G40 CLE @ LAL Game Thread

Kobe will play so JLin might get only 16-20min unless the game goes to OverTime when Kobe is not supposed to play to exceed 32min

Keep smiling and play your best, JLin!

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  1. GO GO JLin!

  2. 2nd

  3. 3rd QQ

  4. Where is everyone else??? No take as we know we are going to see limited JLin plays again??? Let’s see which team is going for another loss. Personally my evil Melody would like to see Lakers loses big and JLin plays well:-)

  5. hopefully someone records the tnt overtime so we can get some interesting gifs of lin

  6. It’s not evil if you’re wishing justice.

  7. The game thread doesn’t show on home page for me. Maybe it’s the same for others.

  8. Im here 😀

  9. Did you guys see this kobe frozen parody? Hilarious!

  10. Its fine for me, might be some caching issue

  11. If the Lakers fall behind early like last game, the fans will finally have enough and really boo loud. Perfect for national TV broadcast 🙂

  12. Yes it goes viral in Twitter and FB:-)

  13. You need to refresh it if you are already checked in with another thread. Only refresh will see the new one after you check in previously.

  14. Good. Are you going to watch the game marine?

  15. LOL, I’m last to get it. Still at work.

  16. Haha, gave me a good laugh.

  17. Tried refreshing, closing browser, etc. Still not working. Never happened before. Very weird. But, I already followed your link to game thread so it’s OK.

  18. RFLOL. Didn’t see Lin in it though. Disappointed in that.

  19. Anybody know how to stream game on Samsung S5?

  20. I have the same issue.

  21. 17. Olaf.

  22. haha. Didn’t even see that on my phone. Duh

  23. One of the scenes, Olaf took the ball out of Kobe’s hand.

  24. The Lakers probably need to be at least .56 to get into playoffs in the west. Which means they need to be 46-36. They are 12-27 now so they have to be 34-9 starting from today. Anyone think this is probable? No! So like Magic said, they will play to lose the rest of the way to make the most out of this season. Expect any illogical or dumb rotation by BS because that’s really just logical.

  25. This doesnt answer your question but if you are having trouble you can listen to nba radio as an alternative. You can pick the feed also.

  26. ROFL I missed that!

  27. Oops Forgot to say that. You need to open a new tab and get in the site. Then you will see the new thread. Refresh doesn’t solve it unless you are on http://www.jlinportal.com/

  28. It is sickening to see the hustun rockets get to play shorthanded teams. Lucky bastards

  29. This will be game 40, 20 games now since Jeremy and Boozer moved to bench. Didn’t BS say he would reassess the lineups after game #40?

  30. Yes… we are waiting to see what the bs liar will do

  31. Doesn’t mean Lin is coming back to starter line up unless Price gets injured.

  32. Kobe and Price starting lineup doing stellar tanking work as is, no need for further adjustment…

  33. He said 10-15 games and last interview he said he liked the lineup. So, no change.

  34. Lol, our #17 popped up at least twice!!

  35. What’s the point? hate to see Lin be kobe’s ball boy.

  36. A word comes to my mind when I thought what he would say as I know he will just continue his inventive excuses: Narcissism

    Then I just realized it is an insult to that word.

  37. Lin to play free like Olaf! take the ball from K!

  38. he loves price forget about it

  39. Unlikely to happen. He will say he liked this line up

  40. Let’s go, OLin! =)

  41. Psalm King of Lin puns!

  42. As in OLaf?

    Edit: Didn’t see the pic.

  43. Scott just admitted he is ill-prepared for this game lol.

  44. It’s not me. It’s in the Youtube video LOL

  45. Hmm. Don’t know about that… lol

  46. BluBelLin, the real Queen of Lin puns!

  47. I really love this. JLin is so Olaf. The one that saves the movie from becoming too melodramatic. Changes the narrative in so many unexpected ways. Willing to sacrifice himself for the good of all. Definitely worth melting for! 🙂

  48. I think the Youtube video maker is trying to send a message.

    Kobe was making a magical frozen ice basketball then passing it to ‘OLin’ as you can see on the back jersey of Olaf 😀 (see snapshot below)

    It could be saying Kobe should be handing over the magic to OLin now!

  49. All hail psalm!

  50. OMG, I think Jeanie & Jim should fire him now… how could he say so? smh!

  51. He said he doesn’t watch CLE… meaning he didn’t do the homework. Max n marcellus made fun of him.

  52. my boy lin going to have a fantastic season post all star break mark my words

  53. really!…was kinda buzy, didnt view any recent interviews…sigh!

  54. I read somewhere said why he rest Kobe bc Kobe wants to retire in high point…? If so right now it’s the best timing.. LOL!

  55. there is auto-caching feature that’s refreshed every 15-30min.
    Usually I refreshed it manually but this time I scheduled it so that’s why you didn’t see it immediately on homepage

  56. i’m looking forward for today’s game…maybe too high of a hope from me 🙂

  57. It’s not a pass, OLin jumped and stole the ball (spotlight)

  58. Why is no one surprised? LOL

  59. yes, that’s the punchline =)

  60. 40/15/8

  61. 40tovs/ 15 fgas / 8mins?

  62. That is good news,

  63. given up by Kobe? =)

  64. Lol I just watched Frozen last night…

  65. by the whole team

  66. Very active..

  67. hm, maybe only then Lin will play a lot in garbage time

  68. A little off topic here, but looking ahead to the Feb 1 game at Knicks. I live in the NYC area and fans here are ripping into Knicks ownership, FO and coach. I can’t wait to hear the Knicks fans at the game chanting “We want Lin, We want Lin”!!!

  69. Lakers Magazine Cover: @JLin7
    Apparently, Librafree said it’s sold pregame at Staples Center and also presented to VIP member.


  70. hm, maybe BScott will be given direction to play Lin 36min for a trade bait LOL

  71. So Olaf grew hair overnight then, hehe..

  72. Why Beverley ???

  73. Ya! That’s what I thought…? from his haircut looks like the first game vs Rox?

  74. Lin Tin Tin always reminds me that “what is intended for evil, God intends for GOOD.”
    Have faith and enjoy life. Cheers,

  75. I am more interested abiut the content

  76. Ya! We won this time… but not sure how long Lin can be on court…?! Happy!!!

  77. who ever made this video…I just want to say…I love it ang thanks.

  78. Well, pre-game the camera is on Bryant. Rigged, just like last year.

  79. Talk about his D?! Do they have this magazine every month?

  80. okc is a lot worse this year

  81. Oh! Sucks.

  82. Ya! Watched 1st Q only… can’t believe how bad they played today? Plus Rox 3P shooting is good tonight so… smh!

  83. harden foul calls

  84. its a good game though…KD and JH going at each other

  85. Holy smokes, 96%! Where are the Kobe fans?

    LeBron + Kyrie only 76%?

  86. 3 mins game time left in OKC-Rox game – which means another 15 mins real time left. SMH.

  87. Is that James Harden?

  88. Did Jeremy just dunk? 🙂

  89. Ok now guys, let’s do our best in acting surprised. LOL

  90. Well now we know the TNT overtime vote was rigged

  91. Oh-oh, Reggie Miller on broadcast. Lin hater.

  92. Am I out of the loop? JR Smith is in CLE?

  93. Still better than Stu

  94. weeks ago

  95. Tru dat.

  96. April 2012-2013 average, 34.7min, 6.9ast, 17.3 points as
    the starter for the Rockets.
    Hope he lit it up from the bench tonight with a great game.

  97. Rigged for Kobe! Lin was leading with 96% right before the game!

  98. Thx! Guess the only player Ive concerned is Lin.. 🙂

  99. Would love to see Lin school him!

  100. cavs killing it

  101. I think lakers has the talent to have a decent season but wrong coach.

  102. JR Smith can replace partially Ray Allen’s success for Lebron. JR is lucky to go from a bottom of he league to a “contending” team.

  103. Kobe + Jordan Hill –> fatal attraction

  104. double digit lead for Cavaliers.
    Go Cav.

  105. Against these scrub, bench players posing as starters and an oldie in Kobe, not that hard.

  106. Bench mobs fight.. 🙂

  107. cavs defense is crap though

  108. cavs are shooting 72 percent lol nice defense

  109. and I won’t surprised if Knicks beat the lakers……Then we won’t hear the chanting of “we want lin”.

  110. Lin coming in, on the side lines = BS wants to win against Lebron and Cavs for Kobe.

  111. I’ll start paying attention now 🙂

  112. lin will not play a lot. i expect 32 mpg for price

  113. Price should be going out after shooting his foul shots, got pushed hard to the ground, ouch LOL. OK maybe not until after 3 minute mark. =/

  114. cavs take a lot of bad shots

  115. Diva gets all the attention.Diva needs no votes.

  116. no wonder they have loss 6 in a row

  117. first DNP-CD for Lin?

  118. lin wasnt thats kelly coming in

  119. How much? What if you pay the money and realize lin is only showing on the cover and no where found in the magnizine. Haha

  120. Maybe my feed is slow but I see Lin sitting on the bench while Price is shooting FTs.

  121. ya…back to cleaning out the freezer

  122. That’s a sign of TradeLin.

  123. He’s on the side lines with his jacket, should be coming in with or before Nick Young.

  124. Lakers don’t want any salary back, at most they’ll waive him.

  125. no he is not

  126. Price playing the whole quarter? lol

  127. What? I could’ve sworn he was sitting on the sidelines seconds ago, false alarm sorry ><"

  128. He is at the bench.

  129. yep

  130. Scott grooming Price as starter and Lin as bench sub.

  131. since pre season, thats BS’s agenda

  132. 2 fouls for Price..

  133. Looks like it. He’s playing a little bit better today. Which is to say 2ft, 1ast and 1rb so far. Please note the heavy tone of sarcasm.

  134. OK why are the 2nd unit all sitting on the sideline at 3 minute mark and not going in until 36 seconds?! What THE?!

  135. really?? -JLin is DNP-CD…

  136. BS is such an AH, subbing Lin in with only few seconds left.

  137. Kobe got touch today, so BS will play him 40min.

  138. Now Lin is coming out 36.8 seconds left 1st quarter! Bs coach!

  139. this is a game lin might as well get dnp-cd. kobe is going to hog for the assist records now. even when kobe’s not scoring, he’s going to be selfish for something else.

  140. price will play 17 minutes this haif. 4-5 for lin

  141. I am expecting Lin to have 16 min…..it will be lucky if he can get 10min at this rate

  142. The 3, 2nd unit players looked like poor puppies waiting for their Snack at the 3 minute mark on the sideline and BS refused give until 36 seconds left!! SMH! Who are the defensive players, starters or bench?!!

  143. Lin needs to speak up
    He is obviously being mistreated
    his last interview was like oh we have to play with more intensity and all

  144. You could say that the starters have been very inconsistent in first quarters. But all you’ll see is “let’s see if JLin can find his consistency”

  145. 4 months left just wait it out

  146. 3 months

  147. That’s not nice to say. But he’s a cancer himself for the Lakers…

  148. Yea and pigs will fly!

  149. season end april 15

  150. Kobe in there and the score is decent so they dont need second unit to help! BS coach! His name stand for that!

  151. Does anyone in LA know whether people at staples have in jlin? As in like its fun to watch when he gets it on? Or do they just think hes a scrub? To us its obvious… when he gets a chance to do his thing then well we know.

  152. Price is in foul trouble… what will Scott do now?

  153. play him more

  154. same situation in Houston, just deal with it and move on, being an Asian American, its really hard for him to speak up.Most people will notice the mistreatment unless you are blind.

