Game 4: Dallas Mavericks vs Atlanta Hawks

After playing the 3rd game in 5 nights, Jeremy Lin did not appear to have any fresh legs and finished with 0 points and 1 rebound in 9 minutes.

It would be interesting to see how Jeremy’s body would respond with 3 days rest to play against Dallas Mavericks tonight.

The anticipated match-up would be on the two rookies,Trae Young vs Luka Doncic, as the 5th and 3rd draft pick in 2018 NBA draft. The Mavericks made a deal with the Hawks to move up the draft so the Hawks drafted Doncic and sent him to Dallas.

The starting lineup would stay the same. Dedmon is back from injury and come off the bench.

Jeremy had an extra practice helping the coaches to test the new arena. He seemed to play the Shooting Guard (SG) role with Coach Lloyd Pierce playing the PG role so it will be curious to see if this translates to actual game by preparing Jeremy Lin to play the SG role while closing the games in the 4th quarter with Trae Young. It might lessen the burden on Jeremy’s legs during this Return-To-Play protocol but will allow him to catch up to NBA game speed and conditioning.

Will Jeremy play backup PG during the first three quarters and play more SG next to Trae to close games if he plays well? It is a possibility but first let’s hope Jeremy’s body can help him to perform better after 3 days of rest.


  1. First!

  2. 2nd. Let’s go Lin.

  3. I’m hoping for a little bounce back performance from JLin after 3 days rest 🙂 .. so maybe 12pts/2asts in 18 minutes?

    It’s odd to see Lin played SG during coaches’ scrimmage yesterday .. perhaps Coach expects Lin to play more SG to close the game with Trae in the 4th quarter, to save his legs and help his confidence, too

    Let’s see if it’s true

  4. Didn’t know Lin drives a Jeep Wrangler. I sold mine a few years ago and still miss it.

  5. I agree with the “odd” part. But hopefully it’s a good sign. Will wait to see what happens in this game before further judgement.

  6. First 3 goes in!

  7. links pls post early

  8. ESPN TV.

  9. 12 pts would be fine. Assists depend on if guys can finish. I think Lin may play SG with Trae tonight a bit more than he has. But it’s all up to matchups and how Lin looks.

  10. Wow Lin’s got both a race car, Maserati and an Offroader, Jeep? Nice to be rich.

  11. nice

  12. game started yet?

  13. I afraid it will be Trae Young vs. Luka Doncic show.

    They are going to let T Young take 20 shots at home court

    Hope Lin can play more SG

  14. and hit some 3s.

  15. Hope youre right Psalm!

  16. Go JLin! Support you wholeheartedly! Pray that you will remain healthy and have a wonderful game!

  17. Trae, no effort at all on D. Doesn’t even run back.

  18. 3 looked bad

  19. Lin checks in at 5:48 in Q1
    Hawks is down 14-25

  20. Hope he gets some flow today. Fingers crossed, legs crossed, eyes…

  21. I liked that he shot it and he looked ok shooting it. He just has to shoot it when open.

  22. Lol

  23. the problem i see so far is that Lin is not getting the ball back.

  24. always been the case

  25. He’s got to run around and get it. He’s gotten it back a few times and looked to pass.

  26. Agreed.

  27. Hes stil in!

  28. yeah, if it works, we need you to take one for the team 😀

  29. Eyes eyes!

  30. they have to much young guys

  31. he won’t be in anymore after that pass!

  32. that wasn’t his fault.

  33. not his pass

  34. double team on Lin

  35. Man, no shooting foul?

  36. Boring

  37. His teammates just ignore him Sigh.

  38. embarrassing

  39. 42 in 1st? hahahahahahaha

  40. this game might be in garbage time after halftime

  41. Bembry thinks he is a PG.

  42. If I were Lloyd, I’d play Lin at the 2. Lin is in set teammates up mode, not aggressive/scoring mode. At the 2 he’d look more to set guys up off of motion rather than play from the perimeter.

  43. Lin checked out with 1:23 left in Q1 (22-39)

    I hope he can get more aggressive in Q2. Why are there no more PnR plays to get him going?

  44. Defense is the issue. No, not. The first 20 games are for offense individual skill testing. The next 20 games are for offense set trial. The next 20 games are for formal offense running set. Then remaining, well, since we are developing. why not keep shooting.

  45. I am so happy Hawks got blow out like this

  46. I agree. His current PG role in the 2nd team is just bringing up the ball, not much ball movement happening. But there are no other reliable PG in the 2nd team so he’s stuck.

    Let’s hope LP pairs him with Trae soon out of desperation.

  47. Even more happy Luka is having a great game.

  48. Hawks has no D, wide open 3s from the Mavs.
    Coach needs to insist on D


  49. Protect Lin? Sub him out after 3 mins or after one bad play? This is the substitution of a 3rd string pg.

  50. They funnel the ball handler to the outside vs inside, saw Lin do the same thing, so I’m assuming genius D calling from LP. There are NO help defenders to the outside, by the time the center rotates to help, it opens up someone for a dump pass or a clear look for a layup. Worst team D I’ve seen in a long time.

  51. 50 pts blow out by the half please.

  52. Ouch! Polythress got clipped and landed awkwardly on one leg, twisted knee.
    Out of the game to the locker room

  53. I hope he’s ok. It’s so easy to get injured in this game.

  54. LMAO LP really using Bembry as a pg….

  55. Hawks don’t have enough talents to run 7 seconds offense!

  56. This coach is clueless man.

  57. Wow Atlanta is beyond bad.

  58. lin is on min. restriction

  59. That much is clear.

  60. yea. kinda obvious

  61. I totally disagreed but I hope you are right.

  62. Coach took him out after a bad fall from a layup. So his health still play in his mind.

  63. This is ugly. Totally ugly. Especially on home court opening.

  64. yes he is. he’s on 2 mins restriction per game

  65. They are what they are.

  66. don’t really care. to be honest.

  67. That was a hard fall.

  68. Lol is that a joke or you are serious?

  69. If J. doesn’t get any offer next year. CBA would be the best destination for him

  70. This is on the coach. No defense efforts.

  71. When Lin wasn’t shooting well, Clifford still leave him in the game for defense, I guess we won’t see this with the Hawks…. sigh.

  72. Let’s not get ahead of ourselves here. Plenty of season left.

  73. I will follow Lin to CBA then. No big deal.

  74. He was much healthier then and could play D at a high level. For now, he has to work back his strength which as much quickness as he’ll get after the patellar tear injury.

  75. Say whatever you want. Bottom line is LP doesn’t think much of Lin.

  76. Me neither… dogders time

  77. Lol

  78. Totally

  79. Lin was seen icing the knee.
    How bad was the fall? I didn’t see it

  80. wasn’t bad

  81. icing probably not related to the fall.

  82. lin is done for the game. 2 mins restriction is up.

  83. Really sick of this racism in NBA… There always a reason / angle on Lin.

  84. no pg on the floor!

  85. Bembry

  86. Well, the Hawks are somehow getting back in the game with no PG on the floor.

  87. Couldn’t care less

  88. they need scorers more so

  89. I am not sure why they traded for him??? 13 million to sit in the bench.

  90. I think Dennis Schroder was at odd with the Hawks organization so that they have to get rid of him no matter what. Beside they drafted Young.

  91. The coach has found a group of guys that have gotten them back in the game. So, he has to stick with them. No Trae, 3 fouls, no Lin, probably because he’s not Lin yet. Coach is doing his job.

  92. because they know when Lin’s healthy he runs the show

  93. He is only playing the hot hands like any other mediocre coaches.

  94. No offense but I really hopes you are right…..

  95. This is ridiculous. It’s not even a minutes restriction, trying to protect Lin from reinjury. Playing only 4 minutes through the first half, with Trae on the bench in foul trouble is Pierce not wanting Lin out there at all.

    I don’t mind Lin not playing too much and getting eased back into NBA shape, but he’s getting benched and not being eased back. I think I’m done watching this crap.

  96. Like I said, LP think of Lin as a 3rd sting pg.

  97. yep….don’t get upset click…it is what it is.

  98. that’s why I said trade Lin by Feb.

  99. If not CBA next year….F the NBA

  100. He needs a coach that will trust him

  101. Agreed on F the NBA part. Racist as always.

  102. Regardless of his health, Lin’s $12.5M expiring contract is valuable since it comes off the books next year or attractive asset for trade.

  103. Lin will not be in the league next year. he’s done.

  104. which team do you think J. should play in CBA

  105. I am hoping Steve Clifford pick him up. At least Clifford knows Lin can play.

  106. yes I agree….don’t look good for him

  107. I didn’t really follow CBA so I don’t know haha.

  108. Welcome to position-less basketball. Everyone over 6-5, long and aggressive.

  109. me too….maybe Yao’s team the sharks

  110. That would be nice. 🙂

  111. Lin is hurt. he will look like this for atleast haif the season.please dont over react to what you see.

  112. just being real

  113. not hurt i meant not fully back

  114. The odd thing is Lin doesn’t seem upset on the bench.
    Is it the Return-To-Play protocol? Or LP is riding the lineup that had a little run in the 2nd quarter.

    I want to see what happens in the 2nd half

  115. I would nominate Lin to hall of fame

  116. The substitution said it all brother. If Lin is really in such a bad shape, they should put him on injuries list instead of playing him 2-3 mins here and there.

  117. yep yep

  118. He’s got a long way to go physically and mentally. I agree, it’s best not to overreact but expect emotion and passion and frustration from Lin fans at what they see now.

  119. don’t get hurt for this junk team

  120. He doesn’t need to go on injury list. That would not be good for him at all. He needs to show he played some games and work himself up slowly where he trusts his body again.

  121. only real game experience will get him back to what he was. the speed and intensity.

  122. yea i now m trying to help :p

  123. Gotcha!

  124. if Jeremy is on restriction he will say that during interview. He’s not. When he saw Trae was going to sub him he was asking for the ball cuz he knows he’s coming out of the game.

  125. announcers also talked about how he needed reps to get back the rhythm after a long layoff.

    But I’m not sure 4-min stint here and there are too cautious or not. Hard to get into flow that way

  126. the funny part is teammates were trying to run away from him

  127. What is Lin going to do? Hang his head and sulk? That’s just not who he is. He’ll put on a front and a fake happy face so as to not worry his fans.

    This is not what Lin had envisioned, coming back into the NBA. He’s not even being treated as a 3rd stringer at this point. Even the crappy rookie Huerter gets more minutes than Lin.

  128. another 2 mins restriction psalm

  129. Tbh I worry about over compensation after a major injury, but I try to keep it to myself so others won’t worry, and just failed. So no rush.

  130. what jeremy needs is a break….he’s staying away from contact very obvious but that’s his game… if he’s shots are not falling it’s game over and on top of that on limited mins.

  131. I expected more frustration or emotion like when he didn’t play much in the Hornets vs Heat Game 7 playoff

    But it’s hard not being able to assess Lin’s face closer on TV. This is certainly frustrating for Lin fans :[

  132. Look at derrick rose not the same after coming back

  133. I agree with you. That may be the concern. It’s hard to know what’s going on behind the scenes and the rationale for his minutes now.

  134. Lin could barely jump, and this is a one season rental. Playing or not won’t matter, staying healthy is the priority! Lin will use it to get back in shape. If Lin gets another season injury he’s done for good. Hawks have their franchise and rebuilding so there’s no need for Lin to risk injury for this team.

  135. score his points and get out of this team…..shoot the ball every 30 secs

  136. That’s the point, you need more than 2-4 mins to get into rhythm. If they believe Lin is not in the shape yet, then sit him. Stop playing him like a 3rd string pg!!!

  137. Lin can play the drive to a spot and pop game. Get behind a screen and pop game. I think Lin has to redefine his game. If a lot of his speed comes back, then go back to the dribble drive. If not, then become a crafty Lin. Right now, he’s in-between.

  138. DRose is actually looking a little better this season (14.8pts/5ast) than the previous 3 seasons after injury (~8pts/1.3ast), but obviously not in the same MVP form that he had.

  139. Lin trying to do more then he is ready for could get hm injured. i actually like the way he is waiting till he trust his body

  140. Couldn’t agreed more.

  141. I couldn’t tell. Was that ice or heat. Also, I saw the pad on his right knee at first then his left later.

  142. The only thing I don’t like is he’s driving too much to finish at the rim. I don’t mind him driving some, but stop and pop. He should make that his game right now. I agree that he’s very aware of his body and playing not to get injured.

  143. problem is he’s not going to get any screen.

  144. My perspective is this is still Lin’s team. They cut the deficit to 4. They did a good job. Now they have to keep it competitive and not meltdown.

  145. huh?

  146. you mean trae

  147. I don’t think “getting into the flow” is the purpose at this point. I think it is just giving Jlin a “taste” of NBA ball for now. I think they may be leaving it up to Jlin when he is ready to take on more. 20 games folks, be patient. I think ATL is just being respectful to the healing process and I think they would not pursue this approach w/o the complete cooperation of Jlin. Don’t forget the Jlin has hardly played in TWO years, a lifetime in pro sports. In fact, I think if he does make it back to anything approaching his previous talent it will be something of a semi-miracle.

  148. Lin’s team as this is the team he plays for.

  149. F the NBA… absolutely…

  150. You’re dreaming.

  151. i dont get whats gin on with his three

  152. yeah….nice thought but he won’t playing next year….there will be no offer for him.

  153. I’d appreciate it if you don’t respond anymore. Thank you.

  154. Block me then. Thank you!

  155. Curious, why do you feel it is Lin’s team ?

  156. That’s more like it. This is trae team but it is reasonable for Hawks to think that.

  157. Just be respectful. If you don’t agree, fine. But I choose to root for the team Lin is on. If Lin says he’s not being treated right, then I may change my position. So respect my position or don’t respond.

