G36 LAL @ LAC PreGame Thread+Poll

It’s great to see the Swaggy/Lin/Ellington funny banters and zings. It shows growing chemistry in the 2nd unit which can only help their plays on-court.

Let’s hope we see stronger plays by the 2nd unit against the Clippers. Let’s go, JLin!


Guess JLin's stats



  1. 1 for the Lin.

  2. Linning time for the Linnies!

  3. Lin!

  4. Win

  5. Hey, this PFV vid … weird. Does PFV, a guy I respect, mean Lin can become a top class PG under BSc? Getting yelled at by Kobe the proven player developer? I’m v confused.

  6. Why he said so? Base on what?

  7. Nick “Swaggy P” Young, Jeremy Lin and Wayne Ellington were part of a
    Lakers All-Access event Tuesday night, and we’re thankful for it.

    The three players provided entertaining commentary throughout the
    night. ESPN’s Arash Markazi highlighted the best moments. The questions
    ranged all over the place, from relationship statuses to on the court.

    Young’s girlfriend, Iggy Azalea, was obviously brought up.

    Jeremy Lin: “I don’t have a girlfriend who can but me a car for Christmas. Nick has a different car for every day of the week.”
    — Arash Markazi (@ArashMarkazi) January 7, 2015

    Ellington: “I’m engaged.” Young: “You’re engaged!” Ellington: “Yeah, Nick, when are you getting engaged?” Young: (silence)
    — Arash Markazi (@ArashMarkazi) January 7, 2015

    Young on Kobe’s practice rant: “I went home and my girlfriend was calling me soft like tissue. That kind of stuff hurts me.”
    — Arash Markazi (@ArashMarkazi) January 7, 2015

    Lin was asked about his relationship status. He had to explain to Young the meaning of being single.

    Lin: “I’m single.” Young: “How are you single?” Lin: “Because I’m not dating anyone Nick.”
    — Arash Markazi (@ArashMarkazi) January 7, 2015

    Young and Lin continued to have an amazing back-and-forth.

    Lin: “I was born in Torrance.” Young: “Really?” Lin: “Yes, Nick. We’ve been through this. I wasn’t born on another continent.”
    — Arash Markazi (@ArashMarkazi) January 7, 2015

    Young: “Didn’t you used to beatbox?” Lin: “I’ve never beatboxed in my life.” Young: “Must have been another Lin.”
    — Arash Markazi (@ArashMarkazi) January 7, 2015

    Young on Kobe: “He has no filter. He just talks and talks and talks.”
    Lin: “That’s ironic.” Young: “What?” Lin: “Nothing. Keep going.”
    — Arash Markazi (@ArashMarkazi) January 7, 2015

    There were some basketball questions, but of course they weren’t taken seriously.

    [email protected] on why he can’t get Wayne Ellington more shots: “It’s like I’m passing to the rim, and he’s never at the rim.”

  8. I have not had a chance to listen to it…might do it b4 go to sleep

  9. it depends how one look at it….Jeremy now needs to continuously change and mold his game to ever inconsistent coach requirement, defensive needs, offensive needs, playmaker needs, spacing, etc

    Hence, Jeremy would only get better, which I think he is improving, based only the last couple of games, where he made his impact both on X and O; did you see his steal/block number is increasing as well

  10. @JLin7 The LA Sports And Entertainment Commission's 11th Annual Lakers All-Access Event http://t.co/Vl3Fxs0c6J pic.twitter.com/AUi71d4PLa— infinity88 (@linfinity88) January 7, 2015

  11. yeah, would love to know what you and all think. Me, I’m wondering. He’s fair, and I guess you can just get bored calling out no-calls, no mins, etc. But saying BSc and Kobe will improve Lin this way? I’d rather Lin take his chances self-improving under a better team system and coach.

  12. yep, he had verbal warnings too. I think I disagree … just gotta keep the same faith with yet another set of hurdles and personalities. No need to say Lin needs xyz. EVERY player needs their xyz. I don’t think Lin will go all soft or spoiled by a FAIR situation.

  13. I agree Lin is getting better only by his pretty reliable output with 3 mins left in 3Q. That’s pretty tough to do.

  14. Yeah, not sure where he’s getting his narrative from … I don’t believe or see Kobe or BSc are developing Lin.

  15. Los Angeles Lakers – Kobe Bryant Rests, Jeremy Lin Still Not Playing Enough

    The Los Angeles Lakers did better than expected on a road game against the Portland Trail Blazers, although without Kobe Bryant, that is to be expected. They lost 98-94 due to another incredible Damian Lillard performance in the fourth quarter. Jeremy Lin was very good, especially in the fourth, but was once again ignored for too many minutes by Byron Scott.

    Whenever Kobe Bryant doesn’t play, resting as part of his and Scott’s plan to keep him fresh and efficient, it seems like there is a load lifted off of a lot of Lakers players. Bryant has been better at keeping his shots down in recent games, but the ball just moves a lot quicker when he’s out of action. Jordan Hill of all people thrived the most, leading the team with 23 points. The Lakers led for most of the way, but succumbed to a crazy performance by Lillard.

    Lin? Hes scored 14 points, nine of them coming in the fourth quarter. However, he played just 21 minutes, while Ronnie Price, who wasn’t all that bad this time, scored 11 points in 27 minutes to go with 8 assists. Lin was on the floor when it mattered, and yet it’s still baffling, especially in a game without Bryant which hurts Lin if they’re together on the floor but doesn’t bother Price who doesn’t mind standing and watching, waiting for a ball to come his way, to see Lin playing these limited minutes.

    Come to think of it, Lin wouldn’t have been playing so much if it wasn’t for Ronnie Price taking an elbow to the face and breaking his nose. That might be the only way for Lin to start getting the minutes he deserves to see. Lin did miss a 3-pointer that could have tied the game, air balling it in fact, but these things happen, and he did score a layup later on that made it a 3-point game again.

    Damian Lillard is in a league of his own right now when it comes to performances in the fourth quarter. Out of his 39 points, 16 came in the fourth quarter, and all of those 16 points in the final 5:12 of the game. He didn’t need a “clutch” game winner or buzzer beater, but being clutch isn’t just taking the last shot of the game. It’s about showing up and playing your best basketball when your team needs you the most.

    Lillard going off isn’t something the Lakers alone suffer from. When he gets hot, there’s not a lot that teams can do to stop him. But it was another example of just how bad the Lakers’ team defense is. Jeremy Lin was guarding Lillard on a lot of those plays. Lillard didn’t blow by him. He kept getting screens and pick and roll opportunities. The Lakers don’t know what to do in that situation. Any time there’s a switch or back door screen along with simple P&R’s or pick and pops, the timing and order is so wrong it’s hard not to notice. Lin played good on ball defense against Lillard, but when the word help on this defense doesn’t exist, it’s hard actually stopping anyone, let alone one of the best point guards in the league.

