G37 ORL @ LAL Game Thread

Ronnie Price is back to start but it might be better since Lin will get a chance to play PG for the 2nd unit

Depending on Kobe’s health, Lin might be needed more in the 4th quarter to get the W. Stay aggressive but keep smiling, Jeremy!

Whatever it might be, keep Smi-Lin & Let’s Go JLin! 

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  1. Go Lin, remember the victory is not won by the swift or the strong , but by the one who endures

  2. That’s a nice first post. Don’t mind losing to you! 🙂

  3. Thanks:)

  4. This guy is smart, but very biased.

  5. Really? Biased it what way?

  6. No Kobe again? I thought was going to only sit out B2B’s?


  7. so he wasn’t just off today

  8. last game

  9. No one from the pharmacy came to deliver pain killer?

  10. Los Angeles LakersVerified account
    Byron on deciding when Kobe sits: “If I don’t feel like he’s 110% then I’m gonna sit him down.” Said today he didn’t see that in him.

  11. kobe will not last this year. doubt he will next year.

  12. After breaking Jordan’s record he’s been really breaking down.

  13. BS and Kobe talked this morning, something going on. Wonder if the FO is also in the dark.

  14. after he broke the record for missing FGs, he’s been missing games too =)
    It’s hard when Chronos keeps knocking at the door

  15. I predict a W for the Lakers and Jeremy will do well

  16. I wonder if Kobe would have survived yesterday’s 30 minute running practice had he attended.

  17. bench mobs have been big lately; knicks last nite and bulls 2nite.

  18. if he could have survived he would have attended.

  19. He didn’t practice, he rested. I think kobe might be done.

  20. I think Kobe is reinjured or something esle is going on.I really do believe that kobe might be done. Perhaps the F/O has put it’s foot down. Scott is the next one to go, I believe that Scott has lost the locker room with is dissing of the players.

  21. This is not resting, this is an undisclosed problem.

  22. Exactly, this season is still far from over.

  23. I think BS just realized even tiring out all other players would not make Kobe look good in comparison. Stick a fork in him, Kobe is so done!

  24. If I were Kobe, I’d sit for at least couple months and see how the team is going. If there’s a chance to make playoff, I then will come back.

  25. going melo

  26. No use of playing now when you can’t even practice with your team.

  27. So now he maybe will not play soon?! Ya!

  28. I think so too. I think Kobe surpassed MJ in points and that was his only goal. Scott must be sh***ting bricks because his longevity is tied to kobe. Also I thought it was strange that Magic Johnson was giving props to Mark Jackson today about GSW is where they are because of Mark Jackson

  29. psalm! Nobody gives me any credit!

  30. Then I guess for the remaining games, Kobe will be at 109.99999999999%

  31. In a way that I feel he almost only see the numbers…

  32. Wow! I guess Kobe will soon be done for this season.


  33. No way he can do that

  34. Can’t wait to hear the great news of KB to be out of NBA.

  35. Scott is scared because he knows that his job is only as secure as Kobe stay s on the team…and the plot thickens..

  36. Me too!

  37. I think Kobe has personally drama going on at home and I actually think that kobe is ready to retire. The grind is too much for him. I think that he accomplished what he set out to do this season and I also think that Kobe knows that there is a lot of bad press about him and he doesn’t want to go out like MJ .

  38. Kobe and Vanessa should run a 5 star resort and restaurant somewhere. Time to change career and enjoy life.

  39. Personal Drama?! Oh! Then I think he better takes care his family first… retire now like Nash.. enjoy good life in beach…LOL!

  40. Scott treading water now…LOL When Magic Johnson mentioned Mark Jackson out of the blue, I knew something was up.LOL

  41. If I were Kobe, I will just retire now, saving Lakers and my dignity gracefully…

  42. if the plot is thickening then something really must be up.

  43. Scott has ran his mouth too much. and the plot thickens…

  44. The world is changing. I feel it in the water. I feel it in the earth. I breath it in the air. Behold, The Return of LINSANITY!

    (This is a repeat prophecy from Dec. 22, 2014)

  45. Really would like Lakers drama with BS and KB come to an end sooner than later.

  46. And especially with boneheaded ego massager BS.

  47. joyce has used her historic catch phrase “and the plot thickens” twice in the last ten minutes so perhaps, perhaps.

  48. From Lakersground, one fan mentioned that Kobe had MRI this morning but the team did not disclose anything yet. He claimed himself working in this field……hmm…….

  49. Does not sounds very credible…

  50. False rumor. Kobe finished last game without an acute injury.

  51. with old players its always minor injuries after a another

  52. Fans are chasing him the proof now.

    Still, everyone can smell Kobe’s body is breaking down

  53. Are you sure about that. I for one has always beveled that Kobe had an injury when he decide not to do back to backs, and I look at that terrible performance that he did against the Clippers. Having watched Kobe for many years, he has always performed well before the home crowd, that is why I found his performance so odd.

  54. Maybe some some cred. I have always believed that Kobe has re injured himself. The F/O n has not revealed it because of they are afraid of the ticket sells.

  55. If we see sudden changes of line-ups from BS having Lin start , then we are sure Kobe is done.

  56. I hope this is not the case. THis is all on Scott

  57. Just let Lin play his team ball, the tickets will fly out of box office. It is not rocket science.

  58. You work in a hospital Joyce. How easy would it be to sneak Kobe in for an MRI without the rumor spreading like wildfire?

  59. That is not a good thing. We want the money stay with the box office…JK

  60. Maybe a portable MRI unit….LOL

  61. Or if BS is fired

  62. Or both

  63. Three wise men. Or 2 men and one woman?

  64. Not even before BS is fired. If BS knows Kobe is done, he is smart enough to jump on Lin/Swaggy bandwagon.

  65. Very easy, and I do work in a hospital. Kobe has his own set of doctors and they will involve only who they need to involve. I have also found that many athletes have their own doctors with their own practices who can do an MRI without a hospital . I have many friends in sports medicine and that have stated that a lot of the techs and specialists sign nondisclosure clauses.

  66. I think that Kobe caught Scott completely off guard about not playing tonight. Scott pretends that it was decision that he made, but I think kobe didn’t show up for game time and told Scott, I am not playing.

  67. I also work in a hospital in NY. And I often hear about celebrities getting treatment. Anyway that rumor we’re discussing would be from such a “sauce.”

  68. See if BS plays Lin long minutes. That’s another indication too.

  69. Maybe not this game. He is pretty stubborn

  70. Scott is very stubborn. He will try his way, but he keeps on digging that hole. I thought it was interesting that Magic Johnson mentioned Mark Jackson. Also i truly believe that Magic Johnson and Scott don’t like each other. I think they are cordial to each other, but that is it.

  71. Or stupid. That I can’t disagree.

  72. I feel Magic is not always right…but He and Scott are at completely different level in terms of IQ

  73. I remember when Scott came to the Lakers. They had to trade away Norm Nixon, who was a fan favorite and very good Friends with Magic Johnson. Magic treated Scott like crap the hole time he was on the team until it was revealed that Magic had contracted HIV.

  74. It’s too late. He should know he has lost the team and, I doubt Kobe will tell him everything….seems BS is not well informed about the rest until late.

    He could announce the lineup change after morning shootaround instead 1 or 2 hours before the game. Not sure if it is a normal practice of team status news..

  75. no matter what, I don’t think BS will give Lin more mins.

  76. Can u explain more on this issue??? Who and what to listen to for an ignorant of NBA like me?? Thanks in advance.

  77. With Kobe out this team should rely very heavily on JEREMY LIN # 17…

    Oh wait……

  78. Kind of an odd caption from the Lakers …


  79. if ronnie price gets another broken nose.

  80. This image looks like some of those typical pre-nuptial pictures, with the groom (Ed Davis’ spot) behind and looking lovingly at the bride (Jeremy Lin’s spot)

  81. Just the way they talk….nothing specific….

  82. bulls lose again as a. brooks continues to pretty much outplay d rose off the bench. losing dunleavy and forcing shift of butler to 3 seems to have thrown his game off too.

  83. I’m waiting……..

  84. I agree. What do they mean “final focus”????

  85. I thought they were close. Magic fondly kissed Scott’s head during the latter’s presscon. Maybe they had a falling out after that.

  86. OK

  87. I see the image vividly with your description. I even have the song playing in my head, but I rather picture you and jeremy walk down the aisle and I cry with Charmin tissue in my hand. Hahaha

  88. Aww that’s cute. Charmin’s on me…

  89. Oh I see~ probably meaning final focus like get yourself ready before the game start

  90. We might have to wait looonger..

  91. All I see is $$$

  92. All I need is just one roll. That will be enough~~hope it wont cost you too much (^ν^)

  93. Let’s go , JLin!

  94. The Staples crowd seems to be getting thin… or they’re just late?

  95. Seize it or lose it. Cruel but real.

  96. The things we do for Jeremy 🙂

  97. Or looooooooooooonger….

  98. So slowwwwwww, the starters.

  99. Which hospital?

  100. what an ugly game

  101. And have maybe five more kids. I think he has one or two daughters?

  102. I hate seeing Price…..

  103. both orlando and lal have the same ugly motions

  104. it’s a home game, against a relatively weak opponent. ‘should dominate on this one.

