Game 37 Atlanta Hawks vs Washington Wizards: Despite Bad Referee Calls, Jeremy Lin Still Among Top NBA PGs in Shooting Efficiency

After 3 games of mini-slump when Jeremy Lin scored 7 points per game, a game against the Wizards when Lin created a mini-Linsanity in the 4th quarter on Dec 18 will be welcomed. John Wall (heel), the Wizards point guard, will also be out to  will finalize a timetable for his season-ending surgery within the coming days, Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN reports.

Nate Duncan, an NBA analyst, and Ronnie Nunn, an ex-NBA ref, also noted several bad calls by referees that did not go Lin’s way in the last game against the Pacers. Had they been called fairly, Jeremy would have finished with better stats and possibly more playing time.

The good news is Jeremy Lin continues to show excellent efficiency in stats to be the only NBA point guard shooting at least 50% on FG and 40% on 3-PT FG prior to the previous Pacers game. This will certainly help other NBA teams to be interested to trade for Jeremy Lin’s services before the Feb 7 trade deadline.


  1. First!!!!! Happy New Year! Wishing you all the best of health and happiness!

  2. Happy New Year! May 2019 bring health and lots of blessings to you, JLin, and all Lin fans!

  3. Nice fan story with JLin. Next time you know what to ask JLin if he’s biking next to you lol

    He was cool, I asked him if he wanted a slice of pizza,he said “after the game”.

  4. HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL! May 2019 be another year of fun basketball for JLin and JLin fans!

  5. Enes Kanter talked to the Knicks GM about the reduced role due to playing young players.
    This is a similar situation that JLin is in but the main difference is Kanter not having much demand in the trade market due to almost being unplayable in the playoff caused by defensive shortcomings. Thankfully, JLin’s strength in offense and defense will garner a lot of interest for playoff-minded teams.

    Kanter said he spoke to Knicks GM Scott Perry looking for more information, via Marc Berman of the New York Post.

    “I even asked Scott, if you were in my situation, what would you do?’’ Kanter said. “He said, ‘the whole league knows you. Right now, we know that you are a very, very good basketball player. Now I want you to go out there and try to have that good character, try to be a good teammate, and try to help all the people.’ I understand we’re not winning a lot right now. But I guess it’s all for the young guys…

    “I did not ask for a trade, no. I did not say, ‘Scott, try and trade me.’ No I did not say that,’’ Kanter said. “ Because I like it here a lot. And I probably won’t say to Scott’s face, ‘Scott I want to get traded.’ Because I like it here a lot. But again, in the end, we all are competitors, basketball players. I like it here so much, but again I want to win. I want this team to get to the playoffs one day. This is my blood, man, I’m sorry. If anyone asks anything else, I’m not going to do it. I’m going out there to get a win every time.”

    As much as the Knicks might test the trade market for Kanter, there isn’t going to be much demand for a player making $18.6 million who, because of his serious defensive shortcomings, is almost unplayable in the postseason. The Knicks aren’t interested in attaching assets (such as picks) to a salary dump to move Kanter, so things seem stuck.

    This is likely Kanter’s reality for the rest of the season (unless there is a buyout in February).

  6. JLin has soooo many fans, inspires people of all ages, all faiths, all ethnicities, all races. It is totally inaccurate and deliberately biased to say only Asians are his fans.

    Yes, Lin is cool. Slice of pizza, LOL.

  7. Happy New Year! May it be one Magical year to JLin and his fans 🙂 or one Pay-Lin-can year!

  8. Speaking of Nate Duncan. Unlike certain ESPN fools, Duncan has been positive supporter of Lin.

    Has tried to return the support by listening to his “Dunc’d On” podcast, once in a while. For those who can afford the time and want to hear about the rest of the NBA.

    Duncan also tweeted this, back on Nov 13. “Great to see Jeremy Lin playing well again.”

  9. very true .. Lin’s fanbase are very diverse; many identify with Lin being underdogs, team-first guy, excellent role model, and a very humble guy.

    yeah, the fan must be feeling guilty eating pizza while JLin is pedaling hard on his bike. LOL

  10. Yes, “SHOW US LINSANITY!” and “Show LIN the Money”! 🙂

  11. I veer off onto a negative track again. Can’t help it.

    This is the PROBLEM with the NBA! They insist on going with ever younger, unproven players, NOT ready to fully compete. Instead of just adding them to teams with proven, EXPERIENCED, smart, loyal players. And letting them develop slowly. I hate the word “veteran”, with the negative connotation, as if those players have nothing else to contribute on the court.)

    Why aren’t NBA teams continuing to try to win and improve year over year? Instead of TEARDOWN and REBUILD? Never mind. Rhetorical rant.

  12. What is the responsibility of the NBPA (NBA players association)? Is it just to negotiate big fat contracts for corrupt guys like Chris Paul? Why aren’t they speaking up on behalf of players when they get hurt, or flagrantly fouled? Are they not there to protect players?

    NBPA’s president Michele Roberts, tweeted shout-out to JLin when he got traded. How about something constructive, like filing complaints against the NBA Refs? The NBPA is useless…..

    How about Adam Silver? Who JLin meets with to provide insight and advice about the NBA markets in Asia. What’s he doing to help protect Lin? Obviously nothing…..

  13. About the non-calls last game. Yes, there was the goal-tend, and the block instead of the charge. But there was also the BLATANT hard push by Joseph to cause the Lin fumble and turnover. That was even worse, potential for injury. Not new for Lin. But still always INCREDULOUS that they aren’t called.

    It wouldn’t be as hard to accept if it weren’t for the total HYPROCRISY. Harden, a slight tap of his arm, opponent just breathing on him. Immediate whistle and free throws. Talk about manufactured star. And the NBA isn’t even trying to hide it.

  14. Sorry guys, didn’t mean to start off 2019 on a negative note.

    How about this fun one instead? As he has done with all this teammates, Lin tries to teach them Mandarin. Len sounds like he’s got the accent going right! LOL.

    And team dinner in DC.

  15. NBA is about MONEY like most things in the world are.

    IMO these young, unproven draft picks mean job security for the Front Office. It buys them 3-4 years to prove that they know how to pick potential stars. Most NBA teams know they won’t be the next GS Warriors so they focus on finding the next superstar while getting paid to do so.

