G37 CHA @DEN Notes & Observations

  • The Hornets lost the 7th game in a row to Denver Nuggets 92-95
  • Jeremy Lin struggled in the second night of a back-to-back game in a high-altitude Denver. He finished with 2pts/2asts/1reb/1blk (0-9 shooting, 2-4 FTs). His defensive effort helped the Hornets to make a run. He finished with 0 in +/-.
  • A rolled ankle the previous day made him looked physically off tonight.
  • Kemba finished with 11pts on 3-12 shooting and Batum played quite well in his 1st game back from injury, 9pts/7ast/6reb.
  • Fatigue and high-altitude affected the Hornets as many of their shots missed long  (hitting the back-end of the rim) due to tired legs

Let’s hope 2 days rest will help JLin’s ankle to heal and regain his shooting touch.


Guess JLin's stats in Game 38 vs ATL


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  2. How’s everyone tonight? Didn’t watch game, sorry for another loss.

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  4. It was hard to watch JLin struggle but he fought to give his best with good defense and playmaking.
    At least he had a great 26pts game yesterday despite the rolled ankle.

    We know he’s going to come back strong after a bad game. Can’t wait for the Hawks game in 2 days!

  5. Jlin MUST rest his ankle until it’s fully healed, even if it takes 2 weeks…he can’t afford to have another game like this again this year…I’m tired of him sacrificing his future opportunities for a team that won’t trust him enough to play the role of playmaker over Batum

  6. Maybe he should have rest his ankle for tonight’s game, but probably Cliff needed him for defense. Saw the final score was close, if Lin was healthy his scoring would have helped. Praying for his quick recovery.

  7. I agree Lin shouldn’t play until his ankle really heal. I think after today Cliff should really think about this option not just put Lin on court to make himself felt better. smh!

  8. i don’t think it was because of his ankle. Lin just was terrible today, maybe he was tired, not sure but either way no excuses for his poor performance. I also remember last season with lakers he had a game where he went 0-10 fg, and 0-7 from 3pt, and on that day he was fully healthy! Sometimes, you just can’t get anything to fall in the basket, and for lin that was tonight

  9. you have a well deserved cheshire cat grin!

  10. ok so be it…..no point we fans keep on harping in it either, right?

  11. Lots of players had bad shooting night. So what’s the big deal of this? Just move on….

  12. Highlights from Jun

  13. lol hawes swearing for not getting a call.

  14. IMO, Lin was in for rough night from the get go. We can all hope against hope, just as Clifford did and just as Lin himself did.

    It’s tough just to win a back to back, but when you have to go from sea level to mile high, it’s almost unfair. On top of all that Lin had played 40 minutes on a reinjures ankle. Lin’s tired, and injured with no time to adjust to the thin air for his shots. Because of his injury, he couldn’t drive to the rim and with little elevation, he couldn’t take midrange shits either.

    When the weight of the ball is slightly lighter and the air is thin, the ball will often sail long. It’s just physics. PGA golfers will often struggle with distance control as well as trajectory control simply because they just can’t believe how high and far a ball flies in thin air. They often spend a whole week practicing on course and still struggle with it.

    Tonight was a triple whammy against Lin.

  15. totally…most of the team would have it as a schedule loss…obviously win is a bonus…despite that, they played hard and closed the gap in Q4

  16. amazingly, 3-4 Lin misses (including FTs) were all long, bouncing on the back of the rim.
    That means at least they’re consistent. Perhaps Acbc is correct that the thin Denver air causes the ball to sail long

    Batum/Kemba/Lin/Hairston/Lamb/Frank were a combined 7-31 from 3s.
    The strange thing is Marvin/Hawes were 5/5

    At_The_Hive also mentioned it could be the air. Players & coaches said DEN is hard place to play in


    Credit to Lin for fighting on defense and orchestrating despite not having good shooting night.
    Many players would’ve mailed it in.

  17. Amazingly, 3-4 Lin misses (including FTs) in the highlights were all long, bouncing on the back of the rim.
    That means at least they’re consistent. Perhaps Acbc is correct that the thin Denver air causes the ball to sail long

    Batum/Kemba/Lin/Hairston/Lamb/Frank were a combined 7-31 from 3s.
    The strange thing is Marvin/Hawes were 5/5

    At_The_Hive also mentioned it could be the air. Players & coaches said DEN is hard place to play in.
    Personally, IMO it’s the combination of Back-to-Back and thin air in Denver

    Credit to Lin for fighting on defense and orchestrating despite not having good shooting night.
    Many players would’ve mailed it in.

  18. yup, all factors didn’t help Lin.

    Good for JLin to be mentally strong enough to contribute on defense & orchestrating offense as much as he can.
    I’d like to see a determined Lin in 2 days to redeem a bad night. We know he’s going to practice hard to bounce back strongly.

  19. I hope he stays healthy and taking care of his ankle….only then he can performs well

  20. To my the plus point was…Lin didnt back-off taking lesser shots…he kept on remaining a threat in offense while keeping his defense in check.

  21. Shooting 3s from distance requires exact control of the trajectory and knowing the exact apex of that trajectory. The rainbow must arc correctly. If the ball is just slightly lighter and the air resistance isn’t what players are used to, the ball will sail just pass what is the normal apex thereby causing the ball to hit the back of the rim. Even the way you apply backspin on the ball can affect the lift of the shot. Obviously once you adjust by taking more shots, you can regain your form again.

  22. yes many factors tonight but that doesnt explain the instances when ball veered to the side. like that, its going to miss no matter what the air is like.

  23. What’s there to explain? I’ll bet even Stef Curry would struggle in Mile high when he’s injured and tired. I’m merely suggesting that fans stop splitting hairs only on Lin’s head.

    IMO, this game was lost yesterday when Clifford over played Lin 40 minutes in a hopeless loss. Clifford is just bad at resource management.

  24. i wish lin could have just put up 14 points last night and 14 points tonight to keep the double digit streak alive instead of the 26 last night and 2 tonight lol.

  25. good point 🙂

    although I probably wouldn’t mind JLin scores 40pts next game then 2pts afterwards lol

  26. yeah me too lol. too bad kemba’s the starting point guard and not lin 🙁

  27. Clifford is definitely not good in resource management.

    He rode Kemba for a string of 40+min for a few games but then Kemba’s shooting came down to earth along with his defense as the first cushion.

    He’s quite desperate with lots of injuries now and trying to ride the hot hands. He should utilize more weapons (i.e. Lin/Lamb/Hansbrough PnR, Kemba/Marvin/Zeller)

    Big Al injury really took out consistent offense from big men. Hornets desperately need some toughness from his big men. Hansbrough needs some regular PT so he won’t be a foul-machine

  28. Clifford needs to see that Kemba’s playmaking is only good for himself and brings a string of losses.
    Time to let Lin be PG and Kemba be SG but I don’t think he’s brave enough to do so.

    Then let Hansbrough get regular PT to bring some toughness and finishing to shake up the hapless big men now

  29. yup, Lin needs all the prayers & well-wishes for his ankle

  30. OK the thin air and all the excuses, but this team can’t even beat the Nuggets.

    I’m not blaming Jeremy, obviously. A wise coach should have put ball in Lin’s hands and tell him ” I know you can’t play but just keep everyone in rhythm “. Instead Clifford didn’t make a single adjustment.

    I don’t know how bad this team can become when Kemba and Batum will chuck balls for different reasons and the return of MKG

  31. what’s NBAAllStarTO?

  32. I think it’s supposed to be NBA All-Star at TOronto

  33. Yeah, i understand that kemba is their star, but at the very least have jlin start in place of pj. I mean its common sense

  34. I agree kemba is no playmaker unless hes setting himself up. Which in other words shouts the word ballhog. By all means kemba is a great scorer, but make him play at the 2 because he just does not get other players involved

  35. Didn’t watch the game at all until after on recording. Shocked the results tonight. Eps 2pt. I did saw bench ball movement was nice. Again, bigs couldn’t capitalize when under the basket. They got rejected and stripped under that basket. Here’s to Lin bounce back game. Hopefully his ankle get healed 100%z

  36. James Har en: First Team All-Defense.


    Even BR is making a mockery of James Har en’s top defense.

  37. Kidding aside, it’s better this way. He showed he can beast as a starter. A bad game off the bench with a sore ankle isn’t a big deal. Even Kyrie was 3-15 tonight.

  38. BrookLin Nets 2016…

  39. 0-9 Lin, I think the no calls from the Clippers game got to him today. We need to let the NBA know they’re racist.

  40. Let’s wait who they hire as GM and coach first.

  41. yes, that 19-2 run while not having specific Lin scoring did have Lin focusing everyone. Some kept saying Lin was bad and sure I cringed with every miss, but the 19-2 run with subsequent 11-12 run when KW took over said you are right!

  42. it’s ok with me. I had a bad day after a few good days, and then I had a good day again. It was good to see the amount of distance his misses made, and no way the team is blaming Lin. We can tell he’s hurt.

  43. it’s there on tape, if any one wants to watch.

    last season with GSW v CLE, when they went small, it was a video guy for the team that gave Kerr the idea to go small with Iggy.

  44. i saw that too. I think his ankle was really bothering him on the foot flex stroke he needed to elevate.

  45. I agree with that, the general sent troops the wrong say.

  46. Thanks…true Lin fans.loves him no matter what…he still gets 7 minutes *clap clap*…some was questioning the minutes he’s gonna get

  47. Win clears everything…they still won…right?

  48. Lin is a great player and fierce competitor, but he’s not superhuman. No one is.
    No excuses, just the facts. He was listed as questionable before the game. And this was after playing 41 minutes the day before — the second most for him this season. And he played with an injured ankle. Because the team needed him, he stepped-up. That’s who he is. And in the thin Denver air that would hamper healthy players. It was painful to watch, though, Lin sacrificing his body to take those charges last night. And I’ve watched almost every game he has played in this season.

    In the last three games, Lin is still shooting 44%, and 36% from three-point range. And his teammates are passing to him more (including Batum yesterday), and coach Clifford is trusting him more in key situations. So for me as a Lin fan, things are actually looking up.

    Now I’ve gotta go an vote for Lin in the ASG. (= NBA entertainment = popularity contest, re: Kobe the top vote-getter despite an abysmal season)

  49. if that is the case for lin, then lin should go practice in the mountains and in denver facilities during off seasons.
    practicing in harsher conditions make you ace the standard conditions.

    it’s same with taking tests.. taking harder math problems will make you ace the standard ones.
    same thing how rocky balboa was practicing.. in the artic air and mountains.

    on the other hand as devils advocate. if that is the case with thin air, then nuggets should win the championship because even steph curry can’t shoot in denver.

  50. lol…give it a break man…it was a bad shooting night for him…we acknowledge that

  51. no, that will label him as mr inconsistent and confirms it by ppl
    I rather average it out..
    21 and 21.

  52. There’s a finite resource level to everyone. We want to believe that we can overcome our bodies by our will power and get that second or third wind when we need it. Science has proven that to be untrue. Our perception of second wind is just that, it’s self delusion.

    Last night was yet another illustration of bad coaching by Clifford. When a coach plays only 2 guys heavy minutes and sets them up to score while freezing out the rest of the team, it’s totally detrimental to the overall health of the team. The pieces that get overused become too tired to play both ways and develop extremely bad habits. They then create jealousy and animosity within the ranks. Batum’s injury is a result of overuse. KW will be next.

    The players that don’t get used properly are like muscles that become limp with atrophy. That’s a wasted resource that will never become any use if you never use it. The longer you wait, the more difficult it becomes to insert players in. A coach must use their assets and make sure everyone carries their share of the weight. Somewhere along the way, Clifford even forgot that he said guys need at least enough playtime to get into the game and that he’d have 9 guys in rotation. BF1 was a force until it was broken up by the over use of kW and Batum.

    IMO, Cliffrod was bought by Cho with the extention to promote CHO’s 2 stars. Lin is but a casualty of that directive.

  53. no, but seriously, he should try practicing in the mountains ..where the air is thin.

    when I train martial arts, I hate training ‘on air’.. I want at least a wooden dummy.. OR a partner to try to hit me back.. because that is real life.

    when I run .. I rather run uphill so that marathons and stuff is a cinch because it’s flat land.

    Also , my grandpa on the mothers side knows kung fu and he said that he heard someone whose sifu put weights on one of his pupils legs and ankles and told him to jump to get something everyday… for like 3 years. he had the weight on for like 3years and when he took them off.. he basically could ‘fly’ LOL.
    But caveat is that it’s not good on your knees.

    So the point is, if you want to get better at something, get tougher in simulation exercises.

  54. If Lin was healthy, he’d have taken the ball to the hole instead of shooting 3s.

  55. I like this…



    Since leaving the Lakers , this is the first time Jeremy back to Los Angeles to play the game. After the game in the players channel where he met the Clippers boss Ballmer . “Jeremy you’re really great today, let us had a very hard time to guard…! ” Ballmer jokingly came up with Jeremy .

    “Thank you , I hope next time I can bring the team to beat yours ( Clippers ) .” Jeremy also joke response

  56. I see…ahhh

  57. When I trained martial arts, my sifu crowed about how hard it was to train kung fu while wearing a 40 lb vest AND ankle AND wrist weights.

    But it really isn’t that much weight if one trains with proper technique.

    Also, I refrain from doing those weights nowadays because it distorts one’s muscle balance for actual combat. This is why so many buffed looking martial artists don’t grapple well or hit hard – their muscles are working against each other due to uneven strength caused by improper weight training.

  58. Because Lin’s been so successful playing in Denver in the past, I would imagine the altitude had NO EFFECT on Lin.

    But the ankle and head hits and back to back and questionable game status? That’s what did Lin in.

    Every season, Lin has an “injury down” game where his tendency to play through nagging injuries catches up with him. Last year it was the Wizards 0-10 against John Wall while injured, this year it’s the Nuggets.

    Lin will easily bounce back just as he always has and will.

  59. The altitude may have made him fatigue faster.

  60. Not likely, but Ok.


    He took very hard hits to the head in the Clippers game.

    I don’t know if I’d go that far, but certainly Lin’s Charlotte medical staff needs to examine him closely and test Lin for lingering concussion damage.

    For those who don’t know what a “concussion protocol” is, it’s a forced leave of absence by the NBA that formally examines a player for a concussion and then requires a diagnosed player to sit out games before being medically cleared to return.

