G38 POR @ LAL PostGame Thread

It was another game where Byron Scott simply gave Ronnie Price too many minutes.

Jeremy only played 19 min. After he started well with 7pts/2asts in just 10 min, he only received 9 more min to finish with 9 pts/3asts. After big games that Jeremy provided, the least was still short because Byron wanted Price to be successful despite his poor defense in guarding LIllard 31pts (13-23). Jeremy’s length made Lillard miss his 3 in the 4th but it wasn’t enough.

Jeremy might’ve tried to spend too much time trying to pass to Nick Young who still struggled with his shooting (9pts in 3-11 shooting)

We might have to wait more news about Kobe’s health and more losses by overplaying Ronnie Price before Byron Scott play Jeremy more minutes to save his job.



  1. 1st… as in Jeremy need to be part of the 1st unit.

  2. they cover it up by saying the bench plays against 2nd string. At least that’s what Stu says on TV. Total dumb because that means the 1st unit is not cutting it!

  3. That’s clearly what’s happening.
    I’m hoping more pressure will build around BScott’s WRONG decisions

  4. Yeah…like to see and more of it being quoted

  5. 2nd, did you guys notice in the interview that Mike Trudell And Serena Winters were much more interested in the bench play and chemistry. I love when lin said that he and Booze has talked about it yesterday the Booze is becoming more of a roll guy instead of just a pop guy. I liked the fact that they asked lin the questions like he was the leader for the bench.

  6. I think BS and the second unit are at war after BS called out Boozer, Lin, and now Young while saying he’s “wrong” about how he played Kobe LOL. Not a single player from the second unit played more than 20:38 (Boozer).

  7. It’s like complaining about repeatedly getting all wet because you walk in the rain without an umbrella LOL. In other words, DUH!

  8. This is a fight that Scott will lose because the 2nd unit is the only thing that is keeping this team from being blown out in games. I am telling you that Mitch will not give Price another contract after this season. He will try to resign lin/Boozer?Black and hope that Davis doesn’t opt out of his contract, although Davis hasn’t been playing well lately.

  9. Price was made starter simply because he fits better with Kobe’s ego and people wouldn’t question Kobe for taking the ball away from Price. Now that Kobe isn’t playing, Scott’s usage of Price as a starter just looks dumb.

  10. I loved boozer reaction and Black holding on Sacre..

  11. Is that Sacre or Boozer smirking and laughing? LOL

  12. Haha. Boozer screamed and Young is holding back Sacre who can’t believe what just happened.

  13. The 2nd unit, had proved over and over again, they can carry the task that they had been assigned to, most defensively and offensively. Numbers speaks.

  14. He clearly is the leader…

  15. I liked how lin facing the bigs to block them out…will not get the rebound but effective…

  16. Wes Johnson and Nick young both need to change the way they shoot the ball……jmo

  17. and a coach.

  18. Does anybody have the numbers for the starters and 2nd unit?

  19. The Portland announcers repeated it couple of times.

  20. Wondering if Lin will try to make his jumpshot even faster…I guess not…

  21. things have a way of working out for good ppl like Lin. SwaggyP was so funny last game interviews calling out Tarik Black and Booz. Making fun of Tarik’s name, meaning he has to be a monster player because of it. I really like the chemistry and credit that to unjust treatment by BSc and Kobe, and their own personalities. I would love to see these guys, having built this team spirit, under a different coach. Last few years under MJackson, GSW built that kind of spirit. Look how well it’s gone.

  22. He always does this because our bigs often don’t.

  23. I noticed that when Damian posterized the starting unit, lin/boozer/young were like I am glad that wasn’t me.LOL

  24. I bet lin is thinking, if I were Giarding him……I can……

  25. I was glad that lin cleared up why he didn’t try for more points was because he trying to get Young going,

  26. It is obvious actually…lin also took some shots.. Two more went in, he would get a good stat..no biggie

  27. some fans can’t see the game, and some can. Lin’s explanations really shed light on things we see that we can’t quite fit together. Yes indeed.

  28. I guess the only time I wish lin just shoot is when he stopped in the paint and not teammates were aviliable….just pull up……

  29. that one that was a TOV. and I think I saw one at the 3 where he had barely an open but he chose to fake and dribble.

  30. That was ok..Davis had a better shot..

  31. Por bench is notoriously bad…

  32. That is why need lin nest season. I am telling you, lin will get a lot of good offers from contending teams, but I do think that mitch will try to keep the 2nd unit together and fire scott. I think Scott has los kobe as his insurance policy. Scott is to dumb to realize that. I am sure Mitch probably has Karl on speed dial.LOL

  33. Ronnie Price humble and taking responsibility:


    You have to click his interview.

  34. The way lin has played this year so far.. I am not gonna worry about his contract at all. Not just played all around well, he exposes Scott too.

  35. what is it about?

  36. postgame interviews. Was looking for Swaggy’s, and found Wes, Price. Never heard them talk before. They’re ok.

  37. Not giving that scrub any clicks.

  38. Yep. I also think that this group will try to stay together. Also did you notice how mark medina acted like lin called scott out. It was him who said that I guess what Byron said wasn’t true. Lin didn’t say anything about Scott. I also noticed that they didn’t ask lin/booze/young about 1st unit’s play because nobody cares about them…LOL

  39. The 2nd unit only played 20 minutes and they put the starters back in the lead only for them top lose it. LOL

  40. I believe the whole NBA knows LAL is starting their bench right now…

  41. ookay. me, I’m interested in the characters behind the play. He was pretty humble. Notably, though, reporters don’t ask Price about Lin and Lin about Price, etc. so there prob is a neutral zone around the Kobe/BSc decisions. Can’t wait for the shuffle that’s gotta come.

  42. there seems to be a boundary there to keep the peace.

  43. Also the joke is on Byron because the NBA knows that the lakers 2nd unit are the starters

  44. Regardless of his teammates’ ability to get to open spot. The key to Lin’s success is how good he can make quick decisions in the paint..seems improved a lot to me…

  45. What does your “Sherlock Holmes” intuitions tell you in respect to Kobe abstinence?

  46. JLin showing off to the Laker girls! Ha ha

  47. That was during the Friday game, saw the girl holding post in one of the earlier video.

  48. Wished Lin would figure out a way to take more off dribble 3s every game. Also it’d be nice if Lin can learn a new go-to move, what else can he learn besides a hook shot? He’s been using the same moves for past 3 seasons. Anyone got suggestions?

  49. That is a low %age shot tho…his step back j was good…and he just added this season…no more pivot in the paint…great…

  50. I want him to have the screens Lillard had last game and then be able to hit behind those. When will he have the chance to practice that I dunno. This team, he has to hit the roll or pop or deal with the busted play.

    Oh, and some slams after he beats his man would be nice. A couple yrs ago, we we talking about 2 footed take-off. Want to see that!

  51. Davis is just trying to get back to the bench.

  52. Just feel that the more moves and variety of ways Lin can score, the better he’d be as a scoring PG. That’s the most important today in the NBA, the ability to score as a point guard.

  53. Not sure if lin will agree with u or not. But it is indeed good to have ability to score..

  54. It’s part of the entertainment package for this season. The plan is to fall behind early EVERY SINGLE GAME and then claw your way back into it just to make it exciting.

  55. Lillard took off two footed too….on that dunk…it is essential…for lin to model curry or Lillard is kind of hard tho. Lin is more unique than those “scoring PG” iMo

  56. in what way? For me if I had to answer that q, I’d say he has that intensity that if they let him feel out the flow of the game, he will figure out a way for everyone to win together. That’s why I wish they would give him more time in 3rd AND 4th to close.

  57. He is like a more explosive version of NASH or Stockton. He elevates the whole team. Not that I think he is already that great…just saying….there are similarities…

  58. That I can live with. Now please become his agent lol.

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  60. Some of the very interesting observations that I read @awarde:disqus has discussed over the game thread at Locker Room.

  61. nice seethrough of davis plan…

  62. Lakers staters together are paid 16 mil tonight. The bench are paid 38 mil.

  63. Boozer: Yike – hee hee hee…

  64. There’s just no honor and glory in being LAL starter right now.

  65. BS is insane, and so would the FO be for allowing this to go on much longer.

  66. Thats kinda dangerous, I would rather swing the rim rather than those strings, you never know!

  67. A Harvard kid of coz is able to give insight of the game. Who will be interested with the BS perspective? My son is the head of snake, he is running our team, being TOUGH (really???) on the defensive end ..blablabla

  68. Proud of JLin for speaking out the truth without throwing anyone under the bus. The way he did the interview was more sound like coach and gave good analysis of the game. No wonder reporters liked to interview him more than others.

  69. they just need (as lajane said) a shooting guard to replace the hideously shooting swaggy; not only becuase he’s “not shooting well now” but because you know hes not going to do anything but shoot once he has the ball.

    and he never shoots well, just a lot.

    (talking bout the l.a. bench now)

    i really like this foursome of black/kelly/boozer/lin got rid of sacre was a big plus.

    ellington is not nba quality player and young is the primo bench chucker in the league. so they just got the 1 piece to create a starting bench in black (thanks again rockets genius fo) and hopefully soon can find a 2 as well (its not clarkson)

  70. yeah he missed two relatively easy layups that even stu the anti-lin super pro ronnie the price is right cheerleader said he would normally make. if so even with 17 minutes, 17 minutes if he makes those he’s go his 5th strait game i think i double figures scoring.

  71. actually its worse than that. only boozer played 20 minutes and only by 39 sec. everyone else averaged about 18 minutes.

    at half time lakers starters were a minus 52 for their time on the court collectively and bench a plus 27 by the end bench was also slightly minus but starters still a collective minus 50 more or less.

  72. Yes step back jumper at ft line is slowly becoming his money spot

  73. actually yer overstating lins minutes by a few seconds and none of the bench players got 20 minutes but boozer who only got it by 39 sec despite the fact that at halftime the bench was a plus 27 and the starters a minus 52.

    (ido in a tweet had it at plus 30 and minus 30 at one time but he mis-added; starters were actually minus 40 at that time and ended up minus 51 almost exactly the same as at half–so given the chance the starters did play better in the second half but why were they given the chance?)

    actually also the only reason lin had been receiving more minutes recently was because of price broken nose and foul problems.

    when lin plays this few minutes he does not do well. awhile back the l.a. announcers were commenting on how much better number lin has at home then on the road but that was misleading…the actually determining variable was/is minutes.

    just that lin has been (had been prior to last nites game) given significantly more playing time at home.

