G37 Brooklyn Nets (8-28) Hosts the Formidable Atlanta Hawks (21-16)


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The struggle continues for the Brooklyn Nets as they failed to beat the 76ers. The Nets waived Anthony Bennet to end their experiment to develop the former #1 pick of 2013 class in order to sign Quincy Acy to 10-day contract who showed improved 3pt-shooting in the D-League to complement his rebounding and shot-blocking skills.

The Nets clearly want to shore up their weakness in defense by providing toughness. It will be interesting to watch their next moves of players to trade or sign to further improve their defense.

It is admirable that Coach Kenny Atkinson can rally his troops to fight hard despite being undermanned without Jeremy Lin and Rondae-Hollis Jefferson. Trevor Booker is also questionable with the hip injury for the Atlanta Hawks game.

The Hawks is riding a 6-game winning streak and will look to extend to their 7th against the undermanned Nets. Nets fans can only hope for further development of Caris LeVert, the arrival of Quincy Acy to see how they might get better defensively.

No update has been given on Jeremy Lin who has missed 7th straight game and 25th game of the season.

ESPN.com Game PreviewΒ article:

The Hawks (21-16) are on their second six-game winning streak of the season. The other six-game streak occurred Nov. 5-16 as Atlanta opened with a 9-2 record.

Tuesday will mark the first time the Hawks face former assistant Kenny Atkinson. Atkinson was on coach Mike Budenholzer’s staff for the previous three seasons, including two years ago when the Hawks won 60 games.

“I think the Hawks are a smart organization,” Atkinson said. “I think we all like to see a team that won 60 games stay together forever but the reality is you have to change and you have to look to the future.”

Brooklyn is on a six-game losing for the second time this season and a loss on Tuesday will equal its longest skid of the year. The Nets are also 4-23 since Nov. 12 and 11 of 12 since a 10-point win over the Los Angeles Lakers on Dec. 14.

The latest defeat was a 105-95 loss to the Philadelphia 76ers Sunday afternoon, when the Nets gave up 13 straight points to open the second half and again down the stretch in the fourth.

KEY OF THE GAME: A loss against the striking Hawks is expected but we can hope for an improving defense if Quincy Acy plays on the 1st day of his 10-day contract. If the Hawks underestimate the Nets, the Nets might be able to steal a game.

Let’s hope and pray JLin will recover soon and helpΒ the Nets get back on the winning track!

Let’s go, JLin and the Nets!Β 


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  1. First πŸ™‚

  2. Lin joking around with Trevor Booker online.
    At least the off-court chemistry is strong.

    No drama like DRose and the Knicks is a positive.

  3. “@JLin7’s exclusive interview with CCTV5 NBA Primetime will be aired on Jan 12 at 7:30 pm Beijing time (6:30 am EST) http://m.weibo.cn/u/3894889195?uid=3894889195&extparam=&luicode=10000011&lfid=100103type%3D3%26q%3D …”


  4. First is the Best! πŸ™‚

  5. Hope Nets play well tonight without Lin.

    A deficit of 10 or less against the 4th-ranked Hawks would be alright by me. Go Nets!

  6. Great off-court chemistry for sure – but why was Lin up at 3 A.M.?

    Someone should tell Mama Lin – intervention is needed. πŸ™‚

  7. LOL

  8. I don’t get the text. Someone, please explain.

  9. Not too clear — it seems teammates are ribbing Booker about a “big head”.
    Lin joking Booker wasn’t invited to thread, but just let him in for security purposes

  10. A Lin-sighting!
    Lin’s fame is reaching the heights of the lochness monster

  11. No videos? πŸ™ so boring hope Lin’s back soon.

  12. i want to see his dunk celebrations

  13. Lin and Booker are the only two players who work hard on both sides of the floor. they are both 2-way players so naturally they’d have excellent chemistry off the court too. bird of a feather..

