G35 LAL @ POR Game Thread

Without Kobe, will LAL and Byron Scott rely on JLin as the true PG?

Let’s hope they do for winning, trade showcasing or any other reasons.

Let’s Go JLin! 

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  1. Where is everyone??? Go JLin!!!

  2. Go JLin!!!

  3. Late again!!!

  4. Reggie Jackson is a perfect example of an average player who was empowered.

  5. Noooooooo 5th =(

  6. I’m late again….

  7. Sorry!

  8. Sneaky @psalm234 to get this done letting us know:-)

  9. WOW! Thought JR is buddy buddy with Carmelo. GM pulls the plug?

  10. wow he hates messing with that bench unit of boozer lin young. guess we know who the real starters are

  11. Can let Lin ball hog in 2nd unit! …although Booz is there anyway.

  12. Can’t mess with starter chemistry. I mean, bench chemistry. LOL

  13. lol exactly

  14. Seriously! We need a countdown before new thread next time. =P

  15. both jr and iman to the cavs?

  16. PJ hates JR & didn’t really like Shumpert either?! I really want to know who will they get back?

  17. Don’t know…

  18. JR with that locker room is going to be toxic. Everyone will want to iso.

  19. He has to listen to LBJ…

  20. ok this is still sketchy but at the moment it appears: okc gets waiters. cavs get jr and shumpert. knicks just dump salary and get a bunch of contracts they will waive and a possible draft pick. (and daelembart will be waived also)

  21. Knick fan here and give me waiters and Jackson

  22. Shump at OKC fills the thabo void

  23. Guess he is doing it when his time allows him to:-)

  24. Jr and Sam to Cavs works for cavs too

  25. Now back to jlin

  26. Don’t see anything even after I refresh it.

  27. I just randomly switching among games now. NO team defends PnR worse than LAL did…so bad…

  28. jackson not included

  29. I hate the Knicks man even the fake trades don’t haopen lol

  30. I like Shumpert!!!! My former neighbor xD

  31. I can’t see the twitter posts even after I refresh the screen, What is going on?

  32. Internet … seems all the tw are messing up.

  33. It works for me

  34. what browser are you on? I’m on safari.

  35. Too much JR toxicity on Twitter…

  36. google chrome

  37. one says kelly to start one. others say jr smith and shumpart to cavs. okc get dion waiter. knicks get second round pick

  38. Explorer ^^”

  39. my Firefox is out too.

  40. Internet Exploder?

  41. lol knicks traded iman for nothing. remember when they had lin and shumpart. lost both for zero

  42. some other reports have knicks getting a first round pick. also getting some contracts they will waive from both okc and clev.

  43. “Right-click open in new tab” is your friend… 🙂

  44. Hi, just signed up today and this is my first post. Came into the game thread ann all you guys are talking about is the trade between Cleveland and NYK. Am I in the right place?

  45. right place, wrong time

  46. nope adrian woj said he made a mistake

  47. well game may start at 10 but really at 10:30 or when ever lin gets in. so still a while

  48. something happened in last hr, I was loading tweets ok before that. Been that way forever. Some mashup error between Tw and this platform.

  49. Still not working for me

  50. Welcome! Right place but the trade is “hot” atm. Not much to talk about JLin atm:-)

  51. OK speculation time. Lin gets in at the 6 min mark, earlier than previously. Because fist unit is going to get blown out and BS will have no choice but to play the bench more minutes.

  52. Lol I have Firefox and Chrome too but I still prefer Explorer. Actually it works also on the other 2 for me.

  53. Really?? I thought I saw earlier report said that it would be wks.

  54. who knows price unleashed could happen lol

  55. unchained . lol

  56. Great, more missed dunks. Sorry, I couldn’t resist.

  57. They must be happy going on contender teams

  58. Los Angeles Djangos play tonight.

  59. Thanks for the welcome. I hope this place is more friendly. I hope I can also provide some different perspective since I live in HK.

  60. When Iman Shumpert and J.R. Smith found out about the trade… pic.twitter.com/3lYG6yyK1W— Whistle Sports (@TheWhistle) January 6, 2015

  61. it was entertaining.

  62. LOL

  63. It would have been funnier if Price went up the second time and did the same dunk and missed again – like in the slam dunk contest at the ASG where they have do overs.

  64. lol yep i would be if it was lin. although cavs are not really contenders unless hulk lebron shows up

  65. cleveland is a contending team?

  66. Yes it’s but please read and observe website rule http://www.jlinportal.com/website-rules-must-read/

  67. read my mind. but yea in the east they maybe. lebrun could still win games on his own. like the old cavs way

  68. At home I run IE11 on Windows 10 Technical Preview with Core i7 and 12GB memory. IE still has problem with memory leak and consumes more CPU cycles than either Firefox or Chrome. Not too bad if you’re only running less than 8-10 tabs, but I’m regularly on 15-20 tabs so it becomes sorely obvious.

  69. Well they’ll make the playoffs

  70. right now they’re “contending” with the phil tankers and losing.

  71. Done that already but thanks for the heads up. If this place was not moderated, I probably would not sign up since I cannot stand the unmoderated sites that goes down in style points pretty quickly.

  72. @linfinity88 @Jlin7 Just because you see him at the game don't mean he's your buddy. 50,000 other people see him at the games too.— Dwain808 (@dwain808) January 6, 2015

  73. safari for the win

  74. Great! We do our best to keep everyone in line with the rules. That’s why we have many mods in different time zones/continents to mod the site 24/7.

  75. Are you really in Aussie land? Which city? Melbourne is my second home.

  76. Yes I’m. Now I live in Brisbane. Used to live in Melbourne for over 3 years.

  77. Welcome to the Sanctuary of classy Lin fans. I’m from LA but currently working in Hong Kong Central.

  78. Yeah I see. Usually IE is fine for my little use of internet, else I use the other ones.

  79. John, I took the morning off to watch part of the game on internet.

  80. Portland should start their bench as well. Lol

  81. It’s working now. I used Firefox. After 2-3 refreshes.

  82. Hahaha, Cavs just lost to the Sixers!

  83. Welcome …

  84. Hope your boss is not here lol

  85. Hmmm, only LIN gets the super scrubs to be empowered…AC Law, Felton, Bev, Price.

    It’s amazing how opposing coaches are much more respectful of LIN than his own coaches.

  86. what

  87. kevin love must feel like hes back in (where was it he was?)–scoring 30 and losing.

  88. Even Lakers reporter think Young should start over Ryan Kelly but says Lakers seems to like what they get from the bench. Such BS, reason Young can’t start is the same reason Lin can’t start, can’t take spotlight from the EGOManiac named Kobe! If Young got to start he’d show everyone how more athletic and better he is than Kobe at his age! I hope the Buss family sees how JLin, Young, and Davis can be their new big 3 given the chance!

  89. Just checked the score 95 vs 92.

  90. Welcome !!

  91. making knicks now offcially the worst team in the nba.

  92. Dolan deserves nothing less.

  93. Ya if starters do significantly better with Young than Kobe it might not look good. And Lin flourishing because he doesn’t have to defer to Young would also look bad for Kobe.

  94. well, lakers don’t start their best players. eg lin. not surprising.

  95. are the Cavs tanking too? lol

  96. What is Cleveland doing? Collecting and collecting till they become the “Avengers” of the NBA?

  97. Yep, K-Love on his way to the Lakers. That is the big name that is going to come. He will suffer playing with Kobe for another year, just to become”the man” for the Lakers.LOL

  98. hoping that JLIN will be a FREE Player today!!! free from the bondage of short leash and BS NOW wanting to win!

  99. Too bad Lakers FO didn’t try jumping getting Iman Shumpert. A reunion with Jeremy would be sweet. What in the world is Cleveland doing? Collecting more and more pieces, then discard and discard some more till they become the “Avengers” of the NBA?

    It’s laughable at this point already.

  100. lol


  102. Good actor ! His top heavy body is a gift for it.

  103. Bwahahaha, first Cavs lose to Sixers, now Mavs lose to Nets under Jarrett Jack!

    Pretty boy with 2 pts on 1-10 FG, 0-6 3PT, 0-2 FT. Talking about not being able to hit water shooting from a boat!

  104. Lmao

  105. I love the expression of the player that did this. “Whatever …”

  106. houston playing pretty well, i think they going to beat a full strength bulls

  107. That was jimmy butler..LOL

  108. Cavs solution to this loss – Get more and more players. Discard when they don’t fit the team. Rinse.Repeat.

  109. He’s the man.

  110. Hollywood cornerstone!

  111. And the plot thickens…..

  112. Yay! I’mma get tickets for those games!

  113. And the fans rejoice!

  114. this is an indirect way of saying that KObe maybe on his last year playing competitive basketball..hope before this time, they start to realize(the lakers) that they are loosing their chance to get Jeremy and build this team from him!

  115. Spurs do that all the time to their older players… yet they still win games.

  116. He’s out 2 weeks and Irving few days probably

  117. Forget back to back, fans won’t mind seeing him rest for the entire season!

  118. No, I am using my carry over leave. Since I was in office all throughout Xmas, I can take a break now that everyone else is back.

  119. The Spurs, unlike the Lakers, have a real coach (not to be confused with Koach).

  120. and his teammates rejoice.

