G38 ATL @CHA Game Thread: Bounce-Back Game?

After 2 days of rest, Jeremy Lin said his ankle is okay and hopefully he can move faster on-court tonight. Will JLin have a bounce-back game tonight after having a bad game (2pts, 0-9 shooting) due to back-to-back and ankle issues?

How did JLin bounce back after 5 such games with 0-X shooting in the Lakers last season?

It turns out he averaged 15.4pts/4.4asts/2.6rebs in the bounce-back games. With 26-39 (67.7% FGM shooting)!

That’s simply incredible in a Lakers tanking season, nonetheless!

JLin Bounce Back games following 0-x shooting game in 14-15 Lakers Season

Feb 11: 0-6, 2pts vs POR => 6-9, 18pts/2/1r vs BKN

Dec 15: 0-6, 2pts/1a vs IND => 5-7, 12pts/5a/8r vs OKC

Dec 3: 0-10, 0pts/5a vs WSH => 5-8, 14pts/2a vs BOS

Nov 16: 0-2. 0pts/1a vs GSW => 6-7, 15pts/10a/3r vs ATL

Nov 1: 0-6, 6pts/6a vs GSW => 4-8 18pts/3a/1r vs PHX

Let’s go, JLin! Let’s pray and hope that he will be close to 100% healthy to have a full bounce-back game

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Guess JLin's stats in Game 39 vs NOP


  1. #7 and out.

  2. heart u need 3 more. (i think).

  3. Everyone has ups and downs. One thing for sure, whenever Lin played as starting PG, he usually plays like a star. If he can have consistent pg role, the sky is limit for him.

  4. ? Lin not playing today?

  5. So Bryan Colangelo drafted Landry Fields, Ed Davis, Andrea Bargnani; had Joe Johnson with MDA in Phoenix and really liked Jeremy from the beginning.

    We’ll see what will happen

  6. refers to my 1st posts here nothing to do with lin.

  7. I have 4 stars just need one more. Patiently waiting for another star…

  8. why five? i said i would “retire” from first posts after 6 but i did this one more (7th) for reasons which shall become obvious soon enough.

    what is the significance of the 5th star for you? (i meant you needed 3 more to catch my 7 firsts).

  9. It’s just 5 stars rating is usually the highest and like high-five, all in one hand. Once I get 5 stars I may go for more like you. But five also has been my #, so is 7. We’ll see.

  10. Joe Johnson was a young star when he played with Nash under MDA.

  11. From Nathan Gottlieb’s tweets.
    “In case you didnt know, Bryan Colangelo is a two-time exec of year. First with Suns, when he & MDA …
    revolutionized NBA offense. Second time was with Toronto. From Suns experience with Mike… he knows the value of an uptempo PG. Just saying.
    Also, while Jack knee surgery went well, and he’s expected make full recovery, NYPost thinks the Nets will exercise the 31-year PG’s $500K buy clause in his $6.3 million contract.”

  12. This Billionaire Russian has spent too much for the Nets, now he tries to cut the loss by buying out Jack to save a couple millions.

  13. How about this scenario:

    Hornets keep losing playing Kemba-ball and are out of the playoff picture. They trade Lin to the Bulls for draft picks since they won’t be able to keep him next year anyways and Bulls can’t depend on an injury prone Rose. Lin leads Bulls to deep playoff run. Next season Colangelo as GM of the Nets hires D’Antoni to coach the Nets and brings in Lin with a max contract for starting PG.

  14. Sounds good to me!

  15. 3 team trade (dunno if it can work now)

    Lopez Charlotte
    Jefferson Portland
    Lin Lamb Davis Nets

    MDA as Nets coach NOW.

    But let Bryan take the job first.

  16. Like this idea.

  17. Batum is also inspired to get a W tonight


  18. Lin would say, “I want to win every night!”

  19. So now more team ball?

  20. Kemba “guarding” some good guards? Oh dear.

  21. maybe not yet.
    The two Clifford quotes basically said, “We need to think of helping Kemba defense first”

    oh boy… At least they start somewhere.

  22. When Clifford says “We’re thinking offense” – that means a Free-for-All and every-man-for-himself.

    Because Clifford’s offense consists giving the ball to Kemba — there are hardly any individual plays, NBA type PnR, not even basic sets. Guys don’t know what to do when Kemba cant score besides just chucking shots like Kemba.

    Kemba’s defense consists of mostly allowing PGs to blow by him and get to the paint at will requiring help from others and leaving a man open as a result.

    So Batum as PG could be tolerable as long as he doesn’t dribble the ball in traffic so as to turn over the ball – no really the best solution to the Kemba problem but Clifford really has no solutions.

  23. ankle injuries current just off the top of the espn game nite wire: draymond green, doug mcdermott, jimmy butler, carmelo anthony

    also jeff teague, emanuel mudiay, brandon bass, dangelo russell, jeryd bayless, aaron gordon, elfrid payton and of course lin most recently–any thoughts on all the ankle injuries in nba?

    is that normal?

  24. Yeah it sounds like he’s praising Kemba but he’s not really, if you start with the first tweet. If you replace “Kemba” with “we” in the first tweet, he’s actually saying Kemba needs to think defense first.

  25. Sprains Happen in Sports
    Batum sprained toe OUT 9 days rest – Potential MAX free agent $20+mil

    JLIN sprained ankle not more 3 days rest; constantly playing and re-rolling the ankle – Bench Player ONE yr Rental to Hornets

    Ligament strains need time to heal regardless how good pro sports rehab is. Healing ligament easily incurs further injury.

    Why does JLIN not take the necessary time and why won’t the coach insist JLIN fully heal the ankle?
    1. JLIN is a nice guy and team player

    2. Clifford has no answers and trusts JLIN but could care less about his future in the NBA post Hornets.

  26. This is why Lin has to go after this season.

  27. No hope there.

  28. Ya! That’s what I thought…. I think he wants Kemba to think D first then O…. since ASG vote will end by this week. Kemba has no hope to get into ASG by vote anyway.

  29. This is funny…lol

  30. Hornets pregame broadcasters are promoting NB and Lamb. They said Lamb ‘stepped up’ from the bench when NB was out…

  31. ????? Kemba has been burned by some good guards picking up very little fouls. Lin is doing more defensive work. I really don’t want to get on the “Lin needs to go to another team” bandwagon, but this comment worries me.

  32. Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

    Albert Einstein

    Read more at http://www.brainyquote.com/quotes/quotes/a/alberteins133991.html#GkJWtStOjizfSHvV.99

  33. If anyone wants to listen Clifford radio interview


  34. If only Dominique had a sore throat tonight. I like the Hawks but he grinds my nerves when the Hawks play Lin. I hope Lin have a bounce back game.

  35. DEfense always break down from the point guard and he needs to shut up from there…lol

  36. Hornets Pregame show is heavily promoting Batum!

  37. Batum played well last game in his 1st game back so it’ll be good if he can help out tonight to get a big W

  38. They can promote Kemba,Batum,and Lamb heavily but the truth is nothing would change and it always ends up w/ same result.

  39. Always like that if the player had good game.

  40. Most people care who is on postgame.

  41. lin back 2 the high hair.

  42. Charlotte HornetsVerified account
    Bring ’em out bring ’em out ?? #ATLatCHA

  43. Completely normal

  44. Yes, dragon Z came back!

  45. Real answer:

    1 and 2 and 3: Lin is the BEST CONDITIONED guard in the NBA and is ELITE ATHLETICALLY, so he can put up big games despite being injured.

    Lin heals fast, is extremely resilient physically, dishes out a lot of punishment of his own, and is in ultimate physical nonPED shape.

  46. The kids like Lin’s hair. Haha!

  47. I just realized Batum and Al Horford can pass as brothers

  48. Should I be listening to Dominique Wilkins or Stephanie Ready?

  49. I wouldn’t listen to Dominique if you have high blood pressure.

  50. Ok.

  51. good start so far. Looks like they’re playing defense well.

  52. Didn’t Utah have Milsap/Jefferson/Hayward? I wonder why they struggled so bad

  53. No, Hawks hasn’t warmed up.

  54. How does Williams miss that

  55. Think about Hawes.

  56. is it just me or LP feed is very shaky today?

  57. So far so good Zeller! He’s running and dunking.

  58. That’s stupidity fully demonstrated on incidental tanking!

  59. shoulder to the face, refs late whistle

  60. they’re playing much better today on defense. I can tell Cliff trained them to play both ends

  61. Cliff needs to rest Kemba for long term plan or defense discipline…

  62. Great start with 13-2 for the Hornets.

    More urgency in defense & deflection,
    5TOs for Hawks vs 1TO for Hornets

  63. yes, more effort and energy to deflect balls to cause TOs

  64. Walker out already? and Lin in

  65. This is how it should be. Playing both sides of the court. Sure, they will get tired sooner but that’s why Hornets have a deep bench.

  66. Because of Horford’s shoulder hit?

  67. Did Cliff think like me now?

  68. See how starters are sweating already? That’s good sign that they are trying on defense

  69. Oh, I see. I’m just following play by play.

  70. Hawks looks really loose.

  71. Nice Lin drive. 2 FTs!

  72. Yay… made both!

  73. Lin has new socks.

  74. my feed lagging a lot

  75. Mohawks is back!!!

  76. This the Hornets I want to see!

  77. Batum with 2 fouls and 3 TOs.

  78. defensive Sting is back!

    Hopefully for the whole game

  79. Batum needs to stop asking ball

  80. Lin block!

  81. Jeremy block and a rebound 🙂

  82. So he was on pregame showcase?

  83. good D

  84. WIlkins didn’t say anything about that block.

  85. LOL. Change feed.

  86. he can’t believe his eyes lol

  87. Lamb still has problem.

  88. The bench without Kemba and datum was out performing them all year. now there a little dip we saying they need to figure it out. Please stephenie stop it.

  89. lol nobody is going to correct their autocomplete on Batum.

  90. and speechless lol

  91. LAMB, you need to keep the ball moving..

  92. League pass so laggy, I can’t believe I paid for this

  93. it’s for the logo on the app …

  94. I’m suffering through WIlkens and Lin is coming through so far. Great rebound and nice block. I want to see him throws some lobs and hit some shots.

  95. maybe too many lin fans watching ..

  96. lol firstrowsports is like 10x better.

  97. this bench is straight garbage…its all about wether lamb or lin gets hot

  98. I knew he was probably ready to say, “Lin can’t guard Schroeder! Not quick enough” like the last game lol

  99. really? I thought frs is low qual (non-HD)?

  100. Silent Wilkins is a good thing then 🙂

  101. To goes to Lin??

  102. Did hit Lamb.

  103. These late whistles…

  104. but it is in Lin’s stats

  105. BF1 needed to score .. and Lin took it to the rim.
    2 FTs! YEAH


  106. made both again!

  107. Hawes didn’t challenge that last jump shot at all.

  108. Lin – 4pts / 2reb / 1blk – 1st quarter. NOT BAD!

  109. lamb did not have control on theball

  110. someone got to help Lin if he gets beat

  111. Need to complain it.

  112. This BF1 is too shot-happy now. And not much D on big men

    Troy, Lamb tried to look for own shots.
    Hawes & Frank lacked energy

  113. Lin needs to put more pressure on Shroeder and don’t let him penetrate so easily. So far, Wilkens isn’t trashing Lin.

  114. Lamb has caused 2 TOs, one to PJ and one to Lin.

  115. If he got that call, refs are being soft on him! ahem.

  116. This time it is the bench not stepping up.

  117. please get LAMB OUT

  118. horrible off ball movement. The spacing is bad.

  119. what? he wasn’t even bleeding?

  120. JLamb needs to sit

  121. Lamb is not thinking straight. Why take that heavily contested shot.

  122. No movement, no space. So bad.

  123. Lamb forced shots & get lost in D

  124. what the hell was that. his ball iq is not high

  125. he wanted to be a hero

  126. What a sloppy finish to that quarter

  127. Lamb, WTH is he doing? Hero ball?

  128. Ya! 2nd unit played bad today…. couldn’t make the shot… no ball movement.

  129. I feel so bad for Lin, he has to babysit a bunch of mememe bad players.

  130. He’s your classic gunner.

  131. Bench Force 1 finished the 1st quarter with 4pts.
    Lin had 4pts.

    Need more force

  132. Mine????

  133. It’s totally Clifford’s fault for letting him play like a superstar

  134. The off ball movement for 2nd unit sucks. It’s slow. They can’t get an easy bucket if they let their defender beat them.

