G39 MIA @ LAL PreGame Thread+Poll

Will Byron continue to try to give Ronnie Price minutes even if Kobe is missing?

Will Jeremy need to go back to scoring more so Byron can’t bench him in the 4th quarter? Will Jeremy need to stop facilitating to try to get Nick Young going if he keeps struggling?

Let’s hope Jeremy knows the balance of facilitating and scoring to get the 2nd unit to perform as a cohesive unit.

When Kobe shuts down, Jeremy and the 2nd unit deserve to be the new starting unit so their chemistry needs to continue to develop


Guess JLin's stats



  1. Woohoo 🙂

  2. quick strike!

  3. I’m late…..

  4. me too

  5. gal rules!

  6. Moderate 16pts/4asts!

    Byron will try to limit min but Lin will get Young going plus score a bit easier w/o real big center in MIA.
    Lin knows he needs to score more to close out 4th quarter

  7. Now we need crackin on how JLin’s score would be…hmmm

  8. this is the LAL first game against MIA, right…gonna be interesting

  9. I think BS will ask Lin to feed Black first

  10. I want Wade to do well against Kobe

  11. maybe Kobe is on REST again

  12. not sure how many games Kobe will play, if Kobe is playing, I think Scott would like to want the team win it, so hopefully Lin would get more playing min.

    People are speculating that Kobe will play this game and next game against LBJ, and then I don’t know how long Kobe could play, and it is kind of scary that Scott even would consider shut down Kobe for this season, I just don’t know how that would help the team, and whether any legit superstar would like to come and waste one year to deal with Kobe.

    One could totally see that Scott is running the team solely for Kobe, so when Kobe is not playing, scott is keeping the rotation as intact as possible so that the team will just wait for Kobe to come back. He is definitely not play for win, and not playing for future.

  13. No. Heat just got The emergence of 7 foot 265 center Hassan Whiteside outplayed max-contracts players like Griffin and Jordan.

  14. True, by now everyone in the media knows BScott will bark when Kobe gives the order. Very sad story for a coach.

    I got a feeling Kobe won’t play again tomorrow. I saw Kobe picture sitting on the bench last night and he didn’t look good at all (one eye still drooping than the other, super-duper tired). We’ll have to wait and see tomorrow before game-time

  15. hm, that’s not good then

  16. Well, Lin takes more midrange shot now so it’s OK. I hope Heat can beat Lakers if Kobe plays… it’s very likely they will bc if they can beat Clippers.

  17. BS looks anxious, conflicted, and awkward in his current situation, The way he’s marginalized the players on the team who should be getting more PT and our playing team ball and playing for the whole team and playing to win… its embarrassing. He’s in a no-win situation and sweating big time. Let’s let him continue to sweat it out. By appeasing KB, perhaps believing that will get him job security, he is hindering the development of the rest of the players . And he obviously doesn’t care less if the Laker fans see the team win. Especially when there were several games that Lakers have lost that were definitely winnable. C’mon BS keep on building your KB shrine. Why not let him go for the scoring title this year? Why not let him break Wilt Chamberlin’s 100 points in one game record? C’mon BS let him go for TD’s for every remaining game this season. Only about 4,500 more points to pass Karl Malone and only about 6,000 to pass Abdul-Jabbar!! When KB gets inducted into the HOF they will also put your name next to his as the great coach who helped KB realize his highest potential when he was 36 years old. Go BS you can do it !!

  18. and Lin will want to do so since it will open up more space for him once Black gets going. Just like that ORL game =)

  19. However Lins gonna play we know he will fill up the stat sheet and be impactful and swaggy as h3ll

  20. His biggest flaw as a coach is playing favorites, to the detriment of both team and player development. I don’t really care why or how he chooses his favorites and I will never understand the reason for Price being his star PG, but his job is to win and to make your players work as a team. Instead, his record is abysmal and he is very obviously losing the locker room.
    To what end? What can possibly be his reasons for playing Price so many minutes over Lin or even Clarkson? To build your team around a 32 year old journeyman PG? So that your superstar can forcibly earn another accolade? Whether he believes in that or not, that is not his job.
    He is the coach of the Lakers and in that, he has failed miserably.

  21. well put: “To build your team around a 32 year old journeyman PG? So that your superstar can forcibly earn another accolade? Whether he believes in that or not, that is not his job.”

    Remind me to consider you as coach if I ever get to own a team, hehe.

  22. Just a little sarcasm toward BS … venting my frustration over feeling the waste this season has been thus far especially for JLIN and the other Laker players. Will try to be more positive about things like our man Jeremy on next post.

  23. I’m swaggin’ it!

    What does that mean? Well, ppl quoted that 3 part Swaggy, Weezy, and Linsanity interview. Then Brent posted a bit back he was listening to it and had fun. I finally did that to cheer myself up last night because you know, it’s boring to see Lin get 18mins and not score 18-25.

    Well, I decided I’m going to swag it too … just be serious about wanting lin to do well, learn from his lessons and apply that to my work and joy, etc. But also, to kid around and have lots of fun too.

    You guys knock off all this seriousness. Time to joke around about Kobe, … let’s swag up this forum. Tarik Black had better monster with a name like that. We also gotta loosen up Jeremy – he too serious man.

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  25. Wow! This is really good one. 🙂

  26. No worries about Lin :] The guy has been smiling since 2015 and the Duck-Swag has been brewing on-court

    Yeah, let’s hope Lin continues to smile and enjoy his time on-court. Go #SmiLinAssassin!

