G33 OKC @CHA Game Thread

Will JLin play? He was still seen limping in the TOR game so let’s hope he rests his ankle until he is 100%. He simply can’t afford to have lingering injury this season. Besides he won’t be able to help the Hornets much if he can’t run well.

  • In 2 games absence, Jeremy Lin’s missing impact on defense is truly felt. The Hornets gave up the season record 122 points in a loss followed by being outscored 30-12 in the 4th quarter against the Raptors. The Hornets has slipped further to #10 in Eastern Conference Standing so they can’t afford slipping further.
  • But OKC has 8W-2L record in the last 10 so it will be very difficult opponent to beat tonight

Let’s go, Hornets!

Game link


Guess JLin's stats in Game 34 vs GSW


  1. First!

  2. No Lin no win.

  3. We’ll see, haven’t heard any updates. Seems like OKC always beats the Hornets anyway.

  4. Yes, Hornets can’t afford slipping further but unfortunately their next two games (against Thunder & Warriors) are pretty hard to win, anyway, wish JLIN speeding recover!

  5. OKC is at full strength with 8W-2L record in the last 10 games so having a less than 100% JLin might not help much.

    OKC won the last 9 matchups against the Hornets (holding the Hornets under 100 in 8 of them). Ouch!

  6. According TORONTO, Jan. 1 (Xinhua) report: “Lin’s 11.1 points per game average ranks second in the Eastern Conference among qualified players, trailing teammate Jeremy Lamb’s 11.3 points per game.” But I check the record for this season’s total 30 games he played (25.5 min avg); his average is 11.8 Pts/3.1 Asts/3.2 Reb/0.7 STL/0.8 BS with 42.8% FGM_A, 33.3% 3PM_A and 78.2% FTM. I think his contribution are much higher then J Lamb.

  7. Finally, we will not see Ref. Crawford much longer. Whew!!!

  8. Did Lin practiced or did he participate in shoot-around?

  9. And he will wear a nice dress too!

  10. Still no official news for Lin?

  11. Finally “the” clip..
    Sneaky.. but looks intentional.


  12. Jeremy Lamb is a fine young player who is likely learning a lot from Jeremy Lin.

    Lamb will never be the elite defender and shot creator and court reader that Lin is, but he doesn’t need to be.

  13. When I re-examined the video again, I noticed Lin’s reaction. First, he lift his left foot before Kobe tried hard enough to step on the foot. Second, he looked at Kobe as if Kobe did something unusual.

    Just my interpretation. But when you pull people up in a NBA court, do you step on the puller’s foot to gain the leverage up? Just wondering.

  14. Without Jeremy, Lamb will be as useless and marginalized as he was in OKC

  15. I would think if a smaller player is helping up a heavier one you’d need to brace your foot against the puller’s foot to gain leverage. Also looks like Kobe catches JLin as he looks like he’s about to fall. Grabs his back and chest, then pats him on back of head. Other videos shows him later wiping hands on shorts, probably hair is sticky.

  16. OKC is hot and ready. It is going to be a long and ugly game tonight.

  17. infinity88‏@linfinity88

    tony.truong11: Bringing the swarm all the way from Cambridge for @jlin7 #linsanity #kaminsky


  18. I really do think it was intentional to hurt Lin. This kind of malice is just sociopathic.

  19. I wonder too, but either way, stepping on ankle doesn’t look right.

  20. But it’s the right ankle that’s injured:


  21. Yes, we all know it’s his right ankle which was hurt. This is a different issue.

  22. How FUN.

    Lin kicked Kobe’s butt in the game and then picked him up off the floor. No wonder Kobe felt hurt and LINTIMIDATED.

    It’s almost like the old ABA days when a guy would elbow another player in the mouth to knock out his teeth and then reach down to pick the guy up.

    Ironically, Kobe probably finally respects Lin now.

  23. Looks like he was walking okay without a limp after Toronto game:


  24. We will see when Hornets meets Lakers again in LA. Just hope so.

  25. Hopefully he plays tonight!!

  26. A little limp to me.

  27. He better stays healthy. They will lose anyway. Walker can’t contain Westbrook

  28. Seem like lin will be game time decision. If that’s the case he will most likely play but not many minutes. Just my guess.

  29. nope, it’s just physics. Try picking up a 200# bag of jelly and then try picking up a rod of the same weight. Be right over that weight. Now, consider picking up a barbell set that is 200# by leaning over one end and pulling back. It will nutmeg you. You will put you foot at the other end to create a lever.

    That’s what Kobe did – I wish people would stop changing physics and good intents by both people into a Star Wars epic fight over the Dark Side vs the Force. Just use the force, physics-wise.

  30. no way see physics above.

  31. yes you do, I’ve done it in soccer with cleats. It’s better then getting pulling into a guy’s crotch, nobody wants that lol.

    BTW, if it’s unusual, it’s because Kobe is so old and creaky he cannot get good strength to grip the floor itself as it would take more leg power, so he’s doing what old people do – use levers/leverage more to get buy.

  32. Really? What make you think Lin is game time decision? Check this.


  33. cool!

  34. That’s 8 hrs ago twitter.

  35. Exactly. Rather than trying to lift that weight and hurt your back, you brace the feet to create a fulcrum and then you can stand upright and use your weight and leverage to counter-weight and help the other person up. Just looked like those Adidas lost traction (which we’ve seen on the court SMH) and slipped.

  36. Nets J Jack broke knee. Waiting for update.

  37. good on ya, mate! To me this emo is confounding because it’s just physics and creaky bones by Kobe, so whatever. The battle between JLin and Kobe on the court, starting with Linsanity where JLin forced kobe to brick from behind the backboard is more awesome to talk about. Jlin is winning, a lot to do with the age difference but also morally and also by being just a more calm bball IQ guy. I think in Kobe’s prime, he would not have won over JLin either, much like how JLin handles CP3, Conley, etc all the gunslingers that come into town lol.

  38. Yah either way its easier to extend one leg to get up
    try it youll see

  39. wow, he’s a good journeyman.

  40. is Lin playing today?

  41. i dont think they can afford to limit his minutes tonight unless a blow out

  42. No official injury report was posted today.

  43. So he will play then…?

  44. I don’t know.

  45. Really don’t like game decision.

  46. i read your response wrong and got bummed out. Thought you said “No, official injury report was posted today.”

  47. I really have no comment on the intent but you know that’s the kind of thing you do as get too old to pick yourself up. A supple youngster would just bounce right up like nothing had happen.

    Kinda like the ad ” I’ve fallen and I can’t get up”.

  48. its to make Lin look weak. lol jk, I think it was unintentional. I think Kobe did it to get his balance.

  49. Not bad for a guess.

  50. Batum is out, so maybe that’s an incentive for Lin to play since he had his 35 point outburst the last time he was out.

  51. I think Lin will play then….

  52. Talk about mismatch:

    Charlotte Hornets PR
    With Batum out Clifford says that @hornets PJ Hairston will start guarding OKC’s Durant. Will also have M Williams guard him too. #OKCatCHA


  53. Haha yeah good guess. I thought you had inside information.

  54. Lol. I wish.

  55. I think most likely Lin will play tonight.

  56. If Lin plays I hope they can beat OKC. BTW, who is OKC starting SG? Is he good?

  57. My second guess that lin will play.

  58. I think so.

  59. Westbrook will be the shooting guard too.

  60. Haha! True. LOL!

  61. why is Batum out?

  62. ohhhh ya

  63. toe

  64. If Lin is not playing tonight, I foresee the OKC starters resting in the 4th qtr tonight. If Lin plays, maybe the Hornets has a shot at winning.

  65. he seems to be out a lot

  66. Lin will show the people again that he’s the Hornets’ best player.

  67. oh, I don’t like that Lin will be rushed back to play, and he will most likely play heavy minutes. This month is tough, 3 more back to backs. Will be hard for Lin. 🙁

  68. nope some no name

  69. Pray that JLin is healing enough to play. Don’t want him to get further injury because he is needed to play. Can’t watch the game at all. Pray that if he does play, he plays well.

  70. Not really a lot.

  71. I don’t like it either but I think he will play tonight.

  72. Trust his decision.

  73. No Nic Batum tonight, Jeremy Lin will start in his place #Hornets.— SportsFromMyEyes (@JTyree704) January 2, 2016

  74. In Lin we trust. If he says he can play then it must be.


  76. Lol Batum got scared of Durant

  77. Lin knows WBrooks very well.

  78. yessssssssssssssssss

  79. omg what a happy day

  80. Nah westbrook is scary i dont want Lin getting injured again
    Let Kemba get destroyed by him lol

  81. Need team play and a good floor General to pick apart OKC. Not going to beat them chucking. Kemba should let JLin lead the charge. (but of course he won’t).

  82. Lin will play. I am happy for them

  83. Nobody is stopping Westbrook. Lin can do his best to force him into uncomfortable shots.. I don’t like him much but he’s very athletic.

  84. Some posters said they were going… great news for all of us! Game report please!

  85. Who r these ladies? From taiwan?

  86. A prayer for Lin on his first game of the new year 2016: Dear Lord, may you protect Jeremy Lin and his team today. And may you be glorified!

  87. Lin is playing, but he may not be his normal self. Cliff should be real careful about his minutes.

  88. I pray he doesn’t get injured again tonight

  89. These are the ladies from Jeremy Only Lin Gardens, Taiwan. They are going to 6 JLin games. They didn’t see JLin play last game. Glad that they are able to watch JLin play today:-)

  90. I still think Durant is a better player

  91. You’re a true fan.

    Glad you didn’t mess up with the year 2015. lol

  92. I agree. Coming back and playing limited minutes yes. But playing on a maybe not quite right ankle and starting against a real tough opponent, I’m hoping for the best and that he doesn’t hurt himself any worse than he is hurt now. However he plays is secondary.

  93. not sure about that, Batum game time decision got 40 min nights two games in a roll. Coach will count on him both defensively and offensively, I’m really worried.

  94. For tonight, the risk is worth the potential reward

  95. Came early to lineup……


  96. Ya! Some from LA.

  97. I don’t like it. Batum is getting an MRI after going 40 minutes in Wednesday and Friday game. If he plays, you’re right, Lin may be looking at close to 40 minutes also.

  98. I don’t think so. It’s one game and it is a long season and career in front of him.

  99. Ya! I don’t like it but I think Cliff will make Lin play more min for sure.

  100. Superfans! I bet they r having a blast!

  101. not really, Hornets had no chance now. There are lots of things need to clean up, Walker need to change his playing style, Lamb need to play within himself. I don’t think Marvin is 100% yet, nor Hawes.

    I hope they give up OKC and WOR games, and focus on following game. With 2-3 more days, Lin will definitely be better.

  102. am I remembering correctly?

    in the playoff the first year when Lin was with HOU, Lin got injured in the chest by Sefolosha.
    when Lin returned a few games later, I think KD or RW intentionally hurt Lin again when a timeout was called,

  103. KD and it was a punk, classless move. Go after Beverley who hurt Westbrook, not Lin.

  104. Beverly hurt Westbrook. But somehow Lin got hurt by KD’s retaliation.

  105. Cliff doesn’t have a clue what he’s going to do if Lin doesn’t play tonight.

    Ewing said that the Hornets have to try to limit OKC in fast breaks so that means a lot of running for whoever is playing. I don’t like it.

  106. Without Batum, there’s little chance. With Lin 100 percent, there is some chance if he plays 40 minutes or so.

  107. Haha! You are right I don’t think Cliff really knows what to do now all he wants just to get a W… smh! I hope Lin gets good stats …. & W…..

  108. He said that in the pre-game interview. He said Lin will try to play and if he does he’s starting. Asked what he’ll do if Lin can’t start he said I don’t know, I’d have to come up with something.

  109. I think it should be he can’t play not he can’t start…. Well, looks like he will try everything he can to push Lin to play.

  110. Not sure there is anything that he could come up with with the remaining roster.

    Look at yesterday’s 4Q, I almost fainted when he was playing Kemba/Lamb/Robert together…..

  111. They are I think. I think they are treating and taping up his ankle for him to go big minutes.

    He said Batum’s toe was swollen and discolored and he wasn’t himself in the last 2 games. He didn’t say playing made it worse but I think that’s very possible.

  112. He has to start Lamb and put him on the weakest offensive player that’s near his height. Other alternative is Frank but not at the 2.

  113. See, Cliff made them played too long min on court for so many games. That’s not good… I guess today Lin will do the same too.

  114. Yes. Lin really hasn’t played too many minutes but Batum and Kemba are. But more and more, Lin is playing a lot of minutes. In game where Batum was out, Lin plays 47 minutes in 1 OT game.

  115. Nooooooooo…I rather Jlin sit out or play limited minutes.

  116. I’d rather see Lin not play and heal up

  117. It’s official. Lin is playing. Stephanie Ready tweeted he is.

  118. Lin is playing. He must be good to go.

  119. Me too but I think Lin will play.

  120. Well, let’s pray for the best. He’s playing.

  121. I think more he’s patched and taped up. Let’s pray for the best that he doesn’t get injured further.

  122. Alright jlin , let’s go get 40+pts this time.

  123. Cliff getting desperate. They are at 10th place now 2 spots out of playoff contention.

  124. Yes Lin Yes Win!

  125. Not the worst thing when team misutilizes their best player even when he’s available

  126. Stand in the corner and shoot threes.

  127. Clap clap!!

  128. Celtics lose to Nets today. Hope Cliff can relax a little bit now.

  129. Based on the excitement from Stephanie Ready and Coach Cliff’s words, I think him sitting out and Hornet’s losing two games has boosted Lin’s value to the team.

