Game 39 Miami Heat vs Atlanta Hawks: JLin(IG) Stay The Course. Galatians 6:9

After the game against Milwaukee Bucks, Jeremy Lin posted in Instagram the message to stay the course with Galatians 6:9 Bible verse and #presson hashtag

“Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up.” – Galatians 6:9

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Stay The Course. Galatians 6:9 🙏🏼 #不能放弃 #presson

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  1. Nobody? Dull? Boring? Sunday routine? No one?

    Quietness before a perfect storm.

  2. I’ll bite:

    Kanter is one player the tanking ATL team will NOT want

    Tanking is just wrong. Tanking is akin to a “fix” and should be outlawed. How does one bet on a tanking team? How are odds placed? Philly got Jimmy Butler as a karma chip. Rant over.

  3. stat update:

    hawks players ranked by the popular standard “per” (player efficiency rating)
    season to date
    position and rating

    collins 36th 20.94
    lin 87th 17.09
    len 123rd 15.29
    bazemore 141st 14.61
    dedmon 153rd 13.94
    spellman 172nd 13.35
    poythress 188th 12.80
    young 194th 12.67
    prince 235th 11.81
    carter 247th 11.49
    bembry 268th 10.73
    huerter 303rd 8.77

    (out of 339 “qualifed” players)

    tho not a fan of per as a guide overall; in this particular case i beleive it is an accurate top to bottom and even within gradient representation of the relative performance of the players on this team this season.

    note: hollinger includes a stat called “value added”. heurters “value added” is a negative 24!

  4. Sunday routine! 🙂 It’s the first Sunday of 2019.

    Wish all Lin fans here a Happy, Healthy and Prosperous 2019!

  5. Gotta respect Kanter – a human being with integrity. Opposes the Turkish dictator and has death threats.
    Enes Kanter won’t join Knicks in London due to Death Threats

  6. Yes. Respect to Kanter

  7. Trying to catch some of this game live.
    GO JLIN! One the other hand, don’t overdo it. Save it for Wednesday, second night of back-to-back, against the Nets at Barclays. Assuming Pierce will play you appropriately!

  8. Bembry starting tonight instead of Hamilton. More evaluation. If Bembry goes off, like last game with career high of 19, Lin probably won’t play that much. Unless the starters start off horrible. After all, it’s a home game. Hawks may try to win this for the fans!

  9. Yes, as JLin said, he just needs to #presson and stay the course!

    Just stay healthy, productive, and wait for good things to come, hopefully before Feb 7 🙂

  10. Hey Psalm – Happy Sunday!
    Oh yeah, waiting “patiently” for JLin’s next chapter of his basketball journey!

  11. Here today – checking in!

  12. Good to see Lin still up there. (Although I believe he was higher a few weeks ago, in Nov?)

  13. on the “poverty stream” ive got on the chat bros who are basically from twitch and usually very vulgar and racist but sometimes extremely funny are all lin and bashing young. and not sarcastically. at least not so far.

  14. another issue watchig atanta is teams so up unmotivated

  15. Just checked Miami’s record. Last 10, 8 and 2, with wins against Houston & Milwaukee. All without Dragic.

  16. LIN in at 6 mins.

  17. Assist to Len.

  18. Quick assist – LIN to LEN!

  19. Not giving ESPN clicks if I could help it. Who’s going to pay the rest of Parsons’ contract?

  20. VC is great guy and all, but please stop chucking 3’s when Lin is out there. Re-set and get a BETTER SHOT!

  21. This lineup is so undiciplined sometimes,
    Hamilton is a loose cannon; 1 on 3,1-4, 1-5 he doesn’t care
    Heurter looking to get on the board forcing it
    Vince popping 3s left and right

  22. Yeah, no need to chuck 3’s when you’re up 8!

  23. they will negotiate it says

  24. lin will be off soon. the last 5 games has been hard to watch

  25. 22222

  26. Not trying to oversell Lin, but I wonder if Carter got a lot of votes from Lin fans for All-Stars? 🙂

  27. That was a foul Refereeee

  28. Hang in there. Watching Lin play for 20 minutes better than zero mins.

  29. Okay. Thanks.

  30. i thought lin had a block?

  31. JLIN probably doesn’t get 20 mins tonight; 13-16 against the Heat

  32. heurter is becoming like prince. i just dont like the way he plays

  33. NBA Reffing rigged, this tweet from the other day. APPLIES EVERY NBA GAME.

  34. Lin out, quickly. Why?

    I have to say I don’t like the bench play. Lin just needs to hold onto the ball longer because too many of the guys on his squad don’t play team ball and put up bad, contested shots.

    Lin was fouled on the so-called TO. You saw it in his reaction.

  35. Yeah, Young started off okay. So, not surprised if that’s all Lin gets. It is what it is.

  36. lin in and lin out lin in and lin out

  37. don’t blink

  38. What were you expecting? LOL.

  39. and shake it all around.. that’s whaat it’s all about (musical humor)

  40. Half the season is over and people are still wondering why JLIN get’s takn out by Pierce … lol

    Any reason, No reason and All reasons are reasons to pull JLIN out

    To keep JLIN in are only TWO reasons, 1) Trae Awful, 2) Pierce really really wants to win or break a losing streak

  41. it seem recently the tea is fazing lin out and lin know it. i think its because i trade is coming. hopeully

  42. hope so

  43. I see the potential, tries to play defense, can rebound. Up to coaching to give him limits and as donsmacau said “discipline”.

    Prefer him to Prince, actually.

  44. 1 more month

  45. I hope so because I’m so tired of this coach..I still believe he’s worst than Byron Scott and McHale.

  46. Trae got owned that was awful, left his feet nothing to do but turn it over

  47. Kevin McHale >>>>>> LP

  48. …… debatable

  49. Sorry. NO WAY anybody worse than McHale, or Daryl Morey. The Rockets basically destroyed Lin’s career. Lin is still trying to claw his back from it.

    Lakers season was tanking and glorifying Kobe. It was bad but I don’t think it was as personally against Lin.

    Lin is at different stage of career now.

  50. Problem is how McHale talked about Lin and treated him on the bench. He played Lin more but it seemed more out of when nothing else was working opposed to liking his game. And he started the Lin off the bench stuff with Beverley replacing him as starter. So, I don’t think so.

  51. That’s it! Positive thinking! (instead of continual agita game after game)

  52. So I missed the 5-minutes of Lin’s play in 1Q.
    Hope to see him in the 2Q (now 7:44 remaining).

  53. NO WAY. Are you kidding? Lin at different stage of career.
    McHale and Rockets destroyed an up-and-coming talented superstar Lin.

  54. They were winning so it was working and Lin was an integral part of the team
    Actions speak louder than words

  55. Lin in

  56. I don’t see how it’s even debatable. McHale the worst!

  57. And quick two points!

  58. I’ve got a feeling this is gonna be another JLIN gets a 4th Quarter DNP-CD so you have just 2 quarters to watch him play tonight

  59. Please do more of that Lin. No more passing to the big man and not seeing the ball again in possessions.

  60. Is Lin hurt

  61. Huerter forcing it again. Does LP never teach the bigs, including Len, pass back out?

  62. eyes glued to my monitor with dinner cooking on the stove… lol

  63. No ball movement, just standing around. Vince tried to cut. That’s it.

  64. for the sake of development — smh

  65. Yeah, I know.


  67. Jump ball JLIN!!

  68. I think a little. He seems to stumble on his drives or when he’s bumped.

  69. That was a guaranteed slamdunk saved

  70. Tired of Hamilton. Had Lin wide open.

  71. Hapless Hawks. Hamilton 1 on 4.
    BOTH TEAMS – so disorganized!
    Rathbun – so hilarious!

  72. Hamilton destroys the flow of the bench, every minute he plays

  73. To an extent. But his actions weren’t favoring Lin more than favoring others and using Lin when he was in a bind.

  74. Wilkins – “Jeremy Lin plays good defense when he’s out on the floor”

  75. JLIN huge defensive plays

  76. I agree. But LP’s short stints, unless it is under advise of the trainers, is ridiculous.

  77. thank u

  78. Lin really playing well. orchestrating everything

  79. Still trying to watch game. But catch up with you all here later!

  80. Yes, whenever the other guys let him lead and run things!

  81. Lin is pretty energized in this second stint. The bench needs to follow his lead and play more disciplined. But Lin is not himself physically. He’s trying out there and giving effort. But Lin is knocked off balance when he’s driving rather than staying strong. That’s ok. But it does show me he’s no where near back.

  82. agreed. they sometime go riot mode and listen to nothing lmao

  83. Perhaps Pierce really wants to beat the Heat and will play JLIN his 20 mins tonight

    Pierce has already sweeped Miami 2-0 games this season

  84. He looks okay. Hopefully not. Just hit on the nose. What else is new?

  85. Lin and Carter have to whip those guys into shape, IMO. They’re so undisciplined. But Carter has to have better shot selection sometimes and play within his game.

  86. JLIN is always energized

    JLIN is 100% healthy and Not Hurt

  87. thats core strength. have to lift weight in the offseason

  88. Yes, home court advantage if they both tie for playoffs seeding. JUST KIDDING!

  89. Even if not so much the game – at least enjoy dinner!

  90. Trae has Zero Assists and Three Turnovers, missed his last few shots badly …

    … perhaps that has something to do with JLIN getting decent 2nd Q mins

  91. yup

  92. So far, Lin is back on the “corner stone” role with Young in court. 🙁

    * standing in the corner

  93. That’s why I say it is a fallacy that Trae & JLIN on the floor are good for anything other than JLIN masking Trae’s defensive deficiency against Guards

  94. 🙂

    Any game seeing Lin in NBA jersey in the game is precious no matter what!

