G4 CHI @CHA Game Thread

With 0-3 start against strong playoff teams, criticism started to come to Coach Clifford but they have been competitive.

Can they win against a tough 3-1 Bulls team?
They lost against DET on a road game that Hornets beat during preseason but this is a regular season.

Will JLin regain his shooting touch? It’s good that Coach Clifford still trusted his playmaking in the 4th quarter but it will be a good time to have the preseason JLin back to shoot aggressively without hesitation, even if the PnR with Hawes doesn’t work out smoothly as in the past 3 games

Will Hansbrough play in place of a dehydrated Zeller who lost 10 lbs? It would be a good test to see if his rebounding can help against CHI big men

Let’s persevere to hope/pray/wish/support JLin to stay healthy and have fun to play his aggressive game whenever he steps on the court

Let’s go, JLin!

Game link

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    1. First…yeah…go jlin!!!!

    2. Spank the cows…hehe

    3. 2nd

    4. 3rd for a change! Since I can watch the game, hope this is a win and that JLin will do really well:-)

    5. 4th!

    6. Did we ever see Lin sitting like that McHale? I’m pretty sure he never did with BScott.

      (I know, this is a repeat comment, but it’s a repeat post too… from the other thread.)

    7. I only recall him breaking down film with assistants in HOU and LA.

    8. Hope and pray JLin and Coach Cliff are able to figure out how to beat the trap is setting for JLin and help him to organize the “attack” and get a win!!!!!!!!!

    9. Yeah, that fits with my memory too.

    10. Maybe play off the ball more (with Roberts as Derek Fisher PG) so that he can attack off the catch, off curls, off screens. As primary ballhandler. all the defense has to do is load up on him and force it out of his hands.

    11. No, he JLin just grabbed the clipboard. LOL

    12. Lin needs to attach the rim or no hesitate for open shot. Distribution is the second option. You are the best when you are relax and focus on attacks. Shot until lights out!

    13. Need a good game tonight from Hornets. Let’s go JLIN and get it done tonight!

    14. the bulls dont trap as much. this bodes well for lin and the entire team…

    15. Clifford is getting feedback on the team from Thibodeau and Jeff van Gundy … [tweet not showing up for now ...]

    16. This is good. Thibs wanted his good friend Coach Clifford to beat his old team, the Bulls.

      Let’s see if the Hornets is up to the task to get the 1st W

    17. Don’t yell at me… but JLin doesn’t look too happy here…
      May be coach is saying “Jeremy, you need to stay at that corner.”

      Really, really hope I am wrong!

    18. R.E.S.P.E.C.T for the Kid from Harvard

    19. Charlotte Hornets PR
      [email protected] F Cody Zeller (dehydration), listed as QUESTIONABLE, will play in tonight’s game. #CHAvsCHI

    20. I don’t think it’s wise make Zeller play. Roster is deep and Hansbrough could do a good job coming from the bench.

      Noah will eat Zeller alive considering his condition

    21. Wow, Thibs was really fed up by the Bulls, now he wanted his old team to lose.Just a big Wow.

    22. Zellar was on IV for dehydration. He also blogged before that he needed to get into the game time routine, not getting enough rest and not eating properly before game and had to eat popcorn from concession stand. Hope he gets that down.

    23. Dehydration?

      So THAT’S why Cody Zeller has been playing SO SOFT.

    24. I think he gave Clifford some advices in general, not just for this game.

      Oh well, probably he saved a couple for this game too πŸ˜€

    25. He played so soft that he looked like Al Jefferson on defence πŸ˜€

    26. The soft wimpy way Lin’s teammates are playing, maybe they’re dehydrated too.

    27. Yep, probably πŸ™‚

      Jeremy should get them some Gatorade πŸ™‚

    28. Good morning / evening, Lin fans.
      What is the starting lineup? Still go with Hairston?

    29. yes, Hairston is starting again today as expected
      He’ll probably wait up to Game 8-10 before making any changes.


    30. This is so weird bc they don’t like you but you still start for the team?!

    31. Getting physical means .. a Psycho T debut?

    32. Huh? Don’t know if this is a motivation or demotivation…
      Let’s see if Lamb get more minutes tonight.

    33. perhaps last chance for Hairston to prove himself

    34. Same lineup, same result.

      Probably Clifford likes Japanese culture. Cause to me he’s doing Harakiri.

    35. Psycho Linsanity!

    36. x7

    37. As long as Clifford sits on the bench, Hairston will start.

      In his mind he’s the defensive winger who lock the defence.

      Lamb and Lin are 2 nice puppets who can score against weaker opponents.

      That’s Clifford.

    38. Don’t count on it. Getting physical means being nasty. That’s it. Old school coach who still wants ILLEGAL DEFENCE like KHuang would say.

    39. Not wise to me. It’s just the beginning of the season.

      Charlotte is already in panic mode if they rush players back on court when they’re not healthy.

    40. Lin and Lamb close.

      Al and Kemba look like they’re the boss

    41. Cho and Clifford not on the same page
      Perhaps my man Cho is not pleased Hairston starting over Lin/Lamb

    42. Cho said he had talked to him and his agent. At least there were communication. They probably tell him that he really needs to shape up and prove himself.

      At least that’s better than FO at LAL.

    43. Exactly. That’s what I think too.

      That’s why if Clifford keep losing game Cho will change coach.

    44. digging themselves into a hole

    45. Same lineup? 0-4 coming.

      If Lin plays ~27mpg, I want to see at least 12 FGA from Lin (unless he’s getting to the line a ton).

    46. 0-4 for sure.

      But if Lin plays at his customary level during the minutes he receives, Lin will probably be a + player with solid overall stats.

      All Lin can do is win in the minutes he gets. And even in LA, Lin more than did that.

    47. I’d take a repeat of the Miami game. In fact, I don’t think a win would even be good for the team. It would just encourage Clifford to keep the same lineup. At least after last game, he said a “7 or 8 game” sample size is necessary.

    48. Nobody but MJ dare to do it because if the next one comes in and doesn’t make any difference, whoever makes such decision will be on very hot seat.

