G33 MEM @ LAL PreGame Thread

New year! New hope! Everyone, happy new year! As always, the poll will come later.



Guess JLin's stats


  1. Happy New Year. First

  2. Watching the documentary on @JLin7 with the family. Great story – of family, faith and persistence. So many life lessons to learn from this.— Mark W. Wright (@Wright_One) January 1, 2015

  3. Happy New Year Family♬♫♬☺☺

  4. OK, why wasn’t Kobe at practice yesterday. The have like 2-3 days before their next game. I am telling you, Kobe is on thed downswing. He can’t even practice with the team 2-3 days before the game and when he does the shoot around, he just gets treatment and does stretchering exercises…smh.

  5. Did he have any meaningful practices after that “Charmin” event?

  6. I still think this tired leg thing is just a smoke screen. Yes, he is tired…and worn…..But it is not like if the outcome would be different if he was not…Will have a good game here and there…..eventually KOBE is KOBE….

  7. Let me offer my perspective on Lin’s apparent inconsistency.

    The (false) hater narrative:-
    Jeremy has a superstar contract and hype. However, despite many opportunities he has been inconsistent. Therefore he is not really a superstar.

    The alternative perspective:-
    Jeremy is treated like a scrub, in terms of minutes, usage, short leash and lack of team support. However, despite his scrub treatment he has been inconsistent in being a scrub. (He always exerts a positive influence on the game and sometimes he has superstar stats). Therefore he is not a scrub!

  8. Read it somewhere it said that Kobe hasn’t done much of practice with the team for a few years now. Is it true???!!!! No idea as I’ve never folllowed nor wanted to know more about him until JLin was traded to Lakers. He hasn’t practiced with the team for at least couple months now until the Charmin outburst and very little before last game.

    Also read earlier that for him not practicing and only stretching during shootaround may “prolong” his aging body until next season and maybe even longer. I wonder about this view. One thing I do know is that KB can get away with everything in Lakers. He can do whatever he wants. He can walk over anyone he wants with no reprimands.

    One thing I sure is God will take care of JLin in His Own way. Pray that JLin continues to overcome all obstacles until he becomes an even more complete player. When it’s his time, he is ready to meet the challenge.

  9. I think so too. I think he is has re injured something and the doctor is telling him that if he if he continues he will be out for the rest of the season,. That is why you are getting these articles that Kobe is going to retire after this contract. I think the the doctors have told him that this is it for him.

  10. Happy New Year from Canada, have a blessed and healthy 2015 everyone, and esp. to our dear JLin, we are rooting for you come what may, and always proud of you.

  11. Talked to my old time Laker fans and they are completely done wit Kobe and Scott. They stated and I quote “they want to see Lin/Saggy P, Ellington and Davis play more. They seem to to think that these are the players they will be keeping for next season. They also think that F/O is biding it’s time until kobe is retired. They think that Scott was hired to make Kobe look good in his final seasons of the game, but that has not happened, and they think that Kobe has been hoodwinked, bamboozled and led astray by Scott and that it will eventually end badly with Scott/Kobe pointing fingers at each other.

  12. Blessed New Year Solo!!! Welcome!

  13. WOW! So far they seem like they are still massaging each other ego. Let’s see how long this will last.

  14. The best is yet to come

  15. Also, I noticed that when Kobe got his triple double in the Denver game, the only media that reported it was LA Laker media. The other NBA media headlines was that it was LBJ birthday and his disconnect from David Blatt. Nobody cares about Kobe anymore…smh

  16. Pretty sad. KB and BS are still living in their own “little” world.

  17. @awarde:disqus What do u think about the news that Kevin Durrant was pretty “upset” when it was reported that he didn’t want to play with KB? Another “act?”

  18. I think it was KD taking a political stance like the rest of the players in the league. They will give Kobe that respect in all that he he his accomplished in the league, but they will not sign with the Lakers because the F/O is not strong enough to police up Kobe. Also the lakers are in a rebuild mold, and players like Durant want teams that are at least contenders because they are use to being in the play offs. I do think that Kevin Love will be who the Lakers go after because Love is a UCLA graduate and this is home for him. Love thought joining farces with LBJ would bring him instant championship has not worked out. So I see the Lakers going after Love and a superstar Center in the next season..jmo

  19. Have always been looking forward to your postings as they are full of twists and plots. Thanks for making this site exciting in suspense and hopeful. Thanks and wishing you a Happy New Year 2015.

  20. Thanks! Do you think Kevin Love is able to work out with KB or he will wait until KB retires?

  21. OK guys use your conspiracy theory radar; there is a reason why Nash has not wanted to help this team. Nash is a very nice guy and a consummate professional. It makes you wander why he has not been forthright in helping the Lakers in their offensive strategy. it something that makes you go hmmmm.

  22. I think Kevin Love will come in and just bide his time, like Lin until Kobe retires.

  23. The plot is thickened:-)

    Yes I can see why — BS and KB is the main reason. That’s why I’ve never condemned Nash for not to be around Lakers. He must have good reasons.

  24. Do you gals ever wonder whether Nash has been in contact with the owners and front office to part his views on the team and coach?

  25. mmmmh. For JLin, not sure I would like him to stay after this year if KB and BS are somehow still around. Who knows what KB will do after his contract is expired if he is “healthy.” Hope and pray Lakers isn’t stupid enough to make another offer to KB.

  26. Believe Nash must have talked about all sort of scenerios and came to some agreements with Mitch before the announcement was made publicly in Oct. Never believe Nash was unprofessional and selfish player. For him to stay away and not talking to BS, something is cooking. As I learn more about BS and KB, it confirms my belief on Nash.

  27. I think that the last hurrah for Kobe is the All-Star game, after that I think the F/O will do a complete turnaround in dealing with Kobe.

  28. Really hope and pray so. Still have about 2 months ago. At least something to look forward to after Chinese New Year!:-)

  29. My take – Nash wants to contribute as a coach to the 3 Lakers PG, but the PGs tenure with the team remains uncertain. And both BS and KB may not be acceptable to Nash coaching arrangement. Btw who is the assistant coach (short and with specs) currently with the team and what is his role? He looks shifty.

  30. I remember that scott said some nasty quip when asked if he spoke to nash… i dont recall the exact quote

  31. happy New Year to all

  32. They didn’t want him to help with offensive strategy, They wanted him to show moral support and mentor the younger guards.

    Nash got treated like Lin under Byron and even with mda, Nash was used like a scrub next to kobe! Nash knew what was coming – that Price was starting and Lin was backup and Nash was going to be 3rd string. He was probably insulted and bailed.

  33. Exactly. He also said benching Nash would not be his problem and Nash would deal with it

  34. la media has consistently talked about Westbrook & love coming to la. La is also hoping Cleveland falls apart so Maybe they can steal Lebron on a Hail Mary.

    I have cnsistently heard Westbrook and love to la for 2 whole years. Mychel Thompson has brought up Russell’s name out of nowhere all the time for 2 years.

    ESPN la interviewed an okkc reporter last year saying after the paper okc durant stuff both stars are likely to leave okc.

  35. Nobody is wasting a year off their career like you would liketo believe, Especially a star player. I cannot agree. No star will bide time to waste their career intentionally

  36. Having nothin to do with Lin, for the sake of the Lakers alone. They should pay off kobe this summer and ask him to retire or be traded because they will Nash him otherwise

  37. That’s not true. ESPN has his 3d plastered online. NBA.com took note. They covered it on ESPN tv

  38. Being a laker fan, you should know this is normal from Bryant. This is not new behavior. Read phils book on Kobes refusal to practice and choose treatment like a brooding spoiled child.

    During eagle colorado Phil wrote in his book kobe was basically awol and unmanageable

  39. It is true.

  40. Not even kobe can get a triple double with injury. He’s not injured, just aching. If he can get triple doubles with what you think are career ending secret injuries he is hiding, then he seriously is the man. Kobe is just taking it easy so he doesn’t get a wear and tear injury.

  41. Lin is slow to come around, but the inevitable is happening. Lin now dislikes Bryant and vice versa. Kobe no longer talks about Lin at all. Lin won’t even look at Bryant in the introduction line and high five him. Lin even trying to stand up for himself in post game interviews. When I posted stuff like this pre season people said I was a hater everywhere online. But it’s just the obvious of what would happen.

    Glad to see this – Lin has to be even more hardcore and he will rise. Lin must grab bull by horns and go fir the jugular. He can only make it here by challenging and usurping power from Bryant and it’s an on and off court war to do this.

    Lin is headed in the right direction but he won’t have enough time or clout to complete the job this season.

    I look forward to free agency with Lin and please note here i predicted now that there was an 80% chance Lin will walk from la this summer.

    I do not understand the logic of those who think Lin will resign voluntarily in la this summer.

    We will see how it plays out.

  42. The lakers plans are so simple. They are going for grade A superstars this summer. Love, kD, Westbrook, lebron, and more are all available this summer. Lin is not plan A and maybe plan C if they swing and miss.

    Hope some team in the NBA wants Lin so he doesn’t have to come back to the lakers and deal with scrub treatment again.

  43. LAL’s top 3? 2 are bench players and one of them only played 15 min last game… hmmm. lol.

  44. Off topic:

    Honestly, wth is the Knicks doing? Phil must also think he can get stars this summer. The tank in New York is laughable. I almost feel Phil wants melo to ask for a trade lol.

  45. Swag and Lin should be the starting 1 and 2 smh

  46. Happy New Year!!! Don’t forget to vote Lin in ASG by tweet, FB & http://www.nba.com/allstar/

  47. Happy New Year! Thank you always for the reminder 🙂

  48. This is not about Lin being slow to come around, this is about Lin choosing his battles carefully…smh

  49. The logic is that he might not get any other good offers and also his family is here, so that logic is not that far off. Most lin fans get where lin is coming from, but you don’t because you are just a lin critic mostly. Your praises of lin are often tainted with harsh criticism at best. I still don’t buy your act as a lin fan….smh

  50. I thought blatt was a great hire. I was 100% wrong, he is failing badly. Surprising to me he cannot succeed in the NBA. The Greg pop of Europe is going to get fired soon:


  51. If you don’t thinki Lin will get any offers elsewhere, that’s sad to hear as well. I think he will have 1 to 3 offers elsewhere on low level deals. I know his brother is here, family in Cali, friend and business opportunities in la, but look at his 14 minutes off bench role. Lin is a Bball player first, those other things come in second.

    Grass is not always greener, but without a kobe injury, I don’t see lin sticking it out if he has options this summer.

  52. When an old kobe #2 till, u can see why lakers afraid to move on

  53. Lol at Paul gasol #2. Love it!!!!!! Screw melo

  54. So you say. Lin is not dumb. He knows that wherever he goes it will be the same story. Scott’s job is only secure as Kobe’s next injury. Kevin Durant, LBJ is not coming to LA. I think Kevin Love will be the next star that the Lakers will sign in the off season, because he seems to be unhappy in Cleveland and this is where he is from. I think LA will set their sites on signing him, and he will play along with Kobe for a year, and yes Lin will hang in there too.

  55. Kevin Durant and Westbrook will go to teams with one foot in the door with a contending team. They are not coming to LA to help them rebuild. Westbrook/Durant own the state of Oklahoma, where I am from. We are very good fans and very big on our BBall players. LBJ is staying in Cleveland because the move for him was about business and family and not basketball. The only one I think LA will go after will be Kevin Love. Kevin Love is a free agent after this season. The others not until 2016

  56. It’s great to see the Knicks fall apart post linsanity. It’s nice to know Houston is just stuck in middling playoff team mode and will never win a thing with d12 and harden being the top 2 pieces. and when lin leaves the lakers, I will love the kobe downfall coming next season.

    I will not be surprised to see the clippers pick up lin next season like they did Farmar this season.

  57. NASH has always been one of the classy guys in the league so it was puzzling that he wasn’t around to help LIN. Now we know why. After seeing first hand how manipulative Kobe is to promote his own agenda against LIN, we can guess how it must have been for him to be pushed aside by Kobe so that he could play point.

    NASH is a 2x MVP that signed on to have a legit chance of winning a title before he retires. From his perspective, the Lakers failed him by not managing Kobe better. They spent all that money on Howard and NASH but failed to force Kobe to share the ball. Instead, it was nothing but in fighting initiated by Kobe’s ego. As I see it, the Lakers owe Nash a lot more than just money. I’ll bet he would gladly give the money back if he could have his last few years back so that he could’ve played with a contender. It probably is too close to home to be even around the bench to see the garbage going on for Nash. The lost opportunity in his final years wasted by a megomaniac being replayed right in front of him would just be too painful to bear.

