G35 LAL @ POR PreGame Thread+Poll

Kobe is not playing tonight but will Byron Scott give many minutes to Jeremy?

How will Jeremy respond in the 2nd game of Back-to-Back games where fatigue usually is a factor?

Keep smiling and play all out, Jeremy! #AudienceOfOne


Guess JLin's stats


  1. Hello from Canada.

  2. hello back from AZ :]

    Any projection on how Jeremy will play in B2B w/o Kobe?

  3. This is the night that if the Price is right he will demonstrate his elite basketball skills.

  4. Thank God we have Lillard to help him showcase his elite D :]

  5. Yes, I’m sure that Lillard will enjoy the opportunity to accommodate him.

  6. I think it depends primarily on the minutes he gets to play. It’s more difficult to get a good rhythm when playing under 20 minutes a game.

  7. Common sense should make Byron give more minutes to Jeremy to enter the game w/ 5 min left in Q1, not at 3 or 2 min.

    But knowing Byron, if Price scores 3-5pts, he will play him until 2 min left in Q1. Then maybe only 22-23 min at most.

    Byron would still do anything to prevent Jeremy from blowing up as the real PG to reassure Kobe that Lin’s not a threat to be LA fans favorite.

  8. It’s funny to watch the bench reaction when JLin scored a go-ahead 3 at the end of 3rd quarter.
    2 guys raised their hands but Kobe didn’t celebrate, was actually shocked and had to peek to see if it was really Jeremy who did it?

    I’d say Kobe started to worry a bit that JLin can be the hero of the game at this point in the game.
    Great to see Kobe’s actually threatened by Lin’s ability to take over the game and becoming Lakers fan favorite. That’s bad Kobe’s ego but a real respect to Lin!

  9. Scott rarely celebrates too…..lol what’s their problem?

  10. Not sure if highlight was posted already but here it is:

  11. BScott feels his adopted son’s fear (Kobe) of Lin stealing Laker fans affection from him :]

    I’d name this new paranoia as “Linning-mania”
    : the fear of being forgotten once Linning euphoria takes over fans’ affection

  12. It was there in the last thread…LOL highlight makers are pretty inconsistent these days…LOL

  13. Lillard is the best at stop and go move after coming out of a pick. LAL is the worst team to defend such move. Gonna be interesting.

  14. Kelly might still need to shake some rust off, but I feel he is the best big LAL got who can do positional defense well. Davis count the timing well.

  15. I think Jeremy has played well with Lillard long enough that he knew what can bother Lillard the most to give up the ball.
    Price can be consistently burned by Lillard.

    So it will be interesting to see if Lillard attacks Price in the Q1 from the get-go or will choose to facilitate first

  16. This will be good news to strengthen Lin’s unit then.
    Especially if he starts hitting his 3s

  17. On another note, I just learned how @SophieParis will choose to celebrate New Year with JLin.
    On the back of JLin’s bike, with Iggy’s dress! LOL


  18. NPNT

  19. a dazzling sensation has rocked the game

    the powers are scrambling

    despite the acclaim!

    Who is this fine fellow

    from whence did he come

    beware of his genius

    what will we become?

    But fear not good people

    for Lin is his name

    he rallies his team mates

    yet takes all the blame.

    Though benched

    yet entrenched,

    like the yin and the yang,

    in his magic

    obsessed like his foes

    and his fans.

    They named him LINSANITY

    a tag that has stood;

    his soul filled with


    for his friends in the hood.

  20. we’ll have to wait for @saoji:disqus to make the next move LOL

  21. If Swaggy replaces a hurt Wes in the starting line-up, Lin might have to pick up the scoring load for the 2nd unit.
    That’ll be good news for Lin fans


  22. I thought they said Kelly?!

  23. Just south of Canada and -11F degree here today.

  24. Don’t count on BS to give Lin more minutes. Those extra minutes probably going to Ellington or Clarkson.

  25. Ya! I think so… smh!

  26. I think so far PJ didn’t bring in anything good yet…


  27. No coddling, remember? Lol

  28. Neither of these makes sense again as there is no playmaker and they are playing portland. But I don’t expect anything to make sense anymore in lakerland

  29. maybe it’s not 100% yet. Either Kelly or Swaggy

  30. its missing all the plays resulting in free throws

  31. I’ve finally learned to understand the BScott rules:
    1. Make Kobe look good as a hero
    2. Win if necessary
    3. Any other questions, refer to Rule 1

    If Lin shows any hints of blowing up as Linsanity and make Kobe jealous, BScott will do anything necessary to assure Kobe he’s still the HERO.

