Game 36 Atlanta Hawks vs Indiana Pacers: Orlando Magic’s Continuing Interest in Jeremy Lin

Kent Bazemore’s right ankle sprain will be re-evaluated in 2 weeks. With Prince is still out, hopefully more minutes will go to Jeremy Lin. In the last game, Jeremy Lin only played 16 minutes to finish with 7 points, 3 assists and 6 rebounds. Baze’s injury might also hurt his trade value.

In January 2019, Atlanta will probably be extra careful with Bazemore, Lin, Dedmon because any injuries will hurt their chance to get good trade values before Feb 7 trade deadline.

Orlando Magic Continuing Interest in Jeremy Lin

In the latest trade rumor involving Jeremy, Brandon Robinson (Host of: Scoop B Radio Podcast, Senior Writer: BBALLSOCIETY_) reiterated on Dec 29 that the Orlando Magic are interested in Lin’s services according to a league source. He first tweeted the interest on Dec 20.

According to a league source, the Orlando Magic are interested in Lin’s services. Lin has played well in a backup role with the Atlanta Hawks. Through 26 games, Lin has posted 10.8 points and 3.1 assists per game all while shooting on 50% from the field and 38.4% from downtown.

In the final year of his contract that will pay roughly $13 million, Lin would be a perfect addition to the Orlando Magic.

While D.J. Augustin is producing above his career averages in both points and assists, the experiment of Jerian Grant as Augustin’s backup at the point has not panned out.

The Orlando Magic, eighth place in the NBA’s Eastern Conference standings, could use some Lin’s help at the point guard position.


  1. A big contract is what Lin needs as a guarantee for proper usage and enough playtime.

  2. What’s with all these afternoon games for the Hawks? And on a Monday? (Even if it’s New Year’s Eve.) Annoying. Is the NBA thinking no one will watch the Hawks anyway?

  3. Really wish that could be true for Lin.

    Unfortunately, there are players who got good money but still not playing. Front offices change, coaches change, team goals change. Just one example. Miles Plumlee is getting $12.5M for next two years. He’s averaging 10 mpg.

    Unfortunately, nothing is guaranteed in this NBA. It sure hasn’t been for Lin.

  4. OT- on a personal level.

    Have followed JLinportal since its inception. Only started posting here when Lin went down last year. Misery needed company and wanted to continue to support Portal and its mission.

    The good news is Lin is back and there are lots of games. And lots of threads and the forum is busy. New games, new events, new threads.

    The bad news is I pop in whenever I can to post comments. However, can’t always find the time to respond to and to continue conversations. Older conversations seem to be obsolete overnight and everyone moves on.

    Long story short. Just want to say thanks to all the posters who respond to my comments. Even if I can’t continue to respond, your efforts and time are not wasted. I do make an effort to read them all!

  5. Just heard DJ Augustin tweaked an ankle in Sunday’s game. Assuming they want to continue to win, will this put more pressure on the Magic to acquire Lin? If they do, it should be to start, not to backup Augustin. Don’t know about this year, but Lin WAS waaaay better than DJA.

  6. I generally don’t like to speculate about trades, or believe trade rumors. Only because I have no clue about salary matching, draft picks, front office agendas, how coaches will treat Lin, etc.

    But I’m going to jump in on this one. PURELY FOR FUN.

    The Warriors, according to BBallBreakdown, need shooting depth beyond the Big 3. (See video). Even their defense needs shoring up. No way Lin will start. But Iguodala (more minutes) and Livingston (low minutes) have not contributed enough so far. And the younger guys like Quinn Cook don’t play enough minutes to make a difference. Or even talented enough?

    Given the small window to win another ring before Durant possibly leaves. Should the Warriors need to spend capital to get Lin? Or even add Bazemore? Maybe the GSW connection between Schlenk and Myers will work something out.

    Rick Celebrini from Fortius is now GSW director of sports medicine.

    GSW is the only former Lin team that I wouldn’t mind Lin going back to. Steve Kerr was quite dismissive of Lin as a commentator. But maybe like Dominique, will change his tune.

    And Lin said that Joe Lacob wanted to sign Lin originally. (Even if it was for marketing purposes.) And Lin is friendly with Lacob’s son, Kirk, who is assistant GM.

    Skip to 9:15 of 10 min BBallBreakdown video.

  7. We have to admit that DeWayne Dedmon and Alex Len are better than Miles Plumlee though.

  8. Draymond Green turns out to be a locker room disaster. Perhaps Warriors should get rid of him and use his salary to acquire Ariza and better help.

  9. wouldn’t want Lin with Warriors…he would get the same amount of minute he’s currently getting with the Hawks or probably less.

    they’re good with their bench guys, Quinn Livingston and others…No need for Lin

  10. but you made mention the “big contract” and that way Miles Plumlee is one player who got good pay and yet not being played (maybe for one reason that he’s not really good) and his pay was only an aberration.

  11. Have a very blessed new year to all JLin fans!

    I know it’s still about 2 hours to go from Brisbane, Queensland but I would like to hear the good news that JLin will be traded to a team that wants to play him to his strengths soon into the new year!

  12. As long as Jlin got decent minutes at GSW I would not mind this. It would be great to see Jlin play with top-notch NBA talent to see how he does, how he stands up. I think it might elevate his play. The last 3 years have seen him play with tanking teams, young, low talent teams, this year with a coach that does not seem to respect him. I don’t care for Kerr, but not on a basketball basis. However if he does not like Jlin then Jlin should not go there for sure. Shaun Livingston would be ahead of Jlin so again, he would not be pure PG, but GSW doesn’t use pure PG anyway. Jlin could be the missing piece for another championship and a stepping stone to that next contract. A championship would be the best revenge against BKLN.

  13. @linthezone:disqus , thank you for your positive contribution and simply being who you are! I’m grateful you decided to start posting because we need more people like you in order to create a positive forum for JLin fans.

    It’s definitely not easy being JLin fans in the last few years but I’m glad a few faithful Lin fans here comfort and encourage one another 🙂 Hopefully in 2019 Jeremy will get to play for a team who believes in him and empowers him to reach the All-Star potential that we all know he could be.

    JLin’s journey is definitely like our real daily lives, it’s full up ups and down. But his never-surrender attitude, exemplary work ethic, and positive outlook in lives are definitely worthy to be a good role model for kids and adults..

    Don’t worry about slow response. We all do so since we have busy family and work responsibilities but we do what we can to support fellow Lin fans 🙂

  14. Happy New Year to you and others who already celebrated in Asia!

    Ha ha:) Hoping your wish come true about New Year trade news for JLin to a team that will unleash his true All-Star potential! That would be a nice start to 2019.

    It’s only less than five weeks before Feb 7 trade deadline so it can happen anytime soon 🙂 Let’s hope and pray it will be to a team who truly deserves him! 🙏🙏

  15. The big contract of Miles Plumlee keeps him on the team instead of being put on waiver or sent down to G-league. Lin plays well and with a big contract, he will stay on the team and eventually his chance will come to shine.

    The Hawks has to play Plumlee now because Poythress may reach his limit of NBA games soon and Dedmon is injured. The Hawks doesn’t have enough healthy bigs now. The best part is Plumlee still gets pay for two more years to stay in NBA. The future of Plumlee is in his own hands because he needs to improve to get more playtime.

  16. chances are dja is staying because from a biusiness standpoint, lin is still in recovery year.
    so they need two pg. now who should start. well.. we lin fan say lin. but dja was the defacto starter and i dn’t know will any gm/coach let some chinese guy to start. plus lin been know to do fine off the bench and that was from cliff’s experience too. So probably only time lin will start is if dja is hurt.

    being a realist, not a linatic.