  74. Last question about how BS said he needs to contribute in other part, Young was saying he’s been passing and playing defense. “And there’s no slack off with the 2nd unit”. Sounded like a shut up coach, we are still doing great with the 2nd unit.

  75. lakers starters ave minutes: 29 bench: 18 points per minute: starters: 1.8 bench: 2.2.

    bench plus minus: -9 starters plus minus: -51

    most minutes? ronnie the price is right!

    wow the yahoo comment board on the game is making pretty much all the same points we are here with actually more venom towards scott.

    why is he playing the starters so much? dumb coach. isn’t it obvious that the 2nd unit has the talent and performs better; why are they not given more minutes?

    very compelling and good stuff which you usually dont find on those sort of places where its just ranting and calling each other names. but these are not lin fans; just game watchers–the general audience is getting it.

    here’s a sample:

    “There is simply no point trying to Understand the decisions Byron Scott makes. There is a reason he got fired from every coaching job he has. He is stubborn, has no clue on managing his player’s minutes and basically plays favorites.”

    i would bring over more but i think its frowned upon here to pull and place comments from other boards as opposed to quotes from articles tweets etc.

    but i was really surprised how the general basketball audience seems to be right in step with lin fans as to whats wrong in l.a.

  76. No wonder BS hates Lin. Asides from not being his kind, Lin the Harvard grad with high basketball IQ makes BS sound even dumber than normal.

  77. I will run some numbers later

  78. I do.

    A week ago, I wrote that Jeremy Lin would do well to do the “Andrew Toney”.

    That’s a move where Lin takes two hard dribbles in any direction and pulls up for a jump shot.

  79. Whatever moves Lin can pick up, they will not help that much.

    Today’s NBA is played 5-on-5, not 1-on-1.

    Lin’s playing for a bad coach. There is only so much Lin can do under Scott’s bad coaching.

  80. Lillard’s performance last night made NBA headline.. I am so lin and the bench was not involved in this…LOL

  81. I agree with Brent, his game model is not similar to Lillard and its like.

  82. BScott is not coaching that, so its up to Lin to pick that up with the Bigs. And it seems they are in-progress. As Lin commented, Boozer is learning to roll rather than just popping. That is good!

  83. Yeah, i love how Young refuted Scott’s statement. Lin/Young/Booze are giving Scott the big IDGAF to Scott, Scott is such a chicken piece of coach, all he will do is trying to bully them in their minutes, I think Laker’s are going to let him fall into that hole he has been digging.

  84. I have mixed feelings about this.

    I wish Lin had played more and been allowed to guard Lillard. A properly utilized Lin puts too much pressure on Lillard on both ends of the court.

    On the other hand, Lin could not be blamed for Lillard going off. That’s a good thing too.

  85. Lin hasn’t received modern day screens since 2012.

    What these outdated 80s coaches like Byron Scott and Kevin McHale don’t realize is that it’s never just two men setting a screen in today’s game. It’s also 3 other players on the court moving into bailout position.

    With a modern coach, Lin would become DOMINANT.

  86. Yeah, lin is also developing the rookies clarkson and Black, because Scott doesn’t have a clue on how to develop these players. I love the fact that the LA reporters are intrigued with the 2nd unit. It looks like the Lakers are trying to feature them. Also it seems that lin and the 2nd unit are getting tight, looking out for each other.

  87. I think so as well, the way NYoung and JLin got it crackin during Lakers All-Access event; goes to show that they are close

  88. Now Byron Scott is firing criticism at Nick Young, saying that Nick Young is not taking his practice shooting seriously.

    Nick Young correctly fired back by saying he’s “thinking too much and has to relax”. Young is also right that he’s “playing defense and hustling”.

    I put Young’s bad shooting on Scott because Young is not being coached to get the the right spots on the court. Not even Lin can provide that coaching – that is Scott’s job.

  89. I think lin has settled in with the 2nd unit and the bench is letting them lead them. Also lin/young/booze are getting to be really good team mate. lin could have scored more last night but as he said in his interview that the whole squad was trying to get Young out of his shooting slump. Also I think the the Lakers organization will begin to feature the 2nd unit, which is going to be their selling to piece to get a big name. I think Lakers will go after K-Love this summer and build pieces around him.

  90. The crusty outdated old school coach is being outsmarted and outplayed by the modern day cutting edge new school Asian guy.

    Jeremy Lin is the Amadeus Cho (Marvel Comics) of the NBA!

  91. I’ve seen mentioned by several people including PFV that in last week’s game in Portland, Lillard said that he can’t get by Lin without a screen. Does anyone have a link to that because I can’t find a source for that anywhere. This is the closest thing I could find is a brief mention of Lin (thought nothing about screens) in an interview after the game before he left the court (skip to 0:50):


  92. Agree as usual.

    I’m so happy that Lin took the effort to try to raise Nick Young’s game.

    Young definitely appreciates Lin’s efforts. Even though Young has been copying Kobe Bryant in order to play the way Scott wants him to play, Young is a team player unlike Bryant.

    Young is caught in a power struggle between Lin’s teamball and Scott’s isoball. But I think Young will go over to Lin’s side, with a bit more convincing from Lin and a few more press criticisms from Scott.

  93. Young also refuted when serena winters said that scott thought if young was shooting well he needs to find other things to help with the win and young said that he thought was doing doing other things, and he also said that the 2nd unit has not slowed down.

  94. Young is RIGHT.

    Nick Young has this silly “Swaggy P” act to protect his confidence and mislead opponents, but he’s actually a smart intelligent guy who is in the process of learning what it’s like to play with the most unselfish superstar guard in Jeremy Lin.

    Nick Young WILL come around, just as I predicted early in the season that Boozer would come around.

  95. He said Jeremy Lin took over the game against us last year..

  96. 🙂 that ties in to the question posted by NYoung to Lin, do you like to play with NYoung or Kobe?!

  97. It is on FO for doing nothing or it is part of their plan. No one to blame but FO themselves.

  98. Yes, that’s what he said in the video I just posted, but I want to know about how he said he couldn’t get past Lin without a screen. I’ve seen several people mention it but no link to Tweet or video or anything. That’s what I’m hoping somebody can provide.

  99. That Young is “thinking too much and has to relax”?? That’s funny, very funny LOL.

  100. Wasn’t it between Kobe and Carmelo?

  101. With BS it doesn’t matter how many times the deck has been shuffle Lin will be on same spot, bench, unless FO steps in or new coach but it is unlikely.

  102. OK. That was from the tweets by fans… I guess more by their own opinion… Just forget about it. Don’t think Lillard said that… Some fans were already fight over that statement before… That really means nothing now.

  103. nope, during the Lakers All-Access event, Young threw that question to Lin

  104. So the head of the snake aka Price, got beat off the dribble by Lillard and watch Lillard stuff the ball on two Laker defenders. This is what Scott wanted. This torture must end

  105. That’s what I was thinking, too, but when I heard PFV mention it in his short vid postgame last night, I thought it had more validity because if he heard info but did not factcheck it himself, he would say something to that effect. I don’t remember him saying anything like that though.

  106. Oops wrong place.

  107. The head of the snake is tailing.

  108. That two tweets were from two Lin’s fans… They got RT a lot so… Just forget about it… Lillard was nice to mention Lin took over the game last year … he didn’t need to do so bc in Lakers Kobe & Scott were not allow Lin to take over the game.

  109. In part 2 (ending) there was a question on ” what is it like playing with Kobe?” And it was directed to Nick Young.

  110. Ya! Just forget about it. It means nothing now bc they met again last night. Glad Lin was not in it so they couldn’t put all the blame on him.

  111. Oh I see. Thanks for heads up!

  112. Thank you! I wish I had seen this before searching all over for the quote, which now I know does not exist!

  113. Yeah, but Mak is talking about the question that Nick was directing to Lin though.

  114. Huh weird. I’m thinking she mixed it up as we’ve seen these reporters mis-tweet stuff before. On the other hand, the clips we saw were edited so he might have asked Jeremy that as well.

  115. Lin right now just like in HOU. As a bench on court but treat better off court for media from Lakers PR Dep. He can’t be a starter bc Kobe & Scott. Anything else just BS. Looks like he is in the same situation like HOU but just in worst condition on court bc at least in HOU he could play like a 6th man playing time but not in Lakers. As long as Kobe is in the team Lin is hard to go back to starter …. So don’t believe he will back to starter anytime soon in Lakers.

  116. if it was a mistake, I’m pretty sure she would have removed the tweet,, I presume

  117. how soon do you think BS will again admit he is wrong (about starting RP over Lin), just like he admitted he was wrong in playing KB too many mins?

  118. Do not think he will admit. Pride and stubbornness.

  119. He will NEVER say that even if he got fired. Stubborn – one of the reasons he got fired three times.

  120. That’s if she was aware of the mistake in the first place. At the time of tweeting there was no video I think so nobody would correct her, plus this is not very important info so I doubt she’d bother even if she found out later.

  121. He will not bc he will only say Lin improved & w consistent games…. But of course this have to get Kobe’s approval.

  122. 8 more days left to vote for Lin in ASG by tweet, FB & http://www.nba.com/allstar/

  123. I thought it unlikely Lillard would say anything regarding Lin’s D and his needing screens to get away from Lin. IMO, most PGs in NBA, with an exception of such relatively slow PGs as Blake and Price, can blow by against other PGs without any screens.

  124. After 2 more games (game #40), BS said he would re-evaluate the lineups. He should give Lin his starting spot back if Kobe is not coming back.

  125. Lin cracked up because he realized it’s all the same, whereas Young cracked up because he thought it was obvious that Lin would say Young himself.

  126. We shall see if BS is smart enough.

  127. It seems like BS doesn’t criticize Lin anymore, only Young, who crossed Kobe. Maybe tweets from you and others convinced Jeanie to put a muzzle on BS regarding Lin.

  128. This will not happen bc from Lin’s blog article can tell… he said nothing is going to change… after that they started to interview him for 2nd unit… that means he will stay in 2nd unit for a while. Scott said it Lin is inconsistent so….

  129. When do you think BS be shown the exit door?

  130. Lin was very surprised to be starting game #1 as well. So we shall see…

  131. I guess bc reporter asked Scott about Young… I am glad they didn’t ask him about Lin… the more you asked the more mean answer you would get from Scott… smh!

