not used to 30+minutes so he’ll need to pace himself
    yes, hope he gets consistent PnR plays set up for him so it’s easier

  598. Lol TY one on one against Kawhi? TY better enjoy is honeymoon while it lasts. After this season reality will hit him hard.

  599. yes, I think so

  600. Showcasing for Raptors was far more important than besting Nets. Knowing LP he won’t let Lin play much like last time anyway.

  601. True. I know for Lin too. (He was upset at the end.)
    But I have no expectations from the Hawks.

  602. Coaches don’t care they will look over TOs just to showcase their favorites.

  603. No, No. “BALL HANDLER”….LOL.

  604. Hawks fans turning on TY knowing Lin is gone soon. No need for TY the fake franchise place holder anymore.

  605. Yeah, I’m not too optimistic that Lin will get a lot of minutes tomorrow. Health is more important.
    It’s okay, GREAT GAME tonight will make up for it. Still sticks it to Sean Marks that “you can’t count Jeremy out”. (sarcasm)

  606. omg omg omg just got home

  607. lin started????????????????????

    Sit down, grab a beer, catch up!

    Want to know the ending? 🙂

  609. what happen why did he start?

  610. Do I really care?!

  611. This is great. TORONTO SHOULD HAVE SIGNED LIN BACK IN 2012!

  612. yeah, it’s okay. As long as Lin is healthy, tomorrow’s game is less important than today. But it’ll be nice to see another Linsane game and a W!

  613. Huerter didn’t play but there’s clear showcasing here. Thanks to the Hawks!
    They played the 2012 Linsanity buzzer-beater vs Toronto during the game LOL

  614. Man, Lin was dribbling at the top of the key too……

  615. ok heurter was out before. random start. Like taking out a Ferrari thats been sitting there for a while people take it for granted. im so happy. toronto seemed impressed

  616. Yeah, LIN STATS and Raptors win…..
    Has Twitter crashed yet?

  617. i saw lin wasnt there for the last minutes did he not play late?


  619. He was there. Yes, he played till the end. But not sure if a play was drawn up for him. Raptors also played hard defense on Lin.

  620. LOL. Hawks fans can’t make up their minds if they want to win or tank for the lottery.

  621. thx

  622. The 2nd to last play Lin had the ball but he didn’t force it being guarded well so he passed it out then Bembry turned it over.

    LP talked to Lin after the play; I think he might have wanted Lin to force the issue and make the play/shoot. But not sure about it

  623. Only thing he lacked was taking and making some 3’s. But not taking them and not missing is OK too because his 3 pt shooting % shows he can do it. I hope it is back up the moving van, it’s time to head North and put ATL in the rear view mirror.

  624. I don’t know. Who else could start? No Baze or Huerter, I think Lin’s 3rd in line to start at SG. I guess he could have gone with Hamilton.

    I’m going to wait for a few more games before thinking it is showcasing. But it was great to see Lin start and get so many minutes.

  625. ok. just need to get used to that mindset again.

  626. Maserati!

  627. I think 20 should be his max. Health first.

  628. Nop! Saw a number tweets that have issued with TY and LP including Hawks fans! As for me, I just laughed! I’m happy that JLin played well despite of everything else. He is healthy.

    My only hope is I pray that a contender team will take JLin out of this tanker and will use him properly.

  629. He may play very well. He may be getting into another good rhythm that hopefully lasts the whole month. But we don’t know where he’ll be for this month.

  630. He needed to show he is completely healthy and 35 minutes from very little is proof of that. Best thing now is they announce a trade tomorrow and he does not have to face BKLN again with the tankers and the next time with TOR

  631. We’re with you on that! Agree!

  632. This was a showcase for the entire league. Don’t forget we have television and videotape now! He doesn’t have to showcase for anybody else. He did it against the top team in the East. Enough said.

  633. Watched game on NBA App, Hawks feed.
    Gonna put game on again, with Raptors feed and see what they say.

  634. when you have a superstar like Kawhi who will not let you lose he will defend Jlin. This is a different deal now, not like CHA who did not defend their teammate or the NYK during Linsanity when the Knicks let Miami mug Jlij. Plus Serge Ibaka and Lowry will not let it happen. Different brand of basketball. I think you will see the muggings go away if he plays with TOR which means he will be even more efficient.

  635. From Lin’s friend, talented artist:

  636. That may not have been a showcase. Maybe, maybe not. If Huerter wasn’t out would Lin have started and played so many minutes? I don’t think so.

  637. If anyone can, would like to see the ATL postgame with Rathbun and Nique to see what they have to say.

  638. “Jeremy Lin’s bounce back year doesn’t get enough credit”

  639. i agree this is remarkable. this is our best hope for this year. i wouldn’t of believe you if you told me he would look like this by thi time. especially after the first month

  640. Whoa! Jlin a lot taller than Vanvleet. Big advantage Jlin because he can post Kemba, Kyrie and others. did not realize this. Gives TOR some nice alternatives at PG.

  641. honestly. LP was plan old wrong for not playing Lin next to trea. this is another condemnation on him. Lin should of started next to him from November when he was back to bbal shape

  642. it’s not viral..
    not 1 million tweets

  643. If Jlin is a mentor for ATL then I hope TY was paying attention

  644. To be honest, wasn’t even sure he could come back at all.
    Lin would say “God’s perfect plan” for him. What a miracle!

  645. Post-Game Humor:

    Whew, that was close!

    (no one has to create Kawhi’s “Welcome to LA” YouTube video just yet)

  646. From a Lin fan perspective, of course you are right.
    But, as we know, Lin is NOT their priority, and NOT their future. As it is, I was shocked Lin started today.
    We were kidding around earlier, that the NBA must have sent a memo to Hawks to start Lin tonight. Asian Heritage Night and all.

