G4 ATL @CHA PostGame Thread

The Hornets shot poorly in the 4th quarter and lost a winnable game vs Atlanta Hawks 92-94
Paul Villareal pointed out correctly that it’s hard to overcome 1-18 shooting with 3 min left in the 4th quarter

JLin still struggled with his shooting for the 2nd game shooting 2-9 to end up with 7pts/4asts in 21 min
He did ok on the playmaking finding Marvin Williams for the big 3 and setting up teammates but all the shooting was cold.
Kemba Walker played big in the 4th quarter to attack the rim repeatedly and hit a 3pt and Marvin Williams contributed with a big 3pt bank shot off Lin’s assist but it’s not enough.
JLin will break through this slump one way or another. Hopefully it’s sooner than later because his team needs him.

In the post-game interview, JLin stated it has been a disappointing start but it’s a long year and they had a lot of new guys.


Guess JLin's stats in Game 4 vs CHI


  1. We lost! 🙁 Not the first!

  2. Last shot tracker:

  3. Yup 🙁

  4. Back to drawing board and practice….CoachLin should take over at least behind the scene

  5. ANyways things still looks promising, last 3 lost was not blowups, they fought till the end and kept the game close…thats a good indicator.

  6. All these losses were winnable with Lin at starting SG. For what it’s worth, I’m glad that Lin kept shooting when he was open in the 4th. He missed his shots but he was confident in his 3pt stroke. And hey, look around the league — there’s a lot of weak shooting from top guards not named Curry. Offseason rust, I guess.

    My only real worry is that Clifford seems to be in denial. He thinks he has enough playmaking and scoring on the 1st unit and the team just needs to “get organized” and gel. The only ray of hope is that he said that he hasn’t ruled out starting Lin.

  7. My vote for CHI game is 12pts/4asts

    JLin shooting will be better but his teammates still can’t convert many assists

  8. Not bad losing close games against defensively tough teams. Lets be patient.

  9. Bounce back game… so Hairsanity!

  10. Love the confidence 🙂

  11. it is a close game.so dissappointing

  12. 18 and 7!

  13. Not sure if it is confidence. I could be under the Hair’s spells. The Hair’s influence is strong. LOL

  14. This is going to be a break out year. i believe it. 15plus pg. I’m sticking to that prediction. with a playoff berth

  15. Yeah, I’m not down on this team like LAL or HOU. They support Lin and pass to him (except at the very end tonight).

    They just aren’t playing the right lineups. Like I keep saying, Lin leading the 2nd unit doesn’t help the team. It just makes the 1st unit weaker and makes the 2nd unit them easier to guard (swarm Lin).

  16. Team is in every game and Jeremy has been in the middle of each one with minutes still unclear. Bounce back game for Jeremy and Hornets against the Bulls.

    Clifford needs to see where the league is today. He will be left behind. He is the last disciple of the Van Gundy tree of defensive coaches. Tibs was replaced by Hoiberg for a reason.

  17. Coach C has never demonstrated in his career that he can formulate a competent offensive gameplan

  18. Maybe, because unlike LA, Lin is being encouraged to shoot and score. They want him to create but know that if he scores, that opens up lanes for him to create.

  19. BTW, people have been talking about Lawson and Dragic being “too passive” this season. Funny how that works, huh? It’s not confidence…it’s Xs and Os. Dragic is distributing to several quality scorers and Lawson is lost next to ball dominant Harden.

    For (different) Xs-and-Os reasons, Lin has struggled the past 2 games. He’s trying to avoid low% midrange 2s, but thanks to poor spacing and bad off-ball movement by his teammates, that’s all that’s open. He’s gotta start shooting them — he looked SHARP as heck during preseason on midrange Js.

  20. i think he can do it.he needs to work on the weaknesses

  21. If we compare Lin to Dragic and Lawson as a point of reference, we’re screwed. Lin will recover just how soon?

  22. Charlotee is not beating the Bulls. Charlotte can easily be 1-6 soon. Easily. And I suspect they will. I’m just waiting to see if Clifford or the front office will grow a brain.

  23. At the timing of this writing, James Harden has shot 12-54 (22.2%) FG and 3-32 (9.4%) 3PT since season started, and Rox well on the road to 0-3.

    But that’s OK, for he’s the best basketball player and Morey’s precious. Cornerstone Power!

  24. It’s a fair comparison right now. They’re playing as “badly” as he did (or worse) when he was in their shoes. People overemphasize dumb stuff like “attitude” and “confidence” when the real issue is Xs and Os.

    As for Lin’s situation NOW, Lin’s gotta start shooting and hitting midrange Js. Or be moved into the starting lineup. The spacing and movement is so poor with lineups the way they are.

  25. I’m not anticipating of any strong interior defence from the Bulls so I’m expecting to see Jeremy slicing and dicing in that game for 15-20pt. As for assists… It really comes down to his Hornets teammate converting so I’m gonna give it 5 assist give or take

  26. my point is I don’t compare Lin to second hand PGs. If I did i would not be following him. I believe he is so much more.

    I hold him to standard of the other all stars and MVP types.

    Right now though, he is way way way off. He’s not even super bench player level. He’s been forgettable.

  27. Wow! Finally saw some good news. Rox lose to Heat by -20. Ya! Harden 0-10 3P!

  28. don’t bring that here. This is a Jlin fan site

  29. you forgot that Bulls gonna have their revenge on lin and hornet

  30. With nothing to cheer about, that’s the only comfort.

  31. Those guys are regarded as borderline Top 10 PGs, fairly or not, so it’s not too shabby.

    I’m not happy with Lin’s play the last 2 games either, but saying he should just “shoot more” (like many/most are) is missing the point to me.

  32. so sad. Russel Westbrook just smash a dunk over 2 people on a rebound. Impressive. since we are talking about stuff in general.

  33. who cares. I rather Lin play well.

  34. True, but it’s a reminder that even guys in ideal situations are playing like trash right now.

  35. Well Lin is definitely struggling. I think pre season badly tricked the franchise. And they are learning they are not as good as advertised.

    Clifford is doing a horrible job with the lineups and I am quite concerned for Lin. I think Lin is going to struggle for a while and the longer he does, the more irrelevant he becomes as a 2 million small fry playing behind a weak starting PG in Kemba, who vastly outplayed Lin today.

    It’s just looking bad. Real bad.

    Lin cannot do his Lin thing as as 2 guard. Some nights sure but not sustainable especially when it counts. I already know this. If he’s not playing 30 MPG as PG, he’s in for some problems.

  36. Hardne has always been a fraud to me so I’m not surprised to be honest.

  37. He just need to learn to play aggressive (not necessarily scoring alone) with whatever minutes given…he is smart…just give it some time

  38. I saw last few min of this game. Rox’s D were bad & they didn’t shoot well. Harden played so so … don’t know what’s wrong w him. But it’s very unusual to me Harden was shooting that bad in 3P for the past 3 games. Today was 0-10?!!

  39. No he isn’t. Go to the Hornets boards and there isn’t much talk about Lin. If he was that bad, there would be. Your sky is falling, Lin is so bad talk gets really old. Lin’s struggling some, yes. It’s disappointing after his great pre-season, yes. He’s doing as bad as some others, no.

  40. From a preseason game? Don’t think so.

  41. Sounds very possible. Shot should fall better in the next few games too.

  42. ox had everything. Lin as well as Parson and they let it go for nothing. i really despise the rox. GSW Developed their players. I don’t get why they couldn’t be patient.

  43. Looking at box score. No chance to watch the game.
    Tough loss again – 2 points deficit.
    1st and 4th Qtr didn’t do too well.
    Previous games did not do well in other Qtrs

    So, I guess the Hornets will ultimately fixed it.
    The crowds were behind the team – and that’s really good to watch.
    3 down – 79 to go!!
    Hawks played well but definitely beatable.

  44. Asik, DMo, Rox had a lot of talent.

  45. Exactly!!! it all went to mess with Dwights arrival

  46. Yup. Didn’t need him.

  47. no work ethic. Party too much in summer. Season before he was team USA all summer so in shape. Lazy.

    Look at westbrook and durant. Came out guns blazing and totally jacked to dominate.

    Harden? Looks flabby and got lazy from previous success thinking it will keep coming.

  48. Like it or not i think Charlotte maybe a long term home for Lin. I just want him to settle and find a home but like Lin said What ever is destined will happen. He has no control on it.

  49. well NYC didn’t look like home before it did and then it didn’t again when the owner and its star didn’t want him.

  50. A telling stat is Zeller’s +/- in the first 3 games: -7, -27, -15. I think that’s directly related to the defense keying in on Lin. Zeller needs Lin, but Hawks were able to trap Lin off the PnR and force the ball out of his hands.

    Until Clifford fixes the starting lineup, the only “solution” I see is Lin shooting midrange jumpers off ISOs and off the catch (to prevent doubling/trapping off screens). It’ll result in some ugly TOs, but at least he’ll get some clean shots up.

  51. It so frustrating but i don’t this the preseason and second haif of last year was a fluke. The issue right now is more of the team rather then Lin.

  52. although the +/- stat doesn’t says much about a player, but hard not to notice Zeller had a (negative) -15. His previous game was (negative) -27. was it a rotation problem or he played bad?

  53. I acknowledge his 2nd team is very weak. He only has Lamb who is ok. Zeller and Hawes look under skilled and frazzled.

    Still, this is just bad. The league is drafting longer and fast wings all over the place. Gone are those slow guys like Matt Barnes and Paul Pierce at SF. who Lin would torch. The new small forward is so long and tall and fast and explosive.

    Lin use to abuse the slower 3’s and 2’s. But those guys are retiring or being forced out of the league. The league is so athletic and getting more so with younger guys as Lin is now 27 and considered an older NBA player.

    I’m pretty concerned. This is his year to make or break it.

    I also don’t like his role Clifford is giving him. But the entire team is a bit out of sorts too.

  54. yes we need to give it 10 games, I do agree. Then we can see.

  55. Mostly the former. Without Lin feeding him in the PnR, he’s useless on offense. And that’s affecting his defense as well…he seems out of rhythm on both ends.

  56. the big men on this team are bad or don’t play in the way Lin excels. the lakers actually put together a good team for Lin but Scott or someone was macliious about it.

  57. Atleast Lin should have small Aaron Brookes to abuse for the last game. I’m predicting 17 plus points. If bench plays well as a unit 20 plus

  58. Maybe coach should give more minutes to Kaminsky

  59. What I’ve been saying

  60. the only silver lining is the entire team is pretty bad and not just lin, though the starters looked better today. the bench seems even worse as a whole LOL. Hawes and Zeller look like D league players.

  61. Okay time for a reality check.
    how long did it take for Lin to feel comfortable with the Lakers last year? It was after the all star game when he finally got the feel of how everyone played. It takes time to develop chemistry, especially when Lin isn’t the facilitator. Now Lin has no control of the ball and he relays on the PG to set him up.

    Clifford runs the motion offence. So how do 5 guys run around in motion make passes. When do you pass, who to and in what sequence do you connect the dots to create a play to set up an open man. Questions like these aren’t easy to answer in real time under pressure, even if you pratice it repeatedly.

    I’ve talked a bit about how our body has the ability to sense what each part of our body is doing in pace and time as we move through our daily routines or in playing sports. This sense we have, or proprioception is how great athletes are able to manipulate their bodies to do intricate things while all around them is multiple people are interacting with them. Proprioception allows us to dribble without looking at the ball while looking around to scan the defensive set. It allows us to skate while we are stick handling a puck with out looking at it going full tilt into the defence.

    Team chemistry is a lot like that. The person handling the ball has to feel his teammate’s motion to know when and where to pass the ball to. A good pick has to happen the same way. With out this “FEEL”, we have to make conscious decisions much like a stroke patient who has lost his ability to walk. If you’ve ever seen a stroke patient try to walk again you’ll marvel at the intricacies of the act of walking. The patient has to reconstruct the movements, the balance, the active balance and awareness to know that when you lift your feet to move forward, the other foot has to move itself to the right active balance point in order not to fall down. They have to think about reading and reacting to what they see before actually lifting one leg.

    I have often brought up the analogy of the tight rope high flying dare Devils who make walking look so easy….that’s all it is. It’s just walking in balance. You and I can do it everyday. The difference is that dare Devils can control their fear of dying. They’ve trained their emotions to allow for the flow of signals and impulses unimpeded by fear of walling to their death. We however would be so frightened that our movements would be complete jittery like a stroke patient learning to walk again.

    Preseason is easy like walking on a rope laid down on the ground. Regular season is like walking across a 1 story building on a small wooden beam. It’s more pressure but it can be handled eventually. Playoffs and finals are like walking on a tightrope across the Garnd Canyon. It takes time to learn proprioception and a team is organic like a human body. It must learn to move and feel without conscious thought of independent actions or we all fall flat on our face. The indecision and lack of coordination is a function of lack of feel for how each player will move in space time.

    GSW, Spurs are teams with players that have been together for a long time. They’ve grown to feel for each other’s movements. Old school teams like Lebron and Cavs rlely on one or 3 stars to score and make plays for themselves. It’s relatively easy to teach this type of offence ( if you have Lebron, Irving and Love). Basically just put it in one of their hands and go get the rebounds.

    New teammate’s, new ideas, new scheme and all under pressure. It’s a recipe for multiple losses. How do babies learn to walk? They don’t care how, they just do it and fumble around, dump into things fall and fall again until the lower brain gets it. Adults however don’t ever learn this way. They think they can command the lower brain into submission by condescending commands. The human body doesn’t learn that way. It’s the lower brain that learns by trial and error and by the 10,000 hour rule.

    In order for me to teach an adult tennis, I first must convince the upper brain or the conscious brain on the logic of the movements I’m about to teach them. Once I’ve convince the upper brain to accept it, I then proceed to tell them that they must abandoned control to their lower brain to learn it by itself with no interference from conscious decisions. AND SELF JUDGEMENT.

    For the Hornets to succeed, they must trust in their process and stop trying so hard to control it with their conscious minds. Athletes constantly talk about getting out of their own way. Right now the Hornets are getting in their own way.

  62. Zeller and Hawes looked so good in preseason with Lin. It now appears to all have been fools gold.

  63. Its not like Lin is taking the same shots as the preseason and missing. Nor is he driving in the same space and missing layups. He missed shots because he took shots that wasn’t his shots to early in the game. No step back mid range shot nor step back three. Why ??? Because of the Traps.

  64. that’s on the coaches for not preparing for this. Clifford changed lineups every games and played random people every game.

    I suspect he did the same thing in practice and players were’nt real sure what was what.

    Now the confusion is all over the court.

    Bad pre season preparation.

  65. I just saw a bunch of bench guys standing there on offense. Doesn’t look like much motion going on there.

  66. I am not predicting this. Rather I think Brooks will score more than Lin this time. I think how Lin was really good last time, we won’t see it at all this time agains the Bulls. More of the same.

    I think Lin needs 15 games before he will finally break out, right before Clifford almost gives up on him.

    That’s how Lin rolls.

  67. “It’s been a disappointing start but it’s a long year & we’ve got a lot of new guys” says Lin

  68. I don’t think it will take till allstar break. Last year the system was played correctly after the blow outs in preseason if you remember. They had the same issues early but fixed it. Lin just didn’t fit the system individually. This is not that situation. They are not playing their game. It is not running smoothly to say the least. For the bench they got flat tire.

  69. I don’t think it takes this long. Intellectually understanding the game plan and where to be can be fixed tomorrow.

  70. yes, feels like the preseason experiment carried over to the regular season, as he kind of disregarded what was seen in preseason, and starts with new line up.

    On the other hand, player performance did not carried over from preseason either. There is not much Alfense in preseason, but plenty in after season. And They let Lin lead the team in pre-season game 1, and that’s it, the past regular season, Lin was in the back seats till final 4-5 min of the game.

  71. oh, Gosh, really hard to see this Hawes….


  72. Can’t wait to see Lin bounce.

  73. I’m a patient.

  74. With the addition of Jeremy Lamb, now there are 10 players contending for the minutes to gel together as a team. The addition of Lamb will definitely take minutes from other players. Coach Clifford told us that a game only have enough minutes for 9 players to play at high level. Now there are 10. Somebody got to suffer.

    It’s a pleasant problem that a team wants to have because it has more talents but coach Clifford still has to deal with it so that minutes would be distributed in an optimum way to win the games. As the season moves on, the problem of organization will be lessened after players have more time to play together.

  75. Will we have been here before. Not like we have not been gloomy before and then Lin shows his critics and us his fans. I was just hoping it was today’s game on opening day that I would see Linsanity come out.

  76. Wow, can’t believe they still haven’t played Hansbrough yet, SMH! It’s obvious all the other
    bigs like Hawes, Big Al, Zeller, are soft and play subpar defence. Why not give someone else a try? What do they have against him?

    And placing Hairston into the starting lineup is so moronic, you’d think they’re tryna tank…
    First off he isn’t even a proven NBA player, let alone a starter. They were undefeated in the preseason
    with him NOT in the starting lineup, and then the season starts and they decide to start him…
    Here is a logical idea, why no start the lineup that spanked the Clippers(an elite team)? I mean,
    they had a working formula(lineup) and they decide to deviate from it for phux sake!

    Clifford talked about putting players in positions to succeed(before preseason I believe)….yeah, you don’t do that by playing a player like Batum, out of position(not worried about Lin at SG, as hes more than skilled, smart, and strong enough to play

    either guard position). Along with lacking the dribbling ability and quickness to be a shooting guard, hes
    not a rookie, and therefore is not going to be able to “learn” how to play the position anytime soon.

  77. The worst thing about Lin’s attitude lately is ….. how inconsiderate he is.

    What is Christinecheng suppose to make with these type of games? He is just punishing that poor girl.

  78. 21 & 5

  79. I don’t know how long this will continue but I guess coach will not allow anyone who can’t impact the game on court for long min. Bc this is about his job?! Well, I think they both need to talk again.

  80. Bc Lin didn’t play well so they couldn’t do well either.

  81. Glad I didn’t waste time watching this game. Nowadays I just wait to rewatch the games and with Lin’s slump lately and continued bench role it’s not even worth it. Not to mention this Hornets lineup is so out of whack with everyone not playing in their rightful positions. If I didn’t know I would think they’re tanking.

  82. Probably the girl friend problem! Just guessing! Lol!

  83. And give more minutes to Hansbrough, at least he’s tougher inside and a good rebounder.

  84. I guess Lamb will play more min now…


  85. Jeremy/jeremy/Tyler/frank/baum

    Try that lineup.

  86. O.o hmm….Lamb extension after only a few games? wow. Starting to feel Lin’s stay in Hornets won’t last very long.

  87. I really don’t understand why Hornets are so quick in lock down those second tier players, or one way players. They will end up with stuck in current situation forever.

  88. i sound like a loser, but i’m glad Rox are sucking, makes me feel better about Lin.

  89. I think they like him & Batum too.

  90. Coach did give Lin his chance in minutes but he needs to show for it as well. Where is the Lin who had nothing to lose and was fearless? During Knicks he was playing every game like it was his last with nothing to lose and he should be doing the same thing now. He can certainly take some shots even with a defender in front of him.

  91. they are locking down their own flexibility, just like they like Kemba….. extend him early too……

  92. If he gets this Lin better get paid

  93. Ya! No one really likes to come to small market team so…. Not surprised. Just my guess, maybe they talked to Lin also but Lin probably wants to wait until next summer so they don’t play his game after season started..?

  94. Oh sure they would love that wouldn’t they? But who and what are they gonna throw at JLin? I don’t remember they have any lockdown defenders who are capable of shutting down Lin in the past. And their team defence hasn’t made a big impression on me personally…

  95. Lin would have to show for it in his stats and shooting ability.

  96. He will. Not like lamb has shown much

  97. No you sound like a winner.

  98. Wow getting much more money than Lin…
    If Lin keeps playing like the 2 games, his role
    and playing time would be reduced surely…smh

  99. I’m so happy this morning, because:

    1) I did not wake up at 3AM to watch this bummer of a game.
    2) I still haven’t spent my hard-earned dollars on Int’l League Pass.
    3) Rox went 0-3 with Harden looking like Hairston.
    4) Got my dream assignment to join Brent and Michael next year.

    Yes, I’m a glass half-full kind of guy!

  100. Holy crap! That’s mind blowing…. 4min+ without a FG…
    And that’s against a weak defence team like Dallas… @ LA home court??!

  101. LOL. Lawson only took 3 shot attempts in 37 min. Harden took 15 shot attempts (finished 2-15) in 39 min, and had 5 TO.

    So thankful that Lin is not in the position of Harden’s ball caddy anymore.

  102. Good news to know… after miserable Hornets game. LOL!

  103. What i hate more is having the whole day tomorrow with that taste of Losing and single digit scoring in my mouth

  104. I know …. I think if not for Hornets wants to keep Lin or whatever the coach did promise Lin the playing time… He will not put Lin on court for sure… but today he did cut down his playing time bc he had no impact… Really hate this. smh!

  105. Hornets likes him & Batum. I guess Batum maybe will stay too.

  106. High Five! lol Me neither, wasn’t going to waste money on League Pass if Lin wasn’t even starting. I don’t feel the need to rush home to watch games anymore. :/

  107. Don’t we all, but I’ll take small consolations in the meantime.

  108. I don’t think they can talk to Lin though, Lin’s contract could not extend, and it was player option, so the team could do nothing.