  121. I don’t have my glasses on and I read it as “Roach”. I would have agreed.. still I agree with the “Koach”

  122. New year gift 4 us.. 🙂 Show time 4 our boy, he’ll seize the chance.

  123. Kobe could trade his early retirement for some shares, if he hasn’t done it already.

  124. Is it ok to use the roach nickname for BS?

  125. reports of mavs demise premature; leading now by 8 in ot. and cp is up to 2 for 11! (also i think dirk went into 7th all time in scoring).

  126. WIN-WIN-WIN for FO/Kobe and Lin.

  127. It’s ok.Just make it something like BRoach to distinguish him from Freddie Roach (Pac’s trainer)

  128. I’ll take the Mavs win as it keeps HOU in 5th.

    I’m just happy pretty boy is only 5 pts on 2-11 FG, 1-7 3PT and 0-2 FT.

  129. watching at the meantime game of houston and the commentator was saying rose must beware PB dirty plays to cause harm not to foul!

  130. Go Lin! Keep up the positive attitude and playing with joy! Time to start enjoying the back to backs now. It’s your moment to shine and no reason to be tired with these limited minutes. No Kobe means you get a chance to show everyone that your brand of basketball works. Signature wins against GS and Portland without Kobe would be great. or just go for yours 18+9 if BS gives him the minutes, I think he will tonight.

  131. They’re down by 4 and 1 minute left. Lol Rox are 1/3 on FT tonight xD

  132. have to watch laker broadcast

  133. Ah Lamarcus Aldridge… who turned my dad into a fanboy in less than a minute last playoffs.

  134. Jeremy kept looking at the roach to see if he should foul. And 3x the roach signalled no by wiggling his antennas.

  135. Yeech Wes Matthews!!! That’s scary!!!!

  136. That looks bad

  137. It looks like his leg is about to separate…

  138. Ouch Wes Matthews that doesn’t look good. So many injuries good to players this season.

  139. rockets lose but p bev rockets player of the game.

  140. pau gasol is really something as a player if he is with the right players. 27 points against Houston!

  141. Meltdown in Houston. Rockets up 5 pts with 4 min left in the game against the bulls…ended up losing by 9 pts.

  142. YAY, Rox lost to Bulls and two games behind 4th place Mavs!

    Now I’m torn on who to root for, Clippers to bump down HOU to 6th, or the East Cost Spurs in Hawks…

  143. I’ma root for a Spurs win/Rockets loss 🙂

  144. too bad he’s not a PG so no chance for Lin to get traded to Portland

  145. Price is really trying to copy Lin’s moves, ran to the rim and then stop and pop for mid jumper but missed.

  146. The term “imitation is a form of flattery” doesn’t apply here..

  147. For what I care, Bev can be Rox player of the game EVERY game if it means a HOU loss.

  148. Jordan Hill doing a Lamarcus Aldridge on…… Lamarcus Aldridge?

  149. Jimmy Butler is a bad bad man.

  150. Then welcome and may we have linsanity for 32 mins! Today.

  151. Damien dancing in there…

  152. lol sacree before lin

  153. Lillard blows by Price, Stu complements Lillard. If he blew by Lin he would criticize Lin for letting him blow by. Typical

  154. lin last sub amazing

  155. Why is it that every time Lin’s about to check in there’s a time out?!

  156. Rox play Cavs next, while Spurs will play Pistons, you just may get your wish. 🙂

  157. BS is really something…nobody is going to contest that he really LIKE any other Player Except a jeremy LIN!

  158. He’s the last one in. But had the biggest cheers.

  159. crowd shouts loud when JLIN’s coming in!!!

  160. What happened to NBA? Dominated by ballhogs everywhere, is this the concept of team sport? Kobe and Young….smh

  161. Just wonder: Is it normal for a player than injured lot and returned to play so many minutes?

  162. Good shot Lin!!!

  163. Yup, I heard that too.

  164. Not BS anymore, its NBA in general that doesn’t want Lin an Asian American Kid to shine!

  165. Welcome! You’ll be happy here….a safe haven of civilized Lin fandom 🙂

  166. Lin in game tied.

  167. Yeah, but its crazy to see him coming so late into the game

  168. From an actual coach perspective : Spread out his minutes first rather than give him heavy minutes immediately.

    Byron Scott:YES

  169. starters all minus, bench all plus… keep it up!

  170. can’t believe nick young is playing PG and running PNRS. The hate is real

  171. Nothing makes sense in LAL

  172. Good foul!

  173. lin out there directing offense though still

  174. Why is Young copying Bryant in every way trying to take PG duties. Lin needs to demand the ball. He is horrible at playing the point. Stick to what you do best please!

  175. What?

  176. because LA has no coach

  177. Lin looking to shoot more it seems. Scott is telling him to involve others I guess…..lol

  178. and consider its Portland land!!!!…”they say WELCOME to Port-LIN”

  179. Lin looks free & loose on the court tonight. Playing freely…I like it…

  180. yep

  181. Lin looks free. Reminds me of the interview he gave yesterday, how he finds a balance between aggressive and relax and just have fun out there. it’s working.

  182. lol…first time hearing props for IE 🙂

  183. Is he scoring and getting assists?

  184. seems to me his teammates not moving much for him to pass to .. so he has to shoot more

  185. Welcome…and you would see Mods are trolls here…lol

  186. Lin just had a bad turn over which will ignite him… gonna be a huge night in scoring … haha

  187. Just last game is enough to tell BS is bias! Lin played so few min after a really good game! He never value Lin’s contribution! I am glad Lin is strong and not affected much by BS’s mind game!

  188. As much as Boozer’s defense make me cringe, I can’t help but like the guy. He genuinely likes Jeremy. Looks more to pass to him whenever he gets (and screams “AAAYYYY!!!”) a rebound.

  189. He came in late in Q1, with 2:49 to go…immediately made a jump shot and an Ast to Boozer

  190. See… it is happening… 😉

  191. Freakin’ husband leaving the Portland guys to dust with that speed!

  192. For the first time, I can’t access to watch the game. Any help?

  193. He’s playing well, still aggressive and looking to score more after that bad turnover. Booz passing the ball to him instead of Young LOL. Booz threw a great half court pass to Lin for an assist! Nice to have a friend on the floor who’d pass the ball to you unlike Chandler Parsons, past Rocket teammates or Lakers teammates.

  194. lol he literlly smacked lin butt no foul

  195. I hate Boozer’s game too, but he does seem to be good to Jeremy

  196. Too bad it was not an and one….

  197. refs BLIND!

  198. yes i saw that, he looks for Jeremy everytime he grabs a rebound. and although he’s d is weak, he pisses the opponent off by grabbing and pushing (and yelling I guess) the whole time. literally, the WHOLE TIME.

  199. He looks free and playing without too much thinking. 5 pts and an assist..

  200. lately he had been missing the initial FTs…hmmmm

  201. Wow. Butt smacker.

  202. the TEAM needs to complain about non calls to make them competitive!

  203. Spot on. He does genuinely like him. I think Lin didn’t like him at first and has come around, they seem to get along well now. That was a nice outlet pass. Booz just needs to limit the mental lapses.

  204. Thanks! Able to watch it finally:-)

  205. That was such a on the point, risky half court pass by Booz but so glad Lin caught it!!

  206. Who is playing PG ?

  207. Kobe sending the evil eye through the tv screen

  208. lin for the most part

  209. Go Lin Go!

  210. Scott’s a no-show

  211. That’s no foul. Just some love.

  212. Lin’s unit with Clarkson is really pushing it hard….Bench for the Win!

  213. Yeah!!!

  214. Bench should start…

  215. That’s good

  216. clarkson has tunnel vision. all shoot

  217. Clarkson! Go go go! Your big chance tonight! All the best!

  218. One turnover and benched… smh.

  219. Lets see some Lin-Davis PNR

  220. Clarkson getting more min than Jeremy in the 1st half? WTF

  221. darn…I spoke too soon

  222. Lin out.

  223. damn

  224. Scott is so worried about Lillard….

  225. still giving price his PRIZE!!!

  226. Honestly if I’ve ever had the chance to meet BS, I’m going to do something nasty!!!

  227. Lin out, go Portland!

  228. Lin is just getting warm up! Hate the Lakers! … Hope an explosive game later from Lin…

  229. or he wants to lose!Lillard smoking Price!
    BUT price is now guarding Blake..BS afraid of BLAKE????

  230. Lin out lead gone.

  231. No one talks,,,,,,pethetic

  232. and there goes the lead

  233. LOL fail Price, lost the ball on fast break.

  234. its like lin out lead out lol

  235. There will be a long line up to do that… be prepare to wait in line for a very long time

  236. Kill the BS Lakers. Can’t stand them.

  237. This is not Lintertaining.

  238. Our guy just gotta keep shooting, pass less to Young and he’s golden! Once Young gets the ball he doesn’t pass back out.

  239. so he sent out the defence expert … hahaha

  240. Lin needs to get of his agent before his next contract. I hope he wises up..smh

  241. This is extremely weird! Did Kobe tell BS not to let Lin plays more min so that Lin not bringing Linsanity to embarrass KOBE? This is so annoying!