  105. Lol. You sound like it play half game already. I thought it just get started.

  106. Lol orlando soo bad this is embarassing

  107. If i were the Lakers team, i would have high spirit and morale and energy to play without
    KB. He killed the momentum and too slow and hogging and bricking, no one has the will to play with him!

  108. they both do the same ugly style

  109. Me too. I really don’t wish ill on the guy, but it hurts to see Jeremy being pushed further down the bench.

  110. how much money says price plays the whole 1st

  111. Hope so~~:)

  112. price foul trouble

  113. Jeremy!

  114. Be happy he’s helping. It’s a team thing. I’m sure Jeremy is happy for price.

  115. No way I’m betting against that one. It’s obvious.

  116. Be quiet Stu….

  117. Any streaming link? mine is lagging every 10 second, making the slow game even slower…

  118. Oops spoke too soon.

  119. I m not watching the game. Need to go take a shower. But I will come back to check the comments though. Keep us who didn’t watch inform with your update posts! Thanks!

  120. mine too. 🙂

    as if the game is not so slow enough…

  121. jeez
    orlando chill dont play d on Lin now all of a sudden

  122. lin needs to work better on getting out of traps. orlando trading him.

  123. Idiot Stu said Jeremy is lazy! What a Clyde Dexler mouth piece!

  124. I agree, double team affects his game too much.

  125. traping

  126. That was a reach in foul on Vucevic. Dumb refs didn’t call it.

  127. don’t repeat what he’s saying here… 🙂

  128. if jeremy had better handles, it would help his game so much! i would love to see him with vicious cross overs!

  129. What the …… is that idiot saying! Jeremy is the most hardworking on defense!

  130. 333333333333

  131. 333333333!!!!!!!!!!!!

  132. Same here his handles are pretty bad compared to other point guards.

  133. J heat check, all ok.

  134. Young loves to join Lin doing something the same.? LOL

  135. I missed it ah!! Happened after commercial ><"

  136. oladipo is gonna be the 2nd coming of evan turner

  137. Young is a follower so… lol.

  138. Thanks. 🙂

  139. LOL yes bad games, TOs and everything

  140. nope olidipo just took it not the help man.

  141. That 3 was money

  142. 12-14 points is the Goal

  143. would help him a lot on those double teams too!

  144. hey brent. when Hill did the step back 2. my brain said … in your eye brent. I dunno why lol.

  145. very athletic

  146. $$$$$$$$

  147. These Lakers O plays are just so predictable and so slow and outdated.

  148. Block

  149. Pheww almost another TO >< Lin please wake up!

  150. Jeremy blocking someone bigger than him… ooh..

  151. Jeremy blocked a big man?

  152. Nice, ran back on defense after his TO and forced a TO on the other team!

  153. Jeremy and Nick Swag

  154. Jeremy playing that d

  155. Nice D by Lin

  156. Nice steal.

  157. Why Lin…Why…

  158. Free throws

  159. Darn free throws…

  160. Those freakin’ biceps….freakin’ biceps….

  161. but no game
    hes being force fed but still 14.9ppg

  162. thx!

  163. man whats wrong with u?
    ur a good free throw shooter…

  164. JLin FTs are at 50 and 66% past two games, really need to work on them.

  165. Lots of energy

  166. been 50 lately

  167. Ridnour had no chance to drive by Lin, so the Magic last play was so discombobulated.

  168. Anyone know what lakers record without Kobe?

  169. 1-4

  170. just liker the lakers w/o lin

  171. 1-3 or 1-4?

  172. I want to tape Stu’s ugly mouth with duct tape!

  173. a lot of time to develop

  174. Y do u care

  175. Stitching is a better option if I may suggest

  176. Lin looks a little sloppy tonight but hanging in there with a nice 3 and steal. Still need to focus on FTs. He’s under 80% now on FTs

  177. he says nice things and bad things about Lin. Whatever …

  178. they won only against gsw.

  179. I know I thought he only missed 4 games?

  180. Stu the hater, whatever, barely notice what the crap he’s saying. Just focusing on the game.

  181. .net trolls coming by to chill this Friday evening

  182. sloppy? nope he looks like he has. ft and assist low but scoring good

  183. its fair i guess

  184. Because he spread the rumors to the audience and that is toxic!

  185. Jeremy lazy is not right. Stu is old, maybe tired.

  186. That D

  187. Dude’s Californian in every way.

  188. How the F was that a foul?

  189. pfv said 5 idk

  190. I had to put on my glasses.

  191. defender flopped lookes like lin bumped him

  192. I don’t really see the point of this 1/4 Princeton offense. Keep forcing feed to the big, so predicable and so TO prone.

  193. I think 1-3 and hopefully will be 2-3 tonight.

  194. This team will just not kick out to the open 3 … sheesh.

  195. 2nd unit chucking

  196. THis looks like a practice to Lin LOL

  197. LOL What just happened?! 2nd unit getting so many rebounds from JLin and Young’s missed 3s.

  198. come on Lin dont give it to swaggy

  199. Stu needs to retire along with Kobe.

  200. Orlando is Bad

  201. this is a very easy game. hope lakers don’t fall asleep

  202. i hope that 3 goes in….

  203. wish that 3 had gone in

  204. we all wished :/

  205. Always 2 I’d love lin to get back.

  206. that layup was a foul lol refs expected

  207. Lin looks…..relaxed…LOL

  208. 4th youngest team in the league no surprise.

  209. Hey Stu was mad too.

  210. No death stares from Kobe…

  211. LOL

  212. sacre such a bad shot, such a bad foul

  213. Clarkson held the ball too long during fast break, should’ve passed to Lin right away SMH!

  214. Might not get my double digit goal

  215. Come on now some J-Ed PnR!!!!

  216. Clarkson looks like a child

  217. new rule dont give it to clarkson

  218. or Sacre.

  219. Sacre is really bad.

  220. Jeremy out…booooo

  221. go orlando

  222. can Sacre sit now?

  223. Arghhhhhn man wanted my points —- but Nick can still chuck

  224. OK gotta switch to VS with Jeremy out…

  225. oh . i didn’t mean Lin…

  226. Scott you idiot, let Lin and Davis play together some minutes.

  227. Probably lose the lead with Jeremy out.

  228. U somehow benched Lin!!!

  229. Snack time for me

  230. VS time for me

  231. Nick Young a funny guy but low really low ball player

  232. Lin shoudve shot more

  233. Forget it, already knew Lin was going to the bench when Davis came in.

  234. can it be both?

  235. what’s VS?

  236. Lin needs to get his points and stop feeding these chuckers

  237. Ask your wife 🙂

  238. Victoria’s Secret

  239. Didn’t get my 7 first half points needs a big 3rd

  240. may as well go to sleep till the fourth

  241. Was just 1 3pter away…lol

  242. ah, totally missed it.

  243. Yeah man

  244. and Davis – in.

    Why can’t this coach see the wealth of potential and wins this Lin- Davis connection can bring to this team?

  245. Guess so … lol.

  246. He’s basically a less talented Kobe. The media loves him because he’s charismatic…

  247. Against a team like Orlando, Lin should’ve shot more, Sacre and Clarkson are really bad!

  248. I need full focus to scrutinize the new swimwear collection.

  249. Man these guys are pissing me off
    Im swearing so hard that my neighbours prolly got offended by some of the words I yelled

  250. the game just looks so slow. no excitement at all. even while lin is in. Is it just the bad spacing?

  251. im i the only one to think god this scrub ronnie has way too much confidence. guess thats what being scotts lap dog gets you

  252. Clarkson ball hog..never passes

  253. And not a peep from the LAL announcers…

  254. Lin has bad people to play with, Sacre and Young, Boozer is OK but those two aren’t great to play with. Ellington is good, he plays well with Lin. Lin needs a good big to play with and whenever Davis comes in, Lin only plays 2 or maybe 3 minutes at most with him.

  255. Clarkson trying to prove his worth as a rookie =/

  256. hopefully the next time lin si sin he will get his points

  257. Yea but too many bad shots he should not take :/

  258. Was that counted?

  259. so boring… will catch up in the second half when Lin plays again… yawn

  260. I want to see Kelly on court with Lin.

  261. yes. he has 1 block

  262. This is start to become a shoot out

  263. Lead slipping away. MUHAHAHAHAH

  264. hill all of sudden isn’t a scrub

  265. he think he’s dirk now

  266. Confidence and support is everything u need in sports

  267. why wouldn’t he? after 9 years in the league as a scrub starting only 35 games in the entire 9 years suddenly is annonited as starting point guard despite shooting only 37%. a carreer 3 pt per game scorer is sudenly given 30 minutes a game. it instills confidence.

  268. No, there’s DEFENSE too which Hill does not play.

  269. I was not watching…is this the Magics’ starting lineup?

  270. 3 fouls for Price.

  271. Hill and all must be happy KB is out!

  272. hey. there’s hope for me too!