  109. Players can only impact the game when empowered and set up for success. Batum was forced to play out of his natural SF position and did badly. Same goes for Lin, whose optimal contribution to the team would be as PG, but is forced out of it due to politics.

  110. I don’t know, Batum could have better options.

  111. I’m beginning to get the feeling that I’m gonna be holding on to my money until D’Antoni and Lin are reunited…

  112. I DOUBT Batum will be staying, the way things are going. He’s not shining as the “Star” here in Charlotte playing SG, third fiddle to Kemba/Al.

  113. I think w all these promotion (NBA TV) & that NBA article all show they want Lin to stay… Maybe not formal ….But I really think Lin signed that contract it’s trade off to play his game only.

  114. I listened to both Jeremy and Coach Cliff. I didn’t get the sense that the sky is falling. Also at least no one’s throwing Jeremy under a bus. This is not great but not the end of the world either guys, let’s be patient.
    I’m still very hopeful Jeremy will figure it out sooner rather than later.

  115. Batum really has no business handling the ball this much, he isnt that great
    Kemba is really good and plays his heart out, he needs to handle the ball more
    not sure if the FO or Clifford but they are catering to Batum way too much
    Plays are called for Lamb not so much for Lin he doesnt touch the ball much all game

  116. I know that’s why I say maybe…

  117. Crossing fingers for next season!

  118. Al will out I think. You know the bus they took for games. Only put Batum & Kemba pictures.

  119. can jeremy be traded this season?

  120. Folded arms guy is watching his team getting blown out…..Again.

  121. Finally, voice of reason here. Lin seems to have the confidence of the coach.

  122. hes actually treated as 1st/2nd option
    think AI will go

  123. yes saw that…hahaha.. he’s like is the game on?

  124. yes for 21mins

  125. They could trade him after 12/15,but why do
    they need to trade away a player with so low salary?

  126. Not sure because the game was on very very early for me, but I think that was partly because he was due in but there was no stoppage in play. He would have played closer to his normal minutes otherwise. Even PFV noticed that.

  127. He brought him back to finish the game. That’s showing confidence in him. And it isn’t like he played lights out. He could have easily had Lamb or someone else close the game.

  128. just curious can he ask for a trade?

  129. Yeah, not gonna go with league pass next until we know…

  130. Yeah, me neither…

  131. I don’t think he will ask for a trade since this is his own decision and maybe no other better places to go.

  132. Wow, missed the game and just checked in here. So many chicken little complexes. Folks, the sky is not falling. The Hornets were in this game and the last one till the very end. Lin is not shooting well but it is still early. The fact that he kept shooting despite an off night is a good sign. I’d like him to attempt betwenn 10-15 shots per game though. He was active on the defensive end it seems with the blocks and steal, so it looked like he contributed. If you look at the play by play, everytime Lin left the team did worse. When he exited in the 4th the team was up, but then when he came back in, the team was down.

    Lin though needs to start demanding the ball more when he is in there. He is playing a little too passive, and this is no one’s fault but Lins. His minutes are limited as he is a bench player so he has to feel the urgency to make things happen when he gets in. Let the other players play off his aggressive drives. Right now the other team is trapping him aggressively, so the coach should game plan accordingly. But this means one of the bigs has to roll agressively or swing the ball quickly to find the open man.

    Something is definitely off with Zeller. When you are the worst plus/minus guy everygame by a large margin, something is not working. I don’t think Zeller and Hawes can be on the floor together with Lin as it seems to stagnate into a half court offense.

    Also Hairston is not the issue. I know peoplelike to point out that him starting is weird, actually the coach has a good reason – put Hairston on their most dangerous wing to save Batum a beating on the D side.

  133. Thanks for the infor.

  134. There we go. The chicken little stuff is not necessary. Time for folks to breathe and not turn what now look like allies of Lin, like Coach Clifford and others, even MJ, into being against Lin. Nothing is showing that they are. And the if Lin doesn’t start it’s some conspiracy. The decisions made by a coach is about personnel, not Lin must be here or there. He has a whole team to consider, whether we agree with his decisions or not. Lin is playing and closing, and I still think closing is bigger than starting.

  135. Al leaving will help things, but the Batum as SG will not. I think Hornets are saving the seat for MKG when he returns, but this will hurt their chances with renewing contract with Batum.

  136. From HornetsPlanet


    What’s interesting is Cliff’s comments post game saying one (1) player wasn’t in sync to start the fourth and threw everyone off (he was far more expressive). Provided I heard that correct, curious who he’s referring to (my memory doesn’t put who was on the floor at the beginning of the fourth).

  137. Lin, Lamb were for sure… who else? I read on the other side said it’s Lamb?

  138. its better to sign in a contending team than trash team Jlin should have sign with the bulls or memphis…………..trash team is a trash team

  139. Brent and Michael doesn’t seem be happy to know that you are joining them.

  140. He’s probably craving for some chickens, thus he sees chicken a lot. Roast chicken taste good.

  141. RealGM people think he might be referring to Hawes…

  142. He’s actually giving her a break! He knows how much time she spends in making these videos of him.

  143. I have the feeling that the money that you are holding on to will be forever save.

  144. Hawes was really bad this game..He was taking bad shot and wasn’t playing any defense….I strongly believe he needs to be replaced by Hanborough…Sadly, the Hornets don’t have any big men to play D. Kameski is simply not ready and Cody is average.

  145. That would make sense. But didn’t Hawes finish?

  146. Good start, bad ends. Bad start, but ends good. All possible…

  147. The doctor will be right with you.

  148. If Hornets are out of contention and want someone that’s still on contract for next year to a team in playoff contention that needs a PG like the Pelicans. Similar to Knicks trading Stat to the Mav’s.

  149. Maybe lose in home game or pressure? How come I feel Cliff started to blame player now even he didn’t say the name….?

  150. Hawes really infuriated me this game. he’s gotta sit and let frank play. i rather cody be at the top setting screens and rim running and frank as a stretch 4. hawes has his good qualities but if he’s not gonna shoot the 3 and continue to try and ball handle, he’s going off script so bench him… who remembers that turnover where he literally bounce passed to the other team? and that floater attempt? sigh….

  151. Lin fans tried to tell Lakers fans this all last year. Get responses like he’s HOFer, and he developed CP3, K Irving & Jason Kidd. Use your eyes and brain people!

  152. i dont think he is “blaming” if so, he would have named the player…he made a generic statement a player was not in sync….locker room discussion will happen….good coach

  153. Exactly

  154. i watched the replay game today ..Lin had a good game compensated by other skills and helped the team with his defense. i don’t know where does the gnashing of teeth that jeremy played bad today were coming from (maybe his shooting wasn’t that perfect, but who else , Batum???Kemba???. please to those who think that JLIN game today was his worst game , kindly watch it again and you will see that he was there present and part of the great plays that happened..his last pass for the 3 was a patient pass from a timeout. well executed and the miss of kemba was unfortunate. but overall, when jlin was on the floor at the foruth quarter before he was subbed, they have the lead and they were playing hard . noticed that when JLIN plays with Batum, it seems the game was balanced and well executed.But when he (LIN) was subbed , plays become stale and drought comes in. Lead lost and good thing Cliff brought back Jlin sensing that something must need to be placed. Unfortunately, Jlin played with the starters and they have plays only for themselves, KW , Batum, Al..evident that Jlin hasn’t had more practice with the starters, thats why if you are going to close with the five including Jlin, play them in practice and even in games, they should start and they shall be the last quarter players!..it was a nice game and a close one indeed..

  155. who do you think was that player???Hawes, Lamb or JLin?

  156. I read Hawes the most…. Lamb too.

  157. i didnt watch today’s game :(…so not sure on his reference

  158. Well said. It is similar to the situation that Lin was iced out by the starters in the 2nd season with Rox.

  159. I just realized that the Rox have dropped three games straight, each by EXACTLY 20 points! In terms of point differentials they’re only better than the Sixers.

  160. I’m pretty sure he was speaking generally. He’s saying that one guy being out of place makes it impossible for the other four to do their job. It was in the context of players being disorganized and out of place.

    For example, if a guy doesn’t set a good screen or make a good pass, it ruins the entire play for everyone else.

  161. But why only 21 min? If like someone said Lin had good game?

  162. I am telling everybody its better to sign with a contender than trash team

  163. And the Lakers lost too. I will take that consolation prize

  164. I guess this maybe the answer why Lin only played 21 min.


  165. Ya! Magic -20!!!

  166. in terms of lin’s play i think the common theme of these 3 losses is that the trapping defense has limited him a lot. we’ll see vs the bulls, who traditionally dont trap as much, if he plays better. i firmly believe that his penetration gets everything else going. his passes are crisper and shots start falling when he gets to the rim. in terms of today’s game, he was more of a floor spacer and had a lot of 3 pt attempts. too bad he only went 1/6.

  167. Lin, Lamb, Hawes, Marvin, Zeller. I re-watched it several times, but couldn’t tell who was out of position.

  168. I thought he played well. Came up with steal, knock the ball, nice passing. Just the shot a little off

  169. so how do players fight pressure defense let’s say CP or Tony parker?

  170. It’s a crying shame that Clifford wasn’t able to cash in on the double and triple teams that Lin was drawing and make the opponents pay. Partially because teammates weren’t hitting their shots, but coach should drawn up something clever and effective.

    BTW, I LOVE the irony of your handle combined with your avatar.

  171. You need more expertise of coaching in offense.

  172. They should really make a Game of Zone episode for the Lakers and BS….

  173. I think Hawes & Lamb are top 2 players.

  174. But is Hairston a PROVEN defender?

  175. I would like to see Jeremy get rid of the ball sooner when he gets blitzed. Some of the messiness we saw today was due the traps cutting off a lot of Lin’s passing angles. He had several plays today where Hawes set a pick for him, he drove to the right, then made a full stop and turned around to pass it back to Hawes. By that time, a third defender would step up to pick the passing lane. I notice that when Curry gets blitzed by pnr defense he makes a quick behind the back pass to his big. The timing is more unpredictable that way and there is more economy of motion. Saving split seconds makes the difference between your teammates being open or not.

  176. It’s not matter if coach said he’s then he’s for this team just like PB.

  177. I noticed in the second half that Kemba would set up his pnr a lot farther from the basket, whereas in the first half it was closer to the 3-pt line. I think it left the Atlanta big in a situation where he didn’t know if he was supposed to step out that far or not. When the big did step out, the ball would swing a couple of times to find Al under the basket with single coverage (since the other big was too far out)

  178. I did hear Cliff yelling at Lamb and waving him over from the opposite side of the court. May have been Lamb.

  179. But Lin did well in preseason, right? I think that’s what AS coach was talking about it….

  180. the whole team did better passing out of the trap this game vs last. the problem is what happens after that. sometimes lin would get it back but other times no. that’s why i think he needs to be the 2 on the second unit. its no coincidence that he started playing better at the end of the 3rd. batum was basically pg bringing the ball up. when he play off ball he makes quicker decisions and attacks much more. he doesnt have to face a set defense. he has good off ball movement and off ball screens really opens things up for him. high pnr with crap bigs ruin his game. look at last year when he didnt play with ed.

  181. he did well… as a 2 guard… coach cliff talked in the preseason about how having 2 pnr threats on each side was good, but the 2nd unit doesnt have that. play roberts and move lin to the 2. imo its worth a shot. for the love of god dont let hawes handle the ball too much…

  182. lol you got the joke. my name and avatar is ironic juxtaposition of the highest order.

  183. Well, they already did that lovely Let It Tank video starring Kobe.

  184. I just keep thinking Lin isn’t as developed a PG as is necessary. I’m against all of this clamoring for Lin to start because he’s obviously not as skilled at being in charge to run the PG as Kemba is. It doesn’t matter about Kemba’s shooting efficiency or lack of vision and passing, he runs the PG with more authority. Lin just isn’t now. When he was in NY he had more. He was flawed but he had more. And early in Houston. But he hasn’t developed that. He’s looking better with another ball handler facilitator on court and being a secondary facilitator or alternate facilitator.

    He still hasn’t shown he can handle pressure and traps. One thing Lin does now is hesitate. When there was any space in NY or in early Houston, he was gone. He brought the ball up and would accelerate at times. He often now seems to try to be the model PG. He just doesn’t look right running the point so far. When he has a good PnR guy then he’s in his comfort zone. But without the right complementary players, he’s not looking right at the point. Is it a matter of he has to get reaccustomed to it and then in a few games he’ll be ok? I sure hope so. Otherwise, really, let Roberts run the point and let Lin go off as the other guard. As of now, Batum was in there obviously to help Lin. And really, once Kemba got in there he penetrated and scored, penetrated and dished, and just didn’t seem so confounded by the defensive schemes as Lin was. Although Lin played better today, he wasn’t really in charge running the point and it seemed Batum was doing it more and Lamb facilitating more.

  185. like lakers preseason all over

  186. It’s very odd that Lin was very hesitant to shoot, as if he was told he shot too many in the preseason games. I suspect it is true because I have seen similar Lin before in Rox and LAL.

  187. I think when Lin along w 2nd unit. They all target him & don’t know why his teammates didn’t set good screen for him like preseason? Just not work as well as preseason anymore… don’t know why?

  188. miami and atl both trap the ball handler hard to prevent penetration. when you have spencer hawes setting the picks for you, there’s no need to worry about him. i mean if he started bombing from 3 maybe they would. but he doesnt even try to do that. he pump fakes and tries that ridiculous flip floater garbage…. argh…

  189. Yeah, Hawes just isn’t good enough. His man can leave him to double Jeremy with impunity. pnr/pop might work better with Kaminsky. You need someone that can make the defense pay.

  190. lin’s handle is suspect. no matter how much work he puts into it, he likely will never be as good a ball handler as kemba, etc. that’s why he likely will always struggle vs teams that trap.

  191. Really hate to see him play with hesitancy and
    unwilling to shoot for some mysterious reasons?

  192. PFV told us that Kemba was also hesitant to shoot.

  193. I was depressed with the result..But after looking at other teams and Alanta and Heat record, I dont feel so down. Many of the 0-3 teams like Houston and Lakers were not even close with the scores. Hornet were very close and could have won. Very encouraging. Give them and Lin more time.

  194. To do such behind the back pass immediately after a pick like Curry and CP3 requires very good chemistry between the big man and the PG. The Warriors and the Clippers have a core group that stayed together for a couple of years to achieve that level of chemistry, plus the natural PG instinct and superb spatial awareness of these 2 guys (which I think Jeremy also possesses), making it possible without committing mistakes.
    For the Hornets to do that, I think they need lots of practices and patience….

  195. what do you think about this…late in the fourth quarter i guess…https://twitter.com/bolero2010/status/660936760822657024

  196. cliff made it clear the unorganize team play is on him (Coach) but he stressed that evry players need to know where to go and where to position during games.

  197. The 3 years he spent in Houston and LA really had him developing more into a combo SG rather than a full time PG. It’ll take time for Lin to horn his PG skills and awareness that he had been denied of the past 3 years so I personally won’t expect immediate result. He might need at least half a season to fully get his groove back as a PG. If Hornets want to get instant result they might look at him and use him as SG. But I seriously wouldn’t want to see that happening because that will just waste his PG talent and possibly put an irreversible spell on his career….

  198. Anyone saw this? I didn’t… but I really do think Lin & coach are not that good now… Worry he may not close the game in the future. Today’s cut down playing time it’s not a good sign already.

  199. That’s observation or speculation on my part. When Cliff pointed to JLin he immediately went to the corner not sure what Q..

  200. Lin did take few 3P shot? right?

  201. he made one and missed one in same corner..

  202. OMG, that’s just like what Lance said last season. He has no ball but just stand in 3P corner waiting for ball to come… smh!

  203. it took a while because there’s no stoppage in the game..

  204. i think Batum and kemba was running the offense. Lin not much since his shot is not falling.

  205. My personal opinion on Big Al: Growing up watching basketball in the 90s, Al’s post game is actually quite crafty. Not to say he’s on the same level as Hakeem but nonetheless enough to throw some defending big men off their guard. The only problem is his finishing… He doesn’t go strong towards the basket looking to draw a foul, instead he tries to do a little sissy flick of his wrist for a midget hook shot of some sort…. while leaning away from the basket…. and end up missing most of the time when he get a little defensive pressure…. SMH….

  206. Did he also point to anyone to stand in the corner?

  207. In late 4Q always like this… Lin just a CnS SG only.

  208. About what?

  209. He’s like every other NBA coaches Jeremy had, apart D’Antoni.

    But this time will be different: it’s Clifford who will go out.

  210. Not so good on defense either

  211. “If it wasn’t for Jeremy Lin’s late-game heroics, the Charlotte Hornets would have suffered a heavy defeat Sunday. Lin played stellar defense and collected four assists but it wasn’t enough as the Hornets suffered a heartbreaking 94-92 defeat to the visiting Atlanta Hawks at the Time Warner Cable Arena.”

  212. Thanks.

  213. Could mean Lin couldn’t get the offense running because of his team mates?

  214. I saw that live and didn’t appreciate all the Lin bashing during the game from some posters on this site. Weird, ppl claiming to be fans and in the know of bball. Appreciate your post.

  215. All except his behind the back save pass to Lin. That was pretty cool, but Lin I think didn’t have anyone running with him, IIRC.

  216. I finally watched coach post game interview… I don’t like him now bc he sounds like every move on court have to be on his order & the players can’t play free… now I know why Lin couldn’t do well…. bc everything has to be by coach’s order.

  217. With the new extension for JLamb, would his playing time cut into JLin minutes and probably finish the game? Let see what happen in the Bulls game..

  218. Possible from what he said today… you know he wants to get the win so who can get the most of pts will be on.

  219. Signing Lamb is FO decision, Cliff’s meal ticket lies with the team Ws. So he’ll distribute minutes in the way that he think will get more Ws. I doubt he’ll leave himself exposed to more Ls just to kiss FO’s ass. If Lamb gets more minutes from Lin, that’ll be Cliff thinking Lamb will bring more Ws than Lin can…. And that’ll be a stupid alternative future…

  220. LOL @ the first Picture!

  221. Don’t know why FO decided to give Lamb an extension so early in the season. The guy doesn’t even play defense.

  222. They don’t have Spencer Hawes as an outlet to pass to. Parker and CP always have someone cutting over to receive the pass.

  223. 4:30 min Lin’s highlights from Christinecheng.

  224. Ya Hornet is in much better position that Houston and Lakers..They were blown out of the water all 3 games. This team has fighting spirit. They just need to jell and get hot..

  225. Nice seeing Jordan got up and crap for Lin with that fastbreak drive score around 2:50 mark.
    Jordan wasn’t impressed by Marvin banked 3 pointer though.

  226. Man, Kloe must be really messing with Harden’s head. Actually starting to feel sorry for him. He’ll totally lose it on Christmas in front of national TV.

    Khloe Kardashian wants to see James Harden’s game with Lamar Odom; insists Odom goes to rehab


  227. What happened to my posts??? Can’t find my posts anywhere. Disqus really ate my posts:-(

  228. rockets fans online b4 the season that kk would be the end of jh; thru most recent early complete stats available of top 75 scorers only james harden, derrick rose, and al jefferson have more fga’s than points.

  229. MJ got up and crap for Lin…. Lol!!! That, my friend, would be quite a sight…. Bahahaha

  230. From Charlotte Hornets FB:
    “We just need to stick with the process, keep getting better, understanding what coach wants, how to play off of each other. It’s early, three games in, obviously it’s been a disapointing start thus far but it’s a long year and we’ve got a lot of new guys.” -Jeremy Lin 林書豪

  231. jlin, you are giving us hope but we still worrying about you.

  232. I observed that on the 3 games, Lin only makes an average of 9-shot attemps like the other regular back-ups. And the stars? They averaged 14-15 shot attemps or more whether they make it or not. Also, the stars will average 30+ min. Lin was probably promised about his minutes and playing in the 4th quarter thats why he got the 25+ min ave in the 3 games. However, he is not utilized properly. Kemba was hot yesterday and Lin is not because he is frustrated with the plays. He wants to win this so bad but he is not utilized properly. I noticed that when he is disappointed with somebody, he thinks a lot and not making his shot. And he is following his coach (which to me is not so smart of a coach). Clifford just wants him to play defense, make 9 shot attempts all throughout the game and stand in the corner and be a spot up shooter. Thats not his style of baskerball. And he is also frustrated just like us. A lot of politics are involved and its depressing. Why would they start Hairston out of the blue? Because they want to brand him as a starter even with less minutes. Why would they not start Lin? Because they want to brand him as a back-up and put him in the 4th quarter to close games. So far their plans are not working because theyre losing.

  233. Cause he’s no good

  234. Dont care about hornets if they dont allow jlin to succeed… they have him playing every which way but to his strengths!

  235. I start wondering whether Clifford lied to Lin when CHA tried to sign Lin. The way Clifford used Lin since regular season started is totally different from what Lin’s strength is. Clifford gives me the feeling that he is a pretty straight forward person unlike sneaky BS and Morey. If Clifford did not lie, then what made his actions apart from his words? I am confused.

