G33 Brooklyn Nets (8-24) Opens 2017 vs Utah Jazz (21-13)


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After a blowout loss against the Wizards on the road, the Nets held a player-only meeting to rehash their disagreement on-court about the lack of defensive assignments.

Kilpatrick:”We didnt play together at all.It’ll keep being that way if u continue to keep arguing & bickering”

ESPN.com Game Preview article:

Gobert could have another big night on the boards as the Nets’ average 44 rebounds per game, which places them in the bottom third of the league. Brooklyn also gives up 48.1 rebounds per game, which places them in the bottom third.

Brooklyn is 3-19 when getting outrebounded. The latest instance occurred during a 118-95 rout at Washington Friday, when the Nets were outrebounded by a 44-32 margin.

Brooklyn lost for the 19th time in 23 games since Nov. 12. All but one of the wins are at home, where the Nets are 7-8.

In the last 23 games, the league’s worst scoring defense allowed 100 points in 22 games and over 110 20 times. During this skid, 13 of Brooklyn’s defeats came by double-digits, and Friday the frustration seemed to boil over on the court.

According to the New York Post, Sean Kilpatrick said the players were “bickering with each other and not playing together” during the blowout. On Saturday, coach Kenny Atkinson and Brook Lopez confirmed Kilpatrick’s comments and stated the Nets held a players-only meeting after Friday’s loss.

“It happens with every team throughout the year,” Lopez told reporters. “We talked about it after the game as a team. None of the coaches were there. It’s important we all have respect for each other, and at the same time, we have the ability to hold each other accountable and ourselves accountable. To do that, we have to be able to have a dialogue with one another.”

KEY OF THE GAME: The Nets would need to win the rebounding battle and play tough defense together if they want any chance to win.  No new Jeremy Lin update is given regarding his hamstring injury and he has not practiced but he can still provide leadership from the bench to his teammates will be united.

Let’s hope and pray JLin will recover soon and help the Nets get back on the winning track!

Let’s go, JLin and the Nets! 


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  1. First, Many More Blessings in 2017!

  2. no updata on linna!!!??? wire!!

  3. Jeremy Lin mourning for Ava #RIP #sweetmemories #eternalhope

  4. Greg Logan said there might be a further update tonight but we’ll see

    “GM Sean Marks said this injury is less severe than the first [email protected] suffered. There may be a further update tonight. We’ll see.”

  5. Humm.. suffered? What does that mean?

  6. means that da first one is bad..and he had to suffer through it..as in walking gingerly etc.

  7. LaVert, Brook Lopez, and Skil all made, IMO, encouraging comments about the players meeting. Fonseca tweeted some of them.


  8. Before the game I think… hope good news coming soon.

  9. No it’s just English. One “suffers” an injury.

  10. Like “guest” said below. “…this injury is less severe than the first injury Lin suffered”
    “Suffered” could be replaced by “had”, for example.

  11. Happy New Year to all!

  12. the period is a typo

  13. no need for political correctness

  14. Really ?? Are we that picky now.?..lol

  15. Let’s go Nets. New year, new start, renew grit, renew defense, renew offense and most of all renew efforts.

  16. this tweet makes me nervous, wondering what this is…


  17. Prob addresss the fans about the team

  18. Hope it’s good news…

  19. Just wishing everybody a HappyNewYear and a New Year resolution.

  20. It wouldn’t make sense to announce bad news before a game. Bad news can wait for tomorrow or whenever.

    SO RELAX!!! ???????

  21. It’s an NBA-mandated media appearance. Nothing to be nervous about.

  22. This makes the media availability sound more routine …

  23. Thank you the NBA.

  24. What did Lin say to the media? Is any link available?

  25. What political correctness? Lol.
    It was a reply solely on language reference.

  26. Thank you for the timely post.

  27. I don’t like that he didn’t see the MRI. But he said himself, it feels a lot better this time and it is in a different part of the hamstring.

  28. Well a few more weeks at least. He must be the first one annoyed. That’s really too bad. Poor babe

  29. I think 3 weeks. Hopefully.

  30. Happy new year! 🙂

  31. I’m looking forward on the trade deadline,see if Marks can do some magic to improve the team.

  32. I hope so bc why no any news so far….?

  33. Let’s see if their some team that are interested for Booker,RJH,Scola And Hamilton.Any players that can be traded on these players would definitely an upgrade for the Nets

  34. Booker maybe. RHJ… not sure. Scola & Hamilton probably can only part of the package…. I doubt any team wants them…lol!

  35. Let’s see if Marks can do some miracles.

  36. Lin said it feels like Groundhog’s Day, having to go through the rehab process all over again. 🙁

  37. Lin is at the game vs. Jazz.

    The YES TV just showed him greeting teammates from the bench with a big smile. 🙂

  38. I like the commentator said that’s the job of coach to bring group together-regarding about argument from players. I think so too.

  39. I guess we’ll see a lot of Booker bringing the ball up. I’d rather see Whitehead or Skil doing this. Oh well.

  40. Great spin-move and dunk by Booker

  41. Bc it’s vs his former team. He needs to show a little bit…

  42. There was an article of Booker being a PG in HS.

    It might be a reason for the effort to see how far he can develop

  43. Alright Lin, tell Booker to cool it on offense and stop forcing things. (He’s sitting next to Lin on the bench)

  44. OK, but he doesn’t pass well or have particularly good court vision.

  45. Yes.

  46. he certainly shows his limits

  47. There seem to be more concerted effort on rebounding and challenging shots.
    Even Bojan tried to get closer to his man earlier.

    Perhaps the players-only meeting worked well

  48. RHJ took a hard elbow on the face but drove hard to get fouled. 2 FTs

    Good aggressiveness

  49. Harris 3 made it 35-30

  50. These guys doesn’t even know how to inbound the ball.

  51. The focus and energy level is much stronger in this game than last. They just have to keep it for the whole game.

  52. Foye playing almost Lin-level defense.

  53. Booker does not get enough credit. smh

  54. Booker is better than those two handling the ball and they’re guards

  55. He looked/sounded genuinely upbeat when he said it’s not as bad as last time. He also said he’s already taking shots, which he didn’t for a while last time. Very good sign for a faster return.

  56. He’s putting points on the board and that’s good but bad for the Nets team if he’s the leading scorer.

  57. yeah, it’s pretty bad when the team is so awful

  58. Booker is guarding Gobert who is 7’1″ and manages to grab 10 rebounds

  59. I hope you are right, would love to see Lin returning to court soon.

  60. Thanks for the video. Glad to hear Lin’s allowed to talk about his injury publicly this time. Get well soon, Lin!

  61. Hope he doesn’t rush back and when he does he really needs to make his 3 pointer, mid-range, and floater his main offense while laying low at the rim at least until next season.

  62. Booker is surely on fire tonight. Hope it’ll last to the end and lead the team win.

  63. He was playing selfish for the entire season while missing almost all his shots. His defense have been crap all season long. This is probably his best defensive and offensive game but he still has tunnel vision and tends to go for his own shots. He also can’t pass to his teammates.

    Booker must really want to beat his old team. Just like when Lin meets the Hornets or Rockets.

  64. Another missed 3 by Booker he’s playing way too gun happy and selfish again. He needs to involve his teammates! I don’t buy this at all Booker is a selfish player through and through.

  65. Booker is the example of hustle and heart beats talent when talent aint motivated.

  66. All Booker has is fake hustle his defense has been crap all season. He just playing hard to show up his old team. Even then he’s taking too many isos and 3 point shots. Everyone have not gotten enough touches.

  67. That Whitehead block was insane. Great job.

  68. Glad KA took Booker out he was playing way too selfish and needed to cool down! Wasted 2 possessions taking ugly 3s and can’t pass to teammates.

