G40 CLE @ LAL PreGame Thread+Poll

Will Kobe rest again?

Will Jeremy get fewer minutes than 16 min?

I think Kobe will rest and Jeremy can play more minutes as Byron realizes Kobe’s health is worsening for his image if he plays. Plus he needs to prepare to feature Lin if Kobe shut it down for the season. But noone knows for sure so we have to wait and see. It’s good to know LA Media knows Lin should have started.

Everyone is just waiting to see what happens to Kobe.


Guess JLin's stats


  1. First

  2. Perhaps this is the reason why Lin is the way he is. NBA and records don’t matter to him as much in comparison. So says one of the greatest BB player who ever lived. Maybe that’s why he’s smiling more often these days.

  3. I hope BScott starts the same starters again and they get blown out 0-18 again and the fans in Staple Center start booing.

  4. yeah, I know the Pistol found Jesus peace after a wild-ride in his life with fame/drugs/etc. but never heard his testimony before. I’ll check it out later. Thanks

    But true, the life goal is different.

    Man, Pistol Pete were mesmerizing to watch on videos! I wish he’s still alive .
    There’s also an excellent documentary.

  5. He was Magic before Magic, probably better.

  6. KB and BS, please do us some favor: Play 32+ minutes until chronos takes you out. Shorter pain for everyone involves. I would take this route rather than prolonging suffering any day.

  7. What is the record of worst start? 0-20? I want to see Kobe breaking the record one after another 🙂

  8. hahahaha

  9. http://espn.go.com/espnradio/losangeles/play?id=12168835&s=la

    Max and Marcellus talks about Kobe and call Schizophrenic..around 13:45

  10. Celebration time…. the Magic have beaten the hustun rockets….yeah!!!!

  11. On February 1, 2014, Jeremy Lin got his first triple double (15pts / 10ast / 11reb) in 29 minutes, coming off the bench, in a game against the Cavaliers. With Lin, the Rockets were playing a fast-paced style. Here are some highlights.

  12. There were some haters on Chinese news site UDN.com trashing Lin by saying the Djangos only beat a crappy team in the Magic. Then, the Magic go on beating both the Bulls AND the Rockets. Karma’s real good these days and we should have faith.

  13. Yeah…I didnt pay much attention during my younger days, but looking back on his videos, shows he is a legend. He brought in much variety to the game, beyond his time for many to comprehend. Thats a true Legend! Thanks for sharing.

  14. they refer to Ido Amir as reporter…I mean why would you even reference the guy no offense

  15. Journalists in Taiwan are very poorly paid and overworked, therefore quality is not all the way there. Fact checking, or even proofreading, is lacking on a regular basis.

  16. chandler (not the ex rocket one), dirk and rondo not playing.

  17. vucevic (the best unknown player in the league) and oladipo out gun howard and harden. 57 to 49 that;s the difference in score.

    20 turnovers for the rockets. 7 by harden.

  18. Hahaha, you could’ve just said Tyson. 🙂

  19. Lol yah i wouldnt trust them much
    they probably just know aas much as we do
    but many that was so hard to read Ive learned chinese for 8 years but in simplified chinese

  20. Where is the Linsanity option?

  21. if tyson (chandler) was playing i wouldn’t want to be announcing this game with tyson chandler, wilson chandler, and chandler parsons.

  22. 40-years ago, a bootleg Bob Dylan album translated “Don’t think twice, it’s alright.” into “Don’t think Twist is bad.” (into Chinese.)

  23. Why is rondo not playing… did he hurt his little pinkeeee?

  24. The Rockets are one of the highest turnover teams this year. They used to say it was because of Jeremybut now they’re still that way even without him. I know they’re a good team generally but they’ve been exposed on that front. These little tidbits make me happy. 🙂

  25. When I went to bed last night after the Lakers loss to the Heat I felt great peace. It brought to memory a prayer I had become
    familiar with during our son’s 17 year addiction to alcohol and drugs that began when he was an early teen. During
    his struggle he benefited from Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) and his Christian faith. The “Serenity Pray” adopted by AA is an important part of it’s program

    I think the precepts in this Prayer may help us understand why Jeremy can smile in the midst of adversity.

    “The Serenity Prayer”

    God grant me the serenity
    To accept the things I cannot change;
    Courage to change the things I can;
    And wisdom to know the difference.


    There are things Jeremy can’t change about his basketball career at this point.

    1. His teammates
    2. His coaching and management

    3. Hate from some people including fans and media.

    The things he can change or maintain.
    1. A positive attitude.
    2. Being a team first player

    3. Being kind to those who mistreat him

    4. Giving his best effort to be the best player he can to honor God.

    Remember that God has put him on the big stage, for a greater purpose than basketball so that he may learn and also teach us by his example the way to serenity. I believe we all will get more enjoyment and less frustration, as Jeremy’s fans, if we receive the wisdom from this prayer.

  26. Easy fix: Tyson, Wilson and Biebs would do nicely to avoid confusion. 🙂

  27. Most are biased and seriously lack basketball savvy. However, there are a few fans that are somewhat insightful. But overall I see better quality posts from China rather than Taiwan. (I can read both Simplified and Traditional Chinese with same ease)

  28. So the Lakers were tricked into hiring BS just because they thought Kobe would have had the respect for this man. Oh boy how wrong they all were, BS not only has no control on Kobe but Kobe himself is a string puller. Kobe tells BS when he wants to play, when he wants to practice, when he wants to rest and most of all who he wants to start with him. In my opinion, BS is only a duty carrier as he owned it to Kobe for the job which also he still has.

  29. my thoughts: We get too caught up into what Scott says. He often says things out of his mouth , like he is speaking the organization, but if you notice, he has too often refute his statements because he speaks out his delusional self worth with no knowledge from the FO. Kobe is trying to act like he can exhort his power of the Lakers, but he is just an aging superstar that Mitch/FO is ignoring. F/O held up their part of the deal to ensure that Kobe surpassed MJ in points.I think Kobe because he is so arrogant that he is listening to what he wants to to boost his ego…smh

  30. I didn’t feel peace. I felt justice.

  31. BS said he would only shut down KB when seeing no hope of playoff.
    This means BS needs KB to eliminate any hope of getting to the playoff, do I understand it correctly ?

  32. Semantically the two aren’t equivalent, but by all practical purpose they may be the same.

  33. Thank you. Amen. Great prayer

  34. Wow 87% vs Kobe 8%, Young 3%

  35. Many times your optimistic about Lin’s future made me feel impossible. But the more I see it by watching Lin’s post game interview, you made a lot of sense. To compare with when he’s in Houston, he was unease and frustrated because the coach and and the FO Morey were all on the same page of marginalizing Lin. Here in LA was total the opposite, Lin is smiling and professionally answering question. Maybe there’s something behind close door that we don’t know. jmo.

  36. He just talks for the sake of talking….

  37. LOL

  38. This guy could have played and starred in the modern NBA.

  39. This is why I think the ASG voting is rigged, or least skewed, against Lin fans voting army.

  40. Lakers don’t really understand, Kobe’s fans will slowly disappear and hide their Kobe jerseys if Kobe keep embarrassing them with this kind of behavior.

  41. Cool – justice IS peace in a way.

  42. I’m hoping may be his desired team has secretly contacted him for the next contract? If I were Lin, I could not be so relaxed even though FO has already promised him anything at this moment……..a promise is nothing unless it’s in black & white in business world.

  43. yeah its hard to believe, especially this time around the numbers are so low?!

  44. I myself was one of those “haters” that said that the Lakers beat a crappy team in the Magic then.

  45. I might fit right in then!

  46. Great find, webattorney.

    Indeed, Pete Maravich would have been a superstar in any era.

    I remember a coach saying that Pete Maravich’s father Press Maravich set out to make Pete the perfect basketball machine.

    A lot of people have copied Pete Maravich, including Magic and Isiah and Nash and many other great players.

  47. NBA All-Star Balloting Presented By Sprint | Third Returns

    Eastern Conference


    1. LeBron James (Cle) 971,299
    2. Pau Gasol (Chi) 527,582
    3. Carmelo Anthony (NY) 456,186
    4. Chris Bosh (Mia) 354,609
    5. Kevin Love (Cle) 260,269
    6. Marcin Gortat (Was) 155,636
    7. Joakim Noah (Chi) 139,307
    8. Jonas Valanciunas (Tor) 125,796
    9. Al Jefferson (Cha) 77,518
    10. Kevin Garnett (BKN) 76,595
    11. Nikola Vucevic (Orl) 68,722
    12. Paul Pierce (Was) 59,264
    13. Paul Millsap (Atl) 55,224
    14. Nikola Mirotic (Chi) 52,562
    15. Al Horford (Atl) 48,465


    1. John Wall (Was) 564,977
    2. Dwyane Wade (Mia) 507,326
    3. Kyle Lowry (Tor) 406,974
    4. Kyrie Irving (Cle) 372,065
    5. Jimmy Butler (Chi) 263,914
    6. Derrick Rose (Chi) 240,092
    7. DeMar DeRozan (Tor) 97,093
    8. Louis Williams (Tor) 43,652
    9. Giannis Antetokounmpo (Mil) 31,700
    10. Bradley Beal (Was) 28,387

    Western Conference


    1. Anthony Davis (NO) 922,381
    2. Blake Griffin (LAC) 490,786
    3. Marc Gasol (Mem) 476,660
    4. Tim Duncan (SA) 374,814
    5. Kevin Durant (OKC) 330,297
    6. LaMarcus Aldridge (Por) 315,405
    7. Dwight Howard (Hou) 211,531
    8. DeMarcus Cousins (Sac) 209,742
    9. Dirk Nowitzki (Dal) 186,017
    10. Kawhi Leonard (SA) 115,194
    11. Rudy Gay (Sac) 97,856
    12. DeAndre Jordan (LAC) 75,777
    13. Tyson Chandler (Dal) 63,906
    14. Nick Young (LAL) 62,502
    15. Serge Ibaka (OKC) 60,842


    1. Stephen Curry (GS) 958,014
    2. Kobe Bryant (LAL) 862,568
    3. James Harden (Hou) 690,843
    4. Chris Paul (LAC) 401,945
    5. Damian Lillard (Por) 210,794
    6. Klay Thompson (GS) 170,827
    7. Rajon Rondo (Dal) 165,427
    8. Russell Westbrook (OKC) 159,264
    9. Jeremy Lin (LAL) 148,763
    10. Tony Parker (SA) 75,325


  48. Totally agree with you. Nothing is guaranteed until it is on paper. He needs to continue to focus whenever he’s on the floor too and i’m 100% sure he knows it.