    49. Waiting 7 or 8 games. Doesn’t seem like coach eager to keep his job

    50. I sure hope this is not a power play/drama between coach and FO. but honestly what else could it be.??.. what a mess. πŸ™

    51. It’s not weird.

      PJ Hairston still can be signed this summer.

      The Hornets are hoping for him to really step up.

    52. Hairston’s got the rest of this season as an audition for all NBA teams. Consider it’s a blessing that he is starting for the Hornets. His stack is on the rise and he himself is responsible for his future alone.

    53. I think they win.

    54. ε°ζž—οΌŒεŠ ζ²ΉοΌ

    55. I guess they could just be trying to use tough love with him… force him to prove himself… hmm I like this better than FO/Coach drama. so i am going to believe this is the case.

    56. If Lin played “Miami games” for the rest of his career, I’d be perfectly happy with his game!

    57. PJ Hairston’s stock is ARTIFICIALLY on the rise, yes.

    58. Hi guys, newbie here.

      http://www.nba.com/hornets/live-hive-11/03/15 they interviewed JLin at the 17:00 mark

    59. Hairston looks a little dejected wonder why..

    60. 7 or 8 games…because at the end of the stretch they’d be playing NYK and T-Wolves.

    61. That doesn’t even rhyme.

    62. δΉ¦θ±ͺ, 不要ε€ͺηŠΉθ±«οΌŒζ›΄δΈθ¦ε€ͺθ°¦θ™šγ€‚ δ½ ζ―”η½—ζ–―εΌΊε€šδΊ†γ€‚ηƒεœΊε±žδΊŽδ½ οΌ

    63. Cho brought in guys who can play fast and hit 3s.

      Clifford is playing exactly the last year’s lineup with Batum in the place of Stephenson.

      The same lineup who was horrible last year.

      I don’t think they have same visione of the team right now.

      If I am Cho and I could be without a team if they don’t extend my contract, I’d go down my way.

    64. Welcome to the most positive, civilized Jeremy Lin forum!

    65. Team looks good

    66. Good sign to me. If Clifford doesn’t win… Bye bye

    67. “Cho brought in guys who can play fast and hit 3s.
      Clifford is playing exactly the last year’s lineup with Batum in the place of Stephenson.”

      Yeah, the problem is that they didn’t get rid of the guys who cannot play fast or hit 3s.

    68. With Zeller who can barely play and Noah with second unit and no offensive schemes by Clifford Jeremy should have a glorious night to make an impact.

    69. It’s up to Clifford. He wants defence.

      Cho wants attack.

      This lineup is pretty bad. But roster is good and deep. They only need a good coach who can play with a double playmaker.

    70. starters playing well.. good spacing & open looks
      just few defensive holes

    71. 17 Hornet 9 Bulls

    72. Thanks, John! Like you guys, am hoping JLin and the Hornets play great against the Bulls.

    73. Team looks really good right now. Nice ball movement, crisp and organized.

    74. Bulls trading like atlanta but we are ready this time

    75. trapping

    76. 17-9 Hornets starters play well

      Great looks & penetration

      Defense is surprisingly matching up well.

    77. Trap defense not working Bull doing the same defense as Atlanta

    78. I think Thibs needs to get a big Christmas gift from Clifford with his 37 suggestions LOL

    79. Rhyming is overrated.

    80. Welcome!

    81. More flow; ball not stagnant so far.

    82. Hansboraough in

    83. If you can write in English is better πŸ™‚

      Even I find difficult sometime to write in English cause I’m Italian πŸ˜€

    84. no thats not him lol they look the same …..Zeller

    85. Lin about to check in

    86. Zeller looked like he’s not mentally there. Moved a bit funny too

    87. Lam in , no Lin

    88. Lin stood and sat back down. Lamb in

    89. No look bench.

    90. Lin in now

    91. Lin in now

    92. Are we watching the same game?

    93. Looks like Lamb in for Hairston, maybe Lin to back up Walker/Batum.

    94. 歑迎..you.

    95. Bulls announcers praising Lin.

    96. Notice, one thing Batum knows how to get a Haden’s foul-> throws his hands up in the air.

    97. Looks like you’re cursing. BANNED! LOL.

    98. Michael Jordan just checked in.

    99. Announcers are mouthpieces of the top brains, Bulls indeed are interested in Lin.

    100. He kinda looks like Zeller lol

    101. Lock in the lead — bring in Hansbrough and Kaminsky

    102. welcome πŸ™‚ .. Let’s hope for a Linning performance tonight!

    103. They would definitely be better with lin instead of brooks. That goes unsaid

    104. Does that mean the Hawks hate Lin? Cause Dominique …..

    105. Notice how Lin runs to save Batum when he picks up the ball.

    106. why didn’t lin moved.. batum had to hand out the ball to signal him…smh.

    107. Team looks sharper today. They’re moving well and playing together.

      Maybe they win this after all…

    108. Lin drived & got fouled. 2 FTs!

    109. Lin attacks fearlessly! GOOD.

    110. Freeebieees!

    111. Good, allow me to turn on the TV.

    112. assist

    113. It ppours on the Bulls.

    114. league pass down?

    115. Now THIS is more like it! They look like the Preseason Hornets.

    116. When will we see Playoffs Hornets?

    117. so..if a playe inbounds the ball and another player shoots it in..does that count as an assist?

    118. Me too … Still stiluck in 2:35

    119. Lin with 2 early assist

    120. I see the similarities.

    121. Gotta start Lin for that.

    122. was the inbound counted as an assist?

    123. In 2K16

    124. Lol its not because they’re are both white

    125. Batum asking for the last possession shot control. should’ve let Lin push it.

    126. Yep

    127. Lin giving the ball to Batum to bring it up is complete BS!

    128. Hornets leads 37-20 after Q1.

      It’s impressive. Thibs must’ve given a lot of useful 37 suggestions

    129. I don’t mind. Don’t need Lin taking a low% shot with almost no time left.

    130. Hawes’ tache…. The guy’s still livin’ the 70s….

    131. everyone in Hornets got +, wow

    132. batum is sg and lin is I don’t know pg sg sf cg?

