G39 MIA @ LAL Game Thread

Will Jeremy continue his aggressiveness to score so Byron would have to give him more than 19 min to close the 4th quarter?

Will Kobe play?

Let’s keep smiling and play your heart out, JLin!

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  1. Go JLin! Play well; stay healthy; have fun!

  2. Second! (pun)

  3. speedy!

  4. LOL Just refreshed and saw the new thread:-)

  5. Again, Gals rules!

  6. During Kobe’s absence the Djangos have rised from 30th place in points allowed to 29th.

  7. Would trading BS to a different team result in the Josh Smith effect for the Lakers team? 😉

  8. Yes, an alternate reality.

  9. Kobe is back, I am afraid I might have to watch an ugly game….

  10. No worries, probably not much of a game, just some bad theatrical play between “father and son”.

  11. Baxter HolmesVerified account
    Byron also hard capped Kobe’s minutes at 32, which Byron said he wouldn’t break even if the Lakers are in overtime.

  12. As of now, it looks like he’ll sit out the game against the Jazz.


  13. It really depends on which player he plans to kiss.

  14. 32? Hahahahaha

  15. keeping my fingers crossed…with closed eyes

  16. Is BS KB’s agent ?

  17. lol, maybe he is trying to have a backup job, in the event coaching is not available

  18. Lin in early then

  19. U mean out?

  20. atlanta sat up 3/5th of their starting lineup 2nite and still obliterated the philadelphia tankers.

    ” It is not a good thing for the NBA when a one team can intentionally field their B-Team yet still utterly demolish another team’s best players.” –fan comment.


  21. gals always rule.

  22. I think it’s time for Batman to come and put BS into Arkham Assylum… Dude is exhibiting symptoms of insanity and tendency of becoming a sociopath for destruction.

  23. We definately need coach Anzai….

  24. wow mo williams gets a start tonite for minn and puts up 42! (make that 45!!!)–off the top of my head i had i think williams as the only non-starting guard with better #s than lin for the year. (and wasnt lin at williams camp pre-season?)–

    shows what a “back-up” point guard can do.

  25. In
    cuz Kobe will handle the ball more
    ronnie becomes redundant

  26. He was an all star…right?

  27. Hope Kobe has another 2-12 game an awful game
    this time he will seriously consider shutting down or even retiring
    but at the same time
    as a bball fan growing up watching kobe go at it against Iverson, Vinsainity and all
    It makes me sad to see him go like this already lost a Nash now kobe its not fun tbh

  28. Mo is a decent PG
    he was only coming off the bench now cuz hes old
    he used to be a good starting pg

  29. 2008 2009 i think. probably with cleveland. had about 3 or 4 really good years with milw? and cleveland.

  30. Hmmm…who else fits this profile? 😉

  31. oh and zach lavine is gone lol

  32. lol Lin aint old

  33. His sole purpose was to troll the Lakers that one game. 🙂

  34. Shahan Ahmed followed you

    This guy is a NCLA Laker reporter

  35. Go Lin:
    23 mins
    Want FTs, if so … 19 pts hehe.

  36. actually not looking at age but as i was saying i beleive without looking it up that williams and lins #s are pretty similar this year. and probably the top 2 non-starting pg’s in the league.

  37. easy, just boxscore the Kobe parts …

  38. I meant Kobe. Used to be good and now old, should come off bench.

  39. I like to follow the flow tho…..lin is not playing enough minutes to allow me doing that..

  40. luv it

  41. mo has more mins and plays set for him

  42. you are happy with only 23 minuters? look what Scott have done to us 🙁

  43. used to be GREAT but selfish and still selfish
    he needs to retire but Kobe cant come off the bench his pride wont allow that

  44. id prefer 18pts 4a 4r 1stl in 20mins

  45. lol

  46. holy batman old mo going for 50 tonite to break the minn losing streak.

    shows you what a backup point guard can do.

    32 year old williams playing 44 minutes.

    (lin be lucky to get half that)

  47. 21 is his avg, so yeah, I am just going for efficiency. Might as well have fun while The Picture of Dorian Gray is playing at the theatre.

  48. actually yeah 23 is the new 32

  49. whatever works … well in band so we should get it.

  50. Kobe back means the end of 1st and 3rd q will be no stat time for lin theoretically…..I think lin can do better to use those time now…let see what happens…

  51. there is no reason what so ever that Price should gets more playing time than Lin, BS being BS..

  52. Just wanted to say hi to all. I haven’t posted here yet , but i come here for a little inspiration when things are getting rough at the other site ( the one where most of us first met). Don’t know what i am praying for these days. I really want Lin off this team, but fear he may land in an even worse situation. Who would have ever though things could be worse than Houston and yet here we are. I just wish Lin the best. Hope he plays HIS game and is happy!

  53. Welcome rose….long time no see

  54. Mia is a joke Lin will get it done tn

  55. I am not religious…but I would pray for lin to have more joy….

  56. Or joint Steve Nash on the golf course.

  57. weve been over this…nothing we can do just work with what we have lol

  58. Thanks, Brent. Nice site, bravo!

  59. hope u and ur husband enjoyed the game you attended

  60. um, well, like I said, I’m just gonna have fun like the SwaggyP-Lin-Weezy interview. If they can make fun of the situation, I’m not gonna keep obsessing over the same thing every game. Just wanna see some fun, like:

    – Lin at the top end of his games as allowed. How about a Dunk? 2-footed Dunk?
    – SwaggyP hitting a few 3s AND passing back to Lin (since they made fun of him being for not passing back, in that interview and he laugh at himself too)
    – more Tarik Black living up to his bada$$ name

  61. then 21pts!

  62. I bet Scott wants to ride on Price 24/7 if possible, Lin gets less nad less muntes with the season goes on, now he enter the game at 2:30 mark of first and third qt, and out at 7:00 mark of second qt and 6:00 mark of fourth, doesn’t matter how he does..

  63. OMG, it was AMAZING!!!!!!!! The kids had a blast too. JLin played a little catch with my little one 🙂 .Anyway, Lin was on fiya, 20 pts., who wouldn’t have had a ball!

  64. hey sister! Good to see you here.

    We’re here supporting Lin. Lately ppl have been a bit down talking about Kobe coping, but hey … Lin is now a SwaggyD(uck) and let’s see some struttin’ tonight!

  65. Duck Face, 3s goggles, and how about a dunk tonight?

  66. Welcome Rose, good to see you here.

  67. hee her Thanks bro. Gotta luv that duck face after that 3 pt make. Quack quack tonight, i hope!

  68. they are really a bad team, 1-8 without LeBron, eventhough they still have both Drew & Love..

  69. Thanks! There is only so much bickering one can take over there 🙂

  70. Welcome Rose…Hope JLin has a blast today!

  71. You lucked out on the pts that night. Good timing! Hey, I have a q … they say that players don’t sign autographs but I always see Lin signing on tweets. Is he doing that at court side, or when he comes in the tunnel, etc.? He must be one of the nicest guys if he’s signing before games during warmup.

  72. you are one strong gal! most of us here gave up long ago 🙂

  73. YESSS im happy for you rose!! ahaha (even though i dont know u just as a fellow Lin fan)
    ahaha you must have had a decent seat to play catch w/ lin lol

  74. Yeah, I’m in a mission for SwaggyP to be really swaggy by passing back to Lin, and for Lin to become the SwaggyD. That would really loosen up the team for some great runs!

  75. 100pts

  76. *clap* *clap* seconded

  77. Because you gals are more stubborn by far, remembers every little thing we did wrong and reminding us to no end.

  78. well … how many mins did Mo get tonight?

  79. who’s “drew”?

  80. Irving

  81. its okay
    Lin still getting it done and hes playing more relaxed now
    trust me if he keeps this up 11pt-4.5a-3r-1stl in 15-20 mins
    he will get paid next year

  82. LeBron left Cleveland for a reason. Guess that reason is still there.

  83. 44

  84. He doesn’t usually interact with fans before games. He is really focused. Except before his first return to MSG when we were there and the press was all over my kids and Lin because we were all in his gear. He took pics and signed bed the game. Usually he will say hi afterward . The LA game was unusual. he was smiling and very relaxed . I think he finally said wtf, nothing is changing here so he was chill. He played a little catch with my boy during shoot around

  85. My prayer is that he plays with joy, has fun, and could smile at the end of the game. So far this year God has been answering my prayers.

  86. wait you know Lin?

  87. Her cute kiddos played with Lin….LOL on the court side..

  88. Only LeBron knows how to win. The other two “stars” are good for show and stats.

  89. Yeah, but for me bcuz West coast is dinner, I give up on the price/kobe mins so I can be a good Family Guy hehe. You’re right about the flow tho … watching the whole game is important to get the context of Lin’s great play (or not less so) … you can almost feel it sometimes, the potential for him to win the game at-will.

  90. Welcome, Rose! =)
    Glad you can visit us here. I saw your report on the recent game in LA. Glad JLin had fun with your kids and passed the ball around.

    It’s okay … JLin has been smiling a lot in 2015 and his plays have improved much!
    Check out the Monthly split showing JLin’s improvement (79% on PTS from Dec-Jan)

    So just pray that JLin keeps his SMILES in 2015 and gives his best.
    We don’t know what tomorrow holds but we know who holds tomorrow! =}

  91. Just like Lakers… so this Princeton O system it’s bad?!

  92. Wow, how cool is that. Hope you got cell phone vid. Imagine your sons going to college and high fiving lin a couple of times a season. I’d love to see that, you with no-gray too haha.

  93. yeah and he could still hit his 3s!!!

  94. wow … in our dreams I guess.

  95. Thanks for the info Psalm! 🙂 I will report here when I attend Lakers/ Knicks and Nets soon. 🙂 (that is if Lin is still with the Lakes )

  96. I might be wrong, but I think with the latest media blip, that they are trying to preserve kobe until next season, I don’t think the Lakers will make any moves because I don’t have anything to bargain with. I think that the Lakers biggest gain out of the season which they didn’t expect was that they have one of the best benches in the NBA. I think that they might want to keep them together as part of the rebuild plan. They won’t have have time to build a contending unit with Kobe on the books until next season. I think if they keep the 2nd unit together, that half their rebuild will complete and it also gives them a chance to evaluate lin as a starter because he he shown himself with the 2nd unit as leader, then it will be easy to slide him into the starting position when kobe leaves. Then again they might have lin on the reading block, who knows. I know for one thing this team is in a downward spiral motion with scott at the helm, and I think the F/O knows doesn’t know quite what to do. Just some thoughts.

  97. kevin love being lazy
    he only wants to pad his stats

  98. me toooooooo!

  99. if I remember correctly, JLin always had great games when you watched in NY :]
    Wow, you must have the right timing on JLin’s good games.