  95. Lin would play more though

  96. Less than 7 mins at the half?

  97. Dorsey now playing ahead of Lin haha even though he did really well.

  98. and playing well.

  99. Lin should of finished the quarter but W/E

  100. I don’t care about JLIN standing the corner minutes; at least when he is the PG there is still a chance he can affect the plays

  101. his defense is good

  102. agreed

  103. Lin is this teams best player. Im not just saying that because im a fan but it’s obvious. Collins is 1A Lin is 1B

  104. if you can’t show off your offense then he can only play defense. Nobody’s passing to him.

  105. JLIN has as many assists as the Entire Hawks team at 4

  106. today he sure looks like it

  107. Absolutely not true. He is not 100 percent healthy.

  108. trea having a bad game 2-7 8 points 0 assist 3 TOV

  109. Lin has 500 steals in his NBA career!

    4 points, 4 assists and 1 steal for 10 minutes PT in the 1st half!

  110. yep. I agree. hopefully he’ll score more next half so it’s more obvious that he’s doing well. LP would be embarrass taking him out.

  111. not Today he is the best player on this team. Collins and Lin are the best. He just doesn’t get enough playtime.

  112. He looked more solid in November. I don’t know if it is the back or ankle or what. It looks like a balance issue.

  113. oh yeah good.

  114. Trae started off well though — but that is almost always a recipe for disaster because Trae then thinks he can do no wrong and puts his brain away

  115. Should have had 5 assists. Len blew a bunny.

  116. Awesome milestone!

  117. preaching to the choir of “Lin fandom”

  118. I don’t like how he’s playing at all. LP should have left Lin in to finish the half with Trae. Dorsey was a waste of space.

  119. And I say JLIN is, so there …

  120. I can’t wait jeremy to be traded…I know we are all anxious…hopefully rumors will start soon

  121. Lets line them up who are the best players on this team rank them for me. Because i dont see anyone that sticks out. so please

  122. So you’re a 4-year old?

  123. it made zero sense for LP to give trea the ball when lin has 4 assist and trea none. lin also had a rythm. think peirce will be a bad coach lol. he doesnt make good choices. even when he isnt trying to thank

  124. is this a news?

  125. they are trying to sell Dorsey

  126. Rumors have started many weeks ago, keep the faith – it will happen

  127. None. Really silly coaching. Lin had it going, changed the momentum, and he brings Trae in and then takes Lin out. And puts Dorsey in. That was ludicrous coaching.

  128. i think they are preparing for life without lin. only thing that makes sence to me. or LP s incompetent

  129. He is not smart ,on top of the discrimination of NBA, what else do you expect him?

  130. Look man, lol, you make a supposition without evidence and I counter it without evidence — we are even

  131. yeah but from sporting news. I want it to be from WOJ or ESPN

  132. lol

  133. I’m not going to say that at all. He’s been coaching like this all season. Just having Trae play a lot and taking Lin out when things are going well.

  134. no because he has to protect Trae. Jeremy can’t out shine Trae as per management. He’s just following orders.

  135. My evidence is his stumbling around when getting hit on drives. That’s not Lin at 100 percent healthy. Lin stays strong. To say he’s 100 percent is to say Lin stumbles around on small hits.

  136. it tells me he will fail as a coach. before i was like well he is tanking so he will do it differently if he was trying to win but at this point these are just his honest choices. like the player needing to tell him to leave lin in when he went linsanity. hawks will need to fire him at some point

  137. If you got hit on drives, you’d be stumbling too.

    JLIN arguably has the best game, hustle, energy of Hawks in 1st half — you can’t have it both ways as you are trying to

  138. Depends on their objectives. If they want a “player’s coach” that will “develop” Trae, Huerter and Bembry and let them play through mistakes, for as long as they want that, LP is their guy.

  139. Jeremy should start wearing a face mask to protect himself.

  140. yea agreed.

  141. Whatever. I said what I based it on. And also my watching Lin for years. He’s nowhere near 100 percent.

  142. please … take a breath

  143. Also, what’s with playing Dorsey at this point in the game? Dorsey isn’t good.

  144. The Hawks should send tape to the league and say their guy isn’t being protected and that’s not acceptable.

  145. You don’t enhance this board because you don’t know when to stop posting. I’m thinking of blocking you.

  146. do you remember michael carter william. he was scoring like crazing in philly…. where is he….. trea and heurter could be that. if you player all game and dominate the ball then your stat should be pretty good but is the team playing well. offense and defense. all this “development” is not teaching them how to win. hell it seem to be teaching the opposite.

  147. Lin is only here to give Trae a breathe. We should all understand that by now…I do think he’ll be traded soon.

  148. Back to your ad hominem attacks, I will refrain from responding to your attack but I hold your comments in similar esteem

    You’ve threatened me for years, just do it

  149. Yeah, those are the outlet you’d want to hear rumors, specially WOJ.. I don’t think he’s done any rumors concerning Lin so far.

  150. the bball competition is going up in the next few. i expect the hawks to fall quite considerably from that faulting winning streak

  151. Sure, he was with the Hornets for a bit.

    I agree, Huerter and Trae aren’t playing like winners.

  152. also lastly lin has to build the momentum for trea. over and over again. this isnt a good sign for his future as a PG. maybe hell have a ton of assist but as a game manager he is lacking

  153. I think Jeremy wants to go to Toronto. He’s play making more today, racking up assists cuz that’s what Raptors need.

  154. Trae .. smh you are SHORT, make the adjustments

  155. Jeez I hope JLIN doesn’t get 2nd half mins with Bembry cus he will be firing every shot every chance he gets

  156. Jeremy will be benched now Bembry and Trae scoring.

  157. as long as lin stays efficient in the mins hes given its a win for his next contract.

  158. Lin in

  159. Lin’s 5th assist.

  160. saw that too

  161. Surprised LP pulled Trae he’s making his three’s

  162. Odds that JLIN sits out the 4th Q completely have risen

  163. ONly to give Trae a breather for the full Q4

  164. unless he starts going crazy

  165. Good time to rest him while up to close in the 4th. Been mistake in LP’s past leaving Young in too long on a run only to tire him out and get no defense for the other team to go on a run to catch up.

  166. 33333333333333

  167. Lin for 3.

  168. he shouldn’t it’s looking like a blowout

  169. I’m already content for JLIN this game if Pierce pulls him out

  170. It would be nice if he has 10 pts!

  171. Pierce will want to seal the win with Trae getting credit on the floor – and 19 points is never safe with Trae on the floor as general

  172. man didn’t see that. good. my stream froze when he was about to shoot it

  173. Fast break 2 for Lin. 9 pts.

  174. man my stream is slow today

  175. 222222

  176. MONEY!

  177. 22222222222

  178. Lin floater. 11 points

  179. YESSIR LIN!

  180. Lin midrange 2. 13 pts

  181. again wow

  182. Only way JLIN gets Q4 minutes is if Trae’s unit completely collapses or the lead goes to 30

    … otherwise that could be it for JLIN;s evening

  183. Lin going ham

  184. Lin got his im good they can put in Trae to pad them stats if they want.

  185. are you guys serious.

  186. 2222222222

  187. Lin 15 points.


  189. same here! 🙂

  190. wow

  191. Lin is scoring so smoothly and effortlessly now. He’s in a groove.

  192. very easy

  193. wow nice. my stream is slow today

  194. Everyone gets a like!

  195. So if feels like everyone believes Pierce needs to reward JLIN for the wonderful play??

    C’mon now folks, haven’t you fallen for this too many times?

  196. I’m good too. that’s my boy

  197. It is fine with me.

    Our guy has 11 pts this quarter!

  198. JLIN had a great game, wonderful for his STATs

  199. We don’t care about LP, only that Lin takes the opportunity he gets and show why he is the dominate guard regardless if he is coming off the bench. We all know who the better PG is on many teams Lin has been on.

  200. OK, the Lin show is over for now.

  201. Lin is so impressive in offense once he “turns it on.” — 11 points in 6 minutes!

  202. for the night I think. He’s doing too much. LP will sit him

  203. If Trae’s unit allows the lead to drop to single digits ( and thus possible JLIN back), please Announce it – switching off for now

  204. highlights pls speed of Lin

  205. Jeremy to save the day lol

  206. Jesus whos number 5 what a skrub

  207. TOR-IND game has Lowry starting at PG and VanVleet at SG. No Kawhi tonight. Jlin could slide in very nicely at SG instead of Vanvleet I think when they rest Kawhi. Lowry and Vanvleet are two shorties. Forgot they also have Danny Green, a champion with SAS days. Jlin could help TOR more than they maybe know…or maybe they do. Miami was a team rumored for Jlin…I hope not.

  208. Here comes the refs, what’s the spread for this game?

  209. How can you calculate a spread for a tanking team?

  210. Hawks +6.5 spread for this game.

  211. Lin ended the game. its over

  212. they got some good pieces.

  213. Heats and Whiteside needs a PG. I like Spoelstra and he would play Lin the right way.

  214. Did Vegas really had them winning by this much?

  215. yeah. I agree better than with Hawks

  216. what happened to dragic? he does not like Lin

  217. who is number 5? Dorsey? = )

  218. Hawks starters still playing? if so thats pathetic

  219. Even great centers are limited without a good PG dishing to them for easy oops and dunks! Improves their in paint %…ask Tyson, Asik, & Davis.