  58. Don’t sleep on Westbrook. ESPN la talks about him coming more than love. If that happens and love comes, I don’t see lin sticking around. The lakers won’t even have money to pay lin to stay

  59. Great post.

  60. Stop with ESPN, like they are a credible source. They are just playing guessing games…smh

  61. Thanks Joyce, happy new year!

  62. All I can tell you is I listen for years. Ireland, Thompson and Willard before fired, they all pray for Westbrook this summer. They say Russ wants back to la where he is also from. That love and Westbrook want to ucla reunite. Bring la a championship they could not do at ucla. Maybe farmar come back from clippers to be backup and you got 3 of the ucla starters back.

    Don’t sleep on lin to clippers as backup pg.

  63. Hope he can get high ranking in the list… Vote everyone…

  64. Happy New Year to you too.ヽ(•‿•)ノ

  65. Please stop trying to use ESPN to back up what you are trying to sell. Look let’s agree to disagree and leave it at that. We are done talking…smh

  66. Nash not dumb. La never talks about his interviews where he says kobe Lied to him. Nash was so concerned he called kobe and kobe lied and said Nash would have the ball to do what he did in Phoenix.

    Nash is on record saying this stuff, Nobody in la talks about it. People in la hate Nash for being injured and not looking like a stud on the court

  67. His votes have gone up quite considerable from last count.

  68. Like I said, ESPN la got a credible guy on air to say kD and Russell hate okc front office and newspaper. He said they both feel like the kkk is running them. He said kD and Russ likely to leave due to hatred of front office and racism. He was really specific and candid, He said okkc front office is racist and said k k k like. I believe this guy. It’s too hardcore not to be true.

    I heard this over the summer!

    We will see if this guy is right, it sounded legit.

    ESPN la had a NBA insider guy like this say d12 to Houston back in March when d12 was still a laker. The guy was real specific and now true and Michel thompson and Willard just laughed the guy claims off. Ramona was on too like a bumbling fool trying to discredit the guys claims,

  69. Off topic: it is very cold in LA today. I am snuggled up at home watching Autumn Concerto with Vaness Wu(local orange county homie)

  70. I am not selling nothing. I been listening and following NBA for decades. I keep track of when ESPN la is full of it and when they are right and how their agendas play out.

    Based on my experience following this stuff, I believe the lakers will push hard for Russell Westbrook, Very very hard. La media has been on Russell for years and thompson is a laker mouthpiece like Ireland.

    Love is probably a domino that falls for them if Russell comes and Cleveland dpesnt work out.

  71. Kobe would steamroll madsen. Madsen could not deal

  72. Cold by LA standards lol

  73. I think that it is hilarious that LBJ going to Cavilers was putting them into contention in the east. not so. It just shows that manufacturing championships with superstars don’t always pan out. The NBA has seriously turned into a business and a bad one at that. I think the SAS are the only ones left in the basketball business that shows us fans what the game of basketball should be about. The SAS team is like a family with Tim Duncan, Tony Parker and Gnobli being the big brothers passing down the legacy of the family business.

  74. True dat.LOL

  75. i think that it is funny that after Kobe’s triple double against Denver, the only media celebrating this victory was the Laker media. NBA media was focused on LBJ birthday and the riff that seems to be with David Blatt. Stick a fork in Kobe, he is done in the NBA media. To them, he is an aging superstar trying to remain relevant in the new NBA.

  76. That’s why lin should go there asap if pop wants him.

    Also it’s too early to say if Cleveland will succeed or not. The problem with the cavs are weak stars in Kyrie and love. Lebron is the real deal but the other 2 stars are nbalosers for a reason. So right now all they can do is blsme blatt, one of the best coaches in euro history.

  77. I agree but locally in la, laker fans still love kobe and feel he is only losing due to the roster

  78. I think he did it on purpose that’s not really big deal to report about it. But LBJ & Cav are in trouble that’s more interesting story….

  79. Athletically, Chris Paul is fading. Get to the clippers jlin! Lob freaking city.

  80. I don’t doubt that he did it on purpose, the point I was trying to make, nobody in the NBA cares anymore..duh

  81. Lin summer teams:

    Golden state
    Utah ( if Utah smart)

    These are the only teams I can see offering lin a contract this summer. Hopefully 2 or 3 will. Some mention Orlando or Miami, who knows.

  82. Jordan hill was my favorite laker big man last season. Now he is my least favorite. Boy how a year changes things.

  83. I still hope Lin is gonna stay w/ Lakers after this season.

  84. Why

  85. Me too. I like Lin with the Lakers because of the high visibility for him and also because I live in LA and I want to root for the Lakers again

  86. High visibility in 14 min off the beech? He’s better off in Milwaukee getting 28 minutes a night.

  87. Who are you to question what somebody wants. That is why your act you put on here is so phony. That is why I think that you are a sheep in wolf’s clothing pretending to be a fan of lin. Everybody is not a half empty person as you are and they should not have to defend themselves against the likes of you when you disagree with them. Why say anything. Let it go and not post anything. That shows me that you have a hidden agenda at most…smh.

  88. I am in la, support la teams, but I am a bigger lin fan. For that reason, I hope Lin chooses a team that is right for him this summer due to Bball reasons only.

  89. I think so bc there’s not real big news from this… He could get more positive news if he stays the same attitude w Lin in the beginning of season but no… smh! I just hope he can really retired in 2016.

  90. Ya! But I still hope he can at least move up more … Last season, he was #4… Harden always behind him but now… smh! Really need the vote now…

  91. Everyone questions everyone on this site. Without questions or comments, this forum would be extinct.

    I simply want to know why this poster wants Lin in la so I can understand. As a big Lin fan, I want him where he will do best on the court. La is currently not that place.

  92. I don’t think anybody on here views you as a lin fan. so stop the drama and nonsense with your pretend posts…smh

  93. Me too.

  94. I want Lin to go to Spurs if spur want him because I want Lin to play with good teammates and a team that wants to win championships through team approach. I do not want Lin to stay in la just so I can watch him more at live home games where he sits on the bench frustrated and now avoid eye contact with kobe and won’t even high five kobe during pre game introduction.

  95. Joyce you just resent me because we have opposing views yet deep down you know I am a bball educated Lin fan who has followed the NBA for decades and has an ear to NBA talk probably more so than anyone on this site not named khuang.

  96. I take Antonio Harvey over Jordan hill. Would you take terry Teagle over jlin?

  97. I take anyone over you…..lol jk..happy new yr

  98. Lol awesome!

  99. Don’t get it twisted. I don’t resent you, I think think that you are full of s**t. I am very discerning when it comes to people, and I will say that you are not the real deal. You are very phony, and if it walks like a dog, barks like a dog, it is probably a dog. Also as far as your basketball knowledge, i have not seen it here. All I have seen from you is criticism for players and nothing more. So that dog don’t here with me…. ☹

  100. rolls eyes

  101. I’m basically a 2 faced bad Asian parent who is overly harsh towards an overachieving child. That’s how I am as a Lin fan. Perhaps you can relate to that analogy perhaps you can’t.

    I told you like webattorney did in preseason that Lin kobe would not worked. You just “smh” at me and told me to not bring that to Lin forums. Turns out maybe I wasn’t talking out my rear end afterall.

  102. I’m surprise Lin had audacity to look off kobe and not high 5 him already lol. Go Lin!

  103. My point made by what you just posted. Always being about the phony and always bringing in another poster to bolster your argument. Here is a tip: if you believe in so much of what you preach, stand on your own merits and not bring another poster in to bolster your argument. That is what I find very phony about you.

  104. Brent, I’ve realized this Lin fan site is a great forum and well designed and maintained but the posters here came here from other site to avoid the mess but also to avoid the realities of Lins circumstances. Like you said to me, everyone knows but nobody wants to see the info posted here in this site. This is a site where people prefer everything is all roses. So I will go away and I do ask you or another mod just perm ban me so I can no longer post here. It will be a great start to the new year.

  105. All I can say that the rest of the 2015 season will being interesting to see what teams will be left standing when the dust settles. Although the Warriors and Grizzlies have the best record in the NBA right now, I have seen them fold like tents during the playoffs….yes this is going to be very interesting…and the plot thickens……hmmm

  106. Always the drama queen…(rolls eyes)

  107. Nash has been playing basketball since he was 8. It is very hard for a professional to deal with being forced to retire by injury after a long, hard rehab. He is depressed, which is natural. Being around the team would frustrate him knowing he’s unable to play. Life as he knows it is over. But eventually, when he comes to grips with this, he’ll show up and help out.

  108. Joyce, just ban me off this site. You have my permission. It will make everyone here happier.

  109. No really put me on perm ban. I post too much, you’d be doing me a favor.

  110. Just go away and not come back anymore if that is what you really want. I left the jeremylin.net site without anyone having to ban me. Trust me it works. I got sick and tired of all of the narcissism, and the negative onslaught on that site. trust me when you are fed up with a site, you won’t come back. What you are doing is just begging for attention. You want Brent to say, “No please don’t go away, you have the right to be here with your opinions as everyone”. But your problem on this site is that people are not taking your stance on things and that is what is bugging you. Nobody is agreeing with the things you are posting on here, because you come on here and post like everything that you post is right and everybody else is wrong. If somebody doesn’t agree with you, you question their opinion, instead of agreeing to disagree. You post like you have facts when they are not. You e spout about your basketball knowledge, which I have never seen posted on here.

    Your problem is that you are just a speculator about facts just as the majority of the posters here. So whether you decide to stay or go is up to you, but you have to understand that most of the posters here are more on the positive side than that side you tend to lean towards and it is not because we are burying our heads in the sand about lin, but we will just look at the positives of his game. It so easy to post about the negative, but very hard to post about the positive. So on this site you have to put on your big boy pants and just deal. If you can’t do that, then perhaps this is not the place for you.

  111. Truth sets Lin Free ! Dissed Byron and KoBrick everytime (almost) is just that. IMO, Lin does not have to worry about the effect of what he says anymore. He knows he does not control his future, but the truth will.
    I am excited for his future.

  112. Is this an official Lakers release or just the website’s?

  113. Not official but it is from a very popular Lakers website.

  114. This is why he needs our support/prayers more than ever. God bless, Jeremy.

    “If I were to be honest, this season has gone in the opposite direction that I anticipated. I went through one of the worst, if not the worst, slump I’ve had in my basketball life, as well as having some of my poorest performances ever as a basketball player. Also at times, it has felt like the barriers were insurmountable or that I was powerless to control things around me. From a basketball standpoint, I’m obviously disappointed, but God is always working — even through life’s struggles and disappointments.

    Recently, I’ve been really challenged with living with joy. To me, happiness is dependent on one’s circumstances, but joy rises above life’s circumstances. Trust me, there have been many times this past season where I was filled with frustration, many situations where I felt overwhelmed and many nights where I couldn’t sleep much because I was thinking about the game. But through it all, I’ve been learning how to surrender the results to God, how to walk by faith and not by sight, how to be renewed through times of prayer/Scripture and how to fight for a life of joy in the midst of trials. For example, instead of obsessing over how to change things I have no control over, I’m learning to give each game to God and I’m learning to simply be grateful for each day I get to be healthy, on the court, and doing what I love. Going through trials has allowed me to focus and depend on Christ more.”

  115. I agree. He seems like a coach who will coach the right way and have his players play the right way.

  116. Poor guy. I hope he can really find a way out… but like Lin said… he can’t control what happened on court… smh!

  117. But it is good that he is finding comfort in God and finding joys in small things like cooking. I would like to eat at “JLin n Out” on of thses days 🙂

  118. he wont play at all o the spurs now
    they have corey joseph patty mills tony parker danny green ginobili and belinelli
    lin wont get any mins

  119. I like what he posted. he is learning that this is his most challenging assignments or tasks that he has been called to as a Christian. There is a saying in the christian community, the higher the level you go in God, the bigger the assignments.

