G34 Brooklyn Nets Tough Road Challenge vs Indiana Pacers

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In what became a familiar pattern, the Nets played well for most game against the Jazz only to lose another close game. The encouraging improvement was the collective effort on defense following the players-only meeting.

The Nets will also not have Rondae-Hollis Jefferson (hip) and Jeremy Lin (hamstring) for this game so it will be tougher to pull a win on the road against the Pacers who have won 3 straight games.

In his Jan 3 interview, Jeremy Lin said he was encouraged that his hamstring injury is less severe but offered no timetable of his return. It is likely that the Nets would want to rehab him longer or give limited minutes in extended games to prevent the injury to reoccur.

ESPN.com Game Preview article:

The Pacers are 13-5 at home this season, while the Nets are a miserable 1-16 on the road. These teams have already played twice this season, with each team winning the game they hosted. The Pacers won the last matchup 118-97 on Nov. 25, despite not having George because of an injury.

Jeff Teague has also been hot for Indiana. He has racked up 45 assists in his last four games, and has averaged 15.8 points and 8.6 assists per game since Dec. 1.

“Jeff is really doing a great job,” teammate Myles Turner told the Indianapolis Star. “I feel like everything is starting with him. We’re moving the ball so much better and our offense is starting to come into its own.”

Scoring hasn’t been the problem for the Nets. Their 105.5 points per game is good enough for 12th best in the NBA. Defense, however, has been another story. The Nets are 27th in the NBA in defensive rating, and dead last in overall defense.

KEY OF THE GAME: It would be extremely tough to win the road game against the Pacers who has been playing well recently. But if they can play tough defense and keep the game close, anything can happen.

Let’s hope and pray JLin will recover soon and help the Nets get back on the winning track!

Let’s go, JLin and the Nets! 


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  1. do I get a cookie when I’m da first.

  2. Playing only 12 games, @JLin7 is still #8 in EC guards All-Star #NBAVotes 1st return (between John Wall & Kemba)
    Lin fans show strong support!?

  3. I was just thinking about the possibility of Brook Lopez trade.
    I don’t want it to happen. If Brook goes, Lin might be next.

    If the Nets is willing to trade Brook for the #youthmovement to get future 1st round draft picks, that means the Nets give up on the idea of #winitnow in 2-3 seasons’ with Brook-Lin as the core players then focus to rebuild for the long-term for 5-6 years.

    I’d like to see the Nets trade for players to complement Brook-Lin. DMo interest shows the Nets do want to find these type of complementary players. LeVert, Whitehead, Skil can be those players in 2-3 seasons.

    Booker and RHJ can be long-term contributors if they improve their offense.

  4. i posted the lopez speculation here first then it got more buzz when someone reposted the same sporting news speculation after “net income” wrote about it.

    but there’s nothing new here: it just that old thing of “sports writers” (bloggers) regurgitating old news with their own headlines/speculation.

    still: most long term nets fans see both lin and lopez gone. (especially now that lin hasn’t been able to play this season much).

    the problem with this that i would see (if i were a nets fan which im not) is that imo none of the current players they have to “develop” are going to ever do anything anywhere near what lopez/lin are currently and for the immediate future capable of if healthy and allowed to play to their strengths.

    and as to draft picks: look at this year. not a single player in this years draft is doing squat.

    the rookie of the year will be a guy who was drafted 3 drafts ago. and hasn’t played until now.
    (and still isn’t playing 30 minutes).

    the nets imo have 3 nba quality players currently: lopez, lin, booker (why booker gets such bad rap among lin fans i dont get, he’s averaging almost a double double and is the only player on the team with any rebounds at all and he makes over half his shots and doesn’t shoot much.)

    anyway imo the long term nets agenda and the long term and short term lin agenda with the unfortunate circumstance of lins first major time lost due to injury after 4 seasons of none are not necessarily compatible.

    either way traded or not regardless of how when or if lin comes back from these multiple injury times lost i wouldn’t expect him on nets after next year.

  5. via Rachel Nichols (ESPN) : the starters will eventually be picked by combination of fan voting (50%) & media/players voting (50%)

  6. ” imo none of the current players they have to “develop” are going to ever do anything anywhere near what lopez/lin are currently and for the immediate future capable of if healthy and allowed to play to their strengths.”

