G37 ORL @ LAL PreGame Thread+Poll

JLin has continued his strong performance in 2015 by averaging 14pts/3asts with 58%FG and 45.5% 3FG%. His assist numbers are a bit down as he looked to score more. This is exactly what JLin needs to do to earn more Playing Time under the current system.

Will JLin continue his streak to close the 4th quarter?

Let’s hope we continue a smiling JLin. When he smiles, he scores more!


Guess JLin's stats



  1. Lets go Lin!
    BS play Jeremy more than 20 mins this game.

  2. bump!

  3. Go Lin !! don’t be soft like Kobe and Scott πŸ™‚

  4. Linsanity!!!

  5. @awarde:disqus , here is the dancing SteveBallmer from last night.

    Maybe he will dance with JLin for pre-game ritual =)


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  7. Have a good laugh on this in the midst of more Lakers drama:

  8. Pure gold! ..JLin was giving it to Nick Young on Iggy being the boss in the relationship
    10% of talk is more meaningful! LOL

    Swaggy had to change the subject quickly before digging deeper hole!

  9. Another on on Harvard & USC, Romance LOL

  10. part 3 is coming…

  11. Lin-Tin-Tin β€’ 11 minutes ago

    A. The zone defense chosen by BS left Chris Paul open when JLin had to leave him to go to his assigned zone. The defense chosen left the Lakers open to easy attack by the Clippers. I saw the same thing one or two games before. If they would have played man-to-man, I’m confident JLin would have been/and is a formidable foe to Chris Paul.
    B. Of course, Lin’s stats for assists is down when the shots don’t go in. Amazing how those shots go in for others who assist.
    C. Setting the pick and roll for JLin is horrible.
    D. K. B. as a point guard – extremely stupid coaching. BS’s policy of anybody-but-Lin for point guard glares like the blinding
    hot sun in Needles CA at high noon.
    E. The announcers for the Clippers spewed propaganda against Lin like a line of ugly, fat chorus girls in a dingy, dirty opera house.

    I believe JLin plays three teams when he’s on the court; they are: (1) the opposing team, (2) some of the Lakers(players, coaches, admin, owners), and (3) many of the ref; and we have to listen to the propaganda choir serenading with off-key recitatives from the Baroque era. (Thank God for the mute button!)

    Unfortunately, there’s just as much politics and propaganda in the NBA as anywhere.

    Many of us “lof”-ers bask in the sunlight when we see him as himself on the court. Lin’s exciting career is far from over. After all, JLin was drafted into the NBA by the God who contains the universe! Personally, I expect to see from afar the full feast that belongs to Lin. (Ps 23:5a)

    That 35 ft. three pointer at the half in the Clipper game was amazing, but the seven points and hustle bringing the Lakers into a winning range the 3rd & 4th quarters of the game against the Pacers (or was it the Grizzlies? Or both?) is above and beyond.

    So glad I have a place to vent.

  12. lin has played more than 20 minutes in all but one of the last 7 games. and 9 of the last 11.

  13. Wish there is a LIKE button. Like that “Lin plays three teams at once….” πŸ™‚

  14. it just seems low to most ppl because the minutes have mostly been in 4th.

  15. Most of time, stats don’t lie.
    Jeremy Lin is a better defender than Ronnie Price. There is no question about it.
    But for haters or ignorant biased people, they blindly choose to believe hearsay or wrong narratives rather than the facts.

  16. Sometimes I think the top guys in the NBA have propaganda against jlin

  17. Who is the guy who put his right hand behind JLin’s back on the right pic???

  18. Can anyone explain what “beatbox” is???

  19. Brent Yen here is the clip where lin acted like he didn’t want high 5 kobe. It is an the end of the clip..

  20. I got this from Wikipedia:

    a form of vocal percussion primarily involving the art of producing drum beats, rhythm, andmusical sounds using one’s mouth, lips, tongue, and voice. It may also involve singing, vocal imitation of turntablism, and the simulation of horns, strings, and other musical instruments. Beatboxing today is connected with hip-hop culture, being one of “the elements”, although it is not limited to hip-hop music. The term “beatboxing” is sometimes used to refer to vocal percussion in general (see vocal percussion for details).

  21. Byron’s son?

  22. Non JLin story. Met Julie via her father-in-law, Ross. He was my supervisor when I worked in Parkland Hospital in Dallas.
    http://www.wfaa.com/media/cinematic/video/21427645/mom-fights-to-survive-after-saving-her-baby/ …

  23. Thanks for the info. Really appreciate it!

  24. their hands contacted, slow it down and you will see. Just no eye contact.

  25. Like I said that Lin really didn’t reach out to him, it was kobe that reached out to him..LOL

  26. Orlando has one of my favorite players: Andrew Nicholson.

    He’s scarcely utilized because a perceived (not actual) defensive problem caused by lack of conditioning due to low minutes.

    Nicholson entered the NBA as a finished 6’9″ 250 lb 4 year product out of St Bonaventure. Nobody knew about him because he went to a small school. I thought he was a more polished and better player than number one overall pick Anthony Davis, though Davis has been forcefed minutes and Nicholson has been marginalized.

    He has polished low post moves with his back to the basket, a solid 3 point shot, and clean team fundamentals on both ends of the court.

    In prior matches, Nicholson played very well against Lin’s Rockets as a double double player. I doubt Nicholson plays much tonight, though.

    Nicholson is a player who I think Lin would excel with if they were on the same team with a decent coach.

  27. lol from me too, wish it would be fast forwarded where Lin is running the game toward a championship and one of the older guys have to pay him respects. I’m sure Lin will be more gracious than Kobe has been with him, in a foundational way. That is, if Lin says he’s going to find a role for someone, he will.

  28. That breathless post just summed up everything I feel about Lin in one fell swoop!

  29. Non JLin related but hilarious. Watched it til the end. 2015/01/03 Chicago Bulls Kiss Cam Barbershop Hashimoto

  30. Those are some powerful stats.

  31. The hate trolls are not gonna like these stats.

  32. LOL No idea who is who of Lakers coaches.

  33. lol. Thanks

  34. don’t think so, his son is very tall.
    I think it’s one of the trainers, who often works with Lin when he is practicing shooting.

  35. BS: urrr…RP is still the head of the snake, you know?

  36. Very very funny.

  37. for all you nostalgia fans j.lins two most recent former teams are starting a game against each other.

  38. here is a repost of my theory regarding adam silver feeling toward Jlin……Adam silver memo to all nba refs: The Jeremy Lin rule— hard fouls , mauling s are allowed against the Harvard Asian player…but fouls shall be called if any non asian superstars , ie.. cp3, harden.., are breathe upon. .. This rule shall be in effect as long as Jeremy Lin is still playing in the nba..Ps : this top secret memoir for your eyes only. To be destroyed after the edict is disseminate to all those involved in protecting our league from foreign asian players. .. especially the good ones

  39. to be fair, during the swap from 1st to 2nd unit, JL defensive rating was lower than Price. Since then he had worked hard to prove the doubters wrong that he CAN defend and be a better defender compared to Price

  40. Atleast at LA, we do see fair reporting from the net, unlike Houston, everything that was published was more of one sided reporting

  41. Jeremy Lin is good for basketball’s future, because his style of play and his skills show us just how exciting the game, rules and players come alive when they gel Linsanity style. He’s ok, 20 or 30 mins.

    We aren’t having fun bumping along this year, but like I said … every minute of his game is exciting if you watch him on D and off-boxscore. When he decides to get emphatic, how he hunkers down for 2nd or 3rd D efforts, who he finds to assist even when they brick or get fouled. It’s pretty cool.

  42. you know I got to thinking that when kevin ding posted that in the middle of kobe’s disastrous game, he he stopped and said hi to Khloe Kardashian as she was walking by, perhaps the poster on here that posted that kobe was probably on pain killers and that is why his game was off.So maybe he was feeling the effects of euphoria to stop and say hi to her as she was walking by. That is truly odd behavior.Usually at a home game Kobe puts on his best. very odd.

  43. Good post:)

  44. one number you did not included here, for each game, Lin would contest around 9 field goal attempts, and Price only challenged around 6. 50% less. Even after line up change, Lin’s time shrink, and yet he still challenge that many shots, and Price did not increase his defensive FGA even with longer playing time.

    That also go with eye test, Price would switch a lot of times away from the ball handler, and left his man to a big, or, he simply got stuck to a screen and left his man to his teammates.

    On the other hand, Lin always try to stick with his man, trailing or recover quickly after his teammate helped him, Price don’t really recover after switch.

  45. The article also says price is a better offensive player and ball handler base on about 15 games. lol, jlin with the handcuffs on him is still way better as an offensive pg.

  46. Good point TTNN.

    Jeremy had contested (defended) more shots with the limited playing time; compared to RPrice


  47. no, that was talking about the last 4 games right before Lin was benched, and I think after MIN game, and that include a 0-10 game though, and those 4 games, Lin’s offense was affected greatly.

  48. Normal “pain killers” wouldn’t give one “euphoria” unless it’s something else from my understanding.

  49. He deserved it hahaha

  50. It depends on what kind they are. Some of them are very addicting. For instance I can’t take oxycodone because it makes me high and very loopy. If you are not a person use top taking any kind of narcotics then it will definitely affect you differently. I suspect that Kobe has never been the one for pain killers because he had an alternate regimen, Now that he is 36 years old that regimen is not working and it is taking more time from him to recover. That is why he won’t play back to back games because it is taking a toll on his body.

  51. LOL Agreed mightily. Should do that to BS in another context:-)

  52. I don’t believe the defensive ratings showing Lin lower than Price we’re one bit correct. Ratings can be cooked.

  53. Understand. Depending on what kind it’s. Affect people differently. Regular painkilllers won’t do that to a person but stronger painkillers might. Having said that his body is definitely breaking down. He and BS are definitely in full denial. Hence, they continue to embarrass themselves. Let’s see how long it will take for them to admit this.

  54. Still the article kind of trying to mislead on the offensive game, it could’ve bring up the stat of the whole first half season to compare the offensive rating. Average ppl would just think that jlin is a worst offensive pg than price, which we all know it is not true!

  55. LOL it looked so real but I think it’s just an accident. Lin was not that type.

  56. Thanks!

  57. Haha….Kobe looked shocked…

  58. Bulls mascot is the man πŸ˜‰

  59. Oh wow, I noticed there’s a number 17 playing for NYK. Lol

  60. Knicks is not as nice as OKC. I heard from commentator said OKC is not allow anyone to wear #13?! Even Harden is only 25 now… they probably consider to retire his #?!

