Game 35 Atlanta Hawks vs Cleveland Cavaliers


  1. Me too. Grateful for each game he plays.

  2. Len is playing and starting tonight. Hopefully Lin gets to play with him some because the Lin-Len connection is pretty good. Lin misses his pick n roll partner.

  3. Trae feeling in a groove from last night, gonna go wild aggression to start

  4. JLIN up already

  5. Wow, Lin gonna get a lot of minutes tonight.

  6. You sure bout that?

  7. Nice 2!

  8. Lin in early at 8:22 1Q because “Young was not doing well” (per commentator)

  9. Understatement of the season lol

  10. ATL must be reading this board!

  11. I am surprised by their candor.

  12. Lin with a fresh haircut and coming out aggressive tonight.

  13. i like nice haircut lin better lol. that lin has personality

  14. Yeah same here lol. He didn’t even bother to do his hair last night and was off in-game.

  15. What the… Plumlee is back and playing?

  16. Ball kept bouncing to Cavs players. They got 2 consecutive offensive boards.

  17. Huerter is off early.

  18. The Cavs currently worst team in NBA so Pierce probably feels like he can see what his bench offers against this lowly team ..

    … truth is Starters were terrible

  19. Cavs are in rhythm and Hawks are not. Back to back games suck.

  20. Wow shocking … JLIN passing the ball a lot

  21. they lack energy. lin again not doing much

  22. What is wrong with Lin? He’s not taking mid range or 3s and only had 1 layup so far?!

  23. he isnt tryng . just out there for the sake of being out there

  24. Not sure, he was aggressive right when he came in. Now he’s hesitating again. Could’ve had a mid-range jumper but passed it off.

  25. Hope he is not playing with injury.

  26. That lineup that was in with JLIN probably hadn’t played a dozen minutes together all season … the passive JLIN gonna get his minutes docked for PASSING so much

  27. Exactly he’s just going through the motions. Is he hurt? Is his back not fully recovered?

  28. Same here! I hope it isn’t the back strain.

  29. idk but i cant watch much more of this

  30. Trae is now playing with mostly bench players.

  31. Lin won’t get minutes either way. This game js another 1st round draft showndown.

  32. imma watch Alabama vs oklahoma. tell me when lin is in

  33. I can agree with you

  34. Cause he’s playing against 2nd unit and they’ve been good with Lin.

  35. Just mute the game and check back whenever.

  36. Cavs look like the BEST team in the NBA (instead of the 30th best i.e. last place)

  37. Lin is so afraid to shoot

  38. Not afraid … that is the wrong verb

  39. the recent lin has been soo frustrating. idk if i wanna see more. wish the game was tomorrow

  40. verb?

  41. Either coach doesn’t have any plays for him or he’s injured. His passes are decisive, not sure what’s going on. But willing to bet it’s the only way Pierce will play him. In that case Lin can just tell him to eat dirt. This is boring basketball. Lin is just being the ball boy for 3 straight games.

  42. Trae playing well again. This is what Lin should play like but hasn’t been the past few games.

  43. lin seem to be taking the least risk out there.

  44. ok, adjective … JLIN ain’t fearin’ no man (but Pierce perhaps)

  45. recently ive been happier with how trea is playing then lin. its making me sick

  46. Trae played so well that he got pulled at the 9:00 min mark of Q1

  47. Wow Collins’ rebound/dunk was crazy.

  48. how is lin doing?

  49. not doing anything

  50. Lin seems not so interested this game. Maybe he got a call from his agent to coast a bit, as a trade is in the works.

  51. atleast there something. like lin has no effort right now. id rather you try and mess up then just doing nothing

  52. well that sucks

  53. Been coasting for 3 games, orders from Pierce and Hawks no less.

  54. Zero, 1 layup and shot attempt that’s it.

  55. JLIN has a wonderful stat line already to this game — JLIN smells another great performance coming for the trade videotape

  56. hopefully

  57. Early appearance and got a nice layup. Then not good. TO and passed up an open midrange shot.

  58. Trae’s feeling it.

  59. He’s always afraid, looking over his shoulder

  60. tbh, he’s a really good PG when he’s in control.

  61. Then Bremby with the instant steal for a buzzer beating 3 now that was crazy.

  62. Even a blind squirrel finds his nuts, once in a while.

  63. Trae can PnR with Len but Lin can’t? :/ all these easy assists for him. When was the last time we’ve seen Lin allowed to drive to the basket and dump the ball to Len for easy assist?

  64. lol

  65. the competition has lowered recently. i like the more tamed trea but his shot is not reliable. those threes are still too long

  66. It’s a scary thought when Trae is feeling groovy … watching this season you kinda get deja vu

  67. im not watching the game but im betting Trae is playing against the bench unit or am i wrong?

  68. Deja vu of all previous seasons of how the lesser PG rises to the top after watching Lin? They learn what Lin does and copies him but Lin doesn’t get the stats and green light to show his stuff. sad

  69. His facilitation though is what impresses me. He doesn’t panic when he sees a double team and his dribble drives often lead to an easy basket. His scoring is actually the weaker part of his game.

  70. In the half court offense, Lin rarely gets the calls. With an up tempo offense, Lin can dictate more and take his open looks and drives. Interesting Hawks have slowed their pace to a half court offense.

  71. i agree with that. hs scoring to me is fools gold

  72. Deja vu in the sense, Trae then thinks he cn’t miss ANYTHING and then looks like the Trae that his statistics say he is

  73. Exactly, especially when he’s hitting a few 30 foot shots.

  74. Lin no longer riding his bike? He’s on the bench now.

  75. Lin against the pacers was aggresive. so i dont think he is rehabbing an injury. He looked disintrested last game and from what im hearing it’s the same story here. Lets hope that means a trade is coming!

  76. If Pierce says “I want you to look disinterested”, then that is what you do

  77. Trade or not, Hawks won’t give him any minutes. Guess like all teams they want their young players to watch and learn how Lin plays. They copy what he does and improve afterwards they push him aside.

  78. Full bench unit getting ready to come in.

  79. Lin in

  80. Pierce faked the forum out lol, everyone thought “wow JLIN coming in early” means JLIN will get a bunch of minutes…

    … never jump the gun on these Hawks folks

  81. Well, Hawks back up after looking pretty bad. So, good job.

  82. Lin in at 5:04 2Q

  83. He better play well else something wong

  84. As far as this Cavs team goes, their starting lineup quality is most team’s 2nd string, and Drew has mixed things up with his lineup … Hawks starters with the Pierce early shuffle saw action against strange 2nd/3rd string lineups as well

  85. I liked that pass by Lin.

  86. JLIN doing everything possble to boost Plumlee’s confidence after missing a MONTh

  87. Lin touched it 3 times in that possession and passed it all 3 times.

  88. Good pass, but it was a clunky give and go play with Plumlee.

  89. Hate on Plumlee please, don’t hate on JLIN

  90. 3333333333

  91. really? nice

  92. and it was a contested shot. Good to see him take it.

  93. Guess the Plumlee charity show is getting close to low tide

  94. Baze had JLIN on that fast break, muffed

  95. Lin more engaged now

  96. Yes, good to see.

  97. What the … is wrong with Pierce?! Lin tried helping the Cav player and he almost pushed and told Lin to get back on defense?

  98. JLIN shooting incredible100% again but a passive passive passive game

  99. Pierce the boss man

  100. hueter going iso

  101. He does that from time to time. Tries to do too much.

  102. More like a big bully abusing the Asian guy.

  103. maybe he subscribes to Kobe Bryan’s “toughness”

  104. That’s bullying not toughness and KB ended his career with zero friends. Nothing wrong since it’s a dog eat dog world and everyone would rather see him fall.

