Game 38 Atlanta Hawks vs Milwaukee Bucks: Jeremy Lin Places 8th in East All-Star Voting 1st Return and Thanks Fans Support


After the 2019 #NBAAllStar Votes first returns released, Jeremy Lin places 8th among the Eastern Conference guards.

Jeremy Lin expressed his gratitude for his fans support on Weibo, “It’s my honor to be on the list. You’ve supported me all the way! is also there! Congrats to , this is what he deserves!”


  1. Jlin stays healthy, produce high efficiency, that is all I wish for 2019

  2. No expectation of JLin in this Hawks team except wanting JLin to stay healthy and enjoy playing BB.

  3. The chance of JLin being traded is very unlikely after reading this:

  4. dont think it means anything

  5. Please cancel the event as Lin will be traded. Haha.

  6. These kind of Q&A events are usually handled by the marketing department which doesn’t usually get informed by the Front Office regarding potential trades. So they can always get canceled.

    At least we know Lin’s name was involved in the previous Suns trade so we know the Hawks are shopping him around. It really depends on which NBA teams are willing to give the best asset for JLin. If JLin stays with the Hawks until the end of the season, they don’t get anything back in the form of draft picks or young players. The rebuilding Hawks is better off trading Lin than keeping him.

  7. excellent point 🙂 Lunar Year celebration to celebrate the trade lol

  8. LOL, see above Raptor tweet.

  9. Barea’s contract is much much cheaper than Lin’s…

  10. Lin talked on Weibo thanking fans for All-Star votes, which targets fans in China.

    Is he neglecting his fans in the U.S.? 😉

  11. idc about the game. cant wait till lin comes in

  12. You are not alone.

  13. Well, for us, all games are between 16-22 minutes long,

  14. less than 5 min into the game already 15 points behind???

  15. Bembry is so bad…

  16. Lin in


  18. ive never seen a team play more selfish

  19. Get lin off this team immediatly…get him off dont wait just get him off they dont use him for anything on this team…yet some posters want people to just roll with this? Screw this team it’s cancer basketball at it’s best. get him ooooooooooff

  20. How often does Lin, the “PG” get to touch the ball?? SMH

  21. Ugly, bench looks no better than starters. Maybe worse.

  22. all trying to be the man

  23. Anderson touches the ball..bembry touches the ball Len touches the ball…lets put Lin as far away from the ball as possible.

  24. Anderson had Lin wide open but ignored him to drive into traffic.

  25. Lin out

  26. Never, all teammates rather force shots than pass to the open Lin. Tanking team, everyone for their own stats.


  28. lmao… i have no response

  29. after “warming up” in court for THREE minutes!!

    Great rotation of the new tank master!

  30. Only 3 mins? You kidding me?!

  31. Lin needs to force a trade or start looking for his own shots everytime, this is ruining his stats!

  32. People still gonna tell me LP aint a tanking coach? he is up there with the worst of them….no team managment at all.

  33. buy out…as I’ve stated, there’s absolutely no potential for him to get any decent minutes on this team.

  34. Worst coach ever! Even worst than BS! Lin’s minites just goes lower every season.

  35. Just began wtching the game ….. LOLOLOL

  36. maybe I was a bit too optimistic..

  37. should of

  38. Yup..At least, B.S and McHale gave Lin minutes. I don’t care about anything else.

  39. lol embarrasing

  40. I am OK with LIn sitting in this game. It is a slaughter.

  41. Team needs to buyout his contract cause Lin’s not going to throw away all that money.

  42. then he should have been DNP they played him 3 minutes it’s gonna ruin his stats.

  43. 43 points in 1 quarter. on pace for 160 -80

  44. Budenholzer is gonna have No Mercy on his old ex-tankfest team (Bud couldn’t tolerate this kind of basketball)

  45. JLIN will get major minutes in the SEcond Half, just watch

  46. why he put back trea?? what made him think yea that will fix iso playing

  47. lmao

  48. He’s going to play more than 3 minutes. How many more? I don’t know.

  49. You doubt?

  50. hell no but maybe LP plays trea anyways

  51. Took 1 shot not going to ruin much. If he plays anymore short minutes this game it will definitely cause his stats to drop more! It already has since LP lowered his minutes and made others PG without any plays for Lin.

    At some point does Lin just f this and looks to score every chance?

  52. JLIN three minutes is just a headfake, watch during blowout 3rd/4th JLIN will be playing

  53. Slaughter for sure.
    Still hope Lin can have some points to up his stats for the sake of trade.

  54. for a blowout loss… makes sense

  55. Sure…past 4 games says otherwise. It’s already a blowout, bo reason to take out Lin so soon! 3mins is nothing!

  56. I hope so. But the new tank master is not predicable at time.

  57. it doesn’t matter he needs to get off this team.

  58. Sick of watching wannabe Curry and Thompson out there. Turning this off.

  59. Lin looks like hes playing not to get injured because he knows hes gonna be traded soon. No need to risk driving the lane.

  60. Trae got blocked by a high school manuever

  61. hope so

  62. Mid range and 3 pointers rarely cause injuries.

  63. Only guy i feel sorry for is Collins…Trae looks like he belongs playing with the bench..

  64. Collins is part of the future and gets to shoot 20 shots with heavy minutes, no I don’t feel sorry for all these privileged rookies!

    If Collins was benched that’d be a different story.

  65. That’s not up to him. For now, he’s on the Hawks and he just has to do the best he can when his number is called. It’s just, he’s not playing with good players.