    Lakers fans should be protesting with this evidence if they care about winning more than making Kobe look good:
    – Lin/Davis is shelved for a less effective Price/Davis and Kobe/Davis
    – Lin/Hill and Lin/Boozer are shelved because Kobe needs the PG after failing at the SG role
    But the root of the problem is Kobe no longer can play SG so he needs Lin’s job as the PG to look somewhat good flirting with Triple-Double. I’m guessing many Laker fans would prioritize Kobe’s need to be relevant because he gave them 5 rings.

    Once we understand the root of the issue, it’s clear Lin doesn’t have a Laker future except for the backup PG to Kobe in the next 2-3 years. I have confidence that Lin will say no to this backup job as he still has an All-Star aspiration.

  32. Kobe still #2 in voting for ASG, right? So they figure he is still very popular and need to protect that asset. Need to make sure he’s happy.

    They have that 1st round pick that they will lose if they do not have top 3(5?) pick. If they play better, are they getting into playoff? Odds seems bad for them to make it or even go pass 1st round. They then need to lose without looking like they are doing it on purpose.

    Lin hates to lose and seems capable to rallying others to play hard. Kobe hates to lose, but will take control of the game himself and still lose. So if they gonna tank, it make sense for them to let Kobe do his thing.

  33. I really wish Lin can get as many votes as last season to show he is powerful but too bad so many Lin’s fans just didn’t show up this year… smh!

    Vote Vote Vote…

  34. I am OK w Kobe to take the last shot even he didn’t make it bc to tell the truth that’s the way almost every team do it. Plus he did have 5 rings w Lakers. But I just don’t like the way Scott to manage Lin’s playing time.. Ya! Scott tried everything he could to limit Lin’s playing time so he would not shine too much… smh!

    Really hope this will be Kobe’s last 2 years in NBA… I am glad to see he finally will not play B2B game & hopefully he will let Lin in charge more in the future…

  35. If they start Nick Young, that is going to be a diaster from jump. There is nobody in the 1st.unit to steady the ship……smh

  36. Yes, Kobe playing selfishly as THE Hero but losing as a team does support the objective to not lose the top 5 draft pick to the Suns.

    I’d speculate when Mitch makes the $48M/2yr offer to Kobe, he asked if Kobe wants to reduce the amount like Duncan/Nowitzki so Lakers can pursue big-name FAs to help him win the 6th ring. And Kobe might’ve bristled at the idea and took the money and the personal glory despite the losing.

    Kobe has always chosen personal glory above team wins (i.e. getting rid of Shaq, Howard, etc.) so I guess he’ll never change. He could have gotten 6-7 rings with Shaq but his ego got in the way.

  37. For a team that is trying to win, they would have rested Kobe on the Ind game instead of Portland if they truly believe Kobe is still that elite player.

    Perhaps they thought Kobe and that 1st unit would’ve lost the game, and Portland will win w/ or w/o Kobe.

  38. Our SophieParis might just be bold enough for the look, but I’m not sure you can actually call it a dress. Hot pants, with a fringed top that doesn’t look bike-friendly 🙂

  39. I think Kobe had voiced it b4 that he doesn’t believe in taking less $ to stay below the cap. He believes owners are raking it in anyways, and that they should just pay that luxury tax.

    In a sense, I think that’s true. I really believe Duncan some of his teammates should be paid a lot more. Then again perhaps Spurs’ market isn’t as fruitful as LA. LAL and NY are 2 teams that has no worry about getting their $.

  40. Again, the campaign to push for “We Need Kobe”

  41. It would support the narrative that Swaggy can try to replace Kobe but he’s not as good as PG/SG as Kobe.
    BScott/Kobe will be happy with the result to support BScott Rule #1 (Make Kobe as THE Hero)

  42. yes, we’re getting smarter in reading BScott/Kobe’s agenda

  43. Also i have decided to follow lin’s in his attitude in 2015 and not to let anyone or anything still my joy. Yeah, although lin only played 21
    minutes last night, but he also had a good game. He was instrumental in bringing the team back which although the naysayers don’t want to give him props that he really is a good basketball player, lin is happy they won, and that he is a game changer. We can give our opinions on whether he will get more minutes or whether he will stay in LA, but God is and has always been in Lin”s circumstances. So with saying all of that, can we just focus on lin’s game & not the imbiciles running the team.
    So can we get back to the positive thinking on this site.:)

  44. In houston Lin replaced Harden when he was injured.
    Lin not replacing Kobe?
    Mchale > Scott for Lin?
    What do you guys think?