  49. why do you think the lottery pick was behind closed door? We only tell us what inside the envelope just like the Oscar award goes to….So rig.

  50. I don’t mind seeing Jeremy not being on top, but I wish Harden weren’t either.

  51. Need to focus like an expert

  52. TNT will be so surprised to see the result…LOL! I hope Kobe will not play tomorrow. Ya!

  53. Last night I dreamed about jlin went linsane, he scored 40+ points, plus he did an alley oop 1 hand dunk, a float which the ball went so hight it took 3 seconds to fall to the basket lol and a full court buzzer beater at the end! Hope my dream come true soon .

  54. LG has one post which is really nice by fiendishoc, he break the games into 5 stages, and look at the offense and defense of these different stages, pretty nice analysis.


  55. When I see All Star “voting”, I blow it off because it’s FAKE.

    It’s just like PER. To me, PER is a FAKE STATISTIC because nobody knows how to calculate it.

    All Star voting numbers and PER are IMAGINARY MADE UP NUMBERS (i.e. Kobe with a 20+ PER!!!)

  56. Good reasoning….

  57. I totally agree no need to care too much what Scott said… he can’t really make any decision… plus he has a bad mouth & always said negative about the player when they lose the game…. As for Kobe, I guess FO maybe still give him some respect but don’t think they like what he did on the team now. The drama probably will end soon I hope.

  58. They will not, in fact last yr….Lin was ahead of Harden but they still show Harden

  59. I believe FO sure did talk to him about the future contract bc like his Dad said they either sign him or trade him but so far I didn’t see Lakers have any intention to trade him. (no show care for him at all..) Plus he seems to be very calm & relax… it’s so different from other players for the contract year if they got so less playing time.

  60. DH was like ‘WTH’!

  61. You must be either from Malaysia or Singapore!

  62. I know bc Lin got it before so… Anyway, I don’t care what they will do but I really think they’re just so fake… how come in the beginning Kobe got 60% but where’s his fans now? Why his vote got less & less %? Bc no one vote for him… LOL!

    I think TNT will be surprised bc after Lin always won last year, they’re not allow outside USA to vote …

  63. When I think of Lin’s struggles with 80s coaches, I always think of the hated illegal defense rule.

    For Lin fans that don’t know what the illegal defense rule is, it was a pre-2002 rule that stated that zone defenses were banned and only strict man to man defense was permitted. You could double and triple team a player only if he had the ball. Off the ball, double teams were banned and players were prevented from standing in passing lanes between an offensive player and the ball. The first violation resulted in a warning and the 2nd violation resulted in a technical free throw and possession to the defensive team.

    In the 10+ years since the illegal defense rule was abolished, teams have been very slow in adjusting to the abolishment of the illegal defense rule. Most teams continued to play strict man to man defense long after 2002. Even today, bad defensive teams like the Rockets coached by McHale and the Lakers coached by Scott are still playing strict man to man defense as if the illegal defense rule is still in play.

    Players like Kobe Bryant and coaches like George Karl hated the rule changes and criticized it. Bryant and his fellow players knew that the abolishment of illegal defense would eventually result in hard traps and zones that would make it hard for individual scorers to win games based off a single bad individual matchup.

    Lin is a guard that has fully taken advantage of the abolishment of the illegal defense rule. Lin seemingly drifts away from his man in a way that was totally blasphemous in the 80s and 90s, though Lin is actually so athletically elite that he’s actually hard guarding several guys all at once. On the offensive end, opponents load up on Lin with zones and traps but Lin has found ways to split the offense and exploit the weaknesses using his teammates in a very unselfish way.

    To old school coaches like McHale and Scott, Lin looks like this aimless drifter who doesn’t know what’s happening on the court and plays leaky basketball on both ends. But to hardcore modern NBA fans like me who celebrated the demise of the illegal defense rule but predicted that it would take about 30 years for NBA teams to fully adjust to the zone defenses, Lin looks like this hyperfocused one man zone who guards several players defensively and reads the court like a Peyton Manning level quarterback.

    What confounds the 80s coaches is that their teams always play better when Lin is seeming “drifting aimlessly” out there. They have no idea that Lin’s hard at work combatting the modern day zones and traps that his outdated clueless coaches never faced in their era.

  64. I witnessed that too! So unfair!

  65. Impressive, now up to 97% Lin, 2% Kobe, 1% Young. I bet they still follow Kobe, rigged.

  66. From what I can see, I prefer Taiwan than China report.

  67. Wow! So happy to see this… It’s very likely Kobe maybe will not play tomorrow. I hope he will not..LOL!

  68. LOL It’s all because Jeremy Only Lin Garden fans learn how to overcome Ip issue and is able to vote. Hence, the huge jump on JLin. They also try to give some vote to Ed Davis now:-) No one is voting KB and NY.

  69. I had a very mixed upbringing, was born in Taiwan. It’s not difficult to learn how to read Simplified Chinese, which has its roots in Traditional Chinese.

  70. Can we do the same w ASG?

  71. I had a mixed upbringing, but was born in Taiwan. It’s not difficult to learn how to read Simplified Chinese, which has its roots in Traditional Chinese.

  72. I love how Lin goes out like a normal person without an entourage.

  73. That statement in itself does not make you a hater. It’s the mentality from these people in whose eyes Lin can do no right no matter what. Very similar to McHale and BS, but the peculiar part is that it’s not racial, so one does not know why the hate. Jealousy in seeing others do well, perhaps.

  74. I’ll keep voting Linsanity! 25pts/7asts/2stls until Feb 2

    It’s almost 3 years anniversary to the 1st Linsanity numbers vs NJ Nets on that fateful day on Feb 2, 2012 against D-Will
    It was unlikely, unprecedented but undeniable.

    So who’s to say it won’t ever happen again? =)

  75. The underpaid and overworked part, or the manufacturing part?

  76. and I love how he’s holding a water bottle LOL

  77. Shhhh….别说别说。会被人反应。哈哈

  78. I think it’s already been done with ASG, except the NBA is probably toning down Asian vote weight (skewing).

  79. Ed Davis…for team harmony’s sake? 🙂

  80. I did not say that and somehow you still did…LOL

  81. Oops. Sorry. Should keep my mouth shut:-) Somehow I still can’t overcome Ip issue. Very very very annoying:-)

  82. Too late

  83. Should be able to.

  84. For Lin’s sake, Nick Young better find his touch back quickly, so they do not need to run plays for him just for the sake of getting him out of the slump…

  85. We should vote Sacre then 🙂

  86. Don’t think that many JLin fans like him:-)

  87. When Lillard meet CP3….old star won the whistle…

  88. Great minds think alike indeed!
    Stay hydrated

  89. BUT have to say CP3 is really good defensively….And he was having trouble with Lin….oh well…LOL

  90. Cmon, he’s a great cheerleader ……Sacre Dance

  91. Every guard has trouble with Lin
    just as Lin has trouble with every guard in the league
    Guards are the hardest to defend

  92. That is not true…..just mostly it is the case

  93. by every guard i mean the above average ones not scrubs like pondexer, price and all

  94. Better for JLin to spend time with family in LA than to waste time in the circus-like ASGs. Sorry if I have offended anyone here but that’s what I perceive these fake stars. KB doesn’t deserve to be AS this season or even when he was out injured last season.

  95. You always mention the illegal defense rule and Lins ill fit with his coaches. Thank you for explaining your point more fully.

  96. Technically, it was legal….LOL

  97. Did you read the SI article on Nick Young Swaggy P, how he came to be who he is due to family tragedy of his brother’s death? It helps to understand why he became who he is partly in his Wizard days with Agent Zero, Gilbert Arenas

    He’s in a prolonged slump and interestingly he didn’t have a good way to break through the slump than keep bombing from long-distance. Most players would come closer get easy ones.

  98. Really?? Never pay attention to that:-)

  99. Part of that was because Scott’s scheme made long 2s the only available shots in a lot of possessions…and I have not read that article..

  100. YES, just like last night’s interview. He seemed so relaxed and didn’t seem to mind his reduced minutes. I hope he has a back up plan.

  101. Swaggy is a bench player with an above average scoring ability but that’s about it he is who he is
    All talks

  102. A horrible NBA teammate and a below average player

  103. Great explanation, KHuang!

    And if we further relate the possible impact PED (drugs) on players, the zone defense would neutralize more the impact of individuals who might unfairly gain advantage with PED to have superior athleticism. Not 100% but otherwise, Lin and other non-PED users won’t be able to compete. It really forces the use of teamwork in basketball that James Naismith originally invented to be.

    We can say that the abolishment of illegal defense and the growth of zone defense saves NBA basketball!
    Teamball is winning over Diva-ball as Spurs continues to do!

  104. interestingly, Swaggy got close on one last night and bricked it. Hurts – I wanna see him shine so Lin doesn’t have to worry about him too. The more ppl click, the more Lin clicks the team and himself.