    Byron Scott continues to confound us and a lot of others in his ability to keep Lin in a certain set of minutes regardless of what happens on the floor. His basketball instincts and ability to read what’s going on were never impressive, and the team seems average at best in almost every way possible when it comes to things a coach has influence on. Lin playing only 21 minutes? When Kobe Bryant isn’t even going to play? It might not be personal and simple being headstrong about a point he’s trying to make, but it’s not helping him or his team.

  16. Where can we watch the full interview? LOL I like Young’s question to Lin on who he’d rather play with. That was a good one and of course he wouldn’t answer. But I think Lin would so rather play with Young than Kobe.

  17. However, the result might turn out to be the same..

  18. They just profusely cracked up — wow that will earn them more benching time! Ha ha

  19. maybe that’s why good people see different sides of this puzzle the same.

  20. Yeah, 3min might look long, but while one is on the court, it just flies, without realizing, it takes alot, to have that kinda aggressiveness. I felt, JL had improved in that sense.

    My personal take, JL is not being deliberately mistreated by BScott, its just perception and using different lenses to see things. But I would say, Jeremy is heading on to right direction, unlike beginning of the season or during Rox.

  21. First of all, I do not think Lillard elevates high for his jumpers. He release the ball at eye level too.

  22. I remembered BS said he has to give JLin tough love. not sure if its true or all bs…

  23. For perspective, I like what JLinfan#1 dug up
    Here’s Byron Scott’s favorite player

  24. I really think airball is not thing. No matter who made it. :p

  25. yep – a miss is a miss

  26. Jeremy is trending @ #7. Must be the Jeremy/Nick comedy hour earlier today 🙂

  27. yep … who is Lin’s mentor. Yep, he’s having to figure it out by himself with his Doc and other posse and adversity.

    Just like in life, bro … that’s why I sort of don’t agree with PFV … I would like Lin to have not only the PT, but sustained support by a leader of a team (coach) and the rest of the team (to support each other, not just when the diva is at rest (any diva).

    Cool, thx for your thoughts. They’re always good. You played ball, my friend.

  28. nice article, but where is the link. good dissection of what must be questioned to Byron Scott (wonder why no reporter ever asked this issues at hand?)

  29. Despite leading in the china poll on nba player, JLin is trailing far behind in the usa nba asg poll. Could it be because the usa poll is in English and is an obstacle to the Chinese fans hence no votes from them? Could anyone of you who can write Mandarin post the query in Lin Weibo fan club? Just a thought.

  30. Please change you’re ugly avatar. It reminds us of all the lies from KOBE and bs. Thanks

  31. LOL Because Lakers has hired Tank Commander BS! No need any logic. Tank Commander will do the beautiful job!!!!:-)

  32. I think Jeannie Buss ha put Mitch/Jim Buss in a Catch-22 with her latest statements. She claims that she likes what Scott is doing with the team, but yet on that same token she has given her brother 3 years to become a contending team. Kobe will be in LA for another year and we all know that no superstar is going to sign with Kobe or a tanking team. She has stated that she likes that the team is competitive now and that is only because of the 2nd unit being led by lin. I think Lakers have their bench, but they need to build the 1st unit. So I still think that LA will go after Kevin Love this summer and I think Love will sign on and just keep his head down until Kobe retires. So her saying that she likes what Scott is doing is just telling him don’t loose anymore games. So she is playing both sides to divide Scott and Mitch/FO goals. She is saying not to tank, and Mitch/FO are trying to tank. So not really worried about Lin because he will come out of this situation victorious.

  33. Jeannie Buss is trying to do the right thing.

    However, she said that she doesn’t know basketball at all.

    That’s FATAL to the Lakers plans on all levels. She is the Lakers weak link, albeit inadvertently and not because of malice.

    I’ve been saying that Jim Buss has been trying to learn the basketball side of things and is a true student of the game, though I don’t know how good his judgment is.

    No matter what, Lin needs to leave. The way things are going, that should happen very soon in a way that may even earn Lin a little extra money along the way!

  34. I think Byron Scott HATES LIN.

    In fact, I think that Scott hates Lin so much that he’d rather lose the entire season than play Lin any further.

    Scott steadily reduces Lin’s minutes, and this game against the Clippers will probably have Lin playing only about 15 minutes.

  35. I don’t see that either.

  36. Jeannie Buss is the President and pretty much what she says go.Also last night She featured Lin/Young as the future face f the lakers. Lin/Young captivated the laker fans with their comedic dialogue last night. I live in LA and that is what fans thrive on. The Lakers are pushing the 2nd unit as keeping them competitive. We will see if lin leaves, but I personally think Lin will stay on and become the backup PG.

  37. Say No to backup. Lin IS a starter. He is better than at least half of the starters in the league. I don’t want him to be labelled as backup PG for the rest of his career.

    Instead of becoming a backup in a big market, I think he will pick a starter job in a small market. Remember, his next goal is becoming a starter then All Star.

  38. Jeannie can always consult Phil for basketball advice jk.

    Young Buss are not sophisticated enough to handle Kobe, while being occupied with the power game….

    Yes Lin should escape as soon as possible. I’m hoping & praying Lin will be traded before AS, though the chance may be like 1%…..

  39. The Art of Tanking – A great book by BS

  40. I believe he is a starter, but most NBA GM’s don’t see that way now. If Lin plays backup for storied franchise, his success at getting a starting job will change the narrative on him.

  41. People actually can choose Chinese in the vote page. No language barrier for sure.
    The one and only reason: IT IS RIGGED.

  42. Chance of being WAIVED is over 50%.

  43. Some are slow to see the evil and treachery that lurks in the hearts of men.

  44. I think Lin prefers LA Lakers but not the backup PG. It is a 50:50 chance he leaves.

  45. But Byron Scott doesn’t want Lin on the team AT ALL, not even as a backup.

    The head coach has a tremendous say on personnel.

    I don’t see Scott allowing Lin to be a Laker, even if Lin somehow survives the season and plays out the remaining games.

  46. I don’t take anything written by “journalists” like PFV seriously.

  47. It’s ALL GARBAGE.

    There is an entire roster of Lakers who are underperforming compared to Lin who aren’t getting “tough love”.

    It’s neither “tough” nor “love” that Lin is getting from Scott.

  48. Real talk on false premises.


  49. High possibility it is rigged for could not believe his fans from Taiwan, China and rest of Asia not voting. I have been diligently voting everyday on 2 devices. Shoo…..t

  50. no it won’t.

    At this point, Lin has nothing to learn other than repairing his free throw form.

    There is NOTHING Bryant and Scott can teach Lin about basketball.

  51. Buss and Jackson – major CONFLICT OF INTEREST.

    That’s being written about right now.

    Besides, Buss is probably better off getting no advice from Jackson. Look at Jackson’s Knicks – they are TERRIBLE AND GETTING WORSE.

  52. Isn’t his contract is guaranteed? In case he is waived, he still manage to get 15M?

    I don’t mind the way of leaving lakers as long as he can escape asap. But I think the chance of DNP is bigger than waive.