  647. Actually, I suspect Huerter was just taking a rest to allow Jlin the reason to start. They should have “rested” TY but I think they were afraid to because he would have made ATL look very bad in regards to TY. Nothing against TY and nothing against ATL (except tanking for which they should be damned) but Jlin at the PG instead of SG with Huerter and they could have won. But we will never know. But no doubt at all, this was a showcase.

  648. Or at least play a lot of time with him and finish games with him. Baze was pretty good at the 2.

  649. think of it this way. remember the ligament tear lin had the knick year. the year after it took him longer to get back to his peak then it did to this much more serious injury.

  650. Lin gives all credit too, to the Fortius team, and his trainer, Josh Fan.

  651. baze dosnt help you compete with the top seed in the east though

  652. Maybe someone from Atlanta could. Sorry, the post-game stuff doesn’t come up on League Pass.

  653. i understand. just think hawks are stupid. now they get their draft pick for lin and he blows up somewhere else. they better hope heurter become more this a bench player

  654. Lin doesn’t need to audition for the Nets. I would t mind if he rests instead. Do t want him to get injured.

  655. Trae didn’t play badly except for a few bad shots. Lin and Trae together worked out pretty well. And how they were staggered worked well too. The Hawks almost won and that’s with Kawhi scoring over 30 points. Bembry had a lot of bad plays. Good hustle and steals, but a lot of bad plays.

  656. Jlin should have started at PG and TY should have led the bench, then eventually he could have started….after Jlin went to a contender. Other starters should have been Dedmon, Baze, Len and they should have tried to win. The rooks and second year guys could then have learned to to play winning basketball instead of tanking.

  657. Also Stinger and the guy next to him (don’t know his name). They had a lot of nice things to say about Lin.

  658. Just kidding!

  659. Lin wasnt healthy the first month though

  660. Not shocked at all. We have been talking about it on this board for the past few days. This time it just happened to come true, and I think it came true for the reasons we discussed- It. Was. Time.

  661. No, but Baze can’t run the second unit. I think LP wanted a solid 1st unit with Lin running the 2nd unit. And Trae was chosen for the starting unit.

  662. Agree with you there. But he was hot in November so it did not take long, about 3 weeks and iirc even Jlin mentioned that. But he is a Pro, not a rook.

  663. Right. No way Lin was ready to start in October. I’m still not sure how many minutes Lin can put in. But if he can play 27 or so, he could probably start.

  664. lin barely got 12 minutes a game to start. i think once trey got selected Lin was a throw away piece the turned out to be gold. hawks got lucky. had no real plan for him. may still not have a plan. weather to keep hm or not. hopefully not

  665. I’ve been posting that all night long. That health always comes first.
    No, it wasn’t for audition for the Nets. I didn’t even think Lin needs to audition at all. Not for his skills. Maybe for his health.
    I was speaking more from a REVENGE game perspective.

  666. thats just cardio. 18 mpg will do that to you. he can get high minutes. just need to do it a few times before he gets used to it

  667. he should

  668. hahaha

  669. if lin wins comeback player of the year.. I’m good with that.

  670. He doesn’t need to start if he goes to TOR. If he goes to TOR the goal will be to win a championship and let the future take care of itself. If he goes to TOR and really contributes, then maybe he can get a starting job somewhere. Or if TOR does well, maybe wins the East he may want to stay in TOR especially if Kawhi stays to try to win a championship. This possible move changes a lot of things. This is not like PHX or ORL. This is for real.There are other considerations too, business ones, like TOR would be a great place to finish his career due to the fan support and international access. Plus maybe TOR can get another big piece next year (Klay Thompson? or even KD?) The mind boggles. Now is now and the situation is fluid.

  671. If Jlin goes to TOR I am more than good with that.

  672. He would certainly deserve it!

  673. He deserves to get out of tanklanta and go to TOR!

  674. Jeremy’s first Asian Heritage Night in Toronto was Nov, 2010 when he was with the Warriors.

    The Linsanity Valentine’s Day game in 2012 was also on Asian Heritage Night. It seems like they’ve organized the event around him on almost an annual basis.

  675. Thanks for your thoughts. Absolutely see all your points. Especially since you understand what’s been going on with the Raptors.

    But, on the flip side, do you think the same points apply to GSW? ie. KD may leave GSW next year too. Also small window. GSW also needs help.

    I guess you’re saying Lin would get more minutes and more opportunity with the Raptors. Whereas with GSW, he will never start because of Curry and Thompson.

    Okay, sounds good! Let’s hope!

  676. Just watched the whole video. Last few seconds and they send TY, the shortest guy on the court against a tall defender (don’t know who it was) take a bad layup and it gets converted at the other end by TOR. LP may have wanted TY to be the hero but that was bad coaching. Not saying Jlin should have taken the last shot but the court was spread wide open and for a lay up you do not send the smallest guy on the court.

  677. Sheridan – slightly more credible source.

  678. Our old and loyal friend Robin!!!!

  679. Speed of Lin highlights. Good old Dominique Wilkins; at the 45 second mark of the video he says that Jeremy has a 6’5″ frame.