  158. Harvard, nba, work… we gotta start suing people

  159. I was. I am just saying you are dreaming if you think is team belongs to Lin.

  160. He plays on this team. I could have said he is a member of the Hawks. I didn’t mean he’s the featured focus on the team.

  161. I explained he plays for the team. OK. Let’s move on.

  162. And like I said, you don’t wanna see my comments then block me. Simple.

  163. I thought i saw him jump pretty good on a loose ball

  164. Now i would agree with that. A member of the team.

  165. Just not falling. Looks ok leaving his hands but it’s not going through the basket during the game. He just has to keep putting them up. Sooner or later, they’ll fall. In fact, he’s due.

  166. Lol

  167. yes, I’m also wanting to see after 30 games to get realistic expectation of JLin’s recovery. It may be 0.5-3 seasons similar to how DRose got better stats this season after 3 seasons of recovery. Hopefully not that long

  168. Ah gotcha.

  169. i agree with what your saying you just didnt choose the right words there

  170. Thats all it is…

  171. Agree. Happy he’s on the court. His progress will be in its own time.

  172. ok just a misunderstanding…..get along guys…it’s bad enough season for us.

  173. Lin’s not even on the bench anymore, after standing up and stretching his legs a bit.

  174. yeah he said F this i’m going to go get a haircut at the barbershop

  175. My concern is his health. I expressed that in a post psalm featured. This is just game 4 of the season. It may take a lot more time before Lin has significant minutes in a regular season game.

  176. Lin is still a top notch back up pg at the very least
    He needs to play 15+mins at least
    This is not acceptable

    He had a full year to recover no need for min restriction for a back up player

  177. Where did he go

  178. Screw this team

  179. Agreed

  180. They have to pay him 13 million big ones… haha

  181. I think it’s based on the medical reports, trainers perhaps. Or it could just be LP. I can’t really tell.

  182. getting a hotdog

  183. That’s very misleading. We don’t say it like that

  184. Thank you!

  185. It’s pretty obvious they don’t want to give Lin too many minutes healthy or not

  186. I see him on the bench again. Glued there it seems.

  187. 5:30 to go in the 3rd Q, Pierce finally calls up Lin.

  188. Here come Lin

  189. jeremy is ready for his 4 minutes! yay!

  190. Trae embarassed by Doncic haha

  191. Lol

  192. Get in there and outscore Young in your 3 mins.

  193. The john

  194. It’s a little different. The recovery might be 1 year but he was only cleared for 5-on-5 days before preseason so he’s nowhere used to play with NBA players with full contact.

    It’s a little frustrating for Lin fans not knowing how this Return-To-Play protocol works. I understand the Hawks can be cautious to protect their $12.5M expiring contract in Lin but I wish they can share more information about it.

    Also, it might be better than the Nets’ way to bring back Lin too soon for 3 times in 2016-17? Idk if I could interview Chelsea Lane, I would. So far I trust her knowing she helped Steph Curry from recovering from almost career-ending ankle injury.

  195. I will treasure this 4 mins.

  196. I’m actually excited for the Brooklyn Nets team.
    They are actually talented, LeVert and Allen are actually so good they make DAR look like shyt.
    Dinwiddie might start over him at some point
    this is one talented team too bad Lin had to go but SA turned it around and props to him

  197. I like Levert a lot but DLO sucks!

  198. John Colin is better, but he is not playing

  199. Don’t blink.

  200. 😉

  201. Good D by Lin!

  202. CLV looks really good.

  203. Assist!

  204. Come on Pierce, don’t pull Lin after 2 minutes. He’s playing good D and making decent passes.

  205. I don’t think so. Allen is delivering, he has data to back it up

  206. They r winning wo young… lol

  207. Lin checked in with 5:25 left in the 3rd quarter.

    Good to see him more aggressive

  208. 2 mins you mean

  209. Yeah, he looks better

  210. i want him to shoot the ball

  211. Lin assist to Bembry 3

  212. I said it a few days ago, Nets are actually pretty good this year. They play good team basketball. LeVert and Allen are very good already and will only get better.

  213. It would be nice. But I would settle for him helping the team win.

  214. Although I do like sws94. He’s a good poster and very knowledgebale
    He makes good points and tries to calm us when we are upset

  215. Lin comes in as PG and Hawks make a comeback even when he’s not looking to score! Bench and Lin are meshing well!

  216. Look at his D, he speed is still there.

  217. Bembry wants to show everyone he’s worth something on national TV… ballhogging all game.

  218. That bembrey guy never passses to jlin…

  219. Now is the time to score Lin!!!

  220. Tunnel vision.

  221. #@*)#&)@(#&@&) Bembrey. Worst then Kobe.

  222. Lin and Pierce smiling! Proves he’s not mistreating Lin! Needs time to get back from injury people!

  223. Pretty sure Kobe is worst.

  224. Why does Lin keep passing to Bembry? He should know by now Bembry will never pass it back.

  225. The different is Kobe can score 80 but not Bembry.

  226. Playing Trae and Lin together…

  227. Lin didn’t think Heurter was going to pass to him for an open 3. Almost hurt himself trying to saving it. Rookie teammate wanted to pass to Lin for open shots good to see!

  228. Lin 2nd assist to Dedmon 3

  229. Return-To-Play protocol is just speculation right?
    <10mins is not acceptable imo
    Hayward is playing 25mins

  230. Not impressed with Young’s game so far.

  231. nice .. time for Lin to score

  232. Well that didn’t last long. Trae back to the bench with his 4th foul…

    Lin finally made a 3!!!

  233. Not at all, he is kinda like IT the punk.

  234. 3333

  235. Feel like crying. Monkey is off of his back.

  236. Pierce now trying the “real” lineup of the seasons, Lin x Trae will be deadly if they work together!!

  237. yeah!! First 3 of the season!

  238. Yes 3!!!!!

  239. Wow Trae comes in and the first thing coach does is have a play for Lin’s 3! wowhoo!! game is about to get serious!!!

  240. Huerter and Spellman, the 2 rooks, don’t ever look to kick it back out when they’re in the paint.

  241. I dont know who is more dense

  242. This coach is too dumb to coach

  243. He’s getting a rhythm now. I hope LP keeps him in for at least 3 more minutes.

  244. that’s why they are called rooks

  245. Huerter at least tried getting Lin an open 3 but Lin wasn’t synced with him so it was a TO. At least the rookie is looking for Lin’s 3s unlike the Bembry!

  246. Dedmon’s assist led to Lin 3.

    I like Dedmon now 🙂

  247. He can’t push the pace, is a good passer, but no D and isn’t really a play maker. Similar to D’Russell.

  248. the last few plays just summarize Lin’s career. he hits his first 3 of the season and Barea comes right back to hit one over him. it is what it is…

  249. Lin will play a little more I think as TY is in foul trouble.

  250. that was sweet three….been waiting for that

  251. They’re not blessed with great court vision. LP needs to crack the whip because there is a lot of selfish play on this team.

  252. Foul trouble is the best way right now for Lin to get more minutes. I don’t want to see Trae get injured but foul trouble is okay.

  253. I really dislike bembry… looks like a moron

  254. And a contested one at that! Lin needs time to get back in shape! Pierce and Lin are definitely on friendly terms and knows what’s up. Plan is to play Lin and Trae when possible with staggered minutes.

  255. Very selfish player. Often out of control.

  256. jeremy is trying to feed the bigs….the bigs will reciprocate and set screens

  257. Pierce would rather play Bembry and Baze at point most of 2nd and 3rd Q, than to have Lin out there.

  258. Boys and Girls – 10 Mins Yay!!!!!

  259. At least he’s making shots but he’s totally not a team player never passes back outside to Lin or other players selfish!

  260. Exactly. Would never wish him to get diarrhea or something like that…

  261. I actually hope this coach pulls jlin… itll show that he is imdeed on min restriction… othwrwise, we have to wait for young pto be in foul teouble…

  262. At least until Lin is fully healthy, he needs to ease back into playing. Pierce and Lin obviously gets along well.

  263. I got no problem with Trae getting a nasty case of the squirts.

  264. You’re crazy! Bench is rolling and Hawks have chance of winning the game!! Lin is also in rhythm and get get good stats if he looks for his shot more!

  265. The only encouraging things about this game so far is Pierce allowing Lin to finish the 3rd Q and Lin making his first 3 of the season.

  266. Losing with young… lol

  267. actually trae is not the problem…..bembry and bazemore

  268. 1-9 for TY….

  269. Lin out already?!

  270. Trae’s D is soooo bad.

  271. Baze is not the problem. Crappy defense and Bembry ballhogging is the problem.

  272. sweet three I need highlights tonight

  273. Too small and weak.

  274. lol .. so we’re rooting for Trae to play tight D from now on

  275. One more foul for TY please!

  276. yes because he dared scored

  277. Bembry is okay
    He’s not a PG hes doing his job

  278. = = What …was ….that. Gamble right under the basket?

  279. Just like Harden’s but fans don’t care about that, just want to see players score a lot of points.

  280. But with young in foul trouble, itll be evident that jlin is being limited due to injury protocol rather than bc young fouls

  281. he is just too small. even if he bulks up i dont think it will help tht much

  282. Agreed

  283. If TY Foul out, and Lin get hot and help win the game, then Lin might have a chance in this team.

  284. barrera is so lucky that jeremy is taking it slow….he usually destroy this short PG

  285. He was pulled. He’ll probably be back in the game. But, to me he was beginning to get warmed up.

  286. Notuce they start losing when hes in

  287. I completely disagree … that he is the next Curry.

  288. No it doesnt matter

  289. no they won’t allow that…they’ll put dorsey in hehe

  290. At least he won’t be treated like a 3rd string pg.

  291. Jlin is a mental giant

  292. I think more Bembry and Prince when he plays with Lin. Bembry is a ball hog.

  293. He still will be
    He is not in their long term plan

  294. Well rookie want to win games so as long as JLin can help with that, then Lin will have a chance.

  295. Cmon… u know how this works!

  296. Lin knows that this is not going to be his team……but he needs to score and score

  297. Haha. I am crossing my fingers. 🙂

  298. Wheres jlin?

  299. He won’t shoot…

  300. Using Bembry and Baze at point again, without Lin or Trae.

  301. And Bembry screws up bigtime.

  302. Bembry really sucks big time!

  303. Actually, the more jlin scores, the sooner he comes out!

  304. I guarantee if they allowed Lin to finish this game, instead of using Bembry as PG, they’d win.

  305. on the bench😐

  306. Oh yeah… lol

  307. Perhaps LP is saving Trae/Lin for the last 4 min of the game

  308. Put Lin in LP! Lin is born for clutch time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  309. Im rooting for mavs now

  310. Thats why he wont!

  311. Baze showing why he was so sought after during free agency a few years ago. He’s on fire tonight and was very good last game too.

  312. then you get a travel lol

  313. Coach wants it to be a Trae vs Doncic showdown to the end? obviously Trae loss already :/

  314. If Lin helps the Hawks to win, I’ll treat myself with an In-N-Out burger

  315. Lol. What is that tho?

  316. he has to be in the court to do that

  317. If Lin actually checks back into to help the team win that is!

  318. JLin’s favorite burger hangout lol

  319. It’s a burger you put in your mouth and then a few hours later it comes out.

  320. I see, west coast only tho.

  321. Oh yeah baby!

  322. We dont have In-N-Out burger here in NY

  323. If they keep jlin on the bench, go mavs!

  324. An nba bs call!

  325. I will get myself a Shake Shack then.

  326. Great, broadcasters praising Bembry, but not mentioning how he ballhogs.

  327. Love the 🍟

  328. Why can’t LP play Trae and Lin together???

  329. He did play them together… for 30 seconds.

  330. lol

  331. That was a great 30 seconds.

  332. Overtime then Trae foul out… Hehe.

  333. That’s going to be on the highlights… Trae just did some fancy dribbing and crossover for a layup.

  334. Did the coach just tell a player to leave smith wide open?

  335. TY is trying to show off.

  336. What are they holding the ball? There more than 2 mins left!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  337. That spin by Trae to the basket was sick. Honestly haven’t seen Lin do something like that since the beginning of his career during Linsanity. Lin never used that 360 spin against after that one on Fisher :/

  338. TY is sooooo damn overrated.

  339. Yeah and when he tried to do it the second time he almost lost the ball.

  340. OT please!

  341. Go mavs!

  342. TY knows when to put on a show, he’s taking advantage of the green light he’s given and has delivered every time during 4th quarter. TY is a legit franchise minus the defense.

  343. Lin won’t be playing the 4th Q at all. Unless they go into overtime, he’s done with 9 minutes.

  344. Showboat… already dont like him

  345. he’s way over his minute restriction of 2 mins per game

  346. Please we’d be cheering if that was Lin during Linsanity. This is the NBA the point is to show off especially when the media and teams are obviously making it a Trae vs Doncic show!

  347. Haha.

  348. Baze is nutty tonight. Hot dang.

  349. Thats why im watching dodgers… lol

  350. Lol

  351. +1 shopping for rugs online.

  352. if Hawks win by 2, i’m claiming that Lin hit the game winner.

  353. Lol… rugs?

  354. Trae looks like Charlie Chaplin

  355. Lol… skinnier version…

  356. Mini version? 🙂

  357. Right… except.charlie was pretty cool

  358. LOL Matthews talking trash to Trae and then airballs a 3.

  359. From face of the nets to this… boo

  360. 1st round Trae vs Doncic and Trae wins both the show and the game! Well this game proved that Hawks was right dropping down to draft Trae over the no.3 draft in Doncic. Trae is obviously a more versatile and confident player. Doncic feels a bit timid.

  361. to be fair that was a foul

  362. There is no winner here, both having a bad game.

  363. Doncic is way better! Not impresaed with at all…

  364. Lin is now officially rest enabling player and garbage time player.

  365. it’s ok guys. 82 games he’ll get his chance

  366. can i have my 3 points highlight

  367. the only one who lost, is lin….

