Game 33 Indiana Pacers vs Atlanta Hawks

Jeremy Lin is still listed as probable (low back pain) for this game.


  1. Wow, first time FIRST!

    Go JLIN. Stay healthy and have a great game!

  2. To Lin, or not to win.

  3. Jeremy, over Christmas, apparently helping the less fortunate …

  4. One more win and ATL will improve to be 4th worst NBA team in nearly 3 months – I don’t believe Pierchlenk will allow a Win tonight, but if they play JLIN and JLIN can’t help but win it – then so be it.

    Worst Teams in the NBA
    Tied#1 Cavs
    Tied#1 Suns
    Tied#3 Knicks
    Tied#3 Bulls
    Tied#3 Hawks

  5. Lin going to play tonight? Gosh I hope he gets more minutes at least 20.

  6. LMAO hedging your bet so your silly predictions is win-win for you and won’t make you look dumb like it usually does. You’re such a brilliant prophet of events, guessing a 9-23 tanking team filled with hurting, injured players will lose against a 22-12 playoffs team.

    “Pierchlenk” wants to lose is your silly narrative that you keep spamming in every thread, yet they’ve won 3 straight. Oh, but Lin will not allow the Hawks to lose, am I right? What a joke you are.

  7. LOL thank you for your rabid mad response.

    Now I’ve said ATL seeks to be one of the Worst 3 NBA teams and they have stuck to it the whole season – You know nothing and you’ve proved it the entire season.

  8. Rabid mad response? HAHA sure bud. Keep throwing out ridiculous prediction after ridiculous prediction like other know-it-alls around here, who really know nothing. How mad you must be to see the Hawks win 3 straight, destroying your narrative time and time again. Keep spamming your passive aggressive BS with silly predictions and bolded sentences. That’s all you do around here.

  9. If you can’t handle my posts – just stop reading them.

    Funny, the Hawks have won 3 straight — yet they are still tied for the BOTTOM 3

  10. I read your posts to see what a joke you are. Yes, I ignore most of your posts, but do enjoy calling you out from time to time, to point out how dumb and wrong you are.

  11. You’re the most irascible and spoiling for a fight juvenile here, sorry that almost every instinct you have comes up short.

  12. My “instincts” are correct much more often than your garbage predictions and false narratives. Keep doing what you do. Your pathetic life has no meaning other than to spam each thread with your passive aggressive negativity day in, day out. You’d be laughed out of other forums if you ever posted elsewhere.

  13. Oh look, Hawks up by 12-2 without Lin. “Pierchlenk” must be fuming that they’re winning against the 3rd best team in the East! Such a shame that our resident genius poster is wrong yet again. LOL

  14. Here’s one of the issues – you celebrate each of you’re little mini-victories before the games over — then you run away when it turns up snake eyes

  15. I’m not celebrating anything other than how wrong you are and always have been. Unlike you, I don’t ignore reality.

  16. You’re a joke, stick around this time instead of running away from your prediction

  17. Is this a Lin site or Click Click v. donsmacau site?

  18. I always stick around, just to laugh at your predictions. Funny how I never made a prediction. I just point out how wrong your predictions are. Stay mad, chump.

  19. If the Moderators care to check, they will see that guy attacked me and has broken every forum rule tonight.

  20. Calm down, Trae.

  21. You break the rules every night by spamming your negativity, yet the mods don’t care and let you spam over and over. Can’t win an argument and can’t stand being wrong, so you cry about mods like usual. HAHA

  22. Try to wriggle your way out – LOL

  23. 3 point game now

  24. Wiggle out of what? Calling you out?

  25. Hope Lin comes in now

  26. Lin in

  27. 333333333333

  28. And a previous 3 assist Heurter

  29. Ok, Lin hits a pull-up 3.

  30. Wow, good pass to Huerter for a sweet 3. Then Lin with a beautiful pull-up 3!

  31. LP just told Lin something. Not sure what.

  32. JLIN has missed 3s close – his 3 never left him hasn’t shot many past few games – he’s been real close and tonight its falling

  33. Bembry with 2 early turnovers, ruining the flow that Lin established.

  34. give the damn ball to lin and let him initiate smh…

  35. Passive JLIN (apart from the 3pt) — at risk of being pulled for Passivity by Pierce

  36. is there like a rule that Lin cant initiate anything until like the 4q?

  37. Lots of Aggressiveness by everyone BUT JLIN — too bad the aggressive shots not falling


  39. All these turnovers. SMH

  40. Lin across the court to Bembry for a 3!

  41. 2222

  42. Spellman got lucky with that call. It was a clean block. He had Lin wide open, but was already determined to dunk it.

  43. Lin is on fire right now.

  44. Lin’s back…

  45. OMG Spellman’s huge body just landed on Lin.

  46. 22222222222

  47. I swear bembry is a G-league player borderline 8th man in this league. I dont care if he is decent defensivly i can get 10 guys who do that and are less stupid.

  48. 7 pts for Lin. Yes. Last basket was impressive.

  49. Without Lin being on fire, Hawks would be down by double digits right now. Hawks bench is horrible without him.

  50. Good to see Lin getting his shooting rhythm back. Looked like a foul on the last shot.

  51. Plus 2 assists and 0 turnovers. Lin is on a roll.

  52. Guess all this scoring by JLIN means he Deserves to get play time as a “hothand” — lets see if that works out for you Pierce believers

  53. just got home 7 pts 1st quarter. wooooooooooo

  54. Bembry seems to be pressing a bit this game. He’s pretty good when playing within the flow of the game.

  55. he has shown the most improvement this year from the beginning of the year

  56. Actually it’s game by game with Bembry; but JLIN has had a moderating influence of some of Bembry’s worst habits

  57. Lin out

  58. Awkward having Prince guest announcing with Nique and Bob. They have to praise him, but know full well that the Hawks play much better without him.

  59. ill have to see it on highlights lol

  60. Trae is so tiny that the optics of him getting close to big defenders gets him foul calls

  61. why cant they just be honest and say taurean you suck.

  62. Baze on fire again

  63. Hawks are playing quite well. This is a tough team.

  64. Definitely. He needs to calm down. Let the game come to him.

  65. i agree. much better lately. not as unbearable

  66. Hawks are playing like a team. But without a hot Lin, they’d be down right now. The starters are doing very well, but bench is not, other than Lin. If the bench would stop turning it over, they could be up by double digits right now.

  67. Golly Gee Whiz — JLIN played a fantastic 6 minutes — couldn’t ask for better Stats than JLIN put up

    Wonder why Pierce isn’t playing JLIN ?

    Do we think JLIN will get more minutes this Half???

  68. Trae slow to get up

  69. Lin in

  70. 33333333333333333333333

  71. OMG amazing alley oop from Lin to Dedmon!

  72. Lin lob

  73. LIN!

  74. Lin is playing insane tonight. This is so awesome to watch.

  75. LOL double alley oop. It was Anderson that got the dunk. Bob and Nique arguing who got the dunk. HAHA

  76. Indiana commentators complained about what JLIN might have been talking to the ref about

  77. Lin not happy he didn’t get that call.

  78. Lin and Bazemore game to tonight! Both cruising! Nice!

  79. Cheating refs couldn’t stand seeing Lin play well and Hawks winning so they had to take away their momentum.

  80. Trae took a hard foul then didn’t get back into the play, subsequently immediately got subbed out — coincidence?

    Did he ask to come out?

  81. If refs gave Lin half the fouls that Harden gets, he’d easily be a 20 PPG scorer as a bench player.

  82. Now Vince has unlimited range”

  83. Not a chance, Coach doesn’t look happy (only smiles when they’re losing). Team obviously showcasing Baze and Lin tonight for a win, I’ll take it!

  84. 2 FT

  85. Lin finally gets a call.

  86. Only after he complained gotta speak up. Lin rarely says anything about fouls you know he’s right if he speaks up

  87. Yeah, sucks that he has to fight for every call that other players get automatically.

  88. Lin grabbing his left knee on that screen he set.

  89. He has knee pads maybe jist adjusting them? Lin needs to stay healthy.

  90. He got hit in the knee. At least it’s not his bad right knee that got hit.

  91. Lin low fives Trae after the near and 1 shot. Looks like these minutes are planned if not Trae would be sulking.

  92. Lin pleeeeease stay healthy

  93. Lin getting mugged no foul

  94. That was probably the best 1st half I’ve seen Lin play this year. Now he’s getting the halftime interview, all gassed out lol.

  95. “RESPECT” … preach it Jeremy. Shout out to the late great A.Franklin

  96. Most minutes he’s played as well!

  97. Lin needs to work on strength in off season so he doesn’t lose the ball as much. ive seen him get stronger since the injury but still a bit off.

