G34 IND @ LAL PreGame Thread+Poll

How will Jeremy follow up his best game as a Laker against the Pacers?

My guess is Jeremy will continue his focus to continue his stride as the real spark off the bench.

Let’s go get the Pacers, Jeremy!


Guess JLin's stats


  1. HI all, Go Lin. Looking for a good game from you with the Indiana Pacers…

  2. This what Clarkson has been dealing with off court. God Bless him:

  3. Haha I was thinking about maybe we should just dwell in a good post game thread…..lol jk

  4. LOL

  5. Jeremy said there are better days ahead :>

  6. Believe he will have more ups than downs from now on as he “has figured” BS and KB out now. He is “comfortable” of where and what he needs to do as his newest blog sharing said so. Go JLin!!!!

  7. Lin knows exactly what he needs to do.

  8. Thanks for sharing Clarkson story. Pray that with God’s help and JLin at his side to give him encouragement is able to help him thru this.

  9. Yes, that’s right because he has “overcome” the main hurdle now. May have bumps here and there but he will be alright.

  10. I would bet that Lin has kept in contact with Randle and Roscoe Brown. I also saw that Boose was with Randle, Clarkson and Jabari Brown on New Years eve. I think that Booze has been a great influence on Lin as far as his thought processes about his game. lin had that relationship with Jared Jefferies and Tyson Chandler. I don’t think Lin has anyone since then to encourage or mentor about his game. I like that fact the Boozer is all about his family off court.

  11. Seems Boozer is a locker guy. Don’t know much about him.

  12. Joyce, you’re hot!

  13. Lin seems close Boozer. I wouldn’t be surprise if they are planning a fishing trip in Alaska during their off season. Both have a passion for fishing & Booz is from Alaska. Lin mentioned he always wanted to go to Alaska for fishing.

  14. Last night’s loss to the Grizzlies was the start of a very grueling part of the Lakers’s schedule: a whole month of games separated by only one or no days off in between. This will be tough for all the Lakers but especially for Kobe’s sore, fatigued and aged body. Kobe will have no choice but to continue his new “balanced” style of play and there will almost certainly be more Kobe-free games, especially on the BTBs. Games without Kobe or at least balanced Kobe means much more opportunity for Lin to play to his potential so Lin’s return to the starting lineup by game #40 seems likely. However, the approaching Feb. 19 trade deadline may also come into play. Kobe may get so fed up with Lin’s perseverance that he will ask the FO to just get rid of Jeremy in a trade.

  15. but Lin wasnt with them lol on nye
    Boozer’s prolly closest to Lin on the team
    but he might not even be one of the closest guy to Booz i bet

  16. I can see Lin as a 20-6 player if his shooting becomes more consistent
    right now his shot comes and goes PFV said it takes a couple to years to develop so well see
    20-6 as a starter 18-4 coming off the bench as a 6th man with 30+mins he can do it in 30mins I believe
    He’s the only asian standing whos not a scrub
    i guess he wont be out of the league anytime soon
    if not hes most likely a 13- 6/7 player as a starter
    the fact is his shot is still pretty inconsistent hes still a very streaky shooter and you cant get to the rim at will every game
    hes still young he should shoot the lights out if anything thats how u learn

  17. thank you for sharing. Clarkson and his family are now alive on my TV.

  18. Jeremy in 3 of the top 10 plays.
    #10 (buzzer beater), #4 (alley oop), and #2 (pass to NY)

  19. 20 is too high. for every 10 point game he has, he would need another 30 pt game to maintain the average; for every 15 pter, he needs 25 and so on. there will be many 10-15 pt games, especially given how few FGA he gets on this team.

  20. OK, I visited a couple of Laker sites and they seem to think that the Lakers will keep Lin/Boozer to come off the bench. They also think that Lakers don’t really need to pay for a high priced PG, just somebody that can share the rock with lin.

  21. I like Boozer. He seems to be genuinely supportive of Lin. He often looks to give Jeremy the ball when he gets the defensive rebound. I know he has been a defensive liability and he is not the ideal pick and roll partner for Lin. However, I am gonna blame Scott for this. Boozer had great success with Utah and Chicago. I know he was getting benched in the 4th quarter for some games in Chicago and eventually let go. But they had such high standards there.

    Maybe I am not being all that objective but I just like the guy.

