G38 POR @ LAL PreGame Thread+Poll

Will Jeremy continue to build his SWAG and confidence from the ORL game?

Keep SMILING (except during FTs), Jeremy!     😆

Go JLin!


Guess JLin's stats


  1. haha

  2. 2nd.

  3. 3rd yay me. I want to give a shout out to our posters, we have have some pretty smart and knowledgeable posters and in the words of the late Stuart Scott; booyah!!

  4. Magic only down by 5 to the blazers. ….let’s go magic

  5. Respect to Stuart Scott, BOOYAH!! =]

  6. hmmmm… OT please?

  7. Jeff Mangurten (@JeffGurt)1/10/15, 10:23 PM
    Gasol set his career high of 46 points in his 940th NBA game.

  8. Where is my Linsanity?

  9. 28pts/6asts LINSANITY!

  10. Here’s a question for all us Lin fans on this forum:

    How would you coach your team to defend against Jeremy Lin if he was your opponent?

    Given that Lin has amply demonstrated that he eagerly shreds multiple defender traps when he’s out there playing, I don’t know if I’d triple cover him with multiple guys the way most teams do.

    I’d do the reverse: SINGLE COVER LIN with probably a tall fast small forward. In Portland’s case, I’d assign Nicholas Batum to Lin all game long.

    Then I’d clamp down on all of Lin’s nonscoring teammates, forcing them away from the paint and jamming guys in the midrange.

    I’d literally dare Lin into becoming a scorer as opposed to a shooter. Get him to try to abandon his pass first nature and see if he can win the game by scoring. I’d live with Lin beating me, but not Lin’s Lakers beating me!

  11. just did!

  12. Nth

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  14. Thank you

  15. I’ve seen DEN trying to trap Lin successfully to give up the ball so others have to make plays themselves.

    SINGLE-COVERAGE on Lin with athletic defender might be too much for Batum to do. I’m not sure he can keep up with Lin’s speed and will affect his offensive output.

    Lin’s handle has been good enough to draw multiple fouls if he’s trapped.
    I want to see Lin/Black combo multiple times tomorrow badly! 😀

  16. ok the score right now Trailblazers 46; Orlando Magic 41

  17. No, THANK YOU, Sir! =]
    Ok, who else are with US?

    Linsanity!!!!!! BooYah!

  18. hoping for Double-OT so Blazers got super-tired legs tomorrow!

  19. I think Portland actually did assign Batum to guard Lin maybe 2 seasons ago. The Spurs also recently got Leonard to guard Lin. I think it works.

  20. Hopefully Scott will let lin play his game and work through his mistakes

  21. Yes! !!! 100 percent Linsanity. .. keep it going guys and gals

  22. LOL Quite mean of you:-)

  23. I think Lin might focus more energy on defending lillard so 15/5 from me, but hope I’m wrong and you’re right!

  24. I actually want a quadruple OT

  25. What’s up with Kobe?

    In the last three Laker games, Kobe has either played miserably or not even bothered to show up at all. So now there is rampant speculation that something is seriously wrong with him. The most obvious possibility is that he has an acute injury. There was even a rumor that Kobe had undergone an MRI scan.

    But this is clearly not the case. In his last game played, Kobe shot 2 for 12 with 6 turnovers in 27 minutes. Although his terrible performance contributed heavily to the Lakers blowout loss, Kobe did manage to snag 8 rebounds. No human being could manage to jump up and grab 8 rebounds in an NBA game if they were suffering from a of bone fracture or sprain. No dose of pain killers would make that possible. In fact, during Kobe’s post game interview, he appeared relaxed and certainly wasn’t grimacing from pain. However, his illogical excuses for his poor play as well as his unusually soft-spoken tone of voice, made him seem less self-confident than usual.

    It’s also possible, if unlikely, that Kobe injured himself away from the court subsequent to his last game. But regardless of when Kobe was injured, why would it be necessary to keep it a secret? If he’s injured, he simply needs to sit out games until he has healed, just like any other player.

    To understand the actual reason for Kobe’s mysterious behavior, let’s review the 5 stages of loss and grief: 1) Denial
    2) Anger 3) Bargaining 4) Depression 5) Acceptance.

    Kobe is grieving for the loss of his NBA playing career. Until fairly recently, Kobe was still at the Bargaining stage.

    Kobe’s bargain was as follows: If I sit out and rest some games, if I restrict my minutes, if I avoid the more difficult types of shots, and with the help of medication, maybe I can continue playing at a high level.

    As is inevitably the case, the bargain has failed. After playing for 3-4 games in a week, Kobe is either unable to play in the next game, or tries to and ends up embarrassing himself. Although Kobe is the master of IDGAS, even he has begun to fear humiliation. Therefore, he has reached stage 4: Depression, which I previously described as follows:

    4) Depression takes a variety of forms in different people. Not clear how it will look on Kobe. Perhaps a lot of games missed on short notice.

    This seems to be an accurate description of the current situation. With the All-Star break more than a month away, and no let-up in the NBA’s rigorous schedule, Kobe and the Lakers FO will be forced to face reality: Kobe has no choice but to retire.

  26. Just checked the box score Lillard has 6 points after 17 minutes of play and Aldrige has 13 points.

  27. Magic was down by 19….now only down by 2

  28. Tied ball game. ..nice!!!!

  29. Blazers time out

  30. OK , the Lakers can win against the tomorrow if the play smart basketball. Lin whenever he is guarding Lilliard is o attack and take the ball away from him..

  31. Magic up by 2

  32. See saw game now

  33. What about his contract if he decides to retire ? Is money the reason he refuses to retire officially ?

  34. Ted

  35. M by 2 again

  36. M down by 3… time out

  37. I agree,and as a poster with an institute read into the situation that perhaps after your analysis that the Lakers and Kobe are working on a deal to buy him out of his contract.

  38. Who are the winners from last game?

  39. ok score tied in Trailblazers/Magic game 68-68

  40. I think if a player has a guaranteed contract but retires for medical reasons, he will still get his full salary. That’s what happened with Nash. I’m sure someone will correct me if this is not the case.

  41. Magic up 70-68

  42. Score now 70-70

  43. good thought. Lin did say something about defending Lillard better
    But just in case Lillard is tired in the B2B game, we can have full blown Linsanity ..hehe

  44. I think it just means that they pay him anyway. If he tried to insist on playing against the teams will, they would waive him and he would still get paid.

  45. End of 3 72 70 blazers

  46. Thanks Joyce… I was taking a snack break

  47. Lillard 8 pts Aldrige 23 pts

  48. It is ok….Lillard has to be contained.

  49. Tied again

  50. LOL Is this Magic vs Trail Blazers thread???

  51. How you feeling JT. Better today?

  52. Lillard got a case of rondoitis

  53. want POR to get tired.

  54. Yes for now..hehe

  55. you mean my sore joints, 2 Ibuprofens and a hike and I’m 36 yrs old again lol. Kobe so soft, jk.

  56. Ben Gordon with 2 ft for a 1 pts lead

  57. Question for those who know more about NBA: If and if KB decides not to play for the rest of his contract, what will be the scenerios for:
    1. Retire
    2. Medical reasons
    3. ????
    Finally, does it affect with Lakers’ (oops, forget about the term) money?

  58. The caveman score for 1 pts blazer lead

  59. I know the sentiment. Just having fun here:-)

  60. M by 1 again…blazer time out

  61. 8 min 40 sec left

  62. 3OT please

  63. I’ll try my best for you ..hehe

  64. B up by 1

  65. I can only dream, how long this winning streak will last ?

  66. M back up by 1

  67. B up by 1

  68. B up by 2…now game is Shaping up for ot

  69. Sorry, can you not spam the forum please? Maybe try to incite conversation instead of one off posts that don’t really add value to those who are already following the game.

  70. Dang b up by 5

  71. Funny. For me soreness can be real bad the day after, but much better after 2 days.

  72. Sorry…didn’t mean to offend you

  73. It’s early days. Kobe could show up for the shoot-around tomorrow as if nothing is amiss, and go on to control the floor tomorrow night.

    The only reason my radar went on scan about something being odd was because Kobe blew off one home game, and didn’t even bother to show up in street clothes to support the Lakers if he couldn’t play.

    We’ll see what tomorrow brings. There are three home games in a row. But if there is something afoot between Kobe and the FO about early retirement, I don’t expect Kobe to leave any money on the table.