  53. Oh, Lin would get his $15 million if waived or DNP CD’d.

    If Lin clears waivers, then he becomes an unrestricted free agent and can sign a new contract with another team. I’m all for Lin earning more than $15 million this season.

    I seriously doubt that the Lakers would keep Lin on the roster if he was DNP CD’d. That’s because Lin would go wild and start beating up the team so badly in practice that they could not compete in games. For that reason, Houston ejected Lin before he could be a DNP CD problem in their practices.

  54. Looks like PVF has decided to expand his listening audience to the haters as well. Pathetic!

  55. I vote on my 2 mobiles, notebook, twitter & company PC. Sometimes I steal my husband’s mobiles, twitter to vote ^_^ Not everyday though…..

  56. I don’t know if it is true or if I remember it right but a few years back I think someone from the media said that oversea votes only count as certain percentage because of the Yao Ming got vote in even when he injured. For example: 2 votes oversea only equal to 1 vote.

  57. But it matter when Lin is the one.

  58. Up vote for the pretty girl =)

  59. I thought @disqus_MWXjhHjXCx:disqus will follow with a growl lol

  60. Meow..

  61. Oh really? Lin fans then have to work 10 times harder to vote, just like Lin has to give his very best 10 times more than the other players in order to gain the respect.

    It’s really hard to be a Lin fan 😉

  62. Slightly different situation. Dallas wanted him his rookie year, but said he probably will be d-league or something. GS guaranteed him spot on the roster plus it’s his home town.

    He probably believes he has earned his starter position, and if another team offers him that starter job, I think he more than likely will leave.

  63. I guess no USC alums here defending that homework joke?

  64. Maybe Jeannie can ask his advice on how to tank perfectly hehe

  65. I did not finish. However, I respect everyone has his own view.

  66. From reading Lin’s fan blogs, I’ve learned that quite a few Asians fall on two extremes of the racial issue. One extreme of the spectrum is represented by @KHuang: Everyone is out to get the Asian guy and this will never change. On the other extreme there are those who bristle at even the slightest mention of discrimination against Asians. They will say things like, “Oh poor Lin, he gets to play basketball for a living, poor Lin got paid $25 million, poor Lin was on the cover of every magazine, etc.” These Asians refuse to see or even consider the possibility that Lin is being unfairly treated. They will defend McHale’s and Scott’s treatment of Lin to the bitter end. IMHO, the truth lies somewhere in the middle.

  67. 12 Days left… Vote for Lin in ASG by tweet, FB & http://www.nba.com/allstar/

  68. I am an alumni but don’t particularly care to defend…oh how I wish what Lin said was true.

  69. For those who would like to donate to JLin Foundation to make positive impact as JLinPortal members, please follow the instruction in this thread:

    So far we have a total of $65 (from JLinPortal site and @disqus_W4kOOens57:disqus, thanks!)
    The deadline is January 18 so I can send the Paypal donation and present a card with our member names to Jeremy on Jan 19 (after Phoenix Suns game).

    THANK YOU! This way, Jeremy will know that we as a group support and make positive contribution to a cause that he believes in 😀

  70. We all see how badly BS is utilizing Lin and how blind he is just like Mchale, but to say he doesn’t want him on the team is quite an exaggeration. He wants him as a back up because he knows his value and make sure he never outshines his crush Kobe. He did give him the last shot last game.

    And I’m not convinced that this head coach has tremendous say on personnel as you say. He couldn’t even get his way at the beginning of the season of wanting to have Lin to come off the bench until they started losing.

  71. I am in. I will donate when i get home

  72. Can u explain what are the main benefits to the Lakers for waiving Lin outright? I just don’t see why they would do that from an on the court or off the court perspective.

    I know you have good analysis and insight so hoping you can elaborate.

  73. In regards to BScott mistreatment of JLin, there were proof but not because of racism but because Lin playing too well will stand in the way of the #1 goal to make Kobe happy:

    1. BScott said Lin was triple-threat before preseason began but didn’t run plays/screens to utilize this weapon
    2 knew Lin/Davis was lethal but didn’t use it. Instead a less lethal Kobe/Davis and Price/Davis are used

    3 Kobe couldn’t do well as an SG but thrived as PG/SG so Kobe needs Lin’s job as the PG. I understand this part for Lakers as a business. Lin is again just the casualty of an NBA franchise catering to an NBA star

    Lin just couldn’t thrive as a PG in Lakers if Kobe is around because a 36yr old Kobe needs to be a PG to be relevant in the NBA. It’s just unfortunate but it’s the cold business. And I think Jeremy knows that.

    What we don’t know if Lin likes LA enough to be a backup PG for the next 2-3 years behind Kobe.

  74. Thanks, Joyce!
    I will try to snap Jeremy’s picture when he receives the card :]

  75. Agreed. I think Lin will accept a backup pg role if he has no better offer, or plays for a contending team, which I don’t think Lakers are in forseeable future. LA is nice, but it’s nothing compared to his career.

  76. KH thinks NBA tried to eject the Asian guy

  77. no wonder Jeanie Buss worked so hard to promote it yesterday by appearing at ESPN-LA Radio.

    I wonder if seeing so many people flocking to JLin and enjoying Lin/Young dynamics would make Jeanie and FO ‘nudge’ BScott to give bigger role/min to Lin.

    Lakers is in the entertainment business after all. And Lin is a money-maker!

  78. LOL

  79. I think this is a non-profit event intended to support local business or something.

  80. Like I said I don’t know if it is true.

  81. LOL

  82. The thing is, BS really didn’t want Lin to play much in that last game. Lin didn’t even get in at his “standard” 3-4 minutes mark. BS put him in becuz Price got hurt. If not for the injury, Lin more than likely would’ve played only 15 minutes or less.

    I don’t think BS gave Lin that last shot, it was just what was available and Lin thought he had a good chance to make the shot. He said he practiced that shot in practice.

  83. Lin is a starter in this league regardless of what the majority of people think, but if he chooses to sign with LA he deserves to come off the bench for limiting his own ability. He should and I hope he will find a team that believes in him from coach to FO and will be a starter who reaches his full potential.

    If that means taking less money, finding a non contending team, or moving from his preferred Cali so be it. He needs to believe in himself enough to know that he can turn a bad team into a good one. He’s proven he can win with minimal talent around him before.

    My only worry is in his quest to find joy he limits himself and gets
    content in LA being a bench player, but I highly doubt it. He is ultra competitive and deep down knows what he should be doing in this league if not for all the negative forces trying to keep him down.

  84. he’s good, I don’t think he’s a journalists just a knowledgeable commenter.

  85. Just becuz this is LAL is not gonna cut it anymore. I guess BS is being positive. But it just comes out ridiculous at this stage for the LAL.


  86. BS can attract free agents that he is great at massage the ego of super star.

  87. The attitude he has answering interview questions now shows me that he will not be content until he is a big part of a winning championship team.

    Last year getting demoted, he was still doing his company tune with whatever is best for the team. This year after the demotion, he is a bit more outspoken on what he can offer. This being his last contract year, he realizes he has to be more vocal to let other potential teams that they can put their trust in him for success.

