G33 MEM @ LAL PostGame Thread

First game of the year and Lin came out aggressive in scoring as he should always be.

This could be the best Lin game as a Laker and it came with Byron only gave him 1-2 min in the 3rd quarter.

20 pts (9/14 FG), 2/3 3pt, 3 reb, 5 ast, 3 stl, 1 blk 1 TO in only 27 min

Congrats, JLin! Keep your head up and keep playing your game!


  1. Hello? HELLLLOOOOO!!!!!!

  2. hi

  3. Lol listening to James Worthy pains me

  4. I hope that THAT would be his stats for the rest of the season…..

    OH WAIT I forgot about BS and Kobe..

  5. Block them out and find peace 🙂

  6. What did he say this time?

  7. Just so biased.. thinks Kobe playing 33 minutes seems just about right…

  8. HAH Conflicting instructions by Byron as per Jeremy!

  9. HAHAHA. who is he referring to. hmmm.

  10. Not the first time, unfortunately.

  11. Looking at Jeremy’s face gives me peace… He’s the Peeta to my Katniss

  12. no human could maintain this kind of stat through out the whole season…while being marginalized

  13. IMO, he is referring to the facts Lin’s skill surpasses all these other NBA players.

  14. I hope Lin plays like this too. Let it go…Lansanity mode. Forget about trying to win with this BS coach and Co-brick.

  15. Well I’m at Jeremy’s side… always.

    He looked at Byron Scott and he told J not to foul yet.

  16. Never listen to BS. Rule 1 to live by. Always conflicting.

  17. BWAHAHAHA Kobe himself admits Jeremy is smart… lol whatever

    It’s not even close to pot calling kettle. It’s more like pot calling the solid-silver-with-24-carat-gold handles dining set black

  18. What an incredibly STUPID QUOTE by an incredibly STUPID PLAYER.

    If Kobe Bryant attended practices and sat in video study, he might realize why Lin CAN’T RELAX while the Lakers are getting their brains beaten out every night due primarily to Kobe’s horrifically bad play.

  19. classic statement by a guy with less intelligence to dismiss a guy who’s smarter. More truthfully, “He just needs to relax. Sometimes 32,000 points doesn’t win you games.”

  20. That’s scary funny.

    The hoggiest brickiest clueless chokester who ditches practices and trashes teammates and plays terribly in games is lashing out at the very system that made him into the chokester he is.

    Hint to Kobe: Try attending practices. There are “real skills” to be learned there, if not from Scott then from the other Lakers training staff.

  21. Recap!!!? What happened? I see Lin went for 20 which is awesome! Was the game even close?

  22. dementia is sad to see at 36.

  23. Lin got the stats, Lakers lost, Kobe bricked, BS is BS………I’m satisfied

  24. I just voted Lin for ASG to celebrate.

  25. Thanks for the reminder 🙂

  26. Yeah he actually did.. and I.LOVE.IT.

  27. Highlights!

  28. Extremely. It was like a playoff game.

  29. Only smart people knows how smart people thinks. But KB is not smart…

  30. Thanks! Added to Video Gallery 😀
    I expect there will be 3-4

  31. wow

  32. Preach the truth, Bro!

  33. That’s quick…

  34. It has been a while since we had a highlight vid over 7+ minutes.

  35. He is at peace 🙂

  36. Lin started hot with 13pts in 15min but BScott only put him in late in Q3 with 1-2 left after he left Ryan Kelly for too long in his 1st game back that MEM retook the lead.

    Then Lin kept being aggressive in the 4th.
    3 steals said it all. Conley/Udrih got their points but Lin also took it to them strong

  37. At least 2 shooting fouls (and ones) not called on the Asian guy.

  38. Jeremy’s post game interview

  39. OK why is it that each time I miss a JLin game it’s always the ones where he gets 20/20+ pts? ><" Oh well just have to wait until tomorrow to rewatch on http://replay.nbaliveonline.tv/

  40. PERFECT jump shooting form by Lin.

    I know I wrote about it before, but I’m so happy that Lin’s form looks fantastic.

    When Lin goes up with his current shooting form, I expect him to make it every time.

    Because Lin’s getting a cleaner jump due to somebody on the Lakers coaching staff correcting his footwork, Lin’s releasing the ball much more smoothly and from a higher apex point than before. Lin hasn’t shot this fluidly since Linsanity.

  41. Lintresting ending.

  42. Stupid Kobe Bryant wasn’t even paying attention when Byron Scott ORDERED Lin not to foul.

  43. for Lin, I know what you mean.

  44. Wow. Thanks for that recap. Just saw those highlights.

  45. then plz miss all the games for the rest of the season 🙂

  46. Man Ed Davis just had to ruin it for Lin

  47. After Lin scored his 20th point with that clutch three, I thought to myself that Kobe would not allow Lin to score again because another bucket means Lin will increase his season high scoring output to either 22 to 23 points (season high was 21 against Bobcats i.e. Lakers first win which started Kobe’s jealousy towards Lin).

    Well, turns out I was right and Kobe made sure Lin never had another chance to attempt a shot without breaking the “offense” aka “hand the ball to Kobe”. Anyways, Kobe will keep firing more bricks at the end of the game to create a unbreakable record of most consecutive field goal misses on game-tying or game-winning shots with 5 seconds or less in the game.

  48. lol can u please not watch Lins game ever agin?

  49. I like the idea but every time after Lin said the right direction then he will get bad game for next?! Hope this will not the same then…

  50. i’m guessing he meant 1st qtr? starters were back at the end of 1st half, isn’t it?

  51. AHAHAHA!

    “I didn’t hear” Kobe Bryant yelling and screaming and cursing!

    ULTIMATE BLOWOFF of Kobe’s bad basketball!

  52. Nice. It’s about time.

  53. NOT DAVIS.

    Kobe ruined it by trying to hog the ball at the end.

    Davis was just the byproduct of Kobe’s hogging.

  54. he’s not a good FT shooter (55-60%) and he got hammered in there. So the issue is kobe’s feed was actually the wrong pass – kick out or alley oop.

  55. Hmm…..we strongly recommend you to miss the remaining games then

  56. I’ve been saying his shot looked much flatter than during his Knick days. I hope he goes back to that form.

  57. Not a bad idea just have to watch the next day Lol Nice experiment to try…There’s a saying that the more you want something the more god refuses to give it you. 🙂

  58. Grizzlies SCRAMBLING to cover Lin with multiple players.

    Like most Western Conference teams that see Lin regularly, Lin’s had a history of burning the Grizzlies badly. The Grizzlies just don’t have a player that can athletically match up with Lin.

    The Grizzlies sent 3 guys after Lin and STILL he split them as if he were Michael Jordan or something like that.

  59. I really start to think Kobe is jealous of Lin making sure he doesnt play well
    and Lin really can use some of that influence the chinese had on the NBA
    he needs to play for the chinese team

  60. okay watch liek every 8 games

  61. Happy lin got his stats ..YAY You Go Lin

  62. That is a good recognition….GJ LIN!

  63. he shudve shot the ball sooner

  64. not really.

  65. Kobe also fouled Hill out because instead of passing to the wide open Lin, Kobe passed to Hill who had no clear path to the basket and Hill ended up picking up his 6th foul (offensive foul) which wasted the Lakers another offensive possession.

  66. I’m in total agreement all the way.

    While I want Lin to play in the NBA as long as possible, I would like to see Lin go to the CBA and teach the Chinese how to play NBA basketball at the end of his career.

    At the rate Lin’s going, Lin would be the perfect guy to send to the NBA to teach the NBA how to play proper basketball!

    Edit: You are correct that Kobe is jealous. Kobe’s historically been jealous of any teammate that did well.

  67. really? he ate it and went up and got 2 guys on his head, on possibly flagrant.

  68. Me too. Even I do wish they could win today but it’s not matter Lin got good stats it’s more important to him.

  69. I just need to watch replays and not live games XD

  70. He can do that after he retires
    If the Chinese guverment has any heart at all, which we know they really dont, they need to help Lin out regardless whether Lin plays for them or not
    his grand parents are from china
    good for business too
    empowered Lin will light up the NBA once again!

  71. Lin not only has gone back to that form, he’s now got better conditioning and better court reads and better experience to go with it!

  72. love the awkward pauses when he got asked in the end about team improved?

  73. What?!

  74. Let’s all RT this one.

  75. meh shudve at least thruw the ball up
    might of gone in
    low bbiq

  76. China should threaten the NBA to play Lin imo

  77. I think so too. Kobe has been the man when t came to the Chinese fan base. Kobe is so afraid that lin will phase him out of that fanbase, which is so ironic that one of the appealing features of lin is that he has the Chinese market sown up with him being the face of Adidas in Asia.

  78. disagree, he had 2 guys wrapped around his head.

  79. hes a big boy he can do it well i guess thats why hes never given a chance on ay team before

  80. Lin getting props from the NBA…Go lin

  81. Kobe still has more fans than Lin in china
    the Chinese dont care about Lin much

  82. That has to be a foul….

  83. I knew what was going to happen the moment Kobe checked back in. Good thing I have grown immune to this nonsense. Kobe is too easy to stop unless he shares the ball with Jeremy. I just have to be content that Jeremy played well.

  84. Lin is not Chinese tho…It is not like Yao. But it will be great if they do…

  85. Lin’s TOO ASIAN to get free throws.

  86. You bought the wrong timing belt. You’ve got to buy it from BS who decides when to shorten the leash.


  88. WHat is the reason to wait until 10 secs left then foul…can someone enlighten me?

  89. I guess

  90. My attempt to help Laker fans to discuss the real issue of Kobe as Coach #1, not BScott


  91. Ever since Jeremy said he like game winners too, Kobe made sure he doesn’t ever get one.

  92. You need to add #Lakers

  93. To save Kobe from pounding the ball for 5 extra seconds?

  94. ran out of characters.. but let me try 😀

  95. I think that the Chinese government would LIKE to help Lin, but they have no leverage over the NBA in Lin’s situation.

    With the other Chinese players like Yao and Mengke and Yi and Sun, the Chinese government entered into various financial agreements with those players’ franchises. Then if the players were mistreated, the Chinese government would twist the NBA’s arms by threatening those financial agreements. That’s how the Chinese government protected Yao especially, though they did it with Yi too when they declared that they didn’t want Yi drafted by Milwaukee because the Chinese government didn’t think they could twist owner Herb Kohl’s arm if Yi was mistreated.

    All the Chinese government is lend its tacit encouragement and admiration of Lin’s ongoing NBA exploits. But they’re utterly powerless to stop any bad behavior toward Lin because Lin’s not a Chinese national and has no Red Chinese handlers.

  96. I was hoping you knew LOL.

  97. I was puzzled why Lin did not just foul…so….beat me…

  98. Jeremy is trending. #3

  99. WRONG.

    That was a HARD FOUL on Ed Davis.

    Nobody can make a shot when being hit that hard, not even Lin.

  100. BS thought there should be no time left on the clock after Lakers made tying or winning shot? Makes no sense.

  101. don’t you feel those haters are so pathetic? they follow lin around joining every forums about him and hate on him whenever possible. even the foul thing they tried to blame it on him. really have no life.

  102. LOL Good one.

  103. The haters are laying low for now.

    They wait a day or two, and then they STRIKE.

    Lin gets the most hate from haters after great games, not bad ones.

  104. The other site reminds me a Euro step I saw Lin used in the game, as good as his former beard teammate. Recall that Lin also had the best dreamshake in the post among their guards when he was a Rox.

  105. He did a 2nd one too, when stu complimented him on slowing down but it was really a combo Euro Step. Great plays today, v creative for himself.