  155. 30 30 excellent defense

  156. Who is playing PG?

  157. Play anyone but lin

  158. Yet BS had them sitting on the sideline around the 3 minute mark! I knew I saw Lin on the bench before the 3 minute mark. Guess he was just on the sideline to stretch. And all 3, 2nd units waited there desperately wanting to go in but BS didn’t let them until 36 seconds! BIAS Coach!

  159. 3333333333333333333

  160. What a scam, the TNT cam is still on Kobe even though he’s on the bench. SMH Votes don’t mean anything.

  161. Swish!

  162. 3333333333333333333333

  163. 3333333333

  164. Lin with 5 points already woot woot!!

  165. Gr8 start !! Lin..

  166. OOOO He’s feeling it. Damn it he’s going to get benched

  167. Love in? Wow C starters playing against LAL bench

  168. Well at least bs is making it obvious how he feels about Lin. No need to guess.

  169. Yes,Lin is swaggggggg!

  170. soon

  171. More arc in his shot now. Much better.

  172. not same
    this is worse

  173. Lin’s happy to play against a great player like Lebron, giving his best for the game and happy, having fun! Great!! Just keeping shooting!!

  174. What took KB the full qtr to do…JLin took half the time…

  175. this camera thing is awesome

  176. JLin, be strong and courageous. Keep your smile!

  177. LIn said enough is enough!!!! FU BS KB!!!

  178. Blame khuang. He puts the idea in BS’s head. *jkjkjkjk* (⌒▽⌒)

  179. Lin is on good start.

  180. BS told Lin to stop shooting

  181. Lin needs to meet the Assist challenge by Kobe. Just don’t pass to Young — oops, just as I type, pass to Young, who totally bricks a mid-range shot.

  182. Of course Scott calls the play for nick

  183. Lin stop listening to bs just shoot

  184. LOL Lin raised his hand and wanted to take the foul for Black but not happening.

  185. Don’t worry, Swaggy will kill Lin’s momentum.

  186. Can’t watch, but GoLin!

  187. Scott can even look Jeremy in the eyes….

  188. Showcase jeremy

  189. Waiting for lin to get pulled. Thankful he got 5pts

  190. Assist!

  191. The bench flows with ease?

  192. Tonight i didnt hear STUpid as commentator! My ear is a lot happier! LOL!

  193. Yes, showcase Lin for a trade.

  194. Man, Young always does the stepback so Lin doesn’t get assists from him! <.<

  195. What is he thinking there?

  196. Cavs look slow

  197. iso ball all day

  198. Same here, no STUpid commentator, makes the game so much more enjoyable. They don’t mention Lin but at least they aren’t hating on the Asian guy! SMH

  199. Black in foul trouble

  200. Dude Lin, don’t listen to Scott keeping shooting for your stats!!!

  201. What happened there

  202. Bogus foul on Lin!! Opps nevermine!! On Black!! Pheww!!

  203. Someone has to slow lin down. It might as well be the refs

  204. so everyone is PG now? BS just does not want Lin to shine

  205. Lin just ignore them play ur ball

  206. They “WANTED” to give Lin that foul, and Lin looked at them like What THE BEEP?!!

  207. Did Cavs got a game yesterday? LBJ looks completely out of sorts..

  208. young is shooting no matter what

  209. Lol Lin made LBJ nervous

  210. Cave tied on Lin for that play.

  211. exactly, it can not get worse than this, so just play your ball

  212. I think JLin just caused a LBJ TO

  213. He makes me nervous too 🙂

  214. Iggy made him dumber

  215. I will just wait for the highlights, all these ballhogging is hurting my eyes, Young is so selfish, he is playing all by himself.

  216. LOL can’t play bad against the Asian guy, plus Lebron knows who’s the best player and defender on the team and it’s not Kobe LMAO.

  217. that offense suck. they have zero chemistry

  218. Bench JLin. Can’t outshine head of snake!

  219. Wes is blocking the view…

  220. Lin kept patting him on the butt between FTs so he’s confused if Lin is friend or foe LOL

  221. Me too

  222. BS wants to win this game for Kobe vs Lebron rivalry. New King vs Old King!!

  223. BS: I make your wish come true

  224. Once lin gets 7pts…Scott….will

  225. LOL, Lin just respect Lebron for being unselfish star player, Kobe? Not so much!!

  226. but I believe he has BS blessing to do so

  227. Lin will only excel again if MDA is the coach or he is playing for Spurs, no more no less

  228. ….explode

  229. precisely, BS is tanking so definitely he wants young to brick.

  230. That’s been pretty consistent, at least 2 to 3 each game.

  231. Lebrons hairline is insane

  232. With the big guys getting into foul trouble, BS may have to go small which means more time for JLin

  233. Note box score very slow, Lin has 2 assist already according to play by play!!

  234. Lin can get killed

  235. Lin please keep shooting!!

  236. No stopping Nick Young chucking

  237. Finally come to his senses and keep Lin for 30 min tonight!

  238. Chuck

  239. Lucky chucker

  240. Hill was lazy…wth

  241. lin will be out soon

  242. Yes. Cavs are not betting against nick. They are betting he will miss.

  243. I’d even take Clarkson over Young, who might share ball a bit more?

  244. already out

  245. After the break man lol

  246. Lin was on Love, why did he leave him alone under basket?

  247. Lin you know youre sitting soon but still passes to Swaggy
    thats not team play or following coach’s instruvtion anymore
    thats just pure stupidity

  248. Box score finally up to date! Lin 5pts, 2rebounds, 2 assists!!! Keep shooting!!

  249. Can you imagine Young, Clarkson, & Randle all playing at same time — plus a 38 yrs old Kobe next year?

  250. Let Price pick up a 3rd foul.

  251. Let Lin play his game.

  252. NO……!!!

  253. lol its come to waiting for a scrub like price to get a foul so lin can play

  254. Lets enjoy the bench cam 🙂

  255. and you enjoy it? cool
    cuz a lot of us dont enjoy lin being screwd

  256. Because hill finally ran back..he thought the big will switch back

  257. Are they showing Lin?

  258. how was that not a foul for lin?

  259. Come on… it was like this in HOU.

  260. Solid coaching as always… not

  261. Because he is Lin

  262. You can vent at the other site.

  263. yes but they’re showing young because both Jeremy and Kobe are on the bench.

  264. u can go back to lakersground
    cuz Lin deserves better

  265. he hit the ground hard too. so obvious. unbelievable

  266. Why does Lin listen to BS when it’s obvious he’s being marginalized?! Just ignore him and look for his own shots!!

  267. So he was too slow to switch with Lin?

  268. Missed the dunk n missed the FTs.. 🙁

  269. If not listening to his BS, I bet Lin will be DNP immediately…..

  270. Lebron is not taking this game seriously, missed the dunk.

  271. price getting a lot of calls today

  272. He’s already DNP!

  273. Well seem like JLin is going to play less than 15 minutes. Min lower and lower each game:-(

  274. Lin its time to call it a quit

  275. Hes been DNP-CD 4 a long while thou..

  276. kobe rewarded for not running back

  277. What transition defense?

  278. also cavs have bad spacing

  279. I’ve always been agaisnt tweeting at Jeanie Buss but this is it imma curse her the fk out

  280. I’m sick now, enough is enough of Lin getting cheated with minutes.

  281. DNP-CD will come sooner than we think, we have to brace for it, BS is going to do it as per Kobe or FO’s order.

  282. why

  283. Lin wants to play, even it is 10 min per game…..

  284. i told you he will play very little

  285. Because he is Lin!!

  286. It seems whenever Kobe is on the floor, Lin sits. I would guess Lin will play around 14 minutes or so this game.

  287. Dude there’s no point! She can’t do anything, Jim Buss is in charge of basketball operations for remaining 3 yeras! Kobe is still going to be there for 2 years and they need to protect their “old franchise”

  288. If lin doesnt get minutes, hopingthe team tanks.

  289. Dont use the word stupid on Lin, no respect!
    I know for sure he is a lot smarter than you

  290. I think it is when ever there is irving

  291. we can’t do anything about it, sorry folks, NBA has done it again, no Linsanity 2.0…..Lin is just a scrub.

  292. yep

  293. lin is totally killing in the little time he’s given. im not hoping for anything, reality is bs wishes lin never played. the lakers still suck,

  294. chill im not gona do it

  295. I think that is prefered

  296. Lin with the least minutes again!! It’s a miracle he had 5 pts, 2 rebounds, 2 assists in 6.58 minutes!

  297. Why?

  298. what? had to do something earlier and I missed Lin already? crap

  299. Only way JLin gets to play is if Price is in foul trouble or breaks his nose.

  300. So how is everyone dealing with their angers?

  301. kobe would stop for a white girl…sorry if joke is too racy for families lol

  302. well im wishing injuries on him idc

  303. Nose won’t do it knee or ankle maybe.

  304. so close game. I thought LAL were down bad early. Did 2nd unit bring it back again?

  305. im not angry. how can u get angry at something that you already know will happen? i just laugh at how mad they must feel that lin plays good in the little time they try to play him to make him look bad..look price get burned, lakers suck..i laugh

  306. Jeremy, just stay healthy and preparing yourself for next team. LA is done.

  307. with patience… I’m just waiting for Chronos to visit

  308. Lin 2-3 2ast 2 reb but only 7 min. BS is really afraid to win!

  309. nah achillies

  310. Praying

  311. I must say Kobe is passing pretty well this game. He might end up with 20 assists.

  312. not angry at all……….FU LA!!!

  313. lin comes in the latest, gets pulled out first.. lakers

  314. cavs have terrible defense

  315. or BS is really afraid of Kobe being mad at him for not restrict Lin

  316. wtffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff

  317. oh how noble
    all i can thik of is how i wud torture Byron and make him suffer both physically and mentally

  318. what

  319. only 2 TOs so far

  320. What are the chances Kobe and Price will both drop like flies this game due to over playing to prove themselves?

  321. damn im too young to have any patience

  322. What’s going on with Ellington?

  323. 7mins is not cool…

  324. Either getting ready for trade or, in the doghouse. I think it’s the later.

  325. I retweet everything Ido Amir tweets, its more meaningful and I am not watching the game, pointless.

  326. Not really…I think it was pretty even

  327. probably sitting too close to Lin

  328. This is one of Kobe’s best games. He’s playing very well.

  329. the whole bench is playing less I’ve notice

  330. Yes. And he’s shooting pretty well. Must be the National TV. 15+ assists against any team is pretty good.

  331. omg best comment ever

  332. lol

  333. Agreed. I guess he wanted to show LeBron that he can still play.

  334. Nothing wrong with having some ego. That’s not something Amir should attack.

  335. He hasn’t played bad, considering his mins. I’m guessing trade.

  336. David Blatt don’t teach defense huh?

  337. Did the marginalization of Lin start after that incident when Kobe told Lin to “get the f… out of the way”?

  338. price will play 34 minutes today

  339. 91 days……..Lin will be out from this ugly organization

  340. bs doesn’t like lin simple as that

  341. Agree, “some” ego. =)

  342. He was not aware and was ball watching..

  343. That’s why Lin is out of the job in LA.
    Kobe 32+min as the PG

  344. Bs chooses his players based on subjective like and dislike. Nothing to do with quality play. That is why he will never beva good coach

  345. Talking about Ellington here.

  346. Lin don’t wanna play with Bryant either..=)

  347. idk if you notice but lin played little even when kobe sat

  348. I think it was a little after that… but pretty close.

    Kenny and Chuck needs to speak the truth about this mistreatment!!!!