  27. everything is good (except the Melo one, but it’s ok)
    we’re generous that way =)

  28. @WeMustBeNets I'd kill for Lin-Plumlee pnr— Robin Lundberg (@robinlundberg) January 12, 2015

  29. After Harden & Kobe… I like Melo now… LOL!

  30. See.. Only NY likes him the most… hope he can go back to NY. I don’t like Scott & Kobe.

  31. The explosion of Hassan Whiteside in Miami has me thinking about all the good centers in the 2010 draft (Lin’s “draft” year).

    There was a guy called “Solomon Alabi” who I thought was going to be a surefire NBA player. He was a 7’1″ 250 lb center who had come out early from Florida State. I thought he had skills, size, athleticism, everything. But he never was allowed to do anything despite a strong Summer League production.

    Hassan Whiteside that year was a player I considered inferior to Alabi. Still, I did think Whiteside had NBA potential.

    That year also had Dexter Pittman who I thought had a chance to make it as a Kendrick Perkins enforcer type.

    And of course there was my man Omar Samhan who I thought should have been the #1 pick in the entire draft over even DeMarcus Cousins and John Wall. Samhan averaged 22 and 13 while singlehandedly carrying his little St Mary’s team into the NCAA tournament 2nd round. Samhan was the best center prospect I’ve seen since Roy Hibbert.

  32. What is there to understand about the nonperforming Price starting over the superperforming Lin?


    There. I called out the elephant in the living room.

  33. DuckSwag is good. SwaggyD and SwaggyP!

  34. Thanks for sharing a bit of history. I’ve looked up Jeremy’s draft year and can’t believe all the players that didn’t work out. Just goes to show how hard it is to get in and stay in the NBA, and just how much Jeremy has been up against. Puts his journey in perspective a little bit more.

  35. Not KNICKS please.lol I dislike the slow motion triangle offense!! But Nets have Jack now. Not sure Hollins will like Lin?

  36. I believe only less than one third of rookies will stay in NBA after their rookie contract…

  37. Finally, highlights from Chritine

  38. I think it’s even gone PAST racial. Boozer who was a Lin proponent calling Kobe out also got the bench. It’s now more like 順我者昌 逆我者亡 (loosely translated my way or the highway), which is why you have the bench’s salary being more reflective of the starting squad, and vice versa. Hill is half justifiable because of his size, but Wes and Price are third stringers and have no business starting for any team.

  39. Actually, BS been barking louder than ever when Kobe was NOT giving orders. Like a psychotic small dog (think chihuahua or maltese) being insecure, BS is barking incessantly and urinating all over the carpet (name-calling and blaming team) because of separation anxiety (Kobe not picking up calls or answering text msg).

  40. here’s a more pertinent i believe in light of preceived tanking by what mite be becoming a significant # of teams (someone suggested they league now is about “ping pong balls”)–

    less than half of lottery picks actually do anything of any consequence in the nba.

    next time ill provide a list;

    once the nba opened up the lottery to younger and younger players without significant college experience fails for lottery picks increased consistently.

    meanwhile yer putting a joke product on the court that a. no one wants to see and b. no established players want to be a part of.

    with no guarantee that that lottery pick you get is ever going to do anything (and even at best it mite take years).

  41. hollins says his teams identity is they cant shoot; shuffling lineups a lot. things seem pretty chaotic there not much different than l.a.

  42. there’s this downward trajectory; when lin was shipped out of new york it was like: oh new york treated lin really bad; houston will be much better. then came houston mchale/morey/harden. and it was like: anywhere but houston.

    then came kobe/bs; and now its like—this is even worse, get lin out of here to….. where?

    that is the question. as it has been.

    unless ronnie price continues to have bleeding noses and fouls. lins equal downward basic stat trajectory with dramatically and continually declining minutes (and without or without kobe doesn’t seem to matter to that tho it does to the competitiveness of the team)—

    will make a further future positive location problematic, perhaps more so than had he just been another year in houston. (in fact p.bev has been out of the lineup the usual amount of time and had lin remained its probably as likely he would have sustained better minutes there at least in the first half than he’s getting now in l.a.)

    some posters here seem to think lin should just hold on until kobe/bs are out of the picture predicting that sooner or later.

    others want him out now for better opportunity elsewhere. .

    is there a consensus as to where would be the best place for a reversal of fortune of declining opportunity for lin come say start of the next season (which will be technically already lins 6th season in a sport where the average career is 7 seasons).

  43. isnt that what kobe said? relax man.

  44. one of the consistent criticisms of bs (of many) by fans who are not lin fans at all or even laker fans just basketball fans observing his career is just that he “plays favorites”.

  45. many general fans see the lakers and bs especially as coach losing on purpose, ie. tanking as they see many teams now towards those “ping pong balls”. just catering to kobe in his remaining time and looking towards “the lottery”.

  46. again some people feel that the coach is doing this to double purpose. a. to give kobe the best exit possible (tho that doesn’t seem to be working out so well) b. for the team to “tank” to lottery. (to make sure they are not stuck in the middle with enuf wins to not get their pick(s) but not good enuf to make the playoffs).

  47. now which plumlee is that? (and are the plumlee’s and the zellers actually different people?) how many times in the nba past (historians….) have their been two sets of big man brothers playing at the same time.

    actually now 3 right: the lopez? (the lopezes?) am i leaving anyone out?

  48. Actually I dont care about the Nets much. But if Lin is going back to NY,then I would rather choose them. The out-of-date triangle O will definitely kill Lin’s talent. I just hope Lin could play for a coach who really trusts him 100% like D’Antoni on his next team. Pray D’Antoni will come back to NBA this summer. : )

  49. Mason:

    Yes, the Plumlees are related to each other and the Zellers are related to each other. No idea if the Plumlees are related to the Zellers though. You left out the Morris Twins…even harder to distinguish! And of course Marc and Pau Gasol.