  88. All legit concerns…but I trust Lin will do what is best for Lin. If he CHOOSE to be a reserve, he is a damn good one…lol

  89. If the Lakers are the only team that offers Lin a NBA contract, he should think about signing it.

    Lin, like all NBA players, will never be content as a bench player even if he’s a highly utilized 6th man like Jarrett Jack or Jamal Crawford. You don’t have to worry about Lin’s mental status.

  90. Your kids are so cute 🙂

  91. Sure.

    The reasons are OBVIOUS to anybody familiar with the Lakers brand and the way the NBA operates.

    From the Lakers’ perspective which is NOT from a smart basketball perspective, here are those reasons:

    1) The Lakers view Lin as a net negative player who hurts the team more than he helps the team. In their minds, removing the net negative would at least give way for a net zero player to “improve” on Lin’s production.

    2) In Laker practices, the coaches have not been happy at all with Lin’s leadership and production. If Lin’s not playing, he’ll go super hard in practices and disrupt team chemistry. 4 NBA teams have already learned that an enraged practice Lin will take his frustrations out on everybody in front of him and make it impossible for the entire team to play well in games while also fighting off Lin in practice. The Lakers are thus moving to remove Lin’s influence on and off the court, especially once they DNP-CD him.

    3) The Lakers are concerned about Kobe Bryant’s mental status. They want him competing against the opponent, not competing against Lin. Thus steps have been taken to remove Lin from Bryant’s presence.

    4) Byron Scott is not happy that he has a defiant player in Lin who keeps saying subtle criticisms in the media. On top of Scott’s utter unhappiness with Lin’s game, Lin defending himself and criticizing the Lakers in the media is enraging Scott even further. Removing Lin would thus get the team going in one direction, in Scott’s mind.

    5) A lot of media criticism is routinely fired at Lin by the racist American media. That brings shame and criticism to the Lakers brand which has been completely immune to criticism until Lin showed up. The Lakers are not interested in whether the criticism is warranted or not – they’re only interested in stopping the criticism outright.

    6) The Lakers from top to bottom are trying to send a message to potential max free agents that the Lakers are THE destination franchise to be in the NBA. By clearing out a hated player in Lin, the Lakers think that they are making themselves appealing to big time free agents like Lebron James, Kevin Love, Russell Westbrook, Kevin Durant, and others. So not only do the Lakers want to sign up every big name free agent there exists (never mind the salary cap), they also want to advertise Lin’s roster spot as up for grabs.

  92. I posted an analysis, but DISCUS won’t let me print it despite no offensive words.

  93. Thanks ma’am

  94. Whenever I hear people express doubts about Lin’s ambition, focus, drive, etc., I always remember the anecdote his mother likes to tell to demonstrate his strong will: When Lin was only a baby (toddler?) he would bang his head against a wall until he got what he wanted.

  95. Typical Lakers mentality.

    Byron Scott, like the Lakers brass, is salivating over getting Lebron James, Kevin Durant, Russell Westbrook, Marc Gasol, and a whole lot of other max contract free agents onto a single superteam.

    That’s the way Jerry Buss’s Showtime Lakers operated in the 80s when they had 4 number one overall picks and All stars coming off the bench.

    Scott and the Lakers believe that free agents are clawing to get to LA to bask in Bryant’s greatness and strut around Staples Center. To him, an Asian player like Lin is considered “too uncool” to be part of the LA media show.

    The Lakers are simply trying to clear their roster so that they can sign every max contract free agent and contend for a championship next season. That’s why they’re so focused on DNP-CDing and eventually waiving Lin before the end of the season: they want to give top free agents as much time to THINK about future Lakers championships with the Lakers having a gaping hole at point guard due to Lin’s race based ejection.


    Jeannie Buss may not know basketball worth squat, but she definitely knows an ENTERTAINER when she sees one!

  97. I need him to bang his head against Scott’s….NOW…..lol JK

  98. It happens…..nothing Mod can do

  99. The only reason Lin was playing at all in the 2nd half last game was because Price broke his nose.

    The only reason Lin got to shoot at the end of last game is because he was the only Laker with a hot hand. Everybody else, especially Nick Young and Wayne Ellington, was PHYSICALLY OVERMATCHED by the rugged Blazers that historically have had no answer for Lin. Normally Lin ISN’T EVEN ON THE COURT IN CRUNCHTIME as Young and Ellington and Price and Bryant are forcefed Lin’s minutes and shots.

    Byron Scott has a tremendous say on personnel. Ronnie Price is there solely because of Scott, and he’s been starting the majority of the season now.

    The Lakers view Scott as the ultimate championship coach who will attract all the max contract free agents to LA and mold them together into a fast breaking skyhooking goggle wearing Showtime Y2K squad that will waltz its way to championships during the Kobe Bryant era. Scott is viewed by Lakers management as the great architect who will purge the Lakers of their losing players (i.e. Lin) and put 5 max contract superstars on the court every game as they steamroll the NBA for easy championships.

  100. Coming from a great Lin-tertainer, your words carry the weight :]
    100% agree!

  101. So he thinks.

    The reality of today’s NBA is much different from what an outdated 80s coach like Byron Scott thinks.

    Byron Scott doesn’t even realize that the Lakers have become the one place where free agents DON’T want to go and he’s a big reason why!

  102. I don’t doubt his mental strength and fortitude one bit. He didn’t get to this point without being one of the most strong willed competitors in the world. I just hear him speaking the company line so much in Houston and now in LA that I wonder if it actually seeps into his mind a bit unconsciously. Again, I doubt it though.

    I do like that he is slowly starting to speak his mind and stand up for himself in his super polite way.

    Also, I guarantee he gets more offers than you think. I’m not exactly sure of who or how many at this point, but a lot of the season is still left to go. I could see the Celtics with Stevens, the Kings with their owner Vivek Ranadivé. I believe others will come calling. The smart owners at least!

  103. That’s correct. Between this childhood story showing natural stubborness & the ability to turn down hundreds of millions of endorsement in NY, I still think Lin would pursue his starter/All-Star/NBA Championship goals and won’t be tempted by the LA limelight.

    He likes LA but I think he’s focused on what he needs to do to achieve his goal.

    If he stays as a backup in LA, I think something changed inside.

  104. Thanks Administration!

    So I’ll try again.

    Here are what I think are the Lakers’ reasons for wanting to DNP-CD and then waive Lin:

    1) Ejecting Lin who the Lakers view as a net negative player would allow a net zero player to take Lin’s place on the court, thus improving the Lakers’ chances of winning games.

    2) If Lin’s not going to be part of the team, the Lakers don’t want him around practice messing up the team.

    3) Kobe Bryant doesn’t like Lin now that Bryant has figured out what Lin can do. Keep Kobe happy at all costs.

    4) Byron Scott doesn’t like Lin sniping at Scott in the media. Scott wants the Lakers to be on the same page – a page without the Asian guy.