  61. If so why we need to click for this article?!

  62. LOL. Thanks that made my night

  63. Haha. Guy is as observant as BS.

  64. A soda cup is too small for BS. How about this ?

  65. Didn’t know the detail before hand

  66. All the starters had horrible defensive ratings because the lakers were losing games.

  67. @ChoyMarie20 @Rachel__Nichols Jeremy Lin Phil Jackson James Dolan & spike Lee

  68. What were they talking about it?

  69. Hey @nyknicks you gave Jeremy Lin a chance, why not give me a try out? I'll pay for the plane ticket and everything. DM me.— Patrick Kochanek (@PatrickKochanek) January 9, 2015

  70. Haha! Thanks. NY fans still likes Lin … I really wish Lin can go back to Knicks but………….??

  71. I posted on twitter that lin/young should host a show during the NBA All-Star games, they would be hilarious.

  72. How often do they update the stats on Lakers. Lin is still @10.7 points overall which I don’t think is correct.

  73. Not sure what the training camp session is supposed to do. Hope they’re sitting down and reviewing film and walking/ working out issues to play as an unit. Yes, all wishful thinking. Was Kobe even there? Absolutely absurd. The wheels of the bus fell off in the last game. Kobe had no practice and out of sink. Lin out of sink with starters. Price missing only throw starters and bench off, not because of his awesome D. Just missing his role. BS zone defense. Too much change and frustration.

    But awesome 3 by Lin!

  74. I did not do the calculation. But I think it is correct. He has only 7.7p in the month of Dec

  75. Get this idiot out of here

  76. ok even with the last game calculated?

  77. My calculations have Lin at 11.35

  78. Punishment for playing well without Kobe,
    Byron’s belief that Price is the best defender.
    Byron’s attempt to blame players for his inability to coach.

    Byron’s a complete disgrace to showtime basketball

  79. THe game is already logged..so I assume it is included.

  80. I don’t think so.

  81. Lin’s pull up shot eFG at 46.7% is ranked 20th out of 92 players who plays more than 20 mpg and takes at least 3 pull up shots a game.

  82. How many games had Lakers played? According to Lakers web: 36 games and JLin had 385pts.

  83. Maybe they will update it after a few games?

  84. WOW Lakers is the 4th worst record in NBA. Second worst in Conference. Awesome record!

  85. ha~~but….after watching NYK…..every team is a good team

  86. For the ladies..

    Jeremy Lin #NBABallot pic.twitter.com/URTfNUPk6H— Penny Lee (@penny10654) January 9, 2015

  87. JLin averages 8.9 assists opportunities per game. Ty Lawson on top of the list at 20.9 per game

  88. Yes they are.
    1. Knicks 5-34
    2. Philadelphia 5-29
    3. Minnesota 5-29
    4. Lakers 11-25
    5. Orlando 13-25
    6. Detroit 12-23
    7. Boston 12-21
    8. Utah 13-23

  89. LOL

  90. Is this his first injury this season?

  91. No…..

  92. ok i went back to all 38 games that lin had in each game and my calculations added up to that lin is avg is 13.6 not 10.7. Can somebody give light on how you calculate. Thanks

  93. this is what you get when you keep disrespecting Lin
    well deserved

  94. I believe they are going to fight for the 8th spot and lose in the first round.

  95. You almost never get an assist by passing to Kobe.

  96. That is a huge difference…..

  97. well…true..

  98. Only 36 gms, we are at a pregame thread of G37

  99. I went back and calculated all of the games and we they were 402 points. Maybe I am wrong, but cam someone please clarify? Thanks

  100. Strongggg.

  101. Sum of all points = 385
    Number of games = 36
    Average = Sum/Number of games = 385/36 = 10.69444444444444

  102. Wow, Joyce again, R E S P E C T.

  103. Team mates will miss shots
    especially teams as bad as the lakers
    every body gets many blown assists

  104. I confirm….same…

  105. Feel so sorry for the Nets owner… paid him 100M for nothing. This season is out… smh!

  106. This is oppertunities…not actually ast

  107. The numbers have not changed since game 34 when lin scored 14 pts and then scored 12 pts last game 35 and the numbers did not change, I don’t think so. I went back and logged all the points lin made in 36 games and it came up to 402 points not 385.

  108. WOW Go Chat Alvarado!!!

  109. still very decent for a bback up pg playing back up mins literally
    and 4.5 assits almost 3 rebs 1.0 stl
    if he keeps this up
    i dont see how he wont get more than 5offers next summer

  110. Good on you Joyce. You should let NBA know.

  111. shouldnt change much if u divide by 30+

  112. It should be 11.1667 (402/36) to be precise.

  113. I know
    guys usually get half of assists opportuits cuz fg% is around 50%

  114. no 385/36 is 10.69 he didnt score 402

  115. Have to go back to each game and see how many pts JLin makes.

  116. That should be the best tweeting of 2014 had she done that 9 days ago.

  117. Well….8.9 is like a upper bound…the best he can do in this case

  118. no need
    man has billions of dollars this is just all fun for him

  119. Frank, not saying you’re not right but your copy and paste make me dizzy. Tooo much number.

  120. Why is it happening to Lin, 3 teams 3 ball hogs and the latest one is the worst one with the worst coach?

  121. He is not retired yet…we do not know if the latest one is the worst or not now…LOL

  122. landry fields: 10 minutes, 0pts, 0rebs, 0, assists, 0blks, 0 steals, 1 foul, -21 +/-

  123. well latest one is the worst kobe lol

  124. NBA didnt make a mistake…

  125. I think u misread it
    its not last its latest==newest lol

  126. joyce, which stats did you use to get 402 pts?
    basketballreference also has 385 as the total


  127. most recent

  128. there is a reason that lin himself does not wear his own shoes

  129. usually the hero has to suffer a lot in the beginning before he comes out triumphant in the end :]
    Good stories need some convincing villains.

  130. I know…

  131. HailHydra!

  132. oh wow .. what happened to Landry?

  133. he goes to oakland university
    its a university thats dumber than a community college
    obviously hes not very intelligent

  134. Let’s not insult the whole colledge of ppl

  135. Its okay i have connection w/ OU we cool

  136. And in the stories, the villain(s) usually starts as powerful and dominating until taken down by the hero at the end! Then the bad guys (defeated and almost dead) kneel on the ground, look up to the sky and scream ‘Noooooooooo…….”

  137. You’re right. I left out those numbers because I just wanted to make a simple table to show most people who don’t understand stats and help them better understand it. I don’t want to make them confused.
    You made a very good point there, thank you!

  138. Maybe it’s like a video game and Lin has to defeat a boss at each stage before he gets to the finals and wins the game.

  139. Like this?

  140. ok, this is the link that I used to calculate lin’s games. Please let me know:


  141. In average, Jeremy’s game time (26.3 min) is still longer than Price’s (22.6 min) over the season. But Lin did contest 4 more shots than Price did while playing 4 more minutes.

  142. LF got this all the time so no need to surprised by the record… Not sure he will get a team this summer or not? To China will be popular for sure.

  143. Must have been your initial no of games, was 38, instead of 36.

  144. I’m not sure how they calculate defensive rating. Probably based on opponent’s scores? Then it’s not just about you defending one person, but about the whole unit you’re playing with defending your opponents. So I think how much you can lower your opponent’s FG percentage may be a more accurate way to represent your own defending ability.

  145. I know, that’s why it’s totally BS!

  146. O’ Heavenly Father forgive me for I have sinned. I was playing pick up games and came across a guy wearing Lakers shorts while I was in my Houston Lin Jersey. He ask me if Houston is my team and I replied “Hell no! I’m a guy with no teams but Lin is my man.”

    We then went on talking about stuffs going on in Lakers and I said I’m not happy with BS. This guy (nice kid I have to say) said how he reckons BS is a good coach and Kobe is his man etc. I politely disagree with him and said how Kobe should own up to his recent slump and all the on/off court antics that’s damaging the team as a result.

    As I was about to get up and leave the court he challenged me to a game of 1 on 1 in which I pretty much owned him 7-1 despite being at least 15 years senior (he’s in college and his prime physically)… After the game I just said “good game” and left while couldn’t help but feel slightly good that I symbolically slapped Kobe’s face on JLin’s behalf.

    I’m so terrible. I think I have to atone my sin by watching tomorrow’s game and cheer for not just JLin but also Kobe. Forgive me Heavenly Father. Amen…

  147. But I still vote for him for All-star (and Lin of course) everyday! I don’t like any other guards in the East.

  148. Ok lin fans do not ttrust the ESPN or any spots stats. After further calculation lin is actually at 11.2 pts not 10,7.Please do the math. Perhaps they have the NBA statistician has not updated the site, but come on lin fans lin was at 10.7 stat at game 33. In game 34 he had 14 pts and the last game 12 pts, that would change the stats a liitle.

  149. TNT panel dons paper bags like Knicks fans pic.twitter.com/mJibMMDiJa— Ben Golliver (@BenGolliver) January 9, 2015

  150. refer to my reply below to you with the attachment

  151. …..but it’s far worse in NY. Lin needs a good coach and a good team to be good. Fisher ain’t gonna help him. I fear he may be worser than Byron.

  152. Why would they retire his number? What did Harden do? Didn’t stay there too long, and without him OKC was fine.

  153. poor landry

  154. I downloaded the data from NBA and ESPN. Both yield the same results, with total 385pts and 10.69444pts

  155. Opioids cause euphoria right? I know that’s a type of pain killer. But Kobe can’t be on it. Lol

  156. he play D.

  157. Thank you, takemeback2reganyears.
    From takemeback2linsanityyears.

  158. hahahahahaha~~~~~true.
    only if real life is that predictable as the movie. But unfortunately, most of the time, it didn’t play out as the movie.

  159. Joyce, I calculated it and it’s indeed 385. Probably you have put the avg per month number in there.

  160. I liked Steve Kerr’s comments in Dec:

    Kerr, who hit one of the most famous Finals shots because Jordan passed out of a double-team, has a theory on why there’s so much demand for superstars to take the last shots: β€œIt’s because people are idiots, that’s why. The point of the game is to get an open shot and if a guy’s double-teamed he should pass it. That’s the game.”

  161. I added the points up manually by hand and I didn’t get the same results. just sayin, maybe I am missing something

  162. Bryon Scott reply: I will bench Jeremy Lin more, because you point out too much truth I couldn’t bear to hear.

  163. Get some sleep…maybe πŸ™‚

  164. sign Jeremy Lin to the rescue, then the owner will have all his money back.

