G35 LAL @ POR PostGame Thread

Jeremy Lin only played 8 min when Ronnie Price got elbowed by Thomas Robinson with ~30 seconds left in the 3rd quarter.

He managed to play the whole 4th quarter to finish with 14pts/2asts/3rebs/1stl in 21 min.

Jeremy didn’t feel the shooting rhythm from 3pt line (0-2) but managed to finish respectably with 5-10 shooting.

Too bad Nick Young didn’t shoot well (3-10) and Boozer also made bad fouls (4pt play)

Jeremy missed a chance to hit a 3 (airball) to tie the game with 13 seconds left with LAL trailing 92-95). It didn’t look good but he gave his best shot at the time.

Considering the limited min, Jeremy managed to stay aggressive to attack the rim although he didn’t get his shooting rhythm.

Keep being aggressive and keep shooting, Jeremy! You’ll make the big shot next time!


  1. 1st 🙂

  2. haha

  3. 3rd…

  4. Lillard is one of the few players who I think respect Lin’s game.

  5. This game is typical of what happens when a less talented team like the Lakers faces a more talented team like the Blazers.

    Apart from Jordan Hill cherrypicking from the outside, no Laker got it done except for Lin.

    In the NBA, most players struggle against good teams. Not so for Lin who always seem to raise his game.

    With the few minutes Lin was allowed to play as his minutes spiral downward toward the inevitable DNP CD, Lin put up YET ANOTHER ALL STAR PERFORMANCE.

  6. Many players respect Lin’s game, Lillard being only one of them.

    It’s the coaches and general managers and scouts and owners who don’t respect Lin’s game.

    The players on the court know who can play and who cannot.

  7. Yes sir

  8. I remember he dissed Beverly while praising Jeremy for giving him a hard time on the court. It also must be the Adidas connection too 🙂

  9. I like Lin but I don’t think he put up AS performance… in the last few min. Their D was not good so… Too bad, I wish they could win.

  10. I guess so.

  11. I know Lillard and Stotts respect Jeremy’s game.

  12. Batum too…They get Lin

  13. All Stars don’t put up more production than Lin did in Lin’s minutes.

  14. somehow ppl does not care about that

  15. Actually, credit those last minutes to Portland’s big guys who are giving Lillard multiple picks so Lillard can get hot and take over the scoring.

  16. What I meant to write was that if All Stars were marginalized like Lin, they would not outperform Lin in a game like this.

  17. WE CARE.

    We veteran NBA fans care very much.

    That’s why we’re Lin fans to begin with – he plays great All Star caliber basketball every night.

  18. Too bad, Scott didn’t so Lin only on the court for 20 min?! smh! I believe if not for Price got hurt… the last few min Scott would use Poor D from Lin on Lillard to pull Lin out again.

  19. Real picks…

  20. I agree. I do not fall for that star making shxt…

  21. Wes Matthews definitely respects Lin.

    Matthews regular praises Lin, as Matthews often has the unenviable task of guarding Lin.

  22. Why sit Lin for so long in Q1-Q3, then when it comes down to crunch time and you need someone (without Kobe) to score, Scott goes to Lin on 2 consecutive plays? Just mind-boggling.

  23. If Jeremy played for longer minutes, I’m expecting a defensive switch between Dame/Wes and Batum.. unfortunately there is BS minutes management so….

  24. Ya! But Scott just didn’t know what to do about it… smh!

  25. Nice post except for the DNP CD reference that is a complete exaggeration. We’ll be saying this to each other until Lin finishes his LAL stint with not one DNP-CD on his sheets.

  26. Scott knows Lin is his 2nd best offensive option after Kobe, especially in ISO scenarios. Yet, he benches him for so long all game. Just stupid.

  27. If Lin was on the court longer, both Damien Lillard AND Nicholas Batum would be guarding Lin at the same time.

  28. He did not go to Lin. Lin was the 2nd option.

  29. i dont think scott knows that.

  30. good pt

  31. It’s no exaggeration.

    If Lin finishes without a DNP-CD, it’s because Lin played SO GREAT that not even Scott could bench him.

    Today, the only thing that got Lin a measly 20 minutes was Price getting injured. Otherwise Lin would’ve played less than 15 minutes!!!

    We’ll see what happens.

  32. Yes..forget about him

  33. I just watched those 2 plays. Lin was the first option on both.

  34. Does Scott ever know what to do about anything?

  35. Is that a trick question?

  36. The NBA is a fluid league.

    The game EXPOSES who the real stars are – and Lin has been exposed as a real star!

  37. I think Young was.

  38. Have I ever tricked you before?

  39. If Price didn’t get injured, he’d have played the entire 4th quarter too.

    It’s just all part of Scott’s PLAN to eliminate the Asian guy by the trading deadline.

  40. Is that another trick question?

  41. Told you. He doesn’t know anything lol.

  42. Really? No I think Lin.

  43. Don;t forget they party with Lin last time when they beat Rox..

  44. How so?

  45. The Lakers were badly overmatched in talent at every position except Lin.

    Lin was the only guy that could get a shot off that would have a chance of going in.

    Everybody else on the Lakers outside of Jordan Hill was OVERPOWERED by Portland’s superior talent.

  46. thanks! Added to Video Gallery on homepage

  47. You are way too aggressive…need to be benched!

  48. Young had an AWFUL shooting game.

    The crunchtime shot should go to the guy who has the best percentage, even if it’s Lin.

    Even Byron Scott knows that.

  49. Need 2 fast-4ward the clock 2 prove ur theory.

  50. On first plays, ball was inbounded to Lin. Lin had option to drive, shoot, or pass. Lin chose to shoot 3 because Lillard backed off quickly but recovered. On second play, Lin inbounded to Kelly who immediately handed the ball back to Lin to drive to basket. Kelly wasn’t even looking to shoot, so play was designed for Lin.

  51. Would you like a trick question?

  52. Well, we both know Lin is that GREAT! so why continue to the DNP-CD posts? You know, there are kids at this site my friend.

  53. So this is how Jeremy Lin treatment feel like… 🙁

  54. I saw 2 uncalled fouls in just these highlights.

  55. dame so many trick questions…LOL

  56. wonder if RP will play next game…hope not LOL

  57. I unfortunately was totally right about Houston DNP-CDing Lin.

    They happened to trade him away to this horrible Lakers franchise.

    Had Lin not been traded, he’d have been a DNP-CD all season long for Houston and would be told to stay away from practices and games.

  58. Welcome, DJSlik.

    Isn’t this your first post here?

    You’ll find REAL basketball analysis here. So you’ll fit right in.

    Lin would come off the bench even if Ronnie Price didn’t play, and Lin’s minutes would decrease no matter what.

  59. Oh I see your pt..so you mean who gets the ball to begin is the 1st option.

  60. It’s really disappointing, Lin’s benching from Q1-Q3 was horrible. Yes Price was scoring and got assists (but only becuase Hill was hot), but Price also got burned by Lillard so many times.

  61. i liked how J attacked tonight. he got ripped off on a couple of and-1s that should’ve been called. i don’t think anyone could’ve stopped lillard tonight. he was just jacking up shots and they were going in.

  62. had Lin not grown to 6’3″, he’d be shorter. Pretty easy if then, right?

  63. Haha look at that kiddo’s face!!

  64. LOL. It is just your mind playing a trick.

  65. yes, good to see you here.

  66. LOL no man i’ve been here on and off.

  67. Only two? hmmm. that is an improvement.

  68. my daughter when she was 1

  69. Yeah. It’s the same play Scott drew up for Kobe last night. Kobe had the option to shoot or pass depending how the D played him. Tonight it was drawn up for Lin. If Lin is the guy down the stretch, why bench him for so long from Q1-Q3? Really disappointed.

  70. Because a DNP-CD is NOT the worst thing for Jeremy Lin.

    If Lin is DNP-CD’d for being Asian, the next thing that would happen is that Lin would be WAIVED.

    A waived Lin would then get his full salary AND THEN SOME once his new team picks him up.

    The next team that picks Lin up would presumably want him, especially if it’s a playoff team seeking to solidify their guard position.

  71. As true fan…you need to go thru it as well…lol jk

  72. I think Lin was the misdirection, he gets green light because POR is a good defensive team and they denied the 1st option.

  73. Watching those highlights, it’s really hard NOT to like Boozer no matter how much I don’t like his game much. The guy is looking out for Jeremy. He is one of those who passes willingly to Jeremy – always looks to pass to him whenever he screams and grabs a rebound.

  74. Wrong.

    Houston did move to DNP-CD Lin and ACTED ON IT during the offseason.

    The Lakers are doing the same right now, but they simply can’t get solid enough play from Price and Clarkson and Ellington to shut down Lin completely.

    Even so, Scott is relentlessly decreasing Lin’s minutes even if it costs the team games.

  75. there just wasn’t much jeremy could do. i don’t blame him lillard just went HAM and jeremy only got help from the big when it was too late. stu hamm even mentioned how the big HAD TO switch and double HARD on lillard off the PnR.

  76. I have grown immune to Khuang’s DNP-CD…lol…but respect his personal opinion

  77. I know I know, you said that on JL.net once..cute!

  78. You monster. LOL.

  79. you sure…i thought as the year grow…you are getting forgetful? no?

  80. Oh no..I am exposed…

  81. Trying to live in BScott shoes…not easy either

  82. Try not to think of Price’s role in terms of actual basketball.

    Byron Scott doesn’t care if Price plays great or terrible. As long as he’s out there starting, Scott will start him over Jeremy Lin.

    What Scott is itching for is the chance to replace Lin with Ellington or Clarkson. But Ellington and Clarkson are so incapable of playing the NBA game, Scott’s Lakers get their brains beaten out with those two playing without Lin.

  83. Sorry, the did not DNP-CD Lin. They just traded him away to clear cap for Bosh.

  84. he recognizes talented PGs. Lot of experience with d-rose

  85. I like that Boozer has Jeremy’s back. But Boozer is so weak on D. Every foul he gets called on, it’s some weak pushing foul with his hands. He never takes a charge or challenge a shot hard.

  86. true. he does give the ball up to jeremy most of the time…my only complaint is i just wish booze would pass out of the post to a wide open jeremy at the 3 line. i’ve seen him do it ONCE this whole year. booze is kind of a black hole in the post. once he gets the ball you KNOW it’s rainbow time. he almost NEVER passes it back out.

  87. Accepted.

    Regardless, Houston accomplished its goal of EJECTING LIN OFF THE TEAM.

  88. Lin need to talk it out with Boozer as well. I might happen, before the season ends, unless, BScott yoyo’s the lineup again

  89. Then you’ve been more off than on.

    Regardless, this is a good site for you!

  90. Agreed. Ellington and Clarkson’s games are one-dimensional shoot and shoot only. I can tell Scott would prefer to groom Clarkson to play ahead of Lin

  91. Maybe…LAL should hire you for their PR work…:) lol

  92. That’s why I wrote before the season that I was happy that Boozer and Lin could work together.

    While Boozer got overpowered tonight, usually Boozer and Lin is super effective.

    In fact, I still prefer Boozer Lin over Davis Lin.

  93. Boozer just need to cut off his right hand. Then he will be very good..

  94. Stu commenting how they missed Price and Price has had a very good season. What about all those games where Price contributed little and went 0 for 4, 1 for 5, etc??? I like Price as a teammate but my how short the memories…

  95. Kobe miss more than 60% of his regular shots….oh well

  96. Boozer’s defense is actually pretty good.

    He has a firm grasp of defensive principles and hustles, albeit slowly.

    Also, Boozer is a tough physical guy who doesn’t let opponents waltz all over him.

  97. you are only as good as your last game…

  98. Alina Claire Kupchak, daughter of Lakers General Manager Mitch and his wife Claire, passed away this morning at the age of 15 after a lengthy illness. The family asks for and appreciates their privacy at this difficult time, and would like to express their gratitude for everyone’s love, support, thoughts and prayers.

  99. I still disagree about you writing all these posts on it because there are kids here. By that, I mean bball novices and kids for real. Plus trolls. I know the hyperbole you are using to make a point, but why give kids cannon fodder? Why scare the not so grizzled bball fan and Asian race stalwart like yourself? Be gentler, kindler my friend.

  100. just simply the wrong attitude. Me only. It’s a team sport

  101. JL

  102. Too many screens with too little help.

    Now if Byron Scott were a modern day coach as opposed to an outdated 80s coach, Lillard would have been chased off the 3 point line by Lin’s bigs and dared to put the ball on the floor.

  103. just on the highlights … too many on regular play.

  104. unless you’re lin. he only gets that inconsistency tag.

  105. i still like Davis/Lin but we just don’t ever get a chance to see them get extended minutes together!!! the most compelling evidence that BS is either retarded or tanking is that he doesn’t play davis and lin together and CONSTANTLY run PnRs with them.

  106. C’mon.

    Even YOU know that Byron Scott is deep into the process of PHASING LIN OUT.

    Every game, Lin plays less and less. And the better Lin plays, the less he plays. You see it, just like I do. That’s not hyperbole, that’s HARD FACT.

    Lin is STEADILY BEING ELIMINATED and we are watching it happen.

    And I don’t see why my posts are so offensive or hyperbole.

  107. THe face of Lin is the 2nd pic is so………(beep)

  108. He thinks he is #2 Kobe.

  109. That’s sad.Condolences to the Kupchaks.

  110. BS even called a low post ISO for Davis…LOL WTH….

  111. Stu sounds like a mouthpiece of KoBS.

  112. I’d like to see Boozer/Davis/Lin all at once, but Byron Scott is totally ga ga over Jordan Hill who I consider an atrociously BAD big man in the NBA.

  113. These people changed their opinion all the time.. smh! No need to care too much on what they said….

  114. Yeah, the Lakers “missed Price” as Lin scored 9 in the 4th quarter and led the team.

  115. Come on now Mod… maybe train his right hand first? If all else fails, cut it 🙂

  116. Well, Nick Young needs to SETTLE DOWN and not go crazy with excitement with Kobe out.

    Young needs to do like Lin does: stay focused, play within himself, don’t force things.

  117. Ok…I can tolerate that…LOL JK…I like Boozer too

  118. That’s fine, we do not own HOU so they can do what they like.

    On Lin’s minutes, they are steady:

    21, 22, 28, 15, 26, 22, 19, 25, 21, 22, 17, 20. 2nd unit
    Avg: 21.5 mins. Std Dev: 3.5

    As starter: 30.8, Std Dev: 4.5

    So there is no truth in BSc systematically reducing Lin’s minutes to zero. It’s only been a step function down from start to 2nd Unit.