    5) The Lakers are trying to advertise Lin’s roster spot to Russell Westbrook and other free agents. By waiving Lin early, they make their intentions clear that Lin’s not coming back and thus Lin’s spot is OPEN for Westbrook or any other big name free agent to step into Lin’s spot.

    6) The Lakers are getting criticized mercilessly now that Lin’s on the team. They don’t care that the criticism against Lin is unwarranted, they just want the criticism to end. Ejecting Lin would stop the criticism, in their minds.

  105. Lin had his chance to chase the LA limelight in 2010.

    He turned it down for a chance to PLAY with Golden State. And Lin made the right call because he did get onto the NBA court to demonstrate his excellence despite Keith Smart doing everything he could to eject Lin off the team.

    Lin, like all other NBA players, is looking out for his own career first and the team’s success second.

  106. yep, that series of micro-rants is long past. So what Jeremy can do an air ball every 10 games and it doesn’t change a thing to the downside. We just saw the world watch really poor efficiency bball from Kobe and nobody cares. It’s all about what the team is satisfied with from the top down and so on. For example, Rox will not win a championship because they are still building the team around a ball dominant guard who is amazing some nights, and a big. I don’t see Ariza or anyone else able to spread the scoring around. Top teams can pull 10 pts from any given player any given night. For example, with TP out, watch how DGreen and CoryJ trade of scoring nights. It almost looks scripted by Pop. Not sure, just something I noticed last month.

  107. I like no 3 and 4 the best.
    Linsanity will diminish aging Kobe.
    Kobe plays better as PG (stat-wise offensively but no D) so Lin has to go.

    No real stars would want to come to play as a role player next to Kobe.They’ll come after Kobe is gone

  108. I think, instead of being a starter for a team for a period of time then being demoted again and again. It might be better that he just begin as a backup and work his way up.. Perception is a weird thing, you never know

  109. This is a great line “fast breaking skyhooking goggle wearing Showtime Y2K squad that will waltz its way to championships during the Kobe Bryant era”

    I just find it unbelievable that Lakers management view Scott in this light, but I didn’t hire him and I could care less what Kobe thinks so I’m viewing it from a totally different lens. I do think the way they delayed so long in hiring Scott that someone up there has a brain and doubted his ability.

    If they knew he was the “ultimate championship coach” sign him immediately and you don;t need multiple interviews to figure it out.

  110. I don’t want to cast doubt on your well founded optimism, but I can’t see the Celtics wanting Lin now that they have a super talented young PG in Marcus Smart.

    Nor can I envision the Kings wanting Lin, as their owner is shopping for a big name point guard and doesn’t know a good guard even when he has them on his team.

  111. I don’t like ANY of the reasons, but that doesn’t stop me from acknowledging that they’re THERE.

  112. That’s pretty much what the Lakers did.

    The Lakers interviewed no other candidates because they were absolutely sure Scott was the only man for the job.

    The Lakers owners think that reputation buys championships. That’s why the Lakers can’t win in the modern post illegal defense era.

  113. Don’t worry. Price still will start.. right? LOL!

  114. Except kobe is playing tonight.

  115. Poor Price, he’s wiped out.

    While I wish for Price to feel better like I would with any player, I don’t expect Lin’s downward trend in minutes to change.

    Price’s minutes will be taken by Ellington and Young and Bryant while Lin’s minutes will continue to decrease.

    Nothing Lin does can stop that inexorable rapid decline toward DNP CD.

  116. They say he might not. He looks pretty bad scott said.

  117. So now they maybe start Clarkson then…?

  118. After last game, there’s no doubt about what you’re saying.

  119. I don’t know if anyone posted the interview yet.
    There is a special Jeremy Lin interview by a Chinese reporter after the game at Dallas (12/26/14). But the interview content was published on 1/6/15. The interview was done in English (video included), but written in Chinese. Here is the link,


    However, the video cut out the last two questions to Jeremy: Do you still follow Rockets game?
    Jeremy (shaking head): No, not following at all.
    Reporter: Not even their win/loss records?
    Jeremy (shaking head): No….

  120. That facial expression is Kobe pretending to care what Lin has to say. That’s what I thought the first time I saw that photo. What a phony!

  121. “was” the Lakers….. “is” a simple NBA team.

  122. So Kobe PG and Ellington SG. Got it.

  123. But Lin and Davis will start together!!! Get the popcorn, this should be good!

  124. I think they will start the ball boy

  125. We’ll see if Lin starts.

    I’m not expecting Lin to start.

    I expect the Lakers to start Ellington in Price’s place.

  126. I think you’re right about kobe/BS’s thought, but are too pessimistic to take into account other factors. Every coach dislikes some players, but dares not play them. Also they may not even get Lin in the summer and no FA pg would sign with them LOL. After Kobe is done, they simply have to sign whatever available stars. If a stat padder has signed, real star won’t join.

  127. You’re correct. ..Jlin is like Moses. …God will pave the way for his exodus back to the starting line up and then on to another team

  128. nothing against price but those people that talk so highly of him now are going to turn on him once lin left the lakers.

  129. To attract free agents starts with a new coach who can make Kobe accountable like showing up for practice, just a start.

  130. I am a bit surprised that they not letting Ellington start.

  131. He does seem to have gotten better on his shots the last few games though. Seems like he’s knocking down those 3s a lot better.

  132. Very deceiving indeed!

  133. Until Lin is on the court at tipoff, I’m not going to believe that he’s a starter.

  134. That’s why Lin has a chance to start. Wes out too.


  135. well, good for him. but same thing happened to beverly. didn’t people say he’s not one of those fans’ favorite anymore?

  136. He still needs to wait until game time. Why is it so hard for him to start Lin? He just loves Price and couldn’t let go or he just hates Lin so much?!

  137. In BS’s mind, he needs Price to contain Chris Paul.

  138. W Kobe as PG… I doubt Lin will touch the ball too much… smh!

  139. If BS were simply unaware of how well Lin and Davis play together, random chance would predict that they would sometimes be on the court at the same time. But since the start of the season, how many total minutes have they played together? Maybe 45 seconds? Lin and Kobe both competing to feed Davis tonight should be very interesting.

  140. yes, me neither.
    I meant I feel strongly about those 2 dirty-politics reasons to explain Lin’s trouble in LA

  141. Time to P on that hydrant!

  142. I trust Mike Trudell bc last game TWC even did a poll say Young start… but Trudell said it’s Kelly start over Young.

  143. From the list… Kobe will be SF tonight.

  144. My exact same thought when I first saw that tweet !!

  145. True. It still might be Ellington, Kobe, Kelly, Davis, Hill.

  146. “COULD”

  147. Trudell said it could be Lin to start…

  148. If Kobe “behaves” they should win tonight.

  149. very true. Lin/Davis disappearance is definitely Lin-tentional since it steals the thunder from Kobe.

    There was a game with 3 Lin/Davis connections (a fluke) last month but it was quickly buried in the next few games. Too dangerous to Kobe’s fame and will steal media’s attention.

