G39 MIA @ LAL PostGame Thread

This was such a bizzare game with LA Announcers (Stu & Bill) embarrassingly rooted for Kobe to keep shooting (3-19) and ooh-aah-ing the difficult shot (3rd one). And Stue helplessly tried to praise Price anyway they can despite the no impact (0pts/3asts/2TOs in 32min) to justify BScott’s decision to start Price.

Furthermore, Stu kept trying to criticize every single move/decision that JLin made w/o giving any credit (highest +9) to spur the bench run to almost tie the game. Price got the lowest -12 of the Lakers

Lin finished with 7pts/2asts/1stl/1TO in his fewest minutes (16 min)

My guess is Byron didn’t like how Lin overdribbled trying to find open teammates. Lin’s Nash-like style definitely clashed with Byron’s outdated style. I don’t think Lin would ever resign to play for Byron Scott in the FA again.

It’s good to protest to Jeanie Buss and many Lin fans expressed their displeasure of Stu hate.




  1. first

  2. Just said Lin looked relaxed…then the new thread is up

  3. Lin had only 16 min, the next higher one was Young who got 20 min… How did BS explain this?

  4. Relax, Brent 🙂

  5. Linsanity

  6. Noby asked.

  7. loved in his interview how he said no, his shots were fine. Wanted him to quote 3/6 with one buzzer hail mary.

  8. psalm is relax as well

  9. Really want Swaggy to get his shot going again. 2nd unit can’t run downhill unless he starts to make.

  10. yeah, after I vented to @JeanieBuss LOL
    at least she knows Stu is a biased announcer.

  11. She does not care….

  12. Great!

  13. Not you the mastermind Kobe?

  14. Brent is turning to the dark side…stay positive man!

  15. Relax, Brent….

  16. Really? That’s great! It’s about time! Lakers fans and Lin fans unite and kick the BS out

  17. now shying away from the PLAN, so if it backfire, BS will be the only one blown into pieces!!!LOL

  18. LOL did I say anything negative?

  19. Breathe, bro =)
    She will care a little when she sees her twitter line gets full with angry Lin fans
    It’s a marathon

  20. Lakersground
    Lin — — I wasn’t thrilled with the sub out of Lin midway through the fourth for Price. It seemed like Lin was one of the few things starting to work for the Lakers offensively that quarter. Our struggles were with Nick being a liability. We needed a spark badly in this game and he had a couple moments of that. Lin led the team with a +9 in just 16 minutes. If we’re struggling to score, we need more minutes than that. The Lakers only got their offense kickstarted in that first quarter after we cleared most of the starters out of there. In any event, it was a quiet game from him before that fourth. Boozer was also MIA, but we could have done a better job working him into the offense. “We couldn’t get into a rhythm,” Lin said of the team.

    The Stats: He scored 7 points on 3-7 shooting (0-2 from three, 1-1 from the line) to go with 2 boards, 2 assists, 1 steal, 1 turnover and 3 fouls in 16 minutes. He was a +9.

    The Action: He hit Nick popping out for a three. He hit rim on a 60-foot heave at the buzzer. He attacked with speed, slammed on the brakes to lose a man and somehow choked the layup badly (wow, that was way off). He crossed over, attacked a crowd and scored the layup around the help D. He gave up an And-1 layup on the other end to give it right back. Great job erasing a fastbreak by taking a hard charge. He probed off the Boozer screen a couple times, attacked the paint and hit Black for the dunk. He missed an open three behind a screen.

    Second Half: He missed a pull-up wing jumper. He scooped up a bad pass and pushed out the break. He attacked from the wing, was expecting a whistle off contact and somehow got a forced baseline, off-balance jumper to drop. He busted out to get an outlet after we stole the ball, Nick hit him in stride and he scored the And-1 layup at high speed, he made the FT to cut it to 1. Bad perimeter pass to Young who didn’t come off a screen cleanly and it was easily picked off for a score the other way.

  21. Some of them are still dumb. They had Kobe, Howard, Nash and Gasol but blame the coach. Now they blame the rosters not the coach.

  22. I think she cares the viewership….and it is falling I assume

  23. Banana Scott #TankCommander =D

  24. Poor banana getting a bad rep because of BS.

  25. there you go…you just mentioned it! lol

  26. The banana looks so happy tanking.

  27. The elephant in the room is Lin’s continual decreasing of minutes, but I have yet to hear any inquiry regarding this. Are the reporters scared?

  28. I am very proud of how Lin played tonight. Tonight’s benching is very reminiscent of the benching Lin received in the Boston game because BS needed to take Lin out before Lin could will his team to victory, therefore upstaging Kobe.

    I think Lin knew his time was up because there was no way BS would want Lin to give the Lakers their first lead of the game before Kobe subbed in. Lin did not seem affected by BS’s mind games and yo-yoing his minutes now, which is great to see.

  29. yeah, i take pity on the banana as well

  30. Price — — He had the team-low -12. Sloppy work running the two-man game tonight, getting his passes easily deflected and picked. He also didn’t hit anything offensively, giving the Lakers the bagel. I would have gone with Lin down the stretch or at least a few minutes longer. Price? Wes? Kobe? 6-36 shooting in our starting lineup. The two teams combined to miss 108 shots. Ronnie was the only Laker who played not to score.

  31. I feel Scott helped Lin a lot…..really….I do

  32. “…follow his lead..???? How does he tell such a baldfaced lie with a straight face. Impressive!

  33. explain?

  34. The whole FO has painted themselves into a corner and have no idea how to get out of it.

  35. The way I see it is since the 20 game sample of Price as the starter is nearing its end, BS needed to make Price look as good as possible and Lin look as bad as possible in order for him not to take Price out of the starting lineup. Last time we’re nearing the 20 game mark Lin was benched to make him look worse so Price could be inserted into the starting lineup.

  36. I think the banana thinks he’s riding one of those kiddie rides where you put a token and it moves for a few minutes.

  37. lol and we wait for the end of that sentence

  38. The way LAL plays….the way Scott says things….It actually gains more supporter for Lin because what ever have happened so far is just plain ____. Not even LA media can completely spin it to BLAME Lin now. Lin did exactly the right thing by playing the right way. I think Lin is actually gaining his FA value right now…

  39. to make a decision to not resign with LA? =}

  40. got it, agree!

  41. Well, it does look clueless…….. like Scott. lol.

  42. Good to support you tonight, @JLin7. Wish coach would've put you in to close the game, but it's all good. #GoLakers pic.twitter.com/G0tV3W1png— aj rafael (@ajRAFAEL) January 14, 2015

  43. Jeremy is also saying all the right things.

  44. exactly

  45. What’s up with that sweatshirt? lol

  46. yeah, I hope those NBA scouts would use this game to present their GMs:
    “That poor BScott played Ronnie Price for 0pts/3asts in 32min earning lowest -12 while Lin scored 7pts/2asts in 16min w/ highest +9. Great value!”

    GM: “Fly Lin in, pronto! No way he’s gonna stay in LA”

  47. pretty much so

  48. It’s no longer busses, it’s tanks. Lol

    The busses have left the building!

  49. BS – Proud tank commander since 2009-2010 season, going 79-199 in that span (28.4% winning percentage).

  50. i think JLIN knows now what he’s going to do and just playing along with the Lakers because its not his control. Its almost the same situation with Houston, the difference now is, he’s enjoying the moment more now than being stressed !!!!

  51. What I hate the most is the way bs acts. I have it under control. Everything is fine. It is the players fault.

  52. it’s called the #TwilightZone, Sista :p

  53. Be happy, BS is preserving Lin’s physical being for better times to come. PTL.

  54. Excellent point!
    Great job smiling and staying confident in interviews.

    BScott is making a mockery of himself LOL

  55. Too many Xs……bad for shots…..need to wear something with more Os…just like a good shot chart

  56. two wear Kobe’s number lol

  57. How he handles all the interview is commendable. If other players were in same situation as Jeremy, most wouldn’t even stay for the interview. Jeremy is smart, humble, classy, and never gives up.

  58. Also saw his smiles in game. He enjoyed whatever he was given to play.

  59. It is LIN’s fault according to Byron Scott.

  60. What kind of supporters are they? lol

  61. really!! support the guy who wants Lin benched lol

  62. yeah, great attitude!

    He played his game to spark the run.
    If BScott didn’t know a winning style when he sees one, well… he deserved a losing one =)

  63. Will we ever see Jeremy like this with a coach?

  64. what were Kobe’s stats for tonight?

  65. at least one tried to cover it LOL

  66. Not Asian-smart.

  67. Hilarious post from DancingBarry (Editor-in-Chief) in Lakersground on BS:

    “In the midst of chaos, there is much opportunity to tank.” BScott, Art of Tanking

    “First lay plans which will ensure victory, and then lead your army away from them.” BScott, Art of Tanking

    “What the ancients called a clever tanker is one who not only loses, but excels in losing with ease.” BScott, Art of Tanking

    “Do not repeat the tactics which have gained you one victory…ever.” BScott, Art of Tanking

  68. .

  69. BS game plan = MY game plan. Of course I’m comfortable with it

  70. HAHA, Now KB is blaming BS.

  71. Your message to Jeanie Buss was really good. Just want to say thank you.

  72. “Anytime the LINPEROR goes off, bench him so that the Asian Linvasion cannot happen”.

  73. At least we tried to let her know.

  74. Looks like some Christmas sweatshirt to me 🙂

  75. thats a good script!

  76. 3-19; 31min; 2TO; 7AST and 12pts

  77. “really…I do” gives in…similar to BScott, “I like Jeremy, really…I do”

  78. let the blame game begin

  79. Haha. Good catch. Can’t trust anything Brent says. LOL.

  80. from cool kid to old fart

  81. This is not totally on bscott but it all started with kobe. If Kobe wants a cheerleader to play with him, bs will deliver it. If Kobe wants the guy sitting on the row, bs would deliver him too.

  82. Hey….needs to be positive…..

  83. She does not care implies she knows ALREADY

  84. To tank for what?
    A better pick
    Can the pick give you a better player than you are going to lose, like Lin?
    Likely not!

  85. Anything but Lin, and that includes picks too

  86. I did not watch the 1st half…I just realized the game started 18-0……WTH?!

  87. Be thankful that you missed it 🙂

  88. When I saw Lin looked at Scott and ran a play for NIck AGAIN…..I realized the game was over….

  89. WTH is an understatement to describe it

  90. This is a PG site…..of a PG who does not play PG much

  91. You’ve been PG’d

  92. Bench can literally be better than starters if Young and Boozer just did not suck…

  93. its a record!