  50. Aren’t the Lakers still paying D’Antoni’s salary? Might as well bring him back and get their money’s worth if Kobe does indeed retire this season as some people here are speculating.

  51. I think the popular destinations people keep mentioning (other than NY) is Spurs, Mavs, Heat, and possibly Chicago if Rose continues to degrade. What Jeremy needs is stability. 3 years on the same team in the same offense with the same coach that knows how to utilize him. That’s the only way he can grow, otherwise he has nothing to build off of if he’s constantly changing systems. Too chaotic for him, for any young player.

  52. Just watched some highlights again vs Blazers. I realized that Lin blew by Lilliard more than once, but the Blazers big just waiting for Lin that Lin couldn’t go like Lillard. Lakers’ bigs are just bad in comparison.

  53. I think they’re still paying for mike brown’s, nash’s and potentially kobe’s and scott’s… one can hope

  54. For decades, I’ve been absolutely convinced that the NBA is not getting the best players onto the floor.

    I consider the NBA watered down not because of expansion, but because of poor personnel moves like Byron Scott and Kevin McHale playing scrubs over the Asian guy.

    If the NBA knew how to draft the right people, the NBA would be a far better product.

  55. It doesn’t matter which Plumlee or Zeller.

    Lin can do great with any of the brothers.

  56. It’s not that the Lakers bigs don’t want to help Lin.

    It’s that they CAN’T because the COACHING ISN’T THERE.

    A better coach would have a much better defensive scheme than this outdated watch-and-wait 80s illegal defense garbage that Byron Scott is preaching.

  57. I’ve played against many Division III players.

    They range from barely passable at a high school level to ELITE.

    With the kind of week he had, Joseph Lin would’ve vastly outplayed any Division III player I ever went against!

  58. NBA scouts are simply DUMB.

    I used to try to figure out their thinking. Then I realized that they’re just OFF.

    That’s how a guy like Lin gets passed up in the draft and is still ridiculed by NBA scouts leaguewide.

    It’s gotten to the point where if a player has great skills, that makes him UNDRAFTABLE because NBA scouts assume that a player with skills “lacks athleticism”!

  59. I think D’Antoni resigned because Lakers refused to pick up the team option on his last year of the contract. In this situation, did Lakers still need to pay him salary since the contract ended? I dont think Lakers would dare to bring D’Antoni back whom was hated by the fan base,former lakers players and the Kobe. : (

  60. An interesting stat about the Laker bench this season.


  61. I talked to my buddy last night and the first thing she asked me was Scott crazy.LOL She says he sounds like an idiot.She said she was at the last Clippers game that Kobe played and she said he looked really bad. She said he looked so pathetic.Everybody blowing past him. She said after a player we would blow past him, that other Clipper plays would just shake their heads and look down at the floor. She said it was if they embarrassed for him.She also thinks that the reason why Scott is apologizing and saying that it is his fault is that he has been given an ultimatum of stepping down or getting fired. She thinks that wearing Kobe out will be his excuse for resigning for the good of the team next year.

  62. Wish, Scott would try them as the starters! lol i know not going to happen. As i mentioned earlier, been compiling the numbers, man, its huge difference in terms of points against the opponents or even with the starters if you normalize the minutes

  63. probably someone should tweet it back to FO and JB, since LAL has nothing to loose, why not try the Bench starting or give them extended minutes

  64. Apparently they do, at least partially:

    The Lakers and D’Antoni agreed on a settlement that will pay him more
    than half of the $4 million he was owed for next season, according to a
    source with knowledge of the situation. The settlement also includes a provision in which the Lakers would
    recoup some of the money if D’Antoni lands another job this year,
    another source said.

    I mentioned it was contingent on the early retirement of Kobe so he wouldn’t have as much control over the new coach. I think from what fans have seen this year under Scott, they’d be more willing to welcome him back now, lol. I think Hill is the only other player that was critical of D’Antoni. But yeah, you’re probably right. Too soon, wound is still very fresh.

  65. Wow, that’s a whole lot of thrown away money.

  66. Coach lin teaches the bigs how to play the PNR properly. Davis and Lin showed BS and KB how to play dynamic 1-2 punch. BS then took Davis away from Lin. Black will be next to be taught by coach Lin.

    BS is a useless tool that’s just plain jealous of Lin for coaching better than him.

  67. 6 days left to vote Lin for ASG by tweet, FB & http://www.nba.com/allstar/

  68. Who is Robin Lundberg?
    He is a huge fan of Jlin.

  69. D3 players really vary a lot in terms of skill level.

  70. Still am dumbfounded, the Lakers are not going to make the playoff, the starters are not winning, why not start the bench unit to excite the game with their free fast pace to thrill the fans and have fun. A win win solution for the fans, for the owners, the players and the front office.

  71. I overestimated Scott. I thought he was a smarter basketball mind and a better coach. He’s terrible. He’s as bad as McHale and just as arrogant.

  72. BS=KB, they don’t want to be embarrassed that the team plays better without Kobe. Kobe has been a cancer for the Lakers after PJ left and they are not going to give the team a chance to prove it like the Piston have achieved.

  73. ASIAN, that’s why!!!

    The other players might start, but not Lin.

    Lin’s being phased out anyway. He may not even be with the team much longer.

  74. Boozer has figured out how to play with Lin.

    Once Black figures it out, Scott will take Black away from Lin by DNP-CDing Lin.