    Undrafted players like JLin, Wes Matthews, Raja Bell, JJ Barea didn’t get a lot of chances and backing because no Front Office staff “discovered” them. They survived because they fight hard to prove it with their skillset. Add to the fact that race played into the factor of Lin not being drafted (per Kobe and Morey), not many would go to the extra distance for Lin.

    But NBA loves their stars. If JLin continues to score more to be a star in his next team who wants to win, teams would be more than happy to make money off him.

  16. Lin always plays well with bigs who can run the pick-and-roll with him. With the Hawks, he has played well with Dedmon, Len, Collins, even Spellman and Plumlee. But beause of injuries and constant line-up changes, really haven’t seen a lot of consistent minutes with any of them.

    IMO, Lin has the most NATURAL chemistry with Poythress. Who is back in G-League again tonight because he’s still on a two-way. The guy runs, can set screens, can stretch the floor and hit a few 3’s, plays hard, finds Lin after rebounds.

    If Lin is forced to still play with the bench (or if Lin is still on the Hawks), I hope that Poythress will be converted to a regular contract, and get to play more minutes with Lin.

  17. People who will not tank:

    JR Smith
    Enes Kanter

    Anyone else? I suspect there are other players on tanking teams who react by playing lacksadaisical

  18. Saw an article on I think Bleacher Report that said NBA thinks that 27 is the peak year. 27? Use em’ up and burn em out. SAD commentary on the NBA mindset.

  19. Michael Scotto is one of good reporters who support JLin.

    In the 12/17 TheAthletic article (Note: read 3 free articles/month via an app), he praised Lin’s shooting efficiency and stated he could be a trade target for playoff teams in need of a backup PG. He also quoted DeMarre Carroll who’s confident he’ll go to a team who needs help to win.

    In return to Brooklyn, Jeremy Lin said he was ‘really hurt’ by trade from Nets

    Despite being on a new team, Lin finds himself in a similar situation as he did in Brooklyn. He’s a veteran on a young rebuilding team and has an uncertain long-term future. In the meantime, Lin is making the most of his 18.4 minutes per game and averaging 10.8 points while shooting well from the field (.506), 3-point range (.418) and the free-throw line (.833) with 3.2 assists entering the game. If he keeps up this type of play, he could be a trade target for playoff teams in need of a backup point guard.

    “Unfortunately, he’s on a young team where I don’t know if winning is a priority to him, but I’m pretty sure he’s going to get on a team where he can help somebody, so he’s just got to keep a positive mindset and keep getting better because just his movement overall I can tell that he’s really worked hard to get back to where he’s at,” Nets forward DeMarre Carroll said.

    Whether he becomes a trade chip or not, Lin is thankful to be back on the court healthy for the first time since rupturing his patellar tendon in his right knee on opening night last season after a long road back.

    Lin, 30, was cleared approximately three or four days before training camp. He had not played five-on-five before being cleared before camp. “It was a daily process, struggle, grind,” Lin said. “There were some very bad days early on.”

    Now, Lin is enjoying the simpler things about being an NBA player.

    “I’m just living in the moment and just having fun, and honestly, I’m not really too caught up in all the numbers or things like that,” Lin said. “For me, I just feel like my goal every day is to maximize my enjoyment of each and every game, not take these opportunities for granted. Maybe things that used to matter a lot more in the past don’t as much, and little things, basic things, matter more to me now.”

  20. Good for many NBA teams to do this. Hawks have been active in educating players off the court too.

    Serious purposeful event. But funny Lin. Winter beanie hat, with his stylish slip-ons. LOL.

  21. Maybe the next “trend” will not be to maneuver for unproven draft picks but to have a smart coach put together a good “team” of players. This is what the Clippers and Doc Rivers have done. No Chris Paul, no Deandre, no Blake (and no Austin Rivers). Play watchable basketball (yes I snuck in a game). What a novel concept.

  22. From last game, postgame. Tencent Sports interview.

  23. “Dear Friends and Supporters:
    This year I’ve been reflecting a lot on gratitude and contentment. Being able to get back on the basketball court after being injured for so long has really reminded me of all the things I take for granted daily.

    The Jeremy Lin Foundation board and I are so grateful for all of our amazing partners that commit themselves daily to working to improve the lives of other people.

    We are also grateful for YOU, for taking the time to learn about our work, supporting us financially and spreading awareness of the important work that is being done.

    Wishing you a happy holiday season full of gratitude and contentment.”

  24. Thanks for the read. Looks like update to earlier article, with additional stats and comments.

    LOVED the original behind-the-scenes look at Lin’s rehab. Interviews with Fortius and Josh Fan. Detailed and thorough. Not lazy parroting. REAL JOURNALISM.

  25. Yes, to me, a form of cannibalization. What are they going to do next. Draft middle-schoolers?

  26. Peak years vary. I guess the peak years for men are 27-29. But best performing in terms of combo of physical skills plus the important mental mastery of the game IMO comes after age 27 and more like 29-32 for many players. I don’t pay attention to the NBA’s priorities as they’re for entertainment and hype purposes.

  27. I wish. But, as you said, some teams and maybe even owners may make the exception.

  28. TOTALLY AGREE. With all HOPE for Lin.

    I know I’m repeating myself. But every game that Lin is HEALTHY, but not played to his strengths, is a reminder.

    It’s about the Money Machine, Power Structure and the Status Quo. (Including powerful agents and powerful college programs.)

    Again, just my rhetorical rant. 🙂

  29. It will be interesting if the Clippers can reach the playoff with no big-name stars. They’re 6th in the Western conference now. Denver is actually #1 with Jokic in the starring role.

    I guess it might come down to ticket sales. If fans approve and teams are winning, it might start a new trend

  30. “You are only as good as your coach thinks you are in this league.” – the female commentator.

    How true!