  120. What happened to the poll? Why is it closed already? lol.

  121. Well, w/o his religion I bet he will go crazy for sure… smh!

  122. Thanks, this is an interesting read. I wonder what he’ll do to start to adjust to his self-labeled slump. I see his mins (14-22-26 sometimes) as well as overlap in those with ball dominant Kobe as disruptive to his game. To me, 0-10 once, a few other bad nights as a consequence does happen. I see it on everyone’s game esp. for PGs because they have a bigger job than fantasy score production. Good to read he had some sleepless nights, as it reminds me of periods where I had no control over my own career except to just walk in and leave.

    So definitely hoping he will find a better team away from Kobe, BSc, and the FO. This is not a good job for Lin, now that he says how it’s impacted him.

  123. I believe this is all part of God’s plan to prepare for him in his ministry later in life. Just like Job, God knows Jeremy is capable of overcoming this trial he is going through right now. Jeremy just needs to trust in God and not stray no matter how difficult his situation becomes. In the end, he will prevail and be rewarded.

  124. Sleepless nights does = letting go. Caught that he said he’s giving each game to God, and yet, he’s said that before in Rox. I wish for JLin that he can truly let go, as his calling as he’s said is bigger. It is hard to let go for sure. But one needs one’s sleep to do well in when called.

  125. Everyone w FB can leave the comment to support Lin.

  126. Hey a new kind of post from blubell. Cool …

  127. got modded for some weird reason disqus related.

  128. New year. New kind of post. Although I’m not quite sure what you mean… lol

  129. good point, that a self-ban is easy to impose.

  130. “A cheerful heart is good medicine, but a crushed spirit dries up the bones.” Prov. 17:22
    I learned this only in the past three years, well into my 60’s. Regardless of how tough your life might have been to yourself, remain cheerful, guard your heart to be cheerful. You will benefit not even knowing it. Remember the second verse.. “a crushed spirit dries up bones”. IT will result in illness, sickness, and heart-broken.
    Lin is a true witness. I am a practicing architect. In my 30’s, I have to go through years of not getting my dues under circumstances that similar to Lin’s struggles. This is big part of why I support Lin. And I think I am not the only one who understands what he is going through.

  131. You do tend to over post and try to say incendiary things. Please do leave, as Brent and Joyce are clearly saying.

  132. I always thought SAS are the model that every other team is trying to copy, except the two teams stuck with their ball dominant SGs.

  133. Fixed 🙂

  134. Lin sounds good to me.

    I’m not Christian, but I absolutely agree with his attitude.

    In life, the challenge is figuring out which problems are solvable and which ones are not.

    I myself harp on Lin’s shooting form because it’s the only thing I think he needs to work on, but I’m also aware that a slightly improved shooting stroke won’t make any dramatically noticeable improvement in Lin’s situation.

    The Lakers situation is getting uglier with each day. It seems that Lin fully realizes this now and is doing the right thing by not worrying too much about it.

  135. What kind of cockamanie question is this?

    You BAITING this forum?

  136. Way to go, firing insults at this entire forum because you’re pissed that people aren’t going along with your negativity.

  137. I refrain from posting anything about the other site in general, but not this time.

    As far as I’m concerned, the hate trolls have HIJACKED that forum.

    While I do derive joy from laying waste to trolls, I deeive far greater joy from discussing basketball intelligently.

    I enjoy criticisms of Lin’s game as much as I enjoy praises. What I don’t enjoy is trying to have intelligent basketball discussions with trolls that are deliberately trying to ruin basketball discussions usually because they are racists who hate Lin and Lin’s Asian fans.

    As this site is well moderated in such a way that encourages intelligent criticisms and praise of Lin, this place is where I’ll focus most of my actual basket all analysis.

  138. Jan 1, 2015. A brand new day in a brand new year. I know for sure, Jeremy will continue to improve as he has been. The situation is what it is and that does not worry me even though it upsets me. When the time comes for Linsanity to break out, I will be there to cheer with you guys! 2015, here we come, bring it ON!!!

  139. You know Joe, speaking as a Christian, it is hard to let go, so we have to learn these lessons over and over again. Lin being in LA is bigger than basketball, it is about the calling on his life. Many Christians run from the callings on our lives, but once we decide to stop running, things settle down for us. Lin’s calling is a high call from God, the higher the calling the bigger the assignment. Lakers/Kobe is a big a big assignment that God has called him to. Trust me, if Lin was not ready for this assignment., God would have never assigned this to him. I am going to sit back and watch how this unfolds.

  140. It is the New Year.

    At what seems to be the lowest point of Lin’s career right now, I couldn’t be prouder of his situation.

    Lin has endured so much garbage and mistreatment in the NBA. There’s a good chance that he won’t be in the Lakers rotation much longer and may not get a NBA conract next year no matter how well he plays. Still, I’m in utter awe pf this truly great player who I feel is one of the top 5 players in the league on sheer ability alone.

    It amazed me that Lin keeps playing teamball despite the wreckage of the team around him. I’ve never seen a player hold his ground as a team player like Lin has.

    I look forward to seeing more Lin team play, be it in the NBA or elsewhere.

    Edit: Lin did something that no ever NBA player has done for me. He has singlehandedly shown me that the NBA is NOT the best league in the world! I now believe that better basketball is played in Europe with China roaring forward on all cylinders as the CBA rapidly catches up.

  141. Lin has chosen a difficult road. There may well be examples, but I can’t think of another, current NBA player who speaks so openly about his personal struggles and faith, in such a heartfelt manner. It elicits support from his fans but gives ammunition to haters.

    That he even attempts this shows how committed he is to his faith and how determined and resilient he is.

  142. Where can I get these animated JLin Pics?

  143. Well then this is good to think over and I thank you for your gentle challenge. I myself did not leave my no-win situation for 3 years. Into the wild I went, and I have never regretted it. I left much stronger than when I went in. Maybe the calling Lin thinks he has is to resolve LAL. He’s said so on his site. I appreciate reading the Nash post by acbc today. Good perspective.

    Hmmm … so yeah, great food for though. What is God’s calling, how big or narrow is it, and is there something in it where it is us, holding ourselves back from the real path that has we’ve been called to take.

  144. Just a little self-revelation from you that was nice. You work v hard to post interesting links here and that is appreciated!

  145. Yes sir! He is great!

  146. Speaking for myself, I cannot relate to your version on Asian parenting wrh Lin.

    Lin’s not my child, and I don’t try to parent anybody who isn’t one of my own guys.

    I absolutely think Lin needs a shooting coach NOW. But Lin were to look down at me and growl “You don’t play in the NBA, shut your mouth because you don’t know squat”, I’d meekly say to him “Jeremy Lin, you are correct and I TRUST YOU”.

  147. great to read this … please post more your wisdom of the ages.

  148. KHuang, I believe Lin can benefit more immediately from a sports psychologist. I’m not sure if his Bible-based faith will allow him to see a sports psychologists. Some in the more fundamentalist churches believe psychologists open the door to the dark side. Someone tell me I’m wrong if it is so, so that is a big iirc.

  149. I just like to keep things light hearted here but when it comes to my faith, I don’t mess around 🙂

  150. Good point !

  151. Serenity prayer. Which leads to more fun topics like why did that cancel that series? I could have been the next Star Trek, except that audiences today have too many choices.

  152. New Year Hugs to KHuang.

  153. No, it’s more fun to watch you stay here and stick to basketball analysis.

  154. I always enjoy your insightful analysis of NBA players, but not your pessimism.

  155. Why don’t you try going away and seeing if this site goes extinct, as you have said you would?

  156. you don’t post consistently along any philosophical lines, so it’s not clear what you represent is true.

  157. Groan, I know I sound pessimistic.

    I’m TOO CYNICAL from watching too many years of bad NBA basketball.

    Nobody has more faith in Lin’s ability than I do. And nobody has less faith in the racial realities of not just the NBA but American culture than I do.

    None of the difficulties hitting Lin come as a surprise to me. I was predicting Kobe hating Lin all the way back in Fall 2012. The only thing that has surprised me is how long Lin has tenaciously clung to NBA success despite the overwhelming negativity engulfing him.

  158. I always take it to heart that God does not bring you this far to destroy you. Through the valley of death …..
    The strength of FAITH will carry you through it all. Just enjoy the prize at the end of the pursuit. And that is what Lin will achieve.

  159. Have you noticed that you post asian in the pejorative?

  160. The Warriors are no better off this year than they were last year.

    Last year, Mark Jackson got fired due to Andrew Bogut’s injury. I could get into great detail as how that actually happened, but I won’t. Now Steve Kerr is facing the same problem, which is that Golden State simply isn’t very good without Bogut.

    Memphis has a solid team with terrific big men and rugged defense. But they lack a critical element required for NBA success: CREATIVITY. The last player they had that could create for himself and others was my man Jerryd Bayless, and Memphis ejected Bayless and his crunch time exploits.

    When it comes down to it, the best teams will be those with a correct mix of creativity and fundamental soundness. Chicago, San Antonio, OKC, and possibly Cleveland will be in the mix.

    The crazy thing is that if Lin had a proper coach who wouldn’t put up with the racial BS Lin is facing from his teammates and coaches, a Lin led Lakers team would be right there competing with the top 4 teams in the NBA!

  161. I guess your dictionary does not have HOPE and BELIEF.

  162. SAS is the one team other NBA franchises are NOT TRYING to copy!

    While other teams are tanking for draft picks and chasing superstars, the Spurs are shopping for skills as opposed to reputation.

  163. Madsen may be all that, but he’s not going to get Kobe to change.

    NOBODY can coach Kobe

  164. LOL, only Kobe had the ball, both Young and Lin’s ball are behind Kobe. 🙂

  165. Hehe We just assume everyone will vote for Linsanity…..LOL

  166. Well, I am humbled. I want to share the Cheerful Heart FACTs with you:
    Years ago, a Medical researcher in Florida had a friend and a couple in England. All three of them had cancer. The single friend continued his treatment. However, the couple decided to forgo any more treatment, and went on a world tour for the last gasp. The researcher did not hear from them until a year later, with quite a surprise that the couple was well and rather very happy. He went on a research about the happiness and the depressing state of a person and found out that the Heart is not just an organ that pumps blood. The hear has a function that would produce certain enzyme only when the person is in a happy state. Some of these heart products would destroy 90% of cancer cells within 24 hours. He later found out this was all well documented in the Prov. 17:22 – “A cheerful heart is good medicine, but a crushed spirit dries up the bones.” This is built-in in our bodies. Choose cheerful heart!
    (I think I had also read that there had been studies and reports came out of Chinese researchers regarding the happy heart that leads to healthy long lives.) We are all blessed.

  167. Lin may not get a NBA contract next year? LOL

  168. Heart is the source of Yang Qi…..that is why rarely you would see a heart cancer. However, as the path of that Qi being congested for some reason. The body parts that are not supplied with enough Qi will be more likely to develop cancer and other sickness. Per my understanding to Chinese medicine.

  169. Oh com’on, are you saying we are bunch of idixts living in a Ivory tower? LOL this is beyond unbelievable..

  170. His knee??

  171. Good post

  172. LBJ is out for 2 weeks with back/knee sprains. Like I said the NBA is becoming more and more strange..

  173. and back sprains

  174. A bizarre season…LOL

  175. Raptors are quietly building a very solid contender. They just lost to Portland in OT away last game without De Rosen. Their bench strength is pretty awesome. If they can get LIN for Vasguez for cheap next year. It could lead them to a championship. Valentunus has really blossom into a fine young centre.

  176. Hey, we all saw this coming.

    Lebron James was having severe back troubles last year.

    I remember when Lin’s Rockets faced off against Lebron’s Heat. Lebron and Lin were equally hobbled with the same exact back injury. Lebron was actually in worse shape than Lin, as there was one play when slow Chandler Parsons badly outran a clearly hobbled Lebron down the court.

    One of the major reasons the Heat were not able to repeat last season as champions is because Lebron was injured with this very same back injury throughout the playoffs.

  177. huggie

  178. LeBron is getting old. Big 30 now.

  179. By the way, I remember Terry Teagle as a 6’5″ journeyman forward who was a solid bench swingman.

    He didn’t have much in terms of ballhandling or creativity or court reading skills, but he could hit line drive layups and shoot semi decently from outside. Defensively Teagle was excellent.

    The best I saw Teagle play was when he was playing for Golden State and Don Nelson. In those days, Nelson always enjoyed creating physical mismatches all over the court due to the illegal defense rule preventing help defense. So Nelson would match Teagle against smaller players or against slower interior based small forwards.