  17. You forgot Kerr was not high about Lin when he was a commentator?

  18. If ORL decides to trade for Lin, he might back up DJ first for stability and learning the system unless DJ continues to have ankle-injury issues.

    But comparing their Per 36 Stats, JLin is definitely more productive so eventually it only makes sense to start and give JLin more minutes once he’s familiar with the system

    Per 36 Minutes
    JLin: 20.6pts/6.3asts/4.8reb with 63% TS%
    DJ Augustin: 14.7 pts/6.3ast/2.8reb with 62.8%

    The main factor would be if Magic is willing to give up 1st/2nd round pick for JLin now or would rather wait until the end of the season when JLin is a Free Agent.

  19. I see DJ went back playing after the ankle injury and scored 26pts but probable for today’s game.

    Eventually JLin should start over DJ if ORL trades for him. But I still don’t know if ORL is willing to give up a 1st or 2nd round pick or would rather wait to compete for JLin’s services in the summer after he’s a Free Agent. At the same time, ATL would find the best deal before Feb 7 so it really depends who’s willing to give the best asset to ATL for Lin/Bazemore/Dedmon

  20. JLIN’s near term future (i.e. next 6 months) is really a likely Two – Step process

    1) Trade to a Contending Team and JLIN helps them Make the Playoffs (GSW or any contending team would be wonderful IMO)

    2) JLIN signs a NEW Contract at season end with perhaps a different team (example If Clifford wants JLIN but for whatever reason ORL doesn’t pull the trigger now … how much more do you think Clifford would want JLIN after seeing JLIN perform great in the NBA playoffs?)

  21. As Feb 7 approaches, both ATL and teams interested in JLIN would get more desperate, after Feb 7 JLIN is essentially worthless to ATL since they no longer have control over him and they are tanking (Wins meaningless).
    This trade rumor from Orlando fansite yesterday.

    Jonathon Simmons could be part of the piece that ATL would relinquish JLIN for, as he plays a similar role
    Orlando Magic Rumors: Jonathon Simmons expected to enter trade market

  22. We are praying that Orlando stays in the playoff hunt, currently at 7th-8th spot because that would indicate their need for JLIN is more acute than if they completely drop out of the playoff race

  23. I agree, but Dray is arguably the heart of the team.. the team will take his antics as sunk costs for his playmaking, defence, and other “intangibles”.

  24. Another poster already stated that commentators say one thing but when a player such as JLIN is on his team, he could alter his view tremendously, using the example of Dominique Wilkins — I recall for years every time JLIN played his Hawks, Wilkins would unmercifully deride JLIN, now he’s one of JLIN’s biggest cheerleaders.

  25. I think they are happy even with just his salary coming off the books. That in and of itself is an asset.

  26. Yes, you’re correct – so I should have said, no additional marginal benefit to ATL post Feb 7, because from the moment BKN traded JLIN to ATL, they did receive the cap space that JLIN occupied at end of this season.

  27. Yeah.. it’s hard for Lin to get a big contract. Semi-skilled big men are paid more than guards. Something like if 18-20M/3years would be fantastic. Many gm’s don’t see his skills for what they are..and at his age, he hasn’t really carved out a niche for himself just yet. Younger guards with lower stats might be signed before him just based on potential. It just takes one team, one gm to believe that jlin can be the guy for their team.

  28. Hope JLIN ends the New Year in spectacular fashion today.

    Continue to make the minutes that ATL allots pay off big:
    1. Turn the tide every time he steps on the floor
    2. Shooting Numbers through the roof
    3. Get teammates involved and show why players love to play with JLIN

    Lloyd Pierce, go ahead and continue to give JLIN 13-16 mins, those minutes have been enough to save this team repeatedly – JLIN anchoring the bench has pulled ATL starters out of the frying pan too many times to count

  29. So it makes me think they might not be as desperate (as we hope) to offload him…. but still praying that they pull the trigger with ORL…

  30. Atlanta Hawks press and fansites mostly have begun to admit to themselves, that they wouldn’t mind keeping JLIN in hopes that ATL then signs him to a lowball veteran minimum perpetual backup to Trae job — that is wishful thinking – it will never happen

  31. Poythress is recalled to the Atlantic Hawks. So, whatever they did with sending him to the G league briefly may have been procedural.

  32. indiana pretty much the best defensive team in the league. (at least recently)
    atlanta pretty much the worst defensive team in the league. (all the time)

    no surprise pacers at home a huge almost 14 point favorite tonite. by far the biggest spread tonite.

    another note: we all know lin is the best performing player in the league not getting to play 20 minutes; but for indiana also sabonis is the best performing player in the league not getting 25 minutes.

    two of the rodney dangerfields of the league. (if yer old enuf to get that reference than yer my people).

  33. Maybe Simmons $6M + 2nd round draft picks might be interesting enough for Atlanta

    It would be very interesting to know how many teams are interested in JLin.

  34. Sabonis is a potential 6th man of the year. He’s a very impressive player and more impactful than Miles Turner in many games I’ve watched of Indiana’s.

    I invite Lin fans to watch other NBA games. Then we can see Lin’s treatment more in the context of the league. Some players are as underutilized as Lin. And I don’t agree with that as much as I don’t agree about Lin. I just care about Lin more since I’m a big fan of his.

  35. JLIN fansite

    JLIN’s stats this season compare only with Curry, Lebron, Giannis, Dinwiddie, and one other guy which I can’t rcall currently… If you find that any of the guys that I list are as treated the way JLIN is then we can talk

  36. Every body getting playing time today ahead of JLIN

  37. Uh on Trae makes a couple Three’s early, you know what that means — the floodgates are open rest of the game

  38. Very true. Orlando is at 9th with the Nets rising behind them and Pistons ahead of them. They have missed playoff since 2012 so they might be motivated to clinch it this season

  39. Lol vince has become a 40 year old chucker

  40. JLIN shooting the Technical foul


  42. Early game at 3:00 p.m. , almost missed it!

  43. Bembry is a bonehead, the entire stadium knew he was gonnat take it all the way.

    2 the other way

  44. Everybody forcing and challenging Pacers bigs like college players, and paying the price

  45. Pierce plays a short lineup against Pacers length and getting destroyed on the boards at both ends and at the rim too

  46. Bench needs a center.

  47. Just dont play Lin anymore for any games and play Trae 35+ Trade Lin since they dont use him for anything when he is on the floor.

  48. Well, Lin, Trae, Len in now.

  49. every play when lin was the point guard was exactly the same: lin brings the ball up, crosses midcourt immediately passes the ball to someone else and never sees the ball again.

  50. Lin playing? could have sworn he wasn’t

  51. looks like LP is trying Lin at SG next to Trae

  52. JLIN shooting 100% and 3pts on just 1 2pt FG shot

  53. Good drive, Lin.

  54. Trae has no mass, no inertia; exceedingly difficult to defend anyone

  55. how is our boy doing other than that lay up?