    Hey, maybe playing with your kids bring good mood and smiles to JLin!
    We just need to organize kids so JLin will play around with them, smile and play well in games LOL

  100. Lin only gets half of thaat in my dreams ;(

  101. Ha ha. No vid but pics 🙂 and NO GREY ! Ever hear of hair dye? Hee hee. Don’t need it yet, though.

  102. Yes, but who can take over for Lin? Guess you can always get someone. ABrooks I like he’s doing well.

  103. Thats a good idea, more games for Rose and family!

  104. haha.. make sure your tickets are flexible. You can always resell in stubhub if not
    Today we heard Pacers rumors from Pacers reporter so there’s a small possibility

  105. Don’t really know him but he sees my kids and me at a bunch of games and says hi 🙂 We are BIG fans, we follow him around a bit. He is a great inspiration for my little guys

  106. except, maybe during FTs…lol

  107. If Rose can’t attend games, JLin’s team need to organize kids to come every game. hehe

  108. YES! We have brought him great mojo, or he gave us a great gift and blessing, depends how you look at it 🙂

  109. Well, the it’ll be a fine sight indeed in 10 years, with your kids 6’2″ and all no-grey! Hmm … let’s cheer for Lin being as storied as Duncan.

  110. exactly.. I cringed when he smiled during FTs LOL

  111. That’s why Lebron was smart to have the opt-out clause after 1st year! At this rate he’s so not staying in Cleveland after this season!

  112. Any NY or Brooklyn games we’ll be there, and occasionally a few out of town games 🙂

  113. yeah…whatsup with that?

  114. Yes! Well you know i did make that despicable JLin with Hotties page in Houston! So embarrassing. Someone took my pic with my kids and Lin and posted it there! ugh

  115. damn thats dedication! keep it upp

  116. That’s what Medina’s article reported that they will manage Kobe’s health this season so he can play well next season.
    Perhaps some damage has been done so they’ll limit him now.

    Everyone in FO and coaches should be on Kobe watch to see how his health fares.
    BScott and coaches would definitely want to extend Kobe’s PT to next year since their jobs will be at risk if he doesn’t

    Things must be in limbo at the moment. Just watching Kobe armwrestle with Chronos.

  117. The FO miscalculated 1. TV ratings keep going down with Kobe returning; 2. Kobe couldn’t stand Lin playing beside him after a few practices, ruining any hope of retaining or attracting free agents.

  118. just losing focus by changing FT ritual, I think

  119. I dont like him. He’s a Kobe fan and admires the so called “experienced”snake head’s O and D over Lin. lol I unfollowed him when he implied Kobe’s turnovers due to Lin’s incompetence to run the offense.

  120. #MutualMojo sounds good to me! ;]

  121. but why the smile?

  122. Well. Some of the comments there went south, but because it’s Lin, a lot of the pics are wholesome. Hope your family’s biz continues to go great so you can continue to see your kids grow with Lin. He’s going to be the boss on a team sometime! Linsanity will come again, if not just for the glory of sports with some other guy. I’m hoping it’s Lin.

  123. That’s what I thought… I hope Kobe can retire ASAP.

  124. I think they want to keep lin also for his marketability. Lin is a very smart businessman. I think Lin brings more than just basketaball. Lin helped to design headphones for the Laker players with the Lakers logo. That has not been done before. Lin probably has a patent on them and i bet the Lakers want to buy them from lin to sell in the Lakers store along with the other Laker products. We will see if headphones appear in the Laker stores. I would bet they are being tested in the Asian market overseas right now.

  125. smart, and all these industrious Chinese manufacturers ready to pitch products to him lol. He did get the Linsanity trademark,a nd I hope he gets to use it sometime for his life’s work.

  126. Both Kevin Love and Kyrie Irving are overrated stars doesn’t help that they are using Princeton offense lol.

  127. They are shared company seats and we are lucky to get them. It is a true blessing , especially so that my kids can meet the player that most inspires them face to face 🙂

  128. lebron james, kevin love and kyrie irving and j.r. smith is leading clev. in scoring; as they are losing badly at half to phnx. 11 turnovers for clev. and phnx shooting 60%. clev. d seems as nonexistent as the lakers.

  129. Al Horford triple double in 29 minutes! 10reb, 10ast, 21pts.

  130. Just really enjoying Justin Holiday’s story this year. They interviewed him on local TV this past Sunday night for the late night sports wrap. He’s Jrue’s older bro, and he said how hard he just tries to work and how Jrue gave him encouragement. He was the last guy to make GSW after bumping around the league and playing in Europe. He’s married and seems like a really nice young man. He and Speights have monstered for GSW this year off the bench. Really like his story. Watch him, he’s a jr Linsanity in a sideways way. Definitely not a PBev. He earned it.

  131. JR needs to let Irving shoot

  132. Is Kobe playing? 😐

  133. Ya mun

  134. :

  135. oh, he probably wanted to bring smiles positively to all aspects of his game. Which worked for his aggressiveness and shots, except for FTs hehe..

  136. nope if u can pad stats as well as they do
    ur a star

  137. Yeah, turning NBA into a retirement show.

  138. And he shot 8-10 …wow

  139. Good for him! But did he come off the bench to equal Lin’s record? =)

  140. atlanta didn’t play most of its starters. so horford could freelance. more interesting to me is mo williams 50 point game. that is something you dont see every day.

  141. for a moment i thought its mom (mun)…lol

  142. nope…starter

  143. triple double is rare as well

  144. The thing about lin is that he being pro active in his FA. He tried it the way the NBA set up the rules. I believe he is targeting the owners who are the investors. Lin is letting them know that I am not just some dumb athlete waiting around for the NBA to decide my destiny tract, but this is what I have to offer from the business side of the house to make your brand a household name.

  145. ok, I guess it’s still pretty good. I like Horford’s attitude

  146. a lot more triple doubles than 32 year old part time players putting up 50. (already 15 triple doubles this season alone before horford) rondo has 3.

  147. Yay for you! Really happy you share your good situation with us. Thanks much!

  148. define yolked.

  149. Nick lol

  150. Then it’s Lacob and his crew!

  151. buff

  152. Please tell me the “yolked” he says Jeremy is means “Jeremy Lin looks buff/muscular”….

  153. To grow your body to massive porportions.

  154. I don’t mind as long as his body doesn’t look like it’s eating his head.

  155. ^i have that problem.

  156. hahahahahah

  157. lins body is lean like most ball player

  158. I like toned guys (and ladies as well). Not too muscular that they look like they’re competing for a body building contest that their heads look too small for their body. Just toned.

  159. Lean is good. Too muscular is meh for me.

  160. lol i always wonder if those body builders can hug themselves

  161. Well I bulk 3/4 of the year… Cut for the summer. It’s just my head is too small when I bulk. I’m Korean too.. we are known to have big heads.. I dunno. :

  162. Ha, ha, no.

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  164. They remind me of that Michelin mascot

  165. lol the tire guy

  166. As long as you’re proportional, that’s nice.

  167. Lol. I’m very insecure, sorry 😀

  168. Off topic before game time- anybody know anything about overclocking? lol

  169. lol I’m into body building its a very bad idea to balk 3/4 a yea. it should last no more then 3 months. also count calories and eat no more then 500 calories then your body requires

  170. Yolk the computer…?

  171. Jim is a great sports reporter for decades long.

  172. you should differentiate what bulking is- dirty vs clean. Bulking for 8months isn’t really that bad. 500 calories is a bit too much. 200-300 is enough.. depends on your body type. 2lbs/month should be max, etc.

  173. do you possess the wisdom to school me up?

  174. does it turn yellow or white?

  175. depends on the question…shoot

  176. at the most 500. yes you know your stuff. I’ve been cutting to 8 percent body fat for 4-5 months now. seeing all types of gains lol

  177. 8pct! wow….whats your weight?

  178. Horry talking about Davis should be getting more PnRs… yeah good luck with that. BS avoids playing Jeremy and Davis together like a plague.

  179. I got the new Pentium chip (anniversary).. g3258- dual core. stock rated 3.2ghz. Trying to get to 4.6 on stock cooler. Stuck at 4.5 for the past few days.
    Core – 4.5x
    Cache – 3.2x
    Vcore- 1.260v
    Vring/cache – 1.185v
    Input voltage – Auto
    C-states/EIST – disabled

    Getting MSE code from BSOD. Any tips?

  180. i started at 202 down to 174. at 11 percent right now. have to go to 167 at the lowest. eating 1500 calories a day. doing intermitted fasting where i eat for 4 hours and fast for 20 hours.

  181. Look who’s talking about yolked, Tarkl Black at 6’11”, 257 lbs and turned down NFL.
    Go Jeremy, Nick and Tarik!

  182. 8pct is ridiculous. Do you act like Ben Stiller from Dodgeball? lol

  183. lol hahaha. idk i want abs. i am big naturally. so i hold a little more fat even at 11 percent. why i have to cut to 8 percent

  184. Wow the Laker crowd is getting thinner.. or they’re just late because of traffic?

  185. Heat test the cpu.

  186. I don’t mind a little belly fat. I just care about strength. Cutting makes you weak!!! :l

  187. Possibly they’re late. That’s how it is a lot of times. But then I wouldn’t be surprised if they have less in attendance nowadays because Lakers aren’t really winning.

  188. i want aesthetics lol all i care about. could be week like a girls. as long as i look good

  189. JLin looks happy and his form and shots look great!

  190. As usual Heat is feasting on those points from TOs…

    I’d like to call this “game ovah” as early as 1Q

  191. #becausetanking

  192. No worry, coach allows him to average up.

  193. They know the game doesn’t really start until Jeremy gets in the game)

  194. Just cheer for the Heats until JLin comes in. Very ugly.

  195. LMAO down 8, Kobe chucks another miss. So glad Lin doesn’t care about this anymore and is all smiles!

  196. havent played with this processor, but according to the review should be able to get up to 4.6. Was your volt increment small enough for each step (jump)? what was the recorded temp?

    also read here

  197. lol 10-0

  198. 175 is a great a weight for mass and asthetics… gotta be around 5’8′-5’10 though.

  199. 5 min into a game with zero score. Would this a NBA record?

  200. Bad start! shots not falling

  201. Great return of Kobe LMAO.

  202. 0 for 9 got to love those starters

  203. 5’9

  204. what an embarrassment. just take them off the court already.

  205. if BScott is smart he would make adjustments now, not waiting for a 20pt diff

  206. for some reason, I thought Stu said “the Fakers looking for their 1st pt.”

  207. once i start eating regular again ill go from 167 to 173 ish.