  135. Lamb lost control. Hawes can’t make a basket. Lin has no one to pass.

  136. KW is in, you asked for it.

  137. I guess starter force is better than nothing.
    Let’s hope not too much force =D

  138. water flowing downhill kind.

  139. Another Lamb TO

  140. 3 total

  141. really bad passing TOs

  142. Lamb is bad. Never passed to Lin… smh!

  143. Please Lin start hitting your 3s i beg you

  144. Lamb, Lamb, Lamb, do not force it! Batum 3 TOs already?

  145. Lin needs to demand the ball and start orchestrating

  146. start from 2s first.

  147. Lin missed a 3, still haven’t found his touch yet.

    Hope he shoots closer or get a layup in the next shot

  148. from bunch of memeeme?

  149. no, please start driving/penetrating.

  150. lol

  151. Shoot closer, drive, create shots for himself. He’s not assertive enough. On his 2 drives he got to the line so he needs to do that then.

  152. do it all as long as he does not fo 0-6 before half or something

  153. Good block by Kam

  154. How could there be no foul?

  155. Nice crossed and a floater

  156. Floater!!!!!

  157. 22222222 tear drop

  158. 22222222222222222222 floater

  159. Nice floater by JLin!!! YEAH

  160. first FG since….. Great!

  161. if we beat this team, i question why we can’t beat easier teams. Starters and everyone need to give defense 100% effort like today.

  162. Man, all we need is for Lin to get back to whom he is.

  163. Finally. A bucket! I’ve been holding my breath for that!

  164. phew, shooting drought over.

  165. Bounce back!

  166. Kemba playing his best of the season… plus minus wise

  167. He needs to drive and penetrate the lane

  168. Lin scored as usual, TO, coach fear

  169. Lol he friggin hits these hard ass shots but the open ones nah…to easy

  170. Lin currently has the most minutes.

  171. Stupid hawes

  172. why…did…hawes…dribble…

  173. whuz up, KW so efficient today. I’m on box score working.

  174. WTF does Hawes think he’s a point guard?

  175. Clifford staying somewhat true to defense staying on floor. Lamb was making buckets but still went to bench.

  176. Hawes. Come on.

  177. Hawes is an idiot, put the ball down dribbling.

  178. Hawes should’ve grabbed the rebound and hold the ball up-high.

    Like any big men would.

    Stop dribbling, Hawes

  179. seriously what was he thinking? Going coast to coast??

  180. He’s not dribbling that much,he’s just picking up his spots which is what he should do every game

  181. He’s so bad

  182. For some reason, he has developed that instinct *sigh*

  183. only thing Hawes can really do is shoot the 3 and even so he’s not like an above average 3 point shooter.

  184. yeah, hope he learns from the success!

  185. Korver was shut down by Lin

  186. really? I didn’t notice who Lin was guarding. It looked like he guarded at least 3 different players.

  187. Let’s see because players always goes back to their tendencies like Hawes…lol

  188. Kemba is on fire rn

  189. Lin covered him most of the time

  190. good D by Kemba. Too bad we can’t get any rebounds

  191. He passes well sometimes.

  192. Cliff may thought starters did good job on 1st Q. Actually, Hawks just wasn’t warm up. Now Hawks is speeding up, let’s see what the starters respond.

  193. Lamb dont wanna pass to Lin so obvious
    and Lin out already? His minutes are slowly being taken away
    He should at least play 14mins a half

  194. Lin is still their defensive ace on this team.

  195. 13 ok by me. Save him for kemba ball time, but hopefully this game, Cliff’s message gets through.

  196. Lin back in with 2:59 left in the 2nd quarter

  197. I like how starters get rest earlier cause they are playing defense and getting tired. It should be like this with such depth on this team.

  198. nvm i overreacted as usual

  199. 14 minutes straight.

  200. tom, he needed a rest. He’s back in.

  201. 13:09

  202. aww man , Lin was doing a good job on D right there. PJ screwed up.

  203. i overreacted lol

  204. noted 🙂

  205. Not “you” specifically. It’s a manner of expression. I guess English is not your 1st language?

  206. why give it to Lin at 1 sec

  207. 3s still not falling 🙁

  208. Get the ball demit

  209. Why did Marvin give it to Lamb
    so dumb

  210. the bigger question is why not let Lin set up the offense

  211. exactly.

  212. WTF, let Lin organize the O.

  213. FT’s

  214. ya I question why Lamb was doing it. He’s not quick.

  215. Just get the ball Jeremy

  216. 100%

  217. some fan is yelling jeremy really loud Lol

  218. he’s a Hawks fan.

  219. Maybe its those girls again? lol

  220. It was a guy.. he sounds drunk lol

  221. stiff,stiff,stifff

  222. lol probably

  223. Haha.. nm then

  224. Lin’s gotten lots of fouls today. NBA saw the bloody video?

  225. lol

  226. good hustle PJ

  227. Low IQ players, PJ, Lamb, Hawes.

  228. more like they saw the “NBA is racist” comments on Twitter

  229. If only Jeremy could be the PG… I’m sure he can raise their BBIQ.

  230. I heard him yell Lets go Hawks too and waving a Hawks tshirt or something

  231. Lamb is the worst teammate ever
    Keep forcing it you are forever a bench player

  232. Lin locks down schroeder so he has to pass it, then guys can’t recover and hornets get scored on. Makes me wanna pull my hair out.

  233. good.. it might just be working =)

  234. Lamb is way over his head

  235. Don’t do that,you will lose all your hairs at the end of the season….lol

  236. Why Lin got the most minutes?

  237. This is the bad Lamb. The good Lamb plays off of Lamb. The bad Lamb stumbles and fumbles trying to go 1 on 3.

  238. 8pts (1/5), 3reb, 1blk, 6/6 FTs in 16 minutes (highest)

  239. He’s their best defensive stopper,he is guarding three positions so far.

  240. Batum had early fouls as well and Lin’s D is stellar on the 1-3 against this team.

  241. it is good to see Clifford sit Kemba after 6 mins in 1st quarter even Kemba was doing fine. Let Lin work on his PG skills and take some pressure from Kemba. That is how to try to win more games!

  242. should be 1/4 but last shot was forced by time on clock

  243. to make his fans HAPPY!!!!LOL!

    cliff knew that’s important to Jlin’s followers..:P

  244. hmm that means he’s not the PG then…

  245. thanks!

  246. Good luck with that.

  247. thx!

  248. he’s trying to get Kemba to focus on D 100%. It doesn’t matter how good he is on offense. I see that it’s working. Maybe he’s resting Kemba sooner because he needs to condition his body to get used to playing both sides of the court.

  249. I started to watch game late, seems Kemba didn’t play lots minutes today. Injury or new coaching style?

  250. yes..playing D will get to a players stamina and habit.

  251. new …

  252. lin has 6 FTs.

  253. He’s scoring like Harden tonight, getting it from the line. Except, the fouls are legit.

  254. didn’t you get the ref memo? NBA can’t take another series of Vines.

  255. experimenting cliff..players MUST play defense and need rest that’s why KW rest much

  256. No, I think he’s resting cause he’s giving more effort on defense and it’s showing. Same with Batum and other starters. They need to keep doing this until their bodies are conditioned and then coach can increase the minutes slowly.

  257. made all of them.

  258. Sure hope so!

  259. good NBA see’s the need to call foul when Jlin’s playing because they were so much blind previous games!

  260. Batum made the bad sample. Lamb even had the same TOs as Batum.

  261. 2nd half will be starters (except PJ) and Jlin time!!!

  262. Everyone starts learning Batum.

  263. really!! wow, that’s new

  264. still cannot believe it

  265. So frustrating on the play where Lin had to take the last second expiring shot from PJ. It started out w/ Lamb trying to initiate the offense, but couldn’t then passed around to different players w/o making real plays for easy shot.

  266. Kemba can improve his defense by not keep jumping too high for defending long shots.

  267. that was a broken play and PJ can’t do anything there but to pass..just a play that went Ouch!

  268. Lin’s getting calls tonight. No bleeding required.

  269. He can’t,he’s just too small.

  270. The one thing the NBA can’t handle are users who say “NBA IS RACIST” or when they compare Asian players in MLB to the only Asian player in NBA. The salary gap is huge. MLB just paid an asian player $80 million for 5 years and here is Lin getting paid less than rookies while playing well.

  271. Finally! No blood, yes foul. LOL.

  272. vine force 1

  273. everybody can if they will to be..KW can do it but sometimes it takes time to change a habit longed being tolerated

  274. The problem with those kind of plays is, they show clifford shaking his head afterwards. And people who don’t know, thinks its because of lin when its really because harden, i mean pj, passing at the last second.

  275. Yep, because NBA wants to maximize China without China doing it their own way.

  276. He has enough deposits in the blood bank.

  277. Yep, plus there are a lot of big contracts that NBA can sign with China. Like the ones they signed with tencent and others.

  278. Exactly. PJ should have shot that!

  279. NBA talk and made it a point that when JLin plays, no more blind Ref because Jlin follower will keep on knocking at their door with their INEFFICIENCY..(not believing with the R word yet, but maybe gambling for sure)

  280. Lin deserves to get Harden calls from now on. He’s been crucified long enough by the refs.

  281. Put Lin on Korver, he’s getting hot

  282. nice Kemba. very efficient.

  283. Well 7 straight Ls not easy to stomach, they HAD to make changes.

  284. PJ is just a stiff player

  285. see what a little more effort on defense does? Probably caught the Hawks off guard.

  286. Good Batum assist to Marvin 3

  287. that’s a foul

  288. cody left too much space right there.

  289. How the heck u get blocked by a lil guard like teague pj?

  290. Teague has 2 blocks. PGs in this game have combined 4 blocks.

  291. Wow that’s a tough shot by Williams

  292. lol cody trips

  293. Keep shooting Marvin

  294. Marvin is hot from 3pt-land

  295. lol camera shifted to some white guy eating chinese takeout. NBA proving they’re not racist.

  296. 2 Hawks collided with each other LOL

  297. May be Lin fans already send in bunch of the video clips of Lin’s non-foul calls; or worse than that NBA already received some attorney letters just like “Parent of Lots of Kids” said she will draft the letter & she is an attoney. Anyway, we only ask for the fairness Go JLIN! Stay healthy!

  298. chopsticks or fork?

  299. I think Lin will come in now.

  300. neither, just holding the box

  301. Hope that would get CHA going….seems to be another bad shooting night, except for KW, Lin manage to get his via FTs and CZeller keeping things positive

  302. Hornets 14-9 in the 3rd quarter to take 14 pt lead (59-45)
    This is good.

    They need this W badly

  303. NOTHING, just dumping it in his mouth

  304. A SG kemba is effective Kemba

  305. knew that was going in. Usually when you pass like that it makes it easier to score.

  306. Lin might get another stint of 14 straight min starting from 3min left

  307. that’s pretty uncivilized lol.

  308. 4 pt play

  309. LOL Batum made the impossible 3! (or 2?)

    And JLin slid to the FLOOR!

  310. Lin’s celebration after Batum’s shot.

  311. Finally Batum starts to hit his?! Go CHA

  312. That was EPIC! lol

  313. Lin celebration was like Guitar Hero-style sliding to the floor LOL

  314. team player, all the way!

  315. they are all pumped up to get a Win…GO Lin

  316. wow so messy

  317. this game is getting ridiculous lol

  318. good stuff

  319. Sweet….LIN comes in and scores!…GO LIN!!!!!!!!!!!11

  320. Cody playing like a center today. Lin clapped his hands for the ball. He wanted it.

  321. Lin make his presence felt right away.

  322. Hawks was not ready to see Kemba keep passing the ball

  323. 10 pts… bounce back game ftw! lol.

