G37 ORL @ LAL PostGame Thread

@NBA and @Lakers officially credited Lin for the huge win vs ORL Magic

Congrats, JLin! The go-ahead 3 and Lin’s Pouty Swag showed how confident Lin was to take that last shot!

That was quite a statement that Lin made as a Laker.


  1. Duckface!

  2. Darn!

  3. Any Byron Scott interview info?

  4. Swaggy 3rd

  5. Thank you, blubell!

  6. So you’re chucking up posts?

  7. I will pass

  8. Victory is so sweet! Especially in front of the home crowd.
    Kobe, call it a career.

  9. YOu’re welcome. Didn’t listen to it. Let us know of anything interesting.

  10. This lineup works…

  11. Rockets will be kicking themselves with Lin and Black connection!

  12. Pouty face! And darn like Jedi!

  13. They looked so happy on court w/o Kobe.

  14. Everybody is happy w/o Kobe.

  15. Hate to say it, but Oops, I did it again! Hahahaha~~

  16. Haha! Ya! I saw Lin smile so many times on court today… LOL! Looks like Kobe maybe will not be back anytime soon…

  17. To me, the most interesting thing Scott said was that he had no advice for Nick Young’s shooting struggles other than for Young to come in a little earlier and put up some shots.

    Young, like the rest of the Lakers, needs COACHING HELP and not just extra practice.

    Young has drifted to the outside and isn’t putting pressure on his man by attacking the rim enough. He’s fallen into a Harden-like outside dependence, only Young doesn’t have a Dwight Howard siphoning defenses away from him down low.

    Scott needs to get Young better shots.

  18. lol

  19. Lol, missed the 1st!

  20. I love his initial response to the trap question…so honest.

  21. Very diplomatic answer to the Kobe question – and still Lin couldn’t conceal his excitement at not being artificially shackled by Bryant!

  22. That’s a leading question! LOL

  23. No questions on Lin, nor praise. Disappointing.

  24. Blocksanity!

  25. No put down from BS is equivalent to praise in BS world.

  26. who would not love freedom?

  27. I stop listen to BS and Kobe long ago.

  28. That’s a good signature statement.

  29. You spent too much time searching for a pouty face to post. That’s why you lost!!

  30. Yeah, he was too happy to stabilize his FTs.

  31. Lin passes, shares and gives gold-plated headphones for Xmas, whereas Kobe gives NOTHING except humiliation and insults. Go figure.

  32. He’s a good Christian just like Jeremey

  33. Sacre’s too formal lol

  34. Man once you get them free tacos they’re yours forever!

  35. Good to know!

  36. he he… ‘must have gained some more Lakers fans because of that…

  37. Man that’s soo cool…. while our local league here, meh good luck

  38. Lol too hard inside?

  39. Guys… ouch :O

  40. Whoever thinks this team is better off without Kobe is an idiot.

  41. More like he can’t believe he got to the line!

  42. See what u did.

  43. Haha! I am glad Lin made that shot… great! For a long time, I finally watched almost the whole game tonight. W/O Kobe this game it’s so much fun to watch….LOL!

  44. How’s that Josh Smith trade working out?


  45. Now, u trolling the trolls? But we rarely have them here.

  46. Are thete any highlights?

  47. Not yet…

  48. Byron scott!

  49. “Tacos for everyone” -Jlin

  50. Thank U for the game ๐Ÿ˜‰

  51. His expression says it all to the Kobe question. He said the right thing so the headline tomorrow doesn’t read “Jeremy says he plays better without Kobe” and makes the Mamba even more mad than he already is watching his team win.

  52. Boozer (Duke) and Davis (UNC) too.

  53. Lmao~~~you!!!!hahahaha~
    No~๏ผˆโ‰งโˆ‡โ‰ฆ๏ผ‰I thought I gonna get it this time as that second I saw psalm mentioned it and ran over here and who knew so many already here! Can you feel the dissatisfaction I have deep down? Can you? Or can you not?

  54. Thank you for the free Tacos! – Lakers fans


  56. Of course I sense your disturbance!!

  57. Poor…ah

  58. Lol

  59. Plus Ellington that’s a good lineup.

  60. LOL Including Scott LMAO!

  61. Interesting article. Don’t know how to paste important stuff lol


  62. Nick Young’s better though can score more on his own.

  63. Basically just put the folks who went to school on the floor at the same time??

  64. Thank you for the game and…… ๐Ÿ˜‰

  65. it was posted already. was debated earlier

  66. Ouchsanity.

  67. He will pass to the rim.

  68. They can still make the playoffs if they win 70% of the remaining games. Can Lin still do it?

  69. lol stop it

  70. No take backs lol.

  71. Of course not

  72. SMH LOL He’s such a real life troll, I cant even hate him though, he cracks me up and I loved that he basically called Kobe a nutcase at the event the other day haha

  73. Oh ye of little faith. I’m assuming of course that Kobe gets lost.

  74. Only saw the last 5 minutes. Only if I knew that Kobe was not playing I would have watch it earlier.

  75. GOOD.

    We don’t need Nick Young trying to take the ball out of Jeremy Lin’s hands the way Kobe does.

  76. ye lol what are you from medieval england

  77. Boozer’s major in Sociology + Jeremy’s major in Economics = great combination!

  78. Funtasticanity

  79. Good for Young.

    He didn’t let his coach troll him.

  80. This is as unlikely as Kobe calls it quit after watching Linsanity took over his Lakers’ team on his couch lol.

  81. Highlights probably coming, and it should be a pretty long one.

  82. That’s a START considering that those players have FUNDAMENTALS.

  83. Much older than that.

  84. What time is it where you are?
    2am here ..still waiting for highlights D:

  85. What about Kobe who has been slumping all season long shooting 37.5%? Oh right, Kobe hardly ever practices LOL.

  86. 11 in LA. Hang in there ๐Ÿ˜‰

  87. I wish Lin could become the starting point guard for this hapless Orlando team.

    If there’s a team that could use Lin and become a powerhouse overnight, it’s Orlando with their young athletic clueless players.

    I can just imagine Lin running this Orlando team. Victor Oladipo would become one of the NBA’s top scorers and all the Orlando big men would flourish.

  88. Tarik Black has been a revelation. Not only is he a pretty amazing FT shooter for such a big, he’s also very shiny.
    Very cool!

  89. This is a fun tweet.

  90. Davis better watch out ๐Ÿ™‚

  91. How come I saw somewhere James Worthy did..?!

  92. Hate to say that.. but HOU seemed to train well in player.

  93. We need to retweet this. Make them notice.

  94. Throughout Lin’s 2 Rockets seasons, I wrote that Kevin McHale was a truly great coach for big men and a lousy coach in all other ways.

    Tarik Black definitely benefited from the McHale tutelage.

  95. Yes i think Jeremy will be a nice fit for Orlando

  96. If Byron Scott had a clue, he’d play Davis and Black TOGETHER.

    It’s still not the same as having a legitimate 7 foot center for Lin to feed, but it would be a start.

  97. I think the initial reporter (whoever he is) and Jeremy must have a bit of a friendship/relationship for him to start off with such a loaded question, and for Jeremy to reply what he did.
    No formality whatsoever!

  98. For those working on highlights please including everything on Lin’s stats, blocks, rebounds, assists, steals, besides scoring! =)

  99. Why do these guys seemed to be surprised every time the Lakers bench outplay the starters?

    Why am I not surprised that they seemed to be surprised?

  100. same here..

  101. It’s not as obvious when Kobe’s playing LMAO cause you know the focus is on him.

  102. It is just like we seem to be surprised when they said something good.

  103. Black played well when D12 was out.

  104. oh boy lin would faint at the prospects

  105. BS won’t even let Davis and Lin play together let alone with both of them!!

  106. Worthy TOTALLY WRONG about Byron Scott’s defensive “coaching”.

    The defense is ALL JEREMY LIN.

  107. Surprise, surprise…

  108. jeez scott is hard on the bench guys a lot it seem he will bounce back

  109. That’s Ireland’s thing…

  110. Scott needs to DO SOME COACHING and get Young better shots.

  111. Seeing these talking heads, I am not even gonna click it.

  112. Manna. ehm Confetti from Heavens =)
    sponsored by Taco Bell

  113. well young shot selection has always been bad but he missed some wide open ones


  115. Lakers’ fans got a taste of Linsanity. But let me tell you something, you haven’t seen nothing yet.

  116. Nick Young was PHYSICALLY OVERMATCHED against Victor Oladipo.

    Oladipo is like a young Dwayne Wade in athleticism, though he lacks Wade’s court sense and big game skillset.

  117. This is how it was when the Lakers got their first win with Jeremy leading the way.

  118. Send over Donatas Motiejeunas and Jordan Hamilton too so that Lin can have his Houston guys!

  119. Nathan gets it!! LOL

  120. I really think Lin’s missed FT tonight is a result of tired legs after BS punishing the players with lots of running during yesterday’s practice. Other than the missed free throws, Lin played a pretty typical Linsanity type game (even with those turnovers lol)!

  121. Morey is a genius at waiving genius.

  122. Did he? Cos this was his career high…
    What am I saying…obviously the bearded one took all the shots…duh.

  123. He is a hater

  124. Motiejeunas would be a pipe dream because he is a first round draft pick whom the Rockets valued over undrafted “space holders” such as Lin and Black lol.

  125. I do not think so lol

  126. LOL your guess is as good as mine. To be fair, Lin was missing short, long, and wide so it’s really hard to tell what was wrong.

  127. Not agreeing or disagreeing but I said in the game thread that when Lin missed his FTs, I thought he looked like he didn’t bend his knees low enough on some of those.
    Others can check cos I didn’t watch it it with full attention.

  128. If I try to reason, I think Lift is not really the problem. Taking FTs is very different form taking jumpers. It is by default that you do not have lift because you do not jump. So..tired legs will affect jumpers more than it does to FTs. Not sure if this is making sense to you or not…JMO

  129. Jeremy is trending @ #2

  130. what’s the deal with tacos?

  131. Lin has been missing FT lately prior to this game albeit with smaller number of FTA. However, tonight he had a large sample of 10 FTA and he missed 5 of them so I guess there might be some mechanical flaw or physical limitation that prevented Lin from shooting his normal high percentage.

  132. KH think so. I do not. I think he just broke his routine for some reason. FT requires routine like serves in volleyball or tennis I think…very different from taking a field goal.

  133. Maybe Lin needs a routine like the mailman i.e. talking to himself before shooting the free throw lol.

  134. I keep telling people that it’s the SMILES that messed up his routine =)
    Both FTs he was smiling and smirking a bit LOL

    The rest of his game is helped by his SMILES but not his FTs in 2015!

  135. Whatever works LOL

  136. FT is one thing that keep shooting a lot does not help much IMO. D12 makes 100 out 107 in practice….

  137. I see!

  138. Ok, then send over Greg Smith.

    From Lin’s NY days, send over Billy Walker.

    Lin, Hamilton, Black, Smith, Walker. PRETTY GOOD.

  139. twin tower

  140. The much awaited LG Rating by DancingBarry


    — DOUBLE-BIG-GRINS — Asked if the game opened up for him Kobe out, he didnโ€™t bite (besides heโ€™s been playing a lot without Kobe lately). โ€œThatโ€™s quite a leading question. For me whether he plays or whether he doesnโ€™t play I try to be aggressive. Itโ€™s one of those things when you have it going the ball naturally finds you. The team caters to you, kind of gets you going or rides the momentum. I was just trying to stay aggressive, try to get everyone involved as much as I could while still attacking the basket. Really to be honest with you, I was just trying to attack, attack and read the defense.โ€ A lot of notes for Lin tonight, which is usually a very good sign. Pretty good game except for the freethrow shooting and some of the passing to his bigmen in the post. With Kobe out and Price in foul trouble, Lin orchestrated a lot of the offense, leading the team with 6 assists but also 5 turnovers. He left more than a few points at the line tonight, so this should have been more like a 21-point game. Defensively, he did a very good job with 4 steals and 2 blocks. The blocks were on help D against bigmen. I was enjoying watching Tarik out there with Lin. He sets some good screens. Hopefully, we see this duo with more minutes. Theyโ€™ve had very little time together as Tarik has played some SF in practice to fill out the roster. For those counting, they ran the two-man game with Davis twice.

    The Stats:

    He scored 18 points on 5-12 shooting (3-5 from three, 5-10 from the line) to go with 3 boards, 6 assists, 4 steals, 2 blocks, 5 turnovers and 2 fouls in 29 minutes. He was a +9.