  368. Lin was never the “face of Nets” they just called him the leader so he can help develop their players.
    Nets were stealth tanking for 2 season straight while taking the ball and PnR away from Lin with the BS motion offense.

  369. Agreed

  370. Dallas coach is shaking his head…man i can’t believe we lost to this junk team without lin playing lol

  371. Yes, ur right… at least he was the “leader”

  372. i concur…very true

  373. His 3 points was the difference… lol

  374. leader in name only without the freedom to play his style of basketball! Everyone went iso every chance they got and Lin never got to play to his strengths! Nets and KA offense took away both his ball handling and mid range jumpers!

  375. Even Dedmon, in his first game back from injury, got 14 minutes tonight… 5 more than Lin did.

  376. yeah…..true.

  377. what kind of injury was it?

  378. Right again sport…

  379. Left ankle fracture.

  380. Trae is proving game after game that he’s a legit star unlike DRussel, LonzoBall, and Walker!

  381. most of lin’s 3’s that he missed all preseason and reg season have been short. tonight the one he missed wasn’t off by much and he finally made one. silver lining i guess…

  382. I am not convinced at all that Lin’s PT is being paced due to his recovery. Basically, Lin will get PT during 4th only if Hawks out of the game or the coach wants to pull a player because the player playing horribly and disobeying the coach. So, 8 to 10 minutes during first 3 Quarters and then zero or few minutes depending whether Hawks are in the game.

  383. 3 for 12 shooting is not star material. Without foul shots, his stats would look terrible tonight.

    Last game however, Trae did play like a star. He’s just not consistently that good… yet.

  384. that’s why i said all along he needs to be traded somewhere…not sure where but not this team. they won’t use him

  385. You think Lin’s on minutes restriction still? Obviously part of his lower minutes has to do with showing off Trae and making him the franchise but I suspect Lin is still on injury protocol and coach’s goal is to play Lin and Trae together with Lin being a SG like Klay Thompson! Honestly Trae looks legit, if Hawks is willing to give Lin that Klay Thompson start as SG I don’t mind!

  386. dont forget when he was iso vs doncic and he held his own. i think lin is way further along than most people here think. it’s his minimalist role that he can’t recover from…

  387. he’s a rook but not bad

  388. Been saying that since preseason.

  389. When someone was on a team we used to say it’s his or her team. Now it means something different. I’ve been around the game a long time. But, it was misleading and i have to stay current.

  390. Dude, most of us want Lin traded and we’ve been saying it since he was traded to the Hawks. No need to keep repeating yourself. There’s no chance he’ll be traded anytime soon because he hasn’t shown any team that he’s worth trading for, especially with the limited minutes he’s been playing.

  391. yes. his name is lin and LP limits his minutes to 10… minutes restriction…

  392. Don’t think so, not with Bembry rotating in.

  393. Looks like at this point he is at the end of the rotation players. Gordon Hayward also came back from missing a year but he is starting with 20+ mins. Was his injury less serious than Lin’s?

  394. buyout. premier candidate after the trade deadline…

  395. Whatever this is on Atlanta, Lin is playing some. And it’s now 4 games with no injury. He hit a 3 and looked a bit more like himself for a little stretch. The team he’s on actually made an exciting comeback to get a win in their home opener.

  396. In a way, yes.

  397. Bazemore, Bembry, and Prince were the difference maker. Limited minutes of Poythress helped too. Spellman is out of shape, but promising. Trae gets the nod because they are pushing him as franchise, he had a couple nice shots and a spin that worked out, didn’t mean to turn out the way it did in my opinion. Made the free throws when it mattered when they fouled him. Ok game, but not great.

  398. Sorry for being harsh

  399. Lin was never consistently good either, players has off game. 3-12 is great! Russell, Lonzo, Harden and Walker all took 20-30+ shots especially Walker who was just a fake volume shooter propped up as a star!

    Trae only take 12 even on a bad game is completely fine! All Star players take an average of 15 shots per game so 12 is great, shows Trae wasn’t ball hogging or chucking shots!

  400. Yes but Hayward is being treated as a star.

  401. First time seeing Brook play since he got traded to the Lakers. I hope he does well on the Bucks this year.

  402. Yes, very nice. Couldn’t contain my excitement. I can’t wait to buy tickets to see Lin play when Hawks come to LA. I forgot that some guy named LeBron was on Lakers. He might be worth seeing.

  403. I like to repeat myself….please trade him or buy out

  404. I didn’t think you were harsh.

  405. Walker is a legit star.

  406. jeremy is a star too..he plays with jay chou

  407. I feel this whole “recovery protocol” is like wishful thinking but of course the only thing we can do is watch more games and see what happens.

  408. Ha, doesn’t count in the NBA

  409. walker is a star. but not a winner. lin isnt a star, but a winner.

  410. Sport doesn’t like Kemba. After seeing Kemba in Charlotte for a season, I’ve grown to think he’s a much better player than I thought he was. He has some limitations, but what he does well he does very well.

  411. Yes.

  412. That’s fair enough. I think as long as he’s not injured and there is another game to play, at some time he’ll break out and the coach will then be forced to play him more. But I think it is very, very early now.

  413. Why would you want a buy out? I can see a trade, though I would warn of the grass is greener syndrome.

  414. Coach is not going to be forced to do anything. He’s in charge.

  415. Taking 30 shots just to get his 30 pts is not what I call a legit star. Walker never led his team to the playoffs before and after Lin left! Walker got the star nod because of the previous 1 season playoff birth that was because of Lin’s contribution while he got to slack off on defense and just shoot for his stats play against bench players!

  416. This is why Deandre Jordan is overrated. Not a very high IQ player. Instead of going for the slam lob, he should have secured it for an easy bucket. That is what cost Mavs the game. They were still in it, but that was a dumb play from Deandre

  417. Looks like Hawks are not a tanking team coming back from 26 down. Also looks like Lin is slowly working his way back given how he smiled with coach LP…

  418. Except Hayward is a star, Lin isn’t! Lin will need to fight just to get that starting SG spot or get his stats from the bench and stay healthy for next season!

  419. so he can sign wherever he wants. if lin gives money back, atl gets an extra roster spot & saves money. everyone wins. lin just needs to be selfish, think of himself first, and ask for it, but i doubt he will…. sigh….

  420. 4th quarter duel and Hawks’ win says otherwise. Doncic is the better defensive player sure but Trae is the better offensive player and playmaker who can lead the team.

  421. definitely greener than now

  422. right now is super drought

  423. if you can’t beat the hawks you must be really bad

  424. You don’t know that. When Lin went from the Rockets to the Lakers, the whole board almost unanimously thought it would be better there. It was worse than the Rockets. Just because he goes somewhere different doesn’t mean he’ll be treated better. He may end up dressing and not playing at all.

  425. He hasn’t proven he can play at a level where he impacts the team yet in a regular season. I think it would be horrible to get a buyout until he does so.

  426. I didn’t see that. When did it happen?

  427. you call this playing now?

  428. lets vote who wants lin to go another team say I

  429. What I mean is if Lin is helping the team win by making other guys better, playing good D, and making some critical shots, then the coach will play him for the good of the team. LP seems to be a guy to stick with the unit that’s working.

    I hope a reporter asks about Lin’s minutes. We are all guessing now.

  430. not true. everyone knew LA was tanking. BS was the tank commander. regardless, lin started and played WITH kobe after mchale benched him for bev. from a respect standpoint at least lin got that much…

    and if lin is bought out, he chooses where he goes and how they use him will obviously determine how much PT or his role…

  431. after the trade deadline is buyout season.

  432. I remember it differently. Lin was going to play with Nash, he’d get minutes. Some were worried about Kobe. I don’t remember any discussions about BS at all until he pulled Lin from starting and then separated him from Ed Davis.

  433. it was when Lin was still in the game in the 3rd quarter. i think Baze or Bembry was going to the line for FTs. check the Lin highlights later on. did someone else see that interaction between Lin and coach LP?

  434. problem is that Lin is untradeable right now

  435. it’s painful watching these games I don’t know about you guys.

  436. Also, I think it is too early to talk of him being bought out. If it is after the trade deadline you have in mind, then we cross that bridge when we get there. So much can happen until then.

  437. by Feb. maybe?

  438. i saw it. means nothing. lin is personable and a good human being. LP still didnt play him the whole 2nd and 4th Q so…. means nothing…

  439. good point. but i don’t think the Hawks will be a tanking team unless TY gets seriously injured…

  440. it’ll most likely be buyout in March…

  441. He’s playing. I’m grateful for every second he is on the court. It’s a long season and a lot can happen. I choose to be optimistic. Maybe I’m delusional. But it feels better than being very disappointed or pained. So I’ll be patient and hopeful.

  442. why do good guys always finish last

  443. especially good Asian guys…

  444. I think Lin will look a lot different in March than he does now, provided he has no serious injuries.

  445. i wish i can be delusional like you so i don’t feel the pain

  446. yeah man….whyyyyyyyy

  447. it’s common knowledge LA was tanking. they tanked the year before drafted randle at 7 and he broke his leg the 1st game.

  448. agree. but will his minutes and opportunities increase or will they be given to bembry?

  449. <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<look at me

  450. Because this is not our playground. Same as Hollywood.

  451. tough for an Asian guy playing in a black league…Lin needs to act more like Rondo

  452. You have to feel what’s natural for you. But I hope you’re happy that he’s healthy right now.

  453. Need affirmative action in NBA for diversity purpose. The public school vs private school is just an artificial, legal distinction.

  454. I’m not worried about Bremby. He doesn’t look like a PG. Will they get another PG? that’s possible.

  455. Yup. Just like what is happening in Harvard right now.

  456. imo we are already there. his time on the hawks, i’m over it and im sure every minute lin rots on the bench he’s over it too…

    event #1: trade deadline, there’s still a chance someone wants him
    event #2: buyout season after the trade deadline
    event #3: free agency

  457. Rondo is horrid. Lin is fine just how he is. Just, when he’s up to it, go into super aggressive mode. The rest will take care of itself.

  458. that just means bembry gets 30+ minutes a night.

  459. Rondo? Ehhh he is too hard headed imo.

  460. they did last time. he “had a nosebleed” remember. what more of a bs answer do you need?

  461. Bet Lin will get more minutes if his girlfriend is black…

  462. It’s not Harvard but the people who review and make decisions. I can assure you if the majority of adcoms were Asian, things would be different. In some way, I feel AA is a tool for Whites to allocate spots to certain groups and pit minorities vs minorities so they can put more white students through legacy, athletic and holistic admission.

    I don’t begrudge AA beneficiaries. All minorities are being played. If you have not noticed, there is no Asian person on the Supreme Court.

  463. Lol. For some reasaon LP is using ball hog Bembry as PG. Oh wait, it was to protect Lin… my bad….

  464. D. Lo leads Brooklyn to victory against the Cavs! looks like Tsai has found his guy!

  465. Well, maybe that’s a possibility some day! I haven’t seen any girlfriend with Lin.

  466. Yup. That was mad funny.

  467. It’s the first decent game he’s played this season.

  468. they’ll probably give a G-league guy a chance before giving Lin a chance…

  469. Lol. We need to test this. We need to recruit a nice Christian black lady to go after Lin.

  470. it doesnt matter how he looks. it doesnt affect how many minutes he gets. did we all already forget clyde being surprised lin scored 4 straight points and getting subbed out? that was game 1 and people were making excuses. game by game he gets less and less minutes. when will the excuses stop? after game 82?

  471. very true… we come CBA

  472. he already played pg in the 2nd Q after trae got 3 fouls. bembry is sixth man. accept the truth. lin is nothing more than a backup pg that plays to give trae rest.

  473. We’ll see. I think it looks bad now but I’m looking at Lin’s health more than this team or his playing time. All Lin needs is a few good games to establish himself. But right now, that opportunity hasn’t presented itself. I think it can and if he stays healthy, it’s likely.

  474. boyfriend maybe lol

  475. he’ll spit at you

  476. just feel for this guy….two years with nets was wasted.

  477. but doesn’t look like him hehe

  478. i’d be pissed if Lin’s boyfriend is John Amaechi…

  479. trae was in foul trouble. opportunity presented itself. LP chose to use bembry as pg in extended minutes. atl went on a run. this will only reinforce that it was the right decision and LP will continue to do this.

  480. Why not? It would not matter to me if Lin was gay. Not saying he is. But he’s the same Lin.

  481. that’s because you’re PC. i’m not.

  482. he needs a girl to help him become a man

  483. I’m not looking at things like you are. Lin is playing now on an NBA team. If he ends the game playing 2 minutes or 15, he played. I look at his demeanor on the court, his physicality, if there are any mental lapses what type they were and if they are lessening with each game and so on. What the Hawks are doing with him is anyone’s guess. You think it’s something negative. You may be right. But, it may be something else. I don’t know. I want to know from information, not guessing or trying to see trends. Or working off of very real PTSD.

    But first and foremost is his health. And I want to wait quite a few more games to see how he looks on the court as he plays more games for whatever amount of minutes he plays. I’m not looking forward to anything past the next healthy game. On to Saturday.

  484. those nosebleeds you know… gotta protect the player from themselves…

  485. No, I just care about Lin the B.B. player.

  486. I no longer think we’re see Lin play more than 10-15 minutes per game as a Hawks and when you think about it, there’s really no benefit for the Hawks to give Lin 20mpg since wins aren’t a top priority and playing Lin 20mpg would only increase his chances of getting hurt.

    The Hawks are betting that other NBA teams won’t worry about Lin bad statistics under low minutes/usage and would trade for him hoping he’ll produce more under normal minutes with them

  487. first of all why discuss this at all? as long as he is happy that is all i care about

  488. yeah i get it, but you can’t tell me there aren’t tons of signs, bad signs.

    i mean he legit said he didnt play lin in a quarter because of a nosebleed. that’s worse than “head of the snake” if you ask me.

