G34 IND @ LAL Game Thread

May Jeremy continue his aggressive-but-controlled mentality that rewarded him richly in the MEM game.

Will it be showcasing for a trade or preparation for a tough schedule by relying more on JLin?

Go JLin! 

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  1. 1st 🙂
    Let’s go Jeremy!

  2. Now this is interesting, I wander how many minutes lin will get?

  3. Kobe not in the same building = Freedom!!!! 🙂

  4. Wow! That’s the big step…

  5. I’m watching Linsanity movie now..
    Jeremy asked his mom everyday in the car at 5th grade, “Why are you not taller? That must be why I am so short”
    Mom, “Blame your dad! I’m 5’6”, not so short for Asian women”


  6. Now be honest, how many times have you watched the movie thus far? 😛

  7. 3-4 :]
    This time I’m only playing it for my visiting relative LOL

  8. Stay home and rest, my son. Daddy looks out for you

  9. As usual, less than 20 min:-)

  10. yeah dont have to worry about the death stare from the bench. ultimate freedom. django unchained.

  11. LOL I watched numerous times when I was able to watch in youtube. Would love to get the DVD but wasn’t able to when I was in US early last year:-(

  12. i think pistons are undefeated since waiving j. smith. winning 2nite.

  13. JLin fans: “Take an extended vacation. You deserve it”

  14. actually lin is averaging 21 minutes since sent to the bench. (thos noted he on average for the entire season plays about an additonal 4 minutes more at home than on the road)

  15. he could go as is being hinted for the melo man and just sit out the rest of the year

  16. Seriously, what is up with Josh Smith?

  17. Haha. I’m not judging… we are all Jeremy fans here 🙂

  18. “Let’s be blunt. The Pistons have yet to lose since they jettisoned Josh Smith — a fact coach Stan Van Gundy and the players are downplaying.

    To be fair, there are other factors. But there’s no escaping it — the Pistons appear to be significantly better without Smith.”

    –vince ellis det. free press.

  19. The Kobe parts are prescient. Little Joe Lin was especially impressed by his brother’s first NBA games, “Jeremy was guarding Kobe!”

  20. “The Detroit Pistons were so frustrated with the play ofJosh Smith that they used the stretch provision in the league’s collective bargaining agreement to release him, which essentially meant paying him more than $27 million just to go away.

    The Rockets, ever opportunistic, chose to add Smith to their roster for a little more than $2 million this season.

    Smith scored 21 points and grabbed eight rebounds in his Houston debut, which resulted in a win over the Memphis Grizzlies. He was then given a spot in his new team’s starting lineup, but after producing little there in his last four games, Rockets head coach Kevin McHale sent him back to the bench.

    After shooting a combined 9-of-31 in his last four contests, Donatas Montiejunas was re-inserted into the starting lineup for Houston’s home contest against the Heat on Saturday.

    This is who Smith has become, at least to a certain extent. While his length and athleticism is something NBA front offices rightfully drool over, the reality is that the way he chooses to implement the talents that he possesses has done nothing more in recent seasons than provide utterly disastrous results.

    In five games with the Rockets, Smith has averaged career lows in points (8.4) and rebounds (5.2), while shooting 34.6 percent from the field, and 12.5 percent from three-point distance…”

    —brett polakoff nbc sports

  21. Looks landry fields is a starter again

  22. Psalm, I think on one occasion you mentioned that your wife commented that this web site (community) was like the bar in the TV comedy “Cheers.” I just wanted to say I thought that was quite clever. I smile when I remember it.

  23. I am telling Scott is in self preservation mode. i would not even doubt if he got different marching orders after that fiasco about the foul. Kobe looked crazy and outta control. I am sure that kobe will get all the accolades tonight to sooth his ego.

  24. Yeah!! Team unchanged again !

  25. “len-sanity!”

  26. No it’s called Scott got different marching orders from the F/O on kobe…LOL

  27. I remember LAL’s last game against Toronto, he didn’t play at all until literally at the last second of the game. How did he move up to the starting line up?

  28. Apparently, Kobe won’t travel to Portland for tomorrow’s game either.


  29. Oops……should be unchained…see I’m too excited…hahaha

  30. Smith is fools gold IMO, like some other highly touted players in the league

  31. A game without Kobe is like a day without sunshine.

  32. derozan is inactive. they want lou williams to be the 6th man scorer off the bench? but would still think maybe patterson would be starting? fields is only getting 12 minutes a game on the season. (but has started 7 games) doesn’t make a lot of sense why hes starting actually.

  33. I bet it’s order from Jeanie…..

    Dear Jeanie,

    Please step in more, and I promise I won’t tweet you again.


  34. or – full of sunshine 🙂

  35. Yeah. I was being sarcastic 🙂

  36. I think somehow Scott respected the fact that Lin listened to him and not Kobe. Some of the other players would have done what Kobe wanted to do. One of the traits of a good leader is that you have to be able to follow.

  37. ok 🙂

  38. Is lin’s PPG 14.2 now.That is what it says on the Lakers’s ESPN page.

  39. That is his PER… his PPG is 10.6

  40. Ok, thanks

  41. perhaps this would be a good time 2 explain whats a per (or not)

  42. Basketball games are indoor.

  43. Player Efficiency Rating
    The PER sums up all a player’s positive accomplishments, subtracts the negative accomplishments, and returns a per-minute rating of a player’s performance.

  44. What a surprise to see this!

  45. So she threw poor Dad under the bus instead of taking full responsibility for choosing to marry him. Not a good example to set for an impressionable, young Jeremy 🙂

  46. Text Lin to 69622

  47. Just an analogy. They used to advertise orange juice that way.

  48. Kobe’s just sick of Lin CONSTANTLY OUTPLAYING HIM.

  49. phnx n their 3 headed point guard put up 70 pts on toronto in the first half.

  50. Update for the Poll winners:

    After the MEM game, there is a 4-way tie as @moominfloren:disqus , @Lymania, @chapterhss:disqus join @CJSHYY:disqus as the leader with 4 wins!



  51. What about those who voted Linsanity? Don’t make me beg! lol.

  52. LOL

  53. This is so calculating on kobe/scott’s part so that kobe can look good at home games..smh


  54. Landry has started a few games already.

  55. Young was back for a long time… He can count one… LOL!

  56. Here is what he said in October, 2014 …

  57. :] almost there..
    and many probably would enjoy the begging lol

  58. Don’t worry psalms. I’ve watched it by myself at least 4-5 times already. We all need some inspiration sometimes.

  59. thanks, I did marry a clever one :]
    she’d be happy to hear that.

    And which character you’d resemble the most in “Cheers”?

  60. I’m fully Lin-spired now.
    Gonna swing my golf clubs tomorrow 😀
    Senior PGA Tour, here I come haha..

  61. 10.8? I though it is aeound 11p

  62. I did but I got this! It blocks me. Don’t know why. Maybe because my message is too awesome for them to handle.

  63. Impressive! Purely impressive! So quick this time!!

  64. Actually, I was just thinking of the generally friendly, informal environment here. But if I had to choose one character I’d probably say Frazier … . 🙂

  65. Hey Folks…I’m back! 🙂

    Happy New Year to ALL.

    Lets have Linsanity today!

  66. Second.

  67. Welcome back! Have a very very blessed New Year!

  68. Wow…. so many of you who had predicted well…bravo!

  69. HNY….. blubell…yeah I know, its either the race thingy or the mod here are bias, we never get points for voting Linsanity! 🙁 LOL

  70. Right cause Lin, Young, and Ellington can’t make 3s! What BS!

  71. To be fair only way we get Linsanity is when Lin gets 30 pts! 20pts is only “ok”.

  72. good luck to jeremy

  73. LOL, the prime target should be about making into playoff, so according to him, he is contradicting. Make the 3s NY and JL.

  74. What do you guys want? You guys already got Linsanity! Be content with it! Hahaha!

  75. 10.6

  76. Good to have you back!

  77. RIP Stuart Scott..

  78. Maybe Kobe sitting on away games will allow Lin to finally perform well both at home and away! We know Lin will always play better at home cause of the fan cheers!

  79. HNY my dear! Wishing you best of health and happiness as well

  80. Is anyone knows who the violinist who play the national anthem just now? Is he the young guy who play on the street in Seattle? It sounded like electric violin but my channel not showing who he is the entire time! Thank you in advance!

  81. What a high standard you have!

  82. I would love to see that…that would be one of my 2015 wishes!

  83. greedy! 🙂

  84. Kobe taking most of the shots, not surprised but least he’s 3-3 so far. Will BS bench Lin for playing well last game? Is Jeanie Buss watching?

  85. Looks like Kobe is going for another double or triple? The rebounds speaks

  86. thats his new style

  87. so a slightly neurotic but charming psychologist, haha.. jk
    I love Frazier too. Also his dad’s Jack Russell terrier!

  88. all this pressure from 1 member LOL

  89. Pethetic play after a timeout…

  90. LAL can keep letting hill to brick

  91. scotts inconsistent subbing

  92. I told you guys this game was going to be all about Kobe trying to win back the crowd adoration.. He is so freaking predictable and pathetic..smh

  93. If JL and RK could get the PnR going, Jeremy would be getting huge assist. Kelly is pretty solid is setting picks and rolling hard to the basket. Since this would be he second game…it will take time to get him going

  94. I sense that as well

  95. Lin coming in soon woot woot!! lol Doing his frog-like stretch at the table!

  96. yes, and that’s not easy!
    I tried hard too :]

  97. Predictable, ego maniac can’t let Lin have all the glory. Lin’s gotta ignore Kobe when he comes in and shoot!

  98. he walked back to the bench, hmm..

  99. well

  100. See… Kobe scoring all by himself, his teammates with 0 pts and Lakers are losing lol.

  101. lin is being penalized my gosh

  102. kobe didnt bther to guard

  103. Love to see all the kind and friendly people on this site!

  104. Started out with a big lead… now behind by 8… pathetic

  105. So the pattern is, if lin had a good game, his next game will be a late entry for the 1st q

  106. Happy New Year!

    Happy Lin Year! 🙂

  107. Lin was about to come in, he was at the scoring table.

  108. twice on kobe not bothering to close out perimeter shooters. lazy stat chaser

  109. lin need to come in play well.

  110. JHill i missing high and low…BScott should have taken him out earlier

  111. all about 24 and all about 24

  112. Yep. Played too well and talked smart.

  113. ref time was going to happen so he has to sit

  114. HNY , my friend

  115. That’s what Kobe’s advise to Lin not take himself too seriously is about … I bet!

  116. Yeah…if they let him play. Seems like they will cut his minutes today.

  117. Lin in!

  118. The first unit is no match for the Pacers

  119. Looks like Pacers had their plan on hitting 3s today!

  120. Things I would like to see Lin work on this off season when he chooses a team/coach that gets it. Hopefully, with players that think like him and not the overrated selfish stars he’s bean dealing with for the last few years. He has already improved his defense (which is underrated imo), off the ball skills, shooting, but he still needs to improve in more areas to round out his game.

    -Better change of pace and use his speed when needed. He is always playing at a top end speed for the most part and needs to learn how a Chris Paul or DRose (lately after injury) mixes in drives at a moderate, more controlled pace. Changing it up a bit will keep defenders off balance.

    -Better fancy dribbling. He seems to rely on his elite quick first step, but adding more moves to his arsenal will open up the floor more.

    -Work on a post game. Against smaller pg’s I think he could excel in this area. He could kill it scoring and dish to outside shooting if the right coach called this for him.

    -floaters, floaters, floaters. He said he worked on it this summer, but that hasn’t translated too well for whatever reason so go back to the drawing board and it will become second nature.