    This is true. I think the Nets will give the rest of season and next season to see if ‘Brook-Lin’ can be a foundation to build upon. As Lin fans, we can only hope that when Lin comes back, he has a plan on how to adjust to the recent hamstring issues.

    Will he rely on floaters and mid-range Js, not as much as driving hard to the rim, at least for the first 20 games? I expect Lin will make some kind of adjustment because he would hate to have this chronic hamstring issues for the rest of the season.

  7. Just voted for Lin !

  8. I worry about him on defense. One of the first plays he made coming back from the first injury was taking a charge. He goes hard after loose balls and fights through screens hard. What’s tough on the hamstring is stop and go and even if he isn’t driving, he has to defend guys that do a lot of quick, lateral movements and some of them also drive to the rim. There’s also always the danger of landing on a players feet, tweaking even his back or ankle that can affect the hamstring on that play, or compromise it as he plays on.

    We just have to hope for the best.

    Stuckey on the Pacers is also out with a hamstring injury.

  9. nba basketball is not the same w/o jeremy… no updates other than the interview he did?

  10. ….and that’s because it’s mandatory interview by the NBA, otherwise we hear and see nothing.

  11. Nets back in the game. Good.

  12. If you look at the chart made by a fan showing Booker on the far left along with RHJ and Whitehead you will know why! Booker’s average defense doesn’t make up for his horrible offense! That chart completely proves why RHJ, Whitehead, and Booker needs to go!

  13. Just checked in it to watch the game, Nets are down 7 at half-time.

  14. not that anyone here is watching but… the good news
    booker, harris,whitehead, scola, hamilton, dinwidde, levert 16 of 25
    the bad news
    lopez, bogdanovich kilpatrick foye 3 of 20

    and of course nets on pace to give up about 120 with the perfected matador defense.
    haven’t actually watched a game since lin out, never seen so many wide open drives and shots.

    apparently the nets on defense have surrendered to the concept that: resistance is futile.

    note to spot or sport below yep another example of bookers “horrible offense”: 14 points on 6 of 9 shooting in 13 minutes.

    again to repeat regardless of whatever some box shows; booker is averaging almost a double double is the only rebounder on the team. hits over 50% of his shots and doesn’t shoot much. how is that
    “horrible offense”?

  15. Lopez has already taken 4 treys! Call me old school but that’s just crazy. It’s not like he’s a great 3pts shooter!

  16. Pacers are not even challenging the 3s. They just load up the paint and let the nets shoot. Self-check!

  17. Why no news about Nets’ trade anyone?

  18. That’s every team’s game plan now and that’s show bad the Nets’ and KA wannabe motion offense is. There’s literally no plays just passing the ball on the perimeter and someone make things happen which is either an ugly shot at the rim ending up in TO/miss or a dish for 3 pointer except only 1-2 can shoot the 3. taking 3s for 3 straight possessions is beyond dumb. They are not GSW and even then they’d have loads of screens and PnR for Curry. Remind me why Nets acquired Dinwiddie if he’s not the main backup PG and main PG when Lin’s gone? Whitehead can’t be the main PG with starters, don’t know what KA is thinking.

  19. Nets and KA’s offense is by far the worst Lin’s team I have ever seen! It’s gotten to a point where I just give up watching after a few seconds/minutes. I feel so sorry for Lopez and Lin wasting their prime on this.

  20. I’m sorry, I disagree. I think the offense goes in and out, but they’ve shown plenty periods of good ball movement leading to good shots, guys wide open under the basket, a bunch of ball movement leading to good shots. All during the runs they did. The problem is by far on the defensive end.

    Whitehead is supposed to be the backup PG. He has very little experience and he’s not having a great game. But overall, he’s played with poise, has played strong defense, and he’s going to be up and down some as a rookie.

  21. 11 point game now. Hamilton is hitting his shot. Good bench play. They may lose, but they never give up.

  22. They still dont have enough power and threat on both end…anyways…they did try..

  23. They save energy for tomorrow’s game which is likely ended another loss.

  24. Right, they’re missing Lin and RHJ and need to make some trades to win more games.

  25. Yes, it’s likely another Loss against Lebron James’ team without Lin. 🙁

    Fans still remember that Lin led the Hornets to defeat Cavaliers when Walker rested. Lin was superb with a score sheet of 24-8-5.