  220. that got to shoot 30 shots to make it to 20

  221. They are.

  222. Not sure Wade would work well with Lin.
    He does seem to like Lin much.

  223. he’s retiring

  224. Ha ha, Trae and starters still in even though Spoelstra has waved the white flag.

  225. Good!

  226. everyone check in except jeremy hehe or he’ll score than Trae lol

  227. Finally, LP is bringing the 3rd stringers in. Doesn’t look like Lin’s coming back in. That’s fine. Glad he had a Linsanity 3Q.

  228. I agree totally with that.

  229. That’d be great…They do like to play Lowly alongside another PG.

  230. who do you think will be the player of the game?

  231. Bembry, he’s Hawks current poster boy.

  232. Bembry?

  233. Lin is benched for 4Q (again!) tonight. As said below, his PT is not based on his own performance.

    This is the first time I do NOT mind! 🙂

  234. he’s not allowed to score more than Trae, or else they can’t justify not starting him

  235. highlights anyone ??

  236. highest FG%

  237. lol game was over

  238. he played 10mins more than Jeremy to score as much

  239. Jeremy getting interviewed

  240. It’s ok because they didn’t need him. I don’t like it when the game is close and LP doesn’t play him. Plus there is a game on Tuesday then on Wednesday. Happy with Lin’s performance this game. Great 3Q scoring but great play in the 1st half too to change the momentum back to the Hawks.

  241. Player of the game !!!!! Bembry notttttt Jeremy

  242. Well deserved.

  243. who was it? Bembry or Jeremy?

  244. Jeremy

  245. nice

  246. Trae was trying to check in during end of the 3rd hahaha

  247. Rivalry, ever since few years ago, Dragic’s brother posted on tweeter saying Dragic should be allstar and Lin got those votes cause of his race.

    Dragic fell from grace the moment Suns made the wrong decision of choosing Bledsoe over him.

  248. espn headline: “young collins power undermanned hawks past the heat”.

  249. lmao

  250. BS haha ESPN never a fan of Lin we knew

  251. it doesnt matter. its their team so its expected.

  252. Lin had a great game after 2 bad ones.

  253. last one was ok but year like 5 bad ones before that

  254. Pierce doing lin a favor not playing lin in 4th. Keeps Lin efficient and reducing any chance at random injury for meaningless games. I don think fans realize if lin gets a knee injury or hamstring injury he could miss out on his last huge nba contract.

  255. giving him too much credit

  256. Agree. Lin got his stats today. No need for garbage minutes in a blow out game.
    SAVE IT FOR THE NETS on WED!!!! (Hopefully Pierce will cooperate.)

  257. Whatever the agenda or motivation, the result is same. Lin played well, Lin stayed healthy!

  258. I agree. This is a rehab season.

    Lin also has to play Tuesday and Wednesday in a back to back. No big deal he didn’t play in the 4th. The game wasn’t even close. If it was close, that’s another story entirely.

  259. agreed. although i wanted 20 points

  260. I’m telling you, DON’T GO THERE! Don’t give them clicks! (Lots of OTHER sites to get sports news these days!)

  261. i think he may play in a close game. i wouldnt bet on it though

  262. Gotta help the NBA with promoting young NBA superstars-in-the-making!

  263. I don’t trust LP to play Lin in close-game situations. Even when he does, it is a short-leash. And that’s ridiculous. But honestly, this is a happy night. Lin had a good game.

  264. HaHa. Don’t we all!

  265. Literally the the worst thing that could happen to lin right now is not low mins, bad fg%, or high TOs rate.. . it is injury. he literally just needs to make it to the end of hte year without major injury and our boy will be paid the big bucks.

  266. Hahaha……that was mean……

  267. He’ll get another contract and maybe a really good role with a good team. I’m not sure of big bucks but hope he gets a fair contract.

    I’ve been saying the same thing. Minutes are secondary to health. Playing 60 plus games is much more important than minutes.

  268. Boo.

  269. Again agree. It’s NO FUN for us fans with the current situation. But I think the only thing Lin had to prove this year is his health from the knee injury. And Lin has done that!

    I FIRMLY BELIEVE THAT THE NBA KNOWS FULL WELL WHAT LIN BRINGS. Whether GMs will have the courage to sign him is another story.

  270. Matchup problems? Lin always gives Heat headaches.
    Heat beat Houston and Milwaukee recently. But bombed vs Hawks???
    Miami need Lin!!!!! LOL.

  271. LOL. Instead of mouth-guard, FACE-GUARD. and a helmet….. and lots of padding…….

  272. Bembry also had BAD first half. But then woke up in second half.
    DEVELOPMENT is LP’s (and Hawks) priority!

  273. Yes, good game and keep healthy, couldn’t ask more.

  274. Lin will be traded since he’s not going to re-sign for ATL…They might as well deal him and pick up decent assets for him.

  275. That is my hope now too.
    The tricky part is which team is desperate enough to win THIS year, and willing to give up assets for him.
    Lin does not start off on an even playing field with NBA politics.

  276. Speed of Lin highlights!!!! (Still toooooo short – LOL.)

  277. Doesn’t matter. He has to play this season without a major injury. If he stays a Hawk or gets traded and gets a major injury, that may be it regarding his career. That’s actually what makes this year a bit scary. There’s a lot more season left. So far, so good.

  278. LP don’t need for Lin to SHINE, he just needs him to stabilize..LOL!!!

  279. PHENOMENAL 3Q for JLin!

    In 5:48 mins, 5 of 6, 100% on 3 (haha), for ELEVEN POINTS.

    Layup, Floater, Mid-range jumper, High Floater, and the perfect 3!!!!

    (Where are the complaints that he doesn’t use these moves? He’s been using them ALL along, just not enough minutes to show his stuff…..)

    “2-for-1 Mastery”

  280. to stat pad and to let them have the shine LP wants to say to media.

  281. if onlu coach Spoe can act on it… But Wade or white might not want to be outshine by an asian guy???

  282. Wade is retiring and I think he secretly likes Lin. He can make Whiteside’s life easier on both ends of the court.

  283. Detroit is now desperate for a new PG and are tired of Reggie Jackson.
    They have Ish Smith as back up but Lin is an upgrade.

    Of course, the Heat could use Lin and this game was probably a great try-out for Miami.

    Dark horses team that may acquire Lin are the grizzlies and Portland Trail Blazzers to get Lin as back-up PG off the bench.

  284. well, those people right now are hiding and the soonest Lin gets on a FUNK, they will emerge again. Lin playing efficient, controlled and well planned game makes him exceptional after the Injury! Minute doesn’t matter for his performance to shine, but for his health sake, his rhythm must be maintained by enough and consistent minutes to play longer in the NBA

  285. Aloha everyone!

    Good to see Lin is back gaming.

    And Congrats to him on his 500th career assist

    Go LIN!!!! we are with you!!!

  286. 500 career steals, not assists.

  287. oh! is it…then i heard it wrong…thanks for the correction!

  288. ha ha i’ll take that too

  289. Detroit is another possible option. I’m hearing how much they have missed Ish Smith
    since he got hurt.

    Yes, the Heat sure could have used Lin tonight! Spoelstra always gave Lin kudos. Not sure if Pat Riley will give Lin a contract.

    Not sure about the Grizz and their front office. They just traded for Justin Holiday from the Bulls, hasn’t helped one bit. And they gave Chandler Parsons that “ridiculous” contract, and Alaingrvis just reported they are trying to negotiate out of it.

    I know which teams we as fans are hoping for, and know could use Lin. As a Lin fan, no doubt that Lin is an upgrade and game-changer for many teams.

    In my mind, the problem is team front offices having the guts to sign Lin. WILL BE HAPPY TO BE WRONG!

  290. nice post

  291. AMEN! Lin is choosing his spots. Using the time and opportunity that he has. Avoiding injury as much as possible. All good!!!

    Like I said, I have low expectations now from the Hawks. But I fully enjoy the time that Lin does have out there.

    HOPE SPRINGS ETERNAL for more chances for Lin to shine! (Probably not Hawks, but a good team that wants to win with Lin.)

  292. Aloha! Does that mean you’re in Hawaii, and making the rest of us jealous?
    Welcome back! Happy New Year!

  293. Just looked it up.
    After tonight’s game, JLIN has career assists total of 1,930. Pretty good, right?

  294. As usual, Fox SSE giving lots of love to Lin. Rathbun, and Wilkins on air. The studio team showing Lin highlights during their segment.

    NOT as usual, Lin getting love on NBA TV. And from our old friend Mike Fratello!

    Listen up, NBA GMs, get your acts together!

  295. Hallelujah to that for sure!

  296. Lin was awesome. Changed the momentum with his defense/offense in the first half. And had a silky smooth 3Q and hit a variety of shots.

  297. LP simply doesn’t want Lin to score more than Trae Young.

  298. Seems to me that Lin has made lots more steals this season.

  299. that does this rank him in terms of steals.. is it like a big accomplishment?

  300. Saw the IG video of this. Wade goes and trades Jersey with Trae the so called franchise instead of the actual player of the game. This completely reveals the lack of respect for Lin. But Lin has the last laugh as he’s still playing and Wade will be gone.

  301. NBA app has zero Lin highlights again. It’s as if he doesn’t exist for them. All they do is use him for promotion but not his skills.