    The Action:

    He was picked by a bigman on the high screen for a dunk the other way, yikes. He swished a three off the Sacre handoff. Nice help D blocking a post-up in the paint. Poor post entry pass as Boozer was getting slightly fronted and it was picked off. Nice reach to swipe the ball on a weakside help sequence, he was fouled in transition and he made one FT. He attacked a seam, but couldnโ€™t finish over his man. He missed an open three straight away. He was blocked on a drive and Davis cleaned it up. He sank a three on a kickout from Davis. He pushed it out with speed and hit Kelly for the corner three. He swiped the ball from Ridnour and was fouled as he pushed it out, he made one FT. Second Half: Another poor post entry pass, turnover. Another turnover trying to get it back to Black on the two-man game. He missed a tough three trying to beat the shotclock. He orchestrated the offense, curled around a screen off ball, got it back and drew FTs in the lane, he made both. He missed a layup on a two-for-one but Tarik tipped it in when the D had to collapse on the dribble penetration. He attacked the pressure and hit the pull-up 17-footer up against the shotclock. He drew a moving screen foul to get a stop. He attacked off the screen and scored the layup high off the glass. He faked his man on the three line after a kickout by Black and stepped in to draw FTs standing on the three line, he missed both. Nice D rejecting a reverse dunk attempt by the Magic center. He missed a wing jumper as he moved from right to left across the floor. We got it back, he attacked the paint and bounced to Black for the dunk, very nice. More FTs for Lin, he made just one again. He probed baseline, drew a crowd and threaded the needle to Boozer for the dunk. He spotted Boozer open for the jumper next time down. Sloppy pass to Tarik, turnover. He airballed a step-back jumper up against the shotclock. He ran the clock and drained the three as the crowd got their tacos.

    Link: http://forums.lakersground.net/viewtopic.php?t=171813


  141. Perhaps Rockets waived him because he reminded them of Jeremy ๐Ÿ˜›

  142. Also from Lakersground

    Tariksanity!โ€ฆ After the Lakers 101-84 win, Tarik Black was trending on Twitter after his 17 minutes tonight. Welcome to L.A.

    As the Magic hung around, trimming the lead down to just 3 at one point in the second half, the Lakers got some lift by their newly acquired rookie bigman.

    Black took control of the paint on both ends of the floor, and the Lakers second unit dominated the fourth quarter 28-17 to blowout the Magic. He finished with 14 points and 9 boards in his half a game of play.

    โ€œHe just came in with a ton of energy, thatโ€™s how he plays,โ€ Scott said. โ€œIt really kind of elevated everyone else.โ€ Thatโ€™s what you want to hear from your coach.

    The Laker bigmen dominated the glass 60-36, including an 18-4 advantage on the offensive glass. Good job, as well, by Jeremy Lin tonight, scoring 18 points to lead all scorers with Kobe out.

  143. Truth hurts, sorry ๐Ÿ™

  144. like golf – you address the shot the same every time and remember in your mind your smooth auto stroke. If you watch his misses, you know he will miss because it’s not like what we’ve seen in the earlier high% era.

  145. he has one that works, he just has to do it. Ball under his arm, above hips, a deep puffing breath. then swish.

  146. What does he mean? That JLin needs a 4 that is a 3 point threat to stretch the floor so he can break down the defense? Like means not Kobe?

    Jeremy Lin canโ€™t run a high PNR with a 4 that isnโ€™t stretching for a 3 pointer. He just canโ€™t get around the pressure.


  147. He means Lin can not break a double team because the big will leave his own man and blaze Lin

  148. Does he mean the 4 had to be a 3 point threat or that there just needs to be a three point threat? Are there many 4’s that are a 3 point threat?

  149. LOL that’s a YES to the kobe question.

  150. HE had a following tweet saying there is not many 4s like that. I think he meant the former

  151. BS is like uh oh…tariq and jeremy have some chemistry….get them away from each other!

  152. he should do the same for the guards

  153. Highlights… hmmm, it should be longer…

  154. I just think it’s in transition from his old form to his new form. He’s trying to shoot more the quick release form like Curry and so many others. The PGS all try to release much quicker now because it doesn’t pay to jump high to shoot as much as taking less time to shoot. The distance and quality of the bio-mechanics of a quick release is simply more efficient than that of an old school jump platform shot like a Boozer over the head midrange where height to creat separation is critical.

    IMO, Doc’s mechanics are sound and is on the cutting edge of soon to be the new fundamentals of good form for all perimeter shooters. The quick release hop step stroke is efficient and utilizes the big muscles of the body much more than the old school above the head stroke. Lin is fine when he takes the jumpers because he angles his back in such a way as to set his shooting arms Infront of his body. From what I see of his FTs, he throws the ball from behind his head more. This disconnects his big muscles of his lower body from his shooting arm requiring a rerouting of his throwing motion. That’s why it almost looks like theirs a hitch.

  155. ‘When the Lakers win at home and hold the other team under 100 points, all fans in attendance get a coupon for two free tacos from jack in the box.’

  156. One of my favorite moments from this game

  157. I did not elaborate, I think one of the hardest thing for a 1 motion shooter to shoot FT is that it is hard to avoid that hitch without jumping and feet sway. FT almost is by natural a 2 motion stroke for most players..

  158. Walker was underrated in NY. Apparently in the D league now

  159. lol… he knows his “free throw’s a different story…”

  160. Thanks for the explanation. Did wonder what it meant.

  161. That’s in my thought. But they can’t keep both Davis and Black off of JLin now. Unless BS will put Black to be starter and takes away Hill spot.

  162. that’s a lot of tacos. ๐Ÿ™‚

  163. lol … just like what he did with Davis and Lin

  164. LOL

  165. I’m so hungry right now ๐Ÿ™

  166. “TA-COS”




    That’s SO different. Somebody needs to seriously clean his ears lol

  167. Happy for the guy!

  168. Jeremy the communicator

  169. Great teammates ๐Ÿ™‚

  170. cleaning his ears? you should do that!

  171. Guy on right is Gyasi Zardes, a soccer player for the LA Galaxy.

  172. Geesh, great highlights but I saw a least 4 fouls on JLin didn’t really count. Jlin easily has 6 more pts … wonder when NBA will decide to give Lin his fouls.

  173. That’ll be the free tacos.

  174. lol to Kristine Leahy’s question: “it depends … now he’s more a facilitator role”

    I think it’s over for whomever “he” his. Could not hear the question. (pic attached refresh)

  175. I;m not sure that would work as neither big is known for knocking down any jumpers. The lane would be too clogged up.

  176. 1:27: “… we just have another superstar player out there.” So is Lin finally swag talking about himself being the first superstar player out there? I love it!

  177. ๆ›ธ่ฑช็š„ๅฐๅผŸๅผŸๆ‡‰่ฉฒๅพˆๆ…˜โ€ฆโ€ฆ

  178. That girl’s pretty tall.

  179. LOLๅฏ่ƒฝ็ฝท! ๆ‰“็ƒๆ™‚ๆฒ’็œ‹ๅˆฐ้€™…. ๆœ‰็œ‹ๅˆฐ็š„ไบบๅฏ่ƒฝๆฏ”่ผƒๆธ…ๆฅš:-)

  180. Even then it’s hard to say if it would be fun as Price usually gets more minutes, unless for a specific reason.

  181. A great piece on Kobe by Brian Phillips at Grantland.

    This line made me chuckle:
    “โ€” Kobe, remember, is the star player who invited none of his teammates to his wedding. (Itโ€™s a wonder he invited his wife.)”

  182. Wait a few days for the offense and defense highlights by

  183. the original poster here referred to it as a “think piece”. now thats a phrase i haven’t heard in a long long time. in “almost famous” philipp seymour hoffman playing lester bangs tells cameron crowes stand in character to tell the r.stone office hes writing a “think piece”.

    anyway….its a bit over the top at times but yeah some really good lines especailly early; kind of went around the bend with the dying lion theme eventually but….not something you see every day.

    kobe: can you say retirement?

  184. another undrafted player? right? (not sure)

  185. its not japanese algebra.

  186. ็œ‹็ƒๆ™‚ไนŸๆฒกๆณจๆ„ๅˆฐ๏ผŒ่ฆ‹็›ธ็‰‡ๆ‰่ฆบๅพ—ไป–ๆ‡‰่ฉฒๆœƒ็—›ๅง๏ผ

  187. still can’t get any clean credit tho from the “mainstream”: lakers “grader” opined tho giving him an “a” that it was about time after his “poor” ? outing against the clippers.

    and orlando grader commented lin “never met a turnover he didn’t like”.

  188. his free throw shooting has been off for several games but geez cut the guy some slack he’s in double digit scoring for what 5 strait games and 6 of 7. adjusting to bench life. (course r “the price is rite’s” bloody nose/flu/fouls helped get hims some extra minutes). lins free throw shooting historically is 75 to 80%. we’re dealing with a “small sample size” here. no reason to assume he wont be back to normal averages eventually.

  189. NBA draft is far from perfect, plenty of talented players get overlooked, while a whole bunch of overrated players end up on top. Just google NBA draft busts and you’ll find plenty, one of the biggest was former Laker top draft Kwame Brown.

    I’m really surprised no NBA team has yet to hire Ed Weiland, who predicted Lin’s prowess TWO YEARS before Linsanity broke out.

  190. TCW (byron’s cronies) are probably upset because they wanted Ronnie Price to be the hero tonight because would have justified what Scott saying he was the head of the snake in defense. It backfired on him big time. Lin and company played the Showtime Lakers tonight and gave the fans quite a show. I loved that pic when lin fell on the floor, the whole bench reached in to help him up. That was awesome. If Kobe misses Sunday’s game, then something is up.

  191. I’d suspect that Kevin Ding’s rhetoric blaming BS of Kobe’s lackluster performance has rubbed off on him. Kobe no longer sees BS has his trustworthy ally, and BS is beginning to smell the danger (and entered self-preservation mode), which would explain why he’s been allowing Lin to close games recently, often playing entire 4th quarters.

  192. its interesting comment boards at lakers nation which at the beginning of the year was a fairly neutral to positive lin location are violently, ugly negative to both lin and lin fans more especially now.

    also lin still can’t get a clean compliment from mainstream: lakers “game grader’ tho giving lin an A refers to it about time after his “poor” ? performance against clippers.

    and orlando game grader references that lin “never met a turnover he didn’t like”.

    i know dont bring that stuff here…but it is still surprising to me the amount contempt lin can evoke.

  193. Whereas Kobe does THIS:


  194. i would trade sacre for a taco.

  195. I agree. I think probably Kobe’s wife and his agent are in his ear saying Scott is making him look bad. I wander will Kobe play Sunday.

  196. Jealousy, insecurity and racial hatred are, unfortunately, still rather common in the States.

  197. I hope not, we need a rematch for POR. If Kobe playes, LAL will lose and no rematch. Let’s go with Black, Lin, SwagOuttaHisSlump, Booz, Kelly and win! Don’t care if it’s 2nd team, they will win.

  198. lakers had 6 players playing well: kelly, hill, davis, lin, black and boozer. but how do you make a lineup out of that?

  199. Imagine a starting lineup of Lin, Ellington, Black, Davis and Kelly!

  200. yahoo sports has lin as game leader for lakers for last nites game.

  201. I agree. It is mostly racial hate. Also lots of time, these so called haters are just a few people on the net, which have many accounts spewing their garbage. Most of these hater can’t even afford the price of the ticket to watch Lakers play and they don’t watch the games, and they just like kobe as a player.

  202. Just watched the TWC Recap. Worthy said that he was most pleased with the fact that young players like Tarik Black and Jordan Clarkson getting playing time, AND Jeremy Lin getting to assert himself.

    I think he is a genuine Lin fan. He has been quite consistent. I know he has to toe the company line, and Scott is his friend, but I am grateful for Worthy.

  203. sounds good ellington is not an nba quality player but is a lesser evil than kobe or swaggy; people dont realize just how bad swaggy really is—because of his “personality”.

    he seemed to have found a niche as a 3 point shooter this season (something he’d never had success at before) but has on recent games fallen back to his norm there as well….

    and overall is shooting a career worst 37%. it the kobe effect i guess; swaggy kobe and prce all shooting 37% for the year. the idea was to get people in the games whose shooting wouldn’t make kobe look bad.

  204. Hahaha, you read my mind. I was stuck between Swaggy and Ellington but ultimately decided Ellington is less harmful than Swaggy at 2, and Lin’s aura has more effect on him than on mini-Kobe.

  205. actually there’s about as much hate spewed at kobe as at lin. but kobe also has his defenders.

    the thing with kobe is i dont think anyone is begrudging the fact that he had a great career.

    the emphasis here tho is on had.

    as the “think piece” by brian philipps laid out in literary style: he just doesn’t know (or maybe now hes actually getting the idea) when its time to go.

    moving closer to acceptance on the denial scale out of physical necessity?

  206. Blazers are tough, I wouldn’t be surprised if Kobe bailed.

  207. I disagree for the fact that most people who don’t like kobe is because he is an egomaniac. I think lin haters are based on race.

  208. Agreed. I mean, what is there about Lin that’s not to be liked? He’s humble, hard working, selfless, respects his teammates and coaches. Ethnicity is definitely a major factor, perhaps with a dash of academic achievement (Harvard degree intimidates the insecure).

  209. nba front page has title that lin led the win.

  210. put them on 2nd team for politics and extend their PT about 4 mins and LAL will win. This is a good team, at least 500 ball min. They and fans should get the court time, if not for politics by losing guys.

  211. like ppl said,if he had a good coach he would be better. He’s got good handles and a good release. Bad choices, needs to be bbiq-for-the-win smarter.

  212. Greg Smith is already on another team and he was never impressive.

  213. in the lakers first 27 games kobe took 22 shots per game and the lakers record was 8-19 and a majority (10) of those losses were double digit loses.

    since kobe started taking some time off in the last 10 games he has taken only 14 shots per game (when playing) and the lakers are 4-6 and only 2 of their loses were double digit loses.

    so: it is clear that with the new reduced volume and or absent kobe the lakers are a much more competitive team but can they be a good team? and what would it take for that to happen?