  324. yes…Cody just need to beef up so he can have force and he’s a complete 7 footer!

  325. LOL!!!

  326. at least 5 more to reach average bounce-back =D

  327. Kemba 19, Lin 10. Good. And today Kemba is almost playing PG. Hope Lin gets hot now, that was a nice, easy drive for him. WIlkens said it was too easy but he’s eased off getting on Lin this game.

  328. caught off-guard =)

  329. Lol that foul

  330. Yes, and make every basket from now on to up the fg% lol.

  331. RACIST!!!!!

  332. bogus foul

  333. Lin missed all 3p’s

  334. Jeez…the 3s are not working!

  335. Can’t buy one right now.

  336. Kemba is really playing well today.

  337. COME ON lin 1 three pointer

  338. cody is fierce today

  339. that’s what Cody MUST do always..slam it hard!

  340. White man can jump

  341. Cody missing dunks …

  342. Cody probably going to hit double double tonight!

  343. 00:35.9 Zeller Rebound (Off:1 Def:9) ; double double!

  344. Kemba can’t miss tonight

  345. after struggling, Kemba seems to be playing a strong game.

  346. good hussle by Kemba and Cody

  347. He’s playing well tonight.

  348. Cody’s best game of the season.

  349. he’s hustling on both ends

  350. Doesn’t matter, keep shooting. Most important is keeping confidence.

  351. Lin’s defense is really intense.

  352. BF1 has not done well yet tonight.

  353. They’re going to attack Lamb since his def is the weakest

  354. so league memo is to not let him get hacked egregiously without calls, but make up for that by calling sketchy offensive fouls. haha

  355. Kemba playing it right as a PG,Hawes is not playing that much,Cody is diving the lane w/ authority, Jeremy keeps the Hawks at bay by his defense,Marvin is playing well and Batum contibuted well enough to win this game.

  356. Lin’s getting ticky tack fouls tonight. About time.

  357. atleast Lin is getting to the line a lot

  358. Good to see TDaniels…getting some burn

  359. nah that one he was trampled on

  360. Wow refs seem gets the memo today for letting Lin shoot his FT’s

  361. and making them 🙂

  362. Frank and Hawes are off too much

  363. That’s a big part of his game, if the refs call fouls.

  364. 8 FT, 100% IN! LIN!!!!

  365. wow 8 FTs so far.

  366. Hope it continues …..

  367. 100% FT 🙂

  368. i dont get where the fouls are coming from, but ill take it lol

  369. His post was before that play you’re referring to.

  370. cliff’s statement to Lamb, play no defense and you will see less minutes…and maybe to all players of hornets!

  371. 3s still not falling…

  372. Nice find

  373. Lin has no dime so far

  374. Good look by Lin. He drew like 4 guys on him.

  375. He does now 🙂

  376. Forget about 3s for now, Lin should take a long two and once he hits them….take those 3s again

  377. he just got one really good one.

  378. Lin handled the ball with patience and intelligence.

  379. if Lamb will not learn to play defense..Troy has the chance to play!

  380. god damn that assist

  381. or keep driving and kicking or getting to the line.

  382. What he does best!

  383. That was niiiice!

  384. Hire Curry’s shooting coach! Need it bad!

  385. they should let hans play and make Hawes sit

  386. Hornets are not shooting all that well as a team (except Kemba) tonight, but the defense is winning the game for them.

  387. finally

  388. 33333333333333333

  389. 3333333333333333333333333333333

  390. Yes!!!!!


  392. Lin just tells you he doesn’t need any shooting coach yet.

  393. wut happen..

  394. Hawk down!!!!!!

  395. LIN Where has these moves been at all the time !!

  396. Ya’ll come see Jeremy play.

  397. lin breakin ankles?

  398. first 3 since….. great!

  399. YES

  400. lol @ Hawes dribbling again.

  401. Kemba,Lin,batum,zeller and Williams plays well tonight.

  402. When Lin is the floor general, his teammates play with confidence.

  403. That step back was a killer….and his 3s as well… GO LIN

  404. Because they know Lin will find them in the open spot!

  405. last two shots tell you Lin’s shooting is back

  406. lin got 19 woohoo

  407. 22222222 hes warming up

  408. Dominique: Lin has been AUTOMATIC

  409. Just checking in, hope Lin scores more than Kemba!

  410. Lin is almost in his full form of super saiyan

  411. Here come the BOUNCESANITY game!!!!!!

  412. He got the memo too being nice with Lin?lol

  413. game is over getting close to taking lin out

  414. That’s a good one

  415. hopefully Clifford recognizes that Lin is starting to get his shooting form back and leaves him in garbage time.

  416. I want to see a dunk from Lin today

  417. getting a win is more important…there is competition on who scores more

  418. its 100-66 wow

  419. Wilkens giving Lin credit for a good game. That’s all I wanted to hear. Now I’ll switch feeds. Time to take Lin out anyway.

  420. it is okey to let Lin sit and get ready for next win!

  421. Lin is playing with a kind of swagger i have not seen from him in quite a while this game.

  422. lol

  423. ref shut down lin with that foul call hehe, ‘you scoring too much!’

  424. this all happened cause starters played defense well

  425. I like that!

  426. lol

  427. Play the 3rd unit please!

  428. He got back his flow in the game. He hit one 3, then the other shots fell easily. He’s also bodying guys up defensively. He did well.

  429. Lin is still in.. awesome

  430. good PnR with Tyler

  431. He needs points

  432. Lin knows where Tyler wants his balls. He threw that right at his nuts.

  433. great bounce back game

  434. do you guys feel that Lin started to keep shooting as long as he is open even in Denver’s game ? very good sign!

  435. garbage time. Lamb sprain right toe.

  436. He’s out now

  437. Lin needed a game like this.. finally

  438. Haha oh well. GG

  439. Hornets needed a game like this i mean

  440. Finally Lin’s out
    No need to play garbage time

  441. and nobody had to play over 30 minutes!

  442. Yes, Cliff depends on him more and more when cornered.

  443. Thank you Lin for having a great game. Dominique could not throw shade tonight.

  444. Seems like Lin always plays well when he hits his first 3. It’s when his first shots don’t fall that affects his entire game. He needs to learn how to shoot out of a slump within a game.

  445. Dominique finally gave Lin his credit towards the end

  446. 19 pts on 11 shots. that is stupendous actually.

  447. started 2-8 but finished 5-11

  448. Cody Zeller played great tonight.. was the X Factor for the Hornets for sure

  449. That’s how it should be every game with even minutes for everyone! Favoring Batum and Walkers with high minutes and iso is detrimental to the them!

  450. Kemba played a lot of off ball tonight.. key to Hornets success is letting him play off the ball and let Batum handle it

  451. Lin has got to shoot more 3s! Opponents need respect his 3 point shooting so there would be more room for him make other moves!

  452. and that was done without taking any shooting advice from us, LOL.

  453. Frank, Lamb and Hawes cooled off tonight. Franks has not played well for …. 5-7 games?

  454. Yes he did. I am usually tough on Zeller. He played great.

  455. Ya! Zeller played great.

  456. WOW Hawks announcers just praised JLin.

  457. Surprisingly CHA took more 3s than usual…that need to be checked as well…almost 40 3s!!!!

  458. Jlin and Marvin are buds…always sit next to each otheron the bench

  459. Yes because Batum is the lesser of two evils!

  460. he was 1-6 on 3’s he shot more than he normally does

  461. Cliff has nice template of time management and player rotation with this game..hope he continue with this plan and Hornets will play better each game

  462. did hawks announcers credit lin for defenisve effort/ability?

  463. The unselfish teammates!

  464. KW should increase his defense intensity like this one, or his Bigs won’t feel like doing it either.

  465. Lamb got injured lol

  466. ? what did they say?

  467. Batum had a few games’ blip of selfishness early in the season, but has come a long way since. If he can keep TOs down then he’s a good PG alternative to Kemba.

  468. Lin is unsung hero but Kemba, he played great today.

  469. i dont know i didnt listen to hawks

  470. Yes especially against a playoff team like the Hawks!

  471. unsung hero is seller

  472. Kemba & Zeller both played great today. So happy they finally get the W.

  473. i think someone posted this stats before – when Kemba has 25 shots , the team likely to lose, Lin 15 shots, the team is likely to win. Maybe Clifford take some notes.

  474. Yes Zeller, what the heck happened to him before tonight? He blocks shots.

  475. wow Mike Scott actually took the last shot.

  476. Jlin talking with korver…planning for next video?

  477. Lin’s hair is actually too long, gotta trim a bit 😛

  478. Who is JLin talking to for a long time after game is over???

  479. Basically KW shouldn’t dig into Bigs’ meals, and expect them to defend for him.

  480. Must have been Jeremy’s socks tonight!

  481. korver

  482. Lin and Korver are talking like long time friends

  483. korver

  484. he played like Hawes needs to play

  485. Lin and Korver after the game, BFF.

  486. must be planning on making another video ha ha

  487. Just need more gel. 😉

  488. Good game! After a much needed rest, Lin bouncing back to play 26:45 min with 19 pts (5-11 FG & 8-8 FT), 1Ast, 5 Reb & 1 BS! Keep going!

  489. Korver was the guy who told Jeremy to lose the headband in Jeremy’s “How to fit in the NBA” video.

  490. Korver prolly said,you shut me down tonite but I’l get back on you the next game.Lin:Yeah I’ll see you next year with my new team.

  491. Yes. Can’t remember exactly what it said. They only said a sentence for Kemba; 1.5 sentence for Zeller for their scores… but JLin, they said a lot lot more. No very good in summarizing. All praises…..

  492. time to vote for Lin for ASG

  493. wow Lin has more mins than any stater. Surprised. But not surprised to win !

  494. I bet a lot of gamblers angry today that Hornets beat Hawks.

  495. nah korver probably said: when you gonna be free to play dota?
    lin: maybe tonight, got some free time

  496. LOLOL

  497. Thanks! He looked familiar to me but have no idea his name.

  498. this is the only time Cliff seems want to win

  499. Go Timberwolves beat the Huston rockettes

  500. Thanks!

  501. that means Cliff knows Lin can play both ends without getting too gassed.

  502. Thanks Appreciate it!

  503. He knows the team would be in big troubles if he did not change his plans. actually it is already in troubles

  504. lol

  505. Korver was in his video. They’re friends.

  506. What I hope to see in the next games.

    1. Kemba/Batum and other starters keep giving 100% on defense.
    2. Cliff benching Kemba early for a few more games until his body adjusts to this type of effort on defense.
    3. Increase minutes of Kemba and Batum slowly but no more than 40 minute games anymore.
    4. Keep playing Lin the way he is and allowing him to shoot through his slump. Cause we’ve seen him get in slumps early many times and when he gets in rhythm, he can really change the game/momentum. Either way if his offense isn’t there, he is always 100% on defense.
    5. Draw more plays for Lin so he gets easier buckets. Driving in is his butter.
    6. Let Lin orchestrate the offense, be the floor general. I don’t want to see Hawes dribbling or Lamb dribbling. That just means they don’t trust Lin. Make it known Lin is the PG when Kemba is not on the floor with him.

  507. Oh yeah,I almost forgot that one.

  508. He probably knows for a while, just finally did the right minutes management to those starters for the first time

  509. Zeller was the best player tonight. Kemba was solid and Batum pretty good. Lin solid too. The big guys for the team played well. PJ and Lamb were awful.

  510. Has been voting in several different venues when I could every day.

  511. Perfect timing to vote!

  512. Missed this game because of busyness. Will watch the replay and highlights later.

    Frankly, I am not surprised the way a 150% HEALTHY JLin played tonight. With all the bashing of his bad games, the “no excuses” folks here… well tonight was JLin’s answer to you.

  513. Not really,they just said that he played very solid today.

  514. Don’t forget to vote Lin for the NBA All-Star!

  515. trust me, it won’t last. I learned all these by following Lin’s team.

  516. When Lin came in the 3rd, we were up by 20 points. When Lin left the 4th, we were up by like 30 or more points. That’s good basketball from starters and bench.