  45. Rotten apples vs. rotten oranges. But same rot.

  46. Exactly

  47. I feel he is turning it around….

  48. There are different goals for HOU and LAL

    For HOU, wins is #1 priority so Lin scoring 30+pts is good
    For LAL, Kobe the Hero is #1 priority so Lin scoring 30+pts is BAD & should NEVER be allowed.

    With this perspective, Lin’s individual performance in LA would always be capped not to endanger Kobe’s mythical image. @KHuang is correct. Byron would always want to prevent Linsanity to break out in LA.

  49. What do you mean? I liked that he sometimes can’t change his circumstances, but he can look at it from more positive view

  50. I agree… in LA no one can score 30 pts …only Kobe.

  51. Very good, astute analysis psalm. I would just add the following comments and adjustments:

    1) Yes those are the rules which determine the actions of Kobe/BS. But to understand a persons’s actions one must consider their interests and motives. As you say, Kobe won 5 rings. But beyond that, Kobe has grown into a world famous sports icon. He is idolized my millions around the world. Many will pay just to watch Kobe play. Lakers ownership is willing to appease Kobe as much as necessary to continue the money stream he provides. They are willing to do anything to keep him propped up. Byron Scott was not their first choice for coach but Kobe insisted on him so the owners finally relented. Scott was therefore hired to make Kobe look good. This is what Kobe wants. This is what owners want. That’s why we have rules 1 and 3. Rule 2 is simply necessary to carry out rule 1 from time to time and it’s good for the fans as well.

    2) “the root of the problem is Kobe no longer can play SG due to his injuries and old age so he needs Lin’s job”

    This statement I disagree with. Kobe’s declining physical fitness is not the problem. It is the one thing giving Lin hope for the near future. If Lin joined Kobe’s team when Kobe was still in his prime, the situation would be even worse. Kobe would dominate the offensive possessions without any limit. If Lin were allowed to play along side Kobe as PG, his role would be to hand the ball to Kobe and shoot the occasional 3 as Fisher and then Nash did. The only thing worse about old man Kobe compared to Kobe in his prime is that the team has little hope of winning games.

    3) “Lakers fans should be protesting” If Kobe continued to shoot 37 shots at 25% efficiency, protests would be inevitable. Now that we have the “balanced” Kobe taking only 10,11,14 shots at 50% efficiency, the fans will not revolt. Not playing Lin/Davis is not as obvious an issue to non-Lin fans.

  52. I can see Kobe’s point but within the current salary cap rules, it’s not possible.

    So Kobe clearly said “My money is more important than the 6th ring”. He can’t berate and curse Mitch when he chose to do so but then again he’s a self-serving diva.

  53. I think it will work out better. With starters Price would still be PG and from before I don’t see Price passing to Lin. From bench Lin will be PG and run the show. Young going to starters would mean Lin has to do the volume of scoring. Could be a great game.

  54. wow.. yeah, that’s no dress
    and it’s probably not Mama Lin-approved LOL

  55. I totally agree. I think Young will try to be like kobe tonight.

  56. 100% agree, Joyce :]

    Noone should steal our joy and Lin’s!
    Let the Linning officially begin in 2015

  57. Hm, maybe Larry Sanders can find the joy of playing basketball again when he plays with Lin

  58. If Kobe is so important for the team offense, why didn’t they rest him yesterday and be available today for a much tougher team on the road? The decision was too obviously about what’s best for Kobe not the Lakers.

  59. Hello from Venus . It’s 450F here.
    The projection would be 40 pts/10asts/10 ribs

  60. I mean his actual game….how to maximize his impact…I feel he is figuring it out…everyone says he has to be aggressive, but the real question is HOW

  61. What a cold weather! Make sure you dress like ninja to keep warm.

  62. Just the facts, ma’am, dry and clear. Seems pretty much right (sigh. sigh again.) We’ve been squirming around hoping for some kind of miraculous solution to this Kobe-blockage, and so has Jeremy. He seems to have certainly not given in but accepted he’s done all he could and now just be joyful in his own skin. I feel like I’ve got to do the same. Trust in Lin, trust the Universe.

  63. good thoughts!
    1) yes, the rules are there as a deal made between Kobe and the FO

    2) I came to the conclusion that Kobe needs Lin’s job as a PG to stay relevant after monitoring Kobe’s comments throughout the season. Kobe is 100% aware that his shooting has been atrocious as an SG and his image has suffered a lot in the media. He was last in +/- and his FG% was the Top 5 worst. He can’t finish in the paint as he did anymore. No lift and thus no calls from the ref.