  214. i didn’t make any assertions as to the reason behind kobe or lin hate; just noting the volume.

  215. Bench as starters will be make it happen. Lin, Young, Black, Booz, and Ellington.

  216. Popularity brings jealousy to another star player and Lin’s a star player for sure if given the 33minutes per game as starter with the right players and coach.

  217. I noticed that a lot of the players on Lakers genuinely like Lin. I loved lin pulling players aside and teaching them and they seem to receive it. I love that Lin kept going to Young to get him going, but Young was just not shooting well. Also I love the ball movement on the floor. I love the lin/Black connection. The 2nd unit played against the starters of the Magic team, and the 2nd unit was getting it done. Some people (Worthy) said that Lakers won against a really bad team, but guess what Worthy, they had a better record than the Lakers coming into this game.

  218. Yep that is my lineup too.

  219. Haters dialing up volume because Lin’s doing well and they can’t stomach it. ๐Ÿ™‚

  220. Point noted, but we all knew that Kobe had a lot of haters, so I don’t understand the comparison when the the posted conversation was the assumption that lin was not well liked because of race.???

  221. Lin finally had a Linsanity like game last night (even TOs), I’m so bumped it’s 7:42 AM now but I still can’t sleep, the good news is today is Saturday ๐Ÿ™‚

  222. Coachs & ball hoggers are the only ones dislike Lin, and we all learned that already..

  223. same as ESPN, for the fifth time this year..

  224. Yang is a superstar in NPB (Japanese pro baseball league), wish Lin can just as good as him in NBA ๐Ÿ™‚

  225. I think there are a lot of things going on behind the scenes when Kobe decided to bail on this game. I think that there is alot of scrambling on what is really going on with kobe. Kobe bailing tonight threw for a loop especially Scott confirmed earlier today that Kobe would play. and the plot thickens

  226. Agree. Take Kelly over Young.

  227. This already works. Also gives the “second boost effect.” Just don’t keep starters in too long if they fall behind, otherwise bring bench starters in on cue.

  228. No wonder Lin is having issues communicating with coach, LOL.

  229. Really like the plot thickens… Hope we will see good results soon:-)

  230. I did say that things would get interesting once Scott and Bryant are not on the same page. If Bryant turns on Scott and blames him for his terrible season, and if Scott actually tries to win games instead of just pandering to Kobe? Things are gonna get super interesting.

  231. I think that Scott’s statement of late about the team being soft has come back to bite in the butt. Mitch has been out because of his daughter, because Mitch would have reeled him in after those statements. I think Scott is on a very slippery slope and he knows it. he doesn’t know what is going on with Kobe after he bailed and yes Kobe bailed tonight and it threw the whole organization in chaos. So them going mum about lin is expected because they don’t know what is going on with kobe or the F/O.

  232. Very astute observations.

  233. j. lee & i below have lin, ellington, kelly, black, and davis

  234. Just be glad Swaggy much of a ball hogger at most only 13 shots per game. He just likes taking contested and off dribble shots.

  235. Ah that’s the player I forgot, Kelly! I guess it could Kelly or Young for starter. But I haven’t seen enough from Kelly to decide and right now I prefer Young cause he’s better at getting his own shots. Young is more of a shooting threat on his own and Lin needs someone like that to open up his game.

  236. I think maybe Kobe really will not play for this season? 110%?! OK. If Kobe feel he is 110% then he plays bad again?! What’s next? 220%? LOL! I think that’s the sign Kobe end for this season.

  237. But I’d take Young over Ellington.

  238. Don’t give him any ideas!

  239. Except Swaggy is more talented shooter than Ellington he can get his own shots and make contested shots! Swaggy gets his fair share of double teams lately, reason for his slump. Lin and Young can be a dangerous duo especially since they get along.

  240. When is the Allstar game? Could Kobe be resting for that?

  241. My favorite line from that piece: “Kobe’s smirk is provocation.”
    Cos it reminded me of many years ago, when the NBA had an ad on TV that showed Kobe smirking with the NBA Championships he had won…instant repulsion to me. ๐Ÿ˜›

  242. young is shooting so poorly this year; career low same as kobe and price’s % for the year and he’s taking more shots (young) per minute than he has historically. for career .43 shots per minute this season .48 . that may not seem like much of a difference but it puts him half way to kobe’s career ave. of .53.

    perhaps more alarming (someone on here questioned why swaggy doesn’t pass more) his fga/assists ratio historically 9/1 is 12/1! this year.

  243. He is pg… it is his job

  244. Haha. You’re absolutely right though about the ludicrous %.

  245. Does anyone remember the context of why Kobe had his foot on Pau’s gut? I mean it’s a great meme and all that, but what’s the story behind that?

  246. Feb..? If Kobe can’t go can Lin replace him? LOL! I guess Kobe will show up no matter what….

  247. Watching it again…
    At 1:06, his ‘Ummm’ went shaky high as he realizes he has a bombshell question to answer again regarding Kobe.
    Pretty funny.
    And at 1:27 why did he laugh when he said facilitator role.

  248. I didn’t catch it at first until you mentioned it. Yeah, so was it a Freudian slip? LOL

  249. It’s not what they say it is. Rest. That’s for sure. Something fishy is going on.

  250. I don’t think he knows how to do anything else. He has a limited game.

  251. Kelly in the mix too. If he is making his 3s offering Lin an outlet for his penetration, that’s a big plus.

  252. Pretty tall, yes though she may be wearing heels.

  253. Precisely, Swaggy’s got a quick draw but little else. He can create some space for teammates when shots fall and he’s in the mood to share, otherwise just a quick chucker.

  254. Only 9 days left to vote for Lin in ASG by tweet, FB & http://www.nba.com/allstar/

  255. LINSTRUCTOR will take Nick Young, straighten him out.

  256. I like this shot from BEFORE the Magic game last night. Lin, Swaggy, Tarik Black and others just standing around happily and joking with one another. Good camaraderie …


  257. I think so… REST? He didn’t do too much & he is only 36 not 63…LOL! A lot more than that…

  258. Lookie here, it’s the RAINCOAT BRIGADE!

  259. Is Mark Jackson a good fit for Lakers as HC? And mostly for Lin?

  260. Lin with a MAGIC JOHNSON level game against Orlando.

    Though their styles are very different, the way Lin dominated last game was virtually identical to what Magic used to do.

    Fans of Lin who never saw Magic Johnson play would find Magic’s game fascinating. The highlights on youtube don’t do Magic full justice, just as Lin’s jawdropping highlights don’t do Lin justice either. Both Lin and Magic controlled games singlehandedly.

    With Kobe Bryant out, Lin’s starting to show that he’s the MODERN DAY MAGIC JOHNSON.

  261. Hard to tell.

    With Lin, one never knows if his NBA coach will accept his Asian ethnicity. This is not an African American thing, this is an AMERICAN thing.

    I do know that Mark Jackson is a superb coach who knows how to win despite rough circumstances.

  262. Yes sir

  263. I think Mark Madsen it’s more likely… bc I don’t think Lakers wants to spend more money on coach if they really cut Scott.. LA times did mention about FO likes Mark Madsen & they show him w Lin together…

  264. Highlights by Dawk Ins.

  265. Thanks. This highlight is good one.

  266. I think Madsen does like Lin, however, his coaching record of summer league makes me hesitated. Or, he can just let LINstructor to do the coaching for him ๐Ÿ™‚

  267. who dat?

  268. Lin can get triple double any given night with 20+ pts if the team lets him orchestrate offense 100%
    and nobody feels left out
    kobe…the other way around

  269. this is w/0 kobe
    even nonlin fans say Kobe is the worst teammate one can have

  270. Only16 ASTs? M….

  271. A hitch is often caused by something that few can see. A one motion stroke depends on body alignment becasue the trajectory is dependant on knee bend that sets the spin angle which then allows the arm to easily roll into a release in front of the body.

    In golf, this is called statics. The routine that you speak of is one way an athlete presets his body into the the correct alignment to execute a stroke. One of the reasons why golfers must have coaches is that often these statics can change gradually without even noticing it. What happens is that the body will make changes instinctively to adjust to misalignments. For example, aiming wrong happens all the time in golf. Players often will start aiming wrong but continue to putt or drive well by good hands and talent. Eventually it catches up to the player and they wonder what happened. They become so used to that “wrong” set up that it actually feels strange to go back to proper alignment.

    Hitting a 300 yard drive is like shooting 3s. The angle of variation is so small that a slight miss on the release angle will magnify when it reaches the hoop. There is a science to optimize the right trajectory and arc to maximize that potential. FTs are more like putting because most of us can actually make FTs as well. I just think LIN has been so fixated on his 3s that he has kind of lost the feel for FTs.

    There was a news piece a while ago about how MLB hitters could not hit a college woman softball pitch. It turns out that these hitters are so used to “seeing” the ball from a certain distance to read that pitch that seeing from a shorter distance threw their timing completely off. In effect, their eyes were blind to a woman’s underhand throw!

    Good coaches will always remind players to ALWAYS practice their strengths as well as their weaknesses.

  272. I feel the same way about him..”Let LINstructor to do the coaching for him” …

  273. Magic as a young team played so slow…less than 80 shots yesterday….m…

  274. Hustun rockets, mchale, morey, cf and klutch…. Jlin and Tarik Black say HI. ..hahaha

  275. That will work!

  276. Meh this is too much on Lin
    he literally gets no help wit this line up
    he needs some one who can handle the ball a little
    and carry the load a little
    SF Chandler Parsons or Swaggy better

  277. just googled . His name is ้™ฝๅฒฑ้‹ผ , a Taiwanese baseball player.

  278. ohh okay
    Lins chinese got significantly better thou

  279. What? Did you even watch the game? These are the guys that spaced the floor and set picks for lin last night.smh

  280. That’s a good lineup especially the coach position hahaha.
    Wish Nash’s around, so he could take care the offense, while Lin as a defense assistant coach.

  281. Conversation between Jlin and bs at the end of the game:
    bs: J…why do you keep making me look bad?
    Jlin: b… because I can…

    Jlin walks away with the duck face while bs sadly wave to the magic bench.

  282. Yes I do
    Lin is gonna have to handle the ball, play make and make decisions 100% of the time, 35+mins
    That is just too much for one person Everybody can use some help
    It would wear him down by 4th quarter
    These guys arent reliable scorers somegames Lins gonna have to take it upon hislef to score
    Like Lowry now and the rapotors arent doing very well
    another ball handler would definitly help smh

  283. I agree. That is exactly what happened last night, lin talk with individual during breaks in the game.

  284. true… but if Kobe was playing, Jeremy does not have to say anything cause everyone knows everyone has to pass the ball to Kobe

  285. I disagree. Lin has proven that he does just fine. Lin thrives on this and that is where he turns it up and gets creative when he plays. Chandler Parsons and Swaggy P are bad examples because they are ball hogs and have you watched them handle the ball, not good. We can agree to disagree and leave it at that…smh

  286. Kobe is the old fashioned egotistical chauvinistic tiger dad who is never pleased. Should take his own advicet and relax. Time for him to retire.

  287. The line up is fine. Don’t mind to have Booze there from time to time. So sad that it is not likely to happen… yet

  288. More like something really wrong with his health. In denial.

  289. I don’t mind to have Joyce’s line up… it would be fun and may get Lakers to playoff (If Kobe not in the way)

  290. After being stolen the PG position for 2 years, I don’t mind Lin handle the ball for 35 min a game ๐Ÿ™‚

    And don’t worry, these bigs will set multiple screens for Lin

  291. This an excerpt from that Grantland article that was posted. It really sums up what Kobe has become

    Kobe is alienating because he doesnโ€™t care about dignity. If preserving his sense of who and what he is means ending his career loudly and embarrassingly, he will be as loud and embarrassing as he can. He has severed his ties, imperiously, with the support systems that keep other great players respectable after their skills erode โ€” with teammates, coaches, and executives who could help mask his weaknesses and fawn over him in the press. Nick Young would tear Kobeโ€™s throat out just to appear in this sentence. The role Kobe is playing is one he created for himself. He is showing us what happens when an alpha dog dies ungracefully, the way alpha dogs are supposed to die. It is hilarious and painful to watch, and probably to live, too, although who knows?

  292. Not really his fan…but to end like this is indeed hilarious and painful to watch

  293. Apart from a special few, like Kobe Bryant and Ronnie Price, I wouldn’t be surprised if the players are just tired of Byron Scott.
    His “tough guy” attitude and statements to the press about the team being “soft” would turn anyone off. And, of course, he never takes any responsibility for the performance of the team.

  294. I call it being a straight shooter….which….lin is not really completely straight. Alignment is really important..

  295. I can only think of these words ไธ่ƒฝๆต่Šณ็™พไธ–๏ผŒไนŸ่ฆ้บ่‡ญ่ฌๅนด. Sorry I don’t know how to translate this idiom like words…

  296. As players, I believe more or less they felt what was going on. The imcompetence and favouritism are not gonna stay unnoticed.

  297. I don’t think they are being racially bias, I think they are avoiding controversy on anybody who threatens kobe’s position on this team. That is why the Laker media has gone mum on lin’s play last night. I also think that lin played so well that it has thwarted their plans on signing lin cheap as a backup PG. Lin played so well that I am sure he will be getting offers from other contending teams that lin would fit perfectly with to help carry them to a championship.