  26. Booker is a -29. The worst on the team by far and that has been the case for many games. You cannot blame a bad +- on teammates when yours is the worst by far.

  27. tears of happiness?

  28. this is silly

  29. You’re right. It’s too easy to get injured playing either offense or defense. When Lin comes back he should restrict himself to just inbounding the ball. All other basketball plays are just too risky.

  30. Booker gets a lot of bad rap simply because Lin fans dream of the Brook-Lin PNR duo that just doesn’t work so they pick on Booker because he’s a big man not named Brook who is playing well

  31. you’re not even interpreting the chart correctly

  32. Explain why…

  33. It seems the norm for Nets that opponents average scoring is 120. Defense is always the issue but just couldn’t see where is the improvement on defense, even after the team meeting.

    Painful to watch.

  34. Feel the same way. I didn’t watch the game anymore…. smh!

  35. Players meeting normally going nowhere… I remembered when Lin was w Rox, they had one too so….nothing changed…..

  36. i ain’t even gonna waste my time

  37. I don’t know if this has been posted before. Justin Hamilton claims that some time after the season started, his vision started to change/deteriorate. He didn’t realize he was having a vision problem and just kept using his old contact prescription. But the blurred vision made him miss shots and eventually got so bad he suffered the migraines that were made public. This situation also sapped him of his confidence. Finally on Christmas Eve he saw an eye doctor and got his contact lens prescription corrected. Now he’s showing the same promise he had during pre and early season.

    I wonder if this is yet another indication that the Nets medical staff is just not very rigorous and professional. I mean doesn’t it make sense that an NBA team would carefully check the health of all it’s players including eye health and vision?

  38. Thanks for the info. Did not know that. Heard Bennett had suffered similar problem due to poor vision problem but got corrected before he came to the Nets I think. http://www.sbnation.com/nba/2014/11/10/7187657/anthony-bennett-see-vision-lasik-timberwolves-cavaliers

  39. Waste your precious time? You can’t explain it. But in just 19 minutes on the court the Pacers scored 29 points more than Booker’s team. If Booker had been on the court for 38 minutes the Nets would have been blown out by 60 points. I remember another game when Booker was -40 and no other Net was even -20. I watch the games and I analyze the stats and I admit I can’t explain it either. But Booker is definitely doing something wrong whenever the other team outscores the Nets by >30 points during his time on the court. Especially when none of his teammates have such bad +- stats.

  40. Kenny has been desperately trying to win the last few games. The easiest way to tell that Kenny’s trying to win as opposed to develop is if Bennett is completely benched until garbage time. Vision was the only Bennett problem that could be corrected.

  41. Painful to watch+1

  42. in the Cavs game, Lin got the worst +/- on the Nets with -30 while Booker didn’t play that game. now what? this is why i don’t waste my time with this stuff. you’re just stat picking because of your bias towards Booker and you and I both know it. so just stop

  43. 2017 NBA All-Star Votes:
    Vote for Lin, keep Lin in the BB discussions despite his naughty left hamstring…


  44. This team has no talents..players…coaches… staff…all are below average …smh

  45. Marks got rid of everyone on the old training staff and brought in a whole new staff of young and/or “outside the box” thinkers. I don’t like that. Not only is that unfair to the old employees, but the team lost so much NBA experience. He should have hired 1-2 new guys and kept the most senior training staff.

    I wouldn’t complain but these aren’t contact injuries. These are monitoring and conditioning injuries. Stuff that older medical staffers would know about from years of experience.

  46. They have Brook-Lin. That’s it. And the most important half of that duo has been injured almost all season!

  47. I also turned off the TV after the Pacers started making their run in the third quarter…Very frustrating to watch

  48. To tell you the truth, I’m not sure it would be such a bad thing for Lin and all Lin-fan if Lin is traded since Nets may be going for a full-re-build next with without Lopez…..

    Orlando is looking for a starting PG and I wouldn’t be upset if Lin ended up there…I’m sure Nets won’t be trading Lin since he’s basically all they have as a decent NBA player who can also bring fan in, but I’d rather Lin be traded at this point.