  302. watch, he will be all over the place when chinese new year comes and nba is promoting to china

  303. He wasn’t using them in the last 4 games glad he got out of the slump and did a bit of everything.

  304. Not really, Lin tends to struggle against the Heat’s defense. Glad he finally found a way to score so much against them.

  305. If course…

  306. Any team can sign Lin at the end of this season. I wonder if there is any team which will give up asset for Lin’s few months service.

  307. LP doesn’t need justification. He wouldn’t care less about this. He needs to pad Young’s stats in order to make the trade of Luka Doncic for Young looks good.

  308. Let’s face it, they don’t usually do too many highlights of “bench” players. Vince Carter is an exception because he’s “legendary star”.

    Not individual highlight, No. Check out the Game Recap though. He gets shout-out and highlights there.

    And as I said, NBA TV also gave him props. Very unusual.

  309. Maybe for fans here in US. And maybe fans in Taiwan.

    While it could be true that the NBA does NOT want to insult Chinese fans and exclude Lin around Chinese New Year promos. It’s also true they use ALL of the NBA stars for those promos. Always Curry and Harden too.

    The sad truth is, the NBA doesn’t really need Lin. That is why he DOES NOT get the respect he deserves.

    Fans in China don’t really care about Lin all that much. Now that he’s not playing a lot of minutes, he’s not even getting all those All-Star votes from there. Not much loyalty there.

    The Warriors vs Rockets game got 20 million views. Without Lin. I don’t have the numbers but I would bet the Hawks games aren’t getting those kinds of views, with Lin.

  310. “#ATLHawks #7 @JLin7- portrait of July in Taiwan Apple Daily 2019 calendar. ”

  311. @JLin7 IG: I press on toward the goal to win the prize for which God has called me heavenward in Christ Jesus. Philippians 3:14

  312. Lin has been using those kinds of shots. Look at his catch-and-shoot 3 pointers too. You just haven’t been paying attention. I don’t have time to do all the games.

    Look at just the big blowout loss to the Bucks. Here’s Lin’s 7 shots. He may not always make them, but he sure uses them. How much can he do in limited minutes?

    1Q 3:15 miss Lin 26′ 3PT Jump Shot (Bembry pass – open catch and shoot)
    1Q 1:33 miss Lin 26′ 3PT Jump Shot (Transition pull-up)
    2Q 7:53 MADE Lin 25′ 3PT Jump Shot (3 PTS) (Dedmon screen/catch and shoot)
    2Q 7:11 miss Lin 26′ 3PT Jump Shot (Huerter pass – open catch and shoot)
    3Q 3:05 MADE Lin 1′ Driving Layup (8 PTS) (Carter pass)
    3Q 1:05 miss Lin 10′ Jump Shot (Len screen)
    4Q 2:43 miss Lin 13′ Pullup Jump Shot (Collins screen)

  313. Yes, that is the big question. I would think Atlanta would want a good deal, but are there WILLING buyers?

  314. Lin the leader. I do see him on the bench, during games, talking to Prince, Bazemore, Huerter, Len, especially to Bembry.

    Not much to Trae Young though. Probably because they are rarely on the bench at the same time. LOL.

  315. [email protected] had 15 points in 16 minutes tonight. He spoke on his battles with @DwyaneWade over the years. #TrueToAtlanta #NBA”

  316. More JLin to Raptors chatter. Raptors won tonight, without Kawhi, but with Lowry back.

  317. “Iconic players”. Jeremy Lin is quite an icon himself. The first, a pioneer, no one else like him in the NBA. 🙂

  318. That’s great! Wonder if l’il bro Joe got a page or not. I thought he was an all-star in Taiwan?

  319. Okay, what have you done with the real “sport” the Lin fan. Where are you getting this “tends to struggle” from?

    Have you forgotten how Lin killed the Heat in the playoffs? Same players, same coach, a younger Wade. What are you talking about?

  320. What is the goal? What is the prize?

    Can someone from the media please ask him about his IG posts? LOL.

  321. JLin is always very complimentary on other NBA players and legends. Being diplomatic is certainly one of his underrated strength!

  322. True. Young was out there padding some stats. But that doesn’t change the fact Lin got his stats, avoided injury, no need to play extra minutes in a blowout against Heat 3rd stringers.

    I know you’re not happy with LP. But is it really his call? You don’t think it’s Schlenk and the front office that’s pushing the agenda?

  323. Good catch! Lin said “not now” – haha!

    And look at Collins doing the “cooking” move!

    Good for Hamilton too, playing unselfish. 6 assists. TWO of them by passing to Lin !

  324. Love that 100% from 3!!! 🙂

  325. Correct. Boosting and developing Young is priority. NOT Lin. But not directly by LP. Carrying out orders from Schlenk.

  326. That rhymed! Can we get a RAP verse going here? LOL.

  327. Yes, very diplomatic. Yet somehow, never “lies”, always a sincere version of “spin”.

    One day in the future, after he gets into Hall of Fame (hey, it’s theoretically still possible). Hope for a tell-all book.

  328. Almost half way through the season. Time flies.

    Just checked the East standings. The top 5 teams look like they’re solidly in, just fighting for seeding.

    The East is so weak this year. Miami doing better. But Detroit, Washington not up to par. Orlando started off great, now fading. Allowing Brooklyn and Charlotte, BOTH UNDER 500, to get to 7th & 8th place. Man, letting me down here.

    If Miami, or Detroit, or Washington, or Orlando, get Lin. Can definitely knock one of them out.

    If Toronto gets Lin, it will for sure help them over the hump. Maybe not during the season, but could use Lin in playoffs. Lowry maybe burns out and has had poor shooting games in playoffs.

  329. LOL. Mitch Kupchak and the Hornets. (Poor Frank though, getting a lot of DNPs and not playing many minutes at all.)

  330. Well, here we are, 2019. Lin is still out there fighting.

  331. not a fan of Frank, but honestly in my opinion…and as a matter of fact, he was just hyped by the hornets when jeremy was there just like TY right now. He has nothing special but his size. i saw before that he will never see a star on his door because he’s just an average player with a common talent among the many who strive to an NBA player

  332. I like this!

  333. an interesting stats anomaly at the moment which will probably only exist till the next games so thought i would note it while its there: lin and 3 abl’s above him in “per” are all grouped together among point guards:

    17 dinwiddie 18 clarkson 19 russell and lin 20 and nipping at their heels. (of course all the others are playing on average about 10 minutes more per game!).

  334. Lin to the Raptors

  335. Teams would rather offer Lin a good contract at the end of the season rather than giving up assets to Atlanta for a few months service only. I wouldn’t even want Lin to go to a contender in the playoff which endanger Lin’s career. Playoff games are normally so physical that injuries are not uncommon. It is not advisable to play in playoff games without a guaranteed contract for years.

  336. It is risky to the health of Lin to play for this kind of teams.

  337. I discover that Bembry begins to play like Lin in many situations. Lin is actually the mentor for the whole Lin. Atlanta doesn’t worth that much input from Jeremy. Lloyd Pierce doesn’t worth the contribution from Lin.

  338. It is a kind of blessing to have an unselfish teammate like Lin.

  339. Does it make a difference, Schlenk or Lloyd Pierce? The end result is more important than who is more responsible. To me, they are all responsible for the low usage of Lin. Trae Young is a fake star. He is miles away from Luka Doncic. Obviously, Schlenk has made a bad trade and they are trying to cover this grandeur mistake by letting Young padd his stats and have the high usage.

    I believe that the Warriors will lose the championship this year if Marcus Cousins doesn’t rehab well and join the team in time. The Spurs once again assert a different style of playing basketball no less important the Warriors way. The Spurs is only a few good players away from being a real contender. The Warriors will be lucky to survive in the wild wild west. After that the west conference champion is not the automatic league champion with teams like Milwaukee or Raptors in the East. Boston Celtic has already dropped out of the top 3 teams in the East.

    When the Warriors loses their championship, Schlenk’s Warrior 2 scheme will lose lots of credibility even if Atlanta might acquire Steve Kerr as its coach. The true test for the team is on how many games they could win next season. I’m not optimistic about that with Lloyd Pierce as its coach.

  340. Hawks player ranked by RPM (another player efficiency measurement)
    Rank_Player__________ ORPM DRPM RPM
    118th DeWayne Dedmon -1.65 2.02 0.37
    154th Kent Bazemore -0.92 0.69 -0.23
    160th John Collins 0.74 -1.04 -0.30
    182th Alex Len -1.66 1.18 -0.48

  341. jermey lin a comparison of 3 seasons

    2011-2012 nyk (a)
    2016-2017 brk (b)
    2018-2019 atl (to date) (c)

    games played
    a: 35
    b: 36
    c: 35

    games started
    a: 25
    b: 33
    c: 0

    minutes per game
    a: 26.9
    b: 24.5
    c: 18.7

    a: 446
    b: 438
    c: 490

    a: 320
    b: 372
    c: 385

    effective fg%
    a: 478
    b: 510
    c: 560

    a: 798
    b: 815
    c: 829

    points per 36
    a: 19.6
    b: 21.3
    c: 20.5

    offensive rating
    (an estimate of points produced per 100 possesions)
    a: 104
    b: 109
    c: 115

    usage rate
    a: 28.1
    b: 26.6
    c: 22.5

    true shooting%
    a: 552
    b: 566
    c: 623

    on/off (plus minus net per 100 possesions)
    a: +4.6
    b: +3.4
    c: +4.0

    (source: basketball reference)


    ➡️ Lin Leonard slip pick and roll / RPO:

  343. PER of Lin goes up again; 17.69

  344. And at least based upon graphic above, Lowry seems to like dribbling left before pulling up for three pointer at top of key.

