G38 POR @ LAL Game Thread

Here we go. Round 2 with Lillard+tired Blazers who had a game the previous night.

Let’s hope Lin’s chemistry with his teammates keep growing and we’ll enjoy another great game from JLin!

Whatever it might be, keep Smi-Lin & Let’s Go JLin! 

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  1. Go JLin!

  2. Go Melody! 🙂

  3. 2nd?

  4. LOL! I was planning to check when the game would start when I saw the new thread:-) Happened by default:-)

  5. 3rd—-YAY me___

    OK some thoughts. I posted in the other thread:

    Let’s just think about this: Kobe has missed the last 2 or 3 games because he has some soreness. Really. He hasn’t been practicing and he has been resting so why is he still sore? I personally don’t think that scott has talked to kobe at all. I think he has gone silent on him much like Nash did. I bet Kobe has spoken with Mitch about what’s going on with him. I think Scott is completely in the dark with Kobe. I think that is why Scott is dissing the players, saying Swaggy P needs to come to practice early to get up some shots, or saying Davis/Hill were not putting forth any effort in the last game, that is why he put in Black.

    He was mad that the players lost to the Clippers because Kobe was inserted back into the team and didn’t contribute at all. They were down by 40 with Kobe, and Lin brought them back within 15 pts. Then Scott’s moronic contradicting statements that he makes is embarrassing to the Laker organization. Jeannie Buss is playing the political game with the I support Byron, because she is the only that said her father wanted Scott to be a coach for the Lakers one day. She was just giving lip service. Then today she gets on twitter and ask the fans to be patient and please stay a Laker fan.

    Now you know something big is going down behind the scenes if she has to resort to the social media. Then you have Pat Riley coming out vouching for Scott putting down the players. Why is he even giving an interview to the Lakers press, because they played the Clippers. This has been a bizarre couple of days in the Laker organization…..and the plot thickens….

  6. Third! @blubell:disqus was second! All ladies got the first 3 spots!!! We’ve done well:-) Men are too slow today. Hopefully JLin unlike men here is going fast and steady in this game:-)

  7. thats because as you (i think) pointed out they opened up the thread without telling anyone; playing to the ladies i think.

    also for me i never actually can “see” a new thread when it open only link to it from someone on the old thread saying: “the new thread is open”–but then i have a lot of problems with navigation here.

  8. LOL I really like your plot thickens….:-) Agreed with what you are saying here. It becomes even more bizzarred as each hour passes. Something is cooking and we can smell it:-)

  9. i have no idea whats going on and wouldn’t pretend to speculate but im just content in seeing that old old most famous phrase ever….in sight frequently once more.

  10. We should know in the next couple of hours whether Kobe will show up for pregame warmups.

    It’s really hard for the rest of the team to get mentally ready for games because they have no clue as to which teammates will be on the court with them, how many playing minutes to expect, etc.

  11. Quick, what’s the latest on Kobe starting? Maybe Kobe got an indigestion while eating Kobe steaks?

  12. LOL Sorry to hear that. What is the main problem of unable to find the new thread? What I normally do is
    1. Sign in http://www.jlinportal.com/
    2. Look at the farthest left on “Latest Posts and Threads” and click it.
    3. Get into the newest thread on the site.
    Hint: Always keep 2-3 tabs on http://www.jlinportal.com/ so that I won’t lose the previous thread:-)

  13. So what kobe just runs in and says I am here.LOL

  14. Many players’ happy expression will just drop to being depressed.

  15. i dont have the technical ability to even read thru these directions. i just find my way here or wherever eventually. even a blind chicken gets corn sometimes.

  16. everyone loves (lives) to see those words…. “and the plot thickens”. its the first thing i remember from “that other” abandoned site. always makes me feel comfortable like something historic to remind us of stability.

  17. Didn’t know the football player guy liked Lin?

  18. LOL Ok.

  19. You know that they are nervous that he might show up. Scott looking scared because he doesn’t know what’s going on…LOL

  20. Ha, ha. This is better than day-time drama.

  21. Lin has a lot of non Asian fans on twitter. They like his fast game.

  22. Which he rarely gets to show in Lakers.

  23. Ryan Ward @Lakers_Examiner about 36 minutes ago

    As for the Lakers, Wes Johnson will be back in the starting lineup tonight. Still no word on Kobe’s status. Remains a game-time decision

  24. Wow, what a drama queen. Does he expect a big cheer when he suddenly comes out of tunnel after first quarter? Kobe and BS not cool with each other, I think. Kobe trying to make BS suffer.

  25. searched the twitter-sphere and thats the latest thing i could find; as it says 36 minutes ago.

  26. Is this good or bad? Is this the MJ?

  27. You guys are funny☺

  28. Lol @ Drama Queen.

  29. The latest episode of “Will Kobe play tonight?” still hasn’t ended yet. It is actually kind of sad that the only way for Kobe to attract attentions nowadays is through his drama off the court rather than his play on the court.

  30. That is why I say that Kobe hasn’t contacted Scott. They are waiting to see if he shows up at game time.

  31. We like your “plot thickens…” Hard for me to wait and see as I like to know the end even before I begin to read a story/book:-)

  32. Agree. BS is a lot more nervous than we are. Like JLin’s attitude. We know what we are doing with or withot KB:-) The only one that doesn’t know what to do is BS.

  33. Yep, lin did say that in his interview yesterday. He was very diplomatic about it.

  34. Lin should be appointed an ambassador to China or Taiwan, given all the practice he had being diplomatic about assh*le people and organizations; he would be great at it. Lin wouldn’t even say bad thing about North Korea or its leaders.

  35. You know it has to be frustrating for the players and the coaches, when all he does is show up and not run thru sets with the team, and disrupt everything that they have set up.

  36. WOW Something is really really really cooking.

  37. I wonder whom he contacted?

  38. BS gave the news.

  39. Finally the wait is over! It will be interesting to see how BS is “coaching” tonight. Will he be in survival mode lol?

  40. ok, just news, no reason?

  41. My man Kevin Ding with the 411…LOL

  42. As long Lin finishes.

  43. WOW Something is really cooking now.

  44. Full “my bad” mode?

  45. What a BS: I have been saying all along that Kobe getting too many minutes. You telling me BS didn’t know that? Sounds like an excuse.

  46. 25 minutes a game as we all said

  47. He is really kissing Kobe’s butt….

  48. or something has been cooked =)

  49. Yeah, taking the fall. A cover up. And you telling me Kobe doesn’t want to play through some pain, etc.? Doesn’t sound right.

  50. or someone (or 2)

  51. could be. Hope we will hear the “NEWS” soon.

  52. LOL

  53. LOL KB is done now.

  54. LOL, Kobe is never wrong, so someone got to be the fall guy. Lin already took the fall earlier for playing too fast and was demoted to the bench. Good thing Lin already overcame the demotion and thrived in his new “role”.

  55. never were two initials so appropriate.

  56. BS is still in denial mode.

  57. BS says “I was wrong” only when Kobe is involved. What an as*.

  58. I guess we learned that CHRONOS is the Chef and BScott is the Sous-Chef

    Someone should feel afraid .. very afraid =]

  59. lol well this clearly shows the pecking order….

  60. Yep. Someone should:-)

  61. This is a true BS. Everyone knew Kobe should not be played that much. It’s plain and simple that Kobe wanted to play long minutes, but now that it’s clear Lakers going nowhere, Kobe doesn’t want to. Something IS up.

  62. Let’s see how much longer that crockpot lasts before it cracks…

  63. Mike Trudell is good to restating the obvious (that BScott missed)

  64. This is the F/O prolonging the announcement that Kobe is done. They will keep the fans hanging on that he will come back. Now Scott is in a catch-22, he has to win some games to keep his job.LOL

  65. Kobe: “BScott, I want you to spell W-R-O-N-G” LOL

  66. U really think FO is trying to force Kobe out? Or has reached out to Kobe to hint that he should retire?

  67. The plot thickens:-) Retirement announcement or similar should be out soon.

  68. Yep. Should be soon. Don’t think Lakers will allow this to boil for too long.

  69. My respect for Kobe would shoot up, if that happens.

  70. BS really scared and concerned that without Kobe, his job will be gone. Watch BS play Lin more now.

  71. BS kneeling before His Kobeness.

  72. A couple of things could be going on, Kobe is really tired and his game has fallen off tremendously and he is very prideful. Kobe is such an egomaniac that he is reading the bad press about himself. Or the Lakers maybe are trying to broker a deal to buy out his contract.

  73. If Kobe retires, my respect for the guy would shoot up dramatically.

  74. Maybe he wants to save himself for the last hoo-rah for his final All-Star game.

  75. Too late for that now. Shouldn’t have piled all those bodies under the bus and burned bridges.

  76. LIn should be beasting tonight..

  77. Lin will forgive; Lin a Christian.

  78. I don’t know about that. He has looked so bad in regular games, and the Allstar games are when the Stars go all out. Besides these are younger players running up and down the court fast, and well you saw how mad he got when lin was gunning and running. I think he might just pass.

  79. Not so long ago , reading posts like – “It’s hard to be a Lin fan these days…” , or “If Lin continues to play scared or lazy or scrub, i might as well withdraw my support”. In other words , the gloom and the doom were the order of the day (at least , in other sites).

    These days, it’s brighter and better. Thanks to Lin smiling , laughing, jumping and pumping a lot more. Those have translated to great games.

    Today, i’ve never been more excited. The kid is finding his groove once again.

    Let’s go JLin!

  80. I guess Kobe is blaming Scott for his poor performance in recent games.

  81. It’s just so strange that during preseason, they keep saying they need to keep KB’s minutes in check. Seems that went out the door when the ball hit the court.

  82. No the Lakers should making them run hard up and down the floor because they are on a back to back and they have tired legs.

  83. What?

  84. So it’s finally coming forth now, the real truth.LOL

  85. Shutting Kobe down for the season? What does that mean? Retire or what? A trouble brewing? Wow, news getting better and better.

  86. Well, if he does, he will gain some of respect back but not sure how much.

  87. shutting him down soon. i hope sooner. to save his legacy..

  88. Wow. All-star is in Feb, rite? that’s still a long time that they are saying he won’t play at all.

  89. Sounds like it. I think kobe has went the way of Steve Nash…LOL

  90. The only game Kobe will show up it’s ASG then? I believe he didn’t want to play for Lakers this season.

  91. i think they got the idea from the knicks hinting they might shut melo down for the season.

  92. Shutting down forever? Doesn’t make sense to shut him down this season and bring him back for next.

  93. But Melo injured. Kobe just old.

  94. feb 13-15

  95. They talked about this prior this happened like they knew how to prepare for next season and so forth.

  96. Maybe he’s just smart. He knows playing rite now is not helping his brand. ASG is different. And looks like he’s letting BS take all the blame.

  97. Byron still trying hard to make it seem like he’s in the driver’s seat!

  98. Because they are not. Kobe is done. They are hoping that Lin/Young group will keep the fans coming so when he does announce his retirement, it won’t sting so bad, and the fans will understand.LOL

  99. They are talking as if Kobe is ready to play for 5 more seasons.

  100. I agree it’s a possibility. But u think Kobe wanted to retire, or FO reached out to hint to him, and Kobe upset so he is not playing.

