G36 LAL @ LAC PostGame Thread

Lakers lost in a blowout 89-114 because Clippers completely overwhelmed the Lakers who had no defense inside or outside.

Jeremy finished with 12pts/3asts/2rebs/4TOs/4PFs.

Kobe was ineffective in scoring with 4pts (2-12 shooting, 7asts but 6TOs, 8 rebs)

Jeremy got into foul trouble in early Q3 and had to sit but he tried his best to play defense and team D.

He had good defense on CP3 before he got burned on some screens, CP3 also scored on Kobe who couldn’t play defense.

It’s good to see Lin came back in with 5min left in garbage time. All Lin fans were surprised BScot sent him back in. Lin facilitated to get his teammates going (Young, Ellington, Black) before he had 1 beautiful tear-drop and 2 assists in the last 1-2 min.


  1. Ha, lady first!

  2. quick strike! 😀

  3. always 🙂

  4. Lin had a good game, Kobe exposed, Scott looked dumb, LA media is shameless. End of the thread.

  5. So create new thread? but we just got here! lol.

  6. probably getting tired…from the same old story

  7. I think there is another one involving Jordan too.

  8. I feel like a broken record but Kobe cannot play anymore. Today he played like he did before he took a week off. He can’t shoot and he constantly turns the ball over. Sitting out BTBs will not do the trick. This whole month there are games at least every other day. BS and Kobe are very stubborn and they won’t call it quits until they have to but if Kobe tries to play like this 3 more times the media will finally come in for the kill. The really interesting question now is what will the Lakers transition away from Kobe look like and what does that mean for Lin.

  9. New story – went to GSW and pitched powers that be that they get lin lol. Anyway, that team is gonna win it this year. I’m not such a rabid fan to jinx them, so I’ll just say it. They will get the ring and I really wanna see Lin there. I want Lin to be part of a winning team taking home a championship. This year has been too illustrative – Lin does not deserve to be on nasty-bad teams, and it look like LAL are a great team without maybe 3 or 4 factors.

    PS – is it blasphemy to say Speights is better than Lee or Bogut? I don’t think so.

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    Note: I’m floored by how much love, generosity and support Lin fans have toward JLin. No wonder he said his fans are the best. Now he got evidence!

  11. I do not think they will…but anything is possible. They have a good chance..

  12. and same old BS.

  13. I used to think LA media is much more decent than Houston.
    But when it comes to kiss one’s a&&, they are no different.

  14. Not sure if this complete jay highlights is posted

  15. Are you are high? Lin would be benched for rest of the season with Steve Kerr the Public Hater as coach!

  16. It’s pretty sad, a guy his age kissing up to youngsters, no self-esteem or dignity whatsoever.

  17. It was posted in the game thread but it really should be in the post game thread anyways 🙂

  18. What really annoys me most is when fans call for LIN to pad stat during “garbage time”. When I hear this type of comment, it shows how little these fans truly understand the game.

    THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS GARBAGE TIME, THERE IS ONLY WASTED TIME! When a coach wastes valuable play time, he throws away time that could be used to develop young players in game situations to execute plays. This is what Pop and the Spurs do. I saw the Spurs bench execute beautifully passing plays in a blowout against the Raptors last year in which there must have been a dozen passes zipping back and forth. There were numerous opportunities for a good shot but instead the passing left the Raptors dazed and confused until finally a totally open 3 was taken on the right hand corner. Pop doesn’t see just a game won or lost by the time on the clock. What he sees is the totality of the season, or maybe even 2–3 seasons. A game in itself is only useful in putting the team on the path to arriving at the playoffs at full strength and to peak with every player ready to push for the title. Weak minded caoches like Scott will never understand how to utilize their team assets properly and to maximize their potentials at the end games.

    LIN plays it the right way. Any playtime he gets, he isn’t just selfishly padding his stats. He uses that valuable time to continue to build valuable chemistry with his teammates. In that way, no time is wasted. “I’VE NEVER LOST A GAME, I’VE ONLY RUN OUT OF TIME”. Winners don’t give up just because the clock is agonist them, they are already building up to the next battle.

  19. Really like your post and thank you.

  20. Thanks for spelling this out so well.

  21. Great post.
    Jeremy did play the right way at the end. He made sure everyone got touches and as a veteran he really helped the rookies to take advantage of the opportunity when Young wasn’t selfishly hogging the ball. Jeremy is a great teammate.

  22. Great observation — wisdom of great coach like Pop and of players like JLin – who is building and developing the team in spite of the current Laker coach and the team culture.

  23. Except in Lin’s case all that chemistry building will go to waste since his future with the Lakers hasn’t been determined yet.

  24. I recently discovered christinecheng60’s channel and she makes excellent extended JLin highlight videos although they are posted about 1-2 days after the game. This is from Portland and I just love how the Portland announcers are praising Jeremy.

  25. Wow, Portland announcers praises Lin more than his own team announcers! This is ridiculous!

  26. This is soo good of a project..

  27. What’s the point is trying? That’s exactly the kind of defeatist attitude that BS and Kobe wants to make LIN accept. LIN could have said “what’s the point of trying” when he didn’t get drafted, or was sent to D league, or put on waivers by Warriers, then the Rox. What’s the point of struggling through a meaningless existence when death awaits us?

    The mystery of our existence isn’t that we were born to die. The mystery is in choosing to live! The real power of living is in revelling in the fight to bring about the fruition of our inner faith.

    Lin’s faith in his “living” is expressed in the optimism of his play. It’s this syntax that will be carried with him into everything else he does. LIN may well be with another team next year, but his “way” of playing continues to improve no matter who his teammates are.

  28. Great response!

  29. From Lakersground

    Lin — — Lin back in the starting lineup with Price out. This was a good opportunity for him to step up and also get some minutes with Ed Davis to see if they could produce any chemistry. For those counting, I believe they ran the Lin/Davis pick and roll once and Davis passed it out. Lin did get a nice oop to Black in garbage time. Defensively, he had his hands full and had some foul issues. He also fell twice to give Paul wide open threes, which he made. The Lakers had issues across the board. Scott on not having Price: “Missing Ronnie, who is kind of the head of the snake for us, who is one of the toughest guys. He kind of sets the tone for us. We didn’t have that tone set tonight.” I do wish I saw a little more of a chip on the shoulder from Lin when on the floor. Occasionally, you’ll see it snapping at guys on the defensive end or after a big play. Lin had a big three at the end of the first quarter. That felt like the last time the Lakers were still in the game. “We got to fight harder, play harder. Everyone’s got to go home and look at themselves,” Lin said. He said the team needed to be more aggressive defensively.

    The Stats: He scored 12 points on 5-9 shooting (2-4 from three) to go with 2 boards, 3 assists, 3 turnovers and 4 fouls in 26 minutes. He was a -15.