  49. In that Cavs game, Lin was still not 100%, he couldn’t play his usual strong D, and even the most uncompromising Lin fan would admit that was one of Lin’s worst games. Ever. And his -30 may have been team worst but there were others close behind with ~-28 etc.

    Obviously, when someone has the worst +- by a big margin and it’s a huge -, he is having a bad game. But you’re projecting. You convinced yourself that Booker is one of the good players on the Nets. I, otoh, am not biased. I wanted to believe Booker was a valuable defensive player too. But I also wanted to figure out why this team is so bad. I couldn’t help noticing that Booker often has a huge negative that is worst on the team. I would be curious if someone could explain what he’s doing wrong. It also surprises me that his on/off defensive rating is so good. Perhaps he’s just very inconsistent in terms of effort from game to game. But his +- is almost always negative. Even in wins.

  50. Just not enough good 3-points shooters to run this kind of offense. At times shooting the 3s were a cop-out, a lazy way of getting their shots. When your bigs are shooting the 3s, that’s too much! On top of that there’re not enough screens for the guards. When Lin was on the floor he didn’t get much screens except from Lopez occasionally. The screens not only get him open, they also take away the hits. Lin drives into the paint mano a mano with bodies following him. What do you think the chance of getting injured when you take the hits every night? Nets got to know how to protect their asset!

  51. I wonder whether it’d be best for the Nets and even Lin to trade him as soon as this year since Lin, like Lopez, will enter their final year contract…Lin has an opt-out at the end of next year and I’m sure if he sense there’s no chance of winning, he’ll opt out and test the enter free agency one last time.

    The question is whether there’s a team out there that’d take Lin as a starter??….Orlando is looking for a PG and I wouldn’t mind seeing him there…what do you guys think?..What other team could be interested in Lin as a starter?

  52. Wonder if Hamilton had this check out on his own or was it recommend by the medical staff…

  53. Lin is in the best possible place for him because Kenny has his back. Even if he doesn’t use him like MDA would, Lin is THE starting point-guard in Brooklyn. Zero doubt. He has a 20 PER when he does play.

    Lin just needs to stay healthy. That’s all. The wins and bigger stats will come once he’s actually healthy enough to play 70+ games of 30+mpg.

  54. I’m guessing it was the Nets (Ham doesn’t have his own entourage), but it was bad of them to bring him back while he was still having vision problems. Made Hamilton look terrible when he was just unable to see straight.

  55. Hamilton’s vision problems are related to his migraines, I think. When he gets migraines, his vision suffers.

  56. There’s an argument that if Lopez is traded, that makes Nets worst off…I’m against trading Lopez and wants Nets to keep him, but if Lopez is traded, that’s a huge sign in which Lin should look into.

    At the very best, I think Lin opts out next year and I wonder whether the Nets would even allow Lin to enter his final year with no assurance he won’t opt out.

    Think about it, the reason they want to trade Lopez is because he’s entering his last year next year…well, Lin is on the same boat.

  57. So unfortunate, this team. What would the outcome be if MDA was the head coach for this Nets team.. hm….

  58. MDA was also my preference for the Nets because of the simplicity of his offense which plays right into Lin’s strength, but MDA would had been in the same boat as Kenny if Lin had gotten hurt…Would MDA fair any better without Lin on the team?

  59. Lin will opt out no matter what — if only to get a huge contract from the Nets.

    I can’t say this on a general Nets forum, but I honestly think Nets would be better off without Lopez. They need a big who can rebound, defend and run PnR with Lin. Brook is a great teammate, but he’s just not that guy. I’d trade him for a first and a Tyson Chandler-type center.

  60. Bogdanovic is just so terrible. stats prove what the eyes see throughout the season. why he and Whiteside are so loved by KA is beyond me. it seems every coach love to pick the worst players to be their pets players. smh

  61. you gotta watch the game if you’re gonna bash the best Nets player of the night. there’s absolutely NO WAY this loss is on Booker. the worst player is Bogdanovic as usual

  62. The question is, can they get a big that can rebound and play better PnR for Lopez?…Even if the Nets gets that guy, he will probably be well inferior to Lopez as for scoring, so I’m not sure trading Lopez will make the Nets better.

