G39 MIA @ LAL PostGame Thread

This was such a bizzare game with LA Announcers (Stu & Bill) embarrassingly rooted for Kobe to keep shooting (3-19) and ooh-aah-ing the difficult shot (3rd one). And Stue helplessly tried to praise Price anyway they can despite the no impact (0pts/3asts/2TOs in 32min) to justify BScott’s decision to start Price.

Furthermore, Stu kept trying to criticize every single move/decision that JLin made w/o giving any credit (highest +9) to spur the bench run to almost tie the game. Price got the lowest -12 of the Lakers

Lin finished with 7pts/2asts/1stl/1TO in his fewest minutes (16 min)

My guess is Byron didn’t like how Lin overdribbled trying to find open teammates. Lin’s Nash-like style definitely clashed with Byron’s outdated style. I don’t think Lin would ever resign to play for Byron Scott in the FA again.

It’s good to protest to Jeanie Buss and many Lin fans expressed their displeasure of Stu hate.