  489. I actually think AA might be a good way to combat the bias from the majority. For example, setting aside 20% for capable AA beneficiaries, I.e., those races who are not represented in certain industries, in which case Asian Americans would be the beneficiaries in such fields as athletics and Hollywood.

  490. which team would be the best for lin

  491. Orlando

  492. Magic

  493. that was his best chance to showcase his skills but white Jesus doesn’t love Lin enough sadly…

  494. Orlando Magic..they a win now team with the need for a PG.
    Steve Clifford is their coach too.

  495. Lin’s black girlfriend will speak up for him if he’s mistreated by the black coaches…

  496. If Lin were to play for Clifford, Lin would be injured very quickly. Lin had a golf ball sized knot on his ankle and played games under Clifford because Lin and Batum couldn’t be both out in the same game.

  497. At least Trae the isn’t afraid of making mistakes. Lin is too afaid of missing shots and TOs that it holds him back. He never played fearless like he has nothing to lose after Linsanity.

  498. By trading deadline, I would hope he’ll be 100% fit…and if Lin is now injury prone, what value does he has exactly?

  499. Nay

  500. The Hawks has no reason to tank.

  501. this is kinda ridiculous. lin is a grown man. he’s not a basketball slave that didn’t want to play but his terrible coach forced him to. if anything it’s a sign of lin’s reckless determination. after these injuries i dont think he’ll be as reckless with his health…

  502. Lin needs to blend into the team more and better.

    He is doing OK now but to earn more minutes, he has to play at a higher level.

    It’s his job and he cares. There is no point to go to another team. Lin will have to work it out.

  503. Watched the whole game tonight first tlime in a long time to watch a whole NBA game. I wanted to study Jlin’actions and body language. I thought he played tentatively, just trying to fit in. I didn’t think he looked hardly at all for his shot, drove minimally and took and hit a 3 pointer not because he was looking to score but because he happened to be standing hear a teammate who gave him the ball, and without hesitation made the basket. It seems to me that they are easing JLin back into play and it appears JLin is good with that. So far so good and I think more than ever that it will take 20 games for him to gain any confidence back. The game itself was not bad for two lower-rung teams

  504. Indeed. Lin needs to elevate his game first.

    Don’t think this team is unfair to Lin. Lin just need to take his time and work it out of his situations.

  505. Lin needs to stay in Atlanta to work himself back to a competitive level. At this moment he is still far from game shape.

    Throw all those rumours of anyone against him out of the window. It’s just his game of basketball.

  506. I don’t agree. I think Clifford is not as sensitive to rehabbing players as he could be and I wouldn’t want him to play for Clifford at this juncture.

    Say he gets what some here want and he goes out and plays and is encouraged to play aggressively. Then he injured himself and is out for 5 weeks? Is that what anyone wants.

    I’m reading comments on Speed of Lin’s highlights for tonights game, tweets about Lin, and many people are saying the same thing. He doesn’t look like himself. He doesn’t look like himself physically or mentally. So what’s the urge to go somewhere else unknown and then try to fit there? At least here there is no pressure. At least here there’s Chelsea Lane who has a great reputation.

    Sorry, IW. I’m into his health above anything else. And it matters a lot. He can do nothing if he’s injured and he has to play carefully and do everything in his power not to get injured. I may feel differently in 25 games, but we’re at game 4.

  507. Steph Curry 51pts, 11min in 4th. Might not come back in, but dang.

  508. he can make his own decisions. if he gets hurt because he’s not ready, THAT’S ON HIM. but if he IS ready to go but cant because he is being held back, then i want him elsewhere.

    yes he doesnt look like himself, but honestly, what can you do with so little playing time to get in a rhythm and playing with ball hog, me first, teammates? funny how he got 20 minutes in preseason yet didnt look like this… how can he go backwards? imo HE didnt, his ROLE did…

  509. I don’t agree. The preseason games aren’t as intense or often. I wrote in a post he played 3 games in 5 days. This week is easier as it is 2 games in 7 days. I don’t think his role is defined yet and I think you have an idea of what’s going to happen based on what’s happening now. I’m not saying you’re wrong. But, I’m not saying you’re right either.

    You seem to think Lin should not be babied along but I think he should be. Baby steps are great. He played 36 games in 2 seasons. Someone has to monitor him because a player will always want to play hurt or push themselves. I think Lin is disciplining himself for sure. But still, there may just be a program for him that’s based on recommendations that we know nothing about. And I sure don’t base anything on preseason.

  510. What’s up with 9 minutes, lol?

  511. preseason games are still a competitive environment where you have guys trying to make the roster. nobody goes out there and intentionally plays like a chump. they’re playing for their careers.

    i still contend that lin looks bad out there because of the situation, not his health per se. he isnt back to before, and he may never be, but even in his current state he’s still good enough to play more than 10 minutes a game…

    this has nothing to do with injury and everything to do with letting the young players play.

  512. You are the tiger fan that’s not thinking of the welfare of our hero Lin. You want him to play hard for yourself so you can live vicariously through his blood sweat and tears. Lin himself said that his timetable was much later than the preseason and early part of the regular season. The only pain you feel is not for Lin, it’s for your own ego.

  513. Man this site is becoming like a Lin hate site. I’m going to have to go somewhere else for m6 lin news. Sheeeeesh

  514. Cavs are really not that good.

  515. After rereading what Steph and Iggy said about Chelsea Lane, I believe Atlanta Hawks is the best place for JLin to regain his NBA form. Both praised her for understanding not only the physical but also the mental aspect of professional athletes. She’s like family to them.

    Furthermore, after witnessing the woeful results of the young Nets performance team in treating Lin’s injuries, Lin gets the right person to rejuvenate his NBA career. Lin’s recovery could be 30 games or even the whole season but he’s got the best person to help him through this tough ordeal.

    Here is the excerpt of July 2018 Yahoo article found in 1 previous article
    Warriors ‘secret weapon’ trainer Chelsea Lane is leaving for the Atlanta Hawks

    .. Head of physical performance and sports medicine Chelsea Lane – the first woman to oversee an NBA training staff – is leaving for the Atlanta Hawks, per The Athletic’s Marcus Thompson. In Atlanta, she’ll assume the position of executive director of athletic performance and sports medicine.

    Lane is highly regarded for her handling of Steph Curry’s ankle injuries and MCL sprains, and her ability to keep veteran players Andre Iguodala, David West, and Shaun Livingston on court.

    Many Warriors players have lauded her no-frills, but holistic approach to medicine.

    “She’s great in both the physical and the mental, which is something that’s underrated,” Steph Curry said in a previous Athletic story. “There are ways you can approach injuries and the rehab process that keeps you engaged as opposed to it being work. There’s always a positive to learning something about your body and how it functions. For me, at least, that’s something I appreciate the most. You’re going to ice. You’re going to (get stimulation treatment). You’re going to do this workout, do that workout, get this treatment. There is more to it than that. She’s big picture.”

    Originally from Australia, Lane has worked in a number of sports, including rugby. You’ve probably seen her short blond hair and popped polo collar on the Warriors’ sideline – she was the only woman there.

    “She’s like a shrink to us,” Andre Iguodala explained. “A psychologist to us for real. And that isn’t her job description, either. But she sees how regularly we are dehumanized. People don’t even see us a human. They see us as machines. Our bodies no longer belong to us and there is disregard for our emotions, our feelings, our desires. But she knows how wrong that is and the effect it has on us. It’s rare for a player to confide in a team employee. But she knows NBA players deal with stress few others do. She’s like real family to me.”

    The Warriors’ training staff has had a remarkably high rate of turnover – Lane was notably the fourth person to lead the staff since 2010. Lane is the second Warriors employee to leave for the Hawks; former assistant GM Travis Schlenk left to become the Hawks’ general manager and head of basketball operations last year.

  516. Lin’s full recovery will take time because he has to start from the beginning to tune his coordination and strength at explosive speed.

    It is a new team but with Lin’s character and intelligence, it’s just a matter of time with the best in the profession overseeing him.

    Time is on his side. His minutes are enough to enforce his recovery but not enough for him to be competitive on the court.

    Whenever Lin is physically and mentally ready, Lin will be given his rightful minutes to show the FO made good decisions. There is no rush. John Collins is still 9n the injury list and Lin is already on his final stage of rehabilitating.

    No need to worry. Atlanta is the best place for him now. Lin has to work on his decision making on the court with his new body.

  517. Atlanta Hawks

  518. Well now this is heartening. Back when my prostate glands were smaller(meaning when I was a kid), Coaches like Pat Riley would determine if players could play or not. If you could walk you could play. Medical staff and trainer’s only job was to get the players back on court as soon as possible. Even though there has been progress, that mentality still lingers. Not so long ago there were still coaches like Thibs that would wear players out, so medical staff would make or break a players chances of longevity. Good to know for once that Lin is in good hands.

  519. Thats one of his weakness I guess…overthinking

  520. Good to see Lin’s drive to the basket….it shows he is continuing to test his body and not too timid about it.

    Trae shots are killer…good to see rookie growing…good that he manage to get to the line

  521. Rough translation of Lin’s post game interview with terrible audio (I may miss some details, since it’s hard to tell what Lin is trying to say):

    – Hawks made a comeback because they played good defense and started communicating well, making their offense come easier.

    – Lin can’t control the playtime he receives, can only control his playstyle when he does get playtime. Gotta remain patient. Lin doesn’t look happy when saying this.

    – Didn’t play last year, so it takes time to get back into shape. It’s tough on him everyday (I think that’s what he said). His knee is slowly getting better. At first his knee wasn’t good enough to train a lot, so he couldn’t practice with his teammates. His rhythm wasn’t good at first. But now, he is stronger and his knee is healthier, thus, he can practice more now.

    – After Cavs game, he could practice. (I’m guessing Lin is trying to say that prior to Cavs game, he wasn’t able to practice much and could only rest. Explains his 5 on 5 game with the coaching staff.)

    – Lin hasn’t really adapted to life in Atlanta and doesn’t really understand the culture there. He just goes to the basketball court everyday to practice, rest, and that’s it. No time to do much recreational stuff.

    – Very thankful to fans. Guessing his fans are frustrated that he’s not playing too well and not receiving a lot of playtime.

    – Believes God’s plan and timing is perfect. He’s still healthy and can still play basketball, so he needs to stay happy. Lin is going to give it 100% and return to his past playstyle and game.

    – When Lin’s parents visited him in Atlanta, they went to Chinatown. ATL’s Chinatown is kinda small. When he has the time, he tries to find Chinese restaurants and good stuff to eat (in Atlanta). Interviewer said that he’ll introduce Lin to the good places to eat good Chinese and Taiwanese food in Atlanta. Lin said yeah, you gotta do that.

  522. What I gathered from Lin’s post game interview is that Hawks doesn’t have him on a minutes restriction, since he said he can’t control his playtime. Lin has been getting benched because he’s not playing well and Pierce don’t want him out on the court. Would rather have no PG and give the ball to ballhog Bembry instead.

    Lin seems frustrated, dejected, and sad, but is trying his best to make the best out of this horrible situation he’s stuck in. He’s not buying into Atlanta at all and isn’t invested into the city like many of the previous destinations he was at. He’s just buying time, using his stay with the Hawks to rehab and come back to be his former self again.

    I know we’re all frustrated about Lin’s lack of playtime and his lackluster performance on the court. Lin himself is probably the most frustrated and angry. Let’s try to remain positive and cheer Lin on because being constantly negative doesn’t help anyone. Gotta push through this trying time. Pray for Lin if you’re religious. He really needs it.

  523. Thanks for the thoughtful update… no legaue pass or hawks gear for me…

  524. poor guy…he really looks tired there!

  525. I’m not even watching.
    Not worth my watching.

    On other hands Nets are doing well

  526. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Ace. I concur with you about the way Lin played. Not just the body, the mind wasn’t there. I think coach LP still believes in Lin and tries to ease Lin back, as you surmise. With any other team, in my opinion, Lin would not have even made the rotation. Lin has overcome many obstacles before, but this is the most challenging one. Let’s look for positives one game at a time.

  527. Thank you for the interpretation of the interview. This interview kind of runs counter to what I thought I saw from the game last night in that I thought Jlin was tentative, not looking for his shot, not leading at all. I also thought Jlin was buying into the low minutes for his health and not because of only his play. It is a long season though, and I think that slow and steady, get used to playing NBA ball again and I believe he will figure it out just fine. ATL looks to be a pretty wild and raw team and could use a veteran like Jlin to organize it. Trae Young fits in with the wild and raw (and talented) teammates. Not sure I like Bembry’s game, too out of control. I am impressed with TY’s passing abilities. He made some nice passes. Will he be better than Doncic, the guy they traded for? I think Doncic thus far has the whole package including size and demeanor. Maybe it will depend on who ATL gets with the draft pick.

  528. The problem is not Lin but instead are some of the posters in here. Most of us fully understood that it will take time for Lin to show / regain his value as after all he didn’t play for 2 seasons.

    But when people who believe that LP and the Hawks doesn’t think much of Lin because of the substitution pattern, etc and express their feeling and frustration, they were then attacked by other poster whom disagreed…..

  529. Maybe it is just as well he has no distractions in ATL. Just rehab, practice and play ball

  530. Yeah. But more mentally tho… sigh.

  531. This is a raw running team. Lin may not fit in. He doesn’t seem to be into the team. I’m not watching for Atlanta. I wish them well with their team but I’m watching for Lin’s difficult return to the NBA. It is what I expected.

    Lin is trying to relearn how to use his whole body while trying to play in a system that may not be as organized and at a pace that he’s comfortable with. It may not work out. I don’t know yet. But if Lin can stay healthy and have a few bright moments, then hopefully he finds or ends up someplace that is a good fit next season. For now he’s with an excellent trainer. So it’s one game at a time. This is a crucial time for him now. And very difficult.

  532. You provide so much of value here. Provided Lin stays healthy, there’s no where to go but up.

  533. I am a Brooklyn native but I will never follow the Nets for the rest of my life because of how they have treated Lin.