  22. Actually Boozer has had consistent double double almost every game after being benched with Lin! I’d say the main reason why Boozer played poorly is the same reason why most of the starters play poorly, Kobe. When Lin is the PG and leader of the 2nd unit he holds teammate accountable and makes sure they are in the right position and doing the right things on defense!

  23. Yes! Players improve on offence and defence when they play with Lin. If you watch the games carefully Lin is often shouting instructions on defence. The 2nd unit actually listens to him.

  24. Just wondering, does Byron have that thing called the Internet?


  25. Yes and it’s something he can’t do as much with the 1st unit since Kobe is supposedly the “leader”. The only way I see Lin flourishing as a starter is if Kobe and Lin’s minutes were staggered.

  26. I really don’t want JLin to stay in Lakers with KB and BS. However, I’m also skeptical with NBA. Not sure there is any green pasture for JLin. So much of hope after Lakers was traded to Lakers and now the similar thing happened. I’m really 一旦被蛇咬, 十年怕草绳.

  27. Seeing as how Hill’s numbers have gone way done, I believe this also.

  28. I was taught ㄧ朝被蛇咬.

  29. So Jeremy is playing championship bball – PG needs to take less than 15% of shots. And Jeremy getting people touches early is a good thing:


  30. This tool (chart) is fun to play with – find Where’s Waldo Lin:


  31. Have checked in the net, you could use both. Different ones but the same meaning. Growing up I learned this one一旦被蛇咬, 十年怕草绳:-) Another one is: 一朝被蛇咬,十年怕井绳.

  32. online comments after denver beating memphis 114 to 85:

    “The Lakers tired out Memphis last night therefore Denver is blowing out memphis. Grizzles running on tired legs.”

    “Either that or Byron and Kobe are tanking Lakers’ games.”

  33. and conversely and even if lin weren’t there its obvious players dis-improve when playing with kobe. hence why no one wants to go to l.a. as long as kobe is there. in fact him just being on the bench with the death stare seems to be enuf to deflate teammates.

  34. I still can’t get over Jeremy’s game against the Grizzlies. I put it on loop in my VLC media player 🙂

    One of his threes (4th Q, 5:50) caught my attention, that one with a screen from Ed Davis. I kinda like how that play went. I’m not really sure how the play is but Ed Davis decided to pass the ball to a moving Jeremy rather than Kobe hounded by Pondexter (I think) OR there is a really a play for these 3 guys – Ed to fake a pass to Kobe then screen Conley for Jeremy to shoot a 3. For sure if it’s indeed a play, BS is not the one who draw it.

  35. The second game of a BTB in Denver’s thin air will always be tough for any team, except the Nuggets.

  36. Definitely, not BS drawn play.

    Hello, IJ. Happy New Year! 🙂

  37. haha, I said it once I think. I feel Ty and Lin make very similar decisions on the court when the situation are similar. I feel they think alike.

  38. Share the rock with Lin? or Kobe?

  39. Well, I guess he meant GIVEN the shooting becomes more consistent.

  40. Hey yah, you’re finally here @disqus_rNTS9PSN6x:disqus..

    Happy New Year!

  41. Ha ha… Yes. ’should’ve done it long time ago… 🙂

  42. with Lin

  43. Only 15 days left, Vote for Lin in ASG by tweet, FB & http://www.nba.com/allstar/

  44. Man…RIP Stuart Scott!! Ill never forget his support of the @jlinfoundation and his inspiring determination to fight cancer!— Jeremy Lin (@JLin7) January 4, 2015

  45. I have a bad feeling that Kobe gonna shoot 25+this game

  46. Boozer was amnestied by the Chicago Bulls. I’d forgotten how much he was being paid for this season ; $16.8 million. The Lakers are picking up $3.25 million of that and the Bulls are paying the rest.

    See : http://espn.go.com/los-angeles/nba/story/_/id/11229606/carlos-boozer-join-los-angeles-lakers

  47. Oh I am sure he will. He will keep feeding the ball to Davis to make it seem legit that he is passing, but he also will taking shots.

  48. Does Booze boys have the Lin haircut? I can see lines in one of his son’s head’s that is similar to lin.

  49. even so. the law of averages…

    he even had a 0 point game this season. would need a 40 pt game to make that one up.