  105. We’ve had JLIN potential Asists missed 4-5 times with fouls on Len and Plumlee

  106. agree

  107. Pretty sure thats the instruction from coach

  108. Nice, Lin got a call.

  109. Good, more aggressive. Gets 2 FTs for that.

  110. Because Lin isn’t playing PnR just looking for Len on his own account. Only Trae is allowed to drive under the basket and dump to Len for easy assists. That used to be Lin’s frequent move.

  111. 0 FT

  112. Very rare for Lin to miss back to back free throws.

  113. Is Lin sporting a shorter mohawk
    without hair gel? 🙂

  114. Wow JLIN was so short on both those FT

  115. flat top.

  116. Lin doesnt care anymore eh 0/2

  117. Not sure what happened with those FTs, but want to see Lin go hard to the hole like that more. He’ll hit the next FTs.

  118. Both FTs short, Lin’s backstrain is definitely still there.

  119. ft was an anomaly. he is playing the right way. he is obviously in a funk

  120. Great hustle by Lin to go to the ground and get that ball and then pass it. Good energy!

  121. Lin looks mentally checked out out there
    He doesnt care

  122. How does his back explain his 3 ptr and 2ptr swishes?

  123. Lin missing the FTs.. not too good!

  124. It’s unusual for Lin to miss both FT. Really hope he is not dealing with any injury.

  125. No, he’s still playing hard defense but something is not right with Lin last night and tonight. If someone is mentally checked out and doesn’t care, they don’t try on D.

  126. No unreported injury, please!

  127. FT and drives requires more flexibility? Lin’s drives hasn’t been great either.

  128. has to be the back

  129. Lin’s back has to be the answer to this weird play of lin.

  130. JLIN in 10 min, 5 pts on 100% shooting, 100% 3P% and 3 rebs , teammates had missed at least 4 Assists — incredible start to the game

    50%/40%/81% that is impressive

  131. Yep, it is detrimentallyh affecting his 100% shooting from the field

  132. Yes. It is also unusual for Lin to have zero assists in the first half.

  133. Just a lapse in concentration, but he did miss them by alot – front of the rimmers

  134. That may be his secret personal goal; he always did say he wanted Nash like effectiveness. If he can’t start right now, not a bad goal for this year.

  135. again. you miss the difference. he is playing a way he normally doesnt. missing fts by alot. his back is stiff or not to his liking. it make sense because his second stretch was better as he loosened up. he can make his shot. i said nothing about how his stats are but he is playing oddly. weird doesn’t = bad. just different from usual.

  136. I dont think Lin is injured the game against pacers he was doing it all. Unless he strained his back again im guessing he is fine just not playing with the energy he usually does.

  137. If JLIN’s back hurts his FTs a percentage and he can add that percentage to his 3pointers and 2pointers, I bet ya he’d take that trade-off — go JLIN’s BACK

  138. ive never seen lin do that though. not play down hill is just not lin. he only does that when he isnt right

  139. this is correct. just hope this back issue gets dealt with and it doesnt linger all year

  140. True. but i dont get why he would risk injuring himself more if he is really injured. couple of games ago he strained his back and went out immediatly.

  141. depend how much its irritating him. if its just slightly stiff at times then hell play. lin maybe extra cautious given what he is coming back from. he may not feel much back discomfort but is protecting himself from hurting it more.

  142. maybe. guess we’ll see in the next coming games.

  143. Plumlee is slow and is like molasses getting his shot off, but Collins always gets up and Len mostly does too … guess who had to play with the molasses guy? Yep JLIN

    However, I am sure Plumlee is friends with JLIN — JLIN definitely treats him well on the floor

  144. well look like Alabama will blow Oklahoma out

  145. Great defense Trae .. smh

  146. I suspect his back is stiff but can’t afford to stay out.

  147. Collins has an emergent pattern, he is too aggressive on the boards esp. O-board getting cheap fouls in constant foul trouble at times

  148. Trae always 3 steps behind his man.

  149. Baze hurt

  150. Hawks commentators said Hawks coaching wanted to put this game away to rest starters for Q4,
    … going the wrong direction.

  151. Great, Hawks lost all the lead

  152. Pierce a bit headstrong this Q3 not so quick to pull Trae and the starters as was in Q1

  153. Oh no Baze is hurt? 🙁

  154. Another bad start to the 3rd Q.

  155. bad? I missed a couple of minutes.

  156. Even with Baze out, Pierce puts in Bremby his fav player and not Lin. Please trade Lin before the deadline.

  157. how bad? missed that.

  158. Pierchlenk perhaps wants to show the NBA who the real, true worst team is after all in this draft lottery sweepstakes

  159. Bembry has started in front of JLIN for 34 games (entire season lol)

  160. Wow another one goes down, Nance Jr injured for the Cavs. Maybe that’s why Lin’s been cruising, injury prevention.

  161. Pierce was hoping to spread the minutes around his bench later in an easy blowout win — now might have to keep his starters on the floor to the end

  162. Drew is the coach; Nance is the player

  163. lol

  164. And played as PG with Lin in the lineup

  165. lol

  166. Lol sorry Larry Nance Jr

  167. I think Jeremy still has back spasms, saw him stretching

  168. Lin in

  169. thx.

  170. Back is definitely stiff. Lin never plays this passive without injury.
    Back strain will take time to heal, can’t afford staying out too much.

  171. Lin was crucial in the last game too, picking up fouls off the screen even if he didn’t take a free throw, to get the hawks in Bonus.

  172. Lin in at 6:10 3Q

  173. JLIN has been a drawing fouls magnet for the last 3 games — doesnt show on the boxscore but it is huge for a team

  174. Good 3-point shot but missed.

  175. give the damn ball to Lin Kevin you aint in for that.

  176. Kinda long.

  177. 2 FT

  178. Good plays by Lin.

  179. Definitely more aggressive and involved now.

  180. JLIN in and good things happen — now up by 7pts for Hawks

  181. glad he made both!

  182. both Trae and Lin playing

  183. Wow JLIN now has another guyu to pass to … Trae in

  184. why did they put trae in?

  185. Finally, Lin and Trae.

  186. Nice pass by Lin.

  187. sweet Lin

  188. good play Lin

  189. JLIN and Trae on the floor is not a good recipe

  190. 2nd assist

  191. Got a charge foul. Lin is making tons of things happen now.

  192. Lin draws the offensive foul.

  193. Trae has one good offensive weapon. it’s that floater

  194. They’re doing good and can play together, but LP needs Lin to run 2nd team when you have Baze and Bemb to play 2nd.

  195. Trae’s Defensive RPM goes up if JLIN is on the floor because JLIN’s squads are solid on defense because that is what JLIN just does for a team

  196. Ball is moving well now.

  197. That was actually pretty good. They doubled / trapped Trae, but Trae now has Lin there to help and pass off to.

  198. Lin and Trae could always play together and would be a good backcourt, but LP doesn’t think they need to because of the other players on team.

  199. Vince playing well today.

  200. niiiice

  201. JLIN back in he corner – the old decoy

  202. LP’s strategy, let Lin close 1st half to get a small lead so starters in 3rd have a cushion. Working well so far.

  203. Lin’s bounce pass to Trae was exciting.

  204. Good 3rd Q for Lin.

  205. just perfect

  206. Passive passive JLIN stepped on the floor in Q3 and voila the lead balloons by 10 points

  207. that unit is explosive. dont get why LP dont try it at all

  208. That’s what Trae needs is someone to help play make and get him good passes and open shots.

  209. Did…did the hawks gametime announcers just compare Trae And Sextons rivalry with MAgic and Bird……im done…im just done…what the hell

  210. If Pierce actually plays Lin with Trae more often, they could develop better chemistry and be a great backcourt duo. But he rarely pairs them up, so when they do play together, Lin usually passes it to Trae on majority of plays and then sits at the 3-point line, not doing much.

