G33 MEM @ LAL Game Thread

First game of 2015 for Jeremy. Let’s hope he will play freely and joyfully that his performance will reflect that no matter how many minutes Byron Scott gives him.

Go JLin! 

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  1. No one here???

  2. No wonder in BS’ eyes, KB can do no wrong. Really blind dad spoils his child to no end!!!

  3. oh gawd, that son thing again.

  4. Not cool, he’s a coach. He has to work with all of his players. He shows too much favoritism.

  5. I think I just threw up in my mouth..smh

  6. Of course BS. Without your “son” Kobe you’d never have a chance to coach the Lakers.

  7. You read my mind!

  8. hehe, not only in coaching but also with the trolls lol.

  9. Ya think?

  10. The sad part of that is that he believes that might have any real emotional meaning to Kobe…other, perhaps, than irritation at the patronizing tone of it.

  11. too right mate ! as the Aussies say. Kobe doesn’t seem to need or want a father figure.

  12. I definitely did.

  13. yet another proof point on now well JLin is doing despite coach, Kobe, and team freeze-outs … check out Brandon Wright’s production falloff since going to BOS from MAVs. He used to get over 2x the minutes, and now when he’s in, he’s very inconsistent on half the minutes. I would imagine this team doesn’t know how to work with him yet, and the chemistry has to built. On LAL, it’s pretty much set – get your own, or get it off Jeremy.

  14. So now what? Family business?! smh! Scott is really sick person.

  15. BS is sucking up to Kobe (his boss) without any shame!

  16. Disgusting

  17. In the mean time in New Orleans… Pelicans are crushing the Rox 😀

  18. im watching it too haha

  19. NO kings of blocks ^^

  20. Cut all this b.s. and start coaching the team…

  21. lin sure has had to deal with many father-son relationships.

  22. Looks almost like a flattop (a la Iman Shumpert) but I guess it’s just the angle of the photo.


  23. Rox are shooting 37%. It’s like a team full of Kobes.

  24. rockets have missed 21 3’s thru 3 quarters. wonder what the record is for most missed 3’s in a game?

  25. What an amazing young man. through it all he still just keeps pushing the envelope.You gotta respect that about him.(also he ain’t to bad on the eyes:)

  26. We need more people like you Joyce. You judge someone as who he is not skin color or culture back ground.

  27. Very similar like the Knicks after Linsanity.

  28. It’s about time for the epic late season fall very characteristic of McHale’s coaching.

  29. Anyone helped me getting millions dollars job, I call him or her whatever they want.

  30. Perfect in one word.

  31. It is interesting that I grew up in the south and saw a lot of racism. My mom always told us to judge everyone by the person that they are. It didn’t matter what the skin color was. I went off to collage and joined the militarily to pay off college loans and I met so many people people of various backgrounds and culture and it was an easy fit for me, because my mom had taught me so much about not judging people based on a stereotype. But Thank you anyway. I give all the props to my mom in how I turned out.:)

  32. You’re right. I asked the concierges at GSW if it’s ok to get autographs during warmups, and they said the players are under contract so they only do it if they want to. Every game, someone tweets Lin signing. Do y’all know how it is, to get an autograph? I sort of want to get one for my son next time. Time to get him some wall posters besides Disney!

  33. Good to know

  34. Go Rox! Lol

  35. My pleasure Joyce, I only said what I read from your many comments. Again, mom is always the best. Can’t imagine without her in anyone life.

  36. Feel a lot better now… LOL! Smith only played 5 min before trash time in 4Q… Looks like Rox didn’t like him that much. DM played well.

  37. She was so awesome ans very calculating and very funny at the same time. I remember when me and my sisters turned 15, 16 and 17 and she put us all on birth control pills. She made us take them every morning with her standing over us giving us the pills and making sure we swallowed them. Her saying was I trust my girls, but not the boys they come in contact with, so I want my girls prepared.LOL

  38. With a smart mom like that, bad boys had NO CHANCE with you girls even if the pills were placebos!!!

  39. wow, your mom care and gave freedom at the same time. Respects.

  40. You know a lot of my friends got pregnant while in high school. None of us did and we graduated college with no babies in tow.

  41. @joeteam:disqus, you need to come to the game early before shoot-around and wait at the tunnel of the visiting team. If players want to stop by to sign (which Jeremy usually does), then that’s the best chance to get autographs.

    All the best for you :] Make sure it your son is with you so his wait would be rewarded

  42. Hip hip horray for Joyce’s mom :]
    She must’ve taught you a lot of wisdom throughout the years

  43. Stalk them players in the hotel…

    Joke. I think you have a better chance waiting in the tunnel though, as @psalm234:disqus said.

  44. wow.. your mom must’ve thought either her girls want to prove to her the boys got no chance or her insurance plan is good :]
    Wise mom!

  45. Ah, that’s it. When the enter. Ok. good tip on waiting with the kids.

  46. I always told her that she was way ahead of her time, she said no, that she did things that made sense. She told us girls that she could give the speech about keeping your virginity for the right man, but she said that would go right out of the window with our youth generation, so she taught us to make informed c choices, besides my mom was in her earlier 40’s when I was in high school and the word grandma was not a part of her vocabulary.LOL.

  47. but remember it’s very early before the shoot-around

  48. Yes as I look back on it now, she used a lot of wisdom when it came to us girls. Most of the time we thought she was trying to spoil our fun, but she was thinking about our future.

  49. Yes she did. Whenever I thought I had an amazing idea about something, and she would listen and ask me to repeat what I just said with my listening ear and see if it made sense. She would have me pick apart the things that would work and not work.

  50. Two years too late…

  51. I’m going to try that, that’s very good!

  52. Interesting to see Lakers used JLin’s pic quite a bit. Is the org wanting to tell JLin’s fans something???

  53. First game in 2015!
    Let’s go, JLin!

  54. lets hope for a good game

  55. Ballstream is slow…the site is weird….m…

  56. V smart lady. You prob got your common sense from her. In my family, my dad was the one who taught that. I was changing out drive shaft bearings by myself by 13. Immigrants, we had to do everything around the house ourselves. That I think kids these days don’t get, a sense of how to do things for themselves. Your mom not only protected you, but she gave you some great thinking tools!

  57. now you said it, it is down now. 🙁

  58. working now.

  59. okay, going back….