  106. Lin’s been doing that Eurostep for the last 3 seasons.

  107. they probably don’t realize they are 10 times more obsessed than fans about lin.

  108. The spotlight on #Not2FoulGate is rightfully on BScott


  109. The one today was really impressive because there was also a big upper body twisting and arm swinging that swept past the defender.

  110. To foul or not to foul… hmmm. lol.

  111. To foul or not to foul, that is a BS decision.

  112. Actually Lin has struggled with Grizzlies and teams with bigs in many past games but this season he seems to have improved alot and found a way to score against them!

  113. There was no mis-communication

  114. Yup. Just a BS mis-take.

  115. Well this is the 1st time I see a team which is down…then did not try to extend number of possessions…

  116. this can apply to kobe & BS too, after every good game they game plan something else against lin.

  117. He was good playing MEM…..because Lin knows how to use speed to tear them apart.

  118. Probably the last time too.

  119. You can try it next time, see how high you can throw the ball up…My guess is about 1.8 meters…

  120. Seeing that Lin’s jersey was no.3 most selling in China fans I’d say they do care about Lin but they also care about other top players like Lebron and DRose who were no.2 and no.1

  121. ‘Cause Lin acknowledge Taiwan, his father is homeland.

  122. Kevin Ding discussed how Kobe aspired to be a more influential voice than Magic post-retirement.

    I doubt the Buss family would give Kobe much power. The best thing was just minority ownership like Magic did before he sold it


  123. Text Lin to 69622. You can vote once a day besides voting on the web.

  124. Not to mention Lin’s parents were from Taiwan, although his ethnicity is still Chinese but still, his nationality is American-Taiwanese and that makes a difference.

  125. Do you see how fast Gasol tried to run?….This is the discipline you do not see from the laker bigs…..even when running is the only thing they did in TC.

  126. Well I think he is simply just American…..

  127. I guess Scott traumatized them and now the last thing they want to do is run.

  128. this is a longer version of the interview – JLin also discussed about defence on Conley

  129. Better get some shares in exchange for early retirement.

  130. Play of the Day: Jeremy Lin
    Jeremy Lin scrambles for the loose ball and gets it to Wayne Ellington for the one-hand, crowd-raising smash.


  131. LMAO….I guess so

  132. yup.

  133. That is a taste of Linsanity!

  134. lin always trends on top after every good game, lots of people care about him, if teams allow him to shine, giving him just fair treatment, that would be linsanity every day, he’d be one of the biggest stars.

    too bad teams are biased or racists, they fail to gain from him. they seem not to remember he’s the most marketable player being a great player, role model, American, asian heritage, harvard graduate and all.

  135. Yum 🙂

  136. I’d like more servings though..

  137. I like how Lin got better in answering media.
    – He didn’t cover up for BScott’s ineptitude
    – He explained well that 3/4 court trap in Denver took him out of the game so his performance depends on how team game-plan against him.

  138. To BS or not to BS…

  139. We know the real coach is Jeremy.

  140. M…..interesting..

  141. I bet Kobe don’t think it’s interesting.

  142. I am not aware how many TO were left….But given how Kobe fouled and lost….I guess Scott has his point….

  143. BScott wanted the impossible.
    With 24 seconds left and MEM 1pt lead, that would leave no time to make a 3 or a 2, a low % play. Plus MEM can still make an and-1 play

    Nevertheless, it took away the focus from Kobe’s decision to pass to Davis inside who’s not a good FT shooter.

    Mike Trudell was correct to emphasize Lin’s trying to listen to BScott was not the crucial play since there were still 2 more posessions after that.

  144. BS can’t have it both ways. No miscommunication and no yelling at Lin for obeying coaches instruction.

  145. True, but aren’t one set of LIn’s grandparents from Mainland China?

    Either way, Lin is really an American through and through. If only Team USA could get past their own biases and see how great of a teammate he would be.

    He’s the type of player Team USA needs. Not only for his skill and demeanor, but he represents the true American dream.

  146. The Mainland Chinese do care about Lin, just not as much as the Taiwanese do.

  147. kobe just does what he wants all the time, with no respect for others …

  148. I would like to see Lin go to the CBA and teach the Chinese how to play NBA basketball at the end of his career.

    The problem is that the CBA is pretty inept. Even Yao had a lot of troubles getting them to change their ways.

    Hopefully after the last few years of humiliating losses they will start to shape up. But somehow, I doubt it. It’ll still be awhile before they really change the program.

  149. He wanted the less-likely-to-success-event I guess at least he went with a way that still has a slim chance to win or tie…better than just tank…..

  150. Making Kobe look good has much higher priority than tanking.

  151. The jealousy is just fantastic…that a guy of Kobe’s rep feels so intimidated by somebody else’s smarts. Also, we here had no illusions left, but in case the world was thinking Kobe had any mentorship left in him for Jeremy, Serena Winter’s tweet of this Kobe quote puts a full stop to that – “…but I’m not telling him anymore”.

  152. I guess so….LOL

  153. Coaching fail. lol.

  154. how was your chocolate?

  155. Actually I have no problem with Scott’s decision to use up some time, only being down by 1. Also Lin did the right thing to listen to the coach. Maybe Kobe made a big deal because he misunderstood and thought that Lin was not going to foul at all.

  156. Could be.

  157. However it shows the disconnect between Kobe and the rest of the team and the coaches. Even if Kobe is injured he should be sitting in during practices and taking notes. SMH.

  158. Kobe is just USING everyone……lol…

  159. except Lin, who gets no usage ha ha.

  160. either way, it didn’t matter because kobe was only 2.5 sec off Scott’s plan. He’s miss it either way. The key was a kick out for Lin at the 3, or a high lob to Ed instead of a chest pass.

  161. Doh! Missed a good game I see. I’m not surprised at Lin scoring, but 27 minutes? I assume BS was trying to win using Lin?

  162. Haven’t been back to the old turf in months. After reading Rose’s remark and then Rikki M’s funny, I decided to read a few more posts, and 10 seconds later I was rudely reminded of why I left.

  163. I’d say, seeing Jeremy play is yummier than the chocolate. 🙂

  164. Same feeling.

    Too bad she doesn’t post here.

  165. I believe Jeremy will have a stronger performance for the rest of the season. My clue was in Jeremy’s latest blog post.

    I think Jeremy was upset and depressed like many of us. I mean, marginalised AGAIN?! We all knew Morey and McHale had personal reasons to marginalise Lin. But it was somewhat surprising to see Scott and Kobe turn on Lin after appearing supportive initially.

    I think Lin has come to grips with this latest setback and will find a way to produce greatness on the basketball court in spite of the marginalisation. The said blog post is Lin’s way of venting but is also a sign that he has processed his thoughts and feelings on his predicament.

    Eventually if Lin maintains a high level of performance and Kobe starts to lost some of his control over the Lakers then we will see some interesting fireworks.

  166. Great post. I think Kobe’s control is already slipping away, because he knows that lin would get the team back to Showtime Lakers if given the playing time and support. Kobe looks at lin and sees how he use to play, but his body won’t let him do that anymore. He did recognize that lin was really smart with off beat comment about Lin’s game.Tonight spoke volumes on how low Kobe has sunk, when he could not even muster up a supportive comment on how well lin played. Kobe is realizing that he is not the man anymore. The thing with Lin is that he is killing Kobe with kindness. Lin being on this team has put a spotlight on Kobe’s antics that everything that was written about kobe in the earlier is true.

  167. stu was trying to defend this by saying there’s no stats on this for any other players other than Kobe.

    Well, Kobe’s legacy is that he is clutch on these shots and he’s pretty much guaranteed to be the only one that can shoot these shots.

    Lin doesn’t even get a chance last nite since he was the guy throwing in the ball.

  168. Kobe’s legacy is that he’s NOT clutch on hitting these shots.

  169. See NBA doesn’t care enough to write about Kobe unless it’s negative..LOL

  170. Elbow looks better… not flared out…

  171. That’s so funny. You can’t have it both ways! If there’s implied stats to ALWAYS have Kobe take the clutch shots at the end of the game, then those stats can also show Kobe choking them. Typical double speak from bias media.

  172. I have asked her to come here.

  173. It’s a shame that taking the last shot (or having the ball at crunch time) is now a status symbol. A privilege only afforded to the guys at the top of the hierarchy. Sad cause I thought it should be about winning.

  174. I cannot believe how STUPID the media and fanboards are.

    All of the bricks and missed shots at the end by Kobe and all anybody cares about is Lin not fouling because his friggin’ coach told him not to?

    Who cares about what Lin did? He wasn’t hurting the team, and Scott’s orders not to foul are not necessarily incorrect. And now people are criticizing the Asian guy for following the coach and being a team player, including the damn coach himself who blames Lin by calling it a “miscommunication?”

    The race hate against Lin is spiraling out of control. To me, it’s far worse than before Linsanity because Lin’s repeatedly proven that he’s a STAR in the NBA.

  175. Lin taught is that the crunch time shot should go to the OPEN shooter.

    It was just good smart basketball when he fired that pass to Troy Daniels last playoffs. That one pass MADE Troy Daniels’ career.

    Kobe is the anti Lin.

  176. Thanks Joyce. Actually a part of me feels sorry for Kobe. After all his success, coming to grips with his own weaknesses and frailties must be difficult. At the same time I am also upset at his stubbornness. I guess not everyone can be like Tim Duncan.

  177. I agree that Lin is the anti Kobe. Or Kobe is the anti Lin. Does this mean they can’t coexist?

  178. The last time Lakers won on a last second shot was when kobe bailed with 6 seconds left on an ISO to no where. He forced all 10 players to the left side of the court the. Dumped it to LIN who couldn’t create any space with so many people around and dumped it to Swaggy. Swaggy took the desperation shot from way downtown and made it to win the game.

    It was after that game that Swaggy made that “driving ms Daisy” comment and LIN said that he’d like to take a few of those game winning shots.

  179. Oops. Didn’t see this until now. Repeat the post up there. Internet since early 3rd qtr of the game. Try to do the catch up now:-)

  180. Love that “killing Kobe with Kindness”. Lol. It’s a complete loss when you’ve lost in every way to someone and you can’t even get mad at him. If you do, you’ll look like an infantile jerk. Kobe must be fuming, but he can’t vent directly at LIN, or LIN will beat him down some more in the court of public opinion.

  181. He IS a STAR. That’s why he draws so much attention, even on innocent plays. He’s among the top 3 most polarizing players in the NBA, might even be #1.
    Nobody talks about players they don’t have feelings for (good or bad).

    I think we have to come to accept that Jeremy is a lightning rod for all sorts of emotions, and not get our blood pressures up so easily (I’m guilty of getting real mad btw, but I’ve had 3 years now to therapy myself!)

  182. You are right. On the christian side of the house. lin is a light unto dark places. When lin shows up he is to shed light on everything that is evil and crooked.

  183. Tim Duncan has been taught by the great master Popivich…LOL

  184. I also think Kobe is dealing with some abandonment issues in his life. He doesn’t have a relationship with his parents because he chose not too, which makes me very sad. If he had somebody like Popivich raise him up in the NBA, I think he would have been a better person, and not some spoiled child that throws tantrums to get his way.

  185. There’s “ordinary” criticism that goes for stars.

    Then there’s the RACE BASED GARBAGE that Lin exclusively gets.

    For a low usage player who hasn’t been a regular starter in two seasons, Lin receives an inordinate amount of race based blame.

    I as a longtime NBA fan will accept normal “star” criticism as it applies to starters who play major minutes and have tons of touches.