  242. With or without Kobe Lin’s playing minutes are same. LOL

  243. Would there be a time when Coach gets a DNP?!!

  244. Lin needs a big time agent and a better shooting coach!!

  245. Take Lin out and Lakers fall behind again!

  246. Lin playing 8 minutes in first half with Kobe out? Really?

  247. Clarkson is just ballhogging and not playing great D. Yet, BS leaves Clarkson in and took Lin out…?!?!?!?

  248. Yeah, it seems predetermined

  249. Kobe is not there so yes… lol.

  250. BS – DNP Kobe decision

  251. lol jordan clarkson 9 minutes lin 8 hahahahaha

  252. ROFL tru that

  253. BS doesn’t need JLIN…theres Young for him and he remember s KOBE of Young!!! sweet memories!!!

  254. I hate BS, Kobe and everything in Lakers except fans & media

  255. Plus minus from the starters and the bench tells the whole story… BS is totally BS!

  256. no defense Price!

  257. 0 stats Price!!

  258. They might bee trying to get Clarkson some playing time to trade him…just some thoughts

  259. I like the interface lol

  260. could be linsanity without Kobe and Lin starting but….NOPE, can’t have Lin shine

  261. Lin is going to be highest paid player per minute played in NBA this season at this rate…

  262. Lin came in… got the lead… Lin is out… lost the lead…
    BS, you got that?

  263. lin has less minutes then sacre

  264. Lin is gonna end the 1st half with the least minute of all 10 Lakers….

  265. He has diff lenses

  266. Lin really pissed off BS with his post game comments. BS putting Lin in the doghouse

  267. this auto spell is annoying

  268. i have nothing against developing , but he’s developing everybody right now EXCEPT….JL!!!!! BS say JLIN doesn’t need to develop, thats why he’s giving him LESS TIME

  269. Price -10 Lin +5, just saying.

  270. Price with the most minute… wth.

  271. its been like that for a long long time

  272. Then BS losing

  273. Sacre, Clarkson might be playing for trade bait..just sayin..

  274. What a small man.

  275. I just voted for Lin in ASG, to counter the BS.

  276. Ain’t fooling no one.

  277. Nice shot from Ellington

  278. BS trying to get Price his double double SMH.

  279. Nice to be a PG without Kobe and Young on the floor.

  280. Davis must be missing Jeremy sorely right now with his 0-4.

  281. Why is Jeremy in?

  282. lol…Lin got the last 5 sec!!!smh

  283. Good at shutting down Lillard.

  284. dispensable player to foul!!!

  285. Davis: Can I get my bench role back?
    Boozer: In your dreams.

  286. Hahahahahha wth was that..

  287. Portland played small; and Lin defended Lil

  288. LMAO, good one!

  289. BS with the mchale like rotations…gotta luv it

  290. Good Grief! Well, it shows BS knows who can D. Guess he didn’t want to end the half more than one field goal behind.

  291. Wow Davis and Kelly are still scoreless after playing 15 minutes.

  292. mchale was better

  293. Deja vu basketball.

  294. mchaleesque

  295. Why???

  296. Kaman got couple of good block on Davis though

  297. ED has been dreaming back 2 be benched since he got promoted.

  298. I never thought I’d hate a bb coach more than McHale.

  299. hahaha… thank you….

  300. Good that’s what BS get for starting Kelly and Ellington instead of Lin and Young and benching that scrub Price!

  301. just matching up on Portland going small.

  302. Everyone wants to join the bench to play with jeremy

  303. I hate how Lin has to play with Price! BS’s copying Mchale’s way of making Lin ineffective. Lin better not let Price get the ball and look for his shots!

  304. Lin just needs to go in and rebound and shoot and drive.

  305. Hope BS is just saving Lin for the 4th.

  306. I’m sorry but stop comparing scott to mchale. scott is far worse then mchale. it also shows you the range of bad coach to great coach. scott is the bottom. mchale is ok gifted by talented players. pop is way way better then mchale but mchale is way way better then scott

  307. what ever time lin plays just be efficient and score double figure.

  308. I feel hem did all that…

  309. Yup another one against five game for Lin but not much else he can do able it right now. Also, that depends on how many more minutes he might get for tonight

  310. I agree Scott is a lot worst than Mc.. he copy everything Mc did to Lin plus his own evil plan.. smh! As I thought Lin will not get more min.. Well one more than last game in 1st half… smh!

  311. Exactly and look out for #1.

  312. ‘just got on board… how’s the game and Lin so far?

  313. Every game

  314. In case Lillard made the shot Lin could be blamed for the shot… smh!

  315. 5 points 8 minutes

  316. Don’t think I can bear this drama anymore. I should quit watching NBA until Lin got traded or find a new team in summer.

  317. least minutes of the bench

  318. KB’s calling! BS brown nosing! Just saying!

  319. both STINK! thats what matter, not who is the least…they don’t know how to coach and think that to foul, you need to wait for 10 second mark!!!LOL! and tell your PG that its your choice to call timeout but if can’t…i don’t know what to do…???LOL!

  320. What, the team? LOL, you know that’s what he is thinking.

  321. and 2 min less than clarkson……@#$%^!

  322. whaat? and , i was expecting he’d start in this game… smh

  323. Not going to happen for sure.

  324. Boozer: go ask Sacre.

  325. again..false hope..if the score is tied, maybe, but if not, BENCH and let price get his points and glory for the STATS, so they can use it to say Price is better than JLIN!

  326. mchale is avrage scott is badd. again the gap from badd to get is really really large

  327. he was last sub in for 2nd unit. Clarkson got more minutes I think.

  328. Lin for the 9moy!!

  329. Lin knows how they do this crooked stuff, he should be ready for this because it doesn’t get any better. I think Scott is an inept coach. I also think that his most of hid nonsensically rotations will have to do with up coming trades. just my opinion.

  330. With a logical no hidden agenda coach yes but with BS forget it!

  331. BS and KB controlling Lin’s min and make sure no Davis/Lin on the floor together, make sure no beautiful lop and no Linsanity happens so that KB looks good!

  332. Don u think lin played better?

  333. steve blake behind lilard plays 12 minutes lin behind ronnie crap price gets 8

  334. BS, horse manure, whatever. No point in comparing which excrement out stinks the other.

  335. and the 3 stooges (worthy and the 2 other stooges..LOL) doesn’t says the obvious for Lakers to win!!!!

  336. Hate B.Scott but luv Lin.. Trust me, u just cant help urself watching Lin.. 🙂

  337. Kobe is BS and BS is Kobe.

  338. i stop watching them a long time ago

  339. omg… i can’t find words to say…

  340. Absolutely completely agree with you. Can’t help myself even if its heart attack city all the time.

  341. Still watch Lin highlights though

  342. That’s hilarious…. ha, ha.

  343. price got 16 minutes

  344. Lin out again?! W the..? He was only in for defense? for end of 2nd quarter?!

  345. Something smells afoul. Must be the kobe bs. Sorry, couldn’t resist.

  346. byron halftime says he wants fewer TOs. How about benching Kobe since kobe is averaging like 5 TOs per game the last 10 games??

  347. what is going on? can someone explain to me why this is happening lol? does lin have a lot of TO??? mistakes? bad D? why on earth is he pulled out again?

  348. ASIAN

  349. i figured.

  350. Just my thoughts, they know what lin brings to the table, they want to see how the others stack up and who they can trade. I truly believe that Clarkson/Randle are done. Clarkson has not brought anything unique to the table for the lakers and randle although promising at one time is not a high priority now because of this second surgery on his foot They might both be up as trade bait. Remember hat Jim Buss has two years to become a contender. He is running out of time..I am not ready to buy into the the theory that Scott hates lin, I think that Scott is not the greatest communicator and he is a very stupid coach when it comes to coaching which probably frustrateds the hell out of his staff. As long as Lin is finding ways to bring his game through all the adversity will be a testament to what kind of player he is.jmo

  351. this is scott’s regular rotation for Lin. He decided with Kobe and Johnson out, he’s trying out other combos. That’s his prerogative as coach, esp to tank. No big deal. Watch for Lin coming in with 3 min left in 3rd.

  352. They’re behind not because of TOs. They’re behind because they don’t have any defense.

  353. No, stubborn BSc with his fixed rotations.

  354. I can’t stop laughing.
    Was he given a foul call?

  355. LOL Price keeps falling down on defense, what an embarrassment!

  356. Scott trying to DNP CD Lin

  357. BS is so afraid of winning without KB. He wants to keep the notion that @Lakers needs KB. Then he can continue to babysit aging brick KB.

  358. BS wants to win without JLIN!

  359. I’d like to see Lin make a motion of disappointment when he is pulled. Give BS a look like I deserve more minutes instead of walking back to the bench with his head down. May not make a difference with this inept coach, but at least show you want to be in there more. Asked the asst coaches why his minutes are limited, ask them what does he need to do get more opportunities. Not much he can really do though.

  360. BScott must have gotten an earful from Kobe after they beat the GSW without him.

  361. Exactly. He is the dumbest coach in the league and much has not been focused on him because nobody cares about Kobe. Lin just needs to go in and continue to play well and drown out the rest of the noise.

  362. scrubs play good then watch it fall apart

  363. Yes m’am!!

  364. This Lakers game is ugly.. and not just because my eye candy Jeremy is not in the game. This is ugly in terms of basketball.