  69. If it becomes a habit, he does it with Lin as well. That’s what I don’t want to see.

  70. He was taken out at his normal rotation.

  71. Either way glad he’s out cause other guys couldn’t get a chance to shoot or get in rhythm because of him.

  72. i really can’t agree with any of that. i’ve watched all of the Nets games

  73. Maybe the Nets have figured out the 3Q?

  74. smh

  75. Harris is definitely rusty.

  76. i don’t see him hogging the ball if that’s what you’re afraid of. i see him help bringing the ball up the court and then give it to the guards. which game are you watching?

  77. Was that a reverse by Harris by spinning the ball? Wonder if he learned that move from Lin cause totally something Lin does often to avoid being blocked at the rim.

  78. That block looks like Whitehead hit the opponent’s hand, not the ball.

  79. Lin does a lot of reverse layups on the dribble drive but it’s a basic shot that most players should be able to do

  80. Harris looking much better now.

  81. Announcers said Harris learned how to get out of a bad situation by spinning the ball. Sounded like something new from him. I also don’t remember Harris doing something like that this season.

  82. I think he’s learning a lot from Lin just like Kilpatrick and RHJ.

  83. Lin does a corkscrew move, it’s not an easy shot.

  84. he does that too

  85. And Whitehead.

  86. Yup and same thing for Anthony Bennett he’s improved so much just learning from Lopez and playing with him. AB has been a much better PF than he was at the start of the season. Though for now I only see him at most a backup. If Net were to develop a new player they’d should develop McCullough who has the height and athleticism.

  87. it’s a basic move every nba player has that move..just saw lance thomas do that move and he is a D-league player on the knicks.

  88. even i can do in pickup games lol

  89. oh Hamilton

  90. loool yup maybe not as smooth tho !

  91. it’s smooth as a baby’s bottom!

  92. That was terrible but overall, he’s played well.

  93. plz just get better than 21 wins lol. that lakers record is still haunting me

  94. It was mostly ball on the replay, some hand but glad no foul was called.

  95. loool time for a mixtape then!

  96. At times he has a guard wide open next to him but still brings up the ball opposed to giving it up to the PG. He’s done that with Lin at times, so it is something he’s done over many games. So it seems like a habit to me.

  97. Haha! Bc Lin is AS coach….

  98. Jazz is bouncing back!

  99. They’re pulling away unfortunately.

  100. oh Bogs

  101. Who’s winning?

  102. Jazz by 11 pts.

  103. Thanks CJ,I’ve been hoping that they can win this one.

  104. Another loss.

  105. They did but 3Q…. started to loss again. smh!

  106. They were, then Jazz pulled away in the 4th. Bad defense then offense stalled.

  107. Bogdanovic going after loose balls is like my cat playing fetch.. he just watches the ball roll by

  108. 3Q wasn’t much of a problem this game. It’s 4Q they lost badly.

  109. Lol

  110. I don’t get what’s wrong w these players??? They were winning until 3Q? smh!

  111. I saw until 3rd when they were leading like 3points on the last 4 mins. Well…looking for the trade deadline see if Marks can pull something out

  112. No winners on the team. Sometimes Skil has it, but he is a poor defender. Lopez didn’t play well in the 4th and Bogs can’t guard Hayward. Hayward is a star, but still, he could have made Hayward work harder.

  113. defense just ok but the real problem was the inability to score and free throw missed. i think Nets players are just LAZY to defend and if their shots aren’t falling, they become zombies…LOL!

  114. Starting 5 on the Nets had 5 assists. Terrible.

  115. Bogs really has no D. Not just he can’t guard Hayward…. smh!

  116. Really? Oh! This team sucks.

  117. Yes, some trades need to made.

  118. Lack of resilience!

  119. If Booker is your leading scorer then that’s really sucks.

  120. Both new york teams struggling right now…

  121. They give up…. smh!

  122. For sure, but the Knicks have more talent even if they are missing Porz for 2 games.

  123. Harris’ D is much better than him.

  124. i blame Bog for this and every Nets loss this season

  125. marks needs to unload lots of these players..Booker can stay if he can be disciplined, but Bogs must go. RJH has a very ok game today, but with the opportunity given to him, he is not developing or he seems stubborn to develop.Hamilton is just like Frank the Tank last season which was HAM, he can’t position well on rebounds and only knows to shoot 3….needs a player who can intimidate on the inside for the opponent just like Gobert was doing here on us.

  126. Kenny has to stop having him guard the other team’s best player. Booker, RHJ, someone else.

  127. Sorry folks…..Im a little outdated…has there been any news on JLin recovery?

    Good to be back…but nothing seem to have changed in NETS

  128. Can’t say enough,you got it all right

  129. Bogs can guard but too lazy to do it (like harden) Bogs in love too much with his offense.

  130. he can’t even guard the opponent’s mascot

  131. Yup when Booker is your leading scorer you know this team is headed for another loss. They don’t have any legit playmaker with Lin injured, besides Dinwiddie who also doesn’t get enough minutes.

  132. I guess they still have the one Quarter bug! It seems to have moved from Q3 to Q4

  133. He had a press interview saying that this hamstring injury feels less severe and he’s upbeat about it. There are some post down-thread.

    Yes, terrible results again tonight. Oh well. Good to see you and Happy New Year.

  134. 🙂

  135. unless kenny intentionally doing this to develop Bogs defense which he knows is NON-existent

  136. Check his recent interview of him talking about his injury.


  137. no one is gonna take RHJ or Bog. the Hornets have been trying to give away Lamb and Hawes since last season and still can’t unload them. and those guys are better than RHJ and Bog

  138. got talent but the dont mesh at all…. this brooklyn team has 10000 more chemistry but not the talent..either melo or rose needs to go for porzingis sake…i would vote for melo because i think rose would fit a lot better….Man if Zinger was on this nets team the wins would have increased by a whole lot and he would love playing with Lin they would have been an awesome duo!

  139. whitehead only one assist????

  140. I was watching then checked out of the game and before I knew it, the game was over. Wow how did Nets going from leading to another loss? Was KA playing musical chairs and changing lineups again? How difficult is it to stick with 1 consistent lineup for the entire game? Continuously changing players and lineups just confuses the players even more and stops any chemistry from forming!

  141. He’s got 6 assists.

  142. Just my opinion,I hope they will just shut him down and just fully recover and become healthier next season

  143. Bog needs to go. Can’t guard, can’t dribble.

  144. Thanks Joy

  145. Lin will disagree with you.

  146. This team is bad, the coach is bad, I really don’t care if Lin comes back before All Star break. He just needs to come back healthy and be injure free for rest of the season.

  147. I know he will

  148. 🙂

  149. no way. he said he’s feeling much better than when he was recovering from the first hamstring injury. he’s already shooting too. he’ll be back soon

  150. I totally agree until Marks find real talents on this team

  151. While at it he should find a real PnR coach too.

  152. I know that motion offense is the most boring I’ve ever seen

  153. yeah i can see that, unloading is so hard but if opportunity comes their way for a better player, i think Nets can unload these players by paying them out..Tank is doin ok now and has muscled himself by knowing what to do inside,..Hamilton, i guess if he falls out of love with his 3, and then developed his game inside, maybe next season, he can be of service..that’s a MAYBE for me.

  154. Agreed. I don’t understand why KA is not letting Dinwiddie play longer. Whitehead has been improving, KA could have let Dinwiddie play longer to see how it turn out. Smh

  155. That’s cause KA is clueless and insist on not using PnR and/or enough cuts to the basket. Seriously when MDA was still available why didn’t they interview MDA instead of KA?

  156. I don’t know why these players always from leading to loss? When they started to loss they were like no idea what to do … No D & NO O…. then gave up???