  132. When Kobe is out of Lakers.

  133. No way. Price will remain starter while Lin may be given more minutes if approved by his Boss Kobe.

  134. I used to think it would happen at the exact same time as Kobe’s exit. But now I think he may have an understanding with owners to at least let him finish this season, which is now lost anyway.

  135. Do you think the Lakers will achieved more wins in this season compared to the last one under D’Antoni?

  136. More like Scott is pissing into the wind. He still can’t figure out why he smells like a toilet every time he opens his mouth.

  137. It depends on how long Kobe stretches this out. If he keeps pretending he can still play and will be back even next season, then no. If he leaves by or just after the ASG, then sure.

  138. Ya! That’s what I thought just like in HOU, he was sort of guarantee to play for close game due to be a bench. Right now the same (he & Boozer I think…) but not last night…That’s why the reporters could only ask how’s the chemistry in 2nd unit bc they all played so less min. in 4Q.

  139. Maybe when the time Lakers try to get Lin to sign the next contract… as a starter can be part of the condition to ask him to stay…

  140. After reevaluate, he thinks Lin is at the right spot.

  141. I think Cav & Love are not going well then…


  142. Kobe would still veto an agreement like that. Kobe has to get out of the way first.

  143. I don’t think it’s really his choice. Right now he is Kobe’s spokesperson. Hopefully he will switch to FO’s spokesperson.

  144. He was told that he would get more minutes coming to LAL. Although that was a trade, so that means nothing anyways.

  145. I think that will be the case as well.

  146. are you sure he was told as such?

  147. NEVER.

    Byron Scott continues to phase out Jeremy Lin.

    The goal is to DNP CD the Asian guy.

    Scott is so focused on ejecting the Asian guy, he’s willing to sacrifice the entire season to do it.

  148. If memory serves me correctly, that was what Lin said during his interviews when he first got here.

  149. If Nick Young were truly relaxed,
    he’d be shooting better.

    Young’s a smiley guy, but that doesn’t mean that he doesn’t take the game very seriously.

    Linstructor will get Young to play teamball. WATCH.

  150. Weird quote by David Blatt.

    Blatt would be much happier with a single Jeremy Lin than he would be with Irving and Love together.

    I wrote before the season started that Cleveland’s problem would be defense since Irving and Love don’t defend or play teamball. Indeed, the Cavs have predictably struggled.

  151. That’s a very valid point. Kyrie and KLove are notorious for not playing D.
    Cavs was misguided thinking having them on the floor w/ LBJ would make them a contender

  152. Not in the next two seasons.

    The Lakers ownership believes Scott is not only infallible, but that he’s the ultimate coach of their future teams stacked with max contract superstars.

    Scott is telling the Lakers owners that the Lakers simply can’t compete due to the lack of talent.

    What the Lakers owners don’t know is that Jeremy Lin singlehandedly could have led this Lakers team to a 50 win season if Scott wanted to go with his best player.

  153. Ya! He said so… also w bigger role too… SMH!

  154. The Cavs ownership has “superstar-itis”.

    When Lebron James was on the Cavs years ago, he had a STACKED team with unwanted role players like Sasha Pavlovic (best perimeter defender in the entire NBA throughout the 2000s), Boobie Gibson, and other BIG PERFORMERS.

    Now the Cavs are doing a superstar approach. It’s not working. Not even the Mozgov trade will fix that.

  155. Yea. Things change when you eat into KB’s glory.

  156. No, let the torture CONTINUE!

    Let Price and Scott get their brains beat out every game.

    Since Scott is marching on with his quest to eject Lin out of the NBA, let Scott feel every bit of pain that comes from Price getting destroyed!

  157. I don’t know if Lin is guaranteed to close out game, especially if Kobe is returned (I hope not)……. We better lower our expectation to less than 20 min for Lin each game, for the sake of our health : )

  158. Less wins under Scott.

  159. Love is supposedly a really good rebounder, rite? Maybe they were hoping he will be like Bosh and just do his job in the background.

  160. I’ve been writing all along that Lin is being steadily DNP CD’d.

    Lin will be a DNP CD long before the end of the season.

  161. Agreed. The two stat padders don’t know or don’t care about winning. If Lakers chase love in the off season and thus offer Lin a lowball contract, there is no reason to sacrifice for the stat padders.

  162. Love is “supposed” to be a good rebounder, but that’s not the same as Love “is” a good rebounder.

    In MN, Love had dominant rebounders like Al Jefferson, Nikola Pekovic, and especially Darko Milicic boxing out and shotblocking. Love would simply scoop up the scraps and get all the credit. But anytime Love was matched against a top athletic PF, Love got KILLED on the boards.

    Love is nowhere as fundamentally sound or as team oriented as Chris Bosh. Love has a better reputation than Bosh, but reputation doesn’t get the job done on the court.

    I’d rather Jeremy Lin not be in the NBA at all than have to be Kevin Love’s or Kobe Bryant’s “teammate”.

  163. I disagree scott will be gone at the end of the season.

  164. I not only hope you are right, I hope that Scott will be gone NOW.

  165. Someone should ask Blatt if he would be much happier with a single J Lin.

  166. I’ll bet that David Blatt would willingly bench Irving and Love for Dellavedova and a harder working PF.

  167. Heh heh.

    KOBE is eating into Kobe’s glory!!!

  168. Heh heh.

    Let Lin PLAY a bit for Blatt so that Blatt can make an assessment.

    Good call, webattorney.

  169. What call?

  170. You are CORRECT as usual.

    Blatt can’t possibly be knowledgeable about Jeremy Lin since Blatt never coached him.

    If Blatt were asked right now who was better, Lin vs Irving and Love, he’d laugh at us. But if Blatt got to coach Lin and used Lin properly, he’d probably LIKE Lin more than he likes Irving and Love.

  171. Does anyone get the feeling that lin has gotten the heads up from the Lakers organization. He seems very relaxed

  172. Oh, I see what you meant. Now, my good call is seeing early that Lillard would be a great player.

  173. Sort of agrees with Jeanie’s request for patience.

  174. I think Lin is very relaxed these days (which I agree with) because he just decided NOT to fight things and go with the flow, not because he has gotten some heads up from FO telling him they like him and will offer him a decent K, etc.

  175. Agreed. Maybe he knows something not even BS knows.

  176. Nooooo I hope you are wrong……I hope you are wrong…..I hope you are wrong…..
    I guess everything, including Kobe health status, FO power game, usage of Lin & the bench will be clearer after 3 more games

  177. As usual, I agree.

    I could be wrong, but it feels like Lin and Scott are at a standoff.

    Scott is trying to get the ball out of Lin’s hands and reduce Lin’s minutes to DNP CD, but Lin is FIGHTING BACK by being a great teammate and producing in games.

    Since Lin is just one of the serious problems that Scott has (albeit THE most serious problem even more than Kobe’s demise), Scott seems to have backed off beating on Lin during Lin’s super productive minutes. So Lin’s being allowed to run the team in his decreasing minutes.

  178. Why is the GM and senior members in the front office not giving their inputs to the owners. If some of the knowledgeable fans are able to figure out the problems with the coach why can’t they?

  179. I don’t think it’s a “heads up” as much as it is a “thumbs down!”

    I get the feeling that Lin knows that he’s a GONER, and so he’s not worried about changing his game to fit the team.

    Lin’s just playing HIS WAY, no matter how much Scott dislikes Lin’s success.

  180. More like he knows this season is over for playoffs, so the focus would be built the relationship with the team mates and improve on his skill sets for the next season.

  181. Not getting into the race issue, I definitely do believe and get the feeling that BS does not like Lin or Lin’s BB game for some reason. I thought they would hit it off because I thought both were Christians.

  182. In the case of the Lakers, the GM and senior front office people have very little power to force the head coach to change strategy.

    It doesn’t mean that they are not aware of problems, it just means that they can’t do anything no matter how much they complain.

    The Lakers owners are trying to build a star studded team of max contract players. The owners don’t care about guys like Lin who they regard as just a throw in from the Houston trade that got the Lakers 1st and 2nd round picks.

  183. KB’s body is not able to hold up, he gets what he deserves by trying to play long mins to break MJ’s record.

    But human nature is to find other ppl or reasons to blame.

    Do you think KB will hate BS for not being able to control him / his mins?

  184. Agreed, B’S body language next to Lln at end of the Orlando game is obvious of his indifference to Lin.

  185. That’s definitely quite a coincidence.
    Jeanie Buss definitely understand Lin fans frustration and it’s her way to ask people to be patient.
    Perhaps she knows Kobe’s playing days are numbered and BScott will be forced to star JLin soon

  186. Love is nowhere like Bosh. Bosh sacrificed a lot for the team win in the last 2 seasons. I don’t see Love did the same thing in Twolves.
    I actually like Bosh…..he did save Lin from the toxic Houston. Lakers is no better but at least there are supports from the fans and media.

  187. Yes, you are right.

    Like you, I thought that Lin and Scott would get along because Lin is the perfect guy to carry out Scott’s Princeton offense. And in preseason, Lin played fabulously in the Princeton.

    I watch the way Scott interacts with players like Ronnie Price and Tarik Black. That is positive interaction from Scott. That’s how I was hoping Lin would be treated, especially since Lin is more productive than those two. But it’s been the opposite.

  188. I was somewhat guarded when I heard BS say “I like Lin, I really do.” If BS had just said “I like Lin”, it would have been fine, but when he added and kept on saying “I really do”, it sounded as if he was forcing himself to like Lin.

  189. Of course, KB can do nothing wrong.

  190. Imagine if he came across really an Angry Asian guy; I shudder to think how he would get treated. Lin is a softie at least outside.

  191. Yes, I think right now there is a big rift between Bryant and Scott.

    In fact, it wouldn’t surprise me at all if Kobe Bryant were PERFECTLY HEALTHY and was deliberately sitting out games because he’s unhappy with Scott for playing him less than 40 minutes and not getting Bryant 20+ shots a game.

  192. Probably posted already, but it is just crazy how Lin sounds more like a coach than BS. Supportive and build on the positive and trying to work on how to improve as a team. And like Joyce said, he seems very relaxed.


  193. I think quite naturally, we are reading things too Lin-centrically. Jeanie Buss probably not even thinking about Lin at this point.

  194. Scott might actually treat Lin better if Scott could interpret the Angry Asian Man subtle barrage of criticism that Lin fires in the media constantly!