  130. Pregame broadcast: Dell Curry said KW should take at least 25+ shots to have a chance tonight?

  131. Lmao

  132. What? Still tried hard to push his ASG value now? smh! All I care it’s for Lin to stay healthy & gets good stats.

  133. That is not impossible. That would be awesome.

  134. Linn should have 20+/10+ to have a chance.

  135. Surprised too. Thought he’d advocate sharing the ball and defense.

  136. No, that’s the job for Lin… maybe Cliff will ask Lin to guard RW. smh!

  137. Yep. Lin should also take as many shots available bc NB only took 9 shots last night while KW took 21 shots. Dell noted that bc KW took only 21 shots, he should take more tonight…to have a chance.

  138. If that happens, guarantee loss…

  139. I don’t agree with Dell. Kemba with 20 shots may even be too many. If he gets a lot of FTs that’s good. Lin too. Kemba shooting too much means the team isn’t playing teamball.

  140. Wha? As if 4 more shots wouldve made a difference… he shot 21 times!

  141. Sounds like they don’t plan to do so….

  142. exactly… don’t know why and what he was thinking…

  143. I just lost a lot of respect for dell curry… hes not so smart…

  144. did dell really say that lol? maybe he didn’t get the message that jeremy was starting and available to play haha

  145. lin playing despite not being 100%. mixed feelings for sure, but im def excited.

  146. Or maybe Cliff just wanted Lin to help Kemba to guard RW so Kemba can take as many shots as he wants…

  147. 20 should be too much? Should be more like 12…

  148. He said it. I was surprised too. You maybe right he probably didn’t get the memo… Don’t know..

  149. Walker chucking? Great strategy…

  150. 3rd start for Lin this season. If he does really well I think Cliff should think about starting him for good.

  151. I just hope Clifford doesn’t switch Lin onto Westbrook. It’ll be a disaster!
    PJ on Durant is a 40+ point game in the making.

  152. These are injury starts. If Batum was playing, he wouldn’t be starting. However, if he has a big game…

  153. Somewhere someplace Batum is crying

  154. Why would it be a disaster? I don’t think Kemba can do anything with Westbrook. Lin can make him work harder.

  155. woooooooooooooooo

  156. Kemba is fast lateral so he’ll at least be able to stop drives. I just hope Kemba is good at fighting off screens.

  157. Lin’s is probably not fully fit yet so I think it will be likely be a “meh” performance. He was still limping yesterday as reported by people here.

  158. Lin on westbrooke

  159. Steven Adams!!!!!!!!!!!!

  160. LOL Durant already using the advantage on PJ

  161. Come on.. Lin was wide open

  162. haha Pj Blocked on a 3 by Durant.
    No more 3s for you!

  163. No foul calls

  164. Nice block MW

  165. Awww. So close…

  166. This is tough for Lin right off injury. we will have to fight for this one


  168. It was going to be a nice bank shot; rattling a few times but in and out 🙁

  169. As I thought Cliff asked Lin to guard RW not Kemba?! smh!

  170. so far Westbrook is getting what he wants

  171. Told you guys Lin can’t guard Westbrook on the drive.

  172. well he touched the ball like 4 times total. Let him control the ball

  173. He’s not 100% yet…

  174. no one can guard Westbrook ….

  175. he needs help

  176. Westbrook is unguardable.. if you think Lin can stop him well no one can

  177. That and I think he’s trying to avoid early fouls

  178. He’s a tough matchup for anyone.

  179. Add a screen on Lin and it’s an open drive. Clifford NEEDS Kemba on Westbrook.

  180. westbrooke will win some times. just need to make it tough. which lin did

  181. …No! You don’t avoid early fouls for an open drive

  182. At least Kemba on Lateral movement has a chance.

  183. Just trying to avoid early fouls

  184. Lin has to protect the baseline. he got juked

  185. Thunders guys are bigger and taller than Hornets. They play angry to show up on Hornets. Our guys need to be more aggressive to contest their shots, but they are not 100% healthy.

  186. good tap by Lin

  187. Dude Lin has no fouls

  188. Russell kind of plays like how Lin plays on offensive if he had a big that can dunk. Russell is the attack the rim type like Lin.

  189. Who said he has fouls

  190. 222

  191. 2222222

  192. 2222222222, i hate the camera angle tho

  193. Russell is gifted with a good body. Lin lacks that which is why he is easier to guard. You don’t have to worry about dunks!

  194. yea

  195. we get killed by PnR

  196. no fouls today

  197. Refs….

  198. I can’t watch Durant is eating PJ alive. Double team Durant and they get an open shot on a PnR.

  199. we need 2 on westbrook

  200. what’s it take for lin to get more touches lol?

  201. They will not win this game bc Kemba is in charge the O not Lin. smh!

  202. KW is a train wreck! The Thunder commentator said he couldnt handle ……lol

  203. getting free first.

  204. 22222222

  205. 222222

  206. Lin!!

  207. good D by Lin and a 22222

  208. Man Durant already 9 points in a quarter! 40+ points for sure!

  209. Lin completely smothered Westbrook. Even with Lin’s ankle, RW needs a screen.

  210. Here come the refs. Russ got smothered again by Lin, bailed out by refs.

  211. Nice of CHA to praise Jeremy’s D

  212. See! Another easy PnR from Westbrook and Lin bites.

  213. Nice assiust !

  214. Lin assist to Hairston 3!

  215. Assist!

  216. lets go

  217. Great job by Lin to draw defenders & finding an open Hairston!
    That’s one good PG there

  218. Although losing by a lot, team play looks way better with Lin on the floor

  219. PJ is getting better and better now

  220. I like Lins aggressiveness.. slow start but he will pick it up

  221. agreed, Thunder is just a very hard team.

  222. When Lin gets to play PG in the 2nd quarter he will tear the OKC defense apart.. just wait

  223. lol watch. when lin gets 2 fouls and gets benched, lets see what he has to say -_________-

  224. Westbrook tries to power through Lin, that won’t work. He has great footwork and hops, that’s where he’s a challenge.

  225. They’re coming alive now with Lin handling more than Kemba. Might be too late though.

    Russ getting major ref help, too.

  226. I already knew Kemba was going to flop this game.. he crumbles against Top Level PGS

  227. 6 out of 10 points now for Westbrook being guarded by Lin. Get Lin off westbrook or Lin will be in foul trouble before the 4th

  228. Exactly! But Cliff is not aware of it or FO politics!

  229. not bad, at lesat Lin isn’t in foul trouble

  230. westbrooke out Lin out

  231. What a Head Coach say is important

    Announcer #1: “You think not having Lin contributed in 2 previous losses”
    Announcer #2: “Coach Clifford thinks so .. missing his defense”

  232. Ok Lin getting his rest so he can go HAM in the 2nd quarter

  233. Lamb is gonna get beat

  234. It’s bad… 3-5 for Westbrooke

  235. Eh. Fake bailout FTs and good screens. Lin ate his lunch twice already on a bad ankle.

    Besides, Russ is great! No one can guard him when he’s hot.

  236. come on hornets just dont lose it in these 2 last minutes.. Lin will be back soon to save the day

  237. omg already 15 pt lead come on hornets dont lose it

  238. What’s Thunder’s FG%? I bet it’s higher than 80%

  239. Tyler coming in, we need him to be physical

  240. omg Kemba being torched by a rookie PG really

  241. PJ having himself a game!

  242. Jeremy is not 100%…

  243. I hope Lin comes back second quarter to run the point.

  244. when Westbrook is out, this is when we really need to catch up

  245. he will

  246. Kemba shoots too damn much

  247. Could be worse. Let’s see what Lin can do as PG. Kemba just makes the wrong decisions — drive when he should pass, pass when he should drive,

  248. 7 shots for Kemba already… thats 25 shots for the game

  249. move the ball plzzzzz

  250. maybe he’ll sit more today

  251. 2-5 Lin..hmm Hope he ups his FG%
    Don’t think Lin can penetrate this game thanks to Perkins and Adams.

  252. he’ll have to trust his jumpshot today and PnRs with Zeller

  253. He will.

  254. Yeah he needs to rely on jumpshots this game.

  255. 13 -3 rebounds
    60 -40 % FG
    my god

  256. lol the ball boy

  257. Lin mucked up that play. SHould’ve shot it!

  258. 2 shots were blocked and one was and in and out roll around. Lin’s jumper looks good tonight.

  259. Lin in

  260. Stop it.

  261. Stop what?

  262. Lin finally playing PG. let’s go BF1.

  263. they’re moving the ball better now, creating space

  264. COME ON LIN


  266. Made both 🙂

  267. lin with the harden-esque rip through motion

  268. why is he standing there lol

  269. Lin to lamb

  270. Lamb plays well when he’s with Lin at point

  271. it’s the old BF1!!!

  272. Nice D

  273. Cliff TO, means he wants BF1 to get some catchup going. Let’s go Lin.

  274. Good D by Lin

  275. Nice!!

  276. Finally a good assist play!
    Haven’t seen that when Kemba was in!

  277. 2 fouls 🙁

  278. CHA looking much better. Lin making good decisions, playing good defense.

  279. frank starting to piss me off lol

  280. Both laughable BS calls.

  281. that was a terrible 3try.

  282. he plays like a guard lol he’s just an oversized guard

  283. Kaminsky should have passed that wtf… Lin was wide open

  284. is it me or Frank is passing to Lin less and less

  285. What? 3 from Frank?

  286. relax

  287. Lin was wide-open…Frank has to make that if he’s gonna play bad basketball!

  288. might be you, he’s just green.

  289. he has the green light to shoot obviously. Lin needs to focus on D and playmaking.

  290. did lin do something wrong to him lol? he completely ignores him and never does the handoff passes to lin anymore

  291. Frank is playing bad basketball today. He’s got to step it up.

  292. Lol. What did you expect Lin to do. Shut Westbrook down to single digits. On a bad ankle too?!

  293. that’s a bad shot

  294. it’s contagious 1-1 ball from KW.

  295. no, I think Cliff puts Frank in to score buckets. Can’t really use him for anything else

  296. I’m with you lol

  297. If this reffing keeps up, the game is over. Both fouls on Lin were BS. Meanwhile, he’s been hammered 3 times in the paint, only one whistle.

  298. finally a foul call. he elbowed Lin

  299. Just watching.. lin started?

  300. yup

  301. Yes

  302. sat a bit when westbrook sat then came in early. Now RW is back too.

  303. wow, lamb did not want to give up the ball to Lin.

  304. How’s Lin’s ankle looking?

  305. With 2 fouls, Lin can’t body up Russ. Needs help.

  306. stable like a hoverboard?

  307. Jee, JLin at PG and they’re closing the gap.

  308. Looks off. Has to settle for jumpers, esp. with ref BS.

  309. Lol

  310. i hope he is 100% healthy. Is he?

  311. nice he’s getting FTs

  312. Wow. just saw the new hair style

  313. Made 1

  314. Russ elbows Jeremy in the face and complains. Lin touches someone’s jersey and it’s a foul.

  315. Everyone wants to be Kemba

  316. Nice D

  317. Lin’s bigs have missed 2 point-blank shots at the rim.

  318. That was a great pass tho…

  319. Lin’s passes are wasted on these awful bigs. Can’t even dunk!

  320. cant give kimansky an easier shot. why cant we defend the three???

  321. they don’t know how to pump fake

  322. bullet one handed pass only to get blooooooocked

  323. doesnt look good

  324. well. good point by announcer BF1 outplaying OKC bench = bonus.

    So far, I’m thinking – OKC are not that good, so it’s about finishing at the rim, playing better team D on RB and KD combo.

  325. Story of the season…

  326. we’re down by 14 now even though we were at 7 one point.

  327. Lin cursed with playing with bad Bigs.

  328. two straight 3’s

  329. asiked

  330. ya

  331. need better team D on RB and KD, and finishes at the rim. I see Kam and Lamb miss their inside moves. JLin missed one FT, so that’s it he has to make the rest and he can get the fouls of he wants.

  332. give lin a big like tyson, thompson, for christ sake free throw troll deandre and he’ll be an all star lol

  333. This game clearly shows how weak Lin’s teammates.

  334. Trying to win with 3 ball in first half

  335. Lin gets a rest

  336. Here’s the problem with the assist stat. Right there. Great, great, great pass by Lin, not converted. SHould have been a QUALITY assist.

  337. there goes another miss at the rim by lamb. They can’t do that anymore.

  338. Not a single decent big on this team. Everyone struggles to dunk the ball.

  339. so Kemba is going to guard Westbrook now? good luck with that

  340. Good thing we’ve got our 5 fouls.

  341. the bigs on this team all play like guards except Tyler. Tyler is physical but not very smart.

  342. Durant wow

  343. KD on fire. Nothing you can do. It’s like a 7-ft Curry.

  344. 7 pts, 2 asts, 14 min

  345. lamb misses a good midrange look. That’s why we are down. People just not finishing on O end.