  101. I know. Very delusional! BS is completely in denial mode.

  102. You’ve got a good point ! I bet the FO thought about exactly the same thing.

  103. Ya! That’s their plan… I thought this is coming but not this fast… Good. I hope he will not play for the rest of season. Now I can watch the full game…LOL!

  104. Guys, Kobe is not playing in the ASG. Kobe wouldn’t be able to keep up the pace with the rest of the players.

  105. That’s just stupidity on BS part.

  106. He just needs to show his face and play a few minutes.

  107. He has definitely gone into self preservation mode. Kobe must really be mad at him. I think more of kobe’s wife(Vanessa) has probably gone off on Scott. LOL

  108. Why would Kobe be mad at BS for playing him too much? That’s what Kobe wanted, no?

  109. asg game really isn’t a real game.

  110. At least no defense needed in MSG…he can just chuck a few shot…

  111. Yes. Enjoying the new star, Ronnie Price. jk

  112. Ya! It’s in NYC… all the media will only around him if he shows up just talk….

  113. That is all about keeping the season ticket holders buying the tickets because eventually they think kobe will come back.LOL

  114. Is Kobe mad at BS, so Kobe is retaliating by not playing. Or has FO reached out to Kobe to hint he shd retire. If former, why is Kobe mad at BS? After all, Kobe played long minutes because he himself wanted to do that.

  115. Both.

  116. When have you ever see Kobe take the blame for anything that he has done. So right now,He is probably blaming scott with you were the coach, you were suppose to look out for my health.LOL

  117. Really doubt it’s BS wanting more minutes. KB is the one wanted the minutes especially in the beginning to break the record. BS is just a puppet.

  118. Agree 100%.

  119. he know whats happening inside locker room. He’s smart and wise not to be affect by it. he’s just waiting for the moment, thats why he’s smiling again!

  120. KB is in anger/blaming mode

  121. Have you seen how competitive the players are playing that game.please

  122. I guess more facts shd come out. I respect FO more if they did so, but I don’t know why Kobe shd be mad at BS when BS is his puppet.

  123. Kobe – keep $X, we retire your jersey, be a consultant to the org, part of the club in some way. Key is now much he keeps and what that club thing is. Then he retires in peace. He already proved to himself he cannot contend anymore, and there’s no way to last 4 more seasons to get Malone’s scoring. No team will let him jack that many shots up, unless he goes to a tanking team.

  124. Why would he be mad at Scott? who has been his humble servant for this whole season

  125. so he really need the help of everybody, and should cater to all the players to their strength and not be stubborn if he really wanted to be the coach of the lakers!

  126. Someone said that, that’s why I am asking. I agree that Kobe shouldn’t be mad at BS because BS his puppet.

  127. i think he will remember magic played after getting hiv

  128. might as well. Go to practice the week before. Start his investment and business life while he’s got a salary.

  129. WTF? Doesn’t make any sense what he’s saying. BS is acting as if he has power over Kobe and he made Kobe play that much when Kobe didn’t want to. He really thinks everyone is dumb like himself. So BS now expects us to believe that BS “made Kobe” play long minutes?

  130. Did he make any sense b4?

  131. Ding’s post doesn’t make any sense.

  132. Are you talking about basketball?

  133. Lin, Black, Booz, less sacre, helping Swaggy heat up, Kelly. Yay, Just give them 5 more mins.

  134. and bs sing praises to Jlin also during the beginning of this season, but what happen to the singing now- different tune! is he a pathological LIAR or JUST a liar? LOL!

  135. Is that a trick question? …. nvm. lol

  136. Here we go.LOL

  137. Maybe this is the reason? Love said I ain’t playing for Lakers with Kobe on the team. Love isn’t the franchise player though.

  138. This is from an NBC Sports article, published on Oct. 16 of last year, after Kobe and BS reached agreement on a minutes per game target for Bryant. At the time, Scott said it would be “between 30 and 40 minutes” :

    “…. But Kobe playing 30 minutes per game would be an unprecedented accomplishment.

    Nobody so old has ever missed so many games and then played 30 minutes per game the following season. The 36-year-old Kobe, who played just six games last season, will try to become the first. Of players Kobe’s age, only one has missed a majority of his team’s games and then played at least 30 minutes per game the following season. Patrick Ewing played just 26 games in 1997-78 and then saw 34.2 minutes per game the following season.”

    See : http://probasketballtalk.nbcsports.com/2014/10/16/kobe-bryant-and-byron-scott-agree-on-unprecedented-minutes-per-game-for-lakers-star/

  139. I think Ding is trolling him .LOL

  140. Man, these divas…. smh

  141. Good job, Ding. Troll BS more. Media on an attack mode against BS.

  142. Please kobe will throw you under the bus, which he basically has done to scott. He will never admit publicly that he blames scott, but he will should it in his actions.

  143. doubt this. his worth is way down has played real bad. he will likely stay.

  144. there really was no sorry at the beginning, so to speak. BS is stubborn (if his word are true that he’s sorry and such was not HIS PLAN to fast pace KOBE’s retirement) for he already knew what was RIGHTING to do at the beginning of his coaching JOB at the lakers but didn’t do it. A person with less forthsight of things cannot react immediately during the action..that explain his lack/Less of reaction game in game out!

  145. Maybe. Also somebody over at Lakerground posted that Mitch likes lin,and he thinks that he will offer him a fair and decent contract as backup PG.

  146. But scott says, its because of your 32,000 pts..???LOL!

  147. I think people saying Lakers is not an option for Lin is flat out wrong, if Kobe goes out, and the choice is between backing up for Lakers or backing up somewhere else. Besides, if I were Lin, I would be wary of any team telling me I would start.

  148. depending if he gets a shot to start and they develop him. if not lin will leave

  149. Bs should be in Egypt right now to be in the Nile. ..hahaha

  150. LOL Not really. Just having fun here about who got here first:-) Thought @psalm234:disqus was going to make an announcement on the pregame thread but then when I didn’t see it after few minutes chatting with Nathan in Twitter, I decided to post the new thread. When I returned, I saw @moominfloren:disqus and @disqus_3ojL2FVU9I:disqus. Just joking with men being slow:-) Sorry to offend men.

  151. Look at the bench, those guys are getting better because they are letting lin lead them. I think the LA media likes the dynamics of Lin/Young. If the Lakers are smart they will showcase them much like they do Bledsoe/Dragic.

  152. If JLin scored the 100th pts again tonight to give Laker fans free tacos, will he be known as the “Taco Hero”? =)

  153. Personally, I don’t think Young all that good now; he needs to know when to shoot and when not to shoot. Guy thinks he’s Curry, but he’s not.

  154. We finished our tacos!!! Clap Clap Clap! We want some more!!! Clap Clap Clap! More tacos please Jeremy!!! Clap Clap Clap!

  155. lol

  156. Jeremy likes food so it is a win win 🙂

  157. Unfortunately, I don’t think any GM will sign him as starter at this point. Lin has to build back his image and play well here in LA on a big stage if they offer him a decent contract.

  158. The groove was never lost, despite attempts to marginalize. Truly Lin doesn’t need fair-weather fans just as none of us need fair-weather friends. I’m sure he appreciates the fans who support him through the ups (as well as downs).

  159. I agree GMs will not take a chance to sign Lin as a starter. He needs to let his play do the persuading.

  160. yeah Jeremy has forgiven BS, but that doesn’t mean, JLIN will again get the BYron STONE and hit his(jerremy) head again. He knew how BS played him before….. unless , Byron told jeremy about what will be going to happen before the season and asked to be patient and stick around till the coast is clear.thats an impossible fairy tale to believe?

  161. I think hanging with lin/booze will settle him down. I think we are going to see a lot of lin/black in the Pnr.

  162. Taco should get Lin as a spokesman.

  163. I love Black’s game and personality. Never seen a black athlete guy as humble as him. I thought he was faking it, but it seems a true humbleness. Seems like he also believes in God’s plan and is willing to work his but* off. Spiritually and game wise, they really fit well. Wouldn’t be surprised if they become spiritual brothers.

  164. wouldn’t it be ironic if they shut down Kobe after ASG and the Lakers go on an incredible linsanity run and make the playoffs?

  165. Yep, the NBA is not there yet. They are comfortable with him being a backup. BTW PG’s available for next season: dragic,reggie jackson,brandon jennings, and lin

  166. That is the definition of Linsanity lol

  167. Troll, troll, troll your boat….

  168. i agree

  169. absolutely!
    Jack-In-The-Box can use new slogans:
    “Taco is the Linning Way!”

  170. there are these still fair weather fans now singing praises and glee because its JLIN’s ups…hope they realizes that Life’s not only going up , and its natural tendencies that when something goes up, it has to go down somehow! so we shouldn’t always just look upward but see it coming down with care and appreciate that struggle and be with him wherever he landed at the moment.

  171. i agree but young is help full for a guy who can make a tough shot when its needed

  172. yeah, food commercials will be perfect for him.
    He got KFC sponsorship in Asia already :>

  173. Yep, i like the last game when lin was going around talking to the indiviual players on the court when they had a break, and you know what, i like lin coming off the bench because he can actually gage where the deficits are and go in an attack. Scott has to win some games now, because kobe is not here anymore.LOL

  174. (Had to re-post this, if I may.)
    So I heard BS was saying he “Made a mistake” of playing KB too many minutes in the beginning of the season ?
    Don’t believe a word he uttered.
    They(KB/BS) were gunning to break MJ’s record at the expense of the TEAM!
    Now they will go into sunset together.

  175. Agreed. I am so impressed by Black’s personality and humbleness that I am rooting for the guy. I like Kelly too. Davis also. Very similar to Lin: Doesn’t diss anyone and has faith that things will work out while working hard.

  176. Me too. Now that Kobe is not there, they might tear it up.LOL

  177. We were synchronized that time!

  178. Jack-Lin-the-Box sounds better.

  179. with kobe in jepordy lins chances of starting again goes up although i prefer him with the bench guys. also his minutes will go up

  180. better fit with JLIN…:)
    Bye BYe HILL and Sacre!!!!

  181. Why prefer Lin on bench in the absence of Kobe?

  182. Great slogan.

  183. very tough for Lin to see the true fans because there are so many in thick and thin. No biggie, karma is what it is when it is.

  184. Many Spurs players, past and present, are fairly humble.

  185. Because he does not mesh well with lazy hill, and Wes.

  186. Perfect!

  187. we’re just hungry haha..

  188. This year is a bust.
    If Kobe is on his way to retirement, then Lin on Bench is best for Lin and team. Next year, 2nd unit starts, and lin has a real K not a backup K.

  189. Shame Panda Express not using Lin as its spokesperson. 🙂

  190. Messing with chemistry is not good. Lin is getting into grove with bench.

  191. They can be moved as well. Anyway not a good enough reason to give up starting IMO.

  192. Watch the laker fans turn on Scott about playing Kobe too many minutes.LOL

  193. fun name, but not really great Chinese food.

  194. need to indoctrinate that the era of KOBE type has to be thrown on his syastem and let the flow of the game come to him. He needs to learn to pass, thats he suppose to think right now!