  165. I downloaded the numbers to excel sheet and ran the sum and average formula

  166. I just calculated what they posted and added up the sum total myself.

  167. Thank you for doing such a favor for me and the rest of the lin female fans. now, if you can continue to do so in the future, you will be much appreciated. hahaha

  168. Ok, but still don’t trust the NBA stats.

  169. I’ll say he looks the best when he is with the knicks. Even I look the best when he is with the knicks and so is the rest of you guys..

  170. I did twice now and it’s 385.

  171. why not? Because you are not good enough like Jeremy Lin.

  172. how do they breathe?

  173. funny guys. simply funny guys. hahahaha~~~~

  174. NY is different bc fans & some of the reporters like Lin a lot.. Fisher is sure more better than Scott bc I don’t think PJ has anything to against Lin like Kobe & Scott.

  175. where is the chat bar on the right side of the screen? I want to chat about weather with some lin fans but couldnt find it?

  176. Sorry guys still not buying the NBA numbers.thanks for everyone’s help,but I am a financial officer and if the numbers don’t add up for me, then I ask my clients to show me their calculations.. So thanks for all your help:)

  177. two type of people get me jealous, number people and people who can draw.

  178. there…some extra work from me to you πŸ™‚ …so you get better sleep

  179. LOL

  180. Thanks, but I deal with lots of money and i am very meticulous in my dealings with finance. You would be surprised how people tries to hide their money with these convoluted formulas. So i am always suspicious when it comes to numbers because they can always be manipulated.

  181. Thanks, but it ain’t that serious..LOL

  182. I just voted for RP. JLin is second so far..

  183. it seems you can refresh the page and vote again..

  184. RP is 2nd so far..

  185. RP leading now

  186. if i may copy and paste here:
    “chat [email protected]
    16h16 hours ago
    @Sam_Huang_Fan the BIG mystery for me is trumpeting Price as the “Defensive Head” when he is barely a tail :(“

  187. LoL

  188. maybe staying here for now since jeremylin.net now invaded by VERY SMART, INTELLIGENT And Knowledgeable HIGH IQ (my humor is satirical!:P) posters, whom Always right on their opinions…LOL!

  189. lol…Welcome James…anyways, lets not bring posts over here. They have their own “rules” and we do have ours as well.

    Most of us here are veterans from jlnet as well. cheers

  190. Welcome! Please read and observe the website rules: http://www.jlinportal.com/website-rules-must-read/ Thanks!

  191. JLin is #3 and RP is #1.

  192. Good question! Can’t find it. @psalm234:disqus Have you taken out Chat room for good now??

  193. People lie with statistics and they apply double standard.

  194. Sacre’s reaction from Price miss dunk should be #1

  195. That’s fresh from our jlin lol, kind of love it don’t be serious all the time!

  196. LOL That’s right! It’s priceless!!

  197. Please keep on voting RP as someone is doing it to JLin.

  198. He would just dribble … dribble and then shoot. You will never get an assist from him.

  199. so you’re ok with articulate people and people who’s physically fit πŸ™‚

  200. Detroit is on a 7 game winning streak. Their latest victim is Dallas Mavericks.

  201. Try Harden’s stat, I think it’s overated there

  202. Probably not!
    They revitalize Greg Monroe after dumping Josh Smith.
    This is a team to watch. They’ve got sick of losing.

  203. Now JLin is #6. My strategy is making JLin the last. Hence, I keep on voting for those below JLin in votes. Ask the help from Jeremy Only Lin Garden. That’s good!

  204. Not really he wanted Deron Williams to lead his team full of old AllStars thinking it would magically help him win a Championship. Except he was look at his past success instead of his current condition.

  205. Haha. I’ve been voting too but this explains why every time I vote and refresh, about 5 votes are added to other players πŸ™‚

  206. That would be so entertaining and hilarious! I keep saying these two and Ed Davis should be the future big 3 of Lakers!

  207. What about Melo and Dolan? If the owner doesn’t like you there’s nothing Lin can do!

  208. At 2:24 Ellington says JLin a better shooter than Swaggy:


  209. He no longer has a PG getting him easy looks.

  210. LOL. Seek the help of JLin’s army is the best way to counteract with JLin’s haters:-)

  211. Great job everyone. JLin is #9 now. We are working on CP25 now. Hopefully he will surpass JLin soon:-)

  212. Lol

  213. Keep voting Price. Leave Parsons this time since he is Lin’s buddy πŸ™‚

  214. I don’t know. I would rather see Lin play for a good team and a good coach that can bring the best out of Lin. How do you know if Fisher will bring the best out of Lin? I feel as if he won’t be able to. They have like the worst record in the league I think. I know the fans love him there, but I’m not so sure if Lin is going to save them. A lot here said Lin was going to be good enough to save LA, and we all had high hopes but boy were we wrong! Things went the complete opposite. It sucks to watch a losing team.

  215. LOL I have voted at least 100 or more on CP25. Can vote anyone but him at the moment. Would like him to be #9:-)

  216. Ohh and btw Carmello is there… I know many believe he was the reason Jeremy never made it back to NY. People thought Melo was “afraid of Lin stealing the spotlight”.

  217. To be honest, I think Ronnie might take it.. That missed dunk was too ugly! Lol

  218. Just ask your neighbor from Brisbane:

  219. Since I can’t see his face, judging by height it looks like assistant coach JJ Outlaw. He’s like the shortest of all the assistant coaches IIRC.


  220. Why would Lin reach out to Kobe? Lin’s coming in from the court. The players sitting on the bench always come out to greet the players so they’re usually the ones that initiate the greetings. Plus Lin had to swing his arm over Gary Vitti’s head to give Kobe the five.

  221. Another “think piece” (this time in Grantland) about Kobe’s attitude and his decline …

  222. Lol, every time I see these shoes I think somebody squirted deli mustard on them. These in Denver Nuggets colorways aren’t too bad.


  223. Lol some are both

  224. Here’s an illustration of the effect of Linsanity…
    I am currently reading a novel (thriller) titled “The Ascendant” by Drew Chapman and this apparently is Drew’s first published novel (published in 2013 by Pocket Books – a division of Simon & Schuster.)
    On page 212 he wrote: “… At the table, the two uncles started to argue about sports. Something about a man named Jeremy Lin, … had only the slightest idea who Jeremy Lin was – she guessed he played basketball, probably in America.”
    I was cracking up, I watch Jeremy Lin play basketball LIVE on TV and then reading about the same person hours later in a novel (!?!) as if he is a historical icon?
    Here’s another indicator this author is very much a basketball fan (likely a Lakers fan) and that one got me laughing so hard I was rolling on the floor.
    On page 177 of this same novel, “… However, from the interviews she’d seen on TV, she suspected that Kobe Bryant was something of a sociopath as well. Maybe when you possessed that much talent, it was hard to take the troubles of those around you seriously.”
    I plan on finishing this novel in the next couple of days and I shall report additional findings should they relate to the topics of this forum. πŸ˜‰

  225. Jeremy Lin Documentary is the realist brah!!!

  226. That ball slip-up by Jeremy is already in Shaqtin’ A Fool? That’s the funniest they can get? Puh-leaze…..

  227. Based on my eye test, any figure in the middle of 10 to 11 is correct. But kudos to you for doing additional work; that’s a true sign of a Lin fan. Impressed.

  228. You know you’ve made when you’re dragged into books lol.

  229. Ha, ha. I met many Ivy League students who are dumb.

  230. Young told reporter BS and Kobe are the same. So all the mistreatment of Lin from BS is actually from Kobe. Therefore, BS wants to destroy Lin’s career, is actually Kobe wants to destroy Lin’s career. BS said Price is better than Lin is actually Kobe saying Price is better than Lin (who scored over him 38 points). Kobe is a sick person!!

  231. You are truly amazing! Forget about quantum computing. Computer OEMs should just make clones of you.

  232. Kobe at this stage of his career, should help to develop and mentor young talents, instead he is trying to destroy young talents. He got to have some mental issues.

  233. IF they can, they should. Human brain is quicker than a computer at arriving at an estimate number.

  234. Kobe jealous of not going to Harvard. πŸ™‚ I dare say Lin will have a good career helping NBA and athletes manage their money or even representing them due to his honesty and Christian background, etc. Certain qualities that may be perceived as weakness on BB court will actually be perceived as strengths once he gets out of NBA.

  235. No doubt in my mind what BS said or did to Lin all from his discuss w Kobe everyday.. BS said it himself they both text to each other about Lakers every night. Kobe didn’t say anything bad about Lin bc BS will do the dirty job for him.

  236. No way BS would go against Kobe, so Kobe definitely does not think highly of Lin’s BB game or has something against Lin. Could be a difference in style, in that Kobe likes players who act like assh*le.

  237. When he had breakfast with Rondo in Boston on game day, it was a slap in the face to jlin

  238. Only 10 Days left, vote for Lin in ASG by tweet, FB & http://www.nba.com/allstar/

  239. Kobe did not say anything bad about Lin is because of China market. Kobe Chinese fans should wake up and see what Kobe is doing to Lin.

  240. One thing I like Samsung is when they advertise their products in US, they always have some Asian actors/actresses appear on their commercials.

  241. LOL … “she suspected Kobe Bryant was something of a sociopath as well”
    Between this and Young’s live comment (“Kobe is so famous that he has to be a little OFF”), pretty much everyone is informed of Kobe’s Charmin egocentric issues!

    Thanks for the laughs =) please keep us informed

  242. If Kobe is so afraid of Lin to outshine him at the last mile of his career, why he agreed to have Lin on the team? Doesn’t he have some weight over who should be a LAL?

  243. Ya! I also feel so weird why BS did to Lin exactly like Mc to Lin from HOU? Kobe & Harden are the same agent. Right now Harden sort of like Kobe in HOU, no one can take lots of shots.. he is in charge the O. D12 only took 6 shots last night?! smh!

  244. I think it was FO’s idea; Kobe didn’t want to oppose and he really didn’t care. But once he started playing with Lin, Kobe didn’t like Lin’s style. That’s my guess. It happens. The style makes the man, and in this case, they just have two completely different styles.

  245. In previous Clipper Post Game Post I asked if someone here has multi-media skills to compile a brief video from the Clipper game of the “dirty” screens put on JLIN where the ref’s looked the other way? And also the 2- 3 fouls on JLIN where I don’t believe he even touched the opposing player… Not more than a few minutes is best. It will make me feel better to have something to refer people to that shows the double-standard applied to Jeremy. Thank you.