  365. A nice strech of better defense..I am impressed

  366. portland is playing down to the scrubs. very low effort

  367. 1st priority is win with Kobe + Lin cannot shine
    2nd is lose without Kobe + Lin cannot shine
    3rd is win without Kobe + Lin cannot shine

  368. who

  369. The team….

  370. Really, nobody misses KB or needs KB, he is feeling insecure and real hurt in his own home now! LOL!

  371. Expect Portland to come back big… right after this break

  372. Boo! from the rabble.

  373. Punishment for Lin and Young for standing up and criricise Kobe??

  374. Lol…oh well

  375. So both lin/Young have been handcupped?

  376. set the alarm 4 the Q3 w/3 min left.. Lets wait n see..

  377. lizard too passive

  378. How’s Lizard’s tongue? Lemme guess.. autocorrect?

  379. No, just punishment of Lin for BEING ASIAN.

    Scott focused on race ejecting the Asian guy.

  380. Oh … he is angry now… watch out

  381. But it’s THE TRUTH.

    That’s why Lin’s minutes are steadily decreasing in a predictable way!!!

  382. auto spell idc about fixing it lol

  383. Very few people see it coming, the benching of Lin in LA. Almost all thought that Lin has found a home in LA when news broke out that LA has traded Lin. What a disgusting organization just like the previous ones. When can Lin see daylight in this never ending tunnel…

  384. Such BS, Price need 2 more assists more double double while Lin the better player is benched

  385. The only reason these starters are going at it is because Kobe is not playing.

  386. Ronnie playing well. That means Lin will get even fewer minutes. I can’t believe it’s come down to this. Hope Jeremy just comes out with guns blazing. Play with joy, Jeremy.

  387. he will get it…BS will make sure he has more minutes to get it

  388. Starters getting tired. Losing momentum, take them out.

  389. hmm, Lin not in. First time… Hope he gets all of 4th.

  390. they suck regardless have this squad start sooner or later the suck would return

  391. My issue with Ronnie is he is copying Jeremy’s moves.EVERY.SINGLE.ONE.OF.THEM.

  392. OUt of jeremy’s control. He will be back. Upsetting but I am hopeful things will get better …eventually

  393. Who wouldn’t play well when given full support by coach and the org?

  394. I’m leaning your way now that Lin doesn’t look in at all 3rd Q. BSc riding the hot team for once, oh really?


    Let’s not pretend Price is better than he is.

  396. BS is resting his best players like Kobe… oh and Lin too… yes… pure BS!

  397. When you have a guy hot, you can get assists. I think his best assist was to Davis there, most of the assists is just passing to Hill who is hot tonight.

  398. Oh you noticed too?! Quite obvious right!!

  399. its really weird, and there is no balance within 1st and 2nd unit

  400. Lakers look fluid. Who knew Kobe is the lakers version of josh smith. Could they just waive Kobe.

  401. My other issue is he is getting tiny bit better on offense with copying Jeremy’s moves.

  402. Ridiculous, playing the whole quarter.

  403. Momentum shifts…time to put the scapegoat…

  404. B.Scott resest his alarm 4 that.. Q3 is almost finished.. 🙁

  405. the hero …

  406. Now I hope Lin won’t come in until Portland completes the come back….

  407. Doesn’t matter so long as BS is the coach! Wish Lakers would just trade Lin!

  408. So the most minute Jeremy can get is 20 this game…

  409. Ouch.

  410. That s bad…

  411. I wrote before the game that Byron Scott is trying to phase Lin out.

    I predicted that Lin would probably get under 20 minutes.

    Scott will continue decreasing Lin’s minutes, even if the Lakers lose.

  412. No offense Price..I know that hurts,but Jeremy gets hit WAY HARDER THAN THAT BUT HE NEVER COMPLAINS.

  413. BS: Not until my beloved god son Price gets his double double.

  414. Lin not playing in 3rd quarter? Now BS do you need Lin? Price is injured! Sorry Price, hope it is not serious!

  415. lakers will lose this game lin get double figures

  416. sad that it takes gushing blood from Price’s face to get Lin some minutes

  417. So is Lin coming in for the last 5sec again?

  418. Going to have a matching mask with Davis.

  419. BScott has no problem extending Price minutes if he plays well.
    Trying to give him double-double to justify his decision to make him start.

    whoops.. Ronnie got elbowed

  420. Stu really loves Price.

  421. we will miss price lol

  422. lin in. 29 sec good for 5 pts

  423. Agree. My consolation is that Damian is doing much much better than Price!!!

  424. a lot

  425. To be fair… he did not complain .. that was a big hit and a cut… there goes (may be) his double double…

  426. I almost thought that moron scott was going to put in clarkson

  427. Only when there is mess to clean up

  428. God works in mysterious ways

  429. Lin in only for defensive assignments, BS is such a moron!!!

  430. Nick! Wake up!!!!

  431. Mystery god.

  432. You can hear the sadness in his voice.

  433. God said…NO!

  434. last 30sec then…smh

  435. he won’t pass nor can he really

  436. I think Price could be done for the game. He went to the locker room

  437. Lin made a call for Young so they can go for a 2 for one but Young missed ><"

  438. YOUNG so KOBE!!!think he shoots everything that is round!

  439. So the 3q ends with two airballs

  440. It shouldn’t take an injury from Price for Lin to be finally subbed in. I guess DNP-CD is really not far away 🙁

  441. C’mon KHuang, you write that every game for about 10 now. It’s just confirmation bias. Lin has avg about 22 mins in past few games. This one is ‘special’ lol.

  442. a few air balls tonite..

  443. BS fault for letting price play too long.

  444. Byron scott is a moron

  445. BS says to himself..sheeeeeeeet, ruined my Plan! damn!

  446. It’s mind-boggling. It wasn’t like Lin was playing bad or anything.

  447. Well stat wise, it is better to be DNP CD

  448. lol.

  449. Wait…what happened?! How did Price get injured? LOL did the scrub get injured on defense? Cause he sure as heck didn’t get injured on offense even if he tried!

  450. stooges too!!!!

  451. What’s his name from The Wire?

  452. He must be asking someone to patch Price up right now and send him back to get the double double

  453. Once Lin is DNP CD, then he’ll be WAIVED and then he can go to a team that actually wants him and will play him.

  454. I call him a lot worst than moron 😉

  455. trying to take a charge. got a blocking call instead and blood nose

  456. Like they say, God works in mysterious ways???

  457. Anybody really missing kobe? Only reason game so close.

  458. I think TRob’s elbow said NO :]
    I’m careful to not say anything now..

  459. Lin just needs to step up his game and stop passing the ball to ballhog Nick and get his points…smh

  460. very funny, stu’s partner says LAL leading why. bcuz kobe resting and then he caught himself.

  461. LOL I knew it!

  462. Kobe impersonation

  463. smh

  464. he might get benched soon :]

  465. Again what in the world is wrong with those FTs?!?!?!

  466. Boozer fouls too much.

  467. Hes a team player, he always reminds himself of that.. Smh.. C’mon! Lin. Get some pts 4 urself..

  468. It’s gotta be a mental block. what’s wrong with his FT??????

  469. He got hit v hard just before that.

  470. He heard you… haha

  471. most likely not focused

  472. LMAO now Price won’t get his double double, ruined BS’s plan. BS can go cry with Stu!

  473. it’s a PHYSICAL BLOCK from being HIT HARD.

  474. YES!

  475. Lin!!!

  476. nice!!!

  477. Attack!

  478. wonder if BS gonna finish game with ellington or lin. or maybe even Clarkson.

  479. This offense is terrible. How often are they gonna run that same set. Nice lefty lay up kid!

  480. OMG Boozer.

  481. lol and one the boozer push

  482. Booz with the dumb foul ><" 4 point play…

  483. As I said, Boozer fouls to much.

  484. lin’s shot = no foul.
    POR Myers … 4pt play. Really?

  485. Get to 12-13 points

  486. He’s so pushy lol

  487. jw right … NY very cold. Go away from him.

  488. Young: Mr. inconsistent.

  489. Haha hat is wrong with boozer…..someone needs to cuff his right hand..

  490. Young, please pass it… not your night Nick!

  491. The love of price is amazing

  492. Why smh?

  493. I haven’t looked at stats but I suspect a clear disparity Btwn lin’s minutes at home games and away games

  494. Let’s go, JLin!
    Unleash Linsanity in 9 min!

  495. Get your points lin and screw this team and the coaches. Play for your next contract and BTW fire your manager…smh

  496. All of Boozer’s fouls are soft push fouls. Weak…

  497. booz barely touch him for the 3+1 though. Lin getting a lot of contact on that layup and no call.

  498. 12-13 points is all I ask

  499. way over-active hands!

  500. Long overdue the firing manager part

  501. 2 3pters would do it

  502. Price will be subbed in to get DD and lose the game.

  503. Nick if you pass the ball earlier… if … OMG

  504. I want Jeremy to tire out Damien…..

  505. double nice!….go Lin

  506. LOL Lin got back at Lillard, should’ve dunked that in his face!!

  507. Haha… block Lin’s shot? you made him angry and he stole yours then score!

  508. Davis cheering for JEremy 🙂

  509. Almost there

  510. Lillard hasn’t scored since Lin came in.

  511. Davis: Can I get my bench role back?
    Boozer: AYYYYY!!!!

  512. Haha I’m glad Lin is mad and got back at him, should’ve dunked that in his face!

  513. Typical Lin vs Lillard.

    The All star gets shut down.