  157. nope. only one

  158. i meant Lamb and Hawes. typo

  159. being better on handling the ball with tunnel vision can be hazardous to the health of Nets winning hope..and i also hope that you are not just promoting Booker on saying those things…LOL

  160. Coach Atkinson: “Proud of our team’s defensive effort. We were physical. Trevor had great energy tonight.” #Nets


  161. But that’s only for the first three quarters.

  162. They do improve for 1st half but not 2nd half… smh! Marks makes the trade call now.

  163. Ooops! Sorry, it’s 6 rebounds.

  164. playing Bog and Whitehead too many quality minutes hurts the team. KA shouldn’t baby these two players so much. their defense was what lost the game tonight

  165. they are one shot pony players..if its not working, then they have no game!

  166. Exactly! 4Q defense was awful. KA’s substitution didn’t help in the first 5m of 4Q when Nets still have a chance in the game. After that KA just let the players fend for themselves w/o calling time out or any plays to tighten up their defense. This loss is on the coach again, IMO…

  167. KA can be easily pleased???

    its ok to remember the efforts on blocking opponent and grabbing rebound, but make it a little reasonable that as usual, nets players failed to sustain that effort.

  168. I think he has to give it another shot. Hamstrings are tricky, but hope his luck changes this season.

  169. The losses has always been on the coach and his clueless motion offense! No team playing motion offense solely without PnR and cuts to the rim. KA insisting on avoid PnR is a recipe for many losses to come. It’s common sense to play your only legit PG Dinwiddie more minutes when Lin’s out. You don’t have to start him but more minutes with your only playmaker is common sense. With KA’s offense everyone is left to fend for themselves, no screens or passing to draw defense away for another teammate at all!

  170. I thought we could steal this one. KA just don’t have the solution or the ability to win the games. I’m really disappointed with him.

  171. I think it is the defense that lost the game, not the motion offense.

  172. At the price of another loss? Feels more like KA doesn’t know who he should play nor does he understand the need to stick to 1 lineup. The way he keeps changing the lineups on all away games feels like he’s tanking purposely just for this so called “development” which is bs. The only games he had 9 man rotation was against GSW, Cavs, and Hornets that’s it.

  173. I certainly didn’t see any ball movement, screens, nor dishing assist for a teammate to score. Reality is when your offense is flowing you work harder on defense but Nets’ offense isn’t implemented properly. KA doesn’t fully understand how to implement a motion offense period. No team uses that offense on its’ own. Rockets don’t play much defense either and MDA certain isn’t a defensive coach but his PnR centric offense gets the job done.

  174. Hayward has multiple screens and PnRs from Gobert and other bigs. The bigs creates space for Hayward to set his feet and focus on his shot. Does KA do this for Lin or other pgs? KA’s MO dictates everyone creates his own space for his own shot…KA’s MO can’t work w/o effective leadership on the floor. Sad to say but KA is definitely not providing it from the sideline.

  175. Exactly what’s the point of getting Dinwiddie when you don’t let him lead the offense when Lin’s out? Not even for 2nd unit? Dinwiddie is the only legit PG on the team right now.

  176. no one can dribble penetrate like Lin does on this team. actually, not a lot of players in the league can which is why Lin is so valuable. the MO masks this deficiency

  177. KA being a rookie HC is still learning to utilise n optimise the players game, limit their weaknesses and getting the right combinations of players to perform on both ends of the court. Matchup against the opponents is another aspect of KA rookie game plan to learn and incorporate into his game plan. Without the floor general in JL to help him on the floor coaching , KA is lose in many aspects on winning games strategies.Haha cheers

  178. Dinwiddie, LeVert, McCullough needs more minutes than Bog, Whitehead, and RHJ. i’m done with Bog and RHJ. Whitehead can still be the 7th or 8th man though

  179. I think at times it looks fine, at other times, the inexperienced team shows it. Plus, sometimes they go post with Brook Lopez. But the defense leads a lot more work than the offense. If you play defense, get stops, you can get more fast breaks. That’s really one of the big differences when Lin is in. Lopez also fizzled in the 4th, he has to step it up and play a complete game.

  180. Thank You! Lets just say instead of developing young and legit 1st round talents in LeVert and McCullough as PG and PF, KA just loss a game by allowing a washed up and talent-less veteran, Booker to play SG/PG while icing out teammates. Congrats KA cause you deserved another loss not that him or the owner seem to care.

  181. not easy to do when you got Lopez camping out there at the 3 point line. he’s not even at the same level of PNR competency that Gobert is

  182. c’mon. Booker is solid. i meant give McCullough more minutes backing him up lol

  183. Have you ever seen Lopez even allowed or anyone else give Lin multiple screens? I only saw Lopez try it once or twice this season! KA’s insist on avoiding PnR is clear as day and that will bring many losses in modern basketball! Lopez played many PnR in previous seasons just go check his highlights from last season! Lopez can play PnR but KA doesn’t allow it nor does he allow many PnR plays or screens for Lin!

  184. besides, Booker is just 1 year older than Lin so he’s not exactly washed up sheesh the hate is real

  185. gonna disagree. coaches wouldn’t tell players not to screen. i’ve seen Booker screen constantly in this and every game. it’s Lopez’s idea to camp out at the 3 point line

  186. Jazz double guarded Lopez in the 4Q, his teammates need to step up. 4Q is a test of a teamwork winning.

  187. At the beginning of teh season KA outright said he’d focus on motion offense and won’t play PnR so they can “practice” motion offense. Flash forward to now, PnR is still no where. All I saw was Booker playing SG and going to the rim for his own shots or taking 3 pointers for himself before being benched for rest.

  188. respectfully disagree with you

  189. To each their own then. But I’m sure none of us have seen Lin get screens on every play this season and certainly not multiple screens. We mostly seen everyone trying to create “something” for themselves and forcing shots on this motion offense every time.

  190. Up till now I doubt KA will even take Lin’s advice. He’s too stubborn to adjust his strategies even they’re proved of not working.

  191. i don’t like the motion offense either but i feel they don’t have the right personnel to run PNR all the time. i do see them attempt the PNR from time to time, but they haven’t been very successful at it. and that’s because (and here is where we are in disagreement) Lopez is just a bad PNR Big

  192. No, KA never did that for Lin bc even in marketing Lin is set to be their leader but he’s not treated like a star on court from this team — like RW or Harden….

  193. solid game for brooklyn today against a good team. Isaiah whitehead offensively is developing and is becoming a solid attacker, his defense has always been solid but i sense that he is a true sg. I would love to see how the nets look with him starting at the 2 next to lin once lin comes back as kilpatrick just doesnt seem to be a longterm option at that spot

  194. Who are the rollers? I find Lopez to be a post-up player who powers the ball in down low and creates his own shots. Yes, Lopez does a bit of PnR but it isn’t his bread and butter. The defense is the problem on this team and when Skil and Bogs don’t play well, and Lopez is being contained, then they look bad.

  195. IMO, Nets played a good first half.

    3Q Nets should capitalize Jazz’s shooting woe. Instead. they were bad as well in that quarter.

    4Q, as usual, pressure mounted and MO won’t flow as much and it was always the player who brought the ball up going for the rim. Lopez post-up was ineffective b/c Jazz big and occasional double teams, which at least led to 2 TOs just in 4Q. Players seemed frozen in 4Q. I think it is the 4Q pressure on the mental. All above are on the coach to address and adjust. Too bad, Lin was not there. Otherwise it would be a big difference.

    And 6 assists out of the starters pretty much tell the story of the game and how this MO played out.

    This team needs a leader to direct them into the right plays and play
    under pressure as a team, not individual creation out of this
    non-working MO.

    Given this path, without Lin this team, while they developed, won’t go anywhere.