  62. As you’ve said, he took a lot of hits. He also played 40 intense minutes the previous night on both ends especially on defense sprinting/chasing after Redick/Crawford and fighting off screens. I’ve said on my game report that no one could match his defensive intensity. So I think a lot of it has to do with fatigue and yesterday his primary focus was on D and his offense suffered. Well at least that’s my take… not an expert like you 🙂

  63. wow, impressive.

    Steve Ballmer took the time to recognize Lin’s contribution & joked around with him?
    This is why it’s great to be the high-scorer against NBA teams. They tend to remember what you did to them.
    Then they make an offer during Free Agency.

  64. Thin air was just one possible factor. Back-to-back after playing 41 min the night before was a bigger factor, I think.

    It’s harder to simulate playing great the next day after playing 40+ min.
    I mean the stamina can be improved but the body and knees would give out like the example that you gave of a friend who put weights on the ankle to practice jumping around.

    There’s definitely trade-off with everything. DRose “too athletic style” was great but not sustaintable in the long term. Duncan’s Big Fundamental without much jumping is definitely more long-lasting and preferable. JLin should follow Duncan’s path for sure.

    I thought a better solution would be not launching 3s so many if he kept missing.
    He did try to drive closer after missing 3s but didn’t make the drives.
    It’s just not his day which is understandable.

    I would feel different if he has a string of bad games like this.
    26pts-game with great shooting followed by 2pts-game with bad shooting is not the best but not the worst either.

  65. altitude, plus fatigue on a back to back. NBA teams complained about this situation last year, nobody wanted to play in denver or utah in the 2nd game of a back to back. You’re already mentally and physically tired, then the 2nd game in a row you go to denver and play in a city where you are not used to low oxygen levels while the home team has adapted. The more “popular” teams like the cavs and golden state and spurs they get an EZ schedule, no facing denver or utah in the 2nd game of a back to back. Only the “bad” teams like hornets have to do it.

  66. I agree. When I visits mile high, the first thing I notice is how much harder it is for me to breath because of my asthma. That’s why long distance runners will train in thin air to get their bodies to metabolize oxygen more efficiently into the blood stream. Lin was tired and depleted all of his resources in the Cliooers game. Recovery from that state requires time, time which he didn’t have.

    Look at it another way. Blood doping was developed by athletes to extend their physical capacity.

    “Blood doping is the practice of increasing the nmber of red blood cells in the bloodstream in order to enhance athletic performance. Because such blood cells carry oxygen from the lungs to the muscles, a higher concentration in the blood can improve an athlete’s aerobic capacity (VO2 max) and endurance.[1] Many methods of blood doping are illegal, particularly in professional sports.”

    Lin was only able to naturally recharge his system a certain amount due to time constraints. When that was used up, he finally hit the wall.

  67. im not going to make excuses and say this was the only reason because obviously lin stunk last night, but I think it did have an affect on his poor game.

  68. Steve Ballmer said he likes Lin also a a fan of Lin when he just bought the Clippers team… Part of the reason bc they both graduated from Harvard.

  69. oh yeah, I forgot about the Harvard ties
    Hm, I missed it when Ballmer said he’s a fan of Lin

  70. Now someone will be fighting for Linsanity Wax trade mark.

  71. the refined motion of shooting from distance does get affected by minor nuances, and I agree totally leaning to the re-rolled ankle the day before because you just can’t overcome the body swelling it up unless you take constant ibuprofens, and I’m not sure he would do that 24 hrs later.

    acbc’s triple play (re-roll, altitude, and back-to-back) is also a good reasoning, but I do not lean toward altitude as he does, given your assessment. You can adjust for that in 3 shots, or warmups, but whatever pain he had had to have affected his shot.

    I’ve never rolled an ankle and gotten good performance out of that leg the day after, nor could I ignore the pain. I could, however, play. When I was 16, a fellow player rolled his ankle at practice and then went home to run 10 miles to ‘run it off’. He was an animal, and I believe him because I saw him do ok the next few days. That’s young for you, is it possible? Certainly a 1x in lifetime experience for me. I don’t want JLin to ‘run this off’.

  72. it’s an extreme for sure
    But there’s always trade-off

    Publicity/potential from 40+ games to be a starter somewhere is good.
    Multiple 2-4+pts games definitely won’t be good

    20+pts average would be extremely good

  73. i agree with your triple-play call, but I lean toward pain on jumping for a shot as a big distractor, because you cannot focus on adjusting the shot if you get a bit of pain, or if your jump is 2″ shorter, etc. You said before it’s impossible to play the next day on an rolled ankle, to correct me, and I agreed after thinking over how easy it is to play on a bum ankle as an amateur because you get to adjust the game to you not the competition. Also, as an amateur, we play maybe once a week and can be on crutches for a few days or a week.

    Yeah, so don’t forget the thing of a swelled ankle and pain and so on …

  74. They were down so much and the game could have run away from CHA in the 2nd if Lin had not focused on stops and caused that 19-2 run cohesion. Other’s scored, rebounded, but that was the only part of the game they were competing and contending, and the rest was trading baskets at best, and kw ball at worse but I didn’t not that too much.

    The 2nd shift JLin had in the 2nd half … I felt he was too tired to think straight. Not having the team rely on him, being tired due to the 19-2 run and altitude, unknown amounts of pain that affected his shot, etc. I give him a pass for not being able to gather the loose pieces in his short 2nd shift.

    It’s on coaching – overplay JLin on a loss to Clips, on his re-roll, etc. I know JLin asked to say in during Clips, but that was before the re-roll.

  75. Another theory for the posters who want to slam me for excuse making – did you notice how his hair flowed yesterday on cuts? He needed more gel, his groomer messed up. jk of course.

  76. Of course, the groomer! Hence no Hairsanity. LOL. Good work Charlie Brown 🙂

  77. – “Few people are successful unless other people want them to be.” Charlie Brown


  78. number of games lin has played in nba career: 326
    number of game he has gone 0-for (minimum 15 minutes played): 9

    gs 2
    ny 0
    houston year one 0
    houston year two 1
    la 5
    charlotte (to date) 1

  79. thanks! it’ll be interesting to see how Lin bounced back after a game with 0-x shooting =)

  80. Someday, I want JLin to do this like he did in Harvard before

    3 seconds on the clock…down by 2….Then he does this—and the crowd LOSES their minds!

  81. True. That’s why timing, diligence and faith are essential ingredients for success (in addition to God’s help/will, believe or not).

  82. That goes into the cherished memory book! Good for that player! He goes further, Wow!

  83. There was another video of a full court basket. Kid was intervuewed the next day and made the same shot during the interview.

  84. They’re better off getting Kostas Pap…

  85. Lol

  86. Not really.

    The problems are not with Lin’s Hornets bench that can literally beat anybody when they’re allowed to.

    The problem is with Walker and Batum who play zero defense and do isohogging and thus lose games in the 1st quarter.

  87. But you’re not a super elite NBA athlete like Lin who is THE BEST conditioned guard in the NBA and who has historically BEASTED in the high altitude of Denver’s home court.

  88. YIPPEE!

    Here comes Lin’s REPLACEMENT.

    Even if Lin is forced to sign with the Hornets next season for only $2 million, I’d expect the Hornets to phase Lin out while elevating whatever new incoming PG arrives via draft or free agency.

  89. Exactly.

  90. Why r u happy?

  91. Are you serious? we dealing with this crap again? Like you have Lin Kemba Roberts Daniels and Lamb
    Why do you need more guards like are you plain stupid Clifford?

  92. 10-14

  93. and the last 4 minutes, which is often sometimes because JLin and others do rally to get the game close.

  94. because when they have a replacement for JLin, they will trade him. This half commitment thing leads to very up and down year for JLin.

  95. they are planning for JLin leaving, and I hope they will just trade him away for something but they have to be secure in having a person to do what they think Lin is doing.

  96. nice work!

  97. Theres off season for that

  98. ok, then I chalk it up to desperation who knows.

  99. Oh ok… all lin!

  100. This is the Hornet’s shooting coach. He advocates 1-2 vs Scheppler’s hop. I wonder if the conflicting shooting coaches is messing up his shot? I think pre season shooting was mostly Scheppler influence as he worked with him over the summer.

  101. Hornets shooting coach is right.

    Lin shoots better with 1-2.

  102. Because Lin is a RENTAL and the team needs to build for the future NOW.

  103. Jeremy Lin working on his 3 pt shot after Hornets practice.

  104. OK, I see why Charlotte and other teams are looking at Vangelis Mantzaris.

    He wears #17 like Jeremy Lin, passes like Jeremy Lin, knifes through defenses like Jeremy Lin, and leads like Jeremy Lin.

    But he can’t physically explode like Lin, can’t absorb body contact like Lin, can’t outquick the NBA’s fastest guys like Lin, can’t beat triple teams like Lin, cannot shut guys down like Lin, and can’t lead the NBA in multiple statistical categories like Lin.

    Of course, the main appeal of this very poor man’s (homeless hobo version) of Jeremy Lin is that he is NOT ASIAN. So he’ll definitely be offered more money than Lin’s $2 million which all NBA teams other than Charlotte think is “overpaid” for Lin.

  105. But the HUMONGOUS CHEMISTRY PROBLEM caused by Walker and Batum being uncomfortable with Lin on the court with them is KILLING the Hornets.

  106. 1mtoldman provided info on 0-x shooting games below.
    I got curious how JLin bounced back after 5 such games in Lakers last season.

    It turns out he averaged 15.4pts/4.4asts/3rebs in the bounce-back games.
    With 26-39 (67.7% FGM shooting)!

    That’s simply incredible in Lakers tanking season, nonetheless!

    JLin Bounce Back games following 0-x shooting game in 14-15 Lakers Season
    Feb 11: 0-6, 2pts vs POR => 6-9, 18pts/2/1r vs BKN
    Dec 15: 0-6, 2pts/1a vs IND => 5-7, 12pts/5a/8r vs OKC
    Dec 3: 0-10, 0pts/5a vs WSH => 5-8, 14pts/2a vs BOS
    Nov 16: 0-2. 0pts/1a vs GSW => 6-7, 15pts/10a/3r vs ATL
    Nov 1: 0-6, 6pts/6a vs GSW => 4-8 18pts/3a/1r vs PHX


  107. Good research, KHuang.
    And 1 more thing, he looks like Kemba with the beard so that might play into a factor lol

  108. Thank you for the research!
    Now we know what to expect on Wednesday 😉

  109. Hi KHuang. Do you know about the YouTube Channel ProShotShootingSystem? They are strong proponents of the hop there, as well as BBallBreakdown. I love those YT channels and have learned a lot from them over the past two years or so. Personally I like the hop better as well. Why do you think Lin shoots better with 1-2, just subjective experience? Not intended to attack your statement, just honest question out of curiosity.

  110. Awesome video thanks for sharing! Did u shoot this video? How do you know the hornets shooting coach advocates the 1-2? It looks like JLin is all hop in this video to me.

  111. Even if the Hornets somehow decided to eject Walker and keep Lin, this Mantzaris guy is NOT a NBA level athlete.

    Elite athleticism is really critical for NBA point guards in today’s game.

    Even off the bench, a guy like Mantzaris would struggle to create his own shot and in stopping opposing point guards off screens (not so much in isolation dribbling where no PG in the entire league other than Lin can consistently stop opponents off the drive).

    Just look at how Kemba Walker is more athletic than Mantzaris but is totally ordinary by NBA bench PG athletic standards. Walker is getting BEATEN TO DEATH every game, not just by starters but by 2nd and 3rd string reserves who athletically overpower him. It would be the same with Mantzaris, though Mantzaris would put up much more of a fight defensively than Kemba Walker does.

  112. people must love the CHA matchup.

  113. Seriously, hair that high could actually help defense (blocking view), especially threes.

  114. Very good question: maybe bloody noses should be automatically concussion protocol’d. Does the regular protocol begin during the game even if the player does not feel it is warranted? Or does it only start after the game is over. Obviously if the player is not feeling well it should begin immediately. The potential drawback would be: bloody nose = automatically benched for rest of game, while in this case not even a regular foul was called so in the short-term, the team is punished for protecting the long-term health of the player in mind and not incentivez correctly.

  115. Excellent analysis!

    I took a look at the pro shooting thing that you recommended. GREAT VIDEO.

    Interestingly, I saw a CGI clip of a messed up shooter on their video. DEAD RINGER for Errorme Lin when he’s bricking at the line. The form taught by that messed up shooter is exactly what Doc Scheppler is teaching Lin, which is why Lin consistently struggles in shooting when he shoots Doc’s way.

    The great shooters like Curry will use a 1-2 even when they seem to hop off two feet. Even in their video, that’s what Curry was doing. It’s the total opposite of Lin who was taught by Doc Scheppler go off both legs the way a girls basketball shooter would do because female hips are angled differently from men.

    When Lin does a 1-2 either off his devastating pull up dribble or when curling off a 3 point screen, he’s every bit as devastating as Curry in his accuracy. But when Lin gets his feet set, his hop shot with balanced feet ends up throwing his shooting arm out of whack and he shoots sideways. And when Lin is off balance or slightly injured as a shooter, Lin does a classic 1-2 and hits everything like in the LAC game.

  116. as near as i can tell nets coach tony brown is undefeated as a head coach in the nba: 3 times he has been called upon to fill in for an actual head coach and his team won all three games.

    nets down two to spurs tonite in his first game when he will (one would assume) get another game after this one as coach.

  117. Like I’ve been saying for the last 4 seasons, Lin shoots better when he turns a little more to the left.

  118. that sure is a lot of 0-x shooting games.

  119. Every new coach has a honeymoon period where the players are rejuvenated.

    Then reality sets in and the losing returns.

  120. The thing is, except for the 0-10 game, Lin shies away from shooting after an certain amount of misses. Other players will keep on shooting until ball goes in.

  121. what did you notice in the DEN game?

  122. I think he felt a need to shoot yesterday because there were no other options to get a win. It’s game after game of losing in the last 3 minutes.

  123. I’m an advocate of the hop. IMO, it’s ability to take the energy from your movement and translate it into loading gives you a much quicker transition to what you intend to do with the catch and ….whatever. By the time you use the 1-2 rot stop then load to make your next move, you’ve lost a split second of time to who ever is chasing you.