  273. Ronnie Price knows that his job is secure because Byron Scott favors his skin color over the Asian guy.

  274. lin might have to come in. u don’t leave a guy with 3 fouls in the first half in

  275. take the white pill lol.

  276. Papa Scott is so proud now….Price hits another jumper…

  277. he is god so who knows

  278. +++

  279. he did his first possession.

  280. Lol nothings gonna help
    swaggy clarkson and sacre are soooo selfish

  281. Jeremy!

  282. no foul

  283. Jeremy gets no calls

  284. All I know is that lin needs to come in and play with purpose because he knows that he is on a short leash.

  285. Strong drive by Lin. No shame in getting blocked, he has to do that to keep the defense honest.

  286. disgusting… refs…

  287. But gets steals

  288. Ah he’s back…

  289. he just had a layup no foul called.

  290. YES

  291. That was a good block

  292. 3 steals for Jeremy.

  293. Come on points


  295. I guess those step backs are hard

  296. That steal was Lin’s?

  297. 33333333333333333333333

  298. That 3’s so worth it…..

  299. Thank u Price

  300. I got my points

  301. 333!!!

  302. Yes Ed to Lin for 3!! Bias refs not giving Lin any calls!

  303. Al Davis..J Lin… a winning combination… Coach, break it up, quick!

  304. This is fun 🙂

  305. Am I the only one hoping that Price doesnt do well? Lets be honest guys..

  306. I want to see some more Jeremy-R.Kelly-Davis action….

  307. Yeahhh! Lin is rolling!!!

  308. Points assists steals blocks does it all

  309. 4 steals! I think career high is 6

  310. Lin with the assist to Kelly for the 3, Linning!

  311. LOL you just did, more won’t hurt XD

  312. Good half so far

  313. ME TOO.

    I always root against scrubs like Price.

    If Lin had Price’s game, I’d root against Lin too.

  314. Hey, BSc is brilliantly using Lin under Kobe’s nose. Notice how Lin gets the 2.5min slot? BSc knows that’s a +3 pt differential move, in Q1, 2, 3. 4 is for Kobe.

  315. He got credited…

  316. I like how Kelly play D…not perfect…but better…

  317. Lin I would defend ur honour until the end of…January
    Haters I’m coming for YA

  318. KB probably at home thinking that he could’ve been raking in the pts in this one.

  319. At least on this site, we’re not going to have stoopid trolls flaming Lin for bad defense this game!!!

  320. Woah. Did I hear right? Green from Boston to Memphis.

  321. Yes

  322. Better make these Fts LiN!

  323. Missing a lot of free throws lately!!

  324. It’ll be the second trade between Memphis and Boston in which neither team benefits.

    The Jerryd Bayless for Courtney Lee trade really hurt Memphis, much more than it hurt Boston.

  325. Bad defense?
    4 stls in 10mins?
    haters gon die

  326. Darn those free throws!!

  327. I want more. It’s like chocolates…the more the happier I am lol

  328. lin!!!!!!

  329. Come on

  330. too relaxed now lol

  331. ooooh. pls. make those FT JLin…

  332. D12 looks better than Lin at the FT line. What is going on??

  333. 4 steals by Lin!

  334. He’s tired :/

  335. That bad defense excuse is so 2009…

  336. did Lin get a Reb there? every one counts!

  337. Why is Jordan Hill taking a 21 foot jumper and ignoring an open Lin? Come on dude.

  338. Yup. counted!

  339. new dirk

  340. Selfish Hill! Lin was wide open for 3!

  341. come on, it is only half time

  342. He was credited it.

  343. dirk

  344. 12-14 points can still happen

  345. Thx!

  346. I will beat the crap out of any one who says a good thing about Hill
    screw this dude

  347. Lin, you better make 100 FTs everyday!!

  348. Thx!,, That goes for his efficiency scores on fantasy.

  349. he needs to be executed

  350. idk whats happening he will fix it

  351. Apparently nobody in the NBA notices….

  352. He does not know that the more time milked the better…lol

  353. Fts been bad past 2 games already, 50% and 66% is atrocious ><"

  354. Why is your center shooting long jumpers period? I hate how hill doesn’t play his position and isn’t there to do his real job, rebounding and defending.

  355. Why does Lin have to miss half of his FTs he couldve been in double figures now

  356. if it was price 4 steal. would never hear the end

  357. Noticed.

  358. You said it right the first time lol

  359. FT is different. It is all about focus…he will get it back

  360. To much on his mind these days sitting in the dog house

  361. just a cold streak from the line it happens

  362. I hope soon

  363. GIRLIE shooting form learned from his summer shooting coach Doc Scheppler.

    Lin doesn’t use the same technique in jump shots.

    Don’t worry, Lin will learn from the Lakers coaches and get his free throw shooting to have the same form as his jump shot.

  364. He never use to miss 🙁

  365. The Lakers shooting coaches will repair Lin’s free throw bricking by changing his form slightly.

  366. Even the great Wolverine wannabe can’t do what Jeremy does in defense in 10 minutes.. I’m not talking about Hugh Jackman

  367. Worth says Jeremy is active… Stu said Jeremy is lazy… hmmmm

  368. Leaving free points on the floor sucks but the aggressive play is there

  369. he was 80% before thoud and 90% at the beginning of the season
    I blame Hill for lack of screen and defense which led to Lin taking more beatings

  370. I read some where complimenting Hill has “expanded” his game and made himself more valuable to shoot

  371. lazy about what? miss the FT?

  372. aint the first time
    better be the last time

  373. lol

  374. But Lin’s FORM is off.

  375. Actively lazy….

  376. Stu is too lazy to watch or he has an agenda.

  377. Was it lazy in regard to the TO? Stu just needs to talk less sometimes.

  378. regarding Jeremy’s TO

  379. Everyone but the Asian guy gets compliments….

  380. It is more like Dwight, does not like PnR, but likes to post up to show he can create something.

  381. Haha! He only got 2 not that big deal.. smh!

  382. its such a shame when he shoots 3 his form is sucha beauty

  383. Magic half time guys just said Lin should be starting.

  384. errbody knows that

  385. Cool. Anything else about him?

  386. Nope … if you see replay of last one he missed, he sort of messed with his stroke and had an extra elbow bend bringing the ball up. I knew e should miss given that messes the muscle memory. Sort of messing around, wasn’t taking it serious. Mental.

  387. Thanks for sharing!

  388. LOL I like these Orlando studio announcers – talking about Jeremy, Boozer, and Nick

    (About the 3 guys)”Honestly these guys should be starting, but that’s Byron Scott’s logic”

  389. Lin is given more PT, guess Scott has to hedge his bet now.

  390. Who are the guys?

  391. lol orlando commentator said curiosity to lin,boozer, and young off the bench. ask why lakers best player off the bench

  392. In the background … Jeremy Lin and Nick Young doing their Kung-Fu salute …

  393. hey you stole my idea lol

  394. Bc of Kobe…

  395. price the career back up 3fouals

  396. Because his golden boy is in foul trouble.

  397. yep

  398. Whut, with Mark Jackson as coach? sheesh.

  399. I would love to listen to our opposing announcers. I can’t stand STU Lantz and Macdonald!

  400. Pregame handshake with Boozer, Young, Clarkson, and Sacre… nice 🙂

  401. Lin with like 10 salutes!!!

  402. I like those…better than those in HOU

  403. Jeremy turning up his handshake game!

  404. shooting 65% on f.t.’s in last 9 games.

  405. Would’ve been under 10 minutes for Lin if Price didn’t get in foul trouble.

  406. sorry but this free lin is way better the the kobe unit lin

  407. Not sure who the halftime guys were but they were on the Fox Sports South affiliate in Orlando.

  408. Lin actually got few more minutes in 2nd quarter over all 2nd unit players?! Am I dreaming?!

  409. Only w/o Kobe on court or bench… LOL!

  410. Your posting game got slow… lol

  411. hahahahaha

  412. no no, it’s just because Price got in FOUL TROUBLE.

  413. And they dont pass to Lin in game
    so…fake friendssss
    Lin stop wasting time with these scrubs

  414. You know BS though, if he wanted to he’d leave Price in there even with 4 fouls! He’s that much of a hater!

  415. Ridiculous lol

  416. I know but in fact 3 foul it’s not that big deal in the past… only today bc no Kobe…LOL!

  417. NONSENSE.

    Lin being a good teammate.

  418. Hack a Shaq
    Hack a Dwight
    Hack a Lin

    It’s an ORLANDO thang!!!

  419. nah he wudnt
    cuz he values this scrub he takes him out so he can play 4th closing the gaem

  420. Serena’s getting fed up with BS, too.

  421. Yes, I guess Scott is hedging and wishing it’s not too late.

  422. nyoung 2-9 4 points again

  423. it is when BS needs Price to finish the game.

  424. He needs to think more…

  425. Thanks! But why is it so dark? lol can’t make screen big

  426. my son said he’s just lucky, he didn’t practice. That’s kid talk for that’s a low percentage shot lol.