  75. I have not yet played against a Division III player who was capable of playing in the NBA, but that does not mean that they do not exist.

    Devean George made it out of Division III and enjoyed a long stable NBA career with the Lakers and Mavs!

  76. You have repeatedly said it is a racial issue, and it just might be it, for there is no logical reasons for the treatment to Lin thus far. Sad that such issues still persist even in USA!

  77. He is smarter still. You put McHale with this LAL team, he would be worse

  78. bad thing about D3 is even if you are capable of playing in NBA…the competition in NBA is just a too huge of a jump from it is in D3.

  79. Yes, if BScott plays the bench lots of min in Kobe’s absence, Lakers would start winning.

    It will expose the embarrassing truth that Kobe is the reason Lakers have been LOSING!
    That Kobe and BScott cannot afford to do.

  80. Last game beat down of 106 94 Blazers
    Lakers starters 146 minutes, 52 points
    Lakers bench 95 minutes, 42 points
    Total 94 points

    What if, just what if, the minutes were reversed
    Starters 95 minutes, 27 points
    Bench 146 minutes, 80 points
    Total 107 points and would have been a win!

    I know BS wouldn’t allow it, couldn’t see it or refuse it.

  81. Yes, just look at Toronto, Atlanta and Detroit, 3 teams getting much better after subtraction instead of addition of some players.

  82. Lin’s pull up 3s %age is quietly reaching 40.9% this season. This says one thing. You get to do it a lot on the floor, eventually you will be better at it…his catch and shoot suffers the most, 33.3% now and dropping…BTW, he shoots worse when wide open….LOL

  83. Let’s give good clicks to Eric Pincus who’s been good to Jeremy

    “Heat vs Lakers preview”


  84. LAL just could not guard PFs that can shoot 3s…or long 2s…

  85. I know we talk a lot about bench is better than starters, but you really still have to take into account that other team’s starters ARE better. You can’t extrapolate the points like that.

  86. Is Lin the de facto coach for the Laker bigs? Davis and Boozer are now able to pnR with Lin n, next will be Black. Meantime what is BS coaching if he is not dissing and deflating players ( other than Kobe and Price)?

  87. Lin’s pull up 3 is AWESOME!

    JLin #3Bomb is very similar to the famous TOR buzzer-beater!

  88. BS came from an era where post play is more dominate…..understandable.

  89. And not to forget the #DuckSwag!


  90. I liked one of Lin’s misses when he came out of a screen and popped for a 2. Tried to draw a foul….like Lillard or Curry

  91. Price, Kobe, Harden also learned to be facilitators by watching and playing like Lin.

  92. Lin shoots more than 50% when the pass was from Price….M…..I do think Price can make on target pass.

  93. Especially when our starters playing others’ bench…..

  94. Good data to support Lin/Price as SG/PG combo after Kobe “rests” this season?

  95. Too small of a sample size tho….they rarely played together…But it does conform with my eye test

  96. what’s the sample size for 50%? I hope it’s not 1 out of 2 LOL

  97. I think it is…LOL

  98. Wes, Price shoots more than 40% from 3 if the pass is from Kobe… Lin at only 26%

  99. Byron Scott is coaching a lot of running, a lot of 2 man isolations, a lot of doubleteams down low, and a lot of runouts on outside shooters.

    It’s as if Kareem Abdul Jabbar is on one team and Moses Malone is on the other with all the doubleteams down low.

  100. The key to a good catch-and-shoot percentage is a properly executed pass that leads to the catch.

    Lin’s not getting that pass, not because he’s being frozen out but because opponents are playing the passing lanes against him.

    A more modern coach would create more movement up top such that defenders cannot stand in place in a zone. Any time there’s an outdated 80s coach, you’ll see his players standing around idly on both ends of the court.

  101. To all the Lin fan tycoons out there. Buy it and get Lin and start Linning.


  102. Price can’t always make that pass to Lin, and it’s not because Price isn’t trying.

    Lin commands so much defense on and off the ball, he’s basically zoned the whole time. Even without the ball, opponents load up on Lin with defense usually afforded to superstars like Tim Duncan.

    While Lin is as good as anybody is in freeing himself for catches, there’s a definite limit to how much Lin can move off the ball due to the outdated coaching scheme that refuses to acknowledge that modern teams play zone off the ball.

  103. Since the Lakers use 2 men to defend against 5 players, there’s little Lin can do to get his team to play better defense under the current coaching scheme.

  104. Actually, I disagree.

    In the case of the Lakers, the bench often plays down the stretch against opposing starters. Even Lin is included in that most of the time. And there’s absolutely no dropoff in production when the Lakers bench is playing against starters or reserve.

    Meanwhile the starters are playing terribly whether they’re going against benches or starters. It actually gets worse when Bryant is playing as opposed to when he’s not playing.

    Jeremy Lin has the Lakers performing well to the point that they can beat ANYONE in the minutes they play. They don’t do it as ruthlessly and as efficiently as they would if they had a modern day NBA coach, but they’re doing the 80s two man iso thing better than anybody in the entire NBA when they’re allowed to.

    So yes, I definitely would extrapolate those bench stats through the whole game.

  105. Yep

  106. Such issues will NEVER GO AWAY in America.

    USA was built on a racist foundation.

    We Americans don’t entirely realize that, but that’s one of the main reasons this country is the way it is.

    I’m not sure if it even matters whether Lin’s next coach is black or white or 80s or modern. I don’t expect Lin to get fair treatment anywhere from any coach.

  107. Those three added up together don’t get the job done like Lin does, though!

  108. Devean George made it with ease.

    A lot of times, the competition level in the NBA is OVERRATED.