  236. Crap…Lin????!!!lolz

  237. It just takes time. Right now guys are having to think about where they should be. How to run patterns, how to set up picks. The offence is like an open book for opponents to read and right now it’s in extra large bold letters. No wonder they look so stymied. Miami runs a forechecking type in your face defence and Hawks run the same offence. Hawks know what the Hornets are doing before they even execute it.

    When we look at Lebron, Irving and Love last year, they looked awful in the start of the season and they run an heavy ISO system with both Lebron and Irving dominating the ball. Clifford wants to run a new system with Lin as SG so that he can be plugged into the starting line up in the forth. He wants Lin to learn to run those patterns of plays. It’s just not being done right and looks awful.

    IMO, Lin should be PG on second unit and SG with the first unit.

  238. So far…I see him all good…he has/had a plan…unfortunately its not working…I dont think he has lied in any way…he needs to tweak his plan…its a learning curve for him as well

  239. Lol, that’s what a lot of posters were doing yesterday for Lin. They all “crap for Lin.”.

  240. Same when Scott told “I’m a Jeremy Lin fan”.

    To me Lin was brought by Cho.

    Cho and Clifford are not on the same line.

  241. I doubt it has to do with the coach…past seasons had taught us..lin is low risk high quality shooter..he dont take shots that has lower chance of hitting..he rather pass for easier bucket…

  242. Lin has played much better defense and he played in a very controlled manner cutting down on his turnovers. He’s right now a very disciplined player. Of course he is a team player and in consequence he’s being affected by his teammates most. Lin understands Hawes pretty well like when he checked in the game with Hawes, he set him up for a wide open mid-range jumper. Hawes is slow and he tried not to pass him in a way that he couldn’t handle. It’s about organization. Lin’s quick and like to play a fast tempo game but he has to learn to adapt to his coach’s system and his teammates first before he could lead them to play comfortably and competitively. That would just make him an all round player. Lin is making progress and I have no complain.

    Of course if you pair Jeremy up with Kaminsky, Lin would be much happier leading the team but now he is burdened like a floor leader with the 2nd unit. The unit is not productive and they scored 27 points in the recent game. That affected Jeremy too. He would need to lead a team of players and he’s part of them. He couldn’t just take off. Lin is taking his time changing his teammates. Yes, Lin would have his way later on. You couldn’t expect Lin coming in and taking Kemba Walker’s role. It’s not the design of the coach unless he’s proved that he could do an outstanding job much much better than Kemba. Now he has to learn to play in the coach’s way. At the end, I believe he could be a much better player making fewer mistakes and still contributing. After this season, heaven is the limit. He would opt out and showed people what he could do with facts and figures.

  243. Are you crapping now 😉

  244. It was with CC’s buy in

  245. I am not sure. He said if put Lin or Lam as starter, Batum will have to cover defense for them??? Lam sure, but not Lin. Lin defended very well. He made Lin standing at the corner waiting to shoot 3 and Batum played PG???

  246. can’t see this video which claim’s to be private material.

  247. Cant really comment on that…since I missed todays game…will look at the numbers later…vu sport should have them

  248. But sometimes extra passes lead to turnovers…I would rather he takes the shots and uses more weapons…Just wonder where are his floaters going?; (

  249. Last year the Cavs really sucked early in the season, and they run a heavy ISO system with both Lebron and Irving dominating the ball. It takes time even for Lebron.

    Clifford wants to run a new system with Lin as SG so that he can be plugged into the starting line up in the forth. He wants Lin to learn to run those patterns of plays. It’s just not being done right and looks awful.

    It just takes time. Right now guys are having to think about where they should be. How to run patterns, how to set up picks. The offence is like an open book for opponents to read and right now it’s in extra large bold letters. No wonder they look so stymied. Miami runs a forechecking type in your face defence and Hawks run the same offence. Hawks know what the Hornets are doing before they even execute it.

    The sky hasn’t fallen, no one is hating on Lin. The coach isn’t lying to him and Lin isn’t scared. SMH.

  250. No lies.

    Lin is being used right.

    Atlanta’s simply too good for Lin’s teammates to handle.

    Lin STILL GOT HIS. Remember that.

  251. Floaters are OVERRATED low percentage shots that go on only when a guy is not being constantly hit by opponents for uncalled fouls.

  252. I think Clifford has made it clear that he starts Hairston to defend the best scorer on the other team, and Butum could focus on handling the ball and creating shots.Obviously they are very high on Batum and want to re-sign him eagerly. Lin is only a backup plan who will opt out next year. You cant expect them to sacrifice Kemba and Batum to promote Lin IMO.

  253. The team did not produce in the 4th with Lin at the helm, and that was TRUE.

  254. Guess who Al learned from?

    Good ol’ 80s McHale.

    No modern day defense, no passing, no rebounding. Just get inside and score.

  255. Yeah, I’m crapping now…on the crappers! Lol

  256. There is NOTHING Lin can do about that.

    Lin’s teammates have to step up and START PLAYING.

  257. U see the thing about lin is…he is fast learner…but he didnt have a good coach or right environment to move forward in his skillset…he mainly relied on his own training…and during off season….to go to next level he needs an understanding coach…so far…I see CoachC is good n letting him playing with his mistakes….ang CoachSilas been close to Jeremy from the beginning…u can see that from the jlin video inside the hive or something….so Lin is at better place now…take SCurry…with all of the FO and Coach…how long it took him to break the ice…it was only last season he really start to shine….similarly give time…Jeremy will do well

  258. CP3 had Hawes last year.

    CP3 REFUSED to run through Hawes for the same reasons that are killing Lin.

  259. He knows he needs them or he wouldnt repeat saying he wanted to improve his floaters. I really hope he could use/practice them in real games.

  260. So much PTSD. SMH.

  261. I still stand by my view that the preseason can be an indicator for the regular season. The problem with the Hornets is that they are not doing the same things they did in preseason.

    1. There were less of Al iso plays in preseason.

    2.Jeremy started 2 games in preseason and played heavy minutes in most of the games.

    3. Hairston was not the starter.

    4. Hansbrough and Kaminsky got good minutes.

    It is my belief that the Hornets stumbled on a winning formula but messed it up a bit. It is my hope that, (based on the promise of the preseason), they can somehow get back to winning ways.

  262. Nobody here should freak out.

    Lin is doing JUST FINE.

    Every game, he has contributed. It’s not always pretty, but Lin’s faced really good teams and only had one shooting clunker.

    Clifford is not some sort of race hate ogre that is trying to undermine Lin. Were that the case, Lin would not play at all. Actually Clifford is thrashing around trying to find the most effective consistent role for Lin on a struggling team that simply got beaten by two future playoff teams.

    The system IS working for Lin. His turnovers are nonexistent, he HAS been scoring, he and his teammates really are playing unselfish basketball, he’s rebounding effectively, and his defense has been better than ever. And there are ample signs that his inexperienced teammates are coming around as he leads them.

    Right now it’s actually NOT about Lin. It’s all about Lin’s teammates learning from him how to compete and work and play better.

    I still wish Hansbrough and Lamb and Kaminsky and even Roberts would get more time. I’d reduce the minutes of every single starter to do it, personally.

  263. Totally agree.

    Return to preseason lineups and the Hornets would’ve been 3-0.

  264. It’s understandable given that Lin did better in preseason.

    By the way, I have NO PTSD. I thought Lin played incredibly well the last 3 seasons, given his lame roles.

  265. Yup, coaches say things like that.

    But I wouldn’t want Lin with that awful starting lineup that has Al Jefferson BREAKING THE OFFENSE just to hog shots.

  266. It’s because some trolls mock her and Lin fans…smh

  267. If Lin wasn’t getting beaten to death by crushing double and triple teams, he’d use those floaters.

  268. Lin always tears up the Hawks even when he was in Houston and LA. But he lost twice this season. Hopefully, he will lead the team to win the two remaining games.

  269. I don’t think Clifford lied or hates Lin more like he still prefer the system they played for last season. In late 4Q Lin pretty much just like Lance last year. Stand in 3P corner & waiting for the ball to come. Like it or not Lin has to take it since this year he will stay here. But since they are losing the game now so if Lin doesn’t have good pts per game then he maybe will not close the game in the future. Clifford will do anything to make sure he gets the W & keeps his job first not Lin’s playing time, close the game or not.

  270. Ya! I am not happy about this either. Like he is more trust Batum as PG than Lin as PG to me. Why when Lin, Kemba & Batum all on the court, only Lin can’t handle the ball?!

  271. Lin didn’t take that many shots it’s not new & now he got less playing time so …

  272. Some of Lin’s BEST basketball has been played out of the iso corner.

    So I feel NO SYMPATHY for Lin!

    Even if Lin’s in a corner, he needs to stay active within that corner and put extreme pressure on his defender.

  273. Looks like the Hornets are determined to build around Kemba Walker despite him appears to be less than promising. They seem to transform a taller Batum to be the SG so that his height can compensate Kemba’s less than ideal 6″1′?

  274. win/lose of preseason has no real indication of regular season, NBA stat is a prove of that

  275. To me it’s pretty much PR talk… what else can he say? But it’s interesting to see this…”understanding what coach wants…” Looks like Lin still not there yet…..

  276. That’s the way it’s…. no need to determine….

  277. I mean they have decided and are all out to make Kemba the Star….but is he one yet or he has the potential to be one?

  278. Thank you

  279. It’s not freak out… just have to face the reality. Hornets is not going to play Lin’s game as he thought. Just hope Lin can get used to this new system ASAP. 79 games to go.

  280. The point if the floater, when done properly, is to take the shot BEFORE the defender converges on you. If you’re driving into paint and see the center coming out to you take the floater before contact is initiated. If you wait too long to put up the shot, you’ll get hit or the shot will get blocked.

  281. I’ve mentioned about messing up preseason winning formula in my post earlier…

  282. He’s not a star but I think since Hornets will host next year’s ASG (right?) So I think he will make it.

  283. Not sympathy just sad they don’t let him play as PG … what a waste.

  284. IDK. I’m only concerned about Lin and I’m afraid with his PT reducing, he may not make it next year, and will never. He’ll remain as a reserve guard in the NBA.

  285. I think they sure will have one space for Hornets player (back up)…. unless Lin wants to stay for long team but I don’t think so …. Kemba will be the one not Lin.

  286. sounds like that corner matters so much!!lol Actually corner 3s are of high values now…Anyway we’re all used to watching Lin stand in the corner for the past 3 years…I could take that if he could finish the games ; )

  287. Obviously Kemba is the one. Eventhough Lin is a much better player than Kemba, he isnt given the chance, But Lin’s happy, right? So why should we fans complain? Just be happy and content about it.

  288. There is a weak correlation between preseason and regular season. But the correlation is so weak that we can all have our own views on that. However, I really did see some good things in the preseason for the Hornets and unfortunately they have made changes that were not really necessary.

  289. totally…that much i agree 🙂

  290. The Hornets have battled hard in the 3 loses they’ve suffered. If they work on a few things I feel it would get them over the line and get their first W of the season. The schedule at the start is unkind to them but things will get better once they play more games and practice with each other.

    Here’s my article on what the Hornets can work on from what I’ve seen so far.

    Hope you all enjoy. Thanks for your support as always

  291. Hornets lost all 3 games by a combined grand total of only 15 points.

  292. I know you don’t have any PTSD. It’s just like we’re having to put out every little flare up of panic. Most people watch just the scoring, few understand the flow of how it gets there and why pieces must come together. Lin’s been incredible on D trying to do 3 people’s jobs. He gets caught once in a while but it’s what great players do with the odds and percentages. If people are killing you inside, cheating inside to help makes them think and worry. Not doing it means that 100% of times they’ll have the easy bucket. Taking a 50/50 chance to interrupt that scheme, you may lose the outside shot, but you decrease the percentage of a 100% scheme to maybe 75%. It’s these little things that Lin does that doesn’t get noticed. They only see the one gaping open shot from his man when in fact he’s taking risks to change an easy patterns from opponents.

    Lin had 5 assists with very little usage. When your team is shooting bad, and opponents double up on you to force the ball out of your hands, it’s just very hard to shoot well. Not only is it physically tough to let a shot go in that traffic, the internal pressure to make the shot makes the shot mean much much more than it should.

    Good and bad vibes runs both ways and Lin the team leader knows that he needs to make any attempts count. His mind right now is cluttered with way too many things to perform optimally. Maybe that’s why Clifford made him stand in the corner to settle him down and to just concentrate on shooting and scoring if and when he sees the ball. Coach is basically trying to clear his mind to the one task Clifford needs out of all the players, someone to score.

  293. Thank you

  294. One game is not a trend. What is a trend is all the good things happening for Lin. Good play time, good trust, good teammates. Anyone expecting Lin to be PG coming in as a scrub 3rd string backup is delusional. It took 3 years of negative brain washing to make Lin look bad, 3 regular season games are not going to make Lin a starter on top of Walker.

  295. Coach Clifford post game said that having off shooting nights happen in the NBA – he’s not concerned. Nor is Lin — he’s been through shooting slumps before and has always rebounded.

    What Clifford did criticize were players being out of position and not knowing what they were doing, especially in early 4th quarter. On the floor were Hawes, Zeller, Lamb, Williams and Lin. Clearly he wasn’t talking about Lin who was reinserted into the game along with Williams with about 5 minutes remaining and trailing by 1. And Lin has closed out all three games. = Trust.

    Once again, watching the start of this game I’m thinking “where’s Hairston?” – he was kind of nonexistent. I remind myself that Lin took a step back this year to join a team that will allow him to demonstrate his true value to GMs. He believes he is good enough to be a starter and deserves a much larger contract. The Hornets FO and Clifford know this. Lin was not intended to be a part of the core team for the future (at least not at this point), nor a starter — he could be off to greener pastures after this season. However, Lin is showing the Hornets firsthand what he is capable of… also good on D, who knew?! And the sooner Lin is inserted into the starting lineup, the better. More Lin = More Wins.

  296. Thank you

  297. What did you expect? It’s 3 fnen regular season games. No one in their right mind would replace a starter with a 2 mil third string scrub. BE FEARLESS AND TRUST LIN TO DO HIS THING. it took 3 years of brainwashing to make Lin look bad, 3 games isn’t going to change a thing.

  298. Thank you.

  299. Yes sir!

  300. Yes Sir

  301. Man…you beat me to that ” yes sir”. Lol

  302. Lin will not be a starter coach already said so yesterday. It’s not matter he starts or not in Hornets now bc right now Lin needs to get his game going like preseason form ASAP. Let’s see what happen vs Bulls.

  303. learning from the best…lol

  304. Some Pictures….

  305. Dont ask for more!

  306. Ya! From what I read it seemed to be Lamb. Someone said coach yelled at him on courtside….?

  307. The big difference between Lance and Lin is that Lance was only thinking of himself. Lin on the other hand is willing to sacrifice his own stats to draw opponents away by pulling a few pairs of eyes away from his own teammates.

  308. Some others…

  309. I voted Hairsanity again….as you command master!

  310. Lamb did look a little dejected in his post game interview. Interesting that there were (only) three post game interviews posted on the Hornets site, Clifford, Lin, and Lamb. Lin does attract a lot of attention everywhere he goes (starter or not), perhaps in part because he gives thoughtful, intelligent responses.

  311. In most sports as it is in basketball, plays are run on the coach’s orders. I don’t know what you’re trying to say here. It’s a team game, they have to be organized in some way and the coaches make sure that happens.

  312. Back to Lin

  313. OK…thats It

  314. OK OK…giving you one more! 🙂

  315. I know …also saw that NBA PR article on their web front page. That’s good bc it shows Hornets still hopes to keep Lin.

  316. Lamb is being made to PLAY HARD in a way that he never was in OKC.

    It’s good for him.

  317. No worries there either.

    Lin will get his teammates to play harder and better.

    Lin NEVER FAILS to do that.

  318. It’s not even about starting.

    It’s about playing QUALITY MINUTES with players that aren’t playing scared and clueless.

  319. C’mon! Dont hide the last one, post it.. 🙂

  320. No, Lance Stephenson was a team player too.

    He understood like Lin that this Charlotte team has ZERO dribble penetration, so he took it upon himself to do it.

    I’m the ONLY person on this board who’s totally forgiving of Lance Stephenson. After last game, you now see why.

  321. Disagree.

    Charlotte is running their entire 2nd unit offense through PG Lin.

    But Charlotte’s teammates are SO BAD, not even Lin can get them going YET.

  322. Exactly. I hope he can get to play more min on court …. make more impact for the game. Start or not it’s not important right now.

  323. Sure, it’s their “plan”.

    Then the starters LOST THE GAME in the 1st quarter before Lin even checked in.

  324. ICYMI 7:46 highlights including nice intro video of the Hornets

  325. He’s been an All Star, but I give short shrift to All Star awards.

  326. That’s RIGHT.

    I’m not complaining.

    Lin has a great opportunity on this team. It’s not about Walker or even the coaches. It’s about Lin.

    Linstructor will get these bench scrubs goong. HE ALWAYS DOES.

  327. Is that right? I didn’t know that. Did McHale coach Al in NBA or college? Or was he just a role model for Al growing up?

  328. There you go! 🙂

  329. Saw only Kemba, Al, Zeller, Lin & Batum in the intro. video.

  330. I can’t remember who CP3 often do it with. Perhaps it was with Griffin or DAJ. The pass sure was flashy and the whole movement involves several consecutive picks to execute. Often finishes with a lob for dunk… I wish the Hornets can do it further down the track…

  331. yes, Big 5 players

    It’s funny to watch MJ got up for every fastbreak opportunities (starting at 4:47 w/ Lin leading fastbreak & finishing layup). That was exciting indeed.

    It’s clear that JLin tried to get Frank, Lamb going first which is crucial to develop chemistry with new guys.
    It will tough in the beginning but eventually it will yield some fruits.

  332. Do you think they will win vs Bulls?

  333. Hornets is working on JLamb 3yr contract extension after rookie deal (probably to sign him cheaper than waiting for next year)

    I’d say $21M for 3 year is an OK deal before salary cap increases 25% next year

    In comparison are Fellow All-Stars and franchise cornerstones Anthony Davis andDamian Lillard scored lucrative five-year max deals from New Orleans andPortland, respectively, while Toronto’s Jonas Valanciunas (four years, $64 million), Charlotte’s Michael Kidd-Gilchrist (four years, $52 million) andMilwaukee’s John Henson (four years, $44 million) also landed extensions.


  334. Hornets is a small market team not that many players want to go…. No wonder they want to lock Lamb ASAP. Plus also cheaper to do it now.

  335. If Hornets was not intended to be a part of the core Hornets team for the future — which I agree with you — why would Hornets insert Lin as a starter? If this was the case, just like Lakers, you would start the future starter like Clarkson over Lin, no?

  336. I read the Bulls don’t trap as much as Heat & Hawks so there’s a chance.

    If they made shots in Q4, they’d have won this game vs Hawks.

    Here’s the Bulls schedule. Pistons beat them so if Hornets played like preseason, they can be competitive & win
    @ Hornets 11/3 5:00 PM
    vs Magic W 92-87
    @ Piston L 98-94
    @ Nets W 115-100
    vs Cavaliers W 97-95

  337. yes, good point that Hornets as small market want to lock deals early before Lamb heats up

  338. NBA players are known to be superstitious.
    I think Harden took this Lil B curse too seriously in his mind


  339. Lin played well!

  340. Cliff is fighting for his job that’s why he will do whatever it takes to win… Since Lin not get used to the system yet.. Cliff sure wanted to put guys can make pts for the game first…. What he said before season started don’t count….Lin is naive… NBA is all about business$$$.

  341. He seemed to be very active. Bad shooting night but otherwise, he seemed to really be a difference maker.
    So tell me again, why all the doom and gloom around here?

  342. Haha! So glad to see this. I think when Lawson becomes bench everything will back to Normal for Harden.

  343. Yeah. After 10 games, I really want to see a progress from Lin’s teammates.
    It still puzzled me why CHA dumped their winning formula of the preseason games.

  344. so I had no idea what this curse was about… so here is some background… Hilarious!

  345. Thanks, insightful as always.

  346. When Lin was with the Rox, I found completely different Lin before and after the all star break. It became obvious that McHale was suppressing Lin to pad Haren into the all star game. While coach C is a much better coach, I still sense similar plot of holding Lin back to get Walker into the all star.

  347. Lin is a better shooter, I will say that.

  348. I have a different take on JLin being rested in the 4th quarter.

    He needed the rest since he has played 7 min since end of Q3 & Clifford wanted him to close. JLin was actually going to be inserted at 6 min in Q4 due to the Hornets struggle not making any shots. He had tired legs in the last 4 min due to this insufficient rest.

    3:11 JLin came in
    8:03 Lin rested
    4:43 Lin came back in

  349. Jeremy Lamb is a really good player. Good for him and Charlotte.

  350. Yep. But in his 20 minutes he hasn’t got time to put him and others in rhythm

  351. Later I’m gonna write something. Keep check your messages ?

  352. haha.. will do 🙂

  353. I think it’s all about pts. Since Lin had bad shooting night again. Coach kept Lamb on the court instead of Lin. But after Lin off the court, the lead had gone… that’s why he put Lin back again.

