G38 ATL @CHA Game Thread: Bounce-Back Game?

After 2 days of rest, Jeremy Lin said his ankle is okay and hopefully he can move faster on-court tonight. Will JLin have a bounce-back game tonight after having a bad game (2pts, 0-9 shooting) due to back-to-back and ankle issues?

How did JLin bounce back after 5 such games with 0-X shooting in the Lakers last season?

It turns out he averaged 15.4pts/4.4asts/2.6rebs in the bounce-back games. With 26-39 (67.7% FGM shooting)!

That’s simply incredible in a Lakers tanking season, nonetheless!

JLin Bounce Back games following 0-x shooting game in 14-15 Lakers Season

Feb 11: 0-6, 2pts vs POR => 6-9, 18pts/2/1r vs BKN

Dec 15: 0-6, 2pts/1a vs IND => 5-7, 12pts/5a/8r vs OKC

Dec 3: 0-10, 0pts/5a vs WSH => 5-8, 14pts/2a vs BOS

Nov 16: 0-2. 0pts/1a vs GSW => 6-7, 15pts/10a/3r vs ATL

Nov 1: 0-6, 6pts/6a vs GSW => 4-8 18pts/3a/1r vs PHX

Let’s go, JLin! Let’s pray and hope that he will be close to 100% healthy to have a full bounce-back game

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