  680. Love these tweets – thanks for posting them!

  681. So, Nathan – go vote for Lin for ALL STARS!


    (one of the YouTubers creating Lin game highlights needs to copy this, especially for this just completed Toronto game; Lin created alot of great looks for teammates that they didn’t convert, in addition to the 9 assists he was officially credited with; JLin is also 6 ft 3 without shoes, so people may think he is legitimately 6 ft 5 in shoes)

  683. I’m sure there is. Need to look for it. But, according to Kevin Chouinard

  684. That tall guy was one of the best defenders in NBA, Leonard.

  685. not as many people as I thought

  686. It’s great to see a TOR reporter refer to JLin as “Jeremy Lin, possible future Raptor has 11” 🙂

  687. LOL thanks for the ID. That makes the move dumber than it was! TY could have driven to the basket the others on the perimeter, one or two of them could have cut to the hoop for a dish. But no, TY challenged one of the best defenders on the planet

  688. Wow, so it’s a real thing. Not just us Lin fans. LOL.

  689. Well, that’s was coach LP letting rookie to get his education. TY played into Raptors trap as expected.

  690. Wow, look at all those happy smiles – lucky lucky Toronto fans!
    What a giddy night for Lin fans all over!
    Is that a security guard sneaking in a turn-around photobomb?

  691. All these accolades – I’m starting to get misty-eyed again…..

  692. THANKS FOR FINDING!!! Love these “full” videos. Will have to watch later.

  693. Still toooo short – almost the entire game is a Lin highlight. LOL.

  694. 🙌 Compare @JLin7 PER36 vs his 1st start in 35 min. Very close!

    PER36: 20.5 points, 6.6 asts, 4.6 rebs, 49% shooting, 38.5% 3FG
    1/8/19: 20 points, 9 asts, 4 rebs, 80% shooting, 0% 3FG

    Note: 0/1 3FG but could be 1/2 or 50% with 1 deep 2 toe on line

  695. I bet TOR reporters will get a bit Linsane fever in their articles starting tomorrow.
    Which non-tanking team doesn’t want 8/10 shooting? 😀

  696. Wish I know how to collate all these great tweets into a video or something…..
    @disqus_ofjj1NSn9P:disqus – you seem to have great tech skills – any chance?

  697. May be more to the left and to the right?
    I would think adding Simu Liu, who is a big Canadian star, would be even more of a draw.

  698. And I think other teams do too. I think Sacramento? Not sure….

  699. I could spend hours on all the post-game celebration stuff! Haha!
    And another game tomorrow too! Yikes!

  700. Like we always knew and had faith in. Lin unleashed is LIN FOR THE WIN!

  701. Yeah, how interesting……

  702. time to get a champagne?!!!

  703. Well, JLin, Toronto may have lots of snow, but also lots of great Chinese food….don’t know about sushi though…anyone know?

  704. Do you guys think if Lin goes to TOR, they will win a championship this year?

  705. Good to see Howard still following and keeping track of Lin. Once a Lin fan/friend, always a Lin fan/friend.

  706. LOL. For sure! But need all you guys to plan the party!

  707. The chance is pretty high.

  708. no, but any team with a healthy kawhi can go deep into the playoffs. i mean he was one zaza shuffle away from defeating goliath so…

    lowry has a history of underperforming in the playoffs. if lin were on the team, he’d take over when lowry inevitably wilts under pressure…

  709. Who else here watches both league pass broadcasts after lin has great games lol

  710. Haha. Us Lin fans get so low, and then we get SO HIGH!

    Would love to be so optimistic. Ace Pagoda and Acbc definitely thinks so.

    Realistically, will they have enough time to gel?

    Also, if GSW gets their act together, I think it would be tough.

    I think the Eastern Conference Finals is very possible!!!!

  711. Lin does not need time to gel

    Remember Lin did not practiced with any Knicks players before Linsanity?

  712. ME! I missed the first half, watched the original second half on Hawks feed.
    Watching the whole game now on TV on Toronto feed.

  713. I mean Lin did not play with any Knicks players before he started with Knicks

  714. Good point. Well, Lin was the lead then and given FULL control of the ball. Not sure if it would work with Toronto now, in terms of his role.

    But, Okay then, YES – let’s go for it!

  715. Yeah, I said same. Lin would make huge difference in playoffs!

  716. lin finally starts next to trae and guess what? lin, trae, and collins all had great games… what lost this game was the lack of depth. when trae sat and lin was the pg leading the bench, he had no secondary ballhandler, no scoring help, and those lineups gave away the lead. but when trae + lin were on the floor together (especially with collins), that lineup was great. SUCH a shame LP couldnt do this all year. we’d be in the playoffs hunt if this were the case…

  717. Not sure about Howard. He was the mouth piece of Morey back in Houston

    I was really upset about him not speaking up for Lin back then

  718. dude finally getting some respect… it’s rather odd hearing all this praise from other commentators and former “haters” like nique…

  719. It’s very possible. Raptors own the best record 31-12 in the league.
    They beat GSW 2 times already.

    With a healthy Kahwi, strong/athletic players, there is always possibility.
    They need more 3pt shooters though

  720. Tomorrow Linderella will be put back to his old place on the team…

  721. it warms the heart to see former hater Dominique fully on board the lin bandwagon, just goes to show you the power of lins game and personality.

  722. lin just needs to play with smart players. he has instant chemistry with guys that know how to play the game. athletes like bembry are a problem because they got through life with that and not smarts on the court…

    as an example, he plays much better with dedmon than with len. len always tries to post up, like what the heck, you aint hakeem man… lin + dedmon made nov great. then LP of course puts dedmon in the starting lineup to help trae. lin gets to play with alex “hakeem” len instead….