    In a way, Terry Teagle was sort of like a groundbound smaller Shawn Marion.

  180. OK.

    I BAN THEE for the duration of my post!!!

    Consider yourself reinstated after reading this!!!

  181. Lucky us, ’cause you’ve got a lot to give. We’ve got a great crew of knowledgeable and experienced posters. Looking forward to another year of Lin-spired camaraderie and education 🙂

  182. That’s the beauty of being a Lin fan – we DISAGREE.

    Personally, I think Lin’s handling his stress beautifully. I don’t think any psychologist or psychiatrist can ease his pain.

    What I don’t like is Lin’s constant bricking of easy shots, particularly free throws!

  183. I’m supremely optimistic about Lin’s greatness and ability.

    I’m supremely pessimistic about the NBA’s racial bias against Asians (at least when the Chinese government isn’t protecting their own players).

  184. I know this might sound a little sappy, but I appreciate everybody on this site. We have been through a lot together as lin fans and we have not given up on him. I really like the fact that I can come here and find peace and solace about all things pertaining to lin. You guys are the best of what lin fans represent in the bigger spectrum of things. You have been constant and steadfast in your belief in lin and I am sure that he knows about this site and he appreciates the fan base here. I love you all and wish many wonderful things for you and your family in 2015. ┣┓웃┏♨❤♨┑유┏┥

  185. NBA commentator Hubie Brown said something that I’ve heard no other NBA analyst say.

    I watched him talk about early entries. Hubie Brown was not a fan of early entries.

    To Brown, the biggest problem with early entries was that their bodies are not fully formed when they enter the NBA. I recall Brown saying something about how injuries often hurt players long term when they’re suffered before their bodies are ready for the rigors of NBA play.

    I have very mixed feelings about early entry status, but I do agree that many times players enter the NBA before they are physically ready. Lebron is NOT one of those players – he was physically ready from Day One. Lebron is a unique case, on many levels.

  186. You know what I appreciate?


    for real!!!

  187. Thanks…LOL

  188. Freezing by LA standards – was 19 degrees (Farenheight, for all you Centigrade folks in the rest of the world) a couple of nights ago – but my friends in Santa Fe just laugh at me.

  189. Good.

    A potential pick and roll partner for Lin, and Kelly doesn’t seem unselfish thus far.

  190. I always enjoy your posts. Happy New Year !

  191. Thanks and Happy New Year to You too☺

  192. I do not know…TOR just do not give me the feel that they can sustain the pressure in playoff.

  193. Now this is exactly why you get so much flak for being a troll. If you’re not really a troll, then you’re tone-deaf and you can say “I’m allowed to be myself.” but those of us with a few decades life experience on you will tell you that kind of stubborn refusal of social skill will always cause more problems for you than perhaps you’re willing to admit. First…you have zero knowledge of the Lakers plans – you’re just speculating like all the rest of us. You have zero knowledge of their trade ideas, or their A,B,orC Lin plans. If you’d just say these are your fears or your speculations instead of these really annoying bogus Proclamations of Certainty, then you’d get comment and likely disagreement, but not so much “please-go-and-drop-dead” irritation. Unless, of course, you really do like to feed on troll food, which is irritation.

  194. I don’t see anything wrong with “sports psychology” and I can’t understand why it would go against church values. An enlightened church leader would be able to see how John Wooden made a huge contribution to his students through the power of his faith. That faith has been transformed into many folksy quotes that are every bit as powerful as modern day sports psycology books I’ve read.

    It’s all about believing in yourself, believing in your teammates, coaches. It’s not much of a stretch to start by believing in God first, then believing in yourself. The 2 greatest coaches in my books are John Wooden and Phil Jackson. They both taught from the same template of faith based guidence.

    IMO, “sports psycology”is only like a badge that opens the door to a troubled mind; kind of like a cop can gain access into your home by flashing a badge. The practice of it is less scientific and much more about how a caring listener can unblock issues that crop up under pressure. Parents do it everyday (well, good parents do anyways). Pastors do it, good friends do it. And the rare caoches also would do it.

  195. took a quick look at the Autumn Concerto synopsis…all the “makjang” elements so should be a roller coaster ride. Have fun on this chilly day! I’m going to do the same with Korean drama “Misaeng”. Happy New Year to us all!

  196. her smile…

  197. Wanted to say I didn’t see your post on “play” at the end of the LAL-Den game thread until this morning. Left a comment, though it’s way off the back end by now. Really great post. Play is a lot like breathing…people take it for granted and don’t take proper care. Lack of joyful playfulness has equally dire consequences as lack of breath, but we don’t recognize it.

  198. How can he play well with limited minutes! The same can be said about Nick Young!! One game they get 25 minutes and play well the next they get the bench treatment with only 15!

  199. Happy new year Paul. Hope it’s a healthy and prosperous 2015 for you and your family.

  200. Glad they’re done with Kobe and BS. But it’s hard to accept the idea that Kobe could feel “hoodwinked” by Scott. Scott has just about leapt through his own backside to keep Kobe happy. What more could he have done, other than get Gandalf to conjure up a new body for the guy.

  201. HAHA, he does not know what he is talking about I guess…What improvement?
    He buried Lin and Clarkson..who still need time to improve. He put Davis with Kobe to do the dirty work.
    The only thing Scott is right was putting Boozer to bench…

  202. That is why it is so important for lin to go out there and play his game and get the other stuff out of his head.

  203. Benching Lin is the right direction…great…

  204. He has no sense of direction… using Kobe as his GPS… driving the tank… lol.

  205. I tweeted lin what Scott said about him. I wander will we see lin up his game.

  206. I was just thinking the same thing. I was quite depressed by the punishment LIN and maybe even Swaggy as well got for daring to out shine the first unit. Not only that, I was so sick that I actually missed seeing most of my wife’s family holiday festivities! Opening presents and watching the grand kids playing with their new toys, missed it all; home alone with my dogs to comfort me.

  207. (but I am not going to give him any opportunity to do it anymore).

  208. Scott’s words are like brainwashing the remaining Kobe’s fans.

  209. Other LAL players have been inconsistent as well. Be fair, BS.

  210. One of the problem is that Lin’s good game is not good to Scott. Lin does not know how to intentionally play BAD games to let Scott thinking Lin is good.

  211. The only consistent one in LAL is the coach, who is consistently the worst in the league.

  212. Depends if Lin can figure out what Scott wants. IMO, even Scott could not explain it clearly to Lin because nothing related to Lin is about bball itself. Lin outshine 1st unit than get less minutes the very next game is just confusing….

  213. of course every other Laker have been very consistent.

    Byron is a bona fide idiot — a complete disgrace to show-time Lakers

  214. Scott doesn’t seem like a good communicator, which causes more confusion.

  215. That is why lin needs to stick to playing his game and not worry about the rest of the crap.

  216. I agree, however, I am saying his production is not what his coach wants..

  217. Just checked Lin’s blog message. It’s sad to see that he is suffering again, there are many things he couldn’t control at all.

    On the other hand, I’m glad that Lin never lose confidence, never lose faith, and stay positive in this unfavourable situation. After all, there are things that bigger than basketball. I remember he said basketball is only no.3 in his life right?

    Good stuff from Jlin & out.

  218. smh

  219. I get it. Scott doesn’t know what he wants or needs. That is why lin just needs to do what the God given talents he was blessed with and play his game.

  220. There goes LIN’S minutes even further!!!

    I’ll bet that Scott increases those other guys’ minutes while decreasing Lin’s!

  221. When Lin was still a starter, the 2nd 10 games. Lin basically went all defensive mode……Still he got benched because of his defense, per Scott. When Lin figured out how to score efficiently WITH Kobe, Scott said he made boneheaded plays. When Lin did not have enough minutes to gaining control the unit with him on the floor, Scott says he is inconsistent.

    So. Basically this is just a mind game. You just keep doing something when Lin finally figured something out, again and again. Now…Lin of course can up his game too,,,,,e.g. make his FG% more than 50% and take at least 12 shots in 18 minutes. Yes I think he physically can do it. It is remain to be seen, besides DNP-CD and injuries, what worse can happen.

  222. What Byron Scott is saying is that Jeremy Lin’s “good game” is UNWANTED and that the next game always has Lin being PUNISHED for playing well.

    Scott is not fooling anyone.

  223. Yeah, Lin has played TOO WELL for Scott to stomach.

  224. Yup.

    Scott is trying to phase Lin out, but Lin’s FIGHTING TOOTH AND NAIL.

  225. Nothing worse can happen.

    Lin is just doing his time, going to work and performing as best he can despite his racist coach hating him.

    The offseason will come soon and then Lin will move onto his next team. And that next team will actually want him, be it in the NBA or elsewhere.

  226. No. 1 goal is stay healthy. Think positive. It’s not bad to get paid 15M for a 15 min game every night ; ) Lin will be freed in May

  227. Then it is actually good…just ride this time out..

  228. We will see what happen when Lin does that..

  229. Exactly

  230. Thanks LAjane. I’m glad you you liked it. It’s been a sort of personal mission to spread the word that play time is essential to everyone. As much as sleep is necessary for refreshing the mind, play recharges creativity and passion. Do you remember the movie “bend it like Beckham”? Asian families typically poopoos the whole idea of letting their kids play, let alone themselves actually doing something active. I also had to make excuses to go out to play rep games as a kid. It was so funny to see it in a movie that kids had to hide the fact that they were good athletes.

    Play is so important that it is now used by a special psycologist on staff to NYC schools to help troubled kids to fit in. One of the main tools they use is toys for the kids to use their imagination to explore play! The psycologist would then use that play to interact with the child in that play world.

    Play is also used by hightech companies to recharge staff creativity. Our kids today need to much more creative with knowledge because retention isn’t as necessary any more. It’s all about “playing” with the numbers or facts to generate new ways to apply and combine knowledge.

  231. What a stupid coach.

    This outdated 80s racist coach who thinks that Kobe is playing great and that Lin is the curse of the Lakers is headed in the totally wrong direction.

    If Scott waives Lin, I’d be HAPPY even if Lin couldn’t latch on to another NBA team. This situation is too toxic for Lin to handle.

  232. That’s exactly what Lin’s doing.

    He’s doing his job as well as anybody can humanly do under such toxic conditions.

    Then Lin will MOVE ON.

    And if Lin gets race hated out of the NBA, so be it.

    I’m so disillusioned by the NBA after decades of watching their putrid behavior, I no longer believe that the NBA plays the best basketball in the world.

  233. I tweeted jeannie Buss today about Scott;s comments. I told her as a longtime Laker fan that I have never seen some much disorganization within the lakers. I told her that I am sure that her father is not happy in what has happened to his legacy. I told her that I thought Byron Scott has become an embarrassment to this Laker organization in attitude and deed. I told her that Scott ingling out lin for inconsistencies in his game,looks like he is racial profiling lin when much can be said of a lot of the black players on the team. My question to her was that why single lin out. I know that he reads or her assistants read her twitter account comments. I just tweeted to her because I was so disgusted by Scott’s comments today.

  234. Lin KNOWS what Scott wants.

    Scott wants Lin OUT, not just out of the Lakers but out of the NBA entirely.

    Lin knows this and is carefully fighting his battles in order to make sure he plays his best while prolonging what’s left of his Lakers career.

  235. Absolutely correct! Lakers is making a right direction to a top 5 pick

  236. The hard part is that Lin’s game SHIFTS depending on what stunts Scott is pulling.

    Some days Scott yells at Lin for not passing enough, other days for shooting too much, and always for bad defense even though Lin shuts down opponents every game.

    Lin’s just keeping his game even keeled and well balanced.

    Since Lin knows he’s going to get criticized and benched especially for playing well, Lin’s just taking an all around approach to the game and making sure that he’s not overdoing it any one specific area.

    A lot of time Lin’s all purpose approach is not appropriate for what the Lakers need to win games, but Lin’s not to be blamed for that. Scott is.

  237. The way top 5 picks have been the last few years, the Lakers are better off trying to win.

    Nowadays, at least 3 of the top 5 picks always turn out to be UTTER BUSTS because NBA teams don’t know what real basketball talent is.

    I’ll bet that the Lakers draft a bad player.