  246. If Rondo would have signed here, he would have donr the same thing he did to Nash. Kobe wants all of the adolation. Kobe is in mid life crisis mode &he is still trying to prove that he still got it to a league who is no longer interested in him.He is beginning to look like Michael J in his last days with the Wizard’s

  247. It’s FO not Kobe… Kobe wants Melo not Lin..

  248. I think of 2 reasons:
    1. Kobe was the brief moment of “mentoring” role for JLin until he heard the raucous crowd cheers when JLin made those Linsanity moments.
    Then the old Kobe is back afraid of losing the LA crowd adoration for him as THE Hero

    2. Kobe was struggling so badly as a pure Shooting Guard because he can no longer finish on the rim or have enough lift to drain his jumpers. So he needs the PG job which he can do to same level. That’s why there is a facade that Price Defense is better than Lin. But the reality is Kobe thrived better (Stat-wise) as a PG/SG than an SG (never mind the atrocious defense). Kobe is the PG, not Price.

    It’s clear that Kobe needs Lin’s PG job desperately to look somewhat relevant in the NBA. But now his health deteriorated even further so they’d probably have shut him down with some medical reasons if he can’t even score.

    All the BScott propaganda of Price has better D is a DISTRACTION to the real issue that Kobe needs Lin’s PG job even if he’s not very good at it

  249. What BS said about Price just like HOU use PB… BS just copy whatever HOU did to Lin … smh! I believe Kobe is the reason why Lin has to be a bench bc Kobe as PG, he can control who will get the ball & how many points he will allow them to get..? No one can get lots of points in this team. If they did next game sure will not get pass from Kobe.

  250. That is what I saw. Hope Chinese Kobe fans can see that too. from reading the comments on Chinese site.,it used to be if someone criticized Lin, you would see a lot of posters defending Lin, but not any more. I just read a reporter who was pro-Lin even posted an article about Lin’s poor defense. That is ok, We know reporters have to bring paycheck home. I was hoping people would defend Lin, but to my surprise the pro-Lin postings are much less than Lin Haters.

  251. very true.. By making Kobe the PG, he has the full CONTROL on the outcome of who gets certain points (i.e. not passing to Lin once he checked in w/ 6 min left in Q4ensuring Lin was stuck on 10pts in the Pacers game)

  252. Exactly. I found out anyone who scored well then next game he would disappear from the game… that’s why Kobe wants to be in charge PG. Then w BS who can control the playing time so they can make sure no one can do well in this team but Kobe. smh!

  253. that’s very concerning about the succeeding myth of Price D better than Lin.
    We need to publicize Price’s worse stats more in twitter
    I’ll need to ask @JAD2456 and @disqus_Qw9GaYTag0:disqus on how to make it more visually appealing in social media

  254. Right now people are kind enough to post up videos of Jeremy’s good plays (i.e. baskets made, assists, defensive plays) from each game. I now believe it is equally inspirational and significant to show how much double-standard and hostility Jeremy encounters and overcomes each game. On one hand I don’t like re-seeing those missed calls, ways other supposed “tough guys” on other teams target Jeremy, and all the other obvious and also subtle ways that Jeremy is faced with a double standard that other NBA players do not face. Because it’s painful to watch. However, I feel it is a positive thing to now shine a light on this. It is positive for the NBA Association and its fans to see this, for us JLIN fans to put this out there and call out this “two set of rules”, and perhaps it can give some support and protection to Jeremy’s career. So … can someone possibly help to compile a brief video of negative things that Jeremy must overcome in his games starting with this last Clipper game. Think there were some obvious missed calls against opponents fouling him and also “phantom” calls when he did not even touch the opposing player. Thank you.

  255. the term ‘sociopath’ is no longer far-off from the truth when Kobe is willing to sabotage others so only his numbers look good. Scary!

  256. But does Melo want to be on the same team as Kobe?

  257. Of course not. In fact, read somewhere said Lakers FO didn’t want Melo bc they don’t think he will come but due to Kobe’s request so they did ask Melo to visit…

  258. I believe everyone in the team all knows about it… even they didn’t say anything… I just hope FO can be more tough to Kobe next season if Lin really do stay… ?! Really hope Lin can have more offers this summer.

  259. This is Byron Scott after Thursday’s practice talking about his characterization of the team as “soft.”. His boorishness and cluelessness as a coach call to mind Kevin McHale; and that’s saying something. I think Scott’s an embarrassment to the Lakers.

    β€œI did myself a favor and didn’t look at the video,” he said. β€œI’ll look at the video (Thursday) afternoon. Because for me, if I looked at the video (Wednesday) night or (Thursday) morning before practice, it probably would have just made me more pissed off, to be honest with you. Let’s get through practice. I’ll go home and I’ll look at it. Then I’ll probably come out here (Friday) pissed off.”

    See : http://www.dailynews.com/sports/20150108/lakers-coach-byron-scott-not-backing-off-soft-comments

  260. @JAD2456, this is an excellent work that you did.

    We need to publicize it in twitter regularly to keep Lin fans and NBA fans informed that Price better D propaganda is a myth to cover up Kobe’s need to take away Lin’s job. Even many Asia and Lin fans starting buying this propaganda.

    The numbers are great but we can improve it even better if we can somehow show them visually as charts (bar charts with 2 different colors, etc.)

    @TTNN, can you please help with some ideas? Others with graph expertise might be able to help

    There is a special thread about working on Tweetable Stats

  261. I’m very concerned of the bad news that Dorothy observed about Lin fans and Asian reporters started buying the propaganda spewed by Byron Scott and LAL Announcers (Bill & Stu) that Price defense is better than Lin.

    @JAD2456 has published great stats showing numbers that Lin’s defense is better according to NBA stats. We just need to continue to fight back by providing regular update in an attractive and easier-to-understand graphics. Any graph experts who can help?

    One idea: Perhaps bar-charts with 2 different colors (green/red) showing Lin’s Opp FG% (GREEN) is better (lower) than Price’s Opp FG% (RED) => Then ask “NBA Stats showed Lin’s Defense better than Price so WHY the Eye-Test LIED?”

    Perhaps @TTNN and other stat/graph experts can help in this ‘Tweetable Stats’ thread for more discussion. I will publish/retweet it regularly to inform other Lin/NBA fans
    Thread Link: “JL Articles& Facts – Tweetable STATS” http://www.jlinportal.com/jl-articles-facts/

    We need to fight back to uncover the REAL truth!


  262. They are ALWAYS like that….

  263. yes, .. but we can fight back.
    I learned from “Harden’s Defensive Juggernaut” video that a viral video can spread through the social media quickly.

    We’ll start with NBA.com stats that reporters can find in twitter easily. Then perhaps there’ll be video experts creating a viral video on Price/Kobe =)

  264. He just point finger at players not himself… I really want to know what’s his D game plan? Show it not just only talked D so tough & asked players to run ..?! What’s the point after the running?! smh!

  265. I was defending Lin like crazy yr ago against Lin fans in TW….some of them just take whatever medias say…

  266. The thing is no one cares about Ronnie Price. more than half of NBA fans probably do not even know his existence.

  267. Are we mainly looking at a players defense or what? There’s lots of so-call superstars or all stars have worst defense than Lin, now why don’t they bench those players for scrubs like PB and Price, double standard on mass display! Starting to NOT like NBA more and more!

  268. Smh, he’s a disgrace! And no one in the NBA is doing anything about it.

  269. Did they believe in stats?

  270. It’s good to see a LakeShow article showing JLin’s “On-Ball Defense” is better than RPrice based on NBA.com stats #BetterSnakeHead

    We need to do more of this so reporters are aware and might use it in their articles.


  271. Yes and No. This is about a simple human nature, the perception. I personally feel if we fall into having to compare Lin and Price…..NBA wins in a sense that they made some incomparable things comparable.

  272. I agree w Brent. No one really cares that much about Price or Lakers now… you can send the infor to reporter in Taiwan like leave the comment. Or if you can find the reporter from China who is nice to Lin. εΌ΅ζ΅·ε½₯

  273. Bc right now no one cares about Lakers… LA media are not like NY that dare to say anything to question his performance… too bad.

  274. It’s always about hidden agenda. In this case, Price “Better” Defense is used to justify benching Lin while it’s Kobe who needs Lin’s PG job all along.

    So we just need to show the truth that NBA.com stats disagree that Price Defense is better than Lin. So the argument will crumble. Then people will ask “Why BScott insist on it then?”

    The answer is always “Kobe” all along. It just forces people to come to the conclusion logically.

  275. Does this mean Lin has chances to leave too?

  276. I agree we have to show, but I think we have to be careful not to blur the focus

  277. DW? That’s good. But he is out for this season?!

  278. I doubt it..I think NETs is trying to kick Brook and Dwill away. At least one of them

  279. Once Lin has Tyson or Ibaka behind him, his defense number will be very good.

  280. If you’re worried that we get into Lin vs Price comparison (while BScott & LA media had force it .. as ridiculous as it seems), then perhaps we always connect it with Kobe. Media already touts him as a PG

    So we can do Lin vs Kobe vs Price comparison to keep the focus on who’s the better PG (offense and defense)

    What do you think?

  281. I know but I don’t believe any team will take DW bc his contract it’s too expensive & he always got injured.

  282. True, I see your point.
    Please see my reply below on keeping the focus on Kobe by doing Lin vs Price vs Kobe as PG comparison

  283. true, I like Brent’s thought on keeping the focus (on Kobe)
    We can do Lin vs Price vs Kobe, Who’s the Best PG comparison

  284. Perhaps it’ll come w/ picks and they can simply waive DW? Morey loves picks.

  285. The way they spin this, seems like they say Price can go over the screen better than Lin can due to his smaller size. The true reason for them saying that is because there is no stat tracking this. Maybe opponent FG% at the rim…but that is it…

    So the question becomes what stat are we gonna use?

  286. His salary is hard to swallow tho.

  287. Yes, Morey stopped pursuing last year once he learned of DWill’s knee/ankle injuries

  288. I suggest contacting the person who did the breakdown of the controversial “waiting to 10 seconds to foul” play from the Grizzlies game last week. Other than using red text (should use white outlined text instead IMHO) over the video he does a good job pointing out all the pertinent details, especially with the use of pauses, zooms, and highlighting.

  289. Morey probably like Dragic more than DWill (ankle/knee injuries) and it’s cheaper

    The thing is Dragic is also popular in Phoenix. Although I can see Dragic going back to HOU

  290. Actually a league wide comparison might be better. However, I am not sure if Lin has any advantages in that regard or not. At least we can pick a few guards like Curry, Irving, Lillard, etc

  291. Dragic said he wants to play for Knicks…?!

  292. yes, I saw that weak reasoning.

