G36 Brooklyn Nets (8-27) Need A Win vs Philadelphia 76ers (9-25)


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The Nets desperately need a win to get closer to the 76ers record if they want to shed the label as the owner of the worst record in the NBA but it will not be easy to face Joel Embiid, Nerlens Noel and the 76ers. Embiid had his career-high 33 pts against the Nets at home on Dec 18 so the Nets would need a solid game-plan to slow down Embiid.

The Nets would also need a huge game from Brook Lopez since the Nets record is 1-13 when Lopez does not reach 20pts. Jeremy Lin will miss his 5 straight games and he has not been seen in recent team practice yet so his return could be a while.

ESPN.com Game Preview article:

Lopez scored 17 points Friday, marking the season-high fourth straight game he was held under 20. The Nets are 1-13 when Lopez does not hit 20 and he is shooting 19 of 49 percent, including 4 of 18 from 3-point range in his last four games.

The Nets played their fifth game without Jeremy Lin, who is rehabbing his second left hamstring injury. The Nets are 5-18 when Lin does not play and his absences have resulted in 14 different starting lineups with five different point guards, including Spencer Dinwiddie, who scored seven points in 17 minutes Friday.

“We’ve had some injuries,” Brooklyn coach Kenny Atkinson said Thursday in Indiana. “I think we’re still searching, still looking at different lineups. It’s an ongoing thing. Right now, we’re still looking at guys in roles. When we have our whole roster completely healthy, it will be a little bit easier.”

KEY OF THE GAME: The Nets would need a huge game from Brook Lopez to hit at least 20pts, good defense from other big men like Justin Hamilton, Trevor Booker or even McCullough to slow down Embiid/Noel/Okafor. RHJ’s return would only help.

Let’s hope and pray JLin will recover soon and help the Nets get back on the winning track!

Let’s go, JLin and the Nets! 


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  1. Hope Nets can beat 76 this time.

  2. Should #Nets trade Brook Lopez?
    In 10 gms Brook played with @JLin7, he shot 51.7% with 21.4PPG
    In 22 gms without Lin, he shot worse at 44.4% with 19.3PPG

    Lin simply makes Brook Lopez score higher with better efficiency.
    It will be too early to give up on them

  3. @1mtoldman:disqus raised LeBron’s desire to find a backup PG after trading for Kyle Korver.
    Kyrie was out 3 games with hamstring injury. IMO they won’t look for Lin who’s out with hamstring injuries for 24 games.
    Not sure if this is good or bad news…

    LeBron James has recently spoken about his team’s need for a point guard. According to the Akron-Beacon Journal, James says that his team still have some unfinished business after acquiring Kyle Korver:

    “We still got a couple more things we need to do”, James said. “We got to get a point guard. It’s my last time saying it. We need a point guard. I think that’s the next step. You look at our league, most teams have three point guards. We only have two with Ky and our rook in Kay (Felder).

    “I think just having that security blanket. Every NFL team has three quarterbacks. Having that security blanket in case of a (Derek) Carr. We’ll see what happens, but we’re happy with our team right now.”

  4. The only connection is hamstring. 🙂

  5. and if they can..without lin..while they can’t with lin…guess what ppl will say.

  6. 😀

  7. Lin / LeVert / Booker is the eastern version of Golden State Warriors’ Curry / Thompson / Green
    now, they just need to find a defensive center and small forward

  8. too early
    to put them
    in gsw category
    when they don’t
    even have a
    winning record..
    but a very losing record.

  9. did anyone put them in gsw category? nice try tho

  10. No….I don’t want to see Jlin go back to a backup pg role….never.

  11. Names being talked about are Chalmers and Rondo.

  12. Hamilton is playing better and better on both ends, so does LeVert.

  13. Chalmers is good fit. Rondo? Maybe not…. lol!

  14. Whitehead is a shot blocker. Too many TOs but he has to play through mistakes. Nets playing well. Hamilton’s game is back, the slump was due to his bad contacts presecription. Lopez is much better today. Defense is much better. LeVert looks good. Skil, unfortunately, is struggling and looks like his confidence is down and rhythm is way off. Dinwiddie played well when he was in.

  15. lol is anyone watching this game? thread is so empty

  16. Nets shouldn’t trade anyone until Lin gets back and they see how they play together. Hard to tell what you’ve got without a true starter at pg.

  17. bob is a turn over machine

  18. I agree.

  19. Bench is playing better than the starters, especially at the energy level.

  20. Nets have all sorts of problems in the 2nd half. This game is winnable, and they may lose it.

    Announcer just said Nets playing without Lin 24 out of 36 games.

  21. Offense flows much better when Brook is the playmaker, not Dinwiddie

    Brook and Lin are really the only 2 playmakers in this team.
    This is why Nets have so many droughts.

  22. LeVert may turn into one. He’s not quite there yet.

  23. yes, still very inexperienced

  24. wow.. Nets are coming back.

    Brook’s role in defense is truly underrated.
    He bothered shooters with his length so Nets can get easy points through transition after missed shots.

  25. great pass by Whitehead, great finish by LaVert.

    game tied 82-82 at 8:44 4Q!

  26. Switched hands mid-air. Impressive. And I like Whitehead. He’s very raw, but he makes plays at times.

  27. LeVert has been the 2nd best playmaker.
    Nice dishes to Brook, JHam

  28. Good to see Skil knocking down shots. He was having an awful game.

  29. SKil’s 3 made the Nets regain the lead

  30. Both Brook and LeVert are resting.
    This won’t be good

  31. Brook’s back.

  32. Lopez is back in at 6:04

  33. that’s a good move by KA before they trail a lot again

  34. I agree 100%! Pray that Brook stays with the team!

  35. Booker’s status has been changed from out for the remainder of the game, to available.

  36. I sure hope he does.

  37. Sad, it’s looking like another loss.

  38. And at home, too.

  39. Something wrong with this team. They can only compete for 24 minutes.

  40. TO’s aside…, what happened to Bog’s shooting? 🙁

  41. I know Booker is scoring, but I don’t think he should be playing. He may injure himself further.

  42. Exactly.

  43. Going to be a PG desperate for a ring.

  44. and to the 76ers?

  45. bitter pill, really bad.

  46. 3Q Phi v. Bkn 32-16

    Did the notorious 3Q Blue/Curse come back to Nets? 🙁

  47. Low point of the season. Pathetic

  48. This team is really bad. Nets GM should really do something…. smh! Hate to say this but Morey did good job last summer. His plan B players work well for Rox. smh!

  49. 36 games and this loss is the worst, IMO. What approach can Lin take when he gets back, what goals can he have for the season? I think he should try to get them out of the cellar, and more wins than the 23 they had last season. It’s not the biggest goal in the world, but the team looks pretty bad now. They only have 8 wins. They just don’t play well in the 2nd half most of the time after looking quite good in the first half.

  50. Lin’s goal will be to make this team play competitively every single game and win at least half of the remaining games. That improves the team’s chances of attracting good FA’s.

