G36 LAL @ LAC PostGame Thread

Lakers lost in a blowout 89-114 because Clippers completely overwhelmed the Lakers who had no defense inside or outside.

Jeremy finished with 12pts/3asts/2rebs/4TOs/4PFs.

Kobe was ineffective in scoring with 4pts (2-12 shooting, 7asts but 6TOs, 8 rebs)

Jeremy got into foul trouble in early Q3 and had to sit but he tried his best to play defense and team D.

He had good defense on CP3 before he got burned on some screens, CP3 also scored on Kobe who couldn’t play defense.

It’s good to see Lin came back in with 5min left in garbage time. All Lin fans were surprised BScot sent him back in. Lin facilitated to get his teammates going (Young, Ellington, Black) before he had 1 beautiful tear-drop and 2 assists in the last 1-2 min.