  94. Players who comes out of a curl has to be a good passer to be effective. Why was Ellington logging zero minutes?

  95. People are uneducated. There is an old proverb/saying: A bird in hand is worth two in the bush.

  96. Quote from CaliUSMC

    19Los Angeles Clippers Dec 14, 1999

    20New Orleans JazzJan 4, 1975

    20Atlanta HawksJan 14, 2013

  97. punished for spending too much time with Lin

  98. M……

  99. BTW, it was not the lowest in a Quarter. in the past there were teams with just 2pts in a Q!

  100. Hmm…..they must be punished for hosting a funny talk show
    Accusation: Tried to steal the spotlight from Kobe and succeeded

  101. The Lakers and Coach Scott have managed to ruin any excitement I used to get watching Jeremy play.
    What took the Rockets a year and a half to do, the Lakers have done in less than 3 months.

    Im gonna go watch some Linsanity videos lol :’)

  102. good choice…i have some old recorded games…need revisiting now

  103. That was very strange and total non sense.
    I think Ellington might be getting traded, its the only logical explanation…then again Coach Scott lacks every bit of logic and common sense.

  104. they are always good pick-me-uppers, I need some of those right now 🙁

  105. WOW Can anyone verify this??? It said that game reporter said that Lakers fans shout “Fire Scott” and asked why subbed JLin out in 4th qtr when he has done well.
    據場邊記者說 今晚賽後 有現場湖人球迷高喊”fire Scott” 並質問Scott 為何把第四節表現優異 帶領替補把分數追上來的林書豪換下

  106. What does it say?

  107. Can’t verify. But there is a poster in Lakersground that mentioned they should start a petition to have him fired. No takers yet but there’s a whole thread about how BS has ruined this season. It will only get worse for BS from here on end I think. And I say bring it on.

  108. I did some translation up there: It said that according to game reporter, after game some Lakers fans shout “Fire Scott” and asked why subbed JLin out in 4th qtr when he has performed well.

  109. Where is the inconsistency comments by BS? Hello, did he not notice Price went 0 pts and 2 assts after a 12 asst night the other night?

  110. yeeeup! I was feasting on the empty space of no-Lin. Quite meditative.

  111. LOL KB and RP are his sons and will do no wrong. He will throw JLin under the bus anyday.

  112. and if a player can’t play every night because he’s got tired legs, that’s called an inconsistent athlete who can’t tolerate the day to day grind of the NBA. Time to retire Kobe. It’s embarassing watching you play like this.

  113. That is hilarious!

  114. I love Olaf 🙂

  115. free t-shirt

  116. I love the hash tags. Wonder if there’s a double meaning besides the obvious reference to Frozen and Olaf. He’s been #frozen on this team and he’s just decided to #letitgo

  117. in case not posted:


  118. Quality of shots? really? Uh…contested shots are never quality shots.

  119. 不怕神一樣對手,只怕豬一般的隊友(&教練)

  120. LOL 1000% agreed

  121. Can US posters check out the percentage on this??

  122. Is it just me that finds Jeremy Lin still looks gorgeous with dark skin?

  123. 0:23 Jeremy working the runway with that look!!!!!!!! Give this guy a 25-page magazine editorial!!!!

  124. I like that nickname – Buug.

    I read the comments and got me cracking up – “…Whether off the bench or starter we need that energy, you and Ed Davis play grown men basketball! #lakers”. It wasn’t even “big” basketball; it’s grown. That basically sums up the league as of the moment.

  125. The last time Jeremy tried to do this with BS after Orlando win, BS just kept trying to look away.

  126. LOL We should retweet it!

  127. I guess it helps that he’s surrounded by family and real friends who show him love and support. He’ll also be free to choose a team that he’d really like to play for very soon.

  128. He posted a pic of himself with Lin on IG

    *edit* nvm it’s the same pic lol

  129. Was 66 Lin to 22 Kobe this morning when I last voted (I’m in Hong Kong).

  130. Lakers

    Jeremy Lin: 71%
    Kobe Bryant: 19%
    Nick Young: 7%
    Carlos Boozer: 2%
    Ed Davis: 1%


    Matthew Dellavedova: 1%
    Joe Harris: 1%
    Brendan Haywood: 1%
    Kyrie Irving: 26%
    LeBron James: 43%
    James Jones: 1%
    Kevin Love: 7%
    Shawn Marion: 1%
    Mike Miller: 1%
    Timofey Mozgov: 1%
    Iman Shumpert: 12%
    J.R. Smith: 5%
    Tristan Thompson: 1%

  131. thought it mite be instructive to get some non lin fan takes on last nites debacle.

    the lakers and scott and kobe are clearly a joke that will impact lakers franchise for years to come (like knicks).

    comments on yahoo scoreboard (again lin barely mentioned but all the other points obvious to posters here becoming too nakedly exposed to be missed even by the most casual of observers.)

    “If BS is really tanking, he would have given playing time to Clarkson and Black instead of max minutes to guys like Kobe and Price. It just confirms that BS is an idiot.”

    “2 words: KOBIE SUCKS!!!!!!!! 3-19 FG’s, bench warmers get better offensive numbers plus the worst bench warmer also plays better defense than KOBIE!!!!!!!”

    “just wanted to add… as much as Price is likable as a person, no one in their right mind would pay to watch him play..”

    “Obvious tanking, going through the motion. Lin is probably sidelined because he refuse to tank. Kobe is Kobe, won’t tank but he’s that bad this season.”

    “The NBA should look into this, fans pay top dollar to watch, whether live or on Cable, and they’re not competing, unfair to fans.”

    “I don’t watch the Lakers because it wouldn’t even be entertaining to watch them play. I do come and check out the box scores in the morning mainly to see how bad Kobe’s stats were. When he plays every game, he looks horrible. When he rests, he looks horrible. What else do you try? Play him off the bench like you SHOULD for a guy that is doing has horrible as he is.”

    “The coach favors Kobe…….can’t talk bad about him or he’ll lose his job.”

    “…i’m looking forward to Kobe retiring soon. Need the old system of the Lakers where it was a team game. He needs to leave…..and he won’t be missed.”

    “I am losing my liking on Lakers team the way they are playing, the way they are being coached and the they are being managed. I do now believe that they are playing to lose to get first pick in a draft. They do not recognize that what matter to the Lakers fans is now not tomorrow.”

    “How many shots did he take in the last few minutes…ALL of them, wanted to be the hero but got the ZERO! Honestly, I do not like the way the Lakers are playing with Kobe, it’s TEAM BALL! Kobe is the only one who has an I in team, i for IGNORAMUS!”

  132. thought it mite be instructive to get some non lin fan takes on last nites debacle.

    the lakers and scott and kobe are clearly a joke that will impact lakers franchise for years to come (like knicks).

    these are comments on a general game site (again lin barely mentioned but all the other points obvious to posters here becoming too exposed to be missed even by the most casual of observers.)

    “If BS is really tanking, he would have given playing time to Clarkson and Black instead of max minutes to guys like Kobe and Price. It just confirms that BS is an idiot.”

    “2 words: KOBE ….(must be a word i can’t use here cuz got the mod) 3-19 FG’s, bench warmers get better offensive numbers plus the worst bench warmer also plays better defense than KOBE!!!!!!!”

    “just wanted to add… as much as Price is likable as a person, no one in their right mind would pay to watch him play..”

    “Obvious tanking, going through the motion. Lin is probably sidelined because he refuse to tank. Kobe is Kobe, won’t tank but he’s that bad this season.”

    “The NBA should look into this, fans pay top dollar to watch, whether live or on Cable, and they’re not competing, unfair to fans.”

    “I don’t watch the Lakers because it wouldn’t even be entertaining to watch them play. I do come and check out the box scores in the morning mainly to see how bad Kobe’s stats were. When he plays every game, he looks horrible. When he rests, he looks horrible. What else do you try? Play him off the bench like you SHOULD for a guy that is doing has horrible as he is.”

    “The coach favors Kobe…….can’t talk bad about him or he’ll lose his job.”

    “…i’m looking forward to Kobe retiring soon. Need the old system of the Lakers where it was a team game. He needs to leave…..and he won’t be missed.”

    “I am losing my liking on Lakers team the way they are playing, the way they are being coached and the they are being managed. I do now believe that they are playing to lose to get first pick in a draft. They do not recognize that what matter to the Lakers fans is now not tomorrow.”

    “How many shots did he take in the last few minutes…ALL of them, wanted to be the hero but got the ZERO! Honestly, I do not like the way the Lakers are playing with Kobe, it’s TEAM BALL! Kobe is the only one who has an I in team, i for IGNORAMUS!”

  133. I think Jeremy will find a better situation for him in the off season. But, meanwhile, I am sad to see he got lowest minutes in the team. I probably should be used to it by now, but BS’ blatant bias is unbelievable.

  134. comments from non-lin fans (lin is barely mentioned)–everyone gets it. the lakers are going the way of the knicks:

    If BS is really tanking, he would have given playing time to Clarkson and Black instead of max minutes to guys like Kobe and Price. It just confirms that BS is an (expletive deleted).

    2 words: KOBIE (expletive deleted) 3-19 FG’s, bench warmers get better offensive numbers plus the worst bench warmer also plays better defense than KOBIE!!!!!!!

    just wanted to add… as much as Price is likable as a person, no one in their right mind would pay to watch him play..

    Obvious tanking, going through the motion. Lin is probably sidelined because he refuse to tank. Kobe is Kobe, won’t tank but he’s that bad this season.

    The NBA should look into this, fans pay top dollar to watch, whether live or on Cable, and they’re not competing, unfair to fans.

    I don’t watch the Lakers because it wouldn’t even be entertaining to watch them play. I do come and check out the box scores in the morning mainly to see how bad Kobe’s stats were. When he plays every game, he looks horrible. When he rests, he looks horrible. What else to you try? Play him off the bench like you SHOULD for a guy that is doing has horrible as he is.

    The coach favors Kobe…….can’t talk bad about him or he’ll lose his job.

    …i’m looking forward to Kobe retiring soon. Need the old system of the Lakers where it was a team game. He needs to leave…..and he won’t be missed.

    I am losing my liking on Lakers team the way they are playing, the way they are being coached and the they are being managed. I do now believe that they are playing to lose to get first pick in a draft. They do not recognize that what matter to the Lakers fans is now not tomorrow.

    How many shots did he take in the last few minutes…ALL of them, wanted to be the hero but got the ZERO! Honestly, I do not like the way the Lakers are playing with Kobe, it’s TEAM BALL! Kobe is the only one who has an I in team, i for IGNORAMUS!

  135. ok i give up guess im not allowed to post here anymore. tried getting something obvious and inoffensive thru multiple ways multiple times and something about it not liked. chacun a.