    -Learn to fight through screens better, lower center of gravity. He has improved a lot this year in this area, but needs to do more.

    -And obviously, keep improving his shooting. FG%, 3 pt, and free throws need to continue to improve every year for him to take the next step

  121. Game so ugly again…

  122. well

  123. Oh man!…how I wish that sinking in

  124. Thanks Maknusia. Hope you had a success trips.

  125. Scott being outcoached again… what else is new.

  126. momentum says no

  127. floaters aren’t that great lower percentage than 3s, rather Lin learn the hook shot that looks unstoppable!

  128. Lin’s unit will make a run once they come in Q2

  129. Yes sir!

  130. HNY, mate 🙂

  131. can’t wait…

  132. blown assist… oh well.

  133. Splendid! one month vacation makes you lazy as well…lol

  134. about that initial spread of 8 pts, 6 of those were kobe’s fault for not even bothering to chase or close out the 3 pt shooter.

  135. Same goes to you as well 🙂 Happy New Year JJ

  136. nick young so one dimensional

  137. Tks tsk, Young leaning in for the foul.

  138. guy has no concept of good shot selection. such a dumb player; pure confidence that means nothing

  139. How’s Lin doing?

  140. =( Paul George in the audience, all these players with such potential keep getting injured.

  141. 2nd quarter just started, got called for offensive foul for his hand pushing the defender, making assists for now haven’t started shooting yet.

  142. Lin talked about the special momentum with the 2nd unit in the last game.
    I’m hoping to witness one now

  143. I agree with that, but floaters are low percentage for players mainly because it is worked on very little compared to other parts. I think Lin has a soft enough touch that it could be a high percentage for him if worked on. And it’s so valuable when going into the lane against certain bigs. He needs to preserve his body more too, he isn’t getting many calls when he goes all the way to the hoop strong. Love to see the hook!

  144. good effort

  145. thx

  146. Young doesn’t even look Lin’s way once he has the ball. =/

  147. quinn buckner, commentator for pacers, banging on Lin saying he can’t stay with Stuckey

  148. Good hassle by Lin, on the floor for the loose ball again! I know he’s trying to get his teammates going but I hope he makes some shots soon!

  149. this game is slow not good for lin. iso heavy idk what will happen.

  150. iso iso iso

  151. does he look for anyone really

  152. Young is iso player, that’s his style not going to change.

  153. lin getting worked by 2-man game.

  154. Last game Young made more passes to Lin, this game not so much.

  155. thanks to Young…

  156. its not one on one. stuckey is getting screen

  157. Missed a shot, has a TO on an offensive foul. Doesn’t look like he’s in a groove yet.

  158. Poor defense…….so bad

  159. i know its insane the bias

  160. Lin with 2 fouls already? =/

  161. yeah. boozer is the help guy, i believe

  162. Yep….one offensive

  163. not a good pace for lin

  164. Stuckey got the hot hands.
    Lin would need to attack him on offense

  165. buckner has been a hater since linsanity

  166. Nice run to the rim! Fts coming up!

  167. Good aggressive Lin. 2 FTs!

  168. these one pass shots pissing me off

  169. ><" Lin's shot is off….

  170. finally lin gets a call

  171. What in the world is happening on those FTs?

  172. goddamn FT. come on

  173. Phew, got 1 to roll Lin!

  174. Thanks and happy new year to you too! Is your name Maknusia a Malay language? thanks!

  175. lin out jesus

  176. lol price 17 minutes first haif

  177. wow…

  178. WTH was that sub?

  179. Kobe already back in at 7 min mark of 2nd quarter?! Yea BS and Kobe padding his stats!

  180. OK my break until late 3rd QT

  181. Kobe gotta get his 20pts this game to show up Lin! SMH!

  182. Thank you

  183. 0 points….Price’s job=ball boy for Kobe.

  184. FWIW, Jeremy boxes out and screens like a mini-Bogut. If he’s a forward, he’s the most efficient big in the league, like how he’s the most efficient guard now.

  185. seriously price gets minutes like he is a star pg wow

  186. bc byron is unhappy with stuckey’s pts. fair enough. but its also the big’s fault

  187. So bad…..smh

  188. BS has to make sure Lin doesn’t warm up and start scoring so he can keep inconsistent narrative going.

  189. So BS.

  190. Efficient & consistent as always!!

  191. but its crazy that leash is wayyyyyy too short for a bad team

  192. Lin shouldn’t have passed to Young so much instead of looking for his own shot!

  193. i would say 70 percent of the time that young shoots it, lin is wide open on 3 pt line. so annoying

  194. You da man Byron.
    There’s a reason you’ve always had a losing record

  195. It’s okay. It will be backed up by inconsistent minutes Byron gives Jeremy.

  196. I do not think he is good at passing….not saying mentality wise

  197. I just hope lin acn break double figures on points tonight.we all knew this was going to be the Kobe show and of course Swaggy P has to get his points in… This is such a pathetic organization. Lin needs to smarten up and get in and get your points quickly.

  198. he has to be a microwave out there

  199. He did shoot some….let’s hope he gets more

  200. JLin is only going to play around 15 min in this game.

  201. Why can’t Young pass to a wide open Lin more like last game? <.< Obvious cause his stats didn't look good last game!

  202. he has no problem seeing ppl in midrange, like boozer. but the rest of the court — he is either confidently selfish or has bad court vision

  203. I think both…he was just not used to do it

  204. I felt that he had it taken a little too quick

  205. the culture is bad….when the whole team sees 24 going one on one 80% of the time they all want to get theirs….so the team concept might be there for a quarter or 2 but it wont last

  206. Hey Scott, the only inconsistent Lin has is the punishment after each great performance.

  207. either way it is bad coaching that young has not attempted to change. catch and s hoot is always better than contested pull up

  208. bball IQ not high

  209. Yea cause he missed the first 2 shots so he is inconsistent!

  210. The Pacers are killing the Lakers on the inside and the outside lol. If Jeremy is a forward, he can singlehandedly kill these Pacers on the inside.

    BS just took out of the Lakers’ best rebounder, boxes out and best screener: friggin’ Jeremy Lin.

  211. Yep….once young is in charge….it is not gonna be a good night for lin

  212. What is the score?

  213. price isnt stopping anyone either.

  214. 44-33

  215. Ronnie Price brings so much of nothing to the table…nice guy but come on with this nonsense

  216. BScott loooves his Price-less adopted son

  217. Not sure he’s doing anything at all

  218. Young 1-6 yet still on the court lol.

  219. Exactly, you don’t need to pass it to Young so much. You never see it back and BS is gonna bench you if you are not scoring. He says he wants you to set teammates up, but the truth is he only keeps you in if your scoring so just like the 4th quarter last game, you shouldn’t really listen to your idiotic coach. Sometimes you have to decide on your own what to do. F the coach!

  220. BS has a fixed idea about how good young is. he’s so stubborn in his stupidity

  221. Byron loves his defensive effort plus he makes Kobe look good as PG in comparison

  222. Hahaha.. A in ur face block, Nicely done

  223. This all about him trying to reclaim the spotlight from lin. LOL

  224. amazing pass by kobe

  225. effort and game impact as we all know are two different things

  226. What’s the point of having Wes & Price in game? Zero point combined!

  227. Kobe would not have passed if that was Jeremy.

  228. Price’s main purpose is to be a nonAsian body that plays in front of the Asian guy.

    That’s the ONLY reason Price is playing.

  229. so true. but lin doesnt move well enough off the ball to get to that spot. sad but true

  230. throw that shoe ronnie!
    you can do it!

  231. Haha…a bounce pass is what price needs. Can provides more lift..really a nice pass

  232. I shy away from race—as a Latino who I have felt it for a very long time in this country —but I cant deny your assessment…because there is no game impact there

  233. NONSENSE.

    Lin moves great to open spots all the time.

    The Lakers just don’t want to pass to Lin, that’s all.

  234. Btw…price went to the corner for that three….who is gonna cover the fast break if he miss?

  235. Pacers have no athletes out there…run them out the gym should be the strategy

  236. Why shy away from race?

    Race is the ONLY issue with Lin.

    It’s not his game, personality, talent, or technique.

  237. Still…9pts

  238. That defense just ugly

  239. free throws.

  240. Kobe’s dare u to shoot d again

  241. This is hurting my eyes

  242. kobe is waiting for rebound lol

  243. Hahahahahahahaha

  244. when ronnie price and pat be are getting more minutes the truth is there for all of us to see….its not like those guys have anything remarkable about them game wise. salute to you for always making us see what we dont want to acknoweldge

  245. Exactly my thought

  246. lol…no….just my job assignment in SEA, and picked up the the name from my Indonesia/Malaysian colleague 🙂

  247. Yup. Boozer seems to pass back to Lin occasionally.

  248. kobe fights for rebound and lakers lose it. pathetic

  249. Already turned it off.

  250. love to see the bench start oneday

  251. To justify Kobe’s “Charmin” claim.

  252. Hahahahahahaaha stat ladder fighting

  253. Now it’s up to the bench to get this game even close to winning.

  254. who was kobe passing too? not even close

  255. I believe he was passing to scott

  256. When lin comes back in, he should fight for the rebounds to score.He knows how it goes.LOL

  257. darken shades?!

  258. Is Booze in?

  259. Agree! I was surprised Lin wasn’t fight for rebounds from the moment he came in!!

  260. The sport they are playing….lol something I completely can not recognize…

  261. nope

  262. when lin gets the rebound, it often results in transition pts.

    it just goes to show how badly coached this team is that they dont outlet to him.

  263. Lakers basketball – D-league style

  264. I’ve learned the hard way that it’s better to just talk about race openly and fairly and honestly instead of inadvertently protecting the racists by pretending that racism does not exist.

  265. He thought they were going to play team ball like they did the other night

  266. BScott style!

  267. No, D-League plays TEAMBALL.

    What the Lakers are doing is DUMBBALL.

  268. wow what a boring game

  269. seriously and stop walking it up as if the ball will come back to you—-they aint passing

  270. price played 17 minutes to hit 1 three and get 1 assist. how efficient

  271. He couldnt even get the team ball going with his unit…too short of a leash…sigh

  272. he is great

  273. Getting dumb and dumber…

  274. Should know by now, they weren’t going to especially when Young didn’t get his last game! That’s why Lin needs to make his shots and set the tone every game for himself!

  275. its amazing the game is as close as it is.

  276. Lol…….thank God the 1H is over

  277. well both teams have 20 plus losses

  278. yeah.

  279. Amen!

  280. What is the score

  281. Same with Ellington… I like both players but man they never pass.

  282. I agree. I want to see Lin push the ball up the court more. He’s walking it up far too much. Even Kobe and Price bring the ball up faster.

  283. YAWN……… don’t bother to wake me….

  284. lakers are playing like crap. it should be a blowout

  285. Stay strong. We need you to report how boring is the game 🙂

  286. This suppose to be a winnable game

  287. This game is making me fall asleep….

  288. Well, I do not blame them, the FO only cares about tanking and Kobe, then I agree the players should look after their own interest. FO does not care about players career/future, why should they care about the team?

  289. Yeah, don’t wake up until tomorrow.

  290. the kinds of shots that lakers take — regardless of whether it goes in or not — are awful. that is the most frustrating thing about watching this team

  291. Lakers starters 1st Q – 15-28. Bench started 2nd Q – 26-20. This has been the consistent pattern for BS’s new lineup. Any fool except BS can see the bench should be the starters.

  292. Going to miss the rest of the game. Have fun everyone:-)

  293. but at least kobe is having some good stats, rite? that’s all that matters.