  534. He’s been driving from time to time. I like that he made his second 3. He didn’t hesitate to take it and it looked smooth. The arena there looks new and very nice. The Nets and Charlotte also had new or fairly new arenas.

  535. I think Hawks just treat Lin as a piece of business asset, that’s it. However I still think Lin can fit in to the system very well, of course not now. He cannot get his game going to gain respect from his teammates due to his knee. So it will be a much longer and more frustrated version of Lakers year. As for now, I am happy for those limited minutes regardless of the real reason. I truly think It’s good for Lin. Obviously, Lin will not agree, hehe. His lateral is not there yet which hurts his defense badly, he cannot get respect from offense and defense right now. Let’s wait for a month of frustration and see or listen 🙂

  536. The good medical staff is truly underrated. We learned that Chelsea Lane went to Atlanta because GSW did not want to match Atlanta’s offer despite her close working relationship with the players and proven work to get them on the floor as much as possible. They chose to invest in players, not staff. I think it’s a mistake that might be realized when playoff comes.

    Grant Hill, Shaq, and Steve Nash prolonged their career in Phoenix Suns because of their top notch ‘fountain-of-youth’ medical team, not because of the front office. So the health of the players is really only prioritized by the medical team, not by the Front Office and even the players themselves who would play with injury due to competitive nature.

    Lin is biding his time and hopefully Chelsea can work her magic one more time with JLin!

    Here’s the article on GSW refusing to match Chelsea Lane’s free agency

  537. yes, as the announcers said he will need a lot of reps to regain that playing rhythm so NBA analysts understand it very well. Let’s hope JLin stays upbeat and motivated to see how he progresses in the next 20-30 games.

  538. Why we always assume that Lin is under good care of Chelsea Lane? Is there a chance that Lin is mostly on his own for his rehab as the FO just simply treats him as a salary dump and doesn’t care much of his well-being? I just don’t feel like someone is taking good care of Lin in Atlanta.

  539. His defense is still better that Trae at this point imo.

  540. Great post.

  541. Lol. The worst thing is one simple smile than everyone think Lin is super cool with LP. Tbh, if LP knew Lin’s condition which he should; he should have never mentioned the starting PG is either Trae or Lin at the beginning of the season.

  542. For those of you who believe if we are not supporting the Hawks = not supporting Lin. I am telling y’all right now that I am here only for Lin. Not the Hawks, Not NBA, Not no body.

  543. Oh yeah and KA also sucks! He never say a thing about Dlo but saying stuffs like he wants Lin more like a pass first PG instead of a scoring PG. LMAO!

  544. ah, come on, at this point, why are we even comparing them. For me, it doesn’t make any difference for Lin’s career if Lin’ defense is 100 times better than Young or Old :P. I truly believe Lin is in the survival mode this year in the NBA. He has to be very careful with his body which he does based on what I see now.

  545. Yes. I do believe it take time for Lin to regain his shape. But at the same time he needs some meaningful minute to up his value for trade for free agency. Which I don’t see Hawks can provide this opportunity to Lin yet.

  546. I completely agree. I think that’s why Lin is very frustrated. But this is brutal business, not legs, no meaningful minutes. Lin has to earn it like old time, even much worse with doubts in his health. Even with Linsanity level of play, he was still yo-yoed in roles and minutes. Now he will be too and he is.

  547. Trae is established and he looks to have good makeup to succeed in the league. Time will tell. There are players that looked good in the league for a few months and didn’t pan out. But Trae looks like an NBA PG, a very young version of one. And he is the face of the Hawks along with Taurean Prince.

    Lin is on an NBA team. That’s how I look at it. The Hawks are a young rebuilding team. I just learned that Bremby was injured and played a total of about 60 games in 2 seasons. So he’s a very young and inexperienced player. And that’s what this team is outside of 4 veterans, but 2 starting vets (Carter’s starting is temporary). And that’s not great for Lin. But Lin is rehabbing. The team is not a huge priority. The priority is not being overplayed (which certainly is the case) and having a good training staff (which seems to be the case).

  548. Throughout the season opportunities can open up for an uninjured Lin. Timing is the key. It’s young in the season and Lin’s retraining of his whole body to play at this level is very early in its development. This small amount of playing time can be a blessing in disguise for Lin getting stronger as it puts less strain on his body. He has enough experience to get into that flow even with this small taste of NBA play against varying opponents.

  549. Me 2

  550. Same feeling

  551. Nba is terrible

  552. I agree. I think Young performing well is a very positive thing for Lin. If Lin can get his game back after half season or even close the end of the season, Lin will shine at the critical point, and we all know Young will need big help especially if we are talking about playoffs. I don’t follow any other players, but based on what I have witnessed through Lin’s games, many young players will have a great start in general then will drop and settle at certain level for a while.

  553. There’s a rookie wall and a sophomore jinx. Many players experience that.

  554. I don’t have hard feelings toward Nets. As a lin fan, I never follow any other teams or players. So no difference here.
    In terms of business, It think Nets stayed true from the beginning. Lin’s contract is a clear evidence that Nets will give him two years to prove himself, otherwise, they will move on in the third year. And that’s what they did. To be honest, If I am businessman in NBA instead of a Lin fan, I would probably do the same thing.

  555. I like most of the Nets players. I’m also from New York, just another borough. I like CLV, Dinwiddie, RHJ, all of these guys went to Asia with Lin. I like Harris and Allen a lot as well. I like Kenny. I wish them well and root for them. I don’t think of D’Angelo much, and I think CLV is asserting himself as the star of the Nets.

    Marks is not the Nets. He’s the GM and he acts like a typical GM. Not to excuse him for how he handled trading Lin, but the writing was on the wall when he started to trade the other vets. Trading Lin was the right business move. Lin did well in Brooklyn when he played and was the leader and Captain. But he was often injured and so that’s that.

  556. I think people tend to read too much into every little thing. A small gesture made, a few words spoken, a short video clip and immediately theories are spawned, intentions are assigned, assumptions are made and conclusions are drawn while there is simply no way for us to know the whole picture.

  557. Wow. I wonder how much the difference was? In fact, I wonder what a head trainer is paid? It can’t be that much, especially in comparison to players whose lowest salary is over 0.5 million. How much more could ATL have offered to make GSW back down?

  558. I think so too.

  559. I gave up cheering for my childhood pro teams decades ago. I now follow and support a handful of professional athletes and could care less how the teams or leagues are doing.

  560. Would Atlanta turn out to be worse than LA for Lin? ☹️

    Why is our guy in another uphill battle again?! Clearly the guess of “minutes restrictions” is out of the window. 10 measely min. per game is not a result of good intention from the team!

    No PT = No performance.
    It’s the nightmare scenario with tank commander Scott again!

    I am very concerned for our guy. 😟🙏

  561. Same here. I used to be huge Pacers and Kings fans during Reggie Miller / Mike Bibby, Doug Christie, Stojakovic, Divac, etc. But once those players are gone, I have lost interest on those teams.

  562. Let’s not borrow trouble before it comes. Try to stay positive! I know it’s easy to get discouraged, but imagine how tough it is for Jeremy. But he’s been facing such challenges his whole life and understands he can only do what he can do and leave the rest in God’s hands. 🙏🏼

  563. I agree with you. I also have no hard feelings toward the Nets. They simply did what was in their best interest. Lin was injury prone with them and they already had Dinwiddie serving as a good back-up PG for DLo, so Lin wasn’t going to see much time with them.

  564. Yes, timing is critical. Lack of playing time is a challenge Jeremy has faced most of his career. No pro athlete likes sitting on the bench, but he understands he needs to do the best with what is given and bide his time for opportunities that are almost certain to arise in the long grind of an NBA season. Part of the whole Linsanity story was the crazy on-the-brink-of-getting-cut angle. He has a whole season this time around, so it’s not nearly as dire.

  565. Hasn’t the Hawks made it clear that they were bringing Lin in slowly. I think he’s still under a minute restriction.

  566. Thanks for the translation. As for not looking happy answering certain questions, he looked beat (more mentally than physically) and not thrilled to be in an empty locker room giving yet another interview.

    New teammates, new city and apartment. It can’t be fun to be traded and “forced” to move suddenly like that. Atlanta’s not far from Charlotte and I don’t know how culturally different the cities are. But I do know that something like 12 of 15 players on the Hornets often joined in the team chapel meetings, so there was a level of Christian brotherhood there that must have made his move there easier.

  567. Yes!

    He chose Charlotte and really got along well with his teammates. He was physically in very good shape then, too.

  568. I also follow athletes over teams. Was a Knicks fan when Frazier and Reed played. Something of a fan during the Ewing era. Not a fan during Melo era but watched Lin from the Nets game on. Then followed Lin from Houston to now on the Hawks. Now I like to look at the Nets for LaVert. He’s as close to Lin as any young athlete gets, including some areas of his personality.

    Major sports are too commercial now and I don’t like the false macho hip-hop culture that the NBA tries to promote. It’s a team game, They make it about stars or future stars.

  569. Hope not. But I look at it as the early stages of his recovery and every game he doesn’t get injured I celebrate. Seriously. I’m grateful for that and take nothing for granted.

    This may indeed be a nightmare scenario. I truly hope not. But the positive is if Lin is healthy, when the time comes he can move on from where he is. And I know in basketball, if it is meant to be, he’ll get his chance and I think physically he’ll improve to where he’s better both physically and mentally to meet the challenge.

  570. Good guys need to be competitive too.

  571. Look at the TOs made by Lin; not exactly his fault but he needs to get used to the rhythm of the game and his teammates. They don’t exactly throw you the ball the way you expected. Now Lin has to adjust his expectation too.

    To play as a team first. Then when Lin’s body adjusted to the rhythm of the game, he can play freely. All we can do is to cheer him up. It is a process to go back playing at NBA level after a long injury. Lin still has to protect his knee from setbacks in rehab. Being healthy is important. This team doesn’t him to play long minutes now. So Lin may as well try to blend into the team.

    If Lin’s 3s and his drive score well, he would be put back into the game more often. I’m still waiting. At this moment, you can’t blame anybody for your shooting.

  572. I know it is important to stay positive,
    just lamenting the tough challenges our guy has to face nearly every step of the way in his NBA journey. 🙁

    It is undoubtedly not easy to be a pioneer, a trail-blazer.

    I am thankful that we have this “safe” fan site to vent this fan’s frustration.

  573. “4-on-4 work. Daniel Hamilton drive-and-kick to Dedmon. Their team, with Huerter and Lin, is doing well.”

  574. “According to Basketball Reference, the Hawks rank dead last (30th) in strength of schedule to this point.

    NYK-MEM-CLE-DAL are a combined 2-11 in their games against teams other than Atlanta.”

  575. “Staying positive does not mean you have to be happy all the time. It means even on hard days you know there are better ones coming.”

  576. Based on 4 games (2 wins and 2 blowout losses), Lin played more minutes (14, 17) in blowout losses than the wins (10, 10)

    We can see the emerging pattern that Lin is not trusted yet to play much time in close games. With Atlanta having the easiest schedule so far, we can expect 10-12 minutes from less than 100% Lin if the game is close. It’s a tough situation but it is what it is at the moment.

    Knowing JLin, he probably is thinking hard about what he needs to do to get more PT. Shoot more is probably a good idea. He quickly tried a 3pt shot after checking in last night.

    The next 5 games are mostly weak teams with the exception of 76ers and Heat:
    Bulls (1-3)
    76ers (2-3)
    Cavs (0-4)
    Kings (2-3)
    Heat (2-2)

  577. Not impressed with young…

  578. Same here

  579. Nice. Jlin quote?

  580. Not this one. I saw it on a friend’s FB post.
    So on point for us Lin fans right now.

  581. A good article analyzing the current situation Jeremy Lin has in Atlanta Hawks

    The Atlanta Hawks will be Jeremy Lin’s Biggest Test

    “Using the Hawks as his platform, the rest of Lin’s career rests on his what he showcases in Atlanta. With the odds already favoring his younger, developmentally minded teammates, Lin’s climb to free agency will be an uphill battle.”

  582. The Wrong Timeline
    The Atlanta Hawks are owners of six potential picks in the 2019 NBA Draft, three of which could land in the first round. Look deeper into their coffers and that number jumps to seven non-Atlanta selections through 2025. Though the picks in the next decade are subject to change, the Hawks would be remiss to divert their chances at another helpful young draftee next June.

    Thus, the acquisition of Lin becomes puzzling if only because of mismatched timelines. Atlanta added a duo of 19-year-old rookies in Trae Young and Kevin Huerter, as well as a 21-year-old rookie in Omari Spellman. Those pickups fit nicely alongside the rest of Atlanta’s youthful core, but not as much when Lin is considered.

    Whereas Vince Carter was explicitly pulled into the Hawks roster in a mentoring capacity for what is likely his final NBA season, Lin is part teacher, part player.

    His eight seasons of experience, which have seen flipped him from bench piece to starter and back again, is undoubtedly a great resource. Few have a story as compelling as Lin’s and he can serve as a guiding light as the Hawks try and make sense of its wide-eyed and youthful roster.

    But while Lin is still young enough to run the floor with the 2018–19 Hawks, how much time he spends on the court is another question.

    The Hawks are unlikely to push for leads in the fourth quarter in many games, and with a wealth of draft picks to look forward to, that likelihood is even smaller. At this point, the organization is more concerned with development rather than instantaneously contending for titles.

    Lin, who will earn $12 million in the final year of his contract, may be good for a late game bucket to send a few games to overtime, but counting on him to win too many games is the exact opposite of what Atlanta should want.

    For the Hawks, Young is the point guard priority. He showed out at the NBA Summer League, placing fifth among all players in assists in Las Vegas (6.8 per game) while contributing ably on offense on his own, averaging 17 points over four contests.