    The best shooters now use this hop step. The other big plus is that when you receive the ball in the air and you come to a hop position, there is absolutely no way anyone can call you for travel. The 1-2 will disappear just like the skyhook in 10 years time.

  124. Didn’t see that Denver game.

    I try not to negatively evaluate Lin when he’s injured.

    I’m more concerned about Lin’s shooting form when he’s not injured, as he is a worse standstill shooter than he is an off balance shooter.

  125. what do you make of KHuang saying Steph shoots the 1-2? I will try to watch for either, just trying to understand.

  126. The 1-2 has been used for decades by great shooters like Larry Bird, Michael Jordan, Ray Allen, Stephen Curry, Dirk Nowitzki, and Lin during Linsanity.

  127. A lot of his misses are in the Jun Liu highlights … I’m curious what you think integrating it in with the hop or 1-2 discussion. I want to learn what you and ac and chronshifter are saying.

    PS, his FTs used to be money but this year they have not been as reliable so not sure what’s up with that.

  128. Curry plants his right leg and then uses his left leg to support his right legged jump.

    Even when Curry seems to go off two feet, he always uses his right leg as the prime lifter.

    That’s how ALL the great shooters in the NBA shoot, regardless of era.

  129. Okay, I will watch for that. I love how Curry can shoot from any starting position … to me it’s not circus shots but that he’s been in the playground trying to beat his dad his whole life:

  130. It’s made possible in Lakers tanking season and BScott yo-yo treatment of JLin

    It’s great that it’s January and only 1 game of 0-x shooting this season.
    Tanking season was hard to watch for sure

  131. BBall Breakdown Hops vs 1-2:

  132. IF Stef Currry does do that, then he’s lost a split second on that movement.

  133. Actually, Lin’s form looked very good in that game.

    But he clearly didn’t have his typical explosiveness off the dribble or his lift off the shots.

    Lin’s legs were severely hurting him that game, though he is so well conditioned that he was able to make good passes and play hard defense anyway.

    Lately, Lin’s form has been looking less like Doc Scheppler’s squared up shot and more like Lin’s right side shooting form from Linsanity and 19 PER LA last season.

  134. I will be watching for that because steph is so fast on the shot. See the bball breakdown still frames, it’s possible to freeze steph highlights to prove the same. I understand it now.

  135. Lin should get some shooting coaching from DELL Curry.

  136. This is a video of their shooting coach. At around 1:30 he instructs on 1-2


  137. That’s what I thought, that the shots going left, short by far, back iron and glass, told me there was pain he’s adjusting to and he was hunting and pecking because something wasn’t consistent that was affecting him. That can only be take-off pain, as that depends on where/how he starts his jump.

    If you chase a guard on D, getting pain isn’t as easy to see because you make it up on a cut or screen or next step, so we can’t judge what the injury was doing to him by how well he did on D. The example of that is the re-roll 2 games ago … that was not really a roll, but a hard cut to get around a screen, so who’s to know how much angle caused the re-injury except when it happened. Had he know, he would not have cut as angled or hard.

  138. YES! Dell is on the court most home games. Good idea lol.

  139. Jeremy Lin 林書豪 Facebook
    “You don’t become great by doing what’s easy or comfortable.”

  140. Meanings:

    “Played with a sprained ankle and bloodied nose because coach begged me to, that wasn’t easy or comfortable.”


    “Staying at Charlotte would be easy and comfortable, but I am going to be the Philadelphia 76er starting Point Guard to become great.”

  141. Good explanation, but not agree the 76ers part. Anyway, Lin wants more challenge.

  142. Need to have 100% ankle first.

  143. Linteresting post given yesterday and yet, this is saying that’s got nothing to do with his goals and journey.

  144. 中文专访书豪:乔丹给我建议 还没有女朋友

  145. great find, thanks. I agree that most likely he is a 1-2 advocate by this video, but there is still room for him being misunderstood. It is possible he has since changed his mind after the recording of this video, or if a NBA player prefers the hop (and is a good shooter like JLin) he will not try to correct them on it, or maybe he prefers to teach the 1-2 to kids and then later teach the hop. just (punalert) super saiyan its possible but i would agree with you it’s more unlikely than likely.

  146. this is a very old tweet right? not from last night

  147. New post. Posted about 52 min ago.

  148. Thanks for the compliment KHuang, i don’t think I analyzed anything but glad you liked their channel. They have a lot of videos regarding the hop, not just whichever one you watched so def check them out. ProShot advocates Steph Curry is a hop shooter. They also believe his largest inconsistency is his landing, sometimes landing with narrow feet and sometimes landing with wide feet. If you post which video u watched i will watch it to see if it looks like a 1-2 or a hop to me. If you can post any video with time stamps of lin doing the 1-2 i would love to see it as well, thanks.

  149. is it just me or is Lin getting special treatment during practice? He gets his own half court while the other players have to share?

  150. Khuang and I are never going to agree on this point. He’s always been against Doc and his girlie form. I happen to believe as does Lin that what he teaches has a lot of merit. It’s technically and biomechanically very sound.

    I believe that the old 1-2 is a shot that was for a slower game with much less emphasis on 3s. bird, Jordan, Dirk, Allen all were connected to the old ISO game with emphasis on height and elevation to shoot as close to the basket as possible and with as much elevation as possible. Today, it’s about shooting 3s and getting the shot off as fast as possible. That’s a totally different impetus. Any fraction gained by footwork is too valuable to give up by any inefficency.

    IMO, it doesn’t matter what sport you play. There is a direct correlation to speed, quickness and elevation by the way you use ground force. If there are extrenious movements, that serves no purpose other than, “that’s just the way it’s been done”, then you are leaking precious split seconds.

    The description Khuang made about Curry stopping with his outside leg, then using his inside leg for upward thrust means that there is a split second when nothing is done. If Stef had landed with both feet touching the ground at the same time, his stopping would load his legs and the thrust up wards with both kegs would create a much better result as well as a split second of gain.

  151. very recent, possibly after practice today

  152. I am going to start looking at Steph. From what I saw, hop to Coach Nick is just catching the ball while in the air and loading the forces for the jump on landing. That to me makes a lot of sense in physics, that you use the ground as a way to transmit all the force of landing back into the air. 2 ft are better than one for that.

    More as we go …

  153. Thank you for pointing all these.

    To me, the most important of all is what JLin thinks is best for him. He is the pro.

    As I said in the past: JLin knows what he is doing and what he needs to work on. All of us including his best NBA experts and even better than any NBA experts in the whole wide world are just bystanders of his career. We can argue to death of what we think and what’s best for him, we have no influence over his career.

  154. I think it is by the court, not by players. If you wanna shoot 3s, you go to this court..

  155. I think those great shooters would shoot even better with hop. Allen and Curry are not 1-2 shooters

  156. He is not a 1-2 shooter, he does 1-2 occasionally depending on the situations

  157. There is just no way you can shoot 1-2 very quickly.

  158. And technically speaking, a hop does not mean both feet have to touch and leave the floor at the exact same time…

  159. he likes to flare that elbow…

  160. That slightly lost time is exactly why Curry is so accurate.

  161. I have never seen Curry as a hop shooter.

    He puts his right leg down and fires off that leg, although his left leg trails nearly imperceptibly.

  162. Lin’s the best conditioned guard in the NBA.

    The “problem” with that is Lin will play through injuries that would fell any other guard.

  163. They definitely would not.

    Relying on the hop means a CORKSCREWED shot form.

  164. Totally disagree.

    Curry plants his right foot and shoots off that foot with the left trailing.

    He does it smoothly and fastly so that it looks like a hop, but it’s NOT a two legged hop because Curry doesn’t wobble or corkscrew on jump shots.

  165. There was a 3 point line when Jordan and Bird played too.

    Shooting is shooting in any era. What worked for great players like Bird and Curry works today for Lin who used that shot form during Linsanity.

  166. Lin’s so talented, he can hit shots with any shot form.

    But can he hit consistently?

    If Lin would stop bricking free throws, I might be convinced that he has his shooting figured out.

  167. Curry does all the time.

    So did Lin during Linsanity.

  168. Straight from the Dragon’s mouth, ladies. NO GIRLFRIEND!

    Every lady fan here’s got a shot.

  169. No BOYFRIEND either.

  170. What?

  171. Cute… whos that? Go for it JLin!

  172. Google Translate

    Chinese Interview with Jeremy:
    – Jordan gave advice;
    – No Girlfriend Yet

    http: //xw.qq.com/sports/201601 …

    RUTHERFORD January 11 Los Angeles News (chief reporter / segment Ran) The so-called East does not shine bright, dark South, North. Last season in Los Angeles experienced a less happy season, offseason Jeremy Lin chose to join the Charlotte Hornets, though even now, there are still people in the questioned Lin’s defense, questioning him that one feels dazzling hair, But you have to admit, Jeremy Lin has become an integral part of the team one.

    Do not reproduce the forest crazy, but at least in Charlotte played very happy. Games are played 26.1 minutes, scored 12 points and 3.2 can assists, data point of view, it seems, and Jeremy last season compared to the Lakers is not much difference. But if Lin’s data into value per 36 minutes, he averaged 16.6 points scored, the highest after he left New York.

    “Right now, we just want to strive to win a victory,” after losing to the Clippers, Lin told RUTHERFORD. “But we’ve played harder today, defense is better than the previous game to, as long as we continue to play today’s performance, the near future will have good things happen.” The game, Jeremy Lin played 41 minutes, scored a team-high 26 points, plus 4 rebounds and 4 assists, on and after the game Jeremy Lin said, the entire season, we see Jeremy Lin is a positive.

    After the away game with the Clippers Jeremy accepted an exclusive interview with Tencent sports, the whole process, he insisted smiling and full with Chinese. Even for personal emotional problems forthrightly.

    Jordan gave me recommend

    RUTHERFORD: Jeremy Lin is usually an interview in English, today is devoted to the Chinese fans, Howard to the whole book in Chinese, we take a look at the book ho Chinese now how. First of all welcome back to Los Angeles, in addition, this season, the Hornets now play should say also, you do not know such a state of the team is now how are you feeling?

    Jeremy: I think when we first started also played well, now attached to lost 5,6 game, so I think that we now need, you know, has worked very hard to play, we play tomorrow and Denver ( Beijing on the 11th), so I hope tomorrow can win. I know that tomorrow we kick back to Charlotte, I think Charlotte will help us fight.

    RUTHERFORD: You once said in an interview, I feel this season than last year in Los Angeles to feel a lot better, because we really can see the coach is very fond of you, is not because of this reason?

    Jeremy: No, I think last year is that we won the previous season only a dozen games, and now we have won seventeen matches. So I think more fun this year, the coach let me play a lot, I think I really like these teammates, like with Kemba (Walker), you know, my teammates they were very good to me, so I stayed in Charlotte very happy.

    RUTHERFORD: Sometimes you’ll hit this season starting, sometimes off the bench, ready to play this for you have no influence, or that you would not mind starting or off the bench?

    Jeremy Lin: does not affect too much, my idea is that each game is really playing God, then I think whether it is starting or coming off the bench, the most important thing is I was not always been very aggressive style of play , whether it is shooting, or assists or layup, I think I need to be very aggressive, and that is the most important.

    RUTHERFORD: whether and Michael – Jordan talked, for example, the training ground ah or the next field, he has to give you some advice?

    Jeremy: You know, he was very well known, so most of the time he will not be with us, and sometimes, he went to see our game, he will give us some small suggestions, most of the time is reserved for Coach Clifford.

    In New Orleans, the most obvious change is Jeremy Lin playing happy, do not worry about Scott’s system, they do not think over the ball after halftime to which superstar this season, 22.2 percent of the ball with the same usage he left New York after the highest value. For a point guard who has the ball in hand is the most important thing.

    Hornets coach Clifford is a defensive coach, he came after Charlotte, the media and some experts even believe that Lin’s defense for the team, it may all be a drag. But many people do not know is that this season, Jeremy Lin on the defensive end has been significant progress, so far, Lin has sent a record 24 blocked shots in the game, second only to the core of the Wizards – John Wall, even in the presence of the average number of blocks, Lin field cap figures are 0.71 times also ranked third in the league, the data on this aspect, he even stronger than Westbrook, Curry, Beverly et al. You know, the first five seasons of his career, Lin averaged number of blocks have never been more than 0.4 times, the progress of the defensive end, but also Clifford often at critical moments will remain one of Jeremy field reasons.

    In Jeremy’s help, the Hornets this season’s performance has improved significantly, although the most recent six-game losing streak to make their record slipped to 17 wins and 19 losses, ranked only the eastern part of the first 11, but Gierke reimbursement Riester season, Batum and Jefferson can not play this great core, most recently, the Hornets are going through this season, the most difficult period of time. And when they are full healthy, this team is still very frightening, shortly before, they are still second in the Eastern Conference stopover before.

    Team their injury, while Jeremy Lin had just come back when Clifford can not wait to Lin sent a starter. After entering 2016, the team their injury situation is still not much change, Clifford Lin also gave enough confidence. The last four games, Jeremy Lin playing time increased to 33.7 minutes, averaging 17.3 points can be scored 3.3 assists, while shooting 48.1% three-point shooting rate increased to 40.0%. Career, many times we have met Lin difficulties, but this time he also did not choose to escape.

    I think with the strength of the All-Star

    RUTHERFORD: Chinese fans are now voting for the All-Star, a lot of Chinese fans are cast your vote, how you look at yourself into an All-Star this opportunity?

    Jeremy: It seems that two weeks ago, my friend said I was eighth or what, I really was very grateful, because I know I have a lot of fans, they vote every year to help me, then I just want to have a year You can play very well, then really hit the All-Star game, I think it would be fun.

    RUTHERFORD: All-Star Game is just the Spring Festival in China, that is, after the New Year, so the All-Star game if you have not been selected, you will not go to Toronto to see the All-Star Game?

    Jeremy: I’m the Golden State Warriors in the first year, I had to see, but I think my time in the NBA, to see the All-Star game is not so fun. I think when the fans, I like to see, because I am relatively young. Then (and now) every day I see these guys, I do not know if I will go home, but I hope that after a little rest at home.