    The Action: He was stripped on a drive. He missed a tough wing jumper off a screen. He missed an open wing three on a kickout. He missed a pull-up in the lane out of a timeout. Wide open under the hoop and he scored a layup off the Kobe feed. He attacked off the three line and reversed (took a little contact with no call). Sacre suckered him into a turnover on a pass in the lane when he didn’t move to the obvious open space. He attacked off the screen, spun and hit Boozer for the layup. He pulled up and swished a 30-footer at the end of the quarter. He sank a wide open three, originally initiated off the Kobe double on the sideline. He missed an open three off a kickout. He had 10 points on 4-8 shooting and 1 assist.

    Second Half: He telegraphed a pass in the lane, turnover. He gave up an easy score in the paint, then got backdoored by Paul next time down and that ended up more FTs for Jordan. He fouled CP3 and sat after only 3 minutes. He worked the lob to Black for the throwdown, very nice. He attacked in transition and tear-dropped over the help D for the score. He drew a double and hit Clarkson under the hoop for the layup.

  30. I fell asleep at 1st half… when is BS getting fired? Lakers aren’t going anwhere with him.

  31. Was that a moving foul? Lin hit the floor twice and CP3 had a wide open shot.

  32. Soon after KB’s chonos takes over:-)

  33. Since I skipped most of the games since Lin was benched, I have a question about Kobe. Do you think Kobe is just too old to do anything or he is injured somehow? I think he is declining a bit too fast.

  34. old

  35. Well, Jeanie Buss says she likes what BS is doing and establishing, so…

  36. Game highlights

  37. age catching up…

  38. I am happy that Lin is figuring out how not to take himself out of the game with this stupid coach. I hope Price will be better so that lin can go back to his 2nd unit. I love the fact that lin got his points. Kobe got no points after sitting out for sitting out on a back to back and scott saying he was rusty, get the freak outta here. Yep Scott got punked by Doc after dissing the Clippers yesterday in the media. Most of the NBA media knows that Kobe is making this team worse. Clippers are no better than th Trail Blazers and the Lakers competed. Yep Kobe is the cog in the middle of the wheel.

  39. “Kobe play – spirits die. BS has the emotion range of a wooden post.”
    —comment on yahoo sports

  40. knicks are trying to get melo to take the rest of the year off; excellent route for kobe as well. (and the next). then he can see how he feels. after that.

  41. After resting for last game, KB looks even more awful, old (slow) and has no tank left to compete in NBA games. Yet BS and KB are still in total denial. They continue to embarrass themselves and fool no one. Don’t believe KB will get better but deteriorate even more each day. The longer the season goes on, KB will look worser. Hope that this doesn’t drag on for long.

  42. I will put money om that Lin will stay in LA because the Clippers are going to offer lin a spot as a backup to Chris Paul.

  43. If KB and BS continue to stay, I prefer JLin to leave Lakers. Just go to any team that coach believe him and use his skills. If he goes to Clippers, that will be great. Behind Chris Paul, I’m okay but not Price or KB, PB. Or goes to any team with a legi pg but not a 3rd or 4th string. Also not a “team” that will throw him under the bus all the time.

  44. Haha sounds good. Can someone propose it to Buss?

  45. First I want to say that this might not be a popular opinion, but I think Lin will have plenty offers in FA as a backup PG to a lot of contending teams. Lin by no means is a backup PG, but that is the narrative out there on him. Lin has to build back his image because of all of the marginalization by the Rockets to prove that he is a starter. The team offers that he will get will be probably: Clippers, Lakers, Mavericks,Cavs just to name a few. Lin needs to keep his game tight here in LA because he will get offers.

  46. I say the Clippers because the owner is a Harvard alumni, and the one thing to push the Lakers over the edge.LOL

  47. Believe JLin will have offers. Just hope that any contending teams with JLin’s believer coach will be good enough for him to choose. In my understanding of him, money isn’t the main issue he will look at. It’s more about how much time he plays and how much he is allowed to play “his” game and to be a starter, ring, etc.

  48. Also it amazing how Davis has not been playing well over the last few games

  49. Yes I know it esp JLin did meet with Harvard alumni pre Clippers game. I was impressed with that. I can see JLin to go to Clippers. How old is Chris Paul? I know JLin is a friend of Blake.

  50. My conspiracy theory: the players stop playing when Kobe’s on the floor, that is their way of protesting to make him look bad. LOL

  51. Paul is 29 years old.

  52. I think Paul is another insecure star to play with Lin. Besides, he is Melo’s buddy…..

  53. Yeah, he is but Doc doesn’t play that supers crap and neither does the owner. The Clippers haven’t had a good backup PG since bledsoe left.

  54. LOL! Tell me who can really play well with KB??? When I watched in Clippers game, confirmed with my take of KB as today. The time that I watched in first half and first minutes in 3rd qtr that JLin was in and the last few minutes without KB, KB was barely moving his feet most of the time except when he had the ball. Even then, he continued to play awful. If I were him, I would rather retire now than embarrass myself that way.

  55. Thanks! Doc is JLin’s believer??? Will he do ABJ act like BS and KM???

  56. And the Lakers think that they will get a big name to come here and play with kobe, and also Scott as a coach who continuously puts down his players and an embarrassment to the organization

  57. Really??? Maybe that’s true:-) I really dislike Hill’s game after KB.

  58. LOL Only in their dream. They only get those players have no way to go or no choice.

  59. Remember i said conspiracy theory, but I would not be surprised. They came out smoking against the blazers without Kobe, but look at them yesterday

  60. that is because the player will be desperate.LOL

  61. BS is not JUST an embarrassment to the organization, he’s an embarrassment to the coaching profession.

    Coaches are supposed to motivate, encourage, nurture, develop and mentor the players. BS does none of that, and instead humiliates, patronizes, belittles and discourages his players AFTER he’s done throwing them under the bus. And last but not least, while acting all tough on the team, he behaves like a suck-up lapdog to Kobe. It’s disgusting and unbearable to true fans of the sport.

  62. If Lin doesn’t receive any starting offer, then it’ll be good to choose Clippers, making Lakers regret every second every day

  63. If Lin is to be a back up PG, Lin better choose a championship contending team.

  64. watch Griffin closely when he sets the moving screen against Lin…using his bum to block. Bet the Refs in Clippers pockets.

  65. I know. I wonder what was going on. Seemed like all starters/players disappeared when KB was in except JLin. KB was definitely the blackhole of Lakers, either they stopped playing or Kobe ball’s effect.

  66. So that was the distraction….

  67. or: here’s a simpler answer……”Kobe play – spirits die.”
    —comment on yahoo sports

  68. I sure hope you are right!

  69. me too:)

  70. Yep. I’ve said it for a while now. If any decent and sane mind players that have any other offers than Lakers, they will go to those teams than accept Lakers offer. I only looked at Lakers (facts) after JLin was traded. This is worse now. Players do notice how JLin is being treated by Lakers esp BS and KB. JLin is well like by 95% of NBA players except the insecure and egomaniac ones.