  723. this will be quite a test for lin, hes never played a back to back on this many minutes ever this year

  724. The +/- rating for Lin is -5, the only negative rating among starters because of the following:

    Minutes left — Description — score (Hawks – Raptors)
    4:22 Daniel Hamilton enters the game for John Collins 51 – 44
    4:22 Alex Len enters the game for Dewayne Dedmon 51 – 44
    4:22 Vince Carter enters the game for Trae Young 51 – 44
    Only Lin and Bembry were left on the court!!!!!
    With Vince Carter, Hamilton, and Alex Len.
    0:00 score was 57 – 56 (end of the quarter)

    From 4:22 mins before the end of the Q2 (score 51:44) to 2:40 mins when Bembry was taken out for Anderson (score 51:52), Raptors made a 8:0 run. Bembry did most of the damage.
    After that, the quarter ended with 57:56. The Hawks scored 6 points and Raptors 4 points.
    JLin missed two free throws (1:08 mins before the end of Q2) when he had already played 19 minutes before the first half of the game.

    Did water go into your brain with this kind of rotation, Lloyd Pierce! Why didn’t you try this on Trae Young
    Taking 3 starters (John Collins, DeWayne Dedmon, Trae Young) out all at once!!!
    This type of rotations made the +/- rating for Lin -5, the only negative rating among starters.

    Altogether, Lin played 20 minutes out of the max 24 minutes for the first half. This is incredible.

  725. im 99% sure their 73 win season and failure in the finals made them much more weary of the regular season. when playoff time comes, curry, klay, and kd step up… gsw are stll the favorites to win imo. you can’t have curry and kd on your team and not be the favorites…

  726. ATL could have but chose not to instead they tanked. Don’t forget that winning games is secondary or tertiary. Getting draft picks is primary. ATL sucks because of this and deserves no pity and certainly not full price fan money

  727. Lin played 20 out 0f 24 minutes in the first half.

  728. only lin fans deserve pity…. the only game lin starts (so far) and they almost beat the raps…. we all knew what would happen if lin started and played starter minutes… too many wins for schlenk….

  729. If you study the rotations of LP, you will find him even dumber than you think.

  730. true, the Raptors is so notorious for underperforming in the playoff.
    But this year they have Kahwi and not being so predictable with Lowry/DeRozan.

    Meanwhile, GSW is struggling with chemistry and depth issue. GSW is certainly still the favorite but they have some serious issues now. At least, the Raptors is still the favorite to win the Eastern Conference. But I guess, we’ll take it one step at a time 🙂 Hoping for more phone calls from Toronto to Atlanta. Bring some Linsanity and Vinsanity!

  731. I hope Lin takes it easy, I don’t mind 20+min. Being healthy is #1 goal, especially before Feb 7 trade deadline.

    He already proved himself against the #1 team with the best record that he can be a great asset in the playoff.

  732. In competitive sports one never knows until you try. This is why I hate tanking, because there is no effort. All my life I have rooted for the under dog because they tried. Seldom did they succeed but when they did it was glorious. Similar thing in society in general, people respect effort and it is glorious when there is success, and if not success there is respect in trying. GSW are ripe to get knocked off if they are complacent but they are champs still so they get respect, but other teams (except ATL) are trying so they better watch out

  733. Problem for GSW this year is lack of depth. JLin would be great for them because as we all know JLin has made every bench better. LSL, CHA and now the tanking ATL Hawks. GSW are missing the boat here

  734. That’s why JLin could be a missing piece

  735. gsw struggles are blown out of proportion. in the playoffs, the rotations tighten up and the starters play more minutes. bench depth wont mean as much when you have one of curry, klay, or kd on the floor at all times… this is the luxury gsw have, 2 hall of famers, and allstars like klay and green… and finals mvps like iggy…

  736. exactly…I don’t understand why Lin fan are still supporting a trade to these very strong title contending teams,,,not understanding that come playoff, most starters will be playing close to 40 minutes per game….so basically, Lin would have to be on Linsanity-mode to get extra minutes.

    I still wouldn’t want Lin on teams like Toronto and Warriors..would prefer teams like Orlando and wizards because he’d get more minutes and more credits if team wins…with the big teams, Lin would just be an after-thought…just a bench guy.

  737. But JLin would play a vital bench role and maybe be a champion. Then the next team he gets to pick. Scratch world championship off the bucket list.

  738. Nice breakdown of the reality of the game. There are
    lies, damn lies and then there are statistics

  739. LOLOL Don’t care! As long as JLin is used properly in any playoffs, I have no problem. Just would like to see JLin out of this “miserable” tanking team….

  740. unless he’s putting up great stats coming off the bench for Warriors, it wouldn’t mean much come free agency…

    Look at Swaggy P, he played well under small minutes for GSW and won a ring, but did that helped him get a contract??..Nope, he’s out of the league now and you want to know why???..Because no one remembers him..all they remember is Curry and Thomson and Durant…Eventhough Swaggy hit a few big shots, no one will ever give him credit for the team winning since he played like 12mpg…

    So please, stop thinking Lin will get a big contract just for being on championship team playing like 12mpg an averaging like 7 points and 2 assist..U really think a team will say “wow JLin averaged 7 points and 2 assist, let’s give him $10M/3 years?

    I don’t want Lin to just be a bench guy that’s just here as luxury for a team to throw in for like 10-12 minutes..I want him to at least be a key player who’s getting 25 minutes, even if it’s off the bench…He won’t get 20minute with the Raptors or Warriors.

    Maybe the Raptors if they trade VanVleet..

  741. I know for sure ATL won’t!

  742. TOR should have gone after brook lopez

  743. Yeah, Toronto doesn’t have a dominating center. Still need an athletic center to win a championship! Ask Lebron. That’s why Warriors might not win this year because they got rid of their center depth by trading Javale Mcgee.

  744. Don’t have faith in Warriors centers.

  745. Lin is the most mistreated player in the whole league.
    Those damn lies are usually out of context.

  746. Gotta love how @ATLHawks love to tweet and Retweet ‘Jeremy Lin’ 🙂
    Or the trade vibe is strong!

  747. Toronto has around 9,00,000 Asians. It’s a very diverse multicultural city…lots of good Chinese and ethnic foods to sample as well.