  517. haha, I vote for him when he shoots 0/9

  518. What happened? I missed all the fun… was there anything that clifford changed as far as giving JLin the ball?

  519. is Cliff talking about Lin right now?

  520. YUp

  521. Lin’s minutes and stats are perfect today as his ankle still not 100%. A lot more of basketball to play.

  522. Wow, what Lin said was terrific according to Cliff. How you have to take yourself out and into the team. How Hornets don’t have any superstars so we only have the team. I hope Cliff was talking about Lin. That was inspirational.

  523. He was.

  524. ah now it makes sense, MJ gave them a talk. that’s why they played defense.

  525. Yes, I vote every night for him; even take over my husband’s facebook to do so 🙂

  526. I hope this press conference will be replayed.

  527. Was it also Lin?

  528. MJ preached what we’ve been saying all along.

  529. All the gamblers are watching the power ball tonight. $1.4 billion dollars. When I win I will buy a NBA team, hire Khuang as my GM, hire MDA as my coach, and take Lin away and make him my franchise player. That would be week 1. I haven’t planned anything yet after that.

  530. Guarantee you Kemba/Batum got butt hurt when he said that

  531. It’s normally archived in the Hornets website. I tend to listen several hours later.

  532. what do you mean, I didn’t get the Lin part.

  533. what did MJ say? Cause I heard Jeremy said something like how we need to play like a team and get on defense and there are no superstars.

  534. ok i thought Cliff was talking about Lin in his post game interview. I heard “Jeremy said”

  535. Both are at peace with themselves. Ironically I get the feeling most players, although way more successful then any of us are insecure.

  536. What did they say. To Wilkens credit I have heard him say some nice things about Lin from time to time.

  537. oh, I never get that part. I only heard Michael said ( I imagine that’s MJ) about no super starts, don’t play for yourself but to the team.

  538. Wow, thank you. What a personal profile.

  539. Was Dominique Wilkinks trashing Lin again?….I did not get the Haws feed on my league pass.

  540. That was actually the reporter referring to what Jeremy said few days ago about the teams defense.

  541. No. In fact, at some point, he did talk about Linsanity.

  542. Thanks, you always can got something so fast & interesting about LIN!

  543. Yes I vote JLin no matter what in whatever way that I can. That’s to show my support to him disregard of what any fans said and felt or NBA cheated his votes annually.

  544. ah I thought I heard it from Cliff. I’ll watch again.

  545. The message was about playing each other as a team not for yourself

  546. He says we have no superstars but lots of good players. They need to play as a team.

  547. Looking at the stats of JLin, I tend not to look at the Assist/TO ration now because he’s not the ball handler.
    But I look at FT/TO instead because he gets fouled a lot; some weren’t called and became TOs.
    Lin was rewarded with 8 FTs tied with Cody Zeller and Lin made all of them.

    Make them paid! Lin made 2 TOs and 1 is an offensive charging foul. Incidentally Lin was also tied with Zeller in the second place in scoring behind Kemba Walker.

    Cody Zeller has played a monstrous game. He scored 19 points making 6/10, collected 10 rebounds, made 3 blocks, 1 steal, 1 assist and 1 TO. He only made 1 foul in the entire game.

    Zeller was also tied with Lin in second highest minutes played. The player with the highest minutes on the court surprisingly was Kaminsky. He played 29 minutes. He shot 3s well but again he missed all his layups (That’s unacceptable!)

  548. He was really commentating today.

  549. Sorry not very good in summarizing. Happened after JLin was out during garbage time. I was surprised to hear as I thought Hawks announcers weren’t kind to JLin in the past.

  550. Lin is the best player among the bench.

  551. Not at all. Never said anything bad about his defense. I was surprised.

  552. He did in the first half. He blamed one of Batum’s (hook) turnover on Lin who didn’t pass the ball soon enough.

    Which was stupid btw. Lin was just barely crossed half court.

  553. u mean complimentary in his commentating

  554. Welcome! I like all these facts about JLin:-)

  555. yep

  556. That’s the spirit. He played 40 minutes the night before and then played at high altitude. His defense kept him on the court and Clifford wanted to have him on the court despite his pathetic shooting.

  557. When I saw this kind of info I know many would appreciate the info:-)

  558. Some short highlights wo0t

  559. Me too, absolutely.

  560. loved the teardrop. hes been practicing it, so its nice to see it integrated into a real game finally.

  561. I don’t get what they were saying in the post game interview with Cliff. They said Jeremy had a disconnect with MJ (Did I hear that right?)? Which Jeremy?

    He mentioned something that there are no superstars and we need to play like a team. I doubt Lin would disagree with that so now I’m confused. Is he talking about Lin or something else? Were they agreeing with each other or not?

  562. Is Lamb ok? Lin mentioned something about Lamb ‘hope he’s ok’.

  563. Kaminsky was horrible in layups.

  564. he’s injured. Sprained toe.

  565. On which play? Not his wrist?

  566. Nop it’s his toe.

  567. we coulda had those rings!

  568. Who are the players ?

  569. Feel bad for Lamb. One injury after another…

  570. No wonder KW play defense tonight because boss said so; see the result is much better for everyone! At least MJ hear something and want the best for the team!

  571. Don’t know… I think more refer to team.

  572. Glad to hear this… KW didn’t take 20+ shots and played defense.

  573. lol

  574. he was still lackadaisical after getting screened off. i didnt think his D was so different today than usual.

  575. Maybe… at least I think he tried. The team had lots of rebounds today.

  576. Ha, I like this hair & smile! JLIN, just be happy and stay healthy!

  577. Well , duh Michael.,,,
    We’ve been clamoring about that 🙂

  578. lol must have worked his legs too hard today

  579. Yeah, with Lamb and Kemba around and their teardrop shots, I’m sure Lin got more practice.

  580. Lin made only one out of six in 3P range.
    What you didn’t notice was he made almost all of his other shots. He shot 5 out of 11.
    He made four out of five in other shots.
    Then he made 8 out of 8 in FTs. He was fouled as often as Zeller got fouled; the highest in the team.

    Among Zeller and Lin, they made 15 out of 16 in FTs.

  581. good to see them win again!

  582. He’d want Randall Park to play him in a movie? Would be a strange movie.

  583. so weird..
    lin has 4 pts and 0-9 and he has a 7 minute highlight
    lin has 19 pts and 5-11 and he has a what.. 1 minute hightlight!!!!

  584. This isn’t from Jun who usually does the long one.

  585. Anyone with a MUCH MORE long highlight than 1 minute
    It’s so weird.. he had a 7 minute highlight when he went 0-9 and only 4 points..
    but this game he has 19 points and only a 1 minute highlight.

  586. Must have been referring to Walker, he’s the one most trying to play like a superstar. Batum not as much.

  587. Believe this one isn’t from any normal JLin fans that does the long one.

  588. The game just ended man.. the regular highlight uploaders are probably editing as we speak.

  589. Four 3 pointers for Hornets in 4th Q
    That breaks the back of the hawks.

  590. Just wait….

  591. i hope that one 3 pts shoot is what the monkey of the back feeling for Lin. He will be fine.

  592. has it started already? I wait and wait and wait.

  593. Oh. It ended like 30 mins ago.. lol

  594. Should be archived pretty soon

  595. Totally shut down Dennis Schroder tonight…

  596. One tends to shoot w/confidence when the team is leading and seeing other teammates making baskets. That is–>mindset influences action/execution.

  597. I think that’s Kyle Korver, not Al Horford. Like Jeremy, Korver is very involved in community work.

    Last year, Kyle Korver won Joe Dumars Trophy (NBA Sportsmanship Award). He beat representatives from the 5 other NBA Divisions. Jeremy was the representative chosen from the Pacific Division. The other players selected were Amir Johnson, Pau Gasol, Anthony Davis, and Nick Collison.

  598. Zeller has his second season high 3 blocks tonight. This should be his average.

  599. patience…the longer one would come later

  600. Lin/Hornets didn’t give him any opportunities, but I bet he was itching to say something. Nique being Nique, he did used his imagination a bit. Saying things like, the Charlotte blew an opportunity to get a bigger lead, shooting to many 3s and terrible shot selections. Came back to haunted him in the second half. IMO

  601. This is the same one from earlier in the season.

  602. LOL Yes it’s definitely the hair! Keep the Mohawk!!

  603. so MJ told them to play for the team more
    I guess Lamb is the only who didnt get the note

  604. Was he always this high pitch lol dont remember him speaking this fast lol

  605. As long as Walker and Lin at PG prevent perimeter penetration, those block numbers by the modern day Shawn Kemp in Cody Zeller will stay high.

  606. Great TRUE SHOOTING by Lin.

  607. Lamb didnt get the memo


    Tired legs is what happens in under 30 minutes when a player really exerts himself defensively.

  609. C’mon, the other half of the Eastern Conference’s top scoring backcourt needed no memo to continue his wildly positive RAPM.

  610. LOL!

  611. A hell if a shot. He’s guarded

  612. Good, not great game. Glad to see him getting stats in a blowout.

  613. Yea…words are cheap but Lin’s not staying unless he’s starting PG!

  614. Stepped on someone’s heel.

  615. With Lin scored 19 of them. Lin’s +/- led the bench and tied with Spencer Hawes.

  616. Lin is jumping too

  617. CBS? ” If Nicolas Batum or Kemba Walker were to sustain an injury, Lin’s value would skyrocket.”

    That is not very nice. Good ending thought – ” However, even when the Hornets at are full strength, he still has value in most leagues.”


  618. Glad he didn’t hu the ankle.

  619. Was very frustrating to watch Lamb play

  620. He is just being a good teammate…I dont see anything wrong with it?

  621. “We all know what he’s done through his career, but the first thing he told he was `I’ve been through that before, too,” Batum said. “He said, `All the players in this league go through tough situations — can’t win, can’t get anything going your way, got injuries, can’t make a shot. It happens. The only thing we can do is stick together. We can’t fall apart and start pointing fingers. No, we’ve got to take care of ourselves.”

    Reminds me of that famous MJ commercial: “I’ve failed over and over and over again in my life. And that is why I succeed.”

  622. Lamb is also INJURED.

  623. You know what? I don’t feel bad at all
    Daniels can replace him just fine and requires less touches

  624. MJ blasted the team –

    and it was good for them.

  625. MJ is very good motivator. He was invited to US Ryder Cup golf team as a vice captain to do the motivation work and the team won.

  626. from the ice bath video, i really do sense friendship, more than with the other ball-dominant guards lin’s had to play with.

  627. That’s how fantasy updates go … v macho tone to addict the player into being a god unto himself.herself

  628. Great game gsw den mile high. People had terrible with that shot and thin air. Kudos to the discussions here, I could see it on gsw. Galinari was a beast.

  629. from the play-by-play, it looks like steph curry had a monster second half of 4th quarter… amazing just looking at it… but then had that costly turnover.

  630. not good enough to motivate lamb

  631. To me Lin looks happy with the crew in Charlotte, at peace. He sounded still pumped up from the game, had his sort of NBA slang voice going.

  632. So 19pts is JLin’s season-high as a reserve!
    I’d say it’s quite a bounce-back game =)


  633. Thank you Clifford for keeping Lin out there a few minutes longer into garbage time.

  634. Thumbs up to Coach Clifford!
    With BScott, JLin would’ve been stopped at 10pts

  635. Walker has not played enough defense before this game to even need an ice bath!

  636. It’s FANTASY basketball that only looks at Lin as a stat.

    Has nothing to do with real life NBA action.

  637. Daniels cannot lead the Eastern Conference reserves in scoring like Lamb can, nor can Daniels touch Lamb in +/- where Lamb is a very close second place behind good old Lin.

  638. NO.

    Lamb is INJURED.

    You didn’t blast Lin when Lin was injured. The same applies to Lamb.

  639. “Root for each other” per Lin via MJ’s pep talk video below! Lin sure did root for NB on that play! Kidding aside, Lin always likes to see his teammates play well…

  640. …and to make sure the lead is protected. lol

  641. JLin Fan ducking the virtual balls on camera.
    Or she might actually popped them with the mohawk


  642. Big bounce indeed 🙂
    And his FT% will go up too.

  643. boy, am I glad we’re not watching the Lakers =]
    idk how BScott lives with the losing ways all these years

  644. oh he’s so used to it.

