G36 LAL @ LAC Game Thread

With Ronnie Price out, Jeremy is scheduled to start for the Lakers

It might or might not help JLin because he’s been comfortable leading the 2nd unit. Plus Kobe will dominate the ball more which might reduce Jeremy’s effectiveness

Whatever it might be, keep Smi-Lin & Let’s Go JLin! 

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  1. First first?

  2. you got it what do you win?

  3. The Glory 😀

  4. I thought BS said Kobe will rest today, no?

    BTW, I’ve just donated $50.

  5. He rested the last game.

  6. Thanks!
    Hm, it gives an idea. Maybe we’ll take up collection for lakers so Kobe rest 1 game and feature Lin, Davis so Lin gets 40pts+ =)

  7. *clap*

  8. JLIn is starting. Go Jeremy!!!

  9. Yes, I know, but I remember BS will rest Kobe in today’s game, too.

  10. speaking of point guards putting up a lot points; the rockets are having their hands full with clev. tonite largely because kyrie irving has already put up 30 on mr. elite d; with 5 minutes left in the third.

  11. @psalm234:disqus Will make donation when I have time to figure out how to transfer money from my US bank account. Haven’t used it for years and have never it from this site to my US account. Believe I still have 11 days to figure this out:-)

  12. So Kobe always rest against good teams?

  13. LOL He just want to be a hero in winnable teams:-)

  14. love your new picture. adorable kids.

  15. Thanks!!!!!!!

  16. I’m apprehensive about this game, I think J will be out of sorts as a starter. Hope he stays aggressive. C’mon Jeremy!!

  17. Bcoz he wants JL to shine…hmmm

  18. Would be awesone then !!! 🙂

  19. Lol I’m easy to please

  20. Good news do come in a bundle! Yeah!

  21. by Joey Ramirez
    Lakers.com Contributor
    Posted: Jan 07, 2015

    Here is what you need to know before the Lakers’ “road” game against the Los Angeles Clippers.

    1) With Ronnie Price (broken nose, flu) listed as doubtful against the Clippers, Jeremy Lin will likely make his first start since Dec. 5. Lin averaged 11.9 points and 4.9 assists in 20 games as a starter, while managing 9.0 points and 4.1 assists in 15 off the bench. However, Lin has amped his game up in his last three contests, averaging 14.7 points on 53.3 percent shooting with 3.0 assists and 1.7 steals.

    2) Both teams employ one of the league’s top free throw shooters, as Jamal Crawford (90.9 percent) ranks fourth, and Nick Young (90.8 percent) is sixth. Crawford has been excellent at the line in his last eight games, going 33-for-35 (94.3 percent). However, Young has been even better recently, knocking down all of his last 18 foul shots and shooting 45-for-46 (97.8 percent) in his last 14 games.

    3) The Lakers have struggled lately against their STAPLES Center co-tenants, dropping eight of their last nine matchups against the Clippers, including each of their past four. Most recently, the Lakers fell on Halloween night, 118-111, as Blake Griffin led the Clippers to a fourth-quarter comeback with 39 points.

    4) The Lakers (23.6) and Clippers (23.0) rank first and second in the league in pull-up points per game, led by Chris Paul (8.9) and Kobe Bryant (8.5), who are also the NBA’s top two in pull-up scoring. The difference has been efficiency, as the Clippers lead the league in pull-up shooting percentage (40.9), while the Lakers clock in at 11th (37.5).

    5) Per usual, Paul has been one of the best passers in the NBA, ranking fourth in assists (9.5), while leading the league in secondary assists (3.0) and assist-to-turnover ratio (4.55). Combined with his 17.6 points per game, Paul’s distributing has him tied with Anthony Davis for the NBA’s most offensive win shares (4.9).

    6) When it comes to third-quarter scoring, only James Harden (7.8) has been better than Bryant and Griffin, who both average 7.5 points. Griffin had the hot hand last time the two teams met up, pouring in 13 third-quarter points, while Bryant tallied just three.

    7) DeAndre Jordan has been a catalyst for the Clippers’ success on both ends of the floor. The Texas A&M product ranks fourth in the league in offensive rating (129.4) and 10th in defensive rating (99.1), making him the only player in the top 10 for both. The Clippers also score 15.4 more points per 100 possessions with Jordan on the floor, while holding the opponent to 1.9 fewer.

    8) No player gets hotter faster than J.J. Redick, whose league-leading 2.9 scoring average in the game’s first three minutes ranks just ahead of Kevin Durant (2.7). Redick has gone off for 10 first-quarter points 10 times, which has resulted in eight victories for the Clippers.

    9) The Clippers have found offensive success away from the basket this season, as they rank second-to-last in drives to the hoop (16.9) and close touches (14.5), while scoring the third-fewest points in the paint (35.2). However, the Clippers have been deadly from long distance, where they are making the second-most 3-pointers (10.2) on the second-best 3-point percentage (38.5). However, the Clippers have been solid from wherever the choose to shoot, as they place at or above league-average in just about every area of the court (see below).


    10) On the flip side, the Clippers are one of the league’s best teams at locking down the paint. With the 6-foot-11 Jordan — who is second in blocks per game (2.3) — serving as a deterrent, opponents have averaged the fewest shots (19.2) and second-fewest baskets (10.3) at the rim. Meanwhile, the Clippers are also holding their foes to the NBA’s third-fewest points in the paint (39.0).

  22. Thanks! I believe its easy to create a paypal account with aussie credit card. I can help through twitter later

  23. OK, how do you donate to jlinfoundation, where do you click on the site?

  24. PB does not close games anymore? LOL

  25. Have you check the donation thread?

  26. Why need him once Lin is gone?
    Listen Price, you’re the next.

  27. I have never rooted so are for Jr smith in my life until tonight…. but to no avail…. oh well back to hating all of the rockets and Jr smith as well… win wîn for me… lol

  28. Ya! They like Terry more now.

  29. The post for donation from the pregame tread should be brought here

  30. Recently some sports writer had an article about “how curry and klay become the best backcourt in the league” (don’t remember who the writer is)…

    This got me thinking that, when the beard just joined ROX, ROX tried to promote Lin and him to be the most dynamic backcourt duo. Then the beard’s jealousy kicked in, and everything went south.

    Now Lin is supposed to be able to help create another legend for Kobe (like Spurs Robinson passing the torch to Timmy), unfortunately, Kobe is so short-sighted, he would rather see the team lose than allow Lin to outshine him.

  31. @psalm234:disqus I just donated $100.00

  32. after giving up 30 to irving half way thru the thrid i guess even mr elite d. can hav an off nite. yeah not tonite. in fact it was only when p bev was out that the rockets cleared the game.

  33. The things he said about JLin….jealousy in locker room stuff…poor fellow, never appreciate how JLin got the Knicks getting to the playoff.

  34. I get nervous when Lin starts with Kobe. Hope he plays well and show no fear playing with Kobe

  35. And he thinks he’s better than Jeremy…SMH. It’s ridiculous that he’s in the NBA.

  36. Next time, make sure there is not a SG with a larger contract. Spurs’ model is the standard today with a star PG instead of SG in starters.

  37. He did have 10 SUs though. (Shoelaces untied)

  38. Most likely he will go all defensive mode…

  39. Hope he doesn’t just dribble up and pass to Kobe. Or they don’t do that Kobe as PG garbage.

  40. Hope he goes totally LINSANE!!!

  41. Linsanity!!!

  42. I think he will take a different approach…lets see

  43. Thank you, Joyce!

    Let me update it in a new post here so others have quick links

  44. Ok, you’re nervous. Hope not so for Lin. GoLin!

  45. not gonna happen kobe is gonna take over as usual
    Lin on this team is better off the bench believe it or not

  46. Thanks:)

  47. Lin closed a lot of games last year cuz he was real good

  48. Yeah,probably will go defensive mode., I just hope he gets in double figures tonight.

  49. For those who would like to donate to JLin Foundation to make positive impact as JLinPortal members, please follow the instruction in this thread:

    So far we have a total of $1748 (from JLinPortal site, @disqus_W4kOOens57:disqus and today TH, Jaydc, Bobby, anonymous IL, JRMH, @webattorney, anonymous VA, @Sans_souci, anonymous, PD, HY C, @joyce ward. Thanks!). I’ll email to ask how you’d like your name displayed in post & card.
    The deadline is January 18 so I can send the Paypal donation and present a card with our member names to Jeremy on Jan 19 (after Phoenix Suns game).

    THANK YOU! This way, Jeremy will know that we as a group support and make positive contribution to a cause that he believes in 😀

    Edit: I’m floored by how much love, generosity and support Lin fans have toward JLin. No wonder he said his fans are the best. Now he got evidence!

  50. Frank, you’re skating on thin ice 🙂

  51. sorry, I forgot to ask if you sent directly to JLinFoundation or through JLinPortal?
    If directly, please send a copy of the receipt to me via twitter so I can include it in the card.

  52. already fell deep into the ocean on Dec 7th

  53. He is still real good. He should have closed every game

  54. A date that will live in infamy.

  55. I’m interested in how you are going to present it to Lin. Do you have to contact his camp? are you meeting him in person? if so, take LOTS of pics. ^_^

  56. Ok, I was trying to send it through Jlinpotal but couldn’t figure it out.LOL

  57. @psalm234:disqus might need to enlist @awarde:disqus’s nieces….I heard they have a plan to corner Lin….somewhere

  58. LOL

  59. a date i shall never forget
    the day I decided id devote my whole life to destroying everything byron scott loves as he did mine
    lol jk

  60. There’s a Q&A after the game so I’m trying to pull some strings with a friend :]

  61. Do you have an email address that I can send it to you? Thanks

  62. np :]

  63. I posted a message below for you email address so that I can send you a copy of the receipt.

  64. Surely you will need to have the site’s official prophet at your side.

  65. Q&A for Lin and fans only?

  66. sure. come fly to Phx on 1/19?
    dinner is my treat LOL

  67. The prophet can predict the menu I assume…

  68. yup =)

  69. yes, [email protected]. Thanks :>

  70. email address to send copy of receipt please..Thanks

  71. wow, you are so lucky

  72. Honestly I don’t feel Lin is showing much appreciation/love towards his fans
    just saying
    he doesnt do much
    not much social media stuff to get ppl involved

  73. You mean it?

  74. What?! I think he did more than most of other players

  75. Just sent it. Thanks:)

  76. Are you trolling?

  77. ok, the response has been overwhelmingly … too positive.
    I promise I’ll send emails on choosing the name on the card tomorrow, people LOL or you can send to [email protected]

    I can’t keep up with it. I’ll watch the game first tonight haha…

  78. really?
    Im not on fb but i dont see much interaction on twitter

  79. What do you mean?

  80. nope
    dont see him much on twitter

  81. Don’t laugh, they are serious and very cunning. LOL

  82. Oh…you mean twitter….at least he has an account…..I would love to see McHale or Scott to have one

  83. dont see him get invloved with fans much

  84. Thanks for doing this. I am sure Lin will appreciate it.

  85. that would definitely go nasty! lol

  86. exactly what @psalm234:disqus needs!