  71. If Kobe retires this season, will he be getting his salary next season as his contract only expires next season?

  72. If Jeremy is to be signed by any team which has faith in him and lets him plays his PG role, the team will sooner than later become championship contending team. No kidding!

  73. As I posted on twitter, the more double teams lin gets, the better he gets at getting out of them

  74. how ironic, lakers fans and jeanie buss said they feel BS’s doing a great job.

  75. I expected the white ref to be racist toward Jlin but to see the black refs also being racist to Jlin is very disappointing considering the history of discrimination against African American

  76. I like to see Jlin becoming an nba ref after his playing days

  77. I have no respect for Scott and his idiotic comment on Price being their head of the snake. He is now McHale with his dissing of Lin.

  78. RESPECT.

    Besides, Lin was killing the Clippers the whole game!

  79. Adam silver memo to all nba refs: The Jeremy Lin rule— hard fouls , mauling s are allowed against the Harvard Asian player…but fouls shall be called if any non asian superstars , ie.. cp3, harden.., are breathe upon. .. This rule shall be in effect as long as Jeremy Lin is still playing in the nba

  80. Snake burst open after eating alligator

  81. I will not forget those ridiculous calls from Ms Pamela and Joey Crawford

  82. The only guy that plays well with Bryant is Price.

    That’s because Bryant forcefeeds the unguarded Price the ball on open shots.

    On the other hand, Price gets destroyed defensively.

  83. Emphasis on ANY TEAM.

    Lin is one of the few players in the league that can CARRY a team all the way virtually singlehandedly.

    It doesn’t really matter who Lin has around him, as long as selfish egos don’t ruin his team play.

  84. Never forget and never surrender. .. Fight on Jlin.!!

  85. Price got “CHA TZWUAH SHEE KEE” (eat snake dead) by the “Taiwan lahng” (Taiwanese person)”!

    – taiwanese language lesson of the day

  86. BS: I think the snake did pretty well.

  87. It just an indirect way of saying Lin def is sucks.

  88. The hilarious thing is that even with all the hard fouls and illegal hits, Lin is STILL KILLING OPPONENTS.

    Lin’s become so good that even the bad refereeing doesn’t truly hurt his game anymore.

    Not even cheating can beat Lin, it seems.

  89. At this point, Lin’s the only modern day NBA player who consistently splits double and triple teams without screens or plays run for him.

    Whatever team Lin gets on next, they’re going to be astounded at how UNSTOPPABLE Lin becomes when playing in a standard modern NBA offense.

  90. Jlin journey is very similar to Bruce Lee”s… he will emerge triumphant.

  91. Heh heh.

    Jeremylin.net is MELTING DOWN.

    The trolls are ENRAGED with Lin’s terrific performance. They’re INVENTING FICTION about Lin left and right.

    The trolls have hijacked that forum and it’s now become a HATE SITE.

    I’ve always written that Lin gets the most hate after his great performances, not his bad ones.

  92. He won’t be dead like Bruce Lee, though!!!

  93. Melody, your post have always been good but they’re getting better all the time.

  94. I still go over there some times to rag on the hustink suckettes, mcidiot, dmoron, kkklutchfans and kkklutch the racist pig, etc…. quite a good stress relief therapy. .hahaha

  95. Of course he will die eventually. We all will…hopefully at the proper time unlike Bruce

  96. How I would fix the Lakers:

    1) FIRE SCOTT.

    Get a modern day NBA coach who understands that the illegal defense rule was abolished 15 years ago. No more outdated 80s eye test iso retread losers like McHale and Scott.

    Make sure that coach understands Lin’s game. Any coach who thinks Lin can’t play is not a good coach for ANYONE.

    2) Bench Bryant

    I’d play Bryant about the same number of minutes that Sacre gets, maybe less.

    Bryant needs to EARN his minutes by attending practices, learning the plays, being a good teammate, and playing good defense. If he fails to do any of those things, DNP CD!!!

    3) Start Lin, ball in Lin’s hand.

    4) New rotation:

    Starters: Lin, Young, Johnson, Boozer, Davis

    Bench: Ellington, Sacre, Black
    Low minute bench: Bryant, Price, Hill.

    5) Get some more PLAYERS.

    PG: Gal Mekel
    C: Earl Barron, Hamed Haddadi
    Stash in D League: Solomon Alabi, Omar Samhan

  97. True – but now the creative writing by the trolls have made it impossible for any real basketball analysis to take place.

    I expect to be BANNED from that site soon.

  98. Someone posted a while ago that Kobe had said a couple of years back that he would retire while on top; that he wouldn’t want to be like other aging stars who embarrassingly hung on to old glories.

    Now we see kobe as an old toothless lion desperately hanging onto his pride. Kobe bullies and steps on anyone that dares to challenge his pride while his toothless roar leaves his team starving. In the law of the jungle, you can only eat when you can kill. Kobe is killing his own pride’s will to fight and win. Kobe has become the embarrassment hanging onto old glories.

    Look what happened to the Pistons once they got rid of Josh Smith. The same thing happened last year when the Raptors got rid of Rudy Gaye. The team has found their fight again when they got rid of the rotten core that sucked the life out of them. Kobe is rotting away the core of all that is left of a once proud Lakers franchise.

  99. Let’s keep voting for Lin by tweet, FB & http://www.nba.com/allstar/

  100. All these old fashioned 80s style iso players are WASHING OUT of the league!

  101. The Beatles- It Won’t Be Long

  102. let’s not badmouth other site(s) and use labeling
    please rephrase the name-call/label (i.e. rag on the “..unspeakable terms”)

    It’s in violation of Rule 5 & 7
    5 Do not label other posters (Example: Lin-only fans, CF trolls, etc).
    7. No name calling. (Example: “McFail, KoME”)
    – See more at: http://www.jlinportal.com/website-rules-must-read/#sthash.7xeHpiTt.dpuf

    Otherwise, it will quickly turn to poster/site-bashing
    Thank you

  103. I agree.
    Kobe got too much pride to retire right now.
    BS and Mitch who really are the ones strong enough to force him to take a lesser role are going to ride him to the sunset.

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  105. I’ve been thinking about Kobe’s change of strategy the last few games. Oy might be because he is old, for a basketball, player, and out of gas. I don’t think anyone knows for sure except that it’s not working. Speaking from experience it’s tough being old and out of gas, but life is still good.

  106. I still go there to argue with people, and get silly with them. Some on there have some weird ideas…

  107. Yeah, I saw your last post there.

  108. Btw I thought we were not allowed to call people names. And that includes McHale. Hehe.

  109. yes.. I give some time for it to be modified before it’s deleted hehe..
    sometimes people forget or don’t know the rule :]
    so 5min and it’s ‘poof’ :p

  110. Life will be good after retirement for him after all that money he got on his contract. Dude should have hung it up. I thought Kobe would have that same winning mentality like he did in the past. I was wrong. I’m sure he knows he’s done.