  645. Took noise from the big MJ gun to get the mememe guys to maybe take teamball seriously. Hope they can keep it up.

  646. Jeremy Lin: Got the W finally!! Eating ice cream to celebrate tonight’s win!! Keep in mind, you guys should eat healthy food

  647. Most importantly this was the first game this season I saw Kemba Walker play defense and sharing the ball! Hopefully what MJ said will turn him around. He shot efficiently and was a huge + on the court. This is the only way the Hornets will win this season regardless of how well Lin plays.

    Regarding Lin, he had another good game to go with a solid season so far. Not sure what the panic is about him here was about. The only thing I’m concerned about is his 3Pt shooting. The only 3pt shot he made was a rushed shot to beat the buzzer where he couldn’t get his feet set all the way. It seems his shot is worse than last year. I really feel Lin should work with a different shooting coach over the summer.

  648. Lin said that his ankle was feeling better.

    Hence the bounceback.

  649. First time I’m going to give credit to Ref #39, Tyler Ford, for calling Schroeder’s arm-grab foul on Lin. Yes, it was obvious and he called it at least. Have to do this so we know which Refs to look out for…

  650. The “panic” was that none of us knew that Michael Jordan was going to come down and basically criticize his players into playing better team basketball.

    Had Jordan not done that, it would have been another ugly loss.

  651. He says it so awkwardly like he has an accent or something

  652. He got injured after
    In first half, he refused to pass to Lin
    Thats all I saw
    And I did express my frustration when Lin got injured because I’d rather watch him play

  653. you seem pretty high on Lamb

  654. Lin is tweaking his shot to shoot like Curry or Irving (I think). He just needs repetitions in games. He recently said last night in his Q&A session that he wants to increase his shooting percentage up to 70% if I remember reading correctly. You can search his Q&A on the last blog. You know Lin is a hard worker. He will up his game, so don’t worry.

  655. Jeremy Lin eating ice cream to celebrate tonight’s win!!

  656. It’s great that MJ speech inspired Kemba to stop the “disconnect” and change his shots to passes.
    There were a few times in the games that I expected him to shoot as he did in the past few games but then I was so surprised he passed the ball out to find more open shots.

    It was great to watch the tight defense sparked an easy offense with fastbreak and wide-open shots. This is how the Hornets should’ve played consistently. Zeller played unbelievably well to be the paint presence with 19pts/10rebs/3blocks.

    Zeller would need to sustain this performance and effort since Frank and Hawes can’t be physical.

    Lin’s 3PT would become more consistent with more game time. There were a string of good 3P%, good arc but not consistent yet. JLin would heat up at the right moment post-ASB as usual or once he’s 100% healthy, I think.

  657. yes, they should have called a time out on that last play I don’t know why Steph didn’t. He did get it swiped by Gallinari. It was an awesome bball game, and no fluke because DEN took GSW to OT at GSW just 10 days ago. (But then again, DGreen was not playing and the mile high stuff was in effect).

  658. that’s all that matter for the team..players do try to defend..and i liked what i saw with Coach Cliff’s rotation and time management of his player…sub pattern was great and noplayer had shown being gassed during plays.

  659. what????LOL!

  660. his tongue is frozen ?

  661. He earned it:-)

  662. Hahaha… this is hilarious!


  663. he’s not fluent

  664. I think he is pretty fluent.

  665. Highlights from Jun 🙂

  666. You are right. I corrected my tweet. Thanks!

  667. Seems like Yogurt.

  668. I didn’t see any defense from Kemba tonight, but he has been less selfish of late. Never lasts though.

  669. Injured his toe.

  670. Kemba is much better teammate than Harden, CA, Kobe.

  671. I won’t blame lamb too much. He must be under pressure since play time getting less. But if he keep doing this, will get worse.

  672. Really? I thought Kemba was much more active on defense than previous games.

  673. Resonates with the old Chinese adage: Failure is the mother of success. (失敗為成功之母)

  674. Proof that Kemba CAN play defense, but was 1) too lazy, or 2) too concerned about preserving energy for stat-padding, or 3) both.

  675. So McFlurry for a lost and Ice Cream for a win?

  676. Still not buying Hornets until Lin gets his rightful start as PG! I do hope Hornets goes to playoffs that way Lin will have more experience and if they go far he will definitely get more attention and credit.

  677. Please, Batum and Walker both said things about playing teamball then went on iso sprees for their own stats! I don’t believe them for a second!

  678. I likey. Looks like Ghengis Khan, world conqueror.

  679. Dennis Shroder should be fined for flopping that Jeremy Lin block. Lin didn’t even touch him and he pretended he was pushed by Lin. Good thing refs didn’t call it. Refs are getting a little better now.

  680. What Ghengis Khan did though is nothing like Lin’s character.

  681. Looks like Häagen-Dazs® <- ya i copied it

  682. he was early. That’s why he had to rest early. He did improve this game on defense. But when he gets in the shooting habit, he’s like 60% defense 100% offense. Lin is a more balanced player on both ends.

  683. I think its the hair that tamed the Hawk!

  684. that kick out to Kaminsky was great … i mean, nobody on the floor near him.

    Also some nice handles between the legs there. JLin was having fun.

  685. the hawk in that photo has a mohawk too lol

  686. Lin was Mr. 4th quarter today. By end of 3rd, he only had 10 pts. In the 4th, he scored 9 more to tie with Zeller.

    END 3RD

    Hornets 80, Hawks 58

    @KembaWalker 23pts
    @CodyZeller 19pts, 10reb
    @JLin7 10pts

  687. refresh: Look at the space Kam gets when Lin plays 1 on 4 his way:

  688. Refresh: 2 in motion between legs handles:

  689. not bad for a guy born in the USA.

  690. exactly…Hawksanity and Hairsanity…in communication there! lol

  691. One thing I’ve noticed is the fact Lin is finally using the floater…It still looks a bit slow, but he’s been efficient with it so far.

    A floater was always one of the missing ingredient in his game because sometimes, you can’t drive all the way to the hole, so you have to float it over traffics under the basket…

    Nice to see him shooting more floater when it is required…He used to take full-set jump shot or fade away….he still has to set his feet for the floater, but hopefully, he can learn how to get the floater off quicker on a dime without have to make a full stop and set his feet as if he’s about to take a full-set jump shot…..

    Guys like Curry and Paul gets the floater off on a dime…Even Kemba floater looks very nice and smooth…Hopefully, Jeremy will continue to work on his floater.

  692. how do you guys do these videos..I would like to do some video myself…Do you need software..and where do you get the NBA match video to make these video clips?

  693. Who are the women at the end of the video at 3:08 and why would the cameraman clue-in on them…are they anybody’s special or something..maybe some type of celebrities?

  694. if lin sits out the denver game he is:

    11 strait double digit scoring games, 14 of 16; the 11 strait would have been first time since the original 11 linsanity games

    14 of 15 strait games 27 minutes or more (only the reffed out houston game breaking that string)

    17 point scoring average over last 11 games

    would have been highest scoring ave such stretch since last month of first season in houston

    monthly improvements even including the denver game:

    nov: 23 minutes 10 points per game
    dec; 29 minutes 13 points per game
    jan: 31 minutes 15 points per game

    addtionally and also even including the denver game; in jan now for the first time after remaining consistent at .46 regardless of playing time previously this season lin has jumped to almost .49 points per minute.

    and he remains (as he has virtually all season when playing enough to qualify) top 30 or even top 20 in the league in points per shot.

    currently tied with cousins, thomas, and parker for 26th; which is 4th among pgs’s and 9th among all guards. again this is including the denver game only the first 3 lines represent a “what if” sat out the denver game.

  695. I don’t think it’s Lin who doesn’t like to use floater. Floater still needs space to do it and not very reliable. Lin’s first option is always layup then body contact to draw foul and also defenders normally don’t give him the space to use floater. As far as I can see in offense, Lin is pretty much doing all what he can as long the defenders give him the space to do it.

  696. I think the biggest change from last night’s game was the coaching. KW and Batum both played team ball and defense in the past. It’s the coach who never disciplined those starters. Yesterday, as far as I can remember, it’s the first time KW and Batum got some discipline. By the end of game, KW and Batum actually don’t look very happy.

    If MJ preached teamball with “no superstar” comment, I wonder who let KW play defenseless game for 40+ minutes?

    To be honest, who would sustain the energy level hornets played last night? I can see only Lin is the only one can and did. I don’t see any NBA player can play with such energy for each game so consistently. If MJ really values teamball, he’d better try all his might to keep Lin, because that’s the only one who did what coach said and what MJ said all season long.

  697. NO.

    Lamb has been banged up the last few games.

    Besides, he is a SG who’s supposed to shoot it nearly every time. And Lin GOT HIS anyway.

  698. Of course I am high on players that are #2 in the Eastern Conference in bench scoring and #2 to Lin in +/- for Charlotte.

  699. Translation: “Finally Won. Celebrate with Ice Cream, (Yet), You should remember to eat healthy food”

  700. Don’t worry Spot, Lin will join MDA at the end of season no matter how much Clifford tries to give Lin more burn. Lin will start with Sixers as PG with ball in hand. Hornets will never do that!

  701. The master of chaos at work!

  702. Great work as always, thanks

  703. thanks professor.

  704. Professor???

  705. In hockey, the average shift for a player is between 45-60 seconds….SECONDS! That’s because they all have to play 2 ways hard. Bball is played at half speed because they know that they have to spread out their energies for 5-10 minutes.

    If Cliffrod can get the shifts down to 3-4 minutes of intense play from all the guys, he’d run opponents off the court like last night. Hornets have 2 equally powerful units. Playing both units at full speed would totally change the dynamics of a game. They’d win so many games just because they can out hustle everybody else.

  706. sarcasmorsm

  707. hahaha.. you can’t just take out the denver game… because it’s part of the streak.. that’s like saying if lin takes his linsanity numbers and then his best strings of number and put them together , he will have 21 points and 10 assists.

    a streak is a streak.. once broken, it’s the start of another one.. or if you are going to have a time frame..included it in! else people say we lin fan cherry pick so no different from the haters.

  708. there you go..still.. it’s still less then 7 minutes when lin had like 4 points..
    shouldn’t it be proportional at least..
    4 points 0-9 = 7 min
    20 points = 35 min
    40 points = 70 min

  709. Jeremy has got theatrical talent! hahaha

  710. I just don’t get why Lin fans think they know better than he does about his game? Lin’s been with Doc for a while and he’s numbers keep going up year by year. To judge his shooting by one game midway through a new step to his ultimate goal is just myopic. Obviously the process Lin has chosen is the one he is happy with.

    As a teaching pro, I’d never try to interfere with a player’s process unless they themselves become disenchanted with it. Each step of that process has reasons beyond just the results. Sometimes it’s necessary to over correct a bad form to erase that muscle memory that has been ingrained forever. A coach sometimes has to do things that is a stop gap to something better. Only the player and the coach really knows why they do the things they are doing. It’s only later that you can see why that step was taken. All you need to do is look back at Lin’s form from college and look at where it is now. His release is much quicker and his release point is much lower. That’s what he’s been trying to do and Doc has been rebuilding his stroke from the ground up.

  711. no.. it’s mchale who doesn’t like it..and brainwashed lin to not use it..but ti’s ok for pb to use it.
    now..cliff is trying to undo what mchale did.

  712. Jeremy finally tweaked his shooting form since last season. Not sure what prompted the change and what took him so long to do it but at least he finally did it. It’s better late than never.
    Jeremy also gave assurance of 70%. So, no worries. Just enjoy the ride.

  713. I have been writing for the last four seasons that the key to a great floater is having great teammate support.

    Curry and Paul have plays run for them. Lin does not, but Lin only needs Clifford’s offense to be run properly.

    Last game, Lin had the spacing he needed to shoot those floaters.