  150. Ya! Still need approval by Kobe.

  151. hm, so it means he’ll be PG/SG/SF

  152. …and Price if he decides to sit.

  153. Please leave Jeremiah at home…..lol

  154. This will be the ideal line up I’m looking for. I like Ellington, active and play hard. And if Lin could find good balance with Kobe, that would work out. Might not see much LED connection as Kobe might want to control the offense, but if Lin is aggressive and attacking, Kobe might find it easier to play with Lin on the floor. Lin need to try to be a scorer today, and secondary as ball handler, or initiate offense. If Kobe start to pass, it would be easier for Lin to play with Kobe than play with Young.

  155. Yea. those got the fans involved. Just makes no sense they squashing that other than Kobe’s fame(ego).

  156. He might do a Bev(Wolverine)?

  157. Kobe already know that he will need a secondary ball handler on the floor with him, so I don’t think they will go with that line up.

  158. The latter. Don’t you also procrastinate to avoid the unpleasant? And hope against hope that it can be avoided altogether by something happening at the last minute? LOL

  159. Wolverine is still young, Price is 30 something already.

  160. I say : “BS – Imbecile, that’s a rivalry!”

    Byron unfazed by Lakers possibly losing for 9th time in 10 games vs. Clips: "It's still not a rivalry. Celtics-Lakers, that's a rivalry."— Mike Bresnahan (@Mike_Bresnahan) January 7, 2015

  161. yup, can you imagine if every game ESPN Sportscenter show Lin/Davis highlights?

    Pretty soon, any failing Kobe’s ISOs or buzzer-beaters will be questioned and Kobe’s freedom to do anything will be gone.

    Lin/Davis PnR is the Kryptonite for Kobe’s Superman armor!
    BScott needs to fling it to outer-space

  162. But Kobe maybe will go for it bc they can say 2nd unit don’t have PG since Clarkson is not ready yet… Well, I really don’t keep my hope too high even Lin do start.. he will pass the ball to Kobe anyway… not really have any different..

  163. OK, now I know why Lin is starting.

    Wes AND Price being out is too damaging for even Scott to stomach.

  164. My ideal LA starters:

    Lin, Young, Johnson, Boozer, Davis (Sacre and Ellington are quick subs).

    Bench: Bryant, Hill, Price.

  165. Jeremiah is actually very aggressive. He will get in your face about how he gets all the multiple choice questions right.

  166. I do not see How can Lin start today tho. Maybe he will, who knows…

  167. Just saying in a satire way don’t take me too seriously.

  168. I will watch this game if Lin start tonight. Have not watch games for a while now.

  169. Good for u…lol

  170. Just checked. Bos is 11-21 and LAL 11-24

    I guess that’s a closer match up. Way to aim high BS.

  171. Meow..I can’t stand watching the game without Lin most of the time.

  172. The Clippers and Doc River ignore BS, that’s insulting.

  173. I know Kobe is 36 now, but he is still better than Young, right? Young is only a shooter.

  174. Not sure…..

  175. One of Jlin goals is being a starter…so I don’t think he will CHOOSE to be a reserve….. at least not with this lakers team. …San Antonio. .. maybe.

  176. I’m amazed by Lin Fans generosity. We started today with only $65 for JLinFoundation but it has reached $478 (7X) in a few hours! May Jeremy smile wider and play freely on court.


  177. So Lin can start tonight …
    Not sure if it’s good (more PT) or bad (more time next to Kobe)


  178. It could go either way. ..hehe. ..I am playing the field.

  179. It would be true only for the varsity athletes. 🙂

  180. NBA News
    Hm, Mozgov to Cavs for TWO 1st-round draft-picks?


  181. I am Waiting to see Jlin name in a trade. .. make it happen mitch…
    You don’t want to lose Jlin for nothing. … and only a few laker fans and media care about him anyway to have an uproar if he left at the end of the season…but majority of laker fans will care if he left for NOTHING.

  182. 2 1st rds? M….

  183. one of it was heavily protected.

  184. Is he a backup to you?

  185. Where is this pix from

  186. that’s an excellent point for Mitch.
    Pre-Feb trade would be awesome!

  187. thanks. one is from OKC.
    Clearly LeBron wants to win now at all costs

  188. I wonder if LeBron likes Lin as a backup PG in Cavs
    As a Lin fan, I don’t know if it’s a good thing. Maybe yes for a contender despite limited min.


  189. no kyrie plays all the time

  190. 38 minutes per game

  191. nice picture!

    Lin is a starter but if he can be a backup PG to help LeBron get 1 ring, I’m okay with that 😀

  192. I would not be mad.

  193. oh well… then maybe it’s worse
    unless Cavs goes crazy and send Kyrie to Lakers for Lin/Hill/Davis LOL

  194. Don’t think so… Irving played almost 35 or above min.. Just read one NY Post article about their target list for this summer FA… No Lin. but Dragic, Rondo, Jackson & even PB (start 7M)…?! smh! So upset where can Lin go now if not Lakers?

  195. lol won’t happen plus there biggest issue is defense.

  196. miami is the other best option

  197. I’m going to lobby for Splash Tres Amigos because Livingston and Holiday are getting consistent minutes and I want to see Lin win a ring asap. Before Duncan’s next one lol.

    Plus I want to see Curry’s ankles last 5 extra years.

  198. :] .. yes it won’t happen all right
    but shipping Kyrie out would also help their D #justsaying

  199. I hope Lin will join a low profile team and make a bunch of average players to become stars, and win the championship.

  200. Detroit, Spurs, Kings, etc.

  201. hehe, it’s starting now … excuse to send Lin to first team, etc. Interesting.

  202. Lin and others are young and fast, once Kobe in, slow like a snail, then bricking, hogging and lost!

  203. That would be the best Linsanity scenario!
    All for one, one for All!

    I’m thinking Detroit now with some athletic bigs

  204. Lin is not dysfunctional enough for the Cavs LOL

  205. Old news, but I saw the all-star voting second returns. I LOL’ed at Harden, who probably will not be voted in as a starter despite a gaudy league-leading 27.0 ppg, which is the only number that most casual NBA fans know. That really shows how unpopular Harden is among NBA fans.

    It’s good to see that Lin is #9 of WC guards. He obviously hasn’t had the numbers this year, but I’d like to see him finish in the top 10 WC guards because 1) I feel that he could have been top 10 WC guard if he was given full opportunity, 2) it doesn’t hurt to give GMs additional incentive (fan popularity, ticket sales) to sign and play Lin.

    Here’s my ballot. I try to vote for the best unselfish players:
    East: P. Gasol, Bosh, Noah, Wade, Lowry
    West: Davis, M. Gasol, Duncan, Curry, Lin


  206. hopefully! LOL

    where u been? Happy New Year!

  207. Cavs players walk into locker room and look around. LBJ: "Why are all the shoes untied?" Then, the door swings open. pic.twitter.com/pcH9GXN8Wo— Alex Kennedy (@AlexKennedyNBA) January 7, 2015

  208. No, Bryant is not better than Young.

    Young defends, runs the plays, and is more athletic.

