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It will be another tough game for the Brooklyn Nets to face LeBron James and Cleveland Cavaliers on the back end of back-to-back games, without Jeremy Lin and Rondae-Hollis Jefferson.

FoxSports.com Game Preview article:

The Brooklyn Nets will look to snap a four-game losing streak when they host the banged-up Cleveland Cavaliers. The Cavs won the first meeting, but the Nets showed last season that when they play in Barclay’s Center, anything is possible.

The Nets, losers in 9 of their last 10, will host the defending champions, winners in 13 of their last 16.  This game marks the first of a 6-game road trip for the Cavaliers.

KEY OF THE GAME: It would be extremely tough to win against the defending champion in the back end of back-to-back games. The Nets can only hope to catch the Cavs by surprise with an inspired performance at home.

Let’s hope and pray JLin will recover soon and help the Nets get back on the winning track!

Let’s go, JLin and the Nets! 


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  1. > KEY OF THE GAME: It would be extremely tough to win the road game against the Pacers who has been playing well recently. But if they can play tough defense and keep the game close, anything can happen.


  2. it was an old one; please refresh. it should be correct now. thanks

  3. This game is ugly, not sure whom to blame, KA, Marks, or the players…

  4. this team is so depleted plus on B2B vs the champ

    I just hope they won’t lose by 30+pts

  5. It is hard to watch when defeat is inevitable. 🙁

    Re-post here for entertainment value 🙂
    British royalty are at the game: The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.


  6. I like the photos of Lin at the game posted above.

  7. Things bother me are 1) KA does not make in-game adjustment, same old story over and over again 2) He does not believe in star players and thinks most players can be developed as long as they have chances. If that is the case, then why the team is depleted?

  8. 86-75 4Q 10:49 the Cavaliers lead was cut to 11.

    Nets players keep on fighting.

  9. I blame the performance team for these conditioning injuries

  10. Nets trying to teach the team to win pretty. Good pacing, spacing, and shooting.

    The problem is their lack of talent is bad in all three areas. They end up playing faster then their skill allows, take bad, long shots which allows the other team easy rebounds for quick shots at the other end.

    Pat Riley had a similar problem of worse talent but not at the same degree as the Nets of course. Riley came from the famed Showtime Lakers. When he took over the Knicks the initial thought that he would make the Knicks into Showtime run and gun again. But he didn’t have the talent.

    Riley adjusted for his players and had the Knicks played a slower and more physical game. The style for anyone outside new York was UGLY.

    The Nets are already an ugly team to watch. They need to play uglier. Guys who are outmatched in talent need to play ugly. Slow the pace down and play close to the basket. More post up games. More chance of getting offensive rebounds. Slower pace means grinding games where the other teams superior talent can’t run up the score.

    Lot of physical play on defense to foul a lot and not let the other team get in rhythm and frustrated. If your players foul out, who cares. They aren’t much better then the next guy up anyways.

    Nets are ugly. Should accept who they are and play ugly to win ugly.

  11. That’s one thing that is praiseworthy for this young Nets team.
    It’s not easy to keep on fighting with 15-0 run being down 20+pts.

    Kyrie stopped the momentum but let’s see them keep fighting

  12. Nets won’t have enough talent and experience to win this game

    But it’s great to see they keep fighting and not just surrender.
    LeVert is progressing quickly, defending LeBron and attacking.
    Whitehead didn’t pout because he didn’t start and played aggressively

    Booker defending Kyrie, LeVert on LeBron was a nice adjustment.

  13. They are doing much better in this game than last time they played the Cavs. It’s now a 10 point game. There are a lot encouraging things about this game. Mainly LaVert and Whitehead. Lopez didn’t have a great game, James and Kyrie both had big games yet it wasn’t a blowout.

  14. Lin dropped his head after LeBron made the tough fadeaway shot

  15. yes, LeVert and Whitehead have shown great progress.

    The team not giving up being down 20+pts is the most impressive progress.

  16. LeVert, the baby-faced rookie, played well on both end of the court.

  17. He must wish he was in the game.
    We know he would’ve made a difference in the outcome. 🙁

  18. it’s definitely killing him on the inside not being able to help his team :[

  19. It must be nice to be King James –
    Not only you but also your teammates get favorable whistles.

  20. I’m happy with how the Nets played this game. Even with the runs they came back and didn’t give up. Well, except not happy about Lopez. He needed to be a much bigger factor.

  21. Others know him as flop james, travel james or steroid james

  22. NBA is not a fair sport, it is a huge entertainment money making machine

  23. LeVert shows his high bbIQ. Can’t wait to see him play together with Lin.

  24. Whitehead should be the backup PG on this team. i think tonight shows that Dinwiddie really isn’t much of a PG. With Lin, Whitehead, RHJ, and LaVert, the Nets have 4 very solid defensive players. Just have to refine some areas in Whitehead and RHJ’s defensive and offensive games. LaVert really just has to get more experience. He’s got the basics down.

  25. KHuang was right about the bench. The Nets bench has become solid.

  26. Yes, Kyrie’s big jumpers really were big for the Cavs. Good for him. But, as you said, the Nets showed, well, Brooklyn grit.

  27. Lin fans still had a strong showing at the game

  28. Frustrating, but there’s light at the end of the tunnel.

  29. JLin and teammates happily cheered for LeVert’s 3

  30. Coach: “Caris really stepped it up. Kept fighting back, we’ve got a competitive group of guys & proud of how they fought in the 4Q.” #Nets

  31. Seeing Lin making the trip with the team tells me he is getting close

  32. It’s home game not road game.

  33. Why do you say that about Dinwiddie? Just curious. He was in foul trouble all game which limited his minutes but his stats were ok. They’re both pretty raw – Whitehead and Dinwiddie both. IMO Dinwiddie is better on offense and IW better on defense.