  74. Game tied 85=85

  75. LMA 33 min
    Lillard 31 min

    Awesome! Come on, OT!

  76. Trailblazers 87, Magic 85

  77. Wow Lillard’s back must really be bothering him, only 12 pts against Orlando!

  78. Tralblazers 89, Magic 85

  79. Now 91 pts, hmm probably no OT =/

  80. Haha…wth…he is so bad at his left hand…

  81. Yes you have a point here.

  82. Even if Blazers aren’t tired, I want to see great chemistry like this tomorrow!


  83. The magic is falling apart at the wrong time

  84. Bring It On !

  85. *Bleep* I need 75 dollars, stat!!


  86. Doesn’t help refs are calling TOs and Fouls against them.

  87. that pic.. everyone making sure the franchise is ok 😛

  88. I guess Lillard saves his energy for tomorrow.

  89. When I saw it, I knew Lin’s investment to help those who picked him up paid off :]
    Those who give much will receive much!

  90. Yup the darn racist refs…trying to mess with Jlin indirectly…hahaha

  91. They can sense the Linsane Chemical Combustion that will happen soon =}

  92. Trailblazers 93, Magic 87

  93. Trailblazers 93, Magic 89

  94. Magic just chucking 3 pointers, game is over already.

  95. Too bad, IJ. I will let you know when I get it 🙂

  96. Nikola Vucevic, C 34 points

  97. Magic 89

    Trail Blazers 98

  98. Must be easier to score for him today since Jeremy is not there to block his shots 😛

  99. He is really skilled

  100. I’d make a suggestion to Jeremy of items in the boxes:
    – Hand-signed Charmin Bear plush toy
    – Instructions to do SWAGPoutSkipDance
    – Piano+Guitar Duet CD with @disqus_SyuAk23JI7:disqus

    – …

  101. Lillard is about to reach Curry’s status in terms of how defense play him

  102. Magic 89
    Trail Blazers 99

    39 sec left in 4th Qrt

  103. Game is sealed already

  104. Magic 90

    Trail Blazers 99

  105. Wow Magic still not giving up.

  106. Magic 92

    Trail Blazers 99

  107. That Magic PG is a pretty solid defender…

  108. This is interesting to say the least. Our bench beat the Magic starters last night with ease, and the Trailblazers starters are struggling to hang on to win..LOL

  109. The nature of any sport I guess….LOL you never know

  110. Happens to good teams who underestimate their opponent and end up having a close game.

  111. how does it work BTW?
    Sign up for the email and if Jeremy grants it, we donate $75?
    For some reason I don’t see the Donate button

  112. No, I think not. Most starters win games. Trailblazers are the at least #2 in their conference and are on target to be one of the contenders for a championship, The Magics are considered a bottom feeding team. So no, I think not the nature of the sport. I think Trailblazers didn’t do their homework on this team and they took them for granted.

  113. Just signed up… now I guess just wait for Jlin to launch

  114. The best defender on Lin is the bench. So I would make Lin play my smallest,fastest guard nod get him in foul trouble. Second I would take Lin biggest tool in getting teammates involved away, which is dribble penetration. Take dribble penetration away with a zone. If his team makes outside shots, good for them.

  115. Jlin and the kobe less lakers will shock the blazers tomorrow

  116. There’s a pandemic called rondoitis going around right now…hahaha

  117. It isn’t a direct donation. This is a quarterly subscription service where you get a box of goodies prepared by Jeremy or his team once every 3 months. $75 will be deducted from your bank account/credit card on a quarterly basis. All proceeds will go to his foundation. He said he need 1K subscribers to get this going so once he reaches it he will start shipping out the goodies to all who signed up. This is how subscription service usually work…

  118. ah, I see so it’s like … meeting the 1K subscribers requirement first before the process can take place. Awesome!

    I asked for a hand-written note (& picture) for blubell plus other Lin fangirls on how to have devotion with God and Jeremy LOL

  119. I’ll check on it tomorrow.. got a minor headache to take care first now =)

  120. The Lakers bench would beat most starting units in the nba… including the hustun sucke…ehhh… rockets

  121. just within the framework of NBA world :]

  122. It’s a trap game for them.

  123. That is exactly what I asked for… I am only half joking. LOL.

  124. Aww. Get better soon!

  125. I have faith in you LOL

  126. Great answers, everybody!

    I’m sure glad we’re not coaching against Lin.

    It would be very hard.

  127. I’m pleasantly surprised to learn that JLin was actually ranked #5 in BLKS for PG this season and last season.

    Better than PBev at #11 this year and #7 last year.


  128. It might have been posted but gary’s cartoon deserves multiple repost #DuckLin


  129. The question ask: what do you want jeremy to send to you?
    I don’t think they can send the things I wanted to me.

  130. Want massage?

  131. Psalm appointed me to answer your lovely question: THE WINNER is ME! ( ̄▽ ̄)

  132. @Brent Yen! Who else! Haha

  133. How to eat five burgers in one meal.

  134. I mean sending tips for that

  135. We want Taco chant

  136. not most
    their bigs are still a liability young chucks too much
    Ellington too selfish
    Lin is somehow putting them all together
    but will come short against good teams
    Hou can still beat them with ease all the gotta do is trap Lin then the team wont work

  137. What were they doing…

  138. Great video ! Nice to review it !

  139. Lakers fans will NEVER forget who gave them #FreeLINTacos!

  140. This is the highlight video from Clippers game but I like how it shows both offense and defensive plays.
    See how active Jeremy is on defense and how many fouls went ignored.

  141. LINT? lol

  142. lol .. but Free of LINT so it’s okay.. clean tacos!

  143. Jabari Bown dropped 50 in DLeague.


    Would this be a stretch 4 to help Lin get free of the double team?

  144. That probably only translate to 5 pt in NBA….lol

  145. Got a closer look, JLin definitely was smiling and saying something to Scott, wonder what he said.

  146. Thanks I missed this game. Boy are you right … 2:55, JLin challenged the 3 right and ALL 4 teammates stood flatfooted at the rim and let the 1 DJordan slam it in. That’s what I see all the time when I watch D – Lin making a difference and a lot of times, team mates let the ball in the hoop.

  147. True Lin still gotta figure out how to shoot even when double teamed and not have it affect his game!

  148. hehe … oh well. Just want more intrigue …

  149. JLin fell down to the bench and the bench helped him up. It was the last pic of that sequence.

  150. Not until the right players are starting!

  151. Donated directly and have emailed receipt. Let me know if you receive it please. Thanks.

  152. IJ, I guess so, but I looked at this and it’s maybe ok for someone far away. I feel we are already disconnected enough from our loved ones, and this kind of stuff just puts us more into our fantasy life. This company looks like it almost failed, and I hope ppl will just try to get some jollies from the web like here, and focus on curating their own ‘stuff’, their own loved ones and passions. It’s not cheap, about $300-500 a year for the different curators’ stuff. You could take 2 underprivileged kids to Disneyland if you lived in LA.


  153. Don’t jinx it!

  154. Explanation of getting free Taco. When the score was 96, fans began to chant: “We want taco ..we want taco…” To have free taco:
    1. Lakers wins @homegame
    2. Lakers needs to have at 100pts+
    3. Opponent needs to below 100pts
    First time to have free taco in this season @Orlando game.

  155. I think a lot of this will change this game whenever Kobe Bryant is off the floor.

  156. That was cool to see…

  157. I could easily create the piano guitar duet CD.

  158. Scott seems like the biggest buzz-kill on the planet. His team is happy. The crowd is happy. The game is assured with less than 30 seconds to go. Lin just delivered big time, and it seems all his coach is giving him back is coldness.

  159. ah, ok you IM-ed using site account.
    Can you also please email to [email protected]? Thanks!

  160. true, maybe just 50% combustion for now :]

  161. Jeremy must be so likable. I guess even lovable! Hard to picture a scene like this for another player in any professional sport.

  162. I guess I can represent all female fans and tell you……YES Lin is lovable 🙂

  163. Lol. But NBA players are usually not so warm and fuzzy.

  164. a poster on another comment board said scott has all the emotion of a wooden post.

  165. there’s a place called “fuzzy tacos”. true. dont think i would eat there. maybe you can get the lint tacos there tho…

  166. posters here have referenced lins blocking ability for a guard b4.