  514. Go Boozer!!!

  515. Nice touch Boozer!

  516. 12-13 points

  517. Had him shut down in the playoffs all 4th quarter until the last 0.6 seconds. LOL

  518. Lin has gotten so much better at denying the ball. Love that D!

  519. Hill is so dumb…..he already got position and he went behind the defender…Lin probably was thinking WTH

  520. Crabbe trying to get it to Lillard but Lin had him too well covered.

  521. Low IQ

  522. Guess there’s always good in everything, by being benched Lin had more time to focus on improving his D.

  523. Right on! Hate to keep seeing Lin has to fight against 4 or 5 portland guys and his team mates not moving to allow him to pass

  524. Lin figured out when in Rox.

  525. With bated breath geez my god the love

  526. when was Hill ever smart?

  527. Like Lin has problem with it…

  528. Lin’s explaining the last play to Hill?

  529. 0.9 sec.

  530. Hill and Boozer aren’t post players. Lin looking good.

  531. God made a decision to play Jeremy for the 4th quarter. Don’t mess it up, BS!

  532. Ronnie wanting to wear the Barnes/Davis mask.

  533. Steve Blake got 21 minutes behind lillard

  534. Kudos to Lin not giving up on him

  535. Not good being the smartest player on court.

  536. or else will strike him dead….oops!

  537. Need to teach him not to walk.

  538. Oh… now BS knows… it would be great… haha

  539. Announcer: How does Lillard do that?

    Hello he has a good pick from Aldridge.

  540. Where is Davis?????? Come on BS! We need Davis and Lin! NOW!

  541. Now both Lillard and Aldridge are on fire.

  542. that was not a ally oop

  543. Jeremy-Davis PnR could answer against Damien-LMA pick and pop… OH WAIT….

  544. Kudos to Lin not falling for that 4 pt play trap

  545. … and Jeremy has… oh never mind

  546. I blame Hill. And they need to be playing fast, and that’s not Hill. Get Davis in for Hill, LMA is going to eat him alive now.

  547. Lin’s been hit by phantom shooting calls against Portland many times in the past.

  548. expected lilard getting hot. scott waits for the lead to be loss to call a time oot. smh

  549. So he was smart, he walk away…LOL

  550. yea. that should’ve been a miss. and rebound and score for aldrige

  551. Agree, Hill can’t defend and is slow.

  552. How many points does lin have?

  553. 10

  554. Good at least he is double figure again

  555. They need to run something different

  556. Freakin’ Lillard has DOUBLE SCREEN on that layup…. sheesh when can Jeremy have at least one of those?

  557. We need 4th quarter clutch Lin

  558. I hope he and the bigs figure it out

  559. When the Lakers actually hire a coach.

  560. Lin and Hill? We need Lin and Davis…

  561. Hill is so dumb….oh wait…I just said that

  562. that prev possession, NY was just not going to pass it to Lin no matter what.

  563. Lin will get blamed for not guarding lillard because you know he needs to do it all on D

  564. Boozer tired, get Davis in there.

  565. smart Lin.. get FT

  566. BS does not want to win this one without Price there

  567. Hot … JLin for the win!

  568. Yes, finally Davis in for Boozer.

  569. 2 FTs! 12

  570. Clutch FTs by Lin!

  571. yes both clutch

  572. Lin for lead!

  573. Yes, clutch FTS.

  574. 12 yes

  575. I find Young sets good screens….

  576. 3 straight strong games

  577. Please, Portland bigs are double screening so Lillard can get away from Jeremy.

  578. man we ws on the ropes but we survive now to finish

  579. Now Davis? BS, you lost Davis somewhere in the stadium and just found him? you know only 43 seconds left, right? Yes, you are really so BS!

  580. oh…agony of it all. need a stop!

  581. With the FTs, Lin is going to warm up.,

  582. great decision to drive because Swaggy did nothing with it 2 possessions ago, though he did get the 3foul and all 3.

  583. This close game plays right into Lillard’s hand. Might become OT game if both both team makes clutch shots.

  584. Thank God Davis is in!

    1 Stop and Lin/Davis for the flush, please!!!!

  585. yes

  586. Lin is sub of the game

  587. Man

  588. Nick will try the 3 pter

  589. it could have been a 2 for 1… Young.

  590. He just fouled today! I didn’t see him look at BS.

  591. ok, Lin drive, and 1, into OT. Let’s go!

  592. Please let Lin make the 3 pointer to tie the game please!

  593. Lillard is using EVERY BIG OUT THERE as a screen against Jeremy. Crafty..

  594. lilard is beast

  595. I think the announcers said BSc said foul.

  596. Lillard has a team jeremy has pickup guys

  597. And the 2 bigs in our paint can not stop him..

  598. the right play is a 2 pt drive to the basket, not a crazy 3 by Nick.

  599. Praying for Lin to hit 3 for the OT!

  600. If Kobe were in everyone would know who to guard. Now Young?

  601. LInsanity baby!

  602. missed it!!!

  603. Dang!

  604. Ugh!!!!!!

  605. ah come Lin you gotta make that!!

  606. Dang x2!

  607. damn

  608. Dang, going to be DNP from now on. SMH

  609. argh.. missed but at least he took it

  610. Can’t make them all

  611. bad shot forced it rather a drive

  612. consolation!

  613. Why didn’t Scott go with his favorite PG?

  614. This game wouldn’t have been this close………ugh!

  615. BS rotation problem…I think..

  616. we want him to shoot it, just like KOBE said its 50/50!

  617. Seemed to me that Ellington didn’t do a clean inbounds not sure. Definitely should have driving for the and1.

  618. Gotta make those in this league to get any respect.

  619. That step back 3 isn’t his shot.

  620. nice shot!

  621. again, this loss is on Scott

  622. Someone has to make a 3!!

  623. oh well. pad your stats.

  624. Smart play to get a quick 2.
    Hope for 1 missed FT and a miracle shot now

    well, 2 missed FTs

  625. lin’s shot needs to be re-tooled. other than that, he played well. lillard just hit some crazy shots…oh well, it wasn’t like lin was supposed to be playing anyways if not for the price injury. lin isn’t wanted. making that shot wouldn’t have done anything long-term for lin’s career with the lakers

  626. the step back three looked wrong on thing lin can work on. was off rhythm

  627. Not even mad. On that missed 3, Jeremy was just doing what Kobe taught him no big deal.

  628. 14 pts and only 2 ast for Lin.

  629. have to say kobe would of helped today as well as wes on lilard

  630. lillard went crazy hot in those few minutes.

  631. Lillard took over. He’s got game. Happy Lin was willing to take those shots at then end even if he missed badly.

  632. did well with the limited minutes

  633. Kobe would’ve lost the game already by chucking all the shots down the clock!

  634. Wes may be… not Kobe

  635. again..retooled…its just a missed shot..its us whose overthinking on JLIN’s Game, not him!

  636. man 21 minutes. only cuz price got hurt

  637. Lillard going off only makes price seem valuable to the great Byron Scott

  638. AT least Jeremy got his points…with limited minutes! Thats a a BIG PLUS

  639. kobe would of slowed the game.

  640. Never mind that Lillard went off on Price too.

  641. Nyoung shot selections were really bad

  642. Another amazing performance by Lin.

  643. jeremy played the full 4th Qtr? Lillard got some rest in 4Q?

  644. Trouble is they had a lead when Price went out. Doesn’t look good for Lin. SMH

  645. Losing to a better team is not a surprise. If Jeremy was deployed better for the game, and if he has Davis with him out there… won’t find out tonight. Frustrating

  646. Damien was dancing OVER Price defending him ONE-ON-ONE…DON’T EVEN NEED A PICK


  647. that didn’t matter though. they were all praising price.

  648. Exactly but who minds facts

  649. You know you’ve lost the game when Hill is your highest scorer and Price was 2nd highest until he got injured and Lin took over. SMH Lakers could’ve won this if BS was such a stupid idiot. Too bad Price only injured his nose.

  650. Have to say, Lin still cannot match Lillard.

  651. team…not one-on-one

  652. Remove his screens and let’s see what Lillard can do.

  653. Yup! Glad hes got pts on the stats at least, that will rebuild his confidence back 4 the next games..

  654. Shooting 3s…no he can not

  655. Lillard is a great shooter and gets solid screens and plays with teammates and has a good coach and ….jeremy is by himself on an island

  656. Lin doesn’t get screens! Lin shut him down when he came in until Lillard got multiple screens.

  657. PFFT!!!!!

    Lillard and Aldridge take ALL THE SHOTS for Portland.

    Plus, Lillard has PLAYS run for him.

    Let’s not pretend that Lin got his butt kicked out there.

  658. oooh ,close , winnable games like this keep piling up.

    with kobe out , why can’t this coach use Lin properly?

  659. This game could have been won, if Scott didn’t coach as if Kobe were still on the floor.

  660. see above … also, it is different. They had more TOs. See how much they played into the fouling game? Missed 3 was the killer. Should have driving in for the 2 and1 OR dump to a big if he got coverage. Oh well. Had he made that, game over.

  661. what about rose going off on price a few weeks ago. laker especially without kobe aren’t respected. people go easy then when it matter turn it on. bulls did it. gsw failed because of it. lilard was passive as i said but i knew it wouldn’t last

  662. 3 for 13 Young?

  663. Ryan Kelly got 26 mins

  664. Lillard was on his monster mode..

  665. lin got the shot he wanted, but was not composed

  666. Again Ryan Kelly

  667. he was v inefficient for a F.