  87. me too
    would be sending them death threats insults family insults every day

  88. He had couple of Q&A with fans…remember

  89. on twitter?

  90. That is ridiculous and bad…

  91. just like how they treated lin lol

  92. Not really…

  93. an eye for an eye, would never get us anywhere

  94. bad and ridicoulous?

  95. speaking of point guards….wow utah blowing out chicago in chicago. d rose continues his sketchy play (3 for 15 for 7 points 2nite and the worst 3 pt shooting % in the league for the season for any volume 3 shooter and 30% from the field overall for the month of jan–4 games including 2nite)–actually brooks off the bench has been outplaying him at least half the time.

    even tho they’ve won 9 out of 10 before this one their point dif. is the worst of any team with a 70% winning %.

  96. i dont think it was twitter…we had the whole QnA posted here some time back.

  97. It was not their shooting nite (33%)

  98. Captain Kirk’s voice: Damn it! I’m a prophet not a psychic!

  99. no, it was FB Q&A
    Then there was Google HangOut for some fans
    Then JLin week of fan interaction through quizzes/prizes
    Then he sponsored the FootLocker fan meet by buying preseason tickets from his own pocket, etc.
    He did a LOT for his fans

    Where have you been, @Frank 😀

    If you follow on Twitter or check the latest news here or jl dot net, you won’t miss it next time

  100. yw =)

  101. for the year of the teams currently in line for a playoff spot only houston shoots worse.

  102. wow.. you serious? we can talk haha..

  103. I’ll do my best

  104. if he can, drinks are free too :]

  105. good memory…thx…

  106. It’s Lin’s mistreatment by the Rox and now Lakers that keeps him from doing more of what you’re referring to.

  107. Wow it will be interesting to see who is left standing for the NBA championship.

  108. Hard not to bet on Spurs…

  109. its still early into the season…they ranked 10th now

  110. Yeah, but everybody is old and injured. Tony Parker just came back. so we will see. BTW did you find it odd that Lin/Young were featured last night in the Laker Access event. No Davis, No Hill. and we all know Kobe doesn’t go those events anymore. I thought for sure they would have Randle(although he is injured)the face of the franchise.

  111. Mike Trudell is good to show Lin’s defense against CP3


  112. I assume this is decided months ago? I think they are well aware each one’s popularity

  113. Go Jeremy Go !!!

  114. Is Lin starting??

  115. My gf will think I’m crazy and there’s a lot of tickets to book on short notice but I’m due for a vacation. 🙂

  116. Mike Trudell just reiterated that JLin held CP3 to 2/9 shooting although double-digit assists in Oct

  117. What the heck?

  118. yes

  119. Why? I mean that’s great, but why? Because Price broke his nose?

  120. Did you see my twitter post today? I am sure it was not popular. I just think that lin needs to stay and keep his head down, because Scott’s longevity on this team is only tied to Kobe. When the Lakers get in rebuild mold they will get a better coach that can do that

  121. yes, plus flu

  122. Nice… I mean too bad for Price, but nice…

  123. Lin playing PG

  124. hsss…TO…stay aggressive Jeremy…Go Lin

  125. CP3 scored on Kobe’s no-D

  126. Why did Lin stop guarding CP3?
    Kobe can’t handle CP3’s speed

  127. Wow Pistons won 7 straight since Josh Smith trade. LOL

  128. so Kobe asked Lin to guard Barnes but he can’t guard CP3 either
    *Sigh* gonna be a long night

  129. Smithsanity!!

  130. every team sets screen for their PG except LA, BS brain dead or what?

  131. Lakers D looked thoroughly overwhelmed

  132. this unit has zero chemistry

  133. a blowout in the making.

  134. Unfortunately, Lin isn’t looking great with this unit, and hasn’t really gotten to do the PnR with Davis yet. On defense, the Clippers O is light years ahead of the Lakers.

  135. What is lin doing?

  136. Guarding SF not CP3.

  137. That is because kobe doesn’t come to practice.

  138. this game will be hard. a new unit thrown together it will be a grind

  139. finally!

  140. Good pass by Kobe to find an open Lin under the basket

  141. Looks like Kobe is PG

  142. picking up speed

  143. Great D by Lin to jump and challenging CP3 for the miss

  144. JLin only gets to start cause scrub the Price still can’t play?

  145. Attack the close out, good thing happens… Try to beat a wall….usually a TOV follows

  146. Lin was struggling a bit but I like that he is just keep attacking.

  147. Kobe is so jealous of Lins popularity

  148. 2 times Lin moved w/o the ball and Kobe finding him for the score
    It’s a good sign

  149. Kobe back to PG role, Jeremy has to be agressive and not just standng at the corner.

  150. lin look uncomfortable with this group byt he is finding his way

  151. That’s why Lin can’t play PG.

  152. easier said than done

  153. Why you so said? Kobe is very popular in home game.

  154. very.. he has improved with out the ball

  155. Point forward 24

  156. JLin’s moving but Kobe isn’t passing to him, Lin’s lucky to get 4 points!

  157. Keep working on moving without the ball, find your spots and look for space. I really like how he hid out under the basket. Kobe had no choice to give him the ball.

  158. expected

  159. Agree.

  160. Agree..

  161. Good drive. Wanna see Lin get the ball and go. Also, move off ball more. His outside shot doesn’t seem great today so he needs to penetrate.

  162. Lin is doing very well, used his attractiveness to pull defenders away creating opportunities.

  163. yes, Kobe thrived in it so he’ll stay that way for 2 years, I think

  164. 16 points goal today make it 4 straight good games….problem is he will get no time in the 2nd quarter

  165. Kobe is passing to him, Lin just scores 4 pts off Kobe’s pass.

  166. Wtf was that?

  167. Come on, Sacre…

  168. awful pass

  169. MIscommunication there.

  170. calm down lin that pass was god awful

  171. Wow, he was totally not paying attention….

  172. Not as much though.

  173. Sacre turned Lin’s assist to TO .. *sigh*

  174. It was awful ><"

  175. Never seen fans or posters get so caught up on bad plays….its basketball

  176. Wasn’t bad. Just looked bad because Sacre wasn’t ready.

  177. he thought Sacre was Davis

  178. This Lakers team looks like they were 5 random guys pulled from the stands and thrown in to play basketball..

  179. they basically are today

  180. Is Lin playing pg or Kobe

  181. Lin needs to wake up and be aggressive!

  182. Too many minutes given man worried that he won’t see the court till the 3rd

  183. Nice pass!

  184. Finally someone with good chemistry with J….

  185. 5 shot attempts in the first quarter is being aggressive

  186. Kobe as PG for first unit. Lin PG for 2nd unit.

  187. See how Clippers big jumps out of pick to harass Jeremy, LA’s big must do it to disrupt CP’s rhythm, unfortunately, Hill and Booz are not Griffin and Jordan

  188. That’s what LIn needs to do. Nice assist.

  189. Slow bigs

  190. Of course, Jordan is a 3 point machine and Griffin is close to MVP status.

  191. lol

  192. WOOHOO.. LONG 3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  193. Sweet clutch 3!!!!

  194. Sweet good 1st quarter jlin

  195. Linsanity!!!

  196. WOw… Lin from DownTOwn! literally LOL great!

  197. Lin’s 333333333 from WAYYYYYY Downtown!

  198. At least he smiled after shooting the 3s.

  199. Yeahhhhhhhhhh!!!!

  200. If BS sticks to this rotation and not play Price anymore they are golden even if Kobe is PG for starters! Lin gets to play PG while Kobe is out, everyone is happy! So…why hasn’t BS done this all season? Oh right cause he’s in love with his god son Price! SMH!

  201. Nice 1q

  202. This is why Lin needs to start

  203. Not a game winner but its still a winner 🙂

  204. Lin, the clutch !

  205. lin will play a lot today it seems

  206. Nice 3!

  207. I’m pretty sure this is first time he played entire Q1 this season (normally reserved for Kobe).

  208. If not a blow out

  209. but yah if kobes gonna play PG Lin actually better off coming off the bench
    they dont mesh well

  210. Jeremy is not afraid to take the big shots.

  211. Folks on her saying lin not playing aggressive come on folks jeremy has been playing this tempo for the last 4 games and starting tonight might be the cherry on top….enjoy it

  212. they are fighting don’t think it will be a blow out

  213. I really hope scare had caught that pass..was a nice pass..

  214. I have a feeling that Lin could win this game !

  215. If Lin gets >35 min he should be able to settle down and have a great game.

  216. When gets close to 20pts, kobe will bench him for the rest of the game

  217. Not Davis. Sacre: What, someone passed me the ball?

  218. Ok Lin wasn’ aggressive enough until he made that 3 from downtown after end of quarter. Now he has 7 pts and I’m happy, dude gotta keep shooting!!

  219. Jeremy for the last 4 games has been playing very smart … Crossing my fingers for 30 mins tonight

  220. Sport im telling you that last round of criticism before the new year from bs triggered something…not Linsanity but jeremy Lin NBA of pride

  221. Clipper has no respect for scare at all

  222. He might be the big Charmin

  223. That’s the furthest 3 he made

  224. Do you, Brent? lol

  225. That should count as 5 points lol

  226. Quietly Nick young has been really inconsistent and not a whisper

  227. He do not catch that lin pass, so…NO

  228. I like how your wrote scare for sacre since he looked scared to catch it. It wasn’t a bad pass you just have to be ready and put your arms up.

  229. clarkson with a vet play there nice rook

  230. Kind of risky…..

  231. Reminds me of less polished shump

  232. he has a pretty good dribble have seen lin do that play

  233. Jeremy back in between 5-3 min mark

  234. The last second shot by Lin was sweet because you could tell he had no intention of driving even though he had plenty of time to get to the hoop. He wanted to chuck that long range three. That shot I give a little credit to Swaggy rubbing off on him.