    Over the past three seasons, with an average annual salary of Jeremy Lin are up $ 8.3 million, and last summer, he and the Hornets signed a two-year contract is $ 4,000,000, but the salary reduction, the result is Lin smile. Last season, the Lakers bench Lin sounded very sad face surely we all still remember, no longer need to worry about whether the appearance, do not have to worry much play pick and roll would have been Scott’s criticism, and even began to toss the book ho From his own hair, and this is his New York in the fashion capital, the entertainment capital of Los Angeles does not have done.

    From the Mohicans head to big back head, and then a small tail, and even a chicken coop head, mushroom head. Jeremy modeling Variety, but the same is he still stable performance. In this small city in Charlotte, the kind of book on Howe and coaches and trouble is not, can not, and so and so partner Jeremy news are indeed very small. Instead, the book ho funny wig to play the movie, the book ho request JJ invited himself to shoot such content MV. Some may say that Jeremy Lin some much work, but professional players are human beings, Lin also only 28 years old this year, which reflects more positive attitude or Lin.

    I do not have a girlfriend

    RUTHERFORD: this season, Bryant’s last season, he has announced plans to retire, you still have contact with him this private between it, since leaving the Lakers?

    Jeremy Lin: The last fight I had told him in Charlotte, I think I see him, he is very calm, and I think this year is that he is very grateful, grateful to him every game, every fan, so I think it is time.

    RUTHERFORD: The next question is a personal question ah, Chinese fans especially many women concerned about this issue, but you can choose to answer or avoid, is that they want to know now there is no official Lin’s girlfriend, or that they are also There is no chance.

    Jeremy: No, there is no (girlfriend).

    RUTHERFORD: That we still have a chance?

    Jeremy: I think so. (Shy smile)

    RUTHERFORD: So the next question is, you have no plans to go to China in the summer? Determine the plan there?

    Jeremy: Now also arrangements, we have not yet identified, is in June or August or September, each year will go, just do not know when, there is no plan of arrangement.

    RUTHERFORD: the time Tencent users can arrange to pick you up at the airport?

    Jeremy: Well, you can can.

    RUTHERFORD: Finally, please How about you, to all your Chinese fans say a few words by Tencent cameras.

    Jeremy Lin: Thank you for that vote to help me, thank you for watching our game, I know, we have recently been lost, but I think we really give 100% effort to fight today, I hope that tomorrow can win, we can win in Denver.

    Since leaving the Lakers, this is the first time Jeremy back to Los Angeles to play the game. After the game the players channel where he met the Clippers boss Ballmer. “Jeremy you really terrible today, let us keep a very hard ah!” Ballmer jokingly came up with Jeremy.

    “Thank you, I hope next time I can win you led (Clippers).” Jeremy also joke response. Because there are too many relatives and friends after in Los Angeles to accept Tencent interview Jeremy rush to meet with friends and relatives. In the tunnel where he has been repeatedly know or do not know who stopped greeting photo, although time constraints but he has a smile for everyone and treat each patient with each other photo.

    “He really is a man of very Nice,” a few just finished a photo of the young man with the book ho watched him rush back quietly discussing, “Unfortunately, not all players are like him so Nice, most have not …… ”

    Indeed, Lin might not be the best NBA player, but he certainly is one of the best people in the league.

  173. Nice English version.

    Jordan doesn’t help.

    He avoided answering the like cliff question. How did the Chinese read?

    Let’s see if tencent readers vote him higher.

  174. What say you 1-2 or hop?

  175. Nm I see your opinion here. Good.

    I’ve got my Robert de niro meet the fockers eyes on steph’s jump as some as I’m done with dad duty.

  176. Yeah, MJ is letting Clifford coach.
    So far, with injuries it has been abysmal and Kemba/Batum hero-ball is different than the team-ball that we envisioned the Hornets will do.

    The great thing is JLin appreciated his fans voting for him.

  177. yes, that Cliff is allowing the un-winnable ball. It has to be changed, or no amount of ‘fun’ will make up for a lost season where they didn’t content to their potential.

  178. ha ha, I’m watching steph and he definitely did the 1-2 step shooting from behind half court to end Q3.


  179. is it that the catch it on the fly and land to jump?

  180. I saw the bballbreakdown split pictures and the difference is remarkable.

  181. I really think so too … he’s a great athlete. A good mix of speed and endurance. And he keeps improving!

  182. wait for his recovery then let’s watch it closely.

  183. Lol, no matter how tough n fearless Lin can be on court but still shy when mention girl relationship.

  184. Gotta fix that hovering hand! LOL

  185. If you go to the Instagram account for nataliexjh (who is mentioned in the above tweet) you can see not only the above photo of Jeremy but another photo of what looks like the same girl posing with Aaron Gordon of the Orlando Magic.

  186. KHuang, acbc, Brent:

    So I looked at all the NBA 21 FGA by Curry in last Sac game and it looks to me like besides the layups and twisting circus shots, and step backs, he uses a hop. I think I only saw one you could say was a 1-2, not sure. Let me know if I’m not seeing it right.


  187. SCurry shoots one piece and not two piece

  188. I thought its fixed now…way better than previous years

  189. Saw some other pics of this gal on Instagram. She looks best in this photo with Jeremy, must be happy with the company. 🙂

  190. This kid from Japan is good
    Has way more upside than Yuta Watanabe
    He might make the NBA someday if coached well at Gonzaga

  191. How do you know this?

  192. I’ve concluded that the NBA is racist. Once I start seeing better treatment from refs regarding Jeremy Lin, I will stop saying NBA is racist.

    I’m just sick and tired of the ways they try to bring him down in the media. How they say he’s weak, Charmin soft, if you pressure him he will give you the ball. Yet, do you know of any other players who will take a charge from a 7 ft giant or slash through 5 players? Or even doing this on an injured ankle?

    NBA is like Hollywood. They won’t accept Asians. Sure, there are the Jackie Chans and the Bruce Lees but that’s pretty much the only roles we Asians get in Hollywood. We cant be the attractive guy or the romantic guy. America is racist. Hollywood is racist. NBA is racist.

  193. if he’s at least potentially good, he’ll make the team competitive enough with his defense (?) and not only because he’s the lone scorer for a losing team and not losing hard, look at the box score ..70+++ for usa and only 17 for japan?

    His potential lies on his MAYBE development but it will take a longer year to process.

  194. More proof racism of Asians exists in the NBA. It’s not just this season, it’s been happening for a long time. Pretty much identical fouls on opposite sides of the court, but Crawford gets the foul, Lin does not.

  195. His teammates were way too bad He did great it was never a fair game to begin with
    USA vs Japan, come on he did great they lose the game byt 100+points
    At this level, its all about potential
    Scouts look for potentials
    Gonzaga got him good for him
    Everyone is a Maybe until they make it

  196. Well the majority of their audience are not asian so less relate-able to them
    Asian movies cast mostly asians too
    It’s not racist and things are getting better
    Lin is not the only one getting bs calls and non calls
    role players/scrubs all do

  197. I’m sure Lin has a lot of fans who are non-Asians that could relate to Lin. I’m pretty sure a lot of Christians follow him.

    Yes Asian movies do cast mostly Asians but it’s different because in those countries like China, Korea, Japan, they are not a melting pot like America.

    Idk, maybe if the refs treated Lin more like their big names like Harden, Kobe, Westbrook, etc. I might have a change of heart. Lin is #8 in the ASG ballot but he’s being treated like a scrub by the refs. I’m sure Lin probably gets the worse treatment compared to anyone else who made the top 10 in the ASG ballot. And no, ASG isn’t about who is the best. It’s about crowd/fan favorites.

  198. Lin in the clippers game took most of his shots from a hop step as well.

  199. you gotta love google translate.

    where else can u get lines like: “do not reproduce the forest crazy”.

    (there are some even better longer ones).

    see interview translation below courtesy of psalm.

  200. lol…then knowledgeable people like you should go and assist in correction…

  201. Check out his recent game…he dont pause/stop at overhead and its in a single motion….the only time I think he pauses..to see if there is a better option (pass or shoot)

    I think over the years…GSW had trained most of the players to adapt the one piece

    The other interesting thing is, they have this hybrid set, they could set it from at waist level (dip) or at chest level or even in between, this will really confuse the defenders if the player is gonna drive, or shoot

  202. Not racist? U r in for a rude awakening, tom…

  203. As good as Curry is now, he wasn’t always that way. I recall Lin would outplay him on a regular basis in their match-ups in the past. And Curry regularly fell short (with past ineffective coaches like Mark Jackson).

    RE: shooting technique, I’m not convinced the hop allows for more accuracy (for Lin). If I heard correctly, I think there was a reference to fast-twitch muscles (in the hop) vs 1-2. How does that affect accuracy (for some players, if at all?)

    Although quickness of release is a factor, it should be balanced with accuracy for the individual.

    With his Harvard brain, I have faith that he’ll develop a technique that’s most suitable FOR HIM. (Afterall, he and Steph Curry are two different players). And although I like Curry, I think Lin – overall – offers more. Plus, it’s important to keep in mind that Lin isn’t the first option like Curry is. Curry has the green light and support (multiple screens) to shoot at will. Skillfully, he has developed it within an effective team-based system. Lin is more like the 4th-5th option.

  204. Is there a picture or youtube video that differentiate the 1-2 from the hop?

  205. ALL STAR VOTE. Vote to show him our support. https://twitter.com/monkeyes2/status/686920340795187201

  206. Nice.

  207. My first comment since the Denver game..Was so frustrated that I didn’t come online to opine on the game.

    I wanted to asked whether I’m the only one that has lost all patience with Spencer Hawes?…How many assist has Lin lost off Hawes blown lay-ups?…I can’t recall an NBA players missing as many lay-ups as this guy.

    Hawes does gives you a few good passes here and there, but him keep missing easy 2 points is very demoralizing to a team that is on the big losing streak…Maybe it’s time to sit him.

    It may also be time for Clifford to shake up the line up.

  208. Nice pear.

  209. give you a video 😉

  210. Agreed, but Hornets doesn’t have very good C including Zeller. For the line up changing, there can be improved but not big room. Like Lin played better as starters, but bench will be much worse without him. Of course, Kemba won’t be moved to bench for sure.

  211. There are many asian actors out there now

    For Lin to be treated like the stars he needs to play like one and have impressive stats his ASG votes arent gonna make him a star.

    China knows about ASG, how do you think Yao made it 11times
    They probably voted for Kobe and other players they look at stats

  212. i remember when this happened, and it was frustrating. the announcers know for sure it’s a foul. i think it’d be good to make a video compilation.

    however, to make a case that it’s racist or somehow focused on jeremy, we’d have to make a comparison to other players. in response to these videos, i see other fans responding, “but you should see so and so, who gets fouled a lot, and doesn’t get called.” I remember a year or so ago, carmelo was making such complaints about not getting any foul calls unless he bleeds. (ironically, lin DID bleed and didn’t get a foul call.)

    and i know from just watching games in general, that there are a lot of fouls not called, on a lot of people. in general, it’s frustrating, and it seems like overall unreliability. i still lean toward thinking jeremy does get it worse off than other players, but i think it’s hard to make a convincing case.

    still, a compilation video would go a long way.

  213. With Washington’s win last night, Charlotte has now moved down to 12th. However, with Batum back, and JLin’s ankle healed (hopefully by tomorrow), and some easier teams, and some (hopefully) well learned lessons, they are bound to start moving back up.

  214. From Hornets FO’s view, what can be done to make this team better?

    Situation: Given current state and the coming brutal January schedule, the chance of getting into playoff is looking slimmer by games. (Well, unless they bench KW and give the offense key to Lin. And we all know it is not possible). It is not likely FO can add any player that could have instant positive impact for the wins. It is not likely the team can come to life with all the offense/defense schemes they have now. We see enough with 30+ games.

    So by mid-January, FO would know the prospect of getting into playoff and would probably evaluate the moves to make this team better long term. I think they will continue to lure Batum into playing at 2. They know Lin will opt out. So would they trade Lin to get something back in return instead of letting Lin go without getting anything?

    Business is business. As long as someone offers something decent, a trade is possible.

  215. Currently, they’re 10 Games Behind #1 Cavs
    ORL is #8 with 7.5 games behind

    It might take at least 3-4 Wins to be back in Top 8 depending how other teams fare.


  216. There’s a very good video from Bballbreakdown that featured Doc and the hop step. It’s a few years old but in it they actually time the difference between the hop and 1-2. It was conclusive that the hop was much faster.

    The hop step is only part of what Lin was working in with Doc. The stroke mechanics is something entirely different.

    If you then look at how Lin made his 3s in the Clippers game, you’ll recognize that he definately shoots from the hop step.

  217. Clifford wants focus on both ends of the floor.
    But what will he do if players slack off on defense?


  218. ha ha

  219. the pro-shot shooting system you tube channel also advocates what they call “the turn” or squaring the shooting shoulder to the basket but do not square both shoulders to the basket. they emphasize how the feet land is more important than how the feet start during the shot, want to land 30 or 45 to 90 degrees. if u watch Curry you will notice he turns to his left quite a bit in the air on a lot of his shots, especially when strongly contested.

  220. just to be clear, if you watch that bball breakdown video someone posted on the hop vs the 1-2, the hop is the catching it in the air part, coming down, then going right back up. Coach Nick advocates it is still a hop shot whether or not you land on two feet at the same exact time after landing from the hop, or if you land one foot first then the other. I’m not sure if this is what you mean when you advocate stephen curry shoots 1-2, just want to remind everyone of this distinction.

  221. Then Cliff should not have said PJ to take offensive load off NB. He allowed bad habits to form early in the season, now he’s trying to correct what has formed. Sorry, that’s backward coaching!

  222. It’s only talk…. until he implements some significant coaching changes

  223. Cliff really has no idea what to do now… just hope to get luck vs Atlanta…. even NYK beat Atlanta twice.

  224. Could the Raptors Sign Charlotte Hornets Swingman, Nicolas Batum, in the Off-Season?


  225. Raptors will have big changes next season since DeRozan will leave for max.

  226. Hornets should be one of the teams in the running to sign D-Leaguer Robert Roberts (forward)
    Good finisher around the rim. Scored 28pts, 39pts


  227. Greg should replace “talented scorers” with “volume shooters” in the last paragraph.

  228. If nothing changes, Batum will see Hornets is too Kemba-centric and leaves for French-speaking TOR

  229. Yes, this is the one where the NBA FGA vid was linked and that one I was referring to. By one piece, do you mean hop? Good observation where on where they start their shooting motion. I’ll watch for that too. I’ve been just noticing that Curry will start his shot from any body position and that is really hard to guard because he can make those that come from a bent down no look starting point.