  31. Trae young will become a 6th man with that defense.

  32. Hamilton has taken a bunch of minutes, starting for the 2nd striaght game — JLIN getting fewest number of Q1 minutes in some time

    4min left and JLIN still not playing in Q1

  33. Is lin injured?

  34. No

  35. Lin in

  36. at 4:15 1Q

  37. ooof Lin way of on that 3

  38. Actually wasn’t a big miss from my perspective

  39. Crazy how beal gets the cheapest of fouls while Lin gets nothing.

  40. Nice steal great assist, but off the mark on the running 3 ptr

  41. hope Lin’s ankle is ok

  42. this is torture lol

  43. stepped on his foot looks fine

  44. Wow JLIN back in

  45. John Collins on fire frm 3

  46. This is a decent Hwks lineup for JLIN to lead a run to even this up

  47. 2nd JLIN steal of the night

  48. 33333333333333

  49. really? nice

  50. Worst executed fast break I’ve seen in a while by Bembry and Collins

  51. Nice!
    7:53 Jeremy Lin makes 25-foot three point jumper (Dewayne Dedmon assists) 42 – 46

  52. The First one!

  53. Lin’s doing it with defense. I’m glad to see him taking the 3s even though only 1 fell.

  54. It seems Trae was up to come back in but maybe Lin Trae play together? Can’t take Lin out now, he’s getting it going.

  55. What a surprise – at 10:17 2Q!

  56. Trae 1 agains 3 fastbreak into the trees – JLIN was open

  57. And the tanking coach did just that lol

  58. Trae’s just too short, he came from the blindside but doesn’t have enough strength to stop the shot

  59. Lin played almost 4 min. in 2Q

  60. So on pace for his customary 16 mins

  61. washington announcer dont know what they are talking about saying Trae has game similiar to Steph….not even on the same stratosphere

  62. Sign! I was hoping he had more time for another 3 pointer!

    True. He played 8 min. so far.

  63. JLIN and Collins only Hawks with a Positive plus/minus

  64. And not to a good result. smh.

  65. press talk-points prepared by the Hawks?

  66. by the NBA mostly, but it works for the Hawks

  67. D Hamilton shoots virtually every time he touches the ball

  68. doesn’t matter how many defenders in front of him

  69. Now JLIN is the LONE ATL player in positive Plus/Minus

  70. lol, Ariza banged by Collins and then gets a travel

  71. Lin played well despite the shooting….his 3s seem way of this game too strong.

  72. Would not mind seeing an old fashioned 3rd Quarter collapse blowout – – and then see JLIN get beacoup minutes in Q4 to play around

  73. JLIN hasn’t taken 4 threes in the past 4 games, JLIN is not missing by much

  74. then immediately taken out of the game lol

  75. even the janitor can be a starting five except jeremy

  76. yep. jeremy is playing against 8 players

  77. So tired of seeing Hawks games where Lin was given only under 20 minutes PT!

    I was grateful that Hawks gave him a home when Nets dumped him. Now I wonder why Lin has to be in a tanking team. It is painful to see Lin playing behind rookies and watching team loss game after game from the bench.

  78. Trade is coming; I’m certain before deadline Feb 7 we will see a trade

  79. you are not alone. watching this game now makes me want to throw up. getting yoyo mins

  80. hoping this will come true

  81. more hoping, hoping

  82. same old story. I hope jeremy will go crazy and not miss so LP can’t pull him out

  83. I say, keep shooting it Lin! You are a “40% er”

  84. Trae is so skinny that if a normal NBA player bumps him he goes flying

  85. Just last week JLIN said it’s not his job on this team to impose his will when he plays

  86. Pierce gets a technical

  87. Nice strip by Trae – perhaps the first good defensive play from Trae in 38 games that I’ve seen

  88. just got home. 8 minutes. not surprised. same old story.

  89. We are on our way to a JLIN Q4 — unless of course Pierce yet has another new twist to limit JLIN — to the old blowout routinge

  90. hopefully a blow out so lin can find his rythm back

  91. Collins shot isn’t falling now but keeps taking them just like all the young Hawks

  92. Lin in

  93. Lets see if Pierce does a JLIN

    4 min Q1
    4 min Q2
    4 min Q3


  94. Hope you are wrong. LOL.

  95. Great defense by JLIN

  96. Good to see Lin is getting foul calls FOR him

  97. JLIN in and good things happening for the Hawks for the most part (apart from the boneheaded Bembry plays and general selfishness)

  98. Lin is making things happen. Good things. As usual.

  99. yup

  100. Lin +9 closest next is +2

  101. JLIN a positve +9 team best
    Trae a negative -15 team worst

    thats -24 point differntial for those of you playing from home

  102. Bembry just benefited from a great pass from Lin.

  103. Yes, most Hawks benefit when JLIN passes to them

  104. Lin-Len

  105. That’s what I want to see LIn do more of. Hang on to the ball, drive in, get someone an easy shot or take it himself.

  106. Randle can’t stop fouling Lin.

  107. JLIN has a net Assist (deducting for TOs ) of 5 same as Trae (8-3) on half as many minutes

  108. Lin, has some pep in his step now. Nice drive and finish.

  109. Pierce may have another decision to make with Wiz #2 since he is keeping the squad alive again

  110. “Wizards fans know not to get Jeremy Lin going…” the Wizards commentator. haha.

  111. I suspect even if Hawks players like Vince tell Pierce to keep JLIN in the game, Pierce will ignore them

  112. Lin orchestrated Hawks back in the game, now behind by 2 only! 81-83

  113. JLIN doing his Magic again digging an awful starting unit repeatedly out of the gutter — (Orlando magic? magic magic?

  114. Told you guys, Lin will make a difference. Just a matter of time.

  115. At the very least Pierce cut out that crapola of 4 minutes JLIN stints ( not one NBA player can get going in 4 min spurts)

  116. Like no JLIN fans know that … lol

  117. Very short stints are disrespectful IMO

  118. Come on, you guys were in the dumps about his minutes. Sooner or later, he’ll force LP’s hand to make him play longer. That’s what he’s done.

  119. Agree.

    6 min. for Lin so far in 3Q.

  120. There’s a differnce between depression about not getting playing time and faithfulness to JLIN’s abilities when he is allowed to play some minutes

  121. Alex Len is gonna be a good player for some team – persistent as heck

  122. He wasn’t allowed anything. He went in there, played hard and well and LP had no other choice but to keep him in. It was no gift. Lin forced LP’s hand.