  195. C’mon.

  196. Just swap the whole bench & starters will be fine

  197. if given the chance, LIN-Davis / Lin-Black will the forefront of the starters and the bench!!!

  198. Exactly. TY.

  199. I think Lin got less mins without Kobe playing bc BS played his beloved snake head even more.

  200. Suns Grizz in final mins of OT. B Wright on first game there got more mins and played better than in BOS. Just goest to show, it’s how a team uses a player.

  201. Lakers w/o Kobe could reach .500 tonight.

  202. still walking humbly for now, just let us see if in the future with media running over him if the same tarick will emerge. We know fame corrupts the minds of everybody if you are not strong on temptations!

  203. F/O knows that the bench is the saving grace for this team. I think the bench players are going to play the bulk of the minutes, because Scott needs to win some games because if he doesn’t the kobe fans are going to eat him alive. That is why he was apologizing so profusely to the reporters because Kobe isn’t taking his calls or his texts.

  204. not for a long time, right?

  205. Let’s see if and hope that you are right!

  206. They are 2-3 can go to 3-3 tonight

  207. Yeah right, that will never happen with Scott.

  208. oh, I’m after the real record to see if they can grind it out into the playoffs. This Kobe with w/o is already proven, but good point.

  209. well, we all saw also how he was and is being marginalized..so there’s a chance that there’s a team that’s also saw these things and are just waiting for the chance.

  210. If Kobe truly retires, I’m very sure it will.

  211. they already are

  212. To make playoffs they would have to win 70% of all remaining games. That means play as well as Houston’s record till now.

  213. Coaches are Charmin too used by Kobe.

  214. chinese place at the mall food court is way better

  215. I’m not gonna lie… I got tacos from Jack in the Box today…

  216. let’s see who lets the dogs out!

  217. GM’s will definitely try to short changed jeremy, But if there are more team that will signify interest and compete to get his services, neither are the marginalization and the short change will change the fact that you are a hot commodity and reeking the BEST Price for the opportunity to play for your team!

  218. Can you even call it Chinese food?

  219. American Chinese food.

  220. if they can win 42 games this season
    thats a big accomplishment in the west

  221. Serious, who let the dogs out?

  222. they say Panda Express is focused on a service. I guess if I was hungry and it was McD, JackBox, Wendys, or Burger King, I’d do Panda Express, then JackinBox. McD would be last.

  223. tastes nothing like real Chinese food but much better

  224. OMG, Phx/Grizz 2OT.

  225. Kobe had lots of time to twit.

    Congrats 2 @DrinkBODYARMOR's #AndrewLuck, @RobGronkowski & @RSherman_25 on advancing! #UpgradeYourSportsDrink pic.twitter.com/cGr3EsqH3P— BODYARMOR SuperDrink (@DrinkBODYARMOR) January 12, 2015

  226. cant wait to see those 2 going… hope to see good minutes today

  227. i kept thinking why isn’t phnx making a run; it took them long enuf but eventually they did. zach randolph has been memphis scoring and he hasn’t played for awhile and seems to have run out of gas late. gasol has been nonexistent and phnx has i.t. running the point at the end.

  228. I would throw Kelly in there as well 🙂

  229. I am just going to keep low expectations for this game because scott is doing his freak out thing, there is no telling what to expect from him tonight.

  230. TacoLin — TacoLinning

  231. lol…unpredictable, thats for sure….lets see

  232. wow wow

  233. If Kobe really retires, that changes everything. Lin can play well with every other Laker including Hill, Young and Wes, especially if the coach starts trying to win instead of only trying to make Kobe look good.

  234. No me, I’m expecting some BLin-g!

  235. that means winning 50% of the remaining games…hmmm

  236. Just put the bench plus Davis as the starting lineup. Enough with this charade.

  237. wow… you should tweet it to Jack-In-The-Box that Lin’s tweet inspired you to do it

  238. a bit more than that.

  239. right and their wont be any need to play price cause price is just there to have someone worse than kobe. so kobe doesn’t look bad; but….he still looked bad. ergo.

    for now. he’s resting in limbo. for an unspecified time. for unspecified reasons.

    the lakers have been a competitive team in every game except 2 since kobe started either not playing or shooting 50% less when he did play.

    no reason to think they can’t remain a competitive team.

    in any event its hard to see a scenario where the kobe of the first 27 games of being “overused” (and over shooting)—bs says its his bad? will ever come back again.

    that alone is reason for both lin fans and laker fans to rejoice.

  240. Me too. I think if Joyce was right on Kobe hanging up on Scott, Scott would need to find new support from the key players and fans.

  241. I was actually craving tacos for a while. hehe.

  242. My spanish is rusty but does it say, New year, new Lin?

  243. I still think their goal was to break MJ’s record before KB wears out. The Team suffered.

  244. december vs January 14.8 ppg vs 7.7 ppg

  245. si senorita

  246. Yeah, he is confessing to the media and looking really crazy. LOL. Not once has he said that he has talked to Kobe. BTW kobe could put this whole thing to rest with his fans via the twitter with something simple as working on my body, hope to see you soon. Nope he is hanging Scott out to dry.

  247. Gracias, senor.

  248. No hay de que.

  249. That was the goal and they did it. Everything else was a freebie.

  250. remember this is the man (kobe) who as some writer recently pointed out did not invite any of his teammates to his wedding. the writer added: “im surprised he invited his wife”.

  251. I'm not a sports person but just watched the Jeremy Lin story…..amazing story of faith and not giving up. So glad Emma made me watch it.— nancy chris inman (@nancy_inman) January 12, 2015

  252. LOL

  253. Thank you, Emma 🙂

  254. Good luck with that.

  255. Translation
    Byron : Kobe just called. He is too busy watching the Golden Globes to play tonite

  256. Or they can say they need to develop the young people and play more clarkson and the new guy, Tarik.

  257. I think Kobe has a real bad case of the blues.

  258. This is the thing I don’t understand…how can Kobe’s fans NOT KNOW that Kobe is the one who determined how much he played. He is The Man. No one tells him what to do, no one ever has, and that “alpha” badness is part of what they seem to like about him. Who in their right mind can blame his “coach”. Not that I’m not perfectly happy to see BS getting some heat, mind you. But I guess Kobe’s fans are as irrational as he is.

  259. Brian Phillips at Grantland, “Wolf on the rock: The ludicrous, glorious doom of Kobe Bryant”

  260. I would slap myself if they made the playoffs, they would have to win 40 of the next 45 something games. Maybe Jordan and Pippen could pull something like that off, not these Lakers. I would be ecstatic to see them win half their games from now on because that gives us some wins to cheer about and I thought they were capable of playing .500 ball before the season started.

  261. Is he going to sit at home or on the bench ? This is a win or loss question.

  262. yeah, they are. Kobe doesn’t get blamed for anything. Kobe is probably blaming scott too, that is why he is apologizing to the media because is not taking his calls. LOL

  263. And so it begins.LOL

  264. I doubt LAL will try to win even Kobe retires, they are in the tanking mode.

  265. Grow up, kids.

  266. Without Kobe a rich team like LA can just buy FAs. No need to tank for one draft pick.

  267. Can someone tell me if Kobe is starting?

  268. Worthy and Horry’s picks – Jeremy and Young.

  269. Why is BS falling on his sword so dramatically at this early point? Why does there have to be blame assessed at this date? Maybe the front office thought this route would be the best way to keep the media and fans distracted from looking into what might be deeper issues.

    Certainly Byron’s drama seems to have distracted the media from asking simply whether anybody has actually spoken with Kobe about his minutes and his ongoing role with the Lakers. Maybe they’ve wondered, but they don’t dare ask? It’s a simple, direct question.

    Certainly “resting” Kobe wouldn’t preclude him from showing up at practices to help the rest of the team prepare for games — and it certainly wouldn’t preclude Kobe showing up for games in civiliam clothes to cheer his team on. Would it?

    If Kobe is “just fine” outside of some wear and tear, why isn’t he the one controlling his own message instead of letting some people wonder whether he’s abandoned the team. He got his message across very colorfully about calling his teammates as soft as Charmin. Suddenly he’s not talking to the media about his own physical conditioning? Does not compute. ABEND.

  270. You know he is just exaggerating. I saw two tweets and not like he said at all…smh

  271. Right, appeasers never wins.

  272. Haha, the Big 3 off the Bench can become the Big 3 period.
    No more Lakers and the Small 5.

  273. Haha. No.
    Keep scrolling down and you will see the drama.

  274. Will do. Thanks. Just logged on ;p

  275. Well, now that I read the Pincus article instead of just the Cliff Notes on our site, in the course of “apologizing” Scott manages to say “I” about a thousand times. In addition to covering Kobe’s exhausted butt and also kissing it with comments about him being good for next year too…I also think it’s his lame effort to appear to be the “decider”. Not sure anyone will fall for the idea that he controls much of anything.

  276. Now that he won some 18,000 tacos, he can feel vindicated.

  277. Very short summary of my diagnosis of Kobe: He got the blues real bad.

  278. Is he kidding? Lin fans will now buy those tickets like hotcakes!!!

  279. Kobe hasn’t been showing for practice for years according to some of the players that played with him. The F/O kept their part of the bargain by letting him surpass MJ in points at the detriment of the team. Kobe is like a person with a part time job that works maybe 25 hours a week.

  280. We are quite biased but you’re right that Kobe not playing makes me want to buy the tickets more, not less.

  281. Read it carefully, it says not to buy tickets if he will play.

  282. Good grief, these people. “Byron’s early season usage…???” As if! It was always Kobe’s usage of Kobe.

  283. I bet they are letting out great emotion for another chance for two free Tacos

  284. I think he meant not to buy if he wont. I guess you’re kidding.

  285. Price sort of MENTORED Lillard as per Trudell?

    Oh…. o-kaay…

  286. Keys of the game

  287. lol

  288. so price trying to start the fast break for Portland for old time sake

  289. CAPHuang it, babe….LOL

  290. The ways of shoe throwing or wind mill dunking?

  291. BS all teary eyes cuz kobe not here.

  292. Know what u mean, LOL.

  293. Yeah, but Lillard respects Jeremy’s game more…

  294. I hope they enjoy watching Lillard blow past Price repeatedly.

  295. Ed Davis is bad at alley-oops when Jeremy is NOT the one throwing it lol. The timing is bad.

  296. Haha. LAL announcers praising Price profusely.

  297. Jordan Hill going Lamarcus Aldridge mode…. against the team with Lamarcus Aldridge

  298. if kobe is done this starting unit will not sell tickets

  299. Doesn’t matter, the audience knows who’s the real taco giver. 🙂

  300. Seem like it almost involves every players now.

  301. Jack-Lin-the-Box!

  302. minus Kobe 😉

  303. taco dont lie.

  304. im sorry but the lakers starters these starters are really bad.

  305. Stu Lantz is f’in annoying!!! SMH!

  306. you know this starting line up isn’t that bad. They are hanging in there. I think it was just Kobe that made the starting five so uncompetitive.

  307. No tacos for Stu, he’s just bitter.

  308. Kobe sitting will be like the Josh Smith/ Lance Stephenson effect.

  309. disagree they’re only hanging in there because portland is not taking the game seriously yet.