  346. Lamb is on westbrook now loll wow

  347. Should be 4 assists if bigs could dunk.

  348. Clifford making more questionable decisions

  349. have we scored more than 6points in the paint from the guards?

  350. haha all ball FOUL!

  351. we have 9 rebound for the whole game

  352. Not good.

  353. Meanwhile, Russ throws an off-target pass to Ibaka, but Serge is able to get FTs anyway.

  354. understatement

  355. Hornets just dont have enough talent.. simple as that

  356. props to Stephanie Ready as usual … enjoying her call, and of course both of them.”What do you think it will take for Tyler H to redeem his reputation? A summer internship somewhere?” something close to that. Funny.

  357. Not in the frontcourt. Bad screeners, bad rebounders, horrible finishers.

  358. I’ve seen Busmark Byonmba consistently stuff balls in with Raptors. He’s just so unbelievably strong. One time there were 2 guys on each side of him and he just muscle it up and flushed it.

  359. yeah but OKC are not that good so this is weird CHA need to start playing as a team as pros.

  360. Is Lin coming back in or is clifford going back to lamb 6th man bs again?

  361. no idea

  362. Greg Smith even. Miss ED

  363. I agree, I’m been wishing I recruited BB on my fantasy team.

  364. He does have 2 fouls and a bad ankle.

  365. our front court D sucks, that’s why teams like these who do a lot of PnRs murder us

  366. Well Greg could catch anything with those big hand lol

  367. That KW 3 attempt was way off hitting like the lip behind the rim. Didn’t even back-iron it.

  368. Lol..Collins jinxed kaminsky

  369. looks like Lin is done for the half

  370. Bad ankle. Maybe trying to not make it worse by playing too much.

  371. Sometimes I like Kemba iso, like when it actually works and Lin isn’t on the floor

  372. Durant playing no d…lol

  373. Funny how Batum played 40mins last 2 games while hurt
    but Lin gets special treatment i guess

  374. wicked hesi from kemba to get to the basket

  375. But it would help if coaches had their players in their optimal position playing to their strengths.

  376. He can score, but he doesn’t make the team play well as a team.

  377. oh yeah, JLin effortlessly gets BF1 back to about 9 or less, and KW has to hero it back from over 15 down. Yeah, keep going and there will be no chance in the last 3 mins. I hate this kind of bball, all that 1-1 effort and you spend it all, then a good team just kills you 5 on 1 when it counts.

  378. It’s good in transition if he keeps it himself. In halfcourt, he makes the wrong decisions.

  379. Also has 2 fouls. Might as well just sit him and play him more 2nd half.

  380. I hope Lin has the initiative in the 2nd half to step it up and carry the load on his back like what Kemba is doing. No Batum and frankly the team sucks.

  381. agreed but I’m just tired of seeing our bigs fail close to the rim. Sometimes I’d rather see Lin or Kemba penetrate and score.

  382. who knows, different injuries.

  383. agreed

  384. There’s a difference between carrying the scoring load and directing plays leading to good chances for scoring.

  385. I think OKC will try full power in 2nd half… KD & RW all shot less in 1st half.

  386. it’s also that they are playing against Thunder

  387. Wheres the off ball movement, cuts to the rim, pnr…only passing on the perimeter is not going to get it done. OK defense is too good to just go 1-1.

  388. and playing D

  389. Thunder is just a lot better team than hornets. There is not much Lin can do, just play hard, practice your moves and shots.

  390. Kaminski rebounding with his eyes…smh

  391. Lin only has 2 ast in one half.

  392. We can’t get a rebound…Frank doesn’t even jump for it

  393. lol i noticed that too

  394. And just fell over…so soft

  395. Big deal. Look at the pass he made to Kaminsky that wasn’t converted. Assist totals don’t tell the whole story. He’s getting in the paint and getting guys good looks. It’s up to them to convert them.

  396. why do we keep leaving someone open at the 3

  397. Weird, Charlotte might have a chance.

  398. Props to Kemba! 50% FG
    We aren’t getting blown out before the half.

  399. Phantom foul..

  400. Because we are trying to stop the drive from Durant

  401. KW Hero ball, the follow up leaves CHA handling 5 on 3 in transition. I’m sure there are people who know bball better then us here, right?

  402. no, he is not orchestrating any proper team offense.

  403. Lin doesnt look happy on the bench

  404. He’s scoring 50% ! It’s good enough!

  405. Sometimes Lin can shoot more. He did a good balance of the two. I don’t think he passed up shots in this game.

  406. That bald ref looks like a skin head

  407. no, the flow of the game is all OKC. This team is out of this game right now, and it’s just a guy scoring. Nobody else is in the game.

  408. Troy is on the floor to shoot 3, but he has not touched the rock. KW should find ways to pass him the ball.

  409. For now. If he can sustain it, that gamble works. But then it becomes all Kemba in the Kemba show and if they key in on him, can he get others involved?

  410. Another FTs from Kemba. Whatever he’s doing it’s at least working.

  411. He’s the only playmaker on the team.

  412. think cliff wants lin to come in and lead the bench. thats his best bet to get the game even again

  413. No, CHA is down by 14 and KW is the guy at the helm of that. Bball is a team game.

  414. That was the easiest PnR I’ve ever seen

  415. Kemba on fire

  416. who is guarding ibaka now?

  417. more like whose fouling ibaka

  418. we were down 14 when Lin was in.
    Remember the 2 from westbrook and 2 3s?

  419. Lamb?

  420. 15 shots for Kemba.. hes on pace for 30 shots this game.. Hornets will not win playing this way

  421. but Lamb to finish off the half

  422. that’s the best bet for CHA to get close, and then KW will lead it to a loss. It’s crystal clear now, he causes the game to become KW time. No chance to beat OKC like that.

  423. I think that’s only due to Lin’s ankle and that he didn’t want Lin to get a 3rd foul. Since Kemba heated up, he could get away with sitting Lin.

  424. Cliff did a good job not playing lin too much yet still allowing him to play with the bench

  425. he brought it back. With misses by Lamb and Kam, with PG usage really much less than his time initiating. JLin is as I said effortlessly able to get the team to warm up to team play. KW effortlessly kills all team play, and then the game is over.

  426. We might have a chance if Lin’s jumpshot is good and joins the party.

  427. its unusual that lin doesnt get to close out the 2nd quarter. esp since batum is out.

  428. Bc he’s not 100% recover yet… it’s good for him.

  429. Well, Lin is not 100%

  430. probably has to do with his ankle injury

  431. how do you know that was the reason he didnt finish the 2nd quarter??

  432. how do you know that?

  433. Need to rest while Kemba on floor. Not enough playmakers. He’ll finish the 4th though, if it’s not a blowout.

  434. Should be a good 2nd half when JLin helms BF1 to see of they can close the gap. Then it’s a question if Lin feels it in his ankle, if he gets the time, and if KW doesn’t iso it to a loss. Still looking good based on Lin’s first half play. Keys on how Lin feels and now much KW will play team ball.

  435. Thanks to KD & RW didn’t take lots of shots yet…. But so far, I like Lin’s min. Kemba maybe will take 30 shots today.

  436. What? Are you a Lin fan or a troll. Lin is the best playmaker on the team. Calling walker a playmaker is a stretch.

  437. He also cut it to 7.

  438. That was a mistake by Cliff. He’s handling Lin more responsibly.

  439. I think Kemba will be in charge the O not Lin in 2nd half. Not sure there will have lots of time for 2nd unit.

  440. Just ignore him. He’s a known troll.

  441. this chinese circus performer on the unicycle is something.

  442. always whenever Lin is in town

  443. THx. I’m surprised to find him here. Normally mods get rid of the trolls.

  444. ah well, then it’s over and everyone will say RW and KD are awesome. But we know this game was lost on lack of team D, finishing at the rim by Kam and Lamb, and KW iso.

  445. KW can’t win the game by himself. He needs to involve his teammates when he has help on the floor. Yes, KW can make shots bc he has the rock in his hand most of the times. However, Thunders will allow KW to score as long as he doesn’t involve his teammates, and no one else on Hornets is scoring. Add the math. One person scoring won’t win game. All the more, it’s going be easier for Thunders to save energy on defending other Hornets teammates. Soon enough Hornets teammates will get cold and offense is out of whack. It’s about control tempo, tactical strategy, and many more. Hope to see more team ball…

  446. How many times Lin attack the rim? It might tell if he is closed to 100% healthy.

  447. lol lin creating jobs

  448. skill …

  449. 3-4 times
    more than usual

  450. Good post.

  451. sounds good.

  452. Ya! I think KD & RW didn’t really play full power yet for 1st half… They will win for sure.

  453. thanks.

  454. but wasnt allowed to play
    Clifford favored Lamb over Lin it seems

  455. just letting the line run out a bit, getting the iso guys on CHA tired like fish. It’s so easy to see, you see it.

  456. Doesn’t seem that way at all to me. Lin is the one starting.

  457. Westbrook only took ten while Kemba took 15, shows you how bad the statpadder wants to make All Star while ignoring team’s record.

  458. I think Cliff just wants Lin to rest

  459. No bc Lin is not really fully recover yet… Plus Lin had 2 fouls.

  460. For many seasons, opponents have allowed KB to shoot his team to the ground.

  461. You can replace Stephanie Ready. Heart your analysis is great.

  462. You read it just like me, there is no hope to beat OKC playing indiv ball. OKC are not that great these days, but they can beat you many ways. CHA has show they can win team ball, but they’ve fallen away from it. Even Harden or LeBron cannot win a 1 guy show. Don’t get why CHA cannot coach it, it’s so clear.

  463. thanks, Adele.

  464. Last few min all you saw it’s only Kemba no one else… glad Lin didn’t have to watch on court… LOL!

  465. assist

  466. i can see why ewing has never been promoted. he really can’t communicate.

  467. But we lost to back to 14 when he’s in.

  468. Nicely done! Is RW injured?

  469. sound very jamican

  470. He sounds like hes drunk!

  471. RW runs into his own teammate and gets hurt

  472. Are you a troll? I don’t have to praise Lin every time to be considered a Lin fan. Stop being delusional.

    Hornets have 3 players: Walker, Batum and Lin!

  473. got blocked 2 times already

  474. He better not…

  475. he has to overclock just to finish a sentence.

  476. 33333333

  477. Team ball!

  478. 3333333333333

  479. ah man thats BS!

  480. Through the legs pass! Nice kemba!

  481. That’s the type of teamwork I think Lin and Kemba are capable of. Kemba’s shot is on, LIn knows that, finds him while Kemba gets tripped up by his own man, assist. 3 points.

  482. I agree.

  483. wow Kemba

  484. I give KW props for his play this quarter, it is within the team game that is catching us up.

  485. Sigh Lin left his man open and fouled

  486. good blocking out by Lin

  487. these refs are so one sided its hillarious

  488. ok i dont like the Kemba iso right now

  489. Kemba doesnt get the exact same call Durant does

  490. These refs are so bias its hillarious.. they obviously working for the Thunder

  491. Nah PJ elbowed Durant

  492. Any player making 50% more FGA than WB is excessive.

  493. Lin passing a little too much.

  494. PJ thought it was 2 shots lol

  495. walker is playing heroball again…

  496. anyone notice now CHA got to 4 pts gap and then KW starts to do his thing?

  497. Same pattern over and over

  498. Yes.

  499. Kemba keeping us in the game!

  500. PJ needs to stop touching KD, KD doesn’t miss his FTs

  501. No, he is keeping anyone else from getting into rhythm…

  502. lamb screwed lin there

  503. relax

  504. lol

  505. Why does he hesitate to shoot so much?

  506. Exactly as he did in the last two losses.

  507. PJ is a bonehead defender.

  508. self confidence

  509. Well one player has to score. Other players are shooting below 50!
    At least Kemba is getting their starters into fouling him.

  510. That 3rd BS foul on Lin was a turning point. Without Lin being aggressive on defense, CHA is falling apart.

  511. Two games off will make you a little cold…..liking what he is doing

  512. Bc he is keeping them from getting into rhythm… lol

  513. 3-8 Lin come ON! worst than PJ

  514. He’s not getting the ball when open. He only gets it after the clock is down and he’s 30ft away.

  515. yep, that last 3 made was pretty.

  516. i know how this story goes. it will be said that kemba played great, but no one else showed up to play.

  517. And here I thought KW is playing PG, who is supposed to playmake and set up teammates for open shots. Silly me.

  518. Your too much man….pJ has been playing better as of late

  519. what a dumb move by Lamb, that was really a bad effort.

  520. Lamb just makes bad plays

  521. Run offensive plays. Screens. Where are they?

  522. I hate these refs

  523. Lamb is a gunner very one dimensional player right now

  524. Lamb…

  525. You can whine all you want. Kemba’s scoring on transition so it has nothing to do with rhythm.
    Kemba has 4 assist to Lin’s 3
    So your argument is invalid.

  526. lin was wide open on the other side.

  527. do these refs work for the Italian mob?

  528. some fans here obviously think Lin is a superman. Come on he is playing with injury, don’t expect too much and most importantly don’t bash him everytime he has a bad play…..hater disguises as a fan!

  529. PG doesn’t mean he has to pass all the time. He’s shooting well so I’m pretty sure he’s going to keep going.

  530. Lamb on kd is a big mistake

  531. One more bucket or free throws and I’m ok with his game

  532. lamb closes out by going straight into the shooter’s chest/center area. its no surprise he fouls ppl shooting all the time.