  208. For some random reason I still don’t like Heat.

  209. another record??! LAL is all about records then…lol

  210. 12-0

  211. An ugly start.. 10-0.. ridiculous..

  212. scott does zero subs. smh

  213. wonder what is the record for most consecutive missed shots to start a game.

  214. Waiting for Jeremy to score???

  215. No tweaks on the lineup? LOL how long will BS do so? When the team is down 20-0? hahahaha

  216. BS is fine letting these guys work their way out, but Lin make 1 mistake, he’s out

  217. Ok the real “starters” are coming in…

  218. This is soooo bad. Why am I so happy?????

  219. Half of the quarter and zero score.

  220. except Jeremy. smh.

  221. Overclocking is kinda like nitro fuel injection. Need to
    know your risk/reward ratio. Hey I think Volvo is coming out with a triple
    charged 450 hp four cylinder engine! My old lady wants one, needs go shopping
    in a hurry.

  222. Freakin’ need Jeremy to play along Tarik and Boozer..OH WAIT…..

  223. sure, keep KB in

  224. Good thing Kobe is back, otherwise they might get blown out.

  225. Need Lin now hehe.

  226. LA score reflects BS’s basketball IQ.

  227. watch kobe play the ENTIRE first quarter. just watch

  228. I love the sarcasm of this post…too bad I can’t upvote 100 times.

  229. well

  230. 18:0 …still no Lin…. no win

  231. thats good portion of muscle mass. IF, yea…i hate that. I maintain at 12-15bf thru out the season. Keeps my life balanced and easy. I eat everything. could easily gulp 2-3 chick a day…lol Friends hate to travel with me, since i eat all the time

  232. LOL down 16 only gets Booz, Young, and Black in when they really need 2nd unit and Lin!

  233. nice to see changes in the lineup, but get Lin in there!

  234. lin is so deep in the dog house

  235. Whiteside much better than any Lakers big, including Tarik Black. Impressive.

  236. Beautiful! BS strategy at work…

  237. Rookie is hungrier than the vet bigs..it’s embarrassing for these vets.

  238. Are we having fun yet?

  239. Kobe should really change his BS agent, who makes him look really dumb.

  240. BS is saving Lin from having a bad +/-

  241. HEATing is fun

  242. kobes return energizes the starters.

  243. OK Jeremy s getting ready… the real game starts shortly

  244. if you eat a lot and stay lean then your metabolism is fast. so if you wanted to build muscle you would need to either eat a lot or do less moving around

  245. I don’t think there is enought charmin to clean this mess up!

  246. 0-18! is that a record? espn scoreboard is not showing the scores for this game.

  247. There is only one word to describe: PATHETIC

  248. great defense..nice BS?????

  249. Jeremy is in!

  250. Pathetic.

  251. Mop ain’t enough either

  252. 16 pt to climb out… shxxxx

  253. Thanks. 🙂

    (Using my nerd voice)-
    I first used prime95.. but saw that it was kind of pointless since theres no AVX. So I switched over to x264 (modified loop version), and max temp was 77C on 4.5 settings. I know it’s a little too hot, but 85C is my max for benchmarking. I think Intel rates the throttling at like 105C. This chip was like $60 bucks, so I don’t really care about degradation. I change voltage settings one at a time by 0.001 increments. (proud nerd voice) I gotta say..this chip has been very impressive!

  254. The “starters” are soft…

  255. Lin to Kobe… Kobe won’t give it back and he shoot and miss

  256. metabolism is high, when you eat alot as well…so its catch 22. I dont go into catabolic

  257. Assist!

  258. really keeping kobe’s minutes down.

  259. get a weight gainer. its a drink that give you 1,000 calories

  260. lin to young…received an AST

  261. Kobe looked no energy and standing around and bricking!

  262. Come on Boozer… that was a beautiful pass!

  263. Jeanie says…be patient….but..but…game appears is over before it even begins…

  264. we can only hope that even this is too much for his body 🙂

  265. He’s probably tuned out BS as well. Good for him.

  266. so a blowout in just 8 minutes!

  267. Kobe now sits..great… slowing scoring out of that black hole

  268. Man. So glad black was picked up.

  269. It is a wash for the next 1.5 seasons. Fans has to be patient until 2017.

  270. Does she mean:

    Be Patient = Calmly keep on waiting


    Be Patient = Go to the hospital because Lakers sucking so bad they are hurting your health

  271. Nick! pass to Jeremy! you fool!

  272. Young should pass that

  273. what is young doing out there?

  274. Be patient for when the season is over she probably means.

  275. bein’ swaggy, as he perceives it…

  276. When Price plays well, he plays more mins.
    when Lin plays well, he plays same mins.
    its really BS.

  277. Young should have passed to Kelly trailing

  278. Playing Swaggy F(ool)

  279. pleasing stu

  280. Chucking.

  281. i’m all natural, and no supplement..lol only take oils (fish, coconut, sesame, olive oils). most of the gainers are sugar. I rather eat real food

  282. its a known fact young does not pass.

  283. But it’s Young.

  284. young does not pass. 12 fga for each assist.

  285. Stu… Stu… Stu… Shhhh.

  286. Starters deep minus, bench all plus…

  287. I hope lin starts getting his points.

  288. better have a lot of money or be a really smart buyer. i spend 80 bucks on food for me a lot. its hard eating healthy

  289. At least Young is making his shots, JLin just needs to start scoring!

  290. lalalala

  291. yup, as usual, they are the one who brings the game closer

  292. he tried to sneak in the 3pt, just didnt have the time

  293. same old same old. but it wont matter; last game starters still got the minutes in the second half even tho they were a collective minus 50 at half. (bench plus 27)

  294. since i travel alot, there is not much choice. Most of time Nandos is good

  295. Yup…one second isn’t quite enough…barring the odd miracle!

  296. I want to tape his ugly mouth!

  297. Want to tape his ugly mouth!

  298. Is Stu on social network? maybe people are sending some negative comments so he’s sour with Lin.

  299. how did he miss that

  300. Stu stu you’re showing your bias.

  301. Lol thats a good analogy. I like sleepers. I boosted a 2jzge engine in high school in my buddys is300 ;).. And yes!! This chip is the ultimate sleeper for nerds!!!

  302. damnit lin

  303. Yes!

  304. THere you go!


  306. Shush… Stu!

  307. nick has to punish chalmers for playing him so tight

  308. “misses the hard ones make the easy ones” shutup STU!!


  310. One minute “Damnit lin”, the next “Yes!” Don’t listen to us J…stay strong!

  311. lol

  312. A 12 pt quarter. That’s the Kobe effect right there

  313. when lin fouls, he needs to really foul.

  314. Nice block Jeremy … with your body!

  315. “yolked” block

  316. Tarik Black another selfish player, took a 3 pointer instead of passing to a wide open Lin!

  317. Starters scored…2 big points! BS, great coaching!!!

  318. I agree, make sure the player doesn’t make the shot!!

  319. I think he was open as well.

  320. i have never tasted nandos. as long as it is healthy

  321. he was nervous about the clock. i wouldnt blame him

  322. Someone please tweet Jeanie Buss about Stu Lantz non stop bashing Jeremy Lin! What kind of bias commentator! Is he and Lin are same Lakers?

  323. Stu just for some reason has a negative tone w/ Lin

  324. Great defense by Lin to take charge.
    But Stu blamed MIA player’s bad decision and gave no credit to Lin.

  325. My question to bscott is why do you punish your players in practice so they’re so worn-out in real game?

  326. typical

  327. Lol, don’t be so greedy? Overlocking is always a crap shoot.

  328. JLin to black. Oh shut up stu.

  329. That was a clean steal by Lin on Wade but cause Wade’s a star, Lin got the foul!

  330. clean steal by lin

  331. What happened to Stu? At beginning of the season, he was fair. Now, Stu just as bad as Drexler. Even Miami announcers are better, although they did remind audience that Lin had a horrible game against Heat during Linsanity run.

  332. lakers bench out scoring staters 16 to 2

  333. Starters still hasn’t score…RP, Johnson and Hill. Bench only Boozer

  334. Drowning in BScott’s Koolaid?

  335. He adopted Byron’s other son, Price ever since he became a starter

  336. and he is super generous to young.

  337. he went to the clyde drexler school of lin bashing.

  338. Whats his prob. w/Lin? Never praise Lin when he does well, just keep magnifying his flaws.. A biased commentator.

  339. No picks for Lin…. did you see any?

  340. Stu wondering that LAL can’t get that lead. Well, if u have better starters, then maybe we have a chance.

  341. Drank the kool aid.

  342. Price back in…I’m going to go do the dishes now…

  343. yea put the scrubs back in

  344. Game ovah…

  345. Lin’s minutes will be down to 15 or less.

  346. hows lin doing?

  347. 1st units in. Come on Heat.

  348. SMH. The Lakers starting unit only has 2 pts. Just shameful

  349. This <10 mins a half is real annoying.

  350. sitting on the bench…

  351. hill comes in and immediately gives up paint bucket

  352. so many smart negative ppl. you know what I mean announcers to other forums etc. Bad start, bad game. Not fun. Let’s go Duckie!

  353. he did fine trying to get everyone playing as a team.

  354. Lin knows the drill, get in and get your points and get out. You have only 29 minutes to make your case. No time to waste. Sooner or later he will get it..smh

  355. cant my head around the offense being organized around young.

  356. Price does the same steal and doesn’t get a foul!! Bias refs!

  357. so no points i guess?

  358. 2pts, 1ast, 1reb, 2pf

  359. Not with this offense Joyce…its a real challenge

  360. stu finally happy that Price was able to cause that TO

  361. khuang is such a genius…lin will be dnp-cd soon. bs just wants to slowly transition lin to that so he is reducing minutes slowly just like how he kept mentioning price to slowly transition him to start over lin

  362. attempted 3 shots, missed a layup and a 3 pointer.

  363. stu ejaculates over price again

  364. It’s 34 vs 20 @Lakers when starters are back in @6:38 left in 2nd qtr. Let’s see what will be the scores by the end of 2nd qtr.

  365. lol

  366. Stu does this do justify Price’s start over Lin, all under FO’s instructions, same situation as in Houston.

  367. who care? let stu be golly over a team that isn’t going anywhere and stuck with a 48 million dollar player who won’t cant even play the full season

  368. Just remember I could mute the sound to shUT Stu Lanz the heii up.

  369. Wish we could do that Houston Off-Season all over again


  371. i wonder if stu knows something. namely that lin is surely gone from lakers so he does this pro-price spiel

  372. stu is the new Drexler!!!!!

  373. Lin had 8+ mins very std for his 2nd unit first H run. This game was lost by first unit and if BSc gave lin more burn, LAL might close the gap but no. He’s sticking with his mins for Lin.