  123. Our boy JLIN is a miracle worker again — watch him get ZERO minutes and another DNP-CD for the 3rd game in a row by Pierce for the Q4

  124. Glad to see Len playing hard.

  125. You might have jumped the gun again, we’ll see

  126. you guys are making the same point lol. lin will be lin . no stopping that. even on a bottom feeding team like this

  127. Bueller.. Bueller.. lol

  128. for Q4 I mean

  129. I’m talking about this last stint. I’m not talking about anything or making predictions. That’s your thing, not mine.

  130. If the Trae unit doesn’t squander JLIN’s hard work again — then JLIN is done for the evening

  131. Lin led the Hawks back in the game – reduced the deficit from 11 to 4 in 3Q.

    It is, however, no guarantee that he will not be benched AGAIN in the 4Q.

  132. I fear you are correct, we shall see; JLIN had an awesome game though and everyone who matters (NBA scouts) knows it

  133. It’d be nice to see Lin get a few more pts to get back to his 10pts avg.

  134. I hope they trade Alex Len along with JLIN – he is a giant Euro that you want on your team

  135. loved him while in College.. matured into a much more versatile big man

  136. Getting the feeling that is it for JLIN as it :

    completely fits the 13-16 min allotment of his minutes,
    Trae’s unit keeping it within what JLIN gave them;
    and the fact that soon it will be too late to bring JLIN in even if Hawks starters start blowing it

  137. So SWS94 this is the reward from Pierce to JLIN’s great play just like you anticipated right?

  138. Why isn’t LP putting Lin in????

  139. because he is LP on the Hawks

  140. Stop putting words in my mouth. It’s annoying. I never said that. I said Lin forced LP to play him during that stretch. I don’t know what LP will do and I don’t predict.

  141. There is greater than 30 point differential between the top and bottom JLIN to Trae in plus/minus that is two whole games worth of blowout differential, wow

  142. ok

  143. i as a witness: you didnt

  144. another tank commander – the team goal is not winning (over certain quota)

  145. Let’s not turn on each other because Lin is being mistreated

  146. Yes, this is true as well

  147. Lin in

  148. He likes Trae in late games so long as the game is close and Trae is reasonably effective. And Bembry is in for defense. If Trae falters, then it seems LP puts Lin in. Bad coaching but that’s what he does. Ah, look, Lin is in.

  149. I know JLIN is being mistreated, SWS doesn’t and you can read his posts to affirm that for yourself

  150. You need to sometimes not post what you post. Just cool it.

  151. He does, he is trying to be positive

  152. Lin loves to draw offensive fouls.

  153. JLIN doing his magic again!!

  154. Lin is in while the deficiency was widened to 8.

  155. lp is funny giving the ball to bremby

  156. I suspected Pierce would do that if Starters/Trae blew up the deficit, but I also thought there was too little time and Pierce would just forget JLIN

  157. sly move by LP to run plays for bremby while lin is in

  158. i’ll say this again….on any competent team bembry would be in there for 1 thing thats defense nothing else.

  159. Do you dispute my comment about your posts?

  160. THats on bembry…know your limitations

  161. Exactly. Same with Huerter to a degree.

  162. im not the one to blame a team losing on 1 player….but damn did that bembry TO screw the game up…LP is not a good coach.. had that been popovich he would have benched Bembry for 2 straight games and cursing him out.

  163. well thats game…awful awful end to the game…Lin needs to get of this team…It’s byron scott all over again.

  164. Lin shouldve shot that one, indecisive

  165. A bit of lackadaisicle play by JLIN there

  166. Unfortunately, 2 bad TOs by Lin. But, I think if LIn had been in longer, he would have been able to pull this one out.

  167. momentum gone

  168. game was already over…doesn’t matter

  169. True.

  170. you cant expect a player to stop the flood over and over again. then not run any plays for him. ….w/e this team is trying to lose

  171. Too little too late, you don’t play JLIN again for the entire Q4 put him in with 4 mins left as an afterthought to save your bacon for a THIRD time in one game. ..
    … too much to ask of even the miracle man JLIN

  172. Our guy seemed disheartened at the end, hence careless with TO?

  173. Probably, the defender got the better of him; but JLIN was the only bright spot on the Hawks tonight

  174. Yeah. If you look at Lin closely, he’s still not solid in recovering when changing direction. I don’t know if it is the back or what, but I think he’s laboring some. Doesn’t stop him from taking offensive fouls.

  175. lin was forcing it the last couple plays but it didnt work why ……no momentum. not his fault. cant be superman over and over and over again

  176. and what’s the point pulling Lin for Herter for the final 48 sec?

  177. That’s inexplicable Pierce for you

  178. Right, he was cooled off and not in rhythm. LP has to figure out how to play him longer if he wants to get Lin in rhythm and crisper. But, I just don’t think that’s a priority for him.

  179. lin should of played to begin the forth

  180. Jeremy getting schooled by Satoransky. no way a playoff team would take Lin over Sato. it’s not close.

  181. 32 point differential between the top and bottom JLIN to Trae in plus/minus that is two whole games worth of blowout differential

    Almost definitive proof that JLIN as the starter and this game is a WIN — no doubt

  182. Agree. Lin was fantastic in 3Q keeping Hawk in the game.
    If only he would have entered the game earlier in 4Q!

  183. no not at all. like he said stabilizer. if tray had gotten hot i doubt lin plays again.

  184. Sato would have locked him down. Wizards are a better team with Satoransky than the overrated Wall

  185. Or been allowed to stay in to start Q4 when he had his squad going great

  186. Here is something basic every coach should know in basketball Tanking or not

    If the unit you have out there is bringing you back into the game dont change up the lineup it might mess up chemistry.

    2. Dont bench the PG that is making plays for you on both end just because.

    3. Dont dishearten the team….LP did just that when he benched the unit that got him back only for him to try to make a bail out with 4 min left.

    Just a bad coach with no feel for the game. But alas that is why he is the chosen to run this team.

  187. hope lin shooting gets back but his minutes are helter skelter right now

  188. I disagree

  189. They are not even on the same level…Lin is better than satoransky

  190. I stand by my comment earlier that had Trae’s unit not blown the JLIN lead by so much then JLIN would have been done with his three quarters 16 minutes — that would have been the end of his evening

  191. i agree

  192. which game are you watching? not this one. that’s for sure.

  193. Yup, Lin was in a good rhythm with Len at the end of the 3rd. If had got him in earlier, he would not have had to force the play a bit.