  533. He has more asts because he has the ball in his hands longer. Simple as that.

  534. PJ is scoring on Durant and Lin on a nobody.

  535. Okc hated that lamb couldn’t do anything else but shoot …. Liked the potential but he didn’t develop

  536. I know. Need the ball to play. Thanks for hogging the ball. Kemba.

  537. He’s the PG right? He’s got another assist while you were typing.

  538. Lamb holds the ball too long. When he does that, he’s forced to shoot.

  539. That’s why I’m laughing at these posts sometimes it’s like “crazy”

  540. i forgot that lamb is playing against his old team.

  541. wtf Lin didn’t even touch him did he?

  542. WHAT! That was a hold by Adams WTF?

  543. Lin needs to sit after the 4th foul 🙁
    Hard to fight the screen & can’t stop

  544. Hornets record during Kemba years speak for itself, useless to argue with me. Please help yourself to http://www.kwalkerportal.com if you feel that he’s superior to Lin.

  545. Refs took this game over. 4 BS fouls on Lin.

  546. Walker does not make his team better… what are you, his boyfriend?

  547. Clifford likes the effort

  548. what ?!? another foul??

  549. Game Over Lin!
    Foul troubles AGAIN.

  550. Hopefully Troy will get to shoot his 3s. He subbed in for Lin. KW, please find Troy.

  551. you could see jlin was sayin: “he was holding me.”

  552. hehe, so obvious, these so called Lin fans are bashing him everyway they can.

  553. Talent matters
    Jefferson and MKG are good
    Batum out
    Marvin can’t play anymore

    Hard to win

  554. you know a coach does NOT support you when he never argues the call for you but instead tells you it’s your fault and sits you

  555. Good that the crowd is showing they hate the refs

  556. Come on now lol….

  557. Refs pre-decided this game. Every time CHA made a run, they start blowing whistles — the Asian guy is always the #1 target. He doesn’t even have to touch a guy.

  558. has he ever argue for Lin? didn’t he just sit him? you come on now. lmao

  559. i hate the refs !!! they’ve decided to give thunders the win from the well beginning

  560. this is ridiculous

  561. Refs taking over this game

  562. They calling foul on every play for KD

  563. I bet the house he argues for Jeremy and all his players….whether it matters is something else

    And jermey is one of his guys…if the game is close he will get 4th quarter minutes

  564. Oh god that insult! I’m offended.

  565. LETS GO!!!!!!

  566. you have to bet? so you don’t know but assuming cus you’re not paying attention. gotcha

  567. What happened with the fan??

  568. no foul call on that 3?

  569. troy daniels must’ve been pretty cold when he shot that.

  570. still gets to watch the game

  571. Kemba doing great on russell

  572. No other option. Batum is out and Hairston has 4 fouls.

  573. The power of the whistle is at work in favor of Durant tonight.

  574. What happened though?

  575. man KD gets special treatment by refs, now no one can defend him

  576. could you pls stop trolling lol?

  577. yep

  578. I think he said one Thunders player crossed the line.

  579. Clifford has 30 plus years coaching

    Best coach Jeremy has played for since dantoni

    I pay attention to the details….his pattern with Jeremy is fair….you should reflect on how Jeremy was treated the last 3 plus years

  580. It is so boring when they do that… it ruins the game… the players are like what constitutes a freakin foul?

  581. Why NBA honors this kind of bias and corrupting referees?

  582. don’t feed the troll! lol

  583. Kd was being a drama queen

  584. it’s no different. if you can’t see that then i don’t know what to say

  585. Yeah, it doesn’t exist as much in other sports…

  586. Hornets 1 TO, OK 9. Durant has 3. NO problem!

  587. been very boring game.

    kam getting eaten alive by adams on the boards.

  588. According to ready…just normal bantering

  589. ok, thanks!

  590. got it… thanks!

  591. No problem. I have refs on my back – Durant

  592. Kemba doing work!

  593. Everything this Season is a plus for Jeremy…..if you want Linsanity that only happens in a different system….I got no problems with how I’ve seen Jeremy coached this year

  594. yeah, boring… bad refereeing…

  595. Surprised Kemba is beating Westbrook off the dribble!

  596. Mr. 4th qtr, lets gooooo

  597. Just want Lin to not get hurt. He looks OK and this game the refs just are taking him out of it.

  598. Daniels got 11 mins. Roberts 0?

  599. Roberts is selfish

  600. of course it’s a plus when you’re going from the Lakers/kobe/BS. but that doesn’t mean he is being treated fairly in charlotte. it’s better than LA but worst than Houston

  601. Reminds me of someone…

  602. Severely getting out rebounded
    These bigs are really bad

  603. these refs dont call anything for Hornets

  604. Lin is not 100%, his rebound is a good indicator about that.

  605. daniels is not being used right either…dude needs get some screens and shoot. kemba iso too much

  606. Batum? yeah I know

  607. he shouldn’t be rebounding in the first place but I agree that this season he has been rebounding well for a guard

  608. don’t need another pg. he is too short to guard sg

  609. Right, OKC has a good team…

  610. Tough game…..Durant getting MJ calls

  611. …who took 22 shots in 3 quarters…

  612. oh, i forgot about him… lol… walker too…

  613. Roberts reminds me of how JC played in Lakers. Shoot first, rarely passes

  614. yeah, that unselfish person…

  615. he whines all the time but hes also like harden in understanding the foul-to-FT game. its something he does consistently, not just tonight.

  616. Dude still shoots well. You can’t deny that! Just be happy he’s not scoring 40 on us.

  617. Kemba has already taken 22 shots.. Durant has only taken 12 shots… lol

  618. Tech for Lin!

  619. Great player….he knows he will get the calls…..heard he might be interested in golden state as a free agent wow

  620. whats new. cliff is not an offensive mind.

  621. daniels is a good catch and shoot player. he needs a good pass first point guard cus he can’t really create his own. but the hornets system doesn’t really do Lin nor Daniels any justice

  622. I agree with you. This is the best coach Lin has had in terms of how he’s being treated since D’Antoni. He’s not being featured the same way, but definitely utilized and appreciated.

  623. Lin has had it with the refs

  624. He is monster….saw him in Rucker Park several years back….arms are like tree branches

  625. Never seen Jeremy so mad…

  626. Interesting

  627. 5 fouls already for Lin, these refs…

  628. Lin never gets tech lol this is rare

  629. It’s over for Lin!
    5 Fouls AT THE START OF THE QUARTER and didn’t impact the game.

  630. Fire and desire — Clyde Frazier

  631. Lin needed to do that. Good for him. That’s just, I can’t say the word because this is a PG site.

  632. 22222222

  633. How many of these fouls are legit ??

  634. such a phantom foul and from behind too

  635. best to you cus the last one was the worst. you’re just happy for anything. that’s a loser’s mentality

  636. what did Lin do to get the tech?

  637. Does it matter? One more and he’s out.

  638. stomped his foot


  640. The referee is just so …..what did Lin do and get tech foul? I hope Lin is mad now and fire up!

  641. I think he stomped his foot.

  642. The power of the whistle is against Hornets tonight. This is Lin’s 2nd technical fouls in his NBA career if I’m not mistaken. Lin must be very upset on that play!

  643. i’m glad Lin got the technical. he has to stand up for himself. but hoping he doesn’t get too excited and risk injury

  644. wow, must have been an emphatic stomp…

  645. Lamb should play like sell curry

  646. Run off screens

  647. did what clifford should have done

  648. Refs paying mad respect to Jeremy, they’re not bothering to take Kemba out. Shows you who’s the real threat.

  649. Lin has 5 foul so he has handcuffs right now on defense

  650. Officials: #30 John Goble, #37 Eric Dalen, #31 Scott Wall

  651. bunch of lame officials

  652. Keminsky and Lamb are horrible

  653. Right, does he fight for his players (other than batum and walker)?

  654. Lin got a T? IT IS GREAT! LIN should not be too nice!

  655. wait, how are they respecting him?

  656. Game looks over now!

  657. Thunder has 35 FT attemps… Hornets only have 24… thats why we are going to lose the game

  658. Yesh, like that too… get mean jeremy!

  659. i’ve never saw him fight for Lin. seen him fight for batum and kemba

  660. I think what he meant to say is that refs see Jeremy as a threat to OKC so they handing him fouls kind of like that Houston game

  661. Lamb does weird stuff sometimes . make me lose my mind

  662. oh, okay.

  663. flag this troll

  664. yeah

  665. oh please. this is disrespect, not respect.

  666. Lamb tries to be Kemba Walker too much sometimes.

  667. Lol? How is it troll? Check the boxscore! Too many sensitive fans here.

  668. Had Lin not been injured he would have hit some of his bunnies he had…great moves to set himself free tho.

  669. Dell Curry or maybe JJ redick should be who he mirrors

  670. Why are you here?

  671. good, they took lamb off

  672. Why can’t I? I’m just stating stat lines. Just because Lin is getting a bad stat line doesn’t mean I have to praise him.

  673. catch and shoot Daniels

  674. Refs all with their phantom fouls, makes me want to stop watching NBA altogether.

  675. having lamb guard durant was simply mind boggling. that lasted a while too

  676. Clifford let lamb who is too hyped up get too many minutes but with batum out what can you do

  677. Flagged him!

  678. Lins speed not quite back yet

  679. Thanks

  680. so walker gets a call? nba sux…

  681. Lin gets hacked and no call lol

  682. It does matter if these are phantom fouls that the refs single him out for.

  683. Second time in one thread that you said it!!! I’m so NOT surprised!

  684. Kemba will be an all star this year….having a strong season and the pg position in the east besides wall is weak

  685. Ok done.

  686. Flagged !

  687. So many sensitive fans.
    One bad post about Lin and I get flagged and called a trolled haha

  688. Dude, everyone here knows you are KOF and a troll. Don’t have to pretend you care for Hornets.

  689. Nah, I can’t watch the game but am reading all these entries and your comments are particularly petty.

  690. He don’t got the votes

  691. *sign Lin having an off game.. oh well on to the next one

  692. It’s not one bad post haha. And you keep repating yourself haha.

  693. Coaches in thinking

  694. refs won this one, they killed the hope for CHA to win in the 4th by handing out fouls

  695. Well is it not true? Is Lin’s 4-12 shooting good? 5 PF at the start of the 4th quarter? -14 +/- worst on the team?

  696. Nah my first post was flagged then stats changed from -12 back to -14 so i repeated it

  697. Hard to play when all the refs gang up on you on both ends.

    Also, Westbrook is 5-14 and Lin guarded him most of the time…on a bad ankle.

  698. You only comment on the negative. Check your posts. This is fan site for Jeremy.

  699. Lin not himself tonight.

  700. Nope, too many good players in eastern conference thus year.

  701. get this guy outta here…

  702. he clearly isn’t fully healthy although really close. does look a little slower but that could be the 5 fouls. he don’t want a charge

  703. Lin was injured.

  704. So I’m not allow to say what’s true on the stat sheet? Freedom of speech much?

  705. Don’t think so.

  706. can’t jump

  707. Lowry though.

  708. Hornets will be 17-17 by Monday night

  709. Yes of course.

  710. I dont see this Hornets team making the playoffs playing like this.. not happening

  711. 17-17 is 500 ball

  712. when he scores a lot, team loses. it’s been a pattern for years

  713. Yeah, he has not got a rebound yet. He used to be on par with the Hornets’ Bigs in rebounds.

  714. back to the 500 club!

  715. Yep Lowry

  716. Kemba’s not much of a passer.

  717. he’s really pissed at the calls and i think at clifford for not supporting him

  718. You take off almost a week and change and with bad wheels….kid still put up 13 shots and played hard….got a tech….played physical D…..this is a totally refined NBA player

    Hornets don’t have the horses…too many injuries

  719. thats true. cliff doesnt argue for lin on calls.

  720. 0 rebound tells all

  721. Lin should just foul out and foul out big. Kobe chop to the head style.

  722. That’s not what some of the fans said when Batum played sick though?

  723. Take Lin out yet?

  724. yup. there’s absolutely ZERO chance Lin will stay with this lame duck coach. he’s no different from mchale

  725. Sometimes we expect too much of LIn. Shut down the top players, if he subs for a player put up over 20 every time. Some nights, things just are flowing for you. The effort and desire and heart is there, his body isn’t totally there at all, and that’s the best he has tonight. He’s still done so good things out there but the team is overmatched unless they are a full strength,.

  726. Man Lins shot so off today…wtf

  727. Lin’s said before that he doesn’t play well angry.

  728. Lin is only 4-14.. ankle must not be 100 %

  729. Hornets might have to make a trade for a big man….Chicago has Noah and Gibson….worth a look

  730. no. game is already lost so might as well take a chance

  731. well Lin going back to the Bay Area next game… hopefully he can do something special

  732. What chance? He’s injured

  733. talking about the 5 fouls

  734. Best to just fold and move on.

  735. its obvious from how he moves, and his lack of lift.

  736. He is such a better player now….but yea the board is a little crazy with expectations….if he drops 12-15 with some dimes and rebounds in happy for him

  737. we don’t care, stop bringing it up

  738. well, at least his assist to TO ratio was good.