    Lin would always play Lowry straight up and be surprised and keep getting beat same way when Lowry keeps hitting that shot, while Kawhi would have already studied scheme and tendencies and guessed / gambled to disrupt that scheme:

    “I look at film,” he explains, “but more than watching individual players, I’m trying to watch a team’s whole offensive scheme. I’m trying to know their tendencies so I can … guess. That’s what it comes down to, really, making the best guess. I’m trying to change up their scheme.”


    (me-Lo has obvious spots on floor he wants to get to, and has developed his court vision to create separation from his defender without elite athleticism; defenders oblige him by reacting to all his fakes, instead of pro-actively deciding to get beat in a specific way, and force me-Lo to read and react in real time, instead of letting him just determine everything that will unfold on court. His dribble becomes shaky under pressure, and he still tunnel visions (e. g. bounce pass to Jarrett Allen where he often leads Allen directing into charge when he turns after catching ball. So easy to bait him into making that bounce pass and pick it off, or pre-position for Allen charge, just like Kawhi would do it)

  345. Wade traded jerseys with Trae and not Lin yet Lin still needs to talk about him. Really? All this hype about Wade’s retirement when he’s nothing special, he can drive to the basket big whoop.

  346. Many players are going to be complimentary to Dwayne Wade. He’s a first round hall of famer. Those who are saying he’s not are very wrong. He was one of the greatest players of this modern era and a top 50 player of all time. Not saying I like him or that he wasn’t dirty, but he was a phenomenal basketball player.

  347. LP started giving Hamilton 23 minutes while Lin only got 17 minutes with a +/- rating of +12 comparing to Vince Carter’s +14. Hamilton’s +/- rating was -1; essentially trading baskets with the Heat. Both Young and Lin blew away the Heat.

    It seems to me that Hamilton will be the other PG for the Hawks.

  348. Jeremy is a superstar in his own right. He doesn’t need to trade jerseys with any of the banana boat crew.

  349. If ATL wanted to do themselves and Jlin a favor to increase Jlin’s value and facilitate a trade they should start him for a couple of games. 8-9 minutes in first qtr, last 6-7 of second qtr, start 3rd with 8 minutes. Fourth qtr doesn’t matter by then, win or lose the pattern will have been set. If winning they can let TY be the hero. If losing they can blame it on Jlin. Jlin needs to play some against the first string of the opponents.

  350. Lin is there in the limited role of mentor-stabilizer. Bembry, Hamilton, Huerter, and the other young players are prioritized to be starters and get playing time. Lin is not in Atlanta to be featured in any way.

    They aren’t blaming losing on Lin. Losing is part of the development plan. This is very clear after LP’s press conference. This is not anything against Lin more than it is just how the organization views their team and plans. Lin is a rental, may or may not be included in trades, an expiring contract, and will be played when Trae is resting and occasionally but not a lot with trade. There’s no need to showcase Lin and he may or may not start if Trae can’t go.

    That’s why I just go rehab year for Lin, plays his games, and the season is successful based on games played only and how Lin looks as an NBA vet. He looks very good.

  351. I also don’t get why they’re not giving Lin more minutes if he’s on the trading block…I think this will need to be convince to gave up a first round pick so maybe with an extra 5-7 minutes, Lin could convince 1 team he’s worthy of a first round pick.

    If the Hawks plan n keeping Lin and not increase his minutes, Lin may get upset and ask for a buy-out…at that point, they would have miss their chance to trade a player who now no longer want to remain on the team because of low minutes.

  352. Houston traded Michael Carter Williams to the Bulls and the Bulls just waived him….Maybe the Hawks can pick him up to back-up Trae and this should make it easier to trade Lin.

  353. A great angle of JLin’s 3 from a Lin’s fan in the building.
    You can tell JLin really loves watching a basketball goes through the hoop 🙂

  354. Per a friend, the jerseys exchange was initiated by Young.

    Young reportedly contacted Wade to request trading jerseys after the game. It was a smart PR move by Young, I guess.

  355. hm, I wonder why so many teams trade for someone, only to waive them? Perhaps no trade value?

    There is also a different strategy in waiving a player. I just saw the Cavs stole McCaw from GSW by offering a contract GSW couldn’t match, then waived him, and offer a new contract that GSW may’ve matched. Very tricky maneuvering to get a player off the restricted FA status.

  356. Young reportedly initiated the jerseys exchange.

    It is said by Chinese media that Young contacted Wade to request trading jerseys. It was a smart PR move by Young.

  357. lol … that would be interesting question for sure.

    BTW, I just realized the big KUMHO TIRE sponsorship in the background. That sponsorship always follow Lin to wherever team he goes. Thank you, KUMHO!

  358. Doesn’t this defeat the purpose of the restricted FA? GSW might be a little irked with CLE. Of course doesn’t tanking defeat the purpose of competitive sports? Rules were made to broken, I heard that somewhere. We don’t need not stinking rules

  359. Ya they had been with Lin since rockets, right? BTW they are korean company

  360. true, loophoole is exploited so this will probably get addressed in the next CBA negotiation. The first offer should come with some guaranteed money so teams can’t just offer something they meant to withdraw just to steal players.

  361. oh, Korean? Interesting, for some reason I thought it’s Taiwanese.
    The owner must be a huge JLin fan

    Are you still on vacation? I wish I am lol

  362. I did not suggest this to feature Jlin in a basketball way, just as a way for ATL to increase the trade value for Jlin. While yes, this is a rehab year, Jlin has to play for his next contract. I doubt he wants to do as he did with CHA and take a lowball contract to gain leverage for another one as he did with BKLN. At that point he will be 32 y.o. and that is getting up there in NBA age considering how youth enamored the NBA is. My suggestion is not for the sake of ATL. It is for the reality of Jlin’s timeline. Maybe he does not feel the need to showcase himself, I don’t know the inner workings of the NBA. But if he did start a couple of games and show well it enhances the trade value for ATL while motivating other teams to look at Jlin. Jlin’s role for ATL may be as a mentor-stabilizer but he is mainly an expiring contract and ATL gets nothing for him if he just walks after the season. I am sure they want something in return even if just a couple of 2nd round draft picks, though I think they can get and expect more. We shall see but it is not in Jlin’s best interests to expire on a tanking ATL.

  363. I wish I am still…hahaha…back to my working home 🙂

  364. Lin is healthy..Lin is as likely to get hurt next year than this year,

    He got hurt playing for Brooklyn Nets who restricted his minutes..but the years before, played much more and barely missed multiple games.

    so all the talk of not wanting him to play more minutes ibecause of injury-fear is ridiculous.

    Dude is 30 and needs to get his career going again..Hope he’s traded so he can ball.

  365. why they want to move nic, I thought they spend so much time and time on him you want to keep him? why desperate.

  366. My reading of JLIN through his words and his games

    a) Rehab Complete: Nov-Dec proven JLIN Successfully Rehabbed – time to move on to his NBA future; Nobody from JLIN himself to Hawks FO/Coach still believe JLIN requires “rehab” any longer. Sure JLIN tired of hearing “But it’s your Rehab Year“. Currently the word “rehab” is a tool to keep JLIN in his reduced role & marginalized reputation. Time to stop using this term

    b) JLIN at 100% health – no he’s not slow, not hesitant, not under-confident, not un-polished … if anything he’s gotten stronger and his season STATs prove better than he’s ever been & when allowed to – he’s the best player on the Floor

    c) Players cannot play well if they Fear next injury . JLIN fans may fear playing too many minutes, too full-steam, too physical etc… JLIN doesn’t fear his next injury, he has taken contact and gotten up every time, renewing his confidence that he needn’t fear injury.

    It is time to move on from Atlanta and the only vote that matters is JLIN’s vote on this issue

  367. Because Batum is not only not worth $23million but probably not worth $2million/yr

  368. fearing injury will often lead to next injury

  369. I don’t get this.. if schlenk wants to trade lin away.. why did he take lin in.. with the unceraintly of him recovering from injury during that time. This makes no sense at all. Unless they can’t find a backup? So I’m assuming he won’t be traded.

  370. there was more uncertainty then, then now.

  371. Schlenk took JLIN because of the a) expiring contract, b) lotto ticket that JLIN could still play in the NBA (Marks did not want that lotto ticket uncertainty) — if the lotto ticket paid off then Schlenk could TRADE JLIN for more value than just the expiring contract.

    There are multi levels of Lotto ticket payoff e.g. if JLIN was Superb then that might equate to 1st round pick; if JLIN was passably ok then offer him a Vet min in his contract season to stay.

    Trade is coming – sorry to disagree with you


    I’m getting annoyed at “some” Lin fan who wants him to stay in ATL the whole year just to rehab because they fear he might get hurt if he were to go to a team that would give him more minutes.

    Lin looks fine to me..He looks strong and he’s even more efficient…When he has a bad game, it’s not because he’s not 100%, it’s simply because he had a bad game..Lin had plenty of bad games before all the injuries.

    Matter fact, I blame his bad game on LP for not giving him enough minutes to shoot himself out of a terrible shooting start…I don’t blame it because Lin doesn’t look as explosive..He’s fully explosive to me and finishing well at the rim..His stats finishing at the rim is better than when he played for Brooklyn and Charlotte.