  34. dam

  35. You said “tonight shows that Dinwiddie really isn’t much of a PG” yet Dinwiddie took the starting spot from IW with strong play the last 2 games. Please explain your position based on “one night”.

  36. Whitehead is likely to start next game. There’s something about Dinwiddie’s contract, I’m not sure, but I think it’s the last day they can decide to extend his contract, I think the Nets wanted a better look at him. Overall, he doesn’t show good court vision. I think IW shows more determination and strength on both ends, plus I think he’s shown a lot of progress since he started. What he did was difficult, starting for Lin when he really wasn’t ready. He was supposed to be the 3rd string PG.

  37. Hey Bob! It was great seeing you at the game. Hope you had a good time. Parent of Lots of Kids

  38. I think the Nets made a big mistake by cutting Guitierez because he was at least a NBA point guard, They thought they were safe with Lin and Vasquez but Vasquez was coming back from injury. They should have considered “well what if Vasquez can’t come back? Then who do we have to back up Lin?” They did get a lot of bad luck since Lin also went down. So we are where we are – a rookie backed up by another rookie. Hard to tell who’s going to be better in the long run – I think Dinwiddee and you feel IW. At this point in their careers it’s hard to tell but you certainly can’t make a conclusion based on tonight’s game. Right? I mean come on.

  39. I’m not basing my thoughts about Dinwiddie on just tonight’s game. It’s a bunch of games he played that I am. And I’d like to keep Dinwiddie for some match-ups. But overall, Whitehead shows a potential to raise the physicality and mental toughness of his game that I think will lead to wins once he cuts down on rookie mistakes.

    Right now I’d like to see the Nets keep working with Lin and Lin have time playing with IW and Lavert and RHJ because I like their defense. RHJ’s offensive game needs tons of work, but he has a hustle game to him that I like. As I said before, I’m much more looking a defense than offense, and that’s why I’m picking guys that impress on defense and once they disrupt defensively, good at the fast break. All but RHJ, Lavert, Whitehead are good at fast breaks, Lin is one of the best in the league at them, but RHJ will get there, and that’s the beginning of the building of something.

  40. Two Lin’s ex-teammates (Clarkson and Dragic), got into a fight tonight

  41. Well at least KA doesn’t throw any one under the bus like other bad/hater coaches.

  42. Clarkson was the one who started it with the 1st push and when Dragic pushed back with his shoulder, Clarkson practically punches him near the head area where he fell down. Never liked Clarkson and I’m glad Dragic got back up to retaliate. The worst I’ve seen Lin get to was a stare down at Bledsoe who gave him an extra push in the back after the foul. I hope if someone ever hits Lin like that he’d retaliate.

  43. Both are only so-so I’d take Lavert as main backup PG and starting PG when Lin’s out. Lavert is the only one with great talent and potential. Yes Dinwiddie hasn’t shown much but he also hasn’t been given much minutes. If they do let him go I hope Nets go all out in starting/developing Lavert while Lin is rehabbing.

    Many on here were high on Lavert even before he came back from injury. I truly hope KA starts both Lavert (PG) and McCullough (PF) the 1st round picks who actually have potential to be starters.

  44. What happened? Didn’t watch the game. Just check box score.. Looks like Clarkson didn’t play that long before he was out….

  45. Everyone on here were so high on LaVert before he even came back but when he did KA refused to give him minutes or play him! So glad KA’s finally unleashing Lavert! He should’ve started when Lin’s out long ago or better yet started with Lin as a 2 guard lineup!

  46. Same here! I hope he starts along side Lin which should’ve happened long ago but KA refused to play him!

  47. Stu misses Price

  48. OT question and a pretty tough one to answer for all the people who have watched the NBA for Years..Is the Nba Rigged? or partially Rigged Or if the Moment presents itself The Nba will Rig a game they want for the Big bucks? Not going to lie i love this sport but every now and then i stumble upon videos on youtube about the Lakers – Sacramento playoffs and i feel this disgusting feeling in my body that the Game i love to watch might be rigged. any thoughts?

  49. I reckon most professional sports are exposed to rigging all the time and also have cheats like illegal drugs use or not illegal yet enhancement drugs use. The NBA unprofessional entertainment business aspect is well documented, such as perceived superstar treatment by refs and biased officiating etc..Haha cheers

  50. Jlin also took exception to dwane wades dirty play during playoffs last year… there was some jawing and jlin glared at wade like he was the punk he is… i think courtney lee had to get in between the our stud and wade…

  51. When was the bledaoe incident?

  52. How did he look?

  53. yeah i read a bunch of stuff about that Tim Donaghy guy a former ref in the Nba who got caught cheating betting on games…some real scum stuff…But it never gets talked about i dont get it…how would we know the games arent rigged to this day? like for an example and this could be an legit argument Do the refs in the league not give obvious calls to Lin because he is the only Asian/american in the league? etc but stuff like Refrees controlling who wins a game is disgusting and should be punished…i feel like the Nba is not taking this as serious as they should or maybe they dont want to because it will hurt their pockets…probably the latter.