    But I WILL NOT accept this race based hate of a low minute low usage bench player who doesn’t play enough to negatively impact games even if he missed every shot and turned the ball over every time.

  186. I think we all can agree that the game was lost because Kobe didn’t hit that perfect 3 point clutch play. Some folks on twitter still trying to talk about Kobe mad and yelling at Lin about not fouling Conley.LOL

  187. It absolutely means that Lin and Kobe CANNOT COEXIST.

    Winners and losers never get along.

  188. It’s LIN’S team.

    From the start of the season, that has been the case.

    No matter what stupid nonbasketball shenanigans are pulled, Lin is the BEST PLAYER on this Lakers team and not even Byron Scott can bench that away.

  189. Lin’s been beating Kobe down ON THE COURT.

    In practices, in huddles, in games, in crunch time, Lin OUTPLAYS KOBE all the way.

    Nobody feels the sting of getting PUNKED more than Kobe does. That’s why he was so angry with Lin after last game.

    The best part is when a reporter mentioned Kobe being mad and Lin just BLEW KOBE OFF!!!

  190. Stupid Bryant is just trying to DEFLECT BLAME for his HORRIBLE CLUTCH CHOKE JOB.

  191. Is defensive rating the lower the number the better and offensive rating is higher the better?

  192. Lin fans like this Nathan Gottlieb are VICIOUS.

    They’re merciless in the way they use HARD FACTS to criticize the Lakers’ losing ways.

  193. Scott is saying now that it is a miscommunication. He did try to explain in his postgame interview of what happened and that he will talk to Kobe about it. It is mostly the media showing a clip of kobe yelling at lin.

  194. Yep, lower the number for defensive rating the better the number. Higher offensive rating is better.

  195. I agree that it’s totally unfair, unjust and garbage.
    We do our best by refuting through stats, videos, logic, tweets, votes for ASG, for polls etc, but in the end haters gonna hate.

    Race is a major part of it, but not the entirety. Like Joyce says…Jeremy sheds light into darkness. People are VERY threatened by him in more ways than bball. His education is another dimension, but also in terms of lifestyle, Jeremy can represent the enemy to many people by reminding them of things they rather not think about.
    Basically the same reasons that many of us embrace Jeremy are the same reasons others hate him.

    That’s an issue with their hearts.
    So what can you do even if you do not accept the senseless hate? Nobody is accepting it here. We just have to learn to deal with it, and continue to do what we have been doing.

    Edit: I might add that it’s for the good of our own mental and physical health!

  196. I put my favorite Jeremy game highlights in my tablet. So far, two of my favorite highlights for this season are @ San Antonio and this one vs Memphis Grizzlies. His best highlights for me are those when he’s playing against top teams. He really squares it off against playoff bound teams. There is one game I’m looking forward to that I hope he will show up against this team’s star player: Lebron James of the Cleveland Cavaliers. I want to see if Lebron will guard him like he did in Miami.

  197. Thanks! 🙂 Anyone know what Lin’s average defensive rating for the season is? Lets compare it with other PGs of the league! If Lin’s are at the top then next time a bias loser/announcer says Lin has bad defensive, we’ll throw these stats at them!!

  198. very true. Lin rightfully had to let Kobe play the PG but only to see Kobe tried so hard not to pass to Lin so he won’t be the hero.

    Kobe’s ego has made him so insecure about who becomes the hero. It’s not about winning or losing for him. It’s about the fear of losing the adoration of LA fans to Lin and any other players.

  199. That’s the normal schedule for Lin… Scott never adjust the playing time for Lin as usual… smh!

  200. Great post.

  201. I agree. I rather he play the entire 4th. No question about it.

  202. Because there aren’t any positives to write about LMAO!

  203. Yeah, then having a reason to yell at Lin when Lin didn’t foul Conley. I think Kobe is realizing that he is loosing the adoration the Laker fans. I think kobe knows that Lakers are not going to sign him to another contract and he is mad about that.

  204. He’s looking for the wrong thing – adoration. If he was smart enough to look for the right thing – another championship – and if he’s smart enough he’ll let Jeremy and the rest of the team win it for him.

  205. Kobe is way outta control now. i think the F/O is not happy with him at all. They are just biding their time until he retires.

  206. Has anybody figured out what Kobe meant when he said that lin was really smart, but takes himself too seriously..wth?

  207. What one sees in others is often a reflection of oneself.

  208. Freakin’ FO should align their priorities now and have BS reign in Kobe and his minutes, but… oh well…

  209. what a load of crap.LOL

  210. HaHa! You don’t believe him either? LOL! I really hope so but will wait & see what happen next game…?

  211. Only 16 days. Vote for Lin ASG in tweet, FB & http://www.nba.com/allstar/

  212. There is one thing BS seriously is lacking in managing players’ minutes: common sense.

    Hello why take out the guy who is making your job way easier (Jeremy)? Why take out the guys who are making their shots (Jeremy and Ed)?Why take out the guy who is setting up the team (Jeremy)? Why take out the guy terrorizing the opponent (Jeremy)?

  213. The updated technical lingo is “solid waste”.

  214. Jlin had one of the biggest moment an NBA player could experience in linsanity? Boozer is a vet I beleieve he had some big moments before. Plus what big moments did lakers have this season? Being at the bottom of the league consider big?

  215. I like this idea, but the scary thing about it is…I’m paranoid about Jeremy not being put back in in the 4th.
    Let’s say for example, after Jeremy is taken out end of the 3rd, and Price comes in. Price pops in a 3 from outside, and suddenly Scott decides to go with the hot hand with his ‘son’.
    And by the time BS decides that Price wasn’t that hot after all, the game is down to 3 minutes and it’s garbage time.

    If I had confidence that BS was a smart coach who wasn’t out to mess with Lin’s minutes, this fear would be unfounded. But since I don’t have the confidence…

  216. Bc all Scott cares the most it’s Kobe only not the winning game or anyone else… smh!

  217. After Kobe made this comment: the tweeters really trashed Kobe…LOL


  218. I like what Kobe said no matter it’s from his heart or not… I take it for now…. LOL!

  219. I wonder if this came in the post-game interview after Kobe realized Lin merely followed BScott’s order not to foul 3 times and Lin (rightfully) defended himself.

    It’s not about inexperience (at least not Lin’s but Byron’s) as Kobe falsely assumed before.
    But Kobe wanted Lin to relax and not defend himself after being blamed all season long?

    It’s just another diss from Kobe for Lin not defending himself. We’d have to watch Kobe’s post-game interview to be sure. And I’m not sure I want to listen to Kobe speaking LOL

  220. true, Duncan would’ve no problem doing so because Spurs philosophy has been always about the team and team-shared wins. OTOH, Kobe has used 19 years for personal glory first so he’s going to go down shooting (not working) or being SG/PG (somewhat working ..until he has to shoot 🙂

    oh well, I don’t expect Kobe to change his color so it’s better for Lin to move if Kobe doesn’t retire soon

  221. It sounded like a damage control statement by Kobe after he realized lin was only following Byron’s instructions.

  222. it’s the desperate final plea from Kobe to stay relevant despite his poor shooting and deteriorating body. Too bad the ego is still too big for him to be the PG to let Lin shoot in the final 5 min.

  223. and Byron is mad at Jeremy for outcoaching him :]

  224. I like what Kobe said about Lin but I will not take it too much weight from him bc Kobe’s in NBA 19 years… he knew what to say… They do teach the players about PR.

    But I also think no need to care what Kobe argued w Lin on that foul problem… Kobe was right & he just wanted to win… not that big deal… he did read all the news after the game. He will know what’s really going on for sure.

  225. I agree. that would make sense since Kobe is unwilling to say “My bad, it’s Byron who is inexperienced, not Lin” :]

  226. I hope Lin can be savvy in being diplomatic with Kobe by saying something like “Kob, I knew fouling is the right step but I listened to coach that time and didn’t hear you screaming to foul. Next time, you want me to listen to you as the Coach in the final 3 min? LOL” {not taking things too seriously)

  227. I think they are OK bc from Lin’s post game interview, he was even laughing about this… not that big deal between them.

  228. Kobe doesn’t get it. Lin doesn’t take himself too seriously. He might take “doing well” too seriously but that’s completely different. And he’s trying to do better. Here is what he said in his recent blog post :

    ” Trust me, there have been many times … where I was filled with frustration, many situations where I felt overwhelmed and many nights where I couldn’t sleep much because I was thinking about the game. But through it all, I’ve been learning how to surrender the results to God, how to walk by faith and not by sight, … “

  229. I bet they dont think Lins any good
    they’ve seen the great Yao
    set the standard too high now
    I dont think they cared about any other chinese players that came out after yao cuz none of them were any good

  230. also his grandparents are from china
    so his family actually came from china

  231. hes american after all
    he prolly sees himself more as asian american than anything

  232. lol kobe lost to Lin?

  233. yah with eds height 1.8 is good enuf

  234. 13 missed shots in a row? That ain’t nothing. Kobe can miss another 13 no problem. Just stay the F outa his way.

  235. What does it mean?

  236. It’s too hard to generalize because even as great as Yao is, there were a lot of Mainland Chinese haters as well.

    China is like the US in that there’s a lot of diverse opinions and thoughts on who is good and who is not.

    But I will say that when I do talk to random Mainland Chinese people about him, most of them say he’s pretty good and that he’s been held back by the teams he’s on. Maybe they were just being polite, I don’t know, but that’s what I heard from them.

  237. I picked up this from someone’s posting from forums.lakersground.net, which I tend to agree…

    “Seriously, why are we arguing about fouling earlier or later? The question should be why aren’t we pressing and trapping with 25 seconds left and down by 1? If we’re going to foul anyway shouldn’t we make the effort and take the gamble? What’s the worst thing that can happen? We foul and they make 2? They break the trap and make 2? Either way we are going to have to foul so why not take the gamble and pressure the ball handler and trap him? Either way we are giving up potential 2 points in free throws so why not? Stop the argument about taking the last shot or not because it doesn’t matter. We simply didn’t give ourselves a chance to win this game. So freaking pissed.”

  238. Not too long ago she wrote a eulogy for Lin. Not that I blame her. A lot of fans lost hope.

  239. Hellooo everyone! I see… you’re all here. 🙂

  240. That they have their favorite black players and they don’t go to the games or watch the games on TV, they just look at stats.

  241. I’m glad the Lakers coaching staff are correcting his form and footwork, not sure why it took that long though. Anyway I hope the coach that corrected his form will be the coach Lin gets to practice with him during off season!

  242. Oh … Thanks and wow is it really a tweet from MJ ?

  243. Asian kids be like “how does Jeremy Lin have so few votes”. Seriously, if you divided his total votes 114,286 by how many votes a fan can put in from the first day (say just 1 vote a day, and not counting most of fans actually vote multiple times a day) which is 20 votes (Dec 11 through Dec 31) =5714 fans have vote once per day. To me, this is way too low. All Star vote is definitely rigged.

  244. This is from an interview Scott did with the OC Register in his reasons for not having Lin foul:


  245. No..LOL

  246. I dont think he cares a bit
    everybody should follow his lead lol

  247. hi @chan c :]
    Happy New Year to you & family!

  248. Hi psalm… i missed you..ha ha

    Happy Happy New Year too – to you and the family , esp. the kids. 🙂

  249. Aloha and Happy New Year! …with a great Lin game to start it off with!

  250. No, BS did not care win or lose, the only reason he did not put Price in was because Price was so bad last night and BS did not want to look too stupid by putting in Price for Lin, but he still managed to get the L.