    But now that he has reinvented himself as the PG, there has been less media backlash, fewer articles bashing him and more praises his ways. Kobe’s fully aware of this latest development of more positive image.

    Personally, I think Kobe was irked of Lin’s insistence of him playing team-ball so he froze him out so Lin learns who’s the boss in LA. I think Kobe contemplated the idea of mentoring Lin but Lin fell out of his favor because Lin didn’t support his idea of playing as a god in LA

    3) yes, Kobe is playing quite well as a PG and Lakers is winning more so there will be no protests from LA fans.

  64. So for sure Young will start tonight?

  65. Boobs

  66. RebelLing then~

  67. My take is that scott is going a bit overboard now kissing Kobe’s butt almost like fake. Scott knows his job is tied to kobe being on the team. Scott knows that there is no way lakers are letting him keep this job to rebuild. I think scott is playing both sides of the middle and i am sure the Mitch/Buss are really ready for Kobe to go now in light of his recent outbursts. Scott is going into survival mode and kobe feels his control slipping away as the “man”.I believe kobe is a person i. turmoil right now. I will just hang on my lin trsin because God is a master in great outcomes when it comes to lin.

  68. Don’t get me wrong, I’m very optimistic about Lin’s career. The situation is already much better now than it was before Kobe’s Xmas vacation. Kobe’s minutes are limited, he’s skipping games; this gives Lin a chance to play his brand of bb. He may even go back to the starting lineup by game #40. There’s also the trade deadline on Feb 19 and in the worst case, Lin will be liberated on April 15.

  69. Great point

  70. I really don’t care who will start Young or Kelly? I only care will they allow Lin to play more min & shoot more…? I guess if Young starts then Lin will not get more min bc they can use Young to score …?

  71. Same in Rox, in a slightly different degree.

  72. Kobe “playing quite well as a PG?”

    I think not.

    Kobe’s guys are getting PUMMELED every game because of his selfishness, zero defense, and poor playmaking.

  73. kobe plays at home games to please LA fans. away games, can sit out.

  74. now, THAT would be fun to watch. nick chucking team to death

  75. psalm means that Kobe takes the role of PG as an excuse to take less shots. When he takes less shots, Kobe is efficient. His actual effectiveness as a PG is awful.

  76. Kobe did average 17/8/8 in the last 4 games plus 1 Triple-Double so that’s all he cares about.

    I wish there would be a stat showing how poor his defense has been. I can’t wait for the day Lin is freed

  77. wow… that’s bold prediction!
    I do hope Lin’s also hungry enough after playing lots of min to devour 10 ribs :]

  78. And crucially his 17 ppg is coming from a FG% of ~50. No complaints there.

  79. I hope Young start.

  80. If Young is not in the 2nd unit, there will be more chances for Lin to score since he doesn’t have to feed Young so much and Young needs his rest.

    But we’ll have to wait and see

  81. yes.

  82. Why did he stay out in game vs best team in the league GS Warriors?

  83. I guess Kobe will make sure Lin is not the one who gets shine even w/o him on court… If Young starts then Lin maybe will play the same short min around 20 up & down…

  84. good young start lin plays with zero ball hogs

  85. If starters get blown out and 2nd unit by Lin has to keep coming in to save them I don’t think Scott will be able to give Lin short minutes.

  86. Not really sure… They maybe will let 1st unit play longer min since Young can be like Kobe so Lin still gets the same 20 min per game. No Young they will send Clarkson?!

  87. Not no Young. No Ellington, so they will play Clarkson

  88. Will see… just don’t believe Scott that much…

  89. Yes, whether healthy or not, Kobe strips the PG of all the normal PG functions. Just as Harden does on the Rox. Fisher and Nash played PG next to Kobe but they were reduced to role players. When Kobe is not healthy, his insecurity will not allow a talented player to even share the back-court with him. That’s why Lin was benched.

  90. Don’t underestimate stupid.

  91. The way it works seems like, Scott will try to limit Lin’s minutes in the 1H as much as possible. But if starters really suck or Lin plays really great, then Lin gets the final 6 mins of the game.

  92. Or if the starters play well, Lin will see the final 2 garbage minutes.

  93. No…with Clarkson, he will not. Unless there is no one left to play

  94. Don’t underestimate Lin hater.

  95. The difference is McHale had to try and reach the playoffs. BS only tries to win if it will help Kobe look good. If Kobe’s not even playing, Lakers might as well lose.