  374. No, Lin will play some PT but not much.

  375. i already said that

  376. I’m starting to think Stu is worse.

  377. prob 20-23m

  378. yes, just mute it, Stu’s commentaries are trash….

  379. haven’t seen it but of course it can be yours!

  380. lol

  381. Not surprised at all that this game is going to be a blow out by heat

  382. actually what i said was he “went to the clyde drexler school of lin bashing”

  383. He will be lucky to get 20m

  384. drexler never graduated from anything, nevermind his own school

  385. Heat playing badly but Lakers playing worse.

  386. drexler was drooling also about PB’s defense!!!!LOL!!! Brother of different mothers!!!

  387. LOL Johnson right under the rim yet stepped out for a miss.

  388. Mitch please trade or waive lin

  389. No, I’m still happy Lin is with the Lakers.

    I’d rather Lin get 8 minutes a half in LA than ZERO minutes as a DNP CD in HOU

  390. i hate the fact that the bench bailed out the lakers

  391. Here is the deal with Stu…he at first likes Lin and then hears some Lin fans calling him better than Kobe…he reverts to his cultural biases and doubles down…real simple old school guys like that try to see the player but they judge…

  392. he’s a lucky man!

  393. Can you get this bench off the floor?

  394. The thing with Lin he needs to come in the game with a plan. Their is no level playing ground when it comes to him and he needs to realize that. He needs to go in and get his points and then help everybody else after that,

  395. Is there a point to watch the game if Jeremy isn’t on the court? I will never watch it!

  396. whats the record for fewest point in a half by a starting five?

  397. This has becomes a norm in Lakers

  398. lin isnt too bright about his career unfortunately

  399. Keep saying that he needs to score before passing with selfish teammates but nope not changing.

  400. That is why he looks so ugly! The saying is, evil within form the look and expression of a person!

  401. Lakers just wanted the pick…there was no winning formula this year or playing jeremy….playing Ronnie Price is all about tanking…just hope a pg need opens up with a playoff contender

  402. FREE LIN

  403. lakers starters have 8 points on 3 for 20 shooting

  404. 19Los Angeles Clippers Dec 14, 1999

    20New Orleans JazzJan 4, 1975

    20Atlanta HawksJan 14, 2013

  405. “starters” should be in brackets in this case

  406. Talking about the NYK – Houston offseason. Not sure if the kid had real offers but man talk about a path to nowhere in such a short period of time.

  407. on track for 20 min game again

  408. can i get a refund?

  409. kobe aged 20 years in a few weeks

  410. Thats cotton soft

  411. this is so sad w/ the starters.

  412. WRONG.

    Lin is SMART.

    He plays TEAMBALL, and that’s why his team was winning when he was on the floor.

    Lin should strive to be the opposite of Kobe and Young.

  413. cotton-elle

  414. he’s really not playing well, they should sit him. He’s not able to play at the NBA level anymore, and he keeps shooting his turnover-bricks.

  415. Laker fans channel your east coast and start the Fire byron or sit down kobe chants

  416. rhythm lol ha thats what it is or age

  417. BS plays KB more like this, there will be no KB fans.

  418. kobe shots coming up short despite so many days of rest

  419. and thats gotten him 20 min a game with bleh stats

  420. lakers starters with 1:34 left 10 points on 3 for 23

  421. All starters with -11 and lower, hehe I love it.
    Lower I say! get down lower!

  422. The problem is that it isn’t that easy. There are 4 other guys on the court. Once you get selfish so does everyone else. He just has to stay the course and focus and good fundamental team basketball no matter what. He builds trust by being unselfish. It will come to him.

  423. Stu – I’m not so much mad at his comments at Lin as I notice he is constantly lecturing or “teaching” I think that’s the problem.

  424. No he is not lucky he is pure effort and determination.

  425. Kobe’s negative impact and BS’s ineptitude have gotta be the elephant in the house that nobody could bring up in the lakers organization, from top to bottom. Serena Winters, Mike Trudell, all those people, they must know it. it’s too obvious, right in front of their eyes. Gotta be hard representing and white-coloring for the lakers at the moment.

  426. Old guy at the barbershop man

  427. I am still convinced the Lakers are trying to manage lin’s minutes so that a contending team will not compete with him for FA. If you want to trade a player for a better player you would give the playing time to show off his talents instead of burying him on the bench wit less minutes. The Lakers want to sign lin cheap as a free agent because they know that since kobe is expected to be here another year that no so called superstar player is coming here to play with kobe.

  428. exactly. very boring guy.

  429. I don’t expect Lin to play great with Kobe in because there seems to be a chemistry issue with the team when Kobe plays. It becomes more of where is Kobe rather than where is the basket. Also, we need more players to play team ball.

  430. you want to believe that bc otherwise the organization would look absurd. but sometimes the world is absurd

  431. Shame about Wade, he plays efficiently.

  432. teamball? whats that? basketball = hero ball, only Spurs play teamball, the rest pffffttt

  433. I can love that.

  434. Except if Lakers wanted to trade Lin they’d be showcasing him! And Lin’s contract ends after this year and will be FA, free to choose his team! You can bet he’s not staying in LA!

  435. Still their best player, making good passes to Whiteside.

  436. What other story is viable to this utter nonsense?

  437. If you frustrate Lin too much, he might go elsewhere on his own and take his chances. You never know.

  438. precisely. there is none

  439. Stu rhymes with “Phew”.

  440. Lin pls take no more charge for this disgraced organization. Stay healthy for your next team.

  441. headline: lakers staters energized by return of kobe bryant manange to put up 16 points on 5 for 26 shooting in first half.

  442. Not lecturing or teaching.


  443. Stu rhymes with stool

  444. rhymes with doodoo

  445. Actually the whole team is struggling to find rhythm when he returns after resting.

  446. That sounds right…but then I remember being so puzzled that Houston would go to such lengths to devalue him as an asset. I’m torn between you, Joyce, and occupatio’s “absurd world”.

  447. Funny. I don’t know how much Kobe can take. If I was him , I would think of an injury and sit out. Do an Omar Asik.

  448. Wow…… great BS team

  449. BS doesn’t want to let any backcourt player outshine Kobe.

  450. be one of us! be one of us!

  451. Except Lin is play hard not for the team but for himself.

  452. Man, Chalmers did a Linda Ronstadt on Price (Mr. Defense) and Blue Bayou.

  453. True… he can’t function at all. Gets no picks and play one against 5

  454. Great! That is better than Kobe’s %.

  455. For God.

  456. LOL. maaybeeeee …

  457. Hey, and doesn’t the starting five’s 1st Q 16 pts set a new record for least points in a first quarter? Since, like, 1975?

  458. You must be selling batteries 😛

  459. Lakers can actually beat Heat tonight if they start playing little better. Wade out with a slight injury.

  460. I thought Rox is the sickest org. I guess Lakers out-sicken Rox. All from top to bottom all cater to one single obselete player.

  461. for now simply because of other people..give him a just and fair coach and i believe you will see the difference. His Plays is better with a TEAM, because even he himself doesn’t want the Glory. He wants everybody to have it also!

  462. What’s crazy is jeremy is a better player now….best backup in the league quite possibly and yet gets no burn….right every lin hater says a very good backup pg and yet that doesn’t play true

  463. Pls lin it’s time to play ef it. Score and guard your man only. Win or lose is not important for this organization anymore

  464. Good thing we started Price. The head of the snake is in!

  465. Definitely…..

  466. Always

  467. there are more than you might think!

  468. idc lin has to score

  469. starters???or the bench!!!

  470. 1st qtr is 12pts.

  471. LOL

  472. I care. I want Lakers to lose.


    Don’t ever stop playing WINNING BASKETBALL.

  474. Black has as many oreb as the whole Miami team.

  475. Maybe FO is just helpless wanting Lin to play min but Kobe/BScott doesn’t want to.
    Sometimes dirty politics just look dirty, ya’ know

  476. For the WIN!!!

  477. What’s Bs….every coach preaches team first plays hard day in and day out…gets better year after year…work on deficits….that’s Jeremy Lin the last 3 years and each year it gets worse from a coaching standpoint

  478. I think it is as simple as BS doesn’t want any backcourt player to outshine Kobe, and the F/O has other more damaging things to worry about.

  479. us both

  480. If this organization care about winning, they would have played their best player or fire Bias Scott.

  481. i asked the ? whats the fewest points by a starting 5 in a half but i think the answer given was total points for a team; i dont if there is a stat for starting unit. but i could be wrong. i supposed somewhere someone’s got a stat for everything.

  482. thats total points for team.

  483. starting five only has 16 at the thalf.

  484. How was the game? Just came back

  485. The nicest coach I met

  486. the machine is still on the ‘rinse and repeat’ cycle. you didnt miss anything

  487. bench bailout lakers only to be well……benched

  488. only on JLIN!

  489. Then 1st half not qtr.

  490. I can finally watch now. So hope Lin can some for himself. Play free, nothing to lose.

  491. starter had only 2 points when bench went in

  492. 18-0

  493. well, if they are not doing their best to win, they should lose so I’m with you

  494. this is one of those comic book bizarro worlds where the starters are the bench and the bench are the starters.

    the sad thing is; in the portland game at half the official bench had outplayed the official starters arguably even more significantly than in this game (based on plus minus) and yet the starters got the minutes in the second half.

    it seems likely the lakers are tanking. (of course there are other explanations).

  495. Stu rhymes with fool and some two words I can not says here.

  496. then don’t play him much because he’s a detrimental player inside the game! But for KOBE all seems just a rhythm and elsewhere DUMB and INCONSISTENT!

  497. correct.

  498. It sounds like being hijacked.

  499. Man, Nathan a real Lin fan.

  500. Asian PG man…Asian PG….at the end of the day some folks ain’t ready. A very good player born to play a game but the league isn’t ready

  501. Of course. He can assist me anytime he wants too..

  502. nah, he lectures just about on every call.

  503. The NBA is a league of egos. It’s not about competition, it’s about entertainment. No wonder so many people watch college basketball because they despise the [email protected] nature of the NBA.

  504. one of these days, Lin is going to take you up on all this talk lol.

  505. I think it’s more of diversity. NBA isn’t ready for diversity. The problem is diversity is one of the best tactics for marketing and they’re not into it.

  506. BRING.IT.ON.

  507. nba not ready to stop suppressing ballots from outside america

  508. Byron’s coaching makes sense when you look at it as having two goals:
    1) Appease Kobe’s ego and make him look good
    2) Do a perfect swan dive into a tank

    Lakers are as rigged and fake as pro wrestling.

  509. NBA already has diversity with all the European players in the league.

    But Asian? NOPE

  510. thats what i am telling, JLIN made a positive play and impact on thegame and Mr. “STU”…..PID, exposed the negative out of that..But only with JLIN’s plays!