  230. Cliff’s biggest mistake is to not insist on team-ball allowing Kemba to play hero-ball
    There is no team-ball identity in this team being established.
    Clifford is too nice to players for his own good

  231. It’s very possible. @occupatio:disqus brought up this no-playoff hope scenario to trade Lin to get something an asset.
    It’ll be a better scenario for Lin if he gets major role or get to play in playoff in the new team.

    So many unknowns at the moment

  232. yes, they are very different. Steph Curry was always at the brink of being possibly injured, with those ankle problems. We can see that JLin is more solid on contact so it’s less worrisome.

    You are right, with JLin, they haven’t given him a role where his strengths are amplified.

    The only thing I can see from this discussion is that JLin has to be able to hit like KT does, when he isn’t given the rock. If he keeps doing that, as he does do some games, then he’ll get his time. And yet, when he is in, they do rely on him to get the team going, so JLin is going to have to settle his brain to have different modes. The one where he makes every touch as SG, and the one where he’s being relied upon to get the team going.

  233. Oui oui.

  234. Agreed, Hornets won’t make to playoff if nothing changes. If Hornets doesn’t make the playoff, won’t offer Batum max as well. So Batum will leave for better team and better contract for sure. Same apply to Lin.

  235. Looks good. I think Hornets mostly need a power C can do PnR & rebound & protect rim.

  236. That would mean 6 teams in 6 years… *sigh*. Wish he could find stability with a good team real soon.

  237. mais oui.

  238. thats the premise the speculation; batum takes derozan’s salary slot.

  239. updated and simplified version of my redraft of 2010 nba draft
    ordered by career basic production (cbp)

    lin went undrafted in 2010.
    here’s how his overall production to date has compared to those who were drafted
    and beyond that redrafting the entire 60 player draft plus lin;
    but including only those players who are current nba players.

    to begin with of the 60 draft picks only 26 remain in the nba today
    (the question someone could answer for me: is there anyone else currently in the nba who also went undrafted in 2010 besides lin)—-
    4 of those 26 have however not produced a minimum # of 1000 cbp and thus have been eliminated leaving 22+ 1 (lin) redrafted by their cbp (career total points plus rebounds plus assists)
    with their initial draft # placing in parenthesis:

    1. demarcus cousins 12398 (5)
    2. john wall 11786 (1)
    3 greg monroe 10759 (7)
    4 gordon hayward 8482 (9)
    5 paul george 8361 (10)
    6 evan turner 8284 (2)
    7 derrick favors 7676 (3)
    8 eric bledsoe 6859 (18)
    9 greivis vasquez 6487 (28)
    10 JEREMY LIN 6210 (undrafted)
    11 ed davis 5645 (13)
    12 al-farouq aminu 5562 (8)
    13 patrick patterson 5205 (14)
    14 wesley johnson 5001 (4)

    15 lance stephenson 4775 (40)
    16 avery bradley 4694 (19)
    17 trevor booker 4397 (23)
    18 kevin seraphin 3651 (17)
    19 quincy pondexter 2263 ( 26)
    20 james anderson 2039 (20)
    21 hassan whiteside 1966 (33)
    22 luke babbitt 1612 (16)
    23 cole aldrich 1508 (11)

    a few notes: use the parenthesis number to compare with the actual reordering to see who has over and under performed their selection position

    of the first 7 2010 season picks all but 2 end up in the top seven here; the long gone ekpe udoh
    and the relative bust wesley johnson (#4 pick, #14 here)

    the next biggest bust would probably be xavier henry the number 12 pick (lottery pick then) not currently in the nba

    lance stephenson whose prime career apparently ended in charlotte nonetheless to date has been the lowest “pick” to actually still be in the nba and have produced some numbers (15th here)

    greivis vasquez may surprise some (drafted 28th, placing 9th here); his one and only season as a starter full time i believe he led the league in assists! (total assists).

    eric bledsoe has out performed his draft position more than most but how he will recover from injury could affect that going forward.

    and of course: jeremy lin has the most outperformed

    (again if there are other non-drafted players from that season currently in the nba having produced some decent numbers im not aware of let me know, wesley matthews is a year or two i believe before lin)

    going from undrafted to #10 (using these basic simple numbers most people at whatever level of statistical interest can conceive of as productive) and thus a lottery pick!!!

    these numbers provide a nice simple comparison of some basic productivity over time as compared to others who have had the same time as lin to accomplish something; and comparing how they were perceived relative to each other initially.

    additional note: further research yielded at least two more undrafted members of class of 2010 who would make this list but not affect lin’s place on it, merely drop out the bottom two names and insert themselves somewhere in the bottom tier of the list. (bonus points for anyone who can tell me who they are–or come up as i say before with additional names)

  240. yes, the loss of Al Jefferson has proven to be very damaging.
    Zeller cannot offer the consistent post-presence to draw defense and provide spacing for outside shooters.

    The current Hornets team is so weakened by the absence of inside threat, rebounding and shot-blocking.

    Yes, Al is slow but he can go 25+pts and provide better defense than Zeller/Hawes/Frank.
    Too bad he broke down too early

  241. Interesting list, Where did you get the Career Basic Production (CBP) ranking?

    I found 2 links showing notable undrafted 2010 NBA

    1. Wiki
    https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2010_NBA_draft : Alexey Shved, Donald Sloan, etc.
    2. RealGM
    http://basketball.realgm.com/nba/draft/past_drafts/2010 : Ish Smith, Jerome Dyson, etc.

  242. très bien oui.

  243. Just an FYI. Toronto is an enormously diverse city. That in itself might be quite appealing to Batum. French is an “official” language and there are french speakers, but they are a very small percentage of the population.

    This table shows the languages spoken in Toronto. It’s from a 2012 Statistics Canada document. CMA is “Census metropolitan area”.

  244. I went in Toronto in 2012 (The greatest Linsanity year :D)
    Yeah no one spoke french. Lol

  245. If only…

  246. Hahahahaha. So which part of Canada speaks French? lol.

  247. It’s Quebec ^^

  248. This is wrong. It’s actually for Jan for min/game.
    Batum played 2 games averaging 39.5 games

    Very misleading

  249. That’s what I thought… only major city I know of in Canada that actually sounds French 🙂

  250. This 6’8 can jump can reach will out play Hornets’s “White Men Can’t Jump” bigs.

  251. Montreal too.

  252. NBA is rigged by refs… Sometimes it’s really too obvious.

  253. That’s a good advice from Google lmao

  254. No just like most NBA coaches he allows the designated “star” players to do whatever they want and play hero ball while expecting everyone else to play teamball.

  255. Hawes is atrocious. Surely a funny and nice guy in private but on court… omg so many missed easy layups since the start of the season. I was mad at him so many times hahaha

  256. I’ve been charting this for awhile now… JLin even if his shots are not falling helps the team… even more if he is allowed to be the PG.

  257. Hahaha yes and Montreal it’s the biggest city.

  258. Lin is always thoughtful and grateful to his fans!

  259. awesome acknowledgement. but look for an uptick in … well interesting comments…

  260. Who are the other undrafted and still play in NBA besides Lin?
    The other is interestingly Ish Smith of 76er.

  261. As I said, JLin is always so humble and appreciate of his fans =)

    Full credit goes to all the fans with their relentless support! You know who you are 😀


  262. Exactly

  263. Maybe that’s why he’s now being plagued with injuries?

  264. Applies only if your name isn’t Walker or Batum.

  265. Great work, @psalm234:disqus! Very thoughtful of him for the acknowledgement. It was last week but he remembered 🙂

  266. yes, he’s very kind indeed.
    Soo… maybe you’ll come to Phoenix in Jan 2017? =D
    Maybe we have JLin mods party lol

  267. Haha. I was just about to post that I will definitely join you next year. Stop reading my mind, psalm!

  268. talk about yer small sample size! but seriously its not that hard to get this right; obviously its for “since jan 1, not since dec 1”. and this is official nba stuff???

  269. yup, far left? .. Pisa Tower style lol

  270. Wearing a hat? Hmm.. maybe.

  271. wont try to go thru and touch on all yer points possibly in somewhat contradiction to mine but yeah ish smith would not affect lin’s placement. just kick out another guy form the bottom but would make the list.

    two other undrafted from that year i found still active and would make the list: gary neal and anthony morrow.

    as far as i know landry fields is not currently on an active nba roster
    jeremy evans falls into the category of insufficient production to be listed

    same with elliott williams.

    actually james anderson is still listed (last time i checked) as a roster player (for sacramento).

    what else? ok i am going thru and trying to resolve most contradictions.

    if yer referring to the top 20 picks yer incorrect in saying all except anderson are still in nba; as i reference udoh (turkey) and henry (d-leauge). are not (#7 and #12 picks).

  272. its explained in the post; my simple “stat”; self calculated. and named.

  273. Or maybe it’s in front of letter ‘O’ in Charlotte?
    With Mohawk hair?

    idk too blurry

  274. Lin fans are always glad to support @jlinfoundation:disqus to help underprivileged children =)


  275. WOW! Great news! This makes me wonder whether I can join this party:-)

  276. Well, we don’t know what will happen next season so we’ll see 😉

  277. No problem, we are just trying to consolidating from some messy data.
    Garl Neal’s eligible in 2007 but was undrafted.
    Anthony Morrow’s eligilble in 2008 but was undrafted too.

  278. Pisa Tower to me….

  279. I’ve been calling for Hawes’ head since the beginning of the season… As soon as they get Al back, I want Hawes to be buried deep in the bench playing no more than 5min per game… He just plays and looks like an amateur soccer player fooling around with a basketball…

  280. Oooh, my goodness. The crowd is much much smaller than Lin’s signature day last year. The whole team draw much less people than Lin alone LOL

  281. This event is for the season ticket holders, no?

  282. I see, you are correct.

  283. Nobody wants his autograph? Seems unusual.

  284. I think they’re making their way down getting all players’ autographs.

  285. It seems just started.

  286. I wish that the Phoenix Suns would ditch Bledsoe and Knight and BRING IN LIN.

    Lin right now would turn the Suns around if he was allowed to.

  287. Report: Wizards’ John Wall fires agent Dan Fegan, will hire Rich Paul (LeBron James’s agent).


  288. How do you guys feel Lin’s agent? Roger Montgomery.

  289. He’s done a SUPERB job maximizing what little value Lin’s had.

    Lin’s value is at an all time low not because Lin has played poorly or because Montgomery hasn’t worked hard, but because DUMB front offices are STILL ANGRY that Jeremy Lin slipped past them and made them all look like the clueless incompetent racist idiots they actually are.

    All NBA front offices other than Charlotte still believe that Lin is not athletic enough to play in the NBA.

  290. Of course, the Last One wearing a hat sitting and leaning at the left end table is the “main crowd attraction”, Lin!

  291. longer lines for TSA

  292. thanks for the infor on neal and morrow. i just was basing off they were playing first in the same year as lin.

  293. Haha! That’s what I thought….

  294. I wonder if this is about John Wall getting better PEDs, given that Rich Paul is a well known PED trafficker for Lebron James and other doped up NBA clients.

  295. You have done a decent job in gathering the information. The raw data is very messy.

  296. Lin would probably draw a bigger crowd if he were the only player there.

  297. He’snt the only one missing layups. Kaminsky has missed tons of layups too. Zeller is not exactly what we call low post threat either. The whole team is horrible in the paint.

  298. Just thinking, maybe Asian agent will be more suitable for Lin.

  299. Maybe one day Clifford will
    figure out that Kemba Walker selfishly breaking the offense actually LEADS to defensive breakdowns.

    Here’s what happens when Walker does his loserball iso:

    1) Walker’s frozen teammates other than Lin lose their rhythm and intensity, which means they’re out of synch and not fully involved in the game especially on defense.

    2) When Walker is focused on selfish stats, he refuses to play defense. That forces the other 4 defenders out of position even if Walker’s man isn’t scoring or assisting.

    3) Because opponents don’t have to exert themselves defensively against the frozen out Hornets, opponents can save their energy for offense. And that’s why opposing teams have become so unstoppable especially when Walker’s on the court.

    4) By the time Lin enters the game, Walker already has the Hornets behind by 10. It’s been GARBAGE TIME for Lin every game, even when Lin starts because Walker refuses to pass to Lin.

    5) Because Walker is not held accountable by the coaches, the players rebel against Clifford when he tries to coach them. Players don’t like it when a loafing “star” caused role players to be yelled at for not covering the star’s refusal to play defense. That’s how good ol McHale lost his job in Houston, and Clifford is headed down the same route!

  300. In the field of law, Lin having an Asian agent wouldn’t raise or lower Lin’s market value.

    It’s better for Lin to have an agent that correctly recognizes Lin’s abilities on and off the court while knowing how to navigate NBA negotiations. Lin had that already in Montgomery.

  301. How many players that can go 1 on 5 and still score the basket?
    That last game with the Clippers, he went coast to coast and was bumped and hit with a bloody nose and still the ref still didn’t call a foul. It’s joke in NBA officiating.

  302. It seems Kemba and PJ have good relationship. Usually, Kemba only pass to PJ.

  303. the breakdowns are as you say. and more. Panic really – like, what can I do if he won’t play team ball? It’s frustrating for everybody, I would think. Then hey say nice things publicly because they think that will help KW wake up. Actually, people who are self-centered interpret nice statements as true. But it’s no-win, because if you call them on it, they will start to compete with you to win their self-image.

    The coach has to step in.

  304. Well since Lin said I am the best,he will continue to have my support.

  305. this play needs to be memorialized with 5m views. Somehow, someway by the Social Network masters.

  306. Not me.

  307. if you count the team owners and their families, that’s negative fans.

  308. gsw has that and it includes the team owners and families, so I think that pic above is pretty sorry sign for CHA … they really need to get their marketing dept going, not just to pump KW, Batum. They need to start selling the team, and then the team is allowed to be coached that way, etc.

  309. does this mean JLP gets more good Lin fans over time? Hope so.