    With all the early entry players that lack fundamentals and have the wrong attitude, all sorts of decent players can walk in out of nowhere and succeed in the NBA if they get the chance.

  109. It seems McHale played Lin more minutes after benching him and at least started him when Harden was out.

  110. No wonder he tried to get rid of DW, Johnson..

  111. Prokhorov might be super rich, but he doesn’t know NBA basketball.

    What he should do is trade for Lin right now BEFORE he sells the team.

    Then he should unleash Lin back in NY and watch the value of his franchise skyrocket mainly due to Lin’s presence.

    Jeremy Lin is the NBA’s biggest cash cow, but the NBA is not interested in making tons of money off the Asian guy.

  112. He is from Russia & right now w oil price near historical low… he should be suffer a lot in financial… Don’t think he will try to get Lin now.

  113. HOU had a even thinner bench I think..

  114. I want to see @KHuang:disqus buy NETs…and let Lin play 48mpg there….KH as the HC of course LOL

  115. You guys would HATE ME as Lin’s head coach.

    I’d play Lin about 34 mpg and would viciously restrict his minutes to make sure he doesn’t injure himself.

  116. Get JLIN on the team, get Jay Chou as a celebrity investor, bring back Novak and Fields … then sell to a China investment group ….

  117. Prokhorov could EASILY trade for Lin.

    All he has to do is accept the 2nd round pick that LA would send with Lin.

  118. I believe right now he cares more about how to get himself out of this mess than trade Lin…

  119. Sounds even better….

  120. Clippers was sold for $2B and Nets is estimated to sell for more. Let’s say $2.5B

    If each of 10% of JLin’s twitter followers (10% x 1.39M = 139K) invests $18K, it would be enough to buy the Nets =D
    then we can call it BROOK-LIN NETS LOL

    It would be similar to Green Bay Packers NFL franchise. The Packers are the only non-profit, community-owned major league professional sports team in the United States

  121. Ok, lets hire McHale and BS as towel boys.

  122. and Lin can be the first player/coach/GM to coach them how to fold towels properly

  123. It will be in another 100 years, even in America, when all colors are the same
    with name changes like Huangburg or Linsky.

  124. I see the tanking agenda, but when you see the result of banking a whole institution generating billions in market cap on a few possibly to-fail rookies, it doesn’t make sense. I then can only settle on maybe politics and different controlling interests having the ‘ball’ until they have to give it up. Jeannie has that 3 yr limit. What else exists we don’t know, but this early season result probably says Kobe and BSc no longer have the ball either, or it’s getting passed around like Kobe as PG rather than volume shooter. Hope that is right … it’ll take time.

  125. ouch! I don’t want to be schooled by Kobe hehe.

  126. assists don’t lie, at least some nights.

  127. hmmm … maybe Lin doesn’t have 5 guys on him pressing it, very often lol.

  128. I liked the 3 where he did draw the foul and got the bench to pick him up. Just good play and team response.

  129. SwaggyD please!

  130. Not clicking on the official videos (NBA, Lakers, etc) and original articles (constructive ones) are hurting JLin’s popularity rating. :o( We need to let the Lakers, NBA, and the reporters know that JLin is still relevant (esp this contract year) by clicking/supporting the right media. YouTube versions are ok as long as you also click on the original ones.

    Just my 2 cents…

  131. If ppl are on the way out, it’s about the $ on the out strategy. If the $ are set, then yep, it’s about pride and face saving. Probably a little of both, but the $ thing if any is in doubt is top driver for moves ppl are making. That’s not only bcuz of human nature on separations, but also bcuz of the volumes of lawyers involved to come to agreement.

  132. I agree… right now we should try our best to vote for Lin in ASG even he sure will not make it but if he can get more votes that do show his popularity are still hot to Lakers & NBA.

  133. I think those two are up to it but not Japanese Algebra.

  134. Excellent point, Grace.

    NBA.com/lakers is a bit hard to navigate but we can search on ‘Jeremy Lin’ to only see Lin-related videos. I can put this link on SideBar so people can frequently click on it


  135. Great story (Bill Oram’s friend fighting cancer) to always keep fighting.
    His story is already inspirational to many people

  136. Sorry. I had the wrong post. Do you want me to put it back?

  137. sure, then you can create a new post with this one so it’s not confusing.
    I don’t want to say Kobe’s inspirational LOL

  138. OK. Done. Might still be confusing the way Discus updates.

    But KB did fought back from his achilles injury. Might be inspirational to some.

  139. True, at least that part to fight back from career-ending injury is inspirational.

  140. I believe soon Kobe will be finished w this season.


  141. I would think KB’s mind set is no chance for championship, what’s the point. I think he still trains really hard. If not for ring number 6, why kill himself for it.

    Just makes sense for him to shut it down or at least preservation mode.

  142. I think he just like one of the reporter said… “he’s physically not feeling well + no longer wants to play to the results (individual & team) that’s been exhibited.”

  143. Sounds like the word to describe Kobe’s condition is “guarded;” certainly not robust.


  144. The word I thought of was “pharmacodynamics.”

  145. Wish BS cares other players as much as 1/10 of he cares KB.

  146. This is Medina’s article discussing Kobe’s “general soreness” symptoms.

    The final statement from BScott seems to indicate his focus is on Kobe getting through this season healthy & playing as many games possible next year (last year of contract).

    My guess is Kobe will shut down for this season until his general soreness symptoms go away.

    “It’s been good. Most of it has been trying to preserve him as much as possible,” Scott said. “That’s the biggest thing to be honest with you to make sure he gets through this season healthy and get ready for the next season as well. What we want to do with one year remaining on his contract is make sure he can play as much as possible that year. The more minutes I play him is the worst thing to do.”