  235. 4 pts

  236. Swaggy trade bait I feel

  237. I’d say he’ll come in earlier than that.

  238. I think he has been inconsistent all his career so maybe it’s not news. LOL

  239. Anyone glad Price is out with that nose injury? This should’ve been the lineup this season with Ellington and Lin as starters!

  240. Co-sign

  241. Lin should do more Comedy Gold session with Swaggy like last night!

  242. probably when CP3 is back

  243. Oh and Clarkson as bench PG after Lin leads 2nd unit a bit before resting! Best substitution of the season my god!

  244. Boozer does not rotate..

  245. Too bad for Price, but I was pleasantly surprised.

  246. Boozer so great on D

  247. Boozer only push

  248. So true his overvalue is insane

  249. His signature move…

  250. Makes bball sense

  251. His feet hurt….I remember he said that in Chicago once

  252. Boozer find his game after not having to play with u know who.

  253. Good to see bench doing well.

  254. Sheyt… clarkson is the new beverly/price

  255. clarkson doing a few lin moves

  256. Davis needs to find his groove

  257. So-called AmBoy (American Boy in my country slang) Jordan Clarkson copying Jeremy in every way…

  258. Mr Bryant, can you please stay guard your man M Barnes?

  259. Lin has mentored him well then

  260. clipper play zero defense

  261. I think u r asking too much

  262. Can Price just rest for the entire season! And can Scott stop with his pedophile obsession with Price!

  263. I just reailzed Clippers starters are playing with Lakers bench now

  264. Maybe I do.

  265. This is what made clipper better than before..griffin’s speed

  266. Wow. Reddick the flop God. Ellington didn’t even touch him…

  267. why not? hehe

  268. Bench is stronger anyways. Except w/o Lin today.

  269. No PG on the floor.

  270. Urgh! Fake Hero came in and why not Lin?

  271. Looks like a triple double possibly

  272. No jeremy?

  273. yeah, his speed is scary

  274. BS

  275. ????? I don’t know what you mean. I see Kobe is playing.

  276. Like I said 5-3 min mark

  277. After Scoring 7 pts, Lin is being benched by BS, great coaching and tanker.

  278. Darn BS.

  279. Bench after that long 3???

  280. he played the whole 1st so i expect he will rest a little longer

  281. Who was that guy rotate to cp3 and leave reddick alone?

  282. Last out, last in.

  283. He played 12 straight mins.

  284. Byron mchale

  285. Get Nick empty stat young out

  286. he played the whole 1st so he will rest a little longer

  287. Nick young looks like a YMCA player right now

  288. Trade bait

  289. BScott’s minute management sucks.

  290. Doc exploited it so successfully

  291. lets keep prospective lin played 12 straight minutes on a good day off the bench he will be lucky to get 12 the whole first half

  292. he might’ve used up his swag last night
    no comedy show for him before game!

  293. It’s really great this game, Lin getting minutes as starter and with 2nd unit!

  294. As soon as I saw 10+ I knew 2nd quarter mins would be am issue

  295. so far his minutes are ok

  296. he has the second highest minutes among starters

  297. CP3 lucky he has good bigs around him

  298. Kobe being a poor passér

  299. LA “bigs” have no chance of stopping them.

  300. Sweeet 3!!

  301. 15 points

  302. Another 3 for ILY..

  303. CP3 just stared at the 5ft space Kobe gave him and drained the 3

  304. The defense Is so bad. Only lin was trying

  305. Hill And Kobe horrible defenders

  306. LOL who made Blake waltz on that dunk?!?!?!

  307. I’m glad Lin didn’t try to challenge Griffin’s dunk

  308. LOL!

  309. He had time to windmill and it wasn’t even a fast break.

  310. This is the same pattern Like the begining of the season, KB bricking too much and cannot run,

  311. OMG 22 point lead by Clippers, where the ….is the defense!!!

  312. If anyone saying this is lost because of lin, that guy has to be executed..

  313. Clippers looked like they had no resistance in playing Slam-Dunk City

  314. The way I see it, this Clippers team still wouldn’t get out of playoffs round 1…

  315. Kobe is the worst defender. He can’t guard anyone.

  316. May I?

  317. Jeremy needs to get his points quick in the 3rd because big garbage time

  318. Lol got to love how the lakers big AND kobe just standing still right under the basket while the clippers big just flying all around and dunking

  319. Ready the guillotine!!!

  320. Kobe sucked !

  321. Lakers only hope is Clippers got bored in 2nd half and started missing plus playing no D

  322. Why don’t anyone in the media point out the obvious, Kobe doesn’t play defense. He doens’t even put a hand up or show some kind of effort to defend when a shot goes up…

  323. Ok, this game is lost if Kobe continues to be PG for 2nd half, too slow. Lin just gotta keep shooting!

  324. You read my mind. I think Lin saved some energy on D. I personally like it.

  325. Can someone make a Kobe no defense video?

  326. Everyone except lin Ellington and Kobe……seems already giving up the game…

  327. They will look at cp3 stats and say he killed lin and price would have done the job lol

    Mind u we know who was guarding cp3

  328. Lin isnt gonna stop CP3
    then again who does?
    ppl are crazy if they call out Lin’s D cuz aint nobody cant guard CP3 when hes shots are fullinh and griifin dandre setting up haaard screens for him
    its impossible

  329. The Clippers bigs just dominated this half. Barnes is on fire from three. Is it me or does Kobe’s assists even look selfish? CP is playing well, but something about Lin guarding him that bothers him. He has the length and speed to just stay with him and can stay with his lateral movements.

  330. JLin wasted his time with the “starters” esp. with Kobe trying to impress…:(

  331. I am good with Lin 10 points. Win or loss, why care, as if FO/BS do.

  332. What the heck is he keep staying in the paint? He crowded Laker’s bigs.

  333. Bigs and kobe can’t play D

  334. Lin contested that missed 3 yet all his teams were just standing around the rim like statues!! SMH

  335. KB is just too slow and can’t compete in NBA games. Should retire for good!

  336. well the starter have zero chemistry but also clippers are fast and athletic. its lakers old slow offense cant keep up. its a tough spot to put these players in new units like that. still this loss was expected. kobe is off. young is off. both with zero points

  337. wish he had made that 3!

  338. I could defend better than that…by just raising my arms

  339. Someone give the PG a walking stick!

  340. He’s slower than Boozer.

  341. Clippers is exciting to watch………against teams with no defending bigs

    Jeremy only 1 defending…

  342. Ouch, that’s harsh, but true.

  343. why…to slow him further? jk…roller blade would be a better choice

  344. They’re having dunk practice.

  345. Randle could have helped with speed to recover on the screens….Davis a banger can’t help on the perimeter….lakers are a sad roster when it comes
    To the bigs being versatile…I mean sacre gets minutes

  346. Worst thing is they didn’t even try

  347. to help play Defensive Tackle (DT) :]

  348. surprisingly, Kobe had not been taking shots

  349. kobe exposed. Don’t be humiliated again and again, it’s time to retire!

  350. He gave lin a TOV!!!!!!!!!

  351. 0-4 something is off with him seem very tired out there

  352. wakakaka

  353. Don’t worry. Saving for 4th quarter Kobe festival, LOL.

  354. Jeremy’s trade value is going up each game for a contending team

  355. so true.. Kobe tried his ‘5-foot Death Stare” at CP3 but it didn’t work at all!

  356. Amazingly bad

  357. Why?

  358. Without practicing, BS expects everyone should know what Kobe would do with the ball as pg. SMH

  359. They got to play with Lin for half of the time they were on court cause Lin has to rest after play entire 1st quarter.

  360. Trying hard to get a rebound….and triple double

  361. They were blocked or stripped on his way to the basket.

  362. you know, that you are going against the forum rules here, with Kobe’s name….lets keep decorum

  363. it’s supposedly makes shooters tired for shooting too much .. according to PPierce on Kobe.
    Or is it the other way around? :]

  364. Doc River schooling BS’s stupid comment about rivalry.

  365. it would be ridiculous to believe ronnie price could stop this. but i bet some will try. like the peeve stopping westbrooke stuff.if lakers want to stop this they badly need a rim protecter.

  366. I can run faster than him if my old age if I give it try:-)

  367. Lin already got 10p…he can rest now

  368. Good question: lots of playoff teams need pg help:
    Heat, Blazers, Chicago to name a few. I could see jeremy leaving to help a playoff team I really do

  369. Still not exactly a rivary, this is a beat down right now

  370. Or a mobile big man to defend pnr

  371. Lakers so ugly….

  372. Walker

  373. so thats the mark?

  374. just someone who scare people. i badly miss dwight.

  375. U just raised my hope…..good promo!

  376. No d what so ever besides Lin ><" Everyone standing around even after Lin contested shots.

  377. Haha. I like your trash talk.

  378. expected new unit and all

  379. I believe that is the mark where Scott start to get nervous..

  380. Ronnie with shoe D. What would Kobe do with stick?

  381. D got worse on Q2

  382. There’s no rivalry between the Lakers and the Clippers…. and there’s no comparison between Doc River and B Scott.

  383. not even close…sigh!

  384. hate this off the ball lin price will be back soon so he can do it

  385. Fixed. Better? LOL.

  386. Hope Jeremy can make Scott a nervous wreck.

  387. upvote

  388. Watching Steve Ballmer dance crazy like he is leading a Microsoft
    conference puts into perspective the opposite directions of these
    franchises who share a building. Hard to believe considering the storied history of the Lakers and how much of joke the Clippers had been for years.

  389. LOL So annoying to watch KB, Hill, Davis in the last 2-3 min in 2nd qtr.

  390. good lin can go back to the 2nd unit and win the games,

  391. Yes, true. Jeremy moved with the starters and the starters score so many points than the bench now. Sickening.

  392. 2 obvious fouls on Jlin in the 1st half by the clips but the racist refs ignored them

  393. exactly

  394. Yes especially the offensive foul where he was pushed and fell down!

  395. Thats what I wanna see

  396. They stand around both in offence and defence. The Clippers ran plays… the Lakers? OMG…

  397. KB and Hill are really bad news for Lakers.

  398. The Force is just not with Kobe anymore. Not even the dark side.

  399. Exactly! It is so annoying to see him so slow and not retiring and hogging and wanted to do everything including PG!