  98. 3rd Quarters for the Hawks are the issue — lets see what the Starters do tonight

  99. Too many muscles isn’t exactly good for a guard. Lin needs handles and dribbles skills not muscles.

  100. Indiana are a good defensive team. I think Lin had guys faked out. Sometimes go for the short jumper opposed to getting to the rim. Mix it up.

  101. That was Lin’s comment on the question of getting more calls

  102. JLIN played nearly a perfect quarter – I wish he could shoot FG% 100% too

  103. Lin not getting any fouls at the rim what the?!

  104. i agree. somethings off. when contact he looses balance easier then before.

  105. im focused on his health and his progress. physically he looks a little off still. i said nothing about his play. he play is great obviously

  106. Just voted Lin for All Star, even though I know it is always rigged lol

  107. Hawks reporter preaching it, “I still think you got fouled 3 times”.
    Lin just need to swoosh some 3s to make up for the cheated fouls!

  108. 100% rehabbed, JLIN said so himself

  109. There is a 1000 to 1 discount for Asian votes, haha

  110. Apparently you can vote in all different gadgets that you have. I used my mobile phone as well as laptop to do the voting.

  111. I agree with Alian. He’s not totally back. He’s not close to 100 percent.

  112. when i look at it something is off.. is he as strong as before? is there thngs he can still improved? being 100 percent healthy doesnt mean your 100 percent in the kind of shape you want to be. i see some things are a little off. im sure they see it. maybe its tightening up the dribble or simply mixing the moves like taking the mid range sometimes. it may not b a physical thing. its just something is off.

  113. fair. it may not be physical. you are right.

  114. His balance isn’t quite the same. On some plays it looks like it’s there, other times not.

  115. Lin doesn’t need 100%FG he needs more FGAs! I’d take 80-90% if he can take 15-20 shots every game.

  116. thats core strength. it will be fixed in the off season. i wouldn’t have him do heavy squats and deadlift during the season.

  117. lmao.

  118. In the past 10 quarters of basketball the Hawks have taken nearly 60 SIXTY- 3ptr shots and the odd thing is (not odd for most NBA players who aren’t shooting well) Trae has only taken 3 of those 60 missing all 3.

  119. Lin should’ve gotten at least 2 more fouls called for him. He could’ve ended the first half with 16 points, but I’ll settle for 12 and 3 assists.

  120. he might have been suggested by people around him stop taking risky 3s so his % does not look so bad

  121. True Very much a possibillity

  122. i feel like trey has adjusted. in the beginning he wanted to be the guy or out play doncic but he seem to be learning. his development is way behind doncic. he needs to learn alot more. he is letting the game come to him. im finally seeing development

  123. Trae and Collins have a very good connection.

  124. Collins starting to get into foul trouble.

  125. If you call not shooting Development – then I will take that as development

  126. it is. his shot selection was horrid. he sadly still isnt shooting much better but we are playing better as a team

  127. Hawks trying to go for a win streak? going to ruin their tank shieeeeeet

  128. Trae also having a good game, just not as good as Lin. They’re both focused and in the zone. Trae of course, has the benefit of more minutes and playing with better teammates.

  129. is lin 4-4 or 4-5 espn messing with me?

  130. I don’t think he should be compared to Doncic. He plays a much more difficult position. Trae has challenges Doncic doesn’t, like height. And Doncic has a more experienced team behind him. I think Trae has shown continued improvement in terms of at least running the team and reading defenses.

  131. 4 for 4. The only “miss” was on the foul call Lin got, but they don’t count fouls as misses.

  132. thx

  133. bad shot by trey. 1st one

  134. Doncic is a point forward like Magic Johnson or other big point men; he and Trae essentially play the same position — if you want to say Trae because he’s 7 inches/75 lbs short, that can’t be helped

  135. Roookie prima donnaitus — make One shot then you think you can’t miss from anywhere

  136. Trae and Collins playing a two man game no touches for Bazemore who has the hot hand not good! Trae only passes to his favorites horrible shooter and mediocre playmaking.

  137. ‘Trae is a great passer. his best skill by far.

  138. Collins is the Hawks’ best player other than healthy Lin. Collins and Trae are the Hawks’ future. Baze is not.

  139. Trae definitely icing out Bazemore, he was wide open for a 3! PG needs to get everyone open not just his favorites. Maybe Trae’s threatened by him.

  140. Collins got set up for that last foul by Trae – totally telegraphed allowing Collison to set Collins up for the charege

  141. only thng he excels at. his three is not good his mid range is not good. his layups are ok but not that good.

  142. PF is an alternate facilitation spot. PG is the main facilitation spot. Unless you’re LeBron James and Doncic isn’t LeBron James.

  143. When Doncic is on the floor he controls the Point as much as anyone — call him whatever you want to call himi

  144. Lin in to try and get the momentum back.

  145. Lin in

  146. Thank goodness! Trae was playing his two man ball with Collins and icing out Bazemore, ridiculous!

  147. Geez, Lin hit the floor hard again. He’s been taking a beating past few games.

  148. Indy commentators givng JLIN the credit for the comeback against their team in the 1st half

  149. Nice turnover to fast break and unselfish feed from Bembry to open 3 by Baze.

  150. Raining 3s

  151. thats a damn star call.

  152. Bad refs keep calling ticky tack fouls against Lin, but not calling fouls for him.

  153. First miss by Lin tonight. Good attempt at a 3 from a feed by Bembry though.

  154. Foul changed to Bazemore foul.

  155. I think Pierce just yelled at Lin. I did see Lin cheating way too much on defense, leaving his man wide open for 3s.

  156. Indiana’s defense much better. hitting threes

  157. thats the defense. to help but they are making it so dont help as much

  158. That’s legit. Lin is over helping.

  159. JLIN gets criticized for helping to much because he’s asked to reinforce the defense — then catches heat for “over” helping

  160. nique just said hawks can score if they want…no nique they cant thus the record you goof.

  161. Nice kickout from Lin to Spellman.

  162. Vince didn’t know Lin was behind him to recover that pass. Led to a turnover.

  163. Vince stole a pass meant for JLIN for two the other way, smh

  164. Pacers just woke.

  165. Not a good 3rd quarter from the Hawks or Lin.

  166. Crunch Quarter, does Trae get the entire Quarter?

  167. Guess Lin comes out for the beginning of 4Q. Got an assist but was 0-2.

  168. hawks have to adjust to the intensity of the game it went up in the forth..

  169. Oh that’s right JLIN had a bad quarter, you know what that means? right?

  170. The Hawks had a bad quarter.

  171. So do we sit all the Hawks? Or just JLIN?

  172. No plays called for Lin in the 3rd. But that’s par for the course

  173. yep no help from the coach at all.

  174. Lin out

  175. they can’t let Lin shine.

  176. LP is not the brightest we all knew that though

  177. won’t**

  178. he’s not involve and coach expects him to perform

  179. Not the point. It wasn’t only Lin that had a bad quarter. It was the whole team.

  180. That Trae 3 pts total — inversely proportional to JLIN minutes

  181. there’s no screen from his teammates

  182. Well if Lin doesn’t play anymore he got his stats.

  183. and that is all I care 🙂

  184. Yes, this is the most important part of EACH game – JLIN improves his trade tape

  185. his second five teammates are horrible

  186. Couldnt care less. Hawks can lose for all I care

  187. Take Bembry out, LP. Put Lin in.

  188. LP is not trying to win lol

  189. Not me. I want to see a game Lin contributes in go for a win. Since he’s on the team, I want them to try to win. And hopefully, with Lin playing a big part of it.

  190. I think he is.

  191. Lin was hot, they didn’t ride him

  192. LP is not trying to win “tonight with JLIN” but with anyone else including Trae Young

  193. 9-23… not very convincing. Hawks are trying to tank

  194. sounds about right

  195. One of those nights for Bembry.

  196. Why aint Lin coming in when they need offense? get that pick Hawks get it!

  197. 3-game winning streak. Problem with LP is he’s in love with Bembry. Some nights it’s better not to play him that much.

  198. Well the whole org is trying to tank. Even the hawks reporters and new writers are saying that. Writing is on the wall, winning does not matter to them at this point. Why not let Lin stat pad and stay healthy

  199. If Pierce wants to win with JLIN then at the very latest should be at the 4:30 is mark that JLIN will come back — otherwise Not At All

  200. If LP was trying to win he would give his backup PG 25 min at least and not ride his Rookie when he is playing like crap in games. They want to lose.

  201. That’s not good. Plan is to tank

  202. Exactly

  203. indana attacking trea almost every play

  204. Difference between this game and last game — Trae was awfull in Q4 against Pistons

    JLIN is done for the night

  205. Of course I want him to stay healthy. But Lin contributing to a win is a lot more satisfying. I never root for a team Lin is on to lose.