  136. Thanks! Glad that JLin fans from Taiwan is able to overcome IP issue and can vote now. I tried and am still unable to vote. Very annoying:-)

  137. What are you talking about? Can see your post.

  138. Let’s put it this way. More and more Lakers and even media begin to catch BS’ liars now. You can see some tide has changed esp after Miami game. Very interesting to witness. Let’s wait and see.

  139. Bench minutes: 103 = 43% Bench score = 44%
    Starter minutes 136 = 57% Starter score = 56%

  140. I approve the post. Sometimes Disqus has its own mind on posts that none of us can control with. Just let mods know. We can look into it and get it approved if there is nothing wrong.

  141. However, Boozer & Young spent lots of time with starters. Only Lin (16 mins) played exclusively with Bench players.

  142. That explained it all.

    The starters are just trash with Kobe and Ronnie in the backcourt.

    Nick Young even missed the full court pass from Lin on a one to nobody breakaway basket.

  143. In what area?

  144. not dark enough!

  145. Its good to see more and more fans voicing it out

  146. unfortunately its not…so no record there..lol

  147. Stay. I too experiences being on ‘pending’ list sometimes, even if my post doesn’t even have any profanity. The most hilarious was I posted “haha” and Disqus put me on hold because it thinks I posted too many hahas. It’s Disqus causing trouble.

  148. Who’s that reporter? Mike Trudell?

  149. This situation has just shed some light for me.

    Most of us could not believe that things could get worse after Houston. Unfortunately it has. Back in Houston we would look forward to games where Beverly or Harden were out. We don’t even have something like that now. We have reached new depths.

    But the amazing thing is that even with the worse situation, the fans are still here. We, the fans are looking for true substance and are unfazed by the media smearing, dirty politics and the shackles and chains.

    Supporting Lin has gone beyond just supporting a good basketball player. It is about many things – about hope, faith, integrity, never giving up, facing life’s lumps with a straight face (and a smile!).

    We are united not by geography (like supporting a hometown team). We are united by something bigger. This is a real miracle I am seeing.

  150. let me check on disqus

  151. read below

  152. it was under disqus moderation on multiple post. Once you refresh the page, you could see your post (multiple as well…lol…since Mel and i approved)

  153. Disqus must have some relationship with BScott for benching your post

  154. Here are the saving graces I see for Lin this season :

    i) his ultimate concerns in life transcend basketball,
    ii) he’s soon to be a free agent,
    iii) he’s making enough money to last him several lifetimes, and
    iv) Byron Scott is sufficiently limited as a coach that it’s much easier to laugh off his antics.

  155. well said

  156. I salute BS then. He’s committed to tanking everything related to Jeremy Lin.

  157. I did and approved the post below.

  158. Guys I have to tell you that picture is not looked upon very highly me. It is called “black face”. In the 1940’s movies white people would put black shoe polish on their face and make fun of black people depicting them as dumb. So no this pic is not funny to me. We all are upset about Scott’s antics with Lin, but this is not the way. here is some information on black face. http://black-face.com/

  159. So there is a record of a NBA team with STARTERS scoring 1 or zero points in a quarter?

  160. 2 by the Dallas Mavericks at the Los Angeles Lakers on April 6, 1997
    2 by the Golden State Warriors vs. the Toronto Raptors on February 8, 2004

  161. Some interesting numbers

    Scoring By Quarter
    Most points, first quarter

    50-Syracuse at San Francisco, December 16, 1962

    50 – Boston vs. Denver, February 5, 1982

    50 – Utah vs. Denver, April 10, 1982

    50 – Milwaukee vs. Orlando, November 16, 1989

    50 – Phoenix vs. Denver, November 10, 1990

    Fewest points, first quarter

    3 – Denver at San Antonio, November 27, 2002

    Most points, both teams, first quarter

    91-Utah (50) vs. Denver (41), April 10, 1982

    Fewest points, both teams, first quarter

    18-Fort Wayne (9) at Syracuse (9), November 29, 1956

    Most points, second quarter

    57-Phoenix vs. Denver, November 10, 1990

    Fewest points, second quarter

    3-L.A. Clippers at L.A. Lakers, December 14, 1999

    Most points, both teams, second quarter

    91-Seattle (46) at Golden State (45), March 23, 1974

    Fewest points, both teams, second quarter

    19-Philadelphia (8) at Charlotte (11), April 5, 1995

    Most points, third quarter

    57-Golden State vs. Sacramento, March 4, 1989

    Fewest points, third quarter

    2-Dallas at L.A. Lakers, April 6, 1997

    Most points, both teams, third quarter

    90-Cincinnati (51) vs. Philadelphia (39), February 28, 1964

    Fewest points, both teams, third quarter

    18 – Boston (9) vs. Toronto (9), January 12, 2001

    Most points, fourth quarter

    58-Buffalo at Boston, October 20, 1972

    Fewest points, fourth quarter

    2 – Golden State vs. Toronto, February 8, 2004

    Most points, both teams, fourth quarter

    99-San Antonio (53) at Denver (46), January 11, 1984

    Fewest points, both teams, fourth quarter

    18 – Detroit (6) vs. Utah (12), March 13, 2005


  162. I can not sit and watch anymore. This is not tolerable any more I can understand in Houston had max contract players they to cater too other than Lin
    But this is awful team Kobe can’t do it any more and BS living in the past
    Play Lin and the younger guys and not Price and limit Kobe s minutes.

  163. Great post. We are here for more than just basketball as it evolves into something special.

    Lin is for a greater purpose. We shall see this forum turning into more than just a basketball one.

  164. Agreed. As much as it maybe true, there are some things too touchy to reference. We don’t need to lower ourselves to get a point across.

  165. Scott is really dysfunctional as a coach. I think McHale simply disliked Lin and had no faith in his abilities. On the other hand, Scott is trying so hard to make Kobe look good he has thrown everything and everyone under the bus. Bleh.

  166. agreed

  167. v) Lin is playing SUPERBLY despite his diminishing role.

    In fact, I don’t think it’s humanly possibly for anybody to produce more than Lin does in such little time.

  168. didnt cross my mind at all…thanks for highlighting

  169. It’s innocent.

  170. Hey Khuang, can you give me your best starting 5 of current players who are most overlooked by their teams? Lin included of course.

  171. Kobe is facing a dilemma here. He wants to play but couldn’t play at a higher level he used to.

    His body couldn’t take it anymore so he needs rest. But by resting, he needs time to get rhythm and shape back into the game, which requires intensive playing (He can’t even practice). Lin pointed this out right there in post game interview last night (smart Lin always).

    So just looked at the last 2 games Kobe played. Slow, laboring, tired, poor conditioning (compared to NBA players), no legs, no jumps, no defense, no taking to the rim. All indicate that he should just retire. I doubt even if he rests for the remaining of the season, he could play better than this next season. Now it is his choice of when and how he should exit, gracefully or in humiliation.

  172. You don’t think it humanly because anyone could produce like Lin would play 30+ min per game.

  173. Kobe can be a decent player if he played no more than 20 minutes per game.

  174. WYSIWYG – What You See is What You Get

    BS gives a new meaning to it: What You See in Price/Kobe is What You Get in Loss.

    BS doesn’t want to tank but his coaching strategy is heading into the right direction that FO wants.

  175. Ya! Kobe can no longer play the same high level like he used to… But the problem is when he’s really going to accept the fact & give the chance to Lin to in charge more…?!

  176. 22-26min would be ideal

  177. Even Kobe decides to retire, BS won’t let Lin shine. Just look at how this Lakers old gang dissing Lin. As long as BS is here, Lin won’t have the chance.

  178. I think if Kobe is really retired & w poor record then BS will not stay in Lakers

  179. Whatever Scott is doing with Lin’s playing has not stopped lin. I am sure there are scouts looking at players for their teams next season. Lin is looking pretty good. I am not worried about lin not getting a contract. lin will have many offers from contending teams. Kobe looked old out there last night. He needs to retire before the fans turn on him

  180. Thanks for the vid, those were the days ….sigh….

  181. It’s hard for me to figure out the dominant motivation for the coaching decisions made last night. Is BS just determined to tank, and Jeremy was threaetning to win the game? Is BS just determined that Jeremy will not outshine Kobe? Other reasons?

    I suspect there is one short-term team goal is associated with Kobe playing in the All Star game. If Jeremy is still a Laker when the ASG has come and gone, is it possible that BS might give Jeremy and the bench some more freedom after that?

  182. Ya! Just saw the Magic commentators talked about Lin from the last 2 min of game… they were high on Lin .. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4XVU_hwkP2E

  183. I think Scott did want to win but not by Lin… he wants KOBE.


    Everyone is familiar with the effects of aging. The impact of previous injuries that never fully heal is also easily recognized.
    Of all the injuries that Kobe has accumulated in his 19-year career, the ruptured Achilles tendon is probably the most problematic. But the concept of “mileage” on a human being was puzzling to me at first. We all know that it’s not a good idea to buy a used car with 300,000 miles on it. And we also know that it makes a difference whether the car traveled mainly on smooth highways or roads riddled with potholes. Critical parts of the car will be worn out. But does this apply to a living organism whose cells are constantly regenerating? The answer turns out to be yes as Kobe is now discovering. Human cells have a limited replicative life span. Normally that limit is not exhausted. But by averaging 38 minutes per game for 19 NBA seasons, that limit has been approached in some critical parts of Kobe’s body: knees, Achilles tendons, and feet. No individual part has yet failed, but his body is getting the signal that he had better stop before they do. The signal takes the form of pain, soreness, and fatigue.

    We see the effect of the warning signal only in the form of really poor basketball. Throughout his long career, Kobe’s FG% was consistently 45. For the first twenty-five games of this season it was 38%. Then it dropped to the 20s prompting Kobe to take a week off. Now Kobe is shooting in the teens. Are the Lakers going to wait until Kobe is shooting single digits or until he falls flat on his face? And with every brick, will Lakers announcers continue to say, “But what form and follow through!” and on every air-ball, “But what an effort from such a distance!” Kobe is still able to take the court, but he is not wearing his uniform. He is NAKED!!!

  185. LA Lakers is well known in Asia unlike Houston, and when Lin is mistreated a wider audience takes note and talks. Likewise for Kobe, if his poor performance continues he is shattering his image and the high pedestal he has on the fans. Kobe has to face reality, accepts his body limitation and protect his image / pedestal before it crumbles to irreparable.

  186. After 26 minutes Kobe was shooting 1 for 17. That’s 6%. Can you explain your logic to me and if not stop posting gibberish?