    The Nets can also play the role of spoiler with 3 more games against their crosstown rivals the Knicks who will be desperate to make the playoff cutoff.

  51. Pathetic is the word.

  52. If Lin had stayed healthy, not only would the Nets be winning a lot more games, but all of the Nets players would have had much better stats. That would have given Marks some assets to try and trade for better talent. People probably don’t even realize how CATASTROPHIC Lin’s 2 hamstring injuries have been to this team.

  53. If Nets can play 0.500 with Lin, that’s an accomplishment.

  54. 1st half, Nets played within flow.

    2nd half, some players began play selfish balls. Bog (well, I think KA gives him a long long leash. He did that since Q1), Dinwinddle, whitehead, and yes, Brook, which i will give him a pass as he is the guy that can make plays.

    TOs, kill Nets. 8 TOs in 1st half. 7 in 3Q and 4Q each. Nets is ranked 1st in TOs, 17.4 per game. This game alone gave up 22. That’s where Nets loss the game.

    A loss to a team ranked 29th in NBA at home, this team is really bad. Again it is on KA.

    Edit: On a plus side, LeVert could be the SG next to Lin. He can shoot and pass and create and play within flow, don’t force things. Hamiton is back. That’s a plus+plus.

  55. I don’t find the players got selfish. IMO, they got more desperate. When the runs start for the opposing team, instead of staying within themselves to get the offense back in gear, they play hero-ball to try to answer shots the other team is making. But it begins on the defensive end. They give up far too many points in the 3Q, and then don’t execute the offense that they executed fine in the first half (for the most part). I see a lot of good ball/player movement and execution on offense in the first two quarters that disappears in the 2nd half of games. And defense becomes more and more disorganized.

    IA about TOs, and they come in the team bunches. Usually in the 3Q.

  56. This season is a wash. The Nets do not have an identity.

  57. We all know that this team prioritizes development over winning. But development is more than just playing rookies like Whitehead and RHJ more minutes than they deserve. It’s also giving Lopez and Bogdanovic excessive minutes and usage to pad their stats because they are definitely being showcased for potential trades. It wouldn’t look this ugly if Lin were able to play and set them up properly.

  58. The team flails at key moments like the third quarter. This is a lack of leadership that Lin was suppose to provide. Lin’s injuries have been extremely disappointing. ?

  59. This is such a low-point of the team.
    To be beaten by the 2nd worst team after leading at half-time by 11 pts.

    Something was really off to allow such a long drought in the 3rd quarter to allow 76ers to gain momentum so quickly.
    There should be quick timeouts that allow teams to run set plays to regain their composure before trailing 10+pts

    If things don’t improve in allowing droughts, players might give up fighting soon since they can’t believe they can win.

    JLin, please come back soon ?

  60. the poor game management has also been very discouraging.
    Let’s hope Lin will come back soon to give some boost to this low morale

  61. JLin can appreciate LeVert’s drive. He got up quickly to give fist pumps
    LeVert’s probably one of the few bright spots


  62. At least, JLin’s blazer game is strong today
    “@JLin7 and Kenny Atkinsonin 3rdQ G36 vs 76ers. (?USA Today Sports)”

  63. Things haven’t gone well. The team didn’t get Tyler Johnson and Crabbe, Vasquez didn’t work out, and Lin is out 24 out of 36 games and on limited minutes 5 of the 12 games he played.

  64. I would say the game management has not been poor but appropriate for their goals.

    I’m in the camp of KA focused on development, not winning. Through those lenses KA management makes sense. Every game is a preseason scrimmage game. The other team is playing to win. The end result is the Nets have the worse record in the league by self prophecy.

  65. Sometimes when Lin is on the sideline in suits, I wish he would just step in front of KA and take over coaching duties.

  66. I found the pattern of allowing young Nets to struggle with poor shot selection for long-period of time without quick time-outs to run some set plays very discouraging, even for development purpose.
    Coaches should teach them that poor shot selections shouldn’t continue if they want to win.

    These players played hard for ~36min but they soon will give up if they have no wins to show anymore.

    These games are very hard to watch for fans; I’m sure it’s hard for players to keep losing *sigh*

  67. Although the team expected to lose, they also said they wanted to see improvement in their players. I agree with you that KA need to do more coaching and guidance. His job would be in trouble if no development happened when that was the goal.

  68. To put it more succinctly:

    Why is Kenny Atkinson such a schmuck?

  69. most of the time, development means there is a balance between successes and failures..more successes meant that the players are in with the coaching staff, Unfortunately more loses than winning connotes a slight failure on it!

  70. Issue is beyong JLin cause the coaching is horrible.

  71. Even when lin was coaching the motion offense was not working with no PnR. It was just everyone fighting for thenselves and wrong players starting the game.

  72. Good that Ka is finally playing Lavert but when will LaVert and McCullough get to start with Lopez and Jlin?! I have given up watching until Lins back and until the coach get gis act together.

  73. It was far from optimal but JLin usually figures out how to make the best of even a bad system. As long as he was given minutes he would find a way to make his impact and keep the team competitive. Part of it is his huge role on defense.

  74. yep. big style improvement over the last game.

  75. the question is: when is lin coming back? is lin coming back? how many games will he play this year? (to date he’s missed two thirds of the games played right–something like that). why this year? after 4 years of playing basically injury free. and why after being held out so long almost immediately being back down again with (tho said “different” basically the same injury).

    is it just bad luck? is it over training under training, the “performance team”? out too long? back too soon?

    i have no idea. but the whole thing here is: for the first time ever lin is not playing because of injury. and there is no timetable (again); no word really as to when (or if) he will play again.

    is it just part of the long time nets point guard injury jinx (since jason kidd); harris, williams, jack, lin–haven’t had a season in the last what, ….uh i think its been 2006 since they had a starting point guard play an entire season without missing major time. wow.

    waiting for the lin to return. reduced to critiquing his sideline clothes choices.

  76. https://2.bp.blogspot.com/-VkYMF75KI3o/V2hwtBOoAzI/AAAAAAAACYI/PgZn7o4sHFEbtE_1dz0_LAy8IiIF6gq8gCLcB/s1600/Dennis_Green.png

    The nets are bad, real bad. I was hoping that they prove that they aren’t the worst team in the league by beating the 76ers. If Lin can bring this team up to 500, then he should be considered LeLin James from then onwards.

  77. .500 is too ambitious with this team. That’s 41 wins. They have 8 after 36 games.

  78. thats why I said, they should call him “LeLIN James”. The only player to ever bring a team as bad as the nets to the playoffs consistently in nba history was Lebron James back in 2004 on the old cavs team. That cavs team without Lebron was probably a little better than this nets team but not by much.

  79. IMO the Nets just need some ingame adjustments and some reading of the refs intentions, meaning playing smarter so as not to upset the ref and show up the ref cheating subtlely in order to get a fairly officiated game. Nets defence and ‘turnover’ is not the actual problem but ref induced as the opponents are allow to play rough without being called for fouls whereas no such leeway where allowed for the Nets. Being regarded as the bottom team and for not giving out outrages players contract will accord you unfair ref treatment as the NBA is an entertainment business. Haha cheers

  80. Lin received a hilarious text from a good friend/former teammate. 🙂


  81. Haha~ that shot looks exactly the one Lin did before.

  82. LOL! Lin seems appreciate the description very much.

  83. don’t think linnawinna can make a difference with this teama annemo

  84. This off-purple/red suit looks better compared to what Lin wore lol. Bright Red suits are ugly no matter who wears it.