  206. LP played Anderson. Damn he is really trying to lose

  207. yeah. he’s done. he should just shower and have a snack don’t stress about it.

  208. The meritocracy that Pierchlenk preaches — only applies to guys not Named JLIN and appies in triplicate to guys named Trae

  209. He wants his young guys to learn how to win. I wish he’d put Lin in more to win, but that’s not the pattern he’s established. But he’s not deliberately trying to lose these games.

  210. they don’t know how to use him

  211. Lin in

  212. 15 mins 4-5 12 pts. dumb coach

  213. Order and eat Chipotle on the bench with Uber eats.

  214. I think Lin should be super aggressive now. Try to call PnRs and get some shots for himself.

  215. Beautiful cut and feed. Lin to Baze.

  216. His pattern is inconsistent it varies way too much. LP is not here to win at all he has a history of tanking. Stuff like this happens all the time in the NBA. Tanking coach comes in tanks for a while and when the team is good enough to compete they give him 1 year to show he can actually coach.

  217. Weird time for JLIN — he might only get 2-3 minutes in this stint

  218. Baze in the zone.

  219. Pacers are making all of their shots. Dang.

  220. I wonder how long Lin will be in.

  221. Baze ISO!

  222. baze cooling off. dont ride him as much

  223. It’s the Bazemore show

  224. right call. he was hot

  225. Shows that Pierce is a novice one dimensional coach

  226. Lin should’ve taken a shot there on that fast break
    That’s why he was never a star and never will be

  227. coach playing MO and Lin though playing has not allowed plays to work on with PnR

  228. Trae probably comes back in. Lin had a nice feed to him but mostly it was the Ken Bazemore show and he missed the last 2 shots. I hope Lin stays back in, but probably not. I don’t think Lin scored in the 2nd half.

  229. right call to ride him. he is hot but not anymore

  230. baze more showcase..

  231. Riding Bazemore. Worked for a little while.

  232. 12 pts. I am good.

  233. I think he should have shot it too. But Baze was wide open in the corner. It was the “right” play in today’s NBA.

  234. Lin out

  235. yea

  236. Lin hasn’t scored since 2nd quarter?! He needs to look for his shots!

  237. im good with how lin played. he passed to the hot player

  238. what was that. why even bother putting him in

  239. he didn’t get a chance to score lol it was the baze show.

  240. coach said give to baze.

  241. Lin didn’t score after 2nd quarter, after that his minutes was wasted with everyone else as PG. Then 4th quarter he kept passing to Bazemore.

  242. Bet Coach didn’t say that to Trae! In fact Trae purposely iced him out!

  243. I have to criticize Lin a little. I think he should have been looking to create more when he was in. I know Baze was hot, but I think 4Q was his chance to really enforce his will on the game.

    Trae came in and on a drive, got Collins an easy dunk.

  244. Lin got his. it’s all good.

  245. So what. That’s LP’s call. Lin can’t do much,

  246. We don’t know what the coach said. Maybe Lin chose to do that.

  247. thats fair. he milked baze a little too much

  248. Cant criticize him at all really. Coach probably told them to feed Baze.

  249. I am ok with his game tonight. Not his fault. Crazy sub pattern

  250. Have you noticed that every possession Lin has to look at LP for sets?

  251. hot first half, cold second half. I’d like to see Lin play a complete game and be 4Q Lin. I’m not that happy but glad to see Lin play and stay healthy.

  252. Yeah JLIN got punished for his PASSIVITY by Pierce again (JLIN needed to shoot 100% and take 20 FGA)

  253. that’s ok….they are going to lose tonight. No Lin No Win

  254. first half he got to initiate second half they gave it to baze. Lin does not control that. Lin does what LP tells him.

  255. He’s the coach.. what r u gonna do

  256. I don’t agree with fans that keep saying LP is making Lin do this. I think that Lin was just letting his teammate cook.

  257. Tank is still on, everyone knew it.

  258. you know that’s not going to happen. Jeremy will always follow orders…..unless coach said it was ok

  259. thats also fair. it could be the coaches call

  260. So ATL maintains it’s spot tied for THIRD worst in the NBA, breaking their 3 game win streak

    Click-Click sorry man — don’t take it so hard

  261. coach has input in play call so cant ignore it 100 percent

  262. And how do we know what LP told him to do? Maybe he said to Lin do your thing and that’s all. Unless he says in the post-game I had Lin make the plays, we’re just guessing.

  263. dude seriously people dont think when someone hits 3 in a row the coach doesn’t tell them to keep feeding the hot guy? anybody played sports here before?

  264. yep. very true

  265. For a role player with no leadership, yes thats the right play.

  266. Bazemore takes away Lin’s agressiveness when they are both on the floor.

  267. Hawks should be proud of how they played. This is a tough team and the Hawks were competitive.

  268. Jeremy didn’t have Len tonight

  269. LP plays bremby way too much

  270. Could be. Probably told them to feed Baze. But I think Lin could have held on to the ball longer to set up guys for easy shots just to mix things up.

  271. we might be guessing but i bet everything i got they wanted to keep feeding the hot guy seen it happen before on every other team it’s normal. When Rose had his 60pt game in Utah he had like 10 straight iso possesions because he was hot. You dont think coach had anything to do with that? you think his teammates were just fine with him ISO’ing calling his number by himself?

  272. Bail out foul for Trae, meanwhile Lin didn’t get any fouls for his drives tonight. Hawks can still steal this even without Lin. Now everyone has a great stat line except Lin!

  273. The game was winnable — Pierce chose to go a different way than the pick them apart way that JLIN employed with his 1st half squad

  274. Exactly Bremby also gets to play PG with Lin, ridiculous! Brembry is horrible and ices out Lin, wastes possessions!

  275. Yes, but to say it as a fact is a problem. I think there was a general directive to have Baze as number one option but Lin just passed to him where I think the one time Lin handled the ball, he got Baze a point-blank shot.

  276. Nice try, troll. Hawks didn’t play well in 2nd half, but still played hard and for the win. Pacers are a playoffs team and they made most of their shots in the 2nd half. You still mad I called you out for your stupid “Pierchlenk” comments and wrong predictions.

  277. Whatever fantasies floats your boat junior

  278. they deserve to lose tonight.

  279. trey getting some stat padding lol

  280. Feed the hot guy is fine. But why can’t Lin create? That one time Lin held on to the ball Baze had a cut, and Lin got him a really easy point blank layup. that’s what I mean by Lin should be doing the facilitating, Baze creating his own shot isn’t the best option.

  281. Nice comeback. Guess you have nothing to say when you’ve been so thoroughly debunked and made to look like a fool over and over.

  282. Lin didn’t light it up in the 2nd half. Like I said. The Hawks as a team didn’t play well enough in the 2nd half. The Pacers are a solid playoff team. The Hawks tried, but the Pacers are a better team.

  283. Trae’s been hitting shots since 3rd quarter! He had better stats than Lin since then, even ices out Bazemore. Lin should’ve looked for his shots more, now everyone has 17+ points except him!

  284. I agree with this, actually.

  285. Yes. Totally agree.

  286. Yeah it was all JLIN’s fault that ATL lost – and JLIN got rightly punished (sarcasm font)

  287. agreed. bremby still gets way too much minutes. this LIn trey thing has never happed

  288. Jlin went 4-5 for the first half, he didn’t need Len! He needed take more off dribble shots he kept passing to Bremby for PG and Bazemore for 4th quarter!

  289. And there’s where I fault LP. Play Lin/Trae and have 2 facilitators in against tough defensive teams. Bembry had a bad game and was a liability out there.

  290. 6 FGA. That tells how Hawks view Lin as role player, not their core. So any game, 10+ points and healthy is a win for Lin.

  291. keep in ind those players have 10-13 more minutes. Lin wont get more minutes because LP lied about using trey and lin together

  292. Nobody said that.

  293. Again they wanted Baze to have the ball to ISO..What happened first half they moved the ball and forced Pacers defense to move around everybody touched the ball. Lin got to initiate a whole lot more. Second half it was none of that. Instead we got Bazemore isoing because he hit a couple of shots. LP is here to lose and if he can make it a close loss the better. Too many times this guy has deviated from what has worked. they won against detroit despite him.

    Kent bazemore a career 12PT per game rotational player getting ISO plays called for him…laughable…but then again im not surprised.

    Lin got his im glad but im not fooling myself thinking the coach really wants these wins!!!

  294. Agreed…All Lin has to do is get into double digit in points which is regarded as a good game when coming off the bench.