  167. knicks bench is beating the knicks starters regularly. course knicks are still losing terribly. it usually goes 1. opponents starters 2. opponents bench 3. knicks bench 4. knicks starters. but sometimes the knicks bench has a BIG NITE and beats the opponents bench as well.

    when did nba basketball get capable of being so bad. the knicks after 3 quarters last nite were actually behind by more points than they had scored!

    and in the ind phil game ind almost won despite missing 58 shots from the field.

    two teams combined missed over 100 shots. you’d think just be accident would make a few more than that now and then. even if just random people were shooting.

  168. according to death store kobe and wooden post personality scott warm and fuzzy translates as soft and charminy.

    how many times did scott echo kobes call of soft in that interview before the magic game?

    like he was a programmable toy programmed to repeat kobes comment.





  169. double digits for the year of 2015 every game in scoring despite coming off the bench and given less than 25 minutes a game.

    course ronnie the price is right’s bloody nose, flu and fouls helped the cause.

  170. Psalm, need to change my vote to Linsane Tacos! LOL.

  171. The new BLaiYan!!

  172. Will kobe play today or not? What say you?….

  173. I think he will…I hope he will not…If he does not play…it will get more and more fishy…LOL

  174. I’ll be interested in whether Kobe shows up for the shoot-around this afternoon. If not, will Scott merely claim he’s “talked to Kobe” again — and it’s a game-time decision?

  175. I don’t know, Kobe skipped a game, and played only one game, and need to sit again, that does not sounds like a simple problem that he is tired. As he rested for two days before a game, and then he has to rest two more days. My feeling is there is something else, maybe some kind of injury that player used to be able to play through, but he could not do that any more, or the team do not want him to play through those any more.

  176. I guess it is everyone’s call. I bet even BS won’t know until this afternoon.

    Something is going on for sure. Just hope it implies a positive development (short term – this game more PT, long term – BS fired) for Lin.

  177. I agree. If he skips this game, then something is up.

  178. I hope it does turn out to be a good thing for lin

  179. I think probably not…

  180. Smart player times the jump perfectly

  181. 8 days left to vote for Lin in ASG by tweet, FB & http://www.nba.com/allstar/

  182. I dreamed about this message to the lakers organization and its fans last night. …

    You treat Lin right .. in one five
    For the title. ..He will fight
    You’ll again fly… in the championship high
    Otherwise. .. it will be good bye
    and when he returns… he will kick your behind
    Just like my Packers …about to do to the cow pile
    of boys.(I added the last line in honor of today’s game between Green Bay and Dallas)… hehe

  183. I don’t

  184. We all can dream…..LOL jk

  185. Off topic.. Brent are you a cowboy fan?

  186. I am a football hater

  187. K…I own one share of the packers. ..so….

  188. Jeremy Lin, ever obliging, interrupted his dinner to have this photo taken …


  189. Wow, thanks for asking!

  190. I know she read the tweets…

  191. It sounds sincere. But, but we need action. We understand you have business concerns. But, but do the right thing.

    Edit: “Patience please”. Plot thickens … (@CopyRight of Joyce Ward). 😉

  192. Yes. A stand-pat attitude,combined with baby pictures and family photos on her twitter feed, might annoy some of the fan base …


  193. Np bro

  194. If he were smart he’d stay out against a tough team like Portland and come back against a weaker team like MIA who are 3-7 in the last 10 or CLE who are 2-8 in the last 10. Unless somewhere in his altered reality mind he thinks he can help the team beat Portland.

  195. I think that’s as much of a smile you’ll get out of BScott other than when he’s kissing up to Kobe.

  196. She’s a nice person
    We shouldnt blame all the mistreatment on her
    its not right
    lets leave her alone lol

  197. When you have all your teammates sitting on the bench got up helping to pick you up and teammates running across the court trying to do the same, you’re now no longer their teammate you’re their brother and even a leader.

  198. lol mans just having a dinner
    why do these guys always have to disturb Lin
    give him some space lol

  199. Joyce, recently I saw a comment in reply to one of yours that was posted as “Nathan Gotlieb” using the post as guest option. Do you know if that is the same NG that tweets about Lin. I thought maybe you didn’t notice his comment because you didn’t reply to him.

  200. If you r close to the bench, they will get up and help you up
    and it was crunch time, teammates will come help you
    everybody does that for each other
    its not a big deal but u prolly wont see that when kobes in cuz he disrupts team chemistry

  201. Not all fans are class act.

  202. She’s not referring to our polite tweets. She’s talking about rude tweets from general Laker fans that are complaining about losing.

  203. Look at the film frank, not all helps have the same meaning

  204. i know
    but still we can show some class
    no need to go after her every time lins mistreated it aint her fault

  205. “If you’re right you look smart, if you’re wrong you look dumb.” SMH Nathan losing his fear of looking dumb.

  206. these guys were really into it
    game was exciting
    lin made that happen
    but when kobe comes back all this will be gone

  207. IYO, who’s fault is it? She can put a stop to it so she is responsible.

  208. Maybe in the future but as of now, Lin has their love and trust.

  209. byron and kobe
    they hired Byron to be their coach
    he has the right to decide who to play more and what not
    Jeanie would be over stepping her boundary if she told him to start Lin
    she CANNOT do that
    this is byrons decision
    she welcomed Lin that was already nice enough
    doesnt mean she has to OVERprotect Lin thats too biased

  210. wudnt go that far they still wont pass to Lin thats the truth

  211. Clearly, she’s feeling the heat from the longtime fans. She’s also passed some of that heat down to her brother and Mitch Kupchak about producing in a fixed number of years — or else. They, in turn, are leaning on BS.

    The question for me is which of them (Jeanie, Jim, Mitch, BS) think Kobe is part of the problem … or Kobe is the solution.

  212. Nonsense she can tell BS that Lin must start. If BS doesn’t like it he can resign. The problem is she can’t overrule Kobe.

  213. I posted the below post, and I would like to see what arguments can be made for starting Price over Lin.

    “[Y]ou make good points which I agree with, but if you can show me how other “minor” PGs who played with MJ/Kobe were not good shooters like Ronnie Price or similar to Ronnie Price, I will agree with you. I point out the fact that Kerr, Blake, Armstrong, the other sharp-shooter Price player, they were all good shooters. Ronnie Price is one of the worst shooters I have ever seen in NBA.

    Even Derek Fisher got 9 to 10 points per game. If you are trying to argue Ronnie Price is similar to Derek Fisher, I think you are doing a great injustice to Derek Fisher. Derek Fisher was 10 times the player Ronnie Price was and is. Just compare the stats of these two players. To those people who argue that Ronnie Price is a Derek Fisher type of PG, take a look at the below stats of these two players before you make that argument.



    Derek Fisher was over 37% career 3 point shooter, while Ronnie Price was 29% career 3 point shooter. All other so-called “minor” PGs who played side kicks to great MJ/Kobe were good shooters.

    My point is that I am not arguing that Lin shouldn’t come off the bench but that Lin should NOT be benched behind a player like Ronnie Price. Believe me, if Ronnie Price was remotely like Derek Fisher, I would not be arguing that Lin should start over Derek Fisher.

    I rest my case on the above evidence that Ronnie Price is in no way similar to other “minor” PGs who played along side to great MJ/Kobe when they were contenders.

    So give me your best argument because this is the only point which I disagree with you, and I can accept your other points which are that Lakers FO feel gratitude to Kobe so they are willing to cater to Kobe’s desires until he retires, to which point I respond “I understand but at least get a better PG than Ronnie Price who should be starting over Lin.”

  214. where’d you post this? lakersground?

  215. Oh, at JL forum. I don’t post at LG that much, as I don’t want to post Lin-centric posts at the general Lakers forums.

  216. Until very recently, all of them agreed that Kobe is their cash cow. Change will come only when Kobe is out of the picture.

  217. thats nonsense
    if jeanie can tell BS what to do, who to start then whats the point of having a coach?
    or she can but what if Byron doesnt listen? what can she do then?
    look they gave byron the coaching job so he can make basketball decisions

  218. jeremylin.net?

  219. Yes, I thought that was the only JL forum.

  220. Sounds good.

    If Fisher himself was playing and Lin was on the team, I’d find it acceptable if Lin were getting 30 minutes a game as a high use high value Ginobili “6th starter”.