  56. I’m not a fan of JLIN and Trae playing together, guess Pierce might not be either

  57. Trae pulled out after that quick foul

  58. Well it’s been a whole lot of other players trying things and Lin standing in the corner. except for the last 50 sec

  59. He’s doing fine; some very questionable lineups that exposed weakenesses by Pierce

  60. ok, thanks

  61. I see, thanks

  62. looks like trae 3s are falling today

  63. Trae’s 2 early fouls may put a kink in Pierce’s plans for Trae and JLIN today

  64. Lin out

  65. If they fall late in the game, it’s usually ok.

    If the fall early in the game, it’s usually not a good thing

  66. agreed

  67. Trae actually threw that pass out of bounds directly

  68. Wow Trae gets his 3rd foul, JLIN beneficiary of Trae taking himself out

  69. Trae’s in foul trouble. Now, Lin can relax and then get into his own flow.

  70. 10:08 2Q

  71. Or so you think.

    JLIN plays the way he will play period

  72. JLIN leaning into that short one in the paint, I’m sure he wished he had that one back – and just taken a normal shot

    Pacers length making everyone on ATL think too much

  73. Hawks will go on a run. Lin is getting guys good shots. Should avoid Huerter who is forcing his own shot too much.

  74. Every Hawk thinks they’re a star today, Dorsey shooting every time he touches ball too

  75. Lin is 1/4 FGM so far… next shot will fall

  76. Bogus foul call on JLIN

  77. Lin’s getting into a rhythm now. Not scoring so much but getting the offense organized.

  78. why are you passing the ball to Len LIN!? he isn’t a low post threat and is being guarded by Turner!

  79. Len has the length to go up against Pacer’s bigs

  80. Not against their starters at all.

  81. Sound basketball, IMO. Len had good position.

  82. 2 FT

  83. 2 FT for Lin! 😉

  84. is as good of a low post threat as Drummond is.

  85. Should have been 3 FT but I’m biased

  86. early game wow

  87. started at 3:00 p.m.. I nearly missed it.

  88. Poythress 1 against 5 but got bailed out with a foul

  89. Lin is doing what he does best .. empowering his teammates and softening opposing D as a team

  90. JLIN settles the team down and gets Hawks the lead again – beautiful

  91. lol just got home

  92. Vince chucking like crazy

  93. Lin needs time. Sooner or later the offense settles down and starts taking high-percentage shots when he’s running the team. And he’s a force on defense.

  94. a great floor general!

  95. Pacer’s Threes on fire too

  96. Im looking for trae to play 24 min straight 2nd half

  97. Why? Lin’s getting the job done in keeping the team in the game.

  98. Because this team is coached by Pierce

  99. only played 10 min…gotta get those minutes up to 34!!

  100. had the afternoon off for New Year’s Eve 🙂

  101. shot not falling tonight..well, at least he’s getting some shots up.

  102. Can’t you be positive for once? Lin went in there and the team was up by 1 until that last basket. He’s getting playing time and time to get into rhythm. So, let’s enjoy it while it last.

  103. it will fall keep shooting

  104. Next shot will fall 😉

  105. Trae and his defensive efforts today are an interesting case study- Trae has been making some adjustments that seem to track criticisms of his play.

    Trae has become more judicious with shot selection – he has made an effort to stop chucking ( a huge criticism)

    Trae’s other deficiency is terrible defense – he could be attempting to address THIS topic but he physically does not have the tools to address (unlike simply not taking so many ill advised shots)

  106. Yes. He’s playing D and is a factor. Sometimes impact is scoring, sometimes it is other things.

  107. I’m the most positive poster on this site and I have a track record of it; I happen to also be realistic

  108. That is Heuters CORNER on fire

  109. Indiana is a well-coached team with a lot of weapons. Hawks are doing well by hanging with them.

  110. lin 3 pf damn

  111. Be amazing if Trae gets another couple quick fouls in Q3 – we might have a memorable game today

  112. Bad call.

  113. goaltend? Smh screw these refs.

  114. Lin 3 fouls

  115. Refs are disgusting. 2 bad fouls on Lin and Lin was goaltended. Disgusting.

  116. Trae’s fouls are worth more than JLIN’s fouls (to Pierce) lol

  117. Two were bogus.

  118. geez. …

  119. Despite JLIN’s unspectacular first half stats — it was a wonderful half that saw JLIN keep this game a “game” rather than a blowout

  120. 4/5 3PM!

  121. That’s an obvious goaltend with the ball clearly hitting the backboard first.
    Refs should be ashamed of this obvious non-call!

  122. It’ll be reviewed. But it doesn’t help Lin or the Hawks. That call was obvious.

  123. at least one was bogus!

  124. will it?

  125. Lin played well. No, he didn’t shoot well, but his D was strong and he really organized the team when Trae went out with his second foul.

    Frankly, he needs playing time. To get his passing timing and accuracy, some playing time would help. But, his D was great, he finally got Huerter to play within himself and take easy corner 3s rather than try to create his own shot, he waved off Bembry a few times and he found Len and Collins deep in the paint.

    Lin had only 1 real foul. 2 other fouls were bogus.

  126. I think after the games the referees calls are reviewed. But it won’t be in this game. It’s a blown call.

  127. 2 of the 3.

  128. he wont get the points?

  129. He played well..missed maybe 2 shots he should have hit. good D good passing. Im hoping he’ll play more but he’ll prob play maybe 3-4 min in 3Q and be sat 4Q

  130. The game would be long over

    But they will adjust JLIN’s shooting percentage to not penalize him

  131. No, I don’t think the call will be reversed. They only reverse things like if a shot is a 2 or 3. Or, late in the game, possessions.

  132. He’s playing the best in orchestrating offense, stressing ball movement which becomes contagious, giving confidence to all ATL players if they’re open, he’ll find them and others will pass to them.

    My only concern is drawing charges is so hard on the body, I wish he would think twice about doing so. His head almost hit the floor on the impact :[

  133. I just hope he’ll play more and it is what it is. But, he looked good out there and was robbed by the refs.

  134. He’s so competitive. He just looks to do that and I just don’t see him not doing it. We just have to pray it doesn’t result in a serious injury.

  135. Yeah, it’s not exactly Brook Lopez down there.

  136. Lin’s former Nets teammate Bojan Bogdonavic starts for Pacers
    and Lin has to play from the bench… 🙁

  137. better days are to come

  138. Yes, we sometimes lose sight of how much the 2 BKN injury seasons — completely altered the course of JLINs career …

    … all the more poignant of an effect when we see JLIN currently playing so well

  139. Jeremy is working hard practicing his 3s from top of the keys

  140. Quarter 3 – collapse striking again?

  141. Trae in the right place at right time; that was a boneheaded execution on a 3-1 break

  142. Trae’s too wary about getting his next foul — and the Pacer guards know it

  143. Turner is having a big game, unlike the last game.

  144. So far it looks like the realists could be more correct than the “optimists” about Pierce making up the minutes that Trae sat in first half …

    … lets see, normally JLIN would have been in by now in Q3

  145. Trae 5 turnovers to 5 assists — again smh

  146. Some pretty ugly play by Hawks in the past 5 mins

  147. Team needs offense…LP put some offense in you idiot…seeing your team get torched ffs.

  148. Lin in

  149. i was going to comment on playing trea to much there but im too tired

  150. Yeah, different day, same issue.

  151. 2 FT

  152. JLIN doing his magic, breaking down the defense getting to the line

  153. jseus vince….