  511. Tell it, girl! 😀

  512. STU..pidity really is an inborn talent?????

  513. NBA wants market share is the way I see it…for years they allowed a known rascist to own a team…that corporate culture trickles down to players…many of whom lack the perspective to see how they are pushing biases they have fought their lives to fight against

  514. Anyone can see – which includes the entire sports media that Lin can be the starter on this team. It isn’t that hard of a decision. Why not develop a potential PG for the future rather than benching him? I hope Lin gets traded. I know he needs stability but he also needs playing time.

  515. drexler is legit stupid. stu is something else

  516. Nope, Lin should play like a WINNER and not be the Kobe loser that you want Lin to be.

  517. Without Wade, Heat not a good team.

  518. They have a different meaning of diversity. The world is not just North America and Europe but that’s how they define it.

  519. very bad.both bad teams

  520. nevertheless, the heat shows how good their coaching is.

  521. bosh gets zero calls

  522. Wow, Price is a turnstile without the spokes.

  523. W/o Lin, Lakers not a good team!

  524. you da man, ronnie!!

  525. Hulk Hogan Jane!

  526. Empathy from Jeremy…

  527. Lin would get minutes if he was content to be a Derek Fisher, who was Kobe’s favorite point guard. Kobe wants a yes man, and Lin isn’t going to be a willing one. Price has sold out to the team star because it’s his only way of having a career. He’s Patrick Beverly’s twin in this regard.

  528. Went to grab some snacks and Lin’s still not back in.

  529. He won’t like me when I’m angry.. and by “angry” I don’t mean raging mad.. lol

  530. Reminds me of Warren Moon in the nfl. They just were not ready for a black quarterback to lead a team.

  531. grab a meal

  532. both of them are ..only STU got it from Birth..(being born and named “STU….PID!!!!har har har!!!

  533. Well said. Lin plays for wins.

  534. Catch a movie.

  535. Probably will get less than 15min today

  536. Lakers can beat Heat without Lin tonight because without Wade, Heat not good.

  537. I feel like BS is punishing Lin for playing well. That makes no sense.

  538. wth is the heat doing

  539. Trying to out-suck the Lakers starters.

  540. they not taking the lakers seriously.

  541. only down by 2 lol

  542. Elite defensive pg is still scoreless.

  543. Did Scott see how Price got burned by Lillard the last game? The whole world saw it and for that you reduce Jeremy’s minutes.

  544. Will Lin even play the 2nd half?

    This DNP CD Asian thing is moving along much faster than I had thought it would.

  545. BS called Pat Riley to give me some freebies.

  546. Makes PERFECT sense from a RACIAL standpoint.

  547. That’s true. Evens the suckiness.

  548. I’ve been writing all season that the better Lin plays, the more he gets benched.

  549. Someone needs to check for glue on the bottom of Price’s shoes, everyone is blowing past him without even a screen.

  550. Lin will play. fo sho.

  551. Stu is totally bias. Yea right price getting the foul. Oh kiss his butt.

  552. 0 pts in 20 minutes!
    his awesomeness

  553. This game is all about making Kobe the comeback king and nothing more. The rest of the payer’s game will suffer at Kobe’s expense. lin needs to be smarter and go back to making the most of his minutes.

  554. Didn’t kobe have a 1/9 game not too long ago? These games are becoming very common..

  555. I hope you are right.

    Lin’s minutes keep decreasing with each passing game.

  556. The first European players had to go through a lot of doubters at first like drazen petrovic. Great shooting guard. Now European players are stars in the nba.

  557. I think BS won’t put Lin in until Price scores 2 pts so someone please help price score a point.

  558. If Price scores, Lin’s DONE.

  559. Price got burned by Cole’s 3.
    No comment by Stu & Bill

  560. if they put Lin in now, LAL wins the game. But they will wait until 2.5m left.

  561. Go Go Miami!

  562. you already know

  563. Came back for a bad game to watch…..oh well

  564. we’ve seen this movie a few times, hollywood LA.

  565. Smarter?

    There’s NOTHING that Lin can do other than play good teamball.

  566. Ya! That’s the way it is… smh!

  567. Miami’s fall from grace – they really do suck this year

  568. hm… 666 is not a good number.
    Trudell wants to say something?

  569. I doubt Lin plays the 3rd quarter.

  570. Kobe now 6 6 6

  571. 1 for 10.

  572. lebron’s team isnt much better in record

  573. He is going to play 38 min until he got TD.

  574. Mark of the beast….

  575. Kobe is 1 for 10 from the field… The rest are Free Throws..

  576. and not the good kind…

  577. Wow, everyone in except the great 6-6-6 (1 for 10, what ????) KB and Price

  578. Even Back has more minute than Lin. LOL at this organization.

  579. Evil

  580. Still better than Cavs!

  581. Kobe going 1-10 is crazy…looks like Scott is blinded again

  582. No just BS’s racist decision!

  583. Jeremy still not in… smh.

  584. Lin coming in to the game sitting at the scorers table

  585. I am telling you that Price needs to score before Lin comes in.

  586. on track for 20 min, if even that

  587. lin at the horn, right on time to all you chicken littles. love y’all.

  588. BS: “What, trying to win the game again?”

  589. BS finally can’t handle it.

  590. How did Miami beat the clippers

  591. I now put them as the same.

  592. and you guys said BS is inconsistent w/ Lin’s PT.

  593. By scoring more baskets

  594. Except each time Lin is on the sideline, the other team calls a timeout!!

  595. you da man ronnie!!!
    0 points in 25 mins

  596. Why isn’t Wade on the floor ?

  597. Lin sat so long… may be cool down enough for BS to sending him back… BS does not want Lin to score anything

  598. price is a bag of balls.

  599. Price does the stupid foul and still is in.

  600. I guess because Clippers doesn’t have defense.

  601. Only reason I’m still here.

  602. At least BS limiting Lin’s PT is helping Lin stay injury free.

  603. he does cause the other team to burn TOs, right?

  604. He is still Wading for his turn..

  605. Lin better try to score point in the paint

  606. and he gets none of them in the basket

  607. The Magics wouldn’t even want him to be their third string.

  608. byron doesnt look at stats for anyone else besides kobe

  609. Lin needs to go out there gun blazing!

  610. You mean, waiting for Lin ?

  611. lin in 2 seconds later than we usually see him. 2:28. You doubters can relax, I got it. s said swaggyJT.

  612. Is this benching solely BS’s decision or FO’s? I am really confused why would LA trade for Lin and then bench him?

  613. Lin is IN

  614. As BS said, you play well you get more minutes. When BS sees Ronnie plays, he might be imagining things.

  615. Not necessarily.

    Lin still has to practice with the team, and the Lakers overpractice as hard as training camp despite ot being midseason.

  616. Except, Lin is growing roots on the bench

  617. Like to see Lin and Kelly do their thing!

  618. You should not be gloating over 2 minutes for Lin.

  619. deep rooted…sigh

  620. Stop feeding Young please…

  621. We have been waiting for a long time.

  622. well, young keeps missing the shot, guess Lin will keep feeding him

  623. lol nick

  624. Swaggy wasting possessions, shooting them out of game.

  625. Again my tanking theory continues to be supported. Keep Price in when he is struggling badly. Take Lin out even though he’s hot just to cool him down.

  626. Can Lin be a little selfish

  627. Do you realize Miami put their pg starter Chalmers off the bench to match up with Lin?

  628. I’m not gloating over 2 minutes. I’m trying to combat negativity with humor. I got your back, bro.

    KHuang, haven’t you been watching the games? Lin comes in with 3 mins left, getting the horn about 2.5 mins. Then he plays 4th and if it’s downhill and they need him, he finishes. Only times he doesn’t finish is when BSc thinks he’s coaching or it;’s garbage time.

  629. Yeap… he can eat by himself… stop feeding him..:)

  630. i wish lin would call for picks

  631. Nick! You missed that?!!!!! OMG!

  632. SMH

  633. Pull Young. He’s going to lose them the game.

  634. Khuang dont go into depression watching games

  635. This “Nick Young should get his shots back so feed him” should stop.

  636. Nick is disguise as Kobe.

  637. Young messing up JLin’s +/-

  638. Swaggy getting on Shaqtin a Fool.

  639. My man Kelly!

  640. Not as bad as Price’s missed dunk.

  641. really … prob missed 3 lin feeds or more.

  642. Take Young out put in Clarkson.

  643. NO HE CANNOT.

    There is no player in NBA history that can sit for stretches longer than an entire quarter and suddenly come into games to score wildly.

    Lin is out of rhythm from the benching.

    There’s no such thing as a NBA player who can play well despite being out of rhythm.

  644. Lakers announcer: Lin has been quite tonight.

    Because he’s on the bench by Bryant Scott.

  645. Can you guys imagine if Jeremy was playing like Young? He wouldn’t even get in in the 4th

  646. bill or whatever that fat 2 eyes announcers name is, pisses me off so much saying that lin has been quiet tonight. i wonder why he has been quiet??? maybe cuts he only got to play 9 min?!

  647. played 24 minutes… second most behind kobe. smh.

  648. Lin needs to shoot some 3s to have a great scoring game!

  649. Kobe and Young = 3/20 = 15% FG

  650. Too bad lin is having an off shooting night. Going to make it almost impossible to win. Lin better hustle to compensate.

  651. This looks like another typical game. Lin is leading +- which tells me he helps the team win/catch-up when on the floor. Price has the worst, yet they just let him play. Yep, they really tryna lose this one. Lol! I’m not watching this game, but it dosen’t look like he’s doing much if he’s up against Chalmers.

  652. I think the Lakers and lin/F/O has made a deal to bring lin back at a decent deal, because he is just dumb playing this way, if he wants a starting position in the NBA. I think Lin/ F/O made a deal that they will sign Lin as a backup PG until the next year while kobe is on the team to help develop him, because no way Lin is this dumb to fall for the “okie doke”

  653. So many blown assists tonight.

  654. Come on Booz!

  655. Here comes J Lin!

  656. Beautiful

  657. Lin scores. Shut up stool.

  658. Yes… LIn Lin Lin!

  659. hoop and harm!

  660. Linning!!!!!

  661. 2 pt game and foul!

  662. Let’s GO!!!

  663. Yep Mr. 4th qtr. Where’s Kwang? Doode said Lin won’t show up. Lol

  664. How does JLin hit the floor so much and so hard.Careful man.

  665. Kobe be saying, “Put me in now, Byron!”

  666. Joyce … Lin is playing to win. Had booz and swag made his feeds, they’d be up now.

  667. they swtiched?!!! NY is playing Lin and JL is playing Young…nice

  668. Lin with the circus almost off out of bound (NO FOUL Call), Then and 1 for fast break!

  669. Yes, Lin! Lin makes a difference!

  670. Way to go, stop feeding cold Swaggy, go in to score Jeremy.

  671. 5pts in 2min = clutch

  672. ok, let’s go Lin!