  209. Actually, you described Byron Scott’s self image PERFECTLY.

    That’s genuinely how he feels and operates.

  210. Funny thing. ESPN has a metric called Real Plus and Minus (RPM). Among all PGs. Lin ranked 31st offensively and 27th defensively. He is also ranked 28th overall (He is the last one on the list that has a plus 0.02). Some PGs ahead of him are back ups too. Does that mean Lin should be a starter? LOL Well….I do not think +- means too much anyway. Just happen to see it…

  211. we lose a lot so yea plus minus will not be on lins side

  212. It says it is already adjusted…I do not know how they do it…

  213. From the other forum but it wasn’t verified. Sorry.

  214. also the first 20 games with kobe.

  215. It is considered too….Not sure how they model this whole thing…LOL I know the number are based on per 100 pos..

  216. It is Kobe! He has to be shiny and showy! Jeremy is not allowed to shine under Kobe!
    Jeremy is too smart and too crafty and will shine brightly and bury Kobe in the mud!
    That is why Lin played limited minutes, no Lin/Davis coupling otherwise Linsanity repeating, has to pass the ball to Kobe, once Lin has a good game, the next game is long benching, or Lin first three quarters played and scored well, see none 4th quarter minutes at all! Why do all that? Not planning to win a game? Who is not happy that Lin is playing well and help to win games? Anyone can see why? It is totally Kobe and a brown nose puppet coach! FO just care about business and not the team health.

  217. I can vouch that the raw +/- when Lin, Boozer and starters playing with Kobe was horrible. (Kobe was last in the NBA for +/-)
    It got better when Lin moved to the 2nd unit. Kobe+Starters +/- got better when he played PG

    Monthly Split might be helpful to see this changing trend.

  218. i would like to see that number

  219. The point is, given this seemingly widely believed metric. Lin is TOP 30….meaning he is definitely a qualified Starters…because there are only 30 teams in the NBA.

  220. those stats will get better s well he hs a bad 5-8 games off the bench

  221. But he probably will be voted in by the coaches though according ireland

  222. Paul reported 2 radio hosts w/ insider connection advocated for more PT for Clarkson tonight than JLin.
    There might be insider move to rebuild with Clarkson and phase out Lin.

    Note: I’m not surprised if Lin’s future as PG is disposable once Kobe is thriving as PG now.
    Lin’s contract might also be too expensive for a backup PG.
    Lin fans need to mentally prepare that Lin is being phased out because slow-Kobe needs the PG job. Unfortunately, it’s just #ColdBusiness



  223. Unfortunately yes. Lakers cater to Kobe as their fading star, how to best sell tickets in Kobe’s last 2 yrs. Since Kobe looks good and wins more by playing GP, Lin is out of the running.

    They might pursue Lin once Kobe retires but for now, Lin is definitely expendable. As Lin fans, seeing Lin traded soon might be better to have more PT and better numbers.

  224. Prefer JLin to be traded yesterday.

  225. So Paul’s speculation was wrong in his last video? I still stick to my two-head model of the current lakers. The two heads have different interests and will send different messages to the outside.

  226. well thats a bummer
    byron won but who cares
    Lin do ya thang keep scoring ur future is still bright..somewhat

  227. Good news. That means Lin will be traded soon. It is non sense to put 15M on the bench who will leave in summer.

  228. in a “metric” that i follow and like as a credible rating system lin comes in (deleting those who have played less than 20 games and less than 20 minutes per game) 29th; so not much different–however there is no one above him except starting point guards; he (along with corey joseph who i dont really consider a point guard but someone playing point guard only because both parker and mills were unavailable) the highest rated then non-starting point guard in the league. (last year was the same with reggie jackson holding the corey joseph place).

    unlike in the “metric” you list however there are no other backups above him then and at least 9 starting point guards below him (using a broad scale of “starting” allowing for injuries and situational circumstances)–and of course the lowest rated starting point guard in the league is:

    (wait for it)…ronnie “the price is right”.

  229. he wont be
    lakers want cap space

  230. My views on whether Lin will stay or not and if stay is good of not are simple. We do not know why Lin only play 20 mpg. If it was because of Kobe, then Lin should stay because once Kobe is gone, LAL seems a good place to stay. If it was FO AND Kobe, then it is up to Lin but I think he should leave.

    However, Besides Kobe issues. It might be worse in the long term sense that Lin just keep switching teams and get demoted every time. Given Lin is considered as a good backup now, it might be better that he settles for the backup job in LA and work his way up, waiting for his chances. Remember, he was traded as a backup PG. Nash was the 1st guard. Lin was NEVER treated as a starting PG in LA. I do not know what Lin values the most in terms of his career decisions. But I do know he will make one that is best for himself.

  231. I see…interesting…

  232. In the Bill Simmons / Jalen Rose show before the season started, Jalen Rose said that based on what he has seen Lin belongs in this league and that he could be a starter on some teams. That would mean Lin is a top 30 PG in this league.

    Quite a fair opinion from a non-Lin fan. I personally think Lin is top 10 or top 5 PG and under appreciated just like Tony Parker.

  233. Young: “Jeremy, did you used to dance growing up? I heard you used to beat box a lot.”

    Lin: “I never literally beat boxed once in my life. You got your facts wrong.”

    Young: “Must have been another Lin.”

    Lin: “You guys hear that? We have that on video. He called me ‘Another Lin?’ That’s slightly politically incorrect.”

  234. they are so funny

  235. Don’t agree. If Lin settles for the backup PG he will be forever marginalized, for fear of out shining the starting PG.

  236. nah i like Lin but top 10 is too high
    way too many elite pgs in todays basketball
    i really believe they were all inspired by Allen Iverson as kids

  237. It is already happening anyway….is it not? ANd he had to back up 2 worse PGs

  238. Let’s see Lin start tonight and explode the game away! Actually, I’ll be checking box scores as I’m cheatin’ with Curry, KT, Livingston, and Holiday tonight. I’d love for Lin to replace Livingston. I prefer a ring first and seeing Lin many times a year rather than seeing him in backup at LAL next year for Kobe-style system. If he can get starting job with a building team, great. But look at all the good players playing for the 20 or so teams that have no chance for 2nd round … I’d hate to see 3 more years of that for Lin.

  239. Which is a bad thing. AI should have never played bball. Such a bad example.

  240. Cool that he’s raising jokes about race.

  241. The bad thing about playing for a rebuilding team is you can almost guarantee most of the player they signed are not in their long term plan.

  242. Allen Iverson is a great individual theres a reason why he was so popular definitely a hall of famer
    bad example for PGs, thats why we have kids like westbrook who keep chucking
    but AI is a legend a great basketball player

  243. this is very interesting for lins future

    Young: So Lin, how does LA compare to New York?

    Lin: “It’s a good question. I’m a West Coast guy and I was born and raised on the West Coast. I was born in Torrance.”