  60. so about 430p for a 6 shoot around?

  61. that’s definitely one parenting gem worth keeping :]
    Thanks for sharing more of your mom’s wisdom.

  62. Joe it is so amazing when you have to repeat your ideas out loud and have them analyzed. She would ask me very pointed questions in which sometimes I didn’t have the answer and then she would give examples of of if it was her, how she would handle it. She never suggested that I should do this or that, because she said it was it was my idea and that I was smart enough to work out the kinks to make it it happen. Sometimes I was so frustrated with her that I wanted the answer and she would make me work it out on my own.

  63. I hope tonight will be a good game. I have a 100 grams box of Toblerone to go with this game. (There’s NO WAY I’m giving up chocolate this 2015)

  64. Thanks, just puked some of my breakfast

  65. That’s great, a modified socratic method so you were committed and bought in, and you needed her help rather than fighting her. I really am going to try to remember that for sure. I tend to try to coach by giving the way, and while I really want to see ppl free to choose, your mom’s way is way better than mine which is supportive and I will not give the answer now that I see how easy that could be, to make the less experience desire the help. Yep, keep schooling me 🙂

  66. thanks, ballstream is back.

  67. Trade season is not over yet….

  68. Joe Team, I think you are pretty awesome with your common sense. I love the fact that you don’t get caught in the drama that ensues on this site sometimes. I like your level headiness and your calming demeanor. I will say that you , brent and Psalms24 are the calming factions on this site.

  69. That was my mom…

  70. So was lin and kobe were the key players?

  71. goaltending

  72. Davis must have heard Scott planning to cut his minutes for Kelly lol.

  73. Hill is not good today somehow

  74. Price just bounced-pass the ball to Conley’s ankle

  75. Nice move by Conley 🙂

  76. Good aim, elite PG.

  77. Price take too much risk, bad defense

  78. sooo.. consistent (said BScott)

  79. Marc bleeding…

  80. so… not a model of consistency? :]

  81. Last year JLin held Conley SCORELESS, haters are so stupid.

  82. Lin needs to come out wit guns blazing!!!

  83. not that type of player

  84. well thank you. I think I object to trolling at times, so I appreciate your feedback. Some days, I don’t really want to see it and wish I had the Mod button but lol I’d better not have it.

  85. Did Price’s defense just spearhead Gasol’s bleeding eyes?

  86. One against Five and four additional big boys watching…

  87. Good defence!

  88. oh yes he is … 2.5 min runs. 2 pts with 3 sec left on half, etc etc.

  89. lin on!

  90. Ed Davis! Great game so far….

  91. no he is pg who can score

  92. OOO… early substitution.

  93. Lin is in with 5:18

  94. Sit that Kobe down please… he needs a break.. come on…

  95. The best place for Lin to be at Lakers right now is the bench because Kobe has decided to change his game and be a PG!

  96. wow…what happen?

  97. Nice D.

  98. yes, made Conley gave up the ball

  99. nothing

  100. What happen to price?

  101. Oh, 2 D, 2 O. Lin helped 2 stops. not used on the 2 Os.
    That right? I’m gonna keep track as much as I can (family time right now).

  102. Did MMA with Marc…

  103. Even BETTER! PG who comes out LINNING!

  104. LOL Future Laker? hahaha

  105. nothing just subbed him out early

  106. I’m thinking BScott thinks Price is over-aggressive on D and not scoring points.
    But not sure..

  107. I think Price wasn’t effective in defense?

  108. Yes LIN!!!!!

  109. yes!

  110. but no whistle?!

  111. That was some yummy acrobatic scoring…

  112. Kobe’s length really opens a lot of angles for him to pass

  113. of course NOT 😉

  114. That was a nice fake 🙂

  115. Haha… Kobe the PG!!!! throw the ball hard!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  116. what was that

  117. This happens to lin a lot I feel

  118. butterfingers.

  119. Nick you ball hog… good shot!

  120. Nick young needs to hit the roll man more

  121. yup… he missed

  122. Young’s shot selection…. ugh…

  123. Again he missed … ball hog Nick

  124. OMG. PASS.

  125. Jeremy is so fast….

  126. Wooo hoooo!!

  127. Jeremy on a fast break…. oooh

  128. Unbelievable… but actually he was forced to pass

  129. Lin with the after burner….wth with that speed…wow..

  130. when he confidence is shaky but that particular play happens. move along folks

  131. Linstant after-burner! :]

  132. Second shot was fine, he aim for a two for one.

  133. I see Gasol’s arm on Lin’s head?

  134. Keep it up Jeremy! great shot

  135. Jeremy!!!!!!!!!!!

  136. LInsanity!!

  137. yes!

  138. Again!!!!

  139. Lin dove to the floor and the crowd went wild! 😀

  140. On Fire!

  141. We WANT MORE! Keep shooting!

  142. It looked like he just threw the ball but it counted and it may look like a bad shot to a lot of people but who cares since it’s Jeremy Lin who did it!

  143. Lin obviously needs to be benched.

  144. threw what

  145. Lin just produced another espn highlight!

  146. Lin a perfect 4-4 in 2015 with crowd-pleasing diving ball for the assist!
    Happy New Year 2015, Jeremy!!!

  147. I am kind of annoyed by how tweeter ppl only judge a shot is good or not by it was made or miss.

  148. rite ronnie price is much more consistent. a consistent ten year scrub.

  149. Jeremy’s new year resolution must have been making BS look like a fool. Well done my boy!

  150. haha

  151. Jeremy’s HOT…. shooting right now

  152. Brent don’t go there, keep your focus. I have learned on twitter to chew up the meat and spit out the bones,,huh..

  153. Nick Young actually passed lol

  154. I guess this is what Scott don want…

  155. first time this year i see lin is hot and he keeps being aggressive

  156. Not only shooting ; )

  157. lin is sayin f** k Scott, he is going to play his way>>LOL

  158. Why is young shooting that?

  159. Good for him as long as he can make the shots

  160. At my first warriors game and jlin goes off might have to move to the east bay

  161. I actually like Prius.

  162. Is this considered a racism?

  163. Fun and exciting without slow old man KB! LOL!

  164. uh oh. 2 fouls.

  165. memphis defense is up

  166. LAL’s PNR does not have spacing..

  167. So Hot…

  168. Lefty Lin!!!

  169. Lin will figure it out

  170. Jeremy on FIYAH!!! I want that heat!

    The Boy on Fire.