  673. Linsanity 🙂

  674. MAKNUSIA.

    Remember a few minutes ago how I said that no NBA player could come in off the bench after sitting on the bench for more than entire quarters and score wildly?

    I was just PLAIN WRONG.

    Lin is THE GUY that heats up no matter how ice cold he is from unfair benching!!!

    I likee!

  675. young is playing like crap right now

  676. Jeremy, don’t feed Nick…

  677. Dammit Swaggy! Come to the BALL!!

  678. Oh no TO = bench

  679. Ok, I like you again lol.

  680. he has adapted well, and moreover Q4 is his forte

  681. ummm….

  682. I’ll assume you mean feed.

  683. Stu: Good timeout.
    (bring in the starters)

  684. NIck ran so slow…..his mind is not there…

  685. BS was thinking the same… sat JLin long enough and he won’t be able to score anything…

  686. Ya stop feeding Swaggy he’s cold.

  687. Why is he passing to young? He can’t even dunk tonight.throw to Kelly.

  688. Bring in starters please so I can go to sleep

  689. hahahaha the starters are -12

  690. It was BS calling for the play to Nick….. instead of the guy just getting warmed up…. too ridiculousness going on

  691. Love Tarik!

  692. Kelly can really shoot his 3s! not bad

  693. I don’t like me

    but I like you and Lin!

  694. OMG ..booz , please pay attention

  695. booooo … zer./

  696. Lin stop feeding Nick

  697. 3pt game…come on LINSANITY

  698. Scott called Nick’s number again

  699. Ah… this Lakers team….

  700. Lin is suck…….oh wait they double team him.

  701. man they are double and tripling lin – that’s how they are maintaining the lead.

  702. sub-way player of the game

  703. No one knows how to move to bail out positions

  704. Now we know why Nick gets to shoot that much

  705. Heat coach always does that to Lin. Guess he knows something.

  706. well, you’re ok man. Go hug psalm at the phx game lol.

  707. If only BScott reads Lin’s scouting report

  708. Don’t run plays for young tonight, run for Kelly.

  709. Tie the game with a 3 Jeremy. Change the narrative.

  710. Price is in… TurnOver

  711. and some pictures!

  712. WOW… BS.

  713. Lin out. What’s new? Turnover.

  714. Go Heat

  715. Ok im not watching nomore. good night!

  716. what the H, price in and TOV.

  717. Are they guarding Kelly tight? doesn’t seem like he’s open a lot

  718. Nothing from LAL announcers once again.

  719. Lin out. Noooooooo!!

  720. no ridiculing tone from Stu

  721. Stu complaining about Lin holding the ball for too long without noting that several Lakers are not running the play.


  723. Lin needs to adjust this and figure it out and play his game.

  724. If you hate Lin so much, why not let him go?

  725. Wasn’t even a turnover, Lin got trapped and called a time out!!

  726. When Price turns it over Stu always says “Lakers” turn it over.

  727. im done. goodnight

  728. Great substitution BS.

  729. so no comment on Stu on that Price TO and foul.

  730. As expected, Lin probably get less than 20 minutes. It’s going to go down to around 15 by season’s end.

  731. 16minutes… is this season low?

  732. Go Heat!

  733. LA gonna pay the price with Price…sigh

  734. Lin can score 8 points in 2 min. BS won’t let him the highest scorer.

  735. Lin out, go Miami!!

  736. by WEEK’s end

  737. throw that shoe ronnie!!

  738. Lin’s done. Saving minutes for Kobe

  739. No Lin No Win… Miami, you can win this one easily now

  740. Think there was a game where Lin only had 15 minutes!

  741. Lol wtf

  742. 15 i think

  743. If Price finished with 0 pts in 32min, what will Bill & Stu say?

  744. Can finally go to sleep

  745. The Lakers are GETTING THERE.

    Their plan of phasing out the Asian guy is being slowed only by the Asian guy’s superb performances.

  746. 16 min, new low for Lin.

  747. Lin with 16min; 7pts and is a +9

  748. head of the snake

  749. That he didn’t score but was great defensively SMH.

  750. Price immediate made the TOV.

  751. Lin was in rhytum and now is out, what a low IQ coach! And i hope Stu is mute from now on!

  752. A Linsanity worthy effort in scrub minutes.

  753. Price has ZERO point? … and he is playing at this important closing time? BS, you are full of BS!

  754. And the tank keeps rolling…

  755. Spoelstra must be laughing hard inside. He doubles Lin once and is able to send him to the bench. Too easy.

  756. Price is in for his defense, LOL

  757. Coach pulls best player in Lin (+9) for worst in Price (-14). So bad.

  758. Well. I saw maybe 5-7 lin assists blown.

  759. Thank you Lakers Nation for pointing out the BS

  760. Well if the Lakers catch up and win then, that’s a good thing right? Gotta wait and see.. Should have kept Lin in there though.

  761. Price with team low +/- plays the longest while Lin with team high +/- plays the shortest time.

  762. Link had it to within 3. They’ll never see that again.

  763. hahahahahahahahahahahaha

  764. Lmao!! Oh man. #tank

  765. That is why lin needs to get in and get his points and stop acting like they are going to give him more time.He needs to realize that there is no level playing field for him.

  766. waahhahahahahahahahahaha

  767. Kobe, nice assist … to the guy in the fifth row.

  768. Price 25min 0-4 0pts -14 lowest
    Lin 16min 3-7 7pts +9 highest

    Highest +- Lin was benched by Lowest +- Price?LOL
    Thats ridiculous!

  769. On the other hand, Spoelstra definitely has sympathy for Jeremy Lin.

    Erik Spoelstra is Asian American and thus understands what Lin is going through. Spo is a silent supporter.

  770. Hahaha… 🙂

  771. Nice!!

  772. BS pulled Lin out and i hope they lose now, no Lin no win!

  773. Kelly could play.

  774. oops… double post.

  775. That’s the BS way of coaching in action

  776. lin played the least of all players who have played for the lakers

  777. Lin deserved to finish the game the way he had played.

  778. It seems BScott has no love at all for the 2nd unit

  779. Scott doesn’t take out any player that does well other than Lin.

  780. 2nd is like a cold storage

  781. BS YOU ARE A MORON! (I know you all know this, just need to let it out sometimes)

  782. where did byron get all that hate from?

  783. The LinHate from Stu & Bill is strong


  784. wahahahahahahahaha


  786. Like Eastwood said in “Unforgiven”, “Deservin’z got nuthin’ to do with it.”

  787. Stu: Nothing easy when you go against Price. : )

  788. One need not be Asian to understand Lin, just being Human would do 🙂

  789. muhahahahhahaha

  790. I feel you….not in a weird way.

  791. How’s Lin doing?

  792. hohohohoho… Kobe Kool-Aid is strong in LA announcers

  793. Linsanity……in 16 mins only..

  794. His love is only for scrub Price and Kobe!

  795. at the end of the game price will plays twice the minutes lin did

  796. You have to admire his determination?

  797. not playing

  798. AND scores 0

  799. Wow… Kobe scores and the commentary was wow wow wow…. he is oh 2 for 13… in 28 min playing time… Guess he will be the reason the Lakers are getting so close???

  800. Stu: Gotta admire that determination(on Kobe’s 3)
    The guy’s missing and losing the game for LAL.

  801. Lin – low mileage, high pay. Gotta smile for him.

  802. The crowd is more interesting than Stu’s comments.

  803. Ohh I see D.Wade is out? This should help Lakers..

  804. Who here is enjoying this Lakers meltdown?

    I am.

    I feel bad and even sad for Lin, but I’m totally enjoying the ensuing collapse.

    In all my decades of watching the NBA, I’ve never seen a starting backcourt get so whupped by a hated reserve guard who barely played!

  805. Dang did he really say that? Lol

  806. he was out for a long time. hamstring

  807. thx

  808. got criticized left & right by LAL announcers, given no credit for the bench run

    While Price and Kobe were worshipped. This is such biased announcing

  809. urg….

  810. Great perspective and reminder!!!


  811. i feel you in a weird way, arent you suppose to be asleep

  812. Lol I just noticed. Simultaneously reading Twitter and here haha

  813. you da man ronnie!!
    finish strong!

  814. There’s Davis, who shot 5-6 for 10 pt 5 rb, sitting. Lin, with team high +9, sitting. Meanwhile, KB, Price, Wes Johnson all net -7 or worse, are all playing. Whatever.

  815. all of the sudden Kobe thinks he is a 3pter?!

  816. My thought too, LOL.

  817. haha.. daring BScott to not be YES man

  818. So Kobe is going to have the last shot, the 2nd to last shot, the 3rd to last shot… and with his shooting % these days, you know how the script will go.

  819. Just check the box score….16 min ONLY
    Why am I not surprised?? sigh…..


  820. I want to believe on the “about to be traded” part.

  821. lol price defense

  822. Remember who is the finisher ?

  823. 2 for 17… but that “determination”…

  824. LOL

  825. lol at price defense

  826. LA Announcers : “Kobe 2-17 but never gives up. What a brave HERO!” #BizzaroWorld

  827. When did con artist ever keep his words? lol

  828. 2-17 so clutch.

  829. My thought three, LOL!!!

  830. Go brick

  831. LIAR!!!!

  832. Stu disagrees

  833. lol

  834. pathetic handicap on these young men: Kobe 2/17.

  835. will take that $$$$

  836. try 3 for 20 kobe!

    you can do it!

  837. but but but he is clutch, he is greater than MJ…

  838. Post game should be fun.

  839. Chalmers doing it.

  840. It just seems that it has to be either Kobe hero or tank.

  841. If Kobe gives up and sit on the bench, the Lakers would win this one.

  842. in his 20s, it’s a blessing.

  843. Nick too..lol

  844. JLIN has d least playing time among d players…..price in for 30 min with ZERO pts and – 15…SMH big time 🙁 🙁

  845. wow scott says no timeout wth. is this coaching

  846. How many of us saw that coming?

  847. BS looks dumbfounded. He doesn’t even know what he did wrong in this game. Man I’m so upset. Lin shot was off but he scrambled to get the game back and they throw it away. What Lin and Kelly and black did was playing like heroes. NOT Kobe 2 -17


  849. Clutch……..less

  850. Love it, Kobe lost another buzzer shot.

  851. So how many game winners has Kobe missed?

  852. WTF…why did they not extending the game?

  853. Money

  854. LMAO, game wasn’t over and bench were already headed to the locker room.

  855. Are you kidding ?? Too Brave to brick!!!

  856. scott no timeout really

  857. my thoughts as well, with Lin in

  858. +9 All we’re saying.