  739. Honestly I hate frank. That was an open pass to Lin but he would rather turn around and get blocked

  740. You are just trollingnow…smh

  741. you the fake Lin Win

  742. Just stating the boxscore don’t hate!

  743. theres two Lin Wins on this post.. find the imposter

  744. I gotta differentiate between you and this clown above…

  745. Newsflash….when a team is getting whipped plus and minus becomes useless

  746. Just don’t respond.

  747. LOL

  748. How is it troll when it’s on the stat sheet

  749. This game and the Houston game are the 2 that were pre-decided by refs.

    Notice how the foul-fest only kicked in after CHA made runs to shrink the lead. And then disappeared until the next run.

  750. lol not even close man stat tell only so much have you watched the game? he has been decent tonight a lot of missed shots but worse game not even close.

  751. true. this one is from the lakers board trying to get back at the real Lin Win

  752. ur spamming it, we can see the stat sheet too

  753. Nba needs Durant to be on a winning team….

  754. He’s been lost in the shuffle this season despite having another Curry-like year.

  755. Lin should really foul someone hard. Just to finish this game off.

  756. it sure looks that way…

  757. Yall don’t get it, since Batum was injured, lin had to play because there was nobody else to play. I applaud lin for what he did, but this game was a fix from the start with refs.

  758. That’s not him tho

  759. why is he still in there?

  760. Frank trying to hard and failing as hard

  761. Which is why he will leave okc…..he needs to be seen again….

  762. And Marvin has lost his way….playing really bad

  763. Lamb or Troy Daniel at 2?

  764. I thought he asked Lin out but no…Lin came back again?!

  765. well do it to send a msg to the NBA, he ain’t a softy

  766. Thought the same thing

  767. hopefully lin can get his rhythm going. missing 2 games didn’t really help

  768. Cliff wants that rust to come off…..

  769. We did rely too much on Kemba this game. Ball needs to move more. It looked like team played selfishly when Kemba started isoing.

  770. Coach risked further injury. Another example of Lin’s misutilization

  771. I notice your trolling since last night saying no one cares about Jlin thus no big contract….bUT connviently ignore memphis offer

  772. Need batum back

  773. yup. should have taken Lin out when he took Kemba out

  774. Frank can’t make a bucket

  775. And a 100% Lin

  776. Lin’s shot looked good early in the game. I think it’s the foot and lift more than the shot that accounted for all of the misses.

  777. Fts for Jlin

  778. at least get some points…

  779. if he can average 15 points and around 4-5 assist i would be deligthed.

  780. Made 1

  781. Marvin Williams has really regressed to the mean

  782. wow, what a frustrating game…

  783. Block 🙂

  784. blk yes

  785. Lin really looks pissed. Have rarely seen him looking like this. Must be the technical.

  786. JLIN 1 BS!

  787. 2222222

  788. Get that rust off

  789. Silly ref

  790. Eric Collins telling the story of Jeremy Lin. lol. he’s a fan. Stephanie Ready is a Lamb fan

  791. and fairer refs while we are at it

  792. Now …..refs feel sorry and want to give CHA foul calls.

  793. Well, good efforts, Lin. You’ve done your part well.

  794. At least Jeremy got his points!

  795. They can give CHA all the foul calls and they won’t catch up.

  796. Kaminsky has turned into a useless pile of mush on both ends.

  797. sick of this crep…

  798. atleast lin got some rust off, since he played the whole game he is fully healthy

  799. he was good when he was setting a bunch of screens and playing pnr with Lin a few weeks ago but then he started to get a big head and started to iso a lot and not setting picks for Lin

  800. lol… soft with lack of skills…

  801. Don’t know what happened to him. He used to be really selective with shots, but since his big pt night… something changed

  802. These refs though, making me hate NBA. And I’m not just mad at the calls Lin got/didn’t get, I’m talking about the calls for KD.

  803. Been this way for years

  804. yes, it is a total scam…

  805. Was it like that during the 80’s?

  806. *sigh* yup

  807. Lin looks healthy. That is one positive thing at least.

  808. Memphis wasn’t offering 10mill. Do you know what it means to be a troll?

  809. Refs are horrible
    They calling fouls on everyone
    I get CHA is not a big market but still this is bad
    and it will be that way for a couple more games

  810. True ! Just making it easier for others!

  811. I was super young so hard to say but in the 90s heck yeah

  812. 53 -34 rebound jeez. Insanity cant overcome this

  813. 90’s? jordan got all the calls, huh?

  814. At points in the game he looked like himself, but he’s on the mend. It didn’t look like he aggravated anything so he should be better in the next game. I don’t know how long Batum will be out so it may be another blowout on Monday.

  815. Need big man and Williams brings nothing….call Chicago for Gibson

  816. kw playin’ his game didnt help.

  817. if al wasn’t injured we should trade him

  818. Not bad for JLIN fight through the ankle sprain & horrible ref; 33:50 min 15 Pts/4Asts (0 TO) &1 Reb, 1 ST, 1BS!

  819. It’s a ROOKIE moment.

  820. joey c retiring good

  821. I thought it was bad before but it’s worse this year. So bad that Jeremy got a tech.

  822. well, at least Lin got his pent up frustration towards the bias refs out of the way

  823. No, GOOD that Lin got a tech.

    He should FIGHT BACK.

  824. No easy buckets in transition except for a couple of Kemba’s points. Can’t play half court basketball to give the defense time to set up against high scoring offense. Looked like a lakers game to me.


  826. I wonder what he said?

  827. he was bad … looks away from a wide open lin for three, made a strong moved to the basket. major brick. rinse repeat all game. 2/11

  828. I didn’t say he shouldn’t fight back…

  829. This team needs all 3 of Batum, Kemba and Lin
    Also needs lamb to sustain bench scoring
    Bigs need to ger rebounds They suck, Cody is soft, Marvin looking like a bust(drafted before CP3), Kaminsky is soft and selfish
    Hawes is clueless and Tyler needs to play smarter
    They really need a tough big

  830. I agree.

  831. I have never seen Lin get a technical. Maybe once in the past but it was over something ridiculous like laughing while he’s sitting on the bench. I’m glad he let the refs know he hated the calls.

  832. Hawes couldn’t go. He was unable to play in the 2nd half.

  833. Nah it was good to see Lin can get heated too
    I loved it

  834. NIce!

  835. and to play less selfishly.

  836. and scary when he was trying to run coast to coast all the time. Once in a while is okay. Now he likes to bring the ball up, what’s that?

  837. I dont mind him a funny grandpa

  838. it wasn’t so much what he said. it was how he stomped his foot in frustration. and on top of that, his hair was floppin like The Joker’s lol

  839. It may be time to also replace Marvin for Frank in the starting line-up..He’s regressed greatly.

    Average game by Lin…Didn’t shoot well enough.

  840. He should be getting more technicals to be more vocal. There’s a difference in complaining, then being vocal. Complaining doesn’t get you anywhere, but being vocal about the bad calls puts a spotlight on the ref, even if isn’t fair.

  841. Ref is a joke – a technical for a foot stomp

  842. ya he needs to get the rust off, he’s been out for a couple days. And the 5 fouls really constrained him from playing his best defense

  843. Boxscore

    Note:Blubell I love you

  844. He got a tech for defending unfair call Beverly received which McHale should have done.

  845. disagreed. kemba and batum have been picking up their isolation game lately and ignoring Marvin who really needs a good system to be effective on the offensive end

  846. unfair call on Beverley? no no no he deserves every call on him
    He’s all hype

  847. agree that Kemba/Batum is isoing more now

  848. Oh look Mister I’m-not-a-troll is back.

  849. i think Lin knew he was getting a technical for it though. he wanted to make a statement

  850. LOL

  851. Oh no! Posts boxscore gets labeled as troll

  852. flagged for being annoying

  853. probably something about the refs family
    he went to Harvard he knows how to insult people

  854. flagged

  855. That’s not the point.

  856. a few more bans and you’ll run out of places to log in. stop wasting your gas finding free internet at mcdonald’s and starbucks buddy

  857. Why man !

  858. lol I know just haven’t seen that name for a while

  859. did u guys notice how refs stopped giving OKC any calls and gave CHA all the calls at the end of the game? So fixed.

  860. I agree. Why risk it anymore in a game where the outcome is known?

  861. flagged again. No reason needed. Just feel like it.

  862. They wanna establish the Durant-Westbrook brand

  863. Well you can’t ban me when I didn’t do anything wrong!

  864. Not sure the front office can improve this team

    No one to trade

  865. Sorry for bringing it up. Will be more careful next time. Lol.

  866. Glad you are honest

  867. Lin should try this next time

  868. i can’t but the mod can because they just did and u came back

  869. Sad thing here is that he still think he got flagged cuz of his boxscore post.

  870. at this point, you’re deliberately provoking people. i thought people were over the top when they called you ‘troll’ at the very beginning. But in response you decided to keep provoking people and start annoying people who would’ve probably originally been on your side. You can keep doing that, and you’ll continue to keep annoying people. If you’re the sort of person who likes to annoy and agitate people and make people not like you, then you should continue. I recommend that you just stop.

  871. I’m glad lin got his stat line,even through he was on the mend. Also Hornets putting their eggs in Batum’s basket and I guarantee you he won’t sign with the hornets. Batum still eyeing the Raptors .

  872. If they don’t want to play team ball… nothing will change… back to old days again.

  873. if u really want my honest opinion, it’s cause ur a troll who likes to hate on Lin for small things like missing a free throw.

  874. Nicely said thank you.

  875. Yeah kid ain’t staying with the hornets neither is Jeremy

  876. How am i provoking people? I’m just saying that Lin’s +/- was the worst in the team. Is it not true?
    I said it on my first post and immediately labeled a troll and flagged.
    I’m just exercising my freedom of speech.

  877. LOL

  878. i don’t think Batum showed anything that would give him a max contract. Yes, CHA might need him but right now, he’s playing so many roles that it’s actually hurting the team.

  879. Is a free throw not important? He’s a guard that shouldn’t be hitting 1 out of 2 shots.

  880. Clearly it was my boxscore post

  881. Lamb played much worst than Lin did. he never defends and never really contribute other than scoring which he didn’t really do this game either. an all around stinker

  882. Nope. You got labeled troll way before your boxscore post. Not hard to find your old posts.

  883. this is a lin fan site. it’s okay for people to say a negative thing about Lin. but it’s not good to repeat it over and over.

    it’s not about freedom of speech. one can use freedom of speech to be annoying and provoke people.

  884. -facepalm- i was being sarcastic -.-

  885. I wasn’t actually disagreeing with you.

  886. Some days he hits 4 out 5 and u still get mad over that one missed FT. You have been really annoying lately.

  887. Good night

  888. I don’t think he is
    He has made many good posts
    just has high expectations for Lin i think
    He’s been around for some time

  889. How is it repeating? I said it twice.
    Once when Lin got -14 and another when Lin went from -14 to -12 back to -16.

  890. You posted it like 7 times.

  891. Don’t let the bed bugs bite.

  892. Thank you for being understanding!

  893. May be they got huge Christmas presents this year from….lol

  894. For Lakers and Celtics and 76ers, YES.

    The NBA is into “dynasty building” because parity does not generate revenue.

  895. I flagged it more than twice. You said it about 7 times.

  896. Trade Al as an expiring contract. Apparently Hornet fans don’t like him!

  897. No thanks we don’t need Batum we really dont unless DeRosan is gone

  898. Just wondering am i blocked forever?

  899. Were Jordan fairly officiated, he would have been just another guy.

  900. No friend ! 7 times is an exaggeration and you know it.

  901. why didn’t that dude just hand him the card and sit down instead of delaying the game trying to explain it.

  902. Only on free throws because it wins games.

  903. Not sure he’s the same one. He’s abrasive today, most days I don’t really mind Lin Win, but today I think he was deliberately provocative and asking for attention.

  904. That was a snarky comment… Made it sound that Jeremy Lin is not an interesting player… And that only his hair is the only thing worthy of note today.

  905. Fans are allowed to trash talk
    Kevin Durant was being a wuss reporting the fan
    Very, very immature of him

  906. i’m gonna assume he did more than just taunting. he sat court-side and must have done something that could have really hurt a player

  907. I probably missed the “controversial” post but i think both sides need to tone it down a little

  908. He’s been warned a couple times.

  909. jlin being bash all around is enough we wont bash jlin here we can say he can only tell what we want him improve buts thats about it

  910. No he was doing a lot of baiting. So stop the madness.

  911. That doesn’t sound free and fair. If Lin plays bad then we can say he plays bad. If Lin plays good then we can say he plays good.

    How is that not different from the delusional kobe fans at lakersnation.

  912. dont care all around nba circle jlin view as trash….it wont happen here

  913. Players get trashed all the time, it’s part of the game
    I bet Lin had it way worse but he never complained

  914. Don’t think it’s fair I’ve been warned for posting a stat from the stat sheet. Whatever don’t care!
    I’m not afraid to say what’s factual.

  915. No worries!

  916. Fair comment. I can agree with the toning it down generally on this board but I still think Lin Win today specifically was too aggressive. He was gleeful about Lin’s bad points and kept posting to get a reaction.