  400. Just be glad Lin’s scoring even as “SG” with starters.

  401. As the commentator said:”the clippers D is bad, the lakers D is astrocious!!”

  402. Oh no Kobe now tries to stop a crime

  403. hill being out hustled

  404. Not really trying. Ug

  405. Lin just guarded everyone on that possession

  406. bad pass Lin stop doing that please!

  407. Not the first time. He did it in Houston and doing it again in LA.

  408. No one does

  409. Lin guarded Paul way out, Paul passed the ball.. Lin the first one back to defend that guy… Gee… where are the other Lakers?

  410. Thanks mate…you are a great fan of Lin! 🙂

  411. 0 for 5! Ug Kobe

  412. Lin stop fouling! 3 fouls already! Forget about defense!

  413. Sit Kobe please.

  414. stop fouling play for urself

  415. Yes!!!!!!!!

  416. Please bench Kobe he’s horrible!!

  417. Pig will fly first:-)

  418. >< Lin with 4 fouls…. what are you doing?!

  419. Lin so dumb

  420. ouch

  421. kobe looks very rusty

  422. yeah, he just need to be extra careful now

  423. lin picking up too many fouls

  424. lin 4 fouls

  425. ><" Contesting shots at the rim that are obvious fouls….Uh!!

  426. Lin has 4 PFs now.
    He needs to stop fouling before offense exploits him

  427. He tried his best but his teammates are not… he might as well sit

  428. Lin just had to play himself out of the game he just had to on a night when he gets to play more mins
    he jusr has to play hims elf out of the game

  429. Game ovah since 2Q..

  430. … may be he is trying to foul himself out from this ugly game? …

  431. KB handles the ball too much, that is where the problem comes!

  432. Yes he just had do obvious fouls when his teammates aren’t playing any defense!

  433. NYoung is in

  434. Lin better sits with Kobe sucked like this and kept dominating every offense.

  435. lin is not rookie he has played a lot of game so one 30 plus minute game means nothing

  436. I think this is different…….

  437. there is no point racking up PF when team D is not there

  438. kobe is embarrassing

  439. is not a rookie

  440. Not gonna to complain again Lin not being the starter with the Lakers any more. Playing with KB is not good at all. Playing with the bench players is so much better.

  441. Wow the last 2 Jlin fouls were caused by Kobe to and brick

  442. Not competitive now. Lin in foul trouble. I don’t know if Byron should wave the white flag or not. But it is getting close.

  443. it’s too bad but Lin chose to play D when others are not willing to play hard

    When he’s back, he has to scale back his D

  444. kobe playing PG isnt working

  445. Not exactly. Kobe on court is the real problem

  446. And Lin was actually on fire this game! ><"

  447. So Kobe running the point is good, why? If Lin had 6 turnovers and 4 in under 5 minutes in one quarter that is all we would be hearing about. Probably won’t hear a peep from Scott about turnovers today, but he went out of his way to talk about them last game. Can’t hurt Kobe’s feelings

  448. Playing with Kobe is like stone in his shoe.

  449. I do not think Lin cares about the foul…he went all the way to foul….JJ

  450. he wont come back 4th q is gonna be garbage time lin will sit

  451. Should try him at C

  452. Is this what the end of Kobe looks like?

  453. Yeah, slows game down to a crawl.

  454. he got frustrated i guess about the porous defense

  455. 0 for 7 and 8 TO… The most important Lakers player? OMG…. get him out of there please

  456. Lin’s been in the league for 5 years, not a rookie.

  457. He knows this is a lost cause so just wants some rest.

  458. Kobe where are you? M Barnes is shootin.

  459. too bad this is live — i cant fast forward to when lin comes back

  460. typo

  461. You mean if he comes back right? By the time he’s back Lakers would be down 50.

  462. I said long time before… Kobe will not be there by Feb… GOD is working on that plan…

  463. I think it is something else. There is no one Scott went away from the thing that were working. He called Kobe’s number too much and Lin is frustrated I think..

  464. Kobe may still hope to pad his stats against weak teams, but today against LAC he is completely exposed.

  465. Not just Kobe but Price needs to go too!!

  466. lin not tht type of guy

  467. If it goes to garbage time..he will sit…

  468. Yes, he now has the best +/- compare to his fellow starters by sitting down. Can’t imagine how frustrated it is to play with the starters

  469. Yes !

  470. No…. please let him stay…. I want to see 10 TOs from him

  471. games like today make kobe look real old.

  472. Now that would be his natural position to stay there to watch

  473. His only hope tonight is to pad in the garbage time.

  474. Yes, no doubt about it! I am getting sick to see him on court, i am not kidding!

  475. Like last game vs Portland, at least it’s exciting without Kobe.

  476. And Kobe with only 2 pts, would’ve been nice if he had 0 pts.

  477. Don’t forget byron.

  478. Well that was a quick 3rd

  479. Stat padding time

  480. Wanted 15

  481. I felt the same. Lin couldn’t help his team with Kobe sucking like this and still demanding every ball.

  482. brick kobe

  483. lakers bigs getting eaten alive

  484. CP3 just got his double double, Blake on his way to a triple double.

  485. Every game is stat padding time.

  486. Do the world a favor Kobe, RETIRE.

  487. Oh well

  488. Cause he is old! 35 years old playing 35/40 minutes per game!

  489. i could go with that

  490. then spat out.

  491. Kobe is going to repair his stats in the garbage time.

  492. Clips need a pg too….thinking of jeremy options if he can’t be a starter

  493. Scott have mercy on your superstar and sit him down.

  494. This is a massacre now…I like it..

  495. nick had open lane with that move but took jumper. so dumb

  496. Scott or Kobe has the goods on something

  497. like 20pts?!

  498. And Jameson said he has hign IQ

  499. you have turned evil!

  500. This is ugly. Kobe can’t practice or play back to backs to rest so BS decides he needs to keep him in a blow out game down 33 points. Smart coaching.

  501. Massacre and execution… what is going on with you, Brent? lol.

  502. Now KOBE, the team without you almost won the Portland T. B. The team with you behind Clippers 30 points now, still a hero?

  503. Hate to be DB. Dead bananas for everyone. Well, maybe not Lin, LOL

  504. lol

  505. LOL

  506. lol lakers shoot deep then clipper rebound fast break layup. bad shots a lot by kobe got lin those fouls

  507. CP3 disliked Lin from the days of Linsanity so probably not a good idea

  508. Really, I think CP3 respected him too..

  509. If Scott doesn’t sit his boss now, he is not even able to pad his stats in the garbage time !

  510. hill and boozer have no pride on defense.

  511. Kobe Germany knee work collapsing

  512. The one that runs the offense never practice with the team. Is that how you prepare for battle BS?

  513. At least Lin forced one TOV out of CP3

  514. Nah, CP3 is Lin hater. I remember he made fun of Lin in front of Melo at the bar. Someone filmed it . Should be on youtube.

  515. something is wrong with KObe’s left eye.
    Looked half-asleep or something

  516. In a game where everyone says Kobe is distributing and getting assists he still shoots more than any other starter with the worst efficiency.

  517. So I guess Jeremy will end up with 20 minutes…

  518. That explains his defense…

  519. Haha. So evil tonight. Growl…

  520. thinking 8ft is 3ft? lol

  521. getting blown out by lob city is the ugliest.

  522. CP3 and Harden made fun of Melo about Lin being his PG.

  523. Clippers stop playig.

  524. lets see who scott keeps in to pad their stats

  525. Lakers and Knicks are the nba big problem

  526. Kobe for sure….

  527. wow.. Boozer and Kobe have the same 8ft-defense on 3pt shooters

  528. What happened to Ryan Kelley he got 26 mins the other day….bs is lost

  529. Clippers are using the Lakers for tomorrow practice.

  530. Boozer been learning well from Kobe, it seems

  531. pure disgusting

  532. Also a disgrace.

  533. sacre’s defensive stance is to not bend knees against CP3. lol

  534. Cough Cough all starters with 3-4 fouls except who?

  535. This is Kobe on 3 days rest. He can’t practice anymore, he can’t play anymore. I wonder what it will take for Kobe to face reality.

  536. lol.

  537. this is where minutes management is a joke. no reason kobe should be in this game now

  538. Until he breaks down with another injury and I’m serious about it!

  539. Make madsen the coach and bite the bullet and eat Kobe salary —– smart moves won’t happen

  540. lol im not on fb damn

  541. Magic rolling in his grave

  542. WTH… Jeremy only played 3 minutes in the 3Q… why feature him?

  543. totally, BScott should have rested for the next Magic game

  544. The great vlade divac rolling in his grave

  545. foul trouble

  546. Come on man 10 more points in the 4th

  547. The great nick van exel rolling in his grave

  548. Now i have to congratulate KB for his heroism to be a floor general and ball hogging for a big lost! LOL!

  549. I know… my question is why feature him?

  550. Scapegoat.

  551. Garbage time, will JLin get to play 4th quarter?

  552. why not play Lin jesus
    byron scott shall be beheaded

  553. I think he’s done.

  554. Wow Detroit just beat Spurs and Mavs on the road b2b after they got rid of J Smith.

  555. Oh, no. Kobe on the bench now. I wish he would play more on this game.

  556. Not sure if we should be impressed with the Clippers high flying offense and utter dominance by their bigs or baffled by how Byron is supposed to be the coach who preaches defense. The +/- numbers today are hilarious to see.

  557. Of course not

  558. reminds me that byron doesnt play kelly enough.

  559. BTW…I liked how Lin played….He gets his pts under the “RADAR”

  560. I think he should get some rest since this is losing game.

  561. so nick is a passer now in garbage time?

  562. Perfect example of addition by subtraction and how overrated and underrated players are in this league.

  563. Effort ain’t there trade the bigs and young get picks force Kobe to retire

  564. I am imagining Lin LOL and Kobe Cry out loud! I am so happy now and i dont know why, I am laughing along with my grandma! OMG!