  66. Don’t want to jinx things, but I hope in the 3rd/4th Q blowout garbage time, JLIN forces Budenholzer to put his starters back in after JLIN leads a few runs

  67. No it shouldn’t, no need for Lin to work so hard only to be benched after making a comeback.

  68. Notice that the pass few games against mediocre teams that Trae has gotten a lot of room to operate — Bucks are a GOOD team that is making a statement and they give Trae no room to run the point and the rookie has no answer

  69. Trae is the only main PG according to LP!

  70. As long as JLIN gets his on this tanking dvelpment team, he don’t care

  71. of course i stated that as well. the teams were not up to competition he played better. that stretch of good team we faced he was horrid

  72. You’re like Lin should lead a comeback, no Lin can get his without straining himself for a comeback down 20-30pts

  73. Lin’s always struggled with Bucks, Trae the shortie would be no different and worst.

    Bucks are known for their tall tree players just like Memphis are known for their bigs.

  74. The fear is that if JLIN starts to lead comebacks in garbage time that Pierce sabotages him with Bembry, Hamilton, Dorsey taking the ball out of JLIN’s hands and theay are allowed to shoot at will … that will make Budenholzers job easier with Pierce working in the same direction as Budhzer

  75. The Hawks defense is just laughable

  76. Milwaukee’s gonna score 140 points

  77. If he isn’t playing with good players why isn’t he controlling the ball majority of the time like trae? why as soon as his unit comes in everybody gets touches but him? it’s not Lin doing that i have never seen him do that on any other team. Not even on the nets that stressed ball movement did it like that. It’s crap and it’s the coach doing it.

    And when he gets the ball the WEAKEST SCREENS come to help him…literally my father who is 70 could do better. screw this team im glad they picked a potential bust as their future they deserve it.

  78. Lin in

  79. You should worry whether he’ll get minutes at all.

  80. Seeing Brook in the opposing starting lineup, Lin must feel bad about his own situation in this tanking team.

  81. Every game now there are 2-3 minutes of fake Playing Time for JLIN — when Pierce overlaps Trae & JLIN — worthless mins for JLIN

  82. Sit back and watch

  83. i hope they lose by 70…Nice new year gift to the coach.

  84. Lin should of force a buyout.

  85. Brook spent a year in Lakers purgatory as well … then he got to Bucks

    Same scenario will happen for JLIN

  86. lol

  87. Too much arc on Lin’s midrange. Lin looks off to me. I hope he gets his mojo back. But it’s hard without being in long enough to get a rhythm.

  88. The length of Milwaukee is affecting all the shooters

  89. lol 4 minutes. mostly standing there

  90. Sigh.
    Did Brook get a big paycheck from the Bucks?

  91. Dont think so … but nxt contract he will cashin again

  92. Yeah, but I noticed that in earlier games too.

  93. looool Hawks announcers talking about doncic is the icing on the cake…they know what they missed.

  94. His shot flat at times much more than high arcing too much, Bucks caused that

  95. You are right. His salary is $3.3 M with Bucks for this season.

  96. LP what a joke!

  97. Remember JLIN said, It is not his position to “impose his will” when playing for this Hawks team (caveat is unless it is late 3rd Quarter or 4th — I added that part)

  98. Kevin huerter and Trae they think are gonna be Klay and Curry?

    looking more and more like a Poor Mans Ricky Rubio and Maybe a better Brian Scalabrine.

  99. Lin with the i dont care TO…that was literally what it looked like.

  100. Anyways you people having fun watching the game eh???

  101. Could be

  102. I am waiting for the HNY gift to the new tank master

  103. If Lin plays the remaining 2 minutes of 2Q, his PT is 8 min. for the first half.

    3, 4 min. per quarter is so INSULTING to a capable PG.

  104. I always have fun watching JLIN play

  105. JLIN animatedly argued the call

  106. Come on Bucks i want to see a massacre taking place. perfect Gift for Pierce. MAKE HISTORY!

  107. JLIN 2

  108. Yes! First field goal made!

  109. Lin needed playing time to get back in shape. It is what it is. Need to get traded by deadline.

  110. If Pierce loses interest in this game in Q4, I feel like JLIN will really impose his will and be raining havoc on the Bucks bench

  111. Coach has zero pressure to win on this tanking team.

  112. He won’t let Lin play garbage minutes. He’ll put in Dorsey.


  114. 2 FT

  115. JLIN making things happen at the close

  116. That is one scenario

    The other is JLIN gets big minutes

  117. JLin’s minutes been overlapping with Bremby and Heurter as shoot first PG/SG. Lin is just the ball boy in every game and he doesn’t seem to care. Not looking to score on his own so ever.

  118. Trae and Huerter have big potential…They have the Potential to be the Ugliest looking Duo in basketball history i mean it’s hard to find a duo matching that!

    im sorry i have to make fun of something this game…

  119. JLIN has the 8th most minutes but 3rd most points in this game

  120. Lin needs to keep looking to score to get 50%FG and 10+ points

  121. JLIN will get points today — yes

  122. He always waits until last minute to do anything instead of continuously taking shots. With such scrappy minutes he can’t afford to be laid back.

  123. Don’t you looks-shaming people. Lol.

  124. JLIN also with the 3rd best plus/minus of -13

    Trae bringing up the Rear as usual with a whopping -25 plus/minus

  125. watching these hawks are as unfun as i can remember. up there with the lakers. he played more there and atleast the kobe stuff was warranted. to see these rookies get spoiled is as frustrated as ive been

  126. im sorry Tanking teams bring out the worst in me 🙁

  127. Lets hope so cause LP’s been sabatoging his stats! It went from 11 to 10PPG in only a few games along with getting horrible 20 or lowerFG% every game!

  128. The days of LP letting Lin shine regardless of garbage time or not is over. November Linsanity reminded them of their attention of PR on Trae.

  129. One thing going for LP not giving Trae much burn in blowouts is that he doesn’t want stats to show Trae with minus -40/ -50 plus minuses doesnt look good for the frachise player

  130. LP making scott look reasonable. no DNP yet but some of these low minute gaes count as DNP to me

  131. I’d rather watch Kobe chuck 3s than wannabe nobodies chucking shots.

  132. Hawks haven’t participated in many blowouts in the past 3 weeks or so…

    … just watch

  133. any way to keep ones sanity, I guess. 😉

  134. bremby acting like he is the man. heurter acting like he is the man. like no your role. price and bev never did that

  135. Lol fake franchise player, Trae might be traded once they get Zion. Hawks aren’t kidding no one. Even announcers show how they should’ve drafted Doncic.