  859. If kobe allows him to do that….lol

  860. A moral victory for the Lakers? Nah, they’ve had too many already!

  861. The 2 best chuckers got the most minutes

  862. is it 15 ?

  863. C’mon now, he’s gotta save ’em Alain!

  864. oh….no wonder…

  865. All of us.

  866. Haha… if the NBA extends the games and Kobe can win it for the Lakers!

  867. Seriously noone wants to torture Byron?

  868. Wow! I never like Chalmers so much until tonight… Ya! So glad Kobe missed the shot.

  869. lol he has a bank full of them by now

  870. It seemed to be an open pull-up with separation. Very bad kobe mason work.

  871. there goes….sigh

  872. What a finisher ! Every tank needs one.

  873. still he should be smarter beforehand and save a few

  874. hehe, blame Lin for calling that TO. Lin lost it over 6 minutes before.

  875. He is not bad….

  876. All he did is bashing Lin! The hatred inside him is just unbelievable! That is why i said he is an extremely ugly person!

  877. Glad it ended that way. Makes everyone who should look bad, look bad.

  878. BS did not know it was going to be a close game.

  879. I pumped my fist when they lost. Sorry true Laker fans.

  880. Lin only 16 minutes, less than anyone but he has the best +/-. What is BS doing?

  881. There is only one Miami player I don’t like. Bosh. If Bosh didn’t tease houston then Lin would not be in LA.

  882. Lin a +9 , the next one is Young at +3. Kobe -6, Price -12
    Lin 16 Min; Kobe 31 min, Price 32 min.

    Miami, an easy game for you, lucky you!

  883. Giving Jeremy his best +/-

  884. So far I haven’t seen any indication that Scott is capable of drawing up a play in the halfcourt that will give the Lakers a better shot than a random 3 in transition…Maybe BS knows that too. ( Or maybe he blew it …again= =)

  885. Happy with the results!
    Jeremy with highest +/- of +9. Got 7pts and 2asts in just 16 measly minutes.
    while Ronnie the GOAT ended with 0pts and lowest +/- in twice as many minutes and another brick mansion built by Kobe.

    A beautiful loss imo, onto the next one!

  886. Agree 1000%.

  887. price with the most minutes on the team. lol

  888. the next game will be like this

  889. I hate to be right but I was right Lin didn’t get 20 minutes.

  890. almost bought laker tix, but decided against it now that lin is not gonna play. screw them

  891. Then Lin would be in Houston as a seasonlong DNP-CD.

  892. As Brent predicted, a v ugly game. Gnite back to work for me.

  893. I stand correct Scott was out of timeouts. He may blame Lin for that timeout called when he was doubled.

  894. I stand corrected Scott was out of timeouts. He may blame Lin for that timeout called when he was doubled.

  895. Byron’s basketball IQ is off the charts!

  896. I just hate how Lin is being steadily decreased to DNP-CD.

  897. Hahaha……….i like the hashtag

    I feel so good now for missing this game 🙂

  898. I figured our NBA LP is one worth 1/3 of the $189.00.

  899. Me too.

  900. I called it too.

  901. dont forget with the most minutes on the team the laker starting backcourt go respectively 0 for 4 for and 3 for 19

  902. lins dropped from the 9th man to the 10th man

  903. Totally…waterfall bearish trend.

  904. Your prediction is dangerously coming to pass.

  905. IQ zero 🙂

  906. Trying to match McHale’s IQ.

  907. and scored zilch.

  908. First post here, hi all!

    F Kobe. F BS. F Stu.

    I hope we have more games like this. It will make the fans really mad at the way this organization is treating JLin.

  909. you know I’m running out of things to say

  910. He’ll probably get more minutes next game…

  911. Welcome to the nice zone.

  912. its all because of you…you been instilling it to Scott

  913. whole forum. Need some creativity.

  914. Just got back. Wth happened? They got kinda close there.

  915. It means you talk too much…LOL jk

  916. Like this?

  917. Should have put Ellington or Clarkson in instead of Swaggy.

  918. I have a lot to tell Jeanie Buss. smh!

  919. The opera lady has not sung yet.

  920. Scott and bench happen…

  921. Kobe must have another record : most game tying/winning buzzer shots missed.

  922. Can IQ be negative?

  923. Me too. I wanted to type something but it’s beyond logic to explain what’s happening to Lakers & BS

  924. Price did a great job not outshining a 3 for 19 Kobe.

  925. I came back to check if the absurd world was still absurd.
    reassured, can go to sleep now.

  926. lol i miss the day of over analyzing lin. now he plays so little it don’t matter

  927. nite nite

  928. niters.

  929. what did price do for 31 minutes can someone tell me.

  930. Play well and still DNP? I still think nah.

  931. Just wonder how the LA Sport writers think about the Lakers after this game.

  932. You did know that last shot wasn’t going in as usual.

  933. you need tutoring from Brent

  934. post game is trying to say Kobe do other stuff with his shots not going in. 7 assists.

  935. Snake head’s tough D to set the tone.

  936. NBA Dictionary: Schedule Loss … when Kobe plays.

  937. Traffic cone imitations.

  938. Maybe Kobe should practice something else besides shooting

  939. Lin was benched for most of the game, spark the team for a comeback by scoring 5 points straight then got double teamed and trapped. Lin calls time out and BS takes him out!! Even Laker Nation tweeted about unfairly benching Lin when he was getting going! I hope Jeanie Buss reads that!!

  940. These announcers are such tools. How can they sleep??? Must go to church more often to confess their BS lying.

  941. I think BS and Kobe have gone Linsane. And not in a good way. Like really insane.

  942. I like Price as a person but it’s just ridiculous that he got double the minutes as Lin

  943. lol

  944. By warming the bench.

  945. we scheduled to win only 20, so pretty much… most of the game are, schedule loss

  946. They can sleep knowing that their brothers are doing well and the Asian guy is marginalized!

  947. Hhhmmmm…. Am I right in thinking that Ellington and Price get guaranteed contracts tomorrow? Any connection perhaps?

  948. When Lin was ice cold that one game early in the season, BS finally benched him in the 4th. How about benching Young & Kobe since they were both ice cold??

  949. Lin hits 3 shots on 7 attempts, Kobe hits 3 shots on 19 attempts. +9 for Lin/-6 for Kobe. But Lin played a horrible game and will be labeled inconsistent, right?

    The only reason Kobe has been sitting out is so he has a reason as to why he has been shooting so historically bad. Even he realizes how bad he has been this year and needs an excuse. That is the only reason he has been out! What’s the injury, general soreness? please!

    He still plays when he feels like it so he can rack up the points trying to chase Karl.

  950. Ask the Coach, I doubt even Price would be able to answer that

  951. This is a no F zone. 🙂

  952. I love how Kobe keeps consistently feeding the narrative (needs-to-retire).

  953. I believe they could have won this game if Lin played more and if they benched kobe. This year is dedicated to glorifying him. We just have to accept it. Jeremy needs to go somewhere else to develop.

  954. Yeah that was the last I heard. But what happened at the very end? Looks like they were starting to come back. Wondering if anybody screwed up right there or if they actually fought hard to catch up like that. If they played well, BS can make a case and be like “you see, have faith in Ronnie and Kobe. They almost got us back in”.

  955. Jeremy was benched so we have highlights already 🙂

  956. KObe is consistent – consistently bad.

  957. what horrible game did lin play with 16 minutes. Stop trolling..smh

  958. Jeremy always gets lightning speed highlights in NBA!!!

  959. Don’t talk abt Price on here because I don;’t want to here it.

  960. Byront Scott is in live interview now, waiting for the word SOFT.

  961. With 3 assists, 2 turnovers, and 0 points on 0 of 4 field goals in a team high 31 minutes and 48 seconds of play, your “starting” point guard!

  962. agreed, it was winnable

  963. @amartinezla why does BS keep taking @JLin7 out when plays well.— Oderint Dum Metuant (@LakerGangDre) January 14, 2015

  964. To be fair to Price, it was not him, it was the coach’s decision. BS is just full of BS

  965. I hope Lin will sign with another team next season.

  966. We should ask the Lakers’ front office this question…

  967. Nooo.. Kobe is just plain bad now. This wouldn’t happen with the old Kobe at his prime.

  968. You mean in relation to his IQ?
    Nah…we’re not so lucky.

  969. omg wow its fallen this low has it

  970. vodka helps

  971. translation= hey we didn’t get blown out. i did a good job

  972. +/-, all the starters in the – while all the bench in the +. And the best player with the the most + was benched.

  973. i just hate how you are right …….

  974. Best and most entertaining part of the game!!

  975. STU-pid just ruins those highlights for me.

  976. He got praised for his fouls.

  977. Good jog in making sure we lose! #tank

  978. lol price 48 minutes

  979. That becoming a Kobe signature sadly!

  980. Will he tinker even fewer mins for JLin and more for Price?

  981. Do I just have to retire now with Scott?

  982. 49 minutes. Lin -1 minutes.

  983. The “starters” dug the big hole! SMH!

  984. Please tell me which one is Stu: black or white guy?

  985. How’bout throwing yourself away first, coach? Trash bin is right there

  986. Just as soon as he figures out how to use that darn time machine

  987. Was that the punchline?

  988. Black

  989. Maybe comedy is BS’s true calling

  990. Black

  991. Every game there are “Stu highlights with his face” How can you miss that?

  992. ok so a guy at 17 year in the nba who btw cant play every game or practice has gotten worse over a period of time. nope he will get better lol. delusional

  993. But the white guy is just as stupid.

  994. lol hahahahaa

  995. ref stole a steal from Jeremy

  996. What is wrong with Hill?

  997. Can someone tweet him back the more important question – how do you justify starting Ronnie – someone with 0 pts and 3 turnover 40 minutes?

  998. Naah, not even close, there are already atleast 15 to throw away imo….

  999. BS can’t stop mention Kobe and Price in same sentence

  1000. take all lins player away.

  1001. Wellll it’s possible Kobe will do better next season. I think they are tanking which is why it looks like he might not care too much, and is taking the tank ride. If he cared, he would have given Byron the stare long ago. I wouldn’t think Kobe would want to end his career with a team losing record and crap play on his final year.

  1002. It’s also “possible” to win the lottery. Guess people should just keep buying lotteries and forget about working 9-5 jobs LOL.

  1003. how to get -1 minutes lol?