  310. Should dedicate a string to post all the non-calls he gets. Would be quite an interesting video collection.

  311. One weird question, is there any player that is considered a good “Volume shooter”? Is Steph Curry?

  312. Lucky 7

  313. Are we talking about deer in the mating season?

  314. CBS Sports NBAVerified account‏@CBSSportsNBA

    WATCH: This fifth grader does a perfect Stephen Curry impression


  315. wow, kids! amazing. There’s no way I could do that.

  316. Wish they would invent digital sensors, like for fencing or taekwondo, and instead of beeping they would yell “Foul!”. Lin’s would be like Foul! Foul! foul! foul! all the way to the rim.

  317. Unless you are a couch.

  318. Hard to say, part of this line is not shown in the picture…lol

  319. It is about that extra quick bounce you get, less about the timing of both legs. If you get what I am saying

  320. lol

  321. Yeah! Lin shouldn’t play at all after a 40 minutes night with a rolled ankle but his defense was so damn good that Clifford didn’t want to pull him out.

  322. John Wall’s career is an antithesis to Jeremy Lin’s career although they came out from the same draft class. John Wall has been developed and groomed like a franchise player for the same team and Lin has been a journey man in NBA.
    Given Lin the same condition that Wall has enjoyed, Lin would have been the NBA all star that Wall isn’t.

  323. The thing is the Suns have never expressed interest in JLin.
    Maybe it’s better if they don’t really believe in him

  324. Well, my comment was more of dig at the writer for calling Kemba a talented scorer. But to answer your question, I always felt being called a volume shooter had a negative connotation. To me, a volume shooter means someone who shoots a lot (over 15x a game) to get his points but has a bad shooting percentage (< 40%). So in my book, I would not consider Curry a volume shooter since his shooting % is around 50%!

  325. Quote KHuang:

    3) Because opponents don’t have to exert themselves defensively against the frozen out Hornets, opponents can save their energy for offense. And that’s why opposing teams have become so unstoppable especially when Walker’s on the court.
    Very true. Offense isn’t just scoring baskets. HOW a team scores is more important. An ineffective offense IS bad defense.
    If allowed to run the offense, Lin allows his team to defend better by breaking down (and wearing out) opponents defense. Opponents seem to know this, which is why they literally hunt for his head (with referees blessings).

  326. Just goes to show that the NBA is an exclusive club, and that you either belong in it or not, based on your connections with agents, endorsements, celebrities, etc.

  327. Haha! So He’s the last one…. LOL!

  328. Besides unfair treatment from teams & coaches… I really think Lin should get a more powerful agent. Look at this news…

    5年8千萬美金合約 陳偉殷加盟馬林魚 成華人最高薪運動員

    Wei-Yin Chen 5 -year $ 80 million contract to join the Marlins & becomes the highest paid Chinese athletes

  329. Someone to keep you waiting in line until the final end.

  330. It’s just the sport. MLB is way ahead of the game than NBA when it comes to fairness/equality.

  331. Wall is an all star isnt he?

  332. is he actually from China or is he taiwanese? I dont think Baseball is that popular in China yet
    besides the MLB knows asians can play baseball(mainly pitchers and ichiro)

  333. GM Cho is Asian as well

  334. maybe more trolls and annoy pretend to be fans but not really fans over time

  335. Taiwan. He got a very powerful agent that do help.

  336. That’s true but if so Lin needs more powerful guy to help him not his sister in law or his current agent paid by case. smh!

  337. Cho may used this to convince Lin joining Hornets.

  338. I predicted a meltdown long ago. It’s funny to think we were once a top 2 team in the Eastern Conference and now we’re 12th?

  339. With mostly disastrous results.

  340. Absolutely right.

    Suns are a BAD franchise.

  341. Lol…approved….hard &free

  342. Reggie Jackson is an even better comparison.

    Lin’s been outplaying Jackson since college.

    Jackson earns more than Wall, and Jackson is extremely well respected.

    And Lin OWNS him.

  343. Lin’s bench guys are still awesome.

    Starters have regressed badly.

  344. Definitely and he is a hard core Lin fan I think

  345. There is a significant French presence in Toronto, just that most of them would just speak English because it’s just simpler. Quebec is predominantly French and québécois is spoken which is quite difficult to understand if you are educated in Parisian French. If you travel north about 3 to. 4 hours, you’ll find a lot of French spoken.

  346. No way PJ outshines Kemba, so low risk move.

  347. Have you not been hibernating properly? Look at what happened last game. Behave!

  348. Volume shooter implies that the player relies more on number of shots taken rather than making high percentage shots.

    So you’re absolutely right, Curry is a super efficient shooter who doesn’t need high volume.

  349. Uh-Oh …

  350. DIdnt realize there was a huge Filipino community…truly Asian melting pot

  351. Does he mean recently? This year is 2016…?

  352. yep, then in watching the Steph vids too, I agree with you. Steph generally tries to use the hop. He’s so good at shooting he can do whatever he wants to get into that position, and he can also twist in the air for cross court pull-ups, etc. Amazing guy. JLin can prob do ok too, but we just don’t get enough of him shooting in volume this season to see the greatness come out. But I also think he has a ways to go before we can say he’s a SC. As KHuang said, he needs to go talk to Dell who is around the CHA arena …

  353. seems to be….anything brewing? hmmm

  354. I believe so. This was from a Q&A today.

  355. “You’re never going to outrun the bear in those shoes …”

    “I don’t have to, I just have to outrun you.”

  356. Wow… Praying for a miracle…

  357. Hope so… Praying for a miracle…

  358. ha ha, that means last 12 days lol.

  359. Watching Cavaliers’ game now, L. James really has special power. He is yelling to ref. no T call.

  360. nice to see tencent starting to make themselves known in the US.

  361. Wondering where? Wait. MDA lives close by. less than one hour drive from Charlotte.

  362. the best in the world … privilege that is.

  363. Haha! Good. He finally gets rid of CP now.

  364. Really going to 76?

  365. Might have occurred when the Hornets went west and Philly out there around same time possibly.

    Great news.

  366. You just laid it out clearly …. one player’s selfishness destroys the whole team

  367. Awesome! Voted twice today! ?

  368. i hope China gets on board now.

  369. Feel so good

  370. This is the best revelation so far.

  371. True fans know this,others are just fly by night

  372. These 2 have chapter in their book that isn’t finish yet.

  373. Indeed

  374. Yep! True Lin fans should know that some people will always find excuses to not vote for him even if he deserves it. Lin has to overcome so many odds, we know he has talents that are not being utilized properly… So true Lin fans, don’t fall for stats reasoning. All-Star is not solely focused on stats. It’s about $ contract negotiation, credibility, validation, etc… Lin deserves it too. Let’s help him w/ our vote, not just this year, every year until he gets in and they cannot find ways to deny him..

  375. But I read the Chinese version, Lin actually said he had lunch with MDA last year…..anyway, sure they still have contact.

  376. Ya! I know some people said he is not good enough to go but it’s more about popularity. I believe he sure likes to see his votes go up every year.

  377. He won’t say it. But who wouldn’t and he deserves it. He’s just had not the opportunity like others have had…

  378. Of course, I don’t get these “Lin’s fans” said he should not go … why? It’s about POPULARITY. VOTE FOR HIM.

  379. If the reunion of MDA and Lin will happen next year and they will reach the playoff that would create a big buzz in the NBA world.

  380. Action or non-action speaks for itself. I hope they would re-consider if they’re TRUE Lin fans.

  381. I’d imagine it’s going to surpass the media circus of Linsanity 1.0.

  382. Absolutely

  383. lol…I wont call those Lin fans who are not voting as not “True Fans”…everyone has their own perception and analogy on what ASG is…so be it…

  384. LOL The time JLin made his Linsanity couch feel sad

  385. Of course, everyone exercises his/her rights to vote or not to vote. Whatever the case maybe, others and I are just appealing to those who are on the fence about voting for Lin based on stats. Those could be fans or not.

  386. Did you read about what Goran Dragic said.. they went back on their word and got IT after they said they’ll get big men. He and Bledsoe were playing well before that.

    I guess Sarver and GM can’t be trusted. Better to avoid them

  387. Especially it will happen in NY (Brooklyn Nets) by any chance

  388. So they’re fans but doesn’t really believe that he belongs there?Could be the reason or hundred more reasons.

  389. Brooklyn Nets arena will explode with a lot of fans and for sure tickets will sell like pancakes but expensive pancakes

  390. Imaging the media frenzy: NY market (Nets vs Knicks) vs LA market (GSW vs LA, Clippers, Kings)

  391. but the refs gotta stop treating Lin like a scrub nobody. There were some plays in the Clippers game where Lin got contact like Harden does but no call. And that bloody nose one pisses me off.

  392. I agree Nets has more chance for Lin than 76ers.

  393. Thank you. Because that frankly, is unnecessary and rather insulting to those that support Lin in their own ways. We have to be open and respectful to people and quit with he or she is a true fan due to how much they resemble how I am a fan type of comments.

  394. what happen to CP and Lin?

  395. Keep voting!!!

  396. NY media and fans would go into a frenzy cheering for Linsanity since they were deprived from the full experience in 2012

    Let’s hope the Nets ownership are smart to capitalize on The Return of Linsanity

  397. Do you think MDA will quit his 76ers job for Nets?

  398. I pulled a muscle just watching that.

  399. Yes refs have blinders when it comes to Lin but most of them are just crooked anyways,you have to understand,these refs are human and most of the time they’ll blow their whistle according to things that they only see and wants to see.

  400. Seems like there is a secret star player list where each team designates their star player where refs give them all star foul calls. Lin’s obviously not on that list but maybe next year.

  401. Credit to Tracy. Translation from earlier tweet:

  402. “This year” as in within the last 12 days? ?

  403. I never watch or participate in any all star games “festivities”. Just as I hate award shows like the Golden globe, Oscars and such nonsense. They are all about self preening and showing off. When people need to pat themselves on the back, it’s not about anything that makes sport or art great, it’s all about the money machine and how to make more of it.

  404. Love that line, lol

  405. Best part about all-star game break is the break for players to get physical/mental rest. The rest is pageantry.

  406. I don’t think Toronto is that French-speaking. Montreal is, Quebec City even more. Toronto is more English first, French is understood. Toronto is a great city, but the winter months are rough.

  407. since we have a lot of free time to the next game, I’d like to address what may be the problem with the Hornets bigs.

    It’s been very frustrating to watch the bigs on the Hornets. We keep saying they suck but WHY DO THEY SUCK?

    IMO, they lack ground force stability. How is it that these guys get knocked around like a bunch of bowling pins? It’s because they lack the suppleness in their feet to apply ground force to resist being pushed around. Most of us know about Ki force but even we can’t believe it’s mystical powers as seen on utube. But there is some truth to it.

    Let’s go about it by showing how easy it is to knock someone over if they lack ground force stability. I’m sure some of you have at least tried ice skating or downhill skiing. You will notice that beginners often lock their knees and ankles and shuffle about on top of the snow or ice. They have little or no connection to the ice or ground below them. If you sneeze on them, they’ll fall over.

    I’m not a great skater by any means but even I can sense the ice through the blade of my skates as it cuts through the ice. It’s this sense of the ground that allows me to manipulate the toes, ankle, knee and hip to apply just enough force while keeping my muscles supple to correct any slight slippage.

    Anyone who have watch Olympic mogul skiers will marvel at the way they keep their knees bouncing up and down while negotiation their skies left and right to apply constant contact to the snow and ice. They are constantly applying just enough ground force to guide their body down the slope all the while the head and torso remains still. The way they do that is with very exacting ground force stability that keeps their skies always at the right angle to cut into the snow. When I was younger and foolish, I tried Mogul bashing, inevitably my legs would stiffen and I’d bounce off the bumps like a rag doll.

    In tennis and golf, the modern strength training includes a lot of work with quarter stability balls that sits flat on the floor while the athletes stand on them wiggling their toes and ankles to maintain core balance. This teaches them to work their lower body stability while lifting or resisting weights. This is what the Hornets bigs need to do.

    Tennis players that hit a “heavy” ball stroke the ball with such ease that and yet they produce immense power and spin. The best way to describe it is that they become as stable as a practice wall. No matter how hard you hit the ball at it, the ball always comes back almost as hard. Can you imagine if you can use the stability of that wall and move it to add interest to your power? That’s what good ground force manipulation can do for you. No one did it better than Andre Agassi. His coach said that ” you can’t fire a canon from a lifeboat.”

    Both golf and tennis always talk about how power comes from the ground up. To be able to use that power, you need to feel it as if your feet are attached to it like an ice skater can feel the edges of his skate cutting into the ice. It’s that feel that allows us to produce power from the ground up. The bigs in Charllete lack this sense of ground force stability and without that strength, they will be constantly be pushed around under the rim.

  408. Agree w/that aspect, but I’d like Lin to have leverage w/ the All-Star by his name for contract negotiation or to let him know he has fan support at least. He has been deprived on too many levels. This is the least that I can do to help him.

  409. The All Star game is partially a popularity contest. Old man Kobe got voted in and Lin is way better than that chucker at this stage.

  410. Baseball is an individualistic sports unlike basketball. You don’t have
    to depend on your teammates to be successful. That’s how Jackie Robinson
    was able to be so successful because even the umpires messing with your
    strike zone would be more obvious than the refs cheating on Lin.
    Obviously I’m not comparing Robinson to Lin because Robinson was in a
    life-threatening situation every time he steps on the field.
    Nevertheless, it will take a lot more than just Lin for Asian Americans
    to not be slighted in the NBA.

    As for Chen’s contract, 5/80M is pretty much average given that he is a free-agent and the wins cost a lot more on the free agent market. Chen has established himself as a consistent 2 to 3 WAR pitcher and one could even argue he is slightly underpaid (in reality the draft pick compensation to the Orioles killed his market). Chen’s contract and Lin’s contract has very little to do with their respective agents.