    133. Do you think they play more like preseason game tonight?

    134. Even Zeller? LOL.

    135. Alright, now Lin has to shoot.

    136. JLin with 2pts/2asts/1reb in 3 min after Q1

    137. Yes. I think the defenses of Miami/Atlanta took some of what they want to do away.

    138. Batum is now haren on this team. smh

    139. Brooks no chance to defend and score on Lin

    140. Good aggression by Lin…possible foul. Missed shot, but he didn’t hesitate.

    141. Lin 3 assist

    142. No plays called for Lin
      No screens set for Lin
      yepp Clifford is a great coach for Lin…

    143. Thank you Cody for giving Lin another AST!!

    144. Jeremy in PG mode with Walker and Batum both off the court. 3 asts already (team high so far).

    145. Relax

    146. At least he’s not making Lamb the playmaker when Walker and Batum are off the court.

    147. Glad Zeller is doing well.

    148. I am relaxed
      but Lin isnt an important player on that team
      people need to stop praising clifford lol

    149. 3 assist

    150. lucky

    151. Oh heck!! I see bloody spilling out from Cody’s face like the Old Faithful…

    152. Marvin missed Lin for the easy layup.

    153. Zeller was hit on the forehead or nose when Noah’s elbow came down. = =

    154. Bulls really needs Lin. They cannot on Rose

    155. 3 FTs?

    156. nope

    157. The masked rose.

    158. Hawes too slow. Bumble the ball

    159. Lamb enjoying his new contract.

    160. Great basketball today. We obviously want Lin to shoot more, but guys are wide-open and knocking shots down.

    161. wow.. this is a Bulls slaughter

      50-29 with still 8min left in Q2

    162. Hawes doesn’t react quick enough to getting the ball from Lin.

    163. He is hot and cold. the game pace is really helping him today.

    164. Hawes having a good shooting day.

    165. hansbrough! hansbrough! hansbrough!
      he needs to play

    166. Animal cruelty? lol.

    167. Wow Hornets up by 21 points and Lin barely played and it’s only 2nd quarter?!

    168. Lamb iso all the way

    169. Lintolerable Cruelty lol

    170. Jlinporter steaks!

    171. Hot shooting. Won’t last all game.

    172. Lin has done some things that aren’t on the scoreboard. I think he got a block on that shot. He ran a ball down. He saved a ball. He’s getting to the line. He’s doing fine. The team looks like a team and that’s great.

    173. Yeah, wait till the defend set and that is too slow!

    174. That’s it. Hawes was so bad the past 3 games because he had the wrong facial hair design!! The mastache give him magic power!!

    175. Miles better than last game.

    176. 3333333333333333333333333

    177. 3333333

    178. 3333

    179. Lin for 33333333333333!!!!!

    180. If the game ended now I would say great bounce back

    181. Lin’s defense has been elite too.

    182. Lin catches up to his stats in last game (21 min PT) in just over 8 min!

    183. and for the win hopefully πŸ™‚

    184. Yay! 3333!!!!

    185. I even love that MISS from Lin. Aggressive midrange J.

    186. Ball movement is great today. No ego, all unselfish.

    187. For sure.

    188. Yeah Kaminsky. Play him more.

    189. international league pass still down, can’t even load the page

    190. So fun to watch Kam 333333!

    191. Lin and his 3 open

    192. Don’t mind if they start Kaminsky can definitely spread the floor with his 3s.

    193. lin has a bad habit
      he helps too much AND leave his man WIDE open..
      I do not see a reason why he has to leave his man there when NO ONE else was adjacent to cover mcdermot.

    194. I’m watching on Apple TV with international LP…

    195. hansbrough hansbrough hansbrough

    196. I hope CC let Tyler have some fun to lift his spirit! It is no fun sitting on the bench and dont touch the floor!

    197. I agree. It looks like sometimes he positions for rebound. That 3 should have been contested better and maybe Cliff saw that and will remind Lin to stay home on 3 point shooters.

    198. Lin domination in Q4?

      Stats-padding is welcome πŸ™‚

    199. he might have intercepted that pass had he….

    200. Sort of agree but it’s worked more than it’s hurt. Got burned once. Made an amazing stop 3 times already.

    201. Lin sits

    202. Played 11 straight minutes. No prob. Also, for selfish reasons, it’s good Lin sits during a likely Bulls run.

    203. If the help defence is for an inside layup, I’d go help out as well cos layup is of a higher percentage. Choose the lesser of the 2 evils is the principle to defence.

    204. yea cant run him down

    205. Hairston beasting it today after team declined his option. The conspiracy theory about him stinking up to force team to decline option may hold a few drops of water. Now beasting it for new offers.

    206. I think he’s done for 1st half.

    207. Clifford is strange he doesnt let Lamb or Hairston play extended mins even when they are playing very well

    208. Great to see smiles from all Hornets πŸ™‚

    209. I think he’s just lazy — that’s been the knock on him throughout his career. Doesn’t get in shape, doesn’t watch film. Doesn’t go to all practices.

    210. Who did Lin block??

    211. but still starts over more talented Lamb

    212. Nice to see the points are distributed evenly.

    213. What the heck???

      Chicago’s the team that’s supposed to be up by nearly 30, not Charlotte!!

    214. Moore. By “overhhelping” he got a block from behind.

    215. Nah~~~ still not buying that theory. He just got lucky today. The whole team is lighting it up in fact…

    216. Unless thing go really bad You will likely get same minutes every game

    217. Thx

    218. Sir, here’s your serving of crow stew… πŸ˜‰

    219. *shrugs* draft picks always get priority. Makes MJ look good if he succeeds.

    220. Good to see Cody back on court. At first I thought he might have a serious broken nose!

    221. Want Hornets to win, but it Seems like Bulls is not adjusting. We’ll see if they do after the half.

    222. I’ll have a double.

    223. Coach must have visited here and picked up some ideas, LOL.

    224. Hornets winning. How is Lin playing. Is he playing aggressive?

    225. Batum’s shot is really off today. Hopefully that’ll translate into more minutes for Jeremy.

    226. Yes! Taken 5 shots (3 FGA and 2 FT trips), including a midrange J.

      3 dimes, should have 4. Other guys are hot. 7p/3a/0to/+13 in 11m .