    In this day and age of advanced stats, it would be still ridiculous for them to insist on 1 eye-test if the rest of stats disprove Price Opp FG% is worse in the end.

    We might try to play around with comparing Kobe’s opp FG%.. it might provide a lot of laughters πŸ˜€

  293. KObe is facing SG tho…well he is not guarding anyone anyway

  294. well, it might be useful to add league-wide comparison in a separate graph.

    But for Lakers focused discussion of who statistically should get the PG job, the 1st graph can do offense and defense comparison for Lin/Kobe/Price.

    Or maybe we can just suggest to the LakeShow reporter. It’s his day job πŸ˜€

  295. Yes….I guess that is a start. We do not have access to advanced stats…too bad.

  296. Wut? .. LOL
    I need to read that then .. haha

  297. Just another distraction to shield Kobe from criticism of 4pt game.
    It’ll be hard to do keep doing it if Kobe is shutting down

  298. I am not aware that Price turn the ball over 11 times per 100 pos. Lin at 16. M….Really there is not reason for Price to start.

  299. Everyone knows but the problem it’s not he is better than Lin. It’s Kobe. If he is not allow Lin to be back whatever you said or show will not make any different. I guess Lin will not come back anytime soon bc they started to ask him bench unit staff… that means he now can talk about bench… before Lin’s blog, they only interview Young or Boozer… smh!

  300. Hm, I can see Kobe freezing out Lin in 90% of the plays if Lin starts.

    Gasp! Does it mean BScott is doing Lin a favor by benching him not play with Kobe so much? -=) Naahh!

  301. What a clown.

  302. Kobe & Scott will make sure Lin can’t do too well. Even he is in 2nd unit… there are Young, Boozer, & Ellington needs to feed the ball..Plus Scott will make sure to limit Lin’s playing time… smh!

  303. In fact, just read an article about Knicks top 20 FA this summer. Dragic was their top PG then Rondo, Jackson, & even PB no Lin. smh! Not sure bc they can’t talk about Lin or don’t think Lin will leave Lakers?!

  304. Personally, I do not think Scott had told Lin why he is coming off the bench at all. I do not think he could explain it to Lin’s stratification. This kind of is one of the reason why Lin struggled for the 1st 10 gms or so after the demotion.

  305. I think it’s because Melo chased Lin out of town (just like POR announcer said) so it’s a well-known fact

  306. Ya! Everyone pl vote. I really can’t believe he can’t even get 200,000 vote now? smh! Still #9..

  307. Obviously some votes were voided for somereason

  308. After read that NY Post article.. I feel so sad one more team is out for Lin now… smh!

  309. We do not have enough capacity to do video breakdown, otherwise I think it is a better way to debunk anything

  310. Nice team camaraderie by Korver’s teammates in the Hawks to anticipate his 3.
    I hope Lin will land in a team with great team chemistry. I miss NY Linsanity days!


  311. But more for Lin’s fans are not vote this year. In the past, I always saw lots of Lin’s fans from Taiwan fan side to vote a lot… not this year.. didn’t see that much about vote for him or talk about game… maybe bc Lakers game it’s really bad to watch so fans turn off the passion now. smh!

  312. Time for “Kobe/Price Defensive Juggernaut” videos?
    Defensive lowlights video is more impactful than any video breakdown. =)

    We need to contact the “Harden Defensive Juggernaut” maker pronto!

  313. I know, still given the counts differences of this 3 times….the increment is just too small.

  314. JW brought this up in the postgame thread but since we’ve moved on to this thread, I’ll put the link to the Mason and Ireland podcast link here. They talk about Jeremy and defense and they have Mike Trudell chime in on phone later in the broadcast. They talk about Defensive rating stats and team defense.

    They mention Lin 17:13-20:54 and then Mike Trudell at 23:40-31:33.

  315. Thanks I was looking for it

  316. I suggested in a response below to TK Wong about contacting the guy who did the nice breakdown of the “wait to 10 seconds to foul” play. I think if you reach out to that guy he might be able to help out. Seems that he has the skills for it. Who knows, he might even be a reader of JLinPortal.

  317. Lin said Byron had them running for 20-30 minutes straight in practice. What genius move. So tonight they’ll be tired and their shots will fall short.

  318. The video of Harden’s Defensive Juggernaut was made by a well respected Rocket Fan on Clutchfans, thus it was not really labeled as LOF’s agenda, and got spread out, but way before that, Zach Lowe has questioned about Harden’s defense, but was ignored, of course by HOU franchise and down played there.

    However, Harden himself is a big target, Beverley is not. Same as Price, any argument there will be viewed as Lin fan’s agenda, which would get actively ignored. Thus, I agree that we do need to do education when there is needs, but, really, go full force could back fire.

    After all, most knowledgeable Lakers fans knows Price is not that good, you could see that when reading on LG or other Laker site. However, that’s not really important. There is other reason why Price is starting, and it is trying to fit Kobe, and everybody know it, it is more obvious than it was in Houston. And if you don’t change the way Kobe play, put Lin in starting position won’t give you good results either. So, I really don’t see the needs to push it.

    I do see Lin is going the right direction that he needs to go, and we still have more than half a season for it to play out. Don’t anticipate Lin will play any major role before all start game, I think Kobe really need that all star votes there. The whole world knows if they give Lin fans some daylight, Lin’s vote will go crazy. If Kobe is not get voted in, he will not be picked by the coaches, so, yeah, got to be patient.

  319. That 2nd unit stats looking much better than the 1st is a big no-no.

  320. There even might be a chance that it was a heated conversation since Lin’s attitude definitely has changed.

  321. Here is a video about Lakers broken defense, but it’s in Chinese caption.

  322. I am actually glad at this time he’s coming from bench. Just wish when he comes in, KB is on the bench though. What’s the pt if KB is still in the game and KB still doing his thing.

  323. http://youtu.be/mZ7LCEZU8CU

    In Chinese but good in breakdown the defense about the LAC game.

  324. ah, thanks..
    Perhaps someone who knows him/her can contact him.
    I wonder if contacting through Youtube is effective

  325. Just FYI if u are listening to the beginning of it regarding Jason Smith. Mason was saying Jason Smith has the best defensive ratings. He clarified like an hour later that he was reading the stats wrong. Jason Smith has the worst defensive ratings.

  326. Looks like Lin is back on the bench.


  327. That’s not news… Price did the practice yesterday…

  328. I hope they still start Ellington, and push Kobe to SF. They will be equally horrible.

  329. I think they have to or use Kelly it’s the same result…

  330. quick quiz: was this
    a. to punish them for being “soft”
    b. to tire them sufficently that old man kobe didn’t look so slow in comparison in 2nites game
    c. scott thinks he’s the instructor at a summer camp
    d. all of the above

  331. articulate and fit vs number and drawing is like achievable vs not achievable to me. (^_^)

  332. hmm gee just a minor mistake. lmao

  333. They got Tobias Harris as SF at 6-9. KB might look bad against that so I’m guessing it’ll be Kelly.

  334. not really.

  335. Don’t tell me you are both, Sophie! Cause if you are, it’s not just jealous now it’s ENVY. It moves up to another level. πŸ˜›

  336. Yea. don’t think he’s the smarts of the group.

  337. Jeremy not playing with Kobe is OK for me… Go Lin Go!

  338. Hello James Brown, I’m James Bond.
    Nice to see you here, mate.

  339. Let’s see how smart BS is. πŸ™‚

    Start Kobe as SF is horrible both defensively and offensively. Kobe lost his edge playing SF, when he could be easily defended by a longer and stronger player.

    And it is much harder for 1 and 2 to help defend Kobe’s man. There will be more scramble in defense.

    Last game the major problem for Lakers is they missed Wes way more so than missing Price. That’s why the player gave up earlier. They give it a push at the beginning of the third quarter, and give up pretty soon, as it does not work even with effort.

  340. Don’t know, but it seems to be the only way to reach him. Worth a try if you want to get something going.

  341. If they really want to win, they should start Young, and leave the second unit to Lin.

  342. They REALLY WANT to WIN? I’m sure lin and the rest really want to win. Not sure about BS and BK.

  343. Ha, yeah, their talk at times were uh, “interesting”. The Mike Trudell portion was more insightful. I’m glad that they pointed out that team defense was key.

  344. Yes… move Young to the starters and let Lin leads the second stringers to win. Lin can do that.

  345. a) for sure but I like b)
    good one!

  346. ok, when things slow down on my end .. I’ll try

  347. its understandable and was probably a shock. and clearly lin took some time to adjust to this deva vu all over again (as he took some time, tho not as much time, to adjust to starting for the lakers at the start of the season)– but (yes) in the last 6 games he been putting up #s as good or better than the solid numbers he was putting up after the first 4 games as a starter and before the demotion and doing that with about a 30% reduction in playing time!

  348. LOL, KB/BS are worried about padding a passing stat more than anything at this moment just to prove he is still relevant on the floor.

  349. knicks trying for a new sort of bench mob linsanity last nite; deja vu—knicks terrible stoudamire and the melo one not available; starting unit barely registering on the scoreboard –what do they do? look to the end of the bench and find, not jermemy lin but rather the total last 5 guys left, do an entire “line change” and voila!

    the outcome on the nite:

    rockets starters 87

    knicks bench 70 (4 guys in double figures lead by travis wear’s 21)

    rockets bench 33

    knicks starters 26! (0 guys in double figures)

    be interesting to see if they decide “ride like secretariat” the new knicks “bench mob” (or relegate them back to the obscurity from whence they came).

  350. Bad: looking like possibly won’t be getting a starting contract. Good: Lin will have may options from contending teams as a backup PG. However i will hold out hope that a starting position will be offered to him.

  351. bs has been pointing out team defense was key since the beginning of training camp: he just has seemed to have found a way to install that in his players (have the worst defense in the league from the first pre-season game till today)—evidently he thinks running a lot in practice will help.

  352. Orlando is a young team so hopefully they will run the starters off the floor. LOL

  353. a starting position has been “offered” to him twice before, both in houston and l.a.

    but then it was taken away.

    so…beware of franchises bearing starting gift offerings.