    What is unacceptable to me is this sub 30 minute decreasing pattern of minutes where Lin plays only if Price and Ellington and Clarkson are doing well.

    I also wouldn’t be happy if Lin started but had low minutes and low touches due to Kobe Bryant deliberately freezing Lin out.

  221. Very good stuff and a Great Post…

  222. It’s getting better.

    Lin is the point guard. His job is to pass to others.

    Besides, it isn’t as if Lin isn’t getting enough shots for the minutes he plays.

  223. its become a troll site
    the mod is leaning towards those guys

  224. Coaches make thousands of decisions big and small. An owner can always add a constraint such as Lin must start over Price. If he doesn’t listen then you warn him he will be fired otherwise. His choice. You think BS could bench Kobe and there’s nothing anyone could do about it?

  225. Yeah, it is the same guy.

  226. thats kobe
    Lin isnt a superstar or anything yet
    If owner doesnt see Lin as their superstar, franchise player, then why should they?

  227. Ok, things must be getting tight for Scott, he had to call in reinforcements like Pat Riley..LOL


  228. also this Linisgay guy and Bowtoyourmaster are the same person
    just a troll
    send his computer a virus or something

  229. Thats true but if teammates know any better they should all suck up to Lin cuz w/o him they are nothing

  230. A bad coach is a bad coach. not gonna change with different horses.
    Like my old colleague once said about a praying designer, “God might be a good God, but, certainly a bad designer.”

  231. and of course Mod aint gonna ban those trolls insulting Lin and linfans but they ban real fans who fight those trolls and criticisize byron and kobe
    jlin.net has become a crophole for trolls
    so glad this site exists

  232. Thanks. So he does read this blog. Interesting.

  233. Exactly. Riley is one to talk, his team is not doing so hot even with his so called superstar players

  234. Does anyone expect pat to speak his honest opinion in public?

  235. i don’t think he’s helping BS, another insult to all the other laker players. like they are not talented enough to make a difference.

  236. Sad but true, it’s now allowing ethnic slurs and sexual remarks, and reflecting badly on Lin fans in general.

  237. So she is feeling the heat too. Probably from her shareholders. Also they have Scott representing the organization who is clearly a moron, liar and an idiot. He has no respect for any of his players except maybe kobe.

  238. and mods block real fans fighting against trolls

  239. yeah, he kinda is. Scott was fired from his last two coaching jobs. He talked about badly about MD when he was coaching the lakers and he talked big stuff when he got this job. He has proven to be a liar. I am pretty sure the majority of the angry tweets to Jeannie were about the losses and Scott.

  240. Of course not. The point I was making is that something is going on behind the scenes and he asked his good friend to give an interview about their friendship among other things.

  241. Not only do they have the horses but they even have a horse’s butt for a coach.

  242. His team ain’t doing so hot even with his so called superstar horses.LOL

  243. yeah, and he’s losing the locker room AGAIN dissing them like this all the time.

  244. Yeah, something definitely is happening behind the scenes.

  245. A smart move by BS but it only served himself.

  246. …especially when Ms Buss asked fans to be patience.

  247. Ok, why don’t we know if Kobe is playing tonight? Was he at the shoot around this morning?

  248. What you just said is why she is responsible. If she can’t see that kobe is the problem and Scott the facilitator, then she is blind. Kobe isn’t a superstar anymore, his stats are that of a scrub worst than Josh Smith who was waved and dumped.

  249. At the beginning of this season I sensed Kobe would be done by Feb. He is still around but seems he is approaching the end of his career. He had a great one and I hope he knows when to call it a game and leave in style.

  250. Yep this is self preservation time now for Scott…LOL

  251. Wow, TWC (aka BS crony) giving Lin kudos? Something’s definitely cooking!

  252. I bet Ellington is saying Hallelujah, I can go back to my real unit.LOL

  253. i think she got bashed for saying she’s happy about BS’s performance.

  254. Hahahaha very true

  255. I got may answer:Bryant did not practice and is listed in game notes as questionable.

  256. Kobe is always 100%. That’s for sure. But it’s very hard to know if he’s 110%. You see the problem? 😉

  257. Yup… a bench player is the Player of the Week… Coach BS still believes Jeremy is a bench player

  258. yeah…LOL

  259. I think Ryan Kelly was substituting for Johnson, Ellington is a SG so he’s substituting for Kobe.

  260. Yeah, that’s right.

  261. Yeah, that was her trying to do a little damage control.

  262. Must get demoralizing for the other players when everyone tries to cover up Kobe’s and Scott’s ineptitude by blaming the rest of the team. Would be great if they pull out another win without Kobe against another good Western playoff team like Portland like they did GSW.

  263. I think that the squad has long past the demoralized stage, and even the angry stage. Now they’re just like WDGAF about BS.

  264. Didn’t see it much in Houston

  265. Question, does the fo know the status of kobe or are they also in the dark?

  266. M….the winning %age just dropped by 10%

  267. Mark MedinaVerified account
    Lakers’ Wesley Johnson to start, Kobe Bryant’s status unclear http://bit.ly/14lcZlF


  268. game time decision I believe

  269. Javier Borjas

  270. Like Kobe gonna tell if he’s totally good at that time. Does he have a possible injury or he just needs to rest more?

  271. There is no smartness or dumbness involved here lol. It is about knowing or not

  272. I wander how long they continue to run this lie about kobe? Even he does play , he is going to jack up the chemistry of the team.

  273. If Kobe plays tonight, how can he has a good game with his condition being so marginal? Lakers would likely to lose big if Kobe plays.

  274. I do not believe it is about fatigue. Either injuries or some deals on going behind the curtain.

  275. I think he has reinjured himself. I think he might have even flown to Germany to get a second opinion on the injury.

  276. Could be….and rightfully so….lol

  277. Most likely and playing like a crazy cow to pass MJ’s record didn’t help.

  278. A boss can only protect a incapable employee by so much

  279. I don’t think Kobe is in LA, I think he has flown to Germany to get a second opinion from his doctors over there. Also I think the Lakers will extend this lie until the fans get use to the lakers led by Lin/Young, because they have become the fan favorites.

  280. What ever it is, Kobe not playing is always better for the team and Lin!! 😉

  281. I think it is good Wes is back. Kelly is Wes backup so the minutes for these 2 should even out now. Kelly was playing a lot of minutes for just coming back from injury.

    Wes was playing high minutes becuz I guess BS dont think anybody else can sub his position.

  282. Hypothetically, if Kobe is going to leave the team…..whether by retiring or other ways…..I guess it will devastate Kobe fans, which seems like a huge base of fans, badly. LAL wanted to be treated like they are still relevant….I guess this is just not easy for F/O to maneuver…

  283. Who asked Pat Riley to defend Byron Scott?

  284. KB show is over.

  285. Probably was tough for them to give to Lin. Probably thinking, can we give it to Tarik?

  286. Byron Scott. That is why I think something is going on behind the scenes. He has practically dissed all of the players. So he might be feeling the heat, if kobe is getting ready to check out.LOL

  287. Not sure if the majority of LA fans think so or not…Pat Riley just tried to say it was all players’ fault. excluded Kobe of course

  288. LOL

  289. So you do not think it is FO? Jeanie also tried to preach patience to fans….Seems like it actually means patience to Scott

  290. Well Riley looks even more like a moron when he let the best player in the NBA walk away, and he paid his so called “superstar horses” $119 million dollars to have a 15-21 record this season.LOL

  291. That would be crazy if he ends up like Nash

  292. You mean play golf….?

  293. It’s like stars are realigning, KB is poof, LbJ is fading, Rondo is no good, D Rose disappearing…; New ones are coming to shine, Lilard, Curry, Lin, Wall, etc. HAha

  294. I think it is the F/O. Mitch has been out of the loop since his daughter died,so right now we don’t know who is running the show. I think Jeannie was getting heat from her shareholders too. Also I bet allot of those angry tweets were about the team losing and about Scott

  295. The sentence In quotes is from his tweet yesterday. He said he thought Kobe might be retiring but was afraid he may turn out to be wrong.

  296. But the argument is on the defensive end…..

  297. Stu and Bill were still digging into Lin even in that last game. Gosh I hate those two.

  298. maybe new ‘Tina Wang’, who used to do longer highlights (around 8 mins).