  1004. We know u have to pay Price but you don’t have to play him.

  1005. So Scott threw the game. Got it.

  1006. Actually he doesn’t say outrageously dumb things like Stu.
    Maybe he still wants to retain a shred of dignity and reputation when BS and KB retires.
    Basically Stu is ALL IN with the BS bandwagon and will crash with it.

  1007. Keep Jeremy in the locker room an extra minute.

  1008. Yes they did because Wayne a star! SMH, Then later Price does the same thing on another player an gets away with it!!!

  1009. BS will find a way… anything for Jeremy lol.

  1010. Maybe give Clarkson more time than Lin. Price is the precious snake head; he will get the most time no doubt.

  1011. Yup move the bench up except lin.

  1012. They stole a lot more than that steal…

  1013. Given enough seasons, BS will be able to win 82 games. Just have to throw away ALL the bad games.

  1014. Everyone gets promoted from the bench except Lin and Young.

  1015. Pure stupid beyond words.

  1016. Great take away all of Lin’s best players! SMH Watch Hill get better stats playing with Lin while Black and Kelly suffers LOL

  1017. Not allowed to even show up at practice!!

  1018. Wonder if they are moving Lin to D League now or waiving? The last time Scott took Lin out when he was hot in Boston, he was demoted to the bench.

  1019. Stop lying, the energy level was very mediocre = =

  1020. Byron is a tinker-head

  1021. Wild guess? cough cough Kobe, cough cough.

  1022. Saving Lin for playoffs…lol

  1023. Can someone ask JeannieBuss to please waive Lin…

  1024. I never doubt Lin will run away from BS and Kobe as far as possible. He’s not that stupid.

  1025. Should Lin make some noise to ask for a trade? I am so frustrated right now…

  1026. New lineup. Kobe, Price, Wes, Young, Sacre. Offensive juggernaut right there.

  1027. He was unfairly benched this game, he should ask for a trade!!

  1028. Stu was alright with chick Hearn. I miss chick, but my heart would break if he didn’t show class with Lin. Chick Hearn was a big nba fan and loved the game and loved his lakers and stayed classy.

  1029. and even with negative minutes, Jeremy will still end with higher +/- then Ronnie XD

  1030. D leagues are only for rookies!!

  1031. No takers though with his contract. Its a hard decision either way. You can’t be to complacent cause you lower your free agency value if there is any talk of you complaining.

  1032. Looks like a BS team go all the way to the final …

  1033. Lin knows the best on what to do, we just need patience

  1034. He will just give BScott all the rope he needs to hang himself.

  1035. If you are mediocre point guard and want to up your status in the league follow J Lin. It’s amazing how other players are talked up so much to overshadow Jeremy. What happened to Acie Law? Is he playing in Greece? I think Ronnie is a good guy, but surely even he realizes it is ridiculous the minutes he’s getting.

  1036. Put Hill in for Sacre.

    Right now, Sacre is the better player.

  1037. DNP CD, then waive.

  1038. Bench would trash them with one hand tied to the back

  1039. I like Price as a person to. He is probably just as shocked as we are, but what could he do? Smash his face into a wall and break his nose again.

  1040. There’s only 3 1/2 months left, Lin got nothing to lose at this point!

  1041. True. Lin wouldnt over react and talk crap. That’s just not him.

  1042. Kobe, what basket? Waste basket? Post? Light post??

  1043. some training minutes

  1044. Post career

  1045. Scott is basically saying “LESS LIN”

  1046. Scott was wrong again and need to apologize to Lakers fans.

  1047. Whose rhythm is Lin talking about? Kobe’s or himself?

  1048. Yes

  1049. hope its 2 but it is 3

  1050. He’s only saying this cause Lin make back to back buckets at the rim with crazy shots with and1! This is totally Kobe being jealous of Lin doing better than him!

  1051. 50 points in 10 minutes should do it

  1052. Was just about to say that. If he stays, I’m not sure I’ll like it…

  1053. Ugly beak nose n evil looking! Google his name!

  1054. 1. Kobe 2. BS 3. BS LOVE for Price.

  1055. He actually mentioned that Kobe has the most missed shots record in the history of the NBA, and Stu was extremely defensive, so he started to back off on his comments. Kind of tells you what they are like.

  1056. There is a God and everyone gets what they deserve. Reap what you sow.

  1057. If Lin gets traded or when he signs to another team, I hope he comes back and give them a BEAT DOWN! He still needs to pay back Rockets!!

  1058. My sarcasm was obviously not conveyed well enough here. smh

  1059. Exactly the same as those guys at the station with James Worthy and Rob? The white guy is so scared to say anything negative about Kobe

  1060. PFV – I hope you realize how wrong you are about B Scott wanting to groom Jeremy – nothing could be further from the truth.

  1061. LOL

  1062. Haha… You’re not the only one…

  1063. he said laker scott is in no way trying to develop lin

  1064. Groom to warm the bench.

  1065. It is not like Kobe played great in the beginning of the season

  1066. Maybe next season… After the tank is over, and Kobe gets help with better players is what I’m guessing.

  1067. Lin man

  1068. Now but not 3 games ago.. check the record.

  1069. Lin is not Kobe’s f’in acquantance! Stop asking him questions about other players! These f’in reporters!

  1070. Ugh..Lin says hello!!

  1071. He already admitted this. No need to rub it in

  1072. Which is worse?

    1. Headless mamba firing bricks with some shots falling into the hoop coincidentally.
    2. Bodyless head of the snake just stayed on the court doing nothing.

  1073. Defensive specialist Price made Charmers all star player 19pt, 8 assts while he made 0 pts. LOL

  1074. Translation: BS played me how I wanted him to.

  1075. The Tin Man had no heart.

  1076. Lakers are still developing bryant and price for retirement.

  1077. He still said this is possible but he is less certain now. With this game, I think 100% sure Lin is not getting groomed.

  1078. He meant next yr in an AAU game?

  1079. Maybe try to paint himself black all over.

  1080. Who knows..maybe Scott thinks Lin will be better by sitting on the bench. I would not suprised if he thinks so…lol He has made weirder decisions…

  1081. if his game legs got any livelier he’d turn into the energizer bunny

  1082. Hill injury next, thank BS.

  1083. Hahahhaa this is it!!!

  1084. The one with dead legs shouldn’t take 19 shots. 3 of 19 is an embarrassment and killing the team. Pretty much lost it in the first quarter,

  1085. lol not happening

  1086. dissing starters…good

  1087. There is only one story here. Kobe took 19 shots with a FG% of 16. The last game he played it was 17%. He has to sit out most games or shoot in the teens. Kobe is totally disabled. He must retire. How long do the Lakers think they can pretend that Kobe is still an NBA player?

  1088. lol shot heard around the world

  1089. yeah, and the 20 games tryout is about to end, so he might have wanted to give RP some minutes to prove

  1090. unless kobe sits

  1091. I might be wrong, but I don’t ink lin is going anywhere if the Lakers have anything to say about it. If Kobe is here for another year,no other PG starting in the league is coming here to play with Kobe. Lin will have the upper hand in FA, because I believe there will be a lot of contending teams to offer him a back up role

  1092. Welll, he made a good point about how Lin should stay with one team, instead of moving everywhere else and seeing a new system, and all new team mates. But I don’t think it helps too much if Lin stays. Lin won’t develop any further playing for this team and coach. If anything it’s going to be like this for maybe one more year if Lin stays.

  1093. BS will never understand it. lol

    Note: Lin smiled.

  1094. he’s embarrassing himself

  1095. Lin’s words don’t mean a thing when the head coach is clueless.

  1096. Better hope it’s the right team this time instead of just any team. Can’t stand another year of crap.

  1097. lol…Jlin get his 15 ml. doing nothing just like Nash 🙂

  1098. Yes, and this is one of the few thing that still gives me the positive feel…:P

  1099. What is up with all of the J lin quotes about Kobe..LOL maybe they the media knows something we don’t know…and the plot thickens+

  1100. Kobe and Lin – Lovers? Doubt it.

  1101. Lin talks like a coach in interview vs BS, endless of blames.

  1102. Sad

  1103. Jeremy didn’t seem too stressed or being hard on himself in the interview.. I hope not 🙁

  1104. They ask Lin because BS gives moronic answers. Lin gives intelligent ones.

  1105. I think he has a back up plan…..

    Probably already had a talk about wanting to get traded. It seems he doesn’t complain anymore.

  1106. You think so? He looked very casual in interview as if he didn’t care about his reduced minutes :/

  1107. ok, I’m done protesting to @JeanieBuss of Stu & Bill hatred toward Lin with criticizing only but not giving any credit. Plus giving credit to Price despite his non-impact in the game. Good that many Lin fans responded to her of our disappointment!

    I’ll create a PostGame thread now.

  1108. At least Lin could still smile through all this….or maybe he is just smiling at Serena and she misunderstood and thought he was being optimistic.

  1109. That’s what you do when you go to a new team. I think PPG is only from the team you were at so he gets to start from scratch. I sincerely hope I am right. If Lin tells FO I am signing else where then FO won’t have a choice but to trade him or getting nothing come FA. Too late to showcase him right now.

  1110. But, why does BS get away with benching him? You do not allow that to happen if there is value in your player, unless they are already out.

  1111. Call my crazy because I really enjoyed the game tonight. Considering, Jeremy had a very good game with limited minutes. With BS coaching what we get is insanity. It’s not as good as Linsanity, but it’s as good as we are going to get until Lin gets to play on a decent team. NOTE: Kobe and Price played an hour and one minutes combined and their combined shooing was was a total of 3 for 23 from the field (13%) . Jeremy scored 3 for 7 (43%) in 16 minutes.

  1112. If Hill is injured, who starts in his place?

  1113. It is as good as Linsanity….to me at least

  1114. No use in watching the whole game – I’ll just watch the highlights if that’s the case.

  1115. Lin

  1116. one of those shots was a hail mary

  1117. In your dreams : ) Black Lin will start.

  1118. And one of those shots was a 3/4 court heave at the buzzer. And it hit the rim.

  1119. Are you talking about a threesome?

  1120. …what d’ya think, Joyce…Jeremy and his agents must be very aware of this so perhaps it’s part of why he seems so relaxed in spite of the treatment that has us gritting our teeth?

  1121. What did he have to be distressed about?

  1122. No…per that logic, he has to change his last name too

  1123. That shot was not close according to STU

  1124. Did they ask Lin anything else besides what’s wrong with Kobe?

  1125. Lin is saying what happened to Lin……

  1126. No way, even Black got more minutes.

  1127. I did too. Their ineptness made the crowd angry and exposed Byron for the fool he is. Lin came in and made the team look halfway decent, until Byron brought his squad of fumblers back in (with exception of Davis and sometimes Hill tonight).

  1128. Post game interview… warning: Ireland.