  147. Steve KylerVerified account
    [email protected]: @ajstarting5 I recently here Jeremy Lin could end up in Indiana —> would be surprised, but its a low risk move for Pacers


  148. Wow .. the trade may involve CJ Watson/Donald Sloan (PG)?

  149. George Hill fits LAL perfectly tho

  150. I would love Lin to be traded to a team which would really appreciate him, but I can not get over with LAL FO is as blind as BS willing to let go of Lin. That just makes me mad.

  151. Forget about those FOs and HCs..#freelin

  152. no, that means it is hopeless with NBA FO and coaches. If they can be so easily deceived by some politics then why would anyone needs to hire professional to do anything? Remember Mitch was the one wanted Lin for so long and if he could be so easily swayed by BS’s politics, then there is no hope in NBA.

  153. I wish but don’t think so… this is just one of the rumors… even he said ” would be surprised…” smh!

  154. There is just little hope in NBA for Asians for now

  155. So how did @JLin7 PTS/AST production improve from Dec to Jan?

    Based on Monthly Split using raw numbers, Jeremy increased his PTS production by 79% while his assist slightly dropped 19%. Amazingly, his minutes only increased 10%

    With this heat-check Map, we can see why his monthly high 3P% at 50% and 48.3FG% (Green Color) in Jan helped him to be very productive in Jan 2015

  156. Did Pacer applied for Paul George injured player exception? If so, Lin’s salary might fit there… Maybe just give up some picks.

    Pacer will need to pay tax though, their team already 75M, not sure whether it was hard capped or not.

  157. So…Games in NOV should be his model? LOL

  158. BS plan is to let KB play the last game of next season, so that he can keep his job as long as possible.

  159. No, good thing I have the PER36 numbers LOL

    If Jeremy averages 36 min in Jan, he’ll get 20.7pts/5.3asts/2.3stls

  160. M….not a bad stat line to have….lol

  161. yeah but we all know BScott won’t ever give Lin 36min willingly LOL

  162. Reviewed all 9 possessions of Lin’s FGA last game. Hill did set a good screen ONCE for Lin, what a surprise

  163. 36 is too much. I like rotations for 32…but it is like 20 right now

  164. You beat me to it psalm234,

    Based on the Jan stats so far, his per 36 is:
    4.2reb, 5.3ast, 0.8blk, 2.3stl, 3.3pf, 3.5to, 20.7pts
    Holly smokes, that’s pretty elite. Don’t you think?

  165. It starts with you Nathan.

  166. Lin fans are like Lin, great competitors and winners in their fields.

  167. John Wall Jan per 36:
    3.1reb, 10.4ast, 0.7blk, 2.1stl, 1.3pf, 3.8to, 16.0pts

  168. We’ve heard a lot crap too.

  169. doesn’t work. I don’t think any team will trade for Lin’s salary.

  170. Waiting for a triple double again under 30 minutes or another Linsanity surprise.

  171. I am very confident that lin could get more ASTs if he takes wall’s spot

  172. that’s quite elite. And we can attribute it to him by playing aggressively to attack and drain those 3s!

  173. For sure Wall has the green light, Lin has the bench.

  174. true, 32 will be great indeed

  175. I like to see him breaking his record, ten 3s next time! The deciding factor is BS, not Lin.

  176. Indeed but if you also considered how much obstacles his own coach threw at him … he could be even better (may be even a lot better!) than he had achieved so far.

  177. Same kind of how many of us feel now too.


  178. Preserve him…like mummification? LOL

  179. Feel the same way. In NYK, if I missed the game then I would be very upset not now… LOL!

  180. I’ll bet BS is shutting Kobe down after the ASG to ensure he’ll get to return next year to be Kobe’s lap dawg.

  181. Remember how angry NYers were? They forced politician to get MSG and cable TV to settle contract dispute?

  182. What if a 3 team trade involving george hill. Dont think lakers want hill, otherwise, the salary match.

  183. probably not going to happen in BScott system. MDA system, HOU, DAL, etc is more likely

  184. I know… I still think if he can go back to NY… guess not.. ?!

  185. BS keeps punishing the team until KB has a good stat padding night.

  186. Enjoy chatting with Nathan as well as Ido and others. They are really bunch of JLin fans:-)

  187. Me too. Nathan always can say exactly how we feel… LOL! BTW, it’s so funny, Taiwan reporter call Ido BB expert….

  188. Noted in passing …

    The New York Knicks are actively trying to trade veterans Jose Calderon and Andrea Bargnani as part of their ongoing roster clear-out, according to league sources. ….

    Calderon, who has two years remaining on his contract after this season, is averaging 9.2 points per game on 40 percent shooting.

    Knicks president Phil Jackson, in publicly taking the blame for the team’s dreadful record under rookie coach Derek Fisher, said Saturday that “no one should be surprised” if the club continues to reshape its roster through deals prior to the Feb. 19 trade deadline.


  189. If so they will not get Lin… too bad.

  190. Lin should excel in any team without a ball dominant SG. Knicks’ rebuilding will be very long and painful because they have no picks and have an old cancer.

  191. Initially I was intimidated by these two because of what they said about JLin games at times. Well, I was wrong of who they were. They were just very passionate JLin fans but if you point it the fact, they are cool about it. Enjoy chatting with them in Twitter:-)

  192. infinity88
    kiyoshiws: THANK YOU for the photo @JLin7!! I could tell immediately how amazingly #Humble… http://instagram.com/p/xzy_Npigk9/

  193. “preserve protect and defend” the kobe-institution.