  50. It just makes sense to get everyone involved in the beginning so everyone is more involved. During the Linsanity, ball sharing become common even among other players.

    LAL keeps pushing the agenda that Lin needs to be aggressive, having him try to score in the start of the ball game. That’s not team ball then. If teammates figure Lin will be aggressive in scoring in the beginning, that’s the same as Kobe doing ISO at the end. They may become complacent.

    I think Lin still tries to get everyone involved most of the time, but then if he doesn’t show any points scored, they just label his playing time as a failure. Lin can’t be blamed for getting his teammates open shots, but they aren’t falling.

  51. Good post.

    I fully agree.

    Last game Lin’s shot looked great. But I don’t know if Lin will regress to his standard form.

  52. When the Bulls were beating the tar out of Lin’s Rockets (not Lin who had 22 points), Boozer cracked Lin up by talking smack about his own abs and how Boozer dared Lin to feel his 6 pack abs!

  53. good eyes.lol

  54. What I meant is, it is a conditional expectation….LOL

  55. haha It was also because of Conley kind of brain locked. Kobe should have just ran to the corner after his cut. Instead, he sealed at low post asking to ISO. So Lin did not really have a driving lane…yet Conley still went under the screen. LOL Lin can shoot that all day…

  56. It’s more that Memphis simply isn’t that good a team without Zach Randolph and so the Lakers had to really play selfishly to lose to them.

  57. If Lin keeps on shooting with that flawless old school form with his body turned to the left and his right toe and elbow and finger all lined up, then Lin’s going to hit most of his shots no matter how badly Kobe hogs the ball.

    Lin’s the only player I can think of in today’s NBA who can consistently break traps by himself without a play being run for him. Lin with that clean jump shooting form can become UNSTOPPABLE.

  58. Oh. Just finished reading an article about Stuart. I didn’t know he was a legend.

  59. Julius Randle and his new headphones. [Randle’s jersey number is 30.]


  60. Those numbers are possible if Jeremy was the main man of the team.

  61. Ju.

  62. That probably means lin needs to be exceptionally efficient to score 12+points tonight, I expect him to take only 5-7 fga tonight.

  63. Byron Scott always cuts Lin’s minutes and touches after an All Star performance by Lin.

    I expect Lin to play somewhere between 15 and 24 minutes with less than 10 shots.

    Byron Scott is more focused on ejecting the Asian guy than on winning games.

  64. With or without this kind of video. Doubting if Lin knows what to do in those situation is just dumb…

  65. Has Kobe apologize to his teammates yet? Be a man, Kobe! Go take it up with your own coach!

  66. some games his shots are money
    look like they are going in every time
    other times dont look like any will go in
    I believe hes naturally a very good shooter
    he can make a lot of crazy shots with good form
    Sometiems he makes all those contested shots its there just needs to bring it every game really having doubts on his shooting coach now

  67. not on this team
    if his shots are falling he will take lots of shots

  68. he wont have a 0pt game if he becomes a consisent shooter

  69. Maybe John wall too

  70. People just want to find an excuse to hate on Lin after playing such a great game. Don’t care what those people say.

  71. Thx!

  72. His shooting coach needs to go, the Laker coach who worked on his form is much better!

  73. Why is PFV talking so many shots at Lin lately?

    I don’t get why he said Lin didnt adapt to BScotts system
    First, what byron wants from Li changes everytime he gets interviewed
    and Lin should not play like he wants price to play just swing the ball and take a back seat
    thats what scrubs(lack of vocabulary) do. not for Lin Lin is too good to be doing that stuff
    besides, BS was determined to start Price from the get go nothing would change that even if Lin does what Price does perfectly.
    will never be enough
    what we do know is that Lin gets more mins when hes scoring well he should do that and pad his stats for his next contract instead of trying to please Byron Scott

    2nd, lin has a strong game
    he can score from any where on the court and dish some nice assists
    hes a scoring guard hes at his best when hes scoring and attacking the rim getting guys involved
    why should he change that instead of developing
    thats the future of NBA
    why on earth would Lin try to do what Byron wants him to d, which is pretty out dated and wont do him any good in a long run?

    lastly, Lin has been passing the ball pretty well taking a back seat letting other guys do their thing
    most of the time Lins just setting picks for young/eglinton or just standing at the corner

    really dont understand the diss from PFV
    respect the guy but i dont know about this one and the lateral quickness stuff

  74. Not sure about it. I do not think he is bashing lin at all.

  75. The Cavs lost again to the Dallas Mavericks. Kevin Love doing his thing now because LBJ is out.. I really do believe that the Lakers will go after Kevin Love.