    Stop scaring the kids and casual fans, please.

  119. hmmmm

  120. What century are we living in? Ready the guillotine while you’re at it. LOL.

  121. Are you tricking Boozer to come and use that?

  122. Like I said, I disagree. I think Byron just doesn’t give a hoot about Lin, not that he’s phasing him out or whut. Basically, Lin is set and forget at 3 mins left on 3rdQ and playing all of 4th if needed (and they’ve needed it most games). If not, not 21.5 mins but 15-18 if it’s garbage time.

  123. Nick does not have a stout inner being, so he’s flapping in the wind on good days and whimpering to Kobe on bad days.

  124. Silly Brent, tricks are for kids.

  125. Boozer looks pretty young to me…LOL

  126. I totally forgive Boozer because he makes most of his shots.

    Earlier in the season, I was taunted by trolls on the other forum for writing that Boozer needed some time to get used to Lin feeding him after being frozen out for the last 5 years with Chicago.

    It turns out I was right and that the trolls were wrong.

  127. The Lakers are formidable when there is no Kobe on the floor or on the bench.

  128. Lin must be the most generous photo-op person in the NBA

  129. I’m not scaring ANYONE.

    EVERYBODY can see that Lin’s role is DECREASING.

    Today, Lin would have played far less than 20 minutes had Price not gotten injured.

    Byron Scott is trying desperately to improve Price and Ellington and even Clarkson to the point where the Lakers can survive without Lin.

    It’s not just the minutes. Scott regularly tries to take the ball away from Lin. It just so happens that Lin is SO PRODUCTIVE that not even Scott can just axe Lin out of the rotation.

    I expect Lin to play less minutes next game, just like I accurately predicted that he was being PUNISHED for playing great last game.

  130. Imagine how formidable the Lakers would be if Lin was playing Ronnie Price’s minutes??!

  131. But the starters are slow…maybe you meant the bench to play more minutes…that make sense.

  132. EIther way, Lin will be great eventually.

  133. Lin not wearing his Christmas gift customized Lakers headphones…looks like Adidias headphones

  134. Maybe we should mute the commentary…just the cheering..

  135. Yup.

    That’s why Nick Young is not a great player.

    He has the athletic makeup to be great, but not the intestinal fortitude!

  136. Can’t take him too seriously. He jokes most of the time..

  137. I think 10 out of 10 trolls were wrong…or they are not trolls…honestly I’m not trolling…peace!!

  138. I agree, he’s v smooth with his court moves.

  139. And ppl think dribble low is the only way….LOL look at the 1st one

  140. Those Jeremy shoes…..

  141. That’s what’s so mind boggling about Scott.

  142. and without a racist coach

  143. It’s not a problem for me if LAL don’t want lin there. Lin would do better to leave. No big deal. But the numbers don’t lie, and for now, Lin is tightly averaging just over 20 mins so it’s not as you say. When Lin signs, that means he’s solved the kobe/winless problem with LAL FO. When Lin leaves, this will have been just another 20min/game stint to save his knees and hone his game under pressure.

    While Lin may not win 6MOY award, he definitely now knows how to produced under pressure like his burts last few games with 3-2, 1 min left in clock. That is going to help him down the road, just as he said in his interview tonight.

  144. Maybe Lakers will sign him again since he & Kobe are still keep in touch?


  145. I’m glad that Lin has stepped up his game recently despite Scott’s nonsense. The last 5 games he’s been productive despite getting little playing time averaging 13.4 pts on 53% FT, 46% 3PT on only 22 min PT. Only down stat is his assist at 3.0. Even his TO was down to 1.6.

  146. very interesting!

  147. 53%FT…ouch

  148. The FTs have been a surprise lol
    46% 3PT!

  149. but the other 2 pics … speed and Gs!

  150. Magic Johnson was notoriously effective with high dribbles

  151. Kobe likes him so I think he sure will push the deal in anyway he can this summer. I guess Kobe will say sign him this year then get RW in 2016 to team up w me…

  152. Jeremy talked about finding balance between ‘smiling/relaxing’ and maintaing focus/edge.

    Perhaps he’s trying to find balance not to be too relaxed in his FTs?

  153. His overall now is 78.8%

  154. Consistently inconsistent.

  155. DancingBarry review from LakersGround

    — — Much more aggressive start for Lin, but it was a little sloppy with a couple of early turnovers. He stayed pretty aggressive throughout the game. Down the stretch, the offense still looked about the same, just different guys iso’ing, really. Defensively, we had issues with Lillard going off. Some of that Lin couldn’t stick with him, a lot of it was our team D. I’m not sure he would have closed judging by Scott’s comments afterward had Price been available. “We really miss Ronnie at that particular point,” Scott would say, but he also put a lot of the defensive issues on the bigs who were supposed to step up and pressure to help the PGs. That coverage from the bigs was way too loose and Lillard abused it. “I don’t think we did a good enough job in terms of just disrupting him, sending guys to contest the threes or whatever,” Lin said. He said he needed to do a better job of making his life more difficult, himself. “On the other end there were shots we could have hit and could have made. I think a few of us missed shots we’d like to have back,” Lin said. He said he was happy with the looks they got, especially the FTs they manufactured. He missed a key three with 12 seconds left. He attacked, stopped, stepped back and airballed. He didn’t quite have his legs and balance and was way off the mark. That was painful. “That’s a shot I’ve worked on. I like that shot,” he said. This was a good opportunity for Nick and Jeremy to step up as closers, but it didn’t happen. Good experience for them, however, to get a feel for the team’s identity and strengths. “I honestly believe we’re headed in the right direction,” Lin said, mentioning this was definitely a learning experience. The Lakers looked a little rudderless at times, but the only way to improve that is with these kinds of minutes for them.

    The Stats:

    He scored 14 points on 5-10 shooting (0-2 from three, 4-6 from the line) to go with 3 boards, 2 assists, 1 steal, 2 turnovers and 3 fouls in 21 minutes. He was a -2. The Action: He sank a step-back jumper at the FT line. He got tapped on a long three straight away. He worked behind the screen and missed the wing jumper, a little forced. He telegraphed a post entry and it was picked off easily. He blew past Blake and drew FTs at the rim, he made one. He busted out off the Blazer miss and Boozer outlet to him in stride for the layup. He attacked a crowd and threw it away.

    Second Half:

    He took a handoff on the split play and did a good job drawing contact for FTs, he made one again. He attacked off the screen, put it in his left and scored the tough layup around Kaman before going down. He was blocked trying to pull up off a screen. He dug out a ball on Kaman on the other end to force a turnover, got the outlet and took it for a layup. He missed a step-back fade on the baseline. Lillard getting hot right now, hitting threes. A layup for Lillard when Lin got lost on the fakes. He attacked with speed off a high screen from Nick and drew FTs with 43.3 left, he made both to take a 1-point lead. He got backdoored by Lillard for layup. He immediately took a foul in the backcourt down by 1 with under 24 seconds left (didn’t even look at Scott, I don’t think). He airballed a three with 12 seconds left, stopping on a dime on a drive but not getting his legs into it on the stepback. Ouch. He attacked the lane and scored a tricky layup with 7.7 left as the Blazers looked to protect the three line with a 5-point lead.


  156. BScott is so predictable…
    From Lakersground.
    Price …. If he was available, I imagine he would have returned for Lin with Lillard going off. Hard to say because we needed Lin’s offense, but knowing Scott I think he may have pulled the trigger on that sub (“That was big,” Scott would say of the injury). It may have made the offense even more chaotic down the stretch, but Price was orchestrating the game pretty well…

  157. Lin/Davis on a regular basis will pretty much guarantee that the Lakers first round pick goes to Phoenix.

  158. I expected BScott to be deliberate to minimize Lin’s min and pts after the big 2 games that Lin got to close out games.

    Plus he can’t afford Lin to blow up as the PG undermining his decision to start Price and not utilize Lin properly.
    At this point BScott is much dangerous than McHale to Lin’s career because he has an agenda not to use Lin to win.

    I hope Lin will take it upon himself to have a new career high every time he faces BScott’s team in the future!

  159. It is actually good that for a few games Scott just give Lin 18 mins. So Lin will completely figure this out

  160. I think Boozer might have had tired legs tonight. He is usually pretty consistent on offense. According to my novice eye he helps Lin the most on covering the pnr on defense of the LA bigs.

  161. I think he have…if we observe, the last 4 games or so, he had been taking more shots that he normally does. Moreover he had been taking contested shots as well, instead of passing.
    He just need to re-focus on his FTs

  162. I think so. However, I think he feel he can do better.

  163. Yes, I’m sure Lin can see the DNP writing on the wall knowing how BScott has been using him.
    Perhaps he reads KHuang’s good posts :]

  164. For all bigs…I probabaly will rank it like, Davis > Kelly > Boozer > Sacre > Hill….in terms of helping guards defending PnR

  165. I would not be surprised if Lin reach 1p or 1a in one minute level….

  166. I think Lin kind of messed up on his footwork (the step-back) on the game-tying three he missed. He just needs to practice the move more so that he can get better at it. Harden is really good at this step-back jumper so I’m very confident that Lin will be able to master this move in the near future.

    Nevertheless, Lin played pretty well not only against the Trail Blazers, but also against his manipulative coach and the refs. I was a little bit worried that Lin might not be able to crack double-digit scoring tonight because BS seemed content on letting Price play the whole second half. That plan failed abruptly when Price tried to use his head to foul Robinson’s elbow. The collision resulted in possible broken nose for Mr. Price, and Lin finally got to see court time as a result. Hopefully Lin’s double digit scoring streak can continue as the Lakers take on the Clippers on Wednesday night.

  167. Its Khuang’s fault then! jk

  168. Its always good to strive for better

  169. Needs more chance to do it!! LOL

  170. FOcus is the key I guess, for FT I mean….He does not take as much time as he did to do the routine.

  171. He did all these in only 21 min… imagine if he plays Kobe’s minutes

  172. I would have said I welcome this plan to get rid of Lin by the trading deadline, but I’m now so disappointed by the racism of the NBA in general (everyone including refs seem to be out for Lin’s blood!) that I shudder to think how his next team will treat him. I am one of those who thought LA would be the perfect landing place for Lin for the long-term. And Scott and Bryant said all the right things in the beginning. Now the real plan has surfaced, and it’s really disappointing.

  173. btw i wanted to say lin doesn’t have to be a great defender. was lilard defending lin. nope. lin scored on him all he wanted.

  174. I love your autocorrect for calling Lillard “Lizard”

    But yeah Lillard the Lizard wasn’t defending him.

  175. To be a profound player, one need to balance out his def/off rating.

  176. Lin was always made to finish the game from the bench. Lin almost owned the 4Q despite his minutes stayed around 20 mins. Today, Lin didn’t get to play for the 3rd Q until 20 secs left on the game clock after Price was hurt. Lin was being marginalized as much as possible. I’m as sure that Lin wouldn’t play much as the Lakers would have a horrible record this season.

  177. Byron had no plan for Jeremy to play the 4Q, Too bad that Ronnie busted his nose and Jeremy had to step in and played the entire 4Q.
    The fact is Byron would play Jeremy as little as possible.

  178. Lin was 0/1 in the 3 point range for the night before taking the final shot.

  179. Then, Scott is dumber than I think.

  180. Everybody knows that Lillard can shoot 3s. No player in NBA can defend Lillard alone off a pick. Scottie should call timeout in the 4Q and ask his players to switch on the picks. Scottie let Dillard do it whole night long. It’s mind boggling.

  181. Just so happen that most of the time, Price played horribly in the 3Q. So Lin got to play some of the 3rd and almost the entire 4Q. Once Price started playing well in 3Q, Lin wouldn’t be used at all or just a few minutes in the 4Q.
    Just like in the Memphis game, Lin was asked to do dumb things like not fouling when the team was behind. Even Kobe had to rush in from baseline to foul. Lin was unambiguously commanded not to foul until 10 secs left in the game clock. What kind of inept coaching is it?

  182. If Lin is always forgotten in the game, Lin became dispensable for the team. However, Jeremy always got the call in the 4Q.
    I think it’s Byron’s way to protect Ronnie being blamed for the Lakers’ loss. He wouldn’t mind setting Lin up to fail even that means a loss to Lakers. When Lin played well, he wouldn’t dare to pull Lin out of the 4Q and let Ronnie take the loss again. He did it once though and Ronnie missed 3 3-pointers in a row to loss the game for the Lakers.
    Last game, he pulled Lin out with half a minute left despite Lin played almost the entire 4Q.
    I agreed with Huang that Byron would eventually phase Lin out. There’s a hidden agenda somewhere against Lin and that affects Byron’s court decisions.

  183. When Portland set picks for Lillard, the Lakers are supposed to switch on defense. Everyone knows that Lillard can shoot 3s when he’s left open. Byron should know about it. Why didn’t anyone switch on Lillard and gave him the good looks?
    The loss as usual is on Byron Scott’s inept decisions on defense.

  184. Exactly. Why should coach Scott let his big man sit back and wait for the easy rebound instead of covering Lillard; a deadly 3 point shooter.

  185. Scott didn’t make many good court decisions. He disliked pick and roll plays which reminded people of MDA. Scott was addicted to his so-called Princeton Offense; his brand. When he used it against Jeremy in Cleveland, Jeremy always had good games against him.

  186. That’s a sure thing considering that Lin was normally inserted with at least 4 minutes left in the 3Q and the whole 4Q. Byron was determined to freeze Lin out tonight. But Ronnie got a busted nose by accident. That’s beyond Scottie. So he had to play Lin for the rest of the game.
    Tonight, I like the outcome of this game. Lin picked up his points and Scottie picked up the lost.

  187. I like watching Young play for the most part minus his inability to pass or be a solid defender. I wish he would get the ball to Lin more, but he is in their score. I’ve watched him since his college days and he played pretty well off of Gabe Pruitt. (briefly with the Celtics)

    The issue with Nick Young is that he lacks good court awareness. He has a great one on one game/offensive mind, but he doesn’t have a good sense of what’s going on as a whole. You are absolutely right that he is not a great, but good player. And he wants to be Kobe, which is the biggest problem!