  111. Done…voted all lakers front court and guards

  112. Only 5 minutes. … should be 15 mins… hehe

  113. haha..maybe 6min next time then just for u =)

  114. Thanks… I knew you have my back. .. hahaha

  115. Kobe’s trying to BE LIKE LIN.

    The problem is that Kobe lacks the fundamentals, hard experience, humility, court reading ability, grittiness, teamwork, conditioning, athleticism, and personal grace to even come close to imitating Lin.

  116. I actually like that site very much and wish it would be cleaned up.

    But Administration over there has never done a damn thing.

  117. Black finally got some much deserved playing time last game. For a self-proclaimed defensive-minded coach like BS who started Price in place of Lin because of “defense”, it is ironic that Black was stapled to the bench while Hill was out there padding offensive stats for the opposing team lol. Actually, it makes sense because Price also plays worse defense than Lin so the objective is to not make Kobe stick out like a sore thumb on defense by surrounding him with horrendous defensive players in the starting lineup (besides Davis).

  118. I’ve been a Kobe hater for two decades because I saw him pulling all these same destructive stunts as a young player.

    The thing is that Bryant has had teammates and coaches beating on him to be a proper teammate. Bryant has rejected every coach and teammate he’s ever played with. I never considered him a “great player” because of his bad attitude and the gaping holes in his game.

    I always wrote that the Lakers won IN SPITE of Kobe Bryant. Now people see why I feel the way I do about my least favorite player in NBA history.

  119. They have to, those bench players are fighting for minutes. Regardless of how much the lead was.

  120. I hold the same theory, I have hope. The remaining games are totally for audition.

  121. You NAILED IT on how Scott is lamely trying to hide Kobe’s bad defense!

  122. lol, love this idea

  123. It is all about reputation. Players like Bogut, Griffin, Tyson etc, they rarely get called..

  124. I think that’s the answer. Some might think that lin should be trying to be like Kobe than the other way around.

  125. The winning mentality you speak of is Kobe channeling the dark side. When someone like Kobe can only be “the man” by channeling that dark side of his soul, he has been so blinded by his darkness that he nolonger can see the light. All the money and fame he has will never be enough to fill the darkness in his heart. The emptiness of his soul has been filled by the noise of and adulation of his fans. As that fades away, he’ll be nothing but an empty shell of someone who was once famous for being an athlete.

  126. BTW…I can see the reason why LAL does not set as many screens as other teams. Because their bigs suck. PnR will become a double team…

  127. It’s Bev all over again.

  128. Didn’t Ed and Hill have some success setting screens for Jeremy?
    I thought I saw 1 or 2 but the timing was always a little off so Jeremy never got open lane/clean look at the rim

  129. But isn’t that kind of the point? If they double Lin, it’s up to Lin to find the open guy.

  130. Lin only ran PnR with Davis….like…maybe twice….Hill does not set screen at all. In order to set a screen, you need to somehow touch someone’s body

  131. Yes…but the point is actually, that open guy is worth to be left OPEN

  132. Lin was able to get Jefferies’ some baskets. True he missed quite a few easy ones too.

  133. Because Lin was the 1st option at that point, and the floor were spaced much better than LAL can ever do. Jefferies is a very smart player too, he knows the angle, knows how to dislodge defenders for his point guard. Scott took out all the sets that requires running….for Kobe and Boozer I guess. Triangle never flowed into PnR or Pinch post. Hi post split ended up been Kobe or Young ISO on top.

  134. LOL I saw Hill tried do so for Lin for 1-2 times but it looked so awkward and like you said, .. noone touched him :] so he ended up screening Lin

  135. Alex Kennedy listed Jordan Hill and Ed Davis as probable trade target.
    I asked for Lin’s chance so hopefully he replies.


  136. He sets better screen when if it is for Kobe.

  137. Those who criticize Lin for not being more like Kobe are always to first to cry about Lin being selfish and a bad team player whenever Lin starts looking out for himself.

  138. Jesus asked the question, what would it profit a man if he gained the whole world and lost his soul? I will not nor should i judge Kobe. Anyone who builds their life around wealth and fame will ever be content.. “Godliness with contentment is a great gain”.

  139. Yes. I believe it’s the coaching style as well. Just think that the current bigs would be able to able to do better PNR if they simply practice and implement that into the game.

  140. I called that site mini-CF

  141. The DNP CD march continues.

    Lin couldn’t even get 30 minutes last game on the Lakers home arena despite Price being injured and Kobe playing terribly.

    Once Price returns, Lin’s minutes will dip below 20 as the Lakers continue to phase Lin out.

  142. The sooner Lin is traded the better. Jeremy is not a one time wonder Linsanity, he’s real. He just needs to be in a right team right situation.

  143. I think it is 18

  144. I really don’t see Lakers tried to trade Lin bc they don’t even showcase him at all?! Hill looks the most likely to me. Davis? Don’t think so either bc he is only 1M value?!

  145. If I were LAL FO, I will trade for Hill as hard as I can.

  146. I agree.

    Under 10 minutes a half. That’s Byron Scott’s immediate goal for Lin.

    Last game, Lin played because there was no other passer on the team. Every guard other than Lin was selfishly looking for his own shot.

    The instant Clarkson or Ellington or Young become more willing passers, that’s when Lin’s minutes will dip to about 6 per half.

    Lin’s minutes would have been 18 or less in the Portland game had Price not broken his nose.

  147. Package Lin, Hill, Nash, and someone else for Carmelo Anthony!

  148. The Lakers aren’t interested in trading Lin.

    They’re interested in WAIVING him.

  149. To be exact, I think the rotation is set for 3mim in 1Q to come in, 6min in 2Q to come out. Same for 2nd Half. 9 minutes each Half. give or take

  150. haha….Melo will be great in LAL

  151. I don’t know … that’s a pretty well run team top to bottom. Lin is a pretty well-prepare young man to win a hard run in a season. LAL and Lin are a mismatch. Like a sport car being idled.

  152. hm, conspiracy theory or just lack of practice together?

  153. Completely agree.

    Also, those 9 minutes a half for Lin are UP FOR GRABS. Anybody who can demonstrate minimal NBA competence as a passer will be forcefed Lin’s minutes.

    Lin knows this and has tailored his game accordingly.

  154. Pretty much so. The only way Lin crack 18 mins a game is to grab that final 6 mins of the game. Which has happened, just rarely

  155. Lin only can get in the high 20 if Price and Kobe had a bad game.

  156. If Price…no Kobe I think.

  157. It’s now WORSE than Clutchfans.

  158. Suns already stacked with PGs……..

  159. Don’t want to go to their link. Pls summarize it.

  160. Too lazy to summarize it lol

  161. Lin to PHX is not bad tho. Better medical staff, KH and Psalm are there, Dragic can work with Lin too. Hornacek is a good coach.