  187. Half who suffer Achilles never play again. Rest never average double figures. Most are under 30 years old.— Chris Palmer (@ChrisPalmerNBA) January 14, 2015

    @JonesOnTheNBA @AminESPN FG% is irrelevant in relation to his Achilles injury. Getting usual looks. Double-teamed bcuz no other real threat— Chris Palmer (@ChrisPalmerNBA) January 14, 2015

  188. Why after the ASG to give more freedom to the bench?

  189. Lin is smiling with inner joy so it puts us at peace. Why?

    When I was a toddler in Hong Kong living as a “poor” refugee, we had nothing but we were happy. We lived in relative safety in a stone and concrete apartment building high above flooding from monsoons. Why are the poor in the ghettoes in the West so sad and unhappy when they had far more than we could have ever imagined possible for us back in Hong Kong? There are “poor” people everywhere. I have a young nephew who routinely volunteers his medical services in a poor third world country and joy is there as well.

    Joy and peace is not exclusive to those with money and power. If that were the case Jack Nicholson wouldn’t be saying that he’ll have no one by his side at the end of his life. KOBE for all his fame and glory has spent half his life in a sport with no friends to speak of. For all the riches we have, the poverty of our wants and desires leaves a curse mark on our hearts.

    Lin has found his joy and peace in a situation that few of us could ever handle. Finding joy and peace is the ability Lin has to shut out human desires for unnecessary things that adds nothing to his core being. Fame, status, money, power are all things he can’t control. These transient things are exclusively given to him by forces that he can’t control. Anyone that believes otherwise just has to look at the pattern of abuse from BS to punish Lin whenever he has a good game!

    Life isn’t fair. We are all born into situations that chance or fate has put us into. Tightening our circle of control to find the joy within is our power that no one else can take from us. The rich and powerful can make it appear that we are under their thumbs, that we are powerless. The truth is that once we accept that lie, we give up control of that inner circle of power. BS and KOBE may take PT away from Lin, but they can’t take away the joy and inner peace he holds onto to play those few PTs with zest and happiness.

  190. Ya! Almost everyone who had achilles injury all retired but not Kobe…

  191. After 20 minutes Kobe was shooting 1 for 10. That’s 10%. Can you explain your logic to me and if not stop posting gibberish?

  192. Lmao! Wow I just heard PFV’s vid. Sounds like Stu is turning into Clyde but worse. And I heard they where showing Jeremy’s lowlights? lol wow! If it happens again next game, this whole thing is going to look like Houston all over again. Prepare yourselves! Haha.

  193. you’re welcome =). Others helped by tweeting their displeasure to Jeanie too.

    There’s only so much we can stand so I’m confident raising these issues consistently to those in charge will eventually have real impact.

    There’s power in the number

  194. The Friday after the All Star weekend is the deadline for trading this season. IOW, the Lakers team is set for the rest of the year.

    I may be wrong about the team’s current emphasis, but I’m guessing a lot of the immediate focus is keeping Kobe relevant for the ASG. Once that game has come and gone, the team should change it’s focus to evaluating the rest of their talent to see who they’re going to try to keep the next season.

    Right now, the team message is clear that Kobe is going to try to hang around next year in order to get paid his $25 million for 2015-16. That should limit the number of quality free agents who would agree to come to the Lakers while Kobe is still dictating everything.

    So sooner or later, the Lakers are going to need to put their “coddling Kobe” directives aside and start developing the other talent they already have — because I don’t see them being able to add much value to it during another Kobe-dominated season.

  195. Go easy on KL, Jeremiah.

  196. Go easy on Maknusia, Jeremiah.

  197. Its just based on eye test for the season and not one single game, like you are trying to base on.
    So whatsup with the tone?

  198. no need, we abide by rules here, thanks anyways, khuang

  199. Sure!

    I love this kind of question and can actually build you TWO teams of that nature:

    PG/SG (guards who can play either guard position equally well, not combo guards who can play neither pg nor sg):
    Jeremy Lin, Jimmer Fredette, Jerryd Bayless

    formerly Jae Crowder, but now Crowder is receiving legitimate minutes in Boston.
    Also Lin’s former teammate Bill Walker of the D League.

    Tyler Hansbrough
    Andrew Nicholson

    C: many players
    Omar Samhan, Solomon Alabi, Hamed Haddadi, Kyrlo Fesenko, Earl Barron, and several others

  200. Lin will suffer until Kobe retires. The sooner everyone realizes this the better. Your post is hurting that effort. Therefore the tone. Read my post above and you will realize that we are not talking about a single game. OK?

  201. Great link, thanks for providing! i previously had a general understanding of black-face and its history. After reading that page though, I now wonder…is this pic considered black-face though?

    Because it seems to be missing the components. There is no mockery of African Americans and there isn’t any negative stereotypes depicted in the picture. The only thing that I can see that has changed from the original picture to the current is the skin color, nothing else, to get a point/message across. There is no exaggeration of “ethnic” features nor is there anything added to enhance his “blackness” either through props or symbols of other visual, audio or written cues. Anything more than that, then yes I can definitely see it headed towards black-face territory. With only the changing of the skin color, is that enough to make it black-face? I think the context is also very crucial.

  202. My take is not Kobe, its the coach.

    And you are saying that my post here is gonna hurt JL’s playing…man!, I wish I had that kinda magic

  203. Excellent post.

    Personally, I think that Kobe Bryant would have shot this poorly when he was young had he not had max contract big men and top coaches and the illegal defense rule protecting him.

    For the first 3/4 of Kobe Bryant’s NBA career, he played under the illegal defense rule. Even though the illegal defense rule was abolished in 2000, it took over 10 years for NBA teams to barely get out of the strict man to man defensive thinking. As teams increasingly abandon the illegal defense rule, Kobe Bryant has struggled more and more even when things were going well for him.

    If a young Kobe Bryant in his prime had taken the court today in the current NBA setting where teams are only starting to get a hang of how to play defense without the illegal defense rule hanging over them, he would perform exactly like Nick Young is performing now: TERRIBLY.

  204. “Kobe relevant for ASG” – does it mean Kobe to play in ASG? Why? The western conference will definitely lose.

  205. C’mon, Jeremiah.

    This is a FAN SITE.

    Our opinions mean nothing to the Lakers, though our opinions mean a lot to each other.

    We are NOBODIES, and we must not forget that.

  206. No problem, we’ve got it covered! 😉

  207. I get you.

  208. 20 minutes may be a good idea if implemented from the beginning of the season. Too late.

    Right now, we just need ZERO minute from this Kobe, this is a no offense and no defense Kobe. Also, we need ZERO minute from Mr Price is right for zero points.

    Kobe will be a great player if he decided to retire now.

  209. Of the guys you mentioned, I have only really seen Jerryd Bayless, Billy Walker and Tyler Hansbrough.

    Tyler is really super athletic.

    Sad that Billy Walker has been so badly marginalised.

  210. Heh heh.

    So in Kobe’s ongoing study of Jeremy Lin, Kobe now wants to reinvent himself as the 2nd coming of Magic Johnson.

    Kobe figures that if his shooting isn’t going well, he’ll try to rack up his assist and rebounding numbers. The hope is that getting good numbers in assists and boards will somehow trigger the rest of his game.

    The problem is that Kobe is so obsessed with boxscore stats that he is not actually playing the game to win.

    Lin gets criticized heavily by Lin fans for not selfishly shooting every shot and for playing too much defense and for overpassing. Those well meaning Lin fans don’t understand that they are asking for Lin to play as badly as Kobe Bryant does.

    I’m so happy that Lin is NOT being like Kobe and is just calmly playing intelligent team basketball.

    Besides, the more Lin plays team basketball the better his individual stats look!

  211. My opinion is that if Kobe CONSISTENTLY had 15 mins per game from the start of the season he might have the balance of energy, rhythm and health to contribute.

    But I get your point about Kobe hurting Jeremy’s chances. My anger is more directed towards Scott though.

  212. Isn’t it the company which pays LAKERS something like 200 millions a year? They have the most to lose when the TV ratings are at historical lows. They could be giving Lakers pressure now.

  213. If you look at Kobe’s 19 year record, he shot 45% (+/- 3%) every single season besides the current one. That’s remarkable consistency and I don’t see the point in arguing that Kobe could never shoot well. The point is now it’s over.

  214. Not much of a rally behind Lin, but more of an anti-Scott thread, at least so far that is. Only a few comments or so (so far) regarding Jeremy.

  215. He sure will show up for NYC this big event but for how many min on court….? It doesn’t matter…

  216. I don’t know if Kobe actually will play in the ASG. However, I think playing in the ASG is what Kobe himself is focused on right now, and I still think Kobe is dictating what happens with the Lakers current game strategies (notwithstanding denials to the contrary).

    Once the ASG has come and gone, the team should start giving it’s other assets some play to try to determine the value of the remaining team members to make some decisions about their 2015-16 objectives.

  217. Really??? Lowlights for Lin?

    I keep talking to myself, “3 more months, just 3 more months, and then Lin and fans will be freed.”

  218. To steal a quote. I AM TIRED OF THESE MOTHER F SNAKES (Kobe and Price) ON THIS MOTHER F TEAM.

  219. The boy who called out that the emperor was naked, was a nobody too. Social media can get the word out. Better sooner than later.

  220. Hmm, maybe they know something. Like maybe Lin is fed up with the Lkaers and ready to move on in the off-season so they’re not buying his jersey. 😀

  221. It’s okay, @disqus_9LKVS0SiuC:disqus :]

    We can have different opinions since we’re Lin fans first and foremost. We can still have a healthy discussion even if we disagree.

    What KL said can be true with Kobe being effective in 20 min (but he needs to take a role player, off-the-ball role which he will refuse to do in this lifetime IMO).

    At the end of the day, only what JeanieBuss and Mitch will do that will matter. We can and should support each other while finding the best ways to help Lin as his fans.

  222. Thanks for the info. By the way BS is playing this team, the record will be in danger.

  223. Only 5 days left to vote for Lin in ASG by tweet, FB & http://www.nba.com/allstar/

  224. I can understand Kobe fans and even general Lakers fans going along with the charade, but Lin fans? What is it about 16% shooting over two games (separated by 6 days of “rest”) that’s hard for unbiased people to understand? Kobe is a shooter. If he can no longer shoot he’s done. Even if he gets a few assists, they are negated by a bunch of TOs.