  714. Usually that’s an offensive foul on Lin when somebody grabs his arm.

  715. Yep. That’s why I gave Ref #39 credit. Glad he called it right last night.

  716. jay’s highlights

  717. Batum got 10 assists. Because he control the ball a lot and Zeller played well. If Lin can fully play PG and with good center, will be easily get assists. How many assists blowed by Hawes, Kemisky, and Lamb. Batum shouldn’t play PG so much. He is slow pace, too many TOs Hope Cliff will adjust.

  718. “Brainwashed” just doesn’t sound like Lin. He is so strong-minded. But he’s a realist, and he’s patient. I believe he didn’t use it because it wasn’t wanted and he was discouraged/disciplined/frozen-out for it in star-centric teams. When the opportunity comes – teamwork, spacing – he draws that weapon.

  719. Russel Westbrook got ejected after his 2nd technical of tangling with JJ Barea who grabbed and being very physical with him.
    He scored 0 pts but OKC won 108-89 against the Mavs.

    It just shows it doesn’t pay off to lose self-control against a pesky defender who tried to frustrate a player.
    Home refs will give 2 technicals easily. The worst thing is next time a team knows to press his buttons to get him ejected in the playoff.

    JLin is much better in exercising his self-control despite refs’ non-call.
    The worst thing is he stomped off in front of the refs =D


  720. Lin is probably the only player in the NBA who the refs actually let go when he argues like crazy.

    The refs KNOW that they’re cheating him, so they let him rant and rave.

  721. Yesterday was the first time since preseason that the Hornets actually played winning team basketball.

    It is a shock to Charlotte’s players, but they will successfully adjust if they continue to play teamball.

  722. Batum played mostly well last night although he had 3 quick TOs (4TOs total). Sometimes his lazy pass can be easily stolen.

    Unfortunately, Hornets is very committed to let Batum be an SG.
    If he can go to All-Stars, they hope he might stay next season.

    I think JLin is finding out his role is to be defensive stopper/2ndary playmaker/3rd scorer and help Batum/Kemba to succeed in the Hornets. He knows how to survive in the NBA.

    Hornets might not have a PG role for him this year but JLin will make the best out of the situation.
    Going deep in the playoff will be a Win-Win for his market value and the Hornets.

    As for next season, the Hornets might lose both Batum and Lin for different reasons but they’ll hope them to stay.
    If Lin has a better offer as the primary playmaker, he most likely won’t stay.

    I’m okay with that. That’s the business side of NBA. The Hornets have chosen to invest in Kemba & Batum.
    Lin will help them this season and will choose what’s best for his career next season.

  723. He’s not playing PG, he’s facilitating. If he gets 10 assists in a game where he isn’t shooting great, he’s helping his team by getting another team mate going. It isn’t only Lin that can or should make another team mate better. A real team attitude is to win, and whoever has the flow in one area, and Batum had it going on with Zeller, should be the guy in that game. In other games, it may be Lin but there is nothing wrong with how the team played yesterday.

  724. They like Lin too. I think Batum is a little better suited for this squad than Lin. If Ed Davis played for the Hornets, or another solid PnR player, then Lin would be just as well suited. But Lin’s job is to draw fouls and get the other team into the penalty, take charges, play D, facilitate some, score, he wears a lot of hats on this team.

  725. It helps when referees do their job properly. Much of the time they don’t. Sometimes, disgracefully so.

  726. I wonder if someone said something to Wilkens because he actually sounded like a normal commentator yesterday. When talking about Lin he wasn’t the usual going on about he can’t guard anyone stuff. He and the play-by-play guy talked about Lin like he’s another NBA player and brought up Linsanity. I understand they said good things about him after the game but I didn’t hear them post-game.

  727. I guess maybe some Lin’s fans sent the tweets to him…. LOL! He sounded good to me last night.

  728. I don’t think he would react positively to Lin fans. It may have been someone more official for Atlanta, Charlotte or representing Lin. I don’t know.

  729. I don’t think teams will care about that… Bc it’s very normal for fans argue w reporters about opinions… Anyway, it’s good he changed.

  730. I just felt like last year with the Lakers his shot looked really good. It’s already almost the mid point of the season and his 3pt shot is still not quite right. If this was just the start of the season I could see. At that point your shooting is no a longer a work in a progress, it’s actively hurting yourself and the team.

    His free throw shooting has also not improved at all in his career. I definitely think Lin can be a mid 80s FT% but something is off with his shooting form.

    If not his shooting coach who’s been with him his entire career who else to look to?

  731. Probably his co-commentator had something to do w/it. He mentioned during broadcasting last night to Wilkins that during Linsanity era, Lin took the time after the game waiting outside to greet Wilkins personally. That may have soften his heart.

  732. He gets less votes this year? smh!

  733. CHA is small market team and who knows if Asia votes are counted fairly.

  734. It’s true. Hornets is really a small market no news at all no matter they played well or bad. No wonder less & less comments on both sides. But look at bright side, at least he’s still in #8.

  735. The lack of big men who can roll in PnR consistently like Ed Davis is the major weakness in this Hornets team. Lin’s value definitely will skyrocket with reliable PnR partner.

    I see the highest ceiling for Hornets would be 1st round of playoff if they don’t have big men who can rebound, defend well and PnR. They might not even make it to the playoff due to lack of defense.
    But I still hope for the best since it will help Lin to shine when things matter most in the playoff.

    I think JLin knew the reality that he’s there in the Hornets this season to strengthen the 2nd unit and probably won’t have a higher ceiling than that. But he’ll evaluate his options at the end of season if there are teams who will believe in him to be the main playmaker/PG.

    I just wish there would be a reliable PnR partner in the Hornets so many NBA teams can see the potential *sigh*

  736. They really need to get a good C.

  737. Wow, really? If yes, that might definitely softened Wilkins’ heart?
    Kindness and good gesture are killing any hate softly 😀

    Do you remember which quarter during the broadcast the co-commentator mentioned that?

  738. Jeremy is aware that he will not be voted into the all start game but being in the top 10 means he is still relevant, bringing up his value and so on. So he wants the fans to keep voting for him. This is all part of the grand plan 🙂

  739. I think so too. To get more votes mean he’s still popular but too bad some of his fans still don’t get it. smh!

  740. I think it may have been 2nd or 3rd. I was surprised myself to hear that. That was the first time I heard it. Go back and watch to see if I heard correctly.

  741. “I wonder who let KW play defenseless game for 40+ minutes”.
    It’s obvious whoever called it off had allowed it. The coach is just a “yes” man.

  742. I contend that it’s been Cho pulling the strings. Clifford and MJ gets very little out of promoting kW and Batum like they’ve done. Clifford is hired to win games. Cho is hired to put the best players in the roster. Cho is the one that benefits the most if KW and Batum turns into all stars. It will make him look good as a GM.

    Clifford was bought by Cho with the early extention. The timing of the change in the usage and the demise of bf1 was too conspicuous IMO.

  743. it does seem like the implicit deal … I don’t mind, it makes for good TV and it ups the fan’s appreciation of what he goes through to see the unjust calls and his emotion that aligns with any person watching.

  744. @disqus_XDhtc6HOJp:disqus , I found the 2012 Linsanity anecdote told by ATL co-commentator to Niq that might’ve reminded that JLin was thrilled to see him back then so he might be nicer afterwards =) Here we go

    As JLin made his 4th FTs to make it 20-13 with 1:45 left in the 1st quarter, ATL play-by-play man/commentator (Bob Rathbun) told a 2012 Linsanity story to Dominique Wilkins

    Bob: “Jeremy Lin, point # 3 … Can you believe it was in 2011 right after Christmas, Linsanity swept NY!
    He scored 136 points in his first 5 starts

    Niq: ” When he had a lot of chance to play and he had a lot of people hurt so he became the show and put up a lot of numbers”

    Bob: “I will never forget that we were right in the Garden (MSG) in the middle of Linsanity .. and he wanted to meet YOU so badly; it was almost sheepishly. Kinda hanging out in the NorthWest(?) location, as he came out the layup lot to see you.”

    Niq: “Yeah, and it was really nice, ya’ know? That was a major show of respect. It showed a kid who is kind of giddy. We’ve all been there. I was like that one at first I met Dr. J … so it’s good to know that you’ve been an impact to young players’ lives”

  745. I speak 3 languages and Chinese is my worst even though I’ve learned to read and write it till grade 4. Thing is unless you use those languages daily, you can never be fluent. BUT if I was immersed in any of those languages again, I’d learn to be fluent again quickly. What I’ve lost is the vocabulary but I’ll never forget the syntax.

  746. ok, found it =)
    I posted the dialogue above

  747. He’s lived it once already with Nash turning around the Suns in one season. Jerry has been around the block and he knows that the Sixers just need a couple of key pieces to chnage the franchise around. A Nash like PG like Lin for MDA would be one of those keys.

  748. zcode, I looked a both is floaters yesterday and had he done them in motion from his speed, he would have put himself right into the bigs defending him. I think he did his stop hop to maintain spacing because he would be fouled if hit from behind and he needs the room in front to get the floater over. The only other way at that speed would be to arc the floater in from head level or maybe pull back the floater, which makes it even a harder shot.

    What do you think? I’ve never been coached on floaters, so am I missing something? I’m just going with the physics that include momentum, time, etc. and I can imagine him maintaining that space in front and getting a stable platform without ensuring the vertical trajectory of his jump.

    Refresh to see pics below of spacing and the time in highlights you can seek:

  749. 1, refrsh

  750. You found it Psalm! I heard it correctly then. Thanks for confirming!

  751. 2 refresh

  752. Thank you for bring it up and thanks to @psalm234:disqus for the research 🙂

  753. LOL
    MOOD: When the Hornets win, you lose the #Powerball, but remember it’s 50% off @PapaJohns today ??? #Horne…


  754. CHA has used this clip couple times before and I’m sure this will not be the last. lol.

  755. Lamb can be funny w/o knowing that he’s being funny… That clip makes me smile and ‘happy’ for Lamb that Charlotte gave him a contract.

  756. Lamb can apply to be a Powerball spokesman =)
    Nice gig!

  757. Speaking of Powerball, too bad none of us won… no purchasing of NBA team… yet. Next time… LOL.

  758. Cho is the front runner no doubt, but Cliff has been letting KW play like this for 3 seasons. MJ must be behind it as well.

  759. Good theory

  760. They were especially appreciative of him in the 4Q, where he was featured on their Clutch Time segment. Every time he made a shot or had a good play in that quarter they raved about him.

  761. Indoor soccer …. higher subs rate, higher team output.

  762. but then, why has he been so unkind as an announcer? (minus last night)

  763. Lin got more votes (155,375) for ASG than last year (148,763) so far. I am a bit surprised, because he was exposed to LA and China last year more. But he was in very bad situation wit BS and Kobe. Very good sign. True Lin fans always support him.

  764. More votes? Good, I thought he got less…. Happy to know that…:)

  765. KW and Batum aren’t good all-stars if their team continue to lose. KW and Batum’s image as “all-stars” would INCREASE (including their marketability and marketability of all their players) if Hornets are able to put together a winning formula.

    If Cho is the primary string-puller, he’s obviously not doing a good job of either making KW + Batum LOOK like all-stars or helping team win.

  766. It’s actually his haters are using the “don’t dederve” excuse….F them racist haters…especially the ones from cf.

  767. good question. maybe he forgot

  768. Not many pros would undertake such a massive overhaul of his stroke. Most pros that make it to the NBA would rather just tweak than change. That’s the difference between what Lin’s doing and most if not all other NBA players. It takes a lot of faith and confidence to do what Lin’s doing. A player undergoing such massive changes can easily succumb to “Steve Blass” disease and loose his shooting altogether. A coach is hired by the player to do his bidding. The choices Lin has made was made with his full consent. Until Lin himself decides that he needs to change, I’ll not second guess his decisions.

    The project he’s undertaken is almost a 5 year project. Lin’s changed his footwork to a hop step, changed his body alignment, changed his elbow position, changed his release point….all with the objective to have the quick release like Stef Curry. What we see is snippets of the peaks and valleys of that process. Lin now has reached the final step of that process. His form looks good, his release is quicker and the release point is lower. Now it’s just reps and more reps for that to take. IMO, not only will Lin will be a 40% 3pt shooter by the end of next year, he’ll have the quick release that Curry has as well to make him unstoppable.