  76. not bashing but saying Lin is stubborn and that he needs to change his style or something
    Lins doing a good job idk why that was necessary

  77. He’s not. He is just saying that sometimes Lin gets frustrated( lin said that himself).

  78. Lin has said himself that he is very stubborn about things. I think his latest blog reflected that about himself. Lin found a way to play his game in the last game, and I hope that he will go forward from now on.

  79. Anyone but Hill for me….lol

  80. Yah but he changed a lot since he came to LA
    to say that hes still stubborn about the way he plays is absurd he adapted a lot
    and he should keep developing his game like he did last night

  81. He’s not taking shots. He’s trying to give an objective analysis of what Lin needs to do going forward to succeed and playing on the highest level he can play. The more adaptive and flexible and effective he is even in systems that don’t favor his game, and that’s happening to him and maybe that’s his test, the better he has a chance to be a point guard getting big minutes whether starting or coming off of the bench.

  82. He definitely had his confidence going once his shots fell. He finished well, he shot from the perimeter including the 3 well. What he didn’t do is shoot in “Kobe time”. I hope that he plays the same game again soon, but scores big in Kobe time too.

  83. According to the highlight. Lin’s FGs were mostly done by him attack off catch and shoot, the best way to attack in bball. He made two off the dribble in traffic, very good shot selection. If Scott is a better coach, he would have let lin to create for others. Young, Ellington and Kobe can score a lot if someone can creat for them.

  84. The Linsanity co-creator dwill is still coming off the bench. I feel it is all #connected

  85. Look who you are talking about here. Not the brightest bulb in the place.LOL

  86. hes already good enough to be effective in any systmem
    being flexisble is what journeymen do lins better than that

  87. Huh?

  88. Connected to LIn? how? What type of minutes is DWill getting? I haven’t been paying much attention to the Nets. They have a pretty decent head coach in Hollins.

  89. I know, I know lol #gettingtoogreedy

  90. Just saying, not really has any meaning. I never thought dwill will become a backup PG

  91. I just feel lin is always having to compete with some backup pg…..even dwill was starting b4, he is a back up now…lol.

  92. So what do you think it is up with Kobe really about Lin?

  93. yes, and and and, Wes Coast was left guarding 2 guys and a pass could have been made to the elbow 3 or again to corner 3.

  94. he didn’t last time when he yelled soft, and Lin came back with the not soft kidding. Now Lin laughs at the no no no. Same deal, this is going down as Kobe’s legendary end. Keep it up, baby. It’s costing him big time.

  95. Jared Jack is a lot better than Beverley or Price though. I’m not sure why Hollins has him playing off the bench but if he’s getting similar minutes as before and closing, then at least he isn’t being yo-yo’d and marginalized like Lin is.

  96. Of course…I assume hollins just does not tolerate players being a diva. Both brook and dwill might be gone soon. Who knows.

  97. Also, I think Scott was a little ticked off when Kobe went for Conley, after he told lin not to foul him yet.

  98. Since Dec 1:
    Jeremy: 357mins, 21 min/g, 136 pts, 0.38p/min
    Deron: 409 mins, 23min/g, 165 pts, 0.40p/min (5% better)

    Jeremy has been more efficient if you factor in assists, steals, reb, blocks and negate TOVs. About 5% more efficient.

    So, you can see Jeremy plays better as a whole game, even with the turmoil on him from Kobe and BSc. He focuses less on scoring and it suffers.

    No sense in comparing these two to Chris Paul, but might be worth it to compare to Dragic or somebody else who is starting and loved by fans. Like Brent implies, these comparisons seem tired. ASG and these comparisons don’t matter this year because most of Lin’s game is trapped in politics, so it’s just a grind it out year for faithful fans who know that Lin is in grind mode too. We’re on the DLeague bus with him, finally, and now we know how he felt in his rookie year under Keith Smart.

  99. That Kobe run-up just tells the world what the real situation is in so many ways. You can put the thought bubbles on each person easily.