  748. The best revenge is to make your ex feel your cold shoulder like she means nothing….then show up at the next party with a hot beauty in your arms.

    Lin should get traded to either Toronto or Boston and help them crush the Nets in the playoffs on the way to winning the championship. That’s how he should pay back Marks and Joe Tsai. That’s how you bury an old wound.

  749. Euphemism for teaching how to win by learning what NOT to do. Haha, it’s the blind leading the ignorant. Whose more to blame?

  750. LP sounds like BS and Bembry is the head of the snake.

  751. Except they would’ve played the ice out Lin game after 1st half like they did today. Meanwhile Collins and Trae would get easy points no thanks.

  752. LP didn’t let Lin get his revenge last time and barely gave him minutes. Lin can’t get revenge if he’s playing less than 15mins.

  753. Lin’s size advantage has always been there at the PG spot. It’s just that the coaches always pushed him aside to play SG which is a disadvantage.

  754. Right to make dumb moves sure…if that was Lin he’d get laughed at all over tweeter.

  755. JLin x Heurter x Bazemore would’ve been a playoff contender but Hawms chose to tank for the hyped Zion who can only drive.

  756. The Warriors should go for DeWayne Dedmon.

  757. Wrong. He played with Several Novak.

  758. funny. but really depends on whether heurter (sp) is back or not.
    as has been historically true only when there is no other possibility for an abl does lin get an opportunity to shine.

  759. man, is this a bit too hype? I mean it’s not a playoffs game.. BUT it was against a top team in the east… which is close.. but still it’s one game, and not a playoffs game.

  760. it’s 35 minutes tonight.. is he playing 35 again back to back? you don’t want him to get hurt.
    this year still recovery year in a way.

  761. random notes:

    ok. ignoring all the delusional hopes of lin fans expecting he lin to have more opportunity at say toronto where there would be 3 point guards ahead of him (you saw all three of them in action last nite) or say new orleans where there is now not only jrue holiday ahead of him but elfrid payton as well.

    and after stating that perhaps detroit would be the only place where he might get more minutes/opportunity than in atl. another destination has just opened up (not a particularly desireable one but); one where there is a possible clear path to more court time at the moment.

    john wall has just been delcared out for six to eight months. that leaves washington with only satoranosky and chasson randle.

    here there is opportunity. and the thing is someone is going to go there. they have to get someone better than that. and whereever whoever they pull if not lin will create another opening.

    so doors are opening; again as i said before ONLY THRU INJURY, just as last nites lin opporutnity was again tho some despute it with no credible evidence only more delusional thinking ONLY THRU INJURY to huerter.

    any further extneded greater opportunity for lin in atl will also be only as long as both huerter and basemore are out as well as prince. only (as historically been the case) when there is absolutely no other possibility of generating an abl (ronnie price, pj somebody or other in charlotte, acie law in the beginning, p bev (who has lost his job to a rookie and is probably on his way out of the nba soon) will lin get a chance.

    and as one can see (or should be able to): when he does he makes the most of it.

    the tiger lin fans unhappy with lin for not singlehandedly “linning” the game are reprehensible. and should be ignored.

    you do know this was the first time lin has played 32 minutes or more in an nba game since ? (quiz prize to winner) never mind i win apr 10 2017.

    thats what: about 600 and some days ago? (ill let someone else figure that one out).

    nuff said about that.

    anyway lin’s big nite (20/9 and should have been double double with numerous blown bunnies and open threes by very bad teammates) boosted him up further in the stats and will cover those next time.

    more thoroughly; just one up to 19 in point guards in per, young is 49. (im starting to like per more)

    on the season player lins results mostly closely resemble would be malcolm brogdon in milw; tho of course lin does it with 10 minutes less playing time per game!

    of the three raptor points lin was up against van vleet gave him the most trouble.

    young remains dead last among all nba players in defensive rpm and dead last among qualifed players in adj. f.g. %

    the only other player comparable would be the equally rookie pg on an equally bad team; cleveland’s colin sexton.

    the poverty stream chat bros were all about linsanity last nite. well first trashing the female ref, second point of comment the turban guy (the toronto sikh superfan) and then third lin.

    young a subject of ridicule as much for his hair as his game.

    bembry is the biggest obstacle to a win for the hawks on the court with huerter out.

    speaking of young probably and this would be a factor on why he is dead last in adj fg%, probably id have to research it further …and i have also dead last in 3pt%. (among “qualified” players; 141 out of 141 in this particular definition of “qualified”, same one used for adj fg%).

    he and kyle kuzma the only ones hitting below 30% (so much for the steph curry comparisons)–speaking of which curry is in the top 10 in 3 pt % but who is #1 (with a minimum of 100 attempts?) lin’s former teammate joe harris.

    (and if you eliminate the 100 attempts qualifier a curry is the leader, just not steph his much lesser acclaimed brother seth).

    and to close with an interesting stat with the season not even half over james harden has taken almost 100 more 3 pt shots than anyone else in the league.

    the other side of harden’s massive point totals is: 275 missed 3 pointers or put another way–only 10 other players in the league have taken as many 3 pointers as harden has missed.

  762. NBA 2019/1/9 Toronto Raptors 暴龍vs老鷹 Atlanta Hawks Highlights 林書豪Jeremy Lin先發20分 必發網

  763. Here is Vince Carter getting a standing ovation last night in Toronto. He played 7 years in Toronto, winning the 1999 ‘Rookie of the Year’ award and was named an All Star 5 times.