  54. I think so. NBA is business & for entertainment. They create these big stars for box office & TV rating.

  55. Here is Jeremy jawing with Dwyane Wade in the playoffs last year (starting at 45 sec mark)

  56. Yes, I remember during Linsanity, other players complained that Lin did not get call when he fouled other players. NBA is pure business, that is why they allow Harden to flop so much and others can not touch Harden. NBA refs man made star players.

  57. Excellent question.

    Absolutely the NBA is rigged.

    Big market teams and major players get unfair ref advantages, even despite “home court advantage” which is blatant rigging of its own.

    Before every game, the NBA sends its representatives to meet with the refs. The refs are then TOLD how to rig the game in a certain way.

    The refs cannot outright win the game for a team, but they will do everything to cheat the game so that players like Lebron can constantly travel and hack in ways that are actually illegal.

    Ex commissioner David Stern ushered in the era of big time ref cheating. They did that when the NBA was not profitable and had much less TV rights than today. But that rigged officiating reached a fever pitch during that Sacramento Lakers series.

    New commissioner Adam Silver is trying to cut back GRADUALLY on the rigged officiating, as we’ve seen with Lin being treated SLIGHTLY better after the bash video that embarrassed the NBA.

  58. If Harden were fairly officiated, he’d literally lose half of his production.

    Same goes for Stephen Curry (incredibly DIRTY, especially defensively), Lebron James (constantly travels and hacks), and pretty much any other “superstar”.

  59. Outstanding post.

    Tim Donaghy, he didn’t reveal anything that wasn’t already known.

    The NBA has had an wrong outdated mentality that bashing the Asian guy is good for business. That has badly backfired on the NBA in many ways, though.

    Lin is THE pivotal NBA player of the 21st century because of his unique situation as a totally great superstar who is unfairly race treated. Lin by himself is throwing the NBA upside down, and the NBA is not comfortable with it.

  60. Whenever money is involved, there will be those who are favoured over others. That is the bottom line. The problem with the NBA over other sports like the NFL are the refs who have far too much power. Refs are cronies of the league and follow the leagues best interests.

  61. I’ve repeatedly posted that if the NBA stopped its biased officiating, the entire power structure of the league would change overnight and the good teams would not be so good and the bad teams would not be so bad.

    Also, “superstars” like Lebron and Kyrie (Mr Illegal Dribbling and Travelling) would lose their power INSTANTLY. Lin would kick their butts much harder than Lin already is.

    The overall level of play in the NBA would rise dramatically with unrigged officiating, and the NBA’s popularity would skyrocket.

  62. With Justin Hamilton fully back physically (likely a NUTRITION issue similar to Cody Zeller last season) the bench is now ELITE.

    Lin spends his time practicing against the bench guys, they are absorbing Lin’s positive teamwork and grit traits.

    The starters, they don’t have a clue how to play. Lin was just starting to work on them before he went down with injury again.

  63. Steph curry is a star even if the refs help him or not. He can shoot and score from anywhere on the court and no matter how many people are in his face guarding him. The only way that you will stop a player like steph curry from scoring is if you turn the NBA into the UFC.

    Plus, let’s not pretend that Lin doesn’t get calls from refs either. He takes generous advantage of foul calls whenever he can.

  64. Both you and sws are CORRECT.

    Neither Whitehead nor Dinwiddie have true point guard instincts that can truly help a team win.

    Both those players lack what Lin has: the court vision to get multiple guys involved.

    Your boy Gutierrez indeed had that vision, though the rest of his game was athletically deficient.

    Yogi Ferrell has the vision and athleticism, but not the size. I still think Yogi could’ve made up the defensive difference had he been given more of a chance.

    Personally, I prefer Yogi over Dinwiddie and Whitehead and Gutierrez.

  65. I see Lavert strictly as a swingman.

    I don’t think he has the court vision to read plays accurately.

  66. Dinwiddie is not a “floor general” who gets other guys involved.

    He is strictly a shoot first PG in the James Harden mold, which doesn’t usually result in winning basketball because the other guys are not playing with him as a TEAM.

  67. Pretend?

    Lin’s the MOST BASHED player in the NBA, he doesn’t get ENOUGH calls. Are you sure you’re watching the Asian guy wearing the “Lin” jersey?

    When Stephen Curry started in the NBA, Golden State was a downtrodden team that constantly lost. Curry back then had the same exact skills he had now, but he didn’t have the REF HELP that he now gets. Curry didn’t used to be able to shove and trip opponents like he constantly does today. And don’t even get me started on the ENDLESS ILLEGAL MOVING SCREENS that Curry gets from cheaters like Draymond Green. So NO, I don’t buy your line that Curry would be a superstar without the ref help because everybody has SEEN how pedestrian Curry looks without the refs protecting him!

  68. Now if we want to talk about CLEAN superstars on Golden State, we can admire Klay Thompson and Kevin Durant and Andre Iguodala.

    Those guys are clean and don’t have to cheat to win.

  69. At least the NFL prides itself on “integrity”.

    The NFL is more popular than the NBA because it’s less rigged than the NBA.

    The NFL’s players are as PED abusing as the NBA’s or MLB’s, but at least the officiating is fair.

  70. Wow, did we watch the same games our Lin played over the years? The only times I recall he got semi-fair calls other than during Linsanity was after the too flagrant too call video surfaced.

  71. I wouldn’t say lin was Dragic’s ex teammate.

  72. Lin gets a fair amount of calls, but he doesn’t get a fair amount of calls as well. Like flagrants, he doesn’t get flagrants. I agree, Steph is a superstar, so are a lot of other players, foul calls or not. Harden can shoot from the outside, but yeah, he gets too many calls going to the rim. When you watch Butler, Kyrie, Westbrook, the full games, a good amount of their games like we watch Lin’s, you see why they are considered superstars.

