G4 ATL @CHA PostGame Thread

The Hornets shot poorly in the 4th quarter and lost a winnable game vs Atlanta Hawks 92-94
Paul Villareal pointed out correctly that it’s hard to overcome 1-18 shooting with 3 min left in the 4th quarter

JLin still struggled with his shooting for the 2nd game shooting 2-9 to end up with 7pts/4asts in 21 min
He did ok on the playmaking finding Marvin Williams for the big 3 and setting up teammates but all the shooting was cold.
Kemba Walker played big in the 4th quarter to attack the rim repeatedly and hit a 3pt and Marvin Williams contributed with a big 3pt bank shot off Lin’s assist but it’s not enough.
JLin will break through this slump one way or another. Hopefully it’s sooner than later because his team needs him.

In the post-game interview, JLin stated it has been a disappointing start but it’s a long year and they had a lot of new guys.

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