  136. Hope so, but LP and Hawks have showed their hand in regards to Lin.

  137. what frustrating me is hawks should of traded lin a month ago. this time is just wasting time. id be happier if they did and would have nothing bad to say but LP is getting up there with scott

  138. JLIN’s value hasn’t diminished from last month, every game he plays adds to evidence he is past his injury

  139. In that case Lin would’ve been a Suns player now. Hawks being too greedy for assests hence the long wsit for desperate teams.

  140. i agree. non of this effect lins value much, he showed he can do it. although he needs to keep the efficiency.

  141. LP and Hawks telling Heurter he can be Klay Thompson just cause he looks like him. Bremby… who knows he’s just LP’s favorite.

  142. huh?

    Huerter looks like Klay, perhaps if you’re drinking too much

  143. seem to always bee one of those below average players waiting for llin to be on there team

  144. yup he must be lol

  145. Ok, since we’re just venting with some humor. The duo presents an intriguing resemblance to Laurel (from Laurel and Hardy- the tall, thin one of the pair) and Charlie Chaplan. If Huerter made that “Laurel face” (wide grin, with the eyebrows raised), he could be a dead ringer for the classic “Laurel” of the Laurel and Hardy legendary comedy duo of yesteryear. And for Trae… he just has to stand there with a cane and a a tiny top hat (could be Chaplan reincarnate…. with some exceptional passing acumen).

  146. I am so happy that finally there is some team who will tell the world that what an inefficient job that Lloyd Pierce has done in Atlanta.

    Thanks to coach Bud.

  147. The height, SG, skin color, and playing style. It’s obvious they want Trae to be Curry and Heurter to be Thompson. They are just lookalikes it’s clear as daylight!

  148. Pierce has priorities other than Winning, we are almost half way into the season and you still don’t see this?


  150. LP subbing pattern is some of the worse ive seen. his subbing choices is attrocious. i have the feeling the situation is getting to lin. he seem to care less

  151. He always laughs when they have a blowout and look anxious when they have a close game.

  152. Really?

    Pierce doesn’t even try the facade as the season progresses.

  153. why lp loves bremby idk

  154. yup embarassing.

  155. Anybody with that haircut play no defense..and yes im talking about trae.

  156. Trae gives the guy he’s defending free lane to drive with the intention that he will try the wrap around steal — might be able to do thta in college, but thta is just stupid to try that every time in the pros

  157. Told you Bremby is his favorite even more so than Trae. Trae is designated by Fo, but Bremby gets to play PG even with Lin there.

  158. please see my post below .. way below

  159. So glad to see the result of his work. He got his butt kicked so hard that he couldn’t forget.

  160. That’s Lin’s weakness, loses interest once coach mistreats him or everyone plays selfish. Instead he should turn that into motivation to score! Any player would take the chance to score with such horrible treatment but not Lin.

  161. Collins didn’t expec that huge Giannis stuff, probably never got smacked like that ever

  162. first time he looks physically over matched

  163. In basketball, winning is the only thing. Other than that is nonsense.

  164. JLIN coming off the bench

  165. The very worst.

  166. Brooke suckers Trae

  167. human nature and nothing more. LP simply sees himself in Bembry at some level. Easy to have a connection with someone like that who is one of your players. Precisely why Lin (as who he is in the NBA) rarely received such undeserved favor (or as the people of faith like to call it “grace”)with his coaches in the NBA.

  168. Go Hawks?

  169. when lins in

  170. Where are they going?

  171. to the lottery!!

  172. hey… nfl playoffs tommorrow

  173. Lin in

  174. Hopefully JLIN doesn’t turn on the Fire just yet, only so that PIerce has no notions of brining Trae back to steal the momentum

  175. Hamilton is a bumbling hotdogger

  176. JLIN 2

  177. JLIN is already doing his magic — this lineup if Dorsey doesn’t go ISO, team starting to look like a real team under JLIN

  178. Dorsey miscommunication with Vince

  179. haha

  180. lol

  181. They are dolled star created by LP’s padding; none of them has gone through real tests.

  182. I don’t care, Lin needs to look to score. A come or win without stats on a rental team is meaningless.

  183. team just looks dysfunctional today

  184. If again Pierce pulls JLIN and Trae starts Q4 in a 30 point blowout — that signals they really don’t want JLIN playing much and showing what he can do

  185. He need to score period with the limited minutes given! His FG% has been the in the 20s these past 4 games and that’s awful!

  186. Meanwhile JLin will again shoot 20%FG with low attempts ruin his stats and PPG!

    JLin might not think stats are important they sure will determine whether he can get a starting role next season. In that case he shouldn’t complain if he only gets another bench role contract because he didn’t look to score and get his! You can’t get low stats and expect a “franchise” or starting spot, never going to happen.

  187. JLIN rims out a 3 but good steal back for Hawks

  188. Shots just haven’t been falling due to these low minutes and shot attempts. What happened to his mid range?

  189. Dorsey smh

  190. lol trea back

  191. Lol It’s a blowout and LP still puts Trae in…gotta pad those stats bOOOOI

  192. We’ll see how long Trae and other straters stay in Q4

  193. all those minutes and Lin just passed instead of shooting, no clue why he’s doing that for the past 4 games this is not his playing style at all so boring to watch.

  194. Trae 2 points…

  195. Trae is at -30 Plus/Minus now — he’d get pulled out soon

  196. LP

  197. Trae gets easy bucks cause they don’t double team him.

  198. JLIN said that it’s not his position to impose his Will on the Hawks team (unless its real late in a blowout)

  199. Lin knows LP is treating him awful with low minutes he should not play like this is his future team. He needs to get good stats for his next contract.