  668. Because Coach Scott is trying desperately to EJECT THE ASIAN GUY.

    If Lin played more, this game would’ve been won!

  669. Kobe impersonation….that’s what I said…

  670. Lin didn’t tighten up.

    He just KEPT PLAYING.

  671. I wanted 18 pts or more but Lin did miss some shots. His form still needs work.

  672. a donkey does what he’s destined to do

  673. some of his sub pattern was not in harmony with his principle now that Kobe is out…his plan is really to lessen the impact of Jeremy, by letting him stay on the bench until he becomes cold or indifferent. that way he will lose the grit to play, but unfortunately, Price his LOVED and Fav GUY, took a fall, so no choice.it seems the last 3 point shot was not made for him, because he was not squared for that, how ever, Kobe says RELAX, you make it, GOOD if not go on with your life!

  674. Never thought id saybthis but i looked forward to houston games more than lakers… and mchale was actually better than scott is… smh

  675. In fact Lillard got most of his points on Price!

  676. easily… yes.

  677. don’t think so. He wanted to go in and pulled back when he changed his mind. Should have gone in for the and1 or dump to a big. I’ll have to watch that reply … really seemed like a broken play because he couldn’t get out clean (think he got hit on the way out). Not sure.

  678. I saw Lillard drop something like 40+ on the SPURS.

    The whole Spurs team couldn’t stop Lillard when the Blazers ran every play through him.

    Lin actually guards Lillard better than the Spurs do.

  679. What are you talking about ? Does the coach ever empower Lin enough and let him get hot ?

  680. This was a predicted to loss. Scott did not insert lin ineo the game in earlers times becaues he wa strying to get his price precious time playing. Lin did good and came in and made a difference. Lakers held there own against a team with a 26-8 record.

  681. Jeremy plays hard and the last 3 games have been solid for him….keeps his value going up and that’s all he has to do

  682. But I like to see Lin creating his own shots…rather than getting pass from others…

  683. Lakers lost the lead in the final minutes with Lillard scoring 3’s and layups while Lin just chased after him. He can do it by himself which Lin couldn’t.

  684. Give SOME credit to Portland and their playoff caliber defense!!!

  685. He’s averaging 14pts. Not bad!

  686. 14 ok with me

  687. lin — 21 minutes for this game. ugh

    price, 27

  688. Scott is horrible and learning about the GM’s family tragedy today there really is no plan in laker land other than selling kobe tix

  689. only because Price got injured.

  690. Ugh!

  691. Trust me, McHale and Scott are equally bad.

    It’s just that McHale had a better team in Houston than Scott has in LA, so Lin had better players to work with despite McHale’s horrifically bad coaching.

  692. i missed that. when did that happen?

  693. Lin never on the floor without Kobe or young. Smh

  694. Ryan Kelly got 26 man lol

  695. ME TOO!

  696. 40+ on the Spurs? the beast.. Lin did his job 2 guard Lillard well tonite..

  697. 13 FGAs is Young’s average and I’m fine with that! Young didn’t chuck many shots and passed the ball. top10 players shoot between 12-15. 13 FGAs is what I want Lin to take every game as well!

  698. I look forward to future matchups with Lillard and Lin when the situations are a little more equal. Lin never gets that many screens and plays run for him. Lillard has willed his team to so many wins this year, he is a clutch player. Lin can definitely match him in the right situation though, I really believe that.

  699. I thought Lin was awesome in D, denying Lillard the ball, cheating where possible to help the helpless bigs (causing that one TO near end), and fighting through screens. Myers .. is he German? Wouldn’t want to try to fight through a big German. Anyway, Hill and Booz missed some open shots that let POR get hot.

  700. We know Scott is pathetic when Ryan Kelly who hasn’t played all season long and is totally out of synch and out of shape is getting way more minutes than friggin’ Jeremy Lin who nearly saved the game!

  701. Young would take that shot too…might not be airballed, but still the same….really….

  702. Still has the 2nd highest scorer with limited minutes. after Hill’s 23

  703. last 35 second of 3Q.

  704. Him and Young lost the game for us.

  705. he didn’t get his shooting rhythm down.
    he’ll just need to prepare for this type of situation
    but I’m glad he took the shot though

  706. yes no match for Lillard for being given ample opportunity with 1-2-3 picks so he can penetrate of shoot the ball, but lin has to make do of the seeming pick randomly given to him. LIllard was guarding JLIN and JLIN scored many points also, they can’t stop each other for they are good players, one in a good system, the other one in a bench system!LOL!

  707. But he is a stretch 4 man lol

  708. it was a good look. had enough space to shoot

  709. Lin doesn’t need the multiple screens the way Lillard does.

  710. Calm down myself first….ok LAL was on back-to-back. I think Lin done a great job!
    20mins – 14pts (-2) Not complaining.

  711. this is right – we need to see Lin properly scripted and screened for to see him shoot more clutch. Right now it’s all created in rhythm by himself, and that’s just too easy for him to get a challenge.

  712. I wonder how Ed Davis is feeling right now. He only played 27 min and had 4 pts. Hope he will make some noise and we can see him playing along side with Jeremy in future games.

  713. Lillard didn’t do it by HIMSELF. He got screens and DOUBLE SCREENS.

  714. I think he got so many minutes cuz wes is out

  715. Uhh, PROBABLY would be airballed.

    Portland CAN DEFEND.

  716. Yes, the rotation problem like Singapore BB Fan said! Davis should have come in much earlier!

  717. He hasn’t had them last 3 years, except for Asik sometimes.

  718. What was said?

  719. any news about how serious price injury is?

  720. No kobe to feed him?

  721. 11 stitches

  722. one cannot stop a good player at his best..he’s a shooter and a proven one, you can take only what you can do , but to stop him, maybe “IN YOUR DREAMS!”

  723. Young never got into rhythm thanks to BS’s bad rotation and benching Lin! Lin would’ve gotten Young open earlier in the game for him get hot and come through at times like these!

  724. ACCURATE post!

  725. Lillard and Wes Mathews like lin a lot and if he had to backup Portland would be a nice spot

  726. that doesnt necessarily mean missing games. stitches where?

  727. Lin should work on that tight screen and pop from 3. Those are tough to stop and can draw ticky tack fouls.

  728. How do you know this?

  729. Yes, the Spurs threw EVERYBODY at Lillard and he just roasted them.

    Lin covers Lillard better than anybody in the NBA.

  730. Nose region.

  731. Of course, the point is air ball or not makes no differences…except it looks bad

  732. i hate the lakers shot so off rhythm bail out shots. atlas with harden pass shots he gt the ball to just shoot or drive. very panicky type of play by the lakers last 5 minutes. there sets are terrible and never work.

  733. Lillard is one of he best PG and he also has a TEAM to play with him, giving him great screen. Lin has to play against 5 most of the time and that “time” is limited. If Price was not hurt and can’t continue, Lin will be benched for the second half most likely…

  734. yep….it was so good, in rhythm….too bad too short.

  735. he will come back with mask and minutes

  736. Look at last year’s playoffs at lillard and Wes comments on Lin much props

    Also Adidas connection

  737. not just short. it veered right

  738. Yeah… both r pretty bad clueless coaches in the nba!

  739. he didn’t wanna come out from locker room since he keep getting beat by lillard

  740. So what, we are LIN FANS and we don’t give a hoot about fake price for Ronnie Price.

    We Lin fans are NBA FANS who know who plays and who can’t.

  741. he can’t shoot face to face with Jlin fronting him , thats why Lillard plays hard when he’s playing against Jeremy..good competition and energize both of them to play hard and smart!

  742. Portland TOYING with the Lakers for 3 quarters, then went hard in the 4th.

    That’s what better teams do against weaker ones.

  743. BS will insist.

  744. Not sure was left or right…but yes…one of it…LOL

  745. Lin can learn from Young to draw fouls on 3 point shots.

  746. No Lin either.

  747. true…

  748. Shot is bad… his elbow is flare which causes bad rotation… his setup takes way to long… he had space and defender affected his shot

  749. this coach is still oblivious to how deadly can this Lin-Davis connection be… smh
    why? why? why in the world can’t he see that???

  750. No pass back 🙁

  751. that’s for sure …

  752. Anyone know what he said?

  753. Lin “looks bad” to most dumb NBA observers even when he’s winning games.

    EVERYBODY can airball shots against playoff teams in the clutch. EVERYBODY.

  754. that’s why lakers lost, because their defense specialist was being ball roomed by Lillard,LOL!

  755. Rose, Parker, and Lillard… are the All-Star PG’s that keeps giving Lin props. Nice!

  756. He also gave great comments about Jeremy tonight after the game

  757. I still remember how Lillard dissed the scrub Pat Bev on how he does things that aren’t basketball LMAO.

  758. Oh, he sees it.

    That’s why Scott WON’T ALLOW Lin and Davis to go off.

  759. No backup

  760. he had plenty of space to get shot off after the hard drive and step back. lillard didnt really affect the shot.

  761. Yup and admitted Jeremy was giving him a hard time. Must be the Adidas connection 🙂

  762. Lin CANNOT DRAW FOULS off shots.

    He routinely gets hit on shots with no call or the offensive foul.

  763. Not ideal I know but there is no shame in backing up lillard and the Blazers play 2 pg sets

  764. sigh… ‘really , really frustrating…

  765. young was terrible today

  766. The fact that Lin took that shot. I really think Lin is making progress…If Lin take that shot again given similar situations. I will say his game is completely evolved.