    Lin has done rehab already and it was a huge success…He’s played 32 games with the Hawks…Rehab is over..Now he needs to play for his career and a new contract next year…

    Let me remind you guys that Lin is 30, not 20, so he can not afford to just give up a full year and expect his free agency to go well.

    If he were to go to a team like Orlando or Wizard and got them to the playoff, he’d surely get a nice new and final contract…Maybe $10Mper/2 years.

  373. thanks for explanation which make sense now because of the lotto ticket…had to refreshed my memory what the nets got which is a 2nd pick from portland. And it’s fine to disagree especially when it comes with clear explanation.

  374. me-Lo also has obvious spots on floor he wants to get to (see early games after trade to Nets when he wasn’t even trying to run the motion offense ( ) and just playing his game to inflate his stats to Nets fan base: e.g . floaters just outside restricted area, or pull up midrange jumpers from certain spots, especially and in particular on left side of court).

    It’s obvious he developed his natural court vision gifts to create separation from his defender without elite athleticism, and team defenses oblige by dutifully reacting to all his jabs and fakes ( ), instead of pro-actively attacking him before he has decided what to do, thus forcing him to truly instinctive read and react, in real time, and in a less structured environment, because his dribble becomes shaky under pressure, and he still tunnel visions, too (e. g. bounce pass to Jarrett Allen where me-Lo often leads Allen directing into charge immediately after Allen catches the ball. So easy to bait him into making that bounce pass and pick it off, or pre-position for unavoidable charge after Allen pivots to attack, just like Kawhi would do it.

    And even if social butterfly JLin is more comfortable chatting on the bench with RHJ or Vince Carter, Kobe ( / / ) or Kawhi teaching Lin about what they are really passionate about will elevate JLin’s game tremendously. e. g. Eli Manning has previously said he knows where every player on the field, on both offense and defense, is supposed to be on every play, and Tom Brady developed the same skill at Michigan (like Tom Brady, Nick Foles also apparently maintains his accuracy on third down, even when he is about to get hit, too):

    “He soaked up everything: schemes, opposing players’ tendencies, the minds of Michigan’s defensive coaches. Slowly, a different quarterback emerged. Brady recognized defenses before the ball was snapped.

    He knew which receivers would be open and, in what would become his hallmark, became unshakable in the pocket, able to maintain both his concentration and his accuracy when he was about to get hit.”


  375. I believe Schlenk traded for Lin because he knew he was a nice locker-room guy and also expected Lin to not be as good and this would be the perfect excuse to start Trae Young…They needed someone to replace Schroeder who is not seen as a nice guy and wouldn’t want to play behind Trae Young.

    Now that Lin is fully back to his old self, this has created some issue for Schling that he never expected….Lin has value so he has to listen to trade offers since Lin could just leave this summer for nothing.

    Also, Lin could ask for a buy-out if he’s not traded, especially if Hawks are still tanking and won’t increase his minutes which he deserve.

    So Schlink has to move Lin…It makes no sense to keep him the full year…Lin had done his mentorship job and now the Hawks needs to do what’s right and it’;s to let Lin go.

  376. Can’t believe he’s not even averaging in double…That has to be the worst contract in the NBA.

    The sad thing is they pushed Lin aside when he won them a playoff game just to make Batum happy.

  377. I understand your suggestion. But it’s up to Atlanta based on their priorities. And I’m not sure how much they want to trade Lin. They may but maybe are more interested in trading others before Lin. Like Baze or Dedmon. I have no idea what their intentions are with Lin. All I can go by is what LP says in interviews about others. He is emphasizing playing young guys and when he talks of Lin, it’s in that mentor/stabilizer role. They may not even think of showcasing him even if they are considering trades for him. They just may feel teams know what Lin can do. I really think the biggest obstacle to Lin being traded is health and I don’t know which GMs, if any, feel like Lin playing 30 something games shows he’s back. But, you never know with GMs.

    As for salary, I’m not sure Lin is worried about that. He got a good payday with the Nets and was injured during it. He’s now playing on that contract. He may just go for a short-term whatever he could get but we’ll see. But I think it depends on his health more than putting up big numbers. His numbers are fine for his minutes right now.

  378. hehe, I am one of those fans who annoyed you so much. So I’d like to offer my personal insights and hopefully to make you less annoyed.
    The real difference is we interpreted our observation differently. I actually don’t think Lin’s body is ready.
    First I believe Lin’s drive and way of running changed significantly to prevent potential injury. Is it because of fear or just cautious? doesn’t matter what we think. He is doing it.
    Second, I noticed when he is playing against very high energy team, Lin got gassed pretty quickly.
    Third, I think he has back issue now, but he can play through it, not sure for how long. Especially the game against Bucks, Historically, Lin has a certain way of walking when his back was not right. I saw that pattern again. I also noticed in recent games, Lin’s pass looked weaker than it used to be including one bounce pass to Bembry in Bucks game and one bounce pass to Hueter in the last game and one TO in the 4th q of the Bucks game. I think he has a weak back right now.
    Fourth, just my general opinion, this is Lin’s survival season of the NBA, Lin’s health is way more important to get to a better team. If he can stay healthy this season, at least he still has chance. If not, his career could just end right here.
    I would completely agree with you if I think Lin is completely healthy. Cheers 😛

  379. First, do you assume JLIN’s running-form change is negative? JLIN said changes were purposeful for ergonomic and athletic reasons. I believe JLIN knows best and form changes are Not Negative. I’m not aware of any speed measurements that show JLIN’s running is slower.

    Second, gassed against high-energy teams; 1) is your subjective opinion; 2) gassed is all relative; JLIN has been gassed before in his long career; 3) JLIN helps others on defense often; ball movement teams and quick teams require more energy to guard.

    Third, obviously JLIN sat out games with back issue, no secret but he said 2 wks ago he’s recovered. You can believe or not believe JLIN but if bad back is manifested in a bounce pass (one assist which Heurter successfully made a 3ptr) then shouldn’t a weak back result in consistently poor performance – instead JLIN on balance is very well.

    Fourth, this is JLIN’s contract season — there is no survival in the NBA without a new contract. JLIN is healthy we can agree to disagree, cheers.

  380. Thanks for your response. I’d like to respond to your points 1 and 2:
    1. I think his form change is positive for his game and health. However, I do believe he is slower especially his first step. If you play two videos at the same time, one before his injury and one after, it’s quite obvious to me though.

    2. When Lin looks tired, he seems to have hard time to keep up his performance. In the past, he still can perform well with body fatigue. That’s why I don’t think his body is ready for playoff type of intensive games. Maybe he will after another a couple months. I agree, it’s very subjective.

  381. I agree with your points. It’s not about this season other than playing as many games as possible and not getting any serious injuries.

  382. Can go either way. Who knows what GMs will work out with each other? I doubt they even do weeks or even days before they figure some of them out.

  383. Salary is tied to respect. Money = respect. John Wall, who Jlin eats up is going to start on a monster contract next year. It is not a good contract for WAS but they deserve the results of their stupidity, similar to Nic Batum of CHA who ate up any money they could have offered to the equally deserving Jlin. Otto Porter may be a similar thing, overpaid. Allen Crabbe when Marks tried to get him originally from Portland is now with BKLN and is overpaid and a liability. There are other examples where players are overpaid and become a burden to their team. Melo being bought out by ATL is another example of a team eating $millions for nothing. If Jlin goes to a contender and is instrumental in helping them achieve the playoffs and help them to win games then he HAS to get paid because it equals professional respect. If Jlin stays with ATL for the full season and never starts a game, plays only less than 20 minutes in broken sequence how can he get a decent contract based on this seasons results? No, he has to leave ATL because he is running out of time. IMO best place is TOR because he can help and maybe win a championship. Plus if he does well they may well sign him for longer and it would be a great community for him to do outreach (and to China). DET can use him and his impact might be substantial there proving his worth. ORL is ok, PHX compared to ATL is a jewel but there is no future there but with their players Jlin can stand out. Philly could use him but from what we have seen of Butler doesn’t look like a good future home. Speaking of Butler, now that This has been fired, if they get Hoiberg to coach MN might not be bad because Jlin plays Hoiberg’s style but I wonder if Hoiberg knows Jlin exists.The 2nd half of the season is a pretty good one for us speculators. He just has to stay healthy for now. Better he get injured on a contender than injured with tanking ATL.

  384. We have to be practical. Lin missed a full season and only played 36 games in the first season under his present contract. This will affect what he earns going forward.

  385. Sure, I can see that. I can also see that now is now, he is producing excellent efficiency numbers and moving well w/o pail or hindrance. The now I hope will cancel out a lot of the past because if he is judged on the past he may be done. In fact, because of his recent injury historyI think his future pay is already discounted

  386. Dont forget to vote

  387. I think if at the end of the season he’s played 60 plus games, and if his production per minutes played is high, he’ll have some ammo to negotiate a decent salary in free agency.

  388. I sincerely hope you are right. But the ammo you are talking about is like a .22 caliber bullet compared to the howitzer an NBA GM will throw at him based on inconsistent minutes on a tanking team, never starting behind a rookie. He has not faced starting lineups for 25 minutes. Jlin will have to find just the right GM with just the right owner on just the right team to get a good contract (I don’t think they exist. He would be better off hoping for a fool that likes him like the guy that signed Chandler Parsons who the Grizz just asked to “go away”). Speaking of which, what do you consider a “decent salary” based on a rehab year on a tanking team? How much and how many years? Who do you compare Jlin comparable to in terms of value to salary? After a 3 year $36 M contract what do you think he can get?