  188. That’s not bad, if he gets to the line and gets on a good streak it’ll be back to where it should be, around 85 percent.

  189. Great observation. He really shortened his routine up, especially from the beginning of the year when he was shooting close to 90%. It’s like when I watch Rondo he looks like he wants to get off the line as quick as possible. Hope he slows it down to get his rhythm and focus back

  190. That’s not a novice eye you have.

    That’s an EXPERT eye.

  191. Excellent breakdown by Greg at Sportige, especially on Lin playing not enough minutes.
    Plus his good on-ball defense but Lakers didn’t have good help defense.


  192. Lillard going off isn’t something the Lakers alone suffer from. When he gets hot, there’s not a lot that teams can do to stop him. But it was another example of just how bad the Lakers’ team defense is. Jeremy Lin was guarding Lillard on a lot of those plays. Lillard didn’t blow by him. He kept getting screens and pick and roll opportunities. The Lakers don’t know what to do in that situation. Any time there’s a switch or back door screen along with simple P&R’s or pick and pops, the timing and order is so wrong it’s hard not to notice. Lin played good on ball defense against Lillard, but when the word help on this defense doesn’t exist, it’s hard actually stopping anyone, let alone one of the best point guards in the league.

    Byron Scott continues to confound us and a lot of others in his ability to keep Lin in a certain set of minutes regardless of what happens on the floor. His basketball instincts and ability to read what’s going on were never impressive, and the team seems average at best in almost every way possible when it comes to things a coach has influence on. Lin playing only 21 minutes? When Kobe Bryant isn’t even going to play? It might not be personal and simple being headstrong about a point he’s trying to make, but it’s not helping him or his team.

  193. Lin getting BASHED on the other forum by the race hate trolls.

    I’ve always written that the better Lin plays, the more trolls bash him.

    Whenever the hate spirals out of control on the other forum, it indicates to me that Lin had a GREAT game!

  194. The only thing Greg doesn’t realize is that Byron Scott is an outdated 80s coach who still thinks the illegal defense rule still exists and thus has no clue that scrambling modern defense is different from soft 80s defense.

  195. Negative Correlation.

  196. Excellent post.

    Lin singlehandedly gets blamed for ALL defensive problems, especially the ones that happen when Lin’s not even on the court!!!

    Lillard had 3 quarters to coast and then get hot in the 4th because Lin wasn’t allowed onto the court to challenge Lillard.

  197. For all the time BScott has been preaching about defense, it’s amazing that Lakers don’t make much improvement in the PnR help defense. Games after games, they get burned on PnR plays

    It’s like they don’t practice on it enough.

  198. If Price had returned, Lillard would’ve EXPLODED EVEN MORE and Scott likely would’ve pulled Price anyway for Lin.

    The only reason Scott doesn’t bench Lin in the 4th is because even Scott realizes that Price and Ellington and Clarkson can’t hold the score like Lin can.

  199. ME!!!!


  200. When Lin was in Houston, he used to said things like – “get back and watch the film (or tape as some says). But in Lakers, I seldom hear Lin mention about watching the film or tape after a loss. Or I might have missed the post game interviews.

  201. They just like to focus on one miss shot, one TO or whatever and willingly ignore other contributions throughout the game.

  202. I think you’re right, he’s been talking about reviewing plays less often. But as it happens, he did say in his post game today that he was going to go back and look at the tape.

  203. If Lin doesn’t have even those, the trolls INVENT GARBAGE OUT OF THIN AIR.

    The trolls are so wrapped up in their racial hate, they constantly do creative writing to invent a false narrative about how Lin messes up games.

  204. It’s actually better that the Lakers DON’T practice defense under Scott.

    Scott is operating as if Kareem, Moses, Wilt, and McHale are all bunched up under the rim despite wearing “Ezeli” and “Dalembert” jerseys scoring 5 ppg.

  205. My favorite is how his one TO caused Rox the series. I think Faux News should hire those guys as consultants.

  206. Scott has no idea that “Kareem” is not spelled “Kaman”.

    That’s why Scott sag defends the paint as if “Kareem” as opposed to “Kaman” is playing!

    No wonder Scott’s teams always get scorched in the post illegal defense era!

  207. My favorite is when the race trolls say “[All Star pg] kicked Lin’s butt” and then they COWER after hard stats get thrown at them indicating otherwise.

  208. WE all know that if Lin had made that shot both Scott/kobe would be pissed. I personally think scott so high on Price is that he is just trying to get him another contract. Price was on his way out of the league, if the Lakers had not picked him up.

  209. Will be funny if he gets cut on Jan 10. Doesn’t look like it will happen though.

  210. Comparing screens set by POR and LAL. POR screens seem way more effective where they frequently got the defender completely stuck. LAL screens on the other hand looked completely lame a$$ that hardly slowed down the defender at all.

    Is it a skill issue or an effort issue? Is it hard to learn to set good screens?

  211. He won’t. He will play the rest of the season and be done.Also Steve Blake is folling himself if he thinks the Lakers traded him to chase after Mel/LBJ. No Steve blake is 30 + years with an injury history. I think Mich/FO are looking at the 2nd unit and saying hmmm, they are beating the starters playing. I think that they will keep the 2nd unit intact and try to find a PG to pair up with kobe. BTW, no superstar PG’s are going to sign in LA to be Kobe’s ball boy.

  212. Young better shut up b4 Kobe put him on DNP-KD

  213. If BS/Kobe made Price the backup PG of the Lakers it would already be a huge favor and much more than he deserves. The only real reason they are high on Price is because he can be used to take the starting spot away from Lin. Kobe/BS have been asking for another PG since Nash was injured and Rondo was in their sights too.


    Matthew 7:1–5 (ESV)

    1 “Judge not, that you be not judged.

    2 For with the judgment you pronounce you will be judged, and with the measure you use it will be measured to you.

    3 Why do you see the speck that is in your brother’s eye, but do not notice the log that is in your own eye?

    4 Or how can you say to your brother, ‘Let me take the speck out of your eye,’ when there is the log in your own eye?

    5 You hypocrite, first take the log out of your own eye, and then you will see clearly to take the speck out of your brother’s eye.

  215. It is okay, nothing to be shame about being old.

  216. Maybe keep the 2nd unit intact till Kobe retires in 2016, then upgrade 2nd unit to starters? A wishful thinking on my part?

  217. I think Blake it’s too old, he is 34 now & soon will be 35… I doubt Lakers will take him even he said he still keeps in touch w Kobe.

  218. I don’t think Mitch/FO will do it. Thye are looking to rebuild the team and Price is not a rebuild backup PG. Scott also better hope that Kobe stays healthy because his job is as only secure as Kobe’s next injury.

  219. All I know is, I was getting an ulcer when Lin had only 8 min PT and was left on the bench for the entire 3rd Q. If Price hadn’t been injured it seemed as if Lin would never enter the game again. Lin is human. He must have been seething with anger too. So when he’s finally subbed in only because Price got his face smashed, you can imagine how hard it was for him to control his emotions.

  220. It’s definitely getting there but these limited minute is forcing Lin to turn the scoring on the minute he steps on the court which is a good thing. By the end of this season I hope he learns how to score whenever he wants instead of needing alot of minutes just to get into rhythm.

  221. I don’t think FO will do it either. It’s only BS/Kobe that don’t want Lin to start and the FO gives in to Kobe for now. And yes, without Kobe, the Lakers have no use for BS.

  222. I like those off dribble shots, he really needs to take more of those especially 2s 3s!

  223. BS know how to kiss Kobe behind.

  224. I think that BS and Kobe were planning on using Price more than Lin before the season started. They were praising Price as the most pleasant surprise of the pre-season. Their kind words about Lin, at that time, proved to be lies. There was no reason to replace Lin with Price as a starter, but hate and jealousy. NEWS FOR THEM, they will never get the best of Jeremy. HIS BACK IS COVERED. Let’s focus on that, though sometimes it’s not easy.

  225. He did say nice about Kobe.. like we do need him in the late 2 to 3 min of the game… He learned his lesson last time when he said just pass the ball to me… next game he got so few ball.

  226. no need to get blake they already have price. blakes and prices numbers are almost identical for the season. (of course blake doesn’t start, prices basic numbers for the year are not only worse than any other regularly starting point guard they are worse than any other starting player period).

  227. 13 days left to vote for Lin in ASG by tweet, FB & http://www.nba.com/allstar/

  228. Did he made one for himself?

  229. Like you, I feel more sorry for Price and Kobe and Scott that I do for Lin.

    Those three are FALLING APART, physically and otherwise.

    Lin is getting STRONGER with each game, especially now that he’s solved his shooting stroke!

  230. Yes, good observation.

    But Lin, being the MASTER, simply came in and played good teamball. No other player could have done that so smoothly and effectively.

  231. Ya! I think Scott likes his own player. Ellington will stay too.

  232. It’s a COACHING issue.

    Portland runs a free flowing system where there are natural screens all over the court. The system works even without a point guard on the court.

    The Lakers, by contrast, improvise screens. The angles are off and the players off the screens can only stand around. The players are trying to set good screens, but that cannot happen in the face of scrambling modern day NBA defenses that know how to load up more than 2 defenders on a pick and roll.

    This is the NBA where 2 men can no longer beat 5 now that the illegal defense rule has been abolished.

  233. First I thought Lin said that I was like whaat since when he speaks so high about him… then ahhh no it’s swaggy. Ok nevermind that’s so him. Lol

  234. The key to LAL’s poor defense is where the big stands for defending PNR. You see too often that a big went too high but he does not stop the ball handler at the screen or a big sink too low when the ball handler is a great shooter like curry or Lillard. Lin and rice plays it differently too. I do not understand why lin plays his man squared up so often.

    35 games in the book already, the coach has not figured it out yet. I believe even Scott knows, there is no way he does not. That basically means he has other things in mind, other than winning and defense.

  235. I think tat possibly one of the most frustrating things for Kobe is that he can’t break Lin’s spirit. He seems to enjoy destroying players morale and when he can’t he become very angry. Just my opinion.

  236. Keep seeing Lin fighting against at least 4 opponents on his own in offence… very frustrating to watch. This team is so bad… no coach

  237. Well you can avoid ulcers by watching games a bit delayed like me. Although then, you won’t be able to participate in the game thread in an updated manner.
    I usually start watching the games 1.5 to 2 hrs after official game time, skip through all the Ronnie Price parts, ads, timeouts, fouls, and get a Jeremy Lin 20+ minute game in in under 45 mins! Saves your time to do other things like writing on this site! LOL

  238. Actually, the problem goes deeper than that.

    When good defensive teams like the Suns or Spurs defend the pick and roll, it’s not just 2 guys defending with everybody else standing around guarding their man.

    Good defensive teams shift their defenders into the passing lanes behind the 2/3 defenders on the ball.

    Lin runs around as a one man zone because he’s essentially singlehandedly playing those passing lanes behind the pick and roll that the good teams use multiple defenders to cover. That’s why Lin gets so many steals and also why Lin’s bench squads always outdefend the starters.

  239. Yes, Kobe is fixated on crushing Lin’s spirit.

    What Kobe doesn’t yet know is that an ENTIRE BASKETBALL INDUSTRY could not crush Lin’s spirit.

    One little wimpy Kobe isn’t going to crush Lin’s spirit when the NCAA and NBA couldn’t do it!!!

    Linstructor is SCHOOLING KOBE on what real grit and real quality team basketball is.

  240. The team would be better with NO COACH as opposed to that 80s buffoon in Scott!!!

  241. Look, it’s one thing for Kobe to push Lin to the bench because of jealousy, inability to play together, whatever. But in a game Kobe is not even playing, to give all of Lin’s minutes to Price is just more than I can stand. Enough is enough. And it don’t matter if I watch it in real time or see it after the fact. I wonder if this is payback for laughing at BS’s clock management.

  242. You’re right. I’m not saying it’s acceptable. I’m mad too that Jeremy doesn’t get more minutes. But I’m just saying we don’t have to watch Ronnie play and fume the whole time.

  243. I actually ENJOY FUMING when Ronnie Price is playing.

    Then when Lin comes in and starts to erase Price’s mistakes, it feels pretty good!

  244. I understand that, I am simply saying LAL could not even handle the initial two man game correctly….

  245. Well I mentioned before how watching Jeremy get mistreated gets my blood boiling. So this is how I therapy myself.
    BUT KH, if you actually ENJOY fuming, more power to you! I can’t say anything to that.

  246. Lin’s spirit has been is an ever closing vice for three years now. Lin will never give up and neither will most of his fans. But not being able to enjoy 3 seasons of his career due to BS is not something we should just shrug our shoulders about.

  247. The good teams don’t just “defend” the pick and roll.

    They BLITZ the pick and roll with multiple defenders, chasing the deadly shooters like Curry and Lillard and Lin off the 3 point line with 3 and sometimes more players.

    Portland feasts on teams that blitz Lillard. What they do is have Lillard attack the rim. If Lillard can’t get to the rim, Batum and Aldridge rotate out to the wings for easy uncontested jumpers while Matthews camps at the 3 point line. It’s gotten to the point with Portland that it’s easier to live with Aldridge firing those uncontested jumpers than with Lillard breaking free and wreaking havoc.

    Against the Lakers, there’s no need for Portland to do fancy rotation because Scott’s defensive scheme is so porous.

  248. Yeah I know you mean well. But sometimes anger needs to be released.

  249. Since we’re quoting verses. Let me quote you one also:

    Psalm 1
    1 Blessed is the one
    who does not walk in step with the wicked
    or stand in the way that sinners take
    or sit in the company of mockers,

    When you read this Je Ballew, you can be glad Jeremy is not pissing on hydrants, at least not in the way some others do it.

  250. That’s what I’ve done, shrug my shoulders.

    But it’s been an EXCITING 3 seasons watching Lin overcome odds that I previously had thought were insurmountable.

    These are the things that Linstructor taught me that I didn’t know before:

    1) It is indeed possible for a bunch of NBA rejects to beat a squad of top NBA players if the rejects are led by a team first guy like Lin and everybody fully commits to playing as a team.

    2) When an elite athlete also has elite fundamentals, not even bad coaching and bad teammates can slow that player down to a halt. Lin’s not been allowed to fulfill his 20+ppg 7+ apg potential, but Lin’s played at a superstar level all the way along in limited touches and minutes.