  85. Haha! You look at the picture below that seems to match what LF said….lol!

  86. Wizards defeated Bucks today (107-101). They had pretty good lead but didn’t extend it. Coach Jason Kidd in the post game interview said it’s on him. He didn’t do a good job in coaching.
    I hope KA will be humble enough to at least admit that he didn’t do a good job in some of the games and caused the losses.

  87. KA did say it’s on him but I forgot which game. In fact, I think he should be the guy who took most of the blame on all the lose so far.

  88. JLin and Lopez can only do so much with a clueless coach like KA and an unfit motion offense. So many losses were on KA and not the team.

  89. Yeah, along with Lin’s injures, that’s another biggest disappointment. Hopefully the second half of the season will save the Nets from the pit.

  90. No, that Cavs team in 2004 was significantly better and more experienced and more highly paid without James than this Nets team is without Lin.

  91. Completely disagree –

    Lin has been a MVP level impact player for the Nets when healthy.

  92. The Nets need more players. Lin is crucial to the team so they need him back. KA could do some things better, but mostly, the Nets don’t have enough players.

  93. You meant talent wise?


  95. The Nets waived Anthony Bennett.

  96. You’re giving me a headache. Shhhhhhhhhh… Please stop shouting.

  97. Addition by subtraction

  98. there needs to be a lot more subtraction.

  99. you can always pass the time by critiquing lins clothes choices on the sidelines.

    also: if you can get “the czar” mike fratello on the nets games with whoever he was with doing the 6ers game (not ian eagle) they are very very funny.

    since the game is forgettable they mostly just do a comedy routine largely unrelated to the action on the court.

  100. Quincy Acy Knicks 2015 Season Highlights

  101. where ab going ?
    it sux for him and feel bad..

  102. He was a second round pick, 37th overall, in 2012, only 26 years old.


  103. any status of linnawinna.

  104. why so secretiva

  105. Don’t know…. maybe to DL again?

  106. At 0:35, Knicks commentator said, “The Cookie Monster brings it down at MSG” when Acy dunked.

  107. ….and has done almost nothing in 4 years in the league prior to this; wouldnt reach the level of journeyman; more like the definition of 15th man; see quote below about “crushed” teammates for only possible imaginable reason for nets picking him up; ie. evidently he has that “culture” quality they’re looking for.

    perhaps a little less culture and a little more skill might help.

    (to be fair as empty as his nba career has been he could arguably become the 2nd best rebounder on the nets behind booker, if he gets any playing time, which is doubtful).

  108. oh canada?

  109. are and have been the nets always this “secretiva” with all player injury/info or is this just a lin thing?

    or is this just normal for nba teams with player injuries generally?

  110. I am not familiar with Quincy Acy’s game, and not as pessimistic as you are.

    Hopefully Nets acquired him for not only his character but also his basketball skills.

  111. All players for the Nets.

  112. Yes. Most teams have 3 talented players, stars or “near” stars. The Nets have 2 and one in development (LaVert). Westbrook has Oladipo, Adams, Kanter. You need 3. Then other really good supportive players. Bogs is good at times, but not enough. Skil is too mistake prone. Booker is good but limited. Etc.

  113. dig thru as one mite his stats to date in 4 years of opportunites to find even a shred of evidence of any capacity for any production in any category of any consequence, find you will not.

  114. this one for the huang:

    Jimmer Fredette is a big, huge star again in China. Jimmer leads the Chinese Basketball Association in scoring with 38.4 points per game and won the league’s 3-point contest during halftime of the All-Star game this weekend. He’s also 11th in the league with 4.7 assists per game and 26th in the league in rebounding with 8.8 a game. He’s shooting 49% from the field and 40% from 3. He’s also signed a deal for his own sneaker with Chinese shoe company 361-degrees. – via The Big Lead

  115. He’s also great when he was playing in college. Btw, so was Anthony Bennett who couldn’t find a permanent home in the nba.

  116. http://www.ourdailybears.com/baylor-mbb/2013/1/28/3924218/from-baylor-to-the-nba-quincy-acy-and-ekpe-udoh-remain-united

    Acy joined the Texas Blue Chips AAU team as a 6’4 ninth grader. His teammates called him “the Cookie Monster” because he gobbled up rebounds, but he didn’t exactly play like a pro prospect. “[Acy] could not chew gum and walk at the same time,” says Blue Chips head coach Mitch Malone.

  117. Thanks. One thing that stands out is Quincy is very physical dunker/shot-blocker/finisher.
    Basically everything that AB is not.

    He can provide a lot of energy off-the-bench

  118. It turns out Quincy Acys has been improving his 3s in the D-League, shooting 39% for 3s.
    Other than rebounding/energy/shotblocking, it’s not surprising to see the Nets giving him 10-day contract to see his potential.
    And obviously, the Nets gave up on the AB experiment.

    Acy’s work on the glass was nice, but how efficiently he shot is eye-popping. Since being drafted, his game has expanded, and that’s a welcoming sign for the Nets organization.

    Here are Acy’s percentages from the restricted area and mid-range from 2014-16, courtesy of NBA.com:

    2014-15 – 62.7 percent on 110 attempts in the RA; 37.8 on 135 mid-range shots
    2015-16 – 70.1 percent on 107 attempts; 45.2 on 42 mid-range shots

    After playing poorly with the Dallas Mavericks, Acy was sent down to the D-League, and he instantly looked like he was back in college. It’s clear that he’s getting more comfortable being a pro, and he shot a shocking amount of threes with the Texas Legends. Also shocking: he buried 39 percent of them.

    In addition to that, his point total surpassed 17, his rebounds were above eight, and he swatted two shots a night in 12 games. Although it’s the D-League, the potential is there. And Anthony Bennett was unable to show anything worthwhile with the Nets.

    Link: http://nothinbutnets.com/2017/01/09/quincy-acy-brooklyn-nets/

  119. Sad day for AB

    The Brooklyn Nets waived Anthony Bennett today. He has the worst career Box Plus-Minus (-5.6) of any No. 1 overall pick in NBA history.


  120. Thank you for the info.

    Now at 6’7″, hopefully he could multi-task for Nets. 🙂

  121. which idiotic team drafted him in da first place first and why did they choose him.. that is da question.

  122. Give me a ring when yall know when linnawinna will be back.
    Give me 2 rings when yall know when linnawinna is back playing.
    It’s dead and borano here.

  123. @TomLorenzo: Jeremy Lin is out tomorrow against the Hawks. Trevor Booker is questionable.
    @_bk_chino Tom is he even close to practicing?
    @TomLorenzo: no idea. Team is giving no indication.