  251. I’d have to disagree.

    Lin having the hot hands would be the Perfect Decoy so Kobe won’t be double-teamed to make his hero shots. It’s as simple as that.

  252. It really puzzles me. Like another poster mentioned earlier, Lakersground posters are blaming Lin for following BS instruction for not fouling. WTH? If they even have one ounce of brain they would know if Lin had not followed BS instruction, and lose the game, what kind of blame Lin would got? Kobe can do anything he feels like, poor Lin can do nothing right.

  253. Happy New Year! 🙂

    Yeah , I truly believe , it’s the – Year of the LIN! 🙂

    Oh wait , you’re not IsabeliJane, are you?

  254. Ironically it was BS trying to be too smart. He was thinking about the game clock, shot clock, remaining timeouts. Nonsense. Just foul and stop the damn clock! Don’t leave yourself only 0.6 sec after the FTs to make a play. You can always eat up some remaining seconds before taking the last shot.

  255. Alone again…..naturally 🙁

  256. lol, she is not. IsabelieJane is in Singapore, LAJane is the girl gave Lin the flowers in the airport when Lin came back from China for physical.

  257. “Relax????”

    The season is falling apart, the Lakers are getting stomped, and Kobe is talking about “relaxing???”

    Go practice with your team for once, Kobe Bryant!

  258. It’s not meaning…it’s emotion – jealousy of any other smart player on the court, and especially Lin.

  259. hey we all missed you too :]
    May 2015 bring lots of blessings to you and the family.
    Did you wait to buy any Lin Lakers merchandise? it might be wise

  260. If Lebron guards Lin, Lin will ROAST HIM.

    It’s not that Lebron is actually a bad defensive player. I love Lebron’s game on defense and consider him one of the best defenders in the game.

    It’s more that Lebron James is fighting his bad back and thus Lebron can’t guard ANYBODY right now.

  261. oh really :] thx for the info, Dorothy

    @lajane:disqus, thanks for giving Lin flowers at the airport a while back!
    That was huge news, some people thought Jeanie Buss sent you haha..

  262. It’s not so much adoration that Bryant is looking for.

    Bryant is seeking to be “the best player” in his own wittle mind.

    When Lin plays well, Bryant is never happy even when he’s being adored due to Lin making Bryant look good.

    The problem is that Bryant actually doesn’t regard himself as the best player in his own mind, as Lin’s been KILLING Bryant all season long. And Lin isn’t even playing “against” Bryant the way Bryant is playing against Lin!

  263. To make is more obvious, according to NBA vote counts, there are less than 1904 fans ( 114286 votes divided by 20 days divided by 3 votes) voted for Lin 3 votes/day started from Dec 11. I don’t believe this for a sec.

  264. Great post.

    I openly admit that I often enjoy trolling the trolls.

    Whatever frustration I feel, I vent it on them because they are the source of Lin’s problems.

  265. More like the NBA’s ultimate superstar worshiper in Gregg Popovich was SCHOOLED by the NBA’s most unselfish supersta in Tim Duncan.

  266. Thanks for re-posting over here. Has anyone invited her to check out jlinportal? EDIT: Oops, just read farther down and saw KHuang has done so…great.

  267. Question is – Why did I wait so long to come on this site? ha ha

    Thank you psalm. We are blessed and victorious forever. Like JLin , I hold on to that promise.

    Actually, my boys advised me not to buy. I don’t know , maybe because they’re wise enough to know Lin’s predicament in LA. 🙂

  268. i thought so… 🙂

    Thanks Dorothy.

  269. Just some biased posters from LG. Most of posters there are fair and rational.

  270. Happy new year!
    First game 2015..jeremy come out blazing..no doubt.

  271. Can’t blame #24, so…..

  272. Relax!

  273. Happy new year khuang….

  274. It’s totally sad, a franchise like the lakers being handcuffed by an egomaniac, that is #24…
    Both, the busses siblings are terrible
    Managing the lakers. Sad.

  275. Yeah, BS didn’t want to embarrass himself in front of LA fans by paying a 3rd string Price.

  276. BS is embarrassing the LAL organization.

  277. LOL

  278. Baxter HolmesVerified account‏@BaxterHolmes
    Kobe Bryant is on the coldest “clutch” shooting streak of his career: http://es.pn/1xE6k3H


    Kobe Bryant is considered clutch for the various late-game shots that the Los Angeles Lakers star has buried throughout his 18-plus seasons in the NBA.

    But the 36-year-old has been ice cold in that category lately. In fact, when the game has been on the line, he has been off the mark more than at any other point during his NBA career, a mark he reached Friday night in his team’s 109-106 loss to the Memphis Grizzlies at Staples Center.

    As ESPN Stats & Info noted on its Twitter account, after missing a potential game-tying 3-pointer at the buzzer against the Grizzlies, Bryant has now missed 13 potential game-tying or go-ahead shots in the final five seconds of the fourth quarter or overtime.

    His last such make came on March 6, 2012, when he sank a 19-foot fadeaway at the buzzer to send the game into overtime on the road against the Detroit Pistons. The Lakers lost that game 88-85.

    Before Friday’s loss to Memphis, Bryant’s streak of 12 missed potential game-tying or go-ahead shots in the final five seconds of the fourth quarter or overtime was tied for his longest such streak. He also missed 12 such shots in a row between Nov. 2, 2005, and Dec. 29, 2006.

    Basketball Reference’s website says it only has play-by-play data available beginning with the 2000-01 season, but from that point until now, Bryant has shot 26.3 percent (25 of 95) on potential game-tying or go-ahead shots in the final five seconds of the fourth quarter or overtime.

  279. OMG!!! When you’re behind, the clock is your enemy. BS is the worst used car saleman ever. How the heck this guy is still coaching is beyond imaginable. To have 20 sec to setup an open 3 is still better than 10 and just in case you miss there’s time for offensive rebound. BS is a bonehead and worse he tried to defend his decision not to foul.

  280. HotTopics: I think the Rockets are imploding. There is talk that there is finger pointing among the players and that harden is the only player stepping up to the plate to take responsibility for the down fall of the team…WOW

  281. Price was pretty bad defensively last night.

  282. Lin was the second best player behind LBJ last season in drive percentage. They haven’t found that replacement yet.

  283. a lot of fans did get hammered. JLin’s journey is not easy.

  284. On good games, I go over there to read the folks who have not come here.

  285. can’t have a great JLin game without controversy boo! oh well.

  286. to me though ppl are saying when down you save clock, the TO argument is sound and I give Byron a 10 and Kobe a 2 for making both Lin and Byron look bad. On the other hand, it shows how disruptive Kobe is in key moments for any team. I’d say anyone in the military would question Kobe’s move, but then again, we know throughout history those to take the bull by the horns make a different. Only, this time and more to come, Kobe lost the game for LAL. If you want to be a hero, you cannot have that clutch missing streak.

  287. IJ is in the Phils.

  288. Whoa really? That’s pretty cool. Pics?

  289. Yes, BSc should have had a press on.

  290. is that the real MJ? nm, I guess prob not.

  291. In a little while from now …

  292. You know what, Joe Team, I can always tell when God was in the mist with Lin, because the enemy will always try to come and confuse things. Even with that fouling incident God gave Lin favor because Scott admitted his failing and he told kobe that he was the coach and this is what he wanted to do.

  293. This i true too, but I think BSc was ok in his decision because of the TO argument.

  294. Welcome to the Josh smith era…haha…. I have waiting for the collapse of the hustink rockets.

  295. that laugh was great, like a kid saying yeah, “can you believe it, these 2 guys fighting over this. pffft. doesn’t matter we lost.”

  296. Hey, who posted this here first ha ha.

  297. Ride JLin through to the end or pull him out in garage time if he can effectuate a downhill run!

  298. It is going to be interesting to see how Scott gets himself into preservation mode. Now that Kobe has decide he wants to retire and Scott knows that he is only on the team because of kobe, we will see where Scott puts his loyalties to. I would no even doubt that F/O has presented this picture to Scott. He will continue to say nice things about Kobe and make him feel like a son, but Scott is a snake in the grass.

  299. kobe needs to experience Linsanity to grow.

  300. “Lin could have won the game, but you know, it’s not my fault.”

  301. Also looking at the highlights. lin ignore Kobe a couple of times and scored. That is what Kobe was really mad about. I would not doubt if Scott had a side conversation with lin and told him to do his thing. Scottt is in self preservation mode now. We will see what he does..LOL

  302. I bet Harden misses lin a lot. He knows that sharks that are swimming in the water and he has taken a lot of the offensive mode on his shoulder. he knows that lin would never stab him in the back, if push came to shove. He is even taking responsibility when he doesn’t play his best. he learned this from Lin.

  303. no really, his pass to Ed Davis was a hospital pass. It should have been a lob for an easy elevate-slam.

  304. Now that Lin is no longer there, the Rockets fans finally started to realize what a horrible player Beverley is. Guess this is your Acie Law v2.0 lol. Will Ronnie Price be Acie Law v3.0?

  305. FO needs to give BSc assurances and incentive to start applying pressure on Kobe, given they control the rest of the franchise and viewership is down going into a major renegotiating of TV revs.

  306. a shoe-throw would have saved the game

  307. that run to foul … would have been funny if they made a hard inside pass for a slam lol.

  308. thems the facts, m’am.

  309. Yep, they are saying stuff like Bev is not a starting PG and we need somebody better.LOL

  310. Great post! Troy Daniels is having a revival now with limited minutes. Fingers crossed for him.

  311. Kobe’s freelance foul underlines how out of touch he is with the team game, the team, proper command and control in team situations, and how he’s freelancing. The opera singer is getting ready for her finale …

  312. JHill’s expression, priceless

  313. hehe, BScott says Kobe is like a son to him before the game. Then Kobe countermands him (no way he didn’t here BSc say no no no to foul). Petulant son. It’s ova ….

  314. takes 2 to tango, and as the Chinese say, it takes 2 hands to clap.

  315. BS is smarter than KM, though both are assistant coaches to the ballhogs.

  316. Ego massager: Keith Smart, Mike Woodson, Kevin McHale, Bryon Scott
    Father figure to star player: Kevin McHale, Bryon Scott
    Offensive genius who quit because of Carmelo and Kobe: Mike D’Antoni

    I guess Mike D’Antoni is the only coach Lin has played for in the NBA whereas other “coaches” should really have other job titles.

  317. Scott is a survivor. Him standing up for Lin on that fouling play is interesting. and the plot thickens

  318. Paraphrasing Brent: “Please, no more discussion on Jeremy’s shooting form.” lol.

  319. tell her it is kid friendly.

  320. Yes…but but but but….
    —- says #24.

  321. could be and if you factor in team cohesion and command and control under pressure, Kobe’s move was just the worst in freelancing or going AWOL. Would have love to have seen a hard entry pass for the alley oop.

  322. Also looking back, I noticed that Harden never through lin under the bs. I went to the game where the Laker played the Rockets and their was a lot of chit chat between harden/lin. They were whispering to each other and laughing a lot.

  323. Good call, I was wondering when Lin started to ignore everyone. Unlike him.

  324. More proof that BS is a master at tanking.

  325. Looks like he should have ignored the coach on that run down the clock foul.

  326. Nice to see the Rockets struggling now.


  327. I predicted that Rox would descend like Knicks after Lin left. Haha, I am glad to watch it unfold in front of us Lin fans.

  328. nah, it was good to do that and now Kobe looks like the schmuck to anyone who knows team ball. Yet another step toward irrelevance for Kobe.

  329. just noticed Lin’s sitting pass to Ellington was a no-look wow.