    3) I didn’t know that a single guard could wreak so much havoc, even with bad teammates and bad coaching. There are many times when Lin’s basically a one man team out there. Lin not only cracks multiple defender traps singlehandedly, he is a one man zone who often guards several guys all at once!

    4) Racism in the NBA is a lot deeper than I thought it was, especially among coaches and general managers and owners. But players? I will gleefully admit that I’m IMPRESSED that they’ve come around due to Lin working on them. The players genuinely respect Lin, even those who have openly trashed Lin in the past.

    5) Lin’s ongoing kindness and emotional imperviousness to racial garbage is amazing. The guy goes to work and plays. His behavior has been SAINTLY and is making a huge positive impact on not just the NBA but the world at large.

  251. Not only do I enjoy fuming at Price’s bad play, I also enjoy going to jeremylin.net and beating up the race trolls that are utterly insane in their hatred of Asians!

    Whenever I need a racial punching bag, I go to that forum and start exposing the trolls as racists and liars!

  252. One of the best posts about Lin I ever read. I love your insight. 🙂 Thx.

  253. you’re welcome

  254. That’s really tragic. condolences and prayers to the Kupchak family.

  255. It is not “just” defending PnR. I am talking about they get the simple things wrong even if that was just 2 on 2.

  256. It is a great experience for Lin last night. You can only get better for knowing what and where you failed. As Lin said in the post game interview, it is better to know and learn it now than later.

    Be how to make the game-tying 3 pt shot, stopping a distinguished NBA point guard like Lillard, trying best to play consistently from inconsistent minutes and CONTRIBUTE anyway he can to help team win, Lin is getting stronger and stronger, better and better, not just basketball skills, but also the mind-set.

    Haters and doubters can always find faults in Lin’s playing any game, any play, any move, on court or off court. Because he is so special that his doing get magnified. Why? Only those who hate and doubt know why.

    Lin aims higher. He will get better and better game by game even after he reaches his goal – winning a championship. The experience last game will help him in the long run to achieve that. And I believe he will get there, BS or not, Lakers or not. No one can stop him except himself.

  257. What Lin meant is “I can stand Scott for now, but he has to go later”

  258. Yes, I wasn’t in disagreement with you at all.

    Lin plays his man squared up because in this zero defensive scheme, Lin has to be able to change his defensive strategy based on the shifting offensive landscape.

    A good defensive team like Golden State will have a very average defender like Stephen Curry playing opponents just for the shot. Curry will chase after the shooter maniacally, relying on the interior shotblocking and wing defense of Golden State to cover for him. This doesn’t work against guys like Lin who have the freelance savvy to pick Curry’s help apart with pinpoint passes and steely drives to the rim, but it works against most of the NBA’s guards who are far less capable than Lin in improvisation.

    If Lin were playing in a defensive scheme like Golden State’s where he could focus singlemindedly on one defensive aspect like stopping a shot, he’d wreak horrific defense on opponents. Even without proper NBA help, Lin has been a defensive scourge in the NBA for the last 3 seasons.

    I can easily envision what Lin’s team defense would look like if he played for a quality defensive team. It would be like watching those elite NFL teams that are so good defensively that even Super Bowl teams cannot advance the ball against.

  259. Well, even if Lin stays in Lakers and BS fired, there is no guarantee the next coach is not another BS.

  260. There is no guarantee Lin’s next team is not like HOU or LAL either…LOL

  261. In the post-game interview, he actually talked about having him and the bigs to get better in the PnR defense vs Lillard but yes, he didn’t mention the film review a lot.

    Maybe HOU has a lot more film reviews while LAL just talked about it a lot. I wouldn’t be surprised if that’s the case.

  262. I guess just think it the good way. Coaches know Lin is good…so they let him squared up to his man…LOL

  263. It would be highly unlikely that Lin’s next coach would be as bad as Byron Scott or Kevin McHale.

    The NBA is filled mostly with modern day coaches who are preaching modern day basketball.

    As Lin will get to choose his next coach, Lin would studiously avoid any coach like a Wittman of WAS or Hollins of NJ or a Fisher of NY that would hate Lin’s game without knowing what Lin was capable of.

  264. So true. But I believe there is one waiting for him, the one that will use him wisely and fairly.

  265. Even Doc was outcoached by Stevensons…..the other night….80s guys have to let go

  266. I agree. THis is a trade off. Do you use your limited yrs to go around teams or you try to fit in one teams and kill your coach….

  267. Lin’s probably the only guard that can get away with being squared up like that.

    His athleticism and instincts and court savvy allow him to adjust defensively like no other guard in the NBA does. Nobody even comes close except for maybe Bayless of MIL (has the athleticism but not quite the quick instincts) and Dellavedova of CLE (has the instincts but not the athleticism).

  268. I suspect that there are several coaches that would use Lin fairly even in bad situations.

    Those coaches are Hornacek of Phoenix, Stotts of Portland, Carlisle of Dallas, Spoelstra of Miami, Blatt of Cleveland, Casey of Toronto, and Brown of Philly. That’s just a partial list.

  269. Agreed

  270. The Bible teaches In Ephesians Chapter 6 that we are in a SPIRITUAL warfare. There are 7 specific things to give victory in the battle. God’s word, faith and prayer are three of these weapons. Be strong in the Lord and in his power. Victory does not come by our own strength and self- determination.

  271. If the Lakers win, it only helps justifying BS’s prejudice toward Lin. I am happy for Lin now because regardless of losing he is still smiling. 🙂

  272. oh yay!!

  273. Gotta like that attitude. Even though he got the skills, he is still humble enough to know this is a team sport.

    And I think that’s how Lin was during Linsanity. It seemed that it was all him during that short stretch, but Lin realize that without all the teammates working together, there’s nothing. I think he’s really hoping to get that back, but he’s definitely not gonna get that at LAL while BS and KB is around.

  274. OTOH, it is exactly that attitude made him better yr after yr. He did not choose the “Kobe” route….

  275. I always lookingforward Lin /Davis on the same floor but BS/KB make sure that is not happening, sick of them! I also thought the game lost to Portland is BS’s bs rotation, put Lin played more min. with Davis will boost the game for sure! But KB and BS cannot stand the beauty of the LIN/DAVIS repeating Linsanity style!

  276. Oh well….good luck with that, Buss.

  277. yes, Lillard is humble enough to point out that it takes teamwork to pull off clutch shots by Aldridge settting screens for him.

    Very different than Kobe who relies on his own individual ISO plays to take the glory.

  278. So.. what’s Scott’s plan? Did she say more?

  279. Kevin Ding definitely wanted to contrast this new successful “Hero-Ball” requiring team-effort by Lillard vs the failing “Hero Ball” by Kobe.

    Love It!

  280. It guarantees to make the highlight reel when 2,3,4, or 5 guys are on you and you knock down that shot for the win. Unfortunately they aren’t falling at all anymore.

  281. Not sure, I am reluctant to go to my car and listen to it

  282. In fact, I am more believe it’s Lin’s plan bc from Lin’s interview he said more than once… we are on the right direction…?

  283. I do not think so….but I will keep hope. why just being competitive while you can be competitive and win more? Simply makes no sense

  284. yes, Kobe’s clutch time has passed as his body continues to break down.
    Lillard’s model is definitely better to follow for Lin.

  285. But I really do think Lakers & Lin did have talk.. Lin said the right direction not just last night.. few days before too… Also After his blog article… they finally started to let him play the whole 4Q.. I think that’s the plan for now bc he still can’t go back to starting lineup…. Kobe is not OK yet. That’s what I thought…

  286. I think it’s Lillard following Lin’s model since Linsanity predates Lillard in the NBA. Just that Lin can’t get on a team that simply believe in good team basketball.

  287. He said it everytime when LAL played like a team. I think he simply just trying to diss Kobe and Scott in a very subtle way.

  288. But did you see what Mike Trudell asked Lin’s question all about BB game… just like from top to ask Lin’s opinion… I don’t know just my 6th sense..

  289. They are very similar to begin with. Lillard got more development as a all around player while Lin was only asked to be a scorer with limited PT.

  290. I think it simply because reporters know Lin will give good concise bball answer. Better that what Coaches can say or Kobe..or……whoever else.

  291. I wonder in what area Lillard looks better offensively than Lin that he is trusted to take clutch shots in POR. Perhaps it’s the one-on-one ISO shots?

  292. The way Lin answers questions now, they probably hoping to create more drama. When Lin said he got more to show, they took it to BS to see what BS says. That created quite a bit of conversation.

  293. And I like it…someone has to doubt Scott in his face

  294. Yes, it’s rightful for any org to phase out the labor force if they can. Or switch people. That’s fine – there is an open market for all labor. Keep in mind, Lin is not just going to be labor. Right now, he has enough personal momentum to move into owners circles (maybe not bball, but owning his own XYZ). So, he’s at a young age in the world of capital and ownership too, at some point. I don’t over focus on Lin being a laborer lol. I’m rooting for him and his spirit, drive, journey as we all have that. I’d root for you and anyone here if they are intrepid against a hard hill and for a good cause.

  295. Did anyone understand the statement ehen ding asked what else happened in the 4th besides lillard scoring, they mentioned lin.i didn’t understand the statement, can somebody explain

  296. trade Lin!

  297. Lillard is a better shooter, period….But to give Lin credit. Lillard has LMA and Lin does not. Spacing helps too. Most of the Lillard’s shot were not off balance shots like the air ball Lin had to take yesterday.

  298. Guessing you talking about this:

    Asked what changed in the fourth quarter besides Lillard getting hot, Jeremy Lin—the Laker who tried in vain to stop the Portland point guard—said, “That’s the big part of it. And it kind of took the momentum.”

    I’m guessing that’s just Lin saying Lillard getting hot was the primary momentum shift for Portland to win the game.

  299. Did anybody listen to Jeannie Buss interview on Sirus radio.

  300. What did she say?

  301. I think that was what Joyce trying to find out

  302. Couple of thoughts… You can see that Ronnie was getting to play a true PG without Kobe in the game last night. He was taking shots, facilitating, etc. If Lin was starting, it could have easily been a 30+ pt 10+ assist night just like when Harden was out last season and Lin started and got to lead the team.

    Also, it’s ironic that Stuart Scott’s experience early in his broadcasting career is similar to what Lin is going through. Some of Stu’s colleagues and Espn execs didn’t like his “street” style when he first joined espn, but Stu hung in there, didn’t change his style of broadcasting, and eventually converted everyone into believers.

  303. Looking at https://twitter.com/SiriusXMNBA twitter page, doesn’t seem like they say much important WRT LAL

    Trusting BS as coach, and they talked about Phil a bit.

  304. Ok now i get it

  305. Oh. Lol

  306. Young really does smile all the time.

  307. I wander what is Jeannie Busses angle is now, beacuse she just doesn’t radomly come out and fo interviews

  308. I agree…. something is happening in the team.

  309. Kobe will miss 8 games this season beacuse of the back to back. So this decision for him to sit out seems very odd

  310. What did she say?

  311. See tweet be low

  312. I know but even Kobe sit out that still didn’t help Lin to get more playing time… I bet Jeanie got so many tweets to complain about Lin’s short playing time & blame the coach too lousy… But don’t believe they will fired Scott now.

  313. Brad Stevens would be a good coach for him too

  314. This basically just meant, Lin knows what went wrong. He does not need to rewatch it on film…

  315. [email protected] talked about how her dinner with @PhilJackson11 was interrupted while he was orchestrating the major three-way deal last night.

  316. So she is in NY now.

  317. Is LAL fans proud of their team NOW?

  318. I guess not…

  319. Kobe can sit as many games as he wishes, but BS still coaches as if Kobe were on the floor, like saying “don’t worry, no one can take your position even if you don’t play !”

  320. She should’ve been SELLING LIN to NY as part of a four way trade!!!

  321. I thought you didn’t want Lin in NY?

  322. according to boozer, when criticized for his defense earlier in the season, said the lakers dont really do defensive drills in practice. (to be fair, boozer is using thibs as his reference point so its a high bar for what it means to drill defense.) that said, it seems that scott is someone who does not have a clear defensive strategy and, worse, they dont practice the scheme through constant repetition.

    scott seems to be one of those goofs that thinks defense is about individual effort. (and conditioning, hahahaha). hence his love affair with price. you know, the patrick beverley school of Effort.

  323. Could someone please remind me why Price starts over Jeremy and gets the bulk of the minutes? Is it his defense, offense, both?
    Is there anyone who still thinks that the Lakers are a “classy” organization?

  324. Lin haters are full of crap. they know nothing about basketball
    When Lin has respect from his peers like Lillard, it really tells me how good of a basketball player Lin really is

  325. A different package. Melo for Lin/Nash

    Just kidding.

  326. Ya! So I think we should RT this to any reporter said Lin has poor D on Lillard.. if Scott has any plan then he should be able to do something but no… smh!

  327. Kobe & Scott that’s why Lin has to be bench. Not bc BB skill.

  328. Right on! … and to certain extend I can “understand” BS’s action BUT, last night Kobe was not even there! He let Price played, played and played, until Price got hurt and cannot continue (OK, Jeremy had some minutes in the first half, then sit sit sit… ) Jeremy took over in the 2nd half because Price can’t play? That, is very annoying to say the least…

  329. Yeah I know that’s what Kobe wants. But the Lakers could have put their foot down on that one and said, “No Kobe, we’re not going to let you treat another teammate that way. It makes our organization look like crap.”

  330. I guess it’s more complex than we thought… that’s why Lin said there is nothing he can control right now… I really think Jeanie & Jim are not that good leaders bc they are not good in manage this team. smh!

  331. “Jimmer Fredette earns extended minutes and makes impact off bench”

    His growing fan base had took to social media expressing their displeasure about his limited opportunities under coach Monty Williams.


    I think it’s great that Jeremy’s fans are also using social media to put pressure on the Lakers.

  332. It may not be that complex. It’s just easier for Jeanie & Jim to give in to Kobe’s demands than it is to do the right thing. I’m hoping that we can put pressure on them through social media and make their choice more difficult.