  354. If Hornets loss to Bulls on Wed, Cliff will act more like Mc…. fight for your playing time let’s see who can make an impact for the game…

  355. I have more concern that he did not close the 2Q

  356. It’s also possible that pts production+rest dictate it.

    I checked:
    In Game 1 JLin played from 3 min left in Q3 & all Q4
    In Game 2-3, JLin got 2-4 min rest in Q4 to come back around 6 & 4:43

    We’ll definitely have to see what the playing pattern will be in the next few games

    All signs are showing that Lin/Kemba/Batum have been very good at end of game (even if JLin didn’t shoot well, his playmaking was invaluable as praised by AtTheHive) so I’m comforted knowing Clifford kept playing Lin.

  357. yes, I see that’s also a valid concern

  358. AS coach said something about our PGs didn’t do well…. can’t find the tweet…. That’s why I said Lin better get used to this system ASAP.

  359. In the regular season so far, Jeremy is averaging 12 points 2.3 rebounds and 3.3 assists. That’s quite okay despite one bad shooting game and the fact that he is only getting 25 minutes per game.

    More interesting is that his average +/- is -0.3 per game. Decent, given the 3 losses. Kemba is -3.0 per game. However, Batum is +2.0 per game though.

    Jeremy’s 3p% is 38.5% which is fairly decent. But thanks to the shooting slump his FG% is 33%. Nothing to be inordinately worried about given his career averages. Just to compare, Kemba FG% is 35% and Batum FG% is 38.9%. Overall the team is not shooting well but hopefully that will improve.

  360. Game 2 & 3 he pulled out bc he didn’t score any pts that’s why in game 2 coach got to him….Hate this… but Cliff will do it again or even bench Lin for close game if he doesn’t have pts….

  361. Why game 1 no need to pull Lin out bc he got good pts.

  362. the good thing is Clifford still recognized JLin’s playmaking & drive to be a threat to close Q4 despite not shooting well.

    If this was Rox or Lakers, Lin wouldn’t have played to close Q4 at all despite having a good playmaking. So I can appreciate Coach Clifford.

    I have no problems if JLin or any players not contributing at all in a game and not close games since the coach job is to win games. So far so good for JLin. It’s not just about pts with Coach Clifford

  363. I believe if Lin still not shooting well vs Bulls, it’s very likely he will not close the game. Cliff wants the W so badly… he will not care Lin will close the game or not… anyone who can make pts the guy will be on.

  364. it’s ironic that the whole thing was caused by Harden not showing some love & humility to Lil B for the “cooking” celebration.

    Harden just needed to take a page of JLin humility to credit Lil B & none of this mess would get to his head 🙂

  365. What happened to I will let him play more minutes and through his mistakes. Now benching Lin for off shooting? Lin doesn’t give good body language lately. I think he is being singled out agin for less minutes to give lamb the new franchise star note time.

  366. we definitely should wait and see…

    If Lin didn’t close games, I predict the game wouldn’t even be close since Kemba and Batum would be more tightly covered

  367. Do you guys think batum is better player than Lin?
    I don’t understand why coach is so high on him. Coach said Batum is 1st or 2nd option in offense. In yesterday’s game, coach wanted Lin to give the ball to batum at the end of 3rd qt. Coach also is trying so hard to put batum as SG even though he can not guard fast SG. Lin is better Shooter and passer as SG.

    Those games shows that coach thinks batum is better player than Lin.
    I think batum is good player but not 2nd option guy in good team.

  368. When you are 0-3, anyone who can make an impact of the game will on…that’s pretty much coach’s attitude now.

  369. no worries ..

    so far it’s good Coach Clifford still trusted JLin to close games despite shooting struggle to give Hornets any chance of winning. That’s still some faith from a coach that we had never seen in McHale & BScott.

    If JLin doesn’t close the game vs the Bulls, it’s fine. Kemba & Batum would have less room to shoot & the margin of loss would be bigger. Then the Hornets would know JLin is invaluable in the 4th quarter.

  370. Ya! Wait for Bulls game.

  371. Batum is given opportunities as an SG so MKG can play as SF together next year.

    Batum is simply not an SG or 1st playmaker. He’s great to finish & create 2nd opportunities after a PG like JLin or Lillard initiate offense but he’s uncomfortable creating offense so far.

    Batum can play his potential if he plays Parsons/Landry Fields role off JLin as the PG: finishing lobs, 3pts,creating 2ndary opportunities.

    DAL & CHA try hard to make Parsons and Batum to be the main playmaker like LeBron or Harden but despite being very good players, they just don’t have the court-vision as a floor general like LeBron/Lin or lethal offense like Harden does

  372. good question 🙂 probably just a little concerned that JLin didn’t play as many minutes & close Q2.

    But he’s very much needed in all Q4 of Game 1-3 so I’m not worried at this point

  373. Besides his point guard instinct, LBJ can attract double teaming so that his teammates get open, while other copy cat point-forwards can’t.

  374. edit: duplicate

  375. very true .. he’s a double-team magnet everytime he’s on-court due to his driving threat & physical presence.

    in a way, Lin’s speed enables him to be #2 highest driving FG% after LBJ in HOU although JLin doesn’t have LBJ’s dunking ability & height

  376. They are playing the Thunder tonight, Houston will be on 2nd game of a B2B. Another likely loss.

  377. Thanks, appreciate the honest answer. It’s a long season, let’s see how it goes.

  378. Let speak the true here, the Kardashian women have destroyed every man they dated or married to. Harden is the latest but not the worst. Bruce, from a former Olympic champ to a between world.

  379. Absolutely no, Batum is not better than Lin.

    Lin gets defended. Batum does not.

    Lin gets stops, Batum does not.

    Lin gets teammates involved, Batum sorta does.

  380. Nothing to worry about.

    Lin WAS NOT PRODUCING early in the game.

    He deserved to sit.

  381. If Lamb signs an extension contract with the Hornets, he’ll be next in line to start as 2 before Jeremy.

  382. Really? Can’t wait for the game…LOL!

  383. Yes, so far… However, I’m getting vibes from his post game interview (11/1/15 pt.1 @ mark 5:09) that Lin’s minutes will further be cut or won’t finish game in crunch time, when the ‘favored’ guy(s) get comfortable & confidence playing more minutes bc their roles are secured. Clifford said he does not think that the same 5 will close out game every night. He does not think that they have that kind of team.

  384. Coach said yesterday. Lin & Lamb will not start…. he maybe will replace Lin to close game if Lin’s still not shooting well.

  385. I does not matter what we think, it is what it is. Politic always comes first. You do the right thing not the best thing.

  386. Like I’ve said, he’s next in line. If they continue to lose you know whom they will throw under the bus, not Batum, not Walker, not Lamb, not anyone but Jeremy.

  387. The picture is getting clearer each day for me… Watch his post game interview (11/1/15 pt.1 @ mark 5:09), Clifford said he does not think that the same 5 will close out game every night. He does not think that they have that kind of team. Have a feeling, Lin’s minutes will further be cut or he won’t be able to finish game in crunch time, when the ‘favored’ guy(s) get comfortable & confidence playing more minutes bc their roles are secured.

  388. Why? I think coach already well prepared to point at which player didn’t do their job… you know he could name which Q who didn’t on the position? Who should get that 2 O Reb ….? LOL!

  389. But how can you explain the less minutes of Hairston? Whats the point?

  390. The interview only confirmed what Lin’s role was in the final 5 minutes was all about.

  391. So we can’t expect him to get Linsanity points. The coach didn’t give him a go signal. I thought this coach is smart.

  392. True

  393. Ya! I think it’s very likely Lin will not close the game vs Bulls if he continues to play that this…..

  394. I don’t get about that 2 offensive rebounds. Help.

  395. To be the decoy only? Won’t get the last shot? Play defense for KW/NB or even another shooter to have that last seconds shot? Is this what you’re referring to?

  396. I don’t know either…? Just so amazing that he even recorded this for his post game interview? smh!

  397. Yes. He almost never touched the ball. If your other four teammates couldn’t pass you the ball, something wrong.

  398. That confirms my observation. Still early but to me this team (probably like any other team) have other agenda. Why can’t they just focus on winning? And give consideration to non-star players?

  399. It would be nice to also include the shot he missed so we can see what type of shot he’s missing.

    Watching the game, I thought Jeremy could use a floater…Right now, he’s either reduce in taking the long 2pt shot or driving all the way to the hole with big men waiting…..He needs that “in between” shot..that floater so that he doesn’t have to drive all the way inside.

    I remember Lin having a decent floater during his time in NY, so I don’t know why he’s taken it out of his game…His floater resembles a full jump shot….He needs to spend some time with Curry so he can learn it.

  400. The coach is politically smooth, unlike D’antoni. He cooks whatever the management provides him, with whichever priority.
    If he cooks a good meal with given contents, he will get an extension; otherwise he won’t.

    The FO wants Batum to be the 2 as in GSW or a LBJ-lite in order to keep him. If the coach can cook this meal he is gone for sure unless the FO gives up the idea.

  401. The end of the 3Q, Batum was assigned to play point while Jeremy playing spot up.

  402. But why would you dig a hole and put Lin when they’re losing? They think Lin can save them and blame him if he can’t.

  403. What do you guys think about the signing of Jeremy Lamb on a 3 year contract worth about 7M?…I’m personalty happy for him and he definately has potential…but what does that mean for Lin??

    This probably mean Jeremy will be a full time back-up and any talk of a Kemba/Lin backcourt should be over.

    I would also think Lamb will be the one finishing game alongside Kemba since he’s now the newly anointed starting shooting guard.

  404. Same thought here. Keep seeing him tucked in the corner 3 is something obviously wrong also. They’re not realizing players’ natural talents to their full potential, but trying to make players fit their own vision/org. plan. It may work in the short run, but not long term, case in point, Rockets.

  405. The only chance for the top brains of Hornets to change their mind is let sufficient amount of pain build up, so that they give it up.

  406. yep. ‘high-level backup’ if Lin chooses to stay. KW is their starter PG & NB is their starter SG.

  407. It shows charlotte like the team they’ve built. They will pay lin if he wants to stay.

  408. agree with that statement…Lamb will probably be the one finishing game from now on and Lin minutes will definitely go down.

    Lin may be reduce to only playing the 12-15 minutes that is left at PG when Kemba is resting…He’s going to have to make the best out of it.

  409. At least we Know Lin will get paid if he stays.

  410. Don’t think he will stay… from the beginning this is one year team for Lin to play his game even not now but …..

  411. Having said that, we have to hold Lin accountable too, I am sick and tired of seeing him looking at Clifford for play every time he brings (walk) up the ball to mid court then end up with a bad possession. Lin has to use his instant and skills to direct the play. Stop realize on Clifford, he’s over his head now. Not playing Tyler was one of his bad act.

  412. I agree Joe. That’s why I keep saying let Lin play off ball to end the games and with Kemba or even Batum and let him get back into his PG flow running a 2nd unit RATHER THAN start. It is so unimportant to me that he starts. Give him a load of PT in both capacities. On the Hornets board they love Lin off ball but correctly has said he doesn’t seem as assertive or comfortable running the point. I agree it’ll take time. The way he is used now, he’s in a position to hone that skill. If he started, he’d probably not be used that much in the 2nd unit and he needs to do some PG work. He also needs time in the first unit as PG in case Kemba is out for a few games and also just playing more with them.

  413. Its too early to say anything.

  414. How can you blame Lin for that? If he did not follow Clifford’s instruction, he would be benched. We all know that too well from previous teams. Other players can play freely but Lin.

  415. The top brains always have their ego and their ego will never admit wrong. The more they lose the worse for Lin. You know the easiest guy to throw under.

  416. If he only will be a backup he doesn’t need to pick this team. Lots of teams will want him.

  417. $2 mil expired contract is easy to trade, if that comes to worst.

  418. exactly, he could pick a contending team instead of this loosing team with small market.

  419. Lin will have to simply learn how to make these 3pt shot consistently…Sadly, that’s not an ideal position to always be standing in the corner, hoping the ball will find you..but this is where he’s at and he need to make the best out of it.

    Yesterday, Jeremy had some good look for 3pt shot but missed a few of them….If he can hit these shots consistently, he becomes more valuable.

    In practice, he needs to train his corner 3’s and ball handling which a bit too loose.

  420. He’s done enough work to make it acceptable. I think what I’m seeing is more positioning on the court and when to start sets and all. He’s waiting too long, his offense seems more stagnant than it should. When he gets the ball he dribble/escapes rather than makes quick decision sometimes. Other times he does fine with quick decisions but he needs guys to be in motion. It’s just a fine-tuning of timing and pace that doesn’t seem to be there that he used to have back in NY and early in Houston and in Houston, especially when McHale said “Go, Jeremy”.

  421. The problem is 200th is overrated, SMH.

  422. Its ust too early. Im not even thinking about that right now

  423. That’s right.

  424. Khuang, why do you think Hansbrough was not used and kaminsky played less minutes?

  425. Someone said on twitter that Clifford pointed Lin to stay at the corner. Is this true? Clifford probably has given strict instructions and not given him the autonomy to make on-court decision. Lin follows Clifford’s game plan. That’s not on Lin only. From what I see happening, Clifford is not as flexible as D’Antoni was to Lin in terms of initiating the offense. He’s to NB & KW bc they’re starters & in Hornets’ long-term plan.

  426. Lin has been great if he is freed to play. As bad as in Houston, he was free every time he has the ball to push up with speed. Now walking and looking at coach was exact the same as in LA.

  427. Lin went to the corner was late into the 3Q and the entire 4Q he played. In the first half and the first two games he does walk and look at Clifford every play.

  428. Absolutely. Most good/great PGs use them. Unless you’re Westbrook that plays over the rim, it’s a useful weapon.

  429. I agree that those are good statistics for 25 minutes per game…

    I’ve always felt people on here were a bit unrealistic for thinking he was going to get 30 minutes…Bench players usually get around 20-25..unless they are shooting very well.

    Jeremy will get close to 30 if he’s having a good night…you can’t really anything more or less.

    For me, my expectiong is for Jeremy to average about 13PPG and about 4ast with about 44% FG and 35% 3pt FG%….I expect him to average about 25 minutes per game.

    If he can do these numbers, he should get a decent contract for next year.

  430. Interesting. Why almost everyone thinks when coach said close 5 will not be the same means Lin will be out?


  431. Yes, it’s an insult to the 201th player.

  432. I am so sick and tired of this NBA team politics. If CHA wants to use Lin to get China market, they better play Lin the right way. Why Lin always has to be the “model minority” while he has such a huge market backs him up? He should be treated right, otherwise, we should all boycott NBA. Anyone can get special treatment because of what the team wants from them either to stay (Batum), owner’s draft pick (Kemba), extended contract (Lam)…etc. All non basketball related reasons. If that is how the game plays at NBA, then we Lin fans have more reasons than anyone else to demand Lin has the special treatment. But we are not, we only demand Lin have a FAIR treatment based on his bball skills, but he is not getting it. We should let NBA know we Lin Fans are NOT the model minority they wished we were. CHA can not have their cake and eat it too.

  433. It is so simple, because Lin was not his picks of starter. I totally agree with Paul’s prediction.

  434. Coach is panic.

  435. After 3 games? This gonna be a longggg #$%& season. SMH.

  436. I always wanted this type of highlight (including all important Lin’s play) especially if you don’t have time to watch his game. Finally, someone did it for me 🙂

    This person has done only the first two games. I hope he continues his work. I am loving it.

  437. exactly, Clifford will not change the starters, but will change the closers after 3 games. I start questioning his “faith” in Lin.

  438. I hear you…

  439. I feel Lin will be the first one to out of game close too. Bc he played not good in the last 3 games & made no impact for the games. Cliff is fighting for his job & he will pick anyone who can score on the last min of the game.

  440. What do you expect Lin a PG to do when Clifford insert him at the corner and waiting to shoot 3s??? What kind of impact Lin could have given to the team other than drain the 3s???

  441. I think that’s their game plan for last season too. Lance did that too…. smh!

  442. Observing Lin’s body language and facial expression for the last three games, something is bothering him behind the scene that has affected his shooting. It’s not losing game or his physical health; It’s something else…

  443. Then stop blaming Lin for not have impact.

  444. I am not blaming Lin but he did play bad.

  445. Sorry, then I wish CHA to loose as many games as possible.

  446. Thanks for the free league pass tryout. Now I have reasons not to buy it.

  447. Yup, he can’t/doesn’t play defense…def a liability. What games is Cliff watching? The NBA really sucks as a sport org! smh

  448. Prepare yourself guysgals…See my earlier posts regarding Clifford’s post game statements.

  449. Did you see AS coach talk to him? or any teammate?

  450. Cliff isn’t an offense expert like D’antoni. The preseason wins were somewhat influenced by Lin. Lin’s joining is supposed to bring a flavor of his offense to improve Hornets’ offense which only existed in the preseason games. The coach has reverted back to the old Hornets that’s why Lin looked so uninspired in the last two games.

  451. Can you repost it again.

  452. Yes. I am familiar with that expression when in Rox and LAL.

  453. I go w/my hunches. Lin is easy to read if you observe his demeanor and facial expressions. I don’t see him carry himself w/ the same confidence I saw in pre-season. It’s not bc he is not confidence in his ability. It’s external factor(s).

  454. I don’t watch NBA games unless Lin is on the floor playing, period.

  455. That’s what I thought… I am also worry how long this will last… it’s not good for Lin… Hope it end ASAP. Season just starts…. smh! 79 games… if they still keep him.

  456. My small suggestion to Lin, please cut your hair.

  457. We also know that $$ isn’t Lin’s priority. I’m hoping he’ll move on to a contending team. This team doesn’t seem to be going anywhere w/their recycling losing mentality , so far anyways. smh

  458. Lin knew this type of offense won’t work which is basically designed to pad Batum and Walker into the all star game. He had experienced similar scheme in Rox that’s why he can’t be so excited.

  459. Agreed. I am so familiar with it following him since Linsanity.

  460. Yup…Lin is thinking: here we go again, I have to adjust adjust adjust my game to the coach’s loopy game plan of being in the corner after bringing the team back from the starter’s hole.

    *Disclaimer: I’m just speculating like everyone else here, so don’t get your pants in a wad. ( for those who get all defensive on Cliff/team’s behalf )

  461. Bingo1! more factors involved…

  462. Bottom line. Lin WILL play 27 plus minutes plus and finish if he plays better. This is an example of Lin’s problems with his positioning and decisionmaking on the court as PG. He has to improve here.


  463. I really hope he can have good shooting vs Bulls. If he plays good he will have 27 min w close game if not….?

  464. I give up, the doom and gloom is so depressing. Whip yourselves into a frenzy if you want. It’s only 3 fr!gging games and it’s dump everyone overboard.

    I’m out.

  465. It’s not just shooting. Make better decisions as PG, play with more efficiency in movement in terms of the right amount of dribbling vs. passing, make strategic passes, stay away from dribbling into traps, handle the traps if you get into them effectively, and get to the line and get your points there even when the shot is off.

  466. “if he plays better” Please enlighten me how a player can play better if he is misused. You sounded as if Lin could change the situation. I agree his shot should go in, then again if he is not put in the right position his shot will not fall.

  467. I agree. 3 games, team is losing but were close. Let’s just watch the games and hope Lin figures some things out so he can play more to his potential.

  468. Not the result, not the production of Lin after 3 games I’m worry about. It’s the coach comments, Lin corner assignment I have concern.

  469. People expressing their frustration isn’t always ‘doom and gloom’. A ‘frenzy’ is also a bit over the top drama, don’t you think?
    You can’t say there isn’t a pattern here from previous teams. We can say the same about those who are still hyped on the coach/team. The same blind positivism of the last 2.5 years( playing devils advocate here ) until mid season when it was just blatantly obvious. You can say I’m a pessimist/glass half empty type of person, but I’m sure not a rose tinted lie to myself person either.
    Two sides of every coin and neither is less, just different views.

  470. He’s not misused. See my reply to CJSHYY and look at him in that clip. Lin can’t look like that with 6 years experience too much. Lin is a veteran and has to play PG better or be a complementary facilitator. Players need to perform and he’s underperformed. He’ll get more time to perform, but that possession showed Lin making a lot of bad decisions at the point and it wasn’t only that one.

  471. No, because we can see the handwriting on the wall. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. Fool me 3rd time????

  472. All I see is Hawes not coming out to get the pass for a simple pick-and-pop. And then being too lazy to chase down the ball. Then the same thing happened again with Hawes not coming out to catch the pass.

    Lin shares blame on the second near-TO because he should have gone middle and attacked (make or miss). But remember what Clifford said postgame? “If one guy is out of place, it makes it impossible for the other 4 guys to do their job.” This is what he was talking about.

  473. In this particular game he was a decoy. He did have one possession when he drove in hard and didn’t get the call or make the shot. He had some open looks he didn’t knock down. He had a crucial role as inbounder and defender. In the flow of the game, Lin as decoy made sense. He wasn’t used that way in the previous game. This is doom and gloom when you take one game where Lin was used as a decoy and think oh here we go again. We need to see a lot more.