  171. Lefty lay-up 🙂

  172. Nick… that shot was awesome!

  173. I hate to say it…but LAL really should not run PNR when it is boozer

  174. Lin it up! Keep Linning!

  175. Lin would have to have about 5 turnovers already if he were to switch identities with Kobe!

  176. yes, yes,.. breathe, Sista :]

  177. lol.

  178. Ur profile pic really looks great…lol

  179. lol lin with 8 shots 1st half

  180. I need to slow down my breathing… lol.

  181. go GSW!

  182. I should stay home and watch this game…..

  183. actually like this line-up. Kobe and Nick aren’t chucking away

  184. No, because poster knows differences between Asians lol.

  185. This is what said about footwork, tony can not be worse…

  186. Ok I’ma go read something else. Price is in…

  187. Kufos is underrated.

  188. lin for the first time most minutes from the bench

  189. 4 times he blew it.. wow

  190. Rim: “Not in my basket!!!”

  191. wow! commentator praised Lin 13 min 13 points and said he would get standing ovation!

  192. Hey Guess what, Rose is at LAL tonight with her kds. Saw that on .net last night. She said look for her on the sidelines.

  193. Lin got 13 pts…YAY

  194. i like the grizzlies commentators better than the lakers announcers…..

  195. yep or any opposing commentator. i enjoy games a lot more

  196. in 13 min :]

  197. He has to stutter his steps in fast break,,,very bad

  198. Hill is just bad….why can he not just move with Gasol with his hands up?

  199. wow, have not heard from her for a while

  200. See how BS make sure he splits Lin and Davis not on the court together, he is so afraid of the Linsanity showtime especially Lin is hot!

  201. rim block him 3-4 times on one shot

  202. I think it is more about it will let Kobe look good

  203. If Lin’s lucky, he might get a whopping 24 minutes this game!!!

  204. U r right

  205. Hello Sherlock!

  206. ryan kelly in the game

  207. Yes, both i guess! Make sure no Linsanity and make sure KB looks good! He make sure he makes KB happy!

  208. Kelly with solid box out

  209. rest Davis so he can play with Lin…. I am dreaming

  210. For someone coming out from injury, he boxes out better than the playing bigs

  211. This almost as bad as a bad Hollywood script. As I ststed before a friend of mine who was a die hard Laker and is fed up with kobe. He tried to trade him to another die hard laker fan in fantasy league and they would not take him.LOL

  212. Price just made a bad read.

  213. A taste of Linsanity ! That happens when the leash is loose and Lin doesn’t worry about having to take the spotlight from KB.

  214. just don’t re-injure the hamstring

  215. Nice…..

  216. Hey Kobe nice play, you can take the half off …

  217. happy for Kelly

  218. That Kelly lay up had me worried a bit

  219. This game is proving Lin should embrace Linsanity and not run from it

  220. Hahaha this just too funny.

  221. To be fair, LAL announcers were actually nice today.

  222. Player of the game: JERRYD BAYLESS.

    In previous years, Bayless would be brought in off the bench to go against Lin 1-on-1.

    Lin and Bayless would play to a standstill in Memphis Rockets games. But those days are OVER because Bayless was unceremoniously ejected via trade!

    No way Lin shoots 6-8 with Jerryd Bayless dogging him on the court!

  223. especially when Lin dove to the floor for the great assist to Ellington!

  224. Seem like JLin plays more min when he plays in LA than away games.

  225. not happening

  226. It was good that Lin tried to force the pass (almost a TO) to Kobe in the last possession so Kobe knows Lin wants to feature him too.

  227. Dont be a debbie downer… lol

  228. lol

  229. Kobe is so inconsistent. Price OTOH is VERY consistent.

  230. But what he said is true.

  231. I know… *sigh*

  232. Pleasant half !!! 😉

  233. I wrote that the better the opponent, the better Lin plays.

    That’s not because Lin plays any differently. Lin’s the same no matter who the opponent is.

    It’s because when the Lakers face a powerful opponent, their players lack the individual talent to get the job done and so they turn to Lin to save the team. And Lin ALWAYS delivers.

  234. I think i saw Jeannie Buss in the audience.

  235. hehe

  236. From Silver Screen & Roll?

  237. When LAL reach their potential with JL being THE PG and Kobe in a less selfish mode, they should be able to beat most teams in the league and get to the playoff without much struggling. That is similar to what Lin thought before he got benched.

  238. The crowd loved it 🙂

  239. The only thing that Kobe is consistent has been wanting to be the Hero!

  240. Yes! I got a mention!!! lol

  241. Well said!

  242. Yep, they are known lin haters

  243. they are.

  244. you know i have to say since he was bench i was pissed and didn’t care when he didn’t score as long as lakers sucked. i need to change that way of thinking. its about lin succeeding even if it means lakers win. i hope he score double figure from now on

  245. Typical LARRY BIRD play by a player with equal court awareness to the great Bird.

  246. I love it too … hahaha

  247. I’m not mad. Someone else has him in fantasy hehe

  248. May be because a lot of people tweeted Jeannie Buss about the unfairness of BS towards Lin!

  249. Lin blocked Allen but lakers announcers said nothing, even after seeing it again on the replay.

  250. Very likely.

  251. Gameplans like DEN will still happen. Bad shooting nights will still happen. I am ok with his every game…really. He tried.

  252. …and he can be a hero if he played the right way & empowered Lin

    but not bright enough

  253. still cant avrage 6 ppg

  254. Well..I hope not…either…LOL

  255. OK… Lets sit our hot guy on the bench and see if the Grizz can come back….

  256. hopefully he gets it going average 11-12 on 22 minutes per game

  257. WOW!!!

  258. Somebody on the Lakers worked with Lin on his jump shot form.

    Lin is FIRING, and it’s because he’s got his footwork right.

    Now Lin’s getting proper elevation and extension, sort of like Linsanity but even better.

    If Lin shoots with this flawless form, I’ll never complain about his bad technique ever again.

  259. ellington has springs

  260. He is fine…not good to have high elevation either….

  261. yes, that was so obvious not to mention Lin’s good play.
    The bias to support BScott decision was too much

  262. Grizzlies is able to slow the game down…not good for LAL

  263. I wasn’t talking about the height of Lin’s jump.

    I was talking about how Lin recently had a hitch in his jump shot that was messing up his open looks.