  298. Look at Scott walking away in the background. His body language says it all… smh.

  299. Lin needs to focus on his FTs. should’ve been 20+.

    At least BS let Lin finished the game even if he did still put his man Price back in.

    The game did started slow though. Wonder if that 20 minutes of running the day before affected them in the beginning. Maybe Nick has not recouped from that yet. Good thing they still pull it off. BS probably didn’t expect that Tarik was gonna contribute so much.

    This difference with and w/o KB is getting bigger. Also the difference between starter and bench also getting more and more exposure. Wonder what they will try next to “fix” it.

  300. hehe–lav dis…pls. tweet dis to d FO. ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚

  301. Promote lin to HC….problem solved….

  302. does anybody really believe that scott made the decision for kobe to sit out? No kobe called scott and told him he wasn’t playing. LOL BTW I like the handshakes and camaraderie among the players.

  303. That’s what happens when guys don’t finish. Pretty bad shooting from a few regulars.

  304. It was tired legs from that punishment running that scott did to the team.

  305. I do not believe it….I think there is something wrong with Kobe that day…not necessary a injury….just something…

  306. True….I was just under an impression that they had about maybe 22 ASTs…

  307. Nick didn’t run, he sat out that practice due to sore knee.

  308. Forgot about that. Guess just in a shooter’s slump.

  309. Yea. Total BS on what BS was saying. He doesn’t make any decision on KB, KB makes tells BS what decisions to make on KB.

  310. How about trading Lin + Nash for Deron?
    Then Nets hire Dantoni.

  311. on BS’s post game, he said reason he let Tarik play was he saw that Ed and Hill seem tire. Were just walking up the court. Wonder who’s fault that is.

  312. Yeah, but Madsen just needs to finish out the season. It is not like the Lakers are going anywhere.

  313. Jim Buss was hoping for the return of the showtime with Dantoni, Nash, etc. Didn’t work out. But with BS who was from the showtime, it looks like it will not happen at all.

  314. If there is NO Kobe…it is actually hard to say..

  315. I said after the Swaggy comment about dring miss Daisy that he’d pay for it the next game. Sure enough he got benched the very next game with LIN. In the post game of that benching I mentioned that BS’s mind games would really harm Swaggy and that I wouldn’t be surprised if he’d go into a slump. I also said that LIN would fight through it and come out fine becasue he’s so used to that type of negative mental attack from his last 2 years in HOUSTON.

    Good coaches make a huge impact on a players psyche and performance. When a player feels safe and trusted, they can perform without any doubts. Few players can do what LIN can do to play well while fighting his own coach, FO, announcers, fans and teammates. LIN is so mentally tough that even without support, he can perform very well.

    We can only wonder what Lin’s game would be like if he had half the support John Wall had in Atlanta.

  316. BS might still keep Lin on the bench though. Price leading the showtime?

  317. Idk…if there is NO Kobe…maybe lin would not be benched in the 1st place..

  318. I think kobe is getting tired. I think the pain killers aren’t working for him anymore. Kobe bailed on them last night, because they didn’t even have time to make up a lie. Scott was stunned because this was suppose to be Price’s big comeback with Kobe leading the way to say what we needed was price. I bet Scott was pissed when lin made that last 3 pt shot and the Laker crowd gave the team a standing ovation.

  319. FO and BS, etc knows this is entertainment. KB said people buy tickets to see him play. So now that he’s not even playing, shouldn’t they have someone in the starter that people do want to see and cheer during that starters intro?

    Price, Ellington, Ed, Wes/Kelly, Hill

    Yea. Don’t think that is making people feel they are getting their money’s worth.

  320. Were they give the team a standing ovation or give it to the free Tocos? Jk…

  321. Not at all….LAL simply have a much better bench..with or without Kobe.

  322. Just wondering. Whenever I see Lin and i guess any other practicing 3s, they are uncontested. Shouldn’t they have someone put a hand up or use that extension stick like when they do on layup practice so they get used to the pressure?

    Are players that do shoot under pressure like Lilliard just has that mental state that he will shoot his way with or w/o pressure? Or do they practice that?

  323. A little bit of both…LOL

  324. You would think this would be a good way for Prokhorov and the Nets to finally be “The New York” team instead of the Knicks.

  325. I have to agree. Even Nash and Dwight were second fiddle to Kobe. Sure, they tried to keep Dwight, but there was no way they would do it at the expense of Kobe. So I’m actually impressed with the FO and how loyal they are.

    I think a lot of us fans just have PTSD from the Rockets!

  326. NO – Mark Jackson would most DEFINITELY NOT be a good fit for Jeremy. Called Jlin a “bad” player on national tv earlier in the season! Got so mad I tweeted Jackson to call him out on that comment. No way would I want to see Jeremy play for that guy!

  327. To the team who gave them free tacos…

  328. Jeremy needs to take care of his body, falls down too much after scoring in the paint. The pain will catch up to him soon :/

  329. Stu started to remind me a lot of Clyde in Houston.

    “…we need Price on the floor a lot more”

    When Lin turned over…his name was made sure mentioning.

    When Price turned over……another turnover by Laker’s guards.

  330. It’s better to fall than to land on your feet, high risk for knees and ankles.

  331. If Kobe plays tomorrow, I wander how bad the Lakers will mess this one up…LOL

  332. I noticed that too! I was grrrrrr

  333. I have a good feeling that he won’t play. just a guess.

  334. If he doesn’t play tomorrow, then something is up with him, besides he’s needing more rest. If he needs more rest,then retire..LOL

  335. The sooner he retires the less damage he’s causing to his unbelievable past career.

    and Black has earned himself more minutes next game.

  336. Kobe took it personally that BS said the team that played Clippers was soft x 4.
    BS is NOT ALLOWED to call the team soft when Kobe is playing.
    So next game = Boycott.

    (edit: theoretical and not to be taken as my belief. haha)

  337. I switched to the Orlando feed after halftime and it was pro-Lin ๐Ÿ™‚

  338. Good for you

  339. Yes, he has. It is funny that nobody wants to admit that Black had a good game because of Lin…L:OL

  340. True, just don’t want him to get beat all the time

  341. Black talks Christian just like Lin ” I play hard for Him (God) on the floor”

  342. The downside of switching is not a lot of camera time for Jeremy so it is a dilemma. lol.

  343. Lin has learned how to fall correctly, if there is such a thing.LOL

  344. Why not start Lin, Boozer, Kelly and Black or Davis, Ellington or Johnson. The bench, Swaggy, Clarkson. Hill, Price and Kobe.

  345. Cos BS will lose his job effective immediately!!

  346. He’s so good at driving to the basket, teams won’t let him getting layup without hard contact, ask the Clippers center A Jordan.

  347. Add him to the prayer circle!

  348. He and lin/boozer/kelly are Christians.

  349. I agree with you, so far he gets up pretty fast after falling.

  350. Kobe will never be a bench even if he only had one leg.

  351. Folks paying to see the Big 3 from the Bench!
    Sounds like a joke but it’s probably true.

  352. That would be an added benefit. Maybe Kobe will retire due to mental and physical reasons

  353. I would just leave it alone. The thing about the bench, they have time to actually watch the game and see where the holes against the opponent and then they use that against them.

  354. True. I think his goal was to beat MJ points and he did that. I think Kobe might be contemplating whether he wants to retire right now.

  355. Hi Khuang! Been quietly following everyone’s posts here, not the other site anymore – too much negativity and unacceptable behavior. Anyway just FYI Mark Jackson doesn’t think much of Jeremy. Called him a BAD PLAYER on national tv when he was a commentator with VanGundy during a game earlier this season. Like I told BobbyH, got so mad I tweeted Jackson about it!

  356. Watching 4th quarter on TWC replay of the game. Continue to like Lin/Boozer. Boozer got the rebound, Ellington was calling for it, as was Lin, and Boozer passed to Lin. Boozer knows what’s up.

  357. Kobe will rather miss games or retire then be a bench player. He seems insecure.

  358. If the roles were reversed the second unit would not I have to cover such a large scoring deficit. I know its not going to happen, but it doesn’t hurt to dream once in awhile.

  359. Welcome! Hope you stay with us.
    Don’t forget the read the how-tos and rules of our site.

  360. Boozer knew lin had the hot hand. I was pleased to see lin talking to all of the players on court one on one during breaks.

  361. OK:)

  362. Great picture to proof how unhappy BS is when Lin does well. SMH. It is even worse than Htown. At least M&M trying to win the game.

  363. I was wondering if he was possibly injured when he rested the second or third game he rested, but I think when he came back he had a really good game. But he has been doing poorly since. What happens tomorrow will be interesting.

  364. I like the new female ref so far.

  365. Thank you! I will! Very thankful to all those who are running and moderating such a great site full of true Jlin supporters!

  366. Maybe BS gave kobe an earful too, albeit privately, and kobe smarting from it..

  367. I think Boozer is now happy to be in the 2nd unit with Lin, he all the sudden scores more and rebounds more.

  368. Lin also feeds Boozer. Nice camaraderie with all the players. Saw that foul where all the players on the bench helped him up. Clarkson had a great reaction right before while the foul was happening. Akin to the Knicks Toronto game during the 4th when Lin went in for a lay-up despite the shot blocker and got an and one. Fields, Shumpert, Chandler, and I think Jeffries jump for joy (or some other joyful expression) as the foul is called, and then run over to help Lin.

  369. I think one of the stories for the Lakers this year will be, that they have the #1 bench in the league. I really believe that the Lakers are going after K-Love in the off season. I would also love for the lakers to feature the bench more, because they truly are making these games worth while.

  370. yeah, i was shocked, he got 14 rebounds…also Davis’s production has gone down since he joined the 1st unit. LOL

  371. I felt Scott untied Linsanity last night because he was uncertain with Kobe’s situation and had to hedge his bets.

  372. I have never seen Boozer pass out the ball once he has the ball, even when Lin or others were open. Has anyone?

  373. Mark medina asked Young that when he has nights like that, would he like to take on more of a facilitator role? I love Young’s answer” No, man I’m good at just being a shooter’. I think the doghouse is getting bigger (Lin/Boozer/Young) and who is next. LOL

  374. BS and Price also, no?

  375. I am talking about walking the walk, not just showing up for church on Sunday’s and there is a difference..LOL

  376. Yup along with Hill.

  377. Agreed. And Scott felt that too, that is why he allowed Lin to play his game last night.

  378. No I have never seen that either. I think lin/Boozer/young have probably talked among each other and said if we got to be on the bench, let’s be the best bench in the league.LOL Also I don’t think Swaggy P likes Kobe/Scott at all. Young shows his dislike through humor and acting dumb. LOL

  379. Scott must be sweating bullets by now, because he knows that his job is only secure as kobe staying on the team.LOL

  380. Personally, my gut feeling on which Lakers players will fit best with Lin are: Black, Kelly, Davis, Boozer and Young/Ellington in this order. Worst players in terms of fitting with Lin are: Kobe, Sacre, Wes. I knew Kelly would be a god fit with Lin, but he was injured too long to really make any impression, but now I can see Kelly is really a good fit because he tries to do whatever to help the team.

  381. I don’t blame him as he’s so far shooting 52%, second highest of the team.

  382. How did you do it? I don’t know how to do it. Bc 1st half I got magic but 2nd half I got TWC.. smh!

  383. Yeah, him too. If they passed and moved to a better position, they can get better shots. Seems like Hill has no post game; he’s just takes those mid-range shots.

  384. I feel you bro. They actually listened to lin when they were on the floor with him.Also, I think if the Lakers start to treat lin better by giving him more playing time, he might stay as their backup PG. The thing with lin is that he wanted camaraderie with team mates like he had in NY. I think that he has found that with the bench. Also Lin/Young chemistry, I see the lakers taking advantage of that

  385. I’m not sure BS has the guts to give Kobe an earful though…

  386. I just want to see a group of players play with one goal in mind: To do whatever it takes to win games, without too much egos. I love Black’s personality, as well as Kelly and Davis’ personality. I also like Price’s personality but he really is a 3rd stringer, even below Bev’s 2nd stringer ability. However, Price is playing slightly better with all the support he’s been given.

  387. Ballstream and LP give you option to choose.

  388. Is this today? Where’s the HC? Unless that’s BS with his back to the camera.

  389. I totally agree. I think Price is a nice guy, but he is a 3rd or 4th stringer at best. He was on his way out of the league until Lakers picked him up.

  390. Nope, that’s not Scott because this guy is not completely bald like Scott. Also is JLin wearing a starter uniform? It looks like Wes in a bench uniform.

  391. I even understood starting Bev ahead of Lin with the Rocket system, but starting Price ahead of Lin is just something out of Twilight Zone, and Lakers doesn’t even have a system in which you can argue that Price fits better. It must be Kobe’s desire that Price start over Lin. I also can’t imagine Lakers FO allowing Price to start over Lin IF they really want to keep Lin. Maybe they will offer Lin a back-up contract, just to keep Asian sponsors. Will be interesting to see what Lin does if they do make him a so-so offer.

  392. i have accepted that young cannot facilitate well but i want to see him drive more instead of taking contested jumpers all the time. too many jump shooting softies on this team already.