  474. Seems like something wrong with him when you compare with how he was doing in the preseason. Perhaps they should test the whole team actually


  475. Or maybe you think you see stuff that isn’t there based on the past.

  476. For Lin’s sake, I wish I am dead wrong.

  477. He dribbled into a trap twice. That’s bad PG play. Hawes didn’t do great but Lin is as responsible for that horrible possession. Lin could have dribbled the other way in the second possession after getting the ball back.

  478. Give it more time is all I think we can do.

  479. Do you think batum or Kemba sit in similar circumstances?

  480. You’re supposed to dribble into it — 2 guys on the ball means 1 guy (Hawes) is wide-open. Hawes is a great 3pt shooter. All he has to do is be in the right place and it’s an open 3pt shot.

    Clifford has himself said that the goal of offense is to draw 2 defenders and find the open man.

  481. He sat Jefferson in the 1st game. We’ll find out.

  482. not sure what did you see in this play, obviously between Lamb and Marvins, one of them did a wrong rotation, they did not go to the corner, and everyone kind of clustered on the top. So Lin has only one way to go that’s go to the right which will go right into Hawks trap. So he pass out to Hawes who nailed on this position not come up to the ball caused almost a turn over.

    Then you noticed Lamb take himself out of the game by standing up nhigh and left his defender so it is pretty much 4 on 5 there. In that situation the only way is for the ball to go to his hand and for lin to go to the corner to stretch the floor. But Kaminsky comes up thus Hawes could not pass the ball to Lamb so it went back to Lin, who drive and attract two defenders, and notice Hawes did not roll, and waited at 3pts line for the ball to come, since Lin has no other to pass to.

    This is typical not everyone on the same page, and you just conveniently pin it all down on Lin, thanks.

  483. Decoy not the same as un-touch. The direction is going to be a lot worse as “we want to see more” of this type of offense and misuse of players.

  484. Or maybe, there are some don’t ‘see stuff’ that are there from wishful thinking from the past?

  485. who’s gonna win a game first? Fakers, Rox, or Hornets? man, complete 180 from preseason. Lin might have found himself in another toxic environment. at least the team is trying to win, no?

  486. It was too slow and deliberate and almost bail-out passes. Lin dribbling into traffic and passing to open 3s is a lot different than Lin just dribbling and the having nowhere to go so he sends it back out to the center.

  487. Because smart people learn from the past.

  488. Hope you are right about the last part. Not sure cliff will interpret things that way, we shall see.

  489. This was a pick-and-pop, not a pick-and-roll though. That’s how it works. Lin and Hawes have done it in preseason, no prob. Just not sharp for whatever reason. Even Clifford harped on this all postgame — “guys aren’t organized, aren’t where they’re supposed to be.”

    My complaint about Lin’s last two games are that guys are being lazy but Lin isn’t attacking until the 4th. He’s still trying to be Mr. Team Player instead of confidently shooting midrange Js.

  490. I expect more from a 6 year vet now. I’m not looking at the other players that much here because I think Lin didn’t handle the situation correctly. He has to be the leader out there as PG. Of course the coaches will look at the whole team and what they did but Lin doesn’t look great in this sequence.

  491. that is scary… that is a lot of weight in a week

  492. It wasn’t the greatest offensive look but doesn’t take away his role and what he did. Maybe the plan was Lin to take the corner 3 or attack from the corner and pass out. I don’t know. Maybe the execution wasn’t right. But Lin used as inbounder shows a heck of a lot of trust in Lin and he did a great job at that. If there was such a thing as an inbound assists, Lin did it.

  493. not a good list of possible causes for that kind of weight loss… praying for his health. http://www.mayoclinic.org/symptoms/unexplained-weight-loss/basics/causes/sym-20050700

  494. I don’t know. The Rockets lose badly, the Lakers I haven’t even paid attention to. Hornets are close. Real close. They’ll win some games. They just have to get themselves into game shape as a team.

  495. The picks aren’t there for him. I know one time Hawes took to long to shoot and it was a great look from Lin. All I’m saying is when LIn is playing as another facilitator he looks way better than when he is the only facilitator or the PG. He needs to improve at PG of the 2nd unit. I’ll be the first to say he doesn’t have a great bunch with him that complement his game. If there was an Ed Davis with them, he’d look much better.

  496. yes, there are 5 player on the floor, and you anticipate a 6 yr vet is god who could ignore the other players and go 1 on 5 and give super performance.

    Go ahead.

  497. No one will talk about the inbouder even it’s an assist, It’s about who hit the basket. Again, when your other 4 teammates didn’t pass you the ball even you’re wide open, something’s wrong. The final play down by 3, Williams rebound didn’t pass it out to wide open 3 Lin, instead he tried to get 2 points but was blocked.

  498. Lamb was the other facilitator, but he was pretty selfish yesterday and not really play off each other with Lin. Then Hawes did not help there in that line up.

  499. If we can suspect something wrong from preseason games the players definitely can. As I said before, Lin was not empowered enough to lead as in the preseason games.

  500. sad to say but the only way Lin gets a real chance on this team is if the main playmakers get hurt. story of his career I guess…

  501. Lamb was reasonably effective as facilitator perhaps to try to get some of the pressure off of Lin. You know, we’ve had two teams, Miami and the Hawks, trying to disrupt Lin. I was happy with Miami because Lin fought and seemed tough. I wasn’t happy with the first Hawk game but he got ice in his veins in the 4Q and knocked down big 3s. I wasn’t happy with his PG play in the last game but in the 2nd half, Lin played with more grit and did other things even though his shot wasn’t falling. Hawes was horrible. I’d like to see TH get a chance with Lin.

  502. I concur. I do not wish injury, but if politics and injustice are in the way for Lin’s fair treatment I am afraid God will intervene.

  503. TTNN, I’d like to see him speed up and play faster as PG perhaps. One time he got a lose ball, raced down the court and scored easily on a patented finger roll. I think if he just doesn’t wait until defenses set he may do better. What do you think? I seriously respect your game analysis. Something isn’t quite right with him so far.

  504. This is the argument I’ve been making since yesterday. At the beginning of the video, Lin “walks” as he turned his head to Clifford for play. Hawk was terrible, Lin drew 2 defenders and he couldn’t make any effort to catch the ball twice.

  505. I agree with you something is not quite right with him. I’m wondering whether he was dinged up or something. Like in those 5 out situation, he normally should be able to run by his defender by himself, but he does looks like a step slower than his normal self.

    However, a lot of his PG skills is hard to show if his teammates are not on the same page with him, and when they are not as unselfish as anticipated. You need only one player not play that way to totally ruin the lineup’s style of play.

  506. No. I see similar patterns as when he was a younger player that I’d hope he’d work out. At this point, I think it is a lack of playing PG to develop and hone his skills. I don’t expect Lin to be a miracle worker.

  507. So he has a play in mind, and when it was disrupted OR the others didn’t fall inline and do their part, everything just fell apart?

  508. In the next few games, we’ll find out about Clifford if he’s truely with his words regarding to signing Lin. Will see what he’ll change.

  509. yes, Lamb played in a way that take fully advantage of Lin’s selflessness, and not give back what he is suppose to do in return, so he looked way better than other people.

  510. Which is what the coach said. But, you don’t think Lin looks rusty at PG? Or maybe, he just has a squad that doesn’t complement his skills?

  511. Not good enough to finish. It’s just that, he looked more decisive.

  512. It started when he’s not himself in the middle of game, walking to mid court looking at Clifford for play.

  513. Seems people fall into the trap of seeing only shooting percentages, instead of seeing performance as a whole. Difficult to win games against aggressive teams when the coach is not starting the right line-up, with a coach who has an odd interest in ineffective players like PJ Hairston

  514. It’s always catch 22 w/Lin in the NBA. If he plays at his speed, he’s not a team player and iso selfish. If he slows down for his team mates/other defense to set, he’s slow, indecisive and unskilled . I’d like to see any other player( even LJ ) thrive against this type of back lash.

  515. The coach puts trust in LIn’s decisionmaking and ability to execute. Messing up an inbound means you don’t get the possession. For me it shows a faith in Lin by coach. Williams was shooting the ball well and made a big shot, so he took it himself. The correct play is throw it to the open man, I agree with that. Lin should have had more touches, I agree with that too. Good things happen when the ball goes through LIn, especially in the 4th where he’s usually decisive and aggressive.

  516. I don’t think that’s because he is rusty, I’d rather think they are trying to feature Lamb with that extension. All game long he has been trying to defer to Lamb, and Lamb has been behave that way as he was anticipated that.

  517. Walking to mid court. Yes. I thought the 2nd unit was the speed unit. That’s not been happening.

  518. That’s not realizing a player’s full talents. Don’t you think so? Yes, Lin is not being used as another option to take the last seconds shot. It’s obvious. Opponents know this, they don’t need to defend him. What’s the use of using him as decoy then?

  519. well it is hard to make a decision when all the options are not ideal just like in that play. When Lamb need to make decision, he had Lin in full cooperation, when Lin need to make decision, that’s not the case.

  520. So we agree most of….but I’m still skeptical with the coach.

  521. Ditto…

  522. On the court 2 good 3 point shooters, Batum can also shoot it. Kemba isn’t a good shooter but a good clutch shooter. Not all was utilized and maybe the idea was to create attention and then leave Lin open to knock down a 3. I think they are still trying to figure things out but Lin did knock them down in the previous game although he wasn’t in the corner. I still see trust in Lin to be another weapon on the court even if I think it isn’t the best possible way to use him.

  523. I listened to the 1st Coach Clifford’s post-game interview videos & I observed a few things:

    Hornets Postgame | Steve Clifford – 11/1/15 – Part 1 of 2 http://www.nba.com/hornets/video/teams/hornets/2015/11/01/1446418716629-151101-Coach_001.mov-89821

    – His main concern was lack of organization (not blocking, not giving space for good shooting) in early 4th quarter. I think he might be referring to Spencer Hawes who was very terrible (2 fouls on Bazemore, 1 TO stolen pass, 0-2 shooting). They were up 76-70 to begin Q4 but allowed 8-3 run (79-78) when he was replaced by Al at 6:48

    Expect he might not play Hawes a lot if he doesn’t learn after watching game films But he likes Lin/Lamb/Zeller/Hawes lineup so it can only happen if Hawes continues to be terrible.

    – He realized 0-3 in close games against playoff teams would be better in the long run because this is a difficult schedule.

  524. Lin needs to be himself MORE. Like Kemba, when he’s off the bench he needs to look at the defense then chose his offense. Stop realizing on Clifford. ATTACK! ATTACK! ATTACK! RUN! RUN! RUN!

  525. If Lin had been playing like he was preseason, Id’ be. But Lin is struggling some. So, I’m not that skeptical. I may be later but not now. When Scott took Lin out and complained about him he had great games. That hasn’t been the case with this coach and he hasn’t made negative comments about Lin like Scott and McHale did.

  526. Yes, agree with that. So who should play with Lin in the 2nd unit and what adjustments should be made?

  527. Not yet but it’s getting there, when he gave Batum the ball to be point and Lin as spot-up shooter, to me it’s the beginning.

  528. I don’t think it resembles HOU scapegoating situation yet so far.

    JLin is trying very hard to get the 2nd unit going but it’s tough with new players. I’m actually encouraged by Coach Clifford’s actions to put JLin in the 4th quarter despite his shooting struggle because he knows Lin/Batum/Kemba are good groups to close games because defense has to choose their poison

  529. He’s got to be empowered. Even McHale knew to empower Lin to end a losing streak. All I can see is that the top brains overestimated themselves and kicked out the grower to start cherry picking.

  530. Well, I think Lin would if he had Walker’s freedom and MJ’s anointed ‘hand to the head’ blessing( as in a posted pic ). smh
    That is one of the things about Lin that gets frustrating. He gives the coach/team( any ) a looooong leash before he gives up on them & starts playing his game( about mid season ). I wish he would start the ATTACK! ATTACK! ATTACK! RUN! RUN! RUN! a lot sooner too, whether he has permission or not.

  531. When did MJ have his hand on Walker’s head? If it was at the end of the game, it makes sense. Can’t take too much of MJ having his hand on Walker’s head in one pic.

  532. Empower himself or the bench will get warmer for him. But I know what you meant.

  533. Sorry, Lin needed help. If Lin had played better at the point Coach wouldn’t have done that. Some of what happens has to be based on how Lin plays.

  534. Give Handsbrough a chance. Or maybe Handsbrough for Zeller, sounds like Zeller might be ill.

  535. If you wants Lin in your team and ask him to walk, he’ll be below NBA average player.

  536. Lin is a master at hesitation moves and allowing plays to develop. Some mistake that for slow-ness or indecisiveness

  537. I can only expect the pain of losing or an injury can force them to make the necessary change.

  538. I hate big man making long or mid range jump shot.

  539. that’s true. Zeller has lost 10lbs? wow..

    Hawes has been unable to set picks for JLin to start PnR like he did in preseason.
    Perhaps Hansbrough would have more success

  540. My gut tells me that the last seconds or ‘glory’ shot is reserved & interchanged between KW/NB/Lamb: KW as 1st option bc they believe him as a ‘clutch’ shot maker in last seconds. Since he had not knocked it down twice in a row in two games, I’d assume the next guy they’ll designate is NB (want to resign him) or Lamb (they’re high on him and wanted to lock him a 3-yr contract), then it’s all crumbs from there… it could be whoever on the floor w/them at that moment if they get lucky to put back in. But for certain, Lin is not the priority/option for last seconds ‘glory’ shot, only in unforeseen/scramble circumstances.

  541. How does this continual wishing of harm on Lin’s teammates fit with the mission of this site?

    Bad news in any event: Lin’s success in the NBA is not dependent on the misfortune on one or two players who happen to be in close proximity. It depends on his own execution on the court.

  542. you mean missing long/midrange jumpshots? 🙂
    yeah, Hawes has been so bad, not confident at all .. trying to finesse the shots in

  543. Yes, points in the paint, Hornets rank 26th.

  544. I cannot blame the coach this time around. Jlin need to turn it around this time. There got to be something the coaches see that we Jlin fan don’t because we are not in the NBA to know. Cannot keep blaming every coaches when Jlin is doing badly.

  545. we should be very careful in broaching the subject of injury to allow one player to shine.

    JLin is more than capable to right the ship; a lot of new parts in this young Hornets team

  546. In other words, short leash on Lin…..Lin has to play well all the time.

  547. Bingo…playing right into NBA’s agenda for Lin. Can’t outshine the anointed ‘stars’, even if the team wants to win. Ask yourself, when does Lin ‘get to’ play his ATTACK/RUN game; when the team is way behind? Ya, NBA is a disgusting org.

  548. I just re-listened to the post game interview. I agree the disorganization stuff is mostly directed at Hawes. He seemed lost out there to me when I was watching the game.

  549. Understand your concern, but it’s vice versa. Have you learned your lesson from the last coaches Lin had? McHale, Byron? Did you believe everything they said about Lin? Who do you trust more?

  550. If we listened to Coach Clifford’s interview, the problem is not JLin.

    It was bad transition defense and lack of organization to block out people allowing Hawks to retake the lead.

    JLin and Coach Clifford said it best. It’s a young team with a lot of new players.
    It’ll take some time to gel.

    0-3 against playoff teams wasn’t bad. They almost pull the win last night even with bad shooting in Q4

  551. I didn’t study the pic, it was just posted( maybe in previous thread ). Why does ‘it make sense if it was at the end of the game’?
    Having MJ’s hand on Walker’s head does have a lot of meaning( just like when McFail did it to ‘bruder of anuder muder’ pg ),.
    If you read the history of MJ/Walker that’s been repeatedly posted in this forum, you’d see it. Why do you think a lot of the posters here think MJ has a heavy hand in holding back Lin, not the coach?

  552. In Hollywood movies run by scripting. NBA only different when two teams competing, other than that it’s the same, the top set out the script and their agenda, coaches follow.

  553. yes, it was so bad. I think he tried too hard to make things happen the PnR offense didn’t work quite well.
    For 3 games, he was unable to set good screen to allow JLin to start PnR strong.

    I’d like to see Hansbrough set the screen for JLin if Zeller is out with illness.
    Hansbrough can roll strongly & get fouled off Lin’s passes

  554. Why is anyone panicking based on what Coach said? Can’t make decisions based on 3 games. Not close with the same 5 doesn’t sound like he’s thinking of Lin but more Williams and Hawes.

  555. I understand but if this time around we have to point finger. I am not going to point finger at the coach.

  556. very true..
    Nothing that Coach Clifford said should concern us regarding JLin’s role

    He’s still anchoring 2nd unit and finishing with Kemba/Batum.
    Big Al has been missing quite a few at the end of games with small lineup that sparked the run in the past 3 games. Big Al fans should be quite concerned 🙂

  557. Isn’t this the same Byron Scott that didn’t believe in 3’s last year? Guy knows nothing, such a fraud.

    Byron Scott’s Lakers firing 3-pointers at record pace


  558. You might not know but a great movie was not done by a great actor/actress but starting with a great director.

    Lin’s fans are watching a bad directing movie.

  559. So, tell me what coach will be best for JLin cause IDK

  560. I agree. Coach Clifford is doing quite well so far.
    – He showed patience;
    – humble enough to say “It’s on me” after pointing out lack of organization in early 4th (possible due to Hawes);
    – not throwing players under the bus
    – trusting JLin to close all 3 games despite not shooting well in the past 2 games

    My vote is still 100% for Coach Clifford

  561. Fine, find out what’s wrong and improve that, don’t throw your best acquisition under just yet.

  562. Re-watching game, early 4th – believe coach bothered by play of Zeller or Hawes, not Jlin. Coach talking to Ewing on sideline at one point and pointing in their direction. Don’t get why ppl assume its Jeremy. Yes he was PG but I don’t think the comments about disorganization referred to him. I also trust Coach C to be fair with Jeremy, unlike his last two “coaches”.

  563. Exactly. I like this coach’s attitude and what he’s said. He seems like a good coach for Lin and Lin chose him.

  564. I agree.

  565. Good to hear. I like the coach.

  566. yes, @wu kong:disqus and I agree it’s probably Hawes

  567. It’s easy to be negative and find all the hate. This world is full of it. One of the fights I have with my wife is over all the crime and lawyer shows she likes to watch. Whenever she turns it on, I leave the room. I’m not blind, I just choose to not look at it, like the idiots on the highway slowing down to gawk at an accident.

    You are absolutely right that people can choose to see the world as half empty or half full. I have no problem with that. What I do have problem with is when dump their angst on this site and drive the regulars off the board. Look around and you’ll see hardly any of them posting. I can turn off just like the rest of them and leave it to turn into the other site.

    A lot of the people on this site are Christians and their faith is pretty much a half full philosophical approach to life. I’m sure most would just rather keep their mouth shut just because they don’t want to fight fire with fire and just let it burn itself out. So I’m going to do the same.

  568. That’s a ridiculous question like you can go out and change a coach after 3 games because of one player. This team can be improved no doubt but so far Lin is the only one whose role has been changed, no one else.

  569. My views on MJ.

    I think MJ likes Lin’s talent based on what he said when the team was in China. However, MJ is like Kobe. I didn’t like Kobe but one thing Kobe didn’t do, that Clyde Drexler and Dominique Wilkens does, is base Lin’s talent on him being Asian-American. I don’t think MJ or Kobe cared what Lin looked like more than does he have that mental killer instinct to put your trust in. If LIn doesn’t show that, MJ won’t believe in him. If he does, MJ will. It’s as simple as that. Who MJ also likes is not my concern and I would expect him to like people his GM chose to be on his team. Lin is new to the team, he hasn’t proven anything. If Lin is instrumental to the team’s win, MJ will be happy and may even show it at a game.

  570. Yes, Hawes. Agreed.

  571. Sott is double tongued __ and has no control over either side. smh

  572. His role hasn’t changed. He’s playing with Kemba at the end of the game, he just didn’t close the half in this game with him. That’s the only change I saw. His minutes were down but that I think was more due to game situation and others playing well vs. any plans to have his minutes down.

  573. He’s incompetent. I don’t really care about the Lakers. I’d like the kid Russell to do well, he seems like a good kid. But that’s a bad team.

  574. I watch player/players base on what his roles are not just being out there playing. To me that’s how much confidence coach has on you.

  575. Yes, watching replay he seemed out of sync.

  576. He wasnt’ taken out, he got help. Clifford was trying to win a game for his team. Maybe Clifford felt Lin could play better and help the team more with Batum besides him. It’s a team decision, not necessarily a LIn decision. There’s no short lease. Two games most of us were convinced LIn wouldn’t come back to finish he finished and he finished all 3 games so it is unfair to say he has a short leash on Lin.

  577. Lin finished the game. Lin inbounded on critical possession. One of the biggest ways to show confidence in a player is having him finish games. So far, he’s finishing them. Clifford is trying to win the game for the Charlotte Hornets team, not please Lin’s fans.

  578. Not sure where you live but Scott’s getting a lot of criticism in LA right now. Even his old teammate Mycheal Thompson is questioning what he’s doing as coach. Think ppl can finally see what we here have known all along.

  579. Should give Handsbrough a try instead of Hawes. Perhaps if Zeller is I’ll put in Kaminski too.

  580. Wow, you must be really green in life. I won’t disillusion you, but most people lie lie lie( yes, statistically shown ) or will say anything for their own purpose, even MJ.