  427. Is that possible?

  428. He is
    but these guys are bad teammates
    Lin is better than those guys
    Lin should be spending time with Curry Lillard Wall and all

  429. I’d much rather Lin play with a guy like Kelly than Young. Young is fun and funny but I don’t love his game. Lin, Davis, Kelly, that’s the spacing that works well with Lin’s game.

  430. and building chemistry.

  431. No, trust me. Lin will close the game.

  432. But then Price with 4 fouls would mean that Jeremy Lin PLAYS A LOT in the 2nd half!!!

    Scott can’t have that!

  433. If Lin can get 6 more steals, 8 more assists and double digit points maybe he can get a triple double! But he’d have to shift gears. Playing way to relaxed.

  434. ok, nits … saw NY go into a double closing to triple instead of kicking out to Lin for 3. this is what makes ppl mad, but then he swags out with his loose jokes and it all seems ok until the next game. talk about inconsistency …

  435. you have to close the ad. if another window opens, close that, then try closing the ad again until it disappears so the screen will clear up, then you will be able to enlarge screen 🙂

  436. missed the first half…seems, Jeremy had great XnO! Go Lin
    Is he going for a steal record!

  437. Momentum builder!

  438. He has no choice…I bet he aimed b4 the ball got inbounded

  439. Since there’s NO COACHING, Nick Young will just fire.

    I blame the coach, not Young.

  440. IMO Lin shouldve went for the last shot hes the best payer out there
    ellington shame on u ur so selfish u dont deserve this

  441. I will stop here

  442. whoa, good point. The young can speak the truth! Nothing to lose except a car payment and apartment (mom, here I come).

  443. he honesty is bad at passing. so do you want bad pass or shot

  444. He’s stealing everything – balls, points, hearts, food… lol

  445. Hope so… really sick and tire of all those BS

  446. Lin’s the best “payer” because for him free throws are not “free”!

  447. stealing BRICKS at the line too!!!

  448. Thank you!!!

  449. OIC, no shot clock. I didn’t notice that.

  450. There is no necessity to mock him or his family. Please rephrase your post. Thx

  451. lol player

  452. 0.2 i believe. If you shoot full motion, it will be ruled no good no matter what

  453. Lin could’ve had 10 points if he didn’t miss 2 Fts ><" Gotta get those free points since he rarely gets them already!

  454. better?

  455. now, now, let’s not bring family into this. Esp Ellington, given his tragedy this year.

  456. Dude watch your mouth! No need to drag people’s mom into this!!

  457. Just heard, the commentator said, the floor spacing is better when Kobe is not in! So people do take notice as well

  458. Edit your post please.

  459. Serena starting to take shots at BS. First Scott Ultra Soft and now this.

  460. He used to stand with the ball under his arm and above his hip. Took a deep breath, made almost 90%. Is he not doing it now?

  461. Lin should have a least6 points in free throws. What is up with him and his free throws

  462. Lin shooting free throws like a SCRUB.

  463. Ok Price back in, home he gets 2 more quick Fts LOL.


  465. Never on one sentence please.

  466. It happens..

  467. No, he’s changed his ritual, I think.

  468. Hopefully he will get it back soon.

  469. I think so too…it is about his focus

  470. FO FO FO FO!

  471. not too worried, since its not his weakness, he will get it back…just on a FT shooting slump. Maybe shoot 1000 FT on his rest day

  472. lol…messing around

    BTW, Kelly been playing great

  473. Yep, I think he’s too loose at the line, not taking it seriously.

  474. I will be back when lin is in.LOL

  475. I like Kelly

  476. For a CENTER… Jordan Hill has rebounding as his lowest priority

  477. Lin should be practicing a lot 3 pointers.. usually imo it will change the shooting form a little bit.

  478. So cute lol

  479. Jordan Hill is 6’9″ but plays like he’s 5’9″.

  480. It is not like that….

  481. lol price foul

  482. Price is not thinking at all…good

  483. Unleash LINSANITY!!!

  484. Bias Stu, says Price gets none picks, Hello he gets more than JLin!

  485. price says coach i suck i cant play 30 minutes .

  486. Or 5’3″.That’s still an insult to Muggsy Bogues lol

  487. Everyone biased, espec JAMES WORTHY

  488. YES! Get one more!! LMAO

  489. Price just had his 4th foul… come back soon Joyce

  490. Bro. it’s about muscle memory at the line. The rituals are key. He’s changed his ritual. Watch some replays. He’s got to get those back, put his mind in that 90% place. FTs are like tee offs with a big driver. You have to be Zen.

  491. So boring… Unleash Linsanity already

  492. Kelly….smart!

  493. Lakers starters suck so bad yet Orlando can’t even take back the lead LOL.

  494. so that is 5 fouls on price

  495. 4….

  496. Magic such worse

  497. ugh. There’s no one directing plays out there…

  498. Time out anyone? BS? no?

  499. If I am a coach…I will call a TO now

  500. That was a good run by RPrice

  501. I’m DEAD SERIOUS that 5’3″ Muggsy Bogues was a better rebounder than 6’9″ Jordan Hill.

    For a while, Muggsy Bogues was leading all NBA point guards in rebounding because he got to open spots faster and stronger than anybody in the game.

    Bogues was a very good player, sort of like a 5’3″ Lin instead of a 6’3″ Lin!!!

  502. Price giving it up

  503. price with 3 to in a row

  504. Now it is too late

  505. lol. 2 more points then TO.

  506. all of the sudden LAL is lapsing on D

  507. Be great to see jeremy be in after timeout

  508. LOL price showing his true color

  509. yeah, that was a bad TO

  510. but he wasn’t lazy.

  511. they did 🙂

  512. Price is playing like Kobe. LOL

  513. he is a scrub expected

  514. Or leave Price in longer for his 5 fouls.

  515. BS knows his bench will take care the opponents…

  516. sit that garbage out… got scored on, turned over multiple times, AND in foul trouble


  518. true true.

  519. nope

  520. jeremy wouldn’t be able to play the rest of the game if he had that many TO in a row

  521. ditto

  522. When Price has a TO, Stu says, Lakers with another TO. So bias!

  523. Price sloppy with TOs and blocked shot. Also 4 fouls. Jeremy should come in

  524. Too late

  525. this is what he is all the time. why kobe plays pg. help mask his issues

  526. Lets go JLIN!!

  527. Word!

  528. Boneheaded plays

  529. Lin is IN

  530. Stu always criticizing LIN for everything!


    Price is getting killed out there.

    Instead of Price getting killed just once, he’s being dug up and killed repeatedly!

  532. retweet….retweet…retweet…

  533. Stu Lantz is your typical racist American media idiot that hates all things Asian.

  534. .. and he loves to praise Price

  535. No! You’re the head of the snake!

  536. Get 17 pts! Make me a Winner!

  537. Was that pass to Boozer?

  538. blck missed that pass its ok

  539. haha wth is that…

  540. man!!!! 🙁

  541. Lin why not shoot

  542. the last 2 TOs are on his teammates…

  543. Lakers bigs just not on the same page as Lin.

  544. black

  545. 1st one on Scott

  546. In a way, DARN.

    If Price had collected just another foul, he’d be DONE until the early 4th quarter!

  547. Lin stop feeding them look for ur own jesus why is it so hard

  548. Jeremy needs to swing it quickly after the trap

  549. Lin talking to teamm

  550. Because Lin is a TEAM PLAYER.

    This isn’t tennis where Lin can just go solo.

    Chill out.

  551. lin talking to everyone 1-1. Watch next play.

  552. Lin got FOULED by Vucevic on that backcourt “steal”.

    Lin never gets calls even when he’s hacked hard.

  553. Being a leader out there.

  554. he was just confirming the restaurant after the game with fellow bench players


  556. Not the same as Knicks though.. this team doesn’t click. THey don’t position themselves properly

  557. I like it!

  558. omg Lin shoot dat

  559. Because Lin’s only one of 4 Lakers out there, and Lin’s trying to get the BEST shot.

  560. QUIET

  561. Floor General!

  562. hes good actually I like him

  563. lol.

  564. who is biased?

  565. Yep, play broke down right away couldn’t even tell what it was. Must have been Chiplote.

  566. Actually, I was too harsh.


    Relax Jerome, Lin will shoot when he gets good chances.

  567. done!

  568. 10-12 points is the goal

  569. Lol, PF Chang’s?

  570. nope Lin above all
    dont care about tjheir teammates Lin is the most important player on the team
    should evlove around him

  571. That’s not far from the truth… and Haralabos makes his living watching/gambling on NBA games.

  572. I know….he earns lot of money for a reason

  573. It’s the TRUTH.

    This is the NBA where no single player can get around committed traps.

    Lin singlehandedly breaks traps better than any other single player in the NBA does, but even Lin needs help.

  574. HOpefully more.

  575. sometimes he makes dumb comments like this one but we all humans we make mistakes

  576. I know…but he made it like only Lin can not beat the trap…

  577. LOL Lin spin move off screen like NFL.

  578. finally! foul.

  579. Sorry about being mean – I shouldn’t have hit you with “quiet”.

    No, Lin needs to care about his teammates.