  333. Where can I find a record of Lin stats to refute people who claim that Jeremy is garbage

  334. You can not….so….just move on

  335. Haters are going to hate. To some, President Obama is Sh*t.

  336. LOL thanks, but wasn’t there a site that had all of Jeremy’s stats and comparative stats recorded?

  337. Stats…yes…but not too many are comparative…

  338. Cool… what’s the site?

  339. JL Facts & Articles are temporarily unavailable but we have a Sticky Post with tweets and links on JLin’s underrated defense if you’re interested:


  340. “Why would I look at the board when he’s actually writing nothing?”

    -J Lin

  341. Have you heard from wukong? Is “JL Facts & Articles” only temporarily unavailable?

  342. thanks!

  343. yes, she and her site is temporarily unavailable due to personal reasons.
    But I’m not sure when it will be available again.

  344. i just want to add steve blake last year averaging 6 ppg gets 4 million a year. average pg will get 5 million a year. i think lins stats are headed up although his playing time isn’t. his per is also going up. he will get 5-8 million a year i think this offseason. the thought out there is he is slightly better then average. water he is a back up or not thats what he will get this offseason

  345. He’s drawing all the angles to pass to Kobe. Lin knows them all already.

  346. I only check NBA.com/stat… JL Facts & Articles is down right now

  347. Interesting to know what she gonna say today.

  348. Despite the horrible minutes, role and rotation, 2015 has been so far good year for Lin 14.7 ppg.

  349. Thanks, it’s interesting to see Jimmer fans also argued he’s more productive than Austin Rivers.

    What kind of social media pressure worked to “nudge” Coach Monty Williams to give more PT to Jimmer? Perhaps we can do a similar effort

  350. I would really like him to have a player option in his next contract, even if that costs him a few million a year. He’s been screwed too many times. He needs to have a quick out if he finds himself in another bad situation.

  351. I wander why she is doing these sets of interviews.The last time she did thos was when that scathing article came out about Kobe.

  352. The article I referenced doesn’t give any further details. But I would guess it was through Facebook and Twitter. I think that the tweets you put out on behalf of this site as well as those from Ido, Joyce, and others are having an impact. Perhaps we all need to re-tweet the really good ones as often as we can.

  353. The effect of keep taking shots

  354. Probably the promotion for the event..?!

  355. I think one of the thing Lin’s fans should do it’s to vote for him in ASG. I know he will not make it but this just show his popularity.. too bad, this season not many fans do it for him. smh!

  356. thanks. Let’s hope so.
    Gotta stay positive to show Lin can contribute much more to the Lakers if used properly

  357. I agree. Thanks for your efforts in getting out the vote! 🙂

  358. Reviewing JLin’s Stat Splits, it’s great to see JLin can:
    1. average more pts in Jan (3 games with 14.7 in only 23 min/gm) than in Nov (13.1pts in 31 min/gm)
    2. average more at home (12.7pts in 28.1mpg) than road (8.7pts in slighly less 24.6mpg)

    It’ll be interesting to see if Byron played Jeremy less min on the road than at home. Or it’s because he didn’t score as much so he played less min on the road.
    Could be both but Jeremy definitely needs to score lots of points to get more min.

  359. very true. More pts and more min for taking more shots/min.
    Lin needs to be a gunner!

  360. I hope you are right.

    Personally, I think Lin will get only minimum offers if even that.

  361. What impresses me is, he does not seem like a gunner when gunning. Totally in control.

  362. Thanks, I forgot about that

  363. its more the fact of less minutes producing less points.

  364. I don’t, even though NY needs Lin more than LA does.

  365. For whatever reason bs plays lin less on the road.

  366. I wander has he been in contact with Nash? I think he is finding his shot more easily now

  367. Simple reason:

    Byron Scott cannot HOODWINK the Lakers brass into not playing Lin at home.

    Even so, Scott is steadily reducing Lin’s minutes such that the Lakers brass is Ok with Lin playing only 21 minutes.

    On the road where the front office isn’t watching, Scott can refuse to play Lin and get away with it. McHale in Houston pulled the same stunt.

  368. Could be….might just be some small perspective change…

  369. More like the effect of Lin playing UNSELFISH basketball which ironically opens up the court for Lin.

    Lin draws so much coverage that the only way to get them off is to pass to teammates so that those teammates have to be GUARDED.

  370. That is true too

  371. The change in shooting form is DRAMATIC.

    When Lin has the right shooting form and can hit shots, the whole game opens up for him and thus he relaxes.

    Lin still hasn’t overhauled his free throw form yet, which is why his percentages from
    the stripe are so low.

  372. I disagree….but whatever that was. The results are good. I like it LOL

  373. Buss: I am so pleased from what Scott did. Liked how the team played..liked Swaggy P. Oh well….LOL

  374. Since when

  375. Before the season started, I wrote that Fredette was the best guard on NOP.

    I stand by that even though Jimmer remains benched.

    For whatever reason, Jimmer gets his chances against Phoenix. Personally, I believe it’s because Phoenix starts a white guard in Goran Dragic and so the white Jimmer is not regarded as a disastrous defensive matchup due to skin color. Never mind that Dragic is more athletic than most African American guards.

    Fredette is one of the better guards in the NBA. When he plays, his team always has a better chance of winning.

  376. Buss: “Liked watching players play w/ lots of energy. Loved watching Nick Young play. Kobe comeback. Not like the standing”

  377. SHe did not say…LOL or maybe I missed…I was just outlining..

  378. Yep

  379. Call me crazy but I have this scenario in my head:

    When Nash dropped out of the rotation in preseason, everyone assumed that Lin would become the starting PG. Everyone except Kobe and by extension, BS. Kobe wanted Price to start and get the “bulk of the minutes.” Mitch and the rest of Lakers management told Kobe he was crazy. Price is a scrub. Even Magic chimed in with his tweet. But Kobe insisted. Finally they came to a compromise. We’ll let Jeremy start for 20 games, but if that doesn’t work well, then we’ll switch to Price. (Kobe had to let Lin go first in the rotation because Price got injured in preseason.) After 20 games, the Lakers had a bad record and a deal’s a deal, so Price took the starting spot away from Lin. Now that we’re approaching the end of the second, 20-day, trial period and Lin is playing very well, I’m hoping that Lin will be reinstated.

    Otherwise, the next best hope is the Feb 19 trade deadline and if that doesn’t pan out, it’s 47 more games to freedom.

  380. Lin is in the bench till the end of his contract…I think

  381. We’ll see in 5 games. What do you bet this time? 🙂

  382. agree

  383. Did she say anythingelse

  384. lol…you think he will start again?

  385. it’s hard not to think there’s an agenda behind Lin’s mistreatment. Obviously faults are even on Jeremy and his agent who jumped on teams who got divas on their roster

  386. His agent does not have big control on this. But if he ended up with a bad team again in FA. It tells more..

  387. no my hope for this year. 11-12 ppg in 23 mpg thats 5 less minutes then last year and may be only 1 less point

  388. .@JeanieBuss: "I think that our front office has to be given time to let their vision of Lakers basketball come to be." (On @ESPNLA710)— Serena Winters (@SerenaWinters) January 6, 2015

  389. golden state cause Jeremy is from there
    houston cause of Asian market (mchale had an history in mistreating pg – kyle lowry, dragic – and morey had an history in treating players like crap, moving them when it’s needed)
    lakers cause of big market again. He’s used more on internet and tv than on court.

  390. nothing significant so far.
    Just no-tanking, Lakers pass, etc.

  391. Fans are to be fooled, ripped and Kobed, not to be told the truth.

  392. Think if Lin went with MAVs to begin his career…BUT who knows..if that happened, Linsanity might not happen, Lin would be doing something else….

  393. it has to be said kobe slow offense is terrible for lin i wish the bench started that would do wonders for lin. its definitely sad lin doesn’t start when kobe misses games but 11-12 ppg at 23 mpg is pretty good. 5 less minutes only 1 less point

  394. Buss is confident that having Kobe makes LAL a better team…

  395. Buss said they did everything they could to put Nash in a position to be successful.

  396. i don’t think he’ll start again. and i don’t think there will ever be a trade in february unless someone wants Jeremy so big to give picks or players away, quite impossible knowing he’ll be free agent at the end of the season.

    my only hope is someone next year will be so desperate in getting a pg to ask Jeremy the starting spot (I mean if Rondo goes out of Dallas or Boston will give up on Smart).

    we will see

  397. by hiring the best coach for him (MDA) but his body didn’t cooperate

  398. That’s Jeannie. She. even stated she gets emotional about the Laker players

  399. oh right. Knicks was the only time they didn’t choose their own destination, probably. Ok, maybe they didn’t have enough control in the Lakers trade too… we will see what the future holds.

    Hopefully they will choose who runs play for a PG not for the market or money.

  400. That is my point. It was not like there were a lot of offers on the table and Lin pick one..

  401. Nothing about Lin at all? I guess not…

  402. I guess nothing about lin

  403. oh yes. making play a 37 year old defence and stole the ball from his hands for the first time in his carreer next to one of the worse ballhog in NBA.

    Dwight was right to go away from Lakers. He’s been only stupid to go to Houston, or at least in refusing to play pnr

  404. none so far.
    no tweet questions on Lin were asked

  405. BTW, this is from ESPN or NBA radio?

  406. She mentioned Lin once whan asked about the ALL ACCESS package LAL have. I guess it is some marketing thing….hence she mentioned Lin, young…

  407. she can’t say anything bad bout Jeremy cause they’re making lots of money from him. he’s all over internet and tvs. so no questions

  408. Really, wow

  409. You can still listen to Buss interview rite now. You can scrollback up to an hour.


    Starts around 2:15

  410. like i guessed. just a marketing puppet

  411. Link above…ESPN LA ˙710

  412. Interesting

  413. Jeanie is impressed with Julius Randle’s future.
    I don’t think they’ll talk about Lin since it can be controversial

  414. Why controversial

  415. It’s funny. Jeanie and Phil might need to get NBA Board of Governors permission to marry.
    “Funny to ask Mark Cuban if we can get married”

  416. Because the size of his fans and haters base? LOL

  417. probably.. one side could be unhappy.
    so no news is good news kinda thing

  418. Yes I do. But I’ll let you off easy this time: If Lin is starting again by game #40, you have to post that I won the bet. But if Lin is still not starting, we’ll just forget about the whole thing. Deal?

  419. Interview is over. Radio hosts wished Jeanie to have good time for Lakers Access Pass event for fans tonight. So this is a marketing event.

  420. She can’t say much because she not in charge.

  421. Bc he is not the real Lakers yet… you know this summer he may or may not stay… But after today, I don’t think Lin’s future w them are good… she said she likes Scott?! smh!

  422. That’s the only thing she talked about Lin – marketing?! Sad!

  423. I think she’s there for marketing tonight’s event so radio hosts lobbed her easy and fluff questions.

    She probably wouldn’t come back if they asked tough questions.
    That’s what the interview felt like.

  424. Who would have thought the Knicks with Carmelo as their superstar playing in the East would out-tank the “we’re not tanking” 76ers. Both the Knicks and the Rockets ejected Lin and both teams enjoyed initial success (unselfish ways inspired by Lin).

    However, the Knicks quickly forgot the winning basketball and reverted back to their losing ball-hogging iso balls. It remains to be seen how long it will take the Rockets to regress back to their old habit.

    As for the Lakers, they gave Lin the fewest playing time since Linsanity broke out. In a sense, the Lakers never embraced Lin’s brand of winning basketball because it does not fit the narrative of Hollywood superhero movie starred by the old actor who refused to retire. Anyways, I still look forward to see how Lin can do with all the odds stacked against him. Expect the worst, hope for the best!

  425. I miss Nash

  426. Well there are an awful lot of parallels between Jeremy and Jimmer, especially regarding treatment by the NBA.

  427. But she didn’t say anything about Lin but Kobe, Young & Randle. Maybe the host thought Lin is not part of their future so no needed to ask..?!

  428. BTW, who is the host?

  429. SO what is it in for me?

  430. He does not miss us….so..

  431. it’s actually getting boring now watching lin playing only 20mins last one to come off the bench
    so tired of wishing bad things on Byron Scott
    once kobes gone LA will be Lins team patience until then

  432. who cares
    he’s a legend who cudve definitely helped Lin
    I dont think he wants any of this lakers crap rright now
    maybe hes disgusted by the benching of Lin and boozer

  433. ROFL, otherwise it’s hard for a prophet to maintain his reputation 🙂

  434. Wise perspective!

    Lin’s unselfish brand of basketball has the unfortunate events of clashing with the selfish brand of basketball in Melo/Harden/Kobe in the past 3 years.

    I hope July 2015 will be the month of freedom where Lin visits many unselfish teams for his Free Agency. Lin fans should vote on his possible FA destinations just for fun

  435. Mason & Ireland

  436. BTW…so the team Linsanity is officially all out of NY now….

  437. could be …it’s hard to tell

  438. Lin just became irrelevant just as Boozer
    thanks a lot Byron Scott

  439. Do they like Lin? Guess not? Don’t get why not even one question about Lin? So there were questions about Young, Randle?

  440. I do not want ROFL!! LOL

  441. well melo..

  442. He is the team Anti-Lisanity

  443. It’s really good for your health.

  444. I would love for Lin to be reinstate as the starter PG again but with all the BS from BS I don’t see it happening again. Hope I am wrong.

    Since, FO don’t do anything about Lin situation my guess is that they are part of it.

  445. Wonder if Nash is not really injured. I think BS told him how he will run the team, and that it’s unlikely Nash will be a big part of it. Perhaps Price was always BS’s first choice.

    This team simply has not truly used PNR which is Nash’s bread and butter and that Lin is more than capable of doing.

  446. I am not so sure about that…LOL

  447. Dolan still there

  448. Ya! Talk about Lin to bench it’s not good topic but what else? Lost the game last night so…?! Plus Lin is not as popular as Kobe or Young in Lakers fans & this is marketing event…

  449. yah Byron hand picked Price

  450. Actually he told D’Antoni to let Lin start 2nd half when Linsanity happened
    he was the biggest supporter of Lin until later

  451. Don’t think Lin was talked about at all. Maybe it was agreed upon beforehand not to talk about him since she may get a bunch of mesgs depending on her answer.

  452. Just letting @JeanieBuss know that Lin fans want to know more about Lin’s future as a Laker.


  453. That’s what I thought. BTW, what’s the event for tonight? Anyone can show up?

  454. It may just be wishful thinking on my part. But we’ll know by next week what changes will be made to lineups.

  455. Not quite familiar with them as I did with with Max & Marcellus.

    Her comments about Young and Randle were unsolicited

  456. I don’t think she will answer your question like this..? They signed Randle for more than one year so was Young… Of course, they both are part of Lakers’ future.