  194. The lakers are a two-headed animal now. BS thinks he can manipulate Kobe to hijack the Lakers for another season. The owners may have to fire BS cold turkey by the end of the season and hire a new coach to DNP-CD Kobe whether he wants to retire earlier or not. Lakers may not care about retaining any players in the current team but I don’t think their TV contractor is happy having the lowest TV ratings for 3 consecutive seasons without even starting to rebuild.

  195. Well aged and preserved Kobe packed in dry ice lightly
    seasoned with Chinese five-spice powder for your enjoyment. Oops, wrong subject.

  196. Ido is famous in Taiwan now… LOL!

  197. I see that BS does not want to get fired, but his salary is guaranteed, right? so….

  198. Yes, BS will get paid no matter what happen.

  199. I am xD… Actually a bit less than when Lin was still a starter back at start of the season… sigh

  200. Really interesting stat. Lin runs more with less minutes which we expected already.

  201. In other words, if Lakers are going to fire BS, might as well make their money’s worth by telling him to tank the team lower than 76ers to get their draft pick!

  202. Their TV partner may not like this idea though.

  203. Kamenetzky Brothers
    Even if you defend the $48.5 mil, it’s become damn near impossible to defend giving Kobe an extension sight unseen… in November. AK

  204. According to Basketball-Reference.com here are the minutes played so far this season :

    Bryant – 1114,
    Hill – 1077, and
    Lin – 994.

  205. More point guards being traded (Nate Robinson and Jameer Nelson) …


  206. So the question is why did Byron run down the oldest 36-year old Kobe by running the most miles?

    #CoachingFail #YesMan

  207. In Feet/Min, they translate to:

    1. Lin 370
    2. Hill 350
    3. Bryant 337

  208. Since we’re speculating, what are the bets the Lakers go for Reggie Jackson this summer?


  209. Let’s vote for Lin in this TNT Overtime…


  210. You can tell he’s a writer. ^^

  211. the guy is good – former NBA beat writer, currently a boxing writer and novelist!

  212. how?

  213. WOW! We know JLin ran a lot but don’t know he ran that much.

  214. He always writes so good 🙂 Like his tweets are part of a story haha

  215. Yep even in JLin fans in China I believe.

  216. I agree with you – the big picture is market cap for LAL in it’s rev base is down compared to expected value of any first round picks, so the business issues now are pressing given Kobe and BSc are not going to improve team performance. This month will be v interesting, esp with the dogs on the pound barking it up and running well on the Iditarod.

  217. after all, he’s a living legend worthy to be preserved =)

  218. Yea got a long convo with him yesterday. I feel like I know him now lol.

  219. hmm. i just think you like him cause he’s kissing up to lin fans by saying they (by inference you) are “the smartest”.

  220. does that mean “the ups-and-downs of pharmaceutical drugs”? =)

  221. ahh. i see cronyism.

  222. ido is famous everywhere!

  223. meh meaningless trade
    Hope Lin doesnt end up like this guy getting tossed around

  224. Mmmmh nah xD

  225. Thanks I just learned a new English word 🙂

  226. LOL Saw it. Am chatting with Nate now:-)

  227. So are celtics going to buy out robinsons contract?

  228. How sad. There’s nothing as pathetic as an athlete whose ego blinds them to the truth about their decline, until their failing bodies and younger players heap humiliation on them. The same fighting spirit that drove Kobe to accomplish great deeds in his youth will lead him to an awkward, ambling exit off the field of battle. Fame and youth are fleeting, leaving worn bones and a desperate longing for what cannot be recaptured.

  229. JLin is losing to Kobe (of course)… but Nick Young?

  230. JLin is still at 12% while Kobe at 60%.
    Let’s keep voting for Fan Favorite!

  231. You can repeat vote…

  232. We’re at $2550 with 3 days left for the JLinFoundation fundraising.
    Please help to retweet so we might reach $3K!
    Thank you.


  233. At least we have to beat Young. You can repeat vote.

  234. yes, I just do F5 (refresh), select Lin and Vote. 18% now!

  235. Ya! Let’s keep voting… at least Lin have to be #2.

  236. just trying to take the etane role.

  237. We need help for other Lin fans to vote.
    Please retweet


  238. Just RT it. BTW, how can we repeat vote for ASG… LOL!

  239. u gained 8% in 12 minutes.

  240. Can’t find where I can vote. Any hint?

  241. nba.com/tntovertime/

  242. Not surprise at all.

  243. Did that several times and couldn’t find any remote resemble of where I can vote:-(

  244. Video: @JLin7 interview at #LakersAllAccess Event. http://youtu.be/GN40TvgFWtg

  245. are you able to select Jeremy Lin? Only after you select 1 player that the ‘Vote’ button appears

  246. Probably only allow US audience to vote?

  247. I thought you pick the player’s name then click submit vote. Did you see it?

  248. Only when all the games play and videos.

  249. Oh! Probably… Bc in the past Lin always beat Harden every time… so they don’t want that to happen… smh!

  250. perhaps try a different browser?
    Are you able to see this screen

  251. Nop. Didn’t show no matter how many times I tried.

  252. I think it’s for USA only.. smh!

  253. One word DEFENSE. Yes he’s the only one stay guard his man and helping his bigs.

  254. It didn’t bring me to the site. It always goes back to this: http://watch.nba.com/nba/

  255. LOL Lin 42% vs Kobe 40% now
    wait, Lin 44% vs 38%

  256. They don’t want Asian to vote for Lin every time… smh!

  257. LOL Lin 46% vs Kobe 37%

  258. Go Go JLin fans!!!! Great job!

  259. OMG, We can beat Kobe… LOL!

  260. Haha, there are so many Lin fans that the number keeps changing within a few minutes !

  261. Wonderful everyone!!!! Go and beat KB!!!!!!!!!!! hahahahaha

  262. Voted once, JLin leading the votes now!! =)

  263. If Lakers loss today then Kobe maybe will not play vs Cav so ….Ya!!!

  264. Hit F5 then you can repeat vote.

  265. I think so. I can’t see the voting unless using my VPN back to US. Anyways, voting non-stop for Jeremy and also Shumpert so that he beats toxic J.R.