    Orlando traps Lin hard. If Lin’s teammates don’t make Orlando pay, the traps will continue to besiege Lin.

    Once Lin peels the traps off by getting Orlando to defend his teammates, then Lin ATTACKS.

  580. Thank god REFS

  581. Hit both, please

  582. I didn’t read it that way, but OK!

  583. Good. make both

  584. That’s the biase I am saying anyway…not saying he is lying

  585. No Hack a Jeremy!


  587. Too bad Coach doesn’t think like you.

  588. I like swaggy but man.. so inconsistent..

  589. good move, rookie.

  590. Very obvious! Praised Price for every thing and criticizing Lin for every little itsy bitsy little thing, what an old ugly man! Stu didn’t say a word after Lin put in 2 FT!

  591. Jeremy Lin sometimes can’t see the 2nd option because there IS NO 2nd OPTION due to BAD COACHING.

  592. Tarik do more of those, build more chemistry with Jeremy and see more time off the court..

    Example: ED DAVIS

  593. black over sacre

  594. I agree…but that is another story….

  595. That is a no brainer 🙂

  596. No worries
    yah ur right Im still naaive on this game
    just frustrating seeing the best player of the team not being treated right

  597. CP3 will just throw it up….

  598. Don’t lose today w/o kobester!

  599. Jeremy is grooming him. Lets be patient 🙂

  600. I have patience with J and Tarik. I have no patience with BS.

  601. 12-14

  602. thanks for letting me go.

    Don’t worry, Lin ALWAYS ATTACKS WELL once Lin knocks off the traps via assists.

  603. 40pts jeremy u can do dis

  604. Agree with Ido.

  605. never have rookie inbound the ball

  606. why are the LA media guys sucking up to so hard to swaggy hes not that good

  607. Oh, Clarkson…

  608. Maybe we can combine Nick Young’s free throwing and Jeremy Lin’s jump shooting into one guy.


  609. Refs at work

  610. No need. Lin is doing great even with missed FTs.

  611. wanna close game for Kobe.

  612. Style over substance.

  613. Clarkson is an idiot
    he will not be any good unless he learns from Lin

  614. Black intently talking with JLin. Think they will develop chemistry quickly.

  615. Hope JLin can get 10 more points in his remaining minutes!

  616. How ironic…

  617. relax rookies do that. black is also a rookie it will happen

  618. He’s a rookie. it happens.

  619. Black & Lin keeps on talking. Good Sacre is out. Gives Lin no love.

  620. Smart move, Black.

  621. Lin above all

  622. He is a rookie, give him a break… guys not open for him to throw to at that time

  623. refs stop calling fouls

  624. TURNOVER STU there was a turnover!

  625. may be some PnR? that will be sweet

  626. LOL

  627. u got that rite.

  628. Clutch.

  629. YES

  630. Nice… when your teammates not moving to open, you might as well shoot it

  631. yes 2!

  632. That jumper is way smoother than Kobe’s…

  633. Yessss!!!

  634. Give the ball to Jeremy! NOT SWAG

  635. sweet!!!

  636. Black is going to replace Sacre…

  637. black taken the spot of sacred for good

  638. Black is GOOD!

  639. Maybe Hill?

  640. Lakers’ future is shaping up

  641. But BS is in the way…

  642. Rookie Tarik rebounds better than Jordan Hill…

  643. Liking Tarik!

  644. 14 maybe

  645. Lin -Tarik …LinTar??? yuk…

  646. LOL .. Lin drew fouls like there’s no tomorrow

  647. I thought that was a statement of the truth…where JL wont be able to run PnR because they are not spreading the floor.

  648. Good! Black blocks!

  649. 0-6 Swaggy cmonnnnnnnnn

  650. Twitter is loving Tarik Black…….LOL

  651. He has a football receiver’s mentality

  652. rightfully so

  653. fixed: lin drew uncalled fouls …

  654. Tarik Black getting some love from Scott.

  655. BLin!

  656. yes!

  657. Booze..good PnR with LIn…good job!

  658. Nice layup Lin.

  659. off the glass!!!! i miss those shots!

  660. keep scoring!

  661. good D from Lin

  662. WOW!!!

  663. and then scores on O

  664. quick guess who is leading the lakers in scoring tonite?

  665. What an enjoyable game sans kobe.

  666. Sublime Lin!!

  667. Scott?

  668. Yes more more

  669. Black over Sacre for rest of the season!

  670. Want more

  671. always…the rest are soft

  672. Young replaced Kobe

  673. 16 point plz

  674. Taremy BLin has ARRIVED!

  675. Lin is a FOUL-Magnet!

  676. Sneaky Lin

  677. Will get more points

  678. 3 FTs!!!!! come on!!!!

  679. If I am Lin I would not do that…but good to see..

  680. i thought its a 3PT play

  681. LOL JLin knocked down for 2, whole bench got up to help him up.

  682. Great to see all bench players helped to pick up Lin

  683. KHuang you were right!
    Lin took over lol!!!

  684. Shucks just 2…

  685. THe whole bench helping Jeremy up 🙂

  686. Bench loves lin

  687. Foot on Line!

  688. Price too.. good guy

  689. Price seems like a good guy honestly

  690. They should have just throw him to the fT line

  691. i think he is

  692. Lin learning from the best “Young” for those 3 point fouls LOL

  693. OMG

  694. Yeah!

    ‘getting excited..he he

  695. FREEEE

  696. I have no problem with Price… he’s an unfortunate collateral damage in Byron Scott’s horrendous coaching.

  697. Jeremy D12 Lin.

  698. Come on

  699. man!!!! come on

  700. OMG what’s with the FT,’s?

  701. urgh!!!

  702. Young…. what’s wrong with you?

  703. Cool.

    Lin knows what he’s doing – when he’s not at the friggin free throw line that is!

  704. lol


  706. The only time Lin doesn’t need to smile is on FT line.
    It kinda messes up with his FT ritual

  707. Whatsup with FT. SMH.

  708. terrible FT shooting

  709. what’s up with the missed freethrows?

    it use to be almost automatic

  710. Shooting mechanic experts, is there a change to Jeremy’s FTs? this is mind boggling.

    He was $$$, not sure whats going on.

  711. That girl ref loves lin lol. But why is he missing his fts daym :p

  712. Lin blocked Vucevic!!

  713. Oooh … swaggy… 🙁

  714. Another block? my goodness. Jeremy , you must be 6’9″

  715. 100 ft for lin next practice

  716. Block

  717. yes yes yes

  718. LOL Jeremy blocked Vucevic?

  719. Take Swaggy out, he’s cold. Put Kelly in.

  720. Wow

  721. Lin with 2nd block of the game!!

  722. What a great well-timed BLOCK by Lin!!

  723. I keep saying it: BAD SHOOTING FORM.

  724. Yes please

  725. thought it said lin got ejected.

  726. Wilt ChamberLIN

  727. Lin has been keep feeding Nick… what a great teammate Lin is.

  728. Jeremy Mutombo

  729. lol

  730. LA Announcers are shell-shocked that Lin can block that high!

  731. Black is good!

  732. Dikembe Lin =)

  733. he is s till an offensive thread and need someone to take the FTs. Jeremy had not feeling it on FTs

  734. LOL at Swaggy hogging even the free throws.

  735. should be 18 pts now lol

  736. Bigs with good FTs can close the game



  738. That’s because they don’t know’s Lin’s history of SKYWALKING for blocks.

    Lin thinks he’s some sort of JEDI.

  739. FTs have been short. My guess is he’s not using his legs.

  740. Lin-Booz-Black!

  741. BS really want to win one game, leaving Lin in

  742. Yet Lin is inconsistent right

  743. Finally Young out

  744. There we go like I said Kelly in for Swaggy

  745. not a bad idea, if only he had another 3-4 inches on him

  746. Lin gives Duncan nightmares just as Lin is.

    In Spurs game, it’s Lin vs Duncan all the way. Duncan is even the prime defender on Lin, especially in help

    So far Lin has been getting the better of Duncan. That’s why Duncan RESPECTS LIN.

  747. Lin SKYWALKER, baby!

  748. If he had some brains he would leave him in every game…

  749. LinBlack!

  750. 5 minutes late but better than never.

  751. black is gonna take lin’s top scorer.

  752. Lin to Black. Beautiful.

  753. thank god!

  754. nice pass!

  755. Lin goes BLACK!

    Didn’t sound right for some reason =)

  756. No need for those 3-4 inches.

    Lin has been the SPURS KILLER the last 3 seasons!

  757. BlackLin

  758. I think Kobe did the okie doke on Scott tonight. I think Kobe has been advised by agent probably to distance himself from Scoot because Scott is killing his image…..Jk….LOL

  759. ha

  760. Once you go Black you can go back… to Davis? lol

  761. That wasnt credited as an assist what the heck!

  762. lol this is the funniest

  763. Yes, Lin has found a new big man.

  764. Once you go Black you never go back
    Bye Sacre!

  765. Cool, let Black profit.

    Lin’s fantastic game is marred by his FREE THROW BRICKING.