    227. Refs helping Bulls

    228. Hitting shots today and still playing as SG.

    229. When he was hit in the first quarter the amount of blood spilling out made me think I was watching someone playing Mortal Kombat…

    230. Please add some fortune cookies.

    231. He’s been off like all season I think.

    232. Thank you Thibs and JVG!!

    233. that was Mirotic’s assists was given to Snell
      How do I report

    234. Opponents now know he is the new ball handler and will game plan him.

    235. i wonder if lin got pulled cuz he left his man in corner for open 3. or it was just regular rotations.

    236. I like the Bull’s announcers. They’re fair in their analysis….no matter which team.

    237. Which character?

    238. Brooksanity!

    239. 69 points in the first half! That’s unbelievable. The kind of firepower from overall.

    240. That’s on Kemba. A little too pleased with himself after that nice drive, forgot to cover AB.

    241. Against a good defense too. Ball movement and everyone sharing.

    242. Johnny Cage, most likely.

    243. Hope the hot shooting doesn’t cool down in the 2nd half.

    244. lamb has been super hot, but many of those shots seem ill advised. contested and difficult, and early in clock.

    245. 50% off papa johns for sure.

    246. yes, aggressive cut to get 1st 2 FTs
      smartly baiting Taj Gibson to foul him on perimeter
      Then take a huge 3 off a screen

      finding open shooters.

      everyone playing very well today. Great spacing & wide-open shots

    247. Spencer Hawes come back with a very good game.

    248. Yeah…Clifford, please chew him out on that one.

    249. 7p for Lin in 11m first half.

      Hoping for 10p for Lin in a 12-14m 2nd half (which he usually plays more).

    250. i always consider those assists lucky

    251. It’s his mastache!!!

    252. Kaminsky has taken full advantage of his 3 point shooting.

    253. good do it

    254. not if its a blowout. Then Brian Roberts and others come in.

    255. nom nom nom…

    256. Lin might get to stat pad with Roberts. Organize the youngsters like preseason.

    257. Rose is a shell of himself.

    258. He’s pretty confident at it. Good for him.

    259. Golden State Warriors of the East….

    260. he shoots the long ball better than Lin and PJ and Lamb

    261. will need hansbrough soon to close it out

    262. Lin should learn some footwork and ball handling from this Street Beats crew.

    263. no not quite

    264. He will never be what he used to be….but i don’t think the bulls will lay down

    265. 1 playmaker has to be there not to blow leads.
      Lin/Roberts would be welcome.

      Clifford might reward Lin with Stat-padding to get his shots back

    266. I doubt Lin plays in garbage time. Roberts will, probably Hansbrough and others, none of the main guys.

    267. Could he be…the new Novak? Does have better dance moves.

    268. I know, I meant it as an expression…=)

    269. 11 min so far. would need to play continuously from midway through 3rd quarter to end to make ~30 min. assuming its not blowout.

    270. In Boston, Stevens lets IT statpad in blowouts…a bit of a concession for the 6th man “forced” to come off the bench.

    271. Newvak.

    272. hhahaha you mean tom thiboeau.. …
      he must have told clifford something about the bulls and their weaknesses..haahhaah
      thus the 37 suggestions.

    273. yes .. if it’s 20+pts with 4 min left, it should be stat-pad time

    274. Steph Curry is not the back up PG.

    275. The bench has scored much better than in the last game in the first half. They scored 31 points in the first half. Last game they scored only 27 points for the whole game.

    276. He worked with the professor.

    277. The chick is smokin hot too…

    278. Was looking for a redemptive game tonight after the tough losses – this one is too lopsided to be satisfactorily redemptive. I want a nail-biter in which JLin shines and rises to the occasion. Yes, I want to see JLin be the game changer. Let’s see how the second half goes . . .

    279. Nooooo… vak

    280. guess the 37 suggestions from tom thibeau helps.. 35 of them was about bulls weaknesses and the players tendencies!!! LMAOSMH

    281. Insider trading.

    282. TRUE =)

    283. The professor can’t drum like this.

    284. it’s okay .. tonight they need a W and JLin to get his shots back + some stat-pad

      one game at a time

    285. I think more like revenge from Thibeau…. LOL!

    286. I don’t think Charlotte will take their foot off of the gas. Chicago may cut the lead but they are too far behind and Charlotte wants their first win. Plus, their home. I really think they have this one.

    287. Hope the momentum does not turn in the second half

    288. 8/10 3PT shooting is something else

      no pressure shooting is the best

    289. That tap dancing chick is bae af!!! =)

    290. Lin is not the primary scorer for the 2nd unit thats for sure
      hes just the guy that brings the ball up and passes it to someone
      no plays called for him no screens

    291. sweet revenge dish is served by Thibs lol

    292. He’s doing a Lin to all the potential guys who can break out.

    293. I know. It’s hard – the life of a fan. So much speculation. So much hoping. No control. I gotta get another hobby.

    294. thats cold… lol

    295. Even that, he doesn’t bring up the ball. Watching Hawes dribble up the court makes me think that “everyone is the PG.”

    296. Bulls will warm it up.

    297. Rock collecting?

    298. Come to think about it…if Tom is able to reveal Bulls weaknesses..why didn’t he fix them while he was with them?

    299. Why does he have to be the primary scorer? He’s a slasher and facilitates or co-facilitates depending on who is on with him. In some games, he’ll be hot, and he’ll be one of the big scorers. In the first unit, Kemba wasn’t the primary scorer. There was no primary scorer. Everyone was touching the ball and scoring. A team where everyone is involved is a happy team.

    300. Could probably do with a better outfit than that… The girl herself is nice

    301. I think he got a screen for the big 3

      As a playmaker, he’s doing well finding open shooters
      Highest assist at 3 at one point

    302. No stress there

    303. yep thats why clifford is not top notch

    304. It has been said by Hornets announcer, Stephanie, in previous games that this season Clifford’s offense allows anyone can bring up the ball.

    305. Doesn’t matter so long as Lin is looking to score, they want him to play SG more than PG for this team.

    306. u said he was an average joe. that’s what they do. Like Steve Blake

    307. I’d rather guards do it, not Hawes. He got away with it this time but I hope he doesn’t do it often.

    308. yes, that’s the goal for this team.