  100. Kobe’s relax comment wasn’t about the foul, it was just playing in general.

  101. Me too. I think maybe bc they tried to trade him?! Otherwise why the coach will pick Jack over DW who was the face of the team when they signed him?! DW was so hot 3 years ago… Mav wanted him so bad.. but now… no more.

  102. No, John Wall isn’t anywhere close to Lin’s class when it comes to creating off the dribble.

    A healthy Lin easily outplays a healthy John Wall.

  103. Like I keep saying, Kobe has no right to talk about “relaxing” when his Lakers are getting clobbered nightly mainly because Kobe has been such a BAD PLAYER.

  104. Try not to overanalyze the thoughts of JOURNALISTS.

    They usually don’t know the game, and as a result they post seemingly contradictory stuff.

  105. He also was probably referring to Lin’s latest blog.

  106. What is up with this? Why is he playing so poorly???

  107. Good to see!!! Thanks for sharing

  108. Kobe reads Lin’s blogs?

  109. PFV is more an analyst and a super fan of Lin. His videos are very long and detailed.

  110. Some kind of frustration, trying to mold Lin into some alpha dog that Lin isn’t. Lin can also analyze the game as well as Kobe but takes a different approach.

  111. Scott is clueless. What a donkey

  112. so that would be more than the league leading 21.3 shots per game he is currently taking for the season?

  113. PFV is a goodie. He’s just downplaying some aspects of Lin’s situation/game to gain credibility against the hate narratives. It’s judo. Not really something that hurts us or Lin, just a feint.

  114. No Lin to feed. It was night and day when Lin and Booz went to bench. Maybe also without an experienced strongman next to him … E.D. is very different in how he plays the game.

  115. kobe bryant fun facts:
    kobe is leading the league in shots per game (tho his coach wants him to shoot more). he also has the lowest shooting % of any one in the top 112 players in the nba listed by “efficiency” rating. and the second lowest 3 pt. % of any player in the nba period who takes at least 5 3’s per game (d. rose is worse).

  116. nicknames … I’m going to use some of the nicknames on Lin’s Christmas pres. So, is Weezy Ellington? Has to be. Loved the Wes Coast. If only Wes were more consistent on his shooting, that would be an awesome nickname. Swaggy is pretty perfect, but needs more consistent shots and less freelancing for it to be awesome. Bobby Sac … ha ha, 7 pts in what, 10 seconds? Sack of potatoes at times, but ok at times. This whole team has potential and IS inconsistent by nature of its potential.

  117. I am just saying that he might have. The remark where really smart people take themselves too seriously…was Kobe talking about himself.

  118. New Year’s deal? how if we talk less about Kobe and more about creative things around Lin? Dunno what, but sort of bored with knowing so much about Kobe.

  119. He would have heard it, given how drama ridden LAL is with all its people whispering stuff to each actor for their own ends.

  120. The Lat game Lin was 9/14 from the field and Kobe was 6/14

  121. You are probably right.

  122. I just love them. They remind me of the friendship lin had with Jared Jefferies.

  123. Another one where Boozer pats Jeremy’s head 🙂

  124. it does seem eerily similar to the lin situation: like lin dwill was having a solid season putting up double digit scoring most nites but nets were not winning; suddenly he was on the bench and not playing much at all (lopez demoted at the same time paralleling boozer/lin demotion). as with lin and understandably dwill did not take to his new situation very well. however (as with lin) he seems to have adjusted scoring in double digits last nite and leading the team off the bench in scoring tonite thus far….the justification for the changes the same as with lakers: tho both lin and dwill were performing well their teams were not winning and teams have won a higher % since the changes.

    (no consideration made of who the opponents were however).

  125. LOL I tend to glimpse thru anything about BS and KB on Twitters and here. Don’t clip on any articles on these two:-)

  126. Kobe don’t care. Just keep shooting, Kobe says. #kobelogic

  127. actually d rose said the same thing when asked about his 26% 3 pt shooting (the only one below kobe’s 29%)

  128. Kobe just wants them to relax, pass him the ball and let him take all the shots. That’s what he must have ment by “relaaaaxx”. #kobelogic

  129. This is really good. This is the GM of the Cavs and he is addressing the rumors:

  130. I was reading through some of the many tributes written today about Stuart Scott, and came across one on MTV’s site. It may be a generational thing, but I found it interesting that Jeremy Lin’s was the first athlete MTV mentioned in the article — out of potentially hundreds of possible alternative athletes who tweeted about Stuart Scott’s death.