  196. sws94, we are in agreement here

  197. Lol i came in and saw the post and comments by coach which led me to believe we won. typed in espn to a big surprise. i guess we are on moral victories now

  198. Better, due to defense. Lin likes to play with other 2 guards and he and Whitehead may play well together.

  199. LOL. Low bar, low bar. KA is too nice and too content.

  200. Defensive effort was awful last game. It was better this game. But Bogs guarding Hayward hurt the team. Hayward took it to the Nets in the 4Q. Lopez isn’t really a good defender either especially in the PnR.

  201. KA: “I love the defensive effort”
    game was lost on poor defensive effort

  202. You can’t put the balme all on Lopez because there are 4 other PFs available. Surely McCullough can play PnR with his athleticism and above the rim plays but have we seen KA even giving this promising talent a try? Instead we keep seeing washed up veterans like Booker given minutes to try as SG/PG or RHJ, Bog, and Whitehead getting minutes. For someone who keeps saying “development” KA certain isn’t serious about it if he’s not “developing” the young talents and 1st round picks in Levert(PG) and McCullough(PF)! Booker is 29 year old veteran why the heck is KA “developing” him and allow him to take iso shots and iso shots?

  203. nets need a rim protector. or just a bunch of on the same page defenders. a nice strong rebuond and block pf would help. bog is likly the worst defender in the starting unit. he needs to be let go. get a 3 and d sf.

  204. Booker is 29 years old. Lin is 28. they’re not washed up players and Booker contributes a lot to the team. i think you’re unfairly bashing Booker and KA just to prop Lopez up

  205. Lin can’t be the PG for the entire game they need a backup PG. You say this but I don’t see KA legitimately trying to develop a backup PG in Levert or Dinwiddie. Surely those backups or PGs need to learn the motion offense too and what better time than when Lin’s injured?

  206. Well said. When pressure mounts the coaching has to kick in to motivate players and to make necessary adjustments, but KA also seems to be ‘frozen’ during these critical stretches. Players do play hard, but the coaching has to improve w/ effective strategy to win games. We have yet to see set rotations in any line up. Players themselves have to adjust to new chemistry on the floor… KA had most 3rd stringers playing in the first 5m of 4Q while the game was still in reach is ill-advised. That’s failed coaching…

  207. solid backup and even then I’m not sold on his offense or defense after an entire season of missing iso shots at the rim and not having any impact on defense while giving up plays. He can’t pass to teammate nor receive one and that’s the worst weakness on a team needing to use such a complicated and passing heavy offense. Again he only played better this game cause it was his old team next game he will be back to same old habits while continuing to be selfish.

  208. That’s failed coaching on KA also. A good coach would have made adjustments to tell guys to give Lopez help on the double team. He should have called a time out to disrupt Jazz’ momentum and to draw up plays to get guys cut or drive to the basket or to give Lopez more room to shoot, etc. We didn’t see any of that.

  209. “Yeah, I can definitely say that. It’s a different area, the other side and it hurt a lot less when it happened,’’ Lin said. “Everything’s progressing better than the previous one, so I’m definitely very encouraged. Yeah, definitely if it was the same exact spot, it’d be a different tune.”
    While Lin said he didn’t have any idea what grade the strain was, he did emphasize this injury “is progressing much faster” than the first, and added he’s already started shooting


  210. Wonder why Lin didn’t see his MRI result. I would want to see mine.

  211. He didn’t see it really? I’d like to see it too to compare the difference with the first one. I wonder if it’s caused by the first one. But I’m glad he heals quickly this time. Hopefully he’ll return in two weeks.

  212. Maybe they didn’t show it to him? Or they didn’t want him to discuss too much about his injury condition…?

  213. In his press recent interview, he said he didn’t see it. That’s bit strange to me, especially it’s his 2nd injury on the left hamstring though not in the same area.

  214. agree

  215. Yeah, and he said he didn’t even have any idea of what grade the strain was. That sounds he’s not worried about it and too positive to me.

  216. The I don’t know answer works well if you don’t want other people to know.

  217. I miss YOGI.

    As I predicted, I didn’t think that Whitehead or Dinwiddie would provide the heady team first point guard play the Nets desperately need when Lin sits down.

    Yogi actually performed way better overall in the D League than Dinwiddie did, and Yogi has also produced more as a Net than Whitehead or Dinwiddie have. Yogi actually knows how to play, Whitehead and Dinwiddie do not.

    The Nets have been murdered all season by opposing point guards when Lin is not on the floor, and Yogi would have limited that.

    Yogi might be short, but he’s super quick and has flawless fundamentals and perfect instincts. I wish the Brooklyn Nets called him up and gave him more of a chance.

  218. CMC needs a chance.

    With the Nets being battered inside, they need an athletic big man jumping jack to play above the rim.

    Lin has been the only Net that truly plays over the rim. Everybody else is groundbound unless they’re dunking. There’s no NBA level shotblocking help without Lin, which is a big reason opponents are killing the Nets all over the court.

    In the NBA, often it’s better to be athletic than good. CMC, he has a chance to be BOTH!

  219. My twisted nonLin Nets lineup that probably would not win any more games than the current lineup is – but at least they would be ENTERTAINING:

    Starters: Yogi, Kilpatrick, Bogdanovic, CMC, Lopez

    Dinwiddie, Levert, Harris, RHJ, Bennett, Booker, Hamilton.

    Not playing much:
    Whitehead, Foye, Scola

    Type of offense used:
    Primarily POST UP since the Nets shoot so poorly from outside and the Nets don’t really get inside the 3 point line.

  220. I don’t see what’s “mixed” about Lin’s message:

    he can’t play


  221. The Nets HAVE a rim protector: CMC

    but he isn’t allowed to play.

  222. In pro basketball, there are tons of guys who look amazing in demos.

    But when opponents take away their strengths, can they perform?

    Were Lin around, he’d be helping his teammates make these adjustments for the first time in their careers (Lopez included). But Lin isn’t around.

  223. Yogi?? seriously? why?

    I agree with the Post up offense since they have a higher percentage chance of getting in…. no one can shoot much from the outside except for lin, bog and harris..and maybe hammy.

  224. A counter argument can be made is that the team will have to develop an organizer out of necessity and they won’t have to use Lin as a crutch. They also have 18 or so minutes Lin doesn’t play in the game (based on Lin playing for 30 minutes per game)

    I see an emphasis on the offense where, yes, they didn’t score, but even in games where the Nets score a lot, the defense is the bigger letdown than the offense. So why is there not more focus on the Nets defensive woes, which are the bigger priority? If I’m a coach, that needs addressing more than the offense.

    I want to see Lin in there as well and not having your starting PG in the game is crucial. But Lin’s supporting cast needs shoring up for Lin to be more effective when he’s back. And also, Lin needs not to overextend on D, which he will do when he gets back because D is seriously a mess on this team, especially PnR defense.

  225. And it’s a familiar injury, less severe, things are progressing at a faster rate than the last time.

  226. I’d play Whitehead. He’s poised and his defense is good. Foye offers some defense, mixed offense.

    I don’t like Kilpatrick/Bogdonavic defensively. Booker is a question mark. When he’s rebounding and letting others create, he’s useful. When he’s trying to play point forward and going with the one-on-one stuff, he hurts the team sometimes.

  227. Skil gets it going from outside sometimes.

  228. Whitehead is a potential shot blocker. He made a big block in the Charlotte game and he got up and blocked Gobert’s shot last night.

  229. more like effort victories.

  230. he won’t be if they are still like this 2nd or 3rd year of coaching this year.

  231. sometimes.. it’s not the coach, but the players who decides if they want to do multiple screens

    and in teams we never see that because I suspect some doesn’t want linna to shina.

  232. Because Yogi is more seasoned and more effective than Whitehead or Dinwiddie

  233. 20 games into 2nd season, if Nets plays like this, he would be nervous.