  238. This is the whole interview from Scott on his statements about Lin:


  239. Good for you.

    Your tweet won’t won’t help Lin, but it’ll at least make a case for Scott to be ejected after Lin’s gone.

  240. Out of lakers I can understand. But out of nba? That hate is strong. Even a hater would say Lin is a serviceable backup PG.

  241. Good job!

  242. That’s not what the haters like Woodson and Smart and McHale and Morey and Scott have been saying.

    Right now Scott is bashing Lin for allegedly not playing the backup PG role well enough.

    I keep writing that the better Lin plays, the angrier Scott gets.

  243. I know, I am just saying it assuming there is only bball, nothing else.

  244. Translation from Scott: “I hate the Asian guy and am working on DNP-CDing him”.

    No need to read any more or analyze things further.

  245. We know what’ll happen.

    Every time Lin has a good game, Scott punishes Lin by benching him or freezing Lin out.

  246. I’m only posting this because Jeremy is in the background shooting.

  247. Exactly.magic Johnson has already said that everyone coming out of the next NBA draft is mediocre

  248. Well, when BS says he thinks they’re going in the right direction it really means the opposite because BS has been consistently WRONG in almost everything from “managing Kobe’s minutes” to “emphasizing on defense”. The fact that BS still has a job shows the Lakers are not serious about winning. Kobe’s high all-star ballots and Lin’s low all-star ballots are a direct result of BS’s “coaching” to make Kobe look good instead of coaching to win.

  249. Wonderful job Joyce! Read this as I woke up with this junk from BS again. He is really a JLin hater!!!

  250. Racism is one thing, but this hate is so strong that looks like Lin did kill their parents……

  251. Thank you Joyce!

  252. As Good Day LA posted, it would be so funny if the Clippers picked up Lin. Their owner is a Harvard graduate…hmm

  253. The Kings fired their coach Michael Malone for “philosophical differences” rather than win/loss records despite Malone being a well-prepared coach who really helped both Cousins and Gay to grow as players. On the other hand, by not firing BS and allowing him to run his big bad mouth through the media, the Lakers basically approved what BS is doing to Lin. This is really embarrassing for this once very good Lakers organization.

  254. LOL That will be epic and “kill” Lakers every game!!!!:-) Can’t wait to see that. Common! Clippers picks your alumni up.

  255. Yup bench him after a good game is already a CONSISTENT MOVE.

  256. Feelings mutual sis.

  257. Inconsistency? More lies from BS! In 19 games where Lin played more than 25 minutes (I counted 24:56 as over 25 minutes), Lin has scored double digits in 16 out of those 19 games (84.2%). Since Lin’s game is not about chucking it up like Kobe, I think Lin is remarkably consistent when he is given enough playing time. BS is really a shameless manipulator who’s out to make Lin look “inconsistent”!

  258. Magic Johnson was saying that the Lakers should “lose every game so that they can get a high draft pick.”

    But now Magic’s saying that everybody next draft is “mediocre”.


  259. But why did he encourage tanking?

  260. Lin’s NBA career is a WALKING CURSE FINGER to anybody who still claims that Asians aren’t athletic enough to play basketball at any level.

  261. you have just STATS PUNKED Byron Scott and all the anti Lin race trolls!!!

    good going

  262. I think all these coaches and diva players who try to marginalize Lin don’t actually realize what they are up against. Beyond the supernatural (which you can disagree on if you like), they are also up against a gigantic and devoted fan base that can turn up the heat on them so fast that they start becoming defensive. Not sure if they know what hit them. Do other guards have supporters like Jeremy?

  263. Key is, Scott said he was thinking about starting Price many games before he made the switch. He just likes Price’s way of playing more. Unfortunately Lin has encountered another McHale type that doesn’t get how Lin’s game and being consistent with his minutes makes him a better player, not yanking him and playing with his minutes. That hasn’t had a good effect on his game.

  264. FYI – Dan Duangdao is editor-in-chief for LakersNation.com

  265. Scott should stop talking so much.

  266. He is a poor communicator, has poor reasoning, and isn’t very skilled at getting the most out of his players and combination of players. The more I see of him, the worse he looks.

  267. It’s more rhythm. Bring him in sooner, try to get him to establish rhythm. Doesn’t he notice defenses key in on Lin and defend him differently. A good coach talks to a player on what they did and how he can counteract things. It’s true Lin’s confidence wanes, but if he is allowed to play through some mistakes he usually finds a groove. Playing him 16/17 minutes doesn’t always allow him to get in that groove.

  268. Joyce, thanks for this site and all you do here. I hold out hope that something favorable will enable Lin to shine for a few weeks. One good run and it’ll show what he’s made of.

  269. This is from ESPN.


    Lin scored 19 points (8-11 FG, 2-3 3Pt, 1-4 FT) with three rebounds, two assists, one steal, and two blocks in 26 minutes Sunday.

    Spin: The 19 points was Lin’s highest output since being demoted and only the fourth time he has gotten to double-digits in the 11 games off the bench. It stands a good chance that Lin reclaims the starting job in the coming weeks as Ronnie Price has been ineffective, but in most leagues, stashing Lin is an unproductive strategy.

  270. Haha, random walk hits the dart board sometimes.

  271. Jeannie takes jw out for a drink, bsc fired and Showtime returns.

  272. Marginalizing Lin is an effective strategy to tank while still making Kobe look like the sole star.

  273. I love this guy..LOL

  274. i want them too

  275. I saved them to my picture download

  276. I hope the history somehow repeats itself. A long time ago It was the old Buss who did this and the Showtime was then born.

  277. This is an awesome legacy. How many other players in the NBA can say that they have left this impression for the good of children. You go JLin..you will always have my support.

  278. And BS is perhaps the most consistent coach in NBA nowadays. It’s definitely worthwhile to extend Kobe’s contract to make coach BS happy.

  279. why post this nonsense crap on here..smh

  280. And PPL think we are delusional….LOL

  281. That is beyond believable that we can just treat it as a joke…I guess…LOL

  282. Still why bring it here. It just a bait post to me…smh

  283. That story should be in the AMERICAN textbooks for AMERICAN kids too!

  284. HMMMM…..

    I have been ranting and raving about Lin’s shot form.

    Yet from the pictures of this release, his body is angled properly and his feet have clearly left the ground correctly.

    About a month ago, there was a picture of Lin taking and making shots. He had the Kobe Bryant shot form going and was making everything in both practices and games. But Lin got away from that very recently.

    It seems that the Lakers are legitimately trying to improve Lin’s shot form. I am all for it, as I don’t think Lin needs all that much improvement to reach his potential as an ELITE shooter.

    If Lin keeps using this shot form, I CAN’T COMPLAIN!

  285. Ah, it’s LINTERTAINING to see crazy Lakers fans posting fun wacko ideas!

  286. No it is not screen and roll is a well known lin hater. Why post his crap here

  287. I am about to delete this post. It does not edify or promote what we represent on this site.

  288. I clicked on your link, but the moment I noticed the caption “Byron Scott discusses…” I raced to hit the back button before having to see his face or hear his voice LOL! No can do…he just blows random hot air and his face has joined McHale’s as a stomach-turner. ….even if Jeremy is temptingly in the background 🙂

  289. I somewhat warned you 🙂

  290. he’s really full of BS, bad mouthing players like that, no wonder he got fired 2 times already.

  291. haha.. this one is so far out of touch with reality that a Lakers fan can actually propose a Price-Dragic trade :]

    There are no sane GMs that will look at their stats and agree it’s an equal trade.
    But such is BS’ inflated value of Price that Lakers fans think the out-of-the-planet trade scenario

  292. joyce, are you concerned that it might be considered putting down or mocking Price?

  293. So and the beat goes on, why let them post sixths crap on this site by a known lin hater.

  294. I don’t think they are serious but being sarcastic… a way of attacking Bscott and FO’s decision.

  295. I think you’re right. I thought it’s only the 2nd post that is a sarcasm but I think the 1st one is also a pure sarcasm

  296. No, it screen and roll is a well known lin hater. If this is suppose to be a positive lin site, why give a voice o the known lin haters on this site. Don’t get me wrong, when lin doesn’t do well, we call him on it, but to give voice o a well known lin hater is off the chain. As for Ronnie Price his days are numbered in the NBA.

  297. Are you familiar with screen and roll posts. They are well known lin haters. No matter what the intention of the poster to be sarcastic or not, screen and roll considered it a plausible possibility.

  298. FYI – Not a direct response to Scott’s statement earlier today.

  299. I get your point, but I have to admit the reply really did make me laugh out loud. Maybe better not to cut/paste the Lin-hater but say something like “this, in response to a post speculating on a Price-Dragic trade”

    It’s true that I do feel a bit bad for Price getting doused with insult when he didn’t ask for this, keeps his head down, and is just trying to make a living…but I couldn’t help being amused by the extremity of the replier’s disdain.

  300. Believe JLin’s story has been in the school book for a while now.

  301. Haha. That was fast but not surprising seeing how famous he is over there.

  302. I’m not exactly familiar with the writers.
    I seem to remember one writer was hateful towards Lin and a few were neutral.
    Let me browse their twitter feed and some articles to learn more about them.

  303. As Magic once said, the only stats that count are the wins. There has
    been a sick fad in NBA on personal stats without checking their
    correlation to the wins, which grows cancers.

  304. Really well said. Joyce, did the right thing to send the tweet to Jeanie Buss. To Lakers it’s not going to change anything… only FO can do it.

  305. What was Scott assessment of Price performance thus far?

  306. Don’t care if I never see Jordan Hill play again, such a lazy player, who only knows how to chuck up mid range jumpers instead of taking it to the rim! I bet Ryan Kelly will allow BS to take away more Lin’s minutes. SMH!

  307. That is then AGREEMENT, because a sports psychologist doesn’t delve into the personal. They cover stuff like what you think about when you address a golf ball at tee time, how to get yourself into the zone, etc. More like what acbc is writing about. I’ve had a sports psych help me out with weekend games when reset of team was just playing indiv ball. Gave me some good tips on how to deal with getting people to step up the team game. Way better than yelling at people on the court.

  308. I thought Magic said last year’s draft was mediocre but this year’s will have several stars?

  309. Can you forward your postings to the front office and Scott? Your findings hopefully shut the coach.

  310. A happy heart is indeed good for not only oneself, but for everyone we touch.

  311. Scroll down about halfway for Jeremy’s wallpaper.

  312. Yep Not sure how long. Believe I’ve seen this news for at least over a year.

  313. Sadly, no one can show the real win share on the stat sheet.

  314. Who was Scott talking about? Kobe or Lin?

  315. He really is a great role model.

  316. I believe he was talking about the team in general.

  317. Yes. JLin has sponsored the indigenous children there as well. Every Summer he went to Taiwan, he would spend time with the children. If there was evangelical meeting, he made sure some of those underpriviledged children would be able to go including last year with the TV games. No matter where JLin went in Summer (China and Taiwan), he always spent his “little” time with those children. Unlike some “superstars,” they went to get “fame” only not JLin.

  318. He truly is walking with Jesus.

  319. May I ask, “What is our fair assessment of B.Scott?”
    What he thinks of JLin or even Kobe is immaterial because IMO he has lost all credibility in all his assessments.
    All I can say about B.Scott is he is consistently unreliable and untrustworthy.

  320. What was BS’ assessment of the head coach of LAL ?

  321. Yes JLin practices what he preaches. Unlike those…… That’s why I root for him. He is the only one I follow this closely in my entire life because of who he is–the one who not only profess to be Christ’s follower but also does what Christ’s say. He hasn’t changed even after he has fame, money and power. Difficulties, obstacles in NBA remind him that he needs God more so everyday. He is “strong” because he has God in his life.

  322. Probably like this…..

    – I like his consistency (you can always expect a single digit pts game from Price. 10+ pts game would be a nice surprise)
    – He knows how to play (give the ball to Kobe)
    – He enforces the defense of starters (his shoe-throwing skills can cover Kobe’s axx)
    – I love Ronnie, I really do….

  323. The low IQ Byron has been continuously trying to put down Lin hoping people would turn attention from how dumb he is.

  324. Yes one can ! But cancers and cancerous economy in NBA will fight for their share of spotlight and keep brainwashing some fans.

  325. Ha, timely post. was just gonna ask your opinion about his photo.

  326. Proves Jeremy did read your posts 😉

  327. It is like Jeremy is giving voice to other players who are in similar situation and slowly exposing the organization and the association.