    In fact, I’m confident that the Nets brace will only look for trade that helps them for the future like 1st round draft-picks and young prospect that could develop..I seriously doubt they can pull a deal for Lopez that makes this team better right away or even for next year since most rookies takes time to develop..even top 10 draftees.

  63. No one can say what offers Marks is getting, but I’d be calling Phoenix and New Orleans.

    Phoenix has Tyson and 2 future Miami firsts. New Orleans can offer Asik, Tim Frazier (backup PG) and a protected future first. Omer can’t catch, but he can at least set screens for Lin to attack. And his defense and rebounding are still very good.

  64. Seems like Bogs is in the doghouse lately. He’s too worried about his contract and playing selfish. Can’t blame him too much since the Nets without Lin have no playmakers anyway.

  65. This team needs players who can do defense and score consistently. Lin consumes too much energy on defense every time he plays and on offense, he seldom has teammates to do screens for him. I doubted if his injuries were related to this two factors. If SM is not getting competent players soon, this season will be ended miserably . I also doubt if Kenny will still be here if by the end of the season the team is not developed as it’s supposed be. I’m sure Lin will be more cautious with his health from recovery. My hope is KA will change his strategies before the new players on board otherwise Lin will continue overloaded by various responsibilities and even have risk to get injury again.

  66. I’ve been wondering the same thing. 🙂

  67. There is no doubt that Booker’s been playing out of his grit. He just need to cool down a little bit and make better decisions sometimes IMO.

  68. Tyson is too old with a huge contract, so I doubt they’d take him..I think Alex Lens is probably more do-able because he’s young and could develop into a better rebounder than Lopez…

  69. Len can be a good center for the Nets..LIN with LEN…LOL!!!

  70. Chandler’s having a great year — 7.5p/11.6r 69% FG in just 27mpg. He’s got a season or two left. Besides, Nets have plenty of cap room.

  71. difference between bogs and whitehead is age whithead is still developing as a player…bogdanovic is basically what you see is what you get.

  72. looool you blaming booker for this team being so bad ?

  73. Whitehead is doing well and some may put him as one of the best rookies this season. Of course he’s going to make mistakes, he’s a rookie. But he has good poise and has an NBA body. He should be on the bench and playing fewer minutes, but because of Lin’s injury he has to play against competition he’s not ready for. Whitehead and Bogs aren’t in the same category and I really haven’t seen KA preferring any players more than giving them a chance and hoping to find a good playing group combo.

  74. just to be clear i like whitehead i see him becoming a good defensive Pg with a decent jumpshot and thats more than enough.

  75. You mean Whitehead. I think KA loves to have Whiteside.

  76. No I’m blaming you for not being able to read or write properly.

  77. Best player is -29 in 19 minutes? That’s just impossible. But of course Bog was even worse in his 12 minutes.

  78. i guess it doesn’t occur to you that +/- doesn’t exactly tell the story every time. in this game if you’ve watched it, you’d realize that George and Teague destroyed Bogdanovic and the guards Kilpatrick then Whitehead over and over and while Booker was on the floor with them, he mostly did positive things. again, you’re wasting my time

  79. Whitehead is his boss pick and it costs the Russian owner $4 mil to purchase a 2nd round pick to pick him. They will develop their guy at all cost including lin’s minutes.

    Whitehead to Marks is like Chandler Parsons to Morey.

  80. They don’t have to be so 3-centric, but that’s the way it is around the league. The point is, the offense routinely scores over 100 and can put points on the board. All teams have scoring lulls and points in the game where they don’t execute their offense, the best teams keep this to a minimum. The problem, for me, has nothing to do with this being a motion offense. And there should be more screens by that’s not the biggest issue. It’s execution, lack of skilled players, too many players prone to TOs, but the defensive woes are by far the worse part of this basketball team as it is one of the worst defenses in the league. Therefore I pay much more attention to that than the offense. The offense can be fine-tuned to work well, I don’t have such hope for the defense.

  81. I haven’t given up on the Nets yet. I won’t until Lin himself starts to show signs of frustration at the organization and Atkinson. I trust Lin to do the right thing for himself. I still follow the news of the team and Lin.

    Lin is much more than an athlete. Lin is illuminates the darkness and inspires all of us to try to be better than what we are. I’m in for the long haul.

  82. I haven’t given up on Lin either and never will. But as for the Nets, they are heading to a direction where I can’t afford to stay on.