  105. nice hair, yes, a good game ahead hehe.

  106. yeah, if Nick hits his shots, the 2nd unit would be back to score well and they’ll get more minutes including Lin. Hope it happens tomorrow

  107. that’s vodka both clear.

  108. Lin wound be better off without this social parasite who never passes but chucks all shots
    Lin with a bunch of no names can do some serious damages

  109. If nick doesn’t chuck 2nd unit will win games and score more

  110. His shot selections would always be questionable.

    Interestingly according to SI article, he was trained to do PnR by the Wizard coaches but lost the joy of playing. Lin would be a good influence in him (but I haven’t seen him pass back, another lack of BScott coaching)

  111. He is NOT capable of running PnR….

  112. true, there would be fewer wasted possessions

  113. Good lose all joy of playing and disappear lin doesn’t need this cancer

  114. good post. Since I skipped those years, I only see bball D like soccer or rugby. Free form. That’s why I love Lin’s D though I don’t know the plays. I can see his choices and the game is very exciting to me when they try to get stops. I cringe at teammates D moves, from Rox to now.

  115. But asking players to make shots (especially tough shots) all the time is not really realistic…

  116. And remember lin pays for all his mistakes

  117. He shouldn’t even take those shots in the first place

  118. Why not?

  119. Contested
    He needs to move around to create some space at least when ur defenders all over u u pass it but he shoots it

  120. I blame Scott….Not Young

  121. Youngs been this way since day one
    He’s too shameless to realize he’s freezing his teammates out this is on him too just cuz the authority lets you kill innocent ppl doesn’t mean ur innocent for doin so

  122. Downward spiral trend of Kobe Monthly FG%

  123. Well, remember the backward falling Lin 2 last night after he got fouled but no call? That was a pass from SwaggyP. Keep the faith.

  124. One out of 100 times

  125. That is his game….I rather he shoot than pass. He simply just can not handle the ball and pass….so ugly

  126. Yes. Swaggy getting his would simplify the game puzzle for Lin. I just want him to have that part all set and go go go for his own points. If Swaggy misses, Lin will get tripled teamed every time.

  127. He cud but I’d rather him not play at all he is a disgrace to the NBA

  128. M….at this rate…it will reach 20% in the last game I guess

  129. His % went down after he tried to be PG by himself… LOL!

  130. Somebody stop the madness … millions of smiles are at stake here Hoover Dam it.

  131. That is an over-statement…He has his place…coaches need to know how to make him comfortable

  132. true true, but the more they make fun of him and the more he laughs at himself, … nm, Coach has to be awake. You’re right. But blame it on BSc, I do.

  133. @psalm234:disqus any new winners on the stats poll?

  134. hope so and Lin need to balance those act as well, taking shots and passing. He been doing well last couple of game, hope he continues the upward trend

  135. I’ve been so busy but I’ll try to update them tomorrow (before @Lymania:disqus comes knocking at the door for some fruit basket =)

  136. dont wanna meet any hungry or angry gal!

  137. sounds like a great name for a new app “Hungry Angry Gal”!

  138. Highlights from Christine

  139. Los Angeles Lakers – Kobe Bryant at his Worst, Jeremy Lin Still Ignored

    The Los Angeles Lakers don’t change. Byron Scott is still a bad coach, Kobe Bryant continues to shoot like there’s no tomorrow even though he’s bricking almost everything coming out of his hands, costing his team another game in a 78-75 loss to the Miami Heat while Jeremy Lin plays well in the very short amount of time he was actually on the court.

    Bryant refuses to admit that he’s simply not a very good shooter anymore. He wasn’t the only one hogging the ball and getting nothing from his jumper, as Nick Young shot just 2-of-11 from the bench. But Bryant is the one playing more minutes and causing more damage

    Byron Scott seems more and more like someone who has it in for Lin for some reason. Why did he play just 16 minutes, despite having the best +/- in the game? Only Scott knows. The second unit, not for the first time, outplayed the lineup in more than one way, yet Scott continues to stick to his guns, which means allowing Bryant to do whatever he wants on the floor while Ronnie Price got to be in on the action in crunch time instead of Lin for some warped reason no one can understand.

    There’s the theory of the Lakers trying to tank. But playing Kobe Bryant = tanking? It’s hard to believe that Scott actually thinks that way. But the numbers and what we see on the court matches the theory that the Lakers are giving more useful players less minutes time and time again. Not wanting to insult Bryant is one thing, maybe even understandable in a way. But punishing Lin for some unknown, mysterious and invisible reason with playing time fitting a 9th or 10th man on the rotation? Seems like Scott is once again reading the abilities of his players in all the wrong ways

  140. kobe just sitting on his own..while JLin busy giving instructions to his team mates.

  141. Hey, look on the bright side, BS is preserving Lin’s physical being, for future breakouts, maybe in other team. Cheers.

  142. Not like R J Smith – drives an armored huge tank.

  143. Thanks to BScott lol

  144. no polling on TWC for Cav game?!

  145. Kobe looked sick or exhausted. He just wasn’t moving much at all.

  146. They are afraid of us! or just you

  147. Lin 98% / Kobe 2% / Young 1%

  148. That’s TNT, not TWC

  149. Oh, is there a TWC poll?

  150. Sometimes

  151. Last few polls I saw they didn’t even have JLin as a choice because they knew what the result would be. I think they gave up.

  152. no wonder i was on TWC and just voted for Lin “Who carries the most responsibility on offense when Kobe is out?as the most effective player from the bench”

  153. A lot of disappointment in this season. Looking back one of my biggest disappointments was to never see that deadly combo of Howard and Lin that Hakeem talked about in preseason last year. There were glimpses of it but it was never developed. Howard and Lin would’ve been the new Stockton and Malone.

  154. yeah…with all the reporting during that period, we were so high on their lethal combo, sigh

  155. I like how Lin improved his game tho….

  156. If the trend continues (have fun with extrapolations lol)
    Feb: 27%
    Mar: 24%
    Apr: 21%

    Luckily the Lakers’ season will end in April so we would not be witnessing the greatness of sub 20% FG% from your all time leader in BRICKS.

  157. Howard simply lacked too many fundamentals to be the next Karl Malone.

    Even if Lin ran every play through the stationary Howard, it still wouldn’t work until Howard learned how to play.

  158. Sorry to burst your bubble but Kobe just averaged 16% over the last two games he played.

  159. NO.

    Lin DOES NOT have trouble with “every guard” in the NBA.

    When Lin gets hit by multiple screens, he can’t get the stops. No one can.

    Lin is the best defensive guard in the NBA. No one else even comes close.

  160. Was bored…watched some older games

  161. Ed Davis, and to a lesser extent Tarik Black, show more promise than Howard despite not having the height.

  162. Lin and Boozer and Davis are modern day zone defenders on a team of outdated 80s 1-on-1 defenders.

  163. huh? I thought a big doing a slam is the hardest to defend.

  164. Booz seems to foul too much, right at the worst times for Lin or the run-up. Ppl are saying great things about him, but idk.

  165. I wonder how were the Lakers fans on site thought about that 16 Jeremy minute. I bet they were really excited as I watched on my little computer screen. They must be really surprised Lin was benched after all.

  166. I’m sick today and took the day off, And while in bed I watched some amazing Pete Maravich videos. One bounce pass assist leading to a low post dunk actually bore a lot of resemblance to what Jeremy did last week with Black (or was it Davis?).

    I wonder whether Jeremy has seen these Maravich highlights, as he should if he hasn’t already.

  167. That was my biggest disappointment of last season as well! I was so hyped for that year! Lin going hard that summer showing he’s going to be far better. I was also thinking we were going to see a Lin and Tyson kind of thing back in NY but nope. Then Lin got benched, and things sort of went downhill.

  168. Nice

  169. What a Feeling…….

  170. That artile is going to ake BS even more determined to bench Lin, because he knows he can stick it to the media without any consequences.

  171. TNT polls below overwhelming for Jlin, does that mean the camera man will have an easy night as Lin plays 16 min or less?

  172. I do agree. Nick is not a multi tasker, when he gets the ball his sole focus is putting it in the basket. Sometimes he misses the open teammate, but it’s not like he does it on purpose (cough Kobe). Difference is he doesn’t demand the ball and he tries to play defense when he realizes it’s time to play defense XD. It’s up to the coach to put him in the right situation. Probably never going to happen though.

  173. Here’s the YouTube link:

  174. Very nice read.

  175. Get well soon.

  176. Hahaha it’s hilarious! I wonder if Jeannie has seen it.

  177. Actually, it sounds an awful lot like J.R. Smith! LOL

  178. Close but no cigar. I insist we pool together airfare and game ticket for Sophie to fly in. Maybe another set for Ido too to provide some “spark”.

  179. lol…BScott have his mind made up, unless something changes, he is not going to trust Lin with minutes

  180. I don’t know, @psalm234:disqus, but I have a feeling that with Lebron James back in the Cleveland lineup, Bryant will want to play, if nothing else to show that he can still do it against the best (but we of course know differently). In which case, I expect Lin will get very few minutes, hence my vote for only 11 pts/3 ast. In my heart of course, I hope and pray for a true Linsanity game, but my head tells me it’s not going to happen. And even if it does, Scott will just bench him more the next game. But hey, I totally agree with posters here who say that Lin’s reduced minutes mean more longevity. And it’s only three more months and he’s an FA, assuming he doesn’t get traded by the deadline.

  181. so you dont trust Lin could produce Linsanity with the limited minutes?….just teasin

  182. Boy is Jeremy playing effective hustling defense here! That tired old no-D myth has just got to collapse at some point.

  183. I think the only reason BS can get away with his pesky moves on Lin is because it coincides with the FO agenda, and here’s my theory:

    The FO knew that Kobe coming back from Achilles injury is a huge risk at best, hence the tanking plan for the next two years to keep the top 5 pick in 2015 and top 3 pick in 2016.