  767. Wished Young showed up – only shot 3/13

  768. Made him hurry the shot… he air balled

  769. Just be happy Lin doesn’t have to play with that scrub Price at the same time!

  770. not even on BS DREAMS!…look at how he gave jeremy his time…nadda!!!!if not for the injury, Price will take these lost and be happy for his production and time kobe’s puppet loved that he is Right about PRICE!

  771. Not t mad at lin at all . I am so glad that he got his 14 points and according to the NBA he is a bench player going against one of the premier PG’s in the league and lin missing that shot should not be a big deal because after al he is bench player. The way that lin has been playing lately and if he keeps it up, he will have no problem on landing a contract where the Lakers will have to compete to keep him..I love it. GO lin. Very proud of him tonight. He is learning.

  772. then why even bother playing with that kind of attitude.

  773. Lin’s 14 pts is second only after Hill who played 32 min vs Lin’s 21 min.

    Lin has more minutes than Sacre (14) and Clarkson (15) only. (If Price was not hurt, wonder how many min Lin would get.)

  774. He likes game winners. Of course he’s going to take it ;

  775. tomorrow? to get a the face mask molded?

  776. And it isn’t as if Lillard can stop Lin at all either.

  777. shot was in rhythm. i wouldnt call it especially rushed

  778. But that was for game tying….LOL

  779. Agreed… how can u not see it??

  780. Lin deserves his own team and to start!

  781. 3 for 13 and -8 in 27 min. AGree!

  782. 15

  783. seems the plan was to play jeremy the half of the 4th for his usage time and then Price will sub to finish the game.thats what i read from BS actions on court today!

  784. If Price was not hurt, Lin would’ve received about 15 minutes.

    That was Scott’s plan before the game.

    Everybody can see that Scott is desperately trying to phase Lin out before the trading deadline so that the Lakers can waive Lin.

  785. I guess BS’s plan is to lose all games Kobe doesn’t play, at least from the rotation. Tonight was an exception because Price couldn’t get back.

  786. which eventually will lead to game winning shot… come on Brent lol.

  787. Yup… probably right … same as rookie Clarkson

  788. In only 21 min

  789. Haha Linsanity!!!

  790. Because Lin is so damn good, he can play through the hateful refereeing.

  791. Kaman took him to school. Yes, Chris Kaman.

  792. Same here, not being able to play with Lin to get easier open shoots hurt his game for sure.

  793. Sometimes shooters shoot themselves down.

    This is the NBA where there really isn’t such thing as a “great shooter”!

  794. Now … THAT… I actually not mind to see they waive Lin 😉

  795. I wish the same my friend

  796. Scott has been consistent. 7-8 in both Half. The only way Lin crack 20m is to grab the final 6 minutes

  797. If Lin gets waived, he might end up on this Portland team!!!

  798. Don’t mind see Lin leave this racist coach and crappy team!

  799. Nick gotta stop abusing shots.

  800. I told you guys that Young would not show up.He is a streaker shooter at best with a lot of hype from the LA media.

  801. Someone has to take it… Kobe not there… it would be Nick but his shots really bad tonight and probably a defence target anyway… so it defaulted to Jeremy

  802. Now you’re getting it 🙂

  803. That’s right, throw the bench player under the bus and blame him for losing the game.

    Never mind Young and Kelly’s and Boozer’s bricking!

  804. He was rushed. .. watch it again

  805. He really just needs a coach who believes in him. Like to see him work on that step back three. Not knowing the compensation he needs to make with lift tells me he has no muscle memory for that type of shot.

    We never see him shoot a step back three. He also rushed it since Lillard recovered pretty well and probably was thinking about the block Lillard had on him earlier in the game.

  806. well, they have the microphones and the buddy buddy press, and they could say whatever they like to say, for as long as they have the coverage!!!we live at it at the moment and just wait for this kind of opportunity. we saw how fate suddenly turns around when injustice and prejudice at the helm, just like PFV said, JLIN is at the threshold of something great that are ready to happen!

  807. Lin can take that shot but from closer range. He’s not used to making that move and shooting a 3. With practice he can make that shot, but it is a 3 point shot. That is a shot Young is used to taking and sometimes making.

  808. I’d like to hear how Lin described his 3 attempt.
    If it was planned or he didn’t feel good about it.

    But can’t complain he got the shot attempt. Both Lin and Young (1-4 on 3, 3-13 FG) couldn’t make it today

  809. don’t remember, but were most of his shots well contested?

  810. I am sure there are a lot of but and if’s for Lin and he is as good a PG as Lillard. But as of now, he just doesn’t have the 3pt shooting that Lillard has. And this alone separates them.

  811. I like

  812. That would be great… a backup to Lillard is quite alright for this supporter. Many Lin fans may not like it.

  813. Chris Kaman is an aged but HIGHLY SKILLED center who can really play.

  814. point is that shot is as good a look as you are going to get in that situation, unless the defender makes a major mistake. it was a good look. not sure what your point is. you seem to expect it to be wide open with all day to shoot.

  815. I don’t like that play. Lillard needed screen so did Lin.

  816. To be fair, Scott needs to find better set for Young too

  817. That’s OK, it would only be for a few months anyway.

    Then Lin would walk onto another team!

  818. Nick wasn’t abusing shots he took 13 shots like he always does and was passing the ball. I actually want Lin to do the same, cause he’s never going to get high PPG if he takes less than 10 shots per game, 12-15 shots are the average for top players of the league!

  819. well admit that Lillard got hot putting 3 or 4 3’s late in the 4th Qrt. just how the the game played, look ahead for the next game!

  820. Lilliard makes the most of his screens. Why can’t coaches that Lin plays for get him screens? Lin needs to maybe call for them more, I’ve noticed Kobe does.

  821. But he can do no wrong. The media and fans love his happy go lucky attitude.

    I’ve always wanted to use that phrase… happy go lucky.

  822. He is consistently being inconsistent

  823. lin was open but he looked uncomfortable doing a step back three

  824. Lin almost didn’t come in at all in the 3rd qtr.

  825. He needs a better talk. Nick would never to take shot like that in San antonio

  826. got 21 minutes also last game, so nothing sinister today…said BS!

  827. Lin said he worked on that shot, just did not get the balance…oh well…Jeremy, let’s take more

  828. Dude, he got hot because the Portland bigs are screening you out so he can break away from you.

  829. Suck isn’t it?

  830. It was too short, he tried to stroke it but he didn’t have enough oomph on it.

  831. They play better as a team and can free up their PG. But Lilliard is special clutch now, and very, very confident.

  832. Well…..that’s what lost balance meant

  833. No, let Young SHOOT.

    In the NBA, your good shooters are going to have bad shooting nights every now and then.

    Young doesn’t need to change his game one bit.

  834. what i thought looked weird. still keep working get better this year don’t matter lakers should lose and did lose

  835. Yes… he needs to take more shots!

  836. Nice politic

  837. he still need to hit those shots. he has a knack for them

  838. No he was bothered by defender… otherwise he air balled due to what?

  839. The way to succeed is through failure. MJ said so.

  840. I like he used”we” instead of “I”.

  841. no way he gets waived. don’t get our hopes up

  842. always staying positive. unfortunately the coach is working against him.

  843. And the resistance is, KoBS.

  844. So without Kobe, Jeremy is the first one to be interviewed. lol. He’s just a bench player barely playing 20 mins. This is so BS.

  845. Damien Lillard is nearly on par with Stephen Curry as far as hitting shots off multiple screens.

    Neither player can get it done on his own, but they are the best in the NBA at using double screens to free themselves for shots.

  846. Good size too

  847. Not what I meant at the number, it’s bad look n clock

  848. u mean it’s not Hill, the high scorer? or Price, the assist leader?

  849. TRUTH

  850. Because today they lost 2 starters….it is an anomaly

  851. Ok, time to vote for Lin before going to the bed.

  852. well lin is headed in the right direction

  853. It’s more that Portland is a TERRIFIC defensive team and they’re gonna shut down a lot of people.

    Only Jordan Hill and Jeremy Lin were not shut down this game.


  855. What happened to Django Unchained. LOL.

  856. This is the difference between Lin and Young. Lin knows it is good to NOT having Kobe while Young saying they needed Kobe

  857. blame lin who cares..u really think if lin made that the lakers were going to play him 35 minutes a game and let him play point guard? hell no. lin was on par for 13 mins if not for price being injured. lin just missed.. lin needs to re-tool his shot, but everything else is fine.

  858. JLIN has proven even in houston that he can make those 3’s also (AKA..clutch shots at the dying seconds of the final quarter) . the point at hand right now, Lillard is being groomed to succeed, while JLin is being groomed to….somewhat overthink his situation, confuse him on his talents and skill, kill his energy and grit so as to accept less pay and a back up PG position . which of the 2 you think will have a breakaway games…????

  859. young looks up to kobe

  860. and that’s why I think Lin need to practice those shots for next season. It is very hard to guard against.

  861. Why wouldn’t Lin be waived?

    The Lakers keep reducing his minutes every game.

    Even with Price’s injury, Lin HARDLY PLAYED today.

  862. Lillard can not guard Lin one on one…

  863. 8th man got 9 in 4th qtr… mr 4th qtr!