  581. you can hear during the hornets telecast that mics picked up Cliff yelling at everyone including Jeremy during the game. It didn’t sound like it was directly solely at Jeremy or anyone in person, but just general in-game instructions for whoever Cliff wanted to instruct.

  582. Can only deflect blame and blame the players so long. Got away with it all last year. Hopefully now people will see.

  583. I guess it could be worse for JLin. He could be Hansborough and rot on the bench…

  584. Hawes and Kaminsky were not on the same page in previous games too. Hopefully this game is more obvious that Hawes somehow just stick to the 3pt line, I do think there was a mixed role there between these two, and someone was trying to make a statement.

  585. 4 plus mins, thanks to Clifford, Lin finally got to touch the ball by inbounding it.

    Never said or cared what or whom Clifford pleases to, if he tried to win game he would start Lin not pointing him to the corner getting no passes.

  586. When Lin went out in 4th they were up 79-76. They then lost the lead. Coach put him back in because he must have felt Jeremy was needed on the floor.

  587. Coach Cliff was yelling at everyone during the game, Kemba, Lin, whoever was not doing what Cliff wanted. Could hear it on the hornets telecast.

  588. no one is wishing harm on others but Lin got his ONLY shot in NY because of injuries to players ahead of him. even D’Antoni didn’t give him much of a chance…

  589. Then what did he do? He pointed Lin to stand in the corner and let the ball passes among the other four players.

  590. you’re starting to sound like the Old Testament…

  591. yeah, in the last 41 s of the game, and Kemba had the ball, and we are 2 down, it is the time to go for a 2 for 1, and Kemba was just walking the ball up, and coach was yelling at them to run….

    Wondering where is that guy who was talking about vet PG should make crisp decisions. If it was Lin doing that, he will get crushed.

  592. Really? That’s what I want to confirm if true (the pointing to corner). That’s terrible…

  593. I’m 100% sure this is NOT how Jeremy would wish to get a chance to play.

  594. …and he will be according to Cliff, “not the same 5 will close game”. Seeing how Lin was used in the final minutes of last game, tells me whom will not be there or at least no guarantee to be there.

  595. No team can put the entire faith of the franchise on Jeremy Lin, when he himself does not believe he has elite talent and constantly doubts himself.

    The coach and organization is not going to force it out of you if its not there. There are too many other talented guys who will be the man without having to force the Front oFfice and coaching staff to nature it out of you.

    I am finally coming to this conclusion about Lin. Even play alone is not enough. Elite play alone is not even enough at this level. You have to have the total package.

    And Lin is not even showing he has what it takes on the court as of now.

    Lin will eventually settle into the backup PG role for the Hornets after 40 games. When it’s a little too late and it doesn’t matter anymore when the starting job is not even a question anymore by anyone and Kemba or someone else has established their permanency in the position, Lin will start to play well again.

  596. lol…true, but then the NBA doesn’t fear the whole population of Germany(?).

  597. Me. I was. Kemba was boneheaded there. Kemba isn’t the facilitator Lin is, he just has a good handle and is able to create for Kemba.

    Coach’s yell at their players. No problem. Pop yells at Duncan, Manu and Parker. And I hear especially Parker.

  598. Kardashian curse already messing up James Harden’s game. Russel better watch out. Maybe that’s why he’s been shooting so poorly.

    Kendall Jenner Dating LA Lakers Star D’Angelo Russell?


  599. Lin has been doing that all the time, when he was playing with Batum, Kemba. And he suppose to do that.

    The difference is that when Lin was playing with Batum, they take turns to occupy that spot, and move the ball and come up to take the ball to initiate the offense. When he was play with Lamb yesterday, Lamb did not do that, and when Lamb take the ball, he will shoot or drive and not really swing the ball. You could hear once Lamb had the ball, and the coach was yelling: ” whip it”.

    It turns out Lin end up camping at that corner, and you don’t feel that way when Lin was playing with Batum in the first two games, or preseason.

  600. Why is Hansbrough in Cliff’s doghouse?

  601. Jeremy Lin is not playing well. Enough said. We don’t know why. We just know that’s what it is. I think he’s already lost his reign on the team with 3 bad games and likely more to come.

  602. that’s the time he don’t need to faciliate, and he just need to use his handle to attack. that’s his lack of game awareness there.

    I’m not picking on Kemba here, just an example that no one can make perfect decision every time, so don’t do that to Lin all the time.

  603. Didn’t Lin get a few open looks from that corner in the game? DIdn’t Lin get the ball and drive to the hoop but didn’t get the call and didn’t make the layup? I’m not sure you are looking at everyone else on the court. While I look at Lin, I look at the rest and the team didn’t whip the ball. Maybe that’s why Lin didn’t get it enough. I’m not sure that it was coach that didn’t want Lin or everyone to touch the ball or to keep it out of Lin’s hands.

  604. Haha there’s a lot of truth to this. THat’s just how Lin is.

  605. Yes, messing up an inbound especially at end of close games can mean the difference between winning and losing. Need to rely on a trustworthy and intelligent player to do this.

  606. it would be more exciting news if it was Kaitlyn “the Cougar” Jenner…

  607. That’s exactly what you are doing, you’re just trying be sneaky about it.

    Lin’s NY breakthrough was due to teammates’ injuries which gave him a chance for significant minutes during important parts of the game. He gets that opportunity all the time now. He’s no longer surprising teams with his ability to penetrate and play good PNR. So now he has to be a solid professional player, night in and night out.

  608. Here’s the difference, When Lin stood in the corner he still move up to receive the pass and have ball movement, not the same with the last game when he stood there a lone with no passes.

  609. I saw MJ play and know the kind of stuff he used to say to Phil Jackson. He was all about if the guy doesn’t produce, I want no part of him. MJ liked Kerr and Paxon because they produced as he liked Pippin and Grant because they produced. MJ is a killer-instinct, go-for-blood type of competitor. The way Lin played during Linsanity, that swaggar, that nobody is going to stop me from doing my thing is what some players and coaches and basketball people want to see. Sure he has improved but you are putting on blinders if you think everything is political and against Lin and nothing is based on how Lin has up and downs in his confidence and approach.

  610. God cares about one rich guy playing a game for a living?

  611. Swarm and Sting
    Cody Zeller Unexpectedly Drops 10 Pounds, Listed as Questionable for Tomorrow’s Game with “Dehydration.”

  612. Still think the playmakers freeze out Lin too much…Maybe a 21-61season record would cause a major shakeup?

  613. Excellent analysis by a Hornets fan on Al’s deficiency in D and lack of hard screens.
    And how to beat traps

    They need to figure out what to do with the bigs.

    The interior defense is by far the thing that is hurting us the most. Conversely, the lack of hard screens is showing itself to be a major weakness on the offense. Big Al has a tremendous low post game, but frankly his defense and lack of hard screens on offense is really hurting the team. In today’s NBA, I’m not sure it’s worth having him on the court for more than 20 MPG, especially if the other bigs are taking their cues from him.

    I’m also starting to see now what people were saying about Clifford’s lack of in-game management. It seems like he’s just too slow to pull the trigger on in-game adjustments when things aren’t working. I can see why you want to give your pre-game planning a chance to work itself out, but at the same time there is really simple stuff that just doesn’t get done.

    For example, when both the Hawks and the Heat started setting hard traps, the easiest counter to that is to start every set with a high pick-and-roll or a give-and-go (either with a big or the other ball handler). You can then execute either a quick transition offense or just start the set normally like you would anyway. Instead, he basically expected the players to work themselves out of a trap when they are already forced to start the set on the wings (making the trap even easier to execute). I get that you want to manage the pace of the game, but you’re basically giving away a possession by not making these kinds of adjustments or giving your players the freedom to do so.

    All that being said, all of the games have actually been pretty close. I can see things turning around pretty quickly if they can work out some of the kinks and start jelling together as a team.

    by Nubmonger on Nov 2, 2015 | 2:10 PM reply

  614. You have every right to point that out. That was a lack of situational awareness on Kemba’s part, it doesn’t help the team and Kemba dropped the ball. Kemba is also a veteran and should not make a mistake like that. No excuses, he did a poor job executing in a late-game situation and not because he missed the end of game shot.

  615. lol…have no idea what MJ’s ability to lie has to do w/his NBA history, but it’s ok to continue w/your MJ ‘blinders’ on.
    Obviously, you haven’t followed Lin w/o your own ‘blinders’ on, or you would have realized that there are a lot of factors playing into Lin’s so called ‘up and down confidence/approach’ besides just his skills or lack of. smh

  616. I think he’s playing well in some aspects but not in others. I think he’s gone away offensively from the mid-range shots he was taking in preseason. He’s also gone away from the hesitation dribble and quick change of direction moves he used. Why is anyone’s guess.

    He didn’t play much as a PG in the preseason. His unit is disorganized. So, he may look worse than he’s playing because of that. However, I still think he’s going into old habits of passing up 3s and driving into the defense, waiting too long for the defense to set before driving and so forth. His shot isn’t falling like preseason but that’ll change.

    Defensively, he’s been pretty good. He’ll have problems with screens but he’s recovered acceptably. He’s forced some of his opponents into bad shots.

    I have a problem with his mental approach. It seems he’s inbetween a lot. That’s the biggest concern I have.

  617. He’s not surprising teams at all. He’s one of the most heavily scouted based on how Miami and Atlanta defended him. Lin has a chance, he just needs to play his game and he’ll be fine.

  618. wow.. I just realized this was a 41-pt swing loss.
    Not sure what’s going on with the Rockets but I’m just glad JLin is not there with the same ol’ characters


  619. Get rid of all the players >= ‘star’ = LLLLLLL. Moey hasn’t learned that equation w/all his so called ‘analytic’ brain. smh

  620. The Hornets are not in tank mode, unlike the Lakers last year. They still want to win and Clifford (hopefully) will realize that starting Lin gives them the best chance to win. And perhaps make the playoffs even without MKG.

    Remember that Lin was a starter alongside Kobe at the beginning of last season. The Lakers lost 15 of the first 20 and Kobe and BS indirectly blamed Lin. Price was then inserted into the starting line up. Clarkson was inserted later when the Lakers were in tank mode. It’s good that Lin is not around for the Lakers or the Rox to blame for their 0-3 records this year. And there’s no “Kobe” or “Harden” in Charlotte. Nor “Melo.”

    Lin’s objective this year is to position himself for a good/great contract next year, either with the Hornets or elsewhere. Clifford’s is to win. If he thinks Lin can help, he will start Lin. But Clifford mentioned that it takes about 7-8 games to evaluate how a unit is doing. So Hairston might be a starter for at least a few more games.

  621. Yes there are factors but that doesn’t change what I said about MJ. I think MJ cares about killer instinct most in a player, not anything else and stand by that. I smh just as hard at you because sometimes you have to look and be honest about someone’s talents and shortcomings. I love Lin’s game and respect his abilities but he has confidence issues in a very alpha male type environment that is the NBA. Lin has an alpha side, and he’ll move forward by utilizing it or go beta and have to deal with being a second-run player. At some point, regardless of what has happened, you just have to assert yourself, say I have the abilities and I’m given the playing time, and make it that others have to play you. Lin is at a crossroads at 27-29 years old where HE makes it happen if given just enough of an opportunity to do so. And he has that in Charlotte in my opinion.

  622. Bosh the roaring lion.

  623. Why does the best PG play from the bench ?

  624. I don’t think he was talking about Lin, I think he was talking about Williams or Hawes.

  625. I want to know about Hansbrough, not get into the whole Lin should start debate.

  626. pretty obvious to me what’s going on there. Morey makes all the moves to keep his job and does a great job landing people like Dwight Howard to come. As a GM, he gets an A+. But he’s making moves to keep his job and show his boss he can get big names, add “proven” talent and win.

    Still all Lin fans here know Houston is a poorly run team with suspect players and coaching.

    It is what it is.

  627. I was also going to point out this article, specially the part of the Hawks trapping into the corner and the fact the Hornets kept playing right into their hands.

    Lin, had issue with the trapping and simply couldn’t figure it out…He had some very loose passes out of the double-team press and should had probably finished with at least 2 extra turnover.

    This is where I think Kemba is much stronger than Jeremy…Kemba seems to be much more comfortable dealing with traps because he has a strong ball-handling skill while Jeremy ball-handling is average….Needs to work on that.

    But I simply couldn’t understand why Cliff kept initiating their offense on the wing when this was playing into the hands of the Hawk.

    What also frustrated me was the fact that the players were having problem dealing with it eventhough they knew it was coming…Good deal would be able to use the trap to move the ball faster to get open looks….At times, the Hornets were able to get good looks, but simply not enough.

  628. Agree with all of your points.

  629. That’s coming

  630. Thought he was talking about Aaron.

  631. wow.

  632. smart move for Lamb and a failsafe for Nic Batum if he leaves

  633. Why does Jordan love Uconn players so much too? Uconn and of course Carolina are his pet teams. He drafts an ungodly number of people or picks them up in free agency. from those 2 schools.

  634. What’s going on here. This is another terrible possession. Is this on Hawes? Cody? Lamb is wide open.


  635. This is from Hornets Planet. It focuses on Lin but Lin is more an example in one situation than anything else here.

    Clifford was SCREAMING LOUDLY! at Lin and Lamb to move the ball and pick
    up the pace to start the 4th. Barking UNDER UNDER to Lin on high

    The last two Atlanta dagger threes was not the best 40 seconds for Charlotte’s guards:

    On Bazemores corner three Lin was totally lost on defense. He had
    switched onto Milsap and when the shot went up he crashed the glass
    without boxing out. Horford grabbed the rebound and threw it out to
    Milsap but Lin never matched-up and just stayed under the basket for the
    final 5-7 seconds of the possession. The ball rotated to Korver who saw
    Bazemore wide open in the opposite corner so he smartly attacked to
    force a rotation before hitting Bazemore.

    This was peak Batum disgust – like WTF Jeremy, Marvin can’t cover everything.

    The final Milsap 3 at 41 seconds was nothing special just a basic high
    PnP. Milsap went up to screen Kemba but slipped it instead and run to
    Above the Break. With Kembas lack of height Teague can easily pass over
    him without resistance and Marvin couldn’t recover in time on Milsap.
    Batum had no option to help because at the same time Bazemore started
    occurring to the basket and no way Lin was helping off Korver.

    I did notice Batum was very encouraging to a few of the younger players notably Lamb and Cody and once with PJ.

  636. Exactly right, he just needs to play his game. So far he’s proven to be a good backup, which is no small thing. If he gets on track this year he could make a case for being a starter somewhere.

  637. I predicted a while ago that Rox would fight for the 8th spot and Hornets could start 0/10…

  638. They will probably lose to the Thunder today but then their schedule gets easier.

  639. yes, I have no idea what Hawes was planning to do.
    He should just rise up and shoot.

    It looked really bad

  640. I think he was anticipate a player at the deep corner and he saw double team and want to pass it to that corner, but he passed right into Hawk’s hand. very bad indeed.

  641. zammm

  642. zammmo

  643. more exciting if kendall was actually kent before..

  644. LeBron’s comment about not allowing his kids to play football is brutally honest


  645. This is the truth

  646. Clifford seems have trouble to utilize all talent players he has. I hope it would not take him 20 games to settle it.

  647. whipit as in shoot it or whipit as it swing pass it

  648. I don’t want views..
    I want facts.

  649. For Lin, he definitely needs to focus on scoring than distributing because his fg%, ft% and 3pt% AVERAGE is the highest in the team.

  650. Harden had 2 for 15 shooting and 0 for 10 from 3pts last night. So what? That is the process to become a best shooter.

  651. I could be a little too mean, but here is what I thought about Hornets future plan:
    Walker =~= Curry
    Batum =~= Thompson

    Hornets =~= GSW !

  652. Hawes should have moved it out into the perimeter.

  653. Yeah, I agree. I wonder why he isn’t though, is it him or is it something else that is deciding to not score.

  654. Batum is too slow to compare to Thompsom. Every time he dribbles a ball over 3 secs, i am worry someone could easily steal it.

  655. True, his 54.3 TS% is 2nd highest after Marvin Williams now (59.6%)

    I see 2 possibilities. Coach Clifford asked him to get the 2nd team going so he focused too much to get the ball to Lamb, Frank.

    I’d like to see him not hesitant to score when open like in preseason. This will bring confidence to his teammates when he passes to them

  656. yes, he might thought someone was in the corner

    OTOH Hawks D was very good to react & recover.
    Hawes was too slow and indecisive in this matter.

  657. 27,27 and then 21 mins for Lin. Plus throw him so many combinations of players to organize (wait, how many mins in those 20s mins he was PG?) . Does Clifford expect to see Lin contribute consistently with such inconsistent play time and teammates??????

  658. I had feeling that Clifford thought Hornets could have won the games with Lin in the 4q. So he did not put Lin in until he saw the biz mess happened and only 5 mins left.

  659. I believe Game 1 JLin was SG since Lamb was out

    Then Game 2 & 3, JLin was PG but couldn’t get PnR going with Hawes setting screen at all due to many traps.
    There’s no reliable rolling big to run PnR with JLin.

    A lot of credit goes to Heat & Hawks trapping D; but also lack of chemistry in this new team to run PnR.

    I’d like to see Hansbrough setting pick for JLin & finish at the rim, especially against the Bulls physical big men.

  660. Mike PersingerVerified account
    Source tells @rick_bonnell #Hornets don’t plan to exercise contract option on P.J. Hairston.

  661. Bad feeling – Hornets wants Lin to help get more wins if they do not have other options. But they prefer develop their core players if they assume they could win those games without Lin.

  662. As I told you: Clifford and Cho are not on the same line.

  663. So did they just give PJ one last chance to shine before contract deadline and now hes going back to the bench?

  664. Hawes wasn’t even looking at Lin or Lamb (Who was open).

  665. Maybe Walker can compare with Curry in terms of FG % and 3pt %.

  666. LOL

  667. Hopefully. If they keep starting him then…ugh. What a confusing mess in Charlotte.

  668. Me too. Why isn’t he playing? I don’t know if Cliff has even been asked about TH.

  669. Lin led the team with easy victories and stats for the preseason games. Now the players with large contracts want their stats to lead and the coach has to cope with them. This is the simple explanation to why the team plays so much different now.

  670. everyone knows the trap is coming. that’s the play. to pnr and swing the ball to the other side. this happened all game with all lineups. imo hawes has to realize that lin or whoever cant always get the best angle to pass out. he has to move his feet. the fact that that clip shows hawes just standing there TWICE shows how broken that play became…

    look at a successful version of this play https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8UWsru-XcVk#t=47s

  671. If you think what Lin and Lin fans are asking is richness for Lin, then you are not a true Lin fan. A troll may?

  672. For this team to go in the right direction, Hawes has to be buried on the bench. I would like the starting lineup to be Walker,Lamb, Batum, Kaminsky, and Jefferson. First sub would be Lin for Lamb and Zeller for Jefferson. After a few minutes, Walker, Batum, and Kaminsky out for Williams, Roberts, and Hanbrough. I would let Roberts run point while Lin run around the court like Kyle Korver while Hansbrough be the paint demon we know that he is. Then towards the middle of 2nd qt, bring in the starters.

    Repeat this strategy in the 2nd half with a twist in the 4th. The closers for the 4th has to be Lin, Walker, Batum, Kaminsky, and Jefferson. If not Jefferson then either Hansbrough or Williams. I forsee many wins with this lineup.

    I have notice teams collapse the paint real quick if Lin or Walker try to attack the rim because the opposing team don’t respect Charlotte’s jump shot, perimeter game or whatever you want to call it.

  673. They let Lin do the things during preseason and China trip. Now back to normal. So much for unselfish team mates and no one care who scores…..

  674. I’m not worried, this game shows that the Hornets are at least competitive against the Hawks, a top team in the East. Charlotte is still better than most Eastern conference teams, and better than the handful of Western conference teams that are rebuilding. This puts the Hornets right in the middle of Eastern Conference playoff picture, 6th or 7th seed.

  675. some said he likes to play familiar players.
    He might worry about Hansbrough finishing ability but he should plug in Hansbrough to see how things work if Hawes is struggling so badly

  676. This one is on Hawes… Tunnel vision towards the basket only. My Sunday league teammates are exactly like this… I’m a perimeter shooter but out of 10 times when I’m open outside 3pt line, there’ll be 9 times my teammates would only pass into the paint despite opponent crowding the paint… And 8 out of those 9 times we get a TO…

  677. Psalm, message sent. Let me know if it’s arrived ?

  678. Man what are you smokin’ on which planet? No one in their right mind would compare Kemba with Curry. That’s just insane… And Batum vs Thompson is a wacky comparison as well… Might as well go “Sponge Bob=~=Sailor Moon”…

  679. How about the comparison of Hornets vs GSW ?

  680. Yep. Thanks. Even though it is Lamb highlights some good plays from Lin in the video.

  681. got it.. Good piece 🙂
    Would you ilke me to edit & publish it?

  682. Obviously 🙂

    Especially edit 😀

  683. BTW, I wonder how many fans here live in Charlotte & can watch games to observe the interaction between Lin and coaches/teammates?