    The trick in tanking while retaining audience is to leverage on Kobe’s fanbase, plus the huge Asian market that Lin brings with him. The FO KNOWS, from Lin’s history in HOU, that Lin fans are LINSANELY LOYAL, and will NOT desert him despite team underperforming.

    What the FO may have overlooked, or at least underestimated, was Lin’s immense potential and ardent desire to win. Lin’s early explosions stirred up fan expectations, and if allowed to continued, hopes for playoff chance. This would go against the tanking plan, so Lin’s minutes are reduced. However, Lin is a fighter and tries to counteract the minute reduction with even more effective productivity, hence the further reduction in minutes. Lakers currently stand at 4th worst in the league record, so they can’t afford any more of Lin’s outbursts aka Linsanity.

    I believe that Jeanie’s long term plan is to eliminate Jim Buss from basketball operations, or at least greatly reduce his power. She does want Lin to be in the Lakers’ future, but knows that the damage done by Jim will take time to resolve, hence the plea for fans to be patient. How much has the plan been explicitly laid out to Lin, that I’m not sure. But I believe Lin has been told “something reassuring” by the FO, which calmed his nerves and gave him hope for a better future in LA. Lin’s a Californian through and through, and is tired of changing teams. He loves LA and prefers to stay because his family and friends are here. So I can only assume that his recent display of calmness is reflective of not only inner peace, but also bright possibilities of the future.

    Obviously, all this is my personal conjecture, so y’all’s guesses are as good as mine. That said, a very telling sign is the amount of media attention that Lin’s getting, and the small army of Lin-friendly journalists that keeps on expanding (sans Stu, who’s too slow to catch the wind). My feel is that Lin’s chapter as a Laker is far from nearing its end, if anything, it just about to start.

  184. I feel like a broken record, but I’ll say it again…I do believe JEALOUSY has played as big a part in this story. Not just in seeing others do well, but especially in seeing someone unanticipated and unexpected succeed. Some people find it inspiring, but many other anxious and insecure control freaks find it totally threatening and infuriating.

  185. Laid out like that, it does sound logical and it’s also consistent with what we know of Lin’s character. I certainly don’t mind Lin being a Laker for the rest of his career because I loved the Showtime Lakers (not the Bryant era though, although the Pau Gasol years were pretty good because of Pau) and Lin as a player. But I certainly don’t want him to be a Laker if Scott continues as the coach.

  186. 🙂 We can only hope for the best!

  187. I think you may have missed a crucial part in my narrative: the particular group of haters I’m referring to are from TAIWAN, the place where Jeremy’s parents are from, where he has many relatives and friends.

    I can understand how certain ethnic groups that have traditionally dominated and feel entitled to the league can feel threatened and insecure. But what is up with these people in Taiwan hating someone who has common roots? Someone who has, against all odds, broking into a realm previously thought LIMPOSSIBLE for the ethnic group to penetrate, much less succeed?

    If jealousy was the cause, it’s at a very deep, troubling, pathological stage.

  188. Oh but rest assured, BS days are numbered. In fact I reckon he may have been hired to play the inept villainous role because judging from his coaching record, he doesn’t even have to try. 🙂

  189. Don’t make me blush, my little upset stomach and fever is nothing compared to what you’ve been going through. Nothing a little dose of Linsanity won’t cure. 🙂

  190. LOL To me ailment is ailment. Have gone thru many big and small but still want to get well soon:-)

  191. But the thing that doesnt make sense is , if they are indeed tanking, why are they winning these many games? That needs answer as well

  192. Like I said, FO underestimated Lin’s ability to lead bench to wins. Either they believed Linsanity to be a fluke, like many others do, or semi-dismissed it as it occurred in the Leastern Conference.

    Prime example, how many expected Kobe-less Lakers to beat GSW? But since it happened, the FO (with BS gladly helping) has been giving the silent consent on further reducing Lin’s minutes.

  193. but that could have easily changed during game time decision, rotation and set plays.

  194. It’s easier to lay down and play dead WITH Kobe playing, just have to let Kobe take the last shot and he’ll miss like he did in the Heat game and many others before it. Without Kobe, it’s slightly more difficult to keep Lin at bay, since Clarkson is really more SG than PG.

  195. My reply just got Disqus’ed, could you help unlock? Thanks!

  196. should be in…probably needs browser refresh 🙁

  197. you have your point…but i’m still not buying it, but then who knows, you might be right, whatever it is, we the fans in general had been wasted from getting one of the best experience from an underdog player.

  198. NonJLin related–What a beautiful testimony in the midst of tragedy!!!!
    Pastor of Air Asia Victims Encounters Heaven in Midst of Tragedy

  199. Kobe should take this video seriously as it is now shown in Asia including the big China. The video is not flattering to Kobe and in fact may lead to his image downfall.

  200. This is so good!!

  201. What was interesting though was you often saw Howard pointing up, as in throw up the alley oop, but Lin didn’t always do it though. Maybe Lin felt it wasn’t safe to do so at the time? Howard can jump way higher than Tyson and most other tall defenders.

  202. I believe the popular term is hangry.

  203. I’ve made many points throughout the lengthy post, and you don’t have to agree with everything. Ignore the wishful thinking “Jeanie’s long term plan..” portion if you wish, me being more optimist than some.

  204. Why is Lin Olaf? When you see the shot from the back, you see the jersey says OLIN, lol.

  205. ‘Coz Lin’s quirky cute, like Olaf?

  206. Yes, but Tyson runs into position whereas D12 only wants to stand around in the low post waiting.

  207. I’m concerned that BS will be around as long as Kobe is around, and Kobe seems determined to show up next season to collect his $25 million. I think Kobe requires a weak coach who will do as Kobe says, but absolve Kobe of any blame when it all crashes and burns. That’s why I find all of this recent attempt to sell “Byron as decision-maker” rather lame. It’s all a setup to the the new ‘truth’: “If Kobe fails, it’s 100% Byron’s fault and 0% Kobe’s fault.”

    February 19 is the trade deadline date for this season. It would be interesting to know if Jeannie & Mitch have a private, internal “do not trade” memo out on Jeremy. (If there is, BS may be abusing Jeremy in a last-ditch attempt to change their minds before 2/19.)

  208. If you are watching historic videos in comparison to Lin, go watch Michael Ray Richardson.

    His game is more like Lin’s than Maravich’s was.

    Michael Ray Richardson was the 1980s Jeremy Lin in that they are the same exact player.

  209. But even so, with his high vertical he can get away with that though right? I’m not saying it’s sound basketball but I think he has the ability to do it at a successful rate.

  210. Howard measures out at the exact same 6’9″ height as Black and Davis.

  211. I wasn’t watching the Maravich videos for the purpose of comparison, just enjoy fantastic PG plays that are rare nowadays. I will take your words and watch some Richardson videos.

  212. Lol, I guess. Well he was wearing that snowman sweater yesterday that AJ Rafael gave him.

  213. February 29 will be an interesting day indeed, it’ll confirm/deny theories and either way provide new outlooks. IF a Lin trade did take place, my top preference would be Spurs.

  214. Boozer fouls yes, but so does Lin.

    Fouling is inevitable when one is playing real defense, especially when Boozer and Lin are handicapped by an outdated man to man coaching scheme.

  215. I’m much better now, will have VPN again in the office tomorrow to vote for the TNT overtime cam, but it looks like the work’s pretty much been finished during my absence. LOL

  216. Lin would have been even more dominant in the 80s than today.

    Because opponents could not play passing lanes against him or triple zone him off the ball, Lin would’ve shaken free of every single 80s defender I can think of at will. That includes Michael Jordan who in his prime would have been POWERLESS to stop Lin despite Jordan’s NBA high PED usage.

    Lin would have been just as unstoppable as Jordan in the 80s, though Lin would still suffer from low touches and low minutes.

    Today Michael Jordan would be nowhere near as impactful due to the zone defenses that he never faced.

  217. LOL Do we have February 29 in 2015??:-)

  218. He’s officially listed as 6’11”. So are you saying D12 pulled a Tarik Black? 🙂

  219. Honest typo, but intriguing how it turned out… *Twilight Zone tune*

  220. I do get the feeling that there are two camps within the Lakers organization. I really do think that Jeannie & Mitch would like to keep Jeremy. However, I’m getting the impression that those in the organization who owe their livelihood to Kobe are working hard to move Jeremy out ASAP, and they are the ones leaking to the press that Jeremy is a mere placeholder while Scott is trying to marginalize him.

    For me, it’s simply a question of whether the internal pro-Jeremy faction in the organization has the stones to vigorously take on the anti-Jeremy faction and really put their foot down. Unfortunately, I’ve not seen any evidence so far that there is any internal effort to counter Scott’s “bury Jeremy” crusade.

    But the war isn’t over even if Jeremy isn’t traded by the February deadline. (Detractors will just claim nobody wanted him.) The next indication of the Laker’s interest in Jeremy will be whether they make him any contract offer (even a token, if insulting, one) in the first early days after the season ends.

  221. I’ve read somewhere that the Lakers FO have been actively asking about PGs for potential trades.

  222. As @lleepar stated earlier, it may be from the anti-Lin camp. There were noises about Bledsoe earlier, and more recently Rondo and then Dragic, and 2 of 3 were already shot down. I doubt we’ll get anything solid until Feb 19 at the earliest (there may not be a trade).

  223. As I said, your points do make sense, it may be true as well. Its just, I’m not sold yet on that tanking…probably I’m on denial!. lol

  224. There’s a fairly brisk trade of information and influence between sports agents and the press. If you’re trying to get rid of a rival on the team, someone in your camp always has the ear of a blogger or reporter who’ll be happy to report on the whisper campaign about your organization actively “shopping” your rival. It’s the “perception is reality” game.