    IIRC, Blaiyan seldom makes highlights >5 mins.

  299. If you don’t believe my prophecies, why do I keep winning our bets? I hope u still remember the one we made for game # 40.

  300. Pau would never get 46 pts playing next to Kobe. Kobe would never let him get 30 attempts.

  301. [email protected] Lin’s pregame handshake! The bench are a happy bunch! m.youtube.com/watch?v=leC-d6…

  302. Lin’s pregame handshake! The bench are a happy bunch! m.youtube.com/watch?v=leC-d6…

  303. Sorry, posted twice!

  304. They are not workin. It says it’s private

  305. it said: the video does not exist

  306. probably tried checking the first few seconds of christinecheng60’s highlight (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ADKZh0n8fNs) – someone posted it earlier

  307. Wow! JLin, player of the week.

  308. …to be patients, after watching all that sickening b-ball the first half of the season.

  309. If Lin was on the floor beside you, would you pull him up, or pin him down XD.

  310. Off topic:YES!!!! GO PACKS GO!!!!

  311. Go Aaron Rodgers! He is so good, wanna see him and Lin hang off-season. Do a state farm commercial together.

  312. cuz they had no chemistry

  313. simple. Kobe plays, they lose 85%. Kobe sites, they win 2/3-3/4.

  314. I have never heard BS justify his selection of Price over Lin as a starter, so I really don’t know. But at any rate, I don’t think Price’s defensive ability over Lin’s defensive ability compensates for Price’s lack of shooting.

  315. nope youre wrong and very biased
    Kobe still makes them money and a good basketball player
    If she doesnt think Lin is the next MJ, theres nothing wrong with it

  316. don’t worry, LAL is a global brand and Kobe Staples is small enough to absorb the millions in LA. It only affects the stubHub prices. On TV ratings, Lakers Showtime will changes those numbers, not Kobe.

  317. Well, I tend to address the poster’s contents rather than categorize the poster as this or that.

  318. For once my man’s getting credit for what hes done

  319. And it’s coming from me who don’t mind criticizing Lin’s BB game.

  320. Nash was a better player than Kobe
    He plays for the team
    Kobe makes team cater to him
    So sad Nash just became another gold digger now

  321. by what ppl quote, Price seems slightly better. But if you overall look at how the team generates defensive opportunities that are lost (for example where bigs could just jump for a stop because of Lin), Lin is by far better on D.

    I am having a great season just focusing on Lin D and watching the O for icing. This isn’t a KHuang reverse cheer to laud Lin, I’ve been doing that for real.

  322. I am even willing to assume that Price is slightly better than Lin on D; my point is even that doesn’t justify starting Price over Lin. Kobe’s credibility really goes down when he begins to support a player like Price over Lin. Kobe should have asked the FO for a better PG before supporting THAT player.

  323. Maybe his new GF is the reason.

  324. I am really disappointed in BS as a coach. I started respecting the guy.

  325. Probably a girl next to him begged him “pretty please”. I would have just taken a photo with the girl.

  326. Price is by the NBA numbers ppl quote, but really, I watch the team game and Lin makes a huge difference that is not measured because teammates don’t complete the stop, much like hockey assists, fouls that negate assists, and dropped assists. You know what I mean. The diff is night and day, and Lin isn’t getting credit for it because Coach is not talking it up so announcers are not pointing it out to fans. Stats are imperfect, I know, but the winning game is around what I’m talking about. On that vein, though I’m an Aaron Rodgers fane and cheesehead on cheesy weekends, I thought the Dallas catch called-back was yet another example of over stats and over vids in action sports. To me it’s all about the flow and the team win, the glory not the stat or replay. Sry, too long. Good to see you here. Go Lin!

  327. Maybe he got caught by his wife for fooling around with Kardashian and is hiding from his wife. 🙂

  328. Lin later in life – hey, here’s a pic of you at 26. Didn’t we all look so good? One of those ppl will be a next Warren Buffet, one will be the woman president, etc etc. Pay it forward.

  329. wanna see that on NBA.com for Western Conf player of the week.

  330. hmmm, looking that up lol. So far here, it’s only been K Leahy we need more. The ladies here get Lin eye candy every day. Calling Kenoshi …

  331. It says that Lin/Young/Boozer(Three Musketeers off the bench) are offensive threats.

  332. I remember he came so close to winning it once last year, when Bev was out, scoring back to back 30+pts. but lost out to Griffin. His day will definitely come 🙂

  333. LAL suggestions:

    Business – let Unit2 be the Showtime to get ratings up. Market the H out of it and talk to bball ops to get them 5 more minutes so LAL can also Showtime for wins! That will fix ratings for remainder of season.

    BBall Ops – fade Kobe shots (done), fade Kobe PT (almost done but push it to 20), give the usage to Lin and Showtime team. Coach team to play around Kobe (not with him because he will not play with team) when he’s on court. Focus on what it takes to win games. Do not give Kobe the clutch shot – mix it up to the hot hand.

  334. Ah yes, a good memory. I remember thinking oh well, Griff is nice to Lin.

  335. That’s the slow painful option. I’m hoping for the quick and painless option: 1) Kobe retires 2) BS is reprogrammed or replaced 3) Lin starts again as player/coach.

  336. atlanta taking care of washington some notes from boxscore: how can atlanta be winning so big when washington is shooting over 50%? because atlanta has taken 13 more shots from the field and 9 more free throws BECAUSE: atlanta has 13 offensive rebounds and washington has 19 turnovers! (8 by john wall) also:

    atl. 34 assists on 42 made shots; 8 guys in double figure scoring; no one taking more than 14 shots.

  337. re point 2: take out the kobe program insert new program to robotic bs; wooden log emotion chip to remain or not?

  338. Sure. Why not? 🙂

  339. Which one is Jeremy? Porthos? lol

  340. well 2 out of 3 anyway. young maybe once upon a time. but not lately. it is “offensive” the numbers of chucks young puts up.

    he and gerald green are the leading bench chuckers in the league in terms of fga per minutes played. young was hitting more 3s but not lately but his overall % is much lower than green’s.

  341. maybe he just had to get away from kobe.

  342. Is Atlanta east’s version of Spurs now?

  343. i was leaving that out waiting for someone to fill it in. im the straight man. you get the punch line.

  344. You gotta give Swaggy credit for drawing fouls on 3s though. His FTs are so automatic.

  345. Griffin was nice to Jeremy at the All-stars game during Linsanity but Clippers’ bigs have played dirty including Griffin every single game.

  346. I never expect big orgs to move fast. Too many politics good or bad. You need a new leader for that (Lacob removed Jackson, that’s relatively new but leadership in control). Right now, Jim and Jeannie have a dance, so there will be no fast moves that I can expect. I can hope, though so I’m with you in hoping for it.

  347. Thank you for the set up? lol

  348. Why do men go for such artificial looks..LOL

  349. D’artangion. I guess he’s the fourtg

  350. Lin had a foul on his last 3 for the tacos, but he gets not calls. Lillard would have gotten that foul.

  351. who’s k leahy?

  352. soccer

  353. hehe, the truth is, it’s easy to talk about and meaningless. The real excitement is a connection that is safe for where you are at in life. Everyone has full lives and lanes we have to stay in to be honorable. So our high fives are good enough for me. The connection on values that tell me you are doing right by your ppl and ppl here are connecting on what Lin is expressing, showing, etc. It’s not just about the points or the hotties, but those are fun to talk about always. Have a great Sunday!

  354. the KCAL9 reporter who stands next to Lin and gets cut off after the NBA interviews because she’s only doing the KCAL ones. Look her up. The other site links to her website. An established Socal sports reporter, so no disrespect.

  355. Yep, Griff has hammered Lin.

  356. The question is, will Kobe lose face and admit he can only play 20 min per game? Or will he prefer to retire? Stay tuned. Same bat channel. Same bat time. LOL.

  357. *sigh*

  358. If kobe retires, BS will be gone. I’ll bet Nash will all of a sudden be back with the Lakers.

  359. LOL♥☺

  360. same

  361. Hey, it’s better to play 20 and get a ring than retire. Pride only gets you so far, esp with younger billions of ppl growing up behind all of us.