  154. Vince thinks he’s Trea

  155. it’s an open shot but he hasn’t even been close …

  156. come on lin…

  157. That was a foul!!!!

  158. That was possibly the first real foul on JLIN in the game

  159. well thats game….Lin needs to step up

  160. Lin’s got to stay on his feet there. Sabonis is too big.

  161. Anytime JLIN is on the floor, we have a chance — if Pierce pulls JLIN for Trae all Q4 then this is likely over

  162. Lin not getting any calls today. again hs driving s different since the back issue

  163. This game is disgusting and the refs are even more disgusting.

  164. Lin out

  165. And of JLIN’s own 4 personal fouls – 3 of them were fake

  166. His explosion will be up and down this season. I think he should go for the midrange shots.

  167. Lin’s former Nets teammate Bojan Bogdonavic starts for Pacers
    and Lin has to play from the bench… 🙁

  168. Lin played 2 min

  169. BTW this game concludes the EVERY Man has started Except for JLIN — even Hamilton got his START today … lol

  170. Injuries. He was starting PG for the Nets but 2 seasons of injuries.

  171. LP is afraid of opening a can of worms LOL

  172. Lin ‘may’ get 1 start at some point but we would rather he be traded before that happen.

    at some point, trae will probably miss a couple games,

  173. Lin in

  174. That $13M+ isn’t much to hire a mentor like JLin.


  176. FIVE PF’s?!

  177. Refs have to be investigated this game.

  178. This is so convenient for Pierce, he had no intention of playing JLIN anyway to make up for Trae’s missed 1st half mins — JLIN’s fouls can be his excuse

  179. Another game where Trae is playing very well and Lin has not. 3 in a row. Lin has been in a slump lately that hasn’t been helped by crappy, biased refs.

  180. Trae has played anything but well he has 7 TO

  181. Trae’s been ok. His shot is falling. But he has a lot of TOs this game. Lin played pretty well, IMO, in that he got the team to play smarter during the first half. His shot just isn’t falling and he was robbed by the refs. But he took 6 foul shots, 1 a tech.

    Lin didn’t play as well as November or great lately. But, it’s a matter of time before he breaks out. LP needs to play him longer with Trae. I like them together when Lin is deciding to be a co-facilitator.

  182. Good thing I didn’t purposely waste time to watch this game. I knew they were gonna lose

  183. He played heavy minutes. John Collins,Huerter even more. It is going to be risky.

  184. Somtimes Bembry plays well. That was a nice pass to Collins off the drive.

  185. Trae 7 assists and matching whpping 7 turnovers

  186. Make that 8 turnovers

  187. LP, put Lin in. Why not?

  188. So again, Lin is benched for the 4Q –
    it’s becoming a pattern of his assigned PT with this tanking team. 🙁

  189. Forget, just noticed how much time is left.

  190. Please trade lin.. its not fun to watch.

  191. Of course Pierce can blame JLIN’s personal fouls this time

    KA would routinely play JLIN to game close with 5 fouls

  192. hopefully this funk doesnt last long

  193. Im not a religious person at all but if there is any justice in the basketball World or if there are any basketball Gods up there make something happen please.

  194. Lin didn’t have the December he had in November but the important thing is he’s only missed 4 games or so of the 36 games played and he’s going into the new year ready and able.

    Do not lose faith, folks. Lin has it. He’ll get his. I can’t tell you what game but he’ll get on a hot streak again. He just needs to be healthy. And he is. And he’ll get his. Keep the faith.

  195. he was in foul trouble and his shot wasn’t falling…he simply had a bad game shooting…he got 20 minutes which i a lot since he’s only been averaging like 17 minutes this month.

    we still should hope for a trade

  196. too bad LP doesn’t play Lin more when his shot is falling…he got 20 minute today but didn’t shoot well.

  197. this is how seasons go especially for player off the bench. not playing long enough to get out of it. cliff used to say even i Lin doesn’t score he plays well. this is true but hopefully this funk will be gone soon.

  198. it has nothing to do with how lin is playing but what trea is doing.

  199. I think if Lin has a good shooting game, he then catches fire for that game. Sometimes, he’ll have that for 3-5 games.

  200. I think it is a combo of both. He’s beginning to try the Trae/Lin lineup more. But still hasn’t really had it in for an extended period of time.

  201. yea. the shooting funk is not an issue. i was more concerned the 2 games before where lin didnt seem to want to play offense. this is all caused by the back injury. he will break out of it. the leg strength issue is still there though.

  202. If there was a just Basketball God then JLIN would have never been injured in BKN

  203. It’s rehab. Hayward is also up and down physically. The hits Lin takes doesn’t help either, including the offensive fouls he loves to draw. Baze loves to draw tech fouls, Lin loves to draw offensive fouls.

  204. i guess you cant have 2 redemption seasons in basketball…Rose having a great season after injuries…When will Lin get his huh?

  205. lmao. that last foul was deserved. ln ran n there tryig to draw……a charge lol. thats lin

  206. late this season and next season providing he has his health.

  207. it took rose while

  208. Lin’s PT this game: (per
    1Q 5:25
    2Q 10:08
    3Q 3:17
    4Q 0:00

    I counted 18:40, but the box score says he played 20 minutes. ???

  209. 2 of the 5 were deserved, IMO.

  210. i like your positivity about Lin but im all but gone really when it comes to it. Guy doesn’t get a fair shot. way too many seasons your excited only to be back right where it always started.

  211. I do not believe that coach LP uses a merit system to assign Lin’s PT.

    It hinges on mostly Young’s performance.

  212. dont think it will take lin that long. his speed is already there. his offensive still is already for less contact. id say next year and late this year as well. mostly next year as he can work on his body longer

  213. This is just ONE game folks – I’ve already forgotten about it (and I never get hung up about Pierce allotting Playing Time; PT is out of anyone’s control – especially JLIN’s control)

    1) Wasn’t great (wasn’t awful in that JLIN did so much to calm the team down in First Half.)

    2) We got no lucky breaks whatsoever especially from the Refs and ZERO coaches on Pierces bench to advocate for JLIN

    3) Perhaps Trae shot a bit better today, but I guarantee his other metrics only further hurt him (8 TOs nearly 50% of teams total)

    4) Perhaps the worst officiated game for our man JLIN that I’ve seen in years

  214. Jesus only loves Lin in this role. Not in the Brooklyn role.

  215. Additionally I refuse to blame JLIN’s back strain or rehab or whatever — because when JLIN has a great game I won’t use that as an excuse the other way either.

    JLIN is going to play the way he plays – sometimes the ball bounces your way all the time; sometimes not

  216. I’m excited to watch Lin play after a really horrendous injury. I vowed I wouldn’t take his health for granted. No, the situation isn’t that great in terms of playing time in Atlanta but that’s temporary. Let Lin rehab and pick his spots. The big picture is Lin’s health and Lin excelling when he gets his chances and when he’s ready. I’m not responsible for others and Lin isn’t either. If we harp on that we get nowhere. The real significant thing, and I say this as someone who has dealt with discrimination, is to make your mark even with people trying to put you down. Lin has done that and he isn’t finished doing it.

  217. Sometimes the official scorer gets it wrong

  218. Lin was not a MVP, NBA will not be as forgiven to Lin as to Rose

    Lin HAS TO be at least twice as good as Rose to get a redemption.

    This is what I hate about NBA, the discrimination is STRONG

  219. After back-to-back DNP-CDs in Q4 of two straight games I know many fans are dejected, but to me NOTHING has really changed …

    … JLIN is still shooting close to 50%/40%/83% (stupendous – his minutes are less relevant)
    …. and most Importantly a TRADE is coming

  220. If Jlin plays well enough to get ORL into the playoffs and maybe improves their position his value to them and others should increase greatly improving his options to, hopefully a starting job. I don’t see why he should not be able to start somewhere as I believe Steve Nash was 30 when he went to PHX and won 2 MVP’s.

  221. Lin took shots and 7 foul shots in let’s say 19 minutes. One of Lin’s foul shots was a technical.

    Does Lin take enough shots?

    Collison: 7 shots in 29 minutes with in 29 minutes. 3 free throws.
    Trae: 10 shots in 30 minutes with 0 free throws.
    Corey Joseph: 4 shots in 24 minutes with 2 free throws.

    Seems Lin did shoot enough in this game.
    Lin 10 minutes less than Trae. (was in foul trouble but this is the usual case regardless)
    Joseph 5 minutes less than Collison.