  14. What a terrible season for Lin and Nets!

  15. dont think hes legit although i do pray this is true

  16. funny how KHuang always gets away with name calling and false accusations while my post gets deleted just because KHuang and sws94 cries about it being racist while it’s clearly not. i see how it is around here..

  17. You sound like the season is over.

  18. like in the Linsanity year, the season doesn’t actually start until February

  19. Is anyone watching the game? This place is so quiet all of sudden.

  20. Most of us gave up on watching the game due to the continuous bad offense and losses. It’s a waste of time when every game is just training without urgency to win. Will watch again when Lin’s back.

  21. Probably true no need to lie about something like that and in such detail.

  22. what did Howard just do to Lin at the Nets’ bench? i just missed it

  23. All posts with racial/personal insults breaking the forum rules were deleted.
    Flagged posts will get mods’ attention first.

    When KHuang and other long-time posters didn’t heed the warning, they also had temporary bans.
    I appreciate all mods who have extended patience to maintain the forum despite their limited time.

  24. Season isn’t over but the playoff goal is over. What can expect if team play for developing.

  25. Hawks defense is pretty good.

  26. Dwight Howard found the time to prank JLin πŸ™‚


  27. it wasn’t even a racial/personal insult. just because they cry about it doesn’t make it so

  28. My post was not about your joke, it was a joke in reply to your post. just for the record.

  29. ahh that’s it right there! good stuff

  30. Nets game has become a circus act???

  31. You’re right. It seems we’re going to lose again today. This endless training is taking us no where. Smh!

  32. i see. thanks for the clarification. the mods may have mistaken and deleted my post. the one you referred to is still there. the issue i have though is how KHuang always gets away with name calling and throwing out false accusations and i’ve been biting my tongue about it. i know you don’t like to be falsely accused so you probably know what i mean

  33. He reached out his hand to say hi to Lin and then he withdrew.

  34. look at the new Nets player Acy’s reaction. he’s like, oh no he didn’t..

  35. My post was not about your joke. I replied to a different poster’s joke that was below your post. just for the record.

  36. As long as Lin is patient and happy with the coaching and system I am fine with them. Lin is smart and knows how to carry his team to win.

  37. excellent dj’ing and cute dancers

  38. I hope KA let him play tonight.

  39. this is funny πŸ™‚

    “In an attempt to distract you from the Nets game, here’s a puppy”

  40. Everyone in the Nets today wears blue. Lin shops lots of suits this year obviously.

  41. more like “gimme some of that fake-out dub stuff” lol

    Hope he impresses in this 10-day contract

  42. I know. That part is quite disappointed. Hope to see unexpected things happen after Lin gets back.

  43. That’s cute! Is this posted after Howard made fun on Lin? Lol

  44. Horrible showing.

  45. Nets fans must be waiting for Quincy Acy’s debut any moment now.

  46. Howard should be careful who his dissing….. just saying.. Lin’s got a pretty powerful friend πŸ™‚

  47. ahahah

  48. Exactly. If you want to learn how to win maybe you should try to win.

  49. Quincy Acy is talking about plays with JLin

  50. I can see that KA copies Bud’s MO. But the Hawks players execute the MO efficiently while the Nets players can’t. The difference is in talents & BBIQ from players and coaches between the two teams. You can tell LeVert shines due to his talents and bbiq.

  51. nets trail by 14 in this game: hawks point guards outscoring the nets point guards 26-9. thats the scoring difference in the game right at one position; lin’s position.

  52. Another angle of Dwight’s fake-dub

  53. Pray hard, folks πŸ™

    “This season’s been relatively free of really bad injuries, knock on wood, but Lin’s hamstring problems are a real bummer.
    20/8/5 per-36.”
    David Vertzberger, VICE NBA writer

  54. who is ? oh da russian owner?

  55. true. the Nets players are really bad. i only like LeVert, Booker, Lin’s games and hoping Acy show some positives too

  56. i already like Acy more than Acie

  57. Jeremy forgot that his former Rockets teammate is a silly prankster! Lol.

  58. What did he say? Any link?

  59. LOL the highlight of the game, well for us JLin fans that is. Darn too bad JLin couldn’t reunite on the court. Pretty sure JLin swore after Dwight got him.