  764. Interesting Comments from Hawks blog about why Pierce started JLIN, boils down to :
    1) matchup with Lowry & VanVleet
    2) social media?
    3) Heurter has started 22 of 38 gms; many of the games he started were when Bazemore had already been demoted to bench before the Prince injury so there is no evidence that Heurter & Baze out means JLIN starts — this was unique and perhaps we won’t see it again in this last month.

    Everything is speculation, could be truth, could be just a good excuse to mask a directive by Schlenk.

    Again last night, clearly JLIN was best when used as sole PG has been the case for the few mins JLIN & Trae have shared this season, it’s not even close. And Trae does his avg whether w/ or w/o JLIN.
    “It was good,” said Pierce of Lin’s first quarter and his start. “I get a lot of stuff on social media about ‘Play Jeremy and Trae together!’. And you got to look at it in a lot of different ways, it’s not just the offensive side and having two players but just finding the right match-up. When they went with Kyle and Fred VanVleet, it was a great opportunity for us to start Jeremy and Trae together. And they responded extremely well. ”

    “What I takeaway from this quote the most is that Pierce actually looks at his social media and what people are saying to him — not that he goes to himself ‘The fans want it, I’ll give it to them’ but it’s interesting he sees it and takes notice of it.”

  765. The Trade before Feb 7 is NOT about a final destination (though that is a possibility) — it is about again showcasing JLIN’s talent in a playoff run which then Positions JLIN in his contract season for a new team.

    And if TOR or any other team picks JLIN up in trade, you think they go to the effort & cost to get him just to have him ride the bench in a playoff run? Anyone trading for JLIN before Feb 7 will shove JLIN into the lineup perhaps at least as the first backup PG.

  766. LP is just following orders, Lin needs to be showcased simple as that.

  767. For those of you who believe JLIN is not completely back to his normal speed and explosiveness, I wonder what you make of JLIN’s ability last night to get around whoever what guarding him?

    JLIN’s first step quickness and ability to create separation was evident last night – perhaps compare video frame by frame and you’ll see that.

  768. “Halfway through the season, 18 qualified players are averaging over 20pts/5ast/55%TS per 36, a list of franchise players and rising stars. All are heavily featured, playing over 33mpg with 29%USG, except for one afterthought who is not even getting 20mpg. #freelinsanity
    Rk Player PTS/36 AST/36 TS% USG% MPG
    1 James Harden 32.7 8.3 .618 39.0 37.1
    2 Jrue Holiday 20.6 8.3 .559 25.2 36.6
    3 Kevin Durant 28.5 6.2 .623 31.3 36.0
    4 Blake Griffin 25.2 5.2 .585 29.6 35.9
    5 Damian Lillard 26.8 6.1 .590 30.1 35.5
    6 Devin Booker 25.4 7.1 .563 32.0 35.2
    7 Stephen Curry 30.3 5.4 .661 31.3 34.9
    8 LeBron James 28.4 7.4 .601 31.3 34.6
    9 Kemba Walker 26.6 6.1 .568 30.9 34.4
    10 Giannis Antetokounmpo 28.5 6.6 .638 31.4 33.5
    11 Kyrie Irving 25.7 7.4 .594 29.6 32.3
    12 DeAaron Fox 20.0 8.5 .553 24.7 32.0
    13 Luka Doncic 21.9 5.6 .561 27.5 31.8
    14 Nikola Jokic 21.7 8.7 .589 26.3 31.2
    15 Derrick Rose 22.8 5.8 .570 26.0 29.8
    16 Spencer Dinwiddie 21.5 6.5 .599 24.9 28.7
    17 Lou Williams 26.1 6.8 .554 31.8 25.3
    18 Jeremy Lin 20.5 6.6 .623 22.5 18.7
    Fresh from the cherry orchard. Protip: click on the headers to sort the list.

    Lin’s TS% is tied for 3rd on the list, yet he is getting a full 10mpg less than everyone else besides Lou Williams, who has a 31.8%USG which ranks 4th in the entire league. Although it’s understandable why Atlanta is barely playing him since they’re tanking and they bet the future on Trae Young, it’s bordering on ridiculous that a scoring playmaker this good is being criminally underutilized, especially in the wake of the analytics revolution. With exactly one month left before the trade deadline, someone needs to rescue Lin from this purgatory and give him the larger role that he deserves and has earned.



    note: not sure if this was before or after last nites Big Nite

  769. More people sees that JLin needs to be in a playoff team and is still (if not more) crafty as his Linsanity days. This is good and very much needed. Excellent shooting % is nice but putting big numbers (20pts/9ast) will catch more attention and be better for Lin’s next contract.

  770. Why does ATL need to lie? Why say anything at all? No need to lie. It was obvious ATL was showcasing Jlin in TOR. Were have been speculating on this board for days. These guys are like politicians in that they lie so much they don’t know when to stop. These big money corps really disrespect us fans. Do they really think we are that stupid? Or am I out of touch and most of us really are that stupid? Bread and circuses. sheesh

  771. Thanks for posting the link and analysis. Lin is certainly underutilized in Atlanta and his talent in his prime years should be displayed properly in the NBA. Only then, people can truly appreciate how miraculous his latest comeback is and reward him with a proper new contract in 2019

    We’re not asking playoff teams to play him 35minutes/game but he deserves more than 19mpg being the best player in the Hawks.

    Lin’s TS% is tied for 3rd on the list, yet he is getting a full 10mpg less than everyone else besides Lou Williams, who has a 31.8%USG which ranks 4th in the entire league. Although it’s understandable why Atlanta is barely playing him since they’re tanking and they bet the future on Trae Young, it’s bordering on ridiculous that a scoring playmaker this good is being criminally underutilized, especially in the wake of the analytics revolution. With exactly one month left before the trade deadline, someone needs to rescue Lin from this purgatory and give him the larger role that he deserves and has earned.