  328. I was so confident about him to stay in Lakers before read this article… now I don’t know… So openly said so not sure what will happen? But what more worst can happen then?

  329. Great! Can it be sent to LA media as well, with a catchy headline?

  330. That’s a trick question, we all know LAL doesn’t really have one…

  331. If that’s so, then it’s EVEN MORE LINTERTAINING to see how DELUSIONAL Lin haters are!

  332. The better the guy, the more the criticism.

    That’s always how it is in the NBA.

  333. I hope Lin DOESN’T read my posts.

    He’d be horrified at what I write about him!

  334. BS is so consistent (in losing games) that he doesn’t like inconsistent players.

  335. What article ?

  336. Nash is supposed to be the mentor……..he’s is the only one who is intellectual to discuss O & X with Lin among the team.

  337. Aww, that’s pretty cool!

    Let Nash mentor Lin a bit!

  338. His form is fine, however, picture can be deceiving….same form can be shown differently…

  339. NASH: trust me, you will be fine. I know it is hard…lol

  340. Now I like Nash. No Kobe…

  341. Byron Scott knows how to BS and brown nose KB! Everything he spits out is on KB’s favor and he thinks everyone is stupid and not knowing his intention! He is getting ridiculous and thick skin now!!! How consistant is every player on Laker’s team? Kobe Bryant playing worst and Byron Scott still think KB should take more shots for himself! I guess Byron Scott still think not stinky and brown enough and want more on his nose! Why this kind of sick people still survives in NBA? Unbelievable!

  342. Don worry, at this point. I do not think even NBA ppl are taking him seriously….

  343. Nash: “First, get a girlfriend with heavy luggage. Then tweak your back a little.
    Then .. I’ll teach you some golf-swings. Finally, we kick back and watch the final episode of Chronos-ball on TV”
    Lin: “Teach me your ways, Bro!”

  344. Darn it….this yr has only 364 days left……time has gone by too fast…….

  345. One of the biggest reason why NBA can produce stars is because individual contribution can not be quantified…hence has room for media to operate…

  346. You allowed the crazies to run amuck

  347. Nash has always looked after Lin. Can’t blame him for taking the money and run since he knew what was up with BS.

  348. No more like the more famous a player the more the criticism.

  349. FREE in only 4 months!!

  350. LOL! I only have 363 days left. Soon to be 362 days:-)

  351. Too long!!!!!

  352. 3 1/2 months… LOL!

  353. lol

  354. Still too long to be chained:-)

  355. I want to up-vote this, like, lots of times. Lin does have real friends in this scummy biz.

  356. Harden was an accidental obstacle in Lin’s career and Kobe is a planned obstacle by Morey who was too afraid of Linsanity 2.0. Each of the two ball dominant SGs who don’t seem to belong to today’s NBA will be a nightmare to play with for any top PG in the league, and Lin has to play with both. Let’s call it a training.

  357. Nash: “Now you see why I had to lift that bag…”

  358. His brother from a different mother?

  359. Dear Mod,
    I try to log in to vote Linsanity, but the site keep kicking me out…..am I DNP – JD (Jeremy Decision) now? : )

  360. Have u signed in to the site?? Look at the top right over at the banner.

  361. Yes I do. But once enter this thread, I’ve been kicked out. Try a few times already….

  362. The “inconsistent” accusation from Scott was expected.

    Don’t get me wrong, I think Lin can improve his consistency in some ways. I think all young players go through some challenges in developing consistency, though Lin has gone through much more challenges than most of the anointed “stars”.

    What irks me about Scott’s comments is that recently Lin has been treated no differently from Ellington, Sacre, Clarkson or any other marginalised player on the team. Yet Lin on a good night is far better than the career highs of these players.

    You can’t expect Lin to have superstar stats all the time when he is treated like a scrub all the time. I am glad Lin is more vocal nowadays about his struggles.

  363. I can vote now….weird….

  364. That’s weird. Maybe @psalm234:disqus can explain it:-)

  365. Nevermind. Just want to make sure I’m not DNP… hehe

  366. Two great PGs. Both victims of Kobe.

  367. Scott is Kobe’s spokesman. Kobe challenged Lin to stand up to him. But when Lin took up the challenge, Kobe ordered Scott to throw him under the bus.

  368. A question I would like to ask J on Jan 17: Has Steve Nash provided you with any advice on how to deal with Kobe?

  369. Lol I can have a heavy luggage

  370. Nash is a lot taller than I thought

  371. They’re both 6’3″

  372. He looks short on TV next to other NBA players, but he’s pretty tall when standing next to an ordinary person of average height.

  373. Too bad he isn’t always in Jeremy’s ear at the bench during games. Would have been more helpful to have him play alongside Jeremy.

  374. This video never gets old for me.

  375. Only 17 days left… Vote for Lin in ASG by tweet, FB & http://www.nba.com/allstar/

  376. No, he needs to play well. What good is there being free when he is going into his prime in a contract year putting up numbers far below his capabilities? He needs to find a way to excel as a Laker and soon.

  377. Scott’s whole focus is on Kobe, that he would throw Lin under bus even before Kobe asked him.

  378. Time moves on and Lin gets better and better as a person and a basketball player. Continue improving on his defence even though his overall play is affected by his nutty coach. 2015 is another crucial year for Jeremy to become a great point guard.
    No fear!
    March On!
    Go Lin Go!

  379. That is cool. Perhaps the Nash bug is in Lin’s ear! Maybe we’re hear this in Nash’s book if he ever writes one.

  380. Lot’s of envy on a person who is so likeable with such big support from his true fans!

  381. Jeremy has been very successful on the big stage. He is shining as a bright light the love and character and love of God in a dark world. Basketball is a means to that end. The challenges he faces are much greater than basketball. Those who believe in prayer should pray for him that he will continue triumphant in those challenges. The plan for his life including basketball will flourish. Since God is for him who can be a against him. King

  382. Yep baby let’s go!!! Lin just needs to have some fun by playing basketball again 😉

  383. I just realized the “future” of the movie “Back to the future” is 2015…..lol…..

  384. haha…I don think you are. I guess it is just some cache problem….need @psalm234:disqus to clear it.

  385. Lin makes all his teammates, including Kobe, play better. Even Scott must know that. Only Kobe would prefer to play worse rather than let a teammate be successful as well.

  386. Kobe does not want to play like a role player…he does not want to be a Duncan or Dirk.

  387. Oh some beautiful moves! But geez, the blood! I’ve only followed Jeremy and seen him get whacked around and thought that was pretty bad, but OMG…I guess getting thrashed is more common than I thought? ? Was Nash particularly targeted, or is this just the regular old NBA? At 1:26 he gets body-checked so hard into a court-side table that I don’t know how he didn’t end up with a concussion. Unlike Jeremy, did he get the right calls from refs?

  388. The assumption seems to be that if Nash wanted to be court-side representing for his team or mentoring in practices that he could do that, and should have shown up more. But the more I think about it, I seriously doubt he was welcome. The last thing Kobe and BS want is a competing (in their minds) legend around advocating for teamwork. Wouldn’t be surprised if he was encouraged to stay home and rest up.

  389. Making opponents bleeding is a pretty common technique in bball, believe it or not. Because in that way, they are knock out of rhythm and might have to sit for a while.

  390. Those who have followed NBA for a long time, please help me out here. Is it norm for a NBA coach to criticize his players in public so often? or it is just toward Lin?

  391. Some have said that Nash was the punching bag of the NBA. His calls were never as bad as Lin’s but they got a lot better once he became an All-Star and was voted MVP. Nash obviously played fearlessly as does Jeremy.

  392. Lin particularly because of Linsanity. But throwing players under the bus happens all the time.

  393. I see. Thanks. I was upset when I read BS recent comment about Lin.

  394. Here is a prime example of how stupid Scott’s statements about lin’s inconsistency. Kevin Love having the same problem because of LBJ


  395. I’ve never had this little of excitement of looking forward to tonight game. BS, Kobe, Stu and Bill Mac all are disgusted.

  396. Havent watch it yet, like to watch its version of 2015:)

  397. LOL…..was great in 1985. Not sure if it is still great in 2015.

  398. Excerpt from interview with rondo posted on Lakernation site:

    In an interview with USA Today’s Sam Amick, Rondo talked about numerous topics including his free agency this upcoming summer:

    “My focus has been basketball, basketball, basketball, not necessarily being a free agent,” Rondo said. “I mean obviously I think (the Mavericks will) have the upside (in free agency). I wouldn’t say it’s wide open (in terms of considering other teams), but I wouldn’t say it’s closed (solely to the Mavericks) either because obviously they are the team that came and got me and from Day One they’ve been very loyal and very supportive in this transition for me.”

    While the Lakers were one of the teams interested in trading for Rondo, the team ultimately did not want to part with rookie Julius Randle, who is out for the season with a broken leg. Instead, there were numerous reports that the Lakers would rather pursue the point guard in free agency.

    Although Rondo says the Mavericks will have the upside in free agency, the Lakers are projected to have approximately $30 million in cap space to pursue him and other big name free agents like Marc Gasol, Goran Dragic and Jimmy Butler. If the Lakers are unable to sign a big name this upcoming summer, rumor has the team pursuing Tobias Harris of the Orlando Magic.

  399. Lakers need a big more than they need a PG

  400. Tobias Harris is a Forward

  401. IMO, the Lakers will have to out bid anyone else to have a chance of bringing in a top tier free agent to play side by side with Kobe.

  402. THey need a guy who can play with Davis, IF they keep Davis

  403. Financially too….

  404. Nobody is coming to sign with the lakers while kobe is still there.

  405. No one will come…..it is not like LAL can really offer a lot of money without having to cut good players anyway

  406. They only will have $30 million dollars in cap space to sign anybody.

  407. That’s assuming players Like Lin gone or sign very low K I think.

  408. Only N Young and Kobe are under contract, I think.

  409. Hence Kobe saying he will retire at end of this K. But you know he will wiggle more years out of it after ppl get fooled to come.

  410. why not sometime in Feb ?

  411. Hill is under contract also.

  412. M……or shoot FTs…LOL

  413. Hill’s contract next season is team option but you’re right Lakers will have $30 mil in cap.

  414. It is a team option

  415. I really think that the Lakers are going to chase K-Love, because he is not happy in Cleveland. Then they are talking about getting Marc Gasol, then an insider posted that Paul has already warned Marc about coming to LA while kobe was still there. LOL

  416. LAL really need a defensive big…..who can catch. I am not sure if Love is like that…

  417. So really, interesting. Who, with a bigger stature than Lin to overcome the bias against Lin, will be willing to come? Nobody. Everybody wants to play winning bball and it’s not this year, but the years with Pau and Nash, and D12’s turndown, that will prevail.

    Thus, they are going to have to pay up and make promises to Lin. Not sure it’s a good thing for Lin to stay, and I know Joyce you would love it. I feel Lin knows that Kobe will stick around as long as his body will let him. His return game 2 nights ago with big box score + BSc’s team positioning is a bad omen for how this goes. Stats are fine, but still the same ol’ losing bball game though they won. That’s not Jeremy’s brand of play.

  418. Should Jeremy put his stuff into a Bay Area storage locker? Seems he’s going to have to move soon.

  419. In public, Pau has said many right things to the press but to walk away from more money and Kobe speaks volume.

  420. Just toward Lin.

    Coaches NEVER criticize their players as much as Byron Scott does.

  421. Nash got hit a few times, but nothing like Lin.

    Lin gets bashed harder than anybody I’ve ever seen in the NBA.

  422. Yep, he took a lower salary to sign with the Bulls.

  423. Afflalo missed a lot of wide open shots otherwise you don’t win game with 9 turnovers from your ” point guard”.

  424. I do not know. I do not think moving is a good idea either..

  425. Rajon Rondo’s quote just confirmed what I’ve been saying all along – that he’s a wildly overrated defender.

    REAL defense is played by Lin – and nobody does it better than Lin does.

  426. For those who wish Lin be picked up by Clippers due to Harvard tie with owner, do you not mind Woodson is the assistant coach at Clippers?

  427. We know….they do not

  428. I do not think that way. However….I think Lin should not keep changing teams.

  429. More silly superstar chasing by LA.

    While the true Lakers superstar in Lin rots on the bench due to race reasons that have nothing to do with basketball, the Lakers owners are gleefully playing fantasy basketball with next year’s free agents.