  195. Blind sighted by the glitters of the stars. What a waste of investments. Need help from an economics major like Lin.

  196. I think Lin better mimic how a fellow Black Christian (Tarik Black) acts, so he could get more respect from his coach.

  197. He is free in a few months, has nothing to fear. If Lakers don’t get rid of BS, he will not stay.

  198. Lakersnation trash talks, and Dame responds lol https://twitter.com/dame_lillard/status/554530951225950208

  199. that’s a good point to verify. Let me check what twitter-feed that Jeanie received right before her tweet

  200. I think that lin’s agent has put some put some feelers out there about possible contract offers and he is a lot of positive feedback

  201. Lin wouldn’t get more respect that way.

    There is NOTHING Lin can do to prevent Scott from hating him.

    That’s why Lin’s relaxed – he knows that Scott is a lost cause.

  202. Lin probably says in his prayer “Oh, Lord, forgive me for giving up on coach Scott. I am just a human.”

  203. You see i think scott is gone anyway. He is not lakers rebuild coach

  204. I regard Lillard as a “system player”.

    Take him out of Portland’s system and he won’t do anywhere as well.

  205. I guess LIn is an Ugly Duckling to BS.

  206. +++

  207. Definitely. Such high quality interviews…leveled up from Houston for sure, and leveled up since the beginning of the season.

  208. If Lin was a player-coach, he’d be a GREAT ONE.

    The only problem is that Lin might not play himself enough minutes!

  209. Wow, what a researcher!

  210. I think maverick owner also said Lin is a system playet.

  211. lolz Lin DNP himself

  212. From KBL? 🙂

  213. Agree with you there. I see that McHale and BScott like to cater to superstar iso game rather than team play. And they want PG to just be a hustler and get the ball/bodies moving so that “Superstar” could score. They kinda living in a dinosaur age!

  214. EVERYBODY thinks Lin is a “system player” who can only survive under D’Antoni.

    Never mind that Lin’s been kicking NBA and D League butt since Summer League 2010!

  215. That’s a good possibility that Kobe is UNHAPPY that BS is knuckling under the pressure to play Kobe less minutes.

  216. Wow, what a block. She shd be in NFL.

  217. I’ll go one step further than you.

    I think that Scott has hoodwinked Jeannie Buss into believing that Lin is a problem and needs to be ejected as soon as possible for the betterment of the team.

  218. Just to kill some time 🙂

    LA Lakers rumors: Jeremy Lin ‘Linsanity’ headed to Philly?

    On one end, there is Eric Bledsoe from the Phoenix Suns who has been known to have his issues and dissatisfaction in Phoenix even before the season started. It will be recalled that the Suns and Bledsoe had their drama before so if ever, this could be the chance to break that tie.

    The Sixers on the other continue to rebuild and struggle despite the having Michael Carter-Williams who drew a lot of attention last year. Though his performance has experienced a big dip from last year’s performance, the Lakers could be his ticket to strut his wares elsewhere and with perhaps better exposure.

    Lin has failed to show the stuff that earned him the moniker ‘Linsanity’, slowly becoming a journeyman ever since arriving in Hollywood. Despite high hopes that Lin could provide some help to Kobe and company, such has not been the case.

    Lin has however showed flashes of brilliance, especially when Bryant is not around. He starred in their previous win over the Magic with Kobe resting his injuries. But once Kobe comes back, Lin will have to take a backseat and grope for form again as he takes a step back in favor of the resident star called the ‘Black Mamba’.

  219. Lin needs to work on their wives by sending them flowers, etc. One time, I managed to get a job offer by talking to a partner’s wife all the time, while other people kept on talking to partners.

  220. It’s like when Lin swats 7 footers.

  221. Don’t believe it. This is an old article.

  222. 1-800-FLOWERS or thebouqs would do

  223. ????

  224. Lin a “journeyman since arriving in Hollywood?”


    Since Lin signed his rookie contract, he’s played for 6 pro teams in 5 years (I’m not counting Houston twice even though I should)!

    Lin’s been a “journeyman” since 2010!

  225. Was wondering if Lin’s agent heard back from the Korean Basketball League. Just Kidding.

  226. Isn’t Byron Scott divorced or getting a divorce?

    Besides, Kobe Bryant would FLIP OUT the way he did when Karl Malone made a gentle unthreatening compliment toward Vanessa Bryant. Karl Malone was shocked and angered that Kobe was accusing Malone of hitting on his wife!

    Maybe Lin SHOULD send those flowers, then!

  227. Ok. LOL

  228. Click bait

  229. Hit the refresh and read the remaining content.

  230. Its just rumors…. 🙂

  231. That is all that is

  232. Even Lin doesn’t have that push or demeanor.

  233. She’s a total beoch until she realizes camera on then all smiles. What a phony.

  234. It’s no wonder that the team has already put Lin on the trading block and is now waiting for takers.

    More moves

    In addition to possible trade moves, one of which includes Kobe
    Bryant according to earlier reports, the Lakers is eyeing to make big
    off-season moves as well on Rajon Rondo of the Dallas Mavericks, Kevin
    Love of the Cleveland Cavaliers, and Brandon Jennings of the Detroit

    Sources close to the Lakers management said that the team is willing
    to trade the Black Mamba to a playoff-bound team sometime after the
    midseason for the right price.

  235. kinda…hence I have posted the text here

  236. If so, Lin needs to work quickly to find a nice GF or wife for BS.

  237. Stoopid clueless hate article.

    Lin fans, move on from this dumb uninformed piece.

    This article is so poorly written, it said Lin started the Orlando game even though Lin came off the bench!

    Frankly, this article REEKS OF RACISM.

  238. Nah, I don’t think they will be that dumb to think Lin is the problem. If anything, they might be thinking they need a better PG for Lakers.

  239. KB will only be needed next season for a tanking team which needs to create cap space.

  240. No play-off bound team is going to risk their team work by getting Kobe.

  241. Edit: No team

  242. Disagree.

  243. Los Angeles Lakers – Kobe Bryant Still Resting, Jeremy Lin Still Playing Less Than he Should – Greg

    The Los Angeles Lakers are resting, almost shutting down Kobe Bryant, and still Byron Scott can’t find the minutes for Jeremy Lin to spend a significant amount of time on the court. Regardless of those inner problems, the Portland Trail Blazers with Damian Lillard in the vanguard handled them with ease en route to a 106-94 win.

    Brant was sitting in “civilian” clothes close to the bench. He’s more banged up then he’d like to admit. Racing to beat Michael Jordan has taken a big toll out of him, although according to Byron Scott, Bryant didn’t want to play so many minutes. It doesn’t really matter. The facts are this: Bryant isn’t playing, and the Lakers need him. Not the chucking, ball hogging version of him, but of the guy who commands attention from a defense but looks for a pass first, or at least tries to make the best decision.

    Without him (or with him, it wouldn’t have mattered) the Blazers enjoyed their second win in seven days over the Lakers. Why was it easier this time? Bryant didn’t play in the four point loss. What changed? Nick Young going ice cold from the bench made a difference, scoring only 9 points on 3-of-11 from the bench. Yet Young is this team’s best scorer, and giving him just 18 minutes cripples them even further.

    Lin played only 19 minutes. Why? No one knows. Scott has his own agenda and preferences. As his admission about the whole Bryant situation tells us (although we already knew), he’s not very good at realizing who is actually good for this team and who doesn’t, or what to do in order to get the best out of his own players. Lin scored 9 points to go with 3 assists, as once again a very good game of his is followed by what feels like getting punished.

    It was interesting to hear the confession from Byron Scott about his part in Kobe Bryant now being potentially shut down. Maybe he’s taking a bullet and hiding something else, but according to Scott, it was him that insistent on Bryant playing 37 minutes a night and not getting any rest, before finding out that even great players break down at some point, especially when they’re old (in basketball terms) and not as great as he thought they’d be.

    If Bryant is shut down, the Lakers giving him that massive extension has to become one of the worst deals in the history of sports, isn’t it? It’s only for two years, but taking a player they know is in the twilight of his career and isn’t someone with the patience to play on a losing team and giving him the highest salary in the NBA is incompetence, blindness and a few other words that a thesaurus can help you locate. It’s not that he’s such a great success even when playing, but at least he’s been changed into a more efficient version, one that doesn’t hurt the Lakers as much, that can actually be of use this season.

    Playing without Kobe Bryant isn’t the end of the world, but it’s another loss for a team that’s had to do without too many key players since this season began, losing Julius Randle on opening night and Steve Nash to a back everyone knew was going to plague him with pain this season. Byron Scott calling the shots from the sidelines is the bigger problem – for the team and also for Lin specifically. It seems that even leading the team to wins doesn’t give him credit in Scott’s eyes, which can probably be quite disheartening and demoralizing to someone who is more than occasionally their best player on the floor.

  244. Oh, Lins’s WORSE in a way.

    He swats opponents, scores on people, shuts guys down, beats down the opposing team team, and then SWEETTALKS AND HUGS his hapless opponents afterwards.

    Then the next game, those opponents play soft against the kind sweet Lin as Lin stomps all over them.

    The only NBA guard who hasn’t fallen for this is Chris Paul.

  245. @webattorney , after I looked at JeanieBuss twitter timeline before she asked Lakers fans for patience, there was 1 tweet of :
    “@JoeBe3 Jan11: @JeanieBuss how bout lowering ticket prices so us regular folks can go to a game with a decent seat while we’re having the worst season EVER”

    and were a lot of tweets on:
    1. “she will hold Jim Buss to three-year timeline”
    2. “Pau Gasol having career high in the Bulls uniform and not a washout”

    So I think Jeanie wanted to ask LA fans to be patient since they’re frustrated having the worst season while a series of FO moves were not great.
    There was a lot of JLin-related tweets on Jan 9 so it could play a part but not the major tweet complaints prior to her tweet.

    It just shows that JeanieBuss reads twitter lines and it’s GOOD for JLin fans to express frustration politely and show Jeanie that JLin can be a star for the Lakers.. Lin fans need to be careful not to just bash Lakers as long as Lin’s numbers are great

  246. Good article! Worths clicks.

  247. I absolutely believe that the Lakers are THAT DUMB to think that Lin is the team’s main problem.

    You are right that they want a better PG than Lin.

    I seriously doubt that the Lakers will offer Lin a contract next season.

  248. Normally Greg of Sportige is 100% accurate.

    But the notion that Young is the best scorer outside of Bryant? That don’t fly.