      Selfless scoring. No Kobe mode here

    309. Are he hornets playing better defense? Wow.

    310. He’s gotten 5 good shots already in 11m. 3 FGA and 2 FT trips.

      Teamball tonight because everyone is hot. 1 game sample size is weak.

      Even Kemba only has 7 shots (FGA + 0 FT) in 16m.

    311. I don’t know what web sites I would default to once JLin retires. Perhaps he’ll become an NBA or a college coach and I’ll follow those games.

    312. meh im not a fan of the team

    313. He couldn’t, just as Hornets can’t bench Walker.

    314. there as a glitch in the beginning but other than that they didn’t allow wide-open shots for most time

    315. pretty sure clifford said he only wanted ball handlers to bring up the ball…

    316. I don’t think it is that cut and dry. They want him to use his skills and one of them is creating for himself and his team mates. Does it matter that much whether he is called SG, PG or combo guard?

    317. doesn’t work in close games. But that’s usually when Lin somehow comes through.

    318. you mean orlinaryJoe.

    319. With a good points-to-shots ratio as well.

    320. More team ball & like preseason game?

    321. That should definitely by avoided.

    322. Me too. But that’s what has been said, so any players know that they’re allowed to. That’s why you don’t see lots of fast breaks passing.

    323. Watched Jlin hit 4/5 3-pt in shoot around.

    324. yep avergae joe makes pretty good back up
      so he should be allowed to do more

    325. 5 good shots?

    326. The Bulls aren’t bad.
      They played a good game shooting @58% and 50% from the arc. They just turned the ball over 8 times 6 more than the Hornets. Normally the bulls would be leading in the first half. but the Hornets shot 58% too but 80% 3P%!

    327. Wow you can hear everything Clifford says.

    328. hes not scoring thou

    329. hes a score fisr guard imo

    330. Open shots. Clear lane and/or off a set play.

    331. exactly

    332. at least the hornets coaches have temporarily fixed whatever was wrong before. The bulls look like garbage though. Maybe its Charlotte making them look like garbage.

    333. there is like no defense by the bulls. so odd. no thibs.

    334. Crazy stat= 20 assist 2 TOV

    335. Rose playing with one good eye…big mistake to rely on him so much. Always some kind of injury with him.

    336. Probably the bulls are having an off night on the road after a good start but still the Hornets got to take advantage of that and finish them off with conviction.

    337. How about his two legs and another eye ?

    338. Lin is a team player. If you aren’t a fan of the team and just want Lin to do well, then you’ll only like the games he is a big scorer.

    339. Balanced scoring from the Hornets. No one is specially hot. The Hornets are all hot.

    340. Questionable.

    341. I don’t know any fire breathing Bulls…

    342. Lin needs to stat pad during garbage time.

    343. Well, Jeremy may get to stat pad tonight.

    344. Okay, Big Al, I see you. But unless he’s this good every game, his style is just a net negative for the team.

      Maybe this is Morey-style tactics. Pump up a guy’s stats early on and then TRADE him.

    345. That would be a nice reward for all his teamball.

    346. JLin did a better job guarding Butler in the preseason than Hairston.

    347. Kemba and Lin combined for 3 blocks.

    348. Al has 1

    349. Walker is really unselfish this season…I guess he really does want to win.

    350. Bulls would trade Rose for Lin

    351. Pls give Tyler Hansborough playing time, i really pity him!

    352. No idea why Cliff doesn’t give him/others a chance. He doesn’t seem to do well w/change.

    353. Cliff is set on who play and how many minutes

    354. That TO by Batum was on Big Al. Terrible screen, made it easy to trap Nic.

    355. I still don’t understand the insistence on Jefferson. Yes he’s got things to bring, but I see him get the ball under the basket and time after time he just gets bull-headed about having his way, even when he’s obviously overwhelmingly swarmed. Then he either gets stripped, throws up a hopeless prayer that doesn’t fall, or has to try desperately to find an outlet through the waving arms and legs around him. His flexibility and IQ just don’t seem to be what they need to be.

    356. Ya, has no idea how or doesn’t like change.

    357. I hear “Pull over! Pull over!” 10X per game.

    358. He has a nice touch and some decent moves but everything is slow to develop. It stops the ball movement.

    359. Batum shot like last season’s Walker in terms of %, price to pay for being a ball handling SF I guess.

    360. what does that mean?

    361. I just want Lin get more playing times..

    362. He clearly don’t fit the future of the team. I don’t know what happen to him next year

    363. Leading disappearing fast…good thing Clifford called timeout.

    364. It’s already obvious that this team is ALL about Batum/Walker.

    365. You can really hear everything – “under, under!” “no foul!”, “go-go-go”. Great to know what he’s thinking/saying.

    366. And Al. Kemba/Batum/Al.

    367. No surprise here. First lineup on floor too long.

    368. PnR defense where he wants his big man to switch onto the guard to prevent penetration. “Pulling over” to that side of the floor.

    369. That means you’ll get asked for your licence and registration very soon….

    370. So now they are coming together. THey’d struggle first 5 games and then win 80% in a row I assumed for first 20-30 games and then revert down a little bit once there was game film on them post all star break.

      Lin’s going to be a low usage glue guy for the 2nd team in part because teams are gunning for him off the bench so the scoring will be spread out to others. He might not get much in good stats, but I think the team will appreciate his sacrifice. And who knows if he re-signs or opts out if he averages 8-11PPG, 2 rbd, 4 asst for the year.

      I don’t think any other team will want him in the summer even if CLT makes the ECF but that’s ok. Not to start of be a core guy that’s for sure. But I guess he can finally feel part of a team where he is accepted. I think that’s more important for him than being a star.

      I do think these guys do accept Lin for what he is so good for Lin. He does not play or live for any of us.

      Glad for Lin, not so much his hardcore Lin fans like me who want him to be a team star guard and get 17, 7, and 5 every game.

    371. Good, I don’t want garbage time to further shorten Lin’s PT.

    372. I try to forget Al. lol

    373. Ah, thank you.

    374. I say he is old school and so boring to watch!

    375. I really liked his veteran stability and great personality in the preseason, and really want to wish him the best…..but…..