  60. Hope KA has seen the difference and learned from it after today’s game.

  61. I think Foye wanted to smack him lol

  62. More video on Howard’s friendly jab:

  63. LOL He saw that a mile away. The bench weren’t too happy about it.

  64. Another 20 pt blowout. SMH

  65. Remember this? “Funny Mannequin Prank on NBA Players (Dwight Howard freaks out)”

    Jeremy at 0:34, Dwight at 1:03

  66. Agree, I’d watch and support if the Nets were serious about winning but KA and Nets are not. They just keep changing the lineups and experimenting without a care about winning while being stubborn about the motion offense.

  67. Never liked Booker selfish player with poor offense and average defense. Nets can do want much better. Booker should be a bench player.

  68. Really? They are working on plays with Acy and JLin already? If so Nets must really be high on him and it’s a first.

  69. We fans who endure Nets’ losing games will take any “game highlight” to lift our spirit! πŸ™‚

  70. hahahaha we dont know..
    the closest thing is just a screenshot of them talking on da bench.
    god knows what they talking about..
    maybe hows life so far.

  71. oh christ

  72. Maybe a day dream. But actually Hornets, Knicks and Nets are not that far way. Hornets is close to 0.500 and Knicks begins its downfall. If (a big IF) Lin can lead Nets to 8-2 and 7-3 and another 8-2, things could be interesting. Not likely, but you never know.

  73. I hope so but somehow I don’t feel Nets really fights for a W now… Hope everything can change after Lin comes back.

  74. not sure, probably just JLin being nice to welcome the new guy & talked about plays that happened on-court

  75. Rondo off the bench today? They used M Carter-Williams as their starting PG instead??

  76. Lin can be a catalyst on offense and inspires on defense.
    But others need to step up on defense and rebounding if they want to get any kind of winning streak (2 or 3)

    Perhaps Quincy Acy, Booker, McCullough or any new bigs can spark some defense

  77. I like how Quincy Acy plays.

    In 1.5 min, he had 4pts (1-1 3FG, 1-3 FTs).
    He came in, defended hard, set a great screen for SKil’s layup, drained a clutch 3, didn’t force things, was able to get fouled to get FTs.

    His FTs could be better but his 3pt stroke looked very good.
    I predict he’s going to be a keeper for the Nets because of his strong defense and 3pt shooting.
    He should get more than 10-day contracts soon.

    The Nets need more players like him: hard-nosed rebounder who set good screens and can hit 3s!

  78. Nets fans think McCullough stays in D league, the Nets D-league team is doing very well. He stays there and may not be back with the Nets until March. Booker and Quincy can certainly rebound, Bookers rebounding was very much missed in tonight’s game.

    I’d like to see a winning streak. On this team, 2 games is a winning streak. πŸ™

  79. Hope Lin won’t let him wait too long. Like to see new starters line-up: Lin, LeVert, Acy, Brook, Joe Harris.

  80. Thank you. Now I see — you meant they were talking on the bench.

  81. Jeremy and Quincy at Hawks game


  82. Dwight Howard, the playful ex-teammate, was shoeless? πŸ™‚

  83. Maybe about shared experience of X number of NBA teams in 6 years? Lol.

    Thank you. I thought Acy was interviewed…

  84. i think hes a great pick up. he plays hard, gets rebounds, likes to roll to the basket and can shoot the 3 pretty decently.

  85. Can’t imagine how painful he is sitting there and can’t help his team!

  86. Why would they leave him there when he can help and improve faster in real games? McCullough is much better than Booker on offense and possibly even defense with his athleticism and height. KA takes why too long to use talents. Took him forever to give Lavert minutes.

  87. Not me since I’ve given up on the games, just waiting for Lin to be back.

  88. can’t imagine.. because he not in pain.. he sitting down without pain.


    fun move by Dwight!

    Lin and Howard are good friends.