  211. he loosened up as the game went along. his back is still giving him issues. the passive statement was ill advised. we obviously didnt know what was wrong. now we know. starting slow may be a thing with this bac issue. some games may be slow the whole game.

  212. JLIN has taken just 3 shots (but shooting 66%) … ya can’t get more passive than that but for some reason Pierce felt it necessary to put the passive non-performer back in the game … hmmm

  213. Well, Lin’s out for now. It was fun while it lasted. Lin actually was pretty aggressive in with Trae.

  214. Way too reward your 2nd unit that got you the lead LP!! benching them..Bum coach

  215. Yes!

  216. agree

  217. For defense and cause Baze’s injured. lin also draws defenders away from Trae for him to shoot.

  218. Well folks if we Hawks go up by 10 more pts or lose the lead again, then we might get another glimpse of JLIN

  219. Cavs and Hawks just trading baskets ever since the bench lineup went out.

  220. Bembry so selfish

  221. LOL Delly just said to the ref “same call Jeremy Lin got.” No Delly, you moved and Lin didn’t on the charge.

  222. Is there a rumor that JLIN has a problem with his back?

    Where did we hear this rumor? Who said it?

  223. Lin has to come back in to settle the Hawks down. They’re playing disorganized and wild again.

  224. he was randomly listed on injury report a few games ago and someone saw him stretching his back while on the bench

  225. cavs so bad i dont think it matters

  226. So in other words, we don’t officially know at all that there is anything wrong with his back

  227. That’s what I thought he said. Watch the tape, Delly.

  228. unless he says or on the injury report i dont see how else we would know. he is good enough to play but it may still be an issue. its an educated guess

  229. LP, call number 7.

  230. Lin is doing left foot / ankle exercises sitting on the bench.

  231. The Hawks are getting great experience, they are bad so they need this extra work in the 4th Quarter

  232. JLIN’s health problem kinda travels around, ankle moves to back, moves to foot, moves to back, moves to ankle agains

  233. Collins that was not even close lol..

  234. If JLIN’s night is over, the 16 minutes were another stellar peice of basketball — one of the highest plus/minus on the team and 66% shooting, 6 rebs, 3 assists, 1 block and some huge plays

  235. And the lead dwindled down to 4.

  236. Vince having a great night.

  237. Passive JLIN getting rightly punished for only taking 3 shots (disregard everytime he stepped on the floor he stopped the profuse bleeding)

  238. how can anyone watch this and be content with Lin not playing? With Lin in it’s an easy win right now. I dont get how people can be content with this version of basketball. It’s basically butchered. Who cares if the Hawks win if Lin isn’t even contributing? I’ll be surprised if he even plays 4Q

  239. We are going to bigger and better things before Feb 7, that is why

  240. we’ll see.

  241. Hawks is tanking, just enjoy the time which Lin plays.

  242. A few more Cavs points and JLIN might get a sighting

  243. But i cant enjoy this…trust me i am trying but i just cant enjoy it…i hate watching tanking teams…At least give me some great talent to watch.

  244. Vinsanity

  245. Trae made a solid defensive play there, tipping the ball, getting it back and finding Vince for the corner 3.

  246. Linsanity benched is Linsanity no more.

  247. JLIN is the wind beneath the Hawks wings — I’ve just trademarked this lol

  248. So Lin’s PT is 16? 🙁

  249. Agree, that’s why I watched highlights more than whole games. 🙂

  250. i guess

  251. Guess all the JLIN has no-confidence folks are right, passive passive passive JLIN the cold-hand, non-shooter gets his 16 minutes as punishment for passive play

  252. JLIN, Poythress, Anderson and injured Bazemore are the ONLY Hawks in Positive Plus/Minus to now

  253. So is Lin hurt or something?

  254. Lin deserved more minutes. LPs minutes like a saw movie. you really dont know whats coming next

  255. Nope, JLIN playing great — just a standard Atlanta Hawks game

  256. So Trae is playing the entire quarter eventhough he finished the last 3 minutes of the 3rd quarter

  257. lp trying to lose

  258. LP is going to let Trae play against a rookie PG and try and win a game vs the last team in the league.

  259. Trae on pace to get 38 mins tonight

  260. It’s BS that Lin played well in the 3rd quarter, but doesn’t get to play at all in the 4th. I know Trae is having a good game, but Lin deserves some minutes in the 4th as well.

  261. Trae’s defense is like a rag doll, put a finger on him and it looks like he’s on a string

  262. Unless Lin is hurt, I just don’t understand the excuse in not playing Lin at all in the 4th.

    Maybe Schlink told LP he wants Trae to play 30+ minutes tonight.

  263. YOu’re overthinking – it’s completely logical given this team’s pattern

  264. Momentum fully with the Cavs now. There goes the lead.

  265. LP tanking

  266. LP’s decision is garbage. Lin should be in there. The game wouldn’t be this close if he was.

  267. With Bazemore injured and seeing LP finally playing Lin/trae together, I thought that maybe we’d see more minute for Lin…I guess not.

  268. chooo choo tank master coming through

  269. lol bunch of chokers my god.

  270. lmao both wanna lose

  271. looks like it lol

  272. Yeah Lin should’ve came in at around the 8 minute mark. Trae’s unit was playing wild and disorganized. Pierce decided to keep riding Trae instead. Terrible decision because with Lin in, they could’ve gotten a bigger lead and put the game away.

  273. Two straight games that ATL wins by other teams trash FT shooting

  274. the fact that i have to watch games like this annoys me

  275. LP deserves to lose this game with his Lin-less lineup. How do you not play Lin in the 4Q?

  276. LP randomly plays trea 15 minutes straight

  277. Collins coming through big in clutch time.

  278. JLIN was just so awful and passive. ..

    … nevermind that passive JLIN as the Starter would have blown Cavs out by 30 by the 3rd Quarter

  279. Other than corruption in sports, is there a system elsewhere in the world besides usa where a sports team is rewarded for losing?

  280. making up for pulling him after ~3:30 in the 1Q

  281. lol if that wasnt masterful tanking by cavs i dont know what is…they had 2 timeouts left.

  282. lmao

  283. Lin played 16 minutes and took 3 shots. SMH

  284. Trae trying to hero ball it again.

  285. Trae Iso is a half court 3

  286. 2nd player collins has hit in the head…dude is reckless.

  287. dejavu, like yesterdays game.

  288. Wonderful Game by JLIN — it doesn’t hurt him folks it helps him increase almost all his key stats
    66% FG%
    50% 3P%
    6 rebounds
    3 assists
    1 block
    7 points
    16 minutes

  289. Anyone who really think the Hawks gives a F about Lin, are deeply mistaken…Lin is only here to give Trae a little breathe…They really never expected Lin to play so well to push for more minute but even with Lin shooting%, it’s still not enough to give him more time.

  290. Great D by Huerter. Can’t defend the 3-point shot any better than that.

  291. It’s a back to back game. Fine with less than 20 mins PT.

  292. Some fans actually want JLIN to sign a contract with Atlanta, they think it could be good

  293. If Hawks doesn’t trade Lin by trade deadline, I think I will go crazy and explode.

  294. same here

  295. When Lin is on the bench for the whole 4Q, I really do not care if Hawks win or lose.

  296. I do, at this point it looks better for Lin for trades and better reputation for free agency if not traded if hawks win.