  234. Here are the numbers for how well each Net defends opponents taking shots: http://stats.nba.com/players/defense-dash-overall/#!?sort=PLAYER_LAST_TEAM_ABBREVIATION&dir=-1

    The smaller or more negative the number, the better the defender; the higher the number, the worse the defender

    Whitehead 1
    Joe Harris -0.6
    Randy Foye 0.8
    Sean Kilpatrick 6.5 Bad!
    Caris LeVert 0.9
    Hollis-Jefferson -0.7
    Brook Lopez -1
    Bogdanovic 1.7 poor
    Luis Scola 1.8 poor
    Dinwiddie 7.3 Awful!
    Jeremy Lin -9.2 Great!
    Hamilton 2.5 poor
    McCullough 1
    Yogi Ferrell 10.1 Hopeless!
    Bennett 6.3 Bad!
    Booker -2


    -Obviously, the NBA establishment’s claim that JLin is a bad or “porous” defender is baseless slander.

    -The 3 Nets with unacceptably bad defense are Skil, Dinwiddie, and Bennett. Skil’s O may compensate a bit for his poor D, but the coach really needs to get him to defend better. Perhaps the “bickering” was due to teammates complaining about it.

    -I’ve been following these number throughout the season and although Bogdanovic’s number is still no awful, they’ve been getting worse lately. Hamilton, otoh, has lately improved what used to be very bad defense.

    -Yogi, who is no longer on the roster, is too small and short to defend. It is misguided to hope for his return no matter how good his offense is.

  235. Great post. I’m surprised bogdonovic defensive numbers are one of the better ones on the team. I had him pegged as worst or 2nd worst. Bennett is understandable because he is practically a rookie. Skilpatric seems hopeless. I was also expecting better numbers for RHJ as well.

  236. Yogi’s lack of experience comes into play.

    I firmly believe that if Yogi were given more of a chance, it would not be so bad.

  237. Pretty much matches what I’ve been saying since before the season.

    Kilpatrick is being eaten up by starting SGs and PGs. He doesn’t have the physicality of a starting SG.

    Bogdanovic has had the misfortune of facing against some max contract All Stars lately. The players he faced like Butler and Durant and Lebron and Hayward, they light up EVERYBODY.

  238. I’m not surprised at RHJ or Bojan.

    RHJ has been much better lately, as Lin seems to have had a very positive effect on him.

    Bojan has slipped a bit, though the MVP caliber opponents he’s faced recently are making him seem worse than he actually is.

  239. Very interesting thanks for the post. Just wondering though if it’s too small a sample size for Yogi and Dinwidee.

  240. Yogi has been traded so no use in looking at his numbers. KP’s numbers are surprising didn’t know his defense was bad.

  241. I thought Yogi was traded no?

  242. But you can’t teach height or athleticism. CMC truly has potential to be borderline star with his height and offensive talent common 3’s, mid range turn around jumper, and catching olley-opp? He can certainly play better than Booker, Hamilton, and Anthony Bennett. KA have a tendency to be clueless about talents until injury comes up. RHJ would still be starting if not for his injury and Seal Kilpatrick proving his offensive talent with a 30 point game.

  243. Thank You I’ve been yelling about it all season and KA still doesn’t get it. He only notices talent when someone gets injured and is forced to play the “better player” which shows how dumb he is!

  244. I’m willing to trade Lopez,Kp and Bogs for Cousins and McClemore.

  245. dam and i was getting on bog. soil is horrendous defensively

  246. yup me as well. skill Is bad man. i get he is young so there is hope

  247. nooooooooooo

  248. Cousins is one of the last players I’d want.

  249. I think we’ll get a chance to see him, whenever the organization thinks they want to give him a good look at the NBA level. It’ll probably be later this season, too.

  250. Probably a change of teams both on these players will do something good for them

  251. Ok AlainI feel you..lol

  252. i wish that was true. all world talent but maybe the most temperamental player in nba history

  253. The trade scenario can be work out on both teams though.

  254. lopez is probably not good enough for cousins

  255. I’m always intrigued with players that are difficult to work with because I know that they’re competitive except for Rondo

  256. that is true. only great organization can make them work at their best. like the patriots for example. great coach and ownership as well as a great player on the team who is leading.

  257. Exactly because the right coach and the right team will bring out the best out of them and it’s always fun to talk trades especially when Lin is not playing

  258. well winning also helps everything. it would be best for the nets to avoid players like that until the have a winning culture. nets new culture is still to young

  259. Very true but my only concern is that Lin would not even be part of that culture anymore if it happens.

  260. if what happens?

  261. The team to have a winning culture,they have light years to become a competitive team unless Marks can pull some magic tricks out of his sleeves.Wolves for instance had more than a decade to build a solid team and now they’re starting to be one of the promising team in the years to come.

  262. agreed but some happen quickly if the right ingredients are there

  263. Attitude wise he could be a problem but Lin Cousins partnership could be one of the best offense defense duo if that happens

  264. Of course but the management must have that political way for that to happen and it could be expensive.

  265. Cousins? NO, he is hard to get along….

  266. Kilpatrick seem to allow a lot of three’s

  267. Bog makes everyone look like superstars

  268. Lin and Booker are the Nets best defenders and some people have the nerves to diss them especially Booker

  269. That’s a sure way to make sure the Nets become EVEN WORSE than they are now.

    I write that not to flame you, but because Cousins is THAT toxic and McLemore is even worse than the D Leaguers on the Nets!

    I understand being enamored of Cousins’ talent, but like all University of Kentucky players he has a losing attitude and will not help his team win.

    Now if you asked for Rudy Gay and Omri Casspi and the Kings’ next two 1st round draft picks, MAYBE there would be equal value of some sort happening.

  270. I gently disagree.

    I think Cousins would turn on Lin the way Cousins hated Jimmer Fredette (and Fredette shot 49% from both 2 and 3 in his final Kings season in low minutes).

    Most Lin fans have had enough of Lin playing with bad attitude players. Cousins would be the worst of them all, just as bad as Kobe or Melo if not worse.

  271. ABSOLUTELY it is too small a sample size.

    Small sample sizes can make even All Stars look bad.

    I feel that the cutoff point for sample size is 20 minutes per game. I never take anybody’s stats seriously who doesn’t average 20 mpg, not even for guys like Jimmer Fredette or Tyler Hamsbrough or Yogi (and Yogi for a while was like 7th among rookies in scoring despite low minutes!)

  272. I can’t truly argue against that.

    Lin needs to straighten him out – but Lin hasn’t been around long enough to do that.

  273. I don’t think there’s much hope for Kilpatrick improving, as the physicality is not there.

    I’d prefer Kilpatrick to come off the bench, Jamal Crawford or Marcus Thornton style.

  274. With all those embarrassing, guess who’s the only one got screamed at just because he blew one defensive coverage?

  275. Lopez yes, Cousins NO.

  276. I’m not convinced Cousins is as “talented” as people say.

    He is not a team player, he doesn’t play defense, and he only thinks about himself.

    To me, that’s UNtalented.

  277. I’m not sure ANY organization can get anything out of Cousins.

    Even USA Basketball cannot deal with him!

  278. Understood, but Cousins’ last 3 coaches felt the same way as you did.

  279. But Booker routinely gets LIT UP

    Lin never does.

  280. to the member who answered me yesterday claiming whitehead hd 6 assist..heres my afterthought about that:

    “Whitehead scored 12 points on 4-11 shooting with six rebounds but only “ONE” assist.

    The highlight of the night, though, was Whitehead’s only
    block on the night. It was not just any block, though. Isiah Whitehead
    blocked Rudy Gobert‘s shot which rocked Nets’ Twitter world.”

  281. rudy gay for skil and bogs can do. Lopez needs to stay for another year to make sure nets have one good center. Rudy can be the starting sg or SF with Lin, Gay,Lopez, Booker+another one..

    But i got to say NO to Cousin, unless he swear to change his attitude!