  73. Even still, Curry has extraordinary skills. And I think his skills are much higher now, particularly his ball-handling skills, than they were seasons ago.

  74. I think the entertainment factor is a big part of it. The NBA refs favor the stars or the team that has most of them. Some, may flat out be rigging games.

  75. Practically every game is rigged.

    Homecourt advantage, even the Nets have that despite their inability to play enough defense to truly win games. Homecourt advantage is flat out CHEATING

  76. Don’t mention Irving in a “clean” discussion – his illegal ball palming is making a mockery of the NBA.

    Westbrook is OK, Butler is borderline dirty.

  77. Fantastic by Lin there. And believe it or not, Wade has more respect for Lin because Lin stood up to him. That’s Wade’s old-school way of playing in a playoff game.

  78. Disagree.

    Ref help is the only difference between Curry then and now.

    Curry was fabulous at skills back then too, but he was a lot less dirty back then.

    For example, Curry usually shoves dribblers as they go for pick and rolls. That’s just one of the dirty illegal things he does.

  79. WHY NOT?

    They were Houston Rockets teammates together for a short while.

  80. No, Dragic and Lin were both Houston Rockets before Lin got cut.

  81. Yes, Yogi is the best PG, then Gutes. What I like with Whitehead is more the determination to make plays and his strength over any PG instincts. Dw had the one good game, but he isn’t organized enough to work with the squad and create for them. Anyway, I think the team favors developing Whitehead and will have him and Kilpatrick take turns trying to run the 2nd unit. But they play well together, so they are ok.

  82. LaVert showed some court vision last night. He may not be a PG, but he could be a secondary ball handler and make plays. Swingman is a good term for him.

  83. Ok, we’ll just disagree then. I see a world of difference in his ball-handling.

  84. Jordan palmed the ball all the time. Butler has the mental approach of a superstar, and he’ll get away with what the NBA will let players get away with at times. WB is OK, I don’t really like his game, but he too has the ability to impose his will on the game.

  85. I think there are some refs that are more blatant in rigging games than others.

  86. Yes, refs used to let opponents body up on Curry more.

    That’s why Curry spent his first few seasons dribbling a lot less fancy and alsp BEING A LOT MORE INJURED than Lin is right now!

  87. Agreed. NBA is the worst. Golf is the sport where rigging is kept to a minimum… NBA is garbage…

  88. Definitely winning is no longer important to them. If Brook is gone, it’s meaningless to keep Lyn.

  89. regarding the league bias to stars it has been instructive as my old college prof used to say how the various teams in the league have bent over backwards to accomodate whatever the lebron cavs need to get korver (portland first swapping picks; cavs coming out with a reduced payroll (or cap or whatever) and getting korver without giving up anything and (maybe?) unloading the akward mo williams situation in the process).

    king james has called for not his pipe or his bowl but first tristan thompson, then jr. smith, then a new coach (order is wrong on some of these actually just typing them as i think of them); and now “a point guard”.

    who will it be?

  90. it seemed clear from the first of the season that winning was not important. “the process version n.y” or some times referred to as “the program”.

  91. haven’t tracked it this year but there has historically been a clear correlative between # fta’s (10 or more) harden gets per game and rockets winning %.

    dramatic difference.

  92. If Lin is not injury maybe will not be like this…but now ….. smh! I still think if they have better GM & Coach thing will not be this bad…. Too bad, that’s the way it’s.

  93. Cavs first round is borderline with 2nd round pick.

  94. Seems like most point guards these days are “shoot first”. JLin & Paul are exceptions to the rule. Based on your comment I’ll watch Dinwidie more carefully to see how willingly he shares the ball. Haven’t really seen too much of him.

  95. Cheap asking price

  96. Jlin’s contract is 12 mil a yr with trade kicker. He is injured right now, not sure who will trade for JLin. I think Nets will keep Jlin. as for Jlin fans hoping for Brook-Lin PnR even if Jlin is healthy and Brook stays at Nets, not sure that will happen. Brook is willing t be stretched all the way beyond 3 pt territory, he does not roll too much,

  97. Not sure about the rigged part. But players/ team like LBJ/ Cav sure get special treatment from refs even at Brooklyn home court.

  98. OT: top 3 teams in Western conference re just one game apart. I hope GSW will meet SAS in conference finals. Some team needs to beat Rox at playoffs.

  99. PNR between Brooklin was off Kenny’s offensive book since day one.

    Lin will come back to play a few good games then he will be shopped.

  100. Feel the same way. Hope It’s GSW or SAS in the final not Rox.

  101. Keep Lopez unless they are replacing him with another player of a similar caliber. A team of no quality players is unwatchable, and Lin and Lopez need to be standout players on the team. Just Lin, is just not giving him enough. With Lin, at least they gave Lopez a strong player to work with. Develop that relationship, at least for 2 seasons and see what happens.

  102. Who will put in the bid? Bulls is a possibility.

  103. If Lin is shipped out, then I say go to Cavs. Those guys are watchable when Lin sits. Yesterday LeBron did not mix words and outright said they need a point guard. I.e. even if Lin is on the bench again, he plays.

  104. What does ot mean?

  105. are you thinking Cavs is looking for a PG? Perhaps a backup PG?
    They have Kyrie as a small SG with LeBron as Point Forward.