  457. I doubt she will answer either. But it’s good for her and staff to know many Lin-related questions on her twitter feed. She might ask Mitch to do something about it

  458. I used to think so but after today’s interview… none… You know, when she was in SAS show, she only talked about Kobe & Lin… now she is in LA, nothing about him at all?! That’s not a good sign to me. Specially she said she is please w what Scott did so far?! smh!

  459. I doubt it she prolly just is very very annoyed by all these Lin related questions
    People need to leave her alone lol at least give her some space

  460. Lin shouldn’t be controversial to fans. Nobody is asking her to chose between Lin and Kobe. It’s between Lin and Price which is a no-brainer. Only a small minority of the most hard-core haters would argue that Price is better than Lin.

  461. whatever happens, LAL would have the risk of not resigning Jeremy Lin and his future marketing revenue if BScott continues to misuse him.

    It’s beyond our and Jeremy’s control for sure. But it will be their loss so they’d have to make their business decision soon.

  462. If she lets a scrub like Price start over Lin she deserves to be annoyed. The squeaky wheel gets the grease. We don’t need to stay silent.

  463. we just need to send positive message that Lin large fanbase care about him and will support the Lakers if he’s used properly.

  464. I woould personally annoy Byron for that
    Jeanie doesnt make the decision who to start

  465. He did not know how good Lin was

  466. its not positive any more thou
    everybody knows Lin fans always support and care about him
    what we can do are stop buying lakers merchandises and stop watching/going to their games

  467. Byron only does what he’s told.

  468. how do u know that

  469. Really hope at least one of the unselfish teams and JLin’s friendly coaches will make an offer. Then JLin will have a chance to make “the” choice.

  470. It’s so obviously FO pick Kobe over Lin at least in public. Can’t believe this.. but I do think she didn’t want to talk about Lin on purpose bc just got the feeling that they are so afraid of Kobe…?! They don’t want to upset him… This summer it’s going to be difficult for Lin then… smh!

  471. In her position she has tons of other really annoying things to handle and you really think Lin fans questions would even bother her that much. No need to worry too much about them as they know how to take care about themselves for all these years.

  472. Hmm. Because Byron is very happy to have a job as HC of the Lakers. He obviously obeys Kobe (a great example is the clock-gate scandal) and he obviously obeys the owners who can fire him.

  473. Lakers = Kobe = Lakers = Kobe = …

  474. Report: Knicks shopping Jose Calderon http://t.co/22CiaWDcCN pic.twitter.com/TnlYNhOJVW— theScore NBA (@theScoreNBA) January 6, 2015

    Hmm. I wonder..

  475. So true… right now just like back to summer.. what you see or read only Kobe Kobe & more Kobe.

  476. That’s so weird.. they don’t need any player now?!

  477. They need picks.

  478. I would love to see Jeremy to sign with a small market team with average players. He will lead them to the NBA final. Now that would be Linsanity 2

  479. Rebuilding afresh…
    No surprise if they rid of Melo…problem is too expensive for his worth this season

  480. Which one? I really can’t see any team right now? There are way too many PGs in the market now..

  481. they’re just admitting the season is a waste and dumping salary. so no they dont need players now they need “flexibiity”. to bring in better players later by dumping salary now.

  482. As posted on both sites many times: this is simply not true. D’Antoni said clearly, Melo had nothing to do with giving Lin PT.

  483. Only one unselfish team in NBA – Spurs, I don’t know if they want Lin since they have backup pg already, we just hope for the best, aside from Spurs maybe Bulls, a very well coached team unlike LA and Rox.

  484. she surely knows how to take care of herself….

  485. jeremy lin plus a pic

  486. Guess you haven’t been on any LAL related forums then if you think talking about Lin is not gonna be controversial.

  487. She only mentioned that she enjoyed watching Young since he’s such a character I believe. She stopped there and then mentioned great that Kobe is back or something.

  488. So knick is in full tank mode already. they on the eastern conference. Isn’t everybody still got a chance there?

  489. JLin has been impressive to lead the Lakers in NetRating (Off – Def. Rating) with 5.7 in 3 games
    All with only 23.3 min/game which is 7th most!

    He’s clearly underutilized but still made the biggest impact on the floor.

    Vote #NBABallot


  490. when philly beat clev. last nite knicks offcially became worst team in league. seemed to trigger “full tank mode”.

  491. Good quote from Andrew Wiggin’s dad about what to do before getting the ball


  492. There is no way BS will let Lin start. You said Lin is playing very well, that gives BS even more reason that Lin belongs to bench. Linsasnity happened, hope another miracle will happen soon in His time.

  493. I think the Lakers are still burying their heads and wishing themselves luck out of the two-season retirement show of Kobe.

  494. I think Byron has a vendetta against MDA. The best point guards that MDA had were Steve Nash and Jeremy Lin. Steve Nash has already earned his reputation. Jeremy is still in the early stage of his career.

    Byron dislikes everything about Jeremy before he even knows him well. He wanted to start Ronnie Price at the beginning of season until he was called out by Magic Johnson on his inept decision. Ronnie wasn’t half as good as he’s now. Now, lots of plays have been designed for Ronnie specially with Kobe deferring his shots to Ronnie. It’s so obvious to us that Byron doesn’t want to use Jeremy for his personal reason. He has dissed Jeremy more than any other players in the team. Yet Jeremy finished most of the games for Lakers.

    From what I can see, Byron wants to get rid of Jeremy ASAP.

  495. Bring Linsan out of LA please.

  496. Wow. 5-32?

    LAL is 11-24. BS really does suck. Can’t even tank successfully.

  497. Magic is telling the truth. MJ is a very unselfish player. He’s a better player than Kobe.

  498. aw, c’mon guys. Lin is a total team player. He’s looking on the court to see the exact corner he’s supposed draw his 2-3 men to help Kobe make this a 1-1 game. jk tone of course.

  499. Who could think that Byron would be stupid enough to make stupid decisions basing on his personal grudges against Jeremy’s first mentor, MDA.
    Before you know it, the point guards used by MDA are out of the team or on his way out; Kendal Marshal was put on waiver, Steve Nash was gone, and Jeremy is on his way out.

  500. great post and observations … yes, the strength of Lin’s spirit is winning the respect of players and fans

  501. Lin’s minutes depends on how good Ronnie is. No matter how well Lin plays, Scott would still prefer Ronnie Price. That is the truth from day 1 of this season.
    What Byron didn’t expect is the teamwork that Lin has developed with Carlos Boozer on both sides of the court.
    In Byron’s mind, he wants to play Kobe, Price, Ellington before going to Jeremy and Clarkson.
    However, Lin has already developed team chemistry with all of his teammates. It is no longer easy to set Jeremy Lin up to fail.
    Again the opposition knows better to respect Lin more than Ronnie on the floor than the coach of Lakers.

  502. Huang,
    Lin is evolving in his shots. He’s trying more variety of shooting specially when he’s s contested.

    One thing that I can be certain is, the first team needs the help of Young and Boozer particularly when Ronnie and Jordan Hill weren’t playing well. Without Young and Boozer, the +/- rating would tell you what the first team is actually made of?

  503. Not really, good sir:

    1. GSW … that was Lin’s lifetime dream. Maybe he could have taken Mavs, but let’s not deny a kid’s dream to be home with family and his team.

    2. HOU … waived

    3. NY … whew!

    4. HOUx2 … no diva when he signed, unless you are thinking about Morey no me ha ha.

    5. LAL … traded.

    Next one is the test.

  504. Deal 😉

  505. a pic of sophie?

  506. There are 30 teams and some teams are desperate to win. I think Lin will be paid 5+ million a year in his next contract. Lin is unselfish, cooperative with coaches even when they’re wrong, and he’s a game changer.

  507. he’s doing everything he can; playing price more minutes; encouraging kobe to go back to shooting more. it is alarming because with kobe either out or shooting 50%k less (as he has done since first “sitting out”)–the lakers are actually a competitive team. (only 1 of 8 games double digit loses as opposed to 10 of 27 when kobe was “being kobe”.

  508. 林書豪接受專訪 自爆一點都不關心火箭





    就在對上達拉斯的比賽後,看到一名相識的記者,林書豪在媒體訪問結束之後對他說:“問吧。” 說這話的時候,林書豪表情平靜但落寞。














  509. http://stats.nba.com/player/#!/202391/stats/
    All in all, Jeremy is a better defense player on the bench than starting. Byron took 8 minutes per game from him when he became a bench player.

  510. For those can understand Chinese, please give feedback. Thanks!

  511. Jeremy had about 8 minutes in the first half. Then Ronnie played almost the entire 3Q until he got hurt with half a minute left. Then Jeremy was the only one who could finish the game and he played the rest of the minutes. When you added up 12.5 + 8 = 20.5 minutes.for the game.

    If Ronnie wasn’t injured, I guess Scott would rest him a little at the beginning of the 4Q and then played him to finish the game. In the last game against Indiana, Byron inserted Price in the last half minute to finish the game.

    Byron systematically increase the role of Ronnie Price and gradually phase out Lin despite Lin has been playing much better on the bench in the last few games. For Lin to keep his minutes, Ronnie has to play really bad.

  512. Lin doesn’t watch or follow Rox. He feels that he has good relation with Kobe. He has no pressure from his contract, but feels he is in the most difficult environment now after playing in NBA.

  513. Nobody cares what Byron has to say. He’s always bluffing and beating around the bush.

  514. Honestly, if BS has the proper rotation and Jlin play more minutes, and Davis /Lin coupling, dont let KB bricking like maniac, all those close games already won! Now LA might be 24-11 and not 11-24! Just take Kobe consecutive 13 games chucking and choking, how toxic! I also thought that without BS and KB, LA is a contender now!

  515. just want to share this old funny video for those who have not seen it…. a video by Metta World Peace(Ron Artest) about what it’s like to play with Kobe. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gXGKg-IBNJ8

  516. ha ha, my status tomorrow night is probable, and I bet you all care just a about as much as Price. Nm, you care more because it means Lin mins. I’ll be at GSW!!! Bandwagon me …

  517. His best game was against Pacers

  518. Dont forget she is the one who welcome Lin to LA and acted so warm to Lin! And now silent and acted like Lin is not there?

  519. wow years later I really like him. I liked him until he elbowed harden accidentally, but now I like him more.

  520. supported! 🙂

  521. lol, i dont think they are tanking…its just bad coaching, who doesnt have the capability to see promising talents and utilizing it. He is stubborn as well

  522. Welcome back Kwok, good to see you here again!

  523. i agree, positive message (his upside to the team) with positive question (how he could contribute if used in certain way), might bring positive outcome as well.

  524. constantly calling another NBA player as scrub is no positive as well.

  525. lol, thats one way of looking at things

  526. Its always a business decision over sports decision. Organization weighs both pros and cons of a product and sides which brings better value/perception to the Org.

  527. Maybe he misses us so much, that he doesnt want to play, when his capability might be miss used?! 🙂

  528. I am thinking that if Kobe wants shares of the Lakers, he should retire earlier to trade for them. But from what BS/Kobe has been doing to sacrifice the team for Kobe’s spotlight, and the apparent approvement of the FO and Buss’s, I feel that the opposite is happening. The more the Lakers praise Kobe or BS now, the less chance he will have any control after next season.

  529. Who is he with?
    He took a backhanded swing at Lin once

  530. Only my bf have those kind of pic… wait wat I’m sayin’? Lol

  531. Maskman bros with Davis

  532. maybe he’s old Filipina GF or relatives. He also have a half-Filipino son..

  533. When did Kobe said, he wanted Price to start? hmmm

  534. Yea. I agree it could’ve been a completely different team. If they had limited Kobe’s minutes like they had said during the preseason, things should’ve been better. Seems like they were trying to proof something that Kobe is still great just destroyed what could’ve been. At least he was able to pass Jordan.

  535. No Lin?

    The Lakers family has arrived at the #LakersAllAccess event, ready for interviews, photo ops and some fun with fans. pic.twitter.com/vsk7UKieFk— Los Angeles Lakers (@Lakers) January 7, 2015

  536. For him to not keep track of the rest of league, especially the rox, I guess shows that he’s pretty focused on what he needs to do and not get distracted. Although I kinda think it would be hard to not to know when you need to prepare for these different teams and players.

  537. I thought they said Jeanie Buss in the radio did say Lin, Young… Maybe he is doing interview w someone…?

  538. No audience either.

  539. Byron Scott repeated that he tossed and turned that night after the Lin/Kobe/10-second don't/do foul moment— Eric Pincus (@EricPincus) January 7, 2015

  540. May be start Ellington or Kelly?

  541. What is that mean? My English not good enough to understand.

  542. Why? He’s finally realizing he might not be a good coach?

  543. He didn’t sleep well thinking about the decision he made.

  544. Scott says no player has said anything about the way he's treating Kobe (regarding him getting practices off, not traveling at times, etc)— Serena Winters (@SerenaWinters) January 7, 2015

  545. Because boss Kobe gave him hard time after that……

  546. Wishful thinking.

  547. that’s so stupid. who’s gonna say anything. get less playing time? They saw what happened to Lin and Boozer.

  548. Bcuz dang if you do, dang if you don’t. No win. = dysfunctional.

  549. Clueless

  550. Coz they know things will get worse if they speak out
    Who want to be benched like Lin?

  551. Byron Scott just imitated Nick Young's voice. He joked if Nick has a problem with it, he'll lose playing time— Mark Medina (@MarkG_Medina) January 7, 2015

    I guessed he’s not joking with JLin playing time..

  552. ok JLIn here.

    jaime_maggio: #LakersAllAccess – Nick Young, Jeremy Lin, Rob Horry, James Worthy… http://t.co/kh9Vz5aFIK pic.twitter.com/ODjLPL2ZL0— infinity88 (@linfinity88) January 7, 2015

  553. Those who dare to say are not Lakers anymore.

  554. Bill MacDonald to Nick Young :"How many shots did you miss last night? Where's 'IDM'?"— Mark Medina (@MarkG_Medina) January 7, 2015

  555. The best he will not show up… LOL!

  556. LOL. IDM can be I Do Miss as well though.

  557. J. Lin: "Nick where's spandex for jeans, can't take em on & off, takes 30 mins to put his jeans on" #lakersallaccess pic.twitter.com/jItTgZE418— Serena Winters (@SerenaWinters) January 7, 2015

  558. At this rate he won’t have any control next season assuming that FO truly sees JLin and Young as the future of Lakers!