  266. I did advertise it to every Lin fans’ site I know of, I am proud of it !

  267. After ONLY 20 min, JLin% rose from 20% to 49%
    Kobe went down from 55% to 35%


  268. Haha! So funny… Great Job!!!

  269. I think it’s rigged. I remember Lin having way more votes last year than Harden and they still followed Harden.

  270. 52% now.. I can’t even keep up hahaha..

  271. Please be careful when voting, Ronnie Price entry right underneath Jeremy, so error clicks are entirely possible. Also please help Shumpert win over toxic J.R.

  272. might be rigged. But at least we got the twitter timeline to prove if they cheat

  273. That’s bc Lin won the vote before so… Maybe but at least we can show them Lin’s fans do show up for support. Plus Kobe maybe will not play vs Cav…

  274. Only U.S. IP addresses allowed this time.

  275. ahh you wacky guys!

  276. it happened once after I selected wrong. Good thing the picture showed it’s not JLin before I vote hehe

  277. But Shumpert can’t play yet…

  278. We still have to show that he’s more popular than J.R.

  279. This is also show no one vote for Kobe … otherwise he will be up as well… TNT just put 60% in the beginning for Kobe. smh!

  280. OK, what is the purpose of Kobe coming back tonight?…smh

  281. Curious that Tarik Black is not on the list. NBA.com being lazy?

  282. I voted multiple times using Incognito with Chrome. Lin is heading to 60% now.

  283. To throw his lapdog a bone.

  284. He needs to show up before ASG to prove he still can play bc I believe he will show up in NYC for ASG.

  285. whats this

  286. Ronnie Price has one percent?
    and Sacre 0% lol I’m done

  287. He is
    Every body hates JR lol

  288. No different as far as Lin’s minutes.

  289. Lin has struggled against the Heat and really hasn’t had a big game against them in his career. Will he have a good one tonight? The Heat really target point guards.

  290. Wade told him he better play?

  291. so DWade can break his nose again?

  292. That is when LBJ was running point and cheating. I wouldn’t say Lin struggled, I would say the he got a lot of bad fouls called on him.

  293. Bingo that is it…Kobe looking really pathetic now.

  294. He only struggled in ONE game…really

  295. GOod for Lin…

  296. But they are consistent with the up and down…lol

  297. yep, I remember when they played the last time, Lebron set a moving screen on Lin, then pushed Lin to the floor, yet no call against him..

  298. There never been hope, but I would say, slowly changing. Change do take time…. 🙂

  299. No he doesn’t, not anymore.

  300. Exactly

  301. Can’t wait to see how he is doing. If it’s lousy, then probably he decides to retire. That’s the best hope with current situation.

  302. Yeah, he is kinda stubborn on his thoughts

  303. Watching the Spurs and Wiz run n’ gun sharing the ball; how I wish Lin was playing on such team.

  304. Glad that your guys have fun on this. Wish I can join in:-(

  305. Is kobe playing because it is on TNT and wants to show he is as good as if not better than wade?

  306. He needs to play from time to time to keep people in suspense wondering whether he is going to play the next game LOL.

  307. Personally I doubt he will do well but who knows.

  308. even with Kobe out and Lin plays off bench, he still has to deal with Young, he is as much a ball stopper as Kobe..

  309. MIA Game Thread is now open!

    Will Jeremy continue his aggressiveness to score so Byron would have to give him more than 19 min to close the 4th quarter?
    Will Kobe play? Yes
    Let’s keep smiling and play your heart out, JLin!

  310. nothing is sealed on NBA…is where anything could happen…end of the day its business

  311. I think the Cavs game will be on TNT, not this one against the Heat.

  312. lol, probably we should have minutes prediction thread?! smh

  313. Lin is not only playing with two known ball stoppers in Kobe and Nick, to certain extend, it’s the culture of this Lakers team to play selfishly. I often see Hill, Ellington and Boozer taking contested jumpers when they could’ve easily made an extra pass to an opened teammate.

  314. There’s the Houston one where he shot the late airball 3. I don’t remember him doing that well in that game. I don’t remember him doing very well in any game against them. He’s done better than I thought?

  315. One time he grabbed Lin’s jersey, it was so blatant. Of course no call against him.

  316. it’s ok. thanks for trying :]

  317. whos he? lol roonie or sacre?

  318. In one game Lin out scored Norris Cole and Mario Chalmers
    combined. In another LeBron James held on to Jeremy Lin during the last
    seconds of a close game afraid that he may score with the win. Didn’t care about James Harden, this is how much LeBron respected Lin.

  319. See my comment above.

  320. Lamarcus Aldridge shot two airballs in one game and no one
    cares. Lin with one airball and its major news for weeks.

  321. My bad

  322. No Lin never played well against the Heat as far as I can remember.

  323. thanks much.. :] it’s for Thursday game so we might have to revisit it, haha..

  324. Again. 38 pts first time.

  325. good idea. I’m thinking we should have one 😉

  326. yep

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