  194. which begs the question why not trade him already and put us out of our misery

  195. If only the front office would think of us little O’le Lin fans … ha ha

  196. oh so we are judging of one game gotcha!

    37 min played for Sato thats 17 more min than Lin. your in the minority thinking that. Sato has not shown anything. He got some stats against one of the worst teams with probably the worst defensive PG on the roster. GG

  197. lp is ruining lins stats right now.1 more month though. should get something rather then nothing.

  198. And that’s bad coaching. He only has 2 PGs. Use them efficiently and use your veteran down the stretch. Especially one that is a proven 4Q player like Lin is.

  199. 1Q 4 min
    2Q 4 min
    3Q 7 min
    4Q 4 min

    grand total PT 19 minutes. Wow! 19, unlike 16 for the last two games.

    I am ecstatic. Lin was NOT benched in the 4Q, unlike the last two games.

  200. Lin came in down 8 and the lead immediately ballooned to a blowout. what can you make of that?

  201. haha

  202. I think Lin should play every quarter like he did the 3Q.

    LP brought him in too late in the 4Q.

  203. down eight when he came back in and the lead ballooned immediately thanks to Sato

  204. He should not have been taken out to start the 4Q. Lin should have gone a few minutes into the 4Q.

  205. Lin and the 2ns unit got them back in the game in the 3Q and was benched in the 4Q until 4 Min mark when the momentum was all but gone. Beside Sato was a starter this game and the games before if your gonna criticise someone do it to the starting PG of the hawks because thats who sato was playing against.

    I criticise Lin when he deserves it…You are just being wrong


  207. What happened in the 3Q? Lin got the Hawks back into the game.

  208. Jeremy lin +- : +5
    Only player who got +.

  209. Lin is the reason why Hawks was even in the game at the beginning of 4Q
    if you had watched the game.

  210. i think what makes sense for LP is he is trying to lose. i think the GM wants to lose at all cost and the recent winning was a nightmare for him. i think he spoke to LP. i also think the GM would rather young win the game then Lin win the game. its simply playing out in front of us. no minutes in the forth maximizes losing while on occasion trey gets a win and makes espn.

  211. agree, but GMs and playoff teams value 4th quarter play more than any quarter. talented players make plays in the first 3 quarters but the special ones do it in the 4th quarter.

  212. Thomas Satoransky last 5 game averaging 30 min…10&3 with 1.5 steals…and 2 TO a game…This is the guy better than Lin people!

  213. It’s almost like LP says to his accusers, “well I did try to bring JLIN in again in Q4 so I can’t be trying to lose” , but putting JLIN in with 4 min in game with ballhogs everywhere allowed by Pierce to take all the shots — that’s just a specious argument on PIerces part

  214. i saw that. he put lin out there but ra plays only for bremby whch makes no sense

  215. I view Lin as “the special one”. Clearly you view other player as “the special one”. While you are entitled to your opinion, perhaps you are in the wrong fan site.

  216. Lin got tripped at the end of the 1st quarter [0:330. Thank God he’s okay; it could have been worse

  217. Lin is treated like a means to an end by this team. no future hell no present just a tool to use when things go wrong

  218. Don’t forget coach LP’s credential before joining Hawks in 2018.

    He was an Assistant Coach with 76er for FIVE years. In other words, he must be adept at tanking process. A great tank commander.

  219. We know Lin is a rhythm player. He needs at least 6-7 minutes to get in rhythm with his teammates.

  220. He is an useful “stabilizer” for the new master, new tank commander. Nothing more.

  221. perhaps he is not a bad coach, but a masterful tank commander in disguise?!

  222. Well said. Thank you.

  223. LOL

  224. Lin is nothing on this team, 19:58? Not even 20mins today and only 2-7 shooting 28.6%! Because of all these low minutes with others as PG and passing to others, Lin’s stats continues to go down! This is not good! It’s his contract year, no team looks at just %, they will look at this PPG and lowball him another bench contract.

  225. just watch the wizards make the playoffs with Sato. you’ll see. they are better without the overrated Wall.

  226. your worse than Skip Bayless

  227. *you’re*

  228. thank you

  229. This loss hurts LP more than Jeremy. NBA is not known to be lenient to lossing coach with the exception of the 76ers. LP may not be as lucky.

  230. The loss always goes to the head coach. No excuses will be accepted. This is professional basketball.

  231. The game was lost when LP decided to start Trae in the fourth quarter instead of sticking with the PG who brought you back into the game.

    LP need to stop bringing Trae to start the second and 4th quarter..Let Lin start these quarters and than u can bring Trae to finish the final 5-6 minutes of the 2nd and 4th…If Lin is playing well, let Lin finish as the SG alongside Trae at PG.

    Taking Lin out at the end of each quarter is breaking his rhythm.

  232. Tanking clouds everything. It is impossible to make any kind of assessment about anybody when tanking is the objective. The only evaluation that can be made is of the ATL FO who sets the course for the team to tank. In my evaluation, this means the FO gets and “F”. And since LP goes along with it he is branded by the tanking too. To further complicate LP’s reputation, he spent the previous 4 or 5 years with Philly complicit in tanking. He has no other professional record of doing anything but being a willful loser. That will be a hard rep to shake, not to mention being in the habit of losing. JR Smith and Enes Kanter have been vocal about their opposition to tanking. I would be good for sports if the fans took up the banner of anti-tanking on the basis that we, the paying fans (or I used to be, both paying and a fan) are being cheated. Attendees to ATL and NYK basketball games should pay only 1/2 price for tickets. All team items should be discounted at least 50% because who can take pride in supporting purposeful loser. Adam Silver should give 1/2 of his salary to charity. I get mad every time I take up the pen to rant against an obvious injustice to the spirit of the sport and of the supporting fans. After I post this I am taking a one minute “knee’ in protest.

  233. It is not just the total minutes, it is how the minutes are constructed to get a rhythm. Play Jlin last 3 minutes of 1st quarter then first 6 minutes of 2nd. Then last 3 minutes of 3rd qtr. then first 6 minutes of 4th. 18 minutes total but a run of 9 minutes each. Then, if for some reason ATL needs to win a game let Jlin finish.