  90. Atkinson before the 1st game against his former team…


  91. “The Official Twitter feed of Atlanta Hawks” has 820k followers, 111k more than the “Official home of Brooklyn Nets on Twitter”.

    But, 2016 population: NYC 8.5 millions, Atlanta 5.7 millions.

  92. Majority of that 8.5m people are Knicks fans.

  93. You are probably right.

    The Knicks’ official Twitter account has 1.65 millions followers.
    In contrast, the Nets official Twitter account has 709K followers.

  94. Good to know a fan reported @JLin7 practiced shooting w/ 2 trainers before the Hawks game.
    But no #teampractice yet so the return is still unknown yet

  95. new york new york

    i could be wrong but i think beginning christmas day to right now the nets and knicks are collectively 2-15.

  96. Getting closer!

  97. You are 100% right. The “impressive” W/L record for the NY teams from 12/25/2016 – 1/10/2017 are:

    Nets: 1W / 7L
    Knicks: 1W / 8L

  98. The NBA just need to combine the two teams to make a more competitive team.

  99. ok. so if all players on both rosters were healthy and you were the coach; who would yer starting lineup be. better yet yer rotation players.

  100. Sunday sounds good. He was torching Houston last time, but the minutes limit prevented the win.
    Time for a rematch…even 25m could be enough to win.

  101. update that to 2-16. both nets and nicks lose to 6s

  102. lol knicks lost again

  103. 2-16 now.

    Knicks was just handed another Loss tonight by 76er, 97-98.

  104. I’m gonna place my bets on the rockets. Mda offense is running like a machine and the nets are awful.

    MDA has harden playing above what Lin did during linsanity.

  105. I’m not sure what you mean by ‘above’. Comparing with the minutes Harden has been playing, Lin didn’t even have chances to play every night before Linsanity. Harden is definitely a very talented player but Lin’s impact in many ways surpasses Harden for sure.

  106. Now we have Acy and LeVert, I hope we will get them this time. I’m sure lots of people want to see Lin ready to go on Sunday.

  107. Harden this year
    29 pt, 8 reb, 12 ast
    Lin with linsanity
    25 pt 4 reb 9 ast

    Watch the rockets. It’s scary how easy harden seems to be playing vs the frenetic pace Lin played at.

  108. Lin was a virtual rookie, played defense and shared the ball more. His teammates were Nets-level weak. Harden plays with ideal teammates while playing with the offense built all around him. Kudos, but Houston is not a contender.

  109. If Lin plays only 20m, Houston wins. If Lin were to play 35m, I’d predict a Nets win. 25m might give them a chance though.

  110. That’s crazy I must admit. I hope he gets MVP if he deserves but I agree with zxcvb, the Rockets are not going to be the championship contender.

  111. True. To me after warriors and cavalier’s it’s a big drop off. Everyone else playing for “development.”?

  112. With MDA it’s tough to say they will go far but definitely not Championship caliber, Rockets’ defense is bad. Harden will always become ineffective without his FTs during playoffs. In fact without his FTs he’s just an average player. Stats can be hyped with the minutes and shots taken. Lin was a rookie who only got the reigns for a few weeks before Melo came back to ruined everything. Lin seems to always end up with bad luck. Knowing Nets, Lin would get more than 25 minutes if he plays Sunday. With Lavert and Acy they might have a chance.

  113. The thing that’s impressive with Lin is he did it without the experience Harden has. But, yes, Harden’s pure numbers beat Linsanity Lin’s. They’re both great accomplishments, but I’m biased for Lin (plus, he’s way more enjoyable to watch as a basketball player plus he plays stronger defense by far). Lin’s Linsanity brought something special to the Garden, where Harden is coming in considered one of the NBA’s best, so he’s just elevating his production.

  114. I think Lin’s teammates were way better on the Knicks. Fields, Shumpert and Novak were all good players. Tyson was an all star and better suited for Lin’s game than Lopez. Lin’s magic was making this bunch of players a special group together, until Anthony came along and spoiled things.