  362. Don’t know what you’re referring to. I only saw the re-runs. 😉

  363. meh not yet will get there soon

  364. i checked
    same person
    just saying not speculating or anythig

  365. ha ha, one more thing I want to share to young and parents alike here. I’ve found that honorable men in life don’t want to settle until they feel comfortable being able to provide for their families. So, for Lin, he wants to conquer bball so he won’t settle down until then. For the college grad, career stability is part of the equation. For the blue collar, it’s all about a steady place. For each, it’s the happy life they want for their families, no matter what strata of society. The key is honorable providers. So, one mode some guys use to stay single until that feels safe is to date unattainable, emotionally selfish ppl so they can walk away at will. Hence, maybe ladies like the bad boyz. Maybe young men like the hotness/femm fatales. You know what I mean. If younger ppl who are single sense that in themselves, they could have happier, more honest dating years. Maybe get there sooner. I’ve seen so many make unconscious choices for or against commitment and it’s swirling around some of these issues. In context with Lin fandom, though, Asian men in the west face another bigger problem – the yellow fever thing. That will work itself out as Asia continues to grow. I heard Shanghai is one of the most exciting places on earth right now.

  366. Nash’s injured back will miraculously recover.

  367. I am for Serena.

  368. not sure if she’s chinese enough for his family, but Lin is a world changer.

  369. that would be very nice to see happen.

  370. She looks a little Chinese IMO. As long as she likes Chinese food, that’s more important. I heard about one Korean-American guy who married an Irish-American woman but who has to eat “kim-chee” alone after his wife goes to sleep because she can’t stand the smell. That’s really SAD.

  371. and price gets waived

  372. those glasses are cool. Maybe so maybe so … she’d better learn play mmog games.

  373. don’t wish ill on Price, he’s less bragging than Bev.

  374. It’s the way she speaks so earnestly and melodiously, etc.

  375. I love Nash but the dude is over 40 and he’s been playing as long as Kobe.

  376. One advice I give to young guys is make sure to see women without make-up before they marry. Ha, ha.

  377. Yep, hope Lin starts to open up to the ladies who have the capacity to love him.

  378. Chinese ladies do the tattoo eyeliner and double eyelids … is that ok?

  379. yep, sad because you sweat the garlic next day. Culture is important. Love, harmony, and a common life can use that to be a good base. But it can work … cross cultural, all that.

  380. Don’t know. All I know is one guy married a beautiful woman, but when they had a baby, the baby was so ugly; and then he got suspicious and it turned out that his wife had a major plastic surgery before her marriage. Should try to avoid this situation.

    A true story: One time one attorney’s client gave her passport to an American consul officer, and the officer looked at the photo and then called the attorney over to ask him if his client was really the same person because the passport photo and the client looked nothing like each other.

    No, the guy did not have a plastic surgery.

  381. Finally ChristineCheng uploaded JLin’s offense and defense highlights for the Magic game!

  382. im not
    him getting waived is a fair line
    i aint wishing injury on him

  383. It’s basketball not a charity show, with Price’s skills he shouldn’t be in the NBA, let alone as a journeyman for 10 years!

  384. But worse in BB than Bev.

  385. Agree. Bev is at least a 2nd or 3rd stringer, but Price, I don’t know how he lasted in NBA so long. I have to hand it to Price for lasting so long though. He probably having one of his best years as a NBA player; that should tell you how bad his career stats are.

  386. The ongoing joke in Hollywood is, who is your plastic Surgeon?

  387. true grrr. But some nice bursts this season, much like Bev.

  388. babies can be ugly and then become beautiful kids. Dunno … All I know is they stink up the house hehe.

  389. This how they should package Lin/Young:


  390. then you like America Ferrera, Ugly Betty:


  391. agree. but you have to look at the average. see Price’s career stats and you would have to agree. Price is a career 28% shooter from 3 point range. Even if you are looking for a guy who works hard on D and can knock down open 3s, Price is not IT.

  392. Bev is decent
    like a slightly below average

  393. I do agree. I have begrudgingly felt proud of Price’s good games too. One thing about Lin is to be his fan, you have to support all the underdogs. For me, as long as Price does not diss ppl or brag, he’s just an underdog overachieving. I can admire his good games and not be mad all the time. It’s really Kobe/BSc’s problem. The minute Price shows any un-earned hubris or disingenuous friendship toward Lin, that then puts him in Bev’s box in my mind.

  394. I agree. Anyone who thinks Price is better than Bev, I don’t want to have BB discussion.

  395. len-sanity.

  396. I also stated openly that Price had better games than Lin, so let me be clear I like Price’s personality or character. However, i also like Bev’s character.

  397. I’m glad for him making a living at what he loves. See comment to webA … as long as he strives and isn’t a bragger, I’m ok with him. It’s not his problem, the politics.

  398. watching the grizzlies
    damn their defense is impeccable
    suns cant do nothing agaisnt it
    and Lin is so much better than conley offensively this man has no explosiveness
    okay shooter but Lins better in every aspect except TOs

  399. as you are, as you will, I’m cool with that.

  400. anyone who thinks price deserves to even have back up mins needs to see a doctor

  401. Well, there are only two PGs in Lakers, so . . . Clarkson is probably a SG, not PG.

  402. okay keep defending ur boy price

  403. clarkson..

  404. He’s really a SG.

  405. I’m not defending him – I’m just saying I value that he doesn’t brag and isn’t being a fake friend to Lin. That I couldn’t like in Bev. By the numbers, Bev is better than Price, and Lin is way better than both.

  406. you dont have to support all the underdogs to be a Lin fan
    Lin is talented price is not

  407. meh still better tha price and young

  408. I care less whether he brags if he can back it up, and he plays as a team player. I LOVE the way Bev plays, because he gets the max out of his ability. Sure, he talks loud but he’s the kind of guy you want on your side when you are battling it out. I am not gonna lie to you: I would want Bev if we were fighting with our lives on the line.

  409. I am not supporting Price. I am saying I like him better than Bev because he doesn’t brag and isn’t a fake friend to Lin. Do you see any pics of Price and Lin together on Price’s twitter? That’s what I mean.

  410. ronnie price is without question by the numbers both this season and for his career the worst starting player in the nba. regular starting player. look at the numbers.

    with massive support and time that he has never had before he has managed a couple decent games but that doesn’t even begin to budge the numbers and in fact lins had more “nice bursts” from the bench then price has had starting.

    i assume price was put in the lineup because
    a. he doesn’t shoot much (but still a terrible shooter) so cna’t take shots away from kobe and
    b. he was the only player they could find who was shooting worse than kobe
    (and that didn’t even work as kobe got even worse and price got a little better they actually met in the middle as a chart on here recently showed.)

    that may be another reason kobe is not available; hes embarssed to actually be looking bad even next to the career scrub. ronnie the price is right.

  411. bev was a brother to Lin and price doesnt seem like he gets along with lin js
    he never talks highly of Lin as opposed to beverley
    so I like beverley better than this abomonation

  412. his defense gets in your head
    he always talked highly of Lin
    avery good teammate
    as opposed to Price
    acts like lin dont exist

  413. well i think we can all agree that lin is way better than both and bev is better than price. as to who has a better relationship with or is more supportive of lin that is another issue that i wouldn’t know or have any idea.

  414. I don’t think Bev was being a fake friend to Lin. He was a good teammate while they were together.

  415. Yah they are friends
    bev and lin were

  416. Well, KHuang thinks Price is better than Bev. I remember him saying this several times.

  417. bev was not a real friend, bro.

  418. Bev is very fake person and teammate. At least Price is sincere and true, although his skills are really horrible. Price doesn’t act like he’s friends with Lin or other star players.

  419. he was a fake friend. did you listen to any of his interviews?

  420. we dont know that
    bev always talked highly of Lin

  421. I have no idea why Lin fans think Bev was not a good teammate to Lin. Sure, they may NOT be good friends anymore, but as long as Bev was a good teammate, I have no problem with that.

  422. I don’t need a Bev, he’s not good enough and he brags so it distracts from the team effort. I’d want a Lin.

  423. Cuz hes old
    bev just having fun with everyone its cool

  424. Look, NBA is not the place to look for life long, true friends. I still say Bev was a good teammate when Lin was there. I don’t think he undermined or did things in a sly way. Sure, Bev kissed Harden’s but*, but everyone did, even Lin.

  425. That would be AWESOMEE

  426. Bev was not a good teammate to Lin. He was a replacement to Lin but he first started off hugging and having fun with Lin. Then he took the opportunity and acted like the anointed one. Price is just working his job, and doing v well some days.