  96. Exactly, why put Lin to pad his stat in garbage time?

  97. At least there won’t be Kobe coming back in at the end of the 4th to mess things up. Usually Lin has things rolling catching up then Kobe comes in and messes up the momentum just so he can play hero ball. Shouldn’t happen now.

  98. Maybe Lakers will have the chance to win?


  99. Wow nice observation, Kobe had to do a double take. Even he couldn’t believe Lin easily got 7 pts in 48 seconds LMAO.

  100. With BS’s substitutions and starters, forget it!

  101. Linphobia

  102. Are you calling us all a bunch of boobs? Be careful, @KHuang:disqus is very defensive.

  103. because he wants to show w/o him they will lose big

  104. Kobe wont’ let another SG steal his spot which is why BS will start Ryan Kelly and Ellington. He already said it. At this age, Nick Young can score more and play better than Kobe can.

  105. Yeah and those are bigs who are not directly competing with him. Imagine how he treats guards like Nash and Lin.

  106. More layup opportunities for Lin

  107. Extremely sad news about Mitch Kupchak’s daughter. She passed away this morning, at 15 years of age.


  108. Oh no………….. so sorry to hear this sad news ….

  109. Oh! So young… sick?

  110. Jlin will lead everyone in prayers.

  111. hmmm, I only see Davis taking advantage of that vs Hill. Not sure what Booz will gain, and yes Jeremy will have some rim access if he gets aggressive.

  112. So young…so sad….

  113. Great idea!

  114. depends on each game because he has to read the stuff on his own team as well as the stuff on opponent.

    His mins to me are stable: 7 mins first half. 3 mins 3rd Q, 4thQ is depending on game but odds are he gets most of it.

  115. good catch. Interesting lean on Kobe’s shoulder sort of in disbelief.

  116. true. That changes a family’s makeup. Chinese say … 3 tragedies in life. You’ve prob heard it. Losing a parent in youth, a spouse in mid-life, and a child in older age. Very sad.

  117. Yep…..very bad…

  118. Heres to a JLin game where he comes out running and we see lathering sweat on his shoulders. Seems when he’s all warmed up like that, like a thoroughbred, he really runs a good game. Go Lin, win again for the joy in the game!

  119. Linsanity!!

  120. You don’t see the picture?

  121. since kobe sat down ( not playing or taking 50% fewer shots when playing) in the last 7 games the lakers have had a chance to win ie. been competitive in all but the chicago game.

    by contrast in the “old kobe days” first 27 games the lakers lost in double digits 10 times.

    that being said: portland has been blowing people out ; half their wins have been double digit wins.

    however it is possible for someone, anyone apparently to put up big numbers against them in wins or losses as jj reddick, rudy gay, .s muhammad, mirotic, as well as the bearded one have done.

    ultimately tho portland as clippers is 2 man team (lillard/aldridge) and the presence or absence of anyone else doesn’t really matter.

  122. I didn’t realize you were simply describing what you see in the picture. Forgive @psalm234:disqus, he has a penchant for posting girl and food hotties. He thinks they bring Lin good luck, but it’s just the opposite.

  123. If Kobe played like this from the beginning and if the coach always tried his best to win by starting Lin and playing him long minutes together with Davis, this Lakers team would be in playoff contention. Wasted opportunity for the sake of Kobe’s ego.

  124. Just read the tweet from TWC, Young will start tonight. Don’t even bother to vote for them… smh!

  125. I hope he keeps this penchant he has. It’s good penchant.

  126. yes

  127. Hmm. Now I see why you asked @psalm234:disqus for a fruit basket 😉

  128. Slander! Lol
    For the record, it was @Joeteam who requested the hottie thread to help his performance so full credit to him.
    This one is a shoutout to our own Sophie’s tweet 🙂

    But its good to know Jeremiah and Lymania appreciate the posts 😀

  129. While LMA had a great start to the HOU/POR series last POs, he cooled down a lot by the last 3 games IIRC. Yet, HOU was barely able to win one with Lin’s efforts, and barely lost one with Lin hands-on-hips at the sideline for a boneheaded last 0.9sec. Therefore, POR is not a 2 man team. It is like all bball teams, 5 man and some days, 2 show up you are right if that’s the view.

  130. why

  131. OKC is really dumb to trade Jackson away…?!

  132. lol josh smith is avraging 9 ppg in 25 minutes per game lol. worst spot then lin was in.