  769. He got more votes than last year after the third round returns (148,763)

  770. yeah, no NBA ownership yet .. until next time
    Winning would certainly create some headache with ‘unknown relatives’ coming out of the woodwork lol

  771. Good finding, hope Mr. Wilkins will give Lin a fair analyst from now on.

  772. Less negative press this year. Plus Lin is more vocal to shut down/clear up any misinformation or misleading assumptions about him and his situation.

  773. Sometimes a person has to be reminded of the other person kind acts in order to relent.

  774. I am glad when he said “The Charlotte Hornets point guard has plenty of fan support behind him”, he did not say (just) Lin fans. Lin is supposed a good fit for Hornets. Lin plays well. He would be much better if Clifford coached the team more like last night. He is getting more and more fans from east coast.

  775. LA is a much bigger market. People who voted for Lin may not be LOFs, but team’s fans also.

  776. Thanks.

  777. Because Dominique Wilkins was a super talented player who still has the “player’s ego” that nobody can beat him and nobody can be as good as him.

    I always forgive announcers like Wilkins and Clyde Drexler who bash Lin, as those guys were good enough to look down on the rest of the NBA when they played!

  778. I do not believe any of this any more. All-star is rigged. The “votes” he got probably is just what NBA decided to call it.

  779. Why you said so?

  780. Because there’s no way Lin would trail ANYBODY in All Star voting if it was not rigged.

  781. Ever since that All Star debacle when LA fans voted the very ordinary AC Green as the All Star starter over Hall of Famer Karl Malone, the NBA has judiciously rigged its voting to prevent such embarrassments from happening.

    Malone got so mad, he took out his frustrations on the Milwaukee Bucks and scored 61 points on them.

  782. As long as the Hornets actually RUN THE PLAYS, they can have unbelievable chemistry.

    I think it’s pathetic that Steve Clifford took half the season to finally experiment with using the same lineups and plays that the Hornets used in preseason to dominate the NBA.

  783. AND JClarkson has whole Philippines voting for him and did not make to the low threshold top 10. NO WAY…

  784. Damn, Wilkins is THAT WEAK?

    Somebody reminds him that Lin idolizes him and Wilkins goes soft?

    A TRUE hater would be like “So what, the little Asian punk is a SCRUB who’s too slow and that’s why I hate his Asian ass!”

  785. I still blame M&M for this!
    Mose NBA announcers don’t follow all other teams and their players closely. They only “learn” the general narrative about a player. Where does that narrative comes from? Coach M & GM M! In order to promote Harden, they painted a picture that Lin was TO prone, inconsistent & bad in defence. They demoted Lin to the bench. And guess what… the whole media bought it.

  786. 100000000% agree!

  787. Just in America alone, Lin would likely be #1 in all voting in a non rigged system.

    Nobody is more recognizable or more of a household name in the NBA than Lin, not even MVPs Lebron James and Stephen Curry!

  788. Wilkins is WEAK.

    A true Lin hating troll would be like “Doesn’t matter if Lin idolizes me, I still hate his game because Lin is slow and can’t dribble and can’t go left and can’t defend”.

    Instead, Wilkins lets some fond memory of being fawned over by Lin corrupt his hate. WEAK SAUCE for Wilkins.

  789. urk, that creeps me out.

  790. Intelligence was never Dominique Wilkins’ strong point as a player, executive, or announcer.

    This is the same Dominique Wilkins that rejected his own nephew Damien Wilkins THREE TIMES in the NBA draft. And Damien Wilkins went on PUNK HIS UNCLE by having a terrific NBA career.

    Speaking of Damien Wilkins, the Charlotte Hornets miss him badly. I really liked his game in preseason, as he was a solid veteran who dramatically helped the team run its sets.

  791. What has gotten to Niq? Why is he such a JLin fan now? LOL
    This is what ATL announcers said when Lin made a barrage of points in the 4th quarter

    When JLin got really hot in the 4th quarter, he really dazzled ATL announcers.
    This is how you earned respect from opposing commentators/team, to be able to score in spurts and appear unstoppable.

    15th pts after a 3, 93-64
    Bob: “Lin, for 3….”
    JLin made a 3
    Bob: “Man! eyyy!”
    Niq: “When it’s your night, it’s your night” (Charlotte as Troy made a 3 in the previous possession)
    Bob: “It’s the other guy’s movie and you’re just in it”
    Niq: “Exactly! 15pts off the bench for Jeremy Lin!”

    Holiday missed a 3
    Bob: “Holiday miss. And Lin runs it down. Here comes the Hornets 1 more time!
    Boy, this 7 game losing streak is going to be a thing in the past with 7 min and 43 seconds”

    17th pts, 95-64
    Bob: “Now Batum on the wing and ….Lin.. pull-up! And …
    Lin made shot
    Bob: “… another one!”
    Niq: “Jeremy Lin has really helped this team tonight! He had a solid game all night long: 8-8 from the line. He’s 4-10 from the floor but he has 17pts!

    Hawes made a 3, 98-64

    19th pts, 100-64
    Niq: “Lin has really been AUTOMATIC! In the 2nd half he has been really good! (Bob laughed)”
    Bob: “That’s like starting to dribble it open in the 4th quarter”
    Niq: “19pts off the bench in 26 min!”

  792. haha.. That means Wilkins still has heart =)
    And he’s no Kobe!

    Isn’t it grand that JLin can win another fan who used to hate? lol
    Even Wilkins acknowledged Linsanity’s knack of scoring & ability to dominate in the 4th quarter.
    See the dialogue above.

  793. There was another section that was even better when the screen showed what JLin has done in 4th qtr after JLin checked out. I was so surprised to hear the “praises” as I learned that Niq was quite a “hater” in the past.

  794. Lakers did everything they could to bury Lin’s career. The local media was constantly calling him a scrub and praising Jordan Clarkson as his replacement. Not many Laker fans voted for Lin that year.

  795. was niq the one earlier this season that was like “Just pressure Lin and he will give up the ball”?

  796. this is actually good cause he’s not even in a large market like LA but still getting more votes than last year.

  797. Just just a heads up to any mods – Friday tip-off is at 20:00, not 19:00.

  798. Follow the money, lol

  799. I got 3 #’s… then cried.

  800. Hey, I didn’t say “weak” was “bad”!!!

    more “weak”

  801. LOLOL
    jlin7 #sleepatnight #sleepwhenyouredead #sturdychin #nostrilsonfleek #gotemcoach @troydaniels30 (?: @hairston_pj)


  802. not sure about that one but I remember he said, “Lin’s not fast enough to keep up with Teague” gleefully

  803. What a beast. The birdie is beautiful too.

  804. Listen to the quotes of these commentators make you laugh. They are just so biased. I remember some commentators said Lin couldn’t guard somebody. Immediately Lin made him missed the shot. They said what they wished but the fact is Lin is a heck of a shot blocker by timing shots not limited to guards but big men too. Jeremy always applied pressure on the ball handler.

  805. Are you high?

  806. oh yeah, I just saw it.. What’s up with that? ATL feed but featuring “Crunch Time” for JLin.
    This is so unreal LOL

  807. As Melody said, ATL feed featured “Crunch Time” highlights for JLin in the 4th quarter (9pts off his 19pts)
    This is so unreal LOL. What’s happening? That’s mad respect, though coming from the opposing team.
    (refresh for pics)

    “Look at that nice between-the-leg dribble!”
    “Look at this tough shot over the out-stretched arm of Muscala!”
    “He had a solid game tonight 5 rebs along with that 19pts”

  808. Yeah. Surprised that they didn’t feature Kemba instead. Is this real life? lol.

  809. I don’t know what to think anymore lol
    ATL feed including a known non-Lin fan voted for JLin to be high performer in “Crunch Time”

    But I’ll take it!

  810. How has Jordan Clarkson been doing this year without Lin?

  811. I’m glad @heart and couple others listened to the ATL feed. Good info 🙂

  812. After 76er hired MDA, their record was 3-13.
    Before that, it was 1-26.
    The change is obvious.

  813. too mushy for KHuang? =]

  814. ok, I’m fixing the next 5.
    For some reason, the game time shifted back 1 game for the rest of season

    thanks for the heads-up

  815. Atlanta is trying to steal away Lin from the hornets

  816. And they’re up 43-24 against the Bulls in the 2nd quarter with 9 min left.

    Quite impressive!

  817. I know. I was in a shock when I heard that. Immediately I made a comment: “Surprise to hear that Hawks announcers praise JLin” something in that nature:-)

  818. I’m sure glad that Lin has been given more minutes on the court lately.
    He will finally make this a better season than the last season. Right now he’s behind on assists and steals comparing to the last season.
    But he has scored more points, collecting more rebounds and blocking more shots per game. He has started for much less games this season than last season. At present, he is a combo guard; more a 2 than a 1.

  819. At least they has shown signs of being competitive on the court even when they have been matched against very good teams. They have been in the game most of the time.

  820. Sure glad to see that many teams want to “steal” JLin away from Hornets. hehehe this means JLin will have a lot more options this coming season if Hornets isn’t his home.

  821. MDA effect is definitely obvious.
    Let’s hope 1-2 teams will offer him a Head Coach job

  822. Tell them to get in line behind CHI, PHI, Nets, and etc. LOL.

  823. that’s the kind of steal attempts that I like =}

  824. The ASG has always been a popularity contest. AC was part of the Showtime team. Malone played in Mormon country. Just like this year’s, Kobe is the top vote getter, he’s only a shell of his former self.

  825. Tell me about it esp Kemba had a better stat than JLin. Even Cody had a double-double. Anytime I will take this:-)

  826. Lin did his job against Teague and Schroder in the last game. Teague only scored only 3-10 for 9 points in 21 minutes. Schroder scored 2-13 for 6 points in 26 mins. The block of Schroder and fouls drawn from him were amusing.

  827. Hahahaha. I don’t know why I always got opp feed when I watched the game. For this game, I didn’t really watch the game closely until when JLin played in 3rd and esp the 4th qtr. I stayed to watch and listen even after JLin was out. That was why when I watched this, I was so shock that I almost fell off from the chair:-)

  828. But imagine Wilkins interviewing Lin or commentating (having flashbacks of Stu Lance). Despite his recent change of tune, I’m not sold that Wilkins actually respects Lin. His hate seems to go deep

  829. I think Brett Brown has been given too much room for excuses. He should have done more and better given the time he had been in the organization. There is no excuse for being so horrible.

  830. You need to move from that chair to a Linsanity couch, just in case .. hehe

  831. 2nd Q, Bulls behind 20 points 76ers. With Rose out, really hope Lin can go Bulls.

  832. The Suns probably wants to leave the door open for Lin. I remember Suns commentators were complimentary towards Lin too. He said “Linsanity returns” during game.

  833. they were getting blown out. wilkins is a such a homer, he wouldn’t criticize his own team so he just give random praises to anyone who scores

  834. MIN commentators praised Jeremy as well. Maybe they will get rid of Rubio… So many options… Haha. It’s great to hear people are praising more than not and haters changing tunes!

  835. Check out Ish Smith Game Log after he was traded from Pelicans (8.9pts/5.7asts) to 76ers (16.2pts/7.8asts)
    He’s really getting opportunities there in 76ers.

    But he’s not a long-term starter since his 40 FG% is too low
    (although he has 50 3FG% now with only 1.1 3FG attempt/game, his career 3FG% is 27.9%)

    I wonder if Ish Smith is a poor-man JLin in this current 76ers system

    (refresh for pic)
    Ish Smith Game Log: http://espn.go.com/nba/player/stats/_/id/4305/ish-smith

    Ish had 4 games with 10-11 asts so it’s quite a PG-friendly system in 76ers now.

  836. 76ers and Bulls can really pursue JLin next season.

    Lin/Butler backcourt would be quite formidable backcourt

  837. Proof that MDA is really the one running the show (not Brown) at least on the offensive end.

    Ish Smith’s thriving the way Kendall Marshall did under MDA, the stats stand out but really no power to turn games around like Jeremy.