  389. Correction they pushed Lin aside to make Walker happy! Lin was a threat to Walker’s PG spot. They kept holding Lin back and didn’t allow him to start unless either Walker or Batum were out for that same reason!

    Hornets do not deserve a playoff run ever so long as the fake star, shot chucker is their franchise.

  390. Lol I’d laugh when Trae Young disappears. Well at least he’d have Wade’s jersey as a consolation prize.

  391. You do realize Asia fans have been fans of NBA since MJ right? All of them support the best championship team. D Rose was the golden boy over Lebron before Curry took over. Asia fans like winners who are relatable in physique.

    Especially Curry, he broke a lot of stereotypes for Asian bball fans showing you don’t need size to be one of the best basketball players and on the same level as Lebron! It’s exactly why Lebron has fallen so much in popularity over the years not that he was the most popular either.

  392. Does jumpshot count as mid range? I felt he wasn’t taking enough mid range, and floaters previously so this game was a huge surprise. This is the type of game Lin should be bring every night, floater, mid range, 3s, layup. Little bit of everything instead of avoiding certain shots.

    Using alm 4 skills will keep the defenders guessing. If he can add off dribble 3s and extended range even better.

  393. Oh right Hornets vs Heat for playoffs. But you have to admit, Spoelstra always has the same game plan against Lin which has caused him regular season troubles. Heat always clogs the lane, taking away his mid range and drives with one defender at the arc daring Lin to take contested 3s which he refuse to do.

    That is why I’m happy, Lin for the first time defeated the Heat in such a versatile way. This game trumps his playoff run with Hornets against the Heat to be honest.

  394. Hard to say $13 or $14 mil for 2 years may be all he can get at the top end. Maybe less. But, I’m not there yet and want to see what he looks like post ASB and late in the season.

  395. So, I think Schlenk wants Lin for this season. He pays $13M+. He must think Lin is worth it. The way that Lin is used now tells us that Lin is not expected to stay in Atlanta for long.

  396. ATL does not need a backup. They are tanking, what difference does it
    make? They can use anybody on the roster as backup or just play TY 48 minutes. Winning is incidental. See how tanking screws up the narrative. It is not normal to sports competition. Tanking is something only a government bureaucrat could make up

  397. Marco Rubio just pulled his hamstring and may be out for a while.

    That will surely put them in desperate made for a starting PG like JLin..

  398. Utah is in 9th place a game behind the LAL (and Ladumb). I like SLC and while not a lot of Asians my brother is there! Nice place to live, lots of Mormons but I find them nice people, no problems. Quin Snyder seems like an up and coming coach. They have some good pieces but they need a good PG like Jlin. For at least this season I think Utah is as good as any place and better than PHX…but not as good as TOR

  399. With Lowly fully back and VanVlett as the stranded back-up, I think Utah is better because of minutes and space to shoot more.

  400. I know you meant Ricky Rubio, but I’ll add it for completeness.

  401. Yeah, Ricky Rubio.

  402. Nice to have inside info re SLC.

    OT – Memories. I just remember Linsanity (the documentary) premiering at the Sundance Film Festival and was very well-received. Lin (Rockets) happened to be in town to play the Jazz and attended the premiere.

    Funny how the NBA goes around. D’Antoni started Lin vs Utah (after win over Nets). Future teammates Al Jefferson and DeMarre Carroll played in that game. Gordon Hayward was in his 2nd year and Enes Kanter was rookie with Jazz in that game too. So all of them saw Lin’s rise first hand.

  403. Things are always changing in the NBA because of injuries. Unless a team decides to make a player a priority and a core foundation to go forward, that player is generally just playing a role and considered dispensable. There are just no guarantees of anything in the NBA.

    Both Washington and Toronto have waived a guard, clearing roster spots. To make way to sign……???

  404. It’s amazing that even a “fan” like Nathan Gottlieb won’t do anything for Lin re the All-Stars voting. Deciding that he has to be ethical and that Lin doesn’t “deserve” it this year. What a bunch of BS, and double-standard. Disagree with his stand.

    The NBA doesn’t ask for fans to vote for the “best player”, or the “best scorer”, or the “best defender”. Bad enough that they are NOW letting media votes count for 25%. When the media already votes for MVP or ROY or 6th Man. And they vote for NBA First Team and Second Teams. Such hypocrisy – why bother with the SHAM of fan-voting?

    All of the NBA promos are asking fans to vote for their “FAVORITE PLAYER” !!!!! Of which Jeremy Lin is most assuredly a favorite player for many many fans. This fan has it right.

  405. Thanks for the link lin. That was a nice story. Nice comments from Al Jefferson who Jlinplayed with, and well, at CHA. Al was a real wizard in the post. Beautiful footwork, an artist in the post. 3 pt line took away the inside game and has made it a perimeter game with showy dunks. I just happened to come across some of Big Al’s clips the other night. I hope he is doing well in China

  406. i dont see anything wrong in it…everyone has their take…..

  407. Didn’t know TOR waived a guard. I am breaking out into a sweat

  408. Right. There’s no “official” way to be a fan. Everyone has their own perspective and way to do it.

  409. No expert here. But we discussed this so much over the summer already.

    Originally, back in July, when the Hawks traded for Lin. Even though Lin had recovered medically from knee surgery, no one knew at that point how Lin would play on the court. Sean Marks couldn’t wait to get rid of Lin.

    At that point, Schlenk acquiring Lin was minimal risk. For basketball reasons, he wanted Lin as good lockerroom guy and mentor for Trae Young. For business reasons, he liked Lin as an expiring contract.

    Teams have salary floors that they also have to meet. Paying Lin $13M didn’t hurt the Hawks for THIS YEAR. They weren’t planning on signing any big free agents to a tanking team anyway. If they don’t trade, or re-sign Lin, Lin comes off the cap space for next year.


    I have to say, the Hawks fans at the arena really do cheer for Lin, and the Hawks. (Look at those two fans who stood up to applaud.) The Hornets fans were like that.

    Very different from Nets & Barclays. Most of the time, at least back when Nets were losing a lot, there were often more fans of opposing teams there. When the Knicks and Celtics, and even OKC, were playing, you would have thought the Nets were in an “away” game. Terrible.

  411. Don’t get me started again on the NBA. LOL.

    Rules. What rules? Just like “tampering”. Riiiiiiight……..

  412. The Hawks could, POSSIBLY, do the right thing. And ask Lin if there’s a team he would want to be traded to. It’s been known to happen. Assuming Lin and his agents will make sure the new team will have the assets that Hawks want. And that they really want Lin for basketball reasons.

  413. Thanks for the insight. Since I only see highlights I can only go by others obsevations and statistics. At the beginning of the year I also thought JLin needed to stay healthy this year as his top priority and it still surely is because another serious injury and he is done. As we go through the season though it appears that if he does not do something substantial basketball-wise, going forward his career will be severely discounted. Between a rock and a hard place he is with not much room. So obviously it is up to him, and he knows his body best, and he has to make some kind of move to want people to need his talents. I rag on ATL occasionally:) because of their tanking. Tanking has no place in pro sports or anything that wants to call itself a sport. However ATL has been a nice place to hang out and do low pressure rehab in a (somewhat) competitive environment. But he says he is 100%. He could get hurt in his minor minutes with ATL as much as with a contender. That being the case, In order to preserve his career it seems best to me to take a chance to show his talents. Up to him in any case. That is why I would like to see him go to TOR. His high efficiency could help TOR get to a championship w/o heavy minutes since Lowry and Vanvleet are there but he would be in the spotlight again, playing to win. I bet that between playing it safe and playing for TOR it would be a no brained for him to go to TOR. And secondarily to any contending team. He may be a 1/2 step slower, maybe a touch weaker, but he is using his body better and his mind is still as sharp as ever.

  414. Great numbers. Meets all eye-tests of Lin fans.

    All the advanced stats, except the “volume” stats, have all come out to support that Lin should have gotten the support to develop his game after he left the Knicks. He really would have been a true star.

  415. I liked Big Al. Thought he also had great chemistry with Lin. They seemed to be good friends and bonded on the Hornets pre-season trip to China. Al thought JLin was one of his best teammates. Nice of him to say, and probably sincere. (Looks like Al lost some weight too.)


  416. Guess what – no surprise – Asian Heritage Night at tomorrow’s game in Toronto.

  417. Simu Lu – BIG BIG fan of Lin. Korean-Canadian. Big hit show in Canada.

  418. Preview of interview with JLin. Imagine the Raptors fans going nuts if Lin goes there?

    I’ve always wondered why the Raptors didn’t try to sign Lin after the Knicks. The rumor was that all the teams thought Knicks would match, so didn’t bother. Only Morey with his poison pill got in. Woulda, coulda, shoulda…..

  419. Hahaha!. Easy there……deep breath……

  420. Of course he can take a stand. And I happen to agree with the other fan and giving MY OPINION.

    I personally think it’s wrong when there’s so much hypocrisy with the NBA but a higher standard has to be applied to Lin. It’s symptomatic of Lin’s position in the NBA that even some of his “fans” will take.

    BTW, welcome back to the forum! Hope you had a great vacation!

  421. Great essay. This I whole-heartedly agree with.

  422. Briefly, I thought when Patrick Ewing as a coach with the Hornets, that he was helping Kaminsky develop his footwork and post-game. IIRC, Kaminsky and Lin had that great 3rd quarter in the playoffs against Miami. Thought he had potential and that the Hornets would continue his development. Guess not…..