  393. Price is wearing purple so Jeremy playing as SG?

  394. I am sure kobe is talking to somebody in the F/O and not Scott about what is going on with him.LOL

  395. Yeah I think you’re right. Although I do notice the Lakers change it up a bit with the uniforms. Must be hard to scrimmage properly when Kobe is never there.

  396. yeah you are probably right.

  397. Please Wes and Kobe. Go on a long trip together.

  398. I think we all know by now Byron doesn’t make any decisions around here.

  399. Nick Young, walking a fine line as he talks about his shooting slump :

    โ€œI need some love. I need some good vibes to start shooting better,โ€ Young told reporters. โ€œI need yaโ€™ll to hug me after this.โ€

    But Lakers coach Byron Scott suggested that Scott needs something besides some encouragement. In fact, Scott provided some negative reinforcement.

    โ€œThe one thing he should do is come in a little bit early and get shots up,โ€ Scott said.

    See : http://www.insidesocal.com/lakers/2015/01/10/lakers-byron-scott-nick-young-needs-to-put-more-work-into-ending-shooting-slump/

  400. Seems like something has happened, and Kobe is not too pleased.

  401. Byron will talk to him after shootaround and then Kobe will make a decision.


  402. Take Sacre and Hill too.

  403. Talk about efficiency.

  404. If Lin can keep this stat going, he should get a decent contract.

  405. Kobe, Sacre, Wes and Hill are; One Dictator and Three Stooges.

  406. My take on the whole thing is that this all about kobe. They want to make Kobe comfortable on his last year on the team. I think the F/O likes lin and i do think they want him as a backup PG, but they didn’t expect the bench players to explode the way they have and now they are trying to regroup. I think lin needs to hone his skills a little more and really believe that he is a starting PG in this league. Lin saying things out of his mouth sometimes doesn’t mean you believe., my gut feeling on this.

  407. Scott need to join them too… so what does that make him? lol

  408. Yeah, it does seem that way..huh

  409. Lol he’s cute. I’m sure Iggy is giving him some love ;p

  410. Lin would have had double double if he hit his average yesterday.

  411. Young’s shooting slump is because he forced some shots which should have been passed to an open teammate. Coach should help him with the shot selection.

  412. Jeremy came to the Lakers just hoping to be Kobe’s sidekick to help the team be competitive. Instead, he is going to be the one who dethrones Kobe. Such a dramatic storeyline! You can’t make this stuff up.

  413. In the 4Q there was a play where Jeremy passed to Boozer in the paint who quickly passed to Black who was then fouled on shooting. I was amazed because I thought Boozer was being unselfish even though I felt he wasn’t getting a lot of passes from Jeremy before that. It was all about Black.

  414. Maybe he was just testing the waters. Lol ๐Ÿ˜›

  415. @mod, this link has a lot of vids of Lin’s games, you may want to keep it somewhere for everyone to visit often.


  416. Scott is so a douche bag of a coach….

  417. “we (except Kobe) need to focus in practice, so it translates to games”

  418. CP3 just went pass Rondo without screen.

  419. That’s how you earn respect from your players? SMH.

  420. Haha. He first said it was because they were tired. Wow. Bodies piling up under the bus. You’re gonna need a bigger bus. lol

  421. And Jeremy didn’t? Horrible coach….

  422. I can listen to Jeremy talk all day long ๐Ÿ™‚

  423. That is an understatement.

  424. So as I said the doghouse grows (lin/boozer/young/davis/hill) LOL

  425. I personally think that scott has been told by F/O not to make any comments on lin and they have told the LA beat reporters not ask Scott any questions about lin. LOL

  426. Is it odd, that scott said that he and kobe text each other all the time. So I find it very odd that scott didn’t hear from kobe this morning, because you know scott texted him to see how he was doing. So i guess he didn’t get a text back from kobe…and the plot thickens.

  427. I guess Kobe is really down, and Scott begins to keep some distance.

  428. I dont think anyone ever texts BS back lol remember how he said Nash didnt call or text back either XD

  429. LOL

  430. I believe something must be wrong … so weird. If Kobe can’t play then they don’t even know why? They paid him big money… at least they should know…

  431. I think kobe has spoken to Mitch. Scott is the one not in the know.

  432. You are CRUEL.

    Last night, you told me that you knre better than me.

    You are not just cruel, you are also RIGHT.

  433. Excellent post.

    I saw Diana Taurasi (the female Jeremy Lin) practicing just like you said. She had trouble hitting with a defender in her face.

  434. Daboss, you just posted like Daboss!

  435. SmiLin!

  436. I loved how lin handled that interview when they said that scott said that he was inconsistent.

  437. It’s turning into a dog pound… lets rescue them. I got Jeremy. LOL

  438. I heard that and he is such an ugly bias dog! He even said Lin is lazy. I guess he is best friend with Clyde Dexler!

  439. Lin : IDGAF what he says….

  440. Yep, he did. Also i liked the reporter told lin he was in the top for blocked shots among PG. I loved his response.

  441. LOL

  442. Was he in starters’ uniform?

  443. Jeremy’s knuckles look bruised (around 1:20). Hmmm. Maybe Kobe and Jeremy duked it out. Jeremy won. Kobe at home licking his wounds? LOL.

  444. Yep

  445. M….I guess Kobe is not there anyway

  446. I’m not joking. I call dibs!

  447. Yep, so lin might start with price as SG?

  448. OK…….I ain’t mad at you…LOL

  449. And Just when i thought you didnt like violence =]
    Lin won MMA-style!

  450. Hahahaha. I knew you’d understand.

  451. I hope not…but there is a possibility there. I mean…Lin seems can SHOWCASE his ability more with Young, Ellington and Boozer. For his own sake, he probably should stay there

  452. U were so terribly wrong about @disqus_3ojL2FVU9I:disqus it seems…

  453. I think he did all these under 30min, right?

  454. Nathan Gottlieb, in a series of tweets, today …

    I didn’t survive as beat writer in NY with fierce competition without being able to sense something coming before it happens. My gut tells me something’s off with Kobe. If he doesn’t play tomorrow, my feeling only grows stronger.

    Don’t think injury, but not sure. One wild guess? He might retire because his pride tells him he doesn’t want to play at a level well below his prime. He came back from injuries at 36 when everyone was writing him off. He showed he could still put up big numbers. Job done. Now ride off sunset?

    Don’t have shred of proof of it, and I’m probably wrong. But if I were still on beat, I’d dig hard at this, talk off record to people. There’s info out there, just takes lots of work to find it. If I’m right, I look smart. If I’m wrong, I look dumb. But no pain no gain.

  455. yeah, i think he does too. Also with lin being SG he can just shoot and score, because when he plays PG with these good teams, they triple team every time he gets the ball. So who knows.

  456. Lin the aging star killah……JK….I wish Kobe well, Nash too.

  457. I like to surprise people… SURPRISE!
    At least I’m not calling for massacre and execution like you, Brent. You have a very dark side. And it seems I was terribly wrong about you too…

  458. Time for who ever is on his team to step up and break that double team. It was proven b4 that given NBA level defense, you need at least 2 ball handlers to get to the front court and play offense anyway.

  459. Well, what else is he going to say?

  460. So….this proves everyone here was terribly wrong…? LOL

  461. He can say….he is a rook….his time will come….later

  462. hahahahahahahahahahaha this is golden

  463. Im trying my hardest to find something positive about duking it out, massacre and execution LOL
    Still trying now :}

  464. Beyond decent…..I mean after the Asian discount

  465. Yeah, this reporters ask some of the dumbest questions..smh

  466. Me too. A big woman..

  467. Your dark side will come out soon too… I can wait. I’m patient. muhahahaha.

  468. That is why he is on our blacklist.

  469. Maybe the team will step up tonight.

  470. You mean tomorrow?

  471. That’s why golden state is doing so much better without Mark Jackson

  472. The Lakers may be the only NBA team where players want to be with the second unit instead being the “starters”.

  473. Judo.

  474. West coast sunset? You can’t beat that.

  475. Steve Balmer might sign the Lakers bench next season.LOL

  476. Yes…LOL

  477. Haha they will push them to NBA Final I think….

  478. Clippers used to have pretty good bench including Bledsoe.

  479. Don’t like the idea that Lin is playing as cp3’s backup, once Lin starting to take the clipper’s stadium over, the superstar drama is coming in again

  480. Exactly, just like the rivalry between CP3 and Bledsoe 2 seasons ago. I am sure Lin has figured it out after going through Harden and Kobe.

  481. Will be less dramatic since CP3 is also a star….so….it is not like backing up Price. Still….you r right..

  482. And that’s JLin playing from the bench while the other top3 in blocks, Bledsoe, Holiday, and Wall are all starters of their teams!

  483. CP3 could send Bledsoe away two seasons ago, he will then become more competitve now that he is older. The key is the contract size.

  484. Funny thing is I see Bledsoe picked up nothing from CP3….m

  485. I hate violence……Get em Lin!!!

  486. I wonder how he gauges effort?

  487. MAVs put Parsons on CP3 too…lol wth…what happened to Rondo?

  488. You have awaken?!

  489. Rondo can’t score or guard CP3… I think Rondo didn’t fit in well w their starting lineup.. so he played some min w 2nd unit.

  490. lol he did say no defense in years. so they question. do you lose it if you don’t use it?

  491. Not necessarily cause Young make more of his shots off dribble. Even when Lin passes to an open Young, he’d take another step to the side which doesn’t count as assist.

  492. Let me check…

  493. Good he can continue to stay off court!

  494. seems he won’t have to with lin at sg. I’m starting to think kobe won’t last this season.

  495. All scotts put down of his players and the favoritism he shows for some players will be the very thing that will get him fired after kobe leaves.

  496. rondo is who he is..a non scoring midget who was lucky to played with 3 hofs. … exposed

  497. They already came out, I’ve been patiently deleting them … muahahaha =)

  498. Rondo’s effort is ridiculous…..He is lucky his last name is not Lin

  499. We love psychology lol

  500. If Cuban is smart …. he should cut bait with rondoo at season end

  501. cue the calvary – scare the daylights out of the opposition!

  502. Well played, sir. Well played.

  503. I just knew you would show up…LOL

  504. good one sp! Condolences and prayers to what is happening in Paris now.

  505. And how are you brother? …hahaha

  506. Then, Mitch should inform BS to resign. Ha.

  507. If so, BS needs to look for work soon.

  508. Well. if they are saying Clips bench is no good, I haven’t followed them.

    But I have noticed that even with Clips are clearly going to win by a large margin, they keep the stars in so they can get their stats. For example, team is winning by over 15 in 3rd, I’m wondering why they still have Blake out there given he’s at low scoring. I check later and blake has his usual massive scoring. So, they seem to reward team play by giving stars garbage time (in late 3rd) to work on their box scores. Once that happens, 2nd unit comes in. Just a though from watching 2-4 games.

  509. BS needs to place his own under the bus so we can get another HC.

  510. see above – I think they reward team play with star-stat-padding time to make sure they get theirs.

  511. Lol rondo got blocked by Spencer haws going to the hole….what was mark Cuban thinking? Lol

  512. Ya! He is 1-11 2 pts today w 8ast but Paul didn’t even play in 4Q got 5-11 w 17pts/13ast

  513. Amare? maybe not. Coach Killa? Maybe.

  514. Well you know, here is the deal CP3 is probably tired of not getting a ring because of no good PG backup to lead the bench. Also Doc Rivers is the coach and also the head of basketball operations, so he carrys more weight than CP3 ego. I also have a feeling that this new owner will do what he has to so to get a championship. The days are gone for this aged superstars with egos but can’t produce a ring. Balmer/Doc knows that Lakers bench are all or most on one year contract and they have figured out that the players really don’t like how scott treats them. Also Clippers also puts them closer to getting a championship. So never say never.

  515. The mavs should cut that waste of a basketball player called rondo

  516. As the world turns, maybe Lin sticks with LAL.

  517. No Rondo was the man a couple of weeks ago, and the Laker fans saying that Lakers should try to get Rondo. I bet they aren’t saying that now, after this game.LOL

  518. Hope to provide an update on Kobe’s diagnosis and prognosis in the next thread. Hint: the future is looking bright……………for the Lakers.

  519. Agreed. This is the most likely outcome. We will see if Scott sticks to playing Lin as in the last game.

  520. Lin TROLLING!

  521. just a bad game

  522. Yes lakers please take rondo off the mavs hands and give them Jlin

  523. He will preach on.

  524. I don’t let opportunity to rip rondo goes by that easily

  525. I second that..

  526. Fat Felton time… lol

  527. Felton is the 3rd guard playing garbage time for MAVs?!! I have had enough surprises today I guess

  528. All swaggy has to do is to give it up to Lin if he receives the double team. 1-1, I like his chances and I know he wants it. So, that is what a coach helps with.

  529. I remembered fat Felton said he was.better than Jlin….hahaha

  530. it’s more than just making Kobe comfortable. Price’s limitations help Kobe feel GOOD. If Lin is in there, Lin’s bbiq and explosive team skills puts kobe in ice, so he escalates to demand the ball earlier and has a worst 1-1 game. With price, he can trust that price will get in need and dump to him, so Kobe has a few more seconds to figure out his best moves to get ready for the pass that he will inevitably get.