    Mitch happens to be mourning the untimely death of his daughter so he’s probably out of it. But it’s time for the chorus of “Kobe must retire” to grow louder and louder and reach the ears of the Buss family. We can help make that happen. Hopefully before I get to Phoenix. LOL

    (I will now return to my usual polite tone ;))

  225. Agreed. …short of DNP-CD. …Jlin will always show his immense talent no matter the minutes

  226. Fellow Lin fans, I can see the frustrations can get the best of us. But let’s exercise self-control so our emotions don’t get to us and we start gnawing on each other. It’s just not worth it to get angry and take them out to our loved ones in our daily lives. Let’s copy Lin’s approach who is superbly handling it with SMILE after the game =)

    Let’s look at the positives:
    1. BScott and Kobe looked ridiculous to Lakers and NBA fans by playing losing starters (Kobe/Price/Wes) with a combined 6-36 shooting for the most min (31/32/28).
    2. Laker fans can see how foolish BScott to play Price instead of Lin
    3. The more embarrassing games BScott devised like this, the closer it is for him to be irrelevant and get fired. I don’t think he’ll ever get a HC job in the NBA after Kobe shuts down.
    4. More Lin fans expressed displeasure to Jeanie Buss after games of the biased treatment and the bad product on the floor. If we politely and consistently express our displeasure, I’m confident it will make an impact in her decision-making
    5. Finally, Lin is SMILING! He’s super confident and not deterred by the 16min because he did ALL that he could to help his team to win. (highest +9 vs Price lowest -12)

    So let’s laugh at another failed attempt by BScott to feature Kobe’s comeback. They dug the holes to deep for them to climb back up! Let’s SMILE because Jeremy manages to SMILE throughout the unfair treatment. He will gain respect from Laker fans and NBA fans in general



  227. lol…wont doubt that

  228. Let’s channel our frustrations positively by voting for JLin All-Star votes as CJSHYY faithfully posted & TNTPlayerCam for Cavs game tomorrow (hovering at 70%-71% now)

    1. Only 5 days left to vote for Lin in ASG by Tweet, FB & http://www.nba.com/allstar/
    Also, text LIN to 69622 (MYNBA)

    2. Keep voting for 1/15 Cavs Game TNTPlayerCam. It hovers at 70%-71%
    Let’s bring it up to 80%-85% to make a statement!


  229. good point. FO should be getting all kinds of pressure.
    Money talks! =)

  230. It’s still the same goal to make Kobe shine with every game + comeback.
    LAL Announcers sounded ridiculous almost getting high when Kobe made 3-19.
    Plus cheering for Price’s missed 3 trying to will it to get in =)

    Lin will only get freedom when Kobe shuts down and Byron needs game wins to save his job

  231. The TV ratings should not only be a pressure point for the Lakers FO, it also should be a pressure point for TWC itself. That’s why I don’t understand why TWC is tolerating Stu Lance’s hate campaign against Jeremy. Is it possible that TWC management isn’t aware of what one of their employees is doing to alienate a large portion of their game viewers.

  232. Haha! I am so happy to see this… 🙂 I think maybe Kobe will not play after last night’s poor shooting rate.. he needs more time to practice post move for next game. LOL!

  233. If Kobe wasn’t on Lakers, I wonder if BS would still prefer Price over Lin? What makes me a little bit sad is NOT because this is happening to Lin — after all, Lin is a multi-millionaire athlete with fans around the globe and is no victim without a choice — but because this just might be a reflection of the damage done on daily basis by bias/discrimination and a triumph of discrimination/bias over objectivity or fairness. I would like to think that if I had an African-American employee and Asian-American employee working for me in a legal field, and the African-American employee’s skill level was like that of Lin over Price in the field of BB, I would have no hesitation at all in choosing the African-American employee over the Asian-American employee. Also, I would understand BS’ handling of Lin’s PT if Lin was detrimental to team atmosphere or team style of play, but this also is clearly not the case. Only three reasons:

    1. BS really doesn’t like Lin or Lin’s BB game. But this doesn’t make sense to me because you have to like Price’s BB game, which to me is beyond a reason, no matter how much you dislike Lin or Lin’s BB game.

    2. Kobe really doesn’t like Lin or Lin’s BB game. But this doesn’t make sense to me because you have to like Price’s BB game, which to me is beyond a reason, no matter how much you dislike Lin or Lin’s BB game.

    3. Lakers wants to tank, so gave BS a hint to tank, and playing Lin longer gives Lakers a better chance to win. As unlikely is this answer, because I find it hard to believe 1 and 2, I am stuck with number 3 as the real reason.

    P.S. Thinking over, I forgot to add the 4th possibility that BS is a complete idiot. But even an idiot must have a reason, no? Also, regarding Lakers commentator (Stu), it really bothers me that a professional would openly cut down Lin publicly in that manner. You never cut down your own team member in that manner. It is a shocking thing to witness. Something has changed or decided within Lakers organization regarding Lin.

  234. Perhaps TWC justified it because LAL announcers are supporting the coach’s decision to start Kobe+Price so their comments try to help justify the agenda.

    So the #1 goal is the same to make Kobe a hero. But it’s not working because Kobe is almost done. Let’s hope things will change soon.

    I don’t think Kobe can take 3-19 for 5-6 consecutive games

  235. 5-6 more games! We only have two BTB games and the weekend to get this straightened out. Besides, Kobe will go into hibernation for another week before showing up for his next disaster. I’m in the process of emailing sports journalists in the LA area.

  236. If anybody at TWC is justifying the LAL announcers for any reason, then I’d suggest that they must be fairly low-level TWC executives. TWC is in the business of attracting viewers, sponsors, and their associated revenues. If some sports team’s agenda runs contrary to that purpose, TWC should be making clear their displeasure with that agenda.

    It does no good to complain to the on-air employees who are playing sycophants to a doomed agenda. If fans want to complain, they need to complain to the sponsors — and to TWC executives who are responsible for revenues. Those executives should be made aware of why they are losing a portion of their viewing audience.

  237. Sorry about the tone of the previous messages. I corrected them. Didn’t say that your post here is gonna hurt JL’s playing. It would just be nice if everyone reading this blog got the correct message: Kobe is done but the Lakers are stalling the inevitable.

    I can assure you that it is Kobe, not the puppet coach. Coaches want to win. That has to be their highest priority. But on the Lakers, Kobe is the highest priority. Once he retires everything would change.

  238. KB is still top ASG vote getter. How are you going to convince TWC that KB is not popular anymore? At this stage, they are still protecting their most popular asset putting the best light for KB.

    However, Lin is also up there even though have no chance of getting in at this time. TWC probably should want to get the better light on Lin as well.

  239. Sorry about the tone of the previous message. I corrected it.

  240. Must complain directly to the sponsors of TWC of double-standard and disparaging and untrue remarks intended to damage the image and reputation of the NBA’s only Asian player — JLIN . Those sponsors are for example East-West Bank and McDonalds . I believe I see both companies advertisements on the TWC broadcasts all the time. Make the case directly to East-West Bank’s and McDonald’s CEO and director of marketing . Give links of Stu’s blabbering . If we make enough “noise” and back it up the sponsors will take notice. Sponsors will contact TWC.

  241. Who is this “Michael Jordan” poster? A real MJ? I don’t think so but asking.

  242. To me, BS is not to tank. He wants to win in Kobe’s way. Lin’s fast pace
    is too much for Kobe, hence the first slow unit. Unfortunately Kobe
    could not deliver. So BS has to make sure Lin won’t out-shine Kobe.
    Benching, short leash, public dissing, decreasing minutes, TWC/Stu’s
    help, these all cater to Lin. If Lin is not a threat, BS/Kobe won’t
    bother doing such. Do you ever hear BS/Stu bashing directly on players
    other Lin?

    FO don’t care, tank or not. Up to this point, they want the pick. It is called passive tanking due to inept coaching.

  243. I thought this thing through, and the only logical conclusion is that Lakers are tanking, and FO is OK with it. Outside, FO says they are not looking to tank, but they are fine with many losses.

  244. Not sure, but looks like it

  245. No one can be sure, but logically, that’s the only reason. Which leads me to think Lakers might want to keep Lin in case they want to win games for a change. But even dummies can see that no team is going to win games with Kobe on it.

  246. But go all the way for just one pick….seems…..not very smart. Especially when it is obvious that they are trying to get max players…..

  247. That’s a good reminder, KHuang.

    Individually, it would be hard for fans to make a difference. Only by organized protests, networking with sponsors, merchandise boycotts, that we might make a little difference.

    But it’s good to adjust expectations that little and no changes can happen soon with our outcry. I see Kobe’s worsening health and performance is still the key driver here. It’s only a matter of time.

  248. I think they just don’t care whether Lakers win or lose while Kobe is on Lakers, which means they know Lakers cannot win until end of next season. The only thing they can do is to keep non-max players and build a good 2nd Unit. Lin, Davis, Black, Kelly — they are for the 2nd Unit. They will work on 1st Unit when Kobe leaves, because no star players will come to Lakers in this situation, with Kobe being an obstacle.

  249. That’s why everyone is puzzled.

    It could be quite simple. In the beginning, they want to rebuild with Kobe exiting gracefully and mentoring young players. But it is out of control. BS inept, Kobe stubborn, games kept losing, so FO takes what they have now,

  250. http://www.latimes.com/sports/lakers/la-sp-lakers-fyi-20150114-story.html

    ABC dumped its planned coverage of the Lakers’ game against Oklahoma City on March 1, replacing it with Cleveland at Houston.

  251. They should have done what HOU did for Lin’s 1st yr. Make the teams “looks” like if there is one more star, they can contend.

  252. Wow! This is such a big news to Lakers FO bc they allowed Kobe & Scott to destroy this team… smh!

  253. With Kobe, that’s not possible. Like I said, Lakers didn’t have the talent from the beginning to win more than 50%.

  254. Rightfully so. Who would want to watch Lakers play?

  255. I think IF there is NO Kobe, and they just functioned NORMALLY. They had a good chance for playoff.

  256. The dawn of Karma. The best is yet to come.

  257. Better chance, but even that is less than 50% IMO, because to me, Nick Young is not a good player. Too many not good players on Lakers. If I want to build a team, the only players I would take from the current Lakers roster are:


    Can’t think of anyone else.

  258. Feels sad and funny at the same time. BS and Laker organization are trying so very hard to fit the current team and this season into the story narrative of “The Triumphant Return of the Hero” , i.e. Kobe Bryant. Everything, every player, every game, every in-game substitution and coaching adjustment or decision, every media interview, every practice seems to only serve only one purpose and that is to fulfill the story narrative.
    The only problem is that it makes BS, the Lakers FO, the TWC sportscasters, and KB himself all look embarrassingly rigid, inflexible, weak, nervous, desperate, and anxious because try as they may they cannot “cram” the reality into the narrative. And the more they try the more embarrassing, compromised, and awkward it is for them. And continuing in this manner is destroying fan trust and respect for the management, ownership, and of course the head coach.