  297. Take a look at the Plus/Minus and you know who won this game for the Hawks and who let the Cavs back in the game

  298. I am cool. Lin is not needed or utilized in any aspect other than a PG place holder.

  299. winning is counter intuitive for them so id rather they win lmao

  300. lol

  301. interesting point

  302. Once again i just dont get how people can enjoy Lin playing below 20 min on a TANKING team…bembry played 29 min!!! Who the hell cares if a tanking team wins when the player we are here to see is sitting on the bench. People gonna try to rationalise it or something.

    Trae Young is as unimpressive as it gets so far for me. Apart from his passing which is great he will get eaten up alive when people key in on him. Great game just fabulous watching 2 trainwreck teams go at each other meanwhile the unit that gave you a 10+ you sat on the bench.

    LP is a bum as coach and i stand by that he is only here for the tanking nothing else.

  303. 16 minutes didn’t win anything for Hawks.

  304. Pierce proves that he is a master of playing JLIN just enough minutes to not lose a game but give JLIN ZERO credit for the win

  305. 100% agree.

  306. I feel sure JLin will be traded. Wha t is going on right now doesn’t seem to make sense in any sensible scenario. Something strange going (with JLin) on other than two tankers colliding in loser land. I am sure all will be revealed in time. Duh

  307. Those 16 mins were the difference between a Hawk win and a Hawk loss, go back and review the game and you will see

  308. Atlanta is a talented team but Lin is not getting any minutes. They probably got Lin to get back assets or leave cap room for next off season and didn’t expect him to be back like his old self.

  309. disagree. vet on a rebuilding team makes sense they would trade

  310. Past 3 games has all been about Huerter, Collins and Trae. Propaganda for the “futures” of the team. Dream on Hawks they will be nothing without Lin there holding down the defense next year. Trae has zero defense. If not for Lin’s effort on defense pushing his teammates to defend Hawks would be dead last. Trae got lucky with easy shots for the minutes he played with Lin today.

    Goes to show that the NBA is always promoting offense, defense is not needed unless you’re a championship team. Trae, Harden, Walker, all can’t defend a fly yet they are touted as “stars”.

  311. I don’t know man, specially if they’re winning more…They may keep Lin simply to Trae’s benefit..also, if Trae has to miss a few games, they can use Lin to play respectable.

    Remember, the reason they even traded for Lin is to simply be a tutor for Trae and a salary dump that will be off their book next year.

  312. agree…

    Lin 16 min., Carter 23 and Anderson 15… feel bad that Lin was randomly benched in an awful team

  313. boom!

  314. JLIN is worth too much in a trade to squander and JLIN is too smart to fall for ATL’s snake oil arguments to stay

  315. Lin played well with Lakers as a bench player on a tanking team, was traded to Hornets which were playoff contenders, then was traded for Nets to start. Lin’s or any players value is always higher coming off a winning team.

  316. After Lin leaves, I want Hawks FO tastes what Hornets tasted without Lin and I will have the last laugh lol

  317. Against the lowly Cavs, it was a chance to promote the futures of the Hawks. Lin was not going to get minutes for this easy game.

  318. Good game for Lin. Can’t comment much because he’s sitting in the bench the whole 4th quarter, thanks to LP

  319. agreed

  320. When JLIN was allowed (by a desperate Pierce) in game at Q3 the CAVS had tied the game — when JLIN was pulled in the same Quarter Hawks had built a 10 point LEAD again …
    … JLIN never saw the court again

  321. Lin and Len not too happy during time out

  322. that’s why he need to shoot the ball more and stop taking charges.

  323. Same here! Can’t wait to see Hawks drafting the bust in Zion as well. Any smart GM would be drafting the Japanese+Black, mixed Rui Hachimura and giving him a starting position.

  324. I hope Lin is angry as hell for not playing.

  325. Perhaps you’re correct, just keep shooting and allow the opponent keep adding to their lead is much better than…

    … stopping the bleeding of your team and turning a deficit into a LEAD or a WIN

  326. More sad than angry, Hawks told him since day one what was up. Lin just needs to get traded by deadline.

  327. I bet he is. I want him to be aggressive next game. More offense than defense, save his energy for scoring. I hope he gets traded soon.

  328. tanking team. im just like expected

  329. nobody cares about Lin so why should he care

  330. Len isn’t getting many touches and continuously being benched for the rookies. Lin also hasn’t been getting any minutes. Lin x Len can be a dynamic duo but Pierce saves Len to pad Trae’s assists.

  331. LP is icing Lin out by calling a lot of plays for Bremby, Huerta, Vince whenever Lin gets in the game….Lin can only shoot when the play-call is broken, and his teammates passes the ball to him so he can beat shot-clock violation.

    Lin’s agent should nicely ask Schlenk to trade his client.

  332. this is true. heurter continues to annoy me recently

  333. Here’s the issue, if JLIN just took a whole bunch of shots, his 16 minutes dwindle to 10 mins then 6 mins and then a DNP-CD

  334. How many times have we said this? Lin needs to be more selfish to survive but he refuses. He’s like, “If I leave the NBA so be it”.

  335. he should pretend that he can’t pass the ball and shoot the ball whenever he’s open or hell shoot even if he’s not open.

  336. not at all, starters have been able to get ahead of teams, sure Lin helped, but didn’t make the difference of the game.

  337. yeah that’s how linsanity started. F everyone and start ballin.

  338. He’s been gettings 13mins, what’s the point of playing 20mins when all he ever does is bring the ball up and pass? That’s not basketball and this isn’t Soccer or Hockey!

  339. so be it…he’s not involved anyway.

  340. If this were not real life and JLIN’s real future at stake, I would want to see JLIN just do what so many of his fans who believe JLIN actually has control over his own playing strategy and believe it is only JLIN’s weak will and confidence that prevents him from turning it on for the Hawks every game …

    … too bad this is real life and JLIN’s real future – because you would see INSTANTANEOUSLY JLIN’s measly 16 mins drop to 8 mins and then a DNP-CD if JLIN actually did what you wanted in the face of Pierce

  341. Yep. I think Lin’s presence on court plus his November performance put pressure on Trae that FO/LP decides to tone Lin down a bit. Remember Lin being starter narrative from the announcers?

  342. No Linsanity started because MDA refused to play politics and allowed Lin to score as much as he wanted and told him to keep going and ignore TOs.

  343. No, Pierce would be pressured to play him more because Lin’s balling. Lin is barely 8th man on this team with 13minutes, lowest of his career! DNP will actually rest him and give him time to heal and save up for his next real team!

  344. I mean seriously im getting annoyed. I want to know how some people can support this kind of stuff?

  345. Speed of Lin highlights …

  346. exactly…What I see is whenever he gets in the game, LP calls a lot of play for other players…Not sure how much leeway Lin has to call his own numbers but we know LP takes a heavy hand when it comes to calling the plays…..This is why we can’t really totally blame Lin for not shooting more.

    And as I’ve stated, if LP truly wanted Lin to play freely, he would make sure Lin got those shots, just like they’ve been forcing Huerta to be more aggressive and are shoving more play-call for him that forces him to shoot more.

    Lin is simply not that important, so Lin shots has to come threw thrash broken plays and fast-breaks pull-up 3’s and lay-up.

  347. I believe that building out your stats and showing your a true professional will get a better deal for JLIN with another team than what you suggest …

    … JLIN is doing just that

  348. Heurter has been playing well and he’s the future just like Trae except he’s an efficient scorer. Heurter is encouraged to reach the level of Klay Thompson play handling the ball more just like Trae is to Steph Curry. Heurter looks to score whenever there’s an opening cause he has the green light and makes them unlike Trae. He has no pressure to playmake or set up teammates.

  349. Really? What has being “professional” has gotten Lin these 6-7 years? Benched and lesser minutes while trading teams like a wardrobe.