  531. The duel between a 2nd guard and a 3rd guard? LOL oh well

  532. Remember this Duck face?

  533. the efficiency was off the charts. Tarik deserves this welcome to the lakeshow.

  534. No you meant all star guard and 3rd stringer

  535. last game: http://lin17.me/item.php?id=135334&r=1 (announcers in Chinese, though)

    starting from 1:24 – Lin was fouled, and teammates gathered around to pick him up <– really love to see that.

  536. LOL atta boy

  537. no sir, he and Lin would not match in style.

  538. They talks a lot of practices…

  539. No monta will always be the primary ball handler Lin would be third after parsons

  540. Cue Iverson.

  541. after seeing this
    if u still call lin unathletic u must be brain damaged

  542. yeah, he blocked AB, then dunked on Garcia.
    Then both of them were traded to become his teammates. ^_^

  543. please no more picks with lin in a rockets jersy

  544. The dictator’s jester, obviously.

  545. Do you all sense that it seems many stars are hurting, fading, Rose, Wms, Wade, KB, …. , Lin is one of the stars beginning to shine brighter.

  546. Yeah, 4 pts happened just the other day. ๐Ÿ™‚

  547. I do ! There are some fake padding stars I would rather not to mention here, but most informed fans know. They will fad away worse than Melo does.

  548. Yes, I have noticed that. I love Drose, but he is dead in the water now. Jimmy Butler is the rising superstar in the Bulls.

  549. I’m not even sure this ‘only thing’ is right. You see, if you watch the whole of D, it’s not just lateral cuts, etc. Lin does things to upset the O and threaten the scorer even if they get the ball through the passing lane (2 bigs blocks yesterday) that all 5 O players are in panic to adjust and those on LAL who are working with him do better too. So, I see Lin as one of the best we can see on D. That coming from a guy who moved from midfield to D by late 20s, and played D a lot so know the moving angles.

  550. see the foul on the duck that should have been 4pter? Sheesh, refs … you gotta protect the ducks.

  551. also, #freetacos-3?

  552. Even the girl ref missed it .

  553. swag and iggy part deux?LOL!

  554. That shows that the narrative is in, but that it not even holding water anymore. Lin blocked a 7 footer last night. The Lakers are half way in rebuild mode with their bench. This bench played the starters of an NBA team and won.LOL

  555. LOL,

    Lin duckduckgogo
    BSc bus driver
    Kobe ornery grandpa

  556. very FUN!!!LOL (pardon my GRAM-MER!!!! ha ha ha!!)

  557. Kendrick Perkins cannot be criticized in the same way Price deserves to be.

    Perkins is a strong tough enforcer player who anchors OKC. Without him, OKC doesn’t defend or score well.

    That’s different from Price who is getting killed out there.

  558. yeah, that too =D

  559. I tried to get more SwagPoutDance in this GIF


  560. One doesn’t lose what he never had.

  561. Not really….Perkins worth almost nothing for OKC…

  562. and i believe its a good sign for the lakers team if that happens..MORE WIN and MORE FUN Games!!!

  563. If the bench keeps playing the way they are playing Lakers organization will have to make some decisions and they might have to come way outta their pockets to pay up, because this unit will be in high demand. just throwing it out there.

  564. Hence I do not think this..RUN will continue……for a long time

  565. Really, i know they will have some off nights but the more and more they play together they will learn each others nuances. Also, I think these guys like playing together.

  566. Yes genuinely unlike the selfish Rockets team!

  567. Yes…and they are clicking. BUT the dominate factor is still Kobe. With him, stability is not guaranteed.

  568. If one can’t be remembered in his glory, infamy would also do. Not perfect but close enough.

  569. YES!

  570. Even Lebron’s popularity faded this year, Anthony Davis is the new talk of the town!

  571. I think I am in agreement with nathan, something very big is up with kobe.

  572. meh ellington is pretty selfis so is clarkson
    Nick young nver passes sacre is just awful

  573. Wish Lin made more dunks!

  574. I think so too…No way he sits the magic game w/o valid reason

  575. He could have really shined in this game.LOL

  576. That’s cause Lin doesn’t have high flashy dunks like D Rose, Westbrook, and John Wall.

  577. Let’s see if he will force his way back for POR game

  578. Young passes more when he’s in a slump rather than chuck up shots. He only takes more when he’s got the hot hand. Not to mention Young only takes at most 13 attempts which is pretty average compared to Harden, Kobe, Melo who takes 20-30 attempts per game!

  579. Yay, my first gif! It worked ๐Ÿ™‚

  580. D Rose was great but too many injuries that ruined his career. D Rose was always more athletic and entertaining than Lebron.

  581. He is hard to move I think…

  582. I think Lin should have three blocks, he also blocked a parameter shot last night….

  583. It’s a tough game, I doubt it.

  584. Like what Doc Scheppler said, the way Rose play was basically ACL waiting to happen

  585. I think so too.

  586. Seems eerily similar to the pre-season when Nash would sit out games for a “scheduled rest” then would come back and play badly, then rest some more, then gone.

  587. I love to learn how to gif, any hints? TIA

  588. I learned from the best =]

  589. Congrats!! ..awesome

  590. Just played too aggressive, didn’t know when to slow down and take it easy. =/ Both D Rose and Paul George had so much potential.

  591. It is more about his way of jumping, landing etc…

  592. CP3 choked so many times in playoffs…He has a big share of blame why they did not advance in playoffs..

  593. LOL

  594. I was Linspired by your gifs ๐Ÿ™‚

  595. I am sure that the owner did that for Doc and CP3 is happy he doesn’t have to watch his back..LOL

  596. Probably doesn’t mean anything but isn’t JLin wearing a starters practice jersey in this video?

  597. So Doc wants his son to be in Clippers now?!

  598. He did that all the time in HOU but still as a bench on court. Probably means he will play more time w starters now… I believe he will be back to starting lineup just don’t know when….

  599. It depends but start by “how to make a gif”
    http://gifyoutube.com/ is what I used since I wanted to creat gif from a youtube vid. Basically read the instructions from the gif websites. I’m still new to this…

  600. Price and Lin played together for a few minutes toward the end.

  601. I will take Crawford over Rivers anytime

  602. got 2 go with frank on this one; you can’t compare swaggy to those guys cause they play starter minutes; gerald green and the swag are the kings of the bench chuckers with one fga per every 2 minutes on the court. no one else who is not a starter/30 minute plus a game player is even close.

    and speaking of passing green also shares youngs mind blowing 12/1 fga to assists ratio.

    green shoots a significantly higher % over all; but young THIS SEASON has been shooting a higher 3 pt % (he has never been a particularly good 3 point shooter before and in his last 6 games is 5/26 so seemingly reverting to historic form there as well)

    basically all you get with swaggy is…well swag (and iggy).

  603. I think bc Young was not shooting well.

  604. I think so… move Crawford will hurt Clippers bench for sure… dumb move.

  605. LOL is that even a question? Doc putting person agenda before team agenda.

  606. there have been like literally hundreds of “tweets” on the alleged contents of this trade; most all of them different. has something actually settled as confirmed (the jeff green trade).

  607. 5 for 26 from 3 in his last 6 games. (and 3 point shooting was what he was doing best this season).

  608. Mavs should consider to trade rondo now before its too late.

    Lin + sacre (as throw in) + a 2nd, trade accepted in trade machine.

    One can hope.

  609. Follow up report: Lin seeks consistent playing time from BS.

  610. have mavs throw in a taco (lin said sacre sounded like taco and a taco is about what sacre is worth).

  611. JLin on the uprise and Son Kobe having fallout phase, BS working searches frantically on LinkedIn and Monster.com.

  612. Young plays 20-25mins a game
    he chucks a lot

  613. What? He will play…?!

  614. So it comes down to mood now…

  615. Probably feels from a coaching standpoint that his son has not been allowed to develop.LOL

  616. well those guys are super athetic
    they are freaks
    Lins not that athletic
    but rose is done
    wb will wear donw
    John wall will be good for another 10 years

  617. wudt make sense for them to do iit

  618. I liked the article when the reporters pressured scott on his ambiguity, he kept saying I will talk to him tomorrow. There is no telling, kobe could have gotten advice from MJ on what to do, and MJ probably told him that if you aren’t feeling it anymore, let it go. Kobe talked somebody, and it wasn’t Scott.

  619. From a father’s point view, I guess so. In reality though, I remember he was really HORRIBLE first season yet got a ton of playing time. Hornets were a bad team anyway, but it was ridiculous. He got plenty chances to develop. Haha.

  620. To be fair, Austin Rivers made HUGE improvement over 2 yrs. Now he is like a slight below average player to me.

  621. Can’t blame a dad for trying. A father’s coddling does have its advantages, with any luck Austin might develop into a second stringer.

  622. Rivers aint bad
    If he can start he will be a soild average PG

  623. Did Kobe give up? I know steve Nash already has
    Now I feel like Kobe gave up too…

  624. Looking forward to see if adding Black will help JLin against Lillard. Black is big and sets some pretty good screens Lillard would have to fight through to cover Lin. Before Portland would set multiple screens on JLin to get Lillard free. Now perhaps Lillard will have to flight through some screens. Only thing is Black has to learn to do that without fouling.

  625. If I am the LAL, I will bet my fate on LMA. Just force the ball away from Lillard EVERYTIME

  626. Nah its up to the coach and Byron says no screens for Lin

  627. Exactly. In the interview today, lin is going to put lots of ball pressure now to get steals.

  628. Lin would be a 20/8 player on the grizzlies why? because hes better than Conley offensively it aint even close trust me Lin is a better scorer than conley
    defensively, nobody cant be a bad defender in that system
    not possible

  629. I think Doc knows what he is capable of, but never had anybody draw it out of him. Then again I think Doc will send him to the “D ” League for a stint.

  630. Boy it would be so nice if kobe announced his retirement. I would love to see the look on Scott’s face. That why I say Kobe has probably insinuated that he is thinking about it, but hasn’t made up his mind. That is why Scott is looking all panicked. LOL

  631. That’s when the Lakers are in a full mode of rebuild.

  632. Agreed as well. Making no sense that KB would choose to sit out Magics game as it was one of the few winnable games as well as it was a home game. KB was big of playing because he believed people came to see him play. For him to sit out for no valid reasons was “big” on KB. Something is definitely cooking there. Hope we will hear what’s really cooking soon and takes the mystery and misery out of all fans:-)

  633. Blazers playing Magic tonight, and at Lakers tomorrow. Let’s hope the Magic wear them down a bit tonight to give the Djangos a slight edge.

  634. Byron Scott didn’t say anything critical in this interview, but his statements indicate that he still doesn’t understand Lin’s game.

    Lin’s aggressiveness has increased because he and Kobe aren’t sharing as many minutes.

  635. No he can’t.

    Austin Rivers lacks real NBA ability.

    He’s not fast or springy enough to be a starting NBA point guard.

  636. This is not something he can say anyway…understands it or not

  637. Seems unlikely that Kobe would retire mid-season, though I’d be pleasantly surprised if it did happen. It’d also be interesting to see how long BS lasts post-Kobe.

  638. Thx!

  639. Let’s go jazz…..beat the hustun sucke…..ehhh.. rockets

  640. Lin & his fan after the game last night… so fun..


  641. I hope JLin figures out what’s wrong with his FT shooting and fixes it. Makes me too anxious now when he takes free throws. Maybe need to fly Doc Schepler up to work with him.

  642. Anybody BUT Doc Scheppler!

    No more girly man form!!!

  643. Lin picking up STEVE NASH stunts.

    Nash does all of these soccer tricks with a basketball, as Nash’s father was a professional soccer player.

  644. Maybe Steve Nash then. At least he can work with JLin on his FT’s and not sully his hands with BScott’s anachronistic game schemes.

  645. In a July 27, 2014 article, Ramona Shelburne (ESPN) said that the Lakers signed Byron Scott to a four-year, $17 million contract, with the Lakers holding a team option on the final year of the deal.

    By the way, she also noted that :

    “Scott … impressed Lakers management during three interviews, the last of which took place after the team’s roster had been filled out and Scott was given a chance to articulate his vision for the current personnel. The Lakers were impressed by Scott’s reputation as a disciplinarian, believing that temperament to be the right fit for a young team and able to take some pressure off Bryant in that area.”

    The Lakers announced the trade for Jeremy Lin on July 13.

    See : http://espn.go.com/los-angeles/nba/story/_/id/11270271/byron-scott-agrees-terms-los-angeles-lakers-become-head-coach
    See : http://www.nba.com/lakers/news/140713jeremylin

  646. Black will help, but more defensive coaching is needed to run Lillard off his screens.

    With great screening teams like Portland, opponents need to scramble their players such that the screens and picks are taken away from the guards.

    The problem is that a scrambling defense allows Portland’s guards to get into a dribble driving mode with Aldridge and Batum as bailout shooters. Defensive teams have to have fleetfooted guards that can contest Lillard’s drives. But it just so happens that the Lakers have THE GUY in Lin who consistently has shown that he can more than handle Lillard’s dribble driving game.

  647. ???

    Why would the Clippers want to dump Jamal Crawford?

    He’s been such an outstanding performer for them.

  648. By the way, Austin Rivers was nowhere as talented as his dad was.

    I watched a ton of Doc Rivers in the 80s. I saw him play for the Hawks and then the Knicks.