  310. yea. the rotation defensively isn’t too bad.

  311. Its only a two point deficit. They seem to be competing.

  312. The love for price is insane

  313. Is the head roach going to keep all the starters in the whole quarter?

  314. Anyone but jeremy

  315. lolz…its either the bottle is half full or half empty

  316. It’s obvious BScott wants to make Price/Black working

  317. Like how he forced the Price/Davis

  318. Tarik Black only needs one game to come off the bench first. JLin never gets to come off the bench first let alone get his starting role back!

  319. If I’m an la ticket owner im running to the owners

  320. Look at Price shoot; stats prove he is one of the worst PGs in history in shooting percentage.

  321. 70% empty as in 4 out 13 shooting

  322. It’s truly undying love professed by BScott to Price…

  323. I’m watching the LAL feed but listening to the Portland announcers. Problem solved 🙂

  324. You crazy Lin fan. SMH

  325. BS can’t keep BOTH Davis and Black off Jeremy.

  326. Look at his stats man. I criticize Lin all the time.

  327. Nice…Boozer making his shots

  328. BScott needs to pick his poison now.

    I bet Mitch is having an evil laughter :]

  329. BS don’t trust lin while lilliard still in.

  330. 12-15 for jeremy another strong game needed to make this a bigger story

  331. If BS tries to bottle up the Jeremy/Boozer connection he deserves a high five……. IN THE FACE. 10 TIMES.

  332. hes right. price is a joke. the worst starting player in the nba in basic stats this year and this is the best he’s ever played (because no one else would even consider playing him any significant time)

  333. Don’t just say something. Show me how I am crazy.

  334. yes and yes.

  335. what i expected

  336. My Asian brothers in LA who sit courtside need to talk with their $$$

  337. lol…he is pulling a quick one…chill mate 🙂

  338. You don’t think I was being sarcastic?

  339. Ha, ha. ok.

  340. hes a scrub lol

  341. so should all 2nd unit after TimeOut. Kelly looks like at table w/ Lin

  342. Another strong game Jeremy make this BS really BS become a story in LA

  343. JLin needs 30 points in less than 25 minutes for several games just to get the media loud enough to question BS’s stupidity!

  344. No JLin with 2:45m left in 1st qtr. Very interesting.

  345. They are definitely not grooming Jeremy Lin
    Paul ur wrong again lol

  346. Pure BS.

  347. you fooled me. You have to put a smiley in there somewhere.

  348. scott think price will hold lilard

  349. BS desperate to keep Jeremy out of the story.

  350. yeah…i thought he should be in together with Boozer

  351. i knew you were being sarcastic. i just can’t pass up any opportunity to confirm the pathetic career of ronnie the price is right.

  352. Lin is IN

  353. Only 2:35 to play, JLin gotta go scoring mode!

  354. then he wont be able to fool you… ;- thats serious face now

  355. 2:45 left after Black and Boozer went in first

  356. Good shot..Kelly

  357. not surprising the only reasons hes been getting minutes in recent games is because of bloody nose/flu and fouls for ronnie the price is right

  358. Stu hates

  359. stop talking about him.

  360. Come on Lin. You have to hit that shot.

  361. should be saying why the teammates aren’t hustling down wih lin

  362. I never listen but tonight I am and it’s crazy

  363. I think @brent is having some problem login into the page. It was slow for me as well, when I logged in earlier…could you look into it. Thx

  364. Great to see Lin grabbing Black and Boozer arms to give them instructions!

  365. Good Lord. Bad TO.

  366. Swaggy still can’t hit water from boat.

  367. oopsy TO

  368. Good PnR ..score!

  369. Nice…finally sinking it in…Go LIN

  370. Bang

  371. Mid J

  372. Lin is MONEY!!

  373. Lin jumper. Go Lin!!!!!

  374. LAL don’t get down the court after defensive rebound

  375. Clutch, baby!

  376. Finally Lin for 2 points hope he can bring this momentum to next quarter.

  377. what did he say

  378. That was clutch shot for Q1

  379. For those calling out Jeremy’s shot… that jump shot is for your demands..

  380. Good shot there by Lin.

  381. Both Byron and Stu are haters!

  382. Love the way, Lin approaches to games, nowadays… he has adjusted

  383. Now for JLin to make some 3s.

  384. Sounds like this is Lin’s 11th season

  385. Swaggy still slumping

  386. That’s why I said almost every players minus KB, Sacre??

  387. Its hard to describe Byron w/o insulting him and cursing but its prohibited here lol

  388. you made it!…he is smart and we all know….only those….

  389. If you mean cause of his limited minutes he’s forced to shoot more the moment he’s in, instead of going passing mode then yes!

  390. let’s go BLin-G! Black-Lin-Game

  391. Well at leasr Lin is getting his points in limited time so thats good

  392. this unit is so much better than the starters even with the chuker young at least as someone pointed out he gets fouled sometimes and hits his free throws and with black and kelly you dont have to have the hopeless sacre in there.

  393. Jeremy does one with Sacre

  394. i know, but we have to keep our decorum as well 🙂

  395. Or we’ll end up turning into that other site..;)

  396. Really?? Guess I miss it. Thought it was with Boozer, Clarkson, NY

  397. hm, ok.. let me check..

  398. yes and taking those closing Quarter shots…improves his perception as well…thats how fans and NBA works. People remember those shots

  399. Young would be more effective if he can attack the basket

  400. he s in…now…so its fine, i guess

  401. .. and with better shot selection

  402. Get me 6 points

  403. In LIn I trust.

  404. i think he dare not risk his body, hence he tuned to become a shooter

  405. Ok, can we please not comment on what Stu is saying. Mute him please

  406. Black is good!

  407. Should be the starters

  408. liked that he started aggressive as well Q2…although he missed it

  409. Blake – auditioning for LAL.

  410. Black is a real INSIDE presence

  411. Almost there

  412. There you GO…LIN!!!!!!!!!!!!

  413. wooohoooo

  414. Lin scores and runs back on D to force a TO!!

  415. What was the TOV? by blake

  416. Nick Young belongs on first squad.

  417. Ok we will get there

  418. Young is not adjusting his game, he is being scouted and his shot is not there

  419. stu never criticizes anyone else for shooting early i n clock

  420. Don’t smile, Jer, as psalm coaches.

  421. Leonard did that on purpose on Lin!! <.<

  422. FTs…again…mmmm come on LIN

  423. Portland announcers are praising Jeremy 🙂

  424. Freebies

  425. Portland will go deeper in the playoffs… if their bench could get a bit better. Unfortunately….

    Lakers bench getting better and better…

  426. IDM Young is 0/4. He is just swag.

  427. Lin’s FTs still not back =/

  428. Take Young out!!!

  429. Young is a black hole of chucking

  430. Get me 7 jeremy

  431. TO, you are right.

  432. Lin please practice your FTs more! That 50%FT is like a Center going to the line! ><"

  433. I think Lin is one of worst FT shooter among PGs now days. Don’t know what happened this year.

  434. 0-5!!!

  435. Young is just not feeling it.
    Lin tried to give him the ball to get some rhythm by dribbling

  436. Young sucks tn seriuosly back off man let Lin do his thang
    sorry i went too extreme

  437. what did they say?

  438. its crazy to think he isn’t practicing

  439. only last few weeks. He was nearly 90% up to then.

  440. Lakers would already have the lead if not for Young!

  441. Kelly is now part of the pregame handshake 🙂

  442. Yes, notice Lin is trying to help Nick out

  443. ’cause it has been his strong point. It’ll turn back around again at some point….

  444. young is so worthless

  445. I said this early this year; I see that he was missing too many. Weird.

  446. This unit of Jeremy-Kelly-Boozer-Black is one shooting guard away from burying the Lakers starters to oblivion.

  447. Even though Lin doesn’t get this time of chance but every player in a slump should be given minutes to get out of it. Remember how Green was 0-8 or something during Finals last year but he got hot 4th quarter and ended up with 20+ points!


  449. he was 90 percent early

  450. I think it will pay off later.
    And Nick will appreciate it

  451. young has missed 55 of his last 75 shots from the field. and still shooting at the highest # of shots per minute on the floor of any bench player in the league other than gerald green.

  452. stu never criticizes young. just says has to shoot out of slump. stu is annoying

  453. just major slump… just need 1 to get in

  454. Well, someone has to stand in for KHuang….:) A little extremity is the spice of life.

  455. Put Ellington in for Young.

  456. Bias hater, all I hear from Stu is noise.

  457. posters on here say the same thing.

  458. It’s been days now. And these wins are critical to make a point.

  459. Yes… RuSH HoUr brotherhood

  460. Stu implied that Lin’s scared of defending Lillard. Hate this idiot!

  461. it started in Dec

  462. Switch to the Portland feed!

  463. Kelly, as that a shot or pass? Oh man…

  464. Lin to Boooozzzz

  465. Lin

  466. Nice we will get 6-7 here

  467. Great pass

  468. These announcers are supposed to be homers and instead they’re criticizing their own players. WHY, Stu why? Damian Lillard isn’t going to switch teams because you bad mouth Jeremy Lin all game.

  469. He’s taking KB’s spot, isn’t he?

  470. lin is working it

  471. There you go, Jeremy. 2 FTs! =)

  472. price for young?

  473. yes, hit both ft!

  474. these announcers cant say anything positive about lin without trashing him in the same sentence

  475. Why is Price in?

  476. It’s so fun to watch this group. JLin playing true point guard. Team ball. Go Lin.

  477. Ugh Jordan Hill is back.. no rebounds again

  478. finally…good FTs

  479. you got half of yer wish

  480. lin gave up a 3

  481. Impressed with Lillard’s passing. He’s not a one dimensional PG like Kyrie.

  482. the price is right

  483. true dat

  484. ’cause Young was taken out!

  485. That would have been some sick Jeremy-Davis connection…

  486. lol stop me when i go too far

  487. lin price unit plays well

  488. This price is never right……

  489. Go Lakers Go! Go Lin Go! Black, you are a good dude… go go go!

  490. Kind of weird…it was very bad……

  491. little rusty. thanks to BS.

  492. Young in slump. Good move I would say.

  493. man we said the same thing about Lin-bev
    lets not jinx it lol

  494. Stu is another racist and Lin hater! Don’t want the Asian guy to succeed! Rather praise his scrub Price!

  495. hope to see more lin-price. better than taking lin out.

  496. Not watching, can only follow play-by-play…so who’s PG here, Jeremy or Price?

  497. I guess so. As long as Price is not in for JEremy.

  498. at least Lin will play the Q that way.

  499. Is rather Ellington come in for Young instead of Price.

  500. Price brings ball up Lin being kobe now

  501. Price.

  502. As long as Jeremy is on point, no complaints..

  503. No! Price will take the ball out of Lin’s hands!

  504. unlikly wes was suppose to come in

  505. lin gave up a 3 after wandering over to paint for no benefit. he does that too much

  506. Very true, I think Lin has more confidence going inside then shooting 3s =/

  507. thought price was in for Lin. good to see that price is in for Lilliard and Lin still in

  508. Isn’t that weird? Huh….does BS think if Kobe can’t play anymore that he can keep Price as PG and shift Jeremy around to SG…or worse yet, out entirely? Is he trying to prove they could trade Jeremy out and not suffer?