  427. Dude Bev was a lying snake, he was fake! After both Lin and Parsons left he said to media they aren’t friends anymore, as if they were to begin with! Lin’s only real friends from Rockets were Parsons and Garcia! You never see Lin hang out with anyone this season besides Parsons before the game vs Mavs!

  428. Bev was one of the nicest to lin if anything

  429. Untrue. You make friends at every job. Bev was a fake friend to get what he wanted, and he got his. I get that. I can also discriminate and you are not so that is fine.

  430. no, you do know that by his actions and radio interviews.

  431. oh trust me price acts like hes the rightful starter

  432. It has nothing to do with age! Booz is older than Price and he’s Lin’s closest friend on the Lakers! Bev even lied to media about how Lin was “fine” playing from the bench when he wasn’t! There was a time last season where Bev completely ignore Lin after a timeout for a high five, and a angry Lin said something the camera couldn’t catch, probably a swear word!

  433. I don’t have a problem with Bev thinking he’s the anointed one; more players should play with his confidence. I think to be fair, it comes down to which style you prefer. Like I said, I like Price as a person, but I also like Bev’s style. It works for him. We can’t all be Price or Lin type of people.

  434. Untrue Frank. You are now making things up.

  435. I agree also. I

  436. Thank you sport. Ppl are remaking history here.

  437. meh
    at least they were having fun when lin was in hou
    now what they are is irrelevant

  438. Well. you do what you do and we disagree.

    If you want style, give me Kawhai Leonard not Bev.

  439. Maybe as coach? I’d kind of like to see Mark Madsen as coach though.

  440. Sure, but do you want Price over Bev if there is a war with another group? If you had a choice, would you put Bev or Price as a back-up to Lin?

  441. Im not
    i used to hate bev and would go on twitter insulting him
    but I see how he treated Lin it changed the way i look at him

  442. booz never grew up
    price is just a boring guy

  443. one can only speculate

  444. This is between Price and Bev, not Leonard and Bev. Of course, Leonard is way, way better than Bev, so that comparison is not apt. I prefer Bev over Price, simply because Bev is better, not because I like Bev’s style better than Price’s style. I just don’t get bothered by Bev’s style.

  445. It’s not limited to them. Who I like more is irrelevant to who I would want in a tussle. Neither. But who I like over the other? Price because he’s a professional and does his best without adding to the political noise. And, you can see by some of his games he’s able to rise. Bev in the early times had in my memory just as few good games. So, Bev has had more time to site with you. Yes, he is younger, and Price may be on his last legs. That’s ok, I would not pick either if I were a pro bball player going into a hard grind.

  446. I don’t trust you because of what you are posting.

  447. Bev has gotten more consistent now he has many double figure games

  448. kaman doesn’t actually play that many minutes. (usually).

  449. No, Lin did not kiss Harden’s but. he complimented him when they were playing well together and he distanced himself from him when it was clear there was some miscue in their backcourt of the century potential. There really was legitimate potential.

  450. OK, so you prefer Price over Bev as a back-up. Then, we disagree. I wasn’t trying to bring in “style” as a factor. I just was saying Bev’s style does not bother me. I also would NOT pick EITHER one as a back-up to Lin. I was just trying to pose a hypo.

  451. I dont need your trust
    its just an expression
    Even ESL students know that

  452. we do know that. Bev had no problems damning Lin with faint praise and he did throw Lin under the bus later on when it became clear Lin was not going to have any power.

  453. I’m not a fan of Bevs game
    but I do have to admit he belongs in the NBA and he brings a lot to the table
    Price on the other hand is a complete waste

  454. you can tell by the public stances of Bev and Price. That’s ALL I’m speaking to, not bball or behind the scenes. I’m saying from the public stances, I like how Price is handling himself vis a vis Lin. So far.

  455. good for you then.

  456. yes indeed

  457. it’s not speculation. It’s what Bev said.

  458. I think most people feel the way you do. I like and dislike some aspects of Bev’s game; but I admire his loud confidence. He’s the type of guy you want in your trench because he will probably throw his body and take a bullet for you and probably get killed early in the action. He’s like a German Shepherd; you point a target and he will go there and fight the target. McHale probably told Bev “Go stick him Bev” all the time.

  459. Same here! If I had to pick one true defensive player I’d pick Kawhi Leonard! Bev’s defense isn’t all there great! And you can tell that Rockets has already pushed him to the side after Lin left cause his “job” is done. Don’t be surprised if Bev disappears from NBA just like all those scrub PGs that unfairly started over Lin!

  460. Almost everyone would pick Leonard’s D over Bev’s D. That’s not a fair comparison. Leonard is arguably an elite defender with a longer reach, taller and better physical tools, just on defense alone.

    All I am saying is if Bev is not needed by NBA, Price certainly shouldn’t even be in NBA.

  461. No, I said I prefer neither in bball. I prefer Price in this role of taking over for Lin as ball passer to the ball dominant guard because he does not brag and is not being a fake friend. I’ve said that over and over and you and Frank are making it bigger than it is. I don’t care if Bev is better than Price because if I wanted to watch a hardD guy, I’d be watching KLeonard and even Shump, Iggy, etc.

  462. Like I said, it doesn’t matter who is better. I would not watch either because there are better players with their style. Every year there are new players to notice. Tarik Black, for instance. How good is Livingston? He’s a good team player. Can Holiday on the Warriors keep it up with more minutes? etc. I don’t watch Bev or Price if I can help it.

  463. He did not treat lin genuinely.

  464. I rather watch other defenders also. I don’t think I said I prefer watching Bev over those guys. I don’t even follow Bev. You were bringing in other players to the discussion, so that confused me.

  465. This is a list of the best available head coaches.(Hollins, Jackson,VanGrundy are off the list)


  466. Who cares if the player is a good friend off court? As long as the guy plays team ball on court, that’s what matters. Besides, if you are looking for a life long friendship in NBA, that’s not the right place; you might as well look for a wife at a strip joint.

  467. Nice attack, Frank. You used ethos in your rhetoric and I refuted it, so you attacked. Stop.

    Better take some writing lessons before you attack ppl with ESL references:


  468. I notice that George Karl is on this list and he still wants to coach. He likes to run and gun.

  469. Sloan or Karl?

  470. Are you absolutely sure PB was a bro to JLin???!!!! You insult the word bro itself!!!

  471. Ok Which are the ones that will be kind to JLin and use him correctly.

  472. I’m trying to bring in other defenders to illustrate how I’m only referring to Price’s non-bragging and no-fake-friendship approach as more preferred.

    1. I don’t care about either as a bball player. They are in the role of shunting the ball to ball-dominant and playing D for noD-ball-dominant.

    2. I like price better because there isn’t additional noise around 1 above.

    So maybe we can agree, I don’t know.

    As to admiring styles, that you mentioned, I’m just saying I can’t wait until KLeonard gets back on the court and seeing how guys with promise develop.

  473. Don’t know about that; but even Lin said they were close in Rockets.

  474. Wow, you sure have something against Bev. I have nothing against Bev or Price. But Bev is clearly a better BB player than Price, just as Lin is clearly a better BB player than both.

  475. LbJ is worse than that in minutes. That is why LbJ is going down.

  476. Normally when will players do pregame shoot around?

  477. i think it said that Sloan is in retirement. Karl is actually Mitch Kupchak’s college room mate. I think Mitch was trying to recruit Karl, but i just think that karl didn’t want to have to babysit kobe. If Kobe is out, Scott will probably finish off the season, and Mitch will bring in Karl because the Lakers will be in rebuild mode. Karl likes his offense moving fast, which would fit perfectly for lin’s speed. So we will see.

  478. I actually don’t care at all about Leonard since he’s not on the same team as Lin. I don’t care at all about Bev or Price. I have no problem with either of them playing well. I admire both for lasting in NBA. I like Bev’s style and think he was a good teammate to Lin in Houston. Don’t care if Bev was a true friend to Lin since they are not on the same team, just like I don’t care about Parsons because they are on the same team. Parsons definitely over-rated although he’s a good player.

  479. they should have done it this morning.

  480. ok.