    In today’s game, Doc Rivers would have been a bench olayer and not a starter. Doc Rivers was too athletically limited to compete in today’s modern day setting.

  649. Wish he’d pick up Steve Nash’s free throw shooting.

  650. Lets hope so.

  651. And blocked another big … dewayne dedmon. 7′ someone said it was dewayne. I just saw it and heard announcer that it was the center. 2×7 duckduckgogo!

  652. lady ref …

  653. Look., stop doing the very thing you have against bias against Lin for his race. Girls are girls and then women. Stop using girly because it’s offensive. Doc has a great rep here and with his team.

    Please stop if you want to be fair.

  654. JLin FB update:

    Want a sneak-peek into my brain, receive a customized gift box from me and donate to charity all at the same time??

    If so, sign up here https://quarterly.co/support-jeremy .. If not, you have no heart lol jkhttps://www.facebook.com/jeremylin7

  655. Price? lol no I guess.

  656. He’s not an average fan. Mr. ้™ฝๅฒฑ้‹ผ (Yang, Dai-Kang) is a Taiwanese professional baseball player currently playing for the Hokkaido Nippon-Ham Fighters of the Nippon Baseball League (the MLB of Japan). Starting from 2012, Yang has been selected to participate in the annual NBL All Star Game three years in a row, and has won the All Star Game MVP and Home Run Derby awards each once. Other than Wei-Yin Chen of the Baltimore Orioles,Yang is arguably the most famous and popular baseball player or even athlete in Taiwan now, but neither of them is at Jeremy Lin’s level though… ๐Ÿ˜‰

  657. Tears of pride are streaming down my face…

  658. Thanks!!

  659. Thanks again!!

  660. #NoDuckFoulsRef!

  661. just…wow!

  662. Just checked. Cost $75 and only can do this in US:-(

  663. Big KHuang fan…but have to go with you on this one JoeTeam. Being a girly girl of a (ahem) “certain age” who can still outdance company members a couple of decades younger, the “girly girl” diss has always made me a bit uncomfortable :]

  664. Really? 40 losing months???

  665. What means losing months? More L than W ?

  666. Just HOW DOES HE TALK his way into getting jobs with that kind of record???

  667. Too bad, I’m out for the box too

  668. LOL Amazing record!!! With both sides of his mouth obviously:-) No doubt he is the Tanking Master!

  669. I know. Me 2. Can’t participate:-(

  670. I am NOT being biased against girls.

    This is strictly about me wanting Lin to shoot using a man’s form, not a woman’s.

    Doc Scheppler is a GREAT women’s shooting coach. For teaching GIRLS how to shoot, there is absolutely nobody better than him. That’s why I call Scheppler’s technique “girly” – because he is a pro GIRL’S coach. What’s wrong with that?

    But Lin is not a woman. He’s a MAN. His body is shaped differently from a woman’s body, though you have previously stated that you do not agree with that.

    If a renowned man’s coach tried to teach a woman how to shoot using a man’s form, I’d criticize that form as “crude manly twisty slingshot form” or something offensive like that.

    For the record, I myself believe that women shoot JUST AS WELL as men. But the caveat is that women shoot with proven women’s forms and men shoot with proven men’s forms. Some schools of basketball feel that there’s a universal shooting form – and I don’t agree with that.

  671. There are many undeserving starting PGs in the league
    Patrick Beverley, Chalmers I think rivers are better than these 2

  672. Look at Paul Gasol playing freely away from Kobe>>LOL


  673. I remember Doc mostly in his Clippers days with Danny Manning, Charles Smith and Ron Harper. Thought the roster was decent but Bill Fitch simply wasn’t getting it done as coach. Doc was slightly above average as guard.

  674. How in H did you omit Price? ๐Ÿ˜‰

  675. Easy, Pau got Kobe’d.

  676. Is Kobe incommunicado? The recent comments by BS remind me of the coach’s verbal tap-dancing around the issues during the first few days of Nash’s disappearance. We found out subsequently that Nash wasn’t even returning the coach’s phone calls or texts. (And I suspect that there’s more to the Nash/Lakers story than we’ve been led to believe.)

    Surely, we should hear something more tomorrow about what’s going on with Kobe. There’s another game to be played. The coach just can’t go on suggesting that he’s talked to Kobe — and he (the coach) has merely decided to rest Kobe some more.

  677. so I get your point, and I know you know that using ‘girly’ when it comes to women or women playing competitive sports (prob way better than us) is a poor choice of words. Like hey, it’s ok to call refer to Lin with a “ch*nk in the armor” because that’s his Achilles heel – that’s just excuses. ESPN fired that guy, and I’d like you to stop using girly to refer to Lin’s shot adjustments. His FTs are not girly, but more he’s changing his routine and it’s affecting him in-game. Etc. I get you get bball and respect Doc. I like your posts, but you love your terms and most all are good. You know I respect you so please respect me and others that would be offended by that obviously offensive choice of words to refer to refs or Lin’s shot or Doc’s skills.

  678. Wait.

    I’m NOT dissing girls.

    If Lin could shoot as well as some of the WNBA players I’ve seen, he’d be one of the best shooters in the NBA.

    The only reason I call Lin’s shot “girly” is because he uses a girl’s technique and not a man’s. If Lin was a girl with a girl’s body, he’d HIT EVERYTHING because there is no better woman’s shooting coach than Doc Scheppler.

    The “girly” shooters in the WNBA shoot at least as well as the men despite their different physiques. I have watched these pro women shoot in practice and they HIT EVERYTHING. I’d even go so far to say that Lin’s free throw shooting would not fly in the WNBA!!!

  679. I think kobe hasn’t contacted Scott, so he doesn’t know what’s up. I bet Mitch knows what’s up. Also Kobe’s wife(Vanessa) is a tiger wife. She always steps in when she thinks Kobe has been taken advantage to protect him.LOL

  680. Thank you LAJane. I and we all love KHuang and defend him. Just need to move away from terms that trolls can take up for their own agenda, and also move away from terms that hurt ppl … I myself would have used K*me, mods here convinced me we have to hold a higher standard so kids who come here can feel good. I’m in!

  681. Diva is waiting until the crowds clamor for him before he speaks. Only … ha ha.

  682. No problem.

    I YIELD.

    Personally, I don’t think of the term “girly” in a negative sense. In basketball, I’ve seen enough truly great female shooters to think that they’re actually better than men.

    What I won’t back down from is my assertion that Lin has to use a MAN’S shot form from the line.

    I never agreed with Doc’s coaching of Lin and I never will.

    But Doc coaching his girls? NO ONE BETTER.

  683. I’d love a few million for failing that badly. Only that wouldn’t be a good example to kids, amIright? sheesh, no accountability on sports and entertainment these days. Just fool the masses.

  684. Nash would be the PERFECT skills coach for Lin.

    I love the way Nash has influenced Lin to become a better ballhandler and midrange scorer off spin moves.

    Probably a simple text message with advice from Nash would be enough to straighten out Lin’s shot form.

  685. I’m in trouble, then.

    I was taunting Lin’s bad free throw shooting as “Wilt ChamberLIN” on this forum.

  686. I don’t think so. I think Kobe has had conversations with his idol MJ, and he has given him some advice.I think a few people are in his ear saying that your reputation has taken a down fall and i am sure his agent is reading the stuff out there about him and telling him and also saying to him that he has attached himself to a buffoon(scott).

  687. It’s always possible too that Kobe and the front office have been discussing Kobe’s ongoing relationship with the Lakers after his playing days are over … and Kobe isn’t being offered what he wants. That discussion would take on some urgency is Kobe feels his body is demanding an early retirement.

  688. Thanks! and that’s fine, and some ppl of all races use the n-word as “my posse” and we Asian dudes know who is for real and who is not and we have our inner words to chide, lead. But the masses need respectful words and I thank you bro.

    Now back to my favorite Duck! F-a-Duck. Friend a duck that is. sry just being incendiary I’ll go back to my Sat cave now. Got the fam. with Seattle game on and drawing dinosaurs with my kid.

  689. He was with Lin, even on some NBA highlights.

  690. He only got the Lakers job because of the endorsement of the Late Show lakers team. The late show lakers only vouched for him because they thought he could control Kobe.

  691. LOL. Gasol after playing with kobe planned his way of escape and took less money to go another team. LOL

  692. That’s cool you’re cool. I’m just reacting to certain words because of probably overtrained in Corp HR stuff. You know, hostile work environment, etc.

  693. I don’t understand this Lakers organization.

    How is it that employees can refuse to communicate with their teams when they don’t feel like it?

    I know that the NBA is all about coddling its superstars, but returning phone calls and texts about one’s availability should be a basic requirement for keeping a job.

    Shouldn’t a player be fined or suspended for not communicating with his team when the team wishes to communicate?

  694. Well. every month is a few $ flushed to us working stiffs, and it just ain’t fair for the 1% to have it that easy. I’m in the end a good steward with resources, and this just gets my craw.

  695. exhibition A: Royce White

  696. I’ve played too much NY street basketball.

    The way I talk is the way we New Yorkers trash talked each other in games.

    Honestly, I now believe that the hardcore street basketball I played in NY was far more combative than the NBA ever was. We played for BLOOD out there, and I probably drew more blood than I bled.

  697. I usually just act like I do not speak English

  698. I think you’re right, Joyce. The negative noise is getting too loud for him to keep ignoring.

  699. Well I hope you are right and the only way out for Kobe is to show up and support team wins when he’s sitting and when he’s playing, to support the team play and make a few winners so everyone can sing his new game! I’m for that. No need to shame a guy into retirement, but it’s gotten that bad by the numbers.

  700. Kobe can hope on because although the Buss kids are rich kids who was left a dynasty franchise, no outsiders can enter. Kobe probably wants some say so on who the team brings in and the Busses are saying no, the way they did Magic who had a much bigger and more impactful dynasty than Kobe.

  701. Yep, and street talk is fine by me on the street and I can use F in biz sometimes to get heard to those that need it. But, anyway, we’re good and I thank you.

  702. he took a lot less money it confused me at the time but obviously he had first hand knowledge of what things would be like this year in la.

    tho the bulls have their problems too d. rose is fragile and suspect and not shooting well (and not playing tonite) and the team is having trouble with other players out figuring how to reconfigure lineup.

    milw is staying with them and pau is responsible for 60% of their scoring tonite; but yes he’s having a great year.

  703. i think thats what it means.

  704. Phil Jackson is by all intents and purposes married to Jeanie, and even he got shafted. So good luck Kobe trying to get inside.

  705. Jim Buss and Mitch Kupchak may be feeling some heat about producing a winning season next year — if Jeannie’s three-year mandate has any teeth. I think both of them know that Kobe’s waning ability to produce on the court and his whopping share of the available salary cap space have shackled them to the possibility of wasting another year. There may have been some premature explorations started by the front office that Kobe doesn’t like.

  706. I don’t feel sorry for Kobe at all, he painted himself into that corner and has NO ONE ELSE to blame but himself.

  707. When I played, opponents actually routinely trashtalked me the same way Kobe trashtalked in that one practice video.

    The thing is that it just made me more focused and also more bent on playing the dirty mental and physical games to hold my ground.

    After such trash talking sessions, I don’t remember anybody taunting me or excluding me from future games. If I lost but put up a good fight mentally and physically, those same trash talkers RESPECTED ME.

    I’m not good enough at basketball to beat even a 6th grade Lin, but I guarantee that I’d have handled Bryant more deftly and far more viciously than Lin did.

  708. out for the box or out of the box?

  709. Yep and Kobe is all about the pride. He is looking at playing in the All-Star game and what an embarrassment that would be because he can’t compete with the younger SG’s.. Also I really do believe that his wife sees all the drama has to do to prepare himself for a game, and she is probably saying enough. Kobe has daughters that are young so that is weighing heavenly on him.

  710. Yep, that recent article about him being that way and trying to force the world in his sunset is actually a sad article to read because it’s so unnecessary to explain undeveloped ppl. Just focus on the inspiring ppl.

  711. That is a thought, but guess what Kobe, the team looks happier and are playing better ball without him.LOL

  712. The latest on Drose is that the knee that had the ACL tear is swollen and his doctor doesn’t like the way it looks.

  713. I show it on the floor. I do not care if they respect me or not

  714. I agree with your feeling that there’s more to the Nash story than we know. He’s just been too extremely absent. It’s not quite natural. Has the vibe of bad juju behind the scenes. Giving the keys to the whole kingdom to Kobe has turned the Lakers organization into a completely dysfunctional tangle all at cross-purposes to itself.

  715. You’re welcome =)

  716. Lin grew up in PA and if you visited and met the families here, you’d see why he’s more reserved. They just aren’t street legal, these PA thoroughbreds.

    But on trashtalkin’ games, I’m actually not a person to talk until I can make someone 2″ tall with facts, not expletives. Instead, I use the best player on the team and the whole team to shut down the bs talker. Actually. the biggest talkers don’t have much to back it up. It’s the quiet great players you have to get into the heads of to win. So, to me trash talkers are easy to deal with, esp. by not talking back. They got no real game. With kobe then, you know what I mean, and you see it … Lin and young guys are playing around hime now.