  106. As many have said here, NBA is an entertainment business that is partially rigged to favor teams with biggest stars (LeBron, Kobe, Shaq, DWade etc.) and used to be big city teams (Lakers, NY). San Antonio Spurs was a bit anomaly but they’re so good that they earned their credibility.

    That Lakers-Kings playoff was the most blatant disregard of biased refs to favor Lakers.
    It was unbelievable then and it is unbelievable now.

  107. Gallinari would be a great addiction to Nets. Perfect 3&D… And I don’t say that just because I’m Italian =)

  108. If Portland get Tyson maybe Nets could in some way get Ed Davis.

    Gallinari and Ed Davis could turn the Nets in an heartbeat.

  109. Good BR article by Dan Favale discussing potential trade destination (Bucks, Blazers, Rockets) for 28-yr old Brook Lopez.

    My takeaway is the window of 28-yr old pair of Brook-Lin is very small to perform as the Nets stars.
    Hopefully Lin is back soon before the Feb trading deadline.

    Brooklyn Nets’ Top Trade Chip Holding Up His End of Bargain
    1. Are the Milwaukee Bucks, led by Lopez’s former head coach Jason Kidd, willing to build an offer around John Henson, Rashad Vaughn, filler and a first-rounder? Would the Nets even accept that package?

    2. Might the Portland Trail Blazers dangle Meyers Leonard and Mo Harkless (after Jan. 14) plus the Cleveland Cavaliers’ 2018 first-rounder? Is that enough for Brooklyn to give up its only star? Or too much for Portland to burn on a center it’ll need to re-sign after next season?

    3. The Houston Rockets would be a great fit since Lopez has shown he can shoot threes and wall off the rim in an uptempo system. But their future first-round choices aren’t that valuable, and they’ll be hard-pressed to match Lopez’s incoming salary without dealing one of Eric Gordon, Ryan Anderson, Patrick Beverley or Trevor Ariza.

    Moving Lopez would be easier over the offseason, when more teams will have flexibility to absorb salary, but then the Nets are offloading him as an expiring contract, inherently curtailing his market appeal. So on and so forth until all potential options are exhausted—not one of which will present itself as a no-brainer.

    “A really good NBA player like him, you think you can win every game,” Atkinson said of Lopez. “That’s your expectation. So for him to understand where we are in our growth process, we all appreciate that.”

  110. Hope Lin can be back by Jan 15 Lin Bobblehead Night

    Celebrating #NationalBobbleheadDay by getting pumped for our @JLin7 bobblehead night on Jan. 15! Be there: http://bit.ly/2iPUZsY #Nets

  111. Suddenly a lot of people are wishing for lin to be traded. I said before the season started that nets would be an awful team but few if any listened. Now we’re 3 months into the season and people are seeing the light. The honey moon period with the nets is already over and it barely lasted a few weeks. The nets will not give up Lin unless they get a god deal. Lin has not lived up to his contract mainly due to his injury issues. A decent team that would be willing to give up picks for an injured point guard?? Not going to happen.

  112. Lins contract is low, what are you talking about? the injury suck so yea we need more of that but. Much player got a ton more and have haif Lins stats

  113. Lin needs to be more durable and come back before the Nets decide to develop young players like what happened in LA
    Things can really change over night in the NBA ex. Alt already shipping their core players
    Lin really needs to come back soon and start producing

  114. I think the majority assumption was Lin can turn any team into a playoff team. This is probably based on Linsanity. But, I don’t think it was accurate. LeBron by himself, without Kyrie and Love, could not turn the Cavs into a playoff team and the game they didn’t play and LeBron did, the Cavs lost. The notion that Lin can just take any team and make them a playoff team puts too much on him IMO. One must first really respect and know the competition, watch enough of their games to know the factors that lead to how they play: how much time the core have played together; the synergy on the team; and more. Those teams the Nets would have to get by, and, the Nets don’t have the players to get by them, the synergy, the experience in both players and coaches.

    So, I think the idea was, Lin with Lopez, was enough to turn the team around. Maybe there was a feeling KA would do more PnR, but some of us said wait and see what the system will be like.

    Lin has a chance to establish himself as a without-a-doubt starting PG, but it won’t be over the course of one season. It may take 2 or 3. If we don’t allow the growth of players around him as well as his coach, then it’s off to the grass is greener situations elsewhere. Problem is, it’s not. The NBA is the NBA wherever you go. So might as well accept what he has here, work with that, and know he’s a starting PG. He just has to hopefully get healthy and end up playing 55 games or so. Hopefully. As for Lin’s prime, this is what it is. Let’s make the best of it.

  115. Linsanity can only happen with Lin/Nash-like brilliant PGs + MDA’s PG-friendly system.
    Harden is the beneficiary of MDA system at the moment so his stats are fully padded

    While it’s still unknown what Lin’s ceiling in KA’s motion offense, I certainly hope Lin gets a chance to be healthy to prove himself. But I do wish Lin gets more screens to get fewer hits and tolls on the body.

    I do agree Lin should get more time to star for the Nets. Moving again so soon might not be too ideal because of all the unknowns.

  116. I’d like to see more screens for Lin in KA’s system as well.

  117. I agree Lin’s salary is too low. Look at how much they tried to pay for these bench players. smh!

  118. Unfortunately we don’t have any choice but to go with the flow. If the nets are still bad next season (likely) but Lin has good stats, then the nets may be able to shop Lin to a decent team. Maybe even the hornets will try to get Lin back, who knows? It would be an embarrassing situation if it were to happen. But the only thing that matters in the end is winning. Rotting on a bad team is the worst situation possible.