  766. Davis going to get jealous of Black. Going to want to go back to play with JLin.

  767. All energy this game jeremy with 5 straight solid games

  768. Davis is messed up by starters big time….

  769. What about BLin

  770. and seems like Price is coming back?

  771. Beautiful BlackLinning!

  772. That’s a good idea for a shirt!

  773. Iol.. like it

  774. No mo black mamba, just BLACK!

  775. Lin’s doing everything out there…

  776. Shhhh. David might hear you 🙂

  777. How ’bout BlackLinning?

  778. 2 FTs for Lin right?

  779. We’re BLACKED OUT!!!

  780. Not a strong shooting game but all around effort huge

  781. Game companion for Lakers not up to date. Lin should have 4 assists an Black should have 13 points! Finally!

  782. BS letting Lin close 4th. nice.

  783. Get me 15

  784. Blacksanity!!

  785. OH NO!!!

    Lin building another skyscraper in LA with all them bricks!

  786. Davis: Sit down rookie! I need my points!
    Black: (mutters) In your dreams.

  787. Lin and Black were both UNDRAFTED. Yeah!

  788. LOL

  789. why is lin so bad at free throws now? hes getting the call but its meaningless if he can’t knock them down

  790. lin 5 missed ft

  791. 16??!!!

  792. nope

  793. Man. those free throws… hurts.

  794. Ugh what’s with the ft’s?

  795. Jesus

  796. Lin 15 pts!! But his free throw shooting is at 50% that’s so bad ><"

  797. finally….missed one of 2

  798. seriously whats wrong with this guys free throw shooting. those are free points. get working on those fts lin

  799. Young benched….m…


    bad summer coaching.

  801. Jeremys FT practice buddy must be Davis.
    He needs to change him for Tarik.

    Dangit, all those pretty free points he’s leaving at the line 🙁

  802. too much swag tonite

  803. givign black more time

  804. LOL

  805. teams might actually start hack a lin if that ft shooting doesnt go up

  806. 5th assists for Lin!

  807. lol did he have a new summer coach

  808. Deservedly so

  809. he has a great game.

  810. Lin/Boozer!!!!

  811. 6 assist!!!

  812. he only had 19

  813. 6 assist

  814. could be even better if he hit those

  815. Boozing now

  816. Lin being Lin

  817. lol now 6th assists!!

  818. I like Kelly….he does not ball watch

  819. hack a lin lol

  820. Lin’s never shot this poorly from the line.

    He needs a professional shooting coach to repair his free throws.

    Steve Nash, please come to practice and knock some sense into ERRORME LIN!

  821. ok, double double time.

  822. Young 2-13, Ellington 2-9, Kelly 3-10. If those guys made a few more baskets Lin would have a double double, easy.

  823. BoozLin

  824. LA Prisoners are running LOOSE again! =)

  825. 4 more minutes for Lin to get 4 more assists. 1 assist per minute can he do it?

  826. Few more games and the remaining rust will be gone… now some J-R.Kelly action will be nice

  827. lin finally gets 10 ft but makes haif but it don’t matter just please lin fix the issue its been bad for the last 5 games

  828. that scoring run was courtesy of Lin… that’s undeniable!

  829. Lakers trade Hill now if u can

  830. I’m telling you.. it’s the SMILES that messed up his FT ritual :]

  831. lin with poor FG% and FT% tonight but 15 pts and 6 assists. I’ll take it

  832. For trying to usurp his teammate’s FTs.

  833. It’s so bad that even Stu the hater is calling him out for it ><"

  834. lin with 4 steals tonight

  835. You’ve been saying that for a while now….release or elbow

  836. Black and Davis both better than Hill.

  837. Lin & Black the top 2 scorers!

  838. Jeremy is “Drive of the Game” – Magic feed.

  839. Normally I bash the refs for not awarding Lin free throws.

    Now, I’m terrified of Lin going to the line because he’s GETTING CALLS!


  840. Lakers are trying to release Linsanity, aren’t they?

  841. Great D.

  842. Orlando, do HACK A LIN!

    Make Lin choke at the line if you want to win!

    I sound like a hater. sorry guys. I’m just so LINCENSED by this pitiful display of free throwaways.

  843. What is up with lin and his free throws? Is he having a bad night.?

  844. He used to be so good at FTs :/

  845. I think we are….going to see hack a lin someday

  846. Boozer is playing well on both end

  847. Black is good.

  848. But he is having a good all around game and winning.

  849. I’m thinking the new SMILES messes up his FT rhythm =}

  850. ha ha.. i’ve never been more nervous too when he takes those FT’s…

  851. NAH Black has to stay with Lin!!!Get rid of Sacre!!lol

  852. black shoots with fingers. nothing else

  853. Come on Lin needs to score. I want him game high pts and asts!!!!!

  854. and shooting much better FT than Lin 😉

  855. I wonder if Davis starts to get jealous of Black for stealing his LIN thunder

  856. Is this first time this season lakers blowing out the opponent!?

  857. lin needs to be highest scorer to get headline

  858. I think he is just having a bad free throw shooting night, He will get his rhythm back>>LOL


  860. Did see this tweet below but posted again in case. Like this one:


  861. “2nd unit regains control of the game.” That’s right.

  862. Orlando’s gotta do HACK A JEREMY.

    Dare the bricker in Lin to make a FT under pressure.

  863. I’m sticking with my No-SMILE theory on Lin FTs :>
    The rest of his game is great except FTs since he started smiling in 2015

  864. Jeremy poor shooting still impacting the game

  865. doh

  866. ???

  867. Kelly played 35 minutes… What is BS doing?

  868. Is Ryan Kelly supposed to be good? don’t know much about him…

  869. what is the raised fist play that price called? is it for lin to come off the curl?

  870. Ironically Game of the Year when Kobe sits!

  871. What????

  872. almost another steal

  873. poor shooting percentages from the field in a blowout victory is acceptable.

    poor free throw shooting is NOT.

  874. yes tacos 3

  875. Tacos for everybody!!!! – Jeremy.

  876. Tacos!

  877. He’s somewhat of a stretch 4.

  878. Everybody loves jeremy now because they get tacos!

  879. DAGGER!!!!

  880. yes!!!!!

  881. Lin with 3 pointer to lead the scoring!!

  882. LOL this guy went at Lin and got injured LOLOLOL

  883. he should stop shooting every other shot, and jsut make his 3s!

  884. Lin’s lips lol

  885. Hey he gave us 18

  886. The one thing that I know about lin, the missing FT is just a fluke, but he is getting it done on both ends of the court

  887. Top Performers

    Orl: N. Vucevic 14 Pts, 11 Reb, 1 Ast, 1 Stl

    LAL: J. Lin 18 Pts, 3 Reb, 6 Ast, 4 Stl, 2 Blk

  888. should be 23 but ill take it lol

  889. Hehe…bad boy look… cool!

  890. haha.. Did u guys see him pout show off his shot? Cuteee

  891. Lin talking to Scott…Coach…I did that for you…when Kobe is not in, I could run the team!!!!

  892. Lin went to BS before the game ended and said something hmmm.

  893. No other option with Nick Young playing terrible.

  894. LAL wins by 17 pts, Jeremy’s number!

  895. That last posession Lin should have kept it
    not price we see the real price now very very disgusting

  896. 4 stl and 2 blk!!

  897. haha….we want tacos….yes!!!

  898. its 18 my dear

  899. Lin will tell BS to keep him on the bench to play with Black

  900. What do you mean?

  901. what?

  902. This lineup WORKS.

  903. What do they need to do to get tacos? Win?

  904. 5to’s remind me of linsanity days. I love it.

  905. ESPN
    Top Performers
    Orl: N. Vucevic 14 Pts, 11 Reb, 1 Ast, 1 Stl
    LAL: J. Lin 18 Pts, 3 Reb, 6 Ast, 4 Stl, 2 Blk

  906. Let’s celebrate and vote Lin for ASG !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  907. so Boss!!!

  908. Like Kelly – he knows how to play

  909. have to say, i’m glad BS took nick young out of the game finally. that’s kind of rare

  910. Lin would’ve had way more points if he didn’t most so many FTs! but finally he lead the scoring and assists of the game with 4 steals and 2 blocks!! Great on offense and defense!!

  911. @psalm234:disqus I think I should get my name on scoreboard for today’s game as well….cant remember exactly my prediction but should be close

  912. My two favorite people tonight other then Lin are Black and the female ref. Black for playing like a real big man (take note Hill) and the female ref for getting Price in foul trouble so Lin could play and then calling fouls when Lin got hit. Thank you. Great night.

  913. Mental

  914. last 16 secs shoudve gave the ball to Lin hes the hero he shouldve run the clock down
    price just went right after it
    hes an awful human being

  915. headlines are so easy to write. it’s always the lead scorer who ‘leads’ the team to victory.

  916. I was shocked…

  917. Kobe must be seething on his couch.

  918. Game high Pts – Lin
    Game high Asts – Lin
    Game high Steals – Lin
    Game high Blocks – Lin <—edit: close enough ;p
    Game high To's – Lin :p

  919. The point is jlin is under 30min! BS got his job done.

  920. he missed 5 FTs tonite?