    376. and step out of the vehicle?

    377. Lin is waiting to come in

    378. Wrong, Lin’s goal in the NBA is to be an All-Star and than Championship!

    379. 18 point game

    380. Man Kemba can really break some ankles

    381. Lin in

    382. don’t ask questions that make sense πŸ™‚ ON another note, I’m disappointed by Lin’s role on this team but it is what it is. I think Lin isn’t going to get what he bargained for by signing with Charlotte. I think the team will do well but us Lin fans are in for a tough pill to swallow.

    383. into a puddle.

    384. Splash!

    385. Even if Lin close the game, he only play 24 minutes:(

    386. I think everyone sees Lin is just a low usage decoy. I’m still struggling to come to terms. But I also understand this was probably Lin’s last shot in the NBA.

      Khuang was not that far off in that almost no team wanted Lin. I do agree with that as well.

      Team success as a low usage bench guy will not salvage Lin’s career but it may give him the mental release he has been looking for over the past 6 seasons.

    387. 2222222222

    388. LIN DRIVE

    389. 3333333333333333333

    390. LIN 3333333

    391. Hairsanity?!

    392. Lin on fire! 3333!

    393. Lin’s clutch 3 really hurt the bulls comeback.

    394. Lin to Brooks: “I love you man…you’re a great guy…but I got to BALL this season.”

    395. Lin is clutch ! Deep dish pizza please !

    396. JLin off-the-glass 3333333333333333!!!


    397. Lin eating Brooks for breakfast, big advantage is sweet. πŸ˜€

    398. He’ll play more once he finds his rhythm. He played 27 in the first two games. Would have played 30 in the 1st game (w/o Lamb)

    399. Crazy…3pointer!

    400. LOL I am not even excited. But I am happy for Lin he has found a team that accepts him.

      Holberg is a clown for using small Brooks to cover Lin. What a moron of of a coach. Classic fail putting small guys on Lin. Lin will go off.

    401. Lin!!!!

    402. Lin went to the bank with that 3

    403. Is that an intended pt bank shot? If so, this is a very good shot.

    404. 5 points in less than 2 minutes?


    406. momentum killer for sure!

    407. Decoy

    408. 12 points 12 minutes

    409. he won’t be an all star much less start again except for injury.

    410. Shh….Let Lin get his stats. XD

    411. Good psychology by Clifford? “No more Mr. Nice Guy…you don’t shoot, you don’t play.”

    412. Unbelievable 94% at FT%

    413. Who cares. It went Lin!

    414. Deep dish pizza only.

    415. Lin looks so SWAGGY today. He’s confidently shooting (even in the 1st half) just like preseason.

    416. He’s already got 12pt. It says more to score big in little time than playing more time…

    417. So far the Hornets win every quarter.
      The Bulls didn’t play bad. The Hornets are just superb!

    418. It’s best to let Lin organize the last shot.

    419. lol. I love seeing small guys cover Lin. I KNOW Lin will go off. He will no be stopped at all.

    420. “Lin, get to the rim like it’s your Lion King blanket” πŸ™‚

    421. Zeller should have given it back to Lin earlier.

    422. 55% FG 65% 3P 94% FT!!!!!

    423. My wish is every Hornet players scored in double figures.

    424. Lamb is so hot today he might even roast himself…

    425. Poor Noah is having a hard time keeping up = =

    426. Lin drawing another foul. I hope they let him stat pad with Roberts.

    427. 222222222+1


    429. Hawes to Lin … And-1!!!!!!

    430. Yay, I win! Everybody wins!

    431. what a dumb rookie coach. GUYS DONT fall for fools gold. Lin can cream small guards. this is not indicative of Lin versus real competition where a real coach puts a six foot 8 wing on Lin and traps.

    432. Lin and 1

    433. Hornets look real deep lol

    434. Hawes is playing GREAT today. When he’s not lazy, he and Lin are an ideal duo.

    435. It left Zeller and Marvin Williams to score in double figure. Go Zeller, Marvin. You can do it.

    436. bulls giving up

    437. 110-77 with 8 min left.

      I start to feel bad for the Bulls πŸ™‚

    438. OK it’s garbage time now, play the 1st unit!

    439. Everyone had a hand on today no 1 superstars

    440. notice Clifford yelling GO GO GO on every offensive possession. he really wants the team to run

    441. Early garbage time?

    442. You’re right that Lin can’t beast like this against a top defensive coach.

      But if the Hornets share the ball like this, he can repeat his Heat performance (17p on 10 FGA).

    443. This is actually very pretty basketball the Hornets are playing.

    444. Hornets are playing hard so the coach can allow Hansbrough in.

    445. Hornets with 10-0 run in the 4th quarter!

    446. LOL

    447. Happy Lin playing with confidence but it’s shorty Aaron Brooks guarding him, he needs to play like that against other NBA players without the height advantage.

    448. Great team play. With a group like this, the way they are going to win any number of games is by teamwork, which is looking good so far.

    449. It’s more about Charlotte’s improved ball movement, screens and cuts.

      Lin is playing OFF the ball more too. Can’t just trap him off PnRs.

    450. He has space. He can go one-on-one against tough defenders. It’s the traps that slow him down.

    451. He’s in motion this game more. He’s doing great.

    452. Kaminsky needs 4 more points to be in double figures.

    453. Hornets need to play like this every game with everyone scoring!

    454. Go ahead to set up the regular season win scores record!

    455. impossible. everyone wishes. but not possible.

    456. Yes. Curry also plays a TON off the ball. The more Curry plays SG, the better he is.

    457. Even Hawes making 3s wow.

    458. 2 more point

    459. 140 tonight?

    460. Hopefully, Lin can get to 20 before Cliff clears the bench.

    461. Confident midrange miss,

    462. best move of night is Lin step back Miss. FINALLY A REAL SHOT

    463. Feel sorry for Aaron, Jeremy is owning him.

    464. Tyler sighting!

    465. hanborough

    466. He had another one of those in the 1st half.

    467. better line-ups today…
      coaches must really not like hansbrough

    468. Finally Hansbrough is in!

    469. That will push him further to be an effective player…I dont mind, since he is in a good environment

    470. Buckets for everybody!

    471. Happy Birthday, Psycho T!!!!

    472. Psycho T !!!

    473. Yessss, Handsbrough

    474. LAMb swag

    475. The three’s are falling. Its not going to happen every game.

    476. lamb is on fire!