    That hitch is GONE, and so is Lin’s bad shooting!

  264. what position does Black play?

  265. I really don see that hitch. But if you are happy, that is good!

  266. PF?

  267. I take back what I said about LAL announcer being nice to Jeremy today lol.

  268. why is he not getting minutes with hill in foul trouble?

  269. Too new I guess

  270. Kudos to Price….

  271. kobe is not guarding ANYONE. he is just walking around

  272. And Stu goes on and on praising Price. haha.

  273. LOL

  274. One of the few mistakes… says Stu regarding Price. lol

  275. He pretends he is daring ppl to shoot…..happens all the time

  276. So why does Davis just have to squeeze himself next to Jeremy?

  277. Kobe’s D effort is pethetic

  278. that allen layup was totally on kobe.

  279. OK the test of sitting your hot guy down not working. Grizz is back. BS coaching in action!

  280. His previous misses on him too I guess…Just thanks to Allen….LOL

  281. Jlin with the most shots at half time!! So is that why he got benched?

  282. push off lol

  283. Of course….he has to get his teammates involved…

  284. he didn’t bigs came in because of foul trouble

  285. starters, starters….,,starters..,,..WE TALKIN BOUT STARTERS!

  286. he’s very good at that. needs no practice.

  287. kelly is jumping forward on his catch and shoot.bad

  288. Boozer specialty.

  289. Byron Scott’s “starters” losin the lead,…. YAAAAWWWNNN MFER!

  290. Most ppl do that…but he he did it too much

  291. Have to sit him down. Getting too hot.

  292. that’s pretty risky though, if he did not get that steal, he will be really off position….

  293. hes prolly nervous.

  294. Time to bring in Lin but he scored too much in the first half…

  295. Not in rhythm for sure…did not miss by too much tho

  296. Lin’s fault

  297. BS conundrum

  298. He learned that from Harden.

  299. Nice pass….Kelly’s pass was off..

  300. Lin to be BLAMED by Scott if this game loses.

  301. lol, Stu “good defense of Price”, and Conley shake of Price and lay up.

  302. When the game is on the line, Lin has to sit

  303. lin hasnt seen the floor all quarter

  304. BS trying to lose? Weak Kelly and weak Price in there?


  306. haha

  307. Lin to close?

  308. No, Scott is trying to WIN.

    Price is the SAVIOR according to Scott.

  309. So the early substitution in the first quarter was a fluke. It was a beautiful mistake by BS. lol.

  310. Is Nick Young out there?

  311. NOPE.

  312. Uldrich is smart

  313. this is like a mchale rotation. lin wont be back until conley does i guess

  314. THis is getting ugly

  315. Lin got his points

  316. It’s not really funny, but HAHA anyway!

  317. BS really knows how to lose games without Lin!

  318. wes doesnt even chase the ball. disgusitng

  319. He forgot his med on the first half so he mismanage the time.

  320. no they will be in next

  321. THe official reason will be ” I think Price had a good game, Ded Conley well”

  322. yeah.

  323. Stu pays Ronnie for a chance to smell his farts

  324. lin wouldn’t get more minutes even if he outplays everyone on the court! That’s bs

  325. this is by far the least effort I’ve seen kobe play tbh since his return from injury his effort is way down

  326. ROFLMAO!!!

  327. Lin being PUNISHED for playing like Michael Jordan!!!

  328. worse, he has no clue where the ball went. guy is so stupid.

  329. Haha I guess…..he has a cap on production I guess

  330. Stu knows who is paying him. He owes to KB and BS.

  331. Expected!!

  332. BS!, Admit it! You need Jeremy! Accept it!

  333. Kobe is still playing?

  334. 25 mins

  335. oh, FT

  336. Lin in. Go get some!

  337. MAN!!!!!!!!

  338. Price is still playing!!

  339. I love it!

  340. yes!

  341. BURN BS!!!! BURN!!!!!! Steal + layup!

  342. Coast to coast after steal!

  343. KELLY does not ball watch

  344. Keep shooting , attacking….

  345. great!!! Kobe is off! have a nice long rest!

  346. That was not Lin’s spot for high %age shot IIRC

  347. R. Kelly “not the Ignition guy” would like to apply as Jeremy’s new BFF.. joke!

  348. The father makes sure his son out score the asian guy. Otherwise….

  349. kobe 27 minutes pass his limit today

  350. Kellshould sit and Davis should check in, dumb BS!

  351. If jlin gets treatment as kobe or price he would get 30+tonight

  352. lin not doing well against udrih.

  353. More Lakers fans speaking out!

  354. That is what happen when there is no force in the paint.

  355. why is that sherlock

  356. jeremy lin is freaking fast… i believe the ppl who say he’s faster than wall…

  357. So much of limiting Kobe minutes

  358. Yes, but he has to trail the play anyway. If it was one on one….then it would be really bad

  359. Haven’t see anyone could chase up to jlin

  360. Doh. Sat most of 3rd. BS.

  361. Hope Mike Trudell knows how dumb BS is!

  362. Udrih is not a good 3pt shooter. Lin should go under the screen.

  363. Yep his witching hour is fast approaching!

  364. come on Lakers…. just one on one?

  365. Lin has done well against udrich all game. I am not sure what feed uyou are watching. urdriich even said at halftime that you can’t stop lin, but you have to find ways to slow him down.

  366. The last guy I saw with Lin’s speed was the 1980s Jeremy Lin: Michael Ray Richardson.

  367. assist!

  368. Nick Young is shooting the Lakers out of the game

  369. another steal!

  370. and assist.

  371. They have already trying to make excuses for Swaggy P…smh

  372. Jeremy is singlehandedly bringing this game closer.

  373. How Beno scores is the reason why MEM is a much better team….

  374. them flare screens though………

  375. it is why they are a team.

  376. they are COACHED…like actually.

  377. It is one form of TEAM BALL

  378. lol memphis on young always shoot never assist. they chuckle when he gets the ball and just wait for him to shoot and bring up that he always shoots everytime

  379. try to have an original thought that isnt put out there by lakers announcers. pathetic

  380. yea this slow team stop him from having an open court

  381. Tell his grandson? Please. I’ve downloaded the highlights to show this to Jeremy’s sons.

  382. This is cool and all, but we diehard Lin fans have been watching Lin pull better games than this over the last 3 seasons.