  294. Against an eastern team with 13-21, at home court, and Lakers is behind 7 points with 41 at half. Lin played only 7 mins.

    Lin, run away from this team next year please.

  295. This year, brtter yet, this month,

  296. If either BS or Kobe is with the team next year and Lin chooses to stay, I will stop following him.

  297. Lin needs to come in and play his game and get his points and stop trying to these fools to play team ball. Him walking the ball up the court is probably orders from Byron Scott about not pushing the pace. You guys know that is not lin to walk the ball up the court.

  298. Amen

  299. Says no one but BS. lol.

  300. Kobe has only 1 season left and we all know that Scott is there as long as Kobe. Lakers will need to start their rebuild and they need a rebuild coach and that is not Scott.

  301. As long as Kobe is surrounded by “Charmin” in his unit, he is still a star LOL.

  302. That’s only if Lin has other opportunities in the NBA.

    If the Lakers are the only team in the NBA that offers Lin a contract, Lin should take it.

  303. yeah, we all knew this game was going to be about Kobe looking good and also Swaggy P getting his.

  304. Lin can only go against the coach so much.

    Byron Scott is more interested in benching the Asian guy than winning the game.

    Besides, Lin’s bench guys came out on top while the starters got pummeled.

  305. Turning off the TV….so bored

  306. So quiet here. Ready for a pre game thread for tomorrow? lol.

  307. Good idea!

  308. Yeah, i want to see lin with some points. That is the only thing that gets this leagues attention.

  309. from the top, lin went right and took a jumper. he is looking for his own shot when he doesnt pass it off

  310. Great, he just needs to keep shooting or attacking the basket to get himself going.

  311. saves energy

  312. 1 point so far. I hope he ends up in double digits. This is the scenario that worried me. That he’d not have good numbers and have single digit points and the stupid inconsistency tag would be attached to him. He barely played any minutes and came in late in the 1st quarter.

  313. I think attack the basket, but hopefully make his foul shots. He’s been slumping from the FT line lately.

  314. It is obvious! KB n BS make sure Davis and Lin NOT on the floor together because it looks too beautiful and too exciting for KB to swollow! They also make sure Lin sits longer after a good game! BS n KB also want Price to help Bryant scores and Byant helps Price (BS’s former player) looks good too! It doesnt matter win or lose as long as KB looks good and Lin doesnt look better than KB!

  315. Wesley Johnson benched.

  316. wes benched

  317. How about consistent Price?

  318. injured?

  319. After this game, Lin should come to shake hand with all Pacers congratulating them for the victory.

  320. Here is the thing with lin, he knows that he is on a short leash, when he gets in the game, he needs to getting his own rebounds to score and attack the basket whenever he can, Stop trying to set these fools up because kobe plays iso, they will too. it is a culture and you have an inept coach who is not going to set up plays for him. He needs to take a point out of Boozer’s page. Get you some points on the board and then worry about the other crap. Lin is not going to get a starting PG contract with his stats at this point.

  321. 2nd longest leash scrub goes down. Now Young will get his chance to start or maybe Ellington since Kobe doesn’t want Young to out shine him LMAO

  322. and ask them if they have room for him 🙂

  323. Yes, just saw that he is.

  324. Ellington is struggling.

  325. Kobe wants to be surrounded by “Charmin”.

  326. So he can look good, duh! How did a selfish, player like him ever get 5 rings? SMH

  327. How about focus on the win first? No Lin no win.

  328. No lin to feed him the ball.

  329. Hopefully…

  330. Kobe is not playing tomorrow. So it could be Ellington and NYoung playing the 2 and 3 spot?

  331. not really. lin is treated just the same as before by scott

  332. While Lin continues to be benched SMH.

  333. Wrong ball hog starter to get injure.

  334. Same reason why Hill’s stats have fallen off the grid.

  335. 2H started already?

  336. Price just hit a jumper.Lin will sit..smh

  337. sloan eating price right now

  338. watching ufc with the game.

  339. 545 2nd half. Lin almost in.

  340. My thoughts exactly =/

  341. hahahahaa

  342. what

  343. whaaaaaattttt

  344. Lakers starters are 9-15 stating the 3rd Q again. Just hopeless!

  345. what happened?

  346. Still enough time for another starter to go down.

  347. Kobe figures out the old man’s game – feed Davis!

  348. the fact that this guy start over lin is sad. that the third time he has done that

  349. I feel bad for Price on that one. Well, kind of.

  350. Yep, that is all he is going to do. That is why Scott didn’t play lin/Davis together a lot.

  351. Ulala, Price missed that dunk! Lin played less than 6 min for the 1st half after a last good game!

  352. I literally LOL on that missed dunk

  353. price went for a dunk it after a steal. wife open. it missed so bad it was above the box outline on the basketball hoop.

  354. Looks like Kobe and Davis starting to connect. Only took 30 games!

  355. WTH!!!! omg sounds funny and sad at the same time

  356. indiana host laughing at price hard

  357. Priceless.

  358. Kobe-Ed doesn’t have that smooth connection like how Jeremy-Ed is.

  359. Finally Kobe gets it after they lost so many. Hehe they are making fun of Prices’ no dunk. Sad state when honest paying fans enjoy laughing at their team.

  360. Jeremy coming in…

  361. Third missed dunk in a game for Price. LOL

  362. Ok I want to see some Jeremy-Kelly action..

  363. Lin pass kelly brick….end of the action

  364. LLin

  365. Must be fun watching Lakers game with opposing commentators!!!!!

  366. LOL come on.some positivity, Mod @brentyen:disqus

    This game is boring me to tears…

  367. That’s not fair to Kelly… lol.

  368. shaqtinafoo worthy?

  369. stu sure loves price

  370. Ask him how he likes that missed dunk? LMAO.

  371. So biased. Hate it so much

  372. yes

  373. what about?? he he sorry , i am unable to watch the game 🙂

  374. So I am happily not watching it and trolling here…LOL

  375. bad overhelp D by lin

  376. stu saves price’s farts in a jar

  377. Now we know where the inconsistency comes from.

  378. jeremy is looking for his shot

  379. when cj miles is killing u well hey

  380. Should’ve done that from start of the game! He should know by now that after every good game BS benches him!!

  381. 333333333333333333333

  382. bang

  383. Aware of the clock.

  384. 3 for Lin!!

  385. Lin was not shy to drain that 3!

  386. and there is that rebound

  387. Yes fouled!! Fts yo!!

  388. bench Jeremy – can’t have that!

  389. That’s the only way to play for this loser team!

  390. lin percolating

  391. yup, Lin peeked at the clock to check if he had time to attack the rim :]

  392. Outran the Pacers. I love that speed. He can use that speed on me anytime…. oops!

  393. 7 points in how may seconds?!! Go Lin!! He knows what’s up, he gotta look to score every minute he’s out there!

  394. lets get 7 more points

  395. lin shot the 3 at 30 sec mark. smart 2 for 1

  396. Game suddenly got exciting!

  397. lin has done more in 10 minutes then price did in 26

  398. 8 points!!!

  399. For all Lin faithful, we’re talking his engine starting! what, 5 pts in 1.5 mins? 1 steal? He’s not taking this lying down.

  400. Great clock management. 2 for 1 and checked to see if he had enough to attack.

  401. how does the fanbase allow price to start

  402. Lin has done more this season than Price has done in 10 years of his career!

  403. lol

  404. lol

  405. LOL Lets keep this PG….

  406. nnooo Lin is going to bring them back and ahead until kobe comes in to lose the game. Same as last game. Fun ahead, for 7 mins!

  407. that’s what Lin does BTW .. PG lol

  408. Somehow this pic gives me a weird feel…

  409. All Lin, ballLin!

  410. He’s just doing what PG should do.

  411. responsibilities

  412. That pull-up 3 was faster than Curry!

  413. Lin stop or steal, not sure how they will score it.

  414. Jeremy the game-changer.

  415. What does Paul George have to do here? lol

  416. Bench bringing it back!

  417. Anyone counted? How seconds were left when Lin went on that 7 pt run?!

  418. 2nd unit should start

  419. saying that all yr. THe 2nd unit simply is better

  420. stop before that, right! Then steal. for his final FTs.

  421. price and kobe backcourt come on man

  422. See Lin changed the game? Lin makes the difference and getitng EXCITING! Lin came in only three minutes!

  423. Brent, you got your TV on?

  424. take out sacre and go with Ed

  425. Nope….kiddos not want to sleep….need to do “something”

  426. watch kobe come back and lose this

  427. I am not that greedy…LOL

  428. idc lin get atleast 4 points more

  429. .48 sec about.

  430. wow… only 1 point difference!

  431. Then don’t turn it on bc Lin’s luck is changing lol. Yep, sleep time on West Coast too. All you are missing right now are Laker Girls hehe.

  432. I just checked play by play, Lin got his 7 points in 48.7 seconds!! Seriously Lin can score 30 pts every game if he was more selfish!

  433. predictable eh…

  434. lakers iso taking over

  435. booz greedy.

  436. lin loses minutes with that pass

  437. Lin is out of practice with those outlets. Good idea though.

  438. Haven’t seen that pass in a while.

  439. three point game because of him

  440. a given.

  441. Short leash…

  442. feeling it

  443. nothing but net.

  444. 10 pts for LiN!!

  445. Lin on fire!

  446. wow!

  447. Lin with the rebounds!!

  448. nick young come on man

  449. What’s Scola doing, mugging Lin?

  450. Assist!

  451. Not watching….but I somehow wanna laugh imagine that…

  452. Boozer connects, assist for Lin!!

  453. LOL nice shot

  454. Lakers fans, do you really want to see Lin’s exciting game or ball hogging slow game?

  455. Got a late whistle there too.

  456. seems like sacre like to pass out to nick after rebound

  457. want to see ronnie!

  458. Honestly, all those complicated theories about how to run a business pales in comparison to running a business using common sense. If Lakers FO can’t see that the fans are alive when the bench lead by Jeremy is slugging opponents out there, well they should relinquish their positions to someone else.

  459. well it was fun but its over now…thanks scare with that bad shot and boozer fighting

  460. It is more than twice. Not just young. BS’s personal order?

  461. Boozer probably did that push off your back thing he does. LOL

  462. You know Lakers’ bench are playing well when a fight breaks out LMAO.

  463. Old habits die hard…

  464. So far this is the best comment of the night lol…

  465. boozer looks for lin on those pass outs though

  466. More entertaining the game itself! LOL

  467. flagrant 1 free throws and ball could be a momentum killer

  468. Booz’Lin Bench!

  469. Playing with passion, that’s part of Linsanity.

  470. ugh… Kobe is in.

  471. kobe and young in get ready for sticky

  472. Lin’s unit is matching up well against Pacer’s first unit. If BScott is smart, he will let them in longer

  473. Gee…

  474. Shout out to Rodney Stuckey for efficiently holding back a guy way bigger guy than him

  475. Kobe back in get ready for the loss!

  476. Why did Hibbert get 2 FTs and PAcers still got the ball?

  477. flagrant.