  295. Trade is Coming Folks – JLIN added a good one to his trade video; Great STAT percentages and high efficiency — has brought his 3P% back to near 40%

  296. he lied. he says it but never uses it. that caps lins minutes on this team. he cant always go with lin or he will get fired

  297. He did lie.

  298. agreed. when he sat i thought mission accomplished. just another lost to the tanking team.

  299. Lin had minutes in the 3rd and 4th quarter he had 20mins, 2 more than usual! Yet he wasted minutes just cause the coach did the usual Bremby as PG and pass to Bazemore bs! Look at Trae he completely ignored Bazemore, and he always the main PG! Bremby’s there to disrupt Lin’s rhythm and take the ball out of his hands! Whenever Bremby is PG, Lin gets iced out.

  300. when???? I hope very soon.

  301. Agree..u can’t ask anymore from Lin.

    I know a lot of people are disappointed he didn’t shoot more, but like I’ve stated, LP calls the play and Lin can not over-rule him too much and call his own numbers.

    It’s LP job to make sure Lin gets more play to score since he was hot.

  302. Lin had more minutes this game but still didn’t get enough shots cause Pierce used Bremby as PG in 3rd and told Lin to pass to Baze in 4th! Pierce is always trying to keep Lin from having a good game!
    Lin should be the main PG every time he’s on the floor like Trae! I’d dare Pierce to have Bremby as PG while Trae’s on the floor!

  303. im think lin rode baze too long but idk how uch LP had as influence. still thought lin should be in instead of Bremby

  304. It better! so tired of this loser team! Best if Lin and Bazemore both get traded to the same team!

  305. Like people lin played in the playoff guarding Dwayne wade in his prime. he played sg most of the year in Charlotte. LP not using lin as Sg says more about what they think about young’s defense then anything

  306. LP got the memo not to let Lin shine over Trae

  307. Hazer wrote:
    This is what I mean when I say I want to see an entertaining competitive loss every night. Development plus the Zion pick.

    Hawks fans know whats going on this is what it is all about Huerter-Collins-Trae everybody else we dont care.

    Re: Linsanity ATL
    Unread post#571 » by jayu70 » Today 1:22 am

    I want him playing well so we can get an asset for him.

    They know whats going on no need to have a guy like him on the squad no use for him on a tanking team.

  308. Been like this all season where have you been? Every time Hawks got a close game, Lin didn’t close. Only time Lin closed was to come back with 50secs for defense!

  309. yep. dumb coach. Putting Lin for one minute during the 4th and taking him out

  310. Are they saying the same thing about Bazemore? We all know Bazemore will be gone as well!

  311. I hope we hear some news about the Trade

  312. yes they are exact same thing

  313. yup but w/e. healthy game. good tape for a trade if and when it happens. percentages go up. sad though. if hawks took doncic and lin was healthy this teams could of been really good. fighting for the playoffs. hell with just a healthy lin though could be in the playoffs in the east. ………. it well happen for lin soon enough

  314. I’ve been here all along. that’s why I was surprised LP let lin finish the game with detroit

  315. Except Bazemore like every player knows how to look out for himself, got 32 pts this game even with Trae trying to ice him out! Wish Lin would do the same!

  316. It’s hard to do…if there’s no play for you

  317. its obvious. hawk in a 5 year plays development plan. Lin will be gone so why not trade. the 15th of January is big.

  318. They took him out during 4th quarter even when Lin was on Linsanity level! Pierce was going to have starters take the glory, then at the last time out, Trae and other told Pierce to put Lin back in. Lin should’ve played the entire 4th quarter, taking him out was disrepectful! We all know Pierce dislikes Lin and does everything he can to minimize his stats! You don’t see him doing that to Bazemore!

  319. Lin got 12 pts 4 assists 1 block shooting over 50% from 3 20 Min of play. Great numbers and plenty of teams needing of a PG. Im hoping we get to see a change. Cant stand another year of tanking basketball.

  320. we over look this but lin almost got traded to the suns. so they will move lin for more draft picks.

  321. when …. deng it

  322. it was in the ariza trade talks.

  323. why till 15th of January and not sooner

  324. thank goodness it didnt happen though. phx suck.

  325. more players can be traded.

  326. btw why do they have to wait till Jan 15th? why not sooner?

  327. Lin should’ve gotten 18+ this game, he was on fire from the start and needed to keep shooting. Pierce played his game by having Bremby as PG in 3rd and told Lin to pass to Bazemore in 4th, rendering him useless! Lin should’ve went to the checking spot and asked for the ball! Harden used to do that to Lin all the time, literally asked for the ball even when Lin was supposed to get the pass in.

    Bremby like every bench player only looks out for himself, when has he ever passed back to Lin or looked for his open shots? Bremby either passes to the opposite side or goes for iso every time. Lin should do the same to Bremby and see how he feels!

  328. oh ok

  329. But 0 points in the 2nd half. That’s an uneven game. I loved his first half. Wish he did more in the 2nd half. If anything, I prefer him have a strong 2nd half vs. 1st half.

  330. it could be sooner but January 15 is the date more player can be trade which open up more trade possibilities.

  331. 0 points doesn’t matter they they look at what he did in the time he had and what he did with the ball in his hands during that time. Everytime Lin had the ball something happened. And most of the time it was something good. Having a strong half doesn matter on a tanking team just get yours and dont get hurt. hope for a trade. Nobody cares if you had a strong second half on tanking team. Lin has showed enough and has great averages in such short playtime.

  332. Lin can go up to the check or player and ask for the ball! Harden used to do that, KD does that, Lin can certainly do the same thing especially when Bremby is playing ball hog.

  333. I think if you see how Lin played the game and look at the points distribution per quarter, why would you want him on the squad of a contending team if he doesn’t show up in the 2nd half, especially the 4th? Those two games where Lin showed up big in the 4th were solid games from Lin. Better than the one today. I made a long post about how Lin is a great situational player. Tonight, he wasn’t there in the 2nd half and I’m not thrilled with this game. On to the next one. If he does show up late in games most games he gets the opportunity, great. I have faith he will.

  334. They really wanted to get read of Schroeder. I guess everyone wants Zion. That’s the NBA. They’re not looking for a playoff seed. Just develop Trae, Huerter, Collins, Bembry. Only Collins looks like the real deal now. Trae, perhaps, because of his passing and he’s not a bad PG. But very undersized.

  335. You have to mix it up. If the offense becomes too predictable than that doesn’t work. And Baze cooled off. And Lin has a limited time to do his thing before getting pulled. Sorry, I think Lin should have been more assertive and maybe he even finishes the game.

  336. Guys, Lin can’t do that..that’s simply not his style and I doubt LP would appreciate Lin breaking the play-call so he can dial his own numbers.

    Lin is a coach player..he not just gonna ignore the coach..that’s the best way to get less minutes.

  337. It takes a long time to fully recover from serious injury to the point where the tissue has adjusted and toughened up again. Look at players like Derrick Rose playing well this year and playing with abandon like he did during his MVP time. Shaun Livingston had a very seriois knee injury and now has two championships but it took him a long time to get healthy. I see JLin in the same category in that it is prudent to rehab the whole year and actually be ready for next year. Problem is he has to get another contract next year so it is a delicate balancing act to play well enough and hard enough to get rewarded with a good contract. This is why I figure JLin has to be cautious for the first 2/3 of the season after which hopefully he will go to a contender and then ramp up to 90% which should be good enough to stand out to get a new contract.

  338. Nets beat the Hornets in double overtime. Joe Harris scored the winning basket. Spencer Dinwiddie had 37.

  339. who allowed tyreke to score 19 points in 19 minutes?

  340. JLin didn’t have much chance to touch the ball in the 2nd half. Bazemore and Bembry (B&B) did.

  341. Dinwiddie took 29 shots?! lin never even had that kind of green light with KA when he was there! All KA ever did was take the ball out of his hands and told Lin to “help them” and “pass more”. Double standard much?

    Taking 15-20+ shots is exactly what Lin needs to do to be a star and starting PG but all he ever does is listen to coaches’ orders and over passes.

  342. You’re right on. JLin was just a decoy in the 2nd half.

  343. LP wanted to win the game so much that he forgot everything else.

  344. Bembry just doesn’t have it. You can give him as many minutes as you want. He simply doesn’t measure up on the court. It is about strength and court vision. I don’t know if he could stay with the team too long with new players coming in next season (at least 2 first rounders)

  345. As if he’s getting any? The extra minutes he does get are wasted with others being PG or passing after half court! Technically Lin only played the 1st half, 2nd half was Lin listening to the coach and passing the ball without scoring.

    Furthermore he’s been getting an average of 13-18mins per game. On a tanking team who will most likely trade him by January! If he doesn’t play Lin can certainly rest up while being paid 13mil for the season.