    Actually, we don’t know how the Lakers management feels about Jeremy. Right now, we just know they’re letting Byron Scott move him as far as he can to the end of the bench. Will management continue to turn a blind eye? I guess the question is who in the organization is actually willing to face down Kobe — or are they just waiting until Kobe’s contract runs out in 2016? If that’s the case, then the sooner Jeremy moves elsewhere, the better.

  225. Well, if tanking wasn’t the idea from earlier on, it certainly is now. 🙂

    Anyways, this was my best attempt at trying to make logical sense out of chaos, without having inside knowledge of the power struggles behind the curtains. @lleepar actually brought up an interesting view that Buss and Jeanie are both onboard with Lin, but a different internal group whose livelihood depends on Kobe are fighting against them.

    Not sure who those internal people might be, but externally, Kobe sponsors come to mind…

  226. I get what you’re saying, but it’s difficult for us to tell apart the smokescreen from the beef without insider info. Really enjoy reading your take.

  227. Just looked at the comments from Lakers fans reaction. LOL

    One of the frame Olaf (Lin) taking the ball from Kobe, so true.

  228. I agree with you. I also believe that F/O dragging their feet scout for an elite PG. I think Mitch knows that no elite PG is coming to the Lakers to have the ball taken outta their hands by Kobe. I think that there is standoff in the F/O between Kobinites. I think that the F/O lived up to their part of the bargain by helping Kobe gets his points to surpass MJ, now Kobe is being fed a lot of bull by Scott to stay another year to surpass the most assist record as MJ suggested to him because Scott wants to keep his job. I think the F/O is saying no. In the past Kobe has had the adoration of the media and fans to pull power plays. It is not happening for him now. Also the article about the Lakers calling the Pistons to ask about Jennings,and Monroe by the Assistant GM was just a story out there to pacify Kobe and his fans, like they are looking. Notice how Scott is doing all of the talking and Kobe is doing none of it. Scott also has said that he has talked to Mitch/Vitti on how to preserve Kobe for next season, which, I don’t believe that he has been in contact with Mitch at all.Also if you notice, all access Lakers, Jeannie Buss featured Lin/Young and it paid off. The videos of those two have gone worldwide.

    Jeannie buss know what sells in Hollywood. I think F/O thinking is that if they can grow the bench with the players they have now, that shoring up a 1st unit with a a couple of pieces with kobe gone will bring them half way to contention. Notice how Kobe did his PR photo with Rondo trying to recruit him, but F/O didn’t bite at all. I think that lin has also shown F/O that he is an astute business person. Those custom made headphones that lin made for his team mates with the Laker logo, had Jeannie Buss jumping up and down. I wander if when they will start selling in the Laker stores. Anyway Feb 19 is the big day and we will see hat happens.

  229. Ramona Shelburne tweeted 2 days ago… Waiters, Jennings, Monroe and accompanying article on lakers pulse.net

  230. I really hate trying to type any responses on my ipad. I can’t even paste links… Sorry

  231. It’s funny how a quick run (Pistons) turn duds into instant hot commodities…except in the case of Lin, who gets benched and marginalized for a good performance. And it’s sad how in this day and age, when we can collect information from the edge of the solar system, racial bias is still so prominent.

  232. Exactly. Hate to think race is a part of this but seriously what else can it be? He’s a great teammate in the locker room and on the floor. He works hard in practice. He runs the plays that coach asks for no matter how dumb they are. He is skilled and improves on his weaknesses every season.

    Race? Jealousy by superstars and weak coaches?

    Gets old. I was very excited when Lakers picked Lin. Now? I’m wary of his next destination or remaining on this team.

  233. Jennings and Pistons are winning. Also I am sure Van Grundy has warned Jennings that if he goes to the Lakers, he will not be the man there. If Waiters is the best they can do, well good luck with that. Also you have Dragic and Reggie Jackson. I think Dragic might stay in Phoenix or go to Houston. Both Jackson/Dragic want to go to contending teams.

  234. Ya! After they traded J. Smith the team just turn around. Same w Raptors after traded Rudy Gay.. I believe after Kobe retired everything will change…

  235. Just borrow a quote from LG:

    If Price is head of snake, shouldn’t Lin be Harry Portter?

  236. I’m not sure if byron is still the coach. I don’t think he’s a good coach and if Kobe is gone? He’ll just have Price play Kobe’s part. lol.

  237. [Joyce Ward: “… the article about the Lakers calling the Pistons to ask about Jennings,and Monroe by the Assistant GM …”] The fact that the “information” came via Ramona Shelburne was a red flag for me. She does have the reputation for having insider access at the Lakers. But I’ve also heard many suggestions over time that her access is mainly via Kobe’s camp. In past years, that’s served her well. But these days, maybe not so much.

  238. If Kobe had retired and D’Antoni still around, the Lakers would lock 8th place eyeing for 7th this very year.

  239. Lol jr gets u wins
    Swaggy gets u losses
    Big difference lol

  240. I’m Ginny Weasley then if he’s Harry Potter…

    Seriously, why do these people give hilarious nicknames to player who DON’T ACTUALLY DEFEND? It’s sounds like an insult already since their nicknames are so off with their actual defense (or none whatsover). I think whatever that snake is, it’s embarrassed.

  241. Exactly. When Lin first arrived in LA she was very nice and complimentary to lin, but she posted something on twitter about lin was kind of nasty and I was like where did that come from. Also I noticed that showed in the Lakers lockerroom after a Laker game when lin had performed well, and I have not seen her again.

  242. Also have you noticed that John Ireland from the radio that supposedly hates lin has been the only one interviewing lin outside of Serena Winters?

  243. That’s why there is a word for that: DELUSIONAL

  244. I know. Just want to pull your leg:-)

  245. Ya! I agree w you on her now…

  246. No argument on Swaggy, but J.R. gets you wins? Personally I couldn’t draw that conclusion from the Knicks record.

  247. @joyce ward:disqus Please decode this to me as I’m not familiar with all these media people and who they really represent as in Lakers org. Is it good that John Ireland and Serena Winters are the ones who interview JLin or not:-)

  248. Along with BS, they will bring Lakers top picks season after season, though Kobe may drive these players out because he doesn’t want good offensive players around him to take his spotlight.

  249. I think FO likes Lin but Kobe’s camp tried everything they can to move him out of Lakers ASAP.

  250. Follow doesn’t mean they will watch their game otherwise ABC will not drop to carry the game in March. I believe Lakers’ game rating is down for sure.

  251. That means Kobe will continue to play PG this season and the next……..does the chance of Lin trade become bigger?

  252. LOL Someone should post this on youtube.

  253. Shouldn’t be vice versa? I hate how Kobe stole Lin’s PG job after saying he would groom Lin to become a championship PG blablabla…

  254. Bc w Kobe as PG & Scott as coach they can control who will get the ball & min on court… so no one can have too good performance on court but Kobe.

  255. Don’t believe Lin will get traded.

  256. I have a feeling that more games will be lost as we get to the end of the season

  257. I believe so… looks like Kobe will continue to play until March?! Why? smh!

  258. Hmm they don’t show the results after voting so they can always rig it.

  259. Serena Winters is Lakers beat reporter & Ireland is a radio spotrs reporterreporterfor an LA RADIO station

  260. Franchise owner Jeannie Buss totally believes in Byron Scott.

    It’s not his technique that she believes in, it’s his championship pedigree as an 80s star.

    Jeannie Buss has placed full basketball judgment in Scott’s hands, and that means LIN IS GONE.

    Buss and Scott are vehemently anti tanking, so much so that Scott is refusing to play Lin because Scott believes that Lin is the team’s main liability and worst player.

    Scott has sold Jeannie Buss on the idea that he will win championships as soon as he unloads these bad players especially the Asian guy. Thus Scott won’t be fired until he gets a “good” roster and still cannot win.

  261. nope, you can still vote from the home page…scroll down to the bottom

  262. Ugh…let me dream about it….slim chance I know…

  263. I see….

  264. Traded no.

    WAIVED, yes.

  265. Fantasy roles require fantasy names.

  266. Scott has sold the Lakers on the line that Lin isn’t good enough to play in the NBA and that they need a “real” PG like Rajon Rondo.

    Expect the Lakers to go all out in trying to sign top free agent point guards.

    If Lin gets traded, Deron Williams is appealing to the Lakers because of his pedigree and poor health.

  267. No… Lin’s dad said it in Taiwan last summer… Lakers will either sign him or trade him…. Plus Buss family is cheap now they will not waste money to waive him for nothing..

  268. There will be millions of Ginny Wannabe 🙂

  269. I know how Lakers management feels about Lin.

    To them, Lin is just the “bad contract” they had to take back to get those 1st and 2nd round picks from Houston.

    Lin is nothing but a PLACEHOLDER for the incoming max contract PG who will play worse than Lin.

  270. Maravich was fantastic as a ball magician.

    Team play and winning games? DIFFERENT STORY!

    You’ll enjoy the Sugar Ray Lin highlights!

  271. Absolutely I am.

    Dwight Howard’s measured height is 6’9″, just like Hakeem Olajuwon says he’s actually 6’9″.

    Dwight and Dream are the exact same height.

  272. They’d be HIGHER than that if D’Antoni had Lin.

  273. Jeannie Buss likes Lintertainer, but she won’t stop Scott from ejecting Lin off the team.

    Jeannie Buss believes that Byron Scott is infallible and that if he says Lin can’t play, then Lin’s gotta go.

  274. Am I correct to say that if waived, Lin can sign with any teams. But if traded it means Lin has no choice on his next team?