  565. this pt spread must be some kind of record for lakers

  566. J Smith perfect fit for Morey the “genius”.

  567. Yup. Clutch deep 3 to go with double digit score on 50% shooting.

  568. Did Boozer say something next to Kobe without looking at him?

  569. 2-9 young 2-12 kobe

  570. why

  571. Really? I thought GSW game was worse

  572. hes good at that

  573. Shooter’s mentality.

  574. I think Lin read Brent’s Adjusted Plus Minus earlier and decided to foul a lot to get -26 (highest on starter) rather than -34 like Kobe or -41 like Ellington 😀

  575. its not over yet

  576. Lin shouldve known better

  577. Young is catching up

  578. Harvard alumni boss is smarter….he should get another alumni in his team..

  579. kobe looked bad today. very slow and old. idk what scott says now

  580. WTH? Ellington already played 36 min? You’re beyond dumb. BS.

  581. on what?

  582. Kobe won’t admit he’s done.

  583. whats annoying about when lin tries to foul is he doesnt foul hard enough. its like hes trying to get awy with fouling. if youre going to do it, make sure the shot doesnt get off

  584. The only thing Hill does is taking mid range jump shot…yet he is listed as a center

  585. LOL

  586. He’s an economics major after all.

  587. You suck old man !

  588. About what?

  589. maybe kobe should not play athletic fast teams

  590. He should not play starters..

  591. that means he tried to get away with steal or slap the ball

  592. “I love how he gave everything he got out there!”?

  593. He should not play. period.

  594. He should not play, period.

  595. I do not think he tried to foul…

  596. I stand corrected.

  597. He should only pad in garbage time.

  598. repeat after me. lol.

  599. yea i saw that

  600. Just curious, are you an attention seeker or a diva?

  601. on houston, lin was deemed not good enough to start or get enough minutes, but not bad enough to play garbage time. same here. its the worst.

  602. this was gonna be a blow out hes not gnna play in the 4th shouldnt have fouled

  603. Defense is so bad, even Price is -8 and Johnson -5.

  604. Now why doesn’t BS think of that.

  605. huh? Price?

  606. He should coach…

  607. however, lin plays like a dork in garbage time. doesnt even try to stat pad

  608. Beat you by what must’ve been microseconds… LOL

  609. AAU…I know, I know

  610. He gets away with that ever single game.

  611. yes, not intentionally foul to stop the play.
    Just aggressive D turned to fouls

  612. new record…maybe

  613. ok. turn tv off or not?

  614. Smash TV

  615. lin in

  616. wow nice dunk black

  617. stat pad!

  618. yes

  619. This is a surprise…I guess Scott think Lin is a garbage time player. But I will take it

  620. LOL.. what did Lin do on the bench to get back in the game?

  621. finally Lin pad stats plzz why cant u play for urself a bit?

  622. just 2 points lin all i need

  623. Lin is in becuase Ellington has 40 minutes in this game. Horrible game/minute management by Scott.

  624. giving kobe a nice foot massage

  625. Lin is a winner, he looks down to stat padding.

  626. ok. tv still on.

  627. Ellington has played 40 minutes!

  628. Like I said earlier. Scott’s minute management sucks.

  629. lol…you sure watching today’s game or some replays?

  630. LOL your finger was on the button already?

  631. I turned it off at half time

  632. Lin probably talked a lot of how to coach in garbage time that Byron got tired of hearing it :]

  633. idk lol idc just stat pad

  634. his time keeper was asleep

  635. or giving Byron an earful of Harvard coaching :]

  636. got saved in the last minute

  637. The situation is so bad here that we can’t even expect a breakout game when Jeremy gets his occasional starts. Remember the 38 pt game vs. spurs or 30+ games vs. 76ers when he was with the ROX? Man, what has he done to deserve mistreatments like this? May God bring him strength and perseverance, and have mercy PLEASE!

  638. man byron sucks thats all lol

  639. LOL.. you’re about to shut it off

  640. ok, Lin… 15pts pleaseee

  641. Good thing you didn’t take my advice to smash tv.

  642. I hate CP3
    used to like him but hes not the same player anymore

  643. where does TCW find these clowns to comment on the game?

  644. Never really see Lin stat pad so would be nice if he at least tries to get some rhythm with Tarik Black. but rather he just shoots like crazy

  645. I’m being sarcastic!!!

  646. why

  647. hes stupid about his career sometimes

  648. was that your prediction number?

  649. he humiliates Lin every time

  650. Oh Lin’s back in?!

  651. then it should have been -80 and -50

  652. at his worst in garbage time, he doesnt do anything. i think there is a responsibility to fans to at least try.

  653. NO HE DOESN’T.

    Not this game either.

  654. Black has a good demeanor I feel


  656. Lin doesn’t look like he’s looking to pad his stats.

  657. Lin shoot, pad stats!!

  658. kelly is an asset. lakers would be dumb to let him rot on the bench.

  659. It seems he’s mentoring the rookies out there.

  660. It’s not fair competition

  661. How did Black spined that deep? LOL

  662. Lin, DON’T SHOOT!

    Just keep the shooting stats high and don’t press yourself.

    Get the ball to these teammates and keep playing good team basketball.

  663. lol, everyone is shooting except Lin

  664. clarkson got some leap

  665. Good.

    Let Lin protect his shooting percentages.

  666. Lin should wudnt shoot thats so dumb

  667. Yup, but he’s got TUNNEL VISION.

  668. Lin is not a good shooter?

  669. nope .. he’s coaching on the floor

  670. NO.

    It’s dumb to shoot when one’s trying to protect his percentages!!!

    You are not smarter than Lin. KNOW YOUR PLACE.

  671. I agree

  672. lin is boring his fans and blowing his stats in garbage time. what’s new?

  673. yes.. coaching

  674. NOT messing up his stats.

    Let the garbage guys build some confidence and get some touches.

  675. Nice alley oop.

  676. Not everything is about scoring. He’s trying to get some chemistry with some of the guys on court.

  677. very very boring

  678. his percentage is on the downsilide anyways, aleast get his points to compensate…with 3TO and 2AST is gonna look bad as well

  679. I knew he would try to get the new guy feeling comfortable. nice alley oop. Young has no problem trying to pad stats, not in Lin’s nature to do it

  680. i like black. seems like someone who could complement lin

  681. Young should give rookies a chance and stop hogging the ball.

  682. if i paid for tickets to watch lin play, id be disappointed.

  683. Only HIGH %age shot…nicely done…Lin

  684. That Jeremy teardrop woke me up…

  685. sweet shot by lin

  686. Lin is totally padding stat

  687. There you go, nice acceleration and a floater.

  688. finally a finger roll…he must have heard all of us screaming!

  689. I’ll take a couple assists in garbage time

  690. Stu(?): “Nice teardrop by Lin”

  691. Black from the HOUSTON system.

  692. who cares about chemstry
    he needs good stats

  693. Nice find by Lin to find Clarkson under the basket

  694. D is so bad Xavier Henry has a -20, and he’s been waived!

  695. ok i can sleep peacefully now

  696. Lin is the most frustrating player to watch cuz hes always tryign to please teammates

  697. and mentoring the rookies at the same time. He is being a good teammate.

  698. I want a highlight reel of that Jeremy very deep 3.. he can go deep….

  699. lol like i said 2 more points. lin isn’t the type of player to score 10 point when its over to make there stats look good

  700. Except most of his teammates shoots off dribbles so Lin only go 2 assists and 2 points in 5 minutes of garbage time.

  701. I like the Lin/Black combination

  702. Rest in….oh…..just good night

  703. Clipper announcers were commenting that it’s sad to see kobe go like this, reminded them of Michael Jordan’s attempted comeback with the Wizard. Just sad.

  704. yup, 12 is fine 🙂

  705. cough cough younge

  706. hes not thats so dumb
    he doesnt realize how much he needs it for his next contract

  707. No I don’t think so, he was trying to play the right basketball. I am sure he knows once you get some bad habit, it’s hard to get rid of.

  708. Very macabre tonight… lol

  709. in the last 2-3 possessions, yes..pts or ast

  710. please

  711. he’s very much a coach at heart to get his teammates going

  712. Best highlight of the game before everything went to dumpsters with Kobe as PG.

  713. WOW Kobe 2-12 4 pts. Really feel that KB should retire for his own good. He can’t compete with NBA games. He literally becomes the blackhole of Lakers.

  714. he is better for lin then scare athletic like davis

  715. yah he can just not agaisnt good teams with this awful roster

  716. Can not agree more… but he still wants to play… smh!

  717. I know I know…I am just exaggerating. Actually I meant good players do not need to “pad”

  718. First time seeing Jeremy shoot from 3 ft away! If he can make that consistently that would be amazing!

  719. Scott is really a horrible coach. Kobe played the entire 3Q, didn’t hustle on D, was ice cold and committed 5 TOs. Any other player, esp if they keep making the same mistake (eg, TO on 3 consecutive similar plays), would get benched. Except Scott let Kobe play the entire quarter. Even the announcers were horrified by Kobe’s play.

  720. Lin’s inability to pad stats in garbage time will end his career earlier then it should

  721. Yes, unlike Young who is not giving rookies chance. Very selfish.

  722. Davis is good with Jlin too but BS got in the way

  723. Sacre is like Byron, a look of low IQ man. Sacre does not respect Lin, apparently.

  724. Kobe won’t retire, he’s going to play until his contract ends. Unless Lakers waives him, get ready for 1 more year of worst Kobeball.

  725. You must be a very good comedian…or a bad one

  726. it looks promising…need more time together

  727. It’s sad. Both the Clippers and Lakers commenters were a bit embarassed about his declining play.

  728. hes a back up now needs to pad his stats

  729. If KB isn’t playing in this game, Lakers may have a chance but with him in the game, forget it. Lost my interest to watch after JLin was out in 3rd qtr because of foul trouble. Did watch the few minutes JLin was in in 4th qtr.

  730. Well, that was fast 🙂

  731. It’s only getting worse and not better. He is only embarrassing himself more and more each game. His body just can’t hold himself up anymore.

  732. super fast!

  733. nice.. 1st quarter highlights

  734. I saw that.. what was that all about? haha.

  735. That’s why pros don’t want to play recreational games, they could lose their hard trained reflex.

  736. its a selfish game afterall, to remain in NBA

  737. are you his manager????LOL!!!

  738. They have to…they are fighting for their minutes….

  739. he could go for 30 lol and lakers lose by 10 lmao

  740. It’s DA DEEP THREE…

  741. Exactly

  742. Well if this is what Lakers wants for the next 1.5 yrs, let them be but please unchain JLin.

  743. Mr. Sunshine you are Frank. Try some more sweetener in your tea 🙂

  744. No Laker Big would do anything to help their teammate

  745. I wish…actually nah knowing myself i would destroy his career

  746. what?