  200. Is Lin done for the night?
    Per, Lin’s PT:
    1Q 3 min.
    2Q 5 min.
    3Q 6 min.
    4Q 3 min.
    for a grand total of 17 minutes

    He has 8 point and 4 assists!

  201. He doesn’t need to “impose” anything, he needs to look to score off his own dribbles! He’s not doing anything and his stats are plummeting every game.

  202. Might be but I think he will be back in

  203. That’s imposing his Will

  204. I hope so. It would be nice for his stat to have 10 pts

  205. How many games have we watched LP and his rotations with Lin, blowout or not? Lin is done.

  206. lol

    He was shooting 1/7 before 4Q. got to pad his star ROY stats.

  207. 72% 3 pt’s for Bucks. Just one of those nights for any team for that matter.

  208. He said the team! His scoring has zero to do whatever happens to this tanking team! His has such a stubborn mindset that it ruins his chance of ever becoming a starter yet he’s depressed about it when they bench him. Shoot lights out a prove to the media you’re a starter then. With these low minutes it doesn’t make a difference what he does!

  209. Whole Hawks starting unit playing in a 40pt blowout by Pierce in Q4 still

  210. even in a blow out i have to watch trea

  211. Told you! This has been the trend for five games including this one! That’s why I’m not even watching right now.

  212. LP just needs to get Trae his. Might take a while. Like next game while

  213. LP does this every game, doesn’t matter how Trae plays, Lin’s minute will get lower and lower with FO and coach assuming he’s gone soon.

  214. please let’s get Lin gone from this team soon

  215. You need to understand the phrase “imposing his will” a bit better

  216. LP is nuts. Huerter and Trae should not be playing. They should have their 3rd stringers out there at this point in the game.

  217. There seems to be a new directive targeting JLIN after the Linsanity Wizards game things changed

  218. Hwaks are behind by 42 points and the coach keeps all starters on the court!


  219. Lin in

  220. Same feeling. The starting Lin narrative quiets down

  221. 2 FT

  222. I stand corrected, looks like LP will give him his 20 min rotation.

  223. JLIN looked like he is driving in these remaining minutes

  224. Wow!

  225. Whole Buddenholzer still shouting out orders in a blowout – Coache bud really wants to humilate the Hawks, revenge

  226. 10 points!

  227. 222222222222222222222222

  228. 12 points!

  229. Lin ends with respectable stat line with playing time.

  230. Trae should play Lin and Trae together.

    But why in the world did both of them play in garbage time?

  231. very respectable. im happy

  232. he never does it

  233. 12 pts. I am good.

  234. He does sometimes, but not long. A minute or two.

  235. 12 pts, 6 assts, 1 reb for 20 minutes.

    Shooting at 42.9% (3/7)!

  236. it works to but he doesnt like it

  237. Finally Lin got a great stat line tonight from his minutes with Trae lineup to close 4th quarter. He should’ve taken that last 3 point shot instead of passing to Trae, wasted possession.

  238. JLIN had a good game near team High Plus/Minus
    Decent STATs, 3-7 and 12 pts,
    Not getting as many minutes as he used to in Blowouts but Played too many minutes with Trae

    I can live with this game

  239. 42%FG finally instead of 20% in the last 4 games.

  240. That extra 3 minutes made all the difference in his stats.

  241. Jeremy Jeremy why do you always pass to other people. They don’t even return the favour. Sigh. Someone needs to hit his head

  242. Lin only got fired up when Trae was on the floor with him, competition to play better.

  243. Trae and JLIN in the same lineup Do Not Work — majority of the time it is no good, it may appear to work at times but way too small a sample size in any case

  244. Bremby did on that last pass but Lin made the extra pass to Trae :/ Lin really needs to pass less. He keeps feeding Bremby to pad his stats instead of his own, not going to help his next contract nor give him more assists.

    It’s like what he did with RHJ, just kept feeding him, how did that work out? All that help for nothing.

  245. That’s no true at all.

    JLIN has a bit more freedom in Q4 in garbage time, you can’t see that by now? half season is over

  246. Pull his ear he may listen

  247. Honestly only his bball brothers can if Lin even listens.

  248. It was garbage time since 1st quarter lol. After Trae made that 3 pointer, Lin finally went for a mid range jumper. Trae assisting and playing well in front him of woke up his competitive nature. If Trae didn’t play all Lin would’ve done was continue to pass the ball to no end.

  249. Pierchlenks New Normal for JLIN

    Non-blowout games 13-16 minutes
    Blowout games 20-21 minutes

    Whatever instigated this change is anyone’s guess, but we probably need to get used to Pierchlenk’s new reality

  250. New Month, New Year, New Normal. Lol.

  251. Or maybe Jlin is just following orders and the head that needs to be hit on is someone else.

  252. On the bright side – we only have AT MOST 1 month and 2 days before we are off this team.

    I am as confident as ever that JLIN gets traded by Feb 7 deadline

  253. Fantasize to your heart’s content, JLIN doesn’t work like that and he never did – if Trae was the opposing PG lined up against JLIN perhaps

  254. plz….plzzzzz

  255. one of these teams put me out my misery

  256. Magics or New Orleans please.

  257. really not picky at the point

  258. JLin to Raptors! Even for half a season would do, playing with Kawhi a legit two way star would be a god send! I won’t even mind Lin playing off ball with Kawhi, at least the dude defends!

  259. Raptors looks pretty desperate and Kawhi is a two way SG star! For once Lin will have a great defending SG star playing alongside him who’s soft spoken and lets his game speak for himself.

  260. Hawks promoting Lin on twitter obviously to showcase him for trade. Come on GMs, make the deal happen now! Lin is a steal for half season playoff run, lets go!