  234. Heres a nightmare thought: TY goes down with injury and Jlin has to stay with
    ATL for the season

  235. Huerter played 44 minutes. I know both Baze and Prince are out but wow, that’s a lot of minutes. Especially for a rookie.

  236. I agree.

  237. Nightmare? If Lin plays 30 minutes as start PG, that’s not bad at all.

  238. Great third quarter from Lin. In 7+ minutes, 5 pts, 3 assts, PLUS 8 +/-. Made a huge impact. As always, as a team sport, the come-back had Len, Bembry and Huerter contributing.

    The best 5-man line-up: Lin.Len.Bembry.Huerter.Dedmon/Carter. Total 6 mins, 18 pt, 4 assts, PLUS 10 +/-.
    Lin’s two turnovers at end of 4th quarter had no impact on game. Hawks already down 13, with 1:40 to go.

    And the last one, still down 13, with 53 secs to go. But, of course, NBA TV Gametime shows the first turnover as one of Bradley Beal highlight from the ENTIRE game. (BTW, not the first time Gametime has done that to Lin. On purpose or not.)

  239. I guess it’s more about “expectations” for me. Knowing the Hawks are not running anything through Lin, as in he is not their priority. As in they are development tanking. I have low expectations. So, I don’t get too worked up from game to game. And actually pleasantly surprised when Lin does get some freedom to play and win.

    Reading between the lines from his Instagram New Year message, and from his post-Knicks game interview, I think Lin is sincerely grateful to the Hawks, and be healthy. As a Lin fan, I am too.

    However, now that he IS HEALTHY in his recovery from his knee, my opinion is that he won’t settle for his current role. He loves to play the game, and to compete, waaay too much.


    I have faith that Lin and the Hawks will get to some point and come to some form of agreement about his role, whether on the Hawks, or on another team. The Hawks have 3 more picks in 2019, more young players to put into rotation. There won’t be any room for Lin.

    The only hurdle is finding that ONE team, the ONE GM, who will have the guts to get Lin and allow him to help them win.

    I’m just going along for the ride. And cheering him on.

  240. Scary for us fans. But effective, tough-as-nails, defense. “Jeremy Lin is among the NBA leaders in charges drawn.”

  241. “Lin drawing a charge and getting a fourth foul on Beal was huge.”

  242. PUNNY business. Alas, not always meant to be. (Not punny, but Lin-Davis, and Lin-Chandler had it going too.)

  243. JLin inspiring another young person. Amazing.

  244. It hurts LP more than JLin. Of course, LP is too dumb to know this.

  245. As we were saying – LIN-LEN. Pretty play. Lin can do this stuff in his sleep. Just needs a big who can run with him.

  246. No plan to put Lin in.
    Simply because Young is going to lose the game, LP sends Lin in to take the loss.

    However the loss is on LP alone.

  247. So late that the momentum has already switched to the Wizards.

    LP just sent Lin in to take the loss rather than Young. Will Young learn from this?

    LP is the only one responsible for the loss. The Hawks is clearly able to win as shown in previous games. If not for LP’s poor rotation, the Hawks can win.

  248. LP is also ruining his career.

  249. You go to the wrong fan site. We have nothing to share.

    Ashame of yourself

  250. Those commanders frequently get themselves unrmployed

  251. Go to Satoransky fan site please. You will not be missed here.

  252. LP is crazy

  253. Wizard was ready for Lin last night. Given the previous game with Lin scoring at will, they clog the lane for Lin to do any damage this time.

    Teams adjust. Coaches adjust. Players adjust. To Lin, to counter the moves, IMO, Lin should have a weapon, either floater or min range shot. Lin seems hesitant to use that while the lanes were clogged.

    A side note. Lin seemed slow last night. Could be that exerting too much energy on defense. Maybe just that from game to game.

  254. Some Humor for the New Year:

    Q: What does a Minnesota Timberwolves’ fan [fill in your favorite team] do when his team has won the NBA Finals?

    A: Turn off the PlayStation!

    [ ]

  255. I agree..
    they clog the lanes and have more than 1 defender against him many times if anyone notices. Lin should’ve do the stop in mid range shot a lot more.. (not floaters as he is not as good as trae when it comes to it)… or just do the catch and shoot from 3 point line.
    don’t know what da heck is wrong with him. he should know how to adjust.. he is from harvard!

  256. Maybe he was tired and knew his shots won’t be good. Or it could be something else. Anyway, for him to continue his path, he needs these.

  257. I think it was Lloyd Pierce’s game plan because other Hawks did same thing, despite how heavily contested shots were, or getting ball stripped on drives.

    That’s what Lin would have looked like during his duel with Kobe during Linsanity if coach gave same instructions.

  258. Could be. It would be great if there was a court analyst that can digest a game and publish the reports publicly. II believe each team has at least one and serve as materials for some after-games meeting.

    I hope Lin team could hire some analyst (personal coach) to do this for each game real time. Or maybe they already have, haha.

  259. hawks going to get kill tomorrow.

  260. ATL might use the 3rd PG instead because the goal is to tank, not win. But being down to 2 PG’s means they will be less inclined to trade him. Plus they might make Bembry starting PG! Or who knows what kind of instructions LP will give Jlin. Given the way ATL coaches the team it is not easy to assume that Jlin steps up and gets TY minutes and is allowed to play freely. Thus he is “trapped” in ATL for the duration and has zero chance of showing his talents for a contender and his next contract, or even another loser like PHX. While Jlin has expressed his gratitude for being in ATL some of this is just due to just being healthy and able to play in a relatively stress free environment. And while Jlin can express his gratitude it is up to us, his fan base, to bitch, moan, groan and complain and withhold our (your) fan dollars from a tanking ATL.

  261. Jeremy Lin Highlights – Hawks at Wizards 1/2/19

  262. A friend said that according to Hupu Lin fans:

    the Hawks won games when Lin wore red shoes. 🙂


    (this is what I think one of the many YouTubers creating JLin highlights should do, especially given how few shots he takes now: put together highlights of every possession he is on the floor, because for many games now, he has been creating great, wide open catch and shoot looks for teammates, even if they aren’t necessarily making those shots)



  264. 100% agree.