  259. They are good enough for the 8th seed. I would say the chance is around 50% give or take..

  260. In the Eastern Conf but not in the West. I would say 30% of below, without Kobe.

  261. Lakers going to lose national exposure. We should also hit Time Warner Cable at their advertisers. Make a list of advertisers that advertise during the game, boycott them and let the advertisers know they are being boycotted due to the anti-Lin biased commentators Stu Lantz and Bill MacDonald. Got to hit them at the pocketbook.

    Carl’s Jr is one.

  262. I do not think they are that bad…given what I saw from preseason. They just throw away the things that worked for the team but not for Kobe

  263. not real MJ for sure. But a big Lin fan like the rest of us

  264. It’s a temporary destruction. Once they’re done tanking, they will build a better team, the bandwagon is gonna fill again, and all will be good in Lakerville.

  265. Strange. Was trying to see what some media is saying about yesterday’s game. LA Times has 2 articles from Eric Pincus. They have pictures of Lin with caption, but both of his articles has no mention of Lin at all.

    Even the DNP got a mention for DNP.

    Maybe no news is good news.

  266. So what did he talk about it in the articles? Eric seems to like Lin…

  267. Don’t be so sure. Look at the Knicks and be warned. The longer KOBE and Scott hang on and the owners continue to complicitly allow them to lose, the worst it will be for them to rebuild.

  268. I do believe that Kobe Bryant would shoot better this season if he had a quality big and a quality coach to play off of.

  269. I guess mostly how everyone didn’t do well. So I guess it’s good that Lin wasn’t mentioned since he did fine.

    Kobe Bryant returns, but Lakers can’t keep up with Miami Heat


    Five takeaways from the Lakers’ 78-75 loss to the Miami Heat


  270. No, they are definetly tanking. After all the injuries the team suffered, they are probably thinking what’s the point in trying? Why not just build for a better future right now. Before the injuries and before the season started, most of us knew this team would compete for a playoff spot. At best 7th or 8th seed…

  271. Think I see the connection now, Stu Lantz had played for the Houston Rockets (68’-72’) and also gunning for Clyde Drexler’s job (?). What happened to you Stu, you had good things to say about Lin before, now you sound like a hater.

    It was torture watching the game last night where the starters initiated the lost in the very first quarter with a 20-2 at the 3:31
    time mark. Ouch! Boozer 1-8 (+1), Young 2-11 (+3), Wesley 3-13 (-6), Kobe 3-19 (-6) and then Price 0-4 (-12), none of
    them could get it done. During the mean time the one with the most impact on the whole team (+9) had the lease minutes and benched. Seriously BS you give most minutes to Price with zero points and fewest minutes to the Asian guy with the most impact leading the bench within striking distance? Unbelievable! Davis, Ryan, and Lin in particular should have more minutes.

    The Heat was bad, but Lakers was even worse with BS. No, it wasn’t a close game if you know with certainty that the last shot wasn’t going in. Horrible that many games played out this way.

  272. Not real. I don’t think MJ has a Twitter. Haven’t found an official one at least.

  273. After watching Lin’s post-game interview, I’ve got to say Lin is way too CALM in giving his take after being given 16 min unfairly. It’s almost like he expected it and one insider (Kupchak?) prepared him for the situations. He actually sounded like the real COACH!

    Knowing how Lin can get upset in HOU when blamed for unfair situations, it’s quite a dramatic shift of the Lin that we know. Perhaps he decided to play with smile and joy. But I suspect someone (not from Kobe faction) must have confided the unraveling situation and what might happen.

    He could know the plan about shutting down Kobe after the ASG or another plan.

    But anyway, I’m channeling @awarde:disqus now =)
    Lin knows something is UP and the best is yet to come as he previously said.

    Note: [mark 1:48] Gotta love his straight answer that he didn’t struggle with his shooting :>

  274. Thanks. Good to see that…:)

  275. Thanks, I was wondering what injury was bothering Kobe. I guess one view is that there is no specific injury, but just overall diminishing athleticism. What’s curious is that its coming at such a fast rate… he seemed okay at the beginning of the season… I guess after breaking MJ’s record, there is no longer the drive to perform?

  276. The worst? The worser the record, the better the chances of picking a good player. They might still tank next season. Maybe they will be slightly better? Who knows. Im sure once Kobe is gone BS is sure to be gone too. Then things may look brighter for the team.

  277. I got the same feeling that Lin was not upset by the short playing time last night at all. I think FO sure talked to him about the future or whatever that made him so calm & also said lots of nice thing to clear the air for Kobe… I guess more good news for Lin is coming…:) I don’t know what to say .. but I really believe he will stay in Lakers.

  278. I think it’s Eric’s way of sending a message that Lin deserved as the star of the game but just not given minutes. So no criticism on his part for Lin.
    Just being passive-aggressive without getting into the hot water.

  279. Good point. I suspect Lin has great allies support behind close door to be this nice and calm.

  280. It like Lin is asking for trade or big move like to fire the coach but doesn’t say it specially

  281. Ya, he talks like he knows something. Like he knows BScott will be gone soon and doesn’t mind indirectly dissing him. Or he’s going to be traded.

  282. What’s with Ireland saying he wasn’t making shots? He had decent shooting, just didn’t shoot enough. If he took as many shots as Kobe they would have won.

  283. Exactly. There is no specific injury but his condition is serious nonetheless. His deterioration may seem fast but its still gradual. Remember, he’s using pain killers and probably other meds to override his body’s signal to stop. The coincidence of the passing of MJ and severe deterioration in his performance may be an example of mind over matter with or without the help of higher doses of pain-killers. I think the drive is still there but his body just can’t cooperate anymore.

  284. So rather than recognize Kobe’s health condition, you prefer to blame his teammates and coach? Davis, Black and Boozer may not be the best bigs but they’re not the worst either. The coach is his choice so that also his fault. As is his choice to not have Lin on the court to take some defensive pressure off of him.

  285. He shot 42% almost everyone else shot in the teens.

  286. Ya! That’s exactly what I thought… He didn’t look unhappy or upset like he did in HOU.

  287. He was trying to be diplomatic in his answer on that. I think he wanted to say he played the best on the team and he got benched.

  288. And one of his shots was an end of quarter heave, so as far as I’m concerned he shot 3/6

  289. I like how relax he seems. Keep it up.
    Jeremy, the road is long and you will reach your goral eventually. Go Lin Go!

  290. ESPN Stats & InfoVerified account
    Kobe Bryant is 3-27 (11.1%) in the final minute this season when Lakers are ahead or behind by 5 points (0-3 Tuesday)

  291. You’re right. Lin shoots 3-6 (or 7) and he’s put in the same boat as Kobe shooting 3-19. It’s like we’re in the freaking twilight zone.

  292. I thought Ireland says “you” means the whole team, not “you” as Jeremy.

  293. I would take Ellington too..

  294. Either way was wrong anyway…

  295. Kobe is 5-31(16.1%) in the last two games! He had a week of rest between those two games. And he can’t claim he’s “rusty or out of practice” because he reportedly practiced 1.5 hours the day before last night’s game and has 19 years of NBA experience. It amazes me how most people are willing to let the Lakers continue this “Theater of the Absurd.”

  296. He asked “You are a really good shooter, Kobe is a really good shooter, He(Young) is a really good shooter. Nobody has their shot tonite….”

    Lin said “I didn’t feel like I couldn’t find my shot tonite. I didn’t feel I was that bad…”

    Ireland then corrected himself saying “you weren’t the worst offender…”

  297. edit duplicate

  298. Even that was only a half correction “wasn’t worst offender my foot”. JLin should have been shooting more and Kobe less. They would have won the game.

  299. They (minus Lin) did not want to win the game….I guess

  300. It’s always excuses, he can’t shoot well because he’s too fatigued from playing too much, he can’t shoot well because he’s rusty from resting too much. How about he’s too old and can’t shoot like he used to?

  301. Or simply just he can not shoot….consistently….period? LOL

  302. Did the luggage strike again? When will people learn?

  303. May be BS is a hater who hates Kobe and Price so he is trying to play them to the ground… OK I am losing my mind… again

  304. LMAO

  305. And the “best” excuse of all: Kobe’s the only one on the team with talent. So he has to “carry the load” and the defenses all focus on him. So all of his teammates are the problem.

  306. Hey BS, you can now play Ronnie for 48 min tomorrow…. the Lakers’ defence will be SOLID!

  307. .@Mike_Bresnahan Its Jan 14th, and they are nowhere near playoff contention. Someone tell Byron to get a clue.— Haralabos Voulgaris (@haralabob) January 14, 2015

  308. Enticing you with the steak (ie, Lin) but selling you only
    the sizzle. It’s the American way!

  309. Lol, but 5-6 “consecutive games” would take Kobe like 2 months plus the AS break. And they’re even talking about “shutting Kobe down” in Feb so that he’s “fresh for next season.” Little do they realize that if he only lasted 25 games this season, he will be lucky to last 10 next season. Just long enough to block any FAs from joining and to screw up a whole additional season.

  310. IC, was not pay attention to the question. Thanks

  311. I think so … He must have had the backing or comforting words from FO.
    I’m definitely thinking Kupchak knowing 1 picture when he talked to Jeremy post-practice when Lin was practicing shooting (1 month ago?)

  312. After 26 minutes on the court, Kobe was 666: points,assists,rebounds (and only 6 minutes left to play in his 32 minute limit.) Even though he was 1-10 shooting, some journalist tweeted: “Kobe on triple double alert!” I thought he was making fun of Kobe. But now I’m not sure.

  313. yeah, that bit about preserving Kobe for next season came from Byron/Kobe camp.

    FO might make plans to “force” Kobe to shut down or retire soon if he keeps embarrassing himself out there. They’ll think of a graceful exit but who knows when and how it will be spun.

    I’m thinking real soon, just don’t know when. We’ll be patient to watch “The Chronicles of Chronos vs Kobe” =)

  314. Either Ireland didn’t check the boxsheet or he assumed Lin played badly. Jeremy clearly showed he disagreed with him lumping him to have bad shots.

    “Not the worst offender” was also questionable on his part. He probably didn’t think Lin would refute it strongly.

    Good for Lin to state his case and talked about the team to save Ireland’s face =)

  315. I think Ireland is the voice announcer for the radio. so he should’ve known.

  316. 50% of you don’t count the buzzer hail mary that he’s required to try.