  124. the Cavs drafted him #1

    Too bad lack of BBIQ, defense and strong mentality derailed his NBA career. His college highlights were great and full of aggressiveness. Not sure what happened

    For Bennett, it appears the Nets decision is the end of the road for the 6’8” power forward who was playing for his fourth team in four years after being taken No. 1 by the Cavaliers in a surprise move. As he had with the Cavs, Timberwolves and Raptors, Bennett had a few good games offensively, but his lack of defense and BBIQ did him in.

  125. Have to wait until 3 weeks I think….

  126. Quincy Acy IG post
    quincyacy: “Humbled & Thankful for opportunities”

  127. Actually, Anthony Bennett was a totally dominating college player who went for over 20 ppg and 10 rpg for UNLV as a freshman shooting like 60%.

    Bennett was so dominaning, he was almost as good as the best collegiate PF of all time in North Carolina’s Tyler Hansbrough.

    But in the pros, Bennett’s lack of length and athleticism just didn’t pan out for him.

    I did enjoy watching him throw his body around for the Nets, but Bennett wasn’t so good that he actually made an impact.

  128. Thanks.

    I’ve been following him all season.

    Fredette is just as dominant in China as he was in the NBA and D league.

    The only reason Fredette did not put up big numbers in the NBA was simply because he wasn’t allowed on the court long enough.

    Fredette would have been a GREAT player in the NBA had he simply played enough minutes. His 33 pt outburst against the Rockets was hardly the first time he effortlessly dropped 20+ on an NBA committed defense that swarmed him with doubleteams.

  129. Bennett didn’t test out athletically ELITE like Jimmer did.

    Jimmer Fredette at the NBA rookie combine tested out as a very fast and SUPER STRONG guard by NBA standards. His stature and speed and strength (especially upper body strength where Fredette tested as strong as NBA power forwards or centers) were favorably compared to Deron Williams, though I recall Fredette being slightly faster and much stronger than Deron Williams.

    Fredette’s uncle is an elite pro trainer for pro athletes, and that uncle worked with Jimmer from a young age. It’s why Fredette is athletically dominant and is extremely durable and CANNOT BE STOPPED by NBA defenses. Fredette’s defense is underrated too.

  130. yeah, the wait is really tough for Lin and his fans :[

  131. If the Nets hold out just a little longer, they can sign Fredette and make him Jeremy Lin’s backup.

    Lin and Fredette would TERRORIZE the NBA, especially if they played together in crunchtime!

  132. Because nobody can guess or even measure how an injured hamstring is doing.

  133. Hope is all we have haha

  134. This is a nice pickup by GM Sean Marks!

    Quincy Acy has two things going for him:

    1) an accurate 3 point standstill shot

    2) the leaping ability and length to play above the rim.

    Acy’s athleticism as an undersized but fleet footed athletic player makes him the first true Nets big man that plays above the rim.

    This guy WILL HELP, especially defensively where the lack of an athletic shotblocker is murdering the Nets defensively in many ways.

  135. have to wait until AFTER lunar new year!!!!

  136. I really hope so. His highlights look quite promising.
    The Nets is desperate for an enforcer that energizes the whole team and tough on defense.

    AB often times just seemed lost out there and not battling for rebounds despite some good plays.
    Definitely lacking energy

  137. FYI
    Both Anthony Bennet and Scola only played 1 game since 12/23 Cavs game.
    Will Scola be next to be waived if the Nets find a good player?
    They both can be a liability in defense which the Nets have tried to fix recently.

    AB played 3 min for 5pts/1reb and Scola played 25min for 7pts/3reb in the 1/5 Pacers game.

  138. That’s why he is where he is and they are where they are.

  139. That will be more than 6 weeks…. lol!

  140. This is the worst season Lin’s ever had
    2 injuries giving the Nets reasons to keep him out for as long as they can so they can develop young players
    Lin has left the game before but never been out this long
    the Nets are ruining Lin as a player in every way possible

  141. The Nets are the worst organization so far

  142. Tyler Hansbrough for Scola?

  143. It’s not the worst. In fact, you could say it’s still the best since he’s the unquestioned starting PG on this team. He plays great whenever he’s on the floor and his injuries are just minor nagging stuff.

    Nets have no reason to tank, but they’re sticking by Jeremy 100%. That’s huge. Other players miss a season or half a season all the time…just happened to our guy this year. Bad luck, but at least it’s not serious like an Achilles or even another knee injury.

  144. I surely can just name a few backup PGs in the league that would be outmatched by Jimmer. Coaches just labeled him “poor white man can’t play defense,” the same bunch that looked down on JL7. The Nets is stupid not to pick Jimmer. High character: check. Good bbIQ: check. Good offense: check. Average D: check.

  145. CNY is about 2 and half weeks away….

  146. We need a Jimmer!
    The Nets needs two good PGs to hold the fort. Why, KA ? Make the damn phone call!

  147. For Lin at least, it is.
    He’s already missed like what? 30 games? that’s really bad for a guy who is trying to re-establish himself as a starter in the NBA and he’s currently standing at 13-6 which is not great for a starting PG. Nets have no reason to tank but they are still the worst team in the league and it only makes sense that they wanna develop young players and Lin is being held out for a very extended period with no timetable to return. Other organizations don’t do this to their franchise players
    Missing 30 games is not minor nagging stuff its serious stuff usually if it’s not serious then the Nets are holding Lin back to develop young players
    Whenever Lin is on the court, he is not playing as the first/2nd option as he should. He’s usually standing in the corner and getting ignored
    thats hardly sticking by Jeremy

  148. Jan. 28 is the Chinese New Year 2017.

    Hope Lin is well enough to be back on the court then.

  149. Sounds we finally got someone we need. When is he coming? I hope he’ll fit in the MO system soon.

  150. Noooo way! We expect to see him on the 15th against the Rockets!

  151. Wow!! He certainly plays like a beast! The Nets will be a lot different with his O & D.

  152. Keeping lin out to develop their rookies is not a definition of sticking with him.

    Take away his ability to be the team point guard for motion offense aka players agenda is not a definition of sticking with him.

  153. booker type of player but a bit more aggressive.. and has defense to boot also..nice pick up!

  154. He has been tested in the nba for serveral teams but still fail even under the eyes of Pop. In China league, even the ending nba career Step Marbury got himself a statue there.

  155. Something for laugh.
    Somehow this video reminds me of KA. — When something don’t work, try a different way. LOL


  156. I think he should be OK by then ….

  157. LOL knicks is losing so bad right now… and they dont know why rose is absent today…. shouldve gotten lin lulz

  158. A lot of coaches have passed on JL7. Even a great coach like Pop… What that tell you…

  159. if Jimmer and Bogdanovic were on the same court they game would be snail racing

  160. you know your career is over when you got waived for a dleague player

  161. i like his celebrations. so goofy

  162. I hope Derrick is OK. It’s very odd that he just didn’t show up to the game and that can’t get in touch with him.

  163. Off topic to on topic: Knicks. Carmelo had a flagrant 2 on Anthony Davis and was ejected from tonight’s game. Rose didn’t show up for the game and the team has not been able to contact him. The team is in free fall right now. At this point, even with the horrible record, the Nets at least don’t have discipline problems. There’s something to the Marks approach of high character guys, he’s on the right track.