  133. right

  134. lost his starting job in 4 games

  135. JR Smith going to the Cav … perhaps a three team trade involving with Dion Waiters…

  136. I saw two of their game… his min most came from trash time… when the game really matter he was not on at all… it’s true he is in worst situation than Lin.

  137. waiters out of favor and unhappy in clev. jackson wants and deserves a starting job. best back up pg in the league (along with lin) last year; proved deserved to start when replacing westbrook when out early in season. isn’t jackson f.a. next year? okc couldn’t afford to keep him as a backup? (i could be wrong about jacksons contract status). enlighten me.

  138. He gets a front row seat to watch Harden plays

  139. So Jackson is going to Knicks?! Oh! No…

  140. difference is: smith deserves it.

  141. ha foul ft worst then kobe iso atleast kobe has skills

  142. Not sure yet… the plot thickens .. 🙂

  143. probably

  144. This is bad news for Lin… one more team is out for Lin now…

  145. jr smith cavs ould be idiots

  146. Why not it’s Lin? smh!

  147. kevin love must feel like hes back in (where was he?)–scoring 30 a nite and losing.

  148. If Melo stays with NY then it still not a good situation for Jeremy. Somehow I get a strong feeling that Kobe will not last past Feb this year. Wish Kobe luck but…

  149. Reggie Jackson to Knicks. If ny wanted a pg to save them should’ve been Lin.

  150. “The Detroit Pistons were so frustrated with the play ofJosh Smith that they used the stretch provision in the league’s collective bargaining agreement to release him, which essentially meant paying him more than $27 million just to go away.

    The Rockets, ever opportunistic, chose to add Smith to their roster for a little more than $2 million this season.

    Smith scored 21 points and grabbed eight rebounds in his Houston debut, which resulted in a win over the Memphis Grizzlies. He was then given a spot in his new team’s starting lineup, but after producing little there in his last four games, Rockets head coach Kevin McHale sent him back to the bench.

    After shooting a combined 9-of-31 in his last four contests, Donatas Montiejunas was re-inserted into the starting lineup for Houston’s home contest against the Heat on Saturday.

    This is who Smith has become, at least to a certain extent. While his length and athleticism is something NBA front offices rightfully drool over, the reality is that the way he chooses to implement the talents that he possesses has done nothing more in recent seasons than provide utterly disastrous results.

    In five games with the Rockets, Smith has averaged career lows in points (8.4) and rebounds (5.2), while shooting 34.6 percent from the field, and 12.5 percent from three-point distance. Houston is just 2-3 since adding Smith to the roster.”

    –brett pollakoff , nbc sports.

  151. seems Shumpert will also be traded to the Cav.

  152. pppffffffffffffffff

  153. I used to think so but after saw Lin’s interview last night… I am not sure… I also got strong feeling that Kobe will not want to play soon bc he started to have the talk about need rest.. and so on… like a sign to say he will not going to part of this lousy season.

  154. No one should compete with Harden to shoot… Josh, now go sit down!

  155. Thanks God, but not him then who is going to Knicks?!

  156. Really? I thought it’s JR?

  157. acy law?

  158. He is FA now. How can he part of the trade?

  159. JR and Shumpert

  160. it was an attempted joke

  161. Really? So who Knicks will get ?

  162. PJ really don’t like them both…

  163. My hope for Jeremy, is that basketball will never be the number one thing in his life and that commitment to God, family and friends will always be above that.

    Basketball careers end with all players, as we see Kobe in his twilight. It is better to have kept things in their proper perspective than end up with money, rings, trophies and possibly an empty life.

    I realize that for some that his proprieties make no sense, but to others they makes all of the sense in the world. In my life I have struggled and still do with this. I find the further I get away from God and his priorities the less peace and meaning I have in my life. Jeremy probably struggles with these same battles.
    He has been put on the big stage primarily to show God’s love in adverse circumstances. I pray for him daily to this end. I also pray that he will continue to be a succeed in his basketball career as God wills. He requests prayer from all of his fans

    Godliness with contentment is GREAT GAIN.

  164. I think slowly, but surely Lin is gaining the trust of his teammates more one by one. His hustle plays, (two great diving plays in the last two games) and his scoring spurts are being noticed. Even the whole rhetoric of his defense being a liability is starting to diminish. (minus Scott’s effort to emphasize it by taking him out yesterday at the end.)

    You can see the bench coming alive for him more. He just needs to be aggressive right from the start as a bench player.

    So what does that mean?