  119. Nets made a lot promotion for Lin. Sadly, he only played 11 games since 3 times injuries.

  120. When he is healthy, Lin is worth more. I’d say around $16M per year. With the injuries however, we need to accept that his value has shrunk. Everything depends on Lins ability to stay healthy.

  121. OT: T B
    all’s short summary clip on Melo. Nothing that we do not know, but a to the point summary.

  122. I don’t want him to be trade. In reality I don’t think Nets will trade him.

  123. Many players get a ton more, and many get a ton less. Patty Mills is only getting 4 mil a yr.

  124. It means, Rox may end up in western conference finals. Only 1 game behind SAS, and 2 behind GSW. It also mean, I don’t want Rox to be in conference finals.

  125. To be fair, no one expected Lin would missed so many games and the expectation had always been that Lin would help the Nets make the next step toward relevancy…So I don’t feel it is fair to throw the fact that Brooklyn is bad in the face of those of us who actually believed there was a chance they’d be good.

    I still feel that with Lin, Nets would had been in the playoff hunt…My reason for this is because there’s a massive drop off between Lin and Whitehead…While Lin is not a super star, if you compare him to whitehead, he’s a massive upgrade at the most important position on the floor.

    Without a point guard, Brooklyn is head-less with no direction…Whitehead is simply not a point guard and does not have any point guard instinct to set up his teammates at all.

  126. We simply don’t know what would had happened if Lin was healthy, so it is wrong to assume Nets would had still been as bad regardless….I believe Lin would had put this team in striking distance of the 8th seed right now.

    The problem is they have no one who can play PG…As I’ve stated before, whitehead is not a PG, not even close and it’s very hard for a team to function without proper PG…The drop off between Lin and whitehead is massive and I believe an healthy Lin would probably add an additional 8 wins to this current team.

  127. Lin will press the eject button after next year, specially if they trade Lopez who is really the only ready-NBA player beside Lin..

  128. None of these trades worth much.

    Lin IS the rebuilding guy. Asian money, TV contracts and other stuffs.

    They would be dumb to trade Lopez for 2 low 1st rounder anyway.

  129. The Nets are not awful team, it just the the GM and coach wanted to throw away the season for another purpose, develop their young players

  130. Why NBA makes Harden a star out of so many players? I sometimes wonder the possibilities that Morey bribes the refs because Harden’s success = Morey’s success.

  131. Sws has always been consistent on her assessment of Lin. A good solid NBA PG but not a superstar. Khuang and I have been consistently saying that Lin is a top 5 superstar, a transformative player on the same level as Lebron. It has always been annoying to read whenever she pushes her viewpoints of Lin.

    While I believe MDA would’ve made Lin look great, his “win now” “ride him like Secretariat” would’ve shorten Lin’s career. I happen to believe in what Marks and Atkinson is doing. The bench is getting so much better that they can compete on any give no night. This means, Lin will never need to play 40 again. The system they are installing will need a great QB like Lin to make it really “sing”. When it starts to happen, it will be pure magic, the kind that will make you wonder if Lin was psychic. This team will be great in 2 years, just like how Nash turned the Mavs around into a playoff team that was on the verge of winning it all. If Cuban wasn’t so stupid, the Mavs would have won at least 3 with Nash and Dirk.

    Maybe Atkinson is trying to make Brook more like Dirk to prolong his career. They just need a few pieces and time and the Nets will be great.

  132. Judging from the DMo move that the Nets tried, I believe the Nets still want to build around Brook-Lin as the core.
    Bojan and Foye might be more likely to be traded than Lopez who just unlocked his 3pt shooting to be an inside/outside threat.

    Getting Nerlens Noel from 76ers, Kenneth “Manimal” Faried from the Nuggets might be good for the Nets.
    Some defense and rebounding from reliable big men will help to get more Wins.

  133. Annoying to read? Why? And that’s not even accurate about how I view Lin.

    I see no use in calling Lin a superstar. Lin offers a very inspiring and winning way of playing and all I’ve ever said is no player, and I include LeBron, can turn a bad team into a playoff team overnight (as, in one season). I think Lin is all about team and if we fans are also, it’s important to value the teammates around Lin.

    I’m not even saying anything that different from what you said. Finally, I thought we could reach some type of agreement and respect each other’s opinions and then you go and write that you’re annoyed reading me. Keep that to yourself, not cool.

  134. I’d love Noel. I just don’t think he fits the “high character guy” profile Marks is looking for. That’s unfortunate.

  135. Points well taken. It’s a very good read. Of course, Lin & Lopez CAN carry this Nets team to 6th-8th seed. Absolutely! If they failed it’s because of the coaches and role players not stepping up and do what is necessary to win. It’s a team sport But in basketball one very good point guard can turn the tide with the supports from good coaches and good teammates. If Lin and Lopez both have played 35+ mpg & 70+ games….
    So, how was the signing of Tyler Johnson – would’ve been very sweet…

  136. Yes, I totally agree with Sws. Lin is not superstar … “yet”. He has to prove that. And that’s fair.

  137. Lin seems to be in good mood.
    That’s always good to see. Perhaps his rehab is going well .. or some other good news

    The snow seemed and looked so cool this morning…until I went outside ha #caliboy #frozenhands

    @JLin7 Jeremy Lin Retweeted MC Jin
    ???This #AngelChallenge might be my favorite @iammcjin 17 for the year!!