    Rose to Knicks, Rondo to Chicago, both teams could have chose Lin. But they wanted the “names.” Well, now they deal with having those names on their teams.

  164. I would have liked Lin to the Pelicans. Anthony Davis is one of the best players in the game and he and Lin could go to the playoffs, and possibly 2nd round, IMO. The Pels are currently 16-24.

  165. Lin was not white or black and he was stereotyped against since college days. Lin was un-drafted, cut etc….. Jimmer was high first round pick with a lot of opportunity and team investment.

    Apples and oranges.

  166. So weird, this is Rose’s contract year…. he’s been doing well….???

  167. Yeah, he’s played pretty well. It’s disturbing that he can’t be contacted. I truly hope he’s ok.

  168. 6 teams in six seasons in the NBA. Sounds like someone else we know. This guy is a great pick. Has slightly above average numbers when allowed to play consistent minutes. Looks very athletic. Nets are missing a teammate that can play above the rim and he looks like he can get the job done. I like his tough guy attitude, which I thought Booker would take up that role, but he’s just not as mean tough. And Nets need someone with a mean streak.
    He’s going to be a great partner with Lin, slashing to the rim, and trailing Lin when he drives to the net for the quick dump off or rebound put back for easy points. The rookies, Lavert, Whitehead, & McCullough coming along nicely for some minutes next to Lin or solid bench.
    If Lin can stay healthy, Atkinson make good rotations, and third quarter adjustments; this team has always been a contender, for at least playoffs.

  169. Tim Frazier did a nice job in New Orleans when Holiday was out. I’d trade Bojan for Asik (salary dump) and Frazier. Throw in RHJ if necessary as well. Lin / Frazier PG rotation sounds good to me.

  170. He’s not out to develop their rookies. He’s out because he’s injured. Hammies are troublesome. Just look what happened. They waited 6 weeks…and he still got reinjured. You need to heal the injury AND build up the muscles that atrophy due to rest.

    I’m annoyed that the training staff didn’t prepare him better, but they’re definitely not holding him out to develop rookies. If anything, they pressed too hard to get him back in retrospect. Maybe he should have taken an extra week to build up his muscles again.

  171. Rose is a very talented player. I hope he’s ok. It’s been tough for him in the past few years.

  172. Seems he is OK according to reporters that cover the Knicks. Noah talked to him. However, something weird is up. Some rumors on twitters where he may be (Chicago) but until they’re confirmed, they’re rumors.

  173. BUT nba will say.. that’s cba.. of course he will do well in cba..blah.

  174. Only with health Lin.

  175. Didn’t you say “minor nagging stuff”? Almost half a season and how many games did he start?

    They didn’t wait for Lin, you had it opposite. They held him out without time table, without updating, without showing he’s practicing, zero nothing. Lin sits at home instead of traveling with the team, that’s not Lin’s character at all.

    The training staffs work for the GM and the head coach. You need to ask them why Lin’s not in the practice court showing he’s shooting? Why? Because you can’t shoot without running but if we see him running and moving, you will ask why he’s not playing? and that’s something the Nets are doing everything not to show Lin with the ball.

  176. maybe Psycho T won’t fit too well to Nets criteria of big men who can shoot 3s

    But he can sure be a rebounding machine

  177. They Jrue Holiday, he would’ve been backup again. With Lin, Holiday would’ve stayed healthy and Lin would be stuck in backup role forever.

  178. Didn’t Holiday have a discipline problem?

  179. Doesn’t matter hidden agenda and politics says they will favor Holiday over Lin. Bottom-line Nets were the only starting gig and Lin will just have to make the best of it just like he did with Harvard.

  180. You now, look at the other players on the team. Nothing is different. It’s the way the Nets operate.

    Running and moving doesn’t equate to being in playing shape. He has to cut, jump, jump and land, accelerate and decelerate, change directions, take a certain amount of physical punishment as well.

    He’s not coming back until the Nets feel he’s ready. And hopefully, next time back he doesn’t go down again. Because he couldn’t play the game after the last time he came back and was questionable for the one that followed, then played a bunch of games with limited minutes.

  181. Injuries happen. Others have had it much worse. It’s frustrating and disappointing, but it happens to many athletes.

    He doesn’t just stand in the corner, that’s hyperbole. He has a decent usage rate.

  182. Yep. Tough too, And great at PnR with Lin. He fouls too much, but he can provide valuable minutes.

  183. So true, Booker, RHJ, and Whitehead.

  184. Go watch some tv shows, he’ll be back before you know it.

  185. If we find hidden agendas all over the NBA, then what?

    If we hate the losing on the Nets we have to deal with compromises elsewhere. Nowhere is ideal in the NBA. So you have to find something good and stick with that. I like the idea of Lin and AD and there is no reason why Lin can’t play minutes with other PGs. He’s a combo guard too, he can actually play quite well with other PGs.

    If you want starting PG, it’s on the losing Nets. The other teams will use Lin according to their needs. It was just an idea anyway. Now that Lin is a Net, I hope this works out. He’s in my hometown and frankly, I’m tired of him jumping from team to team.

  186. One more year before we know this is a bust or not. If Nets don’t get their act together Lin will be gone.

  187. Bold Prediction: Quincy Acy will replace Trevor Booker in starting line-up by season end. Assumption: Acy will bring prideful defense after his d-league stint & he keeps up his 3pt %

  188. I’m hoping the Nets improve, and by a lot. The thing Lin lacks is stability of team.

    You know, some great PGs had a tandem. Stockton/Malone, Nash/Stodimire, Magic/Kareem, Lin didn’t have a Chandler or Ed Davis as a tandem, nor has he had one system and a core of players over many seasons. If another team, another system, I don’t know. I want Lin on a winner, but I hope LaVert pans out, Lopez stays, and somehow they find a way to be a playoff team next season.

  189. No othere players were treated the same. They were out and straight back to the games in short period of time without going through full practice. I am talking about Hamilton, Harris and Foye.

    You’re trying to hard to make excuses for them. You’re making the exact point I was trying to make. If they showed lin practice shooting you will see him running and all kind of cutting. All of those mean he’s no longer in pain from his hamstring.

    I can’t believe you are will to put lin bb career in the hand of the GM and coach, if they think he is ready? What do they know more than lin himself about his body? Nothing. The excuse is to continue to develop their young, nothing more.

  190. A starting pg, a team leader shouldn’t have a decent usage.

  191. I don’t want Lin to be a backup any more.

    I like Lin right where he is!


    Apples and apples.

    If anything, Popovich thought more highly of Jimmer than Lin because Jimmer got a Spurs contract while Lin did not!

  193. Totally wrong as usual.

    Jimmer tested FASTER THAN LIN in the shuttle run.