  349. Kobe’s frozen parody did it!

  350. Am I allowed to call Kobe names now?

  351. cavs playing 3 vs 5

  352. Who wants to play with Kobe?

  353. not on his, but on Kome’s.

  354. Jeremy is trying to convert Nick… say no to hogging 🙂

  355. I mean if you (Ido) are going to criticize, you should pick something worthy. Criticizing Kobe for wanting to “pump his ego” is NOT worthy, and makes Ido look petty.

  356. they probably just say Kobe reinvents himself as PG and Lin is out of the running for the PG job

  357. Sure. Mamba ,black mamba, kobe , Bryant

  358. What’s their face expression? Mad or not? I turned off the TV when Lin was not on… smh! I am mad.

  359. Kobe doesn’t want to play with any top players, unless he was forced to by PJ.

  360. Calm down everybody, this is Hollywood. This is the LBJ/Kobe rematch and everybody else is insignificant. Trust me, there are scouts in the Laker audience and they like what they see from Lin. Remember the contending teams are looking for assets to shore up their bench. Scouts know that lin is being marginalize. so i refuse to get caught in kobe/scott’s drama anymore. i will just follow lin and watch things unfold.

  361. Not what I had in mind of course.

  362. I think Scott did it on purpose to limit Lin & Young’s playing time… Even Kelly played more min than Lin & Young?!

  363. Kobe can’t stand any good one in HIS backcourt.

  364. Exactly. National TV show. What’s bigger than that in this entertaining business. Just looked at the rigged TNT vote.

  365. That’s for sure. I know Lin is always the target but now even Young too?!

  366. No, we’re disappointed and want to be entertained. Lakers have no future with kobe. Lin has no future there imho.

  367. What lin is doing is trying to have the total number of his points and assists more than his minutes played in every game while maintaining his fg% as much as possible. Full audition mode…..basically

  368. Lin/Young are the two players that are getting the press from Laker office. If you notice, they are still handing out the Lakers magazine with Lin on the cover. Also lin had 96% of the cam votes. This is not going unnoticed by the F/O. So let LBJ/Kobe have their little show down because nobody cares because both their teams have the worst record in the league. It will just be one more kudo to massage kobe’s ego.LOL

  369. Sure, anyone that can shoot in the backcourt, including Clarkson.

  370. I have a short commute home. I get in the car, Lin is in. I get home and he is already benched. I better not go to the bathroom in the second half or I’ll miss Lin completely tonight.

  371. Is that true

  372. The only good backcourt in Kome eyes is the one who can’t shoot (think of Rondo, Price ).

  373. Kobe will choke in the 4th quarter. Always does.

  374. it is to limit explosiveness of 2nd unit!

  375. And Lakers bench was against Cavs starters for a chuck of time.

  376. LOL, nice one

  377. The joke around the NBA is that lakers 1st unit is masquerading as starter, when the real starters are the bench. One of the journalist actually wrote that. LOL

  378. Even if Kobe goes out, Price will still get to start, rather wish Price out!!

  379. Yea they were.LOL

  380. For those of you with kids. You can point to kobe as to how not to act. Thank goodness jeremy lin exists. At least the jlin of today.

  381. Of course, BS is trying to lose here. Hope they don’t win by accident!

  382. Brick is the name of the game, keep bricking guys, I’m talking to you KB, NY, RP

  383. Really? The other day Magic commentators also said Lin, Boozer, & Young all should start… ?!

  384. Lol

  385. Let’s hope so

  386. Just glue urself on the sofa..ha

  387. Where is the 20 point lead?

  388. what if im the kid

  389. It is a shame that Kobe is going to leave his legacy in a negative note.

  390. Price slashes to the basket, and …

  391. Who wants to see Lin request openly (and respectfully) that he wants more PT or to be traded? Is that advisable?

  392. Bring ur toilet out into living room. .. duh

  393. Love watching the 3rd Q when the LAL starters start to meltdown….:)

    Bench standby to the rescue..:)

  394. I do
    they will prolly just ignore him thou

  395. Scott still loves him.

  396. Learn from lin. To give is better than to receive.

  397. some of these comments on Lakersground XD

    “Ronnie Price needs to be arrested for impersonating an NBA player. I am sure that its a felony in 9 states”


  398. OK, kobe will kill himself tonight and have to have 10 days to recuperate.LOL

  399. Only in 9 states?

  400. Scott’s face after that airball…….

  401. And now a badly missed 3.

  402. added another 3 air.

  403. as always

  404. Wow.. Price just missed, TO and air-ball.

  405. Some people are just pure hating on Lin
    “Lin is garbage”
    “Why does Lin still have a job in this league”
    I dont know what game they are watching
    If I actually meet them in person I will try my best to beat them up
    just ridiculous
    I once insulted my friends mother because he was calling Lin out
    and most of the haters are…black i dont know why but just a trend

  406. I literally laughed at Price’s two air balls. I mean I know Price is horrible at shooting, but he is too much. I actually feel sorry for Price because he sucks at shooting so much.

  407. how? =)

  408. He’s going all out because this game is on TNT and he’s resting tomorrow and probably couple more games after that lol

  409. Kyrie just left Price on the dust

  410. Like a father watching his son shoots airball in an AAU game

  411. Sure enough, Lakers loses the lead, as planned.

  412. BS must enjoy what Price brings now.

  413. Since he’s been benched that’s kind of the way I’ve been judging his game. He’s doing well so far.

  414. is only they could give a little more minutes to the second unit, they would be far by now

  415. Several times already with no screen, just embarrassing!!

  416. Byron on Price Airball: “That was a practice shot”

  417. Price has 3 fouls, hope he gets 2 more!!

  418. He hustled on that airball!

  419. LAL may go after Bev off season as starting “PG”, he does much better job than Price LOL

  420. Love D is laughable. LOL

  421. he’s gonna try too hard to compensate and hurt himself.
    It’s BScott’s responsibility if that happens

  422. back spasm

  423. love him no matter what.

  424. Charmin shot.

  425. This is true

  426. He airballed with so much toughness and energy.

  427. Let’s be serious; Bev does a lot better job than Price. I am not even putting up Bev when I say Bev is twice the player that Price is. Bev can actually make those corner 3s.

  428. and kobe?

  429. they think they own the nba or something. insecurity coming out.

  430. cavs d suck. why would you double and triple kobe ? let him try to beat you shooting. he’s shooting like 38 percent

  431. Still the precious head of the snake.

  432. Blatt’s gotta put someone on Hill, lol

  433. His arms wave higher.

  434. What a fit backcourt for Kobe !

  435. They were double teaming Price and I was like, he’s not Lin guys LOL.

  436. Seriously, Bev is much, much better player than Price.

  437. yikes
    its just one asian guy so unneccesary

  438. he is racking up his AST today

  439. No defense, Kyrie and Hill cancelling each other out with 18 points LOL. No wonder the Cavs are so bad!!

  440. nah id rather byron kill himself

  441. Elllington must seriously be in the dog house – DNP-CD last game and looks to be the same this game

  442. and commentator was saying Hill is a much underrated player LOL

  443. What all this hating on Lin, you’d thin he have some anger and things to prove when he face these teams again. I have yet to see Lin give Rockets a beat down with 30+ points. If he ever faced Kobe and Lakers again I hope he finally goes 40+ points on them!!

  444. Bench time

  445. Price doesn’t want to take shots even when he’s open because he knows he sucks.

  446. Cavs don’t look like a team at all.
    Kyrie with 5 TOs already

  447. this is just streetball

  448. Lin is IN

  449. Yeah, what’s up with Ellington? Weird stuff.

  450. lets push the lead now

  451. OMG Finally , Lin is in!! ><"

  452. but Kobe is still in so … yeah not getting any ball soon

  453. Black with 4 fouls, so much for “more minutes” for playing well BS is dumb, too bad that wasn’t Price with 4 fouls. Kyrie should just charge at Price for 2 quick fouls, he’s a star, will get the call his way! =P

  454. You will see Lin play for 7 or 8 minutes for around 14 minutes.

  455. I noticed now we cannot see who upvote our comments, i saw the vote going up but not knowing who upvote me. What changed into something not fun anymore?

  456. Lol, lin in kobe starts shooting not passing

  457. typical
    hes insecure

  458. Kobe 15 asts? wtfffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff

  459. exactly

  460. at least he is passing

  461. I do not like Byron or Price

  462. They only have one legit star, the other two are only good for stats and shows who have never carried their teams to the playoff.

  463. He always like that… w Price he AS but w Lin he shoot.. smh!

  464. Lin better shoot! Don’t pass to Kobe, forget the insecure ego maniac!

  465. You sure?

  466. Hill makes jump shots

  467. 15assists is really good but I’d like to see him pass to Lin once or twice here

  468. Yes Kobe OUT!!

  469. Kobe 7 minutes to go for 32 hard limit. Oh wait, it is a national TV game, let’s make an exception.

  470. in our wildest dreams lool

  471. LeBron: I’m sick and you’re old. We make good this game. Let’s not rush it.
    Kobe: I like this game. We can walk to the front court.

    LeBron and Kobe are cool!

  472. Lin 2-3 5pts 2assts in 7min
    Price 1-5 5pts 1assts in 26min

    Kobe and Scott really doesn’t like Lin…

  473. totally something Stu would say

  474. LOL Lebron and starters playing mostly against the bench?!

  475. Young is in

  476. I say keep kobe in. Tire him out.

  477. This is a sick game of basketball.

  478. too late

  479. yep…..can end this drama a little bit sooner

  480. So Lin only gets in with leftover minutes….

  481. lol, thats because Kobe is running the PG

  482. 14-16 minutes for lin

  483. Lin had a great anticipation of LeBron passing to Marion.
    Too bad it’s a foul

  484. we notice that! 🙂

  485. Lin dont pass jesus

  486. again…CAV Starters vs. LAL Bench

  487. he needs to get what he can


  489. Nice attack by Lin!

  490. Lin no pass – bench, Lin scores- bench, Lin taking over – DNPCD, Lin sucks – stays on court, which one you prefer?

  491. need def!…Cav is pushing the lead

  492. finally good FTs

  493. Good.. made both!

  494. Did lin made both?

  495. YEZ

  496. Jeremy please dont go into Linsanity mode, you will be benched and led to DNP-CD

  497. 7pts…Scott is mad now

  498. He’s always mad

  499. nick is trying to match lebron’s 3. lol

  500. I would enjoy some linsanity right now

  501. Get 10 plz!!!!!!!!!!! Go OLinnnnnnnnnnn!!!!

  502. young 2-7

  503. Let lin play his game. Even if he gets benched, he will be out of this kobelite organization soon.

  504. Lin scores- bench

  505. Four more minutes, let’s go!! lin!!

  506. whynt u shoot Lin? jesus

  507. Bad pass there by Lin. He should have lobbed it softly there. Or a miscommunication.

  508. Put Ellington in for Young.

  509. got doubled off the pick

  510. lol look at BS shaking his head and being a little girl after lin passed it to butterfinger boozer

  511. was he going cross court and boozer tipped it?

  512. BS, don’t shake your head. It is your quarter Princeton offense that causes the TO. Too predicable.

  513. Hmm…….maybe Lin should learn from Nash to carry a grocery bag

  514. I thought Lin was trying to pass to Boozer, but the pass was too strong. It was neither this nor that.

  515. i dont think so on first impression

  516. Come one Lin, take the contested last shot instead of dishing it to Boozer for a TO! SMH ><"

  517. Hidden Agenda….just to make JLin looks bad….

  518. bs used to like ellington a lot. now what?