    So many ball hogs and shot chuckers in the league and those are the ones hailed as “stars”. This is real life, the employer isn’t going to “reward” you for be the nice.

  350. If they kept the players they have now and traded some of them, then hired MDA as coach, i’d Go for it. Of course I know it won’t happen, just like ATL will not try to resign JLin and JLin will not sign with ATL

  351. Anyone think that the Bazemore’s injury puts more pressure on the front office to trade Lin to recoup at least some assets when Bazemore’s value may have dropped?

  352. It appears to be just a standard turned ankle, Baz has 2yrs on his big contract, he’s playing great and that is a double edged sword because he’s too expensive perhaps and its not an expiring contract.

    JLIN’s trade is likely independent of Baze

  353. Fans just need to watch, Lin’s the one who has never given up and has to put up with these unfair treatment all his life.

  354. If one were really cynical, then you could believe ATL is trying to Sabotage JLIN’s value (ala Byron Scott) and make the rest of the league believe JLIN sux and convince JLIN to stay in ATL as the perpetual backup to Trae (and whoever comes next after Trae washes out).

    Problem is ATL needed to start that sabotage
    a) earlier before JLIN put together a career making season
    b) freeze JLIN out after he missed 6 shots in a row (rather than when he’s 66% FG%)
    c) when JLIN was a dumb neophyte rather than a wise NBA veteran that knows the Schlenk GM tricks

  355. Your stats are looking at the positive side, the real side and the only side that counts as JLin looks for a new home and a future contract. What else can he do? He has no leverage, very little power coming off of two years serious injury. I read a story somewhere yesterday that GSW is getting very little production from Shaun Livingston. Do you think…..? The more time goes by, the more chance people get injured, the more each team’s weaknesses show up. Jlin’s stats show what he can do. Jlin’s super efficiency as a sub are perfect for a contender. Wait for the opportunity to show up. I still like NO but only if Baze goes too. I like Utah also because their coach might appreciate a PG of Jlin’s caliber. If Baze goes to Utah too all the better. And there is still that mystery team. Stay healthy Jlin

  356. I wonder whether the Rockets ever thought about trading for Lin straight up for Brandon Knight and a protected first round pick since the same players would had been involved on a previous 3way deal sending the Hawks Knights + pick.

    Maybe they ask Lin if he wanted to return and he said no????

    Watching Austin Rivers playing 30 minutes a night makes me sad for Lin who can only play 15-18 for the Hawks

    Rivers played 37 minutes tonight and shot 12 times…U tell me Lin couldn’t do better than this dude.

  357. Austin Rivers playing for MDA in place of JLIN is a travesty.

    I don’t care if it is the Rockets — MDA and JLIN are a match made in heaven

  358. funny but I made a similar theory about a week ago..The Hawks basically trying to supress Lin stats as much as possible so to keep team from wanting to trade for him but also to make him un-desirable enough that he would not command another $10M per year contract during free agency so they can offer him a low contract.

    Of course, this is still hard because Lin’s shooting% is still very high. This is where Lin can fight back..Even if he can only take 3 shots, he has to try to make them all but when your minutes is not guaranteed, it’s hard to get good rhythm.

  359. It’s Harden and Chris Paul’s team, they will not want Lin there at all. Rockets fans are also the most racist Lin’s ever dealt with.

  360. Fat chance that Atlanta is the high bidder in free agency…JLin most certainly will not give them a hometown discount with his usage and role on the team

  361. Every team has pushed Lin aside for their chosen players, Lin will not stay with a team who won’t even give him the reigns to the bench unit. He’s literally nothing on this team with 13-18 minutes lowest of his career. When he does get more minutes it’s just to be the ball boy.

    Honestly the next contract may very well be Lin’s last years in the league, he needs to cherish it and shoot as many as he can. When it’s over he will regret like Nash why he wasn’t shoot 1st guard or took more shots.

  362. Again, D’antoni is there, so I couldn’t care about them..As long as he gets minutes to get his stats..once free agency comes around, he can leave.

    Paul is hurt and Harden can’t play 48 minutes a night…also, u can always play Lin alongside Harden to add into his minutes.

    Look at Austin Rivers averaging 30 minute per game and shooting 10+ time per game….I’d rather be in this position than sitting on the bench for the Hawks.

  363. Agreed, if Hawks had treated Lin right, they might have the chance to keep Lin with a discount.

    The way they treated Lin, no way Lin will stay, no matter how low other contracts maybe. Lin is never for money as we all know. He always looks for play time and respect.

  364. Jlin would be better than Rivers I feel for sure. Problem is I don’t think Jlin’s body could take the pressure of high minutes game after game. 20-25 quality minutes with a contending team to finish out this year is the prescription but Dr. Pagoda. Maybe 25-30 in the playoffs. Jlin should not risk his health for tanklanta.

  365. Harden’s been playing 40+ for many seasons, he doesn’t play defense so it doesn’t matter, not like he’s going to get hurt.

    Anyway what’s done is done. Rivers won’t threaten Harden or Paul’s spot so that’s why they got him.

  366. just like what happened when he’s the player of lakers, JLIN opt for a minimum veteran in going to hornets rather than stay with lakers who has nothing them but tanking and BS!

  367. Lin is not about to retire he can take 30+ minutes. The only reason he’s given 25 minutes or less is due to Hornets playing Walker 40mins every game and Nets developing their young players. Make more mistake, Lin’s minutes isn’t because he can’t play but they won’t play him. Lin at his prime should be getting 35 minutes every game.

  368. Two tankers colliding in the night! Lol

  369. I mean for this rehab season. I mentioned in another post that serious injuries take a long time to fully heal and that is my point about Jlin’s PT. Look at how long it took D Rose to get back to a high level of playing. I watched video of his recent play and I cringed to see it because he plays with reckless abandon but that is what it takes for him to be at the top. Jlin is playing for his next contract and he is playing smart by playing very efficiently. This in some ways is not much different than his tear in CHA where he was a reserve too but made the most of it to get a starting job with his next team, BKLN. He is using his mind to control the emotions of wanting to play 35 minutes per game when he needs time to build strength. Maybe I am wrong and he really is frustrated at not playing a lot more but maybe not. Only he knows for sure.

  370. I would be a little bit curious to know if MDA lobbied Morey for Jlin or not

  371. don’t think it’s that complicated.

  372. doesn’t matter.. lin’s game change.. he is pass first now.
    and mda will get run by harden and cp3
    stop dreaming.
    plus like sport said.. it’s houston the racist clutchsht.. Even if lin does very well, they will NOT appreciate what he does. If he gets like 13 and 6, they will say he is crp.

    So let me ask you a question. If you are doing your job well and you are not appreciated anyways, will you do want to do it? will you be happy? No.

  373. no. stop dreaming

  374. I would be curious to know because that would tell us if MDA still sees and values Jlin as much as we assume he would. Its been a long time, with the last two years of injuries. If MDA does not value Jlin, it would be telling and I would be curious to know what has changed in the years since Linsanity fro his perspective.

  375. Don’t forget to vote for Lin.

  376. true..but I don’t want lin to risk it now.. I rather he go win a championship with him contributing a lot..and then can do whatever he wants.

  377. Isn’t complicated for me. Practical reasoning. Only Jlin knows for sure, we are just speculators and wishers

  378. best hope for Lin will be like after the Lakers season where he signed with Charlotte to be a backup for 4.4 million for two years with player option.

  379. Off topic a bit, but Batum is making $24M per and averaging 8.9 PPG on 30 minute per game.

    I wonder how Charlotte feel about him now…They basically pushed Lin aside to sign him…Even than, I’ve always felt they were making a huge mistake giving him so much money…They’d be better off letting him, use the money to sign Lin + another player to replace him on cheaper contract.