    Sabonis had 27 minutes but Miles Turner had a broken nose injury in the 3 or 4Q. He scored 20 points on 7-12 shots.

  222. I think the “funk” has a name and it’s initials are LP

  223. Why? LP was the coach when Lin was hot in November. LP doesn’t make Lin miss shots.

  224. The worse thing that could happen is ATL breaks down TY due to overuse and they keep JLin for the season. Then JLin has to play for a tanking team with a tanking coach getting instructions based on tanking. Then they trade Baze, Dedmon and then what!

  225. No, but LP does give instruction and I think instructions have changed from then until recently. Unless JLin is injured and it is affecting his playing, as a veteran and with his history I don’t believe the fall off in his production and his play is due to him being “hot” or “cold”. Problem is we don’t know but inquiring minds would like to know

  226. Years

  227. Our support for Lin as fans does not change,

    what changed is our joy in watching his games
    due to the sporadic or unpredictable PT and full-quarter benching.

  228. that’s what I have been saying
    lin needs to win a championship with him at the helm to get any redemption.
    heck, maybe he needs 2 championships with him helping big to get any redumeption..

    it’s like a black guy having to do and proof they are twice as good if they are in the medical field.

  229. I wrote my opinion on this. I don’t think we know what plays LP is running or if they’re being executed and such. I think Lin is in a funk that has nothing to do with LP. But it is relatively mild. I don’t credit LP when Lin plays well or blame him when Lin plays less well because whatever he’s doing, I personally think isn’t that different.

  230. A Hawks fan on their message board explained that from Schlenk interview, they might decide to keep Lin if they can’t get a first round pick or a decent young prospect in return.

    the explanation is that Hawks may value the cap space that will be created once Lin’s contract expires and if Lin is traded, they certainly will have to take in additional years on a contract.

    Now, I do hope Lin is traded and his agent peacefully let them know, but there’s a chance they may keep him for the sick of Trae.

  231. For Lin’s sick, I hope it doesn’t take that long because it will be hard for him to get a good contract with a good team willing to guaranty him 25 minute per game.

    I don’t believe he’s way off his previous self..he’s in the 90’s%..he just had a bad shooting night, that’s it.

  232. I don’t agree simply because Keeping the Cap Space is almost a given under multiply scenarios, ATL could:

    a) could engineer a trade to preserve that cap value through trading for an expiring player just like JLIN; said new player would be likely 23-27 yo which gives them the option to at least evaluate whether this guy that fits their youth is a better fit or not
    $$$-$$$$$ ( if they get lucky with a good youngster)

    b) and/or gaining equivalent value in draft picks or cash
    $$$-$$$$$$$ (if they hit the jackpot using the traded for draft pick)

    c) package a multiplayer deal while JLIN is unquestionably the hottest non-starting PG in the NBA with Baze/Dedmon/Prince whoever and get someone like that would definitely fit their future plans
    $$$-$$$$$$$ (could land a Fultz, Lonzo Ball who knows)

    d) don’t trade JLIN (I have never bought in that JLIN mentors/Trae wants to be mentored by JLIN because there is simply no evidence) to keep a “Stop the Bleeding” point guard for a team that doesn’t care about wins
    ZERO-ZIP-NADA but the CAP SPACE which they can have thru a) or b) with potential for much more value

    Most unlikely scenario is Schlenk hopes JLIN would sign a new contract with ATL as a long-term insurance policy PG (ala CHA $2M/yr) – but that assumes JLIN is a fool; no chance JLIN ever signs with ATL

  233. I might add, NBA teams face this issue constantly and more often than not if they respect that a veteran player has faithfully played for a non-contending team, and that player expresses his wish to continue his career for a contender so he can get exposure for his next contract, most honorable organizations will oblige

  234. Lin is at least as good as John Wall, but the treatment Lin received has been drastic comparing to Wall.

  235. “Does Lin take enough shots?”
    The only person that can answer that question is …

    …. JLIN FANs? NO WAY


    … that question can only be answered by Pierchlenk – YES

  236. jlin7 (IG) Happy New Year!!! So much change, so many highs and lows, but 2018 will always be the year where I got back up on my feet! God is good and so is my knee. We all have SO much to be grateful for…going to spend 2019 reminding myself of those things in hopes of keeping the right perspective! Happy new year, love my fans!

  237. Lin has been the glue guy for a team and he help his teammates develop. He is a really good player with good character. Just figure how the Hawks would be with Schroder instead of him. Lin deserves every dollar he is receiving from the team.

    Lin fans like me think Lin deserves a bigger role because this team seems to put excessive emphasis to make its young players look good at the cost of their veterans like Lin. Lin must leave this team which is a black hole for his talent.

    Of course, the Hawks wants to keep Lin at a lower cost with a smaller role. This will help the development of the Hawks. But Lin’s reputation will be at jeopardy with the kind of arrangements he has received from LP.

    There are many of us who want Lin to shake the dust off his shoes and bid the Hawks farewell not without a reason. We love to see the result of the Hawks’ star development program without Lin. When Lin, or perhaps Dedmon and Bazemore all gone, we can see what the team is really made of.

    Pray Lin will have another chance to shine in NBA. Happy New Year.

  238. It took reunion with past coach from Bulls for Rose to make a come back as backup PG. Starting some games due to injuries got him that 50+pt game.

    Only MDA would ever give that type of green light to Lin, no one else who plays poltics will.

  239. When JLin says he hopes to keep the right perspective it says to me that he is not happy, with I believe the way he is being used. Not that he thinks he is playing badly, but by the way he is being used. That said, he is happy to be healthy. Happy New Years to all the JLin fans here, you have been great to speculate with! Thanks to Psalm for this site and doing a great job moderating his site

  240. As you hinted, I wouldn’t be surprised if the Hawks tries to convince Lin to stay at lower cost under 10-15 minutes…but for this, Lin’s stats needs to fall since I could see a team taking a look at his statistics + minutes and still offer Lin a $10M a year contract.

  241. Should Lin consider strongly sacrificing half of his 12M this year to get a buy-out from the Hawks so he could choose his preferred team just like Austin Rivers who’s getting 30+ minute per game?

    The logic for this is that Lin could sign with Orlando and get a better chance of winning another $10M contract this summer because of more minutes as oppose to 18 minute in ATL.

    I don’t know whether this is something Lin would want to do but if he’s confident in himself, he should get that money back.

    Staying with the Hawks under low minutes “could” eventually see his current stats start falling which would mean a lesser chance to get another $10M+ per contract during free agency

    I don’t think the Hawks will buy him out unless he’s willing to give up half of the $12M…I’m guessing Lin will get half of his $12M by February.

  242. Keep in mind that whatever money Austin Rivers sacrificed to get his buy-out, if he plays well for Houston and get into the playoff and than proceed in playing well in the playoff, he could guaranty himself more money than he gave up for the buy-up.

  243. I hope the Hawks will oblige and let Lin go.

    I do prefer a buy-out now because I fear a team like Golden Stae trading for Lin…Lin would only be a luxurious PG for them playing 12-15 minute and I doubt he’ll get a big contract simply because he played 15 minute on a championship team.

    Swaggy P surely didn’t get a contract after winning a ring with Warriors..he’s currently out of the league now.

  244. it becomes too obvious whhen commentator freely says that 4th Q belongs to JLIN that LP wants to change this impression to let TY plays and erase that notion and still winning..but what a waste of talent there when the team has a chance and they know whom to rely!

  245. in looking at the Hawks record and trae and heurter recent solid play, it seems unlikely hawks will finish bottom 3. not sure what that means to Lin if anything but given his 13.5 million contract, a buyout seems more likely than a trade. Lin has only played three seasons on playoff teams. all his other seasons have been about tanking. the most unfortunate one being Brooklyn.