  330. The late season fall is very characteristic of McHale’s coaching, and it’s about time to go down.

  331. usually starts about 2 weeks after ASG and this year, you don’t have Lin to bail Rox out.

  332. yes, it is working out quite well for Lin, that no-foul, of you look at it from a team, coaching, and owner’s point of view. That spring by kobe was the fastest he’s run in ages, and it really looked goofy. Can’t say I’ve seen that in bball this whole time I’ve been back to watching it (2/4/2012).

  333. I CALLED IT this summer.

    The Rockets have the weakest backcourt in the NBA, weaker than even the Lakers.

    It’s one thing for the Rockets to pad their stats against injured teams and bottom feeders. It’s another thing entirely for them to face real teams that have real backcourts.

  334. This kind of Larry Bird play happens only with players like Lin and Bird who see plays developing before they happen.

    It’s a Jedi trait.

  335. Harden didn’t like Lin as a teammate because Lin was kicking his butt, but Harden and Lin never really had any personal problems other than Lin refusing to go to strip clubs.

  336. (small voice me): I agreed with Scott’s decision to dare Memphis to brick up a shot instead of giving Memphis the freebies at the line.

  337. If Basketball Reference had stats from before 2000, Kobe’s shot percentage in the clutch would DECREASE.

  338. It’s more fake talk from Bryant.

  339. Did anyone notice that Kobe’s documentary on his so called life didn’t get any advertisement and it went out like a flicker.

  340. Rigged for sure. I’ve been saying it for a couple of years now. Last year I voted everyday multiple times, and I saw his votes barely creep up. Then ‘what’s his name’ (seriously can’t remember) declares he doesn’t want to play ASG and boom Curry gains a couple hundred thousand votes in a week.

  341. Well to be fair, they said this last season too. A lot of them think neither Bev nor Lin are starting caliber but between these two they prefer Bev for unmentionable reasons.

  342. I watched their game vs Pelicans, they didn’t play well… J. Smith was bad. They treated him bad too. from 1-3Q he only played 5 min got 0 point. All his points from trash time.

    Mc also didn’t like PB that much this season. He only played 18 min.

  343. “Unmentionable?”



  344. On JLin’s blog post: For all those fellow fans who reacted to that post as if Lin was sad and down (other sites, I’m sure), notice Lin’s game yesterday.

    I’ve posted this before, and these past 2 days underline something I’d like to print in Lin lexicon or canon … Christrian leadership calls ppl out to NOT wail in public until you can make it a testimony. That means you’ve resolved it. Yes, in Church, you hear ppl asking for support, wailing for help, etc but those are not the leaders. Those are ppl who are part of the community.

    That said, help me change the tide of knee-jerks so we can celebrate knowing Lin’s inner journey in a more timely way. I too was surprised by our hopes for Linsanity coming true, but I was ready for it and it was a blast.

  345. I didn’t know anything about this at all… LOL!

  346. I don’t get it. One week they’re extending McHale’s contract by 3 years and the next week they’re imploding. LOL I guess those two cornerstones are not providing their team great leadership.

  347. feudalism? homage to Harden that is.

  348. Jeremy Lin is an elite complete player. Forget the haters and his clueless coach and psycho SG teammate Kobe.
    I hope after the past 3 months Lin realizes he should just play HIS brand of basketball and stop trying to “fit in”. He’s an elite scorer and should be putting up 12+ shots a game no matter what. His skill level is good enough that he’ll average 15pts a game from here on out consistently looking to score, plus he’ll have good efficiency.

    It’s his contract year and he’s fully capable of still catapulting his career.


  349. Two seasons ago Morey claimed that KM was the COY, right before their 7 game losing streak. Morey is such a good comedian.

  350. My bad, the release date is February 2015

  351. You called?

  352. D12 had one too, right? Not popular either. Looks like Linsanity movie is not too bad after all.

  353. Kobe is so mean-spirited, selfish, arrogant and egotistical. Why would anyone be interested in watching a documentary about his life? It offers nothing inspirational.

  354. Excellent post my friend. The scripture states that Jesus came not to condemn the world, but to show them a better life. Lin’s journey has been remarkable is that he understands that this is bigger than basketball. If you notice that most religions are not against the a concept of God, but they have a problem with Jesus. Lin polarization is the same. They are saying that nobody is this good at heart and loves everybody. There must be something wrong with him. But as a Christian, I have seen that God has raised lin up in a more powerful platform because his influence expands around the world not only as a basketball player, but as a cultural Icon. Lin is the face of Adidas in Asia and when you give him the minutes to play his game, he doesn’t disappoint. That is why I say , I will always support lin, because his calling is much higher than basketball.

  355. when jeremy went on a tear in the first half i specifically looked for kobe’s reaction on the bench. guess what? HE WASN’T THERE. when the rest of the team were jumping up and cheering, kobe must’ve been in the locker room taking a dump because he wasn’t there. go back and watch if you don’t believe me. i thought dammmnit, kobe’s not going to know jeremy is hot. SURE ENOUGH come crunchtime in the last 4 minutes kobe plays PG and COMPLETELY freezes jeremy out. jeremy–the hottest shooter on the team–doesn’t touch the ball unless he is inbounding the ball the last 4 minutes. kobe PG fails again. and that’s why the lakers lost.

  356. He probably was in the locker room getting treatment. Kobe has to lie down during the half time. This is what he has said himself. I also saw the team rooting lin on. These guys just want to play basketball and compete.

  357. Did Kobe get injury or what? I also notice he was not in the bench?!

  358. who knows, but it really would have helped if he saw jeremy going off. it would’ve changed the game.

  359. it’s too bad kobe didn’t see him–and you could TELL kobe didn’t really know what to say when asked about jeremy having a great game in his post game interview. he prob didn’t know jeremy was hot.

  360. Kobe did say nice thing about Lin Check MM’s tweet.

  361. i dunno about that….AAU turns more kids into welfare thugs than NBA players. kids playing AAU ball–BBall becomes their LIFE–at the cost of doing well in school and realizing that 99% of them have no shot at making the league. AAU crushes dreams and produces illiterate inner city kids whose only life skill is playing basketball well enough to dominate a rec league.

  362. yes, he made a nice generalization–but if you listened to the interview you could tell he didn’t really see what jeremy did. there’s a reason he completely froze jeremy out at the end of the game.

  363. .

  364. that eurostep lefty layup was the prettiest layup jeremy has made since his 360 spin around derek fisher layup during linsanity. absolutely beautiful.

  365. Ya! I know after Lin made the 3P shot, I think Lin didn’t get the chance to touch the ball again? But that’s the way almost in every game when Kobe & Lin both were on in the late 4Q…

  366. the game was lost because of BS coaching and Kobe freezing Lin out in the 4th!

  367. no.
    of the top 112 players rated in “efficiency” on current year stats only kobe is shooting under 38%. (on all shots). you have to get down to #113 (another familiar name): trevor ariza to find another. and if you go down far enuf (to #240) you will find another familiar name meeting that de-meritous standard: yes ronnie price himself. mr. consistency consistently shootin 36% (there are a couple others inbetween but not many).

  368. lakers site posters still blame lin. often in extremely violent and vitriolic terms.

  369. after 3 quarters they had missed 21 for 26 3 pt shots. i think ended up something like 25 missed 3’s for the game.

  370. Great that will increase the demand for PGs before Lin’s FA.

  371. lin was “game leader” on yahoo sports and also “play of the day”; but laker fans on laker sites acted (angrily) like lin was responsible for the loss for failing to foul conley. that it took the “smart” kobe to make the foul that the “ignorant” lin didn’t know enuf to do regardless of coach’s instructions. it still astonishes me the amount of vitriol lin draws.

  372. there likely are TVs in the locker room.

  373. Good to note the Jesus add to Christianity and how that puts some comparative religion stress on the world, sadly but ok.

    What I’m really trying to do is to tie true Lin fans to understanding how Lin is in context with his religion and inner self. I think all his testimonial type messages irritate secular fans because they don’t get the ying yang of the rhetorical construct. That is, I WAS upset, now I’ve found a way, now I want you to see it too.

    As KHuang may phrase it if he were Christian: When Lin starts to say he’s messed up by it all, I expect he’s ANNOUNCING LINSANITY!

  374. From Lakersground

    Lin – Great game by Lin. Let’s get to the end-of-the-game controversy first. The Lakers were down by 1 with 24 seconds left. Scott wanted to wait until the 10 second mark before fouling. Just a ridiculous decision. Kobe was yelling at Lin to take a foul, Lin was looking at Scott, Kobe ran and took it. The right thing to do. There’s no logical reason to let the clock wind down when you are in that situation. You have to take a foul. Kobe snapped at Lin after the play (Scott later said he explained to Kobe it was his decision and tried to defend it afterward…not smart basketball, coach). Lin said he kept looking to Scott and asking to foul. I think he was probably on the same page as Kobe, just doesn’t have the balls to override his coach’s stupidity. Excellent game by Lin prior to this. He had a strong stretch in the first half where he was a game-changer off the bench. He was calling his own number and scoring in the paint or on the perimeter. He picked it back up in the second half. Good mix of calling his own number and running some of Scott’s plays. “It’s a fine balance for him in terms of when to shoot and when to set everybody up,” Kobe said. Lin said, “There’s a lot of factors and once you get going you try to stick to it.” Maybe now that we seem to have found a comfort zone for Kobe, we can find one for Lin. Defensively, Lin had some moments, diving for a steal (one of three) and tossing it ahead to Ellington for a breakaway dunk, but he also struggled at times against Udrih (even without dealing with screens). He led all Lakers with 13 points in the first half.

    The Stats: He scored 20 points on 9-14 shooting (2-3 from three) to go with 3 boards, 5 assists, 3 steals, 1 block, 1 turnover and 2 fouls in 28 minutes. He was a +2.

    The Action: He blew past his man and looked like he got hit on a layup with no call. He lost the ball out of bounds as he tried to pull up for a jumper and it slipped out of his hands. He took an outlet with speed and scored a layup. He passed up a three, moved in a foot and swished the jumper before falling down. He dove for a loose ball on the floor, recovered it and pitched it ahead to Ellington while Lin was still on the floor and Ellington dunked on the breakaway (great play). He attacked, put on the brakes and hit the turnaround in the lane. He worked off the Sacre screen and drilled a three out of a timeout. He missed a step-back, wing heat check next time down. He missed a transition three. He pushed it out with speed, slowed it up on a Euro-step and scored the lefty layup. He had 13 points on 6-8 shooting to lead the Lakers in the first half.

    Second Half: A few seconds into the game and he swiped the ball from his man on smothering D, took it the distance and scored a layup between defenders. He crossed over but went up off balance and barely hit rim on the baseline jumper. He took an inbounds with 7 seconds left, pushed it up with speed, collapsed the D and dumped it to Boozer for the dunk with 0.5 left. He crossed over and came up short on the jumper trying to create up against the shot clock. He pounced on a loose ball, pushed it up and hit Young for the layup. He crossed over, attacked the seam and swished the twisting pull-up in the lane. He drained a wing three off the handoff when his man went under the screen. He forced up and missed a long jumper.

  375. Also I noticed in Lin’s post game interview that when asked about him going forth from this game and asking what asked if had moved waway from his previous game, he seemed surprised that teams where actually setting traps for him coming off the bench. He is much more ware of this now and he kind of expected as a starter,but not as a bench player so he will have to refocus his game efforts for these kind of traps.

  376. What? I thought they are the #1 3P shooting team in the league?! Good to see that… LOL!

  377. but are there TV’s in the chyttter stalls? didn’t think about that did you?