  559. We have a cool group and we love playing togehter – Lin on the Lakers' bench unit— Eric Pincus (@EricPincus) January 7, 2015

  560. @JLin7 #lakersallaccess via duffenplug(IG) pic.twitter.com/GKf1VC95Ih— infinity88 (@linfinity88) January 7, 2015

  561. @JLin7 #lakersallaccess via duffenplug(IG) pic.twitter.com/IXwkVvpN6c— infinity88 (@linfinity88) January 7, 2015

  562. Good one.

    Jeremy Lin on Swaggy P's new car: "I don't have a girlfriend that can buy me a car for Christmas! Nick has a car for every day of the week."— Serena Winters (@SerenaWinters) January 7, 2015

  563. LOL Knicks trading away all their players. Weren’t they saying how Calderon will be a great addition during off season?

  564. Just weird that two bench guys on the event instead of starters.

  565. Knicks can’t even tank cause they’re out of pick until 2016? Unless they’re trading away players for picks? lol they’re just really bad! Great cause all Melo cares about is chucking shots and getting his points.

  566. they’re more popular..

  567. Nick Young to Jeremy Lin :"How are you single?" Lin: "That means I'm not seeing anybody. So I'm single."— Mark Medina (@MarkG_Medina) January 7, 2015

  568. You should know the answer.


  569. Jeremy Lin was talking about Harvard. Nick Young said USC is the best school. Lin quipped, "Yeah, I heard they do your homework for you."— Arash Markazi (@ArashMarkazi) January 7, 2015

  570. LOL

  571. LOL. Lin really giving it to Nick. Looks like they really have a lot of fun together.

  572. Long distance relationship … 😉

  573. Well it’s either the #1 bench in the NBA or the #30 starters. Who would you rather see?

  574. No he didn’t, that was all PR talk and a lie by Melo! D’Antoni clarified afterwards.

  575. "I said I'd like to shoot game-winners, too. Never said anything about making them, though." – Jeremy Lin.— Lake Show Live (@LakeShowLive) January 7, 2015

    Good one..lol

  576. Nah they just played as a team to prove they didn’t need the Asian guy. Be ready for the meltdown for Rockets just like the Knicks, during second year Lin left.

  577. I would rather see Lin of course but it is just weird that two bench guys is there. Why not your super-star or starters? Usually super star and starter should be more popular then some guys from the bench.

  578. Is that Ellington?

  579. "Hey we're just along for the ride with the Swag show" – Lin, enjoying Young doing Young things— Eric Pincus (@EricPincus) January 7, 2015

  580. Lakers should put Davis with the bench, let them build chemistry this year and then next year trade away all the starters and bring the bench up as starters.


  581. and outgoing and outspoken as well…..some on NBA are not net savvy as well

  582. Nick Young: "Kobe is unfiltered. He talks all day." Jeremy Lin: "That's ironic." Young: "What's that?" Lin: "Just keep going."— Mark Medina (@MarkG_Medina) January 7, 2015

  583. Yes, Swaggy P jokes w/Ellington abt his shots.. 🙂

  584. All these clever one-liners from Lin (see below) just illustrate another side of Lin that doesn’t usually come through in the daily grind of the basketball season. He can be hilarious and very irreverent.

  585. Nick Young after KB trashtalk: "My girlfriend was calling me soft like tissue. Ya'll don't understand that type of stuff hurts me mentally."— Serena Winters (@SerenaWinters) January 7, 2015

  586. He’s shown his comedic side with his videos all the time though.

  587. Nick Young: "Wayne, when are you getting married?" Wayne: "None of your business." Nick: "You hear that, fiance? He doesn't have a date."— Mark Medina (@MarkG_Medina) January 7, 2015

  588. Nick Young: "Jeremy, who would you rather play w/? Melo or Kobe?" Lin: "That's a great question Nicholas."— Mark Medina (@MarkG_Medina) January 7, 2015

  589. Oops! Young is no match for Lin.

  590. Jeremy Lin goes on to say he enjoys playing with Kobe because of all the "paragraphs" of feedback he gives to him about how to improve— Mark Medina (@MarkG_Medina) January 7, 2015

  591. Lin said he only really played with 2 weeks with Melo – Young cut him off before he could get into answering on the Kobe/Lakers side of coin— Eric Pincus (@EricPincus) January 7, 2015

  592. Lin: "I was born in Torrance." Young: "Really?" Lin: "Yes, Nick. We've been through this. I wasn't born on another continent."— Mark Medina (@MarkG_Medina) January 7, 2015

  593. Young: "Didn't you used to beatbox?" Lin: "I've never beatboxed in my life." Young: "Must have been another Lin."— Arash Markazi (@ArashMarkazi) January 7, 2015

  594. Ha.. A good one 2 fight back..

  595. Good friend !

  596. Cause they’re the most popular with fans LOL. Plus you’d have to have two guys are who friendly enough to talk to enough other. I doubt anyone is friends with Kobe. It’s nice to see Lin and Young joking around, means they are on good terms. If only they were the starters =/

  597. some Vid,

    #Lakers Wayne Ellington, Jeremy Lin & Nick Young during Lakers All Access event http://t.co/yEIN7XPqUH— Andy Holzman (@holzmanphoto) January 7, 2015

  598. Thanks for sharing!…great

  599. Good spirit.

  600. I like that I see from the tweets on the event, Jeremy’s sarcasm is on full display. Love it!

  601. that’s one way of countering Swaggy..lol

  602. Just curious. Why no Kobe? Isn’t he popular, having a strong fan base? Like trash talk?

  603. Ya! I guess lots of fans probably thought he is a nerd only…

  604. @penny10654 @JLin7 Good idea to stand next to @JamesWorthy42. Stay far away from Byron.— Bill Mcintyre (@thesuitedmonk88) January 7, 2015

  605. Watched a few short clips, it was full of laughter. Good 2 see they had a good time hanging out.. 🙂

  606. This event is only 4 the bench warmers.. (blink)

  607. James Worthy admits when talking about Byron Scott on @TWCSportsNet: "It's difficult to critique a friend."— Serena Winters (@SerenaWinters) January 7, 2015

  608. *blink blink*

  609. Ha.. even the old pal has no clue how 2 criticize his ability of coaching.

  610. No wonder MDA got all the BS

  611. Iggy controls :p

  612. i really like the bench unit wish they started to be honest

  613. pfv=https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jM-Y6Z2jchA&feature=youtu.be

  614. Also, looks like they are featuring lin/ellington/young on TCW all acesss night,..very interesting..I would love to see a show where they feature lin/young on TCW.

  615. I see Lin is till very popular

  616. I only saw lin/ellington/young

  617. its funnyy lin does look free with the bench. with the starter he is chained with the starters. sad its this way but the bench fit lins style better then kobe. still scott not starting lin with the absence of kobe is crazy . still should get 28-30 mpg. but as you know scott is a horrible coach

  618. Read some funny stuff from the two.

  619. He is, but I’m still under the suspicion this team is on a tank ride with BS driving.

  620. Lol Lin can buy cars by himself

  621. That booty of hers would control me too!

  622. I hate those ><

  623. Ok if that is not a definition of a stalker, then I don’t know what is…LOL

  624. Lol, I like Lin’s sense of humor.

  625. OK this access Lakers was a Jeannie Buss production. You see who she featured Lin/Swaggy P/Ellington the bench players, need I say more

  626. Lol ofc girls know that. XD
    I prefer Nick. He seems super cool bf.

  627. Really? From Jeanie Buss? I don’t get why she didn’t promote Lin that much today?! She didn’t talk about Ellington.. Maybe Boozer couldn’t come?

  628. Action, action action. Where are the actions that show Lin is part of the future plan of Lakers? Unless I see proof, doubts still persist.

  629. now, now Joyce.. jealous? lol

  630. That you, Grace? 😉

  631. @JLin7: I don't have a girlfriend that can buy me a car for Christmas! Nick has a car for every day of the week. pic.twitter.com/gcsXcc9WUh— infinity88 (@linfinity88) January 7, 2015

  632. Look Jeannie Buss is a very astute business woman. She admits that she lets here brother handle the basketball side of the house, but she is going to promote what sells and to keep the people in the seats now that kobe is on the downside of his career. The 2nd unit has been touted as the 2nd best bench outside of SA. Lakers seem to have locked down there bench and I believe they will keep them and let them grow together. Look I live in LA and the chemistry that lin/Swaggy P is like a block buster movie. So Ia m going to sit back and see what happens.

  633. No, not at all, just happen to know a lot about men, and that is very scary to them..just sayn..

  634. except swaggy never passes
    hes buddies with jordan hill, kelly, sacre and other leftovers from last season
    lin and swaggy are just cool with one another like swaggy is with a lot of ppl
    wudnt read toomuch into it

  635. Lol fan in love

  636. I don’t think Lin will stay in Lakers if they only offer him as a bench bc if so he can get from lots of teams.. I always believe they will keep him but due to Kobe so Lin can’t go back to starter yet.. another theory it’s they maybe will use starter position to ask Lin to sign w Lakers?!

  637. wudnt read too much into it
    they are prolly the ones wh agreed to do this
    kobe hangs with fam hes too cool for anything
    booz is too busy
    Hill is weird that way he thinks hes cool
    rest too irrelevant

  638. But as I said this is Hollywood and Young love being in the spotlight, and let us not get it twisted, people are not going to tune into Swaggy P/Jordan hill, but people will tune into Lin Swaggy P.

  639. Ya! I don’t think they are good friend like Lin w CP.

  640. lin cp were buddies

  641. I agree Lin & Young sure can have more topic to talk about it… Young is a fun guy even may not be the one who will be Lin’s buddies but he sure can be good helper on court.

  642. Lin’s still popular but not as before cuz of all the benching
    and hes too quiet of a guy
    swaggy has a strong personality if he was in the same situation he wud speak up pl wud listen
    Lin isnt featured at all in LA media any more
    they are all over kobe and swaggy
    then randle clarkson
    sometimes ed wes and hill
    lin comes after all these guys

  643. hes a good guy to everyone but hogs the ball on the court

  644. Lin, Young & Kobe are sort of top 3 from the team … after so many years, Kobe will not come for sure. Ellington? Maybe bc Boozer couldn’t come so he was in… Just thought why no Davis? Maybe they will have hard time to keep Davis this summer.

  645. Listen at this point, lin gas already figured out that he has to rebuild his career, because the negative narrative is out there about him. If he accepts a backup PG position with the Lakers, he has shown the organization that the 2nd unit can probably compete with some of the staring units in the league and that was because of lin. No matter how Scott tries to douse his light. lin comes back stronger. I just want to be happy and play his brand of basketball.

  646. davis is irrelevant he might be able to do some damages on this awful team but hes not that good
    Lin isnt their top 3 anymore
    man gets no credit for whatever he does

  647. I didn’t see Randle or Clarkson in any of the All access media tonight, All I saw was lin/Swaggy P giving the audience what they wanted.

  648. Yes…but why?

  649. This is paid event… $$$

  650. yup,$ 550.00/ person..

  651. I do believe Kobe gives good advice..

  652. Kobe is really socially awkward and I don’t think anyone would be interested in hearing him going on and on about how good he was and still is.

    As for Lin, not bad for a guy who Kobe called “take things too seriously and just need to relax” LOL.

  653. What? That expensive?! Wow! No wonder not a full house… LOL!

  654. just the importance

  655. It’s for season ticket holders event?

  656. Jeannie Buss is giving the fans what they want. She obviously knows that behind Kobe, Lin/SwaggyP/Ellington seemed to be the fan favorites. If you watched the clips, they seem to really like each other and they seem to get along. Listen I live in LA, and it is all about presentation. Lin/Swaggy P, money shots when it comes to the LA media, The LA media was looking for some way to really like lin, but after tonight his banter with Sawggy P sealed the deal with lin. Lin even mentioned Young’s girlfriend props when he said although Swaggy P only gives her 10% of the conversation, but hers is much more meaningful than his. Also the part when lin says he was born in Torrance, and said Nick we talked about this was great.

  657. actually a lot of ppl do
    kobe has charisma
    but he also has many haters

  658. Yea just because he’s asian, likes video games and has no gf? Pff

  659. It was on TV?! Ok….seems like Lin is very comfortable in LA. Good

  660. sucha waste

  661. Ya! I believe lots of fans sure really surprised to see another side of Lin.. it’s not nerd ….don’t talk too much guy…LOL!

  662. That is all that is important is the season ticket holders. These troll lin haters that get on the internet that trot out their vile about lin, probably has never attended a laker game because they probably couldn’t afford it.

  663. it was on TCW. A lot of media will pick it up tomorrow. If you look at the tweeter feed the Laker’ beat reporters were talking about Lin/Swaggy P and their comments and they were laughing.

  664. with all being said
    LA will try to sign Lin back
    Mitch aint no dummy like that skinhead who has the worst win-loaa record as a coach
    they been after Lin for years now they finally got him i know mitch was super excited
    they always wanted an asian(of chinese heritage) to expand their asian market
    they tried sun which was a failure cuz he was no good
    Lin’s been at least average and he has more upsides this is the golden ticket for the lakers they aint gonna let Lin go

  665. They have the most personality. Though I like Boozer and Davis too.

  666. I also believe they will offer Lin contract this summer. I just don’t get why FO show they like Lin sometimes but on court it’s another story?! Don’t know why Lin always face the situation like this … But this time Lakers is worst than Rox… smh!

  667. Just look at the NBA store for the Lakers. Who’s jersey’s do you see they are selling? Kobe,& Lin then some throwback Lakers like Magic.

  668. Boozer would not need a mic…..I think

  669. He’s more of a chucker than a hogger. He just dribbles around the then chucks it up.

  670. Also Lin has been building his brand in the Chinese market. Lin’s biggest sponsors in Asia are Kentucky Fried Chicken and Adidas. Adidas has made lin the face of Adidas in Asia. Lin has his own shoe line that Adidas is marketing in Asia. lin as over 1+ million followers on his weibo page(China’s version of facebook).Lin caters to them a lot because Adidas is helping him build his brand. Also when lin signed with Whistle Sports( which is the largest Sports network on the internet) and also acquired shares is part of Lin’s plans in marketing himself globally. So yeah, lin was smart and he knows that he can offer any team alot more than his basketball skills.