    While some of basketball’s older generation (coaches, players, fans) have showed little interest in encouraging JLin’s ongoing development and showcasing his talents, I find it encouraging that MTV’s choice of athlete identification gives some validation to Jeremy’s ongoing importance to his generation — in spite of the attempts to marginalize his ability to contribute to his team.

    Sports organizations are not immune to the risks of aging fan populations and dwindling revenues and interests as fans age and burn out — and the old guard in basketball is allowed to distain and marginalize younger talent which would refresh the fan base. Front offices would be wise to pay notice.

    LeBron James, Lil Wayne And More Celebrities Pay Tribute To The Legendary Stuart Scott

    The sportscaster is mourned and honored by countless celebrities, actors, musicians and athletes.

    by Caitlin White

    Today we lost Stuart Scott to cancer. The 21 year SportsCenter veteran was an unstoppable force in the sports media world, singlehandedly setting the tone for what SportsCenter would become, and becoming a legend in his own right during his decade-spanning career. Scott was diagnosed with cancer in 2007 and fought the disease with all his might.

    But his legacy is remembered today by people from all corners of the country, including world-class athletes like Jeremy Lin, LeBron James, Richard Sherman and even rappers like Nicki Minaj and Lil Wayne, and prominent members of Hollywood like Keifer Sutherland. …


  131. Still respect him
    think hes knowledgeable
    just sometimes cant agree with the guy
    i mainly use urs and his posts as reference

  132. To foul or not to foul, that is the question:
    Whether ’tis nobler in the mind to obey BS,
    The slings and arrows of outrageous KB,
    Or to disarm one’s opposing PG nonetheless,
    Can be easily determined by degree from Harvard .
    Take charge Ivy Leaguer I’d say
    For your fortune and (lin)sanity.

  133. This reminds me of when Boozer said that he has absolute faith in Lin and that with he, Young, Kobe and Scott in his hear makes it hard for him sometimes.

  134. If you notice in that clip, kobe thought lin was openly defying him, when lin had his eye on Scott the whole time and lin even pointed to the clock, but Scott kept saying no. Yep this backfired on kobe big time.This gave the fans an inside view of what is really going on behind the scenes. Some laker site i visited hoped that kobe apologized, but we all know he didn’t.

  135. Hoping for no letdown. I’ll take 12 pts, 6 assists, 2 or 3 TOs in 24 minutes. But hopefully no 6 pts on 2-9, 2 assists and 3 TOs in 18 minutes. I’d like to see him go into a stretch without the single-digit scoring and play well enough where he gets 24 minutes minimum.

  136. Psalm, I refuse to vote until you declare
    WHO (*wink wink*)is the poll winner for THAT game~! ( ̄▽ ̄)

  137. It looked like a panic move and some guy ranting along while the rest of the team is like, this is what the coach wants. Kobe is not going to acknowledge much, but at least Byron said it is his judgment over Kobe’s. I guess that’s progress for an inept coach that defers to his superstar player.

  138. Did you see the look on lin’s face when Kobe made the move, lin just shook his head.LOL.. BTW, I think that thye might be setting up ED Davis for trade bait. Notice how Hill has completely shutdown.jmo

  139. They’d be smarter to trade Hill. He hasn’t played well in a long time. He misses Lin setting him up.

  140. If you do not vote, you are not gonna be a winner,,,,LOL

  141. I think foul or not is really not the thing here. The way Kobe ran all the way to foul is like he could not relax and just panicked. Kind of embarrassing but of course medias will spin that away….

  142. I think Hill has some sort of clause of no trade.So we will see what happens.

  143. I have noticed the Laker media has stopped playing the clip. The other NBA media is making fun of Kobe and that is how they are spinning it.LOL

  144. Bingo, Scott is weaving a web of self preservation..LOL

  145. IND Game Thread is now open!

    Let’s go, JLin!


  146. ok,… hm there’ll be one less competitor then :>
    I just got back.. let me check

  147. Oh Brent, you are absolutely correct!!! 真是一语惊醒梦中人!I can not fall behind!

  148. Please~~~handsome!
    ( ̄▽ ̄)
    Thank you! You the best!

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