  917. Gotcha

  918. Only games I’ve been aggressive is: Laker’s game, Houston’s game and freethrows.

  919. I can believe that… nba is a scam… ive been watching a long time, but onlin the last few years following our boy see this type of thing…

  920. i love the magic run lakers and dr. j’s sixers… no wonder… nba is duping the average fan…

  921. Kid Omega
    “@JLin7: first ever technical last night and lost $2000…i realize thats 2000 mcchickens or 4000 jack in the box tacos” jlin is a fatty
    8:43 AM – 21 Feb 2013

  922. Hornets big are not good enough….


  923. i think ur bipolar cause when Lin does well ur become delusional about it and claim Lin is the best out there then when he has one bad game or he miss a FT out of 5 or more, u become a downer.

  924. Maybe he needs to train Frank, Zeller and the other bigs how to rebound so that the guards can focus on scoring and defending at perimeter. Too many tasks for every guard right now. Especially Lin and Batum. Batum needs to stop facilitating. He’s not a guard. He’s a SF.

  925. These bigs are more concern about score than get the reb…..

  926. You’ve disturbed the flow of the thread many times before with your posts which you were warned.

  927. that’s the problem right there. I don’t care how fancy Batum can shoot or facilitate. He did this behind the back pass the other night that almost caused a turn over. It wasn’t even necessary.

    Also, Frank is no guard, why is he penetrating and shooting so much when he should be setting up screens and rebounding? He can shoot when Lin lets him. Lin will pass when he’s opened at the 3. All Frank got to do is set his feet and prepare to catch and shoot.

  928. If Walker actually pretended to play defense, the bigs wouldn’t be constantly pulled out of defensive position after he gets burned.

  929. Nobody in the NBA scores consistently strictly as a catch and shoot player.

  930. it would make sense if just 3 biggest guys stayed back to secure the defensive rebounds while the 2 guards leek out on transition instead of all 5 guys staying back which doesn’t make any sense to me. same on offense. he has all 5 guys run back to defend and none to grab the offensive rebounds. not very smart. and definitely doesn’t allow for a very fast pace offense

  931. 1) “Looks like this is the worst game for Lin this season.
    -15 +/- worst on the team which might be the first time I’ve seen.”

    2) “Flag me you sensitive fans.
    I’m not afraid to say what’s on the stat sheet
    -14 on Lin ! Worst on the team.
    First time this season”

    3) “-14 on Lin ! Worst on the team.
    First time this season surprised!”

    these were three different posts, and this was just from my quick scroll. Well, that’s about all the time I’m going to spend on this.

  932. Troy is an excellent catch and shoot player but the league has gone away from team play so everyone is out for their own. only players who can create for themselves survives this league

  933. When Walker isn’t trashing the game with his zero defense isoball and Lin is running the show, the bigs aggressively score and rebound on both ends of the court because they are running Clifford’s team system.

  934. Well said on Frank why is he penetrating and shooting so much when he should be setting up screens and rebounding? I don’t get it either? Frank or Zeller are not strong enough to protect the rim or what? They care so much to take the 3P shot or score than get the O reb or protect the rim better.

  935. Bigs need to play better defense so guards wont pick so many fouls
    CHA bigs are the worst Actually cant believe how bad they are

    Also, didnt think Lin played great tonight
    a little rusty coming off the ankle injury 5-15 is not good at all and too many fouls limited him a little as well
    but he will be fine going forward playing his usual efficient game
    Even Lin can have this kind of nights I guess we can go easy on batum a little next time lol

  936. Life ain’t fair,but you move on and don’t whine about.smh

  937. Can you explain? What physics do you mean? I don’t think an athlete who is aware of his body more than the average person would place his feet on unstable locations like sombody’s feet/ ankle. Maybe if they were jumping and colliding in mid air. But not when you’re on the ground and getting up from a sitting position.

  938. gotta develop his skill set

  939. Of course !

  940. Lin scored 15 points tonight. Get over yourselves with he didn’t play well. He was still injured and would have sat out this game if Batum wasn’t jured.smh

  941. One was deleted by the way.
    No worries I’m moving on

  942. They also talked about Jeremy’s underdog story.

  943. You only warned me on the name calling post but no worries. Let’s move on.

  944. I thought lin relied on outside shot to much this game. Must be feeling the ankle out.
    Lin is really strong this year in the upper body. On that play, he drove in and held himself really well banging against 3 defenders.

  945. Test.

  946. to result in a team capability.

  947. He did say “a little rust coming off the ankle injury.”

  948. Yes and no. The bigs aren’t great finishers. Kaminsky wasn’t prepared for a great pass from Lin, Cody didn’t convert on a good pass earlier. They get the ball, but get blocked or do dumb things with it.

    Yes, Kemba isn’t doing the team system. Other guys try to.

  949. passed?

  950. Who? Lin?

  951. no. tom.

  952. She should’ve told him that he did good standing up for himself.

  953. Good solid TRUE SHOOTING by Lin.

  954. HA HA HA …

  955. So? doesnt mean he played great
    15 points on 15 shots is not very good theres no way around it

  956. Haha. I knew he would tweet about it like last time. Go easy on him Mama Lin 🙂

  957. Lin is a cool guy.

  958. Like I wrote earlier, Lin had GOOD TRUE SHOOTING percentage.

    Even as Errorme Lin from the line, Lin got solid scoring percentages when FT were factored in.

  959. Lin is still mending,so there was no rust. He’s playing through injury

  960. 5-15 still not a good shooting night

  961. things are looking good though he was agressive at least and he took those shots

  962. Don’t matter, because the only thing that counts is the points in this league

  963. LOL prolly cuz he’s getting fined

  964. You go ahead and PRETEND that Lin’s free throw shooting doesn’t count in the boxscore, then.

  965. Karls gets a technical for arguing on Cousins’ behalf who shows his approval. Tyson gets his own technical in the same game and gets tossed out. Lin argues his own technical also. shows what kind of player you have to be to get this kind of support from your coach..


  966. True shooting percentage counts A LOT, but you are right in today’s case.

  967. Haha! I think that’s the key point. LOL!

  968. So and your point is? Harden got 25 FT’s to get 25 points. In the end it was all about the points.

  969. okay then Harden has great true shooting percentage too

  970. I know.

  971. Harden and Lin historically shoot very similar percentages.

  972. Then Harden is a great player too and Batum and Kemba are 2 best scorers on the team
    people can go easy on those 2 as well

  973. yeah and its because they know that the ball is going to them when the game is a teamball..but knowing it will be one man show, other players lose energy and interest making them play a so so game.

  974. okay then you are right Lin had a good true shooting percentage tonight agree with you

  975. Let’s not question her parenting. You don’t want to get lecturing texts from Mama Lin. LOL

  976. Heh heh.

    Unlike anybody here, I have absolutely no fear of domineering Taiwanese mamas!

  977. nope difference is harden messes up the team flow so ROX are worse with him, but JLin makes teams better.

  978. Nobody is complaining about their scoring, it”s about them not playing teamball.

  979. How about a Ref Code of Conduct?

  980. fair enough

  981. There’s always a first time for everything!

  982. That sounds so wrong if taken out of context! LOL

  983. Harden’s problem isn’t bad true shooting percentage.

    Harden’s problem is selfish play that is compounded by poor D.

    New Rockets coach Bickerstaff has CRACKED DOWN on Harden’s bad habits.

  984. well, I guess you haven’t wrestled etc. I have seen training to put your feet against other’s feet to lift deadweights. Physics is physics, just go look up levers, fulcrums, etc. and you will see. I can’t explain or argue it’s simple classical mechanics.

  985. Didn’t watch the game. Who guarded Westbrook most of the time?

  986. Lin first half Kemba 2nd half

  987. Whatever the refs motivation, it reflects on which player is really influential on the outcome of the game. They’d never do this to Lamb or PJ or even Walker (even though he’s a starter).

  988. ur right but if they want to shoot up close, just stand near the rim for a PnR, why get the big all worked up by having him penetrate? It’s the small players like Lin and Kemba who can do that.

  989. Apparently worst D in the NBA according to shaq

    Lin can really help the rockets right now though….

  990. KD killed us. RW was also good.

  991. It’d send Vegas into a huge panic.

  992. sorry I’m not being mean below. Just trying not to repeat myself. Maybe this will help: every try to get up on one waterski? They teach you to keep your legs taught in a chair position, push down hard against the water, and keep your belly very stiff. You pop out of the water like magic. Look this up, it’s very cool and also try lifting a friend with him/her in a chair position like getting up on one waterski, and see if it’s easier if they put their feet on yours. They will pop up.

  993. I don’t like his calls.

  994. It’s embarrassing that they needed the refs’ help.

  995. It goes to NBA Cares. Don’t think he minds 😛

  996. It’s embarrassing that refs give it.

  997. It’s embarrassing that the NBA allows it

  998. Tweet after his first technical. LOL

  999. back then he could afford a new couch with that lol.

  1000. 13k retweets?

  1001. wow GSW 23-4 v Nuggets. Jan 4 will be interesting I hope to see JLin play really well on that court. He has had great games there.

  1002. ya i heard it

  1003. Totally, and NBA tries to tell us Lin only got 61K votes over 1 month, pleeeeeease. I almost feel not voting any more, since it is so rigged anyway…

  1004. I’m Taiwanese, so I’m actually dead serious.

  1005. he might be mad that could have went to JLIN foundation instead

  1006. It’s embarrassing that bias and corrupting referees going on for years!

  1007. Actually, Harden’s D has been pretty good ever since Bickerstaff took over for McHale.

    While Harden is still regularly prone to bouts of selfishness and refusal to play defense, Bickerstaff will heavily criticize Harden indirectly in the papers.

    Harden is no longer the worst guard defender in the NBA. But now Kemba Walker is.

  1008. since PRESEASON.

    Allowing Walker to not even pretend to play defense and assigning Batum to cover 2s that he doesn’t have the SG knowledge to follow has decimated the Charlotte defense.

  1009. PnR defense needs to improve. You can’t have guards trying to get rebounds either cause that leaves the perimeter opened. If bigs played their roles, we wouldnt have this problem where guards over help.

  1010. A point per shot is 50% FG% which is great. And that’s assuming 2-pt shots.

  1011. I start to worry that Hornets maybe will not make it to playoff if they continue to let Kemba plays ISO game most of the time… smh! It’s not going to win that many games for them even he did get good stats.

  1012. Yes!

  1013. No chance this team will make playoffs with ISO ball, no matter who is doing the ISO. They have no rim protector or a reliable rebounding big man.

  1014. i don’t really get the logic on some posters here..less shooting some says not good, shooting more still not good?(term of FGA).

    Efficiency – some say its better to shoot more even with less efficiency, but other says its not good to shoot less even with good efficiency?

  1015. @JLin7 “You get a T?? Why not get an A!?” #asiansproblems

  1016. Watching gsw after cha makes it so clear. Lin is trying to play team like gsw. Kw it’s paying hack ball, street ball.

  1017. hahahahahaah

  1018. LOL

  1019. well since clifford is primarily known as a “defensive coach”, i’d say he’s lost them

  1020. why do we indulge more on negative rather than take it as it is for JLIn and move on forward to the next game…game over for this game and will be forgotten maybe by some but not on one harping on the negative for some reason i don’t get.

  1021. it’s his fault for not having defense he want!

  1022. Bb …8 ha ha that’s your new nickname.

  1023. Ya! Hornets used to win so easy but not anymore even Kemba got good stats but team just couldn’t win….

  1024. Wasn’t able to watch the game. Anyone please do a summary of JLin games? Why JLin got a tech?

  1025. New nickname? What was it before? lol. What does that nickname mean, btw? haha.

  1026. where is da snare

  1027. Jeremy got his stats despite playing with injury and blatantly unfair refs. Lot of iso/heroball, blown assists, etc from his teammates. Same old story.

  1028. westbrook looks like he’s running for his life from the lochness monster

  1029. that’s what i meant. he lost them because he’s not much of a defensive coach after all

  1030. lol

  1031. Thanks! Can you also explain why he got a tech???? I’ve tried to find out the reason but still didn’t see. Only went so far down the posts as I gave up reading more with so many annoying posts.

  1032. lin was trailing ball handler and somehow got called for the foul even though he was behind, and didnt make any contact, at least any significant contact. after getting called for the foul, lin stomped his foot hard which expressed his disbelief/frustration/anger at the call. that was the tech.

  1033. technical for good defense

  1034. WOW! That is really something. No wonder I’ve lost my interest on NBA again since Lakers. Even this season I have a hard time to watch the games at times. Really would like to watch this game as JLin would be the starter. Seem like there was little point to watch the archive game.

  1035. OKC has so many shot blockers in the lane, you can’t beat them unless your whole team is on fire from 3.

  1036. Thanks! What a _____!!!!!

  1037. Does it mean that Curry can’t play next game vs Hornets as well???

  1038. all i have to say is that adam silver’s failure to recognize the problem and to deal with it is turning off many fans and a potentially large market.

    it’s not just bad basketball; it’s simply bad for business.

  1039. He drove and got blocked 3 times. He had no hop inside.

  1040. Probably the whole NBA! Need to start off with the refs… esp all the dirty politics!!!! Only still follow Hornets/NBA because of JLin. With my limitation time now, it’s harder to keep any desire to watch even JLin games if Hornets/Cliff doesn’t play him much or so many isos from others.