  671. I think I am gonna buy one of those shoes…

  672. Yeah, though he seems to get pretty loud cheers at Staples. Some of the loudest. People want to see Lin penetrate and score, not just play D and give the ball to Kobe or his team mates and go hide in a corner.

  673. Yep, also there was a tweet above that some reporter on instagram who said has anyone ever had to try to hold off screaming fans to get to lin, he said I have.

  674. He brings energy, speed, excitement most of the time when he comes in. That’s exciting to watch especially when he gets it going. Scott may not credit him, Worthy tends to, and some in the media definitely are interested in what he has to say about the state of the team. Kobe’s interviews are more the state of Kobe and the world according to Kobe.

  675. I will too, if they sell them in the US.

  676. Kobe is intelligent and extremely relaxed in interviews. But he tends to get asked about his health a lot and it doesn’t make for great interviews. It’s better when he’s asked about other players. Sometimes it is if he feels like talking about them, but then it gets to how he is going to make them better.

  677. I guess the Lakers are a two-head animal until the end of next season. I will know if I am right by looking at the contract size they are going to offer Lin. If it’s above $8M/yr, his current salary, then I am guessing it correctly.

  678. I know… >.<

  679. $800/yr will not be allowed by NBA….has to add at least 5 zeros JK….

  680. Lin’s weibo has more than 4M followers.

  681. such as?

  682. can you get them in US, or do you need inside track to Taiwan relatives?

  683. e.g. relax! Lin.

  684. Just buy it when I travel back there I think.

  685. ah. lucky you.

  686. That woman ESPN reporter once said.. Lakers is going to offer Lin 8M per year for 3 years just like his current contract?! That was before he became a bench?! But I really don’t think be a starter or bench will make any different for him from Lakers FO…

  687. I stand corrected..Wow ..Lin definitely has it going on

  688. a lot of us have too, on the forums ha ha. deranged=trollers.

  689. well, the bench is winning games, so maybe you are right.

  690. lol….u bad boy…pretty sure he meant 8M/yr

  691. so keep the bench and throw the starters? 🙂

  692. To Lakers, they treat him just like #2 guy no matter he is starter or bench so the price will not be too low…

  693. you could place your orders via Brent….i can be the middleman….anymore buyers?

  694. 0% commision it is…

  695. He is still a good shooter

  696. worthy does but those moronic reporters never do

  697. very annoyign to watch

  698. hahahaha… nope

  699. didnt know that but he needs to get back on the track soon
    think the chinese are starting to lose interest in him cuz he keeps getting benched for lesser players

  700. I like the commission rate Brent noted.

  701. you’ll have to charge a bit for the extra luggage by the time everyone orders … very funny, old school chinese travelers half of luggage is freight for friends.

  702. I’m relaxed…. 😉

  703. you are not allowed to communicate with buyers…hey thats my job!

  704. pretty true for asians…as i observe

  705. nm, Maknusia … I’m now just buying outlet sketchers. Most comfortable sneakers I’ve ever owned, evaaa!

  706. yep, if I ever travel, my mom always asks me to carry things for her. I tell her … mom, ppl just use amazon these days.

  707. That is an understatement

  708. years ago, that dried pork for congee, sesame cakes, pineapple treats, all the delicacies we can now buy at 99 Ranch (but we don’t trust the maker if it’s from China lol.)

  709. You know how some people pass gas in elevator and then starts looking around? 🙂

  710. Hey….where is your support for Lin…..I can give you 30% discount with 5 new customers that you tag

  711. Chinese medicine too…LOL

  712. oh, yuck. Stunk up whole house.

  713. Shoes = Imelda Marcos hehe. I don’t get guys who need 100 prs of shoes. I figure one for each sport you do, tradition black work leathers, brown, and classic wing-tips that last 30 years.

  714. They are younger than I thought.

  715. BTW, thanks for so many tweets infor..:)

  716. 3 years that’s including this year and the next where Kobe’s with them correct? In other words they only have 1 year to become a contender after he retires how is that possible? Obviously they won’t make the playoffs so long as Kobe is there. If only Jeanie Buss was calling the shots right now.

  717. But I don’t think she is any better than his brother to run this team either.

  718. I will pay to see him take that step back 3 again….although I know it is not really a high %age shot..

  719. yeah…she has some passion for shoes…3000+ is crazy

  720. he might soon prove he can make it… 🙂

  721. Thanks. It’s really expensive. I remember Lin in Knicks that fans meeting was $200 per person… Lakers is more expensive maybe bc w dinner.

  722. you feel this brent? Nothing compared to Taiwan I would guess.


  723. This clip was about Ellington’s wedding question and Lin being born in Torrance.
    Wonder when the full clip will be available.

    Man, it’s been much fun reading the tweets :] Gotta work on the pregame thread+poll now haha.


  724. Taiwanese are so used to this and hurricane. I really did not feel it…LOL

  725. LAC PreGame Thread+Poll is now open!

    Let’s hope the great chemistry by Lin/Swaggy/Ellington will translate to court tomorrow!


  726. The best teammate for Jeremy is Carlos Boozer who has played team defense with Jeremy.

  727. hi Kwok, Lin/Boozer PnR is money indeed.
    Booz might be a tad slow on defense but I’d take it since the chemistry is great!

  728. 4M??!!! How could it be possible that Lin did not , is not making the All Star?

  729. At least she’s lesser of two evils and she can always ask Phil for advice. Also we don’t know how she’d fare since she hasn’t been the one in charge of basketball operations. The article said there were 6 Buss siblings? If so why aren’t the other ones getting the chance to be charge of Lakers? Why only these two?

  730. I did some digging and found this article regarding Joey Buss and what the other buss siblings do in relation to the Lakers. http://www.latimes.com/sports/lakers/lakersnow/la-sp-ln-joey-buss-family-lakers-20141112-story.html

  731. That is why I think Byron Scott would be fired at the end of this season. The rebuilding would start sooner than Byron thinks. Byron might think he has one more year to prove himself but his performance so far has killed the chance of him staying any longer.
    While Jim Buss has only 3 years left, Byron is not going to get two years from him. At the last year of Kobe’s career, he has to put up with anything that Jim Buss laid on him; particularly when Lakers has a disastrous season, on the coming.

    The rebuilding starts when Scott leaves which would silence the Lakers supporters because Byron by all standard has failed in the worst fashion.
    The Lakers will then hire a new coach. Rebuilding will then take off with Randal coming back and more draft choices next year and years to come. They key is while Byron is throwing his players other than Kobe under the bus; the same thing is going to happen on him. Jim Buss will make him paid for this season; one out of his precious 3 seasons. KARMA!

  732. Bc lots of them didn’t vote for him in ASG… w that many followers didn’t mean they will vote for you. So we have to vote for him more… since he came to Lakers, not many good news so…

  733. He has more than 4,100,000 followers…


  734. If BS doesn’t get fired after this season then we all know JLin is not staying. I’m sure he’ll mention the mistreatment and lack of minutes if LA wants to sign him after this year. I hope his agent and lawyers are smart enough to put in a no trade clause and minimum minutes (33/34) per game except when injured.

  735. 6? I didn’t read the article but only saw her interview from SAS show.. So far I didn’t see PJ as GM for Knicks do anything good for them yet…?! Maybe I will change my mind when this summer comes.. PJ is a good coach but he may not be a good GM?!

  736. No, ASG votes are definitely rigged. If only 20% of the 4M vote once, Lin would get in, not to mention some of us vote daily several times a day faithfully. There is no way, Lin has 4M followers in China not making ASG. That would be Japanese Algebra.

  737. Speaking of Imelda Marcos, I’ve seen her in the convention center where we have our Sunday ministry. There was a huge crowd gathering around her for photo ops but I was like, “meh!” 🙂

    The only common denominator we have is we both like shoes. I like shoes more than clothes. Please don’t ban me since I’m running to own 100+ pairs of shoes!

  738. Boozer for Pick n Pop, Davis for Pick n Roll / rim defense, Ellington for outside shooting to spread the floor would be great. Perhaps Swaggy P for more shooting if he would move the ball a bit more and quit hogging shots.

  739. Maybe true but to tell the truth, this year I didn’t see lots of Lin’s fans from Asia to vote for him… in USA too, lots of my followers are not show up to vote… some of them didn’t even watch the game anymore… smh! That’s why I post the link for fans to remember to vote everyday. He really needs more support from us. Last season he got #4 but now he can’t even past 200,000 after 2 count…. Everyone vote!!!

  740. Lin at least makes the game entertaining to watch.

    The Last game against Portland, Byron played his team to lose. His defense against Lillard is definitely below standard. Jordan Hill didn’t come up to defend when Lillard with Lmar Aldridge setting pick for him to get his shots off.

    Byron Scott has nothing to defend against the Trailblazers. The Trailblazers was roaring back at the end of the 3Q. The Lakers called a time out to replace Ryan Kelly and Jordan Hill by Young and Carlos Boozer. What he really needs is to replace Ronnie Price with Jeremy.

    Ronnie was used to his maximum in offense but his defense against Lillard was horrible. As one of the fans, we all see that Lillard is going to explode at the end of 3Q. The Lakers could have pulled it off with Jeremy coming in earlier.
    Also, Jordan Clarkson was used in the 4Q. Byron really played the game to lose. He should have used Ellington.

    With Ellington, Jeremy Lin, Boozer, Ed Davis and Young, the team could still get a win.

    But Byron put in Jordan Hill with 7+ minutes left for Robert Sacre score was 80:75, a 5 points lead for the Lakers. Then the lead started dwindling and Portland finally took over. Jordan Hill was the one who lost the game for the Lakers in the 4Q. he was too slow to cover Lillard on switching.

    Ed Davis was only put in the 4Q with 43 secs left in the game with the score tied 91:91. There is no explanation for that except Byron has never planned to win this game at all. If Ed Davis was inserted instead of Jordan Hill, Ellington replaced Jordan Clarkson sooner, this game would have been won by the Lakers.

    With Byron as the coach, Lin will soon be phased out.

  741. I’m not Mod for that very reason. I can discriminate but I prefer others to discipline hehe. 100pr I guess is ok for women, just means a lot of storage.

  742. The trio has helped Lakers winning games.

  743. Davis, Boozer, Ellington, Young and Jeremy is the best lineup for the Lakers now.

  744. LOL

  745. The aged Mamba is still hurting the team.

  746. Jeremy is the most exciting player on or off the field but he gets stuck in a team which slows the tempo for poor old Kobe.

  747. Davis will be expensive after his year.
    Lakers gets stuck with Jordan Hill.

  748. fainted! ;;;)

  749. Worthy really expresses as much as he could about this team stopping just short of criticizing Byron Scott.
    We all know that this team is much better than the record shows. Byron has done an absolutely horrible job to lose that many games.

  750. The question would be, do everyone vote?

  751. really!…dont wanna experience that! anyways, i hardly use elevator, stairs is my best friend

  752. Lakers with Byron Scott as coach will never be able to convince Lin to stay.
    Lin is not meek. He’s very competitive. Byron has got him wrong. Lin is aggressive more than Byron knows. The stereotype of meek Asian doesn’t apply to Jeremy.
    Jeremy knows perfectly what’s going on in the team with Byron dissing him so frequently. After this year, Jeremy learns more and will be more ready for a contending team.

  753. The first unit of Lakers can’t finish games. Byron doesn’t have confidence in his starting unit.
    Frequently teams will rest his starting unit and then let them finish the game for them.
    It’s not so for Byron. It only tells me that Byron is really inept in managing his team to success.

    His coaching is just as bad as his record shows.

  754. Fans know what’s the best back court for the Lakers.

  755. Just so you didn’t miss the irony of Kobe saying others should relax when he’s the one who should relax, and stop being the very reason the whole team gets uptight.

  756. That’s because last year the Asian fans tried so hard and just had hundreds of thousands of votes swiped off by the NBA.
    Same feeling from me. I’m voting, but not as much as I was last year after seeing my effort just cheated away.

  757. From experience?

  758. If JLin doesn’t I can take her to dinner =)

  759. If she is pretty and not too crazy it is not scary at all.

  760. Below are two relevant definitions for the word scrub. Price is the epitome of a “scrub.” I would refrain from using that word to describe Price if he were not being used to marginalize Lin.


    1. (in sports) a player not among the best or most skilled.

    2. In sports, players who aren’t talented enough to be in the starting lineup and spend most of their time on the bench.

  761. Kobe never said it in public. Therefore I do not know WHEN he said it. But I do know that he DID say it and in fact made sure that it happened. Anyone paying close attention to Lin’s situation on the Lakers would know this. But judging from your avatar, you may be an exception.

  762. I am not aware of any evidence that BS has a vendetta against MDA and the guards who happened to play under him.

    Everything else I agree with except I do not attribute them to BS. Kobe is the one with the power and the clear motive. IMO, Kobe controls BS and is responsible for all the observations you describe.

  763. The “scenario” is that BS/Kobe had to compromise with FO. We will see…

  764. Well I meant Lin vs. Price shouldn’t be controversial. You’re right though, I haven’t haven’t been on any LAL related forums. But I do read news stories related to Lin or Kobe and some of the associated comments. There are many fanatical Kobe fans that’s for sure. But I haven’t seen many comments strongly supporting Price over Lin. Mostly there are negative comments supporting Clarkson to start so that he will develop.

  765. I’ll give that the controversy is lower, but there are those LOF and LOH that are very vocal no matter what. I can assume that it will sometimes turn middle of the road fans off completely.

  766. The vast majority of Lin’s fans are polite and civilized. “Middle of the road fans” should not be annoyed when Lin fans complain about very unfair treatment. The alternative is to “just take it lying down.”

  767. Lin didn’t say that at all. It was a irresponsible tweet made up by “Lake Show Live”.

  768. I remember as a kid, the buildings shook so much we ran down to the street. Then the street food like baked yams, peanuts. In 1984, in CA for that SF World Series earthquake, I remember the concrete patio undulating like ocean waves. Like skateboarding, only, I had run out of the house onto the patio. Later, I rode my motorcycle to be quiet by the Cypress Structure, a road I had traveled for decades.


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