Game 4: Dallas Mavericks vs Atlanta Hawks

After playing the 3rd game in 5 nights, Jeremy Lin did not appear to have any fresh legs and finished with 0 points and 1 rebound in 9 minutes.

It would be interesting to see how Jeremy’s body would respond with 3 days rest to play against Dallas Mavericks tonight.

The anticipated match-up would be on the two rookies,Trae Young vs Luka Doncic, as the 5th and 3rd draft pick in 2018 NBA draft. The Mavericks made a deal with the Hawks to move up the draft so the Hawks drafted Doncic and sent him to Dallas.

The starting lineup would stay the same. Dedmon is back from injury and come off the bench.

Jeremy had an extra practice helping the coaches to test the new arena. He seemed to play the Shooting Guard (SG) role with Coach Lloyd Pierce playing the PG role so it will be curious to see if this translates to actual game by preparing Jeremy Lin to play the SG role while closing the games in the 4th quarter with Trae Young. It might lessen the burden on Jeremy’s legs during this Return-To-Play protocol but will allow him to catch up to NBA game speed and conditioning.

Will Jeremy play backup PG during the first three quarters and play more SG next to Trae to close games if he plays well? It is a possibility but first let’s hope Jeremy’s body can help him to perform better after 3 days of rest.