  921. YES so cute!!!!! He needs to do that after every shot 🙂

  922. BS better not try to take credit and say something like they played better because he was mad and made them practice hard

  923. Lol!

  924. BS was set on playing Kelly 35 minutes this game so obvious. Young gotta watch out cause Kelly might eat into his minutes.

  925. LAME

  926. lol

  927. Shouldve interviewed Lin not black hes not that good

  928. missed FTs?

  929. Haha… high TO means Lin worked extra hard out there!

  930. It took Ronnie getting in foul trouble and Kobe sitting out to get Lin 29 min. Look at Lin’s production as a result…Scott do you see that????

  931. Just missing the rebound

  932. Oh no….

  933. He deserved it. Played very well. Let the Rookie have it.

  934. All good. Those TO’s were mostly him trying to get his teammates going.

  935. Text Lin to 69622 !!!!!

  936. Score over 100

  937. it’s all good. He was extremely effective all-around

  938. Sounds Like a reverse troll to me.

  939. exactly lin been there done that

  940. nah, that wasn’t an honor bro.

  941. Do not forget Young stay cold

  942. Yeah thats rare as well!!! But with Black and Kelly playing well, Young time maybe limited, provided Lin and Price plays well, like today. Price is not great, but he did well, within his capability.

    Lin had his Linsanity game; and bringin in BlackSanity as well

  943. He played well tonight.

  944. lol nothing more obvious

  945. Scott is hedging his bet now, I can tell the difference.

  946. NO! Lin was the hero of the game
    Black was nothing w/o Lin
    Lin brought them the win
    Black didnt deserve it

  947. Booze not complaining now as a bench player as he now getting more points playing with Jeremy than before as a starter

  948. I’d say duckface tho xD

  949. 2 blocks on big men

  950. lol


    (sorry for the caps. But I mean business)

  952. Don’t RT for TWC. smh!

  953. ur a troll

  954. I’m not impressed with Jeremy the point guard this game. I’m impressed with Jeremy releasing his INNER FORWARD. Freakin’ guy going against the Magic bigs.

  955. I think Young gf called him soft hurt him mentally.

  956. Stop it.

  957. LIN SWAAAAG, baby!

  958. Actually the Lakers won by 17 which is what she was referring to.

  959. coming out party for Tarik! good for him…

    He’s like Jeremy on his post game interview. ‘says – it’s a blessing for him to get to play out there.

  960. Lin plays best with a strong big man. Black is a big part of why Lin played well tonight as well. Sacre and boozer are nice but they don’t have black strength. Lin paired with Davis and black would be formidable.

  961. black transform this bench into a real power. he fits lin perfectly. i never ever wanna see sacre again.

  962. u dont seem to honor Lins contribution tn
    go back to CF u HATER

  963. Jlin making a scrub look like Allstars again, smh

  964. That is why Lin rarely got credit this season with Kobe chuck all those shots leading the scoring.

  965. davis could of had those easy shots

  966. He had a great game, why are you so negative on him?

  967. BS seems to play things differently away from the bright lights of Staples Center. Don’t trust the guy.

  968. Thanks…will keep an eye on Jerome… he had been mocking all the players. He did been warned previously

  969. 2 HOU outcasts will prove to be a worthy tandem!

  970. No Lin was the only reason black played well tn lets not get that twisted

  971. Undrafted players are all very grateful and not entitled brats.

  972. This Jerome guy is a troll

  973. Linsanity?

  974. Team ball tonight! Points are all evened out 🙂

  975. What’s up with blocking a Center LOL

  976. who did I mock? an example?
    I dont think you know the definition of mock

  977. Hope they show it in highlights later

  978. is that the official twitter?

  979. He puts his fts and all fga.

  980. Lin already made his point with the off dribble 3 a the very end.

  981. wow it is. they said ballot

  982. Yes sir

  983. … that lip exercise… perhaps a message to Koby? or to BS?

  984. The Charmin crew prevails again!


  985. not negative
    but they shouldve interviewed Lin

  986. It may be appropriate to list him as Jeremy Lin 17 – Point Forward instead 🙂

  987. No YOu Are a troll

  988. Lin was skipping down the lane with his lips pouting out LOL.

  989. 6 players with double digits, that is the magic of Lin, which brings energy and defense motivation to the game.

  990. 5 missed FTs OUCH!

  991. Tonight’s female ref – Lauren Holtkamp. Received Master’s degree in Divinity. Maybe that’s why she was good to Jeremy)

  992. Good.. NBA claimed it’s JLin who stepped up for the W, not #SnakeHead, Byron!

  993. can’t wait…

  994. Let’s say they both deserve it

  995. So I’m just pointing out the mistreatment of Lin by the media and I’m a troll now?
    wow so what? Lin wasnt the best plyer of the night? is that what you all are saying?
    and I’m a troll?

  996. Erm,…is that your pic?=)

  997. At least not biased against him.

  998. YES! Been shooting 50%/66% for few games. Tonight by far the worst!

  999. More like she was bad to Price…LOL

  1000. Once you go Black, you never go back! LOL.

  1001. 10 ft its lin who missed 5 lol :p

  1002. That kind of trolling only work on the other site not on here.

  1003. Yeah, tho i can’t believe his FTs were 5 out of 10. He must’ve gotten tired.

  1004. Calm down….Lets enjoy the moment

  1005. better Black was good in this game but thanks to LIn

  1006. lol really

  1007. … sweet…! Kobe can take his sweet time to rest more

  1008. THe 1st one

  1009. which is a rare

  1010. works*
    work on your english

  1011. right on…

  1012. BLACKLIN is the funniest combo name ever

  1013. Who’s he?

  1014. lol interesting.

  1015. Try to think like Lin.

  1016. WRONG … he was shooting almost 90% until this month iirrc. Please stop saying ‘girlie’ shooting form. That’s very disrespectful to girls. Lin is in a FT slump and it’s not his form. He’s not concentrating. His ritual is too loose and not locked in like before.

  1017. Without Kobe not only better team but also much more fun to watch.

  1018. I am
    people are calling me names for saying Lin was the hero tn
    idk if im the troll or they are the trolls
    7iger that is

  1019. missed his double double by 1 rebound

  1020. Don’t act like Kobe, who can’t share an ounce of spotlight with others. Black did well, allow his 5 minutes of glory.

  1021. i salute you, good Jeremy Lin fans. I know that we are all overjoyed (Bliss). He is truly what we expect of him. Good night from nyc.

  1022. You’re just at a 10 right now Jerome, turn it down to a 7 at least.

    Tarik had a great game, let him have this moment.

    Jeremy had a great night too but that should be the norm for him.

    There’s nothing wrong with others getting some shine too, especially humble guys like Black who are fighting for their chance to play in the NBA, remember Jeremy was in his shoes at some point.

  1023. Grrr,,,privilege of celebrity…grrrrr

  1024. Freee Tacos!

  1025. Yes he did
    thats cool Im happy for him
    All’s Im saying is that Lin should be the one to be interviewed

  1026. Now I won’t be surprised if BS benches some other players and they won’t complain lol.

  1027. Thanks for hanging late with us, East Coast Linnies!

  1028. It’s the phantom of the opera aka the head of the snake.

  1029. Probably just misunderstandings..

  1030. sounds like a superhero haha..

  1031. Yah makes sense
    got cha

  1032. Black should take ALL of Sacre’s PT and some from Hill.

  1033. Yup and I believe jlin is happy for Black too

  1034. She had a soft spot for Lin. 😉

  1035. lol oh that’s who he was talking about

  1036. no keep him with lin hill starts

  1037. Throwing someone under the bus again

  1038. See how Lin found him under the basket for that dunk.

  1039. He is an ABC just like Lin. He is a very famous pop musician in Asia, Many girls are crazy about him. He is also a Christian. So he and Lin have lots in common.

  1040. Oops, sorry to hurt you feeling.

  1041. Hill and Lin play together for a bit.

  1042. Enjoy the win and a good game from our star. When the superstar returns this will be highly unlikely to happen.

  1043. No his FT’s been bad these 5 games and he only played 29 minutes. Kelly played 35 minutes and looked fine.

  1044. Ya! Everyone vote for Lin.

  1045. Singer/actor famous in China. Born and raised in the USA though, so he speaks English well. Also he was in the Kobe System commericals.

  1046. I only watched the 4th Q, seems like Linsanity?

  1047. ohh yes remove hill earlier lol

  1048. Musician and actor. American I think but based in Taiwan. Celebrity power indeed.

  1049. Only if Black could say he saw an intelligent, fair, team-minded coach with a high bb IQ

  1050. THanks for the 30 mins running

  1051. Not quite, shooting 50% FT ><" That's the only bad thing about his last 5 games. Could've gotten 23 points!

  1052. Not misunderstood at all I mean it.

  1053. They request to be bench now to play with Jeremy

  1054. Oh. But I thought Linsanity isn’t about stats, it’s about team play and some craziness.

  1055. lin after the three= you said you wanted tacos lol

  1056. No PnR and lazy Hill? No thank you!! I hope Lakers FO notice Black and Davis are the ones they need to keep and trade Hill before deadline!