  478. yeah, got it. thanks

  479. Kobe will control ball entire quarter sad

  480. Yup, always been

  481. Current lineup would have been great….. if Ellington is in rather than Kobe.

  482. Both Kobe and Young are in…

  483. I’m not even mad … if not for Lin, LAL would not be in this game.

  484. Got so annoyed when Jeremy was subbed out so soon in the 1st Q that I went and gave the kitchen floor the good scrubbing that it needed and I’ve been putting off. Thought it might be more fun than hearing about J on the bench. Back now to be pleasantly surprised that at least he managed to get in double digits…:)

  485. Lin still in? Can he touch the ball?

  486. With Kobe? nah just like last game

  487. Your kitchen floor owes that good scrubbing from Jeremy Lin.

  488. He needs to get his own rebound and drive to the basket.

  489. All Kobe… PG , SG… SF… all Kobe

  490. Young getting all these free points!

  491. I like Kobe less than Harden lol.

  492. It’s for the best, lest there be yet another “miscommunication”. LOL

  493. Be quiet Stu… smh.

  494. Lin playing with Kobe might as well sit on hte bench! so frustrating

  495. last three offensive possessions have been horrible

  496. Yeah, at least when harden was playing bad, he would just punk out and turn the game over to Lin.LOL

  497. teams offense is one pass shoot

  498. Kobe the PG!

  499. Kobe is avoiding to pass to Lin on 3PT line at all cost and the game is slowly slipping away

  500. i wish lin can make 1 more shot

  501. I still do not understand why Lin does not force the ball to the side line

  502. Not surprised…

  503. as always…lets see, if Scott comes out with any viable plan

  504. Shut the %$#% up Stu.

  505. He did get rebound but instead of going to the rim he waited for slow Lakers to get back =/

  506. I saw that. Waiving for his screen, wasting the whole weak side 3.

  507. I wish Kobe mistakenly thinks Lin is Swaggy :]

  508. note: booz has missed 2 or 3 key buckets here.

  509. exa ctly what i was thinking. he let the ball go middle

  510. Only two minutes left, Lin needs to get his points!

  511. Why do I feel like Kobe’s afraid Lin will hit the big shot?

  512. Note: if byron had run Lin pg for another 2 mins, they might be able to win this. But nooooo! mr bill.

  513. anyone else think Rodney Stuckey looks like the rapper 50 cent?

  514. Ball movement, team play, everything is soooo slow with kobe controlling ball

  515. Kobe the PG says: No xY%@ way!

  516. Man, that’s funny

  517. it was a big mistake

  518. And somehow his teammates did not yell at him saying the same thing too. I think this is a coaching thing

  519. Because that’s precisely it! 🙂

  520. Kobe the Hero… that’s what he been trying to be!

  521. lucky

  522. hehehe.

  523. eff bryant

  524. he is after the stat, so….

  525. kobe getting lucky calls

  526. gawd kelly is rusty under the bucket. 2 easy rebs missed that I saw – reactions slow.

  527. … and how many offence opportunities you wasted for he Lakers??????

  528. Kobe all hero ball, no passing!

  529. whats the pt of getitng a 3 if you give up an open one on the other end for nothing?

  530. Nice guarding job by kobe, not.

  531. They are star calls!

  532. surprising that BS letting lin close this. prolly bc wes is out

  533. Kobe … you missed that? OMG!

  534. kobe playing no d

  535. I rather to see Lin to sit down than standing around watching Kobe

  536. eff bryant

  537. he’s really bad, honestly. Sure, he hit that 3 but it was walk up, lose ball, longshot. He’s making this a 1-9 game.

  538. I’d agree, but with Jeremy it’s damned if you do and damned if you don’t. You’re right BS talks teamwork, but he actually values point more…but when Jeremy starts gettin’ up to a good number he gets benched right away to keep him looking too good. He has such a fine line to walk.

  539. What you expect? He does not even practice.

  540. If Lin is not involved….I rather he stay in the bench instead of these meaningless minutes

  541. Exactly! frustrating …. man!!!!

  542. Lin has sometimes been allowed to close lately. Not sure of that. Just a waste of fantasy minutes, though.

  543. Bryan the Hero! … wow… so much sacrifice to create a fake hero

  544. Play some D please Kobe.

  545. kobe has literally taken every shot the last 1 minutes

  546. Now Kobe can be the hero SMH!

  547. He will

  548. he let the last 3 in, challenged late.

  549. Not yet

  550. and we will lose

  551. is it over? lol sorry can’t watch it right now…

  552. its easy to remember the makes and forget the zillion misses

  553. it ain’t over yet

  554. We don’t forget.

  555. Not for me.

    I remember the zillion misses and not the makes.

  556. Last shot will be Vogel abuses lin tru the screen?

  557. Still Kobe Iso hero ball.

  558. Kobe says: foul foul foul… BS rushes out and foul them

  559. This game doesn’t need a hero. This game needs a serious team play…

  560. wow. no lin

  561. lol Price is in not Lin!!!

  562. Lin did not close the game

  563. Look, lf LAL wins, I know it’s because of Lin pulling the team back ties and holding there. If we lose, I know it’s because Byron let Kobe in 2 mins early. We need 6 pt lead for kobe to close out.

  564. for defense so called from price

  565. Go Pacers!

  566. no big, just politics.

  567. This is not the 1st time I saw Hibert brain locked

  568. Lin with only 10 points, should’ve looked for his own shots instead of passing so much to other teammates right from the start!

  569. OK… Kobe is the man! I am not going to watch any post game interviews. Just glad he won’t be playing tmr

  570. LOL…a good “Lin-n-out” cooking environment now.

  571. damn….

  572. What was that last shot? Gift to kobe.

  573. hey, did I read somewhere Kobe is a planned sit tomorrow? Love that Lin goes into tomorrow warmed up.

  574. If not for Jeremy rallying the bench, this game wouldn’t even be close.

  575. shhh.dont say it too loud

  576. Price was subs in for Boozer and
    Davis for Lin

  577. And I would’ve laughed if a 2/3 was drained in front of Price.

  578. I thought about it LOL

  579. Not that easy… they covered him well and he needs his teammates to play the right way. Kobe and Nick are not real teammates, they play for themselves

  580. he did and brought the team back. As soon as kobe came back, he did not have one offensive hold. I mean one time he got the rebound and pushed it up, but nobody went with him so he had to slow it down and who was there to demand it from him? you know …

  581. Ya! Can’t agree more.. Since Kobe came in … Lin didn’t take any shot at all. smh! Well, it’s ok if they let Lin do more tomorrow…

  582. Yes momentum changed when he came in. Scored quickly got them going defense tightened up. Would have won more easily if Kobe didn’t come in.

  583. I see what you did there


  585. Kobe iced out his teammates during the last few minutes to prove he can still dominate…..
    the lowly Pacers by….. 1 point.

  586. It should have been an easy winnable game….but they had to slough like crazy to get a win. If only BS subs in Lin early Q1, things would have been different

  587. music in the ears

  588. Kobe loves the attention..

  589. last sub don’t matter. this win also. lin got double figure. keep this going. on to tomorrow

  590. Don’t bother! Lin benched for most of the game again! When on a run with 2nd unit brought the team back in the game but when Kobe came back it was all iso! Lin didn’t even get to touch the ball!

  591. shhh

  592. Kobe is the man, NOT! He and the starters dug a big hole in the 1st and 3rd only for Lin the bench to mend the hole and come back to win in the 2nd and 3rd-4th.

  593. Hehe… I shut it off… don’t want to hear his voice

  594. hmmm…’thought so..

  595. Yup, that concludes the latest sequel of “Kobe the Hero”.
    He made his shots so he must’ve felt good about getting good clips for his documentary.

    Time for Lin-led team to shine tomorrow!

  596. And I hate the fact that he didn’t score more in the beginning know very well BS has always benched him after a good game!! Now his stats won’t show for it!! SMH

  597. Lin laughing and smiling at the end. Seems like he is keeping that joy from God he was talking about.

  598. Why BS Why?
    BS: oh it was miscommunication….

  599. Pleased with Lin, just wish he did a little more when it is Kobe time at the end of the game. Byron went with him to finish, interesting. Kobe is playing better with less minutes.

  600. Unbelievable.

  601. Not at the beginning of 2nd quarter! He made some misses but passed more to Young instead of looking more for his shot!

  602. I guess he will tomorrow.

  603. Good for u! So frustrating…..

  604. Kobe was freezing Lin out.

    Amazing to see how much Kobe feared Lin to hit the big shot. That’s respect from Kobe there.
    Kobe’s fear of Lin is real!

  605. is it a win? how was Lin?

  606. I do not understand why Lin has to camp at the right wing too. I think he is a better shooter on the left wing and corner. Who ddraw those formations?

  607. JL

  608. You know what I ain’t even mad. Lin got double figures, and he played a good game. He came in and in 48 secs scored 7 points. Got the team to within 6 points. Also looks like lin has earned some points with kobe/Scott, they are letting him play in the 4th quarter. That Boozer/Hibbert fight messed things up in lin scoring more points.

  609. kobe never needed justification for himself.

  610. is it a trick question?

  611. I missed his first rotation … yeah, saw the box and got disappointed was hoping for him to come out hard. He has pulled that last 3 min stint in 3rd out of the hat a couple or more times now, so he does know how to step up with the clock on his back.

  612. Wes also not going because of hip pointer. That will make it more difficult for BS to hide Lin the bench.

  613. lol

  614. Bryan, the PG.

  615. he started slow .. but was instrumental to lead the bench for the comeback.
    Then Kobe’s afraid Lin will hit the big shots during crunch time :]

  616. What’s with all these fake MJ accounts on tweeter?

  617. I believe I will get 2 answers..

  618. hard to say. its also bc wes was out, and lin can cover both 1s and 2s, which price cannot.

  619. lol…Kobe itself is a justification

  620. it’s the same 1 person, I think

    Perhaps he wants MJ to think about Lin

  621. I was just looking at free throws…given the number of minutes per player, looks like defenses tonight were loading up on Swaggy and Jeremy. Swaggy’s percentage was bad tonight, but apparently they worried about him anyway ’cause he was getting fouled a lot. Considering how few minutes he played, the number of fouls for Jeremy seems to say they know he’s dangerous. The bench assassin. Doesn’t look like they bothered with Price at all.

  622. fify … and tried to lose the game all by himself.

  623. because it’s the closest to Lakers bench? lol

  624. But he should shoot from the minutes he’s on the court since this isn’t something new.

  625. fouling isnt game-planned. lin was pressuring the defense to force the fouls

  626. Kobe was freezing out everyone.

  627. true, Lin’s aggressiveness made it happen

  628. I am really impressed with Lin….he turned his game within the game.

  629. He’s been sooo un-clutch lately, he must have lit a hella lot of candles praying for that gift to show up.

  630. except Young.

  631. ive never seen him look for his shot so aggresively this season as tonight. to the point that he forced the issue sometimes

  632. I will take whatever the result is, as long as he tries..

  633. I wonder what criticism Scott and Kobe are going to fire at Lin this game?

    Scott must be ANGRY that Lin played so well as to prevent Scott from doing DNP CD: Asian.

  634. but he should know by now that he is not going to get many shots ‘in the flow of the game’ with this team. he has to force it sometimes.

  635. LAJane … Kobe was feeding Swaggy hospital passes in an effort to avoid the kick out for the wide open hot-Lin 3.

  636. LOL

  637. Young got majority of his points via FTs and his own, and not from Kobe’s ast

  638. TBH…he literally just walked in…like there was no one …

  639. im happy to watch him do that. its just surprising. ive never seen him do it this way this season

  640. Bench outscored the “the other guys” by 2.

  641. Lin has DESTROYED the Pacers in the past.

    The Pacers know who he is and game plan against Lin – not that it makes any difference!

  642. And so shall you be angry when Lin refuses to prove you right!

  643. Thanks for the education…even nicer to know it’s Jeremy’s aggression 🙂

  644. He took a lot of pull up shots this season. I think he is forced to change his game again. BUT I like it because stars do that…the pull up shots.