    Remember how Pierce was forced to put Lin back to close because he was scoring a lot?! Scoring will keep Lin in, not the other way around.

  346. Bembry and Hamilton probably won’t stay in NBA for too long.

  347. choppy minutes won’t help a player to get into rhythm. Lin hardly had enough touches on the ball.

  348. Lin is not required to do anything! Trae certainly didn’t listen about passing to Bazemore and iced him out! Once on the floor Lin can certainly do whatever he wants and ignore the coach! Lin has nothing to lose because he’s gone either way!

  349. Well, if he doesn’t listen to LP, he’ll just bench him since Lin can not give himself minutes.

  350. stat update:

    he’s # 1!!!
    lin passes harden into first in points per shot among backcourt players getting any significant time.

    also #4 in true shooting among same.

    and also #4 in adj. field goal % minimum 10ppg (over lap of 3 of the top five in both afg% and pps among all backcourt players: curry, lin and simmons).

    trae young remains dead last among all “qualified” players in afg% while remaining top 30 (among players all positions getting any significant time) in useage.

    per: lin #20 among pg’s on the heels of abl clarkson (19) and ahead of abl’s russell (22), young (52) and beverley (68)

    atl players rated by per top to bottom:


    within the per stat line there is a stat called “value added”
    young gives you a value added of 16. lin gives a value added of 52
    (interesting that lin is 80th overall in per right behind rookie phenom who the hawks could have had luka doncic 79)
    young is 218 overall

    not really a fan of per as a stat however in this isolated case id say it gives an accurate top to bottom assessment of atl players performance to date this season.

  351. Game plan and coaching are the causes of the loss. Jeremy Lin was effective in the first half because the game plan did not exclude him from scoring.

  352. Lakers beat Warriors 127:101
    I’m not sure Warriors 2 will work even with the best version of Warriors.
    If Warriors lost the championship this season, it would be a big blow to Travis Schlenk.


    (this guy just said that Spencer Dinwiddie is a building block for the Nets, while me-Lo is not part of Nets long term plans. Makes sense because Dinwiddie, and Joe Harris, are tremendous system fits for Markinson motion offense, even though ultimate ceiling of team may be much more limited than if they had kept Lin as their starting point guard, then have Dinwiddie come off the bench, or at times pair Dinwiddie with Lin as a Poor Man’s Nic Batum).

  354. Glad Jlin not in BKLN. Let Din ball out against Dlo. For rehab and next contract Jlin is in the best place he could be, Tanklatlanta. Stats posted here bh 1mtoldman back this up. At some point in Jlin’s development he needs to start a few games to see how he does against 1st teams and leading the tanatlanta starters. This is not to diminish TY but for Jlin’s own benefit. This should occur in say maybe 10 more games. What tankatlanta should do for its own, and fan’s sake is start Jlin, Baze, Dedmon, Collins and Len/Anderson or maybe even Prince to see if Jlin can “fix” him (I am omitting Huerter now because his PER is dead last!). Have a fast playing bench with TY, Bembry, Huerter and Len at center. Under this scenario I say “Go Hawks”

  355. !!!Trade Jlin back to BKLN! Start Din/Harris et al, bench of Jlin with….Ed Davis. Terrific 1-2 punch. If ATL wants to eat money let them eat Crabbe

  356. why can’t Jeremy shoot like 22 times like them

  357. Lloyd Pierce is the reason.

  358. second five? no way

  359. yes….tell him that pls

  360. Only when Sean Marks is fired.

  361. The history of the first round first picks tells us that they could very likely be busts.

  362. Only for rest of this season to get set up for next contract. Marks won’t try to sign him and JLin should snub him anyway. JLin and Davis would be powerful against opponents 2nd units.

  363. No, it’s not. Pierce wants Lin to shoot and has said so many times. Lin rarely takes more than 15 shots regardless of how long he plays. But Lin does get to the line and shoots free throws, and those aren’t counted as shot attempts. I think Lin has topped out at 21 shots in overtimes in the past 5 seasons. I don’t like that Dinwiddie took 29 shots but it was a double overtime game. 12-29 isn’t a great percentage. 11 assists is excellent however.

  364. Not sure this has been posted already:

    Jeremy Lin Details Phone Call He Had With Mike D’Antoni About Turnovers
    Lin told ClutchPoints, Coach D’antoni, “I remember one game where I had nine turnovers and we lost. And I got a call from him after the game. He’s like, “… I just wanted to call to let you know next game, go ahead and get 20 turnovers… Do not think once about your turnovers or stopping.” Lin went on to say, “That’s why I played so well. I had this coach that was empowering me, constantly in my ear, telling me to go go go, trust your instincts.”

    Compare what Coach D’Antoni did with JLIN and almost every other coach including what happened in last nights’ game with Pierce shutting JLIN down in 2nd half.

  365. 5-year-development===5-year-tanking-star-show

  366. Half game played, score tied, Lin played decent, 4-4 with 12 points with some TOs and:

    Woodson: Good half game. It’s Melo turn.
    McHale: One more turn over, I will pull you off.
    BS: DNP in 2nd half
    Clifford: Good half game. It’s Kemba turn.
    KA: Good half game, but the ball is too sticky.
    LP: Good half game. Your FGA is up.

  367. Din is given the go to the basket after he signed the extension. This is NBA. Spencer is allowed to shine after signing.

  368. Lip service from LP!
    Only MDA really wanted Lin to shoot.

  369. The Hawks can win many more games with the top 5 starting for the team: Lin, Bazemore, Collins, Len, Dedmon. 4 veterans + 1 sophomore.

  370. I honestly doubt Lin can put up that many shot even if he tried to.

    Lin is simply not that important to the Hawks for them to prioritize him fully into the play-calling. They are prioritizing their young guys : Trae, Huerta , Collins…Baze because he’s their top trade asset.

    Lin is also a PG, and the offense requires him to move the ball most of the time…He can’t call isolation for himself too many time like Harden and other top PG.

  371. You nailed it, ha

  372. He was playing the same way before he signed the extension. It’s part of the reason he was given the extension. Dinwiddie is a proper 6th man getting starter minutes and a big role on the team.

  373. So all coaches are against Lin?

  374. @Jin7 is 1 out of 6 players averaging >20PTS/36, 6AST/36 and 60TS%
    Which playoff-aspiring teams will benefit from Linsanity in a trade?🔥🏀💪

    Maybe @OrlandoMagic or @PelicansNBA or another unknown team?

  375. Baze had a “hothand” which got cold but he kept getting fed and kept shooting ice cold

    JLIN had a “hothand” rarely got ball 2nd half, missed a couple then did not shoot anymore. You give Pierce the benefit of doubt, so does JLIN need to keep shooting 100% (4of4) to stay in ball games, even one miss means he’s no longer “hothand”?

    Many are quick to believe EVERYTHING JLIN’s past coaches have SAID, e.g. “Pierce said he wants JLIN to shoot”, we don’t know whether coaches have LIED to JLIN or about JLIN

  376. There have been 457 qualified NBA players this season :

    JLIN is in the top 1.3% in good company – that is Spectacular!

  377. One thing we do know is: JLIN many years after the fact said he was not happy in seasons previous to CHA

  378. You’re talking about one coach. Read my question again.

  379. Because he wanted to be a starter. And Lin was in testimonial mode then so it sounded more like the position he was in than the coach. I never heard Lin make a negative comment about Coach Clifford.

  380. It’s great he’s putting up solid numbers this season. Wishing for his continued health because if he has that, he’ll produce.

  381. Pretty close to the truth

  382. You misunderstand the post, JLIN said he was happy in CHA but not in any of his previous seasons was he happy.

    Happiness goes a long way to the way you are being coached, if believe JLIN was treated fairly by all his coaches previous NYK, HOU, LAL, ATL then nothing can help you. Until you hear from JLIN a few years from now, and then you still wont believe – because he’s already said it about the first few teams

  383. We spend a lot of time on Lin’s coaches. But Lin has done well. The struggle many of us have is maximizing our potential in limiting situations. There’s a point where you look and go how did I make a difference. I try to think of the positivism that psalm wanted to bring to the forum. So that’s one way. Sure, I complain. But I try to limit it. Maybe in 2019 more of us can try to look at how Lin made a difference and is making a difference, and maybe the peripheral stuff he can’t control but so much will go to the background and what he can control and does will come to the foreground.

  384. Maybe he meant shoot… practice shots

  385. Wrong! Pierce is forced go play Lin more if he shoots well, like how he was forced to put Lin back to close final seconds for that 3 game winning streak. That’s why he sabotages Lin’s minutes with other players as PG and orders to pass. Then Pierce can say he gave Lin minutes but he just focused on passing and didn’t so much.