    Once free agency hits and none of the big name free agents wants to destroy their careers by signing up for the Lakers’ toxicity, the Lakers are in for a WORSE season than this year especially when Lin leaves.

    I expect the Lakers to draft a point guard who’ll replace Lin.

    Then the Lakers will try to convince themselves that they’re better off without Lin, just like Houston is trying desperately to convince themselves every time their putrid backcourt gets stomped by good teams because Lin’s no longer there to save them.

  430. I don’t want Lin to be picked up by the Clippers.

    Chris Paul HATES LIN and would not let Lin even join the team or play.

  431. Agreed, but he should also not stay with a team that mistreats him for whatever political reasons. I think Lin also wants to stay with a team if he can get a fair shake.

  432. I agree with you. I think if they make him an offer, he will stay. lin and the rest of the team knows that nobody is coming to play in LA while kobe is still on the team. Personally, I think he might go ahead and retire next season, because his body is breaking down and he knows it. Wherever lin goes it will be the same story and he knows it. Lin will just do what he can to help the team to win and bide his time until kobe/scott are gone. when kobe goes, so does scott.

  433. What are the reasons for CP to hate Lin?

  434. Spot light.

  435. It’s actually kind of a MARK OF EXCELLENCE when a player constantly changes teams.

    Usually, it’s because that player is really fundamentally sound and so NBA teams use that player as a Swiss Army duct tape repair player to patch holes.

    Jimmy Jackson, Jerryd Bayless, Jimmer Fredette, Tyler Hansbrough, Jarrett Jack, and Jeremy Lin are all fundamentally sound players who have been much smarter and better than the teams that they’ve been forced to play for. Those guys were the best player for their teams a lot of the time.

  436. Poor Lin. There are not many teams without ego players.

  437. I get you points too. I agree. However, I am not sure in Lin’s case, move or not, if move, wher. Which is better? still remain to be seen.

  438. Race.

    Chris Paul was taunting Carmelo Anthony about Lin being Anthony’s “point guard” in USAB 2012 practices.

    James Harden’s hate for Lin stems from summer 2012 too, as Paul and Harden were taunting Anthony about Lin. That’s why Anthony and Harden refused to play with Lin in ensuing seasons.

  439. Also, Lin STOMPS Chris Paul repeatedly.

    Ironically, Lin’s ability to routinely stomp Paul has gained Lin a measure of respect from Paul.

  440. CP doesn’t hate lin, he is just afraid that lin will outplay him, now that he is getting older. Steve Balmer is a Harvard alum and they look out for each other. Also Balmer is an owner very much involved in the team play, sort of like mark cuban. I don’t think lin will end up with the Clippers, but another option for lin if he wants to stay in LA.

  441. One aspect is. We keep saying Lin does not get his fair share of minutes (chances). One way to maximize his chance is continuity. Keep changing teams only makes him having to get used to new kinds of mistreatment.

  442. Please tell me if Kobe does not have a mentally problem.

  443. if Kobe does not have a mentally problem

  444. It’s better for Lin to move.

    Lin’s a GREAT PLAYER who can thrive in any offense or defense – including a zero offense like on this Lakers team with players trying harder to freeze Lin out than win the damn game.

    When Jimmy Jackson was bouncing around the NBA (I think 12 teams in 13 years), he was almost always the best player whenever he went. Jackson, like Lin, was so fundamentally sound and athletically gifted that he could fit into any team’s scheme. He’d come off the bench and outplay the entire starting 5, just like Lin’s doing now. Coaches around the NBA HATED Jimmy Jackson because he was simply smarter and better than them, and the same goes for Lin.

    In terms of game impact, Jimmy Jackson and Jeremy Lin are absolutely identical. Both were elite athletes who played shutdown defense and could not be stopped if they received minimal touches. Both guys were used by coaches all over the court, and both Lin and Jackson are totally hated by those same coaches that use them to cover up the flaws of more favored but far less talented players.

    Jimmy Jackson and Jeremy Lin are the greatest hated and misused guards ever to play in the NBA.

  445. I noticed that Scott wasn’t shooting off at the mouth today. He only confirmed that Kelly and Kobe will be playing tonight.

  446. I guess you need a J or 2 in your name to be great…LOL

  447. That was the show of the cameras and notice that was shown all around the world and he had to eat crow for saying that crap.

  448. LOL, Brent, you are funny. I have always thought Kobe may have had some issues growing up the way he behaves or I should say the character he shows.

  449. Heh heh.

    While Lin fans were justifiably in uproar over Kobe’s rant, I was YAWNING.

    The hate trolls were trying to trash Lin as being too weak to stand up to Bryant while the Lin fans were saying that Lin couldn’t play under such situations.

    Meanwhile, I sat back and wrote “Until Bryant PERFORMS in games, all that trash talk is just a bunch of hot air”.

    Then Bryant went out and proceeded to stink up the court in a legendary way while Lin’s bench team became the #1 scoring unit in the entire NBA.

    This video is ample proof of why idiots like Bryant look STOOPID when they talk smack but cannot back up their junk talk with actual performance.

  450. That’s embarrassing moment especially to their GM.

  451. Scott can shoot off at the mouth all he wants.

    In actual games, Lin’s OUTPLAYING Scott’s race hater expectations.

  452. The article that came out on him in the beginning season was right on target about him. That is why Jeannie Buss did her interview rounds trying to refute the statements when she knew they were true. That article did major damage to Kobe will the NBA media. The NBA media hardly ever write about him unless it something negative.

  453. Most embarrassing to KOBE who has turned himself into the NBA’s biggest laughingstock.

    If I were Lin, I’d be smugly going about my business while Kobe ends up with 9 turnovers while talking more junk and trying to freeze Lin out.

  454. It’s more fun that way.

    I got flamed relentlessly on the NBA forum for saying that Rondo was a BAD defender.

    I was right and those fools on the NBA forum were wrong.

  455. The older he gets the more foolishness he acts. It shows more and more about the leak was correct that no star wanted to play with him.

  456. All players are inconsistent when judged from a game to game basis. I think perceptions of Lin’s inconsistency are amplified by emotions he displays while on the court more so than his true on court production. He’s an expressive human being, who whoops and hollers after good plays, and looks timid when he’s feeling sad or disappointed by the coach’s decisions. Contrast this with a player like lillard, who you would have a hard time telling if he was having a good or bad game if you happened to just tune in and had to make a judgement based on his demeanor. Lin’s so-called inconsistencies are really perceptions of his emotional state.

  457. Despite the taunts, it’s no surprise that all the big-name guards in the league respect Lin’s game. They have no choice in the matter.

  458. His emotional state is due to BS’s only short leash on him.

  459. Sometimes i think Medina is trolling scott with some these posts…LOL

  460. Woodson is part of the problem IMO. Apparently, there are significant personality clashes in clipper-land.
    It’s reported that Paul and Griffin do not like each other

  461. I think Kobe is the only reason BS has yet been fired.

  462. I don’t think so. He’s doing great. His downgrades are due to false narratives amplified by Internet haters. Honestly, he’s being paid more than any of us could imagine for generations, and he’s doing great except for political agendas outside of bball. He’s also doing great relative to many young men and women in pro sports … really, sports is unfair and that’s what one learns. Benchings, coach’s pets, bad refs, locker room bullies, etc. Lin is fine in all that.

  463. Good call. I didn’t think that was a very good suggestion. Steve Ballmer … hmmm. Maybe better than Stern, but anyway, the coaching is key.

  464. Interesting you name all those guys. I think Lin is better than Jack for sure because I watched him under pressure at GSW making mistakes. And, JBayless has had very inconsistent games. In fact, all of them have. That’s the thing … 2nd unit pressure to get them rolling and get hot all in 7 minutes.

  465. Of course it is.

  466. A while back Doc Rivers made a comment about Paul that he needed to play more aggressively on the defensive end.

  467. Lin’s being PUNISHED for doing well.

    When Byron Scott was talking about “inconsistency”, Scott was criticizing Lin’s big performances and not the smaller ones.

    Even in Lin’s bad performances, most of them were flawed because of injury. When Lin’s not been able to do much while healthy, it’s usually because Scott and Lin’s teammates are limiting Lin.

  468. yep, Thanks for pointing it out. I missed the game, but what you say makes a lot of sense. Problem is the narrative is always twisted away from court bball and I’ve learned most fans just go with the twist because they can’t tell from live game watching what is happening with announcers using scripts and refs making weird calls.

  469. Also, i notice that Boozer is only following lin/Clarkson/Kobe on twittter.

  470. The Clippers were just as good with Blake Griffin leading them in the pre Paul days as they are now with Paul hogging the ball.

    Blake Griffin needs to be the real leader of the Clippers, but Paul won’t allow it.

  471. maybe. Or maybe just new people who don’t have the bias and agendas. It really is 2 or 4 people preventing him from court-time right now.

  472. Jarrett Jack cracks under pressure because Jack simply isn’t talented.

    When the pressure is on, that’s when athletic ability becomes important. Jack simply doesn’t have that elite athleticism to perform under pressure.

    Jerryd Bayless, on the other hand, tends to raise his game when the pressure is on.

    Also, Jarrett Jack is a respected 3rd guard like a Ginobili. Bayless, on the other hand, is a 3rd string combo guard who only plays when other players are not getting the job done. Bayless has an inconsistent role because he doesn’t get to play if the less talented players ahead of him are doing well.

    Bayless plays on a leash almost as short as Lin’s. It’s a travesty because Bayless is one of the best guards in the NBA like Lin is.

  473. well, to me I would be ok as a fan wherever Lin goes to get away from this version of the prejudice. I don’t really care if it’s Kobe, Scott, both, or race. I just see prejudice and it’s not bball or what sports can be for Lin. It’ll pass, we know that. I will be happy if Lin changes, or if he signs. If he signs, I would hope Kobe starts playing to win before he retires, and he retires playing time and accepts 15pts/15 shots well before the announcement date.

  474. Chris Paul’s idea of playing defense is to holler for frontcourt help, thus pulling his frontcourters off their assignments.

  475. Well, good to read this as I’ve been following Bayless and some games are great and recently have been busts.

    I like being able to discuss with you these guys and Delly because those guys are not journeymen, but talented guys who can step up if given the chance. I think Delly, from what I read, is being given a good shake at Cavs. From what I’ve read, he is solid on the all around, but has a lower offensive ceiling than Lin.

  476. That would be nice for Lin not to have to change teams, but it’s not his call.

    Lin knows how to adjust to any kind of situation.

  477. Kobe’s like a toddler who pulls a tantrum.
    People coddle and brown-nose this brat, and the results aren’t pretty

  478. Matthew Dellavadova doesn’t have Lin’s footspeed, grace, balance, or skywalking leaping ability. That’s what limits Delly’s game.

    Bayless is the kind of player who often can shoot himself out of a game. Because he’s not as knowledgeable or as savvy as Lin, he simply keeps shooting when he’s off. Instead, Bayless needs to shake up his game and change up his pace the way Lin does when Lin’s not shooting well. Then again, Bayless neither receives enough minutes or coaching to be able to play a different way when his shot is not falling.

  479. My friend is a Clipper fan and i go to some of the games with her, Paul has heating packs all over his body, his sholuder, his neck while he playing.

  480. Lin’s inconsistencies are amplified through a racially biased stereotype

  481. Ah, I see what you mean on Bayless. Lin is indeed capable of great games. Like I’ve posted, I enjoy every Lin game even if 0-10 because he is doing special things on D as well.

  482. To me, Lin seems VERY CONSISTENT.

    His defense is vicious, his passing is clean, his ability to break traps is well known, his rebounding is phenomenal, and his shooting overall is actually pretty steady in that you know that Lin’s easily going to put up double figures and score in the clutch if Lin gets his touches.

    Since I measure players not by their gross output but by how well they perform in the minutes allotted them, I’d call Lin “SUPER CONSISTENT” in that he always make the most of the few minutes he gets.

  483. Different personnel ? Oh I get it. Last year kobe didn’t play but he plays for this season.

  484. Jason Kidd is probably not focused on coaching Bayless even though Kidd probably has a lot of things to show Bayless.

    Bayless has never been featured on a team, which stuns me because he does All Star type things every game. So if Bayless is lacking in court savvy, INEXPERIENCE is the reason why.