  519. yah i overreacted

  520. He got kelly and black

  521. Why is Price +2, and Lin -6? Anyone?

  522. Welp, 4th qtr time. Enjoy 6 more min with JLin

  523. Lin make a 3 and 3 more assits then go rest let the lakers lose

  524. i like kelly too but this is extreme

  525. maybe ellington spoke up for Lin and pissed off bs

  526. i think even prior to those 2 coming in to lineup, Ellington time had been reduced


  528. Good match up…CAV has respect for JLin….fielding James and Love verses JLin and Kelly

  529. Yes Lin to the rim!!

  530. sacre has been perma-benched. not that i mind, just saying those guys are totally out of the rotation now

  531. Uh oh 😛

  532. nice layup…he is listening to @Frank:disqus

  533. Kindly change your profile picture, Mak, I’m having a stomach ache when I look at it….

  534. LAL has no solution for LBJ

  535. You know, if JLin reaches a point where he averages a point a minute, people are really going to start wondering why he’s on the bench

  536. 1 more point

  537. Price to the rescue!

  538. had high hopes! sigh!

  539. yeah wes is worse than kelly for that

  540. HI RIRI

  541. Nobody is passing to Jeremy…

  542. bye riri

  543. it’s time for lin to get his own rebounds and score. LOL

  544. Only reason Cav will win is because of LeBron.

  545. Kelly wanted to, but the passing lane closed pretty fast


  547. JLin stops LeBron!

  548. Yeah.

  549. why is lin on lebron

  550. that was a bad 3secV to

  551. Kelly foul trouble I guess?

  552. They went for zone defense

  553. lin guarded lebrun pretty well but why is he on lebron

  554. or a steal for one-man fastbreak!

  555. Did well, refs stole that one from Lakers

  556. Lin just needs to take the shot even when doubled!

  557. wow

  558. Zone d

  559. haha i’m surprised lebron faded away on lin…thought he would use his strength..go lin

  560. Lin played pretty well this game given his minutes. Maybe he could have scored 2 more points, but that’s it.

  561. wow kelly black in foul trouble so lin is on lebron lol

  562. I saw that but what was Young’s excuse lol

  563. I think Lin got tired of watching Lebron do whatever he wanted.

  564. dude lin played excellent in his minutes…10 mins is not really 10 mins…swaggy hogged a bit too much too..he had sporadic chances..converted on most..

  565. Go jeremy!

  566. Come on Lin, score some 3s to get 18/20 points before BS benches you!!

  567. ohh ok

  568. Lol, I really don’t know. Just a wild guess.

  569. Told u three times..down there..lol

  570. Ronnie and Kobe both on the bench and both still tied for team lead in minutes at 26 min.


  572. NIce!

  573. Great pass by Lin!!!

  574. What a great assist by Lin and Black to finish! And-1!

  575. praying for 5 more points

  576. Deja vu! Black again


  578. Kobe has 26 min. He should enter at 6min to reach 32

  579. No charge call?

  580. Lin was not at the position


  582. That was BS.

  583. Crowd wanting Kobe? Lol no matter how bad Kobes been playing LA forever loves him

  584. That was a charge. Correct call.

  585. Yes

  586. And game over…

  587. lin done

  588. No it wasn’t. Love’s left foot was on the restricted arc.

  589. lebron and others showboating for rihanna

  590. I want Kobe too, to shoot the last shot before losing the game.

  591. 15 min. The trend is real.

  592. Barely tuned in and Lin looked good from like the 2-3 mins I seen him play.

  593. Yep, they leave that out on the replay.

  594. If there’s OT, will Byron play Kobe more than 32 min?

  595. Didn’t see that; just saw the top half.

  596. At least NBA noticed Jeremy’s nice pass.

  597. It was not on tv, I can not tell. I thought he lifted his heel

  598. lin did excellent in 15 mins..amazing actually..the charge was lin trying to take one last shot because he knew he would be subbed out..still great agressive move. eff bs..if lin didn’t attack he’d still be taken out…lin did great..lost because lebron is too good

  599. Ok, James and Love now are tired….can’t do much….time for LAL starters to come on stage and “shine”…bye bye JLin…

  600. So, how many minutes is that total for Lin?

  601. 14:51m

  602. 15

  603. 14 minutes… is this the season low?

  604. 15

  605. Do you need to ask?

  606. yep

  607. Ha, ha, I was close. I said 14 minutes. I guess 15 is the norm for Lin.

  608. Crazy times we live in

  609. less than 15min., 16 min. for the last game.. getting less thou.. 🙁

  610. Can Byron Scott just fking die already

  611. this is truly crazy and insane what is happening to Lin

  612. Well I presume it will be 12 minutes in this game. Glad JLin did well with the minutes that he played.

  613. he promised Kobe not to play in OT once he reaches 32.
    It’ll be interesting if he has no qualms breaking it

  614. Time to go to the bed guys. Don’t forget to vote for Lin in ASG !

  615. Lin should have shot more

  616. reminds me of those mchale benchings on nationally televised games…

  617. Lin is -12, how come?

  618. Insanity….

  619. Head of snake will have the team high minutes from doing something in BS eyes

  620. but the bench played bad today, except Lin…they lost the lead

  621. Please refrain from cursing. Thanks!

  622. Lebron James

  623. Let it tank~let it tank~can’t hold it back anymore~let it tank~~~~~~~

  624. lol true

  625. whichever way….JLin is the scapegoat….If LAL would to lose this game…all becos of JLin and the bench…if LAL would to win…its becos of Price and Kobe…they came in for the rescue…

  626. sorry the frustration is real

  627. Lin was too nice, look to dish out assist to Black and Boozer and for what?!

  628. Lebron is so much like a bigger Lin.

  629. teammates unable to contain James

  630. Unless Lin gets to guard Lebron, then he goes 0-2, scoreless!

  631. Poor OLin.

  632. Funny that JLin is playing with Cav’s starters esp LBJ.

  633. I have had it with these god damn snakes on this god damn team

  634. cant even get mad. this is just absurd.

  635. relax, he will surely go that path one day…..

  636. LeBron made a run going solo vs 2nd unit. Young has -12 too now
    No Kyrie to turn over the ball

  637. Just saw ree play, Kevin love foot was on the restricted line

  638. So Kobe now PG and Wes SG? SMH.

  639. No his heel,was not..

  640. KB definitely doesn’t want to play with JLin.

  641. Lol Kobe TO, and a really big reach by Kobe (no call)

  642. Byron is following a movie script for Kobe.
    Lin has no part

  643. Team drop 10 points with Lin in.

  644. Where is Ellington?

  645. well

  646. so obvious kobe is “hogging” to get assists. stat-padding.

  647. nick is like harden falling down on 3s all the time looking for fouls

  648. Lin looked pretty dejected during the timeout. Didn’t want to get up off the bench to join the team

  649. HAHAhahahaha….

  650. You know the answer……good night AJ

  651. far far away

  652. Calm down! Remember the coach is trying to lose not to win.

  653. We are all deceived by KB’s friendly gesture towards Lin during the earlier part of the season. Very few sees it coming….

  654. it’s actually not so bad . lin is making everyone look bad by playing so well in few minutes…lakers lose…lin can save his body for free agency….cash his money..of course we would love lin to play 30+ mins and be a pg..but this is best he can do in this situation

  655. He got Uncle Drew’d.

  656. That’s why we like Lin, who always tries to play the right basketball.

  657. That is RESPECT…

  658. Kobe with 16 assist with the ball in his hands every play and moving slow. Kobe became the new Kendall Marshal

  659. it is actually pretty bad, including for free agency

  660. lol

  661. i hope lin realizes it’s a no-win situation. he plays crazy well and cannot get 15 mins..what more does he have to do? at this point, it’s not even about bball

  662. Did anybody see that Lexus commercial? Dude looked a lot like Paul Walker!

  663. price out no lin

  664. ya thats been around for a while now..

  665. true, the best thing he can do it to keep good stats w/ high efficiency so teams know he’s underutilized.
    Just need to stay healthy and wait his chance.

    Trade would be good, I think since new interested team will utilize him more

  666. another low for BS.

  667. Off to bed I’m going too, no Lin no watch. So much BS. sweet dreams everyone.

  668. so he found his new role!

  669. was that Harden?

  670. Hey, we all are frustrated too! I want to eject BS and STUpid to the moon and they can enjoy their wonderful time there! LOL!

  671. Almost another TO. This rotation is nothing new. Just very very TO prone

  672. Actually, his heel was down when contact was made and lifted afterwards as he took the contact.

  673. young finish game 3-11

  674. lin sits 3-4

  675. 0 fouls on Kobe, only player playing 0 defense throughout the game!!

  676. Gotta keep feeding Young huh?

  677. What’s next? It should only getting better if this is the worst we are seeing here. Hm…truly unexpectable season.

  678. Cavs are toying LAL….

  679. I take it Silver Screen & Roll are not Price fans.

  680. Wouldn’t know. Haven’t watched tv for some time. I catch these games once in awhile lol

  681. Only Lin haters are Price fans

  682. Defense specialist Price hurts the team again. Price 5pts 1assts in 27mins Irving 22pts 3assts in 35mins.

  683. With Lebron laughing at Kobe at the timeout.

  684. yep it was over at 4 minutes left

  685. I wont blame Price, its Coach decision

  686. 19 year veteran with 5 rings no need to defend, full support from LA’s top to bottom, no worries. Is KB qualify to be a HOF?

  687. aside from lebron kobe nick trying to showboat, no one is really trying.

  688. Good execution Scott! 1 down 42 to go!

  689. i always feel pretty dumb when i watch this long. why why why

  690. Watch Kobe take all the shots now

  691. Price is so great that he’s out during crunch time LMAO.

  692. Did anyone else see the no call – clear charge when Jeremy was knocked down playing defense In the lane ? Then bad charge call against Lin when Love’s foot still touching the circle line in the paint? Refs applying double standard again. Crazy.

  693. 3-12

  694. NYoung is really having trouble with his shots

  695. whos counting? haha

  696. this is the kobe show

  697. Ya! But he is close out the game? smh!

  698. Great D by Kobe? Commentators drunk

  699. makes sense…tank and let kobe do a farewell tour…

  700. Yeah, I was surprised the no-call wasn’t a blocking foul on Lin the way the refs were calling things.

  701. BS thinks nick can turn hot any time. its so funny

  702. That was! Lebron couldn’t get past Kobe and he went to shoot but missed.

  703. Not sure how many of us here are hoping LAL to lose this game?

  704. the MVP chants. bleh

  705. I am. Hope they make the shot.

  706. Don’t have to hope. I know 😉

  707. all

  708. Me!!!

  709. I was hoping for OT.

  710. kobe will have one of these games every 10, that is if his body can even hold up..and guess what? they will still lose…lakers are trying to tank, let kobe enjoy the farewell tour,

  711. Lakers fans did that all the time.. no big deal!

  712. Maybe we could get overtime and Lin plays 2 more minutes.

  713. And this is why Scott lets Young on the court… Kobe’s orders.

  714. Ok so I only pretty much saw just the 4th qtr. Lin played well, Kobe played pretty well too. Swaggy killed the game for me.

  715. Kobe is the driver and nick is ms daisy

  716. Lin doesnt even look pissed being dissed like this
    mans got off the bench cheering for this shyt team
    thats too much man

  717. haha me too. like exercising, i keep saying i’ll start next time.