  380. yes. lin + lee, the guys that won you games in the playoffs, were cast off the team and they gave batum all that money… no wonder cho was fired….

  381. that was really a jordan move..for some reason, he was in love with batum.

  382. on the plus side, i liked that LP finally played trae + lin for more than a couple of minutes. that lineup was working and they weren’t that bad defensively either. with baze hurt i want to see more trae + lin.

    i’d like to see trae, lin, huerter, anderson, collins. this lineup gives you a little bit of everything…

  383. I hope not..I do feel that if he stays with the Hawks, his stats will eventually start dropping since I don’t see much potential for it to go up and this would mean declined-status for his free agency..It could be worse than the free agency coming off the Lakers season.

    But if he’s traded, even to a team that brings him off the bench, it is likely he’d get more minutes thus greater chance to boost his stats and possibly get himself a bigger contract with a team willing to offer more minutes and hopefully a starting spot.

  384. Austin Rivers draws rave reviews in Houston:

    I know a lot of Lin fan hate Morey but for me, with D’antoni there to protect Lin, the minutes he would had received as a Rockets is way too valuable, considering the fact he can even get 20 minutes as a Hawks and they only value him to give their rookie savior a break.

    Interestingly, Austin Rivers has been averaging 33 minute per game and scoring 10 point per game….Man, I now wished Lin was traded there for Knight and pick

  385. Lin has been put down, with false reputation of “can’t defend” being the reason for his benching. You Honestly think Rockets media will say anything good about him? Rockets are never going anywhere with Harden and Chris Paul. Lin won’t get any credit for playing well. In Hawks’ media has been the most positive about Lin.

  386. Batum as a 2nd option won’t overshadow Walker. MJ has always made bad choses as a owner that’s why his team never made the playoffs with Walker before or after Lin left. I sure hope they will miss the playoffs again.

  387. JLin’s rehab was done with a full season with Fortius. Playing will only strength his legs and get him back to his old self more not the other way around.

  388. Rockets’ moves are decided by Harden and Chris Paul from the Melo deal to Rivers signing. MDA won’t have any say in who they sign or trade for. If he did Ariza would still be there. Morey and the stars decide that.

  389. At the end of the day, Lin is not playing, so whether the Hawks media is nice to him means absolutely nothing.

    D’antoni is the coach in Houston and would protect Lin…He had McHale when he was in Houston and he clearly was not a fan of Lin…Just like Loyd Pierce doesn’t give a care about Lin by the minute he’s giving him.

    At the end of the day, Lin is still getting the less amount of minutes of his career in ATL…He got 25+ minute per game in Houston even with McHale.

    Houston is not my favorite spot, by the way, but I’d rather Lin be there with D’Antoni than be in ATL with a coach who doesn’t think much of him in LP.

  390. I would say we all experienced Houston media is the mouthpiece of Morey.

    With CP3 down, Morey wants to keep Rockets in relevant, he would have Houston media say good things about Rivers, not surprised at all. I now have no, zip, none, 0 respect for the media reporting NBA.

    plus, don’t forget Doc Rivers is still a heavy figure in NBA whom Morey would want to keep a good relationship with.

  391. I would too. But, Huerter and Bembry will just get more. Trae and Lin worked in the last game, but I doubt LP sees it.

    That lineup you put up there is probably the best lineup for the Hawks. And, you’re right, it’s not that bad defensively. But I like Lin with a center as well.

  392. I think Trae is impressive. Sexton is a rookie PG, he’s nowhere near the facilitator Trae is. Trae gets double-digit assists over and over again. He’s a gifted passer. He’s one of the better passers in the league at PG and he’s not played that many games in the NBA. I don’t focus that much on his scoring, but he’s averaging 15 points a game, and that’s impressive for a rookie playing the hardest position in the NBA. I think he’s improved his game, taking fewer bad shots. He’s learning.

    He’s also predictable. His approach stays the same. Atlanta is right to play him big minutes and although he’s a little guy, he takes hits and he’s still going. Can he all season? I don’t know.

    Huerter is a smooth shooter and gets it defensively. He has potential to be solid.

    Collins is a solid player, good at rebounding and good at scoring.

    No, I’m not pointing out the negatives in their games and where they need to improve. They have negatives and they’ll improve them. They are young players.

    I refuse to fault these guys because Atlanta wants to play their young players. They’re winning games now and these guys are their future. I think Lin should be played with Trae and I don’t love LP’s overuse of Bembry. But, he’s the coach Atlanta chose and they’re winning games now.

  393. I’ve long ago come to terms with JLIN’s ATL goals and ATL use of JLIN so last night 16 mins was no surprise (even with the early Q1 sub JLIN for Trae, I did not get my hopes up). But happily I am completely satisfied with JLIN’s progress and performance this season, and hope JLIN is also content.

    On the contrary I was shocked, at Linsanity Wiz gm, to see Pierce keep JLIN in entire Q4 (after JLIN had already logged 13 mins saving ATL from collapse). Only later we find that Pierce would have pulled JLIN for not his teammates pleas to LP. This lulled so many into fantasizing JLIN would regularly get 20-25 mins, if he “performed well and aggressively”- but I knew that could not be the case for it’s been clear from the beginning that :

    a) JLIN’s good performances DO NOT INCREASE his minutes allotment
    b) JLIN only used by LP to “stop the bleeding”; (after customary Q3 starters collapse; JLIN enters tied 67-67 and pulled when LEAD back to +10pts)
    c) JLIN’s minutes can only ever be DECREASED, based on how good/bad Trae plays

    Last night “woke” many JLIN fans to reality, welcome to reality. And it is a fine reality because :
    1) JLIN’s role as “Emergency Physican” who fixes every Q1 & Q3 after starter collapse noticed by NBA
    2) JLIN’s 50%/40%/81% with career high efficiency is spectacular

    Imminent Trade to a team who WANTs JLIN is near – keep your head up!

  394. About PGs, most PGs tend to be ball-dominant. The difference between Lin and many other PGs is that Lin wants to encourage ball movement. He seems to want the ball to move around and maybe get back to him. It’s best when he does. Is this an effective approach? Yes. With the right personnel. But should Lin handle the ball more when he doesn’t have the right personnel? I think so. I actually think Lin more favors a motion offense than PnR. He likes PnR and he’s great at it, it’s just he’s moved his game from PnR centric to a mix of some PnR with ball-movement offense.

    Trae has far more usage than Lin. But I don’t find him too ball-dominant, like Westbrook or CP3. I think his usage is pretty high but good for this personnel. Since Lin plays with Bembry often, and Bembry’s usage needs to be controlled by the PG, Lin’s usage needs to go up. I think the play-calling should favor Lin getting the ball back a lot and then this bench will be having mostly good possessions. It’s true with Huerter too. When Lin is with Huerter, Huerter should not look to do the facilitation unless he has an easy pass. I’m ok with Vince making passes, he’s good at them.

  395. That was MJ’s decision.

  396. Not with ISO Harden in between.

  397. LP always give choppy minutes to Lin. I have never seen a black coach that used Lin properly.

  398. Can’t agree more. Lin is helping himself despite all the choppy minutes and players that he needs to put up with. Lin turned them into better players moving the ball and passing to them. They normally get fouled and Lin got no credit from passing to them.

  399. Since Lin has just come back from injury, Lin could avoid injury by playing less minutes. This is the only good thing that I can figure out from the tough situations that he has to overcome.