  246. he is still in a recovery year. so i doubt he will buyout.

  247. lin is still playing and playing good despite environment. I believe retiring is still not on his plans for he came back the same way he’s playing before but more mature and more efficient. He plays aggressive when he is empowered and play safe when he knows he’s not being utilize intentionally. UNLESS there’s an ailment he cant bear, i think he will play for at least four more years or for his last contract come next season. Pension pay can wait for i like to see jeremy palys for more!

  248. theres no reason the hawk buys out Jlin’s contract because it still beneficial for them having Jlin. its now in JLIN’s process to ask for a buyout, UNLESS Jlin himself found a team that will get him later ,that a buyout is in the making for him sans a trade. Hawk maybe wishing for a deal that they think will garnered them benefits otherwise, use him in whatever purpose it serve them better until he walk.

  249. Should the Hawks buy out Lin’s contract, Lin would be free to play for any team that wants him. The list would be longer than you think.

  250. Lin is still rehabilitating and he is still not at his full strength after such a serious I. Look at Andre Robertson of the Thunder. Rehab after such an injury is be no means easy.

    Lin is developing his body and it is still not the time to play him heavy minutes. I would think Lin should take his time to allow his body adjusting to the NBA schedule.

  251. As long as there is competition for Lin’s service, Lin won’t have to be undersold.

  252. I don’t think LP really wants Jeremy Lin on his roster for more than 1 season. The way he handled Lin’s playtime shows us that he only uses Jeremy to accommodate the needs of his young players. After this season, he will get rid of Lin for young players on the draft. I’m sure about this.

    Lin will be a free agent after this season. Why would he want to go back to Atlanta as a back up of rookies?

  253. It seems to me that even Lin has just recovered from his serious injury, his health condition is still better than some players on the team.

  254. Jeremy Lin Highlights – Hawks at Pacers 12/31/18

    How can the ref miss the obvious goal tending?

  255. Lin doesn’t have the time to wait a full year of rehab..Lin himself stated he was 90-95% and that was a month ago…

    I think the guy is fine to me..He simply need more minute to fully be fit..All this small minute makes it worse for his body.

    As for last game, he just had a bad shooting game, nothing else..I don’t think it has nothing to do with him still being way off.

  256. Game Flow:

    (I think this game, yet again, as always, and all over again, proved that JLin has to be “hidden” among the starters / closers / best talent and weapons any given team has to deploy, because despite how terrible his individual box score stats were this game, he, and Hawks, looked terrific in Q2 when Trae picked up his third foul, so Lin put in role he should always be in. And lasting image of game is how three black dudes (Lloyd Pierce, one of his assistant coaches, and Vince Carter, jumped up to defend Lin vigorously when ref missed the goal tend right at end of second quarter, which should have given Hawks a 2 point lead, and may have also prevented Miles Turner’s three pointer in transition that resulted from the supposed “miss” right at the rim)


    Game Flow:

    “Lin showcased what Bryant described as “the blueprint for how he should continue to play. “You have to be able to assert yourself, especially with a team I’m playing on. I don’t want chumps and I don’t want pushovers. If you’re a chump, I will run over you.”

  258. Jeremy didn’t sleep well. Game was early


    D’Antoni didn’t initially believe in JLin, just like Belichick with Tom Brady, and Eagles still with Nick Foles:

    Lin: ( )

    Brady: ( )

    Foles: ( )

    “It’s just another form of a play-action pass with a more authentic play fake,” Baldinger said. “It’s just difficult to know how to react. It’s freezing these guys. It froze [Vikings safety] Harrison Smith the other day. I saw it freeze [Cowboys linebacker] Sean Lee. Those are good football players who really weren’t sure [what to do].”

    ➡️ /


  260. Agree completely. It is a difficult decision to nurse your body when you are 30 y.o. and playing for the next contract but he knows his body, not us. Andre Roberson might be a good example of someone trying to come back too early, but each individual is different

  261. Those games where Jlin plays 3 or 4 minutes then sits for long periods of time don’t seem to be a good way to “play”

  262. I just don’t agree with that. I think LP has Lin now, likes his veteran leadership, and is promoting younger players as much as possible. It’s not like it’s a conscious effort to stop Lin more than Lin has the role he has on the team and that’s that.

  263. True, but MDA went to Lin and gave him the freedom and green light to play of his life! MDA was wiling to let Lin win for them rather than losing. So many teams and coaches would rather lose than let Lin be the hero! MDA a great coach. It’s too bad Lin isn’t on the same team as him. Defenseless and shot chucker Harden will never get them anywhere.

    Every career has politics and agenda. Didn’t know Foles started because of another player’s injury. Is he still starting this season? Only watched the superbowl last year and Foles was definitely the reason why they won! Of course they had a great catcher as well. Foles did really smart and risky plays that got them the championship.

  264. Not good for his muscles and body either.

  265. Rehab takes the time it takes. Look at Hayward.

    He is not 90-95 percent. That’s obvious. Some days he looks strong, other days you can see he’s not back yet. Study any player coming back from a major injury and they need at least a season to get back to peak form. Lin’s nowhere near peak form now.

  266. Pension? The guy is 30 y.o. having already earned over $50M. Unless he does a Latrell Sprewell and blows through over $100M like Sprewell did he is set for life. When I was 30 y.o. I thought pension? That’s for “old people” Lol. Well here I am. Need you youngsters to keep paying into Social Security, lol *not*

  267. Hmmm, I am beginning to see some aspects of “pessimism” on this board for Jlin’s career going forward. Mention of “buyout” and “pension and retirement”,!! What? I admit I have moments of doubt myself, not in the playing ability of JLin and especially in his best trait of making others better by the ability of FO’s to see only Jlin’s age and recent injuries overshadowing his obvious talents. Well, it is what it is, and I still think that things will work out well for him and us fans. One trade to anew environment, a few good games and this ATL tanking phase of his career will be over and this dull period will be in the rear view mirror. Bring on 2019,

  268. I agree. Lin has to just play 60 games or so to show GMs that he’s not injury prone anymore. He’ll have great games, heck he had a great November.

    What’s important to me is that Lin has support in Atlanta and encouragement. So, his minutes and role aren’t the greatest, but it’s not toxic like Houston or LA. Compare the Houston announcers like Clyde Drexler to Dominque Williams. There’s no comparison. Compare the press. His press is pretty positive vs. other teams. There are positives if we look at them.

    Lin needs to be lucky and careful and his future is there in the NBA if he stays healthy this season. IMO, Lin got paid $24 million to play 37 games for the Nets, so I’m not worried about money. Lin makes a ton of money off investments and endorsements. Money is not an issue for Lin who doesn’t seem to be the irresponsible and wasteful type. So, if Lin can make 60 plus games this season healthy, his prospects look good. We need to see the big picture, not game to game, and not thinking everyone is against Lin. I don’t think that’s the case, they just have a developing team in Atlanta and Lin is not a part of the long-term. But he can rehab and have big moments in Atlanta anyway. He’s already had a few big moments.

  269. Just briefly, I keep reading that a trade will result in a better situation. Wasn’t that supposed to happen with the Nets in Lin’s free agency? That he’d have his own team with a coach that loves him and become the starting PG star? Did that happen? Didn’t we complain that Lin wasn’t used as the PG and KA’s system didn’t use Lin right? And won’t we still have the same problems with refs wherever he goes in the NBA?