  718. Kobe is proud of Kobe Jr

  719. I mean is he sitting on the bench or not there at all?

  720. Job well done, tanking mode still on.

  721. I saw it coming 3 seasons ago!

    When Lin was on the Knicks, I was writing that I didn’t want Lin playing on a Kobe team.

    I wrote for the last three seasons that Kobe would never let Lin touch the ball and would scream at Lin for mistakes made by others.

    I was right then and I’m right now.

  722. Kobe defended like Beverley…….and it worked…….for LBJ of course

  723. he seem to be pissed by the fact he is showing zero interest in the game

  724. he shud be proud

  725. a lot of activity yet zero impact

  726. Lakers losing, yay!

  727. LOL

  728. Telling you no matter how bad Kobe been playing, LA still loves him!

  729. He’s like a lazier Beverley

  730. is it me or did kobe just start playing defense

  731. Of course everything it’s from Kobe… smh!

  732. Stop with the ridiculous posts.

    You are being negatively influenced by the Lin haters on jeremylin.net.

    Just stay here and appreciate Lin’s intelligent efficient approach.

  733. Lin’s a stand-up guy.
    Noone can blame him for being a great teammate

  734. he only tries to play D on lebron

  735. I will never respect Kobe Bryant the way I respect Michael Jordan. They are miles apart…..not even close, specially after how he treats a good person in Lin.

  736. Well I doubt Kobe going to play tomorrow in Utah.

  737. well mj wasn’t good at treating people as well

  738. He will not..

  739. Chronic sleep deprivation staying up watching these west coatst games not worth it. I’m done with it. Back to watching DVR version and fast forward the non Lin bits.

  740. yup, that’s it

  741. I was about to point that out! Lol

  742. ive seen this movie before.

  743. Aw.. didn’t work today :/

  744. Lots of fast forwarding…

  745. but still KB is the worse one…

  746. He likes the attention.

  747. See Lin, how hard is it to just stop and pull up for a 3 pointer like Young? Just shoot more and pass less, cause people won’t respect you unless you get high PPG average!

  748. LOL I did see it very quickly during startergate but confirmed it in the beginning of the season.

  749. But Michael Jordan knew when he crossed the line of bad behavior.

    Besides, Michael Jordan had so much more game than Kobe.

  750. he will not but still lin won’t play a lot

  751. Me!

  752. Thank you Cavs! I didn’t want LAL to win this one!!!

  753. well they already dont respect him

  754. He is not allow to do it.. Kobe & Scott didnt’ want to let him do it.

  755. stop putting your insecurities on him…smh

  756. he needs to yell at teammates and coach

  757. Please people know that lin is being marginalized because of kobe.

  758. YES YES YES YE SYES I tried watching the online ones to hear opposing commentator in the past but failed …. wish we can listen to these commentators every game!!!

  759. Lebron > Kobe

  760. Lin can be pissed at the coach but cheering on his teammates.

  761. for those two, they dont really care that much about who wins this one. its just a one-on-one fun mini game for them.

  762. Kobe got LIT UP as usual.

  763. com’on give up…

  764. great point!

  765. Ya! So glad Cav won!!!

  766. Stop.

    Do you know how INSANE you sound criticizing Lin for 3-4 shooting??

  767. is LAL trading Ellington? DNP?

  768. NO.

    Lin needs to keep being a great teammate so that he can put up great numbers and hopefully get to a new team.

  769. I don’t think that is true, they are more afraid than anything. Lin has proven he is no scrub. Anyway who care about Scott/ Kobe. Lin will be long gone when kobe finally gets re injured or his boy completely fails and Scott is fired and blamed for all of the Lakers woes.LOL

  770. really hope bad things happen to scott
    and did u guys see how pissed ronnie was?

  771. More like they tried to trade Hill.

  772. Or just wait for offense and defense highlights from this channels, few days after each day! https://www.youtube.com/user/ christinecheng60

  773. what was ronnie mad about?

  774. tot Ellington is shooting better than NYoung…

  775. Who cares about him?

  776. gossip gossip.

  777. Lin played so few minutes that his offense and defense highlights are already up, opps nevermine.https:// http://www.youtube. com/channel/ UCM3cKJG-yHjy7bUrzY_GrvA

  778. They tried to help Young on his poor shooting.. smh!

  779. What you say applies to us West Coast fans too.

    Even though the Lakers are in our time zone, the poor stagnant lazy Lakers play when Lin’s not on the floor causes us to sleep during the game.

  780. with all due respect
    this team does not deserve Lin’s kindness
    they should all be damned to h3ll literally
    Lin was the best player oon the lakers tn
    nobody passed to him and coach gave him the least mins
    he cant put up good numbers like this

  781. NOT LIN’S CALL.

    All he can do is maximize what few minutes he gets.

  782. I believe it’s team highlight not only him…

  783. Oh the scrub mad he was benched during crunch? Good!! His head is getting too big, dude really thinks he’s the head of the snake!!!

  784. @AsianHawk78 @IdoAmir @lemonbar4948 @JLin7 @Lakers Granny Bryant's agenda: No one wins without me and no one outshines me, I'm the boss.— Azalea Lee (@ZeliMoua) January 16, 2015

    Just step down, old man, your time is up!

  785. heat lol

  786. Hopefully the scrub was mad at being OUTPLAYED BY LIN.

  787. this is the wort mistreatment of Lin ive ever seen
    im beginning to think Hou was fair to Lin
    if he continues to be treated like this
    Lin will be a career back up

  788. Highlights

  789. Nope Christine channel only does JLin’s highlights. but I saw wrong, Heat uniform confused me haha.

  790. What a joke. Price over 30 minutes again , at least he scored tonight. Lin has less. Ellington again didn’t play while Young stunk it up. Byron should be fired. Now.

  791. Exactly
    then why still play nice to these disgraceful animals

  792. If Lin’s a career backup, it will NOT be because of how the Lakers treated him.

    Any nonAsian player who puts up Lin’s production in Lin’s minutes would be handed a HEFTY CONTRACT and a starting position.

  793. not closing the game

  794. Please dont forget, you are not living inside Lin’s body and his brain is not your’s!

  795. price was bench late so 27 minutes but not for lin

  796. LOL opps, deva-ju!!

  797. exactly but wish Lin had that in him too

  798. Because this is the NBA which is a TEAM SPORT and even Lin needs to play teamball so that he has passing targets when the traps engulf him like in this game.

  799. OK. But still. What’s with Ellington? How is Byron allowed to get away with total incompetence out there?

  800. those fans saying kobe just has no good teammate to play with are so delusional and blind, can’t they see the players or lineup that could outshine him are frozen on the bench by BS already. it’s kobe’s insecurity that loses so many games for the lakers.

  801. Yeah, now Price will play 35 mins next game.

  802. Yup.

    For that, I am very grateful.

    I wouldn’t be Lin’s fan if he behaved the way Frank wants him to.

  803. She is a die-hard Lin fan!!

  804. i didnt forget we are excahnging opinions
    u can kindly leave
    Lin should yell at them thats what he shud do

  805. At least Lin still gets to play. Ellington doesn’t get a chance now.

  806. They worthship Kobe to so long

  807. That probably will change soon.

    Expect Lin to be PUNISHED for yet another stellar performance!

  808. Great milestone…one step at a time…

  809. wow…JLin -12….Bsc has a mathematician whispering in his ears….

  810. Okay but how many ppl actually play teamball
    not many

  811. Did Lin honestly think that listening to BS and passing more would give him more minutes? He came out hot and should’ve just kept shooting!! Who cares what BS says, not like the hating and benching is going to change!! Lin needs to look out for himself!!

  812. The Lakers ownership WORSHIPS Byron Scott because of his 80s championships as a player.

    Scott has told them that he needs better players than the ones he has, and the Lakers are going along.

  813. unbelievable, i guess swaggy is allowed to play because he sucks lately. only scrubs are allowed to play with kobe now to show how superior he is. if he’s a better leader and allow good players to shine along with him, they would have won a lot of games.

  814. This is a result of playing all his minutes against Lebron with Kelly defending Lebron LOL. The +/- for Lin tonight is very deceiving as a result.

  815. exactly eric bledsoe, collison
    thats true
    america is an ugly country
    so many haters

  816. Thanks God, Lin made his first 2 shots otherwise he would be even worst… smh! They asked him to pass to Young but he just couldn’t make the shots…

  817. yep

  818. Relax. Lin is doing well with the time he’s on the court.

  819. Pretty good for a guy who was suppose to have zero points in the NBA

  820. his average seems to be 9pts 15min now! sigh

  821. Makes you wonder how many points JLin could have had if he got to shoot 13 times like Young.

  822. Nice! .. I was hoping the JLinFoundation fundraising will be close to his total pts.
    It’ll be close on 1/19 LOL

  823. we would still lose

  824. Really? Crazy fans… smh!

  825. theres no need to tell lin what to do

    He is doing a good job being a wonderful teammate
    unfortunately the whole NBA community wants Lin to fail theres nothing we can do
    now i see why khuang said the NBA wants to eject Lin
    hes being obviously mistreated no one says a thing
    and ppl on twitter keep shytting on lin thats no basketball thats pure hate based on race
    american dream my azz
    its a very very ugly country
    of very disguting human beings
    hope china takes over this shytty country soon lol

  826. There has to be a lot of bruises on Kobe’s @$$.

  827. Stay the course, @JLin7! Take it easy. Do your job. Then FIND THE RIGHT TEAM. A bit more patience. As always: We've got your back! #TeamLin— Ido Amir (@IdoAmir) January 16, 2015

    Ido Amir, You’re really a great fan of Jeremy, we salute you! #TeamLin

  828. The only reason I can think of for BS playing Young so much when he is doing so horribly is that Young is one of the only people on the team that is under contract for next season.

  829. o.O

  830. That’s true also Kobe agreed to help him out for his poor shooting.

  831. Sorry but China is a worst country than US, land of the free!

  832. No, it would be DISASTER if China took over.

    The Chinese government would run the US into civil war within 2 years or less.

  833. at least Lin will take over lol

  834. You better edit your comment

  835. let the us suffer for what theyve done to the asian residents

  836. Ido Amir just unfollow @Lakers, I might as well unfollow mine too, just my small way to protest. LA you’re done, disgusting organization.


    See all those uncalled fouls Dellavedova delivered to Lin? The traps too?

    When people don’t watch how opponents defend Lin, they criticize Lin’s hot shooting and passing like you do.

  838. Its been tough 4 Lin since he demoted as a bench. He always devotes his efforts to the play althou its w/the limited time. Got half season left, still hope Lin’ll get his starters back. If not, just get traded 2 the new team. Stay healthy n root 4 him, These r what weve been doing.

  839. Sigh?


  840. Just relax guys. The NBA is a disgrace organization but let not carry away.

  841. Relax.

    America is still a great country.

    Asians will always be mistreated here, but it could be a lot worse.

  842. Oh, Kobe’s doing that only because Lin started it and Kobe wants to IMITATE LIN to get Lin’s success!

  843. less then haif left

  844. Unfollowed @SerenaWinters @LakersReporter @MarkG_Medina Nothing personal guys. Just not interested in @Lakers anymore Waiting for Lin exit— Ido Amir (@IdoAmir) January 16, 2015

    Thumbs Up!