  83. this is Lins final chance to prove his worth as a starter. The season for the nets and Lin is over..it is over before it even began. What Lin needs to do now is to start winning games after he heals up from his injuries. Just prove that the team can compete on a night to night basis when fully healthy. In the meantime, the front office needs to prove themselves by getting key players to work with Lin and possibly Lopez. Lin also needs to take it easy the rest of the way…no more over training from now on.

  84. Yes. He’s also the leader of the team. The injuries are unfortunate but, to be honest, Lin has been lucky. A lot of players get injured and don’t play a lot of games in a season and sometimes multiple seasons. He’s anything but lucky this season but he’s been durable the previous seasons.

    It’s good to see you are sticking with Lin on the Nets. You wanted him here over the summer and you’re sticking with that.

    The Nets aren’t building the team around anyone in particular. Even if they trade Lopez, they may not necessarily get someone based on how well they play with Lin. Lin will have to play as best he can in the Atkinson system with whoever Marks chooses for the team.

  85. I disagree about KA. He’s going nowhere. He’s exceeding expectations and the talk is positive around him with the media and on WFAN, the main sports radio program in the NY area. The expectations for the Nets only was for them to be competitive and buy into KA’s system and show they are pointing in a positive direction. That seems to be happening. The bad record was expected and the very fact that Lin hasn’t been playing makes it even more expected.

  86. My hope is that they can add that type of player as a 4. An Ed Davis type, or any good player that can be a solid PnR player and rebounder/defender. I also want to see what McCullough offers when he’s ready.

  87. Probably not. Whitehead would have an easier time but there really aren’t a lot of good screen setters on this team. Hamilton would learn to roll better, Lopez sometimes rolls ok, but he’s more the post-up player and MDA’s offense doesn’t lend itself to post-up players or big men. And I’m not sure Lopez’s solid 3 point shooting would be exploited as much as it is in KA’s system. Lopez has really turned into a solid 3 point shooter.

  88. Yes, exactly. I think he can potentially be an excellent defensive PG. Right now he plays PGs too close, but he’s a rookie and he’ll learn.

  89. This tweet is how Lin shows “frustration at the organization and Atkinson.” He cannot make it any clearer than that without causing enormous controversy. You can understand Lin’s message or you can choose to interpret his tweet as if all is well.


  90. Sign should read: Jeremy Lin for Future President

  91. Another day of no JLin-generated excitement in the land of pro basketball… BUT I am going to the Nets v. Cavaliers game tonight and will wear my Lin jersey and hope to bring back reports of glimpses of JLin’s status. Due to the pre-season group purchase of the tickets, we get to watch the warmup session from courtside tonight. Hope to see JLin shooting during the warmup. Will let you know!

  92. Again, it’s OBEDIENCE to GOD and NOT to the NETS. But, he’s under a contract with the NETS and he does have an obligation to abide by the terms of the contract as to not be in breach. That might require abiding by the dictates of the medical personnel, the GM, etc. regarding when he gets to return to play.

  93. Some reason in the past when lin sent message like this out if under the Rockets or Lakers, lin fans interpreted the opposite with today. Was lin also under contract then? Yes he was.

  94. JLIn returned to play on Dec 12 and re-injured his hamstring on Dec 26. The tweet was posted on Dec 21 after a series of frustrating losses and therefore was not related to the timing of his return to play. Whether he meant obedience to God or someone else is a matter of interpretation. In the past, JLin has posted similar tweets when he was feeling upset or frustrated with his basketball career.

    And btw, it was the very next day after the tweet that KA made a point of publicly screaming in Lin’s face during the GSW game.

  95. You’re right — Obedience to God entails honoring employer/bosses. It also entails being patient and trusting God in all circumstances, which is not always the easiest thing to do obviously. Lin seems to be reminding himself of that (and sharing that).

  96. KA screaming at Lin could just be a coach screaming at a player. It likely isn’t related to anything. Coaches scream at players, KA did it to Booker earlier in the year. The same game I went to against the Hornets, Cliff went nuclear on his bench squad, screaming at all of them. Maybe KA screams at Lin and Booker because they’re vets, they can handle it, and sends a message, like Pop did, who screamed at Parker a ton, and Manu and Tim Duncan as well, that the best players on the team can be yelled at.