  400. JLin only played the 3rd Qtr and did not play in the 4th Qtr.

    Here is an abstract of play by play that won the game for the Hawks.
    Minutes left —— Description ————— score (Cavs – Hawks)
    6:10 Jeremy Lin enters the game for DeAndre’ Bembry 67 – 67
    5:57 Vince Carter makes 24-foot three point jumper (Jeremy Lin assists) 67 – 70
    4:58 Jeremy Lin misses 27-foot three point jumper 67 – 70
    4:54 Kevin Huerter offensive rebound 67 – 70
    4:53 Kevin Huerter makes two point shot 67 – 72
    3:48 Jeremy Lin defensive rebound 67 – 72
    3:39 John Collins misses 26-foot three point jumper 67 – 72
    3:36 Jeremy Lin offensive rebound 67 – 72
    3:30 Channing Frye personal foul 67 – 72
    3:30 Jeremy Lin makes free throw 1 of 2 67 – 73
    3:30 Alex Poythress enters the game for John Collins 67 – 73
    3:30 Jeremy Lin makes free throw 2 of 2 67 – 74
    2:46 Alex Poythress makes two point shot (Jeremy Lin assists) 69 – 76
    2:09 Trae Young enters the game for Kevin Huerter 69 – 76
    2:00 Trae Young makes 14-foot driving floating jump shot 69 – 78
    1:46 Trae Young defensive rebound 70 – 78
    1:31 Vince Carter makes free throw 2 of 2 70 – 79
    1:05 Vince Carter makes 26-foot three pointer 72 – 82
    42.6 Jeremy Lin defensive rebound 72 – 82
    39.7 Trae Young makes two point shot (Jeremy Lin assists) 72 – 84
    23.0 Trae Young misses 30-foot three point jumper 74 – 84

    Please comment the role of JLin and Young in that stretch of taking the lead by 10 points.

  401. Thank you for this record of plays.

  402. A retired Taiwanese college professor told me at the Christmas party ” Jeremy Lin is a role model of his generation, believes in himself and works hard until he achieves his life goal. I admires him”

  403. Lin’s role with the Hawks team is NOT UP TO HIM! He likely is not “passive” as some of us fans thought.

  404. No, but Lin does have control when he has open shots and not shooting because he would rather defer. It’s obvious when the play is called for someone else, but other times, he’s passed up open shots to pass.

  405. What’s not obvious, and what I think is being assumed, that the play is being implemented as it is called. We don’t know that it is. Or that some may be busting the play. Or that the ball is supposed to come back to Lin for further options in case an option for a clear shot doesn’t materialize. What Lin may be doing is resetting the play when he doesn’t take open shots. Maybe he has an option to take the shot or reset. We don’t know.

    Lin did a video with the, I think they’re the Fung brothers. I remember him talking about system basketball and set plays and that fans and doubters don’t really know how plays are executed in the league.

  406. WHats apparent is the difference between November and December. One has to wonder what happened and why. What bothers me most is Lin fans want to believe the worst of attributes from Lin instead of logically deciphering how his play is being micro managed by the coach. It’s so obvious that Lin’s been reigned in to build the future and nothing else.

    I really wonder out loud how many of these same fans would dare to defy their own bosses by going rogue? I suspect few will have the guts to do something contrary to what their bosses tell them to do.

  407. Folks don’t have millions of dollars to do so. So, to me, it doesn’t apply. And people commenting on Lin are doing it as fans and fans say crazy things anyway. It’s the nature of fandom. I know it seems like Lin may be micromanaged, but, as I wrote below, there is a lot that may go on behind the scenes that we simply don’t know is the case or not. And since were’s so Lin-centric, everything seems so much geared toward Lin when it may have to be that Lin’s minutes and treatment is a result of a direction of a team opposed to deliberately limiting Lin. It’s a cause and effect thing. Maybe.

    November Lin performed well and I think he was feeling mostly good. December he slowed down a bit due to injuries. Or at least it seems like so. That’s one quote. Lin has had many others and some where he says he’ll stand up for himself going forward. I think one of the reasons Lin is just taking it easy is he’s a veteran, he’s done the dance a long time in many different organizations, he has not as much leverage in Atlanta as he has been out for two injury-plagued seasons where he didn’t play at all one season and so forth. Coming out of Charlotte, Lin had leverage as he performed great in the playoffs. But, now Lin is establishing that he can make it through a season without significant time missed to injury.

    I wish fans could just be fans here and not have to carry any responsibility other than the normal responsibility of being respectful. I like diversity of thought on Lin and fans who acknowledge that they’re just guessing and what they think may be off the mark. Everything I write may be off the mark. I’m not in the locker room, I don’t know Pierce and my conclusions may be nonsense. And it applies to all the fans here.

  408. I been saying that for a while now..LP tend to call a lot of plays that goes for other players when Lin is on the court..

    I quickly noticed how often Lin would look behind his back to get the play-call from LP…I don’t think Trae does that as much as Lin so I wonder whether this is just a Lin thing. Maybe he doesn’t want Lin to run too many pick N Roll.

    I also noticed that whenever he’d turn the ball over, he’d look at the bench to see whether LP was going to sub him out because of the turnover.

    Ironically, on the Bazemore/Carter podcast, Lin suggested that D’Antoni was the one coach who really empowered him which led to Linsanity…I took it as Lin giving us a hint LP doesn’t really trust him much…but I’m not surprise because I’ve always felt LP didn’t think much of Lin anyway and this is why I truly believe this situation is worse than Lakers and Houston because he doesn’t get the time nor the minutes there.

  409. Wonder what happened to in crunch time you rely on your vets.

  410. Baze is out for approx. 2 weeks.

  411. Do you guys think it is because Lin’s coaches (except maybe McHale) were nobody but want to show their macho, hence the nice only Asian Lin became the target?

    I don’t think those coaches dare to treat any other players with such good stats the way they treated Lin.

  412. Poythress, after a very good game, has been assigned to the G league. Spellman was also sent there.

  413. I think D’Antoni and Clifford (except for playoffs game 6 & 7) were good coaches for Lin.

  414. JLIN’s stats are certainly wonderful and the only other non-starter with similar STATs is Spencer Dinwiddie and he just signed a new contract. The fact that JLIN is a non-starter will cause JLIN’s detractors to view him as inferior perhaps, but JLIN fans know he could put up the same STATs against other teams’ Starters if given the chance.

    There are certain star players perhaps 2-5% of the NBA who have more power than the head coach (e.g. Carmelo over Mike D’Antoni; Lebron over every coach)

    With the possible exception of Brooklyn, JLIN has never been respected enough to be close to that level … but JLIN’s next contract team offers another CHANCE for redemption.

  415. Not Atkinson?

  416. Signals that Trade Activity heating up for Hawks?

    It could be nothing but Omari Spellman hasn’t been sent down to G-League this season and while Poythress is on a 2-way deal he’s been multiple times but not lately. Courtney Lee old teammate was sent to G-League after injury by Knicks to showcase for a trade.

    Perhaps some team wants to see these players get more evaluation minutes as part of a Trade that includes JLIN?

  417. No, I stated even in preseason first season, I knew that Lin was not long term future for rebuilding, 2nd year trade of Lopez and Dlo confirmed. Injuries aside, he was not in their long term plans and Atkinson treated him as such with rotations and gameplan.

  418. Absolutely, the way fans should assess the situation is JLIN is an employee who works for a boss, but especially JLIN fans can’t seem to put it into that perspective (for whatever reason).

    I don’t fault fans, because we think if JLIN is given a fair shot – EVERYONE will see he is the best.

    Unfortunately, the rest of the league doesn’t see employee JLIN in the same way we see him.

  419. But that’s on Marks, the GM. Atkinson played Lin as starting PG.

  420. Who else was Atkinson going to play as PG? Of course he was going to let Lin play…but they knew he wasn’t their long term plan.