  845. Refs are so bias that why he should’ve looked to shoot more off dribble 3s and mid range jumpers.

  846. I understand. All JLin fans are frustrated including me but we stay classy as JLin is.

  847. Ever since Lin said that he wants to get Nick Young going, Kobe now wants to do the same.

    This is not about Kobe wanting to help Nick Young. This is strictly about Kobe trying to ONE UP LIN.

    The problem for Kobe is that it’s NOT WORKING!

  848. If there is a ring for Tanking Champions, Byron Scott wouldn't have enough fingers and toes to wear them all.— Jackjack (@supjackjack) January 16, 2015

    LOL, so true

  849. If Ellington could play point guard minutes, he’d be handed Lin’s role.

  850. That is 90 days too long… for his suffering fans

  851. Look for Ellington to start tomorrow night (the DNP-CD guy tonight lol) at Utah with Ronnie Price dominating the ball to pad little impact assists like Kobe did tonight. Lin will only be in to let Price catch a breath on the bench.

    At this stage I am convinced that BS is determined to phase Lin off the team. This could be his own idea or instructed by Kobe. After all, Kobe and BS are like the same person LOL. Kobe has completely shifted his focus into padding assists while dominating almost every Lakers offensive possessions when he is on the court. It worked tonight because the Cavs played NO DEFENSE and Hill was unconscious from outside but in the long run this is simply a recipe for disaster.

    Lin is still trying to play the right way throughout this whole mess which is really admirable. He could have scored 13 points while perfect from the field with only one turnover if the refs didn’t cheat him blatantly AGAIN. Look, the refs were even bailing Price out repeatedly but Lin still got shafted all the time. At least we got to watch Lin managed to stop Lebron after Young and Kelly repeatedly failed to do so. Hopefully, at least one team took note of Lin’s dominant performance tonight and offered him a contract in the off-season so that Lin can escape this poisonous environment.

  852. Jeremy’s post game interview

  853. He WAS looking for those shots, but Lin was being BLUDGEONED out there with uncalled fouls to the point where he could not take those shots.

    Stop hating on Lin when opponents bash him illegally.

  854. LOL never followed them in the first place.

  855. It’s Scott’s idea, not Kobe’s.

    Scott phases Lin out whether Kobe is playing or not.

  856. hmm, i guess some people never grow up then. hard to imagine being with a person so childish/insecure/jealous. poor lin, let’s just hope he escape as soon as possible from this mess.

  857. i’m not saying in relative but as a whole, with that kinda production he should have been given more minutes

  858. Actually he has 84 post season points too so would actually be 3085 points.

  859. lol lin said pretty much when kobe is on I’m off so i got to see his assist

  860. me neither, never follow or join their forums too. never really like a team led by ballhog.

  861. My initial thoughts after watching Lakers games, esp this last one… pic.twitter.com/sqfZGIWBMs— chat alvarado (@aymchat) January 16, 2015

    Right on!

  862. Did he look mad or upset? I can’t watch it… so upset by myself.

  863. more like idc attitude

  864. you guys just don’t get it about lin. I am very sure lin is not happy with his minutes, but lin is happy that he is becoming more efficient with the little time he plays. They way Scott/kobe are treating him, makes me think that F/O has already told them that they are not trading lin. So it is their little petty way of trying to get back at the F/O. Notice how they have stopped giving the bench a lot of minutes. Lin even less because he leads the bench.Lin/Boozer have been credited with the bench doing so well.Lin played well tonight.My question is why did LBJ and Kevin Love feel like they needed to play against the bench, because they knew they had to make sure lin would not take over the game against their bench. I was glad that they only had a 10 point lead against our bench lead by lin against LBJ/K-Love two of the best players in the league. That is some awesome respect for lin.

  865. I think he knows Kobe did it on purpose to make him out of Lakers…

  866. my bad

  867. im 100 percent sure lin will not return to the lakers. pfv was way off

  868. No he just looked ok. Let’s hope he doesn’t lose his spirit and keep playing aggressive.

  869. If FO doesn’t care about Lin then there’s nothing he can do. Point is Mitch and Busses care more about Kobe than develop Lin who’s a marginalized star player!

  870. true…thus far he been great

  871. Good. I hate what Kobe did to Lin but I got another idea… Let’s who can stay longer in the team then… really hate Kobe.

  872. three months he will just leave

  873. Agree with you. Jeremy is going and I think he’s fine with it.

  874. yep

  875. Lets hope he goes to an Eastern team or the Spurs!

  876. Hope the Lakers will become pitiful like the Knicks when Lin leaves.

  877. the idc attitude i saw last year with the rockets i saw it this game. not involve in the game while on the bench. very uninterested

  878. Good one Ido…if more people to do this…it will show fans are fedup with the Organization

  879. they are already pitiful now. hope lin leaves this pitiful kobe team asap.

  880. the future is bleak

  881. Kobe on possibility of being shutdown: "It's tough. I want to play, but I understand management's position." #Lakers— Bob Garcia IV (@bgarcia90) January 16, 2015

  882. what are top teams for lin this offseason

  883. Wait … what did he mean by management’s position?! Is he out soon?

  884. True

  885. Joyce was right.

  886. knicks have zero player would you be ok with lin going there. i still think lin needs a big market

  887. maybe the this game is the last hurrah for him..

  888. Does BoB Garcia knows something is brewing ie shutting Kobe in stages ASAP?

  889. no way, melo’s as insecure as kobe. no one wants to play with him too.

  890. Yup, major respect from LBJ and K-Love for knowing who the true starters were! Bench play most if not all of their minutes against the starters! Lets hope you’re right about FO but at this rate, Lin’s not staying in LA.

  891. Knicks still have Melo. Don’t want Lin with Melo again.

  892. Carmelo Anthony…

  893. My initial thoughts after watching Lakers games, esp this last one… pic.twitter.com/sqfZGIWBMs— chat alvarado (@aymchat) January 16, 2015

    Right On!

  894. It’s a lot better than w Kobe or Harden.

  895. [but I decide what they can ask]

  896. I noticed some of the team were playing their starter against Lakers bench..

  897. I think Lin should stay in LA. Kobe is about to end his career.

  898. lol average 12 mpg

  899. really fake, he’s the one responsible for their losing season but he acts like he’s the one carrying his teammates.

  900. Only if Kobe + BS are out and what contract offer they will give him. But I doubt Lin can stand another year of Kobe + BS so he’s out.

  901. Actually, the way Scott and Kobe are treating Lin makes it look more like that the Lakers are DONE WITH LIN and are already making space for next season’s max contract point guard.

  902. So that’s why he & Scott didn’t want Lin to play too much now? smh! Hate them both!!!

  903. see, he means he’s too old to carry such a sorry team. when he’s actually one of the weakest in the team.

  904. My initial thoughts after watching Lakers games, esp this last one… pic.twitter.com/sqfZGIWBMs— chat alvarado (@aymchat) January 16, 2015

  905. This one is really cool

  906. if the offseason was a game of tg lin needs to get on a plan and go to another state so lakers cant touch him

  907. we have passed that already

  908. Who is the “you guys”?

  909. Ya! That’s what I thought too. smh!

  910. Neither.

    Lin looked DISINTERESTED.

    He regards himself as a spectator, not a participant.

  911. No, I think Mitch/F/O playing hardball with Kobe and he has nothing to bargain with. It is interesting when you are pushed into a corner. It is called the survival of the fittest. Mitch/Buss have 3 years to turn this team into contention before they are fired. Now Mitch is telling Kobe, it is you or me, and it;s not gong to be me., Mitch said i have lived to my end of the bargain, so it’s your turn. F/O realizes that nobody wants to come and play with him. So when he said I understand management’s position, it was more than him being shutdwon this season

  912. Pray Lin is going to a team coached by D’Antoni this summer.(crossed fingers)

  913. yeah, sorry excuses, only his fans would really fall for it. the rest of the laker circle just pretend to fall for it.

  914. I would be surprised if Lin was traded. I don’t think they will wave him because he is playing very well for that and all the fans know that Scott is not giving him the minutes to succeed.

  915. Lin said : Pretty much everytime Kobe is on the court, I would be on the bench… (HINT that Kobe doesn’t want to play w/ Lin?) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XVCu4xefrLc

  916. Looks like FO wants Kobe to out of season ASAP. Ya! Do it now. So glad they lose today bc even less chance to make it to playoff so Kobe can out now.

  917. NO HE WOULDN’T.

    The Kobe of 5 years ago would be playing just as poorly of the Kobe of today if he didn’t have max contract big men and Coach Phil Jackson protecting him.

    The last time Kobe didn’t have his max contract big men was 2006
    when Kobe forcibly ejected Shaquille O’Neal off the Lakers. Kobe barely got the Lakers into the playoffs and got kicked out in the 1st round. That was with Phil Jackson coaching, and Kobe did everything he could to undermine the team.

  918. where is dantoni coaching. hope he gets hired by anyone. lin follow. at this point we know one coach like lin

  919. I prefer a contender in the east. Don’t care which except don’t want him to go back to NYK. Even if he gets 15 min PT he might just see the playoffs and get good experience. Not really sure which teams can get him though.

  920. not surprised, good players won’t make kobe looks good.

  921. The MVP chants are set up to show FO that Kobe is needed? Otherwise why would BS mentioned it.

  922. Love is NOT one of the best players in the NBA.

    He’s wildly overrated and has a lousy attitude too.

    That said, he is highly regarded even though I don’t like his game.

    To me, Jordan Hill and Kevin Love are the same bad player.

  923. exactly

  924. It was reported he still has lots of passion for coaching. Really hope he and Lin could reunite this summer. (pray)

  925. Hahaha. Coach BS making more BS.

  926. Hope u r right Joyce. Really would like this sick drama ends yesterday.

  927. reports are he will be at denver.

  928. Ya! I think so.

  929. D’Antoni or Pops, I’m not picky. 😉

  930. You need top stop drinking the Koolaid that Scott is trying to sell. I think there are two factions running in this Laker organization. One(being lead by Jeannie Buss, because she wants her brother out) and the long going Kobenites within the organization. If lin stays or goes is really up to him for whatever reasons. We are all just commentaries from the peanut gallery. The age old adage that I live by is “believe half of what you see and none of what you here”

  931. Frank, this is too much. I had a lousy night watching the game already and would not like to read this nonsense written from a Lin fan like you. Have some respect to that country please.

  932. D’Antoni for me, no Popovich.

    Popovich is a superstar worshiping crusty old screamer who would be doing all isoball if his superstar wasn’t Tim Duncan who’s the most unselfish superstar in NBA history.

  933. I don’t mean to be hash. Hope you understand

  934. He’s still better than BS and McHale…combined. BTW, what do you think of Brad Stevens?

  935. This sick drama has impacted my mood swings, not good for my health and upsetting my staff! Lol

  936. I hoep all Lin fans will unfollow as well

  937. NO.

    If there is kool aid being imbibed, it’s the notion that the Lakers are building a future around Lin.

    If they really were serious about Lin, they wouldn’t be decreasing his minutes and saying nasty things about him in the press or shopping wildly for “better” point guards.

    Lin is a GONER – and likely much sooner than I had even thought.

  938. It is not me being right or wrong, it is just an opinion.Scoot/Kobe have made this organization look bad. Either way, I am just glad that Lin’s resolve has not been shaken.

  939. I think so. Kobe wants that extend contract so bad.. that’s why he & Scott were so mean to Lin bc they knew FO want Lin … Kobe didn’t want anyone to come & also plays well on court. If no one comes then Lakers have to sign him again. IMO, it’s all about extend contract $$$$$ that Kobe is against Lin.