    Lin is the best scorer, even when Bryant is there.

  249. Ya! She read the tweets. I think it’s good idea to send her tweet about our opinion but not too personal trash the team or Kobe.

  250. I think boozer and young has been a good influence in relaxing. Those two are veterans and sound positive, upbeat, and relaxed in their interviews. The both if them have been around the league and learned to not take it too seriously. They also both seem to interact with Lin the most as the Charmin unit.

  251. yes, she needs to think that JLin fans are positive net to be Laker fans and not despise the hateful tweets.
    I believe it might enter her conversation with Mitch and Lakers Front Office.

  252. I think so too.

  253. BTW, what’s the major JLin-related tweets all about? All from Lin’s fans?

  254. @disqus_SyuAk23JI7:disqus, @Jeremiah and I plan to go to Jan 19 game vs Phoenix.
    Do you want to meet together at half-time or go together?

    If you need a ticket with special Q&A with JLin after game, please let me know via email since the deadline is today. Just let me know =]

    PS: Your chance if you want to ask JLin to produce guitar/piano duet with you LOL

  255. KHuang, please see my post if you want to go to Phx vs LAL game on 1/19 together plus Q&A with JLin


  256. I liked how Black tried to help Lin up while others just walked toward the bench…

  257. Where is this at?

  258. I can not remember…..

  259. Why bring garbage here. Put this guy on the black list and move on.

  260. Please take a picture and put on this site for us to see!
    Thanks Psalm!

  261. I watched Lillard interview from 1/5. He does mention Jeremy but not regarding his D. He mentioned how Jeremy went off during last year’s playoff.

  262. Of KHuang? 😉

  263. http://www.latimes.com/sports/lakers/la-sp-lakers-blazers-20150112-story.html

    Kobe Bryant rests again, Lakers fall to Trail Blazers, 106-94

    “He sat out another game Sunday for rest reasons, his FIFTH over the last 11 games…”

    Correction: It was his SIXTH no show in 11 games.

  264. Interesting…what do you guys think will happen to JLin’s playing time if/when Kobe is put on the shelf??


  265. So BS was claiming last nite that Damian is “a hell of a player”? Thought he was implying that it was because Price was not available at the end of the previous game to stop Lilliard. Just SMH on him throwing Lin under the bus after that previous Portland game and giving not addressing how Lilliard kept on blowing by Price at will.


  266. Time is going to cure this one in some way. FA, Kobe retirement, continued losing streak ….

  267. Probably does not affect much

  268. Let’s see that asap. Thx for always pointing out the bball.

  269. a dinner meeting at chiplote?

  270. Barring BS getting fired or Price unavailable, Lin’s playing time will likely not fluctuate much over the rest of the season.

    It’s ironic that the Lakers waived a better player (Kendall Marshall) but decided to keep Ronnie Price. Guess the tank is REAL.

  271. It’s sad that with a vacuum to fill, the one guy who can make the biggest impact will still get ~20 min/game.

  272. Tank warfare in LA – the BS Blitzkrieg…

  273. Don’t think BS would’ve liked Marshall. He flourished on Dantoni’s system too.

    Marshall was gone prior to BS hire anyways.

  274. Stupidity overflows….

  275. As long as Marshall gambled on defense for steals as well as waving his hands aimlessly, he will be a favorite of BS. Marshall can also pad little impact assists while shooting a much higher percentage from outside.

  276. I already have a season ticket to the game, though I’ve been so disillusioned with the NBA that I have not gone to many games.

    Let’s talk, psalm234.

  277. That’s a terrible scenario that I didn’t know was possible. If Kobe keeps his power into next season, then Lin needs to leave this team ASAP.

  278. The Spurs greeted by President Obama today. I guess he made a joke at Ginobili’s expense…

  279. ok, you can email me at [email protected]

  280. in the 2nd vid, the one titled about SwaggyP as nickname, everyone makes fun of NY never passing the ball back. So at least they know his game and they have it under control.

  281. During the ceremony Tim Duncan moved down one row so President Obama could shake his hand at the end…

  282. I’ll do my best to get JLin’s pics for the rest of us here =]

  283. What’s with this picture? Is he scare of himself? And he probably not playing anyways.


  284. Always nice when u can set ur own work schedule.


  285. This is Byron Scott’s move to save his job at least until next season.
    It just means JLin shouldn’t sign with LA in the summer to play for BScott again.

    If he can play All-Star numbers with a young team (i.e. Detroit, Kings), Lakers will pursue him back after Kobe and BScott are gone. That’s the Best-Case Scenario IMO

  286. What? He maybe will play tomorrow then? smh!

  287. guess we got too excited too early on his early retirement

  288. I really don’t think scott has another season with the Lakers,just like kobe doesn’t. I stand corrected kobe wants to play in the All Star game. Smh

  289. Well, I don’t think he will have early retirement this season but maybe after ASG he will end of this season. Right now still have one month until ASG so he needs to show up sometimes to prove he still can play for ASG. Kobe will not miss NYC big event this year.

  290. The thing about aging is not just rest, but that time ages us. Taking post ASG off would be a first step to retirement that possibly can stick for good. If Lin is on LAL next year, I hope this period of overlap is over with these past 2 weeks. If not, then it doesn’t matter to Lin fans.

  291. Being able to practice after 5 days of rest is not the same thing as playing well every other day for 30+ mins in 82 NBA games.

  292. I already thought Kobe will end this season early bc he talked to reporter (don’t remember it’s MM or not…) about next season.. he sounded just like this season it’s end already for him…?! I don’t think he will retire this season bc Kobe said he will play next season.

  293. When you getting blown out, you don’t need a closer.


  294. The closer is on the bench.

  295. Looks like Kobe will play tomorrow.. smh!

  296. Seems pretty desperate, pathetic re-hashing stuff 4 years old.

  297. Setting a path for the return of the hero black mamba.

  298. Played Lin 19 min to make sure a defeat to welcome Kobe back. BS is a dangerous man.

  299. Sir! Asians supposed to be good at math it is about 6 years ago.

  300. Also Kobe couldn’t beat Portland so he didn’t want to show up… but Heat it’s Eastern C team w Wade it’s old player like Kobe, he maybe feels more comfortable then.. LOL!

  301. A pic of KHuang, Psalm and Jeremiah may steal all the hearts of the JLin’s girls. JLin better be worry.

  302. Oh! Heat don’t have true C so ….

  303. I guess Kobe will rest until ASG and play and rest for the rest of the season, citing BS playing him too much and no point playing with charmin surrounding.

  304. Like in the horror move?

  305. BS can’t make a decision on anything.

  306. May be K-drama

  307. Next season if no so-called stars coming to LA, he will just play one game every other 5 game and pick a home game against 76ers as retirement game.

  308. because Lin out-smart, out-analyzing the game. Inferior BS cannot stomach that.

  309. I really hope you’re right. Hard to imagine Lin resigns to play for BScott

  310. Looks like Hill can even defend Sacre lol.

  311. They are basically the same….JK…

  312. Or may be something like this LOL but we need the 4th person. (The Flirting LOF)

  313. Wow.. didn’t the “closer” miss his buzzer-beater shots 19 games or so in the past 2 years?

    I guess some LA fans would still believe that

  314. I rarely watch K-drama and horror so I guess.

  315. lol

  316. obviously Kobe is the only guy he cares about SO MUCH

  317. he cant see with his own eyes? gosh hes stupid.

    the most ridiculous thing is he is just focusing of offensive production and ignoring the awful impact kobe has on lakers defense, esp when he plays lots of minutes.

  318. Reporters should follow up with, what about the rest of the team… do you care at all?

  319. The name coach and BScott should never appear in the same sentence.

  320. Lakers will have a terrible record, BUT BS can publish the amazing results of his experiment on a human subject in a top-notch science journal. He may even get the Nobel Prize for Medicine and Physiology.

  321. either this is another byron stupidity, or he is trying to cover for kobe’s inefficiency as if to say its not kobe’s fault for playing so badly.

  322. Is he talking about Kobe or Price? =)
    These days I can’t really tell

  323. But in reality: “Coach, you do whatever I tell you”

  324. she forgot to include ” .. (or else)”

  325. Both, may be?

  326. The special relationship between BS and Kobe disgusts me. They think whatever they’re doing is good for the team but it’s NOT.

  327. Scott needs to stop the imbecilic comments. No one is buying it.

  328. indeed, from the beginning there was discussion a bout kobe’s minutes management. there was a lot of talk about it from byron.

    yet, he played kobe nearly the entire game and most obvious even for people who arent glued to the stat sheet — byron played kobe entire quarters regularly. usually the entirety of the 1st quarter

  329. So he admitted that he is incompetence?

  330. More lies is how liar defends his previous lies.

  331. their idea of ‘team’ is very exclusive.

  332. And then it get snow ball from there

  333. well, whatever is happening with byron’s stupid or dishonest explanations, it does seem that it has gotten serious enough — kobe’s health status — that byron has to come out to say these things.

    i hope whatever will happen happens soon and fast. it is absurd that midway into the season, the lineup is still in flux.

  334. man, these favoritism shows why BScott is a losing coach.
    I guess he just got lucky when JKidd brought the Nets to the Finals.

    Very poor locker-room chemistry. He would rather divide than unite!

  335. BS admitted he overused Kobe minutes and still the idiot head coach penciled Kobe in to play tomorrow without any knowledge of his status.

  336. yes .. the SBNation Article about shutting down after All-Star is a prelude to more sober reality.
    Oh, whoops.. could be sooner. Uhm, it’s actually now!

    Just preparing LA Fans not to be too shocked

  337. please remove the word ‘idiot’

    I myself find it hard to restrain myself from lambasting BScott for the injustice, but let’s make a concerted effort

  338. see those idiots on TCW channel such as horry? byron used to sit in that chair.
    anybody, just anybody, can get up and be head coach for the lakers. lol.

  339. Agreed. Kobe could be preparing his last game in the ASG.

  340. btw, i have never heard of the lakers org as having staff dedicated to in-house stats and liaisoning with the coaching staff with their reports. they dont seem to be that kind of organization.