  275. There is no “do not trade” memo on Lin.

    The Lakers would love to dump Lin, but they cannot because no other team wants an Asian guy.

    Scott is trying to do what McHale did: show his owners that the Lakers are better off without the Asian guy. But his efforts are backfiring the same way Houston could not win last season without Lin (has spilled over into this season against good teams too).

  276. Withough overcomplicating things, the answer is basically YES.

  277. Do u think Phil is on same wave length with Scott?

  278. Yes they would.

    If Byron Scott convinces the Lakers that they will win more
    without Lin than with him, then the Lakers wil remove Lin.

  279. So it is better for Lin to be waived?

  280. Because he is frozen by his coach and team mates?

  281. Agreed.

  282. It all depends on where Lin goes afterwards.

  283. Feeling great tonight for watching the game on TNT just to stay away from Stu.

  284. Only 4 more days to vote for Lin in ASG by tweet, FB & http://www.nba.com/allstar/

  285. If you are hoping that Phil Jackson would trade for or sign Lin, then YES Jackson is the same mentality as Scott.

    This is America where it’s highly unlikely that ANY front office person in the entire league believes that the Asian guy is good enough to play in the NBA no matter how much the Asian guy produces.

  286. I recall hearing once : ” An old person unwilling to give up life is as pathetic as a young person unwilling to embrace it.”

    That crosses my mind when I think about professional athletes who hang on and refuse to walk away from a sport. It’s about accepting life.

  287. With the horrible way Ronnie Price, Jordan Hill, and Nick Young are playing, those three should retire right along with Kobe due to their awful play!

  288. Haha, this works!

  289. I’m talking about last week’s poll “Who has been the best Laker coming off the bench?” (2nd link in my post above). The results are shown, so you know it’s over.

  290. Yeah, kinda weak the way they do that. I doubt they rig it though.

  291. Anybody wanna guess how many minutes Lin plays tonight?

    My guess: about 12 minutes.

  292. This is a very interesting article about how specially-prepared Bone Broth helps Kobe to perform well and recover from injuries quickly (2-day to play after severe ankle injury) as he’s aging. No vegetable/canola/soy oil that causes inflammation, just olive oil or grass-fed butter.

    I hope Lin is adopting the same kind of diet now to help him reach peak performance even when he’s still young. He can be prone to ankle injuries too. Who knows if Mama Lin already prepares Chinese Bone Broth regularly? Hopefully yes


  293. wow, thanks for the info.

    With the demanding ex-wife seeking expensive support, no doubt it will increase BScott’s stress.
    He needs the HC job badly and might explain why he caters to Kobe so much.

    It doesn’t excuse his poor coaching performance but it helps to understand how to deal with him. Probably similar to how a cornered animal can be, it might snap-and-bite at any moment.

  294. 14-16

  295. I thought it was interesting info indicating that BS definitely NEEDS this HC job.

  296. 15 minutes.

  297. very true. It would certainly add the desperation factor to cling to the HC job more than winning.

  298. Only Lakers players I would keep if I were in charge of rebuilding Lakers are: Lin, Kelly, Black and Davis. That’s it.

  299. Was voting for AllStar and I noticed how the default ranking to add players was PIE “player impact estimate”. How is something like that calculated?! Far as I can tell, Lin should have higher PIE than Kobe! Just look at how Harden has the highest PIE 19.2 in guards which is ridiculous while Lin only has a PIE of 9! My guess is it depends on their PPG as well and Lin only has 10.7 PPG! Only way Lin gets a high PIE is if he average 20+ points and have many 30 point games like Curry!

  300. Yeap, BS cannot take any chance of losing his job.

  301. probably 18-19 min so it’s not that obvious Byron is phasing Lin out despite playing well

  302. But he will not lose money I think?

  303. Too funny because too close to the truth

  304. Like D’Antoni, he might lose the 2nd year if he’s forced to resign but receives a severance package

    I’m speculating that Byron is seeking a long-term position in Kobe Inc after this Lakers HC job. That’s why he’s so loyal to Kobe

  305. LOL Only if he made 10, 3s in 15 minutes and insisted on not passing to teammates!

  306. Maybe…I believe Lin started his PIE around 18 last season with HOU due to the hot shooting

  307. I think your explanation makes sense.

  308. If that is the case…LAL can let him go(tank) anytime……so…they are just consuming Kobe right now

  309. Kevin Ding’s new article discussed Kobe’s need to thrive as a passer (which we all know by now effectively relegated Lin to the bench)

    But it also discussed Kobe’s PG struggle against Miami to beat double-team and traps as he just came back. MIA is actually ranked #26 in Defensive Efficiency so it will be interesting if Kobe continues to struggle to beat double-teams/traps against the Cavs (ranked #24). Lakers is worse at #28.

    His lack of rhythm Tuesday in the Lakers’ 78-75 loss to Miami after sitting out three of the Lakers’ past four games was obvious: He tried to set up teammates for shots when the Heat trapped him with double-teams from the jump, but the Lakers missed 15 of their first 17 attempts. That meant Miami’s defense wasn’t forced to scale back its load on Bryant, who remained fenced on the outside, struggling for rhythm, as he shot 3-of-19 from the field in 31 minutes.

  310. I guess PIE is like PER rating then?

  311. Good point, but I still think Booz fouls at some very inopportune times when Lin and others are in position to score or it’s a key time in a game. He seems to get a lot of they push in back ones lately.

  312. more or less the same I guess. I personally believe NBA or ESPN developed many models…but they pick the model that showcases the “eye test stars” more…same with the all star voting…I think it might be true that it is not rigged, but maybe that changed the criterias for disqualifying certain votes, e.g. twitter handle that never had any activities except voting for Lin daily. I am just guessing

  313. It is stupid to resort to long 2s to begin a game anyway….it could went south very quickly as the 1Q has shown

  314. I guess Byron likes his long 2s too much since noone in starters can penetrate to break down defense anymore. Birdman was somewhat neutralizing Ed Davis/Hill too

  315. Birdman is the enhanced version of Davis…

  316. It you take away Lin, there is zero drive threat in this team……The chance for drives needs to be created by the offensive sets…which they do not have much

  317. Randle?

  318. Birdman tried hard to stop Lin’s 2 by FOULING and he FAILEd !!!

    (just being KH)

  319. true .. There are only 3 playmakers (Lin, Kobe, Young).
    Kobe is 30% of his old self, Young is struggling and Lin is benched.

    It’s good that LakerNation is catching on why BScott benched players doing well

  320. We also see from the Heat game how many points the Lakers score when it relies too much on just Kobe and Young

  321. Kelly probably is a better “play maker” than Young is

  322. He’s no ANGRY-Bird all right LOL

  323. Good for Lin, he’s looking pretty for America.

  324. I guess that is what Scott wanted…

  325. yup, I guess the turn of events is really good to show LA Media the FAILED logic of BScott in benching Lin.

    Let’s hope it continues tonight

  326. I don’t want Lin going to a tanking team though. When are they going to be done tanking?


  327. Even Tarik Black can make the read and pass to Kelly outside.

    Lin/Kelly/Black/Davis/Ellington would be awesome!

  328. LOL…..a big line up…… I guess alley oop ALL DAY

  329. hm,..interesting thought about the criteria to eliminate ‘fake’ twitter accounts

  330. At least they tried to win, EVERY GAME!

  331. They tried to trade MCW since last summer… this is not new…

  332. So if they tank and get their top draft pick, will they start using those picks to rebuild next year or they going to be tanking again next year?

  333. yup.. LOB CITY with Davis/Black =)

    plus Lin can gamble more for steals to average 3-4/game since Davis/Black cover his back just like Tyson did in NY 🙂

    Kelly and Ellington/behaved-Young can be Novak (3pt shooters)

  334. It depends. Hinkie must have a idea of how many assets he needs in hand b4 the start of rebuilding. Rookies rarely can help the team…Picks to most GM is like trading chip…..

  335. The problem with this line up is lack of ball handlings…

  336. yeah.. maybe sub Ellington with Young/Price/Wes Johnson to handle ball or play D

    I wish Lin can play with Shump as SG again someday

  337. nonono no Wes please……It is a completely disaster watching him bricking…shooting the shots he should not have taken

  338. Oh, I forgot him.

  339. Have a look at Justin Holiday at GSW. Would he be a nice asset? Livingston was looking solid as a facilitator off the bench, and weird he got DNP-CD’d last 2 games.

  340. Some ppl says he resembles Linsanity a bit

  341. I enjoy seeing him in the game and watching his stats. He’s v efficient and consistent with small minutes. His local TV interview shows him, though an older bro to Jrue, to be so humble and hardworking. He is married … bears watching, a nice young man who has abilities. A great story for bumping around and landing the last spot on the roster and moving up in value. He and Speights have been great this year.

  342. Happy for him…lets see what he can do with more minutes.

  343. I apologize if this has already been quoted here, but it is the first time I have seen it written up so blatantly:
    “Next — and the Lakers may already be doing this — the team needs to
    find new homes for some of the group of Jordan HIll, Ed Davis, and
    Jeremy Lin. The front office is unlikely to move all of these players,
    but one or two of them should be jettisoned to a contender in exchange
    for some type of draft pick or prospect compensation. These three are
    helpful players, and should be sent elsewhere to keep them from helping
    the Lakers get wins that actually hurt more than help.”
    Full article here: http://www.silverscreenandroll.com/2015/1/12/7530319/la-lakers-tanking-kobe-bryant-sit-rest-shut-down

  344. Tanking team but having a chance to play 30 mpg and they’re only 8 1/2 games away from 8th seed.

  345. Most importantly the GM learned under Morey the snake so he’s just as incompetent and would marginalize Lin as well!