  645. No no, I’m THRILLED that Lin’s fighting tooth and nail against Byron Scott’s increasing attempts to DNP CD Lin!

  646. So Kobe runs the plays? EVERYONE KNOWS IT ALREAY, BS!!! Got lucky tonight… BS, you think Hero Bryan will get lucky again next time?

  647. good point. he figured out how to make an impact after the initial struggle.
    I think he knew the urgency of getting his numbers to earn min for the 2nd half of the season.

    Trade or FA reasons

  648. that pull-up 3 before the end of 3rd was slick and smooth! F-1 racer stoping on a dime and putting a 50 footer.

  649. due to not playing with a good big to dive to basket, partly. but yes its a great addition to his game

  650. Hopefully Jeremy will end up with a different team from Kobe

  651. I feel he used the 1st stint to get the touch…not shooting..just get in rhythm as much as he can. Smart

  652. lol great comment by boozer

  653. Gotta love Boozer

  654. Yeah, and it would have been sweeter if he had made the last 3 as well…
    Anyways, as Joyce and Brent mentioned, he played well within the game and minutes given

  655. Scott is going to find something to love about Kobe anyhow. Nothing new.

  656. And I’m just kidding with you because I know what you mean by the DNP-CD line drawn. Only, trolls pander to you by using that to nail Lin, so I’ve put a stop to that cranola here unless of course it’s you.

  657. and so it continues. lin is in the prison of playing forever with nick and boozer

  658. He Boozes…good guy!

  659. Knew it, no one can outshine Kobe the “star” not even Nick Young!! Lin needs to leave this franchise!!

  660. I definitely needed that 3 because I have Lin in fantasy, and those 5.5 mins with Kobe killed Lin’s efficiency. It’s like OT … Lin never gets to score in last 5 mins or OT on this team. It just kills his efficiency score.

  661. I don’t mind Lin with Nick Young and Boozer at all.

    Sure they are a bit hoggy, but they PRODUCE on both ends of the court.

    The Lakers 2nd unit led by Lin is the best bench in the entire NBA.

  662. Django still Chained.

  663. why cant lin play with kelly? or davis?

    instead hes got to deal with chucker nick and never-dive-to-basket boozer

  664. ugh… that must have been so frustrating

  665. No worries, i can’t wait until lilliard/aldrige eat that 1st unit alive.

  666. yes, he did that last game so I was hoping he had built up in his own mind a game plan for the rest of the season. We’ll see tomorrow, but if Kobe sits, it won’t be a good way for Lin to work through his game approach, just a free day for the whole team.

  667. i get no pleasure from watcing starters getting burned. its not something that is worth proving. its merely predictable

  668. Another scripted game with Kobe repeatedly bailed out by the refs. The Pacers defenders can’t breath on Kobe or else they would be called for fouls. The end result is the defenders can’t play close to Kobe at all, giving him space to get his old man shots off. This is as close of a Hollywood movie directed by Kobe as you’re going to see.

    Although Lin played more than 20 minutes tonight, I think he only “played” 15 minutes because once Kobe came back in Kobe just would not pass to Lin. I saw one possession where Kobe force the ball to Boozer instead of an open Lin which resulted in a block by Hibbert. I feel this game would be a blow-out by the end of the 3rd quarter if the Lakers were lead by Lin. Kobe’s old man tempo played right into the Pacers’ strength and it took a brilliant effort by Lin to lead the Lakers back into the game. All in all, Lin overcame BS’s intentional manipulation to make him look inconsistent tonight. Hopefully he would have enough fuel left for tomorrow’s game in Portland.

  669. Now…why do you think Kobe’s willing to feed Swaggy and not Lin? Swaggy courts the press and looks to ramp up his rep where Jeremy doesn’t deliberately chase the spotlight. It can only mean that Kobe really does think Jeremy is the real deal and an actual threat to his star-dominance and Swaggy isn’t. D’ya think?

  670. Honestly, it ENRAGES ME that Scott is continuing to reduce Lin’s minutes and role.

    6 min in the 1st half is what Byron Scott wanted.

    Scott wanted to play Lin about 6 minutes in the 2nd half as to reduce Lin’s minutes to under 15, but Lin EXPLODED and Scott was stuck playing Lin.

    Lin was punished for playing well last game. Next game, Scott will attempt to reduce Lin’s minutes again.

  671. today i learned scott is very good at playing dumb.

  672. You are not a fast learner it seems..lol

  673. how much longer do i have to wait to see jeremy traded to an actual basketball team? when will he be a FA again?

  674. Be nice. lol.

  675. Not only is Byron Scott outdated in his coaching, he’s outdated on the rules too.

    In today’s NBA, you can’t just push a guy down and get away with it.

  676. It works for me now, when you have to show up idiot coaches like scott…

  677. to see him on this team bothers me so much

  678. its all in fun. no biggie

  679. Good, you figured it out..LOL

  680. Last game is in mid April, 3 and half months to go!

  681. So Brent is small?!

  682. in method acting, its not about pretending but BEING. so i guess scott is a method actor.

  683. Any other team….except Houston and Lakers

  684. I can agree with that 🙂

    Also, we all know swaggy is not resolute, so in the long run, he’s no threat to upstage Kobe. Lin stands for something unwavering, so any shift to Lin is sort of a permanent shift. So yeah, why not feed swaggy and let that be a night.

    You know what, it’s getting really obvious – Kobe will not feed an assist for Lin. And, Lin does not have a Kobe moving off ball to feed – only entry passes to Kobe posts or Kobe demanding it from Lin at the top. Very bad way for Kobe to create, as there are fewer options to defend. That’s ego ball for ya …

  685. Are we all in trolLin mode right now? 🙂

  686. LOL

  687. Where is @Michael?

  688. When will he break character?

  689. Oh, I can think of LOTS of NBA teams that would punish the Asian guy for playing well.

    Byron Scott was ANGRY that Lin went superstar last game.

    Scott is probably angrier than ever given Lin’s superstar explosion this game.

  690. you (scott) can only be good at something if you are one…lol

  691. I was that and then saw we can round it up to 7 and thought … yep, unimaginative BSc … he’s going to put Lin in with 3 mins in the 3rd and run Lin through 4th, letting kobe in 5.5 left.

    If Scott wanted to win more, he’d put Lin in with 5 min left in 3rd, run Lin through to garbage time, and boring Kobe in with 3 mins left. If garbage time, then you’ve rested Kobe.

  692. sleeping…no wonder LAL won

  693. when lakers starters are down by a lot

  694. manufactured inconsistencies to justify benching LIn, smh

  695. works for me …

  696. Shhh.. don’t wake the troll.

  697. Scott talking about lin being inconsistent. Watch Swaggy P flake out tommorrow

  698. Any team with an outdated 80s coach would punish Lin for doing well.

    That includes Hollins of NJ, Corbin of Sac, and Wittman of Was.

  699. what else can he say? Price closed the game????

  700. yeah…thats how we let go our frustration…cant get McFlurry now

  701. not sacre he was awful
    this guy should not be in the league
    lin needs to yell at him everytime he doesnt pass to him
    physically hurt him if need be

  702. He finally tell the truth now..

  703. so he names each and everyone in the second unit. hahahaha

  704. fixed: “… brought us back and won the game for us”

  705. Probably mad JLin laughed at him for saying no to fouling when he asked him 3 times.

  706. Lakers’ Pseudo Starters. Kobe and company

  707. Then Lin should keep laughing!

  708. Lin needs to slap sacre
    at least yell at him every time he looks lin off
    he deserves it

  709. James Worthy praised Lin scored at the end of 3rd quarter with that little time!

  710. worthy is kind of coming around. he even predicted before the game that lin would be impactful

  711. that could be very true.
    I hope he can rely on it to get in rhythm every game from now on.
    It’ll be hard for Byron to bench him in the 4th!

  712. He is pretty fair when comes to Lin!

  713. oh.. we’re Lin fans are so ready for that day!
    Feb or July, we don’t care :]

  714. I think Scott is happy kobe will not be going with the team barbecues he won’t have to cater to him, or have kobe looking over his shoulder. You know what I find interesting is that kobe is so afraid of lin still his thunder and he competes against lin hard, but kobe doesn’t worry about Swaggy P get adoration because he doesn’t look at Young as a worthy opponent. LOL

  715. I’m surprised he can name anyone not named Kobe.

  716. I think Lin truly came to the realization that he had to force some shots and get his numbers so Byron had to play him in this system.

    Basically it’s who can score the most or play great D to complement Kobe as the hero

  717. I think he was getting the ball to the person with the hot hand, which was nick. in the Grizzles game, Young, Sacre and Booze passed to lin because he had the hot hand.

  718. and “WE” drew up 2 plays??? I don’t think it’s really a “we” here.

  719. Never forget that Jeremy’s 7-1 run at the end of 3rd enabled Kobe to be the hero at the end of the 4th
    They’re both #DifferenceMakers but Jeremy’s 7-1 is better than Kobe’s 9-5!


  720. look at sacre in the background. LOLL

  721. LOL! They all stood up & tried to cheer but… Haha! This is so funny.

  722. im still laughing at sacre

  723. haha did he try to knock Young out so he can play more?

  724. it’s sort of pathetic to see, right? Like and old person who’s married competing with a young single person for attention. You know what I mean.

  725. LOL Sacre was like ..”Yeah…. pffffft!”
    So pumped then ..deflated

  726. OH WAIT. what do i do with my hands now? touch my security blanket…

  727. subtle. very subtle my old testament friend.

  728. LMAO …

  729. Yeah he was, then he was like, OKKKKKKKKK

  730. The truth..nothing but the truth, Brotha!

  731. young is flopping …

  732. Poor guy, nice steal though.

  733. i think ive seen him wear that shirt before. needs to expand his wardrobe

  734. I see what you did with the truth there lol.

  735. They look so cute together….LOL

  736. Yes! It’s a completely negative compliment, but there’s proof in that pudding. Jeremy is the man.

  737. It would be even cuter if Young can pass to Jeremy for once 😛

  738. that ‘P’ does not stand for ‘Pass’

  739. so, he made an impact in this game. i read that he only played 21 mins and for him to be that game changer , it is huge.

    now, on to the next kobe- free game!

    thsnks, psalm.

  740. obviously it is PISS

  741. BS is very inconsistent with Lin’s minutes and that is the result! Dumb coach and lier for sure!

  742. I can’t help thinking Mitch Kupchak consider Lin/Swaggy and Lin/Davis would be more lethal than Kobe’s Solo Hero. And it’s enough to replace Kobe one day.

  743. CUE IJ

  744. There is no “i” in team but there sure is “i” in PISS lol.

  745. im waiting for it

  746. the kid is so happy…

  747. Haha. The bait is set…

  748. and don’t forget the math/subtraction LOL

  749. its either the same shirt or he bought 5 similar similar shirts at once at TJ Max

  750. 7 pts. in 1 minute..

  751. Lin was also like… “Hm, hands on pockets.. #crickets
    Sorry, Bro!” :]

  752. Lol

  753. I love seeing Lin’s news anchor fans …


  754. Nothing to see here folks…

  755. The dunk?

  756. pace and energy to my grandpa ha ha …

  757. Now, Now, when they played Grizzles young passed the ball to lin. Young doesn’t have a lot of skills in his arsenal like lin. so hopefully he will develope more and round out his game.