  509. it wasn’t lin was at the ft line

  510. i dont think so…i think they compliment well, both are not hoggers, they do pass to others

  511. Usually, Boozer, Young, Sacre, Clarkson and now I see Kelly doing one with Jeremy

  512. Nope, Lin’s out!

  513. Lin Out for Ellington

  514. is he on point? I thought Price is and Lin is SG.

  515. Jeremy-Boozer-Kelly-Black: Let’s sit together…

  516. Good job Lakers Nation for pointing it out.

  517. Great productive outing by Lin in 10 min
    7pts/2asts (2-5 shooting, 3-4 FTs) only 1 TO

  518. Amazing to take out guys who are playing well

  519. Live streaming http://www.ifeed2all.eu

  520. Was

  521. at least he got a good 10 minutes

  522. lin has pretty much stopped boxing out or marking out territory for defensive rebound after the shot goes up. just watches the ball fly in air. its been like this for a while now.

  523. Yep. Guess more and more fans besides JLin fans notice it.

  524. yep

  525. So it seems, lately, BScott brings Lin late in 1stQ and then keeps him in for about 8min Q2

  526. He isn’t a perfect player man but his on ball defense has improved

  527. Coach BS talks out of his a$$.

  528. I am happy lakernation notices because this is a laker site

  529. thats good

  530. Nick Young is the only active player of the game who hasn’t scored, ouch.

  531. go ronnie!!
    throw that shoe!!

  532. as long as he leaves Jeremy to close 4th quarter, it’s okay.

  533. Better rotation and minutes without Kobe, I’d take it from that Bias Hater!

  534. starters just need to keep it close until the second unit can get back in.

  535. there is no playmaker in this unit. BS is so dumb

  536. and thomas

  537. Price can make simple passes for assists it works.

  538. Thanks for the link…every time I click on the suggested links I get told to download something in order to watch. I’m too anxious to do that…will have to get some proper geek over here to make sure I’ve got the right programs/plug-ins to use these site without getting infected.

  539. when lillard scores on price, he just compliments how good lillard is.

  540. I think Wes should be more relaxed with Kobe out and Kelly able to relieve him.

  541. Johnson woke up after out for several games, 8 points.

  542. Scott usually take lin out after 6min in 2nd qt but he kept lin little longer because of blake.

  543. Did Lillard score all his points on PRice?

  544. Davis completely lost on what made him a great big

  545. its not as if lin needs to rest. there is all of half time to rest. BS just doesnt play him

  546. does that mask interfere?

  547. Nah Lin is their min Kobe
    young is just a punk

  548. This game is so winnable but we have a head roach instead of a HC.

  549. as (i think you) said just need a shooting guard to put with that group and play them and you would have a team that would be competitive every game.

  550. Playing with Kobe will do that to you. Black came to Lakers at a perfect timing.

  551. The bench players’ PTs: 10 10 10 10 10

  552. give him last 2 mins would be fun.

  553. davis isn’t lost he is a pnr big who never pnr also ronnie isn’t good at pnr soooooo

  554. Yes, Scott is a Head Case

  555. He’s good when he plays with a PG who can feed him the ball well. He is good in finding the right spots to roll to.


  556. POR still have like 2 gears they have not shifted to…

  557. They are on BTB no?

  558. Lin might not have been 10 if he wasn’t on the FT.

  559. hopefully, BS sits young again during the close, like last game.

  560. They seem a bit out of sync.

  561. Price can’t make Davis better.

  562. with long antennas on his head

  563. Antennas that only pick up BS signals. useless…

  564. Yeah I did say that. One shooting guard away and they can definitely rule out the starters.

  565. Now I have a gross image in my head. >.<

  566. Lillard elite. Those same hesitation moves would really help Lin also.

  567. anyone follow rockets? do the three stooges still gush over bev?

  568. Price can’t even follow Lilliard. LoL

  569. Lin +6 Price -12

  570. What does he mean mentor/close friend? Didn’ know that.

  571. price gets better calls then lin

  572. Refs bailed Price out.

  573. Yes

  574. Lin 10 minutes Price 15+ minutes

  575. Trade him NOW please.

  576. Okay Lin
    if Byron wants to throw you in again for defense
    say no you missed the boat

  577. He hopes to get promoted to the bench to play with Lin

  578. anyone else just the the feeling whenever Lillard feels like blowing this game open he can. Yet still a close game, gotta give props to the whole Laker players keeping it competitive.

  579. He is somewhat pro-lin, I guess.

  580. Price digs the hole and Lin has to fill it later

  581. Lin can do that lillard move more….given he could dislodge from his own defender off a pick…

  582. Why let Lin in at 0.5 sec. left?

  583. Lin is back IN

  584. said Gary Cole – Office Space

  585. Can’t watch the second half as I have an appointment to go to. Please keep everything update here. Thanks in advance!

    JLin please keep up your good play and stay healthy.

  586. Portland announcers saying this is good move by LA.

  587. actually its worse than that ido i know its probably not beleivable why you missed it but the starters are actually minus 40!

  588. have a good appt result!

  589. cuz blake is back in

  590. Stupid for trying a steal

  591. price with the terrible steal gamble.

    but isnt blake lin’s man?

  592. May God keep you healthy

  593. Look at that well-timed pass by Lillard for 3 by Blake. I put Lillard in top 4 PGs in NBA.

  594. Why was 3 pt shooter Blake left wide open? Who’s man was that

  595. so price gambles at a steal causing lin to help leaving blake wide open. hahahahahahaha

  596. He has to rotate…middle drive….so….pick your posion

  597. ok.

  598. In ya face price

  599. Double Lillard or leave Blake? I’d Double Lillard.

  600. so Priceless D

    Contain. Clock is on your side. Not too bbiq smart.

  601. Thanks! It isn’t a medical appointment but to do with government:-)

  602. Lin and Hill were in paint guarding same guy. was that Lilliard they guarding?

  603. does he think he will steal it?

  604. who?

  605. Still, hope you have a smooth one.

  606. Ya that was on Price losing Lillard Lin has to come in to guard Lillard leaving Blake open. Price too slow to get to Blake.

  607. Dont download anything, just cross those junk sites out one by one and also get rid of the ( x
    ) appears on the screen, sometimes there is a “CLOSE” in a red box, click that out. Also on top of the screen, cross out all those non related sites on the top bar.
    Also make sure no other junk sites behind your screen, drag down your screen and see, if there is one or two, cross them out. At the end of the game before you shut down your laptop, delete cookies and go to download to delete the junk sites that sometimes automatically downloaded by itself. Clean it up and keep it clean all the time should be good. So far so good for years for my laptop. Goodluck!

  608. not thinking. Contain in that situation. Clock will do the stop, or O will make a mistake under pressure.

  609. Kobe, please move your a$$ and announce your retirement. Then you can sulk as much as you want.

  610. price like really a steal attempt really? will he with 4 second left run back to idk miss a dunk again

  611. Keep smiling:) Keep believing.

  612. BS puts Lin in to take a 3 point deficit. Now +3 instead of a +6. Crap.

  613. Jlin 7 pts 2 asst

  614. U’ve got our luv n Jeremy’s play 2 support u, u’ll def feel in ur heart. May ur mind w/laughter n joy. Keep fighting~~ Mel

  615. lol

  616. lots of gambling by lakers wing players for steals, esp kobe. BS doesnt seem to mind, and it keeps happening. portland never does that. stotts is against it.

  617. BS was just matching Portland substitution. so can’t blame him for that.

  618. He confused effort with stupidity

  619. below ido tweeted that the starters were minus 30 and bench plus 30 that was incorrect. at that time the bench was plus 30 but the starters were minus 40.

    now at half starters are minus 52 and bench plus 27.

  620. price ego is way to big for his talent

  621. Best player of the game so far?
    Lillard and Lin
    Blazers can be better come on I know yall are better than this
    Batum needs to wake up

  622. Nick has been doing a great job filling in for Kobe .. with his .22% FG in the last 5 games.

    But really, I hope he gets out of his slump soon.

  623. Price lost Lillard, Lin had to leave Blake to cover Lillard. Price too slow to pick up Blake.

  624. “The Lakers’ defence is soft as countertop butter.” — Blazers halftime report

  625. BS substitution is based on opponents move. Not smart. Not thinking ahead.

  626. Take that Ronnie Price

  627. There were some good stretches..

  628. dam young stats are blank except for 1 personal foul

  629. Should forget about defensive stopper Price stopping Lillard. Better put Lin on him.

  630. The coach allows a few players to pad this way, just as McHale let Harden pad his STs and RBs with no defense responsibility.

  631. 13 points assist price is real good

  632. 7 assist

  633. price has 13 points and 7 assists..?

  634. LOL Price only has 4 points!

  635. ok i was abouot to say…

  636. No worries. Lin will hit a couple of 3’s to get his double points.

  637. mentor/close friend to Lillard

  638. was talking bout lilard

  639. 5 assists! Dude what box score are you looking at? Oh You’re talking about Lillard. Nevermine your sentence wasn’t clear.

  640. lilard

  641. Too many haters on jeremylin dot net

  642. -I have more than enough job in tuning out Stu Lantz.
    -Patrick Beverley who?

  643. no lilard does

  644. bears repeating at half: lakers starters a minus 52; bench a plus 27.

  645. Stay here, more mods, more updates, better discussion!

  646. ok, thanks

  647. i hate that troll site

  648. Several weirdos, like Godzilla poster and ThomasSoSick poster.

  649. has missed 55 of his last 75 shots from the field

  650. when i turned on the feed, i hesitated for a second whether i should listen to the portland feed or the ‘home’ feed.

  651. Lets hope Lin scores 20+ this game and has at least 2 blocks 😉 He’s got 0 fouls so got chips to try out those blocks.

  652. Well. we all need govt appts to go well have a good one!

  653. he looks better with lin

  654. ellington is good in the context of team ball and ball movement. that doesnt happen often on this team

  655. everyone here (well almost everyone) came over from there long ago. (well at least awhile ago) this is the breakaway still lin fans fans site.

  656. I’m watching the LAL feed muted and listen to the Portland feed 🙂

  657. Lillard not even playing hard, playing at around 70%.

  658. geez

  659. hah. portland feed isnt bad, if i recall correctly.

  660. he always does that

  661. So Stu is saying that Lilliard just that special. Didn’t they said it was because LAL didn’t have Price to finish the game and that’s why LAL lost?
    Well, Price is here now. Whats your excuse then.

  662. until 4th quarter

  663. Too bad for Swaggy, shooting slump got him benched.

  664. yep

  665. They respect Jeremy.

  666. when ppl scored on bev, three stooges would just gush how good that offensive player is. cuz he scored on their elite defender, must be good. familiar feeling here.

  667. Ask him who is more special, Lilliard or Price?

  668. Patrick Beverley is RELEVANT? lol

  669. a brick is as good as a TOV.