    What Young lacks in size, he makes up for with personality and big-name exposure. In fact, his first NBA season will likely be hallmarked by exposure. Young’s been compared to both Steph Curry and Steve Nash and will need a similar run at leading a team to develop as such.

    Hawks general manager Travis Schlenk has attested to this philosophy, hoping to empower Young in the same way the Golden State Warriors empowered Curry.

    “[Young] blew up and got national recognition because of the shooting, but to us, his best asset today is his passing,” Schlenk told CBS Sports. “You just don’t see kids his age who can run pick and roll so naturally, who can make plays and find guys on the move with both their left and right hand. He’s got a great feel for the court, and summer league can only show so much of that. When he has NBA players all around him, it’s going to open up the court so much more for him.”
    Empowering Young to run the offense effectively walls Lin out of his point guard duties. Of course, that can leave Lin to play as a two guard, but with Kevin Huerter as the Hawks’ resident sharpshooter, building around a Young-Huerter combo is instantly more tantalizing than giving Lin the reins.

    For the 2018–19 NBA season, Lin is more likely to be hunting for his next contract than building a lasting bond with the Atlanta Hawks. How he uses the 82-game season, especially after a season-ending rupture of his right patellar tendon, will define his payout in a 2019 free agent class headlined by big names like Klay Thompson, Jimmy Butler and even former teammate Kemba Walker.

    In 36 games with the Nets two seasons ago, Lin tried to confirm he was still a worthy addition. He showed he was a capable passer, assisting on 36 percent of Brooklyn’s made baskets. However, that season was, unfortunately curtailed by injury much like last year, further lowering Lin’s value instead of bookmarking his talents.

    Using the Hawks as his platform, the rest of Lin’s career rests on his what he showcases in Atlanta. With the odds already favoring his younger, developmentally minded teammates, Lin’s climb to free agency will be an uphill battle.

  583. Meanwhile, Houston is trying to acquire Jimmy Butler from Minnesota

  584. Couldn’t agreed more. Bottom line is Lin is not in Hawks long term plan which is the right move for the Hawks. I am still hoping Lin can be traded to somewhere who need a veteran PG.

  585. I don’t see Lin in that clip.

  586. Rockets assembling their own all-star version of GSW lol except it will only end up in a disaster.
    haha Harden, Melo, and Butler? Locker room drama right there. Still won’t beat GSW.

    Gotta give it to Morey, must be a great convincer to grab all these stars. Dwight probably still regretting killing his career and ring chances with the Rockets signing.

  587. Injured for 2 years straight on a rebuilding team with a new legit franchise PG that is Curry 2.0!
    The only positive is that Hawks are not tanking and wants to win! Will Lin get to start with Trae Young is yet to be seen since he’s not 100% but this is a fun team to watch. Sure there are some bad iso plays by Prince and Bembry but they are not the primary ball handler when Trae and Lin are playing.

    Maybe Hawks want Huerter to be their Klay Thompson but he’s in no way ready nor can he compare to Klay in anyway. Lin would be a much better Klay 2.0 for them when healthy even if it’s just 1 season.

  588. Lin really needs to work on his handles, would improve his game sooooooo much. His behind the back dribble is not great, it’s more of a quarter behind the back, because he has to turn to track the ball. It’s amazing he hasn’t really improved in this category. Even though they hack Lin, his dribbling is predictable.

  589. KA have also said bad stuff about DLo especially saying how he has to earn his spot. Too bad KA was set on putting his solo MO offense above everyone else. Nets will not go anywhere for a while.

    At least Pierce is a much better coach who allows Lin to play to his PnR strengths when he’s on the court. The Hawks are also a contender for playoffs with a legit and talented franchise in Trae who isn’t a ball hog or shot chucker!

  590. Did Lin ever smile at Mchale or Cliff? No? There’s your answer! How Lin reacts to his coach correlates to his situation! Lin is in the know in terms of being a temporary rental for Hawks as well as how the coach will use him. Hawks and Pierce are upfront with him and that’s good enough. Better than the snake and hidden agenda treatments he’s gotten from Mchale, BS, Cliff, and even KA. KA cared more about his offense and making Lin a mentor than playing Lin or others to their strengths!

  591. Lakers were tanking and forcing players to lose. Hawks at least wants to win and actually have a legit franchise in Trae who isn’t a ball hog or shot chucker! I’d rather Lin play as SG along side Trae than Walker, Harden, Melo, Kobe, or D Russel!

  592. A lot since they were able to snatch their GM away! ATL are set on creating GSW 2.0 by drafting the right 1st round player in Trae to rebuild around. It will take a few years but drafting the right players are key. GM has proven that with his drafts in Curry, Thompson, and Draymond that led to the super team years later!

    Hawks would be a great destination if Lin is offered a starting SG role if not he will have to look somewhere else. Atlanta doesn’t have a big Chinatown community like NY or LA so that’s a bummer.

  593. all odds are in, Jeremy has to what it takes to comeback again!!!

  594. but isn’t it your quoted post a bit conflicting..”staying positive and not being happy”? isn’t positivism creates an inner peace in a person that translates into a lasting joy and happiness…..?

    maybe , for that thought we can sum up the two phrase into two words..the first one, “being positive results in being happy/joy/peace” as TRUST, while “better days ahead” means the result of HOPE! but we all know that the greatest of them all is…FAITH! “just my simple opinion”cheers!

  595. Thanks!

  596. wake me up when this nightmare is over

  597. What ClickClick says above, I could tell. Lin wants to play more but he’s not getting and won’t get more PT. Tgey want Trae and other young players to get as much experience to improve asap. It’s going to be hard for Lin to make good impressions to other teams on this little PT.

  598. I have been saying this 7 years ago. With his speed, if he had a great handle and stop and hesitation moves, he doesn’t need 3s.

  599. It would also help so he doesn’t have to pick up his dribble to pass as much while near or in the paint and create space for iso on perimeter. Top shooters are also using the step back 3, Harden, Steph…now Prince and Trae

  600. He did. Several years ago, one off-season he worked with the streetballer, “Professor.” Then after that, he just focused a lot on his outside shot.

    His handles are why he’s thought of more as a combo than PG by some. Has nothing to do with his skill in passing or his court vision. It’s more it’s his handles than anything else.

  601. Yeah, Lakers season is where I noticeably saw a difference. I still believe in Lin and hope he can bring it all together. I think his saving grace is his defense believe it or not. Even in his limited minutes, he’s been able to be an impact and either stop the bleeding or provide D to support an offensive run along with solid passes. A couple low dumps to centers at their shins under the rim and shins to outlet 3 pt shooters, but easily fixable.
    When the Hawks were disorganized, he somehow seems to be able to remind them how to play and organize them even in the few minutes he’s in whether as PG or on D. Veteran Lin!

  602. Agree, saw his desire in the preseason, his mobility, his mid-range. All that came to a halt in regular season due to being pulled and Lin on a short leash is not a confident Lin, nor any NBA player for that matter.

  603. invisibility cloak

  604. Lin looked absolutely defeated in that post game interview. i feel vindicated. excuse makers have to do a lot more mental gymnastics as the games go on… he himself says he feels better as time goes on, yet all we see is less and less minutes in an ever diminishing role….

    if it walks like a duck, and quacks like a duck… you wait 10 to 20 more games to see if it’s a chicken right? derp…

  605. “but it’s only preseason” = bs excuse. we know what lin can do and that 20 points on almost 100% fg% in preseason means he can still play. the excuses look more silly with every 9 to 10 minute game…

  606. free agency. he will sign for vet min. 30 teams would love him on that contract. he can pick and choose who gets a bargain.

    asian discount for sure. but lin is no stranger to sacrifice to play the game he loves….

  607. Agree, been saying the same thing. Bittersweet, but still rooting for Lin.

  608. So it seems i was wrong about the limited minutes thing. i was assuming lins proven history would garner a certain level of respect but that isn’t happening. he will just have to play better to get more minutes. it is what it is. wish it wasn’t this way given he is coming back from injuy but it is. Its like proving yourself all over again. id say shooting more and being more aggressive with the ball will help. bemby just takes the ball and shots eveytime out there. although im not sure Lin want to push his body like that yet. anyways this is a 1 year rental. i still think the hawks are quite bad. worst then there record actually. He should be able to beat out alot of these unproven comdities easily but i could be wrong. depends how the hawks view things.

  609. i’ve been saying this is his worst situation yet. in LA he wasnt allowed to win, but he still played. in bklyn he couldnt play, but people still respected him. in atl he doesnt even get to play…

  610. now we now what it is Lin needs to score and often. i just hope he does it when he feels comfortable physically. Hawks will lose alot. this is inevitable. i dont want him pushing too hard

  611. it’s a development tank. it’s the only explanation as to how anyone can watch bembry play and REWARD him with MORE minutes as backup pg no less….

  612. i just have this funny feeling LP tells lin to pass more and tells bembry to attack/shoot more. you cant watch these games and not notice how much a trainwreck bembry is, yet he gets more and more minutes with an increasingly larger role.

    the writing is on the wall for lin.

  613. Lin will and should not go for vet min since it that kind of low money contract will just mean he can be pushed aside easily. He would need to go for another long term contract to a team who’s willing to start him.

  614. he could simply ignore it . if thats happening. if he score the point is mute

  615. possibly. one year rental remember. hell have to prove a lot the following year it seems. goal this year remains to STAY HEALTHY

  616. Hawks are winning fine without Lin they are 2-2 and right under the Nets ranking no.8 while being no.2 of their SouthEast division. Hawks with their talent and great coaching are enough to make playoffs in the weak Eastern Conference.

    Compared to the tanking Lakers and stealth tanking Nets, Hawks already look like a contender to be honest. Only bad thing I see is Trae’s defense but many stars like Harden are bad on defense and their teams just outscore the other to win.

    Having two way players are only important if teams are going for Championships, for being competitive like the Rockets it’s good enough.

  617. not really. LP can sit lin for shooting too much. lin is really low on the totem pole so he’s always on thin ice… always looking over his shoulder….

  618. there is no realistic place to start anymore. imo he needs to get a good bench role on a playoff team. when the opportunity arises, he will deliver. hornets had too much politics. perhaps another team just wants to win…

  619. I don’t think that’s happening at all. I think Lin is doing his usual trying to set things up for his teammates thing. It makes no sense for team after team, Lin would look reluctant to shoot and it would always be a coach saying it’s fine for everyone else but not Lin. That actually makes no sense. Lin is passing up shots because he’s probably not physically comfortable yet. Or, he’s not in aggressive mode. That’s Lin. He has different modes and we’ve seen this one before.

  620. I just don’t like simple things are made so difficult.

    Lin is coming back from a serious injury and he has to prove himself worth the minutes given to him. Is there anything wrong with that?

    I have confidence that he could do this within a few months time. He needs to do that to land the next contract anyway. Obviously he is not in his best shape yet and he will put in his work.

    Why should we be upset?

    This team wants to win. If Lin can help the team, he will have the minutes. Lin is not there yet and he needs more work.

    Lin hasn’t been able to do what he is used to. There is nothing we should do but wait. Let Lin take care of himself. He can do it.

  621. Every team wants to win without Lin unfortunately. They been trying to kick him out since day one. Now that he’s old and worn with injuries it makes it that much easier.

    Lin should’ve gone for his own shots every chance he got when he still had the attention. He knew it Harden was made the designated franchise and Parsons was stat padding for his contract year yet he still passed to them. What has all this passing gotten him? 8-10PPG even when he was healthy is not all-star worthy you need 20-30PPG. All Star is Lin’s dream yet he was too stubborn and refused to look after himself.

    NBA is score first, defense and assists 2nd.

  622. Is that why he hasn’t been playing a little more? because he’s not playing well?

  623. Yup, I’m shock by how much aggressive Bremby been. He’s shooting everything in sight and not passing even if you’re wide open.

  624. Maybe what he means by saying he can’t control his minutes is less a result of Coach and more with rehab regiment. Sure he’s frustrated, I’ve smashed a few rackets in my playing days because my body failed me coming back from injuries. You know inside your not able to do the things you can if healthy. The point is he may have been given strick minutes restrictions by Lane and coach is just applying the regiment. He finally made a 3 and I take that as another baby step forward.

    Lin knows that Atlanta doesn’t need him. That’s why he’s so noncommittal to the players and city. We look too much on the negative and not focusing on what’s good for Lin. When he played scrimmage with the coach, I see that as old guys teaching the youngsters a lesson. IMO, it’s not a diss or negative. There’s at least a month left of his own timeline from his Vancouver team. Lane may have made that an even more restrictive regiment to ensure a more than 100% recovery AND THAT IS A VERY GOOD THING FOR LIN.

    Atlanta may not want Lin for the future but I also believe that they recognize how much of a positive he can be to Trae like he was to Walker. IMO, they paid big bucks for Lin to do exactly the same thing for Atlanta and their future franchise player.

  625. i agree sport look out for himself 1st. they don’t care about him

  626. i agree. my point was the hawks have no leverage on lin to force him to do anything

  627. Thank you.

    I really think too much, too soon, isn’t good. Not justifying the meager minutes Lin gets but for me it’s all about Lin playing a game and then being able to play the next. That’s where he is successful. I’m not into speculating Pierce’s motives or what Lin means to the Hawks. He’s there and not by his own choosing. It’s a place that has Chelsea Lane and he’d be under great pressure if he was still in New York. I remember you posted about what Andre Iguodala said about Lane. And psalm did that recently. The mental part of her support is of prime importance to get Lin through this very difficult period and transition back to playing. So, I think, make the best of it and be grateful for his health. I’m not into complaining right now. Maybe later, not now. If you don’t like Pierce, then maybe look at Lane and be appreciative that she’s working with Lin. The playing story doesn’t have to end in Atlanta and this is a transition period.