    477. Lin maybe done

    478. The team says “this one is for you!”

    479. Great leadership by Lin.

      Tyler ruins Lin’s assist…Lin gives it right back to him.

    480. Hans borough would fit Lin good on this team. He is so not used to finishing anymore. Lin can do those dumps.

    481. Just got back watching the game, what did Clifford say to Lin?

    482. Psycho T looked to have good PnR chemistry with Lin !

    483. ζ›Έθ±ͺζˆ‘ζ„›δ½ …probably not.

    484. Jeremy is always patient with the Bigs.

    485. Will Lin play the entire 4th quarter?

    486. Hope Lin makes Handbrough look good so coach will use him more. More of an inside presence than Hawes. Zeller & Hawes kind of redundant.

    487. LOL .. Psycho T: “HAppy BDay to me! I got to play football too”
      Lowered his shoulder like a LB

    488. It might look that way.. Clifford wants Lin/Lamb to get a lot of airtime

    489. I think he knows how awful it is when your teammates freeze you out for 1-2 mistakes.

    490. psycho got 2 carried away

    491. LOL

    492. 55% / 65% / 95% as a team; What more can you ask.

    493. Don’t make me ban you… lol… Share!

    494. Lin deserves to stat pad for the rest of the game. Or at least until he gets 20, ha.

    495. JLin: “This is for KHuang!” lol

    496. better line ups today!

    497. Psycho was nerves I bet… Lin made a nice dump to him, he’ll be grateful.

    498. Psycho T is a beast. And Lin knows how to feed them !

    499. Lin done

    500. Lin out

    501. Lin out. No stat padding. Can’t let him have too good stats or won’t be able to afford him next year.

    502. No! Lin is out!

      On one hand, he’s being treated like a top player. On the other hand, he deserves to get 20 for his play.

    503. coach has a blind spot

    504. Today is big win game so it’s OK…

    505. i remmeber khuang was trying to tell me hansbrough could finish around the rim. hah, it still hasnt happened. missed the bunny.

    506. 19 minutes 15 points Just wow

    507. On the third hand no need to risk injuries. (waiting for the fourth hand )

    508. oh well.. he’s a Top 6th Man/playmaker so no sense getting potential injuries

    509. adrenaline

    510. Yeah, his PER for today is Linsane. 15p/5r/4a in 19 minutes!

    511. Lamb already signed his extension so they will let him stat pad.

    512. This is getting out of hand…

    513. indeed

    514. Clifford seems to use Lin differently. He sits him in long stretch then plays him in long stretch. May be he sees Lin is a rhythm guy.

    515. Phooey. But yes. Let the back benchers finally get some PT.

    516. Lamb is all arms and legs

    517. Good that everyone has the chance to play in this game:-)

    518. Rusty. First minutes he’s had all regular season.

    519. He is shooting ridiculous let him get experience because most days he won’t shoot like this.Lin should not be out there

    520. Alright, Hornets. Just keep sharing the ball. The shots won’t always fall like tonight, but just play the same way. Cut hard. Screen hard. Pass hard. Win big.

    521. Ya, long season. JLin has to stay healthy.

    522. more than one.

    523. I heard Cliff yell at a soft screen that led to a turnover. He knows what the issue are

    524. Man… Imagine what could it have been if Houston didn’t make that stupid Harden trade and kept Lamb for development. He and Lin would’ve been leathal for a backcourt duo

    525. You mean like this?

    526. Don’t dismiss him too quickly. This is his first few minutes. Allow to make some mistakes.

    527. He is a good coach…no mistake there…

    528. Of course he is. I have better faith in him than many posters here:-)

    529. lol…and you need to bring Khuang in?

    530. Bulls announcer diss of Lin. “It’s one thing when Kemba Walker [gets layups], when Jeremy Lin does it, that’s a wake up call.” LOL. Beware the worst shooting starter in the league for the past 3 years! Lin is Mr. Efficiency even in HOU and LAL.

    531. Psycho T is the best screen setter on this team. Too bad he does not play more.

    532. That’s stupid. Lin is the better driver and finisher of the two. And Kemba would even say so.

    533. The issue is he cant finish if you pass to him or at least that how it looked today

    534. Teams best rebounder too.

    535. Lin only got 19 mins tonight. I guess team did not need him but Lin dropped in 15 smoothly in just 19 mins.

    536. Race, race, race…oy vey.

    537. Bulls announcers are so bias. They were talking about Bull’s poor defense and said it’s one thing to see Walker getting to the rim but when you see Jeremy Lin doing it too, it’s a wake up call. Except Lin was no.2 to Lebron in points per shot at the rim 2 seasons ago and is miles better than Walker in shooting!

    538. This is not the first, and it won’t be the last, STUPID, UNINFORMED yapping we’re gonna hear this season.

    539. But they don’t watch Lin. He made his name with his drives, not his jump shots.

    540. Ya, heard that & thought I may have heard it wrong. But nope, not a game until there’s a negative comment about Lin. smh

    541. Lol

    542. That’s exactly what I mean by race. The evidence for a casual viewer is obvious but they just say that Lin “looks slow” compared to Kemba or whoever.

    543. definitely 130+

    544. …or shoot without fouling.

    545. The praised Lin earlier…but I guess they got angry when Lin destroyed them again, ha.

    546. Bulls announcers stupid..
      there.. it’s simpler.

    547. Now I see why Roberts is buried in the bench. Not looking for anyone

    548. lol…soooo predictable..

    549. Hornets get their 1st win of season! Hope they can now return to their pre-season form.

    550. Finally they call a foul for Handbrough. He gets hacked every offensive possession.

    551. why mention it.

    552. stoopid

    553. Hanborough can’t finish or shoot which is why he doesn’t play. Took 2 assist from lin on one play lol

    554. who’s wasn’t tonight?