  485. If I were Bryant’s coach, I’d have come out in the papers and growled “Yeah Kobe trash talks, but Kobe needs to understand that you can only talk trash when you’ve getting positive results in actual games”.

    And then Kobe would’ve have pouted, which would’ve caused me to mercilessly bench Bryant before the Lakers fired me!

  486. no, Lin is the only one got labeled as “inconsistency”, they talk about his inconsistency when Lin got a good game to remind you he still has bad game, and they talk about his inconsistency when Lin got a bad game to confirm that so you could discount his good game, its really getting old.

    Does Price be more consistent than Lin? Does Young be more consistent than Lin? No, why you don’t feel it? Because, when they had a bad game, Scott would say that we need to force feed them to get them involved, and when they got a good game, Scott would say they worked very hard.

    Yet when Lin got 19pt game, he was benched, and blamed by his defense, when he got 11 ast, he got blamed for not involving others, and when Lin lead the team and get a 38 pt quarter, he was blamed with bone headed error and the game was lost in the third quarter.

  487. Yes, me too. Rebs, Assists, Pts, steals, blocks, and STOPS! divided by minutes. Fantasy scoring systems are better than media box score quotes. The stops are hard to measure, though. Wish NBA would have a technical committee like FIFA to study what to do to move the game and stats to give accounting for hockey assists, D, and overall impact of consistent or inconsistent minutes. The video on court movement has a lot of promise too.

  488. Where should Lin go?

    That’s not so hard.

    First of all, Lin should look at teams that actually want him. This sounds like a big “duh”, but that’s not as simple as it sounds.

    Second of all, Lin should look at the coaching staff. If the coaches are outdated 80s coaches playing outdated 80s loserball in today’s NBA, Lin needs to avoid those kinds of coaches as much as possible.

    Most importantly, Lin will get to talk to the GM and head coach and possibly even future teammates. Lin will figure out what the deal is, and he never makes mistakes because he has great judgment.

  489. No Young?

  490. I think he should focus on owners and Coaches, because Lin can any winning player excited. If there is a star or 2, he can get to know their goals. So far, though, it’s been the FO problem and the one star problem. So, he knows the star’s problem. It’s understanding FO that will make all the difference.

  491. I saw Kevin Ding’s article today about after Kobe retires he will still be involved in the Lakers organization and how they will welcome him. I am calling it right now, it ain’t gonna happen. One Kobe retires he is done and Jim/Mitch will feel no other obligation to him.

  492. No Young, No Davis, No Hill. He is also following Jabari Brown from the D League.

  493. Well, if by now he is not a minority owner, he would not be welcome to give them his emphatic this-or-thats. This season, he barked to loudly compared to his performance. Business owners, in sports, have a very different kind of etiquette and group behaviors.

  494. It is a family business. Magic was such an annoyance that they forced him to sell his shares to the Taiwan doctor here in LA

  495. looks nice, always wondering whether these are available in US though.

  496. Kobe wanted to be part of who they should hire as a coach, Mitch responded no you ain’t.

  497. I am calling it now, once Kobe is retired, he will not here from the Lakers organization and he will be telling his story on 60 minutes..LOL

  498. then in that case, I lean with you … they will not want any help from a former ’employee’. By Kobe crushing the contribution of Lin this year, embarrassing LAL and losing viewership for the maybe differing family views united around franchise value, he’s going to be unwelcome indeed.

  499. copy that

  500. Totally agree, Blake needs to be the true leader of the Clippers not Paul just like what Marc Gasol’s been doing with the Grizzlies!

  501. Byront Scott started the season by saying anything less than the championship would be a failure. Today he’s trying to make the case that the Lakers are not on pace to have worse record than last year. LOL, what a joke that man is.

  502. Pacers do look like an interesting prospect, especially with George’s later return.
    The combination of Lin, George and Hibbert would be intriguing

  503. Ok I justed for Lin for Allstar game on: twitter, Facebook, Instagram, NBA voting site, and text messaging.

  504. So did I!

  505. LAL can’t beat last year’s record when there was no BS or KB.

  506. Scott wants Kobe to shoot more now. He is really absurd..smh

  507. Of course, Kobe will not only take 10 or 11 shots per game… he passed bc he couldn’t take the shot. smh!

  508. This confirmed more about your comment earlier, Pau looking out for his brother.

  509. KB can only attract BS to join the lakers now.

  510. I think It’s all lip service. The better the service looks, the less likely Kobe will have any shares of LAL, which is most feared by the owners.

  511. Everyone, you can also download NBA Game Time on your smartphone and vote for Lin there!

  512. Ya! Everyone vote for him… let’s move his ranking higher than #9.

  513. I think he will not stay in Lakers next season… Scott is really a joke he already gave up this season… smh!

  514. I believe Mitch said that. But in the end they hired BS and I don’t believe anyone wanted BS to be the coach of the Lakers other than Kobe (and of course BS.)

  515. Disqus not liking me today

  516. How so?

  517. Let’s hope Lin can knock down some shots today!!

  518. The all-time record for most turnovers in a game is 14. Go Kobe go!!!

  519. LOL……TOVs are not that bad. It is only worse if you can not increase your # of possessions.

  520. Well before Kobe’s little Christmas vacation we had the 24 brick Kobe. Since he came back it’s been the 14 turnover Kobe. Can’t wait to see which Kobe we get tonight.

  521. I’ve been writing that Scott has been wanting Kobe to take more shots, especially at Lin’s expense.

    Scott doesn’t look at boxscore or results. He only goes by his opinion that “Kobe’s shot” is better than “Lin’s shot”, even if Lin’s shot goes in and Kobe’s doesn’t.

  522. LAL averages almost 98 possessions per game, ranked #7 in the league. However, Kobe uses 35.4% of those possessions. In his case, I guess TOV and chucked shots are both bad…

  523. Both tonight. He is going to be both brick and turnover machine Machine tonight for playing againt Memphis, best of East Conference?:-)

  524. This!

  525. That’s all I care about the number of shots he makes to increase his PPG average!

  526. Best defense in west. So plenty of bricks and TOs and BS will say, “Ain’t Kobe great?”

  527. Kobe doesn’t get that many steals and against a good defense he won’t get that many rebounds either.

  528. Well…I mean the only thing he can positively do is ASTs. Then his pts….BUT look at those wild passes……

  529. a very frustrating sport for his teammates, I’d imagine.

  530. panicked, really.

  531. THose are just numbers, it does not count how his presence itself does some damages too

  532. It’s tough to be an effective PG if you never practice with your team. LOL

  533. Lol I already knew he gave up when he said weeks ago that he’s going to bench player since they’re losing anyway. Like what kind of coach assumes they’re going to lose before the games are played?!

  534. Yes, it’s been a long time since I’ve been on a competitive team. It’s really nasty to go into any game situation with that kind of person on the court or field. It’s worse if as you noted, that person gets 35% of the attempts, not even the touches. You just hate to go play … maybe that’s why Kobe doesn’t go to practice, it’s a 2-way thing.

  535. The real reason Kobe Bryant doesn’t go to practices is because that’s where Lin will KICK HIS BUTT.

    While Lin is busting his butt in drills and learning the plays and leading the team and being a great teammate, Kobe shirks practices in order not to get embarrassed by Lin.

    The excuse that Bryant is too tired to attend practices doesn’t fly. Bryant is at home shooting and working on his game, so there’s still effort being exerted. It’s just that Bryant doesn’t want to show his team how incapable his is of doing proper team fundamentals and also doesn’t want Lin to come after him in practice.

    I’ve been in situations where some big name star was afraid to step onto the same stage with me because he was gonna get his butt kicked, so Kobe’s behavior looks all too familiar to me.

  536. Yep. That’s why I don’t care to listen to any of BS talks anymore since the startergate.

  537. How Lakers feel about playing with Kobe: Swaggy’s “Django Unchained” comment is about as colorful and frank a description as we could ever hope to hear. Why Kobe doesn’t go to practice: Hopefully it’s to reduce chronos and mileage.

  538. At this point BS shouldn’t bother you anymore. We can just laugh at how ridiculous he sounds.

  539. If we Lin fans view Scott’s unending criticisms as strictly a race based ploy to make Kobe Bryant feel superior to Lin even though Lin’s kicking Kobe’s butt, then everything Scott says and does can easily be predicted.

  540. and don’t wanna see his ugly face in the media

  541. I liked Driving Miss Daisy better, and it’s really funny the picture in my mind of the ages of Jessica Tandy and Morgan Freeman and how over-exposed MF is. Only, MF is fun to watch …

  542. I bet Kobe was amused too!

  543. Excellent point. People are programed to read but not to discern what they are reading. The enemy will continue to post horrible stuff as propaganda, it is the old tactic that if it gets said over and over and over again, it becomes reality. It influences general public in a brainwash way.

  544. I dunno, guys. Many ppl are saying it’s all about race, this BSc thing. For me, it’s partly true, but locker room cra_ola with a p is really nasty at times. Anyone who has played on a competitive team with a coach making decisions has seen it: favorite pets who strut around the locker room, the ego driven star who has to get the ball even if they are choking, the losing spirit, the cliques formed for survival, etc etc.

    Don’t get me wrong, I get the ‘deceptively Lin’ comments and the source. I’m just saying BSc is not all about race … he’s just not a good coach and one of his failures is colored glasses. There are maybe 100 other weak points, so I’m going after a balanced response for equal time on other issues.

  545. LMAO, I’m glad he was amused hehe.

  546. the enemy is right. I see some of them on the other site over posting as usual. Can’t really get motivated to comment, so just upvote the valiant fans.

  547. That’s also pretty true. I avoid to see KB and BS face as much as I can.

  548. Two comments moderated. I said “co-brick”?

  549. Must be hard core spelled with “k”, LOL. Try it.

  550. Believe it considers as name-calling. It’s no-no in this site: Website rule#1

  551. Not name calling, lol. Nickname. A bit sensitive, IMO.

  552. “Lin’s inconsistency” is merely a diversion from the facts that BS is doing a horrible job. And BS is doing this to cover the facts. Don’t buy into what BS said. Don’t use their talking point, don’t repeat their lingo. Don’t give BS’s statement any credit. This is the only way to resist the evil, by not accepting his point of view.

  553. Agreed. BS is nothing but a representative of KB.

  554. I just LOL at that tweet so please don’t delete it.

  555. So…Jimmy Jackson is black and got the same treatment as Lin for the same reasons…incompetent, jealous coaches who were willing to misuse talent just to keep their egos on top. I know you have ample reason based on your own tribulations to see Jeremy’s problems as due only to race…but I think the case you just laid out so plainly here is an excellent argument for why race is not the only factor. Lizard brain territorial aggression is millions of years older and more deeply encoded in the animal side of human nature. Imho it is a powerful part of this story. There have got to be at least a few coaches and/or owners somewhere in the NBA evolved enough to receive Lin confidently as an equal and a valuable asset….I hope.

  556. Cute kid having a birthday will cheer for Jeremy Lin behind Lakers bench
    Hope it will inspire Lin to smile and play well


  557. Really cute 😉

  558. Hehe, Asik rebounding well and NOP well up on HOU. Hehe KHuang Jimmer Fredette with the corner 3!

  559. KHuang made a really excellent post about Jimmy Jackson a couple of pages below, comparing him and Lin in terms of tremendous capability misused and abused by the teams they played for. It’s relevant to your comment, JoeTeam, and because it’s fallen off the back end of the thread by now I’m also re-posting my comment:

    So…Jimmy Jackson is black and got the same treatment as Lin for the same reasons…incompetent, jealous coaches who were willing to misuse talent just to keep their egos on top. I know you have ample reason based on your own tribulations to see Jeremy’s problems as due only to race…but I think the case you just laid out so plainly here is an excellent argument for why race is not the only factor. Lizard brain territorial aggression is millions of years older and more deeply encoded in the animal side of human nature. Imho it is a powerful part of this story. There have got to be at least a few coaches and/or owners somewhere in the NBA evolved enough beyond that level to receive Lin confidently as an equal and a valuable asset….I hope.

  560. This is cool, LAJane and KHuang. For me, I just wanna hold BSc to 100 things he’s failing in hehe.!!!

  561. that might get an awkward moment and a chuckle :]

  562. I’m sure you can offer your help to JLin

  563. That would be a very loooong school day, lol. Bring lots of snacks.

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