  481. Lin loves hanging out at the 3rd Street Promenade in Santa Monica (where he lives)..LOL

  482. I have to disagree with you here. I have not heard Price say one good thing about Lin or Lin’s BB game, while I heard Bev compliment Lin and Lin’s BB game often. Just because Price is a quiet guy doesn’t mean he respects Lin’s BB game or he likes Lin. Bev just happens to talk a lot, sometimes foolishly. But BB wise, Bev a better player than Price. I bet you Bev will get paid more than Price next year. What’s their contract payment this year? Anyone?

  483. I’ve been surprised how well Parsons has done on Mavs, but he has had some stinkers this year too.

  484. Yes, I’m a big loyalty and genuiness/integrity guy. You got me, lol.

  485. Oh, Pat Riley just misses the illegal defense rule.

  486. thx, I see it your way too.

  487. Too bad about Sloan. He coached well in a small market in Utah going against the big market teams like LAL and Chicago.
    Karl has said good things about Jeremy but you just never know.

  488. Really! No show of KB. What about the pregame warmup that JLin normally goes to before he meet up with fans??

  489. I see where you are coming from, I really do. But I do truly believe that Bev was a good teammate while both were in Houston. I think you allow the style to ignore what happened and what existed.

  490. LOL We know perfectly after experiencing with snake BS:-)

  491. webA – saying nothing genuinely is way better than saying platitudes and changing sides later. Makes for good livin’ having ppl you have your back.

  492. Of course, it doesn’t matter in the scheme of things, but I was curious which player you think is better. I see how you think though. Generally, you rather take a quiet guy than a loud mouth which Bev IS without a question.

  493. Probably.

  494. Teammate maybe, friend no.

    Back to how we diverged, all I’m saying is I prefer a quiet and genuine Price than a bragging and fake friend Bev. They both do the same on the court, to start in place of Lin to serve the ball-dominant. And yes, Bev is better than Price.

  495. He’s making it easy for fans to stalk him. lol.

  496. I think it’s too much to ask for a friend; being a good teammate while you are on the team is enough.

  497. Ok, I’m getting your questions and yes Bev is way better than price. But some of those price good games, I was happy for him. See if you recall after Bev had similar starts, had Bev done as well? I think only slight better. If we watch Bev now, he has more seasoned at the starting job. So maybe Bev is better by memory bias but they are at different experience levels as starter.

  498. I just don’t think everyone Bev said about Lin is fake. I really don’t.

  499. Is Kobe playing tonight? That will affect the chance of another free tacos night!

  500. Yes, true. But fake friend is never good.

    I agree, if I look back on friends+work, only 1 in 100, and then they fade easily with changes in jobs. So, maybe 10 true friends from a career. But those – you’ve been through battles together so you know their values. Better than neighbors sometimes, those very few. And then you wish for a time where you can work together again, and that is hard to arrange.

  501. Yeah, that’ll push Jack in the Box into the LOH group. LOL

  502. I can respect that you see it differently, that’s fine by me.

  503. Price did play better than Lin in several games, no question there. Although I am not happy, I have no problem with seeing Lin get out-played. It is what it is. Now, I want to see Bev go against Price. Maybe not. 🙂

  504. nah this aint college essays my writting is fine

  505. Man, that’s harsh thing to call Bev: a fake friend. Just call him a temporary friend and a good teammate. I think Parsons is more of a fake friend than Bev.

  506. New game thread everyone. Sneaky @psalm234:disqus has opened it over 5 min ago:-)

  507. who doesn’t? and the pier….how many tv shows/movie shots have been made at or under that pier! or at the ferris wheel/ amusments on top. (my sons shot a lot of photo shoots there too; great weird lighting.)

  508. I’m fine that price had a few good games vs Lin. You get that with institutional support.

  509. Let’s just think about this: Kobe has missed the last 2 or 3 games because he has some soreness. Really. He hasn’t been practicing and he has been resting so why is he still sore? I personally don’t think that scott has talked to kobe at all. I think he has gone silent on him much like Nash did. I bet Kobe has spoken with Mitch about what’s going on with him. I think Scott is completely in the dark with Kobe. I think that is why Scott is dissing the players, saying Swaggy P needs to come to practice early to get up some shots, or saying Davis/Hill were not putting forth any effort in the last game, that is why he put in Black.

    He was mad that the players lost to the Clippers because Kobe was inserted back into the team and didn’t contribute at all. They were down by 40 with Kobe, and Lin brought them back within 15 pts. Then Scott’s moronic contradicting statements that he makes is embarrassing to the Laker organization. Jeannie Buss is playing the political game with the I support Byron, because she is the only that said her father wanted Scott to be a coach for the Lakers one day. She was just giving lip service. Then today she gets on twitter and ask the fans to be patient and please stay a Laker fan.

    Now you know something big is going down behind the scenes if she has to resort to the social media. Then you have Pat Riley coming out vouching for Scott putting down the players. Why is he even giving an interview to the Lakers press, because they played the Clippers. This has been a bizarre couple of days in the Laker organization…..and the plot thickens….

  510. 100% agreement. Kobe likes Price because he doesn’t look that bad next to Price? That’s really low.

  511. No need to get personal. 🙂

  512. Of course, I would want Lin also. But if I get what you are saying, you rather want Price over Bev because you think Price doesn’t detract things by his loud actions. That was surprising for me to read, I have to say.

  513. 16000 crowd x 2, that’s a lot of tacos and money. But a lot of people might decide to have a meal at JITB because of the free tacos so they will gain a lot of bussiness. They will be LOF for sure!

  514. The Clippers played today at Staples Center, I think the game wrapped about 2:30, so they have to set it up for the Lakers.

  515. Neither for a hypothetical tussle, but for what has happened, I prefer to hear nothing out of price than to have had that noise from last year. Just want peace to enjoy the complexities of Lin’s journey.

  516. I’m good with how you define both Bev and Parsons. Side players he he.

  517. just pointing out your poor logic and writing. It’s not college. High school. I only bring it up because you attacked.

  518. Funny! I knew I was there years ago (maybe in 1993) but didn’t remember any of these despite of visiting LA many times afterward. Guess I just didn’t go back. If I’ve chance to go to LA and JLin is still playing in LA, then I will make a visit there:-)

  519. Oh ok. Thanks for the info.

  520. Word. If the plot gets any thicker than this, it might actually catch up to BS skull.

  521. i think, that the other player must figure out what to do when there is a double team not only n Jeremy but on all occasion of the game ….But isn’t it the coach has to study and teach to its players?

  522. very true… it’s good to know that stats backed him up (better than PBev!)
    that’s awesome

  523. I like watching Jeremy play last quarter sans Kobe
    Lin can really play and work magic when the score in the game is tight
    I don’t like it when Kobe is back as the ball movement slows down and it is going be all Kobe last 5 mins of a close game

  524. “Then you have Pat Riley coming out vouching for Scott putting down the players”…can you explain this for me sis? (i wasn’t able to read the full context of it, if there’s an article of it. thanks!

  525. If Pat Riley thinks Byron is a good coach — he should offer him a job in Miami.

    Put your money where your mouth is

  526. Of coz I would pull him up, and then start discussing the world economy, poverty issue & environmental protection.
    The real me say……………………………………….. not in this family site….hahaha

  527. Karl.

    Even though he’s an 80s coach, he has fully adjusted to the rules changes.

  528. So I heard BS is saying he “Made a mistake” of playing KB too many minutes in the beginning of the season ?
    Don’t believe a word he uttered.
    They(KB/BS) were gunning to break MJ’s record at the expense of the TEAM!
    Now they will go into sunset together.

  529. well u sort of attacked first
    but okay I went overboard with my comments
    thats on me
    we can agree to disagree
    we are both Lin fans and we hope nothing but the best for Lin

  530. no I did not. I disagreed. You attacked.

  531. When will we hear Scott saying “it is my bad to start price over lin”?

  532. LOL…dreaming?
    BTW, new thread is over there –>

  533. I know… I was just having trouble reloading the web…..kind of stuck on this page…lol

  534. nah u dissed first

  535. i had when come in couple of minutes ago…but reloading sort it out, but it took awhile to reload as well

  536. @frank and @joeteam… ok guys, lets just agree to disagree and disagree to agree….hmmmm lol

    End of the day, we are all Lin’s fan.

  537. Show me a pic, ‘k? Thanks!

  538. Send me Jeremy Lin himself and I won’t ask for anything more 😉

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