    “The above comment from Chocolate_milk is on the money. This is pretty difficult to watch. You sit in front of your TV for two and a half hours while the Knicks switch wildly and leave shooters open and that sadistic little imp Brandon Jennings runs amok for a season-high in points and the Bucks– a team that was 0-8 on the road– get easy buckets off turnovers and second chances and Carmelo Anthony flings isolation jumpers at the back of the rim and Amar’e Stoudemire strides directly into the chest of a help defender and Knicks throw passes off each other’s necks and so many open looks get squandered that the ball stops moving entirely and the team goes eight-plus minutes without hitting a field goal and the crowd gets ornery and guys commit petty, retaliative fouls and half the internet celebrates the Knicks’ demise while the other half thinks they can solve it by firing one guy or trading another and… really, eating a cactus starts to seem like a better option (and I’m assuming Chocolate_milk meant a raw, spiny one, not some tasty nopales). It’s just as rough going down, but the pain doesn’t last for quite as long. A few minutes of chewing, some esophageal bleeding, and you’re all set to go do other things with your Friday night. And at no point does the cactus briefly morph into a delicious sandwich and give you pause, only to revert to its cactaceous form, only with longer, sharper spines, the foul stench of decay, and zero ball movement.”.

  629. This is an assessment of Lin from a major writer. I’m posting this because of that reason, not that I endorse this viewpoint. But I have a feeling that this isn’t an uncommon viewpoint of Lin right now.

    9. The state of Jeremy Lin
    Jeremy Lin cannot be 100 percent recovered from the knee injury that cost him last season. He moves with a leaden creakiness — unable to gain separation, unsteady in traffic, glued to the ground. He does not look like an NBA player right now.

    Opponents have stifled the Hawks when Lin runs the show solo. Atlanta has even scrapped some of Lin’s second-half stints in favor of lineups featuring no point guard.

    Neither the Hawks nor the Nets expected Lin to open the season at full strength. But Lin’s early struggles reinforce confusion over why Atlanta bothered absorbing him into its cap space as part of what was effectively a three-team trade with Brooklyn and Denver. Brooklyn dumped Lin to free room for Denver’s unwanted contracts — and a top-12-protected first-round pick that came with them. The Hawks acted as middleman when they could have done the Denver deal themselves.

    The Hawks’ defense: They knew they were going to trade Dennis Schroder, and wanted a veteran point guard to ease Young in. The Schroder deal with Oklahoma City netted them a lottery-protected first-round pick in the 2022 draft, which could feature both one-and-done players and 2022 high school graduates.

    But they could have gotten an equivalent first-rounder from the Nuggets, and signed any number of cheapo minimum-salaried point guards — Shabazz Napier and Seth Curry come to mind — in Lin’s place. It’s not as if they are easing Young in, anyway.

  630. Here’s a possibility: Maybe Travis Schlenk just happens to think Jlin is a quality player that he wants to have in ATL! No ifs, ands, buts or other qualifications, just that he thinks Jlin was worth the risk and the money and he wants to see if Jlin can come back. If so, then great, ATL can try to sign him for longer. If not contract is up. Sometimes the simplest explanation is the best explanation. It is a long season and Jlin has not played for a long time so physically this will take some time. But mentally, basketball-wise, he is still the same player. If Jlin does make it back they he will be a very useful addition to a young ATL team. I don’t think staying with ATL is in Jlin’s best interest though because at this age his window for being on a championship contending team is closing. He needs to get well and see what happens.

  631. To me, Lin needs to get his rhythm back. He needs to run plays to get himself free, using screens if he needs to, and shoots well. None of the above has anything to do with the claims below. Maybe he’s not as explosive as he used to be but he can still shoot 3s.

    There are a lot of things that he could still do and do well.

    Also the response and reflex of him needs to be developed in game time and practice. It is not easy but is achievable. So I am not worrying. Lin just needs to build his game with what he is having. Maybe he needs to bulk up again. Pray that he will have his confidence back.

  632. This “major” writer’s view, in short, is that Lin is nothing more than a salary dump and an unnecessary insurance policy for Hawks.

    In my opinion, this kind of unsympathetic, or even hostile, view belongs in a HATER site, not a fan site.

  633. so according to this writer, the coach is not playing Lin because of performance?

    I thought they simply had him on a heavy minute restriction to be safe.

    Lin is clearly not 100% but it seemed like they feel he’s so bad out there that they rather not play him much. Has he been that bad?

  634. Lin needs to take a page from Lance Stephens with the Lakers. STAND OUT.

    Lance was brought to be a rental a filler in the roster like Lin. But Lance makes his presence known with what he does best. You could not ignore him. I’m not saying Lin needs to go one on one and score like Lance. But Lin should bring his game, either defense, playmaking, hustle for loose balls. Some kind of DEMONSTRATIVE contribution that could not be ignored.

    The other choice is to be like another Laker roster filler, Beasley, who is quiet and forgotten whenever he is out there.

  635. Wish you didn’t post this here. SMH.

    You give Lowe too much credit. He’s a blogger, just like Nets Daily. NOT A JOURNALIST.

    The same ilk. Like Bobby Marks, a failed Brooklyn Nets former Asst GM.

    And do we care what the common viewpoint of Lin is? If we did, we would have given up on Lin long long ago.

  636. He’s not 100%, so I’m not sure comparing him to a fully fit Lance is right.

    I don’t think Lin should jack up shots like Bremby because I believe he’ll have to take a lot of poor shots and given the fact his explosiveness is not 100% there, I’m not sure he’ll shoot well under this circumstance.

    He simply needs to play within the flow of the game and try to hit his open shots, specially 3 points. He also needs to keep his turnover low. With so few minutes, he’s turned the ball over too much. 1.5 turnover in only 12mpg is not good.

  637. Guess I’m not behaving. Something wrong with this post again.

    When the Mods have time, please approve. Thanks.

  638. I gave my disclaimer. If the perception around the league is Lin isn’t worth much value right now then the trade Lin to another team posts, which there are some of, don’t work. You can’t trade him now if he’s not considered in playing shape.

    It’s a Lin article. And it’s saying Lin hasn’t recovered from his knee injury. Which is true. So I don’t consider it a hate article, just a perspective I don’t totally agree or disagree with.

  639. He’s giving his opinion. He doesn’t know. When Lin has entered to play in games, he’s not had his usual impact. I think his defense did in one game. But his offense isn’t in gear yet. We can say he’s not getting enough time, some would say his body isn’t ready yet, either way, he hasn’t had the Lin effect yet.

  640. Agree. FOR THE SHORT TERM, I think both Lin and Hawks share one common goal. Make sure Lin stays healthy.

  641. Niiiiice story. Thanks for finding.

    The writer was 11 at the time. And, from his name, assume not Asian. Only 17 or 18 now. Still really young. And as we all know, more than one fan connected back to basketball because of Lin. JLin just inspires all ages and all colors!

    Come to think of it. Trae Young would have been 13 or 14 at the time. Certainly old enough to have been AWARE of Linsanity. (I remember Jordan Clarkson, in college, was tweeting about how awesome it was.)

  642. LOL. Seth. Still reminiscing about Linsanity with his recent video.

  643. Thanks to Click for translation of Tencent interview. As you said, the audio was horrible. For those who can read it, here’s written report from the Tencent reporter (NOT a transcript.)

    Good news – Popo Chung has also updated her You-tube video of the Tencent interview, now with SUBTITLES.

  644. Was there a game today?

  645. OT – It’s the small things in life. Haha. Rockets LOST again. No Harden. CP & Melo carrying the team. NOT. Never fails to make me laugh.

    Caught some of that Rockets/Lakers game. What little I saw. CP and Harden DO NOT really play together. No wonder the media kept claiming it’s working. Their minutes are somewhat staggered. All they do is Your-Turn, My-Turn. Or some pick-and-rolls with Capela.

    Everytime I turn on any sports news about the NBA. Endlessly repeating about how the Rockets would have won last year against the Warriors if CP didn’t get hurt. But no one calls him injury-prone. Or too old to get a fat contract. CP3, the Rockets’ savior. LOL.

    Really? Maybe the Rockets would have won if they didn’t miss 27 straight 3 pointers. James Harden was 2 of 13 from 3, and 24% for the entire series. Mr. MVP. Hysterically funny.

  646. Seriously, HOW HARD can it be for any reporter to ask a simple direct question – “IS LIN ON MINUTES RESTRICTION?” The Tencent reporter was obviously there but did not speak up. Instead, asking Lin about it in the lockerroom interview.

    Here is the Lloyd Pierce postgame interview (9 mins long) after win over Mavericks. Listen with grain of salt. Let’s not lose our minds yet…..

    LP seems to be playing to win, at least for the HOME OPENER. No surprise, it’s all about the young guys (no pun intended).

    Hard to hear the actual questions asked by the media. Only one question about Huerter and Lin not
    playing in 4th quarter.

    At 1:25, about Bembry. “The physicality, the size, the defense. DeAndre is going to be one of our lead defenders, we can move him around…we needed that….and that’s the guy we’re going through first….”

    At 2:30, about Young. “…You never get in rhythm when you get in foul trouble….so he was just out of sync, out of rhythm….” (As ex-point guard, LP should know all about “rhythm”.)

    At 5:20, about Dedmon limited minutes. Unasked, brought up Lin. “Jeremy Lin just congratulated Dewayne on being back, a guy who was injured all of last year, talking about a guy that’s been injured for most of preseason….”

    At 5:50, wants Hawks to shoot A LOT of 3’s. Targeting FIFTY per game. Just want to move the defense, took too many rushed shots. (JLin should follow the game plan, IF HE’S OPEN, shoot it!)

    At 8:20, LP named Huerter & Bembry as the guys who got the extra time. “We’re gonna give everybody an opportunity, and some nights it’s gonna be more for certain guys, and next nights less for certain guys…foul troubles allowed us to put different guys out there….we knew who was rolling….we’d love to have seen Jeremy play a little bit more….” So, it’s all about development. We shouldn’t be surprised.

  647. Thats fine…we should be open to other perception as well, immaterial their view is right or wrong…we can always agree to disagree and move on. But its always good to hear whats out there

  648. done 🙂

  649. No. Saturday night, in Atlanta, 7:30 ET. Vs. Bulls on second night of B2B, on the road. (Lost by 29 to the Hornets tonight.)

  650. THANKS MAK – appreciate it !!

  651. Can agree with this. As many posters already indicated, it’s difficult to get into a rhythm in short stints, especially when handling the ball.

    But, don’t listen to the fans. Haha. Don’t try too hard, don’t force anything. IF he’s open, shoot the 3’s. He seems to be getting enough legs to make his 3’s in practice.

    Will continue to root for Lin whenever he’s out there, no matter how many minutes! Just happy to see him play!

  652. Sorry Mak. Afraid I have to disagree on this. Because Lowe has a history of only writing negative narratives on Lin. Posting his articles here would be equivalent to bringing articles from Nets Daily here.

    I also question Lowe’s motivation. Because the Hawks are projected (by ESPN) to be one of the worst teams, and Lowe thinks Lin is no longer an NBA player. So, WHY WRITE ABOUT THEM AT ALL?

    There are 29 other teams he could be writing about instead. Hey, maybe the next article will be how much better the Nets are since they got rid of Lin – sarcasm.

    But, okay, I have vented, twice! I am moving on….

  653. I didn’t read the article. Only the excerpt that Gottlieb put on Twitter. But, what I saw, there was NO SYMPATHY for what Lin is going through. But, it’s okay, IMO, Lowe’s opinions are worthless.

  654. What he says about why Schlenk brought Lin in with the big contract and trading assets as well to get him is what makes this article worthwhile to read. I’ve been questioning the same thing. WHY BRING LIN IN WHEN HE COULDA DONE IT MORE EFFICIENTLY WITH ANOTHER TEAM? Lin was always an unknown factor coming from such a serious injury. Schlenk really stuck his neck out to get Lin. This is very BIG QUESTION we really must consider. Plus LP is good friends with Nash and I’m sure they’ve talked about Lin since he had a major part of the rehab process in Vancouver.

    I know Lin is angry and upset but it may not be because of the coach or GM. It could be just personal frustrations boiling over from the injuries preventing him from competing. Anyone that’s played any sport seriously can relate to the frustration of losing to lower rank players becuase your body can’t keep up or deliver. Trust me, Lin hates to lose! He hates so bad I can taste it and it’s not tasty. We are reading too much into his return. Lin knows his future depend solely on this season. He’s chopping at the it’s to go get it but his body is not ready. We can all see it. We just need to be patient and give him time to rebuild his body on the court now. He’s done the work off court but it’s never the same as real game situations.

  655. From Popo. Hawks Home Players Intro. Lin included.

  656. Lin – working hard. What an uphill battle – really feel for the guy! Sigh….

  657. Wow, looks like Nets lost another close one. Believe it or not, feel bad for KA and the guys on losing a heartbreaker like that (even DRussell).

    On the other hand, the NETS lost! Wooohooo!

  658. On a lighter note. Lin’s family is in Atlanta, great support system. Hope this cheers him up and brightens his outlook!

  659. Glad to see JLin’s spirit lifted up by the presence of his mom and dad 🙂
    I think he definitely needs it so he can play free without putting too much pressure on himself. He said he always play well in front of his mom.

    Tomorrow is at home vs the Bulls so his parents will watch in person. Not sure about the 76ers road game on Monday

  660. Agree with everything you posted. Except the part about Lowe. We have no true idea of what’s really going on behind the scenes. As fans, do we ever really know? No. Actually, for me, what Lowe wrote has already been speculated about since July. Nothing new there.

    Lowe is criticizing a team and a player that he already considers to be bad. To what purpose? Lowe has looong history about negative takes on Lin. I won’t go on and on about this. (See my other posts.)

    Did you by chance miss the interview with Schlenk where he publicly stated why he acquired Lin? The Hawks offloaded Schroder to take on bad numbers this year for Melo’s salary. This year is already a lost cause. It’s about development for the young guys. BOTH Lin and Schroder will be coming off the books NEXT year, clearing cap space.