  940. No, this is about Scott having a job for next season. Scott care nothing about Kobe. Scott is always looking out for himself.

  941. BS looked a lot happier tonight in a loss where Kobe “performed” decently than the win against the Magic where Lin dominated. The agenda can not be any more obvious. It’s not about winning or losing for BS, it’s about making Kobe look good.

  942. I’m surprised that many still don’t believe that the Lakers’ plan for this season is to tank and keep top 5 draft pick.

  943. It is sad if Kobe can’t see BS’s motives?

  944. I guess you can kind of look at it this way. Lin is like the Lakers’ third string point guard now after Kobe (starter) and Price (backup) lol.

  945. Jeremy is trending @ #9… but Sacre #8? LOL.

  946. I have followed Popovich ever since he was nearly fired for constantly screaming at his nonsuperstar players while he tanked the Spurs so that they could draft Duncan.

    I doubt that he’s any better than McHale or Scott.

    Brad Stevens? Until he starts GETTING RESULTS, I won’t regard him as a real NBA coach.

    The clueless way the Celtics play, it’s obvious that they’re underachieving for the talent they have. That’s a coaching problem, not a personnel problem.

    I see no reason why Brad Stevens would be a good coach for Lin.

  947. Who is on the list besides them & Kobe?

  948. refresh… you’ll see screenshot.

  949. celtics have a young pg lol if price a 31 year old free agent start over lin then a drafted pg sure will

  950. LOL Then u shouldn’t watch Lakers game anymore:-) Few have decided stop watching Lakers game now.

  951. Never said he was. Admittedly, I don’t know much about Stevens, but have seen others recommend him on this forum, hence the question.

    Who else besides D’Antoni (and Karl) would you consider to be a good coach for Lin?

  952. Are they shopping for PG’s or it is the some of the Kobenites doing this. The Lakers had an opportunity to trade lin for Rondo earlier in the season, but they chose to try to sell Nash. Look I am not saying that the Lakers want Lin, butt I am saying that Scott is a liar and he tries to confuse the issue, like he is doing what the F/O wants, but many times it it his own doing. Ex. he states that he talked to Mitch/Vitti that he was going to shut kobe down for the rest of the season, then he comes back the next day and says that the management doesn’t want to shut kobe down, and now it’s kobe saying that I understand the management’s position. So Scott gives off this false bravado like he is speaking for the Lakers F/O when he really isn’t. I said all of this to say, that I will wait and see how everything pans out.

  953. I read nothing into this.

    Kobe has sung this song and dance before.

    Last time he said that he’d acquiesce to management’s desires, he went out and played so much bad basketball that he messed up his legs and came back only this season.

    So I’m not buying a word of what Kobe says. Never have, never will.

  954. yeah, they don’t want to win. or BS will be forced to play lin like mchale.

  955. Thanks. But why Sacre on the list? LOL!

  956. LOL. Try to ask the same question after the 3/19 bricking game and let’s see if Kobe’s answer would still be the same.

  957. No because Kobe doesn’t have a relationship with his father. Scott is acting like a father to him, something that , I think Kobe wants

  958. both he and kobe talk a lot of BS. all sound like jokes. i wonder if reporters/commentators are laughing at them secretly when tweeting about them.

  959. I can’t say I can recommend anyone specifically.

    Most NBA coaches will mistreat Lin just because he’s Asian. I assume that all coaches hate Lin until proven otherwise.

    Eric Musselman would be a good coach for Lin. Musselman coached Lin for the D League Reno team. Musselman used Lin properly as Reno ran over everybody.

  960. exactly what I’m asking! But I’ve noticed he has actually been on the list many times before… don’t ask me why lol

  961. Only watch highlights. Also, if Lin himself is facing the unfair treatment and obstacles in HIS life with a bright smile, there’s ZERO excuse for us to spout and doom and gloom.

    In karma we trust. 😉

  962. Have stop watching my international league pass (waste of monies) and only watches the highlights and this site. Sob sob ..

  963. Notice how he mentioned NOTHING about WINNING.

  964. I beg to differ. I have been following Kobe for a long time and he has never said anything like this. He often time was very smirky toward management in the past when they aked him to do something.

  965. Next question: any timeline?

  966. Soon? Ya! I am happy…

  967. Lin is actually Kobe’s backup and that is why he is so pissed at lin. Lin is not Price’s backup. Lin and Kobe are never on the floor together recently, so lin really is kobe’s backup.

  968. I learned from my mistake during Lin’s first year in Houston, and held on to my money. 🙂

  969. Also funny Nash is still in the list. WOW! Hahahaha No one cares too much BS’ priceless Price.

  970. I like Musselman too, don’t understand why the teams would rather invest in unproven rookie coaches like Fisher and Kerr (he just got lucky on a finished product).

  971. First of all, Nick Young has always been a streaky shooter much like JR Smith. Also I think that Nicks’ broken hand might have thrown off his shot. The thing about those kind of injuries is that competitive usage does not make it better.

  972. Franchise owners are blinded by the garish glare of media hype, so they hire big name coaches that talk big but never get results.

  973. Oh, poor thing. Glad I didn’t spend money on this. Still able to watch games via free access in the past 1.5 seasons. Try it next season:-)

  974. From Lakersground

    Lin — — He sank his first couple of jumpers, the second of which was a three which looked very calm, comfortable and smooth. I thought he might have had a chance to have a big game, but didn’t play much, just 15 minutes. The fewest of any Laker tonight, but he was still able to score 9 and dish 3 assists in the limited time. Scott didn’t go with either PG to close the game. On Kobe: “He got people in really good spots,” Lin said of Kobe’s passing game. I had wished Lin could learn a little from Nash this season, but Nash has bolted. Kobe orchestrated a pretty strong half-court passing game tonight. The team was on the same page, which is rare, but this can only help the playmakers as guys improve their spacing and know where each other will be on the floor. A little bit of nice chemistry between Tarik and Lin tonight.

    The Stats: He scored 9 points on 3-4 shooting (1-1 from three, 2-2 from the line) to go with 2 boards, 3 assists, 2 turnovers and 3 fouls in 15 minutes. He was a -12.

    The Action: He iso’d and swished a pull-up from the sideline. He drained a calm, controlled three straight away off an inbounds. He attacked and kicked out to Young who hit the step-back three. He attacked lane hard but couldn’t finish. Second Half: He attacked the heart of the D with speed and drew FTs, he made both. Sloppy two-man game pass trying to hit Boozer and he threw it away. He attacked off the high screen and scored a layup to start the fourth. He attacked and fired a pass to Black under the hoop for an And-1. Same trip down court after we got the missed FT and he hit Black cutting baseline for more FTs. He was called for a charge on Love (who was clearly in the restricted circle with both heels), should have been FTs. He sat after that as Kyrie came in. XXX

  975. If that’s the case, Lin would have played a lot more minutes when Kobe sat out of games to rest. Lin only played 18:57 against the Trail Blazers on 1/11/2015 (a game Kobe didn’t play) to Price’s 32:50 so I don’t think Lin is Kobe’s backup.

  976. It doesn’t matter because Kobe wanted to break MJ record.

  977. Hope that it happened yesterday but now we still have to wait. Getting more unbearable each game:-(

  978. This statement also tell that Kobe wanted to win the game all by himself that’s why Lin was not allow on when Kobe was on the court. smh!

  979. diva swan song. Happy = nobody on floor taking ball from him. He said ball has to go through him. That’s what’s up.

  980. Price’s grade: not one but two sleepy heads.
    Price — Scott was matching Price up with Kyrie, which meant 27 minutes for Price until Scott finally pulled the plug on that match up and went with Wes, Young and Kobe on the floor to close the game. Poor shooting night, making just one shot. He did manufacture some FTs, however. Kyrie had 22 points.

  981. Believe JLin is no one backup. He is allowed to play because FO forces BS and KB’s hand in playing him with as much as they can get away with. Otherwise JLin is DNP-CD like Sacre now.

  982. I know… but I like “I’m not going to be here much longer…” think about that makes me so happy.

  983. Another 1.5 seasons. Too long for me:-(

  984. Subscribed to the LP was to watch Lin’s good games repeatedly especially after a stressful day. Ha ha ..

  985. Had also subscribed LP when Lin was in Houston, guess I was just hoping that each year would be better for Lin.

  986. Actually there is also a free website u can go to watch after games to your heart content. It’s in Chinese website. I watched Linsanity games via that web. Learn all these treats from JLin fans:-)

  987. DB had always been fair and states as it is. One of the rarest guy… *clap*

  988. Yup, always look forward to his reviews.

  989. this thing of kobe this kobe that. its way too optimistic. its lin who scott himself dislike. its lins style. ronnie will get 32 mpg while lin 15 mpg from now on. forget this kobe stuff. scott doesn’t like lin even when kobe doesn’t play. watch lin maybe get 20 minutes tomorrow . if he is lucky

  990. SO be it……#AuditionModeON

  991. idk why people are saying its about kobe. its plain scott doesn’t want lin as a player.

  992. I do not think there is only ONE reason.

  993. Bcoz, some believe that Kobe is dictating BScott

  994. well either way scott or whoever controls him prefer price as a player

  995. In case you missed the great Price D

  996. have a kitkat

  997. lin doesn’t fit his style seem very simple to me

  998. we are kinda cross the line here for name calling…we are all frustrated, but we are smart enough to have some decorum 🙂

  999. It is about
    1. Kobe wanna be the man
    2. Scott wanna keep his job
    3. LAL wanna tank
    4. Lin having an Asian name

  1000. Saw how KB padded KL’s butt. A recruiting initiation. Lin Gone.

  1001. what do these faces mean?

  1002. or scott dislike lins game

  1003. I do not think that is the case. He just dislike “Lin”

  1004. why?

  1005. if its about kobe why does lin play little when kobe is out

  1006. I just said it is not just about Kobe….

  1007. 5. He’s to many fans

  1008. COuld be….who knows LOL

  1009. 6. Media ask him too many questions

  1010. I think the coach has been trying to push things through him hard, which might be extra load on him. If Scott let Lin run the offense, and get Young more catch and shot opportunities, things might get better, but Scott want to run Young ISO……

  1011. LMAO

  1012. 7. He acted like a great coach

  1013. Young does not have a sound form……so….it is understandable that he is streaky. Even player with good form can be streaky

  1014. No, Kobe what only the all by himself part, and don’t care whether they win or not.

  1015. There is only so much he can do to pretend to be dumb

  1016. Haven’t seen Jeremy taking the clipboard from Scott like he did to McHale but he does interview like he is the coach LOL.

  1017. Meaning:
    1. No one should play better than me
    2. Pass me the ball
    3. No one should make a parody about me
    4. No other player’s fan should diss me
    5. Don’t run faster then me
    6. Guard your man and my man too
    7. Did I say pass my the ball?

  1018. sadly thats how it is

  1019. Good luck with that. Just desserts for next year’s mess. I don’t care.

  1020. Tarik.. Lin too nice too Dellanova, he could have shot it.

  1021. @NBAonTNT this why you didn't show the live replay? Only certain angles? this is the bogus "charge" called on @JLin7 pic.twitter.com/ydwfbO0tZI— J Santana (@NY_JorEl) January 16, 2015

  1022. Long vid.

  1023. Lin did take the clipboard earlier this season.

  1024. The fabulous way Lin’s playing, he’d be Nash’s MENTOR by now!

  1025. Well meaning advice by Kobe, but this isn’t the 90s of the illegal defense era where one didn’t have to cut and read the court and be all intellectual to play well against modern day zones.