  772. I agree that last night Lin showed greater burst of speed than any previous games in the season. He might not be used to 35mpg but 25+mpg shouldn’t be a problem for him.

    His health has improved and he understood he needed to audition not only his skills but his health to all NBA teams so any concern of his recovery could be alleviated.

    There was no hesitation or deferring for JLin last night; I’m confident he was given the green light to no longer play the ‘stabilizer’ role but showcase his skills in his first start. It’s a win-win scenario for JLin and the Hawks.

  773. It’s the double-speak in the art of tanking. By using ‘proper matchup argument to start Lin’, it absolves them to hide the fact why not start JLin in the past even when he’s the best player.
    It also gives them a reason to not start him (or Vince/other veteran leaders) when they deem the matchup is not good.

    It’s not personal to JLin but tanking really forces GM/coaches to ‘lie’ so they won’t get fined by the NBA by talking openly about tanking. NBA really needs to fix this tanking problem.

  774. Agree. He did not look a step slow at all. Also his height against Lowry and especially VanVleet was really evident last night.

  775. I want to go back to what was said at the beginning of the year on this board: That ATL had the talent to contend for the top 8. Jlin, Dedmon, Baze, Collins, Len for starters. TY, Huerter, Prince for a bench or put a vet with the bench like Len. That would be a decent team and enjoyable to watch as they struggled to win.

  776. I understand the tanking. I am just offended that we are treated as stupid. Or as I said, maybe we are:) The NBA knows tanking when they see it, just like they know tampering (James and Davis). There are two sets of rules and it is wrong. ATL could have smiled and just said nothing. I would be fine with that

  777. There’s a big difference between a sprint and a marathon, I know from experience having lived with a marathon runner in my 20s. Yes Lin shows he’s capable of many sprints but until he can prove he can run a marathon, his value will be not as high as it should be. To do that, Lin has to remain healthy for the entire season.

    One step at a time and more hurdles yet to get over. Last night showed that he can carry a bad team that’s probably worst than most playoff teams benches.

    My ideal scenario is Lin playing for the Raptors as a backup PG with less than 20 minutes and proves himself over the remainder of the season with efficiency and leadership of the second unit. When the playoffs begins, Lin can take over because that’s a sprint. Winning is much more important then and Lin will be his usual clutch self making him indispensable.

    Lin gets the glory while rehabbing until he’s needed. That’s a win win in my opinion.

  778. I don’t think Lin has to put up consistently big numbers to catch attention. He has a body of work over the years. A few Linsanity type games shows that he still has it and given minutes can produce. GMs, IMO, are looking for Lin to stay healthy over anything else as a much a higher priority. The problem with Lin wasn’t his numbers on the Nets, it was so few games played in two seasons. He’s now playing the games and is remaining relatively healthy. Really, IMO, that’s all that matters. I think we should be careful about high minutes and intense usage. Remember, the patellar rupture still has Robeson out and Lin’s recovery is a miracle. IMO, let’s not push it and almost take it for granted and think he can do things beyond what’s prudent for someone recovering from this injury to do in his season immediately back from it.

  779. I hope Lin plays no more than 20 minutes tonight. I’m not interested whatsoever in him playing against the Nets. It’s another game IMO. 35 minutes for Lin last night against tough defenders was a lot of minutes. It was an intense game. For the sake of his body and rehab over the season, I’m hoping that Lin has a nice game, 12-15 points or so with 4 assists, in about 18-20 minutes. I don’t care if the Hawks win or not but it would be nice to see a competitive game. Also, matchups do not favor a lot of Trae and Lin together. So, I won’t be surprised not to see it.

  780. With regards to heavy load concern for JLin, I also do not want him to start for any contenders with 35mpg workload every night. It will be detrimental to his future health when he has not secured a new contract in the 2019 offseason.

    I think the best scenario is for JLin to log 25 mpg in a playoff team in which he is utilized well to help for a deep playoff run but not jeopardizing his health with 35+mpg. JLin will be 31 next year so time is very precious for him to show that he is a great asset for playoff teams (still a productive starter for a non-tanking team or backup PG for championship contender)

    We can only hope for the best for JLin. It’s really out of our hands. We only know that Atlanta Hawks has interest to trade JLin for valuable assets before Feb 7 deadline as evident by their involvement with recent Phoenix Suns trade involving JLin that did not materialize. It’s a business after all but hopefully JLin can find the right place.

    I appreciate Atlanta Hawks for how they have treated Jeremy Lin but the time might come that they will go separate ways. Despite the limited minutes, it’s great to see JLin getting a chance to rehab and show he can still play well after a serious injury. It shouldn’t be taken for granted. Atlanta Hawks team, teammates, broadcasting team has been good for him. Tanking just gets in the way of keeping Lin in Atlanta.

  781. It was due to wind shear.

  782. Yes, I also want to see JLin to only play 20-25 minutes tonight. His health is still his #1 asset before he secures a new contract in the 2019 offseason.

    He has proven to a lot of teams what he can bring when given enough time (20pts/9asts/4rebs in 35min) against the #1 team in the NBA. It’s good to be cautious with a back-to-back game

  783. Plenty of options for sushi. Whether you want pricey high quality omakase types, or fill your belly all you can eat buffets, we eat good here. Not many cities in North America can compete with the ethnic food scene in Toronto. We’re highly underrated, especially in the burbs.

  784. I’ve been to one of these (was in a picture in the back) when lin was on the lakers and they came to Toronto. Not many ppl realize they can stick around for the asian heritage session. Also true, the number of hardcore jlin fans in Toronto is not super high.