  670. Lilliard scored 2 points while Lin was in. The other 11 with Price in the game

  671. i should feel grateful. ive seen two games now without kobe

  672. Come on Nick, put some in the hole.

  673. The way I see it, the F/O is going to let Scott dig a hole and fall in it, and he is to dumb to see it coming. I think Kobe has bailed. Scott is on his own.

  674. psalm234, i sent you a donation receipt this morning in your gmail box.
    Please check, thanks!

  675. I like that story arc …

  676. The starters are making a comeback

  677. davis with beautiful block. should be lakers ball

  678. Lakers without Kobe are playing free and with efforts.

  679. Earlier in the game Stu says the Lakers are “only” 2-3 without Kobe. Of course, that means the Lakers are 10-22 with Kobe. LOL.

  680. Wow, alley oop by Lillard.

  681. Minor details. =)

  682. Yeah nice play.

  683. gratitude is good

  684. Then Lakers have a chance to win this one because their bench is all PLUS!

  685. Nice play by Price there.

  686. Our boy doing good or not?

  687. would be a good time for Lin

  688. put liin in already. this is ridic

  689. No Lin no lead.

  690. price has 9 assist but it has zero effect

  691. HAHAHA Portland toying with Lakers on that series of passes.

  692. gotta get Lin in now or…… too late

  693. Lin should be in for Ellington if coach was smart because Wayne and Swaggy got nothing but bricks

  694. Seems none of these guys can find the gap, and cut to the basket. Live and die with 18 footers. Very boring.

  695. i guess lin is on pace to get 20 min this game. unless he plays entire 4th

  696. too late for tacos

  697. It’s incredible how long BS makes Lin sit.

  698. watch, it’ll be close

  699. Just the norm

  700. IF blake-lillard close the game


  702. oh , so Lin’s not in ?

  703. ??

  704. our boy only played 7 min :/

  705. If I’m Portland….Jeremy and Boozer look nice on their Bench

  706. price is not a play maker he has 9 assist and honestly if i wast watching the stat board i wouldn’t know

  707. Is Wes Matthew a good post player…why he post so much

  708. He’s doing great! 7 points, 3-4Fts =) Just need more minutes.

  709. its not possible to fast forward through live game.

  710. pretty good. and on wes, he is confident

  711. anyone else feel portland is taking it easy and lillard will shut the door on this game pretty soon.

  712. Stupid Coach BS.

  713. Nothing creative just a simple pass and make the shot

  714. How is Jeremy still no in?

  715. Blake in so should jeremy

  716. I think that will always be the case for rest of season unless Price gets hurt or something.

  717. f u byron

  718. Hahaha. nope. still not in.

  719. Stu praising Lillard so hard that I thought I was on the wrong feed.

  720. Booz and Black back with no Lin!!

  721. Price is leading team at -15

  722. Is BS strategy to lull the other team asleep and then slam the Lin hammer on them.

  723. Haha

  724. he usually the 3rd sub group now with 2-3 minutes left

  725. Jlin 9th man?

  726. Wow

  727. Starting to think Jeremy pulled a Delonte West

  728. BS should be the one to blame if they lost this game, very poor time management.

  729. lin on horn

  730. Price is not a bad. He is not stupid and plays within himself. If all things worked out he would’ve been great backing up Lin, not the other way around.

  731. yep

  732. Black is on beast mode tonite..

  733. Maybe scott is saving jli for 4thn

  734. Lin is not playing….but the team is not that hard to watch anymore…good for me

  735. time out coming after dead ball. guys back to bench

  736. Stu is LA’s version of Rox 3 stooges. ultra biased.

  737. 9th man avg 10-11 points a game on 20 minutes is beyond efficient

  738. same as every game. 3 min 3rd all 4th.

  739. Without Kobe they actually play as a team and turn out not to be too bad. I think Lin could have fun on a team like this were everyone just plays for each other and not have any superstar egos. In Interviews he is always saying how he just wants to play together.

  740. Specifically LA’s version of Clyde Drexler even the love for the scrub and hate on Lin!

  741. Guess Price is getting the assists so allows LAL to keep pushing him as the better starter.

  742. This is the team we thought (at least me) we would see…

  743. So tired of hearing him.

  744. Lakers is becoming a team … thanks for Kobe’s absence

  745. bc he gets more minutes. its that simple

  746. there’ s no one to praise on the Lakers… Lin’s not in …

  747. I dont mind Price starts, but why he always play more minutes than Jeremy? Stu ugly old dog non stop praising Price which i also dont mind but the ugly old dog made sure to complain if Lin has any mistakes that is so bias!

  748. he’s not getting full 4th unless he goes Linsanity

  749. always iffy.

  750. this game is just a fluke. even just counting the games price has started prior to this game lin still has more assists.

  751. black is horrible

  752. Price gets more minutes than Lin for the same reason as why he starts over Lin – complete nonsense.

  753. price must be paying stu.

  754. Agree with Stu there.

  755. relax hard for a big

  756. What are you talking about? Black has been playing well there.

  757. SHUT UP STU, you are such an ugly dog! An ev.. person looks really uglier !

  758. TO

  759. young. lol.

  760. Partly Lin’s fault for passing too early.

  761. Okay Lins fault then

  762. what’s with all the TOs!

  763. Bad Shots by Booz and Young

  764. 10-12 points please

  765. I said partly.

  766. Nah, Lin is training Black for dribbling. JK.

    I think Lin wanted to take advantage of D not set.

  767. Lin take over
    dont let Young kill the momentum

  768. Mathews, Lin and Black not drafted

  769. it was though

  770. Feel sorry for Young…. but you have a bro helping you out…

  771. the better Lin plays, the more minutes he stays at the bench, thats the life an Asian American basketball player according to NBA rules, so he will never outshine other players on the court. Poor Jeremy!

  772. Young can’t make a damn shot!

  773. I sure wish Jeremy took that to the basket instead of passing to Young

  774. I hope lin steps it up and takes control.geeze

  775. Lin should have shot that one
    bad decision making
    please be confident in your self
    youre the best player for the lakersright now

  776. Swaggy is not present – don’t try to get him started.

  777. Yeah, but Black can’t dribble well. He should and could have just pushed the ball and had Black trailing him.

  778. So he gives the last shot to the worst shooter?

  779. Lin did not play the whole 3rd qtr. am i right?

  780. oh ok, thanks… let me check later!

  781. lin went for 2-for-1. got the ball back. too bad neither play got a bucket

  782. Yes credit Lin for still passing to Young even though he’s been shooting awful, gotta wake up.

  783. no he played partially

  784. he played for like the last min

  785. about 2 mins.

  786. Shut the h*LLL up. Mod should block this a**h0le

  787. bad decision

  788. Swaggy P is cold, but Lins been helping pass him the ball..

  789. block this guy

  790. No gap to push? Anyway, it is a TO.

  791. Both possession were good…just did not make the bucket

  792. that play was fine

  793. What happened to Swaggy P. I like that guy. Hope he gets his shot back. Is he a little down because his big brother Kobe is not playing.

  794. Swaggy is one of their best scorers, if he can get going the momentum of the game can change.

  795. Young and Wayne ice cold I’m hoping one of them sits and jeremy gets their minutes during the 4th

  796. this will be a loss for LA coz Lin has cooled off for staying too long at the bench, great decision by BS.

  797. Lin wide open swaggy swing the ball man

  798. Jlin turn iit up get your double points

  799. horrible shot selection swaggy

  800. when young shoots it, its alkmost guaranteeed lin is wide open on 3

  801. needs 11

  802. its just terrible coaching. do these losers even watch film after games?

  803. Refs making a huge effort calling those illegal screens. Did someone tip them off about the Lakers screens??

  804. BS just driving the tank. What do you expect? Lol

  805. Is the stand really dark or just a lot of empty seats?

  806. Like jlins shoes

  807. SwaggyP is KB’s disciple, so no way he will pass to a wide open team mate, more so Lin.

  808. Lin make some shots just 3 more points plz man

  809. i don’t like his white ones…his dark purple ones are much more cooler haha

  810. I think Lin knows he needs to get at least 10pts so he won’t get benched.
    He might attack the rim around 9th-8th min

  811. He is way overrated. He got shots and points last year in D’Antoni’s system and everybody thought he was good because of his points totals. I do like him because he seems to get along well with Lin.

  812. BS offense is to feed the ball to the coldest shooter on team

  813. BS’ anti-coaching goes on and on and …..

  814. Lol

  815. the nike ones were the best

  816. This game is secretly sliping away

  817. Lin just need to say forget and get his shots in the 4th and stop feeding Young.

  818. STOP force feeding swaggy jesus

  819. should’ve gave to Kelly in the middle

  820. keep the faith. I feel it.

  821. Byron is definitely on a mission to let Price close 4th quarter

  822. They have to stay close to the score! Go Lin

  823. i thought kelly failed to catch it

  824. I think Price is guarantee to finish 4th. question is Lin gonna be in as well.

  825. Might not see double digit points

  826. wnt get double pts running the BS offense

  827. He needs to wake up and do his thing.

  828. Lillard too tough to guard. Guy can knock down long jumpers and also drive to the rim and pass.

  829. Lillard time well he is a superstar folk

  830. now lin is cold great

  831. well lin is done

  832. Now Lins gone
    very nice
    shouldve shot when u had the chance

  833. game over folks..

  834. it’s now or never. LAL bricking, they need a ball handler to score because it’s a mess out there.

  835. He was smart and ran his defender off some slow moving bigs. Lillard is smart and athletic.

  836. Lillard is a bad man.

  837. 2nd unit out cold =/

  838. lin may be done

  839. so frustrating watching this team

  840. Yes, smart and savvy. Just too much to shut down. Only thing is hope to contain him. He doesn’t just depend on his athleticism.

  841. lol

  842. Lin needs to take over the game, stop passing starting shooting!!

  843. Bad coaching…

  844. Don’t give up… last five minutes will be exciting come back… let’s go!

  845. Scott needs to be fired as a coach with his poor substitutions.

  846. if he does that, he will not be doing byron’s ‘PG responsibilites’

  847. The only chance Lin has to beat an elite team like Portland is to have MDA on the sideline and run everything through Lin from the start. Have Lin get in a rhythm and then get the whole team in a rhythm.

  848. the game is over when Lin stays too long at the bench during the 3rd. BS has zero idea that Lin has to stay on court longer to get his rhytm, Once he gets it, he’s almost unstoppable. Only MDA knew about it.

  849. Coach is stupid to think Price is a good defender!

  850. Good 2 see Lin on the floor. Seize the chance to keep shooting n end the Q4, plz..

  851. Come on now jlin!

  852. price runs into lillard in lin-like fashion

  853. they are creating an illusion that Lin is not a starter because he is a poor defender, Mchale, BS, who’s next?

  854. Terrible shot selection by Ronnie Price.

  855. Lets go Lin. you have a chance to punch back. Your team is getting beat up.

  856. Talent matters

  857. Savvy play by Lin. He knew Batum was near and used the rim to shield him.

  858. Almost there get me 11

  859. Not today, Batum.. not today… 🙂 no blocking today

  860. beautiful play

  861. Go LIN

  862. lin done good bye

  863. What?

  864. game over.