  162. Not even.

    Price and Kobe have had bad games, yet Scott continues to play them.

    Lately, Clarkson has been getting more minutes at Lin’s expense.

  163. I like the Lakers but Lin needs to get away from BS.

  164. TBH, I think everything will be fine once Kobe leave.

  165. Don’t think so…They got three guards already… Guess just want to use Lin to get click… LOL!

  166. This is absolutely an inspirational story of Reggie Ho, a 5’5” 135lbs pre-med/Notre Dame football star kicker who helped won 1988 National championship in an undefeated season. The guy basically developed the “pull-kick” physics theory and practiced in the parking lot as a release after studying hard in the library. He’s renowned cardiologist now married with 2 cute boys

    If you want to show a 13min inspirational story to your kids or for yourself, this is it. Great quote by Lou Holtz after winning championship game that it’s not the most important thing in life.
    ESPN 30/30 documentary was directed by Ken Jeong.

    Reginald T. Ho is a cardiologist at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital in Philadelphia. Also known as Reggie Ho, he gained fame as the star kicker on the1988 Notre Dame Fighting Irish football team.


  167. Fun if unrealistic rumors.

    Then again, I didn’t expect Lin to be traded with first and second round picks off Houston.

    If Lin gets traded, it’ll hit us out of left field and for a combination of players we never expected.

  168. Just having fun with wishful thinking and joking around. GSW are like a nice working engine and putting new big parts in might be hard. For sure Lin is a big part … see how hard it is to fit him in anywhere as it disrupts the old ISO game/whatever. He’s beautiful bball, spirit … Lee, Curry like him we know.

  169. No, but maybe trade before deadline or just a 1 year rental who knows. The breakup may be mutual by now. Lin should keep getting his stats, stay healthy, and continue to strategize for FA with his management team.

  170. Their 1st round pick Tyler Ennis doesn’t even play.

    On the Lakers, Ennis would be starting over Price and Lin.

    By the way, I wasn’t a fan of Ennis’s college game. In the NBA, I’m not all that impressed by him either. Ennis looks good but doesn’t produce, similar to another wildly overrated Phx guard in Archie Goodwin.

  171. I don’t see signs of Lakers trading Lin either.
    They want to sign him cheaply as a backup IMO due to marketing reasons and insurance for Kobe

  172. If Lin goes to PHX, you can get the media pass.

  173. Yes.

    The way Lin’s shooting, he’ll be amazing for any team that’s open minded enough to get him.

    Lin has the game of a $15 million player. Just not the minutes or touches.

  174. Ok, I call Cluchfans mini-Jeremylin.net

  175. Yes!!! Please … This is the only time I want Jlin to be treated like Josh smith

  176. I think Hill is just lazy

  177. I don’t.

    Byron Scott HATES LIN and wants him out of the league.

    If Kobe retired today, Lin’s minutes would still decrease and Scott would not stop firing criticisms at Lin every game.

  178. yep

  179. Agree wholly.

    Lin getting ejected from the Lakers is NOT a bad thing.

  180. Maybe, but he can use those remaining minutes better.

  181. Amazing story that should be told and was told. Really more inspirational than Rudy IMO.

  182. Hm I might be able to use a connection =] but i dont want to see him on bench a lot with 6 other PGs

  183. Agreed and the suns play to win. ..not the tanking 6ers

  184. Yup, Anthony would be a perfect 80s for their 80s coach and 80s losing streaks!

  185. I think they will sign Lin bc I don’t see Lin has any pressure like others in contract year to me? But if only back up I don’t see why Lin have to stay here? Bc w backup position he can have a lot more choice…why needs to stay here w Kobe. In LA, they didn’t bring him more fame or popularity at all so far…From the way FO to Lin I think Jim likes him. As for Jeanie… not really sure after her talk in radio.. If that ESPN woman reporter said it’s right then they probably will sign him 3 years within Jim’s in charge the team period..? We will know soon.

  186. The really sad part is that BS don’t even have the smarts to create his own devious way to keep LIN down. BS has to borrow Mchale’s lame playbook to make LIN look bad by using a journeyman like Price just as Mchale used Bev to show that LIN ISNT even good enough to beat out a scrub.

  187. Injury left and right, with or without Kobe, Lin still played 20 min plus.

  188. yes, the hard work, belief , strong family and perseverance are the familiar themes that I can also find in Jeremy Lin journey.

    I also think Lakers will retain Lin until end of season as an insurance plan if Kobe couldn’t sustain the health. A lot of things can happen between Jan and July

    For now, Lin is in good spirit to keep smiling and playing his best in 2015. It already translates to better numbers and minutes. It’s all he needs to do. Work hard, keep good attitude and be ready when opportunity present itself.

  189. yes, lots of things can still happen. we’ll wait and see =]

  190. yep … not much aggressive basket attack after the pnr. Hill is easy to read – he just goes out to the FT line for his flatfooted shot.

  191. Very inspirational indeed. I saw this tweeted by Cary Chow of ESPN. He mentioned Jeong was his Dad, is that true? Jeong is a MD himself.

  192. I think after the All Star game Kobe might just say, I am done or after this year. He had 2 days off and he puts in a performance like last night. He should have been embarrassed. He can’t even muster enough strength to play to the hometown crowd. Also i notice that Laker social media has gone silent since last night.LOL

  193. I also think he will not play to the end of this season bc he probably will say he wants to save his energy for next season. LOL!

  194. Where are they now?

    Interesting to find out what happened to the rest of the players on the NY Knicks team that was with Lin during Linsanity 2012.

    Jarried Jeffries, Mike Bibby, Baron Davis are retired.

    Tyson Chandler, Iman Shumpert, JR Smith, Steve Novak, Laundry Fields, Jerome Jordan are all playing for different teams in the NBA.

    Only Amare Stoudemire and Carmelo Anthony are still with the NY Knicks.

    Research on the other Knicks players shows:

    Billy Walker Sioux Falls Skyforce (D-L)
    Josh Harrellson Chongqing Flying Dragons(CBA)
    Toney Douglas Jiangsu Dragons(CBA)
    Renaldo Balkman Texas Legends(D-L).

    Of course we know where Lin ended up.

  195. Their name said it all “drama”.

  196. No i think kobe is done. The only reason that he hasn’t made a move is because svott probably keeps talking him out of it because he knows once kobe goes so does he. LOL

  197. I agree once Kobe goes so does Scott. LOL!

  198. In purgatory? It won’t be long. Kobe will not make it to the All-Star break. Don’t be surprised when a tweet announces that Kobe will sit out tomorrow’s game. Kobe is almost certainly on pain-killers and who knows what other meds. But he cannot keep taking such high doses on a regular basis. That’s why they have already ruled out all future back-to-backs. But even every other day is unsustainable for several reasons. 1) Playing with a dependence on pain-killers runs the risk of serious injury. 2) It probably makes him groggy. 3) It’s addictive and generally bad for his overall health. It’s almost laughable that BS talked about getting Kobe fresh for next season when this season is not even half over yet.