  1057. 18 is what Jeremy got 🙂

  1058. Linsanity is different to different ppl

  1059. True that! Both accounts.

  1060. it was today insanity first game it later for longer then a few minutes. thx for kobe being out

  1061. They were tired? I’m so glad Jeremy didn’t say that to BS. Can you imagine the uproar?

  1062. No you didn’t. Now try to change you tone lol.

  1063. Why? what did he say?

  1064. Not even worried about the FT’s. Lin is focused on other aspects of his
    game and playing with high energy. It’s like he’s rushing through
    them to not break up the flow of his game. The blocks and steals might
    make Byron actually look at Lin’s defense in a different light with a
    little less bias.

    I’ll take 55% from 3 the last two games cause the free throws will come around. Love that he wanted to be the one to deliver the tacos to the crowd!

  1065. The ones he sank that I saw, he seemed to bend his knee a bit more. But then again, I wasn’t watching super closely so I could be wrong.

  1066. Lin consistently put up 30 pt games during Linsanity!

  1067. Lin WHY U NO GET ONE MORE BLOCK??? Then you lead all categories! Fail!

  1068. Good game by Lin
    Lin Clarkson Kelly Black Davis the future of Lakers

  1069. What a pass from Lin !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1070. Block this guy, Jerome, please.

  1071. Scott has very bad sight

  1072. Very good! LOL

  1073. need to go ask rikki at other site lol.

  1074. nice fall at the end lol

  1075. Black moves to good spot like Davis. Great to have him!

  1076. your post on Ellington!

  1077. Please stop it there

  1078. Nothing serious just having fun with him.

    “NO! Lin was the hero of the game
    Black was nothing w/o Lin
    Lin brought them the win
    Black didnt deserve it”

  1079. 7iger, we have our eye on him

  1080. Wonderful post.

    Your quote about the 55% from 3 indeed put the perspective on the free throws for me.

    I hope that Lin solves the free throws as soon as possible. He’s too good a shooter to be bricking like that.

  1081. and Randle. If they are smart.

  1082. What I like about this play is Jeremy has two bigs (Tarik and Kelly) as good options.
    1. Kelly moving off ball
    2. Black rolling

  1083. does this look like bad form to you?

  1084. Lin had 4 steals in the first half ….


  1085. That’s an offensive bench !

  1086. Season high 4 steals.

  1087. Everyone who watches knows the Bench are the ‘REAL’ Starters!
    The excitement from the crowd is up, the pace is up, the scoring is up, the speed is up…

  1088. Oh my bad totally forgot about this beauty(in basketball)
    yah replace him with davis
    ur set

  1089. LOL if Tark had taken that ball stronger.. I remember Shaq pulling down the backboard..

  1090. Need I say more abt the @Lakers win? Look at this photo!! @JLin7 pic.twitter.com/lLjMnSiXdl— wonderland (@music6483) January 10, 2015

  1091. I thought he played good teamball today.

  1092. Problem is they don’t get enough PT

  1093. Should be Lin Young Kelly Black Davis are the future of Lakers. Clarkson maybe bench PG if Lakers want him to stay.

  1094. Didn’t I say last game that Taiwanese folks EAT SNAKE?

    Not only do Taiwanese folks eat snake, they also eat heads.

    Byron Scott called Price the “head of the snake”. YUM YUM!

  1095. Linsanitized

  1096. He is everywhere!

  1097. Have you forgotten what ball hog and Wannabe Kobe, Randle was?! No Thank You! Randle even said he’s a Kobe fan!!

  1098. It was so good I didn’t see him pass it until replay and then barely!

  1099. as always!!!!

  1100. Lakers
    w/o Kobe 2-3 .400
    w/ Kobe. 10-22 .312

  1101. Man, that’s your funniest comment this year!

  1102. Davis plays smart teamball, Randle plays selfish iso. Davis > Randle!

  1103. OMG, Lakers have so many Lin’s.

  1104. I know, I guess I just bored.

  1105. He havent got enough minutes, so its a little too early to say, how he even outs

  1106. meh i dont like young and davis
    young == kobe davis not very skilled

  1107. Need bigger sample size for w/o to make comparison meaningful.

  1108. hes all hustle

  1109. I ate a lot while I was a kid….

  1110. Ask KHuang.

  1111. SteaLin’!


  1112. Just an FYI
    chinese do too

  1113. Did it taste like chicken?

  1114. Do you salivate when you see Price?

  1115. Kobe probably at home, SEETHING.

    It’s Lin’s team.

    Been that way since Day One of training camp, though the Lakers are still fighting it.

  1116. Frogs is more like chicken…..Snakes depend…

  1117. Geezzzzzz… Making me goosebumps.. 🙁

  1118. Davis is not much skilled on his own, but his game is a great compliment to Jeremy’s.

  1119. No…it is forbidden now to eat that

  1120. snake more like fish i uess
    or very soft meat

  1121. Really hoping footwearfoot is working on highlights as I type this, I wanna watch them again before going to bed XD

  1122. @Jerome with sigh of relief. 🙂

  1123. thats true but want Lin to have a legit big
    like tyson chandler

  1124. Ya! Everyone is so relax & more happier w/o Kobe on court. LOL!

  1125. Jeremy Lin actually played 29 minutes tonight!

    Even though the only reason Lin played that much was because Snakehead Price got in foul trouble, at least Lin played big minutes and got to win the game.

    When Lin was in Houston, he regularly got 29 minutes off the bench even though that number sharply decreased after the trade deadline last year. We Lin fans used to rightfully howl that Lin wasn’t playing enough.

  1126. Lins eyes got bigger over time

  1127. ORL PostGame Thread is now open!


    @NBA and @Lakers officially credited Lin for the huge win vs ORL Magic
    Congrats, JLin! The go-ahead 3 and Lin’s Pouty Swag showed how confident Lin was to take that last shot!
    That was quite a statement that Lin made as a Laker.

  1128. Playing basketball at a young age supposedly increases ones height.

  1129. Man.. what else do u taste?

  1130. LeBron will be jelly! 😀

  1131. I don’t care how people look like during puberty. I’m more interested how a person looks as he grows older, with lots of external and internal factors which can weigh a person down.

    Jeremy looks great as he AGES, like fine wine.

  1132. yep …

  1133. Lin打的正棒

  1134. Black is Christian ;))

  1135. Yep, and look now much no coaching is hurting a very smooth and good shooter.

  1136. Snakes between chicken and fish, depending on which kind.

  1137. so are the 90% of the nation

  1138. no kobe, no problem. Priceless …

  1139. Said a guy whose profile is private lol.

  1140. So Jews, Buddhists, Muslims, etc. only 10% of the U.S.? Doubt it.

  1141. Stay thirsty, my Sista! =)

  1142. His promotion is more like a demotion.

  1143. Lin has the ability to turn Charmin into gold, like he did in New York.

  1144. does it taste like unagi?

  1145. Charmin much tougher than Scott Ultra Soft.

  1146. He is a career 80% free throw shooter with the potential to be 90. This is a non issue. It’s hard to build up that much energy, lead the team, have his focus on 3’s and other parts of his game, and then gather himself to concentrate at the line. His mind is totally focused on other things including anticipating for steals, which he should have had five. Picked Fournier pretty clean at the end, but he got it back luckily.

    On his free throws he is rushing a couple beats and not taking that really deep breath before the shot like he was doing earlier in the year. He will emphasize it during practice and be fine.

    This game was the first time I could tell his teammates are trusting him and wanted to give him the ball back. And did you see when he fell down by the Laker bench? Four or so teammates were so quick to pull him up. When I would see him fall like that earlier in the season teammates didn’t pick him up with that type of enthusiasm.

  1147. And Kobe has the ability to turn gold into Charmin.

  1148. so does swimming+exercise .. possibly it makes the body hungry for more food to grow
    good stuff!

  1149. I’d have ZERO issue with Lin being a 50% FT shooter if, IF it also means that his 3PT% stays around 50%. LOL

  1150. snake is tougher..
    and has so much heat!

    I drank the blood twice mixed in wine .. maybe it was the wine that brought heat =]

  1151. I’ll drink out of the bottle 🙂

  1152. Let him be jelly…

  1153. Purple and gold into Charmin

  1154. Aww…not the heads……snake soup is good tho

  1155. Me too…..lots of snake soup coz my grandparents loved it

  1156. Great post, this is how I see Lin’s game. The responsibility for the team performance is his, and that’s why this game was won. Funny, Lin is winning games from the trunk of the car. He’s a good man.

  1157. PS, are you the same Brin as before with Briin?

  1158. 王力宏

  1159. 3 guys on him.

  1160. This is a good lineup. Swaggy keeps chucking too much even when cold.
    Lin / Boozer / Black / Kelly. +Ellington.

  1161. 73% according to Wiki 😛

  1162. does that mean if I vote Linsanity every time, it’s right and I get the prize?

  1163. should be 王力宏?