  378. Haha! Ya! I agree w the comments… LOL! What can the kids or fans learn from him? How to beat up your teammates?

  379. Scott’s 15 game experiment of benching Lin and Boozer is about up. If Lin can string together 2-4 consecutive good games 15-20 pts, it’ll be hard to justify keeping Lin on the bench if Price continues to struggle.

    That said, I’m torn because it’s clear that Kobe and Lin cannot coexist in the lineup at the same time. The closest to a perfect stagger was yesterday when Lin was in every minute while Kobe was sitting so Lin had about 15 minute of freedom to do his thing without Kobe in the game.

  380. Tony Ciniglio‏@TCiniglio

    Ed Davis shot 150 free throws at #Lakers practice after missing last night’s decisive free throw. How many did he make? 115. Not too shabby.


  381. I know that will coming soon… Well, not really surprise to see this… smh!

  382. Yes, I think we’re seeing more of JLin’s brand of BB from the bench. I’d like to see a PnR big like Davis in there with him though. Perhaps he can develop Chemistry with Black? Or Boozer move back to starters for Davis and Davis back with Lin?

  383. Is it the one directed by Spike Lee?

  384. I know that..just being a smart ass…:-)

  385. Just reflecting on what I saw last night and Jeremy’s performance. He played with a level of abandonment I haven’t seen in a while. There was a deep but moving narrative in the way his court performance is becoming a reflection of his own personal journey. He seems to find a new way to express his immense intensity and focus. It’s in how he has become more light-hearted. I think the fans and haters are getting used to this. In some ways, it’s hard to throw stuff on him because slimy stuff won’t stick as much. He’s more at peace, recognizing that the only way to get through the unfair scrutiny is to rise above it, and be quietly effective.

    He is gaining traction in the court of public opinion. Kobe’s flare ups are chipping away his own legacy.

    It is great to see Jeremy transform the prevalent culture within NBA, albeit slowly, steadily, on his watch. Ultimately, we will see the stage being prepared to contrast the “insecure” and the “at peace.”. Jeremy’s teammates and other NBA players recognize the difference. With time, they will see that one can prevail and be a trend setter in professional sports without taking the arrogant route.

  386. Now it’s kobe and Ed Davis. I knew it. Kobe tried it with Hill/ Boozer and it didn’t work, now he is piggyback off Lin/Davis…smh

  387. Great post.

  388. I agree. With the exception of the prior Denver game when the team took Lin out of the game with 3/4 traps, the last 2 out of 3 games Lin has played with a different aura.

  389. Lin needs to learn how to adjust to the traps. He mentioned that in his post interview last night. I think it surprised him that Denver focused on talking him out instead of Kobe.

  390. So Davis will stay in starting lineup?

  391. I guess Den thought Lakers 1st unit are bad so Lin is the one who lead 2nd unit if he’s out then that will be good for Den. Respect?!

  392. Absolutely respect for lin

  393. I think so. I also agree Lin needs to have good plan to fight w double team on him.. but I guess vs Den he seemed to be better?! Bc he didn’t get that many TO? Since I didn’t watch the full game on vs Den so I just guess…

  394. SMH, I have no words for Scott’s coaching IQ. Even Kobe is realizing that the team plays better when he’s taking less shots. Kobe is averaging 46% fg, 50% 3pt, 9.3 reb, 8.7 ast, 16.0 pts since his rest. Lakers beat DEN, almost beat MEM, and was nearly tied with PHO with 5 mins left. Yet Scott wants Bryant to shoot more. Either he is a great tank commander, or… face palm.

    Byron Scott is happy Kobe Bryant has been averaging close to a triple-double in the three games he has played since returning from a three-game rest last week, but the Los Angeles Lakers coach is hoping his star player will shoot more moving forward.

    Bryant said the time away from the court was not only good for his body but helped him adjust his game as he watched his teammates play from the sideline. “I had a chance to really evaluate my game. They stack up and trap… back in my younger days I could go through that stuff and have 30-40 points, now my body can’t take it so I’ll dominate the game in a different way.”


  395. Yeah I now see his coach didn’t order him to foul. Why would bs not want Lin to foul? He’s an idiot

  396. You hit the nail on the head with ‘Lin played with a level of abandonment I haven’t seen in a while”

    Combined with his blog entry, there was a sense of realization that what Kobe/BScott did to take away his PG job despite his sacrifice to set up his teammates, playing defense w/o much acknowledgement culminated in the self-realization that the only way he will be recognized is by scoring. And scoring a lot was exactly what he did.

    I hope Lin didn’t let go his foot off the pedal and keep going because scoring is what will earn BScott’s, Kobe’s and LA media’s respect plus his teammates. So when he decides to pass, his teammates better respect him and make the shots because Lin trusts them to drain them.

  397. of the top 111 players rated in “efficiency” on current year stats only kobe is shooting under 38%. (on all shots). you have to get down to #112 (another familiar name): trevor ariza to find another. and if you go down far enuf (to #241) you will find another familiar name meeting that de-meritous standard: yes ronnie price himself. mr. consistency consistently shootin 36% (there are a couple others in-between but not many).

  398. Even Scott said the game was lost in the 3rd Quarter in this interview:

    “I think our third quarter was the turning point,” Bryant said. “We had a good lead, a good cushion, but they came out and chipped it away, took the lead and seized control of the game. From that point forward, it was an uphill battle for us. We fought hard and managed to get back in it.”

    The Lakers have been the worst team in the NBA defensively in the third quarter as they allow 28.4 points in the period. It is an area that they must make a point of emphasis to improve in or more game could be swayed in the opponent’s direction because of their porous play in that quarter.

    Photo Credit: Mark J. Terrill / AP

  399. Byron only set up the expectations for Kobe so noone questions Kobe when he decided to stop being PG and takes more shots.

    BScott/Kobe are worried that Lin will drain more shots and Kobe has to pass to Lin (which he refused to do in the final 4-5min last night)

    Everything is about protecting Kobe’s image as the Laker hero

  400. yes, I watched how BScott left Ryan Kelly for too long in the 3rd quarter and finally LAL lost the lead to MEM.

    He wasn’t effective and changed the momentum of the game. Byron should’ve pulled him when MEM was about to regain the lead but he’s too late to protect the lead. Byron is almost as bad as McHale in making in-game adjustments.

  401. “Kobe Bryant, my life” or “how I pissed on everyone”

  402. PPL with eyes will know Boozer and Hill can not PnR with anyone….

  403. If Lin starts AND plays 35 minutes, then staggering is not a problem. Especially if Kobe sticks to a 32 min limit.

  404. Kobe/Scott are like this big Hollywood production with all of its fake lights, bells and whistles. The problem they are having is that because of lin’s presence it is shining a big spotlight on this phoniness and people are taking a closer look. I watch the bench last night as lin made his plays, the players and some of the coaches were up rooting for him. Kobe knows that the players, if they had their choice in who to lead the offense, it would be Lin. Kobe think he still has the say on who stays or goes on this team, I don’t think so anymore. His time is done and he and Scott has embarrassed the F/O so much, they are ready o cut ties with both of the. They have to just ride it out. The one thing that I do believe is that lin will get more playing time when they play in LA. Lin has become a fan favorite here. Also you notice that all of a sudden the LA media is talking about the Davis/Kobe connection.(rolls eyes)

  405. The fewer shots Kobe takes the better his FG%. And 18-20 is still a lot better than the 30-37 he sometimes took.

  406. It might have ended better if Scott mirrored his rotation to the first quarter when he subbed in Jeremy around the 5 minute mark. Price was a non factor along with Hill and yet played almost all of the 3Q. I can’t believe both Jeremy and Davis played under 30 minutes. What happened to playing the hot hand?

  407. Especially Kobe because he doesn’t have the patience for it unlike Jeremy who will find ways to make it work. But Hill is almost a lost cause lol.

  408. We’re really living in the twilight zone with Kobe.
    Now he wants to be PG because he gave up trying to be SG due to his physical inability to score like he once did before.

    And Kobe wants Lin to score off his assist like the 1st play in Q1 but not so many that LA fans will fall in love with JLin. And definitely not in the last 5 min since that’s Kobe’s time to shine.

    Lin/Davis PnR got burried and Kobe/Davis is featured to glorify “Kobe the PG” theme.

    Kobe could’ve won more with Lin making his job easier but Kobe’s insecurity wouldn’t allow him to do so.

    Let’s hope Lin the SG will keep gunning his shots to help Lakers, and elevate his trade/FA value.

  409. Yesterday’s game was so good I’m glad I followed it. Lin was lincredible, the jlin we like, confident shooter, passer, tough player!!! 😉

  410. They’re preventing Jeremy from hitting the game winner by making him the inbounder.

  411. And if they actually showed the nasty stuff, it might be interesting in a voyeuristic sense. But you know they’re going to sugar-coat everything to try and make Kobe look like a swell guy. Can’t imagine a more boring film.

  412. BScott wanted to give so much time for Price to get his numbers but he lost his gamble.

    He should’ve known the momentum has shifted but his sub rotation is so rigid that he didn’t realize what hit him until it’s too late.

    Yes, Lin can play last 5min of Q3 then came in at 2nd min of Q4

  413. Fire hydrant as the book cover pic lol.

  414. Good post.

  415. Arash should have changed the Lakers to the “Charmins” since the self-proclaimed Laker Kobe practiced fewer times than the Clippers have this season lol.

  416. In the past when I said that Scott doesn’t have to worry about losing his job, I didn’t mean regardless of Kobe. Scott will not be kept on as coach even a single day once Kobe leaves.

  417. He couldn’t deny it. It’s on tape and there are witnesses. But he still tried to waffle by calling it a mis-communication.

  418. The Acie law is never violated 🙂

  419. Harden once started tearing into Lin for trying to run a play that the coaches had called. Both Bev and McHale intervened to get Harden to calm down.

  420. Kelly is not even good…maybe they try to trade him so they need him to play?!

  421. The plan was to foul anyway, just wait 10 sec. first.

  422. This is only his second season and he’s been injured. Let’s give him some time.

  423. 14 seconds doesn’t make much of a difference: only that of winning and losing.

  424. All this talk of practice is infuriating Iverson… lol.

  425. depends on which part of his game you are talking about. I think Kelly played good except he is still not shooting normally…

  426. If Kobe hadn’t intervened there would not have been 0.6 sec for his last shot which almost dropped.

  427. Guy just came back from hamstring injuries, cut him some slack.

  428. He look like da man in this picture.

  429. Scott is so stubborn & never really knows adjust the game? Bc Price was shooting well vs Den in 3Q so… smh!

  430. I don’t want to argue this point too strongly because eventually you reach the conclusion that BS had to be disobeyed as Kobe did. OTOH, I bet Lin has been thoroughly chewed out in the past for not listening to BS/Kobe so he checked with BS 3 times and 3 times BS said wait.

    If you’re losing you need more clock, more possessions. Lack of timeouts makes that need greater not less. You just run your set plays as fast as you can without timeouts. But every second is still precious.

  431. Kelly can be really good but it’s first game back after injury.
    He can play less min esp. if LAL was about to lose momentum against great team like MEM. Just Byron’s bad decision in coaching

  432. Ya! I saw that… bc since Lin is inbounder so there is no argument on Kobe or Lin should take the last shot.

  433. Exactly my interpretation psalm. Kobe is trying to have it both ways. He is ridiculing Lin for obeying orders even though he’s been crucified in the past for not following BS/Kobe instructions.