  684. np .. perhaps sometime tonight after I finish up some obligations 🙂

  685. That’s an equivalent of a Toyota pickup vs Lambo Diablo I guess….

  686. Somehow Clifford reminds me of McHale. I heard “quick quick quick” in highlights screamed by Clifford.

    But McHale’s schemes were much easier (ISO, ISO everywhere :D)

  687. When you want, if you want 😉

  688. What? I thought coach is high on him?!


  689. Ya! After the lose…. he did remind me of Mc…. the way he talked about players didn’t do well this & that… even he didn’t say the name of the player but….

  690. Clifford and Cho not on same page.

    One is focusing on defence, the other on attack and 3 points.

  691. That’s why I asked the question a day or two ago after the 1st Hawks game, if anyone heard or know which coach shouting instructions on sideline. On the 2nd Hawks game on Hornets’ feed, you can clearly make out clearly it’s Clifford voice.

  692. but but still starting????? LOL

  693. Charlotte Hornets will be alright. They’re going to review tape, make adjustments and go out a get that first W against the Bulls. Team confidence comes back, and maybe JLin records his first double double this season.

  694. see this is interesting…almost like chess match. For all the old school basketball gurus how much of this do I have correct??? it is so confusing….

    So Hornets start him to let him shine and see what he’s got… if he shines you extend his contract and you get to keep him for cheap$$ for production… but let’s assume his agent knows this so tells him ‘PJ look good but not too good’… ‘They want to keep you for cheap you could get better offers from other teams’… PJ was eh, so now Hornets are saying they will not exercise the option presumably b/c he was not great on the floor…

    Next move PJ. He attempts to break out and do really well to get other teams to give him big offers… Hornets could match or let him go… he could get a BIG offer… if he breaks out.

    Hmmm… wonder if that is even close to reality??

  695. Great pic for that tweet. 🙂

  696. When i went to watch the game Houston vs Nets, Mchale screamed a lot to Lin. Lin also fired back to Mchale when he got benched…

  697. The starting thing is only showcasing.

  698. That Lin-Cody-Hawes-Cody highlight from the preseason was actually a horrible thing. Those bigs now keep trying to do tricky passes when they should just finish strong.

  699. Show case for what? They don’t want to keep him…

  700. I think Batum has become a selfish player on this team. Maybe it’s his contract year. For instance, towards the end of the 3rd quarter, he took a terrible contested 3 early in the shot-clock and allowed the hawks to quickly rebound the ball and push it down for a Sefolosha buzzer beater which turned out to be the ball game…I’m actually higher on Jeremy Lamb than Batum. Lamb has more potential. Let’s see what happens tomorrow at the Hornets Nest. Discontent or jubilation?

  701. I read an article back to Feb or March from atthehive, they said he’s not good…. don’t know why coach is so high on him now? smh!

  702. Idk. Lin didn’t seem effective when he had the time. Is it spacing, lin, or Atlanta defense I don’t know but did not look good.

  703. Well I doubt there’s any sort of conspiracy going on in the background there like you mentioned. But hey, perhaps he had us all fooled, who knows huh? I mean who would see the infamous “Red Wedding” coming if you haven’t already cheated and read the book huh?

  704. maybe hornets gonna match any contract???LOL

  705. Ya! MJ is cheap… match… no way. LOL!

  706. not conspiracy… just agents telling guys what to do so everyone gets more $$$ I do believe this type of stuff goes on all the time. There is BIG money being tossed around and people will do all kinds of things for their piece of it. and next year the money amounts get truly insane.

  707. I view it as a subtle discontent from the above about coaching.

  708. maybe that’s why they let him play to evaluate him. And JLin was trying to get JLamb going by passing the ball more..hmmh..

  709. It is not toxic. The season is 3 games old. The team was ib every game, the last two came down to the last shot which Charlotte had. Please don’t overreact.

  710. Librafree
    @JLin7 and teammates on ? Opening Night Game Program “The Buzz”. #BuzzCity
    Lin: We are new together & very talented. https://twitter.com/Librafree/status/661329829707382784

  711. Hang it up Kobe

    If Deron Williams Can Slide Laterally And Keep You In Front For A Great Contest,Might Be Soul Searching Time


  712. I’ve lost 5 lb in one day after 3 hours of badminton. Gained it all back when liquified properly. There may be other issues with Zeller in addition to weight loss.

  713. yep. so much more going on than just winning the game. Who knows if the coach actually thinks PJ should be starting or that even if he thinks his defense is so great. could be he is told PJ will start for business reasons and to make the best of it.

  714. I think Lin’s unability to break the trap is also due to the system they have. Seems that other players still don’t know how to place themselves to where Lin can pass easily. And it seems Clifford also disallow long passing, i never see any Hornets’ players do long passing, and even though long passing is Lin’s strength he never did this in Hornets.

  715. Agree.
    People need to get some perspective. One can say they are disappointed, didnt expect, but when terms like toxic, misused, politically motivatedis bandied about, I think that is the doom and gloom mindset which Lin doesnt need.

  716. Hansbrough will play

  717. Heard an interesting stat. Harden could make his next 24 three pointers in a row and still have a worse percentage that the real MVP curry has now.

  718. Interesting Sportingnews article on why Lamb got extended and Hairston didn’t.

    “Hairston is more complicated. Though coach Steve Clifford praised Hairston’s defense in those first three games, the Hornets went 0-3 and the former North Carolina standout was particularly abysmal on offense. He has shot 25.0 percent from the field and done very little to affect the games, in general. Still, $1.25 million is a very low risk on a 22-year-old, and it says a lot that Charlotte wouldn’t pay it.

    Hairston’s had plenty of issues on and off the court. Conditioning was a real problem for him last season, and he’s dealt with troubling and sketchy public issues, minor injuries and inconsistent play since entering the national scene with the Tar Heels. But Clifford giving Hairston a starting job seemed to be a stamp of approval, one voided by this decision not to take a rather small risk on the swingman.”


  719. He’s a complementary piece to Batum. He takes some defensive pressure off of Batum. I guess Clifford thinks Batum is his best defender and Hairston is a good defender. Clifford said offensively Batum, Kemba, Lin all need the ball in their hands and he thinks too many of these types on the floor doesn’t maximize how much they can produce. Although, he does use all 3 to close.

  720. = =How did this happen?

  721. Hawes highlights are scary bad. He had a pretty awful game. I hope this doesn’t continue.

  722. Someone didn’t fill the corner (to stretch the floor) and it totally ruined the play of Lin.

  723. He made a long lob to Batum in a preseason game. Mostly, the team doesn’t get out and run for Lin to use it.

  724. Coach became too high from preseason wins and forgot who was the major contributor behind these wins and how they won them.

  725. Deron Williams NBA all defensive first team.

  726. Yeah I’m starting to not like him

  727. How long ago was that?

  728. Hornets signed Lamb for 700m/year. Now who is going to be the starting SG, Lamb or Batum ?

  729. Batum. Coach already said Lin & Lamb will not start yesterday.

  730. Dropped from 21st last week.

  731. So Lamb will the future 6th man I guess.

  732. 700 million????

  733. SG, since MKG can not play SG.

  734. Are they still going to keep Batum next season now that the SG is filled ?

  735. and yet it is not like they can trade him if you have a one year expiring rookie contract, and you are telling the whole world you have totally no faith in him, not even want to pick up a 1.2 M contract, yet you start him???? Its a mess.

  736. that does not totally make sense though. At the end of the game, all three guys needs ball works beautifully on the floor in first two games. (maybe partially in yesterday’s game, but not much)

  737. I think they want to keep Batum.

  738. Hope both he and Kaminsky get extra minutes with Lin

  739. It’s a failing grade given to the coach, isn’t it ?

  740. Too much wishful thinking.

  741. to me, it is like the team just don’t want him period. Same as with Biyombo who just signed 2.8M contract with raptor in summer, since Hornet don’t even give him a qualify offer. The team don’t want him, period.

  742. He didn’t play that good and was injured in preseason even. However, i do feel that was the plan to begin with even before the training camp, remember coach was praising two guys in camp, Marvin and PJ.

  743. Take a look at Michael Jordan on the bench…After Hawes turned the ball over, he put his hands on his head….You could tell he’s probably very frustrated with Hawes and will probably tell Cliff to diminish his minutes on the court.

  744. Lamb was extended like a SG backup.

  745. If they finally bench PJ they better start Lin!

  746. Its in South Korean Won

  747. This is like a slap in the face of coach C.

  748. This is not simply Lin’s teammates inability to create open lane for pass…Some of that has to do with Jeremy panicking or even dribbling right into the jaw of the trap instead of fading away from it..

    If you watch Kemba, his approach in dealing with traps is better…That’s an area Lin continue to have problem in and he had similar issues in L.A with it.

  749. No it doesn’t. I get the feeling he doesn’t want to get Lin or Lamb in foul trouble so might as well put PJ in for 15 minutes a game and stagger the playmakers until he finds places where he wants all 3 on the court, including closing the game.

  750. Now I understand why Simmons said Hornets is one of the most dysfunctional teams…

  751. Ever since NY, Lin seems to have lost his tear drop like floaters not sure why.

  752. Really? Coach sure show his love for Marvin & PJ after season started… but FO has different view….

  753. Lamb has a history of compliance and Hairston has a history of out of control.
    Who else would you sign first?
    Hairston at least get his minutes and the chance to show what he can do for other teams. It’s way better than sitting him on the bench and let him rot. So don’t complain. Just give your best on the court and show the world what you can do. That’s it,

  754. Coach Clifford is better. He send the players right back into game.

  755. For trade. If he could perform, other team might take him. But he failed, so nobody takes him.

  756. But I dont think Batum will stay. Can Hornets offer him a contract like 100m/5 yrs?

  757. The coach likes him but the G.M. doesnt.

  758. It’s supposed to be the starting lineup!

  759. Not sure, because Clifford starts him for the
    good of Batum. Their focus is Batum.

  760. it was just our speculation CC is high on him….once MKG was out, they need a defensive stopper. PJH was given a specific role…that is defensive…PJH had mention it during the interview, CC is not looking for PJH to score but be a stopper ….last 3 games, didnt look promising…so…. –>

  761. Keep your head up Lin. Keep it down and you won’t be able to see the basket or your teammates.

  762. This. This is just almost too funny to be true….

    Kobe Bryant Excused From Practice For Being ‘Really Angry’ With Himself

    NOV 2, 2015 4:22 PM

    “Kobe Bryant was given the day off from practice on Monday following his disappointing performance in Sunday’s loss to the Los Angeles Lakers.

    Byron Scott said Bryant was told to just come back on Tuesday since he was “really angry” with himself.

    Bryant shot 3-for-15 from the floor and 2-for-8 on three-pointers.

    “I’m just playing like (expletive) right now. I’m getting the shots I want. I’m just not making them,” said Bryant after the game.

    Scott isn’t worried about Bryant figuring it out.

    “He’s going to get to the Kobe that we know. It’s just three games into the season.””


  763. That’s BS!!!

  764. I think that’s just excuse for not starting Lin & Lamb.

  765. Durant just lost one of his shoes while running.

  766. Wow, Durant just lost another shoe.

  767. just can’t make this stuff up 🙂

  768. Durant has shoe deal with NIKE, not Addidas just saying.

  769. Beverly routinely beaten by dj augustine.

  770. It’s hard to win when most offensive plays are for Batum but he shoots only 5-14. In the 4th, Lin only gets to stand in the corner to spread the floor and scrap for rebound.

  771. I know more like coach just used him as excuse for not start Lin.

  772. This is very nice analysis to read, super long but I kind of liked it.


  773. On Wilkens

  774. Time for a new game. Hope Zeller feels better and they figure out why he lost so much weight. Time for Lin to get back into double digit scoring and hopefully for the second unit to play more uptempo and in sync. Time for a Hornets win. D Rose is playing with one eye working correctly. It’s crazy.

  775. This guy is good.

  776. I really dont like this in coach’s interview “Clifford’s reluctance to start Jeremy Lamb or Jeremy Lin stems from not wanting to put an additional defensive burden on Nicolas Batum. ”

    so coach thinks Lin and lamb’s defense is bad? I just hope Batum can guard his man. LOL

  777. photos are a split second out of a whole and therefore easily manipulated to tell a story. Lookin’ to pick up a towel, a water bottle, not step on something on the ground, about to sneeze, etc. etc. Why make up a “hanging head” doom story. Other images show he wasn’t pleased, but stone face is more his displeasure, not moping.

  778. No. What the coach really meant is he doesn’t want additional offensive power in the starting lineup to dilute Batum’s stats ( kind of like Bev did in Rox ). Batum could be jealous of Lin’s stats in the preseason games.

  779. It gives both Lin and datum a way to just focus on scoring and offense

  780. Where does he say Lin or Lamb’s defense is bad? He does seem to think that Batum has to guard the other team’s best scorer and thinks that Batum conservers energy if Hairston does a good job at least some of the game guarding them.

  781. HE seemed more annoyed and pissed than down leaving the court after the game.

  782. PJ got away with so many fouls in that game. He may not be so lucky in upcoming ones.

  783. Nique needs a new pair of glasses to see where Jeremy Lin is….

  784. dehydration meaning all of the 10 pounds is water weight. I could lose 10 pounds in water weight quite easily. boxers do it in a few days. Idk if its a diet issue or infection. Could be bladder infection which cause you to pee a lot.

  785. More like he wants Batum to save more energy on offense and let others do little dirty work. I wont say it’s a shot at Lin.

  786. Maybe he thinks all Asians look alike?
    Love the Tomahawk dunk Dominique, the snarky comments…not so much.

  787. What all Asians? Apparently he thinks thin air looks asian?

  788. Yup.

  789. Howard was back, Ty Lawson played as PG (11 assists). Houston got their first win. Hope that Hornets will follow suit.

  790. I know, its ridiculous. Just like his commentary

  791. He needs more new than just glasses.

  792. He had it in his mind that the back up PG was supposed to be picked up by Lin. So he goes, Lin was nowhere to be found just to take another shot at Lin. His commentary is horrible.

  793. damn looks like I can’t revel in Houston’s misery anymore…they’re back

  794. Ditto, I was being facetious….somebody gotta have some fun.

  795. Can’t believe Rox beat OKC. smh!

  796. yes. I agree. He don’t want Batum to guard the best wing in opponent team till the last 5 min of the game. I think that’s the time he play Lin with first team there.

  797. linspiredinca
    1h1 hour ago
    @kianainhi808 @Jen2Jenny, @JLin7 assist has been corrected by NBA to equal 5 instead of 4. Thanks Lin global fam.

  798. wow, great! need to keep an eye on it, it was pretty bad last season with Lakers, lots of mistakes.

  799. FYI Good News!

    Since some of us are a bit anxious about how well JLin gets along with coaches & teammates, an anonymous JLin fan has generously provided a ticket & requested our good friend JP from JeremyLinForum to go to the Bulls game to provide report and interaction between JLin and coaches/teammates. Afterwards, we can publish the report so we can learn the dynamics of the team a little better.

    Thank you again for our anonymous JLin fan and JP!

    We certainly have an amazing Global JLin Family 🙂

  800. Wow! These fans are great!!!

  801. Thats one looong article…but with substance! thanks for sharing

  802. thanks..wish i was the one who’se going to the game..:P!

  803. haha ..tell me about it .. If I live in Charlotte, I’ll go myself LOL

  804. That’s really good news. I think maybe things are working out now bc just saw Lin put that NBA article in his webside today? That article was out few days ago…

    Can’t wait for the report…

  805. too many TOV from OKC…crazy (25)!

  806. What article ?

  807. Thanks. I hope Lin has had a productive conversation with the coach.

  808. Based on you previous comments, you would make a good candidate for that ticket.

  809. I hope so too.

  810. 5-1 AST/TO ratio makes last game a little more palatable

  811. As long as the coach wants to win, there is still hope that Lin will be utilized properly. It is not like Hornets have more than enough talents to get to the playoff.

  812. Lol
    Timeout for kobe

  813. hoping you’re on the selection team..LOL!

  814. yes, I still believe 100% Coach Clifford recognizes the benefit of JLin’s playmaking in closing out games. I hope he can convince JLin to shoot aggressively like in preseason.

  815. good pick up of the event that unfolds!

  816. i don’t see it changed on the espn one… which one matters for his official stats?


  817. Jusy wondering… how is it good news? What if he observes bad treatment?

  818. ah, but I do see it on the nba.com . it’s good to see the 5. i don’t know. 5 assts/1to seems so much better than 4assts/1to.


  819. I think there are other things. Hustle, getting to the line and drawing offensive fouls. Yes, shoot aggressively please Lin.

  820. We expose bad treatment under the sun.

  821. I think everyone just wants to know what’s really going on….

  822. Ok got it…

  823. At the end of 3rd Q, Jeremy fought and got the rebound and pushed down court and was ready to organize for the final shot, but then Batum just gestured to Jeremy like “gimme the ball!” and sure enough he just clunked his low percentage shot. Lin will never get to play his game when he is bench while playing with starters.

  824. Ok, thats good…

  825. You could’ve changed Batum to Kobe in your sentence, and it would’ve flowed just as smoothly.

  826. We know that Clifford knows Lin’s game. Lin said that they “talked basketball” for a long time. Clifford pointed out things Lin was doing that most people would not be able to see. It was enough to make Lin feel like, “Yeah, this guy knows my game.”

    these facts should be remembered along with the other reasoning.

  827. Wow GSW are mauling the Grizzlies. Curry can’t miss

  828. When does he ever miss

  829. ??

  830. Lin is not playing well enough to cause a debate. Start shooting 80% and people will ask him to take the shot.

  831. I think so too. But the coach’s priority now is to make Batum look like LBJ. I think that is quite dumb.

  832. yes, if if it was like with the Lakers where Lin just sat at the end of bench, coaches don’t talk to him, that’s not good. I remember only 1 coach talked to him and he felt disengaged

    knowing is definitely better even if it has some good and bad

  833. Who shoots 80%? except at the foul line.

  834. I was annoyed at that too. But consider this. See the 3rd quarter play-by-play:


    Batum had, in that quarter, made 4/5 of his last shots–not to mention 2 free throws–and that included three 3-pointers in a row. Batum probably felt like he was in rhythm and that shots were going in.

    Granted, Lin had just made 2/3 of his last shots. So, it might’ve still been inappropriate for him to demand the ball from Lin like that. In fact, he should’ve trust Lin to be a good point guard and recognize that Batum had been hot.

    But Batum is still a million years away from Kobe in my estimation.

  835. Sure he will. There is a lot more games to be played. Batum heat checked, he was shooting pretty well from the 3 most of the game.

  836. Ok, carry on!

  837. Lin doesn’t always take a shot in that situation, he could also dish down low, pass out, draw a foul, something good always happens when Lin organizes the last play.

  838. unreal standard.

  839. Stephen Curry

  840. all true

  841. GSW 43 point lead over Memphis. I’m going out the day hornets have to play the warriors. Painful to imagine what that game looks like. Are there mercy rules in the NBA?

  842. Curry is shooting crazy.
    30 pts already with 10/16
    Warriors have over 40 pts against Grizzlies

  843. Defensive burden on Batum? So Batum is their priced stud and is there to do one task only.

  844. yeah…they can rest the entire starters! lol

  845. LOL…if I had a NBA salary..everyone on here is getting a ticket to a Hornets game

  846. Yeah, um, you can hand Steph the MVP award right now…

  847. Our good friend JLP has tweeted about it.

    At first I thought it might change the coach/teammates behavior but .. no worries, he wasn’t too direct about looking at coach/teammates interaction. It’s good to share how generous JLin fans can be.

    Thank you again for the generosity of the anonymous JLin fan. You know who you are 🙂
    Very humble like JLin, too


  848. I guess those who want Lin to start, at least he’s playing like crap off the bench.

  849. Dominique Wilkens has made innumerable false accusations during games against Jeremy Lin. He accused Jeremy Lin didn’t know how to deal with the ball and seconds later, Lin waited patiently for Zeller got open and he passed to Zeller for an and 1 basket. Wilkens accused Jeremy Lin couldn’t go end to end without making a TO, but Jeremy made a fast break lay in after he got the ball from Spencer Hawes on his side of the court and all by himself got a layin to the other side.

    This Wilkens is a shameless scrub in game commentating. I don’t care how well he played the game before but now he is a liar commentating on the game giving false information about Jeremy Lin time after time.

  850. Dominique Wilkens is simply a crook who distorted information in providing comments of the game to fans. The acts were intentional and deliberate libel and were proved wrong time after time.

  851. His best season was ’11-’12, during which he shot 49%. He has so far shot 59.5% (50-84) in the last four games.

  852. Hawes has done more stupid things. He even tried to dribble the ball across the half court by himself. That would certainly slow down the pace of the game. He should just pass the ball.

  853. Even Curry doesn’t shoot 80%.

  854. No

  855. The lack of skill around basketball really hurt Hawes and his game. He hesitated to many times and his shots were even blocked.

  856. As much as I am frustrated with Lin and hoping he plays to potential, there is something way too off with what the hapless Hornets are doing. I get the same Laker vibe we got last year 20 games in after they benched Lin. Here in Charlotte it’s started from game 1 this season. At least the Lakers tried to make the hopeless Lin/Kobe work a few games before that imploded.