  386. Good to hear Andre during the halftime interview bringing up the fact he thought Lin was fouled 2-3 times in the first half and not called.

  387. Well, most likely all coaches have their own agenda + FO agenda + super star agenda + power agents agenda.

    So if you wanted to say coaches are not against Lin specifically? Yes I agree. Just the way NBA conducts itself.

  388. Wasn’t me

  389. had been posted last week ago

  390. that was … uncalled for..
    did monkgo had like butterfingers?
    it wasn’t even a steal by the nets.
    it’s like giving the ball to the nets.
    what the fk is he thinking.

  391. It’s too bad Lin won’t be staying with the Hawks. They have some really talented bigs like Spellman and Anderson who can both dunk and shoot the 3 ball. Bazemore, Huerter, Collins, and Len are all efficient starters. GM knows how to draft the role players. If they were willing to give the keys to both Lin and Bazemore they’d be an instant playoff team already. No clue why they are so high on Trae and Zion but are busts. Why would you draft a player who can’t do anything but drive?

  392. You do realize Bazemore has been super efficient and is a legit rising star? His 3s are more automatic than Lin’s. Almost every shot Bazemore takes he makes them. Minus the obvious iso, stat padding last game, Bazemore isn’t a shot chucker or ball hog.

  393. did…did you just call Kent Bazemore 29 years old career 8.2 ppg scorer 36% 3pt shooter A RISING STAR…smh im done.

  394. IM NOT DONE


  395. Lin isn’t a puppet on a string, coach can’t control when he shoots. In fact if Lin’s making 20+ pts announcer and reporters will take notice and ask why Lin isn’t playing. Lin was the starter for the Nets yet he listened to KA’s BS about passing the ball more over iso or PnR. Meanwhile he barely sho0t the ball 8-12 times, no different than his time as bench player. Just cause not every coach motivates him doesn’t mean he can’t motivate himself to take more shots.

  396. stats can be misleading, last time i checked Lin is averaging even less PPG than Bazemore does that mean he’s worst? If you’ve watched the games you’d know Bazemore is an efficient scorer and especially his 3s, even more so than Lin’s.

  397. im just done dude after what you just wrote im not even going to try.

  398. You’re the crazy one, 50% FG and 40% 3P would be KD and Curry level, Baze making 45% FG and 32.9% 3P shows he does have “rising” star potential, not there yet obviously.

    Meanwhile Lin is close to reaching the 50-40-90 club this season.


  400. 29 is close to prime but still young, Lin’s 30 last time I checked and has yet to make All Star, your point?

  401. When have i said Lin will be an All-star? If Lin is given a Starter Role he would average 17/7 easily in this league. Lin has proven that he is good when given minutes. What has Bazemore done outside padding his stats on a tanking team? you probably didn’t even know a damn thing about bazemore before Lin got here. I watched Baze last year at hawks And there is a reason they want him GONE! SMH!

  402. Baze is averaging 14PPG not under 9PPG like you said while being benched for certain games, without green light, while playing off ball. Meanwhile Lin is only averaging 10.9PPG this season in your standard what’s Lin than?!

  403. Are you serious? have you seen the minutes Baze has gotten? dude you are seriously lost im not sure if your joking or not but this is ridiculous. do me a damn favour and look up his minutes these past 5 games it’s all over 30Min
    Now go and look at Lin’s minutes and come back to me.

    And i said CAREEER NOT SEASON KNOW THE DIFFERENCE. Rising Star give me a damn break that is the most far fetched bullcrap i have ever heard on this forum and i have hear a lot of stuff here.

  404. its too bad lin won’t be staying with any team for long. look at the nets.. that’s the most trust org he can be in.

  405. If the coach keep calling for plays to pass it, there’s not much he can do unless he’s okay with the coach screaming at him to pass more.

    If he shoots, he better make most of those shots, which is key here.

    Lin can nopt ignore coaches and do what James Harden does…if he does, he better make those shots but Lin is a coach guy and will not totally go against a coach wishes.

    This is why D’antoni was his best coach..D’Antoni told him to shoot as much as coach is willing to give him that type of green light and Lin is not willing to give himself such green light if the coach does not approve.

  406. Fair enough, Baze does have 29-35mins while making 4-13, 7-16, and 14-25 shots.
    Sure he may not be a star but there’s no doubt he’s a starter and a great no.2, no.3 option.

  407. I just want to end this discussion.

  408. most trusted? Hardly, Marks always beat around the bush and we all knew it was a rebuilding team. Those 3 years was Lin’s chance to prove himself before they got their future drafts and rookies. Nets was never going to be a long term team until Joe gave us the illusion that Lin was safe.

    All Nets has brought Lin are terrible training staff that almost killed his career. But they were the only ones willing to give him a starting position. See it as blessing in disguise because after rehabbing with Fortius, Lin is even better than before.

  409. Agree here…For Lin to shoot as much as Baze, he first need to get the minutes…but as we know, Lin’s minutes is capped because of Trae Young.

    A mini Linsanity may get him around 22-25 but that’s only if he’;s extremely hot shooting.

  410. And there lies the issue that has held Lin back, he listens to the coach too much when all of them are set on holding him back. Instead of going off on his own to protect himself he continues to follow orders. He has nothing to lose, Lakers, Hornets, Hawks are all 1 year rentals. Lin could’ve easily gone off from plays especially being benched with limited minuets. Hawks by far are the worst team and minutes he’s gotten with mid season trade in the works.

    Coach can bench Lin but he’d be wasting 13Mil not playing him while Lin gets his rest.

  411. Trae, Bremby, Collins, Huerter, all the young guys are prioritized over Lin and Baze. Hawks will showcase them before trading them away even if they are starter matieral.

  412. Jlin took a low paying contract from CHA, partly because he needed a situation in which to redeem himself and thought his best chance was with Clifford. He was able to redeem himself with Clifford but Clifford was a long way from being the enabler tha MDA was. Furthermore, don’t forget that the big contract he got from BKLN came from Kenny Atkinson, the very samE KA who coached JLin with NY under MDA. In other words KA already knew JLin and was now in position to put JLin in his rightful place, as PG of his own team. Under those circumstances, Clifford barely helped JLin. Jlin did his own work leading the bench to help CHA, creating Linsanity against SAS and CLE, and two games in the playoffs against Miami. Clifford gets a lot more credit that he deserves for helping JLin. Jlin helped Clifford and CHA as much if not more than Clifford. At this point it has to be proven to me that Clifford “loves” Jlin. Jlin owes Clifford and CHA nothing because he gave at least as much and IMO more than he got from CHA. MDA is still the only coach to believe in JLin with KA second. Clifford is a neutral, Woodson clueless, McHalE and BS a (-). It is quite possible that the only coach who knows how to use JLin is MDA. This is why I don’t think ORL is probable and/or even likely destination for JLin, and why, even though I don’t like the city of HOU or the organization that I would like to see Jlin reunited with MDA, the only coach who truly knows the talents of JLin.

  413. Coaches and FO make or break players. MDA “made” JLin. All of the rest did nothing or were harmful and that includes Clifford. CHA was a beneficiary of something they did not even know what they had. What they thought they had was a cheap $2 M player that they took a flyer on. What they got was a player that arguably got them into the playoffs

  414. Like I keep saying. All the stats that are available now that the public can even have access.

    So with so many NBA teams with their analytics staffs and probably even more proprietary data, if the GMs even care to look, they would know how well Lin is playing after his injury.

    Lin is no longer a rookie, with “untapped potential”. No one can use “small sample” as the excuse any more. Coaches have always talked about how they have to game-plan for Lin.

    So if Lin doesn’t get any offers for a trade, or next year for a good contract. I wonder what the reasons will be. Hmmmmm.

  415. Yeah, and let’s see what the NBA teams will do with that knowledge.

    Of course, I will continue to be hopeful.

  416. I made a couple of comments below re JLin and MDA. If MDA were the coach of ATL with the personnel they have now I believe ATL would be at least #6 in the East and quite possibly top 4 by the playoffs. Does anyone here think that he would not make TY immeasurably better than LP? With the ATL roster and his offensive mind ATL might be enjoying real basketball. The mind boggles

  417. I thought Lin played an excellent game in the minutes that he played.

    Making those 2 threes was NIIIIIICE. I think he’s starting to get his rhythm back after the back strain.

  418. I said it before and will say it again.

    It is Lin against the entire NBA. Sad but true…

    This is what most of Asians face in this country just different fields.

  419. The NBA is an organized team sport. It’s not pick-up basketball.

    Lin’s got plenty to lose. Unless you are anointed and the team plays its offense through you as the focal point, you are regarded as a “role” player. If you don’t play your “role”, they can easilty find someone else who will. If Lin gets a reputation as someone who won’t play within the team’s system, you think he has nothing to lose?