    Your longstanding WRONG notion that Jimmer isn’t athletic was totally debunked by NBA combine athletic testing. Jimmer was actually above average by NBA speed and strength standards, comparing almost identically to All Star Deron Wiliams in height and stature (actually Jimmer was a bit faster).

    If you want to call Jimmer Fredette unathletic, you have to call All Stars like Deron Williams in his prime and MVP Stephen Curry (tested WORSE than Fredette) unathletic too.

  194. LYING that Lin “is not injured” is TOTALLY WRONG on your part.

    You already got banned for that once.

  195. The Nets big men other than Hamilton and Lopez shoot way too many threes.

    An inside Charles Barkley type like Hansbrough is exactly what the Nets actually need for their motion offense.

  196. Well, let’s not overinflate Acy’s VERY LIMITED GAME either.

    Acy is not like Jeremy Lin. Lin has complete All Star level skills and athleticism and experience and firepower and statistical dominance, Acy doesn’t have those things.

    As long as Acy sticks to his very limited game as a spot up perimeter 3 gunner and an inside dunker, he’s gonna do well with Lin just as you wrote.

  197. I wrote before the season that Anthony Bennett just never had NBA athleticism or hops.

    He did show some signs of tough play.

    That said, on this Nets team with no healthy point guards Bennett was not going to produce. And there’s no guarantee that Acy produces either, for the exact same reason!

  198. No, his wife had BRAIN CANCER and so Holiday had to miss games to be by her side.

  199. No, the Nets and Lin are committed to each other.

    It’s neither the Nets’ nor Lin’s fault that he can’t stay healthy!

  200. This exact same Nets team would have EASILY been a playoff team THIS season had Lin not gotten injured.

    Lin’s that good – and the Nets are THAT TALENTED.

  201. I wish I could write my particular basketball analysis on this post here at “the other” forum, but the increasingly insane anti Lin race trolling over there has prevented any actual nontrolling basketball analysis from taking place. Of ALL forums, the “other” forum is the MOST anti-Lin forum even compared to Clutchfans which STILL hates Lin.

    Moderators, please don’t remove this post just because I’m venting my frustration on your TERRIFIC forum which I believe is as good as a Lin forum can possibly be. I actually post my frustration at the “other” forum to COMPLIMENT your clean website, not bring trouble here.

    rant over.

    Anyway, here’s how I EXPECT Lin to dramatically help the Nets once he returns and stays uninjured (long post)

    1) Defending the sideline pick and roll (the BIGGEST area of improvement that will singlehandedly change the losing overnight)
    The Nets are getting badly murdered by one single play. Opponents will set up a side two man pick and roll, usually on the left sideline. Then opponents send a third offensive player from the opposite wing via flex cut, cutting below the screen and curling around the play back to the middle of the court. That player usually receives the ball on the run and burns the Nets on the way to the rim. That’s because the Nets perimeter guards are absentmindedly allowing opponents to cross the court unimpeded, which then causes the Nets players to lag behind the cutter especially once the opposing cutter flexes around the pick. The one perimeter defender who actually is aware this is happening is Bogdanovic, but he doesn’t seem to know how to physically restrain those cutters either by legally bumping them off their runs or using his wingspan and strength to angle dribblers off the ball.

    And before anybody blames Atkinson for not coaching the Nets to properly defend this obvious play, people should realize that this is the NBA where coaches cannot make players do this. The coaches can show the video and teach the moves and run them in practices, but it’s all different in games. You need your player coach in Lin to lead this defense on the court, and doing it without Lin is like imagining the New England Patriots trying to run their offense without Tom Brady!

    Solution: No Jeremy Lin team stays vulnerable to offball cuts for long, especially after Lin gets into his teammates and teaches them how to physically but legally impede cutters and make correct reads. This is why Lin’s teams ALWAYS defend at an elite level, at least once he’s had enough games with his guys for them to learn how to play his rugged physical aggressive intelligent team lockdown defense.

    2) 3rd quarter scoring droughts
    Opponents clamp down on the Nets after the 2nd half. Atkinson’s motion offense is slowed to a crawl as opponents load up on Lopez and dare the Nets to pay at the 3 point line for doubling him. The key to surviving this is simple: the Nets need to cut much harder and be more forceful in getting themselves open. Right now, the downtrodden Nets are not pushing hard for postups and cuts because they don’t truly know how hard to have to cut to get the ball and they also know that they’re not going to get the ball because the point guards (both Dinwiddie and Whitehead) are not capable of making the correct reads anyway. Lin’s return will galvanize the 3rd quarter scoring, and the key guy here is Bojan Bogdanovic who is the only Net who hasn’t gelled with Lin this season offensively. This is not because Bojan stinks or has bad attitude, it’s because NBA defenses have forced Lin to plow the ball into other players that are less tightly guarded. But once Lin really works on making Bojan super aggressive like Bojan was for Croatia in the Olympics, Lin will have the 3rd (or 2nd) scorer that takes pressure off him and Lopez because Bojan is THAT GOOD when he truly is connected with his team’s philosophy. No matter what anybody says here, I view Bojan as a potential All Star who is on the verge of truly breaking out but desperately needs a healthy consistent Lin to ignite him. Bojan is the key here, more than any other Net.

    3) Indomitable spirit
    Throughout Lin’s entire basketball career, the teams that he’s been allowed to lead have all been unbeatable in attitude and teamwork. Even in the NBA where STUPID coaches like Clifford and McHale and Scott and Woodson and Smart were trying harder to eliminate Lin than win games, Lin’s had the ultimate MVP level winning impact despite not being allowed to save his teams when he was artificially benched off the floor. In the short stints Lin returned for, he’s had a massive positive impact on his teammates by staying relentlessly positive and focusing on execution and outplaying the All Stars he’s been matched up against. If the Nets didn’t know if Lin was their leader, they absolutely do now. So when Lin returns, he’ll really get to exert his will on this team and they will instantly play much better while getting on the fast track to playing the game the right way. Lin’s come darned close in establishing the proper chemistry he needs, but he keeps reinjuring himself before his teaching and style of play become permanently ingrained on the Nets.

    4) Lin working LESS off the court
    I could be totally wrong, but I personally believe that Lin reinjured himself by overtraining. He was already the hardest working and best conditioned guard in the NBA, there was no need for the Nets performance staff to go overboard and overtrain him to further injury. Plus Lin himself is obsessively fanatical about training, so much it’s unhealthy. A more experienced performance staff would have curtailed Lin’s tendency to overtrain off the court, and I personally believe that in retrospect Lin would have been better off staying with the Nets and doing their PANSY training regimen as opposed to the INSANE regimens that he puts himself through every offseason (often leads to his regular midseason injuries, in my opinion). I’d prefer Lin to adopt a reasonable training regimen, not an insane one like he has always done. I view the current injuries as a MAJOR WAKEUP CALL for Lin NOT to overtrain himself if he wants to be a healthy happy functional NBA player!

  202. Only if Lin healthily returns do I agree.

    If Lin isn’t healthy and misses the season, then Acy replacing Booker in the starting lineup will not help either the Nets defense or Acy’s 3 point percentage.