    I think it was just heat of the battle coach reacting to a play, most of the time it isn’t even directed at a player for any other reason that he happened to not execute a play correctly.

  97. Whenever Lin gets with this Nets team, they show immediate improvement and get better until Lin physically breaks down.

    Until we see Lin play (and LOSE) sustained continuous games as a healthy 30 mpg starter, all the anti Nets hate on this board by a handful of unhappy “Lin fans” is NONSENSE.

  98. What the heck are you posting about?



    Despite your repeated insistence that “Lin is LYING” about being injured, actual Lin fans like myself that you are complaining about do not compare the Houston and LA and Charlotte situations where a HEALTHY Lin was unfairly benched.

    Lin is BANGED UP, CANNOT PLAY. How is that the Nets’ fault?

  100. If Lin could play, he’d play and the Nets would love that.

    Nobody should question whether the Nets support Lin.

    I do wonder about the performance staff, that maybe their inexperience is contributing to Lin’s fragility. But I cannot say that for sure.

  101. ALL players get screamed at.

    It’s part of the game.

    Players that don’t get screamed at, they are NOT BEING COACHED.

  102. Bogdanovic is indeed terrible without Lin.

    But the alternative at starter, RHJ, was FAR WORSE.

    What would you have Atkinson do, move Booker to SF (HMMM…)


    Lin has played as much – actually, maybe more – than his body has allowed this season.

    That has nothing to do with Whiteside allegedly cutting into Lin’s minutes like you erroneously claim.

  104. According to the chart, Whitehead is worst followed by RHJ, Booker, and Bog. Bog is at least in the middle of the chart while the other 3 are all on the far left. Booker and RHJ being on the far left shows bad offense, ok/good defense.

  105. An INJURY might be slowing him down, much like it did for Justin Hamilton until very recently.

    Hamilton started out very strong, then plummetted in production due to “migraines”, and now has returned stronger than ever.

    Bogdanovic, likely it’s the same thing.

  106. Disagree, Whitehead has gotten the least minutes this season compared to Foye, RHJ and Booker. Seems like every now and then KA likes changing his favorite scr*b starter to someone else no matter how bad they play.

    KA started the season with RHJ, Lin goes down, changes to Foye as starting PG
    Lin comes back Foye gets DNP
    Lin goes down Whitehead becomes starting PG.

    This time it just so happens to be Whitehead but watch he will soon the same bench treatment as RHJ once Lin’s back. Seems like KA just keeps changing the designated PG instead of giving it to the actual person who should be main backup (Dinwiddie).

  107. Jlin tweet that sometime ago. It reveals what is important to him and on his mind. Jlin is a spiritual person nothing wrong with Jlin’w tweet JMO.

  108. HCs scream at players, it is not unusual, so what is the big deal? Over the yrs Pop screamed at TP, Manu, Tim Duncan, practically everyone. Pop said when your best player ie Tim takes a hit or 2, the other guys know to shut up and fall in line. KA screamed at Lin a player that he advocated to the Nets FO (remember Nets were also thinking about Rondo at the time). I think he was trying to copy Pop. I do not think KA made a point to scream at JLin. Jlin made a bad cross court pass and TO seconds prior to the screaming. I don’t think JLin’s spiritual tweet has anything to do with KA’s screaming.

  109. lol guilty there was tired when i read it

  110. 🙂

  111. Maybe the coach wants him to use his skills more not booker. If atkinson did not want booker to do what he does he would take him out.

  112. Lin knew what he was getting into when he signed here. This is not the lakers or houston he looks happy here. No controversy here we see this every year when lin post something religious.

  113. Obedience is about the injury incident. Lin is frustrated with his injuries, which is totally unanticipated and unplanned for. But, he does not want to complain why, since all are planned and allowed by God. So, he had the above quote, just to remind himself about the importance of OBEDIENCE. No complain or nagging, just follow God’s plan.

  114. Dinwiddie had to get acclimated to the system, and really didn’t play that well until the last game. Whitehead will get minutes, people are high on him as a second team PG. Whitehead may eventually play with Lin at different times in the game. Dinwiddie will also get minutes depending on matchups and I hope his good play continues into future games.

  115. no new thread for tonight’s game?