    As it is, there have already been FIVE other teams who think they can replace Lin easily. (I don’t count GSW when he was a rookie.)

    After all these years of following Lin. IT’S NOT A LEVEL PLAYING FIELD FOR HIM!!!! There are prejudices and biases and double-standards working AGAINST him. It has always been an uphill battle! It’s always been fit-in or else.

    Can’t believe you really think that “Lin can do whatever he wants”. That it’s really so easy and so simple?

  420. Fox Sports Southeast, the entire studio, and on-court team, have been so supportive, and have done quite a few segments highlighting Lin. So good to see and hear.

  421. It all depends on what the front office wants to do, doesn’t it?

    Assuming that they want to win for real. I’m not sure I agree. The Hawks don’t currently have great knock-down 3 point shooters. From what I can tell, Huerter, being a rookie, Prince, Bazemore, Dedmon, Len, are too inconsistent. They are good enough to be floor spacers. But even when they are wide open, they didn’t always make those wide open 3’s. I remember, because they messed up Lin’s assists.

  422. I am re-posting this postgame interview that Lin gave in English, after the Knicks game. I think it’s very pertinent as to Lin’s mindset about the Hawks. (Sometimes, posts just get lost.)

    LIN CANNOT JUST GO ROGUE IN A GAME. WAKE UP PEOPLE. And I think we can take comfort in knowing that he won’t be settling for being a “backup”.

    “Really feels like a home game sometimes when I come back…I get a large reception and I see my jersey or my shirts everywhere, I’m really thankful….Honestly, I didn’t think I had a great game, but I’m really happy about the win….Trying to pick my spots…obviously as a backup, some nights they rely on me more, some nights they don’t, and that’s just part of the job, and that’s my role here. I’m trying to be as great as I can in whatever role I get.

  423. Let’s have a few laughs.

    AT 10:03 – Shaquille O’Neal Diesel’s Top 10 Dunks of the Week: # 10 – “JEREMY LIN lobs it up for the Hawks’ Double Dunk for Justin Anderson & Dewayne Dedmon!”

  424. The Hawks are hitting the big times. “2018-2019 Season in Review – the Starters”.

    At 18:36, John Collins wins “Funniest Moment” of the year (NO ONE got hurt).

    At 22:16, “nutmeg passes”, Trae Young to Alex Len, and Trae Young to Dewayne Dedmon.

    And last, but NOT LEAST, at 21:00, “Top 10 Assists of the Year”, # 4, ‘JEREMY LIN, fast break, beautiful hook bounce pass” – to Alex Poythress.

  425. No news is good news! Lin healthy for tomorrow’s game at Timberwolves.

  426. Yes it does. And they hired a coach who is a veteran of tanking so that tells us. I was just making a wishful hypothetical. ATL does not have the shooters maybe that others have, but they have players who have demonstrated that they can in fact shoot well. Nobody makes them all, every game. Put into the right offensive scheme and directed by Jlin and a TY who is told by MDA, the PG “whisperer” what and what not to do they could be contenders. However we do not and will not know because the FO sees value in losing. I have supported in numerous posts that ATL has good players, a good blend of young talent and in-their-prime vets. If you are a pro player, what must it be like to know that the FO does not thnink they can win with you on their team? How about they interview the players and ask them if they think the ATL FO is competent enough to know what it is doing? Tanking is messed up

  427. This is why it is so hard to evaluate Jlin’s performance from game to game because we don’t know what the coach’s instructions are. If he is told to get others more involved and to shoot less so he takes no shots and we criticize him for not gettin his, whose fault is that?

  428. I think JLin was BKLN’s concession to KA.

  429. GSW just lost again, to Portland. I hope Bob Myers won’t regret letting guys like Nick Young, JaVale McGee, David West go. They better try to lock in Patrick McCaw too.

    The big 4 played about FORTY minutes tonight. Iguodala and Livingston together gave them 7 points. That’s not going to get a championship.

  430. Exactly. Given the circumstances, I believe Lin is doing his best. In fact, he’s EXCELLING IN SPITE of his circumstances.

    I’m not sure why fans feel the need to criticize him. As if they have ever played one single minute in an NBA game, especially in Lin’s shoes.

  431. I think we are in agreement on this. I have said this so often, I’m tired of hearing myself. 🙂 I can’t imagine players EVER playing to lose.

    The NBA stinks. Rewarding tanking stinks. No matter how they try to justify it as a strategy to get a championship for a team. And the fans, at least all the ones on social media, buy into it.

    I don’t think the ones who pay money to go to the arena are rooting for the Hawks to lose. Actually, those Hawks fans are pretty supportive. When Lin was beating the Wizards, there were tons of loud cheers and excitement from the fans there.

    As a matter of fact, MUCH BETTER than Barclays. There were so many NON-NETS fans at the games that sometimes, depending on the visiting team, like the Knicks, you couldn’t even tell it was a home game.

    Anyway, I digress. Not playing to win. Sports, as entertainment, at its worst. Because it’s not even entertaining!

  432. I think it is good for the NBA that GSW is losing. That way, other teams feel they have a chance in the playoffs. If GSW wins the championship this season, let them earn it. Let them sweat. They’ve had a good run. They have a bunch of rings in that group. I’d like to see some other two teams in the finals, and not GSW as one of them this season.

  433. Can’t agree more

  434. Not when Harden is playing for the Rockets.

  435. Agreed….

    It’s very unfair to expect Lin to be scoring consistently under his role and the amount of minutes he gets.

    Lin is actually doing better as a bench player for the Hawks as when he was with Charlotte..Doing more in less minutes

    And as you’ve stated, u can tell Lin is not satisfy with his role but he’s a professional so he won’t say too much to show unhappiness.

    I simply hope that Lin will get his agent to talk to Schlenk a few weeks before trading deadline and let him know Lin would prefer a trade because his minutes is too heavily restricted because of issues he can’t control.

    Lin is dong very well under low minutes but his minutes doesn’t have much capacity to drastically go up since they have to develope Trae and LP doesn’t want to add extra minutes for Lin at the SG position.

    My fear is Lin is so nice that the Hawks may feel they can keep him for the whole year and force him to accept low minutes so they can develope Trae.

    That to me would be selfish of Hawks part if Lin nicely demand for a trade and the Hawks were to reject it

  436. on a personal note first; im stunned by the response to my recent stuffed xmas stat posts; both of which generated double digit upvotes. something i dont think ive ever had! thanks. and indicates a desire for more of that; not time for a lot today but just leading into the promised “boe” or basic offensive efficiency which combines points per shot and points per minute.

    a resultant quotient for my calculations for most players will range somewhere between 1 and 2.

    just a sample of point guards:

    ball is a 1.3

    young russell simmons and westbrook around 1.5 to 1.6

    brogdon (malcolm) is a 1.8

    lin dinwiddie lillard irving and walker are 2’s

    the only one (in my sample here) coming in much over a 2: curry @ 2.2.

    why put brogdon in here? well as lin he doesn’t get a lot of respect. he was after all rookie of the year! but he’s basically (tho starting and getting starter minutes) still only the third point on his team with another point guard eric bledsoe and “point forward” the greek freak ahead of him.

    beyond that brogdon was choosen because he is the only point guard besting lin in all 3 shooting categories: fg%, 3pt% and ft%.

    where is curry you say? signficantly below lin and many others in overall fg%.

    so to state it another way: lin has the 2nd highest overall shooting % of combined categories in the league among point guards. (and some lin fans still say lin can’t shoot).

    other brief notes: among what espn lists as “qualified” players young remains dead last in adj fg %;
    other bottom four, westbrook, rubio and colin sexton.

    among all backcourt players (players listed as guards) with a minimum of 10 points per game joe harris is now #1! curry 2 and lin 3

    and lin remains number one just ahead of harden in points per shot.
    intersting that lins three point percentage is pretty much identical to hardens.

    all for today and thanks for your support.

  437. zack lowe on trea


    It’s still too early to worry about Young’s horrific 3-point shooting. He’s about as bad as expected on defense. He runs smack into picks, and occasionally gets lost off the ball. Trae? You there, buddy?

    He’ll get better.

    But something about his offense feels strange. He’s not taking 3s in the volume or style we expected. Only 3.1 Young pick-and-rolls per 100 Atlanta possessions have led to an off-the-dribble 3-pointer — 19th among high-volume ball handlers, right behind Victor Oladipo, Trey Burke and Mike Conley, per Second Spectrum data.