    This is because:

    1) the Nets inability to defend is coming from the perimeter off opposing player cuts, and not even the NBA’s best shotblockers can cover for opposing perimeter players whizzing off the ball and throwing the entire Nets defensive positioning out of whack.

    2) Acy can really shoot uncontested standstill shots from outside, but he’s not a Lebron James or Kevin Durant or Paul George or even a Bojan Bogdanovic who can attack opponents off the dribble when he gets his shots off opponents doubleteaming Lopez in the post in the 3rd quarter. Acy would need to cut off the ball and then receive passes from Lin or at least the hockey passes that Lin creates, but those passes disappear when the clueless Whitehead and the unsophisticated Dinwiddie consistently are incapable of getting the ball to teammates in scoring position. That would result in Acy hucking up bad shots or simply not taking them at all, which is what’s killing the entire Nets team right now.

  203. Jimmer would absolutely help offensively, and I suspect that he’d rapidly learn from Lin how to quarterback a great team defense.

    Jimmer’s one on one defense doesn’t worry me it all, but Jimmer is absolutely needed in the NBA to call out opposing plays and tell teammates where to go. This is the biggest (and sole) POTENTIAL flaw in Jimmer’s makeup, as he played strictly off guard in college and never had to quarterback his team like Lin constantly does. It’s not an athletic thing, it’s a mental thing.

    However, I should note that Jimmer successfully played excellent PG team quarterback defense for an entire D League season (and the D League is a RELENTLESS CEREBRAL LEAGUE) and is now doing the same thing for his 1st place Shanghai Sharks in the CBA. So I can’t truly say that Jimmer Fredette is incapable of calling out plays properly and steering his teammates the right way on defense. Besides, Jimmer Fredette is one of the most gifted guards in all of basketball (NBA included) and whatever he needed to learn about team defense he’d learn from THE VERY BEST defensive guard I’ve ever seen in the NBA in Jeremy Lin!

  204. Actually, the Nets ARE ideal.

    Since Linsanity, I’ve wanted to see what Lin could do with a last place team.

    So far, Lin’s shown that he’s well on his way toward singlehandedly turning the Nets around. But he hasn’t been healthy enough to have the continuity he needs to really get into his team and teach them how to play the right way.

    I want Lin NOWHERE ELSE in the NBA. I want him to have the chance to build this team into a winner from scratch.

  205. Hrmph.

    I WAS RIGHT about Justin Hamilton having a weird physical issue that dragged down his play in December.

    Hamilton started the season super strong, looking like one of the best backup centers in the NBA just like I predicted in the offseason. But then he literally disappeared in December, playing worse than he’s ever played and being injured with migraines.

    Then Hamilton revealed that he had the WRONG CONTACT LENS!

    In my decades of following the NBA, I’ve never heard of this. One would expect a professional athlete to at least have the right vision.

    I’ve been Hamilton’s biggest supporter and repeatedly posted that an “injury” was bringing him down as opposed to his perceived lack of athleticism due to being white. I angered a lot of people on this forum by posting that. But I was RIGHT ALL ALONG.

  206. Not to me.

    No backup PG with Omer Asik is worth Bojan Bogdanovic in my eyes, as I am Bogdavovic’s biggest fan.

  207. Tyler Hansbrough has a race overlooked trait that makes him ideal for any NBA team but especially the Nets:

    He’s CORRECTLY reads opposing schemes.

    On this clueless Nets team, Hansbrough’s extreme court intelligence (absolutely equal to Lin’s) is desperately needed since opponents are scheming the inexperienced Nets to death.

  208. yes, KHuang. you was WHITE ALL ALONG. good for you!

  209. lol no. Nets love what Booker brings which is rebounding, defense, toughness, ball handling skills, and good shooting. Acy is an experiment much like AB was. if he does well, we may see him take a lot of minutes from RHJ which would be a very good thing. RHJ have been playing backup PF to Booker and failing miserably at it. when Booker is healthy again, he’s going right back to starting PF

  210. oh please. shuttle run? lol

  211. you “was”?? you does not sound white or asian or hispanic.

  212. lol i knew you’d respond to that

  213. Correct, my thoughts exactly…

  214. hahhahah starting to know me too well!.

  215. from the other site

  216. hahahahahah

  217. Duh… Thats why its called a bold prediction.

  218. or wishful thinking

  219. You go ahead and pretend that combine results don’t count.

    So every time Jimmer blows by a defender off the dribble, keep telling yourself that it’s not real. Lin’s haters continue to say the same thing about Lin.

  220. That’s an expected snide response from a known hater who has flamed me on two different forums for daring to like certain white players.

    We’ll race fight more later, just like we always do everytime you get angry about me writing positively about a white player.

    You don’t like me posting positively about certain white players? TOO BAD.

  221. lol nobody said combine results don’t count. Trix are for kids, KHuang! but shuttle run is lmao

  222. lol. i just find your passion toward white players funny

  223. That’s because you are a RACE HATER who refuses to believe that ANY white player can play.

  224. No. Wishful thinking = Lin gets traded to Spurs or at minimum to Pelicans. Quincy Acy as PF is not my idea of WISHful thinking 😛

  225. But you CONTINUE to PRETEND that Jimmer is “snail
    slow” even though he keeps athletically overpowering people.

    Tell me, why does Jimmer’s white skin NEGATE his combine results and oncourt ability to overpower and outquick people?

  226. you’re a funny guy with all your ridiculous accusations


    Administration, I’ve repeatedly flagged this troll here before today for flaming me for daring to like white players.

    You’ve done nothing about it in the past.

    The race fighting between me and this troll will CONTINUE.

  228. Quincy Acy is a PF. he’s just a player that’s been cut by the Kings and then sent to the dleague by the Knicks. he’s not gonna replace a player that does everything the Nets want. that’s wishful thinking

  229. listen to yourself. you’re like a raging lunatic always on the attack. get a grip

  230. You’ve flamed me over this before, just like you have on many other issues.

    Clearly you are not capable of comprehending the discussion here that originally did not involved you. Nor do you remember the RACE fights we keep having.

    Stay out of the discussion if you can only flame to cover up your ignorance of the analysis at hand.

  231. The amount of information was the same. The severity of injury was different. When LeVert was out we didn’t get a lot of information at all and he was out a long time.

    Lin has not been shown practicing and cutting. He said he was shooting, there’s no timetable, and that’s that. I don’t agree with you whatsoever that Lin is being held out to develop anyone. Lin is not cleared to play.

  232. oh so now Jimmer is Usain Bolt and OVERPOWERS people? kekeke


    You clearly are not smart enough to understand this discussion, so you respond with STUPID TROLL FLAMES.

    Tell me, where did I write that?

  234. I’ll pass on both –

    NO MORE BENCH for Lin.

  235. Booker is getting killed every game, he is one of the main reasons the Nets cannot get stops and cannot score in the 2nd half.

    That said, neither Justin Hamilton nor Quincy Acy are any better and are likely WORSE.

    So Atkinson starting Booker and playing Booker big minutes is correct, for now unless the Nets can somehow acquire a superior athletic power forward that isn’t too slow and too small like Booker is.