  758. Look at that vertical! Should dunk more!

  759. Worthy comment.

  760. But seems like Lin does not force shots…

  761. It’s less than that, exactly 7 pts in 48 seconds!

  762. now, i’ll patiently wait for this game’s highlights to see that much talked about Lin-led comeback

  763. Yes, Young recognized that Jeremy was hot and had the momentum going so he passed.

  764. wow! somebody should be making a video of that play now…

  765. Jeremy finally got the interview now!

  766. They should!! It was an amazing run!!

  767. That shirt with hibiscus (gumamela in my country) flowers…. no further comment lol

  768. One day?! They can replace Kobe right now!! In fact Kobe should retire and BS should be fired! Been saying it Lin, Young, and Booz/Davis can be their new big 3!

  769. Good one!

  770. can’t wait.. 🙂

  771. How to clear the rebound problems….Lin: make more shots? LOL WTH

  772. James Worhty said Lin gave them a boost!

  773. lin had the hot hand tn too he made 7 pts in one min to bring them back

  774. He is not a fast learner either? or that is simply false?

  775. lol…how we wish…not going to happen

  776. He had no choice…CJ was taking Price and Kobe to school all night long.

  777. Must be the dunny Priceless dunk, LOL!

  778. Kelly at a loss.

  779. Was Price benched soon after, for disgracing showtime?

  780. JLin is a far better defender and you never hear him praise Lin not even after playing such great defense and offense on both sides of the court!!

  781. His arrogance is appalling but nothing new. lol.

  782. DE marcus Aldridge and Name L i l i lard? Worthy is tired I guess..

  783. Jeremy’s post game interview.

  784. That….. hibiscus shirt

  785. Hero Kobe and BS must be the “we” I guess… 😉

  786. I hope you’re right about that. He’s given this BS helping-out, team-ball bench scenario a good long beta-test. Just like Houston, he takes these limitations very seriously as opportunities to widen his skill set (and his consciousness), but at some point you discover and get confident in where is the border between your natural joyful mastery and the meal somebody else is trying to get you to eat. That Facebook post about sticking with joy might show he’s reached his tipping point on that. If so, I believe the raw energy we saw in his breakout Linsanity will start surging in a matured and more powerful form. I’m going to think like that.

  787. no doubt. But Kobe won’t go away without kicking and screaming.
    Wait, he’s already doing that :]

  788. Wish BScotts gives a rest to Kobe tomorrow!

  789. It took a brain lock from Hibert to seal the game…..lucky Kobe

  790. Kobe not playing tomorrow.

  791. That is just a sad sad comment by KB

  792. maybe more like .. he didn’t hesitate to shoot open shots anymore
    like that huge 3

  793. 48 seconds to be exact!
    no wonder Kobe’s afraid to pass to him in the 4th LOL

  794. Lately, I think, he is figuring out to take more shots, and some are forced as well

  795. delusional

  796. Ok so it was Kobe not Phil who coached all those championships. Then why did they fire all those coaches?

  797. KB doesnt have a lot of common sense! I guess he doesnt need anymore fans since he is retiring! LOL!

  798. Take the KHuang cue…that should have been ALL CAPS! 😀

  799. The other way around, boy.


  801. Lin is unbreakable, and will be Unbroken at the end of the season !!

  802. My reply to Baxter..

    @BaxterHolmes That’s history & can’t win by that way now. Look at Hawks played like Spurs team ball, they are #1 in the east. Lakers?! smh!

  803. Says a guy bricks again and again

  804. CAPS!! Miss it so much! KHuang please!

  805. you are right, he’s delusional. Doesn’t seem to relate cause to effect quite right.

  806. well. maybe he has a female friend who likes it oh nooo don’t ban me.

  807. I think he is embarrasing

  808. HAHAHA. Personally I think HE HIMSELF is the one who really likes it..

  809. Self center and insecure personality displaying here! So pityful!!!

  810. I don’t mind it…grey on grey. Subdued chic as hibiscus shirts go 😀 He obviously picked it up in Hawai’i and if it gives him the feel of that joyful time then it’s good ‘mana’ (power/energy).

  811. that’s why I sort of want him out of my life. Really, I never watched the lakers because of him. I really liked watching Rambis banging for the rebounds … Magic was pretty amazing in his day.

  812. BS… When he came in around 5:55 left in 4Q? Lin didn’t take any shots at all… Young maybe only once? The rest were all himself? Trust? I think he just wanted to be hero all by himself. Since he is not playing tomorrow so I am fine w that today. Hope tomorrow will be Lin’s time.

  813. We’ll here’s a story. I have a female buddy who bought me a purple shirt with beige polka dots. I loved that shirt for 10 years. Guys aren’t good good a taking risks with fashion, and when they do and ppl like it, you tend to wear it like over-posting 🙂 until it’s faded and lost it’s point.

  814. LOL

  815. Both he and Kobe just fart out the most outrageous blather. I’m starting to just laugh at Kobe because he’s such a nut-case. BS still annoys me…but i’m planning on learning how to laugh at him too.

  816. I need that in writing, notorized, LOL.

  817. Wow, I didn’t see this earlier. Just wow

  818. Translation: First team cannot run like the big dogs do.

  819. Say trust? His best team mates are his right hand and left hand.

  820. “you tend to wear it like over-posting..” – you mean he can wear it till the fabric can be deduced to rags 🙂

  821. yes, that’s over posting until the keyboard lettersfade away ha ha.

  822. one way to get a new keyboard…lol

  823. Oh man, it wasn’t fun looking at the vine of that. I actually feel bad for the poor ba$tard…shoved above his pay grade to get non-stop insult from everyone but BS…and now this. Ooof.

  824. Not sure if Lin’s IND pre-game interview w/ Mike Trudell was posted before after the big MEM game

  825. This is what sports is about. Amazing drama and skill, great plays, …

  826. LOL that’s what you get when you’re trying to SHOWBOAT MUCH.

  827. LOL. He’s not a British Princess. Those Royals don’t wear the same thing twice ever. If you watched Linsanity, Jeremy probably has all his clothes in a pile on the floor somewhere to wash and reuse.

  828. Guess what nobody remembers the dunk that he did get after this one. LOL

  829. I use to think that Kobe was smart, but he sounds as dumb as bunch of rocks. That is why he made that comment about lin that really smart people take themselves too serious.LOL

  830. First it was McHale, then Byron Scott, and now…I just can’t look at Kobe’s face. Can’t do it anymore.

  831. I still think he is smart…it is just his pride is overriding it

  832. I think lin looks handsome in whatever he wears.

  833. so full of himself…

  834. I don’t know brent, from his recent statements he is not sounding too bright. He’s talking about leadership on the team. When does that happen, when he shows up to play for the games. He doesn’t practice with them. That is why he is mad at lin because lin ain’t drinking that koolaid..LOL

  835. that was what’s known as a poker ‘tell’ lol.

  836. Explain:)

  837. Brent, when ppl say someone is smart it’s really nothing but being polite. There’s smart that most ppl have, and then there’s geniuses. Everything in between is lost in the low EQ ppl have. so I just use and take “smart” as a figure of speech.

  838. I think he said those because he feels he is losing control/hype. But yeah…the more he talks, tho more dumb I feel he is..

  839. This guy makes me wanna throw up.

  840. Well, when it comes to definition…..nothing is harder to define than…..”smart”

  841. well. when you play poker, if you watch ppl you can tell when they have a good hand. Everyone gets excited in a different way. Or, if they are scared with a bad hand. Nobody knows how to control their tell, it just comes out. Like rubbing one’s nose, or going ice cold, betting too slowly, etc. So, Kobe’s tell … he’s coming out knocking Lin, but he’s really saying Lin is smarter and that is notable to him. You called it. I just named it.

  842. I liked watching Kobe back in the Laker championship days. How does he not realize he is hurting his legacy? The delusion is mind boggling. Lin by his career end (even now to some degree) will be remembered as someone who truly make his teammates and everyone around him better. (Novak, Fields, Houston will see come playoff time, etc..) And Kobe can’t get anyone to work hard around him or play to their max level. Nash, Howard, Lin, and many others just can’t play with him well. The championships will always justify his attitude I guess, but how sad. You even wonder if he wasn’t such a d bag how many him and shaq could have won before shipping him out. The dude is an elite all time player who cannot find it in him to adjust his game as he ages. Everyone adjusts! He is now just a super inefficient offensive player/gambling liability on the defensive end. And to boot he throws tantrums and disguises it as motivation in his own mind. What a load of crap. Nobody finds it motivating He’s just lucky he has a coach that coddles him to an unprecedented degree. Imagine if he had a coach like Pop who holds him accountable. At first, I wanted Lin to tell Kobe to screw off, but now I realize it is better for him to just work hard and do what he always does. His time will come. And when Kobe tries to convince to resign come the off season because he know his true value Lin will say “no thanks” just like Howard. Lin won this game with his energy no doubt! He will get little credit, but who cares. 2015 he showed he has turned a corner and again is learning to make the best of a situation that is not ideal.

  843. some paragraphs will help a lot. Just saying…lol welcome on board

  844. my bad, just rambling. been on these sites for years and never gave my two cents!

  845. gr8! post more…remember to check the posting rules!

  846. lmao Sacre was going for a big jump and just turned into a sad lil hop. And Jeremy pretending he just got up to adjust his shorts 😛

  847. yep. very hard to define in social lives. However, I can say my life was much simpler and happier as a young man when we had a pecking order in our circles based on being scientifically or engineering smart, because we could work as teams to solve problems. As an older man, with pecking order determined by wealth or political or other power, it’s harder to work as a team to solve problems, so more JLin frustrating evenings for me as I got older. Tryin’ to break free of that now, like Lin.

  848. actually, Price has nice 2-footed dunks. I know Brent loves those, dunno why maybe more accurate (instead of above).

  849. Prime material for Shaqtin’ a Fool!

  850. Thanks Joe Team:)

  851. Good thing Jeremy doesn’t have any accident yet of having his shorts pulled down during a game lol

  852. all hail the king … blah.

  853. Just “wanna”? Girl you have a strong stomach! 🙂

  854. If you graduated Harvard with a 3+ grade average with a degree in Economics, I would call that “pretty smart”….LOL

  855. Are you trying to jinx it so it does happen? 😉

  856. The megalomaniac and his delusions of grandeur.

  857. Which nobody will remember after that dunk…LOL

  858. I want it to happen if I’m in LA. I’ll run to the floor, calmly hoist his shorts back up, and return to my seat without a smile on my face lol

  859. welcome! Too right, mate, your post. The only thing I’d change is, I’ve NEVER liked kobe nor watched him before this season. Could sense the lack of teamwork, and that’s what sports is to me, something to inspire us common fold to keep on Truckin’

  860. LOL. Well that would be kind of predictable bachelor style…but if he pulled that out of the bottom of the pile wouldn’t it be lookin’ kind of wrinkled instead of like he just got it back from the dry cleaner? He’s kind of meticulous…bet he’d find piles on the floor a nuisance. He’s so busy cleaning up other peoples’ messes on the court he’d prolly rather not come home to more of the same 🙂

  861. Girlfriend you would have to go through my niece and her friends, because they are all about in at those games. They are plotting out ways to catch him by himself. I asked them what are they going to do if they get him by himself, she they haven’t figured that part out yet,….scary

  862. Hey, tell me when they figure it out because I have to get an autograph for my son ha ha.

  863. Seems like only Lakernation is not acknowledging (probably intentionally) the contribution of Lin in 3rdQ. He was not even mentioned in game summary. LOL http://www.lakersnation.com/game-recap-lakers-come-from-behind-to-defeat-pacers/2015/01/04/2/

  864. True. very true and good for the big picture truth.

  865. Kobe is sounding like an absolute moron with some of his team leadership concepts. We all know he is not leading anybody anywhere and he is not teaching anybody anything. He doesn’t even practice with the team. He gives them instructions on plays during the game, but that’s it….LOL

  866. i just can’t stop laughing

  867. It depends on who is drafting the article.

  868. I can’t see it?

  869. OK..LOL

  870. word. Doesn’t kobe understand that ANYONE in LA who loves bball knows what Coach John Wooden taught? Kobe is so out of it.