  265. “2019 #NBAAllStar first returns released- @JLin7 places 8th.
    Keeping #VoteForLin daily!
    ⚡️Jan 3 and 4 are 2-for-1 days, and your vote will count twice.”
    You can vote on both Google 🗳️ and NBA🗳️

  266. It will be LP’s fault. Coach Bud will school him how to be a head coach.

  267. Glad to know many fans using their All-Star votes to show their lasting support for Lin!
    <3 <3

  268. don’t know if this was posted already – Lin’s New Year’s Eve dinner:

  269. The Washington Wizards could also be a good team for Lin but only for 1 year since John Wall is out the season.

    They only have Tomas Satoransky playing PG but he can easily play alongside Lin since he also started alongside Beal and Wall.

    Even if Lin were to be traded to the Wizards and be a back-up, he’d get much more minutes since Satoransky is flexible with Lin who can play SG/PG.

    Since Lin is on an expiry contract, this would be just a rental so the Wizard can make the playoff and Lin can get more minute to play for a contract.

    Only issue is whether the Wizard have enough that the Hawks would want to trade Lin.

    Their coach is also under a lot of pressure to win..If they don’t make it to the playoff, I think he’ll get fired, specially when you take into account the fact guys like Wall and Beal have had bust up with him.

    My top choice would be a buy-out if the Hawks doesn’t find a good trade partner.

  270. isn’t it wizard team is contemplating on finding trade partner or wall testing his services with other teams? and beal is almost certain looking for a greener pasture?

  271. None of that really matter since this would just be a 2-3 month rental..And Wall is injured, out for season

    Lin would simply play to get them to the playoff..If he succeed in that, that would give him a huge boost for a good contract this summer.

    Doesn’t have to worry about coming back to the Wizard.

    If Lin manages to play so well to make playoff, proving to everyone that Wall is the problem, could see the Wizards trading Wall and signing Lin to a $10M per for 2 years…..Keep Beal and trade Wall for draft picks.

  272. Red IS a lucky color in the Chinese culture – makes sense! Haha.

  273. Yes, posted. But always good to post positive and funny items again! (Posts get lost all the time.)

  274. Let’s be fair. Lin only took 7 attempts in 20 mins. He mixed it up pretty good.

    For the record. Lin does take catch-and-shoot threes, AND mid-range shots. (In past games, have done same and have taken and MADE floaters too.)

    As we know, Lin is not a chucker. He missed three 3’s. Then he stopped and tried the mid-range.

    1Q 3:15 MISS Lin 26′ 3PT Jump Shot (Bembry pass – open catch and shoot)
    1Q 1:33 MISS Lin 26′ 3PT Jump Shot (Transition pull-up)
    2Q 7:53 MADE Lin 25′ 3PT Jump Shot (3 PTS) (Dedmon screen/pass/catch and shoot)
    2Q 7:11 MISS Lin 26′ 3PT Jump Shot (Huerter pass – open catch and shoot)
    3Q 3:05 MADE Lin 1′ Driving Layup (8 PTS) (Carter pass)
    3Q 1:05 MISS Lin 10′ Jump Shot (Len screen)
    4Q 2:43 MISS Lin 13′ Pullup Jump Shot (Collins screen)

  275. Lin proving he can make a team play well doesn’t make him a 10M player only.. he can probably accepts that if no team hooking his services but with multiple suitors, his next contract can be a hefty one than the last money he got.

  276. A few
    posters have said they are not watching the games, just highlights. Hate giving the NBA the $. Can’t say I blame you.

    I know
    that finding the time is tough, too. Especially when we never know how many
    minutes Lin will play, or when.

    As we
    have seen, even though we are all Lin fans, everyone seems to have different
    takes and interpretations of what goes on in games. And there is so much that goes on. The actual plays. The coaches’ reactions, the players’
    interactions. Easy to miss stuff.

    are great for celebrating Lin’s best plays.

    though, I find it difficult to fully appreciate Lin’s play with the team,
    without watching the game.

    in case you are not aware. At the end of each
    game, after about 5 or 10 minutes, the NBA puts up videos of each players’

    are links to last night’s game. These
    vids are short, but adds to the highlights.

    On the
    Stats page, click on all the “blue” numbers and check out Lin’s
    plays .

    Can do
    the same with Lin’s plays from the Play-by-Play page.

  277. In an early game, Lin against the Hornets, he used the midrange very effectively. Lin is not as effective when all he shoots are at the rim shots or 3s. Especially when the 3s aren’t really falling.

    Lin looked slower because, IMO, he’ll be up and down for the first 3/4 of the season. It’s the nature of returning from a season-ending injury. Hayward had a good night physically and scored 35 points in a recent game. But he was struggling mightily. It takes months to recover to be able to perform consistently from the type of injury Lin had and Lin probably will never regain his pre-injury speed. But there will be nights he’s close. I think November was a bit of “fool’s gold” and Lin is where he’ll be. But he’ll probably have a few more hot stretches.

    I think game to game is a great way to look at Lin. But I really wish he’d go back to using his midrange shot more.

  278. Sorry – another anti-NBA rant. The All Stars voting is another NBA joke.

    Used to be only fans’ votes picked the starters. (I remember this also being rigged because many votes were supposedly disqualified.)

    When NBA started to go global, guys like Lin and Zaza Pachulia started getting votes like crazy. The NBA more than willing to take the globals fans’ money, but include those millions of overseas fans’ votes? Nah. So, they changed the voting to 50% by fans, 25% by media, and 25% by players.

    Make a big deal about asking fans to vote, but hey, let’s over-ride those votes and let the biased media decide. And, let the players vote too! Come on, who are they kidding! All-Star entry is used as incentives and bonuses in many contracts! The players are expected to vote purely and honestly? How dumb are the fans to fall for this? The same dumb fans who think tanking is a good idea.

    Having said that, even though the votes are meaningless and moot. VOTED FOR LIN – hahaha – just to show support!!!!! And why not – he gets cheated out of so much else!

  279. Lin got his $10M contract by playing well with the Hornets and getting to the playoff.

    If he were to go to D.C and played well while team make the playoff, that would solidify a huge contract for him….More so if he just stayed with Hawks and didn’t improve them because they are taking.

    Now, can he get a similar contract if he stays with the Hawks and only play15-18mpg? Maybe, but only if he shootings% stats remains high..But for the past 4-5 games, his shooting are slowly dropping.