  261. i like this Lin better

  262. Patience Grasshooppers, with 4 weeks to do before the trade deadline a lot can happen. Still looking for that surprise team to rescue JLin from the tank. I kind of wonder why the obvious teams such as ORL and maybe PHX have not moved yet if they are so needy. The answer might be that ATL is asking for a lot and this is causing hesitation or,possibly a bidding war. After the hoped for trade it or after the season it would be nice to hear from JLin why he went f rom such a stellar November to such a blah December. Curious and furious minds would like to know. My newest surprise team is…Dallas. Lots written in the NBA false news about Dennis Smith not complementing Luka (already recognized by his first name!) Though he is a PG maybe he and TY could fit. Coach Carlisle is a good and proven coach and championship winner. Don’t like Cuban though and suspect he does not like JLin though JLin did play for Dallas summer league years ago where he dominated John Wall.

  263. The most recent rumor of the Raptors exploring trade for JLin could be the best alternative for JLin to play for the best contender. Kyle Lowry is out indefinitely with back injury and the Raptors is short of playmakers.
    Teague’s $19M and poor 38.4% FG/shooting is worse than JLin’s $14M and excellent 38.6% 3pt shooting.

    It might be better than the Magic since DJ Augustin is playing well as the starting PG. With the Raptors, JLin will play with Kahwi and can go deep in the Eastern Conference playoff.

    Plus, I like this line in the article
    “Plus, he’d be plenty motivated to stick it to the Nets by going from the bottom-dwelling Hawks to a contender.”

    The best possibility would be Minnesota’s Jeff Teague. The Wolves have gotten good production from Derrick Rose and Tyus Jones recently, which could make Teague expendable, though he is not being shopped actively. Teague has been out with an ankle injury, and though he’s still a solid passer, he has been a terrible shooter (38.4 percent from the field) this season. He is also owed $19 million next season. That’s a big investment for a backup guard.

    Another route would be to push for one of Dallas’ veteran point guards, J.J. Barea or Devin Harris. Barea has been especially effective as a reserve playmaker this year, but both he and Harris returned to Dallas because they’re comfortable there, and the Mavs would not trade either player without their approval. To get Barea, then, the Raptors would have to convince him to play for a contender, then likely give up a future first-round pick.

    Maybe the best option would be to pluck Jeremy Lin from the Hawks. Lin has been solid in coming back after knee surgery, averaging 10.4 points and 3.3 assists in 18.6 minutes, making 38.6 percent of his 3-pointers. That’s a good fit. Plus, he’d be plenty motivated to stick it to the Nets by going from the bottom-dwelling Hawks to a contender.

    That’s the kind of realistic move that could help the Raptors shore up their most glaring issue. After the trade for Leonard, don’t expect them to follow up with a trade for Beal or any other type of blockbuster. Getting Lowry healthy and adding depth to address their most obvious issue will be enough.

  264. Wouldn’t the chance to be the Raptors starting PG be a better prospect than Dallas backup PG playing behind Luka? I also got the sense that Mark Cuban is not very fond of JLin. I remember JLin didn’t hear much from Dallas during the Free Agency when the Mavs was waiting for DeAndre Jordan to bolt from the Clippers.

  265. What the Raptors might offer to trade for JLin or Jeff Teague

  266. LP should anticipate this or he is dumber than I think.

    Fooling around with the Bucks will get him a solid blowout.

  267. Padding the stats for Young.

  268. Indeed. The main job for LP is to padd his stats; more than anything else.

  269. There is only reference for points Young scores but not for points he gives up.

  270. Not while Lin is receiving such treatment from LP.

  271. What’s the status of Lowry injury? Is he out for a while?

    Also, the Raps are starting VanVleet, so not sure Lin would slide in the starting unit if he’s traded there.

  272. maybe the suns or even the cavs?

  273. Atlanta wants to build a championship team but in the East Conference there is the Milwaukee Bucks. Can you imagine that the Hawks can build a team that can beat the Bucks?

    No way! Even if they can steal the first pick every year for 3 years!


    “More than anything, it was Lin’s pull-up jumper that unlocked the rest of his game. The eight-year vet boasted a 48.4 effective field-goal percentage when pulling up into a jumper, the 13th-highest rate among players who attempted at least four of those shots per night. That mark placed him just behind the explosive Kyrie Irving, and ahead of lead guard Kemba Walker.” Full Article: ( / )

  275. Please Lord make this happen.

  276. but it was because of the older coach not because of Cuban.

  277. Raptors would be ideal

  278. My first choice for Jlin would be TOR because he could win a championship this year. He and Lowry are veteran PG’s, and while Jlin might not start he could play very important minutes and thus make both him and Lowry very effective with high energy for 48 minutes and no letdown in performance. Plus playing with Lowery would extend both their careers as wells as Leonard. TOR is a great city and hopefully Kawhi is liking it (especially if they go far in playoffs) to stay and Jlin to stay with him. TOR would be a tough matchup for other teams. For example I think this is a better combo than GSW with Curry/Livingston. TOR could also play Jlin at SG with Lowry and really show his 3 pt abilities. I only mentioned DAL since we are speculating here. I don’t like Cuban, don’t remember much about the history other than DAL did sign Jlin for summer league. Yes, I love TOR for Jlin.

  279. I’m all in for Raptors. The only thing is Jeremy will need to change his number back to 17

  280. Jlin don’t need to start. He only needs to play significant quality minutes with a winning team. No matter what he is only playing for this year with any team. With TOR if he shows his skills he could win a championship this year, the future will take care of itself. If TOR with Jlin did well this year (maybe a championship!) and Kawhi stays then I think Jlin would stay if offered a decent contract (say the same $$ as he makes how) which would not break TOR’s bank. TOR is a great international city with a large Asian population. Only drawback is that it is very cold in winter. And Canadian taxes, though offset by the weak CDN$. With Jlin, Kawhi and a center improvement TOR would be championship potential for 3 or 4 years.