  411. That’s cos the ref got his kid’s jersey signed by Lebron before the game……

  412. Hes also very talented

  413. Possible Walker and Chandler swap? Wow. I hope so. Take AL with him please.

  414. That’s not perfect…. his left foot was 2cm too far to the right on the 4th step…!

  415. Is he talking about himself?

  416. Just because some dont believe Lin belongs there doesnt mean they are not true fans
    Supporting a player knowing they are not one of the best or even a star
    I call that a true fan also

  417. If you yell at refs regularly they will stop calling T’s

  418. I heard Rich Paul is Cliff’s brother.

  419. Thats their jobs
    Of course they wanna make money they got mouths to feed

  420. Surprised he said that
    Still remember him saying he was relieved he didnt make the all star 3 years ago becasue he wasnt deserving
    I guess he’s confident this year he will be fine going forward

  421. And I’m very glad that you support Lin in ways I can’t. Thank you.

  422. These kinds of comments make me a little crazy. Like the Asian guy who’s been around the block in the NBA for years now is just not smart enough to know which end is up. The Harvard economics graduate somehow has no clue about business. That the reason he isn’t making a gazillion dollars somewhere as top star PG is because he’s not man enough to hire some Godzilla who’ll pound the big deals out of unwilling owners whether they want it or not. I’m gonna quote KHuang on this, that Montgomery has done a SUPERB job of maximizing Lin’s opportunities in an environment where his value has been trashed by the sabotage of McHale and Scott. And his sister-in-law doesn’t manage his career, by the way – she’s basically logistics, the day-to-day of Lin care. Why drag her into the shade-throwing? Geez…idk….

  423. I believe every player in NBA all wants to be in ASG bc they’re all the best in their team before they became pro.

  424. Most likely yes if it’s a Head Coach position.
    Even when MDA signed on to be an Associate Coach, his goal was to use it as a springboard to be a Head Coach next season.

    Still, there’s no guarantee owners & GM will trust MDA to be a Head Coach yet.
    And who knows if 76ers replaces Brett Brown with MDA? (not likely IMO)

  425. Current Standing


  426. West

  427. That’s super interesting. Tyson Chandler-Al Jefferson swap if the Suns want to get Al’s expiring contract next summer in order to get rid of Chandler’s 4-yr, $52M contract?

    I wonder if it’s just a rumor

  428. not necessarily Zach Lavine was coming off the bench in college
    John Wall, Bledsoe, P.Patterson and Cousins were playing on the same team before getting drafted
    Of course every one wants to be in it but some know they arent quite there yet

  429. should be Lowry-Butler-Leborn-PG and Gasol

  430. Leonard should be in but its kobes last year everyone giving him a break
    Barnes does not deserve any votes same for Pachulia and Kanter
    Iguodala has no business being there same got ginobili and parker

  431. rose valanciunas gortat noah and carroll have no business being there

  432. Well, the fact is he doesn’t deserve to be there and that’s coming from a big Lin fan.

    Lin probably don’t understand the amount of hate he would get by participating in such a game….So much hatred that it’s not worth it.

    Would Lin be a better player by participating in such a game?….I think Lin would be better off taking the week off and spending time with family and friend…I remember him playing much better after last year the all-star break…He needed that bit of rest….So I think it would be good for Lin to rest during the all-star festival….The hate is not worth it.

    Unless Lin PPG can reach about 15, he should not participate….And I’m pretty sure Lin will not get enough vote anyway…There are too many fan who does look at statistics when they vote…Lin’s stats is not up to par at the moment.

  433. if the rumor had any traction, it would be talked about in english right?

  434. Jlin & mda reunion let it happen. Better in NYC if not in Phillies.

  435. Chaos = Opportunity

  436. Mostly Quebec, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia, and the part of Ontario that borders Quebec, The rest of Canada is English dominant. Most kids take 8 years of French in school but if you never use the language, then it goes away.

  437. Different set of refs. Not everything is racism. People make mistakes. Lin coming down the lane 1 on 5 at speed is very hard. Can’t wait for the play to end to then call the foul, as it has to happen real time.

  438. Wanda, Chinese company, is looking to buy into Hollywood.

  439. Any English translations for the answer?…no i guess 🙁

  440. I hope someone can translate for us

  441. Nice to dream… need a miracle to happen

  442. Not that I know of. Sorry I’m too tired to do anything about this. Hopefully someone can.

  443. No worries Mel…thanks

  444. Love this thang you say … I did the rag doll thing on the slopes including a few yard sales too. And I also did the very nice giant slaloms too. I couldn’t keep up the ground force on moguls, but had it for long speedy sweeping terrain. Yep, I think you are right.

    In soccer, I call that running high, with a high center of gravity. You can see it … people who run high in soccer are easier to burn, and they can’t burn anyone.

    I can still remember seeing an Asian American kid in Sunnyvale, about 3 blocks from Yahoo! HQ today, playing pickup running with the most beautiful low center of gravity. I haven’t seen it since. He was so good at cutting and weaving.

    Now I know what you call it, Ground Force 1 :-).

    PS – just thought of something – Skateboarding. If you don’t use ground force, you cannot carve a turn and increase or bleed speed. You have no control going downhill. If you master GF, you can pump going uphill. It’s amazing, but you have to have a flex board (FibreFlex, originally made by Gordon & Smith). I bet the surfers here can tell us what wave force is, same idea ac … good post.

  445. yep, Iggy too high. But he was Finals MVP, so that’s where that comes from.

  446. This is great. Thanks.

  447. Thank you again!

    70% 3pter…here it comes…watch out!!!

  448. BTW…the dinner was last year then….some previous post way down in the thread had it as this year

  449. Yes dinner between MDA and JLin happened last year. Believed later post did make a correction.

  450. I don’t think it has anything to do with physical weakness.

    I think it has 100% to do with them being totally out of rhythm from being completely frozen out and displaced defensively by Kemba Walker,

    It doesn’t matter how strong a guy is physically if he’s in the wrong spots on offense and defense.

    When Lin is leading the offense while Walker is off the floor, the Charlotte Hornets bigs DOMINATE on both ends of the court.

  451. First and foremost remember that NBA All-Star Game is an exhibition game. I scoff at anyone saying that any player does not belong… the votes are for popularity nothing more nothing less… it is the way they are set up and it is what NBA intends. So if they are voted in they are popular so stop your complaining and go vote for the player you want there. Express yourself with your vote and stop chastising people for voting for their favorite player.

    The next round of votes are by the coaches and you probably will be disappointed then too. If you think they simply vote their conscious your are naive. Sure those votes will be for the good players but you know Bikerstaff will vote for Harden over say Klay Thompson who is doing just as well as Curry at the moment… and certainly better than Harden. So those votes are not even on a merit basis so why on earth do you expect fans to vote solely on a merit base.

    If you want a dream team for East and West with the best lineup possible then you need to throw some GM’s, Coaches and scouts in a room and force them to come up with lineups. Vote like they do for the Pope… they can not come out until they have selected someone and we all wait for the smoke stack signal.

    TL:DR Vote for who YOU want to see play in the NBA All-Star game

  452. Also, they just don’t have quick reflexes to react to rebounds and surprise passes from Jeremy. Unfortunately, you can’t teach that. Notice how Zeller and Batum have a pretty good connection. Batum’s passes to Zeller are relatively slow and telegraphed. And Batum’s turnovers are usually passes that are lazy. Oh and by the way I do think Zeller and Hawes are weak, both physically and mentally, to be “dominant” players in the NBA.

  453. That low runner is a perfect example of good use of ground force. You just can’t run fast until you can maximize your contact with the only surface that can accept your power. You can’t jump high if you don’t make solid contact with the floor. It sounds so ridiculously simple but we are talking about fractional degrees of difference at the pro level. Especially under the rim, if you can’t have stability, no way can you jump powerfully to flush balls away.

  454. those of you who said he doesn’t want and deserve to go to All-Star can SHUT UP! #NBAVote

  455. That’s rude.

  456. woop woop! that would be great for the team and Lin. Tyson is drowning in PHX because Bledsoe has been such a ball hog. he uses Tyson for the excellent screen/picks but never actually passes to him. would be surprising if Hornets pull this off which is so unlikely considering how much they value kemba. plus, kemba is valued by the league at around 2x Tyson at this point

  457. Are you kidding? Chandler is done. He can’t jump any more so he won’t be able to do any of the alley oops Lin used to feed him.

  458. i don’t think they suck. they’re only a few very good bigs in the the league in the first place. guys like Hakeem, Kareem, Shaq, Yao, Duncan, Gasol, Griffin, all have dominate post games. and then there even fewer great bigs that stretch the floor well with their excellent shooting game.. Dirk to name one. guys like Tyson, ED, and Dwight are only good with a great pnr point guard like Nash and Lin. in Charlotte, the bigs don’t have great post games nor are they great shooters. so I would say they fall in the Tyson, ED, and Dwight category but the problem is the Hornet’s offensive system doesn’t do them justice because the primary ball distributors (batum and kemba) aren’t great pnr point guards plus they don’t know how to get the bigs involved

  459. i got 1 powerball ticket for tonight’s drawings. gonna donate half of my jackpot winnings to JLIN Foundation if i win it all!!

  460. an old grounded Tyson is still better for the hornets team than a fully healthy young kemba

  461. Interesting, Charlotte could use a rim protector.

  462. JLin would probably take you on vacation with him to Hawaii this summer if you did.

  463. I thought you gonna buy a NBA team and make JLin as the starting PG? no?!

  464. nah. that probably would make it worst for him. i’d leave it alone. just be a fan and complain on the boards 🙂

  465. i’d donate that to a lucky kid, too! some people have to meet JLin, celebs, etc. i’d rather just shake his hands and tell him i appreciate his work

  466. oh man…you should…and then hire McHale, Morey and BS…..
    you know what to do with em! 😉 lol

  467. you’re putting wicked ideas into my head. i can see now how people can get destroyed by $$. lol j/k

  468. Psalm. …did Jlin mention that he check out this site?….if yes….you should set up a page just for him with our suggestions, input,advice or just encouragement for him….straight from us to Jlin ears…hehe…..ps…may be we can even add the excellent stats wukong have so Jlin knows which area to improve on and how he compares to others

  469. hahaha…. $$$ had never been healthy….lol

  470. there’s a post somewhere on espn maybe says what teams you can buy for 1.5. billion; the nets are one.

  471. I would lowballing the Nets at around 500 mil…using the Jlin discount as a guide…hehe

  472. Bryan Colangelo the next Nets’ GM?

    Former Toronto Raptors and Phoenix Suns general manager Bryan Colangelo is getting strong consideration for the Brooklyn Nets’ front office vacancy, according to league sources.

    – via ESPN.com

    Bryan Colangelo, Brooklyn Nets

  473. Just googled him, his dad is Jerry Colangelo who just hired MDA to 76ers. Getting interesting…

  474. C’mon, it’s time to get back in NYC!

  475. yep. someone might even say “the plot thickens”. (not me). someone else.

  476. start spreadin the news.

  477. Maybe he’ll get MDA to come to the Nets to be head coach who will then bring JLin to the Nets.

  478. or all the wealthy people on here can just pool their money on powerball tickets, win, convince the russian oligarch to sell the team, and buy it–according to espn nets are one of the teams you could theoretically buy (based on their supposed “value”) for 1.5. billion.

    then bring everyone over you want.

  479. After Ballmer paid $2 billion for the Clippers I doubt you can buy an NBA team for $1.5 billion anymore. And then after they take 1/2 in taxes you’d only end up with $750 million

  480. CBSSports:

    Report: Brooklyn Nets considering Bryan Colangelo for GM job


    “The real way to make this hiring a win is if Colangelo can then convince Philadelphia 76ers’ assistant coach Mike D’Antoni to bring his offensive system to Brooklyn. The pair of Colangelo and D’Antoni would have the opportunity to turn the ghost town that is Barclays Center into a place people want to watch basketball. You do that by having a high-powered offense. You can build that high-powered offense with D’Antoni having some real players to coach.”

  481. Wow, it is really getting more and more interesting. Watch out Dolan.

  482. Haha. Instead of posting pic of single ladies to prevent from making this a dating site, maybe we could add a prayer requests section or something similar 🙂

  483. Isn’t it against our site’s vision to discuss evil revenge plots? lol.

  484. Why do you call yourself a fan if you can’t give your support? That’s what fans are for. Otherwise, I can give a name to those people who doesn’t support Lin as just a plain blogger and doesn’t care if he
    Becomes an all star or not. They just want to criticize his performance and doesn’t really support even just a single vote and even if Lin himself is promoting for a vote.

  485. Russian owner wants European style basketball and surely MDA will provide entertainment.
    Who’s the guy that knows how to run MDA offense? Linsanity returns to NY would be full circle.

  486. Wow this is getting heavier. Colangelo + D’Antoni + (Nash like type PG?)

  487. Would be excellent reuniting Bryan Colangelo with Mike D’Antoni with JLIN.

    Bryan Colangelo has the gravitas to lure good players and good coaches to Brooklyn.

    JLIN as starting PG for NETS would be incredible in this scheme.

  488. If they pick a coach before a GM, they will have a hard time to hire Colangelo. You don’t build or rebuild a team before a having a GM.

  489. Clifford invited Thibodeau to training camp(?) this season so he knows what Jeremy can do and Mark Jackson praised Jeremy in many instances and is a pastor… so maybe it could work?

  490. A disciplinarian to get the young team organized makes sense. Also guys that stress defense makes sense. I think it makes sense for them to go with that type of coach. I’m glad their GM is gone, I never liked him.

  491. Not young team, team.

  492. Bryan Colangelo liked Lin from the day he first saw him in a pre-draft workout in 2010. “We knew one thing about him after bringing him in,” said Colangelo. “We knew he was one tough kid. “He took one of the hardest hits I’ve ever seen on a court and one of the toughest falls. He got hit from behind, crashed to the floor, eventually got up. We didn’t think he’d get up, to be honest. And he shook it off and continued the workout. “We were extremely impressed by that.”

  493. I want Lin to get good stats now he’s 12.1 & hope it’s a W today bc Hornets it’s #12.

  494. This is my opinion. There is a lot of wanting Lin to go here, there and everywhere because of impatience, in my opinion, with where he is currently. This may not turn out how many people want it to. So, if you get your wish, and things aren’t like you wanted them to be, then that’s it. Otherwise it starts to become it’ll be better the next place he goes and keep repeating that way.

    I’m taking the other side. I want to see Lin stay somewhere for years. I don’t like Lin as journeyman. I think if Lin plays 28-30 minutes a game and closes on a consistent basis, he’ll learn his team mates, at least most of them and really produce. The more he moves, the more he has to readjust to systems and players. And Lin takes a good amount of time to adjust if he doesn’t have instant chemistry with a player (like Ed Davis for example) as shown with the Rockets, Lakers (except Davis) and now Hornets.