  317. Good point. No real indication that FO would agree. Just BS/Kobe talking to the media.

    I guess I put too much faith in my own prophecies that Kobe would have to retire by game 40 and Lin would be starting with a coach who wants to win by the Suns game 🙁 Only 2 games left and Kobe probably won’t play either one. My prophecies are predicated on Kobe actually retiring. Not getting shut-down, shrink-wrapped and unpackaged again next season.

  318. picks are a crap shoot. Look how long it took for John Wall to make a difference. You know, the Whitesides and TBlacks of the world are there but you cannot count on it.

  319. Agree on style of win. LAL puts Byron and Kobe at that point for many games now. Kobe/BSc style has lost just about every one of them. IIRC, won only one or 2 close games like this. LAL needs to run downhill to garbage time because they need to start winning lots! That means Lin >30mins as we know. Maybe …

  320. Bob Garcia just confirmed what we know that Byron likes what Price brings while “tinkering” with rotation. And Boozer/Lin future are not in LA as season goes on.



  321. “Scott likes what Price brings.” What did he bring last night? I did not see any…
    32 min playing time for … ZERO point, 3 assists, 2 steals, 2 TO, shooting 0-4
    Again, what did Price bring last night, Byron?

  322. So sit him down. The $ for you and him are both sunk costs. Just do your job, bro.

  323. Probably how reporters are turned off by the Lin fans. And in extension, Lin.

  324. I really think Lin’s fans should stop to ask the question like this bc if they could talk about this issue they would do it.

  325. You know it’s hopeless when even Jeremy stops talking about playoffs.

  326. The players minutes should be determined by his fitness and situation of the game and his performance in that game. You can’t cast the minutes in stone. Purely illogical. Anw for KB anything goes!

  327. Ireland is a Lin hater. Heard him on talk show with Michel Thompson.

  328. Haralabos Voulgaris
    Abbreviating Byron Scott as BS seems appropriate.

  329. To kill a snake quickly you must strike its head. LAL is Definitely tanking.

  330. Either Mitch is the biggest lair or Scott has made this up.

  331. Byron is embarrassing Price. Price is just a pawn…like PBev in Houston.

  332. Jeremy is too nice letting reporters talk like this. Once I’d wish he’d do a Westbrook and put them in their place:


  333. the situation is really fluid as Kobe/BS tries to figure out the next step.
    They could shut him down in 1 game or 5-10 games for next season, etc.
    so keep prophecy fluid =) go with the flow

    Interestingly, Bob Garcia (reporter) also said it’s a fluid situation so that’s a hint for us to stay tuned

    Best case is Kobe will shut down for the season soon then Lin will be allowed to star. If not, get traded next will be good.

  334. hm, I wonder if he’s intentional then to lump Lin into the “benched for poor shooting” reason

  335. Bob Garcia kindly gave us his insights of Lin current situation.

    He just gave us hints of the “fluid” situation regarding Lin’s min.
    I think he’s trying to say to stay tuned since Lin’s min can change when Kobe decides to shut it down for the season.

    Bob is a good dude!


  336. I’m glad I missed the game. So next game Lin for 12 minutes? At least our guy will not be injured…

  337. I hope so….that is the NUMBER ONE thing

  338. In that case I wish he will just play the entire 1st and then benched for the rest so I can sleep early.

  339. LOL

  340. Lol I approve

  341. Yeah I never admit a prophecy is wrong while there is still hope. It’s just that this shutting down instead of retiring idea has thrown me a curve-ball.

  342. Agreed. Lin has been sounding short of uncertainty and anxiety from the unfair treatment. If he is offered a decent starting PG contract in the off season, not even BS dares to continue the BS, if he is not given the MDA treatment by then.

  343. Instead of typical BS answer about preserving Kobe for next year, this is what Scott should have said:

    “Kobe’s making 23.5m this year, he wants to play, fans want to see him, not sure why we’d need to rest him in the twilight of his career"— Haralabos Voulgaris (@haralabob) January 14, 2015

  344. about lin minutes. scott loves price so it won’t get better. maybe worse unless the scrub gets in foul trouble

  345. The thing Lin knows is that God is in control. He trust God, so he stays calm.

  346. Lin had a really good game despite the limited minutes. He had 3 plays where he could score on a layup or close shot but elected to pass to Boozer/Young who blew the layup. so Lin could have easily has 13 pts or 6-7 assists had Boozer/Young made their layups.

  347. I just helped Bob Garcia to learn that @NBAStats proved Lin is a better defender than Price. so what Scott said about Price a better defender is incorrect.
    He made Opp FG% lower in almost all zones so he made his opponent miss more than Price does.
    (except minor 1% in Restricted Area & Above-the-Break zones)
    Hopefully, he knows that by now



  348. JLin should’ve said he only had 16 minutes but shot well with the limited amount of shots he had.

  349. I had to chuckle at the “Michael Jordan” tweet. Using the Twitter “verified logo” as his profile pic is ingenious, had me for a second. LOL

  350. Did Bob reply? If not, then you only “showed” him that stats proved Lin is a better defender. He didn’t “learn” it. =)

  351. I am sure MJ has a better things to do like running his NBA team than tweet about Lin, especially when Lin doesn’t play for Charlotte. 🙂

  352. nah, I have sources that tell me MJ is a regular poster in this forum under an alias.

  353. I have sources telling me that BS posts here also.

  354. And that be you.

  355. Bob is not against Lin starting. He correctly pointed out it’s Byron’s perspective keeping Lin on the bench.

    I thanked him 4 taking time chatting with some frustrated Lin fans. He’s a good guy!



  356. yeah.. I had the same thought of the smart illusion =)
    It’s a little too big, though LOL

  357. I posted the reply. Said he’s not against Lin’s starting. So good to know (even w/o stats) that he thinks Lin should start. Now he’s more equipped with stats to “inform” his fellow reporters… *muahahaha* =)

  358. The greater volume of shots that Lin challenges should also be in the discussion, I feel

  359. it can be interesting for sure. I just want to get straight to the point and focused to obliterate the myth =)

    @JAD2456 was good to find the stats first! Kudos to him

  360. nice!

  361. Lin has to be on that Lebron-kobe-KD level to even come across MJ’s mind

  362. I am learning from Lin : Take control for only those things you can.

  363. No, I am Kobe.

  364. It was clear that Lakers would not make playoff from the beginning of the season, so it’s not even a news.

  365. Any sports writer would be laughed at — rightly so — for saying Price should start over Lin. I think even CF posters who don’t like Lin say that Price shouldn’t start over Lin.

  366. Please retire already. Hmm?

  367. Yes bs loves Jlin so much that he will DNP-CD Jlin to keep him from injury….. yes that’s it.

  368. Why should I when I am making $25 Million till next year. I am gonna sit tight and chuck all day because I earned the right to do that.

  369. You’ll still get your money but you just don’t have to humiliate yourself anymore.

  370. I am thick-skinned as they come. You can just worry about your boy.

  371. Well Mr. Mamba, it was real sweet of you to take time off from your busy schedule and give this exclusive interview to JLin Portal.

  372. Yeah, I am generous with my time.

  373. My off the wall theory on bs regarding Jlin minute’s. .. bs is actually love Jlin so much that he is working to DNP-CD Jlin to keep him from injury. Or at least what bs will claim when he DNP-CD Jlin.

  374. that would indirectly say he hates Kobe so much that he played him 37+ min :]
    That’ll be a career suicide for BScott for sure

  375. McHale and BS are two coaches who are inflexible and almost never adapt during games. I really don’t think they are students of BB game. At least, McHale has a pedigree of having been a great player and a HOF. I loved McHale as a BB player, while BS was decent to pretty good as a player.


  376. so even Lin-haters hates Price more 🙂
    or they’re just not blind

    idk who Byron is trying to fool to think Price can be better than Lin, even the defense. He’s got to know this is his last HC job in the NBA by now

  377. Every time Kobe sits out a game it’s because he knows he would play at least as bad as he did last night. So you may think Kobe had only 1 or 2 horrible games. But the truth is, if Kobe didn’t sit out the last 6 of 12 games, he would already have 8 horrendous games. And now every time Kobe sits out, he doesn’t even come to the game and he doesn’t speak to the media the whole time he is “resting.” After his last two terrible games, Kobe did sit for post-game interviews, but he was nothing like his usual “piss on the hydrant” self. He comes off as nervous as he speaks in a low voice, fidgets with parts of his face, and gives incoherent answers. I also read that some Lakers fans were booing last night. So I’m still hopeful that Kobe will feel compelled to retire real soon.

    Kobe Bryant had the 4th-worst shooting game of his career, going 3-19 (15.8%). (minimum 15 shot attempts)— ESPN Stats & Info (@ESPNStatsInfo) January 14, 2015

  378. LOL Kobe Brentyen won’t be happy you hijacked his interview

  379. yup, he would gain more respect this way

  380. Now that we know BS loves RP games so much that we won’t see much of JLin games unless RP gets hurt. Do I wish for an injury to RP??? I’m in two-mind on this. I really would like KB retires for his own good. BS is still delusional about KB’s chronos and nonexistence play issues. KB literally can’t compete anymore in today’s NBA games unless Lakers wants to tank for the next 2 seasons. He and BS definitely become laughing stocks the more we hear about their delusional talks. Want to see how deep BS and KB sink the titanic and how deep they dig the hole–big enough to bring all Lakers owners, FO and the whole team down and bury it for good. Hope and pray JLin is out before they bury everyone.

  381. No need to compromise your morals. If Price were not available, Kobe/BS would find some other scrub to keep Lin from looking good. Or they would start Clarkson. As BS would say, we need to concern ourselves only with the head of the snake: Kobe needs to do what’s best for everyone and retire.

  382. FYI…this regular-person MJ guy tweeted before, saying he followed Lin since his Harvard years.

  383. good stuff. Yes, Byron and McHale were good and great players.
    Too bad they can’t coach well enough for championships.

    I think they live in the 80s and never adapt to modern NBA basketball judging from their playoff records. BScott just got lucky with JKidd once

  384. Bob Garcia “Scott likes what Price brings.”

    I guess BS loves bagels very much.

  385. I am sure BS tells him he still has a nearly full tank of gas, he needs him to play (so that he can still have the job). LOL, BS is killing KB fans really fast.

  386. Exactly. Not matter what Lin does, as long as BS is there, Lin will stick to the bench closed to DNP-KD (Kobe Decision)

  387. Lin will be the 9th option even if Price is out. Everybody will move up except Lin until there is no one left.

  388. Ya’ know, @webattorney:disqus brought up a good point about Byron Scott and McHale being good to great players. We know they’re poor coaches who can’t adapt well in-games. It made me think of what could be common between them that they disliked Lin’s brand of basketball?