  354. i posted this down below in response to something about the knicks but i think most mite not be aware of this interesting and somewhat familiar to lin fans development in last nites rockets/knicks game (yes i am embellishing for effect but the basic #s are entirely accurate):

    knicks trying for a new sort of bench mob linsanity last nite; deja vu—knicks terrible stoudamire and the melo one not available; starting unit barely registering on the scoreboard –what do they do? look to the end of the bench and find, not jermemy lin but rather the total last 5 guys left, do an entire “line change” and voila!

    the outcome on the nite:

    rockets starters 87

    knicks bench 70 (4 guys in double figures lead by travis wear’s 21)

    rockets bench 33

    knicks starters 26! (0 guys in double figures)

    be interesting to see if they decide to “ride like secretariat” the new knicks “bench mob” (or relegate them back to the obscurity from whence they came).

  355. I hope so… never watched their game but their ranking just one above Lakers?

  356. vucevic and tobias harris have been the most over achieving players in the league compared to what was predicted for them at the start of the year.

    we assume all the running lin reported in practice was to tire out the rest of the team so kobe wouldnt look so slow in comparison

  357. Interesting TS% of #Lakers guards who play PGs in 2014-15 season.
    Guess who’s #1? =)

    See how Kobe’s TS% plummeted in the past 2 years.


    Source: http://www.sportingcharts.com/nba/players/340730/jeremy-lin/#True%20Shooting%20Percentage$76032&3100&551975$SeasonMax=9999&SeasonMin=1990

  358. u see the true reason for price being in the starting lineup: they wanted to find the worst possible shooter they could find someone who historically was worse than kobe; but alas with practice price improved slightly and with exhaustion of age and major failure kobe declined to where they have met in utter defeat at all levels.

  359. To be honest, those are pretty ugly lol

  360. True

  361. It’s quite sad to see the decline of Kobe’s illustrious career as a HOF SG to get below Ronnie Price’s TS%.

    But Kobe and BScott haven’t realized it yet

  362. yeah, see Josh Smith.

  363. Exactly my point b4, however, I do not think LA offered him to start.

  364. Understanding Kobese (the language spoken by Kobe and Scott):

    Kobe started the season with diminished ability, but it wasn’t until he reached Michael Jordan’s point total, a major goal in his life, that Kobe’s basketball skills fell off a cliff. After a stretch of 5 awful games, Kobe took a week off to “RESET.” Upon his return, Kobe seemed to be playing much better. His FG% climbed to a more Kobe-like 47%, although he took only half as many shots as usual and committed loads of turnovers. But in the last game, after electing to sit out a BTB, Kobe again shot only 17% and committed 6 TOs in 28 min.

    Kobe probably thinks he is smarter than everyone else. He is very deceptive and tries to keep his “business” private. But he likes to talk to the media and he talks too much. Especially if you understand Kobese. Following is a translation of some key Kobeisms.

    Kobe: Right now we’re in uncharted territory. We’re actually doing experiments to see what works. We have to hit the reset button.

    English: Kobe knows he’s getting old as he feels fatigue and soreness whenever he tries to play or even practice. He’s been using the very latest in sport’s medicine technology to keep going but he has hit a wall. This is the uncharted territory. Reset button means taking a week to rest and cleanse his body of all the medications he’s been taking. He will start again using a different set of drugs at various doses and combinations. You see, Kobe needs to do experiments to find his sweet spot. If the dose of pain-killers is too low, and he still feels acute pain during certain shooting motions, he will be bricking. If the dose is too high, he will feel groggy, causing him to both brick and commit TOs. A further problem may be drug interactions as he takes additional drugs to counteract side effects. Perhaps most challenging of all, his sweet spot is always changing: his degree of soreness and fatigue, and therefore the dose needed, probably changes due to various factors.

    Kobe: I trust BS 100%. Everything we discuss stays between us.

    English: Byron knows all about my condition and my “special training regimen.” I trust him to keep all this secret and cover for me when speaking to the media.

    Kobe: The game just got away, I started to rush things OR My game has changed but that’s perfectly fine.

    English: These are two ways to say the same thing. They are both incoherent excuses. Kobe means to say, I was playing like crap. I couldn’t shoot or pass without turning the ball over. Forget about this game. I’ll try to get the dose right next game.

    Byron: I have nothing critical to say about Kobe’s game.

    English: Yet another way of saying in Kobese: Next game please!

    Byron: Kobe should take more shots

    English: When the meds seemed to be working, BS got ahead of himself and wanted to go full throttle again

    Byron: I love and care for Kobe like a son. He knows I have his best interests at heart

    English: Look, I’m just doing what Kobe wants me to do. Stop accusing me of trying to injure Kobe.

    Finally, don’t be surprised when Jeanie Buss says she supports BS and the direction of the team. This was the deal when they hired BS. Keep our superstar looking good even if he has to be artificially propped up. The 3 interviews were probably a test to see if BS could hold up to media pressure precisely during a scenario such as this.

  365. For once, I would like to cheer for both Lin and his team, like I did with Knicks.

  366. Why?

  367. Since Lin is on that team. Easier.

  368. Then why only for once? LOL

  369. there are some cases in which it is debatable whether kobe should help on the drive from one pass away, esp if his man is on the 3 pt line. but yeah, kobe’s defense is ridiculous generally.

    it’s particularly annoying that he doesnt even put a hand up and doesnt close out. he’s not scaring anyone by just daring them to shoot

  370. I am totally on board to what you are saying. The other night during the game Kevin Ding mentioned in a tweet that in the middle of Kobe’s atrocious game , he stops to speak to Khole Kardashian as she walked by. So the other night was probably one of his groggy night’s

  371. Also i guess lin came in played better than they expected. LOL

  372. That is “their” problem…so they tried to “solve” it

  373. A lot of times people post that they’re bored with the games. But besides watching Lin in his limited minutes I’m always very curious to keep an eye on Kobe. Lately it’s even a crap-shoot whether he plays at all.

  374. You allow middle drives, everyone becomes a one pass away…so sad..

  375. thibs rather give up contested layup than a 3 in the corner. with lakers, the layup isnt even contested though.

  376. Thanks! That helps to understand BS/Kobe code-words in relation to his medication.

    I didn’t think much about it until I saw Kobe having one eye drooping more than the other in the Clippers game. That was so shocking and weird-looking that he didn’t look like Kobe at all!

  377. now it makes more sense that a groggy Kobe was trying to congratulate Lin after the huge 3pt-er :] He was under medication so Lin might look more like Khloe Kardashian, hehe..

  378. stratification, you mean satisfaction

  379. yw. Of course they also use the same language to marginalize Lin and prop up Price. Yesterday Swaggy said that Kobe and BS seemed to be the same person. That’s not because the two are so similar. It’s really because one is acting as the puppet of the other.

  380. LOL

  381. Kudos for Swaggy for saying it outloud.

    Swaggy literally has almost achieved Charles Barkley’s level to say anything funny (“truth is inserted at times”) to get away with almost everything.

    “Kobe is a little OFF”, “Kobe and BS are 1 person”
    Crazy good! No wonder Lin likes Swaggy more LOL

  382. wow… I didn’t know they cleared out the starters and played the bench

    someday when Melo left, they’ll talk about rebuilding and recreating Linsanity! It’s a Broadway show after all =)

  383. LOL Yeah I don’t know how he gets away with it. He did get punished for the Miss Daisy and Django comments. But now here he goes again. He seems to have nine lives.

  384. me too.. playing with starters just messed up the chemistry.
    Plus Lin trying to adapt to starters and playing D for all of them

    Let Kobe’s play run its course (and dosage) with starters so Lin-led bench are ready to be the starting unit by then!

  385. Thanks for the info and great thinking!
    I agree about not starting something that can backfire.

    I think us providing ‘neutral’ info on Lakers stats (TS%, Off FG%) might let people come to their own conclusion, especially when BScott made the repetitive ‘RPrice snake-head defense” which is contradictory to what NBA.com stats said

  386. What a “great” coach . He calls his players soft after making public statement that Celtics were real rivals, ie worthy to be considered rivals, of Lakers and not the Clippers the day before the game. And of course that kind of statement motivates opposing teams to give an extra effort and make it a “statement” game.

    What’s worse so called being “soft” (lack of effort or toughness ) on players’ side or stupidity on the head coach’s part?

  387. I agree that Kobe doesn’t like to see anyone else succeed so that’s one reason for him to hurt Lin’s status on the team. But I also think he tried to convert Lin from a “good defender to a great one.” Which to Kobe also means someone who lets Kobe handle all the offense. Lin probably resisted this and that’s when Kobe turned on him. Recently they asked Kobe if he still mentors Lin and his response was, “I stopped trying. He just has to live it for himself.” So clearly, Kobe and Lin had a falling out as Kobe stopped “mentoring” him.

  388. Kobe “uncharted territory”:
    I don’t know how to beat this Lin guy. Even when I took Lin’s job, I can’t seem to outperform him. Let’s keep trying different stuff.

    Kobe “trust BS”:
    Byron Scott will let me try anything I want as I try to beat Lin. Scott wants Lin beaten too. Scott won’t hold me accountable for my mistakes, he’ll punish Lin instead.

    Kobe “the game got away”:
    I was controlling the ball at first, but then Lin took it away from me. When he hit that deep 3, I felt like I was losing control of the team.

    All quotes of Scott: I want the Asian guy out of the NBA entirely. Asians don’t belong in “our” league. Kobe and I will make sure that the Asian guy is gone.

  389. I will continue tell the truth in Twitter-verse that we Lin fans understand Kobe needs the PG role in the 1st unit with starters, so it’s okay since Lin-led 2nd unit have a great chemistry. Whatever it takes to help Lakers win.

    It’s better to expound the truth (backed-up by stats) than getting distracted by the propaganda that Price defense is the reason Lin is not starting. Lin fans will be seen as intelligent and understand BB Politics. And we support Lakers to win.


    Original Mark Medina tweet on Price back to start tonight

  390. Kobe translation:
    I’m frustrated because I want to outplay Lin but I CAN’T FIGURE OUT HOW.

    Scott translation about Kobe:
    Kobe is a “superstar” and so he can do no wrong.

    Scott translation about Lin:
    This Asian punk stinks at basketball. I’m gonna kick him off the team – we’ll be better without him.

  391. Avoid SGs (or dinosaurs) with large contracts, Lin will be among the top PGs next season.

  392. At this point, this website is the ONLY site that views Lin objectively from a neutral race perspective.

    Most fans have already bought the narrative that the Asian guy cannot possibly defend, and no amount of stats or video will convince them.

  393. Nick Young is a loose cannon on and off the court.

    He’s been this way all his career. That’s why he keeps bouncing around the NBA from team to team.

    At least Young is an INTELLIGENT loose cannon.