  383. this is to slow. they need to speed it up

  384. .

  385. Genuine..

  386. Is that the real mj!!?

  387. Foul trouble.. but he’s back

  388. and he is in now.

  389. So nice…

  390. He is in then Lin out soon

  391. Booyah! J’s Jumper!

  392. Following you guys lets go lin side note warriors play an amazing pace in person

  393. these refs

  394. Definitely Huston Lin produced a lot more than lakers Lin, they are just not using him correctly

  395. Yes… pad your stats, Jeremy and lets win this.

  396. Finally…no more Lin-boozer PnR

  397. MJ could use a Jeremy Lin on his Charlotte Hornets.


  398. black not in game yet?

  399. 33333333333333333

  400. So he shot for the three himself 🙂

  401. Memphis PNRs are hurting the Lakers

  402. Jeremy = HOTNESS 3!

  403. Lin for 333333333333!!
    20pts, baby!!

  404. Scott wants to bench him badly

  405. 20 points

  406. Kobe coming in… ugh.

  407. hill immature there

  408. damn if lin hit that shot, crowd would go crazy

  409. I want to see Lin-Kelly-Davis stagger screens!!!

  410. Linsanity mooode

  411. that would involve coaching…

  412. Lin killed one on one defense until he got help screening.

  413. Bigs fouling too much

  414. Ok I am sorry….I got greedy

  415. delusional lin fans…

  416. come on Brent…. smh. lol

  417. I’m sure they appreciate those multiple screens their getting…

  418. If FRIGGING DEFENSELESS PRICE had not played so many horrible minutes, Udrih and Conley would never have gotten hot against Lin to begin with!!!

  419. well they are attacking per defense not lin

  420. Trudell has always been fair.

  421. No other way to score against the NBA’s best perimeter defender in Lin.

  422. So after BS ditched Lin he decide to keep shooting, in your face BS.

  423. Ed Davis and Lin, want to see you dance!

  424. exactly. stu beiing silly. thats what they do against other teams

  425. Let’s tango!

  426. Stupid T Hill.

  427. nick, good shot and steal!

  428. Nic!

  429. Kobe played D…kudos…I know I can not ask too much

  430. Conley has a good screen at that….don’t blame Jeremy you haters!

  431. hill gone

  432. YES!

  433. finally…

  434. wtf

  435. Lol goodbye Hill

  436. Nick just made the last 5 points for the lakers why sit him down?

  437. He’s still in…

  438. Come on 4pt game!!!

  439. 2 pt game!

  440. 2pt game

  441. Some Jeremy-Davis PnR to win this game!!! come on!!!

  442. such a risky pass by kobe

  443. It will be Kobe Davis

  444. Yes 😀 Let’s do it Lakers pls…

  445. Jeremy should be player of the game… so lets win this!

  446. Davis should’ve come in sooner! Don’t know BS’ strategy or is there one?

  447. ESPN bad game info 🙁

  448. AH SHUCKS!!!

  449. wake up. lin sets screens — he doesnt get screens. thats BS offense

  450. NO, let the Lakers LOSE.

    They don’t deserve to win for having unfairly benched Lin so thoroughly!!!

  451. I know… i saw the play by play.

  452. No kobe will chuck the potential game winner at the last second

  453. No matter, let’s get this for Lin!

  454. stu is not as bad as clyde drexler, but hes starting to annoy me

  455. If BS put Price in for closing, he is really bs no sense!

  456. this us a great game!

  457. Come on Byron.
    Bring in Ronnie!!!

  458. don’t watch it

  459. It is a CRAP game that was SAVED BY LIN.

  460. At least he’s not blaming him for someone else’s mistake… yet.

  461. LOL. i remember that one

  462. LOL. As much as they deserve this. Lin needs a win!

  463. Dude they always lose while Lin has a good game… Ok Lin gotta put the game winner then 😉

  464. Let kobe or price chuck the game winner then it’s a better ending

  465. Yeah!

    Then let Byron Scott FACE THE MUSIC of having benched his best player!

  466. Lin stops the easy 3!!! kobe miss.

  467. Bryant… contested shot. surprise surprise.

  468. Co-Briccck!

  469. Kobe is running the show… Jeremy is standing around… go figure ..

  470. Heroball here we come

  471. why didn’t they foul earlier?

  472. The freakin’ what was that Kobe?!?!!?

  473. wth was that scott should of said foul

  474. I can’t believe it.

    Lin has played about 27 minutes!!!

    For Lin, that’s like 8-10 more minutes than Byron Scott was intending to play him!

  475. OT OT OT! Let’s do it.

  476. Kobe is correct… Jeremy is frozen out there when play with Kobe

  477. Why Lin did not foul?

  478. Anyone want to bet that Kobe will shoot the last shot and miss?

  479. Byron Scott telling them not to foul. Smh

  480. well, brain tick.

  481. Lin should play 33 to 35.

  482. Idk no excuse ^^’

  483. cannot afford it.

  484. apparently he was looking at BS and BS didnt call for one. according to stu

  485. waiting for Scott’s direction

  486. the kobe effect

  487. the lakers as always

  488. Hmm, either coach said not to foul or he froze

  489. That’s what I think… but let’s hope not!!

  490. You know what’s gonna happen right???

  491. Hero ball is coming…

  492. no, the commentator said because coach did not ask Lin to foul.

  493. Coach said no foul

  494. if he takes enough shots, he will make one someday.

  495. so he should be mad at BScott!

  496. How pathetic.

    Kobe Bryant doesn’t even attend practices or knows the plays, and now he’s drawing something up out of thin air?

    What a LOSER.

  497. BS borrowing Mchale play board

  498. Sott said no foul, kobe is a joke…smh

  499. This freakin’ game wouldn’t come to this if not for good minutes management.

  500. Really!!?

  501. Stupid Bryant, Lin’s just following coach’s orders.

  502. Thats BS.

  503. He’s a holl

  504. Why give the ball to Davis?

  505. Kobe! You should shoot the damn ball…

  506. why didnt kobe shoot it

  507. .

  508. Davis FT…


  510. Yes! Wasted the 3rd Q with JLin sitting out most of it. Nothing new. Predictable coaching.

  511. Lin looks to sideline to BS. It 4 sec diff.

  512. they were trying to break ed davis’ mask. doh


  514. Except where mchale wrote ‘harden’ change that to ‘Kobe’

  515. Flagrant?

  516. relying on david free throw this is bad

  517. head hit. will be flagrant

  518. wanna !