  341. No…. what I found ‘funny’ or sarcastic: is the whole “relax” exchange/ dialogue which Kobe uttered a few days ago about Lin, in that Nick YOung fired back to Scott’s criticism with the same theme 🙂

  342. There have been a lot of justifiable anger toward Byron Scott and Kobe Bryant but the mods and I would request everyone to restrain ourselves from calling them names (i.e. idiot, jerks, etc.) for our own good mental health so we won’t be filled with anger in this forum. It’s just not worth it to let the anger carry over to our daily lives. We would describe Byron Scott’s ineptitude, unfair bias which would get him fired but would restrain myself to call him names for our good.

    Kobe will probably shut down soon and let’s focus on the positives that selfish people will fall in the hole that they dug themselves. Let evil-intent reap their own harvest.

    Let’s focus more on the facts that Jeremy has been gracious and focus on smiling in the face of unfair benching. As a result, his plays have improved in 2015 and Laker fans are ready to embrace full-blown Linsanity soon. I believe it would do us well to follow JLin’s way

    In other words, let’s dwell more on Lin’s positives than BScott’s negatives.

    Thank you!

  343. kobe will never come out and say ‘i am trying to do too much.’
    but he has adapted, in particular when he decided to take over the PG duties to shoot less.
    yet, even that was too much. all the while, being possibly the worst wing defender in the league.

  344. Wish I were there ;(

  345. Cute… and very scary.

  346. PG is more demanding in energy than a SG.

  347. Do you know when LAL is really bad? Even Jack not gonna show up.


  348. someday, my friend, someday =)

  349. it just shows BScott is a YES man w/o the ability to convince Kobe to take it slowly build up plays to win and break records. It gave me more insight that Kobe is driven by FEAR of losing fame, adoration of fans.

    His retirement would be worse than MJ, I think, after being away from the limelight

  350. theres only one laker whose name is attached to ‘inconsistency’


  351. LOL, he probably thought fans would pay to watch these artificial record-breaking losing games, and then got the lowest TV ratings in reality.

  352. Just as well that Lin has come to terms with his situation vis-a-vis the Lakers. You couldn’t make this stuff up.

  353. Oh, ya, actually 5 years and 1 month, 8 days

  354. This is so familiar! What movie is this?

  355. Please can we pass the next coach already… BS is giving me headaches

  356. Stephen Chow, Flirting Scholar.

  357. 🙂

  358. Hahahaha~~~~my idol’s movie!!!! Then I must have watched it already then! No wonder!

  359. LOL .. I’ll be worried on sleeping on the couch
    So no thank you, Bro! =)

    Now a growling 7iger might do it!

  360. Yeah, I love his movies. I think I watched all his movies and still patiently waiting and hoping for his new movies.

  361. Sometimes it is more comfortable sleep on the couch by yourself or just sleep on the couch for the sake of revisiting Linsanity.

  362. It looks like Mark Medina called out Byron Scott for lying about Kobe’s minutes/health since they talked about it all preseason. But he guessed Byron/Kobe miscalculated how healthy Kobe’s body plus his effectiveness in game.

    Either way, the damage has been done. We just don’t know how severe it is yet

    Here is a complete series of tweets:

    @MarkG_Medina · 60 minutes ago

    Simplistic & inaccurate to say Lakers/Byron/Kobe did not anticipate his minutes/health. They talked about it all preseason.

    Instead, sense I get is there was miscalculation between determining line on maximizing Kobe & knowing his law of diminishing returns.

    Kobe’s poor % could also be attached for reasons beyond energy level. You can equate bad shots/teammate inconsistency into that as well

  363. thanks for the correction!

  364. No one can’t resist to not watch all his movies!! ^_^He is producing his new movie Mermaid now…I think in his age now, he is rather be more of a producer than an actor now.

  365. Thanks for enforcing the rules.

  366. interesting an employee of the media drive is exposing the coach.

  367. fify: ‘… we don’t have a closer assigned yet.”

  368. Miami Heat just defeated LAC yesterday, and LAC had humiliated KB/BS earlier. It seems that BS could not have chosen a better time for KB to play in front of the home court again.

  369. In other news, BS also talked about defense all the time but it took Kobe missing some games and Timberwolves openly tanking by trading Corey Brewer for the Lakers to become second last in team defensive rating LOL. BS’s words really have little to no value.

  370. She is only reporting the quotes. BS is exposing himself anyway.

  371. Goes to show how low Kobe’s basketball IQ is.

  372. By teammate inconsistency, does he mean the teammate is inconsistent or the fact that Kobe’s teammates in the line up changed? The latter is fairer and I think a more accurate statement, but I do think Medina means the former.

  373. This means Kobe still not answering calls or text from BS.

  374. She can tweet anything quotes she wants. Maybe FO is covering on this new tone the LAL media seems to have. You never saw this from Rox media.

  375. If KOBE plays tonight, Lin may get some burn just so that they can try to get a win for KOBE.

  376. There is a game tonit?

  377. Kobe won’t play tonight. The game is tomorrow night lol.

  378. Anyone else feel like Lin was playing like a boss last night?
    He looked like the leader or head of the snake
    even though he only played 18 mins he had the most impact he was swagging
    This man is gonna go off next year on a new team.
    10p-4.5a-3r-1stl in 20mpg man I’m so excited for next year he will get a lot of mins next yeat just gotta be care which team to go
    and hes full of confidence now
    Lin is going to be a star soon Im calling it

  379. Senior moment!

  380. uh, I don’t. He is playing okay, but, no, not like what you are seeing. lol

  381. Apparently the Lakers are last in the league in percentage of 3’s that are assisted. I guess this might be a result of both Nick Young and Kobe’s love for iso pull-up threes. Considering that the league average is 84.1%, the Lakers really play a different brand of basketball than the rest of the league at 68.7%.

  382. LOL I can play “guess!”

  383. im surprised they are still above 50

  384. To put the number in perspective, I just looked through the data for all teams from 2000-2001 season to this season, only the Lakers have percentage of 3’s that are assisted lower than 70%. This is actually a lot rarer than I thought.

  385. As for Lakers, they have been very active since 12/15. Made calls on Waiters, Jennings, Monroe. Asst GM Glen Carraro is working the phones.— Ramona Shelburne (@ramonashelburne) January 12, 2015

  386. jenning for lin please

  387. wow.. didn’t know Price was very popular!

    Carraro: “So .. Waiters/Jennings/Monroe+1st round pick for Ronnie Price?”
    Ast. GMs: *CLICK* (hung up the phone)

  388. For JLinFoundation Fundraising, we have reached $2500!
    Congrats to all faithful JLin fans =)

    I moved the deadline to 1/16 from 1/18 so it’ll give me time to prepare card for JLin on 1/19


  389. I got the feeling Mark is closet Lin’s fan.

  390. I agree!
    And the closet is getting too small for him =)

  391. It can cover both. noone gets steady min and consistency except Kobe since all plays run through him so there are no set plays for others which help consistency

  392. just scrambling not to get fired too soon

  393. true dat!
    couch-sleeping by-choice is way better than by-Spouse-Force! LOL

  394. 2500?! incredible! GJ!!

  395. Closer that recently went 0 for 13 on game tying or winning shots?

  396. That different brand of basketball is Bryon Ball, because the only good 3 is a heavily contested hero ball 3 launched at the end of the shot clock.

  397. So they plan to trade Lin?

  398. Great to be part of this:-)

  399. Only with at least 33 minutes per game, the right team, and coach. Also Lin would have to look to score first instead of dishing out assists.

  400. Mark has mostly tweeted the truth in regards to Lakers and Scott’s BS!

  401. Anything for Kobe…

  402. “I guess this might be a result of both Nick Young and Kobe’s love for iso pull-up threes.”

    there u gave the explanation yourself; only young /kobe on the lakers shoot any significant amount of threes and we know kobe is all iso; highest number of shots in the league prior to his “shut down”; and nick young never passes the ball has a shocking 12/1 fga to assists ratio.

    pretty easy to understand also given that coach doesnt’ beleive in threes. there would nothing set up to have a play requiring an assist to create a three for someone else.

  403. actually lin needs 29.5 minutes. trust me ive done extensive study on this.

  404. that was the old kobe when the lakers were not competitive. now the new kobe with kobe not playing or taking 50% less shots; then the lakers are competitive–but still not very good.

    i mean look at that starting lineup: price and ellington do not belong in the nba. davis looks lost with those guys, hill….stat padder no d. and wesley johnson despite a decent nite last game is the invisible man on the court. just disappears most games (numerous commentators note this, johnson gets his opportunity because of his “athleticism”; but he doesn’t actually possess any basketball abilities.

    then there’s swaggy trying his best to make kobe’s shooting % look good.

    i like kelly/black/boozer/lin.

    as l.a. jane said: find a shooting guard to put with that and you’ve got something.

  405. isn’t that amazing since day 1 all bs has talked is defense and yet consistently since day 1 the lakers have been the worst defensive team in the league.

    now obviously they dont have grade a personnell but even so you’d think someone preaching defense so much could install some kind of defensive schemes that even the most inept players who were actually trying a little could
    have some sucess. with.

    this i think is where bs fooled a lot of people: he talks a good game. but thats all it is, talk.

    when it comes to actually doing, he doesn’t have a clue. run more. man up.

  406. Even JLin is forced to get his own as no one is passing to him on a set play for a 3, so those he gets as bailouts are under pressure and have higher chance of miss. So, JLin’s are also self-created too.

  407. Just voted.

  408. “Brooklyn Nets power forward Kevin Garnett was ejected from Monday night’s game against the Houston Rockets after head-butting center Dwight Howard during their fight in the first quarter.

    With 7:53 remaining, Garnett and Howard got tangled up as Howard was trying to catch a lob pass in the paint. Garnett pushed Howard, and Howard pushed back.

    Garnett then threw the ball at Howard, got in his face, and head-butted him. Garnett added a push, and Howard responded by throwing a hand that hit Garnett in the neck. The two were then separated.

    Multiple players and security personnel tried to hold Garnett back, but he attempted to go back after Howard.

    After the officials reviewed the play, Garnett received a personal foul, both players received technical fouls and Garnett was ejected. Garnett may face additional discipline from the NBA for his actions.

    Howard was booed by the Barclays Center crowd each time he touched the ball after the fight.”

    —mike mazzezo espn

  409. I get the feeling Mitch wants to keep Lin. Low profile Lin so he has a chance to resign him again after this year. After all Mitch has been trying to get Lin for a long time since summer league
    I don’t feel Mitch will give up on Lin that soon

  410. Lillard really goes off on Ronnie. No matter how much Byron wants to help Ronnie, the truth is still Ronnie is outclassed. Lillard absolutely can do whatever he wants from Ronnie with or wothout help.