  394. I agree. Lin in 20 mins and 2nd unit is so 2nd Unit can win games for them. They always keep LAL in there, and it’s really 1st team’s issue they don’t contribute or close. Lin on close is just when BSc needs, and he can’t be v effective given Kobe’s inefficiency to close out games. And, the truth is, Lin is in to close for D, and handles, and BBIQ, all in service to the Kobe end-game, so it’s a weird role where you cannot for example measure in box score stats his output. Iggy has that same problem, on GSW, but GSW does not judge him on box. Fans erupt for joy when he does the occasional score. All this is to say, I agree and I wish there were a way to omit all Lin end-game minutes that include Kobe in as end-game go-to guy. It’s obvious it’s not LAL ball.

  395. Me too. I think Lin wants that to, so he can play true bball.

  396. Lin 20 minutes only if the Lakers struggle.

    If the Lakers starters play well, well under 20 min. for Lin.

  397. It’s okay. NBA likes the GREEN color of money =)

    Once Kobe is phasing himself out, Lakers best chance to cash in is by campaigning for Lin. I can see Kobe shutting down after the All-Star weekend. It’s pretty scary seeing Kobe being injected with whatever medication they gave him. I hope those doctors don’t endanger his health!

  398. agree on all and would add: Lin contending team up levels in POs possibly for Ring = Linsanity lite. If ring, Linsanity !

  399. No worries, Lin is already figuring out if he keeps scoring and assisting less, he’s needed to close the 4th quarter. His scoring is up and his assists are a bit down. Lin is smart enough to figure things out!

    Byron will try hard to play with his min but Lin will overcome him

  400. Hmm. So Kobe made a mistake when he OKed his acquisition. Cause Swaggy is letting the cat out of the bag.

  401. True, Kobe freezing out Lin the last 5 in of 4th quarter but Lin helps in defense, proper spacing and even a decoy so teams won’t double Kobe

  402. Most NBA teams are so afraid of being yellow that they’ll give up the green!

  403. I enjoy watching Byron Scott getting mad when Lin plays well.

    When Scott is unhappy about Lin’s play, that’s always a good sign for Lin.

  404. Amen.

  405. Kobe was injured and nowhere near the team when Young was acquired, I think.

  406. It’s not that Kobe tried to raise Lin’s game.

    Kobe is trying to outperform Lin, more than Kobe’s trying to win the game.

    Lin’s just going along with Kobe’s antics, trying to win the game. All that does is make Kobe madder because Lin just keeps playing well.

  407. Kobe seems to be obsessive though. Like he would want to control every decision no matter what.

  408. That’s only when Kobe’s physically around.

    He only cares about what’s right in front of him.

    Right now, Kobe doesn’t really care that much about Lin other than Kobe gets mad when Lin outperforms him in the boxscore. That’s because Kobe and Lin aren’t playing together all that much.

  409. It’s like it was with Harden. They don’t want to improve Lin’s offense, but if he can handle the defense for both guards, they’re happy.

  410. Well, not entirely happy.

    Kobe Bryant doesn’t like Lin playing defense beside him because it makes Bryant look slow and old and lazy and clueless.

  411. You might be right – I’m older than Kobe and played 2 hrs of indoor soccer yesterday. Today, I’m on ibuprofen just to sit at my desk and do spreadsheets, powerpoints, and email.

  412. my bad

  413. Need to add playing minutes

  414. Good for Lin
    he can get more done with the 2nd unit cuz he will be handling the ball

  415. no wonder he’s been playing so few mins and getting worst stats lately.

  416. correct. I’m just saying the last 5 mins don’t count. This year it is more important to omit it because last year, I felt Lin got more ball until the last 2 possessions. On LAL, it’s all kobe last shift.

  417. Ok if the Lakers don’t value lin why don’t they just pull the plug and trade him? They won’t because he is still the best insurance in case kobe breaks down. smh

  418. yup. It might be fewer min now but when people acknowledge Lakers have the best bench and Kobe’s health continues to deteriorate, they can see the 2nd unit will supplant the 1st unit easily

  419. Hmm. 2 hours of soccer is very intense. Kobe plays only ~30 minutes but basketball is definitely a contact sport.

  420. But if a team wants to trade someone, isn’t it supposed to show off the play and let him pad the stats?

  421. He is already serving that purpose for Nash…

  422. His exp contract makes it more appealing already

  423. Cuz hes an expiring contract which will give them cap space next summer
    if they do trade him they will lose that with the new contracts or most likely teams will ask for draft picks which they will never give up

  424. so Lin’s the insurance plan for Nash and Kobe? LOL
    “Lin .. the best insurance your team can have!”

  425. And at a pro level

  426. LOL pretty much so. Lin is traded to be a backup….That is a fact

  427. Maybe Kobe wants to trade Lin but the FO tells him they are not able to. Like you say the FO wants insurance.

  428. Teams also know that they can sign lin in free agency.

  429. But also a starter in the likely event that Nash couldn’t play which is exactly what happened.

  430. I believe that Dallas will keep Rondo & go after lin as backup. Rondo
    is one of lin”s favorite players.

  431. sign a young guard in Jeremy Lin while ur at it!!!!

  432. and yet he keeps surviving to outlast them all =)

  433. i think they already do
    anouncers always mention that bench been out scoring 1st unit since the lin boozer delegation

  434. Yes….correct

  435. I think the F/O likes lin but they are afraid of kobe. I think they like the 2nd unit being led by lin.lakers have #2 bench jn NBA. I think they like the chemistry of the 2nd especially lin /young

  436. Lin certainly is trying to reach Rondo’s FT%age….LOL JK

  437. No.2 behind the spurs bench right?
    I dont know where they got that from
    but Lakers bench led by Lin Young and Boozer are definitely better than Spurs bench or any bench in the league even some of the 1st units too

  438. They can form a team with their 1st rounders…LOL

  439. I think the FO was as shocked as we were when Kobe insisted on starting Price over Lin. And it took 20 games for Kobe to get his way.

  440. NCAA All-Star (hopefully led by JLin) vs NBA teams, baby!

  441. I bet half of them think they are way better than Lin

  442. The fact that the FO does not care about this season says a lot. Since they are not expected or pressured to win..Everything they work now, I assume, is on how to get stars.

  443. 75% is more likely

  444. Making Kobe happy is highest priority but I don’t think they would mind winning as well. The Magic tweet about Lin starting, the Jeanie tweet with 24 & 17 jerseys, plus all the comments about Lin being mistreated in Houston and having a chip on his shoulder, third times a charm, etc.; all these things make me think the FO had good intentions towards Lin. I think Kobe is the root cause of all of Lin problems on the Lakers.

  445. That I agree. But still..to what degree?

  446. Lol I like math and I can draw but u have other talents probably πŸ˜‰ I wish I was a good speaker and no fear talking in public haha

  447. To the degree that Lin will be starting PG for the Lakers if/when Kobe retires?

  448. I do not think so

  449. Me neither. I think they like him as a backup PG. I think the Lakers hope that the 2nd unit will bond to bring in some headliners after Kobe retires. If the Lakers got the #1 bench in the NBA, a semi superstar might sign because you only a contender if you have a good bench. The bench is going to be the selling point for the Lakers.After Kobe retires, the rebuild plan will have way been complete because you have a bench that has grown together for two years. Now all they have to do is find their superstars and build chemistry with them and the rebuild plan is complete. .

  450. I think so. Also I believe they are watching Lin too. See if Lin will play better than they think given the chance.

  451. Yeah, but F/O needs to tell Scott to release the leash. I also think they already know that lin will have offers from contending teams.

  452. What? Kobe’s bad… I thought he said he is good friend of Pau?

  453. I think if Kobe retires, Scott (or his replacement) will release the leash and Lin will definitely impress.

  454. He is!

  455. Yeah, but do you think Lin will hang in there for another year?

  456. Oh no. I’m working on the assumption that Kobe retires sometime this season. I don’t think it can be overstated how unpleasant Kobe makes Lin’s life as a Laker.

  457. So true.

    To me, haters like barking dogs that bark either they are afraid or they are insecure of losing their territory. And they don’t bite.

  458. Kobe idea of friendship is you are my friend based on how you can serve me. Gasol was not stupid. He knew just as soon as Kobe got back, it would be the same old crap from him using his bullying tactics with new team members. Gasol took less money to go to Chicago.LOL

  459. I thinks so too. I think Kobe is in chronic pain all the time. I do believe that he is on painkillers just to get through these games. I was surprised the other night of his poor play, because he usually turns it up for the home games. I think if Kobe retires this summer, Lakers will go after Kevin Love/Reggie Jackson.

  460. That’s what many of us are thinking of but who knows what might happen.

  461. I really really hope chronos happens yesterday than in summer:-) Only God knows what might happen tomorrow. Still believe God continues to take care of JLin no matter what.

  462. I think so. At least he is free to play in a good team now.

  463. It was his 8-30, 9TO game at Sacramento that convinced me he is worn out and needs to retire. If Kobe doesn’t retire, then seriously, a star player would have to be crazy to join the Lakers. Kobe uses up so much cap space, takes the team out of contention, and treats all his teammates badly. No one will sign up for that if they have options.

  464. Lin (and Swaggy) probably have a better sense of Kobe’s condition than we do.

  465. Of course JLin knows but knowing JLin, he won’t speak against anyone.

  466. I have been watching lin/nick All access video over and over again. They are really funny. I think that are establishing a really good friendship. The LA media loved that little exchange. I am waiting for Iggy to give a shout out to lin for taking up for her. Swaggy P plays dumb, but he knows what’s going on with Kobe. Nick sneaks in his little shade, but what can they do to him, he is already benched. Lin is becoming more vocal, but very classy by not pointing fingers. I personally think the game against the Clippers were the players staging a mutiny to make Scott/kobe look bad. LOL

  467. Kobe is looking like Michael Jordan in his latter days with the Wizards.

  468. We all know the true
    reason they pushed Lin to the bench was because of Kobe. Ronnie’s better
    defense was only the excuse. But I think Kobe is still untouchable in LA. He is
    the king, the real coach at Lakers, the future Hall-of-Famer. If we say
    anything negative about Kobe, his huge fan base will attack us unreasonably, as
    the backfire TTNN mentioned below. So I prefer just to focus on revealing their
    lies step by step. Their first lie – Price is a better defender. Agree on
    what you said, “we need to continue to fight back”.