    Clifford may like Lin, may be smart, but his roster decisions and subbing patterns are very poor. At least to me. Also Lin’s poor play seems to have quickly eroded any equity and trust he built up with the team during preseason and that’s unfortunate.

  857. I think Hawes if continues to play like this, he would have to sit on the bench watching Kaminsky taking over his role in the team.

  858. sometimes!

  859. Zeller is one of the most hardworking player on the court. He ran from end to end playing defense and gets involved in offense as much. He simply overworked.

  860. These games could have gone either way. MInd you that some of the players were not playing at their optimum level and the game was still close. Atlanta played almost as well as they ever could though. Hornets definitely has a higher ceiling than the Hawks this season.

  861. It was demokratic during the preseason games and now it is under the republikan.

  862. After 0-3 start against good playoff teams, it’s easy to question everything.

    But the fact of the matter is, Coach Clifford still has more faith than some concerned JLin fans since he still relied on JLin’s playmaking despite his shooting struggle to close out Game 2-3. To me, that speaks volume than any praise he has said in interviews.

    We all know there’s no way JLin will close for BScott & McHale for his playmaking if he struggles in shooting.

    So we gotta stay positive and not get carried over with any bad memories.
    Let’s see what Coach Clifford does to get the 1st win and help JLin to get going.

    He’s not perfect but so far he has shown more faith than many JLin fans.
    We might have to give him an honorary JLinportal membership if this continues 🙂

  863. 50 pts!!

  864. Whoever video taped it doesn’t seem to know how to aim a camera.

  865. After the Clippers mouthing off that GSW got lucky and had an easy road to the Championship. Wednesdays game between LAC and GSW will be interesting.

  866. i hope instead of tweeting/retweeting this stuff, he just report here after the game. and record a few interactions between the coach and players and post it here so we can judge for ourselves. just a thought

  867. Nop. This particular reporter did say she wanted to tape JLin’s wearing of his earring. When she was taping, she decided to ask him 2 questions (she explained this in Chinese).

  868. One fact that stands out is the Hornets is playing very exciting games. They played the strong teams in the East Conference close and yet we saw there were lots of rooms for their improvements. When the new players get more time playing together as the season goes, this team is definitely going to be a contender. They have excellent attitude.

    Yes right now, this team is in lack of organization but you see they are developing team work. They space the floor and the guards are making plays. The big men like Hawes and Kaminsky need time to pivot their game. They’re willing players helping one another. It just takes time to develop mutual understandings.

    Even Hawes had made some very good plays during the games. They really hustled. Of course when the center made a mistake, it was very obvious. They could definitely play at higher level. It’s up to the coach to get the better out of them. It’s about coaching. The coaches have much work in the hands to bring the players together on the court and play like a team.

    I think it’s pointless to blame any single player of the team now; including Spencer Hawes. Their mistakes are correctable. Hope they are helping one another to succeed. The effort has been here in Charlotte but the organization of plays needs practices and more work from the coaches’ standpoint. They are not blaming one another and they dug in and gave everything they got.

    So please support the Hornets even though they have been making mistakes on the court. For most of the players, they only have known one another for less than a month or so; specially the bench unit. That should be expected. We shouldn’t let our high hope working against our good will. Last but not the least, all 3 games could have gone either way with a little bit of luck. Go Hornets! They are moving in the right direction. The first unit got together sooner and the bench needs more time, which is OK; this is a long season.

  869. he’s just excited to watch the game up-close so it’s all good

    it might take some time for him to do the write-up so expect the next day.
    We’ll publish it as an article so it won’t get lost easily.

  870. Perfect. We will see if Clifford is for real

  871. I see, thanks.

  872. that is so…estrogen

  873. I think he’s been very fair to Lin except if he has freedom to start and play the guys, I don’t see why he can’t start Lin at SG but will finish games with Lin at SG. but Who really knows the strange politics hiding behind doors.

    I think Clifford is trying to let Lin explode with that 2nd unit built around Lin and Lin is actually failing Clifford & Cho badly. Cody and Spencer are really bad right now.

    the fix won’t be easy.

    It will take 10-15 wasted games to work out the kinks.

  874. Totally …well said…its still early into the season and being played against good teams…we held them well

  875. I just think some of the comments here against the players and coaches are really unfair. They are very energetic but synergy takes time. Clearly the effort has been here and the fans have got their money’s worth in watching those games.

  876. LOL; let’s keep politics out of here.

  877. yeah, coach might have that kind of talk to every player…..

  878. Agreed. Like JLin said, so many new players in the team and this was only game 3. My decision is: not making any judgment until I see the repeated pattern. I choose to focus on positives rather than negatives. Life is too short to nickpicking about everything.

  879. well, Lin pushed down and found there is no opportunity, and then with that time, you want to run out the clock, so it is not really wrong give the ball to Batum though. That shot might not be the best one, but that’s on Batum…….But I don’t feel Batum is ignore all other people to play hero ball there, the defender go under the screen, it was a good look, just did not go in.

  880. Lol

  881. It’s always comforting to hear from you.

  882. Yeah I had paid attention to their articles. They all have decent quality; much better than those in CBS, NBC etc.

  883. He’s one of the most hardworking Hornets players at both sides of the court.

  884. Lin is a very decent 3 point shooter. He in fact received passes and made 3s there.

  885. Jeremy is happy, surrounded by good teammates and coach let
    him finish games. More minutes will come when the coach needed him more. He is
    in a better place now, much better than playing with the Rockets where every
    time I see McHale, I feel sick to my stomach. Winning solve a lot of problems,
    so let’s get a W starting tomorrow.

  886. win win win! 🙂

  887. Meanwhile in Portland, Ed Davis got 11 rebounds in 20 minutes….

  888. Still. Didn’t want his face? Just his ear? Does she have a web tutorial on how to accessorize? How did she ambush him? Is he the most patient living human? 😀 Although I do have to say, it’s interesting that it took him two whole questions to get that earring in.

  889. It’s sad to see that obviously some of these superstars from the 80s and 90s didn’t age quite gracefully. It seems they’ve become old and bitter, always trying desperately clinging on to their past glory. And they do so by belittling current active players who they don’t particularly understand simple because they play with modern day basketball philosophy….

  890. JLF it is….JLP is….us

  891. Is Wu Kong, isn’t she?

  892. “Sometimes” players shoot 100% on a good night. It’s the season average that matters.

  893. Well if Beverly can get in I don’t see why they can’t make it work for DWill.

  894. I need more anonymous friends I guess.

  895. You just need to sleep…

  896. Thanks!

  897. To be fair, the Hornets’ got one of the toughest early season schedules. Eight of the first ten games are against playoff teams from last season, and T-Wolves and Knicks don’t come until games 7 and 8. Games 11-20 are relatively easier, with only Cavs, GSW, Bulls and Pistons posing serious threat.

  898. We will see….

  899. Thank you

  900. Wow, this is cool. Can not wait to see how Lin is treated by coach and teammates.

  901. I simply think that Clifford believes that Hawes and Zeller are more experienced and more proven.

  902. Even Spencer Hawes crashed the floor and the 7’1″ big man flipped the ball to JLin for the fast break and layin. Did anyone give him credit? People took it for granted. It’s only the beginning, not the beginning of the end, perhaps soon will be the end of the beginning.

    I won’t complain about Spencer Hawes again; he had such a rough time in the Clippers like Jeremy in Lakers. He’s a willing big men, an eight years NBA veteran. The coach should help them build a team and that is for sure.

    In these days, we should learn to appreciate and think positive. Hairston played very good defense against Krover. We should give him the credit to a very lethal 3 point shooter in NBA. Good job, Hairston and Hawes!

  903. haha. What a goober! I absolutely love the silliness and the fun he has with life. more people should try it.

  904. Just saw Hornets FB put Lin’s picture vs Bulls… good sign…


  905. Why?

  906. Bc lots of fans worry about coach’s comments after last game on Lin… now they put Lin’s picture on it’s good.

  907. Sounds good!

  908. Ya! I think so…. Can I change my vote for this game now…? LOL!

  909. Agree. But problem is if you start in a bad way things get more difficult cause losses creates panic, lost of trust in each other, hero ball, rifts between players and coaches…

    Coaches must be wise to keep the team calm and wait for better days to come. Play good basketball and results will come.

    Unfortunately I don’t think Clifford is that kind of coach

  910. Well, as a first point, it’s still an improvement, since Lin never even got that much from McHale and BScott.

    I take it that Lin knows his own game really well, better than anybody posting on this blog. If Clifford could talk for hour(s?) with Lin so that Lin felt that Clifford really knew his game (Lin mentioned that Clifford knew little details that most would not notice), Clifford must know Lin’s game well.

    Now, it would be really impressive if Clifford had that depth of knowledge of every player on his team. It makes me trust Clifford more, but also makes me more concerned about the front office, management, and politics. However, I’m also skeptical that Clifford knows all his players so well.

  911. Its too early to panic

  912. I was one of the bashers, so I fully appreciate your post.

    To be truthful, Lin’s played SO WELL for SO LONG that it’s jarring to see him have a “mediocre” game as opposed to a “great” one.

    This game was an aberration.

  913. what did coach say mate?

  914. why? there is always politics in basketball.. should know that if you are lin fan.

  915. Check his postgame interview from last game. Hornets has the video.

  916. Just noticed in the highlights when Lin does that 3/4’s drive to the basket for the finger roll, MJ is standing up and clapping after he made the basket.

  917. I noticed on the page that it’s Tyler’s birthday… Hopefully he gets to play lol

  918. hahahahaah
    who the heck using that picture didn’t think about it.. will you do that to see lebron james.

  919. I don’t see mj.. around when on the video?

  920. Then why is Hairston in the first unit? He is not proven and not experienced either. A starter? It very mind boggling and makes you wonder what this team is doing.

  921. Better to win against play off teams. That will give you an idea what your team is made of.

  922. 5:05.. I don’t see MJ..

  923. 4:50 or so, left corner, MJ is in black shirt and gray pants

  924. Agree

  925. 4:54, freeze and look on the left. He’s at the end of the Hornets bench.

  926. OH next to some tall guy? kaminsky??

  927. nex tto kaminsky right? But he is already standing up. lol
    I thought you meant he was sitting and then got up and clap!

  928. I think he stood up when they got the steal and Lin started running down the floor but can’t really tell from the video. It’s one of the few times MJ is standing. He did clap after some baskets, not all. He clapped on Lin’s 3 too.

  929. That looks like Kaminsky, yeah.

  930. Hairston GOT LUCKY against Korver who I think is coming off an injury.

    I do have some hope for Hawes. He hasn’t played much before Charlotte, so he’s still getting his hustle and conditioning down.

    NBA players have pride, particularly veterans like Hawes. I am sure that when Hawes truly gets his game going, that’ll take a lot of pressure off Lin.

  931. Unless Clifford let Lin play his game of basketball, then probably he will explode. Otherwise he will stay on 9 average shooting attempts. Try to check the nba stats on his attempts and assists. It might be 3 games yet but the signs are clear. Hopefully there will be changes. Praying for another Linsanity miracle.

  932. I think some of us rushed to conclusions too soon, me included, to think that Lin’s role is diminishing.

    After reading the post game interviews and much of the news/articles (thanks to posters here), I don’t see Clifford is low on Lin at all. He just wanted to win games with his defensive oriented approach and I think it makes sense.

    His view is from a team’s perspective and it is a 5 on 5 team game, not a 1 vs 1 or PG vs PG or superstar vs no-superstar (on Hornets). It is a chess game that you need to maximize the impact of 5 players together in a 48 minutes of game. Lin is only a part of the whole picture. Start Lin or not or play him 30 minutes or not, all depending on how Lin perform and how opposing teams react.

    Starting Hairston makes sense from defensive point of view. Suppose Lin is the PG in 1st unit, you need Hairston to contribute his efforts on defensive end (given the talents they have). Same goes to the rest of players that each has his own roles. This is a new team and everyone is trying to learn and feel. Fortunately and unfortunately Lin is the key guy in this team to glue the team together as evident in these 3 games that Lin played so many roles – PG, SG, in both units with so many combination of the players and it just happened that the opponents Lin faced in the first 3 games were good at defending Lin.

    3 games into the season still too few to judge how this team will perform or how Lin will be utilized. But as Clifford stated in the post game interview, it is a good thing that Hornets faced tough teams in first 3 games that they can learn from their problems and mistakes. We shall see.

    Still Lin needs to deliver mo matter what. I hope he figures it out soon enough and play without hesitance or overthinking. Let the games come to you. Go Lin!

  933. It’s not Clifford not letting Lin play his game. Lin can’t play his game if his unit doesn’t move, cut, be in positions to catch the pass, catch the pass, shoot the ball when they get the pass before the defender gets to them, get the ball back to Lin. I think, looking at preseason highlights, Lin needs to go back to shooting the midrange and driving only when there is space. The 2nd unit needs to move the ball and not go one-on-one. They are a work in progress but Lin is allowed to play his game with those factors in place.

    When Lin is with the starters, he is one of the cogs and maybe a 2nd or 3rd or 4th option depending on what’s going on with the other players. Sometimes you’ll see more Batum facilitating, sometimes Kemba, sometimes Lin will get his share of touches to facilitate also. Already we see Lin is going to be trusted as an inbounder late in games.

  934. Excellent. You always have to look at the coach’s point of view from a team perspective and to each game, giving the dynamics and performance of the guys on the court. Lin’s use made sense last game. Seeing things too much as Lin vs. the world doesn’t help any of us. We don’t need to create enemies out of MJ, Cho, Clifford, Batum or others either.

    I think there is a good chance he does well tonight and Charlotte gets a W. Even if Lin does so-so, I want Charlotte to win. Lin can play really well, but it has to be in a winning effort. Best scenario, Lin plays well, the 2nd unit clicks better, he closes, and the team wins in a fairly competitive game.

  935. Very much agree with your last sentence. Wish Clifford switched out the “starters” much sooner

  936. I agree, but team politics is preventing that. We all saw the China games, but now they’re catering to Batum in the regular season.

  937. It’s Hansbrough’s birthday
    Will Coach Clifford give some PT to Hansbrough as a birthday gift?


  938. I think maybe he will on today bc he & Al both did extra practice yesterday. I like him bc he’s good to get the reb.

  939. so there. you see…preseason doesn’t mean jack because stats doesn’t count, so of course everyone was playing as a team! No one say in preseason will say..’hey I’m the guy here’. (like how harden was in houston).

    but once reg season start.. mentally is ‘oh I need stats so I get the next big contract’.

  940. Wow! Good to see this… used to be AS coach.


  941. Thanks. Loving it.

  942. They seem like good film buddies enjoying some intelligent conversation 🙂
    Body language is very good especially on Coach Clifford

    OTOH, haters be like, “You see .. Lin is relegated to an assistant coach position” LOL

  943. I wouldn’t say it’s every man for himself yet since they still try to pass, unlike Lakers last year

    As long as they’re passing like Hawes sloppy pass-turned-to-TO, it can mean they’re trying to gel as a team but they’re not quite there yet.

  944. BTW .. I’m still editing but will release later

  945. That would be great, as Hansbrough has earned the chance to play.

    I’d expect him to be rusty.

  946. In my experience, preseason counts whenever a coach uses the same lineup during the season that he used in the preseason.

  947. an idea to found an anonymous sound sleeper support group ? lol

  948. Exactly ! The coach tested the water with Lin and the results were too good to be continued because players with large contracts were worried.

  949. can anybody ever recall JLin sitting with BScott in such a way?

    (Then again, for some reason, I can never recall BScott even sitting… haha, in my mind, he’s always standing and cross-armed.)

  950. And how about McHale? There were times we saw JLin have friendly moments with McHale.

  951. Enjoy an interesting observation and article by @disqus_IFBkFbRLrH:disqus

    “Hope and Trust: A Cycle of All-Star, Primadonna, Lamb and Jeremy Lin”

    Years have passed since Linsanity happened. Jeremy grew up and improved a lot as a player:
    – his defence is better,
    – his 3 point percentage is higher,
    – his turnover rate has been going down year after year,
    – he learned to play off ball and catch-and-shoot.

    What we have now is a mature player, a very skilled one, capable of any sort of things. One thing Jeremy still doesn’t have. Trust. And unfortunately, it’s not up to him.

    Despite what happened in New York, despite all the great games with few shots, few minutes and lots of points, despite of a triple double in less than 30 minutes, people in NBA still think Jeremy is merely a spark off the bench, an energy guy who can score against weak opponents but can’t contribute when things matter the most.
    Call me mad but things will change this year. I’ve got this feeling and maybe I’m wrong but it’s like Jeremy has found home in Charlotte. Let me explain better:

    A Cycle of All-Star, Primadonna, Lamb and Lin

    When Jeremy signed with the Rockets, Houston had All Star Game that year. They drafted a promising player named Jeremy Lamb and, I don’t know how many of you were on jeremylinet those days, but we were all excited about the Jeremy’s backcourt and how good that could’ve been throughout the season. Then happened the Harden trade and Rockets was 100% sold on their primadonna and honeymoon was over pretty soon.

    Now it’s like things are going in full circle. Charlotte Hornets have All Star Game this year and there’s Lamb on this roster. Kemba Walker is their primadonna but looks like he wants share spotlight with Jeremy. No matter what, it’s Jeremy’s time to shine. I’m hanging onto this hope for this season.

    No matter how bad the treatment could be or how little Clifford might have faith in Jeremy despite his praising words (acts speak louder), no matter if their teammates freeze him out, things will fall into place. I don’t know what will happen but it’s as if after God tested his faith, He will say: ”Now that I made you stronger, you’re ready for what you almost had 3 years ago”.

    So, to borrow a song by The Smiths,”Please, let him get what he wants, this time”.

    Let Jeremy find his team and the organization who finally trusts in his skill to show the world how good he’s become and how far he can lead a team.

  952. Somehow I want to envision Lin and Lamb as Splash Brothers. It’s fate that they’re ending up on the same team again. We’ll see what the future holds for these two. I did see Lamb’s potential when he was signed by Rox, but McHale & politics buried him on the bench.

  953. Thank you Psalm 🙂

  954. Thanks for the article 🙂 Great observation of the cyclical pattern

    Sorry for the lack of formatting, I’m still having problem trying to fix WP HTML editor issues.
    One of these days I’ll find a fix

  955. that was very early in the 1st year .. then the lack of faith showed plus all the throwing under the bus unfair comments

  956. The coach is in his contract year, so he is more afraid of the players (not trying to win games for him) than the FO I guess.

  957. I guess I remember McHale being friendly during moments even in the second year.

    I remember when McHale put Lin in the game briefly during the 4th quarter during the summer Taiwan game (between 1st and 2nd year), which allowed Lin to get a standing ovation exit. You might’ve thought that McHale was pressured to start Lin and play him significant minutes that game because of Taiwan press and such, but letting Lin get that standing ovation exit was a nice move. You could say that even that one had ulterior motives, but I lean toward charitability on that one. My thought is that Lin & McHale had a lot of ups and downs, and very significant downs, but it did include some ups.

    On the other hand, fwiw, I thought that BScott’s treatment was much more thoroughly down and negative.

  958. Especially the rushing to conclusions too soon part. And not seeing Clifford low on Lin.

  959. This is a very encouraging pic.

  960. Let’s go Hornets! First win of the season tonight!

  961. yes, and a coach get into a season without contract extension obviously will feel the pressure.

  962. I don’t see that chemistry there yet, Lin/Kemba even had better chemistry.

  963. Sunday game with Cherlott , at the end of the 3rd Q, Batum should not had shoot the ball that early. that cost the game becasue cherlott rebounced the ball and end up with 3pt made.

  964. yes, good to see. Late post game coach mentioned the lack of organization, and that usually falls on the PG on the floor, and Lin was talking about need to understand what kind of organization coach want.

    And last game 4th quarter Lin come off the court with +5 and come back in with -3, that’s exactly the -8 the team difference in that quarter, so it should not fall on Lin. But for sure, that game Lin could do better as a PG. So glad to see that they are trying to be on the same page there.

  965. My hopeful vision. Can’t deny the fact that they’re ending up on the same team again. It’s fate!

  966. They do well on the court together. I also prefer Lin & Lamb over Lin & Kemba

  967. Fully agree: –> “acts speak louder”

    Less of Al, Hairston and Kemba, and more of Lin Hansbrough Kaminsky and Lamb, and we’re in business!

  968. Doubt BScott even knows how to turn on a computer.

  969. Of course he can. He is not monkey (sorry monkey). But he will try on the keyboard to use -> <- to move the mouse. Better yet, he can ask Kobe to stare on the computer to see it moves.

  970. Lamb never played a single regular season game for the Rox. He was traded on October 27, 2012, same year he was drafted.

  971. Yes, not in Rox reg. season, but didn’t Lamb get to play in Rox preseason? I think we saw him and Jones played in Rox preseason games at least. Maybe that’s where I saw his shot form.

  972. I’m what they call a sleeper cell.

  973. No you weren’t bashing Lin. You just noted his poor shooting. He played a great game on D, as noted by many. Made a different and game went to last shot.

  974. Not really.

  975. Lol

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