  346. No need for apology, many like myself have not seen it yet.

  347. I actually have a math equation for this —— 48 mins – KB’s mins = JL mins
    The fact that during Heat’s game. KB and JL shared 1min on court together, That already explain a lot to me.

  348. He sort of came out of nowhere on 12/22 and has been productive in 9 out of 11 games. Efficient too. He doesn’t seem to generate his own offense as much as work well with a distributor like Livingston and I haven’t watched how he’s done with Iggy. He really moves well off-ball, just eye test haven’t really been analyzing.

  349. Well I suppose if he lost his job he could argue to pay less alimony bc he doesn’t have the money. Then again paying for the likely exorbitant legal fees is another matter.

  350. There is a new lakers nation article that LeBron says kobe never recruited him im FA. The headline says that I didn’t read the article but I’m not surprised. LeBron would be a threat to him in both talent and popularity. At this point, Kobe is not in it for the lakers but for himself only.

  351. No big deal.

    This is the NBA where EVERYBODY is tradeable.

    I like what a smart NBA player once said: if there are trade rumors about you, that means that teams are INTERESTED in you!

  352. I approve of your KHness, Joeteam!

  353. At least they say he should be traded to a contender bc they do more harm for tanking purposes.

  354. Kobe would never want to be anyone’s sidekick.

  355. Thanks guys!!!

  356. Of course, Kobe will not want to share spotlight on or off court w anyone…. he wants to be king in the team. smh!

  357. LOL Lebron is in direct competition for his Legacy, of course Kobe the ego maniac wouldn’t recruit him!!

  358. I think you are right.

  359. Yeah, appearances do count.

  360. Probably more realistic than my 12.

  361. Glad at least they knew he’s helping the team won the game… but don’t need to worry. W Kobe & Scott, they will make sure Lin plays w limited time w limited ball on court.

  362. I’ll defend Kobe Bryant by writing that he was probably too busy rehabbing himself to call Lebron James.

    Besides, Lebron James wanted to go to Cleveland and nowhere else.

  363. Hill/Davis/Lin should be jettisoned to a contender in exchange for some type of draft pick or prospect compensation” Let’s support this #BestTankMove =D

    Thanks! I haven’t read it yet.

  364. Looking forward to another 0-18 start and have to have the bench come in to bail them out. If Swaggy P is cold again I hope JLin starts looking for his own shot and PnR with Black.

  365. We should spread it on social media more


  366. funny that someone actually thinks hill is worth something

  367. I hope Lin takes more shots in 1st half bc who knows how long he will be on court tonight? Kobe sure wants to be the King win or loss… I hope they loss big one tonight.

  368. Great equation!
    That means Lin’s min will be hovering around 16min except if there’s OT.
    So Let’s go Double-OT!

  369. … from you to me, that is an HONOR!

    Now stop talking about DNP-CD and LAL eliminating Lin. You are scaring my kids lol jk. Keep it up, your voice is welcome if not all of your ideas 🙂

  370. This is a bad call, right? Anyone pointed it out yet? I didn’t have time to check the thread/posts yet.
    Please give me some input before I make it public.

  371. Siming: Do you have a PhD in math? because you make sense.

  372. Crud …

  373. Definitely all ball, but there are way more obvious no call fouls on lin that can be added to the supercut if someone is happening to be making it.

  374. in real time, i thought it was a clean steal

  375. At least we can watch Lin chat it up on the bench on the TNT overtime camera

  376. frame by frame all ball.

  377. I am wondering who is the better player between Jordan Hill and Kevin Love.

    – Neither player plays any defense
    – Love has better range all the way to the three point line, while Hill shoots mostly long twos
    – Both players have questionable post games
    – Hill is better at fighting for actual contested rebounds whereas Love is better at taking rebounds away from his teammates lol

    I find the actual on court contributions between the two players to be similar but their perceptions around the league are quite different. Love is considered a “superstar” whereas Hill is not even considered a star.

  378. Lin only touched the ball. That’s a clean steal. He even asked the ref twice, “Are you sure? Are you sure? Com’on!”

    Boozer: “Aw!” after the foul called! lol

  379. BS needs to sell both the tank unit and anti-tank unit to the audience, no wonder the ratings are so low.

  380. can’t wait for Brent to comment on this one.

  381. Clean steal, Price came in moments later, did the similar steal on another player and didn’t get a foul call! Of course the bias refs can’t believe the Asian guy can steal from a “star” SMH!

  382. Love of course…

  383. btw get ready for low minutes for lin. with kyrie as the opposing pg. 14-18 mpg. we will lose again. just saying we all know lin has out played kyrie before but scott don’t care his head of snake will be beheaded day after day so lets enjoy.beware for low minutes today

  384. Yes, Lin needs to learn his lesson from last game, just go out there and shoot and stop passing so much to Nick Young who almost never passes back out!

  385. yes, shooters/scorers always got more Love.
    Evidence: Harden/Kobe/Melo

  386. Bone broth? Hahaha. the only thing I found easy to make! All you need is to buy some pork bone that is for soup, then you boil water and put the bone in for less than 3 minute to get rid some of the bloody, then you boil water second time and put the bone in, and keep it small heat for like at least 2-3 hrs. No oil or salt need to add. Maybe a little bit salt if you want some more taste. You can add corn and carrot with it or lotus root, or carrot with chinese yam, my favorite.

  387. Not just that, the fact that Love is decisive with the ball along made him 10X better than Hill.

  388. Anything you eat, just make sure it’s HOT and SOFT.
    ( ̄▽ ̄)

  389. lol, knee, elbow and old age.

  390. 坚强的女性,你定能挺过。^_^

  391. true, I wish Hill would react faster to crash the board or shoot.
    But maybe he thinks too much.

  392. Head of hydra not snake. Keeps coming back after getting killed.

  393. Scott might even run some plays to get Ronnie Price open 3s so he wouldn’t look bad giving lots of min with 0 pts. It might be his #1 priority tonight

  394. Not sure even Lin got the highest vote… but it’s ok. At least we show TNT how popular Lin is now…LOL!

  395. FingerCoach Ten Ten:

    He just uploaded 8 new episodes!


  396. You like apple pie or pumpkin pie? I like apple pie.

  397. So tank mode still in effect.

  398. JLin gets cheated on too many calls. These NBA refs should be scrutinized; I’d say that they are some of the most corrupt officials in the sports genre.

  399. Look how Jeremy has everyone’s attention; even Swaggy off to the side …


  400. Hill’s slow reaction time somehow reminds me of this funny dog’s reaction LOL

  401. Watching a few Whiteside minutes makes me wish for lin to be on a better team. So much different than Hill.

  402. it even caught the attention of Kobe towards the end.
    Maybe he learned a thing about being a good PG there

  403. Nice! .. Sounds like you’re a great Home Chef!

    You should apply to be Lin’s personal Home-Chef or offer to deliver Gourmet Bone Broth when Lin visits in town =)

  404. umm umm. Yes! Meaty- Pork= bone broth with garlic, onions, and noodles. Good for you.

  405. I think the word the tweeter is looking for is interaction

  406. > 18 minutes after Kobe falls flat on his face and is laid out to rest the night off.

  407. Unless you are like Nate Robinson who got traded then waived 🙁

  408. And you know it well!
    (^_^)garlic is fine, but I personally don’t like onion. But I know it’s good for you as they say, onion help kill germs.

  409. Lin and 2nd unit look more like the starters! Kobe back to his isolation mode, not sitting next to anyone nor Lin anymore. All that stuff beginning of the season was just for show.

  410. How I wish I am!!! But reality is I am far far from it. ^_^. Haha. I will apply if he needs.

  411. Well, he used to have explosive games from the bench but his major knee injury at the last phase of his career is probably the killer. Oh, wait … lol.

  412. You kill one, two more show up. #HailHydra

  413. Jeremy is a natural born leader.

  414. I hope they are not expecting a different result.

  415. Really don’t know what’s wrong w Cav.. must be Princeton system…LOL!

  416. Kobe sure is not happy about it… but Kobe looks like a lonely king by himself on bench even he control almost everything in the team….. LOL!

  417. Maybe that’s what they want… even they said it’s not tank but what they did just like tank to me.

  418. I want baller style too!! Lol. Gucci channel Lv prada Burberry banana Apple…and all the baller vacation spot!

  419. Ido should send to Jeanie Buss not Lakers bc the one who handle the tweet will not do or cares about what he said…

  420. u saw the play late in the last game where lin game breezing up court and scott yelled at him and stopped him and obviously ordered him to run a play to get young a shot? and then he stopped and threw the ball to young coming around the corner.

    so its not like he didn’t try to do something else.

    and you KNOW once young has the ball in his hands he’s going to shoot; doesn’t matter that he is historically a terrible % shooter

    and last few game has even lost the relatively positve 3pt % specialist mode he seemed to be settling into–now hitting nothing

    (except maybe…there’s a joke here but maybe not for general audiences).

  421. cold he’s freezing. 27% ofveral 19% on 3’s for the year 2015 so far. doesn’t keep him from fulfilling his role of primo bench chucker in the league; only one of two non-starting/30+ players shooting one shot ever two minutes of court time.

  422. and of course this would lead us to the famous definition. (hint: rhymes with linsanity).

  423. i like the terms above someone used: the tank unit and the anti-tank unit.

  424. well of course its much more of story for cleveland who were almost conceeded the title by pre season pundits while the same pundits expected the lakers to do as bad (or worse) than they are doing.

  425. well that would be somebody worse than price. so would be a natural fit for back up point guard. (im not speculating on farmar’s inate abilities just looking at his numbers for the year.)

    its hard to find any point guards getting any playing time starting or bench with worse numbers than price (no starters). but farmar would actually fill the bill.

    they missed out on the two nates recently shuffled (wolters/robinson)–so not many “worse than ronnies”. out there left.