  199. Did you guys see after lin made that 30 footer at the buzzer, when he came back to the bench the guys were giving h5,kobe reached out, lin acted like he didn”t want to do it.LOL.

  200. really? I missed that

  201. Nice compile of the list…thanks

  202. I saw abt an 8 sec clip. I will see if i can find it

  203. Thanks for the update. Not to forget the Coach Mike D’Antoni (no HC job but rumored with Nuggets/Kings)

    When I think of the lineup that made Linsanity possible, I think of these 5 people who won the famous TOR game 90-87 by making 13-1 run in the last 4 min after a timeout:

    1. Jeremy Lin “SCORER” 7pts
    2. Tyson Chandler “ENFORCER/SCREENER” 2 off. rebs, 2 blocks
    3. Amare Stoudemire “CLEANER” 2pts, 3rebs
    4. Iman Shumpert “DEFENDER” 2pts/2asts/2stls
    5. Landry Fields “SLASHER” 2pts, 2 rebs

    Perhaps when people want to recreate LINSANITY, it would take the same blueprint to produce a similar chemistry. Maybe NY 2018?


  204. I don’t think Jeong is old enough to be his dad. Perhaps Jeong is just the producer?

  205. Too many trolls at jlin.net so I came over here for some positive and insightful information

  206. Walker, Harrelson, Balkman, and Douglas would be a better 4 players for Lin than any combination of current Laker players!!!

  207. I agree. There are lots of trolls over there… smh!

  208. I know where it is at, but i am on my tablet and it is hard, so I will post it when i get home

  209. I saw that too…. good catch

  210. There’s nothing better than a well-coached (our great mods!) home court. Welcome!

  211. i feel he only needs a fair coach in their right mind.

  212. Welcome!

    I’m with you, literally!

    The overwhelming troll response there indicates that Lin is DOING GREAT!!!

  213. yeah, i don’t feel like visiting that site anymore. aside from trolls, they allow name calling too, i don’t like wasting time fighting with people. some people will just lose control of themselves and become really weird.

  214. Welcome, same reason why I moved over here. =)

  215. Thanks for posting this great vid. …and on top of it all, he can still kick!

  216. I didn’t miss Price :]

  217. yw =) yeah, he used exactly the same method!
    wonder if he will teach his boys the same technique

  218. wc

  219. They are my occasional junk-food guilty pleasure for K-pop gossip, but they’re not worth clicks otherwise…they have not got one single clue about basketball.

  220. Dragic is another Lin hater so no!

  221. HO Ho Ho.

  222. Ya! I feel the same way they name calling people a lot over there… smh!

  223. I have no probs with you or anyone saying LAL wants Lin out, or that he should be out. I just have a problem saying there is a path to DNP-CD because right now, the data shows Lin is averaging 21.5 mpg (higher now since last game) with a tighter standard dev than when he was starting with 31 mpg. That kind of label is taken up by the trolls in a different context than you write it, so I respectfully CONTINUE to ask you not to keep posting that as people do respect your posts.

  224. It’s just a picture so don’t punch your monitor.


  225. Only way this happens if if Lakers fire BS after this season and sign Lin as starter. Otherwise i can’t see Lin staying.

  226. I hope lin just lapped Carlos, cuz no way he should because he should not be out lapping lin. LOL

  227. KB 2-12 NY 4-15. How about doing some coaching and get other people going?


  228. Yeah kobe tried to suck up hard.LOL

  229. Wow!!! Guess he’s already on the bench, so it won’t matter.

  230. The trolls from there won’t post here.

    They’re not interested in intelligent dialogue with Lin fans.

    Clutchfans and Dreamshake were NEVER as bad as jeremylin.net is now.

  231. We fans saw that long ago.

  232. Well how f’in PECULIA is that! I’m guessin Nick knows what’s up….

  233. I’m sorry to hear it’s fallen so low. It was a great home for many of us for several years. Wonder why it’s been abandoned by it’s admin…wouldn’t you just close it if you didn’t have time to keep it a true fan site?

  234. Ah, so THAT’S why Young was so ineffective last game!

  235. Ya! Young knows what’s going on & what’s wrong w Lakers now…

  236. BS playing to the media w/ the soft comment. Wasn’t meant for the players.


  237. Well, in All Access event, Byron said for the way he treated Kobe, he don’t see player cared or against it. So there you go, Young is raising his voice. haha.

  238. Disagree, Lin does need to be more selfish and look to score more and that is what he’s been doing with his limited minutes. It’s alot better than him going passing mode and not look for his own shot. The way he’s been playing is alot better than when he started the season where he just stops shooting when he misses the first few shots.

  239. BS probably mouth watering can’t wait to praise the return the head of the snake if Lakers beat the Magic.

  240. The Kobe and BS show:

    They laugh alike, they walk alike, at times they even talk alike — You can lose your mind! They’re two of a kind!

  241. Excellent.

    All season long, Lin and Young and Boozer have been SPEAKING OUT.

    Those are the 3 best Lakers players. These veterans are getting the job done on and off the court.

  242. Tie two birds together, though they have four wings they cannot fly!

  243. LOL don’t need to report about Kobe resting. They should only report when Kobe practice.

  244. yeah. it’s like a name calling competition.

  245. Young can say these things cause his contract is guaranteed. Wish Lin did the same when he was with Rockets.

  246. I guess…but I can’t think of anything farther from Lin’s character. He doesn’t waste his energy on revenge – he concentrates on excellence. His positivity really inspires me.

  247. Hm, I guess Lin and Young implied BScott was too ‘soft’ to tell them directly that the players played soft?

    My guess is Byron just heard it from Kobe right before talking to the media

  248. This is the best visual for the consequences of GREED I’ve ever seen. Yikes!

  249. Great. Let’s tire the guys out again.


  250. The first brave one to tell the Emperor’s Cloth.

  251. It’s called punishment for making he/kobe look bad.LOL

  252. This just makes no sense…unless it’s part of a tanking strategy.

  253. Mason & Ireland on ESPNLA was talking about Lin about an hour ago.

    Ireland said he likes Lin then most out there. That he fights and stuff. Mason mentioning that the stats website showing Lin as a pretty decent defensive rating. Said he doesn’t realize that and wondering if the stats doesn’t measure stuff correctly or else he’s missing something.

    Ireland said Lin fights thru the picks but said it needs to be a team defense again Paul and Lilliard.

  254. Yea. especially when Kobe wasn’t there, and he was one of the main “soft” players.

  255. Try to lower the team to kobe’s level.

  256. He is so chicken. He didn”t tell Boozer he was benching him.He found out thru the media

  257. As someone stated on here,i think kobe was drugged on pain killers, that is why he played so bad

  258. What did they find Jesus, because they use to dog lin out.LOL

  259. that’s why players with clout drove him out of their teams. he probably doesn’t really know how to coach. except physical training stuff like running around.