  421. Had JLIN been uninjured in BKN he would still be their starting PG – he is more trusted by KA than Dinwiddie, Dlo

  422. Didn’t Atkinson campaign for Lin to come to the Nets as starting PG?

  423. Recently, I’ve been focused on Orlando’s Jonathon Simmons who is another PG/SG that perhaps could interest ATL if they are not satisfied that Bembry can handle JLIN’s “stop the bleeding” role.

    Orlando gets JLIN and ATL gets Simmons and a 2nd round pick?

    Perhaps platooning Simmons & Bembry could satisfy the need for Atlanta.

  424. Winning games at what cost? they are tanking and winning games against bottom teams when you yourself are looking to be one of them is fools gold.

    Trae wont be an all-star the guy is an reverse Isiaiah. Not very good offense but a great passer with absolutely no defense. I have a hard times seeing a team rebuilding Around Trae. He is a great passer but has shown difficulty when it gets physical. I wish them all the best but it’s a waste of time for a Win now kind of mentality that Lin has. It’s just sad too see him being relegated to players not on his level. Bembry should be the 8th guy on the rotation, not playing 25+ minutes every’s just bad basketball.

  425. MDA was good for Jlin. Jlin was good for Clifford

  426. Jlin says frequently that he plays for God first. He doesn’t say it all the time, but often enough. We, or I, never see this repeated in the media. That God is first in Jlin’s heart, and with the animosity of media in general against religion and especially Christian religion (IMO), I wonder if a lot of the bias that many of us see against Jlin succeeding is based more on his faith and less on other basketball or even racial factors. Even to the point that there can be GM’s and owners who are religious bigots. I think that bigotry against Christians is alive and well in the NBA as a reflection of our current society in general( again IMO). I am not making a judgement here as to whether a person is good or bad based on whether that person has a belief in God or not, but just that religious bigotry is bigotry period.

  427. Correction, Lebron did NOT have authority against Spoelstra! In fact Lebron wanted him fired but the owner of Heat wasn’t going to allow a player to control his team like that. Spoelstra is a Championship coach and a very smart one. For Lebron to dislike him I can only think of racism and greed.

    Cavs owner was dumb to allow Lebron power to hire his nobody, puppet coach just so he do whatever he wanted.

  428. Post-Game Research: [ ]

  429. Trust is subjective, KA trusted himself more and his selfishness to prove his own solo motion offense. He took away Lin’s PnR and forced everyone else to be PG. Honestly not too different than what Pierce has been doing. This renders Lin ineffective without being the main ball handler.

    Only difference is Lin had more minutes and could get 18-20 pts but work twice as hard for them.

    With Hawks, Lin can get as low as 13mins without controlling the offense as PG.

  430. Harden plays 40 min every game. Even with Lin there that won’t change. Rockets just need a 10pt PG who won’t overshadow the stars in Harden or Chris Paul.

    I want MDA and Lin to reunite but not on the Rockets.

  431. There are a ton of Christian NBA players. Christianity is not the reason for Lin’s mistreatment it’s racism.

  432. u may have a point here. the counter-argument is that guys like Curry are suppose to be Christians but maybe u have to be a big-star to shield u from the anti-christian bias.

  433. I’m surprised by Poythress being send down since he’s played well in the past 2 games under limited minutes.

    I do hope that maybe they needed more roster spots for new players that they’re bringing through trade and of course, I hope Lin is part of any deal going out.


    Linsanity: “Though Lin’s drives to the hoop tended to come out of pick-and-rolls and transition rather than isolations, they largely ended with him shooting. All of Lin’s scoring and playmaking translated into an offense that would rank somewhere around 25th in league in Offensive Rating.”

    ➡️ ( / )

  435. Your description of “fandom” makes me laugh. Diversity of opinion as you say is euphemism for accepting bad and good comments….disregarding the very positive nature of this site. So forgive me if I find the negative comments on Lin annoying, or that even as you say, are purely subjective and conjecture.

    I now know why so many of the old posters disappear. Like them, I grow tire of the constant not so subtle dissing of Lin. IMO, Lin’s career is going through a tough stretch where there’s little to cheer about. My half glass full view has been tainted too long by the “diversity” of this site.

  436. us Lin fans do understand the situation but we still get frustrated to see a guy as talent as Lin being wasted in this BS squad. We also realize that Lin is already 30 yrs old and his chance to prove that he could do a lot more is diminishing….!!!!

  437. I’m probably one of the most positive people on the site. I don’t diss Lin at all, I just don’t buy into this constant narrative of making Lin a victim. Lin is triumphant over not great situations and I don’t feel like harping over the same old Lin is victim stuff over and over again. It gets tiring and I’m not the first one to say this. And we don’t know a lot of things we think we know. But I at least I don’t know a lot that goes on in teams and management and dynamics and don’t look for someone to scapegoat as being unfair or having a conspiracy against Lin.

    Lin is not DNP CD, he’s not injured for weeks with us feeling uncertain about his future due to health so pardon me if I have a view that when Lin plays, sooner or later, like he did a few games ago to win the game for the Hawks, he’ll again show his worth as a winner to the Hawks fans and to people who are doubters. I’m not going to whine about LP or Lin’s minutes. I’ve expressed my displeasure with the “stabilizer” role and that’s it. Now for empowering Lin, not making him a victim. On to the next game with great potential is my philosophy. If it doesn’t happen next game, there’s a game after that. As long as Lin stays healthy I’m extremely grateful to watch him play.

  438. Interesting article you posted about the importance of Kyle Lowry and how he pushes the pace. TOR offense with Lowry is much better than back up Vanvleet. This speed of pace and officiency of offense fits JLin to a T on TOR. So there is hope maybe for him yet to land in TOR though it will be hard to replace Vanvleet. Still it is good to know that JLin is a good fit for TOR. I like JLin for TOR because I think he can win a championship there this year. From tanklanta to a world championship how sweet it would be. Lowry and Lin a potent 1-2relentless offense

  439. Kent Bazemore’s right ankle sprain will be re-evaluated in 2 weeks. With Prince is still out, hopefully more minutes will go to JLin. Baze’s injury might also hurt his trade value.

    In Jan 2019, Atlanta will probably be extra careful with Bazemore, Lin, Dedmon because any injuries will hurt their chance to get good trade values before Feb trade deadline.

  440. new thread. It’s good news that Brandon Robinson (Host of: Scoop B Radio Podcast, Senior Writer: BBALLSOCIETY_) reiterated on Dec 29 that the Orlando Magic are interested in Lin’s services according to a league source. He first tweeted the interest on Dec 20. Let’s hope the trade talk will materialize soon!

  441. Steve Nash started his MVP years after 30.

  442. team change their views as their roster change. when players do come and go coach make different assessments to conform to what he has ..JLIN’s injury coupled with new players entrance marked the KA’s unfortunate agreement with the FO on Lin’s trade. KA somehow i think can at least stopped the trade then if he really like Jeremy and the chance to make great team with Lin and to show Mark that he needed him, but KA also wants to win even with JLIN not in the pictures because of the development of other players (like dinwiddie)

  443. “obviously as a backup, some nites they rely on me more, some nites they don’t & that’s just part of the job, & that’s my role here” so if LP thinks he needed JLIN due to Baze’s injury, then he will play more , otherwise bembry will have more nights of playing (cause LP loves Bemb!!!)

  444. Wow, Lin has very deep double eyelid 🙂

  445. arsenium12 3+

  446. Dinoneseus already

  447. disqus_4jumOZJTCI but

  448. Rowland is not fair to JLin in most situations.

  449. Poythress has played lots of NBA games already. He is on The a two way contract. The Hawks needs to give him a full NBA contract to keep him on the team or sends

    him down to G-league.

  450. but Steve Nash was a starter 🙂

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