  236. Exactly.

    What evidence do we have that the Nets have some sort of cockamanie agenda for trying to allegedly eliminating Lin like takeme2cruz writes?

    Lin’s played increasing minutes and had his role gently expanded as he returned. And then Lin STILL got injured!

    What was Atkinson to do, play Lin 30 mpg from the start and watch Lin go down after ONE game?

    Of course, takeme2cruz has been posting the whole time that “Lin NEVER got injured AT ALL”. That’s the real argument right here.

  237. It sounds TROLLISH.

    A racist hate troll who insults my Asian screenname like your son’s voltaire just did, that troll doesn’t need to be any specific ethnicity.

    I keep writing that online, we are all one ethnicity: PIXELATED!

  238. That’s sad. Thanks. I got that completely wrong.

  239. See, I don’t find the Nets talented enough to win, just compete well in some games. I don’t think they could make the playoffs this year due to the lack of experience of Kenny, some of the players needing more experience, the competition they would have to beat, etc. I think Lin has to be healthy for the remainder of the season coming back, so they get to play in Kenny’s system more, Kenny tweaks it some, then next season, make a run at contending for the playoffs. They probably need another impact player, and Marks is likely to have his luck change (maybe avoid RFAs that can be matched).

  240. No problem.

    Jrue Holiday is one of the top point guards in the NBA, the 76ers killed themselves for years by stupidly trading him for Nerlens Noel who likely never will be as impactful as Holiday.

    If there is one trade that truly brought down an entire NBA franchise for years afterwards, it’s the Jrue Holiday trade when he was shipped off despite being a young promising All Star playoff guard for the 76ers!

  241. I don’t appreciate that joke at all. It’s stereotyping and has no place in this forum.

  242. I have been busy and have not been able to keep up after the 76ers (G26) game. Can anyone who has time on their hand give me an update on whats been going on with the team and JLin’s role/status. Thanks!

  243. Fortunately, Administration here is THE BEST and is TOTALLY FAIR.

    hopefully Administration will just remove the racial insult and all the subsequent retaliations the insult spawned – and not ban anybody in the process!

  244. 1) Lin remains injured indefinitely, he shoots with the team but is still
    hurting and cannot fully practice.

    2) The Nets released Anthony Bennett and brought in a veteran role player named “Quincy Acy” who is a 6’7″ jumping jack with tons of athletic energy, hardly any moves other than a dunk inside, a feisty defensive attitude centered around shotblocking, and an accurate standstill unguarded point shot.

    3) Justin Hamilton went from
    zero to hero overnight. After a horrific December where he literally was the worst player in the entire NBA, he suddenly regained his early season production as one of the NBA’s best backup centers. The reason: he got better CONTACT LENS!!!

  245. But when Lin was fully healthy and had Lopez by his side, te Nets were able to beat playoff teams like Indiana, Detroit, and Charlotte.

    Before the season had started, I had viewed Lin’s Nets as being on par with those playoff teams. I figured that if Greivis Vasquez could stay healthy, the Nets would have had a deep and talented roster that could compete as high as #2.

    But when Vasquez came to the Nets hobbled, that put extreme pressure on Lin and caused his breakdown. The Nets are STILL paying for Vasquez’s injury in the form of Lin’s ongoing frailty.

    Whenever Lin gets to play real starter minutes, the Nets steadily get better until Lin goes down due to injury. We still haven’t seen what the Nets can do with Lin starting and being healthy for 30 mpg.

  246. Yes it does but injury prone players usually dont end up well do they?
    Lin doesnt take over like he should on this team

  247. He needs to get healthy and take over more
    he should ignore 80% of his teammates because they can’t do anything right
    he needs to be more selfish and take over thats what he needs to do

  248. Technically it’s Hamilton’s optometrist’s fault that the wrong prescription was given to him, and he may even have a gross negligence case if he’s going to a special sports optometrist. But I have to place some the responsibility on Hamilton as well.

    He’s a professional athlete with a very limited NBA earnings window in his lifetime. Certain things like his athleticism, him being traded, other players playing ahead of him, he’ll never control. But small stuff like this? As a fringe rotational player who was playing overseas last year, he HAS to be 100% focused on taking care of all the small things.

    He can’t afford to not speak up immediately if his contacts don’t fit well or his vision is blurred. It’s not that difficult to compare your past prescriptions to your new ones. And if it’s the case that the contact company sent him wrong contacts with the correct prescription on the box, then he has to immediately get a second opinion, or second order from a different provider. One small mistake like this and he could have easily been relegated to the bench for the rest of the season if CMAC is called up or Scola starts being favored. The NBA is cutthroat and I’m disappointed this issue wasn’t addressed right away.

  249. IMO, Lin may not be training with the right purpose. Lin’s attacking style to the rim forced him into bulking up to absorb hits. This purpose may have backfired because for every pound of muscle he adds, it also adds extra burden on his lower body AND core.

    I’ve seen athletes bulk up just because they could and it made them feel like a superior athlete. Perhaps the most famous of this example is Tiger Woods. His manly proportions meant walking extra miles with weight that didn’t add much to his game. It made him feel like he was an athlete, but it was useless weight that added pressure to his knees. Andre Agassi too made the same mistake and had to retrain to reshape his body.

    Lin’s position as QB is what the nets desperately need. They don’t need an rim attacker as he was often asked to do with Past teams. That role was what made him invaluable as a game changer off bench. The Nets need his brain more as player coach. To that end, he need some to repurpose his body to be lighter and speedier. Only take it to the rim when it’s there and make quicker change of directions to avoid contact. Use more floaters and pull backs instead.

    IMO, the less weight Lin carries, the less stress there is on his legs and back. Flexibility and endurance instead of strength and power is the way to extend his career. Lin needs to rethink his purpose and make himself more valuable to the team ON THE COURT AND NOT ON THE SIDELINES.

  250. This is getting silly… Booker is doing everything the nets want?!!! Now thats wishful thinking lol.
    Look man, at the end of the day Acy isnt the answer I am looking for, to play with Lin. But I am hoping he outplays Booker, cause we badly need a better answer at PF.

  251. No my wish was starter on either team 🙂

  252. Anyone wants to comment on Quincy Acy with his ability for P&R with Lin?

  253. I also read something about locker room drama? Is that all figured out now?

  254. There was some minor bickering on the court. They had a players meeting. There wasn’t any drama.

  255. With Quincy’s freakishly long arms, would like to see a lot of PnR with Lin. Hope KA would be on board with that.

  256. I guess this explains his migraines. There definitely is a gross negligence case here, and Hamilton should have spoken up particularly when he’s been using contacts for a while. Difficult to see why medical professionals did not catch this sooner.

  257. new thread

    G37 Brooklyn Nets (8-28) Hosts the Formidable Atlanta Hawks (21-16)
    No update of @JLin7 who’ll miss 7 straight games

  258. Acy is a pretty decent 3 pt spot shooter, could also work as pick and pop partner for Lin… mix things up.

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