  865. Horrible subbing why these guys can’t score lol

  866. Hope they get crushed

  867. WOW, it’s over. Good night.

  868. Lin done. It’s almost as if Portland takes it easy for 3 quarters and then turns it on. No way Lakers making it to playoff with or without Kobe.

  869. OK… take it back….. BS sitting Lin… guess game over

  870. Go Blazer

  871. Waiting for highlight! game is over long time ago

  872. Couldn’t get me double digits

  873. 🙁 🙁 🙁 Can’t let Lin outscore Price by even a single point, if possible.

  874. That free throw man

  875. 3rd quater cooled the bench and ended it

  876. Is Ronnie Price channeling Kobe?? One Laker touched the ball before he took a bad 3. Pass the ball around first, you ARE the point guard.

  877. Lin is out 🙁

  878. hrm tv turn off now?

  879. Does he get double digits?

  880. Only 18 minutes for Lin this game. BS at it with the benching again after Lin having a great game! He should know the pattern by now and look for his shot more!

  881. price has such a

  882. Yup… that’s exactly how i felt… well… it is all BS anyway so not really surprised

  883. Bad TO with 3 min to go

  884. If Kobe is not playing anymore. How long does the FO have to wait to replace BS to not look like total douche bags?

  885. 9pts

  886. ego

  887. I have never waited for a season to end as much as I do now.

  888. crap!…i’m pissed

  889. Was going to tune in but then I see on box score Lin not playing and is less than 20 mins.
    Lakers not going to win unless Lin gets closer to 25-30 mins per game

  890. Really hope jeremy gets traded to a contending team like Portland….playoff basketball only increase his value

  891. Price 33 min
    Lin 19 min

  892. yeah…can we move on to the next chapter

  893. No Lin no Win

  894. Portland Or Memphis or heck even the clippers…at least he would be playing strong backup minutes and in 2 pg sets….playing with the Lakers is killing his value

  895. and no tacos 🙁

  896. lakers deserve to lose.

    good night all. tv off now

  897. Which is worse….

  898. Sheesh…how could I forget he just got that game MVP. OF COURSE he’d be punished.

  899. Kobe-less opportunity gone by.

  900. Yea BS’ fault

  901. Welcome to BS’ bizzarro world

  902. Ido a true Lin fan. I wonder why he doesn’t post on this site.

  903. ty

  904. Jeremiah

  905. can they tie and go to OT?

  906. Absolutely poor coaching… or should I say non-coaching? Guess by seriously reducing Lin’s play time, BS can reduce Lin’s output. Shame on you BS! Shame shame shame… No Taco for attendees tonight

  907. LOL

  908. lin never has good games when he doesn’t get minutes. none of the bench players were given 21 minutes 2nite; despite the starters playing awful thru the entire first half.

  909. nm

  910. Enough with the Price defense

  911. Thankfully Lin wasn’t in on that play by Lillard. Thank you Byron Scott.

  912. Price cannot guard Lillard

  913. WOW. Lillard is a killer. Lin take note, go for the jugular like that every game.

  914. Price defense just died with that banger

  915. Why wasn’t lin driving, Lopez is out. I guess this game for lin was to get Nick out of his shooting slump…smh

  916. wow they really needed their elite perimeter defender ronnie price in there to close this out.

  917. No… just let Lillard go off on Price.

  918. and TO, pity the guy…i wont blame him, its the Coach!

  919. Not enough minutes tonight to get the juices flowing

  920. Why ? I didn’t see the game. Does it take another broken nose for Lin to get the minutes he deserves?

  921. In their dreams 🙂

  922. Thank you Lillard 🙂

  923. Oaklands own Lillard has destroyed Price

  924. sitting most of Q3 and and plying just 18min, is not giong to get anyone going…sigh!

  925. egos much for the price defence

  926. Maknusia

  927. Did Price say something to piss Lillard off? The game was over and Lillard was like let me stomp on you when your down.

  928. not much you can do with a coach that doesn’t let you play your game

  929. Byron Scott is a very determined guy…no opportunity gone unobstructed on his watch!

  930. POR still has a good interior D regardless..

  931. Lin needs to keep in mind that he needs to get in and get his points and stop all the trying to set these people up.

  932. I quietly think Lillard thinks how Lin is treated is BS and he takes it out on Ronnie

  933. yeah…thats how BScott is thinking, not realizing that is dumb

  934. Lillard was pissed that Lin was not guarding him. No respect for him.

  935. Lillard was offended that they put a scrub on him
    and they thought this scrub cudve stopped Lillard
    Man was largely offended

  936. He did it for Lin… buddies

  937. lol, this is much fun than the game itself…sigh

  938. I thought he was trying to feed Young to help him get out of the slump.

  939. LOL. Nice thought but I’m sure lillard doesn’t give a crp about LIn’s career.

  940. It helps to get more than 18 minutes.

  941. He wont do that
    if he did, he wouldnt be in this mess right now

  942. I got the same feeling Lillard’s wrath on Price was premeditated to make a point for the Lin-justice of his Adidas buddy, Jeremy =)

  943. You’ve got that right!

  944. Maybe but he sure speaks out on the scrubs who starts over Lin! Last time they faced, Lillard gave credit to Lin when he didn’t have to!

  945. We all know Lin is talented enough to get in double figure in 18mins

  946. It’s an Adidas thing man…jeremy is his boy…lol wishful trade thoughts

  947. lilard needs screens to score on lin atleast. so much for the whole great defender thing

  948. give me Houston over this nonsense…he would be getting minutes

  949. so you only want 18?

  950. Lillard, Lin, Aldridge Championship big 3 right there! Best part Aldridge is a star PF!

  951. Just wait for Lillard’s post game interview to see what he has to say.

  952. I think I’ll go with Jerome and BobbyH theory as more likely. HAHAHA. Lillard doesn’t even say hi to Lin during games.

  953. Scott looks like a fool now. Price played worse defense on LIllard than Lin did. Lin didn’t play enough, didn’t look for his shot enough. Oh well, 9 pts will have to do.

  954. I want 38 but Lin is so talented that he only needs 18mins to get in double figures
    is all im saying
    i believe in Lin

  955. Indeed. But if Lin stayed on until the end… he always plays better and better near the end of the game. Taking him out with 5 min left… just dumb BS move

  956. ..and playoffs.

  957. lol, and we thought nothing could be worse than Rox!

  958. Price got more minutes than anyone, swaggy shot us out of the game, and the coach…….is a roach!

  959. I think Lillard respects Lin and his game, but I don’t think so. I think he just said he can take over on the Lakers and did again.

  960. …………sigh

  961. Word and I think this version of Lin would be getting 22-25 minutes a night

  962. that last 1-1 beatdown, slam and1 was just it. Ronnie price not up to it.

  963. “Lakers disrespected me by putting Price on me” – Lillard.

  964. Give me upfront fascists or Bigots any day over phony

  965. hush

  966. buddies? never got that feeling. Respect though seems to be there between Lin and Lillard. There was definitely no respect for Price in those last two minutes.

  967. I just wanna see how BS will praise his beloved snake head’s “tough” defence.

  968. Lin shouldve taken more shots
    but 9points in 18mins is good
    he had 4 good games
    well take this
    Lin will finish the season with 10+ppg thats all that matters
    when Lin comes back next year he will torch the lakers

  969. I think Lin cares for Swaggy more and more and hope to pull him up as much as he can.

  970. so we loss by 4 last time with out the head of the snake . he was here today only to be chopped off. losing by 12 points

  971. Why hasn’t more reporters pointed out the racist benching by Scott? After every great game, Lin not only doesn’t get more minutes like Tarik Black but always gets less minutes (15-18)! The fact that Lin’s treated like this shows Lakers don’t care about him at all! They know very well BS is bias and ruining his stats, it’s obvious!

  972. Finally getting Kobe to retire is a miracle in itself. Now Price is still an obstacle? I’m gonna lose it.

  973. Lin should get himself going when the time is running out. He already tried all of first half. My comment was timed to do or lose situation.

  974. BS is the obstacle.

  975. Keep hope alive….

  976. Scott must be dumb to think Kobe will still be able to back him after his apology and freezing Lin today..

  977. last game loss by 4 with lin. today lose by 12 with price soooooo…….

  978. Kobe has to make it official. Losing this game is such a shame.

  979. Why doesn’t Scott put a taller better defender on Lillard when he got hot? That’s what Portland — they put Batum on Lin when Lin used to go off on Portland in the past. Heck put Wes on Lillard! Scott stinks as a coach

  980. price is god don’t you get it

  981. Because Price is DPOY

  982. Did he really say that? If not he should, BS needs to hear it from an actual star PG!

  983. lol

  984. Not to mention it is a B2B for Blazers.

  985. we have clear evidence we loss by 4 last time with lin. today by 12 but watch him now say lilard is to good

  986. Scott and his answers

  987. its semms lately he had been doing that during the start of his game, but then he tends to forget, he has limited minutes. He will figure it out

  988. but last time we loss by 4 why is that

  989. If Lin was in, Lillard wouldn’t have that dunk in the first place!

  990. Because you let him take over, BS, with your absolute incompetence.

  991. On a positive note, Kobe has sat out 6 of the past 11 games. He really needs to make an announcement already.

  992. No opportunity for the Asian guy but more opportunity for the rookie Tarik Black just after one game and his pet Price.

  993. this guy is critiquing the best players on the team yet price is out there

  994. All PGs of Lakers need to go down for Lin to 33 minutes and legit run as starter!

  995. sounds like hes clueless that how 2 deal w/the killer like him as a coach..

  996. most likely he already did, and he knows

  997. why is that?? can the reporters get him to elaborate

  998. LOL. I don’t know.

  999. Lin only logged 1 TOV…not bad~

  1000. Only thing I agreed with BS in this season. Ha, ha.

  1001. why isnt it good but “not bad”?

  1002. lin gaurd lilard the best. sure he will score but he always does especially on a poor defensive team like the lakers but he has never dunked on lin why is that . yet does it twice on price

  1003. Not that he had to make a point. Most people know this already.

  1004. Because I hoped he had more..but I guess 1 will do

  1005. Send this to Jeanie Buss.

  1006. No reason other than BS is full of S.

  1007. the last obstacle get scott fired

  1008. Yes, yes, yes. Why is that so hard to understand for him? He can’t afford to help others when he’s in danger of losing his job.

  1009. sorry its been taken over by the other PG

  1010. Too bad

  1011. I have been tweeting her all night

  1012. Only because Lakers will still be a terrible team.

  1013. one need to be elite to get TO

  1014. The belove snake head; no surprise no criticism on Price’s poor defense lol

  1015. Scott is just not a competitive coach.

  1016. If Kobe retires, I want BS to be fired immediately!!

  1017. scott is going at lin and young. but price gets a free ride. also johnson and hill who was off for like 6 games but heard nothing. he sure has his favorites

  1018. There is no “if Kobe retired”

  1019. His favorites are the lazies and scrubs who are playing as starters!

  1020. exactly the worst player on the team

  1021. Remember when Lillard hit that series winning 3 on the Rockets,…………………AFTER NOT BEING ABLE TO SCORE ON LIN IN THE 4TH! Hehe…

  1022. Agree Lin guards Lillard better than Price.

  1023. I hope not. I really expect things to change once Kobe makes it definite that he’s not coming back.

  1024. its insulting this scrub rbonniee price took two three when it mattered to miss both. what a ego. atleas bev waited to get a pass first and knew his strength. geez bev should be insulted i mention him here

  1025. I would say better than any other point guard. =)

  1026. Lin our best D on Blake: 9 pts blake
    Lilliard: 34 pts.

    There’s your game.