  519. Stupid LakersPulse not knowing.

  520. yes. by princple, they hav eto call flagrant

  521. Well, he doesn’t need to cause the play is get the f off his face and let him be the hero.

  522. Kobe doesn’t want Lin to have the highest points on the team.

  523. doh. i was wrong

  524. lol 3 bounces. i love it

  525. Should you yell at your team mates for not fouling when coach said NO FOUL? Kobe the ballhog should yell at the coach not his team mates….smh

  526. But then Lin would BADLY OUTPLAY KOBE and Scott would get pissed at that.

  527. He missed a ft. Nooooo xD

  528. damn. i dont like davis being scapegoat. he played a great game

  529. well its done

  530. 4th Q, Kobe comes in… Lin is over even still in the game

  531. or should a player be smarter then the coach

  532. How will BScott explain this in the interview? lol. They’re preparing to scapegoat Jeremy.

  533. Game ovah. Only a miracle or a coach who can actually coach can save this game.

  534. Also the laker bigs are not helping lin with those high screens Memphis were running

  535. They gotta foul quick!

  536. smart player will obviously be benched

  537. but seriously. a head hit is a flagrant.

  538. they got outcoached.

  539. Why was Davis and his 50% FT in there in the first place?


  540. As soon as Kobe came, I felt the game was over. Really he had a couple of good indiv plays, but he also changed the game for the negative. No Lin offensive threat, half down on D.

  541. They dont have to lose this game if they dont have a dumb coach, because they were leading 12 at one time!

  542. mchale playboard borrowed again

  543. It is kind of too obvious….

  544. All BSc had do to win was to put Lin in with 6 mins left in 3rd, not 2.5.

  545. Like always

  546. McHalen not using it anyways…

  547. But unlike Lin who knows what he’s doing, Mr. No Practice Clueless Kobe drew up some selfish brick garbage.

  548. yes… so close… hero ball…. I would prefer Nick to shoot it

  549. whatever who cares. lin got his pts

  550. Hey, question … had Kobe made that, is that an assist for Lin?

  551. Byron Scott more focused on beating Lin than beating the Grizzlies.

  552. Exactly

  553. Toilet paper shot.

  554. Still ok. Jeremy pounded the Grizzlies on his own on BOTH sides of the floor.

  555. I’m GLAD the Lakers lost.

    They don’t deserve to abuse Lin and win.

  556. Yep close game

  557. …and the FG%.

  558. Yep, get the team ahead, run downhill, and give it to Price for garbage time.

  559. Another game winner miss for Kobe. This lost is on Byron Scott as usual

  560. Clearly, Jeremy plays well and score well without Kobe in the court.

  561. Jeremy got his stats… all that matter.

  562. That’s right.

    In the modern era, I’ve not seen a single player take on 5 opponents singlehandedly like Lin routinely does.

  563. you da man ronnie!

  564. Kobe so disrespect his teammates.

  565. Lin will be PUNISHED next game for daring to play this well.

  566. Disrespect HIMSELF.

    Kobe playing a usual CRAP game.

  567. well hard shot

  568. like mchale, lets lin sit on bench until the team falls behind.

  569. 15 minutes max

  570. Kobe in Lin stands at the corner.

  571. Why Lin closed the game? Jeanie Buss there? Home game? BS wanted to win?

  572. Next game, Byron Scott will make sure Lin gets less minutes so that Ronnie Price can play more.

  573. That’s called consistency

  574. I guess BS has done so much against the odds of winning that he lost his sense to call a foul in the last minute.


    Has nothing whatsoever to do with Lin.

  576. makes no difference. they run plays for anyone but lin at endgame. hes just the inbounder

  577. Consistently bad

  578. have to say the play where kobe drop and passed it to davis was a bad idea. he is a 50 percent free-throw hooter would rater he shoot it or get it to either lin or young

  579. You have to admit, with .6 seconds left, the last kobe shot looked good going up. Had a chance.

  580. I personally think BS wanted a steal or something else but not a foul.

  581. Top Performers

    Mem: M. Conley 19 Pts, 6 Reb, 9 Ast, 2 Stl, 1 Blk

    LAL: J. Lin 20 Pts, 3 Reb, 5 Ast, 3 Stl, 1 Blk.

  582. not really lin subbed in real early so who knows why

  583. Kobe drew that crap up.

    That’s what happens when guys like Bryant who skip practice don’t know who their 50% FT shooting teammates are.

  584. how many minutes lin play?

  585. No argument there unless he could have dunked it.

  586. 28

  587. he only got to play bc boozer/hill fouled out.

  588. not enough.

  589. lol. pathetic.

  590. I’m easy to please. Jeremy might play the great game.

  591. Not as impressive as it seems.

    NO Zach Randolph tonight.

    Randolph OWNS Ed Davis.

  592. Lin played 26 min. Kobe played 33. If their minutes should be reversed, the game would be won.

    Edit: Lin 27:33 to be exact.

  593. exactly.

  594. kobe 33 minutes. lol already relapsing scott

  595. From ESPN?

  596. 28

  597. BS indirectly setting up Kobe for failure!

  598. Ronnie is very “Inconsistent”.

  599. Jeannie NBuss reading her tweets. She is not stupid an I think she is not happy with Scott because his ignorance transends all realms of what the Laker organization are trying to represent.

  600. Price not doing squat the 1st quarter is why Lin got subbed in early.

  601. nevermind the 4th quarter crap. this game was lost in 3rd quarter, in which lin didnt play till 2 min left.

  602. So to maintain “Inconsistency”.

  603. yes

  604. He did not get to touch the ball much in hte last 4 min of the game. Kobe in, Lin watches

  605. When Lin came into the game late in the 3rd, it was ALREADY GARBAGE TIME.

  606. does he ever do anything on most nights

  607. Thanks for the infor

  608. PATHETIC.

    A player that good gets only 27 minutes, and that 27 minutes is basically a season high for Lin off the bench???

    Lin will be punished by Byron Scott for this outing. GUARANTEED.

  609. Took the words outta my mouth

  610. Might as well have been 24.

    Kobe coming in RUINED LIN’S GAME.