  282. Not really a legit block, Whitehead totally hit Gobert’s hand.

  283. Agreed, Cousin has the worst Diva attitude. He makes Dwight look like a saint!

  284. thats ideal but we simply lack talent so he starts

  285. funny guy

  286. lol come on lin gets lit up. heck kawhi leonard, deandre jordan and draymon get lit up lol.. but his defense is very very good

  287. FIRST, this is Only year one for this Nets team. If “everyone” have stayed healthy there’s no telling where this Nets would be by now and the season still have ways to go. So, to totally diss this Nets team based solely by their record is really short sighted.

  288. There were a few times I remember, MIddleton, LaVine. Last night Butler score 52 on MKG. Sometimes at least defenders with big reputations get lit up. As you said, like Kawhi. In fact, Kawhi was one of the Spurs Lin lit up in that 29 point off the bench improbable win he led the Hornets to last season over the Spurs.

  289. He started off on the bench with RHJ starting. Then after RHJ got injured, he stayed on the bench.

  290. i’d do this trade in a heartbeat but the Kings may not think those three players will even be worth Cousins alone. Vivek and Divac love Cousins to death

  291. cousins is a thug. period.
    KA and SM are big disappointments to me if they get cousins, because their philosophy is high character guy. COusins is the lower than the totem pole low in terms of character.

  292. he should be banned in basketball.hahahaha. that way it will chnage his attitude for the better…saying.. hey you can’t be coach, well, no one want you!. done. right now, there is no leverage for the organizations ..so that is why cuz is the same way he is.

  293. no cousins. PERIOD. end of discussion.

  294. let them love cousins to death so he can stay there an never win a championship.
    no coach will want to coach that thug.
    And KA and SM’s philosophy of high character guys contradicts what cousin is all about – selfish and low character.

  295. dh12 was alright actually..he just likes to clown around

  296. I enjoyed Howard’s goofy personality.

    I did not enjoy his FAKE FLAT FOOTED DEFENSE though!

  297. Who lit Lin up this year?

    Who lit Lin up last year?

    Name NAMES. Don’t just talk trash.

  298. Middleton scored big on a HOBBLED Lin in ONE game.

    And then Lin COMPLETELY SHUT MIDDLETON DOWN in the rematch!

    Zach Lavine had ONE great scoring game against Lin TWO SEASONS AGO when Lin was a Laker – and Lavine simply got lucky and hit everything despite Lin in his face. Lavine has not even come close to repeating that performance against Lin – or anyone for that matter.

    What are the other big scoring outbursts on Lin that people “remember?”

  299. I’d still rather start Harris at SG – I think he’s a better fit.

  300. that dude a is an unintelligent goon! no thanks! borderline racist too? maybe

  301. Name the people who “lit up” Lin.

    Then I’ll DEBUNK you.

  302. If Greivis Vasquez had not gone down, the Nets would be one of the top teams in the NBA right now.

    Vasquez’s demise had a very negative ripple effect on the Nets season, and he is the prime example of how a single bad signing will easily bring down a promising team.

  303. he’s intense that’s for sure but that’s because he’s ultra competitive. he doesn’t like opponents that destroys his team.. like Lin, Paul, etc. but if you’re his teammate, he’s not gonna give you trouble if you play your heart out like Lin does

  304. neither Lin nor Booker “routinely gets LIT UP” which is why your statement was so absurd especially the way you’re now trying to frame it as if i’m the one who says Lin “routinely gets LIT UP”. silly KHuang, Trix are for kids!

  305. it was a non call.a PG/Sg blocked a center is in my deictionary a feat…

  306. his intensity always comes in different direction that cause him to lose focus on his plays..he needs to be disciplined too and tome down on his antics, but aggressiveness must be kept to the max!

  307. Credit him for being able to jump that high and attempting it but again not a block it was a foul and the refs missed it.

  308. Lol….shut up .You have no right to demand anything here.Be courteous…if you don’t have something good to say then just blocked or flagged whatever was posted but don’t act like a tough kid.

  309. RODMAN was labeled as the most toxic and notorious team mate in the NBA yet he won rings from 2 different TEAMS,Rasheed also labeled the same and people thought that he can’t be coached yet he won a ring in Detroit .This not to flame you and I’m just responding on your post.Mclemore and Cousins on the hand aren’t proven to be a winner yet same as bunch of NBA players in the league like Gay and Casspi.It’s really difficult to say that players can’t be a winner until they get paired with the right coach,right team,right system and and right team mates.Just because you don’t like the players doesn’t mean they can’t become a winner.

  310. i tend to agree that Rodman was a toxic player and has his own notoriety…

    but i saw also that when he was playing, he was focused on the things he could do and avoid doing what he can’t. he played with passion and aggressiveness.

    the only downfall with his career were his off the court idiosyncrasies..

    Cousin on the other hand has Maturity problem or “anger management” issues on court. i haven’t read any news about his offcourt issues unlike Rodman whom being around the place evrytime..LOL

  311. To me, it looks like Whitehead hit Gobert’s right hand which was covering the ball. That is not a foul, but considered incidental contact, as the offensive player’s hand is a part of the ball when making contact with the ball.

    http://www.nba.com/news/officiating/ (Look in the latest rule book under incidental contact).

    Now you can perhaps make a case that Whitehead’s hand also hit the lower hand/wrist area of Gobert which was not making contact with the ball, but I can’t even confirm based on slow mo with multiple replays, so I would not expect the refs to accurately call that with confidence during full game speed.

  312. Good post.


    Rodman and Wallace were not considered “bad teammates”when they played.

    Actually, teammates loved playing with those guys.

    It is not like Cousins who doesn’t get along with ANYBODY.

  313. AGREE

    besides, the Nets don’t have the assets to get the wildly overrated Cousins even if Lopez AND Lin were traded for him!

  314. He wasn’t trying to flame you.

    He just meant that Cousins is not a good deal for a number of reasons unrelated to you.

  315. No, that’s a totally clean block.

    The hand contact was totally LEGAL.

  316. I seriously thought it was Chris “Birdman” Andersen that was being drawn!

  317. He didn’t mention anything on that matter but being passive aggressive will give him that feeling being a tough kid…LOL

  318. I totally agree and I’m totally aware of his misguided attitude but who knows KA can do something about it.

  319. lol worst comment i have seen in a while.

  320. You’re totally wrong on that too.

    No need for you to fake start a fight where there is none.

  321. Why?

    That is EXACTLY how Cousins has been acting over multiple seasons and with players and coaches.

  322. If veteran coaches like Paul Westphal (like the easiest guy to get along with), Keith Smart (hired specifically to be Cousin’s father figure but eventually ended up suspending Cousins for insane anti coach behavior) and George Karl (a Hall of Fame superstar coach that Cousins refused to get along with), then rookie coach Atkinson has NO CHANCE with Cousins!

  323. No Lin No Fun!!!!

  324. that doesn’t rhyme.

  325. LOL. Of course I have the right.. this is USA!
    And I’m not acting like a tough kid. I am a tough kid if you want to know.

    How does that even make you draw the conclusion that I’m a tough kid by saying what I think or my opinion? It’s call having a spine, as oppose to a pushover.
    Oh so you want ppl to be a pushover so that you can be like a dictator!
    So you stating your opinion about thuggy cousins will makes you act like a tough kid too from that logic that you are going for.

  326. Of course I mentioned something. I say NO COUSINS. End of discussion.. which means no need to even think of discuss. But you keep discussing! hahahaha.

  327. basically calling him a racist with no proof? Cousins teammates love him, George karl was a piece of garbage…Cousins liked Malone and likewise….not everything is cousins fault that whole franchise is dysfunctional and cousins need to leave and start fresh.