  244. yes, when I typed that, I sort of cringed so I don’t know how to get the best of that world. Just wanna see Lin happy with winning tough games AND also on a contender. He’s at his best, even with 11 pts a game, when he effectuates a tough win on a contending team.

  245. Legend maybe, gr8 players….I am not so sure about it..

  246. but pgs nowadays are score first
    they look for their own instead of teammates
    thats the future of the NBA
    and Lins a scoring guard too he excels as a scorer rather than a distributor

  247. note to Mitch: I’ll give you a 3% discount for Torrance, so Let’s get it on!

  248. What I was saying is actually about perception. Sometimes, the way to alter it is not the direct line drive…

  249. I love it. Thanks for posting.

  250. The key is the contract. If lakers provide a contract for backup pg, he should go where bigger contract is offered. Only a long term large contract provides protection.

  251. great individual
    but wont help teams with good systems

  252. Pure Comedy Gold!
    They can sell it for $1 Pay-Per-View =)

  253. In talent, Lin is a top 1 along with John Wall.

    In game impact, Lin is not even top 30 simply because he plays too few minutes to make a significant impact.

  254. He is not coach-able either…very bad for ANY team

  255. the Eurostep of life … your kids are lucky, Master Brent Zen.

  256. This I agree. Like a greedy algorithm. However, we never know….this “bigger” contract might make his NEXT NEXT contract even smaller.

  257. Allen Iverson is a COMPLETELY OVERRATED CHUCKER who could not play clean fundamental basketball despite (because of) having played for John Thompson at Georgetown.

    Thompson’s problem as a coach was that he didn’t drill his players on basic fundamentals, and so all Georgetown players who played for him entered the NBA with big holes in their games. That includes Ewing, Mourning, Mutombo, Reggie Williams, and others.

  258. This.

    Those rankings mean nothing this and last year because of limited, inconsistent minutes and low usage or mixed usage.

  259. As Yao said Lin is like the ocean.

    Just for promoting Torrance, he’ll ask for %10 raise!

  260. Lin doesn fit Golden State’s style.

    They’re a jump shooting finesse pick team, not an east west high flying athletic team.

    While Lin can fit any system, he’d have to slow his game down to play for the Warriors.

  261. No one here is surprised that the Lakers are phasing Lin out.

  262. he was so much fun to watch every kid loved him

  263. To me, +/- of any sort is a FALSE METRIC.

    Even when it’s wildly in favor of Lin, I disregard the stat.

  264. tats why he cudnt come back to the NBA nbody wanted him

  265. He promote fanciness, and diss fundamentals…Of course some kiddos love him

  266. with all the talent
    if u dont get enuf PT to show it, its pointless
    Lin needs to be empowered to get there like any other great players
    if MJ was treated like a back up, he would have never made it

  267. I agree…I am just raising a discussion. I said many time that +- means very little..

  268. LOL what?!….just some thoughts…thats it. Each path has it risk and reward. I am just not so sure as others that leaving is a definite plus..

  269. LOL This is another comedy gold by Paul Pierce on Kobe
    It might be true in 2006 but not in 2014-2015


  270. Lin probably went to a poker joint in Torrance.

  271. I can see the value of working his way up if the boss is trustworthy.

    What concerns me the MOST if Lin stays in LA is .. CONFIDENCE

    We saw the damage that McHale did to Lin in HOU to make him into a “safe” role-player PG. And we saw the impact of BScott confidence in Price, plus MDA in Lin. Price literally averages 1-2pts but can get hot and hit streaky 3s and play a bit like Lin when given numerous chances.

    If I can advise Lin, I would tell him to research to have another startup by joining forces with D’Antoni. Lin has a blueprint of success in Steve Nash. Hopefuly Nash can give Lin better advise LOL

  272. I would love it to be with Curry and KT. Other than that, one more year of Kobe ggrrrr my teeth will be sore.

  273. Lin will not be traded soon. Too bad.

  274. True Bugut does not fly. They do run though (Curry, Barnes, LT, Holiday). Barnes likes the fly. Holiday too, though not sure of his long term standing. David Lee I’m not sure.

  275. If he can do that….that will be great…but…..I am saying what he might actually ABLE to do…

  276. One of the best thing about GSW is they have lineups of IGGY, KT, GREEN, Barnes. All long wingspan and roughly same size. Can switch everything which made most offensive sets useless…

  277. Bricking so many shots is very welcome, the more the better.

  278. I think the more he bricks….the more relaxed his defender is…

  279. Future but not now?

  280. Thank you Brent.

    I hope they go big this year in POs so they feel excited about finding more talent to extend the championship streak.

  281. Since both Kobe & BS can’t tolerate Lin’s play, I’m hoping that Kobe is trying hard to demand FO a trade.

  282. true.. it depends on the available opportunities
    Man, Lin’s agents better be working so hard now :>

  283. Clarkson is just not ready now ..
    I’m sure talk show hosts like to stir things up to start a trend

  284. And then Kobe is going to surprise his defender with a brick going into the hoop by coincidence. If you throw enough darts, you’ll eventually hit the bullseye lol.

  285. You throw 30 mins a game to him. He will be ready soon…Although we do not know how good he will be when he is ready

  286. LOL….pretty much so

  287. I don’t think Clarkson has slowed-down the game as a rookie yet.
    It will take time. LG also said he looks lost out there. Game is too fast for him

    So far he fits to be athletic SG more than PG for sure.

  288. This is amazing.
    Austin River’s brother made a tweet-plea to trade him because Pelicans played Fredette more.
    How long will Doc Rivers take to ask him to delete the tweets?


  289. No one get high +/- stat if he’s in a crappy team. It’s a bad stat.

  290. LAC Game Thread is now open!

    Whether Lin starts or not, let’s hope he keeps being the ‘Smi-Lin Assassin’ on the court!
    Let’s go, JLin!

  291. Can we ask baby Lin to tweet like this?

  292. If that is the case…it is more impressive that lin can crack in the top 30…isn’t it?

  293. He’s stating the obvious – shouldnt even be a question at this point. But haters like to raise it.

  294. Lin is too quiet, he could’ve ask for trade in Huston and now in LA, speak up about the unfair treatment, it’s not like he doesn’t have the NBA skills to back him up.

  295. The Lin family is too smart to look like fools.

  296. Goran Dragic’s brother did something similar last season regarding All-Star and dissing Lin with his tweet about the votes yet look at how Dragic’s stats have fallen this season after a bad trade for the team.

  297. Young and Lin spoke up about Kobe after a win last few weeks and then what happened? Benched next game.

  298. Was it Zoran?
    Hm, I remember Lin’s brother tweeted something (not bad) when in HOU but was quickly deleted

  299. I like his “Be Like Water” Bruce-Lee style.
    So far, LA media can’t find things to blame on him and he’s one of crowd favorite.

  300. he did once when JLin was in HOU but deleted quickly.
    Mama Lin probably made him do it LOL

  301. really busy over the holidays, then also at work now. rarely have time to post nowadays. =(

  302. yeah, hang in there, bro. Work can definitely be crazy

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