  411. I also got the feeling they sure talked to Lin about the new contract this summer bc Lin didn’t seem to care too much about it. He even said to Chinese reporter that he has no pressure in his contract year?! I don’t believe why Pistons needs to make the deal w Lakers? Bc they are winning now w these two players.

  412. We should know the direction the Lakers will be tanking the rest of the season in a week or two.

  413. Feedback: You’re doing it wrong! Now go out there and shoot it right 1000 times.
    Young: But how do I do it right?
    Feedback: Stop talking and just get to it! Don’t be so lazy and nonchalant!


  414. I thought the tanking order is pretty clear once BS is hired 🙂

  415. I think they want to keep Lin as a back up PG. Lin clearly likes being in Cali, its only the coach that he has a problem with. But if BS stays, all bets are off. I’m sure Lin would rather be a back up in a contending team or a starter in a smaller market than endure BS in LA.

  416. "@si_nba: Video: Kevin Garnett ejected after headbutting Dwight Howard http://t.co/YZwXIr5nd5 pic.twitter.com/OJVcP7Iph8"— Bo (@bolero2010) January 13, 2015

  417. I agree if he only will be backup in Lakers then why needs to stay bc this team it’s not going to be a contending team for at least few years…

  418. @psalm234

    I finally finished the list. Can you help to create a thread about it? Thank you!

    List of Nonsense Fouls / Non-calls against Jeremy Lin:

    3/27/2013, vs 76ers: 1st Q, @0:57.2 – Arm open a little wide => Offensive foul & TO. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sRIm1KRX4Qw

    3/27/2013, vs 76ers: 4th Q, @9:23 – Leg kick, defender bumped to Lin’s leg and not defend straight up => Off foul & TO. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sRIm1KRX4Qw

    4/25/2014 G3 vs Trail Blazers: OT @4:02 – Hammered on the head by Albridge => Not even Flagrant 1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=24etDfmzK1U

    4/30/2014 G5 vs Trail Blazers: 1st Q, @5:49 – Clean block => Foul. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FDSlIOYf3QE

    10/28/2014 vs Rockets, 2nd Q, @7:25 – Beverly tripped Lin, Lin fell and lost ball => Non-call, a TO + T. Jones got a steal.

    10/31/2014 vs Clippers: 4th Q, @4:06 – DeAndre Jordan smacked Lin and whole body contact on drive, Jordan should be fouled out (6th foul) => Non-call + Jordan got a block! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3QgUJhvkP1U,

    11/1/2014 vs Warriors: 2nd Q, @4:12 – Curry leg kick and fell, got +1 => Lin blocking foul. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1HvBKznjwz8

    11/11/2014 vs Grizzlies: 1stQ, @6:42 – Wesley Johnson tripped C. Lee => Foul was given to Lin. http://stats.nba.com/cvp.html?GameID=0021400104&GameEventID=43#

    [I remembered this kind of situation (someone else tripped the player but the foul was given to Lin) happened twice, but I couldn’t find the other one.]

    11/19/2014 vs Rockets,: 3rd Q, @10:47 – Ariza blocking Lin while Lin catching the ball in the air, no room for Lin to land
    => Lin Off foul & TO. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5dTtSL3mqGk, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NP7SQRAypLI

    11/21/2014 vs Maverick: 3rd Q @ 10:00 – Lin leg kick, defender was moving, not straight up, not allow Lin to land. Should
    be 2pts+1 => Off foul & TO https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rKlP4Vu3QhA

    11/23/2014 vs Nuggets: 4th Q @0:16 – Lin touched nothing but ball, stripped ball away from Gallinari, Lakers up by 1 should’ve won the game + no need to overtime => Lin got a foul + Gallinari 1 FT to tie the game to overtime and Nuggets won the game. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hWsWnrto2E4

    12/23/2014 vs Warriors: 2nd Q, @5:11 –Shot went in + #31 Ezeli blocking should be 2pts+1 => Offensive foul & TO. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-bbNcJwxrfA

    12/28/2014, vs Suns: 3rd Q, @2:33 – Non-call on drive. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wvR4RS4LqX0

    12/28/2014, vs Suns: 3rd Q, @0:33.8 – Bledsoe was moving and blocking (and flopping, look how far he slid away) => Off foul
    & TO. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wvR4RS4LqX0

    1/5/2015, vs Trail Blazers: 2nd Q, @9:12 – Matthews slapped Lin on the waist, should be +1 => Non-call. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kF71xNVem_Q

    1/7/2015, vs Clippers, 1st Q,@6:07 – Griffin used his arm to hold Lin to give Paul more space to shoot => Non-call. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mQQc09XCvng

    1/7/2015, vs Clippers, 1st Q,@4:00 – DeAndre Jordan clearly used his moving left foot to trip Lin and moved back => Non-call, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mZ7LCEZU8CU

    1/7/2015, vs Clippers, 2nd Q,@4:32 – D. Jordan used his shoulder to bump Lin to the ground => Non-call. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mQQc09XCvng

  419. man i feel like Lins doing just fine right amount of balance

  420. Awesome job! Thanks!

  421. Now someone just needs to combine all these into 1 big youtube video. I’m sure view counts would be very high!

  422. I created a playlist on Youtube.

  423. No problem! 😉

  424. I’m waiting for Blaiyan, just sent out the request.

  425. Wow…just WOW, its a pain staking task! *clap *clap* thanks Jad!

  426. What an effort! Jeremy has the best fans!

  427. I dont think BScott is helping Price. RPrice is put into tough situation which he is not accustomed as well.

    BScott, just have no idea how to use the talents in LAL and run a team play

  428. Incredible effort, thanks

  429. Salute!
    Thank you for your time & effort!

  430. BS can be anything kobe and FO want him to be. He goes where the kobe wind blows him, and FO lets them be. He can stomach doing anything as long as he gets paid 17M or maybe a little less, but not lower than 12M,

  431. You have my respect for the hard work and dedication. Lin and fans are fortunate to have your support !

  432. D Rose just blew a simple behind the back dribble….oh well….so much for good handle

  433. Awesome work. Psalm, a sticky thread?

  434. Wow, well done!

  435. yep saw it and was going to post it here. It was a key possession though game was almost lost. I would have liked to have seen them keep Mirotic in there somehow don’t know how – he was hot until Rose took it but maybe that’s right.

  436. Lin is better than him now, like no kidding

  437. So last weeks top 5plays
    Lin didnt make the cut thats bs Lin out of lakers next year!

  438. RIP PAU GASOL https://t.co/pOzhBf4Rbj— N B A T A L K (@Talk_NBA_) January 13, 2015

  439. JAD2456, thank you for putting together an exhaustive list of JLin’s non-calls!
    It must have taken some time for you to complete it.

    Do you mind posting the same post (add today’s date so Disqus doesn’t think it’s a duplicate) on this thread
    Jeremy Lin NBA Missed Stats (I can add “& Nonsense Fouls / Non-calls”):

    It can be found on Sticky Posts on homepage. I can also give the ownership of the post to you (if @Yahmin also doesn’t mind) if you’d like to edit the post.
    Note: You can also copy&paste the text+Youtube links of the post to [email protected] so I can easily update the post

  440. yes, we started it already. I replied above

  441. Don’t mind at all. I haven’t had time due to work to do anything with the missed stats but will do so guys!

  442. thanks, I completely understand =)

  443. I think Ellington can be a decent SG next to Lin in the starting unit.
    Replace Hill with Black, use Boozer/Davis, and Wes Johnson (for some defense + 3s)

    Price is simply not a playmaker, just a ball distributor and his defense is just OK. BScott is misguided by his love =)

  444. Yes I believe Lin will leave for sure……….unless Mike D’Antoni is back & Kobe retired

  445. he got beat 2 more times down the crunch.

  446. LAL are a disgraceful org

  447. Starting to really question PFV’s comments lately
    Lin needs to find the right balance? some times hes looking to score too much instead of scoring? I dont know if he’s been watching the game but Lin’s passing just fine some times he even over passes and Lin needs to play more defense to gain mins
    I dont think that matters, ronnie will always be the better dfender in scotts eyes
    defense wont get him mins
    Feel like hes been buying into the BYron bs lately
    still respect the guy and grateful for his videos

  448. I just can’t agree that “Byron played Kobe…” Kobe plays Kobe. I don’t believe that Byron actually has ever had any command over anything Kobe does. I’m very sorry that Scott has turned out to be an LOH and I do blame him for actively trying to diminish Jeremy even over and above what Kobe has surely demanded, but I don’t think he has the slightest responsibility for Kobe’s condition woes. Trying to float the idea that he ever did is a sort of back-handed effort on his part to get the FO and public to believe he is actually a functioning coach.

  449. Poor guy….I’m sure he desperately wants people to swallow this idea. So obviously a complete fabrication…or worse yet a hallucination.

  450. Just watched a replay of the Orlando game, the refs look like they are sleep walking. There were no foul calls on these three obvious fouls. The first one is a reach in foul not even close to the ball, the second the man is just leaning on Lin which definitely does not fit the rule of verticality and the last one look at the feet, no space to land.

    I wonder if some of the refs are doing it on purpose because we keep exposing all the missed calls and make them look bad.

  451. I don’t know, but you sounds very angry somehow, don’t really need to be like that.

  452. RIP??? what happened?

  453. appreciate your wisdom in re-directing our collective “indignation.”

    Frankly, this is turning out to be overtly ridiculous, i.e. the way Byron and Kobe are acting foolishly. At this stage, I will only be content with an act of supernatural proportion to compensate the injustice. I think Jeremy’s “Boss” has a good track record of pleading the case of the righteous. Jeremy is holding himself to a standard above reproach. He is not passive. He is striving to exercise a power that is non-coercive, but overwhelmingly good and forceful. After all, that’s the only form of “power” that ultimately silences the manipulation, and summons the loyalty of many.

  454. I don’t think that is allowed?

  455. It depends from whose eye you are looking from. I PFV is stating the fact from BScott POV. BScoot wants PG to be a “defensive specialist” and scoring is not his primary role. This is where JL gets caught in dilemma. Every player has their niche, and Jeremy’s is running the offense, facilitating, getting players to contribute as a team, and scoring; on defense its team defense.