    The common thread seems to be they relied on athleticism and brawn to succeed as a player in the 80s. They probably couldn’t relate to JLin’s brainy brand of basketball in terms of probing the defense until they show their weakness. (D’Antoni can appreciate it well being brainy/speedy guard)

    When they saw Lin dribbling around to probe defense ala Nash, they only thought Lin’s not decisive, athletic or brawny enough. But their brains are simply not wired to understand Lin’s probing defense and used his quickness to break down D.

    Yes, Lin’s style and decision-making are not as efficient as Nash’s yet but it proved to be more a winning brand of basketball than BScott’s outdated system and McHale’s slow in-game adjustment.

    So I concude it’s a clash of style (Lin’s BRAINY and SPEEDY ball vs Byron’s Athleticism vs McHale’s Brawny Muscle). Perhaps we shouldn’t feel too bad that Byron and McHale are not brainy enough to appreciate Lin’s beautiful brand of basketball =)

  389. Just a reminder that time is running out to participate in the JLinPortal fundraiser… Just made my donation and forwarded my email receipt. 🙂
    Then had a thought- what if Jeremy gets traded before the game in Phoenix? Hmm-mixed feelings?

  390. I just don’t see it that way. I think if BS could actually control Kobe’s minutes, he would have played him only 20-25 minutes throughout the season trying to keep his lifeline healthy. Just writing this makes it even more clear to me that Kobe always has and always will control not only his own minutes, but precisely when he enters and leaves the game. BS’s long emotional rant about how sorry he is about playing Kobe too many minutes is pure BS. Kobe probably thinks it’s a good ending to his documentary: poor innocent Kobe could have gone on to play another 10 years if not for the mismanagement by a greedy coach who just wanted to win even at the cost of Kobe’s health.

  391. Let’s not ever wish injury to any players. People and health are definitely more important than basketball

    But what usually happens in a logical consequence of bad decisions. Price is an OK backup but Byron is actually endangering Price’s health by overplaying him since Price has limited ability but trying to overcompensate the unjustified minutes by gambling for risky defense (i.e. getting elbowed, risky steals, etc.)

    If anything, Byron is responsible for BOTH Kobe’s injuries and Price’s recent injuries!

    Note: I feel like I’m channeling @Khuang when saying this LOL

  392. Agree. Mostly JLin steals the limelight from the franchise players.

  393. Hm another conclusion is most Lin fans must’ve been BRAINY enough to appreciate Lin’s brand of basketball!

  394. Hopefully he will be traded to the Suns 🙂

  395. I hope BS will continue digging the hole deeper by playing Kobe and Price 30 min plus. Their bodies won’t last.

  396. yup, it’s not coincidence that Melo, Harden and Kobe felt threatened by the impact of Linsanity-team basketball and trying to run him out of town.

  397. Hahaha-awesome!
    Honestly don’t know what to wish for anymore when it comes to his career… Just when you think things are about to get better they seem to get worse. Trusting all his hard work will eventually pay off and we’ll be glad we hung in there as Lin fans. 🙂

  398. Not sure if PJ is interested in swapping Melo for JLin. NYK and LAL season is already over so the FO can start evaluating this option.

  399. hm… Thank You for your support!

    If Lin got traded, I guess I’d have to reschedule giving the card when his new team comes to visit!

    OTOH Jeremiah won’t be happy since he’s flying in =)

  400. He should be interested in getting rid of Melo and his huge contract any way he can. And the Lakers did want Melo. I guess people think Dolan wouldn’t agree.

  401. Not planning to wish anyone injure but because of what happens, the nature of games… sooner or later injuries will happen to RP, KB and others. It’s the only wish part of it happens sooner rather than later. Can see that even with KB’s unable to play, JLin isn’t going to get minutes unless RP injures. That’s when I prefer KB retires before the end career injury happens to KB. Then we can see the end of BS career as well. Hopefully the norm of NBA will begin in Lakers. At the moment, Lakers is so dysfunctional that it baffles everyone.

  402. I really believe that we will see Linsanity again. In fact I’m sure we will as soon as he gets on a team with a rational coach.

  403. LOL I like this part. We are more brainy than those brainless TWO:-)

  404. See my post just below. I’d be doubly happy provided he passes the physical in time to play.

  405. Bagels and fried chicken? Eggroll ? Send some eggrolls to BS.
    I heard you are what you eat.

  406. I feel that BS is in the wrong business.

    While the man may never get another NBA coaching job after Kobe shuts dow (or the Lakers FO fires him), he should have a HOF career as track & field coach. After all, all he did during the Lakers preseason was to make the players run until they’re out of breath.

  407. I hope the fans at the Staple Center start booing and making noise. They should be chanting “fire Scott, fire Scott”

  408. CLE PreGame Thread+Poll is open!

    Will Kobe rest again?

    Will Jeremy get fewer minutes than 16 min?

    I think Kobe will rest and Jeremy can play more minutes as Byron realizes Kobe’s health is worsening for his image if he plays. Plus he needs to prepare to feature Lin if Kobe shut it down for the season. But noone knows for sure so we have to wait and see. It’s good to know LA Media knows Lin should have started.

    Everyone is just waiting to see what happens to Kobe.

  409. yup.. people are just laughing at the Kobe losing show but LA FO and coaches are afraid to act. Just waiting for Kobe to pull the plug

  410. Ha! No, I can’t take the credit for finding the stats first because I didn’t.
    From Bill Mcintyre’s tweet, I got into a Reddit page, and I saw people there posted the stats links and discussed about it. However, I did make a table to make a comparison and tweeted it. I would thank Bill for leading me to that site.

  411. Fool BS himself

  412. I guess it’s his way of saying he’s ready to be the patsy and take all the blame from fans and media if and when kobe breaks down so long as he gets paid handsomely for it (not lower than 12M).

  413. Ramona Shelburne already said he’s not part of LAL’s future a long time ago. Another reporter (Ireland?) also said it. I’ve already accepted this as truth.

  414. Jeremy probably knows by now who are the members of LA media who like to dis him, and has ready retort for them.

  415. All 3 guys have one common denominator: God.

  416. Cool! Btw how did i get the ave Opp FG%? I didnt see that on nba. Stats option

    I should thank Bill! And u since i just saw yours 🙂

  417. Bring the paper bags out … ala Madison Square Garden

  418. I was kinda confused as well when Stu was talking about how Lin was dribbling too long yesterday on 1 sequence. I thought well, Lin is trying to find the weakness in the defense. His teammates really need to get to some open spot to get some easy offense.

  419. Yup

  420. I think it’s more the illegal defense thing.

    Both Scott and McHale played with probing players (Magic and Bird and DJ). And Lin was more athletic than any of those guys that Scott or McHale played with.

    Anytime you have an 80s coach who’s still stuck in the illegal defense era, they hate Lin mainly because an Asian would have never been allowed on the court in that era. But they also hate Lin’s unwillingness to play strict man to man defense even though Lin’s one man zone defense is tighter than any single player’s man to man defense in today’s NBA. They also hate Lin’s reading of modern day defenses, as Lin appears hesitant and overthinking to them.

    Most Lin hating trolls feel the same way about Lin’s seeming lack of decisiveness as McHale and Scott do. The trolls think that the game is still played with technical fouls every time a zone is played.

  421. and its so appalling that BS should be the coach of all Players, but his actions only caters to some!

  422. nice harmony!

  423. Heard it well and ireland was a bit defensive after jeremy thrown him with his stats…also believed that Ireland thought that jeremy will be so kind that he will not refute his question during, but to his bewilderment, Jlin shoved it to his face!!! har har har!!!

  424. yup, I always get the same sense of them putting down Lin’s “hesitation” while they can’t understand Lin’s trying to read the defense and waiting for an opening.

    You’re probably right that they’d prefer the strict man-to-man defense and hate zone defense =) Living the glory days of the 80s

  425. Stu was also intentionally trying to find any angle to criticize Lin.
    Another theory is I suspect Lin didn’t see him one time at a mall to say hi to him and he’s mad since then 😀

  426. No it’s not. It’s a great shot! Yeah it can take time for a first rounder to get better sometimes but chances for success are better for the future. That’s the point! They are preparing for the road after Bryant. Plus if they get a better player, plus make the right moves, Lakers could do better, and Bryant would at least go out on a better note than this season.

  427. I thought someone her said it’s a 2/3 chance Rookies don’t work out? Don’t know about first rounders, but I’ve ready it’s a crap shoot. Look at Wiggins … not really producing. But then again, I saw AD play at GSW that first year, and he looked lost out there. Way better now.

  428. I think he will soon. Just like Wall. Yeah it can be a hit or miss but your chances are just better if you are able to pick the best player during draft. Pretty much why crappy rebuilding teams wanna tank. Even if Lakers ain’t tryna tank, they won’t go very far. So they thinking why the heck not. It’s obvious to me that’s what they’re doing right now.

  429. If BS wanted to feature Lin he would’ve done it long ago instead of starting Price and all these scrubs! But I’m sure if Hill gets benched for Black he’d be very glad cause his stats will go back up again LOL. Then Black would be like “can I have my bench role back”.

  430. Heard Stu’s mad cause JLin fans said he’s better than Kobe on twitter and of course he has to protect his own people.

  431. the other side are the loss in ratings and the market cap of the team. The Busses are no selling, so that’s ok. I’m just wondering if anyone knows the rev share based on ratings, and how many years of bad TV ratings does it affect the owners. Also, if they get on TV for a holiday, for instance, how that affects income. To me, generally, it makes no sense to tank. Look how theoretically strong Rox were last year, with trade moves. And, look how badly they dropped the potential due to bad coaching, team management. That’s the key, not any indiv stars. Who knows …

  432. really? did you read it somewhere?

    That would definitely question his professionalism if a large fanbase cloud his judgment of how a player plays. He shouldn’t be announcing to allow personal bias sabotage his job.

  433. Didn’t you attach the link for us to verify it in you tweet? I didn’t know how to get it either until you provided the stats link. Ok, under stats/nba.com, then Player Stats, Sortable Player Stats, Opponent Shooting. You can choose criteria by clicking the gear icon on the Blue title to filter your data. Instead of 5ft range, choose “by zone”.

    You’re welcome! Then I should thank again you for starting this wonderful site for us. I think I did it in the beginning when I first posted here.

  434. I did.. I just couldn’t find the “Average FG% by Opp” to see the diff when they’re defended by Price and Lin. I thought it’s a different option or link

    You’re welcome 🙂 We’re all simply trying to do the right things

  435. Sorry, I misread your question!

    Choose a player first then Tracking, Defense Dashboard, the second column from the right is the Average FG% by Opp.

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