  260. BS is a moron. Burning the players to h3ll. No wonder he rested Kobe

  261. Mason is still not high on Lin. Ireland talks trash about Lin as well, sure. He’s just saying he likes Lin more than others. Take it as you will. Still might not be too high about Lin.

  262. It’s bad on both ends.

  263. BS thinks this is track and field.

  264. Well it is a start

  265. Wow! Thanks for the infor… finally some media talk about the truth… this team D sucks.

  266. Great, so Kobe will look not as slow as he did in game


  268. No i am telling you guys this wasna punishment for them.That is how stupid he is…smh

  269. SMH

  270. The class division among team now showing when N Young speaks out Kobe and BS are like the same person.

  271. I can’t agree more… running can’t help poor D.. smh!

  272. Trudell on Mason & Ireland talked about Lin as well.

    Said he asked BS last nite. BS said Price just better defensively. When asked why, not sure if BS actually said it, but Trudell extends that Lin always plays hard defensive, but lack that lateral movement. And his height hinders him from fighting thru screen, that Price does that better.

    They also talked about Westbrook can’t guard Westbrook, same for Curry, etc. That’s why they need that team defense with the rule for hand checking. Not having the same line up, so don’t play well together especially again Clippers.

  273. Better idea would be watch game film of last night and point out deficiencies in Defense….starting with Kobe.

  274. That’s what i said

  275. I’m still listening to it now. Rolled back an hour. You might get the trudell part at this time. But might have to wait and get the archive to listen to it later.


  276. Informed fans know it’s coach’s fault but BS tried to find a scapegoat.

  277. Scott is ridiculous. The issue isn’t endurance. Punishment like you say Joyce. Was kobe at practice? Probably not.

  278. Sometimes these media aren’t doing their research except reading what LAL is pushing or whatever.

  279. No. He rested. Young has spained knee so didn’t practice as well.

  280. No he sat out to rest,LOL

  281. BTW, what is this mean? They also talked about Westbrook can’t guard Westbrook, same for Curry, etc.

  282. Do you think Trudell likes Lin?

  283. Someone can make a video comparing kobe’s defense this season with harden’s last season, and ask BS to comment on it.

  284. I think he is fair when it comes to lin

  285. That’s how good those guys are on offense.

  286. With the current hand check rules, u can’t touch the PG, so even elite PG like them can similar players by themselves. It’s not just Lin can’t guard them.

  287. If not for a bad ref call the Lakers beat the Clippers the first time they played with Lin starting. So more BS as usual.

  288. I really do think think he likes Lin. His interviews with Lin are always pretty good I think.

  289. I feel the same way. I always think his interview w Lin it’s more like from FO question on him about BB game.

  290. Now I know why Young said he is not OK today.. he maybe got to know what’s coming practice today already… LOL!

  291. It means Lin (or Price) is not supposed to be able to guard other guards by himself

  292. They did not see the real lin yet, pathetic.

  293. Of course, if everybody plays like Kobe no one will notice he has a problem.

  294. I believe also Mason is a Clippers guy.

  295. Ya! They played so well last time vs Clippers but why changed the way they play now? Just pass the ball to Kobe then … slow, no D & miss shots… smh!

  296. That’s what Kobe has in him at this point.

  297. Thst is funny that you said that because the ither day i saw geeter the guy from TCW with worthy, he said we have an interview coming up with Mike trudell/lin,because that’s what happens when you are a game changer (i am jus paraphrasing )game after the Portland game. also Trudell interviewed lin last night

  298. I’m thinking Trudell feels like a non-Asian version of Howard Chen. Good guys who would cheer mightily for Lin except that they have a job to do. Trudell has way more latitude than HoChen given LAL backing for Lin in their PR stance.

  299. BSc doesn’t get it. By now, you cannot run your guys to shape them as a team. This isn’t high school soccer coached by an ex-marine who never saw the game of soccer (hence, the running drills bu-yah …)

  300. When you listen to what MT asked Lin… always like to ask his opinion on the team how to improve or any suggestion… it’s not just for normal player interview..

  301. It’s against orlando. So everyone else sucks, Kobe has a chance to shine.

  302. They ought to do drills on TEAM-Defense. Sometimes four on five, ’cause KB is not existing.

  303. Boozer mentioned that b4. In Chicago, they go thru the motion of practicing defense. In LAL, it’s all talk.

  304. Hope someone Braves enough to yell at BS like what Marcus Morris did. No, I don’t want Lin to do it. LOL.

  305. Lin rarely get the ball from paint for a three…why they set the passing pattern in practice like that?

  306. i dont think marcus was yelling AT the head coach. more like complaining about the situation

  307. Looks like Kobe knows he can’t get another ring so mind as well pad his stats to break some records. What’s the one he broke recently? Oh yeah, the most missed fgs in NBA.

  308. BS/Kobe are carefully selecting games to pad, but still can’t help exposing themselves.

  309. exactly … that an other real adult bball type things that pros do.

    Running drills are designed to break the individualistic spirit to create teamwork, In LAL case, Kobe needs to be there if they are in the running gambit to solve team problems.

  310. Yes he asks very pointed questions like last night he asked him what in the game and what needs to be fixed

  311. Exactly. That’s why I think FO likes Lin & I do believe they will offer him the contract. Lin didn’t look like worry about contract at all. Even the reporter from China asked him about the contract year question… he said he has no pressure… But look at other players… Dragic, Rondo, Jackson, Tyson, Boozer all tried everything they can to pad stats.

  312. LOL….no still has to be five in five…but one guy has to act dumb and lazy to simulate the effect

  313. I don’t know if FO actually likes how Lin answers these questions. It’s almost undermining what FO and BS/KB are trying to do.

    They probably reducing Lin’s minutes trying to make him less desirable for any interviews.

  314. FO & Scott sure do have different opinion on Lin but I believe once Kobe is done then Scott will be out too.

  315. Another interesting thing that was talked about was how Harden had some high defensive ratings for awhile. Trudell said that it is misleading cuz they had Ariza guarding the tougher players and in affect, it made Harden’s defensive rating go up.

  316. FO hasn’t talked about Lin for awhile, so I don’t know if they have different opinions. BS had decent comments on Lin at the beginning of this season.

  317. Off-Topic: Fun animation of “Spurs Special Forces”
    This show is about the truth: the San Antonio Spurs are actually a team of covert international commandos.
    In this episode, Duncan, Manu, Parker and Pop tackle the case of a missing child.

  318. Great! Thanks very much for sharing. Tears on my eyes while watching.

  319. Bc Kobe that’s why FO it’s so low key on Lin… Ya! Scott used to high on Lin but again Kobe… So I believe once Kobe is out everything will change..LOL!