  838. Check out Ish Smith alley-oop to Nerlens Noel


  839. Agree on Bulls, but whether Sixers have a shot will depend on MDA staying (HC job offering).

  840. 1-26 = 3.70% winning percentage
    3-13 = 18.75% winning percentage

    So since MDA took over the Sixers have improved by a factor of 6.23 with minimal change in roster. Ish Smith is a bandaid solution, not long term.

  841. LOLOLOL Sounds good! With JLin I really need to prepare myself for Linsanity 2 in any moment!!!! Having said that, I was still shock when it happened…..:-)

    After last game, I really didn’t want to read what most people were saying. I’ve got more upset with his “fans” when JLin didn’t get the stat. So, when I saw that JLin didn’t hit any 3’s with lousy stat and Kemba did well, I just didn’t want to get myself involved so that I could stay “insane.” I still wanted to see how JLin was doing in second half as I knew he was Mr 4th qtr. I’ve got my reward for watching how well he did:-)

  842. Poll is up.
    I vote for 20pts/2asts tomorrow!

  843. LOLOL I will take any offers:-) The more the merrier:-)

  844. I hope Noel’s OK after he failed to nail that landing!

  845. yup, MDA definitely ran his PG-centric offense there.
    Ish can’t really shoot well or draw FTs but he is quite a good passer from the little that I can see.
    Just like Kendall.

    Somewhere MDA and JLin are texting from time to time, waiting for the next dinner to catch up on family and stuff :]

  846. Yes, like Lin to Bulls over 76ers.

  847. yeah, he broke the fall with his elbow.. yikes, better than the back, though

  848. yeah, well-done :]

  849. Can’t believe 76 beat Bulls in 1st half?!

  850. On passing skill alone, I think Ish (or even Kendall) is better than Walker.

  851. Pelicans is really tough especially AD came back. Hornets’ centre will be challenged. Lin need tol use more mid-range jump and floater. Hope he can also have the 3 falling.

  852. I buy that. Kemba is one super-talented SG but as a PG he makes too many TOs in simple passes

  853. Four more inches and Kemba would’ve never played PG.

  854. lin nov 23 min 10 pts per game
    lin dec 29 min 13 pts per game
    lin jan 31 min 15 pts per game
    (numbers rounded)

    additionally after being consistent at .46 pts per minutes all year now for the month of january he has jumped to almost .49 points per minute.

    so as lins minutes have increased his scoring has increased both in terms of total scoring and relative scoring.

    (and his points per shot remains elite, top 30 in the league).

  855. yup, 17assists for 76ers vs 10 assists for Bulls

    It’s pretty bad to see Butler single-handedly carry the load for the Bulls.
    No PG in the starting lineup is quite sad. Hinrich is listed as an SG

  856. pels 0-7 without davis. it doesn’t really seem they have a lot other than davis yet of their 12 wins 8 of 12 are against teams with winning records. including indiana, miami san antonio dallas and cleveland!

    hard to know which team will show up.

  857. bulls about to catch up with sixers.

  858. Was so glad to watch those 15-20 minutes:-)

  859. True.only then they can play with confidence.

  860. I vote 18 pts

  861. No Bulls FO don’t know what they’re doing and are not a Championship team! 76ers beat the bulls and have been winning games ever since MDA was hired! Lin to 76ers is a no brainer!

  862. Better than bashing or give criticizing the opponents!

  863. Wow you’re exaggerating way too much! Many people from Asian countries have been watching NBA before Lin! Why do you think D Rose’s jersey was no.1 sellinging with Lin at no.2 and Lebron at no.3 China few years ago? Just cause they like Lin doesn’t mean they aren’t fans of other star players! In fact many China fans are also Kobe fans! Lebron James and Stephen Curry are both MVPs and Championship winners there will be loads of bandwagon fans around the world!

  864. Several people won the powerball so the money will be split, not going to be a billion for one person lol. Heard some people got 5 numbers correct and won $1,000,000 that’s alot of money.

  865. That’s why the first thing you do when winning is not let anyone know! Stay low key cause you don’t want to be robbed!

  866. They are now desperately trying to be in the playoff picture again after letting Walker and Batum go iso every time and creating a 7 game losing streak!

  867. If MDA and Colangelo are really friends like what some have said then no doubt he’d talk with MDA to see what players they can acquire for off season! I have no doubt MDA can’t wait to reunite with Lin and vice versa!

  868. That’s nice and all, but the NBA is a FLUID LEAGUE where even players like Davis get traded.

    Davis should know: he was a minimum wage journeyman bouncing around the NBA as a DNP CD until he cashed in on Jeremy Lin feeding him.

  869. Four more inches and Kemba Walker would be Dwayne Wade.

  870. Butler would probably go iso, which he does even without Lin there.

  871. K Leonard is a great player. Spurs up on Cavs in 4th.

  872. Spurs is really playing team ball.

  873. Charles Barkley on the #lakers facing #warriors: “Like the black girl on ‘The Bachelor.’ Got no chance.”

  874. theres just too many playmakers on this team right now.

  875. Prime Wade or Wade now?

  876. That’s why Kawhi and Iguodala were both Finals MVP for Spurs and GSW during their championship year! They contained Lebron and shot the most points during Finals!

  877. Yeah…Lin has played more than half of his minutes as a shooting guard..many of them beside Kemba who always bring the ball up…so it’s understandable why Lin doesn’t get much assist in this system.

  878. He has nothing close to prime Wade’s athleticism or today’s Wade feel for the game.

  879. The GSW/Laker game is close. GSW will probably pull away next half.

  880. Spurs will be competitive every year so long as Pop doesn’t retire.

  881. Lin as a Bull would be very interesting…They would have to firstly trade Rose but with his huge contract and being injury prone, would make it tough to re-sign him..

    My guess is the Bulls will still want to sign Lin as a back-up and would probably try to convince him that Rose will probably miss1/3 of the season anyway, so he’ll probably start a lot of games.

    Also, a starting 5 that include Lin/Rose and Butler at small forward, is also possible…Lin and Rose are both 6’3, so they could play many minutes together, even if Lin is coming off the bench.

    It wouldn’t be any worst than as a Hornets where Lin plays a lot of minutes alongside Kemba as a SG.

    Lin as bulls would probably be much better than Lin as a Sixers.

  882. We don’t know what another coach would think of Lin’s game and how he’d use him. The thing with Coach Clifford and why Lin chose him is because Lin liked Clifford’s knowledge of Lin’s game. We don’t know what Hoiberg knows about Lin or if he’d like him, trust him, use him as closer. Lin’s usage to a large part depends on that.

  883. There are 3. Lin probably playmakes more than Kemba. Problem with this team is the bigs, they aren’t Lin type of bigs.

  884. Batum plays alongside Kemba and gets plenty assists. Something else is going on.

  885. They still need good players like Duncan and Leonard

  886. Iggy contained Lebron?
    36-9-13? wow I guess Iggy really did a good job containing lebron that he didnt go 40ppg

  887. Yup
    Davis is still a journeyman he can get traded any time
    and lets be honest hes not that good
    a back up centre at best Lin just hooked him up nicely otherwise hes not much of a threat

  888. I had read somewhere that the Bulls were the few team who had interest in Lin and that Hoiberg knew and liked Lin’s game.

    Also, Clifford didn’t trust Lin much at the start of the season and kept on yoyoing with his minutes until he changed recently…Maybe some of that had to do with injuries..

    Of course, if Bulls wants to sign Lin, they would have to promise him minutes, so I’m sure they will be conversation on how Hoiberg planned on using Lin and the only way Lin would go there is if he gets the minutes.

  889. It just hit me: Sixers salvaging their season under Colangelo and MDA must’ve sent little Jimmy Buss giggling with glee, as they’ll be more likely to keep their top-3 protected pick…perhaps for yet another draft bust.

  890. LBJ 22/7/5. Leonard 20/10/5

    Cav 95 Spurs 99

  891. Okafor and Noel weren’t busts
    MCW wasnt a bust either

  892. I disagree about Cliff trusting Lin. Lin closed most of the games early in the season. I think earlier in the season he wanted to look at all of his players but Cliff was favoring Lin even when he didn’t play that well to be the finisher. This may change when MKG comes back, not sure. But the roster as it is now, Lin is one of the top 5 players in terms of importance.

    I see Bulls as change for change sake. I don’t see him having a bigger role or more minutes in Chicago than on the Hornets. I don’t see Butler as any better a team mate than Batum or Walker. More talented yes, but not in fitting in with Lin’s style of play. If Rose plays, Lin would probably be a backup or sometimes used with Rose. I don’t see him getting any more minutes than he gets now. If he was a 6th man in Chicago he’s no different than what he is in Charlotte.

    I don’t see a playoff team or borderline playoff team where Lin gets a bigger role than he does in Charlotte. Yes, bad teams like the Sixers. But not near .500 teams or better or playoff contenders.

  893. Noel and Okafor are quality players. Okafor can create his own shots and Noel can run and catch Smith’s lobs. The rest of the team are wet behind the ears. They are just an inexperienced team. They can play fairly competitively, but like tonight, against good teams, they don’t have the makeup to pull out most tough close games.

  894. They’re not there for tanking so it missed you not hit you.

  895. Only winning team had final MVP.

  896. I don’t bother to read the article but I know Davis wouldn’t acknowledge without Lin, he wouldn’t have gotten his $20 mil payday.

  897. yah they still are

  898. Yeah Jimmy will be giggling to yet another losing season.

  899. Point was not intentionally

  900. Okafor is a selfish diva. Noel is a pnr guy, perfect for D’Antoni.

  901. I was talking about D’Angelo Russell.

  902. All the best to ED!

  903. 18/3

  904. Actually, the Lakers shouldn’t concern themselves with the Sixers. There’s is a very slim chance the Sixers finish out of the bottom-3. The Lakers should be watching Minnesota, Brooklyn, New Orleans and Phoenix and hope those teams start winning games.

  905. Ed paid the price by standing with Lin in LA. To me that’s worth something. Coach Lin helped Ed to find himself and the untapped value within himself. Coach Lin does that a lot, but the truth is, a coach is only as good as his student. Without a willing partner, Lin could not have made any impact on Ed. Look at Hill, he didn’t stand with Lin last year and took no coaching from Lin. Hill remains pretty much the same as he began last season. In the beginning of the season, Ed was a fouling machine and he steadied himself as the season progressed. Lin and Ed definately were on the same wavelength. They could have made Hornets a real contender.

  906. Lin alone takes up 9 of these 10 hairdos!

  907. Big Ed made good almost every Lin’s passes under the rim and he also set solid picks for Jeremy. I couldn’t say that for Hornets’ bigs.

  908. I betcha Okafor couldn’t do this.

  909. Ish Smith is the second best undrafted in the 2010 class.

  910. Not gonna happen. Rose will stay with the Bulls.

  911. ohhh the lakers yep
    they are beyond saving
    even clarkson is better than Russell

  912. Those bigs are bad too
    but Ed isnt very skilled hes an energy guy
    not worth a lot of money

  913. I yield

  914. new NOP game thread

    It’s great to see JLin looking healthy in his 19pts/5reb bounce-back performance. He seemed to be in groove scoring 9pts out of his 19pts in the 4th quarter that earned the praise from ATL announcers, including Dominique Wilkins who was not known as a fan of JLin’s game before. But after discussing an anecdote how JLin wanted to meet Wilkins in the heights of Linsanity in 2012, it might make Niq’ warm up to see a hot-shooting JLin in the 4th quarter.

    1. Will JLin continue his groove against a Pelicans team who just welcomed back its star, Anthony Davis, who had 24pts/10rebs in a win against the Kings? JLin might need to use more of his floaters against the Pelicans big men.

    2. Hornets defense would also need to drive the offense as they performed in the impressive win against the Hawks. Zeller, Kemba and Batum would also need to play well in order for the Hornets to get a win on the road.

    Let’s go, JLin! Let’s pray and hope that he gets closer to 100% health and maintains his shooting touch

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