  611. lol he did it again

  612. BS kept Price in hopping that miracle might happen.

  613. I will agree if Lin closes game from now on.

  614. he waited to long to sub as always. atlas mchale was quick to sub lin in if they started to struggle. would come in at the 9 minutes mark some days

  615. All the bigs in foul troubles, 2 fouled out. Can’t protect the rim.

  616. well it is what it is

  617. I did give KB the credit for his experience. BS – bad. Lin will learn this one, not having to wait for BS’s instruction.

  618. like harden and howard, kobe also takes it out on lin. its never easy geezus

  619. Waiting for that Price consistency to kick in. It did, the usually bad way

  620. Kobe is only player to play over 30 minutes.

  621. Lets see how quickly Scott blame Lin

  622. McHale still hated Lin just as badly as Scott does.

    It’s just that the Rockets had more backcourt depth, though Bev got his butt trounced even worse than Price does.

  623. I think so bc he got more points than Kobe. Next game he will not get that many min or points for sure.

  624. Messed up team tempo?

  625. Kobe not interested in winning the game.

    Only interested in beating Lin – which Kobe failed to do yet again for the millionth time.

  626. The foul or no foul thing…

  627. But that didn’t decide the game outcome. Oh, wait, BS will use it anyway to distract away from his inept.

  628. Scott said no foul… plus that’s not the reason they lose this game.

  629. I am so happy for lin and the game he played tonight. Lin is a really good player and a very good team player where his team mates trust him. I love that this was a game where lin stats said kiss my azz Byron Scott you are full of it. I Can play efficient in 28 minutes.

  630. scott has no feel of the game. doesn’t call time out if the other team gets hot. doesn’t sub the top scorer in when they start losing the game. he is a very poor excuse of a coach. also per defense was embarrassing

  631. Pathetic xD

  632. I called this since 2012.

    No surprises – Kobe is historically a TERRIBLE clutch player and is a horrific 4th quarter liability.

  633. it just goes to show confirmation bias. like the lakers announcers, they think is kobe is super clutch and ignore all the data that shows otherwise and anything suggesting he is, they are all over it.

  634. Love that! Was wondering what that stat was. Another record! Woot! Co-brick! (Disqus doesn’t like it with a K)

  635. Yes, to prove that BS is right.

  636. Byron, Low IQ guy. That is why he so hates Lin.

  637. These outdated 80s coaches like Scott are bewildered by the pace and tactics of the modern game.

  638. I personally think BS wanted a steal or tight defense but no foul.. just to show off he can coach during pressure time lol

  639. Scott tries to make him a scoring leader.

  640. But it is one good thing to scapegoat…

  641. Byron Scott, HIGH IQ guy in the illegal defense era.

    Low IQ guy in the modern era.

  642. i just call him dumb

  643. probably this is the issue

  644. the thing is, Kobe the upset guy just ran and took 3 sec to make that foul, and all he had to do was to yell for lin to foul and it would have been 2 sec saved. He was being a hero to make a point, and that cost the game really. Lin was probably thinking he had a steal hehe.

  645. Consistency in play! BS loves it.

  646. 4 seconds diff….M…I think most NBA teams will foul

  647. Good news somehow: Scott didn’t blame Jeremy on that foul thing.

  648. He did yelled

  649. That’s it, Scott.

    Scapegoat the Asian guy like you always have.

  650. true. good pt

  651. what i thought. hrvard guy isn’t stupid after all

  652. Let’s see if he denies not calling for the foul in the end.

  653. 7am in France – ur dedicated!

  654. I am sorry Scott that I was so cynical on you

  655. no he said lin did what he said kobe was wrong.

  656. what do you mean?

  657. Scott maybe a bad coach, but he doesn’t blame Lin every single game like McHalL did.

  658. altough i think kobe was right

  659. This somehow doesn’t sound like BScot…

  660. What a snake.

  661. I thought he will just say it was Lin’s fault

  662. Doesn’t matter.

    Why is Scott talking about Lin’s lack of a foul when he’s got MR CHOKESTER BRYANT bricking the game away with scrub play?

    Lin’s play is so nontoxic compared to all the garbage Kobe pulled!!!

  663. i dont really understand the logic of waiting.

  664. yea he took the blame which he should but he did

  665. Yea solid. SOLID PAIN IN THE BEHIND.

  666. BS: I said “Foul, Lin! He thought I said “Wow, Lin!”

  667. how do ppl know BSc said no foul?

  668. But Scott still is calling out Lin.

    Scott should be blaming Kobe Bryant for the game losing, not calling out Lin.

  669. I told you guys that ESPN is not interested in posting anything positive about Kobe. Kobe is not even being mentioned in SI or NBA unless it it is negative.

  670. Ah… Kobe, may be you should listen to your coach first and talk back TO YOUR COACH and not screaming at your teammate!

  671. kobe has played well allowing team ball. scott has to sub early not kobe fault

  672. solid way to lose.

  673. Solid waste, yes.

    Scott is a LOSER.

  674. Well I am not gonna asking too much…

  675. I’m beginning to like ESPN… LOL

  676. this is a stretch

  677. or, Pho !

  678. Still Kobe CHOKED at the end, like he always does.

    That’s what Kobe gets for not attending practices and thus not knowing what to do in clutch situations.

  679. Yeah, did BS a solid by getting him a job!

  680. bull feces is not runny, but solid.

  681. Well, after Kobe call them name.

  682. FIFY: “that’s all you can ask for if you don’t mind losing every game to get some risky picks.”

  683. hahahaha

  684. MJ been following lin’s game or just lakers?

  685. why wait until past half court, so LAL have ending shot?

  686. That’s right, scapegoat the Asian guy and question his intelligence.

    Scott is just scraping for a way to criticize Lin.

  687. chocked well. he is where 40 year old mj was. just cant do it any more

  688. Yeah, he thought about it, but when he was too stupid to call it, the esp thing didn’t pan out. Lin should never listen to him anyways.

  689. I call LYING AGAIN.

    I’ll bet money that Byron Scott said NOTHING to Kobe Bryant about this.

  690. what does this mean. lin is professor x. lin a mind reader

  691. That was why he got fired by two teams! Glorious right?

  692. kobe does have internet and have access to twitter like we do. cmon lol. saying it to the media is to say it to everyone.


  693. can jlin get praise from scott for once?