    I think moving to a border-line playoff team like Wizard and getting them to the playoff would clearly boost Lin’s stock around the league.

  280. Please see above post.
    I do agree that when he went back in at end of 4Q, he seemed out of rhythm. Unlike in 3Q, when he had it going.

  281. I can see the merits of your idea. Of course, as a Lin fan, I think Lin can get any team over the hump.

    As I’ve posted, I have no doubt that Lin wants to be where he can be allowed to play to his abilities. And be competitive and play to win. And if the Wizards can offer him that, fantastic!

    But he also hates moving and has always hoped to find a home with a team. Going to another team in the same season, and possibly going to another team again in free agency. Always having to adjust to new cities, new coaches, new systems, new teammates. Especially when nothing ever seems to be guaranteed. Gotta be tough. Can’t be easy.

  282. I am one who does not watch the games. Of course I am a Jlin fan and supporter, have followed him constantly since he outplayed John Wall in Summer League long ago. Lost track of him because the league did not follow him after GSW released him. But followed from the beginning of Linsanity until now. I do watch all the videos posted by fans and the website. I also read all comments on this forum and actually enjoy following “from a distance” and don’t feel I am missing a thing except the exhibitionist dunking and rim hangings. When watching NBA on TV you don’t get to see the things I would like to see like the benches, coaches and even fans. I did watch two full NBA games this year, the LA Clippers because they did not tank and have put together an interesting team after losing Deandre Jordon, Blake Griffin and Chris Paul. It was a very entertains game w/o ANY of the hyped stars. I also watched a TOR game and came to like that team though they obviously have stars, especially Kawhi, who is standoffish but he has that right. He doesn’t do excessive showmanship, plays hellacious defense and definitely leads and make TOR better. I would love to see Jlin in TOR because he could contribute to a championship and get that off of his bucket list. With Lowry’s back troubles it is not impossible and while Vanvleet is firmly in as the backup he is not the scorer that Jlin would be. But Jlin does need to move on. Rehab on a tanking team, while nice, is better done with and on to the next stage of contributing to a team who wants to win and play real basketball, get ready for the next stage go his playing career. And of course this is all selfish because I want to be able to continue Linsanity.

  283. Wall with his monster contract kicking in next year and coming off a season ending injury would be major damaged goods. WAS is stuck with him. CHA paid Batum big money, let Jlin go and are stuck with Batum. Allen Crabbe after Portland matched Marks offer, is another albatross contract that BKLN is stuck with. Tyler Johnson is overpaid in MIA thanks to Marks. Chris Paul is breaking down and has a monster contract kicking in going into age 34 for the next 3 or 4 years. I just do not understand how the NBA works as a business, let alone an athletic endeavor. I followed the stories of the signings of these “stars” and the desperation there was to sign them with this big money. It just seems like few of these big signings ever really work out. I wonder if there is a study done to correlate how many of these big contracts ultimate cripple the signing teams and make the worse for years, of lead them to tank.

  284. HaHa. You have watched more non-Lin games than I have.

    My knowledge of other teams have been limited to whenever they play Lin’s teams. That’s why I really have no clue where Lin would be a good fit. Where they would play Lin properly and give him the time and the respect he deserves. So, most of the time, I leave the speculations up to other posters.

    The only exception is GSW. I did watch the conference finals and the championship finals. Was soooo glad when Rockets/Harden lost.

    It’s certainly understandable if you don’t enjoy the games. Like I said, it’s different for everybody. I rarely get to watch the games live, maybe just the late quarters. So, to me, I find NBA League Pass to be worthwhile, to follow Lin. LP on replay shows a LOT of what happens in time-outs and sidelines. Can re-play plays if I happen to miss them.

    To each their own. I only wanted to let people know about the links on in case they do not know about it.

  285. And the funniest thing is when those superstars complain they can’t get enough help to win. When there’s no money left after their monster contracts to pay for anyone else with any talent that can contribute.

    I don’t think guys like Harden really care about winning. Just stats and glory and money. If he gets all that, I think he would be just as happy to go fishing early. Melo another example.

    The NBA, where 30 teams supposedly compete against each other for talent, but trade players with each other. And play games to compete against each other for a championship. Meanwhile, they have salary caps and revenue sharing. Who does that? I call that a sham.

    Okay, don’t get me started. Too complicated and convoluted. Sigh. Just want to enjoy watching Lin PLAY WINNING BASKETBALL.

  286. Atlanta Hawks: We see y’all, @mrvincecarter15 & @JLin7! (Probably the publicity and PR is why the Hawks signed VC and Lin in the first place.)


    So, keep voting Lin fans! KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!

    @JLin7 Weibo: “It’s my honor to be on the list. my fans! You’ve supported me all the way!”

  288. Lin fans of course won’t be happy with the way that Lin has been used by Lloyd Pierce. Lloyd has no problems in using Dedmond, Bazemore, Alex Len and Vince Carter. But he tends to give only choppy minutes to Lin. When Lin played well for 4 minutes to narrow the lead of the Wizards, LP took Lin out and put in Hamilton. At first I was angry.

    However, I feel much better now because LP is actually showing his weaknesses. He is incapable of using his players effectively to win games. The improper usage of Lin is just the tip of iceberg. He is incapable to coach the team as a whole.

  289. LP’s mission is to lose. Direction from the boss above. We all know it’s tanking.

  290. Despite Brad Rowland told us how good Trae Young, Kevin Huerter and John Collins were, they lost the game against the Wizards without John Wall. The Wizards is one of the most dismal team in NBA. I would never believe a word from him. He is not a Lin fan.

  291. mostly off topic but maybe not entirely: the memphis grizzlies just gave up two players and two draft picks for justin holiday!!!! the only second best holiday in the nba and something like 250th in “per” (for comparision even with poor #s last few days lin is top hundred, young bubbling under the top 100)

    now if the 250th best player in the league is worth two draft picks and two players (albeit not great players themselves) lin must be worth something to someone somewhere in soon or later future trade, right? right?

    one would think so even with the “asian discount”. smh.

  292. This is why I am sooooo sick of NBA’s discrimination to no end…

  293. well i think it was yourself who posted once: “its lin against the nba” or something like that.

    and sadly a lot of the time it seems that way.

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