  115. It’s hard to beat the Rockets right now, they’ve won 9 in a row, maybe 10 now, and are just on a roll. I think we ask a lot of Lin to win games against hot, talented, superbly coached teams without having really strong players to help him. All I want is for Lin to stay healthy, first and foremost, and play well and make the game competitive. If it is meant to be that it a W, that’s almost gravy with this team.

  116. they’ve added AD but removed Howard instead of Harden πŸ™

  117. There are four versions, here the first one. Check the rest on youtube. πŸ™‚

  118. wishful thinking huh? haha please

  119. Grover , Linsanity with Melo and Woodson ? Or without Melo ? There’s a difference to me
    Woodson started baron Davis and benched Lin for Melo

  120. I don’t recall seeing Howard in the NBA lunar New Year videos. Was he?

    Harden is there likely because Rockets are said to have large fan following in China because of Yao Ming.

  121. Wishful or not, we’ll find out soon.

  122. Minny beat Houston. Just like the Nets would have if Lin had played more than 20m last time.

  123. Different rotations with the same selfish star, same result. They are like 1-9 now.

  124. Random observations:

    1. Frankly I have had some reservations on Atkinson as an Xs and Os guy, since preseason. Development is a different skill set from making coaching decisions on the spot and at the highest level. However I will reserve judgment until Jeremy has played at least 30 games as a healthy starter.

    2. Marks and Atkinson have done some good things. Vasquez and Bennett got waived. RHJ was benched despite the hype. Levert, Whitehead are developing well. Lin has the ball in his hands at crucial times at the end of games.

    3. I actually want Lin to ease himself back into playing shape. He was really trying to do too much. No need to bear the pressure of single handedly turning this team around and just play.

  125. someone below suggested knicks and nets should be combined to make one competitive team (since new york teams are now 2-16 in their last 18 games. i posed the question (not replied) and would again then to the board in general: if you had the two rosters knicks, nets; with everyone healthy: who would be yer starters and yer (say) 9 man rotation.

  126. Lin, KP, Lopez, Rose, Melo. Not sure of the bench.

  127. excellent post as always. only thing i would disagree with is yer assessment of whitehead: here is a different one which is more my “counterpoint”.

    “Whiteside isn’t an NBA player, but Brooklyn’s unusual tank-proof rebuild, plus Jeremy Lin’s lingering hamstring injury, has thrust D-League talent into temporary big-minute roles.
    The King of Twitter (?) is sloppy with the ball and doesn’t do much on offense. If the Nets weren’t so desperate, Whitehead probably wouldn’t be in the league, let alone someone’s starting point guard.–” -michael pina (rating whiteside # 30 out of 30 starting nba point guards, btw i like his overall ratings) you can find at sports on earth. (i can’t link it because my “chromebook” died this morning and having to try to navigate an old gateway of my sons that is barely operational)

  128. Definitely Courtney Lee instead of Rose….

  129. Oh yeah but Rose is playing quite well and Lin can defend SGs

  130. Well yeah.. ultimately Whitehead is developing into a decent backup point guard.

  131. Whitehead is good, actually. He’s grooming to be a Marcus Smart type of player. And look at how many blocked shots he has. Whitehead has some positives and I think we don’t talk about his upside enough here. He definitely has positives.

  132. It’s unfair to judge Atkinson’s in game tactics. It’s like playing chess with nothing but checker pieces except for a queen and a knight, one of which is broken. If you don’t have talent no amount of in game tactics will save the day. Tactics can make or break a game if we assume a parity of talent. Without Lin or secondary QB, the team just doesn’t have enough bball IQ to set plays for Lopez or take away double teams from him.

    IMO, the long term strategy to develop bench strength has been pushed forward by Lin’s injury. Without Lin, Lopez is alone with no chance of doing much. Atkinson hates to lose but also knows that the bitter pill is to let the young guys make mistakes WITHIN THE SYSTEM so that hopefully it would become instinctive for next season.