  320. jordan hill wud be my first pick
    clarkson and boozer are uo there too

  321. Interesting LG rating of the Clippers game on Kobe (double-cringe icons) and Lin (stone-face icons)
    DancingBarry wants Lin to be more aggressive snapping on big guys blowing their defensive assignments

    “I do wish I saw a little more of a chip on the shoulder from Lin when on the floor. Occasionally, you’ll see it snapping at guys on the defensive end or after a big play. Lin had a big three at the end of the first quarter. That felt like the last time the Lakers were still in the game.”

  322. It’s good that he apologized through a tweet after the game.
    Hornacek must have gotten some spit from the close interchange =]


  323. Stupid coach PUNISHING the team for Kobe Bryant’s failures.

    These guys just came off a game and the coach is trying to destroy them physically even more.

  324. We need Price to be the starter to save Jeremy to play with the useless starting lineup. Go Price Go!

  325. Yeah, I’m not sure. But, here’s his tweet.

    Proud of my pop @kenjeong's @30for30 film Student/Athlete about #ReggieHo, @NotreDame's 5'5 championship kicker: http://t.co/UqjgH98Qkk— Cary Chow (@carychowESPN) January 7, 2015

  326. Glad to see them catching up. Many of us had mentioned multiple times how they manipulated Hardens stats to make him look better than he really was….more than a year ago.

  327. LOL As soon as I read this, my response was:
    Good strategy of tiring players out except nonpractice aging KB so that every player will look like slow KB when they play.

  328. What the Lakers are doing are trying to do is make lin less marketable so that he doesn’t get any good offers so then he will sign with them fir cheap. I bet after the All Star game Kobe will be actingl like he is his best friend .Li.n will start getting more minutes. The worst thing that could happen to the Lakers, if Lin signed with the Clippers.LOL

  329. So funny that the LA media tries to deflect the responsibility from Scott. Noooo, it’s the coach who needs to snap at the guys, especially his son for bad defence.

  330. Baldwin is a harvard guy. Lin would be backup for sure then behind Paul. Trade with Farmar since he wants to come back to LAL anyways.

  331. Oh I like this theory ^^

  332. Who knows. I thought it was interesting that it was 1 minute left in the game the Clippers still double teaming lin,like he was going to lead the team to make a run.LOL

  333. didn’t see the game but … exactly as it’s their ‘tell’ in that they drill the doubleT on Lin so much they cannot avoid the tell.

  334. But, but, but…. Woodson is the assistant coach.

  335. ORL PreGame Thread+Poll is now open!

    JLin has continued his strong performance in 2015 by averaging 14pts/3asts with 58%FG and 45.5% 3FG%. His assist numbers are a bit down as he looked to score more. This is exactly what JLin needs to do to earn more Playing Time under the current system.

    Will JLin continue his streak to close the 4th quarter?

    Let’s hope we continue a smiling JLin. When he smiles, he scores more!

  336. and CP3 hates Lin from Linsanity days… so not good at all

  337. Good thing Nick Young commented how Kobe and BScott sound the same LOL

  338. Ya! I saw that… why? LOL!

  339. drilled-in even to the gabage time players.

  340. could be joking around =]

    according to wiki, Ken Jeong has 2 daughters


  341. I hope JLin himself would learn to watch Reggie Ho’s story

  342. But if they want win a championship,they will sign lin.One thing about Doc Rivers he doesn’t play that superstar crap and also the owner won’t play that either beacuse he wants to win and also make the Lakers look bad.Also CP is just a little slower in his steps too.His body is badly beaten up.

  343. Agreed. CP3 couldn’t even stand Bledsoe.

  344. I hope Doc Rivers has good faith in Lin then =)
    I’m just not sure about CP3 and the dancing Steve Ballmer

  345. I thought CP3 mentored Bledsoe before?

  346. Lin will be fine. God is ordering has seps, it might not feel good to lin right now,but it is all for the bigger plan God has for him

  347. Bledsoe played do well when Paul was injured, that when Paul came back that he made sure that Bledsoe was transferred out under the guise that this guy is so good that he needs to start

  348. Finally, the Lin/Swaggy Comedy Gold video is available =)
    Thanks, Grace!


  349. A. The zone defense chosen by BS left Chris Paul open when JLin had to leave him to go to his assigned zone. The defense chosen left the Lakers open to easy attack by the Clippers. I saw the same thing one or two games before. If they would have played man-to-man, I’m confident JLin would have been/and is a formidable foe to Chris Paul.
    B. Of course, Lin’s stats for assists is down when the shots don’t go in. Amazing how those shots go in for others who assist.
    C. Setting the pick and roll for JLin is horrible.
    D. K. B. as a point guard – extremely stupid coaching. BS’s policy of anybody-but-Lin for point guard glares like the blinding
    hot sun in Needles CA at high noon.
    E. The announcers for the Clippers spewed propaganda against Lin like a line of ugly, fat chorus girls in a dingy, dirty opera house.

    I believe JLin plays three teams when he’s on the court; they are: (1) the opposing team, (2) some of the Lakers(players, coaches, admin, owners), and (3) many of the ref; and we have to listen to the propaganda choir serenading with off-key recitatives from the Baroque era. (Thank God for the mute button!)

    Unfortunately, there’s just as much politics and propaganda in the NBA as anywhere.

    Many of us “lof”-ers bask in the sunlight when we see him as himself on the court. Lin’s exciting career is far from over. After all, JLin was drafted into the NBA by the God who contains the universe! Personally, I expect to see from afar the full feast that belongs to Lin. (Ps 23:5a)

    That 35 ft. three pointer at the half in the Clipper game was amazing, but the seven points and hustle bringing the Lakers into a winning range the 3rd & 4th quarters of the game against the Pacers (or was it the Grizzlies? Or both?) is above and beyond.

    So glad I have a place to vent.

  350. Welcome but please repost this to the new pregame thread. Thanks! http://www.jlinportal.com/g37-orl-lal-pregame-threadpoll/

  351. ah… thanks
    I missed on that play under-the-table!

  352. Amen!
    Great to see Lin smiling and bring smiles with Swaggy!

  353. I prefer to be a NBA head coach in LAKERS especially:-)

  354. Haha you are telling the truth.

  355. LAC have weakened their bench the same way as Kobe has been doing for years to weaken his team that they are declining and losing TV ratings.

  356. i doubt lakers are trying to make his future contract cheap, because i think they simply dont care about keeping lin at all. if they end up making lin an offer, it is simply because their plan A and plan B didnt work. lin is not their priority.

  357. Its also good for us 🙂 🙂

  358. no doubt! :>

  359. Wow. Thanks.

  360. Kobe sits out practice.

  361. Can someone compile a brief video from the Clipper game of the “dirty” screens put on JLIN where the ref’s looked the other way? And also the 2- 3 fouls on JLIN where I don’t believe he even touched the opposing player… Not more than a few minutes is best. It will make me feel better to have something to refer people to that shows the double-standard applied to Jeremy. Thank you.

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