  871. I ALMOST caught him by himself for myself last 2013… if not for those stupid security dudes with bouncer-like bodies. I just have to content myself with something from him.

  872. Not just your nice and her friends but legions of female fans 🙂

  873. I agree. In 1st half, Kobe tried to play like Lin vs Mem then in late 4Q, he tried to beat Young in score… he just couldn’t stand anyone outshine him on court… smh!

  874. Honestly, I do. I hope you cleaned up your mess. Lol

  875. lOL

  876. stu wants that ball as a souvenir

  877. This intelligent, funny, positive (great mods!) site draws out another lurker! Couldn’t come out in a better place!…Welcome. Great post.

  878. That is why he is so mad at lin. He knows that Lin plays smart basketball. Scott knows that too. I think Scott is happy Kobe is not going to Portland with the team, so he play two faced with the other players. As occupatio posted today, Scott knows how to play that dumb role very well. He is acting like is giving Kobe some time off, but what he is really doing is trying to win some games so that he can maybe keep his job after kobe retires. He doesn’t want to have to go to Portland and cater to Kobe. I am sure the players and the coaching staff are relieved. I bet Scott will start out with the starters, but the 2nd unit will end up playing most of the game.

    Scott from day one wanted lin leading that fast break/transition 2nd unit. He finally got his wish. Hopefully he will give lin the freedom to play his game.

  879. Me neither especially Sacre’s reaction>>>LOL

  880. It’s possible that that’s one of his nicer shirts so he leaves it at the TOP of the pile to re-wear.
    But seriously, they had a discussion about his laundry around 1 hr 05 mins of the movie. It’s the scene where he’s picking his clothes off the floor and his mom is complaining about how much he eats. Check it out.

  881. what a dork.
    Kobe has shown that senility at 36 is possible

  882. Ok it came out during the game that Randle is going to have to have surgery on his foot that he injured in college right before he was drafted. Anybody want to bet that he will be trade bait soon?

  883. Happy enough with this game. He ended in double digits. Would have liked to see more assists and maybe 12 pts instead of 10, it’s double digits. He had a huge impact on the game to turn around the energy and make the big run and he pretty much finished the game save for the last defensive possession. It didn’t look good in the first half, but turned out ok.

  884. Translation anyone?

  885. Lin — — Not as aggressive to start this one, deferring to Nick in the first half. Late in the third quarter, he helped spark the Lakers with a couple of scores. That was a pretty key stretch where you were looking for someone to spark the Lakers.

    Neither PG played particularly well, but Lin looked better and late in the game, he should space the floor better for the team. He looked open on maybe a couple of occasions, but they were largely going single coverage on Kobe. “They didn’t want to leave the shooters,” Lin said. Typically, the Young, Kobe, Lin trio should finish games. They run those split plays on the sidelines as one of our go-to sequences. No Kobe in the next game, I hope the Lakers can keep it close and Lin is in there at the end orchestrating the offense.

    It will be interesting to see if the pace changes at all with Kobe out. The bench for sure likes to throttle it up a bit. “When he puts us in we try to run around with as much energy as we can,” Lin said. When told of the Pacers 26-2 advantage on second chance points, Jeremy joked, “Maybe we were hitting our first shots so they didn’t have a chance at the second ones.”

    The Stats:
    He scored 10 points on 2-6 shooting (1-2 from three, 5-6 from the line) to go with 3 boards, 2 assists, 1 steal, 2 turnovers and 2 fouls in 22 minutes. He was a +7.

    The Action:
    He scooped up a loose ball and was called for the clear-out foul using his off arm on the break. He missed a tough turnaround from the three line to end the quarter. He hit Boozer rolling for FTs. He got tapped on a wing jumper working off the screen. Good hustle diving to the floor
    to help the Lakers recover a loose ball on D. He attacked the paint for FTs, he made one.

    Second Half:
    He attacked across the lane and drew FTs, he made both. He sank a two-for-one wing three on a quick rush up court. He scooped up a loose ball on the D end, pushed it up with speed and drew FTs on the drive, he made both. Nice reach on help D to knock the ball off the defender. He barely hit rim on a wing pull-up jumper. A couple feet too short on a long outlet to Young on the break, turnover. He probed, got a switch and swished the step-back baseline jumper. He missed an open wing three.

  886. He is very insecure!

  887. dont waste your protein …lol

  888. I do think so. The FB post truly revealed a lot of circumstances beyond his control and the acceptance that it’s beyond his power to instill the joy of playing team basketball when the star has been so stubborn.

    He’s bending like water in giving the scoring power that everyone demand to see from him in order to survive in the system designed not utilize his PG talent to the fullest.

    Lin is truly a survivor. I can’t wait to see what happens next!

  889. LOL, know what they said. Not trusting kobe tho. Then again, kobe got to play hero ball finally, so can save himself so he can try hero ball again after next. Grandpa needs a nap.

  890. That’s why high stake poker is a sport and not just a game of chance. Knowing odds and probabilities is a skill. Knowing human nature is a skill. Controlling your emotions is a skill. Using your acting skills to send mixed signals to fool an opponent is a skill.

    In sports as in poker, the trick is to make them start worrying about what’s in your hand instead of controlling the cards in your own hand. The match is won when an opponent is more worry about what you are going to do next instead of focusing on what their own game plan should be.

  891. Highlights!

  892. Thankfully I was able to keep them down by thinking happy thoughts of Jeremy’s wonderful 7-point play at end of 3Q.

  893. I’ve always disliked kobe. Enjoyed when Lin dropped 38 on him. Gave him a second chance, and thought old kobe may have changed. Nope, confirmed. Who else thought the same?

  894. “Hey my Mandarin speaking brothers, the man who shall not be named really stunk it up tonight again, and by saying we gave them the energy to the English speaking press, I meant we won it for them. Whazzuh secret handshake, backstage pass with my bro here …” jk

    “Ay, we won tonight. Now we want to go on the airplane. My friend with me … ha ha whazzuh!!!”

  895. ha ha see his eyes roll before he answers. Cool. Secret handshake, Serena.

  896. I want to believe the former 🙂

  897. well, you know, Mandarin sentences can sometimes be much shorter than in English 🙂 I’ll let Brent give good examples.

  898. Yeah, like Kobe is full up crap as usual//LOL

  899. What did he say about me THIS time? lol.

  900. Two injuries before playing a single regular season game, lesson to rookies, don’t be so cocky when you’ve just entered the NBA!

  901. I don’t by Scott wanting Lin to lead at all! He never praises Lin in any way what so ever without dissing him at the same time! Scott’s a hater through and through! I hope Scott gets fired after this season ends! Next season will be Kobe’s last year and Lakers won’t be extending his contract. They need to sign and a new young coach and tell him Lin, Young, and Davis are the future!

  902. LOL Fail! Price continues to embarrass himself and doesn’t know his limits!

  903. These quotes shows what an ego maniac Kobe is.

  904. Appalling stats for small-minded kobe who thinks he should hold the ball and teammates should suck up to him so he would “trust” and share the ball with them.

  905. The fake fight from Hibbert is hilarious, trying to show he’s a tough guy.

  906. That’s why teammates don’t pass to Lin and only to Kobe when he comes in, ego maniac’s small mind will explode if he doesn’t get his way!

  907. Indeed as we have seen countless times. He’s so out of touch with reality.

  908. Hover hand looks really stiff.

  909. so are his fans. they think all his teamates are scrubs when he’s probably one of the worst in their team. and even you show them the reality, they would probably say something like stats don’t mean anything and you are just haters. so delusional.

  910. …you got me laughing again…top of the pile…um, ’cause even pretty tidy me has resorted to that on rare occasion 😀 I’ve finally got to watch that doc. Contributed to it on Kickstarter, so it’s long overdue.

  911. She looks like a Hollywood celebrity.

  912. This article analyzed that Kelly is the only Laker that teams with Lin to produce great PnR defence to stop the Pacers and help Lakers win in the 3rd and 4th Q.


  913. Happy Lin knocking out Young ……… by his bottom 😉

  914. Looks like Kelly will become the 2nd Parsons.

  915. thats nutty 🙂

  916. http://i.instagram.com/p/xdeBjSOP2V/

    Sorry if already posted. Jeremy seems so happy. Hope this continues.

  917. as usual 🙂

  918. Yes it did I believed. Watched it several times when I returned from medical appointment about 3 hours ago:-)

  919. i wont pick on him…he is doing his best in his given minutes…if anyone to be blame…BScott

  920. pretty sure, it will make it …lol

  921. Personal health update:

    Many of u know that I had cancer and have gone thru 2 surgeries and radiation treatment from June to September. After radiation treatment, I have dealt with more medical issues besides treatment side-effects. Well, I was referred to specialist. Finally I went to appointment today on half time break of this game. Returned about 4 hours ago. Tried to do the catch up what happened to the rest of this game. I did and also decided to share what happened today.

    Well, I need another medical procedure to rule out cancer. Last time I was diagnosed with cancer. This time ??? This procedure will be done in about 6 weeks time. Will know for sure when I receive the procedure confirmation in about 2 weeks time. Honestly I don’t know what to think except leaving it to God and not going to worry too much about this.

  922. This should be retweeted over and over again!

  923. You are always in our prayers and thoughts, my dear…keep strong!

  924. Thanks for your prayer support! Really appreciate it!

    I really pray and hope I will have a new year that I can move forward my life. Well, hopefully this dream isn’t going to dash. Just pray that specialist is just being cautious because of my recent cancer diagnose. However, this becomes a little alarm because they can be interrelated.

  925. In the meanwhile, let’s hope Jeremy has a tremendous game tomorrow to help lift up the spirits! Being happy never hurts. 🙂

  926. Yours and JLin’s battles are parallel in such that , despite your struggles , you have both decided to entrust everything to God. May His peace that surpasses all understanding guard your hearts and minds ; and let the joy of the Lord be your strength.

    Know that just like JLin, you inspire and touch lives. 🙂

    ’keeping you in prayers!

  927. Up up and….away.

  928. why are you only comparing to the lakers? did you know kobe has the worst 3 pt shooting % of any player in the league other than d. rose of volume shooters? (ie. those who shoot at least 5 3’s per game?). hes dead next to last for the entire league! (again of those who have taken at least 5 3’s per game). also: the lowest field goal % over all on all shots of any of the top 120 or so players (by efficency rating). in other words: kobe is the worst shooter in the league (more or less and wait for it)–not detered by this takes the most shots per game of anyone in the league (and his coach wants him to take more)!. truly appalling.

  929. He may be intelligent but his other short comings blind him.

  930. jw just likes to see a thicker plot; sport just sees a thicker head.

  931. In my day XD.

  932. Praying for you.

  933. Stay strong. We pray for you

  934. Thanks! Can’t believe it I have to deal with medical issues one thing after the other:-( Tried not to think about it since I left hospital today but it began to get me as the time went on.

  935. Thanks! Really appreciate it!

  936. Thanks! We are all children of God and we fight for different battle of life:-) Glad that JLin finds joy again. Is glad to hear that from his interview. Can understand where he is. No wonder we see so much of his wonderful smile even when he is marginalized.