  281. Plus don’t like TX for Jlin

  282. Coach Bud says “Tanks ATL”

  283. any team would be fine…honestly any team…. any…maybe not phx lol

  284. Plus Lowery is a bulldog defender. High no-let up defense at the PG for TOR. Jlin don’t need to start at TOR but he could and would when Lowery is “resting” and vice versa

  285. Compared to tanking ATL PHX is a jewel. But TOR with Kawhi? I break out into a sweat

  286. you guys are desperate lol. The spot light will be back on him if Toronto picked him over Teague.

  287. BTW who owns a canon M50 camera here?

  288. From what I gather, Lowry will probably be back soon, so I don’t think a Lin trade to Toronto makes sense unless Lowry is out for a while. They have VanVleet as back-up so that will put a limit on Lin’s minutes.

    I don’t think the Raptors is the best team for Lin based on playing time and space to take shots.

  289. Is this Karma for “the process”? There is even a comment here as to whether Coach Brown can go from coaching a loser to trying to coach a winner. I think he forgot how. After all it is easy to coach when you are not expected to win. This may doom coaches who agree to tank a team. How sweet it is! Of course Philly now has the modern version of player-killer Kobe.

  290. let me see. kawhi taking the last shot vs trea. which is ore warranted???

  291. I don’t think there’s enough minutes for Lin with Lowry and VanVleet manning all the PG minutes.

    You’d have to hope Lowry can’t come back and stay injured for a while and from I’ve gathered, Lowry will be back soon, so Toronto may not even make the trade for Lin.

    I think Magic is better choice because more minute and space at PG..Even as back-up, you would rather Lin be in Orlando because Toronto have 1 all-star PG and a decent back-up PG in VanVleet who they’re paying 8M.

  292. Good points all. If Jlin were offered the chance to play more with ORL or a better team that has a chance at a championship who he would choose?. I think if TOR traded for Jlin they would do so with the idea of using him, though not knowing Coach Nurse. If they got him as insurance to the two existing PG’s then he might not play much. But Jlin is also a great scorer and could play with VanVleet at SG for scoring punch and actually relieve Kawhi too. All those lost years in HOU playing SG may have trained him for this time. But Lowery is injury prone so you don’t know what might happen. Plus Jlin is due to a turn of luck

  293. Let’s wait for another month, more players will be injured and teams will become more desperate 🙂

  294. To sweeten the pot, if Jlin is traded to TOR I may buy League Pass

  295. LOL. Raptors might think the tickets sale Lin can bring.

  296. Q1
    (Trae Young 6:14 mins)
    5:36 Justin Anderson enters the game for Kevin Huerter 9 – 26
    5:36 Jeremy Lin enters the game for Trae Young 9 – 26
    (Jeremy Lin 3:07 mins)
    4:17 Vince Carter enters the game for John Collins 12 – 31
    2:29 Trae Young enters the game for Jeremy Lin 12 – 36
    (Trae Young 2:29 mins)
    2:29 Kevin Huerter enters the game for Alex Len 12 – 36
    2:29 Dewayne Dedmon enters the game for Justin Anderson 12 – 36
    2:29 Daniel Hamilton enters the game for DeAndre’ Bembry 12 – 36
    0.0 End of the 1st Quarter 14 – 43

    12:00 (Trae Young 5:41 mins Q2 + 2:29 mins Q1 = 8:10 mins) 14 – 43
    5:41 Jeremy Lin enters the game for Kevin Huerter 29 – 56
    5:41 DeAndre’ Bembry enters the game for Daniel Hamilton 29 – 56
    (Trae Young + Jeremy Lin = 0:59 mins)
    4:42 Kevin Huerter enters the game for Trae Young 29 – 61
    4:42 Justin Anderson enters the game for John Collins 29 – 61
    (Jeremy Lin = 4:42 mins)
    3:09 Alex Len enters the game for Dewayne Dedmon 31 – 64
    3:09 Tyler Dorsey enters the game for DeAndre’ Bembry 31 – 64
    0.0 End of the 2nd Quarter 43 – 76

    (Trae Young 6:08 mins) 43 – 76
    5:52 Daniel Hamilton enters the game for DeAndre’ Bembry 63 – 94
    5:52 Jeremy Lin enters the game for Trae Young 63 – 94
    (Jeremy Lin 5:52 mins)
    8:39 Alex Len enters the game for Dewayne Dedmon 57 – 86
    7:33 Vince Carter enters the game for John Collins 60 – 89
    4:06 Tyler Dorsey enters the game for Daniel Hamilton 69 – 102
    2:58 Justin Anderson enters the game for Kevin Huerter 71 – 107
    2:58 John Collins enters the game for Vince Carter 71 – 107
    58.0 DeAndre’ Bembry enters the game for Alex Len 75 – 116
    0.0 End of end of the 3rd Quarter 79 – 118

    Q4 (Jeremy Lin 3:12 Q4 + 5:52 Q3 = 9:04 mins)
    12:00 Dewayne Dedmon enters the game for John Collins 79 – 118
    9:12 Trae Young enters the game for Jeremy Lin 84 – 124
    (Trae Young = 6:00 mins)
    7:48 Kevin Huerter enters the game for Justin Anderson 84 – 130
    7:48 Daniel Hamilton enters the game for Tyler Dorsey 84 – 130
    7:48 Alex Len enters the game for DeAndre’ Bembry 84 – 130
    7:48 John Collins enters the game for Dewayne Dedmon 84 – 130
    4:40 Justin Anderson enters the game for Alex Len 93 – 134
    4:40 Tyler Dorsey enters the game for John Collins 93 – 134
    3:12 DeAndre’ Bembry enters the game for Kevin Huerter 97 – 141
    3:12 Jeremy Lin enters the game for Justin Anderson 97 – 141
    (Trae Young + Jeremy Lin = 3:12 mins)
    0.0 End of Game 112 – 144