  426. Interesting if that would effect team chemistry having the coaches son on the team. ? favoritism

  427. Yes.

  428. Of course, there will be favoritism. See how BS will play Price no matter what.

  429. Go vote!

  430. Only 1 Day Left. Total = $2800. We might reach $3K!

    For those who would like to donate to JLin Foundation to make positive impact as JLinPortal members, please follow the instruction in this thread:


    So far we have a total of $2800 – 4% to 5% Paypal fee (from 33 people and counting. Thanks!). Please email me at [email protected] to let me know how you like your name displayed in post & card. By default, I’ll use initials of First LastName plus State/Country unless you specify in Paypal Donation Note.

    The deadline is January 16 so I can send the Paypal donation and present a card with our member names to Jeremy on Jan 19 (after Phoenix Suns game).

    THANK YOU! This way, Jeremy will know that we as a group support and make positive contribution to a cause that he believes in 😀

    Note: It’s preferable that you donate directly to JLinFoundation (see instruction) to get US Tax deduction (if you qualify) and email me the receipt. See the post for details

  431. That was me pose when I watch the Lakers… how about you?

  432. Yes. Boozer fouls in “inopportune” moments ruining quite a few offensive plays. He also gets caught pushing alot.

  433. Yeah… thanks KHuang. I remember those days.

  434. LOL…BEFORE Scott approaches. I saw that…and didn’t he scurry over as soon as he noticed. Gotta nip that Lin chemistry in the bud! Lotta work being a killjoy.

  435. An AA writer/blogger seems to think an article insinuating JLin benefit from his race and is just a serviceable backup PG.

    It conveniently ignored the facts that JLin’s numbers without Harden in HOU is a starter number.
    He probably just wants to drum up controversy to get clicks.


  436. That is a shame.

  437. Or reverse favoritism. Doc rivers could be harder on his son bc he expects or wants more from him, or to show he [doc rivers] isn’t biased.

  438. thanks .. esp. pushing the back to get position. That’s such and easy foul to avoid and call … sheesh.

  439. Thanks for the block list recommendation. 🙂

  440. No multiple votes allowed, but international OK. Will vote multiple times anyways using mobile devices and office PC. 🙂

  441. yup, ignoring ignorant people is the best way.
    It’s not worth replying. It’s such a poorly-researched article.

  442. well not just “an aa writer/blogger”…i mean this is the general opinion of non-lin casual fans. i see it all the time online on comment boards and in articles.

    not the popular idea expressed on this site that lin is “marg-lin-alized” because he is “the asian guy”…but the opposite: that the only reason he is “wanted” is for the affluent asian audience and international audience (with 2/3’s of the world asian) he will attract.

    and that of course otherwise he is yes just a “serviceable backup pg”.

    to the question: would jeremy lin attract the same attention if he weren’t asian its written over and over: the answer is no, if lin were black no one would pay any attention to him.

    i mean you can say just ignore it and i dont disagree but one should be aware that this is not just 1 bloggers opinion but the baseline opinion of non-lin fans. (not just “haters”) who dont more
    closely followup lins career odyssey.

  443. a lot of marginal players being shuffled around. probably more for future “flexibility” in terms of cap space, exemptions and all that other weird stuff.

    tho rivers already getting a lot of online flack for going to his “dads” team. wise guys saying the opposing teams chant every time he hits the floor will be “daddy’s boy, daddy’s boy”.

  444. lol 2years ago man was phenomenal

  445. you mean morey wormtongue?

  446. I understand it’s quite popular opinions out there, basically used to marginalize Lin as a marketing product for a marginal NBA player.

    What I don’t like is the selective “evidence” being presented that Lin’s talent is marginal and only his skin color makes him popular:
    – “Lin as a starter being surmounted by Price” and “Lin beaten out by Bev as a starting PG”
    – “Lin career avg is 12pts/5asts”

    It’s selective because it ignores careful comparison with their supposedly better talent starters:
    – Price career average of 3.6pts/1.7asts
    – Bev career average of 9pts/2.9asts

    If anything based on these numbers, I can write an article arguing that despite Lin’s better talent, he’s replaced with lesser PGs due to his race!

    It ignores the facts that the presence of ball-dominant SGs like Harden and Kobe are the true reasons Lin is relegated to the bench. Half the truth is not Truth.

    Hm, perhaps I should reply this argument to shoot down the article

  447. exactly w/o help its impossible to stop other guards

  448. he dont watch ball

  449. Just in case many people would believe this hack-job, I helped providing explanation of the bad logic plus the answer.

    Here is a snapshot of my replies

  450. Well, IMO Lin does benefit off court due to his race (some Asian sponsors, etc.), but not off court. Also, the Linsanity would not have been that EPIC in proportion had Lin been a Black player. He was unique in the NBA environment in every sense at the time, and that’s why the Linsanity hoopla (not his performance) occurred. However, Lin is definitely NOT benefiting ON COURT NOW due to his race.

  451. yeah, the worse career ave of Price & Bev actually supported the idea of #Racism LOL
    I just replied to the tweet just in case people start believing this LIE (see below)

    Plus I tried to be kind to gave the answer of Harden and Kobe needing the ball from Lin’s hands, hehe..

  452. To be fair, it COULD be that BS and McHale just don’t jive with Lin’s personality, but at the same time, it could be racism. I am not leaning in any direction, but these are the possibilities. I do think, however, there is definitely some bias; don’t know and cannot prove that the bias is due to Lin’s race. I wish I could, but I cannot. However, I do think it is race-related from my having followed Lin for at least 3 years.

    I could see someone who has not followed Lin’s BB saga as closely as I have telling me that I am WRONG, but that is my fair assessment.

  453. I personally don’t believe it’s racism
    If Harden and Kobe are not there, McHale and BScott would’ve had to play Lin to win games.

    At least for McHale, he did play Lin when Harden was out.
    BScott is up for consideration since he refused to play Lin more when Kobe is out

  454. Let’s go Lin!
    Now that the Lakers are in tank mode
    It’s not weather you win or lose, it’s how you play the game.
    Lin plays the game the right way.

  455. Maybe both players don’t like the fact that Lin sort of holds onto the ball kinda long in that he tends to hold onto the ball and sort of thinks about what he should do and then start doing stuff. Don’t know.

  456. that could be secondary factor (Their coaching style conflicts with MDA PG-centric style)

  457. Even MDA would not have put Lin if he had other choices. But the fact he said “Scre* it, let me play Lin one or two games before letting him go.” That was to his credit because some other coaches might not even have allowed that.

  458. Actually, when a team is tanking, Lin’s style of BB is not the right way for a tanking team because he plays to win.

  459. You can also ask: Would Obama have been elected the President had he been non-Black? My personal answer is NO. Obama definitely benefited from being a Black (actually half Black) politician at the right place and right time. Does that mean Obama is less of a politician? NO. He obviously is qualified and good at being a politician.

  460. But I thought Kobe is BS’s son because Nick Young said they are basically the same person. I am so confused now LOL.

  461. They will be even after tonight’s game is over with three wins each lol. The fact that Kobe plays tonight ensures that the Lakers will most likely lose.

  462. Lin gets good and bad reactions due to his race. The fact that Lin can attract money from certain markets definitely plays a part, but at the same time, as Psalm234 mentioned, his BB skills gets less respect because of his race.

  463. i hope Lin pads his stats for big contract next season.

  464. We all know Lin became Harden’s backup in Houston and it remains to be seen whether Lin became Kobe’s backup or Price’s backup in LA. Right now BS surely made it look like Lin became Price’s backup though. We’re in LA after all, where sons play for their father (Ronnie, Kobe, and now Austin) LOL.

  465. Nothing to be ashamed for benefiting due to his race because Lin certainly gets discriminated due to his race. Actually, Lin’s race would not help attract new markets IF it were not for the fact that China and other Asian countries have grown tremendously economically, and many Asian-Americans have enough money to spend on tickets, etc. Therefore, it’s actually NOT accurate to say that Lin’s race benefitted him. But you can say that Lin was fortuitous to be an Asian-American NBA player when China and other Asian countries have made significant progress economically.

  466. Yes sir!

  467. I think KHuang’s theory that the illegal defense era coaches don’t understand Lin’s approach of team defense holds a Hoover Dam’s worth of water, which is why they marginalized Lin for D “reasons”.

  468. C’mon, he was NEVER phenomenal. Had a good year during Linsanity, as did Fields and Novak.

  469. Agreed.

  470. No the year after when he won 6th man of the year

  471. He’s not Chinese.

  472. Ido is super piss now

  473. 18.1 PPG on 33.5 mpg (equivalent to starter minutes). 42.2% FG, 35.6% 3PT, 76.2% FT, 5.3 REB, 2.7 AST. Hardly phenomenal, just played long minutes for a bench player and shot a lot.

    J.R. is overrated and overhyped.

  474. yeah, nepotism indeed :]
    Also some people would argue Bev beat Lin with his defense.

    As for Price, it’s simply ridiculous that LA media don’t really believe it.
    Now even NBA.stats said Lin has better D than PRice =)

  475. true, MDA gave some chances BOS, NJ Nets
    BScott has an eye/style mental block

  476. Wes is like a foal with the ball as some once posted. He is extremely uncoordinated it seems.

  477. Hey, he’s being paid millions to do exactly what he’s doing right now.

  478. hes hated by many too

  479. I was actually pretty welcoming to the guy when he flew back from China and shot like Novak in his first game. But since he started letting his jealousy and racial bias take over he slowly became dead to me (along with Melo). Last nail in the coffin was mocking Lin’s contract with Rox, no one should spew such toxic waste to any other colleague, in any field, under any circumstance. It shows small-mindedness, lack of professionalism and camaraderie, and lack of kindness as human being.

  480. He’s a horrible human being lol everybody knows that

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