  937. That’s very true. So glad he did well on the second half. When I left to the medical appointment during the half time, I was in resolution that it would be another down game for him. Well, what a surprise when I returned. I checked the stat first. Saw that it was a win. Was so surprise and then JLin’s stat. Glad that he did well in second half. Then began to check Twitter and here. This kept my mind off my own health issue for a while:-)

  938. LOL You are back:-)

  939. Away to?! happy new year mate 🙂

  940. Lesson 101 : Joy 🙂

  941. My husband’s friend once was diagnosed with cancer, stage 3 as I remember. He refused to have radiation or chemotherapy. Instead, he tried an extreme method 辟穀 for 20+ days. Sorry I don’t know how to say in English. His friend did not eat anything during that period, and at the same time, practised Chi Gong. That was very difficult, besides starving, his friend kept vomiting and diarrhea everyday….Eventually the cancer was gone.

    Because of this reason, I did some research and found out that it indeed is good for health. 18 months ago, I started doing this extreme starvation 7 days for every 3 months , of coz under Chi Gong master’s supervision. My health does improve a lot, no more asthma attack, better skin and even better stamina (my hiking mates confirmed^.^)

    If you wish, I can provide you some info about it.

  942. hahahahaha

  943. LOL Hilarious!

  944. Hang in there. After the struggles, you will only be stronger.

  945. Thanks for the sharing. Will keep this in mind when I’m ready to try this.

  946. That’s very true!!! Good to be a “winner” from all these:-)

  947. I truly hope you will win this battle, and don’t need to try any other method.

    Keep fighting like warrior Lin. You are always in our prayers

  948. The Defensive Juggernaut expresses concern that his reign over “No D” is being threatened..

    PG, Los Angeles Lakers
    26 min, 3-7 FG, 1-4 3P, 0-0 FT, 7 PTS, 0 REB, 1 AST, 2 STL, 0 BLK, 0 TO
    Aside from blowing the dunk, Price made Donald Sloan look like an All-Star at times. He’s exceeded expectations this year, but he still isn’t good enough to be a starting point guard.

    –jacob rude (lake show life “game grades”)

  950. Am rooting for you to continue with this battle, please remain positive and am praying hard for you to regain your health. The fact that the next procedure is in 6 weeks time, which I think is quite some time away, it may mean there is light for you. God Bless.

  951. KB should go to get a degree or two after he is done with bball! So that he won’t always feel that people who went to college is smarter than him. KB also put himself in a “not smart group” because he commented “smart people take themselves too serious” about Jeremy Lin.

    He thinks himself is not smart without college education and always compare himself with others, his money doesnt do a thing here, he is very insecure and to make himself feels better, he said ridiculous and abnormal things to boost himself and acted so self center in an embarrassing way that he didnt even knows or notice! That is sad!

  952. Praying for You. Always remember God has the final report about your health. God Bless.

  953. With both Kobe and Wesley out for the next game, that leaves only 3 starters. Do you think for a change the coach may just let the bench unit of Lin, Swaggy, Boozer, Sacre and Kelly or Wellington to start the game?…

  954. Is Black available?

  955. Thanks! I know. I just don’t like the idea of going thru another anesthetic. That takes more a toll of my health than procedure itself. I’m a little more weary is what comes next after this procedure. At the moment I don’t want to think about all these but concentrate on what I can and need to do — finishing my course and looking for job.

  956. Thought he and Clarkson was sent to D league.

  957. That’s very very true! No doubt about that!

  958. They always send to D league to play that one game and then back to Lakers the next game. Just gave Clarkson a playing time. You can see both Clarkson and Black were at the bench from the highlight.

  959. Yes you are right, just focus on finishing the course now. And to keep your mind off the struggles, hope to see more of your postings on this site. Bless you.

  960. Hot Topics: I bet Steve Kerr is breathing a sigh of relief on not taking the Knicks head coach position…he dodged that bullet…LOL


  961. WOW! Did Lakers fan do that to their coach?

  962. Hmm… You are right, then coach should give both of them some playtime tomorrow.

  963. To Dantoni

  964. Ok. Wonder whether it will happen to BS.

  965. Scott is a moron. He will keep the same line ups and insert Kelly and Ellington in the lineup. He will keep lin with Booze/Young.. I personally think that Portland’s 1st unit is going to slaughter Laker’s 1st unit. I don’t think Price will be able to guard Lilliard. Aldridge is going to kill Davis under the basket. I think that the 2nd unit will get more playing time.

  966. If the point differential is a landslide, even with more playtime for the bench unit it may be pointless and a huge struggle.

  967. I think if Kobe is taken out of the picture, the fans would do it to Scott.

  968. Thanks for the info.

  969. True, but I hope the Lakers will at least try to stay competitive.

  970. Fisher is a nice guy but sure not a good coach. I don’t like Kerr but he is so far doing good in GSW. Don’t believe Fisher will be fired as long as PJ is in Knicks.

  971. They should but….

  972. With #@*% BS everyone else will have a chance to start just not Lin unless both Price and Kobe are not playing.

  973. I saw that bruise when he and Nick/Young did that jumping pohto, lin had a towel with a huge icebag on his arm.

  974. Kerr does well because he has a stacked team that’s so powerful that they have two All Stars coming off the bench!!

    Mark Jackson laid the foundation, no matter what hate Joe Lacob fires at him in the press.

  975. My prediction of Scott limiting Lin’s minutes to under 25 came true.

    I expect Lin to play 5-8 minutes in the first half next game.

    Scott’s strategy in phasing out the Asian guy is simple. If other guards play semi acceptably, that’s grounds to bench Lin in the first half entirely.

    Scott hopes to DNP CD Lin in the first half of games so that Lin is cold and ineffective in the 2nd half.

    The only reason Scott hasn’t DNP CD’d Lin already is because Lin has played like one of the top 5 players in the NBA ever since he repaired his jump shot a few games ago.

  976. Clarkson will start before Lin does.

    Scott is trying desperately to groom Ellington to play PG over Lin, but Lin has tenaciously defied Scott by playing like one of the best players in the entire NBA.

  977. Price doesn’t have to play “great” to keep starting.

    Scott is hoping that Price plays better so that Scott can reduce Lin’s minutes even further.

  978. No worries tonight. Price will take good care of the pg position. I predict triple double for him in only forty minutes. He will hold Lillard to five points with his elite defence. Always good to have coach Kobe’s amazing coaching skills.

  979. Heh heh, The Price Is Right!!!

    Price is Scott’s favorite son solely because he plays ahead of the Asian guy.

  980. Keep fighting and smiling 😀 Positive thinking can change your life in the most unexpected way, according to Mind over Matter Theory.

  981. I think that Jeremy is blessed to be playing with the second unit considering it is far superior to the starting unit.

  982. I am very surprised to hear Kobe is not going to Portland bc this is the good indicate to me that Lakers will not give him the extend contract in 2016. The whole team are more relax & happy w/o Kobe on court or even bench.

  983. 14 days left to vote Lin in ASG by tweet, FB & http://www.nba.com/allstar/

  984. Actually, Lin is CURSED because any half decent NBA coach would bench Bryant and the entire starting unit so that Lin’s 2nd unit could properly start.

    Lin’s 2nd unit has been utterly demolishing Kobe’s 1st unit all season long, and not even Scott trying to handicap Lin is saving Bryant from getting his butt kicked by the Asian guy.

  985. That’s okay. As long as Jeremy gets to pad his stats cos remember, he’s auditioning.

  986. having price in the starting lineup with kobe helps kobe to feel more secure because price is one of the handful of players in the league who shoot a lower percentage than kobe. (who actually play any significant minutes).

  987. other than the chicago game the lakers have been competitive ever since kobe took a seat.

    in the first 27 games when kobe was being kobe. the lakers had 10 double digit loses and a 8-19 record.

    since then with kobe either sitting or taking 50% fewer shots on ave. per game than previous they are 3-4 and have only 1 double digit loss.

  988. BS must be proud of himself now that he could come up with 2 plays:

    1st play: Kobe take the jump shot.

    2nd play: Kobe take to the basket.

  989. If there’s a team in the NBA that desperately needs Jeremy Lin, it’s the good ol’ Knicks.

    All the Lin hate trolls that were crowing that the Knicks are better without Lin, they’re cowering in shame.

  990. Sarah Jessica Parker? But it’s not her 🙂

  991. for the season as a whole lin averages 20% more minutes playing at home than on the road. (which would account for most of his poorer performance on the road noted by lakers announcers in the memphis game).

    since going to the bench lin is averaging 21 minutes price 24; tho lin has 6 double digit scoring games to price’s 4.

    also: since price entered the starting lineup his +/- is around a minus 40. and he shoots (for the season) the 3rd worst % of any (regularly) starting player in the league.

    (kobe 4th worst with trevor ariza and trey burke only worse). thus making the lakers backcourt by far the worst starting shooting tandem in the league.

  992. Unfortunately because of the present situation that is not going to happen. Jeremy has to deal with my hand has been given and in my opinion he is doing very well.

  993. Kobe and his fans feed off of each other’s delusions. They’re like parasites. Maybe they’ll exterminate each other.

  994. Oh man, KHuang, thanks for the PeP talk. Lin in NYC would be a dream come true. But, Yeah, “he’d win them too many games” alright. I’d like to see Lin follow d’Antoni where ever he goes.

  995. Stay strong, Melody. Do what Jeremy does on court, smile no matter what’s going on :]
    Keep the faith and keep out the worries/stress.
    We will keep praying for good results.
    Phil 4:13 keep relying on His strength. You can do it :}

  996. POR PreGameThread+Poll is now open!

    How will Jeremy respond in a 2nd game of Back-to-Back game and without Kobe?
    Will Byron give him many minutes?

    Whatever happens, keep smiling, Jeremy. Go JLin!


  997. Not even a curse can stop Jeremy Lin!!!

  998. That smile… is doing wonders!

    Keep it up JLin! 🙂

  999. a dazzling sensation has rocked the game

    the powers are scrambling

    despite the acclaim!

    Who is this fine fellow

    from whence did he come;

    beware of his genius;

    what will we become?

    But fear not good people

    for Lin is his name

    he rallies his team mates

    yet takes all the blame.

    Though benched

    yet entrenched,

    like the yin and the yang,

    in his magic

    obsessed like his foes

    and his fans.

    They named him LINSANITY

    a tag that has stood;

    his soul filled with


    for his friends in the hood.

  1000. Exactly, even though I was skeptical at first knowing how Kobe is I wanted to give him the benefit of the doubt, especially when I saw him listening and saying the right things about Lin when he first signed. He just proved our skepticism to be right though. It’s too bad that he just doesn’t get it. It’s just so ironic that one of the most unselfish players to play in the NBA has been stuck with some of the most selfish. Balance of the universe I guess. Here’s hoping he is put in a good situation to maximize his potential in the future and in the meantime Lin just focuses on honing his mental and physical skills

  1001. Why is JLin ASG votes so far so low ? I have been voting with multiple phones daily and if others vote regularly as his fans would. JLin should be top 5 in western conference. But somehow it is not. Anyone with the same thoughts that the system is somehow “rigged”

  1002. he seems more genuine to me, simply because he’s not made any PR splashes. Haven’t see a thing from him yet.

  1003. I still say NO to the DNP-CD in any half or any whole game. I’m not gonna let you get away with that post, bro lol.

  1004. No, Lin will start before Clarkson. It is clear Clarkson has some skills, but he does get rattled for real.

  1005. Melody, I will keep you in prayers out here in Wintering Bay Area. When you look at your smartphone, that’s where it’s from 🙂 Get your anti-cancer energy from all the people that are in the content and from the hardware of your phone. Me, I’ve never worked for apple or a smartphone vendor, but every semiconductor chip made in the world is embodied by the work of ppl in Silicon Valley. So there you go, direct touch the goodwill from this site.

  1006. B strong, I know u will

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