    As you indicated, perhaps there were personal connections which helped influence the decision. And let’s not discount the fact that Lin is a CHARACTER guy. There’s really no risk for the Hawks for this year.

    I’ve already posted Schlenk’s interview quite a few times, because it gets lost. Sorry if you have already seen this.

  661. I think someone asked (before 8:20) about Lin not playing in the 4th quarter due to some guys rolling or getting the hot hands.

    I think LP gave the recipe of getting more PT now that Lin knows his minutes are not guaranteed. LP wanted 50 three-point attempts/game, not 38, so Lin would really need to come off the bench draining his 3s so he can show he’s “rolling” and can get momentum.

    Basically, this is the Hornets situation again that Lin has been through. The only difference is Lin not being 100% so he needs to be smart to make his 3s in the 4 min in the 1st quarter.

    There’s no need to keep passing to get his teammates going because he won’t play much if he’s not “rolling”. Maybe pass once, and shoot 2x 🙂

  662. I’ve said it over and over, since Lin got traded to Atlanta: he needs to be more selfish. Even if he’s not making shots, he can’t be passing nearly as often as he does. He’ll never get the ball back on this team. This year is all about stat padding and staying healthy. If Lin doesn’t prove he can be a threat shooting the ball, he won’t be in the league next year (maybe not even make it through this year). Simple as that.

  663. At least Lin’s new apartment looks nice and he has a good view. Not going to be staying in Atalanta for long, so it’s good seeing him splurge a bit on his new digs.

  664. Great acount of his long consistent “anti-Lin” club membership. Thank you!

    I also recall biased articles written by him during Lin’s tenure in Houston.

  665. That Vietnamese spring roll looks delicious!

  666. This article interviews JLin’s mom. Gained a great insight on JLin from this interview.




    「Don’t look him like that.」



    在很多事項上,林書豪和哥哥林書雅看法不相同。從哪一年起,弟弟變成了兩人中更優秀的那個籃球手?林書豪認為是14歲。「14歲?No way.」林書雅說,「那時候他只有一米六,他完全不可能打敗我。」誰是家族裡更調皮的男孩?林書豪認為是自己,但林書雅認為作為很多惡作劇的幕後策劃者,他才是。林書豪這幾年對髮型持續做著有趣又古怪的實驗,但林書雅最叛逆的一次嘗試,僅僅是大學時理了一個光頭。「你知道我是一個牙醫,我不可能留臟辮。」他說。























    我是他中學球隊的家長負責人。球隊有manager,但是還有一個team parent,就是幫忙把家長集合在一起的。你去看球賽,不是都有賣喝的吃的嗎,那就是家長去賣,因為學校沒有員工去幫你賣。譬如說要帶點心啊,要找人開車啊。特別是季前賽,沒有學校的交通車,你就必須要開車送他們。通常都很遠,可能開車兩個鐘頭到那邊,這場比賽比完,你還要等幾個小時才是下一場比賽,可能今天有個兩三場比賽,然後還要開車送他們回來。所以有的時候可以用掉一整天,那我就要請假。










    那時候(指2011年)我們到台灣,粉絲們要摸他嘛,他絕對不讓人家碰他。可是那一年David Lee(金州勇士隊的大前鋒)跟我們一起去台灣,David Lee就跟那些粉絲握手,那我跟他說,為什麼他握,你不握?那他有跟我解釋說,因為他的手一出去,人家就是不放手,他連走都走不掉,都抓流血了。David Lee沒有這個問題。









    我們常常會講,do your best。他有一場球對湖人隊,他打得不錯,所有人都說他打得多好多好。那他回來就說,我問了他一句,這場球你給自己幾分?我記得他給的還蠻高的。我說如果你要我給的話,五六十分。他就問我為什麼?我說因為你這裡還可以做,那裡還可以做,我說你有這些能力,後來他說媽媽你這樣講,我可以接受。我雖然不懂籃球,但是他的球我懂,因為他是我兒子,所以我會跟他說,你還有一些事情你沒做,你如果做了那些事情,你才夠八九十分。








  667. Lin’s battle is on the court. He needs to play for wins. Great timing for his mom and dad to boost him up. Lin’s problems should be mental as well as physical. His physical problems need time but the mental part is rather tricky; it can come back to normal right away.

    Lin just needs to play fearless basketball and his parents would teach him that.

  668. I read the Lowe’s article and my issue with it is, he should had waited at least a full month to give his take on Lin.

    While he state no one expected Lin to be 100% at this point, he proceed in criticizing Lin for his play so early. Give him some time before fully evaluating him.

    He also doesn’t mention Lin simply hasn’t been given enough time to make a good evaluation on him and whether he can still help the Hawks.

    I’m hoping Lin’s low minutes has more to do with them taking a cautious approach instead of them feeling he’s a detriment to the team at this point. And it’s not like they wanted to win a lot of games this season, so I hope at some point, Lin will be given enough minute to better evaluate him as an NBA player.

    It’s clearly not the case now.

  669. When Lin plays better, he will be given more minutes. Lin is away from NBA competition for too long. He needs at least a few months time to sharpen his reflexes.

  670. Got it thx!

  671. Excellent

  672. Haha…

  673. Agreed, Lin hasn’t looked good in his small minutes, but I do feel by giving him a bit longer stretch of maybe 6-7 minutes per stint, that could help him get into a rhythm.

    Given him 3 minutes there and 4 minutes there and taking him out immediately, allows for no type of rhythm and feel for the flow of the game.

    Although the eye test is not looking good for Lin, his (+/-) stats hasn’t looked bad, so don’t understand why not give him maybe 15mpg instead of the 9-10 minutes. With 15 minutes, Pierce can at least give him 7-8 straight minutes per half to evaluate where his plays and body are. This could help him more get his fitness back than hurt him.

  674. At this moment, we can only trust the coach making the decision. There is no reason that we don’t trust Lloyd Pierce now.

    Sure glad this team plays for wins rather than tanking.

  675. the implication is that they dont want him on the court at all which makes it look a lot worse

  676. being selfish is correct but if the coach doesnt even put him on the floor then how can he even play?

  677. makes me happy to see the rockets lose – and a lot of people are saying it is because carmelo is there which is bad luck

  678. I changed my mind.

    I thought I could no longer tolerate NBA and the ill treatment unfold in front of my eyes from its FO and HC to Lin. I was not going to subscribe LP for the first time since Linsanity. I was not going to buy any Atlanta Lin gear knowing they have no interest in Lin. Not because I no longer believe in Lin or support Lin, but because NBA finally hit my limitation. I could not stand it any more.

    But….I changed my mind after reading Mama Lin’s interview and watching Lin’s spring roll video. In the video, Lin definitely did not look happy even though his families are in town. I feel for him, who would under the current circumstance. I then thought if us the faithful Lin fans all stayed quiet and desert NBA now what messages are we sending to Lin and his respectful family? Even though I hate the discrimination coming from NBA, teams, coaches…etc, I have every right to not spend 1 more penny and 1 more minute to NBA, I will stay for Lin’s sake.

    I want to show Lin that even though he is not at his best, I am still here patiently waiting for his full recovery.
    Even though the whole NBA turn its back on Lin, I, his faithful fan, is still here for him. Even if he never recovers to his Linsanity condition, I will still support him. I am here until Lin retires from NBA. This is what I would do to my kids if they played at NBA. This is what I will do for Lin.

    Going to order Lin’s Atlanta jerseys after typing. Lin needs our support now more so than ever.

    Go Lin.

  679. I read your article and was very moved by it – but i respectfully disagree. you are of course free to buy what you like etc but i wd not purchase a single jersey or any item from the hawks because the money we are spending goes straight to a team that has clearly decided that benching lin is the way to go. why give them any of your money? he is being treated even worse than when he was with the lakers and that is enough for me esp when they refuse to let him play without a proper reason. if he was injured or limited mins etc i wd understand but they clearly have shown their hand.

  680. You have a great point.

    What should I do to show my support of Lin? If we support Hawks, we send the wrong message to Hawks that it is ok to ditch Lin. If we do not support Hawks, we leave Lin hang there by himself which is the last thing I want.

    What should we do????? Any suggestions? Anyone? @psalm234:disqus

  681. “Jeremy Lin cannot be 100 percent recovered from the knee injury that cost him last season. He moves with a leaden creakiness — unable to gain separation, unsteady in traffic, glued to the ground. He does not
    look like an NBA player right now.”

    (my guess is that Zach Lowe* has not been following JLin’s recovery from injury at all, but just happened to see his passive 10 minutes vs. Mavs, while actually tuning in to watch Trae Young vs. Luka Doncic on national tv, then made observations based upon that snippet of playing time):



  682. To all, please be patient! I don’t think that all of us, including me, can really feel the impact of that devastating injury, physically and mentally. It will certainly take time to recover. Not trying to compare, I am also a hooper and I ruptured my Achilles tendon a while ago, I couldn’t even do a simple three-step layout when I thought that I was ready to get back on court.
    Lin now is very cautious on the court, intentionally or unintentionally. That’s a good thing. He surely still understands the game and has good court vision, and of course a clear mindset for play-making. I would say early 2019 would be more appropriate to value Lin’s performance.

  683. As a fellow fan, I am moved by your support of Lin. 👍

  684. Buying Lin Hawks jersey to show our love for Lin?

  685. If ATL is gradually acclimating Jlin back to NBA speed then what you suggest would be the next step. Baby steps to start, gain some confidence then stretch it out. We shall see. Only 4 games so far. I think Zach Lowe was wrong in his assessment of Jlin at this 4 game point. I think Jlin, while not in top form obviously, moves pretty well around the court, just at 80%. It is the TO’s that tell me the game is moving too fast for him at this point.

  686. Two shots JLin never fully developed in his career that he will regret: floater and quick release catch and shoot 3. Trae is already refined with both of those at 19. Trae will have an injury free career (unless he will have ankle issues like curry ) with the floater allowing him to stay low to the ground and take minimal contact. Already plays way smarter than most PGs his age in terms of avoiding contact.

  687. Nobody can say who will have injuries and who won’t or when they’ll happen and at what severity.

    Lin has a version of the floater he sometimes uses that is more of a push shot or deep in the paint high arching shot. He just needs to use it more. I think Trae is a smart, good player in some ways but also makes some pretty bad decisions due to his lack of experience as well.

  688. Yes, Poythress will be out a few games. Injuries seem to occur more frequently at the beginning of seasons. I hope us fans can remain as patient as possible. But it is different for each fan, and that’s normal. I think fans, even bringing up opposite points, are all bringing up valid points.

  689. I think Lin has to be in the right physical/mental balance to come in as an aggressive scorer. With the Hornets, he had the responsibility of being a PG in the 2nd unit and a scorer with the first. So, he could leave the facilitation to Batum, at least some of it. With the Hawks, if he comes in with Trae, maybe he can score more. But he doesn’t often. He comes in as the 2nd unit’s PG. So he’s playing accordingly. I think if Lin has a shot, to take it and hang on to the ball longer after passing half-court may give him more opportunities for assists and scoring.

  690. I have to counter a notion, however, and I’d like you to think about this. “Journalists,” whether we like them or not, whether they are biased hacks or not, have influence. I happen to agree with you on Lowe, as a Lin fan and longtime basketball observer. I truly don’t care for him or his views on Lin. But, he does have influence. He does put things out there and a lot of people read ESPN. They are a major sports outlet. We can choose to ignore it as fans or not. It’s up to the fan to choose.

    I chose to post his drivel not because I like it, but because he puts things out there and he does have influence on others. And since Lin is not self-employed, but plays in the NBA organization, and powerful media wings are what they are, then I choose not to include this as a Lin fan. I think all fans of players avoid some publications and journalist and I understand the choice. But other fans of the players may want to know what the “enemy” or “doubters” are putting out there and what influence they may have.

    Lin should not be judged by Lowe. This was ludicrous at this point of Lin’s recovery for this writer to go into his usual stuff on Lin. But he did. And it did hit twitter and social media. And people on some Hawks fans sites have mentioned it (how i found out about it) and some are agreeing where others are saying that Lin is doing as well as can be expected coming back from a serious injury. And I find the whole point of how much Lin is valued on a team, that includes media and fans, useful. So, I choose to read the doubters and such sometimes and see what they are putting out, because it is part of the landscape and environment that Lin plays in in the NBA.

    I liked that Lin proved Lowe wrong so many times. Hopefully, he can again. But, he needs a lot of time to recover from this really devastating injury that he’s had and the mental effects of playing on 36 games in 2 seasons and being traded somewhere he chose not to go to. I think if and when he does, lots of folks here can show Lowe his folly by presenting his own words to him.

  691. Translation or summary please (in English). And maybe place on Game 5 thread as well as we’ll all be going there soon. Thanks.

  692. the doubter are smelling blood which is cheap given what he is recovering from. honestly im not worried. this is when lin beats all the odds and prove all of the doubters wrong.

  693. Dorothy, support his charity but not the nba… they just use him for his popularity…

  694. No way… i bought tons of nets crep that ive thrown away…

  695. hes more efficient than that now and hes leading the team theres only so much you can do when all ur teammates are trash

  696. He hasn’t won much

  697. Good to see your post again were away for a day or two…Yes, I still check Joe Harry’s score after Nets game..

  698. Wasn’t it measured that he has one of the faster releases in the game, and avoiding contact means less free throws. His body is much bigger than Trae’s, and capable of absorbing contact.

  699. Aaaand healthy! (I think)

  700. That’s what I don’t get. Lin has millions of fans. Wouldn’t positive articles about Lin get even more views?

    Oh well, seems some people get kicks out of negativity and putting people down. It is another form of bullying.

    It is what it is. But we Lin fans will try to avoid the negative, and try to stay POSITIVE!

  701. Hi gum! Joe’s a great team player. Hope he will have a great year!

    Yeah, even though I hate giving money to the NBA, that’s why I have to get League Pass. If I can’t get to watch a game live, it gives me a safer and more flexible way to watch later.

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