  328. The Nets have been willing to trade Lopez all season, but interest has been limited so far. His numbers are typical of his career (20.3 points, 5.3 rebounds), and Lopez has added a 3-point game in order to keep up with the times (he is shooting 36.5 percent from the arc).
    His contract has only one year left after this one, but it comes in at $22.6 million, a forbidding number for any team hoping to keep some cap flexibility. That’s also caused some teams to shy away from offering up the draft picks the Nets need as a return for Lopez. He could yet be moved, but as one general manager said, “I don’t think there is a hurry there, because I think you can get him at the deadline if he is your best option.”

    – via Sporting News

    nets will trade lopez by deadline? yes or no.

    nets WANT to trade lopez? yes or no.

    nets should trade lopez? yes or no.

  329. Donatas Motiejunas has said he’s been cleared medically by the Pelicans. Coach Alvin Gentry said Donatas will mainly play center for the Pelicans. Said there is a possibility he plays tomorrow (Thursday).

  330. ICYMI
    Jeremy Lin first time interview (Jan 3) since his 2nd injury
    – no timetable to return since it’s hard to predict (not same hamstring injury) so just focus on passing the testing protocol [0:08]
    – different area of injury, hurt less when it happened, less severe. [0:40]
    – progressing better than the first one so I am encouraged
    – next thing is to wait until hamstring strength is what it was before then be aggressive with court-work [1:05]
    – I’ve shot (started shooting) [1:45]
    – majority of what I tried to do is trying to calm down and felt like Groundhog day 3 half-days all over again [2:05]
    – didn’t feel like talking the night I got hurt, quite upset. The whole process was not what I anticipated when you get opportunity to be with this team [3:25]
    – a good group of guys (not just players), they really cared (through text, etc.). Almost overwhelming times Randy gave a shoutouts after game-winner. They got my back and it’s part of the reason I want to support them the best that I can [4:15]

  331. OT: If you’re having a tough day, hopefully this will help to smile and laugh.
    Perhaps it will help JLin to cheer up if he gets to watch it. He looked so disappointed in the interview video

  332. It’s amazing that DMO would rather get paid the minimum pro-rated vet min salary of $600K than stay in Houston.

  333. IMO Nets will listen to Lopez trade offers but will not let him go unless they get 1st round draft pick(s) and capable defensive big men to replace him.

    I hope Lin returns on time to create memorable Brook-Lin highlights so it’ll be very hard for the Nets to let him go by Feb trade deadline

  334. I thought he didn’t pass the medical exam from Hou?

  335. so far only detroit and hou are the orgs which he didn’t pass..
    but nets and peli did.. wonder what why who when where, and how

  336. I dont get how anyone can call any player a thug or judge a player when they play for the most messed up franchise in the game…and please what exactly do you mean by thug? trust me all 30 of the teams in nba would want cousins..you would be dumb not to.

  337. birdman minus the tats

  338. cousins teammate like him what are you on about?

  339. Who’s starting a fight?I’m just trying to post a trade scenario.Well of course you want to twist that simple post to becoming centered on your own world of people thinking that every post is about you.

  340. Cousins reminds me of an out of control Rodman or Artest (Metta World Peace). I think he has anger management issues that lead to a very unpleasant locker room. The problem isn’t his talent, it’s what type of team mate he is. I don’t think he’s necessarily a thug, I think he needs a lot of help to deal with his anger management issues and probably will throughout his career.

  341. Something was off with the HOU negotiation process.

    Can’t help wonder if it was made difficult for DMo and the Nets.

  342. Really…well tough kid,you don’t need to be riled up with simple talks about a simple post .This is a forum where you can just open up a discussion.By the way you sounds like so mad.You even used the word “THUGGY”,labeling people just because of the color of their skin and the way they act on the floor,Why?Just because I have a different opinion with other players that makes you the right to tell people to STOP.Who’s being the dictator!?Was it you or me?

  343. This is my last post on this forum and I just want to say that I enjoyed having good conversations with a lot of posters here.Once a LIN FAN will always be a LIN FAN.

  344. Why is your last post?

  345. Lol i dont think people remember how messed up Ron was along with Rodman…Cousins is childsplay compared to them so i dont agree with that. Does he have anger issues yes he does how do you negate that? by winning and he has not done that since he has arrived to that dysfuncitonal franchise…i heard a lot of stuff about cousins never have i heard he is a bad locker room presence…look at what he did for seth curry when george karl said he wasnt going to be in the league very long. he backs his teammates up and from what i have seen he is a very funloving guy that goofs around. people are quick to judge cousins left and right but dont take the time to look at how messed up that franchise is..i mean look at what they DRAFTED! centers for god sake 2 years in a row they have like 5 centers on their team it’s a joke.

  346. is it because of that argument you had about cousins dude?

  347. Wang Leehom’s music gift is amazing. His art of drawing?? It is probably his 3 y/o kids’ drawing.

  348. Thought he refused to go take the medical exam for Hou and got his lawyer and agent involved. DMo was set on not returning to Houston at all cost. Shows how toxic that place is! Everyone can’t wait to get out of the hell hole.

  349. You serious? how is that legal, shoudn’t blocks be all ball?

  350. Next step, trade for lin.

  351. Hahaha~
    Thanks for sharing this fun ad. This reminds me of an essay written by Samuel UIIman


    Youth is not a time of life; it is a state of mind; it is not a matter of rosy cheeks, red lips and supple knees; it is a matter of the will, a quality of the imagination, a vigor of the emotions; it is the freshness of the deep springs of life.
    Youth means a temperamental predominance of courage over timidity of the appetite, for adventure over the love of ease. This often exists in a man of sixty more than a boy of twenty. Nobody grows old merely by a number of years. We grow old by deserting our ideals.
    Years may wrinkle the skin, but to give up enthusiasm wrinkles the soul. Worry, fear, self-distrust bows the heart and turns the spirit back to dust.
    Whether sixty or sixteen, there is in every human being’s heart the lure of wonder, the unfailing child-like appetite of what’s next, and the joy of the game of living. In the center of your heart and my heart there is a wireless station; so long as it receives messages of beauty, hope, cheer, courage and power from men and from the Infinite, so long are you young.
    When the aerials are down, and your spirit is covered with snows of cynicism and the ice of pessimism, then you are grown old, even at twenty, but as long as your aerials are up, to catch the waves of optimism, there is hope you may die young at eighty.

  352. OT: Justice Winslow out for the season with a torn labrum. I think that’s the same injury MKG had last season.

  353. There is no debate that DeJ Murray and Bertans the Spurs rookies did clean blocks against the Raptors on 1-3-17.

  354. LOL!! granny at the end is the funniest.

  355. You’ll be back with a new user name. cdblue11

  356. Wasn’t it cousins who got upset about year of the monkey Chinese uniforms last year? So stupid

  357. Now it’s RHJ too…I don’t trust the Nets training staff at all. All these non-contact injuries raise major red flags.
    It may have cost Lin yet another season to show what he can do. Finally gets his chance, but two hammies in a short span despite no history of them? Come on.

  358. This supports the claim by so many JLin fans that RHJ and Booker has to go. Maybe someone should send this chart to KA and Nets Daily since he’s so clueless. Booker’s bad offense can’t make it up with his average defense.

  359. Many PGs have had the same hamstring this season not just Nets. And injuries happen especially with how reckless RHJ plays while aimlessly charging at the rim with ugly shots and trying to defend.

  360. I don’t really see any red flags. A lot of players on a lot of teams are getting injured. The Nets don’t seem to be injured any more than any other team and they certainly don’t rush players back.

  361. I came across this picture today : students in Anhui, China wearing “anti-cheating hats.” Is this a common practice? Just curious. Thanks.

  362. NO, STAY.

    You’re GOOD.

    Excellent analysis!