  1041. okay then dont complain when other players have same kind of shooting nights

  1042. Thats not my problem
    People have different opinions

  1043. I’m not
    and hope you can say the same for batum and kemba when they have simillar stat line
    cuz people go off on them

  1044. Thats a big help if he cant go

  1045. geez …

  1046. Wow! Good to hear that from Cliff… Never heard that from BS.

  1047. he’s like an angry rabbit thumping

  1048. it’s unfair for lin, but when he sees where the wind is blowing with the refs, he really needs to keep his hands close to his body. refs are just looking for an excuse to blow the whistle on him, so don’t give them any excuses to do so.

    that would result in lin playing worse defense, but that’s certainly more effective than sitting on the bench with fouls.

  1049. have you seen star wars? the new one?

  1050. any news of how jeremy’s ankle is doing? when i play on a sprained ankle, i normally get worse, but then again, i’m not a professional athlete getting professional treatment. it’s interesting that lin played during garbage time. i hope he plays against a curryless warriors.

  1051. Yeah! Haha. I loved BB-8 🙂

  1052. Lol

  1053. Mda on bench vs clippers thinking “where’s jlin?”

  1054. Is it the Chinese press that ask about Lin?

  1055. BB I guess, BB8 is the new R2D2. Trust me, it is beloved.

  1056. It’s become WWF wrestling in a way. Something needs to be done to make refs more responsible. Video challenge should be available to players on calls. Video challenge has taken out a lot of arguments in tennis and umpires and lines officials are always on notice. The best ones advance to finals and important matches and grandslams. Almost all major events and primary courts now have “Hawkeyes camera systems” that measure trajectory and calculate contact on the court from multiple camera angles. It’s really quick and fans love it.

    I watched the Raptors play against Wizards and the refs were even worst. Home court advantage for raptors and it was so bad something like 38-17. Raptors won with 1/3 of points in FTs. It’s not sports anymore when match fixing is rampant. I’m sure that they can impliment some sort of system that follows the ball like in tennis and take out the constant suspicion of ref bias.

  1057. Just like Melo, Harden, and the Kobe if say 3 yrs ago.

  1058. I played on messed up ankles a lot. No problem if you are wearing a good brace and you do the RICE thing after. The new braces with cross laces and velcro ties are way better than tape, but taping is the pro way.

  1059. Finally!

  1060. What is Kemba saying in pre game huddle?
    “Just give me the ball oink oink”

  1061. ah, so you think Lin should be good to go on Monday?

  1062. that knowing look from Lin when he got T’d up … “yep, they’re gonna do it to me so better just live with it.”

  1063. Laughable that Westbrook would revert to flopping against Lins stellar defense

  1064. they are icing now with professional trainers, etc and they even get shots too, so probably. He played ok today. His stats would have been better had Lamb, Kam finished like Pscyho T on that wraparound. His shots… the 2 3s looked nice but 5/15 is probably because of ankle pain. But he cut ok and I don’t think he was fouling because of any missteps – seemed unfair a few of those calls.

    Steph is another matter. A shin bruise is v painful and it could be chronic. With an ankle, if you just support it against the injured ligament then you can get by (even cross country runners run with taped up ankles, but yep, they aren’t able to peak they just go to displace (not score)).

  1065. Power tripping

  1066. That’s why team play is so important. To beat that type of defence you need quick interior passing from a PNR guard. The object isn’t necessarily about forcing a rim attack, the object is to them find a teammate free on the baseline 3 spot. This Hornets team has no idea about such type of interio passing. KW’s selfishness is spreading like a cancer and bigs aren’t running the floor and attacking the rims for rebounds.

    I once watched the Spurs bench take apart the Raptors defence like they were toying with a bunch of kids. They whip the ball around inside and out with multiple options of shot selections. Guys were cutting to the rim and get perfectly timed passes but would pass it up for something better. After what must have able ast 10 passes, the raptors defence was so dizzy with whiplash that they stop chasing the ball. It finally and mercifully ended with a wide open 3 from the right corner.

    This could never happen while kW is PG. no matter how many 3s they take, Clifford will never understand how to implement a new style offence.

  1067. No, first tweet he mentioned spontaneously, second was in answer to a question from a local reporter.

  1068. Lin’s new shooting form takes significantly less effort than his old form. He used to raise the ball higher and a little back resulting in a difficult throwing stroke on his way down.

  1069. The way Jeremy can push the ball up for fast breaks, if he is able to play point guard before half court and Clifford allows him to push the ball up, it creates mismatches and the big blockers haven’t set their defense yet. That’s why Mike D’ Antoni has the 7 seconds or less. The NBA gives them 8 seconds just to cross the court, yet MDA system creates chaos, which JLin excels in.
    I miss the way he played with the Rockets. Perfect system if he is the point guard, unfortunately, not the right coaches and organization.

  1070. Number 1, this team does not have JJ Reddick’s run the baseline catch and shoot player and they still run a lot of that plays whenever Lin is the pg.

    Number 2, Kemba is hopeless because he’s allowed to, but Lamb and Kaminsky also go iso whenever the ball in their hands?

    This team will not make playoff this season.

  1071. Same old story.

  1072. Westbrook looks heavier than Lin even though they are both listed at 200 lbs.

  1073. Who’s complaining?

  1074. Kemba is playing worse than ISO. It’s more 1 on 3 basketball. ISO is more when others just sit in one place while a player dibbles away and shoots and usually burning clock. Kemba runs all over the the place around many defenders and at some point shoots the ball.

  1075. Lin in first half. Kemba more in 2nd half.

  1076. I was having problems posting under my sign-in. All good now.

  1077. No, it’s not. Lin started off well but it didn’t continue. It’s not genuine to complain of another player with a poor shooting percentage and say it is OK with Lin. It’s not. It’s ok he didn’t shoot well. He played OK seeing that he was coming back from a painful ankle sprain and not 100 percent.

  1078. That’s good to hear. Now can he change Harden’s garbage attitude. Not a lot of people want to play with him.

  1079. Gutted it out. He did stuff that isn’t in the stat sheet like box players out and hustle even on a not so great ankle. He still played hard in garbage time.

  1080. People should remember this game:


  1081. This should be on the Hornets fan websites.

  1082. Kemba hasn’t found the balance. He can hit big shots through determination. Not enough. Have to bring consistent effort on the defensive end, show leadership as PG to position your players correctly, work with co-facilitators on the court, know when enough is enough of hero-ball and go to involve the teamball and so-forth. Kemba scores 32, not winning basketball. Understood Lin wasn’t total Lin. But still, Lin is a way better passer/creator. Let that part of the game blossom too for Lamb and Kaminsky. Speaking of Kaminsky, he looked young tonight. Good player but showed some bad qualities in tonight’s game.

  1083. Sorry JT. IMO, basketball is more like tennis on hard court. The rapid change of direction on hard surfaces is by far the most damaging movements in both sports. Soccer on a grass field is much easier because of the give on the turf just as clay surface is preferred by older players for ease on the joints. I’ve had very good club players that I’ve coach quit the game because their feet could take the pounding. Lin might have felt okay when he started, but under game pressure, he probably applied just a little too much pressure on the ankle to make a tough change of direction.

    The grass field produces different types of change of directions that helps to protect from too much forces applied at extreme angles that a hard courts can hold. You probably don’t realize how you make some of change of directions but better athletes on the pitch would pull their inside leg underneath in the exact active balance point to push away to the direction you want to go. In bball and hard court tennis, you’ll routinely see guys just load heavily on the outside foot and use that foot to stop and push off. That slight slippage makes for a softening of the pressure on the stopping foot.

    Lin gutted it out but was obviously hurting because he wasn’t as quick off the jab step.

  1084. The real beauty of this type of “inside out” offence is that it tires out defences by making them chase a ball.

  1085. Sorry JT!

  1086. you could be right. I played bball in gyms too. But it’s not pro just for pride, so maybe my experience of playing with sprains doesn’t jibe with the NBA schedule JLin faces. That is, we get a least a week off between games in the gym, etc.

  1087. refs you mean, JLin might have power tripped on that cool hair tonight tho lol.

  1088. somebody up top has to make a decision to win.

  1089. get well, KF!

  1090. Since All Star Ballot started, the Hornets-notably Kemba, Batum and Frank the Tank have been playing selfish ball and lost many games!

  1091. Really don’t mind Lin getting Double Tech tonight. Should’ve done that!

  1092. if you want to break a team, you start from the most impactful player. Refs were doing exactly that.

  1093. I can’t believe how biased the refs… this is blatant discrimination that is happening in his own court. just sad.

  1094. They would have had a big chance to tie the score in the 3rd quarter, but Kemba went ISO for a long stretch and the lead just mounted up. The moment I saw the heroball from Kemba, I lost interest in watching specially the refs are so obviously biased. If you listen to the announcers, the refs are being warned by the NBA about the calls. It became so obvious because seldom they call foul in favor of the Hornets and a lot of calls in favor of OKC. But either way, I really hate it when Kemba goes ISO and not passing. He thinks he is the savior of this team? Really? Cliff now is a little concern about his job in catering to the Kemba all star movement so he is now making some Lin praises. I was really hoping that Lin would not play this game because I know that he sat for 2 games and the rust is still there. Plus he is not going to be the PG and the offense is still with Kemba. A lot of factors that would prevent him to shine in this game. It’s heartbreaking to watch the Kemba ISO when they would have a big chance to make it.

  1095. When he was T’ed up, did he stomp with his left or right ankle?

  1096. That is why SAS are a tough match up for the Thunder.

  1097. Westbrook is bigger upper body. Lin is more solid down below.

  1098. OKC has too many long players inside. Lin needed his mid range game and 3 ptrs to fall.

  1099. The game in which Lin got his 1st technical was a great one. He played 42 minutes, scoring 29 pts and adding 6 rebounds and 7 assists. Harden had 46 pts. The Rockets came from 14 pts down (107-93) to win 122-119 against OKC. That was also right around the time of a big 10-player trade (Houston – Sacramento – Phoenix) that brought Francisco Garcia to Houston.

    Here is a picture of Lin getting his technical. He comes off the bench to yell at the referees. The lower picture shows McHale looking back toward the bench to figure out who just got the technical. Click to enlarge.

  1100. Some people recognized Jeremy’s potential early on. Here are two excerpts from a Reuters article about a Chinese sporting goods manufacturer that applied for a trademark on Jeremy’s name, 18 months BEFORE Linsanity hit, based on his career at Harvard :

    … in July 2010, Wuxi Risheng Sports Utility Co, which makes about one million basketballs, volleyballs and soccer balls a year, registered his name as a trademark. The company applied to trademark a variation of Lin’s name, “Lin Shuhao (in Chinese characters) Jeremy S.H.L. (initials of Lin’s Chinese name),” according to the website of the trademark office of China’s State Administration of Industry and Commerce. The application was approved in August, with the company paying just 4,460 yuan ($710) … .

    Risheng’s legal representative, Yu Minjie, said Lin caught her eye when she saw him playing on Chinese television in 2010. “I’m a Harvard fan … I like him very much. He gave me a lot of surprises and inspiration,” Yu told Reuters.

    See : http://www.reuters.com/article/us-nba-china-trademark-idUSTRE81Q0QC20120227

  1101. It’s more about how the top athletes must shave valuable milliseconds off each movement. I’ll give you an example. A division 2 tennis player I was coaching was a pretty good serve and volley player so I tried to improve his court coverage by shaving some time off his recovery step. I asked him to run some very quick suicides from one side of the service box to the other. The box was maybe 7-8 feet wide so he wasn’t developing a lot of momentum but he was still using little little steps to decelerate. I was shocked that he got to scholarship collegiate level play not know simple footwork patterns. I showed him a very simple hop and turn in the air as he was approaching the left stop line. He’d then be extending his back foot out and his other leg and foot would be turned already. This stopping would load his body on top of his right leg and his left leg would act as a spike leg. This maximized his potential to recovery by stopping while loading at the same time to go the other way. The other thing is that for a tennis player, you’d need to keep your chest floating on top of the core facing your opponent. The actual gain was milliseconds but it would help him get to a few more balls.

    Last night Lin looked slower because he was protecting his injury, much like us weekend warriors would do so over time. We’d make compensations and give up milliseconds for the sake of not hurting it more.

  1102. Unfortunately for Lin, Mchale never praised him and went on media to say the infamous “Jeremy, we’re trying to win here, putting up so many points while making 9 TOs is just no good”. Of course that was pure fabrication from Mchale.

  1103. Yeah for sure and Duncan is a great unselfish passer.

  1104. Great story for all the face-bookers here, but “Maxima”?


    Brilliance in information technology unfortunately does not translate to brilliance in choosing names for new baby. What will they choose for next child — Sentra?

  1105. 林家潁 (@jain0517)1/2/16, 11:49 PM
    New Years Day Raptors vs Hornets CCYAA post game event with Jeremy Lin (… youtu.be/OU13oRjKR-8 來自 @YouTube @JLin7 亞洲之夜訪談.2016.1.2.暴龍主場.

  1106. a lot of people

  1107. To me, the biggest problem with the recent run of games is too much Kemba ball and the breakup of Bench Force 1. Kemba and Batum’s minutes have been too high. I attributed these changes to Clifford wanting to ensure that Kemba and
    Batum are the stars of the team. However, maybe
    Clifford just trusts Kemba and Batum much more.