  747. Only dorks treat play time as garbage time. ALL PLAYTIME is valuable as real time practice. Only fools waste valuable team practice time for selfish stat padding. Only bad coaches, selfish players, dumb fans will think that a one game loss is a season wasted. Only the weak minded will give up just becasue the clock on this one game is running down when the season is a work in progress. I don’t remember who said it, it may have been MJ….”I’ve never lost a game, I just run out of time”.

  748. PPL will start to say he should start over Lin?

  749. no worries.. Lin wasn’t panicking, he still plays the right way (team-ball) to get his teammates going but got his pts and 2 asts

    We like Lin’s team-ball so it’s hard to ask him to play selfish-ball in garbage time

  750. he got greedy
    but next game DNP-CD

  751. LOL Go ahead!!!

  752. already sayig it

  753. true

  754. Lin last 6 games. 13 pts, 54% FG, 47% 3PT, 3 Assts. Good sign his scoring is up after that stretch of shooting slump and low scoring.

  755. I actually would love some Lin selfish ball
    if he goes down that road
    hes a 20-6 player for sure
    hes offensively talented

  756. had to shut em down on twitter

  757. As long as you’re not saying it…

  758. I agree, Lin needs to be more selfish, pad his stats, score first pass second!

  759. Clarkson played well…with 20min

  760. still low scoring
    with Lins ablity he should be around 14-15 ppg in 22mins

  761. i wonder what they say about kobe. he looks real old

  762. Let BS and KB embarrass themselves more!!!

  763. Unfortunately the 1st 3 shots did not go in…

  764. but but…he said it first…now we know who the culprit is

  765. bigs real soft

  766. Kind of true…

  767. Just have to wait until his body breaks down to the point where he can’t play like Nash. Hopefully before end of Feb.

  768. Kobe was soft

  769. thas the future of nba PG
    score first!
    unless Lin gets that, he will suffer for a little while

  770. lets not wish that on any players…let them come to their own terms

  771. even with no possible replacement sub at the PG, jeremy couldn’t get a 30minutes + playing time…what if jeremy fouls out, as if Scott give a damn! so to protect JLIn by scott from self destruction, he has frozen the time of JLIN so he can play garbage time.LOL!

  772. But then 5-6.

  773. At this point I think Lin would rather stay at his hometown to finish off the season and then look for his next team.

  774. That was an embarassing performance by Kobe. You could tell he was trying to score because he was shut out, and the more he tried, the more he missed and kept turning it over during the 3rd quarter. Total embarassment. Even the Clippers and Laker commenters mentioned it (in nice words).

  775. Father and son like to use soft word.

  776. Who’s the coach, Byron? Have you no shame? (Rhetorical question, already know the answer)

  777. Kobe did not man up

  778. Execution and massacre it is. haha.

  779. Do they watch game film? I mean serious, if Byron is going to call the team soft, watch the film and see who was playing soft. Start with Kobe!

  780. Maybe he forgot to apply BenGay to his joints after the one game rest

  781. Lin has a gift to execute the most efficient scoring method in NBA, penetrating and handing the ball to a Big to finish. Even butter handed Asik looked like a double-double Big working with Lin.

  782. haha so….with rest comes with rust. Without rests comes no legs.

  783. McHale suing for IP infringement/copyright violation.

  784. wait so if he rest and play bad its rust if he doesn’t rest and play bad he is tired. the guy is old. at some point the white flag has to go up. idk if kobe will last this year or could do next year. he may have to play 26 mpg if he want to last

  785. I think we should place him in the blacklist

  786. Almost halfway through the season and he’s still rusty? Time to bench him if he can’t compete!!

  787. again, he is declining and want the lakers to go down with him..he doesn’t want to be alone now that he’s on the doorstep of retirement..ok to alone before at the top of his game, but he so lonely now he’s alone on the decline!

  788. BS said he is not worry about KB, he said he is fine! LOL and OMG! KB is the main problem!

  789. unfortunately that’s not how he’s built in.
    Ever since his HS days, he always tries to play the right way, just like Nash does.

  790. Kobe’s been rusty all season shooting 37% FT and 29% 3PT…

  791. He tries but hes not nash or rondo
    hes a natural scoring machine

  792. Young is limited w/o PG instinct for sure :]

  793. ronnie would stop kobe cold streak and young as well. ronnie is god

  794. I forgot 😀 .. maybe more like 18pts!

  795. Nah… lets go all out.

  796. Must be the meds he’s on. Smh.

  797. Look who’s talking. Why don’t you man up to kobe.

  798. Nothing negative about 2-12 and 6 TOs in the discipline of brown nosing.

  799. and let Kobe lose the game with his horrible 3Q play. Clearly he was rusty…

  800. Byron, it is your job to stop that from happening…. you get big bucks for that responsibility. Yes, you failed… terribly!

  801. You have had your head filled with too much STUPID LIN HATE from Metalogic and the other hate trolls on the Jeremylin.net forum.

    Just enjoy Lin’s efficient performances and stop acting like a CLUELESS HATER.

  802. when his teammates feels the love of sharing the ball, thats when Jeremy scores a lot, because everybody is eager to participate on team plays, but when ISO ball comes in and stat padding, you see who you’re real co players are. and Jeremy readily helped them get what they want, will it affect his NBA paying years, it needs to be seen, but right now its the way he thinks and play, so lets just wait if there willl be changes in him and if were going to like the changes as we follow him!

  803. The point of that TWlove game

  804. Of course they’d defend him.

    For the last 3 years, Lin’s been KILLING the Clippers!

    The Clippers don’t want to be posterized any more by Lin, though he just keeps doing it.

  805. Oh no Serena didn’t just try to slip that one in there…

  806. I think BS played Kobe through third to help the Clippers build a huge lead so the Kobe-less Lakers would have no way of coming back in one quarter lol.

  807. honestly i wish kobe had retired already. he has to go through this for 2 years. they play him like a superstar which he isn’t any more. suck seeing him like this

  808. That’s FRIGHTENING.

    I’ve never seen a player shoot that deep a 3 that comfortably. Not even Larry Bird or Reggie Miller or Ray Allen.

    Lin’s shot form is flawless. He shot that 35 footer like it was a 3 footer!

  809. i think not. a teamwork oriented TEAM will be excited to have lin on their roster if its possible, so it will be definitely not his end. AAron Brooks still is playing, but if you’re telling is his being a star player, i believe it will come. patience and kind waiting for him and for us to who follows him!

  810. Haha.. trying to be mean to the Houston hero?


    Leave your trolling over at jeremylin.net with your stupid troll idols.

  812. He can unchain himself after this season)

  813. How is Lin? Not following since his 4 fouls

  814. Played good

  815. DEEP DISH

  816. pretty good today

  817. indirectly saying, SCOTT was the softest among all.LOL!!!

  818. those tip rebounds yes the bigs was out hustled all day

  819. because the are Soft, just like what SCOTT is feeling right now!LOL

  820. That’s REALLY FUNNY.

    Harden flopping during the game is one thing, Harden flopping on the bench after a McHale “foul” is AWESOME!!!

  821. Haha. Ultra soft.

  822. Why? It’s his own choice to brown-nose Kobe.

  823. i just hope serena would add his reply to scott “what are you sniffing byron to lose your senses”?

  824. magic are next so it should be easier

  825. Great!

  826. thx

  827. I thought I saw FISH……

  828. CUZ I KNOW HE CAN BE A 20+ppg star!!!
    its frustrating sometimes

  829. Is that when Ronnie “head of the snake” comes back?

  830. Whatever, coach only knows how to blame players when it’s his own coaching incompetence

  831. great

  832. then don’t rest him for the sake of just to cater to kobe so he can find his rhythm, lakers needs to finds way to WIN…what is most important to BS? KOBE or WINNING GAMES?

  833. The loss is on Byron Scott and Bryant to a lesser degree.

    Bryant was playing piss poor today. Any coach who really cared about Bryant’s welfare would’ve mercifully subbed him out.

    Meanwhile Byron Scott is screaming at his players for running his stupid outdated iso system that Kobe Bryant has instituted because Kobe doesn’t practice with the team.

    I wonder who’s going to get injured in the next practice as Byron Scott windsprints Lin and the Lakers as punishment for Kobe’s poor play?

  834. as i said before i rather lin off the bench looks free. he can obviously score with the starters but that slow style sucks for lin

  835. ur so extreme

  836. Like Nick Young said, there are no guaranteed wins for this terrible Lakers team.

  837. He played bad today…

  838. likely

  839. I’m thinking pizza..

  840. If he really mad then he should resign. He should realize the responsibility starts with him before any of his players. Are you still mad, Byron?

  841. Someone needs to tap Kobe on the shoulder and with a wink and a nod say, “Kobe, it is time.” BS doesn’t have the heart to do it. I guess they’ll send Mitch. Seriously this has to be one of Kobe’s last games.

  842. In his defense, his PG was Kobe.

  843. I really don get why Scott did not. I do think Kobe wants to play at all

  844. he’s got RANGE and SMILES 😀
    Smi-Lin Assassin!

  845. What defense?

  846. Metalogic is too harsh but prolly not a hater
    i believe ping51 is

    I believe lin can be a 20-6 player with FG%50+%
    he can score efficiently just needs to stop messing with his shooting form

  847. BS “I don’t want anyone to be too comfortable and think their minutes secure”. I don’t think he was speaking of Kobe when he said that. Why would any coach want his players to play, anticipating being pulled any time they missed a shot or made a turnover. Apparently he believes that fear is a greater motivater than instillling confidence in his players.

  848. No, ur so dumb

  849. Scott thought that Kobe’s “reputation” would paralyze the Clippers with quivering fear.

  850. What about his pay check?

  851. and the bigs who couldnt help Lin contain CP3

  852. It scared Kobe fans more I guess

  853. no ur so idiotic

  854. Lol. Please pay him not to play anymore.

  855. Doesn’t matter what you think of your troll idols.

    You’re becoming just as hateful as them.

    Change your ways and stop bashing Lin for good games like the trolls you idolize constantly do.

    Lin is battling an EVIL coach who has a TYRANT shooting guard who takes shots and minutes away from Lin. Blame the coach and nonshooting shooting guard for the bad play, not Lin who was solid yet again.

    And LAY OFF Lin’s shooting form. He hit that 35 footer IN YOUR FACE. So CHILL WITH THE HATE.