  434. I think so.

  435. Lin. Unbroken.

  436. That one was okay because Lin’s the best decision maker and passer.
    It’s just at least 2-3 possessions where Kobe could’ve passed to Lin for the open 3 but he didn’t (i.e. threaded pass for Swaggy under the basket)

    Kobe didn’t look to pass to Lin at all in the last 4 min that it was too obvious he didn’t want Lin to be the hero

  437. You can’t do fancy stuff if you never practice with your team.

  438. Don’t I know it. Her eulogy was just one in a long line on the other site. But at the time I felt, if you give up on Lin just fade away. No need to try and convince everyone to join you. It’s much harder for Lin to keep fighting than it is for his fans. So as long as he is still persevering, we can too.

  439. Well, he says his body can’t take it now, but the other side of his mouth tells the truth of his still unadjusted attitude: “…so I’ll DOMINATE THE GAME in a different way.” ‘Contributing’ is a no-go…it’s still the fantasy of ‘domination’.

  440. I understand but Jeremy has been inbounding lately towards end of games esp. since game winner comment. I don’t think he’s done it earlier in the season. I just find it odd.

  441. I think Scott is truly a snake in the grass. I think he is trying to hoodwink Kobe too. He doesn’t want Kobe to come and practice with the rest of the players because he knows that Kobe comes in and disrupt the practices, nullifying what his assistant coaches are doing. Scott also is alienating Kobe form the res of the team on the bonding process. You know what I am glad that lin is not in the starting lineup now,, because it will be Kobe/Davis getting all of the play now.Kobe has actually set himself up to try to compete with lin on PG duties. My niece went to the game last nite and she text me and her exact words, “that game was off the chain”. She and her friends are in love with lin. She said that every time lin made a play everybody was up on their feet rooting and screaming for him. She said that she saw more lin jersies at this game. It usually just kobe, but she a lot of people had on Lin jersies.

    To me that tells me that LA fans are ready for something different than kobe. I also noticed that every time Kobe behaves badly, he comes with this self reflection that “I have changed”, only until the next game. Kobe is terrified that lin is going to take his place as the conquering hero of the Lakers. I think that outburst that Kobe had about Lin not fouling Conley was something that had been brewing with kobe during the whole game. lin was playing like a superstar off the bench, and the crowd was loving it. Kobe was waiting for a chance to pounce on lin, and when he did, it backfired on him. He is the most egoistical immature psycho that I have ever seen.

    Lin just needs to stay focused and play his game. I think the majority of the players agree with lin, but the only ones that would step up to say something would be Boozer/Young. I think booze has been a mentor for lin, because he has been treated the same way kind of but not to the extent of what lin has gone through. I think hill is in a down slope because i think he knows that he might be traded. I think Hill/Kelly are possible trade bait. I would be surprised if lin was traded because the lakes are a business first and foremost and they like what lin will bring to the table for them as far as the business aspect and suspect that Kobe knows that and that is why he is on this rampage to prove himself like he is a team player. anyway just some thoughts.

  442. Kobe sounds like a desperate man on the Titanic looking for a life raft to save himself. He is not even making sense right now…smh

  443. It is simply just ridiculous to trade lin away if they want to rebuild.

  444. Btw….when nick young out of a curl….I have never saw him passing to the roll man….kind of very bad…

  445. I am with you Brent., I think they would also be stupid to trade lin away if they are rebuilding.

  446. Yeah it is. Have you notice when he doesn’t have a good game, the press doesn’t eek him out.LOL

  447. ed davis 20 points; kobe says “phenomonal” j. lin 20 points; kobe says “relax man”.

  448. you can’t really fault young for shooting threes; i mean there’s no other reason for him to be in the game: hes basically a 3 point specialist. when he gets on that roll of shooting its mostly 3s and he is one of the highest % volume 3 point shooters in the league this year. (i realize this isn’t exactly what yer addressing but…)

  449. looking at laker sites many laker fans (some in the most vitriolic voices) are demanding lin be gone. i was actually surprised at the intensity of anti-lin sentiment. at the beginning of the season it was generally neutral. has shifted it seems strongly to the negative. (i was going to site examples but they would have to be censored too much to get thru here).

  450. They don’t trust Black now? I thought when he just came.. Scott said playing time is not guarantee….. now he is not even good to go?!

  451. the lakers have been the worst defensive team in the nba period; interesting since da coach preached defense from day 1. preached but did not practice. apparently.

  452. the difference is mchale denied adjustments mattered; mchales sort of this “what me worry” kiind of guy that obviously is not the brightest bulb. scott (preseason) talked knowledgeably about things but in practical office..yeah doesn’t actually seem to know what to do; or maybe he just defers entirely to kobe. sometimes it seems that way tho others see thicker plots.

  453. That is why some of these fans sites should not be taken seriously. I go the games and I see a lot of support for lin that in fact more people are wearing his jersey. Now whether lin is the starting PG for the lakers is the point that is in question. I think Lakers want to keep lin for their backup PG. The Laker’s problem is kobe. They will get any “star” to come play here while Kobe is still on the team

  454. If you notice he lets Kobe call the shots for the 1st unit and Lin for the 2nd unit. I don’t think Scott has as clue on how to rotate players in and out. I also see the defensive assistant coach talking to lin all the time.

  455. Because they want a STAR PG like Rondo, Dragic….Lin? Backup at best

  456. This “plan” to run the clock down to 10 sec before fouling was clearly not Kobe’s idea. Seems to be Scott’s stroke of genius.

  457. news and notes from around the nba

    “Kobe Bryant freaked out on Jeremy Lin for following Byron Scott’s orders”–usa today sports headline

    He pulled every starter, with the Rockets down 23 points and the New Orleans Pelicans irrevocably on their way to a 111-83 rout, the Rockets’ biggest blowout loss of the season in the first game they trailed from start to finish. “I have no clue,” center Dwight Howard said of McHale’s motivation for benching his starters. But McHale thought it was obvious. “Were you watching the game?” he said. “We didn’t play very well.” –Houston Chronicle –

    according to two NBA sources, the name to keep an eye on in the unlikely event the Nuggets move away from Shaw would be Mike D’Antoni. D’Antoni’s system is an entertaining, fast-paced attack….. If declining consumer interest is a concern to ownership as one would expect, D’Antoni’s philosophy could help in that area.


    this must be one of the worst rookie crops in years; jabari parker the only rookie doing anything is now said to be having “surgery” next week that will keep him out for “9 months.”

  458. Swaggy P never passes
    takes questionable shots
    yet the media only focuses on how many points he scores and how clutch he is
    this guy is so bad not a good player at all
    LA media seeing him as the next kobe or something
    never hear bad things about him
    I wonder what happens when Iggy dumps this clown

  459. Kobe’s comments about smart players over thinking is a sign of his insecurities that he is no longer the smartest player on the team or league.

  460. what about dantoni?

  461. Exactly.

  462. Wow! So happy to see this news on MDA… hope he gets the Nuggets job.

  463. I’m almost certain that if Dantoni gets a job and if Lin follows him that Lin will be an Allstar just like Nash did under Dantoni

  464. It is a must to get any player in shape and in sync with the system

  465. Usually that was a two tho…the situation I was talking about. I am just saying he lack of ability to pass…

  466. Fans are like that I guess…

  467. Yes Kobe is contributing (to opponent) by dominating the ball and making the most turnover for the team

  468. Nice thoughts.

  469. So,we actually get to see if LAL fo is stupid or not.

  470. LOL Let’s see how stupid Lakers gets in the days ahead:-)

  471. Ronnie Price: D

    He played like Ronnie Price last night. Do I need to say more? Price was the only starter with a negative +/-, he scored only 2 points and had only 2 assists.

  472. Law of Diminishing Returns….BS Not Smart

  473. Hmm…I thought the current situation does confirm the level of intelligence of FO. You want more stupidity?

  474. Net was down yesterday until late last night. Tried to do the catch up since then. Glad that JLin did so well. One thing I wondered throughout the net down time, it seemed like BS and KB had no choice but played JLin more minutes while it was home game. Maybe it was due to FO and/or JLin fans? BS and KB can get away more in away games. Anyone has seen this trend???

  475. Maybe D for defense or lack thereof? lol.

  476. I think that was part of it too.

  477. his roughly 10 to 1 fga to assists ratio for his career would confirm that.

  478. If he can pass a few….it will open up his game by a lot

  479. What do you think of JLin EuroAsian steps? I think he’s getting better at it. I think I saw it twice from the game yesterday.

  480. I said it before.
    Home game / TV game = longer leash = more playing time
    Plus, Jeanie is always at the home game.

  481. the lakers announcers made a big point commented on how lin plays much better at home than on the road. it was one of their talking points and they charted up his higher scoring and fg % at home vs. road. this year.

    actaully analyazing the games however i would find that its more a factor of minutes: lin has been given more minutes at home and thus has done better as we should all know if we know anything about lin that the more minutes he plays the better he plays.

  482. He does that a lot I think

  483. It’s kinda like chicken and the egg thing. Under KOBE, everyone is looking out for their own. With lin distributing, I can see Swaggy be just like JR Smith when he played with Lin. Team play is infectious if everyone starts to feel like I’ll get mine if it’s the best shot.

  484. That is why Kobe was so mad yesterday and was ready to pounce on lin for the least little thing. He running over and filing conley, he looked crazy.

  485. I know. KB and BS can’t get away if they play JLin less. Less handcup in a sense. JLin knows this. Hence, he did better as a result.

  486. 8 years in the league consistent no passer. having a career best 3 pt shooting % wise this year; not likely to change now. probably fading into a 3 pt specialist (if he could hold on to his improved % this season)

  487. I like Lin’s pull up shot in the paint yesterday a lot. Forget about the floaters…use a screen, keep the dribble alive, jump with both feet for power. I think It is a higher FG% shot too. Very Parker like.

  488. Yeah from that little clip, I saw a crazy, insane man.

  489. i tried to find that chart someone did here awhile back of the steps in denial for kobe; what stage do you think hes in now? “he looked crazy”.

  490. I think he between denial and acceptance. He is part way acceptance because his body is breaking down. and the things that he use to recover are not working anymore.

  491. I am more talking about ability than mentality tho.

  492. bs isn’t helping things by pumping for kobe to take “more shots”. smh

  493. Actually this is a good indicator for me to decide which game I can watch, I can expect.

    Btw, what’s the poll result? I remember I voted 21/5, guess I won it \(^o^)/

  494. Wanting to humiliate the Asian MVP in front of the home crowd…I think

  495. Kobe is an alcoholic and scott is the enabler. If you notice last night Scott used lin to make him look good. Lin/Bench playing out of their minds and Scott needed to look impressive to the home team. That is why Lin played so many minutes last night. He used lin to get the team back in the game, but when he took Lin out, that is when the Lakers lost the game in the 3rd quarter. Scott is a survivor. If the F/O came to Scott to sink Kobe, Scott would do it. He is a survivor.LOL

  496. We also saw how fast it backfired on him.LOL

  497. Also now it is the Kobe/Davis connection instead of the lin/davis connection.LOL

  498. He needs to take his own advice and… relax.

  499. preliminary analysis for the entire season would suggest about an addtional 4 minutes per game at home as opposed to on the road. (about 20% more playing time).

  500. Feel to me he is in more on the anger and denial stage — can’t accept his own aging process.

  501. He is just a bully. Did you see lin’s face when he did it, lin just kind of looked off and rolled his eyes. Kobe was pissed because lin was playing both ends of the court lat night against a really good team. Lin almost single handily won that game much like kobe did in the Raptors game. There was a point when Memphis called time out because lin was pushing that ball so fast up the floor and making shots. lin is really good in transition defense.