    Trae Young 32 mins 3-9 FG 2-4 3PT 5-5 FT 3 DReb 10 AST 2 STL 2 TO +/- (-19) 13 points
    Jeremy Lin 21 mins 3-7 FG 0-2 3PT 6-6 FT 1 DReb 6 AST 1 TO +/- (-7) 12 points

    Starters of the Bucks only played from 19 mins (Antetokounmpo) to -22 mins (Middleton, Lopez, Bledsoe)

  297. jlin7 (IG) Stay The Course. Galatians 6:9 🙏🏼 #不能放弃 #presson

  298. Teague has been terrible tho.

  299. That is for sure, TOR has huge Asian population

  300. JLin’s code word maybe?

    Possible translation: “let’s keep being a good mentor/veteran PG; at the proper time God will help to find a team to gather harvest in the playoff” 🙏

  301. I kinda see it more as at the proper time he’ll be in a situation to do more. I don’t think it is so team-related though obviously it’s not going to be on the Hawks. But I don’t know if he’s thinking even this season will be that time.

  302. Washington Wizards could really use Lin right now. Satoransky played 33 minutes, scored 8 points, 3 assist in a lost to Miami Heat. John Wall is out for the year. His back-up, Chasse Randle was no better, scoring 5 points in 3 assist on 13 minutes.

  303. Randle’s numbers are fine. And how did Satoransky play defensively?

    I don’t think those numbers are enough to show how a player played. I’ve seen people use numbers against Lin a lot and they don’t show intangibles. Ssatoransky’s defense mattered in the game he played against the Hawks, for example.

  304. They lost and he was a (-8) in the game…His defense must be top notch if he’s giving you just 7 points per game and about 3 assist on 21 minute per game…

    In this age of the NBA, you can’t have a PG putting out such dismal stats unless you’re a monster on the defensive end which I’m pretty sure he’s not.

  305. From Lin’s comments around 2 weeks ago that he understood the role in the Hawks, I got the sense he understands Trae will play a lot of time as a starter in the Hawks.
    Knowing his goal is to be a starter and All-Star, i think he has hope he might land in a good team where he can help to win. He realized he is not needed much in a tanking team.

  306. I don’t know. I think Beale is the center of the offense on that team with Wall out. How many shots did Satoransky take? How many clean looks did he get for his teammates and did they convert the shots? How many of the looks led to foul shots? How many hockey assists did Satoransky get? What are his touches like? Is he actually running the offense or is the ball going through Beale or other players?

    Again, stats don’t show any of this.

    I have no idea how the coach of the Wizards would utilize Lin. What would he see in practice that would lead to how he uses Lin and maybe even determine Lin’s minutes? What does he think of matchups and is height a consideration? When I think of another team I think of potential issues Lin may have. And how other players may impact Lin. Who would Lin have a positive tandem with as well as who may dominate the ball and affect Lin’s touches. A lot needs to be considered.

  307. I hope this didn’t mean he’s fine staying in ATL for the season.
    I now believe there’s a chance the Hawks may keep him if they can’t get enough in return and I’m not sure Lin would be willing to ask for a buy-out if he has to give up half the 13M for the year.

  308. I think his goal this season may just be get through the season healthy. And I really think that’s the best thing for him to do. To be a starter or all-star next season means Lin will need to play a lot more aggressively and frankly, a lot more selfishly and make stats his priority.

  309. Lin is surely an upgrade on Satoransky. That’s my main point. Maybe you don’t think so.

    You won’t win too many games with your starting PG not scoring much unless you got 2-3 guys scoring 20ppg and the Wizards only has Beale which is not enough scoring.

    Lin would be good fit next to Beale. Someone that can score and decrease the pressure on him having to do too much.

  310. I don’t watch the Washington Wizards to know. I think you’re making cases for Lin to get out of the Hawks. And that’s fine. I’m just saying there’s a lot to think about. And you just can’t look at stats to figure out what a player is doing, you have to watch the full games and see what the stats don’t show. I don’t know much about Satoransky other than he played tough defense on the Hawks in the recent game he played against them. In fact, he made it tough on Lin with his length. I give Satoransky credit for disrupting some of what Lin was trying to do.

    Lin sometimes doesn’t score much either or get many assists. So I wouldn’t make that the center of my argument to bring Lin in to the Wizards. I think things like Lin’s experience in big games and how he comes up big in big games is a better argument. And I don’t necessarily agree Lin next to Beale would be good. Beale may not think much of Lin and be even more ball dominant than he is now. Or he may love playing with LIn. You never know until two guys play with each other.

  311. No need for a back and forth here so that’s my last response to this argument since your entire argument all along is that you’d rather Lin stay in ATL because you know what he’s getting there instead of seeking a trade for more minutes elsewhere with a small potential he could get less minutes.

    Still think your argument is ultra conservative but hey, that’s just me..I want to see Lin take his chance in seeking maximum minute since his goal is still to be a starter and maybe an All Star.

    If that’s still his goal, he can’t be that conservative and afraid of the unknown.

  312. My argument is 1) you can’t base a player’s performance purely on stats 2) you have to consider potential upsides and downsides in terms of coaches and other players and 3) you just don’t know what will work and what won’t.

    Everything can seem better than the situation you’re in.

    I’m just much more interested in Lin playing 60 plus games than anything else. A trade means new city, new teammates, and then it takes Lin an adjustment period to learn the coach’s system and new teammates, so it isn’t just a bang, he produces elsewhere right away. So there are downsides to a trade. Upside is maybe he gets more playing time and meaningful play. I’m still not that sure Lin’s body is ready for that. I don’t think it’s that big a deal if Lin stays where he is and completely heals. I think he’s not in the basketball shape he needs to be in to play big minutes and in the playoffs.

  313. Jlin to WAS would be a big comedown from all the TOR speculation but anyplace where they are not tanking is better than ATL. He cannot play for a tanking team and show his true skills including his most important one, that of making others better on a tanking team. He has to get out of ATL. At WAS he would be playing with Beal and Ariza, not a bad competent vet core. In fact, if he played for WAS for the last 1/3 of the season WAS may highly regret the monstrous salary they have to start paying John Wall next year.