    Scott doesnt seem to be high on Jeremy’s skillset, he feels scoring and winning is the duty of “Franchise” player. And as a coach, his duty is to cater for that, and to make the “Superstar”‘s live easy, he wants PG to play lock down defense, run the defensive scheme, and on offensive end, spread the floor for the Superstar to score.

    Hence in order for JL to get more minutes, he has to buy in BScott philosophy. Else he is going to average around 18-20min.

  456. no, usually assisted 3s were due to drive and kick out, on Lakers team, there is no driving lane, and only drivers are Kobe and Lin. And with this big, Lin is driving less and less, when he was starting, he drives only ~ 6 per game, in Houston, Lin drives 9-10 per game. And with him go into bench, he drive less, and only pass around, and thus not only Young and Kobe, Lin, Price and sometimes Ellington also has pull up 3s. And worse, they have more pull up long 2s too.

  457. thanks for the notes in differences. I like it!

  458. thank you. It’s certainly not easy to exercise self-control when Byron Scott went out of his way to justify his bias.

    Jeremy has certainly not been passive in 2015. He solidified the 2nd unit and really coached them, unlike Byron who only catered to Kobe.

    Yes, Jeremy has been exemplary in his strong-but-gentle response. Love the classy and intelligent response. He’s slowly winning the reporters, I think. Medina and Pincus are the good ones. Plus Kevin Ding (who understandably needs to be more tactful being an AA)

    Let’s keep hoping for the best is yet to come like Jeremy said!

  459. Well real Lin fans should be angry
    Lins been great all year

  460. the thing is
    price is Scotts boy
    no matter how well Lin plays D
    Price will always be his first option
    McHale didnt wanna play Lin but he forced him to cuz they needed his scoring
    Byron doesnt even see that often
    theres nothing Lin can do except keep playing his game and hopefully Byron will let him finish

  461. MIA PreGame Thread+Poll is now open!

    Will Byron continue to try to give Ronnie Price minutes even if Kobe is missing?

    Will Jeremy need to go back to scoring more so Byron can’t bench him in the 4th quarter? Will Jeremy need to stop facilitating to try to get Nick Young going if he keeps struggling?

    Let’s hope Jeremy knows the balance of facilitating and scoring to get the 2nd unit to perform as a cohesive unit.

    When Kobe shuts down, Jeremy and the 2nd unit deserve to be the new starting unit so their chemistry needs to continue to develop

  462. A dinosaur would have different survival skills for a different era. The game has changed and the dinosaur is still living in the Jurassic 80s illegal defence era.

    Sorry anyone that can’t get that is living in the past. Scott doesn’t get that PGs are the quarterbacks of the new BBall offence. Guys like Curry, Paul, Lilliard, Wall, Rose AND LIN don’t just deliver the ball up to the superstar SG anymore. Scott is a dinosaur if PFV agrees with Scott then I would also question his bball intelligence as well.

  463. Anger makes you fat! chill mate 🙂

  464. Thanks

  465. I havent looked at his comments . But I was just assuming that his comment might have been, based on what Scott wants in order to get more minutes.

    And yes, I do agree with you, as I have said in previous thread well, its a Dinosaur philosophy

  466. You did it! Thank you, thank you, thank you. Is it possible to have someone condense this into just the actual plays where JLIN gets the no call ( or the phantom foul call) and make it one single video? Also, two additional requests … is there someone who can add the video of the play when Jeremy was still on the Rockets and they played Clippers and basically Ryan Hollings and Lamar Odom sandwich blocked Jeremy knocking him to the floor then Hollings drop kicks Jeremy in the chest while Jeremy is on the ground. That was a ridiculous and flagrant foul against Jeremy. Lastly there was the foul in the playoffs last year where Aldridge on Trailblazers hammers JLIN across the head while Jeremy was driving for a layup whiplashing Jeremy’s head backward… no flagrant foul was called. I cannot believe that any other player in the NBA gets fouled so consistently hard as JLIN — that’s a double standard! And we need to expose it. Thanks in advance.

  467. This shocked me! RIP? I thought it only use for people who passed away! My heart sank to the bottom when i saw that word!!!

  468. I think LIN has made a decision about what’s most important to him. He plays like a quarterback for however long he gets to play. The question is which is better for his long term development?

    IMO, playtime the way Scott wants LIN to play doesn’t help his future. Play like a quarterback becasue Price is a dinosaur that LIN wants no part of.

  469. I am speechless! So thankful to have people like you!!!

  470. PFV a’ight.

  471. I am speechless! So thankful to have people like you!!!

  472. Jeremy now has a very unique chance to improve on his game instead of worrying over wins and loses. He starts from the bench and I think he gets a little bit more freedom in playing comparing to his previous roles. Also Ronnie Price does run the offense in some ways different than Jeremy. Jeremy could pick up skills of being a PG here and there.

    Just stop worrying for Jeremy. He’s happy playing with the bench players the productivity of which is at least comparable to the starters. I believe one of those days he would break through again.

    What Jeremy needs to work on now is on his defense: he leaves his man too open and they successfully score on him. Jeremy tends to drive into traps and he does need to work on his ball handling and steals. There is noway that Jeremy is a finished product.

  473. no wonder i gained 5 pounds while cutting lol

  474. I have nothing but respect for him
    but it’d be nice if he defended Lin more
    oh well i guess hes trying not to be too biased

  475. you sure, the cutting process was correct?

  476. he’s done enough in the Lin and Lin Fan favor bank I don’t say that lightly.

  477. I agree Lin is better off with the 2nd unit since he said he felt something special with them. What I meant was when Kobe shuts down due to health reasons this season (as SBNation article reported BScott said a possibility after All-Star), the right thing for Byron to do is to promote Lin-led 2nd unit as the starters thus deserving more minutes.

    As for defense, he guarded Lillard much better than Price. He’s not perfect but he never gives up. He just can’t defend 3-4 people at once. His 2015 defense has been excellent IMO. And he will continue to improve.

  478. What’s up with Kobe? I am a bit confused with the lack of transparency from the org.

    From what I gather we know that Kobe played too many minutes early on (per Scott), that Kobe has missed more and more games recently (don’t know the exact numbers), Kobe hasn’t been showing up to the games(?), and Kobe hasn’t been practising consistently with the team.

    It looks like the behaviour of an injured player. Or perhaps a player sitting out because he doesn’t like his role on the team (like Asik and his nagging ‘injury’ last year).

    Has the media straight up asked about Kobe’s health? And what was the answer?

  479. 18 minutes is the most Lin will get if Price not in foul trouble. The love from BS to Price is unconditional.

  480. Actually, it is not really about what BScott want it is all excuses.
    Even if Lin play exactly the way BS want Lin to play he still will not satisfy and will be using the same excuse, Price is better at def.

    It is not about Lin’s game it is about Lin.

  481. Garnett “The American Zidane.”

  482. PFV’s points are fair on Lin. Excellent skills, needs some refinement. Over helps on defense, a little slow laterally but can compensate.

  483. yes only visiting McD’s twice a day

  484. You’re welcome! X 3
    Yes, while we keep updating the list, I’ve sent the request to Blaiyan and hope he can make the video, using his own video files if he still keep them. Those videos I post are just for reference and easier for him to decide what he should include in his videos. Although he a Lin fan, somehow I feel his views are more neutral. If he can make the video, I think it’s more convincing. So far I haven’t got his response yet.

    Thank you for your input. Welcome to add more if you remember any other bad calls.

    I remember that Clippers game in Houston era, There were quite a few phantom calls as I remember, There’s a reason it’s called Flop City. The Hollings kicking Lin one hasn’t been added yet. I’ll go to find it.

    The Aldredge one is already added. Last time Price even got suspended one game for the even lighter smacking move.

  485. Thank you for your input! If you can give me the quarter and time of the game when these incidents happened (the first and the third pics), that will be great. So I can find the videos for those incidents.

  486. Sure! I’ll add them on that thread. And yes, I’d like to keep updating them!

  487. awesome! If you have a site account (not Disqus), I can assign the owner to you if you want to update the post.
    If not , you can simply comment on that thread.

    Thanks again for your hard work!

  488. Yes, I do have the site account. Please empower me!

  489. Thanks. Let’s do what we can to call out the “two sets of rules” being applied. And to also support JLIN.

  490. Your wish is granted! You’re now a Contributor and is the owner for this thread. Congrats!

    Jeremy Lin NBA Missed Stats & Non-Calls

    To edit it, you just need to go to click on “Create A New Post” green button then edit/add your posts.

    Note: Youtube links will automatically show as playable videos

    Thanks again!

  491. 1st qtr 3:27 and the 4th qtr :26.0

  492. Thanks!

  493. Thanks! Now, I have some problems. First, I thought Yascar and I will be the co-owners of that thread. He can focus on missed stats and I focus on non-Calls. 2. I’m wondering if it can be separated to two threads. 3. I went to the missed stats thread and tried to edit (adding the non-calls list to missed stats), after I click “Create New Post”, it led me to the editor to create a new thread. Usually the format of every thread, is a featured comment on the top and then the comments/discussion part below, right? So how do I edit the existing featured comment on the top, instead of creating a new thread? Hope I explained my problems clearly enough. If not, I apology for my poor explaining ability.

  494. hm, when you go to “Create New Post”, did you see the “Missed Stats/Non-Calls” post that you can edit?

    If yes, you basically can edit the content of the post. As far as featured comments, those are just comments that Mods can feature.

    As an author of the blog post, you just need to update the content as you’d like (i.e. Table of Content on the top, Youtube links, etc.)

    People can comment on the post. Then only mods can delete or feature the comments.

    Does that clarify how things should work?

  495. Yes, I can see “Missed Stats/Non-Calls” post there, but after I clicked the post, I can’t edit the content of the post. I can only comment on the bottom discussion part. It’s just like I’m a regular poster. I didn’t see anything different Or is there an edit bottom or something I should click in order to edit the content of the post?
    On the link you gave me,

    I can see Date, Title, Status, Category, Cmt, Action. Under the “Action” column, it’s blank. Is there supposed to have words under the “Action” that I can click?

  496. yes, it’s supposed to show ‘Edit’

    I just upgraded your role from ‘Contributor’ to ‘Author’
    Let me know if you can see it now. It should be the right one.
    Sorry about that

  497. I’m sorry, I don’t know why it’s still blank. I still can’t see ‘Edit’.
    Hm, weird! I’ll take a break and try it some other time then.
    Thanks for help!

  498. Hm let me do some test later. Also try log off and log on again

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