  856. That long 3 was beautiful
    perfect form
    Lin has one of the most beautiful shooting forms in the NBA
    when other players make those deep 3s their forms are awful
    they make em by luck
    but lins was beautiful not by luck
    hes a very good shooter well can be

  857. The way Scott plays Kobe not only drives away audience, it also kills Kobe’ fans.

  858. The Clippers really ran the Lakers off the court tonight because Kobe just refused to move on defense. What made it worse was Kobe’s insistence on playing PG and fighting rebounds against his teammates to pad his way to meaningless triple-doubles. There is really no accountability when it comes to BS and his beloved son in Kobe so the team morale was bad which caused repeated defensive breakdowns in team defense.

  859. OK, THIS is a terrific post.

    Good for you.

  860. I used to view politicians as the least trusted profession with television evangelists a close second.
    Thanks to KM and BS I now see NBA coaches are closing that gap … FAST

  861. Scott just did exactly what Kobe asked him to do… so it’s on Kobe himself.

  862. Scared KOBE’S TEAMMATES!!!

  863. When he discovers the fountain of youth mixes an attitude adjustment pill with it making Kobe a team player he may succeed. Until that time, GOOK LUCK, BS.

  864. The soft spot is Kobe.

  865. lol, that might work as well

  866. im not a hater
    just trying not to blame hateful coach and other scrubs who drag Lin down

  867. That question has been answered a long time ago.

  868. Just when Scott’s idiocy makes him a laughingstock, he ups it even further with this insane quote about a VERY RUGGED basketball team that has FIGHTERS up and down the roster.

    I would never call Chris Paul, Blake Griffin, Matt Barnes, Glen Davis, JJ Redick, or Jamal Crawford “soft”.

  869. Easy no brainer, “KOBE”

  870. Lin collected fouls because he was the only one who cared enough to make an effort on D. He could have taken it easy and gotten better stats.

  871. Kobe sucks.

  872. McFlurry

  873. I know you’re not a hater.

    But why WOULDN’T you blame the coach and scrubs who are dragging the Lakers down, not so much Lin? I certainly do.

    On the other site, the trolls blame Lin for EVERYTHING and pretend that Lin is the cause of the bad coach and scrubs. You’re not believing those troll fools, are you? You know better, I think.

  874. Scott could have made Kobe effective by playing SG with 22-26mins

  875. A good thing

  876. Serena..benched soon

  877. BUT ..BUT, some other poster commented on the form of JLIN’s shooting, some other here suggested to get a shooting coach , but you are now telling them he has a good stroke and a “Lin has one of the most beautiful shooting forms in the NBA”….?

  878. Oh Kobe decided to switch from bb to dodge ball which is completely fine.

  879. Hilarious 100x!!!!!!!

  880. Well said!

  881. Because he is not a hater of coaches and other playerrs…

  882. lets not call one another as trolls here…if there are issues, bring it up to the Mods, pls. thx

  883. But Price is still the head of the snake.

  884. Does that make Kobe the headless Black Mamba? I’m confident that the Elite play of Price would have prroduced a win for the Lakers. 🙁

  885. I’m thinking Lin must want to get out of this team already, because playing with kobe is sheer torture.

  886. The only players Kobe can beat are his teammates now.

  887. HailHydra!

  888. And the toilet paper

  889. I’m SO HAPPY for Lin.

    Yeah, after this beatdown too.

    I wanted Lin to repair his jumpshot so that he could shoot effectively. I openly proclaimed that Lin could be a Ray Allen level shooter if he fixed his form. Lin HAS, and that 40 footer he hit like a 10 foot practice shot was something that not even Ray Allen could hit that easily.

    Right now, it appears to me that Lin’s game is COMPLETE. He’s playing terrific unselfish basketball and is an effective two way force. No matter how badly he’s frozen out or how deeply his minutes are cut or how many defenders are loading up on him, Lin gracefully gets consistent results and does at least one unbelievable thing every game.

    I don’t believe that Lin can or should play any better at this point. He’s making the very best of the awful situation surrounding him. Whatever scenario Lin ends up after this, Lin will be SUPER SUCCESSFUL because things cannot get any worse than what Lin is going through right now.

  890. I credit this to Lakers training staff for changing the way he places his feet and his shooting form!

  891. No need to care what Scott said… he just needs excuse to cover his bad coaching skill… smh!

  892. I doubt it…

  893. We Asians eat heads AND snake.

    Is anybody else like me: a FISH HEAD EATER who eagerly gobbles up fish maws and eyeballs and all that stuff that cause normal folks to watch in disgust?

    To me, the head and the bones of the fish are the GOOD part!

  894. I believe your technical judgments.

  895. i think when a person is being attack left and right on his principle and decisions, he becomes defensive and sometimes vengeful to the detriment of people around him. Loosing his grip can be in a form of DENIAL, and confirmation of this are the seemingly conflicting statements of what happening around him.
    i think theres a really need for the Lakers to Hire a Basketball Psychiatrist because there are indications that they have personnel suffering from this sickness..LOL!

  896. I know, but one can be a true Lin fan like Frank and also have legitimate reason to blame Scott and Kobe for dragging the Lakers down!!!

  897. complete well he still needs a automatic shot. the new shooting form is better then last year but should be auto matic in a year or two. he also needs better iso moves. as a pg he has a while to go. to play different style that he isn’t comfortable with. his prime is 1-2 year away

  898. I hope Lin can consistently make that 30/40 foot 3 pointer! Imagine how deadly he’d be and all the space he’d have for a fake to the rim!

  899. He’s literally destroying his teammates.

  900. Seeing the box-score, looks like Kobe and Swaggy shot the Lakes out of the game.
    Lin did well
    Donkey Byron may be trying to prove how critically important Price and Wesley are for defense
    Byron continues to be severely out-coached

  901. I lost count on how many illegal screens the Clippers got away with knocking Lin down left and right to free Paul for wide open looks. Nevertheless, Lin still got up after every illegal screen and tried harder the next possession. The fact that he got 4 fouls really shows that he’s the only one really trying hard on defense.

    As always, BS came out talking nonsense after the game (head of the snake? LOL! played soft? Like playing tougher would help the team move their feet on defense!), I am just happy that Lin excelled despite the poisonous environment he’s playing in. Well done, Jeremy!

  902. NOBODY can consistently make a 30/40 foot 3 pointer.

    I’ve never seen anybody be able to do that, EVER. Maybe the Harlem Globetrotters, but not the NBA.

    That said, I still agree with your assessment that the more range Lin has the better. Lin can open up the court for himself by becoming a deadly outside threat.

  903. He has been doing it for a few years.

  904. Guess Byron doesn’t watch game film on how Price gets burned left and right…

  905. Scott calls the team soft. Talk about pot calling the kettle. Scott is the one that needs to man up and be a coach, keep EACH player accountable, and sit Kobe. I am sick of Scott.

  906. whats lins ppg? it say 10.7 but it was that before the game

  907. 10.7

  908. There’s only one iso move I’d like Lin to develop, and it’s not critical if he doesn’t.

    I’d like Lin to be able to take one or two power dribbles in any direction while guarded and then fire up a midrange jumpshot.

    76ers great Andrew Toney was the king of this move. He was the best isolation scorer of the 80s, better than Jordan even according to Larry Bird and Charles Barkley. Toney would murder opponents with this two dribble stop and pop jumper. It’s a lost skill that nobody does nowadays.

    Lin, like Toney, never needs a screen to score against a single defender. If Lin had this two dribble skill, he’d become every bit as unstoppable as Andrew Toney was.

  909. Khuang, everyone is entitled to their own reasoning, even if it doesnt agree with mainstream fans. As long as one is not picking and mocking Lin or one another, that is fine

  910. Nah, we all know how BS always looks the plays of his beloved “sons” in K&R through rose-colored glasses. BS just can’t find faults in their plays (blind love? LOL)

  911. Looks like Jeremy didn’t do the post game interview tonight.

  912. I really think he does. He never stops shooting.

  913. Nevermind. Here is Jeremy’s post game interview.

  914. hope he work on it will be looking for it

  915. I was THE GUY who was taunting Lin’s shooting form earlier this season.

    But since the New Year, Lin’s form has CHANGED.

    Somebody has worked with Lin and reverted him back to his college style of side shooting that he learned from his father. Lin’s father taught him Larry Bird and Michael Jordan’s form, and that’s the form that Kobe and Lin are using today. And if it was Lin’s father himself who worked with Lin, that wouldn’t surprise me in the least.

    I agree with Frank that Lin has “one of the most beautiful shooting forms in the NBA”. I went from calling Lin a “girlie twisty flat shooter with a T-rex release” to a “Ray Allen level shooter” the instant I saw that practice video of Lin using proper technique in his jump shot while a Lakers shooting coach rebounded for Lin.

    Lin’s technical jump shooting improvement caused me to totally reverse my criticism of his shooting! I LIKE IT!

  916. ok ok, I yield!

  917. T-rex release lol

  918. I think so
    just looks so good
    swaggy has a bad form but he makes a lot

  919. Terrific interviewer!

    Very fair questions, insightful too.

    I like how Lin didn’t entirely agree with Scott calling the team “soft” but didn’t throw anybody under the bus!

  920. Office Survival for Dummies: Never say bad words towards your boss.

  921. Only Best Lin’s fans, yield 🙂

  922. Ilol no Lins doing the best they can to prevent them from going the wrong way but they do anyways

    I dont blame them cuz I got banned multiple times for bashing coaches and players on the other site

  923. Kobe needs a whole season to take the rust off

  924. I don’t think its coming off..

  925. !!!!

    OK, I’m now YOUR fan!!!

  926. miller is a nod-talker
    cracks me up

  927. Everybody’s sick of him except for kobe, FO and his showtime friends.

  928. Yeah, I would like it too. I have seem him doing few tim.es, but its not his forte yet. Would really love to see him develop that

  929. Just needs more picks set for him
    Their bigs are absurd
    not sure why NBA bigs never set screens for him
    Lin’d be beating off opponent pgs every time he will blow them by

  930. Scott is a buffoon. The players are going to get sick of him trashing them and talking up Kobe and Price. That wasn’t a happy Lin tonight. He was professional, but he was ticked off.

  931. Not only did Kobe Bryant brick the Lakers out of the game, he also hogged and turnovered and got roasted.

    This is the worst game Bryant ever played in his career.