    This idea that things must be better elsewhere is a mistake we continue to make. We should have learned our lesson by now. A new team means a new set of problems. He may play more, but doesn’t mean he’ll get touches. That doesn’t mean he won’t have an impossible teammate to deal with, or selfish one like Harden to deal with. Or one that doesn’t play D and Lin is overextended on D. It doesn’t mean we’ll be satisfied. And if we are continuously dissatisfied where’s the problem? I think with us. I think having expectations of something that doesn’t exist in the NBA will make us forever dissatisfied with any situation Lin is in.

    So we have a choice. It’s 2019. We can see the positive anywhere he goes and that he’s on the floor is a blessing. Or we can see all of the issues and hope for something better elsewhere until Lin’s career is over. If Lin stays a Hawk, he has some positives here. If he goes elsewhere, they’ll be positives there. But they’ll never be no negatives or issues on a team. Seeing the positives isn’t settling. Progress is slow. Lin is still a trailblazer but I don’t see the problems with his treatment by the NBA ending in his career. So let’s look for where it is less and see that as a success perhaps.

  270. Ugh…

  271. Lin has just learned new ways of using his body for his game like Steve Nash from Fortius Sport and Health. He will need time to blend what he learnt in real games. He will get stronger as time goes. His improvement is incremental. LP constantly poses new challenges to him. He is getting help from the bench as more players gets injured.

    The tough situations won’t kill him but makes him stronger. After that he will be fully rehabilitated to Linsanity 2.

  272. The idea you described that things must be better elsewhere is not a mistake.Things were better at a starting pg for the Nets. Despite complaints about usage, it was still the best situation overall, and it would’ve turned out very differently had he not gotten the injury bug. So I don’t think it’s a mistake to think things can be better elsewhere. I don’t know whether it is better for Lin to get traded soon or wait until free agency because that decision depends on the behind-the-scenes information that we don’t have. However, the mistake is in that thinking wishing for a trade is rejecting all the positive that have come. Wishing for a trade or not, as Lin fans, it doesn’t mean that we’re not appreciative of the fact his knee has recovered, nor does it it be we blindly think things must get better via trade, only that we are hopeful for better situations. I think it’s more fun for us to nitpick over the nuances of a starting role, over whether he gets to play more than 15 minutes on some nights. I see complaining here as a sign of hope, otherwise these forums will become empty real fast.

  273. Btw, I was in Brooklyn when Lin was in there, and now I’m Atlanta and Lin made his way here too. I still train and play basketball regularly (and I might do some things better than Lin, but only because I’m older than him haha), talk sports with fans at bars, and attend the games when I can. I can tell you Lin was much, much more respected in Brooklyn than he is here. Most casual fans that come to the games don’t even know that he was injured or anything that happened after Linsanity really. And these fans are the ones that the NBA cares about because the NBA first and foremost is a business. And it is a business of making stars, and there is already a tried and true template for that. If you want to see Lin really play his game, then the refs have to call the game fairly and more often than a blue moon.

  274. Tell us where you are going to be next season and we will know where Lin will be. 🙂

  275. Great response. I appreciate your counterpoint. Thanks.

    Go Lin and stay healthy.

  276. I hope something can be done about the refs. They’ve been corrupt a long time. That last game was tough to watch in how they took Lin out of the game.

  277. Thanks for the info. Your reporting fits with what I have thought for a long time, that the NBA, while having fantastic young athletes, was built to be an entertainment industry, not an athletic endeavor. People dunking all the time, mostly when they don’t need to, swinging front rims, throwing fancy passes when a solid pass will do, blatantly allowing traveling, palming, discriminatory refereeing are all contrived to lure in the most and lowest common denominator of “fans”. Even the 3 point line, which Coach Popovich calls a circus was made to entertain fans, not enhance the game. I have not watched or followed NBA ball for years now. I don’t go out to bars anymore nor populate places where “fans” congregate. Maybe the current condition of the sport is in disfavor with old vets like me, because it is a circus and not an athletic contest. Maybe this is also why a true athlete and sportsman who tries to instill team play like Jlin is unknown and has a lesser appeal, but this is also his appeal to so many others in the minority viewing audience. It is this circus atmosphere that allows a travesty like “tanking” to be legitimated by calling it a “process”. I had thought, naively, that Jlin’s style of team basketball could spark a resurgence of the sport back to its true athletic origins, but I no longer think so. Us fans, not just of Jlin, but of true sports, can only hope that he survives and thrives and can show people what the athletic spirit is truly about. Otherwise, the NBA is just more bread and circuses. I yield my soapbox.

  278. I won’t subscribe to League Pass and even on the two occasions when ATL was on TV I didn’t watch. I look to this site for the clips and read the comments of people who post here. I find I don’t miss a thing, and actually I enjoy the NBA through this method more than watching the circus. Of course as an AA I have a great interest, in fact my primary reason for even paying attention. Nothing will be done about the refs because the quality of fans does not even know bias is occurring on a regular basis. They just want to see meaningless monster dunks and posturing and flexing.

  279. — sorry to be so blunt — ******** JLIN was INJURED *********

    Everything that happened in BKN was a RESULT of JLIN’s injury – I will not rehash history we all know, but I still believe TODAY had JLIN NOT BEEN INJURED he would be the KING of NYC right now.

    JLIN has another chance because his game is as great as it’s ever been – END of STORY

  280. I’m not pessimistic at all — for some reason most fans thought Pierchlenk would “come around” when they saw JLIN produce — I never had that expectation, I knew this was a “Development” tanking team from the moment I understood Pierce and Schlenk’s background — but I DIDN’T CARE because I knew if JLIN could prove to US and HIMSELF that he could still play post-Injury — that ATL would just be a stepping stone — and that is exactly what it is.

  281. Usually Players don’t opt-in this early in the season, but if true it at least allows ATL to calculate what they have in terms of personnel and cap space next season if they DO NOT Trade some vets like, Baze, JLIN, Dedmon. ATL now has more information to digest for a trade.

    NBAReport: Kent Bazemore leaning towards opting into $19.3 million player option for 2019-20

  282. Here’s another random pundit, who predicts JLIN is traded to San Antonio Spurs
    NBA Trade Deadline Targets
    Jeremy Lin could serve as a valuable back-up point guard if a contender comes calling. With a $12.5M expiring contract, Atlanta will explore trading him or potentially buying him out. Trae Young is the team’s future at the position.

    Prediction: San Antonio Spurs

  283. If Bazemore is injured and will be out for least 2 weeks, ATL will most likely trade Lin first as teams interested in Bazemore will have to re-conisder and look at other options.

  284. Baze has a routine ankle sprain, these happen 100 times a season – if someone wants Baze they won’t think twice about something so minor, it’s less than inconsequential

  285. Injuries occur most frequently in San Antonio. I really don’t think Lin should take the risk of going there.

  286. Yes, you got a point. But sometimes injuries have complications. Not a medical expert. Just saying.

  287. just what i said, IF theres a team willing to absorbe JLIN after the buy out, then i believe lin will try it (with factor to consider, if he like the team and there will be a chance for him to play with minutes consideration) otherwise a trade can be waited by jeremy.

  288. JLIN is 100% healthy and he has said so in the Media in the past two weeks — and JLIN will maintain his health to the best of his ability and he does NOT require any individual trainer or medical staff to maintain his health.

    Healthy 100%

  289. A good trainer is almost helpful to players on the team. Look at Brooklyn Nets. Ever since they changed their trainer, injuries occurred so often to their star players that really hurt the team. Good trainers tend to keep players on court more often.

  290. Chelsea Lane has nothing to do with JLIN’s health preparation … she neither helps nor harms JLIN because JLIN will NOT ALLOW a trainer to dictate his physical conditioning any longer…

    … JLIN has empowered himself to CONTROL his own fitness after 2 yrs of injury, he will no longer take advice from NBA team trainers over his own experts.