    About 6 percent of Young’s 3s have come via the pick-and-roll, the 20th-lowest rate among 75 ball handlers who have attempted at least 20 such triples, per Second Spectrum. He has attempted three or fewer triples in four of Atlanta’s past five games. Young has danced his way to only two step-back 3s all season!

    Some of this is by design. Watch where Atlanta’s big men screen for Young; most of them straddle the 3-point arc, so that even if Young dribbles into daylight, he’s already in 2-point range. Perhaps the Hawks are trying to build Young’s game inside-out — and preserve his confidence. He shares more that way, and his drive-and-dish work has been a bright spot.

    But this isn’t the version of Young that Atlanta chose instead of Doncic. I hope we see some of that guy soon.

  438. I like your stats because they verify things that I see but am too lazy to track. And in a few cases repudiate what I see and make me question my evaluation. Then again there are lies, damn lies and statistics! However your stats, unlike the stats the government manipulates in order to justify more taxes are valid.

  439. My thought when I originally started ranting about ATL tanking and the potential quality of the ATL roster was that they could, in time, round out to be a quality team. Hard to do that if they are tanking. But all of the players you mention have had their moments so they can do the job. They just need to practice at it under the guidance of a good coach and PG to lead their team

  440. If you look up tough love online, you’ll often find emotional abused paired with it in the same sentence. There is no doubt that Lin has suffered some form of emotional abuse from all the coaches previously mentioned. As parents, we often have to apply tough love to define parameters of behaviour to our children when some behaviours can be self destructive. The structure of right from wrong has to be set sometimes in abstract rules until such times as they can reason for themselves. It’s when we don’t act consistent to those rules that children blur the lines of those rules. There’s no such thing as do as I say and not as I do. Lin has had some form of emotional abuse from every coach since MDA. None has been able to explain why his stats don’t merit more play time and leadership roles. Every coach has in one way or another abused Lin emotionally to artificially apply different sets of rules for another player. If Lin succeeds beyond expectations, he is told by actions or words that he is either being selfish or not a team player. The same coach will act totally oppositely to the designated star for the very same actions.

    In contrast is the recent revelation that MDA called Lin after a bad game of many Turnovers and encouraged him to just play exactly the same way the next game. When we see the contrast of his leadership and stat lines, there is no denying that tough love was a euphemism for emotional abuse to destroy lines ability to be a great player.


    An abusive coach has been described as fitting any number of the following characteristics:
    • Regularly uses public embarrassment and humiliation on his/her athletes
    • Disinterested in the feelings and sensitivities of his/her players
    • Rarely uses praise or positive feedback
    • A yeller
    • Demeans his/her players
    • Plays “head games” with his/her athletes
    • Personally dishonest and untrustworthy
    • Creates a team environment based on fear and
    devoid of safety
    • Never satisfied with what his/her athletes do
    • Overly negative and a pro at catching athletes
    doing things wrong
    • More interested in his/her needs than those of his players.

    • Over-emphasizes the importance of winning
    • Tends to be rigid and over-controlling, defensive and angry
    • Not open to constructive feedback from players or parents
    • Uses excessive conditioning as punishment
    • Can be physically abusive
    • Ignores his/her athletes when angry or displeased
    • Is a bully (and therefore a real coward)
    • Coaches through fear and intimidation
    • Is a “know-it-all”
    • Is a poor communicator
    • Only cares about his/her athletes as performers, not as individuals
    • Consistently leaves his/her athletes feeling badly about themselves
    • Kills his/her athletes’ joy and enthusiasm for the sport
    • Is a bad role model
    • Is emotionally unstable and insecure
    • Earns contempt from players and parents
    • Coaches through guilt, a master of denial

    Forms of bullying include:
    1. Unwarranted yelling and screaming directed at the target.
    5. Repeated insults or put downs of the target.
    2. Continually criticizing the target’s abilities.
    3. Blaming the target for mistakes.
    4. Making unreasonable demands related to
    6. Repeated threats to remove or restrict opportunities or privileges.
    7. Denying or discounting the target’s accomplishments.
    Bullying has been defined as a conscious, willful, deliberate and repeated hostile activity marked by an imbalance of power, intent to harm, and/or a threat of aggression. Severe bullying can lead to a feeling of terror on the part of the person being bullied.

  441. Byron Scott and Kobe Bryant. Defined to a T

  442. that’s why I think lin MUST win a championship with him leading it to show that he is for real and KA was correct to asking for him.

  443. He is neither stephen Curry nor Steve Nash. He is Trae Young. He isn’t the superstar that the Hawks drafted him for but he still could be a good player. His defense will never improve much owing to his size.

  444. Certainly we hear so many horror stories at the high school and college level about abusive coaches, when young men and women are still developing their identity and their confidence.

    I can’t speak to how pervasive this might be at the professional sports level. So, I will defer to your knowledge and experience as a coach.

    However, there is no doubt the NBA starts off being promoters of this type of thinking. By catering and groveling to the “superstars”. By treating the rest of the players as objects, euphemistically as “assets”. Disposable. Easily traded and discarded. I think, in general, ASIDE FROM HOW LIN was treated, coaches are just puppets of the front offices. If anything goes wrong, they are usually the first to be fired.

    This much I do believe to be true. LIN WAS AN EASY TARGET. As the lone Asian-American undrafted Harvard player. His breakout was a threat to the NBA process. He didn’t have the support of a powerful college program. He didn’t have the support of a powerful agent.

    As a neophyte in the NBA, thrown into those shark-infested waters. Luckily, Lin, with the support of his faith and belief, and the strong support of his family and friends, have managed to navigate those waters. IT IS A COMPLETE TESTAMENT TO LIN’S MENTAL TOUGHNESS that he has overcome and survived and beaten the odds so far.

  445. IMO, McHale was BY FAR THE WORST, as directed by Daryl Morey.

    It is no surprise that Lin vocally supports “anti-bullying”.

    Having said that, I don’t think Lin was intimidated by Kobe much. Remember when Lin famously said publicly to Lakers media that HE (Lin) would like to take big shots at end of games too!? A definite dig at Kobe ball-hogging.

  446. Sorry Alain, you lost me at Lowe-life. His opinion is worthless, especially as it pertained to Lin. So, his opinion is NOT any more worthwhile as it applies to other players.

  447. I like looking at stats. But takes so much work to compile and post. So, thanks for taking the time.

    I also don’t like pure raw numbers. I prefer looking at RELATIVE stats. Where and how players rank against each other. So your posts are right on interesting.

  448. Thanks for such a reasoned and reasonable take.

    We all know how competitive Lin is, and how he has always wanted to be more than a back-up. So, reading between the lines, since Lin is confident of his recovery, I think there is great hope and expectation that NOW, Lin and his agent will be working behind the scenes with the Hawks.

    My only wish is that Lin will be with a team that treats him well, values him for basketball reasons, not so-called “business” reasons. As we’ve all witnessed, the NBA can be quite treacherous.

  449. Yes, I can agree with this. The Hawks are a really young team, with 2 rookies and a second-year guy as starters. Expected to play well against top-level experienced starters? No way. And definitely not with a rookie head coach.

    Growing pains for sure. Need to learn discipline and how to play and win as a team. And, just like with the Nets. After seeing their interactions with Lin, they also seem to be good guys at heart.

    It is such a terrible twist of fate, that Lin is caught up in these “rebuilding” teams.

  450. This is probably why Asian immigrants want their children to be doctors and lawyers and accountants and engineers. More technical and skills, presumbably with less politics and discrimination involved.

    But, on a more optimistic note. I think, with subsequent generations, it is evolving (another word for SLOWLY) for the better. There is more representation now in government, in education, in the arts, in entertainment.

    Unfortunately, prejudice and discrimination will probably never completely disappear.

  451. JLin has friends, supporters and sympathizers through out the NBA, people whose respect he has earned for his playing ability and his character. The mainstream sports media is clueless or complicit in shading Jlin’s BB abilities. They cannot hide his character though. There must be something to JLin the BB player that has allowed him to survive and at times thriveover 8 years in the NBA. So I won’t paint the whole NBA with the same paintbrush I would use on many in the NBA. In any situation there are many fair and decent people. I don’t believe that the ATL FO is malicious at all towards JLin, it was just circumstance. I do believe though that the FO by tanking is cheating it’s fans, players and staff of entertaining, competitive BB. Jlin is making the best of his time in ATL and I think for rehab purposes this is the best place for him now.

  452. I agree that not the whole NBA is against JLin. The Nets years just had a bad break with injuries; the Hawks assigned him a veteran role and in tanking mode, which is the NBA’s fault to allow tanking to begin with so the fans have to suffer through it.

    My hope is Atlanta will do their best to trade JLin to a contender after knowing how professional JLin has been in his current role along with Vince Carter to help young players learn how to play

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