  133. WRONG.

    Harden has help, Lin with Linsanity did not.


    Harden with his stacked Rockets team is NOT playing better than Linsanity and Lin’s vastly inferior Knicks team.

    The winning and dominating that Lin did, Harden could never equal that. No player ever could.

    Besides, Lin’s been KILLING Harden.

    Linsanity was the greatest event in NBA history. Harden doesn’t even come close to that.

  135. Knight and Queen are still only the moving pieces, it’s the chess player aka coach KA decided how those pieces are moved. Yes you blame the chess player or the coach for the loses.

  136. Great post.

    Seriously, what would detractors of Atkinson have Atkinson do differently?

    The only thing I can think of is playing Chris MacCullough more. But let’s not forget how poorly he played in preseason despite some pretty decent games since. There’s no guarantee that CMC will be a savior.

    I am in full approval of Atkinson’s coaching. I don’t think there is anything more Atkinson can do to improve the Nets.

  137. KHuang: Did you ever see him doing an in-game adjustment even when he wanted a win.

  138. I disagree somewhat. Yes talent is important but it doesn’t take talent to play defence properly or with discipline. Funny enough, the team plays completely different when Lin is on the court and when he is off.

  139. Don’t want to admit it but you’re right. Harden really is fluorishing under MDA. Well that and the fact that the west sucks this season almost as much as the east.

  140. I seriously think all these abcdefghkngopst are the actually the same person trying hard to justify Nets unintentional tanking. Their flip flop comments are laughable yet they dont know they are exposed that most fans are aware of their phoney…

  141. Great question.

  142. What could he do differently?
    -Throw in some pick and rolls along with the motion offense just to add some variety, unpredictability, and balance.
    -Stop posting up Lopez on every single play even when it stops working as he does now or not using Lopez at all as he did to start the season. Again, balance.
    -Hold players accountable for not playing defense. Bench them if necessary: e.g. Skil and Bogdan
    -When the Nets lead starts to evaporate due to turnovers and other sloppy play call a timeout and try to settle the players down
    -Tell RHJ to stop driving all the way to the net against 4 defenders just to chuck up a wild air-ball. Those are turnovers.
    -Play more set lineups giving the better players starting minutes to increase chemistry and the chance of winning. Minimize the scrubs minutes.
    -etc, etc, etc

  143. new game thread

    G38 Brooklyn Nets (8-29) Hopes for ADavis-less Pelicans (15-24)
    The good news is @JLin7 hopes to return in 1-2 weeks

  144. The real problem is that without Lin, Lopez is doubled relentlessly. The wins they’ve had without Lin has been when guys started to actually making shots and especially 3s. You and I know that the game often comes down to the trenches of who can make the shots. When people get doubled, the guys that are free must make opponents pay! The Nets just don’t have the skills yet to take advantage of Lopez’s dominance in the post. Sure they can make adjustments but if opponents aren’t afraid of shooters, they aren’t buying the adjustments.

    Atkinson just doesn’t have real threats to make people worry. Only Lopez is a threat without Lin. It took a miraculous run and an even more miraculous shot for the Nets to get their last win.

  145. I agree. Excellent post.

  146. He played Whitehead, Lopez, and Skil extended minutes in a game when all were doing well. I think it ended up being an OT game with SKil going over 48 minutes. And the Nets won it.

    Part of in-game adjustment is learning them on the job and trial and error. That seems to be happening with KA, trying different lineups, using RHJ as a starter and now back on the bench, same with SKil, and so on. He’s trying to play Hamilton with Lopez, so he’s trying things.

  147. It’s the capacity of what’s available. Good chess players use all their pieces strategically. A good chess player that has limited pieces can’t accomplish the same as one who has the pieces. Look at Luke Walton, big difference between what he could do in GSW vs. the Lakers.

  148. Wouldn’t want to see Lin with Melo, Rose, Jennings. Wouldn’t mind him with Noah (even this injured version of him is a good screener and passer), Porz, and using some of Hornacek’s schemes.

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