    JLIN is not afraid of San Antonio Spurs Trainer and Training Staff

  291. I remember that matinee games especially in Charlotte, JLIN wasn’t at his best either …

    … it’s not an excuse because occasionally every player plays matinees, but JLIN is a rigorous game-day routine preparer and perhaps there is a correlation

  292. I know Jlin also uses acupuncture and maybe other forms of TCM. I am familiar with Qigong and other forms of energy medicine and would be curious to know if he uses those also. Whatever the case, from what I have seen in videos he seems to move about as fast as he ever has though he seems to runs more upright and I think he got this running posture from Fortius. He still sacrifices his body a lot especially on defense, but the doesn’t seem to charge leading with his head as much into the basket. He said he would not change his aggressive approach to the game and from what I have seen he has not. Though 30 y.o. he is just approaching the ages where Steve Nash won 2 MVP’s.

  293. Popovich, though I have no proof, does not seem to be interested in Jlin. I have never heard or read any comments by Pop either way, though one would think his and Jlin’s basketball philosophies would mesh nicely. SAS are getting old as is Pop and wouldn’t be surprised if this is not his last year. I am a little older than Pop so have an idea of the burden of being his age. Plus his reference to the 3 point shot as being “circus” might indicate the game, or circus, is passing him by.

  294. The last Spurs championship was won on 3 point shots against the Miami. The Spurs is a shrewd organization. They only would let you know when making the offer.

  295. Atlanta can only be a stepping stone for 1 season.

  296. Not according to what we observe. Chelsea Lane followed Lin’s injury quite closely. She has a lot of leverage within the organization.

  297. So are you saying JLin would be welcomed by SAS as a 3 point shooter?

  298. The effect of acupuncture is only temproary. I have tried it for months.
    Lin has worked on muscles that he didn’t use much. This will open up a new era for him.

  299. I’m hoping for a straight up buy out…not a fan of the spurs for Lin.

    Orlando is now top choice…Miami second…Wizard is third…

  300. San Antonio if decides to act will preempt all of the above.

  301. I think you’re giving way too much credence and credit to Chelsea lane.

    guys get hurt under her as much as other medical staff personnel….so far, only Trae hasn’t suffered any injuries

    the idea that Lin must stay in Atlanta because of one medical girl is overblown.

  302. 3 point shooting is not unfamiliar to the Spurs. Patty Mills is a very good 3 point shooter. JLin’s strength is at both ends of the court and he is versatile enough to play both SG or PG. His defense is most underrated. JLin is just what the Spurs needs right now; a veteran who fits in immediately with all the teammates.

    JLin is most familiar with the offense and Defense of the Spurs. His career highs are on the Spurs.

  303. Guys all come back from injury and perform well. Injuries are unavoidable in NBA but full recovery is manageable with good trainers. Chelsea Lane is a very good trainer.

  304. Well said.

    Joining Brooklyn Nets was the right decision..Injury simply destroyed his big chance at proving people he was more than just a “decent back-up PG” like everybody regards him as.

    We’ll thankful Lin has been playing even on low-minutes, but now, we feel it’s time to look for better things and more minutes.

    Lin has stated he’s very close top 100% and to me, he clearly look a bit depressed his minute has no chance for improvement as long as he’s backing up Trae Young.

    Now is the time for a trade which is unlikely to make things worse as for minutes and playing for a better team.

  305. San Antonio have 2 young guys that are playing decently + they have Patty Mills at the back-up spot.

    They may still trade for Lin but I don’t see it..I don’t think Pop is that high on Lin and he’s a very loyal guy…Bringing Lin in will mean even less minute for Patty Mills and Bryn Forbes.

  306. Too bad she can’t “train” referees
    Speaking of refs, has JLin ever gotten a technical? Maybe it’s time to throw a tantrum and shake up the old image

  307. If you want to give credit to anyone for Lin coming back and shooting well, give it to the guys he rehabbed with in Vancouver/Canada while he was hurt with Brooklyn… Fortuis group..not sure their name..

    Lin shouted-out a trainer on the Fortius group and he apparently gave them the credit for his rehab and coming back strong…

    Lin never said much about Chelsea Lane because he knows she’s just a medical personnel..

  308. Happy New Year fans!
    To be honest, I never expected Lin to be traded. My reasons are very simple:
    There was no team that truly values Lin’s game. Nets was the best place so far but even so, Lin was not their top choices. KA mentioned that in a interview, plus his contract says it all. Now other teams will have way more hesitation in Lin due to his injury.

    On the other hand, Hawks won’t let Lin go easily. I think they slowly learned how much value Lin can bring to the whole team especially to those youngsters. I don’t think they are that stupid to expect another veteran PG in the NBA that can help them like this. Who knows they might be… At least for now, the way how they used Lin seems like a long term relationship within the season. I wouldn’t even surprised that Hawks offer a cheap contract after this season like what Hornets did.

    Put all these aside, I still think Hawks is the best place for Lin so far. Lin needs a lukewarm place to learn his new body and new game. Hawk does offer this – no fear of losing + limited minutes with more quality minutes. If you put Lin into another playoff chasing team, I am not so sure if Lin’s body can take it. Lin was more aggressive in Nov and I think he was over confident in his body and went back to his old style in some games. Rolled ankle plus recent lower-back issue gave him a red flag again. Many fans don’t like how Lin played in some games. I would think otherwise though, I believe that shows the growth in Lin’s maturity as an athlete.

    “Let game come to you instead of imposing your own will to the game”. I think Lin’s own word explains how he plays right now, what he meant was probably not just the game alone, very likely, he is talking about his role in the team. He becomes more like an outstanding executioner or manager in the corporate to get things done in company’s interest instead of his own interest. As a result, this will elongate Lin’s career in the NBA and his health. I guess…

  309. wrote up a stats report but did it in the wrong place and not worth trying to transfer it– short version

    1. lin not good last 3 games
    2. lin worse in dec than in nov and worse last 3 games than dec as a whole
    3. young better with dramatically reduced useage
    4. lin still top 6 in all offensive efficiency categories on season; d.j. augustin who many lin fans want lin to go join in orlando has also moved into that range.
    5. on season young, colin sexton, russell, ball, westbrook still least efficient offense point guards.
    6. still: no one in the nba scoring as much as lin per game with as few a minutes.
    7. ie: once more lin finds himself in the familiar position of being the best player in the league who doesn’t get to play. except that “doesn’t get to play” has steadily increased ie. pretty much literally a direct decline year over year in minutes from first season in houston to absolute worst now. 32, 28, 26, 25, 19 or something like that i think.

    one may speculate as to why the first sentence of #7 is true.

  310. I agree with you. Great post. Post more! Happy New Year.

  311. Yes, JLin had a technical. He said Mama Lin was all over him for getting that T. So, I don’t see Lin getting another one anytime soon, lol.

  312. My point was there was a lot of complaining about the Nets here as well. I would hope at some point, there’s the sense that the NBA will never be perfect with Lin utilized to his potential, but there are positives in that Lin makes a difference wherever he goes.

  313. Problem with D’Antoni is we didn’t get to see him use Lin for a very long time. Neither did we get to see whether he’d favor still giving Lin as big a role if another quality PG came along or was traded for by the then GM of the Knicks. tbh, sure, D’Antoni gave Lin free reign but Lin was his best player on the team. Other situations may have revealed parts of D’Antoni we didn’t like.

  314. number of players in the nba getting more minutes per game than lin: 253
    number of players in the nba with as many or more points per game in the same or less minutes per game than lin: 0

  315. disqus_3dTtJF5HoI more

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