    Now more people are aware of it. Even LakerShowLife started to publish the
    article to reveal the truth using the same data we were using. I don’t know how
    he got his idea. But I was inspired by the discussion on Reddit, they provided
    the data links there. So I decided to do something about it to let more people
    know the data suggest otherwise. Media cannot fool people. They can’t just
    fabricate false narratives without stats backup like Houston Rockets did.

    I was thinking about changing my conclusion on the table before I re-tweet to
    others. Now I think I’m going to use your above bold sentence to be the new
    conclusion. It’s better and more powerful. Do you agree? @psalm234:disqus

    I saw that you tweeted a very nice graph & stats today.

    Our next task is to make a video about the BS fouls & non-call in the Clippers
    game, as TK Wong requested. I think we can ask Blaiyan to do the video, since
    1. He makes good quality video. 2. He still cares about Lin and watches the
    game carefully, he still writes down all the stats error about Lin, missing
    assists, non-calls etc. in his video description. 3. He has many video
    subscribers. If he can help, that’ll be great.

    I didn’t watch the Clippers game carefully, I know some non-calls, but I didn’t
    know any phantom fouls besides Boozer’s tripping Griffin (in fact Griffin tripping
    himself). Can @TK Wong or anybody provide more details?

    These are what I have,
    1) 1/7/2015 G36, 1st Q,@6:07
    Griffin used his arm to hold Lin to give Paul more space to shoot and no foul.
    with #52 ref watching aside.

    2) 1/7/2015 G36, 1st Q,@4:00
    DeAndre Jordan clearly used his moving left foot to trip Lin and moved back and
    no foul, while #52 and #47 refs were watching.

    3) 1/7/2015 G36, 2nd Q,@4:32,
    D. Jordan used his shoulder to bump Lin on the ground and no foul, #52 and #22
    refs were watching.

    4) 1/7/2015 G36, 3rd Q,@3:26
    Griffin tripped himself by his own right foot, and #47 ref called Boozer fouled
    and tripped him. #52 ref watched everything and didn’t overrule the call.

  469. No Lin is extremely discreet and disciplined and so is his whole family. But Swaggy was hinting it’s time for Kobe to let the youngsters drive.

  470. You could be right, no wonder Scott was so mad.

  471. On the other side of the world, the coach and best player are “fighting” to take the blame for poor play:

  472. Is Magic Johnson giving hints on the Lakers next coach? LOL

  473. They just got him from the Mavs/Rondo trade so they prob didn’t really want him and found a way to get what they wanted. Wright was doing very well with about 20 mins off Mavs bench. Just an example that it’s not all Lin alone – lots of good players find a misfit and then their game artificially goes south.

  474. Yeah everyone knew Jordan “wasn’t Jordan” anymore. But Kobe tries to insist he’s still Kobe. LOL

  475. That is why he ran them for like 20 minutes to punish them. Scott dissed the Clippers and said that they were not in competition because lakers have 16 championships and they had none. What a putz….smh

  476. So is soccer, very much contact sport.

    What I wanted to say too is that I was new to this group, so I experienced the freeze outs and my own letdowns because of ball hogging by the other regulars (my first time out in years, good buddy dragged me out). Guess what? I played defense ha ha. So, Lin’s down days is not really his fault … it’s v hard to maintain intensity with freezeouts and ball hogs on the playing field/court.

  477. I agree with Magic. Steve Kerr was waiting to pounce to as soon as Jackson was fired. He knew that Jackson had built this team up to what is today. GSW are playing at a high level, but sometimes they get punked in the playoffs. Look at last year, they had the better record over the Clippers, but they let the Clippers punk them in the last couple of games.

  478. Plot stirred.

  479. I think one thing is obvious – if Kobe never practices with the team, no wonder the team looks so disorganized with him on the court during the game!

  480. OMG, Mark Jackson?

  481. Yep. This came out of nowhere from Magic. He is campaigning for Jackson to be the nest Lakers coach, because they all know Scott is done and he has made them all look stupid for endorsing him. I am pretty sure that Worthy/Johnson has asked Scott to play lin more and Scott refuses because he is the coach.

  482. Your KEY word “insurance”, don’t we all have that? Great point.

  483. A leadership coach told me once this is one of 5 criteria for great leadership. Every time Lin sacrifices for the team, he’s doing this.

  484. Yep. I believe that Magic is the unofficial coach scout for the Lakers. Scott was voted in because they thought he would be able to reign in Kobe, but he couldn’t and to make matters worst, scott got the big head.LOL

  485. He knows better than me. You can search for articles on the real reason for breakup.

  486. Our next task is to make a video about the BS fouls & non-call in the Clippers game, as TK Wong requested. I think we can ask Blaiyan to do the video, since 1. He makes good quality video. 2. He still cares about Lin and watches the game carefully, he still writes down all the stats error about Lin, missing assists, non-calls etc. in his video description. 3. He has many video subscribers. If he can help, that’ll be great.

    I didn’t watch the Clippers game carefully, I know some non-calls, but I didn’t know any phantom fouls besides Boozer’s tripping
    Griffin (in fact Griffin tripping himself). Can @TK Wong or anybody provide more details?

    These are what I have,
    1) 1/7/2015 G36, 1st Q,@6:07
    Griffin used his arm to hold Lin to give Paul more space to shoot and no foul, with #52 ref watching aside.

    2) 1/7/2015 G36, 1st Q,@4:00
    DeAndre Jordan clearly used his moving left foot to trip Lin and moved back and no foul, while #52 and #47 refs were watching.

    3) 1/7/2015 G36, 2nd Q,@4:32,
    D. Jordan used his shoulder to bump Lin on the ground and no foul, #52 and #22 refs were watching.

    4) 1/7/2015 G36, 3rd Q,@3:26
    Griffin tripped himself by his own right foot, and #47 ref called Boozer fouledand tripped him. #52 ref watched everything and didn’t overrule the call.

  487. I mean….I think if nothing goes wrong, might see some more Lin action actually

  488. I think lots of people all feel the same way like us. Lakers game it’s so boring to watch… In fact, right now I never watch the full game anymore… smh! I really hope it’s April now.

  489. LOL, I always wait until Lin is on the floor to tune in.

  490. I am pretty much know his playing time will be like ..

    1Q— if starters played bad, Lin came in around 3 min. If starters played good, Lin came in around 1/1/2 min left.

    2Q— No matter good or bad he will be out around 5 1/2 min left…

    3Q— about the same like 1Q.

    4Q— right now he can play the whole Q…

  491. Jackson developed a good team, but he is not a good coach IMO.

  492. My niece just texted me that she and her friends and my nephew have tickets to the Lakers/Cavs game. They are so excited. My nephew wants to see LBJ and my niece and her friends want to see lin.LOL. Anyway it is all good.My nephew is not a Laker’s fan, loves LBJ though. Myself I have tickets to the Lakers/Bulls game. Excited to see Lin/Rose my two favorite “Hot Guys” in the league…LOL

  493. LOL

  494. He is not, because he polarizes the locker room.

  495. Andrew Bogut being healthy was the main reason why Kerr is winning more than Jackson.

  496. Boy everybody is taking a pot shot at Kobe, He has burned too many bridges in this league and that is why nobody from the NBA is coming to his rescue. Lakers are finding out that Kobe although an amazing athlete and did some amazing things during his tenure was not well liked and not respected. Sure the NBA gives props to him as an athlete but not to him as a good team mate. Very sad

  497. Cavs, huh?

    Matthew Dellavedova is their best guard, not Kyrie Irving.

  498. Kobe Bryant just doesn’t want to spend the helicopter money to fly himself into practice.

  499. is blaiyan black or asian?

  500. ORL Game Thread is now open!
    Let’s go, Smi-Lin Assasin!


    You Can Do It!

  501. . I have never been a fan of Steve Kerr because he was circling the wagon waiting for the GSW F/O to fire Jackson. Jackson was not a good coach, because he alienated his coaching staff form the players on the team. Say what you want jackson had the trust of the players and he brought out the best in them. I see Steve Kerr as an opportunist who jumped on board an already established team where as a coach he didn’t have to do much work. As for me, the jury is still out on whether he is a good coach or he just lucked upon a team with some talented players.

  502. wow, thanks for preparing such detailed steps, @JAD2456!

    Yes, of course you may use the bold statement to force people to either disagree with NBA.com Stats or try to refute that the Eye-Test LIED.

    The idea to ask Blaiyan is good since he has the video expertise. I’m not sure if he has the time or it might be a losing proposition since so many people accepted NBA refs are biased or influenced by Las Vegas odds (yes, it’s that corrupted). But it’s worth asking what he thinks. Would you be able to contact him through Youtube channel/messaging?

    I have lots on my plate at the moment with preparing for the JLinFoundation fundraising. Thank you again for picking up on the idea for reddit. Good that LakeShow picked it up. Also, if we’re constrained with time, we can give our ideas to the LakeShow writer. It’s their day job so they have time and resources to do so.

  503. Does that matter? His profile photo looks like non-Asian.

  504. Totally true

  505. jw his previous dp was asian
    dk which one is him

  506. The advanced stats things are not working at his favour.

  507. Mark Jackson won 51 games despite no Andrew Bogut.

    The Warriors were terrible when Jackson first came on board. He turned that team around.

    Kerr just happens to be reaping the benefit of Jackson’s work.

  508. This is great, but the realization comes 10 years too late.

  509. Their center is not a factor because of injury. If Bogurt can play at full potential, this GS team will be awesome.

  510. I was picturing a friendly game of amateurs πŸ™‚

  511. I think there might be a chance that Jeremy Lin is traded to Phoenix Suns for Bledsoe.

  512. JAD2456, Yes, definitely I recall your #1, #2, and #3 as “no-calls” given to Lin. Great you are referencing the quarter and time of quarter. I believe there were two phantom fouls where Jeremy did not touch the opponent driving in the lane yet they still called a foul against Jeremy. Yes, this is the idea. In a 2 to 3 min video show the missed calls and phantom fouls that go against Jeremy… reference quarter and time in quarter. What is crazy about this two-sets of rules is that often the ref’s are right there on top of the play and act as if there are no consequences for their double-standard against Jeremy. We should also note the name of the ref in the video if it is obvious that the ref saw what happened. Thank you.;

  513. yes… BS insults same-town rival by calling them non-competitive the day before the game…how smart a coach is that? Then he calls his players “soft”. BS is plain stupid.

  514. Well that Grantland article hits the nail on the head: “Kobe’s smirk was a provocation.”
    So true it hurts.

  515. nope, ppl paying $10 and being competitive.

  516. I thought Bogut was generally ok most of last year until the last month, then his broken rib. IIRC.

  517. Great track record, Magic. LOL.


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