  864. yea team has zero idea what to do late

  865. and Kobe looks down at Young. It all works out.

  866. Wow, you’re right. I’m surprised based on the amount of mins Lin played.

  867. LMAO

  868. Often, Kobe Bryant is a GREAT SCAPEGOAT when the Lakers play bad basketball in the 4th.

    Besides, the Lakers DON’T DESERVE TO WIN for having benched Lin so long.

  869. He rushed it a bit because he remembered Lillard blocked him earlier. He looked balance, but needed to use his legs more. Learning experience. He rarely shoots 3’s with his momentum going backwards like Young, who does that on every shot practically. Something to work on. Just glad he is taking these shots, that’s the big takeaway here

  870. Lakers DIDN’T DESERVE TO WIN.

    Benching Lin cost the Lakers the game.

    Everybody is focused on Lin’s end game issues when the real problem is Lin NOT PLAYING EARLY.

  871. hehe, GSW beating Westbrook by up to 30 … 5/21 22 pts. Kobe style.

  872. This what bs is good at, find way to justify Kobe ball hogging.

  873. he airballed cuz he airballed. its not as if batum was defending him. youre making unncessary excuses for lin. he missed.

  874. No…I think it was not rushed, he was in thythm. He simply hopped back too much….

  875. Yeah, I was expecting to see a lot of Lin. If it wasn’t for Price’s injury, I don’t think Lin would’ve had 15 mins.

  876. word

  877. bull!!! he’s just justifying his incompetence on the guise that they lost because…BUT IF he made those shots..i’m surely he will utter with a loud mouth (breath so bad) that he’s the MAN!!! and KOBE , pls REST!…that’s what arrogant people says when they can’t justify their arrogance. of course even if they win, JLIN will always say, that a KObe in the team is Better than no KObe!

  878. ANY player will badly miss clutch shots against quality defenses like Portland.

    ALL players have to practice those Lin style shots, regardless of who the opponent is.

  879. He knows exactly when the proper time is 4 brown nosing..hehe

  880. There is no Lin’s end game issues…

  881. Bad form, hesitation and rushed. .. why r we arguing… lol

  882. He said so to let Kobe knows .. PR talk.. last time when he said something like just pass me the ball… next game he got so less ball… he knows what to say… Kobe always read all the news…

  883. Jeremy’s post game interview

  884. Yes, all his 10 shots were contested, and he made 2

  885. He won’t have that kind of shot ever again. It was a poison play designed by bs.

  886. I know, but I believe there is some truths in it that he is believing…

  887. Yes, Davis looked really thin against Kaman.

  888. was there simply not a lot of PNRs? Is it cuz the defense doesn’t allow it or the coach does not believe in them?

  889. is it just me or does lin get more topless interviews than others? journalists just hound him

  890. Why not? Maybe next time, it will be a half court step back…and he will make it.

  891. Kobe won’t like this… it’s Kobe’s team, Hill. lol.

  892. lol…for a moment @BrentYen forgot about Linsanity…I guess thats what ROX and LAL does to us, fans, sigh

  893. hahahahahahahahahahahaha

  894. The media is pretending there is, from Scott criticizing Lin’s shot this game to Kobe screaming at Lin to all sorts of other LINFRACTIONS that Lin gets SCAPEGOATED for.

  895. That was not the style of the 80s.

  896. POR PostGame thread is now open!

    Jeremy gave his best shot while not giving many min before Price’s injury in the 3rd quarter.
    He missed the big 3 but he’ll get another big shot in the future. He finished with respectable 5-10 shooting for 14pts (2nd highest scorer after JHill) in only 21 in


  897. I know. Journalists should have at least some decency to let the guy get some shirt first.

  898. When it is convenient. If young was hitting all of his shots, he would have not given Kobe second notice. This about about Young not producing tonight and he is looking for a scapegoat to save face with the LA media, because he has been so hyped up by him., nothing more. I said earlier today that Young would choke in this game because he was going to try to imitate kobe and not play his game.

  899. it is just dumb…I do not think Lin could get any better shot there.

  900. seriously

  901. Byron Scott is an outdated 80s coach who has found out the hard way that 80s style pick and rolls don’t work in today’s game due to the abolishment of the hated illegal defense rule.

  902. young is certainly mini kobe, or wishes to be

  903. Yes…..I think I’m serious.

  904. There’s been games where they were both on the floor and Price played point and didn’t pass to Lin.

  905. thats not a nice thing to say

  906. i meant i was agreeing hah

  907. U rnt IJ tonite, take off ur mask.. ha

  908. I missed most of game. Jordan Hill did amazing tonight? How did this happen?????????

  909. just crazy how we were raving on how Lin and Davis PNR were so great. and they don’t do much in the offense. And keeping those 2 apart as well.
    Kobe did a few PNR w/ Davis on the last game though.

  910. But I AM IJ… 🙂

  911. I would be very surprised even with the reduced minutes. I think they are still considering trying to sign him to a deal after this year so find that hard to believe and someone in that FO must be able to see his value both on and off the court

  912. Lost by 4 points to the 2nd highest win team in WC on a btb game, I think lakers did pretty good tonight.

  913. The shallow me speaking…kind of like it….Trust me I am not complaining at all..LOL

  914. I think cuz they interviewing him early so he hasn’t got a chance to dressed.

  915. This is really mind-boggling. If Scott isn’t going to play Lin at all ( less than 10 min from Q1-Q3), why bother drawing up 2 plays for him at the end of the game with the game on the line? I don’t see Scott drawing up that play specifically for Price or Ellington. Nick maybe. What it tells me is when the game is on the line and Scott needs a quick 2, he went with Lin because Lin was the best option (against Lillard I might add). So why sit him so much in the 1st 3 quarters??? Makes no sense.

  916. Really? I need to see it again, but it just seemed like Lillard’s recovery made him rush it like he was surprised by how close he got to him. He had created a good amount of space and it just closed up so quick

  917. He did, he had the highest usage rate, without Kobe

  918. lol, as i said earlier, nothing makes sense in LAL….i’m not gonna analyze any deeper, will take as it is.

    Hence, Jeremy did well with whatever given minutes

  919. Yeah! I see brighter days ahead… 🙂

  920. ‘makes me wanna strangle him… and i’m christian …LOL ha ha ha

  921. Stop analyzing the last shot lin took and missed. it happen he played a great game to the wire, but some fans want to focus on the negative,. This has to stop. Give Lin props on how he was marginalized for most of the game, but he brought the team into a missed shot probably on winning the game. The Trailblazers are a 27-8 team in the NBA and one of the leaders in the Western Conference. Lakers have an inept coach who caters to certain players egos, which does not give the rest of the team a level playing field. Sott and the Lakers can screw themselves if they try to lay this on a bench player that played 21 minutes. Even Lilliard/Matthews gave lin propst on his game tonight. Many claim to come here with a balanced critique on his game, which is not often case.. I myself often find myself falling into that negative narrative about lin’s game,
    How about we speak some positives of his game tonight. I have to give props to him because he was marginalized for most of the game, but he came in with 5 points and ended with 14 points in 20 minutes. You go Lin

  922. if BS played lin longer minutes or allowed him to pnr with davis, portland won’t be able to stop him either. it’s crazy haters blame it on lin. he got 14 with only 20min play time, imagine how many points he would score if allowed to play like 36mins.

  923. Lin did OK. So he missed the 3. Even an open 3 is a low percentage shot. That was one where he did a one-on-one move and didn’t have the balance and probably lift that he wanted so it fell shorter than it could have. The team probably over-achieved tonight and Portland didn’t really have a monster game from LMA. They did from Lillard. So, good for Lillard, and you play the next game. I thought the Lakers looked pretty good without Kobe. Price played OK but gets too many minutes but I hope he’s OK. He took a nasty elbow to his face.

  924. Kobe has a real problem with lin, but Kobe’s problem is that he doesn’t have the leverage with the NBA or Lakers F/O as he one did, so he is scrambling trying 2 make himself relevant in the game today,

  925. Another masked Laker.

  926. Exactly, imagine the agony a player has to go thru sitting on bench for 2Qs! And then he has to come out strong and perform when the game is at stake! Jeremy did extremely well.

  927. I think his confidence is up…we had seen that in the last 4 games or so…he is shooting more and even more on contested shots.

    he just needs re-focusing on his FTs

  928. I don’t get it. Lin got torched this game with no help from the bigs. So how much worse would he have done last year?

  929. 9th man. Even Sacre got in to the game before Lin.

  930. BS is not racist just dumb.

  931. Maybe Coach felt Lin was tired on BTB and so rested him to get a good 20 min out of him rather than a mediocre 28 min.

  932. All Kobe has to say is “Coach, we need to watch the pace because I ain’t gonna last running up and down playing like this.” Coach gets it and pulls Jeremy when he gets overly aggressive (in this game he was pulled after driving too far into the lane and getting trapped).

  933. Honestly, you are new, history didn’t agree with your logic!

    Well rested days before games also the same! I wish BS has the positive thinking like you, that result will be they are the top 8 teams in the west!

    Think about sitting so long and dont see playing time, how is your emotion? How is your body feeling if you are human!

  934. Because Price got hurt at the end of the 3rd quarter, so Scott had to play Lin the whole 4th quarter. Otherwise, Price played pretty well last night, he wouldn’t waste a chance to bench Lin more.

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