  138. the 76ers news of him not having a good team-first attitude was not encouraging.
    I wonder how much was frustration or a character issue

  139. I think Lin plays on an all-star level against the highest-caliber players in big games. He’s a big-game player. Somewhat, but not identical to Eli Manning, who isn’t the superstar Peyton was or Tom Brady is, but outperforms Peyton in big games and beat Tom Brady in superbowl games (with his team’s support, of course).

    I also think we would benefit by looking at elements of what makes most playoff teams with no emotion or bias. Because it isn’t really about Lin, but how many players of a certain caliber are on each team, and look at other factors that lead teams to the playoffs.

  140. [VIDEO] ====> “01.06.17 Game #35 Report — Jeremy Lin & Brooklyn Nets Lose To Cleveland Cavs 116-108” https://youtu.be/5TfWr8L1RLc
    #Nets #NBA

  141. lebron is looking for a point guard. look it up. in the last few days with irving injured some he has specifically demanded another point guard to backup irving and be available to start when irivings out with injuires as he has been quite a bit last year and this.

    we need a point guard says lebron and whatever lebron wants, lebron gets.

  142. Agreed. sws makes nuanced posts about JLin, which appear on the surface to be positive. however, they are designed to distort the facts about him… she makes subtle digs at him while at the same time praising players and teams that marginalized and aggressively tried to put him down. In my opinion, sws has some kind of agenda of trying to deflect and minimize the easily verifiable mistreatment and racial DISCRIMINATION that jlin has been subjected to, with the goal of muddying the waters to casual fans. We veteran fans know better. I also believe she is being paid to post here. She has a constant presence on this website, with long posts with impeccable grammar and detailed analysis, albeit faulty… i do not believe that sws’s posts align with the mission and purpose of this website… and more posters need to recognize this and say something.

  143. Yes, sws, your posts are very annoying…. i concur with Acbc…

  144. Great post… Anthony is indeed a mental midget…

  145. They definitely need a big defensive rebounder to help Lin.

  146. I meant what does “OT” mean? I totally am with you about not wanting rox to be in conference finals…

  147. JLin better not end up there…

  148. I’ll be there! If he is not playing, at least i can get the bobblehead, stick around for a quarter or two and then bolt to shake shack…

  149. Off Topic

  150. Is there any chance you could obtain more than one Lin bobblehead at the game —
    keep one for yourself, and sell one to another fan (cough, cough,… me) at a reasonable price??

  151. Please ask a poster that believes I was “paid to post here” to refrain from such nonsense speculation. I’m sure that’s against the forum rules.

  152. We don’t need to rehash this over again. Your half glass empty view will always ask for proof of greatness. Since Linsanity, Lin has had to play with hands tied behind his back but you continue to ask for proof of greatness…that’s annoying.

    I’m always going to be on the positive side where I believe with “blind faith” on what he’s capable of. I’ve worked with athletes and the great ones will always have that “blind faith” in themselves. When you have doubts about them, you infect THAT faith WITH negativity. As a fan, we can’t do much but add or subtract from that foundation of faith. When you make reasoned arguments backed by logic that somehow can shake that “self delusion”, you undo some of the magic in the fairy dust that drives him.

  153. Thanks!

  154. I will do my best! i heard that you have to get there early and not everyone gets one 🙁 BUT, if i can get an extra one, i will post here… do you live in NYC?

  155. Not in NYC, north of it.
    Wish you good luck – at least get one for yourself. 🙂

  156. I’m entitled to my own views and analysis, and you show lack of respect for others views sometimes. The best part of you does wonderful, insightful analysis, unfortunately there is another part that is on a lofty perch, that puts down others that don’t see things your way. Have respect for other views, whether you agree or not.

    And I find some posters annoying, but I exercise self-control and don’t “start things” with other posters by expressing who and what I find annoying out of respect for psalm’s forum and out of general respect for others. Why start friction on a forum with expressing something so negative? Just have some self-control, and whatever annoys you, just deal with it. It’s what I do, and I would guess others do here as well.

  157. ok, happy new year!

  158. i have resorted to seeing youtubes of jeremy’s old days… watching jeremy’s knicks glory days and interviews… love dantoni…

  159. He should smile…his GAME itself is outstanding, All-Star caliber. And he’s grateful for this amazing opportunity.

    It’s just injuries delaying him. Nothing long-term, just nagging bad luck hammys.

  160. You may not know this, but Lin has been injured for the vast majority of the season. Even when he plays, it’s limited due to injury. And no chemistry builds…because of injury.

    Nets playing without any PG on the roster isn’t an accurate reflection of a Lin-led Nets team.

  161. off topic, sorry

  162. let me look for the post.

    I can assure anyone noone is paid to post here.
    Mods just want to maintain good forum where Lin fans can have discussion with mutual respect although some might have different opinions.

  163. I just saw Lin in a commercial for the Development league (D-league). I’m not sure but I think they may have called Lin an “”international” player. If so, that’s outrageous and unacceptable. Didn’t anyone see that commercial? I need to see it again to make sure. They showed Lin as a Net. Hoping I heard it wrong.

  164. “Comedy is cool. @ryanreiss @sammorril @JLin7 @GlitterCheese & me at @NYCComedyCellar #fbpc.”

  165. “Lin thanks fans for their support and hopes to be back soon.” #SpeedyRecovery?? #G35 #CLEatBKN
    “Lin meeting fans and taking photos with them after the game last night. He always puts a smile on everyone’s face?? ”


  166. Come see the Nets take on the Rockets on 1/15 for Taiwanese Culture Night to get a limited edition @JLin7 Bobblehead


  167. Hope Lin somehow will be back vs the Rockets.
    Also, the bobblehead is for the first 4K people if not mistaken so better be early enough 🙂

  168. The good thing is Lin is still a money-maker for the Nets so this shouldn’t happen

  169. I hope LeBron won’t want Lin then.
    Hard to be playmaker behind LeBron and Kyrie

  170. yes, hard to see Nets trade Brook over these scenario.