    555. meh Lin cudnt drive and get past defenders when he played heat and hawks
      they are not wrong

    556. Lin needs to attack Felton and D-Will as much as possible next game.

      Dallas is well-coached, they can hang in there. But Lin should be able to score 20 in 25-28m if he’s aggressive.

    557. He should have just dunked that. He’s like point blank right there.

    558. He makes Omer Asik look athletic.

    559. Good job! JLin 18:47 game time with 4-8 (2-2 for 3ptr), 5-5 FT, +21; 5R, 4A, 1PF, 1 TO, 1BS πŸ™‚

    560. Brian Roberts should be more classy not to shoot in last few seconds

    561. Idk if he got the hops

    562. yeah…the first couple of preseason game…if im not mistaken in Rox, they two was getting fine!

    563. attack with an ax

    564. the only bearable part of watching these games is that they keep panning to Michael Jordan’s wife. I’ve seen Lin’s role barring injury. Beggars cannot be choosers.

    565. Exactly. very clunky

    566. He’ll find his rhythm with more minutes.

      KHuang has Tyler, but I have Greg Smith. I love Greg Smith…his hands, finishing and screens are ELITE. He just needs to stay healthy and get minutes.

    567. mans out there fighting for his minutes lol

    568. It’s funny yet annoying to see the bench warmers being so trigger happy and missing most of the shots. Everyone wants to pad their stats but ending up padding their FGA only…

    569. That’s not nice!

    570. Compared to Asik, who is better at finishing around the rim?lol

    571. He could do a slow blow by against them.

    572. ew

    573. May be he sat too long on the bench!

    574. Maybe he needs to hit the weight room so he can bulk up and muscle through those bigs. He takes a lot of contact inside.

    575. Lol, not what you think.

    576. yeah, they are bull-sht

    577. Asik

    578. It’s obvious he’s anxious to show what he’s capable of after being benched for so long.

    579. How do you like an offense of 51%, 60%, 95%. The team plays like Steve Curry, LeBronz as a whole.

    580. For guys who mostly never see the light of day I think it’s less stat padding than just trying to get in the play. Anxious urgency is not the best food for excellence.

    581. wow awesome game from Lin, 15 pts, 4 ast, 5 reb, 1 blk in less then 19 mins !!!

    582. Lin tied for most rebounds.

    583. CHI radio interviewed Jeremy after the game and praised him. Best game as a Hornet.

    584. If only he had more playing time.

    585. but I thought they say sht about him..? so why they interviewing him!?

    586. looks like a major gap in intelligence between CHI radio and TV commentators

    587. It’s a blowout game. Don’t need to risk injury. Still have 78 more games to go. Enjoy the victory!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    588. that. was. fast.

    589. Prob the TV guys saying sht, not radio guys.

    590. No Stacy king.

    591. or gap in prejudice

    592. Yea, thought the bulls would put up a better fight oh well just hope the team continues to play like this throughout the season. Seems like on every team, Lin never gets 32 minutes as a starter.

    593. whatd i miss guys?! how did lin do today?

    594. lol
      worst game ever

    595. He did good

    596. new CHI postgame thread is up


      Hornets Beat Bulls 130-105;

      Jeremy Lin played very well in the blowout

      JLin 18:47 game time with 4-8 (2-2 for 3ptr), 5-5 FT, +21; 5R, 4A, 1PF, 1 TO (Credit @GoJLin)


    597. bad game for lin! πŸ™‚ lol…..Best game for Hornets and everyone for the season

    598. You missed everything!

    599. Why NBA promoting a bench player ??

    600. Is that official NBA tweet?

    601. Who was guarding him?

    602. lamb was cooking!

    603. Idiots. Kemba is good but Lin is the better finisher around the rim. This coming from someone who has watched both for years even before the NBA. NBA definitely finishes better than Kemba around the rim due to his size. Kemba is quick as hell but Lin has more control when he attacks the basket.

      Like other posters here said, it is that same stereotype about Asians. America unfortunately is a cesspool for stereotypes and nothing will change as long as we got the same people running all the media in this country.

    604. 1 on five! Speedy Jeremy!
      If you spread the court, Jeremy can blow past everyone. AB is eating dust.

    605. lol…any promotion is good,,,we need not nitpick…right πŸ™‚

    606. They are 2 different type of penetrators. Lin is fast runner with explosive first step to blow by his defender when he sees the driving lane sudden open up due to player movements. He doesn’t force too much when it comes to drive-ins. Kemba is quick as well but he’s unique in which his mad handling and ability to change direction at ease can really break his defenders’ ankle and shake them off for him to drive in. But Kemba is more prone to force his way into the paint. Both are good drive-in guards. But the way Lin does it makes it easier for his ankle. Kemba will get some sort of ankle injury if he doesn’t have his daily fish oil…

    607. Batum was the highest scorer. But we know JLin broke the back of the Bulls, put the game away. Interesting the NBA making Lin the face of the franchise though.

    608. For a big, Hawes is a great passer which we’ve seen during preseason. He just need to be more efficient with his scoring.

    609. Five steps right?

    610. The Internet will be broken if Hawes threw alley-oop to JLin lol

      That was sweet1

    611. Oops it was CHA radio.

    612. stop trolling hahhha yall had me scared at first

    613. Hairsanity!

    614. Lin did complain about his dunking stats on nba2k

    615. He’s good marketing. Playing fine but that story! That hair!

    616. I think that must be from the team to NBA.

    617. watch Hawes reaction after Lin scored at 0.33 – he was like “Yes!!”

    618. Maybe this constant and consistent promotion of Lin is what got Batum on alert…kind of how Melo felt upon returning after Linsanity.

    619. In person yes, in the stats sheet no.

    620. 51.6%
      95.7% as a team! This is definitely going to be a record of some sort.

    621. He just needs to cut down on his hesitation and just does it.

    622. HooWoo!!! x10….
      A Must Needed Victory for our Stingers. =). Now, Let’s grab 6-0 for the next six games !!!

    623. The Hornets has scored over 30 points for every quarter!!!!
      The most at the first quarter while they’re mad. 37 points.

    624. Lin always has good game against the Bulls.

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