    Whilst Kemba has been an effective scorer, his lack of defense and failure to involve the whole team is affecting everyone, including Lin who is spending way too many minutes with Kemba.

    The loss of Hawes is also a factor. Whilst I was a vocal critic of Hawes earlier on, I realise now that his passing and genuine attempts to play the offence and defence set up by Clifford is helping the team. I think the advanced stats show that he is a net positive.

    Again, to me the solution is simple. Lin should get the most minutes and should play PG most of the time. Unfortunately this is unlikely to happen.

    However, I have some hope that Lin will figure out how to make the team win again, even if he is sharing the floor with Kemba most of the time. Things should turn around again soon.

  1108. I agree.

    Kemba simply has to play differently and Lin has to do more facilitation. With Batum, Kemba gives up some control. With Lin, if he’s not scoring high, then Kemba takes it upon himself to try to score over 3 players. Kemba has to learn to play off of Lin and trust him more to play make and be the 2nd and better PnR player of the 2 PnR players on the floor when Batum isn’t there and even when he is on the floor with him.

    But Lamb has to do less too, bigs have to get offensive rebounds, bigs have to catch and convert Lin’s passes, bigs have to provide screens for Lin, so the bigs aren’t doing their job either in terms of playing team ball. On the defensive end, only Marvin is giving the consistent effort along with Lin that I can see. Batum doesn’t always either and that needs to change. And I think Cliff knows that without singling out which players need to step it up.

  1109. I think he just insulted you, lol. Bb8 has a pretty bad figure.

  1110. Actually Kyrie Irving has very good shooting percentage for a guard .450+ almost .400 from 3pt with 6 assists and 3-4 rebounds definitely not an ineffective player at all a true super star
    Hope Lin can get close to .450 too this year will definitely help his ppg

  1111. “With Batum, Kemba gives up some control.”

    JLIN gets it everyway from the superstars. He never really plays his game on the floor with them…

    Because this :
    is also TRUE “With Batum, JLIN gives up some control.” and this:
    is also TRUE “With Kemba, JLIN gives up some control” AND
    this is MOST CERTAINLY TRUE “With Kemba and Batum, JLIN gives up almost all control.”

  1112. Oh wow. Nets going to be shopping for a PG?


  1113. After rewatching the Raptor’s game where JLIN started it was clear that Clifford changed his strategy on what he asked of JLIN for OKC. This could have been because of the ankle or matchup issue or whatever.
    But Raptors clearly JLIN had plays called for him, people setting multiple screens and generally getting his named called often against Toronto.

    I certainly didn’t get that sense with OKC. Ankle? Coaches decision meh.?

  1114. Nets should bring both Lin and dantoni next year..

  1115. That’s tough. Best to Jarrett in his healing process.

  1116. Nets Coach and GM, not to mention the Russian owner are nuts.
    Career suicide for JLIN.

    There is not an executive or Front Office JLIN can trust at their word apart from Mike D’Antoni and Jerry Colangelo and even then it’s still the NBA so don’t bet the farm.

  1117. Understood. Just do our part and leave the result to God. Don’t be discouraged.

  1118. So JLin got to start because Batum was out again? Seriously he should be starting regardless of Batum playing or not!

  1119. These bigs can’t set proper screens
    They are simply ineffective on both ends

  1120. Why? See my post above.

  1121. Lin starts whenever PJ, Batum, or Kemba can’t go.

  1122. I thought about what you said and I confess to being glib online and you called me out. Yep, at Lin’s level, that ankle injury is a real setback whether he plays this coming week or not. Yes, when I worked through ankle problems, I totally forgot as an amateur you can be on crutches for a week, go play in the 3rd week and recover over 6 weeks with nobody tracking your progress with stats, video, and rabid media and fans. So yes to you, that JLin is going to be hampered. I think he will play through it though, and trolls to tiger fans and clici-chasing media will knock him for his ‘slump’.

    And I love your example on footwork. I never got coached at that care level in any sports, though I did reach ok-high in soccer. I had team coaching, but no indiv attention because soccer in the US is not well funded at higher levels.

    So, let’s watch for JLin’s recovery as he snaps on the D and ball. To me last night, he wasn’t cheating on D with fouls, as I felt he got bad calls out there. And, I trust JLin so his anger with the T confirms my bias that some of those calls were bad. So, though he’s a step down, he’s well within the framework of team D performance to me, and I still think CHA team play is messed up because of many things, with one notable being Kemba.

  1123. So the same thing happened. The starters went down early in the game and the bench brought the team back. The starters this time had J Lin in it. To me, the problem is more with how the team starts than whether Lin is in there or not. And the bench, this time with its leader JLin, did a good job bringing the team back. What’s the real issue with the starters? What’s Lin’s biggest impact on this team. Forgetting you are a Lin fan for now, and just looking at the talent of the team, and Kemba is the starting PG, what really needs to change (knowing Al is out for at least 6 weeks)?

  1124. westbrook schooled kemba before Lin was able to contain him. simple as that

  1125. Just watched the higlight wow those were bias refs on Lin with those phantom fouls and Technical!

  1126. It’s hard for me to understand what the agenda is to drive such bad decisions at the coaching level. This isn’t Rox or LAL where it’s clear there is a star and system they have to please. CHA seems to me a team looking for a great system with what they have, to get into playoffs. The present losses have gone on long enough for anyone with some bball experience to understand the changes or evolution they can male.

  1127. Lin started on Westbrook and I think Westbrook scored more on Lin. Let’s get real here and see what the problem is rather than saying Lin is superman and can stop all great players. He can’t.

  1128. if coached factored in the ankle, he would call plays for JLin as that then gives the team an advantage. dunno.

  1129. Lin’s play is highly affected by the bigs playing with him. Quality bigs or at least fundamentally sound bigs open up a lot of Jeremy. My puzzle with Lin picking Charlotte from the beginning was, who are the bigs he’ll play off of? So far, Cody is the closest to the one he works ok with and he isn’t playing with him that much. But he’s far from ideal.

  1130. now i know you’re a troll. cus everything you say is pure bs. 1) no one is saying Lin is superman. 2) Westbrook did score on kemba more. 3) Kemba started on Westbrook, not lin. GET REAL

  1131. For me, really doesn’t matter stater or bench. Only the difference of lineups. Best 5 now is PG: Lin, SG: Kemba, SF: Batum, Kiminsky ( or Marvin), Zeller. Of course, Kemba and Batum need to follow their roles, not mess up.

  1132. You’re wrong. Westbrook started off the game with Lin on him. That’s a fact. And he scored a few buckets. Get real goes to you. If you want to go into some Lin is superman fandom I’m not here for that. So ignore me then, but call me a troll and I’ll flag you,. Do it again, I will.

  1133. I agree, I thought they played great team ball at the start of the 3rd and I remembered it getting to 4 pts spread, and the announcers said 2. Then KW decided to take an ISO early in the possession with nobody under the basket and he bricked, and after that, he lost his mind trying to make up for that brick because of course D wasn’t organized on the return trip and so on and so on.

    So yeah, that’s a long thing to say I agree with you wholeheartedly, that the game flow just imploded on that one decision.

  1134. Wow I hope Stephen Curry fully recovers soon.

  1135. Hornets’s starter line up used to be balanced with AI as inside threat and then outside of Kemba and Batum, and then Marvin as stretch 4 but relatively weak inside. And he used PJ to help in defensive side. Then AI got injured, and here is the thing I don’t like Clifford, he really did not change the way the starter play, just replace it with a much weaker Cody inside, now the court is not balanced, and the starter line up is not working.

  1136. That’s the best 5. Problem is, Kemba still plays like Kemba and that means he doesn’t share the responsibilities of play with Lin. Even when Lin starts off the set, unless he completely ignores Kemba, once he passes it to Kemba he plays like Kemba. Lin can’t change Kemba, Kemba has to change himself.

    Batum is better. He’s more apt to pass the ball and play off of Lin than Kemba is. Especially when Kemba isn’t on the floor.

  1137. go ahead and flag me. you’re the one throwing “superman fandom” non-sense around for no reason. that’s insulting to the whole site. all i’ve done is argue against your ridiculous claims

  1138. Losing like that to a team like OKC in the WAY the Hornets lost says much more about the TEAM and little to nothing about JLIN.

    Ibaka and crew ran ROUGHSHOD over Hornet Bigs both starting bigs and bench bigs for the most part. AND if Ibaka wasn’t running over the bigs. He was intimidating them so the they had the yips on simple layups/dunks or getting the ball handed to them.

    Again, I don’t know what Cliff asked of a previously injured JLIN, but JLIN mostly wasn’t asked to do what he was asked to do against Raptors. Even if he was, a) he needs others to execute when he facilitates; b) may not have mattered when opponent shoots that well from 3.

  1139. I agree. What should happen to fix things? And if Lin stays on the bench which will probably happen, bring him in sooner?

  1140. last year, the hornets had biyombo and MKG and so the hornets were a great defensive team. now, they just have Lin carrying them defensively and they’re just mediocre defensively. clifford in my eyes does more harm than good for the team defensively. starting PJ for “defensive reasons” when he’s always getting torched. not getting on certain guys for zero defensive efforts

  1141. Yah oh well he probably didnt know these bigs were this bad
    they are all stretch 4’s essentially who cant do the dirty work

  1142. Biased refs on the whole team

  1143. Except for Jefferson, who really is a post-up center, yes.

  1144. They took Lin out of the game. No doubt.

  1145. Hairston and Cody too
    It’s not like the refs are out to get Lin
    Lin just doesnt get any star treatment and hes playing on a team thats not so popular refs will be more harsh on you

  1146. Biggest fallacy perpetuated on the fans the whole season “PJ for defensive reasons”

  1147. Batum could not change Kemba either. That’s when Batum disappear, and Kemba would hog the ball. Kemba was holding the ball with average 7.5 min per game, consider a team usually hold the ball half of the time, that’s 24 min, and Kemba is not playing the whole game, that means, when he is on the floor, he literally have the ball almost 40% of the time. Batum had the ball average less than 3 min.

    Guys had more time on balls than Kemba usually had almost double the assists there…..

    BTW, don’t quote me, as the numbers were not accurate as that was what I checked two games ago, and I’m refering it with my memory, which is not reliable and also numbers change every game now a days…..

  1148. True forgot about him but he doesnt really rebound well any more

  1149. exactly, and what’s worst is how everyone believes it. sigh

  1150. The fragmented game yesterday:

    When I try to remember yesterday’s game and why I think CHA had a chance and CHA have a long way to go to fix fixable problems:

    Big O errors:
    1. Kam and JLamb still bricking easy inside shots.
    2. Kam freelancing a bit like a PG
    3. Kam not doing good outside shot %, if he’s going to dominate, has to make those pops like JHill does.
    4. Lam making v poor decisions on looks, when there is clock and passes to go.

    Big PG errors:
    KW not having a clear mind and making emotional decisions centered around his perception that he can and has to take the team on his back. It swings the game by 5+ points each time, and CHA is always on the uphill because of his choices. Think of it like this – you’re playing golf, and you take a whack at it each T-off. Then on the next whole, you trigger off your last T’s mistake and you hit it into the water or trees again. That’s the comedy of errors KW causes, while scoring for himself. He should be a role player, not a quarterback, because he does not have presence of mind.

    On the other hand, JLin makes mistakes too, but each possession, he’s t-ing off with a new mindset trying to figure it out from the zen restart state. He’s already way reset, because he did that on D squatting down focusing on the game and getting a team stop. So, for him on next possession, it’s a new game and chess like many including acbc said 2 yrs ago.

    You can’t get under foul pressure, unjustly or otherwise, and perform at your best. NBA just has to stop with the negative bias on Lin or positive bias on LeBron (traveling), etc. because it’s on video now and fans have a social media voice. This corrupts the game, and makes all those vid delays unproductive if the core integrity of the game is out to lunch due to bias.

    Jlin missing 1 of his first 4 FTs, and Marv W missing some shots, etc others are just part of the game. JLin came back and made more FTs, and he hit 2 beautiful 3s. I say his 5/15 well within stat range given his bad ankle and how KW had the game really fragmented so nobody could have a head on straight. The mindset of the QB is contagious …

    Hair: Best to me look. It stayed in place to the end lol.

    Finally, Mods and fans here:

    I would request fans here flag trolling and do not feed the trolls. And I would request mods watching the games to delete at least for the game thread the trolls because it’s clear – it fragments our constructive dialogue and nobody can enjoy a game, even if it’s ugly. Please?

    Thanks, it took me a day to understand the game flow yesterday and this is jIMHO. I might have come to this with you all had the trolling been controlled, and I did notice BB (BB8 🙂 fixing it for a bit in the end and the taunting that he/she got back in right away. I’m just asking’ to have a clamp or rule on it … because this site is full of great posters and comments, agree/disagree too. If we can keep trolling to a min during a game, it helps people enjoy it more because it’s a live action game and fans are trying to figure it out too without all the posts designed to incite.

  1151. It was actually the other way around
    Lin guarded Russ to start the game then Kemba switched to him in the 2nd half where he only 1 point i think
    Not saying Kemba played good D but westbrook just didnt even try to do much in the 2nd half
    Lin wasnt able to contain him he was coming off an injury guarding the most athl