  171. do you have the link for it? Havent seen it.

    Probably they were implying his international presence?

  172. I think I had deleted couple of post from @disqus_zDgJ5zJRLn:disqus and @kauaiblue:disqus

    I think it was part of that exchanges. Folks, there is no need to get personal with poster’s view. Most of you here are senior posters, and are well verse with this rules here.

    Just disagree and move on, please. cheers

  173. Happy new year to you too.

  174. I saw it while watching NBATV’s recap of the games tonight. I haven’t found it online unfortunately.

  175. Yes, that’s what it was. Thanks.

  176. new G36 thread vs 76ers
    matinee game at 12pm EST tomorrow

    G36 BKN Nets(8-27) Need A Win vs PHI 76ers(9-25)
    @JLin7 won’t return yet but #Nets need Lopez to play big vs Embiid
    Nets need a huge game from Brook Lopez since the Nets record is 1-13 when Lopez does not reach 20pts.

  177. “Global superstars” in this commercial. But this may be an older version of it. Still looking.


  178. Thank you, Mak.

    Hopefully posters can simply agree to disagree respectfully and move on.

  179. I’m not exactly sure if they use the same wording in the current commercial, but they definitely show Lin as a Net. I’ll just have to watch out to see if they replay it on NBATV or TNT or ESPN perhaps.

  180. YES. Happy place 🙂

  181. Aw.. I love this picture.

  182. The Nets needs everyone in the team to step up, especially on every home game. They got to get this one down.

  183. I’m glad they kept him. He’s more experienced. KA needs play him more minutes.

  184. So far based on the games JL has played for the Nets he has produced Stella plays on both ends of the court with good numbers in limited minutes. He has proven himself as a star player in the NBA despite not getting so-called superstar calls. Unfortunately some so-called fans here are subtlely posting negative insinuating thingy here like JL may get traded, his starting job may be ‘open’ to others or he may best be used to lead the bench or just refering to other NBA players exploits at the slightest opportunity here without looking at the context of those games or just trying to prove fellow fans wrong. I wish this nature of postings be minimised or put in a more positive manner to maintain a cordial atmosphere on a JL fans site here. Haha Cheers.

  185. For late comers…

    New Thread

  186. this is silly. it’s like you’re discrediting Linsanity completely while you don’t even take into account that Lin has been injured. way off

  187. Hi psalm, no disrespect to you or this site. I of course am a guest and will abide by your rules or simply not come here. I appreciate your hard wotk and care for this website. However, let me explain why i go out of my way to comment about this poster. this poster has a long history and pattern of comments which in my opinion are dead on opposite of what this website stands for. I am not the only one who believes this. That poster’s comments are not mere opinions. I believe she is being paid by an outside organization to post here to dilute the disparate treatment jlin has experiencd and to temper his popularity. My belief is based on her constant presence here and other sites, writing paragraphs replete with back handed compliments, and praise for players and orgs who im confident most of us despise here on this small community, among other things. Her posts smack of disingenuousness (is that a word? Lol). I know it must not be easy to run this site with many different opinions. My 2 cents.

  188. Hi Mak, this is nothing personal. That poster is someone that makes this site, which I adore, cluttered with in my opinion disingenuous comments. This is not just a matter of disagreement. It is a matter of keeping the integrity and spirit of this site. Of course, you and the mods are the final authority on this and i will of course abide by your rules or leave. If you have time, read my response to psalms post above. Anyway, rotsa ruck with the website and go jlin!

  189. Yes!

  190. Thanks!

  191. Hope so! Im a stones throw away from barclays…

  192. No worries. And thank you! I took me a while to learn what lol meant… lol

  193. he has not proven himself as a star at all
    hes still 13-6 and the Nets aren’t winning even when Lin plays
    He still has a long way to go before he can be called a star
    he might be doing well relative to his teammates and with the opportunity given but his actual stats aren’t great and his team is losing
    he needs to do better and play more games
    he cant do anything while injured, can he?
    the general consensus is that Lin is one of the best players on this team so 13-6 is just not gonna cut it

  194. LOL, you are one of those few ‘disingenuous’ posters that some positive fans were refering to that disregarded JL Linsanity games and his stellar games on both ends of the floor despite his limited minutes playing under KA so call motion offence system. Be more positive on a JL fan site guys. Haha cheers

  195. It is what it is
    those so called positive fans are just being delusional
    Lin has a long way to go to prove that he is a star
    he might be a star in his fans eyes but to the general NBA fans hes still far from it thats a fact

  196. In the contrary disregarding that JL is already a star player in the NBA is indeed in denial as most well informed basketball fans would agree that he has made his mark in the NBA despite being disadvantaged and disrespected due to sterotyping. Haha cheers

  197. what well informed fans? LOL
    only some Lin fans would say that
    even well informed Lin fans would disagree that Lin is already a star

  198. Lol, you mean some odd fans like you who are in denial. Any appreciative fans are aware that JL is an NBA star just by knowing the number of votes he gets every year since Linsanity without fail. Btw you need to just eccept the fact that JL plays the right way in team basketball, not going for individual stats and your doubt will be cleared and you will be one of the informed basketball fans. Good luck to your sir. Haha cheers.

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