  694. Stupid coach needs to make himself heard to players so that no miscommunications happen.

    Stupid coach should also KNOW the orders that he’s barking out for players like Lin to carry out.

  695. so lin was doing well for the game, but doesn’t seem like last few minute, lin was involved on the offense.

  696. Scott wanted Lakers to take the final possession with 10 sec.

  697. Choke is choke.

    Doesn’t matter how old a player is.

    Besides, Kobe has ALWAYS choked in crunchtime according to the numbers.

  698. well your asking us

  699. tonight was one of his top efficiency games …

  700. At least 4 minutes watching Kobe to dance

  701. I don’t think he took a shot in the 4-5 mins.

  702. BWAHAHAHA!!!

    Try starting Lin and playing him proper minutes with proper usage.

    See what happens.

  703. You are exposed !

  704. Because Kobe wants him there

  705. Yeah. Standard BS practice. Just drag Lin down into his own swamp of stupidity.

  706. If KB is the solid waste, BS is the Septic tank.

  707. scott sounding incoherent right now

  708. They pay him to kiss Kobe behind

  709. NO IT’S NOT.

    Scott now accusing Lin of “miscommunication”.

  710. well, as soon as Kobe came in, whole offense went slow and into loser mode.

  711. Lin playing by the rules because if he had been given freedom, he would have done what is right. Kobe getting mad at lin because he didn’t foul goes back to the drama he and scott have created for him by putting him on a short leash and it came back to bite them in the butt.

  712. NO.

    Scott accusing Lin of miscommunicating on coach’s orders.

  713. Why? BS only praises the likes of Price, and I for one don’t want Lin in the same category.

  714. He has a son named Kobe

  715. 10-23 now, and it is counting, the 23 series.

  716. scott is flip flopping right now

  717. true

  718. Pho king dumb of BS, LOL.

  719. Typical Byron Scott – order Lin to carry out a specific task and then CRITICIZE Lin for having performed that task properly.

  720. Seriously?!?!

  721. And a hamster named Price!

  722. I don’t like the BS praise.

  723. PostGame thread is now open!

    Congrats JLin for starting 2015 with his best game in a Lakers uniform despite only playing for 27 min!

  724. should have mentioned only 27 minutes. thats why its especially great

  725. If Scott would have stuck with lin/Davis down the stretch he would have won this game..

  726. Jeremy Lin Impacts NBA All-Star Voting in Big Way; Lakers PG Screws Up James Harden’s Bid


    “Lin’s presence in the current race is jeopardizing Harden’s chance of becoming an All-Star starter for the first time in his career, and there seems nothing he can do to change the obvious result.”

  727. Nope.

    Byron Scott don’t wanna be quoted praising the Asian guy.

  728. Music to my ears!

  729. No…..hamster is cute, don’t insult it

  730. How? Lin is only #9 not #4?!

  731. What, we’re covering up for Byron Scott now?

    It isn’t as if Byron Scott has TOLD THE TRUTH all season long when it comes to Lin.

  732. Effectively 24 minutes, last 3 minutes Kobeball don’t count.

  733. That I like

  734. Kobe will start over Harden for sure even he is old.

  735. ok ok.

  736. can’t wait for the New Jeremy Lin Interview guy:

    “what, did he really say that? I heard him say to foul at 10 sec.”

  737. scott said to the media it was not lin’s fault. how can kobe not know that — either hearing it directly from scott or through the media?

    you are saying crazy stuff that does not make sense.

  738. Kelly too

  739. That’s not the point.

    Scott accused Lin of “MISCOMMUNICATION”.

    Scott shouldn’t be criticizing Lin’s play at all.

    Besides, Scott has a history of LYING about his encounters with Lin.

  740. ok, I just saw the replay where he was yelling but not really at anyone. I took it to be Kobe yelling in general lol.

  741. Friday night nba night 😀

  742. so is black even available? why did he not play a single minute tonight despite bigs in foul trouble?

  743. It was BS own fault for clogging up Lin’s ears with solid waste.

  744. If Scott had played Jeremy Lin more in the 3rd quarter, the Lakers would have walked away with an EASY victory.

  745. nice to see great game from lin. kobe/bs suck as usual.

  746. OK, that’s the entire game summary right there!!!

  747. blame lin even after he left the rockets?

  748. lol

  749. Lin really had a hard time answering that question that the team is starting to play better together. Sounded like he didn’t want to say something bad.

  750. So predictable

  751. True or not I like Lin to be the reason just to piss off Houston.

  752. “Price good D… Kobe solid…Lin inconsistent”

  753. Scott is trash

  754. Scott really like an uneducated cave man, he thinks everyone is stupid and dumb when he spits out nonsense and expect people to take it without any queation?

  755. a solid pooper

  756. highlights

  757. or as usual?

  758. After Lin scored his 20th point with that clutch three, I thought to myself that Kobe would not allow Lin to score again because another bucket means Lin will increase his season high scoring output to either 22 to 23 points (season high was 21 against Bobcats i.e. Lakers first win which started Kobe’s jealousy towards Lin).

    Well, turns out I was right and Kobe made sure Lin never had another chance to attempt a shot without breaking the “offense” aka “hand the ball to Kobe”. Anyways, Kobe will keep firing more bricks at the end of the game to create a unbreakable record of most consecutive field goal misses on game-tying or game-winning shots with 5 seconds or less in the game.

  759. Clearly, you don’t need any beauty sleep 😉

  760. Possible reason: philosophical difference with BS who only “talks” about defense whereas Black actually “plays” defense.

  761. At 5:58, Poindexter walks up to Jeremy to give him a supportive tap. I was surprised. I know sometimes opposing players will do this if they know each other off court. Have they ever played together? If not, is that a little unusual? Seemed like some kind of respect.

  762. Have you seen this?

    Mike Trudell ✔ @LakersReporterFollow
    Scott said he did think about fouling earlier but it may have been a miscommunication with Lin. Could have obviously saved several seconds.
    1:16 AM – 3 Jan 2015

  763. But I thought he still did in an indirect way:
    Mike Trudell ✔ @LakersReporterFollow
    Scott said he did think about fouling earlier but it may have been a miscommunication with Lin. Could have obviously saved several seconds.
    1:16 AM – 3 Jan 2015

  764. Lol 🙂 But usually I fall asleep at half time if the game is boring hehe

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