    Everyone says that and it is much easier said than done when you play with Kobe and Young. One suggestion is Lin needs to sprinkle in moments where he takes matters into his own hands. There are ways to see the play called and assess that it doesn’t seem that open and just drive on his own or dribble around and kick to an open player against the set play. Or tell Kobe or Young to move! or Boozer to come set a quality pick. Even if he doesn’t score he needs to show that he will do whatever at times if he thinks it is best. He wouldn’t be the first pg to read the situation and decide he has a better opportunity not following the play.

    The issue I see with him is even if he feels that way he is so concerned with following the coach/team philosophy he is afraid to make mistakes in that regard. Sometimes you gotta realize you can’t help the team when you are on the bench and think about the greater good. If you feel like you are starting to be iced out, just go for it and show you have that uber confidence in yourself to make it happen on your own. Teammates will respond to that!

    I think that whole fouling at the end Memphis game brings this to light. I don’t think he is wrong to look at his coach and see if he should foul because he needs to know the best strategy and that is what coaches are there to do, but you also need to just decide on your own sometimes. You saw the amount of time left, you were in the front court, just foul that guy immediately and save the time. Then look over at coach and see if it was wrong. Who cares what BS says after that, especially when you know that is the correct basketball play and you have a coach who has shown he is not that good at the end of the day.

    It’s one thing if BS called everyone to press and wanted to go for a steal, but he had no strategy other than not understanding the situation so take it upon yourself. Do you think anyone was mad at Kobe for just fouling?

    Today he needs to go off. It’s a tough game on a back to back against a top level team and an awesome pg in Lillard, but he needs to get in his zone.

    His natural tendency is to get everyone involved, but he needs to realize if he isn’t scoring he gets taken out. Scoring is king and assists don’t get noticed as much, especially on this team. Today the scoring is needed without two starters to have any chance. You are the best offensive weapon on this team (much more of a threat than Young because he can’t pass) so act like you believe that the whole game!

    Having said this, it’s hard to find fault in Lin’s game because he plays exactly how I believe you should play, but sometimes you have to switch it up to get where you want to be. He seems to struggle in these back to backs on the road, but I hope he brings it today.

  165. “The Cleveland Cavaliers have agreed to trade guard Dion Waiters in a deal involving the New York Knicks and Oklahoma City Thunder, according to multiple reports. New York guard J.R. Smith and swingman Iman Shumpert are headed to the Cavs, according to Yahoo Sports. Early reports indicated Thunder guard Reggie Jackson would be on the way to New York, but those were incorrect, according to Steve Popper of The Record.

    Waiters, center Alex Kirk and forward Lou Amundson were present for the pregame introductions for Cleveland’s game against the Philadelphia 76ers on Monday, but all left the court area before it tipped off. Kirk and Amundson, along with Oklahoma City’s Lance Thomas, are going to the Knicks with a future Cavs second-round pick, according to The Record.

    The Cavs officially announced that the trio of players are involved in trade discussions, per Bleacher Report’s Ethan Skolnick.

    More on this wacky deal as it develops.”

    —james herbert cbs sports.com

  166. Really want to see a trade news involving Lin. Just do it, Kobe!

  167. Maybe Jeremy will start, too. lol

  168. Good post.

    Unfortunately, teammates will not rally around any player who the coaching staff is trying to eject.

    Lin’s has an up and down relationship with his teammates. That was the case with Houston as well where McHale and Morey were set on ejecting Lin out of the NBA. It’s no different with the Lakers where Byron Scott is more focused on ejecting the Asian guy than winning games or even appeasing Kobe Bryant.

    All Lin can do is be a good soldier who obeys the coaches and plays teamball. There’s nothing more he can or should do.

  169. failed

  170. If this trade works out, the player from the Cavs who would most help the Knicks would not be Dion Waiters.

    The player who would help the Knicks would be Lou Amundson who is an untalented but team first BRUTE who’s strictly a hustle player.

    A lot of times in the NBA, it’s better to run with a guy like Amundson who’s more tough than good.

  171. Good post. But I don’t agree about not checking in with Coach. It’s supposed to be that way, and if the coach disagrees with Kobe and Kobe wants to make a drama out of it, there’s no reason to doubt Lin or oneself. Lin did the right thing. And, I believe BSc was right about the TO preservation. Sports is an art. This rule about preserving clock is just another guideline. This is not like baseball where throwing to a base is way more dialed in. This is bball, and it is a live action sport where you can win or lose the game in 0.9 sec.

  172. I agree, he is fighting an uphill battle and it’s much easier said than done. I just want him to be willing to do whatever at times and for the most part just go about his work and wait this out.