  423. Thanks man…good to be back!

    There are fan and die-hard fan…to me both are fans as well. Same goes to any field, (football, soccer, actor/actress, etc)

  424. Yeah, Wade said Young TEXTED him about the jersey swap. And that Young has a relationship with his 16 year old son Zaire. (Gotta have Wade’s number in order to text him, right?)

    If anyone cares, at 3:40 of Fox interview with Wade:

  425. I think you may be thinking of the Taiwanese company Maxxis Tires, who went from Knicks to Rockets with Lin.

    Then somewhere along the way, Kenda Tires (also Taiwanese) got involved with the Nets. I remember Kenda sponsoring the Lin-Nets bobble-head night.

  426. if its just a hamstring pull, then it shouldnt take much time in recovering…should be back soon…unless its torn hamstring

  427. Yes, you are proving my point.

    NBA superstars, including Kobe too, have always been big in China. NBA does exploit Lin’s popularity, but unfortunately, I don’t think they “need” Lin.

  428. Yes, those jump shots were within 10 feet and 13 feet. So, mid-range.

    That’s what I’m trying to tell you. Lin does bring all these moves, maybe not every night. It may depend on what the defense gives him?

    And he DOES have off the dribble 3’s. Do I have to find the videos of these too?

    Not extended range, but not everybody can be Curry.

  429. The Heat had Whiteside in the middle. Pre-injury, Lin used to attack him and get fouls called and get Whiteside in foul trouble. That’s why Dwyane Wade was whining to the NBA refs about Lin getting too many calls.

    Anyway, okay, glad you enjoyed Lin’s revival!

  430. Interesting point about possibly getting hurt in playoffs, but no contract waiting.

    But that’s always the risk with injuries and free agency. If Atlanta does trade Lin, I don’t think Lin has much choice. Unless they do him the courtesy of asking him where to go. And hope whatever team trades for Lin is for basketball reasons.

  431. I didn’t feel this way earlier in the season. But now, after 39 games, and after Lin’s interviews where he said he has fully recovered (even though he may have ups and downs), I will trust Lin to know what he can do.

    I agree that injuries can happen at ANY time to ANY one. Basketball is a contact sport.

  432. You are right. Schlenk and Pierce have to be on the same page working on the same agenda.

    I guess my main thing was saying that Pierce is a bad coach. If we take Lin out of the equation, he’s really not doing that badly, considering he’s playing rookies, and second year guys, and G-League guys on two-way contracts.

    The Hawks have 12 wins (yes, I know, a lot of it contributed by Lin.) The Brook-Lin Nets, when Lin was out, WITH LOPEZ, and Trevor Booker, and other veterans, didn’t get to 12 wins UNTIL MARCH.

  433. Yes, it definitely is all “relative”….lol.

  434. i believe so, but the way i saw how “nathan” as a lin fan, he can be consider a Lin Fanatic just like Gregg..BUT his latest pronouncement on twitter serves that i am wrong in my analysis of him being a fanatic one ,he’s just a fan that see lin as an average player.

    with his quote ..
    “If you’re wondering why I don’t tweet or retweet All-Star ballot stuff about Lin it’s because I think only players who’ve had All-Star years should be in the game. Lin hasn’t. Maybe one day.”

    does all players in the NBA has “all-star years” to back?? and how on earth a player with no all-star years can enter on an all star??? i am confused with his as a Lin fan/follower

  435. Lin is a trade asset for the hawk OR a salary dump at the end of the season. simple yet effective with any team in the nba

  436. they have a back up in the name of Bembry who doen’t need to be effcient and effective on that role because they are REALLY in the TANK mode

  437. hawk is now balancing showcasing Lin even at the low minute restriction, and high minute exposure for the next back up guard for the team..its a win win scenarion even if Lin walked away at the end of the season because they will use the free space of lins value. They value develpment of younger players and stability rather than winning at this time.beside, they can use Bembry as the bench guard if Lin is traded earlier

  438. He is a JL fan, but when comes to All-Star, I guess he believes only those had produced all year long should be in….

  439. I think we are going to witness JLin taking his game to the next level. He is actually more skillful than before. His chance will come; definitely not with the Hawks which is indulged in their star making process. Those are unreal.

  440. correct, JL has 3 tire company sponsoring him…makes sense since they need Asian icon for their marketing as well.

  441. Thanks. I think Lin was experimenting his body too. He is more conservative now which is good, his layup also changes quite bit too, he slows down when he jumps instead of speeding up in the past. I do think a tanking team helps Lin reserve his body easier. Even with this team, Lin is still taking charges, he is just type of guy willing to die on the court. I played soccer like that even just a street game. Anyway, it’s all our fans fun fantasy, many things are not even up to Lin at this point.

  442. Appreciated your kind response. I have no problem with what you said at all. Sometimes we jumped into certain discussions without knowing the contexts of our statements. My points are based on the belief that Lin will be not traded at all. That’s why we sometimes talk about different things. When I expressed like Lin to stay with Hawks, I am more comparing to Lakers, at the beginning of the season, I stated this this trade looks like a Lakers trade.
    I don’t know other teams at all, so I cannot even argue with anyone on trade. But I do have developed some Lin-sense in the NBA. I stated why Lin will not be traded in the past. 1. No teams will want Lin with desperation. 2. Hawks cannot let Lin go easily. If you look at the recent games, LP becomes a true Lin fan now. He really respects Lin’s game now. He truly uses Lin to help those young guys. In terms of his interest, he did a pretty good job so far. I think he is better than many other coaches in this particular angle.
    ,Lin is type of player who is willing to die on the court, in terms of risk, I still believe playing for a playoff team has much higher risk than playing a tanking team. To be honest, it really doesn’t matter, because we have no idea how Lin will be used in the new team at all. We have seen too much of weird coaching behaviors against Lin. That’s why I even don’t want to go that far.

  443. Someone need to respond to Nathan’s tweet.

    All-Star is never who is the best player, I actually feel Lin qualifies even for that, but anyway, someone needs to rebut Nathan’s point.


    “These are the plays that are most likely to be heavily featured once again this season. They were the read-and-react, motion-type plays that were introduced in the 2017-18 season.”

  445. Toronto would be the best place for Lin to end his career due to the fan base.

  446. These players that have become friends of Jlin and especially if they play some in China could have a new career once Jlin transits to post NBA career which I assume he will do to develop and promote pro basketball in China these NBA guys will have a new career! I hope ATL lets Jlin have some meaningful minutes against TOR tonight

  447. I remember Landry Fields got a lucrative contract with Toronto Raptors after Linsanity helped to feature his skills in the Knicks. Unfortunately, injuries derailed his shooting and his career.

    JLin has been a Raptors killer for a long time, you would think they would be very interested for him to join them 🙂

  448. @JLin7: God is more interested in changing your mind than changing your circumstances

    Possible translation: “I might or might not get traded but it does not matter. I will have a positive mindset to play with joy for God no matter what the circumstance might be”

  449. new thread
    No doubt this is an important game as JLin’s 2nd audition for the Raptors.

    Game 40 Atlanta Hawks vs Toronto Raptors: Another Audition Chance for Jeremy Lin Among Trade Rumors 🙏
    ICYMI @JLin7 aced the 1st audition with a Linsanity game (26 season-high points, 4 threes in 25 min on Nov 21, 2018) 💪🔥🏀

  450. hehe, I had same translation. I do think Lin wants to get out of there asap. Tanking is the biggest evil for Lin, Lin had this experience knows the pain. it’s against every perspective of his value system.

  451. Nooooooooooo, I want Lin to be traded, YESTERDAY!!!

  452. Thanks for the translation. Sounds good! Always helpful trying to understand Lin’s mindset.

    One thing for sure, Lin’s faith has carried him and helped him deal with adversity.

  453. LOL. Patience, Dorothy! 🙂

  454. Yes, ultimate competitor, loves to play the game, loves to win, hates to lose even more. “…never taken a possession off in his career…”

  455. Yes, was very sad for Landry and his injuries. Such a good friend, good teammate, good on-court running mate. Think that they are still in touch, even though their lives and careers have gone in different directions. Trivia – Landry is a scout for the Spurs.

    Yeah, don’t know why Raptors didn’t sign Lin too, instead of getting Lowry that summer. It’s not too late! Haha.

  456. AGREE! Didn’t mean to just pick on Nathan. He’s one example. Too bad I’m not on twitter. I don’t think he even realizes that he’s applying a double-standard.

  457. Exactly.

    Don’t get me wrong. Gottlieb has been very supportive of LIn and I think he does appreciate what Lin brings. But, I think the issue is that his perspective is still somewhat colored by his NBA-establishment background and experience. Unlike the perspective that we have.

  458. Lin should be an all-star because he’s one of the best players in the NBA. Don’t worry about being bullied by ppl who say that people only vote for him because he Asian, or he’s popular, or any other hater excuse. Conflict can be a good thing in that it brings these tough issues to the forefront, get people to talk about fairness and racism in the NBA. The debate about allstar voting just goes on and on, however, there’s no concern about putting the spotlight on Lin because we already know he’s the real deal, so no matter what the haters say to diminish Lin’s allstar votes, Lin will only stand to gain more Lin fans as oppose to Lin haters if he stands to make it. Negative treatment by fans, or even his peers, will ignite long overdue conversations.

  459. I’m a fan of Big Al. Too bad the clip cut off when he was still talking about Lin.

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