  502. LOL KB is excercising the projection ver well.

  503. I think he still a little bit in the anger/denial. The only reason I said acceptance is because his body is breaking down.

  504. He gets so much respect from the opponent team then from his own team.

  505. No idea. @psalm234:disqus is the one who knows how to check the result:-) I miss it again. I had 15/5 since JLin is on the bench.

  506. And maybe those who voted for Linsanity? lol. Congrats!

  507. How ironic it’s!!! Always more respect from opponent teams than own coach and “superstar” on the team.

  508. did scott say he wants kobe taking 18-20 shots really…..what. really. how bout make more shots . wth type of thinking is this.

  509. Lin had said Davis his his man, and now the coach is going to deny Lin’s connection. Hmm..

  510. Not sure if he is in the acceptance stage. Normally a person only comes to acceptance when they work thru the grieving process of denial, anger, bargaining, depression… and sometimes going back and forth before it comes to acceptance. For KB, I don’t think he will unless chronos and/or end career injury take him out. Then maybe he will but still then he has to work thru the whole process. If he can’t accept it, he becomes a very very bitter/mad/crazy man like he is now. His demeanor tells me he continues to be in denial and anger and a little bit of bargaining (play as pg rather than sg).

  511. This has happened since Day 1. Nothing new.

  512. Thanks!

  513. i see mchale still has his in game management skills; houston put up a 15-2 run on mia. to open the 2nd quarter with just d howard and the bench. then mchale put the rest of the starters back in and since then its 13-8 mia and mia back in it. p bev seems to be heading out of favor tho.

  514. Lin : Sorry bro, I can not help u anymore…

  515. PBev will be out of the league like all other scrubs who were given minutes over Lin, book it!

  516. Bias baby sitting franchise player thinking.

  517. Ballet?

  518. Really? Maybe it’s the first time he did it so slow then.

  519. Yes I agree. If you quit on Lin, just fade away and say goodbye to friends in the right way.

  520. Well, I don’t see letting clock run down for a reasoned TO strategy as bad as seeing Kobe dibble out hours of crunch time finding the best way to brick. So there, ha ha … all is well.

  521. well, he did nothing with it anyway. You lose, you lose.

  522. LOL, I guess we can find corner cases 🙂

  523. Yes, and he was sort of very clear about it so he’s analyzing as he experiences. Just wanna see him steady down to 15-25 pts in 20 mins now. That would be pretty cool.

  524. LOL….oh well….it worked.

  525. I see Booze/Swaggy P supporting Lin. Is that Black standing up?

  526. That was Swaggy P? I think it was Price…no?

  527. from right to left: Kelly, Black, Price, I think.

  528. I think so too

  529. Bal-Lin’ :]

  530. Great O but where is the D… DFenders? lol

  531. Looks like Kobe sits alone in the plane…

  532. About Bryon Scott from article “Byron Scott Would NOT Be a Decent Hire as Laker Head Coach” in silverscreenandroll.com.

    Criteria 1. Systems Continuity

    From Nola.com (Nov.12, 2009), New Orleans Hornets forward David West speaking out on the Hornets’ coaching change:

    “We’re not going to be as predictable as we have been in the past. I know that, having played for Tim [Floyd] before,” said West, a sixth-year veteran. “That’s something I’m looking forward to, in terms of style of play.” . . .

    West said that the team’s philosophy wasn’t working, and Scott’s pride might have been a factor.

    “We’ve had some conversations over the past couple of weeks, just trying to figure out what we could do to get the ship righted, but … pride is a crazy thing,” he said. “I think pride is a dangerous, dangerous thing. I think there was a sense a few guys weren’t trusting what we had in terms of our system and our ability to know what we were going to get every single night from our system.”

    From ESPN.com (Jan. 27, 2004), Scott fired by division leading Nets:

    Kidd and forward Kenyon Martin also took issue with Scott’s coaching moves during last year’s Finals, including how the coach used former Net Dikembe Mutombo against San Antonio and his reluctance to call for double teams on center/Finals MVP Tim Duncan.

    In the series’ decisive Game 6, the Spurs went on a 19-0 second-half run that ultimately finished New Jersey.

    From At the Hive (May 1, 2009), The Past, Present and Future of Byron Scott:

    So why do I give the Hornets a pass on D (going as far as to offer considerable praise), and yet bash their offense? Simple: lack of creativity. As innovative as Byron was on the defensive end, he was just as uncreative on the offensive end.

    A healthy Chandler is as good a screen-setter as there is in the league. He takes great angles, never lets defenders know he’s coming, rarely gets called for moving, routinely wipes out defenders simply by standing still, and rolls very smoothly to the hoop. Oh, and dunks a lot. When Chandler first came over from Chicago, Scott was smart enough to quickly pick up on this attribute of his and maximize its potential in the offense. The coach can’t be blamed for the player getting injured and throwing a wrench in a working system.

    The coach can be blamed for not trying to change up the system in the slightest. I mentioned a couple weeks ago that the most depressing aspect of the Hornets’ non-Chandler offense was its startling resemblance to the Chandler offense. In other words, the plays remained exactly the same. Instead of Chandler setting the screens, it’d be Hilton “setting” the screen (also known, as getting called for moving). Instead of Chandler rolling, it’d be Marks “rolling.” While every person in the arena could tell that Hilton/Marks did not have near the screening ability of Chandler, Byron consistently went to the same plays.

    But on a positive note, these Lakers have transitioned themselves into an elite defensive team, and Scott does seem to be a good defensive coach. From the same At the Hive piece:

    Scott’s Nets history indicates that successful defensive game-planning is nothing new to him. In 2002, his New Jersey squad was the most efficient defensive team in the NBA, ceding 99.5 points/100 possessions. In 2003, his Nets again topped the NBA, ceding 98.1 points/100 possessions. In 2004, they slipped in the rankings to 4th, but only allowed 98.0 points/100 possessions. Since his departure following that season (and Kenyon Martin’s it should be added), the Nets didn’t come close to that kind of defensive success.

    Given this defensive history with the Nets, Scott’s defense with the Hornets should come as no surprise. He has really similar personnel, in the form of an elite perimeter defender in Paul (Kidd) and an elite post defender in Chandler (Martin). Like with the Hornets, the Nets had no significant defensive talents around their two best defenders.

    Criteria 2. Ability to Manage Personalities in the Laker Locker Room

    From the 2004 ESPN piece linked above, concerning Scott’s firing by the Nets:

    “It happens to almost every coach eventually: Your message isn’t well received and taken onto the court,” team president Rod Thorn said at a news conference announcing the change.

    From Hornets247.com (May 4, 2009), Should Byron Scott Go? (H/T to Cavs the Blog)

    All of the above is possible because of the very nature of Byron Scott’s personality. Scott is a self-assured, strong personality. He’s got a sizeable ego, and has no difficulty telling the players under him what he thinks of them and their abilities. It’s that ego that allowed him put his stamp on the team and build it into a playoff contender.

    And that ego may also be Byron Scott’s downfall when it comes to gameplanning.

    That ego allows Byron to be certain his way is best. It makes him certain that what he is doing is right. That may allow him to sleep well at night and control the team, but it also makes him stubborn and inflexible. That inflexibility shows up in his gameplanning – and has in every year he’s been with the Hornets. Byron installs a gameplan during training camp, and from that moment on, it will not change.

  533. Haters will hate. Tiger Woods in the heights of his career setting records that won’t be broken in our life time or may never be broken again. Even during that period when he was crushing every other golfer on the planet, there were haters saying ridiculous things about his dominance.

  534. Yep. JLin sits with Boozer.

  535. Looks like a leopard doesn’t change his stripes…smh

  536. I think HOU always tell a lie… when Joe Smith signed w them, one of the rule it’s guarantee a starter but today he’s a bench.. ? They said he will get lots of playing time but not really… only in trash time… smh! Also started to say he is maybe the 6th man?! What a joke this Org!!!

  537. Do you guys ever get the feeling that Scott is setting Kobe up for failure? Kobe was fine with taking less shots, but Scott wants to push the issue to take more shots. Also this thing of Scott keeping Kobe out of practice is totally bizarre. Kobe could at least come in and do a walk through. Even that call lst night about the foul seemed bizarre. As I stated before Scott is in survival mode. When he was fired from Cleveland/New Orleans, it didn’t matter if the star player like you. And the plot thickens.

  538. I think few things -are very likely the truth.
    1. Scott wants this job.
    2. He is not hire for winning championships
    3. The reason he caters to Kobe is because of reason 1.
    4. Kobe thinks Scott sucks.
    5. Lin thinks Scott sucks.
    6. Lin thinks Kobe still got it but played the wrong way.
    7. FO is trying to find a Kobe replacement….
    8. FO is trying to make sure the rebuilding happens ASAP.

    So….I think what u said is possible….

  539. Pacers PreGameThread+Poll is now open!


  540. Thanks Brent… I just feel it in my gut that the Lakers have two factions running, one with lin and one with Kobe.

  541. 1. Denial
    2. Anger
    3. Bargaining
    4. Depression
    5. Acceptance

  542. I like swaggy with Lin. I enjoy swaggy jubilant attitude. Swaggy skills are not much different then novack. I think he could be a great catch and shoot combo for Lin.

  543. clearly .. Lin made Kobe worried about losing Laker fans allegiance.
    The positive is … Lin’s that good! 😀

  544. I’m sure it also keeps Kobe’s mind calm that Lin won’t make the game winner in a fluke to be the hero :]

  545. BScott seemed to understand a bit in preseason about Lin’s triple-threat potential … but it’s clear his #1 job security is about making Kobe the legendary hero at all cost.

    Laker wins is far down the #2 list.
    But that no-foul decision clearly undermined BScott’s coaching ability.
    McHale is the worst but BScott is only slightly ahead IMO

  546. lol yeah, i see the bias 🙂

  547. hopefully there’s a faction running for jlin in lakers, i also thought that scott indirectly setting kobe up for failure

  548. Happens to be one of my fav songs…

  549. except they force feed him and he never passes

  550. nice ballad. Like Don McClean’s American Pie.

  551. I was at least impressed that Scott told the truth about telling Lin to wait. I have a feeling some coaches like McHale would have said Lin misunderstood him or something.

    So that does lend credence to the scenario where Scott is basically looking out for himself by hedging his bets.

  552. But if they really are trying to tank, then Scott is doing a wonderful job!

  553. To be fair, Kobe has always been like this. Even when he played with Shaq he was like this. This really isn’t about Lin as it is about Kobe.

  554. Grit and determination. While Kobe is all those things you mention, he also has tremendous focus. Jordan was just as mean and arrogant (remember his HoF speech?) and while you don’t have to admire them, it’s impressive to see that type of determination.

    Even in the business world, Jobs and Gates (before he became philanthropic) were similarly focused and mean.

  555. Yes, Joe. 🙂


  556. Don’t get me wrong, I recognize that Kobe was one of the 10 best bb players ever. But I’m not interested in watching the life story of every great athlete. If I’m going to watch a documentary about a great BB player, I would choose Jordan. MJ was better than any player before him and so far, better than any that have come after him. He was a pioneer who became one of the most famous people in world. Kobe was merely an imitator. He copied MJs moves but was never quite as good. MJ also has the aspects of being overlooked by his HS bb coach, and being disrespected by IT at the ASG and chip finals. Kobe OTOH, never faced such adversity, but was always a MFA anyway. Just not interested in helping to glorify Kobe.

  557. “was” is the key word IMO. At his current rate, he should drop down to at least 30

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