  932. Bcoz they are not playing like a big, they rather pop.

    Kelly been good together with Davis

  933. lol
    they banned me cuz i go too far when I bash them and literally insult ppl who were critical of Lin

  934. Its just absurd
    even u pop
    Lin can still use their screens
    2points guaranteed

  935. My mom was like that. But me? I’m soft like Charmin

  936. I think the problem you have is you should not use the word “inability”. Lin is ABLE to pad stats if he wants to,garbage or not garbage time. You are doubting his ability to do it and your negative attitude is quite annoying.

  937. i think insulting another is bad….calling as it is, is fine… but some fans, are just being fans, I guess. Many in LG are getting banned as well, for the same reason.

    When you argue in another forum (which is not Lin centric) one should just state his/her point rather than insulting other players and coach

  938. The Lakers under “Coach” Byron Scott have NO OFFENSIVE SETS.

    Lin’s bench ran a clean Princeton offense in the preseason to devastating effect, but that’s been abandoned in favor of Kobe Bryant’s clueless outdated 80s’ isoball.

    The entire team, bigs included, are not able to set quality picks because the spacing and options are all messed up due to the utter lack of coaching.

  939. He does, but has selective reasoning.

  940. eyeballs are good for u..well at least thats what they tell me…

  941. yummy

  942. Ask the coach

  943. truth!

  944. oh i dont even go o other forums
    CF was enuf

  945. yah i was to mad at Byron

  946. I liked how professional and accountable he sounded but didn’t get personal even about his own play.

  947. Really? You just make me want to watch the replay.

  948. Nope, they’ve calcified.

  949. Lin needs an adequate coach
    he has had no luck with coaches so far
    that Hou assistant coach still pisses me off

  950. setting another record.
    several “worsts” this season so far…. more expected

  951. hope all lin fans could be the same?…thats tough! 😉

  952. If i get a chance to meet him
    i will do more than asking lol

  953. Bs didn’t see how the clippers bullied his son Kobe tonight?

  954. he likes records….so….

  955. i better refrain you from going there then

  956. There’s nothing Andrew Toney did that the bigger and vastly more talented Jeremy Lin couldn’t do as well or better.

  957. I’m TOO MEAN to be that professional and accountable.

    I’ve gotten very nasty with employers who threw me under the bus, and I never got punished for it either! But I was not in a team situation like what Lin is in.

  958. The Strangler had talent as well

  959. me too

  960. That is coming later when he’s the anointed leader. He is going to be laser polite in about 3 years.

  961. When Kobe was younger, he threatened to leave the Lakers via free agency to join the Clippers to gain leverage in negotiations. I guess tonight he actually did play for the Clippers after all LOL.

  962. The only adequate coach Lin ever had at the professional level for an extended time was Eric Musselman of the Reno Bighorns in the D League.

    Musselman had Danny Green, Steven Novak, Marcus Landry, and Lin.

    Lin’s Reno Bighorn team would CRUSH Lin’s Lakers today, even if Lin today was playing against 2011 D League Lin!!!

  963. Lol Give Kobe a break. He’s probably done, finito, kaput. He just doesn’t know it yet.

  964. YES HE DID.

    The Strangler was probably the best SG in the NBA before stress fractures in both feet knocked him out right before the Jordan era.

    But I consider Lin a far greater talent than the Boston Strangler!

  965. lol 13 benches better then knicks starters . lakers are there -http://fivethirtyeight.com/datalab/13-nba-teams-have-benches-better-than-the-knicks/

  966. I wud consider stabbing byron if I were lin

  967. Not in BS’s eyes

  968. The other day, I bit into a freshly steamed tilapia straight from the tank.

    It was a FEMALE with EGGS!

    I ate all the eggs – and the skin – and the gills – and the lips – and the fins – EVERYTHING!

  969. they help you see better

  970. My mom and grandmother are soft like Charmin too.

    When I was a kid, my mom and grandmother screamed at disgust at my father as he ate the eyeballs and maw and fins and sucked the flesh off the bones. He looked up at them briefly, and then went back to eating them while they called him a “trash compactor”. I was embarrassed and yet sympathetic for my “poor” father who just kept sucking the bones and chewing on the fins.

    Now that I’m a fully grown man who’s semi mature, I decided to try eating the same “garbage” parts my dad did. VOILA, I immediately discovered that he was eating the juicest tastiest parts! That’s because the fish tastes best closest to the bone and the “itsy bitsy” parts of the fish are DELECTABLE! Then I understood: my dad was eating the GOOD PARTS and he was HOARDING it all for himself!!!

    I now get a total kick out of eating the “refuse” parts of the fish as my fellow diners watch in gastronomic horror. But I have even managed to convert a few people to my eyeball eating ways!

  971. Lin ALREADY IS – with his well placed media barbs and his stellar play!

  972. I love the eggs as well, normally would fry them

  973. It is always interesting to me that when you call beat LA reporters out on twitter in how defensive they get. My tkele is that you have hit the nail on the head,

  974. Thanks for making me squirm.

  975. Well, it is expected….

  976. PPL who knows how to eat, will eat those…

  977. I didn’t watch the game as I’m taking a break from watching but keeping up from comments here. I suspect Kobe’s defensive issues were more glaring today because Wes is out. From what I recall, Wes’s main purpose as a starter was to cover for Kobe as much as possible defensively, and that his why his starting spot was never really in question.

  978. Every time I visit America and see the people eat, I always wonder, why aren’t they eating all the best parts?!

  979. IDK about that. Kobe is consistently bad on D this season. He was really good like 10 yrs ago

  980. BS is mad as in crazy not really angry.

  981. Yeap, go back a watch the film…..Lin ever talked about someone in Knicks or Houston (?) who prepares the film for him and analyse the game…here in LAL …you go home to watch the game (alone). that’s sad…

  982. No…I think there is a team who prepares films. They will make it ready before players leave

  983. Just voted Lin for all star !

  984. mos of us are not trained to eat..and then again, it depends which part one come from, and cultural impact around the area as well

  985. Might not be a bad thing if he did.

  986. I liked Jeremy’s 3 assists tonight … each showed his high BBIQ , ability to create, and skill level: 1) spin down the lane and pass to Boozer for layup 2) Alleyoop to Black for slamdunk. 3) drawing double team at top of key them finding Clarkson under basket for layup . Wish JLIN had more opportunity to create as the PG for Lakers .

  987. It’s sad to see Lin on his way play the best game of his season only to get held down by Kobe and his teammates. When he hit that 40 foot 3 pointer, it could’ve been a Linsanity game without BS and Kobe.

  988. Full highlights.

  989. It was a pretty good game for him….

  990. When Jeremy made the deep 3 everyone celebrated except Kobe. If you see the highlight, Kobe actually looks away. What a teammate.

  991. Yeah I understand and it’s great! Cultural diversity is what makes travelling fun.

  992. LAC PostGame thread is now open.

    Despite Lakers lost in a blowout, we got a treat of Lin hitting a beautiful 30footer like he shot Free-Throw easily. Plus he stayed aggressive to get 12pts and did his best to guard CP3 and all Clippers around (thankfully not posterized by Griffin when he dunked). And got to play the unexpected 5 min garbage time like a New Year’s gift from BScott.

    So I’m quite happy =)

  993. He sure upset Lin played well bc he is getting older & older everyday…

  994. He didn’t look worse? I think it would be better if he did, as there’s greater exposure. Since it involves the Clippers this kind of game from him is even worse in a way. In the end though, we know who has control over this team and/or organization.

  995. Let’s compare the last two games; the game against the Trailblazers and the game against the Clippers. The obvious differences are in one player, Kobe , and the game plan of Coach Scott.

    Byron only blamed the loss on his players but it is the same team, and the same players except Kobe. If the team is soft. It is soft because of Kobe and Byron. There were competitive in the last leg of back to back games. How come they suddenly become soft in the home court. This is not a logical answer for the blown out loss.

    The logical answer is the team is only soft when Kobe is in and Scott make changes with the team. If they had stayed with the same lineup in Portland, the team might still be competitive. The Clippers is not much better than the Trailblazers on the record.

  996. This is the same team which wasn’t soft when they played w/o Kobe. The logical explanation could only be the lack of team chemistry in this game against the Clippers when Kobe played the PG. On the other hand, as a fan I saw that the Lakers played into the hands of the Clippers. The Clippers knew exactly what the Lakers were going to do and they defended the Lakers well. The Lakers however didn’t have a clue what the Clippers were doing and they couldn’t defend the Clippers for this reason.

    Byron should be responsible for this loss. The Lakers has never been in the game. The game plan was designed by the Lakers’ coaches. I really don’t think the Clippers is that much better than the Trailblazers. It’s the coaches who made the game plan which simply failed.

    It’s definitely that the same players suddenly don’t give an effort to play. It’s incredible. They are professional. They all want to win the game. Coach, it’s your game plan which wasn’t working! Your players were played into the hands of your opposition. I called this incompetent coaching, wouldn’t you?

  997. Lin can use some deadly ankle-breaking crossovers.

  998. Kobe is just a small part of the team and he boosted himself up too much out of proportion.
    Sports writers have kept on telling us that the team actually played better w/o him. The current Kobe is definitely not leading the team well although he’s given the role by default.

  999. Byron Scott and Kobe are just like generals sending his soldiers to battlefield but they all got ambushed and totally outplayed by the opposition. This irresponsible generals called the valiant soldiers who have been playing hard all the time soft, charmin, etc.

    Figure this out. Who is losing the games before the battles even begin? The Clippers employ sound strategy and excellent plays to score on the Lakers. They dunked the ball so many times that I began to have pity on the hoop of the Laker. Coach, your game plan wasn’t working at all. You haven’t made enough adjustments to compensate for your dismal planning when they didn’t work out for the team.

    Bench Kobe and Fire Byron Scott is the only thing that is needed to turn this team around.

  1000. Nah, they just “missing Price.”

  1001. Some showtime friends probably sick of Kobe too but like Worthy said it is hard to criticize friends.

  1002. Blind Love..

  1003. It would be easier for Kobe to get 3D with TOs than rebounds.

  1004. Yeah, I stop watching right about there too. The outcome already determine at the point.

  1005. He didn’t just look like, he was a double-double when Lin and him were starters.

  1006. my all my asian elders say that lol

  1007. MDA wasnt half bad
    at least he empowerd Lin

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