  116. Jlin to Cavs to win the chip this year?

  117. Well, KA is starting Dinwiddie tonight, so that wouldn’t support Whitehead getting any extra development. If there was, he’d go against one of the best point guard’s in the league tonight as a starter.

  118. The whole nba world will blow up,,linsanity is back but this time in Cleveland!!

  119. JLin in the house! In a blazer! So sad… wish he were playing.

  120. Wow, good start for the Nets.

  121. what do you think about jlin to cavs(if it ever happens)?

  122. Mixed feelings. He makes them a championship team again. But he plays second fiddle to LeBron and Kyrie and Love. He’d be Lin off the bench and won’t get to play his full game. But Lin getting a ring and shining in the playoffs is appealing.

  123. Why Whitehead is not start today? Another new lineup?

  124. he will play the 2 till JR is out. and JR is streaky.

  125. when is linnawinna back
    no timeable revealbeveal

  126. Glad to see Hamilton is playing well. LeVert has potential.

  127. I think they would have him play backup PG. LeBron has come out and said they need a backup PG. They don’t really Lin as much as a starting 2.

  128. I think LaVert looks impressive and best of the young guys. Hamilton’s issues were due to a bad prescription, and he looks good now.

  129. *eye prescription*

  130. Whitehead needs have better court vision and better pass, but he does play hard defense and has some offense.

  131. LeVert has good shooting form and plays hard on defense. He does have bbiq. KA needs to Give him more PT minutes. He’s worth developing.

  132. That’s what I’m impressed with, his bbiq.

  133. He’s not played well the last two games, out of sync. Maybe just needs to relax, let the game come to him.

  134. This game is close. What’s going on? Good to see and glad Parents of Lots of Kids is seeing a competitive game (so far).

  135. Lopez is struggling.

  136. Refs are doing their job now, giving calls to the king.

  137. Refs’ calls are lopsided. Refs gave Tristan every call and he yet to capitalized on it.

  138. Thanks sws94! My 9 year old daughter says at the beginning of the game, “the Nets are good first and second quarters but terrible in the third and fourth.” From the mouth of a babe.

  139. She’s right!

  140. Now the fans are cheering for the king. That’s pathetic for a team, losing the fans.

  141. I reckon when your team is regarded as the worst team in the NBA you will get sympathy calls when it’s a blowout or if you are playing well and can stay with the so called “better” team then the ref will start giving calls against your team. That’s the unprofessionalism of the NBA entertainment business and superstar calls on display right there. Nothing new. Haha cheers.

  142. Am I mistaken that when Harris starts, he struggles.

  143. I noticed that too. I hope thatll change when Lins back.

  144. Lin is sitting on the bench w/ his head down. He must be feeling awful watching his team gets beat up each night and he can’t be out there to help them. Nets still give No updates on Lin’s health…

  145. Just turned on YES TV after halftime. British royalty are at the game: The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge were greeted by Beyonce and Jay-z.


  146. LeBron’s passes are quite good. When he’s not complaining and knocking people over, he’s fun to watch. But he complains too much and he gets away with a lot of offensive fouls.

  147. here is the G35 thread.

    Sorry, I completely forgot there is a back-to-back game

  148. LeBron is like spoil kid who thinks he’s the center of the world.

  149. I think he’s an unselfish player, and from what I heard, a lot easier to deal with than Jordan or Kobe were. So, I have mixed feelings about him. I like a lot of what he does on the court.

  150. At this point, we might as well stay here 🙂

    They started off so close, but Cavs went on a run late in the 2Q, and they’re having they’re usual 3Q meltdown.

  151. LeBron knocks down Whitehead then picks him up.

  152. yeah, maybe use it for post-game

  153. That looks like a block to me from Whitehead.

  154. Good to know. I’m in the same house with the royalty! And JLin!

  155. What a weird game. It’s a 6 point game now. Lin is up off the bench with his arms raised.

  156. That’s why Kyrie Irving is considered a superstar. With LBJ out, Nets go on their run, and Kyrie comes back and hits big jumpers, three of them. He does this on a consistent basis.

  157. ? Lucky you. Hope you have a great time.

  158. LaVert is balling! He’s playing like a vet out there.

  159. Arent you guys on a wrong thread???


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