    I disagree that BS is solely ejecting the Asian guy. I do think it plays a part conscious or unconscious for sure, but he is really just doing whatever to please Kobe at all costs. I actually think Mchale is more responsible for the whole “Lin struggles on defense and should be a bench player belief” BS has that in his head from a Hall of Famer so he has that excuse to do the same. If he is scoring Scott leaves him in almost every time this year. I can’t say Mchale was always the same.

    Having said that, I think Scott is just a bad coach who has an old school mentality, but can’t do the one thing he needs to do with that philosophy, which is get the most out of your team with hard nose defense like a Thibodeau. He runs a offense that doesn’t work well and he doesn’t motivate., but he brings that upon himself by allowing Kobe to show up to practice whenever he wants. He actually sent him home when Kobe was already in the arena ready to practice. What a joke.

    It’s very hard to have a consistent top notch defense unless you are a great motivator and he loses all his credibility with the way he coddles Kobe so he’s in a tough spot too. I’m not buying BS is ejecting the Asian guy anymore than the league in general. I do think Morey and Mchale had an agenda because they looked stupid cutting him. They would do whatever to prove that wrong because that was considered the biggest miss they ever made and Morey is , nvm. I’m rambling and could go and on.

  173. I do think Lin did the right thing in 99% of cases, but Lin is in a unique situation. Damned if you do and damned if you don’t. I realize it is okay for Kobe to do whatever, but not Lin. Often times in games players will just foul when you are down in that situation. I guess I disagree with the strategy since you had two timeouts left with 10 seconds.

    You need to trap in that situation at the very least if you don’t care about preserving clock. At least be aggressive and go for the steal. You are losing the game. Maybe I missed something, but what is gained by allowing clock to tick when you are down and know steal attempt is made. In all levels of bball if you are down you are trying to extend the game. I hear ya though.

  174. Also when lin plays with kobe, he needs top be cutting more under the basket and maybe Kobe will pass him the ball. Lin often times hangs out at the 3 point line.

  175. Whether you agree or not with BSc’s strategy, JLin did the right thing to listen to Coach. That’s just the basics of command and control on a pro team. You cannot disobey your coach, period, else you have anarchy. That’s not pro sports or professional in any way if you freelance.

    BSc said he wanted to have 2 TOs left in case they started to trade fouls and try to optimize the last 10 sec. That’s his call. I can agree with that because I know in a bball game, 10 sec is a lot of time.

    Overall, I totally disagree with replays and TOs in football and bball. Vid replay is ruining sports, as there is no such thing as that in life. Except when you are in court. Sure on that. But sports is not court with lawyers. It’s about the thrill of victory and agony of defeat, just like life.

    LAL this year have made defeat into a regular meal. There is no thrill of victory or agony of defeat, where we can debate something as fundamental as listening to your Coach. Well, call me a purist, but that’s anyway the beautiful game.

    I agree with you about the trap or press. That just shows this team has not drilled that situation before, and of course we know Kobe never goes to practice so even if they did, he’d be yelling out his own game. What a mess. It’s not us, but Coaching. Still, you go down with him because you are paid $15m. That’s being a pro, for now for a few more mos.

  176. I agree with you on that because Swaggy caught a few passes that way, and I’ve wondered if Lin has been instructed to hang around out there to initiate date transition D for all these chuckers.

  177. Totally agree with this, wish he would study his bud Steph Curry about moving without the ball.

  178. Great comments! You do go down with the coach and you are probably right that Lin would be ridiculed more for not listening anyway. However, I do think improvisation/going against coach happens in sports often, like a quarterback scrambling or when a pitcher decides to shake off a pitch from the manager (when they are calling from the bench) because the player thinks he knows best being in the live game action and has a good feel for what’s going on.

    Those are different scenarios though so I just wish he’d be willing to do it once in a while. I thought I liked replays too at one time, but man they just kill the flow of all sports. Now they have it in baseball too. Could that sport be any slower!

  179. After double take on Lin, Kobe sending telepathic message to Byron: Did that just happen under your watch, Byron? Put me in now!

  180. unfortunately it is pretty damn obvious Lakers have an agenda too, aka KOBE

  181. So the hotties were JoeTeam’s idea. I might have known. How quickly you throw your pal under the bus! Smh.

  182. Yep. I played baseball and softball, and could not imagine loving the sport when a fallible ump can be overruled. Soccer had it right. Sportsmanlike conduct, fifa fairplay, and the ref rules.

    Anyway, jlin is in a political box now, so leeway is less than in the future. You can be right next year, I promise lol.

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