    As for MDA, if it is meant to be it’ll happen. None of us knows whether it will or not and even if it does, it won’t happen the way we think it will. Something will be different because, that is the way it is with reunions.

  495. I’m concerned with MJax reputation who clashed with GSW FO a lot
    Thibs would be better due to the Harvard ties

    MDA would be best if they go that route since he’ll share mutual success with JLin in his system

  496. I want to see JLIN stay somewhere for years too.

    Stay somewhere for years as a STARTING PG.

    The Hornets are NOT that place and likely would never be.

  497. Last game should be the worst game, so this game will be huge bounce back.

  498. Agreed.

  499. I agree. I don’t think Lin will stay w Hornets…

    Just a thought, during yesterday fan meeting Lin & Batum were on the end of the line … somehow feel like two of them are on their way out of Hornets… LOL!

  500. every kid needs a coach like you. It crosses to all physical endeavors.

  501. Shaun Livingston had a lot of teams, I think 9, and look at the great home he has now. It’s v important that a person is happy and able to be at peak. Not judging one way or the other, and it’s clear JLin is not being used today as he made a deal to do, etc. He’s making do, and it’s to me a-ok for him and fans to yearn for a better situation.

    Once he is in a better fit, then I’d love to see him stay for a winning dynasty.

  502. Of course MDA preferable above all others – JLIN starts as PG without question under MDA.

    Thibs might be fine and would appreciate JLIN’s work ethic though, and worked Rose hard but is an unknown quantity.

    Mark Jackson would be bad – not sure JLIN would ever get a fair shot to start under Jackson.

  503. MJax is better as an announcer. Even then, he goes into his GSW things too deeply.

  504. Bryan Colangelo has been a pretty good GM.

    He was excellent in both Phx and Toronto, as far as I was concerned.

    If he takes over as Nets GM, he’ll likely turn those teams around the way he turned the Suns and Raptors around.

    Lin playing for Colangelo in NJ would be a good thing.

  505. Impatience?

    Lin’s never had a real NBA home.

    Lin fans are allowed to be impatient after all these years of unwarranted journeyman benchings and ejections.

    There’s nothing wrong with Lin fans wanting Lin to go to a franchise that doesn’t view him as a one year rental.

  506. KHuang remember when I told you few days ago that the STARs Would Having to ALIGN for me to believe JLIN to NETS?

    I see some astronomical celestial movements on the horizon.


  507. Unlike Livingston, Lin’s never had massive injuries or long bouts of ineffective play.

    That makes the fans’ desire to see Lin reach a team that actually features him and doesn’t view him as a one year temp to be all the more valid.

  508. Yes, I wish I had Acbc as a coach when I played tennis in high school 🙂

  509. As fans, we definitely can only hope the best for JLin’s career and we speculate about what’s the next best thing that he should do.

    You have a point about not wanting Lin to be a journeyman. But I think Team JLin will make the best decision at the end of the season about his next move. It all depends on the available opportunities.

    Here’s my wishlist:
    1. JLin to stay as a Hornet this season to increase his market value (unless he’s traded to place where his role is expanded more than a backup PG to be the main ball-handler). That’s the very reason he signed an essentially 1-yr contract as a Hornet to see how he’s utilized in a good PnR system but as a backup PG to Kemba. He definitely wants the flexibility to decide within 1 year to stay or find the next best team.
    2. In the offseason, make the best decision for his career during his peak age (27-31 years)
    Cuban was once right. Lin (like Nash) can be a star in the right system. If that system happens to be MDA PG-centric system, there’s nothing wrong with it. If Nash got stuck playing PG like Derek Fisher next to Kobe in his prime, he wouldn’t had chances to win 2 MVPs.
    – If MDA can’t be a head coach next season, maybe they have to explore the next best option: starting PG/SG next to Kemba, starting PG next with MDA as an associate coach, etc.

    What I like about JLin’s attitude is he always gives 110% to his current team. But he also mentioned recently that he’s not ready to call Hornets home yet, which is wise since he hasn’t been given the chance to be Linsanity with the ball in his hands.

    As fans, hope is what drives most if not all of us. We’ve seen the Linsanity potential unleashed for 3 weeks with the ball in his hands so he naturally wants to see what JLin can do in a full season with the ball in his hands.

    So I cling to the hope that JLin will do his best as a Hornet this season but also the hope of fulfilling his maximum potential next season to see Linsanity in a full season or perhaps 3-4 seasons. Can he win a championship with the ball in his hands? How much better is Linsanity with improved defense and 3pt-shooting? I hope and pray JLin will be given the opportunity =)

  510. TOUGH game ahead for Lin.

    Historically Lin has dominated Jeff Teague and the Atlanta Hawks. But this season is different.

    Lin has his hands full with Atlanta’s pesky quick players like Bazemore,
    Scott, and Schroeder. Those Atlanta athletes are almost as quick as Lin and are just as tenacious. They’re also well coached and are able to triple team Lin while still being fast enough to recover on their men if Lin passes out of traps.

    Atlanta is one of the few NBA teams that poses a serious matchup challenge for Lin. Lin and the bench will have to play their best game against Atlanta’s excellent players.

  511. Lin is the best conditioned guard in the NBA.

    He takes more illegal hits than any player I’ve ever seen, yet he shrugs off all the injuries and produces anyway.

  512. Great find by Richard Yao.

    Lin to the Nets solves a lot of problems.

  513. It’ll be Star Wars or Star Bores in Brooklyn for Lin, depending on the trading deadline and the offseason.

  514. When asked about the ankle, JLin said “It’s okay. It’s definitely the best it’s felt in a long time. Hopefully, I’ll be moving a little faster today”

    Translation: It felt better but definitely it’s just OK, not 100% good.
    Let’s hope he stays healthy and can be himself out there tonight.

  515. this guy defines toughness indeed.
    Bouncing back strongly after head shots and hits over and over again is extremely hard.

  516. A huge bounce back game coming up! 🙂

  517. Excellent assessment, KHuang

    I remember Bazemore and Schroeder quickness from the last game the Hawks played the Hornets.
    It might take a little miracle to get Hornets big men to set mean screens to get the guards going plus limit the Hawks offensive rebounding

  518. we better pray hard for 100% health for the full bounce-back effect =)

  519. Bouncy bouncy bouncy… Bouncesanity? no? haha.

  520. Hawks is a team aggressively trap ball handler to the side, and that’s pretty bad to Lin if there is no ball movement or player movement. It would be harder for Hornets without AI so they will trap harder.

    What I really hope is that let Lin play a lot more high P&R, instead of starting the P&R from the side, that way Lin had bigger floor to operate with and the ball could easily go both side.

    If Clifford don’t adjust, and still run his set where the center will stay at the top of the key, and PG and SG initiate offense from one side of the floor, then we would just anticipate lots of turnovers, and low scoring night.

  521. why not? hehe

  522. Good point. JLin’s injury is playing while Asian American. Not really lol, urg. I’ve faced that myself constantly, and by now I’m used to it so maybe who I am invites that dunno. I of course bust a move every day, and that people don’t like because you know, I’m not LeBron so I get phantom fouls.

    It’s a v tough balance that I know you understand and have mastered.

  523. If Bryan Colangelo becomes the GM with the Nets, that organization would improve dramatically. Bryan is the son of Jerry Colangelo who is now in charge with the Sixers. He was part of the Suns FO until he went to the Raptors, where won GM of the year in 2007(?).

    Lin would then at least have someone who has his back in Brooklin. My preference is still Sixers.

  524. Exactly

  525. Impatience to build chemistry. Problem with this team is no big man that’s at Lin’s speed. They are at Batum’s speed because he throws them softballs. Lin throws hard fastballs, a good big man has to be at the speed to receive them.

    I don’t know what Charlotte views Lin as really. Right now, they need him. Next year, who knows. But we are at right now and it would be great if Lin just flat out goes on a hot streak ASB. He did last season.

  526. I think he is being used generally as Cliff wanted. The Kemba/Lin chemistry isn’t there, but he’s still out there with him.

  527. Lin is most popular. I think he is. Don’t know how popular Batum is on his own. They may be out of the Hornets, but we have a lot of games to hope Lin can just show what he can do more. That 26 point game just happened a few days ago. I’m not worry about the 0-for game. I know Lin can to something like that with Batum and Kemba both on the court. It’s just a matter of time.

  528. this is why lin has ups and down when trying to change his shooting form. You always have to get worse before you get alot better. Can be applied to all aspects of mastering any type of skill.

  529. The best? I’m not so sure about that. One of the best, perhaps.

  530. I hope he doesn’t have to do it much longer. I think that’s what took a lot of the athleticism out of Dwayne Wade, not his age because he’s played differently since about age 29.

  531. So he kind of admits it slowed him down in other games. He did move pretty fast in the Denver game.

  532. Don’t they have Sefalosha too? His length and good footwork can be used to bother Lin if he used strategically. Shroder is an excellent penetrator, so is Bazemore. They are quicker than Lin, but not faster.

  533. He had a b2b night plus rolled ankle. I’m not worried about his shooting at all.

  534. The Hornets’ problem is far from over, their bigs are still unable to compete inside the paint. If your big can’t dunk and unable to make layup, it’s hard for your guard to attack the rim.

  535. Me too. If he can recover well & have 100% in his ankle. His shooting will be back.

  536. Does changing shooting form affect free throws too?

  537. I heard Mark Jackson didn’t get along well with management. GSW wanted him to hire the best assistant coaches money could buy but Jackson is more in to cronyism rather hiring friends than those most qualified.

    Warriors owner explains why he fired Mark Jackson

  538. Interesting Twitter summary for a potential recruit of D1 college basketball school
    It’s amazing how college considers twitter profile as consideration to recruit D1 players.


  539. yeah, totally agree. Same with Hornets, when they switch from iso ball to team ball, they will need to go through a stage that the team are not at the same page, thus was not as good looking as iso-ball, but had way higher potential if they stick to that route. The problem is how Kemba buy in, and he might not want to go through that little set back, and went back to his iso-ball where he is all comfortable with, thus holding the team to go to the team ball direction.

  540. Listen to one of the podcast and the guest was Lowry, and he said every time he drives in and ban with big, it really really hurts! Also he said he don’t dunk any more since that takes a lot of effort, and still only get 2 points.

  541. Yeah, people ooh and ah over dunks, but I think it’s more enjoyable to watch a guy show touch around the rim. Power dunks are ok sometimes. I tend to like them off of lobs. Lin not only bangs into guys hard, he hits the floor hard too. And, he takes a lot of charges. Sometimes the guys outweigh him by a lot too.

  542. Was not a good coach for Warriors. Not very bright..
    Recent news indicates that M. Jackson thinks Curry’s (and Golden State’s) style of play is not good for basketball. How do say that about a team that is on a winning rampage?

  543. For every hit that Lin takes, God knows and sees it all! May God grant Lin quick healing and recovery!

  544. new game thread
    G38 ATL @CHA Game Thread: Bounce-Back Game?

    After 2 days of rest, Jeremy Lin said his ankle is okay and hopefully he can move faster on-court tonight.
    Will JLin have a bounce-back game tonight after having a bad game (2pts, 0-9 shooting) due to back-to-back and ankle issues?

    How did JLin bounce back after 5 such games with 0-X shooting in the Lakers last season?

    It turns out he averaged 15.4pts/4.4asts/2.6rebs in the bounce-back games.
    With 26-39 (67.7% FGM shooting)!

    That’s simply incredible in a Lakers tanking season, nonetheless!

    JLin Bounce Back games following 0-x shooting game in 14-15 Lakers Season
    Feb 11: 0-6, 2pts vs POR => 6-9, 18pts/2/1r vs BKN
    Dec 15: 0-6, 2pts/1a vs IND => 5-7, 12pts/5a/8r vs OKC
    Dec 3: 0-10, 0pts/5a vs WSH => 5-8, 14pts/2a vs BOS
    Nov 16: 0-2. 0pts/1a vs GSW => 6-7, 15pts/10a/3r vs ATL
    Nov 1: 0-6, 6pts/6a vs GSW => 4-8 18pts/3a/1r vs PHX

    Let’s go, JLin! Let’s pray and hope that he will be close to 100% healthy to have a full bounce-back game

  545. Everyone has ups and downs. One thing for sure, whenever he played as starting PG, he usually plays like a star. If he can have consistent pg role, the sky is limit for him.

  546. yes, if only Clifford shakes up the rotation to give Hansbrough regular PT

  547. I’ve always compared it to being caught under a frozen sheet of ice. The only way to break through is to dive far below the water surface to build up momentum and smash through to the ice. If you don’t take yourself down farther, you can’t possibly break on through.

  548. I try to abstract his tennis things applied to Lin into how I apply Lin’s journey to life. It’s good. In literature, there is the journey of the classic heroes, and JLin’s journey is classic and we can learn from it every day. acbc, you are to me a guide along that journey, very much attentive to what you post.

  549. yes, more admission so hopefully it’s on the up-and-up now

  550. 🙂

  551. I remember DWade got a lot worse injury that sidelined him. Crashing repeatedly to the floor while driving to the rim was super-hard to see.

  552. yeah, I got a bad feeling about MJax.
    Too similar to BScott persona.

  553. very true!

  554. I love scouting posts. itadakimasu

  555. I hope if Hansbrough gets more PT he’s able to stay in the game. He picks up fouls very quickly.

  556. one has to be nothing then average for a long time before one can be great. Deconstructing walls to grow is something so obvious, but it’s hard unless we can deconstruct our own ego and sense of self-worth, security. Sometimes the spy has to go out into the cold, and sometimes the spy comes in from the cold (cold war reference, I know, it’s over.)

  557. noooooooooooo

  558. I would be very appreciated if you could donate no need half but 1 %of you winning jackpot to me. Thank you!!! You r so generous n have a great heart!

  559. yes, Psycho T needs to learn not to foul
    With regular PT, he might learn not to do that

  560. Who takes more hits, plays harder defense, and has been this consistently durable?

    NO ONE

  561. If Charlotte ran its plays instead of abandoning them for iso, Lin’s big men would instantly revert to preseason form.

  562. Was so underserving

  563. boo!

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