  1027. everytime i see price i think………what a scrub

  1028. 2 of the threes was not on lin

  1029. I guess he still wishes Kobe can help him because he has got no other supporters.

  1030. right, you are right. So, Blake gets 3 off Lin. One of them was on Price, so give it to hime at 34+3 heh heh.

  1031. for a very long time

  1032. I can’t find the interview with Lillard saying this. Care to give the link?

  1033. 0-4 on 3’s

  1034. Hoped for more shots could go down. Lin played good…could be better. Lillard went off on Price and Scott’s defense

  1035. I hold a knife in my hand
    and I stare at the byron scotts poster in my dads room

  1036. scrub

  1037. Price has BS support and he is confident. He is taking the chance, if one of those got in….

  1038. i have zero doubt lin get 18 if he started. 14 if he finished the game

  1039. meh 25

  1040. And Lakers might have a chance.

  1041. supporter lol =lover

  1042. hey could be.

  1043. Lin played like a boss tn with lots of considense
    im happy lol

  1044. this love scott has for price i really don’t get

  1045. read 50 shades of grey u will get it then

  1046. Price to BS is like Bev to McHale.

  1047. It is coach’s job to analyze the opponent’s strength and weakness. Last game, Lakers got beaten by Lillard. Then BS should come up a plan to stop Lillard in 4Q. I guess Price was the plan for this game. Oh, yeah and luck.

  1048. Not sure he really said that.. Some of Lin’s fans fight for this… just forget about it.. whatever did or said it’s history. What everyone cares the most it’s now.

  1049. Brothers from different fathers?

  1050. Lin didn’t shoot a single 3. He just tried to force feed swaggy for 18 minutes.

  1051. DAYUMMM lol

  1052. the curious case of byron scott

  1053. price got the most minutes on the team.

  1054. I don’t remember McHale making me feel this frustrated and angry. But maybe I just have a short memory.

  1055. Shouldn’t Price be getting interviewed? Lin only guarded Lillard for like 2-3 posessions. SMH!

  1056. I bet BS must be happy his guy getting 12 assists … Just thinking Jeremy has to play many more games for this BS coach is really depressing…

  1057. Lin 9 pts in 18 min. I am good. Lin kept feeding Young. Actually I like it. He is building his team. Well, if Kobe is done and BS is fired.

  1058. idiots should be asking PRICE & Scott, not Lin

  1059. great comments…. I guess all the reporters know who is the real star with the Lakers

  1060. There is nothing wrong to feed Young. It is not like “YOU KNOW HE WILL MISS THAT”. Lin took his own shots too…just did not fall…

  1061. “I mean, I mean, I lost my words man”
    “Let somebody beat us instead, I guess”

  1062. bs has to be fired idk if he will be. one thing for sure lin will not thrive while he is here

  1063. Yes, Price was BS’s plan to counter Lillard. I know, unbelievable but it was the BS plan

  1064. I bet Price has never dreamed of being a starter, not to mention playing most minutes on a team,and for LAL, what a joke BS, are you kidding???

  1065. 3/11 swaggy
    3/9 Lin

    Swaggy just looked bad because he was 1/8 on 3s. Lin took no 3s.

  1066. Loss by four IN PORTLAND!!!

  1067. Since Kobe isn’t able to put up a good game in front of the home court, the F/O might as well start the rebuilding by firing BS after he gets Lakers a good pick after this season.

  1068. It is either Kobe/BS or Lin. They can’t co-exist.

  1069. Lin could take a bit more shot….he did not partly because of Black

  1070. BS is trying his best to kiss Kobe, as if he is still on his back.

  1071. Are you sure Price didn’t get interviewed? Just asking.

    Maybe Stu will.

  1072. the laker should have lin and clarkson play a lot. as well as young. see what the future hold. don’t build a 31 year old pg who sucks. scott is terrible at rebuilding

  1073. Announcers were right, he did give that one to Black too early in the breakaway.

  1074. I think Lin is being a good teammate trying to help Young get out of his slump because BS surely is not helping by taking shots at Young’s game in every opportunity.

  1075. That is better than Aldridge per 36 plus no airball vs two airballs.

  1076. I do not think so….You can do both…no really any differences there…

  1077. Young can shoot….but he can not create. Same with Hill….but both just get the ball on top a lot for some reason

  1078. ok.

  1079. Come on, BS is trying to win here. With snake head.

  1080. lol..

  1081. I think BS was trying to Kiss Kobe again after he got hang up by Kobe.

  1082. It was chemistry…..This game starts to show the lack of it between Black and others.

  1083. I guess Kobe was not happy about the TacoLin night.

  1084. Exactly !

  1085. Maybe BS is trying to mold Young and Hill into play-makers so that he will have more players to take the ball out of Lin’s hands lol? To be honest I really don’t know. There is just no logical way to explain BS’s actions.

  1086. wait kobe did what?

  1087. That’s what coach should do, not a “BS” to throw players under Big Tank.

  1088. Not gonna happen, Young can not even pass correctly when there are defenders..

  1089. Appreciate the heart for your teammates, but seriously Jeremy…cold is cold and you can’t mess around or you’ll lose the game. Wish he would just go out there and kill the opponent like Lillard sometimes. We all know he can.

  1090. Yes, more Lin PT guarding him.

  1091. See, I knew that was what Lin trying to do. Sacrificing his own chance to help out Young.

  1092. Coach Lin dissing Scott

  1093. BS said he is the regretting scapegoat who played Kobe long minutes.

  1094. Suppose, just suppose Kobe is done for the season but not retired, would FO keep BS? Or let AC to rebuild the team, playing young players more?

  1095. The spirit of his team play.. well, he should’ve grabbed the chance when he was hot on hand but the teammate lost the groove.

  1096. Frustrated that Lin only got 19 mins even though Lin played great past week.
    Does it take a wack to the nose on BS too, for Lin to get more minutes?

  1097. Stu’s interview: How do you feel about the mask now after today’s loss?
    Price: Still hate it!
    Stu: Yet even though the mask is tough on you, you had a great game! Thanks for being a warrior. No more questions!

  1098. Jeremy’s post game interview

  1099. Uhh, Lin was going to lose the game anyway due to low minutes.

    What makes Lin great is his unselfishness.

    Forcefeeding Nick Young is IMPORTANT.

  1100. a fire likely meaning him fired

  1101. He had 12AST and 8pts, so pretty good game as well

  1102. Agreed. Just as he did to Asik.

  1103. It’s strictly RACIAL.

  1104. It is so nice Lin trying to help Young get out of the slump, but when Lin was in the slump not long ago, who was there for him from his team????

  1105. Price ain’t getting no interview that we will see. What are they going to ask him.What happened when Lilliard didn’t have to use any screens to blow past you or in the 4th Quater when he just left you in the dust.LOL

  1106. That was different as Houston had Harden. without Kobe, where is the playmaking coming from? Jumpshots baby.

  1107. The game got away partially cos Jeremy didn’t impose his scoring will. And Nick missed quite a bit, which made the lead grow so big that the Big 3 off the bench was pulled.

  1108. Don’t forget Blazers were on the back of a btb and playing away from home.

  1109. Like I have kept saying, the decrease in Lin’s minutes continues.

    Every time Lin has a great game, Scott PUNISHES Lin with a benching.

    There is a string of road games coming up. Scott always plays Lin less on the road than at home.

    I think Lin will see his first DNP CD soon.

  1110. I guess Kobe is happier with BS in this game than the last one, but fans are more enraged. BS had a chance to be fired at the end of the season with a better Win/Loss record, but he chooses to end his NBA coaching career as one of the worst coaches.

  1111. “I can’t get by Lin without a screen”–This Lilliard said after the previous game.

    he didn’t need a screen vs. Price for a dunk–This was said by the tweeter not by Lilliard.

  1112. It takes Price in foul trouble (Magic game) or unavailable (late last Portland game and Clippers game) for Lin to get more minutes.

  1113. lol, love that

  1114. NO ONE can impose scoring will in under 20 minutes.

    Scott’s benching of Lin was designed to make sure Lin could not get hot. Lin sat for too long and thus was not in rhythm.

    When Lin’s shot is not falling because he’s been benched too long, he looks for other avenues to make a positive impact. Showing his faith in Nick Young is a fine example of how Lin is a GREAT TEAMMATE.

  1115. When your bench outplays your strters in every single game, something is wrong with your lineup. I don’t get it. No one needs 20 games to see this. No matter if you’re winning or not. Eventually bench is going to say fukc it, and tune out the coach.

  1116. What a moronic statement..smh

  1117. DNP CD is too obvious. I don’t think BS will go that far.

  1118. They love lin quotes don’t they. looking back on it I think lin sacrificed his game to help Nick out of his slump and to get Black more playing time.

  1119. predictions come true? 🙁

  1120. Yep, he’s getting that lesson from Lin’s passes which gives him easy points.

  1121. The great point guards like Lin will not freeze out struggling players.

    Great point guards like Lin will sometimes FORCEFEED a struggling player to bolster that player’s confidence.

  1122. Shots fired, you go lin Lin is like IDAF anymore, I am outta here.LOL

  1123. true, but BS dare not let Lin shine even when Kobe is out. Guess unless Kobe retires, we will not see BS treats Lin better.

  1124. No wonder Byron Scott hates Lin.

    Lin is the WHISTLEBLOWER.

  1125. Not denying he’s a great teammate dude.
    I want Jeremy to go out there and take over a game. Haven’t seen that in so long.
    Haven’t you always said that Jeremy is a superstar? That’s also what superstars do, and I do believe Jeremy is a superstar.

  1126. Glad Lin speaks up. He is fearless now. So happy for him.

  1127. Good for Lin, speaking up for his teammate. If only he can speak up more for himself as well.

  1128. I absolutely think Byron Scott will not just go that far to DNP CD Lin, but do it SOON.

  1129. Unfortunately, the vast majority of my predictions come true.

  1130. Yes, and during those times…I’ve screamed ‘ASIK MAN!’ and smacked my hands on my face a gazillion times.

  1131. zero complaints

  1132. Actively disputing what coach said.

  1133. Or broken nose. Yea. That s crazy. Need to move away from BS as free agent this summer

  1134. Price is running the team INTO THE GROUND.

  1135. BS hated Lin long before he was a WHISTLEBLOWER.

  1136. And yes, he played only 19 minutes. I’m well aware of that. That could have been 25 minutes if he went out there and got himself another quick 5 to 6 points in the 4th.

    (edited to sound more sane)

  1137. LOL, Scott, you are either an idiot or a liar.

  1138. Similar to Jeremy, Price is put into a wrong situation as well. he is only giving his best, as he can

  1139. This is a moronic statement.LOL