  717. Thanks ๐Ÿ˜€

  718. Translation: Kobe is holding the Laker organization hostage.LOL

  719. ..and they all seem to have “Stockholm Syndrome”…loving the hostage taker.

  720. It’s not only gotten that bad by the on-court numbers, it also makes worse the salary cap percentage dedicated to a non-producing asset — not only this year, but next year as well.

    That’s why I’m wondering if the front office hasn’t started some exploratory talks about removing the non-producing asset off the court and off the salary cap books by offering some sort of buy-out.

    I get the Lakers’ point about sentimentality and Kobe’s past contributions, but Mitch Kupchak and Jerry Buss have got their own professional futures to worry about.

  721. How, it’s just K money. Staples can sell out if the kids play Linsanity. Ratings are already down heading into a renegotiation of real rev money. Kobe is not in a good position to complain of Jeannie and Jim team up to improve their team together.

  722. From what I’ve seen, the Palo Alto players would have CRUSHED the majority of us BAD New York basketball players in games.

    But where we New Yorkers own the court is in the trash talk and physicality departments.

    Even Kobe Bryant would have had a rough time with NY trash talk. We would’ve gotten into his head the instant he started taunting us. He’d leave the court all offended and surly after we were through with him, even if he won.

    The Asian thing NEVER limited me in NY courts. I walked the walk and talked the talk, even if I couldn’t play worth a damn. I was all toughness and zero skill, yet that was good enough for anybody playing against me!

    In NY, basketball is rugged trench warfare in which guys try to mess with your mind and physically knock you out of your game. That’s how I played, and I did my share of clean brutalizing with both trash talk and physicality.

  723. LOL

  724. Yep, I would love to see some biz moves:

    1. ratings are down.
    2. Staples will sell out, so no difference there.
    3. huge multiplier in ratings on value because of 2016 TV renegotiations.

    I think Lin will pay for himself if they showcase him:
    1. showtime LAL more fun, ratings go up
    2. They have not really begun to join the LAL PacRim ties because of the benching of Lin. Also sponsors … if Lin starts and gets 18-22ppg, sponsorships can be big. Just weak tactical PR sometimes, not a marketing program with a proper strategy and goals.


    What kobe offers is in the past, as was his game. Time to be Budhhist and learn to liven in the present.

  725. with 4 minutes left in the game tonite the indiana pacers have missed 53 shots from the field; an still could win the game. i would think five random people who have played basketball put on a court would find it hard to miss 53 shots in. what: 44 minutes? ind and phil together have missed about a 100 shots; with now 3 minutes left in the game.

  726. Great post, you make a lot of sense. I recall mark Medina asked scott about the rebuild, and he said that their was no date

  727. I recently watched a very interesting episode featuring Matt Barnes doing an interview.

    When Barnes was in PHI, his coach was Maurice Cheeks. According to Barnes, Cheeks trash talked Barnes constantly in practice saying things like “Here we are after practice shooting, it’s like a big waste of time because you ain’t playing anyway”. Barnes got totally offended and scored wildly in a bictory against Cheeks in a future LA game.

    Barnes is from the West Coast, not the East. In the West Coast, people don’t trashtalk as much. They just beat you to death on the court. Cheeks is from the East where basketball is all about toughness and trashtalk.

    If that were ME with Maurice Cheeks as coach, I’d have been giggling and firing gently snarky insults back at Cheeks! And Cheeks probably would’ve loved me and played me more! That’s how different East Coast basketball is from West Coast basketball!

  728. LA is a a Lakers town, fans will go to the games no matter who is headlining as long as they are being entertained and winning.

  729. Yes, You are right east coast guys are more straight talkers in life and on the court. I’m good, I get it. Me, it’s just take the beating quietly on the battle and win the war. That’s how it has been on the west coast, when it comes to sports (where asians are not respected when they walk on) and in corp america. Win the prize, eyes on the prize forget about the talk. Win it for everyone, because it’s not about the 1.

  730. Trade Kobe to PHI and Young to IND.

    That’ll ensure that the bricking continues all season long for those two teams!

  731. This makes sense.

  732. Wow I just realized that Knicks had only 44 pts to enter 4Q against Hornets today.
    It is a terrible season for the first time coach Fisher….

  733. dont forget price the lakers trifecta of 37% shooters.

  734. It wouldn’t surprise me in the least if Kobe Bryant was sitting out games so that he could STUDY JEREMY LIN.

    I get the feeling that Kobe is frustrated with his own play.

    In the prior 18 seasons, Bryant has not had a truly gifted guard on his team who could play winning basketball. Lin is the first true high level guard Bryant has ever played with. As a result, Lin has been the first guard to NOT flounder when Kobe Bryant struggles.

    Bryant is utterly entranced by Lin. First he tried to freeze Lin out. Then he got Lin benched. Kobe then tried to imitate Lin. And now Kobe might be taking a break to FIGURE OUT what makes Lin tick!

    I can imagine what’s going through Bryant’s head. “I’m the great Kobe Bryant, yet why do I feel like this Lin guy is outplaying me? What do I have to do to become the best player on my own team again? I DON’T KNOW!”

  735. Trade Price to both teams.

    He can go back and forth, laying a solid foundation of bricks for both franchises to build upon!

  736. yep. at that point tho it seems impossible they were actually behind by more points than they had scored!

  737. This just feels odd. I understand why a team might sit an older player on the second game of a B2B. I even understand why they might not have him travel with the team on some away games. But I don’t understand him not showing up for practice in L.A. unless he’s ill. Even if doesn’t participate in all of the practice drills, he still could support his teammates and help with their development.

    Kobe is acting like he wants nothing to do with his teammates. I think he went to far with his little “Charmin drama” a few practices ago. Who knows? Maybe he really did go too far with his public disrespect of Kupchak on for the camera. Sooner or later his attitude has to be wearing thin with management, too.

    So why does the management put up with this attitude from Kobe? Maybe they’re not in a position to do anything … or maybe they’re just giving him more rope to hang himself in the court of public opinion.

  738. Really feel sorry for NY fans…

  739. Yes gonna do my own box. Sophie’s gift box LOL

  740. Yes Kobe won’t return if he doesn’t think he can play to a high level.

  741. I suspect once kobe is out that a full fledged mutiny by players will happen and it will give the F/O enough ammunition to fire BS. That is what has happened with his previous teams.

  742. He can’t imitate Lin ‘s play with his aging body. Even he has court vision (I don’t think he has much), the No run & No cut starters won’t help him anyway…..

    He should seek advice from VC on transforming himself at the late career stage.

  743. Not the one’s who thought Felton was a better PG. LOL

  744. And I don’t mind Kobe to stay home and spend more time to figure it out.

    No rush, Kobe. You can use the remaining season to stay home and find the answer ๐Ÿ™‚

  745. Trust me, it’s NOT straight talk we NY streetballers do.

    It’s TRASH TALK – all lies, deception, and mental games!

    Had I played against Palo Alto and Harvard Jeremy Lin in the streets of NY when I was a teenager, I’d have engaged him like this:

    I’d go up to him and sweetly engage him in conversation while subtly boxing him out to the sidelines and baseline when he didn’t have the ball. I’d talk to him so much, his teammates would literally back off from intruding on “our” conversation even if he didn’t say a word!

    Then if he caught the ball, I’d start bobbing and weaving like I was Ali. It’s FAKE defense designed to STEER Lin’s responses. If he went at me, I’d start sports commentating on him while bumping and grinding against him.

    After the game, win or lose, I’d KEEP TRASHTALKING Lin by complimenting his game and inquiring about his life.

    I beat MANY good players this way while also turning them into great friends!!!

  746. …after which BS coaching career will be done, permanently.

  747. “attached himself to a buffoon” lol

  748. Here’s an idea, Kobe can go golfing with Nash for the next year and a half. Just wondering when Nash will bail on Kobe and switch to cricket. LOL

  749. Better to be next 1.5 seasons if KB isn’t retired:-)

  750. I’m going to be interested watching in the next couple of weeks. It just seems odd that Kobe wouldn’t show up for a home game to support the team, even if there’s a good reason why he didn’t suit up.

    The last few days, BS has been going over-the-top with Kobe appeasement statements such as: (1) he wants Kobe to shoot even more; or (2) he agrees whole- heartedly with Kobe that the whole team is soft — except for Kobe’s hand-picked, non-threatening point guard.

    If this is just a high-level power struggle over some unknown issues, we should see who caves in fairly soon. If it’s a real health issue for Kobe, that should be apparent, too.

    Kissing Kobe’s butt is not without it’s cost for BS when it comes to other team members. It’ll be interesting to see if BS starts making some conciliatory noises any time soon if there is a significant power shift in the making.

  751. For those who would like to donate to JLin Foundation to make positive impact as JLinPortal members, please follow the instruction in this thread:


    So far we have a total of $2100 – 4% to 5% Paypal fee (from 23 people and counting. Thanks!). Please email me at [email protected] to let me know how you like your name displayed in post & card. By default, I’ll use initials of First LastName plus State/Country unless you specify in Paypal Donation Note.

    The deadline is January 18 so I can send the Paypal donation and present a card with our member names to Jeremy on Jan 19 (after Phoenix Suns game).

    THANK YOU! This way, Jeremy will know that we as a group support and make positive contribution to a cause that he believes in ๐Ÿ˜€

    Note: I’m floored by how much love, generosity and support Lin fans have toward JLin. No wonder he said his fans are the best. Now he got evidence!

    1/8 Edit: You may also donate directly to JLinFoundation (see instruction) to get US Tax deduction (if you qualify) and email me the receipt. See the post for details

  752. Vince Carter played for the great Dean Smith at the University of North Carolina where Michael Jordan learned how to play.

    Every player who played for Dean Smith has entered the NBA as a fundamentally perfect player who makes the correct decisions and gets the most out of his ability. Vince Carter is no exception.

    Kobe never played college and thus never learned team fundamentals from a top coach like Dean Smith. The closest Bryant came to learning fundamentals was playing USA Basketball under Coach Mike Kryzewski, but that was just a few weeks long. Bryant did buy Dean Smith’s “Four Corners” book and tried to learn that offense in order to pattern himself after Jordan, though Bryant didn’t realize that Smith had done away with the “Four Corners” by the 80s and was doing a high level combination of a traditional free flow wheel offense and some specific plays for designated guys to shoot. Vince Carter learned that style under Dean Smith and was relentlessly drilled in those team principles like all UNC students like Michael Jordan and James Worthy did.

    Thus Bryant couldn’t even do like Vince Carter is doing, even if Bryant committed himself to playing total fundamental team basketball.

  753. haha you are right

  754. Let me guess, Kobe and the FO are trying to make a deal ?

  755. I can’t think of a single player in the entire NBA, including Lebron and Durant and Duncan, who would save the Knicks more than Lin would.

  756. Yep

  757. Was it Bill Fitch or LARRY BROWN?

    I remember those Clippers under Larry Brown. They made the playoffs, which was an unbelievable feat because the Clippers were so downtrodden at the time.

  758. Well. that works with some ppl. Me … I just had this talk about indoor soccer. Went to a place and played all night with a bunch of guys with amazing 1-1 moves. No big. Me, I just want to have the ball min. time to do the best pass to get in scoring position. No need for 1-1 beat, wastes energy. We barely lost to a bunch of brazilians. Barely won against a team with 2 high school gals who passed WELL! Got beat to smithereens by a team with 5 ppl that played like 2 of us (we had a 11 yr old and 2 1-1 guys, 2 team ball guys.). Told my british friend and had a great laugh … yep, better to move the ball without fancy moves and win with open players than all that 1-1 game.

    So I guess for me, the game is never about beating a guy 1-1, physically or mentally. Goal is to win by overwhelming force by using great decisions that involve teammates. The 1-1 guy who loses is beaten. Maybe I’m that way bcuz I have no 1-1 moves, on soccer or bball. Prob so.

  759. I think that Kobe Bryant refuses to go to practices because his inability to run sets and play team basketball will be EXPOSED.

  760. POR PreGameThread+Poll is now open!

    It’s hard to move on to the next game after a great almost-full-blown Linsanity!
    But move on we must do.

    Here’s hoping for JLin to continue to build his SWAG and confidence.

    Keep SMILING (except during FTs), Jeremy! =D
    Go JLin!

  761. Thank you Professor Khuang. It’s good to know it.

    Only the one who plays team basketball will appreciate what Lin can bring. Spurs players, Lillard, Euro players…

    No wonder Worthy likes Lin, though sometimes he got to follow the company line on Price is the head of snake!

  762. Hopefully what you say may be true, that cp3 wants a ring more than spotlight and Doc sees value in Lin as his future back up pg

  763. What might that deal be? Early retirement and in return Kobe gets a position with Lakers FO?

  764. Imagine a team tanking even with there “star” player what a joke!

  765. Playing with Melo again? No thanks!

  766. Magic got in but was too much of an annoyance so he was kicked out! Imagine having Kobe as part share holder? That’s like 10x worst. Kobe would have better luck buying a crappy NBA team like Michael Jordan then having any say with Lakers.

  767. Hey, no name calling, LOL. Opps, mods can right?

  768. You mean lakers ? haha
    the 2 biggest joke this year

  769. lol how dare I

  770. Nice kicks

  771. Lol

  772. You can’t not start Kobe.

  773. Or the Anyone but Lin fans

  774. Joey Crawford agrees.

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