  1026. 3rd leading scorer despite being the 9TH MAN!!!

  1027. If Scott departs, another coach who hates Asians will take Scott’s place.

  1028. Lin played “as much” as he did only because Ronnie Price messed up his elbow on that one screen where he played soft defense on Kyrie Irving and got his lackadaisical arm tangled up in a screen.

  1029. It’s really just #4.

  1030. Does anybody speculate about how well Lin would play if he was fairly officiated and properly utilized?

    I feel that it would be Linsanity EVERY GAME.

    My guess: 22 points, 10 assists, tons of happy teammates, and a championship caliber team.

    There is no better per minute performer in today’s NBA than Lin, in my opinion.

  1031. Easy, whatever Wall’s doing multiplied by 1.2 or 1.3 on personal stats, and better team winning percentage leading to at least Conference Finals.

  1032. I know that Jeremy Lin is an excellent ball player constraint only by favoritism or bigotry, profit, and the fame of Kobe bryant. The Lakers can deprecate on him, if you will, while showcasing their franchise man, but Lin doesn’t have to take it (like the song says).

    …And he’s not. Jeremy Lin is a tenacious man and so he suffers the consequences; and I can’t blame him. I expect the forces of fairness to intercede sooner or later; after all, what we see others see as well.

    Plenty of teams can use his expertise. He might have to exchange playing on an elite team to being the deliverer of a poor team like the Knicks, let’s say.

    Like Paul F V says: Kobe may be on his way out and these games could be his Last Stand.

  1033. 8. Did I say “screw the Asian pest?’

  1034. double double everynight

  1035. Now we couldnt see who upvotes our comments? Disque changed? If 10 upvotes, it shows only one name + 9 others with no name, that’s it!

  1036. None of us know the end of the story for Jeremy’s life. He is a person of impeccable character and given the circumstances he has had to play basketball he has been elite. To me, he has nothing else to prove in character or basketball. I am sure when the time is right the conditions that he is playing under now will improve greatly. May we continue to pray for him and patiently wait for that time.

  1037. I think it would just be a lot of WINNING. I think Lin will take what the defence gives him. The 6 game winning streak with Melo was a good indication.

    Lin was already famous and defences were built around stopping him. He put up solid numbers whilst winning decisively.

  1038. Oops but then again Lin is an even better player now. Yeah Linsanity every game!

  1039. Yes patiently waiting for Linsanity 2. Don’t believe God brings JLin thus far for.him to be like this. As long as he continues to improve, he will flourish in due time. As JLin said, miracles do happen. I will wait for that day. It may seem tough now but sure glad that JLin has turned a corner in his bb journey this year. Still have another 3 months to go. Only God knows what will happen tomorrow.

  1040. Exactly. I would be different if lin wasn’t playing well, but he is playing really good basketball and becoming very efficient in the time he has on the floor. The best part of this situation is that the whole world is seeing how he is being marginalized. After the dust settles, Scott will be the scapegoat for the whole Laker organization

  1041. That’s the good part for being in Lakers. Everyone sees it. Glad that JLin has played very well despite being marginalized/handcupped by BS and KB. Wonderful he has learned how to get go with the time that he has given. Am glad to see opponent teams respect his games even though BS and KB aren’t.

  1042. Thanks for the tip, unfortunately I do not know Mandarin.

  1043. I’m so regret that I have bought Lakers Lin jersey & T shirts once he landed. I should have donated the money to his foundation instead.

    Thank you Lin for bringing me back to NBA. I’d stopped watching it after Alonzo Mourning retired. I was crazy for him when I was a teen girl. I remember Zo was the shortest centre at that time, but he was a great shot blocker, played excellent defence. (You lazy Jordan Hill, please watch what is a big man play!!!) He’s a fighter. He came back from a fatal kidney disease, never give up and, helping children off the court etc. I was so happy that he contributed a lot in the final and got the ring before his retirement.

    And Lin, another fighter, a real fighter, and is still fighting against the bias. No doubt Lin will shine again. All he need is just one chance, a fair chance, to make it happen one more time.

    At the time Lin leaves the NBA, so do I. I will go back to watch soccer, which requires a lot of team play, less flopping, less iso, and no chance of crazy benching 🙂

  1044. No need to regret about that… I believe Lin will stay in Lakers even there are so many rumors about trade or news… But after last night the talk from Kobe & how Scott cut Lin’s playing time tell me… Lin is a big threat to Kobe that’s why Kobe & Scott were so mean to Lin. This is not the first time Kobe did this to his teammate… read the statement from D12… Lin will win this time bc Kobe is old.

  1045. You know I find it very interesting that the conversations about whether kobe will shut it down for the rest of the season is just going back and forth. At first Scott said that he had spoke with Mitch, F/O and that they might shiutdown Kobe to preserve Kobe for next season. Then the reporters said a couple of days ago that management was not ready to shut Kobe down for the season, then Kobe came out and said that will shut him down and that he wasn’t happy about it, but he understood management’s position. So there is some factions inside of the organization fighting among themselves So that is why I say Scott is not representative of the F/O. Scott has own agenda

  1046. Reading tea leaves. What are they saying? I don’t think the message is very clear at all. But reading through Twitter this morning, there’s no shortage of tweeters who are absolutely, positively sure they know.

    From any viewpoint of “normal” basketball decisions, most of us will agree that none of this makes sense. For example, if Price really does have an “elbow problem” (which seems more like the last available excuse for continued ineptitude), why would a coach who alledgedly values Price put him into physically punishing game minutes with a bad elbow? Another example, why has “Kobe the co-coach” we heard so much about at the season’s beginning suddenly been demoted to “Kobe who has no say about his minutes or who plays?”

    Something is cooking alright, but it may not have anything to do with Jeremy. It affects him, certainly. I’m not denying it’s about Jeremy either. But I just don’t know. It’s like one of those problems whose variables can point to two or three equally valid solutions. And the tweets from the “often in error, seldom in doubt” really guys don’t enlighten very much.

    Will Jeremy still be a Laker on February 20? Don’t know. Is everything being done between now and the ASG mainly to keep the spotlight (only) on Kobe to hype his votes? Almost certainly.

    If Jeremy is traded before February 20, I’ll reserve any enthusiam until I see where. (Been through the “frying pay into the fire” situation already).

    I’m more interested in whether we’ll see a different type of Laker game after February 20 when Kobe has made his ASG bows (current Lakers main objective) … and if Jeremy is still a Laker and maybe given a longer leash finally.

  1047. Counting down to Jlin DNP-CD. … KHuang and I have been right the whole time…. at least his body will be rested for next season with another team….. why sacrifice for a team that does not appreciate you.

  1048. If you start out expecting DNP-CD for Jlin…. any minutes he gets to play will be a bonus, icing on the cake.

  1049. While it is still being reduced, I don’t believe Jeremy’s PT will actually get down to DNP-CD. A tanking Lakers team still needs to maintain viewership, and Kobe fan base Is no longer able to sustain it ALONE. It should be glaringly obvious by now that the loyal Lin fans will NEVER give watching Lin, and the Asian audience is a large one, so while they can abuse the golden hen, they’ll never be stupid enough to kill it. Lakers FO needs to run Kobe fan base AND Lin’s army in tandem to ride throught the muddy waters of tankhood.

    I say worst case scenario 12 minutes give or take when Kobe’s playing, best case 16, based on Kobe’s 32 min cap. 18 to 22 minutes when Kobe’s resting.

  1050. You truly get the spirit of 置之死地而後生。 LOL

  1051. I would like to think of it this way….God the potter JLin the clay…how will he be moulded in His hands….no one knows at this time..
    I see Linsanity as a prelude to something greater…foretold what is to come…a story not of JLin but a reflection of God’s greatness.

  1052. Agreed. Only way Lin’s PT is going down to DNP-CD is if Lin openly asks to be traded. I also feel bad for Ellington. I even feel bad for Jimmer.

  1053. I don’t know if Scott can get away with that. He has to play Lin a little bit, so he plays him the minimum.

  1054. Ah, Alonzo Mourning.

    I remember watching him in the 1988 US Olympic Trials as a high school senior. He matched up briefly against his future mentor, Patrick Ewing.

    I thought that Mourning had his best years as a Charlotte Hornet. He was terrific, though like all Georgetown centers he lacked some post fundamentals. In later years, scouts complained that Mourning was relying too much on power and brute strength instead of using actual skill.

    Mourning was still a marvelous player and earned that richly deserved championship. He was a truly great center.

  1055. sorry what is it? I can’t read that.

  1056. Roughly translated, back yourself into a corner (no win situation) and then fight your way out.

  1057. Only 3 days left. Let’s vote for Lin in ASG by tweet, FB & http://www.nba.com/allstar/

  1058. k.thanks…I like it.

  1059. Guess BS is settling in with the 10 players rotation. With only 10, Ellington is the odd man out. Guess if BS is to play him, then Lin will really be DNP-CD.

  1060. If it was Lin, Stu “Jeremy Lin can’t guard Kyre Irving” If it’s Price: “Kyre Irving is just so good, nobody could stop him”

    If Lin traded I’m looking forward to him doing this to Price:


  1061. Lin should get away from doing his interviews by saying: “I think you should interview guys who played over 15 minutes.”

    Reporters: “Because you are on the bench so much, you have more time to observe what is going on; that is why we are asking you questions.”

  1062. Annoying thing was Ireland asked Lin “were you ready for Kobe to be passing so many assists?” Lin should have said “he didn’t pass any to me”

  1063. I know, the reporters are so afraid to ask relevant questions. It’s shameful.

  1064. UTA Pregame Thread+Poll is open

    The Great Tanking Race + Kobe Retirement Show

    So let’s call the previous game what it was. “Kobe vs LeBron” Show for perhaps the last time before Kobe retires.

    Kobe played well with 19pts/17asts/6rebs/3TO with good 50% shooting (7-14) and Cavs underwhelming defense.

    It’s becoming undeniable that Lakers becomes the Kobe traveling show and losing is a welcomed outcome for tanking purpose. More LA Media is calling out for a full tanking season by losing more games to keep Top 5 draft picks.

    It’s imperative for Lin fans to adjust the expectations that both factors will point to Lin’s reduced minutes since JLin is about team and winning. Perhaps that’s why Lin’s minutes are dwindling because his playing style and goal conflicts with Kobe’s personal goals and Lakers wish not to win games.

    Let’s hope Lin keep’s his high efficiency in his 14-15 min and he will attract attention for contenders knowing Lin will help them for playoff run. Lakers is no longer “cheer-worthy” as normal basketball teams who want to win so basketball fans would need to adjust our expectations since winning is not the team goal.

    This Utah game is probably no different since whoever loses will be leading in the Great Tanking Race. Lakers (12-28) vs Jazz (13-26)

    If Kobe doesn’t play, let’s hope by a fluke that Lin is allowed to lead Lakers to post 20+min with great stats. Wins are probably not the desired outcome by BScott when Kobe’s absent.

  1065. For a team trying to tank, that is EXACTLY what they should do. Poor Lin. 🙂

  1066. Pay the most attention to the “It doesn’t matter.” part. The meat of the message is BS is irrelevant. Just one more guy to be used with whatever message of the moment serves Kobe’s rep.

  1067. Fearless as usual.

  1068. at this point i cant even disagree

  1069. my apologies

  1070. noted thanks

  1071. I think this is the first time, in a while, I’ve read a post from Je Ballew that sounded like Je Ballew…. 🙂

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