  314. it would

  315. Your arguments serve part of the reason why I would love Jlin in TOR. He would not have to play heavy minutes with Lowery, but his minutes would be very meaningful, especially playing for a championship. No matter how easy Jlin has it in ATL I have no doubt he would lay it all out to play on TOR. No doubt. Let it all hang out, take the risk. There is an article on BR linking to a TOR article that points out the malaise some people thing TOR is in now. They mention: lack of 3 pt shooting; offense is stagnant, need to move the ball around; lacking some defensive intensity; lacking a sense of urgency. Now who do we all know could more than adequately address these areas of need and be an efficient producer with 20-25 minutes/night?

  316. I’d be all for a trade if this was not a rehab season. I’m still health-first. Looking at Lin, I’m not seeing a 25-30 minute player. I see an 18-24 minute player. If Lin gets another 3-5 weeks out for injuries, that’ll hurt his future in the NBA a lot more than the paltry minutes he gets on a bad Atlanta team. And I keep saying, Lin will have more great runs on Atlanta if he can play the minutes. It’s inevitable.

  317. Good post. I think you’ve made a good argument for Lin in Toronto due to the lower minutes played. I’m not into bumping up Lin’s minutes too much this season.

  318. Understand your reasoning, we shall see. At the beginning of the season I said he should play limited minutes to get his feet under him and he struggled at first then had a great November. I also said around 30-40 games he needed to ramp it up based on his health and that has not happened though that may be ATL fault (I think it is), in order to showcase himself for a trade. Maybe he doesn’t need to, maybe the league knows all they need to and just wanted to see if he was healthy, and November served that purpose. Once Baze goes, then Dedmon, ATL will be doubly toxic for a competitor, the team will be much worse, and playing will not be fun at all. He cannot show his talents with a bunch of rookies and losers

  319. Baze and Dedmon may go. Young players may replace them. Atlanta is not fun to watch and Lin on the team is not painful to watch at times. I understand why people want him gone from there. But I also know that each team has challenges and we can’t predict some of them. Also, other teams will change as well and that could impact any player that gets traded to another team.

    Atlanta may indeed get worse. But, it can get somewhat not as bad as well in certain scenarios. This is a tough period in a way but it is way way better than last season where we barely saw Lin.

  320. Another JLIN biblical puzzle post – Here’s my interpretation, take it for what you will:
    1. Galatians 6:9 final phrase matches #不能放弃 which literally means, “cannot give up”
    2. Stay The Course, #presson – all point to persevering in the face of hardship

    So what is the “hardship” that JLIN is not giving up to? To me JLIN is indicating his current role on Hawks is the hardship, JLIN is :

    a) despite both, he and his fans, disagreeing with the way Pierce and Hawks meagerly use him and his basketball skills, that we must soldier on
    b) exhorting himself and his fans that the reward will arrive in due time

    In summary my translation is Though playing for ATL is bleak; Don’t give up because a Trade is coming

  321. JLIN is 100% healthy and he said as much not 2 weeks ago. Don’t believe anyone who says the contrary.

    Healthy and ready to go to his next team – at most a month left with the Hawks

  322. Agree with this. No need to stay the full year in ATL for rehab..He already did rehab and got the rust off during the first 15 games when he clearly looked rusty

    Time to play for his next contract…People seems to forget this is a contract year for Lin, so he needs the minutes to impress.

  323. Fred van vleet though?

  324. From an online basketball website who I won’t name because they just sit around and make stuff up is this report that TOR might be interested in Beal of WAS. Beal is paid $28 M/year with 2 years left. To get Beal TOR would have to give up their future, OG Anunoby and Pascal Siakam. These are good, young dynamic players. Plus two 1st round picks. Has the world gone crazy (yes). NBA basketball is nothing but buffoonery trying to impress fans with stupid, meaningless “dunks” and management impressing (or depressing fans) with mega million $ deals that destroy the team. Forget my offer of maybe buying League Pass if Jlin goes to TOR. It is too much to pay for this stupidity.


    David Nurse is Nick Nurse’s nephew, and Nick Nurse was Iowa Energy head coach when JLin and Danny Green played together for 5 games in the D-League prior to Linsanity:

    “The floor was so spaced it was incredible, I mean the shooters we had along with the toughness of each guy was something special” Musselman added.”

    Full Article: [ / / ]

  326. I hear you. Had not Lin, most of us probably will never follow NBA, an ecosystem that is ___ (fill in the blank)

    To name a few, rigged ref calls or no calls, biased, clueless media reporters, opinion writers, rookie coaches not knowing how to win or how to tank, GMs that know how to spend their boss money like throwing into water, players that got hyped with no obvious contribution to sportsmanship and spirits, not to mention winning.

    If you compare NBA to other US professional sports, it is likely most dysfunctional business that is controlled by a few.

  327. What? the guy who is better than Lin supposedly only scored 8 pts!

  328. Healthy but not at his best. Lin can be much better with his new body. It is about time for him to break out.

    LP is keeping him from playing better.

  329. The first part about being bleak in Atlanta couldn’t be more accurate. Lloyd Pierce has taken all the joy of playing basketball from Jeremy.

    When I look at the 76ers, the team that LP worked as assistant coach, there is nothing that tells me that it is a good team. Jimmy Butler is going to have a hard time there too.

    A champion team is much more than good players.

  330. JLin faces more strict minutes allocation.

  331. Agreed. It’s hard to judge a player without having followed a player extensively in different contexts like we have done with Lin. I can say without hesitation that Lin is at least an above average NBA PG and is good enough to start.

    I would be ok if he finishes this year with Hawks and plays 20+ MPG for a playoff bound team next year.

    I have to say that Doncic from highlights is entertaining to watch.

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