  785. I hope LP agrees.

  786. if Huerter was healthy, LP wouldn’t play Lin as starter for 35 mins.

  787. I just want Lin to be healthy and play. I remember all of the studies we were doing before he came back on how effective players were after a patellar injury and it wasn’t that rosy. Somehow, Lin is playing at a great level now.

    My point is I’d rather Lin play on a losing team and play most games this season than on a winning team and get injured and have his season shortened. I’m not against a good trade but any trade I’d want them to put Lin’s health first.

  788. you mean like hornets?

  789. i understand your concern but limiting his minutes is not gonna stop injury. nor is upping his minutes. unless he is still hindered physically. im assuming he isnt. just need to work on physical strength

  790. he might be emotional again and not do that well. smh.

  791. ever notice that since dlo getting these big number, dinwids number decreased.

  792. I don’t know. I think to go from 18-20 minutes to 35 as a starter has to have an effect on the body some. So, I’m thinking the b2b games is to go back to his regular minutes. From there, sure, ramp it up. I think Lin should be averaging 23-24 MPG this season, not 18.

    Physical strength is there in most, but not all ways. But I don’t think the stamina is there. That has to be worked up over the season IMO and he’s getting there.

  793. It’s the second time. I think it’ll be different.

  794. well yea thats a massive chnge. id expect a gradual increase for any future team this season. 25-28 seem like a good mid number then upped to 30-35

  795. I don’t want to go past 25-28 this season. But there are trainers that measure things and they know best. I’m just guessing as a fan as to what a good number of minutes are for Lin at this stage of his rehabbing season. An occasional 30-35 should be ok.

  796. i doubt he gets more the 28-32 on any team before the playoffs

  797. btw where is melo now? which team?

  798. none

  799. oh sht.. seriously?
    what he doing now?
    googling him only gives fashion line.. nothing else.

  800. oh you mean like s-x LOL.

  801. he is basically Allen Iverson at this point

  802. cj miles, delon wright + filler + future lottery protected first round pick for Lin + Carter, who says no?

    linsanity + vinsanity and Eastern conference championship and have a chance to beat gsw. leonard and lin re-sign with Toronto.

    let’s do it. lol.

  803. Lin said he “hates to lose” games a few times in the past. One can only imagine his level of displeasure watching his tanking team losing games repeatedly by design.

    That being said, I hope Lin does not over-exert himself tonight in Brooklyn. A Win over Nets which dumped him would be nice, but Staying Healthy should be the 1st priority!

    Go Lin! Play well and stay healthy!

  804. I don’t get it.

  805. This is why best place for Jlin is TOR. TOR has Lowry and Vanvleet, can rotate with Jlin. Jlin used strategically based on his high efficiency only needs 20 minutes to make a big contribution. Plus, when the situation calls for it he can do a Linsanity run, take over a game and win. Perfect. TOR is for the championship, not secondary like trying to get a contender over the hump which would need Jlin for heavy minutes. TOR best without a doubt for all concerned, including maybe ATL. Plus, we have not seen Jlin unleashed as a 3 pt shooter.

  806. Can get hurt in an ATL blowout just as easily as in a playoff game. TOR needs Jlin, but doesn’t need him to carry the team. Plus ATL does not have the personnel or mindset to protect Jlin from being mugged by other teams and dissed by the refs. Kawhi and Serge Ibaka will protect him.

  807. Are you certain Joe Lin wrote that?
    This is not associated with Joe’s official twitter account.

  808. JLIN did everything in his power (short of wresting the ball out of a teammates hands) to win this game.

    Played a near flawless game (in NBA terms) – the loss is on the coach if anyone is to be blamed, the coach needs to coach better if the Hawks decide they want to win.

  809. It was from his instagram account!

  810. Hey, thanks for the insight! Haven’t been to THE NORTH in awhile. In the past, always hit the Chinese food spots first…

    Have checked out a few food-centric You-tube vids re Toronto. May have to make a food trip up there soon!

    Sad to say, it’s looking like all the optimism about JLin to Toronto may have to quiet down with McCaw signing…

  811. The NBA system deserves the blame most of all. It encourages and enables all this.

  812. Okay, I draw the line here. You are assuming you are able to get a hot beauty at all. LOL.

    What you propose is the war. I was looking at the battle, one day at a time.

    Crush the Nets tonight and it will be one step closer to killing them in the playoffs.

    If Lin could get revenge on his own, it would be fantastic. But, he needs cooperation from a few teams to get there. So, I’m just going to have to be satisfied with a minor victory.

    Even that may not happen. LP played Lin for 34 mins, knowing there’s a B2B against the Nets tomorrow. So, Lin may not even get the chance. I wouldn’t be surprised if Lin only gets 13 mins again, like last time.

  813. I may have to disagree. IMO, tanking is on the front office, and then the coaches.

    But I haven’t seen the Hawks PLAYERS not ever give effort. Bunch of rookies and 2nd year guys and G-league players, and 2-way contracts. They may not play well, but I think they do TRY to play hard.

    The Hawks are what the Nets were two years ago. In fact, I think doing better than the Nets two years ago.

  814. Yes. But the FO/coach create the game conditions. The players, mainly the rookies and guys trying to hang on are going to play hard to keep their jobs. Exceptions might be like Bazemore, Dedmon, Jlin who have contracts and have made a lot of money. Baze in particular looks like he takes it kind of easy because he also has a big contract for next year as well. Everyone knows ATL is in the tank nothing they can do about it but they are playing for themselves, not for the team. The only way ATL plays him the same tonight is if they need to showcase him some more (don’t need to)

  815. Lin is not one of them

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