  363. i thought nets are after high character players? they already got a good center and a humble person off and on the court in Lopez and they still tink of trading him (unless they know something we don’t know that make lopez service right now dispensable)? he is just a few nba players of high caliber and with high character which Nets are trying to build for the organization…….unless they want to contend immediately?

  364. I’d like Lopez to stay. He’s a good guy. And I think he can develop something good with Lin.

  365. Stay please.

  366. Do stay…any forums, especially those with high profile player…fans tend to get emotional in their views and rationalize with some form of biasness due to the love towards the players.

    Its always easier to; agree to disagree and move on, rather than engaging to debate their pov.

    As a mod, we are always on a tough predicament, since both are fans of Lin….as long as they break the forum rules, we tend to action on them….at time we do miss or let it pass, unless its brought to our attention.

    Afterall we are human as well 😉 we do err

  367. Lol! Is this for real?

  368. Tough season, fellow Lin fans. Lin has missed 21 games, and counting 🙁

  369. Those who are far away from the center should go. That means four out of five starters. Lol

  370. This is certainly NOT what we expected when Lin signed with the Nets. Sigh!

  371. Really happy for MDA even I hate Harden. lol!

  372. Same here. 🙂
    How I wish Lin will play for D’Antoni someday again!

  373. This season becomes really boring for me. I seem to loss lots of passion for NBA ….

  374. Me too. Even I don’t think it will happen…. but now MDA seems to be right fit w Rox that sure not what Morey had in mind.

  375. those two are the best defense, what you are talking about?

  376. Yeah, MDA’s probably surprised many people. Morey should thank him for not losing his job.

  377. Hope all is well. Hope you change your mind.

  378. The left bottom quadrant are bad ones and the best are the top right quadrant

  379. Anyone able to coach/coax the likes of Harden & Beverly deserves an award

  380. See 3rd one back (in blue) still trying to take a peak lol

  381. lol

  382. MDA was smart to not join the Nets. Good for him but sad for our boy Lin…

  383. they look like they’re at a funeral

  384. yeah it’s correct but it’s not a very good way to break it down lol

  385. why make such a commitment? what if the Nets pull off that trade for Cousins and they start to win games, even making the playoffs? you’d want to be able to at least to say “i suggested it” instead of coming back feeling all weird

  386. Have been trying to find the positive in this situation.

    But first I must disagree with those who are very pessimistic and who argue that Lin cannot transform the Nets. Lin simply has not had the chance. In fact I would argue that the Nets were already better than last season when this season started. Jeremy just got hurt just when things were turning around.

    Jeremy’s comeback was really too short and he was eased into the lineup as a backup first. Not a good idea for maximum impact. So in my mind Jeremy is still the team tranforming player but opportunities this year have been limited.

    As for coaching – Jeremy once called MDA an “offensive genius”. For a Harvard guy to call someone a genius is no small matter. I do not think we can expect any coach to be MDA. But even if KA is not such a great coach with Xs and Os, Jeremy can still turn things around, but he needs time (and health).

    I also recall Paul George breaking his leg. Completely lost one season. But he is back now better than ever. Honestly I am a little terrified that Lin could be set back for years with niggling injuries. But Lin’s durability in all previous seasons so far is encouraging. Even Michael Jordan broke his foot once and missed a big chunk of a season.

    So let’s pray for Lin’s health and sufficient time to rally his team mates. I will be glad with any good stretch after the All Star Break.

  387. Yup….And getting injured is part and parcel of any professional sports, hence they are being paid that much.

    Lin is a workaholic and gets into nitty-gritty where need, he is a perfectionist in a way, hence I have confidence he will get back to his full strength.

    Any I mentioned during first injury, hamstring is a nasty injury, had treated many, including myself, its been years now, at time, after a layoff, while restarting a sport, the hamstring do act up at times

  388. yes

  389. That’s why the owner insisted on hiring MDA much to Morey’s dislike.

  390. Yup meaning Whitehead, RHJ, Booker, and Bog needs to go.

  391. To me….MDA is successful in ROX is bcoz, JLIN and JH plays the same way, minus the defense (LOL), hence its easy for him to fit his system into the team.

  392. Lopez is the only player they should keep with Lin. It’s not every day you can find a star PF who is both a offensive and defensive threat while being humble and willing to work with Lin. Unless they can find a star PF who is amazing at playing PnR and KA is willing to make PnR a main part of his offense no for all the above.

  393. Lin look at the above post, Booker’s average defense doesn’t make up for his awful offense! Anyone far from the center of the chart and far left needs to go, that chart shows Lin and Lopez are the only ones Nets should keep while Whitehead, RHJ, Booker, and Bog needs to go.

  394. No MDA’s PnR offense can fit any guard with players who will give them multiple screens.

  395. Mike D’Antoni was never interviewed for the Nets job and Marks didn’t seemed too interested….But I’m confident that if the Nets wanted Mike, he would had taken the job since the Houston job was not really a guaranty for Mike at that time.

    Marks probably wanted a young coach to jump-start the rebuilding process in Brooklyn so it doesn’t look there were any interest for Mike…Mike had also lost all his appeal and is only coaches the Rockets because the owner forced Morey to hire him.

  396. that chart looks confusing and wished to see a better illustration…It looks like Lin and Lopez are by far the most balanced players on this team…Everybody else can only play on one side of the ball.

  397. that’s what i am seeing from the nets. building on these 2 [players because they can compete and the same time a team player.

  398. 🙂 thats fine…difference in opinion

  399. ?

  400. why morey don’t like?
    mda is WHAT morey been looking for.. 3pointers and layups.

  401. for a second.. I thought they were K K K hats cut down and left hanging on da side!

  402. morey wants everyone to be his puppet so he gets credit..

    ppl knows mda is good.. so mda might get the credit…but morey philo is sorta what mda’s philo is like.. but mda more detail..

    morey is about 3 points, layups, high percent shots and interchangable parts.

    mda is about pg running offense, spacing, 3 points, layups, etc. so pg is not really interchangable. (ok I’m pulling stuff outta my but here for mda hahaha)

    mchale is opposite of mda.. move da ball, and low posters into the center.. unless your name is harden.

  403. no

  404. it is mind-boggling why Nets would trade Lopez, a smart, high-character, and top all-star player!

    And, if Nets considers Lopez a tradable asset, how about our boy Lin?

  405. If Lin will not stay w Nets then they will trade him too. NBA is business.

  406. so did they receive news that lopez will not stay with the nets or doesn’t want to be with da nets… if so, it makes sense for these articles. surprise they don’t even talk about rhj or sean when they both with da nets in da past too.

  407. Nets wants picks & Lopez is most value player in this team now so… The rumor about trade Lopez all the time ….

  408. First round of All star votes are in and Lin is no. 8 in guards in the East with 59,562. He is currently beating his former teammate Kemba who has 52,122. Just imagine if he was healthy and the Nets were a 500 team.

  409. new game thread

    G34 BKN Nets Tough Road Challenge vs IND Pacers
    @JLin7 and RHJ will be out. If #Nets D holds, they can steal a W

  410. yes?

  411. Yup! Really happy for MDA!!! He deserves it 110%! He’s a selfless coach for what he’s done for Lin. At the end of the day, it’s just a BB game and life goes on. We need humility for everyone – likes of Melo, Harden, PBev, Morey, McHale… The power to forgive…
    Right now, my focus is only on JL7’s well-being. He will come back stronger.

  412. MDA is successful because he’s really a great coach. He needs a Really Good scoring pg to run his system – likes of Lin, Harden, CP3, SC30.

  413. I think Sean and KA like Brook but we never know if there’s a push from the organization to go younger as a business and get more assets.

    I hope not since Lin might be next if Brook is traded for youth movement

  414. yes, do stay.

    As Maknusia said, disagreement sometimes can lead to heated discussion.
    When